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 - Class of 1969

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1 -r" W l ,-"q:"'d,f,1"'l ,. I .Nl 'Ii' X' ' 1- '6 -J?" X .J n J I Q' U v 0 S fa, 'Q PRINCIPAL'S AND VICE-PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE 'A child's best guarantee of a good education is an inspiring teacher, a vigorous friendly person who likes children, who is able to establish a cheerful, social, permissive climate for learning, and who maintains creative and democratic relationships? The administration of the Toronto Teachers' College concur fully with this statement from the Hall-Dennis Report and hope sincerely that each of you who are graduating this year will always main- tain a keen awareness and understanding of children and their problems as the cornerstone of your educational philosophy. We extend our best wishes to you as you begin an exciting and rewarding career. Since your experiences during your year at the college constituteonly the initial stage of your professional training, it is anticipated that you will grow and develop through your daily contacts with students, parents and other members of the profession. The sincerity of your approach to teaching will determine the success of your efforts to improve your abilities as an educator. As you gain new insights into educating children for living, may you find the personal satisfaction that comes from optimum and effective endeavours to become a better teacher and a better person. R-E- BODEN, B.A., M.Ed. J.D. Stenneti, M.A. C.W. PERCIVAL, B.A., M.Ed "A" Division "B" Division Page I One of the pleasant duties which I am called upon to perform as Minister of Education is to extend to the graduates of the Ontario Teachers' College a welcome to the teaching profession in Ontario. Your effectiveness as a teacher will be judged by your success in preparing the youth of to-day for roles of responsibility in industry, education, statesmanship and the professions in the highly complex world in which he will live to-morrow. I trust that you will seek to establish sound educational objectives compatible in content and pedagogic method with the rapidly changing conditions underwhich we live. In keeping with the nature and the progress of scientific achievement, your authority will at times be questioned and the traditional classroom atmosphere may have to give way to more modern concepts which take into consideration changing notions regarding learning theory and greater attention to individual differences. I have every confidence that as truly professional teachers you will accept the challenge and will face the future with assurance, determined to add your contribution to the substantial achievements made by the great teachers of the past. I wish you success in your endeavours. William G. Davis c March 25, 1969. Nhnister of Education Poge 2 FROM THE EDITOR This year, we of the Yearbook Staff havelearned through experience that the organization of time and jobs is no easy task. We have come to appreciate the great difficulties facing teachers when there are so many tasks to accomplish and so little time to do them well. Despite the awkward size of the student body, the masters have, through determined efforts provided us with many varied experiences. When we look back on this year there will be many areas where we can say both the student and staff mutually afcaffaayzw Ted Wright Editor benefited. M1 Page 3 V. KW? 1 is ' 'ff . If l ll C X. -xg, 52.31 Q51 ff A4 2. Page 4 X f 4- .Ya 1 If I Mr. J. Mclnnes, B.A. Miss S. Sfonley, B.A., M1 S9 - Mr. A. ogden, va Mr. J. W. Fair, B.A., B.Ed., B.P.E. x -X Miss v.D. Ruddell, M" W' E' Bingham' B.A., B.P.E. BA' M D S G-bb Mr. H. N. Archibald, B.A. '---'f ., ,M.A.HShIk B.A.,M.Ed., H.s.A. ,1 M" H' Dick' B'A' I 3 Mr g'A6'mE:fhmf Af! giklnner rB.A. MZ! 6 5 5 H xx fm. NX 'fb' v , , 4, . A YA A ff' 4 + 14 4 E' 3 . F " X b ' 5 h ' E Lil P W a I ,f , J J l 'I r I 'fl f X ' P U my 4 W ,L I ga. I p .Q xxx NIIIIIIIY . 1 1I??:p fc, Nik bf 3, 1 n---.aan-Q. --- - H ' Ph' ji I ' rgitlw. A J ' gg' ' . V ga 5- . I V ' - ' 'V VJ rf "P, Eh! m 3 uuumt ,Q.3 Egg 3 5 f,Ff i Af:wQ: fq, Ahh HMJJ gi, J , 1-5 A Q 1 NJ Lwizwfiaff 5 l ' ' Page 5 4 Mrs. J. Turner, 0 Mm B.A., A.T.C.M., A.A.C.M , Mus.G.lPaed.j, A.M MGJ T.C.L Mr. J. R. Harruson B.A. B Ed A.R.C.T., LT.C.L M GW.GP wJPhllp BA Med E O BA BEd GR Q 'Q I' -Q Y wr ' M W Mr. w. D. Leu, B.A., Q ' Y I Mr. J. P. Mergl, B.A., M.Ed Q X Miss K. A. Bennofl, B A M.Ecl., A.R.C.T .X "1 W .-ci nv.. K avid' r8""' nlkcata B11 P new' - I Q' E 1 ' 0 on 8' Mr. . . a . ., . Mr. .LS pson, B.A. Mr. . . gen' n . . ., . . BA B dh xx Qs X .b , BA K .1. 4, F ,t - J Wg. f 2 Q 3 f 0 A " X M A -- I4 I ' 4 Hf If A Q., ,gif 5 -- U cf Q. LQ S N . QI L .EL M if Il fl ll !'! -V' nd 'f'l!...Q, Page 6 2 Mr W R Marshall BA M Ed MY E- M- w00d99f, B A., M.Ed. my ' f., ,.a.. ls W Wag . ij ' i H N' Mr. H. L. Chessum B.A., B.Ed. , II Mr E A Klngsfone, - Mr. R. G. Gaynor, Mrs. H. R'.,YElves, M.A. B.A.lM.Ed. Mr. J. F. Loforef, B.A., M.Ed Mr. J. W. A. Barren, Efx B.A., M.Ed. wif C I. R.N., B.Sc.N. - Hu.K' R. W. Hanna, X Mr. G. E. Walford, B.A., M.Ed. Mr. E. C. M. McDonald B.A., M.Ed. M o.M.Duboas, cf' G -fgisiis- 3-Wh 1 44733. . ? 'N -c-'M 'H34'," if I B.A., M.Ed., A.O.C.A. AS M'ss J. M. Horne, Mr. K. B. McKay, Mr. G. J. Hamden, B.A. Pace 8 'iii x mr-W fp! Ml! Mr. D. W. MacDonald, B.A., M.Ed K. Liilson, B.A. .rs xi "ig-'c 'fi liz: F. fs- .W in FW' X. Miss R. A. Belfry, B.A., M.Ed. H' Mrs. J. V. Hughes, " B.A., M.Ed. MME. J. . ,,. , i "7 Miss M. M. Power, B.A., M.Ed. C. De La Touche Q-'E X Miss J. Swanson, B.A., B.Ed. 1 1? . gl ,., Miss F. S. Marsden, B.A.. M.Ed. f ga' -'X XX Miss A. Y. Wilson, B.A., M.Ed. as Miss M. H. M. Young, B.A.. M.Ed. me in ...Q is l 1 T 1 v: 'N if E Mr. R. G. Sheridan, B.A. Mr. W. J. Holfham, B A M Ed Mr. W. E. Brophy, ,nn Miss H. M. Flefcher, M.A., M.Ed. '1- Mr. T. A. Hodgins, Mr. J. T. Lewis, Mr- W- CU""i9 M.Ed. B.A., M.Ed. B.A., M.Sc. B.A., Page 9 ,jk uAJs.AA K6bilk4f Mrs. P. G. D von V Miss A. Carson ' K Mrs. R. G. Chapp A 'M xr! rs. . .Heu on x 0 E Q ' H ' M RJ gh ll n I HU wh vi, U ul' A' .. ' ,j n l , 1,4 ' I 4 1 Miss C- A- Forfh 0 Mrs. 1. Forbes ' Mr . R. Kearns Mrs. C. M. Smnh . as '-11.5.1-9? M... M C r. V s I R P w A B.A., s.L.s V M w H J H g Q I M w R d f -w H MA BLS Pgmo X I f FORIVI PHOTOS Page I I T TERESA ALBAUM, B.A, VY? sl' war-6' WENDY BARRON, B.A. JULIE BIRO, B.A. ,HO lr'--'P Q-I JANE CAMPBELL, B.A. A wx CAROLYN ALLEN, B.A. L 19' 'J r N' mf I 1 .1 ' "Q M L TJ' f fg U! r MARY-JO BENCH. B.A. 1- ,. SARAH BORENSTEIN 5 any '. cal ," xi Q .-, K KAREN CAMPBELL, , B.A. B.A. 1 11 Tx BARBARA ARMOUR, B.A. 1 I a'.' . ve. , DIANE CHUTE. B.A. A ,..- ANTHONY AUSTIN. B.A. fuk JANET BENTHAM. B.A. ix xxA in 13- ni Q I -Z. ,. J, ,, XS MARY LYNNE BUFFETT, B.A. U.. E CHAN, B.A. f"5 's CAROLVNN COAD, B.A. Page I2 Q5 ' .,-new .x I 8' , 3 v-'Q H -EZ, X . fm, f3"g.Ui .- . vn"'9"' .4 " I ' 1, I -- ' 5 'L , M P+: -4' .JIM PATRICIA BALDWIN, B.A. ffyfx T AIJM X il 'L 5 V L :.-9,5vf- ,N .1 I. EF .. 4 1 ' ff .V fjw fhrid, wi ' if , ui kj" 5 -f NANCY BERTRAM, B.A. PHYLLIS BUSH. B.A. ,HV CHERYL CHRISTOPHER, B.A CAROLYN COOPER. B.A. N 4?-mf my if QT Y Q .AL - Ll J' , uf 1-. -rw 0 vw, SHIRLEY CRISCIONE, B.A. ,f ,K 'Y x 'F 'U' .ffm-.,. , I v I? , y E' X JO-ANNE DiSANO', B.A. -5 44, , 1 'us , 1 14 5 5 I , I , lxxx- , MARGARET GARRETT, B.A. ,Q v. . ,, . , ff t f I .ff x 2 1 'vs' I 5n.wwf"' ml'- 'lgi 51 :am I-Hb.. aL ,Dm...7'-5: .. .,..,--411: . ,.. -Arg A I . I.- ., an 4n.1,113,:T 1 -+4::Z.... CAROL CORNUT, B.A. WENDY CORRIGAN, BA DAVID DAVIDGE, B.Sc. DIANE D'ONOFRIO, B.A. JACK FICK, B.A. HEATH ER FERGUSON, B.A. NANCY DODS, B.A. Page I3 ,ff n , MU f L, 'Y . :im Wi: " I ALLAN APPLEBAUM, B.A. SHARRON ELLIOTT, B.A. xv I ' in S A X W W 3 NAL I M L Z 3 A f .f-5, ' 'Z :Q ' 4 g , . 4 M I 2, M . Y ' ff 9 ig L , if f 1 .s a l ' :ws-.if Nw-' SHARON FRYER, B.A. , 'ff . jf , 'Lan A.. 5 'I'- .J 12' .9 f VALERIE CRAIG, B.A. GARY DEAN, B.A. ' ,fl- N-18" , w..w,.4-v-' I ff' E Q15 -L. '1 ... ' .sf LORNA FARQUHARSON, B.A fm tm iriv- JANET CARRINGTON, B.A. 415 LYNDA GIBSON, B.A. jx-.L ' ,S . 5" 'Q I 6 sf I X Sd L HAROLD GOLD, B.A. MURIEL HILDEBRANDT, M.S., B.S. ?ff 7 12 a.,0-M7145 ELIZABETH HARRIS, B.A. :Q all Y, 'S'-sl DEBBIE GII.l, B.A. CAROLYN GILLANDERS, B.A. VIVIAN GILLER, B,A. Wearbook Rep.j WESLEY GORDON, B.A. I R- 1 ' FORM 2 4... ,ff . 0 1 , 1 E I, .. 1 .X , .t ii 5, l 1' ff? Y , we "Tiff +25 57 DIANA csoonwm, B.A. BRIAN enecsoRv,a.A. : ' ,Q j CAROL HODKINSON, B.A -1 QQ: . Ia, V IA sw' 1 3 ,,.,,,. A 3-Nav 4 , , . I " I HoNEv HALPERN, B.A. k L YA ,uv E W- V, A ,351 If 2.1! .-f ff L- ' vw-J.. "l: , Q? 5 r I' .- vERoNlcA Hooxek. B.S. TOM HENDERSON, B.A. ISIudenI Council Rep.I I x ROBERT HOWARD, B.Comm. JOHN HUGHES, B.A. IAN HUNT, B.Sc. IH0"5-I PETER JARRE1-1, B.A. GLORIAJENNETT, ELEANOR JOHNSTON, B.A. MARION JOHNSTON, B.A. 1x Page I4 NW 3 CAROL KORNAGEL. B.A. X1 Nu, wr"""? Nr" I in v II' A ' I BARBARA JONES. B.A. Q I ff JEAN ETTE LOGAN. B.A. PATRICIA LONG, B.A. MARCIA LUMBERS. B.A. MEGAN MCARTHUR, B.A. LYN DA KYTE. B.A. MARY MACKAY, B.A. IAthIeIic Rep.l JOHN MCFEETERS, B.A. 'P"'-v-YL JANET JORDAN. B.A. a I HELEN LAROCQUE, B.A. JANICE MACLEAN, B.A ELAINE MCLEOD. B.A. Page I5 I , ms VIOLET KAGETSU, B.A. ' Q' x 5'-sw . .354 Q ' " - ,J Q W , LB l- 'J -ff , 42 -, A ,, gr 2'1g,?f9' P 1' llxkhf JEAN KING, B.A. MAUREEN LITTLEJOHN. B A MR. G. E. WALFORD MASTER fm ,105 'U as L ,- My-fr .e N- M. L., ' I Afv'ia21xF5 6 'f ,W 14 HIROKO KEITH, B.A. K I- an gy '17 if 'fwfr ROBERT KNAPP, B.A. Oqf' 15625 MM. PAN LOCH, B.A. .., Am -.Q X r H 7' XJ' ,M X I , 4 Q f, if DEEPTI KUMAR. B.A. MISSING PAT LLOYD I A -iii? ELAINE if if 'E ERNEST MCMULLEN, T Ouvo FQRM 3 B A, B.A, A.. If '99 , -.X ,. . .xY..5 R O R fgx 'ISI by R 'I' V' A A N LYNN 1 .gr 'Lib NA SIDENBERG, " - ff' gg. ' A ' . -' E +A' B.A. 6 V A 'L' ' A 2277- A E Af M 'MPN x J' ' x f Aj ll X K" N I'-1' If E .W j uf ' .3,f ' , M WWE. ,Z ' ' wx A A . ', W' all 't , ," ' x- U' X , . . 4 X , ,f , ' 1 , ' ' I lwxl N 19: F E N I' x ., xg- . , "pf A .n ,, .E , x - -,. , X I l L! as 1' '.T -, 1 , X A - ' X 'tt-OJ ' j'r,,'.'Q! . it - y K X X:,.,':7,!-I' I.-X AWWA., I ll? ' 'A H x v 1 V' ,V ' MARALEA '- 6 '- Howie 'X".C'lJ ' ' ,e!3'f'.E"Q3' Q SLAVENS, X N5 A ROSEN, I K' E ',- X J A '. 1 5 BYAA N1""7 BIA. 1, -." 7 g l' XQ ,T A 1-NR E A ' A f I ' ix Q- Q' NX ' f A, Ax M9 -' - ' sf QA Xx ' 5 X ylwf .' R x 1 X A , X X Qq by Rvpivsvk D XJ-v-xx xnf? M?-in ,X X x X rj ff x ,x ,ex X 'I xw ' ' G P -. R N3 ' , n I x , GAYLE wg! w E M 1 ""' ROSEN S ' " mr 2 A ' 'fl .'1 I Ilfjg ' .3 B.A. 1 ..n - .4 9.17 . ' ' jg-25, ' ' ' Nfl Wm " 4 9, Q., iff'-" Au A 'R f -M -we-' T '-43 1' . Nf 'S- " 1 A A E N-A ALMA vf- , , J ' ' Tn" I fm , Q' 1 --v - ' 1 . xxx hx NR. A X 'fa 531' ' A E' MRS SANDRA ,, A RICK 33:5 K Q PARKS, SENIOR A ' A BA. ' - ' X A A K ' - Jw Q7 . R - b ,, '- Q fe' DIANE TAYLOR, BA MR. J. T. LEWIS X1 'i qv 'i . ' 5 JULIE SYEPPENSON - EY", DARLENE W MARCHMENT L A .H ARTHUR " TADASHORE Page I6 4 I Yi mx ' V Ns - , R A m J., rw' ,Q w . . JANE I' f 'MRSI ANNABELLE SYNNOTT. gk.. PRICE. B A I , B.A. JOSEPH SILVERBERG. B.A. WR, V ,IQ-Vf 'f -f K uv .+.ia:fI. A gf, 1 ' A ?W f X ,as V ..f A, .1 :M , . -Q., 1. ff fm? 1. '::Ys's ,- .Aw V , - ze L55 Q, , 47? V- K , , SUSAN ffxggi . Mom B.A. Q, , .R ,233 E, A 'W 'W KAMEIL I 3 RAHAL, , Th Rf, , wx an , A ' MARY ANNE MICALLEF S ,,,, 1 BDA' AL SZELIGA B.A. ' IMRSI SHARON OKE, IMRSI JO ANNE MURRAY, x M L, .f X Af- 1 fMRSI KUSUM PRAKASH B.A. GERARDA SCHOUTEN, B.A. ISfuden0 Councii Repw ,Ln ,4 , x Nw- CYNTHIA NURENBERGER B.A. , 'R ff N1 WYNN SMITH. MARA PETERSO NS 'Yearbook RepI Page I 7 'A-A "Eff: ii' - A. 1: MARGARET Us SORENSEN Ways-f MAHARAJ SHARMA B.A. 'B.Ad. EVELYN MORRISON. B.A. MR I SI J LL STANLEY 1' RICHARD MAUNDRELL, B,A. , wi, JEFF NOBES, B.A. Afhlefic Rep.u ANNETTE OSTERGAARD B.A. 2 Nm , A 1 fl 'wil JANET MYERS, B.A. xii. S-A-X HELEN NAJHAUS B.A. oi '-' e IN '4 LYNDA SUTTON B,A. 'Ns-.A 'W' x 3' "' 1: 9 'Ox , Y .J W ,T , ...f' . D vb sr I -,.- ' . I' J 5 I 4 1 1 DIANNE TAVLOR LORGEN TOEWS V fvx .,:Q5g3f?Z5q2- 4' X COLLEEN THRASHER DIANE ULSTER if X 1 ,T ixsx Ll: , in ' L+ 4- Y Y Wig uv -'I 3 RacHARoroNe -A MAYRA Toons 3: il ELLEN swear Jessae vAz ,q '-ii' KN 4 ' W K euzzxasrn MALLON LvNNe onaaom KAM YU . : '- ' 'V' h' XRC1! 'P . Q 1 1 1w,miD LO IS WARD SONIA YAGHDJIAN GWYN FOXTON T in ., . ..,. .....,, 'Q' ' 2 A . 1-3.3, , J TMR' 3: 2? ,f SHARON WANLESS , E ve CINDY BRESLIN , I . YZ x - I ,AA.a.y, ,xiii 4 ,. .I 'Xi-.Q,,,,rf"" ' BETTY WHITE Page I8 .521 'J' CAROLE nov '6- --1' .f .W LARRY WOODS s,0 cARoLvNN wmmsv SUSAN RODGERS f6""x x v RITVA ROMAN HILDA WALERSTEIN TED WRIGHT lW:W5.,, , V 1. z ,ww I N .L 1 my +3 Z, ' ,. , S I ,ylls 2 ,A,. . L i X- 1 .wx x ,. f X 3 . J A I 35 1145 PAUL MERONEN 6 wmv' ' Q 'QM X K . GAYLE WINGATE X JI BARB MORRISON CATHY MANDEL V." wi 'i'Q 4. g, 2 0 s. 2 . 9 Q A Q NAN CY KELLY JENNIFER CH EW 'hm 'M ' , 4 I rw-""k hw vin ix-v 'V Q rf' , sw LO UISE TILBROOK ELIZABETH MURRAY W-ww BARB WILSON MAUREEN WOODCROFT I in E " ,I . 'A I I I . . I W I 0 I i MARY ANNE TRUCHAN PAT SHALES JULIE WHELAN SYLVIA MICHALOWSKI Page I9 52 "few -4, 4-5 .' 1 ' v FARIDA KASSUM '..f'ff,Sf ' 2' 21A'L,', l ., 'I Fxffgf' S 1 S ' 56' uf ' '3 JK.-0' L, ., I, I ' 42 ". il - I Q2 I A gig.. 4 ' , -' I 2. ' M :zum-f"'521, M AWA. , I. ,I af f ' JSF: -f-ff' MARGARET LARSON , v 8, w.v Y 'r DOUG WALKER 1r:"""- . sk' SHARRON WILLIAMS ROSLYN WOOTON 4 -,an F wifi? 'fx' . .!' X . .---,I 1- W g ' 1 J - - 110 ,gf 7 A GW, 2- fi fs M NAN ALLAN .-- rx If .N I-nn "'b A 'I ',A Nw - -. ,wg ANNA BOZZO fff fav. "f .IOANNE COLANTONI coNNnE DICKINSON D 'Q I naw , '19- .jc -5 BRIAN GOODWIN .i I 'hug F ik 1' 1' MARY ASHLEY Dx Q- I I. 5 DOLORE5 BRISEBOIS ur MARIA COLLETTI FORM 5 LARRY BAKER 1' .i 1 , I HELEN BIMBLICH SILVIA BELMONTE , , 4 r . ,, Mn W '- JOANNE CELENZA ,iii-gif 5113 TsI.fv3,?y.Y T- gui, iz. H, -Eggs: MANDY CANE URSULA CONLEY Q-if MARIA CIRACO 7' fb ur' GINA COSTANTINO ELIZABETH CRISTIANO HEIDI DIETZE f"" Alva HV' . 'Tj' ' .ol s I I- f qv. "Mk T it .IACQUIE GOODHEAD 'ir SARAH DOUGALL MARY GRAY Page 20 CLAIRE FILICE BETSY HAMBLIN BETH GAULT RUTH HERZBERG ROBIN HUNTER RAFIC JENABIAN SHIRLEY JOHNSTON BARBARA KO BLAK Page 21 JEAN KARMAZYN New E nik N- 1 all ff' is K 'fy 4.1 Q. , A I M. ,,., . BETS KIDDELL IRMR D O N TO Y E ,. ,- 2534 I- 41' 11 2 'Y INARA PAVELSONS ",y,Y, ffm W Q54 'fi G .: MARIE PEIMLI MRS '... 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BRENDA ROSS MRS , x. 4, ,Ir 'E' 1 -5, Eiga? ' 'lg' ,girfffiif Q! ., ,9i?5L-ff! V W :iff 'A 1, .pw r .,-31:74 RICK PHILLIPS , vwmm, 4 3 1, I , 'fn NIS I 4 'Q ! D . ROSEMARV MANTIA s Q, ' I ' ,K .L R 4' , , -f' '-2 v LI,A I PAMELA WYNN BARBARA PERRY SANDY LISI ELEANOR STAN UTZ MRS Page 23 5 If 5' Q FORM 7 F- te Q60 ., x 9 ,f. - X.: . 'JL' lf, 4, . x I I 3, '- ,. . w I 'V' xfxtxk - w 1 XI 3 1. . 'Hi' 'U . X I 'Q 'N' , ,?"X?ffL sk-ml 'f , fn at f , ,' v. VV ll - V ff 1' 1 . ' if yr E If 'W if s xi who 0,6 . ..g, . ...6 , ,,, X Q38 'S' ov JANE DeARNOT VN X J -L ' , . , I , I I I fy. '. .jf Y ,- ,f I Q I ik A 4, I s X is Y! 1 ,. I 'I , . X X ,g Rf, 3 ,432 5 f - s ': f"'1,gfW '?1" f 12:13 ff gs - .Q gif -3 MAUD MCLEAN ,N 'Q 'AJ -6 if , fn ABEMANHEIM , I , 15, x 499 QN- O9 Q5 sy .pa-v DENNIS PATRICK Rm, . ' w ,' sw A -4 .r f 59 YA A 1, ' 4 4: , . 'M 0451, I: .., 859.357 ' ' L IJ' I MANFRED PETZ Page 24 3 'B xx O 5 I' O HQ 1 x 9 3, . 6 ff' AG af PHY! U5 S . of-'XG KATHLEEN BACHER BOB METCALFE 41 4gG4 '95-,C Oo 0 :V W X X ff C f I A. 8 N.V:S r , 0 . N g,A PAUL APPLEBY v-as F 0069? 4,9 i I 1' -fy ,, ,f.' ON x A, X X x If ' X ' wllgfxn , X, KJ KS , i - 'Q.w,3::x, . , y - qw- 5,513 X, ' FE - , if ' JOHN HANNABY Cy' 1' BOB JOHNSTON Page 25 G .X if o C' 7? QE me C6 0 mics fu. 'xp D 0 0 I I - ,fn LORNA ANDERSON IMRSJ fr WN .W MARY EVELYN BUTI an ,Q -.. ' I? Q ,Wi X! I SHIRLEY BAKER I I I ROSEMARY CHAPMAN S' .9 is ff-pf' A 05' W ,,, ,rdf C? I v A 13' 43' Q Q.. X f AUDREY BEAL IMRSI -I-A fm N,- " A-In . v f,f N 4" ,. ,I WENDY CURNOW FORM 8 160 ff ff Af X AMW! , jf 'iz'- Jr., x Ph- Q. '95 45, ,I3 -3, , A' 1 Aer! 4 ' JNQJ' Lf V ' SHARON PITTMAN IMRSJ LINDA ELLIS UNDA HENNING BRENDA Houu MARY Lou GILCHREST JANET JACKSON LOIS JACOBS Page 26 f"7 HQ...-J LORRAINE BULLARD 1 4 1 SUSAN SAUNDERS XX A A X . gh., I s FRANCES KALISZ KMRSI ff? A - 21524 . uf-3 A au- ,, . . 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' ' sf' fir fr- lk'-,,.,,.P 'V' A MIEKE ARKEMA FORM 9 ,AMES ATANAS BARBARA ATTWELL 0lGA BABY'-SCH ,Q 5' ' 44" it 'Fri 105 BAIG LYNDA BAILIE BEVERLEY BAIN DON BAIN LILLIAN BALUCH URMII-A BANERJEE B A ,-.. IT' 'mr mf Y HERMANN BANK ROSE BARBOUR PAMELA BARNES BARBARA BARRETT X272 .' L. " , ,Il - Q .Y VIRGINIA BARRON ILONA BAUERS JANET BEAD'-ING SUSAN BELISLE Page 28 PATRICIA AMYOT GEORGE ANDERSON JAMES ANDERSON X 'vs , vufgs? M, K If 'QQ tl I .pf L! I N5 H 5 f W I I , I AVRIL BENTLEY PENNY BELL VIRGINIA BELMONTE L05 BENNW1 LINDA BERG BILL BERT Ja A ff, LILIANA BETTENCOURT 4 1 RASH BHATTACHARYYA MAVA BHOJWIANI, B.A. JOHN BLACK HNNA BOEN X X1 ' LL M-QM' Li J? E I A f ' I EDIE BONVILLAIN ALEX BORISOV PAT BOURNE lik mf, 1 Ax DOUGLAS novo MARY BRAcclomErA EVA smcxus sn. mem Bmoceo f?""'9' A.,-1 MARTIN BRIDGEWATER LAURA BROCKLEBANK JUDY BROCKLEY BRENDA BARNES Page 29 , I. 571.1-1 ik ANGELO DELLA PIA MARGARET BUCCI Q I PN, GINNY DUBERY ANN BULMASH BRENDA CORBITI' .1 5 NNE COLLIG AN 'Qi DOUG CRAIG uw CHAN ff" N nw rf xg .- 9 . - 9 K NIC KBRUZZESE Q 4 ' 5 Y " . I ,4 1 - I x 1 FORM I0 AN Page 30 , fr Ai X Y YH G mov CUMWN x suSP-N Da P A01 DOME fi FRANCES DOUVILLE G'OV'N0 CORTESE 2 A N FQ ,AK X A Wk . ,ss Q., f X d ,.,A,.4 y M - . . A' 'U ,I . ' 1 JOHN DAMAGALA JANICE CARSON 'VK' I A L S 0 6 na Af" Q, I QM.. LQ, 7 LA CAMPBELL JIM BROWN SANDRA CHRISTIE CAROL DONNENFIELD J? 1A....ixcf'g"- f- I 'N .ew V, X, fr 4 EN CLAUS RAY DANIELS .X R fk K , "' A 'R QW L, ,Av-A X if m f S 1 1 x' R 4 fu NNQR f f O? XX z N Q jg cf N f 1, +4 5 y 5 3 X , ,R nf 4 I Q X Aw RS' f X f A A Af, 'R L - I- 1 . L- ' Y. I W - L ,, W.. g 1? 3 y X fi Sw A 1 L Q . 3 iff , .,, x Q ff' Y"""7 '3 'IQ' if, Z, V1 MICHAEL CIAVARELLA ELSIE CLARKE A in A Af L IDORAN SUSAN BROWN CAROLINE CRANDELL JOHN DEWAN MARGO BUSH PETER CIANFARANI IE BROUILLETTE JOHN DAVIDSON X nl- ir- aw X X gg: 'ke R coPELAND MARGOT BROWN MIRIAM CEKUTA QL ,A ,ISC 1 WILLIAM oAvLE LvNoA DILLON DALIAH BROWN Page 3I x iii E I .S 's 'D ff' '. as if ' ' if-33' -fl Y . 29 2 K in 'Ani U' I 3 'X -0.54 -Q DEIRDRE DURRANT rForm Rep.i EURICA ELCOCK K9 s x -f EVA . ' N' 5 I ,nh 1 V kiA,'f,L -ef ,,f . s. , , xi 1fWL W42ynwj7W '71 fbi b . M 4' 'flgzv 1 S' 9 ffl HAROLD ELLIOT ,Q F -'L r TH-" ,. M- I f .15 '.?vf.1,-- .c:'f, ",Q,', -' ' n.-54452 A '- - ,' I SHARRY EVANS MARY ANNE FEDCHAK JIM FERGUSON JOE EASTO MARY DVER SUSAN Fmom 4veafbQ0k Rep. FORM ll 4"""? FILOMENA FERNANDES meal, MARY FERNANDES GERRIE FESKUN 'M HELINA ERKKILA ANTONIJA FILIPOVIC EVA FILIPOVICH LAUREL PENNYCOOK SUSAN ENGLAND fi 4' 17'-v VICKI eves ANNE FASTEN BETH Foaenr FRANK FoRMusA NELUE sums Poge 32 CAROLE GALLOR0 CARL GENIOLE 1AIhIeIic Rep.j CHRIS GOLDING .Z A! ..,f-',,. If ConI' A ,ff f Form f CONNIE GARDINER JOSEPH GEORGE MICHELLE GELDART pe. A GETA GERENDASI t " my GIBSON Lg' "5 - I n 'V' A I I ,f Q 1 bg X I 'ff' Q J' sf ' 5 I Ki., .L . if x K I ,, f 3 X isasfe , ,, Q NW. , um Q. '3 CECILIA GLA XX 1 I Cf ., . 1 R r DSTONE SANDRA GODKIN LAILA GORACZEW 4-was MARILYN IMEGI GRISE JEANIE GULIN SHARON GURR RALPH GRAHAM AHMAD FAHEEM Page 33 X, SHELIA HALL MR. ARCHIBALD MARGOT K. HALNAN A BARBARA A. HAMILTON MS? MARY C. HAMILTON ' e 1 5 'b,, lj' f?5??f f CAROL L. HERSHORN SIEGRID E. VISSERS IMRSI PATRICIA M. HOLLERAN I, ,, ' - LI MARY S. F. HUM E ff? 10 MARY R. HUMPHREYS IMRSI SANTINO IACCINO JANIS E. HARDING IMRSI wif if ,Q ff"x A 1. .X.. EVE HENRICH LINDA A. HUBBAUER PATRICIA INGRAM RANDICE A. MURRAY IMRS RICHARD A. HART JOANNE D. IVESON Page 34 : . g x NADIA IWANCZUK 6 I f ,L 'V ff- AUGUSTINA Konoos 'if A MUZAFFER KHAN IMRSJ PAUL J. KRAFCHIK , , .Q 04,5- JOHN JACENTY 32: --3 xxx I A ig L, QQQS- A . WAN DA M. KOSALKA fix' ' OMAR M. KHARBUTLI SUZANNE G- KUHNE KMRSI ISOBEL E. JACKSON CHRISTINE H. KOWALICKI JOHN R. JAFFRAY ALSO: MARGUERITE YVONNE HENDERSON KMRSJ PAULA RANDALL HURLEY CAROLE NANCY JOHNSTON BARBARA LOUISE JONES JOHN DAVID INGRAM ALEXANDER KOTA E' NANCY M.A. KULCHYSKI KAMLESH KUMAR IMRSI -10' ELSIE A, KUZ MARY M. L. KWAN GUIDO D. JANSONS CARMELA S. LAMANNA Page 35 CAROLE LANGMAID IWIIOI Day Is HJ VICTORIA MICHAEL Nicky? k vgfff ' I ' A me?" , .V v... Q-I wf' Q e,"'n' HAROLD LANG IHey, Lefs Have A Purfyl fs. w Y v-.-.-gp GAYLE MACLEAN . I 'QHQ gn- '- .-1' , ANDREW LINDSAY KEducafionoI Sales! fi? M L. I ,. 'N 'A JOSEPH LAYES lThe Bearded Wonderj GARY MARTIN fThal Blankify Blank! Q and fi . 1 J . M 1 QM , x f IAIN MILLAR 1AHendance Is Compulsoryl JEAN MCLAREN Q"SiIence is Golden" - So ls Jeanl K'- wr 5.?.hz5S?' W I g.:i'!..'L SANDRA MILLWARD rSandyI Ii me NANCY MARTIN 1MRSI Page 36 42 -as y , . 11- Mn, X ' l 1--Q-v RICHARD LYE 1"Beau0iIuI"I MILDRED MATHEWSON IMRSI NINA MICELI l"SweeI and Low"I PHOTO MISSING: AILEEN MARSHALL .f J ik ' .i ti, ,sw 95,45 IRENE MCAVOY Weorbook Rep.l . T, 'fr-af, ' ,' I 'ff 'V Q .1 I .n O BEA MCINNIS 1AfhIefic Rep.J Iloues "MucIxing" Around on Ihe Guiiarl . .Q 'Cx JOE MARINI IGuiseppe Raviolil I MERLE LONDRY IMRSI FORM I3 BONNIE LOCKHART QA Boy's Col in Her Eyej ff. TOM MARSDEN llongs for his girl "back home"J SISTER MARGRET I fMarg1o her Iriendsj H-JRC., MAYAN fls That o New Drug?l DIANNE MCWAIN fFIowers Everywherej VICTOR LESIUK V l"Alos, Poor Yorick"J LCR' LONG fT.T.C.'s Uncoolb MRS. DUBOIS fForm Masierl STEPHANIE MILLS lHas her own Iime s"'ed"'e7 TATIANA LEHNER fS1udenl's Council Rep.D JOEL MEERS fl Wanna Go Home To Curolj BARBRA MASTROMATTEO Page 37 GEORGE LONDOS fNufure Boy in u Rug-Topj BOHDAN LAWRENTIW 1303 NANCY MEDLAND l"Gee, Are You Ever SilIy"I 4 . 1- - pw., wff 51115 M 1 A fl ' ' '51-M . ' V333 JERRI MAJCYK fBlonde Bomb! MARGRET MCLAUGHLIN fB.C.'s For Mel ELAINE LEZON fTI1e Silent Spoll ADA LAWRENCE fGoIdilocIusl I ANNE LAUBA " as BRENDA MOGIL SUSILLA MOHAMED IMRSI 231' MARIANNE MOU. IMRSI fx Qs. gf- if . . kiw- LORNE MOORE JEAN MOORE IMRSI FORM I4 GLORIA REID ' .,,' 1' MRS ELVES . 4 ww 1. kos X s 'RQ' 1 YIM 9 1 ' af I 1 xi, M-H Qi v -. '3 A 1 E. at .f K nf w 1 5, I f 25 I 1 vi I iq . S JUDY REAVELL 1 imma MARILYN REINSILBER CHRISTINE RIFAI IMRSI ELEANOR ROBINSKY IMRSI PEGGY MORGAN EVEN HAVE C8150 A Persnmonoz Hifi oTHMAR our Qwrs I-IPSET wnw I Tam RER 1 Fussen' 'NIE no sleus AGAIN may. , f'co1 ' c i f , S5 - Y ff-f , - TETTJJYTAIY L-I an TLIKNEU .' QF TW A010 Parr HER HM sown N :Al 3 MAY llmlaq. 3 3 v E' F . " v,- .' . A 'W ' Y' ... ' . ,lf 35N'T' 'ECNiE"ll-L-.... . K MARGARET MORRISON .. 3? I NEVER RENJZ-3 IT BEFORC OUT A SCKUL TEACMEF- IIA' VFKY UEucATE INSTRUMENT' L3 W' I to ' . .1 1 s'l 4 DIANE MOSSMAN Page 38 MIKE MULDOON VICTORIA N EWELL KEVIN PARKINSON -mah ILONA PLUYM DIANA PODCHASHINSKY HELEN MURPHY MARGOT MURRAY 1' -I Rexx 25' , , Ni' --" t ANITA O'MALLEY VVONNE O'TOOLE AIJI Jn--, WV ,, .I .K Y xx! ,aw ' KAREN PHILLIPS BRIAN PENNYCOOK JOHN PRETTYMAN Q,-. 'VO IA CLARA NACCARATO 'YQ """f TAINA PALOSAARI Vim- ANNA PICCOLO ANGIE POMPILIO RAHEEM RAUF DIANNE NELSON MAGGIE PANCARO '75 K Q' Q MARIA PILEGGI ws. 43 MARY POTVIN 'JY' YA-Q J W 2 CELIA PRITCHARD IMRSI MARY PUGLIESE ZOPHIA RACZYNSKI TERRY RAMMELL Page 39 fx - - , , KL 'sw FORM I5 v"""' R. BRIAN SELLS CARMELA SEMINARA M. JACKLYN SHAW ci, NANCY L, SIMSON IRAWATI SINHA 1MRSJ JOHN G. SKAWSKI SHELLEY R. LINDO lMRSi N Q- auq f AS' 'Z 703' NJ NR .-4+-"""' QS. af A 'Li ,J-51' A-e9',.f' A JOAN B- SKELTON fMRSa BARBARA c. SLAN SUSAN B. slvmv SUSAN A- SMITH WM? """"s PAULA R. SMURLICK KATHLEEN I. SNYDER V'RG'N'A 1- 5019"-"4 KURT A. SOMMER E. JEAN SOPPELSA Page 40 DENNIS R. SPADAFORE N .IANETTE D. SPEDALIERE ROBERT C. REYNOLDS AIDA RIAD LMRSJ JANET M. RICHARDSON KATH RVN ROBERTSON IMRSI PATRICIA M. ROBERTSON QMRSJ SISTER MARY LUCY GAIL E. STEVENSON PATRICIA M. ROSS M. DOLORES RUSCETTA IROMANOWICZ, GABRIELE WW 21 ,N ,,,I ,,,, . ,V . . T A 1 A, L 'Q 'I' ,ff ' , 4109'll"""x z M. ELIZABETH RUSE PATRICIA K. SAKAMOTO ANITA J. SALTSMAN MARIANNE E. SAMBROOK ROSEMARIE A. SANTAGUIDA DAVID A. SELIGER GRACE SANTINO A. V. ANIKO SCHEINER MARILYN C- SCHELL Page 4I FCRM I6 FRED AULD TERRY BOAG A Iwf 1-1 x....-1 BONITA BURNS N- .,., . I It t BRENDA ALTER BRIAN CARE 4? . f . Nffifif A 2' wi' I I X 5. PAT BARCLAY SANDRA BAILEY GILLIAN CALLOW LYNDA CARR FORM I7 ' R I HAPPINESS :S A WARN ' BLANKET AND A MARG CATE GROUP FRIENDS f - U ROSALYN ACKERMAN CINDY BERTRAM ICS' pAUL BORNFREUND LINDA BLOOM JUDY ALLEN BRUCE BARE Page 44 FRANK AQUANNO LOIS JACOBS TINA BOULOS SUSAN BAIRD PENNY ARSENEAU PAT BONE DOROTHY BRUNELLE ROSEMARY CAMPAGNE assi I5 x- B' 'N '24 HJ TY' 7 'fix "Qt K , f f I I ,ff ff-Q , F 7' 3-1, Harm ' ,, N 'MHA ! R K X I EQS PAYE BRENN 11, N. '21 V. I Lg , 2 KATHY BLACKBURN BARBARA BROWN LINDA BACCI I 3' LYNDA BENDER CAROL CHAMBERS MIKE CHURCHER '.IY ' W , X ' ,Y 1 1 gg! 9 R f as 3 0 gf iff Nik Z2 R 952 +1 iss' ' 0 ' 5 , jf? S- 19? N ' a JOAN BEEBAKHEE N gg , 418 Q 2 A sq x RSfLI5xXiwi , MAUREEN BURNS ED BAVINGTON BRENDA CARSON MIKE AQUANNO DONNA BEESLEY MARIA CAMBARERI Page 45 I. 535 KATLAIN ABONY SUSAN AZIZ RICHARD ASTLEY HJL1 'Un SALETTE FIKSENBAUM MARIANO DE PALMA 1 I OB V, . no 'Fl' NORMA CHVERTKIN TOM COPELAND if ,5 5 fi ,, 1" 7, LINDA DAVIS goooooooooooooooog 0 9 o YYILEYS 0 a o : GANG : ' o ' 0 ' 0 ' o 0 o ' 0 ' 0 ' 0 ' 0 0 0 ' o 0 0 0 o o o o 0 o 0 o 0 9 I 0 0 'CCOOOOOOOQOOO ol DENNIS ELDRIDGE FORM Page 46 ELEANOR DUNN IMRSI JUDITH DE ROV 134' I8 DIANA DERONJA TA, Rosenr oAnoN SHAREN oluoN LYNNE CIRA 13 BARBARA DUNGY IMRSI ERIC CORNFORD MISSING PHOTO: KATHERINE DOWBIGGIN ANDY DANIELS MARG CHUTE TRUDY DEN OUDEN ,NM lm? MARILYN FIELD CATH ERIN DUNCAN J S w V x f Q , 1. W in N ' Q 1 KATHY DUNCAN ,,.A!xv,,. if 2, I STEPHEN FELDMAN RANDY DlcKlNsoN W f""""'9 DAVID COULTER BARBARA EASTON ,f- '05 MAUREEN FIELD ,Na ,411 JACK ELMS SUSAN COLES SUSAN COOKE q,.Sfm' X . qc:-v STEPHEN ELLIS RON DAVIS GLENDA EVANS JUDITH COWAN IMRSI MARGARET EPSTEIN IMRSJ ,Q-,iq -.vs RICK EDWARDS Q. E' 'i 'wif' .,:'f' N Y -' .l, .. 'L mr W a ff l y 4' 'Eh ' . - ax . I . If Inq.- , , I S HOLLY COOK '-'fm f T 'Hmm JOHN CROCKFORD ELAINE FELD MARSHA DAVIS CONNIE DIMITROFF Page 47 Sw PAULINE DELISLE , ,z FO R M ROSINE GERH ARD Q 9 ESTELLE GROSS fS0udenO Countill DESMOND GILUNG ROSYLIN FISHERMAN MIKE GOLDSTEIN RH EA GROSSMAN CHERYLE GUREVITCH PAT FLETCHER lYearbooll Rep I VICKI HARA LINDA FLANAGAN . ,M fl 545 WMV' ' 124-11 B- L JAMES FORBES vmom GRECO SUSAN HENDERSON ANNE FORSYTHE CATHV FORTUNE JEAN GROMAN MARIE HICKEY CAROL ANN FOX Uklhlehc Repl Page 48 SUSAN GETZ CRYSTAL GROVES LINDA FORSYTHE 'YD- Ma" fix, RENEE GLASS MAUREEN HALE RHONDA FRANKEL RITA GOLDSTEIN QMRSJ Rum HARPER VALERIE GILES uvmsp SUSAN GREENBERG GARRY HERSHBERG KAREN GOLDMAN OLGA Gnossu LINDA noon JERRY PINK LIL GRANELL ALLAN HEANEY Page 49 .LP ' ,'I',gI's., A CHERIEKATZ I. ,Q fawz... V MT. PAUL JORDAN i r JIM KEHL KAY KEMENY , F AQ' mi I f W ' . 8 19 I V . . 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T7 BARBARA JOHNSON 'UN ELAINE KISLUK MARIANNE KARAIN uvuzsp ,mf Sp' . ,V 1 G 5 .2 ri1rw-- ,, awww? f , FRAN HOFLAZER ROSLYN ISEMAN 4 fa LYNDA HOPE BETTY JOHNSTON I APC? MIKE KAMATOVIC 'vii x 'P' FORM 21 DIANA LASS lMRSj ll N" E PETER MCGETTIGAN CINDIE LISTER A N-:Q X 'i BONNIE LEVINE .Q ,, . "1 W Q RICHARDMULLIN 6 RY V, v , Q has ,,:,, A ,ff MARGARET MASON BARBARA O'CONNOR W, A A.. ANDREW MELES ' '05 SEYMOUR LOFSKY JEAN MORELAND SUSAN MEZEI FRANK LU DWIG I CAROLVN MACDONALD ELLEN LAVENDER JAM ES MCALPINE DIANE MCKEOWN N-ws KATH RVN MAY L wg 5 , . 'aw - si 1.5 50 ' , A iff'-E :Q BRIAN MCBRIDE !SOudeni's Council Rep.l BEVERLEY MACDONALD Wearbook Rep.D Qf I' M ,Y xf BEVERLEY MACKAY MARILYN NEFSKY IMRSJ Page 52 PATRICIA MELODICK MU RDEN E MU RDOCH LEONARD NICHOLSON L-11011 .40 NECHAMA NUSSBAUM SUSANNE LAXON PAULINE MARTIN BRIAN MENTON LOYOLA MCCARTHY MARY NEWBURG KMRSI ROBIN MILLER ROSEMARIE MECHEL IMRSI .IANICE MCDONALD IAIhIeIic Rep.J Page 53 .W MARY FRANCES MORSMAN PATRICK MULROY RX? 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W mi an: " "fy 41,313 - . 7 A Nr ff W! f Jw 44 .mf W, -,, A ' gi .x?Zy.ii, 'iS .2 . I I' gg , 1. ,Jw me ' fy" ,152 ROCHELLE S. SILVER JOHN S. SIM SAMUEL M. SUSSMAN CHERYL G. SMITH PATRICIA A. STEWART PAMELA L. STEINBERG MARSHA W, SWIUER PATRICIA M. THWAITES LILY A. SNIDER SUSAN G. TRELEAVEN R CHERYL D. SILVERMAN DANA J. SIERVOGEL IAN D. SMITH Page 56 BARBARA L. STEPHENSON I MARILYN L. SMITH TOM E. TRUSLER BILL G. SPECH FRIMETTE S. SILVERSTEIN 'Z il" EDWALD STUM BONNIE J. SMITH SHIRLEY D. TOWERS MEGAN L. TROWELL ROBERT J. TAYLOR 'vi NORA-JANE SUTHERLAND SUSAN STERN LYNDA S. SMITH RMPH M- SULLIVAN DORA SMUSCHKOWITZ XNF4 MARNA L. SPIEGEL TOM TRATTN ER I DHDRE TROYER ARTHUR c. SUTTON Page 57 IHS "ir- .IACQUELINE SUTHERLAND ,laik riff, 44 ...I 1 wif 'I 5 CATHY YOUNG CHRIS YOUNGS PAUL WRIGHT SUZANNE ZALAN SHARON VIGRASS H ETTI WAEGEMAKERS T' ' E ' V4 ,453 .2 CAROL WEFR wa fv SUE WORTH lAlOerno1e Yearbook Rep.J , :wax Lf f ..., SARA WALLER f 3 1 lil' -Q - 1 Q if wfg -7 i 5.'bfQ1"'fIz.1 'AN L . X A x Iiv' ,T B 'g l iiggxx in Y MM . .-1' SHIRLEY WALKER Y f I .L , x fr'- 'Y N,- 4- Any -'ffm I Q Q . MARG WHEATLEY vii HANS ZEGERIUS fYearbool1Rep.j 'rn E 'sf af' PAUL WALKER FRAN WALSHE BETTY WATT LINDA TOWN LMRSI ff' JUDY WINDROSS KMRSU DOROTHEA WISIAK FORM 24 Page 58 SUE UPHOHN GAIL UYESUGI A-0' 'c""? LYNNE WARRINGTON GEORGINA HAGA 1AfhleOic Rep.l ' mf wtf' My FRANCES WA1'I'S JOYCE WEINER ED WHITEWAY WENDY WINKWORTH DALIA WEINBERG DIANNE WALLACE MATILDA TURIN EDIE WARNER lovely times are light winds alas, who can explain the breeze? and after it has passed who can say it has ever been? the air slips through my fingers. Doubling and dreaming as fading mists echoing days are lost in days Waller Stand before me Unashamed ln your naked grace to feel Youngs CAROL VAN BUS KIRK JOANNE WATSON if 4 f, M 'ff is nfl A J wg: + 2 1 J MARLENE VOLLHOFFER A quietstrain must remain quiet l am scotch-taped across a white sky suspended lying there nothing entering the mind or heart for hour-centuries JIM WALKER --v-ff W' ,W sus WHALLEY xo' 1 , 'Q 7 755, ,f sw' ta. , it , MQ it -- .1 11-iff' '. vggji b' s,i-assi' 'av' - 6 ,911 1 If ' ia . f A f 1 Qi -, F Q it Fw .v 2. ,riff 'Z lift. 5 1 . JANE WALSH W? W f Q K Ll JUDY WICKETT The naked light Casts harsh shadows Cold and dead Upon the walls it you love me Turn outthe light Love Crazy Sonia Tearing up the halls Climbing up the walls She screams Don't kiss lt's perverted Hanoi '67 latter Picasso's Guernical Youngs Waller -1 H , ,,, . . ., , ,, ,,., -L -':f VIZ" - Mfw- - ' ,,- ,f' f 'T' 1' ,fx 1 5, -f-f-,,"" j,. - 4 : IX..- - ,,- ' n ,,:.v- ,f ,' ,' qftwr- ' ' 1 , .qffhrf ' ' A I - fl! 114 X577 ZKQJVZ Z "f , "'7"' '. 'Tiff Z'f1if?f2W'f-,591 - EU' 'ffm' f ' 1-'Cl' .11 21 '5 ,?f2','i, , ff , f fy f , , ff ff 1 ,f X . 1, . . fffffl' 'f A ' - 1' ef ' 'if " f WW77 7 .765 f77',?cf!' 4 ' ' X-Xi-A 01, ' f 1 fn f, ,V 'I ,ff 1 f, 1 If 1,1 ,f rg 15,-'yq !,,1V,,f-f',n,,,fZ,,,-Q 2,1 , ' if i y V, xv, 3, 9, ,JI w z.y,:,1.'.-g 'V A, , o 94: 1 1' - ',. ' !', '94 'l f fl ' 140- ""' .1 117,"i1'9'I' 17 af 9' Qi'-V V121 '54 5 ' cl l l ' ' ' ' ' Fd fu- Nfl ,L ' t ' 122' 1 l -R ' CF? 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'01 Lg24,?4:, 'Hp' :Dm ----gu y 115.16 7 1, ,0 'N yy? 5 -f1- 1 A' HQ f i. , 'MQSSZQ' 1: ff -is 13175 - f , ' xl ii fl ,ggi 1 i . up-:' 'L' H , 1 V 1' f ', I . tal? I 4' Ki egg gl' y x 4 '11 , Yygvt-J , . A Q i,..- it V , A ,- if 9 ,-VF.. L. V' ,1 V AJ, A nr ce? Qbfg. , ,A i 6 .-Q f it X Wil- yi.-i .fa ,- .. . 1 'J' ' 1 6 '.f:'ff,'Q7i L7'l 1 CX,-rv , " L ,H ,Y 'fri L Q, "L 'df' . fir . ' '- g , "Rag . . .3 H fl ,y pil 1 I qw iff fayf' ' , fff'.fCfI' " .1 M Q .fl 4 1' V, 45.41 'H - P1 1 ' 1 . " . ' "1 f',. , ' -- . ' s " ' J,-1 N f."- ' -.J f, j, 4, Q, L '1 ,ffl X fibygf X X --iffy t 4. ,mv i....,f1. , lj, t. ik 3 it-XM wr V, FII' I G . -I fe,-f , gil 4 Y mi y pg QM P 1' 1 X ix' ff' f . M 1 x XX 4 tm' ' 1 :gfzff-if, l 1" " ' ' '- 113' l fi Y' -- "I" ' ' -l " A 4 1 H' i " " , X N . ' "Wil ,'-":'f'1.P2i'if.'4 1 fx!-T ' if 77 J? 2 -V ' , i f, 4 .i. ff 1 - EIU l .1 if 'I H If wx 'f XX W 'hy' 'Z' -.5-L' FV' 4 1 .- i . -' 1 - , i., , 1- X- ' oi- ' ,f '- N " ' 'J '1:L'f"'r-51 1.1, . L." I- 1 'WI l C , XA tl' if "Lf Wifi " - -Nl - .V w 1 I "1 H. ' 1' 1, 1 1 - f I - ' . ', V ' - I l 'I ' L V I' 1' 'E - I 1' P An '.' I 11. H ,J,-N, ,lf 1 ,fl'.1' f,1f.l lfv l ' 4 " X ,131 'P-gf,-" ' 1 1. 1' . l , . .J l if - - . f X f' - - -f 1 - 1, .1 f P , -., -1... 4 1 L, , .V ... . 4 N V, :A h 5 '22 , 'J Y E f- K1 V ff sa ' 01 -fi. ,,, l fl N 1 Ps? J' Wy J if . 1 N., :pil J - ,- - Q ru 1 -,, ., -N' I. ldv ' , l2,f,,n?, - 11,5 K I, fzw - LTA ll- if XA' ' 1 Z "ff V16-w -l Mi ,, 4 Y 1 . uf, X ' n f ' ' -. -A -1 f f 5- i ff 1 ,fx . 'N - . - 'r la:-. - ,' Xe If A L5 ' ff ff. 11 "lv -H: ,a,-, - - 1 1 ' - l ..-- , -I X .4 A' li r , L -,wma , Qrgffffv, 1, X gf,-. if' - --,. - ., ' 'X ffl I 0 ' 1,-. 1' -1- . . 5 , 2777, lf' 14. jf iff'-f'5:'1f-'--',Zfl1E,1 g'Q.2i--- -1' .,- ,. - K ""1--'1---- J, -:J-3 JA- .h . , - N., -'A-V, - ,- QQ ex . I , 1 , -,- MI' ff. 1:10147 ' A gg ,1-- ,,f',,, -,-f Page 59 QKMW jjkp, ?1fmof, V,Q!7'bCJllAJ, 121043 QUMJQU S aww UU, 0WAM1uzJ1Af 5G'7CK0.fLZMJ'437' N i WWW mf IDS CI Ea chew? JAN T601 Cfflefq EQ QQWQOW9 Tfwf Teoches Cl'll'fC1fFGV5 jlmk likg Q!f"fT'WI"VNQ1LXC . Tizcwhers help us fo many way A Jrecmher is someone who TEo1chQS on class Wdrh and Q Teacher is Q 5004 worker Q Teqcher makes vvorh an d lovhs of Work cmd 1 hC4'l'6 work cmd Somehme School is Pun. Teacher- are '7L'f1e, bf'-9'f'fP-Uffff Seldf 'Far' m,vh1of?7 fi whsflmheb mQUW9 Q Qld I Q1 mg U QW YG 'F W, I Page 64 IVlx+ eocher- kkes +0 eof US Sm ' 5fUKU?lFf5"1?'f ' M TEWQWERSHREN 21569 WKNCQES M5195 Www 9555 X No Whgdig G TQTOKQQWQAA Q Lx Ok Grxmclw gg, 98 ELGW cfioof ?sa ,valves Wfaemwe you have, +0 fkfhk WhaT K8 0 -II?-Gabe? 13 A Teacher IS a Tawau. H1 You clonyf know vi-.MQ +eaq,ef1s yauure a nu? Llclife' 17910 in cr ga-gdgzgo 1 S '4 4:n0'YVo A +cacLWer fs a Wbfkliflg Parfum. A 'IQSCTCPNCQT' 601135 qbgujz U5 QXA Awww- ,de.,5rwmfn Wwczxw,4-Wnwxwc Az ,affi- .L-+ 2 "' m, 5 " MEN .. ...Lf l 'think Q fcachcr is OYXICCL Pergmn becqus 5 she +COOlf"e5 YOU 50 you learn someHw'mg Jud 5 Omefhing CFHcoSi' Q7 mm JL ,W,, yvwzifg W ,MMM ,vwyjw My A feqcgg 6 6007 ne. W6 O On ,ijmpwmwmwmw Page 68 CL ? Q , ,af 1 520353 Q-K -eff: ,J 1 N Gif' Q nz: mi 25 is TK El F4 JN! 35 Q 1+ 1? W, :gg X1 rgg .N fp s , xt 4' HJGJWMAMM f971'2mfwfLMf1fM" WMA, " ZFAWW. dzicfmbdnggf UW M P 69 1 6' 5 1 P u ' - P I " V: 2 - il . ' in 55 u - . -:fx -w Ei 5' 5 1 TQ! Q- 1. I., , 'EW vz' U :Ly I: 4 It is auf is Ji "'l'..T,?" - V 1 A .. ,,. L ,, when XIOUK Q64 Aaerxl your Yaglng +0 Q6 'tn Xylqheb Qfddigj and 'H'-ne, OTE, Qxdip You val 31+ QI"OLlQI'l7f OYTA Caplnolwy kfgghepj 'Y whim Yo uu- Gwen and gradjuwah Pom couqe 5 OI' In good AIKIQFQ YYY Qu + it If 'uf ,J -0 Q I 1 U X V? f P. f ' px' 3 E, Q I . I ,X fri GROUP PHOTOS f' V 1" Sigel? Treasurer Vice President Secretory President it STUDENTS CQUNCIL A EXECUTIVE WNRT 'bo You HEHN FORUQ3 wo' 1nisXf:flL:?yw ATHLETIC CQUNCIL 0 gk r Avg ,V 0 In in NM 'I a SKI CLUB W DANCE 8: SOCIAL CLUB SIC CLUB gk. 4' . Back Row: Liz Wenzel, Linda Barron, Marian Flynn, Phyllis Shea, Donna- Mae Beahy, Isabella Boylco, Virginia Gorman. Middle Row: Abe Manhein, Bob Johnston, Dennis Patrick, Manfred Pelz, Bob Meicalfe, Paul Appleby, Margaret Goode. Froni Row: Mary Welch, Gayle Gauchie, Claudia Grice, Joan Linden, W QAET CLUB Hz mn AUDIO VISUAL CLUB SCIENCE CLUB QNX '-Quvfs KN Ffh '- 'A Tx . Xxx? CAMERA CLUB V9 ABSENT: Sieve "the pres fm' . - lv , L' fvi , F' In V' Ruofas Live VU X aflunflufl 4 if FRENCH CLUB 'Q Se QQ, www WWW aw WWW 1 W W 531 UN fUV -Q QQ . K- ' -,,g. ,lil X -.gTLi17g W . 0 WEQ L- M P gf, X "7 qefllllfiffnll W , ei :mily Urbonslxi l' ls L-2 I llayoufj 17' Q' A 1-egg? Mr. G. E. Wolford 'A ' 4 qseaff Advisory A If f J . li K Brion Core Uhemei ,F 1 4 Q S I f V' f .5 W f ,fly MQZBT V E7 I I lx. Lindo Hubbauer I Al ' lSecreforyj Bam Wilson f ls' l B -, ,- , 7 - 0 ' . ' o I ' ' fl 1 1 I Debbie Gill f V,:,,.,.E,1 X ' I. ,I Ureasurerl If A , k XD y CTTSESLJIQTJ ,mrs Q ' . 45x V il i X ww f o N , E ' I I ll:l:':'S:"lPll3 .. ' ' 4, Ar, x QM ,J Ted Wright If V , X I fEdiIorJ l ,I 1 f f . .ff f ' XX X , l J l.., A W ' A M W W ff W , f ,. , I ' ll xx J . ' A :ex V - V A T 1 H .NI L l vi ' i Cheryl Christopher 'I - l ilayouil Page "Hi-um. help, a child's dre is just that. Candid Photos Section Without your am 'SHEg N' 1? I YN Definiielyl Someihing has to be done aboui this smoking problem! Oh boy! This is fun! And when Gypsy Ohrew off her . . . X- i 'Nw-.. ' ""'ff-sq, Msg Aw c'mong give me a brook touch . . . P096 79 "and then" . . . oh dear! She musfn'fl wg 3 ' Nr' --.., Bu? I don'I wanna' do if! Peek a boo! 'IS OK! So I die! Can I dance the what? tomorrow. Sm.. ,T I Q Tee! hee! I'lI never IQIII Page 80 Watch Ihol monkey business! 74 XX M 5 1 A. pri, V 4- 2.- - Mi l5"Z51I'is4'f' S-455 ' if 5a!,iv'53'V vga' I'm Lady Bal from Bellree. Whoo' you? 3 Gee son, do all your leachers loolu lilme this? ,,,...,-fl? CL- ALI-Vlllll . Gimme o lihle lxissp will yo hon? Is that so . . .? Page 8l Now this is how the death roy works . . . Don'l pul me on! Il was o hords days nigh! . . . mmm! .?'fai?"a'4 So you don f like Chaucer, eh? I don'f care WHAT fhe bool: says! 1' is Conceniraiion . . . tee hee! One pofaio, Iwo pofaio, three poiafo, four .... Page 82 2 ,,-,U Aw, c' monl 22 Well I always though! Germany los! fhe second World War . . . -4' 3 DIVISION I , Pfmbgrqplxy sei' f Ah . . . this is the life! Boffoms up everyone! Gee! Wasn'i my s 3 'T . 1 - . ,, V . fl? :W EL 'A W 'Y w 5517: Coffee, feo or beer anyone? fculifeuch . - - And then he said . Page 83 This is form one. We consider ourselves fo be Mr. McKay's pride and ioyl!! Mr. Walford's Waierloo? Our form rep. Good Godl? She did c good iob in spite of us. Page 84 fsfw ' WHAT CAN IT BE '7 It happned on a hot, humid night He h d ' f . a Just returned rom a long dreary day at work. After putting his work clothes away, he carefully unhooked the pantry, Slowly, he climbed the step-stool and took out a small, brown envelope from the top shelf. After he had spent a long, unsuccessful time trying to t it open he im at' ge , p iently unlocked a drawer and from it took out a large kitchen knife frightful ' , in appearance Gently he bore the knife into the brown envelope Upon the touch of the blade, he envelope tore open Proud of his achievement, he advanced towadrs a cupboard close by, brought out a shiny, transparent glass, filled it with water and put it on the table Taking his time, he tipped the brown envelope and from it dropped a pill-like matter This matter began to foam and bubble and foram and bubble like a raging volcano and then instantly died out Finally, he was able to drink his root-bear Fizzy Mix. TH Iiftflt tea QMANE r 0 and the Old 131076: 54423252364 . Y Whef ef' Q' 191011 rave e Said Ospe left Q6 1 12 Ve fo 11- roll . Out be Qdyfgey Canaljure G. 29, ber Pfbat fs so UP, b Se Ooxglqlxxx of gG11t1e VIS beJ?76'thih U ba 106 X300 A6910 Dglis Oice 000' 350 1' 0 - 6c,o4i1g'g 2,0 X09 e 11 ls and D1-jc 8 e 'agxxxolx dv W Q06 X t if 0 me 173 t e y 0 05, ooo V640 600 u Ofasve Weis, reto K as Q 0 ee an C110 ed Q29 X 6' Ox' d S 01 XX -Ye Q ev 5 'af 06: 6 vac 296613 00' o QWQXV X696 90 ff? z S IIE g t Z . . ' 'S 0 12 9 feb. mast 9 Q Q '63 aff S ' P sxiffe 'EVO 100 Wfx 'Sax 0 f 12 8 yo 'xg Q50 'L f e, KN .K Q ,cog 6.9349 X 'S fh- YOUR DECISION "Education", what a disagreeable, meaningless and hideous word. This is the attitude taken by the younger generation as it enters the stage of advanced learning. This stage is considered as a period of drudgery and displeasure. In general, can we say without hesitation that a good education is a worthless thing to possess? If education did not exist, how would people learn to read and write? They could not develop an advanced vocabulary and this would lead to a failure in one's own language. We could not correspond with one another in a fashionable and intellectual way. As a person acquires more education into his life, he enters a higher social sphere. He learns to pick out his friends and keep htem for many years to come. People of different levels will respect this person and his ideas - even if they do not agree with him. He is thought of better by the way he expresses and conducts himself throughout many different circumstances. This person will feel much happier knowing that he has a good reputation and people enjoy his company and pinions. Higher education leads to new discoveries, new inventions and new techniques. Without an education, how would Graham Bell have 'invented the telephone, James Watt discovered steam and invented the steam-engine or Henry Ford the automobile? We can even go as far as the discovery of the 'atomic bomb. Some might think these amous people one day were attacked by a brainstorm. In real fact, this brainstorm was education. People at that time ridiculed and hought these inventions and discoveries were weak-minded and selessg but what they did not take into consideration was the act that some day those silly inventions would be used thorugh- out the world. There are still many things to discover, many problems to solve and many cures to find. These can be achieved only throug interest, set goals and higher standards of learning. To conclude, I believe that education plays an important role in our lives. Success and work depends upon it. In my opinion, education in our democratic society is given to us on a silver platter, but I feel that a few os us do not take the opportunity to receive it full-heartedly. EMILY URBANSKI Form 16 91 I -- 'ww Pnnn RA Ontario Public School Men Teachers' Federation Extends Greetings to All Associate Members on the Silver Anniversary of ONTARIO TEACHERS' FEDERATION Twenty-five years ago, the Teaching Profession Act of Ontario was passed and simultaneously the Ontario Teachers' Federation was born. To those who struggled to give us the beginning of our professional organization we owe an immeasurable debt. To those who have toiled during the past twenty-five years to give this organization recognition, meaning, and worth we offer our sincere appreciation. To those who persist and to those who join the ranks we entrust the future. What is the future? In teaching it is service and dedication. One must go with the other and both to the children. You, who have chosen to share our future in teaching, are urged to strive for the best. Prove that ateacher is a teacher - and so earn the right to say proudly - 'WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE ONTARIO TEACHERS' FEDERATION". IAN FIFE PRESIDENT LET'S KEEP THIS BEHIND CLGSED DOORS! Pooe 88 WJ! Master Your most amusing experi- ence as a teacher. If you had the choice would you still become a master? VVhat is your im- mediate reaction to the word student? A. Wilson Being unable to find my shoes when the inspector walked in. Of course! HELP! H. Archibald Each day has had its share of amusing experi- ences. If I might, I would risk using a stu- dent teacher's experi- ence this year as an amusing incident Cto some degree at leastj. A certain student in a certain abbreviated mini skirt leaned over to assist a certain grade one student. A certain grade one neighbour de- livered a sound whack on that part of the anatomy not covered by the mini skirt to the sudden embarrassment of the T.T.C. student. When interrogated as to his reasons for such action, the grade one pupil in typical grade one innocence replied, "OH! DAD DOES THAT TO MOM QUITE OFTEN." Master student teacher and associate teacher enjoyed his nonchalance. Yes, I feel there is no more noble profes- seion than teaching and especially this Rage group" and Mathematics. No immediate reaction just a long-term hesita- tion as to the purpose of some students today. M. Power Taking off a suit Why not? RUN! jacket forgetting I did not have a blouse on - CAUTION - be engrossed in your work, but remain conscious. Page 89 F. Milner Being greeted at my very Yes! Someone who is first school by a very seeking knowledge, eccentric headmaster in and truth. England with the words, " TAKE A LETTER", which he dictated and I wrote like a stenographer. Apparently my handwriting has never been the same since. V. Ruddell One had a snake in each hand Definitely. Can and may Ihelp? and attempted to shake hands with the visiting superintendent. G. Penrose Losing my bow tie during Beats being a Newtontg third a healthy sneeze. Servant, law of motion. K. Bennett Attending staff meetings. Only if the pool Generation gap. in the courtyard were enlarged for swimming. G- Wa1f01'd Af the time, I didn't Yes, I like the I would like to think this incident funny - but I do now. What to do with a 9 yr. old boy who came to school in the afternoon intoxicated. age group and the sense one might make and create some impression on our future teachers. see more stu- diousness and more seeking after efficiency in teaching-dedication Poqe 90 Master If you were lockedin What is your Secret What word T.T.C., who would you Ambition? or phrase describes want with you? you best? A. Wilson It's a secret. A secret? I don't see myself very well. H. Archibald Four other men and five To continue to enjoy My students students like Pat for a my profession from there is no such basketball game. day to day, and go word. fishing more regularly and some day in the Yukon. M. Power Pierre Elliot Trudeau, See above! Irrisistable! who else? F. Milner A female with the right To be a first-class Ask my wife. measurements and the diplomat Qwith inde- She calls me, right attitude - and also pendent meansl work- among other things my dog. ing for Canada. "the absent- minded professor. V. Ruddell No one. It would give one To leave something Serious and the opportimity to get worthwhile and of sincere. some work done. myself to those who follow. G. Penrose Not George, he would To blow into the inter- Process and monkey around. com. concept faced. K. Bennett Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Sorry, it's still a Cheerful. who else? CI wonder secret! with whom Miss Bennett got to gether?J G. Walford A good dOC'lOI' with 8. T0 grow Older in dig- A regpgngible lot of equipment nity and in harmony with my fellow man. fand womenj critic - I hope! Pom: Ol Master Do you consider yourself a good teacher? What is your suppressed desirej L. A. Wilson OF COURSE! I must keep OU telling YOU- H. Archibald I leave that for my None! life, with 3 few 1T1iI1Of Students to decide, exceptions, has given me QThis may be dangerous! many reasons to be extremely I agree! happy. M. Power But OF COURSE, darling No explanation needed. See f4j and f5j. F. Milner YES! To take off- do something risky - h---fcensored. Sorry Mr. Milnerj I'm fed up with security - but it would be nice to come back to. V. Ruddell One strives to be the To be a contemplative and best teacher she can be. Study the ancient books The struggle is never of mysticism. over. Only one's students know if one is a "goody teacher. G. Penrose No Comment!! To teach! K. Bennett Must I restrict myself That's easy - To sing to a "75 to 84" fgoodj "Tosca" at the Met. rating? G. Wa1fOI'd I have been told so - but if I thought that I was not, I would get out of teaching and would advise that to others. To discover the purpose of this, at the moment. B-division "This is not the end, nor is it even the beginning of the end . . . it is, perhaps, the end ofthe beginning. " - Winston S. Churchill. A different time, a different application - Yes. However, a true evaluation of our training year at the T. T. C. For many of us, new lights have been lit, new fires kindled, and our inspiration to action guided and cultivated by an active, interested, and involved staff. But we have only begun. Our period at the college has been one of triumphs and trials, inspiration and frustration, contentment and bewilderment - Human attributes. Let us, as we carry the torch of learning to the young of our great country, remember this human aspect. Children are people. Let us treat them with all the respect and understanding they deserve as people. Let us remember that the future of Canada, and perhaps, the world, will be strongly rooted in our attitudes towards them, our treatment of them, and our willingness to work with them to walk out of the jungles of ignorance and egocentricity towards the shining palaces of truth. And finally, let us adopt the attitude illustrated for us by the late John F. Kennedy when he said, 'We shall . . . do our part to build a world of peace, where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or helpless of its success." Obi: S. Q Page911 p no 4 ,5qggggw - 4 '17 ,'A. iff". l 'J :TE "V V , f -'-'- ff fafs2ffff:f2f2f11 iiifif W 'I 3252? .-.- . ' 4? ' 3fgf2f2":Z.I::.Lsiiiifrf'fgi.:a' ' . ' ., -::.,f:1:-.--1:-asfff:5:5:5:e:s:5:s::- .:sas:2:s:1:s:s:f:5:z:5fs211 .Z:5:s:zs:5:e:s:s:5:s:1 :2:2:a:5:2- 5 ' -2:9 H555555532552522322ii51.352525252552523255525225 525253355 Q .,:.ff'q"Fff "Ejfffff'. "tiff'fFff555ffE52Effiffffiififfffiffffl555533' 1 J ,V ..... . ........ '.g.4.-44.-. -- '.gqQ:5:::-q:' Q sag, ig: -:gf-:-:-:v:-.-:f:3:3:?:2:5:I:2:Lg2g1g2g:::3:3.1:::::g.5:- -9-:f . .. - L .,.,,..,.3.,4-.5.5.:.g.5.5.g.g.5.5.:. 4.5.5. -:-:-:-:-. :':-. . 'L S-:H -I-'-r-1-:4-:-:-r':-:-S:-15-:-:Az-W-:-I-14:-'---1'- -P132 X . '-'5:5:2:-Q. 5':5: 'zili'I'I-I-Z-I-1-1-I-:-I-I-I-:-t-at-x2:1:2:3:1:15:35 "2'-"IPP-I . ,L- . ........ x I " C" . Nza-tv:-:-:-::':,:':':. :- 'lfvh : Q " 5 '53 135555 " f92'5:fiisEs2is25E??i5?'y f .aa , ,.,. , 1.::s?f21-215222 . . lg, ' -. V i fgffigg fl i 5521 51 . , 12:11 .iz - ' - I Y' ugh' .xi Y li-fi E. r r L . 'fi L a Qi' .gf-,i' ' ' .g:i.3 -.,. 3.5.1. l tavn WM A67 'psf V K A: Back Row: F ronf Row: .2 ,tis gg img vim ,L A y THE YEARBOOK SOCIETY Mr. Gaynor, Trevor Ludski, Mary .lane Beeney, Nanehe Davies, Marilyn Beaven, Elan Snow- den, Sharon Thompson, Maureen Stewart, Bill Lee, Don Postill. Irene Voyalzis, Tricia Crowiher, Anneliese Wellxer, Roberi Davidson, Dale Gardiner, Alice Godfrey, Lynne Bible, .lane Morrison lAbseni: Sandy McLeod, Connie Klissouris, Marion Drake, Marilyn Owenl. The students involved in the production of this yearbook wish to express their sincere thanks to Mr. Gaynor, Miss Fletcher, and Miss Swanson for their invaluable assistance. Page 95 .ev -.f kj cas: A, STUDENTS' COUNCIL Back Row: Raza Sadiq, Andrew Manning, Diane Crane, Bob Tone, Gary Tracy, Alan Bruce lAbsent: Gord Whitneyl. Middle Row: Steve Gillies, Rod Lindsey, Steve Ribble, Jim Fitzsimmins, Clitt Lewis, Terry Brand, Gerry Mclsaac. Front Row: Janet Evans, Alice Malcolm, John deMoor, Joe Virdiramo, Les Coombs, Sherrie Allen, .lane Donald, Karen Wood. . I Ws.....vf THE ATHLETIC SOCIETY Bacli Row: Ron Clancy, Sid Brown, Jill Lambie, Rita Goldman, Linda Brown, Lois Emerson, Mille Francone, Bill Donaldson. Middle Row: Riclx Nice, Mille Welland, Tom Pamenter, Mr. Bingham, Chris Passy, Gail Kennedy, Janice Duffort, Lyell Shaver, Dicll Floyd. Front Row: Hannele Jalava, Nelda Booth, Sue McGregor, Teresa Mann, Gary Hunt, Barb Richmond, Lynne Barker, Joan George, Sharon Thompson. Page 96 uf ,UM "'s. MUSIC CLUB Back Row: Lynda Joyce, Mary Quig, Stanley Jackson, Diane Crone, Mr. Harrison, Paul Thompson, Pamela Brook, Jane Donald, Victoria Gerrow, Barbara Karolak, Gerald Shaver, Elizabeth Honey, Margaret Crerar. Middle Row: Helena Kerr, Lia Leesmaa, Mary Clarke, Jennifer Simonsen, Anna Deacon, Marilyn Holder, Astrid Johansons, Lynn Maxwell, Marion Payne, Claire Blackburn, Susan Johns, Wendy Carroll. Front Row: Lois Emerson, .lill Nichols, Mary Wright, Maureen Boyd, Katherine Lean, Gale Dennis, Helen Evans, Dolores McLoughlin, Lorraine Steele, Susan Larock. SCIENCE CLUB Back Row: Jacqueline Hendriks, Maria Grygorcewicz, Anna Hammond, Marie Flavelle, Lee-Anne Henkel, Elizabeth Mittler, Marion Beaton, Ewald Bengel, Vlhlliam Buchanan. Middle Row: Sydney Brown, John Innes, Mr. W. Currie, Edward Glendinning, Gerald Brand, Gary Andrews, Brian Sweny, William Willoughby. Front Row: Louise Bell, Lynn Beamish, Elizabeth Bossoska, Douglas Wherry, Arthur Vernon, Kenneth McLeod, Runhild Siwak, Linda Smith. Page 97 fm!!! 1:2 THE NEWSPAPER STAFF Back Row: Mr. Sheridan, Don Mifanoll, Arvo Cad, Andrew Manning, Michael Oda. Front Row: Millie Power, Marilyn Holder, Lynda McCoy, Frances Matsumoto, Heather Morrison. AIN " 5- CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Wanda Cruiclxshanlz, Mr. R. Greene lAdvisorl, Susan Loroclm. Page 98 PROFESSIONAL UNION OF BRIDGE CLUBS Back Row: Raymond Hampton, Marie Flavelle, Marilyn Beaven, Susanne Smith, Joye Roselle, Patricia Ragen, Sydney Brown. Middle Row: Kenneth Shank Ichampj, Elizabeth Sanders, Edward Glendinning, Steven Gillies, Murray Neuman, Oskar Ruck, Peter Smith. Front Row: Susan Farrow, Susan Byrne, Christopher Passy, Roman Pakosta, Clittord Evans, Lee-Anne Henkel, Susan Miller. THE ART CLUB No. I Back Row: Marilyn Holder, Margaret Kirkou, Rod Dawson, Elizabeth Yurtis, Ken Osborne, Henry Gabriels, Jan Evans, George Coppins, Susan Hale, Paul David, Betty Dixon. Front Row: Lou Grosso, Apraiita Khanna, Leanne Voisey, Mr. Hamden, .lack Doris, Michelle Dupuis, Bev Dawes, Jim East. Page 99 WM Q RE H Ngwuxsw,-f""' K W f A 1 1 X ,ff XM "W X D 1 A 4 'v THE ART CLUB No.2 Back Row: Dave Morrison, Joe Haughey, Warren Mofl, Bob McMeeldn, Mr. McKee. Front Row: Elaine McLellan, Pauline Hogarlh, Elain Macintosh, Brenda Taylor, Kris Myszlxowslci. 4 Y, Y THE ART CLUB No. 3 Back Row: Alex Slewarl, Sieve Gillies, Hilppa Raveala, Paula Berwiclm. Fronl Row: Lynn Ross, Joanne Fine, Miss Joicey Horne, Sharon Hayball. Page IOO 'Y-Sn ' ma 7.955 .9619 The Apollo 7 men: Cunningham, Eisele and Schirra THE MOON . . . WHERE TONEXT? Some people complain that we spend too much money trying to reach the moon. "VVhy not put our efforts into saving the East from starvation?" "Why not settle Earth's problems before tack- ling a new frontier?" Well, scientists won't listen. They say there will soon be a man on the moon - regardless of our protests. The question is, "Where will Science lead us next?" Will we be ready to follow? THE OLYMPICS Hurrah for our equestrian team from Aurora who won the only gold medal for Canada in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico. Despite expectations, the Canadian swimming team didn't measure up. It's funny how we immediately takepossession Cby using the pronoun "our"j ofthose Canadians who are winners. Likewise, we all but disown those who are not winners. There we congratulate our winners from Aur- ora and console Elaine Tanner who had the difficult task of facing a nation as second-best, when that nation expected her to be first. Pace lOl WHILE WE WERE HERE . . 1968 also saw the advent of a new Canadian Prime Minister - Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and a new word - "Charisma," entered Parliament Hill reports. This dazzling young bachelor stun- ned the Commonwealth P.M.'s conference in London through an apparent application of "a new girl a day keeps the danger away." Poge "Living and Learning" arrived on the scene of education with a list of 258 recommendations for change. These were based on the deduced aim of education, "The truth shall make you free." Perhaps the most striking change is the positive confirmation of child rather than subject -centred education. Many of the proposals are l d a rea y underway. 19 Ly, ffl! Q I Pr fi' -All ,I ff P 'xxx' X 4 ' lx , ' 2 'f ig I ldfff H '7 l At first it was Johnson, then Humphry and Nixon. Johnson tried when he was in. Nixon seems to be carrying out general duties but has offered no hint of a solution onthe Viet Nam "crisis" . . . VVhat will Mr. Nixon do? VVhen is he going to do if? VVhat will be the outcome? - and finally - Which role, if any, will Canada play in aid of the situation? Kermit Barry Gostlin F 28 Teachers' College Is . . . Crm Of all the statements we have heard or are to hear during our year in this institution, this one must certainly remain undisputed: Teachers' College Is! Exactly what it is or even will sometime be, to all the various individuals who have attended is, however, left to argument. Teachers' College is a time, a place, a conglomeration of people. A time, they say, of enrichment and learning. A place for experimentation and occasional accomplishment. A people variously talented, friendly, concerned. And dedicated! Here represented are the pasts, the presents, and the budding futures of many who come and see. Some conquer, climb mountains making their mighty reaches. Teachers' College is the birth of a nation with all the hopes, a few fears, many many ideals, but also all the uncensored hatreds and prejudices that make us human. But most of all Teachers' College is the collective raw nerve of our vaunted pride shouting out at the world, 'We can do it!" We all will try. Many of us will be good enough. But can we give our very best? By the time our year is spent we will lose part, possibly all, of our old selves. These buildings will become the haunted halls of our hoary hang-ups. We will have been transformed, by some fateful, but mind you predetermined scheme, into teachers. We complain that it hurts, this transformation! Growing pains!! It does not come simply. So much is asked, demanded, expected. We will be jumping off into that deep end of life where all is yet unknown, a mystery, a wonder. We will shine light into the darknesses of minds, imprinting upon them visions of life as we have found it. Or have hoped it to be. We will ignite fires of knowledge and aspiration in tiny minds that someday will come to realize they are people, living, needing, loving, learning. People! We will help and guide them, much as the little you and me were once guided by those many or few years ago. As guides, we must needfully be aware of wherewe areleading them. But also our role will require of us to know where they are taking us. The dark, unlighted paths of our own ability and growth will and must constantly be sought out and explored. Teachers' College ? Supplied with texts which many of us did not acquire and fewer of us can read, can we conclude that our basic resource in our future profession must be our own innate sensitivity and wit? Is Teacher's College merely a place to which we come to learn the 'how to's" of being teachers and of teaching? For some, life has already taught the lessons to be learned here. Indeed, can this or any institution dissect and analyze the basic structure of this species called, Teacher, and report on its special skills or neces- sary knowledge? Teachers'College cannot supply us with the answer. For each of us it would be different. Teachers' College can only focus our attention on the question. Page I03 Cl . V The Student Teacher in Metamorphosis 2 tl 4 f . .135 Q. . D.M.G1assier N I' .wil Form 2B ,f , It all started on a sunny day in September. Slowly we crawled into our place of metamorphosis - our cocoon. Our minds were replete with food from the lush trees in the Forest of Educationg the time for us to begin our transformation had come. Our period of metamorphosis was to last for eight months. Inside our concrete we would be comfortable as we quietly assimilated our diurnal repast - a meal W that would give shape to our change. 4 "" Our change would occur in small stages. With each new week, increased percep- tion of pedagogical modes and manners twisted our malleable minds into a desired and definite form. Within our warm environment, the enlightened adult would guide and gauge our transformation - from fat, educated but redundant individuals to fatter, trained and competent adult pedagogues. Often we would be given the opportunity to visit at other more practical cocoons where we tested our changing shapes. This process, although often painful, would reinforce and recognize the normal and the deformed facets of our developing substance respectively. Toward the end of our period of metamorphosis, our transformation would be further tested. If we had adequately ingested the food that was available within the cocoons, and had demonstrated that we could apply our new shape in practical situations in an efficient and pliable way, our change would be nearly complete - ADULTHOOD WOULD SOON BE OURS! Finally we would fly out of the cocoon. A few would be full adultsg the rest of us would attain total maturation as we take our places as enlightened adults in cocoons throughout the Forest. Here we would nurture and guide younger individuals to find their shape in another process of metamorphosis. SW! R PO RE Q N15 ALL Poge lOA cocoon we would be fed a constant diet of predigested pedagogical nutrimentg TEACHER'S COLLEGE IS . . The F- A place to work, a place to play, Yen? Ol Q., lS',,-K' A x Often we work all the day. I Qian? Lesson plan, theme, plot, ' Nigga Z - 2, X Math test? oh-Oh: Iforgot. 49 gag? X Purpose, aim, objective, ' Don't seem to make a day restive. ' M essofl ee, o serve, recor , , f I M s b d yi. X C on 6574! f W X .-ms X f Remember to use that blackboard. V N f YW N Concrete, abstract, open-end, X A Z' To which do my questions tend? X fy X ani j X xixgxg Certainly a place to work, TSS! N ft CSS -YQ' But to play, I must shirk. X so V M S. shar N'ch 1 F 45 f ' r on 1 o son orm X IOC. 1 oiivofion. cu 'o 'I o 3' .SL M 88 . 6' be Y? 'lo 2 , fQ3a1',,s .f7g.1-'f-', 4. V 5 ' x -Q: . ', 'f fav. 1 Lg Mwm i- ,, X 2,338.39 Hy, ,x .. W YQ bf M, I ' 3 Q gfCv,17'.f5gf ' .gel ,k. , X ,A :hyd ., - 1 X L W' ,f 'Q iii ' Up, clown, all around COLLEGE CAPERS S ,Q X X Busy worlx Are Heros Go! Go! Go! Smile! Super 5 PogelO6 Ge! io world Whose legs you gof? od 'fn e9o" P-na owes' W lfs all Greek to me cute ,,, 0 L 3 9- m 1 W, ff N res 5 013, 0,0 0 .8 A That' s my boy H Q Xi. W N. l Te Q Unyone? L. A A IYs not my style They' re going to teach us'7' L 1 x . ' X es' .1 .1 s 53 if Yesssss M - '- Up on' over Page IO7 .-19' ' i ..- 1" ARE YOU READY? o be or not to be Each one of us striving so dutifully Are we ready to face the challenge of Creating a learning situation that provides active participation as Hall-Dennis said the human mind learns best through EX stimulating experience and use of imagination. erting extra effort to prepare our lessons and make it thorough Remembering that we are preparing the children of tomorrow So they can live in a world vastly different from that of this generation. oping with discipline problems Without punishing the child Organizing a schoolroom routine or a teaching area Letting parents know when their children have been wild Leading youngsters to plan an activity or share an idea. Education is a process rather than a thing, please recall Glory be to those who are able, to those who are not R. V. Genio 1224 Form 28 let not your heavens fall Every one for himself and God for us all. F of ml 'Q 5 1 -x .i. ,- .Fl S ,fl ',,i'f"l .. ' 0 , n-""" Page IOS fi R ' x 1 . . ASK A CHILD Ask a child, He'll tell you VVhat makes frosty evenings glow, W'hy Christmas Decorations Seem to dance upon the snow, VVhy icicles Droop sadly, As they grow and grow and grow, Q VVhy children f- '-as Build their snowmen, And why they love them so. Ask a child When winter comes, S' And heill say, "None too soon! I've waited for the first snowfall, Since Autumn's afternoonlv Ask him then When he'll see spring He'll laugh and you will hear - I .1 - "But Spring is still ' An age away , ' ff' . , And winter, oh, so near!" , J 1 lr 45 gf , ' 65 fe' if f 3 Alice Godfrey X " " , If 5 , h 'I ZPA' as n '45 A A Q t o Page IOQ H-Ssourii Fluorescent Acrylic on Canvas fxfgg,-: Observed with incredulity, I -k 'T 'N Its naked shapes and colours ,EA 'px Damn the eye ,152 XX , To reach the soul: Bold they stand, , " - aff' " '- And shout their message clear, .3 Q , "We know no fear, ri." y f s ' I In casting off reality of form, .,-f---Q -1, -:A f And seeking variations from the norm, It ti l L Mock if you wish, but we shall set X gl ghfeltnlenxgf glggiions for V ll Q You will concede, A My xg? Q- .X A 3215 For Time fifty, ij. ' wan not be Suu ' Q7 fr f y , XXX I lg To pay you heed!" l Q Yet, in another corner, rests the dawn, 'Qxtlilx X I - As generations greet a passer-byg ,. "2 be A'-"GT l The "West Wind" Thomson nurtured whispers on, Z ' X- ..S.--- N-9 f A And breathes the heart of each admiring sigh. " if' fl-i Alice Godfrey Form 28 5. fx ,g'52 6516355 7 .1 1 ,-,Zz 4 , u ff C fl I W ' l f 1 y t 1 R I Night in the City Street lights hazed in midnight mists Are all I see, As lights with destinations Capture me: No hearts behind them beat, Nor eyes show passion, Yet, through the dark - Glimmered hope, Of God's controlling fashion. Alice Godfrey Form 28 Page IIO -1 THE UNWELCOME VISITOR You, old woman, time-worn symbol of another age, do you hear me as you rock silently on your front porch? Do your ears resound with the pitiful wailing of your cat as you sit unseeing, patiently waiting for the unknown? Poor woman. Your heart, ravaged and torn with years of woundings, is still hammering out a defiant beat, contrary to the laws of nature and of man. Oh, old woman! Your care-lined face seems like a coursely drawn map of some sunless worldg a map drawn by unskilled hands, uncaring of the inner beauty of the land they are charting. The face, a mottled terrain of crevices and valleys, speaks in mute revolt against the hardships and strife you have weathered. Surely peace is your due now! VVhat are you clutching in your shrivelled hands, old woman? The last gesture of defiance, the final wanton glance backward at the forgotten daring of youth lies in calm repose on your skirts, its muzzle, blackened with disuse and unaccustomed to the touch. VVhat is the weight that lies heavy on your soul? Do you think that your unwelcome visitor will fear your aspect of grim determination? You must not mock his intelligence. He has been patient, relentlessly pursuing you, old woman, you cannot escape his summons. . "I Il' Are you unaware of the numbness that is beginning Q ' " x . .K to steal into your limbs? Do you rest, unfelling of W-A X the dreadful coldness that will,soon engulf you in I' if icy fetters of an eternal prison? 5 if C S-S-Shh. The cat is no longer meowing. All ...ttxkg is still. You need fear no more nameless - 1 tomorrows. 1 Your gllest has arrived. y Cyrel Ramm, Form 44 t jx I x X Xp f X T T I , ' f . l , A if, E 'I fffx-ix N 1 fn i 5 ' 1 5' 7' 'fe an if ,f,,,y,,l,y..v Hwy X . N A , AAN- I 5 I If a ,W f 1 'ff f 4 " 0 , 3 N In J 39 Pogelll 4 a . THIRTY PL US How did you happen to make the decision To go back to school, at your age? - This question is as common to us Thirty Plusses As words on a typewritten page. The reasons, of course, are as many and varied As people - "Welre really quite human" - We're normal in talents, in wants and desires, And no special gift of acumen. So we wondered of course if it wasn't too late To advance to these great halls of learning: Could we concentrate? Cope? Could we even relate To the youth who as well were returning? Some pondered, reflected, some studied, some sweat, But decisions eventually came, By golly, we'd do it, weld give it a try We'd go back and take part in the game. So now we are students - and what do we find? Much hard work and some learning to mend, But we're happy, we're coping, and now we're convinced, That plus 30 is sure not the end. " Muriel Catik, Form 41 f l s Xt 6 7 f Q i f f! ,4 1 gd .XL ll, 1 x ny X CO X W' if l 5 kr N OO 'f NA 5 C9 T if ' Q. Na MSBMSL-4 1 PogelI2 I saw my love come a-walking I saw my love come a-walking, Across the purpled plaing And neither her nor I could know, VVhen our love would wain. The grass was free as free could be, And young were we in lifeg Departed the sweet bird of pain, Without the need of strife. Black flashed her hair against the wind, Against the velvet skyg It pierced my soul with stabs ofjoy, That made my heart to sigh. Too quickly comes the winter of our years, The snow that covers joyg But spring exists in expensive memory Of one girl's love for a boy. Wm. Charles Farmer g l 6 . ff H, if fl . T 2 l . y I f , X ' xik In 1 If :ll NV I E ,nt Q! w if 1 If ' if! 5 , xi-9 A p . f 7 i' 4 , :I V ,izllx I h X ! lil, I , 1 I M11 M 'I' rl T T ,l m T T W1 f- li X' K lfmfd lt- 4 l I 1 if WHT' lf N 1 .4" L tiff s.A4 K- LI ' ' W I I ' 4 V V I 'Inga 1 ff' Y T ' Hi Qi l ., Q11 A' , T f f - -41. 1 1 mill. T b W4 ,hggv lg .9 4 0 yg1w' T ' rf l ff ' ' " il t' li 9 4 Poge II3 AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to express my appreciation, on behalf of B Division, to the following core of production workers without whom this yearbook could not have met its deadlines. No matter what is undertaken by a large corporate body, their is always a great deal of dependence on the faithful few who see it through. Our thanks to:- Sandy McLeod Tricia Crowther Marion Drake Connie Klissouris Alice Godfrey Marilyn Qwen ROSE COFVO Elaine Ferguson Lynne Bible Maureen Stewart The Editor. Page IIA EJJQWWM MWZWQ graduates gan:-. ff, ' . Pm LYNN MAXWELL QW' ZZ, dx v-W' I MARILVN OWEN ,, f K! ffl D. I I2 I ,fi ' LYELL SHAVER 8 H ,I I x i. f v ,, f:fl:.:yA , 4 Y f ,I , I is sz V ' -S S . ,I 40: 5 ,.: SUSAN JOHNS - HEATHER WRIGHT NN 0 Dio SUSAN LAROCK DIANNE EVANS Ffa' 1 sf, I il , DIANE CRONE 4 .ri ' Lx JANICE HALL v 'aw I X 85040 Aa,-" 45 I wwe it -J. I I 'C fr I so K ' r I ' ?fEf,f3l' ' 6' LJIAQEI 'xz f? ,. ,ajft 'P 9. EF, 7, I X ,I -Q MARILYN HOLDER 2 'Q -'CX , 'gs PAT O'DELL 1 1 MARION PAYNE VICKY GERROW I BARB KAROLAK ANNA DEACON Page I I8 ASTRID JOHANSON FORM 25 GEORGINA COCHRANE TERRY BELCHAMBER up, I ff! . K , su- . Y-.fe-fy , 1 P A gl ' ,- . ,y Z, r V8 MARGUERITE FOLKES S 1 NICHOLS Ah 'sg KATHY LEAN HELEN KERR PAM LEESMAA BROOK ANN REYN WENDY BLACKBURN STAN JACKSON www? Bag! Q gag? X' , idglgfx Aw 1 45? ' T K I ef , J gi L if W' f K A It DIANE CRERAR WENDY CARROLL Pogell9 V KERRY HO RNSBY vii I ' X , I -4-:' "" YY . :' X ' ,L J' I TW' WOODROW LYNDA JOYCE SHIRLEY BAM FORD BRENDA QUIG JENNY SIMONSEN I PAUL THOMPSON ' tj S. 'UK f , -A WL N -V 'M Vf ' w -ww .Q . : n1 A,-4 Q v: vb 1 Z gb JANET SUSAN BEER BARBARA JUDITH BAKER GWYN ETH EILEEN BARNES RICHARD ERN EST ADAMS PUR V' WAYNE WILLIAM BLACK LYNNE MARY BARKER VIKRAMJIT KAUR BAKSHI fMRS.J MARY JEAN ANDERSON SHERRIE NADINE ALLEN PETER JOHN BUSSELL BARBARA JOANNE ARNOTT IMRSJ W ARTHUR ROBERT ALFORD DIANN CAROL ANDREWS I . v Page l2O RICHARD JOHN BOLL STANISLAW BU CZKOWS KI LOIS EILEEN AHLGREN CHARLENE JANE BRAMBLE BARBARA ELLEN BENNION MARY ELIZABETH BLACKETI' KATHERIN BURKHOLDER 5 VINCENZINA ACCETTONE JULIA HILLOCK ADDISON - RITA ANNE BROWN EN DAVID WAYNE CARROLL I DONALD MARTIN CANE 4 HELEN MAE ANDREWS 'I x I L T ' f','f.15f Ji Q ' '3'Cws'1'- I I "1 V 2 I I 14 yy fi I fwm, Q is 1 . 'Q L I 3 JULIA FRANCES BUNGARO fl WAYNE EDWARD BURN ETT RONALD CALVIN CALCE HARVEY ASHTON BURT JEAN ANN CATI' BEVERLEY LYNN BIBLE SUZANNE MARION BALL N. JUDITH MARIANNE JOSEPHINE CLEMENT DONNA ELLEN BROWN NOLA LOUISE BOGIE LINDA JANE CARTER WILLIAM JOHN BARTLETI' Q 1 ORRAINE FRANCIS CAMERON ANTONIA JOHANNA ALSEMGEEST Page I2I ,fu DALEY KATSUAKI BABA SUZANN E ALMA CLAN CY f LINDA DIANNE BAIN MAUREEN HELEN BURKE slr' -.1-WP" GERALD BABA . ' ,,, A KKK, ,,,, ,. . SVT 2 A 4 . , Li, x1l'l"' " 4. . rw if? fr , , LINDA COOPER ifil' 5' 7 in I I x. I W J g 8.32 21 I f if - fi 'gyiikfzie 'fi L WANDA DANIELS VICTOR DAVID EDWARD DANIELS BEVERLY DAWES w"".uf ,fr - I ROBERT COLLINS JOHN DE MOOR ICounciI Pres.I FORM 27 kgs we V , Us e GEORGE COPPINS VALEREY CUTHBERT IMRSJ 3153 W,Q ',, wht" , 5,1 A J, . 1 x . gal V af " V , ' -I . :If f , X V Zlfiiff' Q., W' cfs ,M , :aa if, W 1 f'M,,, ,, , f, M ,,1. JOHN CRAWFORD ww' wgwwSg if - , Q Vw if L I ,t am 1 f S X sm ' ea A -:Ginza M W .44 f AX 9 www e 299 .im w 4zM"" W I M ,,,...-my: 21 , ,f 0 si. Sporfswoman ai Ease. V mf Parliameni in the Cafeteria. Chrisimas Spirit "He cl "You 500. Mr. Gibb, I0 Io base 5 arid 6 Io base 3 gives us . . . " MVQN .1 yn., oesn'I know eiIherl" YYY Roonsv DAWSON WNNE DANE'-5 Page I22 WEN DY DAVIDSON na if KATHY CONLON IMRSI ANNA CRIFO JOSEPH DANIELS JAMES DEVINE IRENE DE MINCKWITZ IMR BETTY ANNE DAVIDSON S CAROL DIVLJAKOVIC IMRSI FRANK DU BOULAY JUDY DONOHUE MICHELLE DUPUIS fl 11 n V'n Z0 IND PATRICIA DOYLE GALE DENNIS w CAROLYN ELLIOTT SUSAN DUBRAY JAMES EAST JOHN DORIS X9 -as 'fm POWER , .,, A fn .- , 4 'T THQS I' 3-om sd I ,,. ..,, Ax'-, 2 I 'X adsl ,- m I. awk! I LYNDA ELLIOTT CHARLES FARMER C-'nobr RUTA DREIFELDS JENNIFER EDEN Asn LOIS EMERSON KATHLEEN FARRELL IAIhIeIic Rep.J 4 - " -.I , 3,5 D123 L9l:EIfaa .LI SU. 'ILE 45 17 qIJ,f3-L I 'HI WIA: U ' -ff'Ig:+",x,, In I .- '1 'fy .1 .1..',I ,I-I, . ,I 7 1,.,,,-0' - 14" ..! L Lyv I 1 1' 'JJO 31 Ek .1 ,, f ..: T gi ,I ,, . Rf ' ,- . m. 1 wa.- I I 1 a fZ"QQi' T, , .- fha, T YM, .Emi .. qwg WWW IW, . T , T , 1. f Vs qw.. K. ,. . .L t1Q,. " "WTI" LJ . J , , r 0 . Af,.'1j.f I- X' Lf". 5 s ' I5 Y.,-ns, F w . ' J TAIL ,. ..... L . . 7 J.. 1 . WT- r .fx I ipqy ,If -, Q -',+ VV, Ulf .1 ,. J AX ' I!" ..'.f"'l" Lx 'P'f'1h1I5- I ' Il STEPHEN FARRELL -e-.5 I I - E ,, I , , WAIVE 'J 'YI-. -,f ,. 1' bi W ' I ,-.1-- , H. ' 4, CUP' Jig, 1411 zf3EA3.,lI1f "I t3 JFJTI Q T l' 1 V I' rx Try nm? I " ' c' 5 f5fQ ,., , . . .-. 3 . , WWI ffunm '74 'jvf' ff'1rr..s "'I,jr" f.f...I f . ,- ,C f-II, C ,JI . 0 FI' fHQ IGPTVWKWQ. ff 'Q ff? Q0 r :ffa?'."w 'wt 1 pyf , 30 V171 fx: QQ MICHAEL ELLICOTT I' A - XMI BETTY DIXON JUDITH FAIRBAIRN IMRSI JANET EVANS IMRSI ISIudenI Council Rep., SANDRA DODDS ROBERT DAVIDSON IY8GI'bO0k ReP Page I23 CHRIS FOCKLER PAULINE FOLEY BOB FQSTER JOHN FOULKES DIANNE FRAME JAN ET FRASER MARGARET GEARE Juov eAvus GILBERT FORM 28 MIKE FRAN CONE DOROTHY GEMAKAS LINDA GALLANT LYNNE FREEMAN HENRY GABRIEIS ROSALINDA GENIO JOAN GEORGE MARGOT GIESSEN PAT GILLARD DAN GLASSIER FRANK GLENFIELD ALICE GODFREY 'TF-:.'r'..'r fr , JULIE GODSOE SHARON GQDWIN Page I 24 f If sf, .-1,9 4 yi f :'iQxz.Af 5. 1. ANNE MARIE GOETZ MARGARET GONDER LQREUA GONSALVES KERMIT BARRY GOSTLIN LEE GOULD -A Q E 1 A A MURRAY GREENwoon DONNA GREER Bos GRESKO JUDY GREENHELD DOUG GROOM K NW., LOU GROSSO RUDITE GULBIS GEORGE euumo asus Guv w. susAN HALE BOB HANNA JENNIFER HARDESS DAVE HARNETT JIM HENDERSON GAIL HEIGHINGTON ROSEMARIE HERGOTT Page 125 4, Y M -A MARY HEYWOOD RICHARD HILL "--wa KALLE JANUSSON , M' X Q' , ,, I 5 .,..,,,, . VU, , ww, . V' - A ae 1 ' v 1 .vans , K, 4. Sf! RICHARD LUCKHART I zfffizfm g f ' vi'-3 C 9 1 A, '33 I 1 " wal, lk, M V i HARVEY HOUGHTON vi Q 2' . ,yi O, ,, , V f vys LINDSAY MARY ANNE HOBBS SHELACH HUDSON fa! ANDREA HUGHDIE 'Aw ERN Z9 " -2 X9 LINDA HOOD . I QM4 I J MARGARET KIRTOU X Qi: X 0:9 I Q 4 ' f ly 1 cvs Ir xg I H .I I 4 I A: "' Q9 V FYI? 1' , X A 'Wk TERENCE KELLY 'U JEFF JARVIS TOM LAMB JIM JANG SUSAN JOHNS APRAJITA KHAN NA 'wifi GAIL JAMIESON MARY ANNE KILISTOFF If ' . 135 . xv., Tfgp is . M . JOSEPHINE LAvsccHnA ml LAMWE Page I26 LARRY HOLDEN GERRY LAPEER WEN DA LOMAS LINDA LASWICK JUDY-ANNE LEGASSICKE "S...j- " NORMA JAMIESON MARY LAING DONNA LEITHWOOD SUSAN KIRK -e-wwvfe F. " 1 V , f . K- 02:2 3 1 g , . ' s g VA 44. ' uf' sa 'i w,,,..,' N . es.:-xv. , uv. Auce Lorozkv SUSAN LAIKO PATTY KEFFER Bm LEE A LETTER TO HIS TEACHER You have him now . . . My son. He looks a little neater than he usually will. His hair will often not be combed, nor his shoes shined so brightly. But today is different. Today is the first day of school. A special day. My son has waited all summer to meet you, as I must confess, have l. For yours is a great profession, charged with great responsibility . . . the mind ofa child. And we want to thank you now, his father and l, for caring enough to try. Although he does not recognize the fact yet, my son knows that you will draw from your past experiences and your education for the sole purpose of teaching him. He has a busy eleven-year-old boy's innate ability for sensing this and for this reason he has great trust in you. When he returns home this afternoon he will speak of no one but you. He will goto great lengths to keep this from you but he admires you greatly. He will complain that you give him too much work, yet he will study hard for he hopes continuously for your approval. Smile gently but once and he will become your slave. We, his family, will find our place in the background. lt is to you now that he will take his questions. Every opinion that his father and lwill venture will be terminated with the indisputable, 'But my teacher said!" For you, I ask that you do not become discouraged. Do not let the thoughtlessness of some parents nor the trivialities ofthe day ever deter you from your goal. For my son, l ask that you, by your example, keep alive his desire for knowledge. lnstill in him a dream for the future and asense of reality to capture his dream. Teach him too to reason logically and to have an uncompromising conscience to guide him. Inspire him to question. Encourage in him individualism. Tell him each day of his country that he may know pride. Remind him ofa never-ending responsibility to his fellowman. But above all, teach him Shakespeare's words, 'To thine own-self be true." For this then, must be the foundation of his life. And if you can teach but one small part of this, yours shall indeed be a job well done. Page l27 ,7 I Q45 -,.,i' PAM MACDONALD n DON MAHER wav- JACKIE ONO LYNDA MCCOY .wg ANDREW MANNING 3 was ,df KEN OSBORNE 9,E50 . . Q Www TERESA PORCO MIKE POULTON N.-P W 'mfx BARBARA MCDONALD E-pr MARIO MANSERRA .vw -fx- LINDSAY OVERTON 5 MILLIE POWER DON 'WTANOFF CHARLOTTE PRESTON ARVQ OAD MARGARET MCGINNIS MARGUERITE MCLEAN ELAINE MCLELLAN FRAN MATSUMOTO ROSE PALUMBO DIANNE MCPHERSON KEITH MOORE Page I 28 iifii Egg 'gy' ' I I ESI 6. . . 1 ii ' -VY ...V ' '42 W , yn", . - ' 5 SHIRLEY METROPOLIT IDA MILADINOV HEATHER MORRISON MYLES MACKINTOSH AUDREY PRINCE JACK POLLOCK JUDY MILROY IRA NOEL JANE MORRISON ff' SANDY McMULLEN ROY NAISMITH .ww-X 445 Qw- ,,,, , 9,2 Q' ifss A 'Q A x . I N mx ' x .Avg "ff jf - 1 X' Q .aeqgw-35 xy. ax . K: WENDY PARSONS NOBUKO OIKAWA ,f M , I 43? My ' 'vm Q, 4 ff K DEBRA SCHONAU ER LINDA REID CARLO SALA "inf ff.-N ,N J 'fl '93 I RFI I. 1 . ' Juov SHEPPARD BARB RICHMOND " .. V! 'I 71. 0 glsvqfsf 1 I N15 5 Siafclrff-'F s LINDA SHAW FRANK SHILLOLO EQ "'-n 1 t I ISABEL SHELDON BLOSSOM RICKETTS 549' x. -..r -:xg Ik., DIANE SHUTKA IDecoroIing Com.I PAT RUPKE MURRAY SEYMOUR Page I30 WAYNE REGAN THOMAS SMITH ELSA SIMPSON LORRAINE SMALLEY RAZA SADIQ ' :TW " G v 'avg fl WENDY SLIGHTHAM IMRSI -JT 5 I M13 1, . if- -. , 2.51 15 ix JEAN RAISTON I NADIA QUATTRIN JO HANNA ROVERS PENNY RENKEN 'MRS' DON REEVES SHEILA STOCKTON CA RMELLO TAMBURRO MURRAY SPENCE NANCY TAYLOR RUTH REESOR IMRSJ HAN SOEDERHUYSEN fSOudenf Councilj JENNY SNELL THERESA Puncsu ,J GERTIE SPEK 1. L 4 1. p ','-s M f . V , J'-.JJ M f""Y' Y D 'LY S M, 0 . Y U DIAN E STUART VERNITA SMITH xr' X...-sr MARG STIRLING COLETTE TALLON JENNIE STOUT MARGHERITA souvuro MARILYN TAYLOR ELIZABETH STAV RO MAUREEN STEWART Wearbook Treas.b Page l3l NANCY STOVER JANICE SULLIVAN A .MQ - ' I' rw ' Lf' 11, . Exif? .N ' T 5, ' 0 s O . MARY STUART WALTER TALLIS Hiro' T e 4 n 'K A L W ,,.. ' LW .as Jn 4 ,n-fs, Q X' ' 1, X 1 his W L1 fi. , ' Q Y 'Lx 'mf H5 GA ssl mf A I ri. A JQ ' LH 1 2 , X ,., 5 - Q BRIGITTE TIETZ CRAIG TUCKER KRYSTYNA UR3AN5Kl GAIL VESSEY LEANNE VOISEY wwf' ' ,, ,:, J, , if 1 4- ffm I. I, .sp U 'Z ' X is A I if N If , Q' 3 ,f -gy-A, 4... an fr , 1' T' " 9 ff at I - , M. ' 1- ' " W Q if V 1 ,.".wf.f..-355. EVELYN WERHUN -19 ELLEN WOODS I MARGARET VURTIS dvi 'U M., I JANET VESTERBACK LYNDA WAKEFIELD RAYMOND WALLACE FAITH WEDEMIRE x! I-X 1 1' DAWN WILSON JEAN WILSON JOHANNA WINTERINK is ax jg x If' ELIZABETH YURTIS KAREN WOOD KIT VU CATHY VAN ALLEN I. x 3 if I . A - MII gig - JOSEPH WITALIS SUSAN WILSON IRENE WILSON Page I32 BIRUTA UPITE I 1 xg gms. A ELIZABETH WALLACE IMRSI JENNIFER WILSON NICHOLAS TOMIUK BRIAN WRIGHT CHRISTINE WAGNER ANTONIO VITTI PAULINE TSAPRALIS . E Q . Tf yn, I f 'QB I . 'MJ W fag I 1.752 X 1 V I 'X Q 1 1 kk GERALDINE WALSH EDWARD WESTENDORP MICEAL WELLAND JUDITH WHITE jgywi , f, ,. . Kj:,::.., I:-ga V 17' bw , H, 1 Q, X' 3 Q I , an X I Q ff , A M , k, I GLENDA TURCOTI' ANNELIESE WELKER JOHN WOLFRAIM MARILYN VICKERS MORA wALLs JANE WALKER JUWTH WADE Af' KD i ,ff 4 X L BEVERLEY vANDERscHooR uvmsy AUSON VAL'-'ANT iMrS-J HILDA WINSOR Page 133 FORM 5 3 H lige ,v 5 M R A U D 15 fi .,.... Jos AMENTA 'V 4' '51 U E I5 iq L I-A E P, M 5 JEUIDY l2K:ueMf4ru ff'Lf1.LzE1i1u ,ggofqo G on o fmowfu FU. fifamcfz JFWET Hrwce l3fQEfuor-1 rife y 05,5 5 fluf-'6'H1z5 Bumrfofeo Mimi Gumczi .F fi J' qfwn ,Y Q 1 4' BOB BUCKLEY JERRY BONES DIANE BERKOFF PAT BRANDT COLLEEN BROAD Of LINDA BIGNELL JEANNETTE BILLINGS NELDA BOOTH JUDY BRIDGMAN f'DR?W JKEPS DONNA BOYD A CAROL BRISTOW JEHKBQDK rUiP fl , 1:,.a0IlV v W in Y .1 5... ? " --MA' . , ' i , .. .. .wxa '4 1 M .. K , Qi ' M H. 949' 1-L... ,, BISSADA FADWA KAREN WEINSTEIN SHARON BROCK FORM 33 PG 'W 'V W ,f Q 5 5 MAUREEN BRUNTZ N- HL BKQCE E050 5K0uHU '- AMlDH 5UOTH E- fwfw If-mf: ljlglffviy , , , "f,wfxvfw-- Q I .. .f,,.,-mfwM'f I ,.-f' -5. Al BRUCE CAROL-ANN AUSTIN GINNY BURNSIDE BRENDA BRYDGES GAIL ARMSTRON Page 135 wAfgfy Ab t 5 A ' ,ga ez' ISV.. Af. fu G MARY-JANE BEENEY 5 CAROLE ADAMS "1"""7 ,.f MIKE BURKE Q 1 1 - 1 Q -- LINDA BUNKER lk I f 4 Q -.43 Q19 I , I: 2 V PAM BIRKETT BOB BIERS . , .,, V. f.X,tii.... SHARON BARBEAU I -.J" .ffm I fe,-gin. Lgjgf A - , fs., ,gf -.V ' L I W., I , 'xl .- 44512 Xi i' It ig. 1 BEV BURRILI. Blond Bombshell SUE CECILE Susy's Chapleau Cutie Q5 CHRIS CHRISTO Intrinsic Verbosities DAVE COLLINS Collins Mixf? f- 'I Tf'l'???, A Q . gf, V, I 2.. A l MARG BURROWS CIELIA BUSCI-I MARY CAMPBELL English Import B'-'Sh BUbY I "I-lideous" f, x, ig ,Q f iv I vs, ,, N 'B - , 2 f 1 f L 41 3 . X M ibi- P 2 F1 Y t I any I 13 9 fi., x , "R-MI47 3 K. . A Q, V' I 2:51 1' 'f "LJ 'X ,, 4 LV ' :ff '-'i 5 '. "" -,Q ' ' MONICA CHANDLER ANN CHAPLIN ANNA CHARTRAND Thunderbird Terror Alias Charley without B'-'5Y Bee in 0 Bfmnel the mustache JEAN CLARK MARY CATHERINE CLARK RQB CLARK Gormelgyg The Sounds Skater Bee, Love, Giggling Girl ,ii J. 'Q iiliw K I 'nf - I, I 1 -i - Q 'giwm vf ati LES COOMBS MARILYN CORBEIL ROSgl:3lEIui3NuN Responsible Repll Indie 500 Candidate Page 136 PAULINE CASSIDY Bubbling Fountain ol Youth JOYCE CHASE Barbados Babe WENDY COCHRAN Rapid tire witll PAM CORBIN Sexy Scarves Surround S 'X-ww MIKE CULLIGAN Nebfvj F"""e Jekyll s. Cornwall Pnesl? fparlies, schooll LIN DA CORNWALL A ' all i We Q 5 -- an will A k i I 'cg ' '51 M A TRICIA CROWTHER MARNEY couslNs l l I H Indescribably delicious?? TNCW 5 Te""'l'fl Q? 'fn iq - P DAV E C0 RNWELL "Kernel Cornwell" , V, ROSE CORVO Curvacious Curie Kills Competitors JOHN COUNTER Upswepl hair 'f l Nvzf , JW- , ,f GERD DAMM NANCY DAVIS PAM DAVIS A real Walersiopper DYf1GmlC D0Mll19 Davie Pam may . . . :1,1.- 1. ..,, , nv- J ' ., nf' """'f X ' Lew ' 1717? ANNA DAVIDSON ANNE DAVISON DAN de KUYPER ROSEMARIE DEL GRANDE LYNNE DERBYSHIRE Dark Haired Delicacy Voungesi 34 Ever 7 in a Corvair Grand Gal Ski BUH LYNETTE DEVLIN DAVE DEWAR Double Diamond David's "Dew" IMMACOLATA DI CIERO Mighiy Mouse Page l37 DAN DIDIER Don Phe DJ. BRIGITTE DIETRICH Sinlully Sexy I vt .52 N TONY GUNDY MARNIE DOIG NINETTE D'SILVA PHYLLIS HARI RFU' goRE 0 O O SUZANNE GELINAS Iwi' 'Q' Q X IQVIIII Q25- I' . J I, Sfudenf Teacher Sfudenf Boa O B 3 Jnnws GALLEY JAMES FITZSIMMINS ef-'oe e e N' 90 POINTER LESSONZ PLN! I Befxorve and AIJIBP Pr-ad'Ice, :mms onuxev Teac Im na JANICE FIELDING 9? 1""n. 'Q' ELEANOR FARR ELIZABETH EVANS DIANE EMERY JOE ELuo1T Page I38 naununnlcaaffl uaczsuanlllaqf 111cq11uex1uq,,' 'ummm-nav... ........ .... , LINDAGILLAN LINDA GALBRAITH SHARON FOSTER WILLIAM DONALDSON I NORMA DIMSON WENDY FISHER ALLAN GREEN SUSAN HABART Q , L N Qgpfh Q -x xx 37 A-fyfx X wx L A wg 4- .-A I A Q f 2 Us Q1 j ,WR V1 xwi sg ' ' W I ,W Lf. 'av 'X X N Q ei 3, x A I BRIAN GEMMER JANICE FLEMING KATHERINE FERGUSON 4' 'A MW 4+ , ..v, 'dx N 4 L nf ? N Q 2 JANIS GALLEY KAREN DOHERTY RONALD FIELDING ANNE GUY ,.-q, "5 ff- 3 'v"'-"OC , ,IW Q 246' M . ' ,ff n, Ijqwi'-fffdllf 4, 'f 4521- , is f 5' DAISY FARKAS MARILYN EPWORTH ff 4' WILLIAM GIBSON KAREN FURNISS HERBERT D'ROZARIO GORD BLANCHARD X 1.5. 'I ' - M I1 "1 Q ' X 21 . X 'Ig W 1 mf A 1.-3, , .vw i ,mg 1' f"f""1.T, - ' ,W N.. A ADRIENNE FAUST NORRIS GRAHAM wi' q sf-ik " ' mi t - 5 1 z .,.. ' V ,,,, . WT ZQQH 'ff 41" I Nw kwa L5 , 'VAS . Ng ww SL.-5 . 7716. A -151: Q1 11 I .-14-A -, H P yi 1 w g!" 4 '15 Q 1, ,, BARBARA GALLANT I-ENNA FOTEFF Page I39 ,. . fx ' M 7 1 I M X I ' JA' XJ- ' v 1 ' GEORGIA ELSTON .yay T li' Q RICHARD FLOYD BARB EMPRINGHAM CLARK FALLIS -V'-1 . ...,.q mai. M -, A 1'X,ff:TQgg3'1iza2, f ' , , i,.w.?,fi""f"f' 5" " A- .-'wffmsfzv Q, , gszaleggs HEATHER HARPER BARBARA JANE HOAR MARGARET JONES N, V DIANE LAHAY MARION HENDERSON LINDA KATHLEEN HUGHES ia MARY JOYNT CLIFFORD Lewis JENNIFER LAws PAUL IRON gk' LU Q QQ x bm R I L27 SLIM .. Y. -.5 ' x ILZE JURSIS EDITH KIRBY PAULA KEIRLE MARGARET JOEL ...A . SJ' ir-ve' Y NANCY LAGLER ERNA KONRAD CORINNE KELLEY MAR'lYN10Bl'N HANNELE JALAVA Page I40 ROBERTA HurroN GERALDINE PATRICIA HEALEY CAROL HUNTER mgvog LUDSKI JOHN HUTCHINSON I a A VALARIE KOPANSKY JOSEPH HAUGHEY DORIS H ERMANN A PAULINE HOGARTH IMRSI GARY JAMES HUNT MR- HOLTHAM IH0me F0"m MGSIBYI BARBARA JEAN JOHNSTON Page l4I T A 1 - I ELIZABETH KING SUSAN HOUGHAN ' gpg ,- . - 11542-1,. A A A I 2 , - - A f ,. rv . 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AAI' I MIKE wssr LINDA WARDEN K if-f' io Amy You is rom - X 'VG ,.PvNg0930N Q4 YET ANOTHER SONG OF DISCOVERY PMWARR ' ,Mt Life Begins with 40 EN 0 ltune - Clementinel Mr. Barrett, dear Form Master, ' ,J Lofty brow ot alabaster, Teaches us philosophy With cool detached etticiency. I Y Mr. Fraser sings us songs I , O M At the top ot his great lungs, -f Q, 3 Fixes us with baleful stare N I X, ' Q Q Till we wish we weren't there. Q ' Psychologically Mr. Green . JULIE WILSON Tries to sweep our young minds clean BIRGITVAN HE'-SDINGEN Freeing thoughts from apprehension Ot eliminative tension. f Vs- K Mr. Holtham, social studies, ' if Helps us learn about our buddies, JM ' Feeds us usetul information .1 'gl-ff I ' About the founding ot our nation. ' A ' . ,,., AX-l I I " ' - ,OANNE Q1 5 ENDp.1imovL f Mc J' fl if w . I 0 Do 'v M 1 W O UG WARNE f PSON P LORRAINE RATHOM WHITE BARBA 4 s f I' i 'Q 'V E ' " X if JOAN WILCQX Bono JULIAN WARD MKER PATRICIA WILLIAMS DAVE WADDINGTON Page I48 REG W is ' 'Y is mx' . Ve.. wbqiiyqgfi avg, . ' , :af- O QXRUXRAN 'l HXTNE oav-NNEN L x02 X -.4-f ff ex' PM NA' in ., ef X ' 1 3 F x ay 5 if:gvlfi'i.5t+-Q5 LINDA WRIGHT LUISA VATRI X GARIH W P-RD 'RENE VUYATZIS Nl - on 'Tc'- Q M HEDY WHEELER Q y , .,1- 'v 3 ws P ',-,L 9 ,:,': ' zu z 3,1 , 'v.k ,yi ,-,, 7 BE TTY Q :Qi .- YIP '1:, 'Q-Q B '-:.-. ,F pal-- M r. Monahan, iolly iester, ls our mathematics master, Catches us when we're off base, Lets Us down with tact and grace? Up in Art, Mr. McKee Fosters creativity. Paints and crayons, pictures pasted All these media we've tested. Mr. Ogden, very physical, With his smile so gay and quizzical, Keeps us hopping in phys. ed. Afterwards - it's home to bed. Mr. Rogers we acknowledge, Science master of our College, Introduces nature's wonders, Why it rains and How it thunders. T' 4 W 2 ' M URNE s. R lx JQA ' N VERNER ., X is PA . s xi. A WHITE ph CID f EULALIE TAYLOR Sweet Miss Swanson, voice so gently - Bet form 40 drives her mental- Teaches listening, English usage, How we read and whom and whosage. NANCY WADE SUSAN TAYLOR Page 149 vm 1 Nl to sem 10 was B91 1. f- . ' J ix f ' ' "if'?"L'3'? I ,.,,. . .,- I ? 4 , xv. ' 'I 'P 5 J .X I . 4 E . Je .3 MISS K. ACHESON MR. R. C, BADWAR 1'-FSR MISS L. E. BELL MISS E. A. BOSSOKA in - fggigjs . 'if . ai-PX' Q... - fifafqlk , ls 'Qi' -'5"'e I I 'ff .M g iff' xr. Y 'WHA 9 X.. MR. W. J. BROADBENT MR. I. G. ANDERSON fy,-'K-'l."h I 4 V.:-. gh Q , 4 .. ,f 1" -. MR. M. G. ADAMS Mlss M. E. ADAMsoN M55 l- M- BROWN L ',. . X rf 4 ' - lg 1 I - . 'I ' B 7 'I 'W' 2 j sm 1 gl 4 .Af fl . Q . f - 4: 'I . Z. . . X... K Mass 1. M. BEATON MR. w. D. BROWN Muss M. G. Bumvxe MR. W. R. BLACKBURN MISS J. C. E. BRENNAN MRS. M. A. CAFIK f I M. .v .,:, H ,K 2 Y 'wx gf 5 I Wi 2' MISS I. J. CAMPBELL MR. J. W. BURTON fx 1. we . M W I ..,-SY J .L x , . Arwllr MR. G. W. ANDREWS 5. ar- MISS A, C, ARVIDSON MISS L. J. BEAMISH MISS S. Y. BARHAM Page I50 0,1 I I z Y I ax gg ff MRS. M. D. BEATON MISS M- BEAVEN MR. G. J. BRAND 'f V ., M Q , . EVN . .A I ,. Www I 1' A+ f' . A Vf5'f' :lvl gym f C . f .wt fn. 1: mv ky : 1 . ..,,,,...f JI 32 ,, .,.,:.g.3 5 3 I 'Qu-ff My ,ff f MR. E. H. BENGEL r"""' Q I pw A . 'X wif V Q MISS S. E. BRENNAN MRS" J. H. BOLAND MISS B. I. BLACK MISS C. L. BRATTY MISS S. J. BROWN MISS L. J. F. BROWNLEE MRS. H, BURKE MRS. V. H. BUSH . an gl ge N . Q MISS S. E. CAMPBELL MISS M. J. BRIGHT MRS. J. F. BROWN N-J' P I MR. A. R. BURNS Page ISI MR. S. T. BROWN MISS S.P. BYRNE ' , +1 ,xgyf if 155' wg... 'flgisbesbi a:,wff,'EF Ig . 4 2523 wsfi- ' A ,fm 5 A 1 .. . 4.1-I-' if , A .. .3 K 5, 1 u N4 fx 6, f sv sPf ,Q is- 'f 9 J , HU UQ ,,,,...-wr In .X J.. K gif. IX 1 If Q MR. W. BOARDMAN MISS D. L. BROWN MISS B. G. CAMPBELL MR. W. S. BUCHANAN I 'V SSS.: Q. 'is ,bl wk A wg . ' A Q cw. . ly A. wkfaqf'-' .5 wwf.. 1 f 'M v ' ' A 1-V .qw . tj I'.'?:22. , , - , . , gy, 1" -2 vfq' C2122 ' 'f vw: - . fi: gf1s'm. ,,.- ., ,ff . ' I". 4- 3 ' 1 T.-I -wk f' ' 'pe .A ' , , ...iii . 29. MRS. C. J. CAMPBELL YT 'Vx T r L? .fx - CATHY CARROLL KARYL CUMMINGS DIANE CHAPMAN PAT CQLLVER .,, , I -- ,V - .-RRR A ,4 If ijfqwy. . -V .I.IN5,,,,, ' I. j .5 Y i sekggn' I .-'I K. - feet , V x - P5 . I. X 55221 R f I , 1 ,. .. 5 ' ' , , ' - "' , , . ,V ,- ln , Rv Q., 'fa f - I .W 5, A 3, MARION DRAKE cARoLvN DOYLE PAT FEATHERSTONE BARBARA oucxle 'rw-:uf VIOLET CHRISTO LORRAINE DUPUIS lf xp . I ,W , MISS MARSDEN CATHY COOKMAN 4'-.s 'if' 'YI JANE COLLINS 5 I . Q s' - 'Q-A Bt - Iffl "L ly - - . g ' 1 1" ,f gp, " LINDA FARMER SUSAN FARROW MICHELLE CHARLEBOIS ELIZABETH COATES x f' N, f A, .R ' Wg'-r . I gh , X P 1 ' I 'Nbr' ku I um- .V I M rw me EBATA ELEANOR CHALMERS SHERRIL DEMETER UNDA CHANDLER Page I 52 .gf 1 "6""'H5 A R I Eg, IL 'Rs , MW R kg A-vu Nf- -,uv - 4 . 7 ' fwif I 4 DON FAIRBROTHER KAY FAIRMAN 0- "' -,,... DARLENE DACIUK - --f. 127 ANNE DE BEAUPRE V - .- 4 is -A , LYNE FARRAR GAMIET EDROSS I I lfksiffif A- wpggf-. ,ww Q . , , V: I 4' T227 1 R ff ' 1: , Me. , N, .saw 'ffl' , Ein '59 . R J L ' 4.4 WANDA CRUIKSHANK v RAL ELING NICK CONSTANTINOU ..-S SHIRLEY CUKROVANI BRIAN DAVIDSON ISS JANICE DUFFORT lAthIetic XA 4 X hx 24 Rep.l' . -f .i.,z ,, ,.., V----.-........-.....- A A 2 IV? I W' my rif , . 3 ,I , A MRS. ANDREA FELlXlCurriculum Plcmnmgl my , N, W v gc in RON CLAN v ' . A C lA'l"e"' Repl Miss SANDIS Ecxrono lCurriculum Plqnmngi iffy: N ,A A A ' R "?""'V K T71 X f m,,, Us . I l'N , 'tk , , 'tgp' A were ISS NANETTE DAVIES Wedrbook Rep.i MR DONALD covemv lCurriculum Plunnmgj ? JOAN ANNE DOWNHAM RUTH-ANN DUNLOP TORONTO TEACHERS' COLLEGE CURRICULUM - YEAR 2001 Due to the trend in education today, a heavy leaning toward progressivism, and the now famous Hell- Dervish Report on Education in Ontario, U.S.A., the Toronto Teachers' College now offers a revised course in Education. Subiectp Evasion - Today's children are so informed by massmedia that today's teachers must reconcile himself to the fact that he knows even less than his pupils. The course is designed to aid the teacher in giving meaningless responses to the barrage of questions he will meet- such as "yes and no", "Well I suppose you may or may not say that" and "Good question - why don't you do some research?" These and other responses are given a convincing flavour. Armed Combat - Special commandos from the Green Beretwill teach prospective teachers howto disarm a pupil wieldingaswitch blade, howto dodge proiectiles hurled from all angles of the classroom, and how to put down full scaled rebellions against the institution. Frugality - How to exist on a salary that is meagre, howto hold a begging bowl, how to cheat the Hydro, the Dept. of Water Works, and the Mac's Milk Store. -this and much more by Mr. Donald Fairbrother. V 'vc :fi gfwx. :.: , .,4'1.:?Z4Z'- fn , - ,in ws. , as N-.--.W - ,V , - 33.423 ug me 4?ff"J,1.' 5' . If " Y :lf -Q: My :Q uf ,,,:, , 5gg5:fA'ffJ. 3 BERNICE DICKINSON ,fx 7? MA RLENE FARRELL "Q f ' ' ' sftsi . wk ' x. 4 wslf xnxx i 0 c IIR WAYNE EVANS lAlIernote Student Council Rep.l MISS JANE DONALD lStudent Council Rep l Page l53 t FORM 43 9. ,-rs 5 'T .v LYNDA JANE HALL RAYMOND EDWARD HAMPTON DIANNE CHRISTINE HARRIS fy-L -A6 RT SHARON GAIL HAYBALL DALE LESLIE GARDINER ALICE GIBSON IMRSI R f. ,,-nf STEVEN EDWARD GILLIES LEE-ANNE LOUISE HENKEL BONNIE LEIGH GOLDIE , V ' .Lg , , .rigs , ,:." 5 3, -f ki: ,',' T A Ty, . A I .-, A W - Q Q, A 'A Ivfzfl L I I Q 4,8 . I . .. wx X i, , f, x , Aw 'Rm In 1 , 5 3 I I 5-sIIMJf':D IENI55 MARLENE GRIEVE BARBARA HAJDU BARBARA ELAINE HANSEN BRENDA MARGARET HARRISON fb 1-..-B RITA AU STRA GO LDMANIS l.. 772- age. ALLAN MuRnocH GRIFFIN WANDA MARIE HALCOMB JUDITH LYNN HICKEN LINDA MARJORIE HOLMAN 'D , xx I MARIA WANDA GRVGORCEWICZ SHERRON LEE HQEV RUTH JUNE HENNESSY JACQUELINE FRANCISCA HENDRIKS Page I 54 LYNNE SUSAN FEWMAN Juonn ANNE FINLAYSON SANDRA GAYLE FOWLER DAVID MICHAEL GIDLOW NADICA HARASTOVIC oouGLAs FERGUSON MARIE JOAN FLAVELLE RUTH ELAINE FERGUSON N 7 f',f"' X 'f Skin" ' mv A ge JO-ANNE MARIE FINE IMRSI SUSAN ROSEMARY HOLMES ANNE FULLERTON IMRSI LYNN ELLEN HARVEY BEVERLY MARIE HAINER MINERVA MARIA GORDON IMRSI LEO VICTOR GENOVA CAROL ANNE GODWIN JOAN GARRAMONE IMRSI ANNA VANESSA HAMMOND IMRSI JOAN TERESA GILCHRIST IMRSI ' T Jilw- -1 J' 'I TL " ' N . PATRICIA GALE FORDER MARGARET PATRICIA FOLK IMRSI EDWARD JOHN GLENDINNIG LINDA MARGARET HODGINS IMRSI Page I 55 Nb JO-ANNE HOPKINS 41 . '51, ,"- J "v.- I N ii 2: W, I , I I' f ,,, .. I my D! I W. .Lag x ELINOR HOWE IMRSI Mlafm . I r x ig , '-if w i X ' ?' ' '- Win. 2 ' K vw' J Q """ ,, Qfx, ROSANNE LUNEL -M .. I A E, , i, T A , A I SHARYN KENT I nf' ,y , ' 1 GREGORY KEHOE f K 'Q ' .fi I x 5 PEARL LEAITCH ff'-s 'UN THERESA HORRIGAN F'-'ff' -' I' ANN MCCLYMONT IMRSJ DOROTHY JACKSON . M43 1 ' I ERIC JONES 1? - ii-T4 I lk: - EM .J i .ilk '76 XVI .1 'I' ' M, .-m'3f1Q I- 3 - N I :xxx I I I -'I ,IX :I W vx 1: fx I x .M l , . aff 1:3177 Ifdfg . -il II'- Vj! -I : lj! vig A,-A ,lf ! ifziyg Q nfi-J?E2vfi .1 1 f ..5.f-1,-553. 1.4 , iff fi 1- .H ' I LINDA LATIMER COLIN LESCH I C239 WALT KOLESNIKOWICZ JANICE LUDGATE 'JZ PAT MACKINNON if..-W . M . A 1 PATRICIA MCKINNON ,, w,Zi,,- '11, X r. ,x.l A 5 H 4?-ff" "'E JUDITH MCLENNAN GEORGINA KUCHERIK MAXINE LOVERSEED Page I56 LVNNE HOYT CYREL RAMM IMRSI ILSEDORE KAUTSKY IMRSI BRIGITTE LAUER PAT LUCAS JOE KRASNAJ JIM KENNEDY ., ,.. , I , g ,Le-4 N -LL, - -' ' 'Laws V 7 L' I in, Aivfm U I X s L LE, 4, X A' , -, PAULAMACRAE KEN MCLEOD S S? RUBY KUSANO v L, E II i IW' 4, BONNIE FOOTE IMRSI ANNE MARIE KEY E 1'1" DAN LEGRIS -41 LANA MCHUGH MRSI fm MARGARET KAYES coNNIE KLISSOURIS GNL KENNEDV PHYLLIS HOWARD BRIAN JOHNSON Page I57 f"! ff' ' 0 r IRENE KOPERA'MRS1 ,fx . Q I l? PAMELA LAWTO N 417 'Jay If' My if if ,., -IE, f N., 14" EVA LAMBERT Qui' fo? Lunch I CYNTHIA IRVING 'WILLIAM MCCARTHY BRUCE HOWELL 1" xl " iff' fn ' j i As-I4 I ' . ERIC MAIER I.INDA PARRY 5 X . art VVS -:rf iw, I. fizhmiifk 1 NORMAN orrAwAv WAYNE MAHON 6 Id' ' "4' -, Mg .L,, . R . 715 I Q , X . V, .,, I . .54 1 I I V ' K0 ' ,', :iii-,T , -I: L, ,IFE .In 5, Q -. as BETH MITTLER IMRSI I A an I, 1 N -Riu if ' 1, I Q A fr JACKI MITRUK LYNNE MYERS SANDRA MIRAGLIA "S M .35 SHARON NEUFELD BRIDGET 0'LEARY ljfgf xx I KATHLEEN MCWHA CHRIS NASH CAROL MUNN ANNE O'NEIlI. ,xx ANDREW PIETRZYK BETTY MARTIN IMRSI CHRIS PASSV t I I . - ' .M . wfgom 1 J DON POSTILL 1i L MARY PETERS IMRSI DOUG MURRAY Page I58 A an LIZ MICHALSKI MARY MINIACI asf V L I PAM MURRAR SHWEV NESS MARILYN PORTER MURRAY NEUMAN BILL PAKOSTA ELAINE NIDDERY SHARON MLLLARD GM NUGENT ft"'ki.. - N ' "'..'f' " - ' Q 'if - K Q Y- x 'T L' , . 1: ga F . I 1 E XSQQL L'5LW5if 5 55,2 , 1 . 'QM 'W ' EDWARD NOSKO -yy A- -Y-. -Q , L, If L Q Q ,. ' ff , ' . " , A My iz- -. xx LL, , M27 L i f Le Xin ' gl ,L n.-4 ww.. 'IA' m-LL JANE MANNING A SANDRA MCLEOD HEATHER JESSOP QMRSJ Q15 J '52, GEORGE MILLER l . 4 Q I - f:: 5 Ll if A 1 riff BRITTA POLING L JOAN MCMASTER JEANIE MOAR Rf? W rw we,f R? A QQ., sm' -4 x I .ax . A? ,Q L , 4 SHARON NICHOLSON KMRSJ W'll METCMFE LYNDA MOORE SUSAN MILLER MARILVN MADILL ALICE MALCOLM Page159 A R TI SIRI A TODD ROBERTSON ..,. . '64fs ,1',2. I Twig H I 'Q I W0 , 1 gl Y 1 1 , I .f N., .ff RUNHILD SIWAK IMRSI evywfszw, WW' ' M ' E I I L I f , -1-ymiwfya I ,"I: f 51535 1 , If ., ,I 2, T 'Q 4 43 I 4 V - 1-r -v , N A LIN DA-LEE SOMMACAL dl' LYNDA SNUDDEN EV ELYN SMITH 7' 'L fs. r thu JW, DIANNE R055 susAN RICHARDSON Jov Roseus RENEE RADDA MARTA ROZE IMRSJ JUNE ANN POTENTIER QI y . s' -X LINDA SMITH PAT RUSSEU FRED RUCK INGEBORG STAHL BILL PRENTICE SUZANNE SMITH ED SHANNON Page I6O ELIZABETH SANDERS MARY JANE SCHOFIELD SUE SARGENT ELLEN RAGEN MA MARG SANTON . 'i v ,P ' 9 NORM Powens , , nz-T' 1 - Q 4. f, 'ff' 'T ' X' A-. 5, gf a 4.4 3 , 3,3 .,, ALICE SIMKIN KEN RAYMER PAULA BERWICK IMRSI ALEXANDER STEWART AME -A fx !'Nf1W.+M3ff? LYNN ROSS N, MYRTLE SPURRIER PETE SMITH DONNA RAWLINGS i A , In 'L' A q , W5 .i 12 ,xv M mv' 5' I Q W I V, xg . , W .T.. ,Ik I -'1 1 I 1 ',4.i,., ' - .x :Li -Qif . , Lg, ., if .K IQ L J, , wry? 5 ,E 0 N. l x , , W 1" V Q I H' if , I .il , , A 5 f "F-:zz E . I ,L I - . ., ,, gfryrkg wp -l ,L 41 T: 1 .f' :J JUDY PRICE IMRSI ,, 2 1 GEORGE REINPRECHT ANNIKKI RAV EALA IMRSI BARBARA AN N SCOTT I a xk RX , ' 5 I JACQUELINE SAUVE l0RRAINE STEEI-E Page I6I DONNA ROSS JOHANNA RINK IMRSC I I I L! , rv' ivy. Q A -4.- BRIAN SHAVER JYeorbooIs Rep.l FORM 47 -nf 41" , X , 45" , J I I I PATRICIA TEATHER DONALD SUPPELSA I-R 'w iv 'W' -'rn CAROL WALES STELLA VAN DER DUIM JANET TURNER es'-1' ROBERT STUART A3 -v""f' 'Y Qi ' www w--'sf' GEOFFERY TAGGART SHARON THOMPSON SOPHIE ZANIEWSKI WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY CR' MARGARETHA VAN DUYNEN Eucs ULBRICH DOUGU-N5 WHERRY ELAINE TRELFORD 10-ANN SULLIVAN GARY TRACY WILLIAM WALDIE '92 Q. 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