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Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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'x Q New ww SBS Ui'7yfi9KlC' Q- N UQ N f Q hx fix 1 FD Q . P5-K' Ck X ,X 7 Q, N G Q be L X D C X Cx' SJ ' M XX? -Q M " ' O' ty 'XX -'Q xN5' 0 X, 3,5 ge- .sf so gaifeyifixsg Cxbb' X Eyiegjy di ,X V M I-Y 5 "jf Agp- ' X f-QM 5 Q' Y X' Y 8 T USR V XBYDXSLQS' Q" ,, S' O W N N y V re 1 'pn is 3-Gi MAME A N' XV Where s C0,l75tllf. 'NA L., JDVSS 9.95" S90 Qwvwi Q53 i cz . USCG? if-SEN x W Qs lt's a selzool iu J-laiu,ostead. " "Ou yealz, our soeeer tealu elobbered yours a few years ayo. flow luauy studeuts yo to Z'o,osail auyufay?" Hdllttillf 560. " "56O2l9 alt suelz a siuall selzool iu tlze ouiddle of flick oille, I II uflzat do you possibly do for fuu? Doa t you yet bored? c "No, beeause We are eueitiuy iu our oufu Way. " "6ertaiuly uot auy iuore tlzau ours. " "just beeause it's laryer doesu 't ueeau it's better. " "Okay just uflzat is so yreat about Uo,osail?" " WelL let tue tell you . , . " if J yyib 3, 5 1 f 1 , Wixfiijygf ff? fffff .W ffzvf 3 W V. 259132 fb JM? if G gs 14 if JJ' J Xif,9 s Q? f gbffh W if F iff ,-' CQ 1986 PIRATE Topsail Jr.-Sr. I-lign l-lampstead, N.C. Volume XXXIX Introduction Seniors Aolministration, Faculty, and Staff Unclerolassmen Aoademios Sports Organizations, Clulos Community Campus Lite Senior Statistios Index 1 f X O50 of? OK if' JXQQQXJ e X 'Op Q X ? as acco ate oa enthusiasts. O fvlsijfo 52 AFVQD QJi J-1 5.23 , -ff' . N A S2 i:5!,:srwV:f:,2f?k"jn,g P' A-553. ' ' i M -' 1 - Zf'f'1.f2i31-"'n"' 4. xx-V. rf-rt: 'f 'init rftif-Mwl'?'titfr31Er'2i 41 1 1, .tffmpfif ' , 5 r' 1 "four life' ' ti . N- , " ' -'ng Rffuim, ' .as f' V, N' 'W wg 'lwv., Q 'Zh ' 'V fn f ' gif Q , I ,Q 1' ' og 'K Y' ' i'i9'3wg .i J y ' .i i J- 9 sums Eric Kissner demonstrates a popular hobby at Topsail, Like many other students, he'd rather skate than eat during his lunch break, The early evening sun reflects upon the wa- ters of Virginia Creek near Topsail Beach. 2 Introduction 1 it-wwww-,zaiziiatli ,,,.. W ' ilzwmwyltl tliwtt ' ' 'll "HW: .9'i.'f?-5? '- " ' m - '. W finyftiwfmf SGML f,r?1f,vw.2:SfQi',l.3tIi?,' '. They say good things come in srnall packages. This is true if you're talking about Topsail High. Most students from other schools are turned off when they hear our entire student body, including junior high, is less than 600. We often are the victims of jeers and are referred to as living in Hickville. But no, we Seagulls are a familiar sight area. in the Topsail eg. -1. Cass Rowland and David McAlpine take a breather during a hard practice. Topsail's newly found love for football puts zest in their lives. LIKE NO OTHER don't wear overalls or drive tractors to school, nor do we attend tobacco auctions every Friday night. We're in touch with civilization like anybody else. We have what you call "char- acter". We possess our own quali- ties that separate us from the rest. We dare to be different why we hold our That's what when we say High! 5 li-1.1 il Tracking towers, such as this one, still dot the Topsail Island landscape. introduction 3 4 Introduction concentration, soars down a skateboard ramp in perfect VVE'F2E UNIQUE X tl? x N, 'Q wi, . - ',2',.i . 1 ., - m A we ' -.. I -sl f al f . im' -e e -5 r ,L T . A 9 K f171J'.',"5g-gf ,iw I .kOka.wi st 1- N N' v . Y xy' gd. he K LJW J 3 3,0771 .-, -.':Q.,1,,3.t:Vw" we 5 N A4 .V ,Nf-3'A1g,,1. +'1'i V J. 41- . .aff-1 Qt" 54-5 , 4,--, K W -1'fff'5'ff"'w-2l.5'-117'Z-v 32 wg p , 4 . V " A .- a,s.:i-fd ff' :ra-- '7 v'94"l+SLi? grams - xy-Y-2'-ul f :,,,,.:f 1 Q-G-' Q5 K "gpg -liv- ,""" r:'I"ww' f"7.x . f""? ' 1 --r .. W-as W tm .N-,Q , :L .. s- -r'4x1ff:f2f4'f, 5-f. '--J,-1 ?'n'j ggggilw .fiiagji ' f ns... HP--.z, . if i... -': Juniors Shelly Pearson and Keith Thompson catch Mrs. Woodcock up on Topsail's latest gossip before entering their English class. Mrs, Mitchell and Mr. Carter invite Eric Carter and other students to join them for lunch. Surfers continue thei Condominiums make a striking contrast on our landscape of farms in Topsail's beautiful rural area. "f . --. I ,. Q ,, Q H , 'Vw' 46 I I i if + gy r A Vx f it H ""' 'Y 0 if s , Q. Hu, M VZ .' Q., K u , 'f ,254 ,gg M W if ry it, W V! rr 4 fruit , ' 'Mfg wg, . , A ' W li ilu.. f 1-27" X r quest for the ultimate ride. introduction 5 25' 2 4: Q Q 9 A mais? age Q ew .2 M5353 Uvws 3,5 ,E gh 3 ,D ,msn :,,,,,'LM , 5 2253, f'Us,fs,f5?si gin X wif ma: 5 4 Wig? im5:52?mg Wffggggfg Uv .5 'H D51 ff: Nazis A Sa H5SJW5iSr:2i 52335: Q95 - A QYSUWWZS5 Mbfm 2? ,Mfi'm.HffWC'fiMS:f42f as wwf? gjsfmgssz W , h::g,ij siisgifmysgfsigwawgssggfgcgf 'Y Q' Xa ?5?ng5:S?g'2c2 :'S2iQi2S F ,Q A ,5?S:Hg.M ,zwgwgggiggim -s M 5i?':.g5ZfqSUf3z'Z-'w was avg wx Q A U-fsav Af: Q-hw:AS?wH M lb M mwzwmfg- if Ussfsffs ' Q s 2 M 5 X p 22 ' X N ,Z .asf H . f S55'ukg531fQf?5i:F-3"'5:i!3i.4 55125524 if ga? 561 1 5? N fs ssl f 2 V555 Sf ff , ff' K? iq Q W gif if Egan ws gg, 52 X f sf s Wi Q5 Q if 52 WSW B' B1 'QA' 2:55521 ggwzgrgiff' 'wg Q K 3 U wif 32359 311 Fi 'SW M331 E345 as if ff .ff 525 is Q 4 U X Q bw fs Egg? ZX, gififmf 53233 5324 if 232 gf? M, B SYM 3 1' 5 4 X ggi' 325215233 Q5 X535 ,gg QQ 05 553 ff ffl ,ff-ik 9255 :S 5, Q EQ? Qi A 5 as , k swiw 2,8 is Q S N, Qs 3 'm ww Hmm dwg fmmmffgf 4 ,U wffwf7,f??f?fQ,:sm:::,f wm.:m.qf:sa .fm fmryfsg. :iw t 5,-.2 gf N X SWS ,Y sf 52554 ma: H si wwf SEI. fy . SEV E552 355 E 525 55, SSSQSSQ W ml if Zig ss 2231: 4 54:35 25 ig, msg , 2: Q22 ' 5333 1 is . wg W. gms w Q sg W W., ,ms Q me 1,2 wx MWESS55 ss :uw K? 2 Q 5 3525? gg? egg gg? asa gtk ng dl D KW 'W MV se Q Mggfkgssysiws,gs5s5jggme,SS .asf me Q W '-552' if -P si,-jg Y ' 2263? Q wang bwgw hmm M Y fmggg S:wj'EQ3i?3i WW QS'55?55?5 M ,,,f0 sgw a w N5N :mq:::f Srfwffsxsv-'qfsvf 5593? Mm M Y M s H ww wb, N42 eww xi? -fm' gQe2'f W' v5'aTSvg.5S5li ji 'SE A552 vigil? Qfi3i'5i': 55,3N552-533555555555fiiii5iiG3i5gl535i',iiif5'3S5?75:?f,iQfyf5 ?45S?"5'1i ' QSM '5"WHiS1'FWf5?'XfZ5Sis: if gif M .Y ww sg mmg':1a,fg43.4iz.,,EQeE3?5gsHg gg 5:8 5 gb, gps Q2 mgixsms if ag ww Q sax 6, 3 if 5 5555 61-Eggs? gi g P 18 f 23" X S3 2 we is X 6 People Mmm .L Mm ,Y 4 in M 14 M 'JF Www wh WWW Pix, 'H--.,,.,, ,W A. W- WM ,.,,W..,.-M ?,.,wlI,,, 5 'if O Calvin Marshall intensely watches the game as he awaits his call to the field. Wendell Neville imitates a fly on the wall. W7 YM jx, , mfr r-ni 4 i 5 ,,,,,,,,,, V 'N"N ' sn 4-ip, , , f ,- -' ,M fr M'-ntks-Q Elizabeth Baran attracts the attention of Mike Griffith, Eric "Wish" White, and Mark King during a free moment in English class. Robin Freeman can't be distracted from her last minute studies before the big test. Senior Student Life 9 GLORY DAYS Standing in a class by them- selves, the 1986 graduates exempli- fied their uniqueness by making Topsail a "home" where they could find companionship, compassion, and a place to belong. Seniors real- ized that once they received their diplomas, it was not the end of the line but only the beginning. It was a time for reflection on the past as well as preparation for a new stage of their lives. Provided with knowl- edge laboriously acquired from twelve long years, each graduate faced the world with confidence and ambition. The closeness and memo- ries they shared would be carried with them in the years to follow. Susan Geddie, Fienee Fuller, and Shelly Pear- son plan their strategy against the opposing team. .-...M Sheila Jacobs, Ftenee Fuller, and Sonya Clay- ton hit a striking pose before class begins. 1986 graduates who have attended Topsail schools in grades one through twelve: L to Ft, Front Row -Sheila Jacobs, Renee Fuller, Sonya Clayton, Glyndal Brown, Teresa Batson Rachael McLean, Michelle Batts, Celisa Sidbury, Leigh Anne Ruegner, Teresa Strickland. Back Row A James Hansley, Chris Moore, Frederick Sidbury, Leandris Conner, Lorenzo Marshall, David Williams, Mark King, Cass Flowland, Harold Sidbury, Mark Midgett, Bil Elmore. Not pictured -Schnetska Batts, Kevin Fuller, Michael Hardee, Chris Moore, Kevin Nixon, Angie Register, Michael Shepard, Denise Thomas. 12 Senior Student Life Leigh Anne Fluegner and Michael Hardee unsuspectlngly practice for the homecoming procession. Leigh Anne was later crowned Homecoming Queen. Essentials are gathered for a senior's studies. n- fs. " We--vs ., ,...t.t...w...c ' 5 ' 4 f"X '41 5 'Ht " A Q X N. W, ,frr ,ww -.,. ft "" 9-U Lori Hobbs nervously awaits the results from the standardized English test. SENIORS Mrke Smith YI. 'w"'f' TereSa SWCKIHUG Denise Thomas Charlotte Ward Becky WSWS John were-rs oavrd vvmrams Jeff Wozmak Not Pictured Leandris Conner Joey Palloti Tony Shepard Eric While r' . W J , XJ lf gb It I I 1 xi . f:N Jie rm Q9 ,5 if NJ 3 ,N R9 Q 8 by L LQ? fc A YD QA 2 1 Q52 K 'Y ' xr XV V -JW C GT ,Q 'C' f X Seniors 15 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND STAFF ,j?" 'Q Gail Daniel Receptionist Janice Sanders Secretary Dorothy Faye Braggs JPXDP Specialist Counselor Wanda Cherry Guidance Counselor Grady Funderburk ISS Coordinator 16 Administration TI-lEFtE'S UNE IN EVERY CRCDVVD. ,lr Ulu. ,,' X , T if ' , gg :" "" . 1. it , W if - Though they load us down with too much homework, fuss at us when we make our little mistakes, and rule over us in total tyranny, teachers can be humans too. Gathering in the workroom with their coffee makers, softdrink ma- chines, and snacks, teachers can escape from the noisy classrooms and smart aleck students. It is in this haven that we suspect they gossip about their students, mimic their mannerisms, and laugh over Outra- geously fabricated excuses and lost homework. These human qualities make them special to us. In addition, they take time to help us with our prob- lems, and make every attempt to provide a well-rounded education to insure our success in and out of school. For these things, we thank you, teachers. L g 'x Gloria BYHCHOVU. Teacher Kirk Brown, Teacher Annette Campbell, Teacher Tommy Carter, Teacher -..-.....a...A Tom Frazier, Teacher Carol Cutler, Teacher Kathy Ellis, Teacher Richard Foy, Teacher , r . Faculty 17 l l , S + Ed Gibson, Teacher Earl Jordan, Teacher Bill MaUS, Teacher l -KKIQ ii- ..:: E celrr it I fs-Q : ll-L , I' 1' .X N X , -, . A 3 ,r.. eaaaea eaa ten et - tl W w ill i im ill li fl Jffs 1 l Sita Hazel 18 Faculty Moore, Custodian ?'l 3"iQ5r - a5i'- .5255 Lf, A . M -- .... 11- -mama 5, -. , , xfeasti iffggesesii if T .... as at aaaco ,.,,,rr Q M r, . Mk, 3 X , tg X 3 , x Hi K Eff 2 i feea tt , lrrl 5 . st, ' X llllc li11'ol11rrl 1 if ,sa X Rv xx S X ,W Q Q Q , A Q ik RE . -as K 'fvii?--J:gg.i:fWQ,,elga . ...,... . . 'rex-Q, :mf ..-eases: ,s -:sam r - A55 N F-fs. ff:-N If t N. . .,..1 , lf raaa ", ,, 1 kk,, K'-S354 i. .4 1 Doris Grubbs, Teacher Susan Jones, Teacher Elisabeth McChesney, Teacher Lemetta Nixon, Teacher Diane Hughes, Media Center Dan James, Teacher Jean King, Media Center Aide Pauline Lewis, Aide 5 , 3, sa . ff X Q Willie McGee, Teacher Teresa Mitchell, Teacher Glenn Piver, Teacher John Rowland, Custodian Tracy Schott, Teacher Cheryl Shuford, Teacher Mrs. Shuford puts some deep thought into her planning for the next class S it Debbie Watts, Teacher Frank Wheatley, Teacher Annette Sparks, Teacher Sandra Sidbury, Custodian 2' 4+ A, Z Jim Stanley, Teacher Ozella Stanley, Teacher Reuben, Terry, Teacher Mitzi Walker, Teacher Kay Williams, Teacher Andrea Woodcock, Teacher Faculty 19 my V, ' J Principal Tom Benton, and teachers Kathy Ellis, Andrea Vlfoodcock, and Earl Jordan get ' in some last minute conversation before re- l turning to their classrooms. l A e1e21e iite wg' 'l iiofoioifaiw Elisabeth and David McChesney help boost spirit at a home football game. Teachers quickly get their papers together before starting another week of school. wi nv F X: f W rf. xx? 4.1- , R SF w-,, R35 Q, ' I. is is sg! 5 . 'M ,. v E 5 . . Anthony Kirk Tammy Lea Curtis Lee Karen Lewis Traci Little Greg Mosher Julie Neff Angela Nixon Shawn Nixon Michael Oppegaard Michelle Parker Shelly Pearson Robbie Phillips Kim Pierce Marianne Randall Kathleen Reeves Althea Rochelle Wendy Rogers Leslie Sanders Shannon Shepard John Sidbury Porrie Sidbury Theresa Sidbury Michelle Stanley Glenn Starnes Lisa Stroud Amy Stuckey Lynn Swinson Phyllis Taylor Keith Thompson 22 Juniors :Zi 1 Q., n--c ,,,WV W Win 'Nm r Ronald Toby Mary Ward Beth Wicker Dawn York K.: I . a ' YA E f i y f I , 6 Upper Left: Before school, Althea Flocheile hastily prepares for an upcoming book report, Upper Right: Curtis Lee watches intently as Mr. James changes the dado joint on a radial arm saw in Wood Technology. Above: Greg Mosher creatively rearranges the architectural makeup of the student parking lot with the help of his Mustang. Left: The effects of cafeteria food are physically displayed by Nickey Graham and Jim Bradshaw, Juniors 23 Donna Allen Loran Arnold Audrea Batson Carolyn Batts Melissa Boyd Karen Brite Wendy Brown Rachel Copp Todd Dyer Anna Eubank Michelle Ferrell Greg Forgach Bobbie Gunter Terri Hansley James Hatcher Bill Hedgepath Amy Henderson Robert Hodges Jamie Hollis Kim Hollis Marti l-lorrell Lucy Howard Keith Howell Niohelle Hudson Ann Hurd John Ingram Natalie Lake Lisa Lewis Karen Marshall Shelly Matthews 24 Sophomores soerioiviones ,Asahi , Z N A H? , 5 KK X se ...F ' wr x t X e wi ARE 'NX ir. E x 1. is Emi N25 al W Q f ff f 4 fyf f f ,f W ,q-,f iw xg 2 f f 6 ai gg 5 ff 5 we 1 AW ,X f A we ' if Nw Renee McGee Carina Michaud Denise Mitchell Monica Mobley Craig Morris Andrea Mullgrav Melissa Munger Ladonna Nance Kristie Neff John Neville Charles Newman Jeremy Newton Troy Nixon Brad Pate Sandy Perry Dawn Phillips Martie Pullen Shana Redd Missy Register Tommy Rhodes Tiyo Robinson Gina Rochelle Wayne Ross Leigh Russell Ralph Sanderlin Wendy Sanders Susan Satterfield Tom Sessions Butchy Sholes Michelle Sholes Sophomores 25 Jennifer Sidbury Lavetor Sidbury Stephanie Sidbury Laveta Sidbury Anthony Smith Chris Smith Joy Smith Stacey Smith Deanna Stephens John Taylor Richard Thomas Tammie Thomas ' Jamie Vause Kevin Walton Suzanne Wicker Brian Wortman Jennifer Wozniak Mark Wright ii x Not Pictured: Ricky Asbury L' James Batson David Eugen elf Mike Ganon Denis Gizinski Melody McCIung ' Jeff Nixon "Af' f' Jay Parker Kelly Rhodes i Ronald Toby T it T q , . 1 T f,R My fi T as 'Mft'-R ' I Al A' i i I it t Z , , 4, -y iii ki -nlilimimmlimimummm tip ti E it ry i , ,-i A 1. N i ,f A , xi J I , yy i, A I. Q A 5 a I ri X . 1 .1 X . f or 26 Sophomores iw ini " J 91 i fx Y lflifi- X M K Tfwqx ff A xx fi A A 1 ffswq ik ,- 45: Wm xx wx ii lit kk Si L' 13 15 T Q- K ,,i,,5 -tw. xy , , . r ,V , , -, ii Q It . 5' in W 1 PA ik W ' X ,ff .. i J dy, tw i ,tx t N ,V XXV f i M., - Y' Q, V1 ,f XY f ,,f A , Q if NW I, vvR44gfh..,tTV,f X VA fi E NZM 9 B -J -Q' x,,,k,,n,F,.f - U." K f ' ,'t Sonya Jenkins Kim Johnson N N X X U we is 5 L ! 5 1.3 gg M 'f S Leroy Johnson Debra Jones Missy Jones Steven Jones sl. . 532 ' Kelly Jordan Kristie Kirk Michelle Langley Jenny Lanier Sabrina Lea Tara London Q Chris Loughlin Tracy Lowe Mel Manuel Rodney Marshall Troy Matelyan Carla Meshaw Marvin Miler Melody Mitchell Stephen Mizzelle Kim Nixon Wendy Pate Kelly Phillips L i J y , M Tonya Pollard Josh Poteat ' Shannon Reeves i Esther Rochelle i Eric Rodgers i Regina Royal l i L as i ' 1 Sabrina Sanders Reid Satterfield Donnie Sessions Matese Sharpless Melvin Sharpless Yolanda Sidbury i ff l i i Cindy Skipper s N i Melanie Slater 'S 23 Ricky Southerland ESR Adrian Spicer ik is Jerri Starnes Christy Stephens r . ' .J gf. ,,., f " 28 Freshmen Joanna Linda S Lisa Su Gene T Tina Ta Kathy T ,I 3 'W Ross Tr Rodney Tim Wa Clareno Tony W Amie W 0 Q9 I, l.l5M ' ll ff-X Q 'e2f.?i::'f-Z! TO -Fwy, VT Tilffwb wx N x:: l P , tj: llotpicojturedi PQ 5: '?'!xf-m 1-IA! Z2 ' W son T ' Lf-3 I ECL R0 iss A KeHy Gurganous . I Andy Harker j Marcy Johnson ly vo GAT goog dab, . .Tl LlfNLxL Q-TNLQK -yy-Xosy. Od-331-I Hepa Q-P65 EQ LEM Qu-F in T iikiijlx AQQQ, fypggjr LFQLML V5Xlk.9,V'X05'2 F3 fy, EM CLXSQNMQKF Tbeww UQGQQMX 11 U 3455 4TPNUC -H5 Le C50 6050 awww K 5 , . . , . QIQQXH 0XfWlk.l i32QQ,VQ55ixxQ-Q,,QirQ' G32 ima ima , if CBOT TELC5 ' 5, 4 f,-6a5mf4WQ4QzgLgw5 29 Doris Allen Becky Batts Crystal Batts Scott Batts Terry Batts Karen Billings Scott Bradshaw Thomas Burch Monique Carrington Wendy Carter Becky Clark Michael Davis Stacey Dion Shawn Doyle Kristin Dyer Linda Eaches Onna Euglow Doug Eustace Susan Evans Tarcher Fuller Lori Fussell Dennis Geddie Shannon Gizinski Shawn Glahn Mike Griffin Missy Gunter Jewanta Hansley Tabitha Hansley Zarnell Hardison Darrick Hassell Billy Hobbs Tonia Howard Tracy Howard Lisa Howell Steven Hudson Flay Jacobs Kevin Johnson John Julien Buddy Justice David Kelly Jana Lake Troy Lamb 30 Eighth Graders EIGHTH GRADEHS - ' is im , Qs, . ng s gk X E gg , an as S 3 w 3 ' 1 sc J. at it f 'ii' EE N? gi. , to gf as at .. . ., i -Q X ft J X t Q NJ' 1' S Lee Lewis Grady Lilly Stephanie Marks Martha McCIung Tracey McCuIIen Martha McDowell Howard Miller Wanda Mitchell Anthony Mobley Cliff Mobley Jamie Morgan Misty Morgan AI Nixon Virgil Owens Kerry Padgett Ophelia Parker Joey Payne Tammy Peddie Luellyn Piver Dawn Purdy Lee Rimel John Rivenbark Brian Rivera Jason Rouleau Rhonda Royal Laurie Ryan Stacie Ryce Paul Sadusky Robert Sadusky Chris Sharpless Shawn Shepard Andre Sidbury Edgar Sidbury Penny Sidbury Jimmy Smith Suzy Smith Jonas Stallsmith Kent Taylor Neil Thomas Jennifer Tucker Lisa Webb Scott West Eighth Graders 31 Johnny vviiiis Not Picturedi Nicola Azzolesi Tony Blanton Ryan Brandon Larry Dean Debbie Edgell Kerri Henry Ronald Horn Shawn Howard Tim Hunter Eric Jordan Eric London Melvin London Martha McAnn Willie Nixon Jett Parker Anthony Redd Shawn Sanderlin Amiri Sanders Willie Shepard Stephanie Sholar i- ' Si Q55 X Victor Davis focuses on his classwork while the others in the class take a vacation, Billy Hobbs rests his nerves after having a long tiring day. Coach Frazier's 8th grade gym class really gets into stretching those leg muscles. SEVENTH GRADEFZS fF? ' fss,:1 faeXsEf sleeves ,ii . N . J is A if x Q if . .. et x , ,ii -- 3-. t S 5 r Gs if x S. X ff 7 5 i X is s is S Qs vi ., .6 YSL Ns sei? R A 'ri J Ann Atkinson Jeff Atkinson Boy Batson Carlton Batts Jennifer Batts Kim Billings Woody Bolton James Brown Jason Brown Daryl Bryan Steven Carter Terrance Conner Malcolm Cosby Shannon Coston Stephanie Covil Kay Crawford James Davis Victor Davis Boland Dixon Bernadette Doyle Jill Earp Scott Ellington Ann Fuller David Fuller Reggie Fuller Paula Gales Travis Geddie Craig Gore Brad Graham Robin Graham Osahal Hansley Michael Hartsfield Jennifer Hatcher Larry Hayes Billy Henderson Scott Hewett Karum Hill Kevin Hollis Bernard Howell Margaret Hudson John Ingram Clareas Jacobs Seventh Graders 33 Mia Jenkins Angelica Jones Carol Jones Dana Jones Phillip Jones Eileen Julien David Justice William Justice Gary King Eric Kissner Brian Lafave Michelle Lennon Christine Lethco Leontyne London Robert London Jennifer Mareacly Kelldrain Marshall Douglas Mathis Scott McCorkle James McDowell Alex Michaud Yashlca Mills Alton Mitchell Elizabeth Montgomery Jennifer Moore Erik Morgan John Mullgrav Edna Newcomb Mary Newcomb Corey Nixon Tina Nixon Latashia Nixon Patrick Nixon Chad Oates Donnie O'Neil Brent Parker Pete Paschall William Pearson Bobby Perry Barry Pierce Catherine Pierce Sylnda Richards is i f . . ifii 'Q X Sf Xt it it gm ' we iii Q Q li In tm fi-ii , i 'f Q f ..,. . K HWS 5 5? . : TSE' ff-:: ' rr' :.E::-H -1- :-:- i it 5 R xi 5 QiE,r22f .CF .. . Q fs , .si-, . it 5 kr'i' ,Jtt 9 .. , N i , yt :rage J . ' 2 gi 5" fi' if 4. 'Kitts to sw X M V t g , S "N fl Jr, High students quickly enter Mr, McGee's class before the tardy bell rings, -, .YL W.,-,f:',,, Dennis Geddie practices his skate board tech- niques. Not Pictured: Jeff Bradshaw Rodney Branham Mark Brooks Robert Edgell Kansas Johnston Crystal Lanier Derrick Nixon Julia Rivera Nathaniel Sidbury Jonathan Sutton Matthew Thomas Michael Rivera Meg Sattertield Andrea Sharpless Michael Sholar Stacie Sholes Jennifer Skipper Jonathan Smith Kristine Stumpf Joanna Taylor Paul Tritoli Patrick Wall Michelle Walton Chuck Watts Sharon Wilson Ramaro Woods Michael Wuske Seventh Graders 35 my was min DQS was his U59 ,, NWN wfgfww X QW' 36 Academics ...ww- ,ke Bob Duncan, and Denise Thomas. W Wlazf. Above, Joey Payne accepts his award from Mr. Benton. Joey placed 4th overall in the 1985 Math Counts regional competition. Our school's team also finished 4th in the competition. Upper right, the 1985-86 Governors School nominees. Back: John Taylor, Tammie Thomas, Martie l-lorrell. Front: Mark Wright, Stacy Smith, Susan Satterfield. Not pictured: Michelle Ferrell. Left, Michael Shepard and David Grubbs represented our school at Boys' State during the summer ot '85. This was an honor tor them as well as our school. The National Honor Society, Lett to right: Traci Little, Lisa Stroud, Mr. Maus, Michael Deacon, Michael Shepard, Martin Hanc, David Grubbs, Althea Bochelle, Mrs. Woodcock, We Did It! As Topsail is growing, so is the enthusiasm and student interest in academics. This year we had the largest number of students nominat- ed for Governor's School in Top- sail's history. Eight sophomores were nominated from our school for this honor in contrast to the one or two of previous years. The National Honor Society grew this year as well, adding many new members to their organization. Students from seventh grade to twelfth clamored to make the "A" or "B" honor rolls each six weeks. Students who received academic honors can reflect on their achieve- ments with a proud "We did it!" Academ ics 37 ' -,X ,M ,--any ' Z A Mrs. Grubbs responds typically when being disturbed during her 12A classes. , , muswm I r 2 ' Z sm., , rr M Jeremy Newton discusses the inner depths of a frog. F r mi: EEEENEEYE. ss. ..:, -- -- W 1' ,gi 'U J' r 'sr 'ing in -?' ,WM .4 If A MATH Above, students prepare for the stampede of inter- ested and hungry guests that always accompany Spanish Day festivities. Ftight, Eddie Davis, Phyllis Taylor and Traci Little relax a bit after a big math rest. 1 Z? r rw, 38 Academics fuwsfhawn ,-1: That's What lt's All About Often during the school day, a lit- tle bit of enthusiasm could be heard traveling down the halls. Maybe a good grade was scored on an Eng- lish test, or perhaps the English test was even canceled! Although academics aren't con- sidered to be the "fun" part of the school day by many students, they are the most important part and not something to be taken lightly. Aca- demics are the basic courses taken throughout each student's high school career, and a number of credits in each course is required tor graduation. Our academic requirements have undergone some changes in the past year. The graduating class of 1986 will be the last class with a graduation requirement of only 18 credits. Beginning with the class of 1987, 20 credits will be required tor graduation. When you get right down to it, academics are what makes a school. Topsail is, above all, a place to learn, and that's what it's all about. Dissection is a serious undertaking for Drs. James Hatcher and Anthony Smith. Lower left, Shawn Pollard wonders it there is life after Spanish Day as hungry young stu- dents crowd his booth. Mr, Piver's Government and Economics class works on a reading assignment. .. Sf Academics 89 40 Sports STATISTICIANS iz. ye Upper L: Wendy Rogers inquires about the recent play. Left: Traci Little and Wendy Rogers diligently record Varsity statistics. Above: A - pause in the game gives Dawn Phillips and Wendy Rogers a short break. if :asians 1 ,.. .: 1 1: They may not seem important, but statisticians deserve more credit than they get, lt's a tough and demanding task that calls tor a developed sense of observance and an ability to produce under pressure. They keep a good sense of humor while coaches abruptly ask questions about the scores and the plays just made. Wendy Rogers, Traci Little, Susan Geddie, Michael Shepard, Sarah Johnson, and Dawn Phillips deserve our sincere gratitude. Scores and plays are accurately recorded by Susan Geddie and Michael Shepard during bas- ketball season. Sports 41 42 Sports Above. Bottom Flow, Cyndi Brown, Dora Although she couldn tw cheer, Julie still Johnson, Martie Pullen, Middle Flowg Lisa showed hir spirit by having her cast painted Stroud, Julie Neff, Charlotte Ward. Top Row: by Tony Stanley. Torra Jacobs, Tonya l-lousand. sport! The girls display their precision that has be- come their trademark this year. Capt. Dora Johnson really goes all out for her DETEQMINATIGN 8t CONCENTRATIGN With years of experience to back them up, the Varsity Cheerleading Squad really outdid themselves this year. They cheered their way through football, basketball, and soccer seasons exempli- fying spirit and enthusiasm. Adding to their talent, the girls attended camp at Meth- odist College in Fayetteville Sprawled out across the mat, Cyndi displays a typical reaction to an after- noon ot practice. where they acquired many new skills and learned cheers, chants, and dances which they later used in competition. Through all of this, under the leadership of Coach Schott and Capt. Dora John- son, they really shone, and we expect great things from this squad in the future. Sports 43 Curtis Lee displays his ability vvith an in- step pass to maintain possession of the ball. Ennett Carter strives for offensive control over the ball. 1 :Ji tis- 125: im ss. . f .. ,,,, .. ,X A i ff .stl 1 ' . .L iiit pp p ss spsps L Q - 'rkh iii i Ji,g Q - 2-: tt '::"i i'iii 1 'i': f'-: 1 ---..: it Scores Topsail Opponent 4 Laney 3 4 Laney 1 4 WCA 0 1 Swansboro 9 5 West Carteret 4 4 East Carteret 0 2 White Oak 4 , 1 Havelock 2 5 1 Lejeune 9 i 1 Swansboro 5 3 West Carteret 5 7 East Carteret 2 3 White Oak 1 i 4 Washington 1 4 Havelock 2 0 Lejeune 5 44 Soccer Back Ftowg James Hansley, Hal Lee,Lorenzo Marshall, Robbie Phillips, Curtis Lee, Eddie Davis, Alan Cutler, Coach Bill Paschal. Front Ftowg Chuck Batts, Reid Sattertield, Shawn Pollard, Charlie Atkinson, Adrian Spicer, Nickey Graham. . Q 5.5 ws-W? K , . in N 1 ' 3 35 : .::' . .2 t 1... f .. v K X i 'H ---,h .Q t g 3 gt -- ' LLL- LILL - . . J . L 3 s s 1 s s .R . .XXQFX ihi fi ...l1LQQNlfX-XIXCL ai X N Q oz 6 Jump urxtvaoco Qbvfmiff QALQQX owed Cuffs 'rmcurw C1 -Q9 Cmfhl Qxpmbsuk lnoil og 'ct gms utpugkofrw l CLQL o-MTL Yiblfxwlf , t Qawccdc LXOML NM, ,ymgmdffmwsk Ask- wok UNOMVW .Q O Law OLLQ O Ai.Q 5 M PEFRFECTIGN WAS THEIR GOAL Endurance and skill are created stronghold on the opposition. by a keen train of thought and hours of long and grueling practices. This determination made the THS Soccer Team soar higher than ever before. A great team that ranked 4th in the conference was produced by the non-stop determination dis- played when they earned a goal. Playing 4A schools, taking on bigger teams and sloshing around in the rain didn't stop the continual, spirited Pirates from gaining a Coach Grady Funderburke, Games were played on the foot- ball field at night where an energetic crowd cheered the team on all the way. Mostly comprised of juniors and seniors, the team gained a little spunk and outstanding ability with the addition of freshmen and sopho- more power. Broken bones mend, bruises fade away, but the memory will remain fresh in our minds perfection was their goal. Soccer 45 ,f-wwf + ...Wi . f 74 W ' ,L ' jam T i 1 N f H I 'Q Coach Tom Frazier listens to one of his players explain what happened in the last play. f ef at' 'ggi' -wif .1 A g , J Alf,-' -if .99 Often scores tell you nothing of what really went on in the game, how hard the players tried, or how intense the desire for a victory. Dedication outweighs winning by far. The Varsity Football team began their season with a basic offense, but changed it somewhat in the last few games. As stated by other coaches, the team had one of the hardest hitting defenses in the con- ference. Even though the record wasn't the one they were hoping for, suc- cess was theirs on and off the field. The mostly new coaching staff, with the exception of Grant Rodgers, who has coached in former years, never asked them to do anything they could not do themselves, brought them closer as a team, and led them to the mature conclusion that winning isn't everything. As summarized by Senior fullback David Williams, "l enjoyed lt lm- mensely, and if l could put my pads on tonight, I would. This year's team laid a foundation for the teams of the future. We set a precedent of sportsmanship and the heart and desire to never stop trying. In the near future, Topsall will be the one to watch." The coaches and team watch hopefully as the players on the field go for the touchdown. The pirates put everything they have into driving back the oppos- ing team. Sports 47 ALL BUIVIPS AND MANY BRUISES Composed primarily of sopho- mores, the T.H.S. Varsity Volley- ball team has the hopes of a con- ference championship in the fu- ture. They completed this year in fourth place, just a notch below their goal they had set for the season. When asked about where they stood in competition this year, one of the team members an- swered: "l don't think we played up to our full potential basically due to the mental blocks that would oc- cur during a game. But our future looks promising because our sophomore players have such a strong background of basic fun- damentals that are necessary to a winning team." One thing that can be said about this spirited group of girls is that they will never quit trying nor do they know what it is to give up. "I remember games when we were really far behind and we just pushed ourselves until our scores matched or exceeded our oppo- nents'. Something we had just would not allow us to give up." Whatever may be the outcome of their future, we will be sure they have given it their best shot. Even though she earned a bruise from that one, it doesn't cross Lisa's mind as she dives for the save. Front row: Christina Craven, Melanie Slater, Tanya Pollard, Wendy Rogers, Shelly Pear- son, Lisa Lewis Back row: Coach Ed Gibson, Shana Redd, Marti l-lorrell, Kim Johnson, Tammie Thomas, Kim Edwards, Susan Sat- terfield, Natalie Lake. Not pictured: Angela Harrell, Racheal Copp, Robin Freeman. 48 Volleyball Stretch! Susan reaches tor a low dig as Marti awaits a good pass so that she may set to one of the outside hitters. Lejeune nervously anticipates their attack. As a result of a good set, Susan spikes the ball aggressively. Time outs are valuable and Coach Gibson utilizes theirs by pointing out team strategy. Volleyball 49 THROUGH THE HOCDP Compared to other teams, Top- sail may seem small in stature, but definitely not in dedication. They tri- umphed over our arch-rivals, Dixon High, both at home and away games. The basketball team showed tremendous effort from the beginning. The team ended the season with a respectable place in the confer- ence. Active seniors were Calvin Marshall, Lorenzo Marshall, Mike Smith, David Williams, and Mike Griffith. The coach predicts a better pre- pared team for next year because they will have a closer relationship based on their experience ofthe '86 season. John Batts concentrates as he prepares to shoot for an extra point. fUpper r.j Mike Griffith rebounds over the head of a North Brunswick Scorpion. Front - Ronald Toby, John Batts, Robbie Phillips, Porrie Sidbury, Calvin Marshall, Lor- enzo Marshall, Back - Coach Reuben Terry, Rudy Nixon, John Sidbury, Mike Smith, Ger- ald Nixon, Mike Griffith, Mike Hardee, David Williams, Shannon Shepard, Leandris Con- ner. 50 Sports IIIIY IT lllliili YYYIIIIII 253 Q4 Mike Smith fly makes a left-handed jump shot despite the strong defensive move of a North Brunswick player. Calvin Marshall scrambles for a loose ball. His quickness on the court is well known. Ronald Toby appears ready as he prepares to rebound a foul shot. Sports 51 Shelia Jacobs reaches high for a rebound. Rachael Coop maintains possession of the ball as Scorpions swarm around her. Cheerleaders give a rousing welcome to the Var- sity girls, as they enter the gym. ' 52 Sports ,, it . L Www K kl S A L x .5 .. . krrl ..sL .,......t-L 1 xx R K X x Q3 . . . , ,Q X, - ix ' -' K J ss i 'L yi 3, T j t 'Q A-... , . 5 . S A 5 f his W Ex ' ert n e Fullerc fidently I h ourt. bmw, if .f ta iff Gaiam! A Jeno, 4000! .UP AND With the I o starters from las year' a the fighting Lady P' e led t ir pla es with the n e i of younger fres he e difference be- tween egi ad its effects at first, but they oothed out the rough edges by working hard together on the basic fundamentals. The return of three senior starters: Renee Fuller, Shelia Jacobs, and Sonya Clayton, added experience and control in nail-biting situations. Renee Fuller, with her leadership and aggressiveness, earned the QQ Hawdada: ,gl 'Ko ', , y g5'aJ-a:'.Dag?f?nf6i-rv-594 fl! 62495. C v highe s i er gam ea in the ason. Sheila , , pied the position of center, while Sonya Clayton took low post. Other players who added more than their share of hard work were Traci Little, who was defensively strong, and Esther Rochelle who helped out in an offensive pinch with her precise outside shots. Their combined efforts and posi- tive attitudes led to the ultimate goal . . . a BIG WIN! iX six, N nj I fit 5' 1: ' S a x . -- . HQ-,' . , ' fill aff ,Z M154 L ,, Q in , ' Q I k ' vu' Q4 . ,X I is :I Q Vhhi - X -'ti N-.. L, ' K f s Back Row: Kristi Kirk, Twanna Baits, Esther Rochelle, Rachael Copp, Jennifer Woz- i QCP V niak, Kim Hollis, Front Row: Shelia Jacobs, Fienee Fuller, Sonya Clayton, Traci Little, -if Wendy Rogers. Not pictured: Coach Carol Cutler ,- Q Sports 53 Curtis Lee concentrates on hurtling the ball quickly to pick off a runner at first base. Coach Tad Baucom, pitcher Curtis Lee, and catcher Jeff Markley have a brief consultation about their new strategy, ,,Hqu1!"""""" ,gas .vit gfiiirli Left fielder Chris Moore makes a quick re- treat from an inside pitch. Safe or out? That's the question as Alan Cutler stretches to tag third base. .:.fft?HF 54 Sports e ,t ,,:::s,,,,,e- , ,,,1 n, , Kvlimw 'L 1 The extreme determination on Mike Smith's face shows as he prepares to make contact with the ball, REAL SVVINGEFRS The Varsity Baseball Team was lucky to have five seniors, including MVP and All-Conference member Kurt Loughlin, The team as a whole worked long, hard hours in rain or shine taking swings, stopping grounders, and catching pop flies. lt was the final year for Tad Bau- com as coach, but the boys carried on the determination which Baucom had instilled. Hard workers all, these young men proved that their dedication to school and team can make the dif- ference in a season. Front: Eddie Davis, Bill Davis, Richard Langley, Jeff Markley, Michael Batson, Mike Farley, Keith Thompson, Chris Moore. Back: Coach Tad Baucom, Rudy Nixon, Alan Cutler, Mike Smith, Eric Ferrell, Mike Griffith, Kurt Loughlin, Curtis Lee. Sports 55 A high pitch doesnit stop her as Shannon Sharpless takes an unorthodox swing at the ball. Renee, Susan, and Shelly contemplate their next move. 'F 73 1' - ",'Lff""' , r fr 5 it t 5 t i they wir, t . at i ' I ' W ' iti : iii it tt , i t M E ff f, Lk,, - A 12 .a f Qi? :V ,f'L'f Ga Q, 4 During the game, i v" iff , ,xp 3 V , 'V ,M W rrfifiliitti ""' mil? 1 Coach Cutler gives pitcher, Shelly Pearson, some pointers. Joya Ellis keeps her eye on the ball as she prepares to make contact. W 'mf ont Flow: Amy Henderson, Wendy Rodgers, Traci Little, Shelly Pearson, Suzanne Wicker, Lisa Lewis. Second Flow: Schnetska Batts, Sonya layton, Leigh Russell, Marti Pullen, Fienee Fuller, Shelia Jacobs, and Susan Satterfield. Third Flow: Coach Carol Cutler, Susan Geddie, Dora hnson, Anna Eubank, Joya Ellis, and Michelle Ferrell. 'viizuis W 5' I. V X N Q,..,,f ve Q W LQA .lp as tbl? ll? Qiscf 1 1 Qlj tw 4 V l GET WITH Tl-IE PROGRAM "Wake up and smell the coffee," yells Ms. Cutler to her "Wash-wom- en." The 1985 softball team exper- ienced many changes such as a new coach, a new field, and new uniforms, all of which boosted team morale and spirit. The team had a slow start, but rigorous practices and determina- tion soon paid off, and the team fin- ished 1O and 6 for their conference Pitcher, Shelly Pearson digs down deep to make the right pitch. record. Shannon Sharpless, our only senior, had the leading batting average of .481 and also received MVP for the team. Coach Cutler made certain that there was never a dull moment on the field and off. With her quips coming at us such as "Okay, team, bacon and eggs" tmeaning her re- quest for a double playi, the team kept their spirits alive. STRGKE BY STFRCDKE With clubs laid aside for the moment, the team relaxes while they wait for their competitors to arrive, Martin Kegel completes his swing on the first hole, Front row: Martin Kegel, David Williams, James Hatcher Back row: Jeremy Newton, Jason Jordan and Greg Mosher. Not pictured: David Grubbs, Ephraim Grubbs, and Kirk Crumpler. l 58 Varsity Golf i ,iff 1 Though the game of golf can be frustrating, the 1985 Varsity Golf Team didn't make it seem that way. What was so very special about this team was that they not only made the game look easy, but thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. They had an exceptional season with 13 wins and only 5 losses, proving they do take their game seriously. Ironi- cally, seriousness was not one of their more prominent traits, and the team seemed to take advantage of pratical jokes. Heading up this unique group of guys, Traye Cooke was usually kept in stitches. We commend the multi-talented team for their fine efforts and representa- tion of our school. James Hatcher inspects the grip on his club. Jeremy Newton and Kirk Crumpler take a break while other members of the team dis- cuss their game. Golt Coach Traye Cooke prepares to pass out score cards and pencils. Varsity Golf 59 ROVVDY AND RAMBUNCTIOUS The enthusiasm and spirit of this year's J.V. Cheerleading squad was outstanding! The precision and grace of their routines made them highly acclaimed throughout the school year. At basketball games, the spirit of the squad helped boost the morale when things got tough. And when the team was winning, they cheered them on to victory. Their new uniforms made a flashy appearance at the games when they performed. ln addition, the squad had a new advisor, Mrs. Vickie Harrell. With her help in coaching and advising, the squad had a spectacular year. .fl 7 'A .M . 7 .ww ,, i ,ff Bottom row: Shawna Redd, Shannon Reeves, Michelle Ferrell, Kristi Neff. Middle: De!-Xnna Stephens, Christina Craven, Angela Harrell. Top: Melanie Slater, Tanya Pollard. J.V. Cheerleaders take advantage of a time- out during the game a ainst North Bruns- Q wick. i i. i i i Shannon Reeves and Michelle Ferrell give it 1 all they have as they cheer the team to a VICTORY! i Lots of practice has given Tonya Pollard con- l fidence on the floor. A g,..H-9' ,Topsail J V Pirates return to the court after a time out. Coach Funder- burk gives some last minute instructions before the buzzer sounds. ""'ttrr nm ,,t,tt ,rr, I A A Q- gf 1-v" rr' Itt A M W lv 271 ...... ,,,,,,, i H ' I .C rrr,,, .. , Q 5. X :Hin i.,-50,53 , H W A l l - 'liifpg-.liili-l?1'1 -- gm' " Mft . I S 1. gi . V M'm,..Q 1 BIG BUSINESS Led by Grady Funderburk, the J.V. basketball team readily adjust- ed to their new coach. They worked well together by learning to help one another and also to accept criticism when necessary. In the beginning of the season, Coach Funderburk experimented with different combinations on the floor. l-le felt good about the team and said that they were really inter- ested in playing the sport. Something else that could be said for the team would be how willing they were to take in Chris Sullivan, a transfer student from Pender Acad- emy, and immediately regarding him as a team member. With new talent coming in, each team member gained the initiative to compete for positions. Topsail has been proud to boast of a team that consisted of such good sports and competitive young men. Above left: Steven Jones regains the ball and travels to the other end of the court to score. Front Row from left: Brad Pate, Charlie Atkin- son, Leroy Johnson, Adrian Spicer, Troy Nix- on, Warren Garrison, Melvin Sharpless. Back Flow: Flodney Marshall, Tiyo Robinson, Wayne Ross, Gerald Nixon, Steven Jones, Clarence Walker, Jeffery Nixon. Adrian Spicer uses his size and quickness to outsmart the much larger opposition. i K --.,.-ov' H If .... ,M 61 STGP, LGOK AND LISTEN Though they may be small in stat- ure, the vibrant junior high cheer- leaders were a bundle of energy and real crowd pleasers. Cheering for ju- nior high football and girls' and boys' basketball, optimism ran high as the girls kept the team in good spirits. This cheerleading squad has come a long way in the past few years under the direction of Coach Mitzi Walker. These young ladies certainly have something that makes us Stop, Look, and Listen! Dana Jones and her teammates work on the perfect new ending to a cheer, 62 Sports vvnn y ml, ' V. 'rf W 1: A-7 v,,f, V6 6 I Co-captains Jennifer Tucker and Ann Atkinson take the lead during a practice session. Most o the girls take advantage of other extra-curricular activities as well. An active crew, for sure! , r At f 'ff f , 1, " Bottom I, to r.: Dana Jones, Jennifer Maready, Jennifer Tucker, Crystal Batts, Middle: Coacl' Walker, Meg Satterfield, Stephanie Sholar, Susan Evans, Karum Hill, Top: Ann Atkinson, Jennifei Hatcher, Latasha Nixon. The girls strike a casual pose after ,- T T ' practice. l-lard work doesn't keep them from enjoying the results. -- A if W V Q 5 af 1 1 .JN ie team prepares a sweep to the right hoping to score. The young men gain valuable experience ey can utilize in the future. i i nt row I. to r.: Jason Green, Johnny Willis, Donny O'Neil, Matthew Thomas, Roy Batson, Buddy tice, Jeff Pearson, Patrick Wall. Second rowt Terrance Conner, Eric London, Patrick Nixon, 5-lvin London, Warren Garrison, Ray Jacobs, Mike Wuske, Larry Hayes, Keith Chamblee. Third lv: Derrick Nixon, Lee Carden, Alfonso Nixon, Zarnell Hardison, Troy Lamb, David Fuller, irrick Hasselt, Jason Fiouleau, Melvin Sharpless. SMALL VVCDNDEFRS "Let's face it. There's no way to go but up for these guys." The ju- nior high football team's newly ac- quired coach, Reuben Terry, spoke fondly of his fellows who have the potential of growth on the field as well as in stature. Coach Terry and the team sur- vived a very tough season and are prepared to face the challenge of the coming year. Sports 63 L. to R. - Top Row: Warren Garrison, Char- lie Atkinson, Kerrie Henry, Stephen Jones, Clarence Walker, Alfonso Nixon, Chuck Batts, Willie Shepard. Bottom Row: Melvin Sharpless, Willie Nixon, Tony Redd, Adrian Spicer, Melvin London, Leroy Johnson, Keith Chamblee. Who said man can't fly? Willie Nixon defies gravity with his Air Jordans. JB. HIGH BOYS 5 SKI? tiri ,,,,,,,i t,,,,.,,,,t .. ,,,t ,frrl . . .,,,,,t Wi ,M P18911 COUNTRY BASKETBALL 64 Sports Led by Coach Gibson, these young men worked hard to improve their skills on the court. Each of these guys had his sights on the fu- ture - making the J.V. team. With the majority of their games in the "win" column, the team was cer- tainly on their way. Willie Shepard approaches the basket with confidence that he'Il make the shot. 5 L Back: Wanda Mitchell, Esther Rochelle, Tiffany lrving, Luellyn Piver, Kim Nixon. Front: Sabrina anders, Twanna Batts, Melody Mitchell, Missy Gunter. J R H I 3 vkkkk i I i K, K, L . -l mann .' . F Q:-, s., , ,..,. Sw ,l..,q:e I , CHRLS' BASKETBALL Coach Gibson's junior high Lady Pirates went all the way in '85 to bring home the trophy for the Coun- ty Championship. Esther Rochelle, Lulu Piver, and Missy Gunter led the team to victory in fine style. The fe- male portion ofthe athletic program gained momentum for the coming years. W 7 3' g . . 'ICI' .... if 4 Missy Gunter fly and Sabrina Sanders fri work toward perfection on their Iayups, Drills such as these insure continued success throughout the season. ' ' K " I ' mlariwwwg was mf Sports 65 "SETTING" FOUNDATIGN Volleyball is a sport where im- provement comes only from exper- ience. lt usually takes at least two years to really get the hang of things, and junior high is where you acquire the solid foundation of a good fundamental-based talent. When these girls reach a varsity lev- el, the experience of learning the basics and learning them correctly will insure a strong varsity volleyball team. Front: Jennifer Tucker, Melody Slater, Kim Johnson, Marckita Garrison, Yolanda Sidbury, Jana Lake Back: Missy Gunter, Lori Fussell, Kim Nixon, Tiffany Irving, Tracey McCullen, Angela Harrell. va ay a..,, Tracey and Lori warm up in a bump circle before a match. Jennifer practices her pass as coaches stress the importance of good form, 66 Sports .,.,, , at ff JH. HIGH BASEBALL TEAM STRIKES ANCJTHER CHAMPIONSHIP A season championship was won again by the baseball team. Their drive and motivation last season inspired the team to continue their tradition onto the following year as they ended first place in the conference. Led by Mr. Hurst, a volunteer from the community, these boys put forth their best efforts to represent Topsail gallantly. Here's the wind-up .. . Chris concentrates on his pitch. Front Warren Garrison Randall Edens Tony Redd, Adrian Spicer, Michael Davis, Eric Lon- don Dwight Cox Melvin Sharpless Back Leroy Johnson, Melvin London, David Duncan, Chris Loughlln Steven Jones Charlie Hall Ricky Southerland, Chuck Barts, Jason Ferrell. Adrian keeps his eye on the ball as he prepares to slug it, Sports 67 ww Q wg w Q ' w Q '5 w w 9 fs sew MDS 'L M, MQ U aw. in 6? as M' ez iwx ' Q k fs ' 1 Q - an M-Q wx www? 311935 Jkiw 2 6 .mx swf ff ' k iw W N ww WJ? iii? .wgiwzs we a fi as Q X sad M 2223 V 93351 1 W ,ggmm Q M ?5iS'5'Z 6-Jes M fi? WWI 1 Eiiiiii? 3329 6-aww a::Q5aa? agua 'Z Sig? ,ww Am .9533 ,W ,mg Wm 125:55 law: w 'H 'ZZLSI-I . , is: 2... . , - :iii X is L. 1 .Q u. mi Q Tiff LSL Wf::'3::zfTa:125f1lS11'iw -SNS' Mpzsm 68 Organizations, Clubs -w if "M-M-.M .,,, ,, Lg citizens, as well as teachers and par- E I I I E S I N D I I I E of student council members, enjoy the and meal prepared for them by the high student council. mwmwwngpz MM- , . A My .,, .H .. I T V 4 41? Left, Michael Shepard and Shelia Jacobs carry on with familiar lunchtime talk while selling tickets for the Homecoming Dance. Preparation for the Thanksgiving feast is in full swing as Tammy Lea, Denise Thomas, Natalie Lake, and Robin Freeman assemble pine cone turkeys to top the festive table- cloths. This year's student council mem- bers were not only voices of the stu- dent body and organizers of dances, but they were also expect- ed to be tour guides for over 50 new students that came to Topsail in September. Guided tours were one of the many services that the student council provided. Homecoming, a student council event, had a new twist this year, being the first cere- mony held on the fairly new football field. They also decorated the cafe- teria with bright tablecloths and pine cone turkey centerpieces which made for a festive atmo- sphere. ln December, the student council held its first ever Senior Citi- zens' Banquet. It was a great suc- cess with a large group in atten- dance and plenty of food. Student Council has many other plans for the future as well. We ap- preciate the past efforts of this or- ganization and encourage them to "keep up the good work." "ig Organizations, Clubs 69 Senior Class Officers: President - David Williams, Vice-Pres. - J.D. Loughlin, Secretary - Teresa Strickland, Treasurer f- Leigh Anne Fluegner. AT THE HEAD OF THE CLASS N fl Q-"K v 'Cf Junior Class Officers: Pres, H Lynn Swinson, Vice-Pres, -- Eddie Davis, Sec. - Dora Johnson, Treas. - Shelly Pearson. fAbove rightl Sophomore Class Officers: Pres. - Tammie Thomas, Vice-Pres. - Sandi Perry, Sec. - Shana Redd, Treas. - Missy Register. Clftightl Freshman Class Officers: Pres. - Tanya Pollard, Vice- Pres. - Melody Slater, Sec. - David Duncan, Treas. - Sabrina Sanders. 70 Organizations, Clubs fm V, , ,f ,f K Mi ri , , x 1 g Q 4 P . , Mi. ,, ,M , 3 ff' ' . ', Q , , .423 fgf,,,A,, W 1,4 , , f fu' wg 1 - ew!" li' 2,1 ' ' : A .. , 'W , 2 . ,f a ' 1 . 4, , :ff , ,,,- ,-yi., f f , wwf ,M main: i I - it 1 -fa , ' N -2 , , ,ff A - K 'WYMQ ' f, A ,,,1,,m I 4 1 4 ,Y 'CLE . ,L ,A , V' tsl WU B50 s f -N x ' , i .- , I f" I my P ,Q . fn Eg it ,,ML, ' Q EXECUTIVES IN TRAINING The basis of any good student council on a high school level begins in junior high. Here, the elected members learn the basics of student government and representation. Such topics as attendance, atten- dance policies and the improvement of school pride among the student body were planned. The junior high nav? took on such projects as completing the courtyard and establishing clean-up days during the lunches. Susan Evans and Darrick Hassell presided as co-presidents while Ann Atkinson served as Secretary. Shawn Shepard held the position of Treasurer. Mrs. Bradford and Mr. McGee ably advised the group. Shawn Shepard and Lori Fussell listen intent- ly while others discuss upcoming events. Susan Evans, Darrick Hassell, Dana Jones, Shawn Shepard, Ann Atkinson, Meg Satter- tield, Pete Paschall, and Jeff Atkinson pose after a long session. W ,fm ni frr, . ,J f t' s K K y Meg Satterfield, Jenny Skipper, Shawn Shepard, and Jason Brown show the intensity of the moment as they await their chance at the podium during elections. Organizations, Clubs 71 is l, ,,,J 4 ll , if J J, r my , f ,, i 1- ' , X xii yi S k ," i U Q. . Beginning: Front, Carlton Batts, Billy Henderson, Barry Pierce, Angel- ica Jones, Jason Brown, Dana Jones, Michelle Walton, Ann Atkinson, Jennifer Betts, Mia Jenkins, Jennifer Hatcher, Eileen Julien, Sharon Wilson, William Justice Second, Slynda Richards, Ann Fuller, Michael Rivera, Latashia Nixon, Jeff Pearson, Terrence Conner, Matthew Thomas, Jana Lake, Catherine Pierce, Jennifer Skipper, Meg Satter- field, Joanna Taylor, Patrick Wall Back, Reggie Fuller, Yashica Mills, Clareas Jacobs, Elizabeth Montgomery, John Ingram, Kelldrain Mar- shall, Robert London, Jill Earp, Erik Morgan, Roy Batson, Eric Kissner, Shannon Costin, Chuck Watts Kevin Hollis James Davis Moni ue i - i Q Carrington, Eric Smith, Mrs. McChesney. Not pictured: Travis Geddie. Marching: Front to back, l-rgTammie Thomas, Shelia Jacobs, Chris Smith, John Taylor, Brad Pate, Robbie Phillips, William Corbett, Curtis Lee, Greg Mosher, Carla Meshaw, Cindy Skip- per, Jennifer Cooper, Lesley Sanders, Deanna Stephens, Kelly Phillips, Mrs. McChesney, Mary Ward, Carina Michaud, Kelly Jordan, Tina Tay- lor, Sandi Perry, LeAnn l-lorrell, Torra Jacobs, Charlotte Ward, Adrian Spicer, Wendy pate, Christy Stephens, Shana Redd, Sonya Jenkins, Drusenda Jacobs, Mark Wright, Shannon Reeves, Melanie Slater, Tanya Pollard, Brita For- dan, Reid Sattertield, Sarah Johnson, Steven Jones, Scott Crouch, Rachel Copp, Ann Hurd, Wayne Ross, Leroy Johnson, Michael Batson, Sabrina Lea, Melvin Sharpless, David MacAl- pine, Kim Hollis, Not pictured: Demetrius Batts, Eric Carter, Terrel Conner, Dwight Cox, Eddie Davis, Michelle Ferrell, Brad George, Robbie Gunter, Angela Harrell, Kim Johnson, Debbie, Jones, Melody McClung, Melody Mitchell, Kristi Neff, Kevin Nixon, Dawn Phillips, Josh Poteat, Esther Rochelle, Shannon Shepard, Theresa Sid- bury, Anthony Smith, Deanna Stephens, Amy Stuckey, Joanna Stuckey, Linda Stutz, Clarence Walker, Warren Garrison, Tammie Morgan, Yo- landa Sidbury, Matese Sharpless. l , S , 'J slr .A Caught by the candid camera, Anthony sits half adorned in his new uniform T, 72 Organizations, Clubs fl - ll f. f..m.w ewrr.uwf' vt fm f -MMV New band uniforms fill the bandroom as Brad finds his own. A CQNCERT-l:D lgl-l-DHT ln a class of their own, Topsail band students have a lot to be proud of. "They are stronger and of better quality this year than my years here at Topsailf' says band director, Mrs. McChesney. "There are a larger number of good play- ers." She also spoke of the increas- ing desire for achievement as well as having fun, a goal many teachers strive for their students. The band entertained at such parades as Hol- ly Flidge, Maple Hill, and participat- ed in competition at Pleasure Island, Rocky Mount, and in Wilmington at the Azalea Festival. According to v AIR! ,ps - wif .. .. ,. V ..... , I 5:1 I L f s w, ,ez.w-. A ff 5 r ,vw if ,V W -'I- 51.1 .Pg ty: ' ' " . t . .. 4 qxwfgs-rtvrm. . r ww 'lfw A f am, -A 1 at-.Jw if n r rf-wr fr :ws A Mrs. McChesney, it's difficult for the band to place in parades due to their large size. They must compete with schools much larger than Top- sail. In fact, their size doubled from the previous year, including the ju- nior high band that for its second year traveled to Wilson for competi- tion. Within the next few years, Mrs. McChesney sees a better prepared band for concerts although they need to work on showmanship. "Our disadvantage, though, is be- ginning band in 7th grade whereas the other schools begin in Sth." The T.H.S. bands, Mrs. McChes- ney, and drum majors deserve a generous amount of credit for their concerted efforts and fine represen- tation of our school. Front: Micheal Davis, Penny Sidbury, Tarcher Fuller, John Julien, Suzy Smith, Kerry Pad- gett, Tony Blanton Second: Stacie Flyce, Da- vid Kelly, Shawn Glahn, Lori Fussell, Jennifer Tucker, Wendy Carter, Martha McClung, Shawn Shepard, Wanda Mitchell, Missy Gun- ter Back: Mrs. McChesney, Scott Bradshaw, AI Nixon, Kerrie Henry, Lee Rimel, Chris Sharpless, Flay Jacobs, Zarnell Hardison Not pictured: Jamie Morgan, Misty Morgan, Jason Rouleau, Shawn Sanderlin, Stephanie Sholar. l Q... Q Front: Shana Fledd, Tammie Thomas, Ann Hurd, Cindy Skipper Second: Mrs. McChesney, Angela Harrell, Tammie Morgan Mi chelle Ferrell Third: Leroy Johnson, Wayne Ftoss, Anthony Smith Mark Wright, Brad Pate, hris Smith, Eddie Davis, Kristi Neff Back Chris Sharpless, Scott Bradshaw, Ftay Jacobs, Dwight Cox, Melvin Sharpless, Greg Mosher, Curtis Lee Not pictured: Wendy Sanders Shawn Shepard, John Taylor, Al Nixon, Scott Crouch. oo Q Lt gaoctgirfbi-QV pet- e Mex - QQAF, I, LT-lx I Cfaeegffj Organizations, Clubs 73 3 DAZZLING ARRANGEMENT The chorus participates in the "Elixir of Love". Members of the flag team are as follows: Back: Matese Sharpless, Karen Lewis, Faye Ward, Sarah Johnson. Front: Druscenda Jacobs and Theresa Sidbury. Majorettes Torra Jacobs, Yolando Sidbury, and Mary Ward pictured at right. 74 Organizations, Clubs Sparkling sequins, swishing flags, and the sweet sound of music pro- duced ooh's and aah's throughout attentive Pirate crowds. The flag team, led by captains Karen Lewis and Faye Ward, per- formed their routines with emphasis and motivation, causing spectators to go wild, Majorettes Torra Jacobs, -Mary Ward, and Yolanda Sidbury pro- duced a dazzling spectacle, burst- ing with energy and perfection, fin- ishing with a pose and smile. Directed by Mrs. McChesney, the chorus participated in the "Elixir of Love", performed by the North Carolina Traveling Opera. This accumulation of talent cre- ated a fulfilling sensation of art and skill. Julien, Chris Joey g 're- Zif fi f f ., ,417 , ,,.,, M.. DGING, LEARNING, LIV NIG AND SERVING As red corpuscles surged to the left side of their brains, some of Topsail's academically gifted stu- dents breezed through a test on the genetic makeup of the common Drosophila melanogaster. Although their status in these exclusive orga- nizations came from a lot of hard work for the most part, some of Topsail's best just seem to have left Mrs Williams and Torra Jacobs anticipate the upcoming trip to Washington. Above, Hanc Lisa Stroud David Grubbs and Michael Shepard listen intently to another one of Woodcock s sermons on grade point averages. what it takes in the smarts depart- ment. Down the hall a militaristic atmo- sphere pervaded a classroom as five Math Counts students expand- ed their intellectual knowledge on 30-60-90 triangles and the laws of sine and cosine. Coached this year by Col. William Maus, his math- ematics marvels lived by his famous words: "Press on, troops!" Experiencing the democratic pro- cess first-hand was what our candi- date, Torra Jacobs, was able to do this year along with the Close-Up advisor, Mrs. Kay Williams. They spent a week in Washington, D.C. observing the business of govern- ment and meeting members of the House and Senate. The National Honor Society spent their time worrying about grades. Mrs. Woodock, their advisor, was aware of each student's average even before parents had caught a glimpse of report cards. Students, we're proud of you. Organizations, Clubs 75 OM A group of six talented junior high students made their school very proud this year. These boys and girls produced a magnificent two- piece structure of Va" balsa wood which held 114.2 lbs. They compet- ed as an Odyssey of the Mind team in schoolwide competition at Top- sail Middle Schoool. This feat al- lowed them to compete at East Carolina University later in the year. Kneeling: Lynette i-ludson, Julie Rivera, Mi chael Rivera. Standing: Donnie O'Neal, Brian Rivera, Pete Paschall. FHA The goal of FHA is to help youths assume their roles in society through home economics educa- tion, personal growth, family life, vo- cational preparation and communi- ty involvement. These girls have de- voted much time in school-related projects such as: making chair cov- ers for the basketball team, collect- ing food for the needy at Thanksgiv- ing, and selling carnations for Valen- tine's Day. Responsibilities such as these can insure a good future for these young ladies. 76 Organizations, Clubs Mrs. Mitchell, advisor, poses with some of the FHA members: Tonja Brown, Lisa Sullivan, Teresa Sidbury, and Lucy Howard. Wendy Brown lV.P.j, Shelly Matthews fSec. !Treas.J, Audrea Batts fPres.l. Porrie Sidbury gives fellow bus driver, John Batts, a few driving tips. High School Bus Drivers: lTopt John Batts, Teresa Batson, Porrie Sidburyg lBottomJ De- metrius Batts, Eric White, Joe Batts. Substitute Drivers: Cindy Smith, Kim Shipp, Bobbie Jo Griffin, and Althea Rochelle, 2 In 2 f' , vnu 41 l Primary School Drivers: Brad George, Tyann Lamb, Byron Smith, Shelly Pearson, and Bobby Smith. Tl-lE WHEEL VVCDBLD Being a bus driver takes a lot of patience and endurance. And that is what these students possessed. How many of you could get up at 5:00 or earlier and still come to school with a smile on your face? Well, these students did that, and did a very good job of it. Without them, a lot of us would have been walking to school every day. So thanks, folks! Organizations, Clubs 77 I-IELPIN' OUT Although they usually don't get the recogni- tion they deserve, library and office aides do a tremendous job for our school. You can usually find an office aide handing out absentee re- ports, or doing various jobs for Mrs. Daniels, the school's secretary. The library aides are continually kept busy checking books in and out, arranging them in order on the shelves, or assisting Ms. Hughes, the school's librarian. According to Becky Waters, foffice aidel, "Be- ing an aide really helps you in secretarial skills and such. I really enjoyed itl" 'fmllim ...XT fl ' X 78 Organizations, Clubs E Office aides: Marianne Randall, Martie Pullen, Becky Waters, Teresa Batson, and Mrs. Daniels, fsecretaryl lyy. -as-.swmwy 5FwM,,,.,f.,,,.,- WWI Library aides, fBottom row, L. to Rl Sonya Clayton, Freddie Sidbury, Sheila Jacobs. Second row, Lori Hobbs, Lisa Graham, Tyann Lamb, Cindy Smith, Michelle Parker, John Baits, Ramona New, Kevin Fuller, Michelle Batts. Third rowp Jennifer Sidbury, Terri Hansley, Terrell Conner, Rachael McLean, Top row, Eric Vllhite. - , Just Hangin' Around -h"s'nQl" ,l,.',.. 'is '4r'25,J,,, 'WQZKSQ 'iw W gli " 4 , X' 3 3 ' 6 Hih' 'Ha M , ' 79 as. gn as 4' wk 4 we W, X Q am mm- M 23? 'Q A we S .www Q aww-eh Ms Q ef My .Q .E '13 qv 629 Q Q uf is f W' 8 W was aww ms . ww , mga ? 522235:swgzwexszz2:2xs32iHgw4QiQSi:f22 - , , ,wM4 V:fHz :fM,:225,5,,Pf ex sswszlimiiizfwfsiwqetfwffgzqiwiw Z:WiZWi1wSzPfWf52?50N zism-mgsszfgigfzwwmMx1:f::::H:w K wrmffwe 315255522:::W2ffL::?:::sf:f ' 4 b :Wi iqgrzszugsf wm5JJ!r:,:: .www f,.giZbZ3:55ww..,t:f:i5.S755 gemmf?53::s355g'ffW'w'wf+YZSSZSZQSWFS fg::Fig:wWwM1.v::13"'::GfHhmmiwifgwwvwwsms,gggwwgwqmzwmaggv Damian:wif-W'wm0,f'Z,b52'iw we wh?"3gw,Wff2vwf1fww30' Z5? 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T0pSall Drive 328 0789 SURF CITY REALTY LANIER'S BEACHWEAR SHOP Surf Cltv Topsanl Dnve HOUSE OF GIFTS LANIER'S IGA Topsall Dnve Topsall Drive 328-0043 328-3961 F 'IL I A' 'Fw PRINTING KWIK KOPY PRINTING 3 S InCIIg Road .Noth ol 28403 19191392-2676 H. RUSSELL CLARK VICE PRESIDENT SPRINGER-EUBANK OIL COMPANY 123 vv. SHIPYARD BLVD. Post OFFICE Box 426 WILMINGTON, NC 28402 ' C9195 343-1991 L Little Kinston Road 328-9431 GOLDEN SHEARS Box 191 Hwy 17 Hampstead NC 28443 270-2415 Pi 'Ff Congratulations Seniors Melon Patch Clothlers Name Brand Sportswear Rt. 1 Box 404 Holly Ridge North Carolina 28445 Nancy Lethcg QIQ-329-8231 A Full Servzce Flonst I, Ii... .II It .W Fresh Flowerx z.: ! Af ' Silk Flower: Pl nls ag " 342' : GMX muy SPECIAL s-1.95 PHONE zmzasv FREE DELIVERY T0 IIosPrrALs AND FUNERAL nom-:s DELIVERIES To. Hampstead, Holly Rldge, Topsml Island Scom Hill, Ogden, Wilmington ALL CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 'y.INrHpma I WE WIRE FLOWERS WORLD-WIDE Z..----,, Hughwn I7 lmie ortho am I 'll?Iell0IZi MONDAY-FRIDAY 9-5 II ,,I II. I vbllr I I I ., ,I II I I II II , . -- I.1.Ii MII I .. -I. II Q.. Y LIL: ,I I' I . I II. -' I,I Q I.: I2 "H I- ' I f O ' If ' ,L I I I 25 " ' ' " I ' , I. i r I 'ff f- Q.-' II I, .I . ,I ,I I anler- eve opment I nc I f II II I.II .I . I., . I . . I . I - , .. I I' . ... .I I , . I I .II I'.IiI.iIII , III- II I.III- I- I , I. .I I II I ..4,I.I.I - .IIII I I. .I,I,,II I. III II. I a I II I I :I I I, - I fi -'-I-,".' ,..I' I.' ."II.,.,..--A' I I, - , ,V I I II IJ., I ' I. . ' I I "I -I" ' I f 3 If.. '1- " ' MA- v -I I 7 " . II" I I A 'If-1 . I Q II -. - ' ' .' "il II ' .' I ' . I: 'III f,iI.f-III"-III.,'-II' .fjn If ' .IJ ' I, Y I .I 'f IIUII' -I' ..I I I - I -I'gI-I-. .III,,,..II.I II I I ff II . . I ,III ,I .I .,J .I II, -I .. I .I I I I. . .II , I- III -I2I.,,V. 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Funeral Flawer: e In owen 82 Community CA L L AIRMASTER S HTG 81 AIR COND 1802 Car Beach Road 8 Wrnner Dnve Wllmmgton NC 28401 Caroltna Beach NC 28428 762-8853 458-5069 for Service GRC ING with the CAROLINAS Corolrno Power G Lrght Compony be on provldnng electnc servrce rn 19 8 In those eorly yeors we mode oreo row ond prosper by provudung rellob e electnc power Todoy we serve more thon 800 O00 customers In the Corolrnos Were stall commmed to bean o relroble source of energy on we re usrng Amenco s resources cool ond nuclear to meet the electnc needs of o growing oreo CPQ4- .1311 flloger chiatel T opsa11 Beach Congratulations Sensors Of 85 86' May Your Years At Topsall Be As Memorable As They Were For Me DF? CHRIS BLAKE D D S 1 1 O o commitment to help our service ' Carolina Power i t ampany Community 83 Congratulations Denise Boplar Grove ?lantat1on Route 41 0 Box 496A 0 Wilmington, North Carolina 28405 ' f919J 686-9504 ISLAND HARBOR INN 8 J . . GFHLL, - Godwin Oil F ' h d R St U"lEpZ,tmSfZT?S Company, THE SNYDERS JACOB!-LEVVIS Com Y Owners 8 Operators Eg- .pb 129 Castle Hayne PC. Box 627 Rd. Surf City, NC 28445 L , p-O. BOX 1888 Phone: TW?,ElfEk32Z23nl5:'9ht .5201 Wilmington, NC C9199 7620312 Topsail Island 28402 B.J.'S RESTAURANT Hampstead Plaza Breakfast 8 Lunch Phone 270-4470 84 Community Angie, may you receive all the joy and happiness in life that you have brought to us. God bless you 8 keep you. Love, Mom, Roy, Brad, St Breok. E W GUDWINS SUNS INC LUIVIBEII MID BUILDERS SUPPLIES Everything to Build the House ' CLAUDlA'S LTD. ,AUTOf' A U-Save Auto Rental Franchisee RENTAL U SAVE 5407 Market St. 'J Wilmington, N.C. 28405 919-199-5552 ! I I , I U H sales 8t rentals P. 0.19 Iso ox 6 Phone 762-7747 WILMIIISTUII II U Complnments Of OLDE POINT CABLE T V W1 Barbara Whlte Real Estate 713 PRINCESS STREET WILMINGTON NC 28401 BARBARA L WHITE REALTOR OFFICE 19195 763 5931 Home 19191 329 9221 SRIRQ You A Smullng Successful 270 2668 CROSS SEED C0 IC 2445 LAWN GARDEN nam -auunv 4 ssnwcs oun mornsrou nmcs 11 VENT!-Ill aaron: nowns 'W' ,Am ,mn nE'rAlL stone wsu: mn sooo ruruossn 'mm I sms Mmxer s'r no "KET 'Y 'W GARDEN T018 YIIJTII III U1 NIH Future DR ZAIVIBROSKI 81 STAFF I I - QUALITY X 5 D8 0 CHEMICALS ' SUPPLIES SEE ron 0 .9 T' n - " . C 0 ' En' . o I . 'W Community 85 'I BEL EDERE PL T10 The ulttmate m Reszdentzal Resort and Country Club Lwmg m Coastal Carolma I-Iomesxtes on the golf course and the Waterway Townhouses The Greens charmmg homes along the falrways Condomnmums Plantatlon Pomte Vxllas on first fairway Golf course xs rated thlrd ln North Carohna by the U S G A Tenms hghted laykold tenms courts Pro avaxlable Pool Olymplc S128 bath house with cabana saunas Manna Shps avaxlable for purchase Phone 270 2761 Located between Coastal Hlghway 17 8: the Waterway RXQ. , x 1 X 1 2 X Q- -a -4 - - C- - X X ' ' ' 'X y I Congratulations Leigh Anne! Q! ,,g.,LQ MMM The end of one phase and beginning of another, Go for it . . . Love, Mom, Dad, Sher Teresa, God made a special person when he made you and we thank him for you. We have tried to teach you right from wrongg and what a beautiful and caring person you have grown up to be. l hope that you will find real happiness, and all your dreams will come true, but most of all, I pray that you will always keep God in your heart. Love you so much, Morn, Dad, and Travis .NW-I Congratulations Kevin!! We are very proud of you. Always put God first in your lite. We love you! Mom, Dad Taroher, and Ann , ilu M0 ER3DQL5 ef 'Pnom 2. HFS' mms Lnyaw X15 X,- 2133033 ef Bqfly l Ralph IVI Price Susan S Price T 5 NAT on s sruono E Bl K vv gr Nc:234 3 49191395 2763 - W E 9 4 1 ff - f K . 7 9 fl 1 '7T1xeJo 7?257ZL5 ff53Q?ie!7E i a fl' -I hiv?'iYr'T'i.w-,-4 ' S 5- ' 3 Trggpfgrfdence all 0 H ' . School Duvsss 213 . D dRd. 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' R : - 6 x ' Y Hampslcad, NC Y GIFTS CRAFTS SHELLS A LITTLE OUT OF THE WAY LESS TO PAY SKIP RYCE Hwys 50 81 210 CAROL RYCE S rf Clty NC 28445 STACIE RYCE 919 3281421 4-fl-1-Zg 5Z4,6Qm 5 Ehw'7wm UPHOLSTERING 1314 SOUTH COLLEGE ROAD WILMINGTON N C 28403 FREE ESTIMATES ED 84 PAT COOMBS BUS 392 73 OWNERS RES 791 8452 A Restaurant By George' Surf Cnty Roland Ave 81 Shore Drive Hours Open 5 AM Daily Sunday Thursday Tull 10 PM Friday St Saturday All Nrght Wed Night Special Spaghetti w!Tossed Salad Fn Night Special Prlme Rlb W W TBM Qvawm P B NC 28445 D O NG I919J32B 5301 HWYI75 Phone Hampstead, NC 28443 270 4243 COASTAL VIDEO Vrdeo Tape Club Satellrte Receivers RCA ' Zenith 0 VCR s 8t TV s Come By And See Our Wlde Selection Ot VHS Movles ffm' Illill Free Membership To Our Video Tape C ub Wlth Purchase Of Any VCR Or TV Pete Landen Gary Landen Scott Nelson THREE M MOTEL l919l 3281391 GARY at KATHY BROWN I' mfg ln Outlet Mall Next To Best Products Homemade Ice Cream Waffle Cones St 791 4201 Dellcrous Hot Dogs H rf u ' - 1 1 ,rn 'N Lf' fr. N , , U r a : - 86 Q ' 1 N , . SURF CITY. NC, 28445 . . , OWNED O TED BV QUALITY MQTEL ' I BLocx Fnon OCEAN R S BROKER a Q . . I .O. OX 10 TOPSAIL BEACH, 1 T : I I 7 90 Community eo Bo 9009 ,hm wi ngo Nopsaos 799-4110 175 Castle I-layne Rd. i i MRS. GWENDOLYN W. WARD Brgkerg Sales Representative A-H, --AL" WARD . , WARD GW W0 EFFlCIEN1fNfA,Gy Mas MERLE E K WARD REALTY CORPORATION W0 0111 M YOUR Pkomt 11 UIAUOD Peuolanecas Semcc MAIN OFFICE: WILMINGTON, NC 28402 150 5OU,,W,, B IM, vvAoHoviA BANK BLDG, - SUITE 300 LP-GAS ForDor'nQsliC,Inf10slrinI Wxlfriinqton NC 7.-1-202 IOI NORTH FRONT STREET ' PO- BOX 567 g,AQf,CUirUfai USQS Priniw 19101 7132 6101 PI-IONE 19193 763-8222 0 RES C9191 762-3888 BRANCH OFFICE RO. BOX 8 ' SURF CITY, NC 28445 TORSAIL ISLAND Pl-IONE C9191 328-3221 i FOUNTAIN TIRE Tiiotble C Pllnl SERVICE ' we EVERHART it Dayton - Astrostar NISSAN INC. James R "Rick" Ketchum Special Representative ymeg 3,,5i,i,?i4qSI,ieA,Q 'ix ' "' 100 Oleander Dr. NJ-fl-1. , Te eonsne Bus 762 2708 W.. .0 aes 2702256 MAURICE A, FOLTZ f - ' f. 11501.14 nm.: ' ' A nvnu ffwmwflf nf :I utr an R 763-4601 Wilm. NC 1960 220 South College 1-800-722-2160 Rd. Restaurant P.O. Box 2024 Wilmington, N.C. 919-799-7602 3617 Market ST- Tne Filling Station 762-2222 Shrimp - Fish - Rod 8- Reel Repair Service .cfsgggggs Rlcws BAIT t n H- 8: TACK LE SHOP Draftmg - Furmture - School Hwy, 210, ,O swf Cn, and Office Supplies Rf- 1 BOX 2500 Hampstead, N.C. 28443 fhoemokerf 1 , ' Office NPPIU moms SLiT.2,?:'25E,Z3'?.LE" 329-5841 901 N- Thlfd Sl- 2 Locmonsm N. f3'iT..11ET.2'.?S1,e, 7823332 Wilmington, N.C. 752.7537 1 A Community 91 k ITSAt GOODUME FOR THE GREAT TASTE KDGIIIIIS And Super Service Tnru Our New Double Booth Dnve Thrus Locattons 4301 Market Street fwtlmtngtonl 3803 Oleander Drive Q 1 2543 Caroltna Beach Road f J 6860 Market Street fOgden 220 Lake Park Blvd fCarollna Beacnj aislmmmhnwnww Wtlson's Patnttng Servtce fn Accoustlcal Spray Cetltng H' 2 Sandblasttng 8. Drywall V W0 l'n!eno'rlExtenm' C01Nm8TCldURESld2hlld! A Contract or by Ihr 'ION' Insurance Coverage fm JOUT protecuon 19191 328-06725 Route 1 Box 49 Holly Ridge NC dUnyjWl ky ppon L Dbbyh rry X BOB AND PEGGY Owners and Operators KQICNINUNS "C"""' THE TOPSAIL MOTEL 91 Dlrectiy On The Ocean PO BOX 64 TODSEII Beach NC 28445 f919j 328 3381 WWI111 nw, fr Ill!!! in 1, uuunfv znwvlg., filllllllllllllllllllll J tr'-' Uh sr.,,, ww f mi- -' -.Egg rob w Jgwznr , ,el .Swj Cay mnigiw 28445 18515 Q H U in 50' akin!" 'muah' dunno' U I llltlil swqwi 1 qplll tk Wlhvfwl X -wxw.t-TE: T I W E fumes: E ll awtws d pf ,, Mon sun 10 oonusoormx ll W o lzffffflgf ffaf 1 dl' '.. 7 Closed Tuesda s PAUL S PLACE Famous Hotdogs Since 1928 US 117 Rocky Point I Y f ' Su v .-Q - -' ' rv Qf U lo A I .60 V. .M V Q , 1 I Q. U - , Jr at , 4 . .1 1 :3u::T.Qi, " ' ' J' ,,,,a:j , mar:-:ry ' . , 34.5.5 I :m:Q-0 ig . ' - ' "'i:Efn':' 5 . . ' . ,X 1 -- .V r, V X .,f7f1Q1'ff! " ' K , -' on I' ' J ' . ,, T av. c. ua, 5 'A up ',,,,,,a' -fu rx, mv , , 3 . ,, n Ha V at 5. . Y . 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PHONE 270-3411 Congratulations Class Of 1986 Graduates Of Topsarl Hugh School Qampstzah Hxllagz Erg Qllsaners B S 270 3239 PAT 5: DICK KLUNCK 70 4123 Cohgratulatnons and Best Washes to All the 86 Graduates of Topsarl Hugh School PHONE 919 329 7351 Est' 4 'l Mow 5 MARINA BOAT STORAGE REPAIRS SALES 61 SERV CE TACKLE Roosa REELS MERCRUISER vouvo PENTA OMC Box1e7 HOLLY RIDGE N C 28445 ENTERING SURF CITY N C Hwv SO 5: 210 INTERSECT ON 1 u 'S A .1 '.- ,, , ' I - VJ' " I 7' L U j un ro 9 nl , il 51 ' 5'-I Y L. "' elf ', f N A. tiiiav fx, I -" Q. -u -'- 34 '- P HAM PS TEAD ACE HARDWARE Hampstead Plaza Hampstead NC CA11 Your Hardware Needsl Pamts Electrtcal Plumbmg FlShll'lg' Buxldmg Supphes PFS Peoples Federal Savmgs and Loan Association Cohgratulatlons And Best Wrshes Class Of 86' Pl 5 Peoples Federal Savmgs 315 MarketSt W lm ngton 763 9984 4709 Oleander Dr W lmmgton 763 9984 1l5N Ho eSt Southport 457 9511 Hampstead Vlllage Shopp ng Center Ha pstead 270 4407 c . HOME1 2 - , . 1 I I I HINING Q l + Af and Loan Assocuhon ' pr v Y0urFederalLvInsuredSavingsd'1 Loan Vx-ff vf-Nl . . n I, i i D . ' ' ' . W ., , ' ' - - ' i . m , - I I Commumty 93 R 5 X N was xli kkr if Y? Wits N S? aw X52 Q rg? is rises ,V-ww 3 .14 Susan Honey, We are glad you are a part of our family Congratulations on your graduatlon L We love you, Mr WC, Mrs Helen And Sheryl Honey wg XX WR Ricky Each goal In llle that you achieve we hope you know we re behind you all the way You ve made us so proud Love Mom Dad St Johnny Michael St Susan All our love and happlness to two fine grandchildren We re very proud of you both' Papa and Grandma , 1 , , . . , .. . .:.,., Q.. ,.....-.... , , ' - - . f -' . " ' . , . ' ,: ":f 'i-.f..f,. elf K :Q S 5 . 251.55535 5 5 ,E X ,X ggi A 5555 . l l . 1 --1-, 5 Q. -1 It if P 95 rw -X. K .L sw.-f . 1 5 ,-: Y . .L t .... , -. -V 1 no f :- . , I - . E ' r to l rrrr it . . , , r t .:c,.:. 1 i N 9 il- - A -iff - . - r S S -rsl .X Q ...K gs! .L ' 5 - K F? v .. , K , K V ,, f 'V W W , . ,, E ,,,VVI,, is 1 g ' . ' ,W ,fx f S I , V ,,,,, V y , , , ,, H ,M My h . 0 W ,,,, t,,, , H . , I 1 :Iwi wi. ,. H. A . 94 Community Susan Thlnk freely feel deeply reach for the sky You have failed only when you have falled to try Welcome love dream dreams wash on a star The best part of you IS who you really are Love Mama Dennls 81 Mlm: Michael What you are as God s glft to you What you become IS your gift to God We are very proud of you Daddy Mother Karen 8 Beth A 1 1 I . . I . , . yff q Love, ' I I I W .. .Q 1 Xi.. , l I 1 ' I I ' fi' J I I Community 95 96 Q Eff 8 Gar gxclzange, gnc. DUDGE W.L3?S'33Z'SZ?if2E?'?8405 AMC " may 799-4210 Community Q IVES FOOD FAIR VINTAGE SIGNS HWY 17 QUALITY SIGNS Hampstead' NC Logos Sandblasting Silkscreen Bulletins Hwy. 17N Art 81 Kathy Baum Good Luck Seniors! frvf-fgkvuvrn IJv..,'!l,ff fF1g'5": N "f V T 'I 328-2088 GRAY'S HEATING, COOLING 8 REFRIGERATICN 919-329-3351 Gia s. GRAY 'T3?9'ZT5S7i21?L A rnmunity New Constructron Flemodelrng Flesldentlal Commercral MW CONSTRUCTION CO Sldney Wllllams Owner Hrram Wrllrams Cwner P0 BOX375 NCC T t PO Box566 Hampstead NC 28443 UC 2Q1f3ZC4g'S Surf CIW NC 28445 f919l 270 3606 l919l 328 2511 APPOINTMENT E.VE.R EIVEUITIUIIS onscnsnom Hmncurrsns Independence lvfall Carolrna East Mall Wllmlngton Greenvllle 799 7832 756 8694 SUFIFSIDE fgf' f-X,.N Sportswear Gifts Crafts Glass Monogrammlng Hampstead and Surf Cnty Peggy Fussell Owner I 1 v , I 1 . . NO O 7 Congratulations Class Gi 1986i ACTICN INC PENDER COUNTY S NUMBER 1 TCP SELLER CENTURY 21 ACTION INC SdneyWlI SO e US 17 H pstead NC 270 as o The Ca se ay REALTOR s fCty NC 328 251 1 l , l l , . i i iam , wn r Hiram Williams, Owner MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE KE - O6 l I ' K Sm f Czty Ocean Pwr Inc SURF CITY N C ED LORE 9199 328 3521 O B 582 Compllments Of FLORIDA APARTMENTS P O Box 145 Topsall Beach NC 28445 DURVVOOD J I-lOl. IS Bldg Contractor Congratulations' Susan Geddle Mlohael Hardee Eno Groves 205 Watts Ldg Hampstead, NC 00d W Garbage M4108 4 ,Q,,,,,,v jlf lvxi Q53 wx Q N541 plll zj Trash Puck Up 270 3604 Congratulatlons Seniors' YANKEE CLIPPER 7658 Market St Wllmlngton NC Halr Care For The Whole Famlly Carole Cook Reynolds Styllst Teresa Watters Styllst Norma Erbland Owner Operator For Appolntment Phone l919J 686 4777 -CB 1 1 . . X, Q 'w- A ! I Q.: X IX. 11,6 ' Q1 do '-.4 ' ' 'f- 0.4 as'.,,3, ' 'z 4 '31 4 X 1 Q, - - 'L A 77- if'-:. --1' . K: , 'FsL .i 2 , . Ti 1, 4 .tl ,v 5 . - l- I, .. 0 Q , - V, .IL W, 4 .iw 1 ' 'K 5. , , ,X . l l T Qtr fm- .rl 1 me , - ll f . 5 I I -V 17 ' I I ll A f I X. 1 ff' ' ' f' lg .42 4' X . X 41 ' lfrg, :ll ' f -5 'A f x3kfM?NX-SQYNS '4f'."i I ' - 'V ll , 'A f' . . I l I I If ' l ' ,Y 100C tty C Congratulations, Cindy! We are proud of you and we love you very much. Thank-you for all the joy you have given us. Love, Mom 81 Dad "Coach Frazier, What do I do with this Dixon Clown'?l'?" Shawn, We love you very much. Words cannot express the feelings we have in our hearts for you. Wherever you go in life, you will always take our love, no matter how far away you go. Mom, Dad, Tanya 8t Eric Congratulations David! We Love You, Mom 8t Dad Com nty101 CONGRATULATIONS Lorl Byron Angre Beth and Trash N QS-v CI., SCOTT S HILL marina Boat Slips Launchmg Ramp Gas 81 Groceries SCOTT S HILL MARINA 84 GFIOCERY I9'I9I 686 0896 y J Make Yo r Way To The Gate ay We Apprec ate Your Vzszt 8: Bus ness Comphments COmpllmer1'tS of CONVENIENT FOOD MART Ann s Herr Styling 270 3557 CONGRATULATIONS' Senuors 724 MARKET ST WILMINGTON NC Fltzhugh eewm 5 Route 1 Box 509A W1IH1lHgIOIT North Carohni 28405 9l9!68b 4150 For the fsnest personal attention of your total Real Estate needs on Topsanl Island THE GATEWAY MOTEL A DISCOUNT MART ToPsAILs T SHIRT TOWN 8 HIGHWAYU S WAN C 210 TOPSAIL TOWNSHIP PH 379 7656 ,U OISSOCIOIEQS I TT C J E S WHOLESALE TIRES MOTOR SERVICE St REPAIR Property Sales ' Rentals ' Custom Bulldmg J' K fm Hvvv 17 AT GATEWAY mm HAMPSTEAD, N C 28443 Cooper Tures OWNER 919 329 7211 -T Phone C9195 328 2468 P O Box 1090 Topsarl Beach NC 28445 J E REGISTER Surf Cnty Shopprng Center, On the Causeway L 9 7 7 . ' I of QW 4s ' ' A LlJ:f2:f1.,?4: 7X - lla' . l' :.. . Lff- xr" . ' 5. . K : - -pq.. , 1 .Q ' ' AA A I 1, N, fzsf-lem-, O E . Inc' ' ...-.. .v-t,....., III! sas ' " Misf- auyup ' I Scott's Hull Loop Road X SCO" 5 H"I' NC' 1 V U S I7 Nrmrr at Sr-mrs mu . . g L, . 2 . Mar o 81 Frank Perez, Owners u W . I K. H I . - ' .-,YAY - 9 O I-4AMPsTeAo,Nc.2s4n owmen-MANAGER I ' 1 102 Community Wall Paper Mini Blinds Vertical Blinds Hampstead Paint 81 Interiors Hwy. 17 - P.O. Box 436 Hampstead, N.C. 28443 Telephone: l919l 270-4560 Mini Blinds And Vertical Blinds By Levolor, Delmar, Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Joanna Carole lK.C.l Hardee Trask, Owner Congratulations Michael Hardee! Save Up to: X- 525,-oo Y f WMM , f rx CvP7bff 1 EEEE5 Stall!! L ,loud vmsefywj 'A lulsslon snwj ,-um-vm, , ::.1::f-- P.O. BOX 77 TOPSAIL BEACH NO 28445 l919j 328-7111 MARY LOU AND LOUIS MUERY LINDA AND DON COGGIN Y The Gift Basket Mencurw Moroas scnwmn alcyctes Sportswear Bathing Suits SVNAUVU SPUHTQEHTEH 3220 waicetsvrus Avrswue WILMINGTON, Noam CAROLINA Everything for the Sportsman Congratulations Joey, as you turn another page in the book of life. May this one be filled with health, happiness, and success in whatever you choose to endeavor. We Love You, Mom 81 Dad Community 103 Y 104 Co Congratulations Class Ot 1986 Best Wishes From SATTEFIFIELD ESL FAULK INSURANCE ASSGCIATION 519 Market Street Wrlrnrngton NC 28401 763 7500 NORTH CAROLINA Apdffmem PRECIOUS METALS8 PAWN INC TW 5 for suv SELL TRADE s Tackle Shop Eat'- N S I I We Loan Money on Anything of Value h Pier ,I- if f:1"Ey'hfgg'd51'vDuw Topsall Sound Fas Ing X uv YA fl-bl PHONE 328 3641 y AUTHORIZED ZENITH DEALER Q -ff- HIS. F Al Thus. Al mu C1541 Supelette IN THE ALL NE W JONES PLAZA aazzummse. the Dock Arcade . lol Allllllbl OCIIIIINC 'L - F- 'fan .UW F Q Q f, 3 - b -S! "5-I -. -. Q- -.. A 1 I ' X' I 0 ivorobiamon :OG na . . . - . x U l ou ui 3 -'ff imn on'a Ig on un on ?' - :vm va 0 - V P 0 sox 31 - TOPSAIL BEACH N c 28445 . um- ru -mam Tumi- wg. -nu Zz' mr - . ,ty Best Wishes Aiafgo Sensors' Emma Jane DREW 5 Congratulatlons Licnkjy ,.,,M,,gS Class Ct 86 Jan Batten "X C' "Y H Scotts Hull Animal H Hospltal aseow Img' ' 8k WILMINGTON N C 28405 TV 81 VCR Sales 81 Servloe SBI'8l1dIDItY J R S WDEO Hair 8 face Design 256 9064 Sales 81 Service The Landlng W n u "9 ISV' weach Open Mon Sat 10 9 Sun 1 APPOINTMENT SMS! Highway 17 Holly Ridge VCRs Movles Tapes A'l'l.ll'l'lC llSIll.A'l'I0l I lnIIO0FllG SINCE 1975 COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL ROOFING FOAMIIISULATIUN WATEIIPIIUOFIIIG slums nv Asvum nssnunms Pow rom noors Asn Aaout oun zo mn wnnlwmr SPECIALIZING IN FLAT ROOFS LICENSED ALTERNATIVE T0 I a. PROFESSIONAL AD VICE s,"f,'f,"00F"'G INSURED FREE ESTIMATES gmgiwf- D xg nA I0 P! 2 7 0 RIHOCQI HCI' - 4600 : SERVING EASTERN-SEABOARD 1' - A Community 105 V Basfgelgg Supply Sflop 'fx X -lst 0 Baskets l - ' 'WLX 0 Cane - ' Pressed Cane 85 Spline - Rafiia in KN Round Reed it a"t"g1'a-,., Flat Sz Flat Oval Reed fl 'E Seagrass Agia., Hoops Hand R1V6d Wlute Oak frames Su handles 0 Instructlonal books f Classes avaliable l Qlaureweavmg "RF TheArea Mall order UPS Catalog ava11ab1e Hampstead Plaza Hampstead 270-4228 i!,Z'N' 0 O 3 Q Us C-Q 'sa 5 5 -4 o C 3? cn 4 9 -4 CD to cn Q 2 Z Congratulations D.J.! To Dagny QD J l and your classmates Congratulatlons on achlevlng this slgnlllcant mllestonel Cherlsh these moments the prlde of accompllshment the warmth of your camaraderle and hope for the future There will be other momentous occaslons but thus tame lS very speclal and worthy of Its unlque place ln your heart Our best wlshes to all ot you but especlally to a lovely ady Grandmother Grandfather and your Dad Congratulatlons Remember no man IS an Island We Love You' Marm Rod Ju Ju And Jennlfer lvllchael We re proud of your achlevements Dad would be too Susan We re proud ot you and love you very much Uncle Phil Aunt Mane And Beth Michael Dellberatlon Conslstency + Chanty these three wlll always carry you far ln e D ll Pop And Nan ame Angflafoicfeiienr' ,. r-. l I ., -C ' 'J ' -'N 5: Jak? 4-.. ,, -" -L '34 4' ts: , E--. f 0 - Q 1: - , if ' . . . Q 'Q-"" . . . . . . . - r' -im - I ' . l ' 1:-3:5 idyrffhggw' ji . ' . . . . . r I ,ff , I ' , E522 0 ' ' ' . .T,,,,.Q, I . tg . . , ..,, 4 ' r . I l l ' 'fr " ll z,., 1 E I 7 f 'fa 2 ,M 1 D.J. 'r ' - arent Mike I 'f" H "" ' V I f I jza 5 k ,,,, 'f - I 9 , I I . - ' Iif . VV LO Y 1 Mom 8 Gayle Shepafd G VG OU. , k 1 106 Congratulations Graduates' Be Sure And Vlsrt Us At Qookze s An KTVEGSHVE 9 S OPEN YEAR G esf stir arrtman 'SSL 328 0520 SUPEIETISIIRKET Gifts Souvennrs Shells Brass Candles Island Wear For The Mastercard FRESH MEIITS CUT T0 URDER GROCERIES AT COMPETITIVE PRICES BEACH SUPPLIES TOYS HARDWARE I AM 11 PM SERVICE Hwv 210 wzsronstow sucu A Dlvlslon Of Trlghnnan s Of Topsall Inc Smack Dao In The Mrddle Of Topsarl Island s -11 R St H INDUSTRIAL FINISI-IES INC Industrlal St Marine Coatings Pre Englneered Metal Burldrngs General Contractors 675 3322 Locally Owned Rrchard Baran St Operated C P E INTEFISECTION OF SIDBURY FTD St BLUE CLAY RD I I 432251251 'r d Pl , - 7 Ars V' PE . - . - . I H I 0 Entnre Famlly Vrsa I . I 0 O - 1 0 'WIC DISCDIEI I TIUSUIE 0 ' " I ' ' - ' I E l 0 H , , H 3 Miles North u the D b'dg 5 M'I S th I Ih II'gh R' ' Schnetska it y Q of Congratulations, ' 2 fffQf ! WW, With Love, Mom Dad Hollis Twanna Let no man despise thy youthg but be thou an example, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 2 Timothy 4:12. Mark, we love you, and are proud of COUQVQTUIGUOUS, Wendell- you- The Future Belongs To You. Love, Love, Mom, Dad, and John Mom and Dad Footprints in the sand of time And may you live beside the sea, And watch the race of people go by With the very best in the future, Congratulations, Rachael! Love, Daddy 108 Community Congratulations, Sonya. You finally made it. May God ever bless you. Love, Meoohia and your Mother, Sadie Robin, We are very proud of you. Love, Mom St Stacy Flush 81 Dad Congratulations, Lorenzo May you always be blessed with good thoughts and deeds. And forever blessed with the love of God in your heart. When you've got that, you don't need anything else, and there's nothing that you can't do. We always have been and always will be so very proud of you. We Love You, Mama and Daddy Congratulations, Byron! ,,,, V - . . f- . iiiitliiifvf E- iiiikkniil-,iEE's,:ik " 9' r 55 , 4 "tif, 9--jtgm, ,., H ar vt Y . i ,,, -,,, ff,f, t , it . "'f rr- k iwi H N S, it f Wt W . iii, , V if ' V A X We have always been proud of you. You are the light of our lives and we love you. Always put God first in your life and you will never fail. Love, Mama 81 Daddy Cornmu A nity 109 PATHCDNS: Etcetera Anna Eubank Furniture City Gibson's Pharmacy Harvey Cannon Ltd. Hilda Godwin's Greg Jamison Bob Kermon Mae lv1ay's Thanks For Your Support! Congratulations David!! Always Keep 'Em Laughing Like You Have Us! Mom, Dad Beth And Ephraim l sl ,. y 't i 7 . , H ff Iyr ' zviawgwwgk , , Best Wishes To The Class Of '86 RICHARD L. l-IAINES IVLD. Hampstead Village, P.O. Box 565 Hampstead, North Carolina Congratulations Good Luck ln All You Do. Love, Caryl Wd fv QW! M Mr' Cdflft X Repairs Remodeling Residential Construction GREG IVIOSHEF2 BUILDER Photo Credits For The '86 Pirate: Yearbook Staff Rose Geddie Ralph Price, Olan Mills Jay Niver, Sounds Of Pender East Ann Cottle, Pender Post Star News Congratulations , . ,X 'xfgx 'I' "r l .gi ii It-1. iii g Ego. Jglg f' lf . I . tx Hi- W INC. VF ,QQ Mi 'H-and iw YUM lf My are-'gg-mv Nh Qs Deny yourself Ilfe s pleasures untll the tame IS right for them Earn others love and respect Never lrve for yourself only nor entirely for others Include God In your every plan Securlty comes from confidence bulld yours flrmly Enjoy each phase of your lute WE LOVE YOU' Mother and Daddy www sg, is 9 'sin its 3' i is Congratulatlons Nennlel Thank You For Being My Best Fnend And A Wonderful Srster I'll Mlss You So Much Good luck' Study I-lard' I Love You' T Denlse Cherish The Preclous Moments Of Life And Make Them Full Up The Years' I Love You' Grandmother Edens 4 A"-'Wersi 3 il'-L Denise, We're Proud Ot Our Flrst Grandchlld You Have Set An Excellent Example For The Rest We Love You' Mamaw And Papa -I I " ssts 1, . If a ff,, Hgyf- ,V ,,f- 4m,gpz,1f5 ' .. ' X - .: . .. .. .j' 't't I . 2'-2 ,"' y f , "' - '1 Wig' ff' HH 1? X- 65. I ttll ,. ,I 9 an . Y' t-t wi" 'I 'wiv f I .vs sf I I N . , .,,, il kkhh . Q ,VV 2, m.. .. . W . V f r y J V I 2 .A 5' L ky E, ..'k ff .,, t gk , i ,... V U K i . I n V p,,, A A . K ' ., ' ,',, I A A r I . If ,Y . . .. A ,,VA I .. It . V . I I so as - L J Q. -- , , ,,m,,, f , -- I 5. .L V 5 K V V.. ...ft t Qi. L. -.1 r f ' ' I , , 5 fl . sf - . N1 . ' , ,,-' ','. iii - as ' f if 5 rf - L fs if "'k f- it ti , I ., . 1-lm' . . "" . W. Af so y .l.r if . . rhl, A ',", fff. r .. M Q . , . . . . 1 1 1 7 A I -N 1 H., ,, 2 V IWV, fdwwm.. Congratulations Renee' Llsa You frnally made It bad leg and all We re real proud of you and love you a lot' Mamma Daddy Robin 8. Mrssy Congratulatlons Glyndall We Knew You Could Do lt' Love Mom Dad Tonya 81 Jamle From Tot To Teen You have been a joy and a shlnlng star on the 'D ,234 team and we love you' Lute IS like a football game the more you put unto It the more you get out of It So go get em J D get out there and Hut Somebody J D l Love Mom Dad Phzlllp 81 Scott 1 1 1 S l 7 . . y , . 1 -...E . . . . U1 ' 1 1 O ' 1 . , . . , . . . 1 1 1 114 Campus Life f 'F E ww... W .. N E Xi Y Q f Y You didn't hold out for the "out-of-the ordinary" or the "uncola," but preferred the down-home taste of Sundrop. PASSING FANCIES Phil Collins was the favorite choice of groupsfsolo artists followed by Prince and Freddy Jackson. Dizza Hut won by a landslide in the most popular restaurant. Students upport this Wrightsville Beach establishment faithfully, as it is always i popular hangout for teenagers in this area. Through the years, we experience many fads and favorites. Later in life, they become reminders of our teenage years. The yearbook staff polled a large percentage of the stu- dent body and compiled an accu- rate account of your "passing fan- cies." Is it the upbeat tempoed music or the East Coast-influenced styles they wear that attract you to this hot television series? Whatever it is, over SOOA, of you chose "Miami Vice" as you iff T.V. show. And actor? Why, Don Johnson, of course. In close second, came "The Cosby Show" with Bill Cosby as your second favorite actor. Heather Thomas, of the "Fall Guy" and Ally Sheedy of such mov- ies as "St Elmo's Fire" were rated as your favorite actresses. Many of you spent the past sum- mer, or part of the summer, work- ing. The majority of you worked in restaurants. Golf courses and gro- cery stores came next. For those of you who love good jokes, you enjoy the ones by Eddie Murphy the most. Bill Cosby also seems to tickle your funny bone. When you aren't in school or at your job, most of you spend your free time playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, surfing, skat- ing, or softball. Since we are re- stricted on the pictures we take, it wouldn't be appropriate to cover your second favorite hobby, party- ing. Representing a favorite pastime, students demonstrate their love for sports. Michael Shepard is putting posters up while Mr. Jordan is taking a leisurely walk down the hall. Loaded with homework, Monique Carrington prepares to go home . , ' labove-J The mad dash to the classroom is broken as Zarnell 5-lardlson makes a quick trip to his locker. irightl Michael Oppegaard checks Eric Rogers' hair for fleas, 116 Campus Life W W is E in ' ,f --i' ii l i , H M .. W W f 2 ,--1,1 , i , ,,-v,V Yi ff, 5 , :gem , W 5 ,55.g,?, 2 f feezvwxw' ' ff yi.. ,www L ' i S5 in X X -- ' ' gf i - 1 H W J -'ff f "'-- ' , , V, , , f' . ' if A Q , ffff ,,,,., J W' , A 'Li x y' , ? fi l Tiff gzc i if UNH, V in ' 5' 'H' ukrgffaagikf -,X L I f mf' qgjjgiig , ,,,,, , g gf , i Q Z ii , U ' i 5, ,255 in i i - ' ,,,, , , V' i " H f ,fi , w E 4 S E Ei Calvin Marshall, Pie-nee Fuller, Sonya Clayton and Willis Moore walk in harmony together like a family. K l-lallways, Who's Zoomin' Who The senior high hallways at THS have always been a place to find good conversation and comic relief between classes. With only tive min- utes to catch their breath, it wouid seem impossible for students to find time for tan. However, gossip, laughter and surprising situations spread through the halls, awakening their senses. Enthusiastic crowds find their own corners in which to socialize, and in this short time, stu- dents can "be themselves". Tired Too much homework is giving Shannon Reeves back problems. minds find a welcome relief from the daily grind of the classroom. Junior High students only wish they were so lucky. With a mere three minutes in which to change classes, they barely have time to open their lockers before the bell is ringing. Obviously, this cuts down considerably on socializing, min- gling, and their oftentimes "friendly spate". This is the truly "energized" group. Campus Lite 117 It wasn't easy for this close group of friends to pose without clowning around. Byron Smith and Lori Hobbs share one more hug before Mr. Kermon comes along. . -4. ,gi HIM!- s , r . V12 ang, f . E 'Q labovel Yolanda, Kim, and Marcklta enjoy a little gossip during lunch. lrlghtj Jrr high best friends seem to be posing lor GG Magazine- 118' Campus Life 3 5 S il ! QW we We ,Xb N. C . A 'xxx Q a .N ,f ay i A lvlist Gt A newcomer to Tl-lS campus is sure to recognize one trait which distinguishes us from all the rest. We're close! in the past year, many have shared laughter, tears, and smiles. This was all part ofthe close friends and even closer couples which made up our student body. Suzanne Wicker and David Batts, like many other couples on campus, cherish a few af- fectionateimoments. Tyann Lamb and Teresa Batson enjoy a mo- ment ot free time in the smoking area. ta , ff' 5 M8 " 25, , I If my 1 "still J Memories Not a day went by without seeing two best friends sharing a secret, a couple staring starry-eyed at each other oblivious to anyone but them- selves, or a group of familiar faces scheming the next big party. Close student relationships really made for a fun school year. ln this way, Topsail is "like no other", Campus Lite i 19 The Jacobs clan - Clareas, Torra, Ray, and Shelia -W span the grades from 7 to 12. Tracy and Tonia Howard love to tease each other between classes. Joanna and Amy Stuckey are sisters and pals. VVE ARE Brothers and sisters - sharing secrets, helping out in a pinch, and becoming involved in harmless sib- ling rivalry. Topsail High claims many 'tfamilies" within its ranks. We are certain this helps make a closer- knit student body. Students and teachers alike rec- ognize resemblances: "Aren't you Jeff and Ann Atkinson are not surprised that older brother Charlie was too late to get into this picture. Melvin London, Fred Sidbury and Eric Lon- don are just "too cool." r FAMILY so-and-so's little brother?" "You seem to be as crazy as that brother of yours!" Siblings must put up with comments such as these. With the recent addition of 7th and 8th graders to the senior high, the accumulation of brothers and sisters created a circle of friendship throughout the hallways. Campus Life 121 1 i 5 1 i wx et, ,, if Vlfendell Neville finds that older modeled cars suit his tastes perfectly. The convertible top is just right for a night tor dayl on the town. William Corbett, Eddie English, and Gene Taylor take the pus home. Could they be dreaming ol the day when they'll turn 16 and can sport their car around campus? Four wheel drives were popular this year. Here, Alan Cutler displays his truck which has seen many a mudhole land car washl. . fm,- . l 2 ' l. H 1 - L - . , ' ' sl 1-,api .sv 5 K , W E K4 is: 5 .ss. if .--- I f 7 . ., f, 4 K .. . , , .vi,p... : :-- ig . S35-egg. . :- Q - - . r irrs or - ' ' iiiiiii wisp if , Q rx E .Em ---- r ,qs , 12 ,sly N! - T ss W ,Q k su. ,. if- 1 fy "ii Q 5' FS Q N' 5 I 2' R ' xii., l . ' V 1 " k -ks V - s Y . i S tswswm 'M 122 Campus Life Bob Duncan proudly sits behind the wheel of his candy apple red Mustang. Some Topsail students really know how to rough up a car. Phillip Strange's VW Bug has been through it all, MW. CRUISIN' The entire student parking lot is total desolation. All is quiet and still. Suddenly, the sacred bell rings throughout the campus. lt takes a billionth of a second for the brain to send signals to the nerves for a re- action. The cries of another school day's end fills the air and students burst through doorways and crowd the halls. Two by two, or in groups, these students meander to the park- ing lot. lt is once more filled with the familiar sounds of cars revving up, beeping horns, radios turned up full Eric Smith and James Davis get home the economical way - they let their tennis shoes do the walking. volume, and friendly shouts to friends. This is the time one must decide his means of transportation, Will it be the faithful yellow school bus, lvlom in the family wagon, a ride with a chum, or could you pos- sibly be one of the lucky ones and have a brand new 4-wheel drive for classic lvlustangl awaiting you in the parking lot? Whatever it may be, the major consideration of the day is transportation. Socializing on the bus or taking a Zip trip with friends is a relieving way to release frustra- tions. ln a cloud of exhaust, one by one the cars disappear. Campus Life 123 Jr. high students crowd the bench outside in order to show ott their "style", Two pairs of brightiy colored "vans" meet during lunch. Footwear has become as eyefcatchirig as other clothing, o i K Nhn..-Jing fd E Q V f HMV H :War VVHWS bzxltri rr D 'H 'sw - r ew : 7: ,,.., ,. fur ,, -: ff' ,,,, - 1 1 ww:?m,,z: 1' ,www r of, zff' rr. , in .rffwgg H - "Be-rets are in!" Torra Jacobs and Susan Sattertield model their versions, Right: Grady Funderburk, ISS coordinator, is dressed to "hypnotize" perched on his Mazda RX7, 124 lCampus,i,ife wr M - ,,, l 21 V .::.. 541- vi. V 35 ' 'L f- ' r ' u 5 f K gl Aw fr in J .,,,.,,,.. . ,V .. 43,LM.Su'w Mc sw.,- F5 'ik if t ,rf- cf 1 . , was 3 s.. .. fill iss . s . : , N fr, it LGCDKIN' What's fashion? Anything that shows a person's individuality, and style. Needless to say, we do have a lot of that at Topsail. For instance, how could anyone miss Renee McGee gallivanting around campus in her glittering, glowing garb? But fashion isn't just the clothes you wear. It can be the way you do your hair, or the car you drive. Most students like to express their individ- uality in these ways. Shannon Baum models his favorite look - casual but stylish in a two-toned jacket. Dressed in one of her less extravagant outfits, Renee McGee certainly gives fashion a new definition at Topsail. "' r l DH Fashion can be influenced by a number of things. ln the Topsail area, the beach has been the main influence on our students' styles. Sunglasses, Ocean Pacific sports- wear, and jams show up throughout the campus. The fact that it's 300 below outside has no effect at all! No matter what day of the week, or the season of the year, you'll al- ways see a variety of styles at THS. Campus Lite 125 Advertising her favorite fad, Aileen Julien poses with friends Erik Morgan, Jennifer Hatcher, Jen- nifer Barts, and Travis Geddie. i'Only a month to go!" these smiling hopefuls optirnisticaily proclaim. But Carla Meshaw, Wen- dy Pate, LeAnn l-lorrell, Dawn Phillips, and Cindy Skipper enjoy their braces while they can. QI? Freshmen flaunt their foil tinery! Reid Salter- f if field, Josy Poteat, and Scott Crouch head back i0 band Cl8SS. -1,11 . , ,Agri Q-1 .ffrirrqff ,QM 5111 .siiazzwla lfiirime-114rzsa1'ii Gftfi '54, oe? X6 N 'FR Braces are beautiful! demonstrates Steph- anie Covil with a shy smile. The Tin Grin ls ln! The ultimate fad that's been go- ing on here for years finally steps into the limelight. We encourage those ot you who are up on the times to "flaunt your metal". There are many who are not as fortunate to share the thrill of braces as some are. To sign out early, spend the afternoon with your friendly orth- odontist, gain yet another packet of rubberbands, and take Tylenol for pain the rest of the day is truly en- joying the full essence of braces. Oh sure, there are some who think themselves authentic and they sport retainers. But these aren't bona fide metal wearers. So rise up, ye cho- sen onesl This is your day to shine! tor glarel. These guys really do have something to smile about as William Justice, Brad Pate, Chris Smith, and Mark Wright share the classic brace-wearing tad. r M, WJ it ,sf . wi? 1 M-vf , fi J ,Qi an gn! iv mga, I-IOIVIECOIVIING CELEBHATIGN '85-'86 Above, Teresa Strickland escorted by Eric Groves. Charlotte Ward escorted by Lorenzo Marshall Left, Teresa Eiatson escorted by Joey Paliotti Pictured abovei Maid of Honor, Lori Hobbs, escorted by Byron Smith, Holly Atkinson, 1985 Queeng and the 1986 Homecoming Queen, Leigh Anne Ruegner, escorted by Mi- chael Hardee. This was a year for firsts. A new tradition of having homecoming on the football field was begun. The lovely girls rode in beautiful, expen- sive cars tnone of which were their own, unfortunatelylj and the boys looked stunning in their tuxedos. Then came the announcement of Queen and Maid of Honor. The Maid of Honor was Miss Lori Hobbs and the Homecoming Queen was Miss Leigh Anne Ruegner. And even though we lost the game, the cheer- leaders and excitement of the even- ing kept our spirits high. At the dance afterwards, the Queen and her court had the first dance, and everyone had a great time. The 1985-86 Homecoming was a big success! Campus Life 129 tJUNIOFt CCDURT if 7, Torra Jacobs escorted by John Batts. Tonya l-lousand escorted by Eddie Davis. 130 cariipiie Life Cyndi Brown escorted by Shane Baum Shelly Pearson escorted by l-lal Lee. Natalie Lake escorted by Alan Cutler. Karen Brite escorted by Tommy FthOdeS Mike Smith lays back for a touch- down pass. Cheerleaders share an inside joke with the team on their spirit ban- ner. Lisa Lewis escorted by Jeremy Newton, 1 , sz V in 5 ff I Al i y 5 i f ,QQ PRES!-IIVIAN CGUFTI' Christina Craven escorted by Curtis Lee. Tgmyg Pgllard escorted by David Teresa and Joey await their turn at practice for the Homecoming procession. David Grubbs encourages Byron Smith to let him be Lori's stand-in for the big event, Duncan. Campus Life 13t M' . .,,:ssg' iQfX ' . 1 quqiu 3 9 -ip -q'- s e Cf if ,i. i i I Some likely candidates for the Halloween Bash costume contest gather on the dance floor. "M 8 Me will not melt in your mouth," declare Leigh Anne and Robin as they prepare for a pig night at the Halloween dance. Above, Dwight Malloy, Topsails own DJ., is hard at work. Flight, the ever popular meeting place - the Zip Mart! 132 Campus Life Ns..-v I Shannon Reeves and Student Council spon- sor, Dorothy Braggs, seem to be enjoying the festivities during the dance. la l l YOU HAD TG HAVE BEEN TI-IERE GWB ,J R! 6 Monday through Friday, students were in class studying diligently, at jobs off campus, or involved in ex- tra-curricular activities. But what about the other two days of the week? What did we do then? RAR- TY! Where did we party? ANY- WHERE! For many Topsail students, the meeting place was the Zip Mart on Highway 17. There we could plan out the various weekend activities. Brad Pate shows off his new-found friend at the Halloween Bash. Then it was off to have some fun. Remember the wild parties at the reservation, Lyndie's Shop in Edge- combe, the Pizza Hut after the games, and the famous "cuI-de- sacs"? ffamous to students and cops alikelb And how about those dances? Without these mini-social events, life would have been a drag. lt never seemed to matter where we were, we usually had a good time!! Campus Life 133 SENIOR STATISTICS BATSON, JENNIFER: FHA3 Teacher's Aide 1, 23 Bible Club 13 Creative Writing Award 23 Pep Club 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. BATSON, RICKY: Track lWilIistonJ 13 Soccer 1, 33 Football 1, 2, 4. BATSON, TERESA: Drama Club 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 33 Pep Club 1, 23 FCA 33 FBLA 33 Homecoming Court 3, 43 Bus Driver 4. BATTS, MICHELLE: Glee Club 13 Bible Club 1, 23 Chorus 3, 43 Primary Aide 3. BATTS, SCHNETSKA: Softball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 43 Bible Club 13 Band 13 FHA 2, 43 Spanish Club 2, 43 Drama Club 23 Close-up Club 4. BERGER, JIM: Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 FCA 2, 33 Computer Club 2. BURKE, DIANA: FHA 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 23 Clipper Staff 33 Honor Roll 33 Perfect Attendance 3. CLAYTON, SONYA: Pep Club 1, 2, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 13 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 43 Scorekeeper 13 FHA 23 Bible Club 13 Teacher's Aide 1, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 FCA 3, 43 Library Assistant 4. DANIEL SHAWN: J.V. Football 23 FCA 1, 2, 33 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. DUNCAN, BOB: Marching Band 1, 23 Computer Club 13 Chess Club 1, 2, 33 Pep Band 1, 23 Symphonic Band 13 Sophomore Class Secretary 23 National Honor Society 1, 2, 33 Varsity Baseball 2. EDWARDS, KIM: Creative Writing Award 13 FHA 2, 33 Pep Club 23 Volleyball 3, 43 Volleyball Captain 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 4. ELMORE, BILL: J.V. Basketball 13 Jr. High Baseball 13 March- ing Band 1, 23 Varsity Baseball 23 Symphonic Band 23 Pep Band 2. FRANCIS, ANGIE: "Choral Knights" QRoIand Grisel 13 Debs Girls' Club lRoIand Grisel 13 Carolyns Girls' Club fHoggardl 23 Homeroom Rep. 33 Prom Committee 33 Softball 43 Teacher's Aide 43 Fundraising Committee 4. FREEMAN, ROBIN: FHA 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Volley- ball 1, 43 Class Treasurer 1, 23 Class Vice Pres. 33 Primary School Teacher's Aide 1, 23 Varsity Cheerleading 2, 33 Jr. High Volleyball Statistician 23 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook 33 Yearbook Business Manager 43 Student Council 3, 4. FULLER, KEVIN: J.V. Basketball 13 Drama Club 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 13 Band 13 FCA 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 23 J.V. Football 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Who's Who Among American High Schools 4. FULLER, RENEE: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 13 Band 13 Statistician 13 FHA 23 FCA 33 Fundraising Committee 4. GEDDIE, SUSAN: Basketball lPender Academyl 1, 23 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball fPender Academyl 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 23 FHA 13 Monogram Club lPender Academyl 13 Close-Up 33 Prom Committee 33 Fundraising Committee 3, 43 Basketball Stats 43 Yearbook Photography Editor 4. GRAHAM, LISA: Teacher's Aide 1, 23 Pep Club 23 FHA 23 Library Aide 3, 4. GRUBBS, DAVID: Golf 1, 3, 43 Marching Band lj Pep Band 13 Spanish Club 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Boys' State Rep. 33 Close-Up 3: Yearbook Staff 3. HANSLEY, JAMES: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Basketball 23 FCA 1, 2, 3. HARDEE, MICHAEL: Jr. High Basketball 13 Homeroom Rep. 13 J.V. Basketball 23 Close-Up Club 23 Auto Club Pres. 33 Fundraising Committee 43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. HOBBS, LORI: Pep Club lLaney Highl 13 Art Club fLaney Highl 23 Pom Pom Squad qLaneyl 23 Newspaper Staff 33 Yearbook Staff Layout Editor 43 Homecoming Court Maid of Honor 43 Library Aide 4. HUTTON, D.J. FHA 1, 23 Drama Club 1, 23 Yearbook Staff 2. JACOBS, SHELIA: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Drum Major 3, 43 Bible Club 13 Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 43 FCA 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 33 Prom Committee 33 JTPA 3, 43 Student Council 4. KING, MARK: Teachers' Aide 1, 2, 33 Jr. High Basketball 13 J.V. Basketball 23 Auto Club 33 Varsity Football 4. LAMB, TYANN: Drama 1, 2, 3, 43 FCA 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 33 Pep Club 23 Close-Up Club 33 Library Club 43 Bus Driver 3, 4. LEE, HAL: French Club llrmo Highl 1, 23 Chess Club flrmo Highl 33 Spanish Club 33 Varsity Soccer 3, 4. LEITCH, PATRICIA: FHA 1, 23 Teachers Aide 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 23 Library Assistant 23 Prom Committee 33 Clipper Staff 33 Fundraising Comm. 3, 43 Softball 4. LOUGHLIN, J.D.: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Class Vice-Pres. 4. MARSHALL, CALVIN: Jr. High Basketball 13 Jr. High Baseball 13 Varsity Soccer 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 J.V. Basketball 23 J.V. Football 23 Varsity Football 33 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 4. MARSHALL, LORENZO: J.V. Basketball 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Bus Driver 33 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Soccer 3, 43 FCA 3. McLEAN, RACHAEL: Band 1, 23 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 33 J.V. Softball 13 Varsity Softball 2, 43 Speech 81 Drama Club 23 Varsity Volleyball Stats. 3, 43 Jr. High Volleyball Stats. 3, 43 FCA 3, 43 JTPA 4. MIDGETT, MARK: Art Club 13 Computer Club 13 Marching Band 1, 23 Chess Club 2, 33 Pep Band 2, 33 Varsity Baseball Mgr. 2. MOORE, CHRIS: Bible Club 13 Baseball 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 23 FCA 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. MOORE, WILLIS: Jr. High Basketball 13 J.V. Basketball 23 Varsity Soccer 23 Auto Club 33 Varsity Football 3, 43 FCA 3, 4. NEVILLE, WENDELL: J.V. Football 23 Chess Club 3. NEW, RAMONA: Basketball 2, 33 Handball 13 Folkdance 13 Gymnastics 2 fN.Y.l3 Chorus 33 Fundraising Comm. 4I NIXON, BARBARA: Bible Club 1, 2. NIXON, KEVIN: Bible Club 13 FCA 2, 3. ROWLAND, CASS: Art Club 13 Drama Club 13 Chorus 1, 2, 33 FCA 1, 2, 43 J.V. Football 23 Auto Club 2, 33 Bible Club 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 3rd Place in Talent Show 3. RUEGNER, LEIGH ANNE: Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 23 Close-Up Club 1, 23 Yearbook 3, 43 Homecoming Court 3, 43 Homecoming Oueen 43 Prom Comm. 33 Class Officer fTreasurerl Fundraising Comm. 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Yearbook Editor 4. SHEPARD, MICHAEL: Marching Band 1, 23 Basketball Stats. 1, 2, 3, 43 Jr. High Baseball 13 Intramural Basketball 13 Sym- phonic Band 23 Pep Club 23 National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Junior Marshall 33 Who's Who Among American High School 33 Student Council Vice-Pres. 43 Boys' State 3. SIDBURY, FREDRICK: Bible Club 13 Art Club 13 Chorus 13 Pep Club 1, 23 FCA 2, 3, 43 J.V. Football 23 Pirate Mascot 3. SIDBURY, HAROLD: J.V. Basketball 13 Pep Club 13 Band 1, 23 Varsity Basketball 33 Bus Driver 3, 4. SMITH, BYRON: Teacher's Aide 2, 33 J.V. Basketball Stat. 23 Bus Driver 3, 43 Varsity Soccer 33 Auto Club 3. SMITH, MIKE: Basketball 1, 2, 33 Close-Up 23 Spanish Club 2, 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 33 Homeroom Rep. 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V. Football 23 FCA 2, 3, 4. STRICKLAND, TERESA: Homecoming Court 1, 2, 43 Jr. High Basketball Mgr.!Jr. High Baseball Mgr. 1, 23 Prom Comm. 33 Fundraising Comm. 3, 43 Jr. Class Sec. 33 Sr. Class Sec. 4. THOMAS, DENISE: Jr. High Girls Basketball 13 Pep Club 13 Jr. High Softball 13 Varsity Girls Baseball 23 National Honor Soci- ety 23 National Honor Society Pres. 33 Student Council Trea- surer 33 Student Council Pres. 4. WARD, CHARLOTTE: Jr. High Softball 13 Bible Club 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 43 J.V. Cheerleader 13 Basketball Stat. 23 Flagteam 2, 3, 43 FCA 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 33 FHA 33 Student Council Rep. Exec. Comm. Sec. 3, 43 Eastern District Assoc. of Stu- dent Council Delegate 33 Homecoming Court 3, 43 Prom Fun- draising Comm. Chairperson 33 Teacher's Aide 3, 43 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 43 Cafeteria Worker 4. WATERS, BECKY: French 1, 23 Lib. Club Sec. 13 Lib Club Vice-Pres. 23 FHA 13 Yearbook Staff 13 Basketball 23 Home- coming Court CAyden-Griftonl 23 Science Club 33 Drama 33 FBLA 35 Office Aide 4. 'QP Al WATERS, JOHN: Library Club 1, 23 Science Club 1, 23 Quiz Bowl 23 French Club fAyden-Griftonj 23 Chorus 4. WILLIAMS, DAVID: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 23 Soph. Class Pres. 23 Book Club Pres. 23 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Jr. Class Pres. 33 Career Explorer Post Pres. 33 Sr. Class Pres. 43 FCA 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. fl... GRADUATING CLASS OF 1986 Class Flower - Red Rose Class Color - Blue Class Motto - "To do a great right, do a little wrong." i 135 'Z QT ix wb. ejffam 0 W A W J Q lla SCO When you're dreaming of the perfect place to live, to play, to enjoy year'round outdoor pleasures...Topsail Greens has it all. The very newest concept in manufactured home communities, Topsail Greens features gracious country club living in an incompar- able setting that encompasses 256 verdant acres The handsome clubhouse with dining room is also yours to enjoy. When completed, Topsail Greens will be a charming community of ap- proximately 250 homes. Central to the lush greenery is an 18-hole, par 71 golf course that is splendidly maintained. Feattuing Tifton Bermuda greens fthe favorite of championsj, it is irrigated from tee to green- all 155 acres of it. just playing on it will give you that champion feeling! Topsail Greens is a development of Cham- pion Home Communities, Inc., a subsidiary of Champion Home Builders Co. The homes are custom-designed to blend perfectly into this natural, rolling-green ambience. They offer every amenity for comfortable and relaxed living, and feature exteriors with the lavish look of stained wood siding. Every care will be taken to make homes at Topsail Greens more than a little extraordinary. tag? A Development of Champion Home Communities, Inc. Q Subsidiary of Champion Home Builders Co. 550 US l7 North, Hampstead, NC 28443 919-270-4444 , This is not an offenng or solicitation and has not been authorized as such by any govemmcntsl authority. Q Q 57 N t we V ss Xl it 2 E Susan freaks out as Mrs. Campbell forces her to yet another session at the summer year- book workshop at UNC Chapel Hill. ln between drawing layouts and writing copy, Cindy, Julie, Tonya, and Torra pose for a shot. Who Said lt'd Be Easy? Don't let the photos fool you - under all their ridiculousness, corny jokes, quips, and lewd mannerisms, this year's yearbook staff worked harder than ever to give their stu- dent body a yearbook to remember. It wasn't easy, but then again, who said it'd be? Our dedicated and loyal advisor, Mrs. Campbell, victoriously led us through deadlines, piles of layouts, and the monotonous days of ad sell- our intrepid editor. Without her ex- pertise on the art of layouts, copy, etc., there's no telling where we'd be now. She always succeeded in getting in her two cent's worth, but we loved her just the same. This year, we walked the extra mile to present to you something that will hopefully sustain your high school memories in the years to come. And boy are we glad it's done! ing. And then there was Leigh Anne, Z' ' ii mf- l Clockwise from front: Leigh Anne Ftuegner, Lori Hobbs, Dora Johnson, Susan Geddie, Amy Henderson, Lisa Lewis, Tonya Housand, Cindy Brown, Julie Neff, Torra Jacobs, Natalie Lake, and Susan Satterfield. Not shown: Robin Freeman, Business Manager. Leigh Anne Ruegner relieves her tensions by hanging upside down in her dorm room at Chapel l-lill during the Jostens Yearbook workshop. Allen, Donna 24 Allen, Doris 30 Arnold, Loran 24 Asbury, Rick 26 Clement, Jimmy 27 Collins, Elizabeth 21 Conner, Clint 27 Conner, Gwendolyn 72 Atkinson, Ann 33, 62, 71, 72, 121 Atkinson, Charlie 27, 44, 61, 64, 121 Atkinson, Jeff 33, 71, 121 Azzolesi, Nicola 32 Baran, Elizabeth 7, 9 Batson, Audrea 24, 76 Batson, Jennifer 7, 134 Batson, Michael 21, 55, 72 Batson, Ricky 7, 94, 134 Batson, Roy 33, 63, 72 Batson, Teresa 7, 12, 77, 78, 119, 129,131,134 Batts, Becky 30 Batts, Carlton 33, 72 Batts, Carolyn 24 Batts, Chuck 27, 44, 64, 67 Batts, David 21, 119 Batts, Demetrius 21, 77 Batts, Jennifer 33, 72, 126 Batts, Batts, John 21, 50, 77, 78, 130 Joseph 21, 77 Batts, Michelle 7, 12, 78, 111, 134 Batts, Schnetska 7, 12, 57, 108, 120, 134 Batts, Scott 30 Batts, Shelly 27 Batts, Twanna 27, 53, 65, 120 Baum, Baum, Shane 21, .30 Shannon 27, 125 Benton, Bobby 7 Benton, Mr. Tom 16, 20 Berger, Jim 7, 46, 134 Billings, Karen 30 Billings, Kimberly 33 Blanton, Tony 31, 73 Bledsoe, Eleanor 21 Bolton, Woody 33 Bradford, Mrs. Gloria 17 Boughner, Robert 27 Boyd, Melissa 24 Bradshaw , James 21, 23 Bradshaw, Jeff 35 Bradshaw, John 27 Bradshaw, Scott 30, 73 Conner, Leandris 8, 12, 15 Conner, Terrance 33, 63, 72 Cooke, Traye 59 Cooper, Jennifer 27, 172 Copp, Rachel 24, 48, 52, 72 Corbett, William 27, 72, 122 Cosby, Malcolm 33 Coston, Mrs. Marcy 20 Coston, Sandra 21 Coston, Shannon 33, 72 Covil, Stephanie 33, 127 Covil, Stephen 27 Cox, Dwight 27, 67, 73 Craven, Christina 27, 48, 60, 131 Crawford, Kay 33 Crouch, Scott 29, 72, 73, 126 Cutler, Alan 21, 44, 55, 122, 130 Cutler, Ms. Carol 17, 56, 57 Daniel, Mrs. Gail 16, 78 Daniel, Shawn 7, 46, 134 Davis, Eddie 21, 38, 44, 55, 70, 73, 130 Davis, James 33, 72, 123 Davis, Michael 30, 67, 73 Davis, Victor 32, 33 Dawson, Robert 20 Deacon, Michael 21, 37 Dean, Larry 32 Dellobuono, Danny 27 Dickerson, Elva 21 Dion, Stacey 30 Dixon, Roland 33 Dixon, Stevie 29 Dortch, Fred 27 Doyle, Bernadette 33 Doyle, Shawn 30 Duncan, David 27, 67, 70, 131 Dyer, Kristin 30 Dyer, Todd 24 Eaches, Linda 30 Earp, Jill 33, 72 Edens, Randall 27, 67 Edgell, David 26 Edgell, Debbie 32 Edgell, Robert 35 Funderburk, Mr. Grady 16, 44, 61, 124 Fussell, Lori 30, 66, 71, 73 Gales, Greg 29 Gales, Paula 33 Ganon, Mike 26 Garrison, Marckita 27, 66, 117 Garrison, Warren 29, 61, 63, 64, 67 Garriss, Rodney 29 Geddie, Dennis 30, 35 Geddie, Susan 8, 10, 12, 41, 56, 57, 94, 95, 106, 134, 137 Geddie, Travis 33, 126 George, Brad 21, 77 Gibson, Mr. Ed 18, 48, 49, 64, 65 Gibson, Sabra 27 Gizinksi, Dennis 26 Gizinksi, Shannon 30 Glahn, Shawn 30, 73 Gore, Craig 33 Graham, Brad 33 Graham, Lisa 10, 78, 113, 134 Graham, Nickey 21, 23, 44 Graham, Robin 33 Green, Jason 63 Griffin, Bobbie Jo 21, 77 Griffith, Mike 9, 50, 51, 55 Grindstalf, Billy 21 Groves, Eric 129 Grubbs, Mrs. Doris 18, 38 Grubbs, David 10, 37, 58, 75, 110, 131, 134 Gunter, Missy 30, 65, 66, 73 Gunter, Robbie 24, 46 Gurganous, Kelly 29 Hall, Charlie 27, 67 Hall, Mrs. Marie 20 Hanc, Martin 37, 75 Hanna, Cindy 10 Hansen, Scott 27 Hansley, James 10, 12, 44, 134 Howard, Tonia 30, 120 Howard, Tracy 30, 120 Howell, Bernard 33 Howell, Keith 24 Howell, Lisa 30 Hudsonf Lynette 76 Hudson, Steven 30 Huff, Paul 27 Hughes, Ms. Diane 18, 78 Hunter, Timothy 32 Hurd, Ann 24, 72, 73 Hutton, D. J. 10, 106, 134 Ingram, John Scott 33, 72 Ingram, John 24 Irving, Tiffany 27, 67, 66 Jacobs, Clareas 33, 72, 120 Jacobs, Drusenda 27, 72, 74 Jacobs, Ray 30, 63, 73, 120 Jacobs, Sheila 11, 12, 52, 53, 57, 69, 72, 78, 120, 134 Jacobs, Torra 21, 42, 72, 75, 120, 124, 137 James, Mr. Dan 18, 23 Jarman, Russell 27 Jenkins, Mia 34, 72 Jenkins, Sonya 28, 72 Johnson, Dora 21, 42, 43, 57, 70, 137 Johnson, Kevin 30 Jonnson, Kim 28, 48, 66 Johnson, Leroy 28, 61, 64, 67 72, 73 Johnson, Marcy 29 Johnson, Sarah 21, 41, 72, 74 Johnston, Kansas 35 Jones, Angelica 34, 72 Jones, Carol 34 Jones, Dana 34, 62, 71, 72 Jones, Debbie 28 Jones, Jeff 11, 46 Jones, Missy 28 Jones, Phillip 34 Jones, Steven 28, 46, 61, 64, 72 Hansley, Jewanta 30 Hansley, Osahal 33 Hansley, Tabitha 30 Hansley, Terri 24, 78 Braggs, Ms. Dorothy 16, 133 Branch, Tammy 27 Brandon, Ryan 31 Branhan, Rodney 35 Brite, Karen 24, 130 Brite, Tony 27 Brooks, Mark 35 Brown, Cyndi 21, 42, 43, 130, 137 Edwards, Kim 10, 48, 53, 134 Ellington, Scott 4, 33 Ellis, Ms. Kathy 17, 20 Bill 134 Elmore, 10, 12, Elmore, Susan 27 English, Eddie 27, 122 Eubank, Anna 24, 57 Euglow, John 27 Euglow, Onna 30 Brown, Glyndal 7, 12, 113 Brown, James 33 Brown, Jason 33, 71, 72 Brown, Kirk 17 Brown Brown Burch, Burke, , Tonia 27, 76 , Wendy 24, 76 Thomas Kevin 30 Diana 7, 134 Campbell, Mrs. Annette 17 Carden, Lee 27, 63 Carrington, Monique 30, 116, 172 Carter, Ennett 21, 44 Carter, Eric 5, 27 Carter, Steven 33 Carter , Timmy 27 Carter, Mr. Tommy 5, 17 Carter, Wendy 30, 73 Eustace, Doug 30 Evans, Brian 21 Evans, Susan 30, 62, 71 Ferrell, Jason 27, 67 Ferrell, Michelle 24, 37, 57, 60, 73 Fisher, Rhonda 27 Fordan, Brita 27, 72 Forgach, Greg 24 Foy, Mr. Richard 17, 46 Francis, Angela 10, 84, 134 Frazier, Mr. Tom 17, 46, 47 Freeman, Robin 9, 10, 69, 109, 123, 134, 137 Fuller, Ann 33, 72 Fuller, David 33, 63 Fuller, Mrs. Dora 20 Fuller, Kevin 10, 12, 46, 78, Chamblee, Keith 27, 63, 64 Cherry, Miss Wanda 16 Clark, Becky 30 Clayton, Sonya 7, 12, 53, 57, 78, 109, 117, 134 138 Index 87, 134 Fuller, Reggie 33, 72 Fuller, Renee 10, 12, 53, 56, 57,113,117,134 Fuller, Tarcher 30, 73 Hansley, Zanetta 21 Hardee, Michael 10, 12, 13, 50, 94, 95, 129, 134 Hardison, Zarnell 30, 63, 73, 116 Harker, Andy 29 Harrell, Angela 27, 48, 60, 66, 73 Harrell, Mrs. Vicki 60 Hartsfield, Michael 33 Hassell, Darrick 30, 63, 67, 71 Hassell, Mrs. Virginia 20 Hatcher, James 24, 39, 58, 59 Hatcher, Jennifer 33, 62, 72, 126 Hayes, Larry 33, 63 Hedgepeth, William 24 Henderson, Amy 24, 57, 137 Henderson, Billy 33, 72 Henry, Kerri 32, 64, 73 Hewett, Scott 33 Hill, Karum 33, 62 Hobbs, Billy 30, 32 Hobbs, Lori 10, 12, 78, 118, 129, 134, 137 Hodges, Robbie 24 Hollis, Kevin 33, 72 Hollis, Kim 24, 72 Hollis, Jamie 24 Horn, Ronald 32 Horrell, LeAnn 27, 72, 126 Horrell, Marti 24, 37, 48, 49 Housand, Tonya 21, 42, 130, 137 Howard, Lucy 24, 76 Howard, Shawn 32 Jones, Mrs. Susan 18 Jongema, Cathy 21 Jordan, Mr. Earl 18, 20 Jordan, Eric 32 Jordan, Jason 21, 58 Jordan, Kelly 28, 72 Julien, Eileen 34, 72, 126 Julien, John 30, 73, 75 Justice, Buddy 30, 34, 63, 72, 127 Justice, David 34 Justice, Stephen 32 Kegel, Martin 7, 21, 46, 58 Kegel, Mrs. Phyllis 139 Kelly, David 30, 73 Kermon, Mr. Bob 16 King, Gary 34 King, Mrs. Jean 18 King, Larry 29 King, Mark 9, 11, 12, 46, 108, 134 Kirk, Anthony 22 Kirk, Kristie 28, 53 Kissner, Eric 2, 34, 72 Lafave, Brian 34 Lake, Jana 30, 66, 72 Lake, Natalie 24, 48, 69, 130, 137 Lamb, Troy 30, 63 Lamb, Tyann 11, 77, 78, 119, 134 Langley, Michelle 28 Lanier, Crystal 35 Lanier, Jennifer 28 Lea, Sabrina 28, 72 Lea, Tammy 22, 69 Lee, Curtis 22, 23, 44, 55, 72, 73, 131 Lee, Hal 7, 11, 44, 130, 134 eitch, Patricia 11, 134 ,ennon, Lillian 34 ethco, Christine 34 ,ewis, Lee 31 .ewis, Lisa 24, 48, 57, 131, 137 ,ewis, Karen 22, 74 ,ewis, Mrs. Pauline 18 .iIIy, Grady 31 ittle, Traci 22, 37, 38, 41, 53, 57 ,ondon, Eric 31, 63, 67, 121 ,ondon, Leontyne 34 ,ondon, Melvin 32, 63, 64, 121 ,ondon, Robert 34, 72 ,ondon, Tara 27 .oughIin, Chris 28, 67 .oughIin, J. D. 11, 46, 70, 113. 134 .owe, Tracy 28 llanuel, Mel 28 llaready, Jennifer 34, 62 llarks, Stephanie 31 llarshall, Calvin 9, 11, 46, 50, 51, 117, 134 llarshall, Karen 24 llarshall, Kelldrain 34, 72 llarshall, Lorenzo 11, 12, 44, 50, 109, 129, 134 llatelyan, Troy 28 llathis, Douglas 34 llatthews, Shelly 24, 76 llaus, Mr. Bill 18, 37, 75 llcAIpine, David 3, 46, 72 llcCann, Martha 32 llcChesney, Mrs. Elisabeth ' 18, 20, 74, 72, 73 VlcClung, Martha 31, 73 llcCIung, Melody 26 llcCorkIe, Scott 34 llcCuIIen, Tracy 31, 66 llcDowelI, Martha 31 McGee, Renee 25, 125 McGee, Mr. Willie 18 McLean, Rachael 11, 12, 78, 108, 134 Meshaw, Carla 28, 72, 126 Michaud, Alex 34 Michaud, Carina 25, 72 Midgett, Mark 11, 12, 134 Miller, Howard 31 Miller, Marvin 28 Mills, Yashica 34, 72 Mire, Willis 11, 46, 117, 134 Mitchell, Alton 34 Mitchell, Mrs. Annie 20 Mitchell, Denise 25 Mitchell, Melody 28, 65 Mitchell, Mrs. Theresa 5, 18, 76 Mitchell, Wanda 31, 65, 73 Mizzelle, Stephen 28 Mobley, Anthony 31 Mobley, Cliff 31 Mobley, Monica 25 Montgomery, Craig 11, 46 Montgomery, Elizabeth 34, 72 Moore, Chris 11, 12, 46, 55, 134 Moore, Mrs. Hazel 18 Moore, Jenniter 34 Morgan, Erik 34, 72, 126 Morgan, Jamie 31, 73 Morgan, Misty 31, 73 Morgan, Tammie 73 Morris, Craig 25, 46 Mosher, Greg 22, 23, 58, 72, 73 Mullgrav, Andrea 25 Mullgrav, John 34 Munger, Melissa 25 Nance, LaDonna 25 Neville, John 25 Neville, Wendell 9, 11, 108, 122, 134 New, Ramona 11, 78, 134 Newcomb, Edna 34 Newcomb, Mary 34 Newman, Charles 25 Newton, Jeremy 25, 38, 58, 59, 131 Nixon, AI 31, 64, 73 Nixon, Angela 22 Nixon, Barbara 14, 134 Nixon, Corey 34 Nixon, Darrick 35, 63 Nixon, Gerald 29, 46, 50, 61 Nixon, Jelt 26, 46, 61 Nixon, Kevin 12, 14, 134 Nixon, Kimberly 28, 65, 66. 118 Nixon, Latashia 34, 62, 72 Nixon, Mrs. Lemetta 18 Nixon, Patrick 34, 63 Nixon, Tina 34 Nixon, Troy 25, 46, 61 Nixon, Shawn lRudyl 22, 50 Nixon, Willie 32, 64 Oates, Chad 34 O'Neil, Donnie 34, 63, 76 Oppegaard, Michael 22, 46, 1 16 Owens, Virgil 31 Padgett, Kerry 31, 73 Paliotli, Joey 15, 103, 129, 131 Parker, Brent 34 Parker, Jay 26 Parker, Jett 32 Parker, Michelle 22, 78 Parker, Ophelia 31 Paschall, Mr. Bill 44 Paschall, Pete 34, 71, 76 Pate, Mrs. Brenda 139 Pate, Wendy 28, 126, 172 Payne, Joey 31, 37, 75 Pearson, Shelly 5, 12, 22, 48, 56, 57, 70, 77, 130 Pearson, William 34, 63, 72 Peddie, Tammy 31 Perry, Bobby 34 Perry, Sandra 25, 70, 72 Phillips, Dawn 25, 41, 126 Phillips, Kelly 28, 72 Phillips, Robbie 22, 44, 50, 72 Pierce, Barry 34, 72 Pierce, Catherine 34, 72 Pierce, Kimberly 22 Piver, Mr. Glenn 18, 39 Piver, Luellyn 31, 65 Pollard, Shawn 14, 39, 44, 101 Pollard, Tonya 28, 48, 60, 70, 72, 131 Poteat, Josh 28, 126 Pullen, Martie 25, 42, 57, 78 Purdy, Dawn 31 Randall, Marianne 22, 78 Redd, Anthony 32, 64, 67 Reeves, Kathleen 22 Reeves, Shannon 28, 60, 72, 117, 133 Register, Angie 12, 14, 70 Register, Melissa 25 Rhodes, Kelly 26 Rhodes, Tommy 25, 130 Richards, Slynda 34, 72 Rimel, Lee 31, 73 Rivenbark, John 31 Rivenbark, Lancey 14 Rivera, Brian 31, 75, 76 Rivera, Julia 35, 76 Rivera, Michael 35, 72, 76 Robbins, Beverly 139 Neff, Kristi 25, 60, 73 Neff, Julie 22, 42, 137 lei Pate, Brad 25, 61, 62, 73, 127, 133 Robinson, Tiyo 25, 61 Rochelle, Esther 28, 53, 65 MORE PIRATES Some people were seen on our campus so often that we felt they were one of us. Beverly Robbins labove l.J taught all day at the Mid- dle School and still managed to as- sist Mrs. Schott with the Varsity cheerleading squad, Phyllis Kegel fabovel coordinated the conces- sions for athletic events and many other Athletic Boosters projects. Brenda Pate ill helped to assure teachers that their classes were in capable hands during their ab- sence. We thank these and others who showed what PIRATE SPIRIT was all about. Index 139 Satterfield, Susan 25, 37, 48, Rochelle, Gina 25 Rodgers, Eric 28, 46, 116 Rogers, Wendy 22, 41, 48, 53 57 Roland, John 18 Ross, Wayne 25, 61, 72, 73 Rouleau, Jason 31, 63, 73 Rowland, Cass 3, 12, 14, 46, 134 Royal, Regina 28 Royal, Rhonda 31 Ruegner, Leigh Anne 8, 12, 13, 14, 70, 129, 134, 137 Russell, Leigh 25, 57, 87, 132 Ryan, Laurie 31 Ryce, Stacie 31, 73 Sadusky, John 14 Sadusky, Paul 31 Sadusky, Robert 31 Sanderlin, Ralph 25 Sanderlin, Shawn 32, 73 Sanders, Amiri 32 Sanders, Leslie 22, 72 Sanders, Sabrina 28, 65, 70 Sanders, Wendy 25, 73 Sattertield, Margaret 35, 62, 71, 72 Sattertield, Reid 28, 44, 72, 126 49, 57, 124, 137 Schott, Mrs. Tracy 19, 43 Sessions, Donnie 28 Sessions, Tom 25 Sharpless, Andrea 35 Sharpless, Chris 31, 73, 75 Sharpless, Matese 28, 74 Sharpless, Melvin 28, 46, 61, Shepard, Willie 32, 64 Shipp, Kim 77 Sholar, Michael 35 Sholar, Stephanie 32, 62, 73 Sholes, Butchie 25 Sholes, Michelle 25 Sholes, Stacie 35 Shutord, Mrs. Cheryl 19 Sidbury, Andre 31 Sidbury, Celisa 12, 14 Sidbury, Edgar 31 Sidbury, Frederick 12, 14, 46, 78, 121, 134 Sidbury, Harold 12, 14, 134 Sidbury, Jennifer 25, 78 Sidbury, John 22, 50 Sidbury, Laveta 25 Sidbury, Lavetor 25 Sidbur , Pearlette 20 Y Sidbury, Nathaniel 35 Sidbury Penny 31, 73 Sidbury, Porrie 22, 50, 77 Sidbury, Mrs. Sandra 19 Sidbury, Stephanie 25 Sidbury, Theresa 22, 74, 76 Sidbur Yolanda 28, 66, 118 Y, Skipper, Cindy 28, 72, 73, 126 Skipper, Jennifer 35, 71, 72 Smith, Suzy 31, 73 Southerland, Richard 28, 46, 67 Sparks, Mrs. Annette 19 Spicer, Adrian 28, 44, 61, 64, 67, 72 Stallsmith, Jonas 31 Stanley, Mr. Jim 19 Stanley, Michelle 22 Stanley, Mrs. Ozella 19 Starnes, Jerri 28 Stephens, Christy 28, 72 Stephens, Deana 25, 60 Strange, Phillip 123 Strickland, Teresa 12, 15, 70, 129, 134 Stroud, Lisa 22, 37, 42, 75 Stuckey, Amy 22, 120 Stuckey, Joanna 29, 120 Stumpt, Kristine 35 Slutz, Linda 29 Sullivan, Chris 61 Sullivan, Lisa 29, 76 Sutton, Jonathon 35 Swinson, Lynn 22, 70 Slater, Melanie 28, 48, 60, 66, 63, 64, 72, 73 Shepard Michael 12, 14, 37, 41, 69, 75, 106, 116, 134 Shepard, Shannon 22, 50 Shepard, Shepard, Shawn 31, 71, 73 Tony 15 70, 72 Smith, Anthony 25, 39, 46, 73 Smith, Bobby 14, 77 Smith, Byron 14, 77, 109, 118, 129, 131, 134 Smith, Chris 25, 72, 73, 127 Smith, Cindy 14, 77, 78, 101 Smith, Eric 72, 123 Smith, Jimmy 31 Smith, Joanne 14 Smith, Jonathan 35 Smith, Joy 25 Smith, Michael 15, 50, 51, 55, 130, Smith, 134 Stacey 25, 37 Taylor Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Gene 29, 122 Joanna 35, 72 John 25, 37, 72, 73 Kent 35 Phyllis 22, 38 Tina 29, 72 Teachey, Kathy 29 Terry, Reuben 19, 46, 50, 63 Thomas, Denise 8, 12, 15, 37, 69, 112, 134 Thomas, Mathew 35, 63, 72 Thomas, Neil 31 Thomas, Richard 25 ,46 Thomas, Tammie 25, 37, 48, 70, 72, 73 Thompson, Keith 5, 22, 55 Toby, Ronald 23, 26, 46, 50, Tritoli, Ross 29 , Tucker, Jennifer 31, 62, 66, 73 Vause, Jamie 25 Villiger, Rodney 29 Wadtord, Tim 29 Walker, Clarence 29, 61, 64 Walker, Mrs. Mitzi 19, 62 Wall, Patrick 35, 62, 72 Walton, Kevin 25, 46 Walton, Michelle 35, 72 Ward, Charlotte 15, 42, 72, 74, 129, 135 Ward, Mary 23, 72, 74 Waters, Beckey 15, 35, 78 Waters, John 15, 135 Watts, Chuck 35, 72 Watts, Mrs. Debbie 19 Webb, Lisa 31 West, Scott 31 Wheatley, Mr. Frank 19 White, Amy 29 White, Eric 9, 15, 77,78 Wicker, Beth 23 Wicker, Suzanne 25, 57, 119 Wilcox, Michelle 29 Williams, David 7, 12, 15, 46, 47, 50, 58, 70, 101, 111, 135 Willoiams, Mrs. Kay 19, 75 Williams, Trina 29 Willis, Johnny 32, 63 Wilson, Sharon 35, 72 Woodcock, Mrs. Andrea 5, 19, 20, 37, 75 Woods, Lorraine 29 Woods, Ramaro 35 Wortman, Brian 25 Wozniak, Jett 15, 53 Wozniak, Jennifer 25 Wright, Mark 26, 37, 72, 73, 127 Wuske, Michael 35, 63 York, Dawn 23 51 , Trifoii, Paul 35 X K? ,Q G If Q -1 9 fu ,ect A, -52103 Qxc G' 91- H CA SRE nectar Q14 W W "fsDo405:-'Y VQG YK 53 22 Ga 'fs "f . 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Suggestions in the Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) collection:

Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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Topsail High School - Pirate Yearbook (Hampstead, NC) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 56

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