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Jr. I' iw? J ,gym sig: ,A Cable of Gorrtotits Holomlar ................ Sports and Spirit .... . Spirit Hoostors ..... Sports .......... .gs Aotioittos .... . Fooplol . .I ..... . . . Administration .... . ,Adult Workers ...... . Sorrior Jttylr Office ..... C7......I4.. , . , .7,,,:f,,,,'? m,,,,,,.. 1 .., , ,,,-,,, .aww-,rw Zfohisooh, Volume ,CJJC Zoooohish Sohior High School Zoooohish, Woshihgloh 1973: ,4 your of Morhorios if X.. Q....P-"""" EX' f f diff M , V I. L: 5531 , ,, X far- V fm 1. ,Aiqsixffsiyfgf fm, 2 VN 6 . pf .. ""5Ti?' ' Q5 YQ' my 'v-if ,., an ul'-A , .ff . Q , , L J vw B " f. . wi ,,..AW. , E Q Q 2 3 3 -1 H L 4 fi ?1 Q Q Qs Q a i E 3 H 3 5 'x Qi CJ J ii 4 Q! ,1 E .L 11 fw15Eiiiiifiifiili'Jimwrlu'WMEfm?iEREEYZW.iMWJMfM'MZIZWHEEWQQEQELSJYSEWZWEWMV ' 1 1 iifiiggifflkliglwPMlvhhffliGWMiki?-il?vEHWWWWKWWGWGWEQElinHi5W4N'W,w5i1QH"b1w:l,S?5ELiE,7-fi:Hv'fWf'--251553 3111! into Che THE GOOD OLD DAYS - Vicky Williams, Debbie Coleman, Carmen Polley, Kaelin Van Leuven. Cindy DeMoss, Denise Bouchey and Karen Reid dress up for homecoming. f-W ' M "HERE- LET ME HE'-P" - Karen COOK Kathi' Mvfon and Vickv IT TAKES CONCENTRATION - Maporenes Marlene Lamebull and cindy Potter Stump are putting the volleyball net up for a game. Concentrate on their twirlmgl "HEY, LOOK AT THE NAMES!" A Vicky Olivas and Rexine Osborne look at the new annuals. 4 Spirit of 1973 PATTIN' TO THE FINISH - Craig Engbretson closes in on his opponent in Cross Country. "OH, SO THATS WHAT THAT MEANSl" - Miss Scott and Terri Taylor show Mr. Furukawa, a Japanese visitor, the yearbook for 1972. AUGUST: The 28th was an early opening for the long school year. For many sophomores this was their first time in the new high school. The opening week was an active one, full of becoming acquainted with new and old friends as well as with the school. SEPTEMBER: After finally learning the way around school, its time for sports: football, tennis. Cross Country lthis year it's for girls as well as boysl. Also new is the volleyball team for girls only. New FFA members suffered the usual rough initiation. September 29th was the Homecoming game with Prosser. featuring the Homecoming Royalty and Top-Hi band. A beautiful globe was presented to the resource center by Mr. Chuck Veals, representing the class of 1941. OCTOBER: Fall leaves bring GAA and FHA initiations. Class rings were ordered by the Junior Class. Class pictures were taken for the annual. Ski Club and FTA entered a new season. Around the end of the month a stage band was formed. NOVEMBER: Top-Hi won the last football game of the season beating Pullman 49-23. The worst day of the month was report card day. Tohiscan sales ended the 22nd, just before Thanksgiving vacation. Practice for basketball season began lfor guys and girlsl, also wrestling lfor boys only.l CUTTING UP - Mrs. Lacell and Kaelin Van Leuven have that Homecoming spirit. 9111! Win er ,Memories As T ww . f 1 gr - r to - We r fr if L 'Q j, Q W if NICE AND EASY - Kent Oliver shoots for two. CONCENTRATION - Mr Winters, Mr. Allen and team wait expectantly for the outcome ROOTERS - Spectators, team members, and Coach Scott concentrate on the game, CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? - Mrs. Mitchell finds more overdue books to add to her lust. 6 SNOW FUN - David Cron and Glenna Wolfe enjoy a romp in the snow. CAMPUS LIFE - Karen Febus, Anne Graaff, and Loretta Bowers are deep in thought at a noon gathering. LOOKING FOR THE GOOD POINTS - lVlr Lott finishes his bookwork on scores after a basketball game. all DECEIVIBER: We drifted through the winter month of December with many activities. Basketball and wrestling began and, with snow around the corner, the Ski Club started a new season, Lucky students and faculty received a real shot in the arm with diptheria and tetanus shots. OUCH! Class rings were ordered. A little black magic and the drama class produced a play entitled "Get Witch Quick," Basketball and ping pong intramurals kept the ball bouncing through the end of the month. JANUARY: Snow and cloudy skies filled the atmosphere for the month of January. After a long and much appreciated Christmas vacation, students had to buckle down to work. The rnonth's activities reminded seniors that graduation time was near at hand. They were measured for caps and gowns, and voted for their favorite announcement style. Ski Club members went on their first trip to White Pass. FEBRUARY: February brought more snow accompanied by lots of cold weather. Badminton intramurals started. Sherri Scalley won the Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest. With spring sports just a hop, skip, and a jump away, the guys and gals had to have their physicals. February 10 was Dagwood Sandwich Day for the Ski Club and February 13, the last rooters bus took Top'Hi students to Selah. Winter -iv Kmzcmbcr Sprmg MARCH: Tennis, golf, baseball. and track were the spring sports lineup this year. "Bremers" team closed the intramural basketball season by winning the championship. The Top-Hi choir toured Central Washington College. Mrs. Sargent's drama class performed "You Can't Take It With You." Thursday the 29th marked report day, only 37 days left on the school calendar. APRIL: The Toppenish school levy passed lthanks to many people who helped with publicity and the adults who votedI, Juniors took the Washington Pre-College Test which showed them vocational possibilities. Pastel colors decorated the Junior-Senior Prom the 27th. Work Day sent many students out to earn money for athletic equipment. MAY: ASB candidates campaigned for offices. The Manhattans traveled to Portland, Oregon, for a jazz festival competition on the 19th, The Senior Awards Assembly was the 21st. Baccalaureate the 20th and Commencement the 24th were the last events for all the seniors. JUNE: The 1stofJune brought juniors and sophomores to Top- Hi for the last school day of the year and, unfortunately, report cards. FUTURE ASB OFFICER? - Monica Leon gives her campaign speech. FAMILY TIDINGS - David Aichele, Loretta Bowers, John Vergin, Kathy Mears perform in "Sir Oliver Descends Into Heaven." "WHAT WAS THAT NOTE?" - Glenna Wolfe and Francis Tobia try to figure out the next note, "CONGRATU LATlONS" - Rich Bowles presents the Wildcat Service Pin to Mr. Johnson. AWARD - Rick Bowles receives an award at the Senior Awards Assembly, PROM NIGHT A Ida Pinkham and her date watch others dance at the prom, CONCERT? - Jerry Schmierer practices in music theory. ME f fwgfglfswzw Q ww Spring i 1 BARB SORENSON This year Drill Team members received new uniforms of red, white and grey, which also happen to be Top-Hi school colors. The thirty-five member team performed before hundreds of viewers during football and basketball half-times. Long hours of practice prove their school spirit. The girls begin at 7:30 A.lVl. and again at 7:30 PM. Showing school spirit isn't hard for the Rally Squad members. There is always some sadness in our defeats, but the joy is doubled in our winnings. So win or lose, these girls inspire rooters to put forth their best on behalf of the team. The members of the Pep Band are strong spirited students who support the basketball team by playing during the games. The pep band adviser is lVlr. Gerald Fendell. y 12 tigfr l xi as DEBBIE MEYERS CAROL UNRUH "WE DID lT!" - Happy Rally Squad members rejoice. 1-2, 1-2 - Lucy Castilleja, Ona Hemstreet, Glenna Wolfe, Kathy Brost, MaryAnne Morrison, Janice Evans, Sandra Herrera, Patsy Lozano, and Alice Gonzales are some of the pep band members playing at a basketball game. GET READY - Chris Thorington and Faye Beasley wait in anticipation. A SPIRITED FACE - A Rally Squad smile from Terri Simmons. ,Mrprprirs pf the Spirit pf pp-Hi ,,ttW.., if Kneeling: Chris Ramirez, Paula Long, Mary Lou Torres, Janie Crowder, Toni Solis. Carol Mendoza, Rosemary Lopez, Nancy Conrad, Rosa Garza, Vicki Williams, Mary Solis, Colleen Clements, Second row: Captain Toni Leingang, Janet Stems, Erika Schnieder, Leslie Rowe, Darlene Clements, Tana Richards, Lupe Ramirez, Debbie Thornell, Pam Veals, Monica Ramirez, Assistant Captain Sandy Ashlock. Third Row: LuElla Bangs, Karen Febus, Karen Cook, Patti Rice, Denise Bouchey. Donna Barczyszyn, Debbie Coleman, Kathleen Mutch, Leslie Hinchey, and Jimi Burgett. Not Pictured: Kaelin Van Leuven, Julie Coles, Carol Orozco, Sports and Spirit 13 Behind the Sports Scene PEP CLUB - Miss Haba - Adviser Karen Anderson Sandy Ashlock LuEll Bangs - V. President Faye Beasley Jimi Burgett Mary Carter Colleen Clements Darlene Clements - Secretary Karen Cook - President Judy Jones Toni Leingang Vickie Olivas Chris Ramirez Monica Ramirez Rita Riojas Hilda Sanchez Mary Solis - Treasurer Barbra Sorensen Chris Thorington "WALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK" - Paddleboys John Cerna, Wally Garcia, and Joe Guttierrez take care of minor troublemakers during the basketball games as a part of their Lettermen's Club duties. 1 A MESSAGE FROM THEIR SPONSOR? - Mary Carter, Darlene Clementsi Karen Anderson, LuElIa Bangs, and Vicki Olivas crowd around for a look at an important paper. 14 "ANY QUESTION?" - Adviser Miss Marianne Haba takes care of business at a Pep Club luncheon. ' is was E it . xi ,,. as A tsl-:fx S I it 5' .1 K X ,. ru :wi -- lie k .if WELL. IT'S LIKE THIS - Talon Club members Jim Clayton and Tex Reid give speeches during a meeting. Pep Club is a girls' club responsible for helping maintain high school spirit. Eligibility for Pep Club is determined by GAA points and faculty recommendation. The members sell tickets at all athletic events, promote school spirit by putting' up signs. sponsoring rooter busses and keeping the announcement board in the office up to date. Adviser Marianne Haba said. "The members are really the 'cream of the crop' as they feel an obligation to their school to provide service and enthusiasm." Talon Club is a service organization composed proportionally of seniors. juniors, and sophomores. lts prime function is to do service for the school. ln the words of their adviser, Mr. Lott. "The members are the unsung heroes of the parking lots. In rain or shine, warm or freezing weather. they get people in the lots for our athletic events and then patrol the area to protect the property." The club also sponsors a pie-eating contest and other activities to encourage school spirit. The last activity of the year is a club picnic. Wildcats, or Lettermen's Club, is basically a service club composed of members who have earned varsity letters in any sport. Their main duty is to maintain order and safety at all athletic functions. They are the paddle boys, seen patrolling at the games in the red and white jackets. Sponsoring the Donkey basketball game in March was their main activity. The proceeds of the game were used to purchase baseball equipment. wi LD CATS ' Mr. Phil Mirosh - Adviser Frank Aguirre Manuel Aguirre Rick Bowles - President Mike Carter Jim Clayton Craig Engbretson Wally Garcia Joe Gutierrez Dale Hagerman Mitch Hixson Vernon Lacell Kent Oliver - Secretary - Treasurer Tom Sevigny - Vice President Bob Walker Randy Walker TALON Mr. Blake Lott - Adviser Frank Aguirre Bruce Aichele David Aichele Tim Beavers Rick Bowles - Comptroller Mike Bowman Jim Clayton - President Dan Griffith Mike Kearnes Dennis King Vernon Lacell Kent Rathbun Tex Reid Tom Sevigny - Vice President Sports and Spirit Ecu! km, l5'usf km, Chats Our Kustom WAY OVER THERE! - Dave Beltran, a senior of the Top-Hi Wildcats, is wondering about the next play, LISTEN NOW! - Coach Bator gives a pep talk. LINE UP! - Wildcats get in position for the next play. 16 The Top-Hi Wildcats ended the 1972 season with a 6-4 record, tied for third in the lVlid-Valley League. The highlight of the season was the Homecoming game when the 'Cats downed Prosser 41-18. This year the Sophomore members made up half of the team. They may have lacked size but they didn't lack the mighty Wildcat spirit. The Wildcats ended the season with their annual banquet. Rick Faucher and Jon Bremer received captain's awards: Rich Harris received the defensive award: and Fred Anderson, the offensive award. Jon Bremer also received the inspirational player award. The Ron Hovis Award went to Mike Carter. DON'T HOLD BACK - "Just give it here," says Wally Garcia. 7544 - Wally Garcia moves out to catch the ball. Hoatball keep O11 Zfrufkiu 1 Q 18 NERVOUS - Coach Brown anxiously watches for the next play. GOTCHA! - Top-Hi Wildcat, Richard Garcia, grabs a Prosser player. DON'T TOUCH! - Mitch Hixson tries to get the ball from Prosser. WATCH THAT PLAY! - Coach Winters and Dave Beltran discuss the Corning play. RUN! - Wally Garcia shies away smoothly. Qaaiball .St 'Kats Gam: -i. 3? Q. M NS -. .ng R at 11 X gf :i..,i,f , Sf WILDCATSZ- Front row: Arnold Garcia, Jon Bremer, Joe Pinkham, Art Vela Bancroft, David Hoyt, Tim Esparza, Robert Froemke, Abel Castilleja, Ray Razo Carter, Bob Walker, Joe Carrasco, Charlie Meigs. Not pictured: Dave Conners HERE WE COME AGAINL Team members run onto the field after half-time. MY TURN- Jon Bremer gets the ball this time. RUNNING IT OUT- Fred Anderson tries for a first down. 20 Ou Strong J L+ . X ' , , , N N. .1-, Joe Gutierrez,Johnny Olivas, Randy Walker, Steve Kukes, Mitch Hixon, Scott Strobaugh: second row: Wally Garcia, Gary Duncan, Rich Garcia, Rick Faucher, Ron Roy Pruneda, Dave Beltran, Gary Bjur, back row: Jim Ray, Randy Maupin, Scott Smith, Eric Martinez, Jeff Cobb, Steve Lambbull, Rich Harris, Fred Anderson, Mike Mike Green, and Frank Gunnier. Photo by Tim Winterfeld. TUCKERED OUT' Gary Duncan and Fred Anderson rest between plays. RIG HT ON, CATS!- A victory lets Richard Harris and the Wildcats relieve tension with a few shouts of joy. Qaatball 2 1 Win ter Waudcrlaud Miss Marianne Haba - Adviser Mr, Richard Otto - Adviser Bruce Aichele David Aichele Carolyn Aguirre Ron Bancroft Donna Barczyszyn Dennis Barnes Gary Bjur Denise Bouchey Tracy Bower Mike Bowman Joe Brown Kerri Carruth Nancy Conrad Davis Cron Tom Daniel Lynn Dean Colleen Dinehart Linda Dinehart Janis Ferguson Kelvin Fraser Gregg Gibbons Mike Green Teresa Halbert Barbara Hamilton Leslie Hinchey - V. Pres. Cathy Holwegner - Scrapbook Lisa Hood Brad Jones Jay Knepper Teresa Krebs Paula Long Eric Martinen Betti Moody MaryAnn Morrison Kathleen Mutch - Sec John Mutch Melia Myers Clay Nulph Sue Pecheos Carmen Polley Karen Reid Tex Reid Robert Reid Patty Rice David Roth Julie Saluskin Karen Sandberg - Posters Ron Schmidt Erika Schneider Chris Smith Randy Smith Mike Steinmetz Sandy Steinmetz Janet Sterns - Treas. Vicky Stump Vicky Tebb Kaelin VanLueven Bob Walker Paula Walker Rich Wike Kathy Wilson John Wingerter Jonni Wright- Pres. Mike Wright GETTING READY - Lisa Hood gets her ski gear ready for the slopes "UP, UP, AND AWAY" - Janis Ferguson, Lynn Dean, Denise Bouchey Kaelin VanLeuven and Melia Meyers enioy the snow ALMOST THERE! - Albert Doublerunner jumps for the ball as Rick Schnieder and Joe Pinkham watch Mike Wright tries to block Rick Schlenker s shot. "OVER THERE" - Mr. Lott blocks Gene Tanewasha in a friendly game of basketball Jutras on the Mow: 'L ' t - S i Q - m.:-" A ' ' fer : k t g i if i my as ssss i rw. s i ' ix as I sw : .s HIT THAT BALL - Teresa Krebs and Livia Castilleja spend their noon hour playing ping-pong. 'KW' The coming of cold winter days meant early morning trips to the slopes for the Top-Hi Ski Club. Advisers this year were Miss Marianne Haba and Mr. Richard Otto. The Ski Club had seven outings during the season, traveling to White and Satus Passes. The culmination ofthe year was a sixteen-hour trip to Mission Ridge. Even though the day was very windy, the slopes were excellent for skiing. All-in-all the 1973 school year was a very worthwhile experience for Top-Hi Ski Club members. Intramurals also began with the coming of winter. There were eight basketball teams this year captained by Mike Wright, Jon Bremer, Mark Fauth, Leonard Gonzales, Cary Martin, Jesse Juarez, David Aichele and Ron Schmidt. February 28 was the date of the final game of the season. Jon Bremer's team defeated Jesse Juarez's team to become champions. Adviser Blake Lott refereed and substituted for absent players. This year there were also badminton and ping-pong intramurals. Dale Hagerman vvon the final ping-pong tournament against Roy Pruneda. The doubles tournaments were played later in the season, winners were Patsy Lozano and Alice Gonzales. Intramural basketball, badminton and ping- pong kept everyone busy throughout the winter months. Ski Klub and futras Jones, TOP-HI 19 23 ,, J 11011 re Eno ing 5004, "SMILE EVERYBODY!" - Back row - Juan Benavides, John Lozano, Frank Aguirre, David Aichele, Kent Oliver, Richard Friss, Dean Engbretson, Tirn Beavers. Second row- Betty Nloody, Janice Humphrey, Lucy Castillija. Captains- Alice Gonzales, Craig Engbretson, Coach Tom Shellenburger, Rick Bowles, and Judy ww, aff if it iyr A rr,,. : Q ' ' 2. Q if f ' ' ,f' ' 'B 31' W wfwi , ,it, A " ' W 'W l 7 ' A ,I . ,,ih, ., , 2 X ,,.-r Q 51 f 7235 I me W Y 3 5 I , V w f ff r Ig , ,. ff ,t 'ff ' , f '-" -,tif "WIS f -12. f' , .' 1 5 v W- Mighty Wild Kats! "HMM, WHAT'S THIS?" - Coach Tom Shellenburger adds up place cards. "HURRY UP!" - Alice Gonzales and Lucy Castillija wait for the judges to tell which one of the boys won the race. ONE, TWO, THREE - Craig Engbretson, Frank Aguirre, Tim Beavers, and Rick Bowles do their exercises. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" - Juan Benavides tries to make himself believe that he just finished a two and a half mile race. LONER - Craig Engbretson rounds the last flag in his race. i This year's Cross Country squad consists of a boys' team of 10 and a girls' team of 5. A girls' team?I? Yes, for the first time in the history of Cross Country in Toppenish. Believe it or not, there are girls who want to get out and run. They're out there as often as possible doing the best they can to win all their meets. The coach, Tom Shellenberger, gets the team in shape by working with them to build up their running capacity. Craig Engbretson went to the State Tournament. Those members receiving letter awards this year were Craig Engbretson, Richard Bowles, Frank Aguirre, and Dean Engbretson on the boys' team and Alice Gonzales, Judy Jones, Patsy Lozano. Lucy Castilleja, Betty Moody, Janice Humphrey on the girls' team. Grass Ifauntry mf F . WWW VARSITY - Front row: Johnny Sanchez, Charles Meigs, Mike Carter, Harvey Koerner, Ray Beasley, Frank Aguirre. Back row. John Cerna, Dennis Peterson, Tom Cerna, Art Vela, Juan Benavides, Tom Sevigny. Standing: Coach Farnsworth,Cap1ain Manuel Aguirre and Coach Johnson. if 26 Ehrur Ga to Slate QQ!!-pf! HOW COULD WE LOSE? - Mr, Boekholder declares Ray Beasley the winner as his opponent walks away. LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS - Tim Beavers listens as Coach Farnsworth builds up his confidence. "READY OR NOT, HERE I COM E" - Mike Carter gets into a good position for a reversal. UP YOU GO - Mr. Johnson shows one of his wrestlers how to take down his opponent. GETTIN' READY - Varsity wrestlers relax before their match. "HERE'S HOW YOU DO IT." - Casi Castillo shows one of his comrades howto break down resistance. JUST A LITTLE MORE - John Gamble trys to pin his opponent in the begining of the match. 27 Wrestling Work and Dctermiuatiau fl . I . f F ,l.. 1. ez. 3 ...Mit ,A JUNIOR VARSITY - First row: Ornan Fauth, Ray Razo, Tim Beavers. Second row: John Gamble. Bruce Aichele, and Manuel Lopez. Managers: Kevin Jackson and Paul Braten. "1, 2, 3, GO!" - Mr. Farnsworth demonstrates the art of wrestling. A CLOCK WATCHEFI - Manager Paul Braten checks the efficiency of the stop watch. MOVING IN FOR THE KILL - Joe Gutierrez slowly stalks his victim before making his final advance. 28 'ws Q. autral the Cram 'K Vis we r Q x X.. TOP-H1 OPPONENT 26 ..............,.,, .. .... Kamiakin . . ......... .32 , 48 .... ............. A Wenatchee .... ........ 1 4 39... .... Hanford, gi.A ,...... . ...22 33 ... .... west Valley . . .. . .27 18 . .. ..... Richland ...-- M? it-'I-A . . .. -...34 .27 . . . ..... Ellensburg -.-.A--'--- i'l',.,. - - . .30 42 . . . ..., Prosser . - -... L- - i feta-L13 33 . . . ..., Wenatchee .... .... .,.., T2 5 28 . . . .... Eisenhower .... . . . .28 15 . .. ..... Sunnyside .... . . . .29 22... ..... Davis .. ....34 57... ..,.. Wapato... ....09 38 .... ..... G randview .... .... 1 7 35 .... . ..,.., Selah ....,. ,... 1 6 33... ,...MosesLake... ....24 Top-Hi's matmen pinned down the season with a record of nine wins, five losses. and one tie. The year was quite a success, with four of the boys qualifying for the state tournament. They were senior Dennis Peterson. placing third: sophomore Art Vela. fourth. junior Tom Sevigny, fifth: and senior Manuel Aguirre. fourth. This year the Pomerinke Award for competitive spirit went to Dennis Peterson, the Inspirational Award to Johnny Sanchez, the Captain's Award to Manuel Aguirre. Tom Sevigny made the most pins lseven to be exactl. and Manuel Aguirre accumulated the most team points. The Wildcat team ended the year by placing fourth at district, fifth at regionals and eleventh at state. When asked to what he attributed the team's success. Coach Johnson replied. "A good nucleus of people who are willing to work hard and who are willing to listen to what we have to offerg also, they have a developing belief in their capabilities." Also putting in long hours were managers Kevin Jackson and Paul Braten. These two faithfully wrapped weak wrists. bandaged wounded wrestlers. and harassed the team to keep them on their toes. WATCHFUL ANTICIPATION - Mr. Keene readies the timer as he waits and watches LOOK OUT - The Wildcat team plans its strategy as Coach Farnsworth keeps an eye out for the "other guy." Wrestling 1- 9- 7-3 S-P-J-K-I-C As second-year coaches, Bob Winters and Dave Allen gave the Wildcats a strong team. Although the team didn't have a successful win-loss season, they did give their opponents tough competition. The team's long three-hour practices paid off in the season's most exciting game, played against West Valley. Mitch Hixson set up the score for an overtime battle and, in the final tense minutes, the Wildcats topped West Valley 60 to 56. The team captains were Craig Engbretson and Randy Delp. Craig Engbretson was given the award for the most inspirational player and Scott Stobaugh was chosen as the most outstanding JV player. A brand new team! A girls' basketball team was formed this year, coached by Miss Cynthia Scott. Coach Winters and Mr. Myron gave the girls some helpful points. Although the season closed with 3 wins and 7 losses, the girls' efforts were evident in the many close games. The captains were Julie Saluskin and Alice Gonzalez. Both teams have many sophomores and juniors who, with their added experience. provide good potential for next year's basketball season. Q, gg .,.... fffffixfk 'mor' at .,,,- . X Haskclball Qi ' YH f iAf.T fx VARSITY - Front row: Scott Stobaugh, Gary Duncan, Mitch Hixson. Craig Engbretson, Randy Delp. Back row: Randy Walker. Kent Oliver, Mark Lundberg, Fred Anderson. David Eids. Randy Maupin. HIGHER, FRED - Fred Andersonjurnps for Toppenish. 31 WAY UP, JUMP, JUMP - Margret Pinkham and a Zillah player start off the game, TEAMWORK - David Rodriguez and Scott Stobaugh reach out for the ball, S-CAO-R-E - Gary Duncan jumps right in there and scores two for the team. HERE IT COMES - Randy Maupin and Naches player wait impatiently for the ball. Basketball Guys and Gals Swing in for Activa JUNIOR VARSITY - Waliy Morrison, Dave Rodriguez, Johnny Olivas, Joe Perez. Joe Pinkharn, Back Row- Lenard Cordero, Scott Stobaugh, Randy Walker, Randy Maupin, Harold Martin. Dave Kinney, Not Pictured- Dean Engbretson. 1 R 2 s X 73 , Q Q , Q ,., Z K ' f f, -N i X .Af Q Q 32 wr' GIRLS' TEAM - Karen Cook, Julie Saluskin, Patsy Lozano, Patty Kinney. Second Row: Manager Jeanne Humphrey, Dora Pinkham, Sue Cook, Ida Jo Pinkham, Margret Pinkham. Third row: Janice Humphrey, Alice Gonzales, Emma Jane Olney, Susan Davenport, Coach Cynthia Scott. Fourth row: Janice Evans, Sandra Herrera, Vicky Stump, Christy Jensen, Monica Leon. B-A-S-KAE-T! - Randy Delp goes up for two. WE WILL WIN! - Karen Cook shoots for the basket: while back on the boys' court, Randy Walker fights for the ball. HUDDLE - The girls are given some last minute coaching from Miss Scott. Hasketball Pitching, Katclzing, and V W gW,s.w,MtuNdcm-53535 i .WW swam - W ,....W.., First Rowz Junior Ozuna, Mitch Hixson, Mark Fauth, Coach Richard Otto, Joe Pinkham, Gary Bjur, John Galvan. Second Rowz John Cerna, John Olivas, Manuel Lopez. Gerry Desmarais. Third Row: Roy Malzahn, Ray Razo. Not Pictured: Joe Perez, With so few players, the 1973 baseball team was no match for the larger teams they encountered during the season. Although every game was lost, they fought back with everything they had. The thirteen man team was coached by Mr. Richard Otto. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - Mr. Otto gives a signal to one of his batters. EASY OUT - Joe Pinkham awaits the ball for an easy out at first base. ' 934 Editing - Cap-Hi Kascbal! PLAY BALL - Mitch Hixson waits for the ball while warming up. OUCH - Joe Pinkham waits for aid from Mr. Otto after he was hit by a line drive. LIKE THIS - Joe Pinkham shows John Cerna how FAST hisfast ball really is. ag? This year eight players returned for a second season on the Top- Hi golf team. Coach John Bator was satisfied with the way his team played. They had a record of six wins and two losses and tied for second place in the Mid-Valley League, losing by seven strokes. The team shot their poorest total of the year at the league tournament. Starting players for the season were Paul Dalton, Neal Cummings, Dale Hagerman and Scott Stobaugh. The tennis team had a fair season with four wins, three ties, and two losses. Coaches Marianne Haba and Andy Affholter agree that the potential was there, but the team members needed to work up their capacity. TOP-HI OPPONENT 344 .... . . .Eisenhower ......., 362 343 .... ..... S elah .. ,,,, 360 339 Sunnyside .,,, 360 356 ..,. .., Wapato , HH377 333 .... ...... H anford , ,,,, 326 332 West Valley .... ..., 3 59 335 .... ..... G randview ,,,, 384 339 Ellensburg ,,,, 338 349 l5thl ... ..... League Tournament . . . .. , , 326 ...... . . .Yakima State Tournament, . , , 339 l9thl . . . . . .Yakima State Tournament, , , , SINK IT - Neal Cummings and Dean Engbretson concentrate on their putting. lT'S A LAUGHING MATTER - Gary Barnes laughs over a mishap during practice. Golf team: First row - Gary Barnes, Scott Stobauch. Second row - Dan Story, Robert Reid, Paul Dalton, Dale Hagerman. Last row - Dean Engbretson and Neal Cummings. we fl fa,-X 54. Swing into Spring Sports First Flow: Mary Anne Morrison, Carolyn Aguirre, Monica Leon, Margaret Pinkham, Joan Allen, Kaelin Van Luevan, Patsy Lozano, Carmen Polley, Anne Gettman. Caroline Reid, Karen Scalley, Janice Anderson, Kelly Crawford, Paula Pettigell, Patty Kinney, Denise Bouchey, Karen Sandberg, Sandra Herrera, Tammy Henle, Linda Dinehart, Judy McFarland. Second Row: Coach Marianne Haba, David Story, David Roth, Harold Martin, Richard Lozano, Phillip Lott, Tom Daniels, George Meiser, Jim Jarvis, Leonard Cordero, Wally Morrison, Jim Brandt, Martin Van Luevan, Jim Clayton, David Kinney, Coach Andy Affholter. is arm E vi i I A SWINGING COMBINATION - Patsy Lozano and Janice Anderson show their form during a practice match. 37 600 and Ceunis Guys ' and Girls ' Crack we " I gf- Q f W 2 'g.hg 'Riagg . we ,. srtmffff-egg a ez ,X my f 93,5 ' -k,, 'MN -i tl, ' - .545 SHS?-fi t V as . fi K "A " ' 2' - ?fW':.,.,.,,, T36 ' f:fg'W"" - fe- 1 f I :A . tt X , , xt: 1,,sMi,,g::'1t., 3 -V. Yi, ft.. x, H , ., S Y- by S xnxx ' 3 t ' 7 fi'iYStfaifN5R?' Xi A .. t Q X ,A guy gf- s . ..,, s V71- flgei, 5 NM 'Vw ,, ,f""'5 'fx tisfat-,i"SFl!"t Yxsfig'ig'EtQ -. is -1 SNQQLSQY23135X-i5V1lg5fgflgg,yX5ifgf,axt1rii mt.. I '- 'satis -.'x'!?1? i' AVRAS-S9S'i1'2f'Si1Ym'l THERE WE GO - Mike Carter hurls the javelin. UP, UP, AND AWAY! - Vicky Stump throws the javelin at an invitational track meet. 1 nk fy Jinitr Bottom row: Miss Holland, Betty Smith, Gloria Oord, Eva Siefring, Ruth Lamebull, Patsy Smith. Second row: Carrie Brestar, Alice Gonzales, Janice Evans, Mary Carter, Kathi Myron. Standing: Mr. Keene, Debby Thornell, Terri Simmons, Sharon Simmons, Vicky Stump. Not Pictured: Kathy Clements, LuElIa Bangs, Darlene Clements, Candy Bangs, Karen Cook, Marlene Comenout, Judy Jones, Colleen Dinehart,,Laurel Murray, Debbie Hannigan, Jinny Carrizal, Vicki Tebb, Joy Schneider, Mary Omlin, Judy Lyber, Jayne Hoyt, Kerri Carruth, Lynette Archer. 38 Toppenish 81 84 ....... 84 .... 83 .... 84 .... 59 ,... 50 ....... Toppenish 62 ...... 62... 55M... 60.... 17 .... 12... ss , .. . tg Boys Sunnyside. . . Selah. . . West Valley Grandview ..Prosser. . . Wapato . Ellensburg . . . Girls Grandview. . . Senhower .Highland. Grandview West Valley . .Wapato- - Grandview Grandview. . . . . Selah, . . Eisenhower Davis West Valley . . Selah .... . Wapato Eisenhower Opponent 64 57 61 62 61 82 95 Opponent 47 35 , .... 7 ..sX .... .. ........ .Griijgiview i'.- . M .. Wiftzgie . .--f- x.-se.: ,.+-.ef--,ff.3: fWeweegwefe?wi 5? 1 - A i 'z Y - 1 Q .tw e- f-'Y y 4 .ps- MJS. 1 , - f. ..,,...w? is efifig 'wi' it ..,, . f . 66 58 49 51 We 60 06 45W 44W 56W 59 32 21 20 1 1 w 1: if,-ms ff 1 0 .. f,,. i f f If X 'ivy- 'a , ...ft - ' fi' '- Miss Holland and Mr. Keene had a fair turnout of girls this year for track, one of the many spring sports. They practiced many hard hours, day and night. They won three track meets, lost three, and tied with Grandview with a final score of GO-60. :rm 'U 433-S QQ-Om. no Bclcrrn QESQE Baci: rn rn' T23 S"S'1'?f -ian- seat? -. 0 Dgrqa' LOG-Gif-+ f-Q CU:"Lf Emvmg ODEO' V Pr' .ICULO-2'-0 :rg-.,,,m mms DJ H: E3 mcnwm 233'-P+ a:"+mrDE w'U 3 mgnarngcn - Q. mgm"'O - 22325 r-O' E'2f5'2.o. Smog-2 265 w .-+mW::: 0713. Q. -on 3"" 7: gimme. 2.-Tm'-+ 32,1-. cn-1-40 ,rf A A- -fs Front row: Fred Anderson, Vernon Lacell, Kent Oliver, Randy Walker, Frank Aguirre. Second row: Robert Froemke, Craig Engbretson, Rusty Brock, Bruce Winterfield, Buck Bailey, Joe Gutierrez. Standing: Mr. Shellengberger, Ronnie Rodriguez, Mr. Van Leuven. Not Pictured: Rick Shaul, Ornan Fauth, Bruce Gadley. Glen Schafer lManagerl, Mike Carter, Roy Pruneda. Ray Beasley, Wally Garcia, John Gamble, Harvey Koerner, Robert Miller, Zmwk f E v - Q f 0 4 . Activities we ,4 oundatian far leadership ,....a.,-v eww "YOU SEE IT'S LIKE THIS .. - Mr. Winters tells the Board of Control about the Coaches' Conference, while Mr. Strom explains the financial aspects. 55.00 PLEASEl" e Karen Anderson writes another receipt for ASB cards. STANDING ON PROMISES - Ray Beasley questions the situation. .42 S' I ASB OFFICERS - Kaelin Van Luevan, Bob Walker, Karen Anderson, Chris Herrera. and Mary Carter. s a 2g,j' g 3 z mfr,-5 1.:iikE?evfvf2fS,5iE .. straw - Tibrfi- fgiigssfgg ., f'Q,f.tL.::1 Student government is an important part of the life at Top-Hi. ASB President Bob Walker, Vice President Chris Herrera. Secretary Kaelin VanLeuvan, Treasurer Karen Anderson and Activity .Manager Mary Carter, along with the Board of Control, make up the governing body: This year the student government, along with the coaches, set out to revise the athletic code. The officers also sold ASB cards, sponsored Work Day and led all student body projects. The Board of 43 Control also has the final vvord on all sports letters and awards. Advising the ASB officers and Board of Control is Top-Hi's principal, Mr. A. J. Strom. "ANY OTHER IDEAS?" - Johnny Olivas, Carmen Polley, and Terri Taylor think about the litter problem, RELAX A LITTLE - Mary Carter, Chris Herrera and Karen Anderson run off the tension of their ASB offices, ' ASI! - Heard af 6antral Hand Marches to the Cap This is the first year at Top-Hi for Mr. Gary Fendell, former Zillah High band director. He displayed one of his many musical talents by playing the accordian at the TEA Honors Banquet in the spring. ln the fall he organized a small modern group known as the stage band. Rod Muffett played a "pencil solo" of the top hit song, "Popcorn," at the first band pep assembly. The majorettes, Janice Evans. Sheri Bailey, Marsha Burgett. Cindy Pardo, Marlene Lamebull, and Colleen Dinehart, lined up for half time shows at the football and basketball games. To lead the parades, Mr. Fendell chose seven girls as flag bearers. They were Kerry Johnson, Janet Sterns, Lupe Ramirez, Kathy Holwegner, Paula Long, Eileen Rank, and Vicky Olivas. Their uniforms are maroon and white with the letter "T" in the middle. The band was given a trophy for participation in the Cherry Festival Parade at Granger. They won first prize at the Zillah Community Day Parade at Spokane. The band and choir worked together to raise money for a public address system. They also presented a Mother's Day concert at Olney Park on May 13. FALL IN - Mike Carter directs band in the Sun Fair Parade in Yakima. GIRLTALK - Kathy Dexter and Karen Lewis talk over band music. l i kwa N LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT - Mike Carter leads at Front Row- Frances Tobia, Ona Hemstreet, Lucy Castilleja. Carmen Cooley. Denise Augenstine, Julie Lindsey, Sandra Maupin, Candy Murray, Cathy Parks. Second Row- Kathy Dexter, Glenna Wolfe, Kathy Brost, Jean Escamilla, Mary Ann Morrison, Patsy Lozano, Alice Gonzales, Vicki Olivas, Eva Siefring, Janice Humphrey. Sandra Herrera, Alice Wolverton. Teresa Krebs. Third Row- Mary Carter. Mary Shea, Joy Allen, Wesley Grant, Barbara Hamilton, Chris Herrera, Berney Alvarado. Virgil Newman, Ken Flathbun, Linda Dinehart, Louis Krebs, Scott Gibbs. Paula Walker, Dennis Hackner, Wally Morrison. Fourth Row- Ron Schmidt, Scott Smith, Scott Stobaugh, Harold Martin, Oscar Galvan, Rod Muffett, Scott Fisher, Gilbert Horney, Jay Knepper. Fifth Row- Mr. Gary Fendell, Band Director,Janice Evans, Colleen Dinehart, Cindy Pardo, Marlene Lamebull, Sheri Bailey. Marsha Burgett, Mike Carter. Flick Kraft, Frank Marez, Jesse Juarez, Jose Acob, Duane Uscola. iff t- 5 . , P A T -v we -E 'X-W ,ff :fi ,gn S . 2 .2 -as the band in a high stepping tune in the Sun Fair Parade. 45 i Front row- Martha Garza, Tamela Young", Rickie Coder', Kathy Ervin", Shirley Ashby, Cindy Henry, Ida Jo Pinkham, Pamela Young'3 row two- Terri Lee Taylor', Joanne Lopez, Anita Brown, Cheryl Wentz, Kathy Clements, Director Gerald Burr, Denise Augenstine', Colleen Dinehart", Kathi Mears', Loretta Bowers', Lupe Crowder: row three- Antonia Solis, Connie Alvarado", Mary Botello, Annette Brestar, Fluth Duncan', Sylvia Goodno', Carol Orozco, Jeanna Humphrey, Bev Everett, Vickie Herrera, Bev Beavers, back row- Ron Pilgrim, Ernie Garza, Val Braten', Paul Braten". Paul Dalton', Bryan Pratt', David Aichele', John Vergin' David McMillian, Jay Uppinghouse, Junior Ozuna, Rod Muffett, Kevin Jackson'. '-Manhattans "AH, POOR BABY" - Sylvia Goodno draws in a few lines for the aging effect, while Jay Uppinghouse pouts because he has to wear makeup. "A LITTLE DAB WILL DO YA . . - Sylvia Goodno removes alittle of the excess makeup from Paul Braten's worried eyes. 46 l 611011 Descends into '73 THE FINAL TOUCH - John Vergin adds last minute lines while his wife. Loretta Bowers, looks on in approval. CIRCLE OF FANS - Tenor Soloist, Bill Williams, is surrounded by admiring members of the Top- Hi choir. "THIS IS YOUR DlAPHFlAGM" - Mr. Burr sneaks alittle biology into his lecture on singing techniques. "OPEN WlDE" - Denise Augenstine applys a coat of mascara while Terri Taylor prepares some more greasepaint. Top-Hi Choir Iounged into the '72-'73 year by procuring the talents of soloist Bill Williams for their fall concert. Mr. Williams is a tenor from Seattle. who. at one time, worked with Nlr. Burr. Being anxious to perform again, the choir then combined with the band to provide the public with a Christmas Concert. The choir also assembled at the downtown "mini- mall' to spread glad tidings to all who could hear. With spring just around the corner, the choir began to prepare for large group and solo ensemble contests. Next the choir prepared for a field trip to C.W.S.C. in Ellensburg. Here they had the chance to hear the sixty voice concert choir, stage bands, and swing choir, also they worked with three of the college's choral directors. The annual musical this year was written by John Vergin and was entitled "Sir Oliver Descends Into Heaven." Manhattans were then off to Gresham, Oregon for the annual Jazz Festival. Withe the Manhattans went their accompanists, Ron Pilgrim, Scott Smith, Arnaldo Garcia, and Johnny Olivas. Choir officers for the year were John Vergin, president: Kathi Mears, vice-president: and Denise Augenstine. and Terri Lee Taylor co- secretary-treasurers. 6hoir Miss Marianne Haba - Joy Allen Janice Anderson Karen Anderson Sandy Ashlock Denise Augenstine Marianna Babich Candy Bangs LuElla Bangs Donna Barczyszyn Faye Beasley Bev Beavers Shirley Bloom Mary Botello Denise Bouchey Kathy Brost Jimmie Burgett Francie Burke Gloria Campos Mary Carter Livia Castilleja Lucy Castilleja Colleen Clements Darleen Clements - Sec. Kathy Clements Julie Coles - Pt. Comm. Nancy Conrad Karen Cook - Pt, Comm. Carmen Cooley Janie Crowder Lupe Crowder Susan Davenport Lynn Dean - Pres, Linda Dinehart Ruth Duncan Jean Escamilla Janice Evans Karen Febus Janice Ferguson Linda Florez Mary Garcia Rosa Garza Sylvia Garza 'bllclpiug " is the Key Ward GAA adviser Kim Gibbons Alice Gonzales Carolyn Hagerman Teresa Halbert Barbara Hamilton - Debbie Hannigan Val Heide Ona Hemstreet Cindy Henry Sandra Herrera Leslie Hinchey Cathy Hochrein Cathy Holwegner Lisa Hood Janice Humphrey Jeanne Humphrey Judy Jones Teresa Krebs Marlene Lamebull Toni Leingang Monica Leon Julie Lindsey Paula Long Rosemary Lopez Mary Lozano Patsy Lozano Millie Mack Kathy Mears Carol Mendoza Debbie Meyers Melia Meyers Betty Moody Johnie Moore Marianne Morrison Candy Murray Laurel Murray Kathy Mutch Kathi Myron Janie Navarro Pt. Comm Vicky Olivas - Treas. Margie Omlin Carol Orozco Yolanda Ortiz Kathy Parks Sue Pecheos Lucy Perez Robin Petty ,Dora Pinkham Ida Pinkham Carmen Polley Lupe Ramirez Maria Ramirez Monica Ramirez Carolyn Reid Karen Reid Patty Rice Tana Richards Rita Riojas Leslie Rowe Julie Saluskin Hilda Sanchez Karen Sandberg Erika Schneider Mary Shea Eva Siefring Sharon Simmons Terri Simmons Mary Solis Toni Solis Barb Sorenson Janet Sterns Vicky Stump Chris Thorington Debbie Thornell Frances Tobia Mary Lou Torres Carol Unruh Vicky Van Alstine Kaelin Van Leuve Pam Veals Kathy Wilson Sandy Wilson Glenna Wolfe Pam Young Tam Young D ALL TOGETHER, GIRLS - GAA girls get into the swing of things for a showdown at the initiation, EM BARRASSING? - Margie Omlin waits nervously for GAA initiation. EAT 'EM UP - Linda Florez, Carolyn Reid, and Kathi Myron are eating marshmallows on a string for a GAA contest. E wedge .Q K ll 1 dv all ni Q Y il rr li K SE Ni veit ff' as Nts.. FBLA Mr. Lloyd Keene - Adviser LuElla Bangs - Sec. Mark Beavers Val Braten - Rep. Jimi Burgett Darlene Clements Ruth Duncan Jeanne Humphrey - Treasj Sandra Maupin Johnie Moore - Pres. Laurel Murray Juan M. Palma Cathy Parks Fred Reimer Leslie Rowe Barb Sorenson Alice Wolverton - V. Pres. 'in FBLA - Fred Reimer, LuElla Bangs, Johnie Moore. Val Braten, Jimi Burgett, Laurel Murray, Juan Palma, Jeanne Humphry, Cathy Parks, Ruth Duncan, Adviser Mr. Keene, Barb Sorenson. Minn Q' K We 5 NO! NOT ME! - Janice Anderson, Patsy Lozano and Rita Riojas scrabble over who will be the one to clean the table. HELPING HAND - Calvin Kroll helps Vicky Olivas and Alice Gonzales to clean up after the Ranch Party. GAA members started the year with their annual initiation. The girls paraded around the halls with their hair in buns and their class year written in lipstick on their foreheads. The girls also wore their jeans rolled up to the knees, accented by dress shoes and rolled-down bobby socks. GAA members rendered their services as hostesses at the Ranch Party. supervised by Miss Marianne Haba. The Future Business Leaders of America is a new club, organized by Mr. Lloyd Keene. The main purpose of the FBLA is to develop leadership skills in students and strengthen their confidence as businessmen. The club is open to anyone enrolled in a business course. There are three degrees of membership: assistant. superviser, and leader. A student applies for membership and his application is voted on by the existing members. Once accepted, a student works up through the three degrees. The year was spent mostly in organization and collection of funds. There were fifteen charter members. GAA and 91313.14 Mr, John Babich - Adviser Eloy Flores Robert Miller 99,4 and 5'fl,4 Work The first activity of the Toppenish FFA Chapter was the Central Washington State Fair with a unique booth and the theme "Farm Safety." The annual hayride was in October and in January the members served at the Ranch Party. Parents and faculty were invited to the banquet in February hosted by the FFA officers, The evening was highlighted by the presentation of a plaque to Mr. Babich from the classes '73, '74, '75, and '76 in appreciation of his outstanding leadership and loyalty. The Central Washington Junior Livestock Show was the chapters final activity. After two days of minor details and contests the members sold their animals, On the third day after they had sold their animals, they cleaned up the yards. FFA Harry Abercrombie Clifford Bailey Candy Bangs Bev Beavers Bob Bell Gary Bjur Bob Buell Daryl Burton Gary Brown Joe Brown Shawn Chandler Cedric Clark Bob Clements Sue Clements - Treas. Jeff Cobb Don Collins Robert Comenout Ralph Conner Steve Ely Ornan Fauth Kraig Frasier Bruce Gadley - Pres. June Gadley George Gamble John Gamble Robert Gonzales Eddy Gulley Edward Gunnier Frank Gunnier Dennis Hackner Mark Hackner Tom Hagerman David Halvorson Allen Hellman - V. Pres. Mitch Hixson Jim Jarvis Dennis King Calvin Kroll John Mesa John Meninick Dale Northrup Curtis Parrish Steve Rambur Tana Richards - Rep. Glen Schaeffer Kevin Sealock Rick Shaul Milford Siefring Kelly Stagner Del Stanton - Sent. Derwin Stanton Don Steinmetz Randy Taylor Clifford Tulee Rod Treece Jose Villenueva Jim Wentz Vaughan Winnier v is! M ,S 1- ,.gg.., .4 . M-'Y' ,vw . .9 ' we r rt "t-s.....M-Wf.-f-r"" Wi, .... gr r-gk COFFEE, TEA OR . . . A Karen Anderson and Karen Febus survey the crowd during the FFA banquet. LOOK ... - Glen Schaffer, Ornan Fauth and Allen Hellman watch with hungry eyes as the dessert is served. VERY TASTY - Tana Richards enjoys the FFA banquet. SUCCESSFUL SALESWOMAN - Miss Keeth sells popcorn to Mr. Cook while Livia Castilleja waits patiently for another customer. A WOMAN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE - Hilda Sanchez pitches in on clean up detail after the banquet. A REFRESHING DIP - Mary Lou Torres watches as Tam Young bobs for apples at the Halloween costume party. WHAT ABOUT ME? - Calvin Kroll looks on as Darlene Clements and Mary Carter serve dessert. Side Ky Side Future Homemakers of America, with the leadership of their new adviser, Miss Elaine Keeth, were off to a good start this year with an unusual initiation, highlighted by styles of the fifties. The girls wore long skirts, baggy sweaters and pigtails. They also wore bright red lipstick and nail polish, Their many activities this year included bakesales. a Halloween costume party, and sales at the concession stand during the basketball season. They served at the FFA banquet in February and installed new officers at their own banquet in April. l FHA Miss Elaine Keeth - Adviser Karen Cook - Sec. Pam Abercrombie Joy Allen Connie Alvarado Karen Anderson Marianna Babich Candy Bangs LuElIa Bangs - V. Pres. Faye Beasley Mary Botello Loretta Bowers Josette Bremer Annette Brester Kathy Brost Jimi Burgett - Hist. Livia Castilleja Deanna Carl Mary Carter - Rep. Colleen Clements Janie Crowder Karen Febus - Pres. Janice Ferguson Ramona Flores Linda Florez Mary Garcia Sylvia Garza Alice Gonzales Debbie Hannigan Cindy Henry Sandra Herrera Jeanne Humphrey Monica Leon Winona Lewis Patsy Lozano Karen McFarland Beth McGovern Millie Mack Darlene Clements - Treas. Dixie Marshall Kathy Cements Kathi Mears Candy Murray Laurel Murray Kathi Myron Yolanda Ortiz Sue Pechoes Robin Petty Rita Ramirez Karen Reid Tana Richards Rita Rioras Hida Sanchez - S Joyce Schmierer Eva Siefring Sharon Simmons Vicki Stump Mary Lou Torres Connie Walker Cheryl Wentz Tam Young gt. at Arms 99,4 and 93,4 93,4 and J-Iamrr Sacicly ,fain FTA Miss Marion Ross- Adviser Karen Anderson4Vice Pres. Janie Crowder-Treas. Theresa Gomez Ona Hemstreet Alice Marquez Sarah Masters Toni Solis-Pres. , Terri Lee Taylor-Sec. i""Y fy ar,. My rss is x l QW Q, if 1, y g a n y-uw . ,Q lik-sf' f-0-Q -if'-0'-' A ' Ar Q rag .: vi s, ' Y Attending luncheons and participating in a community service project at the Nursing Home twice a month kept the FTA busy this year. As a school service, they served a Christmas tea for the TEA. The eight girls and their adviser, Miss Marian Ross, also attended the Regional Meeting in Yakima. This meeting is a get-together for the FTA organizations in this area to allow them to become acquainted and share ideas. Torch had a busy year. The members ran concession stands and sold ads and programs for the AA basketball tournament. if S . 'Y ,ig F ,A . The profits from the sales provide funds for two scholarships awarded to a senior boy and girl. Torch members are selected on their grades, character, leadership, and service to the school. Junior members are on probation and cannot hold offices until their senior year. Supervising their activities and answering any questions that crop up are the advisers, lVliss Elsie Tittsworth and Mr. Everett Cook. i Hands far 11 Hatter World i l ? . HONOR SOCIETY Miss Elsie Tittsworth, adviser Mr. Everett Cook, adviser David Aichele Karen Anderson Sandra Ashlock Denise Bouchey-Treas, Loretta Bowers-Sec. Richard Bowles-Vice Pres. Richard Bowman James Clayton-Pres. Paul Dalton Gerry Desmarais Ruth Duncan Karen Febus Leonard Gonzales Dennis Hackner Judy Jones Shane Jones Dennis King Vernon Lacell Sarah Masters Kathy Mears Wally Morrison Kent Oliver Rita Ramirez Linda Smith Barbara Sorenson Susan Stevens Yvonne Stobaugh Mark Stoops John Suggs Terri Lee Taylor Carol Unruh Jay Uppinghouse Kaelin Van Leuven Bob Walker 'WE'LL DO IT THIS WAY" - FTA members Alice Marquez, Toni Solis, Ona Hemstreet. Karen Anderson and Terri Taylor make the year's plans. SCHOOLMARM OF THE FUTURE - FTA member Terri Taylor assists a student with her art project. A PLEASANT SURPRISE A Christmastime brings a treat to the residents of the Nursing Home from FTA girls Terri Taylor and Karen Anderson. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Glenna Wolfe and Ron Schmidt have their orders taken by Bob Walker and Denise Bouchey as Kathi Mears cleans up. "CAN I HELP YOU?" - Honor Society members Karen Anderson and Vernon Lacell man the concession stand at a basketball game. "ANY QUESTIONS?" - Jim Clayton asks for questions at an Honor Society meeting. 95,4 and Honor Sacicty .rw .Memories ,ff .2-'If ,A TEAM WORK - Barbara Stoops, Melody Cook, Josette Bremer, Leah Sanders, Tam Young and Carol King watch as Fred Reimer shows them how to crop pictures. Later Sherry Taylor and Tam Young gather ideas from last year's book. - FLASH - Val Braten is caught in between pictures. CONFERENCE TIME - Miss Pryor proofs Fred Reimer's typing. Throughout the busy year, the annual staff kept themselves well occupied cropping pictures. drawing rough drafts, proofing pages and indexing. They typed, and retyped copy, and carefully checked final drafts. Many hours were spent before school, at noon, and after school, working on the pages of the Tohiscan. In the spring autograph books were sold and. on the last day of school, extra pictures were sold to the student body. When nearly everyone, except teachers, had said good-bye to Top-Hi until next year, the faithful annual staff stayed for hours to complete their pages for the final deadline. With Mr. John Mathis as adviser, the Caterwaul staff covered the years activities in articles and pictures. As part of a journalism class, the Caterwaul staff planned layouts, typed copy, and tracked down new and interesting stories. Besides sports and the usual yearly events. some special features were also presented in Top-Hi's newspaper. Boy and girl of the week and, naturally, teacher of the week appeared in the Caterwaul. at orgattcn STICKING WITH IT - Mark Stoops and Wally Morrison prepare a page for the Caterwaul. NEWS FOR THE DAY - David Aichele reads over the material as Ted Friss waits. Mss Jennifer Pryor-Adviser Pam Abercrombie-Asst. Photog. Marianna Babich Marlene Barney Shirley Bloom Mr. John Mathis-Adviser David Aichele-News Ed. Connie Alvarado Donna Barczyszyn Francie Burke-Ed.-ln'Chief Abel Castilleja-Sports Ed. Jim Clayton-Typist Mr,John Mathis-Advisor Jody Blackburn Kim Brower-News Ed. Tom Cerna David Connor Dean Dennis Ted Friss-Feature Ed. Dan harris Chris Herrera 55 TOHISCAN STAFF 'Val Braten-Photog. 'Josette Bremer 'Val Heide Millie Mack ' Fred Reimer-Bus. Mgr. CATERWAUL STAFF First Semester Julie Coles Flandy Collins-Typist David Cron Tom Daniels-Typist Lynn Dean-Typist Janice Ferguson Ted Friss-Cartonist Second Semester Manuel Lopez Debbie Miller " Del Stanton " Barbara Stoops Sherry Taylor-Asst. Photog. 'Terri Lee Taylor-Ed. 'Tam Young-Asst. Bus. Mgr. ' Full year on staff Kathie Guess-Man. Ed. Eric Johnson Judy Jones-Girls' Sports Ed Sharon McLavey Robert Reid Tex Reid-Photog, Milford Siefring Frank Flodriquez Chris Smith Rick MiramontesASports Ed. Barb 50fGnS0f1'Ad-M95 Betty Moody Johnie Moore-Bus. Mgr. Wally Morrison-Man. Ed. Kent Oliver Chris Ramirez Tana Richards Janet Sterns Mark Stoops-Ed.-in-Chief Dan Story Rod Treece Paula Walker Sandra Wilson Hatcrufaul - Cahiscau - Review People X 1 l awk 45 : L. knowledge Krwws No Hounds SUPERINTENDENT OF.SCHOOLS GEORGE BOWERS and ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT HUGH BARR ' 'QA '21 , Manny , All xy, f 4 4 . ,. X' ff ' V VE ., W T, J AV W ai" Q 'ff T gh 'We 1? msg Gif? '73, f 3 6 9:6 I .1 A pan ki , , fm , E,,E.iE W ZA, ., A' A'2 - . . SEM- " SCHOOL NURSE FREDA MC CLURE VISUAL AIDS MAN ROBERT DALRYMPLE 58 DIRECTOR OF FEDERAL PROGRAMS WALTER POLLEY OFFICE MANAGER LOUISE POTTER: SECRETARIES EDNA THOMAS, SANDY MASSETT, NELLIE RABER lllllilllillll llllllllllll i HOME VISITORSA Leonard Castillo, Ellis Johnson, Ted Strom SCHOOL BOARD- Joe Pinkham, R.E. Bowles, Jack Thorington, Wallace Floyd, and Paul Archer MR. GEORGE BOWERS, Superintendent, serves as chief executive of the school district. His responsibilities are curriculm and instruction, business and financial administration, assisting with special levies and bond elections, getting school information to the public, and faculty assignments. MR. HUGH BARR helps the Superintendent carry out his assignments. He works with the lunch program, transportation, building and grounds, and budgeting. He also assists with curriculum decisions and serves as recording secretary to the school board. The work done by the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent is directed by the members of the school board, who contribute two evenings monthly to the district. Coordinating administrative programs, and supervision and direction of migrant programs are just a few of the many duties of MR. WALTER POLLEY, Director of Federal Programs, Making trips to the students homes, keeping health records on students, and getting films are a few of the duties of the home visitors, school nurse, and the visual aids man. Adminisiralian U16 Peaplc Kchind the Scenes of Zap-fl! OFFICE GIRLS Marti Lopez and Hilda Sanchez CARPENTERS lVIr. Sam Myers and Mr. Bill Blakesley When asked about their duties, IVIrs. Steinmetz and Nlrs, Lacell said, "There's so muchl" They type bulletins, file permanent records and attendance, and sympathize and care for injured students, just to mention a few. The secretaries' load is lightened by the office girls who collect attendance slips and mark absences in the student files. This year they are Patti Rice, Sandy Ashlock, Linda Smith, Joanne Schmierer, Angie Macias, IVlarti Lopez, and Hilda Sanchez. The bus drivers, janitors, and carpenters keep the school in working order. They haul students to and from school, and clean and maintain the school grounds. I ia ae, 'W ' ' mm, I :m""'!E5 'ww 5 3 FLEET MANAGER IVIr. Ted Potter MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR Mr. James Owens JANITORS Mr. Charles Nlassett, Mr. Jack Walker, lVIr. Herb Gardiner 0 L , ng if E 'ffv?1,M" 2, -' ,V 5,6 SECRETARY Mrs. Cheryl Steinmetz SECRETARY Mrs. Hattie Lacell BUS DRIVERS Lew Derry. Ted Ross. Leonard Andrews, Ted Potter, Ellis Johnson, Charles Veals, Ed Miller, Ted Strom, Don Foster, Earl Brost. and John Mason, 61 MR. A.J. STROM PRINCIPAL MR. CLIFF MYRON VICE PRINCIPAL -,,"" ' wr? if Top-Hi's principal for twenty years, MR. A.J. STROM is kept busy attending many meetings. He is the representative for District 45 to the state board. As co-ordinator of student activities. he works with faculty and students to plan school curriculum. As Vice Principal, MR. CLIFF MYRON's main concern is keeping students in school. Earlier this fall, Mr. Myron attended an educator's council at West Point Academy. Attendance and discipline are also included in his duties. MR. EVERETT COOK is the Boys' Counselor. Added to his duties this year was the job of giving general aptitude tests to students. He is Honor Society adviser and bookkeeper for the A.S.B. As Girls' Counselor, MRS. HELEN RICHARDS helps the teachers with student problems. This past summer she attended several meetings which enable her to help students to plan for further education. Guidelines was 1. .9 K at 1 :if 3' is 3 f .S 1? iii! .........t. Q.. s it I I DID I TELL YOU THE STORY ABOUT. .. Mr. Strom chats with a student. HEY! THIS LOOKS GREAT. .. Mr. Myron scans over an interesting report. I 901 Mcmaries 1 -.ue . sg, . 5-ky ' K ' -s. ' ' Qi slkgixix I I X- - ffiiflfifX. , si.. nn- MFI. EVER ETT COOK MRS. HELEN RICHARDS A BIT OF WAY BACK WHEN- Mrs. Lacell takes part in the school spirit day dress up. I, X ,g.1Q,s',. - - To f ,Q-i..v .., AH... I REMEMBER IT WELL- Mr. Cook looks back over the year's MEMORIES OF A GREAT DAY- Mrs. Richards finds time off from a busy work. schedule to sit and think, Senior High Office MRS. MARJ ANDERSON, Top-Hi Librarian, has selected and ordered media materials for the resource center. The school's audio-visual equipment has been moved into the center this year. Teachers check out films and other supplies through the center. Mrs. Anderson is ably assisted by Mrs. Joyce Mitchell. MR. JOHN BABICH is Toppenish High School's FFA adviser. He teaches ninth and -xenth grade agriculture as well MRS. MARJ ANDERSON MR. JOHN BABICH MR...lOHN BATOR MR.GERALD BURR CHECK THAT MIRROR! - Mr. Winters gives a serious lecture in Drivers Ed. "DO YOU HAVE THIS LIST?" - Miss Keeth does her thing, FINAL COPY - Tex Reid and Jim Clayton finish an article for the "Caterwaul." I BEFORE E - Sandra Wilson does her typing assignment. GOOCHEY, GOOCHEY. GOO - Tony Leigang entertains a small visitor. GRRRR - Tony Solis handles a puppet during Home Ec's play school as eleventh and twelvth grade Farm Shop. MR. JOHN BATOR teaches four U.S. History classes along with Economics and Sociology. He is also a football and golf coach. MR. GERALD BURR teaches Top-Hi's Choir and Music Theory classes. He is also the director of Top-Hi's own "Manhattans." learning 61111 l6'c' gill! -1-me 5, 51-:H .f , , K farm, ,gsz twif'alfa-xlvzzfffwfrfwv-ii' we , - r 1, 1 F 1 ,Q f! l i fi y ' ' f H -. ii 5' A pg, , r ,f iw f -, I - 5 ' 1, it , ' 5, :ii l 2 ' fir rr, . .,,, -Q , Q1 it IVIRS. RUTH DIXON MR. GARY FENDELL lVlR.GERALD FARNSWORTH MISS IVIARIANNE HABA Three office machine classes, two general business classes, and Typing ll are the duties of IVIRS. RUTH DIXON. She is also a senior class adviser. Biology and physical education are on the teaching list for IVIR. GERALD FARNSWORTH. He is also the wrestling coach and a junior class adviser. NIR. GARY FENDELL is new this year. He teaches seventh. eighth. ninth grade band plus a class in senior high band. He advises pep band and stage band. ln lVlr. Fendell's own words, "lt's good to be a part of the fine Top-Hi band and a real challenge to help promote and improve this tremendous group of young people." Besides serving as adviser to pep club. drill team, tennis, GAA, rally squad, and ski club, MISS IVIARIANNE HABA somehow finds time to teach physical education. A Efzzczzlly and Klussraom MR. BRUCE JOHNSON MR. THOMAS JONES MR. LLOYD KEENE MISS ELAINE KEETH MR.BLAKE LOTT MR.JOHN MATHIS MR.CLIFFORD MERCER MR.PHILMlROSH f'if-W "YOU MEAN THIS IS THE WAY YOU DO IT?" - Steve Keeling and Mrs. Sargent discuss one of the LAPS. YE OLD GOOD TIMES. A Mrs. Joyce Mitchell wears an old fashioned dress for Spirit Day, 66 Cmchers ar1d5tudcr1ls Cry C0 Gs! J! Cagetlzcr 511' 5 . I S Q1 I Q "lT'S NOT THAT HIGH!" - Kathy Mears receives some incentive from Mr. Burr. IS HE OR lSN'T HE? - ls Mr. Shellenburger reading a book or writing a test. A STUDIOUS LOT - Jack Hickle and John Vergin watch Sheryl Weippert at work. MR. BRUCE JOHNSON teaches five Contemporary World Problems classes, serves as a senior class adviser and assistant wrestling coach. MR. THOMAS JONES has a busy schedule, teaching two levels of French, two levels of Russian and semester classes of Russian history and Cultures of the Northwest. MR. LLOYD KEENE has a variety of subjects-bookkeeping. Contemporary World Problems and Washington history. He is also a sophomore class adviser. MISS ELAINE KEETH teaches all five of Top-Hi's Home Ec classes with units in home life and marriage, child care, and one in foreign cooking. She also serves as FHA adviser. Two chemistry classes, one physics class and one earth science class are on the teaching list for MR. BLAKE LOTT. He is also intramural basketball adviser and Talon Club adviser. MR. JOHN MATHIS teaches the journalism class which produces Top-Hi's newspaper, the "CaterwauI." He also teaches four other English classes, including drama. When he is done running his mile a day, MR. PHIL MIROSH teaches Top-Hi's P.E. and advanced P.E. classes. He is also Wildcat Club adviser. MR. CLIFF MERCER teaches the Junior and Senior high woodshops, along with mechanical drawing. He is a junior class adviser and assists with the junior prom preparations. Qaculty and Hlassroam MRS. ALICE MUEHE MRS. MARY SARGENT I ""' ES' I K v www wx? ' W - K-.. 4, . E K F5 ., - ml ts- I I3 .5 I I f +5 L: I . L X N MR. RICHARD OTTO MISS CYNTHIA SCOTT MISS JENNIFER PRYOR MISS MARIAN ROSS MR,JIMSHEA MR,TOM SHELLENBERGER "I REALLY NEED THIS" - Mr Vandenbrink has Ins trusty pot of coffee. "THIS IS MY UNCLE ., - Eva Siefrmg stands to one side while Mr. Farnsworth shows the class his file of memories. 68 . swath 9 J-1 't i i "AND FURTHERMORE .. - Mr. Winters and Mr. Bator give pep talks to the football team. WHERE lS IT?" f Arturo Espinosa watches as Lenard Cordero prepares to swing, while Johnny Ozuna holds the pinata during a Spanish Christmas party. CUT ON THIS LINE - Barb Sorenson and Faye Beasley work on a sewing proiect. Ccachcr Power MRS. ALICE MUEHE instructs four English classes and probes the human mind in her psychology class. MR. RICHARD OTTO teaches art and four craft classes. He is also baseball coach, a sophomore adviser, and Ski Club instructor and adviser. MISS JENNIFER PRYOR teaches first and second year Spanish, one class of U.S. History and is annual adviser. MISS MARIAN ROSS is busy with two classes of English and two classes of Reading. She also teaches a semester class of Medical Terminology and is the FTA adviser. MRS. MARY SARGENT teaches five English classes, including modern novel, creative writing, and two drama classes. MISS CYNTHIA SCOTT is new to Top-Hi this year. She's very busy teaching ninth and tenth grade English, two classes of U.S. History and tenth grade P.E, She also coaches girls' basketball and volleyball. MR. JIM SHEA puts all his energy and teaching abilities into his students and into his auto shop. In addition to coaching Cross Country, MR. TOM SHELLENBERGER instructs biology classes which include the dissection of frogs and pigs, for those with weak stomachs. Zlculty and Elassraam ,Memories af Busy Days Sit - MRS, MARIE SHIPIVIAN MISS ELSIE TITTSWOFKTH IVIFZ. ANDY VANDENBRINK BUSY, BUSY, BUSY - Joyce Schrneirer busily types out her daily assignments. IVIFLJOE WEIBLER NIR. BOB WINTERS B YYBB s'ss .. V "'155i5H?w5. 1' fx A CLEAN SWEEP - Mrs. Dixon shows Johnny Ozuna howto clean the typewriter wi! LIKE THIS - While Mr. Jones and Manuel Lopez discuss the French language. Charlie Meigs keeps himself busy. THIS IS DIFFICULTIII - Vernon Lacell struggles his way through a chemistry assignment. all is Ill If If xl I 1 U l tt iii iii ii Besides instructing sophomore English all day, MRS. MARIE SHIPMAN is also an active senior class adviser. MISS ELSIE TITTSWORTH puts all her teaching abilities into three typing classes, shorthand, and a combined class of shorthand and Typing Il. She also serves as adviser to the Honor Society. MR. ANDY VANDENBRINK teaches consumer math, basic math, and two classes of algebra plus one semester of math analysis. MR. JOE WEIBLER, alias "Happy-Go-Lucky," happily instructs geometry, Algebra l, basic math, and modern geometry. Steady nerves and a great deal of patience are required of MR. BOB WINTERS. He is Top-Hi's Drivers' Ed teacher. He also spends many long hours coaching the Wildcat football and basketball teams. Sfacully and Hlassroam ax? FSRQ School Day Memories 1 ' ,swkjifref if 3 Q a 1 7 W W 4 ,, ii 6 5. f W ,f ff Q A , I ., We ,, Wff f I g a Wi .,,, wif? 'll THINKING IT OVER - Richard Bowles and Paul Dalton discuss a math problem, A SIGN OF THE TIMES - Rick Schlenker daydreams under signs ofthe times. SAY CHEESE! A Tom Daniels glances questioningly into the camera. READY TO ROLL - Mr. Winters, Randy Maupin, Teresa Estrada and Linda Dinehart take their chances in Drivers Ed. HHABLAMOS ESPANOL" - Miss Pryor works with her second year Spanish class. THAT'S A LAUGH! - Faye Beasley cracks up over a funny situation. BUSY AT WORK - Tina Solis and Mary Botello find the bleachers a perfect place to stud y. 611155100111 73 WE WON!" - The team that pulls together stays together, ARE YOU SURE?" - Troy Green turns to look in disbelief atJohn Mutch. Q T 6 ' . f 1, , ,,n,,,, M 1v:3W bis 7 I -Mgxi 5"'-fm.. """-Q3 V4 """""t M , 5 , New-W, "W-Wxn l'll at Vtvr 1 T 6 'E 'ri' its rtrr 'tte we E' y . T T WrtV.W 2 H gr' ftf, -'qw-sf-5, in 4415 T - trrrtt T y WKWKWV lmgm H133 4,, i 'Zi yd' f M...----'- ' at ' Wiwmzffit wt., ' , r--' , nw "WHO'S GOT THE NOODLE?" - Faye Beasley watches Mary Carter and Sue Clements at the FHA initiation. 74 C' we 1 N -K O " fm ' e O O i ff 5 f f W . i e ie f 2.: ',." 2 if W 1 f in iz " 5 in 5 5001! Cimes for Cop-Hi fix "THERE'S A FLY IN MY SALAD!" - Jon Bush, Ron Schmidt and Tex Reid are enjoying Iunch, or are they? ,Q O. new WOW! THIS IS GOOD! - Shawn Chandler, Tom Hagerman, Mike Toner and 5 THINK THATS HOW! ' Va' Bfaien CafefUllY CVOPS 3 Picture f0f the Steve Kukes devour their share of watermeion. annual' 75 Student flfe Never ,4 Dull Maman! f ? .f LOCKER LINE-UP - With a farily comfortable fioor and a locker to lean against. Rexine Castillo and Sherry Weippert catch up on assignments as Loretta Bowers, Karen Anderson, and Bob Waiker rap a while "CATCH YA LATER" - Mark Lundberg, John Suggs. and Lenny Gonzales discuss the day's events near an open Iocker, CAUG HT BY THE CAMERA - Joanne Schmeirer enjoys a favorite pastime. 76 A W V ,:v,,f Q M M, -..ty 1 v,. V Wi' J , 'mf ,,,,j vwWHzemv,' Q W tw f , aaaaf-M-ww-.WW-WWWW 12 ,..., ,xg , ' 'was' If " 1 J ?e ' ia , , f . ' W off -v',,f1...A4'4ff 2, , -6 V as QQ UM," if ,T , ' if my J ' if ,O g f V' ,N in My ., g . M y V' it rf ff , I- --W R'-. :, , ' 'N' K Vx kr ' A , WM ,omg ,ga Ngx , A-w,wz.w,y ,1 .,, 1 ,f 1 X' ' 5' X 'V J J , ' 1 1 I AND AWAY HE GOES! - Nancy Walker, Scott Gibbs, Lenny Gonzales. and Ron Schmidt look on as Bob Walker alias John Wayne is towed away by "Hank and Frank" lNeal Cummings and John Suggsl during one of the noontime Shows. JUNIOR POWER - Rod Nluffet plays the "Lone Ranger" on his pencil and gives a short speech at a pep-assembly. HIGH NOON A Fred Reimer and Carol King enjoy the warm fall sunshine. Student 1717: 77 ALL IN THE FAMILY - David Aichele, Terri Lee Taylor, Lorette Bowers, and John Vergin entertain the audience in the musical "Sir Vergin. ,As KM' Goes On I COULD DANCE ALL NIGHT - Juniors and seniors sweep over the gym floor. THE PRISONEFI - Val Braten in the musical "Sir Oliver Descends into Heaven." 78 ihvfnf' Decends into Heaven" written byJohn m 'gsm xx xx H F ,? 1 if ll ll fi' I I s JUST HANGING AROUND - Alice Marquez. Jolene Elwell and Dora Pinkham enjoy their drinks in front of the lockers, PING PONG? - Susan Davenport and Dale Hagerman play ping pong in the intermurals. Student flftf 79 ,4 271146 Z0 kcmembcr MISS TOPPENISH KAREN ANDERSON, FAYE BEAZLEY. THE HAPPIEST GIRL - Karen Anderson is crowned at the Ranch Party, KING AND QUEEN FOR A DAY - Erika Schnieder and Clay Nulph reign over the Homcoming festivities. 80 kr. 339 5 GS -F51 Y! TERRI LEE TAYLOR, AND CAROL UNRUH l i i HOMECOMING ROYALTY - Nancy Conrad and Mike Carter: Colleen Dinehart and Dennis Hackner: Beth McGovern and Randy Walker. HONORED GUESTS - Royalty at the Junior-Senior Prom were Princess Lucy Castelleja, Queen Susan Stevens, King Rick Bowles, and Prince Tom Sevigny. RIDING HIGH - Homecoming Queen, Erika Schneider, reigns over the game from a convertible. Homecoming began with six students being honored at an assembly-sophomore prince and princess, Randy Walker and Beth McGovern: junior prince and princess, Dennis Hackner and Colleen Dinehart: and senior prince and princess, Mike Carter and Nancy Conrad. Reigning over all of the homecoming festivities were King Clay Nulph and Queen Erika Schneider. The annual Ranch Party brought the crowning of "Miss Toppenishf' This year four girls were vying for the title, but only one could wear the crown. Karen Anderson was the new Miss Toppenish, with Faye Beasley, Terri Lee Taylor, and Carol Unruh as her court. Amid shades of pastels and happy couples in finest dress, the royalty for the Junior-Senior Prom danced unaware of their honor. Then, the truth was out! Junior prince and princess were Tom Sevigny and Lucy Castilleja: king and queen were Rick Bowles and Susan Stevens. Royalty PAM ABERCROMBIE JOSE ACOB BRUCE AICHELE FERNANDO AMARO JANICE ANDERSON TIM ANDERSON CLICK, CLICK, CLACK? - Lisa Hood types her daily work. The sophomores began the year with apple sales at the football games. Beth Ann McGovern and Randy Walker were the homecoming royalty. The sophomore class entertained the school with two pep assemblies, including a Dating Game spoof with Glenna Wolfe and Randy Maupin and a pie-eating contest won by Vicki Stump and Scott Smith. The sophomore class advisers were Mr, Keene, Mr. Otto, Miss I JOY ALLEN ARMANDO ALMENDAREZ BERNEY ALVARADO BUCK BAILEY RON BANCROFT CANDY BANGS DENNIS BARNES MIKE BARNETT MARLENE BARNEY RAY BEASLEY BEVERLY BEAVERS TIM BEAVERS Pryor and Mr. Vandenbrink. The class officers were President Ray Beasley, Vice-President Johnny Olivas, Secretary Janice Anderson, Treasurer Dave Rodriguez, Sgt,-At-Arms and Activity manager Joe Gutierrez. The sophomore motto was "One-nine-seven-five. Who's alive? We're alive!" The sophomores lived up to their motto by faithfully attending the pep assemblies. 9irsl Days for aphamarcsi A Q 'T X f ' 1 XY' . ' 'A iff' ,. ISABELL BEDOLLA JOE BENAVIDES GRACIE BERNAL ALBERT BLISS BRING IT ON IN! - Arnold Garcia returns a projector to the library, VERNON BLOMQUIST SHIRLEY BLOONI DISTRACTED - Elida Rodriquez turns around and quickly gets her picture taken. MARY BQ-I-El-L0 RICK BQUNDS STRUMMING A TUNE - Harlod Martin picks out a tune on his guitar. TRACEY BOWER MIKE BOWMAN Saphamarcs 83 "So,vl1amores, Stand llp and Baller" time S PAUL BRATEN ANNETTE BRESTAR RUSTY BROCK KATHY BROST GARY BROWN JOE BROWN ROGER BROWN WANDA BUELL GLORIA CAMPOS DEANNA CARL JINNY CARRIZAL LIVIA CASTILLEJA JOHNNY CHARRON PENNY CLARK KATHLEEN CLEMENTS GLORIA COON LENARD CORDERO RAYNIUNDO CORREA .,.. ' , ,. .. ' ..,.L,..,. ,hiv :?'?j?'2km.Aw'i ci i .' EYLL YY'y tim-fy 1 fs i ORR R VOAO LOOR I I ' X ' - ' I . A -,-R 1 7" M y ki 5' ,,,. A tt . K 6.4955 WV it 'Q Y ' X - f - A ..,,-,,i 1-gt fe N- I, Z.. ' '-XA. '. Q' 15' fr- 'N -lm K if NJA M V, Eg , K GET 'EM OUT! - Tex Reid and Vernon Lacell watch Caroline Reid, Candy Bangs, Kathy Clements, and Vicky Stump retrieve their teammates from a puddle. INTO THE PUDDLE! - Beth McGovern, Deanna Carl, Candy Bangs, Kathy Clements and Vicky Stump pull opposing team into the mud puddle. 84 r DAVE DALE DON DENNIS SERGIO DZUL JEAN ESCAMILLA GORDON EVANS SUSAN DAVENPORT CYNTHIA DENIOSS LINDA DINEHART GARY DUNCAN JOLENE ELWELL DEAN ENGBRETSON TIM ESPARZA RAUL ESTRADA JANICE EVANS SCOTT FISHER I 12 5 1 '-fisauiss LUCKY GIRLS? - Johnny Olivas and Roy Pruneda show school spirit by burying Homecoming mums. Who are the lucky girls? HOMECOMING PRINCE AND PRINCESS - Randy Walker and Beth McGovern are all dressed up for the coronation. Soplmmarcs iff .4 WW' I ,Www 5 . .510 :. ' , niggwefsm ' w ,. F I' . A- Ig:-Q.: gigs-and l . fi- g .g:g..'- - Q -1 -' 5'H3'5fx sd' S LINDA FLOREZ KELVIN FRASER ROBERT FROEMK E JOHN GAMBLE ARNOLD GARCIA WALLY GARCIA MARY GARCIA ALFONSO GARZA ERNIE GARZA LORENZO GARZA SYLVIA GARZA KIM GIBBINS 1 Saplzamoras 17 ive ,find learn "ANY VOLUNTEERS?" - Sophomore officers Ray Beasley, Joe Gutierrez, Johnny Ollvas, Janice Anderson, and Mr. Myron ask for apple salesmen at a sophomore meeting. "BUDDY, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME," - Shirley Bloom and Wanda Buell sell apples at the Camas game, 86 I S E S -iii.5::Z. i Q 'Q - " ' ' A sw Y gk I ff? 5 I 'X s L1 + I x fsf X S X 'E if ee ' is if fm w 1, , ' 'I Q X SQ, :JL :N-" Y, - Emi In 35335 EES I I I sid I I E I 1.31: a z sis 2 1 " 'i:3fB.::-5555 35 E, -5. :s: f:1. .g.a, -5 -"" ' :Xa A M SEX M sew 32 . . X ' I :. mi. 'T ,Q xg '. . , E I 5 E -,I , if ALICE GONZALES DANIEL GRIFFITH CAROLYN HAGERNIAN CINDY HENRY VICKI HERRERA YQ ,s We 5S33fsf'Q'gg+2 X fs f .-L'. - .1 1 - - -L 'N T 1 If ' 'ff ' ws' f- -- f : , --.. LL" I ? 5:1 .... Wax QNX N JESSE GONZALES FRANK GUNNIER SUSAN HAGERIVIAN ARTHUR HERNANDEZ DAVID HOBBS MICHAEL GREEN JOSE GUTIERREZ DEBBIE HANNIGAN JAYNEY HERNANDEZ LISA HOOD TROY GREEN JAIME GUZNIAN VALERIE HEIDE SANDRA HERNANDEZ DAVID HOYT GLAIVIOUROUS? - Linda Florez and Candy Bangs are noted best dressed at Top-Hi? Saplzomorcs 87 JANICE HUMPHREY KEVIN JACKSON DEBBIE JOHNSON JAY KNEPPER HARVEY KOERNER DAVID KOYLE STEVE LAMEBULL JULIE LINDSEY BRAD LITTLEFIELD ,NV ' ,mijif 2 1 is BRAD JONES MIKE JUAREZ MICHAEL KELLEY SHAUNA KOYLE RICK KRAFT TERESA KREBS PAU LA LOTT MARY LOZANO PATSY LOZANO 3 3 Visfsf V Yi V 35,555 it i S ' " Y QS 7 A SU Z.. if I I I l 1 I :-- is 4 .F L, . I - I ,",I g I 9. ' 'ff A I I' 'IIS' II'- Q 4 , ,, ,:,.,'s ' JUST A LITTLE OVERDONE - Miss Keeth shows Yolanda Ortiz the magic of making a pie crust, RELAX - Susan Davenport awaits the finai bell of the day. 88 FF LYBBERT VID MCMILLAN ROLD MARTIN NDY MAUPIN MARY ANN MORRISON Women 's 17 Ib? l 5 1 TI 5 2 KAREN MCFARLAND BETH MCGOVERN MILLIE MACK DIXIE MARSHALL ERIC MARTINEN RUBEN MARTINEZ JOSE MESA MELIA MEYERS CANDY MURRAY JOHN MUTCH mf...-.s I 2 5 I I UN Wg- If-f - G3 ,132 ' ' CI w ' Q f I IiI YIZA, I I I I I ,gg '::5hfl'f2vQYWm,, f 44 ,, gag, 5 ' 356 I' 4' 'Q mj9w,- W 3 M.. HIT THOSE BOOKS! - Alice Gonzales is in a fit of studying. CUT THAT CRUST! - Debbie Johnson cuts around the edge of her pie pan to make the crust fit. Saphamares ,...-M--. 1 2 ll 47 an Sec Klmrly auf II -. . ff M x . .,.. Y .Q N A K M 90 .T "nv-. fm KATHI MYRON JANE NAVARFKO RAIVIONA NELSON VIRGIL NEWIVIAN JOHNNY OLIVAS IVIARGIE ONILIN YOLANDA OFZTIZ SUE PECHOES ' ., f ff ,, 4?f743fJ' CL Life- M151 if! f N0 .. ,wail I m,fs, My fan-1vf',fmfgzgefikfie si , ' . 113: Wig, I 57S,M3.c f- ff f ' -if 4 ,Clif .. a., 2 ei or 3'4" f ,, mf , , ff., ' W, JAH , J W? rf' W sl , ',t',,':f' ,cfsfiv ,Ze I W' A siilififf-f' , , , ' .i w- 1 K I ' I Qiff? V 5 ,i I ,Y -t h. , 1 A55 .IjZE,l,,L,,l3 A if 1, , ., . , , WMM, 1 WATCH THE PENCIL-Shauna Koyle eyeballs John GambIe's pencil while he studies a piece of paper. HILLBILLY HONEY-Pam Abercrombie watches the activities at the F.H,A. shindig, STUFF IT IN!-Janice Evans laughs at herself and Tim Esparza during a banana- eating contest, CLOSE-UP-IVIike Stemmetz looks into the microscope at unknown goodies IN FOCUS-Eva Siefring focuses the microscope to get a better look, 91 .wwwf f f JOE PEREZ ROBIN PETTY DORA LEE PINKAHIVI CARIVIEN POLLEY ROY PRUNEDA NIARY ANN RAIVIIREZ ERNIE RAIVIOS KENNETH RATHBUN Saphamarcs ROY REBOLLOSA CAROLINE REID KAREN REID MARCY REITER DAVID RODRIOUEZ W., , 5 1- , Q' I "-1, 4' . I I.. X53 X f O 4 N , Q X .:.,. ' A333 ialk N I I ' wi fs 52 X swim gf I it ke E X DEMETERIO RODRIOUEZ DONNA ROGERS ANITA RORK KELLY ROSENOW DEBBIE ROSS ,, 1.. WT ,N Scene at Zap-Hi ,Qi AAA, WHATS THISY- Pam and Tam Young, Robin Petty, and two performance. I members of the Brethren, a rock group, are looking at some dravvlngs after the groups 92 DAVID ROTH JULIE SALUSKIN CAFIIVIEN SANCHEZ NOFIA SANCH EZ KAREN SANDBERG GLEN SCHAEFER .... W it E if ,a,..f-wwe ...W 5 M'-wwmwf YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS - David Roth listens to the pronunciation ofa French word, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING - Wally Garcia, Randy Maupin, and Steve Lamebull are introduced to the student body for football initiation. 'AI AIVI ALMOST FINISHED" f Says Karen Reid while catching up on last minute typing Saplzomorcs 611155 of '75 " ww Isi Q' SHOOTING TWO - Ornan Fauth and Jerry Wyckoff take practice shots. PLANT OR ANIMAL? - Cristela Leos, Mary Ramirez, and Paul Braten compare biology notes, EASY DOES IT - Biology student, Mary Garcia. applies a drop of an unknown substance to a slide. 94 t 9, . K , H, RICK SHAUL EVA SIEFFIING SHARON SIMMONS KATHERINE SMAFITLOWIT SCOTT SMITH TINA SOLIS I AA" Z Z iiv f Oflw X, r 1 4 Z' if wf if ia 3 f 4 , 2 ' M I f i Q 1 L 5 if l C f l 3 W 25- ff fig WV ff i 'f V , A 3 ,fs ff 1' mf H 6 Gi 24? " Z - V 6:7Z:'H'f2I:f.f' , , ,, . , Q' '? 2, "" ix. s, MQS MIKE STEINNIETZ SCOTT STOBAUGH FUNNY CLOTHES - Margie Omlin models the attire of an FHA initiation. BARBARA STOOPS DAVID STORY REVIEWING THE LATEST NEWS - Sherry Taylor finds the library is the ideal spot to smile over VICKY STUIVIP SHERRY TAYLOR the Caterwaul, TIM THOMPSON REYNALDO TOBIAS HENRY TORRES LORETTA TULEE 95 Saplzomarcs wld NEAL SCHLENKER JOYCE SCHIVIIERER VICKI VAN ALSTINE ARTURO VELA CONNIE WALKER RANDY WALKER GREGORY WEISHAAR CHERYLWENTZ KATHY WILSON BARBARA WHITE SUSAN WINNIER GLENNA WOLFE "WELL, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?" - Janice Anderson comments on a soccer play in P E, "WHATS COOKING?" - Vicki VanAlstine and Melia Meyers plan a meal in Home-Ec. "I HAVE THE ANSWER ... ITHINK ,. - Paul Braten answers the question. THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT - lVIr. Farnsworth shows Ornan Fauth the proper way to shoot a basket. "OH, NO, YOU DON'T!" - Marcy Reiter objects to having her picture taken. 96 W I JERRY WYCHOFF PAM YOUNG LARRY WYCHOFF TAIVIELA YOUNG , ,- ...... .. . . .... :gy . '- .Q-f :rw i nuff , sw MV' V 5 W, N , ' A ww-wmwwmw M-Wmfww wg, if w'WN-bumpy. .L Hzzluera Shy? NOT PICTUREDZ VICKY AMARO, SYLVIA APARICO, ROBERT BROWN. ORNAN FAUTH, LUIS FLORES, ROBERTO FLORES, BRUCE GADLEY, LEVI HEEIVlSAH,JOHN HERNANDEZ, CRISTELA LEOS, JANIE NAVARRO, MANUAL OROZCO. LUCY PEREZ, BOBBY REBELLOSA, TONY ROCHA, ELIDA RODRIGUEZ, MARY SANCHEZ, DEL STANTON, GENE TANEWASHA, DOUG THEODORSEN, MITCH VENABLE. 97 Saphamores "5-nxt' EQ? M 5 Q 3 X. Q 0. sf ' N, o at 5315 :FA - N, A .V Q22 X 5 S wx jurzzars Cake the lead The class of "74" sponsored dances and helped decorate for the Junior-Senior Prom. In addition the class helped out at concession stands during games. Princess Colleen Dinehart and Prince Dennis Hackner were crowned homecoming royalty for this year, With the aid of advisers, Mrs. Mary Sargent. Mr. Gerald Farnsworth, Mr. Clifford Mercer and Mr. Tom Schellenberger, it proved to be a very successful year for the junior class. The closing of 1973 school year reminded juniors that their graduation wasn't very far around the corner. "CAUG HT YA" - Marianne Harris decides to have a sit in. GOLFING: - Dale Hagerman tries to get his shot in the hole. "IS THAT RIGHT" - David Aichele and Denise Augestine sit one out at the Junior-Senior Prom. "PUT HER IN" - Jerry Desmarais plays catcher at one of the baseball games. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: A Vice-President Dennis Hackner, Secretary Janet Sterns, Treasurer Carmen Cooley, President Lucy Castilleja, Sgt,-At-Arms Tom Sevigny. "LET ME SEE" - Juan Palma tries to get his figures right in mechanical drawing. juniors FRANCESCO AGUIRRE LUPE ALANIZ CONNIE ALVARADO DENISE AUGENSTINE MARIANNA BABICH LUELLA BANGS DONNA BARCZYSZYN FAYE BEASLEY GARY BJUR JODY BLACKBURN DENISE BLISS JOSETTE BREMER f 3, ,.,, , my my 4 MONEY! - Richard Wike, Kim Brower, Josette Bremer and Randy Collins count money and write out receipts during Tohiscan hall sales. 100 . S fl DIANA BROUGHTON KIIVI BROWER AN ITA BROWN I I WISE 'fa' 'exif A ANN Q 7't'i:iaY57 ',:'-:I ' fi-Sf, . gtigkg.zJ1.gH:.- n f 3 im 1 f 5 - , O U1 - I I , Kings and Things Z!! I can N 1. , HR DARYL BURTON LUCY CASTI LLEJA Fil FRANCIE BURKE JOE CARRASCO MARY CARTER JOHN CERNA JOEY CHARRON DAR LENE CLEMENTS 101 HOW ABOUT THIS ONE - Lucy Castilleja and Carmen Cooley are choosing stones for juniars 1 I A RAPT AUDIENCE - Nlary Carter, Vicky Stump, Deanna Carl. and Karen Cook, LET'S BOOGIE-WOOGIE - Nancy Walker demonstrates, DEBBIE COLEMAN KAREN COOK JULIE COLES MELODY COOK 3 ,As S RANDY COLLINS ROBERT COIVIENOUT MARIA CONTRERAS CARIVIEN COOLEY DAVID CRON LUPE CROWDER 102 juniors Build .Mmwrics TOM DANIEL REBECCA DAVE LYNN DEAN GERRY DESMARAIS KATHY DEXTER COLLEEN DINEHART SILENCE IS GOLDEN - Aida Palma studies undisturbed, 103 ARTHUR DELACRUZ RANDY DELP KATHY ERVIN ARTURO ESPINOSA TERESA ESTRADA JANICE FERGUSON RICHARD FRISS DENNIS FURIVIAN junzvrs ..,A. f -- Us lilfii - N326 : . A ' 1 f -Q 5 151,121 9, I yi 1 mf f 5 f ,fbi X , Q.. 4 I A I x j ,wiv -rn M , OSCAR GALVAN ROSA GARZA SCOTT GIBBS WESLEY GRANT RONALD GREEN KATHY GUESS JANE GUTIERREZ DENNIS HACKNER TERESA HALBERT DAVID HALVORSON ,411 Ju ,4 Days Work 1 Q Kwik-ifeaslgf ' 5 '-iii. 1:1122 ' A 1- Q I - .Sirius - 1 - A Ig : We wr .. . .x,.J..:. f,5E53K A ' ' - f 1-saw I A., - 'f -'33 7. 212- g ef . , 2 I ng- ye 3- - '- E' x " X. iv L Q Y 6 BARBARA HAMILTON DAN HARRIS IVIARIANNE HARRIS WANITA HARRIS ONA HEIVISTREET CHRIS HERRERA CAMERA, LIGHTS, IT'S A TAKE! - Dixie Matte has her picture taken for the yearbook. 104 if 5.. , 5 X ,f ' f.- f , i s ': . W V , WA M y . QZZQQQ V , " -wa? f' 4 4 2755 1' i ,. , 5' X , 2 i -- N.::fQ'qN Wim - A , ah ,. bi, ,W ,f 'wvzzw' mf 1 ' 1 nf , V V: V i-,T JACK HICKLE MITCH HIXSON CATHY HOCHREIN ARLIE HOLDEN CATHIE HOLVVEGNEH GILBERT HORNEY IVIYRNA HOWELL JEANNE HUMPHREY TAKING A BREAK - Randy Delp rests for a minute between assignments. WHOOPS! - David Cron and Judy Jones are caught discussing the day's assignments. juuiars juniors Prepare CAROL JOHNSON ERIC JOHNSON STEVEN KEELING KIM KELLEY SCOTT LEACH MONICA LEON MANUEL LOPEZ ROSEMARY LOPEZ REGGIE JOHNSON DENNIS KING SANTOS LEOS RICHARD LOZANO 106 1' XX X x ,.., C' A ' - . - 191553 1 ,. - . .mr -. -r ' ff i L .fi JUDY JONES DAVID KINNEY KAREN LEWIS MARK LUNDBERG MICHAEL KEARNES LOUIS KREBS PAULA LONG LYNDA MACIAS Qar U15 5'ufurc NIELODY MADEN IVIARI IVIASINI FRANCISCO IVIAREZ CECI LIA IVIARQUEZ DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT ... Lupe Ramirez begins the day with a story. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK ... Randy Collins works on his typing assignments. NOW LET ME GO OVER THIS AGAIN - Miss Scott looks on as one of her students does her work. iuuiars 1 O7 I IT GOES LIKE THIS- Mr, Mercer shows Larry Sanchez how to get his angles straight for mechanical drawing. READY FOR THE BELL f Denise Bliss is ready to leave the room when the bell rings. juniors Haw SARAH MASTERS GEORGE MEISER DEBBIE MILLER JOHNNIE MOORE 108 DIXIE MATTE PEGGY MEREDITH ROBERT MILLER WALLY MORRISON CHARLES MEIGS DEBBIE MEYERS BETTY MOODY ROD MUFFETT Wim! .71 Cakes mm if s X S QF 'JN Q ,A Zf,.,,zs' ,X g I if , gi gg, 2 . .I Ia. KATHLEEN IVIUTCH VERENA SCHADEIVIAN KENT OLIVER AIDA PALIVIA CATHERINE PARKS MYERS RAYMOND PEDROZA JOE PEREZ DOUGLAS PECH EOS in ,, ' w -., , f W! .- . ,,f v 5, f : 3- -,F , "' ' Ls! I ' '5 L, 1 xiii . 31 . ' Fifi' 'A F 1 3- fx x K gr I ,fi -7 'Af s . - I , , wh A .P . -fz' , - LAUREL MURRAY JUAN PALNIA BARBARA PETERSON WILLIAM PETTIT Nf:mrnmu T fox G' K """'-udk M -5 0' New DO I HAVE TO EAT THE WHOOOOLE THING? - Chris Herrera gobbles down two pies for the Junior competition at the assembly juuiars 1 O9 -I .ing 'vzj :,'.ftAv1 L 1 ,I -S1 ' 4A JOE PINKHAIVI RAY RAZO Q - , ,.J,, ,W ,Lf -- yziwwmis '22 W G V,., ,, ,222sf4H?f1!,yi ,Qi iiii I GUADELUPE RANIIREZ DENIECE RICHARDS BRYAN PRATT ROBERT REID Previews - A crowd of juniors tell stories of upcoming events. 110 Safety Pictur: ws 7' fiiigf 4 f I ' f i I f , Q62 ,mf 7' I. uber Avgfgfi I ' A i 255 ' WV- - LII W , ,. A LL V ,1 ff if ,, . Sfvili ii A ' , H i ,, f QW, f as f if ,- ,, a Q! My ,V W I2 MARIA RAIVIIREZ JAMES RAY TANA RICHARDS RITA RIOJAS FRANK RODRIGUEZ SANDY ROGERS DAVID ROWE HILDA SANCHEZ Cells ,4 Story LARRY SANCHEZ LUCIA SANCHEZ LEAH MILLS SANDERS RICHARD SCHLENKER JERRY SCHMIERER ERVIN SCHUMACKER TOM SEVIGNY MARY SHEA MILFORD SIEFRING 6 xp 3 1? gil 99 . Q4 III' , "THESE EYES . . - JonmWr1ght, Mark Lundberg, Cathy Holwegner, and Paula Long wait in line for their eyes to be checked. 111 TERRI SIMMONS juniors in-aw Q Seeing is E CHRIS SMITH RODNEY SMITH EDNA STAGE MARK STOOPS DEBRA THORNELL FRANCES TOBIA EARL TYNAN CAROL UNRUH DUANE USCOLA PAULA WALKER ALICE WOLVERTON KATHLEEN WENTZ 112 E i--Al-ffsqfilbhifgfiff' 'If I flffv ': ff-Iv-?lf.:5,i,X-k . W, , - AQ I- -12 V 1: .',' " ' ' 12 If ,- , AI.II ' I ' ,isifii ,yt Q 1' Kgs ' H , ffefgfff A V .Q :Q ., If. Q . -X ' rig f '-955. J." , " R f 5:5 ' J E- . Lai I 9 5.422 iii j . Ez. f 5 I I I I I I DONALD STEINMETZ AURORA TOBIAS PAMELA VEALS VICKIE WILLIAMS JANET STERNS MARY LOU TORRES NANCY WALKER MARY WISHKOSKI Kclicving 3,79 RICHARD WIKE SANDRA WILSON JOHN WINGERTER BRUCE WINTERFIELD JONNI WRIGHT NOT PICTURED: CLIFFORD BAILEY, REYNALDO CAPETILLO, FRANK CASTILLEJA, CEDRIC CLARK, DAVID CONNER, GALEN ELWELL, RICHARD GARCIA, JANNIE GARZA, NORA GARZA, ANDY GREWE, EDWARD GUNNIER, DALE HAGERMAN, ALLEN HEILIVIAN, KENNETH HOUGI-I, HECTOR JUAREZ, DOLLY LEWIS, JOHN LOZANO, JAMES IVIENINICK, JOHNNY OZUNA, JANE RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL STORY, SHIRLEY TREECE. JOSE VILLANUEVA, BILL WILSON, VAUGN WINNIER, EYESORE A Nancy Walker and Chris Smith have their eyes checked. ln Memoriam GILBERT HORNEY IVIarch 18,1956 - March 9,1973 , gm- ,., V, ,M . L ,Q fyjqii ,H ami? Iii J LOOKING AT THE SCENE - Maria Ramirez, Donna Barczyszyn, Julie Coles observe the entertainment at an assembly. juniars t-z.s-.mme i .-,,. wwf KATHI ADAMS MANUEL AGUIRRE DAVID AICHELE MARIA ALANIZ LUPE ANAYA FRED ANDERSON KAREN ANDERSON FRANK ANDR EAS SHIRLEY ASHBY SANDY ASHLOCK GARY BARNES MARK BEAVERS The big day finally arrived for the seniors of Top-Hi. The class of '73 had the special recognition of being the first to spend their entire senior year in the new high school. As sophomores, they provided the push behind the various organizations as they learned the ropes of getting along at Top Hi. ln their junior year, they manned a concession stand during the football season. A chosen few made Honor Society or Pep Club by keeping up their grades and doing service for the school. 4 ln the fall of '72, it was hard to believe that this was it - THEIR SENIOR YEAR. The traditional Homecoming Parade was forgone because of the school's distance from the center of town. Instead, there was a "spirit" tug-of-war between the classes. With the coming of spring, thoughts turned to the Junior-Senior Prom and graduation in the realization that there was not much time left. In lVlay, came the rush of final exams, Baccalaureate, and Commencement, ending with the all-night party. In the years ahead, the Class of '73 may remember their days at Top-Hi. Drsams and Visions DAVE BELTRAN JUAN BENAVIDES DAN BLOOM DENISE BOUCHEY LORETTA BOWERS RICHARD BOWLES HUMPTY-DUMPTY - Rickie Coder takes a break between songs in choir, OFFICERS - Pres. Rick Bowles, Sec. Terri Lee Taylor, Treas. Nancy Conrad. and V. Pres. John Suggs. Seniors 1 15 A Q X , 5 K 5 . kM..,,,.32 1 ., g ,,,....-1 ., N g,,,,Mg. 5"'Zfl-lf. x, ,X ,V Ay, ,, . 4 -:K Ax V .,. -mf ' xzmgm he QQSIEYT , mgwmfaamor- A In A , fav, O Q, 5 W aft 6. 'L if 15 X, X .Wg , , K is Mvnj- . . x 4 , If ,Mm . K Q N 1 JUDY BROWN IVIARSHA BURGETT ABEL CASTILLEJA CASI CASTILLO E E E S --4:-.--. ,.:: . ww- 5 1 .M ., M , E I I I 5 E 5 RICHARD BOWMAN JON BREIVIER JON BUSH ISIDRO CASTILLO VAL BRATEN EUGENE BRESTER MIKE CARTER REXINE OSBORNE CASTILLO cniars flaw ,Many Skills TOIVI CEFINA SHAWN CHANDLER JIIVI CLAYTON COLLEEN CLEIVIENTS JUDY CLIPSTON JEFF COBB RICKIE CODEFI DON COLLINS ' W ' f ' . " -:is . ,- .. S k,k: .LN-,fi .K M, -- .. fggissi,-jf is .5 A fk:'3N9?f AJT'.fLKff'T:EV .. I .. 'E bp.,-any-ug as I My FULL TIME JOB - Joanne Schmierer watches as lVIr. IVIyron's twins play in Home Ec. READING IS UNDERSTANDING - Leon Johnson reads instructions on how to complete his woodshop project. LOOK AT THE SEA-SAW. DID YOU SEE WHAT I SAWED? - Dennis Peterson and Tom Cerna finish a work horse for Ag shop. Smiars 1 17 Getting Zagvlhcr IVIARLENE B, COIVIENOUT NANCY CONRAD NEAL CUIVIIVIINGS PAUL DALTON C R wavy' k,,.....-W-"""f" ww. , ,...N,.,,..pmw-m-- MWMQ-.....,,,, ---v.-m....,,w L M4- xx 118 ONNIE COON JANIE CROWDER EBECCA DAVE DON DAVENPORT 1 wi DAVID E DS CRAIG ENGBRETSON RICK FAUCHER IVIAFIK FAUTH y.. "JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE!" - Loretta Bowers and Kathy Mears finish mixing the punch. CHRIS DEI-AFUENTE RUTH DUNCAN "NO, NO, LIKE THIS!" - Paul Dalton and John Vergin discuss IVIr. FendeII's LUPE ESTRADA BEV EVERETT suggestion for the concert. KAREN FEBUS RAIVIONA FLOFIES "Now LISTEN CAREFULLY" - IVlr. Bator coaches Abel casmleja onthe next TED FFZISS JOHN GALVAN play- Senwrs 119 A f GEORGE GAIVIBLE INA GARCIA ANNE GARZA LUPE GARZA RON GATES ROBERT GOIVIEZ LEONARD GONZALES SYLVIA GOODNO 120 CODY GARNER MARTHA GARZA THERESA GOIVIEZ BONITA GUNN Kcmcmber When? iz .5, TOIVI HAGERIVIAN PAIVI HANSON DIANE HARRIS SANTOS HERNANDEZ LESLIE HINCHEY JESSE .IAUREZ X X is thy F X- Q it STRIP TEASE - Ron Schmidt changes out of his band uniform, LEFT . .. RIGHT . .. LEFT . .. - Vicky Olivas marches during a football halftime. A ONE ,.. A TWO , .. - Paul Dalton and John Vergin sing at a pep assembly. FLOOR SHOW - Loretta Bowers, Denise Augenstine, Rickie Coder, and Sylvia Goodno sit in anticipation at choir concert. Scniars 121 LEON JOHNSON SHANE JONES IVIARLENE LAIVIEBULL TONI LEINGANG W " E 51' ig H V111 :W fiifmfe' , .375 H ' Qy W EE , fswwf ME? MHEQWMM W 2'E WWE Lwkgfpxw' 2. M 'f u -'E-' '-" " , V f, ,, . N STEVE KUKES VERNON LACE LL ,VVE, , DEBB'E LLOYD MARTY LOPEZ DON LORTON SHARON MCLAV EY ANGIE IVIACIAS ROY IVIALZAHN 122 Memories Arc ?or Keeps HI V- ALICE IVIAROUEZ CARY MARTIN IVIELVIN IVIATHENY SANDRA MAUPIN KATHI IVIEARS CAROL IVIENDOZA SUSAN IVIEREDITH VICKY MILLS A SWEET NOTE - Terri Lee Taylor cuts the cake forthe Nlanhattans' Parents' Nlght, "ARE THEY TAKING A PICTURE OF NIE?" - Steve Kukes and Forrest Quick relax as Roy Nlalzahn eyes the camera. - JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER - Sherri Scalley cools her candy. "Whistle While' you Wark " E TONY NELSON JORDON NORTHFIOP CLAY NULPH LUPE OLIVAREZ VICKY OLIVAS CAROL OROZCO JUNIOR OZUNA RICHARD PALACZ Q 'him' W4 A Au x HHQUWL ?.M,..., X.M,X..N, , I V A x SEQ. Slim 124 I i?ZwE.Q , W 7?L77 DENNIS PETERSON IVIARY PHIFEFI LINDA PLYICAN LUIS FIAIVIIFIEZ 1 i ijSgIjgIr,ImEKRHEiM rgjlglelimggigrie-eizgijgstrenson, Sheryl Weippert, and Cindy Van Alstine make :ZICEBIIEAMIREZ I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING - Jordan Northrup picks up his motor. 125 Seniors PATTI RICE ROSA SANCHEZ RON SCHMIDT RON SHEETS STEVE ROMBURN SHERI SCALLEY JOANNE SCHMIERER LINDA SMITH 126 JOHNNY SANCHEZ MIKE SCHELERT ERIKA SCHNEIDER SANDY SMITH MARY SANCHEZ RON SCHLENKER RICK SCHNEIDER ANTONIA SOLIS Days of Drudgcry i MARY SOLIS BARB SOFIENSON SUSAN STEVENS YVONNE STOBAUGH v EASY ANSWERS - Dean Dennis takes a long look in the answer book. STUDY TIME - Abel Castilleja works quietly as Julie Coles looks on. 127 """' CAUG HT IN THE ACT - Bill white casts a suspicious eye at the photographer. Seuiars Good Zimes with '73 " JOHN SUGGS TERRI LEE TAYLOR CHRIS THORINGTON OSCAR TOBIAS DEBBIE S. TONER MIKE TONER SHERYLTUTTLE JAY UPPINGHOUSE FK' "' '- '?izHi7x ' Q ENCHANTING - Toni Solis plays a little tune to pass the time in music theory class. ZIG-ZAG - Leslie Rowe sews a project in home ec. 128 3 ,fi . .Sig xi ws 1 NOT PICTURED: JUDY BFIIDGEMAN, MIKE CABFIEFIA, ABEL CASTILLEJA, CASI CASTILLO, DEAN DENNIS, ANNE GFIAAFF, ROSE MARY IBARRA CALVIN KROLL, WINONA LEWIS, , JOHNY MESA, VIRGIL MYERS, WAN DA OWEN, FORREST QUICK, STEVE RAMBURN, LESLIE ROWE, JUANITA VIJARRO ED SCHAFFER, JEDWAVLQAEQLSTI NE HOLD STILL - John Vergin carefully helps David Aichele put on his makeup. A LI-'AM WHITE MIKE WRIGHT WHATS MY LINE? - Mrs. Sargent and the cast from "Get Witch Quick" pose for the RUSSELL WYLOLES ADAM YZAGUIRFIE Camera' - Seniors 1 2 9 Seuiar ummarics 'MANUEL AGUIRRE: Wildcats 10-1 1-123 Football 10: Wrestling 10-1 1-12. 'DAVID AICHELE: Ski Club 10-11-12: Class Play 1 1-12: Torch 12: Band 10- 11: Pep Band 10-11: Caterwaul, Managing Editor 12: Choir 12: Manhattans 123 Talon Club 10-11-12: Musical 12. MARIA ALANIZ: Transfer from Alamo, Texas '66. LUPE ANAYA: Wrestling 1O-11-12: Cross Country 11: Camp Chapparal 11. Transfer from Harrah, Washington '64. 'Fred ANDERSON: Class Officer V. Pres. 10: WildCatS 10-11-12: FFA 102 Football 10-11-12: Basketball 10-11-12: Track 11-12: Homecoming Prince 10. 'KAREN ANDERSON: Pep Club 11-12: Torch 11-12: FHA 12: GAA 10-11- 121 Graduation Usher 11: FTA 12: V. Pres. FTA 12: ASB Board of Control 10- 11-12: Treas. of ASB Board of Control 11-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom Server 11: Girls' State 11-12: Caterwaul typist 10: DAR Award 12: Masonic Top Ten 11: Leadership Conference 11-12: Camp Chapparal 11: Peoples Fashion Board 11: Dress Code Committee 10: Miss Toppenish 12. FRANK ANDREAS 'SHIRLEY ASHBY: Tohiscan 10: Choir 12. 'SANDY ASHLOCK: Steering Comm. 12: Pep Club 11-12: Torch 12: GAA 10-11-12: Class Plays 11-12: Band 10: Drill Team I1-12: Leader 12, GARY BARNES: Yearbook 10: ASB Board of Control 10: Band 10: Librarian 10: Pep Band 103 Speech Club 10: Golf 11-12. Transfer from Harlem. Montana '72. MARK A. BEAVERS: Wildcats 12: Graduation Usher 11: FTA 10: Class Play Crew 10: Baseball 11: Football 10: Baseball Mgr. 10: Football Mgr. 12: FBLA 12: Lance 8i Pennon Club 10. Transfer from Chula Vista. California '71. DAVE BELTRAN JOHN BENAVIDES: Wrestling 10-11-12: Cross Country 12. 'DAN BLOOM: Class Play Crew 113 Band 10, 'DENISE BOUCHEY: Ski Club 10-11-123 Pep Club 111 Torch 11-12: Torch Treas. 12: GAA 1O-11-12: GAA Point Chr, 11: Graduation Usher 11: ASB Board of Control 12: Class Play 12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Tennis 10-11-12: Drill Team 10-1 1-123 MasonicTop Ten 11. LORETTA BOWERS: Torch Sec. 12: FHA 122 Graduation Usher 11: Class Play 11-12: Choir 11-12: Choir Pianist 11-12: Manhattans 11-12: Camp Chapparal11: LAP'S 1 1-12. Transfer from Arlington, Washington 1971. ' RICHARD BOWLES: Class Pres. 12: Act. Mgr. 1 1: Wildcats 1 1-12, Pres. 12: Torch 11, V Pres. 12: Graduation Speaker 123 ASB Board of Control 12: Class Plays 11-122 Track 10-11: Cross Country 11-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom Server 10: Boys' State 113 Talon Club 11-12, Comptroller 12: Masonic Top Ten 11: Hanford Trip 123 National Merit 1 13 Leadership Conference 11. RICHARD BOWMAN: Torch 123 Graduation Junior Leader 113 Graduation Announcer 11: ASB Board of Control 12: Class Play 11: Band 10: Pep Band 10: Intramurals 1 1-12. Transfer from Leavenworth. Washington '67. VAL BRATEN: Tohiscan Photographer 10-11-12: Choir 10-11-12: Manhattans 10-11-12: FBLA Reporter 12. Transfer from Anderson, Indiana '65, 'JON BREMER: Wildcats 12: Class Play 113 Football 11-12: Intramural Champ Team Basketball 12, 'EUGENE BRESTER: Class Play Crew 111 Jr.-Sr. Prom Server 11: Choir 10- 11-12: Manhattans1O-11. JUDY BRIDGEMAN: Transfer from Red Bluff, California. 'JUDY BROWN: Band 10. MARSHA ANN BURGETT: Pep Club 11: FHA 10: GAA 10-11: Band 10-11- 12, Majorette 11-12, Pep Band 10-11: Masonic Top Ten 11. Transfer from Sitka, Alaska '68. 'JON BUSH 'MIKE CABRERA: Wildcats 10-11-12: Class Play 12: Class Crew 12: Baseball 10: Football 10: Wrestling 10: Choir 10. 'GAUDELLA CAMPOS 'MIKE CARTER: Class Act. Mgr, 12: Wildcats 11-12, Pres. 11: ASB Board of Control 11-12: Class Play Crew 11-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Football 1O-11-12: Basketball 10: Track 10-11-12: Wrestling 11-123 Homecoming Prince 12: Band 10-11-12, Pres. 12, Band Student Dir. 10-11-12, Drum Major 10-11- 12, Pep Band 10-11-123 Boys' State 11: Drill Team Drummer 10-11-12: Masonic Top Ten 11. 'ABEL CASTILLEJA: Class Pres. 10: Wildcats 11-12: Class Play Crew 12: Football 10-1 1-12: Band 10: Caterwaul Sports Rptr. 12. CASI CASTILLO ISIDRO CASTILLO: Transfer from Mexico '63. TOM CERNA: FFA 10-11-12, Judging Team 10: Wrestling 1O-11-12: Caterwaul Sports Rptr. 12, Transfer from Connell, Washington '63. SHAWN CHANDLER: FFA 10-I1-12: Basketball 10. Transfer from Seattle, Washington '65. 'JAMES CLAYTON: Wildcats 11-12: Torch 11-12. Pres. 12: ASB Board of Control 11-12: Tennis 10-11-12: Band 10: Boys' State 11: Caterwaul typist 12: Talon Club 1 1-12, Pres. 121 Hanford Trip 123 lntramurals12. 'COLLEEN CLEMENTS: Pep Club 1 1-12, Demerit Chr. 12: FFA 13, Treas. 12: FHA 10-11-12: GAA 10-11-12, Pres. 12: Class Play Crew 11: Banquet Chr. 11-12: Track 10-11: Track Manager 11: Girls' State 11: Choir 10-11: Drill Team 1O-11-12. JUDY CLIPSTON 'JEFF COBB: FFA 10-1 1: Football 11-123 Track 1 1. RICKIE L. CODER: Choir 12: Manhattans 12. Transfer from Spangle, Washington '72. DON COLLINS MARLENE BILLY COMENOUT: Ski Club 101 FHA 10. Transfer from Goldendale, Washington '67. 'NANCY CONRAD: Ski Club 10-11-12: Class Treas. 12, Act. Mgr. 11: GAA 10-11-12: Class Play 11: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Dance Chr. 11: Homecoming Princess 12: Drill Team 10-11. CONNIE COON: Transfer from Cottage Grove, Oregon '72. 'JANIE CROWDER: FHA 10-11-121 GAA 10-11-123 FTA 12: Choir 10-11: Drill Team 11-12. 'NEAL CUMMINGS: Class Play 12: Football Manager 10: Band 10-113 Pep Band 10-11: Golf 10-1 1-12: Toppenish Review Reporter 10-11. 'PAUL DALTON: Class Plays 11-122-lkOl'llSC3I1 10: Torch 11-12: Graduation Usher 11: Basketball 10-11: Manager IO-11-12: Sports Ann. 12: Intramural Basketball 12: Boys' State 11: Choir 10-11-12, Pianist 10-11-12, Manhattans1O-11-123 National Merit 1 11 Golf 10-1 1-12: All-State Choir 111 All-National Choir 12. DON DAVENPORT: Transfer from Washougas. Washington '69. ART DE LA CRUZ: Transfer from Roma, Texas '71, 'CHRIS DE LA FLUENTE: FFA 10: Volleyball 12, DEAN DENNIS: Puyallup, Washington '72. 'RUTH DUNCAN: Torch 12: FHA 10-11: GAA 10-11-12: ASB Board of Control 113 FBLA 12. 'DAVID EIDS: Wildcats 12: Basketball 10-11-12: Band 10-11: Pep Band 10 11. CRAIG ENGBRETSON: Class Play 12: Basketball 121 Track 11-12: Cross Country 12: Caterwaul Sports Rptr. 11. Tfafisfel' ff'-Wm P3Y9ff9flCl3l10'72- GUADALUPE ESTRADA: Transfer from San Benita, Texas '67. ' BEV EVERETT: Choir 11-12. 'RICHARD FAUCHER: Wildcats 12: Class Play 11: Football 10-11-12: Basketball intramural 12. MARK FAUTH: Baseball 11-12: Manager 11: Basketball Intramural 11. Transfer from Harrah, Washington '64, 'KAREN FEBUS: Torch 11-12: FHA 10:11-12, Sec. 11: GAA 11-12: ASB Board of Control 12: Ensemble 10: Choir 10: Drill Team 11-12: Jr. Counselor Camp Chaparrel 11. 'RAMONA FLORES: FHA 11-12, TED FRISS: Track 11: Caterwaul News Reporter 10-11: Ed. 12, Feature Ed. Buena Briefs 12. Transfer from Schwaebisch GmUnd, Germany '67. 'JOHN GALVAN: Baseball 12, GEORGE GAMBLE INA GARCIA CODY GARNER: Transfer from Walla Walla, Washington '71. ANNA GARZA: Transfer from Wapato, Washington '6O. LUPE GARZA: FHA 10, Transfer from Elbert, Utah '69, MARTHA GARZA RON GATES: Transfer from Seattle, Washington '67. ' ROBERTO GOMEZ: Track 10, 'THERESAGOMEZ: FHA 10-11-12: FTA 12: GAA 10-11: Choir 10. ' LEONARD GONZALES: ASB Board of Control 12: Class Play Crew 123 Band 10-11: Pep Band 1O-113 Honor Society 11-12. SYLVIA GOODNO: Class Play1O-11-12: Class Play Crew 11-12: Choir 10- 11-12: Manhattans 10-12. Transfer from Wapato, Washington '66. ANNE GRAAFF: Ski Club 12: Student Play Director 12. Transfer from Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa '73. BONITA GUNN: Class Play Crew 12: Band 10-11-12: Pep Band 11-123 Caterwaul News Reporter 10: Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, Sec. 12. Transfer from Yakima, Washington '65. 'DELORESGUTIERREZ 'TOM HAGERMAN: FFA 10-1 1-12: Intramural Champ Team Basketball 11. PAM HANSON DIANE HARRIS: Ski Club 10: FHA 101 GAA 10-11-12: ASB Board of Control 10: Band 10-11: Caterwaul News Reporter 10-11: Committee Chairman for Jr.-Sr. Prom 1 1. Transfer from Glenwood, Washington '63. RICHARD HARRIS: Wildcats 10-11-12: ASB Board of Control 10: Football 10-11-12. SANTOS HERNANDEZ,JR. LESLIE HINCHEY: Ski Club 10-11-12,V, Pres. 12: Pep Club 11-12: FHA 10: GAA 10-1 1-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Drill Team 10-1 1-12. ' LEON JOHNSON: Band 10-11: Choir 11: Choir Musical Play 11. 'R. SHANE JONES: Torch 12. JESSE JUAREZ CALVIN KROLL: FFA 10-11-12: Junior Livestock Show Chief of Police 11: Junior Livestock Show Judge 12. Transfer from Seattle. Washington '65, 'STEVE KUKES: FFA 10-11: Football 11-12: Basketball 10: Intramural Champ Team Basketball 12. 'VERNON LACELL: Class Sgt. at Arms 10-1 1: Wildcats 11-12, Sgt. at Arms 12: Torch 12: Graduation Usher 11: ASB Board of Control 11-123 Class Play 130 113 Track 10-11-12: Talon Club 11-12, Sec.-Treas. 12 'MARLENE LAMEBULL: GAA 10-11-123 Class Play 12: Class Play Crew 121 Band 10-11-12: Majorette 11-12: Pep Band 11-12: Twirling Conf. 12. SHIRLEY LANGSTON: Transfer from Pendleton, Oregon '72, TONI LEINGANG: Pep Club 123 GAA 10-11-12: Class Play 12: Class Play Crew 11-12: Caterwaul News Reporter 11, Typist: Drill Team 1'-12, Leader 12: Jr,-Sr. Prom 11. Transfer from Yakima, Washington '63. WINONA LEWIS DEBBIE LLOYD: Transfer from Oakland, California '69. MARTHA LOPEZ: GAA 11: Drill Team 11: Volleyball 12. Transfer from Fair Field, California '71. 'DON LORTON SHARON MCLAVEY: Transfer from White Swan, Washington '71. 'ANGIE MACIAS 'ROY W. MALZAHN: Baseball 122 Football 10. 'ALICE MAROUE2: Caterwaul News Reporter 11. ' CARY MARTIN: Basketball 10-11. 'MELVIN MATHENY SANDRA MAUPIN: GAA 10: Class Plays 123 Class Play Crew 121 Band 10- 11-12: Pep Band 10-11-12.Transferfrom Kansas City, Missouri '69. 'KATHI MEARS: Tohiscan 10: Torch 11-123 FHA 10-11-12, V. Pres, 111 GAA 10-11-123 Graduation Junior Leader 113 ASB Board of Control 10-11- 12: Class Plays 10-11-121 Class Play Crew 10, Student Director 12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 10-11: Choir 10-11-12: Manhattans 10-11-12: LAP'S 11: Camp Chapparal Counselor 1 1. 'CAROL MENDOZA: GAA 10-11-123 ASB Board of Control 11: Drill Team 11-12. SUSAN MEREDITH: Transfer from Harrah, Washington '66. JOHNNY MESA VICKY MILLS: Tohiscan 12: Class Play 1 1. Transfer from Yakima, Washington '65, VIRGIL MYERS ' 'TONY NELSON 'JORDAN NORTHRUP 'CLAY NULPH: Class Play 113 Football 10-11: Homecoming King 122 Band 10, LUPE OLIVAREZ: Transfer from LaConner, Washington '76. 'VICKY OLIVASZ Pep Club 12, Treas. 12: GAA 10-11-12, Treas. 123 Class Plays 12: Band 10-1 1-12: Majorette 12: Twirling Conference 12. CAROL OROZCO: Steering Com. 12: FHA 10-11-12, Reporter 11: GAA 10- 11-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 113 Track 10: Choir 10-11-123 Drill Team 11-12. Transfer from Yakima, Washington '65. REXINE OSBORNE CASTILLO WANDA OWEN: GAA 10. Transfer from Zillah, Washington '63. JUNIOR OZUNA: Baseball 122 Tennis 10-11: Camp Chapparal 11: Choir 12. Transfer from Wapato, Washington '64, 'RICHARD PALACZ: Football 10-11. 'CINDY PARDO: GAA 10-113 Class Play 12: Band 10-11-12: Majorette 10- 11-123Twirling Conference 10-123 Secretary of Diversified Occupations 12. JOHNNY PEREZ: Transfer from California '62. 'DENNIS PETERSON: FFA 10-11-12: FFA Judging team 10: Wrestling 10- 11-12. 'MARY PHIFERI GAA 10: Nursing Class as parl.12. RON PILGRIM: Jr.-Sr. Prom Server 11: Choir 123 Manhattans 12: Music Theroy 1 1-12. Transfer from Kansas '68 'IDA JO PINKHAM: FHA 10-11-12, Parliamentarian 11: GAA 10-11-121 Graduation Usher 11: ASB Board of Control 10-11: Class Play Crew 11: Basketball 122 Track 1 lj Choir 11-12: Volleyball 12. LINDA PYLICAN FORREST OUICK STEVE RAM BUR: FFA 12. Transfer from Zillah, Washington '72, LUIS RAMIREZ 'MONICA RAMIREZ: Pep Club 12: GAA 10-11-13: Class Play Crew 12: Drill Team 11-12. 'RITA RAMIREZ: FHA 10-11-123 GAA 10-11-12, Sec. 113 ASB Board of Control 11: Class Play 12: Drill Team 10-11: LAP'S 113 Honor Society 12: Camp Chapparal 11. 'TEX REID: Ski Club 1 1-12: Camp Chapparal 11: Talon Club 11-12. 'FRED REIMER: Tohiscan 11-12, Bus. Mgr. 12: Ski Club 10: Graduation Usher 11: Tennis 10: FBLA 12. 'PATTI RICE: Ski Club 10-11-123 Pep Club 112 GAA 10-11-123 Drill Team 10-11-12. 'LESLIE ROWE: Ski Club 10-11: Pep Club 113 GAA 10-11-123 Class Play 11: Class Play Crew 12, Student Director 12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: FBLA 123 Drill Team 10-11-12. JOHNNY SANCHEZ: Wrestling 10-11-12: Camp Chapparal 11. Transfer from Eagle Pass, Texas'61. 'MARY LOU SANCHEZ 'ROSIE SANCHEZ SHERI SCALLEY: Homemaker of Year 12, Transferfrom Sandy, Utah '71, 'ED SCHAFER 'MIKE SCHELERT 'RON SCHLENKER: Basketball 11. RON SCHMIDT: Ski Club 10-11-12: Steering Com. 122 Class Play 113 Class Play Crew 12: Basketball Intramural Champ Team 103 Band 10-11-12: Pep Band 10-11-12: Student Director for Band 12, Ensemble 11:Jr.-Sr, Prom 11: Stage Band 12: Camp Chapparal 1 1. Transfer from Zillah, Washington '68. JOANNE SCHMIERER: Class Play 11: Choir 10. Transfer from Moxee, Washington '63. ' ERIKA SCHNEIDER: Ski Club 10-1 1-12: Pep Club 113 Class Officer Sec.11: GAA 10-11-12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Homecoming Queen 12: Drill Team 10-11 12. RON SHEETS LINDA SMITH: Ski Club 10-11: Pep Club 11: Torch 11-12: GAA 10-11-12, Point Chr. 10: Drill Team 11. Transfer from Seattle, Washingron '67. ANTONIA SOLIS 'MARY SOLIS: Pep Club 12, Social Chr. 1": FHA 10-11: GAA 10-11-12: DrillTeam1O-11-12. BARBARA SORENSON: Ski Club 10: Pep Club 11-12: Torch 12: Cheerleader 11-12: Cheer Conference 11-123 Graduation Usher 11: ASB Board of Control 12: Class Play 11: Caterwaul 12, News Rptr., Ad Mgr. 12: FBLA 12. Transfer from Salem, Oregon '67. ' HARVEY STEVENS: Class Plays 11: Intramural Champ Team Basketball 12: Band 10-1 1: Choir 1 1: Small Engines 12. 'SUSAN STEVENS: Torch 11-12: ASB Board of Control 12. 'YVONNE STOBAUGH: Ski Club 11: Torch 11-123 Class Play Crew 113 Caterwaul Ad. Mgr. 11. 'JOHN SUGGS: Class Officers 11-12 V, Pres. Steering Comm. 12: Torch 11- 12: Commencement Speaker 12, Usher 113 ASB Board of Control 10-11-12: Class Play 11-12: Basketball 10-11: Masonic Top Ten 11: Camp Chapparal 11. TERRI LEE TAYLOR: Tohiscan 10-11-12, Editor 11-12: Class Sec, 12, Steering Comm. 12: Torch 12: Graduation Usher 11: FTA 12, Sec. 12: ASB Board of Control 11-12: Class Play 1 1-12: Choir 10-1 1-12, Pianist 10-1 1-12, Manhattans 10-11-12, Publicity Comm. 10-11-123 Jr.-Sr. Prom 11: Toppenish Princess 12. 'CHRIS THORINGTONZ Class Treas. 11: Pep Club 11-12: Cheerleader 12: Cheer Conference 12: GAA 10-1 1-121 Drill Team 11. OSCAR TOBIAS: Transfer from Ouemando, Texas '61. ' DEBBIE SCHAEFER TONER: Ski Club 113 GAA 103 Band 10: Pep Band 10. 'MIKE TONER: FFA 11: Wildcats 11-12: Football 10-113 Track 10-112 Intramural Champ Team Basketball 11, ' ROD TREECE SHERYL TUTTLE JAY UPPING HOUSE: Wildcats 10-11: Graduation Usher 11: Class Play 12: Jr.-Sr. Prom 11-12: Wreslting 10-11: Choir 10-11-12: Manhattans 12: Musical 10-1 1-12: Torch 12. Transfer from Arizona '63. 'CINDY VAN ALSTINE: GAA 10. KAELIN VAN LEUVEN: Ski Club 11-12: Pep Club 11-12, Pres. 12: Torch 11- 122 GAA 10-11-12: ASB Board of Control 12, Sec. 12: Tennis 10-11-12: Caterwaul News Rptr. 11: Drill Team 10-11-12: Hanford Trip 12, Transfer from Blackfoot, Idaho '67. JOHN VERGIN: ASB Board of Control 10-1 1-12: Class Play 11-12, Play Crew 11-12, Student Director 11-12: Choir 10-11-12, Choir Pres, 10-11-12, Pianist 10-11-12, Manhattans 10-11-12: Musical 10-11-12. Transfer from Spokane, Washington '66. JUANITA VIJARRO 'BOB WALKER: Ski Club 11-12: Wildcats 11-12: Torch 11-12: ASB Board of Control Pres. 12, V. Pres. 11: Class Play 12: Jr,-Sr. Prom 11: Football 10- 11-12: Track 11: Caterwaul Cartoonist 103 Masonic Top Ten 11: Leadership Conference 125 Camp Chapparal 11. 'SHERYL WEIPPERT: Football Mgr. 12: Band 10-1 I. 'WILLIAM WHITE: Football 10. DAVE WHITTINGTON MIKE WRIGHT: Ski Club 12: Class Pres. 11, Act. Mgr, 10: ASB Board of Control 10-11: Football 10: Wrestling 10-11: Cross Country 10-11: National Merit 1 1. Transfer from Wapato, Washington '67. RUSSELL WYLOLES 'ADAM YZAGUIRRE 'All twelve years in Toppenish schools. Scalar Summaries TOP THIRTEEN-First Row: Loretta Bowers, John Suggs, Rick Bowles, Kaelin Van Leuvan: second row: Denise Bouchey, Jim Clayton, Linda Smith, Paul Dalton: third row: Susan Stevens, Kathy Mears, Karen Anderson, Ruth Duncan, Mike Wright American Legion Auxiliary: Karen Febus American Legion: Mike Carter DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Daughters of the American Revolution: Karen Anderson Fortnightly Award: Kathy Mears, John Vergin Babe Ruth Awards: Barbara Sorenson, Bob Walker Auto Mechanics: John Galvan- Annual Business Mgr.: Fred Reimer Annual Head Photographer: Val Braten Biology: Rick Bowles, Susan Stevens Bausch 8m Lomb Departmental Science: Rick Bowles Choir: Paul Dalton, Kathy Mears, Terri Lee Taylor, John Vergin, Loretta Bowers Drama: John Vergin Scholastic Magazine Creative Writing Award Honorable Mention: John Vergin Journalism: Ted Friss, Barbara Sorenson Math: Loretta Bowers History: Gary Barnes - Foreign Language Award: Jon Bush, Mike Wright, Shane Jones, Lupe Estrada, Mark Beavers Science: Jim Clayton GAA: Karen Anderson Drill Team: Sandy Ashlock and Toni Leingang Mike Carter. Drummer ASB: Kaelin Van Leuvan, Karen Anderson, Bob Walker ASB Presidents Gavel: Bob Walker Karen Anderson Sandy Ashlock Mark Beavers Val Braten Rick Bowles Mike Carter Paul Dalton Ruth Duncan Karen Febus John Galvan Toni Leingang Ron Schmidt Barbara Sorenson Bob Walker "lT IS MY PLEASURE" - ASB president Bob Walker receives a gavel from Mr. Strom. SCHOLARSHIPS Toppenish High School Torch: Karen Febus, Susan Stevens. John Suggs Toppenish Lions' Club: Monica Ramirez Toppenish Education Association: Karen Anderson Buena Grange: Leslie Hinchey George Washington Foundation: Shane Jones Academic-Loyola: Loretta Bowers Eagles Junior Rodeo: Mark Beavers Honors at Entrance CWSC: John Suggs Professional Secretary Inst.: Sally Langston Mr. Lee's Beauty School: Sherry Weippert, Sharon McLavey, Marlene Comenout, Sylvia Goodno Yakima Tribal Scholarship: Ida Jo Pinkham David Aichele Fred Anderson Karen Anderson Sandy Ashlock Denise Bouchey Loretta Bowers Richard Bowles Mike Carter Abel Castilleja Jim Clayton Neal Cummings Paul Dalton ACTIVITY CERTIFICATES Craig Engbretson Karen Febus Vernon Lacell Kathleen Mears Ida Jo Pinkham John Suggs Terri Lee Taylor Chris Thorington Kaelin Van Leuvan John Vergin Jay Bob Walker Mike Wright JUNIORS MASONIC AWARD Jimi Burgett Wally Morrison With ffiglfcst Honors is at CONGRATULATIONS - Ida Jo Pinkham, Craig Engbretson, and Chris Thorington received activity certificates from Mr. Strom. THANK YOU - Jim Clayton receives the science award from Mr. Lott. GOOD LUCK - Nlr. Shea presents John Galvan with the Auto Mechanics award, 133 Jilarmrs "A BETTER WORLD BEGINS WITH NIE" - Rick Bowles, Kaelin Van Leuvan and Jim Clayton voice their thoughts at graduation. DEDICATION - Mr. Jack Thorington shows the crowd a portrait of Mr. Stom to be placed in entry of the newly dedicated A.J, Strom Gym in appreciation of his 34 years of service. Sometimes a man has a fine set of tools in a tool chest or hanging on a specially designed rack. But what does he build? What use does he make with his tools? People are paid, not for having trained minds, but for using them. Reading and writing are school-made tools. You can develop other skills with the use of them, or you can let them get rusty and dusty. Some of you have applied your school-made tools-reading and writing- to your advantage and I am sure that you will be successful in whatever endeavor you try, but others of you have not put forth the effort, Have you taken the subjects that would require you to perfect your school-made skills? I am not saying all of you should go to college or some other school: we need machinists, auto mechanics, chefs, typists, technicians, farmers. store-keepers. clerks, etc, All of these people must have the ability to read, write and follow directions. All of you have the same personal equipment: One-You were all given a brain-it can remember, Calculate and think. Two-You were given several vital organs that can take food and transform it into energy. Three-You were all given two eyes and a detector system. Four-You were all given five senses: the eyes to see, the nose to smell, the tongue to taste, the ears to hear, and the hands to feel. None of these would you trade for a sack of gold. You were given hands-I could spend a long time telling you what the hands can do but the time has come for you with your equipment. to go and find your own place to use your hands. V ' U The best of luck to you and may God bless you 13 4 . 1 ,- Zufelifc Kusy lfcars at an Sud CLASS OF 1973 - The 1973 graduati "l MADE IT" - Johnny Sanchez proudly displays gifts, his diploma, and a big smile. THIS IS HOW IT GOES! - Chris Delafuente helps Mike Wright arrange histassle. ng class of Top-Hi await their diplomas, 135 Gradualian Everlasting Days at Zap-Hi L- . ,LW. . 41g- . .5 L.,,.5,A i . rt.. . , . rim, as-SFA - is 1-'Q '4:'- .fi , I V- . 5 if sf? Q x..' .eww A .M - 11 f- 'ft I - .- 2 r . ertigawgggq . ii - - . rf.. z 'I r, . f . B IIAA T K gg.. 335 -2 W SW. Q is i 2 E .Q , it g S 2 f ' N .T Q - -. . i , .. ,f i . E' i S 5 we . Ringe r' kylky V J is lim. e .fw, . if it R. Q df'--1 W' A - 1 t '-J, F q s. Q Q h ig h Cum .. fin . N '5.1. . . 53 13 " 's:':."Zi-T" .. .f l fi 1- 'K ,. - ' . " 'i " rr THIS IS lT - Mrs. Steinmetz, Mrs. Lacell and Mr. Cook check lT'S OVER V Sylvia Goodno and Joanne Schmierer clean out their lockers for the last time. out seniors Jon Bremer, and Ricky Bowles. GOSSIP? - Miss Ross and Mrs. Dixon discuss their thoughts on graduation night. WHATA MESS! - Sherry Taylor does her last cleaning up at the COME AND GET 'EM - Josette Bremer holds up the sign for any who are interested in end of the year. autograph books. REMEMBER WHEN? - Sophomores gather on the mound for the last time in the Spring. 136 -KTA? X. J ' 'i'?f5fE57Qi?V5" R wfikgl - swf.. W is ,Gia R .... , Sm! of School Ulasiug the l5'aah af ,Meruaries Memories. . . .7deas, thaughts aud aetiaus. . . Zfhiugs that auee lrelauged ta the future, Chihgs that are haw just rueruaries. 9ra1u fall ta spriug, ,All the luefuaries, gear! ahd had, large aud small ,Are hauud iu these pages. 38 Memories. . . Moments that eouuot truly he relioed, l5'ut ooh he thouyht of . . . Vet relioed ih memory Wheu throuyh this hook you hooe ufoudered. Now sit hook, reloh, oud remember the yood times Held ih eaeh pieture om! story. This was your yeor os well os ours. Che Zohiseuu Stuff 139 Elosiuy 2, QA! ii E 1 gi 1 1 1 1 4 Q Q w X v x v v v v Abercrombie, Pam 82,90 Acob, Jose 45,82 ACTIVITIES 40 Adams, Kathi 114 115,118,121,132 Bowles, Richard 9,24,25,72,115, 132,134,136 Bowles, Mr. R. E. 59 76,80,114,132 ADMINISTRATION 58 Affholter, Mr. Andy 37 Aguirre, Carolyn 37 Aguirre, Francesco 24,25,26, 39,100 Aguirre, Manuel 26,114 Aichele, Bruce 24,28,82 Aichele, David 8,46,55,78, 98,1 14,129 Alaniz, Lupe 100 Alaniz, Maria 114 Allan, Mr. Dave 6 Allen, Joy 37,45,82 Almendarez, Armando 82 Alvarado, Berney 45,82 Alvarado, Connie 46,100 Amaro, Fernando 82 Amaro, Vicky Anaya, Guadalupe 114 Anderson, Fred 2O,21,30,31,39, 114 Anderson, Janice 37,82,86,96 Anderson, Karen 14,42,43,49,50,52, Anderson, Mari Andreas, Frank 114 Andreas, Tim 82 Andrews, Mr. Leonard 61 Aparico, Sylvia Archer, Mr. Paul 59 ASB 42 Ashby, Shirley 46,114 Ashlock, Sandy 13,114 Augenstine, Denise 45,46,47,98,100, 121 Babich, Mr. John 64 Babich, Marianna 100 Bailey, Buck 39,82 Bailey, Clifford Bailey, Sheri 45 Bancroft, Ron 20,82 BAND 44 Bangs, Candy 82,84,87 Bangs, LuEIla 13,14,49,100 Barczyszyn, Donna 13,100,113 Barnes, Dennis 82 Barnes, Gary 36,114 Barnett, Mike 82 Barney, Marlene 82 Barr, Mr. Hugh 58 Bowman, Mike 83 Bowman, Richard 116 Brandt, Braten, Braten, Bremer, Jim 37 Paul 28,46,84,94,97 Val 46,49,54,75,79,116 Jon 20,116,136 Bremer, Josette 54,100,137 B resta r, Annette 46,84 Brestar, Eugene 116 Bridgeman, Judy Brock, Rusty 39,84 Brost, Mr. Earl 61 Brost, Kathy 12,45,84 Broughton, Diana 101 Brower, Kim 100,101 Brown, Brown Anita 46,101 Gary 84 Brown: Joe 84 Brown, Judy 116 Brown, Larry 18 Brown, Robert Brown, Roger 84 Buell, Wanda 84,86 Burgett, Jimi 49,101 Burgett, Marsha 45,116 Burke, Francie 101 Burr, Gerald 46,47,67 Burton, Daryl 101 BUS DRIVERS 61 Bush, Jon 75,116 Cabrera, Mike CALENDAR 4ff Campos, Gloria 84 Capetillo, Reynaldo Carl, Deanna 84,101 Carrasco, Joe 20,101 Carrizal, Jinny 84 Carter, Mary 14,38,43,45,51,74, 101,102 Carter, Mike 20,26,38,44,45,116 Castilleja, Abel 20,116,119,127 Castilleja, Frank Castilleja, Livia 23,51,84 Castilleja, Lucy 12,24,25,45,99, 101 Castillo, Casi 27,116 Castillo, Isidro 116 Castillo, Mr. Leonardo 59 Castillo, Rexine Osborne 4,76,116 CATERWAUL 55 BASEBALL 34ff BASKETBALL 30ff Bator, Mr. John 16,69,119 Beasley, Faye 12,69,73,74,100 Beasley, Ray 26,42,82,86 Beavers, Beverly 46,82 Beavers, Mark 114 Beavers, Timothy 24,25,26,28,82 Bedolla Isabell 83 Beltran: Dave 16,19,20,115 Cerna, John 14,26,34,35,101 Cerna, Tom 26,117 Chandler, Shawn 75,117 Charron, Joey 101 Charron, Johnny 84 CHOIR 46 Clark, Cedric Clark, Penny 84 Clayton, James 15,37,53,64,117, 132,133,134 Benavides, Joe 83 Benavides, Juan 24,25,26,115 Bernal, Gracie 83 Billy, Marita Bjur, Gary 20,34,100 Blackburn, Jody 100 Blakesley, Mr. Bill 60 Bliss, Albert 83 Bliss, Denise 100,108 Blomquist, Vernon 83 Bloom, Dan 115 Bloom, Shirley 83,86 BOARD OF CONTROL 42 Boekholder, Mr. Jerry 26 BOOSTERS 140ff Botello, Mary 46,73,83 Bouchey, Denise 4,13,22,37,53' 1 15,132 Bounds, Rick 83 Bower, Tracey 83 Bowers, Dr. George 58 Bowers, Loretta 7,8,46,47,76,78, Clements, Colleen 13,117 Clements, Darlene 13,14,51,101 Clements, Kathleen 46,80 Clements, Sue 74 Clipston, Judy 117 Cobb, Jeff 20,117 Coon, Gloria 84 Cordero, Lenard 32,37,69,84 Correa, Raymundo 84 Crawford, Kelly 37 Cron, David 7,108,105 CROSS COUNTRY 24 Crowder, Janie 13,118 Crowder, Lupe 46,102 Cummings, Neal 36,77,118 CUSTODIANS 60 Dale, David 85 Dalton, Paul 36,46,72,118,121, 132 Dalrymple, Mr. Robert 58 Daniel, Tom 37,72,103 Dave, Rebecca 103,1 18 Davenport, Don 118 Davenport, Susan 33,79,85,88 Dean, Lynn 22,103 DeLaCruz, Arthur 103 DeLaFuente, Chris 119,135 Delp, Randy 31,32,103,105 DeMoss, Cynthia 4,85 Dennis, Dean 127 Dennis, Don 85 Derry, Mr. Lew 61 Desmarais, Gerry 34,98,103 Dexter, Kathy 44,45, 103 Dinehart, Colleen 45,46,103 Dinehart, Linda 37,45,72,85 Dixon, Mrs. Ruth 65,70,137 Doublerunner, Albert 23 DRILL TEAM 13 Duncan, Gary 20,21,31,85 Duncan, Ruth 46,49,119,132 Dzul, Sergio 85 Eids, Dave 31,119 Elwell, Galen Elwell, Jolene 79,85 END OF SCHOOL 136 Engbretson, Craig 5,24,25,31,39 1 19,133 Engbretson, Dean 24,85,36 Ervin, Kathy 46,103 Escamilla, Jean 45,85 Esparza, Tim 20,85,90 Espinosa, Arturo 69,103 Estrada, Lupe 119 Estrada, Raul 85 Estrada, Teresa 72,103 Evans, Gordon 85 Evans, Janice 12,33,38,45,85,90 Everett, Bev 46,119 FACULTY 64ff FALL 4 Farnsworth, Mr. Gerald 26,28, 29,65,68,97 Faucher, Rick 17,20 Fauth, Mark 34 Fauth, Ornan 28,50,94,97 FBLA 49 Febus, Karen 7,13,50,119 Fendell, Mr. Gary 45,65,118 Coder, Rickie 46,115,117,121 Coleman, Debbie 4,13,102 Coles, Julie 102,113,127 Collins, Don 117 Collins, Randy 100,102,107 Comenout, Marlene Billy 118 Comenout, Robert 102 Conner, David Conrad, Nancy 13,115,118 Contreras, Maria 102 Cook, Mr. Everett 51,63,136 Cook, Karen 4,12,32,33,102 Cook, Melody 54,102 Cooley, Carmen 45,99,101,102 Cook, Sue 33 Coon, Connie 118 142 Ferguson, Janice 22,103 FFA 50 FHA 51 Fisher, Flores, Flores, Flores, Floyd, Scott 45,85 Linda 48,86,87 Ramona 119 Roberto Mr. Wallace 59 FOOTBALL 17ff Foster, Don 61 Fraser, Kelvin 86 Friss, Richard 24,103 Friss, Ted 55,119 Froemke, Robert 20,39,86 FTA 52 Furman, Dennis 103 GAA 48 Gadley, Bruce Galvan, John 34,119,133 Galvan, Oscar 45,104 Gamble, George 120 Gamble, John 27,28,86,90 Garcia, Arnaldo 20,83,86 Garcia, Ina 120 Garcia, Mary 86,94 Garcia, Richard 18,20 Garcia, Wally 14,17,19,20,86,93 Gardiner, Mr. Herb 60 Garner, Cody 120 Garza, Alfonso 86 Garza, Anna 120 Garza, Ernie 46,86 Garza, Janie Garza, Lorenzo 86 Garza, Lupe 120 Garza, Martha 46,120 Garza, Nora Garza, Rosalinda 13,104 Garza, Sylvia 86 Gates, Ron 120 105 Hobbs, David 87 Hochrein, Catherine 105 Holden, Arlie 105 Holwagner, Cathy 105,111 HONORS 132 HONOR SOCIETY 53 Hood, Lisa 22,82,87 Horney, Gilbert 45,105 Hough, Kenneth Howell, Myrna 105 Hoyt, David 20,87 Humphrey, Janice 24,33,45,88 Humphrey, Jeanne 33,46,49,105 INTRAMURALS 23 Jackson, Kevin 46,28,88 Jarvis, Jim 37 Jensen, Christy 33 Gettman, Anne 37 Gibbons, Kim 86 Gibbs, Scott 45,77,104 GOLF 36 Gomez, Robert 120 Gomez, Theresa 120 Gonzales, Alice 12,24,25,33,38,45, 49,87,89 Gonzales, Jessie 87 Gonzales, Leonard 76,77,12O Goodno, Sylvia 46,120,121,136 Graaff, Anne 7 GRADUATION 134 Grant, Wesley 45,104 Green, Michael 87 Green, Ronald 104 Green, Troy 74,87 Grewe, Andy Griffith, Daniel 87 Guess, Kathleen 104 Gunn, Bonita 120 Gunnier, Edward Gunnier, Frank 87 Gutierrez, Delores 121 Gutierrez, Jane 104 Gutierrez, Jose 14,20,28,39, 86,87 Guzman, Jaime 87 Haba, Miss Marianne 14,37,64 Hackner, Dennis 45,99,104 Hagerman, Carolyn 87 Hagerman, Dale 79,98 Hagerman, Susan 87 Hagerman, Tom 75,121 Halbert, Teresa 104 Halvorson, David 104 Hamilton, Barbara 45,104 Hannigan, Debbie 87 Hanson, Pam 121 Johnson Mr. Bruce 9,26,27,66 Johnson Carol 106 Johnson Debbie 88,89 Johnson Ellis 59,61 Johnson, Mr. Eric 106 Johnson Leon 117,122 Johnson Reggie 106 Johnson, Wayne Jones, Brad 88 Jones, Judy 24,105,106 Jones, R. Shane 122 Jones, Thomas Jones, Mr. Thomas 66,71 Juarez, Hector Juarez, Jess 45,121 Juarez, Mike 88 JUNlORS 98ff Kearnes, Michael 106 Keeling, Steven 66,106 Keene, Mr. Lloyd 29,38,49,66 Keeth, Miss Elaine 51,64,88 Kelly, Kim 106 Kelly, Michael King, Carol 54,77 King, Dennis 106 Kinney, David 32,37,106 Kinney, Patty 33,37 Knepper, Jay 45,88 Koerner, Hanley 26,88 Koyle, David 88 Koyle, Sahuna 88,90 Kraft, Rick 45,99 Krebs, Louis 45,106 Krebs, Teresa 23,45,88 Kroll, Calvin 49,51 Kukes, Steve 17,20,75,122,123 Harris, Dan 104 Harris, Diane 121 Harris, Marianne 98,104 Harris Harris , Richard 20,21,121 , Wanita104 Heemsah, Levi Heide, Valerie 87 Heilman, Allen 50 Hemstreet, Ona 12,45,52,104 Henle, Tammy 37 Henry, Cindy 46,87 Hernandez, Arthur 87 Hernandez, Jayney 87 Hernandez, John Hernandez, Sandra 87 Hernandez, Santos Jr. 121 Herrera, Chris 43,45,104,109 Herrera, Sandra 12,33,37,45 Herrera, Vicki 46,87 Hickle, Jack 67,105 Hinson, Tim Hinchey, Leslie 13,121 Hixson, Mitchell 19,20,31,34,35, Lacell, Mrs. Hattie 5,63,136 Lacell, Vernon 39,53,71,84,122 Lamebull, Marlene 4,45,122 Lamebull, Steve 20,88,93 Leach, Scott 106 Leingang, Toni 13,64,65,122 Leon, Monica 8,33,37,106 Leos, Cristela 94 Leos, Santos 106 Lewis, Dolly Lewis, Karen 44,106 Lewis, Winona Lindsey, Julie 45,88 Littlefield, Brad 88 Lloyd, Debbie 122 Long, Paula 12,106,111 Lopez, Manuel 28,34,71,106 Lopez, Joanne 46 Lopez, Martha 60,122 Lopez, Mary 13,106 Lorton, Don 122 Lott, Mr. Blake 7,23,66,133 Lott, Paula 88 143 Lott, Phillip 37 Lozano, Johnny 24 Lozano, Mary 88 Lozano, Patsy 12,33,37,45,49,88 Lozano, Richard 37,106 Lundberg, Mark 31,76,106,111 Lybbert, Jeff 89 McClure, Mrs. Freda 58 McFarland, Judy 37 McFarland, Karen 89 McGovern, Beth 81,84,89 McLavey, Sharon 122 McMillan, David 46,89 Macias, Angie 122 Macias, Lynda 106 Mack, Millie 89 Maden, Melody 107 Malzahn, Roy 34,122,123 MANHATTANS 46 Marez, Francisco 45,107 Marshall, Dixie 89 Marques, Cecilia 107 Marquez, Alice 52,79,123 Martin, Gary 123 Martin, Harold 32,45,83,89 Martinen, Eric 20,89 Martinez, Rueben 89 Masini, Mari 107 Massett, Mr. Charles 60 Massett, Miss Sandy 59 Mason, Mr. John 61 Masters, Sarah 108 Matheny, Melvin 123 Mathis, Mr. John 66 Matte, Dixie 104,108 Maupin, Randy 20,31,32,73,88,93 Maupin, Sandra 45,123 Mears, Kathi 8,46,53,67,118,123, 132 Meigs, Charles 20,26,71,108 Meiser, George 37,108 Mendoza, Amy Mendoza, Carol 13,123 Meninick, James Mercer, Mr. Clifford 66,108 Meredith, Peggy 108 Meredith, Susan 123 Mesa, Johnny Mesa, Jose 89 Meyers, Debbie 12,108 Meyers, Melia 22,89,96 Miller, Debbie 108 Miller, Mr. Ed 61 Miller, Robert 108 Mills, Vicky 123 Mirosh, Mr. Phil 66 Mitchell, Mrs. Joyce 6,66 Moody, Betty 24,108 Moore, Johnie 49,108 Morrison, MaryAnn 12,37,45,89 Morrison, Wally 23,27,45,55,108 Muehe, Mrs. Alice 68 Muffett, Rod 45,46,77,108 Murray, Candy 89,45 Murray, Laurel 49,109 Mutch, John 74,89 Mutch, Kathleen 13,109 Myers, Mr. Sam 60 Myers, Verena 109 Myers, Virgil Myron, Mr. Cliff 62,86 Myron, Kathi 4,38,48,90 Navarro, Janie 90 Nelson, Ramona 90 Nelson, Tony 124 Newman, Virgil 45,90 Northrup, Jordan 124,125 Nulph, Clay 80,124 Olivarez, Lupe 124 Olivas, John 20,32,34,43,86,90 Olives, Vicky 4,14,45,49,120,124 Oliver, Kent 6,24,31,39,109 Omlin, Margie 48,90,95 Olney, Emma Jane 33 Orozco, Carol 46,124 Orozco, Manuel Ortiz, Yolanda 88,90 Otto, Mr. Richard 34,35,68 Owen, Wanda Owens, Mr. James 60 Ozuna, Euselio lJuniorl 34,46, 124 Ozuna, Johnny 69,70 Palacz, Richard 124 Palma, A ida 103,109 Palma, Juan 49,99,109 Pardo, Cindi 4,45,125 Parks, Catherine 45,49,109 Pecheos, Doug 109 Pecheos, Sue 90 Pedroza, Raymund 109 PEOPLE 56 PEP BAND 12 PEP CLUB 14 Perez, Joe 32,91 Perez, Joe 109 Perez, Johnny 125 Perez, Lucy Peterson, Barbara 109 Peterson, Dennis 26,117,125 Pettigell, Paula 37 Pettit, William 109 Petty, Robin 91,92 Phifer, Mary 125 Pilgrim, Ron 46,125 Pinkham, Dora Lee 33,79,91,125 Rodriguez, Jane Rogers, Donna 92 Rogers, Sandy 110 Romburn, Steve 126 Rork, Anita 92 Rosenow, Kelly 92 Ross, Debbie 92 Ross, Miss Marian Ross, Mr. Ted 61 Roth, David 37,93 Rowe, David 110 Rowe, Leslie 13,128 ROYALTY 80 Saluskin, Julie 33,93 Sanchez, Carmen 93 Sanchez, Hilda 51,60,110 Sanchez, Johnny 26,135 Sanchez, Larry 108,111 Sanchez Lucia 111 Sanchez, Mary 126 Sanchez, Mary Lou Sanchez, Nora 93 Sanchez Rosie 126 Sandberg, Karen 37,93 Scalley, Karen 37 Scalley, Sheri 126 Sanders, Leah Mills 54,111 Sargent, Mrs. Mary 66,68,129 Scalley, Sherri 123 Schafer, Ed Schafer, Glen 50,93 Schelert, Mike 126 Schlenker, Neal 96 Schlenker, Richard 23,72,111 Schlenker, Ron 126 Schmidt, Ron 45,53,77,120,126 Schmierer, Jerry 9,111 Pinkham Pinkham, Ida Jo 9,33,46,133 Pinkham, Joe 20,23,32,34,35,110 Pinkham, Mr. Joe 59 , Margret 30, 33,37 Schmierer, Joanne 76,116,126,136 Schmierer, Joyce 70,96 Schneider, Erika 13,80,126 Schneider, Richard 23,126 Polley, Carmen 4,37,43,91 Polley, Mr. Walter 58 Potter, Mrs. Louise 59 Potter, Mr. Ted 60,61 Pratt, Bryan 46,110 Pruneda, Roy 20,91 Pryor, Miss Jennifer 54,68,73 Pylican, Linda 125 Quick, Forrest 123 Raber, Mrs. Nellie 59 RALLY SQUAD 12 Rambu r, Steve Ramirez, Guadelupe 13,107,110 Ramirez, Luis 125 Ramirez, Maria 110,113 Ramirez, MaryAnn 91,94 Ramirez, Monica 13,125 Ramirez, Rita 125 Ramos, Ernie 91 Rathbun, Kenneth 45,91 Ray, James 20,110 Razo, Ray 20,28,34,110 Rebellosa, Roy 92 Reid, Caroline 37,48,84,92 Reid, Karen 4,92,93 Reid, Robert 110 SCHOOL BOARD 59 Schumaker, Ervin 111 Scott, Miss Cynthia 5,6,33,107 SENIOR HIGH OFFICE 62 SENlORS114ff SENIOR SUMMARIES 130ff Sevigny, Tom 26,99,111 Shaul, Ricky 94 Shea, Mr, Jim 68,133 Shea, Mary 45,111 Sheets, Ron 126 Shellenberger, Mr. Tom 24,26,39,67,67,68 Shipman, Mrs. Marie 70 Siefring, Eva 38,45,68,91,94 Siefring, Milford 111 Simmons, Sharon 12,38,94 Simmons, Terri 38,111 Ski Club 22 Smartlowit, Katherine 94 Smith, Chris 112,113 Smith, Linda 126,132 Strom, Mr. Ted 59,61 STUDENT LIFE 74ff Stump, Vicky 4,33,38,39,84,95,102 Suggs, John 76,77,114,128,132 TALON 15 Tanewasha, Gene 23 Taylor, Sherry 54,95,136 Taylor, Terri Lee 3,5,43,46,47,52 78 114 122 128 TENNIS 37 Theodoren, Doug Thomas, Mrs. Edna 59 Thompson, Tim 95 Thorington, Chris 12,128,133 Thorington, Mr. Jack 59,134 Thornell, Debra 13,112,38 Tittsworth, Miss Elsie 70 Tobia, Frances 8,45,112 Tobias, Aurora 112 Tobias, Oscar 128 Tobias, Reynaldo 95 TOHISCAN 54 Toner, Debbie Schaeffer 128 Toner, Mike 75,128 Torres, Mary Lou 13,51,112 Torres, Henry TRACK 38 Treece, Rod Treece, Shirley Tulee, Loretta 95 Tuttle, Sheryl 128 Tynan, Earl 112 Unruh, Carol 12,112 Uppinghouse, Jay 46,128 Uscola, Duane 45,112 VanAIstine, Cindy 124,129 VanAlstine, Vicki 96 Vandenbrink, Mr. Andy 68,70 VanLuevan, Kaelin 4,5,22,37,43 129 132 134 Van Luevan, Mr. Martin 37 Veals, Mr. Charles 61 Veals, Pamela 13,112 Vela, Arturo 20,26,96 Venable, Mitch Vergin, John 3,8,46,47,67,78,118 121 129 Vijarro, Juanita Villanueva, Jose Walker, Connie 96 Walker, Mr. Jack 60 Walker, Jay Bob 2O,43,53,76,77,129,132 Walker, Walker, Nancy 77,102,112,113 Paula 45,112 Smith, Rodney 112 Smith, Sandy 126 Smith, Scott 20,45,94 Solis, Antonia 13,46,52,64,126,128 Solis, Mary 13,127 Solis, Tina 73,94 SOPHOMO RES 82tf Sorenson, Barbara 12,69,119,124,127 SPORTS AND SPIRIT 10ff SPRING 8 Stage, Edna 112 Reid, Tex 15,36,64,75,84,125 Reimer, Fred 49,54,77,125 Reiter, Marcy 92,97 REVIEW 55 Rice, Patty 13,126 Richards, Deniece 110 Richards, Mrs. Helen 63 Richards, Tana 13,50,110 Riojas, Rita 49,110 Rocha, Tony Rodrigues, David 30,32,92 ROdI'i9U92, Demetrio 92 Rodriguez, Elida 83 Rodriguez, Frank Stanton, Del Steinmetz, Mrs. Cheryl 61,136 Steinmetz, Don 112 Steinmetz, Mike 91,95 Sterns, Janet 12,99,112 Stevens, Hanley Stevens, Susan 127,132 Stobaugh, Scott 20,31 ,32,36,45,95 Stobaugh, Yvonne 127 Stoops, Barbara 54,95 Stoops, Mark 55,112 Story, Daniel 36 Story, David 37,95 Strom, Mr. A. J. 42,62,132,133,134 144 Walker, Randy 20,31,32,39,96 Weibler, Mr. Joe 70 Weippert, Sheryl 67,76,124,129 Weishaar, Gregory 97 Wentz, Cheryl 46,96 Wentz, Kathleen 112 White, Barbara 96 White, Bill 127,129 Whittington, Dave Wike, Richard 2,100,113 WILDCATS 15 Williams, Vickie 4,13,112 Wilson, Bill Wilson, Kathy 96 Wilson, Sandra 64,65,113 Wingerter, John 113 Winnier, Susan 96 Winnier, Vaughn WINTER 7 Winterfeld, Bruce 39,113 Winters, Mr. Bob 6,17,19,42,64,69 70 72 Wishkoski, Mary 112 Wolfe, Glenna 7,8,45,53,96 Wolverton, Alice 45,112 WRESTLING 26 Wright, Jonni 111,113 Wright, Michael 23,129,132,135 Wychoff, Jerry 94,97 Wychotf, Larry 97 Wyloles, Russell 129 Young, Pamela 46,92,97 Young, Tamela 46,51,54,92,97 Yzaguirre, Adam 129 x .Nfwf 'wh' ff' m-Www M - ' " :wifi , , ' . .L fggwlgy 5,Qf3l,,1,. ,, ,X ff Q--11-:,.,', 'F ' vffaafv- , V H, N232 f3"', -I J. ,W ,V , V N 'f'.'2Ms5v:fQ"fw!.wE g - 4 2 'mlzififeqffkl wa M " M 1 ,'fgmf?:fi'5ag 4, 3,4 A Y, f . ,I '.Vl,,,, v : fi' , ,, . x W K , gf M wjjwi?2:l5S:ai2.ZmIJI'7fit?TMM in " J , 4-If uvvyw-q,: 51941. ,, K R ,A wwf w - M, ' QU A 31,3 ,Mm f W 4 i QA., Q ,dk ig f X ig on so ....4 ...10 ...12 .16 40 ..56 ..58 .60 .62 . 130 . 132 134 140 1fl2

Suggestions in the Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) collection:

Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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