Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA)

 - Class of 1959

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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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f k,., Mg Iii J ' ff: iii 42 .f,- gffmweg' km, TA ..f.c2f-.iw .,"T,gs.:: Qfygg- 3- if ily: gf:y,:a.jT jg gyziizgwpgggvg ,gf :ix-bw fm 3 - ,, ,f 1 ,I , .ur 1: ,Snr V Nz 4, 1+--L, 1 Vg? UH'- 1-v., Jv"" J "" A L.. mf izitygx ,gf , ,f vu J 1 'f' gr IO. fi. , f M W ' J r 3-W 4, wk A , at f ,M f f ,f 1 34- '51, ,, '52-ffw'f,f,-15-1 ,1, fgfg ':1:,Az.'f-2"-'1 uf,-1--fy., 5- V 4 , -4, 4.L-'.:H,,r- 5" V'-950 ,k462'fP5WC1.,'k,1v - -if .r 5 54, ,-'--57:1 1' ff, V wi' 1-1-.Y L:ff1:s?,:f-QA:J,- Hp - 1 .. Eli"-'i 4' Mwxw - 35,-,V -.4-5 ef ff1f1,.f.Q - ,,-gf.. A3 , .2 'mg-5-l-',. 'I 1'f?vx:vf"' 5""4',":l,-f31J'i'5',- Q ' if dxfbfif' 21,-1-5 'M' J--1-"P-' "fl-224: ix -' - Xkhff 'X-ff '-in--eff fee .- SML -RH iifxv-' -I Y -3-,lp+'k2l.f ff-' 1131: 2115 , :-'T'-ff' l'f"4'-'-14fTf'1?V 4 -'T' Il '. 1 +.,.,.fiif F jg, Q"-'Jim H- -- X-, dy- f-'SQ ,',"' 41' ' 5, 7 5 7 'Q'-5 -3Yv1.'.-,Q3 gjggf 4 fyv ,TAL 'IQ gf 4,-rg:-f ,221-" , t -. ' , . P , f.t,Y..,,- ,fg'NAv,,, , 1 .I V ,::ef.--4,'r- 199 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY TOPPENISH HGH SCHOOL JWT ff 1 C , I I iifxy' , x,x'gf, ,S , PH:?:gfaoT1y by Fern Sud! l.5'L1orrd:! by av 2 p -s pu nu nu vw., .- sk ,Y .5 ,Q HFAE7 C'1S+ e "ex WW' HE' aw:e1 arerf ,QF r' Te aVffe ifL'e2 9 . l 4 -nge - 1 Giang u, ? 'cf ' "' rg" , n ' 'Q 'f ' ' ' J 5' -ffefim 3 rug 4 yn q - K at - y 'li ' 5 A . 5 " z ,..:'- r ..-. I., KA 0 1 --nn J 20.4"-' 6 :L r' ' " 9 v I KN -H ' 'Six A 'xv' ff TL. A 431-f -- :nu fails .Y YA QL 1 , .E..., ZL1. E 33:2 F: f.f7f '-Q... 2816. gsm. ,fi 9 1 5 A , " is -1 Y' 155 ,.. ff. mr, gb . fr , , ' ' . P' . " , ,. C.-cv . 'lv' ' - f- ' t 4 ue- , 15. -Jenn. fu , , . 1 fr' "5- --a EL- 1 l M ,.v-Y IQ .Wk Q . us., 13 , f -v ' -'s' .', Q, ', 45... ,. -lla' 5 .. . , -in . 5 - -'Q ' ' ' , a VX, Eiflzlm J-9 4 . lx. .4!'- - - ' , ---Qin..-, , . , . ',...o' "' . .,. 1 ' Y L . tm v Q 4 ,J 1 s. 'r Q 4 ,sg ., x Q' 3, , .ww- ,, x ,xx ' 4 . A , f .. Ni -, iv." -1' - ,img ,, . L.. 'un 6 5 x., TOPPY Gif? of Cfass of '58 QQ -EDXT GR wma NJTY HU X C0-YDYY OH QFQ AQ, TERRY S Uv! Advisor Edi+ors Busmnss Manager Staff -fc rr il. .-. DLA. W .afyxvif M 7 ,. H V , G", fr, . f . , ' C' ,. . IQ" :,, Mini .,,A EQ ..',, , 1 ., A, wi, ,D rf, NEW., 5. I , f"j"f' 'fr-3 "L ,yn 'A' ":.".:r.vr:'X -.. : "2-' ,. " fififf ' "':' ,Eff 'L' r -- . Y - fi, - -- 5 , 5,-. rfl: 'fur 'f 'I '-1. :."ff" '- L:,, .2 .1 Y-.- ,5 -, Q- Nf: ,Y A-Qi, ,K , I ,-9,5 V. ,- V: 1 ., , . -V , V .Li ' . If f, L,-j v,,. ,V , ,-- ---5 I'- rg -5 - ,. , A . ,,L, . 4 ,,,, 'rg 4.15" rfz, f-zf' "1 5 " I---' '- , ,,,-, f ,,,Af L Vx,-,U-, 2,1 -. ,ffm . 1 ni-s .......,,,,g.......f vw? 'C D5 Qu 'S For the First Time if fne beeefy 35 Tobicany TCCFZEKS? Hg? scree fe-CeG'Ca+e: S+: yeafbee? fe a bef- son wane nas bee' bonered befefe. Tbe yeafi beiwee' 'ne fwe dedfafeei ba.e been ?7 ed y-Wn Fefe of Qemlfe EGFJTCE +C We ma"-f ftciede who beye affended Tee' D'C:'7S?T Hg? Syed. Tney base ffewn a pefien 'vefefeff 'n ine wexare of boyi and QMEC, Na+, gnfiefe Sfandiffg aecf C5'.F:'W+ 7n a' fC?a+fef3 vffb ?be'n. Tbey Pave Lnown a befien WPC Can abbeaf in 'eage at a TV eewbey of beblnzz We dei? ai a 5rEenCNy Coeniebry was Caf be ben a feaing ffiend and a Wm CMQCEQ- Marian. The reibeif and ad'nifa+ien wack bfzrnp- fed ine C:ed?ea'Ecn of Tbe 5949 Tenfean nai e'ev.n WWF Ve years. New, In 5959 fnafkira yeur+wenfTeH1yearin+?e Tebben- ian febeeb, Tebkcian honor? yea again Wed gafeuer in We fnenaoriez Cf af! fnde who Faye been fegcbed by ine bereenairy of Huis man, we Vnd Hwe name of our friend .f. Strom FT? rw fl ' , 'if- ,xx .4-4 ,E 5 FALL INTER Sepfember December V C' arc dV'S Yea rs eded Ocfobe cfs e C1 V3 F7 vp wc- W C 'W a e and U1 F Q c 'flcmres Crma Svnmr courwse rg beqm Orarslfmp Q alwfy ng e e oven TO S w d 24-GAA Car as a Pr r 1-'wo Semor A ouwce November Mayor ep derv uarfer repori cards Home-com no Assembw and parade No sclwoo fwds Tcppemsh and Wapafo me Ve+erans a cam-2 Hde Omen HC D Zi-+VV d 5 4 1 244l'1 eo C? ace cw' STC r January c 2 Q Q r Trps c c cr an Mu C Pics? rn Surmysxcle earbfd mfcis naW deao ne' SO ETHI 5451005 l PT ll' Tfflresr' 'Q We Q d ,abide c 'G 3' RCC elf- 54 dy 95: 'var Af- A . . I . . ' Q O I U . . 2-'3"":s 'eh 'eetx 2 rd cLee'- --Eezfrba ,rfbvee i' S-".:'de. !IiC1Z'Ii iiE:"'E2 ,. 5.. :fe-"':s. -Ee". Cfiive' Liwerfe e' '-est. 'A if--:1",'z'L ive we e .':' :':"v 2 3-: eff' C: teis i:5'iG'5. 4-X"feff'b"3 1' T15 ': 7.346-'J biz. :ug ii"'32'-i' -z11,"'i 5" ":."g Q E 2' 'Y-'fre' dame Nbr rd. fe :Q-" ' r' A "fi J."-1: C' 'f"i:r. 23 PF F, C"5e'e'Ce e' 5' Cf. E7S',.3Q"' 5" f- '?'ClC Pg 21--Ya' fe L' 1 . ' E'L7Cf 555575. 2-42?-rdf b':"s efered ' IZ-Seff' Be --- ".'w':cf2"'g Prez 22,-Me'-11 if -Q: eiefnf Severe' f- : 6,535-91 Hifrs' afxi Cesare. 'fzif' fe'::. 27- " QCP CT':'3'E"Cf3 X1 Se- l'f5.r-MAX, C"vS""iQ Va", 29-f'-'CMG' 1-if' '- MQ' b, "L T:L"iCa' awe- Q I9-Jfrr Pay "a"'Je. SDH. 3O"H5"'335""? gfra +7 9' ' lcvlwif Par, "fl" ce'5?r'WerrC, kr f ww- 22--Y ra ww. F'-2b'Ua'Y , ,. . ,r , .HN 2?---C"'e'rfax rt' 'ram tt, Ccrvwrgrrfrzx :irc 4 'JL' M KMC V, ,- Gt! +C-K If--flu, "V-'rp' 'erisffcx 'ir Hvir St 3--JJ" r'Ce:e r? 4 sa'es. 22,54 5-Cfrfrfag -.'a:a"c'r fcr a de- Cel" Y 1 V 9"R5' " --5 I J S ,T 565 VVS? 5er."c Curie" Lcfifx, afd g6CUy'Y- I4-'Cl me ESHQACC t arm 'F Yaifnaf - . , . ' g .- . ff..,.p - - 4 - TQ' Si n :Gives +C M , ,, IQ- V H515 V, e NCQ Sea. , C xcfu ' S'57'. Y, w,nw-L-,,'4r,1,', V. '77-DV, mQ Y.f,P fl, 4 r on 21 CC 199' 'wc F' W" 'WJ 5+ Vp W' p 204 . . . Q 2475 d X 0, ' . 2'--SCH , ' T515 28 4 " I N ar J' ' e fcrs av Jum- Tcrs, . . . rlfaw. 3IfLrdy'FV :de74 ' nr , 've-15, 6- ' I 'C . . . Q :og f , IIE 1 ' ' P1 a' ' ' C y Z -. T055 X,. 12-A , Je-. ' c 4 ,-rc'-32 -nccu'afZ:'s. 25-FHA. spag'e"f ' -d, 2672 -T'5r1k5Q'v"'g x f' r. , ,rw WV, 4, 'lla I 'Q I V .4 4. ., I , I 'I '. March P AT TOP HI AND PRI G May J Wann and R Gorcna model ilwe new yerseys fha? replaced 'flue hques flwns fell Kuflen ihmlrs lhe new parlunq lmes are me .1 if 2 K iff Mr Clmkenbeard and Mr Waluslzo new fo Top H: admire Nl-'TSG Thomas new HW Year- has been 'flue new lelfers purchased by lhe classes of 55 56 mslalled 0 Pleamnl- l1elPlUl addmon wellwoul charge by Mr Gene Huylar l ' l 7 0 0 n L 0 0 0 ' 4---Hui' fwf-'. ' :'f'- ?5'l"7 Z- fri " A.'f'e'1"'f-f- Hwi' 3:1 3' 1,---Fa' 2 wwf' Ewa f'-.SE f- 1" i'i, 'l f Qiifff- L-"1 -1'-"'r. 'Q' f':-' 4- F",:: e".e 5" 21":,':' . 7"'i"ff 5-"' "M Ni 22- if" " 2.2211 21,-i"r, X 27 P5 -l,"'2 :M A 24--:ine 227-' ate'--'-'-T"' 'VC' J" 255-3'f':.e'i', ' " 'z f: e"f-' 29---,1 ui. ci iff: 5 'I YH? -fzfhg .rf ' f" JLST. ' 1 2' X-rf - ff-eff' S655 " Seine 1' fl A rll V , i V 'F 7 MT my . ' lol . ' 27 Q?--'Jx"' K SV- . .. 7' Va, - f, ' ff" 3' . ' ati". . . .. . an' Yf' ff" e'i Vi" 5'5" 5' n Mr, V iii' 'l' . .L 5 Y ar V D y su, a g o , A 'Royaffy Flea?" a H . ACTIVITIES Band I II I I6-l7 Pep Band and Maiorefles I I I8-I9 Clioir 20-2l Fufure Homemalcers oi America 22-23 Pulure Farmers of America 24 Torch I IIIII 25 Drill Team 26 Tumbling Team I 27 CLASSES Semors Ball 40 Officers, Advisors, l-lisiory 4I Homecoming Princess 4l Members 42-5I Juniors Play 52 Gliicers, Advisors, l-lislory 53 Homecoming Princess 53 Members 54-57 . . . TABLE OF Girls' Aflwlelic Associalion Talon Club I I I Wildcals Pep Club I Yell and Song Leaders Tips I I Tolwiscan Sopliomores Officers, Advisors, l-lisiory Homecoming Princess Members 28-29 30 3I 32 33 34-35 36-37 58 58 58-ol CONTENTS Admiriislralriori Superinlendenl, Principal School Board 6 6 SPORTS Foolball Squads Aclion Slory and Coaches Baslcelball Slory and Coaches Squads Aclion LEADERS Facully and Classrooms 64-65 Cuslodians, Coolcs, Bus Drivers 64-65 A.S.B. Officers, Board ol Con+rol 80-8l lrilramurals 82-83 Boosfers 84 Snaps and Aulographs 85 86A87 88-89 M. Dom J. Pes- cador and J l-l"' are if Ordering an faarcerrerrs. Homeccrvg p d lrri- fo' Tres fra' rv Sleprews. . efv :dev-fain: s p sor T S d J S BF . 1 'JEVS arrange vic'-'y ooard. 66-75 76 77 90 9 I -92 93-96 Fwy, SQSNQQ QLEEN PE A Ps +f1E' W' Above Mr T poses wdh Hhree of The of cers S+Ud6l'1+ D rec cr Newe Pre dent B Camp e. and Asst . en? Direcfcr . Var'C eave. A Righf: Specia- rs fc To - i w a+ Cen+r afhd., 3. MARCHI C D CLA HI G w I c R Wy A Ham M Leak R McFadyen NeweH C Leumrq T Char er w 2 B k uw ra ree mann C m Ccr uz B at' F McDonaWd R Cobb J Hun on Row3 M Harmon D Vaw Ceave R Magers G Nendermeyer D Armsfrong L Cark V Laddrouf R Srmfh F Dale D Taylor n',, I 4 COLUM w I G a 6 s ne S Crabfree L Eve-ren N Wa en C Ro : . HE' G. Scnioss, J. Thorn J. Lamb, P, Haze'1'on, S. Pafdclc, J, Ko w 2 M G nay e ern abc er- mn P cfs r J e s Hanson C Lucn er' er 1. Gar w3 T crnez S mnfn H man C 5 P C Wa den J Cobb J Affndfer S Hovxs M eal' E Levy S a 8 ofms new nw X ww a 9 V raYY 5 X-V , , X . ecfe fr ' ua' GJ Oni! 2 - ' K E Ca, X04 A 'weld du' I-M ' O - " . .X ' 'J ' X' af f 9 T, ' A S XASS' ec '- . bn ah f. . . ' 23' 1 e MeS- . fs. Je . asv Sm- von X ,, Owce, . gpecxa ,Y r 64 0. 3 , ffeif' .- X 22 ,pf H ,add ,NA BDE.- Chfceff vade acodlxax ,VOC -, Y.. V4 V6 A ye' iff, Yea ,433 55550 va., Pa XJi"xewuPXcvr5X9 X , 'Aw-2' 4 , , . OVNL 2.4-xoem S. Schhz and S. Pafriclx fi music nofes puzzling. W5.TN?Q for pwdures fo be faker. o fix' fm f x . x . xi N ' . A M, ,rp nap, 5 .pe P-Jffvf--Q F- f:-r r 'E 'E c- bend T r 1 "e-ek FL . HING B- TO 'Q Across pages: S. S""V evd C. Vv'a'd ef add 'Tg5's "cf a + uhh.. Qf:,.f+ ,ff .-.-- -,. .. . f Pwtfue-pzsmg 'cr L Geffa ard cfPer Top Hu 'C':fers. W r , Lczlfs Wwe 'Pe asf ..,, ' .1 D .,. . rw , ,r B. Re. ,, M Lea? B, UaL""'5"" R Ccbb ard R. S'T1:'h. J. F"'5 'ef favs 'cr a I Sig?-iieaded Voor. L:'g Psurs affer sclwoc Fefced our :37r's +3 rafe g X -ffffg 'He bes, fwfers in We siaie. ii llllgv' :sauna 1 +595 Q U 4? X i 7 Row I: M. Afen, B. Beglau, M. CFBVQJXEV V. Cfavez A. CV'r C.C:Mac1 A Ccfma R. Cfiwzvd, M. Davewpcri Row 2: J. Devfs, M. Dcrrx S. EV? R. Everefh D. FaJk'e' G, Fifeif L. Fe" J. Ffffefwarv, G. Gewia L. Garda, M. Gambler. Row 3: E, GCFZGNEQ G. Scmez. M. G'fSW6y', L. Gu's'f'1e F. ,JGVTNJMK7'1 S. Hveef S. Ho"fif', M. Hass P. Haze fm. S, Hlglffcwef. Row 4: J. HV' J. I'-Wtef. J. Hfsc' S, Hcfs B. Huya' D. HUM M. Ingram J. JQUFEVQ Y 1 1 Y Na+ Pic+ured: I. Bar'!e?+, S. Crbb, D, Preff, . . . D, Sal. .xc mx' VNV Q ,gr My P- . Ura-, X '1 .3 2, , 'D SNIPPINC I'NI"l'lCHNS QRE HU , 4 AM N QNX lf' 4 Ffa UW-'ff wi Dodd, don L. C Boirwew J' pesca A,mTfo. ' fds. Hr . , C. ECW .r-hae'-D9 9' 'far J- L" ,. J- MJ ' J . L. Ba"'S ROW " . A, Hammn' G. TGYCF' I MOQV9. . J. Mmm . C' Mffenr . E. MMS' . L. MW' ber!! R, Mcpadyer V war " Cl LJC- " . K. Ko 19' ROW 2' J4 Qwens' R. Nyge, . RQHW. lf. B' - dx PFEU P Wa' E Pe'eck9J M' H Pavefson' PafSY nrSC'- J P617 Pavi n s. PWS Q QNEJ-1 ROW 3' ,, v J, svvefsr KJ Sm . d P. , L. Wmgan R Wassemmer' HQVSJ ' D. We Qderw, . , C' We H Tabwer, 5, Waggeer ,W D, . 5. SW ROW. 4' J, wi 'ami' We S. QF JTURE QF + bcglc. A SCVCP we FH FL 'l'ljl'i1f -- - A1 51. HO.1Ih',HAKElfS Ulf :1.WEHICA I I Officers: Presfdenf Affce Harnflfon, Vfze Presfdervf Gaff' Tayfor, Secrefary Undo I Dodd, Treasurer Jwe Pe-scadcr, Par.'iarrv3"arfarv Carcdyrw Bofffwew, Hfsfcrferw Hefen Armfjo, Sorvgjeeder Carofyn Edwards Reporfer Jaclrfe Lfcrwfenberg Advisor Miss Sorevleve Frfsk . , . Aims: Swppfng s'cr'es 'cward be-'fer homes frrcdgh cfffzen- SWDJ 0d,caff'cr' Lubffc re aV:'s and spfrf'uaf va'ues , . , Embfem: Red and wrrffe ' odagvrax bearwrg We rome ard rnoffo 2" We c'gar'zafVcrv, In frve cernfer fs a House supporfed by Mc Hard: , , . Flower: red rcse . , . Colors and Moffo: Red 4 ard M412 "Toward New Hcfzcr-5" . . . Evenfs: lr5"e?fc'w, fafrvffy Ffgyrvr, spdghefh' feed, ersembfy, Crfsfmas parfy spring r'a5F'cr' Shaw, freshman fee sp I ?'e"2':9 . . . Projecfs: Favors for cridrerfs Lcspffef a' S farw , Pe'ba"" QGNSS Jufcr Red Cross cfvf' dv' JH U , ring con- e. , concessfons ef basx o,5"S9. IETHODS OF TOD Y FOR F RJ OF TOMORROW . . . Row 1: V. Barcrward, Repfvrfer G. Goelrer' V3ce Presiderwr W. Burgh Pres7de-F' G. Griffifb, Sen+ine'Iv1. Srapb, Treasurer T. Yahrr. Row 2 fTopJ: A. Huff, P, Krrkofirver, J. ErA"'r'er L. Brownlee J. Harbaufgrr D. Beeber. Row 3 fTopl: Y HQF'man, B, Marfrrwr FP. 'Nlflvr B. Sager L. SVWF' D. Trdmpfmr G. Da, ' Righfi WW" GF pfse iff : in Below: T. Ya J r-1Uf,-- 5 nba-f P'e"de'4 G. GW" Adviir C. WSe.A,g' ARMERS , ' Y Fug:RE3raR1Q.A , ij V 'O ,. f " Au- .,,,f. .v. C A, f',,. . qw A.. J, 4' ,.:.... . . YNAOHOZ , .. ,j A . L . L ,Hr , 'A i . - -ff. f ' ,. I1 1 A . r , ' ,n .- 1" R r f mbxems ke V rv' ' .H .-'Sz 1 Ogfkcergi ' yin DMM.. cg-,Xorg and e U .Afhvruvq V D I .vw -, - Nm- H rf' M.-ff Nl- r ,fi Q Siandingz S Vv,f?C5?? Q' 9aL'Q's:' , :f2f!'Lf'EQ'? S Swr " E. FQ -HW Q. M 'fe' L. F " C Edffede. SFHing: M. Qi" M. Gafkb' T. Swv- '9' Q. 13: Q' M. E. DCU Q. S .vs J. J-95593. Noi picfured: fa Herr' 'cm J, Lxcfkn berg. TORCH S X , ff. nail: ,:'1'? 2 A -. Aims' 1 Y Colorglbnd ,U : Cv Q,,,,f:. , "1o?': , ,N -: ,H 1 5, 45- if Offycers. QW VL? gi--gf? AVL Li' ' .lr 'I' .f , I f: Y. wi ard gliygrq G1 SUNY 4, 'C Sw' ,Q ,,f- PG-'iii' I '- ,na .iria 2 Lf Cf "cfs ,, "yi" ' Mfxfane Tariff ,Hz Proleckst "M .Q-'-2 '15 75' ,A-1-:Q :fig ",,1,.,3:i""'9 "" f.-1 2 2' 'EU m. ef a fd W' fi " ' em 6 . 'r Nj, -'Aj rj . - Righi: Sfa-,' dcwr!' J. SI!vefs ard J. Jeffers. Far Riglwf: 'iles a'e 50C . . . p4's Sl.5C . . . fffes are payabe serm- weelf ,. D. Tab er ard new infflale J. M,"f3'f. :Lv ,WH . . . LEADER OE T AND LATER S+andinq: Adufsffs Mn MNH- MF: F'-:L Mr SUM" Vu Ccck. SiHing: pf9E'CJ'?"lS G. Lcvq a'd P. We7's. Below: M, Haze, . . . RHYTHJIIC FOOT T v, HU' Slfrcgfvg P MEM! an ' Q' A a x U E 5 W FL WW D cw f M L U c,, ,fa EP . v Adv'f6r M Haba 7 ."rU"'1 Cex3'a?'N S. F5-.vs 1' IX 53 V7 AND FORYY ARD ROLL W ,U if Q ' ,y A . 'v" - "Z , Q I9 Q ,-fy -fn 'xl , 1 1 1,l,"f 1:B"Vf di-,ax J -V "f.-,gW ,W Kfgf,-?, i' J- GUAM B'5dQ Tug QQIFM-Affw , MQ? S 1,, F Marv .. ,,,.r 5 rf? I 4 E . Y ' Y AP Q v?' 3? Q 3? 'Yi A .'X fi? Q if .X h 1 n f TEAMWORK . . . ':- w'1'I,,.'yv,, CL r. . ef 5- ,:, F' 55,2 jff, 5 1 F- Mfg Jr r ,-yy "N r rm fx 3, r -Q ,ph .9 ,M w I 5 Row I: Treasurer Pafsy Pa++erscr-, ACffv'fy Manager M, Leak, P565 Cr-afvrwan 8 C. Edwards. ,,, "':v,. 'fax :W- Vlff 51 :k'.f QQS- iff Q dw' ef' 31 fy ' 2 "fi Q h, ,- - . r f - f, fx, 3' ff. - f '-f. ' f-NAA J , r'5' iv, ' I QC, " Jilin 'Nb Dj nj -, ld!! 4,57 C -v Z J KJ D 'iqyj' 4 J C 7' f WR -, 29! , jk CGD J Row 2: S. Barreff, C. Bofrwe , D. CPd"T7bGT:d:' V. Crave: FM Crrr. Top: G.A.A. q'r's awe' p':m.r faking. Row 3: C. Corrad. P. Ccoper, N. Codarw, A. Cwfea M. Uaverocfr, J. Davfs Boffom: GAFA. ""e'es wal 15' rf S. Delarey. Row 4: L. Devora, L. Dodd, M. Dorn, J. Edwards S. EVM, D. Padre' B. Febus, G. FYef+. , n P ow :Mtn A' ,. I pA' 51- J ' A47 5- -'4 In ,OW ' C fwul xp' ,On Ay, Vx ' "fn PQ5 fx ff 0 I . fn C',r5.,'Po,vf,f 5 A., p'w,f" ' 3 'D ' ,K sf, 44 , Af ' -f jff 'f R J gf, 5. fi 1' 1- Ro - Ay, ,V . - 0 O L4 J F ff 2--E. 'V 'ff J i,,A.f. x. ,G rj I A S f.. P .M . F My 4, f V. ng 'QM X . Q7 Q-.A 'f.. rg: V, o 5 -5. H -' , M ff' 1 My fog, fri fi ' " ' '99 4 "s ' P' '14,-Fw., -' K ' -k '35 C COLLECTING PORTS NIEMORIE Row I: T. fvemz V, Blancfard, J. Campbell. L C D. e 2, ,. Arif P. Dafzf D, Auirir B. Masscnq, L. Fawh SF'd1Re',Row2LJ ZNKT LNHVEE . fc' QQ' G. L""'l, 'A AAGC S R rAfDn"fid 5 D. McVa,f, .51 GZ 'Q' . R. Garza, D. Kar L Eder. Row 3. B. Newe P, M. S'aub, F. Sfeffaff J. Svcm J Thames M, W mir T, Ya'n. ! M.. .,, ,, ,A nb Aa. M .SV ra 'A-. QV. 's Y Presdeff Q 5351 X06-I ef-'AE5 OC 9 .V ,JL f O0 f .F 3. ,A p-O . 4 2 fx fu.-M f 'V ef J yd 'J E XC, ,. wr' gf gf' ,Q . 4 .1 ,, I, 1 519 F' . ' Bo' ,C A ,ex Qi -Vtgf A-2 .0 .,z Q21 55 ., 5 N 5 a X3 fy K C o . 5 ,O , -.a N x -, 1 Q3 Lf? Q, gc,-f 5,5 X -551 " . e WL vp xx 2 -A, Noe H. ' QC ' 12 X5 -E55 B - 'N YQ ff? f xt xx, 5 1 fn , rx 1, 4 V Qt ,PX cbrygtfacffx s' A ..a ff' Xixcex 6. 'A 194 X". O 335,O 4. C' CQ-I Q 51'-' 6 -ef. C I .BU .ssh-NN fi? .f f P'Q.vf.. 21 Nof Picfured: 5 W Z I I A.. f.-4 .4 QW . W , . ,, ,C f ' ,.-.- "A""' 1 5- ziffgfii W7 f , ' A I Y, , XJ fa . af A. W 4 g I A ' as ' ,. il ' 3 X ' ' " .L r L Q F' 'Pm-'d"K , '57 M ' D 1 1' .g4?.f,k7. , . V K 1 SONG LEADERS CJVL ,' l.uf.c'o E"", VA,-VV CFM:-7 Mzrfson Q , . 1? as 9 ,, r ' I' A I .U , ' ' 5' ' 8 tip, "f.'s . 'liyslf if 7255? i 5 M" 5 .'."". anus' .5 'A V! ' 'MU 4 - W L g . , s o f F53 MQW 'nm' f 1 s' , I iv ,, , ,., I 9 F STANDING: Lynn Bcucney, Ee+rz- eva Begin, Lore++c MI'ner, Karen Kadser, Skarcn Cobb Fredfne Harnnfcn, Joyce Freeman, Ann- e++e Chinn, Sandy Higlvcwer, Janis Pu+ney, Ron SmHH. SEATED: Advisor Miss Jan Foss, Charfene Wen+z, Madonna Shearer. NOT PICTURED: Editor Judie Edwards. . za . Q XG 'XX 562 . ' X Ye 'xo ' - 6 aaox qosgxes ' 'OX- , af ,Qnvb ,X 55' . S9 :X ge' N-rbfx - x C' .-Q95 foo X e S-J R3 Abscrxpdn Arc: Q Con A if 'W-Q 5, NMC: No' eg. ,JM " YGSC 'MCUL5' Sw, X ,gg YQBC' x vi' Cf Q Xa CJ' ofxke .VCU 5 ,fe ,ve Ja A C w Sf- 4669: S52 leo-5 ' an a' 4 - 0 GN-W C J .A Kew' '90 R 0: YX news Og K 5 Quxgvfxs .Coy fx . . c ,- ,r ' se xf xc' 'C -. B F , xc- . -2 cj? se 'xrfef MKS ?2XNo0toeN,'fZ V Z PMG' of gas' .' diet! ae 30" ' 'een Oxfam wwf a X-'res 'N Xqgq .ax Qeb PAX xfi 6950 Qexcwb 00 IA Omg -f ,-A ,X X ,L e ea Spy ' ox XQ- ,S 5' eff rex' 5919 '.., EHE DLIWiTl"' CURRENT EVE Tk'-- Snaps, 'rop fo boHom: Lynn shows Fredine how a MAN handles 'Phe shears. Sandy and Loreffa, 'sing For news, go +o fhe Engkh c'ass papers. Chafene beheves in keepfr-g up Mfh fhe neigh- bcfs hens. Deep in 'the Wes-all in ihe day's work for Karen Ka'ser. C: T C C-H- C NAU- Ge M is LTM5 E ' e ..f'G f' Cc LC' F- K., We F.. pa Fai U., ..,, r.-Car-. B, F-, - Ar f f- L HL CC, ,, , VJV-, QL. ' Na J' - :CC- 'ff A "Qui-,,M. .-4 p 2- ,, ., pug 'P I 1. l fi -f 1 3'?i?'ff """' sz ..fQf""-4-K., , , . il, fi wi' - .,,,.1---v- ""' """'5W. f:-fav, 1 i wi' 1 7v fzvms fjllflsry Ciryegfipwg 5-. N I X ip 4 C: Doi.. I 6 C ff ,N gyehf ,SMH I C a 9 0 .P J , fx Lf C7 -M fy f C cf , ,XY-Q fnc - ,-, J Dfw K' ,N fix, , , , ' I7 . ja' ,Wx c,,, 546 D 5- .- ' Q c we b I A W ii--5' 'J' . ' V22-ui -gs ag 5 RECORDED FORE ER 1 T THE N 959 FILE. Qi Cover design decisions almosf splif up 'rhe sfaff, buf, af leasl Doris and Pal' agree. I f f,f',fjZf Adding flash bulbs +o 'the pholog- rephy slorage locker proved a heavy burden for Pal. Jcclrie looks flne, bu+ Mary Ella needs help! "Who spilled 'Phe rnillcshalre in Miss Finch's car?" Wislfuily dreaming of lhe compleled book, Sandy almosl' forgo? her piclure cu+fing. ,,,,,,.,,..i.,,..4f Sb- 'N-.-f' SSVIU ifviwwi Vifhispering Pires was five fiwerfe ceosefw b, "re Sevior C555 fOrii'1eir Beii wriciw was reid iv frie adlit 'GOVT of 'rwe new gym, cieprfvej iw a Icresi' scene depidivg wider. A Qian? snowfiafe served as a badfdrop for Me frrowe, which was rwo friowbaiis. Ceupies were rfflwed im a sieiqiw and Hue band was sea+- ed behind a srow-Covered ierwce. Georoe LUG Qewed as Creirrfan of frie Bai, Tiwose aiieridirq -wiii never forge? irieir everiwq awcng We Whispering Fives. J.Siivffr1 Lani M. W mon L Fame evra f' Sm E l yd M . Q Q V i.. Advisors Mr. Everell Cool Miss Elsie Tilfsworllu Sergeanf-al-Arms, Dave Sl'ields Aclivify Manager, Jerry Kulres Treasurer, Margie Dorn Secrelary, Judie Edwards Vice Presidenf, Larry Eder Nol piclured: Presidenl, Elfvin Slewari CLASS OF '59 Filed in llue memories ol llue class ol '59 will always be llue Homecoming assembly willu llue senior royally, Princess Jaclcie Liclulenberg and Queen Belly Febus. Among senior memories will also be llue College Conference lueld al Sunnyside, wluiclu slarled many seniors 'lluinlring aboul llue college enlrance exams, and also luelped in slarlirg llue weelfly senior counseling program al Top-l-li. Tlue Senior Ball, "Wluispering Pines," loolc many luours ol plan- ning and decoralion under llue direclion ol George Long, and was luigluligluled by llue crowning ol King Jaclc Reilly and Queen Judie Edwards. Marclu ol Dimes Assembly, aller-game dances, cluoosing ol announcernenls, and llue excilemenl ol class piclures also played an imporlanl role lor seniors. Spring lourud ille seniors busying lluemselyes preparing lor graduaulion and baccalaureale. Tluey selecled blue and wluile robes, and red carnaulions as llueir flower. Tlueir mollo, "No+ llue sunsel bul llue dawn," brings many memories llual are slored away in llue '59 lile. Homecoming Princess Jaclce bclulenberg M Ty: ALLEN DUANE ARMSTRONG DAVE ASHLCFK une Allen P p CI D easur r as y ane Armshong Ba d I2 P p B d I2 T P e rm U wh ofa rw v ef aI I Cx Prom Server I rr O r e+ Dave Ashlock FFA IO BasebaI II e Aushn Ba d I Fo I a rw rafona a er LeRoy Bangs eva Beglau FI-IA II I2 Twps aI? I2 Cass ay Crew DICK BLACK I TransIer Irom OI 0 I DOYLE BLACK c Black Cas ea FoIaI 0 93' r nh vr C I2 Pbllcfycaxr rn rv I2 ervxce CIU I2 Doyle Black Travsfe f cw S ryswde WasImIng+on Rober+ Blarr C Jum Bradbury S U ass av few o 'ii DPIF PUSTIJ IFPWY EPNIFS FI CDA 'Yi QQ HQ! WAYNE BURGIN BAPEARA CAMPBELL MADELO CHANDLER PICI-If-PD UAV S EDWAQJ EAT WAGE SI-IARO COBB ROY COLE JOYCE DAVIS ayne Burgun A 2 Pre r ara Campbell C a 5 S ela y Il ass Id J nor en r nqu I S fer ere ar Pep a elon Chandler EI-IA IO II I2 Ba d IO aron Cobb FI-IA IO II I2 anal ro Q Cra rmar A IO I I 1 s 2 C ass our e eTr C5 eClu DI TeamI2 R Cole W dcars I I2 Foofb I J ce Davns EI-IA IO II I2 G A Twp SI ass Pay' b I an Richard Davis SHARON DELANEY DENNIS DETWILER Edward Deafherage C q C I rc Ul'1erII T I2 aron Delaney Sfler' u I Secrelar Trea .Irer C ub I Cass a e 1 C Clealrman Ban ue I Jumor Sensor an el Server IO rd I2 Malore e Pep Ban Dru Team Flag Twxr er Denms Delwuler Class Play II MARGIE DORN JUDIE EDWARDS 'IX v"" Marque Dorn C a ub s FV E Q a Ju me Edward Ca S I2 Ppp IL. A A I 5 as W er! Q an ue+ go wwe cw P rn r' 9971 P GI' GMI arry Elder CIQ V nfrol e+ca I quoI Server IO L. erl n ere-rce I s Yafe f If: e Prei Edward EvereH n Farner WIId a 5 I 9 ra rn Iwfe an 5 s M M I cr 5 r 3 nr- U V' vld Faulkner CI 5 Q 5' d Faufh W d a agr, sn BeHy Fe bu John Ferguson Georgia FIeH 5 F 1 FADED FAI Oo' jug! I PQI? BFITY FEBI S JPIHN :PG Q G-FWPGIA FIFTT 45 -.-'19 xl! -sl Lf-HQY G 54 PY FW F Dfw! FR J 'R Rnchard Flock Harold Frederuckson Ce C Q Ruchard George "':'.!" Gene :son FI-F IU Larry Gleason Mary Jean Gosney Pe V Q fre FI-I wc, re .Iv cu Ea d Cm RICHARD GEORGE vid Green S ce Ceo I aseoc GENE G BSON r O P B w ea ew Greer FFA IO II a en Grnffsfh FFF IO I Nrc ofba T asv 'I Leland Guxer CRED GPEEI2 Ir:'XI QRIFHTH ELA' D QUIEI? ...ff E 'Y' LINDA JULSTIIIE BETTY I-IU ILAR JANIECE JEFFERS ,Z OI' ALICE HAMILTON EREDIAE HAMILTON In a Gulshne P p Cum I Tyea mer IO I A 5 far frrr ner I V' C Q J G GM L :ce Hamnlfon Ca V ,J HC I2 2 ree G , Mcwal 'rprf pea-ref 5 2 AS 5 B5 c C1 2 2 E JA Q: Fredme Hamxlion P p Cub I2 A GAA IO ass 5 rgaref Hass P o C b I2 E A IO ran A IC I 5, r ce Hull Cub I sde-nf 2 mr Cass rms O e e r r- F5 fer I Jumor Semor B no ef S " Swderf C P ne? Hnner EI-IA II A 5 Crew II T 5m I Tram er eHy Huylar Tc C ass r O 2 A A IO 553 B B 5 e 5 GC Janlece Jeffers F D C r 5 A I arc 0 A Bar-o rman Kaff VJ Q 5's I2 Q Q 1 D V Jerry Kulres QI MARGARET HASS JOYCE HILL J JET I5 NEP DQV Ill 49 J J FRANCIS LAMEBU ALECK LaMERE .,ACKN: UCHTENBERG RONA LEE M-FADYEN MFNNEL MF-CMS F QQJE 'M M CLA N JIM MCDONALD Francus Lamebull W 3 a S eck LaMere F Jaclue Luchfenberg T ngg Manager A P IO I a P rv r e ss a Cra rm George Long Sc Pub cz rcn 2 C 'nw 'wer Q ar 5 a e rw Sefxc S+ cer r S a v ce re w Il Assemb y Boar m McClain Cnor IO H BOB MASSONQ Jam McDonald EANNE MILNER na McFedyen VHA 10 Il I2 GAA I H nuel M cues-W chars PI- U: ., - ' Bob Massong-St -Pc Q f ass Jv ,y Manager nice' - . - -a'-ah me '::'1 - : a ' V51 - . anne Milner-C ass S-c1 Y C, 1 an I A u Preskdur : A I - - - ,J , Sfaf Prde- "d'V'75'1 ' AA 10- - ' C 5 :rw r ' C' y ' 4. 5' Ld. - - 5 , fa". an , re - ,Q w I AFH ,ale sn--r"':' 'Q' EDREAN MiMS ANET MWTTEN .pau- x,,.f Edrean Mums z GAP Jane? Mu1'+en D Pre spake Hear 5 40 r ' rv a .1 IO Caduceus .1 U Bob Munsierr-nan I ewell Ellen Peulecke AA June Pescador Per: Treasurer N2 GAA re Devud Pomernnke Melvin PreH Janus Pufney Cr-'F a aw c Rally C esde' Eau 'ar ormfor y dee rr' d a V' ak C JD 2 Repor r Tu rm T rn 2 Co e r' or Banque? S rver S Bus r e oar ' cars I f fc N o K rg I2 Sfuder' LF QPF DAWD PO ERWKE Tn '-v' "' ff r F, T ACK Rf LLY 5,0 Nsgjf Z5 Q5 !"""'? -.---- 4-1- tv-. in-J A if 1 li Ted Ross Donna Sak A I I Dwayne Sheen Davud Shuelds D Jamce Silvers 5 A UPF Myrl Smder Marvm Sfaub W 3 F A K Joe Sfeplwens win +ewar'r C as W Q Q :, OFC Jnm Sfrom V cz F DWAYNE SHEE VAVE SP-HELDS If "'-I9 '-..! 'N I U u T 1. Joh swvhws awww STEWART is-fr WM STROM ian! fa? ig 1-gs' TERRY SUMNER M CKEY SUTHERLAND DARLA AELER Terry Sumner T c cr Cass r I Ccrrvmer' men? ea cr ar r e r serv ar 2 C ass 5 a eqe on ere ce s er JI.m q J r L. em' rf ererv 0 oys VN U Mackey Sufherland ra TebIer P CII,b 2 S Q aI Cha rm A n I2 Repcr V' Ta'H Bard IOI 2 Pep Ba rry T bla Vscan I2 as rs: n T r rw Mr I I AS Tre surer I2 Assembn Boar a Cc o O 2 B a y ALBERT VAN ZWOL e Cub II Smde ICcnIf1re-nce SHIRLEY WAGGEN ER os' ureI Todd FFA II I2 eIbaII ass a er'I Van Zwol FFA IO II CI P y I B b I Irey Waggener S C b II p Cub I2 Tcrc I I2 I 'vrferceme ea er D Tearv r Ine I4 rfama er Jerry Walfers 'Q Q 1 A305 'T 11 f Q C, TAI? S sr 155.-rf xl DN fx '27 EOE WP RD No? picfured 'T 1:--f i iv TW LEDQY NNI IAMS MILFORD WILLMON TERRY YPI-IN BOB WARD LA WELLS FI-A I II I2 IC a 3 r C ARLENE WENTZ Cas S rr p Cub I2 A AA IO r Iaff I2 Twrwb n rv ea e Tearw I af OY WILLIAMS Fr-A IO Bas ba IO BasIce+ba II MILFORD WILLMON C T eas a I2 A B A Ma a r I2 Asserr ass 5 D I e Jumcr c Basvefca I Cap am RY YAHN VV 3 a r 'V ss o I2 Fcc L: I2 Co' ge Ccrwference Us er be LP MEMORIES SOPHS: Boy, 'mcse semors Iooked bIqI TLe VIcIory Boarcz was new . . . G.fX.A. Iniriafion brougI'mI I4e+IIe I1eImeIs Dads sI1oesI sQrooI . . . I-Iornecomhwg vidory, WesI VafIey 27-O , . . Crameae Wer+z was fwr I-Iorrecorm Q prir ess . . . . WAULA WELLS SeI preser ed musI emoIem earrings Io IrebIe Tome' . . . Tohfscan Ia Icirg page CHARUINC W5 TZ made 'wisroryt yearboor oedfcahd Io Miss Finch. There were IQO dassmen. JUNIORS: Serfce Cub orgarie ..,JaO7e E warf'Is wa, I'Iome:omIrwo prin- - as . . . DEIIEATED Naeafo, 32-I9 . . . Jackie Lkhfenberg rweo as Peamf ...I 'J-a vos e I W C 'af mae , .. We IXIAQITI oIJam1ary 6' creafeo Suspevse . . . ,porfsmarshlp aware . . . IWC I3asIceI'baII vicIorIes I ' pu ' ' TI over Waoa+o I58-45' 5244? . .. oriscaa C eaed T -I-II pE,Iows7 c1edIcaIed " e ' ,A L .MPSSON ' a OC f . ..., No rorr, 'ple a 0' ea . . . senIors pre- serwfec new Ioppy af awards a5serrbI, . . . SIG Morr7:f'. suosfihhed for Mr. T. ar IIwe erc oI+I1e rea- IO5 imior dassmeru! ORS: N w YQU Io f ofq If he cc, 2. , f Qaemwer . . . Good Siandingz ,W-f 5 C-S'E. i.-,'5 Seaiedz LEE' ' QW Direcfor, J, Foss Sfudenf Direcfor, K. Kaiser JR,.1:?" Algal 4.5 MGRA ERCY GHOXT9' Gfannercy Ghosh pfesenfed by +he 'wior dass on December I8, !958. fold The sforv of a Revohihorey VVar soldier Karl WE1lIamsj who Couldfff qo +o heaven. He 'xhaunfedw Nancy WiV1ard fpafsy Paf- +ersonH and nearfy drove her Crazy, Many ernazinq coincidences kepi 'rhe audlence enchanhed during fhe day. Y!F?""?NmQ! , 'K R ,,,, P ,, Q , ,J XA , ,H-,...r ' " "H 'f' UAF' "fu G ., 13 ,E E '1 v-C5 . , 5 . K -, 1-1 5 -P if.-ve 01 .ee fa-G' V- fn F- C , Y ., ,, 15 , M, Y fo F W 52 Y . f'-.wif i ' ' ' ' -. x. 2 ...,i x,, v., o,. , '6,e C Princess Carole Wa'den Advisors Mr. Carl Boiliwell, Miss Janice Foss: Acfivify Man- ager Gail Taylor: Secretary- Treasurer Doug McVay: Vice Presiden+ Ron Smi+ln: Presidenf Carole Walden, CLASS OF '60 Junior class aclivifies began +o roll aller 'fre elec+icn of offi- cers. Amid llie scurrying io ser up ine concession boorli al' Fooiball games, Carole Walden was elec+ed Homecoming Princess. The Juniors sponsored a dance lealurirg guesi dislr iociey Paul Berg olKLOQ.Tl1eir nexi money-rnalring proiecfs were snowing of noon movies and selling Wildcal sliclrers. Wi+lw llwe new year came rlie exci+ernen+ of receiving class rings, llne urgency of planning Marcin of Dimes and pep assemblies. Wi+l1 all llie viralily ol spring ilsell llne iuniors plunged info a car wasln, a worlr day. and a scrap iron drive. Tliey finished llne year wi+ln flue plans, decoraiions, and busile ol rlie Junior Prom and Banquet Noi piciuredz J. Aieclc. H. Arrniio. C, Bennefl, N. Befclnarf, J. Coe, P, Dalor, L. Gramrner, K. McCoy, F. Roybal. F. Sancliez, D. Sullner- land D. Wi"iarns. I uvv l ,I E V 4.A... i Q-.4 'F 44- gf ' 3 Q-Q Q S' -Q' 1 if if W .,.. .. , ,. '7 .ft f ::5'f-2114951 225 ,f - . . ' 'SW 51 5,fffiI3J!?5 A. Affwlher B. Alma T, Afers T. Afws'fih'1 J. Barge C. Bar"e++ V. B3a"'La'd C. Bcwwe' L. BAJVQV M. B640 , 1, .1"5'j"' V .Q , -ew YL Hllsuyx .qgk 'sig' , 2 ' -, L .1 in Q if 1 I t 3 'sn I D J: M. Bwvnan P' Y , J, Cavwpbe' L b T, Chvc e' x X 3 Dflvase xy.: ' ,I ff I A I V, Clwevez A. Clfrn L C Ml P. Cf fl 1? sq Ts 3 9 R, T555 a'd M. FIT + 5915 World S-2' ee. , 1 ,K B C' "Vi F. C"'r-fr A Cffmg P. C'am':'G E. La. Q wa do D Dr 7 '14 H. QW., I. Dc-'fra P. D fu L, , .f ' -U 4- , ' '5 Y' X 3... into-wwf' T? N l -:Q Ox Q... Y? Y l ' V: f f.f'FCfvs B, SFU' wig. V ua LVM . -is , I ,.,,N ' ?2?'9' f.,,,.1 J- we 5 i lliiu 3 W , f. 6, ra Q f?:'x ' if 4 INS-,V 7 5 , D km, 2 l 4 if R P. ' . r A ' . 4 .f , Ylri-X V E455 faq!! 'V K h W H , , 5 X 'T' tr' ' rv 4' fx,-. C P ..,Sf., r- ,H ' VJ r, 70 'bl gr ' 0 , -5, v- if g... , 5- 13 6 5 Nb F. Picker? A. P":Ias M, E. Rmb J. Sainsbury R. ScPrveFder D. Soawaw P, Soww S. Swoson B. SMH1 E. Sm?+H K. Srmfh Rom Smiih Ronrie Smifh C. Swafw G. S-Ming G. Tayfor J. Vcmas J. Tbcrp is - 1 S iz flxx R. Tabla D. Van Ceave D. Wagoner C. Walden L. Wampfer L. Weigand J. Wekner C. Wwams J. Wiiliams L. Wornell -Z i g-, 1 L o L Si 4-mln 'YJ' Advisor, Miss Marian Ross Sergeani-ai-Arms, Jim Crablree Social Chairman. Lee Lefh Secrefary, Roger Layman Vice Presidenf, Bfil Co' ins Presidenl, Franlr Masovero Nor Picfured: Treasurer Bob Themes, Advisor Lee Gray CLASS OF 761 ... The class of '6l me-T lheir firsr year in senior high by enrering info exrracurricular aclivifies as well as info The classroom. Mos? of ihe girls joined G.A,A.: ofhers joined F.H.A., became drill feam. rum! bling, or yearboolc members and shared in class acrivilies. The boys +urned +o lhe afh- lefic learns. All ioined in such class acrivilies as selling apples a+ foolball games, sponsoring a dance, sharing in fhe February 4 March of Dimes Assembly, and pbnnmg a spring slave auc- fion. As lhe s c h o ol year ended, class m e m b e r s loolced lor- ward ro an even bus- ior year. U IZ le i-0's'e 1 1 -Q J. Alrha fer F. Andreas G. Ardrewg M. Badgley A. Balfer L. Barnes Nor Picfured E. Lev-'s P. Gita -J B. Marr F. Ggfale F, Merci: S. Hansen princess L. C'eba,: J. Hevandez Marllyr Badg pg limghagh Og Eqeber J. i'f"'sC' U. I5urrL f'1.Da.ia N. Cpplar R. E.fQ'Q" D. G D. J. M C. D. L. B. B. C. S. L. J. F. M. L. S. D. L. Carlson Case Cbamberla Cluavlra Clnlssu' Claw Clyde Cobb Coleman Co'lins Conrad Cooley Ccrpuz Crabfree Dale Davenporl Eddy Elkins Faulkner Fendell M, Barrel? P. Barrel? S. Barre?+ l. Ba'+'e'+ P. Beeber D. Berg K. Boob J. Bourgeols J. Brimrner L. Brower C. Bunce R, Burlclwardf 441 run ?'.. A Y, , 3? .awww f' J H L fr K Fowler J Frank E Gardea George B Gefsrnger R Gosney J Guess B Hakarson B Harder M Harmon ff ng an M Frnend G Garcwa P Green M G HHH E Hazen L Henman wif- if Ang ,-. . Q.- fg o-5 A - , f' ,. - .53 9 fi' ns' at 5. 1'-. , -'VK N S' - . , ,Q H A ' g Vw e .fa Herman Ingram Jenrnngs Jensen Jon ser' K r Kxrlro :ner K ss er K 5 r Lacy laddrouf fm f"CV' ,CFI Ma:'a, Maszvefr MSC an McCoy Mcccrd McDcna d 3 V NJ H 'r fini 'N- 5 E- 316' A S-.filx I MW 1 S.- fi tn ing .Hi V, g -+- wo Y' in Qs . s.. L lo 1'- .- Du we 15' -6 If -fi, 1 x f J , t 4 ' s-I ' H H 5? '. 5? , . ,J ,, 4, eff .1- :iss-fiiff S .pu-Q. .1 Lv-M-gp im VI QI S H CFI! I V Ia'IfI'IINTIENIJEN'I' I ou Icnow "Io file" may mean 'puf away and 'Forgeff' Then, foo. if can 'J 'hr mean Hpuf away. buf some day we'II wanf Io use I+, so don? Iose or misplacefx 5 I like 'Io Hwink of ine Class of I59 as being one Ina? wIII be brouqnf ouf of I 'rI'ne IIIes In a few years Io do Hinge Inaf WIII benefn us aII. Z3 Anyway, Wie Admlnisfrafion has engoyed having you in our I'IiIes" for Ine v -I pas? fwelve years. and our beef wishes go wifn you. MRS. MURRAY MRS. THOMAS CHOOL BOARD RE PONSIBLE FOR A MR. HAROLD CLAYTON MR. LES BARBEE MR. JOHN LEAK 1, PRINCIPAL By lhe lime you read 'rhese few lines your '59 file will be nearly complele. You have been loolcing al an irnporlranl parl ol your '59 record. bul lhere is anolher parl' luclced away in lhe senior high ollice, The informalion lhere will be referred lo rnany limes during your lilie. Many of you have never seen This lile and probably never will. You will lfnow someday how imporlanlr if really is lo your liulure life. For your salce, I hope il is a file you can be proud of and can refer +o wilh honor. Top-Hi sends i'rs beslr wishes lor happiness and success wilh you, bul whelher your '59 File follows you or haunls you has been up 'ro you. fwfwm- Good-by and.good luclc. Shirley and Charlene, office helpers, share in +he day's work. MRS. BENNETT IVIOOTH-RUNNING SCHOOL DISTRICT l MR. A. K. TEMPERLEY MR. KIM SCHMELLA MR. P. J. BARNFIELD v .1, W . ? John Bablch. v--a cna cu ure. farm shcp. I hiv Ber Bedard mdL.s+rra! ar s fe F" Everefi Cook: bookkeeping, advarced algebra, frigol romefry. srde ru'e, geom- efry, bays' adwser, Hcncr Sccrery advrscr. sen?or ad- vrS:r. ,. One of We pracrical courses for fmure 'farm- ers indudes fralning in iaihe-work for T. Ross and W. Burqin. Carl Bofhwellz U.S. hisfory, so' ciology, Iunior dass advisor, Roger Clunkenbeard. Qerrws- Tr, pfyszs 5: eve ru: ad- "I1 Wcoks as if A. Srrorrfs geomefry dass may He!p her our Hue famify pre evenNy affer this." . + RQ... -JL L Lil 24:35 ' 1.339 JP Bob Dalrymple: Mem e7de. Lorne Finch: ef' a",al H'--f ad'Vsfr Mary Coonradh C: eze E'c si Roberf Ellis: choir. Janice Foss: 'i 1 111' S.Ha'sf' a"dV H Q s ea wir bewww- a'ER Idnf If-ww A' 'L"h air ' a ' s . 4 I , s I 1 -W? WW 'Ng 1 Q v. . ,IW U V A 1 . if 3' A 1 , k all - L , ' ff Q . -v 1 , A 'FK Q fu ' :QR ' ' K sg v my 1 1 X , ' f Q. L 4,vf if 1 I 'fr Genevieve Frislz: Ferre econ- c"' cs, F.l'l,A. aov scr. Leon Gray eorrmlrv drv ers alczebra 'Fodba l ar' baseball Ccagrr plw more advrsor nlramuran program M. llwcs A-1... Cl1ard'er makes sure B, Beqlau gels 9 plealg ln rlql'l4 Marianne Haba: plvvsical edu- cafion, drill learn advisor, lum- bling feam advisor, GAA. ad- visor, pep club advisor, girls' inlramurals. Bill Langenbacher: review mall- pf-,s'cal educallon divers' edaca??c" lccfba' a"cl l::asle+l:a'l caacln x Ywnivrv Bob Lee: eawer vin wet" E. Slevvdflf Boy, +lwa+'s louqlwll I F V f . r' '- Wwfg, 3 ff Qzgfey, 1 .D- pn- M F Sede' 5' is QEZWQAVK eau . . . J, Lcr- E Kyle A :af ne' 'c Q 'f 'a'e rd , - f .fn 0,43 b Daw, 'ff me r,. ,. I f-.fffl C, 3,4 RSV? dum 'fe "fide e'd 'QA Diffs :Cf B. J'3V'N"EViQS a'd B. G5+2"qe'. J. Suez: rd S. SWW wa" uc r"ir a cqclf qame of V c"g CC"1. +A KA-,S P, Cw,.f"'j ard L Gffywvwer I-49,4 Wa"V cw :cr you IEFQQVZ, D. SFQQH. As caf' if CVODBVGMC' 55' We fxlu e 3 ww- gm, +,,L,, ffM,,.afi.xf- D Vrffawfv skwfd f.:'l Pavel 4 a weve' ia drahfg. i Q ,F-Q-.-,Eh 1' Phil Mirosli: 3 f-.' ' cr VV ":te's Sam Mi+chell: bioicgv, loolba l baslfelba l. fx' a II 1414 '--. ..,L Leo Morin: Civics, U.S, lvislory, corvemporary word liislory, Honor Sociely advisor, Service Club advisor. S :S qofd lor We wa'5lfr-C an ze eviqc il. Bill Palmer: af: rrecrar- ics, I Marion Ross' r" 'Q '1l5d- Mr. Pa frQ's ass's'ar' M. VV?'rr1f- el J. Frarzz a'ci l-l. Deere qolfe ri l l abou' 're 'f.A'5-Ai, frahrg mehr. lla :Q- s Q2 Wg' .,1, QQ , 93' k :I C 'Elf' ii 5 -.4 gg-,, U ' 0' if ..,wfUf :Oh '51 :aw Q 10 is Y f ,I .g 1- F . X 1 -- '- 1 . . 1 My U Vit P 0 vmwwfwy, M YK m' f Elsie TiHswor+l'1: fyping, slworllwand, senior advisor, William Walislro: Lafln, Spanlslw, Enqislm R 'xx ,,. Carl Tollefson: band. Clinion Wiswall: a FFA edxtf. ul'l1 Sfreefz 'l:'af'a". Find anyfling Erwleregling in llwal boolr, J. Aleclc? "l didff lwcw we were supposed fo do Na+ paqell' says P. Green, wlwlle M. Rlwode and V. Chavez proceed. , '1- 7 573' S tm .5 ye' 'U 41' X if pffi A 'Rv x t lk I f iw.- qi. R. BLS DHIYERS Row I: Fred Tenner, Robert Johnson, Ernesl Lindsey, Paul Clark, Elfon Hilliard. Row 2: Bill Wilson. Ted Poller, Sheldon Conrad, Bill Poller, Bill Johnson, Ellis Johnson No? Picfured: Orville Reeves. LWW C003 CHOOL HELPER COOKS L. Ll SON .N CHTE e. JOHN IN CHARGE OF GROUNDS NBERG Gnd V MT . ON AL QWEN5 JIM OWENS LAWRENCE GLEASON RALPH HOOPER BILL WILSON Q1 U! ASB TERF:eSfifi1g'QER OFFICERS - f F'-' ' H222-'E y' "1 M , JERRY row MLLFORD Wfffaedl . ..,-A . v-' X, . e ?'eSgYVN?'L AUC Seffef., JJCXS B E HAMW L CPXQXO fl TON BOARD OF CONTROL Row I: C. Weflz, B. H,y'av J. Crabfree G. Lcrfq. J. ME rer, M. Leak. Row 2: G. Tay :V B, Campbe P. We 's, J. Tebler T, Yaiw, F. Masoverc, Mf. S'r3'v. Row 3: J. Je-555-rs, L. Gusire, M. Gcsmey, M. Griffifh C. Lickfenberg, E, Klssler, L. Wamp'er, L. Gkeason, G. Grifflfh. E. Sfewarf, N, Kreff J. Rei y, J. Sfrom. Noi Piciuredz J. HILL ln-u SLLHI HS Nl 'O fn I A 0 f 1 . 45 ROY CGLE I i K 'sk ' I J .4 R MANUEL MACIAS I 1 ,, 'a E A I 3 ,, i UM FARNER JCE FPANCO 80 RICHARD GARCIA F LES FAUTH ,J A Y 1 V 9 ' O Q JACK REILLY 1 G 4 i GLEN SRQEENTH ERPV-JCES Lf'-MEBULL ALECK LAMERE DAVE S+-HELDS MILFORD WWLMON HOWARD DEERE Cfgpfa A VAR NITY AND 1: SQUAD Row I: J. Tab cr, P. C: 'e S. Choi:-y E. Mascvew, J, Snffv, Row 2: J. Lfrwn, D, lemon, D, Eefg P. K'rP':W'e' L Ofvcv J. Wfr'1'cr 'l 1 'L I GA 1 k L . M 1 K1 f ' , gg?-if E Q ,ERPY '-f4'fEF3'5'4 LHC" -,,F5' Z Sf-RY CUEH EQLL COLLINS LOREN CORPUZ ,f I 17 F. K ' , DOM Jfgwmgfy. mir 125,23 QCSEP LAMMN PETE PESCADOR DPVLS PLWHPM I Q Row I: B, Trims' fx 2"2v X , Row 2: L. Orebamjf, G. SX'm:Le' ' C .Ure I. ., vi Q lnspiriafional Award: LES FF-'JTH X MSR, 3. WEWELL I - 1 rv' MSQ. T, YF?-JN . 4 l s I 15 W", MGR. J. CAMPBELL gi 1"-X fix -,fu kj X, I Assisfanf Coaches SAM MVFCHELL LEON GRAY FOOTB 3 LL Tlue Too-l-li Wildcals opered llue-Er I958 loolbal zeator Ml a 'l'ri'lirug 28-O wir Over Higlulard. bul llue following weels lluey were sluul-our by llue Grandview Grey- luounds, 25-O. Willu lluese 'two games under 'llueir bells, Toppenisb baluled Selalu lo a I3-l3 lie. Willu flue Season well under way, llue 'Cals lraveleg lo Ellensburg and were de- lealed by llue Bulldogs, 42-20. Selling revenge from llue lwo losses and one Tie, Tooperislu wenl all oul and luanded Prosser a 39-6 loss. lr ilie rexl game lluey ballled Marguelle, buf came oul or' 'flue sluorl end. 33-6. Tlue Wildcals 'rluen lraveled 'lo Naclues lor flue Rarugersl annual Homecoming. Try- ing lo impress llueir alumrui, Naclnes louglul a luarid liglul and emerged llue winner, 33-6. Au ullue annual Veleran's Day claslu wiullu Wapalo, llue odds again were agairusl Top-Hi. A valianl and delerrruirued leam ulougluul every inclu of llue way. bul came oul al flue sluorl end, 39-6. As llne season ended, coaclues and leam members re- viewed a ralber clscouraging score slueel, bul uliied away unwrillen memories ol bus lribs, furnouus, ard good and bad wealluer. X,-, V op - And-al'er 'lue final garne, all lluougluls ol uloolbal blendeo wiullu llue line dinner pre- L pared lor fne 'earn by uneir mo .ers. emcer 12 ldior an 29- C Vle emcer lc? Sranc. e 21- O ine, emoer 26 Se -r 53-13 Te :'coer 3 E e 42-20 Toe, :'or:er VO 39- 6 VVe :'5oer l7 N' 3 33- 6 3'-ev :':oer 3! 'l-.ian 33- 6 Tbey emo-er li 'Waza' 39- 6 Trey FKJEEWEFCHEP BASKETBALL The Top-Hi Cagers sTarTed Their I958- 59 season wiTh a iamboree aT Sunnyside. where They Tinished Third. The WiIdca+s sTarTed acTuaI game com- peTiTions againsT EasTmonT. Toppenish came Through wi+h a 36-33 win, The TirsT oT Two. AT home The 'CaTs Tallied a 53-40 win. A Two-game series Tollowed wiTh The HermisTon Bulldogs. Again The WiIdcaTs won Two decisive vicTories, 4I-37 and 45-38. The Toppenish basIceTeers wenT inTo league play againsT The I958 sTaTe champs, Richland. The game was TighT all The way, buT The Bomber squad came ouT To win, 55-52. Then came a series oT hearTbreaIfing losses To Eisenhower, 39-48, Sunnyside, 63-35, WapaTo, 84-47, and Davis, 50-39. The WiIdcaTs, Tired oT losing, Tore inTo The Ellensburg Bulldogs and won, 49-32. This puT our record aT 5-5. The Tollowing nighT, however, The Toppenish Tive were deTeaTed by The Kennewick Lions, 52-45. AT The mid-season marlc we spIiT a pair oT games wiTh Pasco, losing The TirsT 45-4l, buT winnin The second, 5I-37 g . boys Traveled To Richland and The played a Tine game buT losT, 6I-50. The 'CaTs sformed over The CadeTs and scored a solid win, 45-25, buT were ouT- scored The following nighT by Sunnyside, 70-44. Playing againsT WapaTo, The Team IosT To our chieT rivals again, 67-49, buT ouT- classed The Davis PiraTes, 5I-45. In The Tinal weelc oT play Top-Hi Tallied a loss To Ellensburg, 62-58, and a win over Kennewick, 53-38. SCHEDULE H Dec. 26-Richland 55-52 They T Jan. 2-Ike-Hi . . 48-39 They H Jan, 3-Sunnyside 63-35 They T Jan. 9-WapaTo 84-47 They H Jan. I0--Davis . 50-39 They H Jan. I6-Ellensburg , 49.32 We T Jan. I7-Kennewick .. 52-45 They T Jan. 23-Pasco . 45-4I They H Jan. 24-Pasco 5I-37 We T Jan. 30-Richland 6I-50 They H Feb. 6-Ike-Hi 45.25 We T Feb. 7-Sunnyside . 7O-44 They H Feb. I3-WapaTo 67-49 They T Feb. I4-Davis . , , 5l-45 We T I:6b.2O--Ellensburg ,,,,,,, ,,,, 4, 2-53 They H Feb-2I-Kennewick ,,,,,,,,,,,, 53.38 We ASSISTANT COACH BILL LANGEN BACH ER COACH SAM MITCHELL 3 C I 2-'Y Q'-Tvxx. gg 1 1' , Mm, -ry- Xxsako 1...S3ffi"iliW',jf YI- Xe an- I I if-. 5. , Y 1 I ' x ,nizX Ao ,I E lu i 3X n I ......-J Q 5?iiQ.3 ,game-Q . Wx gl!! x J 1 MI' , af! 41 mg. IM:-1 fs 'N , 5 A .7 A Y , Q Q ,wi A 'if GL-n Q, ' Q 51 .ff V si ,R if 1 -1 U' 4.11, . s xf, Fl. x,, N. 4 f 91 gm., gg. --1 5- GROUP A Szo BOB CAMPBELLS MARKET FERN STUDIO DON M MILLER I-IIDLERS FLOWERS TOPPENISH REVIEW TOPPENISH TIMES TI1 T I-I 'S O 'scan '5 P'3"l"allY l""6fIC9d by +l1e conIrIbu+Ions of people lIsI'ed on The follow 'ng Pages Please help us 'rhanlr +I-Iem b + fl, are loyal boosfers of our school and desglrwljjyrcggszxgporim whenever posslble for lhey GROUP C S1250 GROUP Is SIS EQQSSBQELQQQITQLEEVROLET CALIFORNIA PACKING COMPANY BERGS LUMBER AND FUEL PLANT I22 ETKKNETEIRQMDIEICIiI'BIIIII'3ff'Ef'?ff'RCi5ANY HUYLAR S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONRADS IDEAL FEED AND SUPPLY SSSBZERREESLCBESERS YAKIMA GOLDING FARMS CROSSROADS CAFE E AND H MOTORS GRAHAM AND MORRIS HALL HARMON HUBA HUBA LEIDYS TEXACO SERVICE LOCKER MARKET A J MARKHAM DR A C MEAGHER PACIFIC POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY PHILLIPS SHELL SERVICE GALEN F RAMSAY RAYS UNION SERVICE SAVIN SANDYS SCHAAKE PACKING COMPANY SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK F W AND E J SHEARER SHERWOOD S GLASS SUGAR WORKERS UNION U AND I SUGAR WESTERN PACKING COMPANY WILLIAMS FURNITURE R. H.'BOWLES, SHELL JOBBER BAR B-Q 9 GROUP D S7 50 CAMPBELLS MARKET MARTEL DRUG C LEONARD COBB M AND M BAKERY FLY RITE AIR SERVICE TOPPENISH HOTEL IGREYHOUND AND FLOYDS FAMILY FOOTWEAR WESTERN UNION AGENCYI K K HOPKINS WEBB TRACTOR B B 81 M INC ATHLETIC SUPPLIES WHEELER AUTO PARTS LEMONTE JEWELER MISCELLANEOUS BESTWAY BUILDING CENTERS, L,,,ALAI 5 6,00 CLlFE's SECOND HAND STORE, ,,,,UncIer 55.00 CITY TIRE SERVICE 0 .V 5,0 00 DoRoTHY's BEAUTY SHOP, ,I,. under ss.oo ' MARv's 66 SERVICE , ,,A,,Under 55,00 J H AARON ALICES FLOWERS AMERICAN LEGION BASTOS DRIVE IN CLEANERS BERRY CAB BLEVINS JEWELRY BOBS SIGNAL SERVICE BROWN S BI RITE BUNCE FLOWERS BUNGALO SIG CARLSONS DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CITY ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING COUNTY FAIR COURTESY CLEANERS COZY BARBER SHOP D AND D GROCERY DAN S UTOCO DARBY S DRIVE IN DEES HANDOUT DONS SHELL SERVICE EAST SIDE GROCERY EVANA MOTEL FISHERS DAIRY QUEEN BEN FRANKLIN GRAHAM LEMING GRIFFITHS UNION SERVICE HAMMERBACHERS HAUGAN S HOP GROWER SUPPLY COMPANY GROUP E S5 KINGS MACHINE SHOP KIRKS TIRE SHOP KRAFFS MENS WEAR LAURAS ABE LINCOLNS PAWN SHOP LOGANS FEED AND SEED W D McKEE McKINLEY MARKET MAPLE LEAF DAIRY DR W G MERRICK MILLER S DRIVE IN MARKET MODE O DAY MOREFIELDS DRUG STORE JOSEPH MURPHY OLIVERS DRIVE IN OREGON WASHINGTON TELEPH J C PENNEY PETES HI WAY UPHOLSTERING PRICE PHILLIPS CHEVRON R J RALSTON OpIomeIrnsI RESERVATION SERVICE ROSES BEAUTY SALON ROWBERRYS STAR CAFE SUPER DUPER TOP HI LUNCH TOPPENISH AUTO SUPPLY TOPPENISH LOAN COMPANY ONE OFFICE TOPPENISH WOMENS REPUBLICAN CLUB it .Win uiigv . --.. -1. UNFILED Counfe Picfure Pidure fb L. ,f , f .-P ., ,f ,-up 1g1 ff I4 'HM Egg' V r-clockwise: I: ,Z 4' - F ' V 1' il i "': ' 291 Lf W - wf--P I WV., ,..V. ,. -. I Piciure Picfure Picfure 3: ,. !' CW" ' Ei U-e 5 5:,, Cloclcw Piciure 6 'EYE' Picfure Picfure Picfure annd Piclure 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 1 "-f. ,V- v.", ff' M - ,. R., iff:- ,L5 T ' , 45 Na+ Q' 'V E341 H ij M B4fQi5f.glf5 f'S2 Lf Q .N -, 4, ,Mn Mp. Mi' K, 32'QpM"'5 ar-if -mi ,,.. 0, . J, .-J 'Vt-an Q,-.n.,,a,A vw w:?',15r'f"""f'e" 4"'w,,""1' 'Q' '33-' mi 1' ff: 'lisifawiv r- xii' FL, A., 4-.4-,"'aV,.1b,-6' xq, :- Wifi-'fair ,iE?7f1iifq91',5,fz.n,3 Q ,fs fig N. wx ws. Xia' affirm' I 'sf' H- r I, .zz P6 4,0 A ,f 6 J, 4-gd af-15,-Llff L 1322? mamma Wir- vv' RL WN ,QA-.,. v. - ww mu wfzfrwi wr ,,. M ,.,,, fwhgwesw---zumv' age-,, -:'.---Qffwbwfzfqg-6' I .gf 'V Jr- --'n,r""Q-"L-V+ 1-2-155+ N f 4, 5. 5:5 ,bf-5-51+-xg, , -111' ::- ,, J -- 45232. ' Kfx'-uw, ..,.f5w. 1, . . 4. . , . .- f 5 '-'Jef' f- , cps.,-f:"'.'-phf,-- --z- -1.-, .,, , .- -X .. - ' 3. fn.-A , f.'fQ17 . - ,rf .Up -'5-14? ,V 'f ,- .1 ,. "f ,w,.ff- ' , 1 - "'-' 1,.', . . '-1 L6 4 ,, ,n 1'g4'A,f"-,,, , if . .f - ' xg L4 ' Q-K' ' . . x g H--.115 , ,:,,,--,. . - iq, -.5 -wi Y .1 1- a ,S 3, 2,-Z , Q, -.e- -,i H3337-x.,,,,fv ,- " -5: ' ' I: YQ!-5 -' Z 35 5' 4 .-QV.-4.-. ,C ' -,a,'L:4f-if'-:iff ' ' 4- - g.-- ,... ,-x-.,. . - 3,7 '-f ,1-Hr." ,-,.:3'1 " Efjisi - . fkfk 'T - 31: 'Y ' ' ---E'-fvizg--v?.L:H-" V' Ziff, 'V f'f"1f 'ff 1 F- r- -nf "' 4.l,:L':'r:f-,f -f' ' ' 5 -1 .-:- ia- - rn- .1 A '-., 4, 11-.L snrcl-1-,,,f5fq. '1 - f f .-zffwflif -.:, ' "'?LLr."?'4LA- -..mi '- A 1- 7. ,- :V V .,,:-'gif v fihQ2,g:5ff,fJ-1 X 1. 1 4 , L-If-H kj fisgz aff V-F, V, - fr 4,62 'uf rv' ,, ' 1 fu' 1 , ff-.lgfgf L 1. -','f'.,' ., Ling :fr"U ' ' Q - 3:1-ffs,Q'?i:rjqlfcgy'gL+rffy'j-1-'qi1:4 4 V - ' V, ffffizj '.'1?Kgr.?w -F, 4.53 N: fi I , - -M 4.7--.f:.n ,"::g4j4Q..i-5'-ri : -1:1349 ,L-j 2,11-X., ,T3'EF?f-,:?T'ifff1,E1F f,E'?"'j 'S ,'fQg1f:1eg:,gf., Yflfif' T11 1,4E3y.9"f 45' 651315 - Y .V .. A. L, - v,..'1x4,-5JK:1,V.,+74-f 4- .-if-v '16 -'N k-:4gk:.5,::5-hEQ.,. , . ,. z. -sb.-3,-4-fd is-'T vf -, ' V' W I 5 Q . W , , . . m M ., V ' .. mu- X ' .,W,,,,. , M V-'www-:A-W' ' 1- +mf'w-Q Q WSLM a f: ' w ' nk - .mf-M fm' -J

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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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