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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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TOPPENISH HIGH SCHCCL PRESENTS .fzhmizviwan OF !Q5O .14 Comecly -.ibrama in jkree eadona A U T I-I O R S Editor ..........,......,,..... .....................,........,.......,. ....,. . V i rginia Giddings Business Manager ,,.,..A. ......,...... B etty Squibb Adviser ..........,.............. ......... M iss Lorna Finch Division Page Designs .....,. ....,....,.................. D olores Olden Printing and Engraving ..,.... .,........ R epublic Publishing Co., p Mr. E. J. Stewart Photography .r...,... ..-....,....,...,.,................, F ern Studio, Don Miller and Elmer Schloss Covers .D.........................,......,..,,,.,...,.,.....,....,.....,..r..r..r...r..rr..,..rr..r.............rr,, S. K. Smith Company STAFF: Shirley Cooper, Irene Heit, Melvin Henle, Gary Irvine, Daisy Marshall, Roy Mor- ris, Dolores Olden, Lyn Richards. l17gff11l1l The Time: Fall, winter, and spring of 1949 and 1950. Page The Place: All acts take place in and around the Toppenish High School Building ..........,. 4 Prologue ........ The Synopsis: Act I: The fall months ........... Act II: The Winter months ......... Act III: The spring months .......,. The Cast of Characters: Starring: The Class of 1950 ........ ...... Supported by: The Juniors ............ The Sophomores ....,., The Freshmen ...,... 5 6 7 8 .9-16-57 .......17-19 --...,....20, 21 .......,..21, 22 Scenes from the Play ...,.... .......... 2 3, 24 The Special Numbers: Pep Club ........ Wildcats ....,.,., .....,... Q ...25 G. A. A ........ .......... 2 6, 27 Drill Team ..,,.,.. ............. 2 7 Band ,.............. .......... 2 8, 29 Majorettes .....,,. Chorus .......,... Plays ...,... 2 ,......30-31 I'0gl'al'n Page Patrol ........,. ......... 3 1 F. F. A ..,...... ,.,...... 3 2 F. H. A ......., ......... ....... . .33 Tohiscan ..,,,.,,,.,,.,...........,.......,.,., . ........ 33 Scenes from the Special Acts ........ ........ 3 4 Football .......,...,....,................... ,...... 3 5-37 Basketball ,..,...,. ..,...l 3 8-40 Boxing .,.......... ......... 4 1 Track .......,., .,.,..... 4 1 Baseball .,,,.. ,..,,.. ..42 Tennis ..............,..,,..,,.....,.............. ....,.... 4 3 Scenes from the Special Acts ....,... ....... 4 3-46 The Production Staff: The Directors: School Board .,.,...... c.....,.. 4 7 Administration ........,.. ..,. . .. ..,....,... .47 Faculty ..,....,.,..,.,............................... ......,.. 4 8, 49 Board of Control and Committees ........ .......,. 5 0 The Technical Crew: Custodians and Drivers ..,...... .....,... 5 1 Cafeteria Staff .................... ......... 5 1 Photos From Backstage ........ ......... 5 2 Curtain Call .............. .,,,,,... 5 3 Acknowledgments ....... ......, 5 4-55 Index ,..,..,.........................,,,l,,. ,,,,..... 5 6 Autographs of Celebrities ........ ....... 5 6-60 3 we pfalfe The action of all scenes takes place in or near the Top penish High School Building portrayed above. 4 iqfokgue "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts-" SHAKESPEARE-AS YOU LIKE IT Class Presidents Betty Squibb, Freddy Diaz, Gloria Weeks, and Donna Hougey. As the curtain rises we see that the sets for the coming performance have been put up. The directors are backstage, the players are in costume, the prompters are in their places, props are arranged. The lights will soon go on. The basic setting has been unchanged for many years. Some of the old roles have been polished almost to perfection by the leads with the help of the supporting cast. The stars will speak lines, perform scenes during their senior year that were written years ago. Their supporting players perform the traditional roles. Similar class activities, simi- lar courses, similar hopes-these furnish the thread of a plot that is always new and inter- esting because of the personalities of the actors, the unexpected variations which add to the charm of any dramatic production. The Tohiscan play, recorded in this book, has for its leads teen-age actors, who in portraying the comedy and the tragedy of 1950, are in rehearsal for similar but more important performances in the greater drama of life. May they play their parts bravely, gaily, with assurance, and with credit to their early rehearsals on the Top-Hi stage. 5 .xdcf 1-Ulm fl!!! 'Wmflw Indoors: Sylvia Peterson, Don Mastel, Bev Gearheart, James Christensen. Outdoors: Roy Morris, Virgil Bogart, Shirley Loderhosc, Joan Leidy, Sara Cleghorn. September 6-The curtain rose on the first day of school. September 7 and 8-Registration was completed, fees were paid, and class officers elected. The patrol September 12 September 13 September 14 September 15 September 16 boys were organized under Mr. Sipes. -The board of control made its first appearance, directed by Wally Hall, our A. S. B. pres- ident. -The stars tseniorsl were auditioned with aptitude tests, the first fire drill was conducted, and the Drill Team and F. F. A. held their first meetings. -The assembly and social committees met. --Yell-leaders try outs were held, with Gloria Weeks, Don Roth, and Virginia Henley win- ning the honors. -First dance, sponsored by the A. S. B. -The first pre-season game, Top-Hi vs. Kennewick, was played, followed by a Pep Club Dance. -Central Washington fair opened. School art exhibit won several honors. -Game, Top-Hi vs. Grandview, followed by G. A. A. dance. 8-Toppenish vs. Richland game. 12-Columbus Day. 14-Homecoming celebration was held, climaxed by the Toppenish-Selah game and a dance sponsored by the Seniors. 21-Game, Top-Hi vs. Marquette, was followed by a Pep Club dance. 28-Game, Top-Hi vs. Ellensburg. 1-The first National Assembly featured Dr. Sampson, who talked on diet as a means of building athletes. November 3 and 4-Quarter Exams. 10 September 23 September 28 September 30 October October October October October November November November 11 November 15 November November November 21 November 22 November 24 -An exchange assembly with Wapato was sponsored by the Pep Club. -Armistice day. No school. Toppenish-Wapato football game. -The first noon movie was shown by the Junior Class. 18-Sophomore party. 19-The board of control sent thirty-three representatives to the student conference at El- lensburg. -The second National Assembly featured the Melodeers, a singing and accordion-playing group. K -A Pre-season smoker was sponsored by the Wildcat Club. -Thanksgiving. 6 November December December December December December December December December December December December December January January January January January January January January January January February February February February February Act 2-.748 Wafer Wonflw Indoors: Carl Koboski, Barbara Wagner, Bob Roth, Pat McCar- thy, Donna Mallette. Outdoors: Betty Squibb, Roy ix If Morris, Gary Irvine, Irene Heit, Melvin Henle, Lyn Richards. 29fNational Assembly. l -The "Taming of the Shrew" was given by the University of Washington touring theater rou . 2-'tribe Basketball Jamboree was held at Wapato, 6fAn assembly featured Mr. Mithun, a University of Washington architect. Basketball game, Toppenish vs. Pasco, there. 8gThe matinee of the senior class play, "Shadows in the Night." 9fThe evening performance of the senior class play. 10kBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Grandview, here. 13-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Sunnyside, there. 16fThe big event of the winter was the formal Senior Ball, "Spring in December." 17-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Sunnyside, here. 20-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Pasco, here. 21-The music department gave a Christmas Choral program. There was a matinee in the aft- ernoon for the students. 22fBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Grandview, there. 6fA Pep assembly was held in which the football letters were awarded. Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Selah, there. 7iBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Highland, here. A junior class dance followed the game. 11-The band gave its annual concert. 12-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Marquette, there. 14-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Yakima, here. 2OYBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Cle Elum, there. 21-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Wapato, here. A Junior Class dance followed the game. 26-The March ggfBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Selah. of Dimes Drive started at Top-Hi. Smoker, Top-Hi vs. Marquette, here. fBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Ellensburg. 3-Basketball 4--Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Highland, there. 6fAn assembly on conservation was attended by the senior high boys. 7-Smoker, Top-Hi vs. Grandview, there. 9-Smoker, Top-Hi vs. Pasco, there. game here, Top-Hi vs. Marquette, followed by G. A. A. dance. 7 .xdcf 3-jhe .Spring Wonfkd Outdoors: Sid Morrison and Marcella , ,Ya Britton. Indoors: Jerry Lillie and Jim Ekard. February 10-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Cle Elum, here, followed by a sophomore dance. February 11fBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Yakima, there. February 14-fHPep Club sponsored an assembly. February 16gSmoker, Top-Hi vs. Pasco, here. February 17fBasketball, Top-Hi vs. Ellensburg, here, followed by a Wildcat sponsored dance. Smoker Top-Hi vs. Grandview, there. February 18-Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Wapato, there. February 21 The juniors presented the matinee of their play, "The Princess Comes Home." February 22-Washingtorfs Birthday. No school. February 23V--A-The evening performance of "The Princess Comes Home" was given. February 24 Basketball, Top-Hi vs. Yakima, there. February 25-Smoker. February 28 The Eastern Washington College of Education Band performed at an assembly. March 1-The senior high boys attended an assembly. March 2fSmoker, Top-Hi vs. Marquette, there. March 3 and 4fBasketball, district tournament, at Wapato. March March March March March March March April April Aprii 21 May 5 May May May June June 28 7--F. F. A. banquet was served by F. H. A. girls. 8-A national assembly featured Dr. Bird, a lecturer. 10 and 11-The Toppenish Wildcats stole the scene at the District Tournament and became Y V. A. A. champions. 15-18fThe Wildcats traveled to the State Basketball Tournament in Seattle and came home with eighth place honors. 20-An assembly featured the C. W. C. E. band. 24-The Talking Birds performed in a National Assembly. 31-Our own band and vocal departments previewed the numbers which they sang at the Mu- sic Festival in Ellensburg. 4-Mrs. Kaiser led a discussion on family life in an all-girl assembly. 12fThe Y. V. J. C. Choir entertained the Top-Hi students with a choral program. -The junior class gave their annual banquet and prom, 'tManhattan at Midnight." and Gf 13-Pep Club sponsored the annual Lettermen's banquet. 26fThe seniors gave their annual assembly. The band took part in the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival. Baccalaureate services. 1-The seniors took their final bows at commencement. 2fProduction completed, play a success. 8 ZH THE CAST Sauloas Jumon 5 L., Somononzs f Fassunzn Civ Q IN gnfer we .gzniord Betty Squibb, Barbara Wagner, Betty Stoops, Bruce Shackle, Adviser Mr. Mirosh. As the curtain rose on the senior class of 49-50, we saw the group led by their advisers Mrs. Shep- pard and Mr, Mirosh and their officers: President, Betty Squibb, Vice President, Bruce Shackleg Secre- tary, Betty Stoopsg Treasurer, Barbara Wagner, Social chairman representative, Johnny Heistumang and Assembly committee representative, Jeannine Brown. They prepared for their last eventful year at Top-Hi. During their previous high school years, they had rehearsed for the main performance by spon- soring dances and giving parties as sophomores, and giving rummage sales, selling candy, presenting the play "The Foxy Mrs. Foster," and sponsoring the "Rhapsody in Blue" Prom and Banquet as juniors. The first date of importance, December 9, marked the production of the play "Shadows in the Night," which was a thrilling, chilling mystery. Betty Lawson, Sidney Morrison, Marcella Britton, Dave Froula, Don Hubert, Betty Stoops, Betty Squibb, Delores Voss, and Bruce Shackle took leading roles. The Senior Ball, held December 16, brought spring into the middle of winter by carrying out the "Spring in December" theme, and gay pink butterflies fluttered among Christmas trees, while Santa and his -sleigh were equipped with butterfly net and a load of flowers. A college conference was held in November for all seniors going on to college in the valley. Then the seniors traveled to Yakima to visit the different institutions of higher education. With six months of the school year now gone the seniors began to think of the leading roles they would take. The mother's tea was given, caps and gowns and announcements had been ordered, and pho- tographs taken. The seniors performed their final act June 1 at 8:00 p. m. when eighty-six members marched to their places on the stage to take part in the commencement exercises with Bernadine Serles as valedic- torian and Marcella Britton as salutatorian. Following the awarding of diplomas, the class of '50 gath- ered in the gym for a reception given by their mothers, With the final curtain coming down on the sen- iors, they will now look forward to upholding their motto by using the ropes of the past to ring the bells of the future. 9 eniora . fa W2 if 455 Robert AlleniWildcats 2-3-45 Tennis 2-3-45 Class Play 45 Chairman Junior Prom. Betty Anderson-G. A. A. 2-3-45 F. H. A. 2-3-4. Margaret Andreas-G. A. A. 2-3-45 Class Play 35 Operetta 35 Chorus 2-3-45 Chairman Junior Prom5 Chairman Pep Club Banquetg Music Festival Ellensburg 2-35 Pep Club 3-45 G. A. A. Assembly Commit- tee, One Hundred Dollar Chairman. Pat AndrewsfAnnual Staff 35 Pep Club 3-4, As- sembly Chairman 45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 Chorus 3-45 Chairman Junior Prom 35 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet5 Annual Business Manager 3. Barbara Bennett-Pep Club 45 Publicity Chairman 45 G. A. A. 3-45 F. H. A. 45 Class Play 3-45 Operetta 35 Chairman Junior Prom5 Chairman Senior Ball. Joyce Boob-G. A. A. 3-45 Operetta 3. Marcella Britton-Class Secretary 25 Pep Club 3-4, Social Chairman 3-45 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Secretary 45 Ellen-sburg Student Conference Representative 45 Tennis 2-3-4, Letter 2-3-45 Class Play 3-45 All School Play 25 Operetta 35 Board of Control 45 Chor- us 2-3-45 Chairman Senior Ball5 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet5 Chairman Pep Club Banquet 35 Ellensburg Festival 2-3-45 Salutatorian. Jeannine Brown-Annual Staff 35 Pep Club 3-4, Secretary 45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 Class Play 3-45 All School Play 25 Operetta 35 Chairman Senior Ball5 Chairman J unior-Senior Banquet. Betty Cameron -G. A. A. 2-3. Valjean Chinn-Operetta 3. Jo Ann ClementsfF. H. A. 2-3, Historian 2-35 A. S. B. Representative 45 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquetg Pep Club 4, Treas- urer 45 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Carnival Chairman 3-4. Alva Crawford. Frank Deymonaz-Wildcats 2-3-45 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 3-45 Football 2-35 Op- eretta 3. Radoise DoddfF. H. A. 3-4. Gail Duncan-F. F. A., Vice president 4. Mildred EastwoodsG. A. A. 2-3-45 F. H. A. 2. Bruce Febus-Wildcats 2-3-45 basket- . ball 3-45 Track 2-3-4. Pat Fike-Annual Staff 35 Pep Club 45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 E Class Play 3. If . l W. 0 0 i 10 Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 F. H. A., Secretary 43 Pep Band 2-33 Band 2-3. Rose Flowers-G. A. A. 2-3. Richard Foiles-F. F. A. 2-3-4, Treasurer 43 Boxing 4. Dave Froula-Top Hi Tips Staff 33 Wildcats 3-43 Football 2-3-43 Tennis 2-3'4: Class Play 3-43 Operetta 33 Chairman Junior Prom3 Chairman Senior Ball 43 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet 3. Helen Garman-Class Treasurer 33 G. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 23 Tennis 2-3-43 Tennis Letter 3-43 Class Play 33 Operetta 33 Chorus 3-43 Pep Club 4. Alex Gonsalez-Wildcats 2-3-4, Sergeant-at-Arms3N Football 2-3-43 Track 23 Pep Band 23 Band 2. Nadine Filer-Class Secretary 33 Pep Club 3-4, Treasurer 43 G. A. A. 2-3-4, , : Johnny Gonsalez-Football 3-43 Track 3-43 Boxing 43 Pep Band 23 Band 2. Helen Guevara. Fred Hackner. Wally Hall-Wildcats 3-43 F. F. A. 3-4, Sec- retary 3, Treasurer 3, President 43 Baseball 3-43 Football 3-43 A. S. B. Presi- dent 4, Council 43 Social Chairman 33 Entered from Auburn 3. Johnny Heis- tuman-Class Vice President 33 Top Hi Tips Staff 33 Baseball 2-33 Boxing 43 Class Play 43 A. S. B. Representative 33 Master of Ceremonies Junior-Senior Banquet 3. Irene Heit-Annual Staff 43 Top Hi Tips Staff 33 Pep Club 43 F. H. A. 2-3-4, President 4, Treasurer 3. Rolland Heming. Gerald HenningiWildcats 3-43 Baseball 3. Marlene He-rt-G. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 23 Operetta 33 Pep Club 43 Chorus 3-4. John Howard. Allen Hubert- Wildcats 2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-43 Basketball 3-43 Football 4. Don HubertfClass play 3-43 Boxing 2-3-43 Track 3-4. ii .41 11 Jack Jackson-Wildcats 43 Basketball 23 Football 2-41 A. S. B. Publicity Committee 4. Birdie Jewell-Operetta 3. Rudy KelleyfF. F. A. 3-4, Treasurer 43 Class Play 4. Thea Kolma-G. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 23 Pep Band 33 Band 3. Gary Lawrence. Bette Lawson-Annual Staff 2-33 Pep Club 3-4, President 3-43 G. A. A. 2-3-43 Tennis 3-43 Class Play 43 All School Play 23 Chairman Senior Ball 43 Chairman Pep Club Ban- quet 3. Bob Lillie-Wildcats 43 Baseball 3-43 Football 3-43 Boxing 43 Operetta 3. Dick Lobb- Wildcats 2-3-43 Basketball 2-33 Football 2-3-43 Class Play 33 Operetta 33 Pep Band 2-33 Band 2-33 Chairman Junior Prom 3. Audrey Martin-G. A. A. 2-3-4j Operetta 3. Bill Miller. David Miller-Top Hi Tips Staff 33 Track 3-41 Operetta 33 Chorus 3-4. Roy Morris-Annual Staff 43 Track Manager 23 Student Conference 4. Neal MorrisonYBasketball 2-33 Baseball 2-3-4, Letter 2-3-43 Football 2-3-4, Letter 2-3-43 Wildcats 2-3-43 Board of Control 2. Sidney Morrison-Class Vice President 33 Top Ti Tips Staff 33 Wildcats 2-3-4, Secretary 4, Treasurer 43 Football 2-3-4, Letter 2-33 Tennis 2-3-4, Letter 2-3-43 Class Play 3-41 Board of Control 3-43 Pep Band 2-3-43 Band 2-3-43 Chorus 43 Chairman Junior Prom 3g Chairman Senior Ball3 Student Con- ference 3-43 Music Festival 2-3-43 All Northwest Band 3. Laura Mull-Top Hi Tips Staff 33 G. A. A. 2-3-4. Dolores Olden-Annual Staff 43 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Treasurer 23 F. H. A. 2-3-4, Vice President 2, Reporter 33 Chorus 2-33 Pep Club 43 F. H. A. Kansas City Delegate 33 Honor Roll 43 Chairman Junior Prom. Arnold Omlin-F. F. A. 2-3-4, Vice President 3-4, Treasurer 3, President 43 Basketball 2-3-4. Delma Otey-Pep Club 3-4, Asseiribly Chairman 43 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Secretary 33 F. H. A. 2-33 Pep Band 2-43 Band 2-3- . 23 12 Pep Band 23 Band 2. Liz Putman-G. A. A. 3-41 Class Play 3. Colleen Robert- son-G. A. A. 2-33 F. H. A. 2-3-4, Social Chairman 43 Operetta 33 Chorus 3. Minerva Rodriquez-G. A. A. 2-3-43 Operetta 3. Verlene Sainsbury-G. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 2-3-4: Chairman Junior Prom 3. Ben Schloss-F. F. A. Helen Pederson-G. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 4, Publicity Manager 43 Pep Club 43 Jack Scott-Class Treasurer 23 Wildcats 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Football 2-3-43 Tennis 2-3-43 A. S. B. Activity Manager 43 Chairman Junior Prom. Joanna Seeley-Pep Club 3-43 G. A. A. 2-3-43 Honor Roll3 A. S. B. Repre- sentative 33 Pep Band 2-33 Band 2-3. Mary Segesser-G. A. A. 2-33 F. H. A. 2-3-4. Bernadine Serles-Valedictorian3 G. A. A. 2-33 F. H. A. 2-3-43 Operetta 3. Bruce Shackle-Class Vice President 43 Wildcats 2-3-4, Vice President 43 Track 23 Tennis 33 Class Play 2-43 All School Play 33 Operetta 33 A. S. B. Treasurer 4. Louella. Shepard-G. A. A. 2-3-43 Chorus 4. Gladys SkinnerfG. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 3-43 Chairman Senior Ball 4. Bill Snyder. Caroline Speidel-G. A. A. 2. Betty SquibbfClass President 43 Annual Staff 2-3-4, Editor 3, Business Manager 43 Board of Control 43 G. A. A. 2-3-43 Pep Club 3-4, Pub- licity Manager 43 F. H. A. 2-3-4, President 2, Secretary 33 Class Play 43 All School Play 23 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet 33 Student Conference 3. Betty Lou Stoops -Secretary 43 Pep Club 3-4, Social Chairman 43 Tennis 2-3-43 Class Play 3-43 Band 33 Chairman Senior Ball3 Chairman Pep Club Banquet 3. Jeanne StratfordfG. A. A. 2-3-43 F. H. A. 23 Tennis 2-3-43 Operetta 33 Prompter Class Play 33 Chorus 3-43 Pep Club 4. 13 NOT PICTURED: Bill Coordes-Baseball 3-45 Basketball 3-4. Sammy Fauth. Paul Rochaf- lF F A 25 Boxing 45 Operetta 3. I 1 Caroline Tabalon-G. A. A. 2-3-45 F. H. A. 3-45 Operetta 3. Dale Thomas- Class President 25 Wildcats 4, Social Chairman 45 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-35 Band 2-3. Bill Tice-Basketball Man- ager 3. Ruth Trujillo. Sol Trujillo-Boxing 2-45 Boxing Letter 2-4. Delores VosssTop Hi Tips Staff 35 Pep Club 45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 F. H. A. 3-45 Class Play 4. Barbara Wagner-Class Treasurer 45 Pep Club 3-45 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Treasurer 45 Tennis 25 Class Play 3-45 Chairman Senior Play5 Chairman Junior Prom 33 Chairman Senior Ball 45 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet5 Chairman Pep Club Banquet 35 Student Conference 45 Homecoming Queen 4. Betty Waldron-Annual Staff 25 G. A. A. 2-35 F. H. A. 2-3-4. Beverly Walker- G. A. A. 2-3-45 F. H. A. 3-45 Band 2-3. Dick Walker-Wildcats 2-3-4, Presi- dent 45 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Operetta 35 Band 2. John Wentz-F. F. A. 2-3-4. Herman Winberry. Helen Yahn-G. A. A. 2-3-4. Alvan Zable-Wildcats 3-45 F. F. A. 2-3, Sentinal 45 Bas- ketball 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Track 2-3-4. 14 enior A We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath our make-up and properties to the below named heirs and their assigns, as follows: I, Bob Allen, will my dramatic talents to Ray Olmstead. I, Betty Anderson, will my long ride home from school to Pat McCarthy. I, Margaret Andreas, will my noble title "Red" to Helen Frazer if she'll change rinses. I, Pat Andrews, will my ability to wander through the halls without a pass while looking as if I had one to Darlene Buell. I, Barbara Bennett, leave my Toni permanent kit to Mr. Taylor. I, Joyce Boob, will my ability to be first off the bus to Rose Lee Kissler to use when she does ride her bus. I, Marcella Britton, will my many and varied abilities to anyone who will put forth the effort to maintain them. I, Jeannine Brown, bequeath my bang-up personality, especially near the Fourth, to Shirley Loderhose. I, Betty Cameron, will my knack of chewing my gum on one side of my mouth to anyone needing a three-day vacation. I, Valjean Chinn, will my worn out sand-paper from Shop class to Top-Hi for use in the next Field Day event. I, Jo Clements, leave my cell number in detention hall to McGhee. I, Bill Coordes, will my "bones" to the Science Department. They'll be delivered later. I, Alva Crawford, leave my quiet masterful ways with the freshman girls to Bob Rathbun. I, Frank Deymonaz, will my knack with little children to Leo Gervais to use when needed. I, Radoise Dodd, will my sister's horn to anyone who will take it out of our house. A I, Gail Duncan, will my "weird beard" to Melvin Henle to defy the Burma Shave signs. I, Mildred Eastwood, will my courage in applying to share a room at college with Squibb to Lyn Richards. Medal will be delivered later. I, Sammy Fauth, will my quiet ways in Latin class to Maxine Stovall. I, Bruce Febus, will my lost basketball knee guards to Mr. Day if he finds them be- fore he goes to State again. I, Pat Fike, will my transportation system to Wapato to Leonard Houle in case his car breaks down. b I, Nadine Filer, will my love for horses to Gladys Mesplie to help form her riding clu . I, Rose Flowers, will my thorns to Betty Sparks in case she breaks her fingernails. I, Richard Foiles, bequeath my ability to jockey horses to Tom O'Donohue. I, Dave Froula, will the carefree life I inherited last year from Norris McCarthy to Elmo Kelley. I, Helen Garman, will my long black hair and white hands to Marcus Geffre. I, Alex Gonsalez, will my shiny, clean glasses to Calvin Miller for use in exams. I, Johnny Gonsalez, leave my artistic ways with the comb to Bob Meyers. I, Helen Guevara, leave my Spanish tongue to Bev Gearhart for use in Spanish class. I, Fred Hackner, will my calm, collected manner for flag salutes to Ollie Johnson. I, Wally Hall, will that lock of hair that's always in my eyes to Doris Febus and her crew cut. I, Johnny Heistuman, will my "high-flying" talents to Joe Morrison to help him climb that hill home. I, Irene Heit, will the map out to Rosie's house to anyone who'll straighten the road. I, Rolland Heming, will my curly locks to Miss Weatherford. She'll need a bandana in the rain, though. I, Gerald Henning, will my green vehicle to Robert Earl with some baling wire to help replace anything that might come off. h I, Marlene Hert, will my penning ability to Betty Peck who'll need it in College Eng- lis class. 15 enior A I, John Howard, leave my notebook to Miss Hackett. She's got all my papers, she might as well take it, too. I, Allen Hubert, will my third base sand bag to stage crew to hold up the movie screen. I, Don Hubert, will my ability to look like a handsome old man in plays to Dick Wicks. I, Jack Jackson, bequeath my many and varied excuses for tardiness to Kenny Za- ble, but he had best develop a smile to accompany them. I, Birdie Jewell, will my upstanding metatarsal arches to Miss Schiefelbein for hall observations. I, Rudy Kelley, will my guitar and songs to the next Texan who saunters through these halls. I, Thea Kolma, will my accordion to Ja Dean to help her keep her voice on pitch in chorus. I, Bette Lawson, will my jeep to Mr. LeBlanc. Maybe now he can be on time to those meetings he never attends. I, Bob Lillie, will my revolutionary geometric conclusions to the math department for future reference when stymied. I, Richard Lobb, will my private library of "first edition tests" to Joe Hall. Handle with care. I, Audrey Martin, will my patience with broken down buses to Billie Pettit. With that vehicle he'll need it. I, Clinton Miller, will my interests at 306 North Date back to Grandview. I, Dave Miller, will my willingness to Work and all my books to Raymond Eagle. I, Roy Morris, leave my quiet, reserved manner, regardless of what I am doing, to Bruce Bothwell. I, Neal Morrison, will my sleeping chairs in my first seven periods to Ike Glenn. I, Sid Morrison, will my place in extra-curricular activities, with the exception of Marcella, to Ron Patton. I, Laura Mull, leave my ability to recover from a broken heart to Mildred Dryer. I, Dolores Olden, will my fire-building, skiing, and steak-broiling ability to Mr. Both- well to be shared with Troop 28. I, Arnie Omlin, will my position in F. F. A. to Marilyn Skrove, but she better learn to pull that plow. I, Delma Otey, bequeath my golden locks to Raymond Shearer. I, Helen Pederon, will my absence from school to Bess Rutledge. I, Lizabeth Putnam, have already willed my place on the theatre pay roll to Helen Reimer. I, Colleen Robertson, will my place in F. H. A. to Gary Irvine, so he'll learn to boil water without burning it. I, Minerva Rodriquez, leave my double dimples to "Bubbles" Jackson. I, Verleen Sainsbury, will my ability to run into other cars at a profit to Bob. Got to keep it in the family, you know. . I, Ben Schloss, will my "shutter bug" habits to Edith Sova to go into her dark room. I, Jack Scott, bequeath my ability to play basketball with my mouth open-yet not swallow the ball-to Johnny Freeman. , I, Joanna Seeley, will my Pep Club place in the cafeteria line on Friday to La Wan- da Kelley. I, Mary Segesser, will my craving for oysters to Charlene Lobbfsterl. I, Bernadine Serles, leave my stack of books to the book room, to be given to next year's valedictorian. I, Bruce Shackle, will my place in that '49 Chev. to Loren Mattoon. Take it easy on the seat covers. I, Louella Shepard, leave my place in the Junior High office to Mary Morris. I, Gladys Skinner, will my job at the Top-Hi Lunch to Dot McRann. I, Bill Snyder, leave my passionate shirts to Freddy Diaz to add to his collection. I, Caroline Speidel, will my ability to slip around unnoticed to Dale Thorington. I, Betty Squibb, leave my ability to secure the bacon for our trips to Jeanne LeBlanc providing she'll share it with her father. fContinued to page 575 16 jlze juniom waifeof jkeir ned p p Freddy Diaz, Ray Olmstead, Betty Peck, Rosie Heit, Advisers Miss Finch, Mr. Goit. jkid ummarizeri' jkeir criiof As the curtain Went up, we saw the juniors of '49-'50 begin a very eventful year by electing their officers: President, Freddy Diaz, Vice President, Ray Olmsteadg Secretary, Betty Peckg and Treasurer, Rosie Heit. Led by Advisers Miss Finch and Mr. Goit, this class began preparation for their forthcoming an- nual Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet which was held April 21, by selling popcorn at all the football games, sponsoring two after-game dances, and taking over the noon movies. The much-awaited class rings and pins arrived in January and were welcomed by all the anxious juniors. Rehearsals for "The Princess Comes Home," the junior play, began in January, too, and the pro- duction appeared on February 23. Excellent cooperation and energetic Work on the part of all commit- tees and cast members added to the success of the play. The spring Junior-Senior Prom took dancers to "Manhattan at Midnight," where an atmosphere of gaiety was created, With the gym decorated as a roof garden night club, with skyscrapers and flickering light silhouetting the Walls. At the banquet seniors shared With classmates and teachers in their final en- tertainment of the year. Many members of the class were outstanding in their activities as Well as scholastically, taking part in such things as the Homecoming, appearing in sports, assemblies, band, and other school activities. They have rehearsed faithfully for their roles of next year. . A f' , X ,Q , g , '1 'me j Kia - , Q Q J gl K3 mt k K, "1- .. . 'lf i. 'ww . .4 k ., . . ,FE i. ,Q .. t sa .13 . " ' .ef -' . Cx, 4 wb Wh .- 'S fx ' ri? 1 fzfjl-Xb 'Q' -A V Qi ' . ' W . 'il ' W ' it X ' f Nw ,f 4 3:31. M N 2 - 'T N, ' -' Qi x A. ,.., ggggf I QQEJ "xx ' 'I NSY' N-::21'. P kxgiyxzx ,.,. . Y"-Yr . . - Qi? L . 'gf ' it 37 . it M al' 4' V, .A . 332, ww 5,524 . I us: Ji Q? me . 524' M 1 Q N I 6341 CC? Gy - - s gage: . 5 F' Q ' 3 Yi' rt. N v' ,e 17 , Kz w A WQQ- ,,.., .K ,,.. Q .,-- 'QWV QQ AA ,,.. '-f-' - "A'A1 1 ' . AA ---: - 40 f AA X "" A - 453 A A' na- A X QA' ' A. Af ff AX K ' A .- H 'X '5 A f ....i 9 "": 'Kgs " lv, l- ' , A 1' A A' "-' "A"' 'A V- Q f . ,,-V:' Q-1 40 ' Q5 D "-"' 1 cf 7,3 . A .1 ,h Q35 .0 , 53 Aff. L " 5, 555: 1 R. .gk 'lv- ifxf 18? A ef' Af-2--1 A ' Q 5:1 Qu. Q gf , co A,f,.,. I. V 55' I YXVCZA CTP!! "" QQ Q M ,621-ggiif A- QSAq',f' Q59 1 Vf?f?fiQ?Af2 "f'NA" by ff QS x QV ' !Q0 ff W M CAG? A ,,2, A K., 5' A EW A, A A A, Qyf' A' A , Q 1' b f i, 4 ,g,,,.l. Q A' 63.1 253 kk 5 ' , YL , ,: , ' 3,54 ,K 1' f gb? xv ,- "" A ., - 'A W f 2 :D K VE - ' " -'-' A A -' A ks , .,. ..1. . .v xg, TQ cv 'X 1' t f OE" pw. fin QS' It XLR X . ... ldv 3.9 'FY N , -gp xy? iff? ' ' xg 1 Q3 A Q N 1 W I I.. V I ft ,-.,',-. ms A QW- ' AA 1 x ,A A Q' , , , 'Aft fA-. Qs- ' 'A':A V V556 H,- A V ,ZF i n I Z K k Q . .,:,,A. 5 EZ' QA Aft 1- A-'A, K 'F ,i 2 'A A 9' SQ 'A , , WA. "'A . -5 nf f 5 f A Av A Q53 7 ' A ' X44 ' W P G A f 44,55 YS' . kiwi ' Q' y x 3 S x X55 FF CID' ,1 'f . - Lg? Xi? .1 JI' -.41 A , jy czi .,...,,: 1 isigiggb Q ' W ix Q Q10 OX' W' Q 'lr if Q 'J' fb 4 .lil , J Fifi, QFA any in 1'I'."" iff - H , is " '51, ,V v X Y tg nf? XX Qi QV JK W '75, ff' ey 'QF' fe 1' M gm Q' -Q :if f , dnl' H. Lf 4' ,fgf .XJ fm SAT QQ, X: mf QA is gf? QQ C .Y QW' Q ,, N Q, Qf : . 5 "'. f, t ' X Q 5,3 ,"::::-13'E,,2,:2:'5:' 9 Q3 f , , cg, X ff X b, LY, . V "' f QM RW ' 131 3,439 A 'A'. if Q9 as Q4 , -v"::2: QV ., A QL fy X, " i Co, 47" 'var' :,,,.,,H .QR .....f Y, A V ,W 2 , J, I Q ff? hun LS K-2 M x Th Q '- PQ Q ,I A ' Q x ki if N 6 AAU 'W 0 xi ii N Yilzf E C3 , ...,.., , , t Y mx K HV NV , X ww A K, . :F i .'--' Z ." .,... ff -I 5' . As? X L 5 QM f I"'I'?'s: FI J xl 4 ,ug :. ...- Q -' . N A QM AM ' .5 RK . i V I Q35 Q1 JE Y' QW r Y, L X MN L i N ' , if M. Q F I V M 4. bf 1 tx' ww - U 15, C Q' 3 11. 3 XX 5 ., X? C855 XJ Q3 N- 3 90 ,,,,A .Q , , Ak , Z A S A , V 4 X HX: fa v . 4, Q 5 ., Q A X A 5- w 's f ' . Sf -2 ., x - 'F' - . SSS' . "" ,SQ px F. 4 QS . Ax 1 Q, Q31 jlze .SQOIQLOHQOPQJ .gzubecl .qlzeir been .1 Upper Picture, Fourth Row: Gordon Robertson, Don Ribail, Pete Rocha, Ben Sakamoto, Douglas Scal- ley, Fred Scrivner, Jim Scrivner, Werner Segesser, Henry Smith, Lloyd Steinmetz. Third Row: Gladys Mesplie, Mary Morris, Ilene Mull, Jo Murphy, Marcile Preuit, Hans Pederson, Phil Peterson, Justin Pinkham, Bob Roth, Vernon Rank. Second Row: Kay Klaveano, Roma Krause, Joan Leidy, Nola Lint, Shirley Loderhose, Wyoma McBride, Naoma McCoy, Marie McMahon, Dorothy McRann, Geraldine Mann. First Row: Roberta Hansen, Isabelle Hellman, Beth Hendricks, Virginia Henley, Darlene Hen- ning, Phyllis Holman, Jo Ann Houle, Evelyn Kelley, La Wanda Kelley, Ramona Kennedy. Center Picture, Fifth Row: Tom O'Donohue, Dwain Osborn, Mary Ann Hahn, Nadine Hand, Ronald Knight, Phillip Lewis, Frank Lorton, Gerald Macumber, Joe Merck, Jack Martz. Fourth Row: Naomi Filer, Helen Fraser, Peggy French, Joyce Friedrich, Gloria Ganuelas, Beverly Gearheart, Ray Hobbs, Ollie Johnson, Elmo Kelley, Ted Kemper. Third Row: Joanne Barnett, Billy Jo Bennett, Rita Black- burn, Jean Clark, Catherine Colwash, Anzola Davis, Pat Dubry, Donna Elder, Flora Irvin, Doris Febus. Second Row: Grover Compton, Jim Duke, Howard Dutcher, Dennis Evans, Johnny Freeman, Leo Ger- vais, Ray Gettman, Charlie Gonsalez, Joan Alexander, Ruth Arellano. First Row: Dale Anderson, Kay Anderson, Joe Bailey, Virgil Bogart, Jim Brown, Robert Carrell, Oliver Chandler, Daniel Chisholm, James Christensen, Tom Collins. Lower Picture, Third Row: Mary Jean Schloss, Edith Sova, Delores Stump, Millie Sullivan, Charlene Wagner, Shirley Walters, Jewel Watkins, Gloria VVeeks, Jeanette Wesley, Carole Whitney, Marvellc Williams. Second Row: Eddie Whipple, Jim Wilson, Jack Wright, Ken Zable, LuAnn Prickett, Shirley Reed, Bess Rutledge, Janet Ross, Helen Raymond, Lillie Runyon, Doris Stevens. First Row: Ray Sum- mer, Bill Thomas, Dale Thorington, Leroy Thorp, Lawrence Trujillo, Donald Usher, Don Uthman, Rob- ert Warnicke, Claude Whittaker, Jim Whitis. 20 .7lze6e ere .S7oloAomore irecfom Dwain Csborn Gloria Weeks Miss Ross Mr. Bothwell Virginia Henley Leo Gervais The sophomore class of '49-'50 began their senior high year by proving to be very active when they sponsored a dance after the Cle Elum game. Their school spirit was very well portrayed when many of them appeared at the games and dances. Two informal parties were held, one in March and one in November, both of which were attended by a large cast. Led by their advisers, Miss Ross, Mr. Bothwell, and officersePresident, Gloria Weeksg Vice Pres- ident, Leo Gervais, Secretary, Virginia Henley, and Treasurer, Dwain Osborn, the class sold pop at the smokers and at the basketball games, and apples at the football games, to raise funds needed to have their parties and to establish a reserve for the program of their junior and senior years. we gre5Amen IQ eamec! jLeir gnfranced , lun tg X -. Advisers Donna Hougey . W' ., :.::: 4 ifgwsgu ' Mr. Lindeman " Mrs. Chittick Richard Frank . tw- If Julie Putney I - .. Mr. Lehrman Teddy Filer ' W Mr. Leifer The freshman class directed by advisers Mrs. Chittick, Mr. Leifer, Mr. Lehrman, and Mr. Linde- man, and their officers: President, Donna Hougey, Vice President, Richard Frank, Secretary, Julie Put- neyg and Treasurer, Ted Filer, began the year '49-'50 by sponsoring a dance after a football game Oc- tober 20. They again had a gala time January 20, when they had their freshman party, The ninth grade girls sponsored a dance March 10, given in honor of the boys who played on the football and basketball teams. In May a Junior High Mother's Tea and style show was given in which the freshman girls took part. In April the freshmen appeared in the assembly which was given for the entire school. Many fresh- man boys were active athletically. K. Koboski, N. Solis, B. Putney, J. Patterson, B. Lopez, D. Leonard, C. Thomas, B. Hancuff, T. Trimble, B. Christal, J. Meyers, D. Evans, T. Filer, and G. Bartlett played on the Junior High first string basketball and football squad, and many of these names will undoubtedly appear in the list of future senior high championship teams. 21 OP? agfetfkhlell A-... ' si......lg 1 al Upper Picture, Fourth Row: Bruce Bothwell, Rodney Dutcher, Clyde Eastwood, Paul Edgerly, Darwin Evans, Billy Elton, Ted Filer, Richard Frank. Third Row: James Bolin, Paul Bradley, Morgan Brink, Guy Brownlee, Darrell Buell, Bob Burback, Benzie Christal, Joe Day. Second Row: Joyce Eshelman, Ramona Fernandez, Betty Fischer, Hazel French, Richard Anderson, Gerald Bartlett, Howard Bayne, Lew Benz. First Row: Erma Affholter, Verla Barrett, Monita Bloomfield, Rosabelle Bodey, Sara Cleg- horn, Laverne Cooper, Rachel Castaneda, Beverly Clayton, Pat Delaney, Lorretta Dodd. Center Picture, Fifth Row: Max Hales, Larry Hamilton, Bob Hancuff, Jim Hinchey, Howard Hiatt, Jack Hixson, Chester Hornbuckle, Curtis Hornbuckle, Larry Hutton, Glen Huylar. Fourth Row: Belen Najera, Frances Owens, Arletta Parton, Jim Patterson, Sylvia Peterson, Naoma Phipps, Fred Garcia, Elmer Geffre, Lonnie Gilbert, Victor Guevara. Third Row: Elva Lowe, Frances Leuning, Gerry Lillie, Lois McCracken, Ruth Macomber, Roberta Maloney, Alice Martin, Mary Mastel, Violet Mestmacher, and Deloris Mikesell. Second Row: Donna Hougey, Theo Johnson, Bealer Jones, Mildred Knight, Alvina Kissler, Dolores Kukes, Rebecca Leikam, Darlene LeRoue, Joanne Leonard. First Row: Virginia Gardia, Louise German, Alvina George, Pat Graham, Thelma Hand, Darlene Harris, Henrietta Herrera, Norma Hyatt, Geraldine Heilman, Sue Herrington. Lower Picture, Fifth Row: Nato Solis, Delane Stewart, Angus Temperley, Tommy Trimble, Robert Wentz, Dick Wicks, Larry Wright, Charles Thomas, Dwayne Schademan, Max Wells. Fourth Row: Lela Worsham, Minnie Schneider, Dolores Trujillo, Bob Rathbun, Jerry Reiber, Laverne Reynolds, Glen Rich- ards, Danny Ross, David Sakamoto, and Tom Shellenberger. Third Row: Esther Seabrands, June See, Margaret Segesser, Dorothy Speidel, Diane Spencer, Mary Stockert, Betty Thomas, Jane Walker, Cleo Williams, and JoAnn Williams. Second Row: Harlan Oneil, Jim Patterson, Donald Phillips, Bob Potter, Alvina Pinkham, Patricia Radford, Charlene Rank, Chetta May Rawlings, Charlene Rhodes, and Bar- bara Scrivner. First Row: Joe Ingram, Vernon Jennings, Jim Jordan, Karl Koboski, Teddy Lamebull, Dick Leonard, Bob Lopez, Loren Mattoon, Jerry Myers, and Joe Nelson. 22 1. Jeannine Brown, Bill Snyder, andthe announcement salesman look toward the future. 2. Miss Whitmore, La Wanda Kelly, Marcile Preuit, Gladys Mesplie, Miss Scheifelbein, Joan Houle, and Mrs. Dixon prepare to feed the work crews on iFeld Day. 3. Tom Tay1orf"Timber"! 4. Freddy Diaz helps Donna Mallette for the Junior Play stage. 5. Field Day and Bonney Jo. 6. Completing the traditional side-walk-financed by the alumni. 7. More Field Day. 8. At rehearsal-V. Giddings, S. Cooper, J. Skrove, R. Kissler, R. Patton, M. Stovall, and L. Richards. 9. Gloria Weeks and Lu Ann Prickett add a decal. 10. In this cornerfWoodsman LeBlanc. Pictures 2, 7, and 9 taken hy L. McGhee, 10 by D. Wicks. 23 11. Shirley Walters and Kenney Zable at the Senior Ball. 12. A happy foursomef-Claude Whittaker, Mary Lorton Jo Ann Williams, and Jim Patterson. 13. Maxine Stovall and Ron Patton. 14. Rosie Heit and Leonard Houle. 15. Three Musketeers passing the cookieswJeanne Stratford, Marlene Hert, and Helen Garman. 16. Don Hubert Betty Squibb, Dave Froula, and Marcella Britton, with Uncle Daniel framed. 17. Homecoming royalty: G. Weeks B. Lawson, B. Wagner, L. Owens, and D. Hougey. 18. Johnny Heistuman, Sid Morrison, and Betty Lawson f- "Want a bite?" 19. Corn's a-poppinfMr. Goit and his helpers. 20. At Open Housesthey helped f?J. 21. Bex Kukes tries the Korean style, Miss Schiefelbein observes, and We'll take an American. 24 S l v 13552 X -:az y L .f L: :ME-gs Q, A f, , W X ah 3 M , ., H .X -,rf ,. 6 ,, A. , , J ,,,-if-.-wwf, ,M ,Un , 3 X p ., ,W Q .fig ...I A www., X. . ' 1.1 5f?'f.u? 51"3'-AL ug -Q vi 'mfr '.,35'23,le 1f"..-5 .5 f, 251' 71" " Q mpg. iwf, f'-L',YLf,f'.,,gg' Cm,-,wig :wav - 'P , "wi ,Y v-.Fw 574. -.sf .g,,.,-a,-, 5--,gf-g,g5w..' -1.-L w 5 J Mg, . ,- ' Q - . -'NH M- " ' mf ww ,, H' ' Mnjjgj' 'ZA-i3:'5kx,,Pw.-5: ifw' J f2H-fa... nf 'z ,.+f.g..ew -M ' av WT 'av '52 -.-.1 :.J.s,v-I, -,:fe.a?f'4' 21- 1-.. ,-,--'UA sie.: H 49- - , JL... ,-.-' ww, -J. 4-2: f-- r-, my e ff u,m,.,:1f, fn- .-., -Q... ,--1 QQ-.gin-,. ., , .- .vf. 'fd' . -1-by-f-,lr-,-fe-gf.-rf-'51-. 2252-22 ,121-Ef'7'3' -if -.Q 'Vs-W www ff gg. ,qfwlvif-1,1 ME.--,v vi,-'1 -Ffy- ,iffy-"3"W' N- ' T ' - ' - - M f--f - ' ,- ...-.w-- - ,.,:..,-M .1 ., . -nv' ,.-L ,, . 'y A- ,M , -, Wa, f .5 . - ,, , . 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Morrison. First row: R. Rodriquez, G. Henning, A. Hubert, M. Ander- son, F. Diaz, F. Deymonaz, B. Lillie, A. Gonsalez, D. Hubert. Pep Club members were responsible for the special effects at the games, with the main purpose of the club to promote good sportsmanship and enthusiasm at the sports events. The girls attended all football and basketball games this year and sat in a group whose gray sweaters and maroon skirts made the Top-Hi rooting section very colorful. Besides its activities at sports events, the Pep Club sponsored two rooter buses to most of the games away from home, two dances after games, two pep rallies, many of the pep assemblies and the Letterman's banquet and dance in the spring. The thirty-nine members in Pep Club this year gave it the largest membership it has ever had. The officers for this year were: Pepsodent, first and second semester, Bette Lawson, Scribbler, first and second semester, Jeannine Brown, Jingler, first semester, Nadine Filer, second semester, JoAnn Clements. The Pep Club also had representatives on the social, publicity, and assembly committees. Yell leaders are honorary members. Pep Club is advised by Miss Weatherford. The emblem of the Wildcat Club was a sign of participation in school sports. The club was open to all boys who had earned an athletic letter and who wanted to join. In addition to taking part in sports, the Wildcat members patrolled at the games and track meets. They sponsored their annual semi-formal spring dance. At a school assembly they raffled a jack- et, adding the proceeds to the scoreboard fund. They also gave their one pep assembly and their two aft- er-game dances. This year Dick Walker served as President, Bruce Shackle, Vice President, Sid Morri- son, Secretary-Treasurer, and Alex Gonsalez and Frank Deymonaz, Sergeants-at-Arms. 25 g 24. .!4- macle l'lg A7I'ltI'ClllC26 Upper picture, third row: Miss Weatherford, Dolores Olden, Louella Shepard, Laura Mull, Helen Pederson, Delma Otey, Nadine Filer, Audrey Martin. Second row: Patty Andrews, Pat Fike, Jeanne Stratford, Marlene Hert, Ruth Trujillo, Minerva Rodriguez, Betty Anderson, Verlene Sainsbury, Betty Squibb, Betty Lawson. First row: Delores Voss, Betty Stoops, Margaret Andreas, Barbara Wagner, Marcella Brit- ton, Helen Guevara, Joanna Seeley, JoAnn Clements, Jeanne Brown, Helen Yahn. Center picture, third row: Bonney Young, Pat McCarthy, Rosie Heit, Theresa Urrutia, Er- linda Soto, Jeraldyne Spencer, Lyn Richards, Lorraine McGhee. Second row: Betty Gordon, Ovella Mitchell, Betty Peck, Jeanne LeBlanc, Sally Giddings, Marion Rathbun, Daisy Marshall, Helen Reimer, Wilma Norman, Audrey Hamilton, Hope Cameron. First row: Virginia Giddings, Luster Owens, Rose Lee Kissler, Beverly Kukes, Darlene Buell, Alice Hoover, Lena Caraway, Betty Hales, Shirley Cooper, Violet Arquette. Lower picture, fifth row: Lillie Runyon, Pat Dubry, Peggy French, LaWanda Kelley, Mary Morris, Beth Hendricks, Naomi Filer, Joan Leidy. Fourth row: Janet Ross, Ramona Kennedy, Nola Lint, Shirley Walters, Donna Elder, Bil- lie Bennett, Flora Williams, Bess Rutledge, Doris Febus, J aDean Austin, Helen Frazer, Wy- oma McBride. Third row: Gloria Weeks, Gloria Ganuelas, Millie Sullivan, Helen Raymond, JoAnn Bar- nett, Mary Schloss, Roberta Hansen, Evelyn Kelley, Darlene Henning, Isabelle Heilman, Joan Alexander. Second row: Lu Ann Prickett, Judy Miller, Charlene Wagner, Virginia Henley, Geraldine Mann, Rita Blackburn, Ramona Krause, Carole Whitney, Roberta Betschart, Nadine Hand, Naoma McCoy, Marvelle Williams. First row: Mary Hahn, Phyllis Holman, Gladys Mesplie, Doris Stevens, Catherine Col- wash, Jeanette Wesley, Marie McMahon, Jean Clark, Kayrol Klaveano, Beverly Gear- heart, Joan Houle. 26 Summarized eir crilof The crew whose main goal for this year was improving the lighting on one of the many sets is the Girls' Athletic Association, or G. A. A. This organization divided itself into fifteen committee-s, each with a goal of earning 35100 to put into a fund which will be used to purchase additional lights for the football field so that night baseball will be possible, and thus another scene added to future plots of ac- tion at Toppenish High School. The G. A. A. has been known in previous years as the G. A. L., but the name was changed this year to conform with the other Girls' Athletic Associations throughout the valley. This year also the point standard was raised so that any girl who earns a letter and a sweater has put in at least 200 hours in extracurricular sports and activities. , One of the most active organizations at Top-Hi, G. A. A. sponsored two after-game dances, the annual G. A. A. carnival, and an assembly in the spring. The girls participated in play days at different valley schools and sponsored a play day at Toppenish in May. They had charge of half-time entertain- ment at many basketball games, and served at the Baked Potato Banquet. The G. A. A. officers were: President, Rosie Heitg Vice President, Pat McCarthy, Secretary, Mar- cella Britton: Treasurer, Barbara Wagnerg and Point Committee, Betty Lawson, Betty Stoops, and Jeanne LeBlanc. The directing force behind this organization and the one to whom G, A. A, owes the most is their adviser, Miss Virginia Weatherford. THEY SHARED FOOTLI GHTS AND FOOTVVORK l Fourth Row: Joan Alexander, Isabelle Heilman, Rosie Heit, Bette Hales, Lyn Richards, Beverly Kukes, Maxine Stovall, Marion Rathbun, Ro-se Lee Kissler, Charlene Wagner, Alice Hoover, Donna Elder, Shirley Cooper. Third Row: Beverly Gearheart, Donna Mallette, Betty Sparks. Second Row: Lena Caraway, Helen Reimer, Billy Jo Bennett. First Row: Roma Krause, Gladys Mesplie, Virginia Giddings. Sides: Drummer Charles Gonsalez, Adviser Miss Weatherford. A special number, sponsored by the A. S. B., the Girls' Drill Team, entertained many spectators and students between halves of the football games this year. The Drill Team, first organized in 1948, was originally a G. A. A. activity for Sophomore girls but this year it was opened to all senior high girls. Original members had first choice to rejoin and new members were accepted on petition of height and adaptability to drill. The girls looked very smart on the field in their black skirts and school sweaters, performing in- tricate drill maneuvers learned with the help of Miss Weatherford. They drilled at all the home games. Maxine Stovall was Drill Mistress this year and Charles Gonsalez was the drummer. The Drill Team was advised by Miss Weatherford. 27 SA? .gyouncl 6 Ct6 Third row: Shirley Sullivan, Tom Schellenberger, Ruth Ann Macomber, Jane Walker, Norma Mayfield, Dolores Trujillo, Dwain Osborn, Jack Martz, Sally Giddings, Howard Baync, Louie Ruiz, Marvin Anderson, Betty Peck, Gloria Weeks, Pat McCarthy, Donna Hougey, LuAnn Prickett, Bonney Jo Young. Second row: La Wanda Kelly, Naomi Filer, Joan Iloulc, Jim Whitis, Gordon Robertson. Bob Roth, Angus Temperlcy, Guy Brownlee, Romona Fernandez, Marlene Collins, Sid Morrison, Graham Tollefson. First row: Jeanne Le Blanc, Beth Hendricks, Raymond Shearer, Frances Leuning, Charlene Rank, Patty Duhry, Tom Collins, Hazel French, Glen Richards. The band had a very busy role with their many performances. They performed at all the home football games, presented a winter concert, entered the solo and ensemble contests at Ellensburg on March 14, marched at the Shrine Celebration at Pasco, performed at the Central Washington Fair, marched at the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival, and appeared and performed at many community af- fairs, including the annual Pow Wow celebration in July. They also staged many performances at the home games and helped to make the pep assemblies more peppy. At all appearances, the majorettes pictured below added to the effect, marching many miles on the Top-Hi set. meg Olga! fke para e Luster Owens, Betty Peck, Donna Houghey, Bonney Jo Young, Gloria Weeks, Lu Ann Prickett, Pat McCarthy. 28 GUJ COL? Third row: Bob Putney, Joe Morrison, Loy Sutton, Leroy Thorp, Mr. Tollefson, Charles Gonsalez, Buddy Gettman, Lily Runyon, Karl Koboski, Howard Dutt-her, Jim Wilson, Joan Leidy, Ronald Knight, Delbert Anderson. Second row: Bruce Bothwell, Dirk Wicks, Peggy Freneh, Larry Anderson, Arden Chittiek, Rodney Dutc-her, Ruth Arellano, Ronald MeCarger, Deloris Mikesell, Luster Owens, Ted Filer, Delma Otey. First row: Frances Duke, Dale Anderson, Mark Kolma, Sara Cleghorn, Patsy Punrh, Mary Morris. we CAOPLL5 an On-Stage anal Directed by Robert Barbey, the chorus presented a Christmas program December 20, which brought the Christmas spirit to old Top-Hi. To bring the Christmas spirit to the classrooms, the chorus caroled in the halls. The chorus worked hard in preparation for the annual Ellensburg Music Festival. 1 .1-me-ij, Q.. i Fourth row: David Miller, Bob Thomas, Marcus Geffre, Bruce Shackle, Sid Morrison, Don Hubert, Mr. Barbey. Third row: Lois Speidel, Helen Reimer, Pat McCarthy, Bessie Rutledge, Donna Mallette, Marc-ella Britton, Mar- garet Andreas. Barbara Bennett, Ronita Robertson. Second row: Evelyn Kelly, Lena Caraway, Ruth Cochran, Milred Dryer, Marie McMahon, Nelda Febus, Jeraldyne Spencer, Lydia Robertson, Jeanette Wesley, Eilene Mull, Kathleen Pelletier. First row: llelen Carman, Jeanne Stratford, Marlene Hert, Nola Lint, llelen Fraser. Doris Fehus, Flora Irwin, Bev- erly Gearheart, JaDean Austin, Kayrol Klaveano. Carole Whitney. 29 Plays Within the Play 1. Bob Allen, Dave Froula and Rudy Kelley. 2. "Willie Allen. 3. After the murderer struck. 4. When the Princess arrived. 5. Ro- sie Heit, Miss Finch, Donna Mallette, 'tLittle Princess" Wilma Brian, and Freddie Diaz, while Miss Finch receives her gift. 6. "Aunt Meta" gets the bounce. T. Bill Pettitt, Ron Frank, and Rose Lee inspect the Princess' picture. is qw Vpper picture, second row: Bob Allen, John- nie Heistuman, Dave Froula, Sid Morrison, Don Hubert and Bruce Shackle. First row: Barbara Bennett, Betty Squibb, Delores Voss, Bette Lawson, Betty Stoops, and Marcella Britton. Lower picture, second row: Jeanne LeBlanc, Ron Frank, Bill Pettit, Maxine Stovall, Ron Patton, Donna Mallette, and Freddie Diaz. First row: Janice Ski-ove, Belle Hancuff, Shirley Cooper, Rose Lee Kissler, and Vir- ginia Giddings. Inset: Miss Lorna Finch. Director. 30 Un gage af Zia- i The Senior Class Play, "Shadows in the Night," was presented on December 9. The play was a very clever mystery about a family which met at the reading of a distant uncle'-s will, each member of the family with the intention of receiving the major part of the large estate. This mystery contained two murders, some lost diamonds, and an insane boy. A touch of comedy was added by the portrayal of a col- ored maid by Barbara Bennett. A rather different type of play, "The Princess Comes Home," was presented by the junior class on February 23. It was the story of a young American girl who was married to a prince by her parents. When her husband died penniless she returned to her home town to find the townspeople expecting a glorious creature when she was quite plain. The way in which she won the hearts of the people made a very entertaining play. A feature of the evening's performance was the presentation of a Little Princess, Wilma Brian, cho-sen from among seventh and eighth grade girls by a ticket-selling contest. .742 pahwfggrf QPU? 61,5 Ms 2l'6 Second row: Mr. Sipes, Dean Hill, Robert Orozco, Richard Meyer, Clayton Edgerly, Wayne Friedrich, Gene Zier, Zane Widdam, Garnet Cosette, Jerry Ide. First row: Foster Williams, Dick Anderson, David Davila, Charles Ledesma, Virgil See, John Sauer, Jack Bruce, Ralph Hatley, Wayne McDonald. The patrol boys' general duties were to serve as traffic guides in the morning, at noon, and after school, where their red and white jackets and hats were an emblem of protection to student pedestrians. At school performances held at night, the boys helped park the cars and see that no one sneaked in. Mr. Sipes, their adviser, Was always around to help. The group, with Wayne McDonald and Jack Bruce as captains, was sworn in by Patrolman Bach- ofner on February 16, after having served since the beginning of the school year. In return for their faithful service, the boys were admitted to movies once a month and attend- ed all games, plays, and concerts at the school. At the end of the year, they shared in the annual Patrol Rally for all the valley students Who served on patrol. 31 jk? 3 3 . MAQCLIUQCJ the jlltufe l i ...MY i Upper Picture, Third Row: Mr. McClanahan, G. Lawrence, G. Duncan, F. Hackner, R. Kelley, R. Foiles, J. Wentz, Mr. Jones. Second Row: A. Zable, W. Hall, G. Jackson, A. Omlin, R. Earl, F, Stoops, M. Geffre, First Row: B. Bruce, A. Enyeart, D. Thomas, R. Manuel, E. Meyer, R. Jim, D. Ferbrache. Lower Picture, Fourth Row: Justin Pinkham, Jimmy Scrivner, Douglas Scalley, Fred Scrivner, Werner Segesser, Joe Merck. Third Row: Frank Lorton, Dale Thorington, Phillip Lewis, Raymond Hobbs, Hans Pederson, Jerry Rei- ber, Glen Huylar, Bill Elton. Second Row: Teddy Kemper, Oliver Chandler, Don Ribail, Ben Sakamoto, Vernon Rank, Charles Thom- as, Jim Patterson, Richard Anderson, Joe Nelson. First Row: Robert Burback, Elmer Geffre, Delanc Stewart, Bob Rathbun, Jack Hixson, Teddy Lame- bull, Richard Frank, Joe Brown, Bobby Lopez, David Sakamoto. The Future Farmers of America began their performance by electing their officers -President, Wally Hall, Vice President, Arnie Omlin, Secretary, Robert Earl, Treasurer, Rudy Kelley, Reporter, Richard Manuel, and Sentinel, George Jackson, for the first half of the year. The second officers were: President, Arnie Omlin, Vice President, Gail Dun- can, Secretary, Rudy Kelley, Treasurer, Dick Foiles, Reporter, Wally Hall, Sentinel, Al- vin Zable. Led by Mr. Jones, Mr. McClanahan, and the above officers, the F. F- A. judged live- stock, hogs, and poultry at the Grandview Harvest Festival, the Central Washington Fair, Puya1lup's Washington Fair, Portland's International Livestock Exposition, Washington's Turkey Show at Grandview, Toppenish Junior Livestock Show, Toppenish's Livestock Jamboree, Spokane's Junior Livestock Show, and Auburn's Livestock Show. On March 7, 1950, the annual Parent and Son Banquet was held. A tour was made of the projects by the parents. Last fall, the F. F. A. boys helped out the snack bar by picking tomatoes for canning. Their source of income was set up by selling hot dogs and coffee at the football games. 32 we Ciomginedl gudinefm mile gnferfainmenf ' Mr ' . . IW . , . ' W -aww 4 .. I , F - 1 H2 4 I 4 A -, 2. A. , . . ii W3 . Y W Z, , , Y 15 1 .S i 5 - - -f .S 'LH Fourth row: A. Iloover, R. Krause, S. Herrington, J. Friedrick, R. Dodd, M. Segesser, B. Searle, H. German, B. Ben- nett B. Thomas. Third row: R.fBlac-kburn, R. Castaneda, D. Ilougey, B. Squibb, N. Febus, C. Robertson, J. See, D. Olden, M. Segesser. Miss Whitmore. Second row: L. Caraway, C. Wagner, K. Klaveano, J. Clark, S. Walters, F. Irvin, N. Lint, B. Anderson, V. Sainsbury. First row: H. Reimer, M. Dryer, . Mesplie, 1. Ilelt, D. Voss, N. Filer, R. Heit, D. Mallette, H. Pederson. Guided by Miss Bessie Whitmore and the following officers-President, Irene Heit, Vice President, Donna Hou- geyg Secretary, Nadine Filer, Treasurer, Lene Carawayg.Song Leader, Donna Mallette-the action for the local Fu- ture Homemakers of America began with the installation ceremony the first Week of school. A year's program was planned and printed in time for the regional meeting for which Toppenish furnished the setting. This was the first such meeting for Toppenish igirls to serve as hostesses, and the third in the state since F. H. A. was or- ganized in Washington. Planning an serving meals and entertainment for 225 girls and their advisers was an im- portant role for the members of our F. H. A. Q The year's program included many outside activities such as serving at banquets, giving a rollerskating party, and sponsoring a dance and the University of Washington traveling theater. One of their greatest roles was selling pop and popcorn at all home games. Part of the receipts from the year's work were used to send Rosie Heit, Irene Heit, Kayrol Klaveano, Sue Herrington, and Lena Caraway as delegates to the state meeting held in Pullman during April, where Rosie was a candidate for the office of State president for next year. F. II. A. projects through the year were made pleasanter and their progress was aided by Mrs. Chittick, who volunteered her help many times although she was not listed as an adviser. The Tohiscan Staff Recorded the Script 5 em 19' Y? '-P-SJ' Roy Morrison, Shirley Cooper, Irene Heit, Betty Squibb, Miss Finch, Dolores Olden, Virginia Giddings, Mary Lyn Richards, Melvin Henle. Not pictured: Gary Irvine, Daisy Marshall. This small and busy group behind the scenes was-the Tohiscan staff. Its members were seen before, after, and sometimes during schoo pounding typewriters, soliciting advertisements, taking pictures, silk-screening the di- vision pages, and doing various other hings necessary for the compiling of the scripts. The staff traveled to Seattle on October 28, where they witnesse the engraving processes employed in the making of annuals. On March 4th and 5th, part of the staff accompanied by Miss Finch and Mr. LeBlanc went on a ski trip to Swauk Creek. In the spring they saw the Tohiscan being printed in the Republiclglant in Yakima, and picnicked together at Rimrock. The editor of the 1950 Tohiscan was Virginia Giddings, with etty Squibb as busi- ness manager, Lyn Richards as photography-editor, Dolores Olden in charge of division pages, and Miss Finch as adgisfr. lglther members of the staff were S irley Cooper, Irene Heit, Melvin Henle, Gary Irvine, Daisy Marshall, an oy orrls. 33 1. Pep Club initiation. 2. Melvin Henle exposes Mary Lyn Richards' curls? 3. Mr. Temperley, Angus Temperley, Mr. Moffatt, Gary Irvine, and Roy Morris play in the Water fountain on the Tohiscan trip. 4. Think they know how to ski! Dolores Olden, Mr. LeBlanc, Dorothy McRann, Melvin Henle. 5. John Wentz, Gail Duncan, Mr. Jones, and Richard Foiles take a bow. 6. Radoise Dodd, Bettie Waldron, and Mary Segesser sharing a shake. 7. Going some place? Virginia Giddings and Lyn Richards. 8. Noon rush! 9. Having fun, Bob Lillie and Barbara Bennett? 10. Everyone gets into the act-Miss Finch, Irene Heit, Gary Irvine, Melvin Henle. Picture 5 by Ed Meyer. 34 E ore anqludher flue griobron agnferfuole 55 fb at ' - Upper Picture, Fourth Row: Jake Schell, Jack Jackson, Philip Mirosh, C. L. Bothwell. Third Row: Bob Lillie, Freddy Diaz, Ray Olmstead, Wally Hall, Lee Glenn, Kenny Zable, Bill Thomas, Ollie Johnson, Sidney Morrison, Dick Roe. Second Row: Phillip Lewis, Allen Hubert, Marcus Geffre, Marvin Anderson, Kenneth Smith, Don Mas- tel, Dick Walker, Bill Pettit, John Thompson, VValter Lang. First Row: Elmo Kelley, Leo Gervais, George Jackson, Louie Ruiz, Jack Scott, Dale Thomas, Alvin Za- ble, Alex Gonsalez, Dick Lobb, Dave Froula. Lower Picture, First Row: Ray Olmstead, Dick Roe, Allen Hubert, Alvin Zable, Freddy Diaz, Bob Lil- lie, Louie Ruiz, Bob Myers, Ollie Johnson. Second Row: Walter Lang, Lee Glenn, Wally Hall, Kenny Zable, Don Mastel, George Jackson, Frank Deymonaz, Alex Gonsalez, Jack Jackson, Marcus Geffre, Mr. Temperley. Third Row: Jake Schell, Philip Mirosh, John Thompson, Kenneth Smith, Leo Gervais, Dick Lobb, Mar- vin Anderson, Dick Walker, Bill Thomas, Dale Thomas, Jack Scott, Dave Froula, Phillip Lewis, Sidney Morrison, Bill Pettit, Elmo Kelley, Mr. LeBlanc, C, L. Bothwell. 35 we Calif 61-l'lJ.Si'el'l85 1. Louie Ruiz 2. Sid Morrison 3. Bob Lil- lie 4. Allen Hubert 5. Dave Froula 6. Al- vin Zable 7. Neal Morrison 8. and 13. Presentation of the awards - Ray Olm- stead, Mr. Olmstead, . W al ly Hall, Don Miller, Mr. Hall. 9. Louie Ruiz b ein g tackled in the Armistice Day game, with Walter Lang 1383 and Dale Thomas i513 coming up to give aid. 10. Louie Ruiz, Wally Hall and Elmo Kelley see action at the game. The Top-Hi Wildcats clawed off to a fast start this season by downing Zillah in a few practice games, but got their toe-nails clipped by Kennewick in a hotly fought battle 18-0. The Wildcats weren't to stay down long and next battled Grandview to a 6-6 tie. They put up a rugged fight against the Rich- land Bombers, but were on the very short end of a 52-0 score. The Wildcats came back after this tough defeat to beat the Selah ball club 7-0, then Marquette gave them a run for their money in a fast- moving game and almost ran off with everything by beating the Wildcats 7-0. Ellensburg trampled the Wildcats for a 19-13 win. The Cats were ahead until the last few minutes of the game, but could not keep the Bulldogs from making the winning T.D. The team was getting tired of being on the short ond of scores and clawed their way back to a 13-0 win over a fighting Cle Elum ball club. The Wildcats 36 rom jkeir perkrmancea Wa ra' 11. Jack Scott 12. George Jackson 13. See page 36. 14. Dick Walker 15. Alex Gonsalez 16. D i c k Lobb 17. Wally Hall 18. Dale Thomas 19. Louie Ruiz, Wally Hall 1483, Lee Glenn 6321, George Jack- son f22J, and Ray Olmstead 1453 at the Armistice Day game. 20. Another shot of the game action. wound up the season by giving a favorite to Win, the Wapato Wolfpack, a 13-0 thrashing in one of the most unexpected upsets of the year. It was a great day in old Top-Hi, and a very sad day in Wapato. The Wildcat mothers gave the boys a banquet at Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lillie's home after the Wapato game. The inspirational player, Wally Hall, and next year's Captain, Ray Olmstead, were elect- ed at a banquet given by the Active Club. Mr. Schell has had scarce material for the last couple of years, but has always succeeded in developing a Winning team. The years ahead will be years to Watch the fighting Wildcats perform on the stage where leading men and their supporting casts have played many performances worthy of imitation. 37 fly Arnie Omlin, f2j Frank Dcymonaz, 435 Dick VValk- or, Q43 Alvin Zublo, f5jDalv Thomas, 16 and llj Dick VValk9r, Inspirational Award VVinnc-r, and Brucv Febus, Honorary Captain, vim-w the plaque. Jack Houston, Pres- ident of Junior Chamlwr of Commercv, pre-sidvd at the Banquet. 175 Top-Hi Y1'l'SllS Yakima, QSJ Anothvr vxcit- ing scene at Top-Hi. ,mu jdeir , rolad ere oola anal ga! I ... 4. A g Fourth row: P. Lewis, L. Houle, L. Gervais, J. Freeman, R. Roe, R. Olmstead. Third row: M. Anderson, O. Johnson, J. Bailey, E. Whipple, D, Evans, J. Wilson. Second row: V. Dubee, A. Zable, A. Hubert, G. Jackson, J. Scott, F. Deymonaz, K. Anderson. First row: Coach Day, D, Thomas, A. Omlin, B. Coordes, B. Febus, D. Walker, L. Glenn, Coach Schell. When the curtains opened, the Top-Hi Wildcats got off to a good start this season and stole some of the sports headlines. In pre-league play they gave the fans their money's worth by winning all six of their games, some of which were real thrillers. When the curtains reopened for the league play, Toppenish was predicted to take second place. But the way they started off winning games, it looked as if it would never stop. They overcame Yakima in one of the big upsets of the season. After twelve victories, Toppenish had a mid-season slump and lost four games, one each to Selah, Ellensburg, Yakima and Wapato, so they finished second as predicted. When the curtain opened for the third act and the District Tournament, Toppenish was out again to take some headlines. Though Coordes hurt his ankle in the last game of league play with Wapato, he was back to help scalp Wapato in the first tournament game, 45 to 27. Then the Wildcats upset Yakima for the second time this season, 37 to 24. This gave them the right to play Sunnyside for the Champion- ship and the boys really showed them how to play ball by winning 35 to 24. That was a great day for Top- penish, for it gave them the right to go to the State Tournament. This was the first time Toppenish has gone as the number one team and the third time they have gone. As the result of this performance, Dick Walker, Bill Coordes and Bruce Febus were in the all-tourney team and Walker and Coordes on the all- Northern Division team, with Febus receiving honorable mention. At the annual banquet given by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Dick Walker was named the In- spirational Player and Bruce Febus, Honorary Captain. During the fourth act, on the first day at the State Tournament, Toppenish lost to Walla Walla, 45- 29. The next day they beat Burlington, 36-30, and then won their next game from Mt. Vernon, 35-33. On the last day Toppenish played Kelso for the fifth placeg in this exciting act Toppenish was edged out in the last minute. The 38-36 score gave the Wildcats eighth place. 40 jheir cene aa fyioclggkfevl Third row: D. Rocha, R. Patton, F. Diaz, J. Heistuman, B. Lillie, C. Gonsalez. Second row: Coach Goit, D. Thorington, J. Gonsalez, S. Trujillo, R. Foiles, C. Whittaker. First row: J. Hall, L. Trujillo, B. Myers, F. Lorton, R. Rodriquez, C. Miller, D. Hubert. The boxing team lost most of their fights, but ended the season with four boys going to the Dis- trict finals and two winning championships in their class. The boys winning at the finals were Law- rence Trujillo, 110 pounds, who had eleven fights, he won nine, lost one, and drew one, and Frank Lorton, who won eight, lost two, and drew one. Other boys winning their letters were Cal Miller, 155 pounds, who lost five, won five, and drew one, Ray Rodriquez, 145 pounds, who won five, lost two, and drew three. Ray also went to the District finals, Fred Diaz, 140 pounds, won five, lost two, and drew one, Joe Hall, 127 pounds, who won two, lost two, and drew four, Johnny Gonsalez, who won three, lost two, and drew none, Don Hubert, 127 pounds, who won six, lost two, Bob Lillie, 133 pounds, who won one, drew one, lost four, Bob Myers, 105 pounds, Who won one, lost three, drew one, and Ronald Pat- ton, 175 pounds, who won two, lost two. O O well' tag? ad fA8 Gfwlel' j'aCL ? Q K f Y s fr 5 2 55- .' -"r f A W Af- 'V -. - fi. -,-,'c-1 .e .. - it 1 - - 'e,.. r'...1 1 ff , ,,. ...- M ,r'f,r',r 2 ,. , W E ,,...f gi, 3, . 1 4 Vw E -Q V fi W. . V 5.. . . I W . M f. 5 -.. -7 A esveri I 1 A ? . 7 , aeaa ... ars s 'af , 1 9 f r rrr, 2 2 2 gi if fx ,1 25 g i : W 5 .,:--': uquv -' V , Q i s if -'."j s . , I Q- '-: ':. 1 ':'- ' U .... Z 1 A W . Q .s 5 - it .... , 1.. f -. Second row: J. Scott, P. Crawford, D. Osborn, D. Evans, L. Steinmetz, P. Lewis, S. Trujillo, J. Thomp- son, R. Olmstead, E. Myers. First row: Coach Mirosh, S. Morrison, R. Lobb, L. Ruiz, B. Coordes, A. Zable, D. Hubert, W. Lang, L. Glenn, L. Gervais, Mr. Caveness. Shoes and cinders were flying as this was being written. Track season started this year with eighteen candidates, including four lettermen held over from last year's track team. The lettermen: Bruce Febus, hurdler, high jump, and 100-yard dash, Alvin Zable, high jump, broad jump, Don Hubert, broad jump and mile, Louie Ruiz, 100-yard dash, relay. As this copy was being written four track meets had been held. On March 31 Toppenish took fourth place, on April 15, Toppenish, with about seven other schools, traveled to Yakima for a invitation- al meet in which Top-Hi took seventh place, on April 22, the Wildcats went to Selah where they cap- tured second place in a five-school meet, being only 3111 points behind Wapato who took first place. Mr. Mirosh, who is coaching the track team, is from White Swan, where he coached track. Mr. Mirosh has been training the boys with the help of Mr. Caveness. The complete track schedule is as follows: March 31-Wapato, Ellensburg, Grandview, at Toppenish. April 5-Grandview, Wapato, Toppen- ish at Grandview. April 15-Yakima, Invitational April 22-Selah, five-school meet. April 28-Top- penish night Invitational meet, including Wapato, Selah, Highland, Sunnyside, Toppenish. May 5-6- Sub-district meet at White Swan. May 12-13gDistrict meet at Yakima. May 19-20-State meet at Pullman. 41 .14 cizbiamoncl .gglzafoecl gage ad jkeird Second row: Ollie Johnson, Wally Hall, Neal Morrison, Dick Walker, Johnny Freeman, Dale Thomas, Leo Gervais, Bob Thomas, Gerald Henning, Ray Shearer, Ray Gettman. First row: Dale Anderson, Allen Hubert, Mark Kolma, Frank Deymonaz, Herman Winberry, Melvin Henle, Freddy Diaz, Ike Glenn, Bob Lillie, Joe Bailey, Coach Day. The group pictured above includes all but three of the team which established an enviable record last season by their performance on the diamond-shaped stage, winning titles both as Yakima Valley Champions, and as leaders of the Northern Division. As this report is being written, the Wildcat squad has several performances ahead of them before they may hope to reach the goal of the previous year. To date, they have lost their first two games, to Cle Elum and Highland, and defeated Selah 3-2. Ahead of them lies the season. April 21, Ellensburg here, April 22, Marquette there, April 28, Wapato here, April 29, Cle Elum there, May 6, Highland here, May 12, Selah here, May 13, Ellensburg there, May 19, Marquette here, May 20, Wapato there. Members of the squad, who rehearse daily to the sound effects of ball against mitt and bat, are: First base, "Ike" Glenn, Second base, Frank Deymonaz and Fred Diaz, third base, Allen Hubert fthird year lettermanlg right field, Dale Thomas tlettermanh, left field, Neal Morrison tlettermanl, right field, Bob Lillie tlettermanl, pitcher, Mel Henle tlettermanlg center field, Johnny Freeman and Neal Morrison, catcher, Dick Walker and Joe Bailey. 42 we Wei ana! lQacLef wad jlzeir Second row: Phyllis Holman, LaWanda Kelly, Marcella Britton, Betty Stoops, Beverly Kukes, Helen Garman, Jeanne Stratford, Bonney Jo Young, Lu Ann Prickett, Virginia Henley, Coach Strom. First row: Bob Allen, Kenney Zable, Sid Morrison, Jack Scott, Dave Froula, Howard Dutcher. l As this book goes to press the Top-Hi net Crew, with nineteen energetic candidates, shows prom- ise of a strong, winning team. Coach Strom had seven three-year seniors, two juniors, and three sophomores in the main team, with others breaking in for next year. Members on the team included Marcella Britton and Bob Allen playing first singles, LaWanda Kelley and Ken Zable playing second -singles, Betty Stoops and Helen Garman, Jack Scott and Sid Morrison, first doubles, Bonney Young and Jeanne Stratford, Marvin An- derson and Howard Dutcher, second doubles. The first match of the year was April 11 with Cle Elumg in this our players won 7-1. On April 14 they took Highland 5-3 and on the 15th they tied Selah 4-4, playing in a strong wind. The highlight that day, though, came when Scott and Morrison defeated Peterson and Fields. These four have played against each other for three years, and for the first time, Top-Hi came out on top. The rest of the schedule is as follows: April 21 Ellensburg here May 6 Highland there 28 Wapato here 12 Selah there 29 Cle Elum there 13 Ellensburg there 20 Wapato there it 1. Slugging it out-Freddy Diaz and opponent. 2. There's your spiritfVirginia Henley, Bob Roth, Gloria Weeks. 3 Hold your breath! 4. Getting a little practice? 5. You're out! Roma Krause, Isabelle Hellman, Loretta Dodd 6. Getting their heads together. 7. Practice for first aidfSol Trujillo, Lawrence Trujillo. 8. Mr. Goit gives Bob Lil- lie some pointers. 9. Some more football. 10. Bob Meyers shows opponent how it's done. 11. Mr. Bothwell poses 12. Just some more practice. Pictures 4 and 9 by John Thompson. 44 1 E E 13. Over the top! 14. J. Jackson surrounded by scorekeepers. 15. Pie-faces between halves. 16. Hope Cameron, Caroline Tabalon, and Daisy Marshall, ticket-salesmen at the game. 17. The fertilizer crew. 18. V. Henley, B. Roth, G. Weeks, and the bench crew. 19. Alvin Zable goes over. 20. Betty Anderson, Veloris James, Janice Skrove, and Bettie Waldronbsradio rooting section for Statc Tournament. 21. Bruce Febus. 22. Two after one. 23. What a racket! Pictures 15 and 22 taken by Bruce Shackle, 19 by John Thompson, and 21 by Ben Schloss. 45 1. On their way to Wapato. 2. Rose Lee Kissler, Mary Ann Hahn, Beverly Kukes, Pat McCarthy, Jeanne Le- Blanc, Bonney Jo Young, Luster Owens, and Betty Gordon. 3. Halloween? Rose Lee Kissler and Beverly Kukes. 4. Drill team practices. 5. G. A. A. girls have a work-out. 6. Luster Owens and Betty Peck call numbers. 7. Miss Weatherford and Hope Cameron, with Hope's drawing. 8. Melvin Henle, Marvin Anderson, Rose Lee Kissler, Ovella Mitchell, Mary Ann Hahn, Betty Gordon. 9. Betty Peck and Betty Sparksfare you cold? Picture 6 by L. McGhee. 46 jkey made flue ibeciaiona ancl izbirecfecl flze Senea Top picture: T. J. Richards,, K. Koboski, E. Arens, A. K. Temperley, R. Elder, G. A. Rivard. Lower picture, Administration: Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Strom, Mr. LeBlanc, Mrs. Griffith, Mr. Temperley. Every production must have its sponsor, who establishes policies, chooses the per- sonnel, directs the expenditures, and is answerable for actions and speeches of the players. The Board of Directors served that purpose for the drama played during the 1949-50 school year. Their task was a responsible one, their reward, the knowledge that they shared in a worthwhile production. Superintendent Temperley, Principals LeBlanc and Strom, and Secretaries Taylor and Griffith carried out the many administrative and secretarial responsibilities of the large production with efficiency and fairness. 47 Co - .lirecfom of fde .xdcfion Upper Picture, Second Row: Robert Leifer, Phil Mirosh, By- ron McClanahan, Harold Jones, Kenneth Day. First Row: Vir- ginia Weatherford, Bessie Whit- more, Marian Ross, Ray Lehr- man, Jake Schell, Carl Both- Well. Lower Picture, Second Row: Bruce Comer, Bruce Kreger. First Row: Hilda Gidlof, Else Benz, Elsie Tittsvvorth, Velma Bothwell. Mr. Leifer had a busy year with his cast of typists, mathematicians, junior high basketball and baseball players, plus his work as accompanist for singing and dancing groups, and as adviser for the freshmen. Mr. Mirosh served as publicity man for the entire production by coordinating news items about school activities. He also advised the seniors, taught history and orientation, and assisted with football coaching. Mr. McClanahan's stage was the agricultural classroom and the farms of his F. F. A. boys, and Mr. Jones shared his program by instructing farm shop classes and Working with F. F. A. Mr. Day's work kept the tennis shoes and the whistle as important parts of his own costume, with the basketball and baseball scorebooks as commendable records of his coaching activities in those sports. Miss Weather- ford shared the P. E. classes with Mr. Day, directing the actresses in the cast and advising G. A. A., Pep Club, and the drill team. Miss Whitmore and her home economics girls costumed and fed the cast, per- forming several emergency repair jobs and serving refreshments to themselves and their classmates. She also advised F. H. A. girls during the year. Miss Ross's properties were the test tube, microscope, and retort of the science lab, and her side-line act was the sharing of the advisership of the sophomores. Mr. Lehrman coached freshmen in their class activities and students in their study of English and re- medial speech, and Jake Schell directed drivers' education, football, and B team basketball. He also guided the Wildcats in their activities. Mr. Bothwell acted as a biology, sociology and U. S. history teacher, and helped advise the sophomores. Mr. Comer and Mr. Kreger served as instructors at the Annex, and Mrs. Gidlof, Mrs. Benz, Miss Tittsworth, and Mrs. Bothwell shared with them in guiding the seventh grade home rooms in that building. 48 .!4l'lJ geCltllJ'eJ in eU2l"6l!.S1'eI'l26 qw Upper Picture, Second Row: Clayton Goit, Phil Goheen, John Griffith, Tom Palmer, Carl Tol- lefson, Robert Barbey, Tom T a y l o r, First Row: William M o f f a t t, Ruth Dixon, Faye Scheifelbein, Viola Sheppard, Helen Leming, Ruth Street, Lorna Finch. Lower Picture, Second Row: Maude Chittick, Ewald Linde- man, Ed Bartlett, Ed Sipes. First Row: Myrtle Anderson, Mildred Dutcher, Betty White- hall, Marguerite Hackett. Mr. Goit directed a large cast whose properties were the saws and hammers of the shop. He was busy, too, with his duties as a junior adviser, boxing coach, and general handy man for stage and class- room. Mr. Goheen, student counselor, did much testing and checking to cast the various student actors for their best portrayals both in high school roles and in those they will fill after leaving school. Mr. Griffith spent most of his time training older characters for their Work, but took time from his duties as Veterans' Vocational Agricultural instructor to help with high school F. F. A. work and to be a good friend to boys Who plan careers in agricultural Work. Mr. Palmer's Work was accompanied by the sound effects of motor and wrench, for he trained boy-s in the intricacies of auto mechanics. Mr. Tollefson, band director, dealt with problems of sound effects during the year, with some attention to costuming. His colorfully uniformed group accompanied Top-Hi action many times during the year. Mr. Barbey was also in charge of sound effects for several scenes in the Top-Hi drama. His vocal groups shared the mu- sical scene With the instrumentalists. Mr. Taylor focussed attention on movies and slides. His student workers helped flash educational highlights before classes in all the departments. Mr. Moffatt's lines often needed translation, for he directed classes in Spanish, Latin and English. Mrs. Dixon's student actors transcribed dialogue for the present and the future, to the sound of clicking typewriters and the adding machine. Miss Scheifelbein trained her groups in dialogue of the past and present. Literature, grammar, and World history were her interests. Mrs. Sheppard directed the action of the Rockefellers of the future, With emphasis on slide rule, formula, and theorem. In addition, she helped direct the ac- tion of the stars of the year, the seniors, in their class activities. Mrs. Leming prepared her classes to express themselves well and clearly on many occasions. In addition to her speech classes, her attention was held by her problems as girls' adviser. Miss Street's properties were the card catalogs, books, and magazines of the Library, Where scripts of the past, present, and future are available to student and faculty. Miss Finch, art instructor, trained her groups to decorate the scenes for both school and home. She took parts as a play coach, annual adviser, and a junior class adviser. Chairmen of the "costumes and properties" committees for the junior high actors were Mrs. Chit- tick, Whose ability and charm directed the home economics classes and the freshmen class, and Mr. Lin- deman, who trained the boys in shop classes and shared in advising the freshmen. Mr. Bartlett directed a home room section and coached seventh grade basketballg also junior high football and track. Mr. Sipes had a home room group, and trained the "ushers"fthe patrol boys who guided traffic through the year. Miss Anderson has shared in the training of many of the student actors during her five years as a junior high home room instructor, office assistant, and a remedial reading teacher. Mrs. Dutcher guided a home room group and reading classes of young "extras," preparing for their senior high years ahead. Mrs. Whitehall was another home room instructor, whose afternoons were spent with speech classes, and Miss Hackett directed a junior high home room, then taught classes in history. 49 Adidfanf Lbirecfora: .glze Marc! of Confro! and! ,gb gommiffeea Upper Picture, Second Row: Wally Hall, Ray Olmstead, Dale Thomas, Bruce Shackle, Lee Glenn, Jack Scott, Mr. Mirosh. First Row: Gloria Weeks, Donna Hougey, Rosie Heit, Virginia Giddings, JoAnne Clements, Barbara In- galls, Freddie Diaz, Mr. LeBlanc. Assembly Committee Social Committee Sitting: D o n n a Mal- Sitting: Barbara In- Standing: Joe Day, Jack Scott, Jeannine Brown, Jack M a r t z, Margaret A n d r e a s, Delma Otey, Virginia Giddings, Gail Duncan, Freddie Diaz. Standing: Betty Stoops, Colleen Robert- son, Johnnie Heistu- man, Mrs. Sheppard, Jack Scott, Kay Ander- son, Dale T h o m a Richard Foiles. lette, Miss Finch. galls, Lyn Richards. The acts in which this group appeared took place on a small stage, the council room, but their de- cisions influenced student activities on the entire set. This all-important part of the cast is the Board of Control, the governing body at Top-Hi, which is composed of student body officers, class presidents, and room representatives. The group was direct- ed by Mr. LeBlanc and Mr. Mirosh. In order to improve its work it sent representatives to various student conferences throughout the valley. Among these were a valley conference for Associated Student Body Presidents at Wapato and a general conference for representatives from each organization at Ellensburg. Thirty-three stu- dents attended the conference at The Board of Control also They are considering making this A new A. S. B. committee charge of all school publicity. It papers. Ellensburg. sponsored the first Homecoming celebration at Top-Hi October 14. an annual event, was formed this year. This was the Publicity committee, which had also sent write-ups on student activities at Top-Hi to the valley news- The function of the assembly committee was to select and schedule the assemblies for the year. They attempted to bring better assemblies to Top-Hi and to promote better student conduct in assem- blies. The social committee was responsible for scheduling events throughout the year. They attempted to equalize the number of social events granted to each class and club and also see that the affairs were properly planned and chaperoned. The social committee is made up of representatives from each class and organization and was advised by Mrs. Sheppard. 50 glue lc nicaf Gewa ' .4,fwIef1srszf2?1ffwf W ---- ----- ' hindi' ...nm nl!! E Maintenance and Transportation: Alfred Hancuff, R. W. Olmstead, Lawrence Gleason, Jim Owens, Raymond Ship- ley, William Potter, A. N. Owens iSuperintendent of Buildingsl, Albert Shipley, T. G. Potter, J. R. Kormil, Ellis Johnson, Jess Derrey. Transportation for the cast of the year was seldom interrupted in spite of snow, rain, sleet, or ice. The bus drivers, directed by Joe Kormil, were constantly on the stage to perform their regular services and to take rooters to the games, students on agriculture trips, the band to many places, seniors to Yak- ima to visit different institutions, and the football, basketball, baseball and track teams to their next performances. The janitors, led by Mr. Owens, also played an important role. They were constantly in charge to see that all the props for the coming and going acts were in their right places on time, and spent many hours cleaning, painting, and repairing the sets. During the cold winter, part of their work was the thawing of frozen pipes and the maintaining of fires. Supplying food at intervals between performances, the cooks, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Ruth Thorp played a very important part in supplying the cast with their noon-day lunches. They offered their help and equipment for many affairs outside of their assigned duties of planning a daily performance. In Charge of the G'Snack Barn Front row: Nadine Hand, Darlene Henning, Martha Schellert. Middle row: Phyllis Holman, Joan Barnett, Nola Lint, Monita Bloomfield, Charlene Rank, Dorothy Lang. Back row: Mrs. Taylor, Ruth Thorp, Bob Cox, Robert Wentz. 51 is, 1. Applying a plaster nose to Jack Jackson are Johnny Gonsalez, Violet Arquette, Rosie Heit, Jeri Spencer, Jean Stratford, and Marcile Preuit. 2. Barbara Wagner and Loren Mattoon at work. 3. Sophomores have a leg show- Virgil Bogart, Jim Whiti-s, Hank Smith, Jim Duke, Doug Scalley, and Joe Bailey. 4. Gary Irvine, Rosie Heit, Fred- die Diaz, and Jack Jackson prepare for the play. 5. Bill Coordes, Lena Caraway, Barbara Bennett, Leonard Houle distill it. 6. Kayrol Klaveano, La Wanda Kelley, and Mary Ann Hahn show how it's done. 7. School must be out! 8. Lew Derrey makes a nut bowl. 9. Clinton Miller, Betty Lawson, and chums. 10. Mrs. Wilcox takes a deep look at Gladys Mesplie. 11. Band practices. 12. Leslie Chandler shows Jack Wright how geometry's done. 13. Ray Olm- stead and Lee Glenn live a life of leisure. 14. Miss Finch demonstrates finger painting. 15. Marlene Hert and Jack Jackson draw while Rosie Heit poses. 16. Fred Diaz looks as if he's ready to go. 17. Yo-Yo contest: Dick Wicks, Bruce Bothwell, Gordon Robertson, and Tom O'Donahue. 18. Melvin Henle and Dolores Olden sit and day dream. 52 Curfain Ca!! Left to right: B. Febus, D. Walker, J. Freeman, V. Dubee, F. Deymonaz, D. Thomas, Mr. Day, A. Zable, A. Hubert, L. Glenn, A. Omlin, J. Scott, W. Coordes, with the Mercy Perpetual Y. V. I. A. A. Trophy, Jam- boree Trophy, 8th Place State Trophy, and the Y. V. I. A. A. Permanent Trophy. Returning to the footlights for a final round of applause from an appreciative audience, these actors deserve the special honor they receive. Theirs was one of the most dramatic performances of the year, filled with action, suspense, comedy, near-tragedy, and competent performance capped by a "smash" climax in their -selection to represent us at the State Tournament, where they performed with credit. The 1950 Tohiscan is not dedicated to this group for their year's performance on the court alone. They symbolize the effort of all the student membership in all endeavors, trained for their parts, Work- ing together, accepting defeats and victories as a group. They were a team. We honor them as Worthy representatives of Top-Hi spirit. 53 To these first-nighters is reserved this section in our program. It is through their interest and cooperation that this production you are now previewing was made possible. We extend to these business and professional people our thanks, and to the readers a re- minder that these are your friends. They deserve your patronage. They are grouped this year according to the following plan: Group A, S305 B, S255 C, 3520, D, 315, E, 310, F, 37.50, G, 35, and H, Congratula- tions to Class of '50. GROUP A BroWn's Bi-Rite-You Can't Buy Wrong at Bi-Rite. GROUP B Top-Hi Lunch-The Place Where Everyone Gathers. GROUP C Fern Studio-We Photograph Anything, Any Place, Any Time. Ideal Feed 81 Supply-P. O. Box 249, Fort Road, Toppenish. Phone 4912. GROUP D Martel Drug Store. Midstate Packing Company. GROUP E Brady Layman Office Supply-Smith-Corona Portable Typewriters. Buena Market-Groceries, Fresh Meat, Frozen Food Lockers. Campbe1l's Grocery-Congratulations to the Class of 1950. City Electric gl Plumbing-Electrical Maintenance, Appliances, Plumbing and Heating. City Tire Service. Conrad's-Home Furnishings and Appliances. Cook's Texaco Service-Auto Parts and Accessories-24 Hour Service. Courtesy Dry Cleaners. Cozy Beauty gl Barber Shop. Dairy Queen. Day's Electric-On New Highway. Phone 6974. E 81 H Motors-Ford Sales and Service. Used Cars and Trucks. Graham-Leming Company. Hall-Harmon Equipment Co.-Good Equipment Makes a Good Farmer Better. Haugan's Department StoreiToppenish and Zillah. Hop Growers' Association. Houston Brothers HardwarewGenera1 Electric Appliances. Percy A. Kelley-Carlot Buyer and Shipper of Farm Produce. King's Machine Shop. Kirk's Tire Shop. Lamb Drug Co.-Prescription Druggists. B. L. Crabtree, Owner. Leidy's-2 Parker Way. Lockett's Pump and Welding-Fairbanks-Morse Sales and Service. Oliver's Hatchery-Baby Chicks and Five Varieties of Bantams-Zillah 2528. Patterson Hardware-Headquarters for Sportsmen. Potlatch Yards-Building Material and Fuel. Toppenish. Galen F. Ramsay, Insurance Agency. Reservation Market-Groceries, Meat, Oil, Gas. Located on Fort and Yakima Roads. Sandberg's Grocery. Seattle First National Bank-Toppenish Branch. Sigman Food Store and Snack Bar. Stoops and Sons. Taylor Equipment Maintenance-General Auto Repair. Toppenish Dry Cleaners-If It's Not Becoming to You It Should Be Coming to Us. Toppenish Feed. Toppenish Ice and Cold Storage Company. Toppenish Roller Rink-Let's All Skate. U 81 I Sugar Company. Webb Tractor and Equipment Co.-John Deere Tractors and Implements. Williams Hardware-Hardware, Furniture, and Sporting Goods. GROUP F Morfield Drug. Pacific Power 81 Light Co. St. Mary's Grocery-General Groceries. Valley Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co.-We Wash and Dry Clean Everything. We Also Deliver. 54 GROUP G Arens' Market-Congratulations to Class of '50. H. M. Asbury-Hay, Grain, Feed, Seed, and Sacks. Avenue Grocery-A Store of Friendly Service. Avenue Lunch. Baby Shop-Complete Line of Infants' Wear. Bailey's Grocery. - Benz Bros. and Company. Berg's Lumber and Fuel Co.-Building Material, Fuel, and Box Shook. Bill's Cafe-W. S. Morris. R. H. Bowles-Shell J obber. Brunswick Barber Shop-Get Your Next Haircut at the Brunswick. Buckingham Broadway Service. Buena Packing and Supply Co.-Fruit Packing, Storage, and Supplies. The Bungalo. Central Motors. Cerna's Marketw-On the Fort Road. Chevron Station-Tires, Gas, Oil, and Accessories-Ivan Meyer. Cobb's Barber Shop. Custom Scales and Fuel-Boughman and Dyke. Jeff Davis-Auction Yard. Sells Real Estate and Anything Else. Don's Market-Don St. Pierre. Don's Mobil Service. Eastside Grocery. El Adobe Inn-At the Foot of the Silvery Water Tower. Englehart and Maloney Grocery. Flower Garden Florist-MTelephone 4523. Al Gosney's Lock and Gun Shop. Hallie's Beauty Salon. Hopkins' Mortuary. Huba-Huba-I'll See You There. Johnson's Hardware-Marshall-Wells Associated Store. Jack's Garage-Brake Service, General Repairing. June's Specialty Shoppe-Ladies' Wearing Apparel. Kelley's Grocery. M. H. Kennedy, Welding and Blacksmithing-We Weld Anything. Koehler Cabinet Shop+We Refinish Furniture, Upholster, and Make Cabinets. McKinley Corner Market. Maple Inn-Fine Foods and Fountain. M 8: M Bakery. Maple Leaf Creamery. Mathis Jewelry. Miller's Drive-In Market. Joseph C. Murphy, Lawyer. Music Box. Oak Sheet Metal Works-Home Heating Specialists. O. K. Market-Groceries and Meat, 116 E. First Street. J. C. Penney Company. Pioneer Bottling Works-Squirt and Mission Beverages. Posse Grill-Full Course Dinner, Fountain Service. Ronnie's Associated Service Station. Shell Service StationiTires and Batteries. Signal Oil Company-Colin Bleiler, Signal Oil Distributor. Signal Service-Buena Signal Service and Auto Repair. Smith and Stanton-Real Estate. H. C. Summer, Shell Service-220 East Toppenish Avenue, Phone 4793. Toppenish Motor Company-Chevrolet Dealers. Toppenish Review. The Town Pump-Congratulations to Class of '50. Trimble Brothers. Washington NurserieswBuilders of Beauty. White River Retail Yards. Worsham Radiator and Repair Shop-Gas Tanks Cleaned and Repaired, Anything Soldered GROUP H V KYAK. Peck's Quality Meat. Wheeler Electric Company-Auto Parts, Electrical Contracting. 55 Administration ....... Band .................................. Baseball ....................... Basketball, Individual ......... Board of Control ...,.,..... Boosters ...,.............. Boxing .........,,....,.. Calendar ............., Chorus, Mixed ........ Chorus, Girls' ....,. Dedication ........ Faculty .....,.,............ Football Action ......,.,. Football Squad ........... Freshman Officers ........,e........ Freshman Class .,........ Future Farmers of America .........l., Future Homemakers of America ..,,.., Girls' Athletic Association ............... Junior Advisers ............................. Juniors, Individual ........ Junior Officers ........... Junior Play ........,,... Patrol Boys .......,., Pep Club ,.,........ Place .....,........ Program ........,., Prologue ............., School Board .............c Senior History ,.............. Seniors, Individuals .......... Senior Advisers ............. Senior Gfficers ,.....,.,.. Senior Play .....,..,........ Senior Will ................,.... Sophomore Advisers Sophomore Officers ...,.,... Sophomore Class ....,,.,,,. Technical Crew ..,.....,. Tennis .,.,........... Title Page ......,.,.., Tohiscan Staff ....,.,, Track ...,................ Wildcat Club ,..,..,. Yell Leaders ........ .9l'l6!eX 56 ........47 ...-...38-39-40 ...,..,..54-55 ...,,,...e6-7-8 ..,....29 .........48-49 ......,,e36-37 .-...,e21 .........32-33 .,.,...33 .,,....26 .....I..18-19 ,..,e..30 ,....,,31 ...M25 .......,.2-3 10-11-12-13-14-15-16 ..,..,..15, 16 ......,21 i...i.i2O ....-..51 .......43 .......33 .......41 .......25 -......34 enior 6 fContinued from page 163 I, Betty Stoops, will my place in the Pep Club Quartet to Virginia Giddings, who can't sing either. I, Jeanne Stratford, leave my tennis racquet to anyone who can furnish the tennis balls. I, Caroline Tabalon, will my ability to get the car at all times to Ronald Knight. I, Dale Thomas, will my cue at Rowberry's to Lu Ann Prickett. I, Bill Tice, will my infectious laugh to Al Thalheimer. I, Ruth Trujillo, leave my size 3 saddle shoes to John Thompson. I, Sol Trujillo, will my set of Ipana Molars to Miss Finch who gnashes her own so much she'll surely need them. I, Delores Voss, will my hip swinging technique to Roberta Maloney in case she ever wins a chorus girl part in a play. I, Barbara Wagner, leave a package of ditto carbon, my glamour glasses, the Home- coming crown, and a reel of movie film to the trophy case so I won't be forgotten next year. I , Betty Waldron, will my ability to be married and attend school to Lena Caraway. I, Beverly Walker, will my abandoned musical career to Mr. Tollefson and the band. I, Dick Walker, will my impromptu speaking ability to the next Wildcat President. I, John Wentz, will my sleeping but conscious attitude to Darwin Smith. I, Herman Winberry, will my expressive eyes to Darwin Evans. Caution-Use with care. I, Helen Yahn, will my cherry festival crown to Shirley Cooper. I, Alvin Zable, will my place at the end of all lists to Delbert Anderson. It's the only way he'll get there. This document we sign and seal on the first day of June, Nineteen Hundred and Fif- ty, in the presence of our class advisers, Mrs. Viola Sheppard and Mr. Phil Mirosh. THE CLASS OF 1950 Toppenish High School 57 5 L B 71 Zffwwfw 7715 , f ,hw mv! ! -iff Affffbdgfv wi f k, ,f , A' M! '77Z4Q2ff QAM , , .Q 4,1 Mlm? , fg2pWfMfiM W7 414 cog doc 7g4,6f!E,.f4f fi!! 2ff'?'WA57?'Mjif W ff If' f LC-I 50 '

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