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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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f?fllf,f ff My ff Cfafgejfw ,,f,f,, ww' W. fgffffffmf Mfg 'Mfi'yjUff',ff MM' QM , I A , M. it 0 ,I 1 - 2 yy if 4 Ls W or H7 H5 my ff " fb LV QP 'V x . F " ,Ml w.-V 15 'N' ' Y W N? V- W 4 1' , ' E f ,VL - 1 ' z.--9 , . V, , , , -2 Q ' . . V. i by 1 .x 2 , t ' ! ' Va 2 - I a .f,. 4. Affbvf Y SJ .1 M ,U My lv 1 J 'CRN v il X 1 j A Q.,1'U39 :J ,XQVX ,X SV' JL Q LEVC x V0 t SK b xx fp ij x i if lf iv K K v X fi 1 'MIL WK ul' NK CZ' if if , ' I ' -W ' 2 I -A K, f ff 1 f wb, 5 , if W Y ffm N 'gf g ,P 1 ., fy X , ' if - , ,, , 'V , L .I V, fl . mx -'Ml . if JL t 1+ 90 1 . A M0-' 5 'NUM A ilfqfi ,I LV' 1 I 30' 3-W A CHL 96 'l QV K' .LW J' A ,JV A JY ,P In W V4 GW 1 Jw Vg J Vcpi H , ,W jizf U 32 U! - P my if uf CM N - 91- vb -if 3 1 XJ 'J 'QV X9 ' MN Qxfb Q ' Y 'A gm ix , , gi . 2. IL, 1 V Al, f rn... Q fi X 'J dw 3 ASME' k1'znV 'WU E 1 f' ' ' 3,1 , J ' F- fl ' H923 '. ' N ' ,-.1 5 MU U5 ' I Aww fy aff gk Lu 'LA 59. 3 'A ' . f Q3 Q , fb 'h ,fav 'Q ' P A pf .E Qi V ,av if fb 4 .WOM ,WU Y 70 LW Cikpz . -ft? lk 'mx :V , M l FX xr. . x 9 4 ' I 1, O Q EP M f .,,Qf JP v A Aww, qivf X 'N gf' Uk A L, s ,V X dj , f hwflf' XJ ,K xc., 5 QQ' 1 -.-VU' ,A ' 'N 1 J Y. ' 'KU f-Yr s x Mb VX ,diy 54 xv. Myra '03, f Q ws X s I QS '!'xvOv5,'Xf 2 , I, ,J J aw Lpitfzssjl iii? fgffgn X, f M LIM-Vid AJ 25,235 ii Q ff , ,A ff ,M WLUW ' pl M fp' 631 X ' Q53 2' W My My YQ JV Wg 'v Cfgc gggfignfqciv gig.-? gialfggaii infix NLF R3 Q 21? ZH ?f,m qi, Kiki H 1 , Sf Il? ix? Wx M ,fc ii? in W Q , wif ff 3133 +5-Nl 'W Q5 NPV? Mfg 0' ff 3 2 x Q7 QU O Q- ' v D Q g X V p I ' V v 'C fit fig f a f ' to you in recognition di' ll the assistance yo have given tow d gie su ss every class who has passed through the halls of Top-Hi. Although you have I V C7 a full six periods a day you always find time to help and take a sincere interest in the many extra-curricular events which are brought to you. A f L J Regardless of the class or organization, be it either the junior-Senior -' Prom programs or centerpiece or the choir concert posters, you ' are the first person the students think of to help them with ' I We 1 your artistic hands. With this TOHISCAN you have com- ' " pleted ten years of service to the school and yet you ' never would let a staff dedicate to you because you M always said a job well done was thanks enough. ' ' 1 ' With the secrecy and cooperation of this - . N year's staff we dedicate to you our 1957 Q M ToH1scAN, 'KTop-Hi Calls," on your g ? t tenth anniversary, Miss Lorna nliii ff 1 A . Finch, annual advisor. i i i , ' i W fg . I AM!! X fi , ' ff' f' 1 I O I fl: Malo, 1 yi-R? " 2 , -s H v J, fi A J ' 1 , ,Q s--. ,, ,JM,f9f,f1,fs, x,AQg6f! E " ' f'-ifw, '4 f"Vf ' , - , cf, in 5 of 5 . 1 my Q- XJ 5 i I . - . I ' ll A, f,'f,!: A ,Qi 1 I -f-' J I I fx' I ka , , I .,f'i- - , T X 1 , ..f' ,, 1, U M f ' y Nr 1 ' 1 f ,inf "f .rpjp ,f,f1 , i -g' fr-iff? is ..,,, 1 1 'ffl , 'J ggi xf ' ,, C f fy A I M1,ss,LoR+mHNcH4 I 1 I 1 M W' f X MQ W2 MMM ,Fi O IAT STUDENT BODY of 'Ui'OPP NIS HIGH SCHOOL 0 Ns ,251-X N X TOPP IH INGTO 6 4 X - e K A O Ed r ......... G y F d 11 dvisor .......... L F h usiness Manager ....... K F lk X Sports Editors . . M. D. McMican and Terry S S tal? Rosalie Fernandez, Bob Herman, Betty Huyl Carol Johnson, Marvalee Rank, Margaret Ri- vard, Rosalie Shequin, Adeline Soto, and O1 ' WNMJ fy ' ffm' W i Ai, JfL'fffp,r"Q ,-I -r 'F W' J , W . f" w i oft Mf!L.5z'w XQ 'K 7,9 Wf' ' Wi. fwf W '4 JV :TZ L 75OUxWl"MTJjdt ,Iliff IAQ. if fla- gi We i Y SN ' X F W gig M wx 'Q 553 greg Ji fW' !fW W ffvfiffffli M My v4fM W2Wf,:w if W ,iffy ,WW M64 JW M OWLEDGMENTS rap y . . . ern St1.1d1O 1. J g h F Printin . . . The Repub 1C Press Wff ff W Www QM? MU ,,!n.n,fl! fini! , f ff ,,f V1 ' . m,, 1 ' I. . x - 1. rawings bjyjudy , I., 1 , ,,".7 . X , . K , sen' " 'f 'f ,.-, f I I jr' X, 7 ' s Q .,s'Q ,I Jia, gfiiiiifil YJ h A ff' WWW 0,4 Zbfzzafjgfzfw WW' ?f- 054'-7 'J 'L NPT- f' 5 r--7. , 44 . . L',, A at ..r.. t 'If -' - " ' ' " "'7 W '11-i f f 4: 1 . 'K li' .l.... i Jfgiiji I l ' ' fjykf-f"j 1 -' lwfkkjkb. ' ' N f"Ys , m'h1 aff. .gfff l , ,,,,f1.. ,.,f,ac l g .w"f" I . 2 V Y. lil, ' t . 5 9 - - .J ,fffj O 'X ' ' ' J . Jw 60" . 6' ' J: r'2q.,,,t,f,.Jt. 3-ff-'wL. 'vfffv-fM,.fJ .4 Luk jJ..L, ruff- .2 ' fqjmi' ' . . . . novvigp in ur future. The memories Your TOHISCAN staff has put many extracur- 'TSO you're buildi ow will return across the years, ricular hours of work into the creation of your V across the miles t will soon take you away book. For them, part of Top-Hi's call will ring 'li from Top-Hi, 1957. Al ggbur life you'll remem- up pleasant memories of work and fun together ber the good times, the good friends, the work as members of an organization whose work lasts N' and fun of our year together. To help you, through the years. We are a small group who A Toppy, spirit of Top-Hi, wanders through these organize the material you give us. Our work is pr- ,' pages, recording the highlights of the year, re- made possible through the patience and co- l . minding you of your own memories. Our pages, operation of numerous teachers and students, l' " like the pages of a phone directory, hold the and we wish to express our appreciation to all kJ numbers with which you can dial your own who helped. We also extend our sincerest thanks ' I special party-your own memories of each class, to our boosters who supported this year's., ' I 1 I activity, sport, or event in which you shared. 4 TOHISCAN more generously than ever before. mf-uwww f I l ' Q . -jd LA' K J vmc 5.,i!b?J hx K . ,V 4 I iff iff ' I JJ- . ,Q l J Q v , 4, A JJ 5, '.. 4. I wish to extend my own special Hthank you" JA to the members of this year's staff, who worked as a team, each one doing his part well. I know a special vote of thanks goes to our advisor, Miss Finch, who guided us to our ulti- mate goal of producing one of our finest year- books, Top-Hi Calls. Myighffwwtw -Q51 ACTIVITIES Science Club . Band . . . Choir .......... . Future Homemakers of America . . . Future Farmers of America . . Girls' Athletic Association . . . Pep Club ...... . S Story, Coach. Schedule. Inspirational Player and Honorary Captain . . . Coaches, Team, and Managers . . Coaches, Seniors, and Action . . Pep Assemblies ..... Basketball Story, Coach, Schedule, Inspirational Player and Honorary Captain . . . Coaches, Team, and Managers . . Seniors and Action .... . Football 9 Drill Team , 10-11 Tumbling . . 12-13 Wildcats . 14-15 Tips , . 16-17 Tohiscan . .... . 18-19 Yell Leaders and Song Leaders . 20-21 Torch . . . . . . . Tennis Squad and Schedule . . . 33 34-35 Track 36-37 Squad and Schedule .... 38 Baseball Squad and Schedule .... Spring Sports . 39 Intramural ...... 40-41 42-43 Pep Club Ticket Taker 6 CLASSES Seniors Sophomores Officers and History .... . 49 Officers and History .... Play ......... . 50 Members ........ Ball . . . . . 5l Snaps . . . Members . . . . . 52-62 : ,. Q I - 2 I Zzqjazejzm ,aaa luniofs , Z WW Masa U' .. f, Z Play ......... -I Officers and History ....... Members ........,.. Z . i Zi Qg4g4.p,4lfEQa4e!c 1 rflfzc'-dfvjf 65-67 Q4 1ZcL46J,g,04Q6-0' " 671-dfdffdf ' :key rj ,, ,64,9L0'Z5 sdddacf Q! . f,,,,,,,,, a,wLMa WMALS MUWW I ifjfff' To ff ...fffw W .MWM . ,C I A Af 7fZi-Zffzz yffffeffffwwffsff-ffdfwwaf T ppy f d and T. Walls. P. Wells, S. Delaney and B. Campbell. ,,.. ...W s oisc 1 WM..- 3, .f ,, D. McNcII, N. Clark, and J. Russell deal rootball rooters F. Filer, D. Noonan, in "Claw 'em, Wildcat" ribbons. R. Shequin and B. Roberts. Qdilf QM! Actors G. Arens lnhiy,e.Mnle hors KPk . GY h Wm.. 4 LEADERS k-Age, A241 4 82-83 4127.7 4! 6354! Z J j XZQJ .. 4 Wi,-1 ,May .4,4ce4..: 021 . J AAA! aj JQMXW ffl' 6, f fi2lQ l 1 la? Agxirs L. Aycnub lnmaoion-M. sms, C. Johnson. ,2 2 1, G-775. . 4,61 nm! Ja f4frt.!64 5zQ,w.64fJ CidfnUJf Affifdfffx ' 45,4444 I 4x 4, fi' ,,ft,,,Ilff, , 44c4f2g4J A445541 4fx.Z W ff 6 by 'PWM if Qwfgw 1 ,gf WJ MW , I 707 Q ' I x A . 'Q WM - if I T1 I ,19 O A , Q - if 933 J ff W if-Q-TN EN W' fi P k wwf RQ Jf jig 'Si 'Disk 4 gs 'g EFX avg? Q, X5 Q- ,XS gk EJ SX X, is - Nw Kill? f x XX ., i'q, xx ', .Q fx iii 3 ' Q E gk TQ' Q , " .f1f4'f ga 7 is 5533. 0 H4 ,kf f?Q,!,,. . ff A W W wfjlff N K K ffqfl , , - f fn , ,w 1i Q 3 Qi? 3 TWV WA,7frffJfnff,,,Mf'1?jgfl A A K ff J A ffl, QR X is gi W ' ' W Dx jx as six ff' E xg S E ,i, j17" ,ff ml ' V Q X ' E f1J,A,! n1,s 351 fn? A!nMf,,,f:0 Awllll . GQ I ww , . b A l,lq'f'3 ' J? 0 Mfg W- 1 Vyf ld AHA, f Mx, Ay V i W If X AA 'X 50,11 -'.i kwin, F mfs lk A5 A xlw 0 ml kflG7?'M faf! Q. 13 HF is My . X X X f Msg? R Wiz Lgisgii X 5 YQ H w +C ',, ' x xg Ni Nil 4 Nz 50 'ff 4 N93 , 'X N 5,444-,,,147 .T -L :L',rf ' :J 'I ,,1,1,gfb:-Sky ,VV-' 4 Q xg YIM j,:12w L5Z fir' f Q . fi A X 1. 'I ,, A ,,A,, 4 ' Q' Ze, . 4 Q ,Q 0,,MQ'25H5 fb aw- ' B w My-A01 fn! QV- Q ' X Ji A 4 ff-J WW M 2 ig!! wg M X3 X S' Y Xi 2 x., 3 U2 w 'I . C - Rx X , QW? 4 x 5 X5 J +3 Q 5 J I K HA xl .,- X f 55 A . S Q15 x Q 'Q V Ai '- ' 1 1 5 Si Q, 3 -xx ' s 5 Q2 SE lk? M , an 'u"'L"' 'f 'ca' -7.20121 Zicvffff' xi 01,0241 41,132 A, I I Q . My Tffcg-C.L'Z,lC96,6'?,fg3ff,iL ,dow fad. ill., .1a.7gp9. Q-n1.,n..4fz,u41' aff!!! W470'-9' .ZVI!f 44 C214-.E ,av- ' -4-w,'z-4.- ,QA.afu.4L, .QAJLQXU cncvngj QXJ aM,,v.4.. ldbn- -Q., -w-an: ,4 ,JwffvqfZ.Qfc,9-CQ!! Af-f-ll jmiwlf, lv gc 055110 LL. .Jw 402 U ,Q 'A""1"" "-35 'U-"'Z"'9""""" goiwfiff !Le .?fa ' ,G 7-1 Clif gCX.U """"'7"aa ML 5 ,,L,uf1kLLcrZ,f 44-Q50 07.94 fu! JLG JA-q,,6-ova. PLMA4, ,bb Ciqtccf .4-7f0.CQ'jLcj OJ L,QJfflfOJCfO 0760? ZW-M,v61-:w' ZJA WM mg, Qmff AWN 'WL' Wow - I ,conf x ' ,f A , , 1. ,, f . '4"'7- 4 ylvxv foyw 44,1 Afmwcf- Nj 407041 Q QJ dd., WW b31.c',bO1,,,7!CL,a!1, 431, A 4L0--,Zz 441,02 iz- ,.,..,..,a,,, Q,U,'f,.u ,? -ffcmfef !.2aJ,f,1A,.CLfa Loaf , 'LoL' 10-I-44.1, -1657151 CUPLJ ff., 0-641- aizwl. -147474-9. 704166 ff dlpiaup, 47xfg:U51JfOj ML . '45 57 'WM' WW, ' ' MAL f 47'iM'.4"" My vi 7-0'-Q4 W 115711 fx Wg lj?-5 D 'ack ""TD' rv-047-f I QQ - 14'f'f' U 6iAZ 5711 719 f"7"f 2 ,7""6 Z ff W W ' 'Y779 W4 fY""'f"' '5 xx 5 5 Q . zafvfuf ffacaf 5 rrv 46 """yf "' ' V5-,, X 67Np7qf fy-,ff - WWW WM 4'?'V'f?'7Z fffff 'mf " f . I C7 A , A . A-941 ff P ,OK The Science Club started their year with the election of their officers: President Darold Nie- dermeyer, Vice-President Mike Scalley, Secretary-Treasurer Kay Delaney, and Sergeant- at-Arms Ray Hamilton. Miss Marion Ross is the club visor. Everyone was busy during the year with their in- dividual projects in electronics, rock collecting, microscopic work, and model reactors. Their year was highlighted by the initiation for the new members held December 18 and the field trips they took throughout the school year hunting rocks and visiting places of interest. An open house was held in the spring to display the projects of the members and to end their year of activity. President D. Niedermeyer and Advisor Miss Ross. J. Bradbury, P. Chissus, and D. Niedermeyer ? . . ,W-'uw 1? lf! ji!i!x?i,!,! it r i' Ms., 2 ..iii ' ' J 1' iw-W Row one: P. Gordon, R. Fernandez, E. Wilmelh, B. Olsen, M. Rivard, J. Davis, J. Silvers, C. Lindsay. Row Mo: L. Worsham, M. Rank, M. Chandler, S. Hanson, M. Gosney, R. Smith, A. Affholler, C. Johnson. Row three: B. Campbell, D. Tabler, K. Radford, V. Higgins, J. Christal, L. Gulsline, N. Mayfield, T. Van Zwol, J. lde. Row four: S. Leak, S. Hovis, P. Wells, S. Harlman, B. Massong, P. Chissus, C. Walden, S. Hardy. PEP BAND . X'-,' 1 . fi iff l s J .ffm m .- afiiwgs- :,..::.:1- . Presidenl Norman Mayfield and Mr. Tollefson. l .0 i Row one: K. Pellil, R. Taft, D. Green, G. Campbell, M. Macias, L. Garcia, C. Bolhwell, J. Campbell, G. Fendell, J. Williams. Row Iwo: N. Morford, P. Bowles, M. McMican, J. Wells, B. Newell, S. Delaney, L. Clark, B. Riley, L. Juarez, T. Chandler, R. Smith, G. May, L. Owens, Row three: J. Strom, J. Smith, L. Layman, J. Leidy, C. Anderson, B. Hanson, P. Larlon, D. Walker, K. Delaney, H, Armiio, R. Nass, D. VanCleave. Row four: W. Briggs, G. Thomas, E. Armiio, P. Smilh, S. Hixson, J. Dickey, J. Thomas, D. McVay. 'The Top-Hi band under the direction of C. O. Tollefson had a very successful year. Officers were President Norman Mayfield, Vice-President Sandra Leak, and Secretary Margaret Rivard. The band started the year by playing at the Fourth of July Parade and the Wapato Harvest Festival. The band presented two concerts at the Central Washington Fair in Yakima. Their performances in 1956-57 included playing for the Homecoming parade and all home football and basketball games, They per- formed at half-times and pep assemblies. Many band members attended the solo contest at Ellensburg, In the spring the Band Boosters supplied the funds for the trip to perform at the Apple Blossom Festival. Ending the year, they furnished back- ground music for the graduating seniors at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Row one: J. Silvers, L. Worsham. Row two: C. Johnson, S. Leak, B. Olsen. Row three: L. Gulsline, M. Gosney. wa, Mr. Sell and Choir President C. Mikesell. '90 'Pow W On 'Wo E" lk' .- M . ki ' Mqgofe, y '77, Af ' wel' ' Deja ppe,-f ner, ' B- W R' A7s:le,?lkeC ,L R ' C Mfkeeusfelf, F G ' S ' lo, Chg, sen ella' P' She ' o qui non J n, R f . Ba Ma,-C, ,"9S, B "UL D. lileigf C C ' o ' obb . Mqrkh. Um. Row one: K. Rice, M. Dorn, C. Mikesell, K. Sainsbury, K. Pettit. Row two: D. Walker, J. Milner, L. Peterson, P. Lorton, M. Schmellc. x Z Performing at the Christmas Assembly was the busy signal for the Toppenish High School Choir under the direction of Mr. Wesley Sell. The choir also sponsored a pep assembly: other projects were their bake sale, an after- game dance and their annual spring concert. In the spring members of the choir attended contests in Idaho. Kay Rice was selected to sing there in the Northwest Choir. 1 'W' Mr. Sell directs Choir. Mr. Sell and Glee Club President O. Solis. 12 5 A, -i,1,. i.- . ... :'f P.. .... HELL A fm 0 ' . O5 59 F' us' Vt' x. we The officers for 1956-57 were President Carol Mikesell, Vice- President Bob Gonsalez, Secre- tary Kathy Parkhurst, Treas urer Kay Rice, Librarian Matil da Schrnella, Robe Chairman Judy Deyo, and Accompanist Kathie Pettit. Left: Mr. Sell and Treble Tones. Upper for left: Mr. Sell helps S. Cobb and K. Tall. Lower for left: K. Rice, D. Markham, and P. Lorlon practice for assembly. 13 ' O ' O W Row ewan. R .msbuvl A B r n. Noonow 9. Yew . mf yt. N, 99 .xngfv , Qld' 5- Nl o. C' Gllxxe""'n' YJ mmf-.l'v2v9e"k' e n ne Weds Cholxe do' l' NN enfi- 1 coinage Chuck l. E' - 1' wo' Y L Worrlsei-1 lL' D sqffols. c':0vv.xwv'-" A net Q' l .9 ee U. Row one: K. Tafl, l, Thompson, D. Gorman, E. Glossen. Row fwof F. Hope, S. Cobb, D. Johnson. il, v b x . , N I - . f 1' .... . f J' ,. -I f - A ' l 5 l -1 E 1 4 ii THE FUTURE CALLS ff' . l S Y sl. E is 5. ' A Advisor Mrs. Fricke J. Hill receives F. H. A. pin from O. Solis. Row one: M. Allen, C. Anderson, E. Angiano, P. Auslin, S. Basey, C. Bitlle, P. Bowles, A. Bradbury, L. Brader, B. Camp M. Chandler. Row lwof S. Cobb, L. Correa, J. Davis, S. Davis, F. Deere, K. Delaney, S. Delaney, M. Derrey, J. Deyo, R. Kissler. Row fhree: B. Febus, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, G. Flelf, L. Franco, J. French, B. Garn, L. Gilmore, P. Gordon, F. D. LeRoue. Row four: C. Griswold, L. Gulsline, A. Hamilton, F. Hamillon, S. Hardy, M. Hass, J. Hill, F. Hope, B. Huylar, J. Lichtenberg. M. Rank arranges Hor bell, D. Chamberlain n of Plenty. ' M. Dorn, J. Edwards, Glossen, M. Gosney, J. Jeffers, C. Johnson, 'Q I - M.. . ,,,- ,.., - ,...Z.. ' f. , qw vw . -gms-,ea A A l nr . 1 if A I - 1 K TM 1.1 A r K , ef' 1 - ,, L' " eb- M ' r 3 ,. I . W YV j .i ' A V .pix ni i ,,. A ,, ' 5 ,K 5. ,iv t I S 4 W kgkrh i in ,..- Zo' , V WM . xp N' . I 5 , ..- h L Z ii . . K A ff.. - 1 J Q e ei- in A is .lall ' L., . . 'JE 4 in :X . 'ai 8 A ' ' by s , . M s , H . 'Ca' s .3 1, - sa' X Sv , Sw T 5 X 14 began planning a year of activity for 1956 57 Let s look through the FHA Directory with the aid of the officers. President Lola Peterson, Vice President Ofelia Rodriguez Secretary Becky Kissler Treas urer Diane Wells, Song Leader Marvalee Rank, Parliamentarian Carol Bittle. Historian Alice Oswalt, and Reporter Olivia Solis. The directory pages were being turned by Mrs. Ruth Fricke, FHA advisor. The pages were found to be filled with the year's schedule of activities given below. The lines of the Future Homemakers of America were buzzing with excitement as the group i ,pit it if . H- if 8 an A X ff , , - l r 1? ' Q' . r f 5 wma? 1 , I . .. V 7 ,mn Tig, ' U . sm , Q fe A S -. Q 3 - iv q ' . 5, J . if .el 1 fe. 9 L he 'Q' Q X Row one: C. Lindsay, L. Long, P. Lorton, C. McKee, J. Milner, E, Mims, D. Noonan, B. Olsen, P. O'Rear, A. Oswalt, K. Parkhurst. Row two- J. Pescador, K. Pettit, E. Peilecke, M. Rank, E. Hanson, D. Rishor, M. Rivard, O. Rodriquez, K. Sainsbury, D. Sak, J. Schloss. Row three: M Schmella, R. Shearer, J. Silvers, S. Smith, O. Solis, A. Soto, J. Spencer, D. Tabler, l. Thomson, T. Walls, S. Waggener. Row four B. Walker, D. Walker, D. Wells, J. Wells, P. Wells, B. Wertenberger, E. Williams, P. Wornell, V. Weippert, l.. Worsham, S. Wyckoff. 1t1i C. Bittle Officers rehearse initiation parts. President L Peterson October 13 Hostess Chapter of Region 5 Conference A N g November ...... . Sponsored Junior Red Cross Drive J Basketball Season . .. . . Sold pop and candy at games December 13 .. . Christmas party and Initiation january 8. .. .. .. Sent representatives to Leadership Training Conference January 26 . . . .. . . . .. After-game dance F' A February 15 Pep Assembly. Representatives attended West Valley's Demonstration Day 'A March 7 . . . . . Family Night April 8-12 . . s . National FHA Week . i April 11 Style Show i May .. Installation of Officers 15 The pages of the FHA Directory close after a very successful year. T l l C A L L T 0 F . F . A 9' iff ,:'h'- zf' 1 ' 1 'MAS l 53. 1 " 'W . al Vigil i , 5, Advisor Mr. Wiswoll and Gene Scrivner hold the FFA emblem. The local chapter of the Future Farmers of America was called to order by President Gene Scrivner with the assistance of Vice-Presi- dent Larry Schott, Secretary Dick French, and Treasurer Ted Friend. The FFA members participated in many activities including the Yakima Fair, the Pacific Interna- tional at Portland, the FFA jam- boree at Sunnyside, and the Potato judging Contest at Ellensburg. The insignia of the FFA is the owl which stands for wisdom and knowledge, the plow for labor, the eagle for the national scope of op- eration, the rising sun for progress, and the ear of corn for common agriculture. Row one: J. Adams, G. Goeken, L. Andreas, M. Campbell. Row two: F. Greer, D. Alderman, G. Griffith, G. Hcckner. Row three: L. Schott, M. Schmoe, D. Stafford, M. Staub. :Jf This was an eventful year for the Toppenish Chapter of FFA and every member profited from it. 16 W W X X W M AAW1 , ,M Vi J Morhnez and K Barnes G Hcckner and prolect 1,9 xx. '51, ,Lui 'z ...g x gfgglmjf . 'fx X. R J .Fw CALLING ALL GIRLS W I, Advisor Mrs. Champagne ww W we . Row one: M. Allen, C. Anderson, S. Basey, D. Bender, F. Bender, C. Billle, P. Bowles, A. Bradbury, L. Brader. Row two: R. Bradley, M. Brooks C. Burch, B. Campbell, D. Chamberlain, P. Childress, J. Chrislal, S. Cobb, L. Correa. Row three: J. Davis, S. Davis, J. Deere, K. Delaney, S Delaney, M. Derrey, J. Deyo, M. Dorn, S. Dorn, Jean Edwards. Row four: Judy Edwards, B. Febus, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, L. Franco, J French, B. Garn, L. Gilmore, P. Gorman, P. Gordon. cl 1 .frm ,fa N , J' 'A 1 I E . -V xi, X . ' . ,, Z , P 1" flag Mlm. A w W ?iTH .fin .fe , J ... iw ff R. Shequin iniliales G. A. A. members with G. Buralto's help. J. Russell works on Carnival signs. D. Wells and c G. A. A. initiale. wid Q-aw. 3 President Dixie Walker, Vice-President Diane Wells. Secretary Barbra Roberts, Treasurer Shirley Dorn, Social Chairman Rosalie Shequin and Point Committee Chairman Carol Mikesell called the girls to join in a year of many activities in the Girls' Athletic Association. They rang the year in by initiating the new members arrayed in home-made football outfits. Other activities sponsored by G.A.A. were the G.A. A. Carnival held on November 1 in the gymnasium, a playday, dances, Sports Banquet, and basketball, volleyball and badminton tournaments. The G. A. A. goal to promote good sportsmanship among the students was carried out to make the Girls' Athletic Association one of the busiest lines around Top-Hi. C. McKee and E. Malerich L. Worsham with customers P. Berg R. Fernandez, S. Leak, A. Soto, at Carnival booth. and Darryl McNall. and K. Pettit at telegram booth. 01- ii," "4-f Fl, Row one: J. Pescador, L. Peterson, K. Pettit, M. Rank, K. Rice, D. Rishor, M. Rivard, B. Roberts, O. 'Y K 'X Rodriguez. Row two: J. Russell, N. Sailors, K. Sainsbury, D. Sak, J. Schloss, M. Schmella, R. Shearer, W X R. Shequin, J. Silvers, S. Smith. Row three: O. Solis, A. Soto, J. Spencer, G. Spencer, M. Spencer, D. Tabler, K. Taft, L. Worsham, S. Waggener, T. Walls. Row four: V. Weippert, D. Wells, J. Wells, P. ' Wells, B. Wertenberger, E. Williams, E. Wilmeth, S. Wood, P. Warnell, S. Wyckoff. Q9 , 'bee Hx 'ate Row one: M. Gosney, C. Griswold, J. Grubenhoff, L. Gulstine, A. Hamilton, F. Hamilton, B. Hanson, S. Hardy, M. Hass. Row two: B. Higgins, J. Hill, M. Hinkle, J. Hunt, B. Huylar, J. Jeffers, C. Johnson, R. Kissler, S. Kissler, S. Leak. Row three: D. LeRoue, C. Lindsay, J. Lichtenberg, G. Lichtenberg, L. Long, P. Lorton, E. Malerich, P. McCoy, M. McBain, C. McKee. Row four: E. Peilecke, C. Mikesell, J. Milner, S. Mosqueda, D. Noonan, B. Olsen, A. Oswalt, B. Palmer, L. Palmer, K. Parkhurst. 19 4 ,, 4 1 Ah. - Mrs. Champagne f 4 0 9 ' S v yodoig-I ew' OMS. O' Y' 9. Row D C L. K. D Row P. S. L. F. S. Row K. P. C D 20 PEP S7 xx Top-HI cheering sechon at game. 0 . P os" .s . 9. . X95 KQOSO er' .xdx XOC' so WO,-4, 'Y 0,7 -S6 06 0 One: Rishor Mikesell Peierson Sainsbury Noonan Two: Gordon Wyckoff Brader Filer Smith Three: Peiiii Lorfon Johnson Wells CDN 'I ffmxx 'H- I w 'yr THE LINE Selling HT" pins, initiating new members, leading school spirit, selling candy, participating in assemblies and sponsoring school dances were a few of the activities in which the Pep Club showed their activeness. They started the year with President Kay Rice, Secretary Adeline Soto. Treasurer Bonnie Higgins. and Demerit Committee Polly Lorton, Judy Deyo, and Carol Mikesell. Second semester officers were President Ruth Bradley, Secretary Matilda Schmella, Treasurer Kathy Pettit, and Demerit Committee Sue Hardy, Barbra Roberts, Rosalie Shequin. and Dorothy Noonan. Advisors were Mrs. Champagne and Mr. Strom. -w v ' 2 ifzidg 4446! jZ4jZ!6L if ii C , f we ,gf W We Awe Wea N i I A02 1 f I i C2.2f4.Ky14ff L44Z4'77 if .5767 6- gigdem: 3 AE A f M -V K. Rice fe 'J 444, Ac rg Jwffldi Mai ' ' R' Q, 64,57 Row One: J. Deyo M. Schmellc B. Roberts B. Higgins S.Hcrdy Row Two: S. Leak A.Oswolt D.WuIker R.Shequin T. Walls Row Three: B.KissIer C,BiHle R. Fernandez A.So1o 2l ff 1-:--a THESE LINES 1' xx, gk C gas... 5 S. Basey, L. Pelerson, B. Higgins, R. Bradley, L. Palmer, S. Kissler, J. Schloss, O. Rodriguez, A. Solo, R. Shearer, A. Orlloff, B. Garn, K. Sainsbury, B. Werlenberger. C. Mikesell, J. Spencer, C. Wenlz, and J. Deyo form spiral during performance. Row one: D. Wells, Leader J. Russell, P. Gordon, J. Davis. Row two: K. Taft, L. Worsham, E. Angiano, T. Walls, R. Shequin, S. Wyckoff, C. Wenlz, B. Huylar. In background: O. Rodriguez, cage manager. 8 X f K I- P. Childress, T. Walls, and D. Noonan lead drill leam. R. Shequin puls cuff links on T. Walls' blouse. Under the leadership of Judy Russell, the tumbling team spent many hours practicing for assemblies and their half-time performances on january 18 and Feb- ruary l5, where they made a colorful appearance in their new uniforms of red and white polka-dot shorts and white blouses. A committee for planning routines consisted of Judy Russell, Diane Wells, Rosalie Shequin, Eleanor Angiano. Tommie Walls and Phyllis Gordon. 22 RE BUSY J Grubenhoff S Wood D Wells R Shequin, K. Parkhurst, J. Hunt, C. Wentz, J Spencer C Mlkesell J Deyo P. Childress, T. Walls, D. Noonan. The six lines of the drill team were kept busy under the direction of Drill Leader Dorothy Noonan, Flag Bear- 'rv U . 9 . Q er Tommie Sue Walls and I 9 5 9 Assistant Leader Judy Deyo. is They performed at basket- ball and football games and Wm P V,M g , Vg sponsored the cake walk at . . gp, kv' the G.A.A. Carnival. A new 2. gf, ",s ,rx ' ' .Q 9 attraction this year was flag 'Mx i ,' go -, twirler Phyllis Childress. J Q W 'H K Psi : a f . Y if new Left: Drill Leader D. Noonan, Ad- visor Mrs. Champagne, and Tum- bling leader J. Russell. Above: E. Angiano, C. Wentz, P. Gordon, S. Wyckoff, T. Walls after tumbling performance. Center: Mrs. Cham- pagne assists D. Wells in doing the splits. Mr. Mirosh, Advisor Row one J. Benz, D. Field, J. Gar- ner. Row two: G. Zable, N. Clark, C. Clark. Row three: J. Ide, R Thalheimer, D. Garcia. Row four: S. Hixson. G. Thomas, President CALL CDF THE WILD The Wildcat Club had a very successful ye-ar under the leader- ship of President Glen Thomas, Vice-President Ray Hamilton, and Secretary-Treasurer Gene Scrivner. Decked in arm bands and carrying paddles, they patrolled the gymnasium during all sport activities. CAT 'i nr,- They sponsored boxing cards, intramural football, basketball, and softball, assemblies, field day, and a boy to Boys' State. They helped officiate home track meets and intramural sports. Mr. Mirosh served as their advisor. Ja G. Zable sands Wildcat paddle Row one: D. McNall, G. Arens Row two: M. Maslel, T. Friend, T. Van Zwol Row three: R. Hamilton, G. Scnvner Row four: J. Marlinez, M. McMrcun J. Garner prepares for a pep assembly 1, P' SQ. h if "' Calling for the Facts Seated: B. Olsen, B. Werten- berger, M. Mastel. Standing: D. Johnson, R. Slagner, L. Palmer, P. Lorton, B. Bond, K. Parkhurst, E. Angiono, S. Kissler. P. Childress and L. Palmer view exchange papers. 26 -in 1.14 1,-'Sf 'B --an Tips Editor Dixie Rishor, Assistant Editor Bev Olsen, Advisor Mr. Berg, and the staff were busy meeting deadlines, gathering scoops, reading copy, proof-reading, and selling papers. Several representatives attended conferences and visited the Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Selah. They sponsored dances and a pep assembly. In the spring they were present at a banquet with the TOHISCAN staff. B. Werlenberger, L. Palmer, D. Rishor copy-read. S W? X 4 Nu . ,M ,,,,M. M fi i, M rf' V ' , S fed: C. BMI O R d g A Solo Standing: P. Chi ess, Wells, J. G b h H J P I y K P Hit, K. Sainsbury, O. Orozco. 6 i 1 . o 1 . W P L ron, D ells check g t h 9 Ewwf fa:tuM?wIMf2L ,MNLJMJ WMM .ffjyof ea, ,MJ-my Uk !!,L,g,Q, G X M 416' J i - ,4f04f47!LW-47 , gb-IN! tfuia. V' I 4 Q' i " "LJ-fu 4971?-,Zum Q fu LUHQ ef-4' EQ WM Editor Dixie Rishor and Advisor D. Berg. 27 Recording The Facts bw-1 B. Huylar and T. Sumner 28 . ,-4 Qs ufrwf "1 Seafed: C. Johnson, C. Bittle, R. Fernandez, M. D. McMican, T. Sumner, and B. Herman. Sfandingr M. Rivard, A. Soto, O. Solis, and M. Rank. M. Rivard and B. Herman ""Mmnag-. E 3 Busy signals were heard from the Yearbook room as Editor Gary Fendell, Advisor Miss Finch and the staff enclosed the events within the cover of the 1957 TOHISCAN. They spent class time and other spare minutes reading copy, taking pictures, writing stories, selling annuals and talking pages. and making layouts to record the memories which are part of Top-Hi's call to all its students, past and present. They attended a conference at Seattle. a Student Conference at Yakima where they were the leaders in the "A" division year- book panel, enjoyed a Christmas party and ex- change, produced their new sensation, the Talk- ing Page, and spring va- cationed in Seattle. G. Fendell and Mass Funch R Fernandez O Sol s and C Johnson R. Fernandez, G. Fendell, and Miss Finch 29 M. D. McMican and O. Solis VICTDRY, VICTDRY That's our cry. V-I-C-T-0-R-Y Are we in il? WelI,l guess! Toppenish High School, Yes, yes, yes! LIVE' The peppy sextet shown on these pages led Top-Hi students in yells and songs throughout the school year. Colorful costumes added to their attractive appearance. The cheerleaders were costumed in gray capri pants and maroon turtle-necked sweaters for foot- gray honey-bun sweaters and pleated plaid skirts for basketball season. The songleaders wore outfits of white sweaters and ma- roon pleated skirts for football season and white sailor blouses and maroon pleated skirts for bas- ketball season. They will be remembered for their spirit and pep which sparked the students of Top-Hi through the sports seasons. ball season and Yell Leaders: Carol Johnson, Diane Wells, and Bev Olsen. 30 AWIRES Hail to thee, our dear old Top-Hi, with your friendships true. ln the days of tame and glory, you have seen us through. Red and gray will be our symbolg we'll fight on for youp Hail to thee, our dear old Top-Hip we'll remember you. bbw NW r Songleaders: Carol Bittle, Becky Kissler, and Rosalie Fernandez. 31 Sue Hardy President 1 "Dial T for Torch" at Mr. Cook, Mr. Strom, Mr. Morin, and Miss Fincl' if Y' m Pamala Bowles President -an Sealed: K. Delaney, A. Solo, F. Filer, L. Long, K. Rice, D. Noonan, B. Olsen, S. Ha Iain, D. Walker, L. Pelerson, G. Fendell, D. Niedermeyer, N. Clark, S. Leak, D. P. Bowles, R. Shequin. The National Torch Honor Society had a very successful year with the assistance of Leo Morin, Everett Cook, A. J. Strom. and Lorna Finch. First semester officers were President Sue Hardy, Vice-President Francie Filer, Sec- retary Adeline Soto, and Treasurer Laura Long: second semester leaders were President Pam Bowles, Vice-President Dixie Rishor, Secretary Francie Filer, and Treasurer Darold Niedermeyer. The sale of book cov- ers and yarn octopi served as unique money-raising devices for financing a S100 scholarship. The group also sponsored a dance and a pep assembly. In January a formal initiation was held for the new senior members. A banquet was held in April at which 10 per cent of the Junior Class was in- ducted. Belowf B. Olsen prepares lable at inilialion. Lower right M. Schmella buys book cover from F, Filer. Upper righi: Mrs. Cook serves S. Leak and F. Filer. Q. Q Pi 0 . ,,,.,, .XR I , uf rdy. Sfandingf D. Chamber- Rishor, J. Russell, M. Rank, st S? -fi' , -llff ' 5 , J i s -.,, L i ' i W A wr. f Pi ' ., Wiifiwfff' .W Wnjfffw 1 MMMWAWQM ifjycifff' Wa mf3fWd gfgfwf WAS MW UMQWJ klW.k9,1,,,f7,,gbqZw-wW!6fa,wwM2w .difzai z7Zv g wwfwm Z3 94gzL44'4A7' ' , 741k ,Mb 40447 ' . ,942e44,g, QMJMJJ Bffgczfzivcaevyfiovaa, Jzgzjmme 'QQGZZMMJ Mvqwfwmww ffbbgix' WWW Jul kj H-W4 ZW! Jpmd M ,Lwmw-of . A Q WML? Q ff, GMM ,fu..A,...4.a..JG-404-flfv, afrud. 4-0411124-""-1-lyf-UZ"-'-72" 19 03,u,z.e,w...,.,,.,?l'PA,aJ.L e.,4fm.oH4-d-wf-ff05'11"'-f'4-f'f- 54- Z2,.uVx,fC4-'Uf'4"'A'7"L'MJu7 :ay ' ,,.l,4,1f+d-ffwf'-f-7f"'-M f"7"A4""7 "z"A""" ,,,,Q4,M-4.7 ' fr-raatfoffnf ' 3 o,f.....Z,f51'-'J' ,c0,.4m.f,24XfM"f , "iffy WML'+?Wk ,W MMMQ, Jewmow Wfwhm Mgkmmwww Www Qmwhdwwwwwagwqqwmi I t nf, HELLO . . . Top-Hi football fans . . . Coach Grubb speaking . . . The Wildcats had a very fine season this year. At the start of the season they were rated last but ended up in a tie for fourth place. The first three games saw Top-Hi whip Grandview, Prosser, and Highland, with scores of 6-0, 6-0, and 18-0 respectively. Cle Elum, Top-Hi's next opponent, hand- ed them their first defeat of the year, 19-6. One of the experiences of the year was the weekend spent in Pullman, playing them in a non- conference game and attending the Idaho-Arizona game. Selah proved to be the superior team when they handed the Wildcats their third defeat, 14-7. Homecoming brought a joyful victory for Top-Hi when they ran away from West Valley, 27-0. The last two games were not profitable for Top-Hi. They had three injuries during the Marquette game in which Toppenish lost, 32-0. Nolan Clark acquired a broken hand, Chip Clark a broken collar bone, an Dale Austin a slight brain concussion. 'MQAWWQMA f fm Q WW VZ , YVWW . ' '- fssigi' , , M A , f fs ' s, WWCW' ,fel I Nj A fri 7 gif! My L k.l jrn ! I XW4 Z I"-IJ I 'V , 'I I K fygwyf few y, Due to these injuries the boys were unable to play in the following game, the annual Armistice Day one with Wapato. This ended with Top-Hi down, 24-6. A banquet giv- en to the players by their mothers climaxed the close of the '56-'57 football season and left the boys full of memories and turkey. Honors to team members includ- ed the selection of Ted Friend, guard, to Northern Division All- Stars second team and halfback Stan Hixson to the third team. Honorable mention went to Gene Scrivner. Successes in both scores and morale were partly due to the spirit of Glen Thomas, Honorary Cap- tain, and Chip Clark, Inspirational Player, who also shared Honorary 6 g1z2p:2Lr1in,:1t:teGlen, according to Mwhere h My 0 Sgore A 1 - We g Yrggf W g - e . ,,.,,, ,.., . .,... . .,,, ,:, 3 ,,, Af!z r ggb'g 0 prrg rggr g 4 ' We f 1 T A ' x fe,r W T- 1 de -- yy-f f H lu e if as --1951 0 They ' SSW 'ge H . .. y .......... . ..... - U' . ., uma-S61 alley ...... ...... 'fi 'Tieyf W f A - a ye e My ..... ...... . 32- They Wy T ss ,, . . Th 7, Q , y, f W A We , , fj '-'Hrs 4, 33 Y it x ,. .,,,Vr I ,-, A A AMX A I 1 , , 'ii . I z ,f Q r f e Q, is , t HCLD THAT LINE, R. O Rear 'T V f mm, new ,nw ww. as-ievwmwz - 1 011 Am KT fs' - hunky mule-,gym-.W -.ff fi. A rw -.sw Apu-.., Q M00 531531-tam -Wk .4 wi' "' Q S ,A--1 0811: .gei- . Malzahn .Rellly B. Newell Misf- D. Shields dwlsn A 49 J Holmes . , ggi? fan? .96 35" qw 126' 34 J. lde S. Hixson D. Field, D. Auslin G. Thomas Row one: R. Sloul, E. Stewart, F. Lamebull, J. Strom. Row two: T. VanZwol, M. Paul, A. loMere, G. Bates. .4 Couch S. Milche WILDCATS! Hill G. Scrivner R. Gonsalez S, Sherwood G. Buralfo URS- ms J 4. X Coach L Gray Row one: L. Elder, N. Kraft, D. Black, and J, MacDonald. Row lwo: G. Campbell, E. Armilo, and B. Massong. -aww M. Mu slel 'mm i an Duc D' GUVUU l N. Clark C. Clark B. Thalheimer T. Friend l lx Scrnvner For your help in coaching us and giving us lessons not only for football but 'for future life in ,team work, hard play and the building of character, we thank you, Mr. Grubb, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Gray. Sincerely, YOUR TEAM OF '56 Homecoming Queen ond Court mek nw? iii W B. Newell and COUCF1 Milchell B, Grubb at Foolball Bunquel S. Basey uses her arllsllc talent Songleaders G. Scrlvner and coach Thomas Gonsalez Hill Players rejoice afler victory gif lde Sherwood Scrivner VanZwaI Thalheimer O'Rear Clark Clark 37 PEP CALLS 2 if a ,- " " 74' . Wifi' :ip i '. X' ' ' gi, fl 2 I ':. 4 , .4 ,.......m u W M 2' . j 'Z 1 3 w ug bf in ,,, R ' i' 4 54 , Q4 M -Ib l. Cheer and songleadersg 2. Kay Rice helps Don Markham, 3. Polly Lorton hangs sign on D. Markham: Ken Rowe enroute to the exchange assembly. 4. Mr. Grubb delivers letters to football lettermen. Coach Fendell listens as Swami Peterson foretells future Pep Club lnltlates entertain. 15 img! l' COACH SAM MITCHELL Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cook. We, the tearn, would like to thank you for showing us that basketball can be fun and that it is best to be good sports whether we win or lose. For all of this and more we would like to say "THANKS," Sincerely, Your team of '56-'57 39 The Top-Hi Wildcats had a very thrilling season, starting slowly and working up momentum as they progressed toward a place in the Class A District Tournament. In their pre-season appearance at the Wapato Jamboree they were green and inexperienced, and placed last. The next two games were lost to the Wolves of Wapato. The breaks didn't go Top-Hi's way the first half of the season. Fans saw the Wildcats lose the first two league games in overtime to Highland and Cle Elum. The team went to Seattle for two non-conference games in which they emerged victorious over both Shoreline and Bothell, the former being an overtime game. Coming back from Seattle the Wildcats went down fighting against Marquette: the next night Top-Hi smashed Grandview. In a thrilling game against Naches, the 'cats were dropped in overtime but came back in another thriller against Selah and took a vic- tory home. This began Top-Hi's winning drive resulting in ten victories of their last twelve games. The first victim was Prosser. Then the team edged out West Valley in an overtime game but were stopped cold by Highland. They continued with another win over West Valley and were stopped again, this time by Cle Elum. The Wildcats really began put- ting on the pressure and took their next five games, with Grandview. Marquette, Naches, Selah, and Prosser. The boys came into a tie for fourth place with Grandview after the latter dropped their last game to Marquette. In the playoff game Top-Hi was the victor for the third time over Grandview. This win gained the 'cats a place in the district tournament. Top-Hi's first tournament game, before stands filled with Top-Hi rooters, was lost to their old-time rival, Wapato. In the second game the Wildcats came back fighting and eliminated Yakima from the tourna- ment, but in the third game they were beaten by Marquette and lost their place in the tournament. Top-Hi's fighting squad amazed and pleased fans in the community and school by a season notable for its slow start and fine finish. Honored by being selected by the sports writers in Yakima to the All-Stars from the A Class Teams were Jan Garner, first team: Gene Arens, second team: honorable mention went to Glen Thomas and Chip Clark. Chosen by their own teammates were inspirational player Gene Arens and honorary captain Jan Garner, pictured on the following page. ' SENIORS: B. Gonsalez, M. Mccias, C. Clark, G. Scrivner, G. Thomas, I, V , Q G. Arens and D. Niedermeyer. . , ' CHIP CLARK Senior 5' IO" Guard Coach Everett I C R. Ja? R 5 Y a i 5 1 H, ! . 1' "Yr ,JK 2 .. an f-:.-,- -. 1- f H..- M "NUMBER e KENT JENSEN Jumor 5 9 Guard V C QL P3 Xa-11 it S , 2 J 7 f ".' 'N , :EI N A v "P" Q' , 'X . JAN GARNER ' if r GENE ARENS 6' 1" Iv.: Z Senior Forward and Center W B. SQLYAD R. Smith, L E M. Willmon, D Scrlvner Q X PLEASE" L lgfyrnf -1 u MIKE MACIAS M, D. McMlCAN DAROLD NIEDERMEYER GENE SCRIVNER GLEN THOMAS Senior JUI'1i0l' Senior Senior Senior 5' 9" 5' 8" 6' 1" 5' 10" 6'0" Guard Guard Center Forward Forward '5"f"yif"fK W ff' . rE,EE Ay! JK """'ir':2"' ' , 'lf M N G, fs J S 5 v "3xf1? ' " rf" a 'S ff "3" 0' , ii - . Q 0, .. seq 9012 D. Sheets, D. Shields, 4 4 9 ooo it qi O0 S, oo N. Kraft, D. Winierholler, ' OO vb 5 93' Sb QP 9 J. Sirom, K. Barnes, and T. Sumner. 'fi' 'X 13, T2 V 1 i W , e 11 Remel fig ,A-xt XN opo!of7O 1 op-YNKf'3'2. XN OPOXOX ' XGA Kap-YM 0 x XL 'Y op- Bovne fA'1. x-XK,A7 XX Y: S no renew as B Squad Knskwckkons, 63 o --o QA O 2, 9 ,. 5 YXKgXwXon6f5O Top-YXKXA7 quad Mews vfxvn rekevees. Nx 1 o,ueuef5'3 T 09-YVxf'37 P Q 5 109-vufbo 'Q ,-3 Gvond-vKev4fM 2 3 XSL -0 -'J 42 M '55, K 1 XSL "L j :- evs . uvmcm ond Ps qvod vecewes ' udkons age: Nx. Nxoskek hom Gooch Nfnr.'neXX. 109.vxx,Ao NN ask VcXXe1fA'6 Snove keep XN. Howeq wkxh Nxoo Noc,'nesf5X T op-YVxfA9 -o A 5 3: E L-E. X L xv 2 Q This! T OD-HIL5 I Prosserx38 F 7 if 7' opyl-lix6J Noe-hesx45 T0P'l'll'x59 SSf0f7x4O 'O fs QE' '99 o . .21 ...swf- J . MTE. gk. H 'xi .ri ' of yi A 4-.wa . no A, N, f . :UW Q J N K r , , sf 2' J' f ,, - ,. - -N . -.,, . f ar ...I 1 -, W yr-rv . . .ep f .Ski Q J ""' f ' ' Y 2 ew lifs 535 1-w w ff fur, ' 'Q K' ,Q QV iii? , ff ? 53 r , Q' J 1 ha , , - . W A r " V N' ,. .. V 'yy ' V -" . ' 7 "' 5'- '5 ' ' 3 , .. ' ' 3 , 'ITC' 'L' ' ...Y vi V- 'f H 5' 1' 5 'MA 'ew " . ir 'f- ff V if fig 1' S K ' ' 'nm if Ji "- , f i W as J - J 1 V 7 g xfiiimf lift' ' A MQ ' 'fair 3 J, Benz, J. Bradbury, D. Broodnux, D. Faulkner, P. Gordon, J. Grubenhoff RACKET SQUAD C I ,L is I as 9' Ko 09 - -o -. o 5 . W. --C x o A r ob Q96 xox Y-'SQ' C699 Mfr ' K9 X-X' K4 6 CJ. -1. ,P 53' oo x bv 5 , calf' .S A Qos- QQ 9 SOX QQ' 0+ 598' 'SN Q.. C0 be QS' ke 03' -xlsbq xoef N' 0' 00 C9266 . N. w- Q9 foo QW, ,. - Xi, .K 9 0 0 . e ,Lo ov J' -4 Z CBO Q K., '6 47 'B ,oa X o 0 6' os r A im Row one: L. Gulstine, J. Hill, C. Johnson, C. Lindsay, G. Long. Row two: C. McKee, M. D. McMican, K. Sainsbury, S. Seely, M. Scalley, A. Soto. ,gan 41- . ".,.fv- 1 7 1 VS. h .30 if snr' 5 ma 'D' uw :JJ-5' .. 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M:-HE X 7 K V , ,M VW-..1,.V . 5 I J 5, , k ' 5 ' , L L N ' ' 1 ... ., . Vi.-1 ,fgggffy . ' ' ' 'YC' ' ' F ,aw we... . JA 32, rf. hliwsmj an .. af A' - Ji -2? Above: J. Erickson, R. Erickson, D. French, T. Friend, G. Griffith, and R. Hamilton. o 8' 'v .QA b. 'b-N 'O XX os Q 9 ef' Q . 50 e. do 3351+ , 2 naw. A, -1.,g..1g, wi r O 05' oo Xe oe Q' N . X. oed oo x QF' -5' -19 en o ooo R JF? va E 'o -,gn OQSO K ooo Ax vb 6 641 , ob bQ 1 0 1 'R If ww V HX, 0096! x Lx 4 F off J 55 ' " ' r eo if xo e , 0 S ., fi I QF de' J 'K W it it J JN. V Q- b-659 ' Row one: J. Ide, F. Lamebull, L. Lunsden, D. Meyer, J. Moore, . Y D. Reeves. Row two: J. Reilty, L. Schott, R. Smith, E. Stewart, J. Strom, D. Winterholler. r . 1 ' I' . .' ' , E ' ' F f A- V VV -' fm 5 . K -N '- . J - - ' , I V,,.,,.., W .,... .. Q th ., 1 V1--1, . ' '- .- . wg- -,,., , f ,. V 'Q ' ,, - , 5 -f-a 35 ,V - 1 tif! 535235.55251 ' ww A' R ' LV, .vv z-f.. wt WV-.V ' W if ,ff i W ,, 'L 1 -, h 1 M.. V v- v ,-'erm 3 - ,. - .V A it ,. 3- ,rt ff 2 ., A ' W X .-. ,..ggk.m. .K I fr -fl 'F 'V A S+ 2 5: vs. P V --V 5 J f " .V ' 'K ' muff MW- K it ' a 945321. ' ' . ,v au- .' Q. " XQQ- 4 ,ii 35 'xiii Z Si , 5 ' 4 , 4 1 xi iii its H M 1 E' si 4' " v Mono 99 gait' 1 'Whi,,W me ' L N269 Q, A W Mm Mn 1 S5 Inc lr 'Q 'U S lo x 9e"'e u . ke . on Wh 'oc uaxnck Ba1eS hams Below-Row one: Manager M. Mastel. Team: L. Andreas, G. Bates, D. Black, C. Clark, J. Garner. Row two: Manager M. Staub. Team: D. Green, W. Hargraves, S. Hixson, D. Jensen, D. Markham. Not pictured: Coach Mitchell. A ",r 5.3 .i www' W"""f"W"'P"""r'f-f""' .V L gf g . R Ss. ig -V i . I 2 A 'gg' :L D C V' A' Q 1' E is ' M . , ' ' . an 16- " 4 C M , . ,g '40 ' Q wif Q N W ,,, " L ,W - ee Q M Ps f ' - C r w fl, M ...rx ..-r -00 In 60? f f 'i -'lf 41 2 H , M gm.. .6 HV' , I Q .,.. fgfv- ... C- . .iE.,Rf"'H1,,,f'i .-ff!"1,.3-..... Q?4i XXL. ...GQ wie. f ill f. M... t-.m,,,., Lxigmx A xx KKWQKYQ I .. 4 C 1. aw H 5 1 . r paw, Q-.Harms -Qnlw-W Row one: B. Newell M. Schmoe D. Scrivner G. Scrivner D. Shields Row two: B. Thulheimer G. Thomas L. Williams M. Willmon T. Yahn 47 A - K .jk ' .V -f ir. . - - i ' . lg yn. 1, Y. A wg ig ,-,- '1 Q, V i ln- .V gil' l'3:3,!a" grim? 4 + 4, u va fffth, ii 44 mv., 'v H ff 'On X-JH ' '--...' " 1 2 ' 1. " ','- J , . " rr" if 1, A ,.A, m , . .. 5 . fir? ' 1' f 9' 15 r "' , gl ' i, ' A . ! 3' A.. 4 5 l. lntramural football champions, R. Lean- ard, A. Stevens, J. Erickson, M. Macias, G. Zable, R. Humphrey, W. Bond, 2. Catch! M. Derry, D. Chamberlain, J. Russell, R. Shearer, 3. Intramural basketball cham- pions-Raw 1, B. Caraway, S. Seely, D. Garcia, S. Hixson, B. Thalheimer, Row 2: J. Erickson, T. Ross, M. Paul, E. Castaneda, 4. Good shot! M. Mastel, T. Ross, J. Wal- ters, 5. Scorekeepers S. Wood, C. Lindsay, A. Hamilton, 6. Look out! R. Erickson, Mr. Harvey, S. Hixson, 7. G. Clark, M. Staub, D. Reeves, D. Alderman, 8. Fans at faculty game, 9. M. Schmella, D. Chamberlain, un- identified, lO. J. Lichtenberg, P. McCoy, J. Crystal, ll. B. Hanson, K. Delaney, M. Derry, J. Russell, l2.Boys' intramural game. nl II1, -nr, ..f' 3 1 6 05? f 10 .-f"-. 12 5 74- .997 n9'.,la4.e.2Jf?a-J. . ,gay l,...f ':,M.,4'Ye.d!'V,4,4,Zw7'Uf4MM,. Q dQ4wfQ,wMf?-ijjcufz? ff,g,a ,Wcb,,,MWfMW2 WJ QM- 'f4w, . I M,7,fM,u,.4'f0fwM'47+4f'-ffzf ,fQ0.7 4 jfwgwapg ffL"4'Zb""473ffJ..f1',4,4Afz,4,f,wqJ4,M,2Sfr!?1,4A.f XM, , . 5? ST O 5 RY f X WWW? 'iv-Aiwdkl ' 'iv-f' Rgrfa..4,15-4.r.v..-17,011--4-ovvv' M53 N 'IME 52 mow 5 J - Q . , , 4, , A9mJuJfv4 . . , JJ- ,',,,J-,,,,,.,,z ,Zi,,Q,., Ef4.,,,wwf4.,f,'5iaJ'wf4.ufoz,e. MCL'-6. ,J-am., f,U',,,d,,,,, M147 v'?,,,.a4, 21 c-o6?1ff"7LaJ',u1ur,'D5vwf-C. ymfmhueqwmw-ba4L,'2ZwbW+0m0ff4w'f7M2Mf0 ,741 :aayx-,dal ww. 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Kissler, Mr. Mnsciotro, and Mr. Bedard. Kneeling: G. Wicks, P. Berg, and W. Bond. The class of '57 began their last year at Top-Hi with President Paul Berg, Vice-President Dixie Rishor, Secre- tary Becky Kissler, Treasurer Ruth Bradley, Social Chairman Gerry Wicks, and Sergeant-at-Arms Warren Bond. Mr. Carl Bothwell, Mr. Leo Morin, and Mr. Tony Masciotra were their advisors. They chalked up quite a few memories by attending the college conference, sponsoring after-game dances, participating in assemblies and making graduation plans. The group chose blue and white for their colors and blue for their robes. "Out of the harbor and into the sea" became their motto: pink carnations were chosen to be their flower. As royalty for the Senior Ball, "Canadian Sunset," on December 7 , they chose Rosalie Fernandez and Nolan Clark. "The Late Christopher Bean," the senior class play, was presented on November 16. The Senior Award Assembly and Baccalaureate and the night of May 29 will be remembered by the seniors when Top-Hi calls. CLASS CDF 1957 iliiifjffffiiwt ifpwfjfif Q ,L etggidwfj Jvvt QQ 1317 1' 2,-4' L1 ...ll- vi MQW S- Q ' Q 'lv I'l l K g 2 CURTAIN CALL S L SUI eonord eqf, E TU oflon 09. sf c.'r2g.gfr2 .Q Mdjgjng, P G ' Z- lq o'do Ymon 'L G , M. ' 4re , , Sfhlhelzj, Wolke ' r Pic. one- Mr. Ber makes u D MCNUII. . g p . Pic. two: G. Wicks and N. Clark. Pic. three: L. Layman ond R. Leonard. .-.IQ fl 4. L 2 I FN. Wwe 1 V 4 The senior class presented t'The Late Christopher Bean," directed by David Berg, November 16. The play was a delightful satire por- traying the effect of potential Wealth on the character de- velopment of Dr. Haggette, a country doctor played by Darryl McNal1, who discov- ers that in his possession are many valuable paintings. Others in the story are affect- ed by the situation, which re- sults in many comic and re- vealing scenes. Deyo P L "It's a Date" HW 1 ' - Q wel. A V40 '1.yIg0 Endei 09 vw' Wo' 1. 'em N059 Queen . 5-Sc W6 ne- vic- 0 sv . W' GOV" do gm The ski lodge, sunset ski scene, Christmas trees, sleigh, and snow flakes will always be remembered as symbols of the 1956-57 Senior Ball, with its theme of Canadian Sunset. Darold Niedermeyer, general chairman of the ball, ably directed the decorating and pro- duction of the ball. Sl KC' on' P ii... 'Y 1 ' 1' I 'Jig' Q. if is an A1 Pic. five: S. Hixson and D. Tabler. Pic. six. B. Olsen and G. Thomas. Pic. seven: R. Kissler and D. Niedermeyer. Pic. eight. 5 M. McMican and C. Burch. .3253 f .M 1, ,Wi-,,5.f' U .,, 55, .. FH -me N - ,P f.,.f. T .- Vkr, il ? ,qi-fr. In A ,yixj X 1 V F 2? -Elf f 'funn' 2, agqg, J: . e ff 1z,g1.f,gm5 .W .,f , .- , il A. ..V.,,. , H. 5 ...Mm ,. ,. www my-Q -...H - L .me V.V7, ,,YE,,,. . '1 55' ' iff ,ffvlglf 3'2- wzi. aff... ,.f.-., K W . .X---mt, . K is P fa L 'if a ' " JH. lg 5 Y in .Rv 'L viva? Qi .Q .intl if if B, , .. .sl f gf? 1 P - 4.1.1-HV. , 5 2 as li- Q' 3 +4 12 3 e 5 gg 4 a f xy W gist QE -f.. -, f1 . . 4, gs .. e Q 'AR' t X 1 G ARENS D. BENDER J. BENZ GENE ARENS-Wildcats 11-127 class play 127 basket- ball 10-11-12, captain 12. DOLORES BENDER-FHA 107 GAA 10-11-127 class crew 11-12. JACK BENZ-Science Club 10-11-127 Wildcats 127 class crew 127 tennis 11-12. CAROL BITTLE - Tohiscan 117 class treasurer 107 Pep Club 11-125 honorary Wildcat member 127 FHA 10-11-12, parliamentarian 127 GAA 10-11-127 Tips staff 10-11-12, business manager 115 Board of Control 117 class crew ll-127 all school plays student director 117 band 10-11-12, reporter 127 song queen 11-127 Student Conference 11-127 solo contest 127 Yearbook Conference 127 College Con- ference usher 11. PAUL BERG-Class president 10-127 Board of Control 10-127 class play 117 Student Conference 10-12. Transferred from Zillah 11. Lettermen's Club 10- 117 clarinet quartet 10-117 manager school store 107 Activity Awurd 11. WARREN BOND-Class sergeant-at-arms 12. PAMALA BOWLES-Torch 11-12, president 127 FHA 10-11-127 GAA 10-11-127 class crew 11-121 Board of Control 127 band 10-11-12, secretary 117 pep bond 10-11-127 solo contest 127 Salututoricm. ALICE BRADBURY-FHA 10-11-127 GAA 10-11-12. LORRAINE BRADER-Pep Club 11-127 FHA 10-11-127 GAA 10-11-125 class crew 11-127 all-school crew 117 Student Conference 10. :INFI- C. BITTLE P. BERG W. BOND L. BRADER ,fl 7 .7 ., 1, 7 J A f-s F1 rw l.,f'7 1.4 , lx!-JLJM 7 l . Y rpg, if 'If I 10a 1 ,. YL.. ic' N :fi 'li A ffl!-7' 1 . 7 7 1 7. I yt, ,t t. 7 ff , . cm-L ff 5, i" ' Av,-' ,. ,N W f .71-'lay' it -A , X., A A-A .-f' 1 If, l ll Fl A ll 7 2 My ' - I, .1 ,L AUX X I . , , I HJ, 7 it 7 1 my Q7 -Lf I t Y X 5 I A V- 1 ,V ' ll -La A K ur, rw X KY - , x K ., A , 5 if . 1 -A 1, I fu f , 7 ir u -' l ..f 'V ,Af "gf I lx we ko it ,l , 7 . 7 +4 1 M - 'rv ,. . 2' L, Y N ,J 3 V' ' J w, . if ' l ,' 1 ll.:' V ,Q ij' 'Qf"""' we jr fb.,-of .,.,,., R, BRADLEY C. CLARK N. CLARK j, .a,f':.: A -x CAT-5 M. BROOKS B. CARAWAY RUTH BRADLEY-Class treasurer 125 Pep Club 11-12, president 125 FHA 105 GAA 10-11-125 Board of Control 125 class crew 115 drill team 11-12. MARLENE BROOKS-FHA 10-115 GAA 10-11-125 Board of Control 115 class crew 11-125 band 105 Student Conference 11. BOB CA RAWAY MUNDO CASTANEDA-Class crew 125 choir 10-11-12, Hi-Tops 10. CHIP CLARK-Wildcats 10-11-125 baseball 10-11-125 football 10-11-125 basketball 10-11-125 band 105 inspirational football player 125 honorary captain for football 12. NOLAN CLARK-Science Club 10-115 Wildcats 125 Torch 11-125 junior leader 115 Board of Control 12, ASB president 125 class crew 125 student director junior play 115 baseball 11-125 football 10-125 Ball King 125 Student Conference 125 Commence- ment speaker. JUDY DEYO-Pep Club 11-125 FHA 10-125 GAA 10-11- 12, activity manager 115 class play 11-125 Student Conference 105 choir 125 drill team 10-11-12, assistant leader 125 Junior-Senior Banquet chair- man 11. SHIRLEY DORN-FHA 105 GAA 10-11-12, treasurer 125 class crew 11-12. MARVIN ESTES-Transferred from Wapato 11. S. DORN E. CASTANEDA J. DEYO M. ESTES f 1 l 53 1 :-:,...,:,.-:. -.-- 5 -wwf v,-w 515-3.1 i . 1 x x J. ERICKSON K. FAULKNER G. FEI R. FRIEDRICH B. GEORGE JOHN ERICKSON-Track 12. KEN FAULKNER-Tohiscan 10-11-12, business man- ager 125 Science Club 125 class crew 12, business manager 125 band 10-11, pep band 115 Student Conference 10-12. GARY FENDELL-Tohiscan 10-11-12, editor 125 Torch ll-125 bond 10-ll-12, pep band 10-11-125 Stu- dent Conference Yearbook leoder 125 College Conference usher 115 Board of Control 127 Year- book Conference 11-125 Commencement speaker. ROSALIE FERNANDEZ-Tohiscan 11-125 class vice- president 105 Pep Club 11-125 FHA 10-11-12, his- torian 115 GAA 10-11-125 honorary Wildcat mem- ber 125 junior leader 115 Board of Control 115 ASB vice-president 115 class crew 125 band 10-11- 12, pep band 115 Senior Ball Queen 125 Song Queen 125 Student Conference 11-125 College Conference usher 11. FRANCIE FILER-Pep Club 11-125 Torch 11-12, vice- president 12, secretary 125 FHA 10-11-12, parlia- mentarian 115 GAA 10-11-127 class crew 125 class play student director 115 Student Conference 115 Valedictorian. DICK FRENCH-FFA 10-11-12, secretary 11-125 track 10-11-12. RAY FRIEDRICH BERNIECE GEORGE-Band 10-11-125 pep band 10- if K3 'N' 9, ,.-it 45 lb- R. FERNANDEZ 11-12. F. msn RON GLEASON-Football manager 10. Rl FRENCH R. GLEASON A Kg X ,nity our-Q ,uhdiskl 1. . 5 5 'isifiz fm 'T' B. GONSALEZ P. GORDON FLORA GLOSSEN-FHA 10-12, choir 12. "A BOB GONSALEZ-Football 10-12: basketball 10-11- 12, choir 12, vice-president 12. PHYLLIS GORDON-Pep Club 11-12, social chairman 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, senior class play 12, band 10-11-12, tumbling team 10-11-12, N, Homecoming Princess 12. DAPHNE GORMAN-Transferred from Sunnyside 12. FHA 10, GAA 11-12, choir 10-11, Glee Club 12. CHARLOTTE GRISWOLD-FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11- 12, choir 10-11-12, sextet 10, octet 11, Treble Tones 12, drill team 11-12. GARY HACKNER-FFA 10-11-12, reporter 12. "il EDITH HANSON-FHA 11-12, GAA 10-11, Homecom- ing Princess 11. QT' SUE HARDY--Science Club 10-11-12, vice president 11, secretary-treasurer 10, Pep Club 12, demerit chairman 12, Torch 11-12, president 12, FHA 10- 11-12, 'GAA 10-11-12, Board of Control 11-12, 'gli class crew 11-12, band 10-12, librarian 10, pep if band 10-12, Student Conference 11-12, Com- mencement speaker. ' xx, F. GLOSSEN GLEN HEAD-Wildcats 11-12, Tips staff 11-12, busi- ness manager 12, boxing 10. C. GRISWOLD . HACKNER G S. HARDY D. GORMAN E. HANSON G. HEAD vw., 427' 44" if-X M. HEARD R. HUMPHREY K. HYATT i?"r-wqy' L. HENNING D. HENRY MARIAN HEARD LEO HENNING DONALD HENRY--FFA 'IO-II-12, sentinel 12. BOB HERMAN-Tohiscan ll-T25 Science Club ll-T25 Tips stall 127 class play 'lip class crew T25 football II: Student Conference I2. BONNIE HIGGINS--Pep Club IIJ2, treasurer 125 FHA IO-Hg GAA IO-ll-127 Tips staff II, class crew II-I2g general chairman Junior Prom II, Student Conference Il, drill team 'll-125 Top-Hi Talks 12. RON HILL-Baseball II'I2g football IO-II-127 all school ploy II. RON HUMPHREY KENNY HYATT-FFA IO: class crew 125 class play lip choir I2. JIM IDE-Wildcats IO-ll-T25 class play llg football 125 track I0-II-IZ: band IO-II-I2, pep band II- I2, assistant drill master l2, dance band IZ. J. IDE 56 B. HERMAN B. HIGGINS R. HILL f-In -7 at-funn:-A 1, R. KISSLER J. LEDFORD R. LEONARD M lvflv L LANSDEN L. LAYMAN REBECCA KISSLER-Class secretary 125 Pep Club 11- 125 honorary Wildcat member 125 FHA 11-12, sec- retary 125 GAA 11-125 all school plays 10-115 Song Queen 125 Student Conference 125 choir 11- 12. Transferred from Quincy 115 class ploy 115 class vice-president 115101111 10-11. LLOYD LANSDEN-Track 10-11-12. LARRY LAYMAN-Dixieland band 10-11-125 class play 11-125 band 10-11-12, pep bond 10-11-12, solo contest 125 drill team drummer 10-11-12. SANDRA LEAK-Class treasurer 115 Pep Club 11-125 Torch 11-125 FHA 105 GAA 10-11-125 Board of Control 125 ASB treasurer 125 class play 11-125 band 10-11-12, vice-president 12, drum maiorette 10-11-12, pep band 11, solo contest 125 Student Conference 125 Commencement speaker. JERRY LEDFORD-Made Wildcat sign 11. RONALD LEONARD-Class play 125 class crew 115 football 115 track 105 built "Toppy" 11. DOLLY LeROUE-FHA 125 GAA 10-11-125 class crew 11-125 all school ploy 115 all school crew 11. JERRY LICHTENBERG-FHA 105 GAA 10-11-125 class crew 115 bond 10-11, pep band11. LAURA LONG-Science Club 10-11-12, vice-president 10, secretary-treasurer 115 Torch 11-12, treasurer 125 FHA 10-11-125 GAA 10-11-127 class crew 11- 125 Girls' State 115 Commencement speaker. .X fm X S. LEAK D. LeROUE L. LONG x S 57 vw.. "3" X X P. LORTON R. MATHlS N. MAYFIELD wma-' P. McCOY M. McBAlN POLLY LORTON-Pep Club 11-12, demerit chairman 12, FHA 10-12, GAA 10-11-12, Tips staff 12, busi- ness manager 12, class play 12, class crew 11, band 11-12, pep band 12, choir 10-12, social chairman 12, Treble Tones 12. PAT McCOY-GAA 10-11-12, FHA 10-11. MAXINE McBAlN--FHA 10-11, GAA 10-11-12, choir 10-12, Glee Club 12. DARRYL McNALL-Class president 10, Wildcats 11-12, Board of Control 10, class play 11-12, baseball ll, basketball 10, band 10. MIKE MACIAS-Football 11, basketball 10-11-12, track 10, band 10-11-12, pep band 11-12. JOE MARTINEZ-Wildcats 11-12, FFA 12, baseball 11, boxing 10, choir 11-12. RAY MATHIS-Senior class crew 12, all-school play 11. NORMAN MAYFIELD-Dixieland band 12, quartet ll- 12, Board of Control 12, band 10-11-12, president 12, pep band10-11-12. CAROL MIKESELL-Class social chairman 10, Pep Club 11-12, GAA 10-11-12, point committee chairman 12, Board of Control 12, Student Conference 10- 11-12, Girls' State 11, choir 10-11-12, president 12, librarian 10-11, sextet 10, octet 11, Treble Tones 12, solo contest 10, GAA activity manager 11, drill team 11-12. C. MIKESELL 5 l I K P T58 ,viii as-bl!" x,,r Q""""91 D. McNALL M. MACIAS J. MARTINEZ 1' aff! "Y 'we-4 1, 41 V I 1 W by D. NOONAN B. OLSEN P. O'REAR DAROLD NIEDERMEYER--Science Club 10-11-12, pres- ident 125 Torch 12, treasurer 125 Board of Control 125 general chairman of Senior Ball 125 Student Conference 125 basketball 10-11-12. DOROTHY NOONAN-Class secretary 105 Pep Club 11-125 social chairman 125 Torch 11-125 FHA 10- 125 GAA 10-11-12, secretary 115 Board of Control 125 ASB secretary 125 yell leader 115 Student Con- ference 115 choir 10-11-12, vice-president 115 drill team 11-12, leader 125 honorary Wildcat mem- ber 11. BEV OLSEN-Science Club 125 Pep Club 11-125 hon- orary Wildcat member 125 Torch 11-125 FHA 10- 11-125 GAA 10-11-125 Tips staff 11-12, business manager 115 class crew 125 class play 115 band 10-11-12, maiorette 10-11-12, pep band 115 yell leader 125 Student Conference 125 tumbling team 10-1155010 contest 10-125 Press Conference 11-12. PATTY O'REAR-FHA 10-12. RAY O'REAR-FFA 125 football 10-11-12. ALICE OSWALT-Pep Club 125 FHA 10-11-12, his- torian 125 GAA 10-11-125 choir 12. LOLA PETERSON-Class secretary 115 Pep Club 11-125 Torch 11-12, secretary 115 FHA 10-11-12, president 12, songleader 115 GAA 10-11-12, vice-president 115 Board of Control 125 class play 115 class crew 125 Student Conference 11-127 choir 10-11-125 Hi- Tops 107 octet 11, Treble Tones 12, All-State choir 115 drill team 11-125 Commencement speaker. THY PETTIT-Pep Club 11-12, treasurer 125 FHA 10- D' NEDERMEYER 11-12, GAA 10.11-12, Tips staff 12, business man- R. O-REAR 8-Eager 125 class crew 125 band 11-12, pep band 125 choir 12, choir pianist 12, Treble Tones 12, solo A. oswAn contest 12. K. PETTIT DIXIE PUNCH-August 28, 1939-June 10, 1955. Pep Club, demerit commitlee5 cheerleader5 GAA5 maiorette, band. L. PETERSON D. PUNCH 59 -401, '1,T"?!"' K. RICE J. SCHLOSS , M. SCHMELLA Iwi dj?" .135 nun -Q D. RISHOR M. RIVARD KAY RICE-Pep Club 11-12, president 12, Torch 11- 12, GAA 10-11-12, Board of Control 12, class crew 11, Student Conference 11-12, choir 10-11- 12, treasurer 12, Treble Tones 12, All-Stale choir 11, sextet 10, octet 11, Northwest choir 12. DIXIE RISHOR-Pep Club 11-12, class vice-president 12, Torch 12, vice-president 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, Tips staff 1O-11-12, editor 12, Board of Control 12, class crew 11-12, Student Conference 11-12. MARGARET RIVARD-Tohiscon 12, Science Club 10- 11 ,FHA' 10-11-12, reporter 11, GAA 10-11-12, Pep Club 12, class crew 11-12, band 10-11-12, secretary 12, librarian 11, pep band 11-12, en- semble contest 12, Yearbook Conference 12, Com- mencement speaker. KENNY ROWE-All-school play 11. NOLA SAILORS-FHA 10, GAA 10-11-12. CARMEN SALINAS-FHA 10-11, GAA 10-11. MIKE SCALLEY-Science Club 10-11-12, vice-president 12, Wildcats 10-11, class crew 12, tennis 10-11-12, Student Conference 10, JOAN SCHLOSS-FHA 12, GAA 10-11-12, class crew 12, drill team 12, tumbling team 10. MATILDA SCHMELLA-Pep Club 12, secretary 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, class play 12, choir 10- 11-12, librarian 12, Treble Tones 12, octet 11. LARRY SCHOTT-FFA 10-11-12, vice-president 12, re- porter 11, basketball 10-11, track 10-11, Student Conference 12, FFA delegate to Kansas City, Mis- souri, 12, Portland judging team 12, parliamentary team 12. L. SCHOTT ,Q , . .4 ffl l t RW tv! -Q"H-'-a Nur, ass' 1 X 715 ff' -.. 1 K. ROWE N. SAILORS C. SALINAS M. SCALLEY Rm.-Q G. SCRIVNER S. SMITH A. SOTO G. SPENCER ff Ui: S. SHERWOOD D. STAUB A. STEVENS GENE SCRIVNER-Class vice-president 11, Wildcats 11-12, secretary-treasurer 12, FFA 10-11-12, presi- dent 12, reporter 11, Board of Control 12, base- ball 10-11-12, football 10-11-12, basketball 10- 11-12. SPENCER SHERWOOD-Football 12, baseball mon- ager 10-11, band 11-12, pep band 11. DONNA STAUB-GAA 10-11-12. AL STEPHENS-Football 10, track 10-11-12. SHARON LYNN SMITH-Science Club 10-11, secre- tary-treasurer 11, Pep Club 11-12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, class crew 11-12. ADELINE SOTO-Tohiscan 12, Pep Club 11-12, secre- tary 12, Torch 11-12, secretary 12, FHA 10-11-12, vice-president 11, GAA 10-11-12, Tips staff 11-12, class crew 12, business manager 11, all school crew 11, tennis 10-11-12, Student Conference 12, drill team 12, Commencement speaker. MARLENE SPENCER-FHA 10-11, GAA 10-11-12, tum- bling team 10. BOB THALHEIMER-Class activity manager 11, Wild- cats l0-1l-12, Board of Control 10-12, ASB ac- tivity manager 12, class crew 11, baseball 10-11- 12, football 10-11-12, band 10-11, pep band 10- 11, Student Conference 10-12, Wildcat sergeant- ut-arms 12. GLEN THOMAS-Dixieland band 10-12, class presi- dent 11, Wildcats 11-12, president 12, Board of Control 11-12, baseball 10-11-12, football 12, basketball 10-11-12, band 10-12, drill leader 12, pep band 10-12, Student Conference 11-12, Boys' State 11, honorary football captain 12. EDDIE TUPLING--Class play 12. THOMAS f B, THALHEIMER E. TUPl.lNG 1 A :gifs-qs..-xase11S,m tgfgf Q ev .Aff . 1flQ5ffTfigf?v52W7f 11355-ffzggggggg 1: Y. --f f- -.,-.3lf.15'5li1'Af?lgi l L-.l - M35-fi IQ-if ZES ' ' ' . ' :'ji.g-xg: " ' ' . 9 ,-at ' " Q L V ms 3 , --., L Mk-.-V , . ,. ... jg tv ' ? .Yr K w g fs ,ss Y --nan. 5 T. V-AN zwol B. WERTENBERGER G. wicks L. WILSON IX yf D. WALKER T. WALLS TED VAN ZWOL-Science Club 127 clarinet quartet 11-127 Wildcats 127 class crew 11-125 football 11- 127 baseball manager 10-117 band 10-11-12, stu- dent director 12, pep band 10-11-12. DIXIE WALKER-Pep Club 11-127 Torch 127 FHA 10- 11-127 GAA 10-11-12, president 127 Board of Control 127 class play 11-127 band 11-12, pep band 11-127 Student Conference 127 Treble Tones 12. TOMMIE SUE WALLS-Pep Club 11-127 FHA 10-11- 127 GAA 10-11-127 Tips staff 107 class crew 127 drill team 11-12, flag bearer 127 tumbling team 10-11-12. JACKIE WELLS-Brass sextet 115 FHA 10-11-127 GAA 10-11-127 band 10-11-12, pep band 10-11-12. BONITA WERTENBERGER-FHA 10-11-127 GAA IO- 11-125 Tips staff 127 Board of Control 107 class crew 127 class ploy 117 Homecoming Queen 127 Student Conference 107 drill team 12 GERRY WICKS-Student director 12- football 10' class social chairman 12. LARRY WILSON-Class crew 127 class play 117 base ball 107 basketball 10-11. PHYLLIS WORNELL-FHA 127 GAA 10-11-12 SHARON WYCKOFF-Pep AClub 11-127 FHA 10-11-12 GAA 10-11-127 all-school play 117 Homecoming Princess 107 tumbling team 10-11-12. GALE ZABLE-Wildcats 10-11-127 track 107 basket- ball 10. S. WYCKOFF J. WELLS P. WORNELL G. ZABLE mm i 1 62 f I i ig' ff' is-.7 .Q- 5? 'iv me iff We 'V' 'IP' Saw Al- Row l K. Delaney, M. D. McMican, D. Wells, S. Basey, B. McClure 'R Johnson. Row 2: G. Clark, R. Hamillon, G. Bales, S See "TIME OUT FDR GINGER" 4'Time Out for Ginger." a story of a modern New York family, tells of Ginger CDiane Wellsj a 13-year-old tomboy whose only wish is to become a football player. All efforts by her parents CM. D. McMican and Sharon Baseyj, to discourage her are all in vain. This action-packed play was pre- sented on Thursday, February 26th. Mr. Masciotra directed the cast with Marvalee Rank serving as student di- rector. Af leff: B. Olsen prepares K. Delaney for the play. D. Wells views audience. S. Basey, C. Johnson and B. McClure primp. S. Basey, B. McClure and M. McMican. Af right S. Basey, C. Johnson and a knockout, Members of casl ol curlain call. Direclor Mr. Mas- ciolra and Sludenl Director M. Rank. Football fan M. McMican and S. Basey. 63 I ".-.sf L , t t . f -. ' 3 if My 1 , X CLAS OF 1958 f f' 1 The Junior Class had a very active year - i holding raffles, car washes, and chili and pennant , fhA i . W y A-Q ' sales. They also sponsored noon movies, two V dances, and a pep assembly. The officers were fy, f ii ski.. President jan Garner, Vice-President Duane ' ,x 'fi ' Field, Secretary Janice Grubenhoff, Treasurer rl .J J A ' Sharon Basey, and Social Chairman Carol John- F.,-' wx I7 ' Z son. In the fall the class members elected Janice ' Grubenhoff as Junior Homecoming Princess: in ' D V, A g y February, they presented a humorous play en- x e y , . n . ' titled 'Time Out for Ginger," in April they 'V f held their Prom and Banquet. Class advisors 0 M S ii 'Vi' 'EY EE 5 5 were David Berg, Mary Coonradt, Byron Grubb, X N-by ' . ' f and Beryl Bedard. '- J f .WW W is 99 mftffgy if I' 9 VJ! E. Angiono E. Armijo P. Austin ' VP I P' D. Bangs K. Barnes G. Barnett fl! fav' 1 I ily A S. Bosey G. Botes J. Bell ...ff ff A ,W A,- KJV M Jfa R Not picfured: C. Anderson, R. Bongs, H. Beard, R. Erickson, W My fb 1 ' Y L. Franco, A. Horn, D. Johnson, J. Moore, G. Werlenberger. W ff' QWMM 9 J ,M 0' cX Mr. Bobich, Mr. Grubb, J. Grubenhoff, C. ' Johnson, S. Basey, Mrs. Coonrodt, Mr. Berg. Q Kneeling: D. Field and J. Gorner. S , 64 'J 3 G UR APRM. '16 1 '15 1 nik if X xx., Tr O. Broadnax A, Davis K, Delaney M. Derrey R. Dewhirsf x . 1 if fs-. ' ' 4' 4 V fl' 1 1 J 4' Wz.q,, ff? Xsmgr . I! M. Burke J. Dickey l.. Doolun J. Edwards 'T i 1 I if 1. .Tw -lf l if f-firing: D. Field G. Campbell B. Fike T. Friend D. Garcia J. Garner M. Campbell Q A an -4 1 A' . A f K 415 Q X I 4, ...J 52223 's . 'I :sem . We. . - L.. . . .N .. , if -, -. V-- wi 1 'X 1 J. I.. A ' CLASS OF 1958 E'G"'mn if H G. Caslaneda D. Chamberlain F. Chandler M. Chandler P. Childress J. J. Chrislal D. Clark G. Clark C. Cobb R .Craig .Cummings D. Greer Grubenhoff . Haberkorn um i vii an 'Q 1' 8 Dis 51 X 111 an 5 i of 5 ...- Q .1 .A 'ff .. A -we " 'Q A x ' 5: 7 1 in 4? 'J If i f K " . E - K ' V, , y I J x J ZR .. -J .Davila 1 '. fl Q 'M M , n in R. Hamilton C. McKee .11 is 5 K g , . V . H Q fx I y f B. Hanson 4, K 1 f' 9 F -'L' l D. Harbaugh . . Y ' . ' ., 1' S S. Hixson x S ,ff 3' ks . Qi X 'X' lx' J. Holmes M. McMican A ,M 6, F. Hope 6 X " r ,fi ' J. Hum D ' it . 'M ' A-A :I 5. , . V K. Jensen R33-'N '- '.. ' X " Z: M, wx l KL' ,g yjy .,,,.,.f In at K .P Z . M , V A 4 FJ: .lf X M 4 li: 5 I Lim C. Johnson B. Malzahn .5 A ' ID S. Kissler ,W H. -3 O . 1 , 'W 1 'Af fl L. Lang :gg V7 , H C. Lansden gf S if 5 X 12 V ,J f . 5 A 1 H. K. N! 4 A J. Leidy C. Lindsay M. Mcslel D. Meyer G. Moser S. Mosqueda B. McClure G. Noonan M. Nunez C. Orozco A. Orlloff A. McElfresh L- OWOF1 B. Palmer 66 l.. Palmer K. Parkhursl JUNICJRS fyyl'M':yn!40J'J D. Markham .v 'rr j . s kin 5735, W fm. .4-sr 5 . 4 K . M. ,I . 245: . M fs: i, 35 . 1 C1 lil- ! 5 .fa '. H 741 '33 Q .. Ti. 1 Ngx ww lllllll - V .-f,... ., .Q . -...H .1 ar., .-, M. Prch Jun Putney few 8 '71 Joy Putney S, Walters . id Q ' G if J' 1 5 if L. Rube 1 9 5 8 R Wentz 'df an QI. .W Q' K ' Ee X M. Rank E Wllmeth T .-,- A 1 'l1f""3 . Q N ". D. Reeves , -. f y - 5' K O. Rodriguez Roberts Ross Roth Russell Sainsbury R, Shearer S. Seely 5 E R. Shequin 1 1 'sg CLASS or f X .. R. Abercrombie Noi piclured: D. Alderman, J, Bounds, A, Burgin, W. Burgin M. Caslillo, R. Flock, R. George G. Gibson, l, Guier, W. Har- graves, R. Heard, L. Henle, R F Holmes, M. Jordan, D. King, F. M . lamebull, A. Lekoue, M. Morris Q if 'C ' G. Mull, H. Norlhrup, R. Nunez, la M. Paul, M. Schmoe, L. Wentz, D. Winlerholler. 'I f Mr. Gray, Mr. Cook, B. Huylar, A. Hamillon, B Ca bell, Miss Tillsworlh, Mr. Mitchell. Kneeling J o M. Allen L. Andreas and B, Massong. ' With President Jerry Tobia presiding, the class of V 1 , '59 got under Way with their year of activities. Helping Q ' 4 . 1 f " in "" ' . f ' all him keep the sophomore lines busy were Vice-President ,L Q, Alice Hamilton, Secretary Barbara Campbell, Treasurer ,, . , Betty Huylar, and Social Chairman Bob Massong. X x lx' X . Among the many money-making projects were an after- iii' X 'J 1 X game dance, a car wash, a rummage sale, and the sale L. Bangs J. Barnes F' Bender of pennants and apples at the games. Char- lene Wentz was elected as Homecoming Princess from the sophomore class in the 7, , fall. Class advisors were Everett Cook, Lee 'ln S 'H' Gray, Sam Mitchell, and Elsie Tittsworth. ,. iq W A l J V g ' .u k , X , A , A K 4 5' I D. Black B. Blair J. Bradbury l. Brader .Q-A J . tg . . i ve I2 we i f K it ai -on , 'J .4 B. Campbell Chandler P. Chissus S. Cobb R. Cole SMOKY CUKRK , July 8,1941-August 22,1956 .J ..ii A ff- A .Q Q - dv X M1 X K 'Q' i . if x, K fu Z, i ' . i . X -H' P ' ' - A f jmtfl if 9 ' . K' 1 Xxx .1 si ,NL h L L. Correa J. Davis R. Davis S. Davis S. Delaney , i. , D. Delwiler , M, Dorn A Q - of an J. Edwards N l, ,X ., ,i L. Ender ,qi , - . U y Q as ' , ,, ' E- E"e'e" 68 ...W B iili A ' i A :,- 4 L 'H+- i .11 A fy.. f,. K N v.. V, . v. L A ww .B Hi L.. Y . , " J gf nv' ' ' , x I J V 1 ' L K L 1 J 7 L F ' ii D. Faulkner B. Febus J. Ferguson G. Fletl J. French J. Gcdley B. Gurn - ,,.... 4 J. ' L 1- I ai A P 5 M 3 Y FJ Ts- nf K 1:4 5 f J . Q 3 H Q g 'C ' 91 l .. .. , L, . Q. K1 f .ai . .M + - ' . Dfw P .1 M . L. Gilmore L. Gleason M. Gosney D. Green F. Creei J G. Griffiih M K . I it , B J 5 F 1- Q." ff' 1 J , 3 7 'I N I ' , f , J ' gan , gimp. L. Gulstine A. Hcmillon F. Hamilton M. Hass J. Henning D .T -1 J " 7' .v- " 3' x '92 ' 1 if I ,Af-5 X 1. ' as Lg! -3 5 L, ,b . .,. - J. Hill B. Huylar J. Jeffers . Kilthcu N. Kraft ,-. 3... . tv SQ gi . f i X X J. Kukes A. LoMere S. Lansden J. Lichlenberg G. Long L s I "2 23", -f . . , N ' . F ' V " 'gkw Q j ' QP J ' 7 . Y S3 3 5 ' E ' . :xi Q2 f -2. I M N V J, McClain J, Mqbqnqld R. McFudyen W. McGovern M. Mocias K S B. Mcssong J IVMN ' ,, v J. Milner B. Myers M: . ii , s. Mnfheu L ' .Jr , 'li E. Mims 69 I 1 1 , Newell 'A' 'Im ax 'J I .- v " , B A 0 395- X?- M EY 2' . -Q, Q W2 .. My 5 i. K. Robbins . 4,1 A5 g . 5 wg . M. Snider F' Jia . ay, if AX. iii J. Strom . .5 B. Taft J' ki--f. B. Wagner W -il ., .Q 3' -.Y , jf! . ,. 1 T V+ I L ,Tw KK H , , J A A.. . .. Ja e N... -4 Im...d' N G. Patrick E. Peilecke J. Pescador D. Pomerinke J. Pratt J. Seilly X 1 if W 'ar . ' M rs- , I ' 'za , - ' 5 X ' 0 s . , 6 fi fi pfvxjy S 1 J 9 . . 3' .4 A 1 D. suk D. sffavnef D. sheets o. shields J. sisters i . i A .Qi 1 4 K7 A K .4 - ., e 3 1 .. . . Q . wr. ' J. Spencer M. Stoub J. Stephens E. Stewart L V new W' X V- R in L f H+ ', M 'S . ...N A 4' fi. L. Stump si. J. Tobin J. fn IH . I J. Wolters E. Williams 70 PQ J ., .. T. Sumner M. Sutherland D. Tubler .L A .3 ...M S 'A . G. Torres A. Van Zwol S. Waggener 3 cl rg ' -fe. , fu 5 g . ? L My . T! . R. Ward P. Wells C. Wentz L. Williams J I M. Willmon -M.. - , " N ... J im' f i' . H J. . ev .A s. watson ' 5 "". 1 5 k 'bil V X T. Yahn J 'A . 3 5 II. K, f ' ,Rs f I . L fir. 57 Pic 1: P. Gordon, D. Henry, J. Schloss, D. Rishor, B. Wertenberger, and L. Wilson. Pic. 2: Mr. Berg, B. Olsen, M. Castaneda, K. Hyatt, D. McNall and Miss Finch prepare for Senior Class play. Pic. 3: C. Mikesell and P. Bowles decorate for the Senior Ball. Pic. 4: S. Dorn, R. Bradley, K. Pettit and F. Filer between classes. Pic. 5: J. Benz and K. Rice in the clinic. Pic. 6: P. Bowles and T. Walls hang streamers for the Senior Ball. 13? Pic. l: S. Basey, B. McClure and C. Johnson rehearse for Junior Class play. Pic. 2: M, Mas- tel and R. Holmes at a football game. Pic. 3: M. Rank as Miss Peppy at a pep assembly. Pic. 4: M. McMican, M. Mastel, and J. Leidy pay for class rings. Pic. 5: G. Clark, G. Bates, S. Basey, C. Lindsay. Pic. 6: S. Seely at Junior Class play rehearsal. Pic. 7: Cottonpicking turkey pluckers R. Shequin and Senior C. Bit- tle. Pic. 7: Pep Club initiates C, Johnson, R. Shequin and B. Roberts. --FY 59 Pic. 7: Elder studies. Pic. 2: G, Flett turns in assignment. Pic. 3: B. Febus and L. Gilmore dance in P. E. Pic 4: B. Campbell and P. Wells enter classroom. Pic. 5: J. Silvers and J. Ed- wards straighten band uniform. 71 V . ,,,k .,,, K' Pic. 1: Young-marrieds D. Staub, A. Oswalt, R. Leonard, F. Glossen, E. . Hanson and D. Noonan. Pic. 2: D. Walker and L. Peterson prepare to have their pictures taken. Pic. 3: R. Kissler and R. Fernandez practice for assemblies. Pic. 4: G. Zable looks for a book in the library. Pic. 5: B. Olsen studies list of top ten songs. Pic, 6: Party at Senior Class play rehearsal includes N. Clark, L. Long, R. Fernandez and S. Hardy. Pic. 7: Basketball team's victory cake. Pic. 1: J. Russell with some of her drawings. Pic. 2: R. Hamilton and J. Grubenhoff at college conference. Pic. 3: R. Shequin and D. Wells in the hall. Pic. 4: J. Dickey, R. Cole, K. Barnes, B. Fike, and J. Bell relax in the warm spring weather, ...g-.0-use fe . 2? -img ' .4 Z M- ' ' N . Pic. 2: J. Milner and A. Hamilton talk over problems. Pic, 2: J. Hill, M. Allen, D. Sak, and B. Huylar between classes. Pic. 3: D. Sak, M. Allen, and F. Bender help Mrs. Champagne. Pic. 4: J. Fer- geson, L. Corea, and J. Reilly bisect a grasshopper. Pic. 5: C. Wentz returns to class. 72, q V. u4,1 5: 1 , A. . , , f ,1 f fffzfv , 'E Q' wg? ,wa,a6e,,w ,MWA ,law ,J , Sg7,,QQ,, 4 u"'g itat! 4 GVL4! iff?-iLf 2-JCL Gd-r,w,4,u c,gQ,C My ijidjhc, Z: w?j"74'4f?f5ff'5ffW4-4vfZ'j70V:u,4wq,0,cQcfy,,,Zo jawn WWW 0549126 MM' ',,.,644fQo,QMf,4,g4,.,iZb74"Q'5'fi f?M74"1gf"9Ztf -716 p- 5 jaJ+wz'A'cVV'Z0"'t'Wb4'fff,ZffM4,!fY2fudmc61 fwgwfw .. ZZu,?fMi'Qmm Maw gvdfwai wqfhmf ,wvffbff 6-0 ,ffwwfcf A .... .AJ-'Q . 'f,f dau-6' ff? gzljw 4 ,ya-vw-uf 40-M0715 X514 516' ,MA 7 , , , , 1 Q - I' mf ' ,W at JO Z, , 22 Q! 'X-1" , 9-A a I 59 I J my :gig f 1 ' 1 ' 4, W?'32' wi a , '2 1 33'1.., '24 'ff . eg QZM A f ' 1 el X ' , Zclvzf !Yf'f22ef7v246:7 1606 you by MMA? Why My Mali? 75044420 -"' eff! -' f , 44?ffy 424 fat' 127 ficifvff 1 haavi' ' ff 94 ' , ,. , f 1 W ,CL-LCZZ 5'-73 X72 V ,QQUCQV J0-Clff.f,fQ ,AMO xjoaig, ,Q1Qgi.4.-:w...,.w .,,4-M-4,,-,mulls-rxdg ,,A. 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Noonan - I' . ax B. Thalhei . Rob 7 fMQpe C- , . . ' f ' I I' I 41 ...X .75 41 , I The Board of Control was led by President Nolan Clark, Vice-President Barbra Roberts, Secre- tary Dorothy Noonan, and Treasurer Sandra Leak. The advisor was A. J. Strom, high school principal. A big event of the year sponsored by the Board of Control was the A. S.B. Mixer which was held in the Junior High gymnasium in September. The "Music Makers" furnished the music. In January, they sponsored the March of Dimes Assembly. All of the proceeds went to the March of Dimes. Zim 0 P onfro Froni: G. Long, G. Fendell, J. Garner, N. Mayfield, J. Tabla. Cenfer: D. Niedermeyer, G. Thomas, J. Reilly, P. Berg, D. Mark- ham, G, Scrivner. Back: K. Rice, C. Mikesell, D. Rishor, J. Grubenhoff, S. Hardy, R. Bradley, L. Pelerson, D. Walker, P. Bowles, J. Lichlenberg. ,, vf9fwe.a,,.mw mre....,fl,,e...J.-. ....w..,.-,iv .,.. , s ,l',l, at l,.fl lift W We 61 All yy' M... A4' .. ' , . 5 PQ 1- 9 if .. ,Q ' ' i 1 A, f" . . wa.. - -.f',,,' , .,gT W':- ":.'5::7i 127 7 viii? .gfr fni Qxi' . el 515,125 , ,, W m- . M 'Nw iggswf ef 'fl aw " . W . i it -lzyi .. - A 1 ,,.--, -., u:: :am - N- . ' fu-1, f w - ' - gif: 5 ly., 5 . A k .., .f K ' J .WMM-r . V' . 4 W ,,iM' P ' e1? and l if Yr X. Mr. Strom "Information Phones are always ringing for the busy people in the main office. Coordinating the school board, the faculty, the principal, the students, and the townspeople is all in the day's work for our popular and capable Superintendent A. K. Temperley, who has served Top-Hi for ten years. For the past three years his work has been made easier by the help and efficien- cy of his cheerful sec- retary, Mrs. Murray. Working by her for five years been Mrs. Ben- who carries part of the load of Princi- A. J. Strom. John Bobich Beryl Bedard David Berg Carl Bothwell ffv, f Stiff ' Jf f iv! .ij - Y 1 V six years his main job has been to co- the Senior High faculty and supervise student body activities, and during that time he has made many friends in spite of some of his M. Top'Hi is fortunate in hav' g this har W rk ing team of en and wo a wafys on disciplinary duties. ljfmggf My ltfwiffflll 3 V 4 l Please Marianne Champagne Everett Cook Mary Coonradt Robert Dalrymple 1, my x L: re ii 5. i ,f ,rr'- 1 H Lorna Finch Ruth Fricke . ss. . Leon Gray Byron Grubb QKQA3 .e M X! C ,", , X 'Milf fp 3 3 , 51. ' ,QF , V , e -r A 'L M ff. ' .fx 'nmezr ,fl M4 it ts 'K gk, 5 Robert Lee Anthony Mosciotra Phil MlrOsh Sam Mitchell 1 M Q .. if f ig, 1 Leo Morin William Palmer Marian Ross Wesley Sell mg., ,- t o se, if X if H , .f .9 Q Ruth Street Carl Tollefson Elsie Tittsworth Clinton Wiswall Af. A 'L N Q ,ww .Y , ' X C, ' .R is i C R , litf R ,C 3 ff , " , W I gt f 2 4 eett M .lift U5 'if JOHN BABICH Vocational Agriculture, Upper left: Mr. Babich demon- strates to D. Henry and L. Schott. Upper right: G. Scrivner in farm shop. Lower left: R. O'Rear works 5 Upper left: J. Holmes and M. Macias work. Upper right: M. Castaneda paints. Lower right: L. Gleason at work. in farm shop. Junior advisor. 5 VWAMI 6 301 'N-H - Xb . 4? .1-4 N so C' L I' A X A... DAVID BERG English, Speech, Journalism, Tips, Senior play, Junior advisor. I v o 3 Upper left: M. Mastel and B. Bond share book. Lower left Mr. Berg watches speakers. Low- er right: G. Long gives speech Upper riqhf: Mr. Bothwell helps K. Parkhurst. Lower right: M. Macias helps B. Gonsalez. Lower left: Mr. Bothwell explains to l.Thomson. hog J. BERYL BEDARD Industrial Arts, Senior advisor. CARL BOTHWELL Social Science, Senior advisor. , 1. ,A - ,. 'rx ' V "pf .L..'1'W5H:: - Vt-' . 'fn ' .., 'ieifi f ,, .1 sn. 3 'Nfl' L. Gilmore and R. George dance during the P.E. class. B. Huylar and L. Stump confer before entering a game. B. Garn and J. Hill plan strategy. D. Niedermeyer uses calculator for bookkeeping. J. Schloss, B. Bond, and P. McCoy use adding machines. D. Chamberlain dem- onstrates difficult problem on the board. MARIANNE CHAMPAGNE EVERETT COOK ysical Education, G. A. A. ad- Mfllhf Slide Rule, B00kkeePlf'9 visor, Pep Club advisor. b0Y5l 0dVl50l'r HB" foofbcll, HB' MARY COONRADT yx,,- basketball, Sophomore advisor mior English, College English, BOB DALRYMPLE Junior advisor. Visual Aids. . L. . ...,.,, . IQ. .ll G. Fendell studies paper re- turned by Mrs. Coonradt. C. Mikesell and N. Clark look at literature exhibition. S. Smith gets assignment from Mrs. Coon- radt. L. Schott checks the sound equipment. Movie proiectionist L. Rabe. L. Schott shows slides. 'Z' K' . 4' ebbixaqxsoi fob 0,6 Q O be V9 e 6 ,ep J A 0 -1 so 'O Q core,-X Q oo 429 . xo YQ C 017. lib. P OK 0 Upper left. D. Pomerinke, D. Da- vila, J. Bell, B. Gonsalez work on soap carvings. P. Gordon and D. Rishor tint pictures. Annual staff members K. Faulkner and T. Sumner. 'i . Upper right: J. Edwards and K. Parkhurst sew in home economics. D. Gorman and D. Johnson prepare for cooking. M. Rivard and K. Taft in home economics. Lower left: J. Silvers and N. Kraft in geometry room. J. Pescador and R. George study. Mr. Gray explains problem to T. Yahn. lower right: B. Newell rests on floor. L. Bangs and D. Sheets play volleyball. P. E. class exercises. 1 si is .Q Q 6, on 49, A 'R 4 47 . ' if ,gf QQ 2 ,RQ . K c 91- 'P 5 ' Q J' O ,ezkbyo repro!-'01 'lf Q? QQ O .1 00, 'A Pop, 06, i Q, 0 A 6 4 1 6 arises 'Log o0cJ3.,E- ob? O os Soo 001. Pop X6 of 07' DQ 'JO Q of fi 'O f ' ..i I 42, 7 6' Q l J 04' g, eff' J A l r 5 vidlrrr if hx Y .E if A. it fe' . QM film me 'Ti il' . ,ds f at 'X '00 ov 00, 6' '58 1 C935 .v 'of 094- '94 O we 0 G ,Of '74 JNC Q-xoqisos 0,5 ok ' Ko, Oc? . J, , 50 001,00 'Z '7 f 17 . Joi: ,IQ J 1 . X V lf' Upper left: G. Noonan looks at camera. R. Garcia puts design on leather. G. Moser laces purse. I Upper right: G. Clark helps D. Chamberlain. D. Tabler, J. Strom, D. Winterholler and J. T. Yahn study English. Mr. Masciotra explains lesson to J. Hill. W Lower right. D. Black, J. Bradbury and M. Macias dissect insects. B. Campbell studies. 9 ' . . NN 4 L. Wentz and R. Davis look at insects. Lower left: Mr. Mirosh explains volleyball rules. J. Barnes, L. Williams, G. Gibson, M. Macias and F. Lamebull take time out. J. Walters watches volleyball. f .3 3 J sly N 'J' l O6 Vo - J' 650 441 Q- no ok 0 43 X9 o -X-1 0,5 9 7 N 'J' ei 00, X G cs, '25 3 so ofa Go, 6? Q eb CO 0 Q I l QKXD 01.-9J, u Q' 49 f' ' I L. .5 79 i is A ' r' f , - 1 5- !,.s,.,. Q, . is-W fn .s,,5f.3fz.f1 - f K ' it inf.. is F , -ww. i J' -. Z 1 L LEO MORIN Civics, Contemporary Problems, U. S. History Senior advisor, Honor Society advisor. Y AKXL I W xv X ' 3 L v 3 ' 'lu .fliil E,-.11 1.35. Q. " -2'q31fWf1y1a-' , z , , " P Q we .M kigaww 3, Y f Q Q 51- . 1, if . i Q W- H' i e I e V J ' wg 3 f Upper left: Mr. Morin works at map. R. Mathis looks at camera. J. Russell gives historv report. Upper right: R. Bangs works on motor. D. Henry works with machine. R. Friedrich and M. Estes work on car motor. Lower right: K. Pettit plays piano. J. Russell fixes D. Markham's collar. M. Dorn and others wait for assembly appearance. Lower left: B. Olsen does work. Miss Ross helps D. Niedermeyer. J. Campbell and -1.L G. Bates hard at work. MARIAN ROSS Chemistry, Physics, A Girls' advisor, Science Club advisor ,sd .h BILL PALMER Auto Mechanics, Auto Club. G. WESLEY SELL Choir. ef " 1 "9" V- V i 4 7- I A . kg hi. -'EMff'..'iP Xg:,'g1.5f -' -,ss -sam: :.:19a22,. . ei... -E v'.zfp.mJ M-are 5 .mfr . . . A L L, sr - ' . Em K ... is , V his grail, raises.. . .. 'aww RUTH STREET Study Halls, Library. u I I A . z 5 4 ELSIE TITTSWORTH Typing, Shorthand, Sophomore advisor. L is Q1 9? . A I I 'f' .A Upper left. C. Burch checks out book. P. Lorton looks for book. Miss Street checks q library card. Upper right. M. Rivard, C. Lindsay, E. Wilmeth look on music. J. Silvers carries band uniform. C. Burch and C. Johnson take out instruments, Lower right: A. LeRoue lakes test. B. Alderman, A. Van Zwol, and L. Wentz work ,tin F. F. A. Agriculture class takes test. Lower left: C. McKee studies shorthand. C. Lindsay, R. Shequin and P. Childress at work. Miss Tittsworth helps L. Peterson. ' . r 4' - . 1' 'NL , 1-9, A. . . 'W qlaqw... ,MZ ff C. O. TOLLEFSON Band, Pep Band. , . No i K A CLINTON WISWALL Agriculture, F.F.A. advisor. W4 xi ' M., WW. W Q25 3 r-vis w'f"""' ?-1'-'r wr iwgg ggy wig, sf 2 .-rf.- Wi" f t . 5551. 1 2.2 3-,,1?, s. 1 . 1 V - - ...::TT"f4f" , 4 - if , ...L . L l H -V . J ' 'K ' .. - f gs. 1 . is f .s . . ,, . . V ., I l ' Q ' 4.54. E .gf .K.y ,A M X 1 W... .4 w M Y Q "SERVICE" 2 ' 2 . . Sl ' 3 r f' lil' A ll ., 'M' A . ' 7-.- :sl . QVAL . ' ,A LA . J , J 5 -K - ,B , 71-. l ,J ni L... , E , , .... 1 , ...W M 1 Upper lefh Nurse Ivu Wilcox. Upper right H. Bower and L. Gleason. Lower leff: R. Hooper ond W. Wilson. Lower righf: A. Owens and J. Owens. A. Hancuff, N. Monsford, and S. Conrad. W. Poller, F. Tenner, and W, Johnson. E. Johnson, K. Edwards, K. Myers, and T. Poller. "MEN" Row 1. J, Sampson, V. Laddrout, J. Frank, J. Morris, J. Glossen, D. Kraft, D. Barnes. Row 2: Mr. Stephens, R. Ohlson, G. Kirk, E. Henning, M. Sholtys, R. Nelson, J. Starr, A. Wickham. Row 3: W. Kontos, J. Barnes, M. Bradley, T. McCord, D. Beeber, N. Purdy. .CO QE- GY Above: Cafeteria cooks Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lichtanberg. loft: W. Bond and J. Erickson eat lunch. Far left. J. Bradbury gets milk from cafeteria helper. 83 Robert Elder, A. K. Temperley, Harold Niedermeyer, K. H. Schmetla, Myrl Roberts, and P. J. Barnfietd at the dedication of the gym. The year of 1956-57 has been an active one for our Board of Directors, according to Mr. Temperley. Toppenish High School Superintendent. Improving local schools, working with the Citizen's Committee, buying new property, and supporting students at games and activities are just a few of the many out- standing accomplishments ofthe year. The biggest project of the year was the building of the gym, which came to 3395.000 Few people are aware of the scope of the school board's responsibilities and what they have contributed to the school. For instance, they bought a new driver's education car and school bus, put linoleum in the junior high cafeteria, granted permission for student group trips, and helped promote the building of the sidewalk from the senior high to junior high school. All this was accomplished with the help of 137 certified and non-certified workers. The active members of the Board and the terms which they have served are: Harold Niedermeyer, five years: P. J. Barnfield, two years: Robert Elder. nine years: Myrl Roberts, three years: and K. H. Schmella, four years. N Clark and H. Niedermeyer with plaque, Dedicated to the youth of our community, 1956 presented by Buena-Toppenish Ma- A. K. Temperley and sonic lodges. A, J. Strom receiving key .bW1 3' ,HiC.jJ1i.:.-ell f-J-'Q , LANW1. . wQ,M5,, Wmesegxgg an C0139-i ZNJ9 Eh 2oggibu to t gerilio No ONS' - 96lgll'or r SI t rsto es? wg? tsigbww SImfSZiQlW:gm'gWM3,.rWN M1 GROUP RTS County Fair Ice Cream Crossroads Cafe 'U K MB! Fern Studio in A Hibler Flower Garden Fx v jj Sherwood Glass l l Toppenish Review GROUP B, 515.00 Bob Campbell's Market City Peerless Laundry 8m Cl Huylar Construction Co. Toppenish Bowling and Recrea ion Whitis Reservation Service Station 85 eGf1eI'S t 'Q V My ff? X3 ' 05 Q Y-'fhgo 1 Qgri? Z JZ W ' I I 51, , 40, 4 . Qfiilw JH wx 4, ow qfZm,f,WJz333,Xf V,,wf'w xxww, I 09f,WW5f0" 5237 M14 ,W ,M M ' my W ,W ffm? 'ig 5592l,1!E! ifDQ!4f6jii Wx' ,,,, . . ,- ,, Y W ff ff? D,,,w" swf ' 5 V559 MJ 4 -e,fov'g52?3?'ff1W I. 1 . M ,N ,, 3-Q, NIJ ClO,ggf3Co,i,q.m.qZ Xp wwf Q W4335ig?jg52??0kfjf 50 ,affw -1 .1 , X F'4?7Q2ifegZ?eyJ 731359, wi ' f ,J ' By, jfs U:E2?f:?:.cxo3fle6ig27MVm K, Q: ' 4 fi FQCEXQQKQ 0 ! M 1 7V lfjalxde my 19742 , , M1 X 'D S ' ,U w53gfi?f:Q::?'55A?,0,H4L10'W 7 an E ' :QV X 3"..Q- " "A 0wi4gi2ffEli2'QxoQ 4 A ig KQ 6 GQ f 5. li " - , f , X V T r xx N , x i MEOQJ . Y, 'A L -nw , i , I. A H its ,i A L-.. - ' -...g, oU' Sufi d . cl Onevboghelx Slave ye yxom 'S 92 evvlce uQ ll ell S vw A vt 5 S gmt Muflel Mah- Dfug c i,-lfejewelry r. W H Marie, Miller'-Q D- .Meme lv ,a o0l' e '55 nton nic aaa 9fo,,,'.vl O fre-ve,,S A' MU, hy QYlor 5,0 U 0 Supp, ' 5 T S' Mafnre oft ,Net . S Gro if' 09 ev H09 . Vxlnai mme E uk?" o enish "Stan, Ca lfvuh, Il Co Q s Us Whhe Rivaroge fgnee ' will e el 'I - er 1 ' fam, Umber nie, on otdwfl one Oknso x OHS ' we wg, tw' S, ml we elm ng g-Strisme Sho? W1 9 we Sho 2 ' , W . nc-Qkn 's lttdsoll of Gaul yoiltie eo Ke o lltjlxafvtel M igflqj OH Ore - e-In Osephlegd ru S Or ef o i ,omag 'Hinge "'PemSh C ovo,S em- 8 Union O, Times nnery Dfslribu IQ, . 'GX X06 xegl xxg eixooi e, 50 1 .QL O0 SS 05 0 O 6 e is S5 9 'x O oo? XN D XZ yi onl l r . gk y r GR We M I , If mas: Sl J D 9 M l' S Yll in 9 Mol l ' P O N TG h M Y YK r 5 lv Vl x li Q90 pp I X ef' Q 5 XY G wt 13 l llms nlsvl del' ce WI 3 K ex graft 19.5. W Mme, Co. D X I X5 S SW G lu Marti-el X NX Z' :Y X. P aS l 50 rblbovlltrx 0 bflel 9' N' Y A 0 Q0 99. Y: 945000621 L 99 5 5 Qi A 9 X 610 by Z 040 91-V490 zgeloioofce all KW' ws at ov' ,ee ,li'9ewfa Yol nfxxe ,Xewoge is gvl Joop 00106006 O65 O C-Yisgke D' Q-Go lllrsoxle yet' AW 010'-we 590 GROUP C, 512.50 0 2065 blbkxefs K B-Y at-lp Brader Hauling Service B 5' go 6305 Q00 Buckingham and San ' 1' xx! ei el' -1, QV Q Buena Market Af lb Q, C '59 gel AS 655 Chandler Distributing Co. I 1 ' ee' ,QD C. Leonard Cobb, ' livestock Transportation ' i Conrad's Sporting Goods Crabtree Drugs l 1 I UWM ,, .I I .JWZWQJB f 'S f.. it I f5mWf ' ' 1' - - ' W -"e:z:f...............Y E 8- H Motors Hall+Harmon Equipment Co. Huba Huba ldeal. Feed 81 Supply Co. Leidy's Logan's Toppenish Feed 8- Seed W. D. McKee ' Dr. A. C. Meagher J. C. Penney Co. Ralph Bowles-Shell Jabber Ray Perrault-Standard Distri Galen F. Ramsay Ray's Union Service Savin' Sandy's Schaake Packing Co. Seattle-First National Bank Dr. F. W. Shearer Sheets' Shell Service Sugar Workers Union Tappenish Auto Supply Top-Hi Lunch Toppenish Loan Company U 8- l Sugar United Farmers Co-op Webb Tractor 8. Equipment Co. Western Packing Co., Inc. Wicks' Western Auto Williams Hardware 87 Yakima Golding Farms butor Xy M , AUTQGRAPHS N w-gun xl , X Xxx V' 'X 'W .I ' ' K ' - ' x ' 'U 'X ---44 X X- '-' Mt" y ' "J 115- fs - 'Q K. A xxx. .. I . 1 I . f - y ' hx' ' K' 'HL lying' -ANA X 1,1s.-. 'k1vAX.,jv,, l ia A In-Tyf :A Mk. , X ,PV-tl' 1 v i I 4 m . l, f -- ' - , NME' Xu'-415 -U' X'-' -'rx Q- . , -iq -+-.fb -PM ' X - - x- ld yt I A ' "RX G-!Mf1,1 ,f 7- J., dp. ,-1 ,J ' x' :lf J 1 I , , ! ', ,N.VAV,sx 1x ' 4!'..n N" f' V. ' lx 1' , ' - w ku M41 a,..rjf1,' MU M A,l.z,i0- '4 C gl 4- 'V ff .w,,wJ ' fx- if '71 XR '-5K.aW '3 5 I UL i .1. rf . .A-A E MQ All .fix f.HV,i, 5 l., Q 1 ,K :mfg 1' 0 VV 5 - vff .fp . AQVUJ fx,J.,f4,,, rx.: wp-IMG . . a Lv, I, X A . I 1 Q x I X K. l X L tu tv V' VN . My U KQLVQ-kj IYIZLA-'V 4- NX ' "Y-'x.,,Jf, K - " ' " J: ',214Q' ' LA' 4 ' ' XQ K .x'kJJJ1x LL,,ix jx, g 'KL1 X 1,77 INN 1, - ' fx X' A ' .,,. '. . X ,Q igxr-, 1-X X IN. 'L ' l . '- 'X' -' H- ' Us f ww 1 -. A H ' w -f' . - Q' , ' . . . - H1 s sl-mill' ,5 Q l MIA VA I .I l 5 hx . 4 nxy'Hy."s.uf. .4-li KJ-Ivkwqvl Lxkkvl Ax. X- .lwlx 7, U ' ,Q .. Q U , y os" " , A n '- I L'O'fQ' -Lk, - x q 1 I . I 'Liv-lx il Q 4.9 O ' ' Y X A A " x. ' V 5-Q 6 mr 'Ll 5,11 x,,J it 'Q .... 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N vi, F g,MJf:,4U,eMfo ,,,, ..,,., M.-,. .. - - 1 x 1 wqmmMMMmmmhMJWwMWMWMW gud'-u,m , . , , . , , . , . , Y , b 4 K ..... .,,,.,, ,W ..,,., . .. ,..,-,,,,,,, ,.,.,,,, . ,WM , .WW WMWWWMH M W5ff".+f'1"'f- ?97:?Mfg5i33?,7 MWMQ LM ufgwxif ww 9 K J a1if6, 1gfifz,f:x3Q af' fu fwfr WW fggfj?2ff3g,ffwWJW ,MM WWW! ifgf 5 iffff W'w W G25 w Nw3?jJj 1bf':..i?Ea,, , 'SX N9 . pil WW fieai-X31 igwki W 29 ffl Wffzaf VW INTO THE SEA Salufutoricun Pam Bowles and Valedidoricm Frances Filer f, v2,f,:,i 3-. . ai V 6. 31-Q00 APQQVG On April 26, 1957, the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet was presented under the direction of Prom Chairman Ray Ham- ilton and Banquet Chairmen Sharon Basey and Kay Delaney. The gym became a tropical scene, green and Chartreuse, sur- rounding a pool with lily pads and pink flamingos and framed by a beautiful la- goon back-drop. Q-wb P. Berg and R. Fernandez wilh D. Walker and R. Hamillon , V" Upper left: A. J. Strom crowns King M. Estes and Queen P. Gordon. Upper right: P. Lorlon, K. Rice, T. VanZwol, and N. Mayfield. Left: K. Jensen directs D. Wells and B. Shollys. Righf: C. Cobb and J. Russell paint mural. . ,. W .R ,, - a TWP 9 . if s . f sf? 'l 56 "1 fr? ww as . 1 , 325 ,. r Q? g g , iii, ir Q 'I Y 'A Q 5 is gs .. W . Y . '22 Ve 5 .5 iii' iw.. ff 149' ,gk .X :fri gf si: N N L , lt' Tv -.ill ..ggg.zx.s.5. -2--.1-J . 4 in :Pl W . my M1 ' fi? Wow Bermudasl R. Malhis, G. Wicks, L Wilson, P. Berg. ...W-.1 me ff-as sm, ifiixfii si is B. McClure, J. Garner, K. Sainsbury, J. Davis and J. Pescador look . I J . ... , .......,, Q .J .. , and M. McMican. at snap book. .sv'l:1'zQ: fiiiaiff'1's?'5w?ffs'1i:?i V " feiiflfiagg-Haas f 'giaigm filzsgn I.. ,.,.., , Q.. ,. ff .... Ulf .sl?Wgl,7E.-Eli,-ff5?t.:V'i f .M 5 Q T 'fi 5 ...ns We A .Wm ..V MW. iicihgsigygewg , if .grsf.5ii.s2fi, 5 ..w..s. Nw, 2. ,nf- 1?isf?E2.Ss?ilf2s1'?53gsi35l'2l212Eklfsswifi, Image...fg1s7.wL5es5xggw-uif.421-,121 fi! f 5 f M 1: A ., ,. . ,Z-,gg 58 mg K ff 1932121 .,.. ,.gsiE.fe1.fgwE1.:a,.mK.f.,. ' ,.Eggff,gz1f,fQ-.gsfz.As'gf72w2a31g.- Mfiq s2.a.s.W J',,.g1.e..,gf,gas 1,-',. gf-fr, . -f.,,'r-.wv.wg,:,.z,X www ,fn ,. . ' '-i'kfgK-- if f .in 'M 0 .H M me fum: :wif ffl 1:ff4,15,'u Q.. . ev -EW ?i33liY55tq:f5Qi.,igQ+ia2 iz. XX 2 -- ': " 1:9 'A '51 ru 'sif5XsxsJ5'xz -' - 5. 1' ima-Fr..-Y , ' A M 5 fxwx, ui s wesg-'y gi' -1' ii 'i 3 . ,,. . .f..+..x- ,.,. . ,K ..,. ., 1 2 q My ,fa A . 'ix Q 4 1 h I wi fi. K4 4 5 ,, ,. N ff, ' .55 .1 f -f M y 5-7, .. , X X Q ,E H vi 'ills' ' . ., -,fm ...S ..,. K ,.. ., 7. ir. ,- 1 ,. 'H f e '-41 .':1.1f.1,-E+-?'i,i.14a 1 fx' 'f K' ,sw K L - aymv-.,,.Lz sf ,Q -4 4 - , ' fir. sw. I Nw lx. W L X Q 2 , ,,... 'ul sf I fl sr if A 1 R Fernandez and D. Walker gel Annual signers C. Wenlz, R. Hamillon, 5ef1i0I'S J. Benz, K. Rowe, ready for Mothers' Tea. J. Jeffers and J. Grubenhoff. M. Scalley, and T. Van Zwol. Q I X X I, ,, ,i ,, 1- J-af zf,..1.. I: I V ,msn 2 . G 1, x 5.5, qv L ll I I f 5 ix fl 14,5 i f T ' X Am , 1 -' . Za 'f V 'Pm " .. .lai- Rzfi '. NEW CFFICERS ASB-President, Ray Hamilton, Vice President, Jim Strom, Secretary, Carol Lindsay, Treasur- er, Barbra Roberts, Activity Manager, Marvin Mastel. GAA-President, Sharon Basey, Vice President, Elaine Wilmeth, Secretary, Jackie Lichtenberg: Treasurer, Judy Edwards, Activity Manager, Alice Hamilton, Point Committee Chairman, Jean Edwards. PEP CLUB-President, Kathy Parkhurst, Secre- tary, Judy Russell, Treasurer, Marvalee Rank, Social Chairman, Barbra Roberts, Demerit Chairman, Ofelia Rodriguez. FHA-President, Marvalee Rank, Vice Presi- dent, Olivia Solis, Secretary, Sharon Basey, Treasurer, Alice Hamilton, Reporter, June Pes- cador, Parliamentarian, Betty Sholtysg Histor- ian, Faith- Bender, Songleader, Jeanne Milner. TOHISCAN EDITOR-Rosalie Shequin. TIPS EDITOR-Kathy Parkhurst. DRILL TEAM-Leader, Diane Wells, Assistant Leader, Sharon Basey, Flag Bearer, Rosalie Shequin. CHEERLEADERS-Diane Wells, Carol Johnson, Rosalie Shequin. SONGLEADERS-Betty Huylar, Janice Gruben- hoff, Karen Sainsbury. L. Peterson receives American Legion Auxiliary Award from Mrs. Gosney. G. Scrivner receives American Legion Award from Mr. Gosney. I QQ' 3 a COMMENCEMENT AWARDS SENIOR SERVICE PINS-Bob Gonsalez, Adeline Soto, Gene Scrivner, Beverly Olsen, Nolan Clark, Dixie Walker, Gary Fendell, Lola Peterson, Bob Thal- heimer, and Tommie Sue Walls. FACULTY SERVICE PIN-Anthony Masciotra. SCHOLARSHIPS - Adeline Soto, S100 Yakima Junior College, Matilda Schmella, S100 Yakima Junior College, Bernice George, S275 Association of American Indian Affairs, and S500 Christian Congregational Church, Dolly LeRoue, Anita Charles Beauty School, Pat McCoy, Anita Charles Beauty School, Francie Filer, S150 C.W.C.E., Margaret Rivard, S100 C.P.S. and S100 Methodist Men, Laura Long, S100 C.P.S. and S200 Methodist Men, Carol Mikesell, S100 C.P.S. and S250 Soroptimist Club, Kay Rice, S250 George Washington Foundation, Gene Scrivner, S250 George Washington Foundation, Gary Fendell, S250 George Washington Foundation, Lola Peter- son, S250 George Washington Foundation, and Darold Niedermeyer, S100 W. S. C. scholarship. Mr. Strom presents C. Bittle with the School Spirit Award. P. Bowles and F. Filer receive Salu tatorian and Valedictorian awards AWARDS AWARDS-American Legion, Gene Scrivner: American Legion Auxil- iary, Lola Peterson: Annual Editor, Gary Fendell: ASB President, Nolan Clark: Department of Agriculture, Richard French: Art, Bob Gonsalez: Babe Ruth Sportsmanship, jim Ide and Dixie Walker: Bankers' FFA, Gene Scrivner: Choir Service, Carol Mikesell: Typing, Lola Peterson: Bookkeeping, Lola Peterson: Short- hand, Adeline Soto: General Com- mercial, Adeline Soto: English, Laura Long: GAA Service, Dixie Walker: Journalism Editor, Dixie Rishor: History, Francie Filer and Ray Hamilton: School Spirit, Carol Bittle: Band Department, Norman Mayfield: Valedictorian, Francie Fi- ler: Salutatorian, Pam Bowles: Lit- erary Award, Laura Long: Auto Mechanics, Lloyd Lansden: DAR, Laura Long: Math, Sue Hardy: FHA Red Rose honors, Margaret A. Soto is presented Shorthand Award. Rivard, Adeline Soto. Alice Oswalt. and Carol Bittle: FHA Award, Judy Deyo, Tommie Sue Walls: Drill Team, Larry Layman: Outstanding Baseball Award, Gene Scrivner: Out- standing Track Award, Jim Ide. PLAQUES-Bob Gonsalez, Ron Hill. Kathy Pettit, Gary Fendell, Bob Thalheimer, Sandra Leak, Dixie Rishor, Bev Olsen, Adeline Soto, Rosalie Fernandez, Carol Bittle. Bonnie Higgins, Jim Ide, Dixie Walker, Spencer Sherwood, Marga- ret Rivard, Carol Mikesell, Darold Niedermeyer, Darold McNall, Glen Thomas, Tommie Sue Walls, Paul Berg, Gene Scrivner, Chip Clark, Lola Peterson, Nolan Clark, Becky Kissler, Judy Deyo, Kay Rice, Ruth Bradley, Dorothy Noonan, Pam Bowles, Sue Hardy, Ted VanZwol, Polly Lorton, and Phyllis Gordon. J. lde receives Outstanding Track Award. D. Markham decorates steps for commencement. 2 --was N. Mayfield is presented with Band Award. C. Mikesell is awarded Choir Service Pin. D. Walker is presented with G. A. A. Service Award. Mr. Mascioiru receives the faculty Wildcat Service Pin. 7 le ' E i Y . WZ.. . L Mrs. Coonradt models The Cap 'Q for P. Bowles, A. Soto, R. Fernandez, and K. Rice. if f is 152 i WH' ' Z? T ,ig -3. 3 J. oeyo, P. Bowles, K. Rice, and B. Olsen 5 i dream of Moy 29. 'N f Q 'Y T ' Ha n Q Q. ,J .1 Q wg ,Hs und G. Fendell. P. Berg, L. Wilson, M. Rlvurd and N. Mayfield make muslc. f Q 1 Mr. Strom gives B. Gonsalez a service pin. B. Wer1enberger's moment of triumph J. Martinez, F. Glossen, and M. McBain lead other choir members to seats B. Olsen receives her D. McNall changes tassel. D. Niedermeyer and his father. C. Johnson and S. Bosey ioin the reception line. 141' T .ff KQN X Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell congratulate G. Arens. 'gm if l fi --f if senior service award pin. M. Schmella and her father ' A WOT , G. Yende inded thern that, h 'YOY 'YE-N Hardy , L Vit- Bovlies, 5. Peterson, Ni. Standing Sitting: P. kong, S. Leak, X.. d P-. Soto, Y. titer. XX N. Clark. aiter 6 oi 1957 z ior tonight, X rern X deiy anyone to s ow rn eiore you tonight. fne Class eahers eehs, have h 00 SO Mr. Strofrfs Words to the . . . Whiie X worked with your honor sp ah, X wouid get the iast word. Mter ah the hustie and hustie oi the past eoupie oi w a better Xooiiing, gr oup oi young, wornen and y oung, rnen than you K know you are proud oi thern, and X arn proud oi thefn qnyseii. X have tangied with sofne oi thefn during the past three years. X icnow that X arn oi their 'oiach hsts yet, and sorne have been on rny hst. Tonight, though, the siate is ciean as iar as X arn concernedi X afn proud oi you, proud that you couid tahe a repriqnand tor sorne wr ong you have doneftahe your qnedicine and stay in schooi. Your parents and ah the aduits in this roorn tonight know that without an education today your iuture is not very hright. Nlany oi your iorrner ciassrnates who have dropped out oi schooi and are now in the service write to me asking, what courses they can take to earn a drpiofna. They have iearned to vaiue the thing, they fnissedfthe thing, you receive torirght. Even you graduates tonight must continue to keep your records goodX Wherever you he Arrnyrbiavy, Air Corps, Marines, industryfeverywhere and anywherefsoqneone ing on your record. ood you have -a chance. Xi the record is poor, you have no chance. wih surn up what X wish ior you tonight-. hte whiie you have iti to be won. orf t quiti Qofi 'ii 'oe check t record is g hnes that "Live your t as a prize rnortais, d who run. WX Xi tha e iour Live i ow's iqn ours Here ar 'Y ornorr e iaur eis are y Th ff' Aft! ,A

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