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L31 V Q X I 4 L FO. Y-Y 1943 Torch Published by the STUDENTS OF TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL Volume 18 i I DEDICA TI ON Feeling it a rare privilege to have spent any length of time under the watchful tutelage and inspirational leadership of Mr. Elson during which period he was ever mindful of the welfare of each member of his large flock, and wishing to express our deep sense of loss in having him taken from us when we most needed him, the Students and Faculty of Torrance High School, dedicate the 1943 Torch to our sympathetic friend, our wise counsellor, and our beloved former principal, Mr. Thomas H. Elson. F ORE WORD In a spirit of cooperation with the War-Ef fort in order to conserve mon ey, labor, and materials in these troublous times, the TORCH STAFF pre- sents the war time Annual Though It is less pretentious than revi d'- . . . p ous e 1 tions, we feel sure that you will cherish it as your memory book of some of the outstanding events and people of an eventful year. . ,-.u--.- P--ff .-'m'!l. ' ' li:-,gg , .-.1 1 . ..:,,.. , 5551273- JS i if iff 4?-H3 :'. 1 '.-,gif v -,- . .l..-""""'-.VL V. fY ' 4 ,1 ,L ':,,w.w 51: 12, Ig , . N47 tr-in .Q '1 1' Bw: wr" fv A , T' ' . Y f I"-YES? f Q X L: . . Jiidvgff -' IF' , Ei' , J ., "5-' 4 'mum Y, ,zgihf mv , .VM V mai, I. . Y ,M . V ' I ' ' r , 5 Zvi- . I-55" - H ,af.,..,, 5,1 t 51,17 .A ,Aw 1- x . - . 1 ,E-'-,41"f - -'zvwkz' -M.. ' ' . . 1' '5 'ru A. 19-5 ' , 1 , 1 " ' , .f . mtl, A, H 'H sv- - - -.lf . . . u 'Ez' vw , W H, .few W gf. ,L iii' .,,. ., ,,A - QM, E 1, A11 'I ' 1 iS. Y ,.1, - 1 ,I 1 .N 24? . ,.,1lL5l AF Q 5 n v ' x ' ' ,z xx' pw, ,. ' 'j- - .u - rg" 3" ' ,., , ' f I L 1 1 t V 'v ' 1 'SQ L., 1 ' , ' 'f' 9 ' ,an - ' ,-U. '. ',:.g:x-1,5 L -W I X X . ' .5 , -A fl V, n' . ,rg is nav .ijs-L' 'I 1 Ia TE' 4, x .V 4 , ' -. I , A 'J 'A ffl 'Q t x ' in jliilsmuriam THOMAS H. ELSON DARIO CHAVEZ GEORGE COBURN CHARLES HAMMOND JACK HORMELL LOUIS MADORE Missing in Qction LOUIS ZAMPERINI ,hiit , I' I-1 ,4 :usa , ij-5 . 4? 1 ' f A f af X , 465 P' I 2 J . L I 33 . , - 4' 3 - sf .PL .s,. , ,f , -gn. F , ' fi' .J R , ff i.-A-2229 ' 'f f V 541-5 -' H I- wx., , ,, -1" . ,4.y't'gr'f 3' wigytva, "'WA 'lP"' -' Ms1?l""3N ' -2 ts"Ri?'l :1 .. -..ia.i,.. .-sz., " Y - f' -v1 ,f '.:"' 42 I 'ow - ' ' 1 "Miki-K' ,,.. ..5,. :.,,M, ' N4 - -1 i i : f ' as-' er ..-1-. 4.-rn - is J . -ill - -.t ,r -I . 4 l ,qw gf bras- 'Q , , ex df 441,-s A, , X.-, ,-33 A z ffl. '37, - f,. E-fi !' I 'V :i-.'.- :fix . If Q ' I ,A .f . ,,v 5 L, .,, IRI' In the Service of Our Country Torrance High School deeply arppeciates the risks and sacrifices that several hundred of its alumni and former students have undergone or are undergoing in the hope of maintaining a democracy and a civilization for us all to enjoy again in a normal life when the rigors and horrors of this war are over. A service plaque was presented to the school by the Summer Class of 1943 and has been maintained since then by the voluntary contributions of students now in school. On this are engraved the names of graduates in the service in so far as information has been received about them. The following branches of service contain these totals up to the present time. - Army 134 Navy 89 Army Air Corps 39 Navy Air corps 8 Marines 8 Coast Guard 20 SPECIAL RECOGNITION Distinguished Flying Service Cross and Air Medal for Meritm-iouis Achievement in Aerial Flight, Captain William E. Keefer. Silver Star, Lieutenant Louis S. Zamperini. Cited for Bravery by the United States Navy, Addison Smith, Q M. 2c, and Robert Emerson, Ph. M. 2c. The Torrance News Torch has been sent to all former students of Tor- rance High whose address was known- Voluntary contributions of students and townspeople provided for this. Within the realm of memory, there is prepared for everyone a "trans- cription" of his past school life, a record which brings back to him whenever he desires it a review of former school experiences. The thrills, the sorrows the ambitions, the joys, the disappointments, the achievements are all there in memory, ready to respond to any summons you wish to make. It is my sincere hope that your educational investment at Torrance High School is sufficiently strong to insure for you a confident welcome wherever you go, whether it be into a challenging career of tomorrow or into a relaxing memory of yesterday. , HAROLD E. PERRY "Mankind is always happier for having been happy. If you .make them happy now, you make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it." There must be, I am sure, a deep sense of gratitude in the heart of every Amer- can boy and girl to know that they have been able to record in their annuals the activities of a normal boyhood and girlhood. to realize that. as they open them again in the distant future, it will awaken memories of a happy youth. ELIZABETH F. PARKS I ' ' N ...X . a ' ' , 5-ev i ' 'T s ' gg.. .. . Y... i..... -4.. V -mi Faculty Anna M- Aiken Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Northwestern University. Music Frank E. Barrow Stanford University, Social Studies. Florence Behr Smith College. Library Ivol L. Blaylock U. S. C., California Woodshop Mable Taylor Boynton University of California. Spanish, Attendance James Burchett State College, Santa Barbara. Mechanical Drafting, Electricity Ethel R. Burnham University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, English Leona Carmichael U. C. L. A. Physical Education Ada M. P. Chase Art lnstitute of Chicago, Teachers' College, Columbia. Art Helen Coller Wellesley College, Columbia. Home Economics Lorraine Lockyer Goodwin U.C.L.A. English, Spanish, Social Studies Leonard Green U.C.L.A. U.C. at Berkeley Social Studies, Continuation lvan H. Grigsby Bradley Polytechnic General Metal Electric Shop, Drafting Charles Hamilton U.C.L.A. U.S.C, Printing Alma Hinchliffe U.C.LA. U.S.C, Art, Social Studies. Charles F. Hoffar Santa Barbara State College University of Oregon University of California Physical Education Bernice M. Johnson U C.L.A. Physical Education Edith P. Kelly StanfordUniversity. English, Social Studies Armine Janeves U. C. L. A., U. S. C. Senior Problems, Commercial Catherine Jennings University of California Health Coordinator Marguerite E. Jones University of Vermont, - Senior Problems, Shorthand, Business Law Ruth Locke U. S. C. Mathematics Florence Logee U.C.L.A. Chemistry, Biology Cora E. Mabee U. S. C. English, World Culture Katherine Millerd Grinnell. Mathematics Irene Mills U. S. C. English, Social Studies Grace Morse University of California Lounseling, Latin George Oliver Moyer U.C.L.A., Santa Barbara Teachers' College. Auto and Machine Shops Theodore Rogers University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley. U. C. L, A., Physics and General Science Louis Sauter University of Minnesota,U S.C. Music, Social Studies Clara Shearer University of Utah,U. C. L. A., U.S.C. Mathematics Harry H. Stone University of California, Vocational Agriculture, Science Madeleine Urquhart North Dakota State, Columbia University, U. S. C. Vocational Cooking, Foods. Florence Vandermast Drake University, U- S. C- Clothing Sarah H. Vaubel U. S. C. Social Studies, Business English Business Law Jessie E. Weaver U.S.C. Commercial John E. Winfield U.S.C. Physical Education Stella Young Stanford University. Consumers' Education Social Studies Business Staff Mrs. Fern Strauss, Business Manager Mrs. Lillie Van Riper, Junior Clerk Mrs. Leitha Sells, Secretary Mr. Clifford Jones, Toolkeeper Custodians Geroge V. Powell, Head Mary Brown, Jean L. Coloumbe, Walter R. Coldwell, Jack L. Crutcher, Pearl H. Harder, Mrs. William D. Jones, Mary E. Markham, Eugene Moore, Minnie G. Priest, and Edwih R. Smith. NO PIC PURE LEE CAMPBELL DAVlD EELANO WALTER DELSIGNE Basketball Tarrar Knights Baseball Football Commissioner of Entertainment Football 'lartar Knights Basketball Tartar Knights Left for Army Air Corps LEON BAKER DON BAXTER, JR. ARCI-IIE BELL Entered as Senior from Boys' League Boys' League Tucson, Arizona HELEN CARLSON KARNA JANE DEININGER ONGELL DOLLAR Commercial Club Treasurer Girls' League Historian and Girls' League President Girls' League Usher G. A. A- Secretary CIHSS Secretary and Treasurer Tartan, Knight Queen Secretarg of "Bachelorettes" MARY DOVNDY EDWIN EGERLR GLORIA ESHBAUGH Entered as Senior from Varsity Basketball Girls' League Redondo Union High School ' Varsity Baseball G.A.A. DORIS FAUCETT ELEANOR GARLAND HERMAN GOETTSCH Commercial Club Reporter G.A.A Varsity Football Student Teacher in Gym COUQCII President of Senior Class HENRY GORFS CARL GOTTS PAULINIL GREER Student Body Pres1dent Basketball G A A Football Yell Leader Glrls League Semor Glass Presldent HARVELL GUTTENFELDER Jr KATHRYN HAGGARD KENNETH HARRIS Boys Self L ox ernment Gnls I eague Basketball Manager Tartar Knights Caplaln Baseball Track l NORMA HEARRELL G A A Presldent Class Secretary Student Gvm Teacher WALLACE KVILVANG Boys Self Government Presldent Varslty Basketball BILL JOHNS HERMAN JONES Tartar Kmght Student Bodv Vlce Presxdent Basketball Semor Class Vlce President Track Stage Crew DOROTHY LEETZ MAE LINNIHAN Trlal By Jury Entered as a Senlor from Tenth Grade Treasurer Fergus Falls Mm nesota Twelfth Grade Secretary - ' t A ..- . , I N ' 1 ' 'l w 1 N , u L y'l w '.! , 'I' L J .. , . E l . . , . . Ill a -I . . . I ' , 1 w aa - Q - - ' n ' ,I ' V MARVIN MADDY LUPE MARISCAL RETHA MATHEWS Baseball Girls' League Commercial Club Secretary Basketball G, A, A, Sf-2r1i0I' Choir Senior Class Reporter VELKO MILETICH LORRAINE NEWTON BETH OLSON Football Entered as Senior from Entered as Senior from Salt Baseball Lincoln High Lake City High, Utah Vice-President of Ravens' Club Senior Girls' Choir President MARY ORDAZ DANIEL ORDWAY CHARLES RIPPY Mexican Club President Cross-Country Runner Football G. A. A. Track Track Girls' League- Usher F. F. A. Vice-President Boys' League President TED SMITH PHY LLIS SPRAGUE MARILYN SMITH Class President Student Body Secretary E' A' Ad ICI bparlimentl rian Senior Choir Girls' League Usher Ommer a U d Boys' Day Representative Torch Editor FRANCES MCCALL Entered as Senior from Ash Grove, Nebraska DAISY BLACKBURN DAVID CALLAHAN LELAND CAMPBELL Band Basketball Football 0I'CheSt1'a Student Body President Track Annual Staff Tartar Knights RAMONA DE BRA ROSEMARIE DISARIO BEVERLY FOUTS G. A. A. Cabinet G. A. A. Class Secretary Girls' Leanne Cabinet Senior Choir Pianist Class Vice President Salvage Committee Girls' League Council DOROTHY INTERMILL DOROTHY KELTON RUTH KERBER Girls' League Secretary Girls' League Homeroom President G. A. A. Annual Staff Council G. A. A. NO PICTURES DARRELL CONDLEY DORIS DANIELS Variety Show Senior Choir President J. A. C. - T. N. T. Staff Sl UART SMITH PAUL SVENSK Football Baseball Football MONTE KOCH SHIRLEY McVICAR ANNE MALOY Bugler Girls' League Girls' League Boys' League Representative G. A. A. G. A. A. Football JIM PRIME BARBARA QUIMBY JOYCE ROSSITER Football G.A.A. President Junior Red Cross Stundent Council Vice-President Safety Commission Girls' League BETTY TURNER LORRAINE STANLEY Vice-President Home Economic Class President Clllb Class Secretary Girls' League Representative G,.A, A, Senior Choir Ward robe Mistress DIANE STATON 'ROBERT STIRLIN G Girls' Self-Government Football President Baseball G. A. A. Hall Patrol Track Manager ENID WEIS EILEEN WHITING Girls' League Vice-President Girls' Self-Government G. A. A. President Commercial Club G.A.A. Vice-President Ephebian T.N.T. Editor LOUISE VAN KRALINGEN Bacholerettes President Girls' League Representative PAT W HITN EY President of Student Body Girls' League President Commissioner of Entertainment FRED VVILKES Football Havens Club RALPH WOLFE Tartar Knight Basketball Track N U PICTURE DAVID WILKES Football Track Left for Coast Guard JAMES WOODBURN Tartar Knight Basketball Track A1 I Class B11 Class A1 O Class B1 O Class A9 Class B9 Class A8 Class B8 Class A7 Class B7 Class Boys' Athletic Teams Varsity Football A surprising but well-earned victory over San Pedro in the final week of the season enabled the Tartar grid squad to salvage a little glory from an otherwise disastrous season. Recipients of seven straight losses prior to their final encounter, the Tartars seemingly emerged from their lethargy to edge out the Pirates by one point, therefore literally handing the Marine League crown on a silver platter to their traditional rivals from Narbonne. True to his pre-season promise, Coach Hoffar in his first year provided T.H.S. with a fighting team which, though often down, was never out. Three seniors, Sonny Post, Charles Rippy, and Dave Wilkes, were awarded spots on the All-League teams for their outstanding play. The first football season after Pearl Harbor found several wartime re- strictions in effect: namely, elimination of practice games and a ban of stu- dent travel to games. In spite of these two items and the fact that it was a mediocre season, there was no lag in the school spirit which has earned tops in sportsmanship in the league for two years running. Basketball Handicapped by lack of experience and several injuries, the Varsity Basketball team nevertheless fought well through an unsuccessful season. Leading Gardena in the first half, they were in defeated in their first game after Woodburn spi-fined his ankle. With two of the first stringers complete- ly inexperienced, the team made a better showing than any other school against the undefeated Banning Pilots, but couldn't seem to get started, until late in the first half, during the other games. The usual starting lineup was: Ed Egerer, Bill Johns: forwards, Wallace Kvilvang: center. Ralph Wolfe: and Jim Woodburn: Guards. Egerer was chosen on the All-Marine League team being the second high scorer in the city. Other members of the team were Melvin Miller, David Callahan, Lee Campbell, Ed Smith, J. A. Barrington, Paul Pierson, and Wayne Lovelady. The Bee Team also failed to win any games in league competition, be- cause of inexnerience, but showed a great deal of improvement at the end of the season. Lettermen were Ernest Floyd, Tom Nuckles, Ted Long, Bill Stanley, Art Schaller, Philip Lisman, Lawrence Pankey, and Ralph Pegors. Traclc Composed mostly of last yearls stellar B Team, the Torrance High Var- sity Track Team this year proved to be among the best in the League. However, a few tough breaks prevented them from taking the championship, since they lost to the champions from Banning by only seven points. The outstanding feat of the season was Walter Smith's 9.9 hundred which tied the Marine League record. However, the loss of Chet Dowell, one of the best pole vaulters in the city, was a major blow. Lettermen were Charles Rippy, Bob Leech, Jim Woodburn, Marvin Kent Jim Post, Edwin Smith, Lloyd Warthan, Walter Smith, Dan Ordway, Bill George, Harvel Guttenfelder. Gordon Smith, and Edward Robst. The Bee team. although they tried hard, failed to win any meets. How- ever, they managed to put up some good fights against superior competition. High scorer on the team was Ted Long, while other boys who gained points were Robert Warning, Dallas Martin, Joe Escobar, Homer Bullard and Paul Mitchell. Baseball With but six players returning from last year, four of whom were letter- men, the 1943 Tartar baseball team did very well with the material available. Although ending up rather low in the standings, they should do very well next year, since only five boys will be lost through graduation. After making a good showing in the practice games, they lost several close ones in the league competition. Paul Svensk proved himself to be-'a good pitcher, but a batting weakness handicapped the team. The lineup which usually took the field was: Paul Hoke, Catcher: Paul Svensk, Pitcher: Bill Bynum. First Base: Ed Egerer, Second Base and Pitcherg Gerald Jack- son, Shortstopg John Agapito, Third Base: Radford Raynor, Left Field: Pete Dodos, Center Field: Bill Stanley and Gordon Smith, Right Field. Bill Johnson, Bill Mcleod, Jim Woodburn, Jim Standifer, Bob Stirling, 'Leroy Schwenk, J. A. Barrington, and Lee Campbell were substitutes. B Football After a lapse of three years, a large turn out of B's greeted Coach Dick Leech. Abie Coast and Fred Russell also trained the team with Coach Winfield rounding out the season. Though their win and lost record was identical with that of their big brothers of the varsity, their games were, as a rule, much closer and usually were decided by one touchdown. Captain Gordy Smith sparked the team from the quarterback position, with help from Frank Dominguez, Robert Warning, and Gerald Mosher on the line. Other lettermen were Marvin Kent, Joe Corea, Gerald Godard, Bill Shaner, Bill Rogers, Bob O'Toole, Sam Intermill, Paul Husbands, Ed Robst, Tom Russel, Bill Collins, John Agapito, Stuart Smith, and Radford Raynor. Most of these boys will see action on the Varsity team next year and their experience should prove to be valuable. Varsity Football Wallace Post, Walter Smith, Bob Leech, Jim Post, Bert Smith, Jim Prime, Jim Prowten, Henry Gores, Charles Rippy, Guy Dewitt, George Winters, Floyd Stevens, Tom Bishop, Fred Wilkes, Dick Hogue, Bob Stirling, Dave Wilkes, Chet Dowell, Jack Bays, Herman Goettsch, Dick Cates, and Roy Holloman. G.A.A. The G- A. A. had a very successful season this past term. The girls participated first in individual sports, either bowling or badminton, and next played basketball. The season was closed with a banquet at which a num- ber of girls were awarded their letters and stars. The second term began with speedball and ended with participation in individual sports, either baseball or badminton- G.A.A. girls officiated at Girls' Day, and the semester ended with the presentation of letters and stars to the different members. This semester the G A. A. has a new sponsor, Miss Johnson, because Mrs. Carmichael, the former G. A. A. sponsor, has been on leave of absence. 1st semester OFFICERS 2nd semester Norma Jean Hearrell President Barbara Quimby Eileen Whiting Vice President Jean Lancaster Ongell Dollar Secretary ' Doreen Livermore Doreen Livermore Treasurer Lucy Rose Jean Clark Reporter Pat Hall Lucy Rose Historian Phyllis McVicar Head of Baseball, Bernice Cline: Individual Sports, Elsa Stanley: Speed- ball, Dorothy Sandstrom, and Yell Leader, Phyllis Hargett. J .A.C. Myrna Fossum President - Vivian Oliver None Vice President Violet Thompson Frances Barrington Secretary-Treasurer Polly Robinson Violet Thompson Sports Manager Myrna Fossum Girls' Day The annual Girls' Day at T.H.S. was celebrated May 27, 1943. The day's activities began with a very impressive ceremony in the aud- itorium at which time the Girls' League oflicers were installed. Mrs. Eleanore King was the speaker for the day and she gave a very humorous talk on posture, her favorite subject- The Outstanding Girls' Luncheon was held in the Faculty dining room with the president, Barbara Quimby, presiding. The afternoon activities sponsored by the G. A- A. began at one o'clock. The color captains and cheer leaders were: Blue, Pat Whitney, Phyllis Mcvicar Green, Rose Marie Disario, Phyllis Hargett Gold, Retha Mathews, Norma Levy Red, Doris Faucett, Jean Lancaster The Blue team made the largest number of points, and their captain's name and their color will be placed on the Girls' Day Cup. The games were supervised by Miss Jennings and Miss Johnson: referees were from Compton Junior College, and women faculty members acted as officials. Girls' League Council Ongell Dollar, President Ramona DeBra, First Vice-President Vivian Oliver, Second Vice-President Mary-Kathryn Kelly, Secretary Barbara Moyer, Reporter Barabara Lock, Historian M iss Parks, Sponsor The Girls' League Council, under the sponsorship of Miss Parks, has completed a very successful term. l In keeping with their pledges, friendship, service, and loyalty, the Coun- cil has sponsored three aud calls, taken part in the Variety Show, and acted as co-sponsors of Girls' Day. lst semester Pat Whitney Enid Weis Francis Barrington Dorothy Intermiil Karna Deininger Barbara Lock Girlsl League OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Reporter 2nd semester Ongell Dollar Ramona De Bra Vivian Oliver Mary Kathryn Kelly Barbara Lock Barbara Moyer Summer Class, 1943, Officers President, Harvel Guttenfelder Vice-President, Retha Matthews Secretary, Lorraine Newton Senior High Council lst semester Officers 2nd semester Larry Gandsey President Henry Gores Pat Whitney CPro Teml Harlan Johnson Vice President Pat Whitney Herman Jones fPro Teml Dorothy Treloar Secretary Phyllis Sprague Margaret Schultz CPro Teml Sel15GoVernment Officers Harvel Guttenfelder Boy's Self-Government Wallace Kvilvang Eileen Whiting Girl's Self-Government Diane Staton Naida Mitchell ' Commissioner of Group Control ' Paul Pierson Doreen Livermore Commissioner of Finance Doris Robinette Jean Clark Commissioner of Halls and Bounds Betty Goettsch Herman Goettsch Commissioner of Safety Bert Smith Jean Lancaster Commissioner of Entertainment Doreen Livermore Bill George Commissioner of Advertising Barbara Moyer Walter Smith Commissioner of Athletics Marvin Kent Jim Post Boys' League President J im Post Pat Whitney Girls' League President Ongell Dollar Halls and Bounds lst semester Officers 2nd semester Jean Clark President Betty Goettsch Safety Commission 1st semester . Officers 2nd semester Herman Goettsch President Bert Smith Tartar Knights The Tartar Knights is aboys' organization consisting of boys from the eleventh and twelfth grades This organization takes charge of the be- havior in assemblies, keeps order in the halls, and also holdsaTartar Knight Court. When a boy commits offense he is given a citation to appear before the court on a certain date. Here he is given a chance to state his case. The board will then decide whether he is guilty or not guilty. If found guilty he is punished accordingly. The sponsor of the Tartar Knights is our Principal, Mr. Harold Perry. The members are: I-Iarvel Guttenfeldencaptain, Jim Post, Bob Leech, Walter Smith, John Agapito, Bert Smith, Marvin Kent, Sam Intermill, Lee Campbell, Gerald Mosher, Bill Rogers. Future Farmers Bill Lanning President Dan Ordway Vice President Rudolph Fimbres Secretary Eugene Moore Treasurer Torrance News Torch Staff FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Editor Stanley Pierson Editor Marvin Maddy Assistant Editor Eileen Whiting Associate Editor Eileen Whiting Bl1BiIleSS Manager Bob Michelson Exchange Editor Dora Jean Pitman Girls' 31301425 J-'2ar1.ClaI'k Reporters Ruth Kerber, Barbara Moyer Frances Bfifrlngton Girls' Sports Pat Hall Boys' Sports . Dick Leech Boys' Sports John Agapito,Melvin Miller Joke Editor Louise Van Kralmgen Junior High Editor Art Schaiiei. Puzzle Editor Tom Nuckles Adviser Miss Irene Mins Columnists Ramona De Bra' Printing Mr. Charles Hamilton Norma Hammond Junior High Editor Lois Severin Junior High School Council Members FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Gerald Godard President Bill Stanley Vice President Madeline Ban Vice President Frances Barrington Secretary Jeannette Farquhar Secretary Lois Severin Reporter Lois Severin Com. Advertising Violet Thompson J .A.C. Myrna Fossum Com. Entertainment Pauline Leetz Leroy Schwenk Reporter Joy Wilburn Bill Kuithe A9 Jeannette Probert Phyllis Anderson A9 Pat Lanning Polly Robinson A9 Barbara Spangler Beverly Crook B9 Bob Udell Jane Lafferty B9 Arthur Svensk Jerry Mcllvain A8 Shirley Severin A8 Joe Ban A8 Wanda Cline B8 Jack Turner B8 Beverly Crook A7 Velda Larisey A7 Joanne Mumford A7 Leslie Peterson B7 Cecelia Bidwell A7 Tommy Thompson Thrift Program The Schools at War Thrift Program was very active this year- It included Junior Red Cross work, first aid courses, an intensified agricultural set up, a tremendous scrap drive, and the sale of defense stamps and bonds. The Jeep campaign in April netted us enough for six army jeeps, while the total sales, through the school, of stamps and bonds throuh the year amount- ed to 370.148 Torrance High School is proud to be able to fly a minute- man flag because of the investments of ninety per cent of the students. Miss Mabee sponsored the thrift program. American Junior Red Cross The work of the Junior Red Cross accomplished in the past has been by the Junior High school students exclusively. In the other Marine League schools the American Red Cross is made up of junior and senior high stud- ents. It is hoped that next semester the senior high students will become interested in this vital war work. Miss Chase, sponsor of the Junior Red Cross, is very happy to report that this semester the students and faculty combined collected for the war fund a total of two hundred and seventy-three dollars and fifty cents. Work accomplished in Torrance High School by the Junior Red Cross is as follows: Seven Gift Boxes for South America Five Scrapbooks for Invalid Children Seven Scrapbooks for Service Men Thirty six Thanksgiving Tray Favors Twenty Christmas Tray Favors Five Kneeling Pads Those things which the Junior American Red Cross has under way at the present time are: Six Blouses Six Slips y Twelve Pocket Checkerboards Twelve Jig Saw Puzzles Twelve Writing Pads The American Junior Red Cross has accomplished much for the War Effort. Annual Staff Phyllis Sprague, Editor Audrey Miller Marjorie Chambers Paul Pierson Dorothy Leetz H Daisy Blackburn Bill George, Cover Design Ethel R. Burnham, Adviser Charles Hamilton, Printing - E :,',-5 Group Pictures Reading from Upper Left to Right. Phyllis Sprague, Student Body Secretary: Pat Whitney, Student Body President: and Herman Jones, Student Body Vice President. Second Group. Junior Council. Thompson, Willburn, Leetz, Stanley, Barrington, Severin. Third Picture. Eileen Whiting, Ephebian and Life Scholarship Member. Fourth Group. Brass Ensemble. Jarrett, Babcock, Hippik, Blackburn, and Lafferty. Lower Left Group. Kelly, and Armitage, J uniors. Middle Picture. Captain Bill Keefer, Army Air Corps. Lower Right. Torrance Twins, Reading from Left. Wilkes, Butts, Daniels, Fulton, and Newkirk

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