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Topsfield High School - Shenewemedy Yearbook (Topsfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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FT' A SHENEWEMEDY 'I957 X Pb hdy ThS TOPSFIELD HIGH SCHCOL TOPSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS - fl V l ' It 'V , .1 I. 'I' .xi- if , fA nf . A 2 E3 , M f 1 4' ,fm -, Q7 S' ff " H' , ' ' ' . N M I b e enior Class if APPRECIATION To you, Mr. Retalis, we, the Senior Class of Topsfield High School, take this opportunity to dedicate our yearbook, SHENEWEMEDY. You have been insuumental in helping and in guiding us along our paths toward the future. Your understanding and cooperation have been sincerely appreciated by every member of the Senior Class. We feel we have lost not only a fine teacher and class advisor, but also a wonderful friend. It is with gratitude that we dedicate this, our final achievement, to you from the Class of 1957. 2 FACULTY ' 1 I K ' ef The curriculum of any school is commonly thought to consist of the various subject areas ranging from mathematics and science to literature and the lan- guages. The true curriculum of a school, however, is far more embracing. Such a curriculum really consists of everything that has to do with school life. In a school with this understanding of the term curriculum, the attitudes and appreciations that are developed in the participating students are regarded by the instruc- tors as being as important as the actual subject matter learned, and this is true whether it be in the classroom on the athletic field or in the Home Economics de- partment. This broader concept of a curriculum actually of- fers to the student better preparation for life to follow PRINClPAL'S MESSAGE As you graduate from high school you will be faced with new horizons. Since the very beginning of life upon the earth, man has been on the lookout for new horizons. They do not just happen to people: rather, they must be sought after. The fundamental desires for success, recognition, happiness or fortune, or a combination of these have stimulated men to seek the unknown to find what lies beyond the range of his vis- ion and experience. These activities have made pos- SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE since it is directly concerned with the life of the stu- dent, his needs and desires, at present. The graduating student need merely to analyze in his own mind the kind of activities that have been of- fered to him in his school life and the emphasis that has been given by his instructors on his development as a well-rounded individual to appreciate the concept of curriculum that is existent in the Topsfield Schools. Further analysis should reveal to him that, as a student, what he has obtained from his curriculum has been only in direct proportion to what he, himself, has contributed. This will be no less true in the curricu- lum of life to follow. Maurice F. Smith sible exploration, research, adventure and progress. In order to push on to new horizons people must have imagination, vision and courage. There is a very definite correlation between the progress of a nation and the vision of its people and leaders. If our coun- try is to remain great, it must depend upon the desire and will of each succeeding generation to further ex- pand its horizons. Rodney C. Dresser Sponsored by BIXBY and NORTHRUP REALTY Topsfield, Mass. FACULTY Mr ANDREW SOULE Enghsh M1ss HELEN BARRY French, Latm Mrs MARY POLSONETTI Jr I-hgh Enghsh Sponsored by THE CARGILL AGENCY Topsfreld, Mass. 3 Mr GEORGE R.ETALIS Sclence, Mathemaucs Mr JAMES HAWKINS Jr H1gh Socral Stud1es Mr GELEAN CAMPBELL Jr I-hgh English i s . I , -lx - 1 'fa' ' 2 ' ' 1 -1- , , "L, - 4 Luth '-'31-.Ajvxw I! .s X 1 ' 1 '-'T 1 f "H ' af' 3 ' ' 5 . - i rr . 5,1 S 2 I' ' ,ff 'T . . . . . . . . . Mr EUGENE CROWELL Guxdance Duector, Soc1a1 SULl.d1ES, Mathematxcs Mrs BEATRICE COUHIG Guls' Coach, Sc1ence M15 DOROTHY BLANCHARD Home Econonucs FACULTY Sponsored by THE CIASS OF 1958 Topsfield High School 6 Mrs BLANCHE VA RNEY Commerc :al Mr NEAL McLAUGHLIN At.h1et1c Duector, Boys' Coach Mr JOHN TOBEY Industnal Arts Officers Presrdent Arthur Froburg V1ce Presrdem Stephana Broderxck Secretary Iamce Houston Treasurer Sldney I-lurlburt CLASS 51 FRONT ROW, L to R K Galloway, S Brodenck, lades, C Petason E Boucher Mr Retahs BACK Callahan, P Wade, J MacNulty,J Houston, S God ROW S Katz,A I-lea.rd,W Inzgraham, E Gaskell, W fre N Rust P Pm SECONDROW J P y, , y otter Rockwell, W Van Tassell, J Swmdell, A Froburg Schott, P Fraher, J Goggm, J Clark, S Hurlburt, S KIRBY'S FOOTWEAR Sponsored by CARTER'S GAS STATION Danvers, Mass Topsheld, Mass 8 , I . f gig" . - Q4 f 1 Ml Sl B ' ..... . ....... . ,fi ,IZ I J f "7 ry 1 l W 4 i xx A "P X 3 vu. I V .al V S W S ! rl 2 . r "' 4 Q i Lk .3 V Q. J-1, K V -wh, U ra Q an Y 1 Q Q ,. P : I I 1 . .: . . ' J. B . . . '. SUSAN ANN BLADES "Sue" Girls' State Rqaresentativeg "Topsinews" 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play 15 Field Hockey 25 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball l,2, Manager 31 EILEEN JOYCE BOUCHER "Bush" Student Council 1,2, Vice-President 4 5 Photography Editor, "Shenewemedy"g "Topsinews" 1,2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 43 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Class Play 13 Field Hockey 1,2, Co- Captain 3,45 Basketball 3,43 Softball 2,3,4g Cheering 1,2. f- nw X Q '01 2 5 Class Vice-President 15 "Topsinews" 1,2,4g Glee Club 1,2,3 4g Field Hockey 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4. Sponsored by THOMAS M. RALPH CO. Topsfield, Mass. 9 ROXANNE STEPHANA BRODIERICK "Stq9h ' Class President 35 Class Vice-President 4, "Topsinews" 1,2, 3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play lg Field Hockey 1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,3,43 Softball 1,2. JOY ELLEN CALLAHAN "Joy JOHN ARTHUR CLARK "Deacon Class President 25 Glee Club 1,25 Football 2,35 Basketball 1 2,4. PATRICIA LEE FRAHER "Patti "Topsinews" 2,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Field Hockey 1,25 Basketball 1,45 Softball 2,3,45 Cheering 3. X Qx S f Je ,511 'lm 5, Of 5 P5 ARTHUR ALLAN FROBURG "Art" Class President 45 Student Colmcil 1, Vice-President 2, Pres- ident 35 Boys' State Representativeg Co-Editor, "Shenewem- edy"5 Glee Club 1,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Bausch and Lomb Science Award 1. HELEN KAY GALIDWAY "Kay" Student Colmcil 35 "Topsinews" 2,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Field Hockey 1,25 Basketball 3,45 Softball 1,2,4. Sponsored by CLASS OF 1959 Topsfield High School EDWARD IRVING GASKELL "Ted" Class Treasurer 35 Class Play 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Baseball l,2. SUSAN GODFREY "Suzie" "Topsinews" 1,2,3,45 Clee Club 1,2,3, Secretary 45 Field Hockey 1,2,3, Co-Captain 45 Basketball 3, Co-Captain 45 Softball 1,2, Captain 3,45 Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award 3. e f F I- N-f A be PS A JOHN PATRICK GOGGIN "Jack" Class Vice-President 35 Student Council President 45 "Tops- inews" 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Class Play 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2, Captain 3,45 Baseball 15 Babe Ruth Sports- manship Award 3. ARTHUR SLHGHT HEARD, Jr. "Art" Transferred from Ipswich High School 3. Sponsored by C1ASS OF 1962 Topsfield High School ll JANICE HOUSTON "Houst:y" Class Secretary 1,2,45 Business Manager, "Shenewemedy"5 "Topsinews" 35 Glee Club 1,2,3, President 45 Class Play 15 Field Hockey 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4. SIDNEY HOLLADY HURLBURT "Sid" Class Treasurer 45 Co-Editor, "Shenewemedy"5 "Topsinews" l,2,3,45Glee Club 1,45 Basketball Manager l,2,35 Baseball Manager l,2. 6 51751: ' n WILLIAM PAUL INGRAI-IAM "Bill" "Topsinews" 15 Glee Club 2,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4. SOLOMON KATZ "So1" Transferred from Malden High School 3. Football Manager 35 Baseball 3,4. Sponsored by CLASS OF 1960 Topsfield High School 12 JAN EI' NOREEN MacNUI.TY "Mac" Transferred from Stoneharn High School 45 Field Hockey 43 Basketball 45 Softball 4. PRISCILLA JOAN OWEN "Cilla" Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4g Softball Manager 25 PTA Citizenship Award 3. g-'ff-'4 1 P2 CAROLE ANN PETERSON "Carole" Transferred from Beverly High School 25 "Topsinews" 2,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Field Hockey 25 Softball 2,4. JOAN STELLA POTTER "Joanie" Trarsferred from Bristol fConn. Q High School 35 Art Editor, "Shenewemedy"g "Topsinews" 45 Glee Club 3g Field Hockey 43 Basketball 3,45 Softball 3,4. , Sponsored by ESU COUNTY CO-OP FARMINC ASSOCIATION Topsfield, Mass. 13 'E- ,'v- 1, f PATRICIA MARION PYM "Patsy" "Topsinews" 45 Glee Club l,2,35 Field Hockey 1,2,3. I' WARREN FRANCIS ROCKWELL, Jr. "Rocky Transferred from Tilton QN.H.j Academy 25 Class Secretary 35 "Topsinews" 2,35 Football 35 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 2,3, 4. N Hg 'Sf Q 1 A A If 'SE N.4..-- I ll 'X-1 I Q Q ' I I 2 Po NANCY ALICE RUST "Nance" Glee Club l,2,35 Field Hockey l,2,3g Basketball 253,45 Soft- ball l,2,3,4. CAROLYN SCHOTT "Carol" Transferred from North Andover High School 4, .ga 'rw-9' Sponsored by CLASS OF 1961 Topsfield High School I4 U' 'C' JOSEPH GREGORY SWINDELL "Joe" Class Vice-President 25 "Topsinews" 15 Glee Club 45 Class Play lg Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3, 4. WILLIAM PARKMAN VAN TASSELL, Jr. "Van" "Topsinews" 15 Football 2,45 Basketball 45 Baseball 1,2. f i A Jw: h 71 PHYLLIS MARJORIE WADE "Phyl" Class President 15 "Topsinews" 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Field Hockey 1,25 Basketball l,2, Co-Captain 45 Softball 1,4. Former Classmates Robert Doucette 3,4 Roland Kuchel 1,2 Patricia Piper 1,2 James Reynolds 2 Dwayne Welch 1,2,3,4 Spoxsored by SNYDER JEWELRY DICK'S MUSIC SHOPPE Danvers, Mass. Danvers, Mass. 15 The year 1967 The place I-lernando s Hrde away The occasron the 10th reunron of the class of 1957 The guests are begrnnrng to arr1ve now We frrst see the Rev Arthur Froburg, one of the outstandmg Tl1eolog1ans of our trme He led hrs flock IH 1957 as class presrdent an 0ff1CC wh1 ch proved good tra1n1ng for hrs future career The next guest 1S the noted explorer John Gog gm, who has just returned w1th hrs harem from an exc1t1ng IIIP 1nto the bush country of North Afr1ca John 15 go1ng to show us slrdes of hrs unusual ex plorat1ons later on 1n the evenmg The entertarn ment w11l be commented upon by one of the leadlng dramat1sts of our day Patr1c1a Lee Fraher The alumn1 who have succeeded 111 the freld of med1c1ne are entermg now We f1rst see Mrs Erleen husband who left us before graduatlon but was al ways remembered by hrs former classmates Next drrvrng up lll therr twln Ivy League Thun derb1rd convert1b1es are Steph Broder1ck and Joy Callahan Steph 1S a well known nurse, and Joy IS a noted dental hygenrst Behrnd them IS Nancy Rust who has founded Rust Memorral HOSPIIS1 whrch employsjamce Houston head m6d1Ca1 technologrst Janrce frnally has her own lab to work lll now wrthout any 1nterfer1ng chemrstry teachers Here comes another proneer 1n the freld of SC1 ence It 1S the promrnent chemrcal engmeer Sol Katz Solly 1S Weaflllg an 1mported SUIT and a CLASS Chesterf1e1d overcoat but he 's st1l1 walkrng on whrte bucks That's our Soll Sol 18 hardly through the door when we hear a dull roar overhead As we rush out of the door and look skyward, we see those Jet aces of the Strategrc A1r Command Joe Swrndell and Arthur Heard parachutmg to the ground Joe has garned recognl t1on as the founder of the frrst Unrted States Arr Force sxx man football team, and Art has the only powder blue Jet plane w1th turk1sh towel seat covers rn the All' For ce Followmg Art and Joe 1S another member of the flymg fools , Sue Blades retrred a1rl1ne hostess Susre long ago gave up her professlon and 15 now the happy mother of nrne chrldren Sue 15 hardly seated when a Parne Woodfrn truck pulls up to the curb and out steps PIIVBIC secretary hrghrankrng Au Force offrcral, Thomas Tucker Tonrght they 're celebratrng the tenth annrversary of therr engagement They plan on gett1ng marrred tn the near future Hardly rs Phyllrs 1n the door when a tlourrsh of trumpets heralds that excrtrng actress 'Krnn Pym wrapped IH p1nk mrnk on the arm of her latest lead1ng man Marlon Brando, Ir Ktm and Marlon are berng pursued by autograph hunters who, recognrzrng the next arrrval shrlek for sheer Joy It 1S that famous 30 game wrnner of the Boston Red Sox, Warren Rockwell Comlng through the door now rs the Al Capp of the class B111 Van Tassell the noted cartoonrst who Sponsored by DANIEL WARD REALTY CENTRE GROCERY CO . . , . . ' ,, ,, . . ' fBoucherj Welch, R.N. coming in with her prosperous Phyllis Wade. She is escorted by her fiancee, the ' ' ' - 1 ' sv , Topsfield, Mass. Topsfleld, Mass HAVERHILI. SAVINGS BANK WILL her srster and her love of the Armed Forces to Brenda Barnes Ioan leaves her art abrlrty rn a trust fund for Mr Bruzzo to drspense to future art classes and her posr tron as goalre on the hockey freld to anyone brave enough to take rt John C leaves hrs motorcycle to Mrs Varney and hrs Italran strrped shrrts to Don Broderrck Flleen leaves her curly hatr to Bruce Godfrey and her herght to Frances Murphy Rockv leaves hrs 200 pounds to be drstrrbuted evenly among the future football teams and hrs song Tonight You Belong to Me to the school orchestra since he d lrke to forget rt Patsy leaves a whrffle stick to Robert Wade and her dog tag to Mazr but she rs takrng her actrng a brlrty wrth her because she would be very drsturbed rf she were not awarded a Hollywood Oscar Nancy leaves her basketball sneakers to Susan Parker and her car to Mr Soule Van leaves hrs crew cut to Scott Nolan and hrs skrmg abrlrty to Warren Schott Srd leaves his odd Jobs to Fred Underhill but he can t leave hrs typewrrter because he'll need rt rn college Joy leaves her thermometer prn to Miss Barnar 4 and Pete Murphy to all of the T H S grrls who drrve Ted s football cleats are hrs partrng grft to Mr 'lobey but he leaves hrs ntghtly trrps to Rowley to no one because he s strll gorng there hrmself Brll I leaves hrs Drrver Ed card to whoever can use rt hrs abrlrty to drsrupt the school to Brlly Welch but hrs sz rle he rs takrng wrth hrm for further use Sue B leaves a parr of books entitled How to Wrn Lovers and How to Influence Chemrstry Teachers rn One Easy Lesson She would lrke leave her never ceasing abrlrty to talk but she wrll never be parted from that Steph leaves her berm udas and knee sox to Bob Skeffrngton however she won't leave wrthout her partres John G leaves a trarl of broken hearts beh rnd hrm but he rs takmg hrs charms wrth hrm for further use rn lrfe He also leaves all hrs love to Mrss Barry Pa tr s language books are left to future students who can t read Englrsh and her vrolrn to Jake Ver not Carol S rs takrrrg her sarlor buddres wrth her because she apprecrates a good Navy man when she sees one tres to some lucky soul who can get them and her artrstrc abrlrty to future rllustrators of the Topsr news Art Heard leaves the gravel prt to Steve Cardellr and hrs car to a certarn blonde Prrscrlla leaves her Job as basketball manager to her srster and her love of the Armed Forces to Brenda Barnes Thrs berng our last Will and Testament we leave wrrtten and srgned thrs 13th day of June one thou sand nrne hundred frfty seven the year of our Lord Wrtnesses A Nony Mous U R There Leo L Lyrn Steph Broderrck Joy Calla han Carol Schott Sponsored by CARTER'S INSURANCE AGENCY Topsfreld Mass Topsfreld Mass ' l ll ll ' l . . . . l 'I . ' I '- - . . . . . ' . . . ' ' I r ' . W ll fl X , , , . , , .- , . . 1 , . . . . . .' . . . n ' ' Sue G. leaves her summer job and college par- . I . . ' ' ' ' D A . uv ' 11. F . 1 . . . ' l . - ' ' n 1 - ' . . . - - . - I l , . . . , 1 ' , , , D. . . . . 3 - ' . . We the Graduatrng Class of 1957, of Topsfreld I-lrgh School, Topsfreld County of Essex Common wealth of Massachusetts, havrng gradually lost our mrnds durrng the past fou. years do hereby declare thrs to be our last Wrll and Testament, all other pre vrous wrlls and testaments to be hereby drsrecfarded bequeath the followrng To Mrss Barry we leave a trcketfora tour of Eu rope and a dumb warter fone that speaks French fluentlyj To Mrs Blanchard we leave a book contarnrng the answers to all the questrons her future Famrly classes may ask To Mrs Couhrg we leave an elevator to speed her many trrps between the rhrrd floor and the gym To Mr Crowell goes all ofour respect and ap precratron for gurdrng us through hrgh school A our partrng grft we leave hrm an electronrc com the answers To Mr Dresser we leave an X rav machrne be used rn frndrng students rllegally detarned from school To Mr McLaughlrn our class advrsor, goes our deepest gratrtude rn helprng us to achreve our goals as Senrors We should also lrke to leave an edrtron of our most popular book l-low to Stay Marrred and Lrke It To Mr Soule we leave an Englrsh room wrth a portable stage so that he may re enact hrs rm mortal Macbeth for future senrors To Mr Tobey goes a S1 O00 check whrch rs to be used to remodel the shop and a two way radro to ard hrm when Mr Dresser rs absent from school CLASS To Mrs Varney we leave a specral agent in an armed car as her escort for her frequent trrps to the bank The Junror Hrgh teachers are fortunate rn being the recrprents of gold plated detentron books to in troduce new seventh graders to the mysterres of the happy hour Carole P leaves her partres to Farth Ralph hop mg that she can get away w1th rt, but she s takrng all her telephone connectrons wrth her Joe leaves hrs football abrlrty to Barbara Marcrano and hrs Job at the drner to the Home Ec class to teach them about drshpan hands Janet leaves her love of Chemrstry to Davrd Dr Francesco and her car she rs takrng wrth her be cause she thrnks that rt strll has a few years of use fulness left Ianrce leaves her Marrne fatrgues to Jrmmy her hockey strck to no one as she wrll need rt rn the Olymprcs Sol leaves hrs car to anyone who can keep rt runnrng and hrs rnexhaustrble supply of excuses for be1ng late each mornrng to some poor under classman who frndshrmself rn the same predrca ment Phvllrs leaves her Ivy League outfrts to the on comrng collegrans and her bargarnrng abrlrty to Brlly Welch Art Ieroburg leaves hrs spare krdney to the next unfortunate member of the football squad, and hr abrlrty to get hrs homework papers rn on trme to John Watson Prrscrlla leaves her Job as basketball manager to Sponsored by MEREDITH FARM COUNTRY GAS SERVICE Topsfreld Mass Danvers, M355 ' . . ' . I 1 ' n . . l , . . . . . U Y . O , . . . Q - . . . , I. . . . . , . puter for use when future Trig. students ask for Belkus, her love of French to Chris Anderson, and . - 1 ' to ' . l l . . . - vv ' . 'S , . PROPHECY was also champron sk1er m the last O1ymp1cs Flash! We have Just recelved a message that one of our guests will be late Crursrng up the IDSW1Ch Rrver Kay Galloway s submarine motor has conked out and she w1ll be sltghtly delayed Kay has the only submar1ne wrth Thunderbrrd stylrng Our next guest was almost unable to attend the reunron Pr1sc1l1a Owen and her husband operate .1 large arrplane hanger 1n San Antonro Texas I her spare trme she manages the grrls d1v1s1on of the San Antonto CGIIICS As C1lla steps asrde, we see appeaung that cele brated wr1ter of passronate love stones Carole Pet erson Besrdes her much pubhcrzed novels Carole IS also co owner of a large Cham of gas SIHIIODS Walkmg 1n now rs a handsome young man Wlfll a baldrng crew cut It s B111 Ingraham, rn the o-we green unrform of the Mar1nes B111 w11l long be re membercd as the only Mar1ne ever to try to s1nk B111 s art1st1c ab1.l1ty serves h1m only as a hobby but our next two guestshave put therrs to professron al use Joan Potter IS a well known cartoonlst on a large metropol1tan newspaper and although Joan 1S short 111 stature she IS tall 1n success Susan God frey 15 an execuuve fashron desrgner for Chrrsuan D1or Sus1e s exper1ence at Topsfleld Hlgll School served her well for she IS also chatrwomanofdec oratrons for ever, D1or fash1on show A well known harrdo 1n an f fashron show rs the abbrevrated pony ta1l, des1g ed b, Madame Carolyn Schott who 15 arrrvlng now Carolrn has a salon rn every large crty 1n the country and 15 partrcular ly noted for her revolutronary style the short Schott A battered old Studebaker pulls to the curb and out steps prornrnent SOCIBI worker Janet MacNulty Janet turned down many offers from professlonal basketball and freld hockey teams to accept her under pard SOCl81 servlce Job But Janet 1S happy for although she IS short on money she IS long on frrends Screechrne up behlnd Janet s Studebaker 1S prnk 1 motorcy cle w1th Deac rn red letters on the Slde It s that terror of the raceways John Clark Deac IS the only cyclrst to make a cross country run tow1ng a cart of fert1l1zer One of the last cars to arr1ve 1S a long black lrmousrne Out steps that br1ll1ant young G II ex ecut1ve Ted Gaskell In hrs spare trme 1 ed lets down hrs harr and g1VCS Gene lxrupa some co"1pet1 Everyone 1S seated and we are about to begm when there 15 a flurry at the door and 1n comes S1dney llurlburt hrs pa Jer and penc1l 1n hand and press card stuck rn b1s hat Remember the boy who lrved one m1nute's walk fron t e school but was late every morn1ng'7 rlell rd hasn t changed much Xltnough he 1S a top notch sportcaster and radro announcer he usually comes hurry 1ng 1n Just as the startrng gun goes off or tl e umpue yells play Dalll As we look down the table, we see that the year have been good to our members Class of 1957 S Sponsored by ARMSTRONG'S SPORTING GOODS SUNBEAM CLEANSERS . . . . I . , . 1 . . - ' ' ' n I I ' . II . . , I u . . , , V . , , ' ' ' , . n O. ' , ' . . , . . . , - - I , O . , . a ' ' ' , ' E I ' n n ' . , . - , , a . t , . ' ,,, ' ' n n - - - ' Y ' I ' ' Il "' ll . . . . , 4 ' - I 1 - t I l M . , A M .- Parris Island. tion, ' 1 . - - U. I g D .Q I . . 1 l ' I Ai.. . ' . 1 I ' I 1 - . S L ll A , , . . A . . 1 H , V I . , c 0 , 1 ' " r A A - - , . , 7 Y. . . . U . . . , E . ' - v ' ' A ' ' vu! , ' n " x ' ' Q rv - . . . ., I , . , . . , Danvers, Mass. Topsfield, Mass CLASS HISTORY A fateful day for Topsfreld I-llghl September 1953 marked the appearance of a new Freshman class destrned after a four year struggle to gradu ate as the Class of 1957 The Sophomores had the dublous honor of 1n1t1 atrng us to hrgh school l1fe one day 1n October The grrls were resplendent 1n football umforms whlle the boys were arrayed rn the grrls gym surts After much fun we survrved the day fjust barelyj Durrng the football and basketball seasons rt was our proJect to sell refreshments Our treasury was so low at thrs pornt that we guarded each penny zeal ously The frrst project of the year was a bean supper ln the school cafeterla We qurckly found out one of the drawbacks of act1v1t1es lnvolvlng food was that the class ate most of the profits In March Bob Clayton of Wl-IDI-I was featured at a Sprrng Roundup record hop Agam we turned Wow! A whole year had rolled around and now we were Sophomores havmg moved up one round of the ladder Mr George Retalrs was our new class advrsor replaclng Mr Maynard Perkms Also Carole Peterson came from Beverly to Jo1n us We trred showmg movles after school m the gym but 1I was debatable whether the crowd came to see the film or to run around ln the gym This was drscontrnued after slx weeks Another bean supper added to our coffers but by thrs trme the class Qand the townspeoplej were slck of beans and the attendance was smaller than the year before Symphony S1d of WBMS came to a record hop 1n the Spring Th1s was almost the shortest hop 1n school hrstory but the Sophomores prevalled and rt contlnued Art Heard Sol Katz and Joan Potter Jorned us at the begrnnrng of the Jumor year and Mr Retalis fbrave many remamed as our advrsor That fall we sponsored a record hop w1th Joe Smlth of WVDA It was Mr Smlth s f1ISI and next to last dance at Topslleld Hlgh At lastl The brg soclal event of the year arrrved and thrs trme lt was ours the Junror Prom Manuel s Black and whlte Orchestra entertalned at Woodbury Audrtorlum whrch was decorated ID a garden theme W e borrowed nearly every flower ln the town to beaut1fy the hall Stephana Broderlck class presr dent was chosen Queen It couldn t be sol But It was! Flnally we were Semors In September of 1956 we were Jorned by Janet MacNulty and Carolyn Schott brrngmg the total to twenty seven Mr Neal McLaugh11n was ap pornted class advrsor replacrng Mr Retalrs who went rnto rndustry Manuel s Black and Whlte Orchestra agam sup plrcd the musrc for our Senlor Prom 1n November A cold nrght blended wrth the skatmg decoratlons but rt was so well attended that the dance floor was lrkened to the desert wastes of Sahara of the Student Councll and Etleen was chosen Vrce Presrdent of that body and Edrtor of Topsr news ln sports durlng therr hlgh school days the boys who elther played or managed for at least one se son were John Clark Art Froburg Ted Gaskell John Goggm Srd Hurlburt B111 lngraham Sol Katz War ren Rockwell Joe Swrndell and B111 Van Tassell Also the gtrls who starred on therr teams con trrbutrng to then success either playrng or manag rng were Sue Blades 5116611 Boucher Sue Godfrey Janlce Houston Janet MacNulty Pr1sc1.lla Owen Carole Peterson Joan Potter Patsy Pym Nancy Rust and Phylhs Wade ln closrng we w11l never forget our hrgh school years full of learnrng and fun We all feel that the educatlon we have rece1ved at Topsfreld I-hgh wrll remarn Wltll us and w1ll always be a source of drrecuon to carry us successfully through the years ahead PA TTI FRA HER SID HURLBURT Sponsored by WOOD ENGINEERING SERVICE ORDEN E OWEN Topsfield Mass Topsfleld Mass . . 9, J, , . 1 I O - 9 - I D l "" ' . I . . . . . u . D .- . . . , . . . . ' . . . , . - .. .. salesmen, pounding on doors to bring in the profits. This year, John Goggin was elected President ' . , . . . U . n ' , , , , . . . , b 3- . . . . I ' ' ' . ' . I , , t - . . . , . . . - . , , , . . , ' I I I . ' . . , . . . . , . . . , 9 ' - x 20 ,4 SEVENTH GRADE i FRONT ROW L to R B Stultz D Ward, V Mar THIRD ROW S Carter, T Bedell K Horn,W cley S Ingalls L Thompson P Davis S Law Smrth P Kushm1ck,J MHICIZDO, J Holman, J rence L Ellrott, S Ingalls M Knppes E Su111van Pratt, J Bond J Rerdy E Johnson R W1lkms M Anderson SECOND ROW Mrs Polsonettm R BACK ROW S Webster W Banks, R Gaskell C Mrller C Edwards R Cunmngharn K Famrcloth Carter,P Castle A Bames, M Smrth J Deyo R M Banus G Mann, R Underhxll J K1ng,P Ber Thompson, T Ralph B Sanger D Fadden EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW, L to R H Roeder, S Parker, C THIRD ROW M Clark C Shaw, P Blades, J Stahlbrand B Chase J Leadvaro, C Robertson S Tobey P Rockwell R Wade, J Mmnehan D Goddard N Forrest, S Woodman D Guay SEC Northey J Mosher M Ives BACK ROW P Cun OND ROW Mr Hawkms, M Ingraharn P Earl J mngham F Balevre, M Fletcher, C Vaughan F Rosenkranu G Cleversey P VanG1l1uwe R Hall P Lynch W Wllkxns Beaumont S Ex rtts S LeBel L Torrey F Murphy Sponsored by CROSBY FUNERAL HOME Danvers Mass 22 2 5 J , . .: . - , . . - : . . , . . , . I , . , . I , . ' D , . . . . . , . . , . . , . . , . . - . , . . , . 7 . - I . ': . ', . : . , . g . , . 1 ' 1 ' 9 ' . 1 - 9 - ' 1 ' n - . , . . I , . . . - . , . , . . lyn, F. Northrup, R. Walsh, D. Ward. J if . ,,, . .2 . . . : . , . n. . , . , . . , . , . , . . , . , . .' , . . - l , . , . . : . z . . . , . , . , . D .. . , . , . , . , . . , . . , . 'D , . , . , . . , . FRESHMAN CLASS FRONT ROW, L to R C B1shop,K Waters W Thompson, N Desmans Mr Campbell THIRD Fales, M Pratt, B Barnes S Krng C MacNu1t:y S ROW G Carter J Owen,F Underh111,J Swm Curtls C Croms L Mann SECOND ROW Mrs dell J Prrrota, P Ives, D K1ng,S E1well,C Blanchard J Frsher B Marcrano, J Gangr, Crles BACK ROW G Ross, R MacKay, J Gal Skrnner, J Belkus, R Northrup B Haywood Ioway P Pratt, J Bye, J Repko SOPHOMORE CLASS FRONT ROW, I. to R C B1shop,H Rrchards J Perluns V Durkee Mr Tobey THIRD ROW P Lenfestey C Castle A. Sm1th M Fuller J Rob Cnffin J Haywood A LeBe1, R. Ash, B Godfrey erlson C Thrbodeau, D Munsell I Gangr J R Peverly C Anderson W Welch D Brodenck Smrth SECOND ROW Mrss Barry A Means, S B Chrsholm BACK ROW D D1Francesco B Van Grlluwe L Froburg, J Robmson J Watson S Kuchel C Wrlkms R Castonguay,S Chxsholm A. Damels F Robrnson D Trask D Torrey A. Albanese Sponsored by TOWN BUICK Danvers Mass P3 Q. Q Q W I 8 3 C I 2 I , Q m I 6 y . . I . ' 1 . . .. . . , . . , . . . , . . - . , . , . , . . . , . . . , . , . . . . , . . . . . , . , . . ' F. . : . . . - . . . , . ,E. , . . . . J ,S Tf r fr -1 . ,, A ' 5 f. Y . . .. V. . , . , . , . . . . 7 ' ! I ' ! ' - ! ' ! ' ' 1 7 ' - 1 ' 9 ' - n ' 1 ' x ' 1 . . , .... . . , . , . - , . , . , . , . . I , , . , . , . , . , . . JUNIOR CLASS I 1 1 FRONT ROW, L. to R.: J. Melzard, B. Banks, K. Don- T. Fuller, G. Clark, S. Nolan, Mr. Soule. BACK ROW: ovan, M. Robinson, F. kackley, F. Ralph. SECOND N. Rust, T. Savage, D. Ives, S. Cardelli, D. King, W. ROW: J. Crocker, S. Pirrotta, S. Nolan, Schott. To the Juniors . . You're the ones to whom we leave A one year stretch of rule. We hope you'll be a Senior Class Who'l1 benefit the school. Our boots we leave to you to fill-- Boots so large in size, We know you 'Ll do a worthy job And be rulers wise. Art Froburg Sponsored by PERKINS PRESS RAYMOND J. CONNORS Tqasfield, Mass. Topsfield, Mass. 24 ATHLETICS 'Pt' i,"'fA FRONT ROW, L. to R.: J. Goggin, W. Ingraham, P. Pratt, C. Anderson, J. Bye, W. Van Tassell, E. Gaskell. BACK ROW: F. Underhill, Manager, R. Ash, J. Swindell, A. Froburg, D. Broderick, Coach McLaughlin. Red Raiders Win Topsfield High's 1956 football team, under the guidance of first- year coach McLaughlin, emerged with a tie for the championship of the Eastern Massachusetts Six-man Football League with Story High of Manchester. Each team compiled a record of seven wins and one loss, the Raiders' lone defeat being a 7-6 squeeker with Story. Joe Swindell was the scoring leader, with 23 touchdowns and 140 points, followed by "Brud" Ash and John Goggin with 54 and 48 re- spectively. Joe 's total set a new school record for scoring in a single season, breaking a 1953 mark. This year, despite cold weather, excellent crowds came out to see our sextet in action and were well rewarded as the Raiders outplayed their opponents throughout the year, winning six games by margins of at least twenty-five points. The team lost a valuable center and co-captain, Dwayne Welch, at the season's midpoint when he moved to Califomia. Our lone loss occurred on the first Saturday after his departure. Below are the scores of the games: Topsfield 31 York 0 Topsfield 50 Lancaster 13 Topsfield 46 Cambridge 20 Story '7 Topsfield 6 Topsfield 56 Bromfield 18 Topsfield 24 Essex Aggie 12 Topsfield 31 Hamilton 6 Topsfield 32 Perley 6 Art Froburg Sid Hurlburt a 'YSFIIQ ID 4 .xx ,fa ,- . UQ .pXJ xJ.x 1 . . - A A fl!-IN QQSFI v FRONT ROW, L. to R.: J. Swindell, W. Ingraham, J. Goggin, J. Clark. SECOND ROW: Coach McLaughlin, Swindell, Manager, D. Ives, C. And- erson, P. Ives, F. Underhill, Manager BACK ROW: R. Ash, D. Cronis, B. Godfrey, J. Pirrotta. League Titles In basketball, 1957 was the year in which Topsfield won its first Merrimack Valley League championship. The Red Raiders chalked up a record of five wins and one loss in League competition and a season 's total of thirteen and seven. After taking the loop title, the locals were knocked out in the semi-finals of the Valley Tourney and were eliminated in the Bay State quarter-finals. Warren Rockwell paced the Raiders with 504 points for the season to set a new school mark, eclipsing the old high by nearly 100 points. He also rewrote two records in the Bay State Tournament with his 44 points and 14 foul shots in one game. Other high scorers for the season were Dave Ives 208, John Goggin 186, "Brud" Ash 148, and Joe Swindell 126. Below are the scores of the games: Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield St, Jean 53 Hamilton 35 St. Jean 45 Topsfield 61 Topstield 55 Christian 48 Hampstead 42 Topsfield 66 Perley 47 Topsfield 36 Topsfield Topsfieid Top sfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield Topsfield 59 . 91 62 . 46 . 48 . 56 . 73 . 76 . 76 . 54 . Merrimac 58 Hamilton 44 Hampstead 41 Topsfield 42 Perley 45 Topsfield 55 Essex Aggie 40 St. Joseph 48 Thompson 51 Topsfield 44 Sid Hurlburt V QS Flfjy flff 'Z - 2 XJ swf, I2 .CJSF I4 GIRLS BASKETBALL I? E 1' 1 I Z FRONT ROW, L. to R.: N. Rust, E. Boucher, C. MacNulty, S. Godfrey, P. Wade, S. Broderick, J. Callahan. BACK ROW: P. Owen, Manager, J. Melzard, C. Thibodeau, F. Ralph, Coach Couhig, C. Castle, B. Banks, D. Munsell. The Topsfield girls, coached by Mrs. Couhig, placed third in the Merrimack Valley League this year with a mark of two wins and four losses. Their total record was five and nine. At the conclusion of the regular season, the lo- knocked out in the semi-finals by Perley, the event ual winner. Phyllis Wade led the scorers with 254 points for the season, followed by Nancy Rust's 149 and "Tib" Thibodeau with 120. cals moved into the Valley Toumey, only to be Below are the s Topstield 53. . Merrimac 54. . Topsfield 47. . . Topsfie ld 43 . Perley 59 . . Ipswich 45 . Merrimac 43 . Topsfield 47 . Topsfield 38. . Ipswich 44. . . . Newburyport 47 Perley Newburyport 51 42... cores of the games: . Hamilton 48 . . Topsfield44 Rockport 41 . . Hampstead 25 . . . Topsfield 43 . . . Topsfield 40 . . . Topsfield 35 . . . Hamilton 27 . . Hampstead 29 . . Topsfield37 . Topsfield 37 . . Topsfield 35 Topsfield 44 Jr Perley 50 .... Topsfield 36 Sponsored by DANVERS SAVINGS BANK Danvers, Mass. BASEBALL We fl was 'i lee FRONT ROW L to R R Ash, S Katz E Gaskell W Ingraham, W Rockwell B Godfrey, D D1Francesco BACK ROW D Brodeuck Manager J Haywood R Skeffmgton J Robmson Anderson, P Gnffin, S Chisholm, Coach McLaugh11n Cheer Leaders ll STANDING, L to R.: S VQBGILLUWE, J Lenfestey, M. Robmson, G Clark, S Prrrotta. KNEEL ING: S. Nolan Sponsored by ARMSTRONG 'S TOY STORE WOODBURY FUEL COMPANY Dafwefsn M355 Topsfxeld, Mass O SOFTBALL FRONT ROW, L to R C Thxbodeau S Godfrey E Boucher, P Fraher J Potter N Rust D Munsell BACK ROW J Owen, A Perkins, C Castle, Coach Coulng, J Houston, Coach Blanchard L Froburg S VanGilluwe J Fisher FIELD HOCKEY FRONT ROW, L to R M Clark, I. Mann, E Boucher S Godfrey, J Potter J Flsher BACK ROW Coach Polsonettx, Coach Louhxg J Melzard, J Houston, J MacNu1ty J Callahan, S Brodenck C Glles Ma nager Sponsored by AIMY, BIGELOW and WASHBURN A FRIEND Danvers, Mass '30 ', - A3 .a- Lg '5 Q 9 A --,hw 4, Y V tr 6 ' ..., Y ' x - A - .4 A g, S. 3 ,, L , M ,v f J , Q . . . .- . , . , . . , . , . , . . . . . . . . . , . , . , . . Ji ik 7 X e y . 1 ,-nv. c 3 fr J I . Q a 'X qt . , J ,X A 0 ' O . .. . . . , . . , . . . . , . . . D ' ' ' , ' ' Y ' I - I JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS Basketball FRONT ROW, L. to R T Bedell, J Mmnehan, R Gaskell, P Rockwell, P Lynch, D Balentme, R Carter T Ralph BACK ROW Coach Crowell R Underhlll F Balevre, M Snnth, P Castle A Hall, C Carter, P Kushnnck, R Beaumont Manager, B Sanger, Manager Football FRONT ROW L. to R R Underhill, M Banus, J Reldy, J Mlnnehan, T Bedell, P Blades, P Rockwell G Mann BACK ROW: Coach I-hgley, T Ralph, P Cunnmgham, P Lynch, M Sm1th, P Castle, A Hall, R Gaskell F Balevre, R Beaumont, Manager Sponsored by DANVERS NATIONAL BANK C 8a C ELLIOTT FUELS Danvers Mass Topsfreld Mass 3 1 , . .. . . . . ' 1 . . . , . . . , 1 l , n - . - , . 1 Q I 4 , o . ' 4 , ' gi ,J ' jf, I we 'lt T ' fd Q , , 2 , ex if " I 1. ' W ua' Y .4 .. 5 .. , , .: . . . ' . ' . . . , . , . . . n 0 P l ' 7 u CHEER LEADERS STANDING, L. to R.: L. Elliott, M. Anderson, V. Marcley, D Ward KNEELING D Ward Fleld Hockey FRONT ROW, L to R J Krug, M Clark, J Mosher, R Cunmngham, C Ed raham, P Earl, S Evrtts, J Owen, J Frsher, C Giles Manager BACK ROW goachPolsonett1, L Mann, S Lawrence, B Chase, S Ingalls S Ingalls, S Le 6 Sponsored by HY!-AND DIN-ER PARSONS FLOWER suor D'-nvefsv Mass Danvers Mass X9 wards, R. Walsh: SECONI5 ROW: cinch couxhg, E. Sullilran, J. cmgi, Mf mg. 1' . . . . , . 1 - ACTIVITIES ln STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW L to R Fredenc Under h111 Treasurer John Goggin Presmdent Mr Dresser E11een Boucher Vrce Presr dent Sara Van Gllluwe Secretary BACK ROW Marguerrte Robmson kuce Godfrey Scott Nolan, Wendy Fales YEARBOOK STAFF FRONT ROW L toR Joan Potter Art Edrtor Jamce Houston Busrness Manager Erleen Boucher Photography Edxtor BACK ROW Arthur Froburg Co edltor S1dneyHur1burt Co edltor xvxx Z,,,,. Sponsored B PARENT TEACHHK AJSOCIATION Topsfreld Mass ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW L to R R Beaumont R Blades BACK ROW J Tobey W Banks R Peverly E Thompson, S Ingalls, C Stahlbrand B Stul D K-1118 S Ingalls tz S Goddard Mrs Nyqu1st B Banks GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW L toR A Means E Boucher S S Broderxck J Callahan P Wade M Fuller Elwell A Perkms N Desmaraas S Van Gllluwe M Robmson W Fales M Fuller C Peterson Vlce Presldent J Houston Presldent S Godfrey L Froburg S Nolan BACK ROW T Savage Secretary P Fraher E Thompson E Thompson A Froburg S Nolan J G0gg1D S Hiurlburt C G11es J Gangx V Durkee SECOND ROW J Swmdell W Ingraham S Cardelh C Croms S K1ng P Owen C Castle B Banks H. Phxlhps Sponsored by LYONS FUNERAL HOME Danvers Mass '53 fir, A , . -. .. ,. , . " 3- ,- 3 l I I ,n1 ' 1' ,. ,. ,. . '04 f v Y YL K . I 'f 4 y, ,K f - l . . .. .. ,. ,. . ,. ,. ,. , ,. ,. ,. . ,. ,. ,. - ,. ,. . ,. . :. 1' x- J' .:' 1- 1- 1- 1 . ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. . . ,. ,. ,. ,. , : , . "TOPSlNEWS" STAFF SCHOOL STAFF "K ,FM-J is gg VUBXXQ n-, ,,,,.,,.. cn! IC 11.64 - L' .n bil 4 ll HOES Sponsored by ROZANNE S PICLLLO sHoE REPAIR DSDVP-YS, Mass- Danvers, Mass. JUN ICR PROM lt was a balmy sprrng rught on May 23 1956 beautxful rock garden brrmmrng wrth flowers and when the doors of Woodbury Audrtorrum were opened on the walls were assorted blooms for the Junror Prom which was scheduled to start At ten o clock the Queen and her Attendants at erght o clock wrth Dave Manuel s Orchestra were chosen by the band Stephana Broderlck was Slowly the guests began to arrrve the frrst were selected as our Queen. Her lace covered lavender and Mrs Crevatrs and our class advrsor Mr George OIIVC Prngree of Georgetown and Donna DeGroot Retalrs By nrne o'clock the Prom was well under from Readmg were chosen as the Attendants wa When the dance ended many of us scattered for The decoratrons commrttee was well rewarded refreshments after whrch we would up the brg nrght for therr hard work by the many compliments whrch at Carole Peterson s house for an rnformal get to they l'CCC1V6d The center of attractron was a gether Erleen Boucher THE QUEHV, ATTENDANTS, AND ESCORTS William THE GRAND MARCH was led by Presxdent Stephana Ingraham Olrve Pmgree Stephana Hoderlck Belman Broderrck and her escort Belman Carter shown here wrth Carter Donna DBGIOII and Arthur Ffobllrg Mary Moore and Vxce presrdent John Goggrn Sponsored by IDRING STUDIOS Boston Mass 9 . tl by D. ,g . V Q, ' A 4 11 .. Q ta ' A N . . D ' . ' . . . : . . ' 0 I I . , . , . I . Q . - Mr. and Mrs. Goggin, chaperones, followed by Mr. gown, with matching shoes, was most attractive. . . D . ' . , . . ' . I - . I Y- - I . . . , . - - J . I J I I . , , ' y y . . - . . ' , . W Q-nv ...ak fl- 4xA Q 57, Mf- -Q, --...,, B- 1 RUTH INGALLS sponsored by SUBURBAIEXIA QUALITY SHOP TOpsf1e1d Mass Danvefs ass I I I . ' 4' 1 K f , , C Hi , INK-' KS, - 3 ' I 4: .. ' A! ,f 1 ' N Q -' " f- N' 1 fl 2 M, I' Z I '- ff 1' A in - 4 . ' 1 5' , Q A . , 1 , . fv -JL NANCLE MOTORS Sponsored by LANDOLPHI S Topsfleld Mass Danvers Mass 39 ,. yr A I gs r 1 IIA f I ' 'L N Q l . , Ax , xg x. 3 .f A. 1 ' , , 1 1 ' Q' I , WSI W u--Wy 4' .VY A K L 457 , if 1 , A 1 I V , W - ' 'va M. .1 Q ' , Q. 1 1 , ge . Q l 9 .-.. .. - L ,, .f I',V ', - V U D ' I GQOD BYE 'fr

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