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E E ' f - 7" E I '5 5 vuam G r ! featuring the nu' 7 ORANGE and BLACK 43,7 RECORDING ARTISTS 'gif in a . Q 1 -K Portrayal of Memories + A lg gg, Produced by The S 7 Q Senior Class ,f X Toronto High School 4 ! ff f 5 Toronto, South Dakota XX . +l' t- X ' .-' 7-'S I . ' ' F ,gf ' Q -' .A.' curve- 1-'ali 1-. e,x, V" . Ai. I , , i In 'fr 2 "Ui L " . A The Viking Studio. . . A bell tollsg teachers and students assembleg and another recording session begins. . . . r In v In ff-,fn .--,,f, 5-I, if. QA," 24, -,,,f,33.fvyf3w? . - , ,.. ,- ' 11 f-Q ---L1-:-,".'id' fu- , L I - - 'K-P, f,,5r1'a,,,'f.,.dPb ,MA ., .,-w.f4..f., .,,4A,,,.g 'A - ,-' '.-V' Lag ',g,.,. xv f wi. , If-A .Lay-gy, L. A V -vr.-- - ti, E ., Q qw " "Y 14 1' if . ., A-5,31 2' -'Q "we, . . v-r-v1'IlM'I5g. Kgjufk ' -511-Q-:JA .aggf-1 J r"'ff . ,:t',, at 4-4... Contents, , Production Staff , 7 Recording Artists . . 11 Record Album ..23 Sponsors . 41 Foreword. . . T chools--where we work and play--Where We sing and laugh--where recorders catch the myriad voices and ' actions of its myriad players, oronto Public S Words , activities take place - -and th e Viking recorders cut a record. are spoken That record may be of music--for mu- sic speaks a universal languageg it could be of a classroom discussion for there is no darkness but ignoranceg it could be the click, click of the typewriter as it pounds out journalism copy--for communi- cations lead to understandingg it could be the tense excitement of a sports contest-- for physical training is basic to all progress in school development. Whate , wherever it was cut, it reflects the attitude, personality, mood of those who make up the Toronto Schools. ver the record Sojourn with us now into the Viking studio where we shall meet the producers, directors and re- cording artists--where each shall tell his story- and where they, working as ' record ' a gr oup, made the s you find within. Thes , our records--this is a book of how we made them and when and where. e, then are iii L5 ...--1 I - is-f O I Dedication . . . lt is withthe greatest pleasure that we , the class of l955, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Emerson. ln every record oi every album they have played their parts to the satisfaction of all. Whether it be in or out oi school, they give the best that they have, always willing to assist with activities in a manner unexcelled. Custodian Pete, as he is called by the students , and his charming wife, Agnes , celebrated fifty years of happiness at a golden wed- ding anniversary last fall. Their family oi three have all graduated from Toronto High School. ln their honor and with a sense of gratitude, we dedicate this book to this genuine, unaffected couple who have done so much for the nd the community. Tor onto Schools a 6 f Z cj PRODUCTION STAFF... Alert F aeult Members AR CHIE N, HILL Superintendent Mankato Teachers General Beadle South Dakota State Graduate Study University of South Typing I and Il , B. SC. Bookkeeping Social Science . he teachers . N. H1119 t d . U t. Archie . miles an ervision 01 up with friendly of all reCOfdS' Under the Supbl-C Schools, who t in the rnakmg Pu 1 waen S TOIOTLYO S in i i spirits, direct the ip 11 CONRAD W, BICKNESE Northern State Teachers Graduate Study Colorado State Teachers Algebra Geometry Shop Grade Athletics High School Athletics 8 ALICE L. BECK, B, Sc. Principal Black Hills Teachers Graduate Study University of South Dakota English I, II and III General Science Capabl Direct Student Recordings MYR TLE HOGIE Augustana General Beadle Grades 4, 5 and 6 HELEN ENSBERG Augustana Grades 1, 2 and 3 LEON M, JOSEPHSEN General Beadle Vocal Music KA THERINE HARKINS , B. Sc. General Beadle Grades 7 and 3 9 d CW' 4 Council Serve as PM u Board an School e up the production staff, Through the co the directors, many improvements ar ' ' pictur board members mak -operation of the production staff with e made in the Viking recording studio. Members of the school board ed above are fl. to r.1 F.A, Olson ftreasurerl, Morris Eastman, Marion Ellis fchairmanj, Louis Ensberg fclerkj, William Mathison and Marvin Thompson. Lyle Glazier was absent h taken. w en the picture was Each clas s has representatives in the student council who serve as assistant These members meet bi-monthly to make 1 parties. M ' production staff members, p aps for school functions such as the carnival and school embers pictured below are standing fl. to r.2 Luther Mathison, Everett Kannegieter Louene Nelson fvice-president! and Curtis Oseby fpresidentj. S ' Konold fsecretaryj, Supt. Ar h' ' ' ean Emerson, Evelyn oAnn Bergjord and Wayne Thompson. ftreasurerj, eated. KL. to r.I J r c ie N. Hill Iadvi sorl, J ' ...s,,."gh X X gi X if A Seniors Pic ottoz "Meet Life And Live It" 2551 .lZ,f77 y J, ME f,L5,4f0A 1-6 1-!1'S IL- 60157 EVELYN L. KONOLD All-State Staff Member SDHSPA. Band ............ 1 , Z, Band Vice -President. . . . . . Cheerleader ...... . . Declam. . . . .... . . . Girls' Glee Club . . . . . l,2, Hi-Lite Staff. .... . . . 1,2, "lf Mother Only Knew". .... . Kittenball .... .... . l, 2, Miss Toronto Entrant ....... Mixed Chorus ........ l, Z, Music Librarian ...... . . Sextette ........... . . Student Council Secretary. . . "The Skelton Walks". . . . . Viking Staff ...... . . Viking Varieties. . . Vice -President. . . ANN L. EMER SON Band ......... . . 1, Z Carnival Queen. . . . . Girls' Glee Club. . . . . 1,2 Hi-Lite Staff. .- . . . . l, 2 Kittenball .... . . l , Z Mixed Chorus, . . 1, Z "Ra.gady Nan". . . . Secretary ..... . . Sextette ....... . "The Skelton Walks". Viking Staff. .... . Viking Varieties ...,, . 450' 959 1,9-66 SANDRA J. STORRY "Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roostf' Band. . . ..... .... . . 2, Band Secretary. . . . Cheerleader. . . . Declam ...... . . . Girls' State. .l. . . . . Girls' Glee Club. . . . l,2., Hi-Lite Editor ..., . . . Hi-Lite Staff ...... . . l,2, "Ii Mother Only Knew". .. . . . . Kittenball .......... 1, 2, Mixed Chorus ..... . . l,2, Royalty Attendant. . . . . Secretary ........ . . . Secretary-Treasurer. . . . Sextette......... ..Z, So1oist............. Student Council Secretary, , , Trio............ . "The Skelton Walks". , . Viking Staff ..... . . . Viking Varieties. . . . Flower: Rose Carnation and Lily of The Valley MARY E . KLAPPRODT Band ............ 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Treasurer . . . . . .3 Declam ...... . . 1, 2, 3 Girls' Glee Club. . . . 1,Z,3,4 Hi-Lite Staff ..... . . 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Lite Editor ...... .... 3 "If Mother Only Knew" . . . . . . 3 Librarian .......... 1, 2, 3, 4 Kittenball .... . . 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus . . . . .l,2,3,4 President . . . . . . 1 Secretary' ..... . . . 3 Sextette ....... . 1, 3, 4 "The Skelton Walks" . . . . 4 Viking Staff ..... . . 4 Viking Varieties . . . .3,4 I JAMES B. PLETCHER Basketball ....... . . 1, 2, 3 Carnival King . .... . . . 3 Hi-Lite Staff ...... . .3,4 "If Mother Only Knew" ....... 3 Kittenball ...... . . .l, Z, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus .... . . . 3, 4 Royalty Attendant . . . . 4 President ....... . 4 "The Skelton Walks". . . . 4 Viking Staff ..... . . 4 LOUENE F. NELSON "Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost". Z Band ............ 1, 2, 3, 4 Band President. . . . . . Z D,A.R. Candidate . . .... . 4 Declam ...... . . l,Z,3,4 Girls' Glee Club . . . .1, Z,3,4 Hi-Lite Editor . . . . . 3,4 Hi-Lite Staff . ....... 1, Z, 3, 4 "If Mother Only Knew" ..... 3 Kittenball ....... . . 1, Z, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus . . . . . . 1,2,3,4 Piano Accompanist . . .... . 4 President ...... . . 1 "The Skelton Walks" ...... . 4 Sextette ........... 1, Z, 3, 4 Student Body Vice-President. . . 4 Student Council ....... 1,Z, 3, 4 viking Staff .... ..... 4 Viking Varieties . . . . 3,4 1 3 i Senior Class Colors: Gra and Rose LORETTA J. LUNDEN Band .......... . . 1, 2, 3, 4 Carnival Queen . . . . . . 3 Declam ...... .... . 3 Girls' Glee Club . . . . 1, Z, 3, 4 Girls' State ..... A .... 3 Hi-Lite Staff ...... . .l,2,3,4 "If Mother Only Knew". .... . 3 Mixed Chorus .... . ,1, 2, 3, 4 Royal Attendant . . . . . . 4 Sextette ...... . .1, Z, 3, 4 Soloist ........ . . . . 2 "The Skelton Walks" . . . .4 ' 4 Tr1o........ .. Vice-President . . . 4 Viking Editor . . . . . . 4 Viking Varieties . . . . .3, 4 BARBARA A. VIK Cheerleader ..... . . . . 2, 4 Girls' Glee Club . . . . . 1, Z, 3, 4 Hi-Lite Staff ........ l,2, 3,4 "If Mother Only Knew" . .... 3 Kittenball ......... .1, 2, 3, 4 Miss Toronto Entrant. . . . . . . 3 Mixed Chorus ..... . .1, 2, 3, 4 Royal Attendant . . .... . 1 Sextette ...... . . 3, 4 Soloist ........ . . 4 "The Skelton Walks" . . . 4 Treasurer ..... . . 1, 4 Viking Staff . . . . . 4 EVERETT W. KANNEGIETER "Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost". Z Band ............ 1, Z, 3, 4 Basketball . . . Z, 3,4 Boys' State . . . . . 3 Carnival King . . . .4 Declam ............. Z, 3 Hi-Lite Staff ........ 1,Z,3,4 "How's Your Hokembedon .... 1 "If Mother Only Knew" ...... 3 Kittenball ...... . . 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus. . . .. 1,2,3,4 Mixed Quartette . . . . . 3 One Act Play. . . . 4 President . . . .. 3 Quartette .... . . 4 V Soloist ...... . . 3,4 Student Council . . . . .4 "The Skelton Walks" . . . 4 Track ....... . . 4 Viking Staff . . . . . .4 Viking Varieties . . . . 3,4 Activities Keep raduating Class Bus 'GM ,,.,..- Seniors prepare final yearbook pages. Loretta Lunden Advanced recording artists are the '54-'55 seniors. The Class chose "Meet Life And Live It," as their mottog gray and rose as their colorsg and the rose colored Carnation and lily of the valley as their flowers. Q' Evelyn Konold Louene Nelson Barbara Vik The sta1rway makes a good resting place for tired seniors . P ,Iunwr Star In Class Activitiesg A X? lllllllllllllllllllllilllll nnnllllg,-lguulnnlnnlau mn uf fr' "llIllllllIllI umm. J H llllllllllll mmm: v lllllll llllll IIIIIIIIII lllllllllllllllll l I I WYLLA HICKS CURTIS OSEBY SHIRLEY THOMPSON i -5 i -J W L 'it' , YP g Preparation of lunch for basketball fans. Make Preparations For Senior Year j J NANCY NELSON ROBERT HANNA SALLIE THOMPSON ju WAYNE THOMPSON LUTHER MATHISON LARRY SCHNOOR Junior stars' endless work and energy resulted in a successful junior- senior banquet in April. In an effort to raise money, the juniors presented in December the play "They Went That-A-Way". They also sold refreshments at basketball games and sponsored several rabbit hunts. Their work in basketball, chorus, band and Hi-Lite staff has been out- standing. 17 a aa dk e ix V.. in ei Across the top, l. to r: Jean Emerson, Marvin Kruse, Carol Martinson, Larry Nelson and Diann Lunden. Lower photos, l. to r: Gordon Westley, Dick Glazier and Eugene Pletcher. -114- efie g ' K f?i71',f1Qif7f,j51v.. , 1 . . in ' . A i .WE ophomores Contribute Their Abilit And Talent Helping in every Way, the sophomores are well prepared for their years ahead. Class members star in band, Hi-Lite staff, basketball and music. Carol Martinson, Jean Emerson and Diann Lunden participated in the play contest held in Elkton. Class sponsor was Mr. Conrad Bicknese. lTop left photo! Jean and Diann discover new places. QLower left photol Miss Beck explains English to Carol and Eugene. fBottom photo, Class officers worlg overtime. i gun, Across the top: Rose Westley, I Patty Dailey, Janice Hicks, 1 Duane Mathison and K 3 :nk ' Sandra Sommervold ' Lower Photos: ' ' L 'Y ' A JoAnn Bergjord, K f' Susan Emerson, Eugene Somrnervold ,jf and Arlyce Horner . ill 5wii "U" inth Grade Da s Are Le t Behind Happily anticipating the years ahead when they become full-fledged members of senior high, the fresh- men work diligently on their schedule of activities. They participate in all school activities. One of the highlights of the year was their presentation of "Christmas for the Dutches" for the PTA Christmas program. Class sponsor was Mr. Leon Josephsen. Officers discuss class problems. To introduce the freshmen to TI-IS, sophomore students prepared certain requirements for initiation Sep- tember 14. Amateur Recording Students ow Can't you find it? 1 X 2 N Seventh and eighth grade students make them selves useful in school acti vities. They take an active part in basketball and other act- ivities. Individual pictures are of, top row: Charles Dailey. Second row: Janet Bergjord Third row: Sophus Mathison, Donna Kautz, David Westley. Fourth row: Vincent Plether Joan Bergjord, Dale Kruse, Bonnie Svennes, Donald Klapprodt, Dianne Jorgensen, Tommy Shadwald. Advanced Recording Stars Later l 'ffm as B3 m " f glwf r ,. -ll. Q. as we we , Siw rsff? t ime! , iw 5 ig? ir Under the direction of Miss Myrtle Hogie the intermediate students prepare themselves to become future recording artists. Top row: Bonnie Kautz. Second row: Patrica Ellis. Third row: Betty Horner, Sally Bergjord, Eunice Bergjord. Fourth row: Duane Eastman, Judith Smith, Roland Ellis, Carol Kruse, Wil- liam Horner, Cleo Westley, Roger Jorgenson. Fifth row: Karen Dailey, Judy Storry, David Soren- son, Joelle Dailey. Sixth row: Robert Vernlund, Eugene Estenson, Jacqueline Jeglum, Allan Martinso Il. ,.--. ..,. M -- .M fm ., fe,- - 'if-.F ifi " " W 1' "' f fi K 'Lbs .M 6 ,. g f - ' 515- 5 ff at 5 lf Yu.- Tw. Q -. Y-1: , 5 ' X. Primar Pupils Begin Recording Sessions 1 t ,V .N few wr F , V ,Lx .,- . 1- y ,,,... , i ss .V a t 3 ,: - 5 e neee .,, , A , Y e .L o N, l Q Q e . sin 'Q Q' K :'vV V is T ' like Q ... , f -s.,,u K 1 y if ,. f Half-Q Q, I Primary students make the school cheerful with their laughter and bright room dec- orations, The top picture illustrates the eagerness of the smiling group, Left row: Ina Shadwald, Harold Erickson, Linda Texley, David Ellis, Kathleen Friestad, Keith Sorenson. Right row: Ruth Budahl, Brian Bergjord, Mary Horner, Gary Westley, Barbara Danielson, LeRoy Kruse. First row, Middle: Peter Sorenson, Deanna Friestad, John Mursch, Eileen Martinson, David Sommervold. Second row: Lonnie Danielson, Sharon Smith, Wayne Nelson, Marilyn Eastman, Brenda Westley. zz gs, o ,548 pr- ,L K :Z 5 55,5 xx 'O if , 1 sag: S 'J Ex' ' 45 I K If M. -' Q F 'Qin ' S- N3-u Q6 wr? 5 slung Wwfogewsmz Z . "L, , . X -X .,. .rl 3 .f , -Q ll! ' Sf ww emgww M M ' - A,1UQiQ.3i, Viking Cage Pla ers Work Hardg With much encouragement from the cheerleaders and trying their very best these THS Vikings showed more successes toward the end of the season. Shown below are, standing: ll. to r,J C. Bicknese, coach, D. Mathison, E. Sommer- vold, W. Thompson, L. Mathison, M. Kruse, and L. Schnoor. Kneeling: E. Kannegieter, L. Nelson, E. Pletcher, G. Westley, R. Hanna, and C. Oseby. ,ilfif if fi iii? "' Q. .f , .fx -2 J L. .. H, - . 2 M., J V Though the Vikings were winning or los- ing these cheerleaders were always cheering with enthusiasm. Shown above are, standing: ll. to r.D Carol Martinson and Evelyn Konold. Kneeling: Patty Dailey and Barbara Vik. .KKM Session Ends at District 10 Tournament 'Q 1954-55 Vikings varsity pictured below arv, standing: flteft to Righty L. Nelson, Kneeling: C. Dicknesc, roar G. Westley and C. Oseby. E E, Kannegie-ter and R. Hanna. X., L . Mathis on . PM 1 f .L - 635 2 . lm, f f .,., ' - fm ' - -T-...w ' 57 " l s M 'f?Fis11gs'z?tw..s1,1.,' LW B ' .ffsifzl A5253 A ' Q? T -. a " .fi - ,f . . K I 1g?l'Ti': ,H " . 1 N525 . "f'- M -f it 1. ,J : im. .f .. z. . , wsme .aka ff: -. . -ws - - 12 .55 swf lfiwlfliflsfiviz S fs if' A iii . 1 H N 5:-ae' .ss 1e:1f.sfa5s -. 1, - . ' , H F "l"Z'5Qa5 ESS? f .iiii :gif -1. M. Kruse W. Thompson E. Sommervold E. Pletcher B Vikings Pla Prolo ue to Hit Records L. Schnoor D. Mathison THS's B squad showed surprising action for the basketball season. The squad consisted of two freshmen, two sophomores, and four juniors. Shown below are, Standing: fl. to r.J D. Mathison, E. Sommervold, W. Thompson, E. Pletcher, L. Mathison, L. Schnoor, and M. Kruse. Kneeling: C. Bicknese, Coach. 26 Grade basketball players from the intermediate and grammar rooms show much promise for the future Viking team. Shown above are, back row: fl. to r.l C. Bicknese, coachg D. Westley, D. Kruse, D. Klapprodt, V. Pletcher, S. Mathison, and D. Sorenson. Middle row: A. Martinson, C. Dailey, T. Shadwald, R. Vernlund, and R. Jorgensen. Front row: W. Horner, D. Eastman, E. Estenson, and R. Ellis. Vi-K id Cagers Cut Hit Records V fl. hee:-1 to 121 Bonnfgadex-5 lead- e Svennes :Z the TGS h n Jane C ee - t Bel- - rm? s sword Quad wer . e. f-Kid C A utumn Disc: 'Tak 8 Me uf To T he Ba ll Gam es Ab G rovided iaXX atkdetics dere. Gifts' team Ht a VI SoitbaXX 9 ior aXX 'YH5 recor deieated Astoria twice and sp pair with Brandt. Your games Xeit the boys wimess. Back Bow kbeit to Bighd Coach C. Bickowe N, Nekson -:son Back Ro Ejligeft to Eight, ach C E- Kann' Bicknes L. M egleter J, Plathison E Petchel' G. letcher E. gestley . Om 3' Thorrzervold Lfont Ropsfln W D: izhnocfr athison c L' Oseby R. Nelson . Hanna M . Kruse 8 t o . Ewa son 1 omp Xapprodt 500 . hom? Nehson . Starry Nkkddw Row , Hkcks . XNcstXey . Lxmoen Bcrggord Horner r0ervoXd S. Sow 3. Hicks t ROW fron Y5. Vik Ps. Ewerson C. Martknson , Emerson . Koooki Lxmdeo Lv. P. DaiXey I' 8 wh ' usw, Blugicg Mus. EC, AS Th e Band Plays On K Under the direction oi Surat. Hiii, the 'YYXS band presented a concerr at the Viking, Varieties in the spring. Shown above are Une XZ band members. Standing: ki. to r.H Larry Neison- ftrornbone, Mary Kiapprodtf- corner, Eugene Pietcherf -trombone, Everett Kannegietcr- -bass, Sean Emerson! -baritone, Eveiyn Konoid- - saxophone, Archie N. Hiiif-director. Seated: ,Ann Emerson--ciarinet, Louene Neison--ciarinet, Shiriey Thompson- -bass drum, Sandra Srorryn snare drurn Caroi Martinson- -ciarinet, Loretta L-unden--saxophone. Sextette the right are shown to ki. to r.Xj JoAnn Bergiord Saiiie Thompson Jean Emerson Susan Ernerson Wyiia Hicks ncy Neison Na , J 3 .ii , Among the many activities sponsored by THS, the mixed chorus entered the music contest at Brookings in April, Smaller groups and soloists entered the Region 111 contest at Watertown. Members of the group include, back row: ll. to r.J Marvin Kruse, Curtis Oseby, Robert Hanna, Everett Kannegieter, Gordon Westley, James Pletcher, Eugene Pletcher, Luther Mathison, Eugene Sommervold, Wayne Thompson, Larry Schnoor, Duane Mathison, Larry Nelson. Middle row: ll. to r.J Wylla Hicks, Sandra Sommervold, Barbara Vik, Arlyce Horner, Patricia Dailey, JoAnn Bergjord, Louene Nelson, Loretta Lunden, Diann Lunden, Rose Westley, Janet Hicks. Front row: Cl. to r.j Shirley Thompson, Susan Emerson, Evelyn Konold, Ann Emerson, Jean Emerson, Mary Klapprodt, Sandra Storry, Sallie Thompson, Nancy Nelson, Carol Martinson. Vocal Music Groups Cut Platter The sextette who made their appearance at the Christmas pro gram are shown below. fl. to r.l Ann Emerson, Louene Nelson, Mary Klapprodt, Carol Martinson, Evelyn Konold, Barbara Vik. ,..1.-- fi--r I' ,....-f SH: lf, HT . W, 3, C15 fievffm-ff-1, Entering the music contest at Brooking and giving a concert in the spring are some of the various ac- tivities performed by the Girls' Glee Club. Pictured above are: Back row: fl. to r.l JoAnn Bergjord, Shirley Thompson, Susan Emerson, Evelyn Konold, Ann Emerson, Jean Emerson, Mary Klapprodt, Sandra Storry, Sallie Thompson, Nancy Nelson, Carol Martinson. Front Row: ll. to r.l Wyl la Hicks, Sandra Sommervold, Barbara Vik, Arlyce Horner, Patricia Dailey, Louene Nelson, Loretta Lunden, Diann Lunden, Rose Westley, Janet Hicks. 'With A ong In M Heart' Pictured below are the quartette membersl Cl. to r.l Diann Lunden, Shirley Thompson, Marvin Kruse, Larry Nelson. Trio members who made several appear ances are: ll. to r.J Loretta Lunden, Sandra Storry, Diann Lunden. n 1 , . i .,., ,,i,,,,,,,. , ,,,,, , um-?es'f2 11,12 5 5 . M .T ,,,,,,,, S., ..,, A 21- ,iw gf, W M Q ff. 5, 3' 5 Q F431 -sw i5?3s?fzgszz , ' . ' is we Junior Play Gives Westem Touch o School Life bi , . 1 W The junior class presented the western play "They Went That-A-Way" December 9-10 with Archie N. Hill directing. Shown above left are: fl. to r.l Luther Mathison, Dick Glazier, Wayne Thompson, Curtis Oseby and Robert Hanna. Seated: ll. to rj Nancy Nelson, Sallie Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Wylla Hicks, and Larry Schnoor. Above right are: ll, to r.l Shirley Thompson and Nancy Nelson. Declaimers who entered in all divisions were, standing, fl. to r. D: Arlyce Horner, Shirley Thompson, Everett Kannegieter, Jean Emerson, Carol Martinson, Susan Emerson and Sandra Sommervold. Sitting: fl. to r.J : Sallie Thompson, Nancy Nelson, Miss Alice Beck, coach, Eugene Pletcher and Louene Nelson. In district competition Louene Nelson rated superior in the poetry division with "Thanatopsis. " Carol Martinson won an Upper Sioux speech meet superior with the same poem. Everett Kannegieter and Jean Emerson took excellent placings at the same contest. Mrs. Donahue: "I have come to kill Dr. Fersig: "That stupid Ollie. I told Bill: uElalne Speak to me- What has all of you." him to blow up that bridge. Give me H that axy happened to you? 'The Skeleton Walks' is Annual Spring Play Production 1955 seniors presented the three-act mystery, "The Skeleton walks" as the annual spring production. The play was given at the Toronto Auditorium April 14 - 15 and at Dempster April 20. All of the seniors and Charles Dailey, an eighth grader, had parts in the play. The cast of character was as follows: Dr. Harold Fersig .r.... ,...,. E verett Kannegieter Elaine Blair .,,..,.....,. ...,...,. E velyn Konold Mrs. Madge Embrey .,,.. ...., S andra Storry Bobby Embrey ,,,.,.... .... , Charles Dailey Kathleen Embrey ...,.... ....... B arbara Vik Bill Clayton ...,..... .,.. J ames Pletcher Anne Rowell ...,., ......,, A nn Emerson Mrs. Hubbard ...l.,. ..... M ary Klapprodt Ollie Hubbard ......,,..., ,l4,,, L ouene Nelson Mrs. Lilla Donahue ,...... .,.. L oretta Lunden Balmblilsigstlirlligtcldlsalets 2h'::'1a'5 ' ' ' gigsuggsssss ssssssssss fss s production. Bats, skeletons and weird noises kept the viewers of the mystery- com- edy on the edges of their seats during the performances. Peter, the pink mouse who later be- came the senior class mascot, made his debut in the play. A week later, Peter accompanied the seniors on their three-day educational tour of Chicago where he was to be- come acquainted with many of the seniors taking the trip. Peter was officially presented to the Class of 1956 at Class Night May 16. He is now their official mascot and looks out happily from the school trophy case. 'lm 'M 4' .W if.. W www w-ws" ' V it get sm !f".i' SERVING tables for the banquet were these smiling freshman and sophomore girls. THESE NINE juniors were capable EACH OF the honored seniors were organizers of the beautiful affair. gwen 3 T059 Carnation at the C1056 of the banquet. 'PECIAL grest were Mr. a d Mrs. l , , 5 Earl UO1.J0n,SGa1.y. SuptnHiu is JUTHER, Shirley Miss Hogle and at the left- Sally smile over the heavy-laden table. . ' . 'V f 'W W if W umor - Jemor, jaress xanquefs D A " .frylzlgylzi ty0C'12If Calendar I An all-school press banquet and the junior-senior banquet were V. ff -,EW high spots of the school's social calendar. In honor of the schools press groups, an all-school dinner was held February 5. George H. Phillips, advisor to the South Dakota High School Press Association, was guest speaker. Climaxing the dinner was the presentation of three awards that were won by THS in the state publi- cations contest. Using the theme "A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow," the juniors honored the nine seniors at a banquet April 28 in the Legion Hall. The theme was worked out in the invitations, program, place cards and room decorations. AUTOGRAPHING programs ended the festivities. SHIRLEY Thompson accepts the All- CURTIS Oseby recewes ,the Sweep' State plaque from Mr, Gegl-ge H, Stakes trophy from Phlulpls- THS ANOTHER All-State plaque Went to Phillips, SDHSPA at the Press Won the trophy OH the basls ofthe the yvarbook staff. Here, Loretta ban uet in February The plaque Qcceuence of Its 195354 Pubhca' Lunden accepts the award in behalf ' ' - tions. of the '53 annual staff. . q ' went to the Viking H1-Lite. F 2 E Q E Carnival Ro alt Rules With Dignity, Color K7 ,Z 5 C4,rr11Y " 'VY' Q9 tl Recording royalty who ruled over the TH5 carnival Ocwbfff 15 back row' U- U' 'V Marvin Kruse' Jam Pletcher, Ann Emerson , , n Klux-en? Everett Kanne' gieter uc-ingj' Euge are, cs 6 Sommervold, Robert L Hanna. Middle row' Q ' to rl: CarO1M'3eti Loretta Lundfm' Le nson, Roy Linda Tgpdeyy Kruse, W ua Hicks. Janet HickS, Y Front: Barbara Da nielS0U- I Attendans ' Were th 54311001 ro e grade 1 , aists Of: ya ty Whlfh COn, Back 1-OW Robert Vern! ffl. to F., 0,-ry' E. und, Judy lp Ile-en Mar. rin, tinson Less! H ' lPrinCe,, 15 amid Erifksm, Kr 1-,Q Sor Rog Mar usel Midfglzrla Kautz, Ddle 9 TCW: Carol K1-use Petgl. to en ' 1' erssn, Brenda Westle A Org9nSOn, pro hy' llyn Eastman' nt. Top Record I T H ,Ioumalists Win rf xi QQ .T- 5 S a L I I II gn ll' fihhf l'l Lower left: Sandra Storry and Barbara Vik reporting for school paper. Upper left: Headliner and lay-out editor, Evelyn L. Konold. Upper right: Louenc Nelson accepting Hi-Lite All State Award from William Kunerth at the South Dakota Press Association last fall at Brookings. Viking recording artists from the senior group collected and edited the material for this book with the assistance of the directors and producers. These students are members of SDHSPA and attended the annual convention at State College, Brookings, on October 9. I Standing: fl. to r.j Barbara Vik. . Associate Editor Mary Klapprodt, . --1' Business Manager Sandra Storry. . Grade Editor James Pletcher. . Asso. Sports Editor Evelyn Konold. . Activities Editor Seated: fl. to r.l Everett Kannegieter.. Art Editor Archie N. Hill, . Adviser Louene Nelson. . Feature Editor Ann Emerson. . Sports Editor l Loretta Lunden. . Editor State Press Sweepstakes Award andin . 3-forecpagillgpd fo 1-.2 hir-1 en, Ann 53" Thompson Mar merS0n, ' and Y Klapprodt Louene N61 ' Seatedg H. to Son, Eupt' Archie IJ., verett Kan 1 Hill, Sandra sto Uegxefer' Evel rryf B St S Yn K arbara Sgllpld and Hi-Lite staff members produce and edit the school paper which is published every three weeks. The group belongs to the SDHSPA, Quill and Scroll, and the National Scholastic Press Association. Biggest honor for THS in years was the awarding of the state press association sweepstakes award to Toronto journalists last fall. Last year's paper and yearbook took all-state awards each. The sweep- th over-all excellence of a school's publications. stakes was awarded on e Duane Mathison, Wayne Thomp Shown below are, back row: Cl. to r.l Luther Mathison, Marvin Kruse, son, Eugene Sommervold, Robert Hanna, Larry Nelson and Gordon Westley. Second row: Sandra Sommervold, Arlyce Horner, Larry Schnoor, Curtis Oseby, Patty Dailey, Carol Martinson and JoAnn Bergj ord. Third row: Rose Westley, Janet Hicks and Susan Emerson. W lla Hicks, Jean Emerson, Sallie Thompson and Diann Lunden. Seated: Nancy Nelson, y 35 5- xxx n"" A s 1 ,J Q 'Uni Carol Martinson as 'Miss Toronto' Larry Nelson takes a look at the and her attendants fide in the duplicating machine. Need repairing? Watertown Diamond Jubilee parade. Take heed! No snowballs Luther Mathison awaits ping-pong allowed. action during tournament. www . 3 an First graders look over new 'oh, what A Beautiful Morning' reading books THS VHRHNG RECORDER May 24, 1955 Special Edition GOVERNOR .IOE FOSS ADDRESSES TORONTO GRADUATES Viking Hi-lite Earns All- American ' Award ln National Contest Toronto high school's paper, Viking Hi-Lite, has ,been awarded an All- American honor rating by the National Scholastic Press Association for the first semester issues of the current year. The Viking Hi-Lite won the only All-American rating in the nation for bi-weekly mimeographed publications from schools with enrollments of 200 or less. The All-American is the highest award given by the National Press Association. Six issues of the Hi-Lite from the first semester were entered in the con- test. iii' THS ACTORS ENTER ELKTON PLAY CONTEST "Greener Grass," a one-act comedy was Toronto's entry in the Upper Soo play contest at Elaton March 9. Participating in the play were Wylla Hicks, Eugene Sommervold, Jean Em- erson, Carol Martinson, Everett Kan- negieter, Diann Lunden and Eugene Pletcher. Wylla, a THS junior, received the best character actress award for her portrayal of a 10-year-old in the play. tit I2 Students Have Perfect Attendance Twelve THS students maintained perfect attendance records during 1954-55. Medals were presented to those who were neither absent nor tardy during the year at Awards night May 16, Receiving medals were Patty Dailey, Susan Emerson, Wylla Hicks, Arlyce Horner, Mary Klapprodt, Ann Emer- son, Sallie Thompson, Everett Kanne- gieter, Luther Mathison, Shirley Thompson, Sandra Sommervold and Loretta Lunden. it -if if Quill and Scroll, a national journal- ism society, has initiated Shirley Thompson, a THS junior, into its or- ganization. Members are chosen on their journalistic and writing ability. THS SENIORS SPEND THREE DAYS ON CHICAGO TOUR Seeing movie actor Jimmy Stewart. participating in a radio broadcast and seeing a stage musical were highlights of the educational tour taken by the seniors to Chicago May 5-8. The Toronto seniors saw the famous actor when he appeared in the guest spot at Don Mg-Neill's breakfast club radio show. Here the THS group was picked to march around the breakfast club table. Visiting museums and parks, tour- inog Chicago at night and shopping in the large department stores were other features of the trip. Over 231 seniors from South Dakota and Minnesota high schools partici- pated in the tour. ttf THS Names Girl, Boy Staters Shirley Jean Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Thompson, Tor- onto, has been picked by the American Legion Auxiliary to attend Girls' State at Mitchell in June. Shirley was chosen on the basis of scholarship, dependabilIty, cooperation and citizenship. An honor student, Shirley serves as the editor of the Viking Hi-Lite. Curtis E. Oseby has been picked to represent Toronto high juniors at Boys' State at Aberdeen this summer. Student body president this year, Curtis has been particularly active in sports. He served as a regular on the 1954-55 basketball team. He has also held various class offices and served on the Hi-Lite staf. Curtis is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Oseby, Toronto. 'A' ir 'A' School Holds Picnic At Lake Kampeska Lake Kampeska at Watertown was the scene of the annual high school picnic May 23. Food consisted of roasted wieners, potato salad, .baked beans and other hot dishes, ice cream and pop. Roller skating at the Spiderweb was the main after-picnic attraction. " Gov. Joe Foss Headlines Graduation for THS Seniors An address by South Dakota's Gov- ernor Joe Foss highlighted the gradu- ation activities for the nine THS seniors. Commencement exercises were held in the bandshell park May 18 and drew a capacity crowd. Diplomas were presented to nine seniors by Marion Ellis, chairman of the board of educa- tion. Baccalaureate services were held May 15 at the Leganger Lutheran Church with the Rev. Joseph L. F. Huseth, pastor of the Church, deliver- ing the sermon. Awards and class night was held May 16 at the Toronto auditorium. iriki' Music Groups Rate High at Contests THS girls' ensemble and Nancy Nel- son each won superior ratings at the regional music contest for small groups at Watertown February 12. The girls' ensemble won the highest rating with "At the End of a Cobble- stone Road" and "Beautiful Savior." Nancy, a mezzo soprano, sang "Sing Me to Sleep." Everett Kannegieter rated excellent with a baritone solo. Others who en- tered as soloists from THS were Barbara Vik, Sandra Storry, and Lar- ry Nelson. Rendition of "Halls of Ivy" brought the THS girls' glee club an excellent plus rating at the regional large group contest at Brookings April 2. Leon Josephson served as the vocal director. All groups and soloists were accompanied .by Louene Nelson, senior classman. 'A' i' nl' Over 300 different projects and samples of work have been entered ,by the Toronto grade and high schools in the Deuel County Educational Ex- hibit which will be held in connection with the county fair in August. Last year Toronto copped first places in both the grade and high school collec- tive exhibits. May 24, 1955 SPECIAL EDITION Viking Recorder 2 Tournaments Determine Ping-Pong Champs Janet Hicks and Curtis Oseby copped the girls' and boys' ping-pong titles in the student council invitational tourn- ament which ended March 1. In the all-school tournament held March 12 to 22, Evelyn Konold and Eugene Pletcher snatched the girls' and boys' titles, respectively. Wayne Thompson and Janet Hicks were third place winners in the all- school matches. ttf SENIORS SPONSOR VOCAL CONCERT Miss Betty Ann Severson, music director at the South Dakota State School for the Blind, presented a vocal concert March 15 under the auspices of the Toronto senior class. Varying her program from semi- classical to popular music, Miss Sever- son received a huge ovation from her audience after each selection. Supt. W. A. Hack of the Blind School spoke briefly during intermission. iii: VIKING VARIETIES CLOSES SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Viking Varieties, a program of com- edy and music, took the spotlight as the last of the school activities of the year. The program was held May 21 at the local auditorium. The program had as its featured at- traction a n instrumental ensemble composed of Diann Lunden, Loretta Lunden, Louene Nelson, Mary Klap- prodt, and Everett and Lawrence Kan- negieter. The group played many pop- ular songs. A one-act comedy play, "The Green- er Grass," opened the program. Seven high school students were cast in the play. A faculty trio, Helen Ensberg, Myrtle Hogie and Kathrine Harkins, offered a selection. Songs by the girl's glee club and the vocal ensemble completed the program. iii' The 1956 annual staff have been given the right to sell pennants at the Crystal Springs Rodeo at Clear Lake June 24-26. Three-thousand pennants symbolizing the rodeo have been or- dered by the staff. The rodeo is an annual affair and attracts thousands of people from the Upper Midwest. 'k ir i' Fifteen Toronto grade school stu- dents maintained perfect attendance records for the 1954-55 school year. The grammar room had an attendance record of 992770. Intermediate pupils had a record of 99.15. Primary room students had a 99.09 mark. Toronto Grades Second in Cage Tourney Y Toronto's grade basketball team Commercial Students Win In Contest Louene Nelson and Luther Mathi- son took away medals from the Upper Soo commercial contest at White April 19. Eight schools participated. Louene took second place in typing I out of a field of 16 entrants. Luther earned a third place medal in the book- keeping division with 14 students com- peting. Nancy Nelson and Ann Emerson also entered the contest. tit Journalists Win Writing Awards Toronto high school journalists rated two firsts, a second and five honorable mention awards in the Sigma Delta Chi writing contests sponsored by the State college fraternity during the year. In the news story division Loretta Lunden took the top spot in the second contest. Luther Mathison earned the top position in the feature story divi- sion. Shirley Thompson captured a second place with an editorial in the second contest. In the sports division Luther Mathi- son and Robert Hanna rated honorable mentions. Nancy Nelson received an honorable mention in the feature story division. Honorable mention awards were also given to Mary Klapprodt for a feature entered in the first contest. Luther Mathison took an honorable mention in the same contest with an interview. Sigma Delta Chi, a national profes- sional journalism fraternity, sponsors three of these contests each year. Members of the State college chap- ter aided by faculty members select the winners. tit Shirley Thompson Picked As All-State Staff Nominee Shirley Thompson, a THS junior, has been selected to represent Toronto high school as an All-State news staf nominee. Ten South Dakota high school iourn- alists will be named to the staff by the state organization. These student re- porters will cover regular news assign- ments for South Dakota newspapers at the SDHSPA and SDEA conven- tions next fall. Last year Evelyn Konold, now a senior, was named to the All-State staff. came home with the runner-up trophy from the Deuel county tournament at Clear Lake March 21-23 after losing to the host school 23-11 in the champion- ship tilt. Astoria won consolation by downing Gary 23-14. The Toronto quintet won its way to the finals by erasing Astoria 34-18 in first-round eliminations and Goodwin 41-15 in semifinal play. 'kin' THINCLADS ENTER THREE TRACK MEETS Toronto tracksters participated in three meets during April and May. Astoria played host to a meet April 6 in which six schools including Tor- onto took part. The THS thinclads entered the White invitation April 12. Both grade and high school teams participated in the annual Deuel coun- ty track meet May 9 at Clear Lake. Coach Conrad Bicknese had charge of the activity. i' 'A' 'k AMERICAN LEGION AWARD GOES T0 ANN EMERSON Ann L. Emerson, daughter of Mrs. Bea Emerson and Toronto high school senior is this year's recipient of the American Legion School Award. The award is given on the basis of outstanding scholarship and citizen- ship. Each year the Erickson-Olson Post of the American Legion presents the medal to a THS senior. Conrad W. Bicknese, Legion Americanism officer, presented this year's award as a part of the Viking Varieties program held May 21. if i' 'lr GRADE TEACHERS GIVEN RECOGNITION In recognition of their many contri- butions to the Toronto schools in the past ten years, a special tribute was paid the three grade teachers, Helen Ensberg, Myrtle Hogie and Katherine Harkins, May 21 at a special program at the city auditorium. Each teacher was presented a gift and a corsage. Laretta Lunden and Everett Kannegieter presented the gifts in behalf of the grade and high school students and the faculty. Next year, the three will be teach- ing elsewhere. Miss Ensbergghas ac- cepted a position at Brookings and Miss Hogie and Miss Harkins will be teaching at Milbank. """"""""""n...-was-rv-"""r' if Q I .ii ' 'Me bi Indian'. . .junior play ' g 'Man's Life Is Unto A Winter's Day'--Henshaw E Wi, 11 it 1 s 1 if y c 2 5 . 5, HH 4 I 'Q ,cg 4... Louene: 'I think I see a mistake here." The Last Record Has Been ut . . . The last record of our album has been cut-- the turntable has all but stopped. Into your book--our book--we have tried to put a resume of the happenings of these particular recording sessions. When many years of your record album have passed and the bright and colorful spots of this year's action begin to fade, we hope you can open this book and get an outline of the plot that will help you recall and 'See' Hear' Think' Feel' Lwe' I relive the many happy experiences of 1954-55. Freshman initiation spectators. 9 We have earnestly tried to record every inci- H v'f- fy dent not only as we, the Viking staff, saw them, I f but as you, our fellow students, lived them. "If we have done well. . .it is that which we de- , . .,.'c .- - I . sired." M .Mm ew H --Viking staff of 1955 .W ' . i fi , 'fe 7 V I W. ,,,. as. Autggraphs -xgtsgigv-'gif QGSQYQ-Tit' ,.,a5.o. vp - 4 X , fgfxxx XX Q X TX X SPONSORS X W W X X14 X f lla Pr U J A X5 xx I I W 'J V if 1 Ax ., EX iw U Q 1 'M XX rl! A f IL Q 1: X V Q uf X M M1 21 MN' t.fA',' A XX tl, www' 'l' K4 N WX flMW,1ixt"ITAl kb KM ML iff ,x,,K gM W HW , 4 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF "55" BANK OF TORONTO 1 ? 4lgM,q,8 Member Federal Reserve System TORONTO , SOUTH DAKOTA Compliments of Sorenson-Hanks Funeral Home Maurice E. Hanks CLEAR LAKE, SOUTH DAKOTA H. W. ROSS LUMBER CO. Dealers in Lumber, Paints And Building Materials John Mersch, Mgr. Phone 2451 Toronto, South Dakota VARIETY FOODS Groceries - Dry Goods - School Supplies Buy Sz Save L. S. Ensberg, Prop. Phone 2411 Toronto, South Dakota I Cr ' ,, L, Deuel Country Farmers Union Oil Company i Gasoline 8: Oil 5 Farm Machinery l Feeds K Phone 2361 1 TORONTO - CLEAR LAKE - BRANDT, SOUTH DAKOTA Severson Implement Dependable Make Service Our Store At Low Your Cost Headquarters International-Harvester Farmi Equipment International Trucks - Refrigeration ' Phone 160 CLEAR LAKE, SOUTH DAKOTA l ,, Inu: Clear Lake Plumbing 8: Heating In warm nlr heating- more families buy IEIVIVD Geneva Kitchens Westinghouse Laundries Water Treatment Farm Water Systems Pumps 81 Furnace Repair CLEAR LAKE, SOUTH DAKOTA Bjornsrud Furniture 8: Funeral Service TORONTO, SOUTH DAKOTA iNe1s0ns Standard Service Gas - Repairs - Tires Nelson Bros. TORONTO, SOUTH DAKOTA A 'mfr I smmmo Dorn's Gift 8: Beauty Shop BOOSTERS Pauls Studio ,.,.,,,.. Ben's Bakery ..... . Thomsen Implement . . City Meat Market . . Coast To Coast Store . . Hendricks Hendricks Hendricks , Hendricks Hendricks Hendricks Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota KENDALL'S PHARMACY I Prescription Druggists Phone 4 Brookings, South Dakota CLEAR LAKE COURIER Deuel County's Family Newspaper Featuring "The Most" In County Coverage Clear Lake, South Dakota THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF BROOKING'S Brookings, South Dakota SPINNER'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Clear Lake, South Dakota NORTHWEST SECURITY NATIONAL BANK ,f Nguyl Bank On The Corner Brookings, South Dakota Compliments of LAW 8: LAW CORNER CAFE For The Finest In Foods Plenty Of Parking Space Joe ---- Dorothy Clear Lake, South Dakota Compliments of Lawyers GUNDERSON 8: GUNDERSON ATTORNEYS 5 Phone 212 Phone 115 Clear Lake, South Dakota Clear Lake, South Dakota l I I I1 SHINY'S HARDWARE Hardware - Heating - Paints Phone 2481 Toronto, South Dakota For All Your Trucking Needs THE BUDAHL BROS. You Call We Haul Toronto, South Dakota DIALEY'S CAFE Meals - Lunches - Confections Toronto, South Dakota You Buy For Less At COAST TO COAST STORES Because We Buy For Less Farm - Home - Car Needs Brookings, South Dakota SOMMERVOLD at ELLIS GARAGE Complete Automotive Service Toronto, South Dakota RED OWL AGENCY Quality Foods For Less Lars on Bros . Toronto, South Dakota RAY'S DRUG STORE Prescription Service Phone 345 Brookings, South Dakota l ln, L 1 f BROOKINGS MUSIC STORE "Everything In Music" New Location Radio - T.V. Sales 8: Service Brookings, South Dakota THOELKE 8: ROENECKE Super Valu Foods Fine Furniture Phone 74 Clear Lake, South Dakota SIVERSON'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Our Specialty Phone Z6 Hendricks, Minnesota DR. L. E. VANDERBUSH Dentist Clear Lake, South Dakota DELUX CLEANERS Delux Care Means Longer Wear Phone Z1 Cedar Lake, South Dakota? THE DEUEL COUNTY BANK "Congratulations" ERICKSON FURNITURE STORE Carpets - Linoleum - Radio Sales 8: Service Television Hendricks, Minnesota F. M. HEINZEN CLOTHIERS 8: TAILORS Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Phone 48 Hendricks, Minnesota HENDRICKS FARMERS LUMBER CO. Phone 67 Clear Lake, South Dakota Hendricks, Minnesota I ZAFFT'S LOCKERS Custom Butchering at Curing COMMUNITY HOSPITAL AND CLINICS Miguel Drobinsky, M.D. Physician and Surgeon Clarence Norm. Jennings Fershing, M. D. Internist Phone 2631 Phone 2501 Estelline, South Dakota Estelline, South Dakota RASMUSSEN IMPLEMENT CO. , Q"4'5'l-ffl Compliments Mmuufvous Nouns j"'Qi" in , l , fgf if If ur! of I ffl I New Holland TRI-STATE PRINTERS, INC Phone 2331 Estelline, South Dakota BOOSTERS J0yCe'S Cafe . . . . . Toronto South Dakota L Casey's Place .. . . . . . Toronto South Dakota I T01'OI1tO Herald .... ...... T oronto South Dakota Johnsonville Store ..... . . . Johnsonville South Dakota Eugene Beckman 8: Son . . . . . . Brookings South Dakota Jackson's Jewelry ,,,, . , Brookings South Dakota Drug Store ........... . . . Clear Lake South Dakota Ralph's Cafe Kr Hotel . . . . . Clear Lake South Dakota Keith'S Clothing . . . . . . . . . Clear Lake South Dakota Majiefie Theatre .................... Clear Lake South Dakota be DairyCreme....................... Skoymo's Walton 8: Bob Whittemore Estelline Bake ry .................... Beekman Mobil Service ..... The Ed Musolf Barber Shop . . Thompson Lumber Company . . . Knuth 8: Son Standard Service. . . Don's Jewelry ............... Parentean Kr Hoffelts , , . . .Estelline E stelline Estelline Estelline E stelline , Estelline E stelline , Estelline .E stelline South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota

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