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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Kwwbepxaw UQ Lug . f'M.Qu" mf . iihlxiu .L aifhbafwh, 0-14,6 Qfgbffkg Q 447 x,cix,L?fL, ,Pe JM WL M2 we UMM? . M-wma- MMV fmm, Jzzf ,420 ,amz 51973 'eg Wim ,U-ebb J3fV0J""q'L 'M fc' , 711, If I VCi ! A f X xu a , ,,fy',,-,L if ,wffffv M M Wff1 WW M Wfy ,Vw JfJ'U'7'L J if 'ff-fc f ,, , Q 1 - 'U 21p um'-f ,L A411 5444 , WL fm QM JMU! 5 V Cfiuligpqmwww Jr-S ' x,,, I ,, , . U A df-L ' 4 w M JM, L Kyo ,wa fggwu 'J 7 I n. ' - " ciofm, 75 fi AM wwf' U W .I , ,I f ' ug! 4 . wifi' If , M'i"MA"1LL"!' ,Jaw ac-m My UW P WM'C'f' 'L M 'f Q I 7 ful , . wc, ,.6.fvff'fkf Jxxmxf, LL R, Wmfkkf ' fi' V+" GA ' fb ' A ,T ' " 4 , ,Q 4g , Jlwf rwgfw sk- Q A K' 'WWW Vcyr-i,,w,J LZ'uLfzX,j. U'-'A-' " ' U A .0M,- fwhfkj M X. I 1 ,fl 'A l I ' l Q' 'P 1 5 SD 2-K If ' ,A Q ff X is 5 EBSQ N: . i:1 w 'fv X A , Q if, -Sqgb S Sb . X X 5 , ,T XX Ti 80 Y X3 5 i mx if d mg xg A L23-F' 5 v vf v Xi xgcllxgsqg qt? ag '1Au,Ulo1EoQfQ,ZM,f,,,g:,,, X KYWWMWJU ?'il' 3 2 J Jgmviml Cfiyfwdl YQ? ,353 if fvyawwffw EW Q., '3 mg XJ? Jw wif , W fy J WM' wiv ww Jf My Wfffpfwff MA M ,P .MJ , jnrfyfp M ff' jjw JA fwmawy I J ' ,W W 0+ MMM WM LQJWWW .9,,,Mp,,9JQ,3fwj:,, iikdffbdifgd 6-JJYUQ iwmw mwiw ' ' WA QQQJJEETW. QW WWwm' MMJWCW 'yov' om. , 5 'QQ 5 1 Z7 !0"V'Ld,-f.w74,,w3vo24f Qgwgxbnyx W'l!SfE?? MHZQAW WW, X MW ff? 'fP5Qw"f5 F fiwifnkwffwgffjmifgor ,-1 wry Bwgw yf"WjSit'v9 wwygfgywyyk Q 0 Qwwjawyggfygjlxpv' Wvewlm 3i9 mW Q wi M QQSX EEXQQSQQ5 Simi WW? HI! You've all heard of me, hut nobody's ever seen me before. I popped out of Tohiscan's inkwell to show you the people and places of 1953-54-. I'm the 1 Mouse in the Corner. Everyone's al- B ways wishing they could be one, thatls , silly, they can't, but I can. I'll hide in sp." V Sf" textbooks. I'll even freeze my whiskers I, at hall games. Just keep the cats away and leave a Yakima Valley apple core V out for me once in a while, and I'll show you around Top-Hi. This year's book will he - excuse the pun! Q- fllaafd 54 daze , 0 M dj 1' 1 . . J A W Aff 1' 1 I I J J ! 1 If A MJ Q, f ' '. J l ' z fa! . , V , 2 2 Z M ,wif ' I fffcj g,Ad4,0 ' 1 f 'A 'f"'d a 5 do f r , 7'M f 7 0, Que .bf f f Recorded by THE STAFF O U 5 C A N Editor -- ............................ Shirley Sullivan '19 7 A 4. Advisor ........... . ................................ Miss Lorna Finch I Sports .......................,.. Eddie Johnson and Jim Hubert Business Manager " -"'-"--------'-""-'----'-'- Barbara Owens The Tale of the Mouse in the Corner Advertisers .................... Joanne Layman, Milton Case, Jackie Donnelly, Larry Edwards, Beverly TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON Rasmussen, Lennie Sak, and Judy Scalley Photography by FERN STUDIO Printing by TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY to a .xii -4? fit I ..... I, 1953-1954 marked the first school term spent in the new building above. Three hundred forty senior high boys and girls shared new lockers, new classrooms, old and new teachers through the year, leaving the building to attend auditorium events, gym, music, art, and shop classes in other buildings. TITLE PAGE , CALENDAR ,,,, ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ,,,. , .. ORGANIZATIONS .,,,,, SPORTS ,,,, , ,, ADVERTISEMENTS CONTENTS M , A ,,,,,, 1 4-9 15-20 23-36 39-52 ,, , 55-62 , 65-96 2 4 4 3 t , , L if gg J.. ' I -.P an I P ,,-,-,,,pnnogiunuulu?"" h t ' ,--,,, g-. gnslng1 HM It is appropriate that the book which records Top-Hi's first year in the new building should be dedicated to a man who has done much toward its creation. An active and tireless planner in advancing the building program of District 202, Mr. Koboski worked toward the future, basing his efforts on his sound knowledge of Toppenish's past. A 1927 graduate of Toppenish, Mr. Koboski became a member of the school board in 1948 and retires this year after faithful service in that position. During this time, he was also active in the County School Directors' Association, serving as secretary and as president, and in the State School Directors' Association, where he also was a member of the legislative committee. His faithful performance of duties is only one indication of his deep interest in the boys and girls of Toppenish. For years this tall, smiling man has been a familiar sight at student events. As a spectator at athletic events, banquets, school plays and concerts, and as a chaperone or speaker at dances, banquets, and other functions. Karl Koboski. Sr., has won the admiration and affection of Top-Hi. He belongs to us. We know that he will no longer be present at board meetings, but that our friend will still be around the school he has served. Thank you, Karl Koboski. We'll be seeing you. - laps' rweinwest SCHOOL BOARD A. K. Temperley Mr. Schmella Mr. Niedermyer Mr. Koboslri Mr. Corderman Mr. Rivarcl aiu.. 436 l 'vi September-1953 e0 X, 80 XG 8,3 -akva Nl 'AXX X66 09 3 CL K X Oozewx 6 1 S5005 X3 woxxi :L 'Ygxxevs 1. Mr. Miller and Miss Finch foresee the year's picture-taking. 2. Even a mouse can tell J. Donnelly, B. Rasmussen, Miss F., and others are busy on Tohiscan. 3. A. Regimbal, A. Schneider, B. Lybyer, J. lngram, and N. Jewett hear the Yanks beat the Dodgers. l'm behind the radio. 4. Mrs. Carlile enjoys Sep- tembf-r's sunshine. 5. J. Hubert-studying? 6. You should hear what D. Holm told H. Heather! 7. Sophs plan a Homecoming floate D. Bittle, D. Hill, N. Johnson, G. Tollefson, and R. Staub. 8. l left before senior high arrived for lunch-Judy Edwards, J. Lichten- berg, E. Peilike, and J. Hiatt. 9. M. Shearer, looking for me 'F 5. Q ' - o S 0 Wg. X. do oo., ee Q. 9 S .o XXX 0X6 XX' fiovxletoo Wg. D. Holm, B. Owens and others at the game- WYI X06 gala 'f 6 XRQ qxewqf xixfogylo 5. 4 Uctober-1953 ea ak. Coioyixg xcfaw A MNA 6 X 0 :J ax! 9 8 :LA gag! CL 'Y ww v0 'Za CXBEB V9 fb Ro? opikefx we o Q ,tee MSX M55 Q5 0 X0 S80 dxecodgiixe? 0 Y 6 it tice 3 o 6 06 boo wax vi xi MWA onto' Pic 4:00 'I gi X3 YI f xx at at Q o 25 ogvro 1. Mr. Hilton. 2. I was mad because A. Barn- field wouldn't shine my paws like she did P. Punch's, while other students looked on. 3 Boy, can Top-Hi kids cheer! 4. I squeaked, and Mr. T. blamed K. Hubert and P. Knight. 5 I bet there would be a lot of tasty crumbs in the whiskers of T. Clark, C. Yahn, and C. Cross. 6. Winner C. Silvers receives ticket for Kandel sweater from B. Lybyer, Jr. Class President. 7. C. Chamberlain orders class ring from I. Fernandez. 8. Queen V. Scrivner and Princesses A. Sutton, S. Chase, C. Hadley and K. Pettit. I enjoyed this picture! 9. J. qauer riding in the F.F.A. float. It was nice and M. Ross work on Sophomore float, while others look on. C' i X K9 . x 1 0 '65 jx G ' ' .fo 0' 6 'Q PHX fxq 366 0 ' and cozy among the corn stalks. 10. C. Walters 9 XX - 5 Byga h . tb .9 XX X . 0-ine. 6 . '3 - 5 x arse? 0 KZ 0 x - - A . X x Q XDA Ht! me X 5 N ovem ber-1953 Qxai c Q Ctellxoi Cooieiell 9 avail et 601165 ya 9 X 1 5190 ee W 5603 I: 9 was A YVAKKY5 W xugfbxa 3 ,eu H9 M3956 2 YSYOQXXS X c Q10 Seam 0 X0 anembli Nimstxce 2 agism ot 'Na x fa 'OA Oixoigxfrl ,5 0 I wal Caillwa PX e 2 C' ft it swaeet Q0 6 e- , e ' A V ' , 1 Xu 1 'B u .NWI 2 I . . is ylkt 1 - -QHQBKO V. l ' X0 K af QPQU '0 xx M We' . X , wmv' X X . xi . - ' vague' XR' X " P I 1. E. Heilman taking admission at the G.A.A. Carnival. Boy! I sure almost got tromped there. 2. P. Knight painted my tail while she was making a G.A.A. sign. 3. J. Sherwood and V. Schmella take money at the C.A.A. Carnival. I sure had fun playing among that MONEY! 4. I helped J. Chase separate C.A.A. point sheets. Boy! was that fun! 5. C. Huylar and C. Hadley wait for drill team picture. 6. J. Parlet retires from a day's work. l'm hiding behind a polka dot in his shirt. 7. D. Lorton, D. Holm. N. Punch, S. Sullivan, and L. Hansen. wait to go to Sunnyside. I sat on the driver's wheel. 8. H. Heather, I. Ide, E. Buckingham, G. Cameron, P. Punch, D. Hill, and D. Lorton wait between scenes at Senior play rehearsal. 9. Mr. Bothwell having fun at the G.A.A. Carnival. l got some meringue in my eye. 10. J. Scalley taught me a lesson. 11. E. Macias, M. Shequin, and M. Arens took charge of dart throwing. I'm under M. Shequin's Carnival hat. 12. B. Orozco. 13. R. Hall waits for people to sign the guest list at open house. I'm mad, she wouldn't let me. ..............w IDGCQNIDGT'-1953 93 xx W 09 askewa gseitlv J Q xoo 0? X wgxffbm , ' - Q, xg . XF' xt ax fb .vllxloxooxcqodxektj KN 0 CL qi avaxo ws ?,.XXoo0l F eembw 25, QVJJSW X259 A QQ? P? XAQQXM, 29 Q09 9 .ba . X . X X6 oe' 'XWXX cj . YY ov gala EQOA ,Lx ' G . ' Y G S 'QX X ' P, PSC' x-' X ' -XX A S . ,. 7 M56 A Q okato 9 Yfake X 'iellxo QJACJGQGE PS O X5 5 6?CMN5wl KE' x 'Q ugoxc 1. V. Schmella wears the blue-ribbon dress which won at regional FHA Conference. 2. T. Patrick, B. Owens, and D. Ferguson decorate for the Ball. 3. J. Sherwood, B. Wiswall, D. Lorton proudly display FHA yearbook to J. Sova and M. Shearer. 4-. Fixing the showcase are H. Heather and D. Roberts. 5. R. Hall, K. Mosebar, B. Owens, and P. Knight listen to instructions. 6. C. Gross, A. Garcia, B. Orozco, W. Johnson, L. Little, and C. Rishor have a time at the Senior Ball. 7. Taking it easy at home is Mr. Coit. 8. M. Baker helps E. Macias with final touch. 9. J. Donnelly and horn are taller than S. Sullivan. 10. J. Beak, N. Punch, J. Scalley, J. Seabrands, D. Ashlock, C. Hadley, and C. Huylar preparing for a performance. 11. B. Olson and J. lde at Senior Ball. 12. E. Heit and T. Patrick dreamy-eyed at Ball. I sure had a good time this month. fs' J an uary, 1954 OTOQH ue X X Ntarfve we f Ca! OW' at 5 SGW' Oxwme ve fe. week x Vx Yvz Qgifxb sl Beta BSSCGX 09 SZl C Pe if? weve f'56 'l 10 9 0 10? S66 fi' wax Xxxa N Gi an 5 'io Xxx to T09 X06 Qxe fx Gian or Af T099 A9 Ymosgel 1. Say! that must be pretty heavy, M. Shearer, E. Macias, P. Knight, V. Smith. 2. N. Punch, D. Ashlock are ready for that January weath- er. 3. At the ticket booth are J. Rarick, Mrs. ll. Bennett, C. Derrey. ll got in free? 4. A basket! 5. Einstein Hubert during an investi- gation. 6. D. Lorton at her job on the reserved seats. 7. In the snowballing mood are H. Phillips, V. Moser, S. Chinn, K. Hubert. Those kids sure soaked me! 8. E. Higgins prepares a big smile. 10. Mr. McCauley presents award to Boys' Quartet: G. Cross, W. McDonald, J. Morrison, A. Garcia. Boy, they were a pretty proud bunch! a 515 - X 'At :fo lf, 'L - A - snow' 109 Aaxe Gt namevl Ox Qkos u 5 rl 0 . Q. . ASH OVXXXAX bw ri xufsjx the ring for a big bout. 9. H. Nelson puts on 5 . '32 . ' Q' Mm 29. 'H - W lib - 3 is, xt Q' x5 0, ' W W '55 if 'L 66 X6- F ebruary, 1954 rl? - rx 'Yoltlsca -,516 20 -72" bool , YXSPJ 'YOVW 1 2.50 56 -or Yllgh 5- Z6 2 S903 '5elahH.,1L0 QA.-26' K . 155 . U QWJIY . 9, Ill' rovwfifiab XZ' Ge How as Q, T0P'Wi56 Xt ' Ytoieei YV! W V' X59 lg' gaCVe5k,52 '20-To?-H ttefsg Nyamue I. P. Knight, C. Gross, A. Garcia practice for Folk Opera while E. Schmella accompan- ies them. I like Mr. Fink's hat, but boy does it take a heating from those guys. 2. L. Stout and E. O'Keefe serve pop and candy at the basketball game. I like orange. 3. B. Febus presents Mr. Fink a certificate for a new hat. 4. J. Sherwood caught by the camera. Surprised J. Ingram too! 5. G. Chandler shows J. Patnode how to use an electric saw. I al- most got my tail cut off! 6. W. McDonald smiles pleasantly in front of Top-Hi show- case. I never saw so many trophies before. J. 6 ,Tig 2 X ,,,. dx ,L 4-is -MW . 7 3: fi 9 4. 3' AS a 4 13533311 4 IB I1 K :K 19.-9.114-so .,--"""" an Q. . A 4 y X Qi ff- 8' Siw.. il f l 1. A. Garcia, P. Knight, W. McDonald. Mr. Fink, B. Orozco and E. Schrnn-lla had a gay old time at the operetta practice. 2. Magician shows how it is done at a National Assembly. 3. R. Solis and D. Bangs working in art. 4. Mr. Coit and V. Morris in the noon time rush to the cafeteria. 5. Busy workers. 6. E. Smith and A. Regimbal at CAA carnival. 7. Mr. Strom, C. Tollefson, and J. Morrison at smokvr. 8, Girls make' ready for GAA Carnival. 9. R. Gonsalf-z at GAA Carnival. l0. "Busy as Beavers" is this group of students. 11. A. Sutton and S. Chase making ready for the Hoiiwcoriiing Paradv. 12, U. lsorton selling A.S.l'l. tickc-ts. I R Jepremoer October 4 5 1 9 3 0 1 11 19 4 5 . 5 9 9 10 13 1 19 11 12 1 5 16 17 Q0 Q 1525 26 18 19 QL., 1,5729 Q3 Q4 97 98 27 1 Q5 Q6 2715? 29 30 ovember ecember 1 Q A " 6 7 0 4 5 13 14 6 7 , " f-1 12 1 Q1 13 1 19 99 9 17 98 Q0 Q-. Z 0 1 Q6 99 30 27 Q8 25- 1 11 CIDUCJFY Februar YUES WED THURS P 4 Tues wen mums 1 2 1 5 6 3 , C3 9 7 F Q13 11 im 0 , 10 516 14 1 9 QO 1710 1 1 22 Q3 Q1 Q1 Z6 Q7 Q4 '0 . 1 31 Q5 20 4:3 29 30 Q8 Q9 5015515 Students of the Year 1 10F 'NIORRI ow A B 1 11.1, busy in c1r0ar,p051- f1f1'ffl10f11.l1UTy gn T HH 1 W1f1A WTH M 1,1 NIRKIEJIA CRINIGEIR H 2 P11 t fd1953grE1 ITODIW "Y"l1T' 6 PAT KNIGHT 11 ll 1 1 mam NMHNO 1 1 11 h 0 11 1 d GAA mu 0 IK Bl 11 'SIARILENL HEARER k Tl C1 f NI 11 A 1 1111 111 Blll, T I FHA bl 1' 1 h I r ' f Administration 6 X W" I X TABLE OF CONTENTS I . I Page No. SUPERINTRNDENT and PRINCIPAL ....... .......,... 1 5 SENIOR HIGH FACULTY ......................... ........,.. I 6-18 CLASSROOM SNAPS ............. ........... 1 6-17 A.S.B. OFFICERS .........................,............... ....... I 9 K BOARD of CONTROL ..................................... ......, 1 9 3 Iii, ASSEMBLY and SOCIAL COMMITTEES ......... .... 19 4 'Q CUSTODIANS and COOKS ............,............ .,,.... 2 O PATROL ........,,,.,...,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,, 2 0 I3 'f sf S3 SS 3 M ggisgjig if iii? 33 3 sssgg ssggx gi3g3w2E if if 3 53335 SSE? iii? 3 3 iif 5 if gig iXWMg iEgeL S xi M WSNMEX ?2S3?5iEi35if 2i?fE Sf SE SS Q 3 'S SEQ 5 3 iiiiiiigwg if Sf3:iE3EiESS4s5s3QEXSMESNS N Administration P x X X ff . Sed, . Secretary-BETTY BENNETT 'Q 5 XL as . if V Q' K'-V 19 , in " We , , : 'fx P f MX gg 4 .V Q Q ! . 'B' X' xx lQ.f71'5 Q' Q - " Cf Og , I Y 4 J Q J :Si QS I . 1 Q I 3a,y 9. Z: '-' L Y f ,li ,..- KF' X' , ' 'J I A' W 1 JA- 1' if X K' Q. . XA, 1 W Q Q X ' Q A f ' f 1 , Q- " LL ,Q F? ' .' f 2 5 J .. " 3 . T' IL' , b 'b" , Q- 11. 1 . Q . is .f If sq- -'X I '- LL:-5' ' Wx .3 x f f ' 0 M Secretary-LOUISE CRIFFITH Faculty fha Agriculture F.F.A. Advisor F 405091 Girls, Physical Education Pep Club Advisor G.A.A. Advisor 409094 Visual Aids Q4 KJJZZJJK Biology History 409001 Math Honor Society Advisor Assistant Football Coach "Bw Squad Basketball Coach Junior Advisor Tennis Coach 1406091 JL ' M- jf . L,',0VLf Art Choir Yearbook Advisor Operetta Director Assistant Operetta Director Junior Advisor Honor Society Advisor to .. 40606: MQ, MZLJMZLJ English 1. Donna Hill. 2. Cary Pat- ton. 3. Beverly Dale, Lily Roth. 4. Joyce Carlton and Susan Leming at F:H.A. party. 5. Chuck Walters, Gene Woods and others. Studying? I7 C Of! Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping Senior Advisor ff Hlfvlffvf History Girls' Advisor Honor Society Advisor Social Activities Scholarship Committee Shop Senior Advisor 401091 Civics History Physical Education Boys, Advisor Honor Society Advisor Assembly Program Commit- .wwf ' I 451 ff' Q-5 it ai N if P 4 V,-um. F-ff B . gzxegy .atin Physical Education lnglish Wildcat Advisor unior and Boxing Coach Senior Play Assistant Football Coach Coach ? M . Track Coach .xx Shop EHQLMMW, rw tee Basketball and Baseball Coach 154344 English 1. R. Clark, B. Booth, L. Sak. 2. C. Silvers. 3. W. Leikam, L. Edwards, D. Parkhurst. 4. H. Mears, Miss Whitmore. 5. Mr. Masciotra, R. Staub. CM? - Wh- .: , ' '5 S 5 ' , . AM . Q sag! if, f' +fl93a':,fg11 47 Agriculture F.F.A. Advisor ini-P' X Q.. .-, fl. Auto Mechanics WA 1909091 Driver's Education Football Coach Sophomore Advisor yi , 1 '.l' W l" " ,V 14421. i lalx. 1 Z .' I ' 7 :Qian 1 f ,ja sig 9.01,-. , ,,, ' .QQ x 4 4. 'lol' 0 Q I Q N ,S .0 ,454 O.s.s.0a 'L.b Band Director PM Chemistry Biology Sophomore Advisor 19129092 Library HM' AQ- Home Economics F.H.A. Advisor English Speech Tips Advisor flew- 1. Mr. Woodworth writes out final grades. 2. K. Mosebar and F. Garcia look over their papers. 3. Mr. Cook explains the situation to T. Patrick. 4 R. lVIcCarger shines G. Tollef son's shoes while G. Chamber lain, D. Hill. and J. Grupe look on. 5. Mr. Palmer gives instructions. A. B. Organization f Board of Control Advisor Mr. Strom, Bernice Febus. Dolly Lorton, Marilene Shearer, Eva Heilman, Shir- ley Sullivan. Kneeling: Graham Tollefson, Bob Lybyer, Joe Morrison, Larry Anderson Lee Hansen. social and Assem bly Committees Shirley Sullivan. Alair Sutton. Miss Hackett, Hazel Heather, Dolly Lorton, Donna Roberts, Gerald Cross, Bob Orozco, Clyde Yahn, John Sauer, Mr. Hilton, Jerry Ingram. Advisor Mr. Strom, President Joe Morrison, Treasurer Lee Hansen, Vice President Bob Lybyer, Activity Manager Dolly Lorton, Sec- retary Marilene Shearer. The A.S.B. officers under the leader- ship of Joe Morrison and the Board of Control worked together to provide student government for Top-Hi. The Assembly and Social committees organized assemblies and scheduled social events. IW o f " 4 ,Nu Vg I Q- 5 fn R X N "Q Helpin Hands sg S. if fi f new . l' . . ass... lf. . aff" . Nurse-MRS. WILCOX Cooks-MRS. JOHNSON and MRS. LICHTENBERG tudent Patrol First row: V. Yarnell, M. McMiCan J. Lynch, C. Long, T. Gleason, C Griffith, I. Holmes. Second row: C Basquez,-, V. Telles, V. Kennedy, L Stump, C. Flett, M. Dorn, P. Parks Third row: R. Hamilton, J. Roth, R Mesecher. .l. Leidy, D. Wessman, A Black. J. Smith. P. Smith. I'd never have made it across traffic without the help of this gang. ,. ee., 'IF' 4 'A ., ' hu .QP f i f 1 f lia ise f -Aff ' we ... , ., 3 3 Q J i 2 N fl' if s I liked the flavors in the kitchen better than the nurseis sulfa ointment . . . Mr. Grenkeis broom was on my trail until l had to dip my tail into Mr. Strom's inkwell and leave him word that l wasn't just an ordinary rodent-privileges of the press, after all. 43 kt 9 .Mew ,Q ,P 2 W . ... . f i, . First row: Driver Jonny Blumhagen, Ground Keeper Jim Owens, Head Driver Joe Kormil, Driver Norman Mansford. Serond row: New Building Custodian Al Crenke, Junior High Custodian Al Pomerinke, Junior High Custodian Lawrence Gleason, Truant Officer Al Hancuff. Third row: Junior High Custodian Henry Bower, Super- intendent of Buildings Al Owens, Driver Ellis Johnson, Driver Bill Potter. if f, .44 ..., X MR. McCAWLEY and V. COYNER 20 Classes ss s 1 1 . A ' TABLE OF CONTENTS A P N , V ""' age 0 . 'h SENIOR ADVISORS AND OFFICERS .......... ss.. ,..... , . 23 SENIORS ..,............,...................... ,. ...................... -. 24-30 , JUNIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS ,....,...............,. 31 JUNIORS ....,............,....,......................,.................., 32-33 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND ADVISORS ..,........,. 34. SOPHOMORES ....................,....................... ......... 3 5-36 J 'Q 3' .... -TNQ--A ,.,..,bu1,,,N IMF.. S Sin..-L Sggh 4 D Qf I zu as ,DOA l'-'41 --0" ' ,LJ Xiwmwdfiiff gf., ?,A,,Mw ,ww P5 73,-','5,:"JpA VMWMJALA V gg, Z W, ,..fZwZf 2, flaw 5 7 QMNMZM, JL9A'1s.ofr1-kL,LtZ'!QJx-0471 !zWA,,,,4iyffMf X' M5641 afwfwdgww' A- a,,,,..,.Q 6670 341-uv dxf-Mffmfffffff fJf'ZZf'7"fl fA,fUf,.44n. ,A..,,.M!4zfyfM .f"'2-OU'-LG,ufw d-:-f:4941-.v.4vvdw1fU4fC4vf4bw- ,W,mf03fAMfXz.,zL,4W.7. 0..wa,z,.1 I . . A g ,'- "":Vl,. ml , 1 , 1' ' - X , , -nw,.ul.,.1.1......-,... ,,. me-...ii , .A,....-. Toiiy ., - L l Miss Garfield V ii 'l Z Clyde Yahn Sharon Chase , 5 M ' 1 4- 'J XM J ,MJ . 3,1 Djaw-A ,l, ', Y Claude Griffith held the gavel for the Senior Class, with Vice President Tommy McMahon, Secretary Sharon Chase, Treasurer Gerald Gross, and Social Chairman Clyde Yahn in assistance. At the second semester, Claude and Gerald left, Tommy pre- sided, and Betty Wiswall replaced Gerald. Reigning over Homecoming was Queen Virginia Scrivner and Senior Princess Shar- on Chase. The class play, "Here Comes Charlie," revealed the talents of the class in a three- act comedy. The class motto, "Give to the world your best, and the best will come back to you," the class flower, American Beauty Rose, and class colors, blue and white were chosen. on December 11, "Midnight" was a memorable event as the students danced under a ceiling of sparkling, silver stars to the strains of the "Music-Makersf, With the coming of Spring, Senior Sneak Day, and the annual Senior Assembly, the chanters of "One-nine-five-four, whois for, welre for," moved into marching posi- tions for Commencement. SENIOR MUSTS BE EXEMPT FROM FINALS BE EXEMPT FROM FINALS Have fitting for cap and gown Apply for summer job Get Tohiscan signed BE EXEMPT FROM FINALS Order announcements See Senior Play, 'KI-Iere Comes Charlie" Get formal for Junior Prom Address graduation announcements . .f -433122 b. LARRY ANDERSON-Class Activity Manager 3-43 Wildcats 3-4, President 43 Board of Control 43 Field Day Chairman 3g Basketball 2g Foot- ball 3-43 Band 2, Pep Bandg Senior Ball King 43 Student Conference 4. RICHARD ANDERSON-FFA 2-3-4. MABEL BAKER--FHA 23 Junior Class Crew 33 Senior Class Crew 4. LEWIS BITTLE-Band 2-3, Pep Band 2-3. JO BOLIN-Pep Club 3-43 FHA 2-3, Treasurer 33 GAA 2-3-4. Treasurer 43 Tips Staff 43 Junior Class Play 33 Yell Leader 43 Homecoming Prin- cess 23 Student Conference 43 Drill Team 2-3-4, Assistant Drill Leader 43 Tumbling Team 3-4. ROGER BOND-Operetta Crew 43 Football Man- ager 3. 'Y SHARON CHASE-Class Secretary 4g Pep Club 3-4, Secretary 4g FHA 2-33 CAA 2-3-43 Assembly Committee 23 Homecoming Princess 4. SHIRLEY CHINN-FHA 2-3-43 GAA 2-33 Oper- etta 4: Choir 2-3-4. DAN CHISHOLM DAVE BARNETT JERRY BICE-Baseball 2. GARY BITTLE--Band 2-3-4. Assistant Band Director 3. All State Band 3, Navy Band 3, Pep Band 2-3-43 Senior Class Crew 43 Boxing 4. -fi ' , ' ' .T - tat ED BUCKlNGHAM4Wildcats 3-43 Senior Class Crew 43 Operetta Crew 43 Baseball 2-3-43 Bas- ketball 2-3-43 Football 2-3-4. GARY CAMERON-Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 4. FELIX CASTANEDA-Wildcats 3-43 Boxing 2-4. 'CQ 1 -3 E if H' -Iv . t 5 ir 'E .S BEVERLY DALE-FHA 2-3-44 GAA 2-3-44 Choir 3-4, Operetta 43 CAA Point Chairman 3. DAVE DAVILLA-Wildcats 23 Track 23 Boxing 2-3-43 Choir 2. EVANS DICK-Wildcats 2-3-43 FFA 2-3-43 Foot- ball 2-3-4. Football Inspirational 4, All Valley 4. BOB ELDER-Wildcats 2-3-4: FFA 23 Basket- ball 23 Track 2-33 Football 2-3-4. BETTY ELKINS-Choir 2-3-4, Operetta 43 Hi Tops 3-43 Junior Class Play 33 GAA 2-3-4. BONNIE ELKINS-CAA 3. BOB CLARKABaseball Manager 33 Choir 4, Operetta 4. GARNETTE COSSETTE LILLIE CROWDER-FHA 2-33 GAA 2-33 Band 2-3. JOYCE DORN CAA 2g Choir 2-3-4, Operetta 4. FRANCES DUKE-Pep Club 3-43 Torch 43 FHA 2-3-43 GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 4g Band 2-3, Pep Band 2g Drill Team 43 Student Conference 4. DONNA DUNCAN-Pep Club 3-43 Torch 3-4, Secretary 43 FHA 2-3-4, Vice President 3g CAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 43 Yell Leader 43 Student Con- ference 43 Drill Team 2-3-4, Flag Bearer 4, Salutatorian. fe was -Q- JACKIE FAUCHER-FHA 2-33 GAA 2-3-43 Board of Control 2. BERNICE FEBUS-Pep Club 3-43 GAA 2-3-43 Board of Control 4g Choir 3-4, Vice President 3, President 43 Operetta 4-3 Drill Team 2-3. DARLINE FERGUSON-Pep Club 3-4, Presi- dent 43 Torch 43 GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 43 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Band 2-3, Pep Band 3. WAYNE FRIEDRlCHfFFA 2-3-4, Sentinel 45 Track 3. AL GARCIA-Senior Class Crew 45 Junior Class Crew 35 Operetta 45 Choir 45 Boys' Quartet 4, Hi Tops 4. RICHARD CARNfClass Social Chairman 25 Wildcats 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 45 Junior ClassJCrew 35 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-4. CLAUD CRIFFITH-Class President 45 Boxing 35 Football 2-3-45 Torch 2-3-45 FFA 2-3-4, Treas- urer 3, President 2. GERALD CROSS-Class Secretary 2. Class Treasurer 45 Wildcats 45 Operetta 45 Football 2-45 Choir 45 Social Chairman 4, Boys' Quartet 4. ROZELIA HALL-GAA 2-3-45 Junior Class Crew 35 Band 2-3-4, Pep Band 45 Majorette 2- 3-45 Tumbling Team 2-3-4. 'M EVA HEILMAN-Pep Club 3-4, Treasurer 45 FHA 2-3-45 CAA 2-3-4, President 45 Board of Control 45 Tennis 35 Senior Ball Princess 45 Choir 2-35 Drill Team 2-3-45 Tumbling Team 2-3-4. ELEANOR HEIT-Class Secretary 35 Pep Club 3-4, Treasurer 45 FHA 2-3-45 GAA 2-3-45 Tips Staff 45 Choir 35 Drill Team 2-3-4, Leader 4. DEAN HILL-Wildcats 3-45 Senior Class Play 45 Basketball 2-3-45 Track 3. fo 4 , Y WENDLIN CEFFRE RUBY CONSALEZ-Operetta 45 Baseball 25 Basketball 2-45 Football 2-3-45 Choir 2-4. BERNICE GREEN-CAA 2-3-45 FHA 2-45 jun. lor Class Play 35 Operetta 45 Choir 2-3-4. . .ey , . e. .1 .,-I LEE HANSEN-Class President 2: Wildcats 45 Torch 2-3-4. Treasurer 45 Board of Control 2-4, Treasurer 45 Assembly Committee 35 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Band 2. ROMONA HARBAUGH-FHA 45 CAA 2-3-45 Annual Staff 2-3. HAZEL HEATHER-Pep Club 3-45 Torch 45 FHA 2-3-45 GAA 2-3-45 Senior Class Play 45 Operetta 45 Band 2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Northwest Chorus 3-4. JERRY IDE-4Wilclcats 3-43 Tips Staff 3-43 Senior Class Play 43 Junior Class Crew 33 Box- ing 2-3-43 Band 2-3-43 Property Crew3 Pep Band 3-43 Debate I. VERNON JENNINGS EMIL JOHNSON!-Social Committee 23 A.S.B. Representative 2. 'ln -45 PATTY KNlGHT+Pep Club 3-43 FHA 2-3-43 CAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 3-4, Society Editor 43 Op- eretta 43 Tennis 2-3-43 Band 2-3-4, Pep Band 3-43 Majorette 2-3-43 Choir 343 Tumbling Team 2-3-43 Hi Tops 3-43 FHA reporter. LUPE LEON-GAA 2-3-45 MARY BELLE LOBDELL-FHA 2-3-43 CAA 2-33 Operetta 43 Choir 2-3-4. DELORES HOLM-Pep Club 3-4, President 43 Torch 3-4. Vice President 43 FHA 33 GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 43 Board of Control 43 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 43 Band 2-3-4, Pep Band 3-43 Student Conference 43 Girls' State 33 Debate 2-3. KAY HUBERT-FHA 2-3-43 CAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 3-4, Circulation 43 Tennis 2-3-43 Band 2- 3-4. DONNA HUNT-FHA 43 GAA 4. " -- . WALLY JOHNSON-Senior Class Crew 43 Sen- ior Ball General Cl1airman3 Football 2-3-43 Track 2-3-4. MERLIN JONES-Band 2-4, Pep Band 2-4. DON KlSSLERgFFA 2-3-4, Vice President 33 Parliamentarian Team 2-3-4. DOLLY LORTONvPep Club 3-4. Demerit Chair man 43 FHA 2-3-4, President 43 GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 2-3-43 A.S.B. Activity Manager, Assembly Committee 3-4, Senior Class Play 43 Junior Class Play 33 Operetta 43 Choir 2-3-43 Drill Team 2-3-4. RUSSEL MCBAIN-Track 2. WAYNE MCDONALD-Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 33 Operetta 43 Football 3 Choir 4, Boys' Quartet 43 Student Director 4 Hi Tops 4. TOMMY MCMAHON-Class Vice President 4g FFA 2-3, Secretary 3g Tips Staff 2-3, Business Manager 4,3 Board of Control 43 Football 43 De- bate 3. ESTHER MACIAS-Pep Club 3' FHA 3-4' GAA 2-3-4, Point Committee Chairman 4' Drill Team 3-43 Tumbling Team 2-3-4. NORMA MAYFIELD-GAA 23 Operetta 4g Choir 3-4. VONNE MORRIS-FHA 2-3-43 CAA 23-43 Choir 2. .IOE MORRISON-Wildcats 2-3-4, Vice Presi- dent 3, Secretary 4, Treasurer 4g Class President 33 A.S.B. President 4, Social Committee 2-33 Juni mr Class Play 33 Operetta 43 Baseball 3-43 Football 2-3-43 Band 2-33 Football Captain 43 Choir 4g Boys' Quartet 4. VIRGINIA MOSER-GAA 2-31 Band 2-3. DALE OCKER-Band 2-3-4. Pep Band 3-4. Drill Team Drummer 4. BOB OROZCO BARBARA OWENSfClass Treasurer 2, Class Social Chairman 3g Pep Club 3-43 FHA 2-3-4, Songleader 2, Secretary 3, Parliamentarian 43 CAA 2-3-4, 'Treasurer 33 Annual Staff Business Manager 43 Tips Staff 43 Social Committee 33 General Chairmanflunior Prom 33 Tennis 2-3-43 Band 2-3-4. Librarian 43 Yell Leader 43 Majorette 3-43 Student Conference 3-4. RICHARD MEYER-Wildcats 2-3-43 Torch 3, Treasurer 4g Tips Staff 2, Page Editor 3-43 .lun- ior Class Crew 33 Track 2-3, Manager Track 23 Manager Football 2-3. HELEN MILLER-FHA 43 GAA 43 Operetta 43 Choir 43 Hi Tops 4. GAROLD MOREY 'ili ' f DALE MYERS-Wildcats 3-43 Baseball 3-43 Basketball 3-43 Football 2-3-43 Baseball Man- ager 2. KEN NELSON JESS NUNEZ CHUCK RISHOR DONNA ROBERTS-Pep Club 3-4, Social Chair- man 43 FHA 2-3, Social Chairman 3g CAA 2-3- 43 Social Committee 3-43 Senior Class Crew 43 Operetta 43 Choir 43 Drill Team 3-4. DOYLE ROLISON-FFA 2-3: Baseball 2-3. I TERRY PATRICK HAZEL PHILLIPS-FHA 3-43 CAA 2-3-43 Band 2-33 Pep Band 2-3. PAT PUNCH-Pep Club 3-43 Torch 2-3-4, Sec- retary 43 FHA 2-3-4, Parliamentarian 33 GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 3. Editor 43 Board of Control 3-43 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 43 Band 2-3-4, Librarian 2-43 Drum Majorette 2-3-43 Student Conference 4. an air I .3 ... . 3 'Fi-I 23 63' SHARON ROSS I ...., ' il f . LILY ROTH-T f d f S 'cl 2 1 43 ' Pep Club 23 CAAa2?3irxhnnuainljgtaffugllysl 6 X 'sf I I MARY SALINAS-FHA 2-3-4, GAA 2-3-4. is X, ,X Y 5-m y. 3, 3 Ea. li 1 5: I-TQ: I Q R 'gif X M35 is JOHN SAUER--Torch 3-43 FFA 2-3, Vice Pres- ident 4, Secretary 43 Social Committee 43 FFA Judging Team and Parliamentary Team. JACK SCHLOSS-Wildcats 3-43 Senior Class Crew 4g Junior Class Crew 33 Operetta Crew 43 Track 23 Football 2-3-4. VIRGINIA SCRIVNER--GAA 2-33 Choir 23 Homecoming Queen 4. ,def MARILENE SHEARER-Pep Club 3-43 Torch 3-4, President 43 FHA 3-4, Treasurer 4g GAA 2-3-43 Tips Staff 3-43 ASB Secretary 43 Board of Control 3-43 Senior Ball Queen 43 Tumbling Team 2-3-43 Choir 33 Pep Club Demerit Com- mittee 33 Debate 2. JULIAN SOTO JOAN SOVA-Torch 3-43 FHA 2-3-43 GAA 2-3- 43 Tips Staff 3-43 FHA Reporter3 Junior Class Crew. RUTH STOY-Pep Club 3-43 GAA 2-3-43 Junior Class Crew 3g Senior Class Play 4g Tennis 23 Drill Team 2-3. MARLENE ST. MARS-Transfer from Granger 3. Torch 33 FHA 33 GAA 33 Annual Staff Busi- ness Manager. SHlRLEY SULLIVAN-Class Treasurer 33 Pep Club 3-43 Torch 2-3-43 GAA 2-3-43 Annual Staff Editor 43 Board of Control 3-4, Vice President 33 Social Committee 4, Assembly Committee 4g Senior Class Play 43 Band 2-3-4, Vice President 4g Pep Band 3g Majorette 2-3-42 Student Con- ference 3-43 Valedictorian 4. sf? it in LOY SUTTON-Torch 3-4, Vice President 43 Senior Class Crew 43 Junior Class Play 33 Base- ball 2-3-43 Band 2-3-4, Librarian 2, Pep Band 3-43 Band Drill Master 43 Basketball 2. SUSIE TELLES-GAA 2-3-41 FHA 2-3-4. GRAHAM TOLLEFSON-Class Vice President 33 Torch 3, President 43 Board of Control 43 Operetta 4g Basketball 2-3-43 Football 4-3 Band 2-3-4, President 4g Librarian 2-33 Northwest Or- chestra 33 Choir 4. FAY WELLS-GAA 2-3-43 Band 2-3. BETTY WENTZ-Pep Club 3-4, Secretary 4g FHA 23 GAA 2-3-43 Operetta 4g Choir 3-43 Drill Team 2-3. BETTY WISWALL-Transfer from Moscow, lda- ho 33 FHA 2-3-4, Secretary 33 GAA 2-3-4, Vice President 2, President 33 Operetta 2'3Q Senior Ball Princess 43 Girls' State 3g Choir 2-33 Dele- gate National FHA Conventiong Class Treasur- er 4. li Not pictured RODNEY DUTCHER CHARLOTTE YATES-FHA 4g GAA 4. CLYDE YAHN-Social Chairman Senior Class 43 Wildcats 4g FFA 2-3-4: Social Committee 43 Track 2-3-43 Football 4. DOROTHY ZIER-Choir 2-3-43 GAA 2-3-43 FHA 2-3-4. Not pictured: RODNEY DUTCHER Gill, ln? Juniors A big year for the Junior Class was 1953-541-. ln work and fun they were led by President Bob Lybyer, Vice President Alan Regimbal. Secretary Nellie Punch, Treasurer Joe Fernandez, Activity Man- ager Nick Jewett. and Social Chairman Jerry Ingram. The class advisors who helped make the yearis success possible were Mr. Cook and Mr. Fink. The year got under way with the selling of raffle tickets for a sweater and a turkey. Noon movies, two dances sponsored by the class, and other sources brought in a nice sum for the treasury. A group of Juniors were present at the College Conference giving aid as ushers. Members of the class attended the F.H.A. and F.F.A. conferences. Oh, yes! Those Juniors were just every- where contributing their share to a year of success. The main events of the year were the Junior Play and the Junior-Senior Prom. Both will be covered in the sup- plement. l"l gf za Kneeling: Joe Fernandez, Nick Jewett, Jerry Ingram, Alan Regimbal. Standing: Mr. Cook, Mr. Fink, Nellie Punch, Bob Lybyer. kr -., .,,. I BWV I i . Gladys Alderson Delma Ashlock J im Baker s .. L. , . - , fidf . fl gf, P W1 r a : s w .9 K 5 .F Pauline Bangs Larry Barrientos Janice Beak Cale Bogart Pauline Brown H Rosaline Brown Joyce Burke T- . e 1 . Ronnie Carrell . " ' Cary Chamberlain i , Barbara Clark gi if ., If E F A I Tony Clark Lavma Colwash Noreen Cooper ,,,.,.4,.. Max Corpuz Richard Correa 8 -'- J 5 X ,N , .y ,tt K 5 .., ,Q Q, 4 My l K it , at i ff ,rs .Ji 'if' ..,,,. fr-J t ,'k J W L2 A: J 4 . 4, , f.: - .... 1 - A of ' , J 5 4 H 1 AN all First row: Nadine Dale, Diana Davila, George Detwiler, Jackie Donnelly, Darold Duncan. Second row: Yern Fauth, Edith Febus, Joe Fernandez, David French, Jack Garcia. Third row: Frances Gardea, Paul Gasco, Dor- othy Gordon, Sharon Griffith, Ed Griswold. James Grupe Sam Guevara Shirley Gunnyon Carol Hadley Lola Hamilton Romona Henning Martha Henry Ruth Herrera Donna Hinzman Ralph Holmes Jim Hubert Jerry Ingram Jim Ivy Nick Jewett Eddie Johnson Joanne ,Layman Audrey LeRoue Larry Little Bob Lybyer Ron lVlcCarger , i if gf , -' - a' W t' 7 V fx 5 Fi? f if G lg l Q I ll! NE : J , l s 1 t . ,.,.. if .i a K V K , V , ,. , V 1: , QW: ' LS ' :Y ' 5 ' Q' I QQ A M Ae i:c?fE+:.:: :ina Bob McCoy Jackie McMican V it Betty Mauch ii , Helen Mears ' L' Alene Melton c A r 'C' V' S? f or Q 1. 4 .gif Mary Sue Murray Marilyn Nelson Wk Jerry Parlet Jo Ellen Patnode X Gary Patton ppm Marybelle Pettit Geraldine Pinkham Nellie Punch Beverly Rasmussen Dick Rawlings Alan Regimbal Geneva Rodriguez mi gf Gerald Roth LQ Virginia Schmella ' Jane Seabrands Z B 5 e 5 in ' i B ia 3 A 1: x sv- K X, ,eur 1 duh:-ii .4 1 -, 0, C - 0 C " Q Judy Scalley Roy Scrivner -c ' Joyce Sherwood S , Carolyn Silvers Q R I gc Adam Schneider w as ' vi . - V Robert Solis I Vivian Speedis gf 1 Velma Speer is I Bill Stoops l .lim Thomas W . Frank Trevino ' .Qq sa Bill Trujillo lcL - L' , Carrie Willialiis Morris Wolfe S sf, A A Janet Wood iv 13, ' K 1 R N ophs Sophomore girls sold candy, apples, and pop at all home games . . . Christ- mas holly sales helped . . . b o y s washed cars a n d pushed one in the Home- coming parade . . .two dances supplied fun after lots of work. JKQ. l First row: L. Angiano. F. Arens, M. Arens. D. Bangs. R. Barth-tt. A. llarnfield, R. Barnett. D. Bittle. J. Boob, Serond row: J. Hradish. B. Brown, C. Brown, M. Burkhardt, E. Burns. B. Brown. J. Carlton. M. Case, A. Chandler. Third row: G. Chandler. J. Chase. P. Christal, R. Clark. L. Colmb. H. Corbett, L. Davis, V. Davis, D. Davila. First row: C. Derry, I. Dodd. V. Dorn, J. Duran, L. Edwards. H. Ervin. S. Faucher, H. Fc-bus, R. Ferhrache. Serond row: C. Figgins. F. Fuoco, F. Garcia. E. George, H. Coheen. M. Goodwin, R. Clossa-n, M. Crf-en. S. Guevara. Third row: J. Hargraves, D. Heilman. R. Heilman. L. Henle. B. Hert. G. Hettich. E. Higgins, D. Hill. ""'-an vo A-nd My ."'-- N , A 34 .4 Q4 KN.. 4 l First row: J. Hill, J. Hinehey, G. Hoosier. C. Huylar, L. Huylar, L. Hyatt, N. Johnson, R. Johnson, T. Kearns. Serond row: M. Kirkpatrick, R. Kincaid, M. Lavell. K. Laey, W. Lelllane, M. Leikam, W. Leikam, W. Lenhardt, S. Long. Third row: M. Mcliain, L. McCord, J. Meagher, E. Mears, L. Mesecher, W. Meyer, J. Morrison, K. Mosebar. Advisor Mr. Schell, President C. Tollefson, Advisor Miss Ross, Vive President A. Sutton, Secretary M. Shequin. Not pictured: Treasurer D. Bittle. First row: E. smith. L. Snider, J. St. Mars, R. Staub, L, Stout, M. Stump, P. Stump, A. Sutton, J. Swisher. Second row: K. Tackett, D. Thetford, R. Thomas, R. Trujillo, S. Van Cleave. E. Van Plake, M. Wagerman, C. Walters, M. Walters. Third row: D. Ward, R. Weeks, T, Wentz, C. Whitaker, P. White, B. Whitefoot, B. Wiswall, E. Wood, B. Wycoff. !'e4'1i M--' 'iff' w. . K. ix. fe .f s iv , A Xl' uw J' . . A ' vi g gi? ,J K 5 . x lxw ,, . , . l 35 I' 'Q av P3 an-'f' 1 ., xf l First row: E. Myers, H. Nelson, L. Noonan, E. O'Keefe. M. Ochs, H. Ough. D. Parkhurst. C-. Parlier, A. Pinkham. Second row: D. Pomcrinke, R. Qualls, J. Rarick, M. Rodriquez, H. Ross, D. Runyan, L. Sak, J. Sauer, S. Schademan. Third row: E. Schmella, B. Schott, R. Seahrands, S. Seely, M. Shequin, Lila Simmons, Linda Simmons. D. Smith, E. Smith. I I og 0, I QE' 0: 1. C. Yahn and G. Bogart at Wildcat Smoker. 2. T. McMahon, working hard? 3. Girls at tumbling practice are E. Hellman and M. Shearer. 4. Mrs. Dutcher and Miss Finch laughing. A joke, huh? 5. Senior girls work on Homecoming float. 6. R. Friedrich, C. Walters. D. Bangs, A. Chandler heading for school. 7. J. Mestmacher, B. Booth, G. Tollcfson talking with good old Mr. Hilton. 1' J 36 thy MAQWQ A 2,6627 l ,ff Q f X 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS TOP-HI TIPS STAFF ,.,,,,...... , PEP CLUB .........,,,,,..,,.,,. , WILDCATS ......,...,,,,,..,, DRILL TEAM G.A.A. .......,,,,,,.,,,, . F.F.A. ,..,......,,,. F.H.A. .....,.,.,... . Pag N. ffffffffff 43 TORCH ..,..............,,......,.,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4.6 SENIOR PLAY and OPERETTA CHOIR .............,.,...........,,,,.,,,,...,,,,,,,I, ,, BAND .........,..... ,,..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TOHISCAN .,....... 47 4-8-4-9 50-51 52 37 UPF?-j Eafajiu,-..... ,Aww .law-,gay 4nfccA'f0faa'9ffff'5J,yonb 745' 'Zv,4-COLG '55 ' tzbfkw-JCM! 1 920 fmyfaqg gm'-ff M fjffw-W Elm! vffidffa . ZZ? JM W WM N. Z, MM in-:TT-4.,. 0gf74gfLjZlMiQJ,+ wfklfzg Q? ERE RSQESSFE 51 S aklisi 3gg?3Qi3?i TGP-HI TIPS NUMBER ,-i.. ?-l. Now Schf--' ....u from the ul Idaho and received ... M.S. degree in agriculture. Mr. Jake Schell, the last senior high teacher, isn't extctly new be- cause he taught here two years ago being recalled to Fort Bliss, Texas, and then to Koreo. Mr. Schell is out football coach and also teaches driver education. There are three new junior high teachers this year. They are Mrs. Lisk who last taught at Nampa, ldahog Mrs. Cheney who graduated from "Good 'old Top-Hi" in 1945", and Mr. Ronco, a University of Washington graduate. Griffith Pilots Srs. Holding the gavel for the senior class this year is Claud Griffith. Assisitng is Tom McMahon. Taka ing minutes is Sharon Chase while Gerald Gross keeps track of the income. Keeping the class jump- ping is Activity Manager Larry Anderson. After Joyce Cooper left Top-Hi, Clyde Yahn took over the duties of the social chairman. Even this early in the year minds are directed towards June and graduation. Robes have been voted on with white the choice of the girls and blue for the boys. In Mr. Hilton's office is a box where suggestions may be drop- ped for a class motto and flower. The class has .chosen blue and votums vi TOPPENISH, wAsHmcToN, ocrosea la, 1953 E A -..ation for an active ' ' ned lect ..-anim ects :ing ...e Advisor 31455 - seme- MR. WOODWORTH resi- the noon hours t d tivity period and sometir Editor c et after school, you could s PAT PUNCH :fir girls marching up and d field with Eleanor Heit, ieaoer, on, mis yea, nm., giving the commands. You can er year money is n. aken often see James Ivy out there with some of you bought mm' them with his trusty drum. one of the footbai d,0f' Also this year the flagbearer is money tif there is NM' Donna Duncan and the assistant mean the differenq ntfa' drill leader is Jody Bolin. padded cover or a team Three individuals that are prov- our annual, It is ho ing to be pretty peppy and active will be enough mom: float are Jody Bolin, Donna Duncan, and Barbara Owens, cheerleaders. They are doing a splendid job and if they keep it up they'll have everyone yelling. Homecoming Schedule Homecoming, October 16, will see the Toppenish Wildcats vs. the Highland Scotties. Queen Virginia Scrivner and her royal court, Senior Princess Sharon Chase, Junior Princess Carol Hadley, Sophomore Princess Alair Sutton, and Freshman Prin- cess Katherine Pettit, will rule over the Toppenish Homecoming paradefgame and dance. The parade will consist of nu- merous floats. Pep club, FHA, GAA, FFA, Choir, Band, Drill Team, Top-Hi Tips, Senior, Junior Sophomore, Wildcats, and Gi 39. of Toppenish will. have floats the parade. y aua ca any plement, as there was two years ago. Seniors beware! Soon you will have your pictures taken, so, boys, let's not have a beard growing contest. New Lights for Band The Top-Hi band has been per- forming during the half time at the past three football games. You can find these energetic kids any Thursday night practicing for their performances. The band this year is trying out 3 new exneriment with the use nf lights. Tl teries wh band mer lights ha caps. In the footb a varietg very diff October 1 First row: D. Lorton, J. Ide, D. Duncan. for Homecoming, Jack Schloss was chosen as float chairman, as- sisted by Ed Buckingham and Alan Regimbal. The next projects that will be taken up are a dance and two boxing events after -the comple- tion of the football season. A few more coming events will be the annual Field Day project and the organization of intramural softball. Scrivner Wins Again Tn the .Tuninr hracket. James J. Donnelly, V. Schmella, M. Shearer, D. Holm, J. Scallcy, C. Silvers, D. Hill, K. Hubert, P. Knight. Second row: J. Sova, B. Owens, D. Duncan, E. Heit, F. Duke, J. Layman, N. Punch H. Coheen, A. Barnfield. Third row: J. Hubert T. McMahon, J. Thomas, R. Correa, G. Chamberlain y 1 1 has been invited to perform at El- IJames Garcia, .lim Ide, Gail Zable, lensbursr fnt- tho CWOP I-lm-nu-nm. A-mil rr.-bmlvna.. .-.a r........ 1-,.-:.. I Pep Club You could see this lively group of girls cheering at all football and basketball games. illm there. too. right behind the seore boarcl.l Led by their Aclvisor lVlrs. Bar- bara Carlile. Pepsockgnt Dee Holm. Scribbler Sharon Chase. and ,lingler Eva Heilman. this organi- zation was one of the most active groups at Top-Hi. The Pep Club was busy spon- soring rooter buses. clanees. and assemblies. They also hacl a float in the Homecoming parade. 'Then and Nowf, The clemerit Committee was heafled by competent Dolly Lor- ton. The main purpose of the Pep Club is to foster school spirit. First row: S. Griffith. P, Bangs. .l. Patnode A LeRoue NI Nelson A Melton. Second row: M. Pettit. B. Wentz. J Nherwood C qilverc P Punch. F. Duke. E. Ht-it. Third rozc: J. Se llc J La mai S Cha D. Roberts. S. Cunnyon. ,l. Donnelly. C. H14 First row: S. Sullivan. D. Duncan. li. Owens. .l. Dolin. P. Knight. S. Telles. Seronri row: B. Rasmussen. H. Heather. E. Heilman. N. Punch. J. Beak, B. Febus. D. Ferguson. Third row: D. Lorton. D. Holm. ll. Shearer. D. Ashlock. J. Mellliean. V. Sehmella, R. Stoy. President-DELORES HOLM Arlvisorflll RF. CARLI LE 40 '--...N Q an First row: K. Burns, G. Bogart, E. Buckingham, F. Castaneda, T. Clark, J. Fernandez, C. Griffith. Second row: G. Cross, B. Hert,, D. Hill, J. Hubert, J. Ide, J. Ingram, B. Lybyer. Third row: R. Meyer, D. Myers, J. Morrison, G. Patton, A. Regimbal, J. Schloss, B. Trujillo, C. Yahn. H fl' 001. 3 v I Ep sl xi Wildcats The Wildcats are a very vigorous and active club. Officers for the year were President Larry Anderson, Vice Presi- dent Bob Lybyer, Secretary-Treasurer Joe Morrison, and Sergeant-at-Arms Claude Griffith. They sponsored the intramural program of football, basket- ball, and baseball. A trophy was award- ed to the winning teams. Alan Regimbal was elected as field day chairman. The day was well or- ganized. Two initiations were conducted dur- ing the year to take in new members fon the year of 1953-54. RQ as Advisor-MR. MIROSH President-LARRY ANDERSON Top row: E. Hf-ilman, D. Beaudry, D. Ashlock, J. Beak, J. Seabrands, S. Grif- fith. J. Scalley, D. Lorton. Dr ill Team As I ran in and out of the straight lines of drill team mem- bers, I felt pretty proud of them, for they always took part in en- tertainment at the parades, foot- ball and basketball games. The members were under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Carlile. The stu- dent leaders were: Drill Leader Eleanor Heit, Assistant Drill Leader Jo Bolin, and Flag Bearer Donna Duncan. The drill team appeared at four home football games and four home basketball games. They also participated in the Homecoming parade and the Wapato parade. Yes sir! I saw the girls prac- ticing and practicing, then I proudly watched them perform in a manner that would make any mouse stand up and clap. Second row: Flag Bearer D. Duncan. Drummers J. Ivy, D. Ocker, Leader E. Heit. First row: A. Melton, D. Gordon. Front row: C. Hadley, M. Shequin. l. f Drill Team Leader, Eleanor Heit, G.A.A. and Drill Team Advisor Mrs. Barbara Carlile, G.A.A. President Eva Heilman. 42 Third row: D. Heilman, C. Huylar, H. Febus, P. Bangs, N. Punch, M. Garcia, R. Ledford, F. Duke. G.A.A. ACROSS THE WAY First row: V. Schmella, J. Sherwood, M. Shearer, L. Simmons, L. Simmons, E. Schmella, L. Stout, M. Burkhardt K. Tackett. E. Taft, R. Trujillo, M. Stage, S. Telles. Second row: B. Wis- wall, B. Wiswall, B. Wentz, S. Chase, C. Yates, B. Elkins, R. Hall, H. Heather, V. Morris, M. Walters, V. Smith, M. McBain, S. Smith, P. White. 1 First row: N. Punch, M. Pettit, G. Pinkham, J. Patnode, J. Rodriguez, M. Rodriguez, D. Roberts, J. Rarich, A. Sutton, E. Smith, S. Schademan, M. Shequin, J. St. Mars. Second row: V Davis, V. Speedis, V. Speer, M. Salinas J. Seabrands, J. Sova, S. Sullivan, R. Stoy, F. Wells, S. Ross, D. Zier, S. Griffith, J. Scalley, C. Silvers. G.A.A.,S big events were: G.A.A. carnival . . . Baked potato banquet . . . noon tournaments . . . Dances after games . . . Playday. 7 ?0'5FWi,',igaX 5 19' f ' 1 wg it Qt. Mr v I 'A' N-1 ?sa w s?:,f :Q Q 5 TX ,Eg Q fp- an 4 vm S -, -., -"T: 1 Q Q .- 4 :rx ' uv N -'en 3 if-.. 1 yn , 9 Q :Ii sf 3 , ' W S? O? 5 .-- ,Al 51 mm ffm Sf 5 5 'LH Q Q M M J wg., Q ' 1' av 4? Las- ra- 3' 9 -an 03,1 si 4 .tg M . 'QFD I v V 4 First row: B. Albright, D. Bartlett, J. Ballard, B. Brown, R. Bartlett, E. Dick, A. Degenhart, F. Fuoco. Second row: D. French, K. Faulkner, D. Crubenhoff, R. Holmes, E. Higgins, D. Henry, K. Hyatt, J. Ingram R Kincaid Thrid row' D Kissler W Lenhardt L Little, B. Lewis R Leonard K Nelson L Noonan H Ough D Qualls, D. Rasberry Fourth row K Rowe Jerry Bauer M Stump P Stump, B. Schott . ,. . , . , . , . H F. Schott, John.Sauer,iD. Thetiord, ,R. Weeks, Yahn. l v Future Farmers of America Mr. Wiswall, President Joe Fernandez, and Mr. Babich. OFFICERS-President, Joe Fernandezg Vice Presi- dent, Jerry Ingramg Secretary, John Sauerg Treas- urer, Larry Littleg Reporter, Ralph Holmes, Sen- tinel, Evans Dickg Advisors, Mr. Wiswall and Mr. Babich. The F.F.A. had one of their busiest years. Many of their activities included: Educational booth at Fair . . . entered livestock judging team at Yakima, Puyallup, and Pullman . . . initiated new greenhand members . . . held chapter farmer initiation . . . entered float in Homecoming parade . . . delegate sent to Kansas City National Convention . . . put on two radio programs over KYAK . . . Basketball games with valley teams . . . Hay- ride . . . Parliamentary procedure team to district contest . . . Skating party . . . Barn dance . . . Parent and Son Banquet . . . F.F.A. project tour . . .Toppenish Junior Livestock show . . . F.H.A. and F2H.A. picnic. 0 44 Future Homemakers of America 0l"l7lCl2RS--Prcsidvnt, Dolly Lortung Vicc Prcsidcnt. Vir- ginia Sclnnclla: Secrvtary. Ncllic Punch: Trcasurcr. Mari- flnat . . . rcgional mccting at Richland . . . l7.H..rK. Vv't'I'k radio program ovcr KYAK. showcasc display, lmirthday lvnt- Shi-art-r: Soiiglmulw. .lunc Fcalirandsg Historian. Ella Party. and family surprisc day . . . Christmas f'Xf'llUU5ll Mat- Smith: Parliatncntarian. Pat Punchg Ncws Rcportcr, . . . sponsored aftcr-gxuiiic dancv . . . pot-luck dinnvr . . ,Ioan Soya: Advisors. Miss YVhitrnort- and Mrs. Aaron. assctnhly' . . . spvakf-r on lvatlcrship training: . . . dcmon EVIZNTS OF THF: YEAR,.,H.,1,,, pimic A U I Third prize stration day . . . installation of oificcrs for ncxt ycar. Picture one-First row: P. Arcns. A. Barnfit-ld. J. Booh. M. Burkhart, .l Chaser. P. Christzil. J. Carlton. l.. Cohh. Scrnnzf rout' lictty Ervin. S. Fauclicr H. Cohccn. S. Cue-vara. R. Hcilnian. J. Hinchcy. M. Laccll. P. Wlliitc. lf 0'Kccfc. Third row: J. Rarick. E. Smith. S. Smith. l.. Stout. L. Snidcr. F Sclnnm-lla. A. Sutton, K. Tacke-tt. S. Van Clcavv. Fourth row: B. Wiswall. M Wagm'ni1iai1. R. Johnson. M. Goodwin, R. Trujillo. H. Corbett. .l. Morrison B. Whitc-foot, D. Ashlnck, P. Drown. Fifth row: R. Brown. L. Colwash. ll. Clark. N. Dale, E. Fchus. S. Griffith. J. Layman. E. Le'Rock. ll. Nlauch. M. Murray. Sixth row: J. Patnodc. N. Punch. C. Pinkham. V. Speer, J. Wood. C. Williams. Picture two---First row: I.. Bradcr. D. Bender. S. Wyckoff, S. Smith, M. Rivard. C. Bittlc. B. Higgins. M. Filer, V. Weippcrt. Second raw: K. Pettit, S. Hardy. M. Brooks, P. McCoy. D. Owe-ns. D. Rishor, T. Walls, B. Mc- Phruson. D. Dc-audry. M. Schnie-lla. Third row: C. Criswald. D. Walker, P. Austin. P. Cordon, A. Bos. R. Sak. A. Soto, M. Burkhart, J. Deo. B. Wcrtcn- hergt-r. Fourth row: P. O'Rcar. M. Cobh, C. Harvey. D. Kraft. C. Holm. B. Olson. S. Lcak. I.. Pctcrson. P. Lorton. D. Punch. Fifth row: S. Chinn,' F. Dukc, S. Tclh-sa. M. Harhangh. E. Hcilnian. E, Hcit, D. Hunt. P, Knights. Miller, B. Owens. Sixth row: H. Phillips, P. Punch, M. Salinas, M. Shearer. J. Sova. B. Wiswall, B. Dalc, E. Macias, D. Duncan. V. Morris. . . Presiderzl -DOLLY LORTON Xiatvrs, 'Nliss Wliilinort- and Mrs. Fl 5' F' . t -4..,..,v K 1' t 5..' Bottom row: Miss Finch Miss Hackett Mr. Strom Top row: Graham Tollefson, President Mr. Hilton Mr. Cook :gan-1 gg GX . . Bottom row: N. Punch, S. Sullivan, D. Holm, J. Sova, M. Shearer, P. Punch, D. Ferguson, F. Duke, H. Heather, D. Duncan. Top row: V. Schmella, M. Murray, L. Sutton, L. Hansen, C. Grif- fith, J. Sauer, R. Meyer, C. Silvers, J. Sherwood. Torch officers for the year were: first semester: President Graham Tollefson, Vice President Delores Holm, Secretary Donna Duncan, and Treasurer Richard Meyer. Second semester, President Marilene Shearer, Vice President Loy Sutton, Secretary Pat Punch, and Treasurer Lee Hansen. New members Darline Ferguson, Hazel Heather, and Frances Duke were inducted at an evening ceremony. After second semester the Society had their annual banquet at which several more new members were inducted. The Torch Society was active in many activities promoting scholarship, leadership, character, and service. 46 1. Entire cast of 'lHere Comes Charlie." J. Ide, R. Carn, W. McDon- ald, R. Stoy, D. Holm, D. Lorton, H. Heather, D. Hill, P. Punch, G. Cameron. 2. Director Mr. Masciotra. 3. W. McDonald and G. Cameron waiting for cues. 4. S. Sullivan, "Charlie" for Junior Hi matinee. 5. Mr. Masciotra. Something funny? 6. D. Lorton listens while H. Heath- er tries to "get her man." FOLK OPERA Down ln the Valley 7. Director Mr. Eugene Fink 8 Singing leads and speakers were sitting G Het tich, A. Garcia, B Orozco J Morrison J Baker, C. Cross, G Chamberlain Stand ing: Pianist E. Schmella P Knight D Hinzman, N. Cooper W McDonald The Folk Opera por- trayed the story of Brack Weaver and Jen- ny Parsons. It was presented February 10. Choir Singing their way through a year of harmony, the choir members elected Bernice Febus as their president for the year. Assisting her was Vice President Dorothy Zier. Secretary Delma Ashlock. Treasurer Joe Morrison. Librarian Hazel Heather. Social Chairman Gerald Gross, Assembly Chairman Bob Orozco. and Reporter Patty Knight. During the year the choir sang at many events. lt boasts two outstanding groupsi a girls' sextet and Hi-Tops. SEXTET Nellie Punch Delma Ashlock Dolly Lorton Donna Roberts Noreen Cooper Donna Hinzman Picture one-First row: R. Mcliiain, 5. Cue-vara. R. Se-almrands, C. Hettick J. Nlorrison. C. Cross. J. Duran. C. Bogart. Seeonfl row: J. Thomas. B Clark. A. Garcia. D. Rawlings. B. Oroz- co. J. Baker. Third row: C. Chamberlin C. Whitaker. W. McDonald. C. Tollcf- son. D. Duncan. R. Gonzales. Q l'ir'1ure Iwo fI,HgP 402-First row: R. l.r-clforcl. li. Elkins. H. Miller, J. Beak, H. Heath:-r. C. Hadley. E. Mears. D. Ashlock. N. Punch. Nl. Ochs. E. Sclimf-lla. Second row: E. Fc-bus, J. Dorn. li. Dale. P. Knight. li. Fellus. K.'y. J. Sealmramls. F. Arens. M. l.oli- :Ii-ll. S. Chinn. Nl. Nelson. J. Rarick. S. Griffith. Thirrl row: ll. Green. li. El- kins. D. fier. D. Rolwrts. D. l.orton. S. Cunnyon. C. lluylar. N. Cooper. D. Hinzman. li. Wentz. J. Hinchi-y. Not 1:ir'lnrf'1l.' D. Conlon. N. Nlayfie-ld. ' Q-' U ' mx 1 H' ' 'WSH 'YQ Q 'T me 9, 6 ... S 5 A .. in-immune. 4 ai - . , :ggi W' Ya H N Q j gi Q' 91" X Af ,v"1, ' 'xx""Q.""lllN 'sv l""'il ..., . 4!...... 19 I at F ii is ..w,...q Band Displaying brilliant, new hat and foot lights. the band was highly entertaining at home football games. Their clever routines led by Drum Majorette Pat Punch were creditable to such a well-disciplined band. Band officers for this year were President Graham Tollefson, Vice President Shirley Sullivan, Secretary Marybelle Pettit, Librarians Barbara Owens. Pat Punch. and Jackie Donnelly. Kneeling: Mary Lacell. Patty Knight. Shirley Sullivan. Standing: Rozelia Hall, Har- bara Owens, Karen Mosebar, Pat Punch. tl A It .L l'if'turc one- 'First row: Bogart. Thom- as. Heilinan. Trujillo. Bowles. Wells. Simmons. liarnfield. Hittle. Second row: Nic-Mic-an. Rodriguez, Smith. Parlicr. Spcnccr. Hardy. Layman. Third row: Jewe-tt. Sutton. Speedis, Macias. Toll:-fson. lde. McCarger. Fourth row: Thalhcimer, Kukes, Lay- man. Ocker. Ivy. Hubert, Fendell, Punch. Leak. Silvers. Picture tivo- 'First row: Mr. Tollefson, Goh:-cn. Heather. Fernandez. McPher- son, Olson. Owens. Mosc-bar. Punch, Rivard. l,1-ming. Pcttit. Second row: Hardy. ldv. Johnson. livaudry. Murray, Bond. ldchtefnlwrg. Brooks, Lacell, Cobb. Long. Knight. Third row: Lay- man. Hill. Holm. johnson. Thetford, Jmma-s. Van Zwol. Hubert, McNall. May- fif-ld. lla-orgy-. Donnelly. Holm. Fourth row: Garcia. lfauchm-r. Carlton. Cobb, Smith. Hall. Sullivan. Sutton, Thomas, Uv-gm-nliarmlt. 50 as Cary Lee Tollefson leading the Pep Band. The Pep Band playing at the ganna uma I ln the spring. the hand once again donned their marching shoes and displayed their talent both at home and away. The spring trips to Wenatchee and Spokane were an interesting experience to those new in the band. An annual event, the hand provided the music for bac- calaureate and graduation. Much credit and appreciation goes to lVlr. Tollefson for producing such a fine band this season. Dircetor-MR. TOLLEFSON Presiden t-C RAHAM TOLLEFSON Tohiscan On this page you will find my notebook on the events of the Tohiscan Staff, led by Editor Shirley Sullivan and Advisor Miss Lorna Finch I thought it was reall ' Y clever of the staff to have me in the yearbook this year. I've had so much fun with them, reading their notes and hearing their plans. The staff was busy during the year making and selling banners at the football games, getting ads for the Tohiscan, taking pictures, and writing copy. But even with all this work, they had time for fun, like the trip they took to Seattle on Thanksgiving week-end and the ski trip to Ellensburg in February. Spring events included a Staff banquet and the distribution assembly where new members were announced and pins were awarded. First row: Beverly Rasmus- sen, Jackie Donnelly, Judy Scalley, Barbara Owens, Jo- anne Layman. Second row: Milton Case, Eddie Johnson, Lennie Sak, Larry Edwards, Jim Hubert. Editor-SHIRLEY SULLIVAN Advisor-MISS FINCH 52 Sports TABLE OF CONTENTS Page N YELL LEADERS and COACHES ,......,.... 55 FOOTBALL SENIOBS ................................ 55 ' FOOTBALL SQUAD ....................,.....,.,.,..... 57 FOOTBALL ACTION .....,,.,,.,..,....,............ 58 BASKETBALL FIRST SQUAD, MC. ........ 59 , HB" SQUAD and SCHEDULE .,.......,.,........ so f PEP BAND and SNAPS .................,.......,.. 61 I . ' BOXING ..,......,....................,,..... ,...........,. 6 2 sl? ' , 7 il UWB! 'i 53 MGH? J QM w?TwM9ZMWMTW3W 90f2f?WfZ rf D . ' WW Mmm AWwWW ,wn Qfwwwwwr MM wfqvgwi -wMwJfJ5HajQw?JWfQQA Mdwhwjwewjuipwwf W wfvwbjmww ffm. fini? Q 712 MMW MM my ' 'yfaffibw W B Mfmijfly WWW M' wjwgfw Uj,,Mf'MUf1QQm, ggi in b' 'x bits a dollar all for Toppenish Two bits, four us, sz , h ller! stand up an o Our Coaches EVERETT COOK ' ' d Bask- Tennisg Football Asslstanl, B Squa etball. PHIL MIROSH Boxingg Trackg Football Assistant. JAKE SCH ELL Football. OTIS HILTON Basketballg Baseball. 4 as ff, N. an-A QP., ds, ' Mx g-Q Q- mp' wx I N 4' 'UW s .fv- Our Yell Leaders DONNA DUNCAN BARBARA OWENS JO BOLIN Semors J. MORRISON JL ?fI1gL0ss C ter P a kl , C, E BUQKLNSKHP-M en C f Righfgggs ' Yun 3 ard SON PsN9ER ck R. Y L. fha SAL N we Len H811 EZ B: ELDER EVANS DICK iegfgiu Qu Right Half Leg Guard I nsparanonal Player D. MYERS T. MCMAHON W. JOHNSON Right Cuard Left End 100 Not pictured C. TOLLEFSON CLAUDE GRIFFITH CPIIIPI' Left End Right Tacklc- Kass Top row: C. Whitaker, D. French, J. Ingram, L. McCord, B. Lybyer, H. Thomas, R. Clark, E. Van Plake. Bottom row: A. Regimbal, D. Thetford, P. Stump, B. Trujillo, R. McCargar, M. Corpuz, M. Stump, T. Wentz. Managers HETTICH and W. MEYER Mt. Vernon Top-Hi .. ......, ,.... , , Grandview Top-Hi , Ellensburg ......,, ....,.. Top-Hi ., Clelflum .. ....., ,,.... . Top-Hi .,,,, ., I wore my lightweight sweater to most of the games. Coaches Schell, Cook, and Mirosh thought the trip to Mt. Vernon was worth it when they saw our 12-6 victory score. I crawled under the bleachers when we lost to Ellensburg 20-0. The Grand- view game put Lybyer and Yahn in the limping section. They were lucky they didn't have four legs like us mice. Also on the injured list were Gross, a leg injury, Elder and Whitaker, arm injuries. At the Homecoming game I rode with the queen and her court on the field and perched on Pat Punch's hat and had a good view of the band marching in the dark with lights on their hats and shoes. The Wildcats and l teamed up to hold the High- land Scotties to a 0-0 tie. The game that brought the biggest thrills for the players and me was the Marquette game, 20-13, Top-Hi's favor. At the annual game with Wapato, the cold and grey weather didn't dampen the spirits of the rooters and me. The day included Ruby Gonsalez's crash into the line marker, Mr. Comer. Final score: Wapato 13, Top-Hi 7, and Comer 6 stitches. Jerry Ingram got stepped on and also had three stitches taken in his face. Evans Dick made All-Valley guard this yearg Bob Lybyer, All-Valley fullback on the second team, Alan Reginbal and Joe Morrison received an honorable mention. THE SCOREBOARD Naches .,.. .,,,s., 1 9 Top-Hi ....... 0 Highland ....... 0 Top-Hi ..,,,.. 0 Selah ...... ..,,,, 6 Top-Hi .,...,. ,.,,,, 1 4 Wapato ..... 13 Marquette .ss., ,,,, , , 13 Top-H1 ..... ..... 7 Top-Hi -,r,s,, ,.,,,, 2 0 Coach MR. SCHELL 57 2 fm vi Q .6 O W' 'J 111 I If QV. D. HILL L. C. DAVIS G. TOLLEFSON D. MYERS GENE TOLLEFSON Forward Forward Center Cc-ntvr Forward +-rx 5, f .nz "M Basketball , ,.. ff X Manager J' PARLET I u '2""U 'V MR. HILTON I :" :'Q 5 MR. COOK Manager C. WALTERS L. BARRIENTOS Guard B. OROZCO L. HANSEN T. CLARK E. BUCKINGHAM R. GARN Forward Guard Guard Guard Guard Jpponent belah ,,,,,,,,,,,,Y, Highland Zle Elum Drosser ,, Vlarquette Nlaches ,,,.,,,,,.. lrandview First row: L. McCord, E. Johnson, E. M R. Th M L 'k ' J. Meagher, L. Huylar, L. Noonan, B. Iiilliyiir, D. Siiiililiii i el am, A. Schneider' Second ww: When Score Won Opponent When 133- gig-jg Selah Grandview 181.30 35355 C,a,,,,lY2,2 ' ' Hlghland Selah Feb. 5 46.61 V Selah Jan-15 44-54 cle Elum Highland Feb. 6 40.55 hland Jan. 16 42-49 Prosser Cle Elum Feb. 12 43,36 Cl gEl Ja"'20 33-41 Marquette Prosser Feb, 13 38-56 EP um 'lan'22 54-74 Naches Naches Feb. 19 55.59 Nmslier Jan'29 36-57 Grandview Marquette Feb.20 52-58 """"'"""""'"""""Mamalfetfi 3,47 lu:-A J-rmf fygw fwwfff -45' jew 7 if , Lxtml Top-Hi basketball teams were coached by Otis uRook,' Hilton and Everett Cook. At the first of the year Hilton's five starters were: Graham Tollefson, Bob Orozco, Ruby Gonsalez, Tony Clark and Larry Barrientos. These boys showed much improve- ment against the back board as they teamed up together to beat Zillah 39-35. Sophomores Gene Tollefson, Jim Meagher, Ron Thomas, L. C. Davis, and junior Eddie Johnson showed their talent playing on the "B" squad, and were later moved up to the "A" squad. Naches and Marquette defeated Toppenish by close margins. Graham Tollefson, a 6' 3" senior, kept the Wildcats in the game by racking up many points, and snatch- ing a lot of the rebounds. Coaches Hilton and Cook will be looking forward to a good season next year with the return of the sophomores and juniors. 60 S 5 , V f 'a 'M 1 Z, i .V . 1' 1' at "ii 'I ai it' 1' 'I 1 fl -- n -- f .,. . Q. ' - K V K ! , 'M 4 x L. ANGIANO K. BURNS Manager G. BITTLE fi. M .. . .. A s., V35 ,g R f., , ig gr .. Q .ai me 5- L. I . ni.. is M , on F. CASTANEDA R. CLARK D- DAVILA YW at W r" 'I s 3 y S ,, , ,, . . ZW r E. HIGGINS Manager S. GUEVARA J. IDE .K 2- 4 J. INGRAM L. LITTLE J. MARTINEZ - I A LVA L? 5- LQLA . L , 3 .,:., I n "I'- " If O :fi sg . fi L 7 2 l in M, STUMP P. STUMP B. TRUJILLO G. THOMAS T. WENTZ COACH MIROSH Top-Hi Opp. Top-Hi Opp Top-Hi vs. Grandview ....4.LL.. ............... 7 5 Top-Hi vs. Prosser ........ ...,........ 6 7 Top-Hi vs. Cle Elum ...... ...,...... 7 2 Top-Hi 'vs. Cle Blum .,...... ......... 7 2 Top-Hi vs. Grandview ...... ...... 7 3 Top-Hi vs. Sunnyside ........ ......... 5 5 Top-Hi vs. Sunnyside .....,........................................ 4 7 Boxing for Toppenish in 1954 was, exceptionally good. The boys as a team and as individuals fought their way through a very successful year. As the season ended the final score for each boy was: NAME 'Fred Garcia ....... Gary Bittle .... 'Keith Burns ...... 'Bill Trujillo ....... 'Jerry lde ............... 'Sammy Guevara ....... 'Dave Davila ........... WON LOST 0 3 3 2 2 5 6 1 6 1 4 1 NAME 'Larry Little .............. 'Felix Castaneda ...,.. 'Tony Wentz .......... Fred Ike ...... James Garcia .. Jerry Ingram ,,...... WON LOST 4 1 2 1 3 2 0 2 0 4- 2 0 Coach Phil Mirosh considered these boys a fine bunch to help and work with. The squad will lose only four of the boys for next year. With the fighting spirit shown by the squad this year, another good year is indicated in 1955. The success the boys found this year was due to their "get in there and fight" spirit which brought them much glory. Not pictured are James Garcia and Fred Garcia. 'This star indicates the nine boys who lettered. 62 Q SP' QE ll QE new can ill Ik! ug ly: R 95' Wa .LJ IOVQ Autographs VW Wg LW! wwf fwlf JW-' fx 14' M J ,,,,,.c,,q,? f 1 7 W 76:5 OPM-A c c ! L7Q jwpgzofs nmqi Jffiff yfffff, 'QQ0-1-Qvngw WQWM D '1!'L'V, ' fi Q4 74f'fU-44,4 7'Mff,f4ffJ,4,AL, fa,M,,,,v, yd 1 SWT iw WVR JLjWCLffV'WW9-LNf3XJ4fiWA!Zf'fC 49071-oQ3f ?Tf QWM'9QiOQ f aw QMJAAW c i' ' mfxf.,,,f-QL, vw W wjjiwfgk wg? wi HW mm, F it 'V 'Q L 1 1 ' ffwf J,5wfrgkzz,g Mw W ki I ' I Swatch ,,,Y?fA ' 4024 549 QBX jx - 5 ibwrllmmer SuPPlement! ' -'Jw' UUA , ,qw M140 U I i,,,g,,,, Q L04 4. ' MM Hwgigllfn exif . W H - Q-gggyfifqii ' M wi N X' ifgwpffiiif if 'Nf I 9 DARQYi"?,,? ff Q 0759 WW, gy fjyy fig? ,fp U15 QAKKTQ-Av . . S4Af2n', W 'G 1 W lift " 'Mfl ffxww pf5r'1Q"'x'U CAN- .Ab X Through 'rhe Years FERN STUDIO OI-uscAN RE SERVES T WW ERS AD WEDDINGS CongraI'uIa'l'ions +o 1'I1e SPEQIAL 0 Y MOTHERS DA p ARTIE5 I 954 sfaff and I'I1eir adviser. DON M. MILLER 207 S. Toppenish Ave. fine foods . Mabel Johnson, Jerry Parlef, Gary C M lain. Rozelia Hall, Pal' Knight l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 gl Your Friends, MABEL and ELLIS C ff' Huba Huba 'ff'-wtf? S X I S I . r I I I Ig? x QM VS S , Henwoon GLASS co. IN W I e I 3 5 . ' x I e specia iz in g ass N for all purposes. SEQ? sg Is X ' GRADUATES IE 3 G + F f X2 X Q Y G CI 'I' is Q P+ W Ph 53405 N E QL auo so TOPPENISH -I 55 is NE QW 35 Congra+uIa+ions +o +I1e Class of '54 d AVE I f ff' f fy ' ff A .o WWW H .ff'W7L4Z f,fM'?3Kl Wffiaffp ETT's if P-:-ll LUNCHQM-gXk.wM m X0 W .z..:..:. V,-,Q EJ,-v.x1 f Of ,W Q o 4 AL .yogi , Mee+ Your Friends Bw.-,E-Sw AMR lv-ww 0 C k . .bb .1,3L'Au1xl 11-ov-fx ver a o em -,VM -- . , Room 42 W"'NX Slfvwf-Awww. YQ in 'KN QL, N,iW:,.N,,,, V- MK wiht, . 1 K Uowkgvsyxom W-J.. Q.-MANJIILK .Q.,M,N ,AM , ..4r.,. 0 A NZ. X. ,im A sn 5 ,M HM, vii, 3L'g,i3"i5r- .fdff-Ammwght J?',.,,,fgQ .H-,,q,f-,nk x , - ...A '11-.v 4' 'fvxkb ofaw4,,.fH.1L. Mg 3.1 . M ffgwk 'iff-'A-L-' 'Uw-5L Mx J, ,,o,o ,.,,.1w,v1 , 'MQ . 9 u Q wg, A, A if VM .Q 4s-fl! Rfvxrf-fu .JD-44,1 ,,,,.,LLLJ bt 'xdk-J'v'-gS'A"P' 3-'JP' . V77 an 2.13.5 ' WU xibf-.X A v,.-. :ju-Q Q' xd -1-fsroi ,. o 1 ? c f. K 1 -df?-' L. THE TOPPENISH REVIEW War FHEITUM N The wonder fhaf is America wifh all of ifs personal 'Freedoms and ifs envied creafiveness, has been buili' on fhe principle i'ha'l' fo know fhe frufh liberafes mankind, enabling if fo achieve greafer obiecfives. Fulfillmenf of fhis principle, guaranfeed by our consfifufion, is fhe mission of fhe Free Press of America, as represenfed by your homefown newspaper. Edifed by your neighbors, prinfed by your neighbors, delivered by your neighbors, if seeks ouf whaf you mus'I' know abouf whaf is going on in fhe world, fhe nafion and your communify. If presenfs fhe facfs wifhouf fear or favor so fhaf you may have fhe frufhs on 'l'he basis of which you can make your weighf felf as a cifizen and a beH'er life for your family. - -A-"v- ":.:. 3 S , ?15'f'SffT'i e . I . l l ,f.- : ': 31':'f I 1 I ,f f- 1' , - is - - ziskii ' - ' 1 DAIRY QUEEN Robert Fisher HAMBURGERS ICE CREAM son DRINKS suNnAEs coNes MILKSHAKES HI, il PINTS .na QUARTS NaIionaIIY Known A I.ocaIIY Owned .X' 5 , If E., Q...--. ? QM ? I FROM I WILLIAMS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE COMPANY Headquarfers for Frigidaire EIecI'ricaI Appliances and RCA Vicfor Television 5' -'- I:Z:IfI:ZgIjI:Z:I:Z:.:... S 'N ' 5 pin 77 NATIONAL BANK I n 5 , Toppenish,Wash. ..... K 6,4 A E, in Phone 5-4505 Congratulations to the Seniors of '54 EQ? GRAHAM-MORRIS 5' .gi CONSTRUCTION C0. flag? REA::.f::.2s:sz:m SETEEQQ SAND AND GRAVEL ESQ PHONE 5-7575 A15 1 sian AEE Corderman Mo'rors H Desoro and PLYMOUTH 306 So. Toppenish Ave. MMC elim' AJ Phone 5-4745 Java! ' . I 1 :zzz '.'.' no 915 I J , Q' f' fain! 12 fzifffgfaef' 4. ,Zff Q ' HQ? ,,,,, QQ, , , '- ffm wif!! 75,2 44k.a41 , ya Brffgz fZw1fff2df,b,wf6-76!?4Q XXZ? 'M www. fmfzffwq. me , - 7 7 - Haulingig M'J'M"'0" Service - ZILLAH 3777 let Zia Wei! Zan 77640: Zan gfame H uylor Construction Co. foo PHONE 5-670I W F ' f X A , fo Qu Ulgfcyw , Eff 2 zf zmf szzg' Z' i f , V -I-I---IA WWW I I llnlihnl mmm HIBLER'S FLOWER GARDEN Flowers for All Occasions 15 EM PHONE 5-2583 af cp 446g an f" GOOD FOGD f QQVISIT , The Westerner fd Lx ff ' Q' Q I B OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK We specializ sizzling sie lr and merchanfs' luncheon CHANDLER DISTRIBUTING CO. V5 ww' 143,145 bi MJL In whim! ' fd? BOX 3I2 167dwmL0uMn,WvYwZM all U Jaw, 512505 5,5254 T pemsh , WJ Ph 55215 Cmnt 760' dwg e ' WWW A Mobilgas Jw-wfmlp ZZ ""' W..4J,m? 4 M W QW W, M ' RkfI'j,p Tires a Long Way M It M CITY TIRE I- O Mg' G'E3-'li'-SAL SERVICE D' 5 ASOTIN AVE PHONE 5-4005 5 2 All MEF' '65 'Ze 7 - X . QL ' SIGMAN'S Easf Toppenish Ave. YEAR AROUND LOW PRICES A e-sfop marlcei' SNACK BAR-DRUG RACK-FROZEN FOODS ss Rvacej f Ogg: Q To 6 , IS Quiz ,X y FIRST ' 5 THOUGHT ' Open 24 Hours o Day PAT'S TEXACO SERVICE 222 Wesf Firsi Sfreei' Phone 5-254I TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON PAT HAMILTON. owner 6 441 Smack? p f 14 FOUNTAIN and LUNCH fy MW T ' X BILLIARDS 43441 WW xW CL F53 WJZM S?'r3 x 5 ' Jifyx Cis'S iii'Ffwf-fe S A I "" A J, X "X 4' Phone 5-6655 Geo. Rowberry, Prop. , Jf' we fffifw ,, . T u .I . ,a24ff"'Z'Pu,L,pf!j5'4""'b91JffWZ'b! Emmy A " 'from +he Q G OD FGQD CRCSSROADS CAFE ' 'Z T0 SUIT P. J. BARNFIELD f YOUR Propriefor f' qi Q, ,, TASTE Wfglwz Zmzdrfv 7756414 hex""""w"" ai N MIDSTATE PACKING co. INC. 9 L U. S. Governmeni' Inspeded Mea+s 4 Feafuring Grain Fed Beef f From Our Own Feed Lois LIVESTOCK BUYERS Cus'l'om Slaughiering CaH'le and Calves P.O. Box 32 Phone 5-3605 gg Ideal Feed and Supply FORT ROAD I FEED . I i CUSTOM GRINDING FERTILIZERS INSECTICIDES UIIQ EFEP. LUMBER , I 'EE 51- HARDWARE 'Z-:3'fIi'i4"' gi: BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 3 f'-E, SCHORN PAINTS ' Q ' CABINET SHOP FUEL IW IIIIWIIIEITI IIQQWI F3211 Complimenfs of UTAH-lDAHO SUGAR CO. TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON 2 :, I FRAN DUKE FRAN OWENS FAYE ARENS E 8: H MOTORS I6 Wesi' Firsf Ave. gg Ideal Feed and Supply FORT ROAD FEED I I in CUSTOM GRINDING ' FERTILIZERS INSEOTIOIDES LUMBER I f '55 -51, HARDWARE 351-353 gi: BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 3 z'-A SOI-IORN PAINTS ' U ' CABINET SHOP FUEL IW RTI? IMI fflill NELLIE PUNCH KAY HUBERT SIG CARLSON Vice Pres. and Mgr. 20I-3 Wash. Ave. Dodge and Plymouih Sales Phone 5-3I85 Dependable Used Cars CenI'raI Moiors Inc. Dodge and PIymouI'I1 Congrafulafions I'o I'I1e Class of "54" HALL-HARMON EQUIPMENT C0. 9-I5 NorI'I1 "B" SI'reeI' TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON Wilfred Hall Herb Harmon . . -...Ma-v.....,..,,,w., N., . vm'-H1 KKET Q BAILEY'S MARKET Your: HEALTH -JZ. 01631 D 6 7 4X ausmsss RUE n K I Prescripiions Sick Room Needs Fine Cosmeiics Gifi' Hems Candies Crabiree Drug Siore MARIE CRABTREE B. L. CRABTREE Pharmacisfs Phone 5-3865 Complimen+s of UTAH-IDAHO SUGAR CO. TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON FRAN DUKE FRAN OWENS FAYE ARENS E 8: H MOTORS I6 Wesi' Firsf Ave. BEN FRANKLIN Nafionally Known-Locally Owned 0 R. H. GLENN H . ?5O..3 I. I: ,M I I' A "1 A -'P , " VARIETY STORE mv7f1,fz'5wQG,'f60'I1AdT 'Me SCENIORS OF I954 CONRAD'S Phone 5-3695 MONARCH RANGES LUGGAGE MAYTAG WASHING DUTCH BOY PAINT MACHINES and IRONERS SIMMONS BEDDING PHILCO RADIOS HOME FURNISHINGS and REFRIGERATORS SPORTING GOODS Sales and Service Toppenish Phone 5-5555 Wapafo Phone 9-4202 R. H. BOWLES SHELL JOBBER R. H. BOWLES R. E. BOWLES Shell NH 3 Shell Peiroleum Producfs Agriculfural lnsecficicle Box 43l TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON N1 BUCKINGHAM - and RICHFIELD SEEIE Qualify Producfs n O X. A 'r b 6 A.M. f il? To A .W v-inf, -. tax. SSQQIIQP ' . 7 P.M. b . Q ' R 5' CLOSED 5 191 ,53 ' suNDAYs TIII I IVZFI Congraiulafions To flue Class of '54 from JACK and MACK HOUSTON Toppenish Bowling and Rec:rea+ion Cenler "Fun for 'rhe Whole Family Reasonable Rafes 1 l Phone 5 lL,t,L7l 'JM ,l PM 'X M 644 i i ,Aff O" J IL ull "l1'U,P JL 'W i All l , no Q 0 i ynoe i'a1.soN l Q MX. lf' LM pl ,lf - M i ix! W p ' 5 -1 Nj ,Will BUENA MARKET fl lv D tv. Vbclb Groceries - Meais - Vegeiables Lp BU ENA, WASHINGTON cleaning .'f0' . o Q OO " O O .::'s::?0 --.-1-'I l 1 .Q 0' 0.16 x Q Q 1 :FSF ..a.0.0cQi "'0'0'00'0'4 6201463 . 0 0 0 O 0 0 5.330201 f0'0"I'8J 8.8.0 . 5. 'e":'14'e 0 QQQO. fq0:O:Ogg eo O O C Q 5 0 C O 5 O 0 0 0 0 0.q 50.0.0 0. . p 0 0 03 0 Q Q 0 0 94 '!0'0'v'v ' QQQQQ v 5 Q 0 OJ COURTESY DRY CLEANERS 0006 .g.0.0,6.0i Q O Q S O 5 0'0'0'0'04 0.5, 5.94 0 1555 Q Courlesy - Qualify C 5 4 eb' ve.: U 9.0, Service Q O ' Pt! 5:02 id ,O..AtO TOPPENISH PH. 5-4635 lflttqgijjllx I - x f Wheeler Electnc l Q Phone 5-4475 I x Auro PARTS Q X X Elecfrical Conlracling . xx I I --Q-5--..-J X xl 'll fl 'I lv! QQ eg' x , X Af, 4 , Slap L and l Same 45 Toppenish Auto Supply STAN'S HANDOUT Drop in anylime for 225 SO. TOPPENISH AVE. . , Hamburgers Mill: Shalzes Toppemsh, Washmgfon . NORM MAYFIELD-Joe SCHNELLBACH Ho' D095 Self D"""s 8 Mosl' Complele Sloclc of Replecemenf Paris in Lower Valley ' Ml' EA? Don'f wiI+ in I'he Icifchen ,X Q Buy I+ baked I2 d Hst ' bread an P 'VBS 7 -A 5 M.8. M. BAKERY -I I Phone 5-5255 Toppenish 229 amkbmmfg G! Fraternal Order of Eagles 4 2 :zz E. TQPPENISH Ave. Toppenish, Washing+on DUANNE C. LAYMAN Secrefary-Manager CNE STOP SERVICE rghbgi Eff- ' RESERVATION MARKET CUT-RATE GAS GROCERIES ' Open 7 days a week A White River .. R " """ ,rA I I ar., X I Rr T 1' I X 5 X,Qaf' J I I Is 'waxy Box 206 Phone 5-4095 WOOD, CCAL and BUILDING MATERIALS T af. A FOR 6000 Fooo .... veg Z NR i CAMPBELL'S GROCERY Phone 5-4585 Jo Your aufhorized mb dealer for all P517 T sci-IWINN BIKES ROY'S HARDWARE COMPANY No. 8 Washingfon Ave. PUT vouk BEST FOOT A FORWARD I ll xl f7fZade at NE QT THORP'S T 1U',1w5qIL SHEET METAL 6 A Cooling and Healing X-D W A+ 'Y Graham-Leming Dep'l'. Slore ' A large selecrion of Janhen swe 1' X and slciris for fhe N i I X "smar+ly dressed" girl. ..... if f H.. f .'1"1 4.-, if 1' ,n ,v ,Q ,n ,- .0 4 We J.C.i PENNEY Co., INC. , M I D MX 4:2 E23 A QQ Q Always Firs'r Qualify 5- -1" If A I Io congra+ula+e , Ihe gradua'I'es of "54" KRAFF'S MEN'S WEAR KRAFF'S FAMILY FOOTWEAR Congrafulaiions I'o 'Ihe Seniors of I954 Q from mp UNITED FARMERS CO-OP TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Tires, Tubes, BaH'eries Phone 5-6255 x 'S aaa x 22,1 QPR N51 60966 0 a A ,ei A in SQYE wx no xxiqwsnsox 3 we I QE 2221122 3232 ?2E2E3iei"'f521" I 'I ' TIRES ' 0' " ' 1 --1-1-1.g.,- Y Sefixc' BATTERIES 90 and Auro Accessomes N STOOPS and SONS General Con'I'rac:I'ors CABINET SHOP MILLWORK Phone 5-2775 304 Buenaway Home Phone 5-669I GocIcIard's Your GE BLACK DAYLITE TV DEALER GE Appliances Phone 5-7255 c?b1fL6 F U R N ITU R E BATES FURNITURE Complefe Home Furnishings 7 4,6 and Wesiinghouse Appliances -TELEVISION- 'Fj jf Phone 5 23I I I I9 Washmgion Ave HOPKINS MORTUARY KINGSLEY K. HOPKINS WILLA M. HOPKINS I I3 So. AIder 5-5505 Bob Lu ft's Chevron Station f 'X MEM mmf' SMITH 8: STANTON TOPPENISH ROLLER RINK OPEN REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE I Wed.-Sat. P X Sun. P. O. Box 392 Phone 57l4 VwtNQQQ'5,.,1fB5 bto I0 'Is' Special Parties 3A Kirkwood Bldg. Toppenish Ave. by TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON IP Appoinfment B Phone 5-6445 SO. DIVISION ST. DEPENDABLE ' '1 FRED BEEZLEY SERVICE 'yi f CHEVROLET CO. SUMNERS SHELL gy YOUR FACTORY-DIRECT DEALER SERVICE -li I08-I I2 Washington Ave. 5-4793 Phone 5-38 I 5 Toppenish in . A? COMPLIMENTS OF BROWW5 BI-RITE W Toppenish Joh nson's Motel Mofeffake JOSEPH E. LARSON. Prop. 6OI So. Alder St. Toppenish, Washington if? ffkvofzfe Roy J. Perrault D8fD GROCERY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR 2l4 No, D S+, Sfandard Oil Company Phone 5-5255 of California BOX 406 TOPPENISH, WASH. GROCERIES We Live If Rexal I Drugs on Q MARTEL DRUG STORE Long Hair B and E Whislcers Q BRUNSWICK SHOP Phone 5-6382 Jacl:ScI1IecI1'l', Prop. Phone 5-3855 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. R. J. RALSTON Bosto's Drive-In Cleaners OPI0me+"IS'f 6-HOUR ssnvlce 9-I2"f?:30 "Look well-dressed" Evening, by CAREFUL CLEANING APP'f""""'+ Phone 5-5434 7 WasI1. Ave. Phone 5-6302 230 So- -I-oppenish Ave. GEO. M. KING JACK E. KING KlNG'S MACHINE sl-lop FRE'G"'TWAYS Manufagfurergl Machinisi-5, Local and Transconlinenial Welders and BIacl:smi+I1s I"I6UIIfl9 "WE 5 3 I2 Wesi' Firsi' Ave. Phone 5-5342 Complimenfs of Bergls Lumber and Fuel GALEN F. RAMSEY INSURANCE AGENCY Aso+in Ave. Insurance TOPPENISH Bonds Nofary Public Call . . . 5-27I5 Phone 5-3345 75 Wash. Ave. POTLATCH YARDS CompIe+e One-S+op Building Service Phone 5-4295 ASK ABOUT THE HPOTLATCH PAYMENT PLAN" S. UI'ldel'W0Od Complimenls of D.V.M. WILLIAMS MOTEL coil: I S cozv G21 VY ' 12,15 b eau ky? eauty shop 5:3355 fx Barber Shop The Bungalo Phone 5-4085 BLOME'S RADIATOR SHOP 3lO Wesf Firsi' Toppenish, Washingron Phone 5-5992 OREGON-WASHINGTON TELEPHONE COMPANY . 5-3045-Office lx VT 1 I 1 if X K 0' 0' A' gen My M200 - 5 , N f COFFEE K , 1 W ' gf fi if BilI's Cafe AVENUE GROCERY W, 5, MORRIS and 5-5533 GIFT SHCP Don's Markei' FRESH MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 5-4I35 I5 Sourh Elm Sheer Zmldty 420605564 ENGELHART 8: MALONEY General Food Sfore Phone 5-6635 Q : Q P-4 Q 4. x S Sa DQ QQ E Q LJ 2 S -ea V0 Q9 M QD r-2 -so orld Your Best, and eW Gwe to th I.-IL, S. Sherwood, V. Smi K. Mosebar, R. F and . McCargar Ellensburg winners. re D. Da ' d F. Car tc entrie X X HSE 'is- ,gk , 1.,T35,w i. ' Q?-jf Y K. Q, N 'S E x s J 5 . .MRA , , 5 In 51 1 sw 5 .Y up , ,im , 1 2 QW 'sf , Q f X N as N K, , ,Q N , .Q Q Yr iff ik w 2, A we V -SN 5 x 'N - f. Nga A ' , -Fi. f. mf-1 sig AX fisf J, 'E Q' ' Q .1 N , 1822, ,Q 'W 3' QQ, gk S . . N 5 . SM . xrkk. LEA SE ia gs H w LKWl'Yf-A-fgagg J x 5394: 4 xN'. Wh. , V, Q , A -w - L 1 - Fi - Tis .. .. A :SSR X, v AY TRACK MEET C AT SELAH A TENNIS AT CLE ELUM 1-:CHA N E Bo' 1 the Y V Queen Eva Heilmen, Senior Princessg Donna A Duncan, Junior Princessg Delma Ashlock. ina 3- .-1 bl N?- 'EEG- Gu -o O Ji: 53 FG-32 .AE- 'c Q fu Q-5 if QQ' Q ED . ASEBALL E EQ P OM and BANQUET ,w.nv-1 E Q5 ANNUAL PISTRIBUTION bm oo 9 ey S 'G' 50 Q T S R A ENT C UB Q ET :Vim A G. cvafbgovv 4 A l TE S 'N-i 'wk 3. GRADUATION 3. No more pencils, no more books Y! Jewett, B. Lyhyer, S. Gunnyon, and R. Lorton. 2. Gene Tollefson. 3. Seniors getting announcements. 4. Mr. Babich and track workers. 5. E. Johnson, S. Sullivan, L. Edwards, sign hoard walkers. WXJ! t N W OFFICERS A.S.B.-President, Judy Scalleyg Vice President, Gene Tollefsong Secretary, Nellie Punchg Treasurer, Delma Ashlockg Activity Manager, Alan Regimbal. PEP CLUB: Pepsodent, Mary Sue Murray, Scribhler, Carol Hadley, Jingler, Shirley Gunnyon, Demerit Chairman, Virginia Schmellag Social Chairman, Jackie Donnelly. G.A.A.-President, Audrey LaRoueg Vice President, Mary Garcia, Secretary, Margaret Shequing Treasurer, Marilyn Nelson, Activity Manager, Delores Heilman. TIPS EDITOR-Judy Scalleyg Associate Editor, Donna Hill. 6. MORE SENIORS ! Y 7 Booth handy with the hammer 8. Here are these sign walkers again! 9 J. Walker and P Knight on the "isle of Nocturne." 10. F. Arens and G. Parlier enjoy them- selves L00 ONMIWE M T001 TMS I DRILL TEAM-Leader, Nellie Punch, Assistant Leader, Dorothy Bittleg Flag Bearer, Carol Hadley. TOHISCAN EDITOR-Jackie Donnelly. F.H.A. - President, Barbara Wiswallg Vice President, Lucy Stout, Secretary, Ardith Barnfieldg Treasurer, Joanne Layman, Parliamentarian, Susie Lemingg Historian, Joyce Carlton, Song Leader, Polly Lortong Reporter, Lynette Cobb. IVIEIEL LEADERS-Carol Hadley, Shirley Gunnyon and Carol uy ar. BASEBALL COACH HILTON Manager L- HANSEN X Vp Q 50 0 T. CLARK Q55 Q36 00 X93 .x Qi sway ii' c. BOGART 02-5G ox QR sep 'boi 9492, X55 O4'df , 's QQx00gss-Seb efbao E89 X'bie'6qo9x XO S619 Q 466 Qvei L- BARRIEN TOS Q5 65 we . ey, 0 N0 cP9e:9e9'ix 095 X60 'xg 400X,oQe' R Q05 -Q0 9 OK 495 H ED' MYERS J. MEAGHER M. LEIKAM MGR. J. HILL COACH MIROSH IL - -I I I 3 fLL fi 1 If "I-W Q '29 QQ c. HETTICLI Q, YG x '05 xi- X tb 'gb Kay se- 590 . 99 Q9 X99 OX ,Q 'K .og 39 D- MYERS 'Q 4' ? I W- FRIEDRICH. R. THOMAS L- SUTTON L- HUYLAR J. GARCIA X -2-505:10 X0 ca 95 00059 we 83506 ob' 90 ok N90 bf Q, 0- .45 .Qx s9xS9cyx5 0 ggfl 6 Qs x '09 6 Q9 25 Xx xv 5' xii -0 9 'L s X-6843 Q:iEoX'j09590 gg? ZOSBQXQ15, 'S 30 :bib V tfxwfb go D. FRENCH . Xxqxo 09 4610-Qs QA 109' xg, Q,000629e"125e,?5' .WS 6 qv? Qgx.Xo5Q21C'x'ebx9o eoo Ge' 4, 19. Q9 539 so 'ai' gp me 0 x0 Q 9 X59 Qxucov 4q:bX'x9Q0y,25 QQ 00bq'9'eM so S sob fb- , 'Y 'L sob Q9 5955 .go 0150 L- C. DAVIS - XX '96 'Oo 430 0? fb - 43,9 13,0 WSW Jog 6 5?t:1v6e2,. xv A xx 25,945 QXQX Okggg, Qx J- BAKER 4:39 w"'e'z,.S :Rei 480 45,1 ot pictured: Roy Staub, re Morrison and Wayne zikang. ,. aff-'V .7f I D. WARD C. WHITTAKER B. LYBYER L. McCORD A. REGIMBAL T. WENTZ B. SCHOTT 5 . DURWOOD THETF ORD W. JOHNSON ROSS KINCAID E. JOHNSON 355 - . . f ",-- X L-'wwxkw rw X A L' A 8 , LLN. 'gf' an 'NN X W N1 M' ' vs M N . fs. wp A wg-W A X. Mqhfugw. WW W 'ff Z fm Q9 . ' Coach ZAUVC' Y 81801115 5 C P. PUNCH wxbetxx .000 fe 001' XL- . - . Hvq ffsfu 1801 fjlrofed me aqgxgkuocb, YJ CVBQXQ 6 0110, ohyzbg ies 01111541 6 19,54 Q65 fix QQ Buggies on X395 3. W P . V 7 - 19 be I 11,6 iopqz. 0 and 'yhlflfg' I 1 Xiao if Qnviwii Xeaqecogmxvi oss Ofhiyl Cm Using -ff N QA A6112 Waiwxeam so We bo Sealbr L DN Colma- G. CHANDLER ' . gf L v, FAUTH D. HILL MR. STROM SPEAKS . . . You have completed high school sufficiently well to receive a diploma. You have ended a period of life when allowances have been constantly made for your shortcomings, because you were immature, because you did not know, 'because we all make mistakes. Now, whether you go to college or into business, you are expected to stand on your own two feet. No longer may Mom or Dad come to plead for you: no longer will school advisors and teachers be at hand to smooth your path: no longer will your principal say U40 minutes" for this or that, or assign a 1000-word theme on Honesty, Cooperation, or the Livestock Show. This is the last time for most of you that we of the school will guide you. So remember the following words: HONOR STUDENTS 4-l Y' AWARDS-American Legion: Dale Myers: American Legion Auxiliary, Eleanor Heit: Annual: Editor Shirley Sullivan, Business Manager Barbara Owens, gift to Miss Finch: Arion: Band, Graham Tollefson: Choir, Pat Knight. A.S.B.-Joe Morrison: Babe Ruth Sportsmanship: Barbara Owens, Joe Morrison: Band Service: Loy Sutton: Choir Ser- vice: Bernice Febus: Commercial Dept.: Shorthand, Shirley Sullivan: Typing, Donna Duncan: D.A.R.: Shirley Sullivan: Ellensburg Solos: Choir, Hazel Heather: Band, Karen Mose- bar, Ronald McCargar, Velma Smith: Evergreen Girls' State: ,ludy Scalley: Faculty Service: Mr. Hilton: G.A.A. Service: Eva Heilman: Home Economics: Eleanor Heit: Journalism: Editor Pat Punch, Business Manager Tom McMahon: Math: Lee Hansen: Mechanics: Gary Cameron: Outstanding Athlete: Dale Myers: Pah-Nah-Mo Home Economics: Eleanor Heit: Plaques: Claude Griffith, Frances Duke, Wally Johnson, Ed Commencement 1954 TOPPENISH HIGH SCHOOL YOU TELL WHAT YOU ARE . . . You tell on yourself by the friends you seek, by the very manner in which you speak, by the way you employ your leisure time, by the use you make of dollar and dime. You tell what you are by the things you wear, by the spirit in which your burdens you bear, by the kind of things at which you laugh, by the records you play on your phonograph. You tell what you are by the way you walk, by the things of which you delight to talk, by the manner in which you bear defeat, by so simple a thing as how you eat, By the books you choose from the well-filled shelf. In these ways, and more you tell on yourself. So there's really no particle of sense in an effort to keep up false pretense. So remember, "Class of 1954" it isn't the big things you do, but the little things that will tell how good you really are. Mr. Elder congratulates son. Buckingham, Betty Wiswall, Eleanor Heit, Marilene Shearer, Pat Knight, Tom McMahon, Lee Hansen, Barbara Owens, Graham Tollefson, Joe Morrison, Eva Heilman, Dolly Lorton, Dale Myers: Pah-Nah-Mo Home Economics: Eleanor Heit: Ide, Jo Evelyn Bolin, Delores Holm, Shirley Sullivan: Salu- tatorian: Donna Duncan: Scholarships: E.W.C.E. 8100, Pat Punch: J. C. Geo. Washington 8200, Loy Sutton: U. of Idaho S150 for four years, Betty Wiswall: Y.V.,l.C. 8100, .loan Sova and Dean Hill: Charm Beauty School 8150, Dolly Lorton and Eleanor Heit: W.W.C.E. Music, Hazel Heather: E.W.C.E. P.-T.A. S150 for four years and Valedictorian 8100, Shirley Sullivan: School Spirit and Service: .lim Owens: Senior Service: Lee Hansen.: Service Pins: Shirley Sullivan, .loe Morrison, Pat Punch, Dolly Lorton, Loy Sutton, Eva Heilman, Marilene Shearer, Eleanor Heit, Richard Meyer, Barbara Owens. getty: Weslaco FOR SMOOTH DRIVING ai S ' Jack's Garage JACK E. PASSENGER Two Siores CS Brake Service Toppenish C5 Q' N and PI1onEH:463 I General Phone 3:34 New Repa""'g xi f A INTER-VALLEY ' EQUIPMENT CO. JoHNsoN's HARDWARE Lf Ig J- '- CASE Farm Machinery "'-- Your : Farm Hardware MARSHALL WELLS Spomng Goods STORE Phone 5-5585 For+ Road PHONE 5-4285 Q I at H 8. H I VALLEY LAUNDRY f. and DRY CLEANING CO. We deiiver aII over 'Ihe valley. 2I9 So. To nish Ave. PHONE?-3,65 Phone 5-4592 WW "W" Th I 5-5791! , an R I You, ay S Adverrisers RADIO and TV Toppenish A'7q1n--we vEARBoo Taylor Publishing Compan - a WHOLESALE MEATS Cusiom -fi., A CuH'ing, Wrapping -' ' Curing LOCKER MARKET Phone 5-2565 MlLLER'S DRIVE-IN MARKET -1-1 4I0 Wash. Ave rg AND Phone 5-5925 SAVE Magglll he AT -fn 1 f 6 I L Ng I. ' M W xx GST., -I A of if '5 MALLETTE CLEANERS We call and deliver Phone 5-3092 Q9 , 6,-L Obll' Q -. ':,. If -ei" 4 ' -. Q-,vnu .. PTSEPENDABLE DR UGGIST Morfield Drugs MEAISM 1pW2vEsUAQLEs EY MARKET J. E. BLUMHAGEN Complimenis of Evana Moiel '23 JEWELRY 'fi 213252 be your guide. BEAUTY SERVICE eerraz wzwes 15, Hallies H T For a gifi' fo , VK Beal-ITY iq, 5 give wi'I'h pride U ,M W N lei- N' SBIOH Q T4 MATH'5 fi K COMPLETE I nw' :ZMTT ' EIA :IO DIDV8 NI XIJILS GNV 3019 NELLSIOW E E O3 :D EICIISNI ' XO 9 S as 5 S .I.3'I -' 5 5 - -4 OH HNO .ISS 'Pi 1 -. 'F I r w - - J 4 I g 5...1. 1 , ,K . : , A - X, .,, l Q . " ' ,4 - I7 ..- F' A J . . N I OI. Un DHS ERD DNDIDLLS 5-fi Uv!- -4---as E 1 t f 5 . f o i .Q "" 1, Q l 1 w N v 4 g r 4 x v t-mu.: 4-., ... v 1 -4 ' C!.4...,. yy. . ,, W. ,I-E '- 'Rf v ..,- a A i , , i .,. . . 1 ..,r.J.U , v. ,n .. V. , ,,. , lx , , P . - I 1 .V 1 , Q-QQ 6,4 f l fjQil"31g.,..4 'x wlfg ,LTLQ-y? zt ja QZAN-A , Qgfgffgfff ,e,N,7M4AMLM--ew.,z4tZ7K bl ja, 2453 QA 5. A, E D 335 "if sf -N ' 15 isf+iffi 'mwhhzfwffq 5 ffiwff MiZ21fw 'gL,P'?ff fig. ji? gs !6X b '. 'fA 4 , is 202533 fi ii S S '56 'N N ' L9gQi,wLmfa,b-,vwLwJTfi'l'f4, 52 GWHMMW W 'f'f' JM' S MTW? 33 Wg? ifiwwfyi S+? 55?3+Q 3RQ WWW siWf51 , A Xwxigigffan aff? 3g,gQiS '51? aa, W MQW A97 1? . bi' A24f1'i gawk ? 'Pg "2 .lf " in . I q ,2?7k9?015 lukirog' lax? 257m an fyyg W2 ?5:i1f:Q hf 1' W 4232272 Elf if f IRI? 5 bA!:,,-idgbzglli 'IL' 72336 'Z' Wgbp-yfli Z 31,3 by A EK iff' 52 23 'wnvfwpl-.Qfw 54, 552, ik?-gf 'hi f Lf , YQ J Q 5372? 0 6, in eg 4, fi lc C354 cgi C 43 O it LJ, Lk 9 X f ia E251 W if Gu A SJW wx! Q WMM . E45 mf JQWKMWWNS 5 Q ,A Va Til. " :Ik ' Jpezj-ffg,0L57-f Xgi? " ef, 'Y YL? J .qgw MMMJQ fi if 'gl 5, L if j QD LMA! MM 1 'Eiga xg. ' 'XE V fx , QA L, is W 23 JJ' M ' . silk bhlfivgr M Qwfwgai 'X 1230236 iSf??33?iWziQ2 ,dm RRR ?:V 'fmffffdmf' Pj ,dm Qixx W CW!! A Af ff fwfj " Wm ' ' lk. fn f ' ww 1, yf'V,,,fAfxMQ

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