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J 5 111 fdajf f Qv .X LN f X ff ff-Ziff J, 1940 ,Q,pfrfLcl HV- - , F l ' X 'X X Q J Lf wg ,, ff fgx - fr X7 f1 I -Ai L. 5 x, , V 1 V3 I J, .Q ff ,fm 4 X I V, 'X Lfx rf' K If X ff ' X yk, X ii! . W WMf72?Z'f7 g ' W ' . ? wi? Q 'vi Qs 03 l KHLM WWW? S Wfwfqi M My MQQWSY M fix Ygviiig W WK Xi Qi WMQMWJ? KWH QQ wW31f?" 53595 Mfw4iWW a - xl EX, x'Q,q-1 s .-f Qfkg-I X Q, XT: X xi kxmx . xg? Nic I - X.. XJ XF 3- - ' NX! X mil Xi , ,D K 1 -N"N I. lx x r " ' W-X. X I 'xt .mx 'E ANN xr!-N w Q .- 'N '-- N H, ,Z"" Published Annually by +I1e Associafed S'Iuden'I Body of TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL , TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA , ,- Volume I5, I940 1 X A I -I ' , -- 9"W- " I x T ff 1 1 xi ' " X I fi X r 11 ii li .fri fi i An, ' ' O B I yo in ew a m app icable form, fhe ancie g an o s of o has been our goal. Th s a of 'r e l a e show you rhai, how- X Mgr d. 'r EQ fill nf esi' an even amusing. WW W e ried Jr i re h d ucr cerfain scenes and A i es scho life e '- endeavored 'ro capiure Xp ai lusive sc iri or Tor nce High School in order Q' fh in da o e i'hr book may serve 'ro remind,you of ' ur A a M i r and 'rhe ioys you experienced wiihin her 'rhr s d. Y if i i I i ii Kofiff v. :Mwflfff rfgfdilvfvlll was Nw Wvl W 4 fr T NM' nfl rl' plfllfo N Q-Q 9lf5,fkflll9llm I , VLN THE 'rh she been wirh us a+ Torrance l-ligh h we vihggn a+ ace Morse is an indispensable p of o organi lon. Wih her keen insighl' and deep ndersla ng h has proved To be a very sympafheric counselor Jrq all s'ruden'rs. I+ is appropriale l'ha+ we besfow Jrhis hon upon Mrs. Morse. because she has endeavored fo ins 'l ome offlhfg knowledge of myfhology info her Larin a ancienl hisfory classes. Moreover, her sparkling sense f humci as brighrened many olherwise dull momenfs. ln nferring lhe highesl Jrribule wilhin our power-lhajr of edicalion--we, The Slamcl, acknowledge our sincere appre- ialion of Grace Morse. 3 QKWQTQMW WMWWW ww QM 5E?xRf Y U ie'- www? T.W?Q13AuW,?ifm? , A, 5.5 R Wm Q U 1 K f E! 'L 3 V I 99 x B THE TCDRCH J 9 EW! l ' CQK NG PEER IDE ' S ndin l f ri h n ralin en, n r , ak , Gu nf ld r, nh, Bu h , Moo , tLf'iAyiAnall ,B1flisslOBurE l , Bar ll. gSi1 gill: KZ-Lie, Bl lcl j, eBosc Z. Alles. elllhompsoll. Q if . B w'3- peri ', Mosher Inlermill, i yfell f - 1 ' J ' , J. l, 'D My HE R N AL fx , ' 39. f at I X J, ' E -,L f 1 ilsl Se sle . - '- dg r ' cDonald dl l2nd ,me fl - - - - -,l , A a Thompson. Lois Jayne Allen , ' f, i - J xx ssodayex iifor Is Se es+ r X- - - 5, ois !Jayne All n Q 2 d em er - , - 4 S nne McYnall . deufdfin lvdnag I, il' , - - S i ' G HQ elder U' scripi a la 'er . , 5 X-JU -f -'X -' n 3 K lingen rl Ed or - - , f Jr! - 3 f- e Sludenyj vifieski L If - - K Ui-fy! M on T Moon, Ruby Benner, Elizabeih aculfy , - - - - K - ,- l - Aigzen Thompson, Gerlrude Harris , Bhys' Alhl i - - - l - Q! -- J Don Hilchcoclc, Bill Buckley, Marvin Lee, 1 If -V v Clyde Anderson, Van Ness Barnard l, Cl sl L - - - - - Lois Jayne Allen, Mary lniermill L l r 'll hle+il , - 2, - - - X - Virginia Zamperini V v 'rfignng , , - I - - i- VeraMae Weber,Marjorie-Ruslc,Jenoyne ' I J A y Barlcdull, Hazel Burcheff. Rulh Panlcey 'mor - - - - Bonnie Mosher, Mina Hormell Liferary ' Raymond Lealce, Anne Mcfxnally Sponsor ij- - Elhel R. Burnham, lvan Grigsby, John . Haig lui-f ii' TCDRIQANCE NEWS TGRCH Ediror Sporfs Assisfanfs Girls' Edifors Adverfising Manager - Bernard Friedman Bob Yancey, Joe Van Kralinqen Rollv Andrews. Marvin Lee Helen Thompson, Arlys Fossum Rudella Bays. Jeanne Howe Puzzles - - Joe Van Kralingen Jolie Eclifors ' ' - Jack Thomas, Mary Walls Reporfers . Marcella Smifh, BeHy Follis, David Ross, Jackie Cool: Marion Robinson. lrene Findley. Jean Yoder Fealure Wrifers Charles Sfeaclman. Elizabelh Fish, Ruby Benner Those who are in The swing of things af T.H.S. receive The Torrance News Torch every week. Our school paper has been successful due fo 'the splendid efforls of The sfaizl, which has worlzed nigh? and day. We owe more To The sfaff and prinr shop Than is realized for The work They have accomplished. Even one issue of The paper would be missed, if if were no? prinfed on lime. WRITIING THE NEWS T. N. T. STAFF Slanding-Yancey: Friedman: Bays. Silfing-Van Kralingen: Howe: Fossum: Bosche. STUDEN' CGJNCIL -Possum. Schroeder, Barkdull, Lee Goelisch, Rebadow. Werlella. I' -Barnard, Clark, Moon. Fosler, Mc- Donald, Brown, Ramskill, Lee. Leech, Buckley, Ven Kralingen, Hifc ck, Walls. 5 1 ,C M Goeiisch, Schroeder, Re-badow, Hifchcock. Trezise, Barkdull, Fos- sum, Werfella. Kerber, Leech, Buckley, Lee. Bross. -Leif side of 'fable-McDonald, Trezise, Buckley, Brown, Fossum, Ramskill, Werfella, Kerber. Back row-Mr. Haig, Miss Parks, Goef- isch, Bross. Righl side of lable- Clark, Moon, Rebadow, Walls, Van Kralingen, Hilchcock, Fosfer, Leech. STUDENT COUNCIL CQMMISSICDNERS ls'r Semesler Marvin Goelfsch Presidenf Norrine Schroeder Vice-Presideni Lorraine Rebadow Secrefary Vivian Werfella Girls' Self Governmenf Sherman Bross Boys' Self Governmenl' Arlys Fossum Girls' League Harold Kerber Boys' League Norrine Schroeder GAA. Presidenl Guy De Will' Junior High Presidenl' Bill Buckley Slage Crew Manager Znd Semesier Sherman Bross Van Ness Barnard Maxine Clerk Joan Ramskill Donald Hifchcock Bernadine Brown Marvin Lee Arlys Fossum George Walls Bill Buckley Isl Semesfer Dean Barkdull Afhleiics Dick Leech Group Conlrol Donald l-lilchcock Enlerfainmenl Marvin Lee Finance Marvin Lee Safefy Clifford Trezise Halls and Bounds Kenny Perkins Adverfisemenl Elizabe+h Fish Sfudenf Adviser FACULTY Mr. Elson 2nd Semesler Gerald McDonald Dick Leech Margaref Moon Howard Fosier Joe Van Kralinger Howard Fosfer Ernesl' Banks Elizabeilw Fish 8 SERVICE GROUPS Ushering Tor school Tunciions was uncIerTaken by The Girls' League. Their cosTumes were planned under The supervision of Mrs. Cooke. There are Two seTs oT ushers, so ThaT if some Thing prevenTs one seT from serving, The oiher one TuncTions, Each girl has a special sTaTion, which she keeps all The Time. The Girls' League ushers have served eTfic'enTIy aT all evening performances, P.T.A., and special meeTings in The audi- Torium during The day. I , AT aud calls where The sTage is used a greaT deal. The Boys' League guards come in handy. They Take care of all sTage doors and enhances. Boleros and sashes were chosen Tor enri:hing Their cosI'umes. Commissioner of Halls and Bounds-Howard FosTer Supervisors-Joe Van Kralingen, George Walls, Harold Kerber, Gus Dodos, Doris Mae MarTin, Gordon MiTcheII, RaTaeI DuarTe, Maxine Clark. Keeping more orderly conducT in The halls is The main purpose of The Hall PaTrol. Mr. Barrow sponsors This organizaTion, aided by The Commissioner oT Halls and Bounds, Howard Fosfer, The sTudenT supervisors. and The Hall PaTroI moniTors. One service organizaTion aschool could noT gei' along wiThouT is The SaTeTy Commission. The purpose of The Commission is To provide saTeTy, To prevenT accidenfs ThaT may happen,-To assemble T'irsT aid equipment and supervise saTeTy drills. IsT SemesTer I ' Offices 2nd Semesfer Marvin Lee 1 PresidenT Joe Van Kralingen Jenoyne Barkdpll ,fy ' SecreTary Jean Yoder Mr. Elson Y fllfil Sponsor Mr. Elson GIRLS' LEAGUE USHERS Top: Wilkes, Pankey, Yo- der, Barkdull. Neff. BoTTom: Ouimby, STegeI- meyer, McAnaIIy, GuTTen- Telder. Sopchinsky, Ram- skill. GIRLS' LEAGUE USHERS Top-Howe, Bays, WrighT, Hill BoTTom - Fossum, Obole. McCune, Brown, Allen HALL PATROL Top Row: RaThL:un, Huber, Buckley. Row 2: MiTcheII, DuarTe, Kerber. Van Kra- Iinger. Row I: Walls, Fos- Ter, Trezise, McCune, Mar- Tin. McAnaIIy, Clark, Mi- IeTich. STAGE CREW Top down: Bray, Darling, Hawks, SmiTh, Buckley, Bar- nard, Trezise. BOYS' LEAGUE GUARDS Van Kralinger, HiTchcock, BaTovsky, Johnson. SAFETY COMMISSION Top row: RaThbun. Trezise. Kelly. BoTTom row: Yoder, Van Kralinger, R. Miller, Weir, O. Miller. 9 I Top: EPHEBIANS-Harold Ker- ber, Arlys Fossum. Cenler: ARAKAWA CUP - Marion Thompson, Joe Van Kralinger. Bollomz REPRESENTATIVES AT NATIONAL MUSIC CONFERENCE-Elaine Fos- ler, Raymond Lealce, Jean Yoder, Ana Walson, Irene Findley. Maxine Clarlc. I f X 5 W1 Top: TYPIN6 AWARDS- Top Row--Eileen Wliilinq, Elean- or Likes, Reba Malhews, Hazel King, Maxine Clark, Mabel Kobayashi, Emilco Ta- naka. Boilorn Row--Mari- Iyn Moyer, Helen Thompson, Elizaloellw Rossi, Helen Jones, Vera Mae Weber, Hazel Burcliell, Lillian Ilcezoe. Cenler: T.N.T. REFORTERS- Top Row-David Ross, Mar- vin Lee, Joe Van Kralinqen. Boifom Row-Jean Yoder, Irene Findley, Belly Follis, Marcella Smilh. Boilom: PIANIST FOR MANY SCHOOL AFFAIRS - Jean Yoder. LIFE SCHOLARSHIP Top Row-Han old Kerlaer, Bernard Fried- man. Bollom Row-Lois Jayne Allen, Arlys Fossum. Marion Thompson. Cenlerz JUNIOR HIGH PRES- IDENTS - George Walls. Guy De Will. Bo++orn: ASSOCIATED STU- DENT BODY REGISTRA- TION-Eros Smylhe, Geor- gia Billingsley, Ellen Adams, Helen Thompson. HALL OF FAME SCHGLARSHIP SCDCIETY lsf Semesler Officers 2nd Semesier Harold Kerber Presideni Kaiherine Quimby Lois Jayne Allen Vice-Presideni Harold Kerber Arlys Fossum Secrerary-Treasurer Virginia Hill Miss Mills Sponsor Miss Mills Membership in The Scholarship Socieiy is an honor besiowed upon ihose who have worlced hard lo aiiain The siandards required of Them. Because of 'rhese s+ric+ requiremenfs, 'rhe scholasfic siandards of Torrance High School are lcepi on a high level. During The year, represenraiives of ihe club have a'Hended dilziereni' scholarship banqueis and con- ferences where 'rhey have become acquainied wiih oihers who are seeking io aiiain The same goal. A number ol The Scholarship members were privileged io aiiend ihe annual Spring Convenlion of 'rhe Souihern Regional California Scholarship Federafion ai Pomona and Claremoni Colleges. A business meeiing was held and laier The eniire campus was open for inspeciion. Demonsiraiions were given by ihe chemisfry and physics classes and a dance was held in one of ihe paiios. ,......-M . M jaw--'--7 Top Row: Quimby, Campbell, Rous, Smiih, Follis, Clark, Bosche, Miss Mills. Friedman, Whiling, Kerber, Lealce. 2nd Row: Doan, Lulres, Howe, Bays, M. Thompson, Hill, Hall, Findley. 3rd Row: Ball, 7 Rossi, E. Thompson, Svensk, Allen, Fossum, Saeda. RIGI-IT AND WIQCDIXIG "RigI1'r and Wrong"-Ski? presenied by Manners for Modems Club, January 24, I940. 1 Cas? of Clnaracrers: Lucy Briqanii, Isabell Russell, Louise G-rasso. Elsie G-ove, Elizabeih Srern, Arlys Fossum, Jean I-Iowe, Dorolhy Weber. Bob Emerson. Carl Soils, Harold Kerber. and Dick Beecher. On April 26, Ihe Manners for Moderns Club pu? on a second skir for +he enfer- fainmenf of Hue Sevenfli Grade Moihers af a Tea sponsored by fhe Girls' League. The following sfudenfs fool: parf: Isabell Russel, Lucy Briganfi, Louise Grasso, Dick Janssen. Joe Mclnfier. Back Row-Gove. Howe, Weber, Sclmimmick. Sfern. Fronl Row-Emerson: Goffs, Kerber, Russell, Briganfi, Beecher. Possum. DIQAIVIATICS Rusk, Barkdull, MaH'hews. Benner ' Hammond Briggs, Hall B. Quimby Harura, Shima+ani, Mine, Tanaka Prince. Condley, HaHer, Woodburn, Delano, Cafes, ' Cline, Goh' ' - v 1 - 'MU VARIETY SHOW " 0- ' For fhe purpose of raising funds for flue Junior-Senior Prom, The elevenlh grade sponsored ihe Varie+y Show, May 9, l94O. ' i l I l Sfandinq-P. Rodriguez, Eva Guzman. H. Hernandez. H. Befancourl, M. Ordaz. Es+her Guzman. Siffing-A, Reyes, E. Hernandez. LA GOLANDRINA La Golandrina is a group who willingly offers i+s services for colorful enfer+ainmen+ al various programs JAPANESE CLUB JAPANESE CLUB COUNCIL Top--Adachi, Okada, Kalcida. llcezoe, Mrs. Cooke. Bingo, Nalcaolca, Hasegawa. Saeda. Through The Japanese Club, The sTudenTs of The Japanese naTionaliTy in Torrance High School are able To serve Their school and The club's members by a schedule of social evenTs, including a program Tor The whole school. They have regular iniTiaTions Tor The new members. Their membership includes an American Triend Tor each Japanese member. Some oT The acTiviTies oT The club This year were a parTy honoring The graduaTing members, an assembly program, and noon dances held Tor The members. lsT SemesTer OTTicers 2nd SemesTer Alcige ShimaTsu PresidenT Masashi llsezoe Evelyn Saeda Vice-PresidenT Evelyn Saeda Gladys Nalcaolca SecreTary Kiyoko Hasegawa Mrs. Cooke Sponsor Mrs. Coolce COSMOPQHl,TfNN ciue T Isl' Semesler Officers 2nd Semesfer Joan Ramslrill Presideni Virginia Hill Virginia Hill Vice-Presidenf Marilyn Sirauiman Thelma Wrighf Secreia ry Izelrna Wrigh+ Kafherine Quimby Treasurer T e'lrfi'a'Wrigh+ Mrs. Allen Sponsor Mrs. Allen To promoie friendship beiween i+s members and among people of all nafionalifies and counfries in order +o become acquainted wifh fheir cusfoms and ways of living is fhe purpose of lhis club. Af each meeiing ihey siudy and dis- cuss a diiierenf couniry. The achievemenis and irnporianl acfivifies of The year were: The forming of a plaliorm and a consiiiufiong a slcafing parfy wifh The Japanese Club: banquef al' Banning: and affendance af a fea and arf exhibii ai Gardena High School. Top Row- Thompson Paxman McWaid Bynum Dobriclc Richards Harding Third Row- Pierson Daniels Fou+s Blaclcburn Schimmick Kyle Whiiing Second Row- Warfhan Barringfon McCall Eberfs C. La Force Moine B. Woodward Firsi Row- Shimafsu Harris Mulo T. La Force Ross Mackey L. Woodard Firsl' Row- Stanley ' I Hamano Mgrs. Allen Piersdng - Braiion ', Leeiz s ,Pranlclin , 1 Weave? ' - Second RQw4- . Craig' 1-X Hill Brownf Obole ' . Sfraulman Third Row-f Bingo Wrighi' R' Coldiron CAMERA CLUB Isl Semesfer ' Officers 2nd Semesier Richard Paxman Presideni Frank Whi+ing Harold Kerber Vice-Presideni Harold Kerber Frank Whifing Secreiary Eihel Schimmiclc Barbara Quimby Treasurer Barbara Quimby Mr. Grigsby Sponsor Mr. Grigsby To gain a beiler undersiandinq of phofographic lech- nique and fo siimulafe an inferesf in a worlh-while hobby is the aim of The Camera Club. H' is Their desire 'ro become proficieni enough To assisf fhe Torch Sfaff in picfure- faking. Their sponsor has given much valuable assisiance io 'l'he Siafi ihis year. Q ,J I sf Semesrer Officers 2nd Semesrer Alma McHenry Presidenr Rudella Bays Maxine Clark Vice-Presidenf Carolyn Wilkes Dorolhy l-lamman Secreiary Agnes Sopchinsky Dororhy Hamman Treasurer Hazel King Miss Jones-Miss Janeves Sponsors Miss Jones-Miss Janeves Ever mainraining Hs posirion as one of Torrance l'ligh's mosf imporiam' clubs, 'rhe Commercial Club has produced several very inreresling and educalional aud calls. The aim of This group is 'ro become beHer acquainfed wifh commercial subiecfs by having promi- nenl business men or women address Them ar each meeling. Their imporrani acliviries of The year were: T :February I5 . . . Mr. Corfez Pefers, champion +ypis+: February 23 . . . Mrs. Zelma Roof, speaker, and picrure "New Voice for Mr. X": "N March 29 . . . Dr. Alden Smifh, speaker on "Service Clubs and Organizahons in Torrance." .,s.. Top Row: Clark, Fosfer, Richardson, Rafhbun, Dawson, Moore, Unger, Jackson, Carlin, Treloar, Young. 2nd Row: McCune, McGinnis, Pinkham, Jones, Smyrhe, Ormond, Cook. Robinson, Mcl-lenry, Marsh, Depasse, Mauk. 4+h Row: Bay, Bafes. Adams, Clark, Sopchinsky, Miss Jones. 5'rh Row: Snow, Wilkes. Bays, King. cowifvlrrcifxu cu us TCDRRENSIC FCDRUM lsT SemesTer Officers 2nd SemesTer Eugene HaTTer PresidenT Phillip HoTTman Sherman Bross Vice-PresidenT George Snow Marian Thompson SecreTary Marian Thompson Jack Thomas Treasurer Bill Johnson Mrs. Goodwin Sponsor Mrs. Goodwin Freedom oT Speech" as provided by The ConsTiTuTion oT The UniTed STaTes, is pracTiced likewise by The Torensic Forum Club. lTs members debaTe on world aTTairs oT all kinds, and hold panels and discussions on many subiecTs of inTeresT To The members. A very successful debaTe was held wiTh Leuzinger High School on The subiecT oT "Should The UniTed STaTes Governmem' Own The Railroads?" On a Tield day Trip To Los Angeles, The members oT The club made a Tour oT Helms Bakery, China Town, Olvera STreeT, and The new Union DepoT. On May 9 The group visiTed The Los Angeles Museum, dined aT CliTTon's CaTeTeria and saw "MeeT The People" aT Hollywood Playhouse. , up i Fl . I .il lliilillilli ',if'l'Zl'f - . 'lla .... lv" Top Row: Bross. Woodburn, Delano, Ross, WesT, Snow, Friedman, Hoffman, Prime, Johnson, Daniels. ' 2nd Row: Follis, Quimby, Neff, Rous, Hall, Campbell, McWaid, Hornback, Thompson. 3rd Row: Fos- sum, Ramskill, Roelands, SmiTh, Pierson, Hovlid, WaTson, Pegors, Howe. 4Th Row: Fernley, Findley, Mrs. Goodwin, PorTnoy, STegelmeyer, Yoder, Walls. I7 MADRIGAI. SINGERS MADRIGAL SI lsT SemesTer Officers 2nd Dean Barkdull PresidenT Glen Bob Carlson- VicesPresidenT Raymond Leake ElizabeTh Fish SecreTary Evelyn Saeda Howard FosTer Treasurer Howard FosTer Mrs. Cooke Sponsor Mrs. Cooke The Madrigal Singers of T.H.S. is one of The mosT popular organizaTions in Torrance High. lTs purpose and aim is To serve as a school service club, singing Tor various programs aT school and in The communiTy. Back Row, LeTT To RighT Robinson Lymo Leake Prime Orr D. Ba rkduli Lee Barnard Buckley Bosche Ramskill WerTella York FosTer FronT Row- Zamperini Fish Moon Benner Hudson Briggs Newman Dooley Obole GuTTenTelder Clays Rusk J. Ba rkdull Boyd SchulTz JUNIOR MADRIGALS OTTicers 2nd SemesTer Doris Ns PresidenT David Ross HarrfeT Pegors Vice-PresiderlT Burman lngram Elaine FosTer Secre-Tary Eros SmyThe Jean Yoder Treasurer Ollie Buffalo Marcella SmiTh Mrs. Cooke Ward robe M isfress Sponsor DoroTliy Tz The achievemenTs and imporTanT acTiviTies of The year were: Singing Two long programs aT boTh Gardena and Narbonne High Schools: The usual CommencemenT pro- ram' The enTerin of a Choir FesTival aT OccidenTal Col- 9 I Q lege: and a concerf Tor EducaTion Week. IT is possible ThaT The Junior adrig-awe no real how much The sTudenTs of Torrance High School have en- ioyed Their Tine presenTaTions of programs. Those who have never really enioyed music before have learned To know The ioy and sorrow which music expresses. They have creaTed Tor borh The sTuden+s of Torrance High and The communiTy of Torrance, beauTiTul music Tor pleasure and musical devel- opmenT. Their success has depended largely upon The direc- Tor, Mrs. Cooke. BoTh The choir and The fine direcTor should be congraTulaTed Tor such ouTsTandinq work. FirsT Row- Day ing ram Johnson Ross CaTes Second Row- BuTTalo SmyThe l.eeTz - Lukes Van Kralingen RaThbun lkezoe W 53112 JLJNICDI2 CHCDH2 , ., mfg s r.,. l 7 , Top Row: W. Smith, Sleeth, B. Smith, Post. Row 3: De Long, Leech, Robinson. Row 2: McVicar, Clark, Lancaster, Hatherly. Row I: Hammond, McLeod, Gilson, Armitage, Kelley, Levy, Keitert. Ist Semester Ottices 2nd Semester Milton Youngken President Phyllis McVicar Beatrice Murray Vice-President Newton Sleeth Dorothy Intermill Secretary A Jean Clark Helen Crawford Treaurer Irene Gilson Mrs. Cooke Sponsor Mrs. Cooke Torrance High School is very proud ot her choirs, the youngest ot which is the Junior Choir. They have been extremely active singing programs in the community this year: for the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Business and Professional Women's Club, Episcopal Men's Club, and at the P. T, A. Choir Festival. ' T THE ORCHESTRA y One feature ot Torrance High School which has been practically extinct until this year is the Orchestra, which, under the able direction ot Mr. Sauter, has again been brought to lite. ' More dignity seems to have crept into the aud calls which have been opened and closed with numbers from the Orchestra. It is the members' and Mr. Sauter's fond hope to have instruments and unitorms for a band which will liven up the spirit at the 'football games next tall. X I First Row lett to right: Stewart, Nuckles, Hammond, Mr. Sauter. Escobar, Lisman. Delong. 2nd Row? Smith, Smart, Honrath, B. Harris, Mesquit, Hatherly, Torrence, Daniels, Pierson, L. Harris, Blackburn. 3rd Row: Howard, Robertson, G. Harris. 4-th Row: lntermill, Newland, Murray, Deems, Dietlin, Eddings, Cates, Rowell, Disario, DeBra. i9 Top Row- Woodcocl: Harris Dye Shell ' lnlermill Bowman Smilh Bray Fossum Second Row- Townsend Websler Slanley Fouls Blackburn Gray Bullalo Fischer Miss Shearer Third Row- Reyes Baker Bryanl Hippilc Crawford Hammond GET ACQUAINTED CLUB ART CLUB Isl Semesler Ollicers 2nd Semesler Belly Sherman Presidenl Opal Combs Doris Robinelle Vice-Presidenl Kazaalci Harula Opal Combs Secrelary Belly Sherman Keilh Cox Treasurer Belly Sherman Mrs. Hazell Sponsor Miss Chase Allempling lo make lhe wh by designing poslers lor adverlisemenl in sludenl affairs, lhe Arl Club, newly formed lhi ole school more arl-conscious 5 year, also demonslrales and encourages lhe arlislic lalenls of various sludenls. ..:sk 1 , GET ACQUAINTED CLUB Marian Wannberg ---- Presidenl Palsy Whilney - - . . Vice-Presidenl Beverly Fouls - Secrelary Enid Weis - Treasurer Miss Shearer ----- Sponsor To help lhe pupils develop whal ever lalenls lhey possess lo enlerlain or inleresl an audience or group, and lo become acquainled wilh members ol lhe club and wilh various aclivilies ol lhe school is lhe purpose of lhe Gel Acquainled Club. Some ol lhe sludenls in lhe Club have learned lo lead in school and popular songs. They have had enioyable limes d. . . iscoverlnq lhe hidden lalenls ol olher members. The Club was regislered only lhe lirsl semesler. ART cLuB Slanding- Price Ueda Sa ndslrom 2nd Row- Miss Chase Robinelle Murray De Bra Combs I sl Row- Ha rula Sherman 20 MANNERS VMODERNS Top Row- Youn g, Warfhan, Maddock, Mrs. Kelly. Second Row-Svensk, Weber. Hale, Lamb, Newell, Grasso. Third Row-Nagel, Lucille, Nagel. Dorofhy, Grove, Russell, Briganfi, Sfern. MANNERS FOR MODERNS lsf Semesfer Officers 2nd Semesfer Jackie Kyle Presidenf Joe Mclnfier Lucille Nagel Vice-Presidenf Lucy Briganfi Elsie Grove Secrefary-Treasurer Isabell Russell Mrs. Kelly Sponsor Mrs. Kelly To suggesf fo sfudenfs fhe proper procedure upon all fhey demonsfraied fhe righf and fhe wrong manners in home occasions and fhereby influence The enfire school 'ro become life. The sfudenfs nof only enioyed if, buf also leff fhe more manner-conscious has been fhe fundemenfal inferesl' audiforium feeling fhe necessify of being a liffle more polilfe of fhe Manners for Moderns Club. Af an amusing aud call fhen before. In fhe preliminary Cake Baking Confesf. Jimmy Dowell won firsf place and represenfed Torrance High af 'rhe Exam- iner Cake Baking Confesf on June IZ. Ten schools parfici- pafed. and Jimmy won second place. FACULTY COMMITTEE STUDENT COMMITTEE CALENDAR OF CONFERENCES Dec. 7-Trades for Boys-Mr. Sfier, Boys' Vice-Principal - - A - Frank Wiggins Trade School. MISS Janeves' Chairman Helen Thompson' Chalrman Jen. I7-Aircrafi' lndusfry-Mr. Reid, Ed. Direcfor, Doug- Miss Jones Mina Hormell las Aircraff. Feb. 8-Cosmefolog -M ' Miss Behr Phiilip Hoffman qgns T Mrs. Morse Eleanor Lukes Mr. Sfone Mr. Hamilfon 2I Clifford Toffen y rs. Cornelia Mifchell. Frank Wig- rade Schooly March 7-Civil Service-Mr. Barden. Board of Education. April 30-Home Economics-Mrs. Grady. Frank Wiggins Trade School. . May Zi-Medicine-Dr. John B June 6-N ' eeman, local physician. ursing-Sf. Vincenf's Hospifal. W. A b ge W, WW WWW Q jffwa ZZAI' ji 4'OU+..- 3 ZFWMMWEQGMWWUW 60-ffvva vsil-f - JZZ' V - WWW? f I -- W ? 1 x .J 1, . '- . . -. 'K in " I M, -1 -. 'Q 'X up .Q x X: t I . X K .0 ., ' xx M hw. i I ' - ' K- I X 'x I ' ' ,Q fx ' - - ' K, Y- Fx f ' - W , ., 1 XA , , kin' V - xx. k'L"'.x X . xf x YR' -01-"1-,X s - ' .k k kr . Qi' ' . . 'X :H - x Xixxx 'V ' 3 Q - :tk X "" ' Q -, xf---M ' - . - -- K X . Y Ti gt. 4 X551 Q F . xx, . A o N ' Q A - Q o R X, fx X 1 Q -,ka Q . 4 S , -X 9 X x.. 4 - K., E "1 XL' ' .- .- B f I jar xx Rx Y' IH' I f 9... tg, 1' -., K - mm ' , 1 ,- " ' I ff fffkffif ' H ' Q XX '4 H . ' jg , I, N xl' .Ni ,f ' .Q X ' K , I V P W, . f x, n Xxhn I N- x YQ :K X ... , qblqv . bp X X 1 fi Y , -uv' ' ff Q . v X v T--V X ., Qi, T ' ' k xi ' X -1, 1, N ' t f ' 1.5 ' TXN fx n " C K xgk 5 -:Ip if r' T- K V.. - 1 Wk . ws in . -. t I '41, Nj-. . '-, , . rr- 3, ' ' N M? I 2, X . - xh V M- J Mx ' , 'M ' N K if X- . Q X5 Q' 2 5 XCR I X M1 qw .0 F XX X ., K 'T N 1, vr-' ' , x K. 5 . , x V,-in Sl ,ir ,Wx ,-s .x ffl S, . N, o 1., 5.1 ff vi A kuq THOMAS H. ELSON Af- M . G. WELLS named one oT his books "Men Like Gods." AncienT peoples described Their gods like men. The gods oT all peoples, ancienT or modern. are Godlike or manlike even as The men are who believe in Them, and men who believe in These gods are big or liTTle men according To The gods They believe in. There's no myThology abouT ThaT. The gods oT myThology could bring no peace or harmony inTo The lives oT The people because They knew no peace or harmony in Their own lives. The God of The ChrisTian peoples oT Today is a God of harmony and peace, Therefore, ChrisT- ian naTions are lovers of peace. They are keepers oT Their broThers because They wish To keep broTherhood in The world. There's no myTh abouT ThaT. -Thomas l-l. Elson I-IE greaT epic poems oT l-lomer sing To us oT The adven- Tures oT cerTain myThological characTers of ancienT Greece. and Through The heroic exploiTs oT These men, reveal To us The TradiTions. The hopes, and Tears oT a glorious people. Who shall say our annual oT Today is noT anoTher epic of young heroes valianTly overcoming The loTos lands and The sirens oT The modern world? Epic or, if you prefer iT, commonplace as The lives of These young peoples have been, They have neverTheless esTablished an honored place Tor Themselves in Torrance l-ligh School. IT is our hope ThaT. as Their advenTuring conTinues, They will persisTenTly aTTaclc all obsTacles on Their way To success. -ElizabeTh F. Parks ELIZABETH F. PAR KS 1 Margarel Allen Leonard Auslin Roberl Barr Frank Barrow Florence Behr Mabel Boynlon James Burchell Efhel Burnham Ada Chase Helen Coller Mariorie Cooke Muriel Duncan J 1 fa Che isfry, General Science - - Aulo Shop Physical Eclucalion - Social Sluclies - - 1 Library Spanish, Aifenclance Mechanical Draffing - - English - - W Arl- - - - Foods, Social Arls - - - Choir, Music Apprecia+ion English, Social Sludies, Physical Eclucafion FACULTY Z' Lf! ww' L20 ff? f - 0' I I I ,-ffm' 4226? ,I ,," ' ll , Q! 27 Lorraine Goodwin Ivan Grigsby - - Charles I-Iamilfon Noah I-lorning Armine Janeves Cafherine Jennings Marguerire Jones Edilh Kelly - Rufh Locke - Rurh Lockridge Cora Mabee - Kafherine Millerd FACULTY 1. ?f'l1llmLL" English, Social Sfudies. Spanish General Shop - Prinr Shop Cabiner Malcing - Commercial Subiecfs. Business Orieniafion. Senior Problems Physical EcIuca+ion Commercial Eclucalion, Typing, Shorrhancl - - - English, Social Srudies Marhemarics - Clorhing - Social Sfudies, English Mafhemafics lrene Mills Grace Morse Guy Mowry Louis Sauler Clara Shearer Harry Slone - Madeleine Urquharl Sara Vaubel - Francis Waddingham Jessie Weaver - Margarel Woods Slella Young - Pere Zamperini - - - English La'rin, English, Counselor - - - Chernisiry Social Sludies, Orcheslra, Band ' - - - Mathematics - Agriculfure Vocaiional Cooking English, Social Sludies -Physics, Biology, Radio Shorlhand, Typewriling - - Social Siudies, English Social Sludies. Consurner Educalion - - Baslcelball and Track FACULTY BUSNESS STAFF l Mrs. Leirha Sells - Secrelary Mrs. Helen Be-nneH Clerk Miss Margarel Tiffany - - Clerk Mr. John Haig - Business Manager S CUSTCDDIANS Mr. Powell, Head Cusfodian Mrs. Harder Mr. Price Mr. Prime Mr. Schroeder Mr. Taylor Mr. Van Wagenen Mr. Wood Mrs. Priesf Mr. Linus M. Reed Head Gardener- Mr. Jack L. Crufclwer Gardener- Mr. William D. Jones FACULTY Bernard Friedman inferviews Mr. Elson for column in lhe Torrance News Torch. "The Principal's Desk". IF WE WERE GODS ' I SHOULD LIKE TO BE A NAIAD Given by Diana a cool green shrine, deep wifhin fall groves of pine, There l'd lis+ 'ro sparkling lounlains, gaze my hll of snow-capped mounfains: Here l'd galher myriads of flowers, 'rhaf grow where walerfalls send lheir showers. Never would I lonely be. for l'd commune wifh fhe Dryads who guard fhe free. On mild spring days when buds were sprouling, fanned by cool breezes l'd 'fake an ouling: Then l'cl sir and dream all day: such pleasures drive all care away. On calm summer nighls 'lwould be enlrancing, when moon-beams fhrough free 'rops come dancing To floaf among sisfer-clouds and sfars. and swim across Diana's silver bars. TH E CENTAUR To qallop horses speedily I am afraid +0 lry. l walk my horsie slowly While The resl' go Tearing by. I look al Them regrelrlully And a leaf bedims my eye. While if l were a Cenlaur, l'd be in front of course: There would nol be a big hialus Belween me and lhe horse 1 And all would shouf wilh iealous rage, "There goes Fracie Morse"! Mrs. Grace Morse Efhel R. Burnham. AURORA-THE GODDESS OF THE DAWN Shades of nighl, 'flee fasf away ll leave my bed. forlornl "A Goddess you musf be." lhey say lSo l'm goddess of "The Dawn"l Oli all The gods on Olympian heighf Oh spare me fhis, I pray! For any woman looks a sighl' Who qreels 'fha break of day. And lale lo bed and la+e 'lo rise Has always been my lay: Bul l'll gel me up and aci quiie wise And cash in on "My Day." Muriel B. Duncan F1 T . Pyij 1 ' Q . Th male Ir pppbagffg me mogf fqr life as .3 assi Who wouldn'i like io conirol These? l could plan irips, myi ' was h' f 'lady-Q-wailing fo Juno. Que of 1' I nics. shopping fours, pariies and +he like and hold back Gods. ns en+ly,'she e Qmosf of + e gos o e V," e srorms 'fill rhey were over. I'd adverfise rain and siorms A ng i gs on.. on Cyym sl an ,T lflrno my rhs e he d of 'rime lnof as 'rhe wearher bureau doesi. and ihus ' ple he as gi ve r. oin ll o r +h Z f all f my friends on ihe days 'rhey wanfed +o go l rld on errga fills for e ee i+h afspe gre r 'I sw: mi g l'd s+op loss of human life because men could ai lanes an wil no ar of fraffucy go . lri wor a n fo flood conirol condlhons ahead of Time. I'd also iful g n fo II e colors of I' pecfr rh. fie e ih il' rained only al nighi, so 'thai we could come 'Io s relsi s sh o wegf abroad a spre d e rai cho in peace during fhe clay. You know, l'm also I'he w rob acrols rh sky s an o ' f f ir we r d ro ior of cifies. l'd ouilaw war. The olive free was cre- ood luc f 'ro +h'os o s n d OW l y er I' by me. Noi' b , eh? Wouldn'r you like fo be me? Ihaf plol' gol al Th f h rainbowl 5 L I G d A . - rs. orraine oo win ar erile X es T an' hunir , guayiian o ild ,bees 1 ni ould l 'io have been e a. II' ceriainly would be ,TB e a ' eaknesf fo all living I ing pad-gh, ,-Ty 1 c fo be 'r-e queen ofihea . n lnce she presided q S I . wlingvjmggs q Y ung Ma maps Why r publl ulnances and lush h be able io see iu r .igh c ool sig enr ehav fhas ways asxinafed me. r ihallihe lic gol 'rhe mos li her money and were all l derl saii fyl his ' en," ke' evera livl g anim ls 'awed fmbly' 1 . pl s in y room so i bei e ' periods I an I y -M55 -le55'e WeaVe' Jifh em. J' . ' I v l a X f Ivedb. n r mcarrh cl. as JSC ol ng her 6 in , ihai l mighl' have e 'rhe characler known as . Di .l dllie Hcorih ln lb' Z Off lilfrm Self' Triron. 'rhe son of Nepfun arrying 'rhe la'r+er's messages a 5 Hen a .emma pup' n P al 6 er fhe billowi as, w ed along on The zephyrs of a T -Mrs. r arel' . Alle ' ndly pal. fhe od Zeph rus. l Think of +he ossibiliiies. To anyone having 'Ihe leasf Iris, iyh god ss-mes qer. iodrne e over I e rai ow- bi f sea-ware n his blood, even if ii' is iusr a finge, whal bridge 'ro 'rhe esh- ed rrh Where her fee? sfed a romanlic if a Tri+ n could live. Should you wish for sprang The l ely flow ihaig' e slil call by r name. 'I'he sh res ali: r ossibly a. Souih Sea isle of fragrance And! Eros' tough pfjn misc g ous' as really ' and " ce': or Alh deep, dark in+eriors i +orpid Africa. a beaufi childljl f 'rhlnk h eas I+ wo o be io wangle old man info I . I sending a ssaqe of olence +o so shipwrecked od l slmu avelen ed bam ns! venerable, qivin ou 1' e opp ' n yffo 'i fhese, - 'S . P. C Se ' +he mos+ cha ing, un niami aied ofs lei o he old id o l wou like have Qn Apolo, 0 of m i , O Tra l-Adve -Romance a wa he life fha? only was he cal, poeii al, young an beauiif 1 b FITCH li - An ? if is Spfin and S Gi Wafer of mY was Ihe sen of sudden afh. If ad"rh' asf q i- Iced C Oul' 0" ' Tami PIG l1. l All, me. iicalion, l would doom fo h all d' ords. ess, i e -.I Ch I H ,I rupfions and fears. and oul ve he sor o on , r ares amhion in Torrance Thai I dream ouif wi for. ' 'I - rs Cook Vesia. o never got arou o choosing a life parlner r her l employed ihe g sophy of life of making l'll be Minerva, also callecigfxfhena. She goddess of happy a many homes as po l e. D i'he lighfning, siorms. ihunde oll, Ihun led, and war. Q! if -Irene MIllS FACULTY ENTERTAIN MINISTER ASS ATION AT CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON l .2 V . C.. Mrs. Porier, Mr. Elson, Mrs. Elson, Mr. Banks, Miss Parks. Miss Weaver, Mr. Mowry, Miss Mabee. '3I A PARENT-TEACHERS LUNCHEON HONORINC5 OUTSTANDING GIRLS Leff fo righi: MFs.VWoodcoclc. Miss Parks. Miss Milligan, Possum. Schroeder, Miss Prudence Penny, Mr. Elson, Miss Gross, Mrs. Elson, Miss Graber. Leif side of lable: Fish, Moon. Sfanley. Mrs. Morse, Hamman, Norman. Righr side of fable: Mcl-lenry, Sopchinslcy. Howe, Bays, Miss Duncan, Veelik. 1 fr Q4'7gWfV.fc, g A 7 ff X4 "'!,.l , ' 1 - rj 'cfzfcf "7.f5f..A'.,f'T -Q .55 iiffff-'fi y ,- . f 1 , V, I ,,! - ' ,jg ff - f' " " - I Zeus was in e 175, Mefcfmfdxad called'abouf"'e'rT"houffJJ lf. would have been pleasanf fo be Safurnq he rnsrrucled before fromlfhisgshorl' wavefalijflening posr fha? Thor was coming Toiralce Olvmpiis infdiprorifrfrive ciET5dy."M6s+'of The gods had-,lil ourffor fhe big' woods. Omy Hera wegifsiil on"rhe'iob b'uT'Eo'rfe as a' wer' h'en because 'There was' no place itovwegr her jew spring dudsi Wlla1.,lpA,d9! Wliar ro do! and wha'f'a'headaclTe!5 , . J -N6TVUU'SlY-fZEQj,i'WiSf5di rseegdef eral. iframe' sn,-buf a Redondo Beach jwing'bvan,d!. He was abou? io rurnkaifay in disfgusl when' 3 voice darne"i?i'wiH1fi'Tlfis is'W6YBD broad- casfing'-'corffffgeifsemenf exercises e Torra5'E'e Hicjh'Sgch'U0l:"c1 ,4 sf .rhe subiecia of King ,longs inyagnicruhure,fgufde'ning,,,and s many'o+her,,1arls. The perrodyof Safurns gogeinmenf was in glaler 'rimesl sunfg gf, bylgfdeisfals af happy 'rime 'when -4 f vu. M ,fr . J .. sorrows ,and cares of life vyege, unknown: whepffinnroperree. f, 'Frbedorru anclgladness reiqpsd.aibroug'fxouVThe landfin synch a degregejjdgfkzlesefve rifle-ofjljle Qolderiesfxge. And frrowfhe refgnsi in' "FhE"sTi'y1' sec'ond"only in ,size 'lo Jupiier. and exceeding him jnjrjeresi. , Q.-fgvfvi. -.,-rf'-f'-" .41 'ff'f'9L'5STuTn l wogiloqteiod ofgedsiapxd 'frigiihf ' ef cfaf'.And ,,,, newrhe ,lWesaern1b+gh,,en'liancrng Tfll noifbrulgg Q 'X Summ'erA Forryf' Being rn Exjlklonwr tary- 'mood anyways-he., A,,,.f,.-e, J!,v":,Q ,Jw fi, 7 34. '-:"ill'la'r?v' H. Slope R lisl'ene'diy. S-peeehaflefs eeeh-rolle'd'over-ihe,etlj,erg spirijgi . V i X ' w 1 i I, V , J,. Lzffaff-exfz me, amba+a05JfimQqed .ui 'm9n.+9i bir+zkfseg,leLlzg,3efri- 'Pefseufsfef 9red4fmxL+hO'0er'a3?,vfefi?'1f1Y.Qs+wma- There on an inrfoceni' and unsuspeelzrigiwodg, IQ! ' -.M . Wi Av,g,f?f?fal regsonsdflhy 4ha:gZvl!,5qfja11lay3,been sudjsgliyizigwfi-1.Ia3qf5f+dwfg?sjTaCksfhfffhfffgffs 'srrfiffaargrarr pQrr,deeee1...4dr--,ressonesirjr-rsgfswm for ia. fgwzeeifg... .1i-..fQ...tPfl?.'2' fins QegfgvQgLee5er.3.Qe5wJ Medi ' -4' , , ' , orr a a a. ques, or e ea 'O A e usa, erseus accom- He gquiclclyd gof Mercury fgn,+he'pl'igTjge.L A-grion fplloweizgq , plished ,fQLe,..Sgerninfglycimpossible. .What al sweel' revenge- ii-ff acfion: An 'S.OfST weniiduf over The shorr wave hookup. musf have.l:een for him 'ro have ,turned ihe unbelieving Accepfance llowed prorgugyion. li. worked. ,Torrance High I Polyclecfesfinfo sfone becau5e,,l3e,in5sfed41por1,ga1J:rg .uporgl School era uafesfmoved in rvgithfspeedxantf power! Thor's' f -"rife headlof' iTs71e'dusa'l , , ' 7 " ' forces'were,,Yrdule?J! fflyvprhe lime urheyje-ached ljiades .The X. .Besides experiencliij-g,+lJ.eN mgny advehiufefof Perseus. whole +hrm5-was some ewwsavareddl 1-erewfifdef reigned rn fhe heavens and Zeus was a ,happy gran once more. The, only.iroub,le.wasd'hai Plufo "madQe'f6n"aWlul roar' abouF'lreep-ing "Tiio'F's ouHi'r, said he'd always kept a lirsf class Hades., and now ir was,spoiIed! T --1 1-"'c'+cs'H' Well, mEYl5e.,i'f!isn'f'a'my1h eller all. ' - ,W-fi. .f ' A--Qilfhofrras Yi-i.hElsoh-2 v A ,,, .1 ,Qj-ffifgioiuaiwere ' hEj'l'liinlc w'i'ia'i"sii advaniage if would befro ' ar, ,raeL.h6iime+ gjjpvisibilify,5n.2L.5l1l19iwi-nqedwsanillxlsl Auf who amxong us iwouldifcofn an magic wallel? As for danger fo ourselves should we fhoughflessly gaze uoon Medusa. I daresay our long associarion wilh her would build up an immunify in us so rhar if would be no more dangerous ffhaln looking al someone gelring a permanenr wave, 'ii Vglnl I , --Miss Cora E. Mabee s" MA., X .. 32 N "I S X fi 39 ix A FP ia GLIMPSES AT API-I RODITE HTRUANT Sporlinq Torrance Beach Salamanders Diiched classes fo visif Redondo. There laughler-loving Aphrodire Floafing abou? in fhe sofl-foamy cresf of The sea-waves Po?n1ed her finger and said, "Look at 'lhail Torrance Hi Sludenls can'f gel by wifh 'rhallu NGON-TIME OFFICER DE LUX" Hearls aching wirh cupidity, The beach-loving Tarfars silenfly mused- Then wifh loving qlances and a winsome smile Fled from Aohrodile ro reside al school sfill awhile, Wen? home and addressed a shorl nofe fo Son Cupid: "lf you w'll please slick around, sir, fill June 28. Aphrodi+e can 'then no lonqer our pleasures beraief' Sara H. Vaubel ig l sjl , ,,. DJ X -1 rm J j 'j1g'j':f??fff 1, -v g '.-:": To -2, 3,f?F3h,4: 4 , , 1'1" " -' f :.w ',1. 1 5' ,1'. -tgfi 'i' . " AA if . " ' f I'-, , rf- w-J - wk , ui. LL- 5 ,. blk ' FH' 1 ,,. 5-1 .53 1Z ,W ijjwl ,Ng EMM Es.:-1 M I 441. A' flv jf .W-v., ,Vw-owcvwl-A J' ffffmdj 7 jeff MW' W- M101 if 0 MM gifi - J y U VW at "Cf,WvQ.. JV Qu 7-57M Z2 'Z fzwjn.. 7W,..M,.' ,.,,4 YZIWCWJI ll 'Q JM.. sk Wjwf - y1?,..,,. W, Waamsazfff Ven LZQQ MM M- MM, 4,64 4, c,4,.,.g, 7A7.L,MQ 7.11-ffVj,ofl M Am, ww My M WM M fm wtf ' Owz ' . , - Wim f UM., f f QM M gwiwwwfv My 4, -.1 , 1 - Al Af' , V, S x Y T I . X 1 X ' x Y -U aw x , J, V 5, N, ll S ,.. V! X in elm my X 1 N - lf :ig fi XX E4X ,R ef L x W X X I f 'V X ,fTr'-4 L1 fri., ff 1 l l ,- '- L. r yi 4 NU'-M 5 , T NJ x ll A I x IQ ll ill 9 'J 1: T T K-. K. s T XX VARSITY COACHING STAFF PETE ZAMPERlNl ROBERT BARR BaslceTball, Track Football, Baseball, Tennis FOOTBALL JORDON vs. TORRANCE OcTober 6, I939 ln The season opener The TarTars were greeTed by a lighT rainTall. and a fasT charging Jordan Team. The TarTars ToughT hard buT were compleTely ouTclassed, and when The 'final gun sounded The scoreboard read Jordan 2l, Torrance O. This game was The TirsT VarsiTy game for mosT oT The players. and They gained a world of experience from iT. The ouT- sTanding player was Duke. oT Jordan, whose accuraTe passing and Tricky open Tield running compleTely beTuddled The TarTars. SOUTH GATE vs. TORRANCE OcTober I3, l939 In The second pracTice game of The season The TarTars invaded SouTh GaTe on Friday The l3Th. The day proved unluclcy Tor Torrance as They were on The shorT end of an T8-2 score. Torrance ToughT courageously, and The game was much closer Than The score indicaTed. SouTh GaTe's oTTensive drives were sTopped cold, and They had To resorT To an aerial aTTack To peneTraTe The TarTar defense. Two aerial ThrusTs were successTul Tor SouTh GaTe Touchdowns. An inTercepTion of a Torrance pass was responsible Tor a Third SouTh GaTe score. Torrance had Two opporTuniTies To score buT lacked The necessary drive. However, They were able To break inTo The scoring column when a SouTh G-a'e back was Taclcled behind his own goal line. VARSITY FOGTBALI. SQUAD - 1940 Clyde Anderson Guard Roland Andrews - End Ernesi Banks - Quarferback Dick Beecher - End Beryle Coasi Fullback Billy Darling Guard Wayne Denney Tackle Roberf Ernsf - - Tackle Bob Golden l-lalfback J. D. Grealhouse - End Charles Grubb lcl - Tackle Eugene l-lalier l-lallback Bill Hicks - Cenfer Bill Johnson Guard Roland Jusfice - End Manabu Okada l-lalfback Bill Parton - Halfback George Peckham - End Kennelh Perkins Fullback Ralph Pina - Quarferback Ner Ral'l'ul:Jun - Tackle Fred Russell - End Akige Shimafsu Halfback Paul Smiih - - Guard Dick Leech - l-lalfback Afsumi Yamakido Guard SONG LEADERS Ellzabefh Fish Wesle Toler Ma rgarei Moon GIRL YELL LEADERS Lois Jane Allen, Rudella Bays FQOTBALI. SAN PEDRO AT TORRANCE -BANNING DEFEATS TARTARS I2 TO 7 OcTober 20, I 939 Ushering in The opening oT The Marine League season, The Banning PiloTs deTeaTed a hard T'ighTing Torrance Team on The ,PiloT's field. The Banning Torward wall was conTinually opening big gaps in The Torrance line, allowing Their backs To seep Through Tor lang gains. ln The laTTer parT oT The TirsT quarTer, Banning sTarTed 'a drive from Their own 45 yard line and never relinquished The ball unTil They sTruck pay dii-T' on a reverse around end, midway in The second period. ln The 4Th quarTer, Banning again drove some 50 yards and scored on'anoTher reverse around end. Torrance sTruck pay dirT laTe in The TourTh quarier. Kenny Perkins inTercepTed a Banning pass on his own 45 and'reTurned The ball To Banning's 45 yard line. A pass Trorn Perkins To Andrews, wiTh Andrews making a sensaTional caTch. was good Tor TwenTy yards. AnoTher pass Trom Per- kins To JusTice was good Tor TwenTy-Two yards and placed The ball on The Three yard line. Here Perkins scored on a line plunge, and The Try Tor an exTra poinT was good. The Torrance Team played a good game and much crediT musT be given To The ouTsTanding playing of Akige ShimaTsu. Akige was superb on defense and oTTense. Sev- eral Times he broke away, only To be dragged down Trom f 1 behind. Torrahcefwas conTinually ThreaTening, and excepT Tor a Tew bad bifeaks They would have come ouT on The long end oT The score. This was The TirsT gridiron deTeaT in Ten years ThaT T9r'rari'ce has received from Banning. TORRANCE O - NARBONNE I9 OcTober 27, I939 PuTTing up a gallanT and courageous sTand, The TighTing TarTars were downed by a Tar superior Narbonne eleven and were complefely overpowered and ouTclassed in Their yearly Teud. From The opening kickoTT, The game was never in doubT. Narbonne received The ball on Their own 25, and sTarTed a drive which ended on The Torrance 25 yard line, when Tor- rance recovered a Tumble. Torrance kicked on lsT down and Hagedorn, a subsTiTuTe, ran iT Torfy-Tive yards To The IsT. Then Narbonne scored! The Try Tor The exTra poinT was good. Torrance came back TighTing and came close To Tying The score. Pina reTurned The kickoff To midline, and from There The TarTars drove To The Narbonne 20 yard line. Here, Nar- bonne's line sTiTlened and held, and They Took possession oT The ball. A susTained drive of 60 yards was responsible Tor Their second score. RepeaTing This acTion wiTh anoTher smashing drive To score, They made Their Third and lasT Touchdown againsT The Tired heroes oT Torrance. TORRANCE 0 - PIRATES 32 November 3, I939 ln one of The worsT slaughTers seen on Wood Field since I936, The TarTars were deTeaTed by a hard charging San Pedro Team 32-O. This was The TirsT Time a Torrance Team has been deTeaTed so decisively since The L. A. Romans invaded Wood Field and deTeaTed Them 42-0. The PiraTes wasTed no Time in making iT a massacre. ln The 'hrsT half They puT on a susTained drive of 80 and 30 yards respecTively. The PiraTe fullback accounTed Tor The TirsT GARDENA BEATS TARTARS lN FINALE 20-O November I7, i939 Winding up The '39 seson, The TarTars were deTeaTed 20-0 by The Gardena Mohicans. The TarTars Tried Their besT To deTeaT The Mohicans and salvage someThing from an oThar- wise disasTrous season. buT Their besT was noT good enough. The Mohicans wasTed no Time in sTriking The promised land. Torrance received The l:ickoTT, buT made a Tumble on The TirsT play, Gardena recovering on The Torrance ThirTy yard line. ln six plays Gardena had six poinTs. Touchdown and passed To Their end Tor The second. ln The Third quarTer Their sTar Tullback inTercepTed a The second Gardena score Gardena back, ran off Tackle. yards To pay dirT. TarTar pass and ran iT back To The TarTar Ten yard line. Two plunges. and They had scored Their Third Touchdown. The Mohicans made Their drive. which was climaxed by came when Vernon Wolfe, ace reversed his Tield and ran 35 lasT Touchdown on a 'susTained a pass Trom ChrisT To Wagner A Tumble on Their own 20 yard line seT up The TourTh Pedro score. The TiTTh and 'Hnal Tally was made on a 30 yard drive. The TarTars were compleTely ouTclassed. and in no way were They any maTch Tor The rampaging PiraTes. The whole TarTar Team ToughT hard, buT iT was a TuTile TighT, as The PiraTes overpowered and ouTclassed a weaker and smaller Team. Tor The score. The Torrance oTTense 'Failed To click. and noT once during The game did They ThreaTen The Mohicans' goal line. Four seniors, playing Their lasT game Tor Torrance, were ouT- sTanding. They were Akige ShimaTsu, George Peckham, Bill Darling and Charles Grubb. ShimaTsu and Peckham played excepTionally well and were partly responsible Tor keeping The score down. TORRANCE AT BANNING FGCDTBALI. 39 Zi I STRATEGY BY BAR R TIME OUT AT TORRANCE HALF TIME COACHING SCRIMMAGE BETWEEN I-IALVES 40 BASKETBALL Top Row--Barkdull, Lee, Ross, O. Miller, Richardson B kl Yance , Paxman, Coach Zamperini BoTTom Row-Bross, uc ey. y TORRANCE TROUNCES FREMONT November S-The TarTars sTarTed OTT The I939-40 season by deTeaTing FremonT. 35-23. Marvin Lee bailed in I7 poinTs To be The high scorer. TARTARS DEFEAT LEUZI N6 ER November I0-The TarTars Turned on The sTeam and de- TeaTed Leuzinger in The second pracTice game. The TarTars ' ' ' ' L hiTTin sTarTed rolling in The second halT and w.Th Marvin ee g The hoo Tor I5 poinTs, pulled away and won easily by a P score of 35-I7. TARTARS SLAUGI-ITER RAMBLERS November I5-Avenginq The deTeaT by SouTh GaTe oT d I hTered our TooTbaIl Team, The I939 TarTar cage squa saug SouTh GaTe 44-I4. Lee rolled up I6 poinTs To again be high poinT man. TARTARS SPEAR YANKEES November I7-Playing on Their home courT. The TarTars h h ds oT won Their TourTh sTraighT pracTice game aT Te an I-IamilTon, 38-22. As usual The TarTars sTarTed slow buT Turned The heaT and were rapidly pulling away, when HamilTon on TorTeiTed wiTh 2V2 minuTes To play. ROMANS STOP TARTARS November 23-The Romans Trom L. A. High s'opped T Tor an undeTeaTed season when They eked ouT a our ques 39-37 vicTory. IT was The TirsT deTeaT Tor The TarTars and a very hard ToughT vicTory Tor The Romans. NARBONNE HUMBLES TORRANCE 26-I9 December I-In spiTe of The TacT ThaT The TarTar quinTeT was Tavored sTrongly, The Narbonne Tive Turned The odds and subdued The TarTars. ThroughouT The game The TarTars were compleTeIy ouT- played. alThough They managed To come wiThin seven poinTS of a Tie. Nearly every TarTar was off sTride and such a con- diTion as This could spell noThing buT deTeaT. IT any praise was due. iT would go To Van Ness lSonnyl Barnard, second sTring Torward, who played a heads-up game. 4I PIRATES EKE OUT VICTORY 23-25 December 8-WiTh boTh Teams baTTling wiTh all Their reserve sTrer1gTh, a mosT Thrilling cage Till' was wiTnessed by, a large crowd on The PiraTes' courT aT San Pedro. The -game was very evenly maTche:T wiTh a wonderful display ol: de-- Tense on The parT oT The TarTars. ThroughouT The game The' PiraTes were unable To peneTraTe The TarTars' line of defense., buT They did manage To geT in a Tew long shoTs. " lc T Th ame The score was kepT a Tie wiTh AT The pea o e g boTh squads baTTIing Tor ThaT one baskeT which would spell' ' I' Th Tollowin vicTory. buT The gun ended The game a Tie. n e q overTime period Those lucky PiraTes sank a long shoT,To sTeal' The game, LeT's hope ThaT nexT year The TarTars can conquer Those pesky PiraTes. ' , , 1' . OILERS HUMBLE TARTAR QUINTET 42-25 , , December I5-In a game cluTTered wiTh many -Touls, The EI Segundo Oilers deTeaTed The TarTars by a 42 To 25 SCOT6. h T EI Se undo ran over The TarTars like a. The BehemoT s rom g I sTeam roller, and excepT Tor a Tlash oT brilliance in The, I TI d. AT The' TirsT half, The TarTars were compleTey ou casse sTarT of The game The TarTars rolled up a Ten poinT lea-d. and iT looked as if They were going To Trounce The Oilers. However. Their lead was shorT lived: The Oilers soon crepT inTo a sTrong lead which was held unTiI The Tinal gun. i BANNING DEFEATS TGRRANCE 52-43 9 In a ame TeaTured by a scoring duel beTween January - g The ciTy's Two besT cenTers. Lee and Frey, The Banning PiIoTs ' ' d d The are kepT Their undeTeaTed record rnTacT an prove y righTTully The Marine League Champs. TARTARS TROUNCE NARBONNE 52-26 Janu'ary I6-SweeT revenge was enioyed by The TarTars when They swamped The Narbonne Gauchos wiTh The over- whelming score oT'52 To 26. The Gauchos deTeaTed The TarTars earlier in The season. and The TarTars proved iT was a fluke deTeaT by Their decisive vicTory. Wih Lee swishing in nineTeen poinTs and doing some ex- celIenT feeding To Dean Barkdull who dumped in ThirTeen poinTs, Torrance acquired The old early lead. Bill Buckley inTercepTed many passes To hold his usual fine game repuTaTion. BASKETBALL Bos YANCEY Icspm fri Bob was a cool, collecTed Type oT player ThaT never goT exciTed. He was an excellenT ball handler and also made quiTe a Tew poinTs. He will be greaTly missed nexT year. DEAN BARKDULL IFJ Dean showed a hundred per cenT improvemenT over IasT year and was one oT The sTars of The Team. He was The second highesl' scoring Torward in The league. He will aTTend Loyola nexT year and should go greaT guns. SHERMAN BROSS IGI Sherman really hiT his sTride laTe in The season and played remarkably well The lasT Three games. He was a hard playing guard who never gave up TighTing unTil The game was over. He will leave a big hole To Till nexT year. BILL BUCKLEY IGI Bill was an exceIIenT ball handler, Tloor man, and an all around good player. He had Trouble in finding his shooTing eye and failed To roll up as many poinTs as he did IasT year. Bill is a senior who will also be hard To replace. VAN Ness BARINARD IPI "Sonny" had a liTTle hard luck This year wiTh a severely cuT finger, which prevenTed his appearance in several games. When he did play, he showed a greaT deal of abiliTy and a loT of improvemenT over lasl' year. LEROY RICHARDSON IFI A Transfer from Banning who really knows his sTuTT. The rougher The game, The beTTer he liked iT. LeRoy will be back nexT year and should be a sTandouT. He saw a loT of acTion This year, and The experience should prove invaluable. RICHARD PAXMAN IGI "Pax" was a subsTiTuTe guard who really used his heighT under The buckeT. He Tound his eye in a couple of games and really wenT To Town. "Pax" has Two more years and should be a marvelous ball player in ThaT lengTh oT Time. ORMSBY MILLER ICI Ormsby played second sTring cenTer and didn'T see very much acTion. He was The mosT improved player in school in Coach's esTimaTion. Ormsby has anoTher year To play. BILL Ross IFI Bill was a senior who made his IeTTer Tor The TirsT Time This year. He really had The will To learn and developed inTo quiTe a ball player. When in aciion he was very eTTecTive and iT was only inexperience That prevenTed his playing more. MARVIN LEE Icy Lonnie was The ouTsTanding man on The Team. He was a hard TighTing player Through The whole game. We Think he was The besf cenTer around here. He was chosen All- Marine Torward, however, because of The ouTsTanding play oi oTher cenTers in The league. He 'w' b a hard man To replace in The coming year. U I BEE BASKETBALL CLIFFORD POWELL ICapT.l IGI CliTTord was The ouTsTanding "B" player in The league. His guarding and ball handling abiliiy were remarkable, as well as his excelIenT shooTing. He will be a big asseT To Coach nexT year. euv DEWITT ICI The Team. Big, TasT, and possessing an excellenf Torm. should develop inTo one of The besT cenTers ever To pla in The Marine League. He can shooT wiTh eiTher ha nd This will prove a big help nexT season. ' Joi-IN HUDSON fel u ' John usually Teamed up wiTh Powell To make ex HienT combinaTion. BoTh ToughT hard, and when T go TIL ball They didn'T leT iT go. John had a habiT o up and inTercepTing passes Time aTTer Time, an his m him all The more useful. Guy, aIThough a Freshman, was one of The mainsTays ofa? ,WILSON WOODBURN IFI s JIMMY DANIELS IFI vw fbi, B Jimmy usually divided scorirgh rs uy nd hen he was hoT There was no sToppin ' Ji ' oT of Tinesse which helped him geT oTT i oTs. Wilson was The Type of player you could d end on To The righT Thing aT The righT Time. He was an excellenT eam member and helped keep up The Team spiriT. JIMMY WOODBURN IGI immy gained valuable experience This season and should be bouT e besT player around nexT year. Only a Fresh- ril' . e, as well as all The oTher members OT The Tea , ill back To bolsTer The VarsiTy squad The nexT year. D ring The whole season The Bee Team had bul' 6 members To choose Trom. Playing unTil exhausTed, This deTermined group ToughT like demons Through a Tull schedule, winning some games. d TasT and on several occasions showed up , V Vwsws-wwf 1 A I T- s ,ie-as T - 9 . iiif ' , ' T ,I ii 5 Si .. .,k, . I ss 3 ' .Sl T T I' - 5 . i 0- ' six T-fi as A 5. .... Y R: yy I .ik gf ......, . A sg Q: Ni . E .Sr fi! .' T .. T' " " I I I W. Woodburn, Powell. DeWiTT, J. Woodburn, Hudson, Daniels. BEE TEAM Sieinhilber. Sleeih. B. Woodard. Delano, Crawford, S. Pierson. J. Prowfen 3-'--W CEE TEAM Burns. Yasunaga, Haha, Honda, L. Woodward, Bender, Cafes, Smifh. BASKETBALL T x Pj Nj r 4 JASEBALL A 7 rrrryf A ll Am l l iw O- Zf T if f l , P-'W xg Fronl Row-Jackson, Orr, Briganfi, B. Hicks, Daniels, Anderson Back Row-Johnson, Fulfon, F. Hicks, Jusfice, Andrews, Pina , BASEBALL LEAGUE GAMES T Ann rr I r T I d A March I Torrance 4 ai' Banning I6 . oug 'rue suggung arfars ony manage fo win fwo March 5 Narbonns 3 ar Torrance 6 gamers our of elighf of lheir league, They showed plenty of March 8 San Pedro 5 ar Torrance 0 +Tgh+ and 'gave The opposing ,Teams sfiiif compelifion. The March T5 Torrance I ar Gardena 7 eniire 'Team deserves all fhe credif 'rhal' may be besfowed March 26 Banning 8 ar Torrance 6 upon lillem' March 29 Torrance 9 al Narbonne 2 For Their ouisfanding abili+y, Louie Briganfi and Bill April 4 . Torrance 4 af San Pedro 7 Hicks were placed on 'rho All Marine League Team. The fol- April I0 Gardena 5 al' Torrance 2 lowing fellows made up The 'firsf feam. PRACTICE GAMES-BASEBALL T940 Feb. 9 . Torrance 6 Venice 5 C-Bill Hicks Feb I6 Torrance 2 Universify 3 P-Jimmy Daniels. Bob Fulfon, Bill Bosche Feb. I7 Torrance 4 Los Angeles 5 Isl B-Ralph Pina, Thomas Jusiice Feb. 23 Torrance 0 Mt Carmel 6 2nd B-Fred Hicks, Clyde Anderson Feb. 27 Torrance 4 Redondo I2 3rd B-Clair Johnson Feb.28 Torrance 5 Leuzinger 0 5.5.-Louie Briganfi March 6 Torrance Narbonne Jr. L.F.-Roland Andrews Jr. Varsii'y6 Varsify 8 C.F.--Edward Orr March l2 Torrance 2 Leuzinger I2 R.F.-Wallace Woods, Velko Milefich April4 Torrance I2 Mr. Carmel 5 or M Briganfi Orr Woods Pina Hicks Golden, Woodburn, TRACK High Jump High Hurdles High Hurdles BaTovsky Trezise, Russel, Richardson Trezise Low Hurdles Pa rTon, Woods ShoT PUT Andrews Pole VaulT DeWiTT High Hurdles Pole VaulT IOO Yard Dash Russell, Numes Ross McDonald, ParTon, Woods MCDONALD WINS CROSS COUNTRY RACE OCT. 3l opened The season Tor The TarTar cross counTry runners. The meeT was againsT Narbonne and was run on our home course. AlThough Gerald McDonald won The race, The resT of The Tellows did noT Talce enough places To win The meeT. Gerald's Time Tor This Thrilling mile and one half run was 8 min. SI sec. Richard Pierson Took TourTh place. Joe Van Kralingen sixTh, Van Ness Barnard TenTh, and Jim Dowell Took The elevenTh posiTion. These places ToTalled 32 poinTs, while Narbonne capTured The leasT poinTs, 25, which gave Them The vicTory. John Hall, lasT year's sTar miler. ran as a Tree lance, coming in ThirTeenTh. John ran a mile and Three quarTers while The resT of The 'fellows ran The regular mile and one half course. TwenTy-Two conTesTanTs compeTed in This evenT. TARTAR LEATHER LUNGS DEFEAT DORSEY. NARBONNE Led by Gerald McDonald, The TarTar cross counTry run- ners defeafed Susan Dorsey and Narbonne high schools on our home course, Wednesday, November l5. Gerald won This race in The Tasf Time of 8 min. 38 sec., which is much TasTer Than The lasT race. which he won in 8:5l. The oTher TarTar runners who helped win The meeT are as Tollows: 45 Richard Pierson TiTTh, 8:58: Joe Van Kralingen sixTh, 8:59: Van Ness Barnard Twelfih, 9:l3: and Jim Dowell ThirTeenTh, 9:I4. The Tinal resulTs of The meeT gave Torrance The TirsT spoT wiTh 37 po'nTs, Dorsey second wiTh 39 poinTs, and Nar- bonne Third wiTh 42 poinTs. AbouT TorTy runners enTered This cross counTry race. John Hall, who ran unaTTached. managed To cop second place even Though he was handicapped by TwenTy-Tive seconds. TARTAR HARRIERS DEFEATED BY DORSEY IN SECOND MEETING The Dorsey runners proved To be in Top form when The TarTars meT Them on Their own course, Wednesday. Novem- ber 28. The score was decisively in Dorsey's Tavor wiTh Their having 28 poinTs. Torrance 57 poinfs. and Inglewood 72. John Hall won The race in 8 min. 33 sec. The second Tor- rance man To cross The Tin'sh line was Gerald McDonald who Took The Tourih posiiion. Richard Pierson managed To geT elevenTh, while Joe Van Kralingen and Jim Dowell came in number TwenTy and TwenTy-one. John Hall ran as a member of The Team because Sonny Barnard was unable To compeTe. TRACK CROSS COU NT RY TEAM VARSITY RELAY Top Row? B Richardson, Miller Ligier Row l- Pierson Van Kralingen BEE TEAM J. Dowell Top row-Holloman Hillier, Lee, Parlon DeWiTT, Barnard, J Dowell, Posl. ROW' - Golden YARD DASH W00dS. Lewellen loo Truiillo, Ross, Ed Younglcen CI I H Q S. HoTTman Dye Woodburn. Kakida CEE TEAM Top row-Rossel, O. Dowell, Lee, Kakida, Burns, Hala, Ham CROSS COUNTRY Eno' Whlllng. Barn RACE ard. H. Yasunaga. Row I - Ycunglcen. J. Dowell DVS. Edwards, T, Yasunaga, S h e I I Walls, Willces. l NA ONNE MEET Tarlars Drop To Gauchos, Friday, April I2 Narbonne's Varsily squad again gave The Tarlars a good shellaclcing: The score was 76 To 28. Like lasl year The Torrance VarsiTy squad lacked malerial. The oulslanding Tealure of The meeT was The Three Tirsl places Taken by Cliff Trezise. He equalled The Los Angeles Cily record in The low hurdles, and won The high hurdles wiThin one Tenlh ol a second of The record. He also won The high Iurnp, going up To six Teel. Bee's and Cee's Win Eighl oul ol len evenls were lalcen by The Torrance Bee squad. The Bee's came oul on Top wiTh 57V2 poinls To The Gaucho's 37lf2. The lTnal score ol The Cee meel was Torrance 50, Nar- bonne 28. BANNING MEET Pilols Maneuver a Viclory on Thursday, April 25 Again Cliff Trezise won his evenls: The high Iump and boTh hurdle races, To be The oulslanding Traclcsler of The meeT. He was The only Torrance rnan To lalce winning honors. The linal score ol The Varsily was Banning 67, Torrance 37. Bee and Cee Tearns Oulpoinl Banning Torrance Bee and Cee Teams easily caplured Their meels, The Bees scoring 59If2 To Banning's 35lfo. and The Cees came ouT on Top wilh 6l poinls, qiving The Banning squad a Tolal of I6 poinls. SAN PEDRO M EET Pirales Wallop TarTars Tuesday, May I4 San Pedro managed To give The Torrance Tarlars The beal- Van Kralingen Pierson ing ol Their lives ' eir dual meal. ClilT Trezise was The only Torrance runner who won his evenls, The high and low hurdles. He did nol enler The high iump. The Varsily score was San Pedro 84, Torrance 20. A loss by The Bee Squad was nol expecled, bul, neverlhe- less. The Pirales won by The score of 54 To 4I. The Cee Team was also defealed by a much larger score Than was anlici- paled. The Tinal resulls pul San Pedro way ouT in Tronl wilh 62 poinls, and The Torrance squad only galhered I5 poinls. TARTARS SCALP MOHICANS FRIDAY MAY I0 Sweeping all Three classes The Tarlar Track and Tield Teams emerged viclorious againsl The Gardena Mohicans. This was The Tirsl win of The season Tor The Varsily squad. ClilT Trezise collecled his usual I5 poinTs, and The Team Tool: seven Tirsl places in each division. The score was Torrance 56, Gardena 48. The Bee and Cee Teams had easy wins Taking The Bee meel by The score ol 6l To 34. The Cee score was Torrance 55, Gardena 22. TARTARS DEFEAT OILERS FRIDAY MAY I7 El Segundo was downed by The Tarlars in all Three classes in Their meeTing on The Oilers' field. Cliff Trezise had a lillle bad luclc in The high hurdles and Tripped over The lasl barrier. He look second, however. ClilT won The lows wiTh- oul any compelilion and also The high jump. The linal score was Torrance 52-2f3 To 5l-lf3. The Bees and Cees came Through wilh anolher viclory To Their credil. The score ol The Bee meel was'Torrance 63. El Segundo 27. The Cees won by The score ol 45 To 32. .viii .Qu A C Klmkk WI? K Cee Track Relay Team-Upper IeTT hand corner-T. Yasunaga, Shell. Youngken, Dye. Warming Up-Upper cenTer--Hillier, JusTice, Powell, Pierson, Van Kralingen, Eddings. High Jump-Upper righT hand corner-Bob Golden. Hurdlers-Lower IeTT hand corner-PosT, H. Yasunage, Kakida, Woodburn, Hamano. TracksTers-Middle cenTer-Top raw-Hollaman, T. Yasunaga. Row I-ParTon, DeWiTT, Trezise, Russell. Track Men--Lower cenTer-Top row-Dye, Truiillo, Ross, Leech, Kakida, Yasunaga. Row 2-McDonald, Shell, Miller, Golden. Row I-Powell, ParTon. Track STar in l32O and I00 Yard Dash-5Lower righT hand corner-Gerald McDonald. Q P VARSITY TRACK RUNNTNG EVENTS This year's VarsiTy squad, like lasT year, lacked maTerial. AIThough The Team was weak, They did noT end up in The cellar. The Tellows who Turned ouT Tor The VarsiTy Team all wenT Through a good season. Cliff Trezise was The ouTsTanding man on The Team, cop- ping Three 'lirsT places in every meeT, breaking The school record in The hurdles, and Tying The CiTy record. Fred Russell was always righT behind Trezise in The low hurdles. Richard Miller was The TarTar enTranT in The dashes, wine ning several races and always placing. SomeTimes he ran The quarTer mile evenT. The JusTice broThers ran The 440, and Rowland improved on his Time each meeT, always placing. Don HiTchcock, wiTh CliTTord Powell righT on his heels, came Through Tor poinTs in every meet in The 880, and Joe Van Kralingen and Richard Pierson ran The grueling mile race Tor The TarTars This year. Pierson has anoTher year and should go To Town nexT season. BEE TRACK RUNNING EVENTS Again The powerful San Pedro PiraTe squad deTeaTed The TarTar Bee Team. The P'raTes were The only TracksTers To up- seT The Torrance squad, buT The TarTar runners were all valuable To The Team. Gerald McDonald ran The IOO, 220, someTimes The I32O. and was a member of The relay Team. When he ran The I320 he had IiTTle opposiTion, buT in The IOO he meT compe- TiTion in The San Pedro meeT. AnoTher imporTanT runner was Bill ParTon who ran 'The IOO, low hurdles, and The relay. Wally Woods was also a good hurdler, surprising everybody The TirsT Time he ran The evenT. NexT season he should break The school record. Cedric Eddings was a consisTenT winner in The Bee 660, someTimes running The I320. When Cedric ran The I320, Bill Triiillo Took care oT The winning honors in The 660. Harry Hillier always managed To place in The I32O, wiTh LeaTherman coming in behind him. OTher men on The Team who capTured poinTs were Wallace PosT in The hurdles, Phillip Hoffman in The 220, and relay, R. V. Hollaman in dashes and relay, and David Ross in The 220 evenT. Jimmy Dowell gaThered poinTs in The 660 yard run and Guy DeWiTT was a winner in The high hurdles. Everyone buT Dowell will be back again nexT year com- peTing in The VarsiTy division, which should be closer To The Top in The League meeTs. CEE TRACK RUNNING EVENTS Teddy Yasunaga, a Senior, was The high poinT man in The Cee division, copping The low hurdles and 50 yard dash in every meeT. The TarTar's only deTeaT was aT The hands oT The San Pedro PiraTes, despiTe Teddy's wins. Harold Shell ran The 660 and Frank WhiTing always came in close behind him. WhiTing won The Gardena race, however. Charles Dye was a winner in The IOO yard dash and ran anchor on The relay Team. Yasunaga was The sTarTing man on The relay Team. Hiroshi Hamona and Sam Kalcida were good Tor poinTs in The low hurdles in mosT of The meeTs, wiTh Harry HaTa Taking poinTs in The 50 yard dash. MilTon Youngken was a member of The relay Team and ran in The cenTury. Harald Shell also ran on The relay Team. TENNIS - 1940 ifgrpe- N., ae f- ' Bender, Sieinhilber. Toffen, Lymo, Buckley, Higgins, Delano, Kerber, Prowlen. The The 4-3 and The Kerber Torrance Tennis Team. l94O edi+ion. slarled ou? bravely bu? ended up differenily lirsl fwo matches were won from Narbonne, April I2. and Banning, April I8, by scores of 5-2 respecfively. Then fhe 'ream ran in+o San Pedro, league champs and was frounced 7 0 following week on April 26, fhe Tarlars losl' To Gardena in a close match 43. In the 'final maich againsf EI Segundo on May I7, The score was Torrance 4-El Segundo 3. The posilions o following order. Isl Singles 2nd Singles 3rd Singles 4th Singles Sth Singles lsr Double 2nd Doubl n fhe learn were preHy well mixed up, buf rhe players usually compefed in fhe Wallace Sfeinhilber - Leland Bender Tommy l-l'ggins - John Lymo - - David Delano s Yasuo Fulcai. Osamu Nehei es Harold Kerber. James Prowlen VARSITYCILLIB No dou Jrhe Varsiry is 'ihe mosf popular boys' organiz ion in any q He an honor 'ro elong +o 2 is o ci which ev e+e aitrnf' e Purpose QLwis ro ie e 'fer Spor smanship. Q The rmporian Jrivi ies of 'rhe r xvere: , .nnua Banqu 1' and Da s. Q' .ly me fer ' Officers Znd eme Dean 4 i ouie g n'ri Harold Trezise ' e ni Marvin Lee Bob Figueredo Secreiary Ralph Pina Bob Figueredo Treasurer Ralph Pina Mr. Barr-Mr. Zamperini Sponsors f Ev Mr. Barr-Mr. Zamperini Qffefrlrfigfe . pau? VARSITY CLUB L Top Row-Paxman, Coast Bross. Ernst Orr. Jusiice. Second Row-Briganfi, Giacomi, Johnson. Peckham, Danieis. Third Row-Richardson. Leech, Miller, Pina, Hicks, Parfon. Fourfh Row-McDonald, Anderson. Golden, Andrews, Grubbs, Barnard, Lee. My if' :T fvfzfa Nr L 1 TARTAR KNIGHTS Top Row-Barnard. Andersen, R. Miller. Bross, Joyce, Briganfi, Marek, Van Kralinqen, Giacomi. Second Row-O. Miller, Wesf. Hicks, Hall. Third Row-Pina, Hifchcock. Sfeadman, Richardson. Johnson. Tarfar Knighfs earnesfly affempf fo keep order in all aud calls. They have worked ouf many useful schemes which have proved very successful in bringing aloouf beffer and quiefer aud calls. The Tarfar Knighfs are mosf cooperafive. Before one can be a member, his cifizenship, scholarship, and friendship musf equal' fhe besf sfandards. There are now fwenfy-one members. who should be congrafulafed on fheir very fine work! Isf Semesfer Officers 2nd Semesfer Kennefh Perkins Capfain Charles Sfeadman Sherman Bross-Bob Figueredo lsf Lieufenanfs Marvin Lee+Louie Briganfi Dick Beecher Secrefary Eddie Wesf Akige Shimafsu-Eugene Haffer 2nd Lieufenanfs Mr. Elson Mr. Elson Sponsor TARTAI2 KINIIGI-ITS C FUTLLPE FARMERS f mf u ous cups and ribbons roug o o clwooli eac ear by ,Fginie Farqel, makin fhis group indispensable 'r o io ey FI e a Llnefli s of farming, and in order 'ro furfher Jrlwis ' , qHe irs an vesfoclc co esfs r 'r ey iud poulfry and farm animals. y - U! XM VV 1 'i - l W, C Q Q X7 -Q 3- f Isl Se s'rer Offic 2 cl emes+er i V Roberf B ni a siden Yasu ai 02 Yasuo Fulc I Vi resiclen n Tho on ' ' Bob Schwarfz Aff Secrefaryyt , wariz If Bob Schwarfz rer sufom' io'rsu AJ Mr. Sfone Spon one . M mf - 0 me oo,-. FUTURE FARMERS Top Row-Alvarez, Fukai, Nihei, llcezoe, Golden, Shioirsu, Thompson, Mariz. Franklin. Fronf Row-Mr. Slone. Zumwalf, Schwarfz, Benigar, Powell, Hornbaclc, Kelsey, Darling. 0 A i x lf Wil MEN Asour rowm crua yi -u 1 Lx T' 2' '., l." I La .i A T . , ,, Tow Row: Banks Dorchak Ernesi Pina Leech Bender Jacobs Moon Jusrice Sesond Row: Lewellen Marslellar Dieflin Wade Crawford Robinson Prowien Christensen Isl' Semesrer Offices 2nd Semesfer Ernesf Banks Presidenf Ernesf Banks Harmon Wood Vice-Presidenf Claude Solis Norman Marsfellar Secrelary Norman Marslellar Ralph Pina Treasurer Ralph Pina Mr. Haig Sponsor Mr. Haig Formed 'rhis year by boys of high school age only, +he Men Abou? Town selecred only lwenfy-one members a+ a Time. This acfive club has done much for The school's beffermenf. They fool: charge of lhe Paper Drive, had a Sfamp Drive for The refugees in England, and acled as guides for The visilors on Open House nighf. For fheir own enioymenf, lhey have had 'rwo swimming parries. They visiled +he Rubbercrafr Plan? in Torrance, and wen? on a field frip To Los Angeles af which lime 'rhey visiled 'the l-lelms' Bakery, China Town, Olvera Sheer, and 'rhe new Union Depot i GARDEN CLUB By 'frying 'ro arouse more sfudenl inleresl' in 'lhe garden, The members of lhe Garden Club became beHer acquainfed wi'rh The plan? life growing fhere. This year 'they have consfrucled a rock garden and have.po'H'ed many beauliful planls which will bloom and make lhe garden more colorful. Top Row: Truiillo F. Russell S. Pos? Mr. Sfone Boirom Row: Laro Rosself Schimmick J. Marek Garner Top Row- 2nd Row- 3rd Row- AERONALITICAL CLUB PresidenT ---A-- RoberT Carlson Vice-PresidenT - John BaTovslry Treasurer - RoberT Benigar SecreTary ------- T. C. Ward Sponsor ------ Mr. L. E. AusTin The Aeronaufical Club has had buT one idea in mind. ThaT of giving inTeresTed sTudenTs The elemenTary Tunda- menTals oT aviaTion. This Club has sTudied The DeparTmenT oT Commerce rules and regulaTions Tor aviaTion. They have also learned how To charT a compass course and To under- sTand The meaning oT baromeTric pressure and The dew poinT OT clouds and humidiTy. Though one of The newer clubs in Torrance High, iT has proved successTul. Their desTinaTion has been seT, and They have much in sTore Tor The TuTure. ELECTRONIX CLUB GreaThouse Friedman Mr. Waddingham Giacomi Cwengel Goebel Marek Holloman Weir WrighT C. VVoodingTon Lincoln Higgins Dowell Jolley Top Row- BaTovsl1y Walls Rowell Mr. AusTin 2nd Row- T. ZumwalT Flaming Bray Carlson Benigar J. ZumwalT IsT SemesTer Officers 2nd Semesfer Jim Dowell Presidenf Jim Dowell Fred Lincoln Vice-PresfdenT Tom Higgins Mr. Waddingham Sponsor Mr. Waddingham The aim oT The ElecTronix Club is To TurTher The STudenT Body's inTeresT in The Tield of science. Many oT The members are much inTeresTed in radio and deserve a promising TuTure in This Tield. They have The cusTody oT all oT The school's sound equipmenT and The responsibiliTy oT keeping iT repaired and improved. For The enioymenT oT The STudenT Body They have Turnished music aT all of The noon dances and have given musical programs during The lunch hour by means OT recordings. They also Turnish emergency com- municaTion TaciliTies. 53 ' AERONAUTICAL CLUB gn. I .t. L1 V.. , ,F ' 'L ,. 0'-'+!E'T'WHv-A5-.R w1uw.,2f z.i4::.: .. ..a- - V L.. JL: n ew :mf - H N H --'q1:2w." ... -1- 'Kw-w 'f f ' sf-2,212 5-51 si: -1.-if-f'r"ae?' 352 a-4: Sigafzfigf lliii ffe 4 RL P. 1 L3 -' fx gg . V V if , U X , Y. K! + f Q ja ' .fjfi - 101 ' my O H , 5 SL W A ' ' 3 li-:lip Q Am N . ' B , - f , ' ' ' U 3 'h V s- " ' , Eel, . ' ' E' X 4-I 1' t . 2 V21 A , - , . X gn-L , ' . - , ' 29- - ' 'W Q H . i .IEE Egfr :J , ' 5 . , 3 1355 - L m g . V . Q ' 355 , f- . . 1217 1 K ' . um , ' 'V - A -' "ii 'H W if ' ' . X 4- 5 QL: I ' , , rgfx.. . , Pi-E Lf- ' ' I ' V I - TL 7 ' . Y ,u ,.,, ,A . , Q . . 1 1 Q -J , ' - "-. . 'K jeg, 'X' . - V V ' Y A' N K ' Ulf? 1 ' -JUL-V ' - ' I' I A ' W if is "T ,. . , 15. 'I ' X - ' - 5' 1,33 , 4 Y 1 . Q 4' I tw V- ' P 213i'H'ffei'.Q,-7 .. f"G3V:-if-H73 '13-Q-..w', .-lf. .-,,. 1-1--:,lw :,- Q f ' .-1 .. . ' 1521 5 X x 1, . 'Ee 4 V Q e R, ,C , , 4 I 5, ...ix t i H P x ' 4' " 'Q C I ,- I' ,.. lr ' 1 Hffijf ml I f KV. 1 I . - N ' J W .ftp f jf-' ' qll ,. ,, -f X, 1 , . f- f' ' ' K . " , 1' ,f f' f ff: 7 1 , 'if' ,sl fi 4 - ,,-M J . .' ,154 . , ,V 'W lf ff ff WX f FC ' I N ,f f .' s ' 7 .-ff f - f 'I I . f-1 ,-7' dxf, Y'l I I 4 , 'A ' 1 fiflff . 'E Afifff . - Q 44 P . ', H"fl. f ,J f 0 . Q , 1 - Q ' ' 1, -4 4' r f f 5 f 17,1 J ixmxrfffty . fa Aff, Wmfg ft A W M ,ff ff' f W ff M aff! ff? Qnmb 14 f' ' K U .I fu ff V N X 61 if , ,if MM? Q ,MW fi ' W ff Mfljxfffp gf JMX ff WWLMWQM fwfk Ik ff ff mfg? ffffwmfnffd. ,ff 7' L! W W4?x'? S9 SUMMER L 5 L s X Q T G ,filf lifliyili lmfwll' ll' I '-,' ' Q fjf fi, , . ,-J ' V i K f 0, Lois Jayne Allen-Lois Llayne is a very busy person. This pasf sernesrer she served as Vice-President of Girls' League and The G.A.A. and co-edifor of 'the Torch. She capably held lhe posilion of school yell leader. Van Ness Barnard--Besides being a good fellow, "Sonny" is a good baskelball player. He has done very well as Sfudenf Body Viceepresidenf lhis pasi semesler. Marian Bafes-Her pleasanl smile has won her many friends a+ T. H. S. and if is sure io be an assel' +o her in her business career. Anna Bay--Anna has proved io be mos? conscienfious in her commercial work and is capable of being an oufslanding secrefary. Rudella Bays-Rudella has been very prominenf in school acfivifies, having served as yell leader, and as Presidenf of rhe Commercial Club. She has +he background for being an exceplionally fine secreiary. Bill Bosche-Arr being his main inferesf, Bill has proved himself worihy of all praise by his skillful drawings for fhe I94O annual. Charles Bray-Mr. Ausfin feels lhaf Charles has been The mos? expert machinisf he has had in several years. Charles has gained sufficien+ knowledge 'lo make fools, and, af fha presenl lime, is working on an invenfion. Louie Briganfi-Louie has been exlremely successful as shorfsfop on our baseball feam. Lasi year he made first feam in All Marine League and Third feam All Cify. This pas? semesler he has been Presideni of fhe Varsily Club and a Squad Leader of Tarrar Knighfs. I 'J Z-ff" M 'N " T Sherman Bross-Allhough comparafively new here, Sher- man has risen +o fame and won lhe hearls of all fhe siudenfs of T. H. S. He has served on ihe Council, and This pasf rerm has been Presidenl of The Sludenl Body. Bernadine Brown-She has been on Girls' League Coun- cil for Two semesfers, serving as Vice-Presiden+ and Presi- deni. Her faifhful service will be missed. Bill Buckley-Bill has served in +he fhankless posifions of Sfage Crew Manager and Sfudenf Body Sfore Manager. He also did very well on The baskefball leam. Roberr Carlson-Boy says fhal' he is inleresled in every- Thing, buf mosfly aufomobiles: and you'll usually find him finkering wifh one. Maxine Clark-Charming Maxine has delighlecl us wifh her beaufiful voice on several occarsions. She plans io siudy music in The fufure. She served as Secreiary of The Sfudenf Body. Harry Cwengel-Harry has served very efficienlly as The Adveriising Manager of 'rhe T. N. T. Le+'s hope you do iusl as well in your nexl field of endeavor, Harry. Bill Darling-"Darling Bill" was Mrs. Urquharis' pride and ioy. Along fhe culinary line, he'll make a fine husband. Ellen DePasse-Ellen has confined her acfivilies lo ihe commercial field and has become very proficient because she doesn"r infend To be a "iack of all frades and masfer of none." .v 56 Q SEINIIORS Bill Hicks-Bill is a shark in maTh, and baseball. l-le did excepTionaIly well in The posiTion of caTcher, wiTh Tormulas and Theorems To break The monoTony. Tommy Higgins--His excepTional Tennis abiliT'y and happy-go-lucky spiriT have made him popular in The Senior Class. This pasT semesTer he was PresidenT oT The ElecTronix Club. Virginia Hill-Virginia has served as PresidenT of The CosmopoliTan Club and SecreTary oT The Scholarship So- cieTy. She is anoTher of Those Sonia Henies on wheels, and a liTTle one. Too, buT The besT Things come in small packages. Jeanne Howe-Sparkling wiT and a cheerful personaliTy has been Jeanne's conTribuTion To The class. We couldn'T have done wiThouT her as song leader, which posiTion she held in her Junior year. Helen Jones-Helen came Trom Narbonne: we were glad To see her come and we're sorry To see her go, bcause she made such a welcome addiTion To The Senior class. Carl Joyce-Carl has worked very hard reporTing Tor The T.N.T. The paper has beneTiTTed Trom his work Tor a Humber oT Terms. and we don'T know how we'll do wiThouT im. Harold Kerber-Harold is The class brain-TrusT. He has been PresidenT oT The Scholarship SocieTy and has made many acTiviTies more successful by his help. John Lymo-Mrs. Cooke couldn'T have done wiThouT his Tenor voice in choir. He has also kepT us informed abou'r The popular songs Through TheXT.N.T. r 1 y . X, rs . Q .J ' A 1 J 2 U James Dowell-Jimmy is whaT is known as a "radio bug". ConsequenTly. he was a good member of The Elecfronix Club in which he served very well as Vice-President He also served us appeTizing music wiTh our lunches. Arlys Fossum-The GAA. has had an exTremely success- Tul Term under The experT direcTion of The President Arlys Fossum. She was Girls' League PresidenT lasT semesfer, and has always been acfive in The Scholarship SocieTy. Bernard Friedman--Bernard deserves a greaT deal oT crediT Tor so nobly Tilling The posiTion of EdiTor oT The T.N.T. Tor Two semesTers. His main inTeresT, however, is The de- signing oT airplanes. Yasuo Fukai-Yasuo plans To be a Tarmer. and, Therefore, has majored in agriculTure. If iT weren'T Tor people 'like him, we wouldn'T eaT. Bruno Giacomi-Everyone was glad when Bruno came back To T. H. S. aTTer spending a vear aT anoTher school. His dark curly hair and manly ways have kepT loTs of girlish hearTs TluTTerinq. Eva Guzman-CongraTulaTions. Eva. on being The TTrsT Mexican girl To graduaTe from T. H. S. l.el"s hope you're always in everyThing. Ben Hamada-Ben has spenT mosT of his Time keeping his car running. Could This be why he didn'T have Time To learn To appreciaTe music? Kiyoko Hasegawa-Kiyoko is very popular among her classmaTes. She excelled in G.A.A. and has ThaT cerTain someThinq ThaT makes you wanT To be wiTh her consTanTly. Even her car Teels ThaT way aboul' her. V , - s 57 ,, ws wha? lily by way of hobby. ed, she mercial hip. If board r have id fhaf barr is whose luck in mbifion Hoyf. r sisier charm- Lucille. doesn"l SUMMER Osamu Nihei-Osamu is anofher boy who wanfs fo be a farmer. The sfudy of agriculiure is a very inferesling one io him. Marge Obole-Marge wanls io be a model, and she'll make a good one. She has fhe poise and fha? essence fhaf makes her welcome everywhere. Edward Orr-Mannerly Edward Orr displayed his ialen'rs on the baseball Team. He has such a habif of opening doors 'rhaf someday he will open 'rhe door 'fo success for himself. George Peckham--George showed fine acfion on lhe foofball field. The feachers. above all, will miss George. He cerlainly kepl' ihem in hoi' wafer. Margaref Pinkham-Margaref has done a qreaf deal of work for fhe Girls' League in checking uniforms. So-long. Margaret Ner Rafhbun-As well as being a valuable man on +he foofball feam. Ner has been Vice-Presidenl of The Senior class for fhe pasl' Two semesfers and Commissioner of Halls and Bounds. John Rogers-Johnny could also be known as rhe "liHle man who wasn'+ +here". You ceriainly helped keep The olilice busy. Johnny. "X Evelyn Saeda his quief liHle girl has won a place in all of our hearls ecause of her sweef disposifion. Evelyn's main acfivify was The Japanese Club. She served as Vice- Presidenf focylwo sajhesfers. , ,. , f lfwfwwwv 'NWNWJ W s RF x, fl in' 'K' It . f f i wiLv,,g1,J-Jlyd, 1 Y-2, 'N fi. J 5,11 or -L "ri, ..,:f..-.L SENIORS 1 ag . '7 y JJ! ll .. ,1 rf!! jf , . I s l ' - g I' A ' Gloria Snow-The perfecf lady is a fiffing fifle for Gloria. Because of fhis and her abiliiy along fhe commercial line, she should be welcome in any office. Elilabefh Sfern-If you wanf anyfhing done and done well. aslr Elizabelh. She is well lcnown for her willingness io help af any fime. Marilyn Siraufman--Marilyn has been acfive in all of her class work. Her gracious manner and readiness fo help have made her an ouisfanding person in the Senior class. Efhel Sfumph-Making a happy home is E1hel's obiecfive. and fhere isn'f a befier one. We're very sincere when we wish for your success. Margaref Svensk-Since coming fo T. H. S. from Re- dondo. Margaref has made quife a name for herself in The lield of arf. She has made many posfers for fhe school and did excepfionally well as chairman of ihe decorafion commilfee for our playday. Marian Thompson-Due fo her friendly spirif, Marian. fhe scholar of The class, has won populariiy. She was secre- 'iary of various clubs. and came oul firsf wiih four sfars for The Torrensic Forum book. This pasi semesfer. she was Treasurer of 'fhe Senior class and co-edilor of fhe Torch. Clifford Trezise-Cliff has shown execufive ability as Joseph Van Kralingen-Joe's in+eres+s have been many. He was a member of The Tarfar Knighis. Safely Commis- sioner, and a Hall Pairol Supervisor. Doroihy Weber-Dorofhy's inferesis cenfer around fhe commercial line and dancing, ai bofh of which she is very good. She says she has no ambifion, buf we undersland she has marriage in view. . Edward Wesf-Eddie has worked very diligenily as Secre- fary of The Senior Class. Wifh his sfrong, silenf ways and business-like afiifude, he is desfined io succeed. Thelma Wrighf-Thelma has fha highesf ambifion in fhe Senior Class. She wanfs to be an air hosfess. If she is as indusirious in ihis line of worl: as she has been in high school, she is cerfain fo succeed. Tefsuo Yasunaga-Teffie is a very good runner for one with such shorf legs. He also excels in ar. T.H.S. is Presidenf of fhe Senior class. He worlced in fhe S+uden+ prou S' all 'W fi. Sfore and was also a prominent figure on +he lraclc. making ,JL lf 'LJ some ciiy records. 01311-AQ d X If-jf. ,I b . . f J d Tillie Trujillo-Tillie's quief ways. friendly manner, afh- unfwa S oo You re so qule' or On' lefic abilify. and fine sporfsmanship have won her anyjf AV' we W ld hke To know You belief- We know You me friends. Wilh such equipmenl' she can'f fail. resoonsible for more 'rhan your share of clear fhinlzing. SUMMER FORTY OFFICERS I fs + off' A Q dS + S emes er 'Cars n Bmei er Winfer '4l Presidenl' - - Vern Lovelady Sherman Bross Presidenl CIi1CfordTrezuse V- P .d I h d -H Jim Dowell Vice-Presidenf Ner Ra hbun Ice- res' em T RIC ar MI er Marion Thompson Secrefary jd is SeC"ei'3fY lleen -I0I1n50n . , , Edward Wesf Tre wer C rionT o pson Q Treasurer Pele Okada ' 3 .J 'T f fish NTWENTSMITHOUT PICTURES M, OLUIR - has VK1 I IIUTri all PAUL SMITH-Paul-majored in auio shop, and afler her wo nd s ' ed + espe h Ilomssmaies , severalxyears fraining, has become very efficienf in servicing by her nial w . J' J 'W X. aulomdiailes. This is quife foriunafe, as he oflen needs io I GJ f 'lTx"l1is own aller an accident WAYNE DENNY4"Rip Van WinkIe" Denny has finally slep? his way fhrough school. Happy dreams, Wayne! FOWLER HAWKS-Fowler will be remembereQ by his classmafes as fhe Oklahoma Kid. We're sorry Thai you have 'Io go, Fowler, buf good luck. X .Aj 5 MARVIN ,LEE-Marvin pos gseslhhaf eIusLve" qualify called leadershiqlje dernpmkfiafddxifuoh --H16 baskefball courl' by making Leagueikamiand Third Slring All Ciiy Team. He was alsoTBoT1?i League President Ky, N. I, lu, JOE YAMAKIDO-This shy lad is a very excellenl worker when if comes fo mechanics. He can pur mosf any old wreck Iogelher and make if run. The world needs more like you, Joe. VICTOR COWAN-Vic'I'or is a commercial sludeni' and plans To go forfh info +his world as a bookkeeper. LEROY RICHARDSON-LeRoy's main inleresi has been sporls. bolh baskeiball and +rack. He is an enlhusiasfic member of Ihe Commercial Club. m' MUSIC FOR THE DANCERS Jolley, Friedman, York, Dowell I NOON DANCERS I 7550- fu' fe F i f' ,' iffy Eb,- sf' ggfffff WIN E " WD f Q9 X +24 f rv' 009 :l""' Clyde Anderson: Aclive noi only on 'The gridiron, buf also in siudenf affairs. Jenoyne Barkdull: A good friend to everyo e. She is a ember of lhe Annual Slaii and also G.A.A. Her inieresf Rosh in fhe gradualing class. 6 Johnny Bafovslsyz Machinisl' delux is noi only a Bealrice Ernsi: Bea is musically inclined. She and her fr-ack Sim- buf 6 Sffellar Sfugenf as I sisier have sung over The radio as a duef. Good luck in Howard Bender: Congeni Ward Bender + 9 lulure engagemenls' pleasing sense of hu or. h a ed recognition ui 'lhe Helen Greiner: A member of 'ihe Home Economics de- gampugh '- parlmeni and an indispensable girl around ihe vocaiional Rob f i rt Robed is an H' i e mber f h Coollmg bungalow' Aero- 'fm has no vocalion in ind buf is o en Charles Grubbs: Sfellar sporisier, capiain and oufsland- 5 ng, :ng member of lhe Torrance fooiball Team. n alfer Edm dsx! 'l- ig. promi n foyh' Se of Shirley Guifenielder: A pleasing personalify, a go-gelier X humor' His gr ,rests erests 6 e Qui SAE ass'-Dams of in adverfising for fhe annual and a prominenl memberboi T-H.S. I, ihe Winier '4I class. She is planning io carry on +o grealer Q heighfs in college. f ' . ll Donald l-liichcoclcz Having held several d T dy ' l I offices and been a flash on 'fha iraclx. Don ha lo be f I J a mosf prominenl Tariar. as you leave, Doyle, bul lhe Siudeni Body wil miss your smil g ace. ,.. Doyle l-lornback: Maybe The faculty will ad N ' - + K Jlj .5 A . A. x ,.ss s r ll by l I A C xlg T. ' Tx 1 ! H' X i Ill 1 I, i SENIORS J , -,,,, IV! I If - ' - W, 1 . WINTER Raymond Leake: OuTsTanding sTudenT and member of The Scholarship SocieTy and Senior Choir. Sang aT Nafional Music Conference. Fred Lincoln: One of our academic sTudenTs. Fred is sTudying To become a Tool and die maker. He hopes To become ouTsTanding in The research Tield. Vern Lovelacly: Vern holds The respecl' of The enTire STuden+ Body. AT presenf and in The pasf, he has proved himself worfhy as Class President Anne McAnally: Her academic abiliTy has enabled her To be assisTanT ediTor of The l94O Torch. She parTicipaTes in a greaT many oTher school acTiviTies. BeTTy Malin: BeTTy is a willing worker and always helps when called upon. She is a member of G. A. A. Charles Marek: Through his irresisTible personaliTy he has gained The 'Friendship QT The sTudenTs of T.H.S. He can always be depended upon in Time of need. O. B. Huber: T.l-LS. playboy number one, O.B. has been much in demand, boTh on and oFF The campus, aT all social TuncTions. lleen Johnson: A raTher quieT member oT The class bul' no lack of spiriT. She was secreTary of The class This semesfer. Billy Jolley: Excelling in The field of radio, he is an acTive member of The ElecTronix Club. Tomiko Kamei: Tomiko is a commercial sTudenT, quife cheerful in manner. She is a good example Tor anyone. TavoriTe pasfime is parlries, Bill Kelsey: IT seems and his ambiTion is Hazel King: This in qirls' chicken ranch. of The Commercial Club around school who Takes parT x . f, I2 . I if , I, , lj ' I J' I l ,Y 4 1 I A- , ' . l" fwfr ,..eev.rxs- i SENIORS is-if Rufh Pankey-Rufh is a member of 'lhe Commercial Deoarimenf, an affracfive personalify +o ihose who know her. She also is a member of fhe I94O Annual Slaff. Jack Peiiy-Affer leading fhe 'reachers a merry chase. Jack leaves fo ioin ihe Navy. Good luck. Jack! Joan Ramskill-A popular and lalenled girl of T.l-LS. She is an ouisianding member of G. A. A. and quile infer- esfed in San Pedro High. Agnes Sopchinsky-H seems fhai' Agnes has a very good business head. ll money is being collecfed, always go +o her, She is one of Mr. Haig's righf-hand "men". Charles Sfeadman--Leader and friend of all his classma+es: under his persisieni' eflorfs, fha Tariar Knighfs have made greai' sirides. Takaveko Uneda-Talcayeko has a sweei' personalily and is liked by everyone who is acquainied wifh her. She is a member of The Japanese Club. Carolyn Wilkes-Carolyn is vice-presidenf of fha Commer- cial Club. "Daisy Mae" has been an ouislanding member of G. A. A., having belonged all through her high school years. Ruth Young-Ruth, along wilh many oiher Torranceil'-ligh School sfudenfs, is primarily inferesfecl in roller skating. Ormsby Miller-A jovial personalily, he has Taken a very aclive parr in all school funcfions. He has proved his abilify by faking fhe lead in The Senior "Color Day". Richard Miller-Richard is a prominenl leader in class acfiviiies. He also is a greaf assei 'ro The Torrance Track Team. Gladys Nakaoka-Alfhough a new sfudenr a+ lhis school, she is known and liked by many of The upper classmen. She is a member of Senior Choir and Japanese Club. Barbara Neil-Barbara excels at badminion. She also is a quief member of fheiclass. Pauline Newell-Pauline is a member of lhe Ar+ Deparf- menf. She plans ro fake up housekeeping affer gracluaiing. Manabu Okada-Because of his shy manner and pleasing wavs, Manabu has gained lhe friendship of all his fellow sfudenfs. He is also a gridiron sfar. X 4 ? J JLJNICDRS .-'-1 :gig e - 'X L V e X WL'x L5-wi, N 5. if .,- S XS X K -Q . . 1 . n A R K K K - - Row OW Row Row afy L x5f"T'd Row cref - reas r - xi V d6I1 ' - J, afsum fo, C izuko Www W f Wendell Fish i I-Iormell s Mabee - r. rigsby rs. Lockridge Wood, Herman Zumwa lf, Thomas GM-N15 x . K3 XML x Qy1f,,f,fM,J U N I 0 I2 S 1 I Row Row Row Row Row Adachl Sfewerf Anihony Lucrlle Blnqo Fusaye Boyle Marcella Anderson Geraldune Afkms Wayne Blscauluz Raymond Bruqgs Lenme JUINIIGRS Row l-Eleanor Row 2-Helen Row 3 Row 4-Belly Row 5-Ben Duarfe. Easfman, Ellis, Jay . Doris Mae Marlin. Reba Malfhews. Erneshne Margaref Pa rr, Bonnie Mosher, Marilyn Moyer. arfon, Eldon Peer. Porlnoy, Clifford Powell. Pruifl, Kay Quimby. WITHOUT PICTURES , Flaming. Ted Gray. Lonnie Flovd, Charlene Hale. Jonell I i I y I I JUNICDIQS 1 I I I in M M xv I . is I Q S in T T? Y as U A , i fr ,ii I ,W , , X an-mf-' do T I I 414 ,, 17 Row I-Gay Charles Rilchie, Joyce Robinson. Mariorie Rusk, Isabell Russell. Row 2-Margarel' Salm. Roberl' Schwariz, Eugene Shaner, Tsulomi Shiolsu, Dorolhy Snow. Row 3-George Snow, Velma Slegelmeyer, Emilio Tanaka, William Thomas, on. Row 4-Helen Thompson, Clifford Tolfen. Phillip Wade, Mary Walls, Norma Warlhan. Row 5-Belly Mae Weaver. Vera Mae Weber, Alfa While, Beverly Whilney, Belly Young, Virginia Zamperini. JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES I-lamman, Waller Hudson, Shirley Ilcezoe. Masashie Kirkland, Wilma Hicks, Fred Ikezoe. Lillian Kirkland. Mary Mclnfier, Joseph W X .I SCDPI-ICDMCDIQES Rauss, Golden, Moon, lngram, L Woodard. Edwards, Bynum. B. lv1cWaid. Daly, Eddings. Loilus Miclcle. Row Youngken, Wrighf, l-lala, Yoder M Smilh Mrs l-lall, Peqors, l-lolze, Smylhe, ed choice seals free al The school movie. This class was parlicularly responsible having lhe lenlh grade win 'rhe Open House Weelc also showed plenly of iniliaiive in finding losl for lhe caleleria. Presidenl ' True lo form. 'rhey several oufslanding sporfs- were al 'track lhaf lhey won ihe T composed of all +l-ie boys in B-I0 should give special credil' here 'lo holds lhe record lor lhe 660 for Ofher 'rrack slars are Wallace Woods, Joe ' Fred Russell. Harlan B'll T players were on 'lhe lirsl siring. Bolo Golden, Roberf Roland Jusfice, end. ln lhe inler-scholaslic B Maflan was appoinled caplain and was one of The A-IO classes, one for his leam. Their slar lennis player was of The mosl ac every conlesl held This 'lerm wilh s ch vigor 'thai if isn'l any girls are also alhlelic minded, having alooul one wonder lhey won. conlesls was lhe Parenl of their class our for GAA. They are also domesfic. Teachers' Associalion drive. oblained a vase 'lor 'rhe several girls from lhis class appeared in lhe Annual school wifh The five dollars were awarded. 3 Fashion Show. Several gfrls ol lhis class were also They won lhe paper against The enlire school and rers for lhe T.N.T. I l T i B-I0 Top Row-Sleelh. Prince, Post Truiillo, Ganclsey, Bender, Marek, Yasunaga, Prowlen. Row 4-Malin. Wardrop, Johnson, Russell, Pierson, Honda, DeWiH. Schimmiclc, Kakida. Row 3-Williams, Fullon. Wallace, Rossefl, Flores. Veelilc, Michelsen, Bishop. Row 2-Gibbeson, Cook, Robinson, Schulfz. llcezoe, Jackson, Carlin, Treloar. Row l-Ordazl Rios, Shimolani, Nalcaolca, Ralhbun, Unger, Dawson. 9- ,f FRE LM ' EN Top Row-Garland, Carlson, Brown, Reyes, Pina, Clive, Woodburn, Kelley, T. SmiTh, Egerer, CaTes G-oTTs, Dye. Row 5-Wicker, Wade, McNew, Farris, Thurman, Falk, STaTon, Bowman, Combs, Phoenix D. Wilkes, Condley, Turner, WolTe, BaxTer, Robinson, Uyeda. Row 4-Pierce, Wood, Ydrale, Harrell PorTnoy, CarsTens, Whiiing, Woodcock, Beach, Walls. Ordway, Ingram, Alexander, Wells, Rippey LeaTherman, Shell. Row 3-Magee, Kozasa, Mine, Yasunaga, HaTa, HaruTa, Tanako, Andrews, Pankey MileTich, Sumida, WaTson, Green, Delano, GoeTTsch, Johns. Row 2-Mariscal, Sherman, Irish, MaT- Thews, Ora Buffalo, Harris, LeeTz, Weis, WhiTney.Jones, Hughes, Burns, Hawks, Delsigne, Tarne Franklin. Row I--M. SmiTh, Van Kralingen, Deininger, Shawger, Ollie Bulifalo, Torres, Mora, F. Wilkes Hogue, GuTTenTelder, BraTTon, McAlIisTer, Russell, Maddy. A-9 CLASS OFFICERS PresidenT ------ KenneTh Franklin Vice-PresidenT David Wilkes Secre-Tary - - - - Norma Hearrell Treasurer - ---- Marian Wannberg The main acTiviTy oT This class has been The planning of Their graduaTion. They have several oommiTTees some of which are The emblem and The program commiTTees. They also sponsored a clean up week Trom May 6 To May IO. In connec+ion wiTh This They checked on The milk boTTles Thaf leTT The caTeTeria because They were being leTT on The campus. They have saved The school quiTe a sum oT money in This manner. I In Their class meeTings They sTudy The parliamenfary rules and have a gossip column ThaT is read aT each me-eTing. Several members of This class belong To The Japanese Club and The Junior Madrigals., ' f fd. Y ----g-.-A ,f:.yX'fT TTTTTIT I TT . YT-TT' fl is ufuiyapvflien a Lefyfgeofreshman class w-ins f i f 'A " ' ' a leTTerYor crrsTTy Toy all, buT-ThaT.1s,whaT Thomas JusTice di' "OTher ouTsTandi'rig TooTball sTars w?:kBxQuinn, R. erling, L. Campbell, D. Wilkes. and M. Youngken, TIFTETTEVJ Three doing excepTionally well in Track along wiTh B. Cline and H. GoeTTsch. There were five ouTsTanding basketball players Trom This class: Richard CaTes, B. Cline, D. Delano. H. C-oeTTsch, and E. Egerer. Top Row-Torres, Prime, Grigsby, Ingram, JusTice, WinTers, Quinn, Youngken, Dobbins, Day, Gerke Kai, SakamoTo. Row 4-Welch, Jensen, Campbell, Ueda, Swensk, Word, Mendez, Thomas, SmiTh Alvarez, Villegas. Row 3-Crawford, FouTs, Blackburn, Murray, De Bra, Russell, Disario, McVicar, Maloy, Bradford, Rossifer, H. Torres. Row 2-Quimby, STanIey, Valles, Turner, BacksTrom, Slover, Monroe, Chesser, Nakaoka, HaruTa. Row I-Dowell, Powell, Lovelady, McCall, Crunk, Baker, Miya- moTo, lnTermilI, Daniels, Gray, Pina. - X . mah' '5e7TlgufLC.l"wJ My tyr- - .-.P gf 'ix ix . ix, K . Nik! A 4 A8 Top Row-A. Caslillo, H. Casiillo, Guzman, Hernandez, Magana, Sargenf, Dischner, Havens, Thomas. Row 5-Vega, Torres, Rampley, Cox, Ueda, Husbands, Floyd, Harding, Haruia, lzuns, Garland, BarneH, Pierson, De Long, Barringion, Eberfs. Row 4-Kobayaski, Hammond, McVicar, J. Clark, Gilson, Clounch, Armiiage, Kelley, Parr, Crunk, Waison, Arkin, Wrighi, Osawa. Cook. Row 3-Enrwisfle, Harherly, C. Mirchell, Eshom, Livermore, Lancasier, Ericson, Chambers, A. Miller. N. Miichell, Wesr, Nicolerii, Buffalo, Kerber, Rowe, Davis, Wheeler. Row 2-H. Turner, K. Turner, McCleod, Hedrick, Sommers, La Force, McCombs, Shimofni, Goebel, M. Miller, Kakida, Legg, Newland, Roberrson, Hanks, Ely. Row I-Sprung, Nuckles, Holloman, Agapifo, E. Smirh, Rafieriy, Robinson, W. Smiih, Posr, Uneda, Leech. Woodingron, Jusfice, Smart Fish, Mackey. 1' T'x.'Y EIGHTH GRADE The boys have several up and coming irack srars. Among lsr Semesfer Officers A8 2nd Semesler Jim Posr Presidenf Takashi Kakida Bob Leech Vice-Presiden+ Jim Posi' Naida Miichell Secrerary Naida Miichell Waller Smifh Treasurer Harry Uneda A lsr Semesfer Officers B8 2nd Semesler Sam lnfermill Presidenr Junior Fisher Frances Bryanl' Vice-Presidenl' Donald Johnson Lloyd Fossum Secrefary Barbara Warson Junior Fisher Treasurer Norma Levy The A8 class is, indeed, socially minded and, iherefore, many of 'rhem have joined The "Gai Acquainfed Club", and The "Record Lisfening Club". They are especially anxious io make The sevenrh grade feel ai home. They noi' only expecf +o be friendly buf also iniend lo be good nfirillk-fi cifizens. Theyconduci a conrinuous campaign fo keep from geriing "pink slips". Miss Parks gave ihem a Talk along This line. They are also inieresled in oufside civic acriviries. having asked a bank employee 'io speak on bank policies, and 'iwo girls from iheir class io give Talks on The Federal Reserve Bank. ln order fo insure Their good forfune They are building a glass case in which lo keep Their mascor, Pinocchio. SPORTS The girls of ihis class 'favor baseball and baskeiball when They enrer ourdoor aciiviiies. The leading ones are: Kawaoka, Shimorani, Uneda, Dawson, Leech, and Osawa, who noi' only excel in frack buf also in foofball. Jim Posr is a fooiball siar. This class has lwo oursranding baskerball players in D. Robinson and C. Rampley. J. Johnson and W. Smifh are all around good sporlsmen. A ,fl"'I . I .-n-, .-,. ..,., ...,- --,.-., .c....-.-. --- -. -- - --Y. YY- - -Y-. f-- -.Y ,, ,,..-.-, ,-...--...c, Sandsirom, Sara, Sfephens, Bowman. Row 3-Bray, Dolley, lnlermill, Smirh. J. Johnson, Dawson. Fisher, Pankey, Copper, Briener, Townsend, Okumura, Yonamura, Warson. Row 2-While, B. Clive, Olsen, Hippik, Levy, Walson, Fossum, Kawoka, D. Johnson, Carlson, Hoka, Webb. Row I-Baker, R. Clive, Bryani, Reyes, Rodriguez, Barrera, Robineile, Tsubokawa, McNew, Takaki, Rusk, Lee. 7 L u-. ..,.,...f. ... . ..- , , , A7 Top Row-Seaborn, Bishop, Flores, Villegas, Coslello, Lock, Sparlish, While, Prime, Cares. Corriea Edmunds, Bynum, Adachi, Ordaz, Collins, Bays, Spechi. Row 4-Roio. Thompson, Sfewarl, Clounch. Jusrice, Rilchie. Hialf, Garner, Fullmer, Powell, Uyeda, Flaming, Finch, King, Larue, Jackson, Franklin, Torrence, Newkirk. Row 3-Villienave, Ridge, Whiting, De Will, Hanks. G-erky Murakami, Miyamoro, Armslrong, Day, Wade, Abramson, Tucker, Huddleson, Lisman, Howard, Harris, Fukai. Row 2-Slanley, Wilkes, Chessar, Moore, G-oerrsch, Dillard. Ferris, La Force, Mufo, Honralh, Pegors, Ross, Kenl, Sommers, George, While. Franklin, Omafsu, Escobar, Shaner. Row I-Cox, Speakman, Hierpe, Wilkes. De Bra, Brodie, Smiih, Paour, Moyer, Johnson, Taylor, Moore, Thayer, McWaic.l, O'Toole, Yancey, Warihan. . SEVENTH GRADE According To a new plan 'rhis year, clubs and classes rhai did nor regisrer or do some school service by a ceriain dale were nor allowed lo have 'rheir officers published in The Torch. As 'rhe sevenrh grade srudenis were nor all wilh us las? semesier, il is no faull of iheirs Thai Their officers do noi appear. From The inieresl already shown by Jrhem 'lhere is no doubl bul' whar 'rhey will lake Their place nexl year wiih oihers. B7 ' Top Row-Turner, Romero, Espino, Vega, Quesado, King, Acero, Alvarez, Franco, Briggs, Moyer. Row 3-Ban, Norcross, Kai, Monroe, B, J. Smith, De Passe, O'NeaI. Slover, Dobbins, Moreno, Casrillo, Pacheco. Row 2-Dominguez, Mosher, Thomas, Horie, Burris, Rodriguez, Weeks, Hill, Moon, Johnson, Solis, Thompson, Barrera, Espinoza, Wanning. Row l-Sprung, J. Smilh, Siandifer, Nieves, Olsen, Ocain, G. Smiih, Rogers, Clounch, Dieilin, Godard, Prime, Cook, Schluncli, Tappin. g. ,, WM . ,Z C ,fee - 1 'flgii M WWW M fzg'i7ffM W 1' N615-'C 44004 !,,f,,,,g WW mag' L wpifjy Qngolm ,ZVWML 3 MWA S 'Lf' ' X LM A 1 Q-, K ', A -,-' l 7 xx . -. Yxfmmx. - NSC C-6Y'xfwWwN1ly M55 ' Skhwq-J xfbbbvv is-ix 1E rrmi:,M 62- X Xxsxgxgo X 2-1 sd Q Q. X. 'M xgxie mgq . Q Y' vesxxi-ilgxws ' Wm. QR ll EGIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATTGN ii Ca rlin, Jackson. Zdrale. Howe. Row I-Miss Jennings. Gove, SmiTh. Lamb, Zamperini, Benner, MaThews, lnTermill, Miss Duncan. Row 2-Russell, Truiillo, Haefeli, Mauk, Neff, Fish, Moon, Grasso, BriganTi. Row 3-Hall. Kinnison, Gibbeson, Schulh, Robinson, Svensk, McGinnis, Sopchinsky, Quimby, Clark, Row 4-Campbell, Pegors, Hoke, Hornback, McWaid. Follis, Roelands, Edna Lukes, WaTson, MiyomoTo, ow 5-Kamei, Kobayashi, McAnally, Doan, Harris, Neff, Rous, McHenry, Brown, Fernley. Findley, WrighT, Briggs, Hill. A'Row 6-Hudson, MileTich, MarTin, GuTTenTelder, Hasegawa, Eleanor Lukes, Allen, Fossum, Bays, Rusk, Wilkes, King, Ramskill. Pierson. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS lsT SemesTer Officers 2nd SemesTer Norinne Schroeder PresidenT Arlys Fossum Lorraine Rebadow Vice-PresidenT Lois Jayne Allen Rudella Bays Recording SecreTary Rudella Bays DoroThy Hamman Corresponding Sec. Eleanor Lukes Alma McHenry Treasurer Agnes Sopchinsky Miss Muriel Duncan Sponsor Miss Muriel Duncan The Theme of This posT-Thanks giving playday was "Hay Day". A wagon Tull oT hay served as a plaTTorm. Each school was represenTed on. The "Gym" 'floor by a sTuTTed scarecrow. The enTerTainmenT ThaT followed The game period cenTered around. The "Hay-sTack" idea. Schools parTicipaTed in BadminTon, Speedball, BaskeT- ball, Volleyball, Horseshoes. Archery, Ping-Pong and Tennis. Torrance played well and scored manv wins. PLAYDAY OF THE PLANETS Torrance, as planeT JupiTer, played hosTess To four visiT- ing planeTs on April 25Th aT The world renowned Torrance ObservaTory. Wifh so many Tamous asTrologisTs on hand, inTroducTions followed. For The aTTernoon The visiTing schools were given The names oT planeTs. Franklin, our mosT disTanT guesT, became Mercury: Narbonne Took over The reigns oT NepTune1 San Pedro, The Tleef base, became Mars: FremonT Took over The name of Venus: and Torrance, The hosTess for The day was JupiTer. PlaneTs aT Play, nexT on The schedule of evenTs, consisTed of baseball, baskeTball, volleyball, Tennis, ping pong, horse- shoes. and badminTon. Following The games, everyone reporTed To The audi- Torium Tor The "STarlighT Review." Songs. dances, and comedy perTaining To asTrology were The highlighTs of The program. Heavenly hash, consisTing of hoT dogs, poTaTo chips, and ice cream, was served by The Big and LiTTle Dipper. INITIATION GF NEW GIRLS The aTTernoon came To a close wiTh dancing along The Milky Way. The Torrance G.A.A. Teels ThaT Their playday was quiTe a success and conTribuTe ThaT success To The Tine cooperaTion They received from many individuals boTh wiThin and ouT- side The G.A.A. organizaTion. , OUR AIM The purpose of This AssociaTion is To TurTher inTeresT in aThIeTics Tor girls, To TosTer a spiriT of loyalTy and co- operaTion Toward Their school and Toward each oTher, To promoTe a higher menTal and physical eTTiciency among The girls oT The high school, and To insTrucT Them in The aims and ideals oT The NaTionaI AmaTeur AThleTic FederaTion. CIRCUS GO-ERS December sevenTh found The AThIeTic "Tems" of Torrance High bound Tor Their annual exchange playday wiTh Nar- bonne High School. The Theme This year was "Circus". ATTer visiTing The side-shows. The girls enTered The big-Top where The visiTing "celebs" were inTroduced. An aTTernoon OT games Tollowed. Schools compeTing were Banning, Pedro. Torrance and Narbonne. Torrance snared a large share of The games and came home happy aTTer waTcl1ing circus performance under The big-Top, while munching pop corn. hoT dogs and punch. A swell Time was enioyed by all. PLAYDAY AT FREMONT On The 3OTh ol: November. TiTTy girls oT The Torrance G.A.A, and Their sponsor Miss Duncan, iourneyed by school bus To FremonT High To Take parT in a girls' playday. OTher schools compeTing were Bell. Dorsey, Lincoln, RooseveIT, and WashingTon. The oTTiciaIs were Physical EducaTion Maiors Trom U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. PI-IYSICAL - EDLICATIGN TEACHERS I Miss Duncan-Miss Jennings Miss Duncan has been aT Torrance Three years. Miss Jennings replaced Miss Graber The second semesTer and has been mosT co-operaTive. GIRLS' DAY SPORTS I -SECOND ANNUAL GIRLS' DAY Torrance girls held Their Second Annual Girls' Day on November I6Th. This year. This program was inTroducecl by Miss Duncan and is ioinTly sponsored each year by The Girls' League and The G.A.A.. and Their sponsors Miss Parks and Miss Duncan. An aud call in The morning presenTed a program of special music. iniTiaTion oT Girls' League oTTicers and a speaker. The speaker This year was Miss Prudence Penny oT The Los Angeles Examiner. I AT noon a special luncheon 'was held in The school cafe- Teria. Special guesTs were Miss Penny. Mrs. Woodcock. Mr. Elson. Miss Parks and Miss Duncan. The -G.A.A. had charge of The luncheon, and Norrine Schroeder. G.A.A. PresidenT, presided. The purpose oT This affair was To honor Those girls who had been cuTsTanding in leadership and service To The school. The aTTernoon was epenT in a TournamenT aT inTramural games in which every girl in school parTicipaTed. The Trophy This year was won by The Red Team. DoroThy Hamman, The capTain. had her name engraved upon iT. PLAY DAY SPGRTS J.. ,. .1 asf 3 ,ms-f' BANNING PLAYDAY Thursday. The l8fh of April, a playday was held ai' Banning High School: +he schools Thai pari'icipa+ed were Venice. Gardena, Torrance and Banning. The iheme chosen was Hawaiian. Banning worked 'rhis ou? quife well. feaiuring a real Hawaiian girl dancer. Upon arriving ai Banning, a welcoming commiiiee greeied us. They escorfed us fo a fable where we were given our ideniiiicaiion lags. We ihen weni io lhe gym where ihe presidenis and sponsors of fhe various schools were infro- duced. We were fhen given insiruciions as To fha whereaboufs of fhe fields. Each +eam adiourned fo Hs field for play. The elevenih grade baseball 'roam was privileged in having our principal, Mr. Elson, preseni' ai iheir game. A+ 3:I5 a bell was rung io cease all playing. We had io choose some girl from anoiher school 'ro ea? wiih. Afier earing, slciis were presenied by ihe various schools, followed by a dance io pro'mo+e friendship fhroughoui' fhe enfire group. Af 4:30 our bus came aiier us, and we were forced io sfop all of our fun. We fhanlced our hosiess, Banning. for such a grand lime and sfaried for home. HONOR AWARD As an inspiraiion for even furiher and greafer accom- plishmenf in ihe fufure, ihe Girls' Afhleiic Associafion 'fhis year inslifuied an Honor Award upon which is io be en- graved each year ihe name of fhe mosf ouisfanding member in ifs service. In l94O Bernadine Brown earned The disfinciion of being The firsf seleciion. GIRLS' LEAGUE A J-f6'-fb op Rovf-Truiillo. Pinlcham. Svensk, Rous. n, Brown, Pierson. J.-4 H' . v-Wd! '1K04f ,CWA .Zee ,Q I lsf Sernesfer Officers 2nd Semesfer 1 . , BQ ,Qu S ,. Arlys Fossum residenf nadine Brown ' ernadine Brown Isf Vice-Presidenf Lois Jayne A len e Cook Zn ' e-Presidenf Barbara Carsfens . Q33-n R mslull Secrefary-Treasurer een hompson ' Je"a"H 4055 min JL, V J .QW It A4111 If can be s i af- e Girls' e"ls one o f fh f o 'y by r :di Lush , d and de- mosf achve organ: fions in orrance igh c ool signed fhe new sc oo sfafio ery: ery enforced sfricfly fhe . lai e jf ' ' fhe Underdfbgen , lfl h6V . Y mowers of Seventh gr rsh and Hwy gxped to hold Co E w rlced wifh fhe school or P.T.A. whenever needed. ferences w c e inf ion fo Loyalfy, fhey record fhe ideals of fhe or- lems confronfing modern giE s far, fhey have give one aud call-Prudence Penny' ' ho ne fufure, fhey are pla ning a girls' aud call during which fhey will sing. l s, efc. They also expecf fo have Mrs. Casey fr Bullock's speak fo us n sh' 'n q-,sides some ofher prominenf women who will sp ' . Under service, if mighf be menfioned fhaf fhey served GIRLS' LEAG qanizafion by mainfaining a hisfory book: fhey send delegafes of I ' a Fall convenfio s of f e e rafion of Girs Lea es of oufhern Calornle, an fey lnvlfe parenfs or friends fo affend P.T.A. meefings. Every year fhe sfandards of fhe Girls' League organiza- fion is raised. They have no goal for fhey have passed fheir desfinafion and are looking forward fo 'fhe fufure. ' UE work o s derive 1 QQ' BACHELCDRETTES XX A ey I1 ve me n- uk ir nlw f pu+ ques ns ou'r hqu He + af hey f x s ered af e X HOME ECONOMICS CLUB l Eclcersley. Mrs. Lockridge. Bradford. Pearce, Billingsley, Ball, Greiner, Bay, Bensleacl, Nell, Boyle Georgia Billingsley ---- Presidenl Margarelrulh Salm Vice-Presidenl Doris Eckersley Secrelary Helen Greiner Treasurer Mrs. Lockridge 7 ---- Sponsor The Home Economics is a club lo which every girl should belong al one lime or anolher during her high school lile. The purpose ol this club is lo losler an inleresl in Home Economics, develop good social usage, correcl parliamen- lary procedure, and be ol social service lo Torrance High School. The achievemenls and imporlanl aclivilies ol lhe year were: Teas. fashion shows, and luncheons. Isl Semesler Officers 2nd Semesler Merle Ball Presidenl Dorolhy Blackslrom Belly Jo Moorehead Vice-Presidenl .Alla Monroe Alma Preslon Secrelary Bernice Cline Belly Turner Treasurer Bernice Cline Miss Collier 'Sponsor Miss Coller The members ol lhe Junior Home Economic Club are lrying lo increase lheir knowledge ol homemaking aclivilies. Through cerlain social aclivilies lhey come lo know each olher lneller and praclice some ol lhe social graces. The members lry lo be ol some service lo lhose who are less lorlunale lhan lhey are. During lhe lirsl semesler, lhey made scrap books lor lhe children in lhe Torrance l-lospilal lor Chrislmas. The girls are now on call lo lell slories and enlerlain children when asked. JUNIOR ECONOMICS CLUB I 4 Top Row-Backslrum, Turner, Pearce, Ball, Wicker, Wade, McNew, Rusk, Tsubokawa. Miss Coller Second Row-Takaki, Monroe. Cline, Olson. Slraulman, Wood. W Qsggw QW ' Y ' ' w okiyfyv ,fOjfJ4v ?yyQgbE!Ff9 i1WKW5fH?5W5ff fwMWiQVWfyw gjywffdvmgfjf W ggi fix? 13jjffj,Z,fMQMj 2 . , . LILY ' iff! WJ, fr l 1'fQwW5 Zjf?'! W fiiff 5 W' A f jk , WM ' 1 M if fr W t fn' A ML ,, MJ! ,B 1f7 fQjy A" , X9'b?W.W 4 94 , 37 I WQQ, 4 9 ,W QJ2'B4k4Q'!JfiL'g-5 K7 1,90 1 M f ' Ww w? qi? JV 1 9 'Win :s u Q53 w 3fM!7 7 y Q ff 4, , ,LL?4' 1W"P0'mJwfM WW 'www www., M Wm f7!Q7.6i.Q ffl awww AWMQ ,,,tZljfAm,Qf7T ', WML Ll KMA' WW v ,' . Wm dk Q,,L,mJM,V GDM' Gffwfr Q47 SDQMM CL-.1 YJQCL M Ai W? W5 ZVZM4, QSM Q LUV' WDW Qwggg, QNX NAM 'MW' wfw, - WML my .. VM-' 3 M ,Q W wwf' . - Swirl- 6-fr wg 3 CSMBN Mmm Ok QNQAL lbw CQTWA' Smqw AZSW' MIM MWA' Sw v NX A In Q - ' X ,. 7 ij ff fx is K J ,' "-. x V i,1 " f ! N." ,4 X N . ii 7 X xg f xx My x A I Q -an ,,f an 1' ,LV f Miki 4 AA 1 2 j fzfj f Q ffuwff .Vi nxq YM -TOR NW 'X LE NINGK M E BV K Q x f NW No ldingTj :nun X X W, ' , Lf! x . 0 ' X 5 x H . ' . Q yTJ!Ygavbi0 d nr s s --t i ed up" ,X ef Bi D e jfopjiy' A X X W - X ' Peo I o o Twic . ' Q f JWQ fi P Q KJ , sf ' X fy J yy 'E ' - .5 is , firm W1j1A f f fd iw: C K ' of I8?:Car .-X 4' ' 4 h Phn rje I Nj! W Sf MQW w , 5, M - f X , W Ti, T' ' TV' Tri Tl E f5, X-Q 'X s. ex -. T R A X 5 f .. .X -T T TE xg 1 T. 1 1 'Ri . x .K v F4 1 'RX Q S N.: xx Q fl . X qv- x X. . 'z-N. 'iv "THRU SERVICE we GRQWH es. Q X x . .X K I SITO Cravens Avenue .Q ance, 'Torlfa XX 'T ' f , .T SCHOGL B rf! By GERTRUDE HARRIS fi Tl XXX X J' I a ff , Ml wo no we will school sT nTs have To he The dear ol choo ' ,QM ll Th' r. D' y cl ar? I me ThaTl l did, buT 'T musT have b a ' oT Th en Ne e h ss TTi b if-bi The subiecT iT w n'T be long be re ov r ff early ery T is dar sTud Eve heard bell, sTarTin aT The eighTl'1 our a d gin ach ur Ther er unTil Two-T ' y. STudenTs have ays Tak n Them T gra d :TTI h They realize aT an imporTanT parT i i f' J heir eye a li Take, insTance, B'l . o uses mosT oT his energy running o sch in r To b T Tardy be . A n TunaT siT Ti n usually a s every morning aT Billys house His o T hidin he orni paper and Billy canT oo To scho wif g h w e one g ouT in his TighT wnTh CreampuTT G Ti The f X? ll xii,-7 . , . . d - ,-Q A' S ha ' ' ' , ' ' J ' . bl I L , r co ' ' ' . , uspen ould be ' ST oo r Tor Billy' ThereTore he very oTTe The s The eighT'f -Var Q' odoc bell wh n ,is a bl away Trom school. He' has To run e sT oT The w , a iusT as The ardy bell ngs, Billy, wiTls a rbi Tace and p nraTion sTal1ging-fo L s his Torehead, jumps Through The door. Th e playspd sT role in ' re, buw . noT The lasT. - , ,V 1 ' Nr- gf! f NexT period his mind is oc pied wiTh al ebraf eTore hum Tnlgaiuhe ha surround him I hurri lyfTicks awe The inuTes For s6rne:sTrange reason . . . . . .f g r' . ' J' no Time To be C T The bell. ks T erishly ovenT'lTe',Tigures Thqyf'-,T GF ff e T ju , : c F 1 . The Tigures go TogeTTyielvo6f1recTly., n, To B smay. The bell .i gs. H slumps in his chair, Takes ajdge brfgaijf riTs hw , and hands his if in. He !:.,,,,., is absoluTely posiTive ThaT Thedlgell. is his doom. K g , As Billy si in TourTh period Tr lcTok inTelliq6iLV and aTTe T'v e slyly glances aT The ofk Through Th er of higeyeaew, Tew minuTes he minuTes pass ver ow y. The sub' e Teacher h's be Talking ab "n afloud, droning, , anrcyimchangipg Ton,e,bT'T1oice. Tor The pa f'l'eh"Tr1inuTes and 'L problably Talk abouT ' V-f"To The.rqT6T The houf, goes in one of is ears and righT-o oT The oTher. Billy, so I! borwby-This unTascinaTing!gs biedfinally drops his head comTorTably on his arm erfd Takes a snoyqfyjlile The iacher iabbers onfafd The bell Takgs'iTs Time ringing. as ,. T ..,R . fslsd fx! I H - fi, 4. , nr' gli, '---sa T ff' " gf . , "' I 7i , Cxxq N I v sn X Ml yli fy To N. N QR 4754 ,Y , --2.-afrf, Nl pg x - Cf- .1-,Q-fc,-on-ffivi Q--f-si ' tg OG"-'jk ' He nchfhgsiigfensely infg-s6c+'+ryingf'Q:4av6idi+he"I'ea'Che ' enacirrgblo It! 0""k 'V-QL' as s lclcs ou? s+uden'rs To reciie Ihe lesson fhai he has negle cl so b s Ihe 'reacher s+ar+s in Ihe J's, Billy crouches Iower in his se prays ha r Than ever be ore ihaf Mary will Talk uniilfr end of Ihe period. Jus? as ihe cher calls I his nam , 'rhgijamiliar sound is F ghoui,,the,sebeSoI. 's:"ecIfIoy4tI1eI:seLIe X Dur ng sixfh eri dies hard uniil five minuies before +he bell. He 'rhen slanis, s- books ogerher, and as each minuie Jgassesifg-ed rds Ihe end, ofa i, his sea . Wh nirlhel bell rings, Billy das roi:-I-'-oriifhe cl iKk'IT'55CHa' hai' ""k e Iere 'rhai morning. ' g 7 N io I k On more day hias Egsied and many more will pass, buf 'rhe ogfchool bell will ee on ringing as aii u as ever, summonin e s o scho an b ck ing +herPn 'ro leave. y 'xg M vxiyqwqlx Erg- ' S 'DANIELS CAFE Home of Good Food CHOICE STEAKS Also Feaiuring Daniels Ice Cream IOC Gianr Malls - Sodas IOC I625 C BRILLO AVENUE TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA E IG HAIG gg si 353 For Fine Photographs Superior Kodak Finishing - 8-Hour Service Border Prinfs - Double Size Prinfs COPYING ENLARGING COLORING FRAMES FILMS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS ' Aufhorized Dealers for 'BELL li HOWELL, QKEYSTONE. EASTMAN 8: UNIVEX MOVIE CAMERAS AND PROJECTORS I224 EI Prado Phone 466W Torrance 86 .V JV 3214, , , Y! 0,11 J . '- .4- f,s. J ' 1 yi", 714 ff' ' . .. , . - 1 ,. 14 U f D 'SOTO PLYM ' I TE' f , QU 17 , 4 . 1 '4 Sales' d rvice g f' 1 fY - 1 ff'- ,. fl ' V .f ,, ., VI X I i lx f UU 14 4j X I J J jf! f J 1 ll , . J x - ,y,.' ? IQ! L J X I 7' ' 'R yf 1 f ff ff f, fE,LI1itneVwBfal5grQ I X J JK .rfff I , I, 3. N X1 I , J J N I 1 " Lf ' V' "4 ful i' I .I f J If - 1 ff V jf f 1 ' J' o e ffin ' X. 71. I A VPl+,,i-jj! ,3M , 1 JM W,f!f1 Q 9 ' BG HY O S if T' J - 'A P V , ' 1 flfu, 95 Tpr a Au! dfgalgs Co. X Q' x -V X Q , , ll EN H!'9AS4LL, ProP.' 'JMKLHG IN i'v' fimone 324, ' X lf20 Qa rilo HO , , Wi! I ff ,Lf T ,RRANCE. ity . yd ' M ff!! A V J f'f , 1 f ' Y My y.L!,,1,, I - fl k ' 1 jx-, X X f JJ! Zi lfyri. J ,Vt ,fu 'J , W, A F ' one or f W, LJ , - ij ,,,, wid I It 5 ' T UYK4-T72 ., F , J v f fy! n , J I - -J I .ml , yr," 'V' 1" , fl N ' . .f ' 4' ,fn QW Xl-,fzf f XL. ' YVI4 V 'V I I ,Ly h A' I J ':-, Q' 1' . I. A' F! ff ,7 'X If J .lj , A V fy IVIAJ A11gJNf1LrQM L, J 1 A, k I I H - I, . I . 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K R I fp If 6 131 Salon' - of KPV N f W fwfu Q44"'M!Bmq3f dw I 2 Q- Specializ g fafwff HIGH SCHOOL TRADE K U 'VVV6 1 "Co d " 2 VELDA JUNE GENEVIEVE ' T X Tow A 4 in Q 1251" ' i. 89 5 ' MO - rv 0' I f J v A Si mn. .-sk gb .iso iii" X-x N 1' ' L xi' i,g!ix xr ,. X YL X ' N M J cj Q , X X Y Xia , o xl X b , 'V My 'W S DQR X X o F 0 l SUN!-W xx, x, Xfix U V 1 ff ' W Xi X Gian Malfsf' ke Ph '5 0 Ph 7ji?5 Hmoagg Q xi 'V loc - I92 arson Sfreei' x EX 2 W RQ 'Q-G W n S+ Ice 7 K Spe 51 ovellry Cu V ' EX ' ' e ou A . E i . . ' s .1 . gs R - YX 2 '1 of qi' . if 9 ,Vernon C nl G Phone 2 6 X N-- X.XX"?51' 203 T . an'ce lvd. 1 3 Qi XX x X5 1? - ' h f 7 H E, g f . 1 25 f X Q 7 K' K 'SB Ez Q X' w Q A Q' , xo K 'X . Q rQ61fg gensQ RER X : ' 1 T, f W X -X ' 'Z"A?1:':.K u 1 -N v Q K ,rf ,' 'ff ' , - - ' - , wg - ,."1 51 if o ' " K Delrjz-Q For' 5, its Occasion N "" - - iff 1 ' 'N2' 1 U' - 'Q BULK BR X. KS 3 ' TSR vo' X K, PIES SPECIAL k , DS NQDUAL C,l E. . 72 ix. ARDEN FA s, Inc. . 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From from' of griIIe fo rear of body-for Iengfh where Iengih counIs-Chevrolei is Ihe Iongesi' of all Iowesi-priced cars, I8I inches. This exira Iengih means exira Iuxury-exira richness of appearance. Visif Ed Thompson. your ChevroIe'I' deaIer Ioday! Take a 'trial drive in Ihe Ieader of 'rhe Iow-price field. You. foo. will agree Iha? "ChevroIeI's Firsf Again!" ,l f CHEVROQLET-,X Till, ,II T T ED THOMPSON The man who Ireais you righi PHONE 592 I600 CabriIIo EYEIT...TRYIT...BUYIT! 93 My jxJFQ5'i Siywjiyjwjf Yi QV by f NJ ' EX V ,Q fy yy W W1 W? fi n i x . f J xi.. I V Hy X Q , J T om n ff JMX My ,1.W-.1- i mf xl - , J, I TRIBQT STANDARD J, STATIONS mc. 5 fi - E ME sypiiw soon N 1 . k - n Lf - !B.MlT ELL 9 7 J ff'-J 40 rfori . X , V ' ' M TORR CE, A FORNIAN WU QX ' QND ' MW 5R31 wi Nw of glVy if X fig'fQ"EfQ VM QE? R 01 V15 ff u 0 e W AVFI E RNI 4. fa. . P ' lx h , , QS X W3 me P . H ' O' L I 'A ' BE T " ', ' N , . N X61 heed affujgi hje 9 oLx9'E'dB1LE - 70 - 90 S i , m I r ing ef - Mguj. I senv E So ' ou hi' m elm I . rc , BO WOR ENERAL .X hfg +h Y L mg e s , en I ak fo b 31 ? c 44 AU-rg AIRS Ml I a av over . ' I Ma a mo h s shone s ,W zo om' ce BI' ' The -1' - 'fhe se ' , Ph 9 32 A A. H1 ,Q he I s er e - - Wi e sea w . A- 4. ,. I i . . Y V U ' l V Scylla a mon ' A . gm - I ' 9 arybdis, a ilrpool. li ' P ' en, idf, suffer' ' WW The 5 W 3 op for 5 The o'rh 'n sclpol. comer 'f SPORTS R ' Q ' you ge i oubl P If if's from h -? " Q i'r's For l iness or - ': Q 'hvyln far, MF. 'I FIS Sc 1219 sm . ' n . '. is ig . : vi- I I4l3 MARCELI ' PHON -W6 weffjlffa WM A HJ wks harriey f' 5- h f we I W I W W M121 W ee if SIX -Wwil ill ll if ,J , IA 5 ME f INSURANCE Small wn Pay nf Mon'I'hIy Confracfs Elnlresyll estment Co. 21 o b 9 , Licens aI EsI'a'Ie Brokers I I409 SARTO A ENU TELEPHONE I76 QWP 6 N . A i w ax ha dsom Q The Amazons were female warriors We CI1 G VG SSS fake 9 Vapaxm 07 We wish 'Ihey lived foday, S W Chase bl' a alde alr For +hey'd be aciive members Lizzy The al wl+h e pre? y r d h nr NI of H16 Torrance GAA. 3 i na. 5 sporf dam Tw Her Te nis ying ughr r ame. k bes+ o al Arl s ikes Io sh some clcer, 'r's her sh! Nep wa ' e uy under Ihe sea I-Ie s all e o he's played by me: am I y, whar a quesiionl I'm your Srudeni Body Elecrion. I am Achilles. so brave and so sirong Mommie dipped me in 'rhe river, so's l'd live, "Lonnie Lee," said Mommie, "go ou+ and I:eelg" Bur Mommie was wrong. They gor me in 'rhe heel. I am Achilles' dry Iiirle heel Achilles was wer so he o l The dread goddess of revenge Soon will view your marks Beware, Freshmen, and Iremble Nemesis is Miss Parks. TOWING WELDING STORAGE Jessen Bros.Garage General Repairing Buf me, Sonny, h d f , Io So Ii++Ie Lonnie n' e! Complele Overhauling I d s . m rc n name is rney ' ug an i s no ey: R A D I O Ybe Gln' Ol fan Ii SALES SERVICE Buf I su malcelrh big gu s . Q I'm D p in X 4 Phone I69 I23O Border I'm Io g for onesr b g Bui wi all Dead En Gang n sighi TORRANCE I guess I'lI e 'ro blow ou+ 'rhe Iighf. 96 E si Ei X -3 QE Qi E- Y R Q1 1 'Q ,Q Q . EHR Et--3 TORE IS E BESiI' D E STORE EVE X ii Q' ' is g In Ek E2 ETX' E ' k Q 'ET e aEQnEQrug Co. si: Is the. QL Store ESQ-3. X Wax SEEU R lN A lNT IN E E D STA AND CNNADA fi ,, WfW'Zf N' 7 li Min MW iff T if ,S ,W 'll' gal I W ' ' SCHWAR 9 I 1 5, ,sro FOR N 'MEN M W MIDDISHADQIAND TIM LY suns f ffl SPORTSWEAR f ENDLOCK nas NUNN-BUSH SHOES 5 GRAYOO AND ARROW SHIRTS l505 CABRILLO PHONE 66 Jusi Around The Corner from The Torrance TheaTsr THEATRE GGERS By PATTY DOAN ' FirsT and mOsT annoying To me, is The person who kicks The seaT. This is usually 'N done by an Over enThusi'asTic youngsTer who, in his exciTemenT To warn The hero of "wp his danger, gets all else and vigorously Thumps and pounds The seaT. However, 'wmv The seaT-lciclce s nOT necessarily have To be a small child. Many Times iT is an TAX older One. TOO enjoy The icTure and Too young TO siT sTill. In his boredom A T H- he conTinually TS iT, aT. The lZTTer Type is The mOsT annoying for iT is permanenT -Nawhile The TirsT is only Te rary. K The second Type is Tlmepersen who has seen The picTure before and Tells a Triend - S abOFT 'T. As you probably lcnavh This--Type is usually a woman. Many a movie has ' en sgggd by her conTinual chaTTering. She is usually iusT One iump ahead OT The . pi dll-?aves nOThin imaginaTiOn. ATTer being informed beforehand -3 --'wha ' To Ta ea ne. you TervenTly hope you will be able TO see 'SL X TT The wiThou having 'ffjxplained To you, buT alas, noT so! .fe ,,. in fighe Thjfrbbype isf e peanuT-eaTing, gum-chewing person. You enTer The TheaTre. -.5 X f 1 --1 of x 'S 4 .NE ,A 'L-S :TELEPHONE sz4J lNiTe of Dayl X TRU NG - RANGE.-, CRATING F'-.HNOUSEHOLD MOVERS -ef 5 . so X To ISESERSCO. TNN- IxBord'5'FAJ,enu:,4-11Ei5x -1-Rrrance. Calif. iq fxlibx- n Your NexT Oving r,iTorage Job rvlc eclalioclred Room STorage I U N 'KTTXTT' T ZS 47 .4ff.eq,L C - - v K, Qi5,LcL'2,?Z?21,vi'27' ff' ,g,f',,.-QL-36-.6'54fc.i7 .off ' i J,-' ,7 ,T , g M. 4 l X Vgixyf jjfdi Q ,ij-,g4.j',f .Lf fggfggf' ,visvjzcfecafffif , jf, I . ufzfpcea .34 4 if I ,ji V I' fr-f'g ' , ,f'7TXf,' " , ,Vffj k The NewesT in Hi h Schooll' Ke s, Y s'om'pacTs. sBraceleTs, All Wifh T. H. S. Official Seal Telephone 4II ' EASTMAN KODAKS CONVENIENT CREDIT and jusT as you become seTTled Tor an enjoyable evening you discover, To your horror. ThaT in your search Tor a seaT you have chosen as a neighbor a peanuT-eaTer. OT course, you resolve noT To leT him boTher you. BuT wiTh all your concenTraTion on The picTure you cannoT help hearing ThaT conTinual cracking oT shells and munching of peanuTs. The peanuT-eaTer can usuall make a small bag oT peanuTs lasT Through The TirsT picTure, and as This picTure ends you rejoice To hear The bag drop To The floor. There is silence, blissTul silence. This conTinues Through The Keno, The carToon, The newsreel, and The preview oT coming aTTracTions. buT as The second picTure sTarTs you noTice The peanuT-eaTer's hand go into his pockeT and pull ouT a package of gum. WiThouT ceremony The wrapper is pulled oTT and Two sTicks are simulTaneously placed in his mouTh. There are a Tew seconds of silence while The gum is limbered up. buT as iT becomes elasTic iT is snapped and popped in unbroken rhyThm. There is a difference of opinion in The TourTh Type. Some people Think ladies' haTs are The mosT annoying, buT l Teel The person who conTinually bobs up and down and back and TorTh is more annoying Than a TeaTher. I dare say almosT everyone has encounTered one or more oT These specimens in a show buT I guess iT Takes all Types of people To make a world. BESSIE V. MYERS, Owner HUGH SH F ,bl-I3LManager "1 Jwwv- WWW X Stone 64 Myers Mortuary AMBULANCE sERvlc:E qgjwj Cravens and Engracia Avenues Phone I95 I I l if 1' i 1 ' ' f J- 1 f Y ,W L - L ,ju i ',-a ' 1 f-' l IT PAYS ,- TO SHOP AT PENNEY'S 1: . . 'A' I Y .h ou save becfause we sell' ' profil. 2: You save because we sell only 'Fo Qash. V 3. You save because we pay low spol l:ash prices. , 1 i o fl 4. Youfshve because ye buy direcl' from manufaclurers. fl P 5. You save because we buy .economical quanlifies. 6. You savebecause we eliminale unnecessary handling. 7. You ere sure our slanclards never vary! - I 8. You are always sure of lirsl qualiIyv"rnerchandise., i 9. You' lind lhe same ,Values in every Penney s+ore. IO. Your purchases are safeguarded by our laborafory. IJ. You don"r paylfor siore-keeping frills. ' ' I2. You don'l' pay credif offide expense. ' I3. You don'f pay for delivery service. f' ' I I4. You .never a morellhan our nei hbor. P Y , Y , 9 , l5.:You pay Ihe some low prices whenever YOLI shop. , lb: You pay nolhing exlravjor our Lay-Away budgel plan.i I7. You'm5lc9 'your seleciion 'from large assorimenls., I8. You alvfays are offered Ihe ,newesf fashions lirsl: I9. You are always sure of courleous service., ,,, 20. You laenefillfrbm our 3Q years of experience. it ' '2I. Your local Penney sfore.has nalion-wide preslige. ' In I U. A , .f , Q Scientific Swedish iMalsSege ' Colonic lrrigalion I Daily, 9 A.M. Io Qllillvl. Scienlilic Reclugin'g Sundays or Evening by Svveai Balhs K ' Appoinimenl I f ,oAvlyu S.,CLARKi I I343 EI Prado lNexlI'lo 'Chamber of Commercel - Res. Phone 3I4 A it . Torrance, Calif. ' ..1f' . ,U 1 I" I 1 . v 1 , , - ' . 1 TQRRANCE PLUMBlNGy co. , A 3 Telephone 60, PLUMBING 0 SERVEL ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS FLOOR FURNACES I APPLIANCES l4l8 Maicelina Avenue I ', Opposile Posl Office, ' l Z ,Z.Af-f4Q74-2,6:- To Lk fZZl Em-.mxwwif ffl!" '7"""V - , f- ,,, gf'-vi. fwaffwol-vm., PLUMBING HEATING kay Pl-min, HOFFMAN Firs+ come rumors, Ihen Ihe baffle In +he air, on land and sea. They were going, all for glory a Lem and John and you and me. All fhe speakers bally-hooing, APPLIANCES Bands all playing loud and clear, Composers wrifing wareiime music "Over There" and "Over Here" O For Service Phone 88 I324 Cabrillo TORRANCE, CALIF. Boys who sign up for rhe glory Don'+ know Dearh is signing +oo. When you're in +he hear of baffle, He may fighf righr nex'r +o you. You wrife a IeHer home fo morher Telling of +he pain and slrife: Nolhing meniioned of greal' glory Only filled wi'rh loss of life. Fighiing gas +ha+ masks can'+ combah Bullefs 'rhrough an eye or knee: Homes are filled wiih men jus? like 'rhis Some can'+ walk and some can"r see. Affer all wha+ high price glory When you lose your besf of friends: F Q S T E M A L T When you come home old and broken I N Q H Thar is how if offime ends. - ' + - S eren hen you're marching down on Broadway 'S elicio And ihe shoufs ring everywhere. If's nor you +ha+ 'rhey are cheering See - ad ,ash ailyi our window Buf +he boys leff over rhere. SC d 'gem ,fs :kim r Pm and I am wriiing noi of glory r ' i Nor of heroes +ha+ are few. WE MAK UR OWN CR M llm no'r wriiing, bu+ I'm pleading IAII Flu I Don"r ioin war and 'rhis means you! I ' ome Made Pu X . ' hili - amales Y sum Mm Com Iimenfs XQ 'I Pla? Lunch ' of X E E S F A M I L Y , if L S H o E s 'r o R E 3 Phon 7451-Q I 3 EI Prado ,S , E Q is I x W U X S M - 'I w24WM om imen s ff fi' S ' c ltz 8a Peckham Q7 MW!!! ' Torrance f Chamber of A Commerce A H1 d D I TORRANCE, CA FORNI n 'tbvrancm Cal Ph e 7 SOUH1 C If g ' "Beane d Q M5 We 0 50 Marceli 8: C avens ? Ph 8: SERVICE STORE Hmm 9 FIRESTOENE AUTO SUPPLY ig E , E si, TIRES-BATTERIES UTO SUPPLIES CONVENIENT TERMS m-W" 0.1.25 '-- H "'Qx.:..:.J--N CBN X s W K Q,.J.JL.,iCj-fun, . ments of--- - . LBA,-J,-,..Z. .AAA-L -1'-A-'-P-JBL. j4,1,,.,,,.,. GAA, CSS- 05' ukV'dfwteo an and Surgeon DR M A BAUMANC9 dli QSIOH ,'ggg?AN, 'X - JQ"'a""'V"'zC'Q Pl ian an . S r eon CX , O. ,-,J.ji.'R. A. QNGHQK 7 X Dentist W .,-,- o Ni! Dentist Q S q,4sW.3l+35 1'-'e1:fmE:'15 E. EASLEY, M.15. A ' heb Physician and Surgeon 5 J l C9 SL-H31-0 uB.4ims.SUM JW.-fluk i tist ' UD .A-Z-I-Q.. S-LSQLBN XJ. Q Q -,L-gs V'-Lib, DRS. HARRISO 81 LAUG ON .. Q T ,, Qhysicia u-rgeon Q , , '- DR. W. IE " UJ-f..e.,g.g., ii o-1...-Ji O-Q D . . L. INGOLD Q.. JVMJQ-QQ 1 etrm-ALL .AAAJ5-4.-lg ly cars- oh-'sf ' . . .LEA ' ' . G. ITTS, 137621 Q Q K: ' JV""'UZ""X e"""":ER. Wg? NEBELANDS Q Xb " - , Dentist S. ' ' 'C-Hvrfrnss-PQ1PPY"'l"X u X Attorney at-law - my fu-0 ER IEKNIiI41TA v.-.w,..SL.S Chiropractor 3 Z2,v.4... -20.911-J 01 W SMITH c9"Qk""N" Jeweler N ' MITH Co. overs DR. A. P. STEVENS Physician and Surgeon IO3 .wk Vffjjjim jfM yvjx , 'Muzi JW ngA,,0gf ,jf QM XWXMZXMZQ ,mff2ZQff?i?fTm Zlwiji, wifaffiflf fa CBYQW OJ!! OM' OJLLQIXLML' vol UVB 9QU4+if7WD Q Qi EMU' Avudfjgjw W.-Jw MJAJAJ. bu' i 'f" J,,0,q aww? 'Q J 3 ww Miaw M 0 WLQJLMQ Xjfmj ffffqw Wyioww ,2.,,,,,,,,,jg,,,Q.: , T'-Ca'7 . M QM M W Mm Q gf H4643 'WU N be. M 'WM A ff JZLMQLJQUL 3 V.-A . . 5!H 'fAf, 1 W ffM :HM -74... 70.4...,7,..,, O 354, 70-Qfiwfg-LQJ,W., LN.,wA,g1N.wJL Clvxi. +11L,'m- MW- WCM 'U"U-fu 0 In ,cvkgu 15,4 c,,.z:,..':2. XXQMMZUZMLQW? 'Ze ff QQMMUQ 2,097 0.466 ,cwfgig AALMU Ld ,,,4 GQXQQ Clzfovb 144.01 JU,-Q OL,,,,k,v Qjli Jjsmxux kr in 'Q ""6"' OVKH-'-'-2-vvx UNA-L -Qflh., LJ. www. all B MMZM mkwipfum XQMQQMQGI . x9vmK!P,ffw7l'7LZTwQ7 .' 904.940 pw A QM' W Wwljfmq Jw f' 2QB ff Lfwwjibfyjff? Q5,5A2MLMCgf Wfgf ' Q MM W, M 6 Vjwfffiw l yi! f Wm fvwf WW, My WM , r 1 w ' . ' , , Q , . ff .," ' ' ' - W ' . ' . , - L-Ssnkixg .:.:..u..L.4.-A... 4...,L-,..g.43g.f.AgJ....4g.g. 5.4 ...Ah --:..g...4,.,..g4L.4:..,, .,. . ,...x-1,..., . - .. 1.- , ....+4.4..u....4- J. .,-.--A,.....,,-..:. A-, ..-- ,.-.4 J 1214- f ,, A -'L , ' ' N ' f" ' ,, f Ywclvw WVVVXH, 'lf ,1 IJPAV .l,,g,L., k WX, 1 V? 3, V i Y k,,l, LM, I ,, ,,r '7,f"J,1 - by ,f 1 K ,f f -. yy " ' -f P' ' ' X r L-, " V' x K- 'X j., IA , ffl' ' x 9 ,V V I 'V f if - .. f , - , ' x' K X A , I ,. .- f- " . fx ,, - , 'A ffklfxil., f . ' y-UI W U4 i',f xl! '- .K NLM X Q Q, 2 ,qumw mt 1.-4 Nykxi ,uf Ll! in .Nil Lkkllxxfdlx I ,I lf!! K A ,. 1 - 1 n.,4,- L4 ,LLY-Q I W I.-,Vkfi A f . , ' g ,X ,L ,f , . X kk V f X L L"f X -' if LQXJ ,f,ffL,k. x , V ' I XL ,Lx Lx A- X R 1 pl K .y :"1fbL L f lJr14XxxM,j V , K 1' . . Q A f , ' XXV'-1 X l My H M9 1,1-.ful-fi. pyfffff' LVD . " f. A J ks I YQ' YV."-X x, bfv' K-'L-fk'JXk U1 LdA,g, , VLJWA' v- ' 4 k L75 K . .V ,J N .J pw., Q Xxj, Yvof?-yt! ,A-. xg., - N - , ' .,.4Jf11Vfg,' xx, -it X v'!RCT,fL,K.-x -'WVAJ A JIAQQJ 4 ., f 4 rv y xy'-f VR' ck Qbyvf

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