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 - Class of 1938

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PE , 11, , , 2 MU A I5 'vv"5'Q I ju. if' u I ' 1 1' . . an My ,. r 4 I in V1 vi . Ji-73 1 3 'E y gf Juv? 5 2 1,5 5 L 2 Q Yr 1 il , 5 ' an X Y? :Je " 1 , If 45 1 , w 39 w' It Y 1 1-I ' L 3 12 gg E "hm-Q,,1h"o 7 -...iff If Y Q, VGRVBO 1 v 5 fi . an 'En fffi if Wim'-isifrfix f ij "H -4h- ' . , Lf' ,M Am ' ,..,,.,..,-.... 4:5 ..-...-r --H -,- -V. sgfi' J. E'-5 XX' , ....- fi? " """, - ' " ..... .. ,, I i s H ' A Nm N 1 'L , r if' M, 'M - . ,.,,, ,A,,,. ,... Y . .,.., 155' .., - Q' X +R I b . E -4 5 , .. . .,.. ,A 'W . . - q "" .. j.. ----.... ..... ,.,...,,, 1 Q- ' -wvkvfw ' EE : ' ' 41' .dv ' -sz - 2--M ..,,. . 1 , as" I --.. M41 ., ..,..,.. , . , ..,...,. , Rv ,- ' H' ' 591' 'V "L, fimmillf ,gs?mYfmf?.a, 5? 1 uf? L+. if ifi ' ' .IZ 'T QF? 1-. 4- v.- -' ,-. -,s if. sf 'lla nf R5 5-V: if -ff ' ca n .wa 175 43 wr- fu .fs 'fl f' gf' -Q. 11 iz Qi' Qi -45 R if J. ' 1 : if rf 23- 'N Q27 eg' ,, 5, 3- uv, Q5 Q .vfv gg 15 -2 f- J 3+ 5: ,Ja fi rw , ea 'frwiif -25 if ex if fs, 55 " " iii FF .frf ff' 55 " ii Sf? S: iff Gif -.l f., 'Bu 16' iii . le? Zi: " Z1 IE " 'Yep si 433 . v ggi wa- 535 :ll 52 :2r :.. vs,-.,, .. Lf 'Ea 1 - - N- 1 ' " " "i"M"n gi? Wil maxsfr , Sf , 0 px 1 F 4 Q F .. ... H-.M " 1 L,,:,, Q3 H sw ea 53 3 kiwi me gfgezwim Q Q35 Ng 't U iii we fc xfm wfss3 , esmdy Q' Q6 Q QNKEEW We-B595 FORE OR WordsworTh once wroTe, "The music in my hearT I bore, long aTTer iT was heard no more." So iT is wiTh us high school sTudenTs: we do our daily Tasks wiTh The popular songs of The presenT on our Tongues, buT bearing in our hearfs The lingering melodies oT yesTeryear. ThaT "Music is The universal langauge of mankind" - is irreTuTabIe. Onward ChrisTian Soldiers, O Promise Me, Old Black Joe, Casey Jones, or The IaTesT dance version of Loch Lomond all have Their deTiniTe places and associaTions in our hearTs and lives. When The gang geTs TogeTher Tor a parTy, or we go Tor a wallc, or camping, iT does noT Talce long Tor our TavoriTe songs To come To The Toreground wiTh The cup OT individual expression running over: be The gang Trom "GreenIand's Icy IvIounTains or India's Coral STrands." IT was wiTh These ThoughTs ThaT The Torch sTaTT seIecTed "FAVORITE SONGS" as The Theme OT This year's book. DEDICATED To You DEDICATION Every greal' movemenr has i'rs oulsfanding leaders. and if is a pari' of human nalure lo pay lribule +o such figures. The I938 s+a1CF of The Torch feels Thai ai' no beifer lime or place could fribufe be paid one of The mosf inspiralional composers of popular songs-George Gershwin. Many of The runes by George Gershwin are The songs we love fo sing as individuals and groups. Numbers such as "I Gof Plenly o' No'rhin'," "Summer+ime," "Rhaphody in Blue," "Nice Work If You Can Gel li," and "They Can"r Take Thai' Away From Me" indicale 'rhe versajrile abilily and genius of fhis, one of our mos+ beloved composers. All Too soon has The Crea+or called 'ro a higher glory-George Gershwin. l-lis music will linger in our hearls and memories as long-as we are able To appreciajre good music. Marching Alon g Together On A Bicycle Built For Two - IHHH i I may noi sing Ihe oId songs, Ihe songs I used Io sing Noi' only 'cause "I'm geHing old, buf 'cause noihing goes buf swing And so Ihe Ihing for me 'ro do, if I'm To do my pari Is iusi' forge+ The good old songs, and swing Jrhem in my heari. I cannoi' sing ihe modern songs, Jrhe songs The sfudenfs sing. Insfead of harmony and rhyme, Ihey've goi a 'rhing called swing And so, beiwixf Iwo evils, I believe I'd be righi smari' If I'd refrain from my refrain, and swing if in my heari. THOMAS I-I. ELSON. Who ls Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf l ln 'rheir miscellany of lavorilre songs, l irusl The seniors will file away in an especially honored place one Thai, for a period of four years, has sfirred fheir emolions and uniled 'Them in a closer fellow- ship-ihe school song of Torrance l-ligh. May 'rhe spiril of This school, lhe laiih and courage for which if slands, conlinue 'ro cheer you on +o vicioryg may 'rhe pledge of loyally 'ro noble slandards be considered a sacred obligalion: and finally may lhose familiar words, "We siand for honor and right" be pro- phelic of ihe lives of all you boys and girls. May you indeed help +0 bring aboul a realizalion of ihal high hope Thai Torrance High School will always represeni 'ro you and olhers only 'rhe besl in all 'rhe land. ELIZABETH F. PARKS. If You Knew Susie FIRST ROW: Willces, Speheger, Bell, Franklin, Mr. Elson, Kirlcpalriclc, Tiffany, Kresse, Puplcoff. SECOND ROW: Leech, Smifh, Mr. Haig, Gilberl, Murray. Student Gouncil FIRST SEMESTER MILDRED HIGGINS - LOUIS MADORE - HARRY BELL - - - ALICE TAYLOR - - TOMMY WILKES - - - CommissionerofAlhlefics - - RALPH GILBERT ---- Adverlising Manager - - - WESTON LEECH - - Commissionerof Enferlainmenf - WILBUR FRANKLIN - - Boys' League Presidenl' - - DORIS KRESSE - - - ADDISON SMITH - - Boys' Self-GovernmenI'Pres. - MARIAN SFEHEGER - Girls' Self-Governmenf Pres. - LEE ROY BENNER - - Commissioner of Group Conlrol - - - - Presidenl - - - - - Vice-Presidenf - - - - Commissioner of Finance - - Girls' League Presidenf - ADVISORY BOARD PEGGY OLSON - - - Eclifor of Flame LEE ROY BENNER ---- Safefy Commissioner - - DONALD HITCHCOCK - Junior High Presidenf - - KORENA CARLIN ---- G.A.A. Presidenf - - OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER WILBUR FRANKLIN - LEE KIRKPATRICK - - HARRY BELL - - - Secrelary - - - GEORGINA TIFFANY - TOMMY WILKES - RALPH GILBERT - WESTON LEECH - HENRY PUPKOFF - - DORIS KRESSE - ADDISON SMITH MARIAN SPEI-IEGER - LOUIS MURRAY - PEGGY OLSON - LEE ROY BENNER HELEN THOMPSON - - LORAIN HILL The Sfudenf Council is a legislafive body composed of fhe chairman of each school governmenf organizafion. and an advisory board of appoinfed members. If handles all school business, and endeavors fo promofe a more democrafic governmenf. Each member rnusf be well qualified 'fo handle problems arising in his parficular field of work. Through The efforfs of fhe Sfudenf Council, safefy condifions have been befrered, new self-governmenl' regulafions have been insfalled, and fhe financial con- difions of The school h.ave been greafly improved. Under Your S Pell Bell, Wooclcoclc, Mr. Elson, Alverson, Schwarfz, Leech 'Uocational Quidance The Vocalional Guidance HARRY BELL, Chairman MURIEL ALVERSON WESTON LEECH JOHN SCHWARTZ ARTHUR WOODCOCK MR. ELSON Commiliee has recenlly been organized fo aid siudenfs in choosing Their vocalions. The commi'H'ee is composed of sludenis. Their duly is To secure speakers To presenl 'ro sludenls a chosen profession and lo oblain adequale Tacfual maferial for our library. This commiflee has been one of The rnosl acfive of all our sludenl groups. When I Grow U P STUDENT BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST ROW: Speheger, Kresse, KirlcpaTrick, Mr. Elson, Miss Parks. SECOND ROW: PuplcoTf, A. SmiTh, Franklin. In order To give The sTudenTs a Tair chance To voice Their views and complainTs, The STudenT Board oT ConTrol was esTa blished. The Board acTs as a judiciary commiTTee. Trying The more serious cases concerning The sTudenTs. IT is The aim oT The Board noT only To render decisions buf To help and advise The sTudenTs in Their problems so ThaT They may beTTer serve The school and communiTy. FACULTY BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST ROW: Miss Duncan, Mrs. Morse, Miss Burnham, Mr. Elson, Miss Parlfs. sEcoND ROW: Mrs. soymon, Mr. Barrow, Mr. Andrews, Miss Lockyer. Under The able leadership oT iTs chairman, Miss Parks, The FaculTy Board oT ConTrol sTrives To aid sTudenTs who have diTTiculTy in conforming To The laws OT The school. The board reviews The sTudenTs' problems Thoroughly. Then endeavors To eliminaTe The causes oT poor conducT. Because oT The sincere iusTice and undersTanding of iTs members, This organizaTion has enabled many sTudenTs To gain a new sTarT on The road To good ciTizenship. These Little Things Remind Me Of You SAFETY COMMISSION FIRST ROW: STewarT, McEITresh, Mr. Elson, N. SeemaTTer, Alverson. SECOND ROW: Woodcocls, M. Benner, SmiTh, Franlclin, L. Benner, Bordeaux, D. SeemaTTer. Such enormous Tasks as The speeding up oT Tire drills. and The regulaTing oT TraTTic around The school, have been Taclqled and solved Ioy The SaTeTy Commission, WiTh The aid oT Mr. Elson, and in cooperaTion wiTh The Torrance police and Tire deparTmenTs, The group has done a Tine iolo oT making Torrance's saTeTy condiTions a model Tor every oTher school To Tollow. HALL PATROL FIRST ROW: L. Nagel, D. Nagel, Maloy, Nagayama, D. SeemaTTer, N. SeemaTTer, Olson, Franklin, MiTchell. SECOND ROW: Newman, WerTeIla, V. SmiTh, George, WarThan, Lindeman, BrewsTer, BarlIeTT, Ordway, Shaner. THIRD ROW: Wallace, Abramson, Kelly, McDonald, Murray, Jackson, STewarT, PriesT. To meeT and correcT our hall siTuaTion The I-Ia'I PaTroI was organized. By seIecTing The mosT reliable and respecTecl sTudenTs To acT as guides The PaTroI has earned The cooperaTion oT rnosT all oT The sTudenTs when iT comes To keeping order in The halls. S10 P And REco12side1' The Old Grey Mare Haculty MISS' M. JONES, CommerciaI MISS J, WEAVER. Cor'nmer:ieI MISS A. M, JANEVES, Commercial MRS, M. URQUI'-IART, VocafioneI Cooking MRS. E. BULL, clofmnq MISS H. COLLER, Home Economics MR. I. GRIGSBY, General Shop MR, H. STONE, Agriculhire MR. I-I. ANDREWS, Prinf Shop MR. I.. AUSTIN, Aufo Shop MR. N. I-IORNING, cdbinm Making MR. BURCI-IETT, Draffinq MR, WADDINGI-IAM, Science MISS R. LOCKE, Maihemafics MISS K. MILLERD, Ma'rI1emaI'ics MISS C. SI-IEARER, Ma+I'1ema+ic MR. G. MOWRY, Science MRS. M. ALLEN, Science S Haculty MR. R, COCI-IRAN, Physical Educafion MISS M. DUNCAN, Physical Educaiion MRS, B. I-IALLATT, Physical Eclucafion MR. E. MERRILL, Physical Eclucalion MRS. MISS E, KELLY, Social Living E. JONES, Social Living MISS C. MABEE, Social Living MR. E. BARROW, Social Living MISS MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS F. BEHR, Librarian S. VAUBEL, Social Living S. YOUNG. Social Living E. BURNI-IAM, English LOCKYER, Social Living I. MILLS, English MISS A. CHASE, Ari MRS. MRS. G. MORSE, Laiin, Counselor M. EISCHEN, Music MRS. M. BOYNTON, Spanish, Recorder She Ain't What She Used To Be Prisoner? Song W 5 t - . Seniors HUGH ALLEN "Lillie Man, You've Had a Busy Day" Baseball l-2-3 Slamp Club 2-4 CARL ANDREWS "Wake Up and Live" Sludenl Board of Confrol 4 Scholarship Sociefy 4 World Friendship Club 2-3-4 "Dulcy"-Junior Class Play HARRY BELL "Ah, Sweef Myslery of Life" Commissioner of Finance 4 Edifor of Torch 4 Business Manager of Torch 2-3 Chairman Vocational :Guidance Commillee MAX COAST "You've Gof lo be a Foolball Hero" Varsify Club Key Club 2-4 Baseball l-2-3 Tarfar Kniqhis JOHN DISARIO "LiTl'Ie Johnny One Note" Madrigals I-2-3-4 Presidenl 4 Tarlar Knighfs 3-4 World Friendship Club 3-4 Foolball I-2-3 WILBUR FRANKLIN "Willie Has Gone" Sliidenl Body President Varsily Club 3-4 F.F.A. l-2-3-4 Baskelball 2-3-4 EUNICE GULL " 'Till We Meer Again' Pep Club Madrigals Gone But Not Forgotten JOE BAY "Counl'ry Boy" F.F.A. I-2-3-4 Foofball 2-3 Tarfar Knighls F.F.A. Presidenl-1 ADA BRIGGS "All by Myself" Publicalions l-2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3 HAROLD CLEMMER "Long Boy" Varsity Club 3-4 F,A.A. Baskelball 3-4 MARCELLA CROOK "This is My True Confession" G.A.A, l-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Sludenl Slore 2-3 Variely Club I-2 DOROTHY JEAN CRAIG GENEVE EVERETT "Jeanie wilh ihe Lighl' Brown Hair" Scholarship I-2-3-4 Tor-rensic Forum I-2-3-4 Madrigals l-2'-3-4 "Dulcy"-Junior Class Play RUTH DUNCAN "The Dipsy Doodle" Pep Club Lalin Club Variely Club Popular Songs Club MILDRED FRIEDMAN "My Melancholy Baby Commercial Club Pep Club MASAHARU HATA "Alma Maier" World Friendship Club 4 F.A,A. 2-3-4 Japanese Club 2-3-4 Baslrelball 3-4 JOE KALINA "Swee'l Leilani" Varsily Club I-2-3-4 Arl Edilor of Flame 2-3-4 Key Club l-2-3-4 F.F.A. l-2-3-4 "Farewell, Old Collage" Commercial Club Pep Club Madriqals Big Sisier MARTHA GEORGE "Anchors Away" G.A.A. 2-3-4 Tor-rensic Forum 2 Tennis Club 2 LORAIN HILL "All American Girl" World Friendship Club 2-3-4 Madriqals 2-3-4 Scholarship G.A.A. I-2-3 Presidenr-1 JACK KENT "I Feel Like a Fealher in fhe Breeze" Foolball I-2-3-4 Track I-2-3-4 "Dulcy"-Junior Class Play Varsify Club I-2-3-4 LEE KlRKPATRlCK "Curly Top" Vice Presidenl Sfudenf Body 4 Varsily Club l-2-3 Tarlar Knighfs I-2 Track I-2-3-4 Seniors GENEVIEVE DORIS KRESSE EUNICE KORFF LEATHERMAN "Oh, Why'Am l So "Farewell to Arms" "Sweet and Low" HaPPY? Commercial Club Madrigals I-2-3 Slgffnqkgofrd of Popular Songs Club Cooking Club 3-4 Scholarship 2-4 Girls' League President 3-4 G.A.A. l-2-3-4 MARGIE MALOY WESTON LEECH MILDRED LANE "Nobody's Sweetheart" Tor-rensic Forum 4 Hall Patrol 3-4 Madrigals 4 MONROE MEAD "Pardon My Southern Accent" Printing Club EVA MlZE "None Shall Weep a Tear For Me" G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Girls League 2-3-4 Latin Club 2 Madrigals 2 TOMIYE NAGAYAMA "Madame Butterfly" Student Board of Control 4 Scholarship I-2-3-4 President Japanese Club 4 Secretary World Friendship Club 3-4 PHYLLIS ORDWAY "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Latin Club I-2-3 World Friendship Club 4 Annual Staff4 JIM PARKS "Please Go Way and Let Me Sleep" Basketball l-2 Tennis Club I Variety Club l-2 "Flowers for Madame" World Friendship Club 2-3-4 Scholarship 2 Student Council 3-4 Vocational Guidance Committee 3-4 DONNA MCCUTCH EN 'The Song is Ended" G.A.A. l-2 World Friendship Club 2-3-4 Madrigals l-2-3-4 Japanese Club 3-4 LORRAINE MILES "A Penny For Your Thoughts" Scholarship l-3-4 World Friendship Club 3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Madrigals I-2-3 MARY MOORE "So Long, Mary" Madrigals 3-4 Japanese Club 4 Annual Business Staff 4 AKIRA NAKAMURA "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" World Friendship Club 4 Japanese Club 2-3-4 F.F.A. I-2-3-4 "Dulcy"-Junior Class Play DOROTHY PANKEY "When I Grow Too Old to Dream" Pep Club "The Lady in Red" Commercial Vice President I-2 Madrigals I-2 Pep Club Secretary I-2-3 Variety Club EARL LOCK "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" Airplane Club 2-3-4 Nladrigals I-2-3-4 Track 3 Baseball 4 MARY ANN MCELFRESH "That Moon is H-ere Again" Student Board of Control 4 Safely Commission 3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 World Friendship Club 3-4 RICHARD MILLER "Gee, l Wish l Had a Girl!" Football l-3-4 Key Club Z-3-4 Tartar Knights 2-3-4 Madrigals 2-3 LOUIS MURRAY "l-lalleluiah, l'm a Bum" Commissioner of Group Control 4 Vice-President of Senior Class Variety Club 3 Wgarld Friendship Club PEGGY OLSON "You Can Put it in the Papers" Flame Editor 4 Associate Editor of Annual 4 Scholarship I-2-3-4 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Gone But Not Forgotten 'Z 4-1 Seniors DORRIS PHIPPS "Dark Eyes" Popular Songs Club MADALYN PINKHAM "Lif1le Old Lady" Annual Sfaff 2-3-4 Scholarship LEO ROSSET "The Toreador" Foolball I-2-3-4 Varsiiy Club 2-3-4 Senior Class Presidenl 4 Tarlar Knighls 2-3-4 ANNABELL SMITH "Fare Thee Well, Annabelle" Madrigals 2-4 Pep Club l-2-3 Sewing Club I-2 Publicalions l-2-3 NORMA SEEMATTER 'You Oughl' 'lo be ln Picluresu Safely Commission 3-4 "Dulcy"-Junior Class Play Chairman Hall Palrol 3-4 HELEN SMITH "A Million Dollar Baby" Sfudenf Sfore 3 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 "DuIcy"-Junior Class Play MINORI SUEDA "Cherry Blossom Lane" Safely Commission I-2 Japanese Club 2-3-4 Camera Club World Friendship Club Gone But Not Forgotten ROBERT RAUSS "Where is My Wander- ing Boy TonighI" Publicafions l-4 Madrigals 3-4 Baskelball I-2 Safely Commission 3 JOHNNY SCHMIDT "Miss Brown To You" Varsity Club I-2-3 Foofball I-2-3-4 Baseball I-2-3 Track I-Z BOB SIKES "Sleepy Head" Foofball 3-4 Track 4 Annual Slafl' 4 Variefy Club ARVOL SMITH "Bogie Man" Key Club 2-3-4 Baseball 2-3 Varsify Club 2-3-4 Baslcelball I-Z-3-4 VIRGINIA SMITH 'Virginia Belle" Scholarship I Lalin Club I-2-3 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Madrigals 4 TED TANOUYE "Fighf on 'for Torrance H igh" Foofball I-2-3-4 F,F.A. I-2-3-4 Varsily Club Key Club I-2-3 MILDRED VINCENT "SIomping al 'the Savoy" Pep Club Popular Songs Club LeNORA SCHROEDER "Am I Blue" G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Annual Ari' Edifor 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club ADDISON SMITH Don'? Be IdIe" Varsily Club 3-4 Tarfar Knighls I-2-3-4 Srudenf Council 4 Publicarions I-2-3-4 ERMAN ELL SMITH "Was il' a Dream?" Publicafions I-2-3-4 World Friendship Club 4 Japanese Club 4 G.A.A. 2-3 LESTER STANLEY 'Hard Times Come Again No More" Basketball I-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 4 Varsily Club 4 REG-SIE TRELOAR "Dom Be Like Thar" Key Club 2-3-4 Tarlar Knighls 2-3-4 Sfore Manager 4 Sfudenf Council 4 WILLIAM WALKER "Wallz Me Around Again Willie" Council 4 World Friendship Club 4 Key Club 3-4 Sfage Crew Manager 4 MARJORIE WARTI-IAN "Llmehouse Blues" Sfudenf Sfore 4 Commercial Club 4 Big Sisler 4 Hall Patrol 4 Seniors TOMMY WILKES "Go lnlo Your Dance' Commissioner of Alhlelics Varsify Club President Track I-2-3-4 Baskelball I-2-3 1 HANS SOMMERS "Tipi Tin" Track Baskelball Aeroplane Club RALPH GILBERT "Any Liflle Girl" Varsily Club 2'-3-4 Key Club I-2-3-4 Sfudenf Council 3-4 Yell King 2-3-4 CARL HANNl "BeHer Times Are Coming" Track I-2 Foofball 12'-3-4 Paddle Board Club Baseball 2 WALTER MAREK "Happy Days Are Here Again" Spanish Club I-2 Tor-rensic Forum 2-3-4 Camera Club Pres. 4 JOE MILES "Mama Don'f Allow ll Foolball 2-3-4 Key Club 2-3-4 Paddle Board Club 3-4 INEZ NICOLETTI "A Lafin from Manha'rTan" , Commercial Club 3-4 Pep Club 2-3 Camera Club 3 Popular Songs 3 ALICE WEST "Cross Pal'ch" G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Scholarship 4 TH ELMA HAUCK "Aloha Oe" Pep Club Aloha Oe GERALD GRUBB "You're lhe Cream in My Coffee" Foolball l-2-3-4 Varsily Club 2-3-4 Key Club 3-4 Paddle Board Club Vice-Presidenl' MARTHA HOKE "The Sweefhearl' of Sigma Chi" G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Flame Slaff 2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3 Class Reporter 2-3 JOHN McDONALD "l Lost My Gal" Tor-rensic Forum l-2'-3-4 Presiclenl of Forum 3 Aviation Club l-3-4 Spanish Club I BlLL NAGEL "Bashful" Track 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Radio 2-3-4 IRENE WATKINS "lrene" Chairman of Fashion Show IRENE WILKES "The Lady is a Tramp" Sluclenf Slore 4 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Variely Club I-2 ROBERT LONG "Gel Thee Behind Me, Salah" Enlered from Nar- bonne 4 Track 4 BARBARA HALL "There Goes My Hearf' Scholarship 2-3 Tor-rensic Forum l-2-3-4 G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Madrigals 2-3-4 LORENA LONG "Smiles" Scholarship I-2-3-4 G.A.A. l-2 World Friendship Club 3-4 Madrigals 2-3-4 MERLE McHENRY 'Sweef is lhe Word for You" G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Girls' League Secrefary 3-4 Class Presidenf 3-4 Mad rigals 3-4 Gone But Not Forgotten Seniors RUTH NORMAN PATTY POST FERRUCIO ROSS! "Onward and Upward" Scholarship I-2-3-4 G.A.A, I-2-3-4 Madrigals 2-3-4 Wsnvld Friendship Club PEDRO PINA 'La Cucaracha" Radio Club Secrelary 2-3-4 Tor-rensic Forum I-2-3 Camera Club 4 HENRY PUPKOFF "Linger Awhile" Varsily Club 2-3-4 Key Club 2'-3-4 Foolball 2-3-4 Bozfs League Presidenl CHARLES SCHU LTZ "In My Merry Olds- mobile" Tor-rensic Forum 2-3 Radio Club I-2-3-4 Camera Club Vice- Presidenf 4 BOB TOLSON 'Old KinECole was a Merry ld Sole" Aviation Club 3-4 Madrigals 4 Foulball 2-3-4 Tor-rensic Forum 2-3-4 ETH EL GAVIN "The Bells Are Ringing For Me" Enrered from Banning 4 FRANK CARR "Nobody Knows" "May I Have fhe Nexf Romance Wilh You" World Friendship Club 3-4 Sludenr Board of Conlrol 3-4 Tor-rensic Forum 3-4 RAY RICHHART 'Fighf On" Varsily Club I-2-3-4 Tarlar Knights 2-3-4 Key Club l-2-3-4 Foolball l-2-3-4 MARIAN SPEHEGER "The Girl on fhe Police Ga1e'He" Girls' Self Governmenl Presidenl 3-4 GirI's League Cabinel 2-3-4 World Friendship Club 3-4 ELAINE WHITT "l'll Be Home Tomorrow" Madrigals 2 Pep Club 2 Commercial 3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 VIRGINIA CRANDELL "Carrol Top" Girls' League I-2-3 Tor-rensic Forum 3-4 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3 HARVEY ABRAMSON "l Can Gel if for You Wholesale" Tor-rensic Forum I-2-3-4 Madrigals 3-4 Business Manager of 'The Organ Grinders Swing" GEORGINA TIFFANY "l'r's Funny fo Every- one But Me" Tor-rensic Forum I-2-3 World Friendship Club 3-4 Scholarship 2-3 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 BETTY WRIGHT "You're in lhe Army Now" G.A.A. 2-3-4 Girl's League 2-3 Pep Club 2 Madrigals I-2-3 JOHN GANDSEY "He Ain? Gol Rhyll1m" Foofball I-2-3-4 Key Club I-2-3-4 Camera Club 3-4 Spanish Club I EMIL SCI-'IIMMICK JANE CHANDLER "Reckless" G.A.A. 3-4 Sewing Club 3-4 Foolball I-2-3-4 An,.,ua14 VGVSITY CIUI9 3-4 World Friendship Key Club 2-3-4 Club 3-4 SACHIKO HAMANO ROBERT KIRKLAND EMIL SCHIMMICK "Tl-,BHIQ5 for me "Today I Am a Man" "Rip Van Winklle Was Memories" Scholarship 2-3-4 V 6 7:8513 4 was Friendship club 5"gfiQ1c5Oa'd of LjffgKBi'g!g,g4,.4 ' J Club 2-3.4 e u - . ggpghnggggf 3-4 v?S3EeE?iend,iip Club sal-fy comm---on 2 Assisfanl Girls' Sporfs 4 Edifor REGGIE SMITH NORMAN HUDSON TGNY MOINE ,Tm Tiredu "I'm Pulling All My Eggs in One Baslrel" Badminfon Club Gone But Not Forgotten "Lei Yourself Go" Enlered from Banning High School 4 Scholarship 2-3 Foofball 2-3-4 ciulrnKfgG7fE3 Slunior Glass In preparaTion Tor leadership and democraTic governmenT in Their senior year, The Junior Class has led an aCTive year OT sporT, sCholasTic, and social evenTs. To quicken Their inTeresT in school aTTairs They rnade plans Tor The Junior-Senior Prom and The annual Carnival. The Class has been Well represenTed in The spOrTs field by Lee Roy Benner, Melvin Benner, Bob Eiguerado, Marvin GOeTsCh, Elmo I-lall, John I-Iall, Teruzo I'laTa, Eugene I-IaTTer, Bob Klinlc, Harold Massie, Junior Richardson, Bob STeadrnan, Leroy STeClcer, Bill STewarT, I-Iarold Trezise, and ArThur Woodcoclc. Junior members in The SchOIasTic SoCieTy included Muriel Alverson, EIizabeTh AnThony, Coral Lindeman, Pearl Lovelady, Mariorie Page, Norinne Schroeder, Virginia Traller, and ArThur Woodcock. JUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS WITI-I NO PICTURES M. BACON D. CHAVEZ E. BLACK M. CARLSON E. BORTNEM L, CLINE C. BREWSTER A- DQWEI-L R- CARUN B. EDMUNDS B. CLOuSE R- HALE e. ELLIS E. HALL H. FLOYD S. HAMANO J' HALL E. KUJUBU T' HMA E. LAWVER J. JACKSON O. NORTHINe-TON R- KUNK M' PFQST A. MASON M. REEVES B. MCGINNIS L. RUSSELL C. MITCHELL M. SAEDA D. MOSER S. SHIBuTA R. NEWMAN E. SUEDA R. PARR T. THOMPSON W. L. PRIEST B. TuCKER v. OUINN M. TURNER B. ROSS J. VAN KRALINGEN E. SCHIMMICK M. WILLIAMS A. SHIMATSU W. WILLIAMS A. SHIMATSu E. BAKER J. SNYDER L. BEADLE B. STEADMAN B. BENDER J. B. WALLACE H. BENIGER A. WOODCOCK LEE ROY BENNER B. YANCEY Eleven More Months And One More Day ALVERSON ACREE BAR KDU LL BARTLETT ANTHONY BORDEAUX BORTN EM BREWSTER BRYAN CASBAKER FEZZENDEN D. FIGUEREDO R. FIGUEREDO FOSTER STECKER HATTER HOGBERG HOKE HORNBACK HORNEY JONES KEATING NUCKLES' LAMB LEWIS MADDY MASSIE MITCHELL MOWRY MCNEES Eleven More Months And One More BEECHER CONDON G-OETSCH INGRAM LINDEMAN MCDONALD Day BENN ER DAWSON GROTH MAN ISAACS LOCKE McDOU GALL BENDER FALK HALL ISBELL LOVELADY NORMAN PAGE PATTERSON PEER PERKINS PRICE PRIEST REBADOW RICHARDSON RITCHIE ROWE ROSS RUSSELL SCHROEDER SCI-IWARTZ SEARS SEEMATTER SHANER SHAVER SHIMATSU SHIMATSU SLOVER SMITH SNOW SOPCHINSKY E. TAYLOR R. TAYLOR THOMAS TRALLER TREZISE TURNER VINCENT WEIR WERTELLA D. WHITE C. WHITE WHITT Eleven More Months And One More Day OUIGLEY SAEDA SHEEHAN STANLEY UEDA WILLIAMS RAYMOND SCHULTZ SHIBUTA STEWART VAUGHN YORK FIRST ROW: Courrney, Wolfe, Dischner, Malin, Greiner, Kamei, C. Anderson, Kerber, Friedman, C. Trezise, Kelly, Wesl, Leake, Bafovsky, C. Sieadman, Peliy, Hormell, Swerdfeger, Crawford, Une. SECOND ROW: Mossor, Cwengel, Obale, J. Shaver, V. McGinnis, Clark, L. Allen, Fossum, D. Ernsf, Newell, I. Johnson, Sopchinsky, J. Barkdull R. Pankey, McAnally, Neill, S. Guflenfelder, Hamada, Toke, Uneda, Moore, L. Briganli, Yasunaga, Hammond. THIRD ROW: Lincoln, Hifchcock, Weber, Srern, Snow, Truiillo, Hill, Bay, Ramskill, Coldiron, Slrauiman, L. Thompson, M. Thompson, Bomio, Chadwick, Griswell, Dieilin, Howe, Wrighf, Kehoe, D. Nagel, Lee, Barnard, Peckham, Bender. FOURTH ROW: R, Miller, Janssen, Joyce, Jolley, Marek, Hales, Pina, Cowan, Word, Pinkham, DePasse, Hasegawa, Maddock, McCune, McHenry, Brown, Mauck, Slumph, Hawks, Z, Johnson Marsh, Van Kralingen, L. Nagel, Dowell, Higgins, O. Miller, Raihburn, Giacomi, Orr. , Sophomore Glass In lhe pasi year, many Sophomores have Taken aciive perl in all fields of campus life. They have been ouI's'rancIing in leadership, scholarship, aihlerics, and o'rher forms of social aclivilies. The Sophomore Class has been well represenied in Ihe Scholarship Socieiy by: Alma McHenry, Jeanne Howe, Marion Thompson, Jimmy Dowell, Marvin Lee, Van Ness Barnard, Harold Kerber, Bernard Friedman, and Arlys Fossum. Members of fhe class were also aciive in such prominenl clubs as: G. A. A., Varsiry Club, F. F. A., La'rin Club, Spanish Club, and Madrigals. Some of I'he srudenrs were also on The Flame and Torch siafls. Alrhough many sludenrs in rhis class were oulsranding in school even'rs and alhlelics, The pride and ioy of The IOIh grade was Bruno Giacomi. In his firsf year our 'lor foolball, he proved himself a very valuable man by being lhe only Sophomore +o make 'rhe varsiry 'Ieam and earn a leirer. Sin Jlfiemoriam RAY COLLINS To live in hearls we leave behind ls nor io die. -Campbell. Tl9ere's A Long Lon g Trail A SEVEN A EIGHT A NINE B SEVEN B EIGHT B NINE Bewildered Glass Trophecy lT is l96'O, a lovely spring aTTernoon, aT The WhiTe House, WashingTon, D. C. Three loud knocks aT The main door announce ThaT The biggesT aTTair oT The year is abouT To begin. IT is The reunion oT The Torrance High classes, Summer '38 and WinTer '39, All is in readiness. lnviTaTions have been senT a monTh in advance by The presidenT oT The UniTed STaTes, Wilbur Franklin. Head buTler Harry Bell, gaThering all his poise and digniTy, responds immediaTely To The now deaTening pounds on The door. The TirsT guesT proves To be none oTher Than Henry PupkoTT, who is a Tamous collecTor oT buTTer- Tlies in SouTh ATrica. Behind him is his TaiThTul Traveling companion, Johnny Gandsey, loaded To The very brim wiTh umbrellas, buTTerTly neTs, and Toy ballons. ATTer shaking The digniTied buTler's hand Tully Ten minuTes, our early guesT asks, "When do we eaT?" The same old Henry! The nexT group oT guesTs are Earl Lock, Mary Ann McElTresh, John McDonald, and Geneve EvereTT. Earl is a sTunT Tlyer, and John is a reTired Track sTar Trom The lasT Three Olympics. The sound oT squeaking V8 brakes brings The whole WeTTy Goodman Swing Band, direcTed by none oTher Than WeTTy Leech and his swing whisTle. WeTTy is employing such celebriTies as Genevieve "Krupa" Lealrherman aT The drums and Margie "TilTon" Maloy, wiTh her golden voice, aT The mike. Tommy Wilkes, in cords and shirT sleeves, comes Truckin' in righT aTTer WeTTy. Tommy is now shining shoes aT The pool hall in LomiTa. Singing aT The Top oT her soprano voice, Lorain Hill enTers, via The window near The easT balcony Trellis. Miss Hill is Tops in The opera world, buT sTill loves To go back To her childhood. Le Nora Schroeder, who is accompanying her, is now co-capTain wiTh Virginia SmiTh oT The Girl ScouTs oT America. We go now To The recepTion room where The gracious EirsT Lady, Elaine WhiTT, is pouring Tea Tor all The lady guesTs. She chaTs merrily wiTh Marcella Crook, Eunice Gull, and Lorraine Miles, socieTy maTrons Trom Beverly Hills. Donna McCuTchen is There also, sad eyed in her liTTle black bonneT. ATTer divorcing Two seamen, one banker, an orchesTra leader, and a Tamous Jewish Tailor, Donna has decided ThaT she wasn'T meanT Gone But N ot Forgotten Tor ThaT sorT oT liTe and has devoTed her all To The SalvaTion Army, where she carries a bell and wears a long black skirT. As soon as The guesTs have all arrived, a servanT, The ex-Mr. Joe Kalina, enTers and announces ThaT dinner is served in The Blue Room. Dinner is deTained a Tew seconds while Richard Miller Takes Time To puT on his shoes which he has leTT lying in The middle oT The Tloor oT The guesT room he is sharing wiTh RoberT Long, who, by The way. is a greaT iournalisT Tor The New York Times. BuT once aT The Table, There is no sTopping The guesTs. Everyone Tells oT his success in liTe and The progress he has made since graduaTing Trom high school. Carl Andrews sTaTes ThaT he has recenTly reTired Trom col- lecTing garbage. He really doesn'T know whaT To do wiTh hirnselT, and iT iT weren'T Tor his devoTed wiTe, a blonde, he is cerTain he would go crazyl William Walker owns a large chain oT burlesque shows all over The counTry. He TeaTures such worldwide aTTracTions as The SmiTh Twins, Ermanell and Annabell, and Their balloon dance, Much embarrassed, Norman Hudson asks To be excused Trom The Table. IT seems he has a nighT paper rouTe now and musT peddle his papers, reunion or noT. All The varnps such as EThel Gavin, Acla Briggs, and Thelma Hauck, are making eyes aT our own li+TIe Johnny Disario, The I96O RoberT Taylor OT The silver screen. Jim Parks reporTs ThaT he is now a TirsT class plumber, having sTudied The Trade nineTeen years. Joe Bay has really goTTen someplace since graduaTing. He is now a Tobacco aucTioneer in ATlanTa, Georgia. He has Turned down many oTTers oT conTracTs Trom all greaT movie direcTors, so greaT is his love Tor his aucTioneeringl A slighT inTerrupTion comes wiTh The enTrance oT a Telegraph boy, Carl Hanni. The Telegram expresses The regreT oT MarTha George and Eunice KorTT, who are unable To aTTend This reunion. IT seems The U. S. Navy has Temporarily moved To China. ConsequenTly, boTh MarTha and Eunice are in China. The Tour class sponsors, Misses Mills, Shearer, Chase, and E. Jones, are very proud oT our class, because iT conTains so many Tamous and prominenT people. Bob Tolson is The mayor oT Chicago, Ill., and a very successTul one aT ThaT. He has been re-elecTed Tor TourTeen consecuTive years now. DoroThy Jean Craig is anoTher cause Tor pride. She has worked up To TirsT secreTary To EinsTein. Max CoasT is The auThor oT .a besT seller, "The PerTecT GenTleman." Peggy Olson has been promoTed To head ianiTress aT Jack KenT's lnsane Asylum, where Merle McHenry, Jane Chandler, and Frank Carr are paTienTs. They all goT ThaT way over Too many hearT breaks. Joe Miles has Turned Gone But Not Forgotten poIiTician and has recenTly been appoinTed SecreTary oT The Treasurer. Ted Tanouye and Minori Sueda are Japanese represenTaTives To America. They have as Their very capable secreTary, Tomiye Nagayama. By The way, aII Through dinner The guesTs have been served by Tony Moine and Alcira Nakamura, TaiThTul servanTs aT The WhiTe House. In The evening The guesTs dance in The Grand Ballroom. IT is made doubly enioy- able wiTh music Trom WeTTy Goodmans band, and deIighTTul reTreshmenTs prepared by none oTher Than chieT cheT, Bob Silces and his assisTanT, PaTTy PosT. PaTTy, by The way, sTill Tinds her Thursday nighT OTT quiTe Thrilling, since Ralph 6iIberT has opened his Kosher MeaT ProducTs Company righT in WashingTon. He is in parTnership wiTh Harvey Abramson. The dance is opened, of course, wiTh a grand march, led by Wilbur and Elaine wiTh Louis Murray and Doris Kresse immedia+ely behind Them. Louis is sTill cleaning cuspidors, and Doris' Tinances are always IcepT low from buying so many season TicIceTs Tor Bill WaIIcer's burlesque shows. The march is ended wiTh Hugh Allen and BeTTy WrighT lasT in line. Hugh is running a nighT spoT in Las Vegas, where he specializes in hamburgers. The TirsT dance is a wal+z, and Ray RichharT and MarTha Holme malce quiTe an inTeresTing sighT doing The big apple To waITz Time. Feruccio Rossi and Inez NicoleTTi also ioin Them. Feruccio is Mussolini's righT hand man and Inez has every reason To be proud oT him. As The evening goes on, we Tind various groups oT old Triends Tallcing over old Times. FirsT we see Helen SmiTh laughing uproariously over a silly liTTle iolce ThaT WaI+er Marek has iusT Told her. Helen is Tree. whiTe and ThirTy-nine! WiTh Them is Virginia Crandell . . . Virginia is now a blonde and s+ilI blushes over TriTIes, as in her school days. SiTTing in a corner lcniTTing, we come upon Irene WaTIcins, Eva Mize, Doris Phipps, and Mary Moore. These girls have managed To s+aIl Their many admirers oTT all These years and are sTill single. We Ioolc up iusT in Time To see Mariorie WarThan and Reggie Treloar sTill holding hands behind a palm Tree in The garden. My, oh my, iT musT be conTagious! Lee KirlcpaTriclc and Georgina TiTTany are doing likewise. In The middle oT The hall we sTumble inTo Norma SeemaTTer and LesTer STanIeyl Norma iusT can'T geT away Trom direcTing TraTTic. She goT so used To iT in high school, she decided To go inTo iT on a larger scale. She is now a Tloorwallcer aT BuIIocIc's Wilshire. LesTer is conducTing The Gone But Not Forgotten Philadelphia Philharmonic for fhe fwelffh consecufive season. l-le has been highly acclaimed. and greaf honor has been besfowecl upon him, for he is offen classed above Toscannini. l-larold Clemmer and Alice Wesf come running down fhe sfairs fwo af a fime. They have heard peculiar noises in fhe Blue Room. Masa l-lafa, house defecfive, and Marian Speheger, Whife House policewoman, are summoned af once. On invesfigaf- ing, Masa finds Roberf Rauss and Arvol Smifh "colecfing" silver from fhe Blue Room. The boys are permiffed fo fake one piece each and fhey are requesfed fo refurn fhe resf. A lof of commofion arises from fhe recreafion room and fhe garden af fhe same fime. Masa reporfs fo fhe garden only fo find Phyllis Ordway la world famous ballef insfrucfressl feaching Irene Wilkes, Leo Rossef, and Mildred Friedman a new sfep in fhe arf of foe dancing. lf seems Leo's foof has lodged in a chandelier while kicking his righf leg info fhe air. While Masa is sfraighfening him ouf, Marian confinues her invesfigafion in fhe recreafion room. To her surprise she finds Roberf Kirkland, Madalyn Pinkham, Barbara l-lall, Rufh Norman, and Monroe Meade in a hof poker game. Two minufes lafer we find Marian faking fhe pof wifh a full house. Talking over world affairs wifh Presidenf Wilbur are Charles Schulfz, Gerald Grubb, Bill Nagel, and Dr. Pedro Pina. Charles is a Chevrolef dealer, and a successful one af fhaf. Gerald sells fish af Redondo fo fhe unlucky fishermen. l-le finds if a very profifable business. All he does is fake fresh fish ouf of his fa'rher's markef and sell if direcfly fo his cusfomers. Dr. Pina and his silenf parfner, Bill Nagel, have discovered a cure for broken hearfs, buf will share if only during a S800 freafmenf. Lorena Long, frapeze arfisf, and Reggie Smifh, sword swallower, enferfain fhe ofhers for fhe remainder of fhe evening. Only affer several encores, are fhey permiffed fo sfop. The firsf guesfs fo leave are Johnny Schmidf, fraveling evangelisf, and his faifhful Troupe, including his song leader. Addison Smifh, and his lovely quarfeffe composed of Rufh Duncan, Mildred Lane, Dorofhy Pankey, and Mildred Vincenf. They have an engagemenf in a disfanf cify which makes necessary fheir early deparfure. lf has been a lovely reunion. Everyone has been so pleased and happy fo see his old classmafes again. Buf all good fhings musf come fo an end . . . Thus, fhe parfy endsllll Gone But Not Forgotten Snake C lmrmer -1 .-1.1.- I FIRST ROW: Miss Mills, M. Thornpson, Fossum, I-Iowe, McI-Ienry. Miles, Pinlcham, Hill, Alverson, AnIhony. SECOND ROW: Page, Lindeman, Traller, Nagayama, Craig, Schroeder, Posf, Kresse, Andrews, Isaacs. THIRD ROW: Long, Norman, SeemaH'er, Olson, TiTfany, I-Iall, Lee, Woodcoclc, Kerber, J. Dowell, A. Dowell, Franklin, Kirlclancl. Scholarship FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER MARGARET I-IOGUE - - - PresidenT - - - ARTHUR WOODCOCK TOMIYE NAGAYAMA - - - Vice-PresicIenT - - - DOROTHY JEAN CRAIG GEORGINA TIFFANY - - - SecreTary - - - - LORRAINE MILES MISS MILLS ---- - Sponsor - ---- MISS MILLS Membership in This honorary socieTy is The reward Tor schoIasTic aTTainmenT aT Torrance I-Iigh. The aim of The socieTy is To raise The schoIasTic sTancIing in classes, and TurTher The developmenT oT cerTain TaIenTs. The yearly program oT The group has been enlivened by a Trip To The Sunfreze Ice Cream TacTory and aTTencIance aT banqueTs given by oTher schools. The requiremenTs Tor membership in The socieTy are Tour recommended grades and recommendaTions Trom Three Teachers, "I Can Say My A B C'S" FIRST ROW: Pallerson, Maloy, Craig, Crandell, I-Iall, Seemaffer Miss Lockyer Nagayama Speheger, Kresse, Posl. SECOND ROW: Thomas. Sears. Abramson Andrews Bell McDonald Tolson, Marek, Isaacs, Schullz. Uor-rensic Uorum FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER ROY WI-IALIN - - - Presidenl - - BARBARA HALL PATTY POST - - - - Vice-Presiclem' - - - BOB ISAACS ALICE TAYLOR - - - - Secrelary - JEAN CRAIG MARIAN SPEI-IEE-ER - - - Treasurer - JEAN CRAIG MISS LOCKYER - - - - Sponsor - MISS LOCKYER To gain a grealer knowledge of world affairs, Tor-rensic Forum members have discussed 'rhe Japanese-Chinese silualion, and similar world problems. Labor and melhods for improving Iegislalural procedure have been openly and seriously lallced over. Debaling on lhe queslion: "Resolved: Thal' Ihe Several Slales Should Adopl The Unicameral Syslem of LegisIa'rion," afiirmalive and negalive Jreams from Torrance and Banning High Schools mel al each school The same day. A visil' lo 'rhe I-Iunlinglon Ari Museum and Library conslilulecl lhe organizalion's social evenl. "You Say Either Ami I Say Either" FIRST ROW: TiTfany, Alverson, PaTTerson, Rebadow, Whife, Turner, Barkdull, Bryan, Horney. Long, Acree, Casbaker, Maddy, Maloy, Mrs. Eischcen. SECOND ROW: V. Smifh, Schroeder Page, Lincleman, Gull, Craig, Hall, Norman, Williams, Ramskill, WerTella, Rauss, Mowry Andrews, Disario, Bell. THIRD ROW: WhiTT, Greiner, McHenry, McCune, Abramson, Leake York, Kalina, A. SmiTh, Tolson, Seemairier, Franklin. FOURTH ROW: STewarT, Benner GiIberT, Sheehan, Jackson, A. SmiTh, NorThingTon, Isbell, Kibbe, Figuereda, KirkpaTrick Wilkes, Murray, Lock. ' Jlfladrigals FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER JOHNNY DISARIO - - Presidenf - JOHNNY DISARIO RALPH GILBERT - - - Vice-PreSidenT- - - - - MARY MOORE ALICE TAYLOR - - - Secrefary - GEORGINA TIFFANY EARL LOCK - - - Treasurer - f-f- EARL LOCK MARIE TURNER ---- - Wardrobe - - - - - MARIE TURNER DONNA MCCUTCHEN - PubliciTy Manager - HARVEY ABRAMSON LORENA LONG - - - - Librarians - - LORENA LONG RUTH NORMAN RUTH NORMAN MRS. EISCHEN - - - Sponsor - - MRS. EISCHEN The A Capella Choir oT Torrance High, Through Tireless eTTorTs of The able spon sor, Mrs. Eischen, has achieved new peaks in melodic accomplishmenfs, and mainTains a high posiTion among The service clubs oT our school. As The membership s+eadiIy increases, The choir conTinues To serve The school and communiTy by programs arTisTicaIIy creaTed and presenTed. Probably The mosT ouT- sTanding of These was The ChrisTmas PageanT. Robed in The characTerisTic black boleros and brighT sashes, They have also Turnished The musical background Tor The Bacca- laureaTe and CommencemenT services, and programs given in coIIaboraTion wiTh churches. Sin g, Sin g, Sin g FIRST ROW: Mrs. Eischen, Jacobs, G. Hall, Dobriclc, Daniel, H. Fosfer, Prime, Walls, Thomas, Newman, Tanaka, Weber, Schimmick. SECOND ROW: D. Clark, Dow, W. Clark, Leech, Henderson, Crawford, Hawlcs, Parr, Omalsu, Livermore, Anrhony. THIRD ROW: E. Fosler, Briggs, Delsiegne, Floyd, Smilh, Fernley, Hall, While, Zamperini, Smylh, Thompson, Honda, Hormell, Pegors, Lukes, Maloy, Hudson, Neff, Robinson, Slumph, Fish, Rusk, Hale, E. Thomas, Moon, Yoder, Benner, Marlin, Wells, Dooley, Finley, Weaver. Colburn, Slunior Ghoir FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER ELIZABETH FISH - - Presidenl - - - HOWARD FOSTER JAMES DANIEL - - - - Vice-Presidenl - - - - MARY WALLS RUBY BENNER - - Secrelary - - - RUBY BENNER GLEN HALL - - - Treasurer - - - BEN PRIME MRS, EISCHEN - - - Sponsor - - - MRS. EISCHEN Following in Ihe foolsleps of 'rhe Madrigal singers, Junior High sludenrs have eslablished a similar group in which lhe besl voices of lhe Junior High are galhered. The many brillianl appearances lhe club has made have been well received and generously praised, and ihe members have shared a feeling of salisfaciion wilh Their inilial elforis and ambilions lo conlinue and improve. The adoplecl coslumes of lhe sociely are Copenhagen-blue robes. Sing, Baby, Sing FIRST ROW: Morris, Trezise. Hala, Carlson, Franklin, Nakamura, Bay, Zumwalf. SECOND ROW: Mr. Srone, Kelsey, Cline, Condon, Fukai, Hedrick, Richharf, Tanouye, Jones, Powell, Beniger. Future 3armers offlmerica FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER JOE BAY - - - Presidenr - - - MILTON CARLSON MILTON CARLSON Vice-Presidenr - - - - HAROLD TREZISE ROBERT BENIGER - - Secrefary - - - THOMAS ZUMWALT ROBERT BENIC-ER - - - Treasurer - - THOMAS ZUMWALT MR. STONE - - - - - Sponsor ---- MR. STONE The F.A.A. is one of Torrance High's mosl aciive and profiiable vocaiional clubs. The members of 'this organizarion represenr our School in praciically all of The local fairs and sioclc-shows. The members of 'Ihe club are given The opporiunily Io learn more abour modern farming invenrions when visiring fairs, and by ajriending shows wherein farming equip- menf is acrively exhibiied. Each boy is assigned a home proiecr Ihar he cares for and sells as profifably as possible. The proiecrs for Ias'r year broughf in a +oI'aI income of SI400. Wilh pari of Jrhe money earned by rheir respeclive proiecrs, F.A.A. members pur- chased swealers bearing Jrhe emblem of rheir club. , Pm just A Country Boy At Heart FIRST SEMESTER KORENA CARLIN DORIS KRESSE - ELOISE WOOD - ALICE TAYLOR - MURIEL B. DUNCAN - - - FIRST ROW: Hill, Tiffany, Craig, Holce, Slanley, L. Schroeder, N. Schroeder, Vincenl Black, Fossum, Olson, Norman. SECOND ROW: Page, Miles, Wesl, Fish, lnlermill McHenry, Werlella, Casbalcer, Carlin, Taylor, Brewsler, Holme, Whi'H, Rowe, THIRD ROW: Sears, George, T. Harula, llcezoe, Zamperini, Benner, Ramslcill, Bay, McGinnis, Wrighl, Allen Alverson, Traller, Nagayama, Ordway, McNees. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Hallel, Palnrerson M. Olson, Y. Hurala, Whilney, Saeda, Rel::adow,ToI1e, Finley, Fernley, M. Smirh, Sopchinskyl Hammon, Norman, V. Smilh, Pos'r, Kresse, Speheger, Miss Duncan. FIFTH ROW: Clark, Doen, El. Lulces, Ed. Lukas, Acree, Taylor, Riley, E. Thompson, Whiling, H. Thompson, Horrnell, Ma+hews, Rusk, Schcimmiclc, Daniel, Koboyashi, Chandler, Mize, Whill. OFFICERS - - Presiclenl' - - -Vice-Presidenlw - - - Secrela ry - - - Treasurer - Sponsor SECOND SEMESTER - - LORAIN HILL - - PEGGY OLSON GEORGINA TIFFANY MARTHA GEORGE MURIEL B. DUNCAN Probably one of The mosl aclive socielies in 'the school, G.A.A., has m.acIe an ourslanding eflorl 'ro promole inleresl in girls' arhlelics and furlher The spiril of sporls- .manship and fellowship. Social aclivilies of The year have included sponsoring sludenl "hops," and allendance al' playdays al olher schools. The sociely has succeeded in inlroducing ping pong and baclminron Io Ihe sporls curriculum. Sweet Varsity Sue FIRST ROW: Richardson, Grubbs, Shimmick, SchmicI'r, Rosse+, Kent Wilkes, Kirkparrick Benner, Siewari. SECOND ROW: Hall. Carr, Gilbert Kalina, Richharf, Sfanley, A. Smirh Figueredo, A. Smifh, Goeisch, Giacomi. TI-IIRD ROW: Pupkoff, Franklin, McGinnis, Wood- cock, Massie, Trezise, Radford. Coasi, Moser, Chavez, Briganri, Jackson. 'U 't GI b FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER JIMMY I-IERLETT - - Presidenf - - - TOMMY WILKES LEO ROSSET - V - - - Vice-Presiden'r- - - - I-IENRY PUPKOFF RAY RICI-II-IART - - Secreiary - - - ART WOODCOCK RAY RICI-II-IART - - - Treasurer A - ART WOODCOCK COACH COCI-IRAN - - - Sponsor - COACH COCI-IRAN Rivaling any schooI's group of sporis minded boys was This year's Varsify CIub. Through various accompIishmen+s and services To The school, The group con'rinuecI in iis efioris 'ro creaie a high siandard of sporismanship. Any sporisier who has earned a Varsiiy Ieiier in a major spori is quaIiIiecI for membership in 'rhe club. The ac+iviIy schecIuIe of 'rhe group Ihis year incIucIed a Varsiiy dance and Ihe annual iniiiaiion ceremony. We Are Little Soldier Men FIRST ROW: T. Uneda, Tolce, Greiner, T. Kamie, Seemaller, K. Yamamofa, S. Masumolo, T. Harufo, M. Tanaka, H. Harulo, A. Shimolani, Mrs. Eischen, Cook, E. Osawa, Hudson, Posl, S. Honda, H. Yasunaga. S. Kalcida. SECOND ROW: R. Ueda, N. Koboyashi, Mililich, L. Ikezoe, C. Malsumoio, Moon, Zamperini, Benner, M. Hala, A. Nakamura, M. llcezoe, E. Saeda, K. Hasegawa. McCulchen, S. Hamano, Sf Shibulo, Taylor, M. Saeda. THIRD ROW: Mr. Grigsby, F. Bingo, Whifney, M. Bingo, Moyer, A. Honda, Fish, Tanouye, Sueda. A. Smilh, Nagayama, E. Smilh, Woodcoclz, H. Saecla, R. Colburn, Y. Omalsu E. Tanaka, Carsiens, Y. Yasunaga, M. Hala. ,Slapanese Glub FIRST SEMESTER TORNIYE NAGAYAMA FUMIKO ISHIKAWA - SAACHIKO SUEDA - MRS. EISCHEN - - OFFICERS - V Presiclenl - - - - -Vice-Presideniw - - Secre+aryanclTreasurer - - - - - Sponsor - SECOND SEMESTER AKIRA NAKAMURA - - MINORI SUEDA - EVELYN SUEDA - - MRS. EISCHEN ln order lo give opporlunily Io Japanese and American sludenls 'ro share mulual inleresls and experiences 'fhal' will increase friendship ancl undersranding belween The Iwo, The Japanese Club of Torrance High has been formed. The members have enlhusiaslically and willingly parlicipaled in brillianr perform- ances ar High School Aud-Calls, have served as hosls al banquels, and have con- scienliously prepared educaiional programs. The inleresl and eagerness of The mem- bers have made successful every proiecf Thai has been underlalcen. japanese Sandman FIRST ROW: L. Nagel, Dischner, SchulTz, B. Nagel, Bender, D. Nagel. SECOND ROW: KeaTing. Lewis, Lincoln, Schwarh, SeemaTTer, Marek, Jolly, Pina, Newman, BaTovsIry, Mr. Waddingham. Radio Glub FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER SEISI-ll YASUNAGA - - - - PresidenT - - - CHARLES SCHULTZ TOWNSEND CONOVER - - - Vice-PresidenT - - - JOHN SCHWARTZ PEDRO PINA ----- SecreTary and Treasurer ---- PEDRO PINA MR. WADDINGI-IAM ---- Sponsor - - MR. WADDINGI-IAM OuTsTanding service To The school has been The accomplishmenT of The Radio Club This year. There have been Tew. school programs or imporTanT acTiviTies ThaT have noT been improved by The aicl oT These club members. IT is The Radio Club which has been responsible Tor a loud spealcing sysTem aT aud-calls, music Tor sTudenT dances, and musical programs during lunch hours. One oT The reasons Tor The wide range oT acTiviTies oT This year's club has been The guidance OT Mr. Waddingham, sponsor oT The group. Over The Waves ,, ,W Q. I sd- --H 1- 1 --- - -- ' ' '- 'pear' ,I FIRST ROW: Prime, Allen, Parks, Abramson, Olson, Traller, McDonald, Lee, Barnard. SECOND ROW: Raymond, Van Kralinger, Wilkes, STanIey, Holce, Tappin, Hudson, Turner, Nuckles, Mr. Andrews. jhe :Flame FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER PEGGY OLSON - - - - - EdiTor - - - - PEGGY OLSON HENRIETTA KING - - - AssociaTe EcliTor - - VIRGINIA TRALLER HARVEY ABRAMSON - - CircuIaTing Manager - - HARVEY ABRAMSON AZALEE HARRISON - - - Joke EdiTor - - - Q AUDREY STANLEY HARVEY ABRAMSON - - - Exchange EdiTor - - - - ROBERT RAUSS HENRY PUPKOFF ---- Boys' SporTs EdiTor - - - - HUGH ALLEN HENRY PUPKOFF - - - - EUGENE HATTER MARTHA HOKE - - - Girls' SporTs EdiTor - - MARTHA HOKE JOE KALINA - - ' ArT EdiTors - - WESLEY JAVENS DON MOSER DON MOSER BEN PRIME - - - Jr. High EdiTor - ---- BEN PRIME FRED LINCOLN - - - - - SaTeTy Edi+or - - VAN NESS BARNARD HARRY RAYMOND - - - Puzzle Edifor - - HARRY RAYMOND Ten issues oT The Flame, which malces no aTTempT To give The news of The School, IouT is more in The sTyIe oT a magazine, are compIeTed during The school year. The Flame has no English sponsor, buT was placed under The auspices of Mr. Andrews, Chairman of PubIicaTions, wiTh The undersTanding ThaT all such iournalisTic Types oT work were To be enacTed on a recreaTional Ioasis. In order To meeT The insTrucTion,al needs oT The PrinTshop, and The necessiTy oT a school puIoIicaTion, The MonThIy was insTiTuTed. The Flame being purely educaTionaI, in The eyes oT The PrinTshop, conTains no adverTising and is disTrbuTed graTis To The Asso- ciaTed STudenTs as a whole. Torrance also has Two weekly papers, Jr. Kampus Kapers lediTecI by The A-9 English Classl, and The STudenT News IediTed by The A-II Advanced ComposiTion Classl. E An Old Flame Never Dies FIRST ROW: Abramson, Schroeder, I-Iamano, Ramskill, Olson. Bell, Seernaffer Ordway Lindeman, Traller, Page, Miss Chase. SECOND ROW: Mr. I-Iaiq. Williams, Fosier Lee Woodcock, McDonald, SchuI'I2, Pinkham, Miss Burnham. florch Staff Eclifor - - Associale Edi'I'or - Associafe Ediior - Edifors of Alrhlelicsz Boys' Aihlelics - Girls'A+hIe'Iics - Edifor o'fArI' - - - Ediior of Crealive Work Calendar ---- Clubs - - - Business Manager Financial Adivser - - - HARRY BELL NORMA SEEMATTER - - PEGGY OLSON ARTHUR WOODCOCK - PHYLLIS SCI-IULTZ LENORA SCHROEDER MARGIE WILLIAMS EDGAR MCDONALD - PHYLLIS ORDWAY HARVEY ABRAMSON - - - JOHN I-IAIG Making 'rhe I938 Torch a vivid record of Jrhe scholasiic achievemenls and social and a+hIe'Iic evenis of 'rhe s'Iuden+ body of Torrance I-Iigh, has been Ihe eI'ior'r of This year's annual slaff. Since 'rhere is no regular annual class, 'rhe work of Ihe slaff has been enfirely exlra curricular. Slafli members have worked under Jrhe able direclion of Miss Burnham, iaculiy sponsor: Miss Chase, ari supervisor: and Harry Bell, edilor. Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here FIRST ROW: Allen, I-logberg, Kresse, Floyd, Miss Parlcs. SECOND ROW: Speheger, McNees, MCI-Ienry, Ramslcill. .I I I sl I I, nn. rl Qirls' League FIRST SEMESTER DORISKRESSE - - MARIAN SPEI-IEGER JOAN RAMSKILL - MERLE McHENRY - MERLE Mcl-IENRY - MISS PARKS - - - Presidenl - Vice Presideni Jr. Vice Presideni - Secreiary - - Treasurer - - - Sponsor - - DORIS KRESSE MARIAN SPEHE6-ER - JOAN RAMSKILL - MERLE Mel-IENRY - MERLE MCHENRY - - MISS PARKS Progressing much more quiclcly wirh a new syslem which is holding meelings for council members only, ihe Girls' League has grown io be one of Jrhe rnosi oulslanding organizations of The school. The girls are proud of The year Ihaf has iusi' finished, because of The many lunc- 'rions which have 'ralcen place. Tags were sold during ihe Chrislmas season Io help The needy. A lea was given for The new sevenih grade girls and Ihir rnolhers, and an aud call was also presenled. We Are The Girls Of The Institute FIRST ROW: Fossum, Howe, Wrighl, Hill, Allen, Obole, Thompson, Sfraulman. M. Thompson, Barlcdull, Carr, Norman, Toler, Posi, Tiffany, Hasagawa, Kehoe, Pierson, Rusk. THIRD ROW: Lealce, Kelly, Ramskill, Dowell, Schulfz, Sreadman, Lee, Seemalfer, Mrs. Morse. Latin Glub FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER GEORGINA TIFFANY - - - Presidenl - - - GEORGINA TIFFANY JEAN HOWE ------ Vice-Presiden+- - - - - JEAN HOWE MARIAN THOMPSON - - Secrelary - - MARIAN THOMPSON ARTHUR KELLY ---- - Reporfer V - - - ARTHUR KELLY MRS, MORSE - - - - Sponsor - - MRS. MORSE Reaching a new high in acrivilies 'rhis year, The La'rin Club has endeavored 'ro build up and slrengihen 'rhe characfer of Ihe sociery. The members, under The direc- rion of Their popular sponsor, Mrs. Morse, have succeeded in forming and adopfing a Conslilulion. The social program for 'rhe year was composed of a Larin parly, play, and pro- gram. The IaHer was presenrecl in honor of Ihe Spanish Club. Duc Duc Remus Duc Jiflexican Glub FIRST ROW: H. Torrez, H. Torrez, Hernandez, Espinosa, Reyes SECOND ROW Gonzalez E. Pina, Co. Pina, M. Mora, Mariscai. Ch. Pina. THIRD ROW M Pina Mendoza AIvarez OFFICERS Ordaz, Mr. Barrow, Rios. SECOND SEMESTER MARY LOUISE PINA - - - Presideni - - V MARY LOUISE FINA EVA GUZMAN - - - - Secreiary - V - - EVA GUZMAN EVA GUZMAN - - - - Treasurer - - - EVA GUZMAN MRS. ALLEN - - - - Sponsors - - MRS. ALLEN MR. BARROW MR. BARROW In an ehforf 'ro promoie friendship beiween American and Mexican siudenis and bring 'rhe Iwo info cIoser conraci. ihe Mexican Ciub of Torrance High School has been esiabiished. Under 'Ihe sponsorship of Mrs. AIIen and Mr. Barrow, rhe socieiy has endeavored Io carry ouf programs in ihe +ypicaI gay, carefree manner of 'rhe Mexican people. Any Mexican siudeni of Ihe school who is in'reres+ed in creaiing a beH'er under- sianding of 'rhe Mexican people is eligible for membership in Ihe cIub. Rancho Grande FIRST ROW: Gandsey, RosseT, Puplcoff, RichharT, CoasT. SECOND ROW: S'TewarT, Massie, Miles, Carr, Grubbs, Miller, Disario, Murray, Gilbert THIRD ROW: Figuereclo, Walker Wooclcoclc, Rossi, Franklin, Kalina, Treloar, Trezise, McGinnis, Hall, Slover. .Key Club FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER HENRY PUPKOFF - - - PresidenT - - - HENRY PUPKOFF LEO ROSSET ------- Vice-PresidenT ------ LEO ROSSET JUNIOR RICHARDSON - - S'ecreTary - - ARTHUR WOODCOCK JUNIOR RICHARDSON - - Treasurer - - - RAY RICHHART MR. BURCHETT - - - - - Sponsor - - MR. BURCHETT Because of ouTsTanding service To The school, This has been, wiThouT doubT, The Key Club's mosT successTul year. Rivaling all Torrance High service clubs, The socieTy's fundamental purpose has been The raising oT money To care Tor iniured aThleTes. WorThy achievemenTs have included an acTive parT in Clean-Up Weelc, and helping To purchase Traclc suiTs. One of The requiremenTs in order To aTTain membership in The organizaTion is membership in The VarsiTy Club. The Old Spinning Wheel Miss Parks, Franklin, Bell, Olson. Ephebian Jlflembers Because oT Their Tine characTer, scholarship, and leadership in school life, Torrance High School has been proud To presenT The Ephebian memberships To Three ouTsTand- ing sTudenTs-Peggy Olson, Wilbur Franklin, and Harry Bell. Each has shown his abiliTy To lead in school acTiviTies and government each has aTTained his recogniTion by hard work. AcTing as EdiTor of The Flame Tor Two semesTers, AssociaTe EdiTor of The Annual. Vice-PresidenT oT The C-3.A.A., and as SecreTary and ReporTer oT The LaTin Club, are a Tew oT The ways in which Peggy Olson has earned her membership. Peggy is also a life member oT The Scholarship SocieTy. Wilbur Franklin has been one oT Torrance's mosT energeTic and well liked STudenT Body PresidenTs. He has been a member oT The Scholarship SocieTy, The Key Club, and The TarTar KnighTs, and he has parTicipaTed in numerous school enTerTainmenTs. As a member oT The FuTure Farmers of America, he has disTinguished himself by winning several poulTry judging conTesTs. By conducTing a survey Tor high school graduaTes in The mercanfile and indusTrial Tields, Harry Bell has shown much iniTiaTive. He has also served The school as EdiTor oT The Annual, Chairman of The VocaTional Guidance CommiTTee, Commissioner of Finance, and as AdverTising Manager oT The STudenT Body. Torrance can well be proud oT These earnesT ciTizens. We know ThaT The characTer- isTics developed during school liTe will be carried wiTh Them inTo liTe's school. Goody-Goody gb x,-3 in . . 1 . ., . .Ad FIRST ROW A Anderson, Kelsey, Tagawa. Gandsey, Slover, SmiTh, MCG-innis, C. Grubbs, C Anderson SECOND ROW: C. Trezise, CoasT, KenT, RosseT, RichharT, Grubbs. Harris. Glacoml H Trezxse. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cochran, Snyder, Carr, Hall, PupkoTF, Madore. GoeTsch, HerTleTT, Tanouye, Miller, Miles, Winkler. 'Uarsity Football The I937 TooTball season Tor Torrance High TarTars was The mosT unusual in iTs hisTory. Our valianT TarTars won no vicTories, and Technically losT none, yeT we won The league championship. In Three games, Torrance Tied wiTh Narbonne, O-O: Tied wiTh San Pedro. O-Og were beaTen by Gardena, 27-7. This lasT game was declared TorTeiTed To Torrance, because Gardena used an ineligible cenTer. The TirsT game oT The season, aT Narbonne, was a real Thriller, righT To The lasT minuTe. Narbonne exceeded Torrance in yards gained by rushing, buT The TarTars' aerial gain more Than made up The diTTerence. The deTensive playing oT The Torrance line was The ouTsTanding TeaTure OT The game. Deadloclc number Two Tor Torrance, was played wiTh San Pedro aT Wood's Field. A somewhaT dull game was brighTened, Tor us, by The pass snagging OT RadTord. BeTween halves The well drilled S.P.l-l.S. band enTerTained us lThe drummer made The biggesT hiTl. Even Rome had To Tall. FighTing doggedly, buT hopelessly, our TarTars were Thor- oughly ouTplayed by a superior Gardena Team in The TirsT half. The second halT saw a supposedly whipped Team bury The Mohicans under The sod, buT whaT was The use, Tor They had our scalp-27-7. ln The TirsT game oT Their warm-up campaign, The TarTars were deTeaTed by Jordan, 2-O. GoeTTsch, halfback, was Taclcled behind his goal line To give The opposing Team a saTeTy, and The winning poinTs. Was It A Dream? ' L .. 4 - ' A JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: Schwarfz, Dowell, Shima'I'su, I-Ia'rIer, Dawson, Srewarl, Beeche L CI I-Iillyer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Merrill, Shimalsu, Neudorfer, Bender, S+ ck r B H S Dowell, Friedman. Alfhough Torrance oufplayed L. A. Poly, 'rhe Tar+ars were bea+en 6-O. On The offensive mosl' of Ihe game, 'Ihe Torrance 'ream very nearly scored several limes. Poly's lone score came as Jrhe resulr of a Iifiy yard freak play by a Poly halfback. The final game wifh Ihe Compron reserves ended O-O. clue 'ro 'rhe Iacl Thar Ihe players of bofh reams were so evenly marched. Bur, we s'rill say Thar our fellows were Ihe besl. MARVIN GOETTSCI-I lFuIlbackl Can always be depended upon 'ro do his parl' well. A well-rounded player. A good passer, broken-field runner, line plunger. bloclcer. and Iaclcler. Greal Ihings expeciecl of him. I-Ie has Iwo more years. ROBERT FIGUAREDO ieuafdi A prize cog for any Ieam: hard Io move. Shorl and sloclcy. he can 'rear slraighi 'Ihrough The line. Bob has Iwo more years. HENRY PUPKOFF II-Ialfbaclc and Tacklel I-le'd malce a good brick in any wall. he's rhal hard 'ro move. Alihough. he slaried Ihe season as righl' half. "I-Iam" was Iransferred Io Iaclcle afier WinlcIer's iniury. I-las enough weighl behind him Io always gel his man and hold onio him. Reiurns nexl' year. JOHN SCI-IMIDT II-Ialfbaclcl A speedy boy Iha'r's hard 'ro calch and hard 'I'o handle. Was I'he Ie-am's lcey man unI'iI, unforfunaiely, iniured ai Jrhe sI'ar+ of I'he season. Johnny. a senior. graduales in June. TED TANOUYE II-Ialfbaclcl Somewhal' small. bul Iasi and a hard-driving player. I-Ie is a senior. Some Of These Days MAX COAST lEndl Max, a senior, was named quarTerback on The All-CiTy Third Team. He also made halTback on The All-Marine League Team. He is an excepTionally Tine passer and punTer. LOUIS MADORE lOuarTerbackl A senior, he played quarTerback. He is shorT, buT TasT and powerTul. A good Tield general, he also cracks Through The line well and oTTen. LEO ROSSET lGuardl Leo. a senior, was capTain oT The Team and was considered The mosT valuable man on The squad. He was an All-Marine League guard Tor The second consecuTive year. J. D. RADFORD lEnd and Eullbackl All-Marine League aT The Tormer posiTion. The only capable pass receiver on The Team. This year TerminaTed his eligibiliTy. JACK KENT lEndl Jack was named second-sTring end on The All-Marine League Team. He was one OT The main reasons Tor Torrance's unpeneTrable deTense. SpenT mosT oT his Time in The opponenT's backTield. JAMES HERLETT lHaITbackl The mosT improved player on The Team. He developed Trom a second-sTring quarTerback in I936 inTo one oT The besT blocking backs in Torrance hisTory. GraduaTed in February. LEONARD HARRIS lTacklej All-Marine League. His Third year and his besT one. One-half oT Torrance's BeeT TrusT. GraduaTed in February. ALBERT WINKLER lTacklel The oTher halT oT The BeeT TrusT. LargesT man on The squad. Saw a greaT deal oT service. Had The misTorTune To break his nose. GERALD GRU BB lGuardl A hard-TighTing, never-say-die. Type oT player. He is aT The boTTom oT every pile- up. A reTurning leTTerman. RAY RICHHART lCenTerl The Team's hardesT and suresT Tackler. The only Tour year leTTerman on The squad. A sixTy minuTe player. He also reTurns. BRUNO GIACOMI qsndi The Tind oT The year. His passing is almosT equal To ThaT oT CoasT. He is sTrong and husky, alThough only a TenTh grader. One oT The main hopes Tor nexT year. HAROLD TREZISE lEndl He is Tall, as an end should be. buT a biT slow. Good on deTense. A good man To work wiTh Giacomi nexT year. ELMO HALL lTacklel Always a good man To have on your side. Tough and hard To rnove. Can hold his own in any company. A vicious Tackler. He will be back nexT year. Was It A Dream? FIRST ROW: Goddard, Abramson, Bordeaux, Lee, Woodcock, Buckley, Barnard, RiTchie Nagel, M. KeaTing, Orr. SECOND ROW: C. STeadman, D. Hornback. HaTa, Snow, Ross, Massie, G. Hall, Richardson, B. S'Teadman, HerleTT, Mr. Merrill. THIRD ROW: Hammond, HoTfman, Pierson, B. SchwarTz, J. KeaTing, R. Hornback, C. Powell, STanley, D. Powell, A. SmiTh, Daniels. 'Uarsity Basketball The varsiTy was hampered all Through The season by lack oT maTerial: The Team consisTed mosTly oT lasT year's guards. lT surprised no one ThaT They made a very poor showing againsT all opponenTs. Much crediT musT be given The boys Tor TighTing unTil The Tinal gun, even Though They could noT break inTo The win column. Members oT The Team: David Powell, Junior Richardson, Donald Moser, Wilbur Franklin, John Fess, ArThur Woodcock, Arvol SmiTh, Harold Massie, LesTer STanley. BEE BASKETBALL The Bee baskeTball Team was The mosT successful oT any oT Torrance's baske+baII Teams. The Bees won every pracTice game buT one. In league compeTiTion They beaT Gardena and Narbonne, alThough losing To San Pedro and EI Segundo. CounTing The pracTice and league games The Bees won nine and losT seven. This is a Tairly good record considering The size oT some oT The schools. A ray oT hope Tor nexT year's var- siTy is ThaT almosT every member oT The Team will be back. Members of The Team: Masahara HaTa, Harvey Abramson, Bill Buckley, Bill RiTchie, Van Ness Barnard, Bill Nagel, Marion KeaTing, Bob Yancey, Edward Orr. Marvin Lee. Members oT The Cee squad: John KeaTing, Charles Hammond, Bob STeadman, O. B. Huber, George Snow, Richard Pierson, Roger Hornbeck. Members of The Dee squad: Charles STeadman, Glen Hall, Doyle Hornbeck. Claude GoTTs, James Daniels, Phillip HoTTman, CliTiord Powell, KieTh Goddard, RoberT SchwarTz. Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? FIRST ROW: Shimmick, Richardson, CoasT, Lock, GiIberT, Kelsey, Moser, FuITon, Dawson. SECOND ROW: Tanouye, SchmidT, Jackson, Dowell, STanIey, Buckley, Trezise, Nakamura, Chavez, Abramson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cochran, HaTa, RiTchie, Figueredo, J. Jackson, RosseT, Ormsby, Anderson, I-IiTchcock, Grubbs. 'Uarsity Baseball WASHINGTON WINS PAIR Handicapped by an exTreme shorTage of piTchers, Torrance IosT boTh games of a :IoubIe-header To WashingTon I-ligh. The Tinal scores, Tor The Two six inning games, were 9-I and 3-O. Eddie Dawson piTched boTh games. SOUTH GATE TAMES TORRANCE SouTh GaTe rapped ouT Tive runs To ouTscore easily The Torrance nine. SchmidT's home run, wiTh CoasT on base, accounTed Tor Torrance's only Tallies oT The day. Dawson piTched. In The second game, wiTh Moser in The box Tor Torrance, The ouTcome was never in doubT. SouTh GaTe ended up as The vicTor by a score oT 2-O. TORRANCE EDGES OUT BELL Elafed by Their TirsT vicTory, a meager I-O win over Bell, The Torrance Team wenT on To make iT Two in a row. The second game wound up wiTh a score idenTicaI wiTh ThaT JT The TirsT. Moser and Dawson piTched. JORDAN SWAMPED E Torrance 20, Jordan I. ThaT is The whole sTory. However, iT mighT be well To say, iusT as a minor deTail, ThaT in The second inning Torrance ran wild and pushed eleven runs across The home pIaTe. AnoTher inTeresTing IiTTIe sideIighT came in The sevenTh, when The opposing piTcher was somewhaT dumbfounded To observe no less Than Tour home runs lby Locke, Richardson, Moser, and CoasTl whisTle by his ears. In The meanTime Dawson, who piTched The TirsT Tive innings, and Moser, who Tinishecl ou'T The IasT Tour, were occupying Themselves in holding Jordan To a single Tally. Take Me Out To The Ball Game Q A n .. - Q4 FIRST ROW: H'aTTer, CoasT, HaTa, Kalina, KirkpaTrick, Wilkes, Barkdull, GilberT, BaTovslcy BriganTi, Kelsey, RichharT. SECOND ROW: Abramson, Gandsey, lkezoe, Miller, HiTchcock ProwTen, STewarT, Grubbs, Leake, Johnson, T. Yasunaga, Friedman, Russell, H. Yasunaga Mr. Merrill. THIRD ROW: Orr, Daniel, RiTchie, Pier, Barkdull, Dowell, ParTon, D. Figueredo R. Figueredo, C. Anderson,'l.incoln, GreaThouse. 'Uarsity f.7rack TORRANCE DOWNED BY STRONG SAN PEDRO TEAM WoeTully weak in many evenTs and minus enTries in oThers, The Torrance Track Team was Thoroughly Trounced, Friday, April 22. ResplendenT in Their Tlashy new red and gray ouTTiTs, The Team looked very good lunTil The meeT sTarTedl. The besT perTormer Tor Torrance was STewarT, IsT place in The high iump aT 5'IOlf2", 2nd in The IZO yd. low hurdles, and 3rd in The 70 yd. high hurdles. TORRANCE UPSET El Segundo upseT The TarTar applecarT, Friday, May 6, on Their home Tield by The score oT 56-48. ln a nip and Tuck baTTle ThaT leTT The Tinal ouTcome To be decided by The relay, The Teams ToughT ouT a near deadlock. Bill STewarT, by winning The high iump, I8O yd. low hurdles, and The l20 yd. high hurdles in record-breaking Time, kepT Torrance in The running unTil The Tinal gun. NARBONNE MARCI-IES ON Friday, May I3, l938, proved To be a very unlucky day Tor The TarTar Track and Held Team. Narbonne's championship squad swamped Torrance in all Three divisions: The VarsiTy score was 82-22: The B score was 78-22, and The C's were overwhelmed bl-3. individual highlighTs OT The game were provided by The TarTars' undeTeaTed high iump sTar, Bill STew,arT, who leaped 6'2lf4" To seT a new school record and beTTer The accepTed league mark: and by Milo RoberTs oT Narbonne, who skimmed The l2O yd. high hurdles in The remarkable Time oT l5.I seconds. Footloose Ami Fancy Free V111 ill! nu-ul., 41-11 are 3, FIRST QOW Benner Woodcoclz, C. Sleadman, B. Sfeadman. SECOND ROW: Rauss, Beecher Mowry, Disario, Bordeaux, Richardson, Isaacs, Mr. Cochran. jennis T. T. T. T. lTorrance Tennis Team Triumphsl Reversing lasl year's score, lhe Torrance racqueleers subdued Gardena Friday, April 29, 4-3. Allhough 'rhe final score was very close, 'rhe march was decided early by 'rhe viclories of Woodcoclc, 2nd singles, 6-2, 6-33 C. Sfeadman, 3rd singles, 6-2, 6-3: Marvin Lee, 41h singles, 6-4: 6-l: and J. Richardson and Beecher, Isl doubles, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3. EL SEGUNDO SWAM PED Winning every march, +he doubles by forfeit lhe Tarfar nellers easily delealed El Segundo 7-O. Torrance and Narbonne are now lied Tor second place. TORRANCE OUTSTAGGERS NARBONNE Climaxing The mos+ successful season enioyed by a Tarlar Tennis leam in several years, lhe Team barely nosed oui Narbonne, 4-3 ,Friday, May l3, l938, on ifs home courls. The viclory placed Torrance in second place behind 'rhe slrong San Pedro squad. lndividual honors go 'ro Marvin Lee, 4+h singles man, who oullasled his opponenl in a lhree-hour maralhon lo win by 'rhe scores oi 6-2, 8-IO, 6-3. Melvin Benner, Torrance No. l man, nosed our Ray Johnson, Narbonne's favored slar, 6-4, 6-3'. Oiher winners for Torrance were C. Sleadman, 3rd singles, 6-4, 6-O: and Woodcoclc, 2nd singles, 6-3, 6-3. Gee, But Yozire Swell! BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: George, Miles, Rebadow, Slanley, Tiffany, Black, Holme. SECOND ROW Fossum, R. Taylor, N. Schroeder, Vincent Holme, Whiff, E. Taylor, Rowe, L. Schroeder, Clark THIRD ROW: Bay, Allen, Wright Sears, Palierson, Barllelf, Whifl, Mize, Hill, Mcl-lenry Q. Ji. Ji. The Girl's Nrhleric Associarion has been aliempfing +0 creale more inieresl' in girls' sporrs by promoiing inferscholasfic compelifion. During The pasl' year, rhey have enlarged 'rheir field of sporls 'lo include bad- minfon, ping-pong, croque+, and horseshoes. The aclivifies usually parficipaled in are: baslcelball, speedball, baseball, volley- ball, Jrennis, and hockey. G.A.A. meelings are held once a monlh and pracrices are held ar leasl' once a week, so Thai' The girls may earn lhe leHers and prepare for in+er-school playdays. e.A.A. BANQUET The 'rradilional banquer given by The GAA. for Jrheir molhers was held December 3rd, The honored guesfs were Mr. and Mrs. Elson and Mrs, Hilzler. Mr. Elson spolce on The modern girl and presenled a very appropriale poem 'rhal he had wrilien for The occasion. Midge l-liggins, Pasr Presiclenl' of 'fhe Club, was awarded a pin for her very ourslanding services. Sweet Varsity Sue HOCKEY FIRST ROW: Nagayama, WhiTT, Black, Rebadow. STanley, TiTTany, Carlin, Page, Mize. SECOTID ROW: Taylor, Traller, Schroeder, VincenT, Holme. Craig, Olson, Acree, Casbalner. WerTella, Miss Duncan. GAY NINETIES BANQUET On June 2, The G.A.A. gave Their lasT banqueT OT The year. FaThers and MoThers, and members oT The J.A.C. were honored guesTs. Mr. Guy M. l-loyT, oT The ATTendance Division oT The Board oT EducaTion, was The m.ain spealcer of The evening. The girls' new Tield was aT This Time oTTicially ciedicaTecl To Mr. Elson, Through The spolcesmanship oT Marian Speheger, and will henceTorTh be lcnown as Elson Field. The girls presenTed a very humorous play enTiTled "The PersecuTed Maiden-or "Coises, Foiled Again", and Mr. Kresse-Doris' papa-honored us wiTh a solo. GUESTS AT L. A. I-llGl-l The Torrance G.A.A. girls were guesTs aT Los Angeles l-ligh School in The nexT To The lasT playday OT The season. lnsTead oT riding To The playday in The convenTional manner, The girls made Their way in an open Truclc. The Theme "Mayday" was carried ouT in The booThs and concessions which made up a miniaTure carnival. GUESTS AT SUSAN DORSEY Susan Dorsey High served as hosTess To The Torrance G.A.A. aT a playday, May IS, which included such evenTs as volleyball, baseball, baslceTball, Tennis, ping-pong, and archery. AlThough They meT wiTh compeTiTion Trom schools wiTh Tar greaTer aTTendance Than Theirs, The "girls Trom The sTiclcs" came home in Their Truclc wiTh all oT The honors. Sweet Varsity Sue SPEEDBALL FIRST ROW: George, Nagayama, Traller, N. Schroeder and rnascol, Vincenf, Craig, Holme R. Norman, Ordway. SECOND ROW: Alverson, Fossum, R. Taylor, Miles, Rebadow, Holme Whirl, E. Taylor, Rowe, L. Schroeder, Hill, Clark. THIRD ROW: Miss Duncan, Sears Ramslcill, Bay, Slanley, Acree, McGinnis, Olson, Barrlerr, Whirf, Mize, Chandler, McHenry Brewsler. FOURTH ROW: Casbaker, E. Norman, Hammon, Smirh, Allen, Wright Werlella Page, Krasse, Speheger, McNees, Parlerson, Tirlany, Black, Posl. PLAYDAY AT TORRANCE On April 7, l895, 'rhe Torrance Seleci School 'For Selecled Young Ladies played hosl 'ro 'rhe Chaperones and Genllewomen of Gardena, Narbonne, and San Pedro ar a G-en'rlewomen's Games Day. The fheme ol 'rhe playday was 'rhal ol The Gay Ninelies, and all of lhe Torrance girls leled rhe occasion by dressing as "liJr+le old ladies." "Champaigne and Lobsleru-pardon me-hamburgers and punch were served +o Jrhe guesrs as refreshmenrs. BASKETBALL Dorolhy Jean Craig Merle McHenry Marrha Holce Irene Holce Georgina Tiffany Jane Chandler Marcella Croolc Lorraine Miles Alice Wesf VOLLEYBALL Rulh Taylor M uriel Alve rson Edirh Casbalcer Marian Speheger Norinne Schroeder Rulh Norman Ramona Carlin Dorofhy Hamman Evelyn Vincenl Tomiye Nagayama Elsa Norman Virginia Smilh Audrey Sfanley Julie Shaver Lorraine Rebadow HORSESHOES Frances Horney Opal Norlhinglon TENNIS Lorain Hill LeNora Schroeder BASEBALL Lucile Acree Eileen Black Joan Ramslcill Anabell McNees Polly Barllelrl CROQUET Peggy Olson Phyllis Ordway Sweet Varsity Sue Ta Ra Ra Ra Boom De Aye 3 UU!-XLITY SUPER M!-1111-iET All That the Name Implies in MEAT5 VEGETABLES GHUEEHIES I-'HUITS llependahility f S EyDylQlWy 132 SARTORI AVENUE 2171 TORRANCE BOULEVARD Ueachers' Havorite Songs Mrs. Allen: "SweeT and Lovely"-A college romance. Mr. Andrews: When I was a IiTTIe boy, my neighbor used To sing This verse OT "Turkey in The STraw" while he plowed corn: LiTTIe old man wenT ridin' by. Says I, "Old man, your horse "ll die!" Says he, " 'T he dies I'll Tan his skin, An' if he lives I'lI ride 'im again." Mr. AusTin: "Nola"-I like iTs Iil+ing air. Mr. Barrow: "IT Time Were Money, l'd be a Millionaire"--I have neiTher Time nor money. Miss Behr: "The DeserT Song"-IT makes me Think of The greaT ouTdoors. Mrs. BoynTon: "Ay, Ay, Ay"-Quien sabe? Mrs. Bull: "The FirsT Time I Saw You"-IT reminds me oT my youTh. Mr. BurcheTT: "Trees"-I like ouTdoor liTe. Miss Burnham: "Merry Widow WaITz"-I was never a widow, buT I sTiII like To waITz. Miss Chase: "My Old KenTucky Home"-IT reminds me oT childhood days. Mr. Cochran: "JusT a Memory"-IT brings back whaT iTs TiTle suggesTs. Miss Coller: "I Love To WhisTle"-IT is so peppy and Tull oT liTe. Miss Duncan: "SepTember in The Rain"-For my own personal reasons. Mrs. Eischen: "Sing, Sing, Sing"-Because iT is The naTuraI Thing To do. Mr. Grigsby: "The I-loly CiTy." Mrs. I-IaIlaT: "STar DusT"-JusT because. Mr. I-Iorning: "LeT Me Call You SweeThearT"-IT brings back Those happy days in Texas. Miss Janeves: "SweeT LieIanie"-Reminds me oT moonlight romance, and I-Iawaii. Miss Eva Jones: "Champlain" is a song enjoyed by all graduaTes oT The UniversiTy oT VermonT, wherever They may be. The song is very TuneTul, buT The Tlood oT memories ThaT comes To The lisTeners is The secreT oT iTs opuIariTy. Lovely Lake Champlain. ever changing in iTs beauTy-someTimes smihjng in The brighT sunshine. someTimes lashed inTo Tury by The sudden squall. Memories oT canoeing among The islands and picnicking in The coves, or waTching a glorious sunseT Trom The college Tower. All These memories and more are broughT back when "Champlain" is sung. City Paint 8 Wallpaper Store Home of Ilimbufg Paints PAINTS - GLASS - WALLPAPER U SCREENS - UNPAINTED FURNITURE 1 SPORTING Goons HEADQUARTERS 1324 Sartori Phone 251 ' E SCH LTZ A 8 PEEHHAM Authorized Dealer Did The Judge Laugh? I TORRANCE, CALIF. TORRANCE 137 EII SIIHWI-lH'l' Middishade and Timely Suits Palm Beach Suits Endlock Ties Nunn-Bush and Douglas Shoes Grayco and Arrow Shirts 1505 CABRILLO PHONE 66 Just Around the Corner From the Theatre 1 Miss Marguerile Jones: "Sailing"-Reminds me of many pleasanl sailing lrips I have raken. Mrs. Kelly: "Loch Lomond"-Because il is my mo+her's favorire song. Miss Locke: "Rose Marie"-I enjoyed lhe piclure, and I am iusl anolher Nelson Eddy fan. Mrs. Lockyer: "Invi'la'rion lo 'Ihe Dance"-My 'favorile because I like 'ro dance. ' Miss Mabee: "S+ar Spangled Banner"-Wri'H'en 'rhe year I was born. Mr. Merrill: "Chloe"-Because I know all The words. Miss Millard: "My I-Iear+'s in lhe Highlands"-ll' seems like a good place To be. Miss Mills: "Wha+ a Friend We Have in Jesus"-I-Ie has proven Io be a friend in all my experiences. Mrs. Morse: "Jusl' One More Chance"- I like lhe 'rune and lhe rhylhm slrong I 'fry lo give sludenls a chance To show Thar They can do befler rhan 'rhey know: I give 'Ihem chance and chance again To grow lo be fine women and men. I hope 'rhal all fhe Powers Thar Be Will give "Jus+ One More Chance" 'ro me. Mr. Mowry: "My Rosary"-Brings back fond memories. Miss Shearer: "Rosalie"-II' reminds me of Nelson Eddy. I Mr. Slonez Name my Iavorile song? I-low can I? If a buzz saw culs you, can you poinl our lhe Jroolh +ha'r firsl dug in? Bul I do lrequenlly 'rhink wi+h happy reminiscence of "Mary"-somerimes called "Scorch Mary"-by Richardson, for purely senlimenlal reasons, which are perhaps jusl as well nor spoken. Mrs. Urquharf: "Li'r'rIe Grey Home in Jrhe Wes'l"-I+ reminds me of some happy Times I have had. Miss Vaubel: "Ave Maria," by Franz Schuberl-I like lhis song because of 'rhe sweelness of lones, lhe senlimenl of 'rhe song, and 'rhe harp accompanimenl which is used many limes in place of a piano. Mr. Waddingham: "Ohl I+ Ain"r Gonna Rain No More, No More"-Aller whal Soulhern California iusl wenr fhrough, who wouldn'+ Think 'rhis ballad appropriale? Miss Weaver: "'The End of a Periecl Day"-Carrie Jacob Bond's beaulilul song from which I derive unlimiled enioymenl. Mrs. Young: "Blue Danube"-For romanlic reasons. Compliments Of TIJHHI-KNEE N!-XTIUNAI. BANK HOME TOWN BAN SEPTEMBER MONDAY I3, I937-Ah, lack a day. All oT us indusTrious sTudenTs aT T.I-I.S. will, puT The already well worn nose To The grindsTone again, minus The graduaTed seniors. Some TirsT day impressions: laughing, perspiring youThs, in scaTTered groups. In lieu oT Their dirTy cords and sweaT shirTs are gabardines and sTarched shirTs. AnyThing buT middies Tor The girls. WEDNESDAY I5, I937-The seniors discussed The subiecT oT sweaTers. They will prob- ably be royal and navy blue. FRIDAY I7, I937-Mrs. S+eIIa Young. one oT The Youngs Trom STanTord, is recovering Trom an iniured leg. She is conducTing classes Trom a wheel chair. MONDAY 20, I937-A no demeriT sysTem is now in e'ITecT. AT The TacuITy meeTing Today Teachers were asked To TorgeT The demeriT sysTem Tor The Time being. A new plan will go inTo eTFecT in The near TuTure. TUESDAY 2l, I937-Three cheers Tor The Pep Club. This organizaTion, under The supervision ol: Mrs. Allen and Mr. Barrow, has received IeTTers Trom oTher schools in The Los Angeles sysTem perTaining To iTs consTiTuTion and by-laws. FRIDAY 24, I937-A new club sysTem was sTarTed To give many more sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To enroll in popular clubs and acTiviTies. They will meeT Twice a monTh on Fridays. MONDAY 27, I937-Today "deaTh Took a holiday." STudenTs who drive cars meT wiTh Mr. Elson and Talked over The problem oT saTeTy. MoTorcycIe oTFicer, Percy BenneTT, and Judge Lessing spoke on The law's poinT oT view. WEDNESDAY 29, I937--The TirsT pep rally oT The currenT TooTbalI season was held: we are very glad To see ThaT iT was a greaT success. OCTOBER MONDAY 4, I937-Fire prevenTion week sTarTed Today. TUESDAY 5, I937-Much crediT goes To Joe Bay and Marshal Condon who enTered Two Rhode Island Red champions, which Took TirsT and TiTTh places in The CounTy Fair: and To Wilbur Franklin who Took Top honors wiTh his Ten ausTralorps in The egg laying conTesT. Much crediT also goes To Mr. STone, Their popular adviser, and To The oTher parTicipanTs in The Pomona Fair. WEDNESDAY 6, I937-We have a promising aeronauTicaI engineer in our midsT, none oTher Than Eugene I-IaTTer. I-Ie is helping Mr. AusTin design a Tour cylinder air cooled airplane engine. Mr. AusTin will Then build iT. THURSDAY 7, I'-737-Today eighTy Thousand dollars was appropriaTed Tor The new audiTorium which will adorn The school grounds Ia mere drop in The buckeTI. FRIDAY 8, l937-By a biT oT luck and The breaks oT The game, I.. A. Poly nosed us ouT 6 To O. MONDAY I I, I937-Mr. Elson inTroduced Mr. Lamb, school inspecTor, who made a very inTeresTing speech on Tire prevenTion aT an aud call Today. TUESDAY IZ, I937-The Torrance TarTars played To a scoreless Tie againsT second sTring CompTon Juniors. TI-IURSDAY I4, I937-Through The courTesy oT The Union Oil Company a moTion picTure was shown, TiTled "Sky UnlimiTed in SouThern CaliTornia." FRIDAY I5, 1937-The sTudenTs oT Torrance I-Iigh will dance To The music ol: Ray DieTrich and his orchesTra every Friday nighT. These dances are being sponsored by The CoordinaTing Council. TUESDAY I9, I937-VioIeTs To I-larry IProTessorI Bell, who has so successTuIly aided Mr. I-Iaig wiTh Tinancial maI'Ters. I-Ie is also The TirsT male EdiTor oT The Annual. Keep up The good work, I-larry. WEDNESDAY 20, I937-Tomorrow nighT The TacuITy will see "The LiTe oT Emile Zola" and dine aT SculIy's. The hosT will be Mr. I-Iaig, The hosTess, Mrs. Engel. TI-IURSDAY 2I, I937-A big rally was held aT The Municipal Park. A bonTire rally, minus a bonTire. I-Iowever, There were pIenTy oT yells and cheers. FRIDAY 22, I937-All is paled To The second raTe so Tar as we are concerned. The H D5 R 727:51-Ir? A Present Perfect Graduation Gifts of Duality ' ' ' Individuality Terrance Students HNUW . . . WHERE THE LATEST JEWELRY IS FOUND IN TORRANCE ELGIN NEWEST DIAMOND GRUEN ENGAGEMENT AND BULOVA WEDDING RING HAMILTO PAIRS AND PERFECTLY WALTHAM WATCHES MATCHED Easy, Credit Terms maioriTy of T.H.S. have kepT Their daTe wiTh Mr. Cochran and have seen our boys make hisTory. This is The Third consecuTive Time ThaT N.arbonne has Tailed To beaT us. HaTs OTT To capTain Leo RosseT and Gerald Grubb, Tor Their Tine iob oT sTopping The line plays, and To J. D. RadTord Tor caTching passes. NOVEMBER MONDAY I, l937-Orchids To The song leaders, Peggy Wood and Midge Higgins, and To The yell leaders, Ralph GiIberT and WesTon Leech. They have consisTenTIy delivered The goods. TUESDAY 2, I937-A Third rose To Carl GiIberT lor his assisTanTI, Tor his Tine work oT wriTing up "The Torrance HighlighTs" in The Torrance Herald. WEDNESDAY 3', I937-Dan Jones, gardener, who is so well liked and known To every sTudenT in The school, is recovering Trom broken ribs and a bruised hip. He Tell Trom a Tree. FRIDAY 5, I937-The TarTars mei' The Mohicans on The Tield oT baTTle lWhiTely Fieldl only To be deTeaTed by The score oT 27 To 7. G.ardena made all Their poinTs in The TirsT half. Torrance scored buT once in The second haIT, when Marvin GoeTTsch signaled a pass and carried iT deep inTo Mohawk TerriTory. Louie Madore carried iT over Tor The Touchdown. MONDAY 8, I937-You would have ThoughT The senaTe was in session if you had been in on The discussions which Mr. Elson called Today. Those aTTending were The members oT The Council, Commissions, GovernmenT Boards, and The oTficers oT The various Clubs: iTs purpose was To Talk over The progress oT sTudenT organizaTion. TUESDAY 9, I937-BouqueTs To Miss Mills who has so TaiThTulIy supporTed The Tar- Tars. FirsT, she has been To all The games: second, she has 'furnished The Team wiTh ice cream bars. WEDNESDAY IO, I937-An ArmisTice Day program was held during aud period To- day. Miss Chase and Messrs. Grigsby, Horning, STone, and BurcheTT gave very inTeresTing speeches on Their experiences in The war. Marvin Lee, ArThur Kelly, and oThers Talked on The subiecT oT peace. THURSDAY II, I937-Wonders oT wonders: Torrance has won The championship oT The Marine League, as Gardena had an ineligible player in Their game wiTh us. FRIDAY I2, I937-Jimmy HerleTT, represenTing The Seniors, challenged The Juniors To a game of TooTbaII. Ray RichharT, on behalf of The Juniors, accepTed The chal- Ienge. P.S. The Juniors won The game I2 To 0. TUESDAY I6, I937-The price of The new audiTorium has been raised Trom 80,000 To SI00,000. IT will seaT 200 more Than The previous 800. WEDNESDAY I7, I937-A cherry blossom To Louis Murray, who has been The MasTer of Ceremonies aT The High School dances held aT The Civic AudiTorium. THURSDAY I8, I937-The Japanese Club puT on a program Tor The school during aud period. Their inTerpreTaTions of The naTive Japanese dancing and Tencing were very inTeresTing. TUESDAY 23, I937-The A-II English and HisTory classes heard Mr. Andrews Talk on The TuTure oT color in prinTing. WEDNESDAY 24, I937-The TooTbaIl carnival was held aT The Los Angeles Coliseum Today. The Torrance TarTars played The Bell eleven To a scoreless Tie in The limiTed Time allowed. The carnival is held Tor The purpose oT raising money Tor The P.T.A. Milk Fund. DECEMBER WEDNESDAY I, I937-The Swiss Yodelers sang, yodeled, and played an assorTmenT oT insTrumenTs aT The pay aud call Today. Among The insTrumenTs They played were a clarineT, accordions. and a bass violin. The yodelers were dressed in Their naTive cosTume of Swifzerland, and had as Their background a painTed scene oT SwiTzerIand. in The Alps. THURSDAY 2, I937-A panel was held Today in Los Angeles lTor Miss Dowling and Social Science Teachers oT This areal on The Topic of socialized medicine. Alice AYFAIH MILK MATCHLESS QUALITY ' Cream ' Buttermilk ' Cheese - Butter ' Eggs N 0 E X T R A C O S T Torrance 337 HAI G and HAI G For Pine Photographs Superior Kodak Finishing - 8 Hour Service COPYING ' ENLARGING ' COLORING ' FRAMES FILMS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES ' GREETING CARDS Authorized Dealers for Bell K: Howell Keystone, Eastman and Univex Cameras and Projectors 1224 EL PRADO PHONE 99-W TORRANCE Taylor, Norma SeemaTTer, MargareT Hogue, Bob Sikes, and Harry Bell Took parT in iT. MONDAY 6, I937-Mr. Levy oT The Torrance Relief: Mr. Elson, and Two seniors spoke on The subiecT oT relief in Torrance during assembly period. WEDNESDAY 8, I937-Dr. LancasTer spoke To a group of sTudenTs on The voca- Tional opporTuniTies and educaTion necessary To become a nurse, or a docTo1'. FRIDAY IO, I937-Mr. Homer Roadheaver, one Time wi+h Billy Sunday, played his Trombone and sang. He passed along some good advice. THURSDAY I6, T937-The sTudenTs Today wiTnessed Two unusual acTs. FirsT, a Mrs. WaTson Talked on Persia where she has lived Tor many years: second, a Mr. Shiek showed remarkable TeaTs oT sTrengTh, juggling, and memory, and played music on The Hawaiian guiTar. MONDAY 20, I937--The TradiTional ChrisTmas program was held in The Civic Audi- Torium. The Junior Choir and The Madrigals sang many delighTTul songs. TUESDAY 2 I, I937-A communiTy sing was held during aud call Today, which was The highlighT of The program. THURSDAY I3, I938-RepresenTaTives Trom each homeroom meT Today and nomi- naTed sTudenTs To Till cerTain A.S.B. oTTices. AT The elecTion, The sTudenTs elecTed Wilbur Franklin as STudenT Body President Lee KirkpaTrick as Vice-PresidenT: Georgina TiTTany Took over The oTTice oT Secre- Tary, and Louis Murray, Commissioner oT Group ConTrol. MONDAY I7, l938-Today Miss Skeele, Tor The TirsT Time since her illness, viewed The mural which she painTed and which is now a permanenT parT OT The library. Miss Chase, arT insTrucTor, served Tea Tor Miss Skeele and a number oT her Triends JANUARY TUESDAY 25, I938-Orchids To you, Helen Thompson. Helen is The TirsT co-ed To be STudenT Body PresidenT oT Torrance Junior High School. THURSDAY 27, 1938-Torrance High has gone Hollywood. Through The courTesy oT "Duckies," members of The sTudenT body broughT abouT The "Hollywood March." The casT included such noTables oT sTardom as Richard lDick Powelll Miller, Sr., Midge lRose Maryl Higgins, Donna Joe lPriscilla Lanel McCuTchen, and Louis Murray as commercial announcer. Many oThers parTicipaTed. All are To be con- FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY 2, I938-Mr. Cochran, aT The leTTermen's aud call, presenTed leTTers To members oT The TooTball Teams, varsiTy and bee sTrings: Coach Merrill presenTed leffers To baskeTball players oT The diTTerenT squads. AT The Junior High GraduaTion exercises held in The library Today, Joan Ramskill and Donald HiTchcock were awarded honor medals by a represenTaTive oT The local American Legion PosT. Richard Miller, Jr. acTed as MasTer of Cere- monies ThroughouT The program. THURSDAY 3, I938-AT .an aud call Today Midge Higgins Turned over The gavel To Wilbur Franklin, our new STudenT Body PresidenT. Likewise, Helen Thompson accepTed The gavel Trom Donald HiTchcock, Tormer Junior High PresidenT. ApproximaTel ThirTy-Tive graduaTing seniors walked The lasT long mile and received Their diplomas This evening aT The Civic AudiTorium. MONDAY 7, i938-AT an aud call Today Miss Shelley enTerTained The sTudenT body by a number oT delighTTul and amusing musical readings and selecTions on The marimba, To The accompanimenT oT The piano. WEDNESDAY 9, l938-FaculTy changes ThaT are now Taking place are as Tollows: Miss Weaver lTormer member oT The Torrance High TaculTyl replacing Miss Ber- neger, Miss McGinTy being replaced by Mrs. HallaTT. Also, Miss Duncan replacing Mr. Millman lsubsTiTuTe Tor Mrs. Engel, who is being Transferred To Berendo Junior High Schooll. . aT her home. graTulaTed equally. Pacific Wholesale Ernnery En. 761 763 T WHOLESALE GROCERS l S L A P TR 3626 TIIHHANIIE CHAMBER llf IIUMMEHIIE Torrance, Compliments Of Calif' O u r H e ro SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA S HBALANCED CITY Koldee IEE lWNl3!?f3B?3Ew Arden Farms, Inc. OFFICES THROUGHOUT SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ICI MONDAY I4, I938-Special menTion goes To Townsend Conover who Through his sTudious eTTorTs has gained recogniTion by receiving a Bausch and Lomb award in The Tield oT science. IT may be inTeresTing To noTe ThaT Townsend is The TirsT in Torrance High To receive such an award. WEDNESDAY I6, I938-Through The courTesy oT The ChevroIeT CorporaTion, moTion picTures on saTeTy were shown Tor The enioymenT of all. MONDAY 2I, I938-Mr. Robinson, aT a vocaTionaI conference, spoke on salesman- ship To an eager group of sTudenTs. WEDNESDAY 23, I938-Now you see iT, and now you don'T, mighT noT be The exacT words oT Foxwell, oT Foxwell and Company, buT iT does perTain To many of The TeaTs performed by This mysTiTying magician. MONDAY 28, I938-A TascinaTing vocaTionaI conTerence on moTion picTures Today. MARCH TUESDAY I, I938-Unlike Tormer baseball seasons. soTTbaII Takes The place oT hard- ball. There being no league This year Tor Torrance High, iT is said we will Take on all comers. WEDNESDAY 2, I938-Only half day school because oT a lighT rain. THURSDAY 3, l938-No school because oT a high Tog. Yes, buT I heard how The fog washed ouT Two bridges. Don'T believe all you read in The papers, especially The Florida GazeTTeg They call iT a Tlood. WELL? MONDAY 2I, I938-Wilbur Franklin and Lee KirkpaTrick, along wiTh one hundred and Ti'fTy oTher sTudenT body oTTicers of various SouThern CaIiTornia schools, were The guesTs of L. A. Chamber oT Commerce, Traveling on a SanTa Fe sTreamliner To San Diego and back wiTh all expenses paid. MoTion picTures were Takn of The group, and will be shown here soon. MONDAY 28, 1938--Clean Up Week under The sponsorship oT The VarsiTy Club is being conducTed wiTh much enThusiasm. APRIL WEDNESDAY 6, I938-Every boy of T. H. S. was The "guesT" of Mr. Elson aT a con- TidenTiaI Talk on The Towel siTuaTion. Among Those who spoke were Henry pupkoTT, Tommy Wilkes, Reggle Treloar, and Coach Merrill. MONDAY I8, I938-Coral Lindeman won TirsT award of Tive dollars in The Fidac conTesT: Marian Speheger second, among TwenTy-seven conTesTanTs. THURSDAY 28, I938-AT a special assembly, Louis Zamperini was The guesT oT honor. Mr. Elson had The disTincT pleasure of inTorming Louie ThaT The new boy's gym will be named The "Louis Zamperini Gym." MAY MONDAY 2, I938-Honoring Boy's Week, civic officials and local merchanTs Turned over Their oTTices and business To a number of iunior and senior boys. Groups of boys also had The privilege oT inspecTing The sTeel mill and oTher places of inTeresT. FRIDAY 20, I938-Oueen Georgina and King Lee lKirkpaTrickl reigned over a mosT colorful and TesTive Carnival, The Theme oT which was "Hayseed". JUNE FRIDAY IO, l938-'Twill be a gala nighT TonighT when The Juniors TreaT The Seniors To The "LighT FanTasTic". The Prom will be held aT The Civic AudiTorium. THURSDAY 23, I938-SevenTy-one Seniors lsummer class oT '3'8l will receive Their diplomas Trom Mr. Elson This evening aT The Civic AudiTorium and will leave wiTh ThaT do or die slogan sTiII ringing in Their ears, "EnTer To Learn: Go ForTh To Serve" lon The W.P.A.l. Earlier in The day The graduaTing class held Their "Senior BreakTasT" in The CaTeTeria bungalow. AND WITH THIS SUMMARY OF EVENTS, WE CLOSE ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL. THE MOST MODERN IN TORRANFE PIHESTIJNE AUTU SUPPLY Sr SERVICE STORES MARCELINA 8E CRAVENS Phone 4176 QUALITY AUTO SUPPLIES OFFICIAL BRAKE STATION C0 ene tTe ms Compliments of the Pnppylflnwnr Shnp SAM LEVY Department Stun: Fo ,M -In 40' 1311 S 1tor1 Phone 121-W I TIIHHI-INIIE LUMBEH IIUMPANY 1752 BORDER PHONE 61 Rear View 'I'ansey's Barber .3 Beauty Shnp 0 f We Guarantee All of , 0 W k "r1ow,1mg1aa uf or I kept up my :fire hpsurance with HIIWAHIJ ls. Lnlzlila Ph 1623 INSURANCE 580 C b H FIRE . . . AUTO 14-05 Marcelina Phone 135-M I 'cThru Service We Grown 1618 CRAVENS STREET TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA W ith the Compliments of THE P H I T Y IEE CREAM EU. SOLD AT YOUR STUDENT STORE PHONE ADAMS 8161 165 EAST JEFFERSON STREET Compliments Of BA Ii UF AMEPJEA DEAN SEARS, NIANAGER Students... l1idYnn Iinnw that in Torrance is located the most scientific Dry Clean- ing establishment that can be obtained in America? NO ODOR . . . NO FADING . . . NO SHRINKING! Your clothes made to look like new for a small cleaning fee. snsnfsnx- ns-as Have your suits and dresses uslicked up', for THE BIC DATE! suxusu-s.u-s,us MAKE PEOPLE LOOK TWICE! Don't forget our Laundry Department! sguxnvsusursns Terrance Lanndr Ur Cleaning En 1872 CARSON Telephon ONE-DAY SERVICE IF REQUESTED I e14 BERKSHIRE HOSIERY LINGERIE if A COMPLETE LINE Of BAKERY GOODS WASH , DRESSES ALL GOODS BAKED IN OUR SPORTSWEAR OWN SHOP M17 Marcelina Ave T elephone: TORRANCE 572 TUHHII IIE PHARMACY DRUGS PHESEHIPTIUNS Exclusive Agents For Yardley and Lucien LeLong 14111 Marcelina Phone 3 Compliments Of Stone 8 Myers DRUGS Sign of the Best in Drug Store Service The Rexall Store Is Always The Best Drug Store Everywhere IN TORRANCE - THE BE!-UIUN DRUG III. IS The Hex:-1ll Stare 1519 CABRILLO Ave PHONE 180 LES PRINCE nj 'I wiagh' I+- Mr-4 13121i"42f 2QY"'5' .1 :HWS -. 5.93.- .way .2 . Y w :MQ , L, M Qs. .w , . .' W 'J-nf x A ,A . - 7 -lv v i - qv , . Niall A! V Af- . " af. ' fi 1, P 4'1" -I 'fig Q Q. ' 1' ' 'f-' AZ ? .N V N . - Rv pi". ,wg . I ' Firm' .w ' E' 1 ,5 ' -, f c N .. , ' , me-Q P day' ' Lu 'sf ' 4 Ng.. -K Pvq 91 ' I 6-" . 1 L " t gf" m' I A gp!! 1 ' ,' 'E 1 ' I n Ll ,, Y .- -,.,.'-F. , ,-. fy - ,,wf'mf5fp'gfsu,f:-, .1 N. iqwjtxz-N ga 21 - x '- A?Q5'fl ,A ,, . N. . V ,A . 3 . , , ., 1, , 4 'f. 3 gl ., 3"3:flgf"'5-f"4 wi. 1e:.KfiEmzw.291ifi?if m.E', 1 gg2Qiw,lEwzzk1gQ3mfB:,1 'f-',-4:qX'G,f.g'TE'1L: g. ."if:""' " Ci ii- 5-,155-:f'?Wvf ru,-, "FA lf,-55: if i' 'EWQ1-kiwi' ivgfff? if aiibif- Q Srfivi 373535 T--Y V1-5 41, -P.: P..'SHi!.',' A 'ff . 4'f+f'Z.-1" af! Hhr-1'F2i3'::4. al" 'ff :grail ff"-" KE' Jfpw-. f vga-46:-m'fy,'f'JiILyl' W1'r1a-.W '?e'-'hw-."w?"f:fr -v viwi-SF' fm:'5'r?.+J,ffQ:7:p'1'1Jx: iiQjQ29i '?p' - -, P .7 M234--,u,: -:fTigXQ'.-rgmgaxwr-A ,-5 . I Q, ,Z L: ,,', H' F ,J I .pk , wig-vu-I W"-ff if-1. We,14A,' ' f' ff. 1 " '.:9Z:Y'Ej'i5-',"'3 f5f-'-'fit J'l"F.1 - 1,-,1 N A . W - ' fizfaflfv. Ar, U . Y' x ', ' , M ,' 1 U . ,Q H -- .Q :A l'1l3'W'l Rl Wg? 4 - , fflXwfL.g.n:32 . fy ,, f mx T wif- ef LH-f-1"i-i f" li:-H"S"w-H' -elm-af-835'-414721 4- 'A ' Q f f X U lu .Q 1 w W 4' fr 123 1 m , -Q. z -fgff f.

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