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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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.1 Kish . v -W-fm-, fp - E,,.-.-N21-L-f'7.aJl f U FAI 11-:Fw Kl- KW n....a.-...Yr ,w..f.k. xww . . 1 N x..,.,.: .. .,f-V, , nag- M W. 0 EQ,.+ 5. Lift! ,L Q,,:,,g ,. , ,K W: gk .,,.' ,Q-3.6 kX,gg,, l-XM 4. X 1 , 5. fx- N-. x ws - Q: " - - MAA . ' 'Y " ' - J 2' O ,-' ' ., Q -.s,,,'-o 6 .-e x f 4- W- 2 " -.. Ye- ' ' " ' x ffMW,L'f'LfN'jW A445641 5'f7?,,vQMf'f'M,ffy,,955 J V591 .X ' MW' nixifqigiwiy-x, 47'-.., ,fgfqd 533 is 'L4ff3"'f'f4,"l4.,f 'ffw B MW, aQr:Q45 , 3 q:'f.f"'-a? - 1v""'-iw ' A5 ZS? go W Mjlffwvf 'fy M 'rf MJ ,W W' W.xWM'l',WjNW7q EMM FMU ff . , W MM we WWW? 2 3, 2, ff?" N , TL- A 'A O , CAA 1,9 ' X V 1, 2 ' A 'KN - . Q , n ' Q25 " " . , If S -CS E6 L W :JSE 4. " in .Q ,QM ,Q f-7 J iw fn N 2 fl ff ff A fx Q? I I I l l l l l In a lime when we slill value 1'hose who iake pride in a iob well done and will noi' do less 'Hlan 'ihe besi' regardless of 'rime or effor+,'we"spo+ligh1' a man whose daily life is a lesson fo us. Noi' a ieacher. yei' he reaches us wiihoui' words fhai' indus+ry, courfesy, cheer- fulness, and friendliness are fruly pos- sible +o all of us. Wi+h lhis I955 Tohiscan we honor MR. EMIL GRENKE, whose 'Fine ex- ample, lilre lhe building he cares for, shines in fhe memory of Top-Hi. student of Toppenish High . . . A . . . are featured in this, your I955 TOHISCAN. My A You walk through these pages, where your I954- ,IIXI 55 school year is recorded. In work, in play: in Oilfll f I y ' classes and out, you lived while you learned. This is 4, " , I1 is your book. Its theme is . . . Tw II I W I QII will Ms :Mr I If JI? I Ia , II MII I II I i I -I I f ' VII of IINVII WIIIIIJQI dig Illji' VIIIYIL I I V ze UAH ' U Il, X 5 vxjsi Oh xy -I I I .yy y XJ U I I JJ ,M Nfl is 1, . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Photography-FERN STUDIO Printing-TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY We Thank GARY CHAMBERLAIN, who submitted many of the snaps used in the I955 TOHISCAN A fx W W Ain! FEM! SQ Adm Wxiigww AM Nw x Vfpfy . fffy- -f Qff3ffv5fif5ify , sM fm'gfT?,wi jvbyy ' L , ZU. .f', ,LK jsjfhli abt!! MQ ivf ww nz4eS,e4za74z 7o4ehccw, I?55 Published by The A.S.B. TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON fSlfffR gowmobphu, 5 BUSINESS MANAGER 7q,,,1, S,,,,,7y-1 ,, ,, 2, fndptbiqlhd, ffwzy f-40+-oG,72fw1 , LEM, M,mw,2bf..,w..,, ,227 Jim , I' YOUR CLASSES Pages 22-39 S YOUR SIDMINEQSLILQATION YOUR 6965 ' ACTIVITIES Pages 42-63 If gf, 47,2 fff fig' 4 9' W L' ff!" 0' 'W' wa' if fa- I , '1, . 4, 11' T 0 Xiu!-lk! JLQE, ., 1' -,Q I fl! J A J Y X NA. J ' ij If lpjf,f1 JIIIJI ffyf' 3132, III., J, if Ly! wqfi' yi fdlixt r4'j9ffI"'?" f Y- 6'1f"'l"'l xv ylmll ' 5" V V, 'J' I I' . ,-I I Z,.v,1f"If,.pg.,i6,l, rf, Q MI 4 f' If: ' 61:g4y,A! ,f,'-f if . 1, ' , 1 J J f ' i 1 - 1 H A I , I ' -'I . In f V I Q f I .1 1 " ' , f 0 4. I 1 a . n I7 I 5. - f I I A ' , -v I I I I ' 1 ' 1, I 1 ' I 1 .. 1 , , ,L Q , I I I 1 f'P - w ' 4 f I ' I I, f I 1 , H ' ui . x I f . 1 I 1 ' I ' A f u I f ' 1 1 1 4 ,J ' . Q I ' 1 I 9 y ,4 I - W I V 1 I v , I 1 F, l , , - 1 , I 6 - A ' 1 ' ' ' , , .fl I 1 I , -. I A " ' 1 g v' e - ' s I Q I I I ' 4 ' f - ', I I 1 If 1 I A 'f J I A , Q- ,4 y I I I V , 1 , f, 1 ' 4 . . 'L' ' f 1 I " I' - 1 Q 1 f A , I 1 , , is I H . I ' p 1 Q ' ' , N . - 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' - - ,Z -- - 'f 1 f f ' a I . f , Q f I ' I A f , 4 .4 A . I , I 1 1 - f I ,v I Q -- L - , , I K IM , It 4 I . If . ' I t 'H ,ff I T , 1 , I I I . ,' . I 4 f' I fzf A ,I , I I f G fi ' 0 . ,fy ,oo-0 1 - ' f ' , I - - ' ' - 0 ' i , X 4 - N , ' l . , K I 'T Q I I . E 1' ,,1 , s 1 ,I , ' 4 4,- 4 ' 4- , 1 ' , l 5 ' A '4 ' '4 ' ' ' 1 ' I' K7 I I 1 I' f , Q J ' I , V f If I H Q 19' V I' 1 4 , i I I ' x 1 'Q I O 4 J I ' ' YOUR , ' ' . I ' ' SPORTS ' ' ' ' x 0 - Bages 66-85 , , A ' 'D I ' 4 'W' u 1 ' ' ' I D ' ' YOUR ' ' - " - 4 I ,Al l u , ' , ' X -' AUTOGRAPHS , ,f I .f ' 1 and BOOSTERS . - ' ,f 4 FQ , H - . f I Pages 86-92 ., , , I , 0 . K I Q ,4 V N .f I ' 0 , I . I A I I I , A ' V, 3 K ' l 'A I 1 F I , I , ' ' A , fl ,. ' , 11 ' 1 1 "', lk 1 f I 3 1 an - . Q - I 4' I. ' n ,I I , I ' ' 'A ' ,n J , Y I f . 5 n I ' A. 1 y 9 I x 1 .1 ' , W., VM W' W W' WW M f7?, 0 ' 9600, 1 bvldxlr 6001114 . OXQWNG1 1.01 is . V-. 4 ex!-P69-vel , eov mmm won-X1 x4x9vK.v1 P-2-vw-lc,-1 oe eo we Of oxeecnoee Yxr-90p vxx6OiP15i F rx Fw! V4 vlw vm Go ia o we CVO O Si 5 H S116 vi wlivxr ON Q, F Fi V1 YW- V6 N1 ew f 9 X30 Q60 ae , me , x3 oo Ke ?i1N14C9rvQ- p-x.f9iO A EK? sl Qtrl Furl C y-'41 Owl Go UH W vl9werm.i:4. 11 1-K OVW- v 1 Y-WMI, 9 FNVYXA C Qrl ul WH E X066 +1964 90 P- We foqomxgp 'e Kimi deiwvvexi we 0,996 oi 3969. My me oem wo of mc awe , gmc Qafeo 395 fveadozfe NWXX be 5QoKA,K,g0Kh,0q, goo 'no see XAXXQKJQQQ Qogxnxooe no Qi OQYGSEB of fkoekkoei goo S263 KJOQJQ 'Goa Xe 00. Mwst Kms of Kkofee Same, 'COG ecgok, goes ooh oo Kxxoee xxug we GQKSSSGB, Xwv coommee 'wo evoxoe oo mcse, oi ga avead. qw mgvyu Niue eqonxxqgxxx KAMA 00053909 no was SOQRXK, xnxx we Qc ow oi 'Goa ew-ae Q N JMX ici 5366 sod vivo X300 woo X asv 000 noxxokw xvaivi oi Kjos, oi X955 . fu-J MURRAY . xx ' ' A .. mfs : i Y- K L, - -g Q 3 Sc MrHOO . Robl BO Bn 'de -M r r 1 Mr' A . ' K Haroigilmpe elsorley F1 ' M 1 Mr. N ' Sch ied me ef lla may u I Mr ' M Yrl R obe 'fs ' ' ' It t . - resu 0 led their meetIn9S as a hool hool board doub. h assing of the SC , T erley and the SC -- I C mittee for T 9 P ' nior fheleigifai Wt grew fznxtsrzziielcilitlt bond issue. T 'S W' d build new addlTlOf1S T0 T e Og . - d men. U bl -5 trite hrlgh Sllgrllsnrvecrfgtis zrre being Planned bY These pu 'C P t ese - - , Strom, who Serves k' constantly for the Qood of Top-H' IS Mr h ' al' Also wor H19 T Penish and his fourth Year as senior hig Pllnmp sixteenth Yea' at op ' d this who reslgne . I te also Mrs Bob Bennett, alumnus and secretary, We sa U ' Year after three bUSY Years W graduate, replaces her' , Iso 6 T0P'H' ith the senior high- Mrs' Anderson a TOPPE . A. K. TEMPEQcLuNrv. n1sv,,,CY ZOE TOPPENISQTERINTENUHNY H. VVAS!-HNGTON 'wwe AL A E J S C M G B rv CN ,, E K Y N N B MM 041m JR ,MLS M ,W L : aorszfaiclsws H ROHM-v R M N w-who SWSCNMEN N Ns H 5 me swrucfff ata. L Dt R ls Y un ALHH rm um-,,E yo s oN you. M QU U no 0' wrt, I sfvbrfvrs 0 fSrruNS ,, ' YOU 0 F rap-, ' HHERL- 0 'OU Nl I' No DI LL as si-0, 0 You co ro mm, "Wi ro msurn ms Lick, I 5cH00Lo,, SE Evmv 5 ON YD ' "Dio ON? ls U FULL P You CR PR Own: '01-'Ar OUD OF YQU ron co VH! Nlchy or an ffl: N You "PI-rr 'Wu' r r Soi-,.,o,,,oREs AN INC ru-uf yn ON, HE RFCORD you H 0 JUAHOAS, mf RS or SCHOOLINC Ars ,N LlCNy - Bkichr C5404-5 'S Sr, LY Ano L4 o 'HF Llcur WL ACHVITII5 H, IM' 5Ur Llp: L SMNE LL or-TE ' ON 'OU me RWM 'fOr OUGN 7 Hg Us 7 OF yo un W ' C005 Luck 7 A LK' w o ML, ' ,fl 'qi' 7 1 a O t wwf ffl! X X N X X S I is N X N X N . , 5? -N Y my k . N- as wi, . W s. N mst ., .wa Q Yi BETTY BENNEU JOAN ANDERSON MD' . . . young musicians in The creation of vocal and instrumental harmonies snared vvitn clas BELOW: MR. CARL O. TOLLEFSON, iunior and senior high band director, and MR. CLINTON WEBER, iunior and senior lfiiglw vocal director. srnares and adults. Mr. Temperley Tltese groups are also pictured among organizations V e - explains hat because of their extracurricular service. See Pages 60-611, -if design. Mr. Tollefson likes it, too. .nb -il Q pf' 9 3' 5 l 1 1 J f AX, D ' Ky' 1. 5 f K " . Q ' 11 l l. Top-Hi choir at practice. 2. E, Schmella tunes up on the piano. 3. M. Lacell and K, Mosebar get ready for picture taking. IO. G. Tollefson, too, 4. A. Barnfield directs the band. Q t R -I . . . siudenis in Their search for reading ma- Terial and informaiion in Their Careers, and in Their viewing and showing of educaiional films. 'NK 1. C. Derry counts the money. 2. Visual aid boys, under the direction of Mr. Dalrymple. 3. Mr. Hilton explains the problem to Miss Hackett, K. Mosebar and E. Schmella. A. Library helpers J. Seabrands, V. Dorn, Advisor Miss Sfreef, L. Simmons, and S. Van Cleave. It MISS MARGUERITE HACKETT, Girls' Ad- visorg MISS RUTH STREET, Librariang MR. OTIS HILTON, Boys' Advisor. I I' - 'Q I F u D rw Uf UU P fr .-3 V .J 054 I IX-- I I I MR. ANTHONY MASCIOTRA and MR. WALLACE WOODWORTH. Mr. Masciotra teaches English and language, and Mr. Woodworth teaches iournalism, English, speech, and typing. W n an EAAA ., --"4 4' ' 0 q .nr have' ' . A- an , as.s-ml-U, M X in M ..12,4',6-'HQ -L' ' A is L -dy 5 . - ' rvkr -ul 0 ,0'?35 f5Qf2 i 'H Bi. . M- we e MA 1' I "in" S i ,,,. up vw""" -A--'V - 57" Fav N MM ' 'f' 3 "WHAT overcrowded classrooms, Miss Blip?" I2 . . . your students To read, write, and speak with clarity and accuracy, and tried to give them an appreciation of our literary heritage. 1. Miss Trimble pins on senior play corsage. 2. M. Lacell measures Mr Hilton! 3. Latin class. 4. M. Rodriquez studies English. 49 Akasa I U i 5 I I I . . . young minds to an understand- ing of our own past and present and to a knowledge of the cultures of our international neighbors. l. K. Mosebar and J. Layman read papers in journalism. 2. D. McNall studies Latin. 3, Students read papers. 4. G. Kukes gives speech. 5. Students learn how to use Latin. -HN' rg. In in My MR. OTIS HILTON, Civics, MISS MARGUERITE HACKETT, U. S, history, Washington history, Civics, MR. CARL BOTHWELL, world history, U. S. historyg MR, ANTHONY MASCIOTRA, Spanish, Latin, play coach, and iunior advisor. i I3 MISS LORNA FINCH senior art, home arts, year- book and honor society ad- visor. fi-iff i I 9. an - ,, sw-4 ll. -if home economics, and F.H.A. advisor. MRS. DORIS CI-IENEY MR. EWALD LINDEMANN industrial arts and sopho- more advisor. MR. BERYL BEDARD industrial arts. . V. I ' , X I ' 'N .- " v N ,' ' . V ' i A 1 . V I. ii ,I I Till Y Y!! It 'ki ' U' f' x i' ' f ' U u 'N I U I wr . i, iiiiiiit.iiliiiilisiiisiiiiliiiiiiiliiiiilliiiiliiiilililliiili Wiw ...I I rr"r I I it I. .ft r .ill .i im .i I 'ill f l it I i, it ,I ill.. imliiii, ii.iiiiiii, ii i ,.,. .. I i .I I I. i. i I, ...ii ,lil I of iv' ,.iilillililllilliiiiiililiiifiil'ligiwiwiliiiiiliiliiiigii'iii,'iiiliiii2 'i ' J ' V,,.g:i'q " ' """ ' ,,,.. ' N' 'I lr" it rrrr I . ' sc I xi J' q . . . . girls and boys to create for Themselves and to appreciate the work I ' L ' - ' Qf lv if, of others, in cloth and foods, leather and wood, paint and clay. J. Seabrands, Lila Simmons. Pressing a suit is harder than it looks. G. Zable, C. Walters, J. Meagher. Silk-screened Christmas cards were a popular assignment in senior art. R. Thomas, D. Heilman, I. Dodd. Shop classes learned to handle all kinds ot tools. I4 P Stump. Ag boys worked with lathes as well as with animals. MR. BILL PALMER auto mechanics. MR. CLINTON WISWALL agriculture and F.F.A. advisor. MR. EVERETT COOK math, algebra, geometr senior advisor, and football and basket- ball coach. MR. JOHN BABICH agriculture and veterans' program. "My mother insists hot lunch at noon." IN lx 2 I , r gillnvu' -.n ' 5 EES 4- l' . a B ---.1 Ez: l 1 . -l , . . . built for the future in classes where practi- cal proiects gave train- 3 9 I. B. Brown, Mr. Bothwell, H. Ough in biology. 2. Mr. Hilton teaches psychology. 3. J. McMican, P. Bangs, F. Gardea, N. Punch, D. Davila, D. Engbretson taking notes in shorthand class. 4. Miss Ross instructs J. Meagher, B. Lybyer, T. Clark, S. Merryman. 5, N. Dale, E. Johnson, D. Engbretson are work- ing hard. 6. C. Hadley, S. Gunnyon, D. Gordon pondering over bookkeeping. 7. B. Ervin, H. Betschart. 8. D. Parkhurst, R. McCargar, W. LeBlanc in physics. 9. N. Punch erases leisurely. lO. Miss Garfield tells J. Boob all about typing. . . . training to boys and girls for futures in business and s c i e n ce, and a knowledge to live with in any vocation. 491' MR. CARL BOTHWELL biology MISS ROSINE GARFIELD sophomore advisor, typing, bookkeeping, shorthand MISS MARIAN ROSS physics, biology, iunior advisor MR. OTIS HILTON psychology typing ...R MR. WALLACE WOODWORTH MR. OTIS HILTON P.E. MRS. DONA FAYE P.E., tumbling, G.A.A. and drill team advisor. MR. JAKE SCHELL drivers' ed. junior advisor, and football coach. MR. PHIL MIROSH P.E., boxing, and assistant football coach. LARSEN I I P s K' . . . students in mental and muscular coordi nation, preparing them tor sater living. 1. Mr. Schell. 2. Over the net, B. Higgins! 3. G. Wicks stows towels away. 4. Mrs. Larsen shows 'em how. 5. Drivers' Ed.-M. Arena, Mr. Schell, V. Schmella. 6. K. Hyatt, N. Mayfield in P.E. 195 'B v ' Q ' I. u E S f-mA V Qfb f gif-, , 'af Aj'-gf? YQ' K JF Q WE Q E.. ... .- -,, ffjw WJ XX Ng 1 1' N. X President, J. Scalley, Vice President, G. Tollefsong Secretary, N. Punch, Treas- urer V Schmella, Activity Manager, A. Regimbal. Your student body government, led by the second girl president in the history of Toppenish High, guided the extracurricular functions ot the students. Stress was placed on good assemblies, song leaders were added to the workers for Top-Hi and a loan was made to the band for the purchase of new hats. As in the past, A.S.B. furnished backing for all student projects. QR: Qluiihbflh - J vu' -Qv"'r4 'Q-wvv' nl . V1 sl 5 t 1' A4 U 1 1' Q X I 5 1 x "" 5 sxvys ! xx I 9 f 'Q S it uk C FIRST ROW: C. Hadley, C. Holrn, G. Tollefson, N. Punch, Mr. Strom, J. Scalley, V. Schmella, A. Regimbal and D. Hill. SECOND ROW: B Wertenberger, D. McNall, B. Caraway, J. Donnelly, B. Thalheimer, M. Murray, J. Layman, D. Parkhurst, J. Booth, B. Booth, J. Fer- nandez and B. Wiswall. mifygigyiwfffjiw ffwfgqgwwdfkwjw W xfxfgfpfwwfwwj MQWM wWN W I i'f'WfWMg+w'wfMw qw .. WMM dw? X 1 I I I The class of i957 started its sophomore year by electing a group of very capable officers. With the help of their advisors they are proving to be one of the outstanding classes at Top-Hi. Members of the group were active in other organizations, they provided talent at many assem- blies, and the promising basketball "B" squad was composed mostly of sophomores. Sharon Wyckoff was elected to reign as the class's Home- coming Princess. The "Little Red Schoolhouse" proved an ideal theme for their Homecoming Float. ln leading the class through the year's activities were the sophomore class officers pictured below. and F. Williams. OFFICERS - President, Darryl Mc- Nally Vice President, Rosalie Fer- nandezp Secretary, Carol Holm, at Carnie freaks L. Burgin, R. Bradley, B. McPherson and D. Owen. 2. G. Fendell explains soph pics. 3. Music sorter L. Layman. Treasurer, Carol Bittle, Social Chair- man, Carol Mikesell. A' Arellan' Not pictured in these pages: P. Cordera, C. Davis, D. Foiles, E. George, V. Groves, N. Jones, B. Lowe, C. Swing- Mack, R. Miller, D. Owen, S. Steinmetz, G. Thomas fl G. Arens J. Barrieruos D. Bender J. Benz C. Bittle B. Bond W. Bond . 6. il' . , 'S . P. Bowles A. Bradbury L. Brader R. Bradley M. Brooks L. Burgin B. Burril v .. B W? .., , 5 - .. . in ,. -' . , -"ri' -4 P r 'Q' 7, M. Castaneda J. Cantu B. Caraway C. Clark N. Clark M. Cobb D. Cole 3 22 ,rr J' ' L , . ' F .s.s. A V: 1 a sl T 1957 ADVISORS-Mr. Bothwell, Mr. Lind emann, Miss Garfield, 'i. N. Jones, E. Castaneda, L. Brader biology work. 2. J. lde, G. Thomas on band irip. 3. B. Thalheimer giving speech. A. Degenhart J. Deyo S. Dorn J. Erickson A. Everett K. Faulkner G. Fendell ie'-Q ...... . i .. " z ...hw R. Fernandez F. Filer T. Foster NSR ii as X R. Gleason R. Gonsaiez P. Gordon R. French C. Griswold M. Garcia D. Geffre B. George " . -are I V .ff A .-E.. ,. .-J EQ .F A it Anh . -Q .. D. Grubenhoff J. Grupe G. Hackner 9 4 4 ,E R! .. . 'E , I 5- .gg ? . "' h 1 X .Qi . -aj if 0' 1. W if X ,..L.,,,, M ,jr Q. X 'S R1 N ri 'Z 'is 'M JBM S . fl Q- if , 3 . .. . i f , 4 ow S. Hardy E. Hargraves G. Head L. Henning D. Henry B. Herman V. Herrington A K.. I .V 23 'I .. V' .WLM .. .-. f . 11.'f:'s: ff- 5.-f125,s,fY2frf ' - . - 'I .Q H. Huff B. Higgins R. Hill C. Holm A , 4, if :E . like A - " is ' .fi ER? 'X In 'l. N. Jones, L. Brader, E. Castaneda and David Hunt , ' . 2. inspect onion cells. PAGE 25, 1. M. Cobb, L. Wilson, R. Humphrey Dave Hunt Doug Hunt K. Hyatt pretty lucky. 2. D. Henry, D. McNall scrub desks. 3. Soph. princess S. Wyckoff with President D. McNall. 4. D. Punch models Ccontinued on 25D I . - 1 'X i . 2 " .1-fl. P " . .F H tsssss - K . H ...... - . .s...s J, lde T, Johnson D. Kfaff G. Kukes iii... if W I 1 'YN is S gf .sf ui gxlx S X? VK 'x W it x UN W. 4 s r ' R .6 s wa N X R. Leonard D. LeRoue AB. Lewis L. Lansden L. Layman S. Leak J. Ledford 15' ls H' . X. A. b G. Lichtenberg L. Long W E E. Madero F. Mandrell J. Moreno J. . ..... 4. Moser Us .J L. Peterson K. ' S Pettit P. Lorton M. Macias P. McCoy D. McNall B. McPherson Q y V . ,., y,, 2 kin -Q If- ,,,,' . i E- .. 1 r i ' - sser ' . -, ris J- R ' . P . if -' - ' H. , . ' fir ' Q' -P '51 w f if . .wma 'Qi . W x an X -'HE Q im . ."' QW W . ... A Kew? R R . , .1 A aw . , fi't f-my J. Martinez G. Masovero R. Mathis N. Mayfield C. Mikesell M me it-X . N j. Q... Sw , :.,h . K7 K D, Niedermeyer B, Olson P. O'Rear R. O'Rear S. Oswal' ,t.. P x , L L li lli viii s Yin . i b w i .1 - r .-.. 3. . as ., I D. Punch E. Raymond K.yRice J. Richmond D. Rishor if ' . as 5- . . . ,,. it . ei Qi 1 .'-'- Q 24 Us il '94 of A 9' at M Rlvard K Rowe N Sailors a C Salmas M. Scalley J.Schloss .2 I5-an . - E.. M Schoonhoven L Schott A Soto M Schmella G Scnvner S Sherwood S. Smith Q - W rs, f Stephens B Thalheimer J. Wells G. Wentz B Wertenberger G Wicks L Wilson B Wolfe P Wornell S Wyckoft G. Zable y . Your officers for the year of T954-1955 were: President Dick Parkhurst, Vice President Ardeth Barnfield, Secretary Alair Sutton, Treasurer Ellen Schmella and Social Chairman Margaret Shequin. Your capable advisors were Mr. Masciotra, Miss Ross, and Mr. Schell. You started the year off by selling tickets on a Pendleton iacket: You sponsored a dance after a football game. The noon movies were also possible because you and your advisors sponsored them. At Christmas you were busy sell- ing holly and Christmas cards. Your members worked busily on the Junior Play, and to top it off you sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom. Our sup- plement will tell of these last two big events. l NOT PICTURED: S. Barrett, R. Brandsen, G. Chandler, R. Clark, as fiat-rr srl . . l u ll- X Y' :'. ' ' "'-. L. Angiano F. Arens M. Arens f - fi S 1 - r-: D. Bangs R. Barrett A. Barnfield rsz r 'i e , .-- H. Betschart D. Bittle J. Boob B, Booth J. Booth J. Bradish F . P til l Q , . Q, , . . ,...,, ' , . rim '-. .X lf: as t B. Brown M. Burkhardt J. Carlton L. C. Davis, B. Ervin, F. Garcia, R, Glossen, J. Hargraves, G. Het-X tick, G. Hoosier, M. Leikam, J. Mestmacher, G. O'Neil, D. Pomer- inke, G. Reilly, S. Tinnen and G. Whitford. 2 F. Arens and M. Shequin, Junior Class iob. ,. 'iiilfifaif .l f it it ' ff, , - 2 .. 'ff .-... , fe. M. Case R. Castaneda Q A. Chandler 27 M. Lacell, A. Sutton, L. Cobb get- ting in shape for tryouts. Q X , D. Davila C. Derrey ll to A L K S. Faucher H. Febus M. Garcia S. Guevera J. Chase P. Christal L. Cobb H. Corbett if . X L J l isp: aw M- t FI V I. Dodd V. Dorn J. Duran L. Edwards . ' T' 3 A D R. Ferbrache G. Figgins R. Friedrich F. Fuoco A. Hargraves D. Heilman L. Henle D. Hill 1 J. Hill J. Hinchey C. Huylar L. Huylar N. Johnson R. Johnson - K K . . Ba R. K'nca'd iunior mechan'cs. R. Kincaid M. Kirkpatrick M. Lacell N. Lacell all 4 g y L M L '0- , F5 xsan- .. A" . 1 'L Y ,..: . gg 'W Xxx K. Lacy W. LeBlanc S. Leming W. Leikam W. Lenhardt S. Long 1343 if is-X W 'M- gqwww ..,. -M ......,. . .:: M. McBain L. McCord J. Meagher E. Mears L. Mesecher ! s hu.. Y. Musmusto E. Myers W. Meyer H. Nelson L. Noonan E. O'Keefe H. Ough D. Parkhurst G. Parlier A. Pinkham .....,, 2 S.,- W - E 5 .ff 95 J. Rarick M. Rodriquez H. Ross D. Runyan 1 J. 51. Mars K. Mosebar Q'-4 film ,KS XM. LFE? A L' o A FL M. Ochs L. Rabanal 'QM W 1 f is 5? L. Sak J. Sauer S. Schademan E. Schmella B. Schott R. Seabrands S. Seely 'Sit' A X 'SM 'C' M. Shequin .asp 'S L. Snider E. Tatt V. Thomas S. Van Cleave FWVQX .K tr, 53' Q .XX h E X L. Simmons L. Simmons . L S Q X X .5 . . 1 at 4 R. Staub L. Stout lf? L S D. Thetford G. Tolletson ' J R. Trujillo fA E. Van Plake G. Visser 1 M, f Q if Y ,il S A 1 . ff .of wxrah k K D. Smith E. Smith W. Smith M. Stump P. Stump A. Sutton l' T. M. Wagenman at work. 2, Mostly Juniors. 3. Larry Huylar. M. Wagenman C. Walters M. Walters D. Ward T. Wentz C. Whitaker B. Wiswali A. Wolover B. Wyckoff A 5: ' . . r.- L . IX. -11.1.4 'Wm - 4- If ll 1.Prompters M. Garcia and E. Schmella. 2. H. Ross, C. Walters and B. Booth. 3.G. Tollefson puts the dead C?j body of C. Walters into the trunk, The iuniors presented a three-act play whose action centers around the mystery of an old hotel, where the characters become involved in liquor smuggling, 5,U murder, and romance. and Direct Cro, Arden, 0' Mr Ba - ' Mascignal rnfield dem Dire 6,600 W Q94 0 fe! FIRST ROW: E. Schmella, H. Nelson, S. Leming, D. Smith, J. Hill, G. Tollefson, M. Ochs. SECOND ROW A. Sutton, L. Cobb, N. Johnson, Booth, L. Huylar, H. Ross, C. Walters, S. Barrett, L. Stout, A. Barn 30 field, D. Hill. FIRST ROW: Vice President, Carolyn Silvers, President, Alan Regimbal. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Miss Trimble, Secretary, J. Layman, Treasurer, J. Fernandez, Advisor, Mr. Woodworth. ABSENT: Advisor, Mr. Cook and Bob Lybyer. To be recognized by the D.A.R. for her citizenship during her high school years, you chose Nellie Punch. "One, nine, five, five, who'll strive, we'll strive!" sounded throughout many pep as- semblies during the last year. "The progress of the past is the promise of the future" served as the theme of grad- uation exercises May 26. You chose for class colors and robes red and white, and roses for class flowers. Virginia Schmella had the high honors of being Valedictorian and Joyce Sherwood Salutatorian. J. Fernandez takes orders for senior announcements. O of 1955 You, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty five, began your last record of activities by selecting class officers at the beginning of the school year. Alan Regimbal served as President, Carolyn Silvers, Vice President, Joanne Layman, Secretary, Joe Fernandez, Treasurer, and Bob Lybyer, Activity Manager. Queen Jackie Donnelly and Princess Mary Sue Murray came into the spotlight to reign over the annual Homecoming Festivi- ties. You began making plans for the future after attending College Conference held in November. Representatives from many col- leges came to help show you the advantages of attending college. Into the spotlight came the Senior Class Play, a melodrama entitled "Dirty Work at the Crossroads" and for a few hours the audience trembled to the threats of the villain Alan Regimbal. You contributed many hours of work to the success of the Senior Class Ball "Winter Wonderland." Chosen to reign over it were Queen Audrey LeRoue, King Larry Little, Princess Shirley Gunnyon, and Prince Jim Thomas. The biggest iob of all, that being general chairman, was held by Jay Booth. QA' 3 bg B 2 6 W. X' y l , in lu I f sl l. R. W JIM BAKER -Wildcats 125 Torch 11-125 Tips Staff 12, Business Manager 125 Class Crew 115 Track 11-125 Stu- PAULINE BANGS - Pep Club 11-125 FHA 105 GAA 10-11-125 Drill Team 10-11- dent Conference 125 Choir 125 Tumbling Team 10. 10-11-12, Treasurer 12. LARRY BARRIENTOS-Bastb ball 10-115 Basketball 10- 11-12. JOYCE BURKE--GAA 10- 115 Band 10-125 Pep Band 125 Choir 12. ri p 5. , , , f, x A ara- DARLENE BEAUDRY-Pep Club 11-125 GAA 10-11- 125 Tips Staff 125 Drill Team 10-11-12. GARY CHAMBERLAIN GALE BOGART - Wildcats 11-125 Class Play 125 Op- erefta 115 Baseball 10-11- 125 Band 10-11-125 Pep Band 11-125 Cl'1Olr 11. BARBARA CLARK- FHA 1 - 1112, GAA 1011. JAY BOOTH - Transferred from Turlock, California5 Wildcats 11-125 FFA 10-11- 12, Treasurer 10, Secre- tary 11, President 125 Gen- eral Chairman for Senior Ball 125 Football io-115 Track 10-11-125 Student Conference 12. JANICE BEAK-Pep Club 11-12, Secretary 125 GAA 10-11-125 Operetta 115 Stu- dent Conference 125 Choir 11-125 Drill Team 10-11- 125 Point Committee Chair- man 125 Homecoming Princess 9. TONY CLARK - Class Ac- tivity Manager 105 Wild- cats 11-125 Assembly Chairman 105 Baseball 10- 11-125 Basketball 10-11 125 Student Conference 12. Tips Staff 115 Operetta 115 MAX CORpUZ - pcmbau Boys' State 115 Choir 11- 10.11.125 Band 10. 125 Hi-Tops 11. GEORGE DETWILER - FFA 10-11-12. Xiao A NADINE DALE-FHA 1041- DIANA DAVILA-GAA 115 12. DONNA ENGBRETSON - Choir 10-115 Girls' Sextet 115 Operetta 115 GAA 10-11. VERN FAUTH - Wildcats 125 Tennis 11-12. v Y M 'f E.. .1 WWW, Choir 12. JOE FERNANDEZ - Class Treasurer 11-125 Wildcats 11-12, President 125 Torch 125 FFA 10-11-12, Presi- dent 11, Parliamentarian 11, Vice President 125 Board of Control 11-125 Class Crew 115 Football 11-12, Manager 105 Stu- dent Conference 11-12. GARY FISCHER - Baseball 105 Boxing 12. .I MARY GASCA DAVID FRENCH - Football 115 Track 10-11-12. 33 DOROTHY GORDON--Pep Club 11-125 GAA 10-11- 125 Operetta 115 Song Leader 125 Choir 10-11-125 Drill Team 10-11-125 GAA Point Committee 10-11-12. JACKIE DONNELLY P- Pep Club 11-12, Social Chair- man 125 GAA 10-11-125 nnual Staff 11-12, Editor 25 Class Crew 115 Band 10-11-12, Librarian 115 Pep Band 10-115 Homecoming Queen 125 Songleader 125 Student Conference 11-125 GAA Point Committee Chairman 11-12. 5"'?"'3?W FRANCES GARDEA-GAA 105 Choir 10. SAM GUEVARA - Boxing 10-11-125 Choir 11-125 Wildcat 12, JlM HUBERT-Wildcats 115 Annual Staff 10-115 Tips Staff 115 Class Play 125 Class Play 115 Class Crew 115 Tennis 11-125 Band 11-125 Pep Band 12. SHARON GRlFFlTH - Pep Club 11-125 FHA 10-11-125 GAA 10-11-12, Activity Manager 115 Tips Staff 10- 115 Operetta 115 Choir 10- 11-125 Drill Team 10-11-12. rrr , A CAROL HADLEY-Pep Club 11-12, Secretary 125 Torch 125 GAA 10-11-125 Board of Control 125 Class Play 125 Class Play 115 Oper- etta 115 Yell Leader 125 Homecoming Princess 115 Choir 11-12, President 125 Drill Team 10-11-12, Flag Bearer 125 Tumbling 10-11- 12. NICK JEWETT-Class Social Chairman 10, Class Activ- ity Manager 115 Class Crew 115 Band 10-115 Pep Band 10-11. JIM GRUPE MARTHA HENRY FHA 10 125 GAA 10-11. JERRY INGRAM-Class So- cial Chairman 115 Wildcats 10-11-12, Secretary-Treas- urer 125 FFA 10-11-12, Vice President 11, Treas- urer 125 Football 10-11-125 Boxing 11-125 Student Con- ference 11. 34 RUTH HERRERA-GAA 115 Choir 11. EDDIE JOHNSON - Annual Staff 11-125 Class Crew 125 Basketball 10-11-125 Track 11-125 Manager 10. SHIRLEY GUNNYON - Pep Club 11-12, Treasurer 125 GAA 10-11-125 Class Play 115 Operetta 115 Class Crew 125 Student Confer- 11-125 ence 125 Choir Tumbling Team 11-125 Yell Leader 125 Junior Leader for Graduation 115 Student Director for Class Play 12. JAMES IVY-Band 10-11: Pep Band 115 Drill Team Drummer 10-11. U JL! LARRY LlTTLE-FFA 10-11- 12, President 11, Treasurer 10, Boxing 10-11-12, Sen- ior Ball King 12. .5 f 1' Y 1 f SPENCER MERRYMAN - Transferred from Grand view, Wildcats 10-11-12 Baseball 10, Football 12 Hi-Y Club 10-11, Secre tary-Treasurer 11. 1 I JOANNE LAYMAN-Class Secretary 12, Pep Club 11- 12, FHA 10-11-12, Treas- urer 12, GAA 10-11-12, Annual Staff 11, Tips Staff 11-12, Page Editor 12, Board of Control 12, Band 10-11-12, President 12, Pep Band 10-11-12, Debate 10, Student Conference, Class Play 12. R O N A L D MCCARGER -- Wildcats 12, Class Play 11, Ball Co-Chairman 12, Foot- ball 12, Band 10-11-12, Librarian 10-11, Pep Band 10-11-12, Northwest Band 12. JO ELLEN PATNODE-Pep Club 11-12, Social Chair- man 12, FHA 10-11, GAA 10-11-12. BOB McCOY MARY SUE MURRAY-Pep Club 11-12, President 12, Torch 11-12, FHA 11, GAA 10-11-12, Vice President 11, Annual Staff 12, Busi- ness Manager 12, Board of Control 12, Class Crew 12, Band 10-11-12, Secretary 10, Pep Band 10-11-12, Student Conference 11-12. 35 AUDREY LE ROUE - Pep Club 11-12, GAA 10-11-12, President 12, Board of Control 10-12, Ball Queen 12, Studentf Conference 12: Tumbling Team 12. JACKIE MCMICAN - Pep Club 11-12, President 12, FHA 12, GAA 10-11-127 Class Play 12, Class Play 11, Band 10-11-12, Pep Band 11-12. GARY PATTON - Wildcats 11-12, Class Crew 12, Foot- ball 10-11, Manager 10. BOB LYBYER - Class Presi- dent 1O-11, Class Activity Manager 12, Wildcats 10- 11-12, Vice President I1, Sergeant-at-Arms 12, Torch 11-12: Board of Control 10-11-12, ASB Vice Presi- dent 11, Class Crew 12, Class Crew 11, Football 10-11, Basketball 11, Track 10-11, Student Conference 12. MARILYN NELSON - Pep Club 11-12, GAA 10-11- 12, Treasurer 12, Operetta 11, Choir 11-12. BEVERY RASMUSSEN-Pep Club 11-12, Annual Staff MARY BELLE PETTIT-Pep Club 11-12, Demerit Chair- man 12, Torch 11-12, Sec- retary 12, GAA 11-12, Class Play 12, Band 10-11- 12, Secretary 11, Pep Band 11-12, Student Conference 11, All-State Band 11. NELLIE PUNCH - Class Treasurer 101 Class Secre- tary 11, Torch 11-12, Secre- tary 12, FHA 10-11-12, Secretary 11, GAA 10-11- 12, Annual Staff 12, Tips Staff 11, Board of Control 12, ASB Secretary 12, Class Play 11, Class Play 12, Class Crew 12, Stu- dent Conference 11-12, Choir 11, Girls' Sextet 11, Drill Team 10-11-12, Drill Leader 12. 11-12, VIRGINIA SCHMELLA Pep Club 11-12, Dernerit Chairman 12, Torch 11-12, President 12, FHA 10-11- 12, Vice President 11, GAA 10-11-12, Annual Staff 12, Tips Staff 11-12, Page Editor 11, Board of Control 12, ASB Treasurer 12, Class Play 12, Class Play 11, Debate 10, Stu- dent Conference 11-12. ,nm ,Q GERALD ROTH - Class Crew 12, Tennis 10-11-12 Manager 11, Basketball Score Keeper 11. JUDY SCALLEY-Class Vice President 10, Pep Club 11-12, FHA 11: GAA 1O- 11-12, Secretary 11, An- nual Staff 10-11, Tips Staff 10-11-12, Page Editor 10- 11, Editor 12, Board of Corttrgl 12, ASB President 12, Class Play 12, Class Crew 11, Prom Chairman 11, Tennis 10-11-12, De- bate 1O, Homecoming Princess 10, Student Con- ference 11-12, Girls' State 11, Drill Team 11-12. GENEVA RODRIQUEZ FHA 12, GAA 11. ADAM SCHNEIDER JOYCE SHERWOOD-Torch 11-12, FHA 11-12, GAA JANE SEABRANDS - FHA 10-11-12, Song Leader 11, GAA 10-11-12, Choir 10- 11-12, Drill Team 10-11- 12, Operetta 11, Tumbling Team 10-11-12, Captain 12, Hi-Tops 10-11-12. 10-11-12, Class Play 11, Class Play 12, Band 10- 11, Pep Band 10-12, Stu- Jent Conference 11. T T ALAN REGIMBAL- Wild- cats 1O-11-12, Torch 11-12, lVice President 12, Tips Staff 12, Board of Control 12, ASB Activity Manager 12, Class Play 12, Class Play 11, Class Crew 11, Field Day Chairman 11, Football 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12, Student Confer- ence 11-12, Boys' State 11, Choir 10. ROY SCRIVNER VELMA SPEER-GAA 10-11 127 Drill Team 10-11-12. BILL TRUJILLO - Wildcats 10-11-127 Junior Class Crew 117 Tennis 10-11-127 Boxing 107 Pep Band 117 Choir 12. CAROLYN SILVERS-Class Vice President 127 Pep Club 11-127 Torch 11-12, President 127 GAA 10-11- 12: Tips Staff 117 Class Crew 117 Band 10-11-12, Secretary 127 Pep Band 10-11-127 Debate 10: Stu- dent Conference 12. JIM THOMAS - raps Staff 11-125 Operetta 117 Prince 127 Choir 11-127 Junior Leader for Graduation 117 High Tops 11-127 Class Crew 121 Boys' Quartet 12. DELMA WILCOX-Pep Club 1-127 Torch 11-127 FHA O-11-127 GAA 10-11-127 Board of Control 127 ASB Treasurer 127 Operetta 117 Prom Princess 117 Choir 117 Drill Team 10-111 Girls' Sexfet 11. Not pictured: ROBERT RAINES JOANNE REILLY-Pep Club 12: GAA 10-11: Band 10- 111 Transferred from Wapato. 37 BONNIE SINGLETON Transferred from Eugene, Oregon 127 Pep Club 10- 12, Treasurer 127 GAA 10- 11-127 Class Play 12 Choir 11-12. FRANK TREVINO CARRIE WILLIAMS-Annual Staff 10. ROBERTO SOLIS - Class Crew 127 Class Crew 117 All-School Crew 127 Box- ing 12. W. - , 7 E ' sf JIM WALKER-FFA 10-11- 121 Tips Staff 12. 1 L, l. N. Punch tries to 'free herself from the vile villain, A. Regimbal. 2. French maid, B. Singleton, and Mookie, Jim Hubert, enioy themselves. 3. J. Thomas dims the lights. 4. J. Scalley rests while C. Hadley does final touch. 5. Student Director S, Gunnyon makes up Leonie, J. Layman. v 920-iv iglflsfli 0- SLO' ..v""' .Civ X 92 E1 fo? N 4. 5? 3? 'ft-f L an F! Kiwi r .L 25 ES., QU' .ggi 4. O Loo 22, 1 - N0 aa. The Senior Class Play was .L presented on Friday, Nov. l7. lt was a three-act melo- drama, portraying the story of Nellie Lovelace, a sweet country lass, Adam Oak- hart, as bashful as he was brave, and the vile villain, M u n r o Murgatroyd, who brought disaster to the Lovelace cottage. Wallace Woodworth coaches the production. 1. V. Schmella, N. Punch, J. Layman and B. Sin- gleton study their lines. 2. M, Pettit prepares the dance hall queen, Jackie McMican, tor the final performance. 3. J. Sherwood startled by the harsh words. 4. J. Hubert and G. Bogart enter the scene. ...ff 1.. ? S Molujgl QQ it I, Mr. Woodworth, Mr, Cook, Mr Bower supervise for Senior Ball 2. W. LeBlanc, P. Bowles, J. Visser L. McCord. 3, V. Schmella, G. Fen dell. 4. J. Seabrands, M. Peitii, C Silvers prepare centerpiece. 5. M Shequin, D. Parkhurst. 6. G. Roth, N. Punch, 7. F. Arens, J Hubert. 8. K. Sainsbury, L. Schneider. 9. S. Hardy, M. Ross IO. J. Sherwood, J. Ingram. ll. V. Speer. ,ff jf f 760 7o4auccw X ,QQAJX ' oe K' GOA-'ixnalxa QQ L,-T S3545 'tvs ' 2.1-9 3 ssh wayne., waqff gQ:Wn'He.l- goo U-553 A Sahel of Qervwlfmeavl: -Lm oo ei X UC ""' E.,-:w:XwE ,EL Essfiui -N.alK 'EBSQ get 'bo Q. f-SN wks Xxkes io Quia -Qlosffs item Se- 'E osce 794 dead Y Weldeau Dull 7mm 'famllang gale' z4t4leZde fiuoahteha ?c4'au 74408614 of ,fimndea 74444 64441 gud 7796 gmac! and heeded 1 Q A 4l aye- Wa ' Directing the spotlight on the newsworthy activities and personalities of 1954 55 was the TOP-HI TIPS, published by the iournalism class The TIPS combined with the TOPPENISH REVIEW this year and was published weekly as the first sheet of the second section Editor Judy Scalley and the Associate Editor Donna Hill made all assignments and directed the proof and copy reading. Be- cause of the agree- ment with the RE- VIEW, much of the work of the paper - layout, proofreading, and some writing could be done at the printing office. Business Manager Jim Baker handled the finances of the pa- per. Always eager to learn more about iournalism, the staff mem- bers made field trips to the TOPPENISI-l REVIEW, and the Ya- kima dailies. They also sent as delegates to the annual North- west Press Conference, Joanne Layman, Judy Scalley, and Vir- ginia Schmella. The TIPS staff also contributed their share to the school activities by sponsoring an assembly and a dance. A banquet for all members of the staff was held in May. At this time the new edi- tor, associate editor, and business manager were announced. 42 'ning T M- 5' ..- 51.53--i. a v X . 'R Nw ...T 'TSP a Y 5 FIRST ROW: D. Birtle, J. Scalley and Mr, Woodworih SECOND ROW: J. Baker, J. Roth, C. Bittle, J. Layman, J. Thomas and D. Hill. THIRD ROW: F. Garcia. G. Bogart, V. Schmella, P. Smitz, D, LeRoue, D. Rishor, A, LeRoue, R. Herrera and K. Mosebar. FOURTH ROW: G. Whifford and J. Bradish. .numqw . Q Q ' S . 'XX .aff S. N K. K 'FD M 'K I Qf .. ...E Q . in . g M .-. ' 'Y Q "DM" --...-. Y.,..- - f J 1-A 43 llllb PCSU BPJKJIIIHIIID HIC IIICIIY IIICIIIKJIICD DIICIICKJ LJY HIC IKJIIIDLGII JICII IIICIIILJCID. An annual trip to Seattle provided fun shared by all, over the Thanksgiving weekend Other fun events" included a Swauk picnic, a Christmas gift exchange, a ski trip and a spring picnic. The first big work proiect was to collect the neces- sary funds for this yearbook. Many evenings were spent meeting deadlines and many hours went towarcl taking photographs, typing, drawing, selling books, and doing the other things necessary to produce the 1955 record. Editor Jackie Donnelly led the group in work and fun, advised by Miss Finch, all other members are pictured on these pages. I x.-'L , i I ON PAGE 44 FIRST ROW: B. Rasmussen, J. ubert, N. Punch, J. Don- nelly and Miss Finch. SECOND ROW: E. Johnson, M. Murray, V. Schmella, A. Barnfield, L. Edwards, L. Sak, K. Faulkner and G. Fendell. PICTURE I. B. Rasmussen and Miss Finch. 2. J. Hubert, E. Johnson and L. Stout direct large group pictures. 3. E. Johnson and L. Sak paper the ceiiing with a Tohiscan ad. 4. M. Murray and A. Barnfield consider Tohiscan's budget. - X 0 .'.. ci f' WHERE ARE YOU? PICTURE I. A. Barnfield buys Tohiscan from L. Stout. 2. J. Hubert gets some sleep on Seattle trip.,3. E. Johnson, L. Sak, B. Rasmussen and L. Stout plan a page. 4. V. Schmella and N. Punch lick stamps for Miss Finch. f t2:f?fF"5':.Q Tft .ff Fw EM QL., 1. A. LeRoue, N. Punch, J. McMican, J. Layman "operate" on V. Schmella. 2. M. Murray hands J, McMican gavel. 3. J. Layman, M. Pettit staple programs, 4. M. Lacell rehearses for Homecoming as- sembly 5. J. Donnelly, J. Scalley count money at Pep Club candy sale. 46 2. Flip You, members of Pep Club, were always in the spotlight, leading the cheering section at football and basketball games. Pep Club was busy this year sponsoring school dances, and riding the rooter buses to out-of- town games. Candy sales were sponsored in the winter to build the club's treasury. These activi- ties helped carry out the real purpose ot Pep Club, to promote school spirit among the stu- dents and adults. Your membership included girls who stand out in the spotlight for their contributions in school service and spirit. During the first semester, Mary Sue Murray served as Pep- sodent, Carol Hadley, Scribbler, Shirley Gunnyon, Jinglerg Jackie Donnelly, Social Chairman, and Virginia Schmella, De- merit Chairman. Second semester officers were Pepsodent, Jackie McMican, Scribbler Janice Beak, Jingler Bonnie Singlea ton, Social Chairman .loEllen Patnode, and Demerit Chairman Mary Pettit. l. N. Punch announces Homecoming assembly. 2. M. Nelson, A. LaRoue as "Ma" and "Pa" at Homecoming assembly. 3. M. Lacell decorates goal posts. 4. A. Sutton, M. Lacell enjoy Pep Club initiation. YELL LEADERS-Carol Hadley, Shirley Gunnyon, Carol Huylar. X fa H ,,L. gt, X X X w A fix S S 3 SQ Y ww 451 -lm -X : - Y N Sx X is x N X M iv 5 Ni Q XXXN x Q R9 N 'E J R si 2 X 4 F w N Q X Q X K 55 X -X r S Z Q ig . FQ if V5 5 Q ,N -qv . .... Q-..v.......... .W M...-we-.Q -...-n-.nv v-up -um . b I I I :1 +1 af? 121: fiffff-47 ii 5545-f.iI'54lif s7LQ,Q,.,.ru..f7,q- fig :H 4732117 gifs! iififmx 'fr -:fbff "" 'f '51 fflfzfili i if :aigilixfffl Ulgyff-'g541 S952 fififji f' W i ',-'f.W. '-V ' ' 'L nfs, H: . " 1 .- 1 : .. ., .S W - ' A " " ' 2 v I " . r:'?wf.W . .. . ..,, . ...W ,. ..a..w:.,..,g - . , 5 :Q f I Jerry Ingram waits for the intramural boys. 2. Durward Thetford and Jim Baker try their skill at wrestling. Wildcat activities started with the lively initiation ot twenty members, whose appearance as Indians and cowboys brought the club into the spotlight. Later, the boys took part in the annual GAA carnival for the 'first time, contributing much help constructing the booths tor the girls and sponsoring a series ot boxing matches during the carnival. Centered by the spotlight were the officers: President Joe Fernandez, Vice President Bill Hert, Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Ingram. a,ar rass asain SPa'ketl+'1e glfgup ,alr a.a- ., a'ri 3 Nooh lunchednisiiiserved as a meetingpplace toryzdiscussion ot problems, excha i iaqdfpljpning ot aptivities such as theiiiponso xgyyyy t" intramural sporls' L ix 'f'-f -iry i .ii' -ri"'i' it A it During the basketball letter- men were initiateizlfiiigesei ssrr rrgfiipictured here because of an early deacllinefbut in fthe summer supplement. 1. T. Clark and A. Regimbal take initiation. 2. B. Lybyer whittles at meeting. 3. J. Baker makes time with the girls! A. President J. Fernandez. 5, A. Kin- caid asks D. Gordon the 64 dollar question. 6. A Regimbal livens up the war a little. ll' N 'Pi KNEELING: B, Lybyer, J. Ingram, J. Fernandez, B. Hert, FIRST ROW: B. Tuiillo, Coach P, Mirosh. THIRD ROW: R. Kincaid, E. Myers, J. Meagher, D. Thetford, A. Regimbal, J. Huberf. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Booth, J. Baker, L. Huylar, D. Ward, R. Thomas, L. McCord, S. Merryman. FIFTH ROW: F. Garcia, W. Myers, W. LeBlanc, T. Clark, G. Bogart, E. Van Plank, V. Fauth. ABSENT: J. Booth and B. Truiillo. 1. X 9 'K .,X..lI Q - I ew PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: M, Shequin, L. Cobb, D. Gordon, P. Bangs. SECOND ROW: H. Febus, D. Beaudry, J. Beak. THIRD ROW: J. Scalley, E. Schmella, C. Derry, M. Arens, J. Rarick. 4 0? AUDREY HARGRAVES FIRST ROW: M. Spencer, C. Hadley, T. Walls, C. Huylar, S. Wyckoff. SECOND ROW: P. Gordon, A. LeRoue, S. Gunnyon, M. Lacell, B. Olsen, J. Chase and J. Schloss. These girls tumbled their way into the spotlight. During the basketball season they showed their talent by performing for the many people who attended games. The team was composed of many sophomores who will form the foundation for future teams. ing the girls. 9 DRIL Jane Seabrands did a fine job of train- N: I F I 1 TEAI1 ' PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: J. Chase, D. Hellman, C. Huylar D Buttle SECOND ROW: M. Walters, S. Griffith, M, Garcia. THIRD ROW E O'Keefe, F. Arens, J. Seabrands, L. Stout, D. Hill. . 439 VELMA SPEER A popular spotlighted group this year was the drill team. They marched during half time at the 'football and basketball games, also participated in the Homecoming pa- rade. They gave up their noon hours and activity periods to practice for their performances. Leader, Nellie Punch and assistant, Dor- othy Bittle, also trained the junior high and sophomore girls to drill so they would be ready for senior high drill team, in order that this attractive group may continue to march in the center of the spotlight. I. C. Hadley balances another Top'Hi tumbler. 2. H. Febus, M. Garcia and J. Rarick loaded with flashlights, for big performance. You, a member of the Girls' Athletic Association, found your- self in the spotlight many times this year as you played and worked for both school and community. Fun for both old and new members was initiation day when more than 100 new members spent the day dressed as wildcats Work, but fun also, was the annual G.A.A. Carnival'at which in striped paiamas. you worked at a booth. You were assisted by members of the Wildcats and the student body, who together made the annual affair a success. You helped your community when you donated your time to work on the Alumni, Baked Potato, and Livestock banquets. Athletic in fact as well as in name, you played in softball and volleyball tournaments and attended playdays. At games you worked with the flash card group helping to create school spirit. 6 I ,4.,4 By working with the officers, President Audrey LeRoue, Vice President Mary Garcia, Secretary Margaret Shequin, Treasurer Marilyn Nelson and Activity Manager Delores Heilman, you made the G,A.A. year of 1954-55 a successful and memorable one. ABOVE-FIRST ROW: M. Brooks, R. Bradley, L. Brader, A. Bradbury, D. Bender, C Buttle Advisor Mrs Meyers. SECOND ROW: F. Arens, M, Arens, P. Bangs, A. Barnfield, J. Beak, P. Bowles THIRD ROW D Bittle, B. Bond, J. Boob, D. Beaudry FOURTH ROW: M. Burkhart, L. Burgin, B. Burrel l. initiates encouraged by D. Hill propose to Mr. Woodworth. 2. Linda Simmons, Lila Simmons, J. Boob, H. Corbett be- fore G.A.A. pictures were taken. ABSENT: D. Ashbeck, S. Faucher, B. ABOVE--FIRST ROW: S. Gunnyon, C. Hadley, S. Hardy, C. Hargraves, D. Heilman D Hull J Hinchey SECOND ROW: C. Holm, C. Huylar, D. Draft, M, Lacell, K. Lacy, J. Layman, S. Leak THIRD ROW S Leming, A. LeRoue, D. LeRoue, G. Lichtenberg, L. Long, P. Lorton, M. Martinez, P. McCoy Singleton, M. Wagerman. i A f...1 ...liz ! I ABOVE-FIRST ROW: D. Rishor, M. Rivard, M. Rodriquez, N. Sailors C Salinas SECOND ROW: J. Schloss, J. Seabrands, E. Schmella, S, Smith. V. Schmella, THIRD ROW J Sher wood, C. Silvers, Linda Simmons, Lila Simmons, M. Schmella, M. Shequin ABSENT S V Faucher, B. Singleton, M. Wagerman, D. Wilcox. I. C. Silvers builds a booth at the G.A.A. carnival. Z. N. Punch unpacks carnival prizes. 3. S. Gritfith puts up a sign at the carnival, A. M. Murray, P. Bangs, S., Gunnyon type telegrams at the carnival. 5. Treasurer M. Nelson signs a receipt for B, Singleton. 6. E. Mears, M. Arens and M. Ochs eat lunch on initiation day. 1' 1 PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: J. Cantu, J, Carlton, J. Chase, L. Cobb, M. Cobb, J. Devo. SECOND ROW: J. Castaneda, H. Corbett, D Davila, D. Derry, J. Donnelly, L. Colwash. THIRD ROW: D. Gordon, S. Guevara, S. Dorn, D. Engebretson, S. Dorn, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, Margie Garcia, P. Gordon, S. Griffith, C. Griswold, Mary Garcia, s-3. X.. 1? Z. 'Vi ,.. : 'S PICTURE TWO, FIRST ROW: J. McMican, B. McPherson, C, Mikesell, M. Murray, Y. Musmusto, H. Nelson. SECOND ROW: B. Olson, M. Pettit, E. O'Kecfe, S. Oswalt, D. Owen, J, Patnode, L. Peterson. THIRD ROW: K. Pettit, M, Oaks, G. Pinkham, D. Punch, N. Punch, J. Rarick, E. Raymond, J. Richmond, M. Nelson. ...P ' PICTURE THREE, FIRST ROW: P. Smitz, D. Walker, A. Soto, M. Spencer, L. Stout. SECOND ROW: A. Sutton, V. Speer, T. Walls, K. Rice, M. Walters, J, Wells. THIRD ROW: G. Wentz, B. Wertenberger, B. Wisvvall, B. Wolfe, P, Wornell, S. Wyckoff. I N-If .- 1. Dick Garcia with Gene Scrivner being branded with ice. 2. Reo Clark, Pat Stump and Jay Booth watch- initiation. 3. Mr, Wiswall, F.F.A. Advisor. I k:7gi!3L3?V"'3 pa -4-. l. .., g - 'ill Iii - is i A-qu 1 'ii 1 fs A ki 004' I. Jay Booth, Chapter president. 2. Joe Fernandez, at Greenhand initiation. 3. A. Wolover, in farm shop. 4. G. Detwiler with cutting torch. PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: A. Arellano, L. Baker, R. Barrett, Jerry Booth, V. Her- rington, D. French, A. Davis, C. Peters, J. Putney. SECOND ROW: G. Clark, L. Cummings, R. Homes, J. Fernandez, B. Brown, R. Clark, A. Degenhart, D. Austin, J, Wertenberger. THIRD ROW: G. Det- wiler, G, Hackner, H. Hutt, K. Hyatt, J. Ingram, R. Kincaid, L. Edwards, D, Henry, L, Mestmacher. ABSENT: Jay Booth, T. Friend, D. Garcia, B. Haberkorn, L. Heit, D. Hinchey, R. Hinchey, S. Hixon. PICTURE TWO, FIRST ROW: L. W. Green, E, Tupling, A. Wolover, H. Ough, L Sak, P. Stump, M. Stump, D, Thetford, M D. McMican. SECOND ROW: D. Gruben hott, L. Little, J. Walker, G. Scrivner, D Hunt, L. Schott, G. Noonan. THIRD ROW W. Lenhardt, S. McGovern, B. Schott, B Thompson, D. Reeves, D, Thompson, G. Patrick, Advisor Mr. Wisvvall. The FFA started the season by initiating eleven new members. Later, sixteen Greenhands were inducted. On Oct. 8, Jay Booth left tor Kansas City tor the FFA convention. There he attended a public speaking conven- tion, toured the Armour Meat Company Plant and the Kansas City Livestock Yard. and enioyed entertainment by Hollywood stars. Jay made a trip to his tormer school in Calitornia betore returning to Toppenish. Reo Clark captained the FFA basketball team which played teams from surrounding chapters. Other events of the year included a camping trip into the hills. a parent-son banquet, an FFA and FHA picnic, and a hot dog stand at the Livestock Show, where many ot the boys exhibited their stock and saw the iudging ot quality beet, swine and sheep. 55 :af up-ff' The spotlight shines on you, the members of FHA. Under the leadership of Barbara Wiswall and Mrs. Cheney, you worked "Toward New Horizons." The year started with the initiation ol thirty-five new members at a candle- light service conducted by the officers. Other activities for the year included entering the first place float in the Homecoming parade, putting on 'lhe Homecoming banquet, observing FHA Week. and sponsoring a Harvest Dance, a Christmas Party, and a family pol'-Iuclc dinner. Delegates to the spring state meeting included Barbara Wiswall, Lucy Stout, Nadine Dale, Janice Boob. and Shirley Van Cleave, who went as Can- didates for the state homemalting degree. These girls helped guide the group during their year of fun and worlr: Vice President Lucy Stout, Secretary Ardeth Barnlield, Treasurer Joanne Layman, Parliamentarian Susan Leming, Historian Joyce Carlton, Lorton. and Reporter Lynette Cobb. Song Leader Polly J. Carlton, Advisor Mrs. Cheney, A. Barn- field, J. Layman, B. Wiswall, P, Lorton, S. Leming, Advisor Mrs. Dismukes. L. Stout. , F51 ol' . , Q Y I K 7' vig: . G. S I in i F '95 to Q I 5 ' we . Q X, and r - 'S,,. .- 3 Q .K v Q. x x Q ' Je .2 if N r A , 5 I .1 P 8 , Q . A Rl .r 'ffl' .s we! 'B w 7 H ,Num NUS , Y' C155 was 1 N 55: - it K 'sr' V In 7 - . 1 nv iv 1 Z fi' Q PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: F. Arens, M. Arens, A. Barnfield, S. Basey, D. Bender, C. Bittle, B. Bond, J. Boob. SECOND ROW: P. Bowles, A. Bradbury, R. Bradley, M. Brooks, P. Brown, B. Burril, J. Cantu, J. Carlton. THIRD ROW: B. Clark, L. Cobb, M. Cobb, D. Cole, L. Colwash, H. Corbett, N. Dale, D. Da- vila. FOURTH ROW: J. Deyo, S. Dorn, A. Everett, R. Fernandez, F. Filer, Margie Garcia, Mary Garcia, D. Geffre. Q task PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: B. George, P. Gordon, C. Griswold, N. Jones, S. Guevara, S. Hardy, A, Har- graves, D. Heilman. SECOND ROW: R. Henning, M. Henry, C. Johnson, D. Kraft, M. Lacell, J. Layman S. Leak, S, Leming. THIRD ROW: G. Lichtenberg, S. Lockett, L. Long, P. Lorton, M. Martinez, P. McCoy J. McMican, E. O'Keefe. FOURTH ROW: B. Olson, B. Palmer, L. Palmer, L. Peterson, K. Pettit, G. Pinkham: 56 N. Punch, M. Rank. 1 g . l. J. Boob and S. VanCIeave set the tables. 2. F.H.A. party. Having fun? 3.. L. Colwash, N. Dale and D. Hellman dish up the chow. 4. A Barnfield and P. Bowles help arrange the tables. 5. M. Wageman and D. Hill sell candy at the game. 1, L V, V I J ,V ,K ,V f , 1 PICTURE ONE, FIRST ROW: J. Rarick, D. Rishor, M. Rivard, M. Rodriquez, N. Sailors, L. Snider. SECOND ROW: K. Sainsbury, C. S a I i n a s , S. Schademan, E. Schmella, M. Schmella, V. Schrnella, P. Smitz. THIRD ROW: J. Seabrands, J. Sherwood, Lila Simmons, Linda Simmons, E. Smith, S. Smith, W. Smith. PICTURE TWO, FIRST ROW: V. Spencer, G. Spencer, A. Sutton, ney, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Cleave, D. Walker, T. Walls, Mrs. Dismukes, Advisor. THIRD Speer, M. Mrs. Che- S. Van D. Wells, ROW: A. Soto, J. Wells, B. Wolf, B. Wiswall, L. Worsham, L. Stout. ABSENT: J. Patnode. F1 f"'T'.T"""F.h I S - lr 'f-ii 'Z?iEifi- 70264 You, members of National Torch Society, were spotlighted by the blue and gold colors of your organization as you Worked throughout the year to promote character, service, leadership, and scholarship. Club activity began early in the fall when first semester officers were elected. They were President Virginia Schmella, Vice President and Social Chairman Alan Regimbal and Secretary Mary Belle Pettit. Advisors Miss Marguerite Hackett, Miss Lorna Finch, Mr, Everett Cook, and Mr. Otis Hilton prepared to help with the busy year. Your main proiect for the year was the completion of a scholarship fund, to be presented to a member of the Class of '55 who successfully completed one semester of college. A turkey donation began the drive to raise money for the scholarship fund. It was followed by a dance during basketball season and donations on a huge box of Valentine candy. The movie "Titanic" shown in February, also helped the fund grow. Your first social event of the season came in October when seniors Carol Hadley and Joe Fernandez V, Sehmella C Sl vers were inducted as regular members at an informal luncheon. More members were added in January confer. when six iuniors were pledged as probationary members at a surprise tapping ceremony during a pep assembly. Honored were Donna Hill, Ardeth Barnfield, Margaret Shequin, Ellen Schmella, Dick Ward, and Gus Parlier. Second semester activities began with the election of oificers, Elected were President Carolyn Silvers, Vice President and Social Chairman Ardeth Barnfield, Secretary Nellie Punch and Treasurer Gus Parlier. They guided you through the spring events which included more money-making activities and which ended with a banquet and formal induction ceremony for the iuniors. The iuniors who were chosen in the spring will be listed in the supplement, and announcement of Top-Hi's first annual scholarship winner will also be recorded there. 'ei md' '11 if P37 au- xf FIRST ROW: J. Sherwood, N. Punch, C. Silvers, M. Murray, M. Pettit, Miss Hackett, C. Hadley. SECOND ROW: Miss Finch, E. Schmella, V. Schmella, Mr. Hilton, A, Barnfield, B. Lybyer, M. Shequin, D. Hill, J. Baker, J. Fernandez, A. Regimbal, G. Parlier, D. Ward, Mr. Cook, Mr, Strom. collect money at movie. ll l. M. Scalley G Parller Mr. Cook at movie 2 3. New senior members, C. Hadley and J Fernandez pose together. A. A. Regimbal, C. Silvers C Hadley officers, C. Silvers, Regimbal, M. Pettit. 5. J. Baker watches as Miss Hackett opens farewell gift from Torch members. Miss Hackett resigned in February because of pressing bus- iness. She had been an active and helpful advisor of honor society for several years. 1. J. Scalley wins Valentine Candy from A. Barnfield. 2. B. Lybyer changes 'records at dance. 3. Second-semester field, G. Parluer, N. Punch. 4. First Semester officers, V. Schmella, J. Sherwood, A. A. Barn- S gage The four standards of honor society are character, scholarship, leadership, and service. All new members promise to uphold these standards when they make the following pledge at the time of their induction: "I pledge myself to uphold the high ideals of the National Torch Society, to build a strong character in myself and others, to further the advance of scholar- ship, to carry aloft the torch of leadership and to serve my school, my community and my country in the interest of humanity." 59 ,............,..-.--.-pf Nqmummmmnm mmvwwvmnnnw nmqm!w , Q as i YN E X W :-f22' waaumauunw ...-maqwmuupwnvuw X , W ,La -X x '37 ,r N "f X ww' ii , Q E i if 60 A i f 5 e , K ik . Vi ' , if 'x S F Qim " 3' ig x V ff' 51 tif 6524 595 15" f ,J Q QQENI . 'sf ... -S'ci-109' FIRST ROW: B. Bond, C. Johnson, B. Olsen, M, Rivard, S. Leming, K. Mosebar, M. Pettit, C. Silvers, S Leak. SECOND ROW: D. McNall, K. Faulkner, M. Murray, B. Roberts, J. Christal, J. Donnelly, L. Worsham G. Lichtenberg, M. Lacell. THIRD ROW: J. Hill, B. Nelson, David Hunt, L. Owens, G. Bates, K. Anderson B. Leidy, L. Hamilton, FOURTH ROW: D. Thetford, R. McCargar, A. Barnfield, B. Hansen, M. D. McMican J. Wells, L. Simmons. FIFTH ROW: N. Johnson, G. Bogart, L. Layman, C. Clark, L. Burgin. PEP BAND-FIRST ROW: G. Fendell, J. Hubert, B. Thalheimer, L. Layman, G. Tollefson, G. Campbell, Doug Hunt, M. Macias, S. McPherson, C. Silvers. SECOND ROW: J. Donnelly, R Johnson, T. Van Zwol, N. Mayfield, B. Bond, M. Murray, S. Long, S. Leming, K. Mosebar, M. Pettit. THIRD ROW: M. Lacell, L. Simmons, A. Barnfield, D. Hunt, R. McCargar, B. Nelson, N. Johnson, G. Bogart, J. Wells, M. D. Mc Mican. FOURTH ROW: A. Dagenhart, M. Rodriguez, J. Sherwood, J. Burke, J. McMican, J. Layman, J. Hill, D. Thetford, F. Garcia, P. Bowles. igisggl.. ..L. Ag K N254-L, If-.jf 1 . - I i . ji .x,. s . 1 .L in , g M. Lacell, L. Worsham, K. Mosebar, B. Olsen, D. Punch, C. Johnson, S. Leak The Top-Hi band came into the spot- l i g ht before the year b e g a n by playing in the El- Iensburg Rodeo pa- rade and the Wa- pato Harvest Festi- val. Two concerts at the Central Wash- ington Fair in Ya- kima, performances in the 1954 Home- coming parade and playing for all foot- ball games, parades, and home basketball games, rounded out the first semester's activities. The second semester schedule consisted of a concert, participation in the Cen- tral Washington Music Festival in Sunnyside, and a Solo Contest in Yakima. The fourth Annual Band Booster Drive was held in April and two major trips were made by the band. Ending the year, they furnished background music for the marching seniors at Baccalaureate and Commencement. FlRST ROW: R. Fernandez, Ruth Johnson, B. McPherson, E. Wilmeth, D. Punch, T, Van Zwol, M. Rank, N, Mayfield, Mr. Tollefson. SECOND ROW: P. Bowles, C. Bittle, P. Gordon, M. Cobb, B. George, R. Johnson, C. Lindsay, S. Long. THIRD ROW: S. Hardy, M. Rodriquez, J. Sherwood, J. Burke, J. Ide, J. McMican, J. Layman, F. Garcia. FOURTH ROW: S. McPherson, M. Macias, J. Moore, G. Fendell, Douglas Hunt, J. Campbell, G, Tollefson. FIFTH ROW: J. Hubert, A. Degenhart, E. Armiio, B. Thalheimer. L .5 X S P- ' E 5 f's-55"-3 A . ., .. ,..,,,, My WWQQDW? f WMJ X W W WMV fgigwwj W 1i5w4 Zwwwfiimgigwgwfj QHXEEGQQMWQW YQQQMMQ W ij,f5,J5,y9vMA,T99ffpMffw A, QMQQQQVA W A XXX UW 64 IW wjfwfffgw , ff WL 1 afiwjfwfkjjfwffifkw M259 ywf Zaafedall gaukq 5104 z4ato9fea,644 A 1. Schell L. Angiano A. Arellano I. Bradish I. Booth T N. Clark H1 s I R. Clark M. Corpuz L. Davis 1. Fernandez T. Foster I. Ingram "B" SQUAD TOP ROW: S. Sherwood, D. Henry, M. Scalley. BOTTOM ROW: C. Walters, T. Van Zwol, G, Thomas. R. McCargar L. McCord S. Merryman J. Moreno A. Regimbal R. Scrivner M. Stump P. Stump B. Thalheimer D. Thetford T. Wentz G. Wicks TOP ROW: D. Runyan, J. Erickson, L. Paggett. BOTTOM ROW: R. Hill, R. O'Rear, A. Pinkl-mam, H, Ross. .. ,k ..,. ...ggoke 'foff M W ' N W sise e kfziz . WINNER llensburg ..... l'i, .V,. J Ellensburg W el' . 2 is ,randview ....... 47 " ' , - -.L, Grandview X ,, 5 W ,hes ...... ....... 3 8 0 Naches if M - af Psofiferr .................. 19 6 ..... "Q,q Prosser - K , 4' Fl' c1a..ElGin.,5 ............... 34 6 ..... slum Q, M74 v Selallitsk .... ....,.... 14 7 ..... ...... Selah ld Marquette ..... ?l'?m,, -13 26 ..... .... M Q uette W Wapalo --Tilyawggz ------- ,li l'A 'iii'-1f .:...f ,., + J WV y xYw,W k A M W , q:,,A,..,As, ,,,,, y f QW qfonouvzq JERRY INGRAM '7 Playa and M 41 -if AKE SCH ELL f-to ff MMM , Coach JOE FERNA NDEZ t in'uries they didn't win any of their games, but they 68 The Top-Hi Wildcats had an unlucky season this year. Due o I went after all of them with lots of pep and high spirit. The first game of the season was the best of the year, when the Ellensburg Bulldogs held the Wildcats to a 7-6 victory. In the past years Toppenish has won its Homecoming game, but this year they failed to do so when the Warriors led the Wildcats to a 34-6 victory. For the first time in quite a few years the Vikings beat Toppenish when they ran over the Wildcats with a score of 14 to 7. Marquette finally broke the iinx that Toppenish had on it for the last two years when they downed the Wildcats 26 to 13. On Armistice Day the Wildcats and the Wolves had their annual clash and the Wolves came out the victor with a score of 46 to 13. After only one game Bob Lybyer was out of the lineup when he suffered a neck iniury and couldn't play for the remainder of the season. ln the Salah game Jerry Ingram received a broken finger, but finished the season 'playing great ball. Probably the two worst iniuries of the season occurred in the Marquette game when Max Corpux got a broken collar bone and John Grupe suffered a broken foot. Three seniors will be long remembered by Toppenish football fans for their excellent playing ability. They are Jerry Ingram, Joe Fernandez, and Alan Regimbal. Others who will graduate are Max Corpuz, Ron McCarger and Spencer Merryman. ' Durwood Thetford was cohsen All-Valley End on the second team of the All-Valley Players. Locally .lerry Ingram was made Honorary Captain of the season because of his keeping the boys in high spirits in loss or win, and Joe Fernandez, who played excellent ball during the season, was chosen Inspirational Player of the year. t ear with most of this year's players being sophomores and Coach Jake Schell plans on having a good season nex y iuniors. wks YXNAS' .wi X 5, , .f fx-in I' .505 F Qf 1 X 5 s ' Q Il . . vw wx -ar Q v 1 I v I M. Murray and N. Punch plan decorations for goal posts. JA.. . 1. 4 Q 0 ,eewtcuwi Jackie Donnelly, our 1954 Homecoming Queen, held a place in the spotlight October 22 and 23 during her reign over the annual Homecoming assembly, banquet, game, and dance. At the assembly she was crowned by Jack King, alumni president. Senior Princess Mary Sue Murray, Junior Princess Lynette Cobb, Sophomore Princess Sharon Wyckoff, and Freshman Princess Elaine Wilmeth made up her royalty. Many alumni gathered for the events of the weekend and to renew old memories. The theme of the parade stressed the school bondf issue, and was part of a campaign that later culminated successfully with a large majority vote favoring an expanded school building program. Zaeen Omda 23 f 1954 B. Rasmussen pins cor- sage on J. Donnelly. I CROWNING OF QUEEN-Sophomore Princess Sharon Wyckoff, Freshman Princess Elaine Wila meth, Queen Jackie Donnelly, Senior Princess Mary Sue Murray and Junior Princess Lynette Cobb. Mr. King crowns Jackie. COURT FLOAT-Princesses Sharon, Elaine, Queen Jackie, Mary Sue and Lynette. CHOIR FLOATfJ. Hin- chey, J. Grupe and L. Noonan. "VOTE YES" was title of float. WINNING F.H.A, FLOAT: "TIME TO VOTE"-B Wiswall and G. Visser 4 . TICKET T A K E R s AND fy TUFI' CUSTOMERSvL. Cobb, M. ' Nelson, Mr. Hilton, T. Hilton and B. Rasmussen. 4451354 G. Arens, L. Barrientos, T. Clark, E. Johnson, J. Meagher. ,. - A ,,. ,-,, . I QQ , . ng ew. l "V...,.,,zE'l il 'lf ii l lQV 5g. 3 . i 1 K .. A 14 .. "Z" S First row: Manager E. Van Plake, T. Foster, L Wilson. Second row: Manager E. Tupling, J. Barrientos, C. Clark. Third row: Manager G Wicks, G. Kukes, G. Thomas. i All ages enioyed the games. M. Schmella, Mr. Schmella, Ticket Taker M. Burkhart. Song leaders resulted in more fun at the games. C. Silvers, L. Cobb, A. Sutton, D. Gordon, J. Don at tryouts. nelly, 314 J' fix 1 Q fi I 'w a l' Q QU-f FIRST ROW: G. Scrivner, D. McNall, D. Niedermeyer. SECOND ROW: C. Davis, B. Gonsalez, L. Schott. THIRD ROW: M. Macias, N. Clark, G. Zable. ss." lv . W . , E-t ,.'. ' 2 ml. - 1 0 'l . . N s G . :. 5 . .V V.. Q 'I .3 Q . VF 5.,v, L , . Q S Q .i l - ':" ' f k"t I , X . " "" ' . A 7 llll I 1 fl Vi L. McCord, E. Myers, L. Schneider, R. Thomas, G. Tollefson. NOT PICTURED: L. C. Davis. The spotlight on the basketball squad this year was not so dim forthe Toppenish Wildcats. Coach Otis "Rook" Hilton found a team that fought hard all the way through the season, and also the Wildcats had the advantages of height and experience. Larry Barrientos, 5' 5", who played guard provedthat lack of height is not always a handicap. He scored high in the season's games and his fast footwork and brilliant ball handling often baffled the opposing players. This senior guard will be missed. Tony Clark, 5' 9", also one of the team's main assets, played guard, showing good ball hand- ling and excellent control. This senior player proved valuable in many tough spots. He scored many field goals and free throws to keep his scoring in good shape. Ed Johnson, 6' 3" senior, showed much improvement from last year and helped our team to shine in the spotlight several times. His backboard shots and rebounds seemed to keep the Wildcats scoring. Outstanding was his achievement in holding the league high-scorer, Harvey Waltman of Marquette, down to 10 points, while scoring well himself. The Wildcats will surely miss this senior center on next year's squad. Next year's season will not be too dim for the Wildcats, however, as they have Gene Tollef- son, placing fifth of the league for scoring, L. C. Davis, a fine guard as well as a good scorer, and Jim Meagher, who might be called a game saver. All three of these boys stand over six feet tall and saw a lot of action in the "A" squad. Also we have Ron Thomas, Ed Myers, Lewis McCord, Tim Foster, Gene Arens, and Gene Schrivner, who all saw "A" squad action and should be of value on the team next year. The team as a whole ended the season with a 7-7 record and in the class "A" league placed fourth. They played Pasco in a pre-tournament game to win a berth in the tournament by a score of 60-53. This led to a game with Wapato, which they lost by a score of 66-47. The "B" squad, consisting of all sophomores,will also be in there fighting for an "A" position and will be tough competition. Coach Everett Cook guided this group through a successful season. PRE-CONFERENCE GAMES Nov. 27- Wapato Jamboree Top-Hi . ..... Third Dec. 2- Top-Hi . . 29 Zillah ................. 25 Dec. 4- 'Wapato . ..... Top-Hi ........... 2243 Dec. 7- tTop-Hi White Swan ---.-.-.42 Dec. 11- Top-Hi . ...... Naches .............. 252 Dec. 21- +Zillah - Top-Hi .. ............. .34 Dec. 23- Wapato ..... Top-Hi . ..-W34 CONFERENCE GAMES Jan. 7- Selah ...... Top-Hi ..... ....,... 4 9 Jan. 8- 'Highland Top-Hi ...., ........ 3 8 Jan. 14- Cle Elum . Top-Hi ..... .... .... 4 8 Jan. 15- "Top-Hi .... Prosser ..... ........ 4 2 Jan. 21- 'Top-Hi ..,... . ......, Naches .... ....... 5 7 Jan. 22- Marquette Top-Hi ..... ........ 3 9 Jan. 28- Grandview Top-Hi .......... . ..... 48 Jan. 29- 'Top-Hi .... Grandview ,......... 33 Feb. 4- "Top-Hi ..... . ...... Selah . ...... ........ 4 3 Feb. 5- Highland Top-Hi -. .......... ....32 Feb. 11- 'Top-Hi . .... .... . . Cle Elum ..... .......' . 37 Feb. 12- Top-Hi .... Prosser ..... ........ 4 1 Feb. 18- Naches ..... .... . Top-Hi .......... - ...44 Feb. 19- 'Top-Hi .... Marquette . ......... 55 PRE-TOURNAMENT GAME Feb. 21- Top-Hi ..... .... 6 O Pasco .... ...... - .53 TOURNAMENT GAME Feb. -25 Wapato . ...... . .... 66 Top-Hi ,.,,. .,.,,.,, 7 4 "Home Game 'Wo 3 A 7 Q 25 E ? A A K I A if is 3' wifi A 0 we if SX i 40"-' .. f ff nd GRAM B JERRY LN LHTLE LARRY 78 Za ' COACH MIRGSH 'L SAMMY GUEVERA and LARRY LITTLE BOB THALHEIMER MR. GOIT and BOB LYBYER BILL Gnd S SCI-1077 AMMY G UEVERA it if You, the members of the Boxing Team, though you lost 4, won 1 and tied l, fought and gave all you had when facing the opponent. Five boys chosen to go to the tournament at Prosser, Larry Little, Fred Garcia, Jerry Ingram, Sam Guevera and Tony Wentz, faced tough opponents. Results will be given in the supplement, Not pictured: Fred Garcia, Willard Gould, Willy Wentz. 1517139 'WW miami vw it-.ML Wi EVER +I. D- - 3. S' oSU""n- l HEAD ran 'de dvfew 7011. H1 OPP it Q 411 amy kg S 6' 'q4,1,uyC,qll6y C06 V59 4 ,Q IN : SO 8 70 Q , G04 Us foplljf, ,sr P 44 I Vs, Cro-Tse, f , Bfldpybw -s V kkkk To 7 P+!! I' Z1 ' W5 ' 7 Op 77 5 3 6 709, . Tonk lil' vi MG H1 vs. 5-Prosser , I M P' P. ki Unnysfkyli 7 AAVINE e M0410 OW, OP . 4 A ,X J 4 MGR 8 S C170 rr ROSS KINCAID and JERRY BOOTH IM.. 2 Z ef .M xw . WH' Vmuxgxx. o ennxs 1 B. Herman Checks h's new locker, L. Huylar checks . his d wlfh L. Edrgrpsoked- Miss R055 with a friend. J- Scalley QEYS The fennis court feadv for rhis Yea"'S season. '--wg 2 L fi .5 fx av R ef. i. .3 R X, ,ix Q 5 Q ' xg" P : fi ' SYN x Q S 5 iii N X K .V NY. 5 sw MX i 5 -, X K' rn 5 GR . , , g 7466 I C .E J AUGUST 30-School begins. SEPTEMBER 24-Top-Hi meets Ellensburg, loses 7-6. OCTOBER I-Top-Hi vs. Grandview, loses 47-13. 8-Top-Hi vs. Naches, loses 38-O. 15-Top-Hi vs Prosser, losses 19-6. 16-F.H.A. Regional Conference in Ellensburg. 22-23-Homecoming weekend. Queen Jackie Donnelly and her court make appearance in parade, F.H.A. float takes first place. Wildcats lose to Cle Elum 34-6. 25-Blind Assembly. 29-Wildcats lose to Selah, 14-7. Top-Hi Band performs at Selah home- coming. NOVEMBER 2-College Conference. 5-Sophomore Assembly. Marquette wins over Top-Hi I3-26. 9-Magician Assembly. 10-Exchange Assembly with Wapato. ll-Annual Armistice game with Wapato, lose 13-46. G.A.A. and Wildcat Carnival after game. 17-Matinee of senior class play, "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." 18-Night performance of the senior class play. 20-Student Conference in Yakima. ' 25-Tohiscan to -Seattle. 27-Wapato Basketball Jamboree. Top-Hi "B" squad takes first place. awww -4 'lg 64: nk' N 1 " 1, .,. S :swf X 5 2 K . A U 511 -I" C DECEMBER 3-Choir Assembly. 8-Faculty Party. TO-Senior class assembly. T5-Baked Potato Banquet. T7-Senior Ball, "Winter Wonderland." 20-Wildcat Smoker. 22-Christmas assembly. CHRISTMAS VACATION UNTIL JANUARY 3. JANUARY 7-Top-Hi meets Selah, loses 49-62. 8-Top-Hi meets Highland, loses 38-39. T2-l 3-Exams. T4-Top-Hi meets Cle Elum, loses 76-48. T5-Top-Hi drops Prosser 46-42. 20-Boxing at Sunnyside. 2l-Top-Hi wins over Naches 62-57. 22-Top-Hi loses to Marquette 59-39. 27-March of Dimes assembly. Grandview boxing here 28-Top-Hi meets Grandview, loses 70-48. 29-Top-Hi meets Grandview, wins 49-33. FEBRUARY 3-Boxing with Prosser. 4-Top-Hi drops Selah 52-43. 5-Top-Hi meets Highland, loses 47-32. TO-Boxing with Grandview. ll-Top-Hi drops Cle Elum 48-37. l2-Top-Hi wins over Prosser 5l-41. T5-C.W.C.E. Band. T7-Boxing with Prosser 'I8-Top-Hi vs Naches, loses 63-44. T9-Top-Hi wins over Marquette 73-55. -Playoff with Pasco, Top-Hi wins 60-53. 21 22-NO SCHOOL. 23-Honor Society movie, "Titanic." Boxing with Sunnyside. 25-Top-Hi vs Wapato in District Tournament, loses 66-47. 27-Tohiscan adventures to Satus Ski Lodge. MW? -aiu 'lm l , 7 H' ,T N ae Q 'Qs Q bk.-.4 MARCH 3-5-Boxing Valley Tournament. Five from Top-Hi enter. 8-9-Matinee of Junior class play, "Ramshackle Inn." 'IO-Evening performance of Junior play. ii-Tri-District Boxing Tournament. 22-Band assembly. 23-Public band concert. APRIL 1-Track, Ellensburg, Grandview and Wapato here. 6-Track at Ellensburg. 7-8-SPRING VACATION. T4-Baseball with Wapato. Tennis with Wapato. 15-Track at Sunnyside. JUNIOR PROM AND BANQUET, "Neptune's Court." 19-Tennis with Yakima. 20-Solo and Ensemble to Yakima. 21-Tennis with Ellensburg. 22-Track at Wapato. Baseball at Marquette. 23-Baseball and Tennis with Selah. 29-Baseball with Yakima. Night Track Meet. MAY 3-Baseball with Ellensburg. 6-Track at Grandview. Baseball with Highland. 6-7-Sub-District at Yakima and Pasco. 13-Baseball with Naches. I4-Track Sub-District Meet. 22-Baccalaureate. 26-GRADUATION. 27-28-State Track Meet. Q , mt . WW L F. GARDEA C. WILLIAMS D. THETFORD P. BOWLES L. SCHOTT .mill ff YL f U WJ A ffl - 3 X. X 1 I X, A. L , ,A N ffl! 'i .ff ,JJ k' ' M. K'r fr'c , J. omas, . Ward. . wo, L. ison, . n 'ano. . J. erwo i X X xx Tin I. B, Olsen, K, Mogebap-,,D. Punch. 2. G. Fendell. 3. M. Nelson. MRS. CHENEY D. PUNCH MR. BOTHWEU. J. SCALLEY D. HILL G. BOGART i. J. Hubert, V. Schmella and Miss Hackett talk the situation over. 2, P.E. girls discuss problems while waiting fo big performance. r instructor. 3. N. Punch and S. Gunnyon straighten up the costume room before the 12, A, 1' Vx- , N',, ,f .' I - ll X ' U I ls i Q . I 5 1 K f I 1 4. Substitute Mrs. Bothwell takes over. 5. J. Layman calls the lucky number while R. Thomas hopes. 7. R. Fernandez and K.'Rowe smile happily at the senior ball. 8. Business Manager L. Stout figures the accounts. 1- Init- . J. L. Iahon: S Ymgnl D ' Lemin D Bealldrgl A' SUYTQ,-1 , and J. Dohnrlh Dale, A B Y 8' wo. Brnfieyd rk, 1 and L . . 2 J . . MCMica n dies Y0ung ' 3. GH SCHOOL 914 frowamsu s Jeni Bo NGMT955 i ssociafea Siu TOPPENXSH, WASHKNOTON SPRT Dear Reader: Thks schooX yearbook has been made possKbXe, Krr part, by corr- 'rrkburkons from These peopXe. We wksh To Thank them Tor 1heKr heXp 'rn recorchrrg our schooX year Tn th'rs book. Thks page hsrs those boosters who corrirkbured S20 and ST5, thus pXacXrwg Kherrwsehles Krr groups "A" and "B" respecrNeXy1 GROUP A .i I aeuuervs rom-rx Luucr-T ' Meer your Trkerrds over a coke S DRNE-TN THEATRE STUDXO y a'rXorw D AREY' EERN TOPPENTSH RENIXENN . NNHXTXS We ofrrer compXere car serykce ar the Reser Serykce, Mrrfs OTX NNeXX, and Rakrrbow Gasohrre. erzouv rs ' X-XUYLAWS CONSTRUCTXON SHERNNOOD GLASS OOPPENTSH BONNLXNO ALLEY AND RECREATXON CENTER PXease gkve these peopXe your pairorrage because they are XoyaX ur schooL Other boosiers appear on the iohowkrrg pages. SXncereTy, boosiers of yo 1. M . pen. fea If .C get! u d comPlnie ose of PO:sg:in?:,L Play- 2 B S D1 A R' . ' egimbal "on, D Go ' 4, R ' fdqn Solrs ar,-3:1525 J. Beak in th SCgnerY 9 h for th ani. 3 ' Play ' J' Scan, . ' Ys 89 ENIOR HT I me' footbgll ga Cobb at McC0Y' J' R. hm, P. 2 S Guevifa' D' is -ng. o ' . bal rehefn' A. R'9'f" 1. C. H'dlel!U:n: GnndV"w' 3. P0""' ,UOCLQZZEJ CSQLZUJBIZLZ Lay f1'0pp5N13H O TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON Dea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL eader: ar e proud to list these boosters vvho have donated to the yearbook of this school. Please give them your patronage. This page and the following page lists those boosters contributing 312.50 and 57.50, thus placing themselves in groups "C" and "D" respectively. GROUP C BAILEY'S MARKET MAPLE LEAF DAIRY BucK1NGHAM's BROADWAY SERVICE FO' 'he Besi in Daffy PfOdUffS BUENA MARKET GALEN J. RAMSEY INSURANCE CO CONRADS SCHAAKE PACKING CO. CRABTREE DRUG SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK CROSS ROADS CAFE STAN 3 HANDCUT Ea I-'MOTORS THORP'S SHEET METAL GRAHAM LEMING TOPPENISH AUTO SUPPLY HALL,HARMON TOPPENISH FEED HANSEIXVS BLOCK cO. U fi I SUGAR CO. HUBA HUBA UNITED FARMER'S CO-OP IDEAL FEED 8. suPPLY WEBB TRACTOR A EQUIPMENT co KRAFFS MEN'S WEAR WILLIAMS HARDWARE Sf FURNITURE CO. Family FOO' Wear YAKIMA OOLDING HOP FARM LEIDY'S d G- Cuvglf an G Tollofl9"' R' Mc u, 5- Long' D. MCNA I dIeY- 5' - new f R, Bra Rom nkmi . 199 O d, 6. G. 4, Mr. H:32U?Ugl'3:3 bottle ban B09aff"" ' ' 1, Sen. 'ms Yalk ig re p"eSem . ahve from Seatl Te Un. IVE'-shy . 2 V ' - Schme lla C 1 . Silvers , D G ' Ordon MUrrav, D, gem dry re ad ' mformagion from conege C onference .3.J H . uber, tak es picfwe 5 at Camiva I OOL TO 30911 'FOPPENISH SENIOR HIGH SCH fer, Sfuaenf Y SSOCL6l vvemsu, w Asnmowovl GROUP D BATES FURNTTURE JACLCS GARAGE BERC-XS LUNTBER CO. J. C. PENNEY BRADERHS FTAULLNG SERNITCE KENE CANNPBELVS GROCERY NN SK NN BAKERY CTTY TLRE NTCFTOLS BROS. NTLLLXNO CO. COZY BARBER SL BEAUTY SHOP PACLFTC POWER 81 LTGFTT DATRY QUEEN ROSSER E9 SUTTON FTENRY'S PLUNNBTNG 81 HEATTNG STOOPS AND SONS FTTBLER'S FLOWER GARDEN WHEELER ELECTRTC FTeXp us show Them our appreckatkon of thekr comrkbutkons by gkvkng them your support. Smcerew, THE ANNUAL STAFF 4. J. P assembsnode, thingy. 5 E . . . SCI-,men 8, M Ar ' e FIS, M. Sllhmella gl! mour P033 6 . .Choir pr'p8fes for John Leidy, a booster, is spotlighfed here. He gave TOHISCAN Hs name in 1927 winning a name-the-yearbook contest Then. V 1 W A,,, QQAJ. 1-LALVZ.. ' ' ?Q 3 WJAAM-C. A ,yf7'-vvv-0-f'!L l""'i'3'W' Irfovwfvi '. A-ff"'7"7'wn fffW4,,WWwMW 4,..,0',,74f"',44MyW!Yf,,A,nfw!9 A cz-fvf' .ffwf-f4fvffZ"" 7f'r1"f'4"""'!ffT"'0'.,fiZm,4 TZ, 7?,,,,,,,.,1-1-ffrwA::2?"" ""7?Z4-1-7'z""""4'T"3"""7 l 6-,eyfv-'nov I.. 1 1 11 1 1 1 N 11 M 1 1 1m 1 1 ' 4 M ! 1 5 li 'E I M n!lvw!4'H11MnM,, MW 1 ,11 .1 1A , MW, wk 1'J1"'11' ' ' 1 1 Q11 A f ,Mu '1'1l 1 1 Nj ,1 if -M, 1 v 1 14. 11 111 1v9L311y,m 1 1 1111, 11k 1 W 1 1 W 1 1 "1 ' N ' 'f-5 H!,!"'1n'TK1il,:W11H 1,11 1,1 1W'i111n 11 1 11 11111 '1 11 1 1 f'17111J1'er1r1?1111 "'1 ""11111' ' 1 1 1 ' f111111 1 2' 1'1f 1 1 11 ' ' ' ' 1 - :L 'W ' ' :g1i1P1'111:11,1i1111.1 111',' 1 1 11 1 1 ' .1 !11.' , '111',111l!111 ' 1 r :1 fr L 1! M . L "M 1 :1f111w1U: L1M1 if I -K 1 J 111411 v 1 X1 11' '11 1 "'1"'I5?1.IT'1W 3111111131 1 1 1 '51 5 1 1g 111141 1 11:"'11"11'1'T11i1 wh 1 1 1' 1-1a1111111 'I " 31Q1'1,Y'1' 111 3a'11j111 1 11 11 1 1 -1 1 1111511 '1 1 A 1 .ef 1 11111111411 5 1 11g,'ig!H1E1'2F 1 1 1 1 ,!,, 1111. 1 u1111111I1111.1mv' 1 .1 111111511 15.1 1 'Q 111111111,111111111,111w1'1:1C1f1,11 ' 1'-,'L1'1'111 11-1""1' - 1wWWWM1 ' 1 - 1'1i'1 "E11'1 3T3'1111'f111" 1 ' 1 11 111 1'1111111,511'11111 111W11' 51 1 1 ' 1 f s 1f211'111'11w1'r5w11 ' 11 E. 1 F' 111'!:'1'1fr?'qIg' 1 " 11 1211"f'u1""1"" 1 1'1-11:18'e:'i JI, X "L"f'f"1x'3'Ya'q1..1J' 1 1 1 1 1'11,,1411 1 1 fy11MQmmwW 1 I 1g,w1 wfww'wMwWMW 11 11 ,' '11, 1. W. 1, A ,41 .1 H11,. 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' 50, 7 X' Pun Lcwww 511.57473 7ZyJ vizvfyww Lim 9 4-V fl WW W W W ,Wf WM9 W W fggxfj if SEQ K iii if 'W' R - 5 AMW fm! EAS ig' 530 fm M! 3Ri33MsN53igX3'gi2,fQg.. gym? gg 33? 3 EQSSEESEQWQ 'fx I E g if QY.042 Sig Q g mi qfiijixh W My kiwi? wwf, W W . 'ag QMAEJWTJ Cf 3 vi Qu f Ex WW 25312 15 g E 3 will My M 'EXE 5 SSMTQX Ffyff, Effxii W HM 5 SSD, me MAMJEIMM w,:..4,5+4f,4:..4fwWLf.,Cefg,,f4 b'wJ.A7,,4,zAM,L?s!w,.,,dM-d-l'46-f+A,,6e.,..1.Q fi!744..,,5,,,,g4,,,gQ-uve? 70401 X34-vi-Lf-W ww-dc, N'ff-'!'2M'-'fffjv-4-'. W-Jeff 02,37 vahixdwlvmjwaafomwujawmqficqwhk 54,.,X34e,fnVL 5-o-m,g,5""f, ?,,,'r,l C 2, 0-2.4,-N, ,LLQ 5"3"'-C .,.,,,Q0QJff4-wNf"iM'qM'7i Ji 7 iz: WV -Lg, 'lffdyf-1,121 zLZ1'.a.,Llrz-fvc-f A""f0'eL6f5-94 5i!Q,.Z,. A5 L Quswvuw 5 ow MPMIEM 0-Sv-QA ww M ,Q :www Wx A.kQ.45ea,'f .,m,A.m.w .,. A ,- W F3 r , 'NL JUQLZREI EQW 31 ffm . H 1: 'ily 'Y 1 liar! if .g..L.. H - !Q.m2 LUX 1527 x wr W -'Q' 1?v Q iiffifikl? 'iv .JW W1 Y Q NNRQQ 'w 4 xaxwmm 1, Miss Hackett welcomes new history teacher Mr Morin 2 Mass Ross takes over as Grls Advisor T3. Commercial Awards: D. Davila, C, Silvers, J McMican N Punch S Gunnyon and Mss Garfield 4. Junior girls admire Class Rings, W. Smith, J Hinchey and l Dodd C-Ewa' ' NEW OFFICERS ASB-President, Gene Tollefson, Vice President, Rosalie Fernandez, Secretary, Susan Leming, Treas- urer, Dick Ward, Activity Manager, Harold Ross. GAA-President, Ellen Schmella, Vice President, Lola Peterson, Secretary, Dorothy Kraft, Treasurer, Mary Garcia, Activity Nlanagers, Judy Deyo and Carol Mikesell, Point Committee Chairman, Susan Leming. TIPS EDlTORfDonna Hill. PEP CLUB-Pepsodent, Faye Arens, Scribbler, Bar- bara Wiswall, Jingler, Mary Burkhardt, Social Chair- man, Carol Huylar, Demerit Chairman, Donn'a Hill. FFA - President, Reo Clark, Vice President, 'Vlike Stump, Secretary, Jack, Bradish, Treasurer, Jerry Booth, Reporter, Gene Scrivner, Sentinel, Wilbur Lemltafdl- Dorothy Cordon Mary Lacell and Jackie Donnelly TOH ISCAN EDlTORfArdeth Barntield. X QA xx 1. Mr. Tollefson and band departmental award winners M. Murray and M. Pettit. 2. A. Barnfield gives 1955 Tohiscan to N. Dale. 3. Mr, Tollefson presents Arion Award for band to R. McCargar. A, Mr. Weber and Choir departmental award winners J. Seabrands and J. Baker. 'FNQNRUAQ X Y X 1955 1956 DRILL TEAM Leader Margaret Shequrn Assxstant Janet Chase Flag Bearer Dorothy Buttle FHA Presldent Lucy Stout Vlce Presldent Adelune Soto Secretary Susle Lefnung Treasurer Ardeth Barnfxe'd Reporter Margaret Rlvard Parltarnentar lan Frances Fller Hustonan Rosalie Fernandez CHEERLEADERS Dlxle Punch Mary Lacell Dorothy Kraft Alternate Kay Lacy othy Blttle Alternate Bev Olsen 's 5 we Q Q ' SSS as X c s . Q N. NX X 3 A ...-NMMA . 1 4 , 1 , I 2 , 2 V 1 I I 1 , - SONG LEADERSfCarol Bittle, Margaret Shequin, Dor- J f - 5. Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award winners N. Punch and B. Lybyer. rf -L. Xen. 'iw Q1 fm my 'f ,ffvu WWW Y' R sf ' u 'N L L ,mm 1 if : K B , K L my m H iw, L L,L,,g i. Q,5M:,h K K lffL,,,E,.,M,?iy,,i V , Q, K Q ,. Q. i mim i : Ei ,fs S V, kr I 'F .px f 1 Q' S w l ,Q , V . ' - kg I' ' K X. Q:-J at K Q Q ' .X ',,. -N ,ia-W Ms ' A 31-sq 15" 5 Q Qi' ,5 i ff ivan ff, ' i :,: ' -"' Qgz. .... ,Q:Q' 2.:, 1 1 Qfxz K ' i:., 5 5. X K f W gy Q 0 .M g i , atsiwgi N 4 Q .,.f fizt ":" -,,QQ: gf 5 ff H N X A is Q 2.: 5, D M Opponent Highland Wapato Selah Cle Elum Yakima Ellensburg Selah Yakima Ellensburg Date April April April April April April April April May 3 r PICTURE FOUR: T. Clark, honorary captain, watches as Mr. Dick Maudlin awards the inspirational trophy to L, Barrientos. Mr, Hilton is also pleased. PICTURE FIVE: l.. Little, J. Ingram, and T. Wentz, Winner Top-Hi Top-Hi Tie Top-Hi Yakima Tie Top-Hi Yakima Top-Hi Sub-District Tournament at Yakima May 6-7 District Tournament at Pasco May 14. Top-Hi placed twgiplayers, both receiving second. Opponent Selah Zillah Wapato Marquette Selah Yakima Ellensburg Highland Naches Z' Date April April April April April April May May May Score 9-8 I I-6 8-0 5-3 5-3 20-0 Winner Selah Top-Hi Wapato Selah Selah Yakima Ellen High Naches Where Date Top-Hi April l Ellensburg April 6 Sunnyside April I4 wapafo April 22 Top-Hi April 29 Grandview May 7 Selah May io Sub-District Track Meet held at Pla Top-Hi 3 Top-Hi 3 Top-Hi.2i Top-Hi 3 Top-Hi 21 Top-Hi 21 Top-Hi l Top-Hi A IA. Top-Hi lst District Meet held at Yaki May 21, Jay Booth was the only entrant go to Pullman from Top-Hi. PICTURE ONE: M. Scalley practicing tennis for tournament. PICTURE TWO: Benchwarmers at baseball game. PICTURE THREE: B, Lybyer, J. Booth, J. Baker, J. Ide, E. Johnson, J. Bradish, A. Regimbal, L. Huylar, and L, McCord, Sub-District track winners. si cssaw.,-,W-c...,... .. we ?T? f.. A We .W fqii? yi, 25111144 all at H- wg l .'3' I - 7955 To You, the CLASS OF 1955 "lt is not impossible to be successful. All achieve- ments start with ideas. They have to first be thought out, then worked out. They are waiting for someone who believes they can and should be done. "You are capable of accomplishing more-you can do bigger and better things. By staying with ideas you can achieve more success in your work, become a greater figure in your community and exert more influence in all affairs that affect your sphere of influence . . . AWARDS-American Legion: Bob Lybyer: American Legion Auxiliary: Shirley Gun- nyon: Annual Editor: Jackie Donnelly: Arion, Band: Ron McCargar: A.S.B. Presi- dent: Judy Scalley: Agriculture: Jay Booth: Art: Gary Patton: Babe Ruth Sports- manship: Nellie Punch, Bob Lybyer: Band Service: Mary Sue Murray, Mary Belle Pettit: Bankers' F.F.A.: Joe Fernandez: Choir Service: Jane Seabrands, Jim Baker: Commercial Department: Typing, Shirley Gunnyon: Shorthand, Jackie McMican: Bookkeeping, Carolyn Silvers: General, Nellie Punch: D.A.R.: Nellie Punch: Ellens- burg Solos: Band, Joyce Sherwood: English: Joyce Sherwood: Evergreen Girls' State: Donna Hill: Evergreen Boys' State: Dick Ward: Faculty Service: Mr. Cook: F.H,A. Service: Nadine Dale: G.A.A. Service: Sharron Griffith: Journalism: Editor, Judy Scalley: Business Manager, Jim Baker: Math: Tony Clark: Mechanics: Larry Barrientos: Outstanding Athlete: Alan Regimbal: Pah-Nah-Mo Home Economics: Jane Seabrands: Plaques: Shirley Gunnyon, Jackie Donnelly, Tony Clark, Ron McCargar, Carol Hadley, Spencer Merryman, Joanne Layman, Jackie McMican, Eddie Johnson, Jim Hubert, Joyce Sherwood, Mary Sue Murray, Sharron Griffith, Virginia Schmella, Jay Booth, Nellie Punch, Jerry Ingram, Joe Fernandez, Dorothy Gordon, Jim Baker, Gale Bogart, Judy Scalley, Mary Belle Pettit, Alan Regimbal, Bob Lybyer, Carolyn Silvers, Jane Seabrands: Senior "'lt's what y THINK and what you DO that makes you what you ARE. " 'Your thoughts and deeds can hold you down or hitch you to a star.' " lT'S UP TO YOU A. J. STROM Service: Judy Scalley: School Spirit: Judy Scalley: Science: Tony Clark: Valedictorian: Virginia Schmella: Salutatorian: Joyce Sherwood: Service Pins: Bob Lybyer, Alan Regimbal, Gary Patton, Eddie Johnson, Judy Scalley, Mary Belle Pettit, Carolyn Silvers, Nellie Punch. SCHOLARSHIPS: Valedictorian 5100 W.S,C., Virginia Schmella: George Washington Foundation 5200, Yakima Valley Junior College, Joyce Sherwood, Mary Sue Murray: Pah-Nah-Mo Nursing Scholarship 5150, Mary Sue Murray: Central Memorial Hospital Nursing Scholarship 5150, Mary Sue Murray: Mary Stone Beauty School 5300, Jackie Donnelly: Leadership Scholarship C.W.C.E., 5150, Nellie Punch: Charm Beauty School 5125, Beverly Rasmussen, Edith Febus: C.P.S. Scholarship 5200, Carolyn Silvers: W.S.C. Room Scholarship 5100, Tony Clark: Soroptimist Nursing Scholarship 5250, Joyce Burke: Academic Scholarship Yakima Valley Junior College 5100, Jackie McMican: Music Scholarship, W.S.C. 5120 per year, Mary Belle Pettit, 1. HONOR STUDENTS-J. Sherwood, V. Schmella, N. Punch, J. Burke, J. McMican, M. Murray, B. Lybyelr, M. Pettit, T. Clark, C. Silvers. 2. Mr. Cook is awarded Service ptin by A. Regimbal. 3. M. Murray ad- iusts collar. l - N X ZOHwHmZ Org ,PZU QHAOW HZ WDOX Om SWDEWOOX I HZwHUm Om OOCEN I SMH mOOW mmxm OZm IOQN HO mmmgulm QEOWHZO mm mgwm Orqm HM zOHmHmZmO m4mZF4 H YEARBOOK5 1-made .7440 , K 1 bi A -- M,

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