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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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775 2 i ? , 1 if - 'V g, V " A 'Q , A "iW 1 ,A, Q ' Q1 ev , , Way i V L q AV H ,:x f .. . . 41' k,V. 4, A V -,.VV 1 , Jjkf? 45-My . v .TP ,',- u . ' A' ' ff ' 1 "'A yi . ' 'Ji "' ' . ' 5 ,'.'1 - v2. -yfwf.7.:a fffw -it 1 - , ' . ., V' , , . ,Q . -V i. L, -i 0 . . J-AM -Y -, xv.-,V,,a.,., , .f, X ',L,24:,,. K ,V ' V--'- .'w '11' -f , . '- 'QV lf 'A Q' - '-'- V ' 'A .-., 'A'h, ,gw --A, if .-,Q J- , -" 1 ' ff MZJLMIIQJY f ff ' A. - ,' h ' ' -A 4'-' ' -av w , . ,'. A A A ff' A+N -1: ..,l, 4 - f-Ep- ff'- , . . , , A r , huuq 1 x - F1 ' W' l ' Q" 'A . f J', f 4' '. 71-"f'g 7 an r .Iv, ., I' Ly ,,Y' t , W , r, lv - .V N jsjg, k," ','y 1 'V Af! Al! 3 yi, -:M -V Q, A . , . V ,A. ... , A if . .- li. , Ei A ik !jD0ff:, J 2, f,,,f42f'?'f gf MLW' 4 'Q 7g '?25? g ,mfr ,pw ,ZW ..x' 'V I V 1 'A V Q 'b ' j ' 5- 'A 5 - 5j"if ?v-"iii '.',?1f-J? ff fa ' LL A ,I 5 .- iff' . ,.-' E ' "-' ' ' -'WA fb ' ',4f'5J" , fi fi 1jjw"'f ' f ,ww 7' -,,lQ-A-,fgfi'1,' J y ' " V'v W , , , .L , f,,,,.f ,4,7x , ,Y .g. 1 vii Q ' V 4 l 1 . '1 f Nil-1 l 5-,1f?'f??4f44" ' f?L!ft' v L V Mxpcl if .wif - ' 4' G 'fi 1 , . S I If , f, iyflvaltf- ji! H V ' "A '- , A , , 'f " ' fi'-'Q-I-'fi an- 3 H .A t, K -I S, V- . f f H., X ' Q' J AQA' f ' M , - , - V- D, ,ur .av ., A 'V 1,5 Q M I, k'-, Y Q , - 5' my rye- 1 1 Lv if ,Jjfff W wif! 1 J PM fb MJ, ,W 1 A - . i , V' Q 'X - I W Q VX W 1w. ff U ,,4 4 Q 1 Lf fy A 1,..A, Vi i ,i, ., iff, l ,4 I b, E mlijlpf vfgif V, JV "Nf 'A ,Ezra A nh L. . M QM E ,ff ,f my M W J yy ' 4,11 -,W if M ., S+ . 1, f Q - A M - , f .. 1 f - J Wi Q ui' 1 e fW 5f5U W Wnxgff wzflf fm W. - L. yilbu V, ' Z V V -!7'. ' 'l -7 ilk . ', ' , , , - -,g" ., . f 4 W-QV XA.k 'V"A' V :V ff-' 'fjlf-'V' ,. W X I Q, 5ff,, ',27ffwj5g, Si Iubffgjfmc ' M, mf 5 ' . Wff ,"fl'l wg .. ' "ff 31541 'N L A ff? ffdj - ,,,.. , .Mfg --fs?fm:1ff3 ,af2.ff'Cff Ayff-v :j'fG?-Alsxljv -k'p"J'Y y jf?'ffv'k5'A '.,' r'Z ,4j'f"?f-L, 47 fi WCP, Q, A ' 1 f' A 1 S Q ,, 4 j f zQ'HJa'bA,2 1 V l . ,35f ,3v..a,i,j bl wiivvag vm Pfy S2f9'JT1wf4 f ffw pg, A Q. 5 f 'f Www- 1 SQ:g!'is!Ac5 if A A fffQf5395ff f f l"0bU'l6! fA8 ACL . . . his life has been devoted to the interests and needs of boys and girls. Buses, buildings, teachers, parents, workmen, salesmen, architects, books, banquets-all these and more are the responsi- bility of our superintendent of schools. One of the busiest men in our community, he still has time to attend our games and dances, to stop for a friendly word in the hall and cafeteria - actions which reveal his deep and sincere interest in us. .lust as his devo- tion and service to the students of Toppenish cannot be measured, neither can our appreciation be fully expressed. In dedicating the 1956 Tohiscan to Mr. A. K. Temperley, we confer a well- deserved honor. Thanks, Mr. Temperley, for your share in "The Time of Our Life." await: 50 -4ev4r.aHQ-vb M-L QW " fiffiiiifffm W- ww' :zzza ff? '2f?.,w1Mf f f e' , 9 V 6 r ey! CQ, .54 . , l ' V! U I 24436 45j4 M 50 tl if ,JW WM if ,Wi '55 W Z AMMXWS E W S , -R ed by the ASB of Toppenish High School Toppenish, Washington STAFF . . . . . Ardeth Barnfield ' Editor . ., F qxwdvisor ......... Lorna Finch Sports Editors . . . Chuck Walters and M. D. McMican X- X -i,fmStaff: Carol Bittle, Jean Edwards, Ken Faulkner, Gary Fendell, Xt fl- Rosalie Fernandez, Bob Herman, Margaret Rodriguez, xx X XR Olivia Solis, Lucy Stout, and Alair Sutton. Q N TX ' 5- ' Q X 1 wit 'Q J ' ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . XX - X E3 "- 'Y il . X: XX X Photography ...... Fern Studio x Q N .. .X 'X Printing . . The Republic Press F1 X X N X Covers . . . . S. K. Smith Q -, N x N X 4 ,gg ,ish T ,X J iii FMA Xl?' X w xx. , ,, x , ,,, ,411 1 Eff LW4 jmMA4wwn4iU -'j,01-A -A-. 449 JWQMQZZTQJ 'LJ X Q12 Ji JWO ,W - U. MSM wif QM-5 QJJN .NWWUJ JQUVVLM' lf gap 5 gW5'm7 251 Lg- 1 A 0 I s' I 4 2 i , 4 I JL4, A., J ,ff Kffl, 'T' ff r W4 km, J U . , IO! ' 17LQ:"1-i ,v,,M,! 4 ,il 214, f 4,,gf,z 7 ' ff 1 . . U A 7 'Ma ' e . If J-I 1 Z4-rf-1?-', 5 : . X ' - ' ' -ff' If -AZ:n?,fj '.4E',f- f il " , KL, ' V 4, -H, - Q 1 . 'V A .Q I 51' fe 1 ,Q 4 in-tj .f-415. '.m,.J, If 1 kj" , ...Zi f ,,,.1. f pf ff J " ""' -+011 ff: 'f'41"" Q ' J - '1 f' .. 7 ' V ,f gf- - 'ff "' ' '47, .ga ' 1 . -' Ac,..f ,Q Q, at 'V T 2 -f' - , , ,ALJ . , ne, Q. ns, K W Z - 9 K ' la I 5 1 I fr A 0 34 - , ' ' '-f ' ff . , I c!45?!'V'0uw7f7L 1 - 'Lit' ! '64 igAcL"'M..wJl: ,. -.f J :Jay , ' , Vllaj' -A I ! If N'-M .fdf.l"', ,, -""f-:MIL , 4, I I ' .' "J-A-4-I 71' ' " "- 'Y ,...f M' - ' V-' "2 f- l 'r -'Alia nj -"J" . f -. y , , 'V ff -.fc -. "f 4' , A. --, -,ff Q -If V-I I I 1,4 A 3' I ...J I . .., xr, X- 4. - " 1-'ff : ,I ' 'ff N A' .7 f' ' I ' S - f . ,., . f ,. ' 0 PNJ' N-'5:.s. I ' 'N"'c"' f . M . 75 .1,,,J 'Q1,f.KL 153, A ,7 X ' 'V'--2' ' f, I - 'PN5 f '1' r..-'.., .' . 3 , 'V-K' 1. . .I ,fl 'V ' ' ' A h ' ' f- f'.,. V I I, .,x?.,..,,,Z"f-.,v ,gn '4'-f,.,ff . f 'f 5 "N, s V V' K . A ,Ag I. ,J 4. f fn' X Izzy! ir X f'i ..fQ ff, -,f .- 4 . ' 7 A' f' -f. ,A 3 -' 'L 5- f QD P5115 ' 'I 1' 5f"!-f. , fx .f I 1 4171 Y 1' ,aa 2 ' "- ' r'm', I V, J' 7. : 5 " S2 " .'1f,9-1 .4 Z, ' M ,,,,f' -fa Q., 1: Qin, Jfwzv I ., Z A- ,, M V g 796 X i s r i if .Giard Ovwvago i ,g 3,46 , 7411042442 '-441.1 ' ,ou.f,bJ WWW N255 -'Gas-hafgy Jw, 444 Z ffl ffffz, ..9d0n.1lQ Jefwd aj? b Ni SMQSG is 2-M. WW ffbiistiifil School doys-! The chotter of voices in the holl before closses . . . the determined foce of Louie McCord os he receives the kickoff . . . the lost minute scromble on the chem note-book . . . greose point ond cues of the senior ploy . . . the triumphant boom of the big drum when Ronnie Thomos sinks ci bosket --oll these, ond more, ore the memories thot belong to you culone. Doy by doy, oround the clock, they gother through the yeor, ond every doy's memories become on unforget- toble, precious port of the time of your life, recorded here for you. Mr. Bothwell confers with P. Berg, 4 G. lable, Doug Hunt, and G. Thomas. tgiiiyft t l N I if F21 4 IU If 1 f'f W, ft M ,4.::',.. ll gnsilgnsl gnllqnud 191 '1 ii il our ,eww LM zmeo 0 J L2 wuoooouoj Me 5 f M u . owooou W' in , ' 1 v ' t f . , A M M ,ff iw. , V I V ff ,JL I L ltlfp A141 ffl! jf' lk' f f?90f' .Wqxlfn jf ?yV7 Qb'jw2 . , If , QV My I MM Vw Here is your story, in word and picture. C M if L' ,ff , lv 1 Each age of this book records memories for J fr! 9' W Wh stu ts and teachers of Top-Hi, 1956. Jlij fl Z 1 by nfyl ur yearbook staff hopes that for each NY LDL J ff l l Ogl Jil! Q ou, the year has been one of friendships l V fm fr ade and held, activities planned and en- w - VV' L!! pf t ioyed, goals set and achieved. Just as your y book has tried to give a picture of each . phase of life at Top-Hi, we hope that your Q Sen YSL own days have sampled the variety of work Officers and history ------, .----.- 9 and fun available in your school. PI 10 ay ,,,,.....,.,........... ....... For us on your Tohiscan staff, special Ball --q-q--,----, -,------- , -11 memories cling to our book. Hours of work - together have balanced with the fun of being Members -""" """-' l 2 22 members of a group whose work seems im- portant and lasting, whose bad times re- Q Junigrg sulted in learning and whose good times to- gether leave happy memories. We couldn't have built this book alone. Our sincere thanks go to all townspeople who helped by financial contributions, to teachers who cheerfully endured numerous classroom interruptions asking for informa- tion, staff members, or students for photo- graphs, to students who met appointments, gave information, and followed our many bulletin directions. My own special appreciation goes to staff members who shared in their editor's prob- lems. Thanks, everyone, who helped make my work on Tohiscan this year part of the 6 Sophomores Officers and history ....... ,,.,,..,,. 2 9 "Time of My Life." Members ...,.,,,...,.,,.,,, .,,,,,., 3 0-31 Q Snaps and Boosters ......... 32 6 Officers and history ....... ....... 2 3 Play .......................... .......... 2 4 Members ................ ........ 2 5-28 OOOOOOOOQOQQOOOOOO Z4 WZ? 'ff!22'?2!f .1-nik Jo- 9 5 fvlp'7'P.l"f' NIP' dd oooo J . 5 7 A - ooooow i A mcorcle m Maur' no weary I 9. K !!7 1 ' ' N 0 I I 'I' j 3 f I fl 1 ,I -1 ' ' 4 fi ' . Q i 1 I . H ,' 1 Q "I ' ' I . . 4 iii I -' H I I 'J I I' I A .1 .K 'A I n I I J J , I 'i f,!l A , ' A .2 If I 4 ACTIVITIES . I. A, I ,I I f, I. . 'I I ll My .Ill f ! ', ,JA I X if If ,f AI! A V., f,.l'.v1. f fl V. i I k,' V Tohiscan ...,.. .............. 3 3 Wildcats ....... ......... 3 4-35 Pep Club ....... ......... 3 6-37 Drill Team ............. .,.. ......... 3 8 -39 Tumbllng .......,..........,,.................. 39 Girls' Athletic Association ........ 40-4l .42-43 44-45 Future Farmers ot America ....... Future Homemakers of America 4,615,345 l,AQa0Zn5QZ3aW9JmQZZQAQf Afmdidn ily, Wa, b1uZ,ZZu .15 51, . AZUWZ . x .ab l J' myJ Torch ,................ ..........,...... - 47 J Science Club .................................. 48 ' Organization Snaps ...................... 49 Choir, Octet and Quartet .......... 50-51 Band, Pep Band cmd Moiorettes 52-53 Tips .....,........................................ 54 More Organization Snaps ........ 55-56 Boost an Sn s ..................,..... 56 w2!fM!qj!g'!7,r7Mj35fLi,J ,UN WW LJ! C 0 1 11 ,J wiv Iffw Lwjkmywf X liiifyllioili W UWM .J X UI, 475951 will J' 'JW in OOOOOOOQQOQOOOOQOO 'gjfwti ' ' x JJ i 7 f M ,MM ci, I S P O RTS Football Story, schedule, coaches, al player and captain ................,. 57 inspiration- Squads and managers .... ........ 5 8-59 Action ...............,...,, ,,,,,,,, 6 O-61 Homecoming and pep assemblies ..... Basketball Story, schedule, coaches, honorary and inspirational players ........ 64-65 ........62-63 Squads and managers ......,,,...,,,, 66-67 Tennis Squad and schedule ...... ....... 7 0 Track Squad and schedule ...... ..,.... 7 l Baseball Squad and schedule ...... Sport Snaps ....... .....72 .. .......... 73-76 Action ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, ,,,,,,,,, 6 9 -69 Boosters. ...... ........ 7 6 Zn,-L, Z!aiaeZ4476i, 9dya'wjdL:' 7546547241 0-512 Q mxozaaefnff may ld.,-ef ? JL-Af Zz,-0-4Z lik Q MW 'lf W' gufimi- f2 ,Z Z3 5254415 34,0-QAAJ t ,,.. .... OfQ"2z2e2:a'Z3 QTZWEQE-87 'G r fw?f8a ,Zu-ff' Q 92057 74,6 .MW ZW we A ,QWMWM aid? tif! s . 76 Q57 ,J - 2 - X X. K ' QM ' x gn 5 N ALJ V , P r.. rs E fx ,M j , 35: - xbk v xy N V, v 5 LM X V 1 Xvf N V, , K5 Kuff' 1 X, " Rf' NJ!" 575' wx!" gy? -1 K ff, jx? 15 X xy?-f , Q A4 X11 ,S Nvyk V9- Lgvv ' A Q, -' ,K I f ',, .r 5 Cl- K , f ,X . . V, ,x wiv Q Q. Q Rx gf A Vx ,LU L, if-f Kx , f . pf Q ,D 1 , xxx! N ' - ' f.,,7 ' KD' vyfj Q NYJ' MAY' X WV" 'x.32,,, fx , jf-2 I gjfx WO,-J U JY' RA A x 5, " :X xfff' xy f Ufgi-17 myu QF X , A fs? Q-xii-7 Q 'I ' rv XA givf' ' Q5:1-5J Qf"" Sf'-f ,iff 4' N LJ:-V Hr Q r,1, X 2. Lv gd X95 A "W .D 'N X' I ' rf g ' J ' ,559 Q ,R W gli ' fy EW M fy QQ QS' Xa? .V X, ' Cv ,sf ww bv! Qy95"h' ' QT! K - G! KKK J f . pfvf -U K, ff' ,fxyvfv K., V m DJ' " wi f EMR , F lv x?,9 I kj-I 1 Lv V QW vf ,Q 51 " xx Nw, I L XL yjufb -5 ,Vw SX, K, f 9 5 U' WOW J ,WWW QW XXIJQZRAJ SENIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS SENIORS JUNIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS .IUNIORS SOPHOMORE OFF AND ADVISOR SOPHOMORES QCQMQ awww ' Www JWQ7 249411 f 4 WWW! X wifi Mg RS , A ICE if' I 13 l I WC 06 I' V I OL Y A A , I f di N, I ' I U cw W I E I I I V Z 4 ' I l EffEf,fZM! .ig rr Z I Mx, f Q Mo A Q 4 s. W , f I B mm MW I 4- www KAN-:,,O..X:.,,?,,,,L XMMXOML Wag' -ff-wo..,.vm..9,, mmm rwrv ,,,,,,g,.,- YY,. v -V ---HY'--'iq i '- YJXQXNK' Gwvgy AQGQJASQ ' JAQNWXNQA 1 W Fiwwiffmiglw MEJLZA JXML 'CMJ Bi? ' 1 N-fxb-LFJ5: c X flv WT A CLJ C5535 Sf as LQQXQQQJ Qxgfxgx, k-1x.3-'L - VN XAQQ-VX .., 3 Ng, QQ lJ3QVX ,' uw- VK, LYMQACB QMMJ , b W WW W 1, ,mam My Q ' 'fwwfvf WW WE MWA EG My x f Q 5 MW Vwff fafwwfffff- Zfjmw wwf, Uv dw' ,ZEM-J . I Qi .Q 5J4,4if,d,,,,A,M,4Q4,,pJ44,c.7j4-M444 s0c,?a:.,.,. ,MQW kmvA?+U , aww! Z' 1 sz" moo I9 6 The class of '56 began their last year at Top-Hi with Spence Barrett as class presi- dent. Other officers were: Vice President, Ellen Schmella, Secretary, Faye Arens, ROW l: .lerry Booth, Dick Ward, Spence Barrett. ROW 2: Mr. Morin, Miss Ross, Alair Sutton, Faye Arens, Ellen Schmella, Mr. Mitchell. "One, nine, five, six, who'll click, we'lI click. One, nine, five, six, who'II click, we'lI click. One, nine, five, six, who'll click, we'II click, Seniors." Treasurer, Dick Ward, and Social Chair- man, Alair Sutton. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Morin, and Miss Ross served as advisors. A few of their many activities were at- tending the College Conference, sponsor- ing a couple of dances after games and participating in many pep assemblies. Graduation plans. occupied much of their time, and announcements, exchange of pictures, robes, colors, mottoes, and speeches were a part of the year's prob- lems. The group chose blue and silver for their colors, with light blue for their robes, "Not finished, iust begun," was their mot- to, the rose was their choice of flower. Janet Chase was chosen Homecoming Queen and Sue Leming was the senior princess. "The Patsy," the senior class play, was presented November l8th. December l6 was the date of the Senior Ball with the -theme "White Forest," where Spence Barrett and Dorothy Bittle became royalty for the night. Spring highlights were the Senior Award Assembly and Baccalaureate, events which led to the night of May 24, the conclusion of "The Time of Their Life" for one hundred ten graduating Seniors. 9999090090099 9909990000994 a fag "The Patsy" is a modern story of Cinderella, despised by her mother and older sister, who after much turmoil finally gained the respect of her family and won the man she loved. This rollicking play was presented November l8 by the senior closs under the direction of David Berg 4" V' 90 '60 we . a ,oe -so 0 0,0 9. 4, ss is Ay., -so coo 044139 X A '1' 4' . we x X te C, 090 dw do wo bg, K Q Q0 5.9 65 9' 5' Q' me 115, SEATED: S. Barrett, S. Seely, D. Biffle, J. Chase, S. Leming, G. Tollefson. STANDING: N. Johnson, D. Smith, W. LeBlanc. I0 sd. + -t 0- 'Fo Q. Q0 oo 4' -so oc 6' 0 0 ,sb ea 0 C 0000000000' 00000000000 Wife golf' df A successful time ot the year was enioyed by all at the annual Senior Ball, where the "White Forest" theme was carried out. The centerpiece was of a doe and her fawn, with a huge white pine tree in the background. The sides of the gym were edged with white trees, with one wall for a snow scene painted by Spencer Barrett. A ceiling of white and blue hung with snow flakes completed the dream-like scene. General chairman was Louie McCord, assisted by his many chairmen. For those who planned and attended the ball, December l6 will always be present among memories of "the time of their lives." K 2 L ' A 34' ff . i ,i Q i i ' b 'K if I 6 00 I A . 096' 0 0 x"' , so 4' 6,o'ao" QQKS3 voip" xbfeoi sooo 6 sb .0 . os og o0o06x0 XGCQIS wo 45' .1 ,as a SX i af i 'Q K Ball.. ' gum -ui ii ii fs! '?,, Dr: le. 'M W' - WJ N 2 A X ,Q A '6"e"' 'Fanart X028 a ,P -:X N .0 -t 6 tg so-:Zoo Sis? :gi B n . , 096- 1. Evelyn Mears and Maxine Arens 2. Onlookers at Senior Ball. X04 899 advertise. 6 Y 04' 500 4. Mr. Temperley crowns Queen Dorothy T Cod 3. Kenny Faulkner and friends, Bittle while King Spencer Barrett , 0. 0 stands aside: Louie McCord looks on. H 60 sc. 1 So 'H 3. ,, . 5 -1 :1 LARRY ANGlANO-Football 10-11-12, Manager 10. ' I A , rn: ARENS--Class sweoury 12, Pep Club 11-12, President 12, Torch A W 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, raps Staff 12, Board ot co,-1,91 12, Q, ,,,, f"1 , Play Crew 12, Operetta 10, Student Conference 12, Choir 10-11, Drill 'h'L 135, 1 Team 11-12, Commencement Speaker 12. ' f.7f '- A MAXINE ARENS-Pep Club 12: FHA 11 GAA 10-11-12, Tennis 12, Choir 11-12 Drill Team ll-12. M.. , X we wwf- y 5 . 111' L. SPENCER BARRETT-Class President 12, Torch 12, Treasurer 12, Commencement Speaker 12, Board of Control 12, Class Play 12, Senior Ball King 12, Student Conference 12, Choir 12, All-State Choir 12. At Wapato, Editor School Paper 11, Vice-President ASB 11, Boys' Service Club 11, Choir 10. Z5 ,J 1 5 1 2 1 E' 5' ARDETH BARNFIELD - Tohiscan 11-12, Editor 12, Brass Sextet 12, Class Vice- President 11, Pep Club 12, Torch 11,-12, Vice-President 11, President 12, FHA 10- 11-12, Secretary 11, Treasurer 12, GAA 10-11-12, Tips Staff 10, Board of Con- trol 12, Student Director Class Play 11, Tennis 11-12, Band 10-11-12, President 12, Student Director 11, Pep Band 10-11- 12, Student'Conference 10-11-12, Solo Contest 10-11, Salutatorian 12. RAYNOLD BARRETT-FFA 10-11-12. JANICE B005-FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, Choir 11-12. BILI. BOOTH-Class Vice-President 10, Board of Control 11, Class Play 11, Student Conference 11. 1 2 DELMAR BANGS DOROTHY BITTLE -Class Treasurer Pep Club 11-12, Torch 12, Vice-Presidt 12, GAA 10-11-12, Tips Staff 11- Associate Editor 12, Class Play 12, Sen Ball Queen 12, Song Leader 12, D Team 10-11-12, Flag Bearer 12, Assistm Drill leader 11. 'AN ox lx 'fxx ix' 1 Q XA X F, 'lg , x N I IU' tx 1 x ,X V, K 5, if-1. '--. -1' M- W dent 12, FFA 10-11-12, President 12, Treasurer 12, Board of JERRY BOOTH-Class Sergeant-at-Arms 12, Wildcats 10-11-12, Presi- Control 12, Football 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12, Student Conference 12. rj, , A 1 JACK BRADISH-Wildcats 11-12, Vice-President 12, FFA 11, Tips Staff 1 ' ' 11, Football 11-12, Track 11-12. VWLUAM QRQWN,-FFA 10.11.121 MARY BURKHARDT - Pep Club 11-12, 1 Treasurer 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11- , V 1 12, Drill Team 12. -'is A ' 136 'Y H, -'T if YV, , 1,1 Q ' 1 I U ,17 -I jf? ' f 'jfdi-fl - 1' : V, C L, Owe, JOYCE CARLTON-Pep Club 12, President ,f 12, FHA 10-11-12, Historian 11, GAA - ' 10-11-12, Board of Control 12, Class Play Crew 12, Band 10-11-12, Pep Band 10- 11, Choir 12. V SE 1 .. Q muon cAse - rohimn io, science 3 1' Club 12, Commencement Speaker 12. 'Wag' ' RACHEL CASTANEDA-GAA 11-12. -ali' I T53 jf ,,,. .fi-7 GLEN CHANDLER-Wildcats 12, Tennis 10-11-12, Choir 12. -..,,,f X. ART CHANDLER JANET CHASE-Pep Club 12, GAA 10-11-12, Class Play 12, Home- coming Queen 12, Drill Team 11-12, Assistant Drill Leader 12. 13 REO CLARK-Wildcats 11-12, FFA 10-11-12, President 12, Reporter 11, Board of Control 12, Football 11-12, Inspirational Player and Honorary Captain 12, Student Conference 11-12. LYNETTE COBB-Choir 11-12, Octet 12, Sextet 11, Pep Club 11-12, Secretary 12, FHA 10-11, Reporter 11, GAA 10-11-12, Class Play 11, Band 10, Pep Band 10, Homecoming Princess 11, Librarian 12, Drill Team 11-12. J' ' '5'.K', ' Q i . ,W f h ..-4 - A Vx A P' Z- T ' Y SHIRLEY CONNER-FHA 10-11-12, Choir PHILLIP CORDERO 11, Choir 12. in si DALIA DAVILA-FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10- 10-11-12, Choir 12. with . CHARLOTTE DERREY ,Q IZETTA DODD-FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10 --if r, ,., 1' '- - . . i,, fs VIRGINIA DORN-Librarian 11-12. p . is A LARRY EDWARDS-Tohismn 10-11, FFA 11. it 5 1 4 ' HAZEL CORBETT - FHA 10-11- , Xu ir' vw' xxx, vs W 52 Q fi f - 4"'7 ., A fa, A 1 1-Q. FRED GARCIA-Wildcols 'll-125 Tips Stuff ll-T27 Baseball T27 Boxing l0-llg Track T05 Band l0-'ll-l2, Pep Band ll. MARY GARCIA-FHA IO-ll-125 GAA lO- ll-l2, Vice-President ll, Treasurer l2g Play Crew lly Sludenl Conference llg Choir ll-'l2, Treasurer 125 Drill Team 'l0-ll. ms,- HAZEL FEBUS-FHA ll 12 GAA 'IO ll 12 Dnll Team 10 ll RERETTA FERBRACHE PQ! 'S DOLLORES HEILMAN FHA 10 ll 12 GAA I0 ll I2 Achvuly Manager llg Pep Club I2 Demerll Chaurmun I2 Tenms ll 12 Chour ll 12 Drill Team l0 ll I2 LEONA HENLE FHA TO GAA TO ll 12 Drlll Team I0 4 GERALD HETTICH-Wildcats 11-127 Operetta 102 Tennis 10-115 Manager 102 Choir 10-11-12, Boys' Quartet 12. DONNA HILL-Pep Club 11-12, Demerit Chairman 125 Torch 11-127 GAA 10-1 1-121 Tips Staff 10-11-12, Editor 127 Board of Control 11-127 Class Play Crew 127 Class Play 117 Tennis 10-11-127 Student Confer- ence 11-127 Girls' State 117 Drill Team 10-11-127 Valedictorian 12. 7-. JERRY HILL-Dixieland Band 11-127 Class by ' " " ' Play 117 Football Manager 10-111 Band 'Hi' ' - 10-11-12, Pep Band 10-11-12. Q C li- - .... GERALD HOOSIER CAROL HUYLAR-Pep Club 11-12, Social JANICE HINCHEY--Choir 11-127 Opel ta 10. . Chairman 127 Honorary Member of Wild- ' cats 117 GAA 10-11-127 Board of Control ' " 127 Operetta 107 Yell Leader 117 Student ' -' Conference 117 Choir 10-11-12, President 7 if 127 Drill Team 10-117 Tumbling Team 10- K' 11-12, Captain 127 Sextet 11. M' r Q 1 7 lk A LARRY HUYLAR - Wildcats 10-11-127 NURMAN JOHNSON - Class If Class Play Crew 127 Class Play 117 Foot Class Play 117 Class Play Crew 11 ball 127 Track 10-11-12. 10-11-12, Pep Band 10-11-12. ,, . 'il ' 2 1'-gm fd J X , ff! 5 of --effsf-et , " Q-C., ,Q .,i. . -c-3, "K 4, ri, ' ROSS KINCAID-Wildcats 10-11-127 FFA 10-11-127 Boxing Manager 10-111 Track Manager 10-11-12. MIKE KIRKPATRICK-Tips Staff 12. xv . I' , 3 'A 1 . - if "' J' .. gr 1. , lf lv . 1 Aw Q A H 2 xi fx.. ' of 16 3 LACY Pep Club 125 GAA 10-11-125 perella 10 Yell Leader 125 Choir 10- Social Chairman 12. '-qfk is , .xv"lF' '55 MILTON LEIKAM-Baseball 10-125 Baskel ball 10. WAYNE LEIKAM-Baseball 10-12. Q MARY LACELL-Pep Club 11-125 FHA 10-11-125 GAA 10-11-125 Class ,KN K, Play Crew 125 Band 10-11-12, Librarian 11-12, Maiorelle 10-11-12, 'f' I ' Pep Band 10-115 Yell Leader 125 Song Leader 11: Student Conference 1 A fs," 11-125 Tumbling Team 11. ,F NEAL LAcm if , WES LE BLANC-Wildcats 1O-11-125 Class ' X ' Play 125 Tennis 10-11-125 Commencemenl if Y, Speaker 12. 5 'iff A M . l s Q 5 i i , Q V ' , u . - Q, Q V s X ' ,,,..L..- ., A 2 sums 1 EW AN LEMING Pep Club 125 FHA 10- Secrelary 125 GAA 10-11-125 Jn Commnllee Chairman 125 Tips Staff I SB Secretary 125 Board of Confral Class Play 12 Class Play 115 Band J1I 12 Secretary 12, Librarian 113 Pep :nd 11 Homecoming Princess 125 Slu- nt Conference 125Choir ll,Hi-Tops 11. K .1 f' , K , . A 7 in 'VVS X 1 2 Agni ,.-me I .af Y' SHEROLD LONG-Dixieland Band 11-125 Tennis 125 Foolball 125 Band 10-11-12, Drill Leader 12, Pep Band 10-11-12, Norfhwesl Band 12. LOUIE MCCORD-Wildcals 10-11-125 Tips Staff 125 Class Play Crew 125 Senior Ball General Chairman 125 Football 11-125 Basketball 11-125 Track 10-11-125 Sludenl Conference 12. 17 WILBUR LENHARDT-FFA 10-11-12,Treas K urer 12, Sergeant-al-Arms 125 Track 12 JIM MEAGHER-Class Vice-President 10, Wildcats 10-11-12, Secretary- Treasurer 12, Torch 11-12, Vice-President 12, Baseball 10-12, Basket- ball 10-11-12, Inspirational Player 12. EVELINE MEARS-FHA 10, GAA 10-11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Operetta 10, Sextet 10. Q -A, Jann MESTMACHER f BILL MEYER-wndmvs 11, Football M ' , 4 ager 10. M' -M 2 ' , I ,., My lla! 3,1 lrlrtl C .alt fa KAREN MOSEBAR-GAA 10, Tips Staff 11, Band 10-11-12, Maiorelte 10-11-12, Pep Band ll-12. ED MYERS-Wildcats 10-11-12, Baseball 10-11-12, Football 12, Basketball 11, Choir 12, Publicity Chairman 12. sed LARRY NOONAN-FFA 10, Basketball 10, Choir 11-12, Quartet 11-12. MARLENE CCHS - Tumbling Team GAA 10-11-12, Class Play 11, Choir 11-12, Operetta 10, Octet 12, Sextet 117 Student Conference 12. 'TW L 1 GARY OWENS--Transferred from Wapato ll. FFA 10, All-School Plays 10, Tumbling Team 11. DICK nnxnulzsr-class President ll, Junior Leader 11, some of irai Control 11, Class Play Crew 11. 18 ,.,, . . , 1, - ft' ff , fy, 5, 1 . if .4 - V ff - ,,,. I ' i 'nf ll A , 1 K Q s M gt - f -3 is GUS PARLIER-Science Club 12, Torch 11-12, President 12, Treasurer 11, Board of Control 12, Class Play Crew 12, All School Crew 12, Band 10, Student Conference 12, Commencement Speaker 12. , 1 T 1 Fe as I Y RARICK--FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10- -12, Operetta 10, Choir 10-11-12, Drill -am 11-12, Tumbling Team 12. IREL RUNYON-Wildcats 12, Baseball 2, Football 12. in 1 -ff 1f , fQ f m vlunv E vvlvv 1. E K K in 1 Q ALLEN PINKHAM-Baseball 11-12, Football 11-12. ,vw-, Y L V GAIL REILLY - Transferred from Wapato Mi 11.cAA 10-11. MARGARET RODRIGUEZ - Tohiscan 12: Pep Club 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11- 12, Tips Staff 12, Tennis 11-12, Band 10- 11-12, Pep Band 10-11-12, Solo Contest 10-1 1,Tumbling Team Manager 10-11-12. HAROLD ROSS - Wildcats 11-12, ASB Activity Manager 12, Board of Control 12, Class Play 11, All-School Crew 12, Football Manager 11, Track 12, Student Conference 12, Choir 12, Quartet 12. '13 N- ' ' .- S. L 44 F '1f1r 1 LENNIE SAK-Tohiscan 10-11, FFA 11. 5 'W M' me Q 2 0 fs ,fir- g f 2 if 5 2 f , f' JERRY SAUER--FFA 10-12. ELLEN SCHMELLA-Class Vice-President 12, Class Treasurer 11, Pep Club 12, Torch 11-12, Treasurer 12, FHA 10-11-12, GAA 10-11-12, President 12, Board of Control 12, Class Play Crew 11, Student Con- ference 11-12, Choir 10-11-12, Vice-President 11, Choir Pianist 10-11- 12, Octet 11-12, Operetta 10, Drill Team 11-12, Commencement Speaker 12. E f aiu scuorr FFA 1011 12 Track 11 choir 11.12. nusssu. SEABRANDS open-110 10 Choir 10-11, Ha-Tops 11. ' , A LAVADA SNIDER FHA 1011 Choir 11-12. x 4--2' . fQ wk 3. LILA SIMMONS-FHA ll-125 GAA 10-11- 12. LINDA SIMMONS-FHA 11-125 GAA 10- 11-125 Band 10-11-12, Pep Band 11-12. 11 f f MARGARET SHEQUIN - Class Secre 105 Class Social Chairman 115 Pep C 11-125 Torch 11-12, Secrelary 125 10-11-12, Secrelary 115 Junior Le 115 Board of Control 125 Junior-Se Prom Princess ll5 Song Leader 125 denl Conference 125 Drill Team 10-11 Leader 125 Commencement Speaker gl ! ESTELLA SMITH-FHA 10-11-125 GAA 11-125 Choir 12. qga. B ROY STAUB-FFA 125 Baseball 10. JANICE ST. MARS-Pep Club 125 GAA 10-11-127 Drill Team 11-125 ,r -::' ,pf -e Choir 12, Secretary 12. 1 HO! 7 B K 1 'bb k i . 4 I' Y STOUT-Tohiscan 11-125 Pep Club 1-12, Social Chairman 125 Torch 11-125 A 10-11-12, President 12, Vice-Presi- nt 115 GAA 10-11-125 Tips Staff 125 ard of Control 125 Class Play Crew 125 lass Play Crew 115 Tennis 125 Drill Team 1-125 Commencement Speaker 12. IWARD THETFORD - Dixieland Band 5 Brass Sextet 125 Wildcats 11-125 rch 11-125 FFA 10-11-12, Secretary 12, rliamentorian 125 Board of Control 127 otball 11-125 Basketball 125 Track 105 nd 10-11-12, Student Director 10-12, p Band 10-11-12. it --suerf' PAT STUMP-Wildcats 11-127 FFA 10-11- 125 Football 10-11-125 Boxing 117 FFA Sentinel 12. ALAIR SUTTON--Tohiscan 125 Brass Sextet 105 Sextet 115 Class Secretary 115 Class Social Chairman 10-125 Pep Club 11-12, Treasurer 125 Torch 11-125 FHA 10-1 1-1525 GAA 10-1 1-125 Class Play Crew 127 Class Play 115 General Chairman Junior Prom 115 Band 105 Homecoming Princess 105 Choir 11,d"ep Band 10. I ld 2 's' 'iii .' .WAV 'X ,vi his P new wr V M 'T MIKE STUMP-Wildcats 11-125 FFA 10-11 12, Vice-President 12, Secretary 10-11 Football 10-11-125 Boxing 115 Track 11 Q , ....f .11, -. non rHoMAs-wndwis lo-11-12, suse- 1 ball 1O-11-125 Basketball 11-12, Band 10-11, Pep Band10-11. GENE TOLLEFSON-Dixieland Band 11-125 Brass Sextet 10-11-125 Class President 105 Wildcats 10-1 1-125 Torch 125 Board of Control 10-11-125 ASB President 125 ASB Vice-President 115 Class Play 125 Class Play 115 Football 125 Basketball 10-11-125 Band 10-11-12, Vice-President 12, Drill Leader 11, Pep Band 10-115 Student Conference 11-125 Solo Contest 10. RITA TRUJILLO-FHA 10-11-125 GAA 10-11-125 Chair 12. 21 ED VAN PLAKE-Wildcats I0-ll-12, Baseball TO, Basketball ll, Man- ager l0-ll. 0,41-mai 91' A fW'1 ,sh GERRI VISSER--FHA 'l0-'ll-12, GAA l0-ll-125 Drill Team l2. If MARILYN WAGENMAN-FHA 10-ll-l2y .A CHUCK WALTERS-Tohiscan 12, Wild1 GAA 'IO-ll-'l2. H ll-l2y Class Play Crew l2g Class F 1 Crew ll, Class Play ll, Football M sw ager ll. IQ' K., A A ' MARILYN WALTERS-GAA 10-ll-l2,Drill Team 1o-11-12. K I. 1, w A 'af GW nick wA1zn-science ciub 11.12, Presi- 4i Q dent ll-l2g Class Treasurer l2p Wildcats lO-l l-l2, Torch ll-l2g ASB Treasurer 125 Board of Control 12, Student Director Class Play 12, Baseball IO-ll-l2g Boys' State ll, Senior Service Plaque. nr A i 1 1 ,.-E . Y -K roNY wmrz - Football 10-1 1, Boxing y CAL WHITAKER - Baseball 10, room 10-11101011 11-12. A 1 IO, A11.s1.,1e C1011 l2, Choir I0-ll-' l M-.Y 1 Operetta lO. ' 1 1, zri Ai -Q 3 ' V w w- ,U - M f " fi 0 l In it 1.7 1 ,Zi s sf 5 1, s-1,1 , 1 BARBARA WISWALL-Octet 12, Pep Club ll-l2, Secretary l2g Torch gf' 6' V, ll-127 FHA 10-11-12, President 11, GAA 10-11-12, Board of Control 1 if 1 ll, Student Conference ll-12, Choirll, Secretary ll, ' Q N , a11.1. wvcxorr MV!! 22 6566 0 Advisor C. lothwell, S. leak, l. Peterson, Advisor M. Cotter, Advisor B. Bedard, G. Scrivner, B. Thalheimer, G. Thomas. QOOOQQOOQQOOQOOOOOO600000900 0 900006060600600009090000000600000090 Officers chosen by the Juniors were Glen Thomas, President, Gene Scrivner, Vice-President, Lola Peterson, Secretary, Sandra Leak, Treasurer, Bob Thalheimer, Activity Manager. Advisors were Mr. Bothwell, Mr. Bedard, and Miss Cotter. A few of the many activities were: selling chili and hot chocolate at football games, sponsoring dances after the games, and participating in many assemblies. A couple of money-making proiects were selling chances on a radio and sponsoring noon movies. Edith Raymond was elected Homecoming princess. Class members served as ushers at the College Conference. The class play, "Man of Seventeen", was presented March 22 and 23, and April 20 was the date of the Junior-Senior Ban- quet and Prom. Not pictured: G. Arens, D. Folles, D. Geffre, E. Hor raves, K. Hyatt, L. Lonsden, R. Sak, A. Stevens, S. Ste nm z, Q. Wentz. ONE-NINE-FIVE-SEVEN. WHOSE HEAVEN? ft OUR HEAVEN, JUNIORS! is QQM Junior Class In uudltorlum D :Nd , L 1 f Wenenber er, nd Wuwef and ,lm ro Y wa s dlrecfed b spanking ...Nay on Long Hardy 0 enenbe M Us Sw, 1' 1 lg' I Q MW ,Q f "WW Ji l? fs F S 2 4 2 '15 W. Bond 13 P. Bowles - A. Bradbury L. Brader R. Bradley ' my A 1' ,M f .K X ' X 9 J ! , , WM f 5 f ,e if-we V . , W, L V 9122.24 up ' f i f X if fg gr v i M. Brooks , nl B. Caraway K W M ' E. Castaneda N C. Clark N. Clark M. Cobb K. Faulkner ss .XZ .. . N . , W. ,fa . 5 -R' vw QT 'If 4 1352 .. .47 3 D. Bender J. Benz Berg little Bond Mv- S. Dorn J. Erickson M. Estes A. Evereil R. Fernandez F. Fller T. Foster R. French . 'p 4, M 'F K 3 A I 5. J fi Q if A S M. H if 9 . 'F A A 4 B. George R. Gonsalez P. Gordon I C. Griswold G. Hackner 4 of , ' WW W, QQ! J. lde J. Ledford Ha., V' .Fl M rr, . oo 1g. Q or . S. Hardy . Head . Heard . Henning 4 G M f M 4. l- , D. Henry ,N 1 Q We fr! ze I W, B. Herman B. Higgins R. Hill H. Huff R. Humphrey S. Leak L. Long nk ,, 'Qi' W 3 5 t hwi R R. 'fir' ...A LM G. Masovero R. Mathis N. Mayfield J C. Mikesell D. Niedermeyer B. Olsen P. O'Rear R. O'Rear x S. Oswult D. Owen L. Peterson M. Rivurd ..,. 4 R 5' fi' fa . . X 1. , L ...Q if x L4 Ly Q K K. Pettit N. Sailors Nl 1 . V xy. X X P. Lorton X Q i P. McCoy ' 'R n. Mmnn Q ,X Xayggmq, W M. Macias t W : "' - wh if A L, Q: ' K J. Martinez N gn.. M, jsu ""m .K U, e Q Y ww W 2 fa .Iv Tv nnwfs D nf X, ..QA , -X ' ,Q A 4 1 , 6 f 4 R J R M' . -1. M - 1 Mk ,Qi X A mY"'v,fW' pl... g 5 E. Raymond K. Rlre D. Rishor K. Rowe M. Scalley J. Schloss M. Schmellu L. Schott s R ' K if RV4 W. 'fy la f .- SQ -. : R 7 'dat :,. , " S .T W" if 1 ? A S' D 'f h .-1 fax! ' .Fl K :f , S 'S S R , T? A. jf 1, A -I ' I - ' G. Scrlvner S. Sherwood M. Smiih S. Smith A. Soto f . R S. . A 1 U . f f .if X, f Q WR x N S 'Aw f k :k 4 , V ' fi W M ,gk ,J 1 M. W1 , JM fx Q-X... f iF .,,:4+ 1 e r-Alf Www . 1 ,fo 'mm -an W ! l li'1W.' .3 71 I W :Www ff .W . . : X' Q , -gf I .Q .I-W ,W w w ' M. Spencer " K V' B. Thalheimer V G. Thomas . f kj T lg J 'l 2 ' 2 E. Tupling 'i e fe - V Lg- T. Vanlwol W 5 QM. ijmmy gf mi' . L, h l fi. ' will 1,1 ' k R :V I - R 0 K . , kg , T T li. 1. il A 4 ' f 461 hh'h' Q fl D. Walker J' xx. T. Walls C. Weeks J. Wells B. Werfenberger G Wicks ' L. Wilson s. Wolfe " R. Fernandez and C. Biffle Q P. Wornell I S. Wyckoff V. Weipperi 5 a kt L. 5 . A ' ' :s?? 'si f' "1 X . . Q 'A ' Nh?- ' I .L X nlrglfznfi , x 6' Nfl W 'L G. lable admire class rings. ,-Q.. ""-'uw QP CLASS OF 1958 The sophomores began their first year in Senior High with the election of officers. They were President Ray Hamilton, Vice President Elaine Wilmeth, Secretary Mar- valee Rank, Treasurer Janice Grubenhoff, Social Chairman Barbara Roberts. Mr. Berg, Mr. Grubb, and Mr. Langenbacher were their advisors. Eleanor Angiano was Homecoming Princess. The sophomores sponsored a shoe shine and sold Wildcat decals, candy and gum at football games and were hosts for two dances. The sophomores participated in the March of Dimes assembly and a few pep assemblies. Not pictured: H. Beard, E. Glossen, P. Green, D. Greer, B. Haborkorn, S. McGovern, R. Nelson, W. Shirley, D. Thompson, L. Wells, J. Wertenberger. Sophomore: in auditorium Om 0,0 6 QQOOOQOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOO R. Hamilton, E. Wilmeth, Advisor B. Grubb, J. Gru- benhoff, B. Roberts, Ad visor B. langenbacher, M. Rank, Advisor D. Berg. ONE NINE FIVE EIGHT! WHO'LL RATE? n WE'LL RATE. SOPHOMORES! E. Adams V r 9, Fifa? ., C. Anderson r i E. Armiio Y . 'ws 3- V E. Angiano S. , 1 .-5, fn rw Q? w 4 1 ' Q5 Q. A ... .Q 5 I , PM A , 5... s N gay M 4 ' 1, 70000909QQOOOOQOQQOOQOQOOOOQOO D. Austin .2 lm! ii V5 ' 1 , .1 K. Barnes , , ,. W 4. f, D. Bangs R. Bangs J, Bell fav' f F i Vp is .., . 2 I J x I in 0 Q A F , lk' L. Bennett mr Gtriif 0 G. Buratto Anas? .V . Jw. - Q 4 . . K3 St fi -may ' S. Basey G. Bates J. Campbell M. Campbell f ls. 1 W Q lk, G. Castaneda 'az .ci 'HQ' .if C .ff D.Chambl x F. Chandler I l Wk , M. Chandler H g' . , '..., 4 :-- 5 A , agp J. Christal ' If lr L R J -, G. clark g , " D- C--fk agff . 'E 5 C u as , . .L ' J laarr all a C. Cobb R' Craig 4 .S MA , ' V L. Cummings ','- ' 3? X .MQ D- DM- L.. , Q all E A. Davis K, . V ,. ,..,- 7 '.:: .,, Z., 3 . V 3 5 A -kf' S In Z 'wigif 7 K. Delaney i 5 1 K M. Derrey I I A 6 L. onlin I V' Y rm,, ,Y 1 J. Edwards E? QQ Z? A I c. :ms ' G J We J R. Erickson n. Field L G L a. Fike . . V p , I , Q L. Franco FEE : "..k ' T A V , N lyly ' ' T. Friend 'L ,, 5 . : 1 V H Ek ,MS Eff E f ,xr L L. L- Zi: Y'-.fe 3. R. Garcia J. Garner .. . J. Grubenhoff i n A FN '45, X . - Q . W R. Hamilton ' .Y E g f L Q fi. g I I 2 . . ' R' 'ls' ' . ,, fs. B. Hansen 1 C 'f I. S 1 ...J f 'R 11 at .Raw D. Harbough j I J. Hyatt E R. H' h J 1 F , f' G mc e?' E 3 HR 5? I, h S. Hlxson A 13 A X. , is Q F f xr. , Ja , L 3 . 4. K '25 Q 2 1 Q, . X f eaoi I ,gym - X 1, lf. f , . , QR fi? ff F. Hope J. Hunt . i T. Jim 30 , -H 4 C. Johnson A- 3 ' V- .I K 9 D. Johnson ' - J f - ,-..' - var b I 00000000000OOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOO Q. L, Kgnq N, Lqmgbull S. Locket? B. M:CIure ,,.. fm 4' k V ,fx . , we .ueu , - ,C M or x si l -'Q' m . LL,L V. 5 1 Y - sw..,.:?'kV C. Lansden J. Leidy C. Lindsay J . . W' 2 ' . gl, ' f V i , - Dafa-C R ,- . k' u 1 . 1 s Q Y, umm. 'Ja ' .NA 4 C. McKee .1, .44 f -ffm- ll .4 M. D. McMican E. Mulerich B. Malzahn D. Markham M. Mastel R. Mesecher D. Meyer ln... A. Mcilfresh Q5 L va. .AG-M N. McVay P. Merryman ' i j ,zz A 1 J. Moore M J G- ' If V ., V, . . S. Mosqueda I. Noonan J J I M. Nunez 9' ...,,..b vi: A V C. Orozco ' .Jf'f ' " ' L3 i B .5 I A. Ortloff f J. I X if' 4 , B. Palmer , J k:.f ,, 1.- yiih I V' J , I.. Palmer E J ' :IE K. Parkhursf L 3, - 15 M. Pratt Z ' in . J J. Putney ga .,i,3? M Jay Putney A I .,, IAL L. Rabe A J. Raines .. u G M. Rank I ' in A. .,y3 , N ' B. Roberts 'NYJ wg , 0. Rodriguez J. Rofh F. Roybal , J. Russell in Xp y K. Sainsbury W 5 ' A S. Seely ku my X A R. Shearer . R. Shequin B. Sholiys 1 .5 I -y J. smim 5- ' ' ff- - at . , 1 W - f lf 1 1 fe R we R is 4 A L. . ' ZC L R. Smith 31 . Q 'X - M is o. som z ' 7. f L. fi V 2' 'G' H G. Spencer , .E ' --." ' 'ff V, Q - - R. Stagner N., A. My if K R. stout . ' i l . r 2. K. Taft fa- - C 025' We W ...Y .5 ' W . f ay ' fy, 4 ' . is Ms. if 77 ' . i. 'W Y W . fi Q. ' z mkA: A Qi.. My T C clafss ,. 1 , V .. 5. ,Mg A. f A . 55, 3' Y i .. , 58 I. Thompson G. Wagenman S. Walters D. Wells C. Wentz R. Wentz W. Wentz D. Wessman E. Wilmeth S. Wood L. Worsham ,M Whrn A These Booslers have conlrlbuled S20 00 lGroup Al and Sl5.00 lGroup Bl. Top-Hi thanks them. wwf 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. GROUP A Adrian's BenneT'r's Top-Hi Lunch Cec's and Betty's Handout Crossroads Cafe Fern Studio Hibler's Flower Garden Toppenish Review GROUP B HuyIar's Construction KENE Toppenish Bowling 8. Recreation D. Garcia K. Barnes and J. Wertenberger busy in art class. C. Cobb J. Edwards and O. Rodriguez sell refreshments at a basketball game. S. Mosqueda works with clay in art. D. Markham and partner wrestle while Mr. Mitchell looks on. S. Klssler and K. Delaney look over their home ec proiect. ,......-.-n ' ff TOHISCAN Ardeth Barnfield PEP CLUB Faye Arens Joyce Carlton F. H, A. Lucy Stout WILDCATS 1 M ., Us ,. ,,. Q ' 9 t ww.. . Sax 1 71. P N my Q f - L ,-W, . ,i .- . ff? 1 . 3, W , wo M1 4,195 ,f 5E51f.+ewrifle-ff, -, , ' ,- I K fQgfvwg5,zg3igvjf K Vtif 5-1 ,E Q,,.q7 .,,, ,t.,,, A A ik- 'M-w.a5'x" fffil' - ,Q 4 , , f?f3ifag'+7?g:,?i'f . , 55,551 fi iwitlz Q 1 if . .K ty lg ,FQ-4 JH Jerry Booth SCIENCE CLUB Dick Ward BAND Ardeth Barnfield 1- t w x S wr 5 V L C' S 'QA R Q V7 X vi lair . ,V X -3 , -V wma w , M .3 423 S E ., I i,A .1 ,.,kA VVV, E in , ht V ,,.. W4 mt ,- X 3' . ,Lx 1 . ' 5' W WR, ,i S. , I VW, ,W ,Ht , is .Aff , X 3f??25Qf,gf:f5f A i W 4 fgzf: f ' , 'oo' It M 'SQ' . 1 wo, if it . iw i I 1 9 ,-. WW eg? DRILL TEAM Margaret Shequin CHOIR Carol Huylar G. A. A. Ellen Schmella F. F. A. Reo Clark TORCH Gus Parlier Ardeth Barnfield TIPS Donna Hill is .. .gi ZQWI QW f WWW N WCM m ' N MM if Wyffgfwgwiyf W it V flwfwifwfgfifw H A Q 'J5!djiVA99 W V36 ff'Qf!,4fW3yCfb VC fy! Md iwgfwwwy MW Sf fy ff My fwjvgy' W If fy ff wjwf Q JS wg WM ,M Sf f Wy 955 53? my? O Wig 4r33x F gif" ., Q W I Qii iigyxyx iQ3? 3i 3333 Q N WM Aff! i Liiwws Q E E iw -5 N 9 xy N. GQ sg M, MN 1 iw 5 fu Y Q V . ANN Q55 if EFERKQ QQ KFXgNxX.N , 3x Ts, LHS fig ssvviiwsm ,A,M l M,4 M ' Busy recording the events of 1956 was the Tohis- can staff. Led by Editor Ardeth Barnfield and Advisor Miss Finch, they started the year by collecting boost- ers. Taking pictures, selling yearbooks, writing copy, and planning layouts took much of their time. A number of staff representatives attended a yearbook conference in Seattle October l, and an- other group went to a Yakima conference in January to discuss improvements in yearbooks. A trip to Seattle during the spring vacation was a highlight of the year. The staff also planned a week- end at Rimrock, a Christmas gift exchange, and a ski trip. The spring events included a trip to Rimrock and the distribution assembly where the books were given out and the new members were announced. J l 0 I l lf' . 9 fafcafa 'lm -a n J M i P J L , Advisor Plyil Mirosh n .1 ts , as 5 15. Q4 ROW 1: .l. Booth, L. Angiano, P. Berg, G. Chandler. ROW 2: L. Huylar, J. lde, W. LeBlanc J n Martinez. RQW 3: P. Stump, B. Thalheimer, G. Thomas, R. Thomas. .7 . The Wildcat Club startfd 'out the year by hlelping the GAA sponsor a carnival. During event, the Wildcats helped constructs booths, ran the pie- throwing, the peiny tooss, and llmcmy other booths, and helped clean up. Later in the year the Iettermen ofthe fall sports were initiated into the Wildcat Club. An assembly was held for this event. Intramural games were sponsored and refereed by the members of this club. The mascot "Toppy" was financed by the Club, and new trash cans were painted and distributed around the campus. To complete the year, they assisted at all track meets. This year proved very successful for the Wildcat Club. 0' . ' W T I 6' 0' noi os 'H - Sf x o G -Ja 400 5 to gtg oc ,sg go O6 so Q KK X Q to . oi 'VK o ao 6' 'K 'T X .ga o ,so 'S 54 oc' 0 06' 5 e v x Q- + ,S - 'QQ Dv, ROW 1: D. Thetford, J. Bradish, J. Meagher. ROW 2: R. Clark, C. Clark, F. Garcia, G. Head, G. Het- tich. ROW 3: E. Myers, L. McCord, M. Ross, M. Scal- Iey, G. Scrivner. ROW 4: G. Tollefson, E. Van Plake, R. Ward, C. Walters, G. lable. ESQ ., ft Outstanding for school spirit and service this year were the girls selected to be the Pep Club. Under the new system these girls had to have earned one thou- sand points in school activities and have a "C" average and the approval of teachers. Activities for the year included initiation for new members, candy sales, assemblies, and a school spirit contest. Officers for the first semester were Pep- sodent Faye Arens, Scribbler Barbara Wiswall, Jingler Mary .lane Burkhardt, Social Chairman Carol Huylar,and Demerit Chair- man Donna Hill. Second semes- ter officers were Pepsodent Joyce Carlton, Scribbler Lynette Cobb, Jingler Alair Sutton, Social Chairman lucy Stout, and De- merit Chairman Dollores Heil- ITICTI. ROW I: F. Arens, M. Shequln, C. Bittle, and D. Bittle. ROW 2: J. Deyo, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, and P. Gordon. ROW 3: A. Barnfield, S. Leak, S. Lem- ing, and P. Lorton. ROW 4: E. Schmella, S. Smith, A. Soto, and A. Sutton. NOT PICTURED: L. Stout and B. Higgins. Presidents F. Arens and J. Carlton. K. Lacy, M. Lacell, and D. Kraft with rooters at basket- ball game. OOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOQQO4 3 ROW 1: K. lucy, M. lacell, D Kraft, J. Chase, L. Cobb, C. Der- rey, and M. Arens. ROW 2: D Heilmun, D. Hill, C. Huylur, R Kissler, J. Curllon, M. Burkhardf, and R. Bradley. ROW 3: C. Mike- sell, T. Walls, L. Peterson, D Rishor, and M. Rodriguez. ROW 4 D. Walker, B. Olsen, B. Wiswall and S. Wyckoff. and J. Deyo at Pep Club D. lfllll works on sign lnlllafes S. Wyckoff and 37 ri J. Chase, J. Rarick. Drill team instructor, Miss Haba. A well-deserved round of applause goes to the high-stepping members of the Top-Hi'Drill Team who spent long hours of practice learning new rou- tines. Led by Drill Leader Margaret Shequin, Assist- ant Leader Janet Chase, and Flag Bearer Dorothy Bittle, the Drill Team performed at football and basketball games and various other functions includ- ing the Homecoming Parade. D Kraft, R. Bradley, L. Peterson, K. Sainsbury, M. Arens, J. Deyo, R. Shequln, D. Wells pose in Drill Team uniforms. ROW I: R. Bradley, S. Basey. ROW 2: A. Ortloff, M. Arens. ROW 3: J. St. Mars, C. Griswold, L. Cobb, D. Kraft, S. Derrey. BETWEEN 3 and 4: B. Palmer, ROW 4: D. Wells, J. Hunt, L. Palmer, oooooonooon QGUWL New uniforms for the group this year included white corduroy skirts with red corduroy weskits and white blouses. Working at cake sales and the GAA carnival, the girls helped earn money to pay for these outfits. Miss Marianne Haba served as advisor of the group. D. Bittle and M. Shequin lead Drill Team in parade. 00000004 ,ri Sgr is , .3 1 ,ff 3 T. Walls, S. Wyckoff, D. Wells at the Wapato exchange assembly. ,H--Q ROW 1: J. Deyo, R. Shequin, M. Derrey, M. Walters, O. Rodriguez. ROW 2: T. V:,, M ',k,. Walls, C. Mikesell, K. Sainsbury, M. Burk- iii hardt, L. Peterson. ROW 3: D. Heilman, 53-Q' J ' J. Visser. Row 4: D. Hill, B. Higgins. i' gy ..,.. s, Drill team leaders M. Shequin and D. Bittle. The tumbling team appeared at many assemblies this year, ap- pearing first at the Wapato exchange assembly. Their fine perform- ance helped them to win third place at the March of Dimes assembly. ln the spring they put on a clown assembly, another performance dur- ing basketball half-time was well received. Margaret Rodriguez was the student manager and did a fine iob. Their advisor was Miss Haba. ROW I: L. Worsham, P. Gordon, T. Walls, M. Rodriguez. ROW 2: D. Wells, O. Rodriguez, J. Russell, C. Huylar. ROW B Olsen . 5 ,ft A iid '- r ,gs a R ix E3 yi x , . - ff.. I, V. K ,K A,,.,, s VQAI .V ,. .A -X4 000000090060f0f00O00t000' Members of the Girls' Athletic Asso- . ' 1 ciation worked for school and commu- I Q nity under the leadership of advisor ',,h., Miss Marianne Haba and Ellen Schmel- I la, president, who with the other offi- cers planned the program for the year. Assisting Ellen were vice-president, Lola Peterson, secretary, Dorothy Kraft, treasurer, Mary Garcia, activity managers, Judy Deyo and Carol Mikesell, and point committee chairman, Susie Leming. First event of the year was the initiation of new members, wearing gunny sacks, oversized boots, and thirteen pigtails. Another big event of the year was the annual G.A.A.-Wildcat Carnival held October 28 after the Selah game. The girls also found time to serve at the Baked Potato and Livestock Banquets, hold softball and volleyball tournaments, and plan after-game dances. Throughout the year the Girls' Athletic Association successfully carried out its main purpose, to promote good sportsmanship among the students. ROW 1: J. Chase, J. Christal, L. Cobb, M. Cobb, H. Corbett, M. Davenport, K. Delaney, C. Derrey, M. Derrey, J. Deyo, S. Dorn. ROW 2: J. Edwards, C. Ellis, A. Everett, H. Febus, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, L. Franco, M. Garcia, P. Gordon, P. Green, C. Griswold. ROW 3: J. Grubenhoff, B. Hanson, S. Hardy, Q D. Heilman, B. Higgins, D. Hill, J. Hunt, C. Huylar, T. Jim, C. Johnson, L.Kinter. ROW 4: S. Kissler, D. Kraft, M. Lacell, K. Lacy, 5. Leak, S. Leming, C. Lindsey, J. Lichtenberg, 5. Lockett, P. Lorton, E. Malerich. Y -fs V ef' ROW I: R. Shequin, B. Sholtys, J. St. Mars, L. Stout, K. Taft, J. Visser, D. Walker, 'I'. Walls, M. Walters S. Walters. ROW 2: C. Weeks, D. Wells, J. Wells, B. Wertenberger, E. Wilmeth, B. Wiswall, B. Wolfe, P. Wornell, L. Worsham, S. Wyckoff. A. 3 ' E DOQOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOQOOOOOOQO900000060904 gif E Anglano F Arens M Arens A Barnfield S Basey, D. Bender, C. Bittle, D. Bittle. ROW 2: L Brader R Bradley M Brooks M Burkhardt R. Castaneda, J. Carlton, D. Chamberlain. i is fir il ,iv .avi Ii Q- 'D' ROW l M McBaln B McClure P McCoy C McKee E Mears C Mlkesell N McVoy, S. Mosqueda, Y. Musmusto, M. Ochs, B Olsen ROW 2 A Ortloff B Palmer, L Palmer K Parkhurst L Peterson K Pettit, M. Rank, J. Rarick, E. Raymond, K. Rice, D Rishor ROW 3 M Rlvard B Roberts M Rodriguez O Rodriguez J Russell, N. Sailors, K. Sainsbury, J. Schloss, M. Schmella R Shearer Linda Simmons ROW 4 Llla Simmons E Smith S Smith G. Spencer, M. Spencer, O. Solis, A. Soto, 359.3 1. Linda Simmons, R. Castaneda, L. Franco 2. B. Roberts. 3. C. Mikesell, P. Green 4. Carnival King R. Hinchey, Queen E. Wil- meth, J. Booth. 5. L. Worsham. 6. G. Tollef- son, J. Booth. S, 1, gli ful' 6U"lfl'l9lf'6 Q., 'sr si.. B ,..,. . . .Q .. ,kyle ' F is Q Qwhmfifei 2 -was M s Q V : ,..::ZEi5, xii' 5 Q Y .. L fs- wg, V" ROW 1: Advisor C. Wiswall, President R. Clark, L. Andreas, L. Baker, R. Barrett. ROW 2: L. Graves, G. Griffith, G. Hackner. ROW 3: H. Ough, J. Sauer, B. Schott. MT. A V L, A Ls ...A , 14' f t- .- f- ,J J..g'. 23,55 J, um, z. wi je, we QC Ei -Y. , ' -.5 Yay. 3 ' err. -r ff H in qi .. f ' i i u sd., . -'W 'li s " -- 1. Mr. Wiswall and F. Fuoco. 2. .l.Booth. 3. G. Scrivner and D. Thetford guide a new member. 4. G. Hackner, B. Schott, and J. Sauer. .S .......... Under the leadership of President Reo Clark and advisors Clinton Wiswall and John Babich, the FFA members had the time of their lives. Initiation of new members, hot dog and coffee concessions at football games, and a basketball team were some of their activities. Mike Stump was sent as a delegate to the National FFA Convention, and a cattle-iudging team traveled to Pull- man, Portland, and Yakima. !.x4m erica R. Barrett and R. Kincaid. -au-....,... . lk...--,gig :W .aw fi "Q ii' ' s :Ogre -4? HS.. ROW I: M. Stump, R. French, .l. Booth, G. Scrivner, ROW 2: D. Black, L. Cummings, L. Clark, A. Davis, T. Friend, F. Fuoco. ROW 3: D. Henry, L. Kilthau, B. Louis, F. Lumebull, A. LeRoue, G. Musovero, R. Mesecher. ROW 4: L. Schott, R. Stouh, L. Stump, P. Stump, D. Sheet, M. Schmoe, L. Williams, T. Yahn. In the spring, members showed and judged cattle at the Junior Livestock Show. A parent-son banquet and a crop-iudg- ing team were also planned. Other officers assisting Reo were Vice President Mike Stump, Secretary David French, Treasurer Jerry Booth, Reporter Gene Scrivner, and Sentinel Wilbur Len- hardt. R. Clark and Stump. an f ,Min The year's activities for F.H.A. started with an initi- ation and reception for new members. . . ' Officers welcoming new and old members were Pres- ident Lucy Stout, Vice-Pres- ident Adeline Soto, Secretary Susie Leming, Treas- urer Ardeth Barnfield, Song Leader Lola Peterson, Historian Rosalie Fernandez, Parliamentarian Fran- -ces Filer, and Reporter Margaret Rivard. Advisor was Mrs. Cook, replaced by Mrs. Fricke at mid-year. Other activities included F.H.A. Week, celebrated with a birthday party, and the Regional Meeting at Highland at- tended by fifteen members. During the year girls served for the Homecoming Banquet, presented an assembly, partici- pated in the Red Cross Drive, and gave a Christmas party. ln the spring Toppenish sent teams to Demonstration Day at Sunnyside and formally installed new officers for the coming year. The club earned money for its various proiects by selling pop and candy at the basketball games. 1 Mrs Cook, S. Hardy, and L. long count Red Cross Money. 2. L. Peterson, F. Filer R Fernandez M Rward L Stout A Barnfueld and E. Schmella participate in initiation. 3. R. Fernandez and B. Wuswall 4 P McCoy and B Bond sell pop at basketball game. ROW l E Adams, F. Arens, S. Basey, C. Bittle, L. Brader, J. Carlton, J. Christal M Cobb ROW 2 J Edwards A Everett M Garcia C. Griswold, S. Hardy, D. Heilman, B. Higgins, J. Hinchey. ROW 3: C Johnson M Lacell S Lockett L Long Y Musmusto, B. Olsen, M. Rank. .wavy '49 W' hs.. 13' ww X 4 , , . A ERI? GW . I iq: A ae' 9 , C my it ..a, P 5 res, ,M 35? - X 16" . fir iw- ,.. 'I' .H 'Sf 1 QA. is 'O ,.,' up r fs loo ge. V, ,. .f We 'S wi . ' fm L ROW 1: J. Rarick, D. Rishor, M. Rodriguez, O. Rodriguez, K. Sainsbury, E. Schmella, M. Schmella, R. Shearer. ROW 2: Lila Sim- mons, Linda Simmons, S. Smith, 0. Solis, A. Sutton, S. Van Cleave, J. Visser, D. Walker. ROW 3: D. Wells, J. Wells, B. Werten- berger, B. Wiswall, L. Worsham, S. Wyckoff. ,. , ,,,,V, L ,i-9 'SY YQ. W ROW I: Advisor Mrs. Cook, President Lucy Stout. ROW 2: F. Filer, S. Leming, M. Rivard, A. Soto. ROW 3: A. Barnfield, R. Fernandez. X z R .,,. ii? M014 Q J "2 1. C. Derry and B. Wiswall plan yearbook. 2. S. Basey arranges bulletin board. 3. J. Visser serves R. Truiillo at Christmas party. 4. Mrs. Cook buys pop from A. Everett and 0. Solis. f-W4 E Y., gif . wiv ...,............ 'SS' si QQ: J A 00009000009090099000OOOOOOOOQOC Throughout the year, the members ofthe National Torch Honor Society worked to promote service, character, leadership, and scholarship. They also sponsored a dance and presented assemblies, including the special induction assembly for new members. Most important project of the club's year was the sponsoring of a scholarship for a 1955 graduate of Toppenish, attending college. Tony Clark received this honor. The main spring events were the feature-length movie and the special induction banquet for new members. First semester officers were President Gus Parlier, Vice-President Jim Meagher, Secretary Margaret Shequin, and Treasurer Ellen Schmella. Elected to preside during the second semester were President Ardeth Barnfield, Vice-President Dorothy Bittle, Secretary Lola Peterson, and Treasurer Spence Barrett. The advisors of the group were Miss Finch, Mr. Cook, Mr. Morin, and Mr. Strom. ,s X f f Z lx 2 WJ " fi H 4 ROW I: S. Hardy, I.. long, I.. Stout, I. Wlswall, E. Schmella, F. Filer, L. Peterson. ROW 2: D. Hill, M. Shequin, D. llttlo, A. Sutton, 46 F. Arens, A. Barnfield. ROW 3: D. Ward, D. Thetford, G. Tollefson, J. Meagher, S. Barrett, G. Fendell, N. Clark. r T POOOOOQOOOOQOOOOOQOQOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOQQOOOOOOQ fe'---H-an-ug... 'us ,',.r-13 .arc-11 Barnflelcl, Miss Finch, Mr. Mr. Cook, Gus Parlier, and Mr. sw 4 . rin. y , 1 4 1 ,A , Fall iniliatesz Spence Barren, Gene Tollefson, Gary Fendell, Sue Hardy, V, Laura Long, Francie Filer, Lola Pefer- it M , :n' ' "" f son, Faye Arens, and Nolan Clark. M A L' N G. Fendell, A. Barnfield, Miss Finch, X and L. Stout plan banquef decorations. ww ,. fi - . 95-5 .- 39 22 . . I.. K7 53, 'fr' PIC. I: 6. Parller welcomes new members. PIC. 2: E. Schrnella and B. Wlswall help af Torch movie. PIC. 3: G. Tollefson, S. Barrett, A and G. Fendell. PIC. 4: S. Barrett collects dues from L. Long, S. Hardy, L. Peterson, and F. Arens. 7 Q, ks, ry, .LQ M V.. . .Ls W Vk.,Z I R 5 f , 1, E.. E, in A QW 'i 5 ' 5,-1. L P ROW I: 5. Hardy, L. Long, S. Smith, M. Rivard, and President D. Ward. ROW 2: K. Delaney, D. Niedermeyer, 'N' J. Benz, and M. Case. ROW 3: Advisor Miss Marian Ross, N. Clark, M. Scal- IeYr and David Hunt. cience K A Members of the newly organized Science Club participated in many activities pro- viding fun and education. During the year the group went on field trips to the U and l Sugar Factory, McNary Dam, and other industrial plants. Individual proiects carried on by the members included weather forecasting, titrations, and models of atoms. A relief map of the Toppenish area to be made available for use by other classes was planned by the club. The long-range goal of the organization is the establishment of a science museum in Toppenish for use by surrounding schools. Officers for the year were President Dick Ward, Vice President Sue Hardy, and Secretary-Treasurer Sharon Smith. Advisor of the goup was Miss Ross. FUN TIME AMONG President D. Ward pins Magician D. Niedermeyer shows new member K. Delaney. M. Case a scientific miracle. ,. if Q f sv S A M Q Mr. and Mrs. Strom become honorary members. PIC I: A. Sutton, M. D. McMican, L. Stout, R. Fernan- dez, A. Barnfield, and C. Blttle look at past issues of TOHISCAN. PIC 2: Pep Club and other spectators at home game. PIC. 3: L. Worsham, M. Lacell, K. Mose- bar, and B. Olsen perform ut home football game. PIC. 4: K. Lacy, D. Bittle, D. Kraft, and C. Bittle fight icy winds at the Top- penish -Wapato football game. THE ORGANIZATIONS R. Kissler, J. St. Mars, K. Rice, K. Pettit, and M. Cobb are initiated into Pep Club. Rl., S. Hixson holds lights for band pictures. GIRLS' OCTET ROW I: K. Rice, L. Cobb, L. Peierson, and C. Mikesell. ROW 2: M. Schmellu, B. Wiswoll, E. Schmello, and M. Ochs. BOYS' QUARTET H. Ross, S. Sfeinmefz, and G. No! pictured: Larry Noonan. Hetfich air The Toppenish High School Choir, with Mr. Sell as director and Ellen Schmella as pianist, started the year with about thirty students partici- pating. Most of the year was spent with assorted singing for the pleasure of the group. The high- light of the year was the Christmas program which was put on with the help of the Junior High Choir groups and of certain brass instruments from the Band. Some of the members also turned out for the State Choir at Spokane. On March 8, they pre- sented the annual spring concert. This year's choir had a most enioyable and educational season, part of the time of their life. an-.T"Wo. ff OFFICERS-ROW 1: J. St. Mars, L. Cobb, C. Huylar ROW 2: C. Mikesell, D. Kraft, K. Lacy, E. Meyers S. Steinmetz, M. Garcia. ROW I: K. Rice, D. Davila, J. Duran, E. Meyers, G. Chandler, H. Ross. ROW 2: P. Green, C. McKee, C. Whitaker, S. Barrett, E. - Castaneda. ROW 3: E. Glossen, K. Lacy, M. Schmella, M. Arens, J. Carlton. ROW 4: R. Truiillo, L. Cobb, M. Garcia, E. Schmella, J. Boob, J. I-linchey. ROW I: C. Cobb, J. Wertenberger, J. Martinez, W. Schott, S. Leming, R. Shearer, B. Wells, K. Parkhurst. ROW 2: L. Noonan, G Hettich, S. Steinmetz, C. Mikesell, T. Johnson, C. Huylar, J. Hiatt. ROW 3: S. Derry, K. Sainsbury, K. Taft, J. St. Mars, D.v Kraft, J. Haines, M. Derry. ROW 4: S. Smith, D. Thompson, M. Ochs, J. Rarick, E. Mears, L. Peterson, S. Griswold, S. Van Cleave. ROW 1: N. Mu fi M. Rivurdl B of eld, T. Vanlwol, M, C bb S. Walters sen, E. Wilmefh, R. Fer 0 ' B' George, K. Faulkn 1 B. Masgon . l'll-Index, A H ef, D. Tabler Ahderson. Row ' gl J: Hill, qnd J. ld ' Urn, M. Jordan, and B- Cq b 5. K. Perm L L B' 'UW 4' F o """ M- Gower RO mp eu' ROW 2: K Mo ' ' aYman, and R. Th ' ' eefef F- Garcia, D. T - W 3: M. Rodri ' sebflf, S. Leming amos. hefford, K. Delaney, ,fufjfg :"::o.:d, P. wen, PEP BAND ' ' m' 'on' """ C Row I: S. Leak, B. Olsen, M. Rivard, K. Mosebar, and R. Fernandez. ROW 2: J. lde, M. Rodriguez, K. Faulkner, B. George, T. Vanlwol, M. Cobb, N. Mayfield, and S. Long. ROW 3: J. l-lill, S. Sherwood, S. Delaney, B. Newell, L. Simmons, J. Wells, M. D. McMican, and A. Barnfield. ROW 4: M. Macias, .I Campbell, and D. Thetford, student director. ROW 5: L. Layman, B. Thalhelmer, G. Fendell, and E. Armiio. gg .. ff' 1 1' X -ii. fs., 2 wg Drum Maiorette Sandra Leak Q Q..- ROWI I. . T17 : . Gulstine, J. Jeffers, J. Silvers, C. Lindsay, J. Christal, I.. Worsllam, C. Johnson. ROW 2: P. Gordon, C. Bittle, M. Rank, S. leak, S. Long, B. Roberts, M. lacell, J. Carlton. ROW 3: S. Hixson, S. Delaney, B. Newell, I.. Simmons, J. Wells, M. D. McMican, A. Barnfield. ROW 4: D. Walker, R. Hamilton, P. Lorton, B. Hanson, M. Macias, J. Campbell, C. O. Tollefson, director. ROW 5: E. Armiio, G. Fendell, D. Austin, J. Strom, B. Tholheimer. S re . Q ' ell- TreaSl-We" P' Bowle-sknfdent U"""""" M2 La-cp lgsldent, A- """fie'd' 1 Ilef- my' S' LeDmIl'1l?etff:rd: vue-President, G- ' r . NX J IsTi1?DT'ill Leader, 5- Long' H12 , S ' is .Q ' . ff S q-1 . ..,'- . . 1- NV x i? i i L' ,A ji x . I f f.. J 5 1, ,sf , . N 35. .2 ,y if Nw' mf I N T. S Qs ,M ',.-f-s,f 2 , , V O . W .fmt ua-f'j, 3 ' mg- 4 .K ,.,.-be Li 1 f 3 'wwf 1 H . f x.'g"f 'Z 5 'NL M f .M .W 5, dwhfrywlq .Sl 2 , ,- .sl I , . gg-Q--ua. I VE. K' . 2..f.H..5 - 3 . W V - ' , . M'-" X S i . 4X J EXE X9 D J . x ,s ,pf ' . R X N Y J J Q J 4. S J 2 I if f M. bar. h ,on K, Mose Lawn, B. Olsen, L, Worsham, C. Jo n 1 LPA -Q- ROW l:Janet Chase, Bon- nie Higglns, Advisor Mr. Berg, Editor Donna Hill, Dorothy Bittle, Beverly Olsen, and Sue Leming. ROW 2: Cecelia Orozco, Ofelia Rodriguez, Karen Mosebar, Rozella Stagner, Tommie Sue Walls, Carol Bittle, Dixie Rishor, and Joyce Carlton, ROW 3: Adeline Soto, Glen Head, Fred Fuoco, Louie McCord, Norman Johnson, and Fred Garcia. VK was EA W , ?' I , 'I CF' , , f 1 Q74- ll' lk ,,. . 'I' lv rs Q-rf in-f D. Henry buys TOP-HI TIPS from D. Hill. B. Olsen sells a paper to B. Wolfe while M. Lacell looks on. Editor D. Hill and Advisor Mr. Berg confer over page layout. Recording your good times was the Top-H TIPS staff, led by Editor Donna Hill and Associate Editor Dixie Rishor. Mr. Dave Berg put in many hours as faculty sponsor. Handling the finances and balancing the books for the staff were Business Managers Caro Bittle and Bev Olsen. Meeting deadlines, copyreading, proofread ing and getting stories were iobs of the staff. Numerous trips were taken during the year including a trip to a press conference in Spo- kane. ln the spring a trip to the Pacific Slope Press Conference in Seattle was enioyed by several TIPS staff members. As a reward for all of the year's work c picnic was held at Sportsman's Park in Yakimc late in the spring. . F in , 8 f 'W ggi' 'X f' f Q Qu . 7 .. 3 ,L 1 fit. N . fm Q5 z if .. K g -, KX K, .5 -Q- PIC. l: N. Mayfield, T. Van Zwol, and M. Cobb look over pep- band music. PIC. 2: M. Castaneda and C. Whitaker ge! ready for choir concert PIC. 3: M. Rodriguez and S. Sherwood play a tune. PIC. 4: Choir members inspect new music. PIC. 5: J. SI. Mars and K. Lacy check roll. J. Moore, M. Macias, and J. Campbell prepare to play in band. . .sili PW? ,ra l f 5 E. Mears, J. St. Mars, and C. McKee prepare for choir appearance. PIC. l: R. Fernandez and C. Bittle help T. Van Zwol to band. PIC. 2: Mr. Tollefson sorts music. 55 5 ieffl These boosters have contributed 512.50 and 57.50. Top-Hi thanks them. Berry's Cab Ralph Bowles Shell Jabber Brader Hauling Service Buckingham and Son Buena Market Chandler Distributing Co. C. Leonard Cobb Conrad's E. 8. H. Motors Graham-Leming Hall-Harmon Equipment Co. Huba Huba Ideal Feed and Supply Leidy's Tony Masciotra Dr. Meagher Galen F. Ramsay-Insurance Bates Furniture Berg's Lumber Co. BittIe's "66" Service Campbell's Grocery City Tire Jack's Garage J. C. Penney Co. Kraff's Men's Wear, Family Footwear GROUP C Rowberry's Recreation Schaake Packing Corp. Seattle-First National Bank Drs. F. W. 8. E. J. Shearer Sherwood Glass Co. Sugar Workers' Union G. E. Thomas Motors Thorp's Sheet Metal Toppenish Auto Supply Toppenish Feed Toppenish Loan Co. U 8K l Sugar United Farmers Co-op Webb Tractor Co. Western Packing Co., Inc. Williams Hardware 8. Furniture Co. Yakima Golding Hop Farm GROUP D W. D. McKee M 8- M Bakery Pacific Power 81 Light Reed 8- Hall Electric Rosser 8- Sutton Stoops 8. Sons Valley Gas 8. Appliance Wheeler Electric gif lf. ,mx H ,,-1' ftilthg I Q l PM .. ...-qv" R. Clark and C. Mikesell. D. Thetford admires it-I-opPY.u 'l. L. Long, B. Wiswall, I. Cobb, M. Lacell, and J, Carlton at College Con- ference. 2. S. Leak, A, Soto, and M. Rodriguez at Pep Club candy sale. 3. L Peterson checks refresh- ments for dance. 4. Root- ers at faculty game. 5. P, Lorton, B. Higgins, and J. Deyo sell megaphones. 201665 ,iq 1 J g,Z67z,p,77,6,g0f , , X. - f. 7 ' S ' ' KXZMZQM f4f4fLwLaaf 4a,fA,4 V, , - 1 ,O ZZ f , Y f Q X agua, Q A'?C7,Zf.,T7Z0Ll,x?6QZ LQ! 4 - A 6.44, .174100CA zfcbaf fgzggf 4766, , f X . - x 3' ' 296 M40-2, K'J'A4'?fQf716f7 claw, N A .A ofcyfff- ci0 fac5 f f ,OJ po I '- X x - ' ' M14 X, AP f 64605 4f2i?.4-Gi., yeafe . w2z,Ae,Z, QQ 4' ' ' Q5 ' C ' X, 'N F fmfQ f U4fMf C2 ,iawff ' K XZ'-lzddycoez, A L, 5 62 I g,0v2.aef-Z0 ilk 4 A 5 I v?1d.!izf,Q94: XZCLQQ6 , . A , I. f I Ji ,f 7446! 6526 F bn , .Q 'N , X Q57 f' XX S., , Q" xw 3 X ' f- . 5 w - x ' . 4 , .X i ,X , xx 5 ,a I if 1' fx 1 ," f L ff L A n,f . ,. K JJ F ij va, x nga ,r yy A 1.5, 5 R X l K ,--1, , 2, K r z' , 1 XV 5 s if W? mix SONG LEADERS Margaret Shequin Carol Bittle Dorothy Bittle YELL LEADERS Dorothy Kraft Mary Lacell Kay Lacy ,. ' , ff ' ff f f L Z LL L X ff X I 6 1 if 1,641 Lk, , If 1 Z XJ 71 1 Zfjyffi- XXCI-'foorsgldf , j Z! 571,410 ,0771!jfjNf Q, yu , ff :Wf J MECOMIKISBV f fi Z ASKETBA yy, M . 4,7 fi-, . ?Q A 1,1 1 lv C K A K ."' I' P I k ,' ,A 'r' . si X f Sl , g I 1 .V YJ . 'lr ,h , 1 ,. l "' if Il Y .X . 1 1 .. YI - '- I, 'I' - . I N , fix fm' f 3, X :J -1. ,' I . A ,hh n In ' np l Vo I f f:.3 Riff 3, de . 1 9 1' 1' V4 , I IQ? X .I -4 , ,, if fzkl , Q Sy I X 1-QW' R", ' 1' if Ns ir-4 Y J' fC.5'?-'ZX' I N Q 4 9L 1"4 "VX 1 X V S 4 Q , ,. I lr 1 I I C, X, -r fs' 1 X' .K ,K ' ' 'D r XY X I" Ax. 1 I I W' I X X 'X I 1 Q 1 ,v U 1 I, If I Kagqerae-CU A0 JM WW MW afmd. , , WW' Q-U4 WWMWWM ,.,,,,4M,,,,+.fWfYf'Wf 'f-c:,MJ41 . W JLDZJLWM44 -,C,,,,t,o ,aa-my M4-CML QM ffm, UL, g,Q,2",fz',lj7'f M WMM Quinny 1-ffkidfwfffdff - 4,04 -N42 , 'WW 1 bmWff W21mlem M b . 1q"5'-'fz""'3""""': ft? xiafjtkdyz 4.41, Wi0 , i."',.fLJ,,J:,",Q1'4,.,,.,h'L'L""e ' W f 2 . d.,4,wf "'b" Wi? vfL4,4-vt-c....,,J , sd, 0-4141 ' 0'-J u 00 32231, 6 t ' ww ,gz-a-Y? ,a-0-r . , -'ou-OCC-' f J ,ov-uv-.J ip- PA? his year Toppenish had a very success- one for e Wildcats, with a l ss to M r- '75 ful football season. Although they didn't win all of their games, they were always fighting for the glory of the school. They wanted to make the school proud of them, and they did. They lost the first game to Ellensburg, in the last few minutes of the game, by a score of 14-7. This loss didn't seem to hurt their spirits at all. They scored a victory in the next game 13-7. In the game with Naches, the strength of the Wildcats came through with a 27-19 victory. The next game was a high scoring one with a win over Plosser, by 33- 25. ln a runaway game for the Wildcats when they played Cle Elum, the score was 33-13. The Selah game ended up in the hands of Top-Hi, with a final score of 13-O. The Homecoming game proved to be a fatal quette 13-6. In the final game of the season with Wapato the Wildcats couldn't seem to do anything and dropped the game with a 19-O score. Louie McCord was taken out of the Homecoming game with an iniury to his right arm. He could not finish the season. Three players made the All-Valley 2nd team. Louie McCord rated in the backfield, Durward Thetford as an end, and Larry An- giano as All-Valley tackle. Reo Clark was elected, by secret ballot, Honorary Captain of the season. Reo was also chosen Inspirational Player of the year because of his fine performance as a foot- ball pl er. Where When Score Won ' ! Z BL I There Ellensburg Sept. 23 7-14 Ellensburg ' L Here Grandview Sept. 30 13- 7 Top-Hi 7 Zkud H ' I There Naches Oct. 7 27-19 Top-Hi I ,Z C K Here Prosser Oct. 14 33-25 Top-Hi ""'+ There Cle Elum Oct. 21 31-13 Top-Hi Here Selah' Oct. 28 13- 0 Top-Hi Here Marquette Nov. 4 6-13 Marquette There Wapato Nov. 11 19- O Wapato R 1 s it r K K . JY' N Assistant Coach B. Grubb, Head Coach B. Langen- bacher, and Assistant Coach E. Cook. Reo Clark, chosen Inspirational player by his teammates, receives trophy and congratula- tions from Coach Langenbacher. 57 D. Thetford, at 'I75 pounds, played end three years. At 160 pounds, P. Stump played tackle for three years, 160-pound M. Stump played tackle for three years. At end, R. Clark, 160 pounds, completed three years of football. 175- pound G. Tollefson, play- ing his first year, held down end position. At right half, L. Huylar, weighing l35 pounds, played for his first year. l.McCord played fullback for three years, E I l I 5 i s 1 1 sw: ROW I: G. Kukes, R. Hamilton, G. Bates, R. Stout, I.. Cummings, A. Stev- ROW 2: R. Herman, L. Stump, G. Clark, R. Smith, D. Reeves, S. Seely, G. Barn 58 V 'RL J. Garner, M. Macias. Wye... M Managers .lerry Holmes, Ed Tupling, Marvin Mastel, Ed Armiio. 5 Kr . v, 'N ' Q , 2 ew 1 Ei? , - ,-5: 5wi"rs'K lar l ' ' y ffirlligafw j ,ff ,Q v . 4' - , .. L.. mn , V -s W. ,fe V fr ., ...WW E-.,"j-W w. bf . as V ,.,,Q.eVs"iffi,,3fF l- ' N-f .113 15: , -W .1 ' fem' ' i,,,,ii:i'fjff7:' 4, 5 gf,.xgg,s , if igmiifeffiligkjiiis f .. i .mm-gf yky. V31 kr .TM f .gil f, 7' E, .. l R '53 L. gf .. , - ROW I: G. Tollefson, L. Angiano, A. Pinkham, J. Booth, T. Friend, P. Stump, D. Thetford. CENTER: 3. Scrivner. ROW 2: R. Garcia, E. Meyers, J. Bradish, L. McCord, L. Huylar, 5. Hixson, R. Clark. ROW l: D. Runyan, M. Stump. ROW 2: D. Henry, R. Hill, D. Harbaugh, D. Field, D. Austin. ROW 3: S. Long, R. O'Rear, G. Thomas, M. Scalley, B. Thalheimer, C. Clark, J. Erickson, B. Fike. weighing l45. At 140 pounds, A. Pinkham played tackle two years, as did L. Angiano, l8O pounds. S. Long, l5O pounds, played holfbock. J. Bradish, 165 pounds, played for two years. At 165 pounds, J. Booth played center for his first year. 140-pound center D. Runyon completed three years of ploy. E. Meyers, at 190, played his first com- plete season. boo o beef o ca Q' 631 Q .49 90 ooo 99 0 oo Q ' 9 N Q0 -It K Oo Roe? Q-' 0 9' 'o fe .9 s vo 5' -1' pa' x0 90 . Q5 bs 650 U4 Q2 Q ,Q , ,i'F A pile-up at the Wapato game. I 4, ,Av 60 f A 2 fifliskz.. u ,M H . -L5 Xqiw 'X ws' '--N.. Q W W,- -w,wff- f Toppenish stops Wupat for a loss. Q? IL is , ' 2 H Af XL as ,.,,wu.-fy' - . i:w..5f,..L ,A W., -WU, K, j ,- Kvgx 00' 44' coz 1 259 ' 3 -S 40' ea Q" Q 4" o Q 0 F 9 oo 4 34' 6394 V' w s .Q Q o sa' 0.25 K 0 0550 goo 0 6' xv' +9 xoo N 3.1 , 4- ,Jw Q : QQ v "o Ss' Wapafo runs with ball. f J4W4' QE' Crowd watches tackle made by Toppenish. -if -Y o weaab' 'syn . 9 O 1 J' Q 45 Q oy O 8 99' Q9 ak -P go J xx' '0 o" 0 V 5 Q" e d' QQ oo vga val W N AW dui , ww mm. .m',1.,'4 ,,., aw, ' " , K 4 5 , 'W o .- , ,- -sv pf Q ,NEW -if ., 523.9 rm M ,sv ,. . W 4 ime or Pep OOOOQOQOOOOOOOOQOOO4 ,f ,Mm , --L .3 .R ROW I: Freshman Princess B. Campbell, Junior Princess E. Raymond, Sophomore Princess E. Angiano, Senior Princess S. Leming, Queen J. Chase. PIC. I: Bev Olson watches assembly prac- tice. PIC. 2: P. Lorton, J. Deyo, B. Werten- berger, T. Walls in Wapato exchange assembly. PIC. 3: D. McNaIl, L. Layman, L. Peterson, K. Rice introducing school spirit at the Junior Class assembly. PIC. I: Mr. E. Benz crowns Queen J. Chase while Princess S. Homecoming Leming and Princess E. Angiano look on. PIC. 2: Princess E. Angi- ano and L. McCord in H Homecoming parade. A dflelflfl A06 OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOQQOO 1. M. D. McMican, D. Thetford, S. Sherwood, .l. Ide, J. Hill, S. Long, N. Mayfield, J. Campbell play in the Dixie- land band. 2. T. Foster and C. Mikesell sing a duet in the March of Dimes assembly. 3. S. Barrett and H. Ross sing hillbilly songs. 4. C. John- son, D. Markham and E. Malerich portray the rise and fall of the polio germ. 5. J. Hill, L. Layman, E. Armiio, S. Long, G. Tollefson in the Dixieland band. 6. Mr. langenbacher during the faculty game. 7. W. Lenhardt and H. Ough. 8. R. Kin- caid, R. Staub, and R. Barrett sing the F.F.A. arrangement of "Six- teen Tons". 9. Mr. Palmer at March of Dimes ball game. 10. G. Kukes and "Mitchacook." 63 F "TT 'K' The 1955-56 basketball season proved to be a successful one for Top-Hi. Mr. Sam Mitchell, Top-Hi's new coach, brought the team through the season to a tourney berth, where they lost the first game to Wapato and were eliminated by Richland. This terminated a sea- son which began with promise when Toppenish came out with a respectable third place at the annual Wapato Jamboree. The Wildcats began the regular season in a flurry with a win over West Valley and then Prosser. Hopes were high when Top-Hi met Grandview and proved to be the superior team that night. Selah was the next opponent and was too hot for Top-Hi. Toppenish over- came this loss and beat Naches. The team then went into a slump and was beaten by Cle Elum, Marquette, Highland, and a second game to Highland. Again the Wildcats came out fighting against Prosser and our favor. Selah came to Toppenish and with everyone on the edge of their seats as the game went into overtime, Selah came out on top by one point, 70-69. The next two games Top-Hi took with no trouble over Noches and West Valley. After another spine-tingling game, Top-Hi triumphed over Cle Elum, ol-60, and the spectators went home as exhausted as the players. The night following, Mar- quette saw Top-Hi outnumber them in rooters and scores in another wild game which ended, 50-48. Team and spectators will remember the '55-'56 season as one of ups and downs, marked by three of the most exciting games in , the valley's year. For the five seniors on the A squad, Ron , . Thomas, Jim Meagher, Gene Tollefson, Louie McCord, and Q Durward Thetford, their last year as high school hoopsters Q rates high among the time of their lives. Ron, a Top-Hi f D U D U U D D U D D U D U D H U U 2 Grandview and with the students behind them, tipped the scores in U U U l U D l U U U H U U D U U . guard, made all-valley class A second team, with Jim f . and Gene rating honorable mentions. Jim was , lI'lSPil'C'l'i0l'lGl . chosen inspirational player by his teammates, , Pldyel' . Ron served as honorary captain this year. , coach 1imMe09"ef 2 Underclassmen look forward to an- : Eve,-en cooh . other lively season next year, with vet- , . erans G. Buratto, T. Foster, C. Clark, , . G. Arens, J. Garner, G. Scrivner, Q . and D. Niedermeyer to form the Q . core of another team of fight- f . ing Wildcats. Gene Arens , . and Greg Buratto were . chosen by their team- , mates to co captain . next year's team. , . D 9 ,kg - . A . O PRE-SEASON GAMES wum warns wno SCORE WON Nov. 26 ...... .... T here Wapato Jamboree ........ Third n Dec. 3 -,--,--.. ,--- H ere Sunnyside 48-45 T0P'l"ll. Dee, 9 ,,,,,, ,.., T here Sunnyside 5l-38 SlJftf1Y5'de ' Dec. 13 ...... .... T here Zillah 50-45 Zillah . Dec. 20 ...... .... H ere Zillah 55-39 Zlllah . CONFERENCE GAMES Q -Ign. 3 ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, T here West Valley 69-45 TOP-Hi . Jan. 6 -,,,..,.. ,,,,, T here Prosser 54-43 T0P'l'lf . Jan. 7 ----,---, .,,,, H ere Grandview 57-45 TOP-H' . Jem, 13 ,..,,,,,. .,,,, T here Selah ielalcll Jan' --,------ --,- , Here Naches ' op' I . Jan. -'------- -.-'- T here Cie Elum Cle Elum D ,ani 21 ,,,,--.,- .-,- 1 Hem Marquette 54-47 Marquette ' Jan. 27 -.'--.--- ----, H ere Highland 69'50 Hlghlond . Feb. 3 4.------. --., T here Highland 56-50 Hlghlcfnd . Feb, 10, ,,4,,. ,,... H ere PYOSSSY 64'4l T0P'H' R' Feb' 11 ..---,--, -.-,, T here Grandview 76-62 TOP-Hi 'X 1 -.-"---- -'--- H ere Selgh Selah. K S-, e.,4V fe lx. Feb,'I8 ,,,,r,, ,,,,. T here Noches 69-47 T0P'H! NX X3 e. Feb, 21 ,,,,,, .-... H ere West Valley 69-32 TOP-H2 Q- 3 ix lx Feb, 24 ,,,.,,,,, ,,.,. H ere Cle Elvm 6l'60 T0p'Hf , Y " Feb, 25 ,,,,,.,,, .-,,, T here Marquette 50-48 TOP-H' 52 2 ,Q . March 2 ,,.,,, ,,,,, S unnyside Wopato 52-30 Vffapclo sc.. 1 March 3 --,-.V ,-., S unnyside Richland 62-57 Richland: Q61 E Q. XX-x r 'DN . J 'K U 4,65 ,gf-0' bf ffgaf-"0-' W f .YXXX 'xx W 'Y 5, ' xl ' - f S b,vf4Jt9'- , FAA ?ZQ7-Q Q5 -XL ii , Qi 116442-' Re N er D 5. K - l EQ ' X T X '52 A m it x . - . ft Q X eb gf ,dal COCCI1 T'-Nik Q EQJ gal? ,ax sum Mitchell -. S K . ' Q Ron Themes R X 0 ef . trer, " Ti , VN fx . zyban .ful-1-r,Al,Q,, 0.61 2. NMR Qt, x repel, N . X. Xe ,Nye gg D ,610-. 9 X ' ' x Nei. THX XA O jk -5 l YS ' Ti 531 W 5 Q52 X it it ' ,, , -i 2 59 ec. A, Q Q we 0 O DO DO TQ s 1 1 Q 'S I L,L, fi E in 5 ii ,Cx mf if X3 is YN 3 Q-5 X x. 'X J C Q -'S Q 'L fy 7 AL,-yvp. f W r, ' , K Lf., ,L ff , gk' Wwmgf If NWN 1 is 9 sv LW M-A..-...,... 3 ,aaa-.. M .. ,, , I F Gene 5Cl'iV'1el' Gene Tollefson Gene AYBNS Tim Foster Ron Thomas Jan Garner ROW 1: Stan Hixson, Ron Smifh, Sian Seely, Mgr. Ray Hamilton. ROW 2: Gary Kukes, Larry Wilson, Mgr. Don Markham. 5 5 r Wwwaf ai 1' az J iimsfg A , 1 1 ' K 3-we aim ' .41 vvysiw ,, '?" N-f! ' ' Ji ! s W .k Ok -Nw-,M-1 vw WY! 6 'QQ c0Ve ! Z 1 : X j,3Q,?5 Y, QQ. , ' Aff . 'N '35 5 'Q- ,intl ,www . M, , X ,ASX lib? in k 3 'K 'Q Ls -fi ,. 'Q M" V Q 'Wilifdugzlk , ii? J R X ii Wah: A W ft A ,mv N, , u mi m M 3153! When April 3 April lO April 'I3 April 14 April 19 April 2l April 27 April 28 0l'LI'll May l ,,,,, 3 . +: ' , X x X li r X ' X " - ,M f Mj ,rf if ,fi f .Ru nlpgpxrrfyiif V f Y A P' 4- , IP ' ' f . fl fir! lf, rl J ' iff ' A l illf pl ,QQ iii .W N 1, who ' where 4 l .....,,CIe Elum Top-Hi K .......Selah Top-Hi .......Wapoto Wapato ...,..,Wapalo Top-Hi .....,.Yakima Yakima .,,....Selah Selah .,..,.,Yakima Yakima .......5unnyside Sunnyside .......CIe Elum Cle Elum .......Sunnyside,,,., .,.,...Top-Hi May 2 ,,,,, ROW l: D. Heilman, J. Grubenhoff, A. Bornfield, C. Lindsay, M. Arens, A. Soto, M. Rodriguez, D. Hill, P. Gordon. ROW 2: M. McMican, G. Chandler, D. Mi:NaII, W. Le- Blanc, M. Scalley, J. Benz. COUCl1 EVeI'eff Cook P5 . 70 lf... x I-9 W. LeBlanc and M. Scalley - D- MCNGH and J- Ben! -,, if ir 2.m21:i7k':-K 1 ...,3,5g1.v , Team prepares fa have if picture taken, -'Lg' .5 S5'w.,. , . wriivz. 97 " ,ein . - f:i? f i8w 4' 1' 'L '- . ai:1E?5'-.lf 3 , ' .m 3 3' ' ' Pr: f l ' ' , . aiu -.-. , L 33 1 l"CLC March 30 ....A. ...,. April 27 .....,.. ,,,.,. May 4 .,,,.. .,.... May l2 ..,,,. ...... May I9 ....,,,.. ,...., qi April 4 April l3 5 April 20 .J Q l 5 ll ' ' fi 1 'Q l , ,IS I I 3 ' . Yfi'J55'I+:iiQgf'.1, t, . Bill Langenbacker .lm May 25-26 ,,.,,.7...., When Who Where Top-Hi, Wapato, Ellensburg, Grandview Moxee, While Swan, and Goldendale ........,.., Top-Hi Top-Hi, Ellensburg, and Wapato ....,.,......,., Ellensburg Top-Hi, Prosser, Grandview, Sunnyside .........,,, Top-Hi Top-Hi, Wapalo, Prosser ................,,....,... Top-Hi, Grandv lew, Wapalo ....,. .... Invitational Night Meet ........,. Sub-Dlslrlcl .............,.,..... Dislricl llenlativ Stale llenfalivel el ..,. ....Wapalo .Grandview ..,,.,,Top-Hn .......Top-Hi .....Yakima .,...Pullman ROW I: J. Moore, J. Bradish, L. Huylar, D. French, L. McCord, J. Booth, L. C h Ph... M, h Schott. ROW 2: R. Kincaid, D. Ausfin, J. Erickson, H. Loveless, .l. Werten- oac es ' 'P 'ras and berger, R. Garcia, D. Reeves, R. Smith, T. Friend, J. lde. i .Lf 2 5 A Q Fig!! I Coach Langenbocher A V, Q A ,n , ii Q' J. Bradish laughs at L. Schott. Coach Mirosh explains pole- wf' f vaulting technique to L. Lansden. When Where April 3-White Swan April IO-Zillah ....,... April I3-Wapato April 17-Zillah .....,.. April 19-Marquette April 21-Selah Jo Q . 's Ja'-S' ef - CVS. of eo s- ' Q? . +- e"3i'i4'0 ., Q' 5' SN 0. 0. O Qt 4,1 Q-05049 QW ooo - V I 9 I .hos Q- What Practice Practice Practice -X3 04" Q9 dl gaifegaf Q-' 'P' av' 0' gt? o"' zo S When April 27 fy , f May l May 4 May 8 May l 1 May 15 Where -Yakima --Ellensburg -Highland Wha White Swan .... Practic -Naches Wapato .......... Practic we 9" e' 0' of ,oo ..-'lf' ggi 0 . Y 091 O. eo0.,oox 4-'N ef' 9' -6' x bl Q34 ,oo S 9. v' 9' w- ey , ' 4 5 Goo" ,Aj Q, w., Q o- -9 -Q- N. x . Q-' Os bo ro' f o 003' w G. Hettick winds up. Un- identified person pre- pares to catch bull. G. Clark and M. D. Mc- K vf Micun wait their turn S. Hixson waits for the ball o 3 QQ 0 5 QQKHQ oo 'K .Q X9 so 0 Q O 4' . ojV1gioc,00 N" 9' Y o cf " .Y . QXQXQZDQ-N0 X Qqxc. 8, ga' 0 il, ii smm xc. 5- 9 Q Q, af' 9 e ,. ,bis o' 9 9' .F'.fk" 04o.QgxQ6'5o Wxzsegogfgoto 0,805-26510. Q QQ Q Q Q, 'K 9 0 Q99 09 Sb' 3 6-RQGOROQF o- 4" P' c- 9' ,seg ,f A Ward up to bat. Myers and T. Van Zwol watch turnout. D. Bittle, M. Shequin and C. Bittle with Wildcat fans. C. Clark winds up wr Coach Cook and B squad players watch basketball game. Top-Hi students at faculty game. for pitch. 'S 'if f 'B I '- n , . , , ,,,'IW.g .,A'. s ' ,..' , , b Mr. Mitchell and Greg Buratto flip unidentified student. J. Putney hangs up racket after practice game. 'S G. Scrivner prepares to shoot. Mathis waits his turn. , ., ,R ,kyk ,, S , . X, tg. ,,,, 1 . f . F rn ff . Higgins, J. Schloss and E. Raymond study literature. K T f -ig if ., . wffg. ,,.,,, .... . f-J-. f , B 4 Yb- 4 ' 'K at Ki , I 11 , X- 'A Q xirm ig T , g?e,.4 , V, V gall' f 'W J ,. in . as K3 ,irq " ':"'i'- . . D. Parkhurst works busily in chemistry. 5 we f is li if , ...M - K5 ., N one . iv, Studying very hard in U. S. History is S. Steinmetz. M. D. McMican bravely takes his polio shot. dr' Mrs. Fricke smiles from her work in home economics. G. l'Lead ' ' ' Morin look over a history pamphlet. Mr. and Mrs. Coonradt smile on the auditorium steps. Miss Finch laughs happily at the Tohiscan Christmas party. E y 1 A. ei s 75 J. Hugh Aaron D. J. Andreas, Washington Nurseries Austin Service and Repair Auto Bane Yard Barkaloo's Fashions Basto's Cleaners Ben Franklin Store Benz Warehouse Blame's Radiator Shop Brown's Bi-Rite Drug Brunswick Barber Shop Bungalo Sig Carlson's Motors, Inc. City Electric S Plumbing Cabb's Barber Shop Consolidated Freight Courtesy Cleaners Cozy Barber 8 Beauty Shop Don's Utoco Service Dairy Queen D 8. D Grocery Don's Market Evana Motel Everybody's Fred BeezIey's Chevrolet Graham 81 Morris Guess Transfer Hagedorn's Exchange H 8. H Self-Service Market Haugan's Department Store Hopkins Mortuary Hop Growers Supply Co, Hunt's Building Service lntervalley Equipment Co. Jim's Oil Well Johnson's Hardware Jahnson's Motel June's Specialty Shop Doris J. Kennedy, Realtor Kerby Sand 8- Gravel ooafem These boosters have contributed 55.00 to our 7956 yearbook. GROUP E King's Shep Kirk's Tire Shop Abe lincoln l.indsey's Market locker Market MaIlette's Cleaners Maple Leaf Dairy Market Master Martel Drug Mathis Jewelry Dr. McCurdy' Dr. W. H. Merrick Miller's 'Drive-ln Market Morefield Drug Joseph C. Murphy Nichols Bros. Milling Co. OIiver's Drive-ln 8 Fruit Stand Oregon-Washington Telephone Parker Apts. Pete's Body Shop Billy Phillips Shell Potlatch Yard, Inc. Price Phillips Chevron Dr. R, J. Ralston Ray's Radio 8. TV Reservation Service Station Rose's Beauty Salon Sheets Shell Service Signal Service Smith-Stanton Stevens Auto Supply Thorp's Creamery 8. Lockers Toppenish Sales Yard Dr. S. W. Underwood, Veterinarian Union Oil Consignee Western Auto White River lumber Co. J. J. Whitis Williams' Motel Top-Hi thanks them. t ff, El . ,lf 7 is. f i A 9' .1 M. Wm.. is W pgnuivff ...M .Q ,er 1... ,. ., Q Q- R. Clark relaxes in locker room. F. Layman gives ticket to C. Derry. 'l. R. Leonard and frleni "'I'oppy." 2. Top-Hi root ers at Wapato-Toppenis football game. 3. Mr. Or tolf and S. Sherwood kee score at basketball gam 4. J. Deyo and D. Rlsh decorate goal posts whll C. Wentz, G. Bates, an C. Peters look on. 5. Mr: Cook and Mr. Bothwe attend game. si If NN ' J i V H :Biff jvlkxijx X774 1 Q,-a Avy - 'J ' 4'1,M' x ' qj f ,Q J N U L, jrv vi f K 5 Q, L-Lv V X XX A N X L LY' ll Aff, 0 BJP - -X fi. Vg. Lf , 5 A f ,J f-.54 N-'QA H ff , X Q Af f I X! +1-!U IT' YA, .-J 'VT AQUU kk Q pf P J J wk ' A 'Q WN' jp ' . f1'A NCD ,, - W v f I 1 ' A ,J V xy f, lx ,AA 4 f KV A Q TL nf LJ VU In rf V' , fy, X V ' If f QW X p X1 ,J 13 ' Q ,iv gf V1 M, Uk' X 1, l 'J 3 ' Vflv . 1 ' I J CL V 1 -fn!! 'M .fl QKVJ . V JO Ja' 5' L7Qn' 1A4!V'lf .-f, ' J k M ' . WU X OX v X xx,-,A Y , E 'V K f, C"'Y'w . T f X X, 'wif 7 V WX an ' QI, 1, V: L F ,jf 'X .. vi.: CQNQP A C LL! A 'iQ' D V min I B Y ,NM I4 s Aff:- xilqfl JR El 3 A MXN! L X Q 3 5 ' I N ,A ggi? YN y 'H x X Ty.-1 i, X. X K cvx' V 'K x- :NB ' rw, Jw Wfvwu hy' . . .lb ,,f,1Ujm7, ff Wfxp hw, ff J ' 43 l1, Q WI. fr. KMJA4, I JL XM! rgfyw JQMALINQMI 4121156 IM, 'J fefj . 1 ff!! MAMMLKJ MIM! ' - Il , Qffffi,-03 !,y1Jv L U2 jfu"'f Lf' , F fm 1,,,jjXj,xl.n K GL Aj A ' . ,VXI - WX, JAH- if jaukjvl' 'm MA XM K-f QA N6l ,COLQJU 00f!'f!?f,y, 0'?'J07Wf,2' UU Lcodfiahnnav ,Q 7'7,0,,,9 1,,0 51,7 mo J f Qfgl, if 1454 H4 J 7' fA,6LQoLm'b Gff' AQ fwlfvvcj pvc! J QM, L7 f2L 0119! 1 , ASB Nj ,'fl'l ,cj Zf7f0IA 1501 'C OUCJU Qffbif - Gene Tollefson fl, :ff .1ff7f'YA efdff! CJAJ. zieoj wfoqj QUJJ Ulf fj I f4,4l?ffJ,l,0 H Q1 1f,Cfj Gvfpj Qrj Clljfljj PRINCIPAL ffyifjffy. fg Qfffgj yffugpf, f,,?h! Qfnlf 1 A111 fffqj I6 ,r j A. J. Strom fi! J K Ujcufo, Q X, 41, I I, I, ,f ffKUf.L,dJ ywlfi ,JYIAKMIKA Mt I Wvf -1,7 X9 I , 'n f , A .1 SUPERINTENDENT A 7' " 7 if UVM ffl! jabfj A. K. Temperley in , N9-Lg, pp QU! .'7?LP,O!D . V scnool. BOARD iffy, any A CHAIRMAN , U , .XJJ,, 4 Harold Niedermeyer -i x X x S Q E fn K' ,r I ,, fmLAWQ,QffJ'm ww, 1714i ' Jafnma-g-251,44 'LMWM' 'OMMI ,44,wJw-22 x,,.44'a If 76158 SMJA' Mgglwmf uadlybw W, midi? P21 'ZZ'22f'Q9o'Z2,2f 111 mfr 4-CLEKMJ Qoafiafvueaf Jil WW MH, Jfibfl, 70, wwvuywwzzldf aww? ,Sf 10 . 1 5 PRINCEFAI. W 'pamlyiigfhrddf K TEMPERI. ,tm JMAVQMQA s'm:l.a:67x?fzf7f'0W" IQ., N170-'fn A.axf-Z, Q A. DRIVERS, custom NS, -0l'ZcooKs, Nunssfyfwff 0,559 31,99-Q ,Aff JJ!! - 4-.x Z3 ffffz l'0""1QJ!o9v,L C',d'7r,Q4ffr, - -of dwgf fK,U,q 7, !, I ' 'Y' ,K ,Off ff ,Q 2 71' J!! , ., .1 4 Q 456:31 ' gs Zgvff '74,-Q ,. - 5? fvffffyc wwf f2fLJ9 QW jf W v0 4' 'Myff ww fm 7 WWA fvpfnv fzlypyy fyqfffop fi? ffddl L,v A A ffwif E , 3 1 n I f'ff'c'-ww -' ' ' X ' -V A. ,,.vv.f.7w:1f-mv-Y,--,,,,mfw.,.4,,, FY mf QW 61,5279 pwvvf' 41-aawv jiiflffwcfwmw new Zim! MU. 79 , qv 'gy 721, Z 3 ,V Q QQNOQE opvm wmv we M83 512, , 94,1 my ,,,,,,,,,,..Z fqon as X had bexxmg 6 Sefwxm. .,g,,,,.,, ,Z2,:lg..'Z, ' . 'Llc mmm You QQJGQQQ QSx?QmQ.,QGc EL ,W U44 MOLYQOOOY KL, If . Vouaf 441705 - 'walk 'O AU NX' K 'wg qc kos? W,-ff l PQXQ 55' SQCNCAQO-55, fffo id 17 5 .- ' 's Wllifffgyj aff' f...,' 16747177 XNMQIZ ffw ffw ff M j ff f fly! ff7f"7 f ffzgfwf fzfb M5 ff Mirza tDx4nf'1f,ff7 2 fm yfbbyy QW! yea I fffffn' '7 P f,,5.i'- 4M ,cj 31? a f ,jwiwqj ,,,1f'J-CJ ff,c4,f.4f,v.!-Off Z-GJ4-jf!-17-.644 JYJJQJ Lk. MJ L f 45' P 3 K 4 U x 02, 1 A x N X X , 2 f - Z, my 9 . 5 af-rv!! wr' f-'S '14 '4 We 0 - A ' 1 5 1 , . 0 J giv0..-7 1 K 1 ' I 174 5 ep .fir H610 if .5 0 ff J Mill' fyj -- -- Ae- ' . ff ' , M iff fu are 1 v ff H" f ' P 5, . f C-gawk 1 ,157 I -fre I 16, PI ! A r if '95 IQ, of H! f 6 7 P ' 1 , ,yr pill? ' r W f.. " M I f lx 5 Z I4 5 0047474011 3 - C' I ,gi J ff 630 'f ,if ' ' ' , ' I - , X ,, . ,, ZF' ,M Q - , . ,' 4' - , ,R ,h X' I , 1 Iljr L . J! , , 1 QU! D 1 M, nu V V Lf J V 1 A f ' ' A ' - I it 1 ,J 1 1, .,f,.,1 ,a4,,,.,,,,.Z , ,LJ IQ 1 ' , -. , - I I 'f ' 3- -f21fv.e,,,,Z0'j L' '4 ' ' 'LV' "ff ' "fy "7 V 1 ' - . ' K 'D , . wx ' '. ,f A 14' ' X, . . - I , " A4 it V K 'rg by f r,,MJ 7 qgfgf, ,,,,'. M ,jf . LA v f' W 1 ' V 4" 1.1! -. A . H 75 Q5 L. M H-' esldent Gene Tollefson, ce - President Rosalie rnandez, Secretary Sue ming, Treasurer Dlck ard: Actlvlty Manager orold Ross. .S?llC!2l'lt Olga 2l'5 Gene Tollefson, ASB president, led the student body government of Top-Hi through a very active year. The Board of Control first sponsored a drive to sell ASB's. The competition was between the three classes, with the Junior Class winning the new trophy that will be presented every year. The next campaign was to promote neat school grounds. The Board of Control also planned the Homecoming activities and sponsored the March of Dimes Assembly. A proiect to encourage good sportsmanship was carried out and in the spring three one-act all-school plays were presented. Representatives from every class and club worked with their advisor, Mr. Strom, to give their fellow students "The Time of Their Lives." BOARD OF CONTROL: ROW I: J. Carlton, S. Hardy, C. Blttle, D. Hill, R. Hamilton, M. Shequln, G. Thomas. ROW 2: Mr. Strom, A. Barnfleld, F. Arens, S. Stout. ROW 3: G. Wicks, G. Parller, C. Huylar, M. Brooks. ROW 4: S. Barrett, E. Schmella, J. Booth, R. Clark, D. Thetford. Q9 . SPOIYL You, Class of l956, are now approach- ing the close of a period often thought of as "The Time of Your Life." For the past few years, you and your younger class- mates have been old """'-we-M.. enough to do many things on your own, some good, some bad. Because of your age, 1 you have been ' excused by adults for many of the fool- ish things you've done. Also, you have been praised for many of your ac- complishments, such as the fine iob you did on the Senior Play and the Senior Ball. The past few years, and more surely the next few years, will is determine whether you are going to be a 4 success. The motto that your class chose, "Not finished, just begun", indicates that you V do partially realize how to approach life, and that you hope to use your high school experiences, in class and out, as the basis for further achievements. Take hold of life with a purpose. Labor earnestly, steadfastly, confidently with a good goal in mind. The miracle, or the power, that elevates the few is to be found in their industry, application, and perseverance, under the, uiding hand of a brave and, deter- mined spirit. Good Luck, Class of '56. it of if l, - ly I ,lb .W .1 , T .l .r We lf W--Qifr ,H lvbirl i if' : WSKJIQM, g KM. if W W li M s ,. ff fy is QV il f 'L lj My E " "iiI l VA - V 33- i :'l E ,.1' 5 ' y s N p, gys, .i,. iitg Q ri all is we ssyyf T T M325 li ' wars: j' lf gi? sii. 'sf', iser 2 f ' T ,sr s Q. s,,sc s Z at mg MN isiir r --- 31?f'51T.ii-'3'?l'3'1li?-mf.-.-hy. li so f W T if 78 , , . r,r:-' Mr. Sfrom's secretary, Mrs. B. Bennett, and Mr. Temper- Iey's secretary, Mrs. S. Murray. I". EIYLIQQI' ey You perhaps have noticed signs posted- near clocks reading, "Time passes. Will you?" When you do pass from high school classes into the world of adults, you will probably look back on the hours you spent in iii high school as "The Time ofYour Life." However, the time of your life is really any time and all time, not necessarily your high school days. Each day you live can be a part of the time of your life. Time is a commodity which, if used wisely, will grant you a rich, satisfying life, significant not only to you but to all who know you. Take time to work a little, play a little, ponder a little, and to take stock of yourself. A clock ticks, and a moment of your life is gone forever. Has it been worthy of you and the people who believe in you? As your superintendent, I have truly enioyed iiii having "The Time of My Life" with the class of '56 and my best wishes go with them. Q. swf T "ii"-F-3 :N ' 1 '. E . ' . 'Ni if '?j" ? V , .-.e g , 11.-eye-dq,rw,W,,f -' ' . at A ' - rpm -- sm Y -'Q--f SCHOOL BOARD-Mr. Harold Nledermeyer, Mr. Myrl Roberts, Mr. K. H. Schmella, Mr. A. K. Tomperloy, Mr. Robert Elder, and Mr. P. J. larnfield. O Uflfle fo . . CURRY, BUILD, AND PROOF READ. G. Scrivner and D. Henry weld in Ag. F. Fuoco works in Ag. Mr. Bedard instructs B. Meyers D. Runyon in wood shop. and J. Sauer in wood shop. eel' i eb? so, Ag. Ag. Shop Veterans' P rogram FFA Advisor Q. J. Ledford, S. Sherwood, and l- Kvvw gives G speech- P. Lorfon in Junior english. l 'PW , .... ,Q v 48 N as Shop Junior Advisor ff. 'Y 80 ,Lo Journalism Speech Twins English Sophomore Advisor 4' os- COLLECT, COOK, AND CALCULATE . . . -9 os 6' Civics Biology Sociology Jr, Advisor U.S. History F.H.A. Advisor Home Economics as Q9- Moth Geometry Slide Rule Bookkeeping Boys' Advisor "B" Football L. Lansden, C. Lindsey, and ll. .I.Grubenhoff and S.Basey Wont: not studying very hard ln dissect oysters ln Biology. llology. Samplers J. Deyo, J. Schloss, B. Wertenberger, C. Weeks. Mr. Cook checks F. Fuo:o's locker. w D. Heilman irons u skirt in Home Ec. M. Scalley and N. Clark check math answers with Mr. Cook. 81 1 E n Junior English Coilege English J. Brddish, J. Boob, M. ArerlS, and S. Wyckoff, J. Welisl T. Walls, L- Cobb in Sf- English. A. Stephens in Jr. snglisl ' i llflfle fo . . WRITE, TYPE, AND SCHEDULE . C. Huylar, M. Ochs, L. Snider, and I- DOIN, M- CONBIW M- 5Ul"khUfdf, ,s-Kd' O C L. Cobb use the adding machine. , N c iw .. ....i53f..QQfIf?. -5-i75 " f -' Q ,, Q,.e...?...fg. A my . - "" K, if 2. , "4 5' . 5 1 P ...., .i 12 f ' .,,, -I if .riff , - ' G. Kukes, R. Humphrey inseri film into the projector. 82 and F. Arens confer. 1 Si - tl , . +.aL-harem , h V ... G. Hoosier runs the proiedor. Typing I- Bookkeepin Shorthand I- Junior Advisc Q 46' 6' v o ei ,bo Visual ,4- ,.?' if ,QA 1 '52 if 1, ma. Q . 'rv v 4 i um? i Sr. High Arr Home Arl N W 'I Annual Advisor Ciark, S. Kissler and J. Noonan B. Sholfys and D. Wells look at art work. make Christmas cards. PAINT, DRIVE, AND PLAY. s uf' ? Driver Training K. Barnes and J. Bell S. Long during lhe work out in the boxing room. body-building furnoufs. Soph Advisor Football line Coach Sophomore P. E. Class Miss Haba, S. Locketf, and doing exercises. M. Rank in rumbling room. A G-A -Ai Pep club ' : A Tumbling I 'f Drill Team P.E. Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor 83 5 . vw ff! ,s O Uflfle fo RUN, LACE, AND CONJUGATE . . . T. Friend explains anatomy. J. Campbell and J. Leidy W. Leikam 3 Ny' ,ly xg S' vc. Mr. Masclotra and Russell Seabrands' mother check his work. 84 41" 49 oo Q- N. is Biology Psychology Sophomore Advisor Football Head Coach 4. B. Milam plans proiecf. Shop Sophomore Advisor M. Rank, A. Mcilfresh, B and others ln English X latin English Spanish Play Direclor Uflfle fo EXERCISE DISSECT, AND EVALUATE KJ P. E. Wildcai Club Advisor Geomeiry Geology Algebro I P. E. Biology Sensor Advisor Civics Contemporary Problems Wash. History U S. History Senior Advisor 6' Ada' xi. ime Auto Mechanics Hot Rod Club Advisor fo . XV' sf' 9 -9 86 .gc sb' Chemistry Girls' Advisor Senior Advisor Choir M. Stump and D. Bangs in Auto Mech. B. Brown shows Mr. Palme some trouble. o o WELD, SYNTHESIZE AND SING . S. Barrett studies chem. W gg . mi f 1:5 "ff sg. Q, R ,wg .ws on Ki, 4 'L L' A '-I -sg us' L. Noonan, G. Hettich, and S. Steinmetz sing in choir. L. Wilson, J. Bradish, and P. B conduct an experiment. C. Mikesell and C. Huylau sort music. Q I rs- M. Smith in study hall. O Uflfle fo . STUDY HARMONIZE JUDGE '. Tollefson shows B. Olson S leak and K Delaney prepare how to tie a necktie. io play m band r Sophomore Ag. class look Ag boys at research at the class proiect. .SZAOJ -H--1 Q .lwlegaerzi AT un: cunoaians A. 3 Owens and J. Owens. V Custodian B. Wilson. Custodians H. Bowers and L. Gleason. in . nu P AT RIGHT: Drivers J. Kormil, A. Pomerinke, T. Potter, E. Johnson, and C. Peterson. Nurse I. Wilcox. Custodian R. Hooper. Drivers W. Potter, K. Edwards, N. Mansfield, J. Miller, and A. Hnncuff. Cooks L. Lichtenberg, A. Myers, and E. Johnson. FF' . 2 'ki V, Q 1232, ,, rw. 'wwf' .. W l-:k - sfwf of lehiiflq., g i qfkv fs, .A 15- , ,V ROW l: J. Adams, G. An- drews, C. Boutain, P. Beeber, D. Northrup, C. Burgin, D. Beeber, B. Henle, S. Cooley. ROW 2: R. Gosney, C. Gon- zales, M. Davenport, J. Clark, G. Case, J. Godley. ROW 3: E. Henning, W. Stadel, G. Ir- win, G. Kontos, P. Kirkoff- ner, B. Laddrout, M. Merry- man. ROW 4: G. Sylling, E. Stout, F. Roybal, B. Powell, J. Harbaugh. ROW 5: Terry Robertson, D. Thompson, J. Smith, Advisor Mr. Plem- mons. ROW 6: L. St. Pierre, H. Deere, L. Wampler, G. Thornton, S. Winnier. 3 m A ., A. fffff-'W 724 , , 1 1 b . if . fQf ,,,., V ff , ,aa4fK V4fMm0,wwww ,JAQf Maf ,vhiffa f2QifwAQVw,N ,, , , 4 f ' .f!a.J h , A 6 J WJMMLJ WM'J'g"i"W'iJffg2 XA,4 , fu ,... M, XA Z , k ,, , 7 ' by ff, , ff K KIIK A I if ,Mg LVJC I i, -IL'jyif9L.,fMi'i..,'l-,mi 4 f f5f2f fLf6 2 M wffwvf M V f nf' 4-.rf f Q fs..-ww , , J ' ' YW J J-:wAMwm,fmMWw1Mv, ,W ff fzf'fbfvf'+ 't M , V h .L 3:4-ma,,.g.--fvqv 351, yi, .,,., an yiihviwlw h 'V ,A ,A Ab ' 5 Q -12 5ef'f'P+f'fT.fzff4 Mk 7' ' , ' rh: 2,4-9 fa WM 'Q5 0,4 my a MK Qw ML,.,Mfmfjb?!jf ij yyfwwf fbwfj ' ,yr '1'AI,, ' 4 ,, .if WWW? f, n 5' I I j ggjfauwyfiyji w WW si f Q3 Q xL.N3?3 fujllf ,w,Llf,c rfffdffu 33 Li? W 35 M' Www? fggsggiiiilf Ll'Q,,f7i2'Qgj9y Q1-Sig-.Lai WSI W p'jjfwf'fYJ wMWUfYZ Rdwicflvi GN UN fx S 2 QS ma Q -N 'Q .3 -x wx as Q -'E -S N 'N Q 5- E f s Q LQ Q 5 U 2 iiiiiiiliiiiiare se .-0 W S H A G - L A OQOOQOQOOOOQQOOQOQC The Junior-Senior Prom and banquet was presented April 20 with the theme "Shangri- La." The Senior Service Award was presented to Dick Ward at the banquet, recognizing his activities to clubs, classes, faculty and school. Outstanding features among the ballroom decorations were two Oriental murals, a ter- raced flower garden, and a beautiful water- fall centered in a sparkling flower-covered, moonlit rock garden. Reigning over the Prom were Queen Wilma Smith and King Durward Thetford. General chairman of the Prom was Bonnie Higgins. Marilyn Cobb and Harold Ross Bonnie Higgins and Larry Wilson Champion broad-iumper Louie McCord, models the shirt he printed in class. Mr. Langenbacher receives a gift from the Wildcat club. A typical group of people signing the new Tohiscans. PRI G MEMCRIE Nttmssss .,.-if? Marching In the ram at Wenatchee 51. . . . potluck and letter awards at the sports banquet . . . Tohiscan's trip to Seattle . . . the publications banquet for Taps and Tohlscan . . . tennis, track and baseball . . . elections . . . farewell par- ties . . . three one-act plays . . . exams and notebooks . . . 1 Ruth Bradley signs annuals. I s ,X N S I -is ls tg v t , Gene Scrivner prepares for the Livestock Show. f N f' 1' ,f - -,gaveziirisfs 1 "Ir 7 Plfhu. s . ssr srs yygp , be r' f ive" . ' 'K' ' Bob Thalheimer works with his steer at the Livestock Show. W4 , Raynold Barrett works the FFA concession at the Livestock Show. QMVCD hmm! ASB-President, Nolan Clark, Vice President, Barbara Rob- erts, Secretary, Dorothy Kraft, Treasurer, Sandra Leak, Activity Manager, Bob Thalheimer. GAA-President, Dixie Walker, Vice President, Diane Wells, Secretary, Barbara Roberts, Treasurer, Marilyn Cobb, Activity Manager, Rosalie Shequin, Point Committee Chairman, Carol Mikesell. PEP CLUB-President, Kay Rice, Secretary, Adeline Soto, Treasurer, Marilyn Cobb, Social Chairman, Dorothy Kraft, Demerit Chairman, Polly Lorton. FHA-President, Lola Peterson, Vice President, Ofelia Rodri- quez, Secretary, Becky Kissler, Treasurer, Diane Wells, Reporter, Olivia Solis, Parliamentarian, Carol Bittle, Historian, Alice Everett, Song Leader, Marvalee Rank. TOHISCAN EDITOR .........,.................................. Gary Fendell TIPS EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,.,,..,..........................,.... Dixie Rishor DRILL TEAM-Leader, Dorothy Kraft, Assistant Leader, Judy Deyo, Flag Bearer, Tommie Sue Walls. CHEERLEADERS-Carol Johnson, Beverly Olsen, Diane Wells. SONGLEADERS-Carol Bittle, Becky Kissler, Rosalie Fernandez. PO 4ooo4,,,,, ,,944 lfU6ll" 6 AWARDS - American Legion, Durward Thetford and Jim Meagher, American Legion Auxiliary, Barbara Wiswall, Annual Editor, Ardeth Barnfield, ASB President, Gene Tollefson, De- partmental in Agriculture, Reo Clark, Art, Chuck 'Walters, Babe Ruth Sportsmanship, Ron Thomas and Margaret Shequin, Bank- ers FFA, Jerry Booth, Choir Service, Ellen Schmella, Typing, Mar- garet Shequin, Bookkeeping, Faye Arens, Shorthand, Wilma Smith, General, Margaret Shequin, English, Faye Arens and Gus Parlier, FHA Service, Lila Simmons, GAA Service, Ellen Schmel- la, Journalism Editor, Donna Hill, History, Ardeth Barnfield and Gary Fendell, Outstanding Athlete, Louie McCord, Pah-Nah-Mo Home Economics, Barbara Wiswall, History, Dick Ward, School Spirit, Mary Lacell, Band Department, Karen Mosebar,Valedic- torian, Donna Hill, Salutatorian, Ardeth Barnfield. PLAQUES-Lucy Stout, Faye Arens, Ardeth Barnfield, Donna Hill, Karen Mosebar, Larry Huylar, Harold Ross, Louie McCord, Margaret Rodriquez, Sherold Long, Alair Sutton, Sue Leming, Ed Meyers, Spence Barrett, Jerry Booth, Dorothy Bittle, Carol Huylar, Ellen Schmella, Jim Meagher, Dick Ward, Durward Thet- ford, Ron Thomas, Norman Johnson, Margaret Shequin, Mary Lacell. Miss Finch, Ardeth Barnfield Annual Editor Award Mr. Tollefson, Karen Mosebar'-Band Award Correction: ln our 1956 book, a 512.50 contribution by Crabtree Drug was accidentally omitted from the list of boosters. Our apologies go to this patron and to any others who may have been affected by a similar error. Nlr. Strom, Gene Tollefson-ASB President Award 1, ,,, 44 41094, ,,, 91 0I'I'llfl'l8l'lC8l'l'l8l'li AWG? 6 NIOR SERVICE PINS--Barbara Wiswall, Gus Parlier, Mar- ret Shequin, Ardeth Barnfield, Dick Ward, Harold Ross, Louie Cord, Donna Hill, Ellen Schmella, Mary Lacell, Ross Kincaid. CULTY SERVICE PIN-Phil Mirosh. HOLARSHIPS-Ellen Schmella, S100 W. S. C., Ardeth Barn- Id, S100 W. S. C., Barbara Wiswall, S100 4-H, Sherold Long, 80 Gonzaga, Donna Hill, S120 Gonzaga, Bill Booth, S210 'orge Washington Foundation, Durward Thetford, S210 orge Washington Foundation, Dick Parkhurst, S210 George -Jshington Foundation, Faye Arens, S210 George Washington ndation, Wes LeBlanc, S100 W.S.C., Milton Case, S300 Eield, Mary Lacell, 5120 Linfield, Lucy smut, S200 c.P.s., Ence Barrett, S200 C. P.S., lzetta Dodd, Charm Beauty ool, Hazel Febus, Charm Beauty School. Mr. Sell, Ellen Schmella1Choir Award Brother-sister sets: Walters, Lacell, Simmons, Stump A. Sutton, T. Wentz, L. Cobb and S. Stelnmetz Usher G. Thomas assists M. Arens at Commencement. A. Barnfield, J. Hinchey and J. Carlton Sauer adiusts J. D. Runyon's hat. Senior boys prepare for picture. N. Lacell blows tassel A. Barnfield approaches stage. 2 E. Schmella leaves the stage. Mr. Cook gives directions. 1 . 4 V. Dorn and J. Mostmacher D. Ward presents faculty service pin to Mr. Mirosh. .y t G. Thomas assists C. Derrey. 177 ommencemenf, may 24, 1956 TOP TEN SENIORS, standing: W. LeBlanc, M. Case, S. Barrett, G. Parlier. Sitting: D. Hill, M. Shequin, E. Schmella, F. Arens, A. Barnfield, L. Stout. "There is an abundance of talent in the world. Many people are gifted. They have special knowled and they have adaptability. They possess the capacity to do much and are in the position to do go work. Yet, when it comes to a pinch they lack the courage to go ahead, they stop at the vital point, a then they begin to look backward instead of forward. "Determination and courage provide the steam needed to continue the good work and finish the ic "You must have faith in yourself. The lack of faith may cause failure. But any person who posses: faith in himself automatically becomes more significant and meaningful in the eyes of those with wht he associates. Never say you are G failure. Your Creator Mr. Barnfield and daughter and Mr. Schmella and daughter. placed you on this earth for a purpose. ljle put faith and t hope in your heart. "One of the speakers to- night said, 'Let us have our dreams.' l say, 'Never let your dreams die.' Work hard to keep on top of the 'river of life.' Don't give up. Strive daily to live a fuller, nobler, and more useful life, always keeping faith in yourself and with your God." A. J. STROM, Principal

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