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Z N W My fb QV Qfmbf 60 JL ga Q Gb' ' V i f fc., QSUY Q51-Q-Y 5 fx oXC5 W Y A X , 1 1 I wifigwf 2 fm? fx N ,Q 5 UMM? ijwbo Q, ,153 CM 2,5 QQWMMM, ' ' 1 -6' - + www if wwfiff yy 2 2 62? up N C, cg, Eff w an VUPNX, . X D, 0,10 LUQQLQQ , A Rgjixxxkulfffx I ?R1xEtW Us' flXgNK.k QMQM cf V q Xilibrb XVEQQQJXQJ KW ' 52265 CL H P ' , NE, ' 'G Q7 ' Qt, NM X of ,D hffaffefgff QQ W 1 5' , i Ogsiwfgp 3' 2557, ,MQ My if Q, . ' Uxgzgzriiyzgl? 6?1. cehogfzhfq V fqy ,, f ieqifqglggeesggakf ,,,?vq X M . ,,i,1 Q iiivl, 1, .,3,h ln Ai'. LMJLQ I 45 ' XUQDQA 'J 1 wx' Y, A' 'f M ., 6 L 4 5 g gfpgv ..pA V06 9-ff! W0 Q0 0 ' G J ygqoafpkgr, H . A4L1-Qi, 1 4, I 7 Z J, f I ff 50g X J ff 3 4 7 1 , X , J f ' 1 1 1 Q f ' X .ggi , rf' Xe, ,f f f , I , ff!! fr I, f f Z 01 'ff ff f V W X , 1 f I If f f ff X f f X X ,Il ff A If 1 - X 7 I 4, , I f ' 1 , f ff f 4293 W ff 2 f f ff f Q, if 1 Qi, A f lffyvf f 4 'Q' I I! gil" I. ff fi! I' , if 1' w ff 1 f ffffgzl ' ' 'z -f fffffgf, K V! f 1 , ff ,1, 1 72 2' ' f n fa ff f V 54 ,' , 1 , 1 4, . ,mil 1 ' VJ!! f7 if W ," i X' N ,yv If I . '- ' ,f ff' ,1 ,ff f f , 1 1 I - ., r . A I E Sandy Shingle-ron, Michelle Ferrell, and Jason Ferrell false rime our wirh rhis newly acquired golden lab. iii? E l Q E ll R H N. ,N 4 ,iqww -' 1 H . i si E- T 1 , ,S i will Q Sarrerfield "goes for ir" on Halloween when udes as a iaarball player for a Spanish lll rri primary school Qi f l , - -: :i. A T it x- ,ly NLYPIML' .mw1m.ga1Lwo4df0CaL?aMy1LmxuOuympwa.Mmnmm10.nwuUwmmL ,awww wwilnwibcwcblucvu '4 -Eu?-1lDhi11'0w'WU4LL mapwma Jffgwldlouwonmwa fu-A-, lifww 4mlM.mMlfJww.Wyvw.ZuJim10wmfwwf13wwwJww'l 4mn1.0.aDuw1j,ww1.U11ur14, lm olm.Mwwf"'f17-wah .llaa1,-0fna.1L.aJ1'L.rn1L11s.zfif1L.fn1147,yu4iz,L, wfyigdmmlummuom w,Mmw0Qm.e4mwi? -lbvlluJlDDfKu0lldff0LifIH slflbll-v9'lDH1A.50.,LL!-0-0 -UVJIMOIILZLLMDJLGI Wwmwwwym' foam ,.anm1w.waw.aQuz,.afwJ Lmifuymmnwxm. ,oqwotf ,uu,Lwm1,oZuLLuu41.,afm,d.tLaAJiuuLy1u,alu.ol.i'hunu- 41. . Jim 1fW'5i.,,.M,, Jf', QW wmW,,..i,E.?" Jil-Zh: ' 'Of . J,Ulw0hwmJ1mM0mlwlUL5,1DzfJn?Q1.gnL?? D wm.0www'wwmmq .mwwww mmJU.vafm.wiw Qammfm J f Ugixli bf 4:14 slew A Y wffiklwwlmefm Even reochers or THS shoor for rhe gold ro sroy fir, Leslie Sonds nor only puts in o full doy or school, she is olso on oerooic, insrrocror, Melody McClung disploys rhe Olympic logo on rhe McDon- old's bog, She worlas "under rhe golden orches" ofiei school ro eorn exrro money, 3 Buck shot - Jeremy Newton proudly displays this "4 pt." shot during o successful hunting trip. Hoop shot - Jamie Liles and Peter Lee seem to be very impressed with Anthony Smith's version of a lay-up. AW, SI-IOOTI Aw, shoot! This intetjection, so com- monly used, is often an expression of mild sympathy, disbelief, or outright disgust. You know, like, when you've studied for this really outrageous test, and as those pearly white sheets Csplotched with mony, many black letters? hit the desk top you realize half the questions are from another chap- ter? Well we've researched this phrase thoroughly, and we feel "Aw, shoot" has not been donejustice. So, to enlighten you an the many different meanings of this phrase, we've hit the dictionary and come up with a few new ideas. 1, TO CAUSE A WEAPON TO DIS' CHARGE A MISSILE. Example: Aw, shoot it, man! CAS in an animal being run down by a human in camouHageJ 1. TO SEND FORTH WITH SUDDENNESS OR INTENSITY. Example: Aw: don't shoot me that look! dn reference ro a meaningful glarel. 3. TO PROPEL TOWARD A GOAL OR TO SCORE DY DOING SO. Example: Aw, shoot the ball. Go on - shoot, shoot! KRemember the irate parent yelling at the game?J 4. TO PUT FORTH ALL ONE'S EFFORTS OR AVAILABLE CAPITAL. Example: Aw, shoot the works! Cllfhen you give it all yau've got? Well, what do you you think? We know the next time you get ready to say "Aw, shoot" you'll stop and ask yourselves - 'just excotly what are we saying?" F ,mia Photo shoot - Natalie Lake models this summer t during the annual "Seventeen" magazine cover el contest held at Belk Deery. Action shot - Yearbook photographer, Scott Bradshaw is caught in the act of taking ct pic- ture of TopsaiI's new trophy case. sf? yas Q ash 'fp "fi ortt 1-V if ' , for it , V ,Q .mr t+fs".T'Q mis . 1 ,H ff Aw, shoot - Richard Matlss demonstrates the exasperated expression, "Aw, shoot!" iii 'LL i3'IUUEM'I ' h ' h I' I' I GF ING WI Irl Irln 1-LOW! . When srudenrs rerurned ro rhe er srudenrs vvere cosr os exrros in holls or Topsoil orrer rhe long sum- 3 rhis film which even used TopsoiI's mer, we sovv mony chonges. nome ond o copy of our yeor- There vvere mony new rules rhor 5 ooois. For our erforrs, DEG donor- vve were unoccusromed ro ond E ed o sizeoole omounr ro rhe round hord ro follovv. Bur mosr of 5 bonds uniform fund. us vvere willing ro occepr rhese, As for rhe doily rourine, ir vvos I is Ourside ocriviries such os rhe gg business os usuol. Bur when rhe L Spor Fesrivol involved mony sruf i vveeisends come, ir vvos Uoorry denrs, our rhe one orrrocrion H hordyf' or Ieosr for mosr of rhe which highlighred Toosoil ond irs 35553 iudsy ones. For rhose less rorru- srudenrs vvos rhe molsing of rhe 35, nore, vveeisends meonr working DEG movie Iosr spring, "Hiding Q orjoos ro eorn money for rhe fun Our" Ccolied 'iAduIr Educorion" gig which vve never had rime for. key .. Pm 10nd Dovid1USIiC6ffh0f9 0 during rhe shooringb. Bond mem- is Woir o minure! Does rhor moise Q - ' sen dosses' bers, Cheerieoders, ond mony orh- sense? I sssiv s Eg., ' '-2r Q X s ff is fm ss. rrl if v 3 'Y ,, ' wuulub fi ,ivs siis A ? . ..:., r was A KSN... '5wg ' an dx' EOM Saudi Summerrime broughr some- rhing for everyone. For some ir meonr merely rhe horresr seo- son of rhe yeor - o rime ro do obsolurely norhing bur sir in rhe shode ond lsill mosquiroes os we counred down rhe doys lefr before school. Bur for mosr, ir wos rhe rime ro porry, relox under rhe sun, ond iusr be rhonlsful rhor we didn'r hove ro go ro school, or leosr for o while. Becoming rhe ulrimore l'sun goddess' wos rhe moin gool for o lorge number of rhe femole populorion who flirred oround in skimpy swimsuirs while mony guys surfed owoy rheir rime in rhe endless seorch for rhe per- fecr wove, These posrimes could be rime consuming, foo, becouse no morrer how long were rhe woves lorge enough ro coll ir guirs. Bur nor oll of us found our- selves soolsing up roys, For rhose wirh rhe drive ond ombi- rion ro worls oll summer insreod of gerring o Ioon from our por- enrs Cyou lsnow, rhe one you soy you'Il poy bocl4?D, ir wos nose ro rhe grindsrone ond foor ro rhe pedol os we mode our woy ro worls ond bocls every doy. Wherher we porried or worlsed, ployed or resred, we cerroinly wouldn'r forger our summer. Remember rhor new cor rhor pulled into rhe porlsing lor rhe firsr doy of school? lr belonged ro rhor summer worlsoholic, And rhose people who come bode loolsing lilse Ieorher? They were rhe resulr 2 ' rf W 254 2 Q i ff? Q i 1 2' 4, ...N A rrrf 1. gyjw h,h .QWWM ,,,,,LWmm,,,,, - .. W K vw rmfvfw- Nl we sor under rhe sun, we of, "Don'r borher me righr were never dorls enough nor DOW, lm COTCWVWQ SOVYW9 VGYSV' 2 Y, 77, -1. , ,Q A 1 is Luellyn Piver ond Kir Srephens rrovled ro Hurcheson, Konsos over rhe summer ro ploy sofrboll with l3obby's Angels. Here rhey pose in fronr of Fun Volley where 8 Srudenr Life they ployed r f r r HZ ,Mw.,.,, fy f 'Y , W, 1 N ,r "'r,,igv2le 4 ,,. an ii ,,,,,, .fm .waesf , ' 1- qua 7 if lusr before summer, Topsails morcning bond become famous during rhe film- ing of Fhdng Our. Here rney practice ourside of "Topsoil High" before shoor- ing, Jeff Parker ond Travis Borson pull up shrimp ners on me boar rlwar rlwey worked on over rlwe summer, What did you do over the summer? "l was on crutches for the Hrs! part of the summer, butl went to the beach anyway. At night I worked at Hieron- M, WWW, V bww W , 2 WWZM-f .M Hs.-079 'yuh un , EE A' 'tu'-4' Losr summer or Scorrs Hill Marino, senior Mike Gannon vvos seen relieving his Hunger by buying some snacks. Scorr Holl looks on in owe or now much Mike is buying Topsoil Beach was o popular hangour over me summer for surfers Donny Dellobuono ond Tommy Golden head for rne waves. ymus as a hostess." - Martie Pullen senior "l delivered pizzas all sum- mer long to earn some cash." - David Duncan junior I spent time with my boy- friend when I wasn 't work- ing two jobs. lalso shopped, attended softball games, and went to the beach. - Yolanda Sldbury junior How were you involved in the Spot Festival? "l was 0 contestant in the senior Spot Pageant and got first-runner-up. " - Anna Eubank senior "The Boy Scouttroop that I am In directed traffic in the parking lot and l also played in the band." - William Corbett junior "l'm in the Volunteer Fire Department and we were responsible for frying fish." - Clint Connor junior 10 Student Life Chris Loughlin and Brion Evons use the fesrivcl os 0 time ro folk obour boseboll and the upcoming season. ft 2,3--,LN 'im H ,,,,,, .M A W, WM, ,K::e, X H e ' -- ir, ff X ' L , . ...e -- ' .fa f:- - Tw- 17-W F Q -:QV .. 'Xlinlili ef' 'affix 8 sk I 5 s 'M :-f ' ke ,- Q .. , new .. 4? Q ,lj :ff -'f"5" " ffm- 'Wgig , ,S f'f'ifE 1 ' ..f A ' -V Q. I ww- ff f t ,f W ,il , H? ,, M M' F and ,tg U We me ff 4 W Arleen ond Donnds School of Donce provided entertoinment during the doy Alex Siego, Audreo Botson, Sondy Shingleton, ond Jennifer Tuclser donce the crowd, J eee e e ,Mt A ,, ,,,:. ,,,,, -. 'I Lisa Webb ond Liso Howell find o grossy spot to rest during the doy's octivities. ,, F , W ,,' Q3 f , A 'QF 3 'i1,s?1if9, Q 1 ,R Y -til HIM! . . Q? M As o member of the Boy Scouts, John Julien ossists in directing troffic into the porleing oreos. Audiences were enrertoined through- out the doy of ctoft disploys ond fish dinners, Liso Lewis ond Missy Gunter chose hotdogs over fish while they en- joyed the performers. ' Q am H 3:4 , 9 fzi'f'Q- ,f J S- J J ' V if 16 'W '," Q , , V ,',, .ii l .uh , , ,wt A if ,E-uv' +1."u , U. M .mf 7 1 J V li. ft' 3 , .,,,,.. ,, .,.., .. . ,..-, is-1 A ':?d ii 'J J , . Topsoil's morching bond performs for the crowd ot the festivol. A SPO T UF GOLD ln o smoll community lilse Hompsteod, whot do the locols celebrote? A smoll, bony, yet tosty fish coiled o spot. And why? Becouse the spot contrib- utes to l-lompsteods economy, ond the money roised from the Spot Festivol helps support the Pender Rescue Deportments. The festivol centers oround the school in thot mony of the octivities ore held on the grounds. A golf tournoment, orts ond crofts disploys, o vori- ety show, ond the ever-popu- lor spot dinner highlight the weelsend. The crowning of the NC, Spot Festivol Queen tolses ploce on Soturdoy night. This yeor Topsoil High wos repre- sented by senior Anno Eubonls who won the title of first run- ner-up. Students ot Topsoil reolly got involved in the cictivities. The morching bond ond locol donce groups performed in the voriety show while others helped prepore meols ond di- rect troffic. Mony just come to sociolize ond enjoy the enfertoinment. lt's eosy to see why the NC. Spot Festivol is such o populor event. Student Life 11 "I like to dress comfortably, but I don'r like to look like o slab." - Donnie Price .- A - "I always try to look nice. I buy my clothes or Chess Kingf -- Mike Gorton "My clothes say something about my personality. I don't dress to impress," A Marese- Shorpless N RSA www 2 ik QQ N Q' it Eric Rogers, Pere Poscholl, Ricky South' erland, Tonya Pollard, Crworlxe Atkinson, Brad Pore, ood Lucy Posquei show school spam wearing Topsals colors on gome doy 12 Srudemr Life Us ff 'Yum sg, is ldhn Pslyenporle, Josh Poredr, ond Erlls Morgon show off rheur unnque holr sryles, nor ro rnennon clorhes gc my , sr P . GOLDEN THREAD Longjohns Funlsy Doors Mini-slsurrs, Frosred denlrn Torn holes lnjedns. Topsoll orrlre. Eor- rings on guys llodlcol holrcurs. Foshlon reflecrs personoliry, chorocrer, ond lndiyiduolliry. lr con derernfwine wherher o per son ls conseryorlye ond preppy, wild ond ddrino, or somewhere ln perween Ar Topsoil rhis yeor, you could see ir dll! Foshionl lr's rrue rhor poys don'r seem ro be roo occupied wlrh ir, our rhese doys, rhey seern ro he openlng up ro rhe ideo nnore. Some were shov- ing rhelr heods ond eyen rrylng ecxrrlngs. On rhe orher hond, foshion driyes gurls crozy, The cull Jodnno Toylor lseeps worm durlng rhe cold fnonrhs wlrh legglngs under her rrosred denlnn slsnrr roo fonvllior hours of srondlng ln fronr of rhe closer loolslng for sornerhing ro weor, spendlng on hour ln fronr of rhe mlrror rrylng ro Qer your hoir ond rnolseup fo do right, ond leoye :ng rhinlslng you lools rerriole, ore ryplcol of glrls, The dlfferenr ond colorful os sorrrnenr of clorhes, sryles, ond holrdos blended rogerher ro produce rhe fods ond foshlons of 87788 or Topsoil. Mony srue denrs chose ro oe olilse while orhers conrinued ro pe unldue In Topsolls foshlon scene, rhere yyos cnlwcxys o spor where you could be yourself ond srlll fir ln wlrh everyone elsel 'Feer Foshlonw yorled or lopsoll os rhe srudenrs expressed rhelr nndlylduollry os rn rhus lrneup of ooors Wk-gf, :mr xc. ,Ha - Whale rnodellng rhelr mln:-slslrrs, Michelle Ferrell lS amused or rhe focr rhor Korlo Jernlgon vyonrs ro flx her hour Eorrrngs were nor only dornunonr I0 fernole foshlon rhls yeor Srocey Byrd ond Roy Borson proye rhor guys con weor eorrlngs roo Srudenr Lure 18 GCDLDEN TUNES Long dresses, tuxes, o softly lit room, the lotest music, ond storry-eyed couples were oll port ot the '87 Prom. The 'lsoe phisticoted" otmosphere of stu- dents ond their escorts mode school seem forowoy, The ex- citement ond onticipotion of the longeowoited night showed on the foces. The gorter cere- mony ond the crowning of the Ising ond gueen highlighted the events of the night. Although the Prom meont different things to different people - the best night of their life or o complete disoster - it wos o night they would never forget. The scene ot the Prom thot night wos quite the opposite from o donce in our own school gym in October. Kids were dressed up os ghosts, goblins, ond Mother things." The crowd wos o little younger ond o little smoller, but they oll enjoyed themselves. The strobe lights ond loud music proved to be populor with the students os they donced oround in the gym in this bond- sponsored event. No motter whether the mood wos wild ond upbeot or formol ond romontic, Topsoil students showed thot they could hoye o good time ond produce memories to lost o life- time. Lynn Swinson ond Curtis Lee stond Alon Cutler, o Topsoil groduote, floshes proudly ofter being crowned King ond his winning smile os he donces with his Queen during the'87 Prom ceremo- dote, Sobrino Sonders, o junior. nies. 14 Student Life Band Drrecror Mrcnael Ryan, in nis ring cosrume, spends rrme or me con- an stand during rne Halloween Dance. Ann-Marie SVGVGOSOVW, CI'YSVOl Lonier. -Kelley and Mrs Loyqoyjoin num fora and Krisnne Srurnpf dance wirn guys is from Laney ar rne Halloween Dance s i Bern Wrclser plans ro dance rne night away in ner nigh-top lleebolss She obyrously prefers Cannforr over glamour Q , What do you remember most about the dance you attended? "The music people were ex- tremely lore, but the decora- tions were beautiful. Who cores what happened? Ir's fun just being around your friends." ff: . "Martin Kegel dancing In his 'Air Jordans '. " 5 "lt was fun. We danced and ran around the whole time. lt would be nice to have more people there next year." Srudenr Lrfe 15 What do you do offer school? Hong around ond worch foor- ooll procrice, - Poulo Gales, freshmen Dunno soccer seoson, l coached me reom - Mr Gorrerr, reoclwer As l don? do oflyrhing offer school ond ir feels wonderful! - Leigh Russell, senior Some ore more ooxlous rlwom omers ro ger home offer school Down Purdy, Susorw Groy, ood Jorwo Lol-ae relox os rhey wolf for me-rr ucrlooffeor " Q s S DWlQlll Cox spends Some of hls spore mme doing homework before lwls offer-school procrlce. E xxx 3 35 .---' i is Z : Q fi H L W : . . W 6. -AS.. 1' 1 f fe l LZIK' life' rf is ' l finally 726 Breeze For some, sroyihg ofrer school is oh escope from rhe ooreoorh of rhor ploce we coll home Bur for orhers, iusr rhe rhoughr of loolsihg or rhe 'lloye ly" orohge corper ooo rhe col or-cooroihoreo creorh yyolls for ohorher mihure rholses rhem yyohr ro coyer rheir eyes ohd screom Wherher you sroy ofrer school ro serye rhe oreooeo seyehrh period or ro receive lohg-oyeroue help ih o closs for which you see ho use ih rhe furure, ir coh oe oh experience or rhe leosr You coh olwoys porricipore im seyerol fuh-filled ocriyiries such os yyoshihg cholle ooords, cleohihg our oesl-as, sweepihg holls, or if youre ohe of rhe iuclsy few, you coh yoc' uum rhe clossroorhs Burjusr so you oohlr ger rhe wrohg irhpressioh rhor ir is ole vyoys rhis excirihg, rhihls for o morhehr ooour ohorher selecr group of oirer-schoolers, These people sir IO frohr of rhe school cohrerhplorihg yyherher or hor rheir morhers will remerhoer where rhey ore or rryihg ro figure our why rheir friehos rore our of rhe porlsiho lor yyirhour rhem Whoreyer your reosoh rhiohr hoye oeeh for sroyihg ofrer school rhis yeor, were sure rhor ir yyos oh uhforgerro ole experiehce Slyhoo Riclroros oho Corherioe Pierce seerh ro oe ecsroric ooour rheioo rhey were 'ecrqeo fy' The ' eomes-2 Q' M' Jo'ooo's 'oorh coh oe creoiiec 'o cechy horoyl gzmvzg screw'-, Some 'rechoex rf rhe soccer 'eorh cosuolly sroho orouhc ocrsioe ofrer schoo' lwey cc io :occ he ous fo' ov owoy oome in is r Wgfyg ygrlgmrly if rfoh' o' rhe school, lowes Doyis oho Jim Toylo' lseep ecch orher CUVYWQOWY vylfile rhei' roes fighr rhe olrer school rush fylssy Guwe' shows sail' io ow Oll'lVTN9 'oyorire ofrer school posrrirhe leochers ocfreo scmero SHJCGUVS rhroughour rhe yeor 'o oo friehioi rosfss such os oesls cleohihg Suoerri Life 17 What attracts you to the games? ' "I like to watch the cheer- leaders and be with my friends." - Mel Manuel junior X ff ,X , at "You get to meer a lot of people, thats why l like them." - Sonya Jenkins junior "l enjoy watching my daughter play. " - Mr. Piver teacher 18 Student Lite Mrs, Frazier, wife of coach Tom Frazier, sits patiently while her daughter plays with Candace Woodcocls. The two young girls don't appear to be "into" the game. With the help of her little cousin, Tara London cheers on the Pirates, Dasltetf ball games brought out fans of all ages this season. ,RX ,N Wi xx M, gli .dwg iirs K- it li? Melissa Costan, Paula Gales, Jennifer eady, and Karum Hill lool-t on to the b ball game with excitement as Jeff lets out a shout of enthusiasm. 'E T During halfrirne, rhis rhreesarne raises a breals ro pose for rhe camera Michelle Ferrell, Sabrina Sand- ers, and Sandy Shingleron were seen ar several games rhis season Nirh camera in hand, Melanie Slarer ,vairs for rhe perfecr shor on rhe field Susan Grey, Sieve Hall, and Paul I-lurf aolx on vvirh anrioporion sl' ' A! GOOD Af GOLD Have you ever rhoughr abour vvhar a ballgame would be lilse if rhe bleachers were empry, no one was yelling, or rhere were no unhappy par- enrs arguing a call wirh a ref? lr would be prerry dulll The proud fans rhar supporr rheir TGOVTI rhrough rhicls and rhin are usually the blurred fig- ures in rhe background of pic- rures ar games. On rhese rvvo pages you will norice rhar rhe cenrer of arrenrion is you, rarhe er rhan some roll guy in a righr uniforrn or rhe bubbly blond in rhe shorr slsirr. Fans give rhe players incenrive ro fighr for whar rhey vvanr - VICTORY. This is dedicared ro rhe ones who conrinue ro come and cheer on our school. Srudenr Life 19 To Just before thot big test, the room is silent in the frontic hurry of lost-minute cromming. Sud- denly o tremendous screom from the bocls corner tells us thot onother victim is "going to pieces." The teocher loolss up from her vvorls with o puzz- lied expression on her foce os she wonders, "Was lthe couse of thot?" Loughing under her breoth, she molses o smoll morl-2 on her notepod ond thinlss, "Thats two in one doy, Bravo!" This is just one exom- ple of vvhot con hoppen if you let on ossignment Cor teocherb get to you. Pressure builds, ond ot times it con become too much. The cure? Outrageous behoviorl Some try to escope their problems of stress by chonging their identities ond personolities, dressing ond octing in o mon- ner thot none of their close friends Cor even their mother? would recognize. Other stress sufferers burst out in loughter, sometimes onnoying those oround them. You tell yourself, "There is no sense in someone being that happy!" But, just becouse they lough doesn't ol- vvoys meon they ore hoppy, right? lt'sjust o woy to let off steom. The best vvoy to stoy sone is to tolse o breols every novv ond then. Just stoy home from school on the doy you've got thot big test, ond if o teocher hossles you, tell them to tolse o breols, too. They deserve it! Secretory Jonice Sonders oppeors to be running owoy from her stressful job. Actuolly, she vvos getting o little help in jump-storting her new dune buggy. Anno Eubonl-a tries to ottroct ortention by stonding on o desk wearing o blocls dress trimmed in ostrich feorhers. "'fWN,i I A s ,, , X gv V gr' as With new "prescription" glasses on, Mrs, Campbell Steve HGH lets OUT O SCYGOFTW FO help Tl' ister, makes Q specrode of herself in One Of het JP High regoin his control while loolsing over o ENQW doses test he obviously isn'r prepored for. 20 Student Life Wil TE , J -f"l ' Wifi MM J f" UM f fv gp.. FFR' Ezra Cooper, Michelle Padgerr, and Crn- WCW SOUVVWGVWOVWU OWU JGVWWWGV Mor- dy Slsipperore captured during rhe Hal- GOUY Seem VO be VWOVWWQ 00 idemiiy Ioween Dance in their OUVVQQQQUS COS, crises due ro rhe unnecessary stress rumes placed on rhem by teachers, How do you consider your- self strange? '5 I ws C "I live the life the life I love. because Ilove the life I live. Ride a Harley!" - Richard Thomas senior "l'm original in a strange way, a trend setter. - Wayne Ross senior "I try to find something fun- ny in everything that I do, no matter what it is. " - Jaya Ellis senior Srudenr Life 21 EMB RRASSME 1' - WHY WE Q H TE IT! H I I - Have you ever experienced any combina- Tlqe Sympfomg rion of rhese symproms? if so, rhe signs indicore - red face rhar you've been rhe vicrim of rhe merciless viiiain - EMBARRASSMENT! The besr woy ro - SWGOTY posms V avoid o siruorion such as rhis is ro: - 9XC955lV9 fldQ9flf7Q - sir calmly, wirhour moving - rhe sudden need ro cover your - don'r speak foce ond Crow' Under me desk - never do anyrhing sudden or rash A201-CE h nge - and never ever Ier rhern see you swear r oug rs vvir r e faces: My mosr embarrassing momenr was when I was frying ra srarr aff of a pier wafer-slrllng. When I gor up, I narlced rhar my shorrs were srill on rhe pier, hung on a nail, O C I was slrring on rhe bleachers ar a saff- ball game and a foul ball was hir over rhe fence. I rrlecl ro move our of rhe way of rhe ball and fell off rhe rap bleacher ro rhe ground. Afrer all rhar rhe ball aldn'r even come my way! Oo One rfme when I was in a pageanr, I gor up on rhe srage in fronr of all rhose people and everyrhlng wenr blanlf- I forgar all rhar I was supposed fo do. I jusr sroocl rhere while everyone jusr laughed. I was so embarrassed! O O I was playing baslserball in fronf of a gym full afpeople. My baslrerball panrs ripped from rhe fronr seam ro rhe baclr seam wlrh narhlng buf a joclre sr Y mp undernearh The referee wouldnr ler me have rlme ro regroup . J O ca 22 Mini-Mag 1' 1- -gif-A CI-IILDISH HHey rhere's Sandy Shimglerom rolsimg omorher picrure for yeor- b I The r' oos. as :me she is frying ro Ceprure Becky s' Y i -M, Borrs ond Amy Grey srudyimg during lunch, Oh IR - ,mo on doll Edems is up ro his rrlclss Ogoim! Somdy wiHbe furious if he ruins her pie ture. Guess ir' h d r s or o resisr rhor chlidish urge somerimiesf' SAYINGS MADE GREAT IN '88 X55 QQATMAA OvL,JA.00pA QK89' 4. , U, amaze 5 QU DQ WL?-?.'P,fiMgf? 1 'I 'Sago gvhag 64-3? Q-'J-'bowil lip can I bo,-raw Your Cke,w-is-Hw"Z 1 .gn Poscrsui 16 lulfn.-UA ainaw? O W rg Q, - Gweuwouesa .5 X 3 W . See We Same pi Q tg-EA Cupola Cnuck :: 00 fc FIND THE NAMES OF POPULAR SONGS, MOVIES, AND STARS IN THE SEEK-N-FIND. Gonna Make A Change Endless Summer Nighrs Parrids Swayze Raw I Wanna Be Your Man Cybil Shepard Faro! Arrracrion Seasons Change Coufo' Have Been Rob Lowe Dirry Dancing Honesrly Michael Jaclsson Hdfng Our Push lr Sheii Like The Mno' Molly Piingwald Thee Men and a Baby You 're My Angel Srano' By Me Tom Cruise Pfaroon I Can Rock fr To You Eddie Murphy For Keeps Rock Of Life Jennifer Grey Don'r Shed A Tear Whirney I found Someone She'5 Having A Baby 24 Mini-Mag SEEK- -FI MLKDFGIJPFATALATT IYOUADONTSHEDATEA CAIVLRARSMNPFGNNL HGQPUSHITHJKMNOEED APRVXZBCEGYIKEGMO EEGIHKBTSEKEBNGYE LOQSUHYYNADEAJFGH JTVIZXZTAAVHCENGE ARETVXIZBACDFAHHJ CUFWYHADHSCEHGSIE KUIWNYBDNDFCHLJDL SZLACULOEGAIIDLMO ODPPHUSJLENBPCRKT Nsocoalxxuvoxosrsu HJKCELMADCRTRVMXZ Axcsuor-iosuawovyax MPORTAVBJXZABCERG LYRINGWALDBDLDOTF UWYNBDFIHJNLOFNPR ABOBLACGBAJBWRAMF EGHCOBDTTHRSBERFKR CDADSHESHAVINGABA GcQIQPJENNiFEaGRs IFERSNYDCJCESPHON KNGTUSHESLIKETHEH MHIYXKWMHDRDSJDFJ OENDLESSSUMMERNIG QJKAZWGAPTDSMJKSMO SLMNRUBCSMBMDWJRS UNOCKYOUREMYIANGEL VPQILSKRMFKJJOSSC VRSNTIHREEMENANDAB XTUJZRDLBSTBQMSLP NROCKITTOYOUTACRE PUZZLED -- I I TEACHERS ee I . - Across: I I' I I I 1. The Moon IS Down - I f e Q 5, I1 d Down" Q ISS e-- """' D 3 C . I I 4 M I W cc Q 2 I I 5, E p d bl STP A f , 6. Kmgd PIWI CI I Ord F I I ......J -- I Will He Make It To The Zip Mart Or End Up In ISS? 0 l"'...l1.I I I Mmm-M 'O fo OS' Q WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE O g, PICTURES? Q00 T Wrire whor you rhimli is wrong wirh rhe pic- rures in the spoces provided. Lxnrcxq 5 '.. v i I Whlllmgl 1 , , . A' 7 ' 7 ,f I: 0 qt vi '67 - - - P - sfvifvfcfxi f 1 .. -- X ,, , 'L-1: Q 'V - -l , , 5 1 x ,X 1 A az X . 1 f ' K if 1 5 ' 77 "L 4 " I 1- :LfzQ.f.-..Q.?- N , 6 N x X X N i-2? .-.:.'-'-L4 I0 x ' g,iir4..- A ' 5 :ig2:f'Q4,i i7l xy 9 I f .9 :, V yr V f "Z H Q W X f mm W xf N f f KN. N X 1' VW I ANSWERS CHN Connor :sun nprsvr -JUFUOT AIVLKAI M Lorsuzvy Phu G+-0-0-oe-I-1 fuzz: vrx J. T 24.DrUSemdO PIVIZIC KUHD Tlvlz . zsxuxlr or o utnzo VMI Jocobs onsuwrx r n .m.nnov -- , ' lb N 3-JLJFUOV' YVIIZZ G EHJLLNK N l A L-Q-1 I 1 rvx zu u axnoovun u ur AD xzxunox,-r E E. .R O 34-Amo u u YI nr annnunrw R Y Atkinson z neu za Lnoosu uv I ? .-Ffgghfngm v IH JL n lx-rvx zuo O z c xx as uw ynuu -- J LH u xr v xz Ano n A 44-IXAVCOVTGV x no asulw YI nvruio i-'K 'T-eccher 1 IT vnaxza cs sxnnonr jf- l o 1-roman: wr norxn.: L urn-:vxzx 1 ILACUU .vu xxnraansn xcour: ns: mrxnsrvxz 91 nav ea or runw x rx: ll1DCJCt8P 1 H0 U zo x I-fi-K nx xxununnnssorsaaruw n I O cn a Jr zucn snoxxczu LH :unc .vnsazvxv 1 no x stuxc V-1 LJ ' L-J rn Lsxn Jcsscsxsxxf. Gig ll Lzc rim-I l-J EB -ru.vznn:.as1-no snvwcg-ro: 7:U cusczusno' -A ' Mini-Mag 27 Snennon Reeves makes rne bug onnouncernef Hunrer Worvwcls shores rne sroge of Honor, Lwso Levws, stand warn rnemr escorts ro h pnoros mode Tne 1088 Hofnecommng Queen, Snono Redd ond "l ha ve considered it Jaan harbor to be an eifs cart oh the hbmecom- ing court the !asf four ,5Sgeyears.ggqlt hoggalways ' been ci success . . . 28 Hofneconfung Anno ond Richord Mom ond Jamie Liao and Clint 2 Q He, Wniie me crovvd of specrorors broced rnemseives ogoinsr rne coid, me 1987 Homecoming Queen, Tonyo Housond, mode ner finol oppeoronce, Sne vvoired porienriy vvniie rne exciremenr mounred ond me courr proceeded dovvn rne fieid ro rne piorform. Hunrer Worvvicis, o sopnomore, ond Snonnon Reeves, o junior, welcomed everyone os rne young Iodies vvno nod been cnosen oy rneir ciosses snivered nervously oeside rneir escorrs. Tnis vvos me momenr everyone nod onricipored. Airer vvnor seemed ro oe nours, Hunrer onnounced, "rne 7988 Topsoi! high Scnoof Moid of Honor is 4 Liso Lewis!" Tne crovvd cneered os roses were pre senred ro Liso. 'Then o nusn feii over rne Proc po rcrry Poore osssrs me 87 Homocomng Queen Tonyo Housond, our of on onrigue cor driven oy Cindy Skipper fonyo ond Choi JG!! crovvd os Snonnon Reeves opened me enveiope vvnicn conroined me nome of our nevv gueen. Wim o sreody voice, sne soid, "me 1988 Topsoil Homecoming Queen is e Snono Redd!" Snono's morner oimosr fell orr me oleocners os Snono jumped up ond down exciredly, moieing ir dirficuir for Tonyo ro crovvn ner ond presenr ner vvirn me iong sremmed red roses. Wirn o nug from ner escorr, Troy Nixon, Snono siovviy mode ir ro ner olocls Corverre for rne rrip oround rrie fieid. Afrervvord, oii rne young women Iefr in rneir ouromooiles feeiing proud ro nove oeen referred ro os "Topsoil's fin- est." Anr Aiisnson ond escorr Crroriie Hoii vvoir rneir rurn ro ieove me oiorioinn Soorino ond Alon HCWCCIQJTTN cg 49 meg 5 Umowore rrwor she rs obour ro become rhe 1988 Home coming Queen, Shooo Redd srrs poruerwrry Wirh Twoooo Borrs Sobrroo Sorwders rs urwoffecred by rhe rwsrle ood busde orouod her. She seems corwrermr whale worrirwg ro meer her escorr on rhe herd flower rrgrwrb CBe!owD Wim o bro srmle for me comero, More-se Sharp- Ness poses on o rode rn rrwe dressing room, f' E r S V Morese ond Ciorence Sondy ond Josoo Me-hsso ond Eric Amy ond Chris OO Homecomrrwg -.. SX' f A Ltmpi Phey .1 G SXJVYQVMQNC www mari pmrm pail w qpjzr' Xwkwa Vey Qcmwe to prcucrce cm "wwf, ufremcwfw drowcfd ww Www blade ond qdd Orme Bcwcyf Qb'M'Q,G7fFV fb for Qgmewr vwrrw Jos' moldmg rwef fm-wer Lwscl Lows Ncwqm O5 Somdy msxsrf, on pwrmfg xr ww her mourh 7 . . . due to the hard work put forth by those involved. I'm glad to have been o part of if. " - Jeremy Newfon Y' Jeremy HOf"QLOVVWV'Q JW 'L'L 'L'L Sharon Srumley fr Tommy Golden, new srudenrs or Topsoil High,5 'ore surprised by me comero while woiring in rhe- express line in me cofererio, S 'Q L X M K 1 X 5 S ry r, f-rg NIJ NEW PLA ig Gnce ogoin we emoorked upon o yeor of conremplorion ond medirorion. There were new focjes ond o!d ones roo. The John- ny-corne-Iorelys Ieorned rhor on Upbeor omrucle ond o hip ser of rhreoos were rhe Iseys ro o hog yeor. Mony of rhe newcomers rnorley oerspecrives oroodening Toosoil s oisrincr oUr!oo!4. Wherher we hoo rnohowl-ss or slidsfdos wore Converse or Hoshf f gm: fini? me FTSE? 53:2 T ws Z 2223? orooghr wirh rhenw fresh ideos ond QQ ire? my EE? 22332 255 S21 M! 3 53.15 P452 W. puppies we were ond snll ore oeop!e hurnons PATRATEE ANI- MALS!!! And rhor is Whor Consrrucrr ed the moss of Pirores rhor inhooire ed Topsoil s cornpus rhls yeor. SENIOPNS JUNIOPNS SOPHOMORE5 FRESHMEN EIGHT!-I GRADERS SEVENTH GRADETRS FACULTY 341-47 Ao-51 52-55 56-59 OO-62 o8-o5 oo-69 'zu F L Q 3' . is ,N V , 2125 T .. sw 9 T 1. fm ' E51 2 R ' , Q if if ,Q Q35 Q25 1 erW""' ui T. New xg? I !! A, J Donna Allen "Mama Donna" Chris Amburg Richard Eric Asbury "Dio" Llfefs o beach, ond rhen you dlel Audrea Gail Batson Loyolry is on unswerying olleglonce ro some person, rhlng or ldeo, James Batson A bod doy surfing ls berrer rhon o good doy or school Carolyn A. Batts "C.B." The future lsn'r promised you, so fry ro rnolie rhe besr of life ond ochreve whor you wonr Wendy Lea Drown "Wennie" Donr ever srop dreaming your dreonvs Todd Curry "Teddy-Poo" Irs nor rl you win or lose, fr's now you ploy rhe gorne Joya Jeaneane Ellis "Jay" Never hong your heod low, olwoys hold ll high, loolf rhe world srrolghr fn rhe foce Anna Andrews Eubank "Ann-Banan" The secrer of being o bore is ro rell everyrhlng ef Volroire Michelle Dawn Ferrell "Che-Ile" l-lopprness l5 lSOOWll7Q where you ore going, bllss l5 hoying been rhere ond having no regrers Wendy Dawn Fletcher "Fletch" Whor you ore is Gods grfr ro you Whor you become is your glfr ro God Richard Greg Forgach "Ricky" Follow your dreorns, for ll theyre worrh dreorning, rheyre worrh golng for Mike Gannon Robbie Gunter Terri Sherriell Hansley "Rai" Love l5 only chorrer, friends ore oll rhor rnorrer Amy Henderson "Ames" To hondle yourself use your heod, ro hondle orhers, use your heorr Jamie Hollis Kimberly Lynn Hollis "Kimbo" A word ro rhe wise oln'r necessory - lr's rhe srupld ones who need rhe odyrce Martha Susan Horrell "Marti" Love lS on oc! of endless forgiveness, o render loolf which becomes o hobrf 34 Seniors THINK FREELK FEEL DEEPLK C, 03 Y Qi. 'B 4 Y 4- ' .v it QL1 QI 'tb fe 0- 1 r i I 1 1 1 REACH FOR THE 514 Y - - V- 1' " " 1 " "' " " "' ' ' '1- Thoughrs on being a senior: Being a senior is nor al! Irs Cracked up ro be I because we now have ro deaf wirh problems fhar we werent faced with in years oefore - Michelle Ferrell When ir comes ro sporrs Most Athletic Toad Cirry and Sho n Weigel raise rirne Jaya Ellis and Chris Sullivan really lsnow ou' ro be alone owing The seniors' rneir gannes newly exrendea lunch period ,Qfx , .l , f , .Q as :Y Lucinda Morie Howard "Luci" To conoaer wrhoo' rss fo r' onion yr 'Hoo' gfory Victoria Ann Hurd "Ann" He who avoios 'ne refiororfon avoids we sin John P. Ingram Lifes nor fair, sa Chear as rnoch as yoa can Heather Kelley Lovetor Sidbury Jacobs "Jap" This is rhe Moro rne ooef sings rhaf sorrows Crown of sorrow is 'ennennoerfng naoorer .mags Natalie Lake Afwoys roife pride in wnar you do in fife and you vwil' never oe aisapooinrea Peter Lee Uh, hohf Uh, nohf Da Da Dai Lisa Renee Lewis "Mousse" fiearer nor whar yoo have aone oor 'egre' what' yoo Mx' no wen 'r done Senio's 35 Jomme Hows, RTCTIGVU Thomos, Srocey Byrd, KGVTVT Merrrrr ohd Jdmme Lwles hove o serwous duscossrorw concerning rhexr dpcommhg moms for rhe wee-kehd, Drod Pore ponders over has "home Cooked" meal. ATTTTOUQTW he deohed has piore, he doesrfr seem very eh- rhdsed i SO Semors QQNWQS . - Jeffrey Nrxoh ond Todd Curry reTox im rhe shode durxhg rhexr ofrerhooh oreok These rwo Seniors wwsh rhey codTd Teove eorly, os mohy do .' Zh 0082! Y si Q is zii Prepored For The Furure As senlors plunged lnro rhelr losr yeor of school, rhe reollzo- rion of groduoring ond becom- ing o porr of rhe reol world srorrled rhenn inro ocrlon. The ocrlons rhese senlors fools lnro rnind were rhose of rhe eosiesr or mosr srrenuous worls rhey hod yer done. They hod ro foresee rhe reollries ond hordshlps of rhe rlmes ro corne. These senlors hod ro rolse rislss rhor excluded rhony free hours ond shorrened rhelr feelings of porlence ond comprehenslon, Appllcorions, Wherher for jobs, SATS, or College occepe ronce, fllled much of rhelr fue rureeconsclous minds. Though burdens of nlghrly honweworls, ofrernoon procrice, or offer- school jobs consurned fnony hours, senlors ofren spenr ony 'lfree" rlrne Wrlrlng personol es- soys ond conwplering exrro-cur' rlculor profiles for rhose oppllco- rions. foboveb Mllse Gonon, Jorhes Borson, ond Kevln Wolron lrsren lnrenrly ro rhe rernorlss rhode by Nlr, Poore ln on os- sernbly Clerrb "Jeremy - Wolfe upl" were rhe crres of nwony reochers who roughr ler erny Newron rhls yeor. Corchlng "z's" ln doss ls vvhor he seenfled ro do oesr Cfor lefrb lkooble Gunrer molses o oulcls phone coll ln rhe snwolslng oreo during lunch . 5,,,m,, ,imaging Q5 g,Ew5 iE Q 5 wg W ..,. M . , ...... g ,,. W Wm? m2S22'fw22.4 'PSS32ii222WE?EE2f?E5?5552? Mm B, WSE ,, Zi, , fel. A Q, 4 ,rl sf Q l gg w L .. iwffgwzrsrazsfw7455Xwlifwwifiimissszgzsi:mf ww ,gwg-M,,m,h5g wmgmwmmmgx .1 ,Es r,,v.mggH sw, SNESQiiixffezssrzeaizfifwg:if::ffQZ2.?:rg:EE5??a2a ef 4 Senlors 87 gggigs:3535are2-ls::,r5gmg:c?zEm,rEi ,o5?gg 3 g ,5 2 'QL 2 YOU HAVE EAILED ONLY WHEN Jamie Liles Karen Marshall Educorion is rhe oesr rhlng in llfe. Tina Mariea Maihis "Rea" Sfond for sornerhlng or you will foll for anyrhing Melody McClung Monica Jean Mobley Follow your drearns lf you worls hard enough, your dreams will come rrue Melissa Ann Munger " M Cr M" A ,alcfure horn rulned souls, or rolsed rherri ro cornrnerce wirh rhe slsies. Kristi Neff I Office aide Joy Smiih raises a areal.: Rowdie-st Rooters Krisri Neff and Rob- from herlob ro char wirh lacIsSanderlin ble Gunrer show rheir school spirir by on rhe office couch. holding rheir heads high for Topsail. I , Finally a senior: l feel good because l 'rn ready ro ger on wlrh my lffe. 88 Seniors Ann Hurd Q L W . .. f', l'.!i-:ff?1,!1, w h o ' V , - ,. g i, i,lf.l,jy.'::'-,gy l .Wil-..1-lfsr, 3 4- , 'ii .ly ,M s, ' ' .X ' M ' ' V 11'iV li'il .S yy-MN ,X l ggi! ws Ik" YOU HAVE FAILED TO TRY 3 it qv- Y 'iowr' Pnoro Nor Available Jeremy Thomas Newton "Sneedle" ff you love somernrng, ser rr free, ff rr doesnr come oock fO you, nunr fr down ond ki!! fr' Jeffrey Nixon "Jed" Troy Nixon "Top Dog" Love is somerhfng soeool, so keep fr o Jong mme Black or wnrre, rnor doesn'r nwoke rr wrong, Jay Parker Brad Pate I come, I sow, I conquered Sandro Elizabeth Perry "Sandi" The oesr ond nnosr oecwfuf wings in me worfd Connor oe seen or roucned, rney rnusr oe fefr wfrn rne neorr Lee Poore Martie Lea Pullen "Marr-Marr" Jusr wnen you rnfnk you know of! fne onswers, someone changes oi' ine oueshonsf Shana Yolanda Redd "Ms. Redd" L' is easier ro nghr for ones principles rnon ro live up ro rnefn Missy Ann Register Love yourself for wnof you ore and nor wnor people wonr you ro be Gina Renee Rochelle Wnor is oeowfu! is good and who 5 good wifi soon oe oeourffuf' Wayne L. Ross Forger fr lo1n'r wrrn fri You know wnof' rrlrne if is Todd Rothfuss "Too Too" Now LS rne rfnve for of! good men ro come ro our ard and porryl Leigh Ann Russell Wisdom is rne principle fL'Jlf7Q,' rnerefore ger wisdom And wfrn of! rny gerring ger undersrondng, 7 Proverbs 4 7 Wendy Suzanne Sanders A friend is rne greoresr rreosure o person can have Jackie Sandlin Susan Courtney Satferfield Nobody ever nod o rofnoow, oooy, 'ffl ne nod rne rain A Jim Croce Michelle Lee Sholes "Boo" Our of erernrry rne new doy is born, fnro erernfry o nfgnr rerurns Erika Shreckengost Jennifer Sidbury Seniors 39 Jock Sondiin ond Keyin Walron poy dose orrenrion as Coach Frazier gives insrrucrions ro ine rearn These seniors, along wirn mony orhers, can be found or ofrernoon procrices. Toad Rornfuss fries ro choose from inis iineop of "oocrieiorerres" Noroiie Loise, Suzanne Wicker, Heorner Keliy, Morri Horreil, Siocey Snnirri, ond Anno Eubonif Wonder who will be ine iuclsy girl. Senior Yearbook Ediror, Micneile Ferreli, woriss diligenriy on o ioyour daring class, Shes assisred by many new sraff rnernoers. 1 W C Y I 'XS A Disks xv ww WW f.-5-my r Q, fi as ww 35 gag sg me wwe 5, 1 Q ivggil W2 H Lia 3 252 925233 ZvSSEi1llf'3S5 was s 2 P Q gggwisgw sgafggggggr js Q 5 3523 S? 'K 13? 3 if fps ls? an gm? MW Q 35 Q rw Q Sins? 35 32335323 was S Q 3 gr A K swing Kwffizimiafssmzrigssimiisgdmmizg 2528222252gzisfsginafymbzmsssiiizzziazsgssizagizsiiliiilvgfsii wiQszsssissxwaezzisHisriwmspszazzfzizsifg Sirfmssasqss zszzrgwsezmzzzw 'moiiiiiiiiiliiiilsilifgg ' ' MW MH may wiiigiiiw W were is 'mis 40 Seniors Q 1 L gig s A Word of fnony fneoningss ir expioins rhe rype of peopie who hove been suoiecred ro rhirreen yeors of hord worls ond hordoriving reochers. .Sis for srudying, sisipping ono socioiizing 4 focrors of being o senior. E is for eciucorion, English S-E-N-I-O-Ps-S ond excruc oring woris f rhings seniors hove hoo ro pur up Wirh Nis for nighrs, noon ond nine o'ciocis - rinnes rhor oli seniors ger rogerher ond porereei lis for iii, inricnore ond impe cunious Cor in orher words pen nilessb - feeiings rhor seniors V' V.-in i.i shore, O is for OSS, office ond woris f pioces seniors ovoid, R is for renring, regisrering ond roorning f rhings rhor coi' iegeoouno seniors hove ro lools rorworo ro. 5 is for such o wiid porry - rhe uirinwore gorhering where seniors express rheir ourer ond inner nwosr reeiings So worch our, oecouse Seniors ore greor, Seniors ore good, Bur seniors wiii wrecis your neighborhood! Seniors oppiouo os U Governor Jordon ends his speech if -avi' i Q S 5 E 3 E Moria Wrighr, Anrhony Srnrrh ond Drod Poe p'eoorQ ro porricipo'e in o surprise roosr tor o rovorre sruoenr reocner, Ms Borrow Perer Leo is opprehensive when Melo oy McCiung i-nos hunnor in his Engiish poper oh Beowuf' Seniors 411 WELCOME LOVE DREAM DREAMS Feelings on being a senior: fye been here rvvefve lang years ana' !'rn glad ra be gradaarfhg. - Karen Marshall Chris Arnburg and Troy Nixon relax in the Guidance Area daring lunch Chris is Conserving his energy for the big game while Troy cools down offer a not Con Class Clowns Anna Eobanie and Chris l versarion wirh his girlfriend on the Snnirn regress ro their childish ways of l i phone iosr hangin' 'rooncl r ' n Y ll 1--. -.. I 'S Laveto Sidbury A oerson who fries is a person who has a chance, Stephanie Monique Sidbury Anthony Smith "Smitty" Ya, can? svengrhen rhe weair by weakening rhe srrang Christopher Dale Smith "Chris" Haapiness is nor' gefing vvhaf' yOr, waar, So' wanrfrtg whar you ger Joy Renee Smith Essenrrais of happiness are Someone ra iove and ra oe iayed Karen Smith Stacey Smith Happiness doesnt Come from dang Whar we Aire ro do par frarn liking whar we have ra da Chris Sullivan Tough rrrnes never lasr, our rough people ao - ilooerr Schoiier 412 Seniors l' ON A STAR. Mark Wright John Thomas Taylor, Jr. All rnor glfrrers fs nor gofd Richard Thomas Tommie Thomas Life vvorlfs if you work or rr Kevin Walton Shain Michelle Weisel "Weasel" 5Cnoo!'s our for summer, mme for friends, go vvnere your dreams rolfe you, even ro me rofnbovvk end Suzanne Wicker Happiness is nor novfng everyrnfng you wonr our vvonrlng everyrnrng you nova? Brion Wortman Jennifer Lynn Wozniak "Wuz" Things are rough all over ' Seniors 43 GCDING PCR Tl-lE GGLD, STRIVING FUR Tl-IE BEST ' r 21 W M lf 2 . We Are Plonnino Our Lives Ano Gur Fufures. XX Why Should N., W wma' We Serrle Shone Weisel ond Robbie Gunrer keep John Neville compony finish his lunch Some seniors use rheir lunch ro sociolize while orhers eor, For Less? Donno Allen, Morieo Morhis, Nlelisso Munger ond Michelle Sholes find rirne ro pose for o oicrure during rheir lunch Mony seniors enioyeo being ourdoors on worm ooys Seniors exercise one of rheir few ond for oerween 'lorivilegesw by gerring ro lunch five minures eorlier rhon unoerclossrhen at sv Q Sv' 3bKZ.Q'2Z"':0x S 'jvfyib if ERZFMWXU Y S5252 Qgwfggsgr Jwngdijggjgfggwfiviigliewi'ZSfi5Z3ZZM31YZSSr3.5fwZZZI T255 S 5 vi E3E595E:f::::1:ZZ5EmSEE5?f rirlizwrrzgrfzwf , Eiiilgzggggrfslgggfr?EiS3ii::2f1gs5:if::eEE22i5gigSEE3iY?221: .QSSSEYSZ : A- 5-:se rr H W1 f ff HGHSZZSSSESSK A31 if ss 'iaiiqiigiii mm iiiiiiiiiffilif 15558 X532 givizrzirgiiiss ,M if AA Seniors if rf is X wg , ,V X i 5 I 3 2 Norole Lolse snows no concern for so persrrrron os sne dores ro work under rne Wodder Suzonne Wnclfer rs precorr ously percneo upon Cnrrs Snwrrn Msrens ro Mr Ryon nn order ro ger pornrers for nrs uocomrng solo rs, 1 . - - we Q - ww . .,,., "Are we proyrng rnslde or OUr5ide?" wonders senror bond rnernoer Krrsrr Neff os sne prepores ro roke our her horn mmiifs W V .i5:EE'g22,E :Q :2:i'.a::E'a:,:i:5:5- H rw iywgfffzrgwfsrgfl WSH: -P rviiifzsrww Wazzfggfz fffceagzzsfifz:mee5-wrggilwsssisasggiN-?2SQ2s'Q::siff i5sis: ,frgg1mG2?S,w: ' N YQWQSPJSPG :ZIV fam-' . fflsefv V i532iUw5ZiPA-fQiiiwwiiiiiii'MW2v3?2?:5:'MfQ:s54i:?fw.v.2'1DeKmZ'g?,2f.29v rqiirsfiiffg Q Egggwkikwvqeakirwfwwii zgwgikik -rg.: -.:: ::.g-f: g-5-5,-5 was-L mg ,515w5,,gyrgggg5mg5gm0 Wriigifiwz ,U.QiZ:5,w2mZ5::gw??g A' fffgfsg-'Uwe E wa 3525 G5S2Urrg,5QsSS:sff W B' g sm? 0 35 H55 -.1- ,:',:g g 'Vw MM ------ : I-if--F-:- -: 5 Q ef Seniors 45 Seniors' Most Stylish couple, Mom l-lor fell and Bred Pore, spoil rlweir clossiesr Srocy Sfwlli ond Richard Thomas flesh clorlwes rlwe-ir Million Dollar Smiles. ,.1 i 1-,vw j, ',i f Li 'S' .5 '3 f - K- , ' H , .2 553, ' -4 E . .. Ju , 1 it P "1 3. Yagi is - ,, ,QL f , - '- '- , "AMW, 3. " MI 7. ' , ,if . i 1 .iQ 1 3-pgs' f k x ,fa-ff Q I 4' 'fff fff'-iff,-f Q 3 - "'k't'i'f'-K' vi- 'i' H193 1 17 ,, ,dw l Qi U5 leremy Newron drools over Ms Corolif Amrhomy Smirli ond Lise Lewis, os Mr. no while Sandi Perry mes ro recopwre and Mrs. Ame-rico, rear upon rheir his oriemriom No wonder rlweyie Closs rlwrorwes Flirts. 46 Seniors L! Sling sig, 'd is lgiwwlni-Iwi ,...f' ,xi at 1 M W Wil i REQ ,lf wi f l L all M falls -5.N'1,,f i , X Ei 'llveij .gms 1 'Nl M1 Q F , , EEA ,U -ks 'if S 1 QL ,wx 1' l' 'W - 1 vs.. rne Most Outrageous couple sreol owoy durrng closs nrne for rrcur Suzonne Wicker ossures Poul rne norresr of new sryles qw 1.-rA'N g-Q.. ,Elf xxssa 5.25, X' Abour being o senior: I f Excfred and nesfronr. You ger be-rrer rreormenr, our rhe pressure fvnd of gers ro you. W Morls Wrignr Afror o nord doy of scnool, Most Am- bitious Snono Redd ond Jonn Toyior is rake o oreck ro corcn up on world Q news sg ' Seniors 47 JUNIO Arlslnson, Chorlle Borrs, Chude Borrs, Shelly Borrs, Twonno Boom, Shonnon Bolron, Woody Brodshow, John Brlre, Tony Brooks, Llso Byrd, Srocey Corden, Lee Correr, Erlc Correr, Timmy Clorl-a, Bedsy Clemenr, Jimmy Connors, Cllnr Coooer, lennller Coroerr, Wlllrom Coyll, Sreohen Cox, Dwlghr Crouch, Scorr Deese, Kelly Delloouono, Donny Dlxon, Srevle Duncon, Doyld X' Edens, Rondoll Engllsh, Eddie Ferrell, Joson Fisher, Rhondo Gorrlss, Rodney 48 Juniors RS 'ur vom K-if ,f Doring lanqh Q graap or rrrenfjg rglgg Q lefr Drasenaa Jacobs, Shelly Barrs, Sa Nixon, Tara London, and Yolanda Sid break ro pose for rhe Camera From nya Jenlsins Nlarclsira Garrison, Kim bary eww Garrison, Warren Gizinslsi, Denis I-lall, Charlie Hall, Sieve Harrell, Angela Harrell, LeAnn lrving, Tiffany Jacobs, Drusenda Jarman, Russ Jenlsins, Sonya Jernigan, Karla Johnson, Kim Johnson, Leroy Jones, Debbie Jones, Missy Jones, Sreyen Jordan, Kelly Kelley, Jeff Kirls, Krisrie Knighr, Brad Juniors 49 Longley, Michelle Lonier, Jenny Leo, Sobrino London, Toro Loughlln, Chris Lowe, Trocy Monuel, Mel Merrirr, Kevin Miller, Morvin Mirchell, Melody Moore, Alison Morgon, Tommie Morris, Croig Neville, John Nixon, Kim Pollord, Tonyo Poreor, Josh Pyorr, Michoel Reeves, Shonnon Rich, Louro Rodgers, Eric lkoyol, Piegenio Sonders, Sobrino Sorrerfield, Reid Shorpless, Morese Shorpless, Melvin Shlngleron, Sondy Sidbury, Yolondo Skipper, Cindy Slorer, Melonie 50 Juniors , 59. 2, 5 fl- P' er.:- of J 4 figs s 'YES - si in-+4 ,,,,1"'r A ,,,. , .8 X W, ' 'fill' A ' Y' 40 F 1 1 1 1 mlrm, i Daring a oreals oerween classes, Tarnrnie Morgan and lliclsy Souihe-rlana raise rinie our ro stroll down rhe halls of Topsail l-liah Charlie l-Iall, Jason Ferrell, and Randall Eaens, are caaghr in rhe hall on the way ro lunch .-s--I V ' Saurherland, Ricky Spicer, Adrian Srumely, Sharon Srurz, Linda Surgenor, Scorr Swann, David Taylor, Tino Trifoli, Ross Turlingran, Maris Walker, Clarence Whire, Amy Whirely, Norris Williams, Trina juniors 51 Tohy Redd, Wiilie Shepord ohd Melvin London Cor- ry on o ryplcoTIy humorous cohyersorioh uh rhe 'Xhohgour comer" on rhexr lunch ore-ole Becky Borrs Crysrol Borrs Scorr Borrs Terry Dons Tohyo Blonroh Scorr Brodshow Thomas Burch . Wendy Correr Suson Cosron T Michoel Dovis 3 E Lindo Eoches T T Debbie Edgell Susoh Elmore Onho Euglow E T 52 Sophomores :: X 9 I J IO ... -11' Susan Evans Tarcher Fuiler Lori Fussell Dennis Geddie Shannon Gizinslei Shavvn Glahn Amy Gray Susan Gray Mike Griffin Missy Gunrer Keliy Gurganious Jewanra Hansley Taoirha Hansiey Darricls Hasseil Kerrie Henry Michael Hervey Diliy Hobbs Tania Howard Tracy Howard Tim Hunier Ray Jacobs Kevin Johnson Jeff Janes John Julien Buddy Jusrice David Keiiy Anne Kerman Jana Laise Troy Lamb Grady Liily Soohamores 53 Eric London Melyin London Melissa Ludlum Srepnanie Marlss Marrna McClang Tracy McCullen Morrna McDowell Wanda Mircnell Anrnany Mobley Cliff Mobley Jamie Morgan Misry Morgan Al Nixon Willie Nixon Rodney Owens Kerry Padgerr Jeff Parker Opnelia Parlser Joey Payne Luellyn Piyer Donnie Price Dawn Purdy Meredirn Randall Robin Rich Lee Rimel Jann Riyenbarls Brian Rivera Rnanda Royal Sracie Ryce Paul Sadusl-xy 511 Sopnornores M, as cyl-- X av miss 55 N w ZY N R Q . .. X-5 .ns :Q I .. .. EE, S 1 N + is QQ an rl gg? Ni Q Y X Rs ix Q5 E Q A W? wx SSM A J .1 if 3 ,g 5 35 Rs I si is l "wa - I-s.' ,.......,,....., '42 ! M 5 ca. ....... , Uk KQLL: 5 s 3 ,gpm 5 .... ,, .... S .. ' m r 4 . -ill -3. .... Q .Qing E X ,Q . 1. 'Ni Semis 2. sw . . wwf VMEQSQ f-- if , 5 ' lNx???"' kk.. . Chris Sharpless Shawn Shepard Stephanie Sholar Andre Sidbury Edgar Sidbary Penny Sidbury Jimmy Smirh Suzy Smirh Kir Srephens Clara Sronerock Jennifer Tucker l-lunrer Warwick Lisa Webb Scarf Wesr Johnny Willis Mrs Warrs fifrh period sophomore English class works diligenrly ro read and comprehend "Nicholas Sophomores 55 Keirh Alsins Ann Arlsinson Jeff Arlsinson Roy Barson Carlron Barrs Jennifer Barts Jeff Bradshaw Daryl Bryan Maris Brooks Tammy Byrd Terrance Conner Shannon Cosron Brian Cavil Srephanie Covil Dale Curry James Davis Victor Davis Roland Dixon Bernadette Doyle Jill Earp Brian Floyd Ann Fuller Reggie Fuller Paula Gales Travis Geddie Brenda Gibson Tommy Golden Craig Gore Brad Graham Robin Graham Osahal Hansley Milse Harfsfield Larry Hayes Billy Henderson Scarf Hewerr Karum Hill Kevin Hollis Ronald Horn Bernard Howell Lisa Howell Chuck Huff Scorr Ingram 56 Freshmen is ' F' - . f- :sw 2 l I,l l 5 N E 2 ix an K X X X i C XX! X s, Cs ? f W is F 1 Aly S X E N, , C... ww CCC., i- 1 X125 Q Y Qs - ss 4 lg gi S Q .. xx s 9 X X A . ,, E -::::W:W..- ss-ss-Qg:s3s:f-:ima 5 ' Q l s i C si C X. Im. N F lil , 5,555 ,, N K is l 2 ' -- l i g PH' mi X, .-isis, it i fy-'fPg3f?f - sssill i ' his hi Qliiflml ' -- W 2 as ,fi 5 mes" -- i s , A ky f 1-,J Clareas Jacobs Mia Jenkins Angelica Jones Carol Jones Phillip Janes Eileen Julien David Jusiice William Jusrice Gary King Eric Kissner Crysral Lanier Shane Lawran FRESHMEN ln berween classes, Jeff Pearson, Kevin Hollis, Gary King, and Brian Covil find rhar holding Robin Graham and Stephanie Covil hosrage can be qaire amusing, Freshmen 57 An afrer school break is an absalure musr far Craig Gore, Paul Trifoli, and Chuc Huff ,, ,Wah 58 Freshmen Tin W'-m. Max Lefler Michelle Lennon Candi Lerhco Shirley Logan Leanryne London Robert London Jennifer Maready Kelldrain Marshall Scorr McCorl1le James McDowell Yashica Mills Alron Mirchell ? fl' ,,,,.ll,,,,1,. ,lf iggwgfg , si., ff? 4 H fulfil ' I if ff e , 4, '26 , 2. f'f'r f 'e Q 55 ,,,,.. I ,,,,,, V4 EQ 'ff W l l -- ,, ---'- - S W K V s Q f f sg f f if ff ' E ,Q , W W! 'E f'7 W i f ff 2 W f W if f ,,' , f . bv Z f of ? f 2' ff'f QNX-xii qw' 9 V f ....., ' iw V , , - , K, W W f 1 ff . if .,,. sa ,V -asm m,i,,.i,,5f - K 4 M , M, r , A f , , , V I h,,, Y mi' S' Q1 - Wu Keirh Moller Eiizoberh Monrgomery Jennifer Moore Erik Morgon John Muligrov Edno Newcomb Mory Newcomb Cory Nixon Derrick Nixon Korino Nixon Loroshio Nixon Porrick Nixon Choo Oores Donnie O'Neil Brenr Parker Pere Poscnoll Lucy Posguei Jeff Peorson Corherine Pierce Jusrin Poore Mork Pseoves Slyndo Psicnords Joson Rouleou Scorr Rowlono Meg Sorrerfieicl Andreo Snorpless Mike Snoior Srocie Snoies Empie Sidbury Jenny Skipper Eric Smirh Morrhew Sreinhilber Krisrine Srumpf .loonno Toylor Morrnew Tnomos Poul Trifoli Cnrisropher Vouse Michelie Wolron Eric Worers Tino Wnirenursr Angelo Wiggins Snoron Wilson Freshmen 59 X lo Q36 65 QV pi? A group of ir. high srudenrs YGISG rime berween classes ro say hello and wonder whar rhe reachers have prepared for rhe nexr period. Allen, James Alfillo, Anrhony Darrs, Tawan Berger, Winnie Brown, James Clarida, Kennerh Col-zer, Shea Cole, Craig Cooper, Ezra Corberr, Brian Daniel, Hearher Dean, Tammy Earp, Eric Edgerran, Kimberlee Eubanlx, Roberr Garvey, James George, Missy Gray, Sandy Grindsraff, Chris Hardison, Cornelia Hasre, Kim Heyde, Deidre Hollis, Heather Horn, Danna Howard, Chris Jackson, Kim Jacobs, Dira Jones, Susan Lalse, Mandy Lea, Srephanie 60 Eighrh Graders L K X C Ya: C , M , Z w,,s.....,Z?f'Ei6m L 'W ,, h' , i ff 0 ,f f M, 'Z' YW Sh EQ , ,C,,, , f X 3 i i ' L, Al f ww' W, 555 43 5 f, i ' - -- M W M f Q 1 Wg, ff is ,v N ,Q fx 1 ,fly J 7 J fi V 5 fill? V ' " - ,min , f f ll 1 V W , i 4 fx 4 ,Wy f gr " " m jl fwww - 5, X J 2x 32, ' My ,f-C. sf J ' ' 6 , ,,,,,, , w , F J 2 5 l 'J M l an "fs , I 52 s ,f ,K Q l A isa ? we f we TE ir ii 3 s l ii 2 Qi 5 3 i , W J s 4 1 1 . 1 l , i ,K 7 " . i If is tl ' flfffies Q59 3 af ff m, -, , . i fi J 2 . , 42 I f J' 1 5 , , 7 f ff Q 'Q Q, 7 :7 is f 1, vu, ,.w.,:.-f:-W wa,-e WW 'W' 5, ,f .1 iii i i l H- ,fm - ,,, M ,VV' V ii s 1 2 A 2 page E ,fi if frm as 2 an wi f 2 J 2 ge? w si, , M' W, I i - :gf frzufwig 5 ,W ,L 5 f 2 ,g E is ll 1123 5 W Lewis, Kirby Lewis, Walr Long, Clifr Manuel, Warren Marshall, Joy McDowell, Dearrice Monroe, Tracie Nixon, Michael Nixon, Robert Padgerr, Michelle Redd, Kelvin Rimel, Jason Rirrer, William Rodgers, Jason Salrer, Amanda Salrer, Nicholas Shingleron, Jeff Sidbury, John Sidbury, Rhonda Simmonds, Glenn Simmons, Greg Srephenson, Ann Taylor, Eric Viclsery, Tina Ward, Charles Ward, Damira White, Kyrean Williams, Trina Willis, Lisa Worrman, Anita Kyrean Whire, Joy Marshall, Damira Ward, Cornelia Hardisan and Dira Jacobs enjoy a gre-ar lunch while Eighrh Graders ol Barrs, Srephanie Born, Heidi Brandon, Brigham Connor, Chrisry Copp, Jim Currin, Chris Edwards, Jadey Eugiow, Troy Fricl-2, Jason Goss, Vinira Given, Brian Hervey, David Howard, Sracy Johnson, Danny Johnson, Joy Jones, Roberr Julien, Eric Kermon, Robert London, Erica Long, Trey Lovejoy, Gabe Mciready, Jeremy McCrary, Jennifer Meadows, Roberr Brian Givens, Curris Owens Sean Reid and Brigham Brandon, rake a momenr ro pose for rhe camera before continuing iunch SEVENTH GPXADERS 62 Sevenrh Graders L... 6' Willerrs, Amy Wilson, Tim Wright, Andy These 7rh graders false advanrage of rhe rime allorred afrer lunch ro relax and enjoy some fun and games while posing for the camera. Meelfs, Eddie Merlsle, Chris Mills, Richard Mizzelle, Chris Oppegaard, Michelle O'Quinn, Chrisry Owens, Curtis Owens, Timorhy Parker, Tammy Perry, Doug Phillips, Timorhy Pickerr, Sabrina Pikula, Dale Reid, Sean Robbins, Brad Saduslsy, Mary Ann Sanders, Billy Sanders, Denise Saunders, Raberr Shepard, Mishanya Spesshardr, Dranr Tew, Darren Thompson, Candice Walrers, Melissa Sevenrh Graders 68 , ,,,, ,,A, , H LV V5 V , ,,,, ,W 3 ff 49 , f' fl Q 2 if Eff, wwx I' VV: tg ,, 1'-'25 VW , 'N "' ' :itz ,Ai , Q zz fx, A va, K...g1 1 A 2 226 64 People .. '- i32g?"'1Zt"wa... . Y,N, M, , My Q . A ,. ,Q Z W ff i K . fW..q, H 5 People 65 Chorles Bishop Glorio Brodford Kirls Brown Annerre Campbell Don Cormon Tommy Correr Korhy Ellis Tom Frozier Sieve Gorrerr Ed Gibson Doris Grubbs Dione Hughes Suson Jones Eorl Jordon Dil! Mobs Willie McGee Thereso Mirchell I-lozel Moore Glen Piver John Rowland Michdel llyon Leslie Sonds Cheryl Shuford Sondro Sidbury Jim Srdnley Ozello Sronley Ruben Terry Mirzi Wdllfer Debbie Worrs Fronk Wheorly oo Foculry x Sr X 'l ,sig M mill? WX X wx SNL X :I , K I ,ii rr 1: ---M95 . k -f ff' gs ,, f 5 kkh. sfo ' . Q3 , -'Y 1 .E k E' Q: . Qi, 5 , i will? wx XM A----- X v i Q 4 E will .iq so -:mv Ns I if N ,Af if 3, , '19 x 'B X figrfri' N sl i s gsm 5 fx :.,. sive- sg ' ' 953 57, iiiiglsfww ,LX N X si X X N fl Q it kg , 55 Y F Y' if S X S X '::l ,X 1 4 I A if -Qi X is .. X x X all same Sensi' 5-'I -vs f wiv ,W i lf s 1 GOLDEN Mrs. Shuford prepores ro "throw our the old, ond bring in the new," Everyone lool-:ed forword ro hoving new desks rhis yeor. Hoppy Birrhdoy, Mr. Mous! Mr, Mous' sm- denrs rhrow him o surprise birrhdoy pony Koy Willioms Andreo Woodcocls Chris Wujciols OLDIES Sroff - Adminisrrorion, Teochers, Cusrodions. Yes, rhe people rhor nog, bug, ond ore consronrly on our boclss ro be- hove, Bur on o more serious nore, wirhour them rhe school would be o shombles. Wirhouf rhe Adminisrrorion for exom- ple, no one would be here ro uphold rhe rules ond rolse core of The office worls. Teochers - wirhour rhem rhere would be no one TO reoch us rhe things they rhinls we will need in lorer life, Cusrodions - wirhour rhem the school would be come o dump. So, before you rolse ony of rhese people for gronred, rhinls ogoin: Even though rhey moy be rhe source of some of our hord- ships, rhey help us ger rhrough rhese rough yeors. ff' ,K , fix, , 1 W-Q rl-r""Y From Lefr- Lorry Poore, Principol Bob Kermon, Assr, Prlncipol Wondo Cherry, Guidonce Dororhy Gorrison, Job Plocemenr Secrerories- Goil Doniel 7 V lonice Sonders i M ,Y f. V , .. Foculry O7 VAS Mr. Gorrett wotches over Dovld Swon and Reid Sotterfield during drafting closs. His instruction hos helped mcmny students leorn to drow preliminary sketches correctly. :WQSW ' Chris Grindstaff, Scott McCorlsle, Billy Allen, Matthew Thomas, and Ryan Thomas take a mo- ment out of Mr. Gibsons P.E. class to pose with their hockey Sticks. T x f is 5 JOM!-.TrlINfT Ffn EI mi flln in r. Q F' h Y I' I' x I' I' N! X I' J gf " e Whether you were college- bound or headed straight into the "real world" after graduating, you found that Topsail offered courses to prepare you for any' thing Along vvith the academics such as English, history, science, and math, you vvere able to exe perience such additions as auto mechanics, typing, foreign lan- guages, and the arts. Admittedly, in the past Topsail's course offer- ings have been fine but limited. So it vvas a welcome change when vve were told that vve could add drama and French l and ll to our selections Topsail's everegrowing student body and the require- ments at the NC. Basic Education Program vvill continue to "beef up" the course offerings, and vve thinle it's about time! The teachers at Topsail are ap- preciated, too. These people finish high school and college and still go to school every day, Novv, we thinls that's a bummer, because most people vvant to hurry up and get through school just to have school behind them. But no! Not these individualsl Their goal is to spend their career helping people CusD, And so, vve salute you, teachers, Sabrina Lea diligently works onthe computer in Mrs. StanIey's Offic , , Sh A We .2252 5 fm: EE? 5 3 23 -fi IE: 522555 555 333 EEE -' ,NNE e Occupations class. 70 Curriculum '1 1 Morri Horrell orremprs ro reoch Sponish ro firsr groders or rhe primary school. Anrhony Smith observes rhe "lirrle kiddies." Seemingly inreresred, .leff Shingleron ond Jim Tciy- Ior involve rhemselves in rhe Librory's Book Foir. Upper Right: l'Fomily Feelings" o combinorion of music ond dromo, is performed by mony Topsoil ond Pender High srudenrs. The srudenrs were rreorf ed ro o visir by ploywrighr, Somm-Arr Willioms, one of Burgow's very own. French ll srudenr, Angelo Horrell, serves up some o French Onion soup for rhe resr of rhe closs. L- A v- Mrs. Woodcoclss English closs views rhe movie "Red Down" os o follow-up ro o reoding of rhe novel, The Moon is Down. Aniro Worrmon, Mondy Lolse, Kim Edgerron, Win- nie Berger, Heorher Hollis, ond Amondo Solrer cre- ore o living Chrisrmos porrroir for exrro credir in Mrs, Drddford's 8rh grode Longuoge Arrs closs. 9, .Q 41.4. ii 1 , ,ii V Y ,fi gf is if T GUI 0 THRUIIGH THE MOTIO S As rhe hour gloss furns, so does onorh- er hour of English. These ore fhe DAYS OF OUR LIVES! Nor only every doy, our every yeor o sfudenr is suqecred ro o course in English, Hordships obound in The reolm of nouns ond verbs, ond srudenfs find difficulry in coping wirh fhe dolly wriring ossignmenrs, The oll-roo-fomilior sisill drills lurls ofren in rhe reocher's lesson plons, Even fhough rhese difficulries occur of Topsoil, we ore luclsy rhor rhere ore good ooinfs os well, This yeor we goined o greof deol of Isnovvledge obour lon- guoge orfs fhrough o voriefy of ocriviries designed ro morivore us ond TO lseep our inreresr. These ocfiviries could be seen nor only in rhe English closses our olso in rhe foreign longuoge closses. Somefimes fhey even hod ro feed us ro gef our orrenrionl Bur vve didn'f jusr sruff our foces - by rhe end of fhe yeor, offer much hord worls, vve reolized fhor Spon- ish ond French vveren'f so foreign FO us onymore, Longuoges, foreign or domesric, filled fhe DAYS OF OUR LIVES! ond spilled over even info rhe librory where o bools foir wos held, Acrivifies in fhe librory, olong vvirh rhe English ond foreign longuoge courses, conrribufed TO o greor yeor ond o promise of more TO come. Brion Covil ond Poul Trifoli scon rheir newspopers os porr of on ossignmenr in Mrs, Compbells English Closs Curriculum 71 Suson Sorrerfield models o "shocking new hoir- sryle" os Chris Smirh joins her in the fun, They were rolaing porr on o field rrip rhor conrribured ro rhe sciences, led by Mrs. Willioms. 91135 . Q Gold I: :I A1 yzmx + b. Q: Whor is slope- inrercepr form? A: Muscles orroched ro bones. Q1 Whor ore slselerol muscles? In rhe profound ror roce of rhe world, school seemsjusr lilse cn gome of Jeopor- dy where, lilse mulriple choice fesrs, on- swers ore given ond one musr prescribe rhem wirh o quesrion. lnrelligence wos rhe lsey rhroughour our high school yeors, ond srill is for rhose ro come. Bur ler's cur rhe Hnerd rolls" ondjibberjobber obour rhe posr yeor. Science ond Morh were rhe closses where your smorrs reol- ly prevoiled, ond if you hod one of Top' soil's reochers, Jeopordy wos rhe losr rhing on your mind. You were piled up wirh homeworls unril 8100, ond rhe big resr on rhe elemenrs wos firsr rhing in rhe morning! You olso hod Tesr 4-8 in Mr. Mous', so rhis lsepr you up ro 10100 pm, or berrer. Jusr when you rhoughr ir wos boring, somerhing exciting popped up, ond rhis is how ir wos rhroughour The yeor, The dissecrions ond eguorions were reolly rough, ond you hod ro use your wirsl lr wos rhe only woy you could poss. Top- soil's reochers mode sure of rhor. How- ord Miller, o sophomore, wos oslsed if he rhoughr morh ond science were rough: "I reolly don'r lilse science, buf morh . . . ir's nor hord." l-le Ioughed foceriously. 72 Curriculum Mr. Cormon observes Joson Psouleou os he ploy compurer morh gome. an-5 c ,......--- . f , Alfa Morhcounr srudenrs vigorously worls problems os Mrs. Ellis ond Mr, Mous owoir rhe results. is Wilma Amy Groy observes Luellyn Piver's dissecrion of o croyfish. This wos done in the oll-roo-fomous Jordon looororories during fourrh period biology closs. L "Q Lefrr Mr Jordon srobilizes Kilroy rhe slseleron os Tiyo . A, Robinson odjusrs his necl-i, For lefr: With colorful posters ond oquoriums, Mrs. Shuford molses science fun ond inreresring. ix Curriculum 73 S Q Speciol guesr Fred McRee folks with 7rh ghd Brh grode sociol srudies closses obour block hisrory. y F X N y.,.,, I ,A fi 1 ,Q ,E .+L Mgsif s.:miiw::.f - XXQ Mrs. l3rodford's 7rh grade sociol srudies srudehrs worls diiigehrly oh o resr durihg 5rh period, Mr. McGee Iooiss over rhe worls of Rhonda Sidbury during his Arh period sociol srudies closs. Newcomer Mr. King poses o quesrioh ro Edho Newcomb ih his Civics closs. 74 Curriculum 'wi i A4 Q? Mr, Piver uses his keen sense of humor ro enlighren ond enrich his governmenr closs. ,,,,, ,.-..--... ..-, Uvvv ..-v... W... ..v..v.-.VJ vi Topsoil srudenrs look on os Lr, Gov. Bob Jordon presenrs Principol Lorry Poore o picrure ro com- memorore rhe signing of rhe U5. Consrirurion. Going Through the Years The senioriry goo berween Topsoil's governmenr reochers moy be wide, bur rhe levels of roughness ore dll buf o mere crock. Mr. Piver ond Mr. McGee hove rhe upper hond on who hos been or Topsoil rhe longesr. These reochers offered us rhe exrenr of rheir knowledge ond so did The newesr oddirions, Mr. King ond Mr. Cormon. The governmenr closse es rhese reochers roughr were reolly hord ro mony of Topsoil's srudenrs. "My closs is reolly hord, ir's rerribly herd", sror- ed freshmen Brion Covil The '87-'88 yeor wos one of reckon- ing ior mosr of Topsoil's srudenrs. We hod no ideo of rhe ocriviries we were ro engoge in rhe nexr doy. We were hue mored ond omused, so we mighr leorn o rhing or rwo, Bur when we hod ro leorn more, rhe roughness prevoiled. Hisrory wos no big joke, eirher, in rhe reolm of Mr. Piver. He bomborded our broins wirh inreresring focrs of posr rense hoppenings. This closs is where you reolly need ro work yourself 'ril neor-deorh. Sociol srudies, o hisrory of rhe lower grodes, wos o workoholic's suqecr, olso. If you underesrimored your homework rime, ir showed, You hod ro poy orien- rion ond reolly porricipore, The governmenr ond hisrory closses or Topsoil hod one 5-lerrer word in com- mon, T-O-U-G-Hl This word described rhe closses we rook every doy for o whole yeor. So por yourselves on rhe bock for moking ir rhrough. Curriculum 75 lk. Golden Upportumtles 'Compufer Courses ore rhe mosr befr ehoo! courses for coffege bound srudervrs ond on osser ro rhefr persona! fffe, X' sord Mrs, Sromiey, offrce occuooriorws reocber, Trwrs vvos o rbougbr sbored by roomy of rrwe reocbers obour rbeir Umorw ocodem- ue' crosses Courses besides Erwgrrsb, morrw, soerwce, ood brsrory could be rboughr of os ocooemrcs orso becouse some sru- derwrs use rbese dosses ro ser o goo! in Mfe Mrs Srorwrey rbougbr so omywoy. Through rbese courses, sruderwrs goin N-arwowredge obour Q vorrery of skikrs, ond rbrs knowledge com rwove om effecr on rrweir furure. True courses rougbr or Topsorl ore bemefrool rowords coreers such os ouro mecbomcs, occourwrrrwg, ond come purer obbrrcoriorw fjobs which ore more Iserobie rm merry oreos of rbe working Herd. Mr Gorrerr ossrsrs Herd Sorrerfreld rm usrrwg oivrders ro Orofr geowerrrc srrucrures A ryprcor day rm Mr Wbeorreys dass yrerds orworrwer murrs of Q" CDV Joy Mersrrurr As Mr Bromley demoosrrores rbe fume orr of euro rrwemovcs bus dass rrwreorry observes Vo Currrculurrw hx.. KN s N Q sss 5' an X f+.e,., wwgm ywwmwm yi 'Us W-ca' W w zgg i W 41' Wiwxgm, f , A Phmwp Jones fwmdg rymg Pomds Nwxods Oreo oprom omusmg GS rhey pre-pcnre for C Qssof rw rveosurmg durmg Mrs MwrcheH'5 dass YJ Mx SVOWGY proves ro Mekvdy McCNmg wer me COVTNDUVCV NCIS' " v N5 'X -Soy' cw Nose fl Oxffcvvrxce m me I 1 CT .xc Bw fzppvmrs 'cn DQ qme lmwpy Om rx4i'.JoHy he x5 dorrwomsrromg , oxen vw 'J "io Q .5"'X .ryiide-rs w 1 'ws .mx :vw Q PE ,nw I 1 R Cumculum 77 -71 f ll si l '-l I f"N I- Angelica Jones, along with the rest of the marching band, gets in some early fall practice for the upcoming football season. 'I' it 'IFK GVLD Alrnougn small in number, Top- YEARBOOK 80 sail clubs and organizarions poclsed a lor of power into the year. Facul- SCHOOL NEWSPAPER ' 81 ty sponsors and student leaders got their groups srorted fairly early NHS' FOPNELGNTLQQSSQFE 82 in the year in order to begin fund- CLUB' STUDEN raisers and service prqecrs, Tne FHA collected food ond money to FHA' FBLA' CLO5E'Up 83 ensure some local families of a good meal over the nolidays, Hon- QUE BOWL' OM' MATH 84 or society members in born junior CGUNTS nign and senior nign raised money for their organizarion and porticie BUS DRWER5 85 pared in community service, BAND 86-89 --- J gif? ee To make sure that needy people would not be left out in the cold, the National Honor Society participated in the Coats-for-the Coatless" drive which was an obvious success. A 1 '86 YEARBOOK STAFF: Fronrp Michelle Ferrell, Mrs. Campbell. Middle: Marese Sharpless, Karla Jerni- gan, Sandy Shingleron, John Rivenbarls. Back: Scorr Brodshaw, Lee Poore, Joya Ellis, Leigh Russell, Cin- dy Skipper. Nor Picruredg Twanna Barrs BO ClubsfOrganizarions lr raises someone special ro be on rhe Yearbook Sraff - someone who is will- ing ro our up wirh a year's worrh of hard worls, someone who can raise rhe srress and srrain of meering deadlines, and mosr imparranr of all, someone who has rhe dedicarian and rhe drive ro do rheir besr. This year has been difficulr for rhe sraff. Whar rhey laclsed in numbers rhey made up in dererminarion. Time was of rhe urmosr imporrance, and every deadline was mer, Each year, rhe sraff worlss ro malse rhe yearbook the besr ever, and in rhe years ro come, rhey hope ir will canrinue ro improve. 'gg' fi. iii, idea ,,,r X new ,ly - fs Y ill! W' After weeks of prepararion, Marese Shorpless and Karlo Jernigan ser up in the cafereria on Forgive- ness Day, a lasr arrempr ro sell yearboolss, Ji I Chris Smith and Mark Wright or- some interesting information to print a possi- The Newspaper Staff had to be the most optimistic group on campus this year. Since Topsail hasn't had a newspa- per in three years, it was theirjob, along with new teacher Leslie Sands, to re- awalsen this ancient art. After getting a late start, they diligently began their quest, working in their spare time since there was no class set up for newspaper. The Beacon would become the brand new name for the paper, and the staff prepared to publish two spring issues. We lools forward to many future is- sues of The Beacon. '87-'86 NEWSPAPER STAFF: Front: Glenn Sim- monds, Eric Julien, William Justic, Tanya Pollard, Jenny Lanier, Amy Gray, Angela Harrell, Chris Smith. Middle: Martha McDowell, Shawn Glahn, Damita Ward, Lisa Willis, Eric Earp, Randall Edens. Back: Ann Kermon, Linda Eaches, Tara London, Dita Jacobs, Maris Wright, Susan Satterfield, Mrs. Sands. ry for their first issue ClUbS!OfQOni1OtiOnS 51 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Front: Mrs. Wood- cock, Melody McClung, Brad Pore, Susan Sarter- field, Chris Smith. Second. Sabrina Sanders, Matese Sharpless, Sandy Shingleron, Karla Jernigan, Mi- chelle Ferrell, Marri Harrell, Jenny Lanier. Third: Shana Redd, Brad Knight, Twanna Barrs, Kristie Neff, Tommie Thomas, Jennifer Wozniak. Fourth: Mel Manuel, Melvin Sharpless, Dwight Cox, John Taylor, Steven Covil, John Ingram, and William Corbett. The National Honor Society is com- prised of some of Topsail's highest achievers. Supervised by Mrs. Wood- cock, they helped out with a lot of local activities such as the 'lCoats for the Coat- less" drive to help collect and distribute warm clothing for the poor and needy, They also supported most of the aca- demic clubs like Quiz Bowl and Math- counts, and spent most of the year rais- ing money for senior scholarships. NATL. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: Front: Mrs. Shu- ford, Yashica Mills, Glen Simmonds, Mandy Lake, Danna Horn, Winnie Berger, Shirley Logan. Second: Mike Rivera, Pere Paschall, Lucy Pasquel, Karum Hill, Joanna Taylor, Jennifer Skipper, Anita Wort- man, Sandy Gray. Third: Kirby Lewis, Kelvin Redd, Jeff Atkinson, Jason Rimel, Catherine Pierce, Eileen Julien, Back: Reggie Fuller, Chris Vause, Ann Atkin- son, Meg Satrerfield, Donnie O'Neil, Justin Poore. The Natl. Jr. Honor Society is a recent addition to Topsail's academics program. The aualifications for being a member are rather strict, and failure to conform to these qualifications usually results in dismissal. This group, headed by Mrs. Shuford, raised money throughout the year for the tap-in ceremonies held in the spring and fall, STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Fronrz Susan Satterfield, Chris Smith, Amy Gray. Second: Shana Redd, Marti Harrell, Tammie Thomas, Brad Pete. Third. Sabrina Sanders, Sandy Shingleron, David Duncan, Twanna Barts, Mrs. Grubbs. Fourthr Yashica Mills, Hunter Warwick, Lucy Pasauel, Ann Atkinson, Becky Barrs, Jennifer Skipper. The Student Council, with all of their time and effort, have set a foundation for their fellow classmates to serve and honor our school. Supporting the wants and needs of the student body, these people took charge in most of the school-related activities such as Home- coming and acting as tour guides for Initiation Day. They sponsored the Senior citizens' banquet and helped our in many community activities, Sponsor Ms. Garrison supervised the group on their many undertakings. 82 ClubsfOrganizarians FHA: Fronr: Monica Mobley, Wendy Carrer, Lucy Howard. Back: Tonia Howard, Sracie Psyce, Sracie Sholes, Lisa Webb, Tracy Howard. The FHA, headed by Mrs, Mirhcell, spenr rhe year sraying involved in com- muniry prqecrs and learning about fam- ily and home life. Some of rheir acriviries included collecring food for rhe needy ar Thanlssgiving and selling carnarions dur- ing Valenrine's Day, The communiry has really benefired from rhe help of rhese willing young people. FBLA: Fronr: Trina Williams, Korhy Deese. Bocl-zz Amy Whire, Jennifer Cooper, Marese Sharpless. The FBLA is made up of many career- minded members. Sponsored by Mrs. Sranley, rhese people learn how ro deal wirh business siruarions and are inrro- duced ro various business fields. As a projecr ro raise money, rhey fools on a compurerized Volenrine service for rhe school during Valenrine's Day. Who says business can'r be fun? Library Aides Fronrg Melissa Munger, Lucy Howard, John Ingram, Ophelia Parker. Back: Woody Boiron, Michelle Sholes, Psicls Asbury, Ross Trifoli, Todd Cur- ry, Meredirh Randall, The Library Aides, under rhe worchful eye of Mrs. Hughes, vvorls wirh srudenrs who need help finding marerials in rhe library. They raise much of rhe load off of rhe librarian's hands by running errands for rhem, running off copies, and check' ing off Iare boolss. Their worls is really appreciared by rhe librarians and faculry. Clubs!Orgonizarions 83 QUIZ BOWL: Front: Scott Crouch, John Julien, Den- nis Gizinslsi, Chris Sharpless, Dwight Cox, Chris Smith. Middle: Woody Bolton, Joey Payne, Maris Wright, Steven Covil, Jenny Lanier. Baclf Mrs. Woodcocls, John Taylor, Mel Manuel. The Quiz Bowl team, coached by Mrs. Woodcocls, has represented Topsail this year with pride. Their hard worls and diligent proctice paid off in the long-run, and even though they laclsed the expe- rience ond equipment of other schools, they dominated the County Competition against Pender High. These young people have accom- plished a great deal in a year's time and deserve a lot of credit. O.M.: Front: Doug Petty, Eric Julien, Brigham Bran- don, Timothy Phillips, Robert Kermon, Andy Wright, Mrs. Williams. Middle: Tim Wilin, Donny O'Neil, Ann Kermon, Cindy Slsipper, Brian Riveria, Jenny King, Julie Rivera. Baci-zz Dale Pilsula, Brant Spesshardt, Michael Rivera, Scott Crouch, Tammy Thomas. Once again, the Topsail Odyssey of the Mind teams hove excelled in the competitions this year. Solving all new problems and breezing through sponta- neous challenges have spurred on these young sleuths to higher gools. The senior high structure teom built an extraordi- nary tower made from 14.2 g. of balsa wood and held 365.5 lbs.l This incredible feat led them to the regional competi- tion in March. MATHCOUNTS: Front: Eric Julien, Robert Kerman, Walt Lewis, Andy Wright, Glenn Simmonds. Baci-zz Nicola Salter, Bill Maus, Deidra l-lall. Not Picturedr Christy Cannot. ln a class of their own, Topsail's Math- counts team, coached by Col. Bill Maus, has gone ahead to achieve high stan- dards of excellence. These arithmetic aristocrats take math seriously and prac- tice nearly every day to help boost their knowledge on the Pythagorean Theo- rem and the lows of non-Newtonian mathematics. ln the famous words of Col. Maus, "Press on, troopsll" 84 Clubs! Organizations be so q.L La if .M S ,es , Q Q I x Precious Cargo: Srudenrs lood the bus or rhe end of rhe doy. BUS DRIVERS: Fronr: Sobrino Sanders, Norolie Loke, Anno Eubonk, Liso Brooks, Audreo Borson, Joy Srnirh. Middle: Shono Redd, Drusendo Jocobs, Yo- Iondo Sidbury, Shelly Borrs. Bock: Troy Nixon ond Rolph Sonderlin. Whor does ir roke ro be o Topsoil bus driver? Well, ir rokes porience ond endur- once for rhe mosr porr, our obove oll, ir rokes dedicorion. Even when rhe times gor rough - like the weorher would go sour, or rhe kids wouldn'r behove - rhey never gove up, nor even when yer onorher breokdovvn forced rhem off rhe rood in rhe middle of nowhere. These people deserve oll rhe credir ond supporr of rhe people in rhe Topsoil com- rnuniry. Clubs X Orgonizorions g:ggsgSriEz':g1is-.:..-ss.-.,:.5:ifg:-E:.i:f-Wi..:,g.5::::,:55,:E5f im... C-CDLDE MELQDLECS l Bond is nor jusr fun ond gomes. There is o serious side fhor morivores its mem- bers ro ochieve ond excel. lr is dedicorion. This yeor wos o rurning poinr in rhe Topsoil bond progrom. The deporrure of former direcror, Elisoberh McChesney, ond rhe orrivol of newly-oppoinred in- srrucror Michoel Ryon worried mony rhor rhe bonds wouldn'r perform os well wirh o new coproin or rhe helm. Bur rhe bonds ond Mr. Ryon proved rheir oppre- hensions unfounded. Mr. Ryon wos o firm believer in proc- rice chorrs, ond when he derermined rhor rhe bonds needed exrro help, slored Thursdoy ofrernoons for holfrime proc- rice. He wos inrenr on replocing mosr, if nor oll, of rhe domoged equipmenr rhor rhe bond members once considered rhemselves prerfy dorn luclsy TO hove on such o smoll budger. His ideo: To im- prove rhe bonds' sound ond perfor- monce. As he excloimed once, "l con'f ger Melvin off rhose new quods CdrumsD!" colled The new uniforms olso mode rheir debur or rhe beginning of rhe yeor. The bond members were oveijoyed ro finol- ly see rhe end of rhe old ones buf weren'r quire reody ro rry on rhe new ones os rhe summer wosn'r over yer! Neverrheless, fhey did prove ro be o show-sropper or rhe Spor Fesrivol ond holfrime shows! Who soys bond members don'r do exciring rhings? The morching bond wos feorured in rhe movie, "Hiding Our" losr yeor rhor wos shor enrirely in Wilming- ron. lr wos rhe losr performonce rhor rhe old uniforms were used, ond some members were chosen ro sroy behind os "exrro" bond members in severol scenes. Some of rhe exrros, like mony before rhem, commenred, "lr's o greor woy ro eorn money for doing norhing!" Performonces in rhe bonds remoined prerry much rhe some. Solo ond Ensem- ble comperirions ond All-Srore oudirions were held ogoin rhis yeor ond rhe bonds rroveled ro comperirions oround rhe STOTG, The morching bond performed in rhe Mople Hill ond Holly Ridge porodes ond rhe Azoleo Porode, ond wos invired ro porricipore in rhe Apple Blossom Fesri- vol in Virginio. The bonds hove odopred well ro rhe numerous chonges fhor hove rolsen ploce rhis yeor. Porience ond persisrence hove poid off for rhese hord-worlsing srudenrs, ond no one doubrs rhe focr fhor rhis wos rhe Topsoil bonds' greoresi yeor. Moy, 'B7. The Bond Doosrers' beoch porry wos c greor success. There wos plenty of sun ond surf -l ond pizzo ond Pepsi. l H. Trorr, A. Smirh, S. Rochelle, S. Piclserr, 5. Howord, J. Dinsmore, S. Borfs, H. Dorn, L Dovis, K. Crouch, A. Bowen. D. Brondon, A. Jones, R. Morlss, J. Shingleron, J. Friclx, C. Conner, R. Kermon, B. Given, A. Wrighr, T. Phillips, T. Long, M. Oppegoord, Z,M. Lewis, G. Lovqoy, J. Copp, A. Rochelle, E. Dorson, R. Meodows, E. Julien, D. Hervey, R. Housond, A. Willerrs, Mr. Ryon. 86 Clubs, Orgonizorions Mr. Lol-re, H. Doniel, K. Srumpf, K. Crowford, A. Worfmon, S. Groy, D. Joc Simmonds, E. Eorp, D. Word, C. Hordison, J. Eorp, K. Edgerron, J. Sidbury, S, l H. Hollis, W. Berger, S, Coker, W. Monuel, J. Rimel, R. Eubonlss, G, Simm Rodgers, R. Nixon, 5. Jones, C. Grindsroff, W. Lewis. Nor Picfured. J. Toyl i v l pg k . .Ai : Hi A : - ' ' P,- , jrgl ""' ""'i:::::::: I . I Y. Al C ' hllll' r- -A H ll I g :I I :rv gli: 1 IU lil Marching Band. Mr. Ryan, A. Jones, L, Srurz, J, Lanier, J. Taylor, A. Hurd, A. Arkinsan, 5. Perry, A Gray,L Nixon, S. Glahn,J King,S Sholar, C Skipper, S. Reeves, T. Pollard, W Mitchell, M. Jenkins, A Fuller, P. Paschall, S Richards, B. Henderson, S. Smirh, C. Pierce, L. Horrell, M. McClung, E. Julien, L. Rich, P. Sidbury, S Jones, M. Thornas, E. Kissner, J. Pearson, C. Sharpless, D. Darrs, J .L Porear, C Srnirh, R. Gunrer, D. Pore, W Corberr, K. Neff, M. Sarrerfield, J. Skipper, T Fuller, C, Jacobs, E. Manrgomery, 5. Wilson, A. Kerman, J. Taylor, A Spicer, W Carrer, M Gunrer, E Smirh, J. Davis, W Jusrice, M. Rivera, M. Wrighr, S. Ryce, M. Walron, R. Jacobs, D. Cox, W. Garrison, M Sharpless, J. Julien, S. Crouch, W. Ross, A. Nixon, S. Bradshaw, L. Johnson, S. .Q 1. Shepard Nor Piciured. D. Jones, J Lake, C. Morris, T. Thomas. 1 4 4 l Dand Ta lor M. Rivera L. Rirnel C. Sharpless C. Smirh A, Smirh Nixon, C Skipper, R. Jacobs, D Cox, K. Neff, M. Sarrerfield, J Skipper, J , 5. Richards, M. Walron Nor Pictured M. Wright, T. Thomas, S. Glahn y ,,,,,, S. Dradshavv, T. , P. Sidbury, S Shepard, S, Jenkins, A. Jones, A. Fuller, L. Nixon, J. Lanier, A. Kerrnon, M. Sharpless, S. Crouch, S. Ryce, A. Gray, A. Arkinson, C. .L ... A Chorus: D Allen, S. Sanders, 5. Jones, B. Floyd, 5. Logen, T. I-lansley, M. Ludlum, B Doyle S Srumley, L. Sidbury, Mr. Ryan, J, I-lansley, K. Marshall, M. Morgan, O Parker Clubs, Organizarions 87 CGI C THDCDUGH CHANGES The Marching Bond is coughr between rol-:es dur- ing their debur in "Hiding Our." I !K Flog Teom Members: D. Jocobs, S, Jenkins, M. Shorpless, L. Sidbury, Y. Mills, A. Shorpless. 88 Clubs!Orgonizorions The Chorus performs for the oudience or the Chrlsrmos concert. The Begi Bond members owoir rheir turn. KX kg I i , ' + i My fn. ,,, , x M, 'A .W MM , 'ir .M r Linda Srutz concentrates intensely on her music during afternoon halftime practice. A familiar sight from not too long ago: New band uniforms are scattered throughout the bond room as members scrounge about for their own personal ensembles, ln a year when both of Pender County's high schools hired new band directors, Topsail was more rhan fortunate to get Michael Ryan. A native of Wesr Virginia, Mr. Ryan came to Topsail to es- cape ihe snow and experience coastal life. Ryan raught or several schools in W. Va. including Ripiey Hrgh, whose marching band won the ritle of Grand Champion and tools all 1sr places in the South Regional Band Fesrival in that state. He hoped to false his present march- ing band to more competitions starewide in the near future. His other plans included a trip, replac- ing damaged equipment, buying new instruments and music, and purchasing new instrument lock- ers. Mr. Ryan has done a super job with rhe bands this year and hopes that by the starr of the next foorball season the marching bond will be at their best. ill E 5-i Pi E1 5 Q 25 QQ 3f'D we iior band members are recognized during halftime. They arez Robbie Gunter, Ann 'd, Kristi Neff, Brad Pate, Sandi Perry, Wayne Ross, Chris Smith, John Taylor, Tammie xmas, Maris Wrighr. Homecoming practice, Mr. Ryan interrupts his band directing to fill in as Ann Atlsinson's escort for Clubs! Organizations B9 Joyo Ellis ond Luellyn Piver don't seem to be helping their teommcite Kit Stephens as , - , . she suffers through multiple injuries. -2. L xt. i fi a E ,lz ' gi is 3. .legigasilffffile-A-es, tml- 415333 W ,ls,,,,,,wm W wwii W W is,il 1 fy is it li Q sg is Ei gs A ,Q ss'- 52 ill Q ,ag gf? fl ' 3 ig' W- .-.1 i n M' We W 'Waite 948. x N4 1 if? GOING TCD PIECES The lite of an athlete isn t all it s cracked up to be. Along with the hard work and long hours an ath- lete may have to endure injuries as vvell. These injuries could be as major as a broken ankle. An ath- lete considers himself lucky if he escapes this most dreaded predic- ament. Not only is an injury painful for the individual, but the team must suffer as well. Topsail High's popu- lation is rather small, and vvhen one or more players become in- jured, the team diminishes quickly. lt's tough on all involved, but it's a price vve must pay. Varsity Soccer Varsity Volleyball Varsity Football V, Boys Basketball V. Girls Basketball Varsity Baseball Varisty Softball Varsity Golf Varsity Track Varsity Cheerleaders J.V. G Jr. High Cheer. J.V. G Jr. High Volley. J.V. Basketball Jr. High Football 92-98 94-95 96-97 98-99 100-101 102-100 104-105 106-107 108-109 110-111 112-110 114-115 Jr, High Soccer EJ Baseball 118-119 Jr. High Boys' G Girls' Basketball 120-121 Coaches 6 Statisticians 122-123 I 'll 1 1 15:-Q 52525 2 'if i 5? I mi . minor as a jammed finger or as fi gk? lima X -2 saga 532 ii J' QQ t3 116 E 117 mi i at X wi' 5 Chris Loughisn kicks rh oncoming Lqeune can get? him. Chrus Loughirh successfolry rhoyes rhrough rhe opposi- rroh ohd heods rowords rhe goor, keeprhg oh eye oh rhe oo!! He srored, "My mosf memorable rhorhervr wos our hrsr wrh ogorhsr Woshfhgroh. " Chocls Horfs Qryrhg rr oN hes qor os he posses rhe oo!! ro o TQOVTWVTTOIQ ohd oyouds rhrerceprroh by rhe opposrrroh n-tl , , W X152 in 1 i From Scorr Surgehor, Chuck Huff, Jeff Arlsimson, Howord Miki-er, Erik Kissher, Muchoel Dovis, Adrroh Spicer, Pere Poscholi, Dole Curry, Homer Worvvick, Jusrih Poore. Boch: Cooch Sreve Gorrerr, Charlie 92 Vorslry Soccer Arkihsoh, Josh Poreor, Chris Looghhh, Chuck Borrs, Scorr Brodshow, Sreveh Jones, Woyhe Ross, Todd Curry! field Sorrerfreld, Leroy Johhsoh, mohoger. Todd Curry orremprs ro move from behihd on oppohehr ro receive o poss from o Topsoil ployer, Furure Golds L The ployer dribbles rhe boll down fhe middle of rhe field while lseeping on eye on his opponenrs who orrempr ro infer' cepr. The ployer's quicls moves send rhe boll posr fhe surprised opposifion ond info rhe gool, leoving rhe goolie flor on his foce in exosperorion, Alrhough rhis nwornenr of glory was nor rypicol of rhe '87 Vorsiry Soccer seo' son, rhey srill hod rheir vicrorious rnoe nnenrs. Records showed rhof rhe feom hod on unfovoroble seoson, buf whof the scores did nor show wos oll rhe sweor ond hord worl-1. The srriving poid off or rhe end of rhe seoson wifh Topsoil winning severol vicrories ond o posifive feeling for the nexr yeor, Cooching Vorsiry Soccer this yeor, Sreve Gorrerr felf rhor rhe feorns seoson hod been o leorning experience. He srressed ro fhe young ond building reom ro respecr oll fellow ployers ond oppose ing reorns. When oslsed whcnr he plonned ro do wirh rhe reorns in rhe furure, he replied, "I plon ro fnsrlfure bef- rer dscplne, berrer responsfbilfry, and more f7'lOfl'VOflOf?. " Some ployers on fhe reom viewed rhe seoson os o beginning. As expressed by Reid Sorrerfield, 'V see rhis yeor os 0 DUIYCWTTQ block for o srrong reom in rhe fufure. " Expecrofions were high for the nexr yeor, The reorn felr rhey would be ber fer rhon ever in rhe furure seoson. lf dererrninorion ond ornbifion hove onyf rhing ro do wirh ir, rhey will bel The gool is yours, Vorsiry Soccer. GO FOR IT! 'Norhing bears 0 greor poir of legs " Scorr Brod- show, Chris Loughlin, Dole Curry, ond Jusrin Poore disploy rheir greor loolsing legs during worm-ups before o gorne Loney L Cope Feor Tournonnenr L l-lovelocls L Hoggord L Lqune L Swonsboro L Whire Ools L Wesr Cororer L Woshingron W Richlonds W Hove-locle L Lqeune L Swonsboro L Whire Ogle L Wesr Correrer T Woshingron W Richlonds T l-lovelocls L Vorsiry Soccer QS North Drunswicls W Pender L Pender L West Carteret L Laney W Laney W Haggard New Hanover Jones Dixon Richlands Acme-Delco Swansbara Southwest New Hanaver loclssanville Jones Southwest Lqeune Swansbara Psichlands Dixon Susan Sarterfield returns a serve as other Lady Pirates await their chance ra ga for the paint With big smies and positive arritudes, Robin this game against Laney Melissa, Luellyn, and Kit cheer an the team in VQLMEYBALL Nat content ta talse the usual ap proach ta season preparations the 87 Varsity Volleyball team warlsed aut ev ery Tuesday and Thursday during the summer and began rigorous practices in early August ta prepare themselves mentally as well as physically for the tough competition ahead The payoff? These young wamen wan all their matches against the AA New Hanover County teams and tied with Southwest Onslow for second place inthe conference However because af twa losses ta Southwest during the sea san it was Southwest rather than Tapsail that made it ta the playoffs In analyzing QA Varsity Volleyball the situation team members realized that perhaps they could have more ef fectively used their time during practices This team drew the largest crowds in Tapsail volleyball history due ta their record and their willingness ta ga far it an element which excited the crowds Plagued by injuries and illnesses the team still came through with a winning season and the promise af more ta came The seniors on the team included Su san Satterfield Wendy Fletcher Jaya El lis Lisa Lewis and Marti Harrell Three of these made all conference Susan Wendy and Jaya From: W Fieicher, S. Sorrerfieid, L Lewis, J Eliis, M. rom, K Sie-phens. Horreii. Bock: M, Gunter, L. Piver, R. Rich, M, Cos' i eg , 4 , M,4M,,,, The gome officiols go over rhe ruies wirh reom Coproihs Mom I-iorreil, loyo Eiiis, ohd rheir cooch, Ed Gibson The foci rhor Loeiiyh Piver is o sophomore doe-sh'r srop her from being oh imporrohr member of rhe reom, Here she bumps ihe ooii os Melisso Cosroh worches. Vorsiiy Voileyboil 95 Good News The '87 Pirore foorboll feom josr couldn'r seem ro ger fheir ocr fogerher os rhey srroggled rhroogh o seoson of ups ond downs. Cooches, porenfs, ond ployers olilse felr lilse rhey were on on emorionol roller coosfer doe ro rhe reom's onpredicfoble performonce. The reom hoped rhor rhey coold overcome rhe doldrums during fhis good newsfbod news sorr of yeor. Firsr rhe good news. All olong, fhe reom hod fhe porenriol ro become on inrimidoring reom in rhe Coosrol 1A Conf ference. One of fheir srrong poinrs wos rheir lsicl-:ing gome. A mojor high for rhe reom occurred when rhey won over Princeron, rhe besr reom Topsoil hos hod rhe opporroniry ro ploy in rhree yeors. Topsoil's defensive reom wos no slouch eirher in rheir gome ogoinsr Jones. Ace cording ro Cooch Frozier, rhe few guys Q1..-u Bod News rhor dedicored rhemselves reolly im- proved os rhey goined needed experi- ence for rheir rerorn in '88, Now for rhe bod news: Becoose of inconsisrency on rhe field ond poor orrendonce or procrice, The reom never ielled. Cooch Frozier, in his rhird yeor or Topsoil, soid rhor rhe reom jusr couldn'f gef o consisrenr gome going. "One rime down rhe Held our defense would do greorg ond rhe nexr rime rhey wouldn 'r. Wejusr couldn 'r ger on O roll, " lomenred rhe cooch. Tough fhough if my be, fhe feom fried ro Ieeep chins up ond o posirive ofrirude. Everyone involved ogreed rhof fons con ofrenrimes molse fhe differ- ence. Spirir wos boosred or rhe beginning of fhe seoson when fhe home crowd showed up in lorge numbers, Pirore fons, rolse nore! 7 is '87 Foomwii srms 'TT T , '- fi: . ss 5.2512 i c ' . N is Pender Acodemy L ' Q K , T T f f ', " f T1 Torheel L . R. 1: 4 ,... wk ..c:. K ,e, - f:2s K 5"-sfeer N. Bronswicls L : 1 I 305 ., na ii. niipiii L sss 23,1-x ' 1 - 4 2, 'f Princeron W We V if ' " ' ,EB x W. Bronswicle I- . - ,T 'T -. aj Tm Dim L iis A Sowfhwe-Sf OnSIOW l- be 'T 'i'ii. T .i.-. T fvff T TTTT f TTTT 1sT TTTT T' P Isfs 9 Qfll r'iii t r,- I ---..i', SWOTTSTJOVO L N 4 f . N T d TT ii Leieune L llichlonds L All Conference - Robbie Gunrer Oo Vorsiry Foorboll Fronr. W. Gorrison, D, Kelly, Seniors - R. Gun- rer, C. Sullivan, J. Sondlin, A. Smith, K. Wolron, M. Shorpless, B. Porlser. Middle: C. Doniel, mon- oger, S. Surgenor, D. Hossell, R. Sourherlond, C. Conner, E. Rodgers, I4. Alsins, J. Parker, M. London, M. Hervey. Bock: T. Lomb, Pi, Jacobs, M. Sholor Assr. Coaches - C. Bishop, R. Terry, l-leod Cooch - T. Frozier, Assisronrs -- B. King, G. Wolron, D. Duncan, K. Henry, L. Corden, piay wirh his re-am Bishop ioolss oo ff- 1: ii ax as K PM be . . -- ff, fre -,.- Q is Q f s -r i A ' Daring a rimefaur, Coach Frazier discusses rhe nexr Jeff Parker pracrices his poririria rechniaoe as Coach i v Sis' 'E if ,L X r X J. -. .F - - Q Ns-Q1 sea.: A . . E Coach Frazier gives auarreroaclr Chris Sullivan a Chris Suliivan pirches rhe bail ia Warren Garrison on few paimrers before he enrers rhe game a sweep play, Varsiry Faoroaii O7 0 Ngo before he regefjrers Mama London fakes Q successfni 3 porn: sho: :iii 3135 :SEE Hifi "Air Ross" goes oirborhe ro shoor over his oppohehr. Willie Shepard "roI4es ir ro rhe hoop" in his efforr ro score rwo more for the Pirores. 98 Vorsiry Boys' Boslserboli fry Nixon helps poce Topsoil ro o win over Acme- o ing o rime-our rhe Pirores plon rheir srroregy. Conference Gomes Swonsboro W Lejeune L Dixon W Jones L Richlonds L Sourhwesr Onslow Swonsboro W Lejeune L Dixon L Jones L Richlonds L Sourhwesr Onslow L All-Conference: Woyne Ross nf' .a-ff' f il.,.....s SHOOTING FOR THE FUTURE The '87'88 seoson wos o rrue leorning experience for rhe Boys' Vorsiry Boslser- boll Teom. Wirh only Q ployers finishing our rhe seoson, 5 of which were sopho- mores, rhe Pirores hod o very young reom. Alrhough rhe Pirores were inexperi- enced, Cooch Ruben Terry wos olreody loolsing forword ro o brighr furureq "This seoson wos o sign of rhe beginning of good rhings ro corne for rhe boslserboll reom os o whole," Cooch Terry olso odded rhor, "Even rhough we hod o young reom rhis seoson, we hod good chemisrry berween our ployers. We were in oil rhe gomes we ployed excepr for o few lopses where we losr oil con- cepr of whor wos going on in rhe gome." lr wos somerhing exciring for rhe fons ro see, Being judged os rhe under- dog in some conresrs, fons could hordly rell ir. Ploying wirh oggressiveness ond srnorr "heods-up" boil, every reom in rhe conference lsnew rhor rheir obiliry did nor reflecr in their record. This mode rhern well respecred os o reorn in rhe Coosrol 1A Conference os well os Topsoil High School. Vorsiry Boys' Doskerboll QQ Senior Jennifer Wozniois tol-ses perfect oim os she pref pores to sini-2 yet onother freerhrow. After driving boseiine, Kit Stephens puts up two more for the Pirotes. 100 Vorsity Girls Doslsetboll ie process of shooring a jumper from rhe foul line, J Ellis is fouled, THE GOLDEN RULE "Pracrice rogerhen worlf ragerher, win rogerher, " chanrea rhe Varsiry Girls' Baslserball Team after all rhe long hard prcrices and afrer each rough game. This yeor's reom was unired by one simple morro1 "Teamwork" Alrhough rheir record didn'r shine in Topsail's hisro- ry, rheir reamworls and rogerherness cerrainly did. '34 concepr of feam oaslserball wirh everyone conrrlburing ar all levels, " was rhe arrirude rhar firsr-year coach Doo King broughr info rhe Topsail oaslserball program. When aslsed for an overall im- pression of rhe season, senior forward Jennifer Woznials reacred, "lVe've had a prerry good season. Coach King raughr us rhar baslrerball is a ream sporr and he builr our characrer showing us rhar we could believe ih ourselves and our ream- mares once again. " Wirh Topsoil's ream losing only rhree senior players, rhe furure lool-as very brighr for rhe Lady Pirates. There are many ralenred freshmen, sophomores, as well as juniors rhar will be able ro conrinue ro conrribure ro rhe Pirore Pro- gram rhar will make rhe Lady Pirares a ream ro be reclsoned wirh in rhe coming seasons, Coach King inrensely watches his ream's perfor- mance againsr a Coastal 1A Conference opponenr. A CONFERENCE GAMES Swansboro W Lqeune W Dixon L Jones L Richlonds L Sourhwesr Onslow L Swansboro W Lqeune W Dixon L Jones L Richlonds L Sourhwesr Onslow L All-Conference: Joya Ellis Varsiry Girls' Doslserboll 101 Conference Gomes Swonsboro W Comp Leieune W Southwest Onslow W Dixon L Psichlonds W Swonsboro W Jones W Comp Leieune W Southwest Onslow L Dixon W Tkichlonds W Jones W Store Ployoffs lvlidwoy W North Edgecombe W Perguimons L Fronr1 Michoel Dovis, Fkondoll Edens, Michoel Bot, son, Docls, Cooch Tlichord Foy, Chorlie Atkinson, Donny Dovis, Jeff Porlser, Chris Loughlin, Keith Thompson, Alon Cutler, Curtis Lee, Brion Evons, Eddie Dovis, Rodney Crone, Chris Sullivon. Cooch Foy smiles proudly os Curtis Lee ond Alon Cutler sign scholarships to orrend Pfeiffer Colle I ll l 1 I i -.. - n , , Gold Ploted No one reolizes how much sweot ond proctice ore put forth by o group of young men ond their cooch before they become the smooth-worlsing reom thot runs out on to the diomond on o sunny ofternoon in the spring to meet their opponents. The 1987 Vorsity Boseooll teom hod the best seoson in Topsoil's history, Led by seniors Alon Cutler, Curtis Lee, Keith Thompson, Eddie Dovis, Michoel Botson, Rodney Crone, ond Brion Evons, the teom mode it to the third round of the Store Ployofts. Two outstonding ployers, Alon Cutler ond Curtis Lee, were oword- ed scholorships to Pfeiffer College. Alon Cutler hod o potting overoge of .515 ond Curtis Lee hod on eorned run overoge of 2.18 ond o win loss record of 5-1. Anoth- 102 Vorsity Boseboll . , 45 ' er outstonding ployer wos Chris Sullivon. Chris hod on eorned run overoge of 1.78 ond 55 strilseouts. When oslsed ooout one of the most exciting moments of the seoson, senior Rodney Crone soid, "Coming bocls ond winning ofter being down five to nothing ogoinst Midwoy in the first round of the Store Ployoffsl" Hord worls ond determinotion were two importont foctors in ochieving their impressive record, The 1987 Vorsity Bose- boll reom mode it to the third round of the Store Ployoffs, on extroordinory end to on invigoroting ond successful seoson. All Conference: Alon Cutler, Curtis Lee, Eddie Dovis, Chris Loughlin. Chris Sulllvoh, Jeff Porlxer, ond Hovvorcl Miller pre' Currls Lee ond Michael Borsoh shore o playful mo- pore ro go ro Perquimohs for rhe rhird round of rhe mehr before rhe game. Srore Playoffs. by-www. W. ,,,, naw? Q Eddle Dovls smlles shyly for the COVTWGVO during borrlhg procrlce Kelrh Thorhpsoh does 0 flylhg leop os he Comes ih ro horhe, Vorslry Doseboll 103 lnner Although the Lady Pirates got off to a slow start in the spring at '87, it didn't raise them long to get right into the Ewing" of things. All the hard worls and long hours of practice paid oft early for the Pirates. For two weelss, they controlled the number one seat in the conference, but as they started the second round of conference play, the competition stiffened and the Lady Pirates dropped to third place. They finished the season in fourth place, landing just short of the State Playoffs, First year coach, Kay Piyer, brought with her new ideas and lots of ambition for the young, but experienced team, She showed the Lady Pirates the one Driye thing they needed in order to be such cessful, and that was "the courage to believe in themselves and each other. " Coming ott an 11-Q record, the Lady Pirates Ioolsed forward to the '88 season with great expectations. The team had three players batting over 500 at the end of the season and the three would be returning that next season - Luellyn Piver, Joya Ellis, and Susan Evans. With these and other talented players on the team, the Lady Pirates planned to be a dominant force in the Coastal 1A Confer- ence for the coming season, Senior shortstop, Traci Little, raises time out before a game to gather her thoughts OPPONENT THS N. Brunswicls 15 14 N. Drunswicls 7 5 S. Brunswick 10 8 Laney 15 3 S. Brunswicls 3 12 wcA 4 20 Swansboro 14 20 Lqeune 7 5 Southwest 12 13 Dixon 13 11 Richlonds 7 17 Swonsboro 10 11 WCA 0 17 Jones 3 8 Leieune 11 5 Southwest 15 14 Dixon 10 5 Richlonds 7 10 Jones 16 0 Southwest Q 8 ALL CONFERENCE: Luellyn Piyer and Jaya Ellis 1011 Varsity Softball f"" , ,, ,, ,1 - .1 ,, sf el? E 1. , Front: Seniors Wendy Rogers, Traci Little, Dora Johnson. Second: Melody McClung, Joya Ellis, Dads: Stacey Dion, Manager, Luellyn Piver, Sas brina Kristi Kirls Ric Evans Esther Rachelle, Kim Johnson, Missy Gunter, M so Caston, Robin Rich, Tonya Pollard, Amy Gr Manager, 156. 1 , ,,,, 9 1 ,sw 41 1 l 1 A The Lody Plrores pornenrly owolr rhenr rurn or bor Bornng wos one of rheir srrong ooinrs wlrh o reorn borrlng overoge of 518 1 Senior olrcher Doro Johnson shows us her "srril4ing" form whlch helped leod rhe Plrores ro 11 Wins lx .. 4 ,,,if.1f: WMM Missy Gonrer looks on os Joyo Ellis prepares ro corch Couch Koy Piver goes over rhe gome plon os rhe on lnfleld fly boil ro por her opponenr our Pirores prepore ro folse on rhe vlsiring Lody Bull- dogs. - I i 1 1 Vorslry Sofrboll 105 Joho Loise ond Kevin Wolioh Voile wiih oh oppo- hehi os ihey woir ro iee off. ioho Lglse foilows rhrough wirh her swing os she worches rhe boil soii rhrough rhe gif iowords rhe green ,nf ' A nn , Y wi 7 Ye .i Josh Poreor purs everyrhihg he's gor into his drive. Sieve I-ioil demohsrrores rhe golfers need for cone ..,,,,M, 106 Vorsiiy Goif cehrrorioh os he srudies rhe course, -xii E wi si Qs. C, A Kwik -as -w i Going The Rounds Fore! The golf teom reolly got into the swing of things this yeor, thonks to their driving deterrninotion ond the support of Topsoil Greens ond Belvedere Plonto- tion. Cooch Ed Gibson commented on the teom's outstonding competitive seo- son os being the best he hos seen in Topsoil's history, Their competition inf creosed from 1A schools, like Topsoil, to AA schools, like locksonville ond White ville, who were Stote Chomps. Their recordjumped to on unbelievoble 195 in less thon o yeor's time, plocing Topsoil in the cotegory of leoding schools. A few of their most metnoroble ochievennents this post yeor were the Whiteville lnvitotionol, where Topsoil fin- ished 5 out of 12, ond the sectionols ot Rock Creek in Richlonds. Cooch Gibson brought olong five of his most outstond- ing ployers to the sectionols: Mortin Kee gel, Brod Knight, Reid Sotterfield, Josh Poteot, ond Chuck Botts. Chuck londed o 77, which ploced him with the runnereup individuols ond loter sent him to the Store Ployoffs. Cooch Gibson wos proud of his teom this yeor ond hod high hopes for on even better teom during '88 His dreonn wos fulfilled, VTTOCG possible by the return of the top five ployers from lost seoson: Reid Sotterfield, Brod Knight, Chris Arn burg, Josh Poteot - ond, of course, Chuck Botts. The teonn's gool of first ploce in the Store Chompionship doesn't seem for owoy, ond olnnost onyone con see the inevitoble in Cooch Gibson's words of ossuronce . . . "the best seo- son is definitely next yeor. " Tee Time: Chris Amburg kneels to set his tee or the beginning of o tnotch .-N, wt Jono Loke Reid Sotrerfield Steve Holi, Mortin Grindstoff, Brod Knight, Josh Poteot, Kevin Walton, gel MichoeIOppegoord Chuck Barts Bock: Bily Chris Amburg. Opponent THS Cotnp Lqeune Won Q White Ook Won 2 Loney Won 2 Richlonds Won 1, Lost 1 Whiteville Lost 2 Hoggord Lost 2 S. Brunswick Won 2 Jocksonville Won 2 Pender High Won 2 Vorsity Golf 107 Coach Frazier vvarches as David Duncan arrernprs ro ser yer anorherTopsai1 record in rhe running Iongjump. Sabra Gibson srrerches bacis ro rry for a record-serring discus rhrovv Qin WE ., I V V ? 3 gm 'wknv R -if.. 'V 2.4, 'L ,.-.Q F-s ,.--rms if ' ,,. fs-H Q, 7 ff - i Fronrf Chris Smirh, Maris Wrighr, Joey Payne, Tony Word, Adrian Spicer, Shown Shepard, Dwight Cox, Pioberr Sodusisy, Roland Dixon, Warren Garrison. Middle: Todd Curry, John Tayior, Hunrer Warwick, Eric Smith, Rodney Marshaii, Martha McCIung, Tame rnie Morgan Grorisricianl, Suzy Smirh, Sabra Gibson, Meivin Shoroless, David Duncan, Eric Rodgers. Dock: 108 Tracls Troy Lamb, David McAIpine, Wayne Ross, Max Lefier, Robbie Gunrer, Shannon Shepard, John Sid- bury Grarisricianb, Roy Jacobs, Derrida Hasseil, An- rhony Smirh, Tiyo Robinson, and Ray Fisher. Nor Pictured: Scarf Bradshaw, Michaei Hervey, John Julien, Al Nixon, Kim Hoilis, Srephonie Sholar, Mike Shoior. M-,Xi vu. am. wa. s...-qngk Go To Any Lengrh "The experience was excirfng and I can 'r wair unril nexr year! " was rhe re- acrion of David Duncan ro Topsail's firsr ever rracls season. Coach Tom Frazier successfully organized a group of ambi- rious srudenrs for rhe spring of '87, The number of arhleres rhar parriclpared was more rhan had been expecred, and Coach Frazier was impressed vvirh rhe ream's performance. They worlsed exe rremely hard and enjoyed rhe efforr. Coach Frazier was asslsred by Coach Earl Jordan. Coach Jordan shared rhe sl s ie S l same feelings abour rhe new rracls ream as Frazier, who commenred rhar rhls firsf ream "far exceeded my expecrarians. As rhe camperirian gor srrangeh rhey worked harder. The more exposure rhey gar during rhe season, rhe berrer rhey became. " The ream was very enrhusiasric as rhe hard-worlsing members achieved many records for Topsail during rheir premier season, No doubr obour ir - rhe ream made an oursranding srarr for Topsail ln rheir firsr year of rracls. Marrha McClung proudly displays o plaque she received ar rhe Norrh Carolina Srare Championship Tracls Meer The ribbons represenr second place in rhe 800 merer run ar borh rhe Secrional and Re- gional comperirions. RECORDS SET Shot 21' Suzy Smirh Discus 6417" Marrha McClung Long Jump 10'1V2" Kim Hollis 100 m Dash 15.04 Kim Hollis 1600 m Run 5.42 Marrha McClung 800 m Run 203,44 Marrha McClung 200 m Dash 81,7 Kim Hollis Shar 4S'1O" David MacAlpine Discus 111'8W' Eric Rodaers Long Jump 1Q'2w" Wayne Ross Triple Jump 41' Wayne Ross 000 m High Hurdle 45,69 Ray Jacobs 110 m High Hurdle 17.04 Ray Jacobs 110 m Dash 11,57 Troy Nixon 4 x 200 Relay 1189.1 Rodney Marshall Anrhony Smirh Dwlghr Cox David Duncan 1600 nn Run 41548 Todd Curry 400 m Dash 5548 Shawn Shepard 800 m Run 2:11,7 Todd Curry 200 nn Dash 24.08 Troy Nixon C3200 m Run 10:54 Todd Curry 4 x 400 Relay C1509 Rodney Marshall 4 x 100 Relay David Duncan Shawn Shepard Anrhony Smirh 46,8 David Duncan Dwighr Cox Shawn Shepard Troy Nixon Honorable Mention All Conference: Martha McClung Todd Curry Tracls 109 Topsoil Vorsity Cheerleoding Squod: Front - Tommie Morgon. Bottom - Louro Rich, Dwight Cox, Kristi Neff, Motese Shorpless, Top - Drusendo Jocobs, Melonie Sloter, Tonyo Pollord, Sonyo Jenkins. The Topsoil Cheerleaders perform for the crowd while the Vorsiry Boys ond their oppcy Right Cooch Goal Doniel is flanked by cocoproins T4 nents roke o short timeout. Pollard ond Krsti Neff - - 4 - A A i Shoot For Success "The reoson l like cheering is it gives me the chonce to be on on othletic teom oll yeor 'round," were the words of Kristi Neff, when osked why she liked being o cheerleoder. The Vorsity cheerleoders storted out the 1987-88 seoson eorly in August with on olmost-new squod. Although inexpe- rience coused problems, mony long hours of hord work proved to moke the 110 Vorsiry Cheerleoding vorsity squod on unexpected success. When Cooch Goil Doniel wos osked obout this "unexpected success," her re- sponse wos, "This seoson hos been like onything else, it hos hod its shore of problems. Working together, however, we hove deolt with the problems, ond l would hove to soy thot the positives hove for exceeded the negotivesf' Tommie Morgan and her other squad members supporting Topsail's football team regardless of try to raise the spirits or the football team with a temperatures on those cold October nights. chant, The cheerleaders have spent many nights 1. -f' Q Y Q ., J I' bmw ,gan lp The sauad's many hours of practice really pay off when they can successfully execute a stunt such as these shoulder stands during a free throw. Left: Dwight, Kristi, Matese, Drusenda, and Laura watch the game trying to anticipate what will happen on the court. The squad must stay a step ahead of the game in order to plan for their next opportunity to talse the floor, Varsity Cheerleading 111 GOLDEN SMILES A "progressive yeor" wos whor you mighr hove colled rhe seoson for rhe Junior High Cheerleoders. Mode up of mosrly new members, rhe squod cheered on rhe junior high reoms ond oided in spiriring rhe school, The Junior High Cheerleoders hod very few procrices ond rhe evenrs rhey cheered or were, unforrunorely, spreod oporr. This did nor Ieeep Topsoil's group of young Iodies from enlighrening rhe crowds spirirs ond broodening rhe excire- menr of seosons ro come. 'lWe didn'r hove enough procrices, our rhe yeor seemed ro be greorf' soid Heorher Hollis, o firsr yeor cheerle-oder. As rhe junior high seoson ended, so did irs procrices, The cheerleoders hung up rheir pom-poms ond rhoughr obour rhe upcoming yeors. Topsoil loolss for' word ro seeing rhe JH, Cheerleoders ond mony more on rhe Vorsiry squod of rhe fururel All of rhe squod membersjoin rogerher ro procrice rhe "Hello" cheer offer school. W. .. ,vw I 112 Jr High Cheerleoders l JV Cheerleader Lacy Pasquel insrills spirir in rhe Varsiry Cheerleaders Shannon Reeves and Krisri Neff assisr , crowd and helps inspire rhe Pirares' JV Daslserboll JV Cheerleaders Joanna Taylor, Tracy McCullen, Karurn l-lill, , ream. and Lucy Pasquel in an afrernoon pracrice, f . , J, K. 5 qw, M, W,,,,5:5.,f, Z3 3 Solid Gold As rhe Topsail Junior Varsify season ended, so did irs cheerleading. The squad, consisting masrly of lasf yeor's junior high cheerleaders, exrended ro an excifing and prosperous season. The young ladies rhar rnade up rhe squad were definirely exposed ro a grear deal of hard worlsjusr as on y orher sporr OT Topsail. Junior Varsiry Cheerleadf er Meg Sorrerfield, when oslsed her opin- ion srared, "I rhinls cheerleading is o sporr, because we worls jusr as hard as any ofher reomf' The Varsify Cheerleaders assisred rhe newly developed JV squad ro boosr rhern info becoming fhe nexr Varsify squad. The rnosr recenr Varsify squad helped fhe junior varsiry ro malse sure rhe spirif of Topsail was rnainrained rhrough rhe inspirarion of rhe Pirares' cheerleaders. Lucy Pasquel, Jennifer Sl-zipper, Robin Rich, T091 '-OVOSTTO Nixon Gnd JOOWTO TOYJOV Tracy McCullen, Korurn Hill, Meg Sarrerfield, JV Cheerleaders 113 GLI-TERING MOMENTS This yeor's JAV. Volleyboll feorn loid rhe foundorion for o Vorsiry reom Com- posed of o group of very dedicored Qrh ond 1Orh groders, rhese girls worked very hord or rhe gome. Oursronding ployers were Meg Sorrer- field ond Lucy Posquel. When oslsed obour rhis group of fine young lodies, Cooch Gibson soid, "We hove o wonderful group of girls hereg rhey love rhe gome, ond rhey love ro procricef' Volleyboll hos o brighr furure of Top- soil. 114 JV Volleyboll Jennifer Skipper procrices serfing rhe boll while Winnie Berger prepores ro serve rhe boll ro he reommores Joonno Toylor, Meg Sorferfield, ond reornmores Kim Edgerron ond Mondy Lolse os rhe Jennifer Dorrs worch vvirh onriciporion, procrice before o gome 1 . K . , ... - sz Rf . ig- I .3-kb W - .T k nf N ,.f .. K J A. .ss.. ,,,. . k.x, , .zsh I .1 I .1 . G i S 5 S .. ii ki . . is gg, ff r . . I , , H .4 Ek fn i, X K+-Sgfff-s K i A, Q ' W . f 9 r -, r :f 4 Vs K -Va - M ' ' gs ' ' M10-INR 9. - . . .. .e . - gslrvwnkimgr A sikilwpvwil- I - K - . . r : ' . if ' .. ' f V w. -'N' ' f' V - M ., i ' :ws QMS A- .- if. ,- : . s , K r -ggi -. , -I , X. .K -- Qi'-.K .hw fr. f -si ,ir,kf:A::k,ikL2x gl K, GR gl V nv i xs- - A Lf .1 , F , 1 Q Q-' , si sw-'r Y-52, " . ,X . ff .e , w.....f 4 , , . A . K . f .M K V ,Q X X AL, H ang ew ..-: mms! r 5, VH r if i T? Q ssssss S ' 5 T K 11 i T ' ' Q' " T ,- ,ccc -, H 'K , 'Sr in X GG THROUGH WITH IT Quelle confusion! One year rhe jr. high volleyball season is in rhe spring and rhe nexr ir's held in rhe fall. So whar's a yearboole sraff ro do? This year rhe ream gor organized in rhe fall only ro find our rhey would nor ocrually have rheir sea- son unril spring. New coach Leslie Sands cerrainly didn'r lenow whor she was ger- ring info! Bur all rhar confusion would auiclxly subside, we were sure, as prac- rice gor underway. The girls appeared ro have plenry of pore-nrial. -sgf"ri ln a quicl-z chonr before oracrice, rhese girls really show rheir rearn spirir, Front -- Cornelia Hardison, Anira Wonrnan, Stephanie Eaches, Stephanie Darts, Christie Carver, Rhonda Michelle Padgeff. Erica London, Srocie Howard, Srepanie Lea, Mrs. Middle Nicola Salter, Sandy Sands, Mary Sadusky, Chrisrine O'Quinn, Sharon Gray, Mandy Lake, Kim Hearher Daniel, Rachelle, Vonira Goss, Mishanyo Shepard, Jr. High Volleyb Por Nixon "shows his sruff" os he prepores ro use rhe Leieune defense, Roy Jocobs siniss onorher one for rhe J.V. reom. Gold Mine Alrhough rheir record didn'r show ir, rhe J.V. Bosiserboll reorn hod vvhor ir fools for o vvinning seoson, our just couIdn'r seem ro pur ir rogerher when ir counred. Their dererminorion ond dedif corion ro rhe sporr did give rhem on exrro edge, however, All rhe boys vvorlsed hord ro form o reom, Eric London provided rhe leodership needed ro Iseep rhe reorn rogefher dur- ing rhose rough gornes, Derricls Nixon, Dole Curry, Por Nixon, ond Andre Sidbury oll provided rhe inside rebounds ond shots rhor rhe reom could nor survive vvirhour. All rhe guys pioyed gre-or de- fense ro keep rhe orher reoms from geff ring "one up" on them. Wirh oil rhis rolenr ond obiliry, rhe J.Vi reom is sure ro go for in rhe yeors ro come. 110 JV. Boslserboil if5fff?T .4 'Ga .yjuiiclw Corlron Borrs, Terronce Conner, Eric Lon- Bock Doie Curry, Derrick Nixon, Por Nixon, Mgr. Roy Sidbury. :if Q' ,xr . ra ,L , .. 4 I K l i,.,w wr ro oocls' Vicror Mirchell, Derriclx Nixon, Vicfor Cole, Shane Lowron, Larry Hayes, David lusrice, fis, Narhaniel Sidbury, Kelvin Redd, Parrick Nix Jason Fricls, Tom Srriclaland, Greg Simmons, Jeremy Roberr Garrison, John Mullgrav, Kirby Lewis, Maready, Brigham Drondom, and Head Coach n Sidoury, Marcus Howard, Jeff Pearson, Craig Boa Ising. Gold Record Theiunior high foofball feam, with rhe help of one of Topsail's new coaches, Doo Ising, had an impressive season rhis year. The excellenf leadership of Derricls Nixon and Larry Hayes Qream capfainsD, carried rhe feam rhrough an awesome rhree wins and one loss. As srafed by David Jusrice, "rhis was rhe oesf season yer for rhe junior high fooroall ream. " Unforfunafely, rhe ream losr all of ifs ninfh graders Ccommonly called "rhe wreclsing crew"D, who moved up TO aid rhe varsify players. In spife of fhis ser- hacls, Vicfor Davis felf fhar "if rhejuhlor high ream purs rheir heads rogefher, rhey will have a winning season, " Coach Ising grearly influenced fheiun- ior high's successful season. His guidance and lsnowledge of rhe game helped fo bring rhe players fogerher nor only as a ream, our as a supporfive family. Acf cording ro Larry Hayes, "Mr, King is an oursrandirig coach. This year was grear, l really hope rhar rhe junior high foofboll rearri has a very successful season nexr year ana' l wish rherh rhe oesr of lucls. " Coach Ising leads his feam in rhe pre-game prayer, r x G Q! Brigham Brandom, along wirh some of his orher reammares, raises a arearher on rhe sidelines be- fore rqoining rhe game. Jr High Fooiooll 117 118 .lr. Jeff Arlsinson prepares ro pass rhe ball TO a reomf mare, Cnoing For lf "I like acrion and soccer is o sporr rhor has if all, " commenred James Davis, an eighrh grader during rhe '87 spring soc! cer season. Alrhough Davis and his ream- mares didn'r have rhe success rhey were srriving for on rhe field, rhey cerrainly vvorlsed hard ar ir. The ream displayed a commendable defense and unsurpassed sporrsmanship, The enrhusiasfic players vvorlsed well rogerher and enjoyed vvhaf they did, There was a new face our on rhe soccer field rhis year. Coach Sreve Gar- rerf vvas coaching rhis sporr for rhe firsr rime or Topsail. A fanrasfic job was ac- complished oy Coach Garrerr as he vvorlsed vvirh rhe players. "Don'r give up on soccer. Don 'r rhrow your hands up, you have all your life ro win!" he re- minded his players ofren. He enjoys coaching soccer and feels Topsail has rhe abiliry ro excel in rhe Soccer Arhleric Pro- gram. The feam is jusf beginning. They have rhe winning afrifude and rhe abillry ro vvin, Their job novv - ro prove irl Derrick Nixon asses ro his reammare ro avoid D possession of rhe ball by his opponenr. High Soccer Fronr: Eric Isissner, Walr Lewis, Jason Piimel, Dale ROUQGVS. JOVDQS DOVE, CY0lQ Gore, Chwds l'lUff, Efilf Curry, Alron Mirchell, Pafrlcls Nixon, Kelvin Redd, M0V90DfJ9Tfp90f5ODi5l'1UfO0 WWSOD. DGFHCIS Nixon. Chris l-lovvard, Darren Tew. Back: Eric Sreiler, Jason Rob GOVWSOVI COOCV1 Sieve GOFVGFT- I 1 ! - 1 wr Vicror Davis, Marhew Thomas, David Jusrice, err London, Michael Harrsfield, Larry l-layes, Garry Arlsinson, Warren Manuel, Greg Simmons, King, Jusrin Poore, Brenr Parker, Phillip Jones, Roy ,ne Lavvron, Carlron Darrs, Baclsi Paul Trifoli, Rob- DOiSOn. , ,,rer p. ,, if , ' ,u Up And Coming H V' 5 , 773 f w. ,V,, nj, rlr " 39, I Q 0 My V 55 rf y f A , , Yi' 'WZ I 2' I , i al ., yr, T i ' ' lf? ' Q' ,,,, '- lll 1 ,,lr, 7' ,,. i Warch our! The Junior Hi h Baseball Q in ,, ,,,, W '." 'lf W Q 4 T ,, . A " Q V ' H ,3lH - ' , ,, iz , ream could be rhe up and coming Varsi- f A J T i T 'T , 'A ' ry ream. Under rhe coaching of Ruben Fic' i 1-N Terry, rhis group of energeric young guys finished Wirh a record of C3-3 ar rhe end of rheir regular season. The ream losr in rhe firsr round of rhe playoffs, bur srill finished wirh an impressive record of 811, "The biggesr momenr in our season was our defear over Burgavv, " srared Coach Terry, The highesr barring average belonged ro Play Barson who also played carcher. Roy, along wirh some of his reammares, felr rhar rhe junior high ream helped prepare rhem for rheir upcoming year on rhe yarsiry ream. Orhers would conf rinue ro conrrlbure rheir ralenrs ro rhe junior high ream unril rhey made ir ro rheir freshman year. lv "i" QW N-12 3 ,f , if Play Barson demonsrrares his form in prepararion ra swing. Roy led rhe ream wirh rhe highesr barring average, Ly' 73, 'fi W 4 lg, 4 Phillip Jones, Greg Simmons, Warren Manuel, Roy Darson, and Shane Lawron demonsrrare differenr srreiches Srrerching before pracrice and games is an imporranr facror in reducing rhe risls of injury Jr High Baseball 110 VV Shooring The Hoop ,,,, Hord worls ond derernwinorion were rhe ingredienrs which helped rhe Junior High Boys' Boslserboll reonw occomplish rheir gools during rhe '87 spring seoson. Teorn mem- ber Dole Curry cornnwenred, "Everybody gor olong wirh eoch orher ond we ocred os o reom We also had good Coaching. " He wos referring ro Cooch Rick Wolrond. Due ro o righr schedule, rhe reorn only hod rwo doys of procrice before rheir firsr gome. With only rwo ploys prepored, rhey beor Penderleo by 20 poinrs, lf ir wosn'r for Their reomworls ond dedicorion ro rhe gonwe, rhey probobly would nor hove hod rhe record of 5 wins ond 2 losses, The success of rhe '87 seoson meonr o lor ro These young men. Ir proved rhor hord worls will poy off. Forword Kirby Lewis cornpleres o procrice loyup A during holfrirne of rournorneni ploy in rhe Pender 'rg High gymnosiunn. Dole Curry woirs his rurn ro re- ' bound M Q , . ,, jf' " Q fi-1251.233 v - ' .. , .h:..' 7,-Pm!! WING! Q , ..g.. elie l i t Y . W M. ...V .. ,.,u.,.,- K M g on .a NOV 54 Termme Comme-rl Qwogm me rebound fQ Fronr: Brion Corberr, Porricis Nixon, Worren Monuel, Lewis, Trovis Geddie, Phillip Jones, Torrey Robii poss ro his opprooching reomrnore, Travis Geddie, Dole Curry, Robe-rr London, Eric Kissner, Kelvin Corlron Borrs. Redd. Bock: Terrance Conner, Derrick Nixon, Kirby 120 lr. High Doy's Doslserboll hica Mills rebounds and lers her opoonenrs lsnovv ro ls off Wirh Tusr a glance , 3 i f 5' Leonryne London malses rhe efforr needed ro re- li , l f I ,T cover a valuable ossession. T T 0' D 2 , xv, , R 4 N ,, Q V 7 , ' S .N 'rx lm Zi? Z dis, J .'f5imff.3,i membefs imdude Clgfeqg 500355, Comellig Sharpless, Michelle Lennon, and Yashica Mills. Damira Word, Leonryne London, Andrea Shooring Srraighr The Junior Lady Pirares had an invigof raring season rhar led them ro place second in rhe Counrv Tournamenr. Their hard vvorls and dererminarion carried rhern ro many vicrories. The girls' reame vvorls and abiliry ro ger along vvirh orhers made winning rvvice as easy. They vvere a dominanr force in rhe league, never losing sighr of rheir goal as rhey our rof gerher an impressive record of five vvins and rhree losses in rheir auesr ro oe rhe besr, Leonryne London vvas given rhe hon- or of rnosr oursranding player. She felr, "rhe season was 0 successful one and oprfmism is high for rhe coming season. " Coach Waldrond felr cerrain rhe girls' desire ro learn more about rhe game would be an asser ro rhe Girls' Varsiry Tearn in rhe years ro come. lr l-ligh Girls' Daslseroall 121 Mrs. Kay Piveri Varsity Softball Coach. Crightb Mr. Steve Garrett: Varsity Soccer Coach. Cbelow right? Mrs. Gail Daniel1 Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheere leading Coach. Cbelowb Hearts Gt Gold Over the years, we have seen many fine athletes pass through the Pirate pro- gram. l-lowever, not many people have also recognized the talent and hard work of the coaching staff. We often take coaches for granted, seeing them only as people who offer advice, guidance, and direction. Little do we realize that these are just the tip of the iceburg, a good coach can take a potential athlete and mold a potential star, Coaches believe in you when you don't have the courage to believe in yourself. They can see talent before it even surfaces, and they'll spend long hours day and night in order to instill the kind of qualities which will make a well- rounded athlete on and off the court. From the athletes of Topsail High School, to all coaches - Varsity as well as Junior l-ligh - we would like to say 'Thank You!" for all your hard work and dedication. Sometimes we may not show much gratitude, but we all under- stand that behind every good athlete there is a great coach. 122 Coaches Mr. Ed Gibson: Athletic Director, Varsity Volleybal Varsity Golf Coach. l X . ' ii . E s . 'I' Mr. Bob King, Junior Varsity Boys' Basketball, Varsi- ty Girls' Basketball Coach and Asst. Football Coach. Mr. Chuck Bishop: Varsity Baseball and Asst. Varsity Football Coach. Mr. Tom Frazier: Varsity Track and Head Varsity Football Coach. Mr. Geary Walton: Asst. Varsity Football Coach. Mr. Ruben Terry: Var- sity Boys' Basketball and Asst. Varsity Football Coach. During halftime, LeAnn Harrell and Angelo Harrell rally up rhe score for the firsr half as Coach Terry loolss on. Foorboll srarisricions Leigh Russell and Angela Harrell add rhe offensive and defensive stars after a foot- ball gome, Going To The Trouble Many people rolse rhe srarisriciarfsjob for granred. When rhe fans and players have all gone home afrer a game, rhe srarisrician srays offer ro call in scores ro rhe newspaper or rorol up final figures for rhe nighr. Thinls of rhe sacrifice if nnusr raise ro give up a lore nighr gorhering or Pizza Hur or a parry ar someones house! Few people realize rhe exrro rime, dedi- carion, and concenrrarion required of rhis select group of srudenrs. Srarisricions for rhis yeor were: Sofroall - Amy Gray, Foorboll - Leigh Russell and Angela Harrellg Baslserball - LeAnn Horrell, Shana Redd, Erica Shreclsengosr, and Angela Harrell. These individuals de- serve our sinceresr grarirude. Shana Redd and Erica Shreckengosr concenrrore on rhe baslserball game as Coach Gibson works rhe clock we Srarisricians 123 5 99 fan.. I Z Q :ma Fm MXN New ? """' f iw W A Dwighr Cox enrers Hompsreodlgdfigsgffood resrouronr. He works or Skors offer school and on weekends. Ospreys hove rolsen up residence in rhis concrere ond srucco "rree' which wos ouilr on rhe sire of on upcoming shopping cenrer. NEW EACES, NEW PLACES Hompsreod is undergoing o cornrnuniry exponsion. Every- where you lools, o new store or resrouronr springs up ond reops in curious cusronwers. Moybe you hove been one of rhe inquisirive ond sropped in ro rolse o lools or oll Comrnuniry f Senior Ads Pirore Sroff 1' rhe new sighrs ond sounds, only ro find one of your old clossmores worlsing rhe cosh regisrer, People or Topsoil ore olwoys eoger ro find o job in the immediore viciniry, ond rheir ordency is whor molses progress in rhe comrnuniry. Senior Srorisrics Senior lnformorion Closing Index x I 126-152 153 154 155 156157 158-161 ill l um 1-will ,gulf Of O J O D J D J D J J O O D D D O D U D J O O 3 J J D O O D D J O DOUG OU OUUOUOUUOU OOUOUO OU QIQOOOOOOOOOOOQOOQ -I -I -I -I -I -I -I .1 Q -I -I -I -I -I -I -I .1 C1 O -I -I -I -I -I -I .1 Q .1 C1 E1 CI LI LI -I .1 -I Q .1 .1 L1 C1 CI .1 L1 .1 C1 E1 E1 O E1 E1 Comgrorularioms, Semiors Frorm GREG MOSHER BUILDER, INC Hompsreod, NC 270-21116 C 126 Comm Umiry!Ad5 1 T7 D C I7 F C C F U If FT FF F F FT C F F U ff P F F E CCDCCGDODUGCJDDDOCJDCID Comgrorulorioms Closs Clf 1988 TCDPSAII. ANIMAL I-IGSPITAI. DUDDCDFTCCU DUQCFCCO C G C G D O O D U D C1 C1 D D D C1 D U D E O D C D C G O U D G D O D U D C D C D U C C1 U O O O D O G D E O UOUDQUUUUUDCCDCDDDFQOCCCCDDCCDCPCFP PEGGY Fussl:Ll. 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Cohgrorulonohs Greg God Mode You Esoeoolly For Us Alvvoys Smale We Love You Mom 6 Dod DOEDUCOUDDOUDDDDDOUUOOUDDOUODODODUO f K JP CL B o T - - I I - - . e I '1" i,y, yy A A ' , 77 J T 4 A I I 4 lQCII?DCKSUCNUUCINUDCNDDCIMUUllufCCINDUCIIMUUCIINUUCIIHUDCIIMUUCIHUU DC OU Cl O Cl Cl O CI O O Cl O Q ul CI Q Q U CI U Q O O D CI U U Cl U O 9 9 Ll CI CI O O CI O CI CI Q CI O D D O CI O O Cl CJ CI Q Q '-Nu: OLIUUUCIOOO BRYSON 5 Smiling, Successful AND ASSGCIATES CI OOO UCIQQOLJCIOLIOCIOOOUO QCICICIQQOEICIJJJQCIJQQCJCIUU OOOOOOOOOOOOODOQJJDQQ l Wishing You I - A Phone- 328-2468 O 828 5111 DR. ZAMIBPXGWSIQI ' I 1 Nlgin Office e Ccwsewg AND gmxpp ln M Cliy Y Topsgil Begcn Qifice f 1 705 S Anderson Blvd. P O Box C3290 Hgmpslecd Topsgil Beocn 270 11435 I NORTH CAROLINA Pneciousmermssnnwmmc I'l6'H,Ub'll0'Hll1 lll5'lll'z7ll6'H H11 N172 5 7 Oi BUY SELL TRADE I WoLoan lonoyonnyihmq othhn v',' Gold Sllvu Dlamondl06u X V ..w...'5f.2.'L?"h"S.."f3""D... 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Sidney Williams, Owner Hiram Williams, Owner PO Bax 375 N C CanrraCrar's PO Bax 566 Hampsreaa, NC 2811418 Lic if 105110 Sari Ciiy, NC 2841115 19195 270 8606 C9195 328 2511 Cafrifrianiiyffws 13 ODDOOODOOCIDOOODODD00000000000OClOODCICTDODUODCIODODDDDODOOC EIOOQCIOEICIOCIOCIOOCICICIOCICICICIOOCIOOOOEICIOCICICIOEICIOODOOOOOOCIOEIOOOOOCIOCIOOOOOOCIOOOEIOOOO O O CI O Q Q CI O Cl O CI Cl O CI O O O Cl O U CI CI Cl O O O Cl U Cl O CI Cl Cl O Q Ll D O O O O O Cl O O CI O O CI O CI D O l "' To Mom Were So Proud Of You ohd grovvs os you oo You ore such o oelughr such o Joy such o oeourlful oersoh We hooe you see oho feel rhe lhflhlre love vve hove for you Whorever you do wherever you go olvvoys lehovv rhor we ore here for you Moy you frho rrue cohrehrmehr IO everyrhlhg you do moy ol! rhe love youre oivvoys guvuhg be rerurhed ro you We Love You Momrho, Dodoy, Aho LeAhh ' is vyj U o yr or ssyr W o vfzzr y y y Every ooy vve ore osrouhoed ro heor you rolls so ihrelligehrly. Your wisdom grovvs 134 CommuhlryfAds Q iw. .Jn f 61.45 "' if We ore proud of you ohd your ochlevemehrs so for IO life You hove olwoys hod hugh Qools for yourself ohd you ore sreodlly cllmblhg up rhe lodder We ore ex rremely proud of you We love you for oll you ore ro us The Worm srhlle rhor llghrs up eoch doy for o hew oeglhhlhg, ohorher chollehge, ohd ohorher ylcrory Moy God bless you IO oll your ehdeovors Mom, Doo ohd ororher, Leo U O O D D D D O D U Cl D D O D G Cl D U G D D D D D Cl U D O D D D Cl D C D D T3 O C D U D D U G O D D C Cl G C E DOUGUUDDOOCJODDCJOOODDDOOUOOUODGDUOODDODDDOUGGOOOODODDCJCIOCICICICJOUOCIDDCIGODDD CJD U O Cl Cl U O D D U D U D D G D O C1 Cl D C1 C1 D Cl D D U U U Cl G O O O U O D G C1 D O D O D D CI Cl D U Cl Cl Cl D O D O yfAds 1:55 DCIOOODOOODDGOOOOOODOUDOOOOODODOODOOOOODDDDOODODDOCICIDODC DCICIEIOOOOEIOOOOOEIOOQOOLIOUOCIOOODOOCIOOOOOOOOOOOCIOODOUUUUOOCICID Cohgrarulariohs ro 'lLirrle Richard" wirh rhe big smile ahd suhrah, oeihg fouhd ih uhexoecred olaces. These rrairs should help you obraih rhe goals you dream of. Besr of eyeryrhihg arid our loye ro you. Cohgrarularlohs, Johhl We Are Very Proud Of You Ahd Loye You Very Much. Loye, Mom, Dad Arid Chris OOOOCICICIOEIOEICICIOO Mom, Dad Ahd Piyah 000000000DCIClOUijijOOOOOOClDCIDDOijOOOODDDOCIOCICIDDOCICICIDODOOCIDOJ 136 CorhmuhiryfAds D D D O D G D U Cl D U Cl G U U U C C C C C U U U C U U C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C I1 C C E UOUUUUOCJDCIUOCJUDCOUDUOOODUDOOUUCUCOUDUOC0000DCDCJCCCOCCODDDUCJDCJCJDDOCIGGGOD CJD U D U U U C O U Cl Cl Cl D D C C D O D U C D D D U U 0 O D U Ci G CJ U O D U C C D U U Cl D D Cl CJ C1 O C1 D O D O Cohgroruloriohs - Johhll Johh, l hoye olwoys i looleed up ro you 1 for help or odyice. l will miss you o lor, T Love, Joey i JOHN -4 "Life is oh odyehrure ro rhose vvirh ihe My Brorher The couroge ro explore." Ehjoy life's odyehrure Clovyhl Good C ohd rememoer, were proud of who you'ye Lucie Im The I become ohd loye you yery much, Furure. Love, Mom Arid Dod Jill I lsrisri, Alwoys do rhe oesi rhor you coh - ho ohe CGD osls for more ohd you woh'r oe sorisfied wirh less. There's o rime for oelieyihg ih yourself ohd rhor rime is howl! We lshow you coh do ir - go for ir! You'ye mode us proud ohd we loye yo, Mom G Terry Tommie, lf we could hove hohd pidsed o oesr friehd ohd o Hseciohd fomily" for Krisri, we could hor hoye fouhd ohy oerrer rhoh you ohd rhe whole Thomos fomily. Thohlss so much for oll you hoye dohe, ohd Tommie, we wish the very oesr ol- woys for you - you ore such o speciol persoh. Love yo, Nohcy G Terry Wilsoh Commuhiryfffxds 139 Q Q Q O O O O O O O O O Q -I .n Q .1 u ,u O 0 u O O 0 Q D L: Q 9 9 u O 3 Cn O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O D Q O Q u Q UUU UUUU U Moles Tracks To . . . 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Love, Mom, Williorh, Dovid From o Iirrie for oh Chrisrmos morhihg ro Grodoorioh Dov, ir's D980 greor goihg oil the vvoyi Cohgroruioriohsl Love You, Mom Ahd Dod 000050000000000710000000GOODSCIDDDODOOODOOODODCIDDDDDDODDCII 142 CommuhiryfAds Sn 5 , ss . Congrorulorions Jennifer S I"""x X. We ore very proud of you, You finoIIy mode ir over. Moy you Iseep Foirh in God ond oll your dreoms come rrueI Mom 6 Dod I3ubbo1 All rhe Iosring memories which I hold of you could never be reploced by onorher. You hove grovvn ro meon more ro me rhon life irseIfi AII of Iife's riches ond oII of irs pleosures could never begin ro repoy rhe ioy ond hoppiness yo hove given me. Since you hove come inro my life if is complere vvirhour you, before I vvos missing rhe one rhing I hod never experienced, rhe rrue meoning ond feeling of love. OnIy rhe besr is vvhor you deserve ond rhis is oll rhor I vvish for you, Yours oIvvoys, Svveer Peo O O D CJ D D D G U O U Ci D G D D D O D D U Ci G U U O O U U U C D Q Q C C TT U C U D C C G O C C C D C U C E UDDOUGDODGEUUOUUCIDDGODDCIDDDCIGDDDDDODD U Congrorulorions Robbie! 'Go For Ir" We Love You, Mom, Dod, Missy And Burch DODUDUUUUDGODOCJDCIDOOOGCIDUUUDOODGDUDE O O U U U G Ci U C1 D Ci D U O O D D D Ci D D U Ci D U Ci G C1 U D O CI O Ci D D U O D D 0 D CI Ci D O D U O O Ci O D Ci Communiryffxds 148 CICICIOCIOOOUOOOUCICICIOOCIOQOEIOODOUOCIOCIQOOOOOOOCIOOCIDLJOUDCIOOO8 CI O O O Cl Cl Cl O O CI CI D D O CI CI Cl O CI O CI Cl 1 CJ O O Cl CI O CI O Cl Cl Cl CI CI O El Cl O O CI O El Cl O O O Cl CI CI O O O CIOOOOCIOODOOOCIOOO OO 5 A L l li M --:angler ,Ninn 1. n r r I ri God nos o wonderful furure in srore for CO Q O UO Omg you, He nos given you mony rolenrs, o And GOOG Luck! svveer l'Soirir" ond o fomily rnor odores you! Love, We Love You DOG, MOVTW Lerrle - Lou - Lou Amd Pxoberr You ve been SUOSLWIOG IO me snodovvs A llrrle gurl whose solrlr genrly grevv Congrorulorlons Cnolces ond cnonges STQQIWQOIQI Yeors flowed by Genrle groce filled o grovvlng soul You ve mode one greor srep Bur We who bove loved you remember You ve only lusr begun Wherever We me Worcin novv God Blegg You Warn rnonlssglvlng ond prade Alvvoys Mom Doo Penny And Guy Love Momo Doddy Lyro Emlly Tnonlss for being youl 0 L 00 000 0 l 144 Communiry!Ad 000 0007000 0 0 00000 00000000000000000000000000000 G DDUUUDDUDUUUUCUUUCUDCUDUUUDCUDUUCCUUCCDUCDO0DD DDUDQDDD Cl Brod No Morrer Wnor The X lf ' ii ' Nome Or l-lovv Mony - Tnere ls Only One Greor Brod! We All love You And Are Very Proud Of You! Koren, You've come o long vvoy bobyl Moy God bless you Mom An Fomlly Jonnny Corol Morsnoll UCD vvos born Feb 1 life on Feb 15 1982 l-le vvos 30 yrs old vvnen he dled Dumb B, B Ford, Broffue, Dubbo Mom, Dennis, Memo, Popo, And Conny Cbelle, , l We love you ond ore 14 -A proud ro nove you for '- our dougbrer Alvvoys remember rnor warn God s nelp oll rnungs ore possible -elim Tnere ore only rvvo losrlng bequesrs we con glve our cnlldren one IS roors rne orner I Love z Momo EJ Doddy xx UU000000UDODDDCIC1000DOGDCTDDOOGGUDOUDODDODDDUDDDDCICJDGOODOUDOUODOUUDGCICIDDO 1 ' s , , f ssvdl U 1 s s 1 1 1952, ond deporred bis wings." UDQCDDDDDDQDDDDUUUUDUDUUClDUUDUDEDUDUUUDDQUDDUDDDDDUDDD rw o 3 3 C 2. Q i P Q M Ii on ODDijDOCICICJDOCIOCIDCJODCIDCI00000000ClDCICIDCJDCICICJCIDOCICIOCIODGCJOOCIDC ij 3 S Congrorulorions 0 Morriel S X You ore rne besr sisrer D D onyone Could osls for I om D behind you oll me vvoy lj I love you, 3 Corron O O Cl ij Morrie, ou brin sunsnine ro brignren our doys Y Q D You bring vvorlds of ioy rbrougb your vvorm, loving O vvoys. D The svveer rliin s ou've done ond rne nice rbin s Q Q Y Q D Congrorulorions youve wid U LOVGVOV Are memories ro cherish rbrou nour eors obeod . . . Q Y D A You ore o blessing mor Comes from obove . . . D GGG glide mee' MOV Hi 5 You ore o s eciol ond beouriful rreosure ro love, D lj vvisdom snine unclouded over 4 , O my Sou, God bless you on rlfiis speool doy D Love yo God be your friend ond guiding Iigbr olong life's vvoy D MOM 5iSfGrS, And lseep you in His loving core rodoy ond everydoy. lj Brorners And Grondmom 3 Congrorulorions lj We love you so, :I Mom ond Dod Q I 1 I l 1 D - V D Q Q To Our Deouriful Dou nrer lj Z Thonls you for being rne' kind of O ',,, ' V4 V doughrer vvbo's been o source of D 5OVldl Y f A ioy ond noppiness oll ber life, D Tnonl-as for rne lougnrer, rne fun 3 We igye you ond Ore IV- ond surprises We enjoyed rbem, Vgfy proud VO Wwe you L KX we survived rnem, ond vve 3 Q5 CM dgugmer i N vvouldn'r rrode rlwose memories for 1 onyone elses D D if We ore so proud of you ond We D Love, lsnovv you will reoch oll of your , 3 Momo ond Doddy gools in life, Love olvvoys, HEX' war ' 3 Mom, Dod, Crysrol, ' i isl ' Cborlie ond Lesley ,Q V ij 2 A D 1 O 3 Y L Congrorulorions Wendy! Q H You nove mode us so very g lj MMV' proud of you. You nove -ff L D 'Q' brou br so mucb 'o ond bop- ' Q J Y O We ore ver roud of ou ' ' I A Y D , Y '99 iness ro our lives. Remember M lj ond vvisb you boppiness 'Q p olvvo s ro seels ond follovv FE lj forever Y rj C5od's Ion for our life. We P Y lj Love, love you so very much ond we 3 Mom And Dod 5 y y ore olvvoys bere for you vvben 0 YOU Heed US- D aw 22 'iii's Love, ij B Mom 6 Dod CI Cl 009000000ODDClClCI00080000UOCJDODDOODDOOUDUDODCJOOODCJDCICIDOOD 1416 CommuniryfAds El' rr' Try As You Mughr Bur I Der You Com Guess Jome s On The Rugrwr Km s Om The Lefr' Corwgrorwornorws I lm Amd Jomre AmmrYouCwehwMy COwqHSwH One Ofren Meers Hfs Desrfrvy On The Rooo' He Tokes To Awoh Comgromjomomd Wde Love You' Hepme Kem Amd Addson Comgrorulorlorws Jomue Amd Ruchordf Love Heorher Deor Jomie, We love you very much Jusr remember vvho you ore ond vvhor you ore. A greor Colomiry is mor ro hove foiled, our ro rwove foiled ro rry. Love, Momo Amo Doddy OOOCIOOOCICIEIODODOOCICICICIOEIDCICJOOCICIOOCICICICIQOOOOCICIOOOOOCIOOOCIOOCIOOOOOOOOOOOCIOOCI OO DDODDOODDDDOOOGDOOOODDOODDUODDUDODDUUUUUOOODOOOODGDOOO Xe I v get A . u CJ CJ Q Q Cl O CI 9 J CI Q ul Q Q Q Q Sl -I Q J Q Ll U U O O CI O Cl O O Q Q U O O CI O Cl Cl CI O EI O O O O O O O O Cl O O OO Corrwrrwurwrryfffxcis 1417 O OO O O O O CI CI Cl CI O CI Cl O Cl O O O O O Cl CI EI CI Cl O O Cl O O El O O CI O O Cl Cl O El O O Cl Cl Cl O O O CI O CI O O CI CI VI O Cl O 5 rw Cl o 3 3 c Q, 2' X JP Q Ln 301321 EIQQQQQUOCIOEIQQOO CICIOCIQOQQQ OUQCIOCIUCIQQOOCIOU QQCIODQOOCIOCIO OCICICICIQCIQUOOCI Cl 1 -. O Em 33 5 U' 05550-4 if fqssifas -1 O Ugcggjgggs. 32 QUUDEH gm Sv-Qfniggm O CI :Em 310C UC-3 of 533299, 'DS SAQQQAQELQOQ Q Q I" 'O 3m 41050 :Ko :'O6'3rDN4fD " U O' -O O w " Q '-X K Cg43vCDC 3 -"'O:DT'Q.Ol11 Q FD -f E m w 2 U 354 Qgfclpfv O vafgoig 2 Qald 5-CO O Q Um 'IQOWJQO 3 340332 OZ? Egg 3 g 3 O f+r'12fESQQ 926552 53 :QT Q Q 11 O CPO 455303 o .CNC.Cl 'O g'g 31 K 9 CI g? g5'3g9,Lff C gcxig lg! gg 3 :P 155322 5 'S' 2 S 3 3 -D g QC-f Q3 3 9 5 2 O 5' 5 Q K 'D-'O DO- -' N4 E 9. KD 4 O Jr CLEQ Q3 D o K, g o Q 5 Q OfD -'1 5' C 0 C 3 5 f 3 Q DCL rn g D rw 2 Ll rDOf'D U1 1 3' 2 Q 3 rn Q mD" Og 2 F' 2 rp FD 3 QCLQ. 3a 3 3 'D FB w H 5 D 3 3 Q Q -, O 3 4 , O-2 OO . I O " Q fb 3 -him DD 'D - 5 3 ' U :JDN4 N403 5 3 'P' V. Cl N4 54 O O 5' Q O fD 2 O gag om - 5 O 3 O ' 3- O X CL fD D 5,4 Q mmm 3 4 rn CL Q C 0.41 rn ,w Lo 5 'D Q 1LO-f mm C L7- C O N4 Q 'A O O In-1 O D O- X4 .Q Q20 Q2 C Q 'D 5 O 333 3? 5? 2 H f'D fD D 0 if 62? C Q 3.39 CC El O Cl O CI Q U CI El O Cl EI O U Q U O O O Q U Cl I T" Corigrorulorions T! We ore so proud of you! We love you mode ir! NOW Tommie, YOU! come rry college! Ho! You ore so precious ro us. Molse Momow Gnd popo eocli doy of your life precious ro you. We love you! Mother ond Doddy l love you! Demise Corwgrorulorioms, Tommie! Congrorulorioris Kim! Wolls Horid In Hond Wim God' Remember rhor wirh God os your guide, oll rhirigs ore possible! Love, Mom, Sorierro, Love' Groridmorher Grorir 6 Daddy, Momol Gnd Aunr Soro I Kevin - u Cl O CI O Q O U El Cl O O 0 3 S Q o o Q Q Q Q O O o El El u 0 Q o o o u ci Q o o 0 3 3 u O Q 0 O o O O CI O O O O El O Q 0 O O O U O O O S Q O S Q Q CI Q Cl Q O 3 El O O 3 3 Q Q 3 3 Q o O o El 3 OuooooooouoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOmooOoooQoooooooooooooooouooooooooo Community! Ads 140 150 OOOOOCIOOOOOUOOODO Congrorulorionsl You l-love Doubled The Pleosure Aorhony G Chris 5 ' Af 6 ,, SEN OCCASION OODOOOOEIEIOOOOODOOOUOOOOOCIEIOOOOCIOOOCIUOCIOOOOOOQOOOOOOOO youl JEQA' Audreo Alvvoys love E1 youll be loved Keep you We're proud of you ond love Love, Mom, Dod, ond Eric if K .f iig I Vg 1 V: ,sw kihky vkkik . D ., vel uvr God in your heorr for l-le's olvvoys vvirh CIO DDCIDCIDCIODDODDODODDDCIOOODOODOJCIOCIDDDODODODOODGDDODDJOOD Basketry Supply Shop Supplies for Chair Cnning and . E Basket Weaving ' ln OUT UVGSE ,, HANDMADE APPALACEUAN , .- 'f'f. rf BASKETS We Love Youl !4"' I . ' 2' .' ' CUSTOM MADE BASKETS Mom Pop ' ,,,,3gy nm" . l-P' ' ' BASKETS FOR EVERY A ,iivl CLASSES IN 2 BASKET WEAVING ' CHAIR CANING ,...,,iji' - A QAII typesfof-Chair ,, Bottoumi 'Q'f!!l!.,,,., , j.,,., .. LARGEST SUPPLIER 'I ir3lfT""T2 f1.i-1-A OF HANDLES ON ' ' EAST COAST ' ' 6625 wr .i, x ' 119 J nr: , K 19191 791-7510 Market St. Hwy 17 Wilmington, N.C. Jefferson-Pilot Lie lnsuranceC0mD8f1Y ' -' ' I Plllll -gn.-m ---4.-L u-wus Wlley H Lewis, Jr, CLU General Agent 3145 Wrightsvilie Avenue PO Box 3-609 Wilmington, NC 28406 Bus 919 762 2768 Res 919 270 2818 Pepe, lr seems like only yesrerdoy when you were 'lsnorl-Qing oround" Dusring borrles ond hiding surprises. We ore very proud of oll the occornplishrnenrs in your life. We will olvvoys be on rhe sidelines cheering you on in everyrhing you choose ro do. l We love you, Uncle Chris, Aunr Jeonerre Kelly G Chrisropher 000000000000000DCI000000OCIDODDDCIDODOOODDODOODDODDODCIOCJOD Con'irnuniry!Ads Kevih, Eveh Though We Doh'r Alvvoys Ger Along Wlrh Eoch Orher, You'll Alvvoys Be My 4751 BIG BROTHER. l'll Alwoys De There For You WHEN You Need Me, Like You've Alvvoys Beeh There For Mel Thohlss For Everyrhlhgl Love olvvoys, Your Llrrle Slsrer Michelle I73001CIOGOOD3051333flJOOCIDCIOODOGOODSJUCJOJIJODOOOOOCICJDOOCICIO Cl O O O O CI Cl O Q J Q .I Q -I Ll CI CI O Cl EI Cl CI D CI CI Q U Q Q O Cl Cl Cl CI O CI O O O O O Cl Cl CI O O 9 ul O O O CI O O CI O 2 5' 5' 5'5' 5' 5' 6'5'5'5'E' fD .T T TT T T JTTTTN 5 rn fn mm rn rn rommmg Imm Q :Omg 445-'2,33.6:,:,5h:,2 3'-:',:v,1'.:'.3 QQC K 3 2fvfD32353343of-33333fo 19301 O-- 21:0 -h,58m3.m5mmQrngg'Dfnrornmg 'Q4083 D9 mmf -' -' -f.,'-v O-r-1"-v , U1 325250500 OSSOOOOS 34"4 Qrn 2254 fE3O3eC1WQ'5 95051-QSQSQ lfibm O : OQQQ wok-f. :ro ,gc .-CoQ,43O QDQ -,KD fD gvoiimf 5 QQ-gquxi f343O' C' fw 1 M rn E o - 'O - -. 3 Heli? 52 3 FP- 55395 C235 o 255 O Q 2 302 E2 ? f- 535-23 " 50138 3- 5,55 3 3 C me 11 2 feel- 5 we O QOH, SQ , O. 3lO.? 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Pinehurst Pottery 6 Candle CWiImingtonD Surf 'N' Stuff Cpiaza East Shopping Center? ,D Berks, To our daughter, Nataiie, With Love. Ty if, ,N All the worlds a stage, And all the men and women merely piayersf They have their exits and their S 'ei ' entrances And one man in 9' his time aiays many parts. ky in 'J Way To Go, Big Sis! Love, Jana And Mandy 1049 Top Soil yeorbools sroff op- ed ro be o prim ond proper group VQEJW GOING BANANAS We come hoppy, cheerful, ond we lefr . . . well, wonder- ing whor else could hove gone wrong. Somerimes rhe whole doy seemed lilse o rorol disose fer, Bur ir wos oll worrh ir when rhe srudenr body Cyes, youlb were sorisfied vvirh the finished producr. We worked hord Cwherher you believe ir or nor? ro ger rhe poges complered, Thor includ- ed loyours, picrures, coprions, ond copy. lr seemed os rhough rhere wos never enough rime. Bur wirh rhe srudenrs' supporr, we felr we should molse rhe besr producr we were copoble of producing. We hope you like if! S R A , Q Xue fe: Things hove changed!! The '88 poses for o moment during closs. fm Wm Meow i ybuu W A. fs. 4 l , Q , Ji? or ,f,. V I 10, Above righrg Sophomore Scorr Brod- show ponders over his foculry loyour os rhe deodline drows neor. Above: Senior Joyo Ellis relieves rhe rension of deodline srress by ploying oround Q lirrle bir. Yeorbools 158 ALLEN, DONNA AMBURG, CHRIS ASBURY, RICKY: Library Aide 1, 8, Bus Driver 2, Class Trip Comm. 4. BATSON, AUDREA: FHA 1 CPres,D, 2, J.V. Cheerleader 1, V. Softball 2, For. Lang. Club 8, Sub. Bus Driver 8, Prom Comm. 3, Bus Driver 4. BATSON, JAMES: Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, Bus Driver 8, 4. DATTS, CAROLYN: FHA 8, Chorus 3, FBLA 4. BRADSHAW, JIM BROWN, FRED: Basketball 1 CNobleD, 2 QTHSJ, 8 CLaneyD, Football 1 CNobleD, Art Club 1, 3, Pep Club 1, S, DECA 8, ROTC 8, Electronics Club 8. BROWN, WENDY: FHA 1, 2, 3, Perfect Attendance 1, 8, For. Lang. Club CVPD 2, Prom Comm. 8. BYR S, STACEY: Football 1 CNobl , Soc- cer CNobleD, 2, 3 CLaneyJ, T 'ck 1, Bandfg 1, Bosem 's Indoor ,Q 'Soccer Toutait. 8. I CURRY, TODD Home Run Award, Hustleb, 4, Home- coming 1, 2, 6, Spanish Club 1, 2, FCA 2. FORGACH, GREG: Computer Club 1, 2nd place Science Fair 1, Honor Roll 2, Office Occupations Award B. GANON, MIKE GUNTER, ROBBIE: Marching Band 1, 2, 8, 4, Football 1, 2, 8 CCapt.D, 4 CAII Conf., Capt.7, Track 3, 4. HANSLEY, TERRI: Library Aide 2, 3. HENDERSON, AMY: V. Softball 1, Pep Club 1, FCA 1, Drama Club 1, 2, Yeat- book Staff 2, B, For. Lang. Club 2, S, 154 Seniors SENIQR STATISTICS FHA B, FTA 8, HOLLIS, JAMIE HOLLIS, KIM: Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 8, Perfect Attendance 1, B, 4, US. Achievement Academy Award for Ex- cellence in Band 1, 2, Basketball 2, 4, Am. Musical Foundation Band Honors 2, P,E. Club 8, FTA CSecy.D 8, Sub. Bus Driver 8, Bus Driver 4, Spanish Club B, Track 4, Library Aide 4. HORRELL, MARTIE: Pep Club 1, Pep Band 1, Marching Band 1, FCA 1, Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, U.S. Achievement Acad. Natl. Band Award 1, Natl. Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4, P.E. Club 8, For, Lang. Club B, 4, Math Team 3, 4, Data Proc. Award 3, Junior Marshal 3, Sr. Class Pres. 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Homecoming 4. HOWARD, LUCI: FHA 1, 2, 3 CPres.b, 4 CPres.D, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, 8, Library Aide 4. 'W HUFF, PAUL: Soph. Class Pres, 2. HURD, ANN: Marching 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Comm. 1, 2, Band Boosters Club For, "i' Club 3 INGR - 45 CFTGSS Honor Soc. 2, 3, Aide 4. 1, FCA 1- gram 4, Prom Comm. 8. NEWMAN, CHARLES: Auto Club 1. NEWTON, JEREMY: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1 CSportsmanshipD, Pep Club 1, Baseball 2, 4. NIXON, JEFFREY: Jr. High Football 1, J.V. Football Mgr. 1, Basketball 2 CMVPD, 8, 4, FCA 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Weight Lifting Club 2, P.E. Club 3, 4. NIXON, TROY: Basketball 1, 2 CMVPD, V. Football 1, 2, 8, Band 1, 2, FCA 2, Track 8, PARKER, JAY PATE, BRAD: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, B, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, Pep Club 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, B, 4 CTreas.D, N.C. Legislators' School for Leadership Devel. 2, Sr. Class V.P. 4, NC. Scholars Program 4. PERRY, SANDI: Band 1, 2, 8, 4, Band as Fundraising Comm 1 Bond Boosters Class V P 2 FTA 2 For Lang lub Honor Soc 3 Sub Bus Driver B Sr Clos raising Comm 4 POORE LEE Principal s Advisory Coun cil1 JV FootbaIl1 Lib GOffice Aide1 2 Quest 1 Student Council 2 Service Club 2, B, Algebra Club 2, 3, Weightlift- ing 2, V. Football 3 CBroughton, 8, 4, Student Coun- Club 0 CTHSD. 1, 2,8, 4, Cheerl g 2 CSportsmanship3, 3, Pep Softball 1, FCA 1, ball 1, Drama Club 1, FCA 1, 2, B, Gover- not's Sch. Nominee 2, Yearbook 2, 8 CCo-Editorb, N.C. School of Sci. 6 Math Semi-Finalist 2, For. Lang. Club 3, Prom Comm. 8, Jr. Marshall 3, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Newspaper Editor 4, Student Body Pres. 4, Homecoming Court 4, Morehead Scholar County Finalist 4, Close-Up 4. SHOLES, MICHELLE: Library Aide B, 4, Class Trip Comm, 4. SHRECKENGOST, ERIKA: FHA 1, 2, Dra- ma 1, 2 CDtama Awardb, 3, Cheerlead- er 1, 2, B, SGA 2, B CClass Ptepj, Prom Comm. 8 CCape Hatterasb, Page for State Rep. B, Teacher's Aide 4, Drama Society 4. SIDBURY, JENNIFER: Cheerleader 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 8, Bond 1, For. Lang. Club 3, 4, P.E. Club 4. SIDBURY LAVETA: Pep Club 1, FCA 1, Chorus 8 4 P E 3, Flag Team,4.- SIDBU RY STEPHKNIE: Cheerleadel'1:1, S. N7 ,' . gg,, g N wrtrtngword1,i3md1,sonbQii1,Miss Pender Unity 2 Library Aide 3, Wriripg are 3 Q S ITFI NY: Football1,2CSports- manshipb 3 V Conf. Hon. Mention, Captj, 4 CCapt. f Pep Band 1, 2, 8,f4, Marching Band 1 2, 8, Natl, Honor Sbc, 2, 3, 4, Class VP. 2, Jr, Marshal 8, Track 8, 4 CCapt.D, Basketball 8, Quiz Bowl 4. SMITH, CHRIS: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Natl. Honor 2, 8, 4 CPtes.D, Track 3, 4, Math Slass 4, Natl. Bond Achievement Student Council 4 CVPD, Co-Editor 4, Quiz Bowl 4. FHA 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Aide 2, Library Bus Driver 1, 2, Class 2, Natl Club 2, 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4 CSecy.7, P.E. Club 8. MOBLEY, MONICA: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, 2nd place Science Fair 1. MULLGRAV, ANDREA MUNGER, MELISSA: Chorus 2, Library Aide 3, 4, Class Trip Comm. 4, NEFF, KRISTI: Pep Club 1, 2, 8, Cheer- leading 1, 2 CCoach's Awardb, 8, 4 CCapt,7, Band 1, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Band Boosters 1, 3, Class Ptep. 1, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, 8, 4, Pep Club 3, For. Lang. Club 8, NC. Scholar's Pro- shipb, 2, Art Club 1, Football Statistician 3, 4, Volleyball B, For. Lang, Club S, PE. Club 3, Yearbook 8, 4 CBus. Mgrl, Prom Comm. B, Track 4, Sr. Trip Comm. 4. SANDERS, WENDY: Band 1, Journalism 1, Volleyball 2, S, P.E. Club 8, For. Lang. Club B, 4, Fundraising Comm. 4. SANDLIN, JACKIE SATTERFIELD, SUSAN: Class Treas. 1, Volleyball 1 QAII Conf., Coach's Awardl, 2 CAII Conf., MVPD, 8 CAII Conf., MVP, Co-Capt.D, 4 CAII Conf., Co-Captb, Soft- WEISEL, SHAIN: Rham H.S., Hebron, CT. 1, 2, B. WICKER, SUZANNE: Softball 1, Pep Club 1, FHA 1, S, FCA 1, Volleyball Statis- tician 1, Drama Club 1, FBLA 8 CSecy.D. WORTMAN, BRIAN: Auto Mech. Club 1. WOZNIAK, JENNIFER, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 8, 4. WRIGHT, MARK SENICDR CLASS OF 1988 Color: blue Flower: yellow rose Morro: Never be-nd your heodg Alwoys ho!d ir highg Look rhe world srroighr in rhe foce. Seniors 155 W1,LL.wcueJiou.ot,' Nrjnasuammadlit NGUI- lvlwiiinuxf? Mun ilu, .to a Usmm 1 gi .1 i ' Ei 33? mr. JJLL , , 30. 41113 in D mf f ' ,Um ' ' E 1', 1 , -nun ur, , ' -DLLLX, .Mi . lctlu. gum gg f'Q 5 -Julwu wa . .wcu i E155 gpmggugl X: -. if ,s si Apprehensive about eating this chicken sand wich, Stephanie Sidbury decides to give cafe teria food a shot. Coach Bishop coerces his rather reluctant P.E class into giving pyramid building a shot. 156 Closing .1mLwu,b.,nim..mw111La, CXJTJ-gf www. L W Amnted..owL.wff. no 40211, .mm 114.440, Although overjoyed by receiving her occep tance letter from UNCW, Mortle Pullen decide: it's time for o "tension breaker" while going over the multiple forms. Many students decide to give furthering their education o shot ofie. groduoting from high school. E ff ,fx E: Mlcnoel Pyort ond Lulse Kelley try out 0 new com- puter program in Ms. Sends' closs. Donna Allen is coughr filling our ojob opplicorion in preporotlon for me upcoming summer. Closing 157 yfllfl PARTING snors ,J MW' ,Lvl W like ll lx, 1 1 1,1155 llflwi Wlll il :QW S ll QQ. Eighth graders Kansas Johnston and Donna Horn enjoy watching the Pirates' football ream from the top bleacher. Akins, Allen, Allen, Allen, Keith: 56, 96, Billy: 71. Donna: 04, 44, 87, 154, 157. James: 60. Amburg, Chris: 04, 42, 107, 154, Asbury, Ricky: 04, 80, 142, 154. Atkinson, Ann: 22, 29, 01, 56, 87, 8 Atkinson, Charlie: 12, 29, 48, 102. Atkinson, Jeff: 56, 92, 118, 119. Altilio, Anthony: 60. Batson, Audrea: 11, 04, 85, 150, 154. Botson, Eric: 86. Botson, James: 04, 07, 154. Botson, Batts, Batts, Batts, Michael: 102, 100. Roy: 10, 56, 119. Becky: 52, 87. Carlton: 56, 116, 119, 120. Carolyn: 04, 154, Batts, Chuck: 25, 48, 107. Batts, Crystal: 52. Batts, Jennifer: 56, 114. Batts, Batts, Scott: 52. Shelly: 48, 49, 85. Batts, Stephanie: 00, 62, 86, 115. Batts, Terry: 52. Batts, Tawan: 60. Batts, Twanna: 00, 48, 82, 100. Baum, Shannon: 48. Berger, Winnie: 60, 71, 82, 86, 112, Bishop, Chuck: 66, 122, 156. Blanto Boyd, Bradfo dl lf W n, Tony: 52. Woody: 48, 80, 84. Bolton, Born, Heidi: 62, 86. Bowen, April: 86. Melissa: 157. rd, Gloria: 66, 71, 74, Bradshaw, Jeff: 56. Bradshaw, Jim: 154. Bradshaw, John: 48. Bradshaw, Brandon, Brigham: 62, 84, 86, 117. Brite, Tony: 48. Brooks, Lisa: 48, 85. Brown, James: 60. Brooks, Mark: 56, Brown, Fred: 154. Brown, Kirk Brown, Wendy: 04, 146, 154. Bryan, Burch, Daryl: 56. Thomas: 52. 9, 114. 114, 15. Scott: 5, 52, 87, 90, 108, 150. Byrd, Stacey: 6, 10, 06, 48, Byrd, Tammy: 56. Campbell, Annette: 20, 66, 71, 80. Carden, Lee: 48, 96. Carmon, Dan: 66, 72, 75. Carter, Christie Carter, Eric: 48. Carter, Timmy: 48. Carter, Carter, Cherry, Tommy: 22, 66. Wendy: 52, Wanda: 67. 80, 87. Clarida, James: 60. Clark, Cleme Coker, Becky: 48. nt, Jimmy: 48. Shea: 60, 86. Cole, Craig: 60, 117. Conner, Christy: 62, 84, 86. Conner, Terance: 56, 116, 120. Connors, Clint: 10, 22, 28, 01, 48, 96. Cooper, Jennifer: 48, 80. Cooper, Ezra: 60. Copp, Jim: 62, 86. 154. Corbett, Brian: 60, 120. Corbett, William: 10, 48, 82, 87. Coston, Melissa: 18, 00, 52, 95, 104. Costin, Shannon: 56. Covil, Brion: 56, 57, 71, 75. Covil, Stephanie: 56, 57. Covil, Stephen: 48, 82, 84, 160. Cox, Dwight: 16, 48, 82, 84, 87, 108, 109, 110, 11 124, Crane, Rodney: 102. Crawford, Kay: 86. Crouch, Kim: 86. Crouch, Scott: 48, 84, 87. Curry, Dale: 56, 90, 116, 118, 120. Curry, Todd: 04, 05, 06, 80, 108, 109, 154. Curtin, Chris: 62. Cutler, Alan: 14, 29, 102. Daniel, Chris: 96, Daniel, Gail: 67, 110, 122. Daniel, Heather: 60, 86, 115. Davis, Danny: 102, 154. Davis, Eddie: 102, 100. Davis, James: 17, 56, 87, 118. Davis, Laura: 86. Davis, Michael: 01, 52, 102. Davis, Victor: 56, 117, 119. Dean, Tami: 60, 115. Deese, Kelly: 48, 88. Dellobuono, Danny: 48. Dinsmore, Jenny: 86. Dion, Stacy: 104. Dixon, Roland: 56, 108. Dixon, Stevie: 48. Doyle, Bernadette: 56, 87. Duncan, David: 48, 96, 108, Eaches, Linda: 52, 81. Eaches, Stephanie: 115. Earp, Eric: 60, 81, 86. Earp, Jill: 56, 86. Edens, Randall: 20, 48, 51, 81, 102. Edgell, Debbie: 52. Edgerton, Kim: 60, 71, 86, 114, 115. Edwards, Jadey: 62. Ellis, Joya: 04, 05, 80, 90, 95, 100, 101, 104, 10. 101, 150, 154. Ellis, Kathy: 66, 70. Elmore, Susan: 52. English, Eddie: 48. Eubank, Anna: 10, 11, 20, 28, 04, 40, 42, 85, 144 154. 109. 158 ibank, Robert: 60, 86, rglow, Onna: 52. iglow, Troy: 62. fans, Brian: 10, 102. fans, Susan: 58, 104. errell, Jason: 2, 80, 48, 51. arrell, Michelle: 2, 18, 19, 84 5, 151, 154. sher, Ray: 108. sher, Rhonda: 48. etcher, Wendy: 84, 95, 129, oyd, Bryan: 26, 88, 56, 87, trgach, Greg: 84, 129, 154. azier, Tom: 18, 66, 109, 122. ick, Jason: 62, 86, 117. uller, Ann: 56, 87. iller, Reggie: 56. rller, Tarcher: 58, 87. rssell, Lori: 58, les, Paula: 16, 18, 56, 114. , 85, 40, 80, 82, 154. nnon, Mike: 12, 84, 87, 154. rrison, Dorothy: 67. rrison, Marckita: 49. rrison, Rob: 117, 118. Grindstaff, Billy: 107, Grindstaff, Chris: 60, 71, 86. Grubbs, Doris: 66, Gunter, Missy: 11, 17, 58, 87, 95, 104, 105. Gunter, Robbie: 84, 87, 88, 44, 87, 89, 96, 148, 154. Gurganious, Kelly: 58, Hall, Charlie: 29, 81, 49, 51. Hall, Deidra: 84, Hall, Steve: 19, 20, 49, 106, 107. Hansley, Jewanta: 58, 87. Hansley, Osahal: 56, Hansley, Tabitha: 58. Hansley, Terri: 84, 86, 154. Hardison, Cornelia: 60, 61, 86, 115, 121, Harrell, Angela: 49, 70, 81, 128. Hartsfield, Michael: 56, 119. Hassell, Dorrick: 58, 96, 99, 108. Haste, Kim: 60, Hayes, Larry: 56, 117, 119. Henderson, Amy: 84, 154. Henderson, Billy: 56, 87. Henry, Kerrie: 58, 96, 116. Hervey, David: 62, 86. rrison, Warren: 49, 87, 96, 97, 108, 109. rvey, James: 60. rriss, Rodney: 48. ss, Vinita: 61, 115, ddie, Dennis: 58. ddie, Travis: 56, 116, 120. orge, Missy: 60. bson, Brenda: 56. bson, Ed: 66, 114, 122, 128. bson, Sabra: 108. ven, Brian: 62, 86. zinski, Denis: 49, 84. zinski, Shannon: 58. ahn, Shown: 58, 81, 87. lden, Tommy: 82, 56. pley, Matt: 99. ine. craig, so, sa, 118. laham, Brad: 56. raham, Robin: 56, 57. iay, Amy: 80, 58, 78, 81, 87, 104, 114. lay, Sandy: 60, 82. ay, Susan: 16, 19, 58, 86, 115. Hervey, Michael: 58, 96, 108, Hewett, Scott: 56. Heyde, Deidre: 60. Hill, Karum: 18, 56, 82, 118. Hobbs, Billy: 58. 1, 184, Hollis, Heather: 60, 71, 86, 112. Hollis, Jamie: 28, 84, 86, 142, 147, 154. Hollis, Kevin: 56, 57. Hollis, Kim: 34, 108, 100, 142, 147, 149, 154. Horn, Donna: 60, 82, 156. Horn, Ronald: 56. Horrell, Marti: 28, 84, 40, 46, 70, 82, 95, 18 154. Harrell, LeAnn: 49, 87, 128. Housand, Ryan: 86. Housand, Tonya: 29. Howard, Chris: 60, 118. Howard, Luci: 85, 88, 154. Howard, Marcus: 117. Howard, Stacie: 62, 86, 115, Howard, Tonia: 58, 88. Howard, Tracy: 58, 88. riffin, Mike: 58. Howell, Bernard: 56. Howell, Lisa: 11, 56. Huff, Chuck: 56, 58, 92, 118, X-L9 . Ms-New .. . is 'R T' , i Mrs. Boyd's drama class poses for the camera after entertaining the primary students in their cafeteria. Johnston, Kansas: 156. Jones, Angelica: 57, 78, 87. Jones, Carol: 57. Jones, Cindy: 88, 115. Janes, David: 88. Jones, Debbie: 49, 87. Jones, Jeff: 58. Jones, Lee: 86. Jones, Michelle: 88. Jones, Missy: 49. Jones, Phillip: 57, 79, 116, 119, 120. Jones, Robert: 62. Jones, Steven: 49, 86 Janes, Susan: 60, 86, Jones, Mrs. Susan: 66. Jordan, Earl: 17, 66, 78, 109. Jordan, Kelly: 49. Julien, Eileen: 57, 87. Julien, Eric: 62, 81, 84, 86, Julien, John: 58, 11, 84, 87, 108, Justice Buddy: 58. Justice David: 7, 57, 117. Justice William: 57, 81, 87. Kegel, Martin: 15, 107. Kelley Heather: 85, 40, 154. Kelley Jeff: 49. Kelley Luke: 15, 157. Jernigan, Karla: 18, 49, 80, 82. guessing correcrly the amount of candy in jar, winner Beatrice McDowell happily accepts prize from Junior NHS members Jason Rimel d Michael Rivera and advisor Mrs, Shuford. ,. 4.8" Huff, Paul: 19, 47, 154. Hughes, Diane: 66. Hunter, Tim: 58. Hurd, Ann: 85, 88, 87, 89, 149, 154. Ingram, John: 85, 82, 88, 188, 154. lngram, Scott: 56, 86, Y Irving, Tiffany: 49, 100. Jackson, Kim: 60. Jacobs, Clareas: 57, 87, 100, 121. Jacobs, Dita: 60, 61, 81, 86, 100. Jacobs, Drusenda: 22, 49, 85, 88, 110, 111 Jacobs, Lavetor: 85, 154. Jacobs, Ray: 58, 87, 96, 108, 109, 116. Jarman, Russ: 49. Jenkins, Jenkins, Mia: 57, 87. Sonya: 18, 49, 87, 88, 110. Johnson, Danny: 62. Johnson, Dora: 104, 105. Johnson, Jay: 62. Johnson, Kevin: 58. Johnson, Kim: 49, 104. Johnson, Leroy: 49, 87, 99, 159. Kelly, David: 58, 96, King, Bob: 74, 85, 101, 122. Kermon, Ann: 58, 81, 84, 87. Kerman, Robert: 62, 67,- 84, 86. King, Gary: 57, 119. King, Jenny: 84, 87. Kirk, Anthony: 154. Kirk, Kristie: 49, 104. Kissner, Eric: 80, 57, 87, 92, 118, 120. Knight, Brad: 49, 82, 107. Ludlum, Melissa: 87. Lake, Jana: 16, 58, 87, 106, 107. Lake, Mandy: 60, 71, 82, 86, 112, 114, Lake, Natalie: 4, 85, 40, 45, 85, 152, 154. Lamb, Troy: 58, 96, 108. Lanier, Crystal: 15, 57. Lanier, Jenny: 50, 81, 82, 84, 87, 158. Langley, Michelle: 50, 152. Lawton, Shane: 57, 117, 119, Lea, Sabrina: 50, 71. Lea, Stephanie: 60, 112, 115. Lee, Curtis: 14, 102, 108. Lee, Peter: 4, 85, 41, 180, 154, Lefler, Max: 56. 159 Lennon, Michelle: 58, 100, 121. Lethco, Candi: 58. Lewis, Kirby: 61, 82, 117, 120. Lewis, Lisa: 11, 28, 29, 81, 85, 46, 95, 144, 154, Lewis, Walt: 61, 84, 86, 118. Lewis, Zealy: 86. Liles, Jamie: 4, 86, 154. Lilly, Grady: 58. McGee, Willie: 66, 74, 75. McClung, Martha: 54, 87, 108, 109. McCIung, Melody: 8, 88, 41, 79, 82, 104, 154. Meadows, Robert: 62. Meeks, Eddie: 68. Merkle, Chris: 68. Merritt, Kevin: 86, 50. Miller, Howard: 72, 92, 108. Nixon Nixon , Derrick fBobD: 59, 117, 118, 120. , Jeffrey: 86, 89, 99, 152, 154. Nixon, Kim: 49, 50. Nixon, Katina: 59. Nixon, Latashia: 59, 87, 118. Nixon , Michael: 61, Nixon, Patrick: 59, 79, 116, 117, 118, 120. Nixon, Robert: 61, 86. Nixon, Troy: 29, 89, 42, 85, 109, 154, Nixon, Willie: 54, Oates, Chad: 59. O'Nei l, Donnie: 59, 84, Oppegaard, Michael: 107. Oppegaard, Michelle: 68, 86, 115. O'Quinn, Christine: 68, 115. Owens, Robert: 54. Owens, Curtis: 62, 68. Owens, Timothy 68. Padgett, Kerry: 54, Padgett, Michelle: 61, 112, 115. Parker, Brent: 59, 96, 119. Parker, Jay: 89, 180, 154. Parker, Jeff: 18,8 8, 54, 96, 97, 102, 108. Parke Parke r, Ophelia: 54, 88, 87, r, Tammy: 7, 112. Paschall, Pete: 12, 59, 82, 87, Pasqu el, Lucy: 12, 81, 59, 82, 118, 114. Pate, Brad: 12, 29, 81, 86, 89, 41, 46, 88, 87, 99, 148, 145, 154, Payne, Joey: 54, 84, 108. Pearson, Jeff: 57, 59, 87, 117, 118. Perry, Petty, Phillip Sandi: 89, 46, 87, 89, 146, 154. Doug: 84. s, Timothy: 84, 86. Pickett, Sabrina: 86. Pierce, Catherine: 17, 59, 86, 114. Pikula, Dale: 68, 84, 154. Little, Traci: 104, Logan, Shirley: 82, 87. London Eric: 54, 116. London Erica: 62, 115. London Leontyne: 58, 100, 121. London, Melvin: 52, 54, 96, 98, 99. London, Robert: 58, 119, 120. London, Tara: 18, 49, 50, 81. Long, Clift: 61, Long, Robert: 86. Long, Trey: 62. Loughlin, Chris: 10, 14, 50, 92, 98, 102. Lovejoy, Gabe: 62, 86. Lovejoy, Virginia: 15. Lowe, Tracy: 50, 152, Ludlum, Melissa: 54. Manuel, Mel: 14, 18, 50, 82, 84. Manuel, Warren: 61, 86, 119, 120, Maready, Jennifer: 58, 114. Maready, Jeremy: 62, 117. Marks, Richard: 5, 86. Marks, Stephanie: 54, Marshall, Joy: 61. Marshall, Karen: 88, 42, 87, 145, 154, Marshall, Kelldrain: 58. Marshall, Rodney: 108, 109. Mathis, Tina Mariea: 88, 44, 154. Maus, Bill: 66, 67, 72, 78, 84, McAlpine, David: 108, 109, Miller, Marvin: 50. Mills, Richard: 68. Mills, Yashica: 58, 82, 88, 100, 121, Mitchell, Alton: 58, 118. Mitchell, Melody: 50. Mitchell, Melody: 100. Mitchell, Theresa: 66, Mitchell, Victor: 117. Mitchell, Wanda: 54, 87, Mizzelle, Chris: 68. Mobley, Anthony: 54. Mobley, Clift: 54. Mobley, Monica: 88, 88, 154. Moller, Keith: 59. Monroe, Tracie: 61. Montgomery, Elizabeth: 59, 87, Moore, Alison: 50, Moore, Hazel: 66. Moore, J Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morris, C ennifer: 59. Erik: 18, 59, 118, Jamie: 54. Misty: 54, 87. Tammie: 88, 50, 51, 108, raig: 50, 87. Mullgrav, Andrea: 154. Mullgrav, John: 59, 99, 117. Munger, Melissa: 88, 44, 88, 154. 110, 111. Neff, Kristi: 88, 45, 82, 87, 89, 110, 111, 118, 189, Piver, Glen: 18, 66, 75. Piver, Kay: 122, Piver, Luellyn: 8, 54, 78, 90, 95, 100, 101, 1 Pollard, Tonya: 12, 29, 50, 81, 87, 104, 110, Poore, Justin: 59, 92, 98. Poore, Larry: 29, 67, 75. Poore, Lee: 89, 80, 154. Poteat, Josh: 18, 50, 87, 98, 106, 107. Price, Bonnie: 12, 54. Pullen, Martie: 89, 146, 154, 157. Purdy, Dawn: 16, 81, 54. Pyatt, Jennifer: 112. Pyatt, Michael: 50, 99, 157. Randall, Meredith: 54, 88, 114. Reaves, Mark: 59, Reed, Kelvin: 61, 117, 118, 120. Redd, Sean: 62. Redd, Shana: 28, 29, 80, 89, 47, 82, 85, 128, 185 154. Redd, Tony: 52, 99. Reeves, Shannon: 28, 29, 50, 87, 118. Register, Missy: 89, 146, 154. Reid, Shawn: 68, Rich, Laura: 50, 86, 104, 110, 111. Rich, Robin: 54, 95, 104, 118. Richards, slyndo: 17, 59, 57, 114. Rimel, Jason: 61, 86, 118, 157. Rimel, Lee: 54, 87. 04 McChesney, Elisabeth: 86. McCorckle, Scott: 58, 71. McCrary, Jennifer: 62. McCullen, Tracy: 54, 118, McDowell, Beatrice: 61, 157. McDowell, James: 58, McDowell, Martha: 54, 81. Neville, John: 44, 50. Newman, Charles: 154. Newton, Jeremy: 4, 81, 87, 46, 180, 181, 154. Newcomb, Edna: 59, 74. Newcomb, Mary: 59. Nixon, AI: 161. Nixon, Cory: 59. Rivenbark, John: 18, 54, 80, Ritter, William: 61. Rivera, Brian: 54, 84. Rivera, Julie: 84. Rivera, Michael: 82, 84, 87, 157. Robbins, Brad: 68. Robins on, Tiyo: 78, 108, 154. Robinson, Torrey: 120, West, Scott: 55. .af ar these freshmen, shading in the circles of the ery famous CAT test will soon be over. Shingleton, Sandy: 2, 11, 19, 00, 01, 50, Sholor, Sholar, Sholes, Sholes, Mike: 59, 96, 108. Stephanie: 55, 87, 108 Michelle: 09, 44, 80, 100, 154. Stacie: 59, 80. Shreckengost, Erika: 09, 120, 154. Shuford, Cheryl: 66, 67, 70, 82, 157. Sidbury, Andre: 55, 116. Sidbury, Edgar: 55, 59. Sidbury, Jennifer: 09, 140, 154. Sidbury Sidbury Sidbury Sidbury , John: 61, 86, 108, 116, 117. , Laveta: 42, 87, 88, 146, 154, , Nathaniel: 117. , Penny: 55, 87. Sidbury, Rhonda: 61, 74, 112, 115. Sidbury, Sandra: 66. Sidbury, Stephanie: 42, 144, 154, 156. Sidbury, Yolanda: 49, 50, 85. 80, 82, Siego, Alex: 11. Simmonds, Glenn: 61, 81, 82, 84, 86. Simmons, Greg: 61, 86, 117, 119. Skipper, Cynthia: 50, 80, 84, 87. Skipper, Jennifer: 59, 82, 87, 110, 114. Slater, Melanie: 19, 50, 110, Smith, Anthony: 4, 41, 42, 46, 70, 82, 84, 86, 96, iochelle, Angela: 86. .ochelle, Esther: 104. .ocheIIe, Gina: 09, 154. .ochelle, Sharon: 86, 115. .odgers, Eric: 12, 50, 96, 108, 109, 108, 109, 150, 154, 158. Smith, Chris: 00, 42, 45, 72, 81, 82, 84, 87, 89, 108, 150, 154, 158. Smith, Eric: 0, 59, 87, 108. Smith, Jimmy: 55. .odgers, Jason: 61, 86, 118, ,ogers, Wendy: 104. oss, Wayne: 09, 87, 89, 90, 98, 99, 108, 109, 34 othfuss, Todd: 09, 40. ouleau, Jason: 59, 72, owland, John: 66 owland, Scott: 59. oyal, Regina: 50. oyal, Rhonda: 54. ussell, Leigh: 16, 09, 80, 120, 154. yan, Michael: 66, 86, 87. yan, Michael: 15, 86, 87, 89, yce, Stacie: 54, 80, 87. adusky, Mary: 60, 115. adusky, Paul: 54. adusky, Robert: 108. alter, Amanda: 61, 71, 115. alter, Nicola: 61, 84. anderlin, Ralph: 85. anders, Billy: 60. anders, Denise: 60. anders, Janice: 20, 67. anders, Sabrina: 14, 19, 29, 00, 50, 82, 85, 87, J4. anders, Wendy: 09, 146, 154. andlin, Jackie: 08, 09, 40, 96, 154, ands, Leslie: 0, 66, 81, 115, atterfield, Meg: 59, 87, 110, 114. atterfield, Reid: 50, 90, 107. atterfield, Susan: 2, 29, 01, 09, 72, 81, 82, 95, Smith, Joy: 08, 42, 85, 101, 154. Smith, Karen: 42, 154. Smith, Stacy: 40, 42, 46, 144, 154. Smith, Suzy: 55, 87, 108, 109. Souther land, Ricky: 12, 51, 96. Spesshardt, Brant: 60, 84. Spicer, Adrian: 51, 87, 92, 108, Stanley, Jim: 66. Stanley, Ozella: 66. Steiler, Eric: 118. Steinhilber, Matthew: 59. Stephens, Kit: 8, 55, 90, 95, 100. Stevenson, Ann-Marie: 15, 61. Stonerock, Clara: 55. Strickland, Tom: 117. Stumley, Sharon: 02, 51, 87. Vause, Christopher: 59. Walker, Mitzi: 66. Walker, Clarence: 00, 51. Walrond, Rick: 120, 121. Walters, Melissa: 60. Walton, Geary: 122. Walton, Kevin: 07, 40, 40, 151, 154. Walton, Michelle: 59, 87. Ward, Charles: 61, Word, Damita: 61, 81, 86, Ward, Tony: 108. Warwick, Hunter: 28, 29, Waters, Eric: 59, Watts, Debbie: 55, 66. Webb, Lisa: 11, 55, 80. 96, 106, 107, 148, 150, 121. 55, 108. Weisel, Shain: 05, 40, 44, 154. Wheatly, Frank: 66. White, Amy: 51, 80. White, Kyrean: 00, 61. Whitehurst, Tina: 59. Whitely, Norris: 51. Wicker, Beth: 15. Wicker, Suzanne: 40, 40, Wiggins, Angela: 59. Willetts, Amy: 60, 86. 45, 47, Williams, Kay: 67, 72, 84. Williams, Trina CJLD: 51, 8 Williams, Trina C8thJ: 61. Willis, Eric: 81. Willis, Johnny: 55. Willis, Lisa: 61. 0. Wilson, Sharon: 59, 87, 118. Wilson, Tim: 60, 84. 54. Woodcock, Andee: 67, 71, 82, 84, 160. Wortman, Anita: 61, 71, 82, 86, 112, 115, Wortman, Brian: 40, 100, 154. Wozniak, Jennifer: 40, 82, 100, 101, 152, 154. Wright, Andy: 60, 84, 86. Wright, Mark: 41, 40, 47, 81, 84, 87, 89, 108,154 Wujciak, Chris: 67, 76 SfUmPf3K'fSfif1e: 15' 59: 59- Alfonso Nixon and Leroy Johnson practice a little 5"-"L I-'nd0:.51f 57. 89 just before debuting in the movie, "Hiding Out." Swann, David: 51. Sullivan, Chris: 05, 42, 96, 97, 102, 100, 154. Surgenor, Scott: 51, 92, 96. ' Swinson, Lynn: 14. Taylor, Eric: 61. ' . Taylor, Jim: 17, 70, 86. Taylor, Joanna: 10, 59, 82, 87, 110, 114. ii Taylor, John: 43, 47, 82, 54, 57, eo, 108, 139, 154, 158. a :S Taylor, Tina: 51. Terry, Ruben: 66, 98, 99, 119, 122, 120. Tew, Darren: 60, 118, Thomas, Matthew: 59, 71, 86. 34. :tunders , Robert: 60. warpless, Andrea: 59, 88, 100, 121. 1arpless, Chris: 55, 84, 86. 1orpIess, Motese: 12, 00, 50, 80, 82, 80, 88, 110 1, tarpless, Melvin: 50, 82, 86, 87, 96, 108. tepard, Mishanya: 60, 115. Thomas, Richard: 28, 06, 40, 46, 108, 147, 154. Thomas, Ryan: 71, Thomas, Tammie: 40, 82, 84, 87, 89, 109, 149, 154. Thompson, Candace: 60. Thompson, Keith: 102, 100 Toby, Ronald: 152, 154. Trifoli, Paul: 58, 59, 71, 119. tepard, Shannon: 108, repard, Shown: 55, 87, 108, 109. tepard, Willie: 52, 98, 99. tingleton, Jeff: 61, 70, 86. Trifoli, Ross: 51, 80. Trott, Heather: 86, Tucker, Jennifer: 11, 55. Turlington, Mark: 51 mam W1 Q b I l-KGPQ, Lynx XIXBVCLQIQL Xudg VNYXW 'Uni Xoqxovb I mica Vxavq blew 'Q fwreexv Che-M3 and wvmief C X 'OQYSQA 'Sa UQ 'W We Cvhrc, fqftdvua Q GWZVUJ C063 W""YY" Y Y' 7 " ' T An" 7? 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Suggestions in the Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) collection:

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 104

1988, pg 104

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 8

1988, pg 8

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 65

1988, pg 65

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 66

1988, pg 66

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 9

1988, pg 9

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