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Shenewemedy l958 'NIPSFIELII lllllll SCIIINIL TUPSFIELII, MASSAUIIUSETTS DEDICATIO We the graduatmg class of nmeteen hundred and f1fty e1ght hereby Soule as a token of our thanks for your valued guxdance durmg our past two years Your cons1derat1on understandmg and fnendshxp w1ll long be re membered by each one of us m our future years We are smcerely grateful for all you have done Z dedicate our final achievement, Shenewemedy, to you, Mr. Andrew J. .m To the Class of 1958 In a recent speech before a management group of 1ndustr1al1sts, the Pres1dent of the Republxc Steel Corporatxon empha s1zed some po1nts that seemmgly had nothxng to do w1th the productmon of steel He argued that the greatest asset th1s nat1on has 1S not m the amount of natural wealth that 1S ava1lable but that our greatest resource IS our people "the men and women whose labo h s bu1lt Amerlca he boys and g1rls who hold the future of Amerxca 1n the1r hands " Frankly we who have been assoc1ated w1th educat1on have suspected th1s fact for some txme It would be 1mposs1ble to serve as a teacher for many years gu1d1ng youth at any level of the1r growth helplng to prepare them as well rounded 1nd1v1duals for the l1fe to follow and to assurne the many respons1b1l1t1es of c1t1zensh1p wxthout recogn1z1ng the1r 1mportance to the natmon per haps to 1ts very enustence of txme Even so w1th1n our own era each set of graduates from our schools has gone forth xnto a world fraught w1th problems whether they were the result of a depresslon, a war or an un certaln peace and they have somehow measured up to the obstacles encountered The members of our present graduatmg class whether entermg schools of hrgher learmng or term1nat1ng the1r formal educat1on at th1s stage of the1r development certalnly face as many problems as any prevxous class but th1s 15 to be compensated by the number of opportun1t1es that are also avaxlable It remams to be seen whether th1s and other graduatmg classes throughout the land prohted by the trammg recexved from the schools and other 1nst1tut1ons of the commun1ty and whether they are ready for the d1ff1cult1es to be faced and the opportun1t1es to be grasped In a sense, all graduates are on trzal as l1v1ng ev1dence of our behefs and our way of hfe Th1s makes them very lmportant mdeed to all of us because rt means that more than ever be fore, our form of government, our system of educat1on our very ph1losophy of l1v1ng are on tr1al as well It can only be sa1d that workxng closely w1th youth of Amerlca even w1th so small a segment as Just those xn Topsf1eld tends to encourage bellef 1n them and for what they stand Maur1ce F Smlth Superlntendent of Schools 3 . I . Q -- r a . . 9 t . . . . i The youth of every generation has been critized by its elders probably since the beginning To the Cla s of 1958 As I wrzte th1s, two man made satelhtes are c1rcl1ng the earth These sputmcks were made and placed 1n the1r orb1ts by the Russ1ans Th1s 15 of vxtal concern to every freedom lov1ng person who hves outs1de of the commun1st sphere of mfluence for the results of thxs race for space supremacy may well dec1de the fate of democracy as a way of hfe and form of government 1n the twentleth century These feats of sc1ence on the part of the Commun1sts are even more remarkable when we consxder the tremendous sc1ent1f1c and technolog1cal progress these people have made 1n the few short years follow1ng World War II It 15 well Wlthln the memory of many people when It was necessary for that natmon to 1mport from the free world engmeers to perform such tasks as bulldxng dams and roads The fact that the Russlans have achleved thxs progress mn such a short t1me 15 a trlbute wh1ch we must however grudgxngly pay to the1r system of educatmn In our nat1on we now have a flurry of act1v1ty We have talk and plans for a crash program 1n sc1ence and educatlon It 15 obv1ous that 1f we are to rega1n and maxntaln our supremacy 1n the age of space we must have a reevaluat1on of our ob1ect1ves goals and approaches Unfortunately many of these thmgs w1ll be t1me consumlng and at a perxod durlng wh1ch t1me IS of the essence What we need now are 1mmed1ate solut1ons wh1ch w1llbr1ng about very tang 1ble results Our present educat1ona1 system 1S based on our democrat1c way of lrfe and IS one of the fmest 1n the world However any system must adapt 1tself to chang1ng emphasrs It would appear that 1f we are to succeed students must be w1ll1ng to develop to a greater degree the1r 1ntellectual cur1os1ty and be w1ll1ng to strxve for h1gher academlc goals We must have greater recogn1t1on for those who seek addmtxonal work and demonstrate an honest desxre to help creat1vely mn our progress Th1s demands a degree of maturlty and a well developed sense of respons1b1l1ty on the part of all students today Leave Topsf1eld Hlgh School wxth hablts d1rected toward cons1stent appllcatlon to and ach1eve ment of the SP6C1f1C problems at hand but also always be aware of the need of contlnmng growth and educatlonal progress Rodney C Dres ser Pr1nc1pal 4 'x H . 5 I I I 1 - . 1 1 - . , . I ZX ZX M4-If 9 N FACULTY '5-7'-x Miss Barry Latin, French, English Mr. McLaughlin Boys Physical Ed., U.S. History World History Mr. Crowell Problems of Democracy U. S. History Guidance Director This page is sponsored by HYLAND DINER Route 1 Danvers, Mass. 6 ,Q Mr. Cronk Shop Mis s D 'Aigle English 1 X -.Wig-3 K. fm., 'ws v Mr. Lanni Social Studies, Gen. Business Training Mrs. Couhig Girls Physical Ed. 1 Ng, 4. x XJ x TI, Cx Mr. Campbell V Xvk Math, Algebra This page is sponsored by THOMAS RALPH CO. Salem, Mass. 7 ws S A Mr. Evans Gen. Science, Gen. Math, Biology Mr. M1-oz Math and Science M' , , 5 . . f 5 yy 4 f"" ,L 1 3: was 'gf hz .x ' 4 ' '99 f 'jf' v Y 'TF' l g m, '- 114- 5+'g:.':'izi:E.s13i "f'?"I' . .1 5g5EEE1511122:.::'E' 3 se-an X Liif ir iff I ,,gzzf5f-fwiifaf-2.1217-'Q-' ifiilv wwffs - -:ay "fn f ? J f?fZF'?3M ,1 H . :J , 3 .. . ff XA .z????f7:S:. ' ,ggfga Efzsigfw - 'ifcf A . ,2F'L Y 'V R ' -A 1 ' s1i?fEE'JE fffizifz -.........,,,,, at-'I' A 3. '1ANf g mi SENIORS FRANCES ELLEN BRACKLEY Frankle Course College Future College Transferred from Malden H1gh 2 DAR Good C1t1ZeDSh1P Award 4 Yearbook Llterary Ed1tor 4 Topslnews 3 Cheerleadmg 4 Glee Club Z 4 Dr1v1ng Club 3 4 Called Frankre by her frlends but not so qu1et as she pretends BARBARA ELLEN BANKS Barb" Course College Future Fmllege Grrls' State Representamve 3 Student Exchange 4 Yearbook Ed1tor 4 Tops1news Z 3 4 Basket ball Z 3 4 Glee Club 1 Z 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Drnmg, Club 3 I nex er th1nk of the future It comes soon enough STEPHEN DANIEL CORDELLI texo ' Wood1e Course College Future Work Transferred from Newton I-hgh 3 Baseball 3 Cvlee Club 3 4 Dr1x1ng Club 4 School breaks up my whole day Sponsored by TOVNN BUICK Danxers 10 sl 1 Q - Q 1 1 Q ' C J I Q 1 1 9 5 1 s . V, I . vv , ' Y ' r 1 n fa-av' ll ' ll S I S I S 1 S , . ll - - 1 A II IIS , ll I ' ' ll Q 2 , 2 ' . X Il vu GRETA LOUISE C LARK "Di Di" Course: Commercial Future: Civil Service Class Secretary lg Student Council 25 Yearbook Production Editor 45 Topsinews 2,3,4g Cheer- leading 1,2,3g Glee Club l,2,3,4: Driving Club 33 Square Dance Club l. "Love is a dream - gosh I'm sleepy." KATHRY N MARY DONOVAN Kasey Course Commercial Transferred from Sommerville High 3 Student Exchange Representative 4 Topsinews 3 4 Field Hockey, Manager 4 Softball, Manager 3 4 Glee Club 4 Driving Club 4 ' ere is no w al h li a quiet mind ' Sponsored by PRICE 'S GARAGE Topsfield JUDITH LEE CROCKER Judy Course College Future Undecided Glee Club l She's little but from top to toe She's brirnful of life and go 11 ll ll ,4. H l 1 Q I ' .ll 's-M-K M ll Il Futurez' College . 5 I Q vi 'Th ' e t 'ke ' ' .' TIMOTHY R. FULLER "Farmer" Course: General Future: Service Student Council 45 Basketball 1,45 Glee Club 3,45 Driving Club 4. "Good humor makes all things tolerable." ROBERT LESTER GREEN Bob Course General Future Draftsman Transferred from Ipsw1ch I-hgh 4 Glee Club 4 S1lence IS more eloquent than wo rds DAVID LAWRENCE IVES Dave Future Presldent Z 3 V1ce Pres1dent 4 Football I Basketball l,Z,3 Glee Club 4 Dr1v1ng Club 3 An athlete that scores 1n more ways than one Sponsored by C 8: C ELLIOTT TOPSf1e1d ESSEX COUNTY CO OP Topsf1eld 12 x ll H 9 . ll ' ' ll C ll Il Course: General l J a ' ' ' 5 Q 5 S . . I ll ' DONALD FRANCIS KING Jr 'Donme Course College Future Mechan1calEng1neer Presldent 1 V1ce Pres1dent 2 3 Treasurer 4 Student Government Representat1ve 4 Boys State Representauve 3 Yearbook Busmess Manager 4 Glee Club 4 Dr1v1ng Club 3 'I-le's such a very bashful boy, to tease h1m, g1ves the g1rls much Joy JUDITH ALICE MELZARD Judy Course College Future College TOPSIHSWS Z Basketball 3 4 F1eld Hockey Club 3 'Judy s a pr1m M1ss, there s a sk1p 1D her walk Many a laugh she's had and boy can she tal ' ' SANDRA NE LL NOLAN Sand1e" Course Cornmerc1al Future College Secretary 2,3 4 Yearbook Photography Ed1tor 4 Fxeld Hockey Manager l Cheerleadmg l Captaln 2 3 Glee Club I 2,3 4 Dr1v1ng Club 4 She s small but so 15 a stxck of dynarru Sponsored by CONNOR CONTRACTING CO Topsf1eld YANKEE HOMES REAL ESTATE Topsf1e1d 13 , . u - uv I " 1 1. . I S . . . ,, y Il ll . J , Q . 1,2,3,4g Softball 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Driving , ' . . I . . k." ' ll ' I , 2 ' U .v 2 1 1 Q l I - ll I ' ' 'te!vl JAMES SCOTT NOLAN Scotty Course College Future A1r Force Student Councll 3 Student Exchange Represen tatue 4 Football l Glee Club l 2 3 4 Drlung Club 4 All the world may not love a lover but all the world watches hlrn NATHALIE FAITH RALPH Course College Future Nurs1ng Fay Topsmews 1 Basketball Z 3,4 Cheerleadlng 4 Glee Club 1,2 4 Dr1v1ng Club 4 Square Dance Club 1 A changeable mood a gay sense of humor f you hear that she s sh1rk1ng xt s Just a rumor I'Ll1'TlOI' MARGUERITE PERI ROBINSON argle Course General Future Nurslng Student Counc1l 3 4 Tops1news 1 2 Basketball 1 4 Fleld Hockey Manager 1 Cheerlead1ng3 4 Glee Club 1 2,3 4 Dr1v1ng Club 4 Square Dance Club 1 Clever pretty lots of fun Margo s tops w1th everyone Sponsored by NAUMKEAC AUTO SALES Beverly 14 of nl vu Y - 1 y 1 : 1 1 V v1 I , . ' ll n u 2 1 5 S 1 I S Il . , ,I 4 . . . , . , . vw J . I 5 ' HM - rv - , S 1 5 p I a 2 1 I , , I S Il . I ' I I I II THOMAS SAVAGE llffornrnyll Course: General Future: Glee Club 4. "Never a care, never a hurryg just one girl is his main worry." WARREN BURROUGHS SCHOTT Jr Butch Course College Future College Transferred from North Andover I-hgh 2 Presldent 4 Student Exchange Representauve 4 Basketball 4 Glee Club 4 Drlvlng Club 3 'He s short andhe s w1se He s a terror for 1 sue JUNE NASH WORK "Bunny Future College Transferred from Marblehead I-hgh 4 Tops1 news 4 Glee Club 4 Some say she's qu1et but lf they knew her hey would deny lt ' Sponsored by LUBRICATION ENGINEERS, INC Fort Worth, Texas 15 , . ll Il S . S L . 3 9 9 ' . I I I ' I h'S ', IV II Course: Commercial W 5 '- S . ll ' ' I I t ' . ' Senior Class Officers L. to R, Standing-S. Nolan, Photography Editor, D. King, Business Editor, B. Banks, Editor-in-Chief. Sitting-F. Brackley, Literary Editor, G. Clark, Production Editor. This page is sponsored by ROBERT STONE COMPANY L. to R. Front Row-S, Nolan, Secretary. Second Row-W. Schott, Presidentg D. Ives, Vice- Presidentg D. King, Treasurer. Y ea 1-book Staff Senior Class L. to R. Front Row-G. Clark, M. Robinson, K. Donovan, B. Banks, F. Brackley Second Row-S. Nolan, J. Work, F. Ralph, J. Melzard, J. Crocker, Mr. Soule Third Row-W. Schott, S. Nolan, S. Cardelli, T. Fuller, D. King, D. Ives. Popularity Contest TITLE Best Disposition Best Looking Best Dressed Best Sense of Humor Best Personality Most Athletic Most Popular Most Intelligent Most Likely to Succeed Most Loquacious Most Collegiate Cutest Quietest Wittiest Most Romantic Class Clown Frances Brackley Sandra Nolan Greta Clark Barbara Banks Frances Brackley Judy Melza rd Frances Brackley Judy Crocker Judy Crocker June Work Faith Ralph Sandra Nolan Kaye Donovan Judy Crocker Ma rgue rite Robinson Judy Crocker This page sponsored by Warren Schott David Ives Warren Schott Steve Cardelli Warren Schott David Ives Steve Cardelli Donald King Donald King Steve Cardelli Warren Schott Tom Savage Donald King Tim Fuller Scott Nolan Steve Cardelli CARTER'S GAS STATION and SUNBEAM CLEANERS 17 CLASS WILL We the Graduatmg Class of 1958 of Topsfleld H1gh School Topsf1eld County of Essex Commonwealth of Massachusetts bemg of unsound mmds and unstable bod1es do hereby declare thls to be our last W1ll and Testament Therefore, we w1sh to bequeath the follow1ng To our beloved Class Adv1sor, Mr Soule we leave an automat1c row stra1ghtener and a colorful supply of pla1d umbrellas To Mxss Barry we bequeath a ten story bu1ld1ng to hold all the students 1n her French Ill Class To Mr Crowell we leave a 30 hour day and a 'do lt yourself' ocean k1t for h1s back yard boat1ng To Mrs Varney we leave a mechan1cal robot to help her plan and get the Topsmews out on t1me To Mr Ford we leave a book entxtled "Math for the Pre School Ch1ld" for hrs Consumer Math class To Mrs Blanchard we leave an automat1c nxne o clock attendance taker To Mr Campbell we leave a wh1p to control Robert Grace and the rest of those 7th graders " To Mrs Couh1g we leave forwards who have good shootmg eyes and guards that stay 1n the1r own zone To Mr Rlce we leave a qulet study hall and a memory to remlnd h1m to br1ng th1ngs for the shop class for future Semors To Mr McLaughl1n we leave a fool proof football and basketball to 1nsure all future games as w1ns To Mr Dresser we leave a senlor class that IS not on the gum l1st and spends more t1me 1n the Detent1on Hall Marguerlte Rob1nson leaves her purple na1l pohsh to anyone who dares wear lt She would leave Roger, but she plans to take h1rn Farth Ralph leaves her athletlc ab1l1ty to play mxddle guard to K1tty Stahlbrand and her w1ggle to Anne Perk1ns Donn1e K1ng leaves h1s pol1t1cal speakmg ab1l1ty to Danny Croms and h1s way w1th the teachers to Robert Skeffmgton Judy Crocker leaves her French pronounc1at1on to anyone who 1S s1lly enough to want lt Bunny Work leaves her f1ngerna1ls to anyone who chews the1r own and her loud vo1ce to be d1v1ded equally between Sheha Cam and Blame Taft Scott Nolan leaves h1s car to anyone who can afford lt He doesn t 1ntend to leave h1s tr1ps to West Newbury or the blond, to anyone Steve Cardell1 leaves the bo1leroom and lock Jaw to Robert Skeffmgton Tommy Savage leaves h1s J1tterbugg1ng ab1l1ty to J1mmy Belkus Sand1e Nolan leaves her curly ha1r to Holly Roeder and her actmg ab1l1ty to fool the teachers to Davld D1Francesco Dave Ives leaves hrs gym trunks to Robert Carter and h1s ab1l1ty to play basketball to Dale Wanng Judy Melzard leaves her amb1t1on to go to college to anyone who has better grades and her abxhty to goof off 1n sports to Sandra Ev1tts Kaye Donovan leaves her tardmess to Carol Croms who IS always on t1me Greta Clark leaves to Mrs Varney her match1ng sklrt and sweater sets 1n hopes she w1ll add them to her collectlon Franlue Brackley leaves her desert boots to Freddy Hall and her smokmg perm1ss1on to Carol Bxshop Butch Schott leaves h1s sweaters and Bermuda shorts to Fred Jones T1mmy Fuller leaves hls helght to Pete Ives 1n hope It w1llhelph1m rn h1s basketball career Barb Banks leaves her stra1ght ha1r to Mona Lebaron Bob Green leaves h1s stat1on wagon to any Jumor who has smokmg permxsslon Th1s be1ng our last W1ll and Testament, we leave the above bexng s1gned and sealed by the Class of '58 Marguer1te Rob1nson Fa1th Ralph Sponsored by THE CLASS OF 1961 Topsfxeld H1gh School 18 ' 1 1 , 7 1 . , - , -. - , . . ' - I ' ll - - ll Il ' ' , . 1 ., CLASS PROPHECY As we look at the calendar on the wall of the Hyland D1ner we not1ce that 1t's the year 1968 lt's almost m1dn1ght and the class of 1958 should be arr1v1ng for the1r 10th year re un1On any m1nute Naturally, Barb Banks the new owner and ex wa1tress arr1ved early to clear the tables forthe oncom1ng blast " Our earl1est arr1ver, as usual 15 Don K1ng who 15 now 1n the ant1que fore1gn car bus1ness As he walks 1n he g1V8S h1s ever popular greet1ng, Hello, T apper' They just get a conversat1on started when who should appear 1n the doorway but Fa1th Ralph n her cr1sp nurse s un1form She s now head nurse at Ch1ldren s Hosp1tal and d1s plays her colorful array of loll1pops that she has brought for everyone Next comes Dave Ives, whose d1shwash1ng ab1l1ty for the gu1ld w1ll come 1n handy later on th1S evemng He's the only cab1net maker left 1n the country who makes cab1nets' b1g enough for the new Bu1cks Speak1ng of BL11CkS, here comes Steve Cardelll barrel1ng up to the edge of the dmer He 1mmed1ately recogmzes h1s old fr1end, "Ivesareech11", who calls out "Wood1e Baby ' Steve heads the Enghsh department at Harvard Un1vers1ty Now comes our former DAR Good C1t1zen Frank1e Brackley, who just got her Z4 hour parole from State Pr1son She's hOP1ng to be released shortly and then w1ll return to her fam1ly Hot on her heels comes State Trooper Tom Savage who takes Jobs dur1ng the summer as a tall man 1n the Slde show He IS called the Long Arm of the Law Here comes J Crocker after returmng from Par1s where she translated MACBETH 1nto French Her exper1ences 1n France su1t her for that Job of mak1ng French Bread for a restaurant on the corn-er Of course we all know the owner Margo Rob1nson' DeC1d1ng not to marry, she had qu1te a t1me try1ng to f1gure out what to do Wlth all her pots and pans Our small group 15 now gathered around our favor1te corner table Suddenly the door opens and the former Greta Clark enters wear1ng her match1ng wh1te m1nk sweater and skxrt set She flew down from New York 1n her pr1vate plane Soon after Greta 1S seated Butch Schott arr1ves 1n h1s 1932 Ford Butch hasn't been too successful 1n h1s f1eld of eng1neer1ng so he has taken odd Jobs for the town of Boxford H 15 st1ll wear1ng burmuda shorts, a ruffled sh1rt and the rest Arr1v1ng soon afterwards 1n Sand1e Nolan She s greeted warmly by all her old fr1ends and admxrers who go to see her perform n1ghtly Hopp1ng along w1th Sand1e 15 another classmate who has gone 1nto the enterta1nment bus1ness, Bunny Work She started out as a secretary for MGM but her f1ngerna11s grew so long her boss gave her a lead1ng role 1n horrow mov1es where she excels as an actress She 1S currently starr1ng 1n "The Rabb1t W1 h Vamp1re Fangs" and "Dr Torto1se and Mr Hare At the sound of a Z0 gun salute 1n the d1ner yard everyone runs to the w1ndows W 1tlS Tommy Fuller who 15 the most prom1nent of all our fellowclassmen Although he s the Adm1ral of the Navy he st1ll ma1nta1ns h1S humble post of wexght l1ft1ng at Annapohs Academy How about that? S1lence preva1ls when Scott Nolan comes 1n Wlth h1s harum of 40 danc1ng g1rls He now l1ves 1n Arab1a where he 15 feverl1shly try1ng to cult1vate the desert to a th1nk forest Next comes Bob Green, who stud1ed to be a draftsman but ended up by be1ng a com1c Strlp wr1ter for the Boston Globe The party 1S just about beg1nn1ng when Kaye walks 1n She IS late as usual and 1S laden down Wlth college textbooks Our other hab1tual latecomer, Judy Melzard comes sk1pp1ng 1D as usual She's the coach of the Mascomnet g1rls basketball team only g1rl 1n the world that can t1ckle her feet w1th her pony ta1l Once aga1n the class of 1958 15 together It has been fun to see each other and we look forward to our 20th Barbara Banks Frank1e Brackley Sponsored by THE CLASS OF 1960 Topsf1eld H1gh School 19 . 'I . - . - ' . . , , . . . D . . . . ,, r ." L . , , . . , . , . . - . . I 4 Q .. - 'I . ' ' . ' ll I .ll etc. She finally decided to open her own restaurant known as "Margo's Social Shoppe." . . . . . . ' e 4 - 1 - I . - 't ' . ' I. ." . . ' . ' ' ' ITV' CLASS HISTORY In September of 1954 the foundat1on of Topsf1eld I-hgh School was shaken by the entrance of the class of 1958 At the begmmng of our Freshman year we galned a new member Barry MacDonald Durlng the football season and throughout the basketball season we were bestowed w1th the honor of sell1ng refreshments wh1ch started our treasury off to a good start Also dur1ng that year we held two successful record hops with Hal W1ll1ams as d1sc Jockey th1s not only helped to bu1ld up our treasury but started us off ID a successful socxal f1eld In the fall of our Sophomore year we d1scovered that we had lost Ingr1d Stahlbrand Valerxe Shea, Martha W1ll1ams Jack Collms Jon Blades Brent Roedar and Barry MacDonald How ever we had ga1ned the persons of Frances Brackley and Warren Schott Two of our most successful dances were held th1s year Our Bob Clayton record hop 1n December wlth 1ts m1stletoe and holly and our Stan R1chards hop on Fr1day 13th We also held a very prof1table food sale 1n Carter s gas stat1on To close the year we held a beach party at the 'Reservatlon on Plum Island 1956 rolled around and we were nowJun1ors We had lost Robert Hall Ben Enghsh and Bruce Sherman, but had gamed Kaye Donovan and Steve Cardell1 Our largest dance the Joe Sm1th spook hop was held 1n October, and 1n May we had our .Tumor Prom Th1s was really a gala event Sandra Nolan was crowned queen of the occas1on and Marguerlte Rob1nson and Joyed by all at Marguemte s Th1s year was also brought to a close w1th a beach party at Plum Island At last here 1t 1S 1957 1958 and we are Semors We have lost Tlna P1rrotta and Norman Rust and have galned June Work and Robert Green Our f1rSt soc1a1 event was the annual Sen 1or Prom After the event we went to V1Cl1ff's Steakland then back to Marguer1te's for another famous all mght party Later on 1n the year we had a 'Semor Hop w1th Bob Clayton as d1sc Jockey Th1s proved to be a very prof1table dance and helped flnance our Washmgton tr1p cons1derab1y On Apr1l 26 1958 twelve sen1ors boarded the tram at South Statlon and headed towards Washlngton A wonderful tlme was enjoyed by all and we want to sxncerely thank our chaper ones for mak1ng th1s poss1ble We would l1ke to thank Mrs Charles Mann for her valuable ass1stance 1n decoratmg for our lovely Jun1or Prom And last, but not least on June 12 1958 we the class of '58 walked down the a1sle of Wood bury Audrtormum and onto the stage to rece1ve our d1plomas A crownlng event whxch brought to a close a wonderful part of our hves four happy and memorable years Sandra Nolan Q . . . , . J . . . . . 3 . . , . . . 1 . . , . . . I . , I t - , . . ' , . . . - ' . . . . ' I ' . 1 - ll . . I . . s . . . . . Faith Ralph were chosen as her lovely attendants. After the prom an all-night party was en- . . , . . , . . - . . . . . - . . , . H . ' D . I . . . . , ' 9 1 1 1 ' ' . , l al' 3,70 X M w CLASSES mf' , ff if s F5 f :QQ K Q Fi "'f,M.q.X: 'J 57 nasgm La. wi . 6 f" E 4 glib' Yf' if L 5.1 X? if Q? xg if w N ,g 13554 g f fffg f AQ il g Wfgrixgfzf, , ,Elf ,Q 3357? vw :fi : ,, we if is A 2? .Q ,,. A F 'A Z f I ms? 1. -4, P A W 1-Q' 5 3 ,. fx :ga 'hiv 9 ,Q 37' XX if 3 f 0 J 1 ws? ,ff ? 4 y 1- , QQ, , "Q ff? " L 1 fi' , Q- rw fy - - A X ..i.,4 . ,ilk Q, :fix YA . Q - M72 ' "t I H ,, ,Ym,- V f '24 41 K X Y NN . s . f K G "' :M Rf , ., X f at 1 A ' 8 .Q 1 A 4 ' ' 65 L 4 3 ig, Q 4 .L 554 :-sg , ,, ,Iw i . A A 1 -'Q ., k .', 'fi 3' A 4 J F' Ill ' wg' 3 V CCB 911 Q .gf ATHLETICS g :1:f, W ' X49 C .I ' 2 Q' . iv ' ' Q ' W Q M? 4 , - QW ,I J ' as f wg ' gipx 1" 1" 'L A X Q f Q." 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' Y 1 I be IUNIOR PROM RMS ROGSSO NGGOO 34 fl SENIOR PRCM Sponsored By CARGILL REAL ESTATE 35 Topsfield TOPSINEWS STAFF Sponsored by THE CLASS OF 1959 Topsfield High School 36 STUDENT COUNCIL ROb1HSOD,R Carter P Sm1th,T Ful1er,C MacNulty D Broder1ck,S VanG1Iluwe Sec retxry tg I r 1 Mrs Lynch C3 SAVINGS BAN! I I hefh C In mpdl Spouse red by begretdrytomupermtendem PARENT TEACHERS Mrb CUMMINC15 ASSOCIATION lOpS11eId 37 1 I , I . -- X 'Wrh int YM , ..- ,,4' " 1 FFF '-' 1' s ' fa' f ,. ,.-J' f t Q C 3 i1 'C K ' ' ' ' T ' . ' v ' - '. 1' ' 2 GLEE CLUB O ORCHESTRA Sponsored By KIRBY FOOTWEAR CO. ROZANNE SHOES DanVerS Danvers fv- - -. Tier-. -K fr I 'X I lv ,, 1 My 5 i ""Y'- - wnfa ms Jaws X' r J-9' ,Aff x ASW J. iigwia, "SAO, W' ,qw 4' Q 'M IW I a . mf- "a .Z wav , I 1 I 'fi I f y. .1 ' .sf- Gh , QQ Q. ' X' ha-aug, 2 'FQ , Q N hi BQ? , -4.1 in gg al Q: 1 f ff -- ' 1 Xiu. 'VCI K ,ai if ' ! .',f'.. 4-. .f S -f Q 1 JF, fi 5 3 x X-avg. effuikii ,K ,,,-wf--'- W? 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Suggestions in the Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) collection:

Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 38

1958, pg 38

Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 49

1958, pg 49

Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 28

1958, pg 28

Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 16

1958, pg 16

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