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f I , rx 5 r N ff I - M ,- if ' - v 1, , .uf J 1241 5 9 REX LIBIQISW i W 1 I -mp TOn'cu EhlZ'.?E'.'?E'2'sE'.E"I2'f"f4'F5' UHHHHHHIUH SCHOOL EHLIFUHHIH VIJL.14,1939 I Undergoing a complete though gradual change, Torrance High School now takes its place among the leaders of the Los Angeles School System. From a small-town school it has evolved into a competent student-controlled organization New courses ol study have been inaugurated and a Vocational Guidance system has been established. Expansion has made necessary the erection of several new buildings, of which the Assembly Hall stands as an example of modern beauty and utility. In addition, Torrance has gained supremacy in the athletic field. The school is now taking its rightful place in community life. A cooperative understanding has been established between the school and the churches, the service clubs, the merchants, and the parents. These improvements have been brought about by a man who came to Torrance High School as prin- cipal, tour short years ago. The debt we owe him can never be repaid. To our friend, Thomas Elson, in gratitude tor his foresight, his keen understand- ing, and his ceaseless efforts, we dedicate the 1939 Torch. , ,, , .,, ish, ,. ..i-i.... 747. -is-V-7 Y- --V - I F -1 l0ItiWOIlIl Tremendous advances made by photography throughout the past half century stand as an inspiring symbol of our twentieth century World. Modern photography lives as a record oi the course of our civilization in the cultivation ot art, industry, and science. As the present craze for candid camera depicts the American people in their pursuit of everyday living, so We in turn hope to grasp and preserve a representative portion of our high school activities and careers Within these iew pages. Thus, We are able to visualize past and present, and through their comparison, in some measure, realize the unlimited horizons of tomorrow. xx . flue I 1 EIUUHH I Nu - AN Al sum p IIIRCH STAFF Coral Lindernan Virginia Trailer Edgar McDonald Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager Van Ness Barnard Boys' Athletics Bill Buckley, Clyde Anderson, Van , Barnard, Ioe Van Kralingen Art Edgar McDonald, Bill Bosche, Eugene Hatter Business Staff Harry Raymond, Claude Mitchell, David Figure-do Ness I I ' I ' lCo-editors . Associate Editor . Marvin Lee Subscriptions Don Hitchcock, Agnes Sopchinsky Activities Arlys Possum, Mina Hormell, David Ross Repfxlferfs Classes . Helen Weir, Lorraine Bedabow Vlfglnlfif Legg' AU1'1UClell C101-1T1Cl'1 Faculty . Coral Lindeman, Polly Bartlett Sponsors Girls' Athletics Ethel Burnham, lvan Grigsby, lulie Shaver, Audrey Stanley Ada Chase, lohn Haig This year, more than ever before, has The Torch been a student project. With the theme of the Candid Camera as an inspiration, pictures have been made ot all phases ot school lite. Except for the class pictures, all Shots have been taken and developed by members of the Camera Club, especially Edgar McDonald, and their sponsor, Mr. Grigsby, or by other students. lt has afforded them immeasurable pleasure and experience. ' Hitchcock Lindemcm Barnard Trailer Well' McDonald Shaver Boshe Figuredo Anderson Sopchinsky Grigsby LEE STUDENT COUNCIL Leech Schroeder, Woodcock, Perkins, Hall lUNlOR HIGH PRESIDENTS Billingsley, Leech STUDENT STORE Stewart, Alvorson, Icxckson, R. Miller Hotler, Benner, Locke, Zornperini, York lst Semester Oificers 2nd Semester Henry Pupkoit ,......,.... ..,..,...... P resident ..e......,.., ...,..... A rthur Woodcock Georgina Tiffany .i,,,,.,,. .,,,,..,.... V ice President ..,..,r.,.... ......................... . .Iohn Hall Virginia Trcxller ....,.,.,,.. ,,,,,,..., - ....,.. S ecretdry ..,.r.......,....... ..,,,.... N orinne Schroeder Arthur Woodcock ,......,.. .....,,,..,. C ommissioner of Finance .......... ......e.. M crvin Goettsch Bill Stewart ,,,,t..,...,.,.,, ...,... . .. W Commissioner of Athletics ........ , ....,...,....... Bill Stewart Merle McHenry ........, .......... C ommissioner of Entertainment ,..,,,,, ....,....,. H elen Weir Dick Beecher. ,,,,.,.,. ....... C ommissioner of Group Control ..,...,,,,. ............. D ick Beecher Muriel Alverson ,,,.,,,,. ..,,,,,. G irls' Self Government President ,,...,.., .......... P hyllis Schultz Ray Richhcirt, ,... .,.,,,. B oys' Self Government President t.,.,,.., ..,,......,,, H cxrold Mcfssie Kenneth Perkins .,,,,,,,., ..,..,.,...i,. A dvertising'Mcmciger ,v....l..... ..... ......... K e nneth Perkins Georgina Tiiianyn, ,.,..., ..,,,i.,.,.,. G .A.A. Presidente.- ,....,.,,,. .. ............. Lucile Acree Bert Lcimb .,.. .,......,,........,.,.,,,,,, ,..,,,,., ,...,..., S t or ge Crew Mcmoger .....,..,,...., ..,..,,,,, ,,...,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,.. B e rt Lcxrnb Dick Leech .,,,,,.,Y,.,,.,,., .,...,..t.,....,...,........,,,,..... I unior High President ,,,,,,...,., ......,.,.,.....,.,,,,,.... G eorgia Billingsly Advisory Members lohn Gcxndsey, Dcxvid Figueredo, Iohn Schwctrtz, Bill Stewcr rt, Dctvid Figuere-do Mr. Elson Adviser ..t...........,...,, ,,,,, . .............,,..,.,,,,..,,......... ..,.....,.,.,t,, .....,.,......,,.,.,,..i,....,ii,.,,i,.,i,,,,,-,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,, , , lUIll l IIIIU llll Wallace, Sheehan, Richardson, Trezise, Stewart, Goettsch ORCHESTRA Top Row: Hatter, Woodcoclc, Mendez, Disario, Woodburn. Pierson, DeBra, H a m IH o n cl, Prime, DeLong. Smith, Kelly, Walls, Daniels. Nuckles, Mrs. Haflner, Murrey. PICNIC CONSUMER'S RESEARCH CLASS B. Figuredo, York, Beecher, D. Figuredo, White, Emerson, Snyder. STRA Smith, Bob Hatter, Mary dard Clarinet- ell. ORCHE Director-Mrs. Hallner Wooclcock, Norma Hammond, Stuart Paul Pierson, Iames Weir, Kieth God . Elden De Long. Tuba-Edwin Row Rose Mary Disario. n Violins-Thomas Nuclcles, Barbara Walls, Iarnes Woodburn. Trumpet--Billy Kelly, Iarnes Prime. Saxophone-Gabriel Mendoz. Trombone- Drums-Beatrice Murrey, Doris Daniels, I. A. Barrington. Xylophone- TARTAR KNIGHTS Events-Tartar Court, Tartar Knight Dances, Excursions to lohn Marshall and Alexander l-lamilto h Schools. , Officers 2nd Semester Captain .......Ir. Richardson lst Lieutenant ......... ............... B ill Stewart Lieutenant .,.,,. Harold Trezise lack Sheehan .. Mr. Elson Hig lst Semester Gilbert.. Ralph ' Rossi ....... Ferrucio art Bill Stew ....,..,... ehan ......... lack She Sponsor ........ milntlntltsntsy M ltlllltllllltil NEWS TIIHIIH Special Events: Publication of Torrance News. Attending Marine League Press Meetings. lst Semester Editor-in-chief .,,,.,,,.,.......,,,,,..,,....., David Figueredo Editor, ,,,,,,,,,t,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,........,..,,,.,, M arvin Goettsch Sports Editors ,..,, ,,,Bi1l Stewart, Iohn Schwartz Tartar Sauce ,,,i,. ,.,......,..A..,.,.........., P hyllis Schultz Girls' Page Editor .,,,.........,.,,....,.. Audrey Stanley Front Page Editor ,,,....... .,,,.,, .,... E d McDonald Advertising .......,i..,.,..,.,..,.,... ..,.....,. K enneth Perkins Circulation Manager ,,l,....,..,.., ,Dave Figueredo Associate Editors-Virginia Trailer, Bob New- man, Elizabeth Bowen, Iohn McDonald Znd Semester Editor ...........,,,.,,.,...,..,,.............,..,........., Bob Emerson Sports Editor .,....,.,..,,l Robert Iackson, Carl Ioyce Advertising Staff ..,. Rudella Bays, Ieanne Howe ' ' .Harry Raymond Claude Mitchell ,........,..Claude Mitchell ...,,.,Ioe Van Kralingen ..........l-larry Cwengel Associate Editor .,......,,...,.......,.,...., Club Reporter .,.,.. Puzzle Editor ,,,...... Exchange Editor .,.... Front Page Editor ..,,., Feature Editor ...,,., ,. Shaver .....,....l-larry Cwengel Sponsor ,,,,,t,,,, ,... .,,. ,.,,.....,,..,,. ,....,..,.....,., M 1 s s Mills T.N,T. STAFF MEMBERS . 1 t R : R d, I , E , C l Thomas, Eiguredo, Fessenden, Nuckles, Schultz, Zia Box: 13512221 Boggs' Vgnsriighngffniitchell McDonald, Goettsch Shaven I , GETTING THE NEWS Kirkland, Doan, Harris, Lukes, Moyer, Hormel, Zamperini, Schroeder, Vincent, Carlin, Pierson Thompson, Toler IUNIOR CHOIR Officers President-David Delano A VlCe-PTeSld9Hl-GSOIQS PUllII1Cll'l Secretary-May Zdrale 'Znd Row: Turner, Clark, Alverson, Allen, Moon, Shaver. Treasurer-Lorraine Stanley Top Row: Sheehan, Wertella, Boyd, Seernatter, Sponsor-Mrs. Cooke IUNIOR MADRIGALS Officers V President-Phyllis Campbell Vice-President-Rowland lustice Secretary-Virginia Hall Treasurer-Connie Fernley Sponsor-Mrs. Cooke Top Row: Russell, Hall, lustice 2nd Row: Foster, Fernley, Campbell, Neff, Findley A CAPPELLA CHOIR Special Events December-Christmas Program-both Choirs. February-Choir festival-breakfast. April-Numbers tor Education Week, Religious Week. May 4-6-Program for Rotary Club. Iune 7-Quartet Aucl Call. Master Singer Guild Assembly. lune 14-Festival of all Choirs. Iune 22-Commencement-both Maclrigal Choirs. A CAPPIHA l2HOIllS McVicar, Wright, Leet Miller, Delano, Pullrnu Zdrale, Stanley Sheehan, Alverson, Klink OFFICERS OF A CAPPELLA President-Muriel Alverson Vice-President-Don Seematter Secretary-Margaret Moon Treasurer-Maxine Clark Sponsor-Mrs. Cooke All choirs. BADMINTON CLUB Officers President-Wallace Steinhilber Secretary-Marcia Rous Sponsor Miss Vaubel Marcia Rous and a committee wrote the Constitution, which includes rules and regulations. Each mem- ber furnishes his own racket and provides proper clothing. The Club has furnished shuttle cocks and pur- chased three nets. They negotiated for the construction oi bases and a tournament with the Susan Dorsey High School during April. Wallace was responsible for the setting up of equipment and made arrangements with the gym instructors for extra practice every Thursday afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30. Sternhilber ELECTRONIX CLUB The Electronix Club is a recently organized club which took the place of the old Radio Club and operates under the sponsorship oi Mr. Wad- dingham. The members are all very much interested in radio, and that constitutes their main activity. Although this club was organized recently, it shows promise ot bein as useful as its predecessor. 9 s an 133' Oiiicers President-Harry Lewis Vice-President-Iohn Schwartz Secretary-Bob Newman Sponsor Mr. Waddingham Top Row: S h e e h a n, Waddingham, Lewis, Seematter. 2nd Row: Raymond, Schwartz, A Dowell, Newman. Talley, I, Dowell, Iackson. I13l Rous Top Row: Rathbun, Wallace, Van Kralingen 2nd Row: Raymond, Thompson, Clark, Mitchell .1 1 Slltllllll l3IllllIPS SAFETY COMMISSION The purpose of this commission is to provide safety throughout the school and prevent accidents that may happen. It is composed of several boys and a girl. It takes care of the fire drills held from time to time. Medical equipment is checked frequently so that in case of accident equipment will be adequate. This group acts upon problems that may endanger the students of Torrance High and brings about better safety for the students. Adviser-Mr. Elson. HALL AND BOUNDS PATROL The functions of this organization are of a varied nature. One is to aid students to pass efficiently and quietly between periods. This is accomplished by students stationed at localities likely to become congested. Hall officers also help direct traffic along the best waysp last but not least, certain students that show symptoms of forgetting the fundamental principles of good manners and safety are reprimanded. Another function, somewhat indirect but most important, relates to the training officers of the Hall and Bounds Patrol gain from this activity. A short study of their approved reforms will help the reader form conclusions as to the development in character afforded members of this organization. STAGE CREW Manager-Bert Lamb. Crew-Harris, Grothman, Bill Buckley, lack Sheehan, Charles Bray, Eugene Hatter. Adviser-Mr. Burchett. The Stage Crew is a group of hard-working fellcws at the beck and call of any of our school organiza- tions. These tellows help make possible the dramatic performances which the whole student body enjoys. The new auditorium has helped the stage crew inasmuch as nearly all of their equipment can be stored safelyback stage. With all of the conveniences of the new stage, this crew can render more efficient service to the school. This organization deserves a big hand tor their splendid work! Its activity schedule includes every aud call, and its big job will be the school play, "You Can't Take It With You." Lamb, Hatter, Sheehan I ' I ' r I fl . 7 . . f. sl ' ,fi 177' lk: as ', I - ff 3: CLP ' , af 52 ' ' ' Gus Maxi FIRE DRILL , Grothman, Buckley, Bray HALL PATROL Officers Supervisors Harry E. Raymond Deputy Supervisors Claude Mitchell Dodos ne Clark Ner Rathbun Ioe Van Kralingen Helen Thompson I. B. Wallace l14l 5 BOY SCOUT CLUB Special Events: Rushing ol new Boy Scouts. Special testing lor merit badges in athletics. Events for the future: ' Group hikes. Outstanding members: lim Prouten-President of the club. Fred Marsteltar-Secretary. AVIATION CLUB It has been the intention ol the club to learn the Department ol Commerce rules and regulations for aviation and to prepare a person to obtain a pilot's license and to become a sate flyer. The members have learned to navigate a com- pass course and select safe weather to ily and to understand the meaning of barometric pressure and dew point oi clouds and humidity. One of the requirements ol the club is to keep a good note book with all information obtained during club periods. The members have taken one trip to Glendale, Calif., where they visited Curtiss Wright Technical Institute oi Aeronautics and also Aero Industries Technical Institute. They also saw many types oi ships such as the Lockheed Hudson bombers which are going to the English government. Ollicers President-Howard Benigar Secretary-Bill Ross BOYS' DAY TRIP Mr. Burchett, lvlowry, Dowell, Thomas, Higgins BOY SCOUTS Top Row: Carlson, Beniger Bottom Row: Ross, Batovsky I Zumwalt BOYS' DAY TRIP tlUlSIIll AIIIIVIIIIS SPHIIAI H0 URS TYPING WARDS SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Kerber Ramskill Friedman TYPING AWARDS TYPING CLUB Officers President-Howard Foster Vice-President-Isabel Russell Secretary-Treasurer-Relda Briggs Sponsor-Miss Weaver Weaver, Russell, Briggs, Foster Top Row: Bender, Peer, Hamman, Norman, McCune, Lukes, Mauk, Ueda. Znd Row: Smarte, Hormel, Thompson, Briggs, Ernst, Wilkes, Thomas, Edwards. 3rd Row: Meade, Wart- han, Hoskins, Pruitt, Rossi, Burchett, Mosher, Clark. 4th Row: Moyer, Bingo, Tanaka, Grasso, Briganti, Russell, Abbott. SCHOLARSHIP Events Banquet at Venice State Conference at Long Beach Polytechnic High Sponsor i,,,, ,r,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,4,,,, .,.....,.,,Miss Mills lst Semester Officers 2nd semester Marian Speheger President Muriel Alverson Bob Isaacs Vice President Amy Dowell Patty Post Secretary Marjorie Rusk Arthur Woodcock Treasurer Virginia Traller Arlys Foster Reporter Wesla Toler Parliamentarian Army Dowell Top Row: Bortnem, Hogberg, Floyd, Vincent, H. Sopchin- sky, E. Taylor, Thompson, Ellis, Clouse. Bottom Row: Wil- liams, Hoke, Black, Carlin, McNees, R. Taylor, Whitt. NEW TYPING AWARDS Nowadays, before an employer will hire a commercial student, he asks to see his Vocational Efficiency Certifi- cate. Before meriting one of these certificates the student must meet certain requirements. His qualifications are printed on the certificate, and he is graded on each of them. Included in the list is the speed of shorthand a pupil does: correspondence, bookkeeping, business Eng- lish, character, accuracy, neatness, personality, courtesy, cheerfulness and typing ability. Those graduating this summer who will receive their certificates are: Eileen Black, Frances Bortnem, Ramona Carlin, Betty Clouse, Geneva Ellis, Helen Floyd, Thelma Hogberg, Irene Hoke, Anabel McNees, Norma Patterson, Helen Sopchinsky, Euphrasia Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Evelyn Vincent, Iune Whitt, Margie Williams, Thelma Thompson. Por the second consecutive year Thelma Hogberg won the typing cup-Thelma now types about 65 words a minute. ll6l Sponsor ,,.......,. .. 7 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA lst Semester Oiticers 2nd Semester Milton Carlson .,,v...... .......... P resident ...... .......,.. T homas Zumwalt Leslie Hedrick .,.,.. ,.,..,.,. V ice-President ,..... A........,.... Y asuo Fukai Harold Trezise ,.,,,,,.,. ,,,,4,. S ecretary-Treasurer ......,A. Bob Schwartz Clifford Powell ..,.......,.,.,...............,,.l,,,......,..,,.. Reporter ................................,................. Harold TreZiSe Mr. Harry Stone Zurnwalt, Trezise, Hedrick Condon, Vaughan October, 1938-L.A. County Fair, Pomona. Feature Booth, Fourth Prize. Egg Production Contest lLes1ie Hedrickl, Second. Poultry Iudging Team: Milton Carlson, Marshall Condon, Thomas Zumwalt. Nov. 20, 1938-Great Western Livestock Show, Vernon. Nov. 27-29-Clear Creek Forestry Center, Dec. 4, l938-Whittier, Soil Conservation Tour. Feb. 4, 1939-Regional F.F.A. meeting, Newport Harbor. Leslie Hedrick, Harold Trezise, Doyle Hornback, representatives. Feb. ll, 1939-Percheron Horse Field Day, Riverside. Bob Beniger, Second High Individual. Feb. 24-26, 1939-Clear Creek Forestry Center, Mt. Wilson. March l, i939-Co-operative Marketing Associations. Public Speaking Contest. Torrance Finals, Thomas Zurnwalt, Yasuo Fukai, Robert Beniger. March 9, 1939-Arbor Day, Tree Planting, Forest Service Program. March ll-13, 1939-Imperial County Fair. March 25-Chino Vocational Field Day. Dairy Iudging Team: Powellg Livestock Iudging Team: Zurnwalt, Beniger, Rathbun. April l5-Newport Harbor Poultry Field Day. May 3-5-State F.F,A. Convention and ludging. Finals: Dairy Team-Osamu Nihei, Clifford Powell, Bob Schwartz. Livestock Team-Robert Beniger, Thomas Zurnwalt, Yasuo Fukai Local Field Trips to Dairies, Hog Ranches, Poultry Farms, Landscape Designs. if TREE PLANTING CEREMONY BUILDING CHICKEN COOPS J lllllllli FARMERS OFFICERS VARSITY CLUB lst Semester Officers 2nd Semester Gerald Grubb ,,,,...A,.... ,..,..,,,,,,,, P resident ...,.....,.. ..,. Dean Barkdull Marvin Goettsch ,,,,.. ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,. V ice-President ........,... ., ..,. Harold Trezise Kenneth Perkins ,........ ,,...,... S ecretary and Treasurer ,....., ,,.,,.. R obert Figueredo Bill McGinnis .,,,,,,,, , ,,..,, Sergeant-at-Arms ,,.. r..r.,,.,,,,,rr ,,,,...,rrr,.r B i ll McGinnis Army Dowell ,,,,.r..,rr.,....,..............r.........,..,..,.., Reporter .,,..,,....,,rr..,r. ,,.,,,,...,,,,..,,,,rrr,,, M arvin Goettsch Sponsor r,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,rr,,,,,,rrrr,. ..r,.,,,,,,,,,r..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,.rr,r...... ........,.r,,. M r P, Zamperini, Mr. Barr As one might judge from its name, this group is composed ol sports-minded boys who have earned a varsity letter in some major sport, Their main service to the school is to create a high standard of sportsmanship. At the present time, the school to which the Marine League sportsmanship trophy will be awarded is unknown. It it should come to Torrance High, part of the credit would go to the Varsity Club. The activity schedule of the club this year consisted of the reorganization of the club, the drawing up of the first constitution it has ever had, the noon dances which were very successful, and last but not least, the unique initiation ceremony. VARSITY llllllt I l 1 Barkdull, Figueredo 8 9 AI HDMI Allll Allllllllll IUNIOR RED CROSS - Events February-Trip to headquarters in Los Angeles. April-Club Party. May 13-S.C.l.R.C. Convention in Pasadena. Iune-Red Cross Aud Call for Associated Students. Candy Sale. Officers President A ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,A.,,, ,....,....,,A,,,, V i vian Wertalla Vice-President ,,,,, ,...,..,.,...,.A.. ,....,.......... E l izclbeth Anthony Secretary ,,,,,,.,,,, ......,.,,.,..,..., P hyllis leanne Schultz Treasurer ,.,,.,. .,,,....,.,,,...,..A.....,.,.. N orinne Schroeder Reporters .... . ..,.,..... Iune Nuckles, Hazel Fessenden Sponsor .,,, .. ,.,7,,,,,,, ,AA,...,......,,,... ,..,.,,A..............,,.,.,......,,......... M i ss Locke ALLIED YOUTH Special Events Awarding of Charter: Potluck dinner at Mr. Officers President-Kenneth Perkins Vice-President-Phyllis Schultz Secretary-Ioan Ramskill Treasurer-Norinne Schroeder Adviser-Mr. Mowry LATIN CLUB Activity March 29-Latin Club Banquet Officers President-lenoyne Barkdull Vice-President-Harry Cwengel Secretary-Wesla Toler Treasurer-Betty Iune Pierson Reporter-Ormsby Miller Sponsor-Mrs. Morse MoWry's home. JUNIOR RED CROSS Anthony, Wertella ALLIED YOUTH Perkins, Schultze, Ramskill LATIN CLUB Lecrke, Barkdull, McAnalIy, Toler, Pierson Guttenfelter, Miller, Rusk 1 Miss laneves M. ,B b , , McNees, Vincent, Hogberg, Bortnem longs Gr mossq uhe can E Iones COMMERCIAL CLUB Officers President-Anabel McNees Reporter-Geneva Ellis Vice-President-Thelma Hogberg Sergeant-at-Arms-Alfred Mason Secretary and Treasurer-Frances Bortnem Sponsors-Miss M. lones, Miss laneves Dec. 6, 1938-Trip to Coor's Pottery Factory and the Chinchilla Farm, both ot Inglewood. Pot-luck dinner at Miss Iones' home in Palos Verdes. Dec. 16, l938-Club entertained by Miss Erickson from I. C. Penney's store, who spoke on "Salesrnanship." Ian. 13, l939-Aud call for the student body at which the subject ol Counterfeit Money was covered by a U.S. Secret Service Agent. Winner of the annual typing contest was presented with the silver cup with her name engraved on it. Thelma Hogberg has won this honor for two years in succession. March l0, 1939-Mr. Ludlow, the personnel manager from the National Supply Company, spoke on "Per- sonal lnterviews and Application Blanks." April 14, 1939-Mr. Powers, the Deputy Marshal ot Los Angeles, spoke on "Gregg Shorthand." May 2, 1939-Commercial Club banquet in the High School Cafeteria. Four guest speakers were presentg the theme was "May Day". Gavels were presented to the three past presidents and awards were given out. Iune 9, l939-Tea for the graduating members by the newer members of the Club. Commercial Club pins purchased. The club undertook the work of preparing a yearbook. commtnm 1 ctun l2Ul lst semester Barbara Hall ...,..., TORRENSIC FORUM Officers President 2nd semester Kenneth Perkins ,.....Army Dowell john McDonald ,,,.,,,,,,,,, ....... V ice-President ....,,.. .,., Georgina Tiffany ,,,,,,,,, ....... S ecretary ......... ..,.,.. M argie Williams Hurry York ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .........., T reasurer .......,.... ,,,.,,.....-.. H arry York Eugene Hatter ,,A,,,,,, ,.,,,...,,..,... R eporter ,.,,,...........,, ,......,,..,,,. I ack Thomas Kenneth Perkins ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,..............,.,. ........ , ......., S e rgeant-at-Arms .,.,........... ,...............Y.,.,,,...........,..,...,.,,. I . B. Wallace Bob Tolson ,,iiA,,,,,,,i,,,,ii,,,ii,,,,,.,.,,,............. ,..... .,.......,. S o cial Chairman ........,.. L ..... ,.,,........... ,..,..,,,.,..,...., B e rnard Friedman Visit to the Los Angeles Times Building. Dinner at Clitton's. Visit to the Griffith Park Planetarium. Debate- Adoption of Socialized Medicine. Panel-United States Navy. Swing vs. Classical Music, Visit to Arden Ice Cream Company--C.B.S. Studio. Club party. Adoption oi club pin. Visit to Los Angeles courts, jails. Council. CLEAN-UP CLUB Events Sponsor-Mrs. Young President-Charles Grubb Vice-President-Iames Snyder Secretary-lohnny Rogers Sergeant-at-Arms-Paul Smith A dancing party was held at Mrs. Young's house this semester. The party was started off by some good games, and then refreshments were served. They danced afterwards, and had an enjoyable evening. All the members are cooperating in making this club a success, Gerald Grubb, Walter Edmunds, Bill Parton, lack Hornell, Percy Thompson, Rolly Andrews, Dean Barkdull, Roger Hornback, Doyle Hornback, Kenneth Vaughn, Leslie Hedrick, Bill Darling, Bob Berry, Harry Slover, Ioe Basile. CAFETERIA CLUB Star Members: Ray Veelik, Bob Hatter, Bill Kelley. Other Members: Charles Rippy, Harold Shell, Bill Ingram, Bud Thomas, Sam Iohnston, Iames Woodburn, Fred Wilkes. Student Assistants: Ermanell Smith, Mary Turner, Marie Turner. Each girl is assigned several boys tohelp her carry on the regular cafeteria work, lst Row: Hook, Marek, Young, Monson, Paxman, Kerber, Smith, Hippick, Pearson. 2nd Row: Packharn, Frizzell, Lin- coln, Moine, W. Campbell, Turner, Patterson, Baxter, Prowten, Miletich. 3rd How: Locke, Crunk, Prime, Breiner, Whiting, McAllister, Grigsby, Peer, Wallace, Warclrop. THE CAMERA CLUB President-Harold Kerber Vice-President-Richard Paxman Secretary-Howard Locke Reporter-Fred Lincoln Sponsor-Mr. Grigsby V Several meetings were spent in taking pictures around the campus, e' some of which were turned in to the Annual Staff. Snapshot contests were held both semesters. V ,. CAFE CLUB Rippy, Woodburn, Thomas, lohnston, Hatler, Wilkes, Shell, Kelley. Hatter, B. Ingram, RIFLE CLUB President-David Figuredo Vice-President-Bert Lamb Secretary-Treasurer-Harry Lewis Sergeant-at-Arms-I. B. Wallace Sponsor-Mr. Burchett THE TRAVEL CLUB May 19-Picnic at Exposition Park, Visit to Museum and state building. Officers lst semester Znd semester President-Harold Voiren ......,. Clair Iohnson Vice-Pres.-Wilson Woodburnwl. lackson Secretary--Marian Thompson .... Doris Webb Reporter-Victor Cowan ........ Victor Cowan Serg.-at-Arms-Fred Hicks. ......... Fred Hicks Sponsor-Miss Eva Iones 211 FORUM OFFICERS TRAVEL CLUB York, Williams, Findley, Dowell lohnson, Hicks, Mrs.Iohnson,MissIor1es V .l Townsend, Webb, Webster 9 Alillll ll SlIH0lll RADIO CONSTRUCTION PHYSICS CLASS HOMEWARD BOUND SENIOR RECEPTION EASTER EGG HUNT BIOLOGY CLASS IAPANESE DANCERS NOON HOUR JAPANESE AUD CALL PARENTS AND TEACHERS IZZI EAST-WEST lIlllltS LA GOLONDRINA CLUB Events Programs for P.T.A. Programs for and calls Oiiicers President-Esther Hernandez Vice-President-Eva Guzman Secretary-Mary Louise Pina Treasurer-Mary Louise Pina Reporter-Mary Mora SPANISH CLUB Special Events Ioint Latin and Spanish Club Ban- quetg gala affair with theme of Roman gods and goddesses. Trip to Padua Hills, attending play, Midsummer Night's Dream. Q President-Lois Iayne Allen . Vice-President-Louise Thompson Secretary-Jeanne Howe Reporter-Virginia Hill Sponsor-Mrs. Boynton Thompson, Strautman, Marsteller Allen, Hill, Wright, Howe, Obole IAPANESE CLUB Oificers President-Masako Sueda Vice-President-lviasaski Ikezoe Secretary-Yoneko Mochizuki Treasurer-Yczsuo Fukai Sponsor-Mrs. Cooke The Iapanese Club oi Torrance High School is a service club, aim- ing to do the school some service by providing entertainment at an aud call, sponsoring a shell oi lap- anese books in the library, and con- tributing to a spirit ot lriendship and good will by including students of ' any race in meetings and social l events. The members of this club are proud of the good records of mem- bers in citizenship, and of their in- terest in the care ol school plants and grounds. Top Row: Shimotani, Fuji, Omatsu, Saeda, Honda, Miyamoto. 2nd Row: Osawa, Nakoyoka, Mine, Tanaka, Hata, Yasunaga, T. Harata Hamano, Ikezoe, Shimatsu, K. Haruta T231 ARAKAWA CLUB WINNERS Hogberg ' Lamb lean Yoder I Willing pianist LIFE MEMBERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Dowe-11, Woodcock, Isaacs EPHEBIANS Alvorson, Page, Traller, Anthony Traller Woodcock .- .s v TYPING CUP WINNER Hogberg AMERICAN LEGION AWARD flst semesterl Miletich, Leech Z YELL AND SONG LEADERS Piper, Howe, Hammond, Fossum, Hitchcock HAll UI IAIVII FIDAC ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS Whiting, Strautman, Allen, Bays SCIWCIL IICSZOG L 24 1 L QI E251 VE Nui TI-IREE'S A CROWD! IN THE MOUNTAINS COOLING OFF AT THE BEACH HEART THROB WOO WOO NICKY TARTAR GOING ABOARD BATHING BEAUTIES COUPLES CAMPING FAKE ACCIDENT TRACTORETTE DATES SOME BOY FRIEND! POSING IN THE GARDEN UH CAMPUS we I HUWIHIEWHTUH ll.. PRINlIlPAlS'FAClllI 1' I." Pm lIIPAl THOMAS H. ELSON "YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE ONE THAT GOT AWAYW' The sport ot fishing has led him to Cast his rod in a great many distant places-has tished in mountain streams of Oregon and High Sierras and in lakes of Minnesota and lndiana-pursues deep sea fishing along coast from Point Doom to Coronado Islands-devotes much of his time to Writing stories and books, majority non-fiction-raises flowers-former Lt. Governor of this division of Kiwanis Club-Past Master ot Masonic Lodge-attends movies on average ot once a Week-admits he is still old-fashioned enough to like Claudette Colbert. i231 I29l ELIZABETH F. PARKS ELIZABETH PARKS HAS ONLY ONE DIEFICULTY We know her as a considerate person who settles student problems-has tremendous task of personally making out high school program for each individual-Girls' League Adviser-is modest and retiring-extent ot her welfare work will never be known-spends many happy hours trying to make Aladdin-like changes in home by following decorating recipes found in late magazines-works with plants and flowers in garden on cool summer mornings-spends delightful afternoons with good book-hot days suggest a swim in the ocean-yes, there are many things she enjoys doing-her only difficulty is to find leisure time. Vlllt-PRI llllllll IAIIIIIIY HELEN COLLER DOESN'T PRACTICE WHAT SHE TEACHES Tencling to mechanics ot living keeps her so well occupied that she Iinds time ior little else-teaches Home Economics but avoids doing her own cooking-noted tor her tlawless manners-instructs unique Social Arts class whose members obtain actual practice in etiquette and hospitality by par- ticipating in series ot luricheons. NV' -:gm H FLORENCE HAFFNER HER HOME IS HRAREBIT RANCHO" Horseback riding is her hobby-belongs to orchestra con- ducted by Dr. Cykler in Van Nuys-now planting shrubbery and flowers on Rarebit Rancho-plans to spend summer doing it-raises goats, chickens, and rabbits-teaches or- chestra and instrument classes in 'l'.H.S. ' it T I A9123 I, . ,A Q. -. ji W. A lb T f 'Milf A ' 173 tt ffw f", Jw, ilu I IESSIE WEAVER TOURS HISTORIC CALIFORNIA Was born in Ohio-trained in commercial work at Wood- bury's Business College and at U.S.C.-member oi last class to graduate lrom old Stale Normal School-hears the call ot historic Calilornia and answers whenever she can- her favorite spot is Virginia City, location oi the huge gold mines, and the town in which Mark 'l'wain had tirst news- paper. RUTH LOUISE EDWARDS MAY SOME DAY SING IN OPERA A lover of music, she has taken vocal lessons tor two years -spends hours and hours playing bridge-horseback riding is her favorite sport-week-end trips to mountain resorts provide tun and relaxation,-formerly taught English, I-listory, and Art in Brawley-will go to summer school at U.S.C. and attend New York Wor1d's Fair. MR. MOWRY FINDS TEACHING OF CHEMISTRY TO BE HIS HOBBY Is a native son ot Michigan-used to work on tarm-was a student ol University ot Michigan and U.S.C.-says teaching takes up all his leisure time-would enjoy going East this summer. MABEL BOYNTON DOESN'T KNOW MEANING OF LEISURE TIME A native Californian and a resident ot our own fair city-' attended University ot California at Berkeley-d0esn't have a garden-seldom attends a movie-her waking hours are spent in the Attendance Ollice Where lrom day to day she records absences and lardiness-tracks down "cuts" like C! Sherlock Holmes. RUTH M. LOCKE HAD ALWAYS PLANNED TO TEACH ALGEBRA Travel is her greatest pleasure-spent last summer in New Zealand, Honolulu, Samoa, and Fiji Islands-collects rocks and coral as inexpensive hobby-numbers among her col- lection a garnet rock from Alaska, stone lrom petritiecl torest in Arizona, and tiling from St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome- attended U.S.C.-makes mathematics interesting and enjoy- able subject. EVA IONES HAS VARIETY OF PITCI-IERS Collects unusual pitchers-among assortment she has one with a Dickens' character head, one called a President Coolidge pitcher, and a George V Silver jubilee pitcher- circumstances force her to indulge in unpleasant pastime oi killing snails that threaten her pansy bed. ROBERT BARR STELLAR FOOTBALL PLAYER Native ot Colorado-came to Calitomia at tender young age -attended Venice High School and became Student Body President--entered U.C.I...A.-there he was outstanding in football and rugby-came to Torrance High School atter graduating from college in 1937-now head coach in toot- ball, baseball, and tennis. ADA CHASE SKETCIIING IS HER HOBBY Graduate ot Chicago Art Institute-extremely interested in her little home-collects articles designed in shape oi tish- traveled a great deal throughout America and southwest- made one crossing to Europe-makes illustrated diaries ot the odd and interesting people and places she sees while on her journeys. ISUI 3 ION ES SHEARER KELLY BARROW BEHR HORNING DUNCAN VAUBEL GRABER MARGUERITE E. IONES GARDENING A WONDERFUL HOBBY TO HER It is lots of fun and good exercise-reducing, too. Souvenir spoons as mementoes of delightful trips are another ot her interests, Spoons from Asia, Africa, United States-including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico are included in her collection. CLARA SHEARER TUTORED HOLLYWOOD CHILDREN Travels between her home and home of relatives in Salt Lake City-a member of Eastern Star Chapter in Culver City -executive secretary of High School Teachers' Association -taught children and extras for the motion pictures, "Little Men" and "Louis Pasteur". EDITH KELLY INDUSTRIOUS CLUB WORKER An active member of Palos Verdes Woman's Club-was Chairman of Public Affairs Committee last year-also mem- ber of P.E.O. Chapter, national organization for women. FRANK BARROW HE SAYS HIS LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK, BUT-- Has attended and taught at numerous high schools and colleges-has noble and illustrious pastime of keeping girls and boys out of trouble-and it consumes all his leisure time. This summer he is going to keep girls and boys out of trouble. FLORENCE BEHR LOVES TO SEE A GOOD MOVING PICTURE When she leaves the library she takes up host of other interests-chief pride and joy is garden of beautiful Palos Verdes home-couldn't be librarian without being tond ot is a good fourth for bridge fwe hear she is quite a card sharkj-thoroughly enjoys life. 1 U In-5: :IFES NOAH HORNING CHANGED HIS MIND AND OCCUPATION Has attended numerous colleges throughout United States- for instance, Colorado Teachers' College and University ot Chicago-planned to be a doctor but became shop teacher -finds most of his time is taken up by teaching reedcratt- cannot resist lure of the mountains-will be San Francisco bound this summer. MURIEL DUNCAN HERS IS A SUCCESS STORY Born in New York City-overcame handicap ot infantile paralysis to become teacher of physical education-spent summer 1937 doing World's Y.W.C.A. counseling in Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and England-conducts Baptist summer camp for senior girls at Pacific Palisades-in charge ot junior girls' denominational camp at Thousand Pines. SARA VAUBEL HAUNTS SKATING RINKS Ice skating once a week is her formula for exercise and physical fitness-concerts as often as possible, to appease her love of music-she attends Philharmonic concerts, the Behymer Series, and Los Angeles Forum-One has but to look into her garden to know that raising flowers is her best loved hobby. ARLENE GRABER PLANS NOVEL EUROPEAN TOUR If war threat does not become imminent, she will see Europe from a bicycle this summer-will stop at hotels along route -trip made possible through facilities of National Youth Movement-is graduate of U.C.L.A.-formerly taught at John Marshall High School-would rather play tennis than eat. reading-attends concerts and plays-swims a great deal- F l I f k WADDINGHAM- MORSE LOCKYER STONE URQUHART AUSTIN MILLERD HAMILTON HARRY STONE FORMER SUPER-SALESMAN During hours ot work or leisure he may be found in a garden-loves his work-studying the wonders of nature offers a hobby of ever-changing interest-claims University ot California at Berkeley and U.S.C. as alma maters-has been employed at a shoe store and at a life insurance company. LILLIAN LOCKYER SHE IS AVIATION CONSCIOUS Her interests range from making hooked rugs to dancing and playing badminton-all aspects oi aviation interest her -plans summer tour of Mexico-taking political science course at U.C.L.A.-on return from Mexico, will write thesis to obtain M.A. degree in political science. ' ETHEL BURNHAM EAMED FOR ATHLETIC PROWESS She Iinds raising a fourteen-year-old niece to be her most absorbing task-indulges in hobby of photography-has line collection of books-is a member of World 'l'oday, a group which discusses world problems-still keenly interested in sports-won "W" in sports at Wisconsin. FRANCIS WADDINGHAM PARAMOUNT USES HIS RADIO EQUIPMENT Before college days he worked in lumber mills, the Edison Company, and electrical industry in Washington-attended Occidental and U.S,C.-school takes up much ot his time- radio and aviation occupy the remainder-he has been tech- nical adviser for several motion pictures-Paramount studio still uses radio equipment purchased from him. BURN HAM ' llllllllll GRACE MORSE NOTHING TOO GOOD FOR DAUGHTER BETSY Pursues such invigorating sports as tennis, badminton, horseback riding, and swimming-but all these minor pleas- ures are totally eclipsed by her first love, Betsy-buying a car ior Betsy is her main project at the present time-San Francisco Fair may be her destination this summer. MADELEINE URQUHART "FAIR" MINDED As a natural hobby for a cooking teacher, she collects recipes of delicious concoctions-reading is another of her many pastimes-takes week-end trips with her son-may be fl-mother member of T.H.S. faculty to "do" the San Francisco air. LEONARD AUSTIN WANTS TO BUILD LIGHTER AIRPLANE Hobby is flying and accordion playing-wants to develop a new airplane this vacation-has attended U.C.L.A. and Teachers' College-Flying takes up all his leisure time. KATHERINE MILLERD INTERESTED IN YOUNG PEOPLE She is member of Women's University Club-will be otiicer next year-vitally interested in young people's clubs and vcifations-may spend summer in San Francisco or New or . CHARLES HAMILTON HSAILOR BOY" Thinks there can be nothing as thrilling and adventuresome as a yachting cruise "over the bounding main"-is a vora- cious reader-a graduate of U.C,1...A.-workecl in a news- paper office before attending college-looks forward to a quiet summer vacation at home. IAMES BURCHETT RAISES BEST BELLE OF PORTUGAL ROSES Fought overseas in signal corps during World War-tra- veled extensively over Europe during l9l8-attended Santa Barbara, U.S.C., and Stanford-indulges wholeheartedly in hobby of raising flowers-is sure that there will be plenty of work around the house for him to do this summer. PETE ZAMPERINI EARNED NICKNAME OF "SPEED" Came from New York state-as most everyone knows, grad- uated from Torrance High-entered Compton Iunior College -in his last semester was elected president of his fraternity and president of the student body-later, graduated from U.S.C. "cum laude"--received fellowship to teach basketball and swimming at University lor one year-following year came to coach at Torrance. MINNIE IANEVES DAUGHTER OF EGYPT She has traveled extensively throughout Orient, Europe, Mexico-saw America tirst-birthplace, Egypt-perhaps that accounts for gypsy in her soul-attended Manual Arts .High School, U.C.L..A., and U.S.C.-has varied interests-her favorite recreations are tennis, ice skating, dancing-now taking course in flower arrangement. MARGARET ADAMSON ALLEN DOESN'T MIND TELLING HER AGE Glendale High School grad-age, twenty-eight-has ana- lytical mind-taught Americanization to aliens-was social worker in General Hospital-member of Phi Lambda Theta, U.S.C. honorary sorority-sponsor of T.H.S. Sub-Deb Club- mainly interested in young people, food, and travel-now working toward Administrative credential and l:ld.D. at U.S.C. MARIOBIE COOKE SHE AND HUSBAND INSTRUMENTAL DUO Her main interests are lovely home and garden, of which she has every reason to be proud-can often be found accompanying Mr. Cooke at the piano, while he gives forth at the electric organ-belongs to professional music club lor teachers-attends concerts so regularly that they have practically become a part of her daily life. IVAN GRIGSBY IS INTERESTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY Teaching and family takes up most of time--was a student at Bradley Polytechnic at Peoria, Ill.-is most interested in candid cameras, etc.-would enjoy going east to New York Fair this summer. IRENE MILLS CONDUCTS ORCHESTRA Enjoys camping trips-finds National Forests to be ideal camping locations from which she mov practice her hobby of hiking-carries on interesting and educational corre- spondence with people from ioreign countries-is at present conducting a very successful string orchestra. AMY E. BULL PRONOUNCED "AMIABLE" BY ASSOCIATES Thirty pounds less of her than when she began school last fall-as a hobby specializes in art needlework, knitting, weaving, and Crocheting-finds interior decoration a iasci- nating study-attends all style shows given by large stores -directs annual T.H.S. fashion show-when life becomes dull, she climbs telephone poles with her automobile. STELLA YOUNG MAINTAINS LASTING FRIENDSHIPS Lived in Hemet-knew real-life characters from whom Helen Hunt Iaclcson derived her famous love story, Ramona- Once a month, for approximately twenty years, she and former college friends have attended a luncheon-the ladies sew for poor children in Stanford Home-looks as though their friendships may be permanent. CORA MABEE IAM AND IELLY EXPERT I33l Gardening and putting up jams and jellies keep her con stantly busy-is interested in University Womans Study Club-must be a university graduate to qualify for mem- bership-Club members review the latest books-she plans to do carpenter work on her mountain cabin and visit the San Francisco Fair this summer. IlllSl ISS Slllll IOHN HAIG HAS WONDERFUL SINGING VOICE Church soloist and choir leader-badminton is most exciting pastime, next to singing-a graduate ot Los Angeles Iunior College cmd U.S.C.-traveled in Europe-his work ot man- aging school finances keeps him constantly busy-can hardly wait until summer vacation so that he can stay home and take care of the new baby. MARGARET TIFFANY NOTED FOR HER FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS Graduate ot Torrance High School and U.C.L.A,-enoys any type ot music at any place or any time-has made trequent visits to Alaska-tincls travel broadening-collects ten cent store vases-decorates attendance otlice with tlower ar- rangements that bring "Oh" and "Abs" from all who behold them. HELEN HALL ALTAR BOUND Cari think ol nothing but her impending marriage-will not disclose name of lucky man-plans to honeymoon at San Francisco's World Fair this summer. LEITHA SELLS OUT TO GET THE "FEE 'ITTLE FISSIESU Likes to go fishing-catches big' ones and has picture to prove it-as cr good wite should, she does lots of darning and mending-cleans house oiten-burns everything sha cooks, and it inevitably ends up in a garbage can. 34 E351 MR, POWELL Head MR. REED MR. PRIME , 'F- fx MRS. PRIEST MR. PRICE MR. BUTCHER MR. WHITE MR. IONES MRS. HARDER MR. SCHROEDER me I E WW L... HllHBAll ' BASH!All ' BA ff." tllttZHIllS ill THE lIllAt2HlS A. Accomplishments of Coach Barr's First Year a. A smashing, crashing, championship football team. b. His baseball team with this year's experience added will be tops. Tennis team ought to take high honors next year. d. Sponsor of the Collective Club. C, B. Coach Zamperini's First Year Successes a. Basketball team best success in years-next year better-champions in the making. b. With the few fellows who came out for the track team, he has done wonders. c. Sponsor of Boy Scouts, LEAVING THE FIELD COACH ZAMPERINI COACH BARR BIG T ' ALL CITY GRUBB END AROUND OUT OF BOUN DS FOOTBALL PLAYERS IAMES SNYDER-End-Smaller than the average but as tough as they come, Always on the alert, he showed tlashes oi brilliance. CHARLES GRUBB-Tackle-The "Man Mountain" ot the squad. Impossible to move and a hard tackler. Returning letterman. 38 X393 HllllllAll ROOTING SECTION GERALD GRUBB-Guard-The most outstanding Iootball player in the history cl T.H.S. Named to All-Marine, All-City and third strinig All-Southern Calitornia teams tor 1938. Partici- pated in ast-West game in which L. A. trounced Chicago RAY RICHHART--Center-Captain Richhart played his lourth straight season as Varsity center in cr truly superb manner. He was chosen on the All-Marine team because ol his superior line-backing, tackling, and speediness. N CARL HANNI-Guard-Too small to show up as an outstanding player, Carl spent most ol his time digging out lromithe bottom ot every pile. In every tackle. Sultered a slight concussion of the brain alter making six straight tackles' in the Banning game. JOHN GANDSEY-Tackle-An essential cog in the Tartars' steam roller attack. His 200 pounds were a mainstay to an injury- riddled team throughout the entire year. FERUCCIO ROSSI--END--His lirst year out tor tootball, Rossie was good enough to make the lirst string. MAN INIURED ON THE 5-YARD LINE TIME OUT KNOCKED OUT HAROLD TREZISE-End-Big and strong, "Zeke" was superla- tive on defense. EDWARD DAWSON-End-A fast, pass-receiving end who upset a good many plays. PAUL SMITH-Guard-Rough and tough. Small ior a football. player, Smith backs down to no man. An otlensive player. HARRY SLOVER-Guard-The Red Terror. Injured in the tirst practice game, "Red" played a bang-up game against Hiis. GEORGE PECKHAM-Guard-It's a discouraging job playing second fiddle to an All City man, but George stuck it out and gave his all, which was plenty, at every opportunity. KENNETH PERKINS-Quarterback-A heady field general, Kenny' made the most ol Torrance's steam-roller power attacks and piloted the Tartars to the championship. MARVIN GOETTSCH - Haltloack -- Second-string All-Marine League and greatly underrated as such. The sparkplug ot the whole squad. HENRY PUPKOFF-Haltback-Our S. B. President in his third year ot varsity competition rose to new heights. AKIGE SHIMATSU-Fullback-All-Marine League. Slrictly a line plunger. Reeled oil 10 to 20 yard gains in Banning game. RALPH GILBERT-Quarterback-An alert, heads-up ball player, Gilberl sparked many a sustained drive during the season. ROBERT FIGUEREDO-Fullback-A rejuvenated guard, Bob showed up well at his new position. AKIRA SHIMATSU-Tiny, but a speed-demon, Akira capably filled in at Goetlsch's position, REGGIE SMITH-Cenler-Saw little action playing second liddle to 60-min. man Richharl, but played a steady, reliable game. Members of the Squad Who Did Not Ge! Letters Frank Carr, Tackleg Ioe Miles, Tackle, injured knee, Dick Beecn- er, End, Wayne Denny, Tackle, Army Dowell, Center, Bill Fulion, Halfback, Harry Lewis, End, Bill Hitche, hind, john Schwartz, Tackle, lack Sheehan, End. GOETTSCH SCORES Top Row: D. Figuereclo, Lewis, Denny, Beecher, Snyder, Harmi, Ritchie, Dowell, Pina. 2nd Row: Barr, Gandsey, B. Figueredo, Akigi Shimalsu, Perkins, Miles, C. Grubbs, Smith, Fulton, Hall. 3rd Row: Akira Shimatsu, Dawson, Slover, Gilbert, Rich- hart, Pupkoff, Goellsch, Peckham, Rossi, Trezise. SQUAD l l TOUCHDOWNI STQPPED BY TORRANQE MAN , ls... ,, IQ4Ol F61 3. A .., 'Ef- BEECHER ISAACS LYMO STEINFILBER RICHARDSON E411 BENDER STEADMAN KERBER HIGGINS PRIME TENNIS TEAM The tennis team did not experience a very successful season this year, but they had sev- eral new players that show promise of becom- ing top ranking players. Tommy Higgins, a veteran of the past two seasons, was first singles and performed very well at that spot. Iohn Lymo, a new enrollee in school, was second singles and gave Tommy plenty of trouble keeping his first singles' spot. The other members of the team were: Wal- lace Stienhilber, third singles, Bob Steadman, fourth singlesg Bob Issacs, fifth singles, Iunior Richardson and Dick Beecher, first doublesg and Leland Bender and Ben Prime, second doubles. Torrance vs. El Segundo Torrance walloped El Segundo 6-l in the first match of the season. The only match lost was the first singles. Torrance vs. Narbonne Narbonne, out for revenge for last year's 3-4 upset, ran wild over Torrance, winning every match. The score was 7-0 in favor of Narbonne. Torrance vs. Banning Banning took the measure of Torrance and won the next match 5-2. Wallace Stienhilber playing third singles, and Iunior Richardson and Dick Beecher playing first doubles, were the only Torrance men to win their matches. Torrance vs. San Pedro' Torrance vs. Gardeners 'Not yet played. g A t if N -Q'-shall? 3 ,-., J "" A I SPORTSMANSHIP BETWEEN I-IEATS RELAY CHAMPSf INSTRUCTIONS fy-ew . l RESTING AFTER A WORKOUT Illrllll RECORD RELAYS BEE AND C Hitchcock, MacDonald, I-Iatler, Slecker Miller, I-Iata, Steckler, Hatter VARSITY TRACK Torrance vs. E1 Segundo TORRANCE. BOILED IN OIL Due to lack of material, the spikesters ot Torrance were working under a great handicap, However, ii the Tartars had more men like Stewart and Hall, they would have overwhelmed the Oilers and every other school they competed with. One outstanding feature oi the meet was the record broken by Stew- art with a broadjump ol 22', a new school record. Another outstanding ieature was the running ol the mile by John Hall in 4 min. 39 sec., in his first competition of the season. In the Bee class, the team came through on top. The Cee's also out- classed the El Segundo men. Torrance vs. Narbonne RIVALS CLASH AGAIN The Varsity was outclassed again but put up a great struggle. By far the most outstanding event of the meet was the jumping ot Stewart to a new all time high ot 6'51l4", 2" from the world's record ol interschol- astic competition. The Bee's and Cee's again triumphed over their opponents. In- the Cee's, Gerald McDonald again shattered the record in the 660-yard broken iust a short time before at Redondo. Eugene Hatter hung up a record tor himself by stopping the clock at I min. 28 sec. in the B-660. T421 SAN PEDRO MEET Torrance vs. San Pedro PIRATES DEFEAT TARTARS This meet was the most important meet for the Tartar B and C teams. It was to determine the l B t am lost the meet by a small margin, and the class championship of the dual meets. The c ass e C title was to be determined in the finals. The most exciting race ot the clay was the 1320 yd. run. Lee Stecker and a Pedro man fought it out all along the back stretch. Lee was the first to the tape, and his time was 3:26.7. In the Class "C", Gerald McDonald broke the record again in the 660. His time was l:3O.4, bettering his own record by 1:08. The outstanding men in the Varsity squad were Iohrt Hall and Bill Stewart. Iohn ran the mile in the fast time of 4 min. 37 sec. Bill leaped 6'4lf4" in the high jump and jumped 22' in the broad jump. Torrance vs. Banning TARTARS vs. PILOTS KMen Against the Seal Same old story, the Tartars lost again in the Varsity competition. However, Iohn Hall turned in a remarkable per- formance of 1 min. 59.8 sec., rarely equaled in high school competition in the 880-yard run. The Bee's and Cee's again chalked up another victory-Winning by 1112 points in the Bee's, and taking the Cee's by 2 points. T' HATA Ivff, V , :,,.V,. ?fIacDONALD R. MILLER PIN A 'Q STEW I 43 I ART BRIGANTI llllllllt The Varsity team was faced with the fact that there were not enough men to win any meets, but Coach Zamperini turned out several individual stars. Bill Stewart, who is noted for his high jumping ability, leaped B'5V4" during the meet against Narbonne. Bill surprised everybody when he broke the school record in the broad jump. It was the first time he had ever attempted to broad jump when he leaped 22 tt. Stewart also picked up a few points in the 100 and 220 yd. dashes. john Hall, last year's star sprinter, ran the distance events this year. Coach entered Hall in a U.S.C. Frosh meet, and Iohn placed second to Weed of Southern California. lohn's time for the two laps was l:59.4, which is just four-tenths of a second slower than Louie Zamperini's high school record. The first time Iohnny ran the mile, he ran it in 4:39, which is faster than any other runner has traveled the four laps in the Los Angeles City School District. Hall also entered the 220 yd. dash and picked up a few more points for the team, Other men who picked up points during the season were Marvin Goettch in the 100 and 440 yd. clashes, Army Dowell in the 440 and high hurdlesg Lee Roy Richardson in the shot put, and Ormsby Miller in the 880 and mile events. Dean Barkdull scored points in the broad jump and pole vault. lean Bordeaux ran the 880 and mileg and Paul Smith, Van Ness Barnard, and Bill Boss ran the 440 yd. dash. The Tartars starred individ- ually throughout the season, but didn't have enough men entered in each event to Win any of the meets. The boys who will be lost by graduation are as follows: Bill Stewart, Iohn Hall, Marvin Goettch, Dean Barkdull, lean Bordeauz, and Bill Ross. These fellows will be greatly missed and will be hard to replace. BEE RELAY NARBONNE FINALS MoNsoN "TIGER" 'SPEED" LOAFING i441 "B" TRACK Led by Lee Stecker, Eugene I-latter, and Cliff Trezise, the mighty Tartar "B's" went through the season with but one deleat. Lee Stecker, a senior took the top honors in the l320, and picked up points in the 220. His tough- est competition was during the Narbonne-Tor- rance meet, and his time was 3:25. Bob Jackson and lim Dowell also ran in this event, and they should take honors next year. Eugene Hatter, another senior, ran l:Z8.9 in the 660. This time he broke the record by 1.1 sec' onds. Hatter also broke the record in the 70 yd. high hurdles by flying over the sticks in the last time of 9L3 seconds. Ioe Van Kralingen, Ralph Pina, and Richard Pearson rated well in the 660, with Van having a slight edge in points scored. Richard Miller, Rowland Iustice and Lee Steck- er made a good showing in the furlong, and the 100 yd. dash was taken care of by Teruzo Hata, Richard Miller, and Louie Briganti. Besides Hatter in the 70 yd. high hurdles the Tartar lightweights had Cliff Trezise, who took turns with Hatter cropping top honors. Teruzo I-lata, Trezise, and Rowland Iustice ran the lZ0 low hurdles and scored many points. The broad jump was taken care of by Richard Miller, Louie Briganti and Fred Russel. Trezise, Beryle Coast and Russel captured many honors in. the high jump. Rolly Andrews starred in the shot put with Coast and Iacobs picking up a few points. Guy DeWitt was always near the top in the pole vault throughout the season. The runners on the relay team were Richard Miller, Briganti, Trezise and Hata, who made the winning points in several of the meets. In the "B" class, graduation will take away our star runners, Eugene Hatter, Lee Stecker, and Teruzo Hata. The teams will miss their points, but graduation has to capture the good athletes some day. 1 7-1 .f r 1 '1 LEWELLEN, PICKING, TREZISE I 45 l HITCHCOCK RICHARDSON YASUNAGA HALL GRUBBS DE WITTE TRACK A. Dowell Beadle Ritchie Aff ,f O. Miller Ross Woods Iustice Parton "C" TRACK The 1939 Tartar ileaweights started out the season in top form. Ted Yasanaga and Wallace Woods came through with top honors in the 120 low hurdles. Woods won some points in the shot put during the season. Gerald McDonald and Don Hitchcock shone in the 660 event. Gerald broke the school record tive times during the season. His best time was made on the new Narbonne Cinder path in the last time ol l:3l,2. Hitchcock was always close behind McDonald in every meet Gnd these boys Should go 10 town during the 1Q4U season, McDonald qlgg picked up q tew points in the 100 yd. dash. Bill Parton led the field in the century and the broad jump. Iiru Daniels and Red Ritchie represented the team in the pole vault, and Bob Golden took top honors in the high Jump throughout the season. The four man 440 relay team was the best in the League. The boys broke the record three times during the early part of the season. The team consisting oi Bob Golden, Wallace Woods, Ted Yasanaga and Bill Parton, traveled the lap in 46 seconds. The credit for turning out such a speedy group Of runners should go to Coach Zamperini. This was his first year as coach at Torrance, and he really turned out a brilliant, dependable, championship team. BASKETBALL Tartars Lose First League Game On Thursday, December 1, the Torrance Tartars tangled with the Banning Pilots tor the lirst game ol the season. The first hall was rather close, but Tweedy, ot Banning, sank tour baskets to clinch the game. Bill Nagel was the out- standing player lor Torrance. He carried away high point honors with ll points to his credit. Gauchos Trounced For the first time in two years the Torrance Varsity won a league game. Their victims were our old rivals irom Nar- bonne. The Tartars took the lead in the first halt and were never headed. Bill Buckley, acting captain, played his best garne. He was outstanding on defense and also sank three long shots, High point honors went to Marvin Lee with 15 points to his credit, Torrance Upsets San Pedro The Tartar Cdgers nosed out the San Pedro Pirates on the Tartars' floor. The Tartar quintet outplayed the Pirates throughout the game. They jumped into a ten-point lead in the first quarter, and managed to keep ahead. When the gun sounded the end of the game, the Tartars were in the lead by a score oi 34 to 32. Tartars Bow to Oilers On December 20, the Tartars traveled to El Segundo. It seems as though their eiiort to win was in vain. 'I'he Oilers played heads up ball, and won by a margin ot eight points. Marvin Lee played an outstanding game. Tartars Scalp Mohicans Torrance barely eked out a thrilling victory over Gardena. The battle was staged on the losers' tloor, Ianuary 10. Marvin Lee led the attack oi the Tartars by swishing through with a total ot 12 points. Banning Marches On Banning again proved to be too good for the Tartar quintet. Torrance held the score down to 27 to 24. Tweedie and Frey got hot in the second half and ran the score way up so that the issue was never in serious doubt. Marvin Lee was high point man with 15 points. ,H I Van Kralingen i461 E471 LETTERMEN INITIATED Narbonne's Second Downfall This game would not do justjce to a so- called basketball team. No one on the Tartar squad really played his best. Even though the Tartars won, it was by a very small margin. Marvin Lee managed to bail in 15 points to retain his place as high point man. Pirates Conquer Tartars ln a game that had no thrilling moments because San Pedro was always ahead, the Pirates conquered the Tartars by a score ot 35 to 18. San Pedro used a last breaking oltense and completely outplayed the 'i'artars. Vinko Matulich, ol San Pedro, scored as many points as the entire Torrance squad. Marvin Lee and Bill Buckley played their usual out- standing game. Tartars Again Bow to Oilers El Segundo held the lead by a lew 'points all throuah the aame. The 'l'artars put up a great light, but they lacked in a strong de- fense. Bill Buckley, candidate tor All Marine League honors, played outstanding ball until out on personal fouls. Marvin Lee walked away with the high point honors once more. Tartars Again Scalp Mohicans The Torrance Tartars gave the Mohicans the beating ol their lives by a score ot SU to 28. The Tartars played very line heads up ball. Marvin 'Lee and Bill Nagel were the Stars ol the game. Marvin found his shooting- eye early in the game and contributed 24 points to the Tartars' cause. 'l'he game was hard fought. and rather rouah, but with the able and lair re'ereeing of the great former coach, B. I. Donahue, the game was kept quite clean. MP4-sxx ' X VtlltSIlY I IlIAlI0 BARKDULL BUCKLEY BRO S S BARKDULL YA N CEY PAXMAN MASSIE YANCEY PAXMAN BARNARD BUCKLEY RICHARDSON DEAN BARKDULL fGuardJ A tall, hard playing fellow, he can usually be de- pended upon for a few good long shots nearly every game. He has another year. VAN NESS BARNARD fl:'orWardl "Sunny" shone in the line of defense for the 'l'artars. A little troubled in shooting, but a good sport. A real promising fellow for next year, WOODCOCK LEE BROSS BARKDULL A IlttSItflItftll SHERMAN BROSS fGuarcll A hard playing guard from Huntington Beach High. His ball handling ability was splendid along with his shooting. We expect to see Sherman back next year. BILL BUCKLEY fGuardl Also a hard playing guard. Lady Luck rode with him in many games. Bill made All Marine League second string. We hope to see him on the All Marine first string next year. MARVIN LEE fCenterl His improvement over last season was amazing. He made All Marine League first string and we hope he can do as well next year. HAROLD MASSIE CC-ruarclt Hal, a senior, is a good man on defense, He stands about six teet, three inches and is a good man to have on our side. We hate to see him go. BILL NAGEL tlforwardi Bill was voted the most valuable man on the team His outstanding performance was a great factor in the team's success. He graduated last February. RICHARD PAXMAN fCenterl A good sport. Rather slow, but he stopped many long passes. He is only a ninth grader. He has three good years left. We hope to see him make good by then. IUNIOR RICHARDSON tForwardl Iunior is a little shorter than most of the players. He seemed to be able to dribble through most anything. He is another senior who will be missed. ARTHUR WOODCOCK llforwardl A fine shot, but a little slow. He was hampered this year by a broken collar bone. He is a senior who will be missed by the whole student body. BOB YANCEY tlforwardi Bob is a dead-eye tor side shot. He moves rather slowly, but gets there. He has saved many a game for us. He will serve again next season. i481 ll llASKllllAll -eq. PRIEST ROSS BEE BASKETBALL The Tartar Bee squad was ham' pered by lack oi experienced ma- terial. They won only one league game and one practice game by small margins, but we hope to see our next year's Bee squad equal the standards of the former 1987 Bee squad. Members ol this year's team are I. Daniels, Clillord Pow- ell, Billy Ross, Ormsby Miller, W. L, Priest, Clyde johnson, H. Pina, lean Bordeaux and Harvey Abra- hamson. i491 VARSITY BASKETBALL The Varsity squad made the finest showing oi any of the Torrance High basketball teams of the past live years. Much of the credit goes to their able coach, Mr. Peter Zamperini. The team was composed of nearly all of last year's Bee squad. Most of the players have one more year to go, and We, the students of Torrance High, wish them the best of luck next season. Even though the students did not give the players their full support all the first of the season, they well made up for it in the latter part. OWELL MILLER 'RW "" 4 X iffffv' - ,ff hi . fl' If DOWELL ORR 1 i 2 A 5 O I 1 1 f E 3 : if A .. p.. 4505! Y . ' '. ' " ' I 2- - 'Ti X . xv x ' ' 'fb I ,A .- ' ' ' Y s xx xx n Xxx 1 n r 4, X I ., . - BRIGANTI HICKS PIERSON I- DOWELL -rl COACH BARR COAST BASE 50 VARSITY BASKETBALL BILL HICKS--Catcher-A very fine catcher came here from Banning, He held down his job of catching very well. He batted fair. KENNETH PERKINS-First base and Pitcher-A good first baseman, he also pitched. A good hitter. He covered the bag well. DICK HALE-Pitcher-A very good pitcher. He pitched good ball and came through when he was most needed. IOHNSON I .-... nag, HAROLD IACKSON-First Base-A left handed boy. played heads up ball. He batted left handed and was a close runner-up in the batting average. FRED HICKS-Second Base-A small fellow, but he played good ball nevertheless. DANIELS-Second Base-This being his first year of varsity baseball, he was a little slow getting started but he showed good work. CLAIR IOHNSON-Third Base-A good third baseman who always could be relied on for consistent playing and good hits. LOUIE BRIGANTI-A fellow who can really play short stop like nobody's business. He can be relied upon for a hit. BILL FULTON-Lett Field and Pitcher-This is the boy known as the star. He led the batting average. He also is a good pitcher. There is no better left field HM man than he. IACKSON 1 .3 5 --4 1 .AY .lun my . C , fr U F' Q '. rl A , S -I Y .e ' r 1 Hi-A ' al' lt A ,I f' 2' N V x ,N 'J , ' A X T -1 A ' if " 5 DANIELS ROWLAND IUSTICE-Left Fielder-The first year out for this boy, but he can play good ball in any man's league. EDWARD ORR-Center Fielder-A tall, slender boy- to his advantage because he can reach up and pull them down. ROLAND ANDREWS-Center Field-An all-around player. This being his first year out, he played good ball and batted fair. ARMY DOWELL-Right Fielder-A senior, this being his last year, he went out and did something by knocking out a few homers. Illll l5ll wi I lx-0 1' if-rl . .vis Y. ' 3. L 4 , , J' 'T Q ' 4 ANDREWS HALE SCORES Torrance ...... . ...... 4 Gardena ,,.. . Torrance ........ ...,.. 0 Banning ,,,,,,, Torrance ........ ...... 2 Narborme ..,,.. Terrence ............................ 2 Sam Pedro .,., TOTTCYUCS--M ....................... 8 El Segundo ..,. . fSan Pedro won the championshipl 'U dw I I SHIIUH L- 'Ju muon s 0 P u 0 v will ,sat LUCILE ACREE -Under the direction of the G.A.A.'s president, Lucile, the l939 Spring Playday was pro- nounced the most successful playday ever held at Torrance. MURIEL ALVERSON-Consistently in the limelight oi Torrance High, Muriel has shown her talents both in Madrigals and as a capable member of the Council. ELIZABETH ANTHONY-Possessor of a sterling person- ality, Elizabeth has done exceptionally well in pro- moting the lunior Red Cross Club, in which she served as Vice-president. MAE BACON-Distinctively talented in costume de- signing and adept in dressmaking, Mae has striking possibilities for becoming highly successful in the fashion industry. SHERWOOD BARKDULL-Planning after graduation to indulge in advance training, Sherwo d distinction of being b ' o has won the a le to mix his interests in beach and school work. POLLY BARTLETT-Good hearted Polly Bartlett, ex- tremely talented in her vocational cooking classes, is ff- making plans tor a career as a Home Economics l Aldemonstrator. BERT BENDER-Excelling in his understanding of the mechanism which constitutes an automobile, Bert ranked prominently in his shop classes. HOWARD BENIGAR-B . in th ecause of his growing interest e latest developments in the aeronautical field, Howard served ably as president of the Pilots' C lub. MELVIN BENNER-Aspiring to be a banker, Melvin has proved to be exceedingly efficient in his office ' practice and bank preparatory work. ' EILEEN BLACK -Rendering indispensable service to the success of Kid Day, Eileen proved to be one of the outstanding individuals ot the class of '39. FRANCES BORTNEM-A truly reliable worker, Frances has freely offered her abilities and talents for all school functions. RAMONA CARLIN-Dexterously active in all of the G.A.A.'s affairs, Ramona skillfully performed her du- ties, as Vice-president ot the organization, which was instrumental in their having a successful season. BETTY CLOUSE-On members to the Selni e of the shy, but ' Betty, in h ' indispensable er quiet manner, lent her support or class. MARSHALL CONDON-Winner of awards from the Pomona Fair, Marshall can well be assured that he occupies a position of recognized ability in the eyes ot al F.F.A.'ers. IEAN BORDEAUX-Pedalling his way to fame and al- ways a good sport, lean has won the admiration of his classmates, as he has won his bicycling. l54l Sl Illlt A ARMY DOWELL-There are bright p ne of the most intelligent conversationalists of our f und morning, noon, or night lit- o class, who may be o b ried in any work of literature. erally u EDDIE DAWSON-Better known as "Red", Eddie was had a truly pleasant disposition, ' tion with it. able to prove he ' h' red hair and the usual assocla rospects for Army, desplte is IEANETTE EVANS-After proving her natural skill as a dressmaker, Ieanette can also be justly acclaimed an outstanding model at the spring fashion show. GENEVA ELLIS-Through sheer pleasantness toward Geneva has been helpful in pro- ' lasses. fellow classmates, m ' tmosphere in her c oting a friendly a t which has LESLIE FOSTER-Unusually gifted in ar, been and probably always will be his main interest in life, Leslie hopes to pursue this as his career. HELEN FLOYD-Since she has already been given an award for her shorthand ability, there is no doubt about the success Helen will soon enjoy in the corn- mercial field. ELMO HALL-Stellar sportster, Elmo has shown en- viable ability in both football and Tartar Knights, especially in the Tartar Court. FULTON-Known for his printing ability, Bill has I-lamilton's right hand man, t of BILL undoubtedly become Mr. and in that position he gives an endless amoun service. a distinctive O HATA-Teruzo, who ranks as h l ed the track team to TERUZ track star, has consistently e p any honors. capture rn IOHN HALL-Capable of challenging any track runner them California, Iohnnie has intelligently di- b ing Student Body Vice- of Sou vided his time between e President and a track sensation. IRENE HOKE-Enjoying and excelling in all types of ble to serve competently as playday ' r. sports, Irene was a hairman tor the G.A.A. in her senior yea c THELMA HOGBERG-Having used to the best advan- tage her capable hands, she has been awarded the Typing Cup for two consecutive years. BOB KLINK-Dancing his way through high School Bob has been much in demand at all social functions, both on and off the campus. BOB ISAACS-Ranking as one of the best tennis play- ers of T.H.S., Bob best exemplified his debating abili- ' an active part in the Torrensic Forum. ties by taking l 55 l 4-5 'inf Sl Illll A GRACE ISBELL-Preferring her c ewing classes to all others, Grace naturally excelled in them and produced many delightful articles. BERT LAMB-By effectively directing the stage crew, Bert has been an indispensable asset to the school through his ability to construct successful "sets", ooking and s HARRY LEWIS-Possessing a remarkable mathemati- cal mind, Harry was able to become a leader in his scholastic achievements, and maintained it throughout his high school years. CORAL LINDEMAN-One of the brilliant members ol her class, Coral was able to adequately perform note- worthy service to the school, whether it were in the field of art, music, or literature. BILL MCGINNIS-Although Bill's quiet manner often misleads us into believing he is daydreaming, he is responsible for more than his share of clear thinking. NABEL MCNEES-Anabel, with her commercial in- 'al personality, has every attri- A clinations and her gem bute required of a proficient secretary. ' as manager of ALFRED MASON-Dexterously serving the show cases, Alfred has thanklessly spent many an hour planning and arranging them artistically, SSIE-His favorite sport being basketball, 1 pal to everyone HAROLD MA Harold was able to become a rea ' d thus, an asset to T.H.S. who knew him, an Tl. CLAUDE MITCHELL-Through his sheer determinatio to do his best, Claude concentrated his entire efforts on bettering the effectiveness of the Hall Patrol. YONEKO MOCHIZUKI-An attractive newcomer, Yon- eko, who occupied a well deserved position in the Fashion Show, has won popularity which is based on dependability and sincere friendship. b Mowry ranking it ROBERT MOWRY-Congenial Bo , highly in local tennis circles, has gained recognition about the campus by possessing a pleasing sense of humor, -Bob, who gave unceasingly of his W, will soon be BOB NEWMAN t'me while on the public address cre ' of a doctor. 1 engrossed in the role l56l Sl Illll A imble fingers, NORMA PATTERSON-Famed for her n Norma is sure to be a success in either a musical or commercial career. MARIORIE PAGE-Active in Madrigals and President of Girls' League, Marjorie has set an enviable record, and a more all-around girl is hard to find. HARRY RAYMOND-Harry gave exclusively of his f commanding the Hall Patrol, ' of our halls, talents to the task o which has greatly improved the orderliness C mmercially inclined, W.L. has added the Commercial W. L. PRIEST- o much to the expert management of Club during his senior year. IUNIOR RICHARDSON-lunior, as the outstanding iri- dividual of the Tartar Knights, skillfully controlled the ' T rtar Court and left an enviable ex- affatrs of the a ' ssor ample for his succe , BILL RITCHIE-A bowling devotee, Bill is another person who possesses that certain magnetism which just makes you want to be with him constantly. EILEEN ROWE-Eileen, without doubt, is the most adept dressmaker on the campus, but she is equally distinguished by being one of the most popular girls at T.l-l.S. MASAKO SAEDA-Shy, Masako, who possesses a pleasing but not a Pollyanna-like personality, easily became a true friend of all the girls at T.l-l.S., as well as President of the Iapanese Club. EMIL SCHIMMICK-Although Emil didn't participate in many activities, he is the type of a person who will always do anything asked of him. He Was right hand man at the carnivals. IOHN SCHWARTZ-Personable lohn Schwartz, capable Commission, with his reserved for pre- ber of the Safety enforce a program mem manner has been able to serving order in the halls. YLOR Euphrasia is one girl who defi- l't which has EUPHRASIA TA - nitely possesses a sparkling personaiy, made her exceedingly popular in school activities. lor, lending color R Diminutive Ruth Tay f an ideal per- RUTH TAYLO - ' sterling example o the campus, is a lo sonality and character. l57l -2 1 G? sunset ' Pl-IYLLIS SEARS-A sunny smile, a cheery word, and a stimulating personality have made it possible for her to excell in poplarity in all her classes. DON SEEMATTER-Don, always willing to lend his ' ' d vocabulary to any needy well-cultivated voice an occasion, has extremely bright prospects for success as a radio announcer. k'll cl in the culinary EDDIE SHANER-Unbelievably s 1 e arts, Eddie soon became one of the indispensable members of the vocational cooking class. IIM SHAVER-Mannerly Iim Shaver possessed dual ' ' 1 arning the printing profession and in interests in e perfecting his musical abilities. IGEKO SHIBUTA-Being a dependable helper and a d her piano ability SH fine friend, Shigeko has ably mixe with obtaining a thorough education. IACK Sl-IEEHAN-Through his magnetic personality, k was able to establish a pretentious record in a ber of the Tartar Iac t time by becoming a mem shor Knights and Stage Crew. AKIRA SHIMATSU-Excelling in the subjects which require the use of skillful hands, Akira occupies a recognized position in his shop classes. - enial Harry Slover, prominent 'l HARRY SLOVER Cong for his sense of humor, may always be called upon o ' ' ht side to every problem. P rove that there is a brig f llow commercial stu- HELEN SOPCI-IINSKY-Like her e dents, Helen proved to be a most conscientious work- er, always capable ol helping anyone who asked her. BOB STEADMAN-Tennis proved to be Bob's favorite game as well as the sport in which he was exception- ally talented. BILL STEVVART-Efficient as Commissioner of Athletics and Senior Class President, and outstanding in track, Bill has literally put Torrance on the map, again. LEE STECKER-For his superior track skill, Lee is h es, and he is also one of the campus ero listed as ' ' ommercial field. Q- V V adept in the c E591 St Illlt A VIRGINIA TRALLER-By serving as Student Body Secretary, Virginia has held an enviable position on the Council and again qualified as a capable co-editor of the Annual. THELMA THOMPSON-Commercial work is the most fascinating of all for Thelma, who is capable of going forth as the ideal secretary. MARY TURNER-Mary's shy eyes, quiet, sweet voice, and pleasant manner make her a restful person to be associated with, as well as an ad Home Econorn' ' ept student in any 1cs subject or in the Library. HAROLD TREZISE-Pr ' ' h . . omment in all events in which e participated, Harold proved to b standing membe e one of the out- rs of the Tartar Court. KENNETH VAUGHN-A s lways possessing a welcoming mile, Kenneth's interests revolved around agriculture, which education he furthered by joining the F.F.A. MARIE TURNER-Serving unshirkingly as Wardrobe Mistress for Madrigals, Marie was faced with endless duties, but performed them all in a praiseworthy manner, and well deserves everyon ' ' e s recognition. I. B. WALLACE-Primarily interested in Tartar Knights, I. B. was able to find time to excel ' main outside i t in football as his n erest and to become an able agricul- turalist. EVELYN VINCENT-Popular president of the Commer- cial Club, Evelyn possesses a sparkling personality and endless initiative which have gained for her an enviable reputation. IUNE WHITT Bu ' - smess minded, Iune spends much of her leisure time preparing herself for the near future. which should be overflowing with success for her. HELEN WEIR-An outstanding campus personality, Helen has skillfully served as Commissioner of Enter- tainment, and in the thankless position of Girls' League Vice President. MARIORIE WILLIAM S-Proficiently t ' ing, Marjorie is ' ' member of the T - ' , and also a com ' A CK-By proving his ability as brilliant leader, Arthur became th of Torrance H' a e popular mainstay igh by serving as Student Body President. ROBERT UEDA-Quiet but extremely industrious, Rob- ert Ueda has been able to produce Work that is worthy of all ourvpraise. I 59 l rained in debat- an indlspensable or- ronslc Forum mercial enthusiast. RTHUR WOODCO 13 DEAN BARKDULI.. holds down the job of V President. This is quite a can see arsity Club n honored position, and yo that Dean must be quite a the fellows. u popular boy among IOE BASILE ' is a new boy in the class so little is known about him. When he isn't in school, he may be tound bandaged up, as the results of frequent automo- bile accidents. LLOYD BEADLE has benefited our track by entering the pole-vault. He also will be missed after graduating time in February. DICK BEECHER is on the Student Council. He is also a Tartar Knight and does his best to keep order during the aud calls. LYNNE BOYD, who came from a girls' school, learned the art of poise and carriage. For this reason she was such an outstanding figure in the Fashion Show. BOB EMERSON is editor of the T.N.T. He entered here from Bakersfield and has become quite past year. popular in the I-IAZEL FESSENDEN worked very hard with sales talk for the Torrance N from the b t a good ews Torch. She started o tom and worked up to the advertising staff. DALE PALK h as proved to be a good worker in cabinet shop. He has followed this course throughout high school and has earned good mark ' ' s in it. DAVID FIGUEREDO should be given a great deal of praise for his tine work and efficiency in reviving the TN.T. David also started the Rifle Club. BOB FIGUEREDO is as ambitious as his brother David. He is secretary and treasurer of the Varsity Club. His ambition is to become an auto mechanic. RRIS GROTHMAN is one of the boys who make our stage settings possible. Harris is on the stage crew and does a good job ot it. MARVIN GOETTSCH was head oi the Senior Tea and did fine work. I-Ie also plays football and is one of the most valuable men on the team. UGENE I-IATTER is the speed demon of th has been running 1 e class 'n track since the l de quite a name f ' Uth grade or hlmselt this last year. DOROTHY HAMMAN has a fast art of shorthand speedy hand for the . Only in her second year and she transcribes from her shorthand notes at the rate of 30 words a minute, a very good rate for a second semes- ter pupil. BOB BERRY is th e machinist of the class. Wh anyone has trouble with he UP enever r car she should 1 ook Bob I 60 l MASAYE KIIUBU is like a key to her class. Whenever the class gets to arguing over lapanese customs, Frances helps them out. ORNEY is well known among the girls as G.A.A. initiation like a f it. FRANCES H a good sport. She took the n though she got the worst o real trouper eve occupied all EVELYN LAWVER has her lunch period the time. She serves the students and the teachers in the cafeteria. LOCKE has the job ol secretary of the Cam- t taking pictures. HOWARD era Club. He is very good a S. EDGAR MCDONALD is the President of the Senior clas the time on the Annual and sells candy between periods in the He works all to the halt-starving students student store. VELADY is the only girl of the B12 class that h' Society since the tenth PEARL LO has been in the Scholars ip grade. well known in the B12 class as ite bashtul, but RIE MADDY is t rs She is qu MARIO one of the prettiest wri e . nevertheless she is a good student. 's another girl who was in the Schol- It was the first year LSA NORMAN 1 I last semester. E arship Society unti that she didn't get all "R's". IUNE NUCKLES, like Hazel, started from the bottom and worked up to the advertising staff of the T.N.T. EVA MARIE PEER, known as Rheba, the colored maid in the play, contributed many laughs towards its suc- cess. KENNETH PERKINS acts as President of the Allied Youth and Advertising Manager of the Student Body. GLENN ALLAN PRICE is a bookworm. During club period Glenn spends his time in the library reading. .ANNEEN QUIGLEY helped a great deal on the Prom. She sat hour by hour making cherry blossoms, but who wouldn't if she had a chance to get out oi class? ON QUINN is well known for the fine milk he ible Vernon tries to get in a VERN delivers. Whenever poss , good advertisement in the classroom. UGALL is the artist of the class. For tour art A lot of the doings by BETTY McDO consecutive years she has taken . at school with cm artistic touch were worked on Betty. ROSE MCLENDON was another outstanding figure in the fashion show. . fi LORRAINE REBA ' DOW contributed quite a bit to th success ot the Prom last year as sh the decoratio e e was chairman of ns. Lorraine is also on the Annual Staff and serves at school banquets and in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. She is also secretary ot the class. ROGER HORNBACK belongs to a new club which certainly does its duty to the school. The name ol it is the Clean Up Club. During their noon hours the boys in the club learn to dance. NORINNE SCI-IROEDER holds down the job of Secretary of the Student Body. She does very well at it, too, because she is such a beautiful writer. Norinne is also Treasurer of the Allied Youth. BILLY ROSS has established his ability by running the gruelling race known as the 1320, which is three- quarters ot a mile. PHYLLIS IEANNE SCHULTZ is on the Student Board ol Control and serves on the Tartar Court. AKIGE SHIMATSU plays football and is one ot the most valuable men on the team. AUDREY STANLEY has done a lot ot journalism work. She had charge ot the girls' page ot the T.N.T. She is quite an artist and designed the emblem on the new G.A.A. sweat shirts. MARIORIE SMITH was considered "God's gift from heaven" on the day of the Torrance playday. Marjorie served the halt-starving girls food. IEANNETTE VAN KRALIGEN is another student who serves at noon in the cafeteria. She is quite known for the pies and cake IACK TH well s she makes. OMAS also works in the Student Store and helps Edgar. lack is Vice-president of the class and presides over the meetings when Edgar is absent. VIVIAN WERTELLA was chosen to represent Torrance High School at the Iunior Red Cross delegation in San Francisco last year. On her return home a Iunior Red Cross was started and Vivian i DOROTHY s president. WHITE has helped out many a banquet by serving. Not only does she serve, but she also does the dishes! HARRY YORICS ambition is to become a test pilot. He is quite handy in making miniatu Treasurer of th re airplanes and is e Torrensic Forum. BOB YANCEY is the author of the class. During his course in advance comp. Bob wrote some very out- standing stories. RAYMOND PARR is a new boy in our class and little is known about him. He is quiet and sort ot bashful, but nevertheless he is a nice boy and Well liked. IAMES SNYDER is another boy of the class who is on the football team. The boys will hate to see lim graduate in February. LYLE AMES TOWNE is a new bo Tartar Knight. y in school and is a SENIOR RECEPTION - May 26 X53 SENIOR KID DAY u ,I 69 f' Iune 6 ,I ,af D I 5 -X BACCALAUREATE g gg g Sunday, Iune 18 Z f SENIOR BREAKFAST I ii f . .,-f. 1 gr Iune 22 y J COMMENCEMENT X Iune 23 , I wh X A A12 OFFICERS I President ...........,..... ......................................, ......... B i II Stewart Vice-president ....... .......,........... I Ohn Hall Secretary ............. ....,....,,....... H elen Weir Reporter ............ B12 OFFICERS ...,......CoraI Lindeman .........Ec1gar McDonald President ...........,..... ..,,.,.,,...,,.......................... Vice-president ........ ..........,.,,,,................. Secretary ............. Reporter ...,., Lewis, Rebadow, Peer, Fosier, Dowell, Jackson I631 Alvorson, Friedman, McGinnis, Friedman, Boyd, Alvorson, Bosche, Lewis, Kerber ............-...Iack Thomas .....,...Lorraine Redabow ..,.......Eugene Hatter YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU Three Act Play Tune 2 and 3, 1939 By Members of the Dramatics Class Directed by Mrs. Florence I-laifner MEMBERS OF THE CAST Penelope Sycamore .,.,..,...,,................... .Virginia Trailer Essie Sycamore Carmichael .......... Loraine Rebadow Rheba ....,.,.,,,...........,,1.,,....,,..,.,.....,...,.... .....Eva Marie Peer Pat Sycamore .....,,,.....,......,.,.,...... ...,...r.,, . .Harry Lewis Mr. De Pinna ..,,,.rr Ed Carmichael ...,.,... Donald ...,........,.........,,.,,.,, ....,....,, Mariin Vanderhofi ......,.,,, ,, ....r........aBill Bosche ...........Iean Bordeaux .Leslie Fosier ,......Harold Kerber ..Muriel AlversDn Alice Sycamore ........,,,,,,r. ..,.,,.. Wilbur C. Henderson i,.rl,r... ,... .,, ........ , Army Dowell Tony Kirby .,........,.....1......,. ,,.,....... A rihur Woodcock Boris Kolenkhov .,..,.,,,... ,...,.,,,, D onald Seematter Mr. Anthony Kirby ,.ov,,.,.. Y,..,.r... B ernard Friedman Mrs. Kirby .........,..,,......,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,, ,Lynne Boyd Olga Katrina .,......,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Virginia McGinnis ENT BODY PRE SIDENT STUD SENIOR RECEPTION EATERS SENIOR SW PALS SEIUR S APSHUIS If64l H551 TWINS - CLERKS - COUPLES - CI-IUMS - COOKS J Vl..'U'1 X HHH A Il IHERI .Ill IIIRS Possessing many of the outstanding people of the school, the Iunior Class may fully be called one of the best classes ot Torrance High School. Many of its students are enrolled in the Scholarship Society, and at a recent election one of the Iunior girls was elected Girls' League President. Some ot the athletic-minded boys have been going out tor sports, and one of our basketball stars has had the honor of being named on the All Marine League Team. So you can see by these statistics that Torrance High is gong to lose a great class when this one graduates. Clyde Anderson. Ienoyne Bosche Row 1-Lois Allen, Barkdull, Van Ness Barnard, Bill . Row 2-Marion Bates, Iohnny Bcxtovsky, Anna Bay, Rudella Bays, Howard Bender. L uis Briganti, Bernadine Row 3-Charles Bray, o Brown, Bill Buckley, Rae Burke. l66l l67l Emelia Carr Marie Coldiron Victor Cowan Harry Cwengel Ellen De Passe Iames Dowell Beatrice Ernst Arlys Fosston Bernard Friedman Yasuo Fukcxi Helen Greiner Shirley Guttenfelder Namei Hamcxka Kiyoko Hasegawa Tommy Higgins Virginia Hill Don Hitchcock lack Hormell Ieanne Howe O, B. Huber Bob Iackson Billy Iolley Helen Iones Carl Ioyce Tomiko Kamei Harold Kerber Hazel King Raymond Leake ,!' .A K ,,. v,n rl 'ff .. :JA "i 1,05 I . ' rl! v WMM, wvfgl :ir ' L Q, , I H - me-am' ' 571' L1 ul? l ,C' L, 'fi l f ---fwfi 1- -. .. ,.. --1--ff. .I , prim: ,. ,B v,m,PE,..,:L . ,1 H - 1 1- CJ" ' ' Q V 5' Q-P age - Y gh., L Ll .X to hi' 25A-gil. J' ' -Jvfffli,--W,-22. -' :gf-su.ff-gg! .4-. fy A y,W,,v,,,g .Cz . , ,fa,:'t,ee V P- Q . 'P L, 1- lv N. -' " !L', . 1. - . W 1 J, 54 M144 ,.,. ., 1. Marvin Lee Fred Lincoln Vern Lovelacly Iohn Lymo Barbara McCune Virginia McGinnis Alma McHenry Anne McAnally Betty Malin Charles Marek Adabarr Marsh Christine Mauk Ormsby Miller Richard Miller Rex Monson Hoyt Moore Gladys Nakaoka Barbara Neff Pauline Newell Marjorie Obole Edward Orr Ruth Pankey Mary Pina Margaret Pinkham Ioan Ramskill N er Rathbun Iulie Shaver Gloria Snow 69 l JU IllIlS IUNIOR SENIOR PROM Each year, through an old tradition, the luniors give the Seniors a Prom. It is a gala affair, and the decorations are carried out with a theme. This year the chosen theme was Hawaiian. The Iuniors went to a great deal of work in order to raise rno rewarded for their efforts because this Prom ever put on. The wait ney, but they were well went down as one of the most beautiful ones resses, dressed in a Hawaiian fashion, served beneath swaying palm trees while the orchestra played Hawaiian tunes. The girls paraded lovely looking formals while the boys were dressed in their Sunday go-to-meeting clothes. The program of 1939 was enjoyed by all, and the Iuniors are looking forward to being guests next year as Seniors. Row' 1: Agnes Sopchinsky, Charles Steadrnan, Marilynn Strautman, Ethel Stumph. Row 2: Louise Thompson, Marian Thompson, Cliff Trezise, Tillie Trujillo. Row 3: Toshio Une, Takayako Uneda, Ioe Von Kralingen, Dorothy Weber. Row 4- . Edward West, Carolyn Wilkes, Thelma Wolfe, Thelma Wright. A RPHIINIIIIIES ,, The Saphornores' first year in high school is not usually an eventlul year, but these Sophornores have not been lacking in activity. They have some outstanding members in their class also. During the Torrance High School G.A.A. Playday April 27, 1939, it seems that the Sophomore baseball team really took quite a beating from the Gardena Sophomore team. The score was 20 to 2. Do you think they can ever live it down? The players were as follows: Captain Mina l-lorrnell, Helen Militich, Virginia Zamperini, Relda Briggs, Betty Iune Pierson, Nobuko Kobayashi, Doris Martin, Elizabeth Fish, Eleanor Lukes, Emestine Mauk and Wesla Toler. On Saturday, May 6, 1939, the Scholarship Convention was held at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Among the Sophornores' delegates were: Virginia Zamperini, Patty Doan, Wesla Toler, Ruby Benner, and Marjorie Rusk. The Sophomore baseball team, on May 18, l939, went to the San Pedro High Playday ready for a victoryg they met the Gardena Sophomores on court 3 and battled it out again. This time the score was only 7 to 2 ftheir lavorl. The players were the same except for two substitutes, Ruby Benner and Marjorie Rusk. On the boys' list oi outstanding mem- bers is the all around sport, Iames Daniels. Last year he went out for "B" basketball, in baseball season he played second base for Varsity, and in track season he performed as a "C" pole vaulter. He has been outstanding in all these sports. We hope to see more of you next year, Iimmy. Thomas Zumwalt has taken active part in the Future Farmers of America. He entered the live stock show at the Pomona Fair, and has taken trips with the F.F.A. to San Luis Obispo, and Mexico. Keep up the good work, Tom. lt seems that last term Helen Thompson attended Redondo Union High for ten weeks, just long enough to receive the highest typing award given this term. She is one of our former Iunior Student Body Presi- dents. She has taken part in many school activities. She also plays the accordion very well. We have another Sophomore sportsman, Richard Pierson. He is on the "B" track team, taking part in the 1320 and the 660. He has had quite a successful year. IN MEMORIAM Leon Shell W'42 November 29, 1938 A10-Top Row: Lukes, Pierson, Doan, Zamperini, Thompson, Hormell, Prince, Goddard, Pina, Harris, lntermill, Portnay, Stegelmeyer, Robinson, Fish, Doolittle, Meade, Duarte, Iackson, Eastman, Dorchek, Mabee. Row'3: Schnyder, Mauk, Rusk, Bratton, Bradford, Bay, Matthews, Thomas, Pruitt, R. Young, Newman, Briggs, Walls, Moon, Toler, Hudson, Schimmick, Shaner, Gotts, Foster, Barnett, lkezoe, Clark, B. Young. Row 2: M. Bingo, Bray, P. Doolittle, Hoskins, E. Rossi, R. Benner, Burchett, K. Toke, E. Tanaka, Briganti, Russell, Abbott, Moser, Salm, F. Bingo, Maddock, Parr, E. Thomas, Wortham, Kyle, Weber, A. Honday, Mayer, M. Kirkland, F. Hicks. Row 1: Schwartz, Greathouse, Hall, Rowell, I-Iillier, C. Ritchie, Pierson, Wade, R. Ernst, Abbott, Stone, Daniels, Snow, Iohnson, Hoffman, Totten, G. Mitchell, Ammon, Gray, B. Prime. B10-Top Row: Grubbs, Coast, Leech, Iacobs, Banks. Crawford, Wood, Lamb, Hale, Anthony, Cherrick, Riley, I. Hudson, W. Thomas, Dean, Parton, Stone, Waddingham. Row 2: Paxman, Pier, Beckdell, Sam- mons, Boyle, Sturnph, White, Livermore, Weaver, Whitney, Haftley, Militch, Martin, L. Hudson, Dietlin, Deosigne, F1-issel, Marstellar, Ellis. Row 1: Christensen, Matsumoto, Anderson, Floyd, N. Kobayashi. Craig, W. Kirkland, E. Csawa, Ikezoe, Hernandez, Franklin, Snow, Thompson, Blackhall Mickle, Prouten, Mills. l7Ul 7 I l I I I A9 SPORTS This column begins with football in the Winter of '38. The Bee team did not win a game, but put up good battles, and were composed ot a few coming tootball stars for Torrance. The three A9 boys were: Bobby Golden, a hallback and a good open field runnerg Rowland Iustice, a hallback with plenty oi fight, a good runner and blocker: and Bud Anderson, the lad with plenty ot tight, and the boy who gave Eugene Hatter a good run tor his money for the position of quarterback. Clair Iohnson played basketball and baseball tor T.H.S. and did exceptionally well in both sports. Clair surprised Coach Barr in baseball by starting the first game for the Tartars and hitting a home run to win the game. The tennis team was comprised ot Russel Harsh and Wallace Steinhilber, the latter doing most of the playing in the Marine League events. The tracksters had 11 young athletes out for this windy sport: Bobby Meade, Rowland Iustice, Bobby Golden, Gerald McDonald, Wallace Woods, T. C. Ward, Cedric Eddings, Harry Hata, David Ross, Bob Lewellen. and H. Hamano. , A9 girls especially distinguished themselves in the Sweetheart Waltz number, prepared in their Rhythmic Class. They gave this on several programs. AS-Top How: Stanley, Kuiuba, Moon, Piper, Golden, Woods, Thompson, Combs, Hooke. Row 3: Campbell, N. Peterson, H. Hamano, C. Iohnson, Eddings, G, Smith, D. Rouss, Higgins, B. Ingram, Ward, Iustice, Meade, Kelley, Anderson, McDonald, Weir, Woodburn, Ross, Moine, Steinhilber, Younken, Lewellen, R. Abbott. Row : l-Iarsh, Mcliltresh, Putnam, Colburn, Smythe, Ormon, Smith, Pegors, Fallis, Rous, Hall, Campbell, Watson, B. Evans, Lukes, B. Maloy, Adamoli, Iavens, Hawks, Sanford, Bradford, Nihei, Hurst, Roland, Thompson. Row l: Rowell, Richards, Vandergrilt, A. Robinson, L. Wright, F. Whiting, Ball, Billingsly, Yoder, Fernley, Findley, P. Neli, M. Smith, N. Failla, F. Patterson, R. Hornback, E. Foster, A, 1-loke, .Y. Omatsit, Adams, Cavitt, Welch, Kemp, H. Hata. B9-Top Row: Gibbison, Rathbun, Rios, Treloar, Carlin, Dawson, Daniels, Clayton, Prince, Prouton, Gansey, Flores, Russell, Hageman, Reis, Dewitt, Kakida, Williams. Row Z: Preston, Piers, Ordez, Robin- son, Iackson, Olson, Frizzell, Baker, Trujillo, Post, Pierson, Malin, Sommers, Michelson, Yasunaga. Row 1: lkezoe, Sawai, Shirnotani, Nakaoka, Schultz, Unger, Magee, Bishop, Iohnson, Sleeth, Wardrop, Wallace, Honda, Ioyce, Tempo, Bender, Russel. IN MEMORIAM Harold Hageman W43 May 30, 1939 FRESHMEN fCOl'1l.l 6 E The girls likewise have made' at name for themselves in sports. They attended the Norbonne Iunior G.A.A. Playday Iune 2. Among them are: lean Ormand, Ellen Adams, Iackie Gilbert, and Mary Louise Ordoz. More power to you, girls. All of the students that have heard lean Yoder play the piano know how talented she is. She has played lor many school plays and Aud Calls, using both modern and classical music. Iean is also a sporano in the Iunior Maclrigals. A very promising Freshman in Iunior Madrigals is Harriet Pegors. She has been a member tor two years and has sung soprano during this time. She has given several solos and has done very well. She will be welcome to the Iunior Madrigals. Last, but far from least, is the very talented young lady, Georgia Billingsly. She has just finished a most successful term as Iunior Student Body President. She is quite a seamstress, and has also made some very line drawings. A8-Top Row: Hippick, Smith. Row 4: Sterling, Rippy, Robinson, Condle Walls, Holloman, Militich, Une, Delsey, Ueda, Dye Wh' Woodburn. Row 3: Sueda, Leatherman Chism, Mcxrscal, Brown W rell M S y, Packham, F. Miller, Iohnston, , itney, Portnoy, lrish, Zdrale, Wright, Pulmcm, , I. Wolfe, Hague, Ordway, Bratton, Kelly, Shell, O Buffalo , icker, Falk, Carstens, H. Saeda, Wannberg, B. Woodcock H , . rnith, Combs, Moyers. Row 2: Hicks, Iones, Franklin Hata Y Wade, McNew, Fariss, Pina, Bull, Wood, Matthews Le Reyes, Whiting, Foshiko. Row 1' Wilke Hawks, McAllister Gutt , . Carlsob, Hear- , , asariaga, Kenago, Haruta, Fugii, , ed, Bowman, Shawger, Deininger, Van Kralinger, . s, Hatter, Daffron, Gotts, Cates, Baxter, R. Wolie, Patterson, Turner, , enfelder, Maddy, Pankey, Iohns, Egerer, Thomas, Cline, Russel, Goettsch, Delano. BB--Top Row: Lavelady, Dobbins, Yuncan, Quinn, Kai, Day, Fowler, Slover, Disa' ' Winters, Monroe, Russell, lntermill, Iustice. Row 2: McCall, Mendez Y Campbell, Fouts, Baker, Torres, Pina, O. Gonzalez, A. Smith, Maloy, Murray, Stanley, Bl Miyamoto. rio, McV1car, Powell, , egez, Dowell, Prime, Iensen, Daniel, Gonzalez, Chesser, How 1: Rivera, Alvarez, C. Ueda, ackburn, Crawford, DeBray, Nakaoka, Rossiter, Grigsby, lngra mi es! bavi .ni Our cruise i l OG OF THE GOOD SHIP A8 n 938-39 has taken us to many enjoyable ports of pleasure and knowledge. The class was well represented in various activities, including the Iunior Choir, Spelling Bee, and Americanism contest. Anolgtlrtlrahclilldlgigieresxll' ihqesgcgiglcigaghsirown by both girls and boys. The climax for the girls was the Playday at Narbonne which will long be joyiully remembered. , H With grateful appreciation to our pilots, who have guided us "on the sea of knowled memories ol our voyage. ge , we sail ahead with pleasant l72l 'Nik r B2 I A7-Top Row: Thomas, Hammond, McVicar, Gilson, Hedrick, Haskins, lavens, Sommers, Turner, Ely, Kerber, Clark, Shamblin, Uneda, Goeble, Torres, Osawa, Uyeda, Iustice, Wright. How 3: Hatherly, Mc- Leod, Chambers, Miller, C. Mitchell, N. Mitchell, Hernandez, Magana, A. Castillo, H. Castillo, Clounch, Davis, Kelley, Eshom, V. Rowe, Woodington, Moore, Leech, Smith, Watson, Hook. Row 2: Lancaster, Ericson, Livermore, Turner, Nicoletti, Kobayashi, Armitage, Legg, Bultalo, Entwistle, West, Wheeler, Toke, Eberts, McManama, Agapito, Nuckles, Parr, Kakida, Shimotani, Sueda, Wolf. Row I: Pierson, L. West, Mackey, Myers, Clark, Smith, Nicholls, Laierty, DeLong, Barnett, Floyd, Husbands, Ianssen, Fish, Stevens, D. Robinson, Weir, Post, Haruta. B7-Top Row: Baker, Carmela, Bernadino, Robinette, Sandstrorn, Webster, Barrera, Smith, Massie, Lee, Lara, Carlson, H. Bowman. How 2: Rusk, McNew, Tsubokawa, Reyes, Hernandez, Townsend, Watson. Levy, Okumura, I. Iohnson, Watson, Intermill, Yonamura. Row l: S. Lee, Olsen, Hippick, Bryant, Webb, Cline, Monroe, D. Iohnson, Hake, Dolley, Bray, Pankey, Kawaoka. DOINGS OF THE A7 No. 2 ' and a jury. If some one plays urt then asks with cz judge room The co another In our room we have a court ol our own around instead ot working, the court brings him in front of the . the person if he is guilty or not guilty. Instead of punishing him, we give him chance to tell what was the trouble. For punishment the person is assigned home Work Iudge-Ruth Kerber Iury-Billy Mars, Takishi Takita, Elsa Nicoletti, Tomiko Toke Sponsor-Miss Edwards 73 Sllll IH lilllllll me I IHHIHHUIE I- ,BASEBAH 'BASKHBAH . N L "- wht I ,W .'lA, 1 S Zac W 'flnl' McGee, Hudson, Merlin, Burchett, Neff Page, Weir, Possum lst semester Merle McHenry Muriel Alverson ,,,,,,A... Lols Hudson ,,,,,A.....A Marjorie Pcrqe. ,,,.... .. Iocrn Rormskill ,r,,.r,,,, Sponsor .,...,..,.,,.... GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Smith, Weir, Possum, Rusk, Page GIRLS' LEAGUE ..,,....Second Vice-Presldeni, . Officers President , .......First Vice-President. Secretory-Treasurer Reporter 2nd semester Marjorie Page . ...,. Helen Weir Winifred Smith ,,,Arlys Possum ., ,.Mcxrgie Rusk .. .,.. Miss Parks lIIRlS' llAlilll E761 tl. A. A. E771 G.A.A. BANQUET May 25, 1939 On May 25, the G.A.A. gave the biggest banquet of the year. Fathers and mothers were honored guests. This gala affair was held at Scully's in Los Angeles, in a dining room especially reserved and decorated for the occasion. The theme of the evening was "The March of Time", and the decorations, programs, and menus were arranged accordingly. The banquet was a splendid success, and an event that will long be remembered. G.A,A. The Girls' Athletic Association, one of the most active clubs in school, is open to all Senior High girls who are interested in sports and Willing to have a good time. Their main purpose is to promote an interest in girls' sports, especially emphasizing sportsmanship, fellowship, and service. G.A.A. meetings occur once a month, and practices are held on Wednesdays of each Week. This year the club has obtained new chenille letters, which each girl may earn by regular attendance and participation. lst semester Georgina Tiffany ..,..... Lucille Acree .....,,,... Marion Speheger ,,,...,. Marjorie Page .... Sponsor... Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary ...... 2nd semester ..,...,...Lucille Acree Ramona Carlin Marjorie Page ............Iu1ie Shaver Norinne Schroeder .......Muriel B. Duncan vfgfli G.A.A, OFFICERS Shaver, Carlin, Acree M THE G.A.A. INITIATED . . . MRS. HALLAT USWEETHEART WALTZH "LA FERDINANDH "EL TOREADORH E781 E791 Hllllll H20 UNIIIIS lillllt Enrolled as one of the chapters of the National Organization of Affiliated Home Economics Clubs, the Ellen I. Milligan Club takes its place at Torrance High. Purposes: To promote friendship among members. Develop good leadership and intelligent fellowship. Encourage members to contribute to happiness of home and community. Encourage improvement in scholarship. Cooperate with state and national groups. ' Organized early last fall, it was not until the spring semester that necessary funds were raised for affiliation. All meetings have been carried on in an enthusiastic, but business-like manner. Girls in any ot the Home Economics Classes are eligible for mem- bership but are admitted only by vote. Nine girls attended the annual convention, May 6. On May l9 the club gave a tea in honor of Miss Milligan, home economics supervisor, for whom the club was named. Phyllis Sears and Mae Bacon were invited to usher at Hollywood High School Iune 3, at a Prudence Penny lecture. On Iune 15 the club was entertained by Miss Milligan on a tour through the new Union Station and the stream liner, and later at dinner on the "Challenger". Officers President ....,,.. ,.,, ...,,.,,,t.....,,,. P h yllis Sears Secretary ,.,,t ,.oA,.,,, V elmq Stegelmeyer Vice-President . , , ,,,,.. Georgia Billingsley Treasurer ,,,, --,,-,,,,,,,,,A.,,,,Y, M ge Bacon Sponsor . ...... .. ...,,,,....,...,,,.,,Y.,.... T- ,........,,... ....,,........,....,.,,,Y. ...,,t,.,,,,.,,,,,,,A7, M r S, Bull Mrs. Bull, Bacon, Treloar, E. Bradford, Greiner, Billingsley, Unger, Siegel- meyer, Sears, Bradford, Rowe, Failla EVANGELINE I. MILLIGAN CLUB FASHION SHOW Eckersley Rowe Evans Stegelmeyer Greiner Toler Bacon - Benner Turner Billingsley Lmdeman Treloar ' f' Honda Toler Failla nm i Tj H17 1? . ma PLAYDAY G.A.A. INITIATION SAN PEDRO-BOUND GUESTS AT SAN PEDRO PLAYDAY May 18, 1939 Torrance was one of the guests of San Pedro at an inter-school playclay. Players participated in baseball, volleyball, basketball, and archery. Games were followed by a delightful program, refreshments, and then dancing in the gym. All the Torrance G,A.A.sters enjoyed themselves immensely. TORRANCE PLAYDAY April 27, 1939 One of the G.A.A.'s biggest activities of the year was the playday at which Torrance played hostess to Narbonne, Gardena, Susan Dorsey, and Banning, April 27. The programs, decorations, and games were carried out in a nautical manner, and the girls had "gobs" of fun. The afternoon was spent playing baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, horseshoes, and badminton on the various playdecks of the S.S. Torrance. After the games had been successfully maneuvered, the girls were entertained with a bit of nautical nonsense. Fol- lowing the program, mess was served in the galley. Before sailing for home ports, the girls enjoyed a farewell dance in the gym. Pllll IIAY l3IItlS' SPUHIS In this last year. the G.A.A. has made C1 Spe-Cidl effort to arouse interest and enthusiasm in the individual sports such as tennis, badminton, horseshoe-s, pingporlg, and archery. By emphasizing these sports, the girls are taught games that can be played outside of school with just two or three girls instead of a team ot ten or twelve. In the last month of school, tournaments were held in these various individual sports, and the girls have shown alot of interest and really had a great deal of pleasure. TENNIS The G.A.A. tennis team has been very successful this season. They returned from every play the triumphant winners. TENNIS TEAM Arlys Possum, Marjorie Page, Mina Hormell. BADMINTON Having been well supplied with badminton equipment and also enthusiasm, the GAA. had a really enjoy- able season. BADMINTON TEAM Ieanette Evans, Vivian Wertella, Barbara Neff. SPEEDBALI.. Speedball, one ot the best liked and most exciting sports of any season, went over with much enjoyment. The girls like speedball as well as the boys like football. The Iuniors proved the superior team of the season, by beating both the Sophomores and the Seniors. The whole season was enjoyed by all the girls. If you Weren't out this year come out next year and enjoy the fun! A-r P- ' AJ- A Tir. ae. .,...- ...I I EFT " 'afar l...1---- fav' me I Q HUVEHIIZEH L... S llll nu-.1Innun-nnnnmnnunumm nunmum E TO the Graduate: : STATIONERS CORPORATION TAKES PLEASURE IN EXTEND- ING THEIR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF IUNE, 1939 I George H. Moore 1 HARDWARE : : gfafionefzs Cofzpofzafion PRINTERS - ENGIIAVEES ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES , Los ANGELES szs s. spring sr. . , MUIual 2341 , Also HOLLYWOOD - SAN DIEGO 1517 Cabrillo Phone 167-M nnllllll l"""""""""' ""' ""''"UI'U'"""l'l'll"l"l'llE annlInulInnnulululuullnnnlnnnlInInununnlunnuununuE ull1nunnunnluululululll uuun lnnuulgl g,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,E S 5 ECompIimer1ts OI 9 I SCIVICC A General Petroleum TORRANCE Station NATIONAL U.S. TIRES AND BATTERIES BATTERY RECHARGING SERVICE A SPECIALTY 5 WASHING - POLISHING - WAXING FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES FOGLIGI-ITS AND SPOTLIGHTS ' TORRANCE HIGH GRADUATE I 2121 Carson Phone 789 : Right Across From the School Em-um mmlnnuumnnnumIIIInIIInuIumumuuum-mn The Home Town Bank E1 l3........... ....................................................... I B4 .ml-mmn-un I-umm-mmnm mm-nl? 2 Sherwin Williams Paints Sporting Goods Headquarters 5 El Arden Caterers' Ice Cream FOR EVERY OCCASION Delivered at the Appointed Hour 0 BULK BRICKS BASKETS CAKES PIES SPECIAL MOLDS INDIVIDUAL MOLDS ARDEN FARMS, INC. Telephone VErmant 0061 Eunuunuun nun nn E Eunnnunnu nu B TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA E1....................... ,,,, E1 85 E1 lm-nu., ., mlmunm-mum-numumu--u-mum-I.--nn mu--nu-UQ TORRANCE HIGH H E1 ..................................................................................-..................-..................................................................E El ......... .............E1 The Newest In High School Emblems. Keys, i Compacts. Bracelets. Lockets All with T.H.S. Official Seal H C? R ,'?i5f l.!.KLf'1 T.H.S. Students KNOW Where the Latest Iewelry is Found in Torrance 5 L, I86l 2 GRAYCO AND ARROW SHIRTS E nannnnnunnnunununuunnunuuun uuunununQ E1 1ununnnunnnunnanannununnunnnuunuuuuluunuulnn Compliments of .... BANK OF AMERICA DEAN SEARS Mcmcxger U "ll..l."'. .II.IllI.UllI''l'...l"l'..lll'.lllly s E: ----------- ----------------'--------------'------------------------------- El rg ED SCHWARTZ ' Store for Men and Young Men 5 MIDDISHADE AND TIMELY SUITS 3 PALM BEACH SUITS 5 ENDLOCK TIES 5 NUNN-BUSH SHOES 5 1505 CABRILLO PHONE ss 5 lust Around the Com F th Th ire 5 E I871 Ig W'HITNEY'S BAKERY A Complete Line of Bakery Goods ALL. GOODS BAKED IN OUR OWN SHOP Phone Torrance 572 nuuunnuu 1unInnnunnunnnunnuunuuuun nnnun Alfggz ' Wfff u " ' Just around 'che corner- yg! may need insurance with HOWARD G. l00KE 1405 Marcelincx Phone 135-M nunnnunnuuunnn A 1uunuunuunnnnunnnnnnuu E uuunnn unuuunm Euu1nnnn1uunnlunununnnnnluIlnunnrnnounrnlnnnnununuannulunm Pacific Wholesale Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers i 781-763 Terminal St. Los Angeles. Calif. Torrance Pharmacy Drugs - Prescriptions 'N - Exclusive Agents for YARDLEY .ma LUCIEN 1.e1.oNG 2 3 Phbne . 'rninify 3626 E 1411 Marcelina Phone 3 E E1 """"" """'"""""""""" """""""" For Fine Photographs 9 Superior Kodak Finishing - 8-Hour Service 1 COPYING ENLARGING Q COLORING FRAMES FILMS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS AUTHORIZED DEALERS FOR BELL G HOWELL KEYSTONE. EASTMAN AND UNIVEX CAMERAS AND PROIECTORS 1224 El Prado Phone 466-W Torrance E mnnnuunuunumuuuumuuunnnnr unuuuuuuuununuanmnuunmuummm mmmnnumuummnmB IBBI . ik . E1--H -------- E-I 3 SIGN OF THE BEST IN DRUG STORE SERVICE 6 THE REXALL STORE IS ALWAYS THE BEST DRUG STORE EVERYWHERE In Torrance The Beacon Drug Co. IS THE REXALL STORE O 1519 CABRILLO PHONE 180 LES PRINCE Ennuunuul llll u un E 1891 unulunnunu uununuunnunnun:nunuuululuulunlunullunlnlnunununInnlnnnunnnnnnuunununlunnnnnuu: Torrance's Own Scientific Dry Cleaning Establishment o No Odor - No Fading - No Shrinking o Have Your Suits and Dresses "S1icked Up" for the Big Date O MAKE PEOPLE LOOK TWICE o Don't Forget Our Laundry Department O TORRANCF IAUNDRY 69: DRY CLEANING CO. 1872 Carson Phone 141 ONE-DAY SERVICE IF REQUESTED ununnuuu I 90 E1................. -- B QUALITY SUPER MARKET ALL THAT THE NAME IMPLIES MEATS VEGETABLES GROCERIES FRUITS l Dependability I SAVE EVERY DAY THE QUALITY WAY . I 1325 Sczrtori Avenue 2171 Torrance Blvd E1 -------------"--------------'-----'-------'----------"---' ------'- --------'------------------'-------------------'----'----- El 9 11 nnlruunlunununlnnunnnunouulnul lnnlnrnlnnnlllullu nnnlnu nunnlnnu uluuuu unulnluInlnunnunuunununnnnuuununIInuuunuunaruuunInnuunulunuuununuuunuu uuuun ---- - ------------- - ---- COMPLIMENTS GRUBBIS MARKET Choice Meats LA MODE FURNITURE 2 G- It ARCO SPhone 515 Phone 779 2 1929 Carson Street 1513 Cabrillo Ave. Phone 545 ETORRANCE CALIFORNIA nIllIllInIlllunlunnuluuuul uulIIlnuunnulnuululQ mimian1nllnuunnuunuuunIunlnaualulunuunuuunuuuunau E L? Marcelina ci Cravens Phone 476 E FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY 6. SERVICE STORE Quality Auto Supplies Official Brake Station : Convenient Terms E runny... ,..,,,,. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,u,,,u,,,,,,,,, ,.,,. .upnnnnuula MAYFAIR MILK ' Cream ' Buttermilk ' Cheese ' Butter ' Eggs No Extra Cost-At your grocer or delivered to your door. 5 Torrance 337 E921 m............. .........E1 E SCHULTZ 6. PECKHAM Authorized Dealer Torrance, Calif. Phone 137 E1 Electrolux Gas Refrigerators . Gas Ranges Radios Heaters Washing Machines lational Home Appliance Company "FRIENDLY CREDIT" 1312 Sartori Avenue HARRY M. ABRAMSON Phone 78 E muuuumunnuuununnunnuuunnnn unmnnunnnuna 931 CHRISTY 1401 Sartori Ave. Torrance, California 's BEFRESHMENTS FINE FOODS E Enunnun E E Eunllunulnu In E ELLWOOD BEACHWEAR 0 SPORTSWEAR 0 WASH DRESSES O BERKSHIRE HOSIERY 0 1417 Marcelina Ph. 9 988 lllllllllllIulllllllllllllulullululllulllInlull:lllunlllllllullllum E nnunlullunuulnuuuunnurunnununnnunnnnununnunna OLDSMOBILE "GD-70-80" STANDARD on. IVIULLINVS SERVICE PRODUCTS Body Work and General Auto ,, Repairs ' 5 C. B. MITCHELL 4' 5 2050 Torrance Blvd. Phone 320-1 5 : Torrance, California CARSON 6' CABRILL0 lllllllIllIlllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllIIlllllIIllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE alllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllflllllllllllilllllIllIIIIIIIUIIIIUIIIIIIIVQ 'Ill llllll lll llllllllll Illllllllll I lllllll MII? Q llllll ll llll I lllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllll lllll I lllll llllllngl Compliments f 5 i W. E. WYLAM : o .... Poppy Flower Shop TORRANCE Post 6. Crcxvens Phone 307 5 CHAMBER ' or' COMMERCE ' Flowers For All Occasions TORRANCE. CALIFORNIA W5 Southern Ccilifornicfs W I "Bcdc1nced City" Home of Good Eats CHOICE STEAKS ALSO FEATURING DANIELS ICE CREAM 10-CENT GIANT MALTS - SODAS 10 CENTS 1625 Cabrillo Avenue T orrance. Ccxlifomia I94l Q W n THRU SERVICE WE GROW" 1618 Cravens Street Torrance, California I . mllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllllIllllllllllIIllIlllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIlIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm l95l A I' I 5' 51 72 J' with the finest engraving skill. Designers with a record of achievement nationwide. Precision machinery-the best obtainable. Leaders in year book engraving for nearly half a century. Los Angeles Engraving Co. 1220 MAPLE AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. IACK CANNICOTT Mgr. Year Book Division X 4 3 ? ix p ., A y, I6-'x Kiwi WI FINIS Q W 1 3 F I ne.- K 1 . w u 1 I . 42, , , I W ' A I... . I., Nu, H hi I m r:.q.1-A ,F , I ,. k . 'qi , I .--, f - 1,-.- ,-, , ,- L , A - ' A - . A,

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