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Toppenish Senior High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toppenish, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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eg' vw' -I 591, 1x , , I 'mf . iJ2,,f-I ..s... W- W- 4+-4 w Yr u IRQ ' -,, -- , f,- 5 i, .1 I td! ,L 4 G R 1 ., V. ' F , r , , mf., 4 5 ". ,, 4 . '1 , F ,r - ' , , 5 , , 4 Hi ' -Q H755 ,,-hy . . T' My :gp Pfggfi A N 51 5 E. -mf' E .V ., n 1 , M1 A 4, If ' 27 gi' -H3 . -a H .-z L V' 5 -ul" M -4 Y ,ix A .. ,4'r, . fe' -,gf Ju :1 " '15 Q 'P K M" 2' I 'Rm , , E rf " - 1' .. ,514 ze- ' W ' 1: . :--fy 1 A ' '. '- ' ,.. - .1- Ignfl H . ,. . L Vx 1 ,Q r. 1" .' 'ld' -, 1 I W , ,, .' :rf -1 T -E '- N7- , V ' - , R Al' "fZf,'- . I ' f-" . ' U .L , . , 1 . .I V. t E, r - ' V gif ,. .5 W . . L A V, - ., . '., Riff, "E, w J '4 'T J' bfi, 1- ' '3 :7:' 'AY' ,1 I 1' .- , ' 1 ...-L LH' 'V A ' " ,V 3- ' L .' , L. , ' L gw'.,:,'U.,.., 522.2 'xx ' Z' ' --1' -sfii 5' ft fix 7,-5.1.9 ." . 4 I ,WH ,. 4 iff: " A , .4 ' Light' r -i ,A V, 5 -1 12- LFE. ' Y x K .Wi LL, , , uf - TF' I 141 4 gr, M I I., w f V26 bf", 5 . if 'Pa - Y ' v E 'ami' "ef-' ' ' f Ar g?-U-.',L1Q' . if-1. -'.', F i3V'.i". 'clit Q X ' J 4' Y J ' A -f x V ' ' w x 4 I 2, ", 4, ij 1 1: 'L wr ,Q ' -xx n is I 4 . TY, 7: 1 n 5' n U UY1.. 'QA A 1 x za mf L 1l J ,Ju J ,M sf '30 uhx 'Y 1 rn ii -fi: ,ii f VI. ,h I. 2-P" z A A Q1 v 'IDHISBHII 947 Published by the ASSOCIATED STUDENTS TOPPENISH HIGH SCHOOL Toppenish, Wlashington CUNTENTS Foreword Classes Dedication 0TgHIllZ3ll0I1S Calendar Sports Faculty Activities FOREWORD Many of the happiest hours of our lives have been spent within the portals of clear old Top-Hi. In this 1947 Tohiscan we present words and pictures to portray the many great joys, the very few small griefs, and the endless fun that was ours during this school year. 2 DEDICATION To the Pep Club and their advisor, Miss Chris- tensen, for their hard work and good sportsman- ship, for their interest in the school, their ambition and initiative, their pep and enthusiasm we dedi- cate this 1947 TOHISCAN. I CALENDAR Sept. 3-School begins. Sept. 20--First warm-up game with Zillah, here. We won. Sept. 27-First conference game with Sunnyside witha victory for us. Oct. Oct. Uct. 4-We played Selah here and won. A dance afterwards. 11-Yakima went home with a victory. 17-The F. F. A. gave forth with an educational assembly. Uct. 25-The juniors gave their own private party. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. J an. I an. Jan. J an. Jan. .l an. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May May May 1-Aggie Hoe Down. Square Dance makes good at Top-Hi. 14-To stress American Education Week, the dramatics class gave a play entitled, "The Little That Is Good." 20-Active Club Football Banquet. The boys received awards, good food and had a good time. 28-All us good li'l children trotted home to our mammies and our pappies to eat and be thankful until next Monday. 14-Basketball game with Richland. We beat them. 17-Senior play matinee, entitled, "Junior Miss." 18-Senior play, night performance. 20-Christmas vacation begins. 6-Christmas is over for another year and here we are at school. How did that happen so fast? 17-This was a great day. We beat Yakima here. 18--Everyone is down in the dumps. We lost to Selah. 24-A date we've been preparing for for weeks, the senior ball, "Winter Wonderland." 31-The Alma Mater Contest ended today. The song written by the junior class was chosen. 31-We played Ellensburg. This was one of our bad nights. We went from sunny Toppenish to three inches of snow in Ellensburg and lost the game. 6-Wildcat Assembly. The boys really gave us a show. And at last we know who Richard is. Knock! Knock! 8-To top off a game with Cle Elum here, the juniors gave a dance. 13-The first smoker was held tonight, here with Pasco. 14-Valentine's Day! Pep Club entertained with an all school talent assembly. We found out what great sports our teachers were when they had us in stitches with their imitations of us. 15-Well, we showed them tonight. We beat Selah, making us first in the Northern Division. To celebrate the gala occasion, the sophomores gave a dance. 24+-A National Assembly-"The River of No Return"-a movie and lecture. 13-Central Washington College of Education Band Concert. 14-The Pep Club's Shamrock Shuffle. 21-Annual F. F. A. Banquet and debut of the F. F. A. quartet. 21-G. A. L. Assembly.- 27-Pep Club-Wildcat Banquet. 11-Wildcat Dance. 16-Concert by the band and chorus. 18, 19-Central Washington Music Festival at Ellensburg. 22-Junior play, L'Miss Millions." 24'-E. W. C. E. A Capella Choir. 2-Junior Prom, a date long awaited. 3-Play Day, with girls from all over the valley represented. 14-G. A. L. award night. 16-Sophomore party. 21-Senior Class Day. 22-Junior-Senior Banquet. 25-Baccalaureate Services. 28-Graduation, followed by reception. Some cried, most laughed, that the school might be able to carry on without them. but all left with the hope 4 FACULTY Y V. B. Armstrong, Superintendent Haney LeBlanc, Principal THE SUPERINTENDENT SPEAKS We learn poorly if we are working at the process only because some person or group in authority insists that we should learn. We learn much better if we really believe that we need an education, but we never fully test our capacity as students until the time comes when we get our hearts set on doing something which requires a certain background of knowledge. Then, as we attempt to build up this required background, we may approach our real capacity as learners. Therefore, my hope for the young people of Toppenish isg that, as time moves on, more and more of them may have their curiosity stimulated early in their high school years through having made an early and wise choice of a vocation. THE PRINCIPAL SPEAKS Poor indeed are the boy and girl who have no school to which they can be loyal, of which they can be proud and in whose achievements they can glory. lf, perhaps, some personal contribu- tion has made possible your school's accomplishment, then there is added cause for just pride. Herein is the record of you and your school for the year 1946 and 1947. Your instructor, your class, your team, your pal-they are all here. With them you will associate triumphs and defeats, your work and your fun, even, perhaps your hopes for the future. Keep this book. lt is you and yours-with the years its value will grow. To the seniors who are leaving-ma ou take some trace of intellectual enthusiasm with . . D lf Y, . . you. May your ideals stand the trials of lifes experience and may your dreams worth dreaming come true. 6 BOARD OF EDUCATION From left to right-Carl Kissler. Spruce M. Cox, J. Ford Smith, Norman McDonald, Otto Halvorson 7 ,fa vi FACU LTY RUTH WELLE-4Stutlent Counselor. Cornell College. Mt. Vernon. lowug University of llolorzulo, Bouhle-r. Colo- rzulo. CLAYTON GOIT-Manual Arts. Penn Teacliers College, Penn. Nebraska: ll. S. C.. Los Angel:-sz Colorado Slate College of l':lllll'l1lillIl. Greeley. RUTH KRUMHOLZ-Commerve. Montana State- College. Montana State University. EVELYN HACKBARTH-Language untl English. Univer- sity of Nt'lbl'LlSliil1 llulullltlo Slillt' liollvgt' ul' lftllltlzl- lion, Greeley: University of California. We-slwooal. VIOLA SHEPPARDAMutln'matics. University ol Minne- Sola. llnivvrsity of Illinois. University of Washington. THOMAS TAYLOR-Visual Eclueation. University of ltlallo, Utah State Agricultural College, University of Washington. SHIRLEY SWAYZE-English. Speech aml Dramativs. Colorado State College of Eduvation. Greeley. BESSIE WHITMORE llonu- Erononiivs. lfolorntlo Stale Colle-ge of Education, llreeleyg Colorado State A. 81 M.. Fort Collinsg Philadelphia Textile Institute. MURIEL HAMILTON-Library, State Teachers College. Minot, North Dakota, University of Washingtong Uni- versity of Denver. HELEN SKOGEN-English and Study Hall, State Teachers College. Minot. North Dakota. KENNETH DAY-Physical Education and Baskethall, Eastern Washington College of Educationg Washing- ton State College. CARL TOLLEFSON-Music. Huron College, Huron, South Dakota: Washington State College. MARION ROSSAScience, University of lowag Uni- versity of Nehraskag University of Wyoming, DAGNY CHRISTENSEN-Physical Education, University of lowa. FAYE SCHIVEFLEBEIN-English and Study llall, State Teaclters College, Pittsburg. Kansasg University of California. Berkeley. CARL BOTHWELL-Social Science, Kansas Wesleyan: Colorado State College of lftlueation. Greeley. Col- orado. JOHN GRIFFITH-Agriculture. Colorado State College of A. St Nl.. Fort Collins, Coloraclo. I JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Front row, left to right-Kathleen Loch. A. J. Strom, MHl'gllPl'ii9 Hackett, Myrtle Anderson. Buck row, lvl! to rightfjackie Laws. K. H. Ariz, II. A. Porter, C. W. Amivrson, Elsie Tittswnrlll, Num Waite PERSONNEL Mildred Anderson Louise Griffith 10 CLASSES 11 All N. ...l EMILY AABERG-Entered from Ellensburg second se- mester 2, G. A. L. 2. 3, 43 Chorus 2. 3. ARLENE AN- DREA5-G. A. L. 2, 3. 4g Pep Club 3, 4g Letter Girls' Club 2, 3g Pep Club ,lingler 43 Girls' Club 2. 3. BUD ARMSTRONG-Track 3, 4, Basketball 2. 3g Wildcat Club 3, 4g Football 3, 4g Junior Play 3g Senior Play 4. JOHN ASHELMAN. R. J. lARTl.ET'I'-Entered from Granger 3. RUBY BEARD-Girls' Club 2, 3g G. A. L. 2, 39 Letter Girls' Club 2, 3. MARY BEATTY-Pep 3, 413 2. 3, -4, Girls' Club 2, 3. BOB BENNETT-Band 2, 3, 43 Patrol 2. 3, 4g Tennis 3, 43 Wildcat Club 3. 4. PAT BENZ-Vice Presi- dent of Senior Class 43 Girls' Club, 2, 33 G. A. L. 2. 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4, Yell Queen 3, 43 Tennis 2. 3. 4: Vice President of G. A. L. 3, Board of Control 2: Letter Girls' Club 2, 3, President 3. SHIRLEY BLACK-G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 45 Girls' Club 2, 3g Chorus 3, 4. BOB BOGUCKI-F. F. A. 2. 3. 43 President 4g Wildcat Club 3, 43 Track 2. 3g Football 3, 4g Boxing 3. IEVERLEE BOHANNON-Band 3. 4, Chorus 2, 3. 43 G. A. L. 2. 3, 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 35 Girls' Club 2, 33 Board of Control 2. CHUCK BOWER-Football 2, 3. 4g Wildcat Club 2. 3, 4. VALETA BRADY. PATSY BROWN-G. A. L. 2, 3, 4g Letter Girls' Club 3. BEVA BRYAN-Band 2, 45 Pep Club 3. 4: Sophomore Play 23 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 4g All School Play 23 Board of Control 3. TOMMY BUSBYFFootball 3, 4: Boxing 3, 45 Track 33 Band 33 Wildcat Club 3, 4. ROY BUSH-Tennis 4. DON CHERRY-Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. 3, 4: Track 2, 3. 4g Senior Class Play 4, Board of Control 4g Vice President of Wildcat Club 34 Wildcat Club 2. 3. 43 A. S. B. President 4, Activity Manager of junior Class 3. DON CLARK-Boxing 2. 3, 4: Wildcat Club 3. 4-3 Track 2, 3: Football 4g Football Manager MARILU COBB-Chorus 45 G. A. L. 2, 3, 4g Letter Girls' Club 3. KEN COOLEY-Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2. 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Wildcat Club 2, 3, 43 President 4. MER- CEDES COX-A. S. B. Secretary 33 Junior Play 33 Sen- ior Play 43 Sophomore President 2g Secretary Junior Class 33 Board of Control 2, 33 Tohiscan 43 G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Letter Girls' Club 33 Pep Club 3. 43 President 43 Timmush 33 Girls' Club 2, 33 Tennis Manager 3. WENDEL DALE-Veteran of War. MARY DALLAS-SG. A. L. 2. 3, 43 Pep Club 43 Tohis- can 4. EVERETT DEAN-Football 2, 3, 43 Wildcat Club 2. 3, 43 F. F. A. 2, 3, 43 Vice President 4. BEN EGLET- F. F. A. 2, 3, 43 Reporter 43 Senior Play, 43 Veteran of War. JUNIOR EEBUS. GORDON FOILES-F. F. A. 2. 3. 4. ALVIN GETTMAN-Wildcat Club 2, 3g Baseball 2, 3. PAT GIDDINGS-Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 G. A. L. 3, 4. ELWIN GRESI-IAM-Football 3, 4. DALE HADLY -Football 4g F. F. A. Treasurer 33 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. GEORGE HAGERMAN-F. F. A. 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. Senti- nel 4. ELMER HAHN-Entered from Windsor, Colorado, in December, 19463 Band 2, 3. BOB HALES-Entered from Bear River High School, Garland, Utah 43 Senior Play 4. rsneszx HEILMAN-G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 3g Girls' Club 2. DELMA HEMING-G. A. L. 2. 3. 4. DONNA HENLE-G. A. L. 2. 3, 43 Treasurer 33 Letter Girls' Club 33 Chorus 2, 33 Pep Club 4. NADINE HOYT-Pep Club 43 G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Letter Girls' Club 2, 33 Girls' Club 2. 33 Tohiscan Staff 4. MYRNA INGALLS-Band 2, 3. 4g Board of Control 33 Tohiscan Staff 4g Letter Girls' Club 2, 3g G. A. L. 2. 3, 4g Chorus 4g Band President 4g All School Play 23 Girls' Club 2, 33 Timmush Staff 2. FLORENCE JACK- Letgfr Girls' Club 23 G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Timmush Sta 2. LARRY JENSEN-Football 2, 3, 4, Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4, Wildcat Vice President 4, F. F. A. Reporter 3. MAE JEWELL-G. A. L. 2, 3. .ICANN JUMP-Pep Club 3, 4g Secretary Pep Club 4, G. A. L. 2, 3, Senior Class Sec- retary 4, Senior Play 4, Tohiscan 4. CARL KISSLER-Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, Wildcat Club 3, 4, Veteran of War. ESTHER KRAFT. LARRY KRAMER-Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4. JOY LAYMAN-G. A. L. 2, 3, Letter Girls' Club 3. LEROY LEIKAM-Veteran of War. IETTY LICHTENBERG -G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 3. HERB LOBDELL-F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, President F. F. A. 3, Track 2. NITA MAYFIELD-Entered from Wapato 4, G. A. L. 4. KATIE MASSETT-Girls' Club 2, 3, G. A. L. 2, 3, 4. BARBARA MATHIS-Timmush 2, Secretary and point keeper Girls' Club 3, Chorus 4, Board of Control 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, President of Junior Class 3, Secretary of A. S. B. 4, G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Secretary of G. A. L. 3, Advisory Board of G. A. L. 4, Secretary Sophomore Class 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Sergeant at Arms Pep Club 4. JERRY MARTIN- Entered from Wapato 4, F. F. A. 4. IETTY MESECIIER -G. A. L. 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3. ' CHARLES MORRISON-Wildcat Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Junior-Senior Class Plays 3, 4, Pa- trolman 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 4, Annual Staff 4. IAR- BARA ouvm-G. A. L. 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3. PEGGY O'NEIL-Letter Girl's Club 3, G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, Paper Staff 3, Girls' Club 2, 3. PAUL ORTOLF-Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class Activity Manager 4, Sophomore Class Presi- dent 2, Junior Class Vice President 3, Junior Class Play 3, Veteran of War. JOCELYN OTEY-G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, President 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, A. S. B. Treasurer 4, Student Council 4. LEWIS PATTON- Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Wildcat Club 3, 4, Annual 3, Junior-Senior Class Plays 3, 4. RICHARD PERRAULT-Baseball 2, 34 Football 2, 34 Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Business Manager of Senior Play 4g Board of Control 33 Patrol 2. 3, 4. BOB PETTY-Baseball 3, 4, Wildcat Club 3. 4. MARY ANN RING-G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Advisory Board 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 3. NORMA noasms-Chorus 3, 4g G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Class Play 43 Girls' Club 2, 3. DALE SCOTT-All School Play 25 Junior-Senior Plays 3, 4g Band 2, 3. 4g Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 2, 33 Tennis 3. 4g Class Treasurer 43 A. S. B. Vice President 43 Board of Control 4g Annual Staff 4, Projection Staff 2. 3, 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA SCHAAL-Letter Girls' Club 3, G. A. L. 2, 3, 45 Girls' Club 2, 3. ANNABELLE sl-in-G. A. L. 2, 3, 4, Letter Girls' Club 2, 33 Timmush 3g Tohiscan 3, 43 Editor 4. VIOLA SMITZ-Chorus 3g Paper Staff 2. GEORGIE SPAUL- DING--G. A. L. 2, 3g Letter Girls' Club 3. JIM SPEIDEL-Entered from Billings, Montana 4. BILL STEPHENS-Wildcat Club 2, 3. 4g Football 2, 33 Track 2: Tennis 3, 4: Vice President A. S. B. 3g Junior-Senior Class Plays 3, 45 Class Activity Manager 3g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Band 2. FRED STOOPS-F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice President F. F. A. 3g Track 2. BOB STROH-Class President 4, Football 2, 3, 43 Ten- nis 2, 3, 4g Board of Control 4, Senior Class Play 4g Junior Class Play 3, Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4, Class Ac- tivity Manager 2. CLYDE SULLIVAN-Entered from Doe Run, Missouri 4g Veteran of War. DOROTHY THALI-IElNIERwAnnual Staff 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, Senior Class Play 4, G. A. L. 2, 3, 4g President 4, Advisory Board 4: Letter Girls' Club 2, 3g Girls' Club 2. 3g C torus 4. IRENE TELAKISH-G. A. L. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3. BETTY THOMPSON-G. A. L. 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3. 4, Letter Girls' Club 3. CHARLES WAGNER-All School Play 23 Patrol 2, 3. BARRY WALKER. EDWARD WALTERS-F. F. A. 2. 3, 43 Sergeant at Arms 4. NIARJORIE WARD-Letter Girls' Club 2, 3, G. A. L. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4, President 4, Chorus 3. AI.. WENTZ-F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. AUDRE WHITE-.lunior Play 3. PETE WILLIAMS-A. S. B. Play 2g Baseball 2, 3, 4-3 Patrol 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Wildcat Club 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4-g Timmush 3. LATRINA WOLFI. DEAN YOUNG-Veteran of War. DOYLE ZABLE-Wildcat Club 3, 45 Foot- ball 3, 43 Track 35 Junior Play 3g Senior Play 4. SEN IORS The graduating class of '47 has had three active years at Top-l-li that will long be remembered. Class officers of the senior year were president, Bob Strohg vice president, Pat Benz, secre- tary, JoAnn ,lumpg treasurer, Dale Scott. Class advisors were Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Sheppard and Miss Welle. The Senior Ball. "Winter Wonderlandf' was a very successful event. This yearls seniors were the first to have such an event and it is the hope of the class that this will be made an annual affair. Grid-iron winners of the inspirational award were seniors, Larry Kramer and Chuck Bowers. There were a number of good senior players on the football squad. - The class of '47 has used its dramatic ability too. As seniors they presented the three act comedy, "Junior Miss." The senior sneak, a privilege to which students look forward from freshman days, was really a special event and everyone had a wonderful time. And then graduation! School days at Top-Hi are over but we have for our own, memories and a diploma. 16 JUNIORS The officers who served the junior class this year were: Polly lhatuan, presidentg Delores llrink. vice-president: Doris Ucker. secretary: Bill Utey. treasurerg and liarl llrost. activity manager. Some of the activities for which the class was responsible were: ,lunior-Senior lianquet and Prom. class play, "Miss Millions." noon movies, Junior dance and the Prom Queen Contest. The class also had the distinction of having won the Alma Mater Contest. Faculty advisors were Miss Ross. Miss Vlihitrnore. and Mr. Coit. CLASS OFFICERS Delores Brink. Doris 01-ker. Ffarl Hrost. Bill Otey. Polly lhatuan. Front row, left to right-Mary Merck, Dorothy Kukes, Lola Kayes, Juanita Masqueda, Geraldine lrvine, Don Cal- laway. Verl Second row, left to fI'gllf7A1'l8IlP Luening. Geraldine Norman, Carmella Olden, Doris Ocker, Florence Montague. Third row, lefi lo riglzl-Jerry Lockett, Renee Jarman. Donna Murdock, Cy Morrison, Polly lbaluan. Back row, left tn riglzl-Don Lundberg, Don Loomis, Blake Lott, Earl Uettman, George Lacell. Everett Nafts. 17 , JUNIORS From row, lvfl In rfghlv lfllu AI'lIllf'lll'. lfwlyn ll:-ll. Kutlwrinv llf'illHlI'y, Delurvs llullgvy. Dc-lorvs llPl'Villa. l"l'am'vs llc-llivk. llllill'l4's l"islwr. Second row, If-jr In riglzl---illnriu Alle-n. .luyvv llnylv. Doris llrimlvr. Nlarjmiv Baile-y. l'l0lm'e's Brink. llurnllly Butler. lfurl Fr-lrus. Third row, lvfl In right -l'riM-illu Britton. Hmmm Ilurris. lhmniv Cfmmnlx-s. Pauline- llrzulfurrl. lla-Ily Ilan-lxm-r. B4-My ifu- va-lli. l'llillis lfllye-ml. Fourth row, lvjl In ri,uhf-- 'Ralph l'l-lu-lxnun. l.uy1l lfkslraml. Wilma llrinlx. livlly Clark. Nina ffurrvll. Yirgil Drury. Bock row, lvff In riglzl 'Rll'lllll'll lluvison. ,lumvs l"org0y. Kvnnvtll lIu1'pL'r1Ivl'. lfarl llrnst. Bert Burril. S4B1i 1, fc- 2+ Q all Mi Front row, lvfl In rigllt--Alvinn Hum. lla-I:-n I'um-I1. llulorr-5 Popv. Ifvonm- Winlwrry. Ellen Sevlalsev. Bvllz- Tlnunus. Mary We-nlz. Alfrvrl 'I'ulmlm1. Second row, lrfl In righl flflsiv ,lllll!lllil5. lllillll'lIl' Rillllllllll. lic-ily lim-ml. llmmnu 'l'a1ylor. lNla1l'gun-I l':-VL. Nunry Wil- liams. Ilomllly l'ntl4-r. l,1'ilI'l Stump. Third row, lvfl In righl .lurk 'I'im-, 'xfllllll' Ruymr-ml. Buck row, left in !'fgl1lfRlL'll8l'll Kfllly. .lllllll Wilefy. Paul Seeley. 'llrm RllllPtlgLf'. Bruvv Tllnmpsnn. Hill Hwy. Rudy Saluskin. 18 SOPHOMORES The sophomore class was led hy class officers: Kent Lott. presidentg Dan Dawson. vice presi- dent: Norris lVlcCarthy. secretaryg Dick Sandberg. treasurer: Darlene Cox, activity manager. l"ac- ulty advisors were lVlrs. Sheppard. Mrs. Hackharth. and Mr. Day. The class took part in selling apples at foothall games. sponsored a dance after the Selah- 'l'op-Hi lmaskethall game. and had a class party April -lv. CLASS OFFICERS Dan Dawson, Norris McCarthy. Darlene Cox, Dick Sandberg. Kent Lott. 'XX p Front row, left lo righl-Jean Chamberlain, Raymond Arellano. Boh Bloonihf-rg. Kenneth Foiles. Charles Carlson. Frank Barnett. Dan Dawson. Second row, left lu righl-Dorotlly Fleming. Georgia Fisher. Marie Bruce. Betty Baray. Winnie Chandler. Marcella Ekard. Third row, left lu right-Margaret Elton. Mary Lou Cll2it'lLllt'l'. Bill Brown. Darrell Brader. Douglas Engherg. Jean' nette Burling. Fourth row, left lo right-Darlene Cox. ,Io Ann Erickson. Barhara Duke. Olive Burril. Margaret Eglet. .lark Col- lins. Buck row, If-fr lo riglzt-Rayxnoml Fehus. Don Brown. Floyd Gilbert. Ralph Bowles. Raymond Potter, Rudy Diaz. 19 SOPHOMORES From row, lvfl In riglrl llurluum Urlolli. lllurvllw- lmlilallli-, llmvrnllly luxwuii. Jilin' jullnwn, Waniwlu Ulfun. Dimmu Kvilll. llf'llil'1'N Nl4'N2lll. Second row, lwfl In riglll 'llnn Xlzlllmni. Nurrif Nll'liill'llly. l'1I'lllll'ir llllQlf'l'lll1Ill. Arwlilli lrisin. M-rl Ulwlvn. 'Nlanuw Krall. Third row, lvfi In rfgfll llliflillly Nlulliix. Now Nlillj lllurplly. l,ur1'lI'u llmllf-5. lfilw-ii xlillllillllllll. ,Ivan llrnning, Bock row, lrfl In Iififllf llmiglu- Lilylllilll. lflljlvlll' Nlauikluril. ,lulm Ilmsurnl. Ilivlx l,mlm-xlmsc-. Xluriim ,lf-iws. Aluvk 4lil1'lxNUll. llall ,lmgi-imiii, 'IR-fl lxvlil, lv-nl l.nH. x1'I'llUlI Nlye-1'-. 1 wwe. Yiasxwwfiffi - . HV ls. . i x 5 :-is: -. 'l 19 , ' ' 41 f 'K W I - g Q 2 Q 'S an LAQQFP2 V I H MMWFR Q DW Front row, lvfr tu righ!--Xlary Ann Ramsay. foe Winkle-man. Virginia Wllitv. llfflvn Walnlrnn. lfarulyn Spiwlf-I. Hulny SlH'llf'IllN'l4QLl'l'. ,lnlin Wilfun. lhan Rulli. Wall:-1' l'oma-rinlw. Second row, lrfl In riylzl Nam:-5 Slllllllllllx Nlilliilll 'l'llulm1s. Nlzu' l'1'i'u1'4l. Nylliu blnnpx. ,lunv Svlimiull. ,Iran Svrix- in-r. llun 'l'Iunnpwn. l'1'l1- 'l'li1m1pxm1. Third row, lvfl lu ri,g'lrl liill 54'g11'swl'. llunulnl 'l'ulIlr-. l"l'1-4l l slu-1'. llill 'liliulllzlm lfurlin llllmle'f.K1'l1ll1'll1 xxilll.,lillll1'r W1-lls. Burk row, lvfl In right l':llQIf'llQ' llirli. lla-nry lllllklllH'lllll'l'. Dirk 5ul1allv1'rg1.l5r'l1 S1-lilfm. 20 ORGANIZATIONS 21 TOHISCAN STAFF Front to burk4Annalwlle She-a. editorg Myrna Ingalls, organizations: Barbara Mathis. will and prophet-yg Gloria Alle-n, assistant z-clitorg Dorothy Thalheimr-r. olassesg Mercedes Cox. calendar: Mary Dallas. art: Wilma lirink. photographyg Doris Ovker. assistant l1llsint':4stnanagel'. On steps, lvfl lo riglil- -llale Scott. sportsg fiilHl'il'S Morrison, business manager: Bill Stevens. sports. Not pictured. Nadine lloyt and JoAnn Jump, typists. Annuals do not just "happen." llehind each one, there are many hours of work and planning. Many of the-so hours were spent after the regular School day was over. The people who. under Miss Skogeifs leadership, are responsible for this yeafs annual are pictured above. They have worked faithfully and steadily to make this book what it is. Special mention should he made of Nadine Hoyt's and JoAnn ,lump's work. Although they are not members of the staff, they have spent many hours typing copy for the annual. 22 PEP CLUB Pep Club is an independent club under the advisorship ol' Miss Christenson. These girls who represent "pep" promote a greater spirit and enthusiasm among students. Every year Pep Club ushers at the games. is responsible for entertainment at pep assemblies. honors the Vlildcats with a banquet. and holds an all school "Spring Ballfi During this year. they have added to their ac- tivities an initiation trip to the mountains. drilling. and the sponsorship of an Alma Mater contest. Front row, lvfz to r1'gl1lw5l1irley Black. Gloria Allen. .lltfxlltl .llllltlh PH' BPM. .loselyn Otey. Marjorie Bailey. Second row, left lo righliftlary Beatty. Doris tlrider. Joyce Doyle. Delores Brink. Myrna Ingalls. Barbara Mathis. l"at liiddings. Third row, left lo riglilf.lerri l.ockctt. Donna Taylor. Renee Jarman. Florence Montague. Delores McNall. Marjorie Ward. Buck row, left to riglilfljonna Henle. Arlene Andreas. Priscilla Britton. Mercedes Cox. Mary Dallas. Nadine Hoyt. Front row, left fo riglzr-Don Clark. Paul Drtolf. Bob Bogucki. Bob Stroh. Dale Scott, Bob Bennett. Don I.oomis. Bill Otey. Pete Williams. Second row, left to right-Hd lleihnan. Fiarl Cettman. Budy Saluskin. Alvin Cettman. Bud Armstrong. Charles Mor- rison. Wendell Dale. Third row, left to right-Kenneth ffarpentcr. tfhuck Bowers. Doyle Zable. Bob Petty. Bill Stevens. Richard Perrault. Buck row, left In right-Don Lundberg. Larry Jensen. Everett Dean. Louis Patton. tfarl Kissler. Kenneth Cooley. Don tlherry. Tom Busby. WILDCAT CLUB The Vlvildcat Club is made up of the boys who have won their "T" in a major sport. The main events on the calendar for the club this year were the Wildcat initiations. of which there are two. and the Wildcat dances. The club is basically a service organization maintaining a paddle squad at all the home foot- ball and basketball games. and track meets. The officers of the organization for this year are: President. Ken tiooleyg Vice president. Larry ,Ienseng Secretary-treasurer. Richard Perraultg and Sergeant at arms. lfverett Dean. Coaches "Pete" Day and Ken Artz act as faculty advisors. 23 -o Q A ii ' an Wi My kb? ww K-- 1- . G. A. L.-Top Picture Froni row FII'-n S-w-luis'-v. Uznlmrn Yvlxitn-, flvurgiu l"i-Pu-1, IM-Inns Huugvy, Zan- W'inLl:-vnun. Mary inn Kunxwv. Pnl ll:-nl. .I Hu-Xu Hlvull. Serond row aww... ap.-1...-., n.-n...- .l...,....u. nm, llmf-Ili, ll.-1.-.. w..m.-.... l:m.,l,.. sm.-.1.-I. mmm. Ulm... k....- muy my 421-uni-. Immlhs Nnk.-N, limi. l.ui.If-1, 'Kl.nymi.' Hull:-y. MI:-un Xu-In-zu., IM-Im.-N NI-Null. Fil.-Q-n Nlu41.uIIum. Thlrd row .lunv Mlunhh, lilln Xuqu.-nr, Xnlirh lmin. limi-:nu lluk.-. Mun-y Sinunwnx. Human- XXinln-lu. 421-uuIdim- Nunn kv-ull. lxlxiv 'l'huluzlx. lt.-uw lim-.I, Back row Nhuunl-'I Full-I. Ihymliv lu--I-In--. In--nv Pun. Kliw- .lnlm-nn. Immun WWI...-L, llnrlvnn' lim. lun.-thy IH-xl.-1, Lnuin Ihmlv, IM-Im.. II1-Hung, Iivlvx Nlv--l-1-lawn. . G. A. L.-Second Picture fron! raw Juyrf- lmylv. Ximv ll.-amy, Hmlnnu Xhuhi-, I-fmily huh.-ug. film.-rw I..-lllfmv. N1.uiun 'I'lmmux. H1-If-n l'nm'h, ml. m u XX 'hx lllllm -Ili. X ul' In Second row Kimi., lim-1-, ,luhnn ,Inmg-. Nhniln Lnlxh, Nullinl- Huyl. 'Xlauy lhnllu., 'Klum-.I.-N1Inx. Winnh- llhunllll-1. lhnlhx Nluln nl vlan: Hunan:-lux, Third POW lfulxnu 'lznInl. li:-lun-N Blink. Nnury Villiunlx, Ny-lin Slumpx. 'X' Kun King. Ihnulhy Hull:-x, Buck I'0Vl Hull:-Ilan NrllunY. Prggy U'N1'iI. Xlnllulin- Wulwl. l'li:44'ill1l Hlillnll. Huluulrl Vvrl. Willlm Ulillk. G. A. L.-Bottom Picture Ffblll row- lmlu Kuyx, ll. Knlu--, Hairy N14-rrk, IM-Imax fl:-Huis. .loiun,lllllnp,'I'1-ln-Q11ll:-ilmun,Hslhn-1 Kmll. linrulhy l.nuwn. lla-ul,l 5eCOI1d YOW lin-lly Ilu-'km-I, MI1-nv' l.1-uning, Hunan Hnlyi-. l'm himlllillgs, Alirn' johnson. lhvlllm K1-ilh, I"lul1-nm' Xlunlugm-. ll:-In Iuhlnnlu Third row Yx-lun-' N1-nn..--, Ib-'lun-N 'N11'NuIl. lllnlvlll- 1,4-Blum-, Ihulhy 'Nlulhi-. ,I-fun Il.-nning. Nhuy l.m1 Kiwlvr. I-'lun-m-r ,lm-k 'DKK YOW- Ihumu Niunlmk, ltilnwll 'N1urlIuIIuln, Uyllm lngull-, l"rm14'.-- llagu-llllun, 'Hur ,lm-un-II, joy l.avmall, Kuliv 'Wann-li. GIRLS' ATHLETIC LEAGUE This year the C. A. L. under the capable leadership of President Dorothy Thalheimer, was an active organization. The present C. A. L. is an incorporation of three of last yearis clubsg Girls' Club, Letter Girls' Club and the old G. A. L. An entirely new constitution and new rules and regulations have been made. The advisory board, composed of officers and sports heads, has as its duties the outlining of G. A. L. activities and discussing any problem concerning G. A. L. The club has a period a week during which the girls participate in sports. The present C. A. L. has for its record, the distinction of being more active this year than it has been for several years. C. A. L. advisor is Miss Christensen. Activities: February 1 ..,.... ,.,,,.. P lay Day at Sunnyside March 21 ....,. . ...... ............,,,,..........,.......... C . A. L. Assembly April 26 ........ .,......,....,........,.,,,,,,.,,.. ....,,.....,.. C . A. L. Play Day May 16 ...... ....,.,. A ward Night and Installation of Officers Front row, left to right-Arlene Luening. Pauline Bradford, Nancy Simmons, Frances Hettick, Marcella Ekard, Donna Taylor, Marjorie Bailey, Doris Ocker. Second row, left to right-Florence Montague, Patty Willy, Ardilh Irwin, Jeannette Burling, Dorothy Thalheimer, Barbara Mathis, Myrna Ingalls, Margaret Peck, Elsie Thomas. E Third row, left to right-Bette Thomas, Yvonne Monroe, Dorothy Knkes, Blanche Rathbun. Norma Rohhins, Pearl Stump. Carmella Olden, Donna Murdock. Priscilla Britton. Betty Clarke. Harriet Stagner. Buck row, left to right-Betty Baray, Mary Lou Cohh, Jerri Lockett, Shirley Black, Joyce Doyle. Renee Jarman, Delores Brink. GIRLS' CHCRUS The Girls' Chorus, under Mr. Tollefson's direction, is made up of 35 girls. During the first semester they met every other day and during the second semester, every day. Their activities for the year included participation in the National Education Week program and in the Christmas program. Another sparkling activity during the Holiday season was their car- oling in the halls of the school building. The outstanding event of the year for the Chorus was the spring concert. The proceeds of this concert. which was sponsored hy the Toppenish Chamber of Commerce, went toward the buying of new uniforms for the band. 25 , I -zijifig X7 'lf x Front row, If-fr lo right Charlene Rank. Hruee Rothwell, llelma Uley. Natline Filer. ,lune Russell. Lorraine Mellye. llarliara l'liillips. ,loeelyn Ulf-y. .lean l,el'llane. Franees l,euning. lfllen S4-elatsee. lllLlIll'llt' Rathlxun. Second row, lefl to riglil---Koller! l.amlis. Holmerl 'l'llomas. Marian Miller. Johnny l"reeman. Rolnert jenkins. Luster Owens. llaroltl Ilatlley. l,ouis Ke-iz. ll:-vt-rly Walker, Raymoml Shearer. Third row, lefl In righl Sitlney Nlorrison. Mary Lon Peterson. l"loytl Rank. Cary lrvine. .limmy lfkaril. l'l1illip Strong, Alar- vin Amlerson. Alex Conzales. Alive Iloover. Shirley Murphy. Fourth row, lefl In righi 'll-x Clark. Nlary Ann Ramsey. Rose Murphy. lleva Bryan. Myrna Ing1aIls.Ct-ralmline Speneer. Leon- arnl lloule. Runalel liranler. Us-llmert Anderson. Joanna Set-ley.,lolmny Gonzales. Bock row, lefl In right' 'Holm Bennett. Dale 'l'homas. llelen Waltlron. Artlelh Irwin. illanus Krall. lflsie 'l'homas. Billy l'ellil. Rieharml Lohln, lliek Walker. Ralph liowles. lion Calloway. lie-verlee Bnliannon. BAND The Top-lli lrantl. ululer the earelul flireelion ol' Mr. Tollelison, is one ol' the organizations in the sehool ol' whit-lt we van he exeeptionally proud. 'llhe lnantl is eomposeml of lmth junior anal senior high school stutlents. The fart that the majority ol' the memliers are in junior high makes the outlook very lvright for ri gootl hanfl in the liuture. lVlueh eolor and pep have lveen acltletl to all home footlvall anrl lvasketlmall games anal rallies hy the presenee ancl enthusiasm ol the hancl. 'l'his year marehing has lveen revived. anal the sight ol the uniformed group marehing in preeision anal letl hy snappy majorettes has lveen an inspiration to players ancl rooters alike. The main olujeetive ol' the lmancl in its puhlie appearances this year has lmeen to raise money for new uniforms nhieh have heen purehasetl through the cooperation of the Junior anfl Senior Chamhers ol' Com- meree. the llantl Parents Assoeiation and the A. S. li. The lrantl macle its first appearance in the new uniforms at a program sponsored hy the Senior Chamlmer ol' Commerce on April 9 in the l,iluerty Theater. Spring aetivities in atlclition to the performance on April 9 were: The Spring Concert ol' the Top-Hi lVlusie Department on April l5 and lo. Central Vlashington Contest in Plllenshurg on April lf! and l9. We- natehee Apple lilossom lfestival on May l. 2. I3 tplayetl and marehetl in paraflel. National Regional Contest and Festival in lzllenshurg on May 9 and 10. 26 PROJECTION STAFF With the increasing use of films and slides in class work, the projection staff has taken its place as one of the most important units in assisting classes and activities. A few of the responsihilities and duties of this staff under the leadership of Mr. Taylor are: the use or supervision of the use of the if, rmn. sound movie projector. puhlic address system. slides and plates for the opaque projector. as well as the sound recorder. Front row, lcfl lu riglil lCniily ,'xilllI'I'Qi. Shirley llluclt. Wilma llrink. Nlurjoric Ward. Second row, lefl to right' ffliurles Wugm-r. Holi lienuelt. Dale Scott. liud Arnistrong. Nlurxin Walker. Buck row, lvfl to right-V -Roscoe Bartlett. Bill Slew-ns. lfarl tit-ttman. Iioli l'etty. Alvllt-fiflllllllll. lfy Ylnrrison. From row, lefl to right-l'atsy Brown. Frances llettick. Katherine Beaudry. Teresa lleilman. Myrna Ingalls. Renee- jarman. Nlarjorie Hailey. Barbara Urtolf. Dorothy Lawson. Second row, left lu I'f,LZlIff'A4lPllllllt' Davila. Harlmaru Oliver. Arlcan Andreas. Dorothy 'l'halheimr-r. Pal fiiddings. .lean Scrivner. Marion 'I'homas. Third row, lefl lo right JoAnn jump. Ella Arquette. llelma lleniing. Elsie Thomas. Peggy 0'Neil. Ardith Irwin. Betty llacl-gner. Peggy l'erard. Frances llagerman. Barhara Duke. Back row, left In riglit-V-Rolnerta Schaal. Ruhy Heard. Paulim- Bradford. Geraldine Norman. Bette Tliomas. Jeannette Hurling. Wilma llrinlx. Betty Reed. Roma llarris. OFFICE PRACTICE Office practice apprenticeship is a course offered to students who are interested in office work. The students are assigned to the junior or senior high school office and perform such duties as filing. collecting attendance slips. answering the telephone. and various other errands. for which they reccivc onc-half credit a semester. ,Z7 F. F. A.-Top Picture Front row hm-lm: lffnln--, Xlln-fl 'I'.alr.ul4-n. hlluul llzlynmn-l, In-mgv l.u--I-ll, Xivgll lhnu, XIII:-ll XX1-ntl. lmn l, Hull lhnsl. Second row I'-,.l tnllm-. lull-ll lixlxllmym. lfllusnll XX 1411.1-. 42.-I-,gr llug-'um.m, Bull ll.-gm-ki. I-'l..I MW5... Back row llvn ligl-1, Inu-wvl Ih.m, ll-In Nlmlln. l-.ww-ll Null, lmle- llmllq, ll--all l,ulNl-II. In-nmlln 1f.ul.'fnl.-1, . F. F. A.-Second Plcture fron! row llulnml lwlilw. .Iulm Wllwn. U1-rulll ll.-nning. lfhurlf-K Clmn--. lhm Knllu. lx:-nn--llx l-lvillw, liillu-It llnylml. llalymun-l Xu-llunn. Setond row lluiulll lf'-lnmx. Nl:-unix XXilIl.lm-. lhm llluixlmllu. Hlluulvl 'VI'-liamn. Xlsun Znl-In-. Marx l,.mn'nw.-4 'lluylm Xluylivl-l. Paul Rm-l..u Third row lmn llulf. limmh llupl. ,lf-lm Nmilf. Pun! Mllliv. Ill-In-ul W'-1-ku, Vvumm lhnlx.-lu. .lumf-- .ll-In-. limi- l-'n-mln. Ylumm Xlyl-u-. Xvnull m..1.... l...,..- Sim...-...l. Fourth row 1 I.lin' Nuilll, ll--nmlll Ilulxlw. lhuum-n-l I-I-lynx. llmnmnll IH-In-u. llill 'l'lu-mm, XR-nl UI-lln. ll--n S--lvl.-.., Buck row lwlgvuf Hull. llunlglb, lllll llu-un. lxvmu-Ill Wall. ,l.u'k llullinx. PATROL-Bottom Picture Fronl row Nlu. Mmm. Llmnlv- imlwn. .lnluu llu-Inmn. I-'u.mL lllun-fll. Hull lh-nm-ll, IH-lv Willlnmf-, -Xllnn llul-ut. llill 'lliu-. Sillmy 'Nl--ui fn l'uul Ilnllln, Middle row llul-ful lhnl. lI.n.- lfmulcn. llvlm Nmilf, lhlpll lil-mlm. lffngfm- 'llam-lmll. l-fllmlull N11-lixmul llnu llil-mn, Xlr. llnlluu-'ll. Back raw lhm linux. llimmu ll'-In-, .Ilan Nlllklnm-5. Ri-lmnll l'.1mull, Il.-mllll l'ulum. lllmxlvx 'Xlmxi un. 28 l FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F. F. A. boys. with Mr. Criffith as their advisor. have been making themselves known this year by their many activities. They started the year successfully by taking second prize on their exhibit and winning a second place banner in F. F. A. judging at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima. In November five boys attended Janalu Hog Show at Happy Valley Farm in Redmond. Twenty members were able to attend the Northwest Junior Livestock Show at Auburn and thirty members went to the Spokane Junior Livestock Show. Eight boys took part in 'judging at the Pacific lnternational Livestock Exposition at Portland in October. Bob llogucki showed poultry at the xx'aShi..gt0.. State Junior Poultry Exposition in Seattle and won six blue ribbons. He and George Hagerman also showed poultry at the Washington State Poultry Show in Yakima. These activities. along with the annual F. F. A. banquet in the spring, and an overnight camping trip early in the fall, have all helped to make this a very busy and worthwhile year for the Future Farmers. SAFETY PATROL The Toppenish High School Safety Patrol is one of our outstanding service organizations. It consists of: Pete Williams. captaing Richard Perrault, Jean McKinney, Charles Morrison. Frank Barnett. Charles Carlson. Robert Bennett. lieutenantsg and twenty-one patrolmen. Robert Ben- nett is also secretary-treasurer of the group. The patrolis faculty advisors are A. J. Strom and C. L. liothwell. included in the group's activities are the morning. noon. and night patrol duty at the intersec- tions near the high school. parking cars at football and basketball games, and seeing that the building is evacuated in a minimum amount of time during fire drills. The patrolis favorite activity is the an- nual picnic. which is held early in the spring. 29 Seated, lvfl In right l,olz1 Kuys. Nlztry Ann Ring. Dr-lorvs Cvrvais. Betty Thompson. Doris Critlvr. Kath- Mass BOARD OF CONTROL 'l'ht' liourtl of tlontrol. unflvr Mr. l,f'lllLltlC-S ffttidaltce. is the "'UYOI'ltllt"' lrotlv ol' tht' school. lt T' F' Z' . tonsists ol Assomutvtl btutlc-nt llotly l,llll't'l'S. 1-lass prvsiflvnts and room rf-prvsviitativvs. lt is tht' duty ol' that lloarml to tliscuss prohlt-nts t't'lill0tl to studvnt activitivs and to rt-t'ont- nn-ntl solutions to thvtr Ill'Ultit'lItS. Sonn- um-ornplislnnvnts ol' tht- llourtl this ye-ar liuw lwvn tht- purcllust- ol' hoth outdoor and llltitttll' lilvalvln-l's. tht- ilnprox't'nn-nts ol' tht- fit-Id lighting svstvtn to tnulu' night lrusvlnzlll possihlv. nnprou-int-nts on tht- trztvk untl tht- appropriation of lnonvy to In-Ip in tht- ltllt'Cllil5l' of nvu lvuntl uni- ttl'IltS. lmjl lu 11,2111 littrlmru Xlttlltls. A. N. Il. N'm'rs-tul'y: .lU1"'lj'tt Utt-y. A. 5. ll. 'llt'l'itsttI't'I'I l.urry Krulm'r. ltootn Nvprv- ss-ntutive-1 Itulv Svoll. A. N. H. Xiu' l'rvsi1le-nl: Polly lhutuan. A. F, H. Avtiwity luktltiljLt'l'Z lloln Stroh. St-nior l'n-sinh-nt: llon l:lt4'l'If. A. S, ll. l'r1'si1l1'nt: Kvnt l.oll. Sophoinorm- I'rf-siflvnt. thli:-sing from pivturv: Doris Hvlwr. lt:-lorvs lirinlx. ltill Utvyt Standing, lvfl In right Norma Holrhins. Hvtty tfovf-lli. EVUIIIIF Winlwrry. livtty Mvse't'llf'r. Uvraltlint' lrvinv. Holwrta Svltaul. lfllissing front pivturv. llc-lor:-s Brink. Mzt1',Ivwvl.l LIBRARY STAFF llntlvr tht- supt-rxision ol' Miss Hamilton. tho studs-nt lilvrariuns lu-Ip nialw possilmlv 1-lilim-it-nt lilurary st-rviw-0 in Top-lli. The Iihrarians this year are a group of junior and senior girls who rc-- vviw onv crt-dit 4-ac,-It sc-nwstvr for their work in the library. In this course. they rece-ive valuable in- struction in running tht- lihrury. Sonic- ol' their duties are: charging and discharging hooks. reading sln-lu-s. taking vars- ol' mail. lu-living studs-nts and teachers, learning the classiliczltion and cataloging ol' hooks. und hs-living to kcvp tht' t'f'ilflltlg room quiet and orderly. Clit PII. SPORTS 31 Dali' Stott Carl Kisslcr Elwin cQl'9Shi:llll Larry .lense-n B011 Stroll ily Morrison Tum Rllllvmlge xVf'IlL1CI Dalv Bud Armstrong Umm Lumllwrg Dick Sumllme-rg rx 'Y E twins EV V QQ 51 fm an FOOTBALL Tum Busby Bob Hales Larry Kramer Ken Conley Lewie Patton Bruce Thompson Chuck Bower 20 Bob Bugucki Don Loomis Evereit Dean 4 gf. digs a g ' wig: z YQ' if W BX mf? Q ,N :Qs i K2 1 , 1? If "Wa ax-43? www Www , : Km mg 0 G flnclerson Coach. :,.. Vw 2 - x L, YM . W ,X mf ,f w . up ,, if rooisAu. "B" SQUAD Front row, left to right-Kenny Carpenter, Don Clark, Doyle Zable, Dale Hadley, Vernon Myers. Back row, left to righl-Jack Jackson. Thomas Cerna, Rudy Diaz, Benny Schloss, Bill Thomas. FOOTBALL The Top-Hi Wildcats' 1946 football season was a very successful one. They played seven conference games and won six of them. They won the first game of the season with Zillah by a score of 19-0. The next game was a conference game with Sunnyside. They also won this game by a score of 19-6. A week later they played Selah and ended up on the long end of a score of 53-0. ln this game there were seven touchdowns made and seven different men scored. Their first defeat of the season came at the hands of the Yakima Pirates. This was one of the hardest fought games of the season. Yakima came out on the long end of a 13-6 score. ln the first half of this game there was no scoring. Toppenish scored first in the third quarter, but later saw Yakima push over two touchdowns in the last quarter to defeat them. It was in the next game that Top-Hi was handed its first league defeat by the Pasco team by a score of 21-0. The next week Top-Hi went up to Cie Elum and played in six inches of snow but won by a score of 13-0. Then came the annual Armistice. Day game with Vvapato. ln the last practice session before this big game Larry Kramer hurt his hip and was unable to play. liven without his help, we were able to hand Wapato their first Armistice Day defeat in 6 years and also their -first defeat of the season. The score at the final whistle was 13-6. The next week end the Wildcats went to Kelso to play a post season game. They took a 26-6 beating. This week end Kenny Cooley was picked the outstanding player of Southwestern Washington. During this season one player, Larry Kramer, was picked on the All-Valley team. He was also picked on the All-State team to play in Seattle next fall. Several players were chosen for hon- orable mention on the All-Valley team. Larry Jensen was named honorable captain for this year. Larry Kramer and Chuck Bowers were chosen for the inspirational award. Bob Bogucki, who weighs only 135 pounds, was one of our most valuable backs. Chuck Bowers, who started the season at guard, was later shifted into the fullback spot and was said to be one of the hardest driving men in that spot in the valley. The following boys, 17 of whom are seniors, made their letters: Seniors: Armstrong, Bogucki, Bowers, Busby, Cherry, Cooley, Dean, Gresham, Hadley, Hale, Jensen, Kissler, Kramer, Patton, Scott, Stroh, Dale. Juniors: Loomis, Lundberg, Cy Morrison, Rutledge, Thompson. Sophomoresz Sand- berg. 34 'W ' .xxx - ,W Bock row, lvl! lu llglllflltbllllllglll l"ratm'u. Bill BIWIWII. 'l'wm Buxhy, Dun Clurlx. William Whiz. Nlr. limit. Front row, lrfl In riglzf-Alnlm A-Itle-num. Nlumtgm-rg Junior Sum, juhn llt-iftumam. Ifrnnlx Num-L. .tXlI'n-tl 'lhlmlmu Huh Jim. lllmrlvf tlurlsun. Nlumtgr-r. Th 6 To 1-Hi hnxinv tcum haul at SltCL't'SSlvltl st-ztsun this war. Ol' their lin- nlatclws. tht-v xx I f- . . three. lust one and :ln-xx une. During the season, tht-y mm twice lmm l'asr'u uml mu-el lflllll llruml vioxx. 'l'heir tlrau was with W alla VC alla. Their om- loss has lrum Vi alla V4 ullu. At thc Valles tournzum-nt. txm ul' tht' how mm tht-ir m-igl1t.'I'I1t-v ut-rc l'll'ilIlli llill'lll'll at lttn N llllf ll tl tht lmumls and 'llmn lhlslvy all l75 lD0lIIIflS. lnfillll-L lulilftttxll. Um: lllalrk. illlll llllllll llllSll" - slut? tum' l. 1 A at C35 eSSev-WI baluan Manaqcrs 0 4 L.Kvamfi gf' U. QQ!! be "Pele" D Catch GH BASKETBALL Hs" SQUAD gg Front row, left to right-Rudy Diaz, Jack Jackson, Richard Davison, Don Brown, Bill Otey, Coach Cordon Anderson. lack row, left to right-Thomas Cerna, Everett Nafts, Hal Jorgenson, Kent Lott, Art Raymond. BASKETBALL The Top-Hi basketball team with Bill Stephens as captain, completed a very successful sea son with 18 of their 22 games going to the "Winn Side of the ledger. This gave the "Cats', an .818 per- centa e. g Some of the highlights of the season were: The winning of the Darrel Tucker Jamboree in Wap- ato, nipping Auburn by a score of 36 to 34 in the closing seconds of the game, and beating Selah by the decisive score of 39 to 23 to cop the Northern Division Championship. Of the play of the squad through the season, Coach Day had to say-"Starting the season with veterans returning from the year before and the addition of Patil Ortolf, who had returned from the military service to complete his schooling, the Wildcats drove through early season practice games for seven straight wins and also took first place in the Jamboree held in Wapato. With two losses in conference play the Cats finished first in the Northern Division play. "Good material, good floor play and, above all, excellent teamwork play paid off. Unforeseen circumstances during the latter part of the season and during the Yakima Valley Tournament helped to keep the Cats away from a coveted spot in the state tourney. All in all, it was a good seasonglefs have a few more." Those fellows who won their major "T" in basketball were: Bill Stephens, Paul Ortolf, Lar- ry Kramer. Don Lundberg and Don Cherry. The schedule of games is as follows: 1 DARREL TUCKER JAMBUREE CONFERENCE They Yakima .............,....,.........,...,................... Ellensburg ...................,..,... Here '31 Wapato ...... ........................................... M arquette ,...... ......... T here 27 Wapato .....,....,......................................... Wapato ..,,.... Here 34 .PRE-coNr1-LRENCE Qfkigfmn """' fllgfffe Sunnyside ....,,............,...... There Selah .....,.,... ......... T here 35 Naches ,...... Here Ellensburg ..... ......... T here 52 Sunnyside ....... Here Marquette ..... Here 31 Richland ....... ...,..,, T here Wapato ..,.... ......... T here 23 Naches ..... ..,..... T here Cle Elum .....,. Here 24 Richland ...,.... Here Yakima ..................,............... There 26 Auburn ........,., Here Selah ..................................,. Here 23 YAKIMA VALLEY CLASS "Aw TOURNAMENT We They Sunnyside ..............,...,...............,...,.........,,.. 33 9 Richland ..,..... ........ 3 2 34 Selah .......... ....... ........ 3 0 34 BASEBALL 'l l H Y ... ef l , ual Sql Seated, left to right-Bill Otey, Pete Williams, Cy Morrison, Rudy Diaz, Dick Sandberg, Skip McDonald, Ronald Brader, Jack Tice, manager. Standing, left to right-Mr. Artz, coachg Rudy Saluskin, Polly lbatuan, Earl Cettman, Bob Petty, Richard Davison Ken Carpenter, Don Brown. Alvin Cettman, Tom Rutledge. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 11 Marquette .................... Here April 15 Wapato ..... ....... H ere April 22 Selah ..... ......., T here April 25 Yakima. ..,. ......., T here April 29 Marquette ........ There May 2 Wapato .... ........ T here May 9 Selah ...... ....... H ere May 13 Yakima ..... ....... H ere 39 TENNIS Kneeling, If-fl lu righl Iluylv Zulnlv. Dun Dawson, Bob Bvnneli. Manus Krufli. Dale S1-ull. Bula Slrnh. Ruwm Hurllefll. Hill Sl:-pllvna. Huy Bllhil. Standing, lvff In riglzl- -Miss liliitlvrmsmx, I'0ilK'il1 Pat Benz, Myrna Ingalls. Meir:-iles Cox. Wilma Brink. lla-lure, 'Ni1'Null. llunnu Ke-illl, filzm-ltr l.vl3ium'. Barbara Urluif. iVIl'.SIf0Ill.C0i:l1'il. 'Sf fix . SPY! s 'fe HH' NV lnii ,O QQ f 'E Navi. TRACK Kneeling, lvfl In ligllffilllll l,nn1iIwrg. Kvn ffn0iPy. BllliAl'ITlSfI'0Y1Q. Standing, lvfl In riglzl--Iillllrk liuwvr. lllllIlilglf'I'1 llvrlx Lnlule-Il. Dun lliwrl'y. Mr. Coil. Cnacil. Missing from pidure Ig,-lm, 'l'h.nngmn1. Dirk Lmlvrhnse, Bula Bogurki. Larry ,la-ns:-n. Larry Krunwr. 410 .SK A W 4. ACTIVITIES 41 "JUNIOR MISS" The senior class play. a modern comedy in three acts entitled "Junior Nlissf' was presented December 19th. ll is a story of a teen age girl in sloppy sweaters and holmlxy sox. who has typieal teen age prolulems. in ad- dition to playing cupid and causing her father to lose his joh. The east ineluded: ,ludy Graves ...........,.....,,, Myrna Ingalls llraee Craves .,,., ..... l iarhara Mathis llarry Graves ,,.,. ...... l ind Armstrong l.ois firaves ..... .,.,r,. l ,at Ciddings lfuffy Adams ..,.. ,.,,,. l ieva liryan J. li. Curtis ,,Y... .....,...,.,,,.. D oyle Zahle lfllen Curtis ,,,....... Dorothy Thalheimer Willis lieynolds .... ,....,, l ,ewis Patton llilda aY,....,........ ,,..,...... ll lercedes Cox Harlow Adams .,,.,.,,.. Charles Morrison llaskell Cummings ......., liilly Stephens Additional members of the cast were: Norma liohhins, JoAnn Jump, Holm Hales. Don Cherry, Dale Scott. lioh Stroh. lien Piglet. and Don Clark. Nliss Swayze nas director. Q Q S! ,lunior-Senior Bunquefl 19-L6 Jllnim'-Svniux' Banquvl 1911-6 Svniur Ball. "Winter XvUIl1l6l'I2lll1lu ,luniur-Scninl' Pruln 19-16 51-niur Ball. "Winter xYtIIItl0I'lZ.ll1lIu 'lfi Carlson 51M I. .fXin'l wr- purly? 2. NiIllIlAf'.r wrvmlz-rs tftrlll' uf llu-nM. 3. Lmakin' for lu' l'ull-1-il-v. fm. lylulnmlr fflrlf .61 lk, .... xv NM -,gg -mmv? 4. lhulmlivf. 5. 'IH up-I li QV-A 'wM,,,..,,-N 'WW SNAPS I II4-auly mul lln- In-ual. 2. Lim- ol' fire. 3. lf. S. Lull. -I. Ecnic. lIll'f'l1Il'. miniv. nm. 5. SIM-E mall 4-111 il isnll .lllu Walla. 6. Imnlxilw' Im' smm'lIlil1-1? T. I'III'!'IPllQF4f 8. SIl'llVNIlf'l'I'D. vanilla. vlnuyulalc-. 9. Spilmstx-rs. IU. B. 'I' U ll Illlln I XI lllll 1Its1 ilu nl Ill Irmlmm H S II Ylllo llm I5 I l r' Illl P 2' . . 22. , wr -' z -' - 'ff ' '-. I. Qun'a. ' A wut llu- Iru 1 'K xx s' . I6. News , . X' . If , . . I 1' , 5I1v Immw SUIIIPIIIIIIQL slum' wont ln-II. IH. Loy. :ful slim-f I9. Nupulm-nn illlll Jlm-plum-. 20. lla. Im. Ilul 221 Inur my-s uml u tlmrn. 22. Ifrm-ak! lim-kl 23. 'I'Iu- spongv. 211. Wllulzu mail:-r. ya mad? 25. No pain. nu slruin juxl Iunk al lllv Inrlln-. 226. I'rvlIy maidf all in an rms. ZT. I"ric-mlslnip. 28. Dun! IQllUl'l'IlIl1lI -I5 'fx f- f if , gif AtmA ,X awsfl x S It I rr ' wa..k Qi YNTWNQ Y hw f 1 W ,. un 3 lux sun wlnrr' I Hun 5. nz nl lun! U. I Ill: llmlx. I 1 lllulnl I8 XXI ln xn- ' I , , ' V I llt 'Q llm-v SENIOR PROPHECY Ambition AABERG-To be a fat woman .........,......,............. ANDREAS-To be a heavy duty tank driver ...... ARMSTRONG-To learn how to make hickies .... A Future .........Chief hair bleacher in a beauty shop Technicolor. Tessie Street cleaner ASHLEMAN-To be the owner of a sweat shop ................ Teaching English Literature to Senior High BARTLETT-To be on the Republican ticket for President ,,....,....,...,..,..,.............,........ Mayor of Buena BEARD-To be a veterinary .............................. BEATTY-To be a career girl ................ BENNETT-To be a Gentleman farmer ...., BENZ-To be a college deb .................. BLACK-To get married .......... ............ Owner of a glue factory .....,............Housewife with 14 kids ,........Wrangling elephants in India ............Chief clerk in Marshall Wells .........Chasing men in her Model T Ford BOGUCKI-To raise chickens ...........,..........................,.......... ...............,............ C hasing Chicks!!! BOHANNAN-To join the Navy land not the Wavesl ......,,. .......... W 'ife of a traveling salesman BRADY-To marry for money ....,....,.......................,.......,...,. ......,........................... T ake in washings BOWER-To be a human skeleton .,.... ...,..... P atron of Ashleman's Sweet Shop BROWN-To get married ...,............. BRYAN-To be a hair dresser ....... BUSBY-To be a fighting fool ................ BUSH-To do away with bush wackers... CHERRY-To do as little as possible .................... CLARK-To be a pedigreed pee-wee pugilist ........, ....,..,,..,..Future already taken care of bald headed woman .........Selling suits with 2 pairs of pants Dodging puppies ......,...Sweeping floors in the Pastime ......,..Pin-boy in a bowling alley COBB-To be a glamor girl .................................... .................... F emale truck driver COX-To be an Atomic scientist .................... ....,.,. P rofessional toe-nail cutter COOLEY-To be a professional pole vaulter ...... ........,,...... P o-go stick champion DALE-To have a harem ...................................... .v.......,........... T raining fleas for a carnival DALLAS-To be a cowgirl .,...................................,..,,.................. Sheet scrubber fsheeterj in a laundry DEAN-To be a lady killer..L ......,..........................................................,.,.,,.....,,.,.,..............,,, Bull fighter EGLET-To be president of F. F. F. A. lFree Food For Askingl ...............,.,,,,.,,,,,,,...,,,,,..,,, Bull slinger FEBUS-To be the man on the flying trapeze .................i....,............................. Second Walter Winchell FOILES-To be a professional wrestler ........................ GETTMAN-To be paymaster for Ziegfield Follies ,....... ........Chief big boss of a Zulu tribe in Africa .........Pencil sharpener at the White House GIDDINGS-To be a concert pianist .........................., ..................,..,,.,,,,,...,,.,,,,,,r,,.,,,,,,,,, P iano tuner GRESHAM--To stay in bed all day ......,. ....... ........ R i ngleader for a gang of chicken thieves HADLEY-T0 learn I0 yodel ...............................,..............................,,..,..............,..,, A second for Tarzan HAGERMAN-To have shoulders like his prize heifer ...... Out on the Satus digging holes for gophers HAHN-To be a woman hater ..................................... ...,.,.,...................,.,, S erving time for higamy HALES-To wear a pair of dirty bib overalls .........................,....,,.,,.,.,.,,,.,,.,,,,, Coaching Charles Boyer HEILMAN-To distribute lunch tickets at the Farragut mess halls .....,, ,......,,, B ouncer at McKinley HEMING-To be i'Rosie the Riveterv fclass of '67j ............. .......,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L a dy fireman HENLE-T0 lie a ballerina ................,.........................,,.... ,,,,A,,,, J anitress at Top-Hi HOYT-To meet a good Frenchman .... .,,,,....,.,..,, M arried to a Swede INGALLS-To have a fur coat ....,.... JACK-To be a stenographer .............. JENSEN-To grow hair on his chest ........ 47 ........Crowing hair on her arms ........Sitting on the boss, lap .........Ladies' hair dresser SENIOR PROPHECY Ambition Future JEWELL-To get A's in English ......... ............................. M ule skinner JUMP-To be a C. P. A .......................... .............. ...... ...,... ......... Q C u t e potato Ahhhhhhhh!J KRAFT--To be a campus wife ..................,.............................,.....,,.................................. Getting educated KRAMER-To work in a midget show .......... Working on Puget Sound using his belch for a foghorn LAYMAN-To be an actress ........................ Co-starring l.ICl'ITENBERG-To have everyone learn in the 'gBig Sleepi' with an inner spring mattress how to pronounce her name ................ Giving up and changing her name to Smith LEIKAM-To be a radio commentator .........,.,..... ...,..,....,.,...i............................. C ommon Tater LOBDELI.-To be a perfumer connoisseur ...,..,.,.......,,............... Hauling beet pulp MASSETT-To dance on a dime ...................,................. .,............ I fishing for pennies down the drain MATHIS-To be an interior decorator in New York .....,...... White washing walls in the Toppenish jail MARTIN-To be an unclerstudy for Martin Downing .................................................... Singing bartender MESECHER-To be a burlesque dancer .................................. ......... W riting poetry for English MORRISON-To work in a ladies' lingerie department ......... .......... A ssistant to Frank Einstein OLIVER-To lay eggs ..,..........................,..........,..................... ..................... T he yolks on you! O'NEll.-To find a red-headed Irishman .................... .....,..........................,..........., I rish washerwoman ORTOFF-To throw erasers as well as basketballs ............ Walla Walla land we don't mean da townl OTEY-To sing with Ken Davison .......................... .......,..................... S inger for Shorty Wilkerson PATTON--To be manager of Top-Hi Lunch ...............................,...... Hog back-scratcher at State Fair PERRAULT-To kill the author of Uflpen the Door liichard ',.,.... .,.,.....,,....,.........,.......... O pening doors PETTY-To be a Toppenish cop ........................... .....................,..,...... S till on Wildcat paddle squad RING-To stop blushing ............................ ....,.,., T aking the place of the mid-town stop light ROBBINS-To get away with skipping .......... ........................................... S till doing detention SCOTT-To own a coffee plantation .............................,.,...............,.....,................ Gigolo in a speak-easy SCHALL-To be a famous Home Economist .................... ln charge of the pop corn stand at the theater SHEA-To own a newspaper ......,,.... ................ S till learning how to work that mimeograph machine SMITZ-To be a race track queen ..,............. .............. .....,.......,..... C l eaning stables at Longacres SPAULDING-To be an old maid ,................. ............. ....................... A r e you kiddin,?? SPIEDEl-To be ,lunior partner with Levi Straus Co STEPHENS-To have a deep voice .................. STOOPS-To be a a big town contractor .,.... STROH-No ambition-period! ................................ SULLIVAN-To get used to the big wide West .......,. THOMPSON-To be a singing telegram girl ........... THALHEIMER-To be first female mayor of Zillah ,..,... TELAKISH-To let her hair down ....,......................,.,..... WAGNER-To get rid of the 'AFive oiclock shadow" WALKER-Bulb snatcher in a girls dormitory ............... ..., WALTERS-To get ahead in the world .....................,,.. WARD-To have her camera in the back seat of And WENTZ-To be a tap dancer ............................................................Y.............................. WHITE-To get fat ................. 4-8 .......................Modeling suspenders .. .......... Still yodeling-unintentionally .......Selling teepees on the reservation ...................."Before" ad for Kremel .......llack in Missouri without his shoes ................Working on the railroad pottering around model for Drene Shampoo .........Growing hair on billiard balls ...Owner of a clip joint fbarberj another head rew's car .... Still laughing like 'uLena the Hyenal' .Fuller brush man ........Modeling for toothpicks SENIOR WILL We, the Senior Class of 1947 of Toppenish High School, being sound in mind and in good bodily health, do hereby make and publish our last will and testament, which document contains in- structions for the disposal of our affairs, to the persons hereinafter mentioned. Emily Aaberg wills her loud and boisterous ways to Barbara Ortolf, who is much too shy and quiet. Arlean Andreas wills her passion for typing after school to Delores Brink, without regrets. Bud Armstrong leaves his spot on the radiator in the hall to Henry Thalhiemer, who usually has it anyway. John Ashelman wills his ability to grasp English to Rudy Diaz. R. J. Bartlett leaves the whiskers on his chin to Ralph Bowles. Ruby Beard wills her highly suggestive name to Earl Brost who will probably have trouble growing one of his own. Mary Beatty leaves her fickle eye to Joyce Doyle. Bob Bennett wills his parking Spot in front of the city hall to Polly Ibatuan, who thinks he's a big executive anyway. Pat Benz wills her supply of potatoes and other food stuffs for banquets to Dick Sandberg, who will have to support the sophomore class. Shirley Black leaves the front door step of "you know who's,' house to Barbara Ortolf. Bob Bogucki leaves his position in the F. F. A. to Kenny Carpenter. Beverly Bohannon wills her ability to become engaged-period! Chuck Bower wills a "Quaint Caravanw to next year's senior English class. Valeta Brady wills her bottle of peroxide to Renee Jarman. Pat Brown wills her sweet disposition to Betty Reed. Beva Bryan wills her ability to get away with murder to Clarette LeBlanc. Tom Busby wills his half of the title of "The Gruesome Twosomei' of Busby and Brink to Blake Lott of Lott and Britton. Roy Bush wills his fancy name, Roy Wallace Bush, to Vincent Duane McDonald. Don Cherry leaves his nightly chore of putting his hair up on pincurls to Dan Dawson, who is none too fond of haircuts. Don Clark wills his handsome muscles and ways with women to Bruce Thompson. Mary Lou Cobb leaves her last bottle of hair rinse to Margaret Mary Andreas. Ken Cooley wills his title, g'Bones,,' to anyone who can be that thin and still walk. Mercedes Cox wills her unruly hair to the nearest rug factory. Wendel Dale leaves his ability to get along with the faculty to Don Lundberg. Everett Dean wills his ability to be enrolled at Top-Hi and still put in so little time here to Rudy Saluskin. Ben Eglet wills his ability to scare the life out of the chemistry class to Tom Rutledge. Junior Febus wills his place in old Top-Hi to his two younger brothers. Gordon Foiles leaves his nickname, 'gTiny,,' to his little brother. Alvin Gettman leaves his penmanship to Hal Jorgenson, who is learning to make an X. Pat Giddings wills three of the lashes on her left eye to Man 0' War whose mane is getting rather thin. Elwin Gresham leaves his conversations with Mr. Bothwell to Wilma Brink. Dale Hadley just leaves. George Hagerman, Herb Lobdell, Ed Walters and Al Wentz will their joy of playing poker in English to any of the junior boys who can keep the cards up their sleeves. 'Elmer Hahn wills his pull with Miss Hackett to anyone who needs it. Bob Hales wills his nickname, '4L0ver Boyfi to Dick Loderhose who is running a close second. Teresa Heilman leaves that little box of lunch tickets to some hungry junior. Delma Heming wills her artistically inclined hands to Dale Holcomb. Donna Henle wills her cute freckles to mighty mouse, Delores Hougey. Nadine Hoyt wills the curl 'in the middle of her forehead to Marjorie Bailey, who canit seem to keep the darn stuff out of the way. Myrna Ingalls, Barbara Mathis and Mary Dallas leave "they know whati' to Gloria Allen, De- lores Pope and Doris Crider. Florence Jack wills her gift of golden silence to Barbara Ingalls. Larry Jensen is taking those shoulders with him as they have really gotten him ahead. 4-9 SENIOR WILL Mae Jewell wills her love for driving education to Delores Pope-may the trees be few and far between. JoAnn ,lump wills her proud title, 'iAuntie Jo," to Gloria Allen, who has a new brother. Carl Kissler wills his pet saying, '6Why shore," to some poor fellow who happens to become attached to it. Esther Kraft wills her position as a '6Campus Wife" to someone very lucky. Larry Kramer wills his knack of having a big night and still struggle back to school next morning to Don Loomis, who tries. Joy Layman leaves her ability to do shorthand in English class to Roma Harris, who always has hers done. Betty Lichtenberg leaves her ability to be two weeks ahead of the class to Joyce Doyle, who would be glad just to keep up. Katie Massett wills her dainty way of walking to Delores McNall. Jerry Martin wills his ability to be "Mr. Fixit' to George Chandler, who has numerous trou- bles of his own that he can't fix. Betty Mesecher wills her ability to shoot spit-wads and throw clay in art class to anybody. that can get away with it. Charles Morrison leaves Buena, his home town, to his little brother, Sidney, with love. Barbara Oliver leaves her picture in the hall and all her love for dear old Top-Hi to the forthcoming senior class. ' Peggy OiNeil wills her place, at last, in Miss Krumholz,s classes to Doris Ocker. Paul Ortolf plans to keep his interest down at the California Packing Co. He likes it. ,loselyn Otey wills her ability to always have a date to her little sister. Guess it runs in the family. - Lewie Patton wills his ability to have more than one girl at a time and still be loved by them all to anyone who is that lucky. Richard Perrault leaves his hard-working ways and energy forkbrain work to Bill Otey, who struggles. Bob Petty leaves Wilma Brink to any junior boy who can prove he is just as "go-getting" as she is. Mary Ann Bing wills her quiet ways and gentle manner to Delores Pope. Norma Robbins wills her nickname, 'LQuee-nie," to Margaret Peck. Dale Scott leaves his ability to leave and enter a classroom without being heard to Earl Febus. Roberta Schaal wills her job in the office, without regrets, to anyone who can hold it down. Annabelle Shea leaves her job on the annual staff to any ambitious junior. Viola Smitz wills her domestic ability to .lerri Lockett, who will need it come 1950. Georgie Spaulding Wagner wills her rings to anyone as fortunate as she. ,lim Spiedel is taking his levis with him. They might come in handy. Bill Stephens wills his basketball technique to Don Brown, who, we hope, will make good use of it. Fred Stoops leaves Mary Lou to anyone who is man enough Uto try and get her." Bob Stroh leaves the key to his back door to any junior or sophomore who finds school a little too dull. Clyde Sullivan leaves his silent but masterful ways to Cy Morrison. Dorothy Thalheimer leaves Dutch Potter to anyone who is foolish enough to think that she can get him. Betty Thompson wills the lovely blue in her eyes to the Yakima River which is a bit muddy. Charles Wagner wills his ice skating technique to Virgil Drury. Barry Walker leaves his complete disregard of women to Dick Kelley. Marjorie Ward wills her instinct to nfight for whatis rightu to Florence Montague. Audre White wills her dramatic talent to Margaret Eglet. Pete Williams leaves his artistic poster drawing to Helen Punch, who will really be needed around here next year. Latrina Wolfe leaves her ability to be enrolled but not present at school to anyone who wants to "try again to see if it will work.'7 Dean Young wills his ability to give a wonderful speech without being heard, to John Wilson. Doyle Zable leaves his basketball ability to his little brother, Kenny, the last of the Zables. 50 FERN STUDIO "BeHer Phofographsn We Photograph S Thing Your Any , Time Photographer f Place Toppenish, Wash. Phone 11-403 Congra+ula'rions fo 'rhe Tohiscan Sfaff and members of +he Toppenish High School for complefing 'rhis fine annual. BROWN'S BI-RITE DRUG STORE fSchool Supplies, Drugs, Cosmefics, Prescripfionsj 51 CONGRATULATIONS FROM A THE H U B A H U B A Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Powell 52 PATTERSON HARDWARE CO.. INC. Phone 112 Corjgrafulafions To The Class of '47 TWEED'S GROCERY YOUR SHURFINE STORE 0 T SANDBERC P p TCPPSUISI' MOTO' CONGRATULATIONS C0mPanY AND BEST, wIsI-IES Your CI1evroIe+ Dealer From Paris and Service GOODYEAR TIRES Toppenish Branch HIGGINS BOATS f "Where Friends Meef Friends" A. A. A. Ph 381 FRED W. BIQEZILLITY I d SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK WHEELER ELECTRIC CO. H. iz. wnijizuziz, Owner AUTO PARTS l'iI,I'iCTRlCAL CONTRACTING 211 West First Ave. Phone 4475 ROY'S BODY SHOP 222 S. '1'UIlll9lliSh Ave. Phone 5935 C ongrafulafions From HOUSTON BROS. HARDWARE Zenith Radios Packard Rell Phonocords KELLEY and SONS RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION LUBRICATION TIRES AND ACCESSORIES GAS AND OILS 219 East Toppenish Avenue Gibson Ranges and Refrigerators Phone 3481 Schorn Paints Hardware Sporting Goods CONGRATULATIONS from FRED STOOPS 8: SONS Confrapfing and Cabinei' Works Telephone 6625 Parker Way THORP'S CREAMERY FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS CASH FOR CREAM MEAT CUTTING Consolida+ed FreighI'ways LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING Phone 411415 BILL'S CAFE J. C. PENNEY CO. AVENUE LUNCH Come in and Try SNO-KREME Duanne Layman Carl Hill QUALITY MERCHANDISE 2 Be Modern 5 E Learn to Fly With g BUENA FLYING SERVICE Fred Hiestuman, Proprietor for sc:-loot TOGS O- K- MARKET E. First and G Phone 5145 WALT'S BAKERY FRESH BREAD FRESH PASTRIES DAILY Phone 2632 Toppenish CONGRATULATIONS LIBERTY BEAUTY SALON COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE COLD WAVES OUR SPECIALTY Andrea Jewell Phone 5433 Toppenish JACK'S GARAGE .lack E. Passenger BRAKE SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRINC Phone 374-5 CLASS OF 1947 Henry's Plumbing Toppenish, Wasll. Phone 5333 EASTWOOD'S CASH GROCERY Shurfine Foods MEATS - GROCERIES East Toppenish Avenue CONGRATULATIONS From the MARTEL DRUG STORE C. R. Loderhose, Owner PECK'S QUALITY MEATS MEATS-FISH-POULTRY Phone 4645 CECIL'S RADIO CROSLEY DEALER SALES AND SERVICE Phone 3323 O. K. BODY SHOP FENDER REPAIR AND PAINTING IC. L. and I". IVI. Cooper, Proprietors KIRK'S TIRE SHOP NEW AND USED 'TIRES REPAIRINC AND RECAPPING Toppenish, Washington DAY'S ELECTRIC Your Hofpoinf - Kelvinafor Dealer CONTRACT WIRING Congratulations to Class of '47 GRAHAM'S Headquarfers for A READY TO WEAR SHOES CLOTHING Largest llne of piece goods in Phone 3842 Toppenish, Wash. the lower Value L CONGRATULATIONS E From I PIONEER D BOTTLING WORKS MISSION BEVERAGES Y I SQUIRT and S DR. SWETT'S 2 Parker Way ROOT BEER Po'rIa+ch Yards Inc. Buena, Washington PAINTS IIARDWAHIC LUIVIBER Builders of Beauty ROSES, EVERCHEENS, FLOVIIERINC SHRUBS, ETC. WASHINGTON NURSERIES Toppenish, Washington Phone 4305 MAPLE LEAF CREAMERY DAIRY PRODUCTS Toppenish. Wash. Phone 3701 WESTERN STORES AUTHORIZED DEALER Lloyd T. Wicks Toppenish, Wash BEST WISHES From BRINK GROCERY CONGRATULATICNS To fhe Class of '47 From Your QuaIH'y Jeweler A Prosperous Fufure MATHIS JEWELRY FRUIT TREES ROSES BERRY PLANTS CHARLES MORRISON NURSERY Ht. 1, Zillah Phone 2515 WE CAN SAVE YOUR RADIO BISHOP'S RADIO SERVICE STROH HARDWARE Your Marshall-Wells Store Phone 3305 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PAINTS PORTABLE FARM sERvIc:E SPORTING CUODS Phone 4603 Toppenish, Wash. Q CONGRATULATIONS DATE ST. GROCERY To The mass of '47 phone 4601 Toppenish, Wash. Phone 4285 Toppenish, Wash. TOPPENISH IRON WORKS Marhinisls and Welders ALI. KINDS OF MACHINERY REPAIRICD FAIRBANKS-MORSE SALES and SERVICE F. If. Locketl Phone 4845 Toppenish BERNIER'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 5425 Toppenish B. F. PARKER MOTORS USED CARS TEXACO PRODUCTS FIRICSTONE DISTRIBUTORS 220 West First Ave. Toppenish, Washington RAY'S RADIO SHOP MAYTAG-PHILCO Ilhmle 1-fl-02 Toppenish. Wash. King's Machine Shop RATHBUN BROS f MACHINISTS and WELDERS HARVESTER We Aim to Satisfy 312 First Ave. Toppenish, VVash. Toppenish CONRAD'S 2I2-216 S. Toppenish Ave. Ed TIOIII'Hll, Prop. Phone 3695 HOME FURNISHINGS LADIES READY-TO-WEAR FURNITURE MEN'S Sz BOY'S STOVES FURNISHINGS APPLIANCES SHOES TOWER SUPER SERVICE TRITON MOTOR OIL 76 GASOLINE 81 7600 GASOLINE 509 Washington Ave. CONGRATULATIONS TO 1947 CLASS CAMPBELL'S GROCERY SYSTEM FEED MILL Track Road-Telephone 59-1-5 Toppenish, Wash. AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for SHEAIVIVEII PENS AND PENCILS LAMB DRUG CO. M QUA and M BAKERY BAKERS of LITY BAKERY PRODUCTS SPECIAL CAKES WEDDING CAKES Reddy A KllowaH' 'Q nl ' A553 0 X f ' f gf: 0 if L gi' j Q3 li. ' 0 ' o Ni 4 Your 24-Hour Elecfric Servani' Pacific Power 8: L' I11' C . M and M BREAD lg O Toppenish, Wash. MOREHE'-D A coNeRATuLATloNs and C. Wayne Morefielcl R Prescrip+ion Service Cosme+ics, Giffs Souvenirs FOOD STORES Ifhmw 41 '1'0m,eniglq Ifast 1',0p,wniSh Ave. CONGRATULATIONS From The Sweet Cenfer HOME MADE CANDIES KARMELKORN FOUNTAIN LUNCH 209 S. Toppenish Ave. Phone 5315 BEN FRAN KLI N School Supplies PPIIIIUEEI uoizvys aogruag AVMGVOEI8 SMIVHSNDIOTIS BENZ BROTHERS AND CO. Cash Buyers Potatoes and Onions QUALITY FOOD From THE B AND C STORE INTERVALLEY RATULATIONS EQUIPMENT co. CONG Fort Road, Toppenish and S. lst, Mead Ave., Yakima CASE Farm Machinery Sporting Goods Farm Supplies Plumbing Rental Equipment Electrical Fencing YOUR FRIENDLY CASE DEALER TOP-HI LUNCH SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND LUNCHES Mr. and Mrs. New CLOTHES for +he MEN Who Care 44,4661 MEN'S WEAR 4 Telephone 3000 111 So. Toppenish Toppenish, Washington CONGRATULATIGNS GRADUATES OF 1941 CITY ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING 105 East Toppenish Avenue Toppenish, Washington NorI'hwesI'ern Na'ruraI Gas CorporaI'ion Water Heating - Cooking - Refrigeration Heating Tank and Cylinder Cas Propane-Butane Truck and Car Fuel Toppenish, Washington Phone 3515 - 3505 THE MUSIC BOX Records - InsI'rumen+s Sheet Music - Accessories- l0 North B St. Phone 6552 AVENUE GROCERY Groceries and Meats Verne Walker CHEVRON STATION Earl Darehe HAUGAN'S A Deparfmenf Sfore Congratulates the Class of 947 Buena, Washington Phone Zillah 2520 BLEVINS JEWELRY CONGRATULATIONS WATCH REPAIR Toppenish, Washington from the M A P L E I N N Best Wishes from Fountain Service Toppenish Tailors 8: Cleaners 216 West Ave. Phon 341 The TOPPENISH REVIEW "Your Home Newspaper" BEST WISHES To the Members of THE CLASS OF ,47 Galen F. Ramsay INSURANCE AGENCY WILLIAMS' Hardware and Furnifure Co. Spor+ing Goods Furni+ure Floor Covering Electrical Appliances TOPPENISH SHEETMETAL AND PLUMBING WORKS Phone 4995 Your Drive-In CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES from Phone 6623 THE BOND STUDIO PIANO ANTH ORCAN GRIFITH'S UNION STATION Buena. Washington TOPPENISH FLOWER SHOP 2231A3 South Toppenish Avenue VALLEY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS We Clean Everything Toppenish, Washington Phone 3765 Phone 4995 CONGRATULATIONS +o WesI'ern Engraving The Class of '47 8: CoIorI'ype Company from Seattle, Washington Po+Ia+cI1 Yards Toppenish Phone 4295 BLIC PU f' j9C?Z fxwci ' www 75Mwo,1i5 Eff? 6 ' X ,,, fgufijiil 76019 Wzlwf . af WMM frigid! BMA www Ejiiifffwf K9awiQy 96 EA LUQ,6,tm4f ww fffw 6 r V I u n Tx u I if j v- W I U ,X .L 1 L A A v .J , . 1 ., ..q 1 . V- ,, x R J -4 .1 ,,,3,gr - 5 tv. V1 49512 12213, , f . I N V -:1H I 1 1 4 ,1 , Nj' f S E V+ 5 .Ay 'A 4 3 l i r Vi .I E 1 i. . l 4 -Q. T ,.-L, f, L ., ' ,- J, , . N '-V. , r P I ,if .f VE J. 'F 'I 'J' . I x Q E I x 1 A 1 41- '- Q 1- 1 QV V JYTV. ,ll . Ee, .7 ' Fffj L., QV r Vs .wi 'I X 1. E 1' " AE-,K . . 5 f 'TM ' 3 1 - vip. w . 1 , -'- , ,J ' 1- .I 5 . '--- V M.--. ,, 3V ,wry X . X, .1 V- ,il L n is VTE J .V - 'V. v-' 'TN 1 ' 'in 4:nf,"'- 'A A f., f'-:.f' I' X, A Vi V. 31-1. F r - . A 7. .E f VV' 1. ,f Lg ' mf E ' I " vfhffff .. - J, Juv, 1- , -, . -r j-' . Q - Ir 5, K xr- . , . V . .. V V - ., P . ,JY , f - H -'-V-.xV" V: 'ra , ,Q kv Lj5'.34...1 -.'45.5S3'i.,--5 F, -- gff1.3?,:.Q?a 32 ,4 , 515. Q ' Y- 5 ' I v is Y.: . 1.1 , ks: F ,W ,EI 4 ,JZ , . AV tw I9-, ,.,. i V .1 V g- :Lg Af, 5- 1. , , 3, +1 iii, 15, .. vVVfi-'V-gy 5, f , 15' .. -,Sf 56,-' " N 'fl QW15- E11 .V g , i X 'EE' I in 2' - vi J ,,,V' i 1. 2 Wk! 1 -V . , .f . V: A 5 -51-3 'P 3 - "rf ? :, ' . V .ig ., ia. 1, - V: a f 5, 'V -a uf' A' liisf? 1212 f V-f -Q-gV,x. ,J lf . .gg ' W' 1 V5 V -Q 1 .1 "1 ' :Vri.V' 1 'V ff rl: - -- 11 Q L: , , .1-, V ,.-. K I 1 wk 'I Y v1 1 V. :A Lv P .. ,V ,, , , A b E tt! . I A I A 1 . J " ' ' . +214 z " . 'T , - l ' . 'Lf'.,1'-' z' ,1 .' . -V' V 'lu 4, V 'V lr-VV "J -- ' F: 5,4 - .. , .1 -, .,,J5q.Q5! ff. ,L :AV V Aigifgggi-.gwf g 'gl'v..,Q y, V X . .- V, . -4 ,: L Hx.. 1 .. ,VV4V. f,fg.93,g Q-, .'-. J' H, 5- PV '- ',, KI A NHL! 'fA1, ',g 14-1 .-- I. ' ,'QlY,l': Q, Ni, , ,-' ,ii Vfaffy L ei 'cf 1 553 fi f-Vi' V? , n grillj -as-gf' 7' , L L" -f l V 4 13- 3 " J u,,f if 1 ' fra GF' V

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