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I i I +I FROM Topeka's early pioneers to her students today at Topeka High School, his- tory is being made. The pioneers were the people. The fron- tier was their experience. A century ago, history was made - the kind of history we labor to learn in school. Compared to the pioneers, our struggles are small. The Indian raids, Quantril and the Civil War, disease and grasshopper plagues were real lessons of life for those hardworking Kansas farmers who called a sod house home. This bicentennial year we are remem- bering those early settlers of Topeka. We dedicate the 1976 SUNFLOWER to the past pioneers who helped shape Topeka and the present pioneers of Topeka High School who will shape the nation in the future. .. 14 1 fr EDUCATION in Topeka started in pioneer homes. As the population grew, settlers built Topeka's first one-room schoolhouse on Madison Street. Starting in the l86O's, more people settled in Topeka, creating a need for more schools and higher education. With its first 36 students THS officially opened in Lincoln School on September I8, 1871. Nineteen twenty-eight began a three-year period to build the present THS. Washburn University, also in To- peka, is one of two municipal universi- ties in the nation. Students come from all over the nation to attend Washburn, which has a highly reputable law school. ln 1954, the case of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education was the first step towards equal rights and integration in the schools. THS was designed to accommodate students to the year 2000. The media center and the special education de- partment are showcases for the state of Kansas. THS has an approximate en- rollment of 1800 students with a faculty of 92. There are 274 courses offered to the students from Boy's Food and Girl's Auto Mechanics to Human Anatomy and Physiology. Students have graduat- ed from the chalk and slate of earlier years to the computers of todayg for education has always been a major part of Topeka's growth. 5- A---a 5 '55 -1.1 yL..1:f1.4,,.-,g.-"j',:' .1 . ,.,. -. . . Vg .. ,- -... . -. sf - - 1 , 1. .,. .,... -.....- . :,. , . - , f- .' J Hb . , -V - - 1 --.-- 11 z'--,f --- -2. 'V "'. "L," 1:.,.'f - , vu- -4, , :' -, 1-.- :"" 'lJ"'1 -J", ' ,Z 1: -9 -' 1' V ,.,. ia. ,gl-'A ,.:1" L :ff -' A .-V, .., ..- S, 5,-' f "" '....- , 5 -. .,, . .,,-. .- ,.. .. -.., .. . . V- -,,-6, ,- .-.. W, - .s,,. -1. 5-1X.'--'7,',,...'1Tg,Q3': 'tm "'-.IJ fs.f-E. Y' - .1 "Q , ,.., c. ,,, ..--P ,mv 4: H, . . , ,,. U Qu ...,,. . ,-, 3,14-.,i - .., ., .. .. -1 ,. -VY ,,'...U,...-....,,a.,,,.i: N., ... ... , .-,- +.f. -1 --,. 4 V ,,L.V.. .N .,. ,- . . . . N ' t." is, SA' i ,. , NA, , ,, t 6, Q A., ,..-if-, ,- ,. - ff -. --t,...-L...-,. ,:..2?,f, gf, - "-' . .. V Y. my wind . , 3, , , -,.-.. r 5-L3 ,"'-.3-1-J -'PVIZ' I.- ..-1 ,A - .. N- -, -.-- -.. f- .C-'-C: ' -v- -- 7 tx ,N .V-A s, t .,t,...- ..- --. . .-4,-A .inf-5 - - ' - ':-1f"',- . X r.1-1-x..Zf1 f -' . , l 214,-L:-Q:-f 1 J "' - ' 'w-:?f1.v."'- " ' f N-,-,.. f--A X s .1-74.1 2.14 ' 'i X1 Tfitfiliriifigmn S Sift? Q .. V 2 V , I k , I E r I r 3 1. 3 i IN Topeka's first days, there was no direct communication except by letter. Delivery by the Pony Express was slowg it took seven days. Today we need only to pick up a telephone to talk to anyone, anywhere. In our modern world of tele- vision, radios, telegraphs, telephones and newspapers we are constantly kept informed of world affairs. In contrast, the pioneers knew little of world events because of poor communication. Their world was confined to their immediate surroundings. When the present THS was erected, the designers felt that communication would be limited within the building be- cause of its size. Consequently, phones were installed in each room. Eventually, the phones were found useless and were taken out. Now an intercom system is our room communication at THS, and our security officers communicate by Walkie-talkies. .- B Q V, X W . if 562. 'E-.. I - ,,...i 'w -,f . G . - . ' ' .. - vi 5" "w.I'5e A 1 ,Xa ,I --:.,?.j,,r.A:rfQ.q:-tn' If - U K Sgr, , J uN.1tl4'3. qgk., . Q . F.. -I..-, ' - - xr ' N buixdgl 1 I .Tai .libgk wt:-.5-.5 , W ' 3 . .. :,,.:.1m.,..- Q., .Um-4.-.1 V,-. , :.L l-, lg- K A " 1'4'fi1'fx:b.2iT' -Rx' I- '-6257? '34 3.1T'f.A: Q' Q B' af' fi ' - ---'P' 1 Lx 2, '- -" hc' " " 'L - .."'1' xl. .F-roy .. I lt' .. , 1. A ,I M A A .. , I , ,maui Q. ' "iS.f11f .ml-'I H ' "' " Q" A - A - l.fI---1-Q A --1 '-. .' . A., Q"'1-"i,.,,...a-rw-w'.q P -' - 3' L- 3,1-,A-Q..frr, '.q:'1f'. '-f'-"M 'M ' .- - ,. ' rm. 4: Q-V' -.z?,.'.:'v-Aviv - :frm ' 3 - r fx Hag, -if - S ,Q-..g.-V . . -qv: A . . ' J .. - A' " - A'-1" 1'--: -""'--a e3"g:.,Aa-pf-f,g542E-La: ,Q 2 -. ?"'4.k' -" ,-A.. .- - . ' .T 1 4I"!"1VV"A 3" ' ""A' " 9' 'r 4 - .:,..- VP he .- Q -... . ., ,,,a-.f,.1.J 6- ' -, A .1 - '- -y-qjl , I, ,., , r---r ,, ., ,- ,f -, ',, . -,, I ' -- .5 xg. ---'ms-"bf -. "M--Jr, yr.. - ,. , . -' x. ' ' A, -"I . l ' ' K ,- ,4-H--,.-1g5f'x2x': I' .ir ' " - " . A , I ' Q' . . - ' . . .- 'H-.'.', -,-:M-A ' AQ? ' ' f ' 1. ' L.',.8'. . ' auf? " -'x"f 1 .,-- .'.,ff , ,- Y , l I x A 'l'IV' pv- N ,"- . -4' L11-Q gia!-'5Q!'j'-l:f:z-- 4:y'4V'i.s?..gil.'., E'-'x:Ul,' ml ,-.Av .uni .J If - ' '::-.ab-V. 4.2 gl, W - - . . L., WJ, 4, , TOPEKA is the center of Kansas government. The state capital, state house and other government offices are located in our city. Topeka has contributed many impor- tant men to our nation. Among them is our former governor Alfred Landon, who continues to play a major role in national politics and was the 1936 Re- publican presidential candidate. Charles Curtis, vice-president under Herbert Hoover, was from North Tope- ka. Cyrus K. Holliday was a founding father of Topeka and organizer of the Republican Party in Kansas. THS has a special form of govern- ment, the Student-Faculty Board. It is one of the few in the nation. The Board is composed of students elected from each grade, representing their district, and members of the faculty. At their meetings Board members discuss prob- lems facing THS and solutions to these problems. Xl 7 WHEN the first lone settlers came upon the great, vast prairies of Kansas, they encountered a religious essence. For many believers, the Bible was a ma- jor factor involved in this experience. For others, exploring a new land or even seeing the hot Kansas sun setting on the Flint Hills was a spiritual experience. Religious beliefs played a large part in establishing Topeka and surrounding areas. The Swedes came to Topeka in 1869 and lived in the western side of the city. Other groups also came and settled according to their beliefs. Some built churches which became exceedingly im- portant as a source of comfort and inspi- ration in a pioneer life of hardship. The First Congregational Church, or- ganized in the log cabin of James Cowles in 1855. was Topeka's first church. Also in 1855, the First Method- ist Church was founded. Today, build- ings designed in both traditional and modern architecture represent meeting places for nearly 200 of Topeka's de- nominations. A new religion, the American Pentecostal Movement, be- gan in 1901 at Stone's Folly which was located at 17th and Stone St. The first organized black church in Topeka was the African Methodist Episcopal Church QAMEJ. A religious spirit is evident through- out Topeka. as well as at THS. This spirit shows itself in solitude as well as organized groups such as Campus Life or FISH Club. Since the time of Father Padilla, who came with the first explor- er, until today, this spirit has been con- tinually growing and affecting our lives. , 11333 4? x N' ' i .1 f nf. .,,. ' ..1.ff 9 MUCH of Topcka's growth can be attributed to her commerce and indus- try. Papan's Ferry crossed the Kansas River at a site near the present day city of Topeka. This successful trading post and ferryboat service, established in 1840, marked the beginning of business in Topeka. Papan's Ferry is no longer in existence, and along with it have gone some of the once familiar sights in To- peka: the corner grocery store, the coal and ice delivery wagon, and the livery and carriage repair shop. Other busin- esses such as the Santa Fe Railway, or- ganized in 1854, continued to grow and change with the city, Besides the established companies, Topeka continually attracts new firms and industries to the area, improving on her expanding business community. The influence of business is evident at THS. A variety of business related courses are offered, and students also have an opportunity to enroll in the Co- operative Education program. THS has student organizations such as Future Business Leaders of America and Voca- tional Clubs of America for those inter- ested in the commercial side of the com- munity. 'Q-'?'..,,, , ,., 5 ,Pfam ,, ,-1-4-'-A .vw ' 'Qkfvx "?'J3i5"-' JLJJI 1 , m ai L..Lu--' .., , AN American architectural mix, ranging from Gothic to modern styles, can be found throughout, the Topeka area. ' i C THS is one of Topeka's most beauti- ful buildings. Before beginning con- struction, the Topeka Board of Educa- tion made an extensive study of many schools in order to make the ideal struc- ture for THS. Approximately 1,600 people took part in the building design. The architect, Mr. Thomas W. Wil- liamson, took the ideas and compiled them into one unique building plan. Completed in 1931, THS was the first million-dollar school in the nation and won the 1961 Bellamy Award. The Trojan library is patterned after Hamp- ton Court in England which was Henry VIIl's royal castle outside London. Our famous Gothic tower is a combination of designs used in several English towers. The main design used was the Cambridge tower. THS cafeteria was modeled after a Grosse-Point, Michigan cafeteriag and the auditorium, with a seating capacity of 2,408, is in Gothic style. ir!! - .L:x.L:5 5 E3 s a 4++- nu! 437-gas: 'X HONORS have come to Topeka be- cause of the Menninger Foundation, the Gage Park Zoo and its Rain Forest, and the Mid-America Fair. The Menninger Foundation had its beginnings in 1925, in a farmhouse out- side of Topeka which is still used as its headquarters. In 1941, Karl and Wil- liam Menninger established the Men- ninger Foundation for Psychiatric Edu- cation and Research. The Gage Park Zoo is world re- nowned for its ability to reproduce young in captivity and its beautiful Tropical Rain Forest, which was dedi- cated on May 24, 1974, and is the only one in the world. Several Gage Park Zoo animals have reproduced, some bc- ing the only ones to do so while in cap- tivity. The Zoo has the only American Golden Eagles which have reproduced in captivity. In 1972, six Bengal tigers were born at the Zoo setting a world's record for having the most Bengal tigers born during captivity. Sunflower, the Zoo's giraffe, was the only One born in Kansas. ' Topeka attracts visitors from all over the state during the week of the Mid- America Fair. Approximately 250,000 people visited the 1975 Fair. Besides many rides and booths, entertainers are the main attractions at the fair. Topeka has had such famous people as the Os- monds, Olivia Newton-John, Mac Da- vis, Tanya Tucker, Country and West- ern celebrities and other performers. ll .'-if M, 8 .j -fs ' xii .4 -.4 L.- 620 :A 1 F ' -: .. -in ' .: 'ig v...,.,. 5 ' 'f"I.. """-5'-' fi ' ' 'T' 4 1- X -H i - mm- ?' ' 5 . Y , . , V .1 - '. A ' -2? V ye: 'zfv -L , t-' af. rw .--L' ' -' 1' --" --ij-A A -:TQh""? .5 -. H - --1 ..', - ' - -f4:,'e,. i5 'E - .- ' -4' - '-' I - 1, ' 152 Xi, A rf: ' M + :: N. L ,. --T: ., f " I 1: ' " - E-X R -ng ur..-,K g A . 1 - fzfy ,Z-,. - -- ', , , 4 . 1- A""'K-'---.1 Y W. -A --I-,-.-4aQ- M, ul A' ' Lx: EE X :FI 3' , I L. .rj ' .al ,Z 5. - -4 . .3 :vi v -.,.,,,,., 1.7.3 Q- ..., .G .,, ,fr-V. -x . . -N , ' A Q- -..- -:gg r' -N Hifi' ". Y ' N - I -. ... -V- . ,.... - X 5 .4 'Q 'x -8.001- ,.-,u ., 'fl 'Q'-. A .J ks 4 JS'-1 THE plains of Kansas are far from the site where the struggle for indepen- dence took place. Yet, at THS there stands a silent reminder of the early years of our nation. Through the efforts of Charles Curtis, the flagstaff of "Old lronsides' can be found on the school grounds. The U.S. frigate, officially named the Constitution, was commis- sioned in l798. In the War of 1812, the Constitution distinguished itself in bat- tle. When the frigate was to be scrapped in 1830, the opposition was so great that it became a permanent unit of the U. S. Navy instead. The spar was given to THS by the Navy and dedicated in 1932 with the help of a group of Sea Scouts from the national flagship "Kan- san". --p 'I Sunflower I976 Topeka High School Editor: Donna Southerland Topeka, Kansas Volume LX L- 1-Sli-1 fgvgv f 18 Frontiers Fruntlers Z" X Frontiers 19 New soph faces appear at school "Topeka High was a lot different than what I had heard,"said Sophomore Cindy Bonjour. "The size impressed me, but I found that once I was inside it didn't seem as large. I like this school, especially because you get to meet so many different people," she added. Among the old, familiar ones, 621 new faces appeared at THS. Now a yearly event sophomores were oriented to their new surroundings. Around 500 students danced to the music of "Wheat" at the orientation dance. At this time sophomores had the opportu- nity to join activities they were interest- ed in. I. Diann Lentz and Rhonda Castle play shuffle- board in their sophomore gym class. 2. Harold Green relaxes on a tire, 3. Sophomores Kriss Brown, Ralph Laris and John Lochr enjoy danc- ing in the cafeteria. 4. Dressed in bizarre clothes, sophomore Jeanne Kostanski is initiated into Squid Club. 5. Stuart McKinnon dances to the background of swishing skirts and rock music. "Y -',,',,. 20 Soph Orientation fix .nga , .0 , o l'r'.".,::"', 'I' f 'I' , ."9.r,,. I'f,. "'l "1 ' '.'I ,au .,'l' .Q -..e! c.,, .I :,- - ,A . o ,r.,"o.4. A-.,Q'y. '.' .. ."f0"'-'-4"f" 1.,c' , ,.lf,,u vasel- .o lu., l ::s'.' 1' ,,.a' ' nln..0' Q . , . A :'..' '-- ' " ' ' ' '.".:s ,,.-- af:-'in .l..NO,: ' " ,'22fff -' '.l our. , . . ,o'..a. .' -qg"Ng .swf 1 - . .'.' ,:.'.Q','0C, "'."'u .'q'!vn .' '0'c.b I -J S s-5 Soph Orientation 21 Trojan Football Highland Park 7-'12 Lawrence I3-22 Topeka West 20-28 Wyandotte 0-I4 SM South 0-50 SM East I8-42 SM North 0-42 SM West 0-2l SM Northwest 0-l9 lgl I ffl' i 22 Football .1 up Qu ' Q F"'f'e,,,"',4 'si N e h'0..1 Q ' 'lj' I ,' . 'u. ill , - ,- 'IL 4 1' 'J Losing record dampens spirits Practices that took hours of hard work and diligence produced frustra- tion, disappointments and a 0-9 record for the football season. Of course, there were exciting, even hopeful moments throughout the season: but somehow they didn't last too long or long enough. In the words of Quarterback Johnny Johnson, "After we lost to Highland Park and Topeka West, our spirits were down. We knew we were just as good as everybody else, but . . ." "After the 50-O loss to Shawnee Mis- sion South, we just tried to keep the scores close. I think we could have done a lot better if we would've won either the Highland Park or Topeka West game," he added. l. At the beginning of the season, student involve- ment was high. Unfortunately due to the losing record, enthusiasm dwindled at the end. 2. Var- sity Football: FIRST ROW: Mark Stubbs, Mgr., Lino Munoz, Mitch Gassman, Joseph Te- tuan, Kcn Hickman, Keith Rice, Aaron Zee, Dar- ryl Coker, Ben Neill, Chuck Howard, Steve Rou- sey, Kevin Bardsley, Mike Montgomery, Mgr. SECOND ROW: Dan Dickson, Mgr,, James Herbstreith, Tracy Moorman, Scott Davis, Mitch Duby, Sam Martin, Mark Harvey. Mike Look, Bill Hortenstine, Donald Hawkins, Robert New- man, Larry Desbien, Orlando Zuniga, Carl Skoog, .Ierry Henson, Mgr. THIRD ROW: Larry Hortenstine. Mgr., Robert Eisenhut. Terry Dud- ley, Charles Burns, Rick Perry, Greg Miller, Tom Shump, Johnny Johnson, Johnny Hyman, Terry Steuber, Bert Jeffrey, Steve Christian. David Bauerle, Keven Karst, Ron Molden, Charles Cox, Mgr, FOURTH ROW: Rick Moore, Tom Gaunt, Tim Wagstaff, Dan Hypse, Clay Schuetz, Thom- as Williams, Cornell Sowell, Keith McClellan, Johnny Jordan, Michael Sarkesian, Anthony Myers, Max Kendall, Tom Dring, Frank Ra- jewski, Herman Quarles, Rick Van Buren, Mgr. 3. Running with the ball, Johnny Johnson dodges opponents and gains yardage. 4. Football Coach Ron Stull demonstrates playing techniques to the Trojan squad who practiced every night after school at Chandler Held. Football 23 24 Football ua: 'WS-. me ' a. 41 N f 5 .41...+ 4, 'Q r fb., 1, ' 5-',' l f ,iailf , '.'.- Q QR V, . H T f t.kt'h."'d1' 4.5 h JJ w V. ,r.a1ixx, Lf' Mgt. ' .ix K "'!-.351 ' 'jg Y ,eftilt-Q?-:,..Y I H4 -- w , yi ,N . -Q 4. i .Q ,' FB hopes lie on underclassmen According to Coach Ron Stull. two main reasons explain THS' poor foot- ball season: not playing well on the road and inexperienced players not produc- ing as much as was expected of them. But as the saying goes. there is always next year . . . l. Junior Bert Jeffrey receives attention to his injury. 2. Junior James Herbstreith and Senior Johnny Johnson lead the way to the field, 3. Quar- terback Johnny Johnson stops to obtain instruc- tions from Coach Stull. 4. Keith Rice runs through loopholes to gain yardage during at JV football game. 5. Junior Tim Wagstaff runs off Chandler field from the huddlc. Junior Varsity football ended thc season with a 0-9 record. Football 25 26 Girls Tennis Q. 5 at i Doubles team takes Regionals "Love-love." "singles and doubles' remind everyone ol' one thing - tennis. The 1975 girls tennis team was also re- minding everyone of something else - quality. ln the words ol' Margie Ruck- crt. girls tennis coach. "lt was the best season we've had by l'ar and next season should be better since Senior Susan Ogle is the only one we'll lose from the IGP six." The top six players were: Julie Her- shey and Beth Dulworth. singles: Gina Gatti teaming up with Jeanette Brooker and Susan Ogle with Wendy Wells in doubles. Twenty to thirty were compet- ing most of the season. The team took second at the city meet as a whole and first in doubles. They also placed first and second in doubles in the regionals meet held at Salina on October l7, 1975. l. FIRST ROW: Stacie Remmele. Lucy Dale. Jeanette Brooker. Gina Gatti. Wendy Wells. Su- san Ogle. Kim Nelson-Palmer. Mgr.. Beth Dul- worth. Coach Margie Ruekert. SECOND ROW: Julie Hershey. Jodi Sutton. Jean Anderson. Lori Toedman. Debbie Carr. Nancy Ott. Karen Kre- sie. Linda Smith. Donna Berberieh. Shelly Saiger. 2. Juniors Gina Gatti and Jeanette Brooker work asa team during a meet. Both girls have been on the tennis team before. 3. Concentrating hard. Jeanette Brooker and Gina Gatti prepare to play. 4. Gina Gatti, Jeanette Brooker. Wendy Wells. Susan Ogle. Beth Dulworth. and Julie Hershey show ofl' trophies they earned at the city meet and the Olathe Invitational, All are juniors with the exception of Senior Susan Ogle. 5. Julie Hershey strains to return the ball to her opponent, Julie is a junior. News staff informs THS students "The World staff this year was un- usually small. but we worked very hard and found that a small. competent staff can produce a high-quality school news- paper," said Editor-ln-Chief Barb Bun- ICH. Rushing around interviewing, taking l. World Staff: FROM LEFT: Robb Nico- lay. Jame Cofran. Britta Loyd, Editor Barb Bun- ten. Gina Gatti. Cindy Keller. Roger Wilcox. NOT PICTLJRED: Jackie Slawson. Elizabeth Shepherd. Kim Johnston. Gail Bright, The adver- pictures, writing up final drafts and making layouts are only a fraction of the work the World staff spent to meet each deadline. Published every three weeks. the newspaper informed THS students of school and community ac- tivities. tising staffineludes: Tracy Moorman, Cathy Kad- licek, Hugh Mckernan. John Rogers. Ava Powell. 2. Senior Phil Anderson, sports editor. reads the finished product. Second semester Phil changed from sports to editorial editor. '1'q 28 World ,pi" .J Girls take pride in team support Valerie Moore, Jamie Sledd, Debi Tibbs, and Mae Hill had one thing in common: they were all Girls' Varsity Cheerleaders. The girls cheered at all the girl's volleyball and basketball games. They also helped judge at the gymnastics meets. The four girls attended a training clinic at Rock Springs, outside Junction City, during June of 1975. l. Juniors Jamie Sledd and Debi Tibbs showing off in thc halls of THS, 2. BOTTOM ROW: Valerie Moore. Debi Tibbs. TOP ROW: Mae Hill. Jamie Slcdd. Girls capture first city title Happy and disappointing moments were part ofthe Girls Volleyball season. Faithfully practicing from mid-August through November, the team ended with a I0-I2 record and won the city meet. Scnior Janis Krohe, captain, said, "We had pretty tough competition this year. A lot of our losses were to really good teams, but I guess the highlight was beating Topeka West at city." She concluded, "I think it was a suc- cessful year because we won city which is something THS has never done be- fore." Girls Volleyball has come a long way from the days when they practiced on the THS roof because of lack of facili- ties and space. School support for the team has also grown considerably. 30 Volleyball I. Junior Paula Vernon set up the ball for team- mate Junior Carol Hedges. 2. With determinia- tion. Senior Teri Canfield serves the ball. She has been on the team for three years. 3. Varsity Members: FRONT ROW: Vicki Chavez, De- mona Ingram. SECOND ROW: Tammy Holmes. Debbie Zcrger. Bobbie Bowlegs. Janis Krohe. Paula Vernon. THIRD ROW: Janet Chavez, Coach Rivera. Carol Hedges. Marsha Eakes, Teri Canfield. Lisa Packard, Brenda Holmes. Lori Shanon, Jackie Slawson, Mgr. 4 Girls Vol- Ileyball Team: FRONT ROW: Shelly Per kins. Vicki Chavez. Demona Ingram. Percilla Jackson. Carol Sprague. SECOND ROW: Tammy Holmes, Debbie Zerger, Pam Drum- mond. Bobbie Bowlegs, Janis Krohc. Pam Wa- tridgc. Sharon Flowers. THIRD ROXV: Lori Sny- der. Janet Chavez, Mgr.. Sara Dickinson, Meggin Wykert. Coach Rivera. Carol Hedges. Marcia Eakes. Teri Canfield. Lisa Packard. Brenda Holmes, Paula Vernon. Lori Shanon, Mgr., Jack- ie Slawson. Mgr. 5. Anxiety shows on the faces of Teri Canfield, Marcia Eakes and Demona Ingram as they work together as a team to return the ball. I Volleyball SM North Win SM South Loss SM Northwest Win Lawrence Loss SM West Win 2 SM East Win I, Loss I Highland Park Win I. LOSS I Emporia Win l Loss l Hayden Win Seaman Win Washburn Rural Win Shawnee Heights Win 2 City lst Regionals 4th L I - I Volleyball 31 Pep, enthusiasm wins spark plug "Ready. ok!" With lively jumps and chants, the Junior Varsity cheerleaders backed the .IV football. basketball, and wrestling teams. Consisting of six girls. the squad sponsored a car wash and bake sale dur- ing the summer in order to attend a cheerleading camp at Rock Springs Ranch. Captain Diane Deeter said, "We have a great squad this year. We did well at camp and won a spirit stick and a spark plug." l. Lucy Dale looks somewhat tired after cheering at a .IV football game. She has been a cheerleader both her years at THS. 2. JV Cheer- leaders: FROM LEFT: Diane Dceter. Cyn- thia KIGIHC7. Dana Hays. .lanice Moore, Lucy Dale. Shelley Grant. Yearbook theme is Bicentennial Excitement was the key word for the 1976 Bicentennial Sunflower staff. The staff was involved with re- search about Topeka and THS and was surprised with the historical facts found. The 1976 staff was a small but strong group. With Donna Southerland as Edi- tor-ln-Chief, the staff worked hard de- signing layouts, meeting deadlines, and making many decisions. The end of the 74-75 school year meant many before- school meetings to brain-storm ideas re- garding this special book. Although the staff was interrupted by a change of advisors at the beginning of the year, they adjusted well and went on to promote the sale of over nine hundred yearbooks. l. Editor Donna Southerland and Nancy Fitzpa- trick look through negatives for yearbook pic- tures. Nancy, a junior, helps to organize photo- graphic assignments. 2. BOTTOM ROW: Sharla Alexander, Elizabeth Smith, Shaun La Branch, Greg Young, Diane Houghton, MIDDLE ROW: Terry Steuber, Don Dortch. TOP ROW: Luan Carlisle, Michelle Cusic, Elaine Kaufmann, Don- na Southerland, Renee Fortner, Paula Hisel, Sunflower 33 Drill Team 53 members strong, entertains Trojan supporters Cold knees were hidden behind past- ed smiles as Drill Team entertained football crowds. Throughout the year, jazz and high-kick routines added zest to half-time activities. Drill Team officers attended a sum- mer camp where they obtained many ideas for the upcoming year. Perfecting routines required many hours of prac- tice before and during school. In order to pay for various expenses, I. DRILL TEAM. FIRST ROW: Ann Alex- ander, Diane Tribble, Kim Nelson-Palmer, Gina Gatti, Brenda Worley, Malia Baumgardner, Sally Hare, Teri Canfield. Melinda Breeden, Pam Thomas, Marci Hunter, Becca Osborn. SECOND ROW: Susan Merillat, Cindy Laybourn, Julie Sutton, Becky Trupp, Julie Hershey, Nancy Ma- gee. Johanna Woollcott, Glenda Sklenicka, Kim Johnston, Kathy Specs. Cheryl Humphries, Nan- cy Fitzpatrick. THIRD ROW: Linda Geiger, Ja- net White. Kathy Hartwell, Kim Hartter, Elise Remmelc, Marcia Eakes, Tresa Bucholz, Jean Stanley, Kathy Hutton, Debbie Gannaway, Susan the girls sponsored a taco sell, car wash and sold basketball buttons. Later in the year, they performed during KSU, KU and WU half-time activities. Summing up her year as captain, sen- ior Sally Hare said, "I wish everyone could have a chance to be a Drill Team officer because we all have grown men- tally and are aware of ourselves. I will always cherish this year." Ogle. Terry Shump, Wendy Wells, Candy Wright. FOURTH ROW: Jeanette Brooker, ln- gerborg Larson, Peggy McGhehey, Diane Staf- ford, Anita Dreiling, Cathy Mealman, Julie Hein, Elizabeth Shepherd, Kathy Rolfs, Dainta Steele, Linda Smith, Shelly Nieman, Sandy Bowen. NOT PICTURED: Janice Kessler, Carol Hedges. 2. DRILL TEAM OFFICERS: Brenda Worley, lieutenant: Melinda Breeden, lieutenant: Malia Baumgardner, co-captain: Sally Hare, captain, Teri Canlield, lieutenant. 3. Drill Team practices flag routine on THS Held. 34 Drill Team .-xg, 1'-fit-it-'F -mf Il I i, Q 4-Q J "..1"' 1 f , ' r Drill Team 35 Yelling Trojans add pep, zeal Standing in front of Trojan support- ers with smiling faces, the varsity cheer- leading squad and yell leaders provided pep and enthusiasm throughout the year. Time and energy were involvedg the squads practiced stunts and cheers twice a week. "You have to give up other important things to make time for yell leading, but it's worth it," said Scott Moore. In addi- tion to practice and cheering, the squads sponsored a spirit party, skating party and bake sale to raise money for basket- ball uniforms. I. Tom Copeland, Brad Koehn. and Scott Moore monkey around. This was their first year as yell leaders. 2. "See no evil, speak no evil. hear no evil." Faye Goslin and Ruth Gleason have both been on cheering squads before at THS. This was Regina Wells first year to be on a squad. 3. Lean- ing on one another chanting "where oh where . . the varsity cheering squads entertained the crowd. 4. Varsity cheerleaders: Ruth Gleason. Faye Goslin, Jeanine Humphries, Liesa Moore, Kathleen Olivia. Regina Wells, Susan Moore and Michelle Payne. Yell leaders: Brad Koehn, Tom Copeland and Scott Moore. 5. Head cheerleader, Liesa Moore. has been on a squad all three years at THS. -Wh V-. CLA hu' .V i. Q Y j 7 I - lf.. , ' - M... f 4 'eprlsyxf X-'ae 36 Cheerleaders Q3 ix .Q t ' r J nv-" -4 'av 1 L-A ,Ya "4.,x. Mu- a Cheerleaders 37 Choraliers gain music knowledge lf you have ever been on second floor during sixth hour. you heard the femi- nine voices of thirty-seven Choraliers all the way down the hall. Mr. Elbert Fly. director, listed the three group goals as learning to read a musical score, techniques for proper voice use, and learning to work together as an ensemble. The group was involved in the Fall Concert which was held on the evening of October 21, 1975. They also sang at Christmas and the Spring Concert. l. Sophomore Lori Frisbie sings choral selections during a practice 2. FIRST ROW: Monica King. Laurette Rhea, Kim Anderson, Cindy Worlds, Laurie McFarland, Cindy Wells, Beverly Barney. SECOND ROW: Mary Apperson, Brenda Bea- son, Megan Bardsley. Lori Campbell, Collette Smith, Linda Jordan, Janet Martin. THIRD ROW: Marrisa Vazquez, Kim Kaiser, Alicia Blair, Sally Franzke, Stacy Remmele, Sarah Bremer, Jane Sanders, Michelle Watson, Nancy Kruse. FOURTH ROW: Chris Underhill, Mi- chellc Horton, Leonora Taylor, Kim Kelly, Lori Frisbie, Pat Polter. Joanna Price, Ruth Runnels. Denise Hogan, Marybeth Jester, Linda Lewis. NOT PICTURED: Alice Holley. Geneva Panton, Sara Ruge. Linda Wells. f l . 5 ,X J Choir performs for T.V., festivals Choir kept themselves busy this year with many concerts and television ap- pearances. The sixty-five members were involved in the Fall Concert and the Area Holiday Festival which was held at the Municipal Auditorium on De- cember 22, 1975. They also made a tele- vision appearance on WIBW December 9, 1975 to sing Christmas songs. Mem- bers also performed at the Spring Con- cert held on May ll, I976. I. FIRST ROW: Joe Tetuan, Brenda Worley, Cheryl Paschall, Susan Miller, Marita Nevin. Cheryl Hadden, Marcia Hunter, Christal Herr- mann, Renee Fortner, Betsy Halloran, Shelly Grant, Nancy Fitzpatrick, Nancy Foust. SEC- OND ROW: Gearlene Wills, Elizabeth Shep- pard, Lori Kirkegaard, Kathy Rolfs, Kathy Bixel, Nancy Ott, Cathy Beyer, Paula Westerman. Sharon Lane, Beverly Robards, Orlando Zuniga, Sandra Burbach. Shernise Spearman. THIRD ROW: Hugh McKernan, Peggy Shnell. David King, David Nall, Debbie Bremer, Helen Forste, Kathy Eisland. Karla Rhea, Jeanette Oppitz, Sherrie Rinne. Nola Wright. Dorothy Van Slyke, Theresa Lemon. FOURTH ROW: Ben Sola. Phillip Cummings, David Vicory, David Mannell. Dwayne Ryans, Gary Shinn, Modesta Foster, Lori Snyder, Karen Bloom, Sandy Mathews, Car- ol Hedges, Nancy Magee, Alan Renfro. FIFTH ROW: Sam Martin, Tim Townsend, Steve Doug- las, Kreg Hoover, Rick Redick. Don Hawkins, Van Graves, Jim Van Slykc. Trveor Wright. NOT PICTURED: Karen Axleton, Sharon Axelton, Debbie Ayres, Tresa Buchholz, Robert Garrett. 2. Choir members practicing for performance during fourth hour. Ch Play highlights dinner theatre Newlyweds living in a small New York City apartment and the troubles they encountered made the dinner the- atre play a humorous and enjoyable one. "Barefoot in the Park," directed by Miss Martha Herrick, was performed on October 9, 10 and ll in the THS cafeteria. "I enjoyed doing dinner theatre in the cafeteria because it gave me the oppor- tunity to work closely with the audi- ence," said Lori Kirkegaard. "The suc- cess of the play is due to the fine direc- tion of Miss Herrick. It was also a great chance to get to know those people bet- ter. The play took a lot of tiring rehears- als, but it was worth it," Lori added. While they were eating, the audience was entertained with dinner music and later with a musical preshow featuring the Madrigals, Girls Ensemble and the Flysmen. A great success, the play was performed for the Secretary's Conven- tion in November. l. Miss Herrick and Tom Blevins relax a minute while watching the play during a practice. 2. Bat- ting her lashes, Corie tenderly captures Paul's attention. 3. With their coats on ready to go out to dinner, Mr. Velasco describes his favorite restau- rant. 4, Paul gives the repairman instructions. 5, Both in tears, Corie's mother explains to her daughter the reason why she has on Mr. Velasco's kimono. 40 Dinner Theatre .las 'N 43 , Characters Corie Bratter ...... Lori Kirkegaard Telephone Repair Man . Tom Blevins Delivery Man ........ Kyle Hobble Paul Bratter ........... Dan Bailey Corie's Mother . Elizabeth Shepherd Victor Velasco ........ Kreg Hoover Dinner Theatre 41 42 Homecoming Spirit week adds smiles, laughter to Homecoming Cries of "herd- 'em'up" and "trick or treat" were heard throughout the halls of THS during spirit week. Hobos, cow- boys and Indians appeared at school. Students amused each other by dressing in warm-up suits and Halloween cos- tumes, and Gold and Black day ended the week. Spirit week preceded activities for Homecoming '75, sponsored by the Stu- dent Faculty Board. The week provided a creative outlet for students and built up excitement and enthusiasm for Homecoming. l. Scott Roeder could have easily passed for a greaser on 50's Day.2. Mr. Rapp, art teacher, shows his school spirit by dressing like a greaser. 3. Making their own Halloween Day costumes, Pennny Apps and Tammi Vausbinder dressed as crayolas. Assembly, floats build enthusiasm Slides of previous THS queens de- picted the theme, 200 Years of Beauty, at the Homecoming assembly. Seniors active in fall sports were recognized. Acting as emcee, Senior Class Vice- President Mark Rafferty introduced Saundra Ford, the '74 queen who was escorted by football coach Ron Stull. Candidates Teri Canfield, Faye Goslin, Judy Hamilton, Patricia Leal, Susan Moore and Kathleen Oliva followed, dressed in formals and escorted by ju- nior and senior men. After the assembly, the annual Homecoming parade formed, consisting of 35 entries. Approximately five blocks long, the participants processed down Kansas Avenue. "I think it was the biggest parade we've ever had," said Division A Prin- cial Norman Johnson. Judging the en- tries, Booster Club awarded FBLA's float First Place as most representative of the theme. I, Junior Kathy Spees flirts with the photographer before the parade begins. 2. Dominic Gutierrez, french horn player, prepares to march with the band. 3. Dressed in a Mexican costume, Maria Vasquez joins in the parade with MAYO. V Homecoming 43 Homecoming 1975 Ni! jj? ff, I J- lla., J' 'F fFqi:f4'O':t I ,af . . gg.-. 1 f ,il unvjf., 511, 'lffi 'He- 1'o'F.v:i.:1:'la'i2Jf iff-, fl' 1.-1'.+.v+g ,,, ,f,4',.',:r,,,.au-51' H4-rffr -Q f, ',:f"'?:fq '71, -'4f.ffPl.Q' 'ffm ,fn '4-Ufgi, ' 1:,f.'f,,5 ik fwfr 1,51 rv ws,,. u- ' r' 4 Wil' I-fiMf'.15 If-lffftlfxa 'QF I. -',.. .. -2- mccoming 1-1-5133 A 3, - ' .""'-3. ' Kumi.. 5'-fx, .2495 . - t F, I- 1 .:+-:Yvu -T, '-' x J? -. V ' xtiqggkgx .' 5 ' . .4 ' V x - . '1':1n'7't':'.f '-" .. ' K , " .X-Y.: 5 '. - ' ' . A., ' 3 f ' 'ii ' . ' of . ' ' 4 v' ' '.', -A 4 v . . v 5 . l' 1 , Y Q., I' A .v 'sf rs - M V Im.. '- ' v ,ey , VX: :' ':1'C'5'x, , .. n V , K -A X, Q --gn, p ' xx 14, I P I O 9. l "., 1, ? Q 1' bg T4"Ki:' , 1 ,n'4 A i' . ' - . . - r ' I l . 3. . D f, j an I 1 . 1 ff , r 5'-Q X - 4 ' :gap Q-fs' 5, ' ' . . Y . il A , JJ ' 1 'V A-lt. -I ,fy i . - :ja 'gd A t . ta ',n V V " - A ,viz sg' , '-Q ' A 4 " 59" 'X I i , 1 V . , , AZ ' - - 4 1 . " 9'-2' 9i:.',,Qf v 4 , M 5 . t L- -ilk... L , .4 1 X Q, if i-lift, i:?fA'4',!:':f, xt -' A f J n If . M. l t I , v . A 8 , ' 357 , xii IH,-K' A HJ' I rim -l Y 'lf' .ft 1 A 1.35 I 1: 3 if, 3 ja , " Us .Q 5 Eff . H " , it q ' ing - -. , f y , t ' V51 i' ' ., "' . "-f?vJ?'W 5 fe ' als- e .,,f, - ,g. ' W If ni 135' . X ' -65 ff p' . , , 79 If ' 7 ' '51 lf: ., 4 . .Eid ,Mi m . - ,. ' -iqi.. , - . - r'9'1i' ' -A I V F 'K ' H ff 1 y 1 - 1 '2 , , . I 1 '44, 1 u fl 5 5 I, .ll f""'- Alf A -" 72 nj' ' L ,N Teri Canfield Patricia Lcal Susan Moore Kathleen Oliva Judy Hamilton Faye Goslin 46 Homecoming Susan reigns at game festivities Anticipation and excitement flowed throughout the crowd at the game, all waiting patiently for half-time activi- ties. Cars furnished by the Antique Auto Club carried varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders around the track. Seated in Booster Club's float, the six Homecoming queen candidates fol- lowed. Playing an active part, Drill Team and band formed the letters THS on the football field. Each candidate was es- corted from the float to the field by her father or close relative and stood anx- iously waiting. Crowned by Mr. Connie Skinner, Susan Moore was all smiles as she became the 1975 Topeka High Homecoming Queen. "Everything happened so fast," said Susan "But it was probably the most exciting moment in my entire life." l. Playing against SM East, Trojan crowds wait for the kick-off. Trojans lost to SME, 42-18. 2. Directed by Mr. Don Meredith, the band plays while Drill Team stands attentively. Both groups practiced together before school to perfect their half-time program for Homecoming. 3. Senior Hugh McKernan portrays the THS Trojan: 1975- 76 was his first year in the mascot role. l , ,, A T?I ,i?"kfiL .gi 1 ll" Homecoming ,75 ends with dance Nearly 500 students attended the Homecoming dance following the game. Music was provided by the band, An- tiphony. "It was fun. It was a good band and everyone danced," said senior Pam Dinwiddie. The dance, sponsored by the senior class, was held in the THS cafe- teria. l. Warren Evans and Janice Moore, the queen's younger sister. enjoy dancing. 2. Queen Susan Moore lakes time out to pose with her crown on in the reference library. 3. Elated. Susan dances on clouds with Brent l-lildyard. Hmecoming 47 Cross Country ruins Lawrence Cross Country got off to running start this year. The team's main goals were to go under 10.40 in time and to beat Lawrence. They did both. The har- riers took sixth in the Regionals which were held in Wichita. Individually, Martin West took Erst in the state, Anthony Evert took second and .lim Goff took third. When Senior Jim Goff was asked whether he thought this season was a good one, he replied, "Yea, the best I've been in". Hopefully next year's team will be as good as this years without the help of graduating seniors Jim Goff, Phil Anderson, and Martin West. l. Juniors Danny Alverez and Brady Robb com- peting at Cross Country meet. 2. BOTTOM ROW: Brady Robb. Dan Johnson, Ken Chapman. Paul Adams. TOP ROW: Martin Wcsl. Phil An- derson. Tony Everett, Coach Clardy Vinson. I ,gf 4 48 Cross Country .qua-ii fi, I I A LQ-4 ., Q ' 0 J Dancers praised for performance "Life Should be a Dance" was the theme of the Modern Dance show per- formed in December. Fifty girls, giving a professional performance, impressed faculty, parents and students. The girls sold candy and baked goods to raise money for the show. In prepara- tion for next year's show, members earned money with a buffet. I. FIRST ROW: Shelley Perkins. Brenda Beiter, .lean Anderson, Cindy Boutwell, Lori Frisbic, Patti Fogelberg, SECOND ROW: Marita Nevin. Karen Kresie, Barb Tufley, Susie Brooke, Adrianne Moseley, Sandy Brooke, Linda Beiter. Lcslic Vigus. THIRD ROW: Shayla Sprague, Linda Jordan. Martine Hunter, Lisa Monroe, Pat Poiter. Ann Straub, Lori Campbell, Martha Neu, Sandy Burbach. FOURTH ROW: Kathi Long. Beth Martell, Denise Hogan. Carol Sprague, Sal- ly Franzke. Linda Smith, Tammy Smith, Terri Shump. FIFTH ROW: Lucy Dale. Kim Nelson- Palmer, Sally Hare, Janice Kessler, Ruth Run- nels, Connie Miller. Susan Dehart. SIXTH ROW: Julie Hershey, Pam Nichelson, Susie Zeller. Julie Sutton, Cheri Humphries. Carol He- drick. Megan Bardsley, Kim Kelly. 2. Juniors Su- sie Zeller, Diane Utech and Pam Nichelson re- hearse their saloon scene for the Modern Dance show. Modern Dance 49 50 Mandala Mandala works around problems The Mandala, the creative writing publication. has been in existence for three years, and five issues have been published. Many subjects have been written about in the form of poetry and prose. Students at THS have contribut- ed greatly with material submitted by themselves. ln the 74-75 school year, the staff asked the grade schools and junior highs branching off from THS to give literary material to one issue ofthe magazine. Editor Jacob Dickinson headed a staff of sixteen. lt took approximately four to five months to complete the 1975 issue. The staff's biggest problem was obtaining enough money. ln November, Mrs. Chris Ives, facul- ty advisor, took a small group of cre- ative writing students to a conference at Coffeeville. Concerning the Mandala, Mrs. Ives said that much of the poetry submitted was depressing, about death and dying. -Ei? S TY' Til' '1 ,,,. .. mvarvliicllhs it 5, 'i"""--- --N l. FIRST ROW: Robin Taggart. Bea Eleftheriou, Julia Clulow. SECOND ROW: Jacob Dickinson. editor, Cindy Clulow. John Mcnninger. Jackie Slawson. Sara Dickinson. Chris Ives. faculty advi- sor. 2. Senior Jacob Dickinson and Junior John Mcnninger enjoy the finished product of their hard work. Thespians begin their 44th year Taking an active part in all THS the- atre productions, Thespians were kept busy throughout the year. Miss Martha Herrick acted as the group's sponsor. The purpose of Thespians as stated by Elizabeth Shepherd, president, was "to share their common experience in the theatre." She said, "I've heard more good comments about the productions this year than any other year I've been at THS. The sets have also been better this year, thanks to Mr. Hanson." I. Junior Dan Bailey studies his lines for his part in "Barefoot In The Park" while Miss Martha Herrick watches the other cast members AIC! their scenes. Approximately. this is Miss Herricks fifti- eth production for THS. 2. The members of Thespian Club standing in front of the Grand Theatre. FIRST ROW: Tom Blevins. Dean Renfro. SECOND ROW: Betsy Halloran, Rick Bixlcr. Julie Towle. THIRD ROW: Robert Lynn, Tag Worley, Phil Cummings, Helen Forstc. FOURTH ROW: Nola Wright, Elizabeth Shep- herd. Debbie Bremer. Gina Coniglio. FIFTH ROW: David Vieory. Diana Eaton. Sandy Math- ews, Jan Rcnfro. Tresa Buchhol7. Lori Kirkc- gaard, Alicia Bair. Erin Monroe. SIXTH ROW: Karla Rhea, David Nall. Liza Menningcr. Cathy Beyer. thu It Thespians 5I CCBS takes on school projects The CCBS sponsored many activities during the year. The group had bake sales, parties and the annual CCBS Tal- ent Show. Mr. Mike McCrory, faculty sponsor said in the 76-77 school year the club would change its name and that anyone could join. He also said there were no club officers because it brought about a feeling of inferiority to the rest of the club. However, there were committee heads for parties and other activities. The club met every Wednesday to dis- cuss projects and events. I "QW '- l. FIRST ROW: Pat Summerville, Sandy Bowen, Carmen Vaughn, Dwana Gentry, James Wood- son. SECOND ROW: Kathy Summerville, Pau- line Eatmon, Karla Rhea, Lawrette Rhea, Mr. McCrory. THIRD ROW: Tony Gant, Tanya Hays, Twila Bowen, Ricky Richardson. NOT PICTURED: Sheila Cook, sponsor: Tammy Holmes. Brenda Holmes, Ava Powell, Priscilla Jackson, Vanessa Holmes, Sheila Bennett, Jonell Gethers. 2. Junior Tammy Holmes and Senior Karla Rhea gather with other students and spon- sors Mike McCrory and Sheila Cook for a CCBS meeting. J C ,,. . so- 11"' ' us. uu- .un su. L-:Phi S if Students elect sophomore girls ' "lt was tough at the beginning of the The sophomore cheerleaders partici "YQ year because we had just been elected, pated in Homecoming activities by 5' and we hadn't learned many of the helping decorate the sophomore football 'H' cheers yet," commented sophomore float and by escorting the Homecoming cheerleader Angela McGuire. Queen candidates at the game I. Sophomore Shelley Chelsen has enjoyed being a cheerleader this year. The squad practiced every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 2. Sopho- more Cheerleaders: FIRST ROW: An- gela McGuire, Shelley Chclsen, Lawrelte Rhea, Tanya Hayes. SECOND ROW: Marcia Davis. Lucy Miera. 3. Lucy Miera and Marcia Davis back their team. The sophomore basketball team lost against Topeka West. Soph Cheerleaders 53 54 Boys Glee Singers combine for fall concert "This year it seemed feasible to com- bine thc Boy's Glee with the male sec- tion of the Madrigal Singers. The com- bined groups made an excellent contri- bution to the fall concert," said Elbert Fly, director. Mr. Fly also commented, "The en- rolled group worked beautifully and made much progress." Meeting every day during second hour, Boys Glee practiced singing all types of music. The group, consisting of I I boys, sang at the fall and spring con- cert. I. Sophomore Mike Nolting asks a question about music interpretation. This is Mike's first year to be a part of Boy's Glee, 2, Boy's Glee: FROM LEFT: Jeff Warner, Dean Renfro. Anthony Graves. Cruz Sola, Paul Adams. Clarence En- groff, Rick Bixlcr, Mike Nolting, Duanc Dickson. Mike Dcnno, Marty Shump. " .yarn 111 1 .--,. 49 Madrigals perform at Cedar Crest Madrigals have been a part ol' THS for thirty-two years. This special group is for advanced voice students. offering them an opportunity to better their vo- cal education and skills. The seventeen members of Madrigals spent the year performing for service. womens' clubs and church groups. The group also sang at the governor's man- sion during Christmas. Madrigals made a total of twenty-eight appearances dur- ing the Christmas season. I. Tom Townsend. Kreg Hoover. David Xflannell, Dorothy Van Slyke. Kathy Rolfs and Debbie Ayres look over their music before singing. Vad- rigals practiced every day during fifth hour. 2. Madrigals. at the Topeka Public Library. pose before :t newly installed stained glass window from historical Woodward House, FIRST ROW: David Mannell, Lori Kirkegaard. Rick Redick. Dorothy Van Slyke. David Nall, Debbie Bremer. .lim Van Slykc. Christa! Herrmann. SECOND ROW: Cathy Beyer. David King. Debbie A5 res. Tim Townsend. Lori Snyder. Phil fummings. Kathy Rolfs. Greg Hoover. Nola Vkiright. 1 45 Madrigals 55 Hill House chills large audience Characters Phil Cummings Dr. Montague Johanna Woollcott Theodora Nola Wright Eleanor Tom Blevins Arthur Parker Debbie Bremer Mrs. Montague Robert Lynn Luke Sanderson Donna Ackors Mrs. Dudley 56 Fall Play SS ' V I .JL Friday, November 14, 1975 was a very chilling night at THS. The produc- tion of "Haunting of Hill House" was given in Hoener Auditorium. The play was about a house that possessed people who lived in it. The people were then driven out of the home or killed. The house became deserted for about twenty years. Dr. Montague, played by Phil Cummings, broke the houses's isolation and called together two psychics. His research brings about a series of crises in which Hill House claims another fa- tality. The cast was headed by Mrs. Her- rick, producing her fifty-first play. Mrs. Herrick said that the attendance was high by THS standards and that there were a large number of students attend- ing the play. l. Mrs. Montague babbles on about her luggage while Luke Sanders and Dr. Montague. involved in their chess game, ignore her. 2. Unable to sleep. Eleanor and Theodora discuss the super natural. 3. Dr. Montague. Theodora, Eleanor and Luke Sanderson talk over the night's events, 4. Theo- dora and Dr. Montague listen intently as Eleanor defends her feelings about the house. 5. Tom Ble- vins, Robert Lynn, Phil Cummings, Debbie Bremer and Donna Ackors receive applause at the final curtain call. ...4 fi Fall Play 57 Board active in student programs Student-Faculty Board kept busy this year with activities. On October l4, l975 an all-day caucus was held forthe student members ofthe Board. Goals, objectives and plans for the year were discussed at that time. Student-Faculty Board sponsored the hall'-time program for Homecoming. They also sponsored Queen of Courts and a canned food drive for needy fam- ilies during Christmas. In March. the board supported a basketball game be- tween the male faculty at THS and the WIBW basketball team. The board worked with the School Board during the year to alleviate the parking prob- lem by removing some "no parking" signs around the school. l. Grace Patterson, lraida Vazquez. Carol Hedges and Tiwana Curttright in Senate Cham- ber. the Big Brother of Student- Faculty Board. 2. FIRST ROW: Rick Bixler. Bobbie Dill Bowlcgs. Anne Smith. Sara Dickinson. Bram Shacfor. SECOND ROWI Kay Gray. Iruida Varqucz. Grace Patterson. Carol Hedges. Tiwanai Curt- tright. Mr. .lack Taylor. Mrs. Harrictte Talley. THIRD ROW: Donald Hawkins, Regina Wells, Chris Kennedy. Jacob Dicksinson. NOT PIC- TURED: Susie Ross. Dan Swagerty. Thomas Williams. Diana Eaton. Kathy Spees, Ingeborg Larson. Mr, Danny Callison, I L I Q tc.. ... .Ti- "'-e.g ag sf. ll. Student - Faculty If-'N i sms ll'-"' 12,7 ,-...swrf l-Q5 45 '11 Q, 'if Club works with Washburnis group In its second year, the Native Ameri- can Indian Club brought together Indi- ans at THS. One of their concerns at their Tuesday and Thursday meetings was working together with the Wash- burn Indian Club. The group was inter- ested in money earning and saving pro- jects along with Washburn's group. I. Native American Club: FIRST ROW: Norma Wishteyah, Tcrranita Williams. Deonn Thomas. SECOND ROW: Ted Juneau, Sponsorg Ross Cooper. NOT PICTLIRED: Bruce Chen- ault. Faye Goslin, Dumaris Eppingcr. Toni Her- nandcr. 2. Senior Norma Wishtcyah acted as thc group's president this year. Native Americans 59 Group discovers German culture Waltzing and polkas added excite- ment to the German Club's after- Christmas party. The club had a mon- ey-maker in which they sold imported candy and gum. The club also attended the State German Convention in Wich- ita where they learned about German culture and took tests involving German language skills. l, During the club's meeting, members drank hot chocolate and tried to speak in German. 2. Ger- man Club: FIRST ROW: Cindy Sanders, Stacy Jeffress, Melanie Booher. Debbie Field. Carol Hedges. Elissa Monrow. Doug Fager. SEC- OND ROW: Nancy Hardesty, Barbara Tuffley. Darla Brockmeier. Debbie Collie. Cheryl Holt. Connie Miller. THIRD ROW: Robert Newman. Mary Ubel. Steve Rousey, John Menninger. Sponsor Mr. Lonard. 60 German Club .Q wi ll' ' Students sample Sipping cafe au lait. munching on croissants and french bread helped wake up members of the French Club as they came early to school for a French breakfast. "Le petit dejeuner" is actual- ly a continental breadfast. "Experiencing a little of the French culture" and "having fun" are what the ,,....-Q,-1. le petit dejeuner French Club did this year. said Presi- dent Nancy Holmes. Christmas time highlighted their year. After caroling at the Methodist Home, the group had a party and tasted the traditional Christmas log - a cake. French Club also raised money by sell- ing perfume. N- f, ,,.... 1-1' i l. Barb Bunten has been studying French for the past four years. 2. French Club: FIRST ROW: gr Nancy Holmes. Cindy Keller. Charlene Keller. SECOND ROW: Barb Bunten. Patty Summer- villc. Carol Lusco. Bea Eleftheriou. THIRD ROW: Angela McGuire, Jenny Keller, Ann Mor- rill. Kyle Hobble. Kay Laird. NOT PICTURED: Carmen Vaughn. Johanna Miller. Elisabeth Do- monchaux, Jill Stadel, Kathy Hamilton, Colette Smith, Twiana Curtright. Tammy Paln. Charlene Keller, Lori Shannon. Mark Marker. Sara Ruge. John White, Teri Robinson, Kathy Summerville. Ann Smith. 3. French Club President. Nancy Holmes. takes a moment to rest. French Club 61 62 Latin Club Members enjo Roman festivals "We hope to encourage young people to take an interest in and appreciate the civilization, language, literature and art of ancient Greece and Rome and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical an- tiquity," said Mrs. Hemphill, sponsor. Carrying the banner "Veni Vidi Vici," the Latin Club participated in the Homecoming parade. A fall picnic at Lake Shawnee, the Roman Saturna- lia banquet in December and the Junior Classical League State Convention in April were many of the activities that kept the group busy. Latin Club sold treats after school in the spring to earn money. With a large membership of 40 stu- dents Latin Club was a member of the State Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. I. FIRST ROW: Holly Reed, Julie Hershey, Mary Harrell, Karen Kresie. SECOND ROW: Don Schmidt, Julie Sutton. Laura Wilcox, Bea Eleftheriou, Leslie Carter. Liza Menninger. Lu- cinda Payne. THIRD ROW: Betsy Wright. Chris Kennedy, Gina Coniglio, Nancy Kruse. Beth Ble- vins, Malt Carithcrs. Anne Smith. .loli Kruse. Carol Bartels, Howard Epstein, Ann Cain, Russel Dyke. Kathy Conklin, Paula Westerman, Brian Boyer. Mrs. Hemphill, Robert Beach. 2. Other Latin Club members take time out during their lifth hour class. 535116 l Na nun E N I t Q 5 9 Los Picaros relax, keep active "Spanish Club gives you a chance to leave the strict classroom atmosphere. You have an opportunity to intermingle with other Spanish-speaking students in a relaxed situation. You learn about Spanish customs in a fun way," said Ruth Gleason, president. With different activities such as a Christmas party, spring picnic, Home- coming float decoration, as well as cat- ing at Casa Del Sol and selling check- book calendars, the group had a varied and meaningful year. I. Members Michelle Cusic, President Kuth Glea- son, Sponsor Miss Jones and Social Chairman Dottie Van Buren have been involved in Spanish Club for three years. 2. Spanish Club: FIRST ROW: Rita Peak, Sharon Lane. Sandy Mathews. President Ruth Gleason. Robin Tag- gart, Secretary. Laurie Rice, Debbie Stewart, Cindy Fiegcnbaum, Michelle Cusic. SECOND ROW: Beth Gchrt. Miss Jones, Linda Jordan, Marianne Parry, Cindy Keim. lrvida Vasquez. Stacy Jeffress, Joanna Gchrt. Marissa Vazquez. Cindy Ross. THIRD ROW: Craig Anderson. Gary Shinn, Craig Farrier, John Hersh. in Spanish Club 63 Mu lpha Theta i shares interests Mu Alpha Theta met every second and fourth Tuesday to discuss problems and listen to speakers involved in math- ematics. Mr. Yackle. faculty sponsor, said the group goals were. "to allow the mem- bers to become acquainted with various topics of mathematics outside the high school curriculum and to provide a set- ting for social interaction for students who have a common interest in math- cmaticsf' The group sold ice cream bars at the beginning ofthe school year and had a party in October. l. Dr. Milner from Washburn University was the speaker at one of Math Club's meetings. 2. Math Club: FROM LEFT: Joli Kruse. Chuck Howard. Gina Coniglio. Jeanette Oppitz, Howard Epstein, President, Darla Brockmeier, Kelly Langdon. Betsy Halloran, Robin Taggart. NOT PlC- TURED: Larry Desbien, Jacob Dickinson. Nancy Foust, Rachel Galvan, Russell Johnson. David Miller, Robert Newman. Jana Richardson, Kathy Rolls. Doug Walker. Gary Albrecht. Sarah Ruge. Sara Dickinson. Elizabeth Ragsdale. Ray Parnell, John Menninger, Sandy Mathews. Jill Winger- son, lraida Vazquez, Craig Underhill, Mike Sar- kcsian, Steve Rousy, Ron Ketter, Kyle Hobble, Richard Higgs. Susan Halley. Beth Gehrt. Debbie Field. Elisabeth Demonchaux. Julia Clulow, Jill Burney. Robin Roberson. 1 1 Q 11.-. Rx 64 Math Club -LA AJV 3?-gg Q , :SQ f..-4 If ar' 2 fi 54 :D . ,, 1 MAYO hopes for scholarships MAYO involved themselves in many school activities in 1976. However, Ron- aldo Zuniga, club sponsor and THS se- curity officer, commented that he would like to see more participation in school activities among members of the club. Mr. Zuniga stated the purposes of the club as involving the members in more school activities and to help interested students obtain scholarships, job infor- mation, and equal representation in l. FIRST ROW: Orlando Zuniga, Beckey Charay. SECOND ROW: Debbie Salazar, Annie Gonzalez, Carla Perez, Sharon Florez, Terri Shump, Joanna Arce, Mary Guerrero, Cathy Miera. THIRD ROW: Susie Campos, Sponsor Ron Zuniga, John White, Juanita Munoz, Yvette Lucero, Mona Valdivia, Kathy Zuniga, Leanna THS. The club ,did involve themselves in burrito sales, car washes, a fund raising basketball game and the Homecoming Parade. "The goals I would like to see accom- plished are to have active officers, schol- arship candidates, a scholarship board created and a MAYO Fiesta every year for the student body," Mr. Zuniga said. Hernandez, Patty Noriega, Patty Escalante. FOURTH ROW: Janet Chavez, Tom Shump, Vicky Chavez, Tessie Escobar, Linda Rocha, Joe Tetuan, Albert Villalobos, Adrian Arce. Joe Ga- mino, Mark Mendez. 2. Sophomore Linda Rocha talks to club sponsor Ron Zuniga between classes. MAYO 66 Winter Party --. 'igh- IBQH 1 . 3,231 ' E . 1 B! L ,ix '15 ,,,.-9 fa "Winter Memories - inter Warmth" "Winter Memories - Winter Warmth" was the theme of this year's Winter Party which took place in the student cafeteria in December. The dance was sponsored by the Senior class and featured the band "Glass Apple." The highlights if the evening included crowning of this year's king and queen, Orlando Zuniga and lngeborg Larson. King and queen candidates were elected by the student body on De- cember 9, 1975. Final votes were taken on the 19th and were announced at the dance. I. Winter party king and queen candidates: FIRST ROW: lngeborg Larson, Michelle Payne. Donna Malloy, Lesia Moore, Maria Vazquez, Kim Johnston. SECOND ROW: Orlando Zun- iga, Chris Packard, Don Hawkins, Larry Desbien. NOT PICTURED: Jacob Dickinson, 2. Lesia Moore. 3. lngeborg Larson. 4. Kim Johnston, 5. Maria Vazquez. 6. Michelle Payne. 7. Donna Malloy. 8. Winter party king and queen Orlando Zuniga and lngeborg Larson give a smile to the photographer. Winter Party 67 if A-li' , V - Y Q- '55 17 , ' lu' -a U ja 2.- -,w -ef. -15: 1 H 68 Basketball 1 WWA! ' L N -ez- L A . ' , 7 rvj' .,.,.L.., .,-.- y lb:-.w -B x 'N SW 11 J THS cagers end year with wins The 1976 Trojan cagers had problems at the start of the season but towards the end the team relinquished their losing streak and came back with a respectable record of seven wins and twelve loses. The Trojans were led by team captain Sen- ior Earl Brooks. The team started out with a record of 0-10 and just couldn't seem to "get it together". But the cagers never lost their confidence and Coach Willie Nicklin started using a pressing defense. From then on it was down hill all the way. Thercagers won one game after another and tied for lirst place with Lawrence in the Sunflower League. However, the Trojans were unable to get by Wichita East at Sub-State in Hutchinson and hopes for state competition were left behind. With returning seniors Mike Sarkesian, Day Hypse and others, hopefully the Trojans will go all the way to first place in the State in I977. I. During a time-out, Couch Willie Nicklin gives the team a pep talk. 2. Varsity and Junior Basketball Teamz FIRST ROW: Brian Johnson, Stan Gardenhirc, Jim Marshall. Greg Waetzig, Phil Montgomery. Sam Patton, Earl Brooks. SECOND ROW: Mike Sarkesian. Herbie Logan, Donald Wilkins, Don Hawkins, Dan Hypse, Scott Davis. THIRD ROW: Bruce Canady, Melvin Carter, John Fink, Ben Furbish, Mark Hanson, Tim Neff, Butch Hendrix. 3. Senior Earl Brooks struggles for possession of the ball. 4. Junior Mike Sarkesian attempts to avoid the hands of a Highlad Park player. 5. Coach Nicklin advises one of the players during a home game. Basketball 69 1 ,-.,,.. .. l ' 4 Trojan Basketball Wichita East 67-78 SM North 68-78 Topeka West 62-62 Manhattan 50-52 Highland Park 41-52 SM Northwest 43-45 Wichita North 63-72 Topeka West 49-54 Lawrence 64-78 Manhattan 57-58 Salina South 65-48 Topeka West 68-66 SM South 71-61 Hayden 69-56 SM East 68-63 Highland Park 65-59 SM West 61-59 SM North 56-55 Wichita East 61-75 ku gn . ' 4 v . D-gtg' Q u:8'0.1' .1 .I , ,, , I 1? ! i ati i T Wil F4 KY L-WW Am 2-1 5' Y: -. 1 wb. ' N " ' . - - , 9 . ' , , QF" g I ' '. -as Q q X 4 X I YQ I y-gin -iq' 1, X51 Q I SF, --,...... xamu, 'Min' nun 1 lr' ii "IJ ' do ' im' A 1 X 1 i i in I 1 3 l A' , 5 ff vp, .W Af' 4. 13'--I Q.. l. Senior Sam Patton puts up a jump shot. 2, Sophomore Basketball Team: FRONT: Clarence Engroff, Jerry Henson. FIRST ROW: Duane Dickson, Stuart McKinnon. David Thompson, George Hersh, Rick Van Buren, Alan Renfro. SECOND ROW: Marvin Peters, Randy Wilson, Brad Vignatelli. Martin Hines, Dan Kooser, Mike Martin. 3. Trojan eager tries for a basket against the Scotties. 4. Trojan spectators enjoying the game while shouting "Hoy, Hoy". 5, Senior Stan Gardenhire attempts to block a pass by a member of the Manhattan Indians. Basketball 71 6 5T'f -.K XX Ynlrib' ' ' ' S M53 , Xa' X . v . ,Tp . I X 0,1 M BQ: . W - ' - xx x I X, Si' -'v"'i-F., P1- :v 1 1- , M ,rx .7?.9,f If . l .' -i , , , ,WL , ,SE -fGNzs , xi " AW, f 4' K bk, s . 4 " X T' 4 XGDF, f' vi"ff?'f- Queen of Courts 75-76 77 Quccn OfCour1s 1. ,L xi.. g-1 PS f. 1 ,- 1 -"" 9 +1 ,I Ns ,gwx 1 f-..-:fe .xl Jail? " W .,1,' '- F ,,'N 7 ag-. 'Ps xv- ' ' v 9. f '-Z 'v s X x y, 'iw . K YXI .f I llixc Rcmmclc 2 Rogan.: NN cllx I .Ic.un Sun lux -3 C'h.mdrn Gull 5 Suxic C .nnpnx fs Iirundu Xknf- Icy E A V R1 a ,Ii D . lk V .i . . LL: V .N 'sq v u . ,, L'-5 " I 1 1 I 515 3x' --1 yr fl' +5 ,.,l N. x x 4 X f X Nx k X ' X. 'N.aNnf fixlf- f- . in 5 :A 6. sus- : 'pk ' if xfngm' X A S. ' 1'Vr.1 X I Quccn Of Col ii Jeannie Stanley crowned '75-76 Queen of Courts Halftime ceremonies for the 1975-76 Queen of Courts featured crowning of this year's queen, Miss Jeannie Stanley. The THS Drill Team formed their traditional heart while accompanied by the Stage Band which played "Memo- ries." The Queen of Courts candidates and their escorts were introduced as they entered the center of the heart. The game was followed by a dance in the school cafeteria, which was spon- sored by CCBS and Student Faculty Board. The dance was deejayed by two THS teachers, "Out of Bounds McCrory" and "Splash Edwards." l. Queen Jean Stanley shows great excitement after being crowned at halftime ceremonies with her escort Senior Chris Nordgrcn. 2. Queen of Court candidates and escorts: Dan Kimbrough, Elise Rcmmele, Orlando Zuniga. Susie Campos, Thomas Williams, Regina Wells. James Wells, Chandra Gill, Chris Nordgren, Jean Stanley. 'lx . V. 5.-gf X pau I xg 'iii- 74 Queen Of Courts if 76 Girls' Gymnastics With the exception of seniors Susan Ogle and Carolyn Miller. the THS girls' gymnastic team consisted of sopho- mores and juniors. The teams' scores averaged in the mid-80's, which is considered excellent for such a young group of gymnasts. "I feel that next year will be the strongest year Topeka High has ever had in thc area of girls' gymnastics," stated Coach Mary Lou Rivera. "I have a team of hard working competitors. Our feeling is strong towards hard wor- kouts and because of this, next year will be our year." I. Varsity: FIRST ROW: Debbie Zergcr. Nancy Hardesty. Sara Dickinson, Susan Ogle. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Rivera. Linda Geiger, Mar- sha Tann, Kathy Bixcl. Kathy Hartwell. Bea Eleftheriou. mgr. THIRD ROW: Mgr, Carol Sprague. Carolyn Miller. Becky Osborn, Ann Alexander. Marsha Davis. 2. Junior Kathy Hartwell performs at the Washburn Rural meet. This was her first year of competition. 3. Also in her first year of competition. Nancy Hardesty begins her routine on thc uneven bars. 4. JV: FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Jackson. Cindy Boutwell. Kim Kaiser. Adrienne Mosely. Jennifer Henderson. SECOND ROW: Linda Geiger, Jana Montgomery. Patty Fogelberg. Lori Frisbie. Karon Kresie. 5. Teammates Linda Geiger, Kathy Bixel, Kathy Hartwell, and Becky Osborn anx- iously wait their turn to compete. Q ' M13 .4 ul Nh QL- 599' 'swag X ..t eipfaunnf 1- I" . if tau-if-i - 9 A .,-a ' " r V , W 4, .gasnsQ11""-1,1 Ik '. my T .9-v .. ., ""t. s ,f fl? A ,ia W - .,, 2 5 93,23 Y' Sl AE Gymnasts score high Glcy m 77 Four wrestlers qualify for state The 1975-76 Wrestling team consist- ed entirely ofjuniors with the exception of seniors .lim Goff, Warren Evans and Tommy Escobar. The team sent four qualified wres- tlers to State including Goff, Evans, Keith Rice and Marc Dodson. Junior Keith Rice placed second in the state finals and senior Jim Goff placed third. "I didn't think l had a chance forthe state championship," stated Goff. "The competition was pretty tough, but that only made me work harder." Next year's team, which will consist basically of this year's junior partici- pants. promises to be a rewarding year for the THS wrestlers. 9 . 'N , K' s A6 i -E ,, ht ..,,. Q ,, Tit 1 .. fu. ???7-F521 T 7 V . IL ,. 7 'vs' N' is.. ? Me: -X -fs' . s' 'bf ,ap-3' '+ve--"2 i --wid' ' .4 2 78 Wrestling -gf f 1 -f?.?1w frlzaf- n , .J wif' 6 60 .""'C"" A-Vi? LR .A -5 l. Concentrating intensely. Senior Warren Evans begins his match. 2. Varsity: FRONT ROW: Greg Woertz, Paul Escobar. Mike Barber, War- ren Evans, Keith Rice. Todd Coulter. BACK ROW: Jim Goff, Marc Dodson, Carl Skoog, Dan Dickson, Clay Schuetz, Modest Foster, 3. Marc Dodson uses his strength to pin his opponent. 4. Junior Todd Coulter looks at the time clock. 5. JV: FIRST ROW: Danny Czajkowski. Larron Webb, Aaron Zlatnik. SECOND ROW: Mike Hurd, Joe Camino. Rodney Campbell. Gabriel Escobar. THIRD ROW: Eddis Gibson, Frank Rajewski, Dana Hay, Bobby Nugent. Chuck Burns. Wrestling 79 Swimmers place tenth at State Topeka High swimmers did well this year although they placed tenth at the state swim meet. The medley relay placed eighth. The group consisted of Senior Brad Koehn, Sophomores Gary Peters, Lael Martin and John Henley. Koehn also placed tenth in the 100 yard breaststroke and tenth in the 200 yard individual medley. Hopefully the team will do better with the return of Martin and Peters who placed seventh in the 100 yard backstroke, eleventh in the 500 yard freestyle, third in the 100 yard butterfly and seventh in the 500 yard freestyle. Nl I. Coaches Bill Edwards and Margie Ruckert smile at swimmers' scores. 2. Topeka High swim- mers compete at a meet. 3. Swim Team: FIRST ROW: Linda Virr, Cathy Virr, Jeff Warner, Lael Martin, Shelley lrish, Gary Peters, Tim Wagstaff. SECOND ROW: Lucy Dale, Jim Wilkens. John Henley, Dan Wall, Dan Bailey, Gene Edwards. 80 Swim Team "Qlqww - . ai e --Us-. ,. . x me 'il-.- i 2 l Service provided at annual shows Usher Club, a non-profit organiza- tion, provided services at each THS the- atrical production. Dressed in long, for- l. Usher Club: FIRST ROW: Patty Escalante, Lucinda Payne, Darlene Martin. SECOND ROW, Marita Nevin, Linda Smith, Roxanne Beard, Kathy Long. Martha Neu, Janet Slcdd. Karen Kresie, Linda Miller, Denise Bergstrom. THIRD ROW: Becky Chziray. Tammi Desch. Tammy Palm, Tiwana Curtright, Libby Rags- dale. Tammy Smith, Vanessa Holmes, Ann Stein. Connie Miller. Diana Briggs, Paula Westerman. mal dresses, the girls served as gracious hostesses. Mrs. Annette Kresie spon- sored. 2. Usher Club: FIRST ROW: Linda Smith. Cheryl Humphries. Darlene Martin. Vanessa Hommes. Lucinda Payne, Paula Westerman. Pat- ty Escalante, Denise Bergstrom, Karen Kresie, Martha Neu, Jacque Ubben. Kathleen Oliva, Jeanine Humphries. SECOND ROW: Cindy Bonjour, Debbie Stewart. Tammy Palm. Diana Briggs, Libby Ragsdale. Tammy Smith, Connie Miller, Barb Duncan. Tiwanai Curtright. H' 951 .J 5. if f if- if-1 "" Usher Club 8l irls end tough, satisfying season Led by Seniors Chandra Gill and Janis Krohe, the girls' basketball team ended a tough but satisfying season. The girls' agility and quickness compen- sated for their lack of height. "Communication within the team was good, but we could have worked harder," commented co-captain Chan- dra Gill. "Our team was smaller than all other schools, which was a handicap in some games." According to Head Coach John Gardner, next year's team looks very promising with returning sophomore and junior talent. l. Chandra Gill battles her opponent for a jump ball. 2. Girls' Basketball: FIRST ROW: Janis Krohe, Demona Ingram. Chandra Gill, Valerie Evans, Lisa Packard, Tcssie Escobar. SECOND ROW: Loree Toedman. Megan Bardsley, Leo- nora Taylor. Fran Eckhardt, Paula Veron, Sharla Alexander. 3. Closely guarded by Topeka West players, Valerie Evans attempts a pass to Lenora Taylor. 4. Shooting from the corner. co-captain Chandra Gill scores two points against Emporia. 5. Tcssie Escobar concentrates on her free throw shot. This is her second year on the team. .-.-.-of-f" 82 Girls' Basketball Q-..--Q.--.. - ,na K me-Q--un...w.1a -. :U - lv Ag Q. -.-4 3 7 1 54 . wb Al 'Sam i-s."sr-5" Q Q, -17, Q 1 71 J . A-' 'Ezra I A Girls' Basketball 83 Gymnasts aided with experience With eleven returning gymnasts, the boys' gymnastic team was aided with experience this year. Senior Scott Moore on floor-excercises and parallel bars and Sophomore Sam Kinder also on floor-ex. proved to be top scorers. Kinder later went on to place first at State. "Perhaps the season is best described as one of early frustration and late ac- complishment," said Coach Fred Mill- er. "Personal pride. fostered through team pride has helped the boys of this team 'mature into fine young men - the type of young men any coach would be proud to have on his team." he conclud- ed. l. Senior Tom Copeland competes on the high bar. 2. Varsity: FIRST ROW: Scott Case, Sam Kinder. Tom Copeland, Scott Moore. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Diana Roether. Kevin Karst, Dan Niven, Jerry Howard. Doug Howard, Coach Fred Miller. 3, Teammates Sam Kinder and Scott Moore talk with Mgr. Diana Roether during the Topeka West meet. 4. Coach Miller helps prepare Sam Kinder to perform on the high bar. 5. Sopho- more Doug Howard completes his routine at the Lawrence meet. 1... .L X N N.- klx-. X45 Q, 3 Sl' f x 4.1 3 X fl Boys Gymnastics 85 se spirit Club Support added by Spirit Club In early fall. through the halls of THS, a movement began to form a "Spirit Club." Though the football team was exper- iencing a disappointing season, the stu- dent body's support and spirit was un- usually high. Seniors Don Hawkins and Kim John- ston led the student drive with help from sponsors Coach Ted Juneau, Coach Bill Edwards and Coach Jerry Skakal. Student members made spirit sticks, posters and participated in decorating team members' lockers. By mid-October, over 300 students and teachers had made a commitment to buy a "Spirit Club" T-shirt. "Next year plans are already being made to make Spirit Club bigger and better," stated sponsor Mr. Juneau. "The 1975-76 school year should be re- membered as the year of spirit." 'Q -1 L XII iff VWIINS I. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Pa- tricia Moore, Kathy Specs, Pam Thomas, Cindy Laborne, Shelley Grant, Debbie Gannaway, Jodi Greenfield. SECOND ROW: Barbara TuI'f'ley. Sandy Brooke. Laurette Rhea, Dana Hay, Lesia Moore, Kelly Kavanaugh. Cheryl Humphries. Linda Smith. Tamara Smith. Connie Miller. THIRD ROW: Tammie Bement, Kathy Bixel, Jeanine Humphries. Michelle Payne. Tom Cope- land. Susan Anderson. Sherrie Cummings. Penny Finck. FOURTH ROW: Marissa Vazquez, Cheryl Pasehall, Marsha Tann, Barb Bunten, Ruth Runnels, Cristy Beck. FIFTH ROW: Iraida Vazquez, Karla Rhea, Susan Halley, Lori Kirkegaard, Elaine Kaufmann, Nancy Ott. Den- ise Hogan, Pat Polter, Cathy Mealman, Julie Hein. SIXTH ROW: Valerie Moore, Jan Renfro, Sandy Matthews, Terri Lange, Kay Ekey, Karen Kresie, Elissa Monroe. SEVENTH ROW: Chuck Howard, Coach Jerry Skakal, Tim Townsend. Brad Koehn. Hugh McKernan. Daniel Dickson. .lim Goff, Chris Nordgren, Kirk Irwin, Kathy Guffey, George Cushinberry, Mare Trowbridge. Janet Irwin, Duane Dickson, Robin Halsey. 2. Spirit Club President Don Hawkins, Vice-Presi- dent Kim Johnston, Sponsor Ted Juneau and member Elizabeth meet in the journalism room before school. 1 nf, . pf P ff"-1'-...... A ft. fs? Q fi pl wi' Model UN has outstanding year Topeka High was well represented in the 1976 Model UN. Topeka High stu- dents represented five countries. The top delegation was given to the USSR which included Jacob Dickinson, Doug Walker, Libby Ragsdale and Howard Epstein. Two honorable mentions were award- ed to the countries of Poland and the German Democratic Republic. Poland involved Ron Ketter, Robb Nicolay and Carl Steele. Iraida Vazquez, Darla Brockmeier and Tammy Palm were del- egates for the German Democratic Re- public. THS delegates also represented Bylo-Russia and Ukranian USSR. I. Delegates prepare to votc at thc Model UN which was held in the THS cafeteria on March 20 and 2l. 2. Senior Howard Epstein. USSR. won the Outstanding Senior High Delegate award. 'i Model UN 87 Musical proves talented cast "well balancedv "l 10 in the Shade" is a musical play by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones based on the play "The Rainmaker' by Ogden Nash. The play takes place in a western state from dawn to midnight of a summer day during a time ofdrought. Leading cast members included File, portrayed by Richard Redick: Lizzie, portrayed by Debbie Bremer and Star- buck, portrayed by David Mannell Other important characters were played by Phil Cummings, Kreg Hoover, David Nall and Lori Kirkegaard. Mr. Danny Hanson directed the presentation. "This year we had a very talented and well balanced cast," stated vocal direc- tor, Mr. Elbert Fly. This year's production was dedicated to Mr. Fly and his wife. Opal. Q.. I l. Kreg Hoover, David Nall and Phil Cummings sing and dance about Lizzi coming buck home. 2. Mike Forste operates the light board as Tom Ble- vins speaks l0 the director out inthe house via the headphone. Julie Towle. a member of stage crew, watches their antics. 3. Carita Holt watches as Sara Bremer applies makeup that she wears as member ofthe chorus. 4. File QKNEELINGJ is backed up by the chorus when singing "ll's Gonna Be Another Hot Day". 5. File worries about thc drought that has hit thc small town hc's sheriff of. ll. 1 1--. X ,. 6 l. Ethnic Band - "Shades of' Black". FIRST ROW: Gaylon Steele, Cynthia Worlds, Kim Jen- kins, Steve Thurman, Jimmy Wells. Chandra Gill, Monica King. SECOND ROW: Lavonzel Brown. Gene Redmond. Kevin Broadonax, Steve Counts, Kevin Peters, Ike Turner. Richard Rich- ardson. THIRD ROW: Herman Quarlcs, Keith Rice. Tommy Quarles, Dale Lomax. 2. Stage Band: FIRST ROW: Rsscll Johnson, Phil Fay, James Thiele. Neil Foth, Kurt Bahr, Mike Curry. Aaron Zlatnik, Craig Ruby. Rick Baker, Ken Schroer. SECOND ROW: Director Don Mer- edith, Phil Hines. THIRD ROW: Dave Detmer. Steve Davidson. Brenden Long, David Carpenter. Kent Singer. Steve Hodges, John Price. Brad Owen, Jame Cofran. Lonnie Bcvcns. 3. Junior Jame Cofran plays the drums at thc Spring Band Concert. He has been in Trojan Band for two years. 4. Trojan Band. Bands entertain varied audiences With tapping feet, THS band mem- bers practiced every day to entertain and perform at numerous activities. Trojan Band played in concerts throughout the year, and marching band provided half-time entertainment during the football season. "Band under Mr. Meredith has been an experience I will never forget," com- mented Sophomore Marty Hines, french horn player. Consisting of eighteen people, Ethnic Band played for Booster Club, BSU party and junior highs. Stage Band also had a busy year er- forming at Booster Club, the White Lakes Mall, junior highs, Riley County Jazz Festival and concerts. , 1 1 ifr- 90 Band 'X 4' 22' ish, 1 4 J. All ummm ll QM: -n J DIRECTOR Don Meredith FLUTES Carol Bartels Kathy Brown Cynthia Clulow Joanna Gehrt Cheryl Hadden Cheryl Holt Debra Johnson Lori Kirkcgaard Elizabeth Martell Eliza Menninger Nancy Ott Lisa Packard Cynthia Sanders Shernise Spearman Catherine Virr Collette Willett Carla Wilson OBOES Joree Ackors Karen Edwards BASSOONS Phil Cummings Gene Edwards CLARINETS Lucinda Bonjour Barbara Bunten Susan Currey Philip Fay Beth Gehrt Cahrlenc Griggs Elissa Monroe Helga Nelson Cheryl Paschall Joan Peters David Pinney Sherrie Rinne Dorothy Van Slykc James Van Slykc Laura Wilcox BASS CLARINETS Sheila Bennett Lorena Bills CONTRA-BASS CLARIN ET Brian Smith ALTO SAXOPHON ES Adrian Arce Brad Owen James Thiele Phillip Victor TENOR SAXOPHON ES Kyle Hobble Eugene Redmon BARITONE SAXOPHONES Jon Culley Russell Johnson TRUMPETS Ronald Branson David Carpenter Steve Davidson John Downes Steve Hodges Brendcn Long Eric Marquardt Michael Martin Brian Seeley Kent Singer Gregory Victor FRENCH HORNS Dominic Gutierrez Susan Halley Martin Hines Marc Trowbridge TROM BON ES Richard Baker Michael Curry Paul Escobar Edward Gibson Jon Kirkegaard David McQueen Andrew Reeves Craig Ruby Kenneth Schroer BARITONES Daniel Bailey Timothy Neff Richard Redick Aaron Zlatnik TUBAS Carl Flower James Ford Douglas Parker PERCUSSION Lonnie Bevens Britt Byrd lame Cofran Gabriel Escobar Vanessa Homes Robert Lynn Jay Oylcr Denis Price John Price Craig Thieme Paul Worley Band 91 l Lp' 92 squid Club .2 '6Feelings" given by Squid Club "Feelings" was the theme of this year's annual Squid Club production. The show included thirteen numbers, each practiced by participants for a half an hour each night before the show. This year's Squid Club consisted of sixteen girls including President Peggy McGhehey, Vice-President Kathy Mealman and Customs and Scenary ad- visors Malia Baumgardner and Inge- borg Larson. "We had a real good group of girls this year," stated President Peggy McGhehey. "I think we did really well for the small group that we had to work with." l. Squid Oflicers. FIRST ROW: Peggy McGhe- hey, Cathy Mealman. SECOND ROW: Malia Baumgardner, Ingeborg Larson. 2. Squid Club. FIRST ROW: Peggy McGhehey, Paige Coolidge. lngeborg Larson, Ann Alexander. Cathy Meal- man, Jeff Warner, Linda Geiger. Terri Drumm, SECOND ROW: Jeanette Brooker, Shelley lrish, Teresa Lafontaine, Lael Martin. Gary Peters. THIRD ROW: Jill Stadel, Roxanne Beard, Brad Koehn, Julie Hein, Malia Baumgardner, Jeanette Oppitz, Tim Wagstaff. 3,4,5. Perfectly synchro- nized, members of Squid Club practice one ofthe numbers in their show. l 0 LL Xie f . 5 ,A-" I .4-4" Squid Club 93 X 94 Debate S --gf V.. .K .ls Debaters finish winning season "Many people are involved with ath- letics which requires physical competi- tion. Not many people are involved with debate which involves competition of the mind. It can be just as satisfying to win a debate tournament as it is to win a tennis match or a football game." said Senior Jim Van Slyke, NFL President. Competing in thirty-four tourna- ments, the THS debate squad ended a very successful year. Twenty-eight of the fifty-eight debaters lettered. Seniors Jim Van Slyke and Nancy Keeshan placed third at the State NFL tourna- ment. Debate teams placed at twelve differ- ent tournaments. Sweepstakes are awarded to the school with the best combined record for all its teams. THS placed in the top four at five tourna- ments. Two of these were first place. l. FIRST ROW, Patricia McClellan, Carey Wil- kerson. Mike Hurd, Chris Barber, David Harper, Jon Kirkegaard. SECOND ROW, Andy Reeves, Mike Curry, Brain Seeley. THIRD ROW, Paul Escobar, James Littleton, Randy Levin, Todd Hall, Connie Miller, Kim Jenardy, Sara Ruge. Iraida Vazquez, Kathy Conklin, Carolyn Miller. FOURTH ROW, Matt Carithers, Tom Ashley. Adele Martinez, Suzan Hamman, David McQueen. 2. FIRST ROW, Jim Van Slyke, Nan- cy Keeshan, Debbie Field, Mrs. Diane Prentice. Howard Epstein. SECOND ROW, Ron Ketter, Kelly Langdon, Grace Patterson, Charles Tann, Carol Hedges. alt ,,...1 .---- Speech students place in contests Forensics students attended twelve tournaments, winning twenty-three awards. Thirteen people qualified for the State tournament. Of the eleven who were able to attend, five received gold medals. Senior Jim Van Slyke reached finals at all five tournaments which he attended including the NFL tournament. "This is the best forensics year we have had. We had people in finals in every tournament so far except one. Like debate, this is a very young team, composed mainly of sophomores and ju- niors," commented Sponsor Diana Prentice. l. Mrs. Diane Prentice, speech and debate coach, was named "Outstanding High School Speech Teacher" of Kansas for l975476, 2. FOREN- SICS, FIRST ROW: Bonnie Byrd, Tricia Mc- Clellan, Carol Lambrecht, lraida Vazquez, How- ard Epstein, Phil Fortner. SECOND ROW: Con- nie Miller. Jane Dehoff, Dotty Van Buren. Debbie Field, Jeff Quiett. THIRD ROW: Rick Carpen- ter, Kelly Langdon, Nancy Keeshan, Andy Reeves, Ron Ketter, David McQueen. NOT PIC- TURED: Jim Van Slyke, Sara Ruge, Carol Hedges, Grace Patterson, Robb Nicolay, Phil Cummings, Suzan Hamman, Tom Blevins, Todd Hall, Russ Dyke, Karla Rhea, Adele Martinez, Randy Long. 5 fs f' l r ,N 1 'iff' Stix ffw' 11 lx ' ,sf .,- W 2 n Forensics 95 Instramentalists displa talents Under the direction of Mr. Larry Harris, the orchestra rehearsed before school for the musical, "ll0 in the Shade." The group consisted of selected musicians from the band in addition to the string players from the orchestra. Another group, the Chamber orches- tra, was comprised mostly of string players. These students played music from the Baroque and Classical periods at their Spring concert held in the li- brary. The most outstanding students also participated in extracurricular activi- ties "A high percentage of players from both band and orchestra also participate in the Topeka Yough Symphony, Civic Symphony, District and State Honor Bands and Orchestra, and State Music Festival," said Mr. Harris. I, Chamber Orchestra: FIRST ROW: Nancy Holmes. Anita Dreiling, Johanna Nelson, Kay Gray. Melanie Paris. Suzan Hamman. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ott. Barb Buntcn. Becky Gutier- rez. Martha Neu. Kirsten Myers, Karen Gleason. THIRD ROW: Director Larry Harris. Paul Wor- ley. Tresa Buchholz. Dan Dickson. Kent Wieth- arn. Mike Sherburnc. 2. Musical Orchestra: FIRST ROW: Paul Worley. Kent Witharn. SEC- OND ROW: Becky Gutierrez. Nancy Holmes, Carol Bartels. Melanie Paris, Johanna Nelson. Dave Carpenter, Susan Halley. Kris Myers. Beth Gehrt. Barb Bunten. THIRD ROW: Cathy Beyers. Tresa Buchholz, Suzan Hamman. Nancy Ott. Anita Drciling, Mike Sherburne, Kent Sing- er. Steve Davidson, Phil Fay. Rick Baker. Craig Ruby, Scott Campbell. Russell Johnson. Sherrie Rinne, Director Larry Harris. 96 Orchestra '31- Ar FISH discusses topical sub jects The purpose of Fellowship in School Halls QFISHJ is "to get together to talk about things that might bother you," said Mr. Ernel Henry, sponsor. Topical subjects such as the Bible and life are discussed at meetings. What happens to the body after death and whether a Christian can ever be lost were two oth- er questions researched by members. The club sold tickets to the movie, "Hazel's People," to earn money. No president resided over the twice-a-week meetings, but one may be elected next year. l. Fish club members Kay Ekey. Jacque Ubbcn. Doug Parker and sponsor Mr. Erncl Henry. 2. Mrs. Diane Lee leads the discussion at one of thc club's meetings first semester. '- ,X ----wig Fish Club 97 98 Mr. Fly Fly retires after 23 years of work After 23 years of teaching, Mr. El- bert Fly retired at the end of the 75-76 school year. He had been the vocal mu- sic instructor of over 4000 students in his mixed choirs, girl's and boy's choirs. Mr. Fly's fine talent and leader- ship will be missed by all of Topeka High School. X 5 'H - ' pw -I' 'Qi 'K i . J Q? ff 1: 'Plz' 4 H ' Council allows student input The Principal Advisory Council al- lows student input on school policies. The atmosphere is "very relaxed and comfortable, which makes it easier to discuss some ofthe school's problems," according to Barb Bunten, a member of the council. The organization is not a club, but is composed of representatives of various groups, such as the Black Student Union QBSUJ, journalism and class offi- cers. There is also a balance of sopho- mores, juniors and seniors and general representatives of the school. A specific goal doesn't exist, it's mostly a matter of conversation during the monthly meetings. "A lot of rumors that go around the school come up in the meetings. Some are cleared up and others still remain as problems, but dis- cussing them out in the open helps the whole school," said Barb. Mr. Fink who sponsors the club with Mr. Skinner, said, "They've given us thoughts on changing policies on school social activities." I. Board members listen as Senior Barb Bunten states her opinion on a school issue. 2. Principal Advisory Council: Teri Canfield, Lcslic Vigus, Meggin Wykert. Carol Hedges, Tanya Hayes, Phil Montgomery, Damaris Eppingcr. Orlando Zuniga, Barb Bunten. T Pi' I , 35 1' 'all ?' s: -T' ,AU .,.h,,,,,, 2 , H 1-. , . ,,,.--afqzgv 4 .s, l Principal Advisory Council 99 '. , I, J. r as 1 'q li Tennis team has outstanding year According to Coach Tim Heston, this year's tennis team was comprised of youthful, exceptionally good tennis players. All juniors, the top three play- ers were Joel Hoffman, Neil Foth and John Runnels. Hoffman, with a record of 26-0, won the Manhattan, Emporia and Topeka Invitational meets. He also owns the League and Regional titles. Foth and Runnels, 25-I, also won all tournaments in the doubles division. All three players went to State claiming both the singles and doubles titles. Sophomore Brett Blair and Senior Tom Ashley ended the season with a 24- 5 record. They received medals at all meets, and won first in number two dou- bles at the Sunflower League meet and qualified for State competition. l. Boys Tennis, FRONT ROW: Tom Ashley, Joel Hoffman, Neil Foth, John Runnels, Brett Blair, Gabriel Escobar. BACK ROW: Jeanette Brooker, Peggy Shnell, .Ion Kirkegaard, Kyle Hobble, Duane Dickson, Robert Grimes, Mitch Duby, Ed- die Gibson, Bram Sheafor. 2. Junior Joel Hoff- man shows expression whilc practicing his fore- hand. 100 Mens Tennis f 5: 2 F,-f.Ai.. f K f If we As ff' 4- fy , iw 53241 ve. -K Q eng xl: Golf participants attend State meet "The highlight of the season was the four-man team attending State for the first time in twelve years," commented golf coach Willie Nicklin. Both the four and two-man teams placed third in the Regionals. The four-man team consisted of Sen- iors Larry Desbien and Brad Koehn and Junior David Desbien and Sophomore Gary Albrecht. Senior Tim Larson and Junior Rick Sands headed the two-man team. I. Four-man Team. Brad Koehn, David Desbien, Gary Albrecht, Larry Desbien. 2. Golf Team. FIRST ROW: Steve Tilton, Gary Albrecht. SEC- OND ROW: Tim Larson, Todd Bohannon, David Desbien. John Bohannon, Larry Desbien. THIRD ROW: John Valley, Robert Newman, Jonny Jordan, Chuck Howard, Rick Sands, Brad Koehn. xxj 711. Golf lOl Rebuilding year exceeds hopes "At the beginning of the season, I said that is was a 'rebuilding year'. They've exceeded what we expected of' them. They've done really well," said Miss Jan Magnuson, girls' track coach. At the State Meet, the girls placed first in the 440 relay and the 440 open, second in the 880 relay, third in the long jump, in the 880 run and in the 220 and l. Lawrette Rhea, with a final burst of speed, breaks the tape ahead ol' her competitors. 2. Womens Track. FIRST ROW: Coach Mary Lou Rivcria, Lisa Packard, Cindy Boutwell, Lawrette Rhea, Diane Deeter, Pauline Eatmon, Martine Hunter, Karla Rhea. SECOND ROW: Demona Ingram, Carla Wilson, Sharla Alexander, Carrie Robinson, Karen Kresie, Lina Hartocollis, Mona Valdivia, Chandra Gill. THIRD ROW: Greg Waetzig, Paula Vernon, Janis Krohc, Elissa Mon' roe. Linda Jordan, Jean Kostanski, Marianne 102 Womens Track G90 I I' illllli fifth in the softball throw. "The weather kept us from setting records. It rained all day, not just driz- zle, but a long torrential downpour," commented Mr. Chris Lovett, assistant coach. "We did as well as we expected. We'll probably take State next year as a team," he said. Parry, Debbie Zerger. FOURTH ROW: Coach Chris Lovett, Janet Chavez, Pat Flowers, Sally Hare, Megan Bardsley, Regina Wells, Vicki Cha- vez, Sara Dickinson. FIFTH ROW: Coach Jan Magnuson, Coach Ted Juneau. 3. Senior Regina Wells lands in the sand after completing ax jump. 4. A winded Paula Vernon has an impressive lead as she wins in a distance event, 5. Diane Dceter uses her arms to increase the length of her jump after hitting the take-off board, FIIIIS 1'0- i P A.. Womens Track 103 " atchmakerv well received "The Matchmaker", a farce set in the 1880's and directed by Miss Martha Herrick, tells the story of vain Horace Vandergelder's search for a wife. Sandy Mathews and David Vicory, student directors, spent much time in aiding cast members with their lines and l. Barnaby Tucker, left. and Cornelius Hackl ex- amine the purse that Malachi Stack has found and given them. 2. Dolly Levi tells Horace Van- dergelder that she intends to marry a "far more pleasure-lovin' man" than he is. 3. Irene Molloy dispairs as she confides to Minnie Fay that she's not happy in the millinery thatj business and al- in publicizing the presentation, which included a horse and buggy, carrying cast members, driven through Topeka. Three beautiful bustle dresses were designed and made by Gina Coniglio. The four colorful sets were built by a hard-working and dedicated stage crew. ways suspected of being a wicked woman, 4. Dolly Levi comments on how young and fit Horace Van- dergelder, dressed for his lodge parade. looks for his age. 5. Horace Vandergelder waits impatiently for Dolly Levi to bring a prospective wife. a prod- uct of Dolly's imagination, to dinner. . Sym., 104 Spring Play X fu-5' 450' We .4 N0 if--5 A yt viii tytt ig: K ni Q - ,A-'ii-. ' L A ...I ,g .A .- - . 1 . AX Q '... A X sr ' A n T W li1"f'W' I1 ' 1 in it-1 ,E i' . QQ. Suzi? A f A - Q, T. It 1' A 31 73 l ' SQ it ' i ,VM1 I F., , QD f 4qA Ylwpx 'J aya G CHARACTERS Horace Vandergelder Kreg Hoover Ambrose Kemper Joe Scanlon Gertrude Cornelius Hackl Ermengarde Malachi Stack Dolly Levi Barnaby Tucker Irene Molloy Minnie Fay The Cabman Rudolph August The Musician Glora Van Huysen The Cook Robert Lynn Dale Lomax Ruth Runnels Dan Bailey Curita Holt Howard Epstein Nola Wright Mark Marker Elizabeth Shepherd Betsy Halloran Rick Bixler John Menninger Paul Worley Darlene Martin Johanna Woollcott Liza Menninger Spring Play 105 F A t ,wi gh XY, :Hs ,vc -1' r -1 a ,pu .: 5 T, 1 ' fri. -gh L-Q , ak f I-wk., af 1 44 'Hai na .wa W.. fi-2 Y u 2-if iv -- l un 1 106 Boys Track Team sends thirteen to Wichita The THS Boys Track team ended its exciting season by sending a total of thirteen members to the state meet which took place in Wichita on May 14 and 15. Those who placed in the state meet, were Jim Goff, Steve Thurman, James Wells, and Curtis Mitchell who took third in the relays and had the second fastest time in the state. Sam Martin took second in the shot put, and Steve Haya tied for third in pole vaulting. Others who participated in the State meet were Cornell Sowell, .lame Co- fran, Ben Neill, Modest Foster, Tom Gant, Scott Moore and Brad Vignatelli. - in, . 1 , ll lsr 5. .' .. Q-1' arm. 1 . 6 if The meet included sixteen teams in the 5A competition. Many people who weren't recognized gave noteable efforts, such as miler and two-miler Martin West. Martin also helped in meets by running the half mile in relays. This year's head coach was Mr. Don Bliss, who was also Sprint Coach. Assis- tant Coaches included Mr. Mike McCrory in charge of hurdles, Mr. Ron Stull in charge of weights, Mr. Sparky Patterson in charge of vaulting and jumping and Mr. Clardy Vinson in charge of distance and relays. I . Senior Cornell Sowell gets a good start in one of the relay events. 2. Junior Sam Martin puts the shot at a track meet. 3. Boys Track. FIRST ROW: Mr. McCrory. Nathan Ham. Danny Hypse, Sam Martin, Tom Gaunt, Scott Moore, Steve Haya, Marc McCabe. Jamc Cofran, Mod- est Foster. SECOND ROW: David Thompson, Frank Whitsell, Stuart McKinnon, Jim Gleason. Martin Hines, Steve Slade, Charles Cain, Mike Hurd, Jay Stalcup, Dan Johnson, Gene Redmon, Mr. Patterson. THIRD ROW: Mark Hanson, Brad Vignatelli, Don Hawkins, John Fink, Gene Edwards, Tom Dring, Martin West. Jim Goff, Brady Robb, Dan Alvarez. Steve Rousey. Jim Brown. Mr. Bliss. Mr. Stull. FOURTH ROW: Joe Gamino, Linda Ferlemann. Tony Gunt.Cor- nell Sowell, Gary Shinn, Steve Thurman, Curtis Mitchell, James Wells, Tom Quarles. Marc Dod- son, Steve Counts, Kevin Broadnax, Jason Don- nelly, Tony Worford. Paul Adams. Mr. Vinson. 4. Juniors Danny Alvarez, Jame Cofran, Tony Ever- ett and Senior Jim Goff practice inthe mile event. 5. Senior Sam Patton strains to reach his goal in the long jump event. 6. Senior Steve Thurman sends up a wave of sand when landing after com- pleting his jump. Boys Track 107 108 AFS AFS supports foreign students For students to have a better under- standing of foreign students who come to Topeka High for a year and for those who go abroad to be aware of other countries are the purpose ofthe Ameri- can Field Service QAFSJ. "This has definitely been another successful year for AFS. Many things were accomplished which I feel brought about unity not only among THS stu- dents but among students from all over the world," said AFS President Cheryl Hadden. To be able to provide the visitors with tickets to the school's activities, the club sold candy bars. Cheryl concluded that the "whole year fwasl another good memory for THS." l. Returning home from one year spent in New Zealand on the student-exchange program, Senior Carita Holt is met by her parents and friends. 2. Carolers sing German songs during their Christ- mas party. 3. AFS members Cheryl Hadden. Nancy Ott. Beth Gehrt, Jana Richardson, Robb Nicolay, lraida Vazquez, Sandy Matthews, Robin Taggert. Joanna Gehrt and Tammy Palm carol outside homes. 4. Exchange students Alexandra Chavez from Equador and Paulo Sanzi from Bra- zil have spent a year in the U.S. Both will return home this summer. Nl 1' AFS l09 May Flowers, Trojan Towers Pastel yellow, green, pink and blue crepe paper forming May poles and a tunnel created the atmosphere of the l976 Jr.-Sr. Prom. Sponsored by the Junior Class, cou- ples danced to the sound of Hot Foot in the THS cafeteria on May l. Punch and party snacks refreshed the crowd as pictures were taken in front of a flower-covered swing. 110 Jr.-Sr. Prom g l. May poles and the crystal ball added a roman- tic touch to the evening. 2. The band, Hot Foot. played many of their own compositions as well as popular songs. 3. Juniors Shelley Grant and Brian Dixon dance among the crowd. 4. Near the end of the party, students enjoy slow dancing. 5. Junior Ann Alexander serves Senior Kurt Bahr a glass of punch. 6. Students talk with security officers and Principal Paul Fink under the colorful crepe paper tunnel which lead to the cafeteria, Jr.-Sr. Prom l 1 1 ll2 Graduation Exercises held at Moore Bowl As the long pastel gowns worn by the junior members of Daisy Chain caught the evening breeze, approximately 475 seniors stood impatiently awaiting for a signal to begin that once in a lifetime walk down to the center stage on May 25 at Moore Bowl. The scene was a familiar one to those who have had a graduating relative or friend at THS before, but to the seniors who walked proudly across the stage, it was much different. The commencement exercises fea- tured speaker .ludge E. Newton Vickers. Also present on the platform were members of The Board of Educa- tion accompanied by Tl-IS Administra- tors. ' Mr. Don Meredith and Mr. Elbert Fly were in charge of the music. Mrs. Bea Summers and Mrs. Annette Kresie were the organizers ofthe Daisy Chain. l. Juniors Craig Farrier and Craig McDowell lead the members of thc Daisy Chain into Moore Bowl. 2. As the Class of '76 files in, Diane Stafford and Susan Halley anxiously wait to be seated. 3. A sudden gust of wind creates difficulties for Daisy Chain members. 4. All attention is focused on the dais, as Judge Vickers delivers the commence- ment speech. 5. The commencement exercises end in an explosion of firecrackers as the air fills with caps and smoke, u I 12 ,jf Q -x 4 fa 4 . . '51 all ,g"'r' Graduation l 13 E' -Gln-ou-.. I Pioneers 9f.,f ,, . Ah, s, .. .- ns-wr-w v, '3'f.'?Q""' U'- K .-. .,- , -v .qv Nair or-04" S-1" 'Xu ' s db Board of Education "This has been a busy year for the Board of Education. We have a new Superintendent of Schools. We have adopted a Citizen Advisory Committee, a long range plan for consolidated facili- ties, and worked towards constructing a new administration building," said Board President Mr. Wayne Stratton. l. Mr. Sam Hurd, 2. Mr. T.C. Anderson. 3. Mr. Harry Craig, 4. Mr. Don Odcn. 5. Dr. Mark Morris. 6. Dr. James Grey, 7. Mr. Wayne Strat- ton. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Fred Rausch. 'ff f:.-1' 5, ' 'N 'ln' X- ' 211 V ' ..'., x 116 Board Of Education Principal Fink "Education is often talked about in terms of growth -not the physical kind, but the kind that gets people clos- er to being the best they can be. Topeka High has "grown" this year - some- times in spurts, now and then in the wrong direction, but in the great major- ity of cases we have grown up and out, getting closer to the best we can be," said Principal Mr. Paul Fink. l. Principal Paul Fink. 2. Senior Paul Fink. King of the All-School Party at Topeka High School. if in Administration l 17 118 Administration 1" I., I 1 'XL . r f Vice Principals "Much has been achieved at Topeka High School during this school term. Although the year began with adversity, the students, parents, faculty, adminis- tration and staff cooperated to make this a successful and meaningful year." said Vice-Principal Mr. Connie Skin- ner. "The year has marked the beginning of renewed vigor and effort for the com- munity to see THS as it really is . . . a microcosm of the city with countless op- portunities for students," he concluded. l. Vice Principals. FIRST ROW: Connie Skinner, assistant principalg Ernest Hodison, Div. D assis- tant principalg Norman Johnson, Div. A assistant principal. SECOND ROW: Basil Covey, Div. C assistant principal: Larry Reid, Div. B assistant principal. 2. Vice Principal Connie Skinner finds the conversation enjoyable at a meeting of the Principal Advisory Council. Ck ...-lk . ggi' . .,,,ss 2 l ,F r z a e 3 , . l -ln -1- --s ' O N' grin' A' hx N . -, F.. J . s t . I, --4-7-iff , . f ...., Q-lg -at ' A i I I 4 I 4 -A 5 1-.. 'N' Lg I'....P' cluded. ffice workers "All of our secretaries are here be- cause we enjoy the association with young people. The secretary in the school system is very different from oth- er secretarial positions. lt revolves around student activities such as athlet- ics, drama and social events," said Mrs. Bertie Hassler. "The time between enrollment and book rental fees and graduation and di- plomas passes very quickly." "Education is a team effort with stu- dents, faculty, administrators and secre- taries. Secretaries sometimes serve as a link between teachers and administra- tors and sometimes the home," she con- "A healthy student, a clean environ- ment and a good education is our goal here at Topeka High School," com- mented Mrs. lda Norman, school nurse. I. Secretaries. FIRST ROW: Helen Jewett. Betty Hobbs, Alice Hoad. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Boylan, Lela Russell, Mary Whitney, Leona Payeur, Naomi Woodburn. 2. Bertie Hassler. 3. Linda Lynch, enrollment clerk. 4. Ida Norman, school nurse. Office Workers ll9 Counselors The counselors commented, "Coun- seling is fun, challenging and frustrat- ing. We try to meet individual needs quickly on the basis of anything the stu- dents wish to share. Counselors help students to look at the different avail- able choices for their lives. "The role of the counselor is as varied as the needs of the individual student." I. Students watch Mr, Monte Miller at enroll- ment. 2. Counselors: FIRST ROW: Sally Kahlc, Terry Toomey, Mary Ann Jennings. Steve ln- gram, Ray Ann Burdiek, STANDING: Jack Tay- lor, Monte Miller, Virginia Achcson, -av- -PS -5- Q is 120 Counselors 1 J I5 ,rv 'hi li! 3' 'wtfvffgg Tvs' 5 , .- .- -.1 IS' LP1 Media Center "During the l975-76 school year, the THS Media Center served as a demon- stration media center for Kansas. Many teachers, librarians and school adminis- trators visited THS to observe the THS Media Center program," said Mr. Dan- iel Callison, Head Media Specialist. "During the year and in the future, l hope that the Topeka High Media Cen- ter will attempt to develop educational programs which met the individual pur- poses and developmental needs of stu- dents and help to prepare students to resolve the problems that continually confront them," he concluded. l. The Media Center provides students with it quiet atmosphere in which to research and study. 2. THS Media Staff: Betsy Barnes. Maxine Dever, Ruth Gladfelter. Donna Hilmcs, Danny Callison. Media Center l21 Language Arts "Perhaps few people realize how broad the Language Arts Department covers everything fronn required Composition I to Mass Media. The stu- dents enroHed in the various courses have gained much," said Department Head Mrs. Diane Goheen. 0Thedebateandlbrendcssquadsare line examples of success achieved both in class and outside of class. Few things can rephce the expedences mudenm have gained in such areas as Journalism and the Theatre Arts," she added. I, In addition to teaching. Martha Herrick direct- ed the Spring and Fall plays at THS. 2. Alana Steiman taught social studies courses as well as language art courses this year. 3. Language Arts Department: FIRST ROW: Catherine Demeritl. Connie Sperry. Diana Prentice. Peggy Shelton. SECOND ROW: Mary Glover. Diane Goheen. Jean Sandstrom. Mary Ingram Recd. Elizabeth Batty. NOT PICTURED: Janice Bright. Jean At- tehury. Danny Hanson. Bob Adamson. Jo Ely. Chris Ives. l 22 Faculty L.--I 5. is Xa v XX 'N Foreign Language Y' B. 1 r 1 F, X ' 'VS X. A .a L., V - X 1 lx D T Fx U "Y ya.. ri, is-Q .S -ive. A W t I r I 1 5 W "Foreign language is a key to under- standing. lt broadens interest and offers an opportunity for comparison of for- eign cultures. It lets us see the world with new eyes and open minds," said Department Head Jean Jones. l. Seniors Beth Gehrt and Julie Hein admire De- partment Head Jean Jones' flowers. 2. l-'reneh teacher Kathryn l,aird led a group ol' students to France this summer. 3. Foreign Language De- partment: FIRST ROW: .lean Jones. Spanish: Alma Hemphill. l.atin. SECOND ROXV: Verna Tyburski. Spanish: larry Lonard, German. Rus- sian: Kathryn Laird. French. v...... g., Mlllh . -4- F . 3 'Q Q ,A ,X V 3 l i Faculty 123 Mathematics "The math department at Topeka High School offers a well-rounded pro- gram which tries to meet the needs and desires ofthe student population. Today we have quarter courses which concen- trate on particular topics in mathemat- ics and year-long courses that cover a wide range of topics. "We are continually considering changes which will benefit the students. I feel we have an excellent department," concluded Mr. Clifford Yackle, math- ematics teacher. l. Mr. Harriett: Talley takes time for a hand in a mathematical card game with her students. 2. Math Department. FIRST ROW: Harriettc Tal- ley, Vicki Smith. Sue Baughmnn. SECOND ROW: DeWayne Dirks. Clifford Yackle. Erwin Penner. 5'-'YF f'- f' ' 'TNS 'Wa -477 .Q , l , 4 vii Science According to Department Head Mr. Ed Hadden, the Science department is "truly a unique and stable department." The Science Department offers THS students a variety of courses from biol- ogy environmental science to chemistry and physics. l. Mr. John Rotz greets parents at an Open House. 2. Science Department: Mrs. Kathy Jen- sen, Mr. Larry Marken, Mr. Richard Marolf, Mr. Darrell Timken, Mr. Edward Hadden, Mr. Ron Stull. NOT PICTURED: Mr. John Rotz, Mr. Norman Schiesser. Faculty 125 Social Studies "Social studies is the activity of man pursuing his purposes and interests. The forte of the Social Studies Department at Topeka High is allowing students di- versity of study and the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of historical, po- litical, economic and social phenom- enon," said Mr. Gayle Garrelts, Depart- ment Head. "We do not, however, value relevance over scholarship. Thinking with convic- tion about what matters is scholarship at its finest, and those students who ex- pect to reap benefits from a program of study must undergo the fatigue of par- ticipating and supporting it." he con- cluded. l. In his customary pose. Patrick Ryan taught U.S, Government and Kansas History. 2. Social Studies Department: FIRST ROVV: Hurley Becker, Judy Cromwell, Harold Van Slykc. Mil- ton Patterson. SECOND ROW: Erncl Henry, Gayle Garrclts, James Carter. Chris Lovett, Bill Edwards. I, T75- ATX' .ANR ' I 7' . 'J oy - 1 'Q XF! . 4 ' t . . X , . Vx , il , l '. SA- '11, 126 Faculty ..s, -fi l i Home Economics "ln Home Economics we provide op- portunities for learning and practicing skills for both living and earning. We think we can help students improve the quality of life both now and in the fu- ture," said Mrs. Bea Summers, Depart- ment Head. l. Dresses dating back to l775, left, V740 and l893 are shown by clothing instructor Jean Mitchell. They were made by clothing students. 2. Annette Kresie, Bea Summers. Jan Furgason, Judy Lloyd, Shirley Renycr and Jean Mitchell. v 1 f. L- X-. lull . ,- aye U . Faculty 127 rt "We emphasize the provision of cre- ative art experience for every student. This is based on our belief in the unique quality of each individual, his need for self-fulfillment and the importance of his contribution to the lives of others," said Department Head Mr. Marc Rapp. I. Nancy Marshall, Marc Rapp and Jean Bass lind an unusual setting of .lohn Currey's mural in the Capital building an interesting place to pose for a picture. 2. Mr. Marc Rapp lends assistance to Sophomore Craig Harmon. Music "The department has had the advan- tage of splendid voices and good musi- cianship. The year has been good with excellent performances during the Christmas season," commented Depart- ment Head Elbert Fly. l. Mr. Larry Harris, Mr. Don Meredith and Mr. Elbert Fly are the musical directors of orchestra, band and choir respectively. 2. Boys Glee re- hearses a musical number under the direction of Mr. Fly, in his last year of teaching. 3. Band members prepare for an upcoming musical. I Faculty 129 Physical Education "Physical education today is regard- ed as a vital part of general education. Just as primitive man had to learn to use his body wisely or perish, so must mod- l. Senior Brian Johnson finds gym class amusing. 2. Teacher Willie Nicklin was basketball and golf coach this year. 3. Physical Education: Willie . Q . "fd: J pk A, 9' .Lis . ., ,- ern man. Just as our ancestors needed vigorous activity to keep themselves ful- ly functioning, so do we today," related Miss Mary Lou Rivera. Nicklin, Margie Ruckert. Ron Stull, Mary Ri- vera, Mike McCrory, Randy Springer. NOT PIC- TURED: Jan Magnuson. I 1'- ' I 7 t,,- L... s ,,,,,., ,Q . ,TN gh t-A N Q! ' "'+-s..... -u-4 wog uv-,- -I5 . r , . .. - 2 f , ,- -.-4.2,-.f--Q if-.'. .-. . ..,,.,v.- -,-- fr-. T ff- ., ,Af -.e - 'f- . -. ...Q Q, -. ,K ,Q L 2... Qi .-.... .., Faculty Nhill' ff? mini " S V I 'f ea V . w Vcc is rrtrm lllM N I Business "The purpose ofthe business cur- riculum is to provide students with knowledge of jobs available in the business community, to provide stu- dents with knowledge of basic eco- nomics and consumer information. to help students develop characteristics necessary to interact with other indi- viduals and to provide each individ- ual student with an opportunity to learn skills and gain knowledge neces- sary for his or her personal and em- ployment use," said Mrs. Sheila Heine, business teacher. l. Marvin Bayless, Sheila Heine. Beth Boh- nert, Judy Hinkle. Elain McDonnell, Cathryn Hammon, Leo Thomas. 2. Co-op Staff: Louis Cagle, Gene Howerter, Carl Nall. YK 2l1..F Faculty Industrail Arts, Driver Education "By taking any of the Industrial Arts classes available, students can gain practice for jobs offered in the-commu- nity. In addition, students learn cooper- ation through group projects and in some areas have the opportunity to work on individual projects. In addition to providing practical skills, Industrial Arts courses can pro- vide a feeling of accomplishment which allow them to make better use of their leisure time," said Department Head Rodger Stout. l, Industrial Arts teacher .lack Mitchell helps a student with a project. Mitchell along with Clin- ton Palmer, James Barnes. Richard Groyan, Tim Heston, Rodger Stout and Rex Jensen comprise the Industrial Arts Department. 2. Driver Educa- tion. Jerry Skakal, John Burgardt. Don Bliss. 'Q L. . . L M, I .1 B 132 Faculty fit: 53 f"'f -9' OW, ork Stud To make the world larger To see things clearer To adapt to our new visions To cope with our old But most important To find the drum beat To fall into step To march in the parade As the world marches on. Mr. Ted Juneau I. NOW. James Carter. Leavie Anthony. John Burgardt. The NOW program allows students to work at their own pace. 2. Work Study. FIRST ROW: Rhonda Ward, Barbara Brownell. SECOND ROW: Joyce Richards, Ted Juneau, Carol Martin. Faculty 133 Security "Good luck to all the seniors of '76 and all the students of Topeka High, and remember to be 'secured' the rest of your lives," from all the security officers of THS. The newly enlarged security staff reg- ularly patrolled both the school grounds and building during school hours. The officers displayed their authority while simultaneously maintaining a low pro- tile. I. Security oflicer George Cushinberry jokingly admonishes the photographer. 2. Security Om- cers: FIRST ROW: Mary .lo Rumold, Hortense Cole. SECOND ROW: George Cushinberry, Ron Zuniga, Charles Robinson, Dave Fansler. NOT PICTURED: Linda Hotchkiss. X -.A Att Q- - ...a I-'R 'f 4 ,. ,,.. 7 s ll 'l Xxx L .-, Apr- If 3 . V -fl --4. Q15 .g. -.A 'I 4 1 134 Security 11 I 5 R. 1 1 --X, lm, L. -Q 1 , Services I, Mr. Dick Kirschbaum, head custodian. Includ- ing Mr. Kirschbaum there is a custodial staff of l5. The staff works year-round, maintaining the building. 2. Cafeteria Staff. FIRST ROW: Flor- ence Fox, .Ioan Mayo, Gavina Rodriguez, Lor- anne Bosch, Maudi Jones, Maxine Giverson. SECOND ROW: Marge Gehrt, Pat Mattix, Mil- dred Loehr, Faye Morton, Helen Burd, Ellen Parkhurst, Ellen Stansbury, Ruth Young, Bao Dinh. THIRD ROW: Faye Cooper, .loan Coff- man, Mary Smith Mikdred Bottom, Marion Uh- lig, Myrtle Lacock, Mildred Collie, NOT PIC- TURED: Beulah Pearson, Zelma Groves. SIIIIIIIIIIIIITBS F I 36 Sophomores O , . X .Al ' fm . ' " Ellie-e TYf:'.ii'.,, T. Bifiill. it ?:f'f . g. ill -sf! S 'L Q , . ' S 'fl'i?f-"V phi." '. ,g.:f-44. 5 iff I - . . Y-X. hi -l , . 4E:Q5'f"" 7 was 7' 'i 1' l. Soaking up the spring-time sun are sophomores Rick Allen, Phil Carley. Mike Griffiths, and Bri- an Bagshaw. 2. Speaking in Spanish, soph Sarah Bremer talks to her friends. She is in her first year of Spanish. 3. Gary Peters smiles after competing in a swim meet. 4. Mike Hurd, John Loer, Ann Straub, Amy Sergant and Patty Fogelberg enjoy a little laugh during.Latin class. 5. Sophomore Tim Bliss gives his prettiest smile. 6. Sophomore Class Officers: Vice-President Martine Hunter, Presi- dent Meggin Wykert, Secretary-Treasurer Julie Towle, Social Chairman Stacie Rcmmele. E.tlaf lu A SOPHOMORE. Meeting a new en vironment of people and situations. Feeling small but yet important. Being challenged to grow and endeav- or. Changing from day to day and fac- ing the indecision of maturity. Search ing . . . t n'-1 I1 ' 'Y ll Sophomores l37 Adamck. Jill Adams. Paul Albrecht, Garold Alcala, John Alejos. Gregory Allen, Annette Allen. Richard Allendorf. .lammis Anderson. Jean Anderson. Kim Anderson, Susan Apperson, Mary Arace. John Arce, Joanna Arnold, Julie Arredondo. Michael Babcock. Gayle Bair. Alicia Barber. Alita Barber. Chris Barber, Karl Barber, Michael Bardsley, Megan Bargas, Jayde Bartlow, Wyatt Beason. Brenda Beasterlied, William Beatty. John Beck, Christy Beeghly. Michael l 38 Sophomores 'vm .-.. 4 3 an is x f P J ! 'K - xv Q5-: ,Q if x AX 5 x .tp B . ity' .' A! ef 5 viii. 1 uv 1 ' . N 16- fx ' I B f 1 ry, 11", ' , 'HM t X 'inf O , 'gr It Q . .fm-iffa' 4:5 i vs. LAW 4. ., Erin , A 2 4 1 ' , 1 N ' A S I. 'J ,- I 4 A 6 .n Beers, David Beiter. Brenda Beiter, Linda Bement. Tammie Bennett, Diane Bennett. Robert Bennett. Shelia Benning, Dee Dee Benton, Anita Bergstrom, Denise Bills, Rodney Birks. Theresa Bixler, Richard Blair, Hrelt Bliss, Phil Bohanan. Todd Boman, Gary Bonjour, Lucinda Booher, Melanie Boutwell, Cindy Bowers, Steven Bowlegs, Bobbi Bowman. Patricia Bracken. Christine Bremer. Sarah Briggs, Michael Bright, Gail Britt. Cay Broadnax, Kevin Brockman. Karen Sophomores I39 Brooke. Sandra Brooke. Susan Brooks. James Brooks. Jerry Brown. James Brown. Kathleen Brown, Kristine Brown, Lestcric Buckley. Janet Bullard. Fern Burch. Danny Burns, Gwendolyn Burns. Leonardo Burns, Victoria Byrd, Bonnie Byrd, Britt Cain. Daniel Cameron. Kelvin Campbell, Lori Canady, Bruce Cannon. Elaine Carithers. Matthew Carlson. Michael Carr. Debbie Carruthers, Roland Carter. Clyde Carter, Julie Carter. Melvin Castle. Rhonda Chapman, Sharon l40 Sophomores ,fx f-' z xr. 5. . ef? X ,f X., N f 1 f ul M., Y K -f X, I E., ,d ..-, 5: T' ..Q?, MAY, fc oz! L5 . '? , ' ',-' be . 75 . .' ff N M" . but 4 Q in as ' "1 El 53 i A .' ...S -fx X R , lx fl . ! 9 N Q- 1 F N 4'-2' I 4 I v vi' il' .z B l Nw. ,. if x - ,bei 'sux I . ,f cm ,... 2 45, if QL in . 7 , -ffx , v xx 4. li- '-rf. Q my as 1 aa Wt S. A- QW 20 lY.r A lx an ' x cw-7 - If KV, 3 1 ln ' s 33 '4',x 'Bw 3 Q? Elf' ,. Q7 'F f- ' G' ! .. ',,v0J 'ff A ,.f 9' ' aww. . . -X94 ,QQ .A Af? 1 ff",,, , I 3 f. . . 1, x l - p 1 J K K A l ' X .' . Charziy. Anthony Chase, Penny Chavez. June: Chelson. Murchcllc Chilgren. Kathy Chmidling. Sheryl Cleavinger. Russing Clure. James Colahan. Tracy Cole. Dennis Coleman. Linda Collie. Debra Colombo. James Coltrane. Siephen Conklin. Kathryn Coolidge. Elirubeth Cooper. Phil Counts. Slevcn Cox. Charles Cox. Jeffrey Cox. Timothy Crane, Wendell Culley, .lon Cummings. Sherri Curry. Babettc Curry. Mike Czajkowski. Daniel Dunderson. Rebecca Davis, Marcia Davis, Tamara Sophomores 141 Decker. Brent Deharl, Susan Denno, Michael Dickinson, Sarah Dickson. Duane Dickson, Jami Dietrich. Cindy Dill, Mary Dotson, Jill Drummond, Pamela Dugan. Michael Dulworth, Jill Dunn, Lisa Dunn, Mary Duran, Jane! Dyche, James Dykes. Richard Eagleman, Theresa Eatman. Pauline Eckhardt, Frances Edwards. Gene Eleftheriou, Bea Engroff, Clarence Eppinger, Damaris Erickson, Jeff Esquibel, Tina Evanhoe. Mark Farr, Kent Ferguson, James Ferlemann. Lynda 142 Sophomores fn" F yy? . his N if n , Q 1, I qjrv af Y v Y I , I ,I im' Yi? 5 'T x J f Q x X I . , . .X 3 1 A, , I . . 'Qu L -.. is aw- Q s ' J , ef' y in J f K fx Z' so 'S' Nm: b K1 .a W W L .. ,- 5 "' W pg. ,-Q l -rf - .X X- , X... SJr1d'fW? -lull .fa Yu at . 5 ff? I 1 - I lg" 4 .- f' .fm 'vb 'ii x J iv 'l , 'J O Iii ' f-W "' 3, . L 1' 'vi ,Hof X ,H f 'Ei--f 4-up if , 5' if Y niixx 2 Q T 44 Fiegcncr. Julie Fincham, Donald Fincham. William Fink. John Fitzgerald. Tanya Florcz. Sharon Flower. Carl Flowers. Cheryl Flowers. Joseph Flowers, Mary Flowers. Palricia Fogclbcrg. Patlie Ford, James Foslcr. John Frunzkc. Sally Frick. Johnny Friend. Michael Frisbic, Lori Fullz. Donna Furbush, Ben Camino. Joseph Gam. Ramon Gappa. Mary Garcia. Slcphanic Gassman, Cathy Guy. Kun Gay. Kyle Gchrl, Joanna George, Marvin Gclhers, Jonell Sophomores I43 Gibson. Edward Gilstrap. Meri Gindcr, Robert Gleason. James Glenn. Candy Goheen. Gale Goldmtein, Laura Gonzales. David Goodrich. Derie Gore. Toni Goslin. Lydia Grabauskas. John Graves. Anthony Gray. Kay Green. Harold Griffin, Larry Griffiths, Charles Grimes, Robert Groves. James Grubb. Joseph Grubb. Ronald Guerrero. Mary Guliford, Patsy Gunther. David Gutierrez. Rosemary Hall, Denise Hall, Jon Halstead. Christine Ham, Nathan Hand. Auron I44 Sophomores YM: .y sh vw, ,-N V - H' i31v xl ' I ff? xi' E , l V ? fb-3 ,nf .- 4- ""fe Q' . ' la , S, E ' V, 1 fi- :- : ,rl M 'HK ,.f . sf' 'il ' 5 . rj' .A e .2 '71 'T 3 f-'4,.3,.. Q, V K t 5 i lg at , " L all t Z t if Y az: X :Jr 1 .sl I . , 'x 'F 1-5 'r' .1 mg -. - in A A 3 5- ri lk ' ,f n af r,, F! . '40 an -- . U Q .P 47? Z V 'W pg ax , Ak fa' 'M .ew are vo- 'A 57 14: vm F t 1 I - ,x . ,ag . QA ' A 49,1 . "L EH Q ffm '1 are - 1 .asf ,, ae. V Q51 .G Cer T 6 X .fl Lys-1-rife? f? if qv N -.Q X fffi Hanson, Mark Harmon. Craig Harper, David Harvey. James Haya. Sharon Hayes, Tanya Haynes, Michael Heald, Marianne Hecht, Marcia Henderson, Lizzie Hendrix. Henry Hendrix. Jennifer Henson, Gerald Hernandez, Anlionettc Hernandez, Esperanza Hernandez, Winnetla Hersh, George Hester, Darrell Hieronymus. Deborah Higgins. Charles Hill. Linda Hines, Martin Hodges. David Hodges. .lay Hoefgen, Jeffrey Hogan, Denise Hogan. Owen Holley, Gail Holm. Janet Hortenstine. Larry Sophomores l45 Horton. Michelle Howard. Douglas Howe. Lawrence Hoycr. Richard Hucscrs. Brian Huffman. Christina Hunter. Martine Huntington. Robert Huntley. Tina Hurd. Mike Hutchinson. Judith Hutlcy. Stanley Hypsc. Kathleen Jackson. Mary Ann James. Debbie Jnndcra. Cheryl Jefferies, Stacy Jenurdy. Kim Jenkins. Carlos Jester. Marybeth Johnson. Diane Johnson. Kathleen Johnson. Kathy Jones. Martin Jordan. Linda Jordan. Linda K Jordan. Terri Justus. Wallace Kabcrline, Timothy Kadlicck. Michael I 46 Sophomores " .' ." .JMX 'QQ ' M1 0 .4 id A-'l'! !'h 'P 'PS' ,Q 'db vw a l l-ll :vt .1- -.,r , it . K 5 x N li V HN '91, lr? 5' 7"'5r P2 I v'wC 45 . ,,.. X i v X N if X7 5 A7 AA, sl ' + l ,. 1 4 7' f 'Q lr' -f x x ' lv '27 , 5' iz, E25 K .LA . ii' 'I . C , , X ' l ly , I L- . fv- ANN 'pl wif . Qi iq . X, x . I ll .4 -H -he .- Karst, Sheri Kecling, Bobby Keeling, Elizabeth Keller, Jennifer Kelly, Kim Kinder. Samuel King, Monica Kinmon, Michelle Kinnelt. Karen Kirkegaard, Jon Kittrell, Charles Knox. Beverly Kooser, Daniel Koropalny. Nick Kostanski, Jeanne Kraemer, Kelly Kreipe. Elizabeth Kresie, Karen Kruse. Nancy La Londe, Tim Lafontaine. Donna Laible, Linda Lange, Terri Langr, Susan Laris. Ralph Lee. Mary Lee, Mike Lemmon, Kent Lenhart. Jeanne Lenlz, Diann Sophomores 147 Levanduski, Alan Levin. Randall Lewis, James Lewis, Linda Lochr, John Long, Rick Love, David Lucero, Yvette Lundberg. Amy Lusco. Carol Lynn, Kim Malsom, Beverly Marker, Mark Martell, Elizabeth Martin. Brett Martin. Lael Martinez, Phyliss Martinez. Steven Mauer. Brian Maupin. Robert Maupin. Tonette May, Rayla McAfcrty, Donna McClellan. Patricia McDaniel, Robert McDermott, Robert McFarland, Lori McGIory, Joyce McGuire, Angela McKinley, Roger l48 Sophomores ,.. Q ,-A. .. 4 I, , AJ' 2 X , Q ' ' t 'lx ui K .. , 'six - H - ' J .- L Z J C 1- K Nr K ef K 4- A ' 1-.. f x ,W-. I 'T 'Q' ' ,. F wwf, A Q' x , , w. . .. . X 5 ! .t Q h , -: .5 t it 5, 0 5 L, ,A ,t , ki- " , 'Q X A ' f ,342 nik J ,wi-. X f-.t 1 1 A XR ft R ,::7 5-1?cW.3:K 5 S "1 I .f-71123-e-5.757211 ,1 1 , - 7, 1 Aa "s . Q Q . , '. l . ' V 'x :W . x l ,I Q x .rxax -.i 'I ' N' K 1 K , K 5 . y. tk I 'V N L W lf A , T' J x ' x rf- F. gv, 1 I ii pf! ,do S.. ,vu ...i if it i ' 4 " ri.. 7. W- l , . -Ti ,fl . 'Y' Q i by - ' I I-' W X- 'Cf' ff .fx ,l 2 Y. 1 ix ,,'Q, , .-.1 f, 5,3 4 1 , ,A A, Q4 ,Q 1 P - 'fa::. i, :::. . k an .lm ,,. - y in 1, .y K in I ,Q P. "-'R M' I McKinnon, Stuart McQueen, David Melcher, Judith Menniger, Eliza Miera. Lucy Miles. Betty Miller, Keenan Miller, Lisa Monroe, Elissa Montgomery, Jana Morrill, Ann Morris, Gordon Morris, Kirk Moseley, Adrienne Munoz, Juanita Munson, Stacey Murphy, Michael Myers, Charles Myers, Kevin Myers, Lynette Myers, Stephen Neal, Julia Neff, Timothy Nelson. Helga Newman, Denise Newton, Cheryl Nickelson, Rebecca Nickerson, Joyce Nieman, Bradly Niera, Laura Sophomores 149 Nimz. Mary Nix. Arlene Nolting. Debra Nolting. Mike Nugent. Robert O Handlen, Norma Ortiz, Melinda Othmer, Curt Packard, Lisa Page, Connie Panton. Geneva Paris. Melanie Parker, Doug Parry, Marianne Patterson. Richard Payne, Shelby Payne. Thomas Peak, Rita Perez, Carla Perkins, Shelly Perry, Anita Perry, Barbara Perry. Linda Peters. Gary Peters. Marvin Pliler, William Polter, Patricia Porter. Gregory Post, Robert Pratt, Marianne l50 Sophomores 1- 4 ' ' 45:5 ' .itxi li . lj, ' ' x. -ua, 2. I' 1 ' ' ' 'n J ft? 3 , . f....,1 ,.. 6 45,42 P' bf, I 'b j,nl A',"',. ff, l 4.-A ff- lf , 3 nhl Ye ' ? :ti .5-N ...V , , i 'P 590. Q .v O v f .49 vo ,, , , .fveeetekfgv 35 nt- N , 4 , Y y J . Q! ,ff S, fn L' N If j'?: "42"" 'Qing' 3 - Ja. :"?:f.- 1 'ff' . fl ' 'Bonita " l an Z :Q . ..- ,G l av" y . it , A ' ' N t . SK f' -Ffl ta ,. 5- ,4 '57 ! J . ,nos-A New so L:- ixwnel' 6 X K , - sv A A ff K-in l x Price, Johanna Pringle, Catherine Quiett. Rhonda Rabe, Christopher Rajewski, Patrick Ralph. lrvin Ralston. Larry Ramirez, Edward Ramsey, Daniel Redmon, Eugene Reeves, Pattie Remmele, Stacia Renfro, Dean Rhea. Lawrette Richardson, Dave Richardson, Ricky Riesen, Cheryl Roberson, K.C. Robinson, Carrie Robinson, Keith Robinson, Teresa Roe, Joe Rogers, Donna Rogers, John Rogers, Tammy Ross, Cindy Ross, Susie Roy, Gregory Ruge, Sara Rumbaugh, Gregory Sophomores 151 Runnels, Ruth Russell, J.D. Salazar, Debra Sanders, Jane Sargent, Amy Sauer. James Sauls. Scott Schaffer, Melanie Schmick, Dale Schmitter, Brenda Schwartz, Michael Schweitzer. Christine Seeley, Brian Senogles, Corrie Sernon, Laura Shannon, Lori Sheafor, William Shepherd, John Shepherd, Nina Shepherd, William l 52 Sophomores Shump, Marty Simmons. Terri Slade. Stephen Sledd. Brent Slocum, Debra Slocum, Gary Slusser. Connie Smith, Anne Smith. Calvin Smith. Carol ij 7 56 4 ,s. X, Q lg Y ia Y , E 9 , ' -fa' I ,XA ,Q-1: A N E4- W .gn-wtf X ,ff ef fa? - ,T.A.., S si'- S api -f , S: PSI! LZ if -rms N 5, IQ' l I? 4, .- fl-if " 51 ,., ,,, Ag ,S ,.. ,.' ,,'f"f' as' 7, fv- fl , l ' rr 1 j X V C 5 "C 4 ' , I ' x Q ff P ai. . xl fl 1 visa: l ,, ." .. g ,, If V I x A ' qw -, S 'af in , 5 . -, 4 ,JUN Q -' llf 1 f' :gtg ... my Mar 'I . 'ak QM X! tl 2 Smith, James Smith, Julie Smith, Marie Snook, Douglas Soza, Cruz Sprague, Carol Sprague, Shayla Stalcup, Jay Stanley, James Steele. Keith Stein, Anne Storey, Brad Straub, Anna Strobel, Resa Strong, Nathan Sturgeon, Kevin Summerville. Kathy Sutton, Jolene Talbert, Orman Taliaferro, Gina Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Howard Taylor, Leonora Thomas, Denise Thomas, Jolynn Thompson, Angela Thompson. David Thurman. Edward Tilford, Stephen Tilton, Steven Sophomores l 53 Tocdman, Loree Towle, Julia Trimble, Beverly Troulwine, Cindy Tuffley. Barbara Underhill, Chris Valley, John Van Buren, Richard Vance, Willis Varella, Arthur Vaughn, Kevin Vazquez, Luz Vega. Debbie Velen, Sandra Victor, Gregory Vignatelli, Brad Villalobos, Albert Vinning, Thomas Von Stiers. Bruce Wagner, Dean Walker, Lois Waller. Rebecca Warner, Jeffrey Watkins, Paul Watridge, John Watson, Michelle Webb, Larron Webb, Ridge Weber, Grant Wells, Linda I 54 Sophomores Q 4 N 1 is is 'F 1? ix . f if Q 1' . C, X hairs x R 1 5 5 ,1- , HQ, ? wb If " 4 3 J x 1 Q, 1+ 1 ,ffm I . '25 5-L , Q.. V 'rn' ' V, 4 i Q 'K K -eq' ra 5 .F r . i 1 ug. , P Q, ,,..- Q gy Ni 5 l is P M 45' Q 'z'-ew W. Y , - 'f 7'- ki'25lN2153'N W fzv df T. . 'Q ea AA l if 2 1 Q, . fix' , -QL. B: 4 N, . F VF. c. 5' P, , 1 L 2 4 1 ith GN 9, 5 V1 Q- HF QV'i5,2 f f 4, L , x if R, -cf P it .4-Q Zechel, Randy Zerger. Deborah 5.-ff: mv if 0- A A 5' qi .ff 4 Z if G A 3- F' 'I . . 1 tax 1 il. ,X . 4 ,+I J ob. "l 'X I f ii Wynn, William Yewell, James Young, James Zander. Donna White. John Whitebread. Lawrence Whitsell, Frank Wietharn, Kent Wigner, Anita Wilcox, Laura Wilkerson, Carey Wilkins. Jr. Don Willett, Colette Williams, John Wilson, Carla Wilson. Jerome Wilkon, Margaret Winkelman, Mark Wohler. Jeana Wood. Cindy Wood. Roger Worford. Tony' Worlds, Cynthia Wykerl, Meggin Sophomores l 55 156 Juniors IUNIURS 'Ti' .X 3 ', '-sf" , ' Af-l5f'?f"f 3. , les' nk Il 1 - . -- 451 Q E ,, s. A, .. . ' 'mr-' ' een' 2 x 1312:-Q X , e fe - W f ' pri ,tus , X 4 1 3'-3-1Z1'.Yi " ' I li 9 L.. or '-if P' a, gx J VZ. I. A photographer catches David Downes by sur- prise. 2. Diane Utech and Kathy Anderson find their seat enjoyable. 3. Mike Morris takes a break from his studies to smile for the photographer. 4. Tim Wagstafl' developes pictures in the dark room for the WORLD staff. 5. Enjoying the warm weather during lunchtime are Susan Oyler. Lisa Griflith, Paula White and Dawn Ketler. 6. Carl Skoog attends the all-school party held in the cafeteria. 7. Junior Class Ofliccrs: Leslie Vigus: President. Betsy Halloran: Sec.-Trcas.. Jeannette Oppitzz Social Chairperson. Sandy Mathews: Vice-Pres. 158 Juniors Abrams, Richard 1 Ackors. Donna Ackors. Jorree Adame. Daniel Admas. Steven Aguilar. Rebecca Alejos. Gregory Alexander, Ann Alexander. Sharln Allman, David Alvarez, Daniel Amspacker. Don Anderson. Craig Anderson, Derrick Anderson, Kalhrine Anderson, Raquel Anthony. Jean Arce, Adrian Arnold. Alan Atchison, Russell Atherly. Diana Ayres. Deborah Bach. Kimberly Bailey. Daniel Bailey, Delton Baird. Leisa Baker, Richard Baker, Scott Barber. Anthony Bardsley. Kevin .Is 53? f?K, f2?f1s3 1 A D ' 9 l 1 1 S 1 f il l ' . A ,I 4 1 'W I Q ve 14" , A fx ff 1 59 N W.. 13 ap ,fl l . 1 pil ' --"5 ' . ' A . 1 i 1 , x I Q4 J ' fxslx.. 2 pw Q 9 , 5 1 --ni -' 1 .-n 'Un xlhwflxwit .fi . Q Q-ff' L!-. , , . ' .'. -5 . Q is H . "gg ff. ,. el 7. fa , f . I w- 'L in ll ii R : i ' TN 1 . , ' x2:'t 'xl an 'Q 7 its aww , 0 , ,A V J , N , Q ' 1 f If 4. 1 i , N any xv i all YJTWZ . an ' Wx K 37.3 1 f ' 4 ,, , 5' l Y A 1 ig -93131: V ' , 1 I 1' ...H I :HL 0-. . V I , 'ss' , les- "' , , v , n B Pg fi We T ei .s Q-n .Tl "' Q .D 133' if as 'X A . 1 i is .2 Q its fg .. N. W5 r- ' ta 512' , S 3 i . 'iw I, 3' Bargas, Jesse Barney. Beverly Bartels, Carol Barth, Paula Bartlow, Rocky Beard, Roxanne Benson, Linda Beeson, Robert Bell, Arnold Bennett, Mark Bent. Cynthia Benton, Olivette Berberich, Donna Berger, Randy Bergstrom, Clayton Bills, Lorena Bixel, Kathleen Blevins, Timothy Blocker, Kevin Bloom, Karen Bohannon, Jon Bond, Lisa Bonjour, William Boutwell, Brian Bowen, Cassandra Bowen, Twila Bowers, Michael Boyd, Johnnie Boykin, Victoria Bragdon, Keith Juniors 159 l60 .luniors Brandenburg, David Briggs, Doreen Brockman, Diana Brockmeier, Darla Brooker. Jeanette Brown. Alan Brown, Cheryl Brown, LaVonzelle Bruce, Aaron Bruce. Pamela Buchanan. Deborah Buckles, Larry Burbach. Sandra Burnene, Cynthia Burney, Dina Byers, John Byrd, Elizabeth Cain, Ann Cain, Charles Caldwell, Angela Caleb. Brett Calvin, Michael Campbell, Charles Campbell. Rodney Carter. Leslie Carter, Marlon Carver, Bradley Casey. Billy Chapman. Kenneth Chavez, Victoria rv ofa sf' 3 " . , I'-1 ' . ' 3 , l E9 a A JE 1 if if ' i ig! H if ' -Q H hm fb ff? X X H 'N HI Fl . fi ll A nw sq -Sim igw. .-M 3 I E l ... 4-5, 1 1 ' gf fig ffrwgg bi 1--H. ' ' 5 M. A' f, T v Ar .cum ww .-X-.-qnnsvp' 35. Q , '47-ia 11" in I , m,.Q if ms . . K ,.., i X lx I Q4-0 I , 3- - f.-1 I 5 I 2- K ws, V 1' I , V 1 'A Q i n X' .X 1 1 I v C r Q A '- a ak' , 'i iv 1 7 3 , Christian, Steven Clark. Gearld Clark, Sheryl Clulow, Cynthia Clure, Debora Cobos, Debra Cofran, Janie Coker, Darryl Colahan, Gail Collier, Curtis Collins, Penny Comfort, Keith Condley, Sharon Coulter, Todd Cox, Kristi Crane. John Cummings, Phillip Cunningham, Gary Cunningham. James Currey, Susan Curttright, Tiwana Dale. Lucile Daniels, Yvonne Dark, Connie Durr, Marsha Davidson, Steven Davis, Bonita Davis, Richard Dawes, Elizabeth Declcr, Sonya Juniors l6l "f'2f!34???" 164 Juniors Gonzales. Donna Gooding. Tammi Goslin. Buddy Graf. Ted Grant. Shelley Greenfield. Jodi Griflilh, Lisa Griggs. Charlene Guffey. Jimmie Guffey, Katherine Gurwell, Susan Gulicrrez. Rebecca Guzman. Rodolfo Hall. Kcnl Halloran, Elizabeth Halsey. Robin Halstead, Michael Hancock. Kathryn Hurdcsly. Nancy Harrell. Mary Hart. Rebecca Hurller, Kim Hartwell, Kathy Hasselle. Michael Hayes, Valdana Hedges, Carol Hedrick, Carol Henderson. Delores Hendrix. Daniel Henley, John LV- Q- .gh 4 54 l r -ii .. WA J H . 1 1. ' ll- ,iff ., ..- S on ' "' J, X .X, f' 'Q s M r 'I t ry 5 :lx 'R . 4. i u ki fr' if-ng. '40 so. A x i if A 7 I 1' 'A H J 5 E! 4' 15 1...- i -4.9" ,f" ,., -fl' 14-2 ' Y l v: -gre ,, . . Us We lf I . 4 4,5 - n w .QL J 1 fl f iwi , -1 - V Y y 4 wx V ' b A gn .ii -41 , f ix N., J F 9 - ' ' I- , v P' 4x"""u. - if Hcrbslrcith. Jumcs Hernandez. Lcunnu Hernandez. Linda Hersh. John Hershey. Julie Hcrlrfcldl. Ralph Hickman. Michael Higgs. Richard Hirst. Diana Hubble. Kyle Hobson. Cindy Hodges. Slcvcn Hoffman. Joel Holmes. Tammy Holl. Churlcs Holi. Cheryl Horsl. Pamela Householder. Daniel Huffman. Miles Humphries. Cheryl Hunlcr. Murcia Hurd. Tamara Hutchinson. Elizabeth Hutchinson. Paula Hymon. Johnnie Hypsc. Daniel lmhoff, Lcanna lmgram. Dcmona Irwin. Junci Jackson. Priscilla Juniors 165 - , 1 2 iafib- f- J. . L Y 'f 'T ' Q 168 Juniors McKinnon, Lisa McPeek, Janeane Medovich, Clinton Mendoza, Evelyn Menningcr, John Merillat, Susan Merillat, Terri Michaelis, Paul Miller, Connie Miller, Gregory Miller, Gwen Miller. Johanna Miller, Kevin Miller, Susan Mitchell, Curtis Monell, Louise Moore. Cindy Moore. Janice Moore, Richard Moore, Valerie Moorman. Tracy Morris, Michael Mounkes, Calvin Munson. Michael Murphy, Brian 1 Myers, Anthony Negrete, Anna Nelson, Steven Neu, Martha Nevin, Marita f7 1 bl' Q1 , v 1 A ,ex I 'eh vw in l f JW f 5' ' , t A ,f -J I.: ,. H Z. 'T 1 4 wi ff, gr S.. -1 'lf A .iv . . qv 'I f ' 1- 'If' Nicolay, Robert Nickelson, Pamela Niven. Daniel Northrop. Leslie Oppitz, Jeanette Ortiz, James Ortiz. Teresa Osbourn. Rebecca Oyler. Susan Ozenbaugh. Deburah Palm. Tamara Parnell. Ray Paschall, Sheryl Patterson. Grace Pattison. Karen Payne. Lucinda Pearce. Terry Pcnick, William Peralta. Roger Peters. Joan Peters. Kevin Pierson. Connie Pineda. Mark Pinny, David Pomeroy, Brett Powell, Avalon Powell, Richard Price, Denis Prohlska. Ruth Prosser. Gwendolyn Juniors 169 Qualres, Norman Quarles. Thomas Ragsdale, Libby Ralston, Peggy Ray, Kenneth Reese, Brenda ' Renfro, Alan V Repp, Allison Rekrride. Ralph Reynolds, Marta Rice, Kenneth Rice, Laurie R i Rider, smn Riesen, Marilyn R Riffey, Angela Rinne, shmie Robards. Beverly Robb, Michael Roberson, Patricia Roche, Linda Rousey, Steven Runnels. John R Ruse. Brent Russ, Michael' Ryans, Dwayne Saigcg, Michelle Sandersg Cynihiai Sands, Rick Sarkesian. Michael Scheidegger. Ginny x K Q l72 Juniors Stanley, Deborah Stapleton, Patrick Starkey. Brenda Stearns, Caroline Steele. Carol Steinbock. Nancy Steinbock. Wayne Steuber. Terry Stine, Mark Stovall, Kevin Stratton, Pam Stutzman, Laura Summerville, Pat Surrano, Juanita Sutton, Julie Svoboda, Janet Swagerty. Debra Swift, John Swopes, Joe Tann, Marsha Terhunc, Randy Thomas, Pamela Tibbs, Debra Toburen, Douglas Tribble. Diane Trimble, Bradley Trimole, Kathy Trotter, Danny Trowbridge, Marc Trupp, Rebecca I ,x Q 1 li f Sf-A 12? 'E R-5,1 K Wi rn. , . 3. r"V' ,SYM 45' In Q N X .pg vii 11 ,., If flru 9 X 'N 1 4-Q Il H., . --x ,w K.- no n Q x, ,. nr 3' I 'rl if-, l". 'wil ' .Q W Q- ,4- azs ' Q, x ,V , 'W ,V wi Af-21 A egr- Q. Citt ty , I 5 6 ,.4:' Jul 8 Ubel. Mary Underhill, Craig Utech, Dianne Valdivia, Ramona Van Slyke, Dorothy Vaughn, Carmen Vausbinder, Trina Vawter, Gary Vazquez, Iraida Verna, Isabelle Vernon, Paula Vicory, David Victor, Phillip Vigus, Leslie Virr, Catherine Waggoner. Guy Wagstaff. Timothy Wall, Daniel Ward, Arthur Warren, William Waterman, Robert Watridge, Pam Watridge, Pat Watson, David Watson, Maurice Weaver, Diane Webb, Tanya Wells, Wendy Wells, James White, Paul Juniors 173 Que V,'iii 9 TT? vii' A .5 i , N ' L 'Y A lo- In Wh NSN 'Q n 'N '34 A JUNIOR. Finally beginning to set- tle down, to feel emoional stress fade deep into childhood and grow, slowly, into an adult. Sitting unsteadily on the brim of deci- sion while pushing reality out of your mind and reaching for an answer, to a question of the future. Facing facts of tomorrow while living for today and remembering the past that will never return. We l l x ' J' fl i 4 V, It V , A f V- 7 f If 54" , l, Juniors l75 lIllDBlllZlillSSlllEll i 'N li TJ" g .- .,l. 'D D-"-"!l-61 ' -- .. 11 l , A-- hi-j! , " 8 -4,7g,,,4, - 4 .- l. Modest Tim Wagstafl' poses during swimming practice. 2. THS students play frisbie after school. 3. Juniors Darrell Coker and Lisa Griffith enjoy the spring weather. 4. French students Carmen Vaughn, Le Trung and Carol Lusco flip crepes in French class. 5. Carolyn Stearns and Cheryl .lan- dera relax during lunch time. - -.a:...3 fm Uv .JL--"' -M Emi If Underclassmen I 77 ll' I I1 J 1 ' , r 1. -A , . ,J ,:.,w. I .if n i Q . x If '. ff lg 'X ff We ' 1. , . Y ' " Q gp , 1:..W-rg- . V W Eligafv 'ff'-". . , ' in 3 -L1 541.7 EZ'-f,fTr-' ' ' Y' - S fQ.,.E,1 . Qbkfgf . N . "eg-,Q-A232 .Q L. . .X if. . , ':.-- :f:2.':., g 'lv' ?:??L"" '. Z t . I , gf., - - 9 1, ' . 'Q . - 5 1? 2 J 1 ,v M' - X -fffEg Ui 'g x ' . li' qv " dl' 178 Underclassmen xxx, I. With his tongue sticking out, Junior Jame Co- fran is caught in a thinking mood, 2. Sophomore Lisa Miller poses naturally for the photographer. 3. A group of sophomore and junior girls practice marching in preparation for the Drill Team tryouts. 4. Junior Tim Wagstafl' seems quite hap- ., 4.. 4 -t' f. ' 1 til' M54 "-fri 'W , in . 1-syoQ, .f'3i5QH':t . . A " ' 5, ' I' .-Q ' ' "fa'5f.' . ..w,U"Y3":'k':avv, " 'L its ...n - . .or -:,..- oh- 1 ' . . n Q- 'V " 0- in -' ' Y 1 ., -.,.,,A.,. ,nk , . .Q .A pr, KL. nl RI' .L ,fgiju 4' 1 ti 99 -'s A -,f"-lb-.gtg -,ag-Q, 45 J", kc, Q- .at Q l Yi i-gg' WI!!-si' '-'Ye-Mllfa V ' ' ef- V-4-1' L-. "-V 1 " , Q 'P' . ,. ,' 5 355,-ftp' ,W-UK.-1-' or... .H . A , .eydsgt ,U A fo-may-3,4 . Q ' 'us ., '.g:f.,,a:5gF"'5'5ff. -,V 5 X , , -i',,uFs1",.'.!' gf' - I 5 .,- -f L- -.,,,,, 4 ,. ' . W,F-rxrrdgsvmixxb' .. Ir .- 'T 1: ,W i - 4:11-- , ,. " C, 'NL gli' x 1- ,Q n , -5 . . , 4 1. VL, . ' - N l Q i : Q s Ss ,,. P E1-9-gag.-jr :ee Q P' ,. , ., If , 05, 'ss' n I L. of Y 'Q se. if' " nf aff' A feel. f' ,L 'Vx' ' ' l r I A , 1 K , gf, F, . ,-K ,,..,, -Q K. l , X' I 1 ' 'I , ' W., P 1, tn' X I :,. Z . . .. .V ., Q 2-513' . nv -i" i I I .- .X i.f' t py after swimming. S. Junior Brenda Beason en- joys a moment of relaxation in the sun. 6, Juniors Vicki Chavez and Tom Shump find a little extra time on their lunch hour to rest. Underclassmen 179 - K 180 Seniors SENIDRS v ,tr .14-A 2 1 C!! A SENIOR. Living in a life of confu- sion. Being slapped with the force of' decision. Feeling freedom lock you in- side its arms and holding you there. Having the indepth feeling of peace di- vide its time within the moments of your life and touching your future with a breeze of silence. Reaching to find a better life, striving to appreciate the life you have already made for yourself, Realizing how many memories have been left behind and try- ing to understand that your life has only just begun. 2 i W.-1" ln Memoriam Besty Sue Beason 1958-1975 If l. Sr, Class Officers: President Teri Cunlicld. .QF Vice-President Mark Rillifliflj. SCC,-TFCZISUFCF Melinda Brccdcn. 2, Senior Kay Ekcy pruciiccs hcr typing skills. J. Discussing what ingrcdicnis arc needed. Kirk Irwin :ind .lohn Pricc lcurn thc ar! of cooking in Bachelor Foods. 4. .Iuurnalism student Cindy Keller rcpurin in in the xubsiilulc, Shc was on lhc WORLD slzifl' fini ncrncslcr. JU wh Duff? - ' .0 wo Nw! 6 Mau-'ng ,,. 3 -1 Seniors l8l Q1SLvl 1. Susan Moore and Michelle Payne find long- forgolten belongings during a locker cleanup. 2. Jim Marshall waits patiently al the library desk, 3. Barb Bunten, Sally Hare and Lori Kirkcgaard compare their final results on a chemistry lab. 182 Seniors N i 'x Y Q' 4 r A. ar -Mi... ,I 11-1, 'C i is jul l. Seniors Becky Souders. Barb Duncan and Jana Richardson enjoy many types of food at the lnter- national Dinner sponsored by the foreign lan- guage clubs. 2. Tina Moriello watches as Sue Eaton prepares paint for her art project. J. Wait- hb 1 my ing for school to start, Seniors Tom Copeland and Tom Figgs sit in the sun. if-f?x .. , T" . P . ., I , 7. N N NV N ' x -3 v' - 'S -I 11 Ni, P Seniors 183 QLN ..5,.,x .-54 x .. i v- v. ,x,, po' 184 Seniors Ihr l. Joe McCaskic relaxes iifier hc scis up his icni for the Survival mini-course. 2, Vursily cheer- leaders Iinish their fire-up chccr ill thc Hayden basketball game. 3. Spanish lV siudcnis rcnd ai novel during class, 4. Senior Mike Look enjoys his lollipop while studying. 5. Seniors Beth Gchrl. Ruth Gleason. Miich Murphy und Junior Lucy Dale find it easier io work logcihcr. 6. Lori Synder cringes as powder is applied over her stage makeup for the musical. 7. Senior Rick Redick surprises the photographer with his devilish smile. 3 -Q-au? Jeff Alberson David Alexander Penny Apps Karen Albrecht Phillip Anderson Rene Arce il 1-5 ,Q af,-5 - 186 Seniors ff fir ' 1 Qi 1 . Q .-4 fb 4.1 ,ln Q Q., 'iv--r .lf ,yi Larry Arndt Sharon Axelton Tom Ashley Kurt Bahr Steve Atchison Virginia Baker Karen Axelton Bill Bartron IIN '13 Malia Baumgardner Nancy Beach Kerry Beaver LaWanna Bergstrom tug Tammy Bcsta Lonnie Bevins Cathy Beyer Arthur Black J- .few----In-Q-e . A.-J., K' al .2 QM, ..-,?kf,.-T. , Q' -' ' ' . R., 4'U---Q.- 454, 0.4-s I -,,,.,.f N11- Stewart Blackwell Elizabeth Block Dawna Bosler Dawn Blanton Nolan Bomar Ron Branson Seniors 187 1 ' Qfsv l88 Seniors ,,-C X :CY Kim Braxton Debbie Bremer Valerie Brockman Melinda Brceden Diana Briggs Tresa Bucholz -gs Barb Bunten Exzetta Burns Mike Byers Susie Campos Alli- .3" !'I.. 'Y ,--f ,K fwfr: .K Q Terri Canfield Luan Carlisle David Carpenter Randy Carpenter Q l ""'? 'U' .k 1, : K' if i i EX-A La o ' sf Q 4, 2112 xs 1.14145 4-5 3 -Y Y, ai, t ,N + 1 4 N Rick Carpenter Scou Case Donna Casner Lance Carver Alfred Charay Alexandra Chavez Arieua Chisham Diana Christian Sherri Christopher Kirk Clinkenbeard Julie Clulow Cheryl Colahan Leslie Coldsmiih Dorcclla Cole Seniors 189 TTD lib- ww - f-fr 190 Seniors Karen Cole David Conroy Tom Copeland Gina Coniglio Penny Cooper Ted Cox Nu- of ,. .--r ..- fi J in R .Q X 4.. l 1 -ig Michelle Cusic Karen Davis Celia Daniels Larry Desbien Kirk Davidson David Detmer Susan Davidson .lan Dewitt U' l 4"g -J ,-ff-w K. K Jacob Dickinson Fam Dinwiddic Curt Dittmer Marcy Divers A Brenda Dodson Don Dorlch Greg Dotson Steve Douglas 75" wi 4 Tammy Drake Anita Dreiling Theo Dreher Kay Duffens sf B -Q Vx,-l Ba rb Dunca n Karen Duncan . Q Seniors 191 1 Marcia Eakcs Sue Eaton Kathy Eiesland Julia Earhart Gregory Edds John Eiscnhul .E 1 ,Q , Q by I ,rl f y 'i4.5f- Y-4,1 . xx N 1 n S la . WR. a 'G ' x E ' Y-5 i 192 Seniors T Q 4. -i 1 Q,- vi K5 P 'I' Kay Ekey Becky Elmore Howard Epstein Gabriel Escobar QX 9 i Z' N X Gregory Evans Warren Evans Cindy Fiegenbaum Tom Figgs 432'- l . f,,,Y,1'x, ...lf fir ,-'s',x','l ' A 1 ,V 4' 4'1 P 1', 'Xa' - ef ,- 4c I iff' g 1 , ' 1, i , K it f N'i5w., J 'P ' rdf' 'A L . 4 , f 33. ' " ' fi. X L . 'I ' 'K qlx , D "ii we V-5' + ' N 'fl' if IQ i Y. 1 all K .R A 'N R -N . X x if Marvyn Fincham Emily Fortner Pam Friend Rose Gabel Stanton Gardenhire Janet Fisher Phil Former Becky Frisbie Rachel Galvan Beth Gehrt Kim Fork Renee Former Helen Forste Nancy Foust Seniors 193 933451, if l 194 Seniors ' x i Z. f' ' Debra Gibbs Chandra Gill Shara Gilbert Karen Gleason l lt Qs 1 Ruth Gleason James Goff I r s I l ll 'K .3-g, Bret Goodrich Faye Goslin .led Goslin Jeff Graf f aw: if .tt Ai .J nf- Elaine Gragg Shelley Granstrom A Mary Grioe Sarah Griggs 5 mfr Dominic Gutierrez Becky Hackel Cheryl Hadden Susan Halley Af N ' iw 4 1 Judith Hamilton Donald Harrison Dennis Harvey Donald Hawkins Susan Hamman Lina Hartocollis Diane Hatter Janice Hawkins Bob Hannigan Sally Hare Q Seniors 195 TTTN 5- "7"' E 'WQIWJI Pa Q H ,X Tim Hawks Steve Haya Jerome Hendrix Dana Hay Julie Hein Jeri Henry I in vein ' in I ii! I I - 0'f'1 1 . 196 Seniors , f f ,.. .lv.-js' Gloria Hernandez Christal Herrmann Cindy Hester Robert Hia!! X ggi' Q Aaron Hill Mae Hill Phil Hines Kevin Hirsc hberg ,Z gb ,sr g in-M" r sa Mfg, 1 q Ill :Vi nn! M I ,,,,..- . lb ' 'LS . . l 8 ' u Y xiii N? Paula Hisel Carita Holt Barbara Holmes Krcg Hoover Nancy Holmes Pam Horst Vanessa Holmes Bill Hortenstine - Q..-of Diane Houghton Charles Howard Jerry Howard Karen Huesers Ronald Hubbard Jeanine Humphries Seniors 197 Q3 Q:-1.9 Donis Hutchinson Shelley Irish Kirk Irwin Kathy Hutton Kelly Irwin Kevin Jackson v. 198 Seniors if 415 fi x . Y Os 44- 111' Jay James Patricia Johns Brian Johnson Debra Johnson John Johnson Juanita Johnson Randell Johnson Russell Johnson si ,fx 1 1' X x -3. 054 'ig-. Kim Johnston Karen Jones Luann Jones Rochelle Jones giyi At- si' ,.L'? Jonny Jordan Dana Judge Kenneth Jung Belinda Kaberline .fi J Kevin Karst Nancy Keeshan June Kelley Elaine Kaufmann Cynthia Keller Max Kendall ,fu K , I , I Seniors 199 'x Christopher Kennedy Gina Keller David King Janice Kessler Dan Kimbrough Lori Kirkegaard aff, 200 Seniors Brad Koehn .loli Kruse- Denise Koen Teresa LaFonlaine Randall Kresie Catherine Laing Janis Krohe Carol Lambrechl Sharon Lane Kelly Langdon lngeborg Larson Timothy Larson .5 ,,. ,f.AM:5- f gi- "Ag sf 1 "1-'mfg' f gnu- e A424 ,1- A4 .. i ig. 'N- Mary Lemon Theresa Lemon Barbara Lewis Robert Lewis Ken Lierz Mike Look John Litiin Nancy Magee vQ"'P' M arf Q F L- fl Ruth Magee Steve Mahler Seniors 201 202 Seniors Donna Malloy Dawn Markham Clyde Marvin David Mannell James Marshall Anita McCray ui Peggy McGhehey Becky Mew Hugh McKcrnan Josie Miera DeAunn McLain Carolyn Miller Cathy Mealman David Miller I 1 gif?-Qi? W3 X Rx N-Z Ron Molden Lesia Moore Susan Moore Mark Mullins Tim Munro Erin Monroe Patricia Moore Tina Morriello Lino Munoz Mitchell Murphy Sherry Montague Ronnie Moore Phillip Montgomery Soon Moore cf Seniors 203 ff X , 'Q L 1 3 , 1? Shelley Nieman Chris Nordgren Marilyn Norris Susan Ogle Chris Packard Jody Parker Harlow Parsons Sam Patton Mark Patzkowsky Cynthia Perez Richard Perry Mark Petro Don Payne Pam Perry Brenda Petrie Patricia Porter Michelle Payne Noel Peaslee l Seniors 205 Xr' I SN -Gere Jack Reed Elise Remmele Por I g. . gig . 1 sv, lf.. 1 u John Price Mark Rafferty Jeff Quiet! Holly Reed V 5 I P 8 cr 4 G or :ei r JL Q Y 1 206 Seniors X . , Q.: ,fa gn, --LIC 5 w..,, 5 A F' s HX? .ai J 445 .Ian Renfro Doug Richmond Karla Rhea Roben Roberson Emily Richardson Mark Roberts Jana Richardson Scott Roeder V. . 4-,'f A W L '- ravi: 4' Diana Roether Margarete Scales Kathy Rolfs Debra Schmidt Craig Ruby Mary Schweigen Dan Sanders Julie Scott - -----..4a,-13 f IW . 'Y' -amen N , Lindsey Seaman Dorothy Shannon Elizabeth Shepherd Lisa Seaman Penny Shellenbergcr Peggy Shncll Seniors 207 fo? 1' ,J an-, ...J Q- Vernon Siegel Brian Smith Derald Smith Glenda Sklenicka Cassandra Smith Paula Smith 208 Seniors '11 ,Z Dean Snepp Becky Souders Lori Snyder Donna Somherland Diane Solis Cornell Sowell Mike Soucy Benny Soza Shernise Spearman Amy Specht James Spencer Diane Stafford L .J ,- Jean Stanley David Stark Dainta Steele Karon Steele Sharon Steele Kim Storm Shelly Svoboda Debra Stewart David Stubbs Daniel Swagerty Seniors 209 152..V:A .1 .:' r r I "W . . .1 as ' Kathryn Swendson Charles Tann James Thiele Robin Taggart Chris Taylor Craig Thiemc 210 Seniors fs-sk C 55.75 X .J Cynthia Thomas Deonn Thomas Marc Thompson Robert Tilton nd'- of ..nn Anna Toledo Ignacio Torrez Timothy Townsend Tisha Trembly . 1, wi- .WSA It -x , . f If .',y, fi EN .-f -f ff " , s . fa.. I lg , rf v,. if N F 1. A -f i ?'r1:1v. if ' A ., .VV W ' --uf 6 ' ew- 'rs' :Nc-I if CP' Rick Trupp Dorothy Van Buren Allyson Vickers Linda Virr Pamela Von Slicrs Isaac Turner James Van Slyke Anita Villalobos Warren Vogel Gregory Waerzig Willie Tumer Maria Vasquez Jacqueline Ubben Tammi Vausbinder s..-nl N 4 Seniors 21 I '69 .-Gd' l -u-n..., 212 Seniors C-TY Elizabeth Wagner James Walker Patricia Way Barbara Walker Kirk Warner Denise Weaver lvvfi QNMI -als ,,,,,, f, - ' rp'-g f' '-age., .. ..-Q Q, i,-gQ.3'S3'T"4f.F1 fredii! Q... 37:1 1, Scott Weddle Regina Wells Sheryl wens SAM C Martin West ' 'A K-'Au-.1. ,,..-uri Wendi West Paula Westerman Janet White Norma Wishteyah L -r R.. Jon Wohler Johanna Woollcott Brenda Worley Nola Wright aw, X ' ...X ..f -W... - rv f. is Trevor Wright Sandra Yardley Gregory Young Orlando Zuniga .5 h 1 1, Bradley Lentz 'SF- 'dphfw -,f M .., ' ' Nui , 'xt' I r A'-1 L in 4 " :A Ii 'slu--.0 Yv,,d,,--- Seniors 213 ACKER, STEPHEN AKINS, WANDA ALBRECHT, KAREN ALEXANDER, TERRY ANDERSON, CHARLIE ANDERSON, PHILLIP APPS. PENNY Choraliers, Office Assistant, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain cer, Pep Club. ARCE, RENE MAYO. ARNDT, LARRY Boys Glee, VICA. ASHLEY, TOM Debate, Proctor Aid, Tennis. ATCHISON, STEVE , Junior Class Offi- AXELTON, KAREN Choir, Choraliers, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain. AXELTON, SHARON Choir, Choraliers, Office Assistant, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, BAHR, KURTIS German Club, Golf Team BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAN KS. DAVID MARK SHAWN VIRGINIA BELINDA BARBER, MARK BARNES, DANIEL BARNES, DOUGLAS Black Student Union BARRACLOUGH, GARY 2 I 4 Seniors Senior Summaries BARTLETT, SHEILA BARTRON, BILL Debate, Proctor Aid. BAUMGARDNER, MALIA Drill Team Officer, French Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club President, Campus Life, Daisy Chain, KU Band Day, Mod- ern Dance Club, Wash.-Williamsburg Tour, Pep Club. BEACH, NANCY Choir, Choraliers, French Club, Mod- ern Dance Club, Teacher Assistant. BEAVER. KERRY BERGSTROM, LAWANNA Daisy Chain, Wash.-Williamsburg Tour, Teacher Assistant. BESTA, TAMMY Topeka Office Education Club, Daisy Chain. BEVENS, LONNIE BEYER, CATHERINE AFS, Choir, Choraliers, Daisy Chain, French Club, Madrigals, Proctor Aid, Thespians, Musicals. BIRDWHISTLE, KENT BLACK, JEFFREY BLACK JR, ARTHUR AFS, Office Assistant, Teacher Assis- lanl. BLACKWELL, STEWART BLANTON, DAWN Choraliers, Modern Dance Club, Span- ish Club, Thespians, Pep Club, Girls Track and Basketball Mgr., Time- keeper, Daisy Chain, Spring Play, Fall Play, Musical, State Music Festival. BLEVINS, TOM Debate, French Club, Thespians, Stage Crew. BLOCK, ELIZABETH German Club, Proctor Aid, Indepen- dent Study. BOMAR, NOLAN Proctor, Spirit Club, Basketball, Teach- er Assistant. BOSLER, DAWNA BRANDENBURGH, LINDA BRANSON, RONALD BRAXTON, KIM BREEDEN, MELINDA Choraliers, Drill Team Officer, French Club, Math Club, Modern Dance Club, Sr. Class Officer, Track, Daisy Chain. BREMER, DEBBIE Choir, Choraliers, Madrigals, Model UN, Modern Dance Club, Office Assis- tant, Thespians. BRIGGS, DIANNA AFS, Kayettes, Medical Careers, Proc- tor Aid, Spirit Club, Usher Club, Teacher Assistant, Pep Club, Daisy Chain, CO-OP, Timekeeper. BROCKMAN, VALERIE Proctor Aid. BROOKS. EARL Proctor Aid. BRUCE, KATHY BUCHOLZ, TRESA Choir, Drill Team, FISH Club, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Thespians, Orchestra, Musical, Daisy Chain. BUNTEN, BARB French Club President, Quill and Scroll, Spirit Club, Band, WORLD Editor, Daisy Chain, Teacher Assistant, Tennis, Principal Advisory Council, District and State Honor Bands, Music Festival, KU-KSU Band Days. BURNETTE, STEPHANIE BURNS, EXZETTA BSU, DECA. BYERS, MIKE Boys Glee. CAMPOS, SUSANNA MAYO, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Student-Faculty Board, Sr. Class Officer, Volleyball, Track. CANADY, SHERYL Senior Leader. CANFIELD, TERILL Drill Team Officer, French Club, Squid Club, Student-Faculty Board Sec., Soph. Sr. Class President, Volleyball, Student Advisory Committee, Daisy Chain, State Rep. CARLISLE, LUAN Choraliers, French Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, SUNFLOWER, Daisy Chain, State Music Festival. CARPENTER, DAVID Trojan Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, Debate Timekeeper, Independent Study. CARPENTER, RANDELL AFS, Debate. CARPENTER, RICHARD AFS, Debate, French Club, Office As- sistant, Spirit Club. CASE, SCOTT Russian Club. CASNER, DONNA Daisy Chain, Topeka Office Education Club. CAUDLE, DARLA CHAPMAN, CHARLES CHARAY, ALFRED CHAVEZ, ALEXANDRA AFS. CHISHAM, ARIETTA CHRISTIAN, DIANA Choraliers, Spirit Club, Teacher Aid, Campus Life. CHRISTOPHER, SHERRI CLINKENBEARD, KIRK CLULOW. JULIA Choraliers, Debate, FISH Club, French Club, Mandala Staff, Math Club, Mod- ern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Teacher Assistant, Independent Study, Daisy Chain, Forensics, Musical. COE, CHARLEY COLAI-IAN, CHERYL Pep Club, Daisy Chain, OEA Club. COLDSMITH. LESLIE COLE, DORCELLA COLE, KAREN DECA, Kayettes, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, CONIGLIO, GINA Latin Club, Math Club, Proctor Aid, Thespians, Stage Crew. CONROY, DAVID VICA. COOK, MICHAEL COOPER, PENNY Daisy Chain, Teacher Assistant, Pep Club. COOPER, ROSS , Native American Club Officer, Proctor Aid. COPELAND, THOMAS COWAN, MICHAEL COX, THEODORA Proctor Aid, VICA Officer. CRUME, MITCHELL CUNNINGHAM, TANYA BSU, Choraliers, Track, Basketball. CUSIC, MICHELLE AFS, Choraliers, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, SUNFLOWER Staff, State Music Festival, Timekeeper. DANIELS, CELIA Latin Club, Band. DAVIDSON, KIRK DAVIDSON, SUSAN DAVIS, KAREN DEHOFF, STEPHANIE DESBIEN, LARRY Football Captain, Wrestling, Golf, Teacher Assistant. DESCH, SUE DETMER, DAVID DEWITT, JAN Proctor Aid, VICA. DICKINSON, JACOB Mandala Staff Editor, Math Club, Mo- del UN, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Student-Faculty Board, Track, Spring Play, National Merit Semifinalist for Betty Crocker Family Leadership of Tomorrow Award. DINWIDDIE, PAM AFS, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Campus Life. DITTMER, CURTIS AID. DIVERS, MARCIE Choraliers, Drill Team, Office Assis- tant, Topeka Office Education Club. DONNELLY, TERRY Boys Glee, Proctor Aid. DORTCH, DONALD DOTSON, GREG DOUGLAS, STEVEN Choir, FBLA, Proctor Aid, Stage Crew, Musicals. DRAKE, TAMERA DREHER, THEO French Club, Kayettes, Proctor Aid, Pep Club, Usher Club, Daisy Chain. DREILING, ANITA Drill Team, German Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Campus Life, Daisy Chain, Musical, Orchestra. DUFFENS, KAY Film Club, Gymnastics, French Club. DUNCAN, BARBARA AFS, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club, Usher Seniors 215 Club. DUNCAN, KAREN Choraliers, French Club, Daisy Chain, Topeka Education Club. DURALL, JARED EAKES, MARCIA Drill Team, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Squid Club. EARHART, JULIA EATON, SUSAN ECKHARDT, TIMOTY EDDS, GREGORY EIESLAND, KATHRYN Choir, Choraliers, Proctor Aid. EISENHUT, JOHN EKEY, KAY Spirit Club, Usher Club, Daisy Chain, Debate, Campus Life, Teacher Assis- tant, Timekeeper, FISH Club. ELMORE, BECKY EPSTEIN, HOWARD Debate, Latin Club, Math Club, Model UN. ESCOBAR, BOBBY MAYO. ESCOBAR, GABRIEL ESSMAN, MARK EVANS, GREG EVANS, WARREN Proctor Aid, Wrestling. FIEGENBAUM, CINDY AFS, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain. FIGGS, TOM FINCHAM, MARVYN FLAMING, GREGORY FLOWERS, JOHN FORK, KIM 21 b Seniors Business Education Club of American, French Club, Office Assistant. FORSTE, HELEN Choir, Choraliers, Film Club, Proctor Aid, Thespians, Musical, Girls Ensem- ble, Daisy Chain, Stage Crew. FORTNER, EMILY FORTNER, RENEE Choir, Choraliers, FISH Club, FBLA, Usher Club, Musical, Pittsburgh Math Day, Campus Life, SUNFLOWER Staff, Timekeeper, Pep Club, Daisy Chain. FORTNER, PHILLIP FOUST, NANCY FOX, WILLIAM FRIEND, PAM FRISBIE, BECKY Choraliers, Model UN, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Usher Club, Teacher Aid, Daisy Chain, Pep Club, Indepen- dent Study. GABEL, ROSE Independent Study, Film Workshop. GALVAN, RACHEL Math Club, Spanish Club, Daisy Chain, CO-OP. GARDENHIRE, STAN Proctor Aid, Basketball. GEHRT, BETH AFS, Math Club, Spanish Club, Daisy Chain, Timekeeper, Band. GIBBS, DEBRA Choraliers, Medical Careers, Daisy Chain. GILBERT, SHARA GILL, CHANDRA BSU, Ethnic Music, Basketball, Track, Volleyball. GLEASON, KAREN GLEASON, RUTH Cheerleader, FISH Club, Model UN, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Time- keeper. GOFF, JIM Spirit Club, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track. GOODRICH, BRET Russian Club. GOSLIN, FAYE Daisy Chain, Cheerleader, Choraliers, Native American Club, Office Assis- tant, Spirit Club. GOSLIN, JED GRABAUSKAS. JANET GRAF, JEFF GRAF, KENN ETH GRAGG. ELAINE Office Assistant, Independent Study, Daisy Chain. GRAHAM, LISA GRANSTROM. SHELLEY spirit Club. GRAVES, VAN Choir. GRICE, MARY Office Assistant. GRIGGS, SARAH Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Track. GRUBB, DONALD GUSTIN, DAVID GUTIERREZ, DOMINIC MAYO, Sr. Leader, Spirit Club. HACKEL, BECKY Choir, Choraliers, Madrigals, State Music Festival, Girls Ensemble, Pep Club. I-IADDEN, CHERYL AFS Officer, Choir, Choraliers, French Club, Usher Club, Daisy Chain, Band, Pep Club Officer, Musicals. HALL, BRIAN HALLEY, SUSAN HARRISON, DONALD Math Club, Spanish Club, Spirit Club. Daisy Chain, Timekeeper, State Music Festival, Orchestra, Musical, KU-KSU Band Days. HAMILTON, JUDY BSU, DECA HAMMAN, SUZAN Choraliers, Debate, Spanish Club, Spir- it Club, Orchestra, Musical. HARE, SALLY Choraliers, Drill Team Officer, French Club, Modern Dance Club Officer, Spirit Club, Track, Basketball, Teacher Aid, Daisy Chain, Class Officer, Musi- cal, Campus Life, Timekeeper, Princi- pal Advisory Board. HARMON, PATRICIA Wrestling Mgr. HARTOCOLLIS. LINA HARVEY, MARK Proctor Aid, Football. HATTER, DIANE Kayettes, Spanish Club, Daisy Chain, Teacher Assstant, Wash.-Williamsburg Tour. HAWKINS, DONALD AFS, Boys Glee, Choir, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Student-Faculty Board Of- ficer, Football, Basketball. HAWKINS, JANICE HAWKS, TIM HAY, DANA Proctor Aid, Track, Wrestling, Swim Team, Independent Study. HAYA, STEVEN HAZELTON, SUSAN HEIN, JULIE HENDRIX, JEROME VICA. HENRY, JERI HERMANSON, JIMMY HERNANDEZ, SENOBIO HERRMANN, CHRISTAL Choir, Choraliers, Madrigals. HESTER, CINDY Office Assistant, Daisy Chain, Indepen- dent Study. HILL, AARON HILL, MAE BSU, Cheerleader, Spirit Club. HINES, PHIL German Club, Stage Band, Indepen- dent Study. HISEL, PAULA HOLMES, BARBARA HOLMES, NANCY French Club, Math Club, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Student-Fac- ulty Board, Usher Club, Daisy Chain, Orchestra, Teacher Aid, Musical. HOLMES. TAMMY HOLMES, VANESSA BSU, Spanish Club, Usher Club, Tro- jan Band. HOLT. CARITA AFS, Choir, Choraliers, Spanish Club, Usher Club, Exchange Student. HOOVER, KREG AFS, Boys Glee, Choir, French Club, Madrigals, Musicals. HORST, PAM HORTENSTINE, WILLIAM Office Assistant, Football. HOUGHTON, DIANE FBLA Officer, Kayettes, Usher Club, Daisy Chain, Pep Club. HOWARD, CHUCK Boys Glee, German Club, Math Club, Medical Careers, Spirit Club, Football, Basketball, Golf. HOWARD, JERRY HOWARD, MITCHELL HUBBARD, RONALD HUESERS, KAREN HUMPHRIES. JEANINE Cheerleaders, Choraliers, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Usher Club, Campus Life, Daisy Chain. HUTCHINSON, CAROL French Club, Spanish Club, Band. HUTCHINSON, DONIS Choraliers, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain. HUTTON, KATHY Drill Team, Modern Dance Club, Of- fice Assistant, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Campus Life. IRISH, SHELLEY , Mandala Staff, Math Club, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Daisy Chain, Timekeeper, Photographer, SUNFLOWER, Swimming, Indepen- dent Study, Campus Life. IRWIN, KELLY Band. IRWIN, KIRK ISHMAN, RACHEL JACKSON, CHARLES FBLA, Math Club, Proctor Aid, Inde- pendent Study, Emporia Math Day. JACOBS, TOBY VICA. JAMES, JAY JAMISON, GEORGINE JENKINS, DARRELL JENKINS, KIM JENNINGS, FAITH JOI-INS, PATRICIA Proctor Aid JOHNSON BRIAN Proctor Aid Basketball, Chess Club. JOHNSON DEBRA A. JOHNSON, DEBRA French Club, Office Assistant, Band. JOHNSON, JANICE Seniors JOHNNY JUANITA JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON. RUSS Math Club, Stage Band JOHNSTON, KIM Cheerleader. Choraliers, Drill Team, Mandala Staff, Modern Dance Club, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain. WORLD, SUN- FLOWER Staff, Campus Life, Time- keeper, KU-KSU Band Day, Pep Club, State Music Festival. JONES, KAREN Spirit Club, Squid Club, Campus Life. JONES, KENNETH JONES, LUANN JONES, ROCHELLE JORDAN, JONNY Latin Club. JORDAN, MARIE BSU. JUNG, KENNETH KABERLINE, BELINDA KARST, KEVIN Spirit Club, Gymnastics, Football. KAUFMANN, ELAINE French Club, FISH Club. Spirit Club, Timekeeper, SUNFLOWER Staff, Daisy Chain. KEESHAN, NANCY Debate, Office Assistant, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Teacher Assistant, Ten- nis, Basketball Mgr. KELLER, CYNTHIA KELLEY, JUNE Office Assistant. KENDALL. MAX KENDIG, STEVEN KENNEDY, CHRIS Latin Club, Model UN, Proctor Aid, 218 Seniors Spanish Club, Student-Faculty Board, Swimming, Track. KESSLER, JANICE Choraliers, Drill Team, French Club, Modern Dance Club, Office Assistant, Daisy Chain, Pep Club. KETTER, GINA KIMBROUGI-I, DAN KING, DAVID Boys Glee, Choir, German Club, Mad- rigals. A KING, MICHAEL KIRKEGAARD, LORI Choir, Madrigals, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Thespians. KOEHN, BRAD Yell Leader, Math Club, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Gymnastics, Swimming, Golf. KOEN, DENISE KRAINBILL, DAVID KRESIE, RANDALL KROHE, JANIS Band, Volleyball, Basketball, Track. KRUSE, JOLI French Club, Latin Club, Math Club, Daisy Chain, Math Day. LA LONDE, SHEILA LAFONTAINE, TERESA LAIBLE, LESLIE LAING, CATHERINE LAMBRECHT, CAROL Debate, Teacher Aid. LANE, SHARON AFS, Choir, Choraliers, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club. LANGDON, KELLY Choraliers, Debate, French Club, Math Club Officer, Daisy Chain. LARSON, INGEBORG Drill Team, Dance Club, Squid Club, Daisy Chain, Festival. French Club, Modern Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Student-Faculty Board, Timekeeper, State Music LARSON, TIM LE, TRUNG LEAL, PATRICIA LEE, WILBERT LEE, WILHELMINA LEMON, JOEL LEMON, MARY Choraliers, Modern Dance Club. LEMON, THERESA Choir, Choraliers, Modern Dance Club, Daisy Chain, WORLD, Independent Study. LEWIS, BARBARA FISH Club, Kayettes. LEWIS, CRAIG Proctor Aid. LEWIS, ROBERT Band. LIERZ, KENNETH German Club, Chess Club. LIST, DAVID Debate, Model UN. LITFIN, JOHN LLAMAS, ERNEST LOEHR, GREGORY LOMAX, VERNON LOOK, MICHAEL Spirit Club, Football, Golf. LOVE, ROBERT LOVELACE, MICHAEL LOWE, EVERETT MAGEE, NANCY Choir, Choraliers, Drill Team, Modern Dance Club, Squid Club, Pep Club, Track, State Music Festival, Campus Life. MAGEE, RUTH French Club. MAHLER, STEVEN French Club, Math Club, Football, Track, Chess Club. MALLOY, DONNA MANN, GERALD MANNEL, DAVID Boys Glee, Choir, Madrigals, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Spring Play, State Music Festival, Stage Crew, Musical. MARKHAM, DAWN MARSHALL, JIM Football, Basketball. MARTINEZ, ADELE Debate, Proctor Aid. MARTINEZ, ESTEFANA MAYO, Oflice Assistant, Spirit Club. MARVIN, CLYDE DECA, Office Assistant. MAYS, MICHAEL MCCASKIE, JOE MCCLELLAND, ALLEN MCCRAY, AN ITA MCGHEI-IEY, PEGGY Drill Team, French Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Teacher Aid, Daisy Chain, Campus Life, Independent Study, Pep Club. McKERNAN, HUGH Boys Glee, Choir, FBLA, Spirit Club, WORLD, Musical. MEALMAN, CATHY Drill Team, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Timelceeper, Campus Life, Swimming Timer, Daisy Chain, Pep Club, Wash.-Williamsburg Tour, Teacher Assistant, KU Band Day. MEEKS, MARTHA MENDOZA, VITA MEW, BECKY MIERA, JOSIE MAYO, Model UN. MILLER, CAROLYN Debate, French Club, Gymnastics, Teacher Assistant, Campus Life. MILLER, DAVID Math Club, Spanish, Basketball. MILLER, ROSEBUD BSU, Proctor Aid. MOLDEN, RONALD Football, Gymnastics. MONELL, EVELYN MONROE, ERIN Film Club, French Club, FBLA, Mod- ern Dance Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Thespians, Independent Study, Stagecraft. MONTAGUE. SHERRY MONTGOMERY, MIKE Spirit Club. MONTGOMERY, PHILLIP BSU, Sr. Leader. MOORE, BRYAN Yell Leader, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Gymnastics, Track. MOORE, LESIA BSU, Cheerleader, Debate, MAYO, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Timekeeper, Track. MOORE, PATRICIA BSU, Cheerleader, MAYO, Spirit Club. MOORE, RONNIE MOORE, SUSAN Cheerleader, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Campus Life, Daisy Chain. MORRIELLO, TINA AFS, Film Club, FBLA, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Thespians, Wash.- Williamsburg Tour, Daisy Chain. MORRIS, KEVIN MULDROW, KEVIN BSU, VICA. MULLINS, MARK MUNOZ, LINO MAYO, Proctor Aid, Office Assistant, Football. MUNRO, TIM VICA. MURPHY, MITCHELL AFS, Spanish Club. MYERS, KIRSTEN German Club, Spanish Club, Orches- tra, Musical, Russian Club. MYERS, WILLIAM MZHICKTENO, DUANE NALL, DAVID Boys Glee, Choir, Madrigals, Thespi- ans, Chess Club, Stage Crew, Musical, State Music Festival. NEILL, BENJAMIN NELSON, JOHANNA Choraliers, DECA, Usher Club, Or- chestra. NELSON PALMER, KIM AFS, Drill Team, FBLA, Modern Dance Club, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Tennis, Campus Life. NEWMAN, ROBERT German Club, Math Club, Football, Golf, Math Day, Timekeeper. NIEMAN, MICHELLE Drill Team, French Club, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Campus Life, Daisy Chain. NORDGREN, CHRIS Spirit Club, Campus Life. NORIEGA, PATRICIA MAYO, Spanish Club, NORRIS, MARILYN Office Assistant, Daisy Chain. OBORNEY, MARY Choir. OGLE, SUSAN Seniors 219 Drill Team, Proctor Aid, Squid Club, Tennis, Gymnastics, Daisy Chain. OLIVA, KATHLEEN Cheerleader, Choraliers, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Usher Club, Daisy Chain, Teacher Aid, Teacher As- sistant. ORTEGA, ARTHUR OTT, NANCY AFS, Choir, Choraliers, FISH Club, French Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Campus Life, Band, Musical, Tennis. OWEN, BRAD Band, Gymnastics, Stage Band, Drum Major. OYLER, JAY Band. PACKARD, CHRIS Film Club. PARKER. JODY Choraliers, FISH Club, Proctor Aid, Timekeeper. PARSONS, DEAN Proctor Aid. PATINO. GLORIA PATTON, SAM Basketball. PATZKOWSKY. MARK PAYNE, DON PAYNE, MICHELLE Cheerleader, Choraliers, Drill Team, German Club, Modern Dance Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Daisy Chain. PEASLEE, NOEL PENN, CYNTHIA PEREZ, CHRISTOPHER PEREZ, CYNTHIA Security Assistant, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Topeka Office Education Club, Track, Basketball. PERRY, PAM PERRY, RICHARD 220 Seniors Football, Track. PETRIE. BRENDA PETRO, MARK PHILLIPS, GARY POIRIER, CHRIS POPE, SYDNEY PORTER, PATRICIA PRICE, JOHN Band, Stage Band. PRITCI-I ETT, SUSAN QUARLES, HERMAN BSU, VICA, Football QUIETT, JEFF Debate, FBLA, Model UN, Boys State, Chess Club, Student-Faculty Board. RADEFELD, DENNIS RAFFERTY, MARK Spirit Club, Sr. Class Officer, Fall Play. RAJEWSKI, FRANK RAZO, JOHNNIE REASER, WILLIAM REDICK, RICK Choir, Madrigals, Office Assistant, Musical. REED, HOLLY Latin Club, Teacher Assistant, Proctor Aid, Thespians, Stage Crew, Wash.- Williamsburg Tour. REED, JACK REMMELE, ELISE Drill Team, French Club, Spirit Club, Squid Club, Campus Life. RENFRO, JAN AFS, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Thespians, Spring Play, Musical, Fall Play. RHEA, KARLA BSU, Choir, Choraliers, Debate, Spirit Club, Thespians, Daisy Chain, Girls State, Track, Musical. RICHARDSON, EMILY RICHARDSON, JANA AFS, Math Club, Spirit Club, Usher Club, Russia Club. RICHMOND, DOUG German Club, WORLD Staff. ROBERSON, ROBEN AFS, Drill Team, Timekeeper, Math Club, Teacher Aid, Usher Club, Tennis, Daisy Chain, Proctor Aid. ROBERTS, LARRY ROETI-IER, DIANA ROLFS, KATHLEEN Choir, Choraliers, Drill Team, German Club, Madrigals, Daisy Chain, Musical. ROYER, DANNY RUBY, CRAIG SALYER, TIM SAMSEL, DOUG SANZI, PAULO SCALES, MARGARETE Proctor Aid, Topeka Office Education Club, Track. SCHMIDT, DEBRA Choraliers, German Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Independent Study. SCHMIDT, KERRY SCHROER, KEN Stage Band. SCHWEIGEN, MARY Teacher Aid. SCOTT. JULIE Choraliers, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club. SEAMAN, LINDSEY Choraliers, French Club, Proctor Aid. SEAMAN, LISA Office Assistant, Independent Study. SEITZ, STEPHEN SHANNON, DOROTHY BSU, Office Assistant. UBBEN, JACQUELINE SHELLENBERGER, PENNY SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH Choir, Debate, Drill Team, Spirit Club, Thespians, SHNELL, PEGGY Choir, Choraliers, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain. SIEGEL, VERNON VICA. SKLENICKA, GLENDA Drill Team, French Club, Spirit Club, Daisy Chain, Campus Life, Track. SMELTER, CHARLES SMITH, BRIAN SMITH, CASSANDRA Track, BSU, Choraliers, Proctor Aid. SMITH DERALD SMITH, GLEN SMITH, HAZEL VICA. SMITH NORMA BSU, FISH Club. o Proctor Aid. SNELLER, STEVEN ffice Assistant, SNEPP, DEAN Proctor Aid, Wrestling. SNYDER, LORI Choir, Debate, French Club, Madri- gals, Musical, Volleyball, Daisy Chain, District Choir. SOLIS, DIANE SOUCY, MIKE SOUDERS, BECKY AFS, Spanish Club, ,Daisy Chain, Track, Usher Club. SOUTHERLAND, DONNA AFS, French Club, Math Club, Daisy Chain, National Merit Letter of Com- mendation, SUNFLOWER Editor, Proctor Aid, WORLD, Photographer. SOWELL, LEI SOZA, BENNY AFS, Football, Tennis, Spirit Club, Choir, Mayo. SPEARMAN, SHERNISE Cheerleader, Drill Team, Choir, French Club, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Daisy Chain, Musical, Band. SPECHT, AMY SPENCER, ANNETTE SPENCER, JIM STAFFORD, DIANE AFS, Choir, Choraliers, Drill Team, Spirit Club, Spanish Club. STANLEY, JEANIE Choraliers, Drill Team, FISH Club, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Student-Fac- ulty Board, Campus Life, Daisy Chain. STARK, DAVID STATTELMAN, VICKIE Choraliers, FISH Club, VICA. STEELE, DAINTA BSU, Choraliers, Drill Team, Spirit Club, Teacher Aid. STEELE, GAYLON STEELE, KARON STEELE, SHARON STEWART, DEBBIE AFS, Debate, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Teacher Aid, Daisy Chain, Timekeeper. STORM, KIMBERLY Choraliers, FISH Club, Kayettes, Medical Careers, Spanish Club, Spirit Club. STUBBS, DAVID AFS, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Spirit Club, Band, Football, Track and Basketball Manager. SVOBODA, SHELLY SWAGERTY, DAN Student-Faculty Board, Band. SWOPES, CURISTINE TAGGART, ROBIN AFS, Debate, Timekeeper, Mandala Staff, Math Club, Office Assistant, Spanish Club Officer, Chess Club, Dai- sy Chain. TANN, CHARLES Debate, FISH Club, Math Club, Cam- pus Life. TAYLOR, CLARA TAYLOR, MICHAEL TETUAN, JOSEPH Boys Glee, Choir, Madrigals, MAYO, Office Assistant, State Musical Festi- val, Football. THIELE, JAMES Band. THIEME, CRAIG THOMAS, CYNTHIA Spanish Club, Teacher Chain. Aid, Daisy THOMAS, DEONN Native American Club. THOMPSON, MARC THURMAN, STEVEN TILFORD, KRIS TILTON. ROBERT TOLEDO, ANNA TORREZ, IGNACIO TOWNSEND, TIMOTHY Boys Glee, Choir, Madrigals, Model UN, Spirit Club. TREMBLY, TISHA Proctor Aid. TRUPP, RICK TURNER, ISAAC FISH Club, Usher Club, Topeka Office Education Club Officer. VAN BUREN, DOTTY AFS, Debate, Proctor Aid, Spanish Club Officer, Spirit Club, Thespians, Daisy Chain, Class Officer. Seniors 221 VAN SLYKE, JIM Choir, Debate. German Club, Madri- gals, Math Club, Band, District and State Honor Band, Topeka Youth Sym- phony, Science Seminar, National Mer- it Letter of Commendation, Tennis, Musicals, Student Congress. VASQUEZ, MARIA MAYO. VAUSBINDER, TAMMI VEGA, JAMES VICKERS, ALLYSON French Club, Squid Club, Daisy Chain, Track. VILLALOBOS. ANITA BSU. FBLA, MAYO. VIRR, LINDA Modern Dance Club, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Swim Team Mgr. VOGEL, WARREN German Club, Band, Basketball. VON STIERS, PAM Choraliers, Latin Club, VICA. WAETZIG, GREG Office Assistant, Teacher Aid, Basket- ball Mgr. WAGNER, BETH Choraliers, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid. WALKER, BARBARA AFS, Office Assistant, Proctor Aid, Daisy Chain. WALKER, JAMES Math Club, Model UN, Russian Club, Science Seminar, National Merit Semi- finalist. WALLER, JAY Debate, Student-Faculty Board, VICA. WARD, PAMELA WARNER, KIRK Proctor Aid, WORLD. WASHINGTON, DONALD WAY, TISH 222 Seniors WEAVER, DENISE WEBB, RANZA WEDDLE, SCOTT VICA. WELLS, MARILYN BSU, Cheerleader, Choraliers, Proctor Aid, Student-Faculty Board, Track, Basketball. WELLS, SHERYL WEST, MARTIN Cross-Country Co-Captain, Track. WEST, WENDI WESTERMAN, PAULA Choir, Choraliers, FISH Club, Latin Club, Usher Club. WESTFALL, JIM WHITE, JANET BSU, Drill Team, Daisy Chain, Teach- er Aid, Timekeeper, KU Band Day, Student Advisory Board. WILKINS, IRVIN WILLIAMS, JAMES WILLIAMS JR, THOMAS BSU, FISH Club, Proctor Aid. WILLS. GERRY Track, BSU, Choir, Choraliers, Usher Club, Topeka Oftice Education Club. WILSON, GREG WISHTEYAH, NORMA Native American Club. WOHLER, JON Spanish Club, Tennis. WOOLLCOTT, JOHANNA Drill Team, Squid Club, French Club, Thespians. WORLEY, BRENDA WRIGHT, JOSEPHINE WRIGHT, NOLA AFS, Choir, FISH Club, Madrigals, Thespians. WRIGHT, TREVOR BSU, Math Club, Track, Band. YARDLEY, SANDRA Choraliers. YOUNG, GREG FBLA, Office Assistant, WORLD, SUNFLOWER. YOUNG, LEDELL Proctor Aid. ZUNIGA. ORLANDA Boys Glee, Choir, MAYO, Spirit Club. ix t I' L- 5 v Jw Q A 1 74 1 2 r "'5'Q.. N. X. ,, -fl an ,X t 7' N H ', .un at Q - x I .1--.. l Q l"'l s i .way 2 l. Barb Duncan is caught in at moment of dccp Concentration, 2. Jim Van Slykn: looks on as Lori Snyder and Beth Gchrt enjoy thc relaxed minu- sphcre of their Gnal day in government. 3. .lim Goff displays his physique to admirers, 3' .L rm 1- -1 tk Y r fe '1 A 0 I P' i ,r V i 'flfjrsr 4 . 'WJ I ,A .I . i L . lylifhfi W ? 3 Seniors i 1 -' 224 Fashion l ASI-IIO -xv' gn.. H Iss K, YH 45- 'Q-1-1 ,,, v . YR? 3 As we watch the fashions change from year to year, we discover a unique difference in the general appearance of the average high school student. This year, a wide variety of new styles were seen as well as a few of the old styles to create the "bi-centennial" at- mosphere. The "layered" look seemed to be a popular fad as well as the high heeled sandals and the short feathered hair. I. A new fad, straight legged jeans. appeared at THS during the 75-76 school year. Junior Nancy Fitzpatrick dresses in Levis. bandana and popular Earth shoes. 2. Feathered bangs over a layered look proved to be the "in" hair style. Senior Lori Snyder displays the casual look of a cotton checked shirt and overalls. 3. More skirts and dresses, with the length just below the knee, were seen at school this year. Seniors Dotty Van Buren and Cindy Fiegenbaum wear the popular wedged heels and layered sweaters. 4. Pointed vests added a special touch to this years fashion. Although leisure suits became popular. suits still prevailed. Junior Dan Bailey dresses in the traditional suit and tie. Senior Elaine Kaufmann wears a fashion- able corderoy blazer with matching vest and skirt. 5. Colorful sweaters and "cords" were common, as Senior Mark Rafferty shows. 6. Senior Howard Epstein shows the popular combination of jeans and an unusual T-shirt. 3 . I 4 l. Overalls and rugby shirts were the thing for both the boys and girls as Senior Kirk Irwin dem- onstrates. Senior Michelle Cusic shows off a T- shirt. T-shirts with popular sayings were also fa- vorites among THS students. 2. Senior Chris Nordgren wears thc ever popular flannel button- down shirt and jeans while Senior Dan Kim- brough stays comfortable in a short slccve polo shirt. 3. The recently new and casual jumpsuit came into popularity late in the school ycar. Sen- ior Susan Halley dresses up her jumpsuit with a scarf and purse. 4. Seniors Shelley Nieman, Teri Canfield and Pam Dinwiddic keep cool in fashion- able halter tops. 5. Junior Kathy Long wears the popular combination of a light summer pantsuit and a colorful scarf to brighten up the outfit, Roomy purses also made a big hit with students. 6, With snow skiing growing into a popular sport, the sale of the ski wear boomed. Midi-length cam- el hair coats were also fashionablc. ln warm win- ter coats, Seniors Ruth Gleason and Cathy Meal- man talk on the veranda. .i .X 1 226 Fashion ffm 1? t Fashion 227 Closing A once in a lifetime cvenl. the Bicen- tennial year, is one for recalling history. lt is a time for looking buck in our own past remembering old faces. experiences and accomplishmentsl But more impor- tant. it is a steppingstonc from the past tothe future - our time to make histo- ry. W 228 Closing , ,,,o. , if i l ..v ---W I' is if J " mtg. xx, A fi --51 ' 1 fav' ll I. 4 O Acknowledgements The SUN FLOWER would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped in the production ol' this book. Paul Rundell, who provided the photograph for the cover. The Topeka Capital-Journal and the Kansas State Historical Society. for contributing photographs. The staff, who diligently worked seemingly endless hours without complaining. Dorothy Bermejo, plant consultant. 1. era au 'man. .1 merica ea t c ese t ' e. Y G ld K ft X n Y irbomkr r ntitiv The faculty and administration. for their cooperation. The advertising classes.. vt ho designed and sold ads. Ruth Gleason. for typing the index. Catherine Demcritt. advisor. 4 I ? i i .. Donna Southerland. Editor The Staff Sharla Alexander. advertising Luan Carlisle, copy .lame Cofran. photographer Michelle Cusic, layout editor Nancy Fit7patrick, clubs and organizations Rcnee Fortner. business manager Mark Foster. photographer Paula l-lisel. photo consultant Diane Houghton, layout Shelley Irish. photographer Stacy Jeffress. advertising Kim Johnston, copy Elaine Kaufmann. copy editor Shawn LaBranch. photographer Elimbeth Smith. hcad photographer Donna Southerland. editor Terry Steuber. business Tim Wagstal'l'. photographer Greg Young. advertising manager Acknowledgements 229 I Xf, 230 Th1s This land is your land, this land is my land. Frem litter- yy V strewn highwaysytoybroken t hott1es,?From cluttered pathways to garbageffilledparks. This t si a s i s t t A 2TheParksDepnfui:em your 71621 mfg MMM,y93M71f,.afZa 'iggggggh fwafyouw Qigfrmfwwaf FUNERAL DIRECTORS OWNED AND -- OPERATED BY f -. -' - TOPEKANS 354-8558 ind' , .41 W- U b V St ee! Level. . .on Tenth. . .at Lane Penwell Gabel 1.. MR B S 2120 w. 6th S1. RUSS N. KAMSAS AVE. .92 HIWAY 24 JOE WHITES 21st ac RANDOLPH WEHNER S ROSSVILLE KANSAS WEHNER S SILVER LAKE KANSAS MIKE S 621 SWYGART MIKE S 2620 SARDOU HARRY S 29th 81 CALIFORNIA HARRY S 29th 8a ADAMS HARRY S HUNTOON 82 GAGE QACA CELEBR SN fe s0lSC0 E SALUTE U5 SUPPLIED BY FLEMING FOOD CO IGA SERVING TOPEKA WITH DISCOUNT PRICES HUTCHINSONU 4 EAST 12TH ST 7 0 6 5 1 3161663 2169 PITTSBUFKG CJ AUTOMOMLE 410 N BROADWAY CLUB OF KANSAS 66762 3161231 8790 SALINA CJ 157 NORTH 911-1 TOPEKA Cl 4020WEST 6TH ST PO BOX 1067 66601 I 913 272 6360 57401 9131527 3505 WICHITA D 3340 EAST CENTRAL 6 208 3161685 5241 i SIHCO 1 f I X 1 if ,A 8' qw -I Lx . 1 "' Il l llll MV- Y, 4 , 13' sv I gg -2, 1 'Y ax , ,L W PS , A design forum inc 903 Glnmplrmenta n f illlehtral Ariz lillarmartru W Uw bf' Shoes CASUAL FOUTGEAR F011 GUYS AND GALS! Three Locations 3201 s. 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PRINTING xy' Dfllltlllg LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES IT S A GOOD THING TO DO' Buu.eTnNs cA'rALoGuEs w PR ce Lnsr BUSINESS CARDS COLOR BROCHURES BOOKLET5 John 81 Lois Ogle Owners 3 if 233-B643 Q Central OK Printing, Inc. D 1009 West 6th Your proqram pun!!! i , m ' 618 Kansas Avenue g - .: 'E:- . .... . n fwf D ij 2 :J wr q.5??. Q , . 59 nm I ' 'I' M, 2:1 -439, , A 'L rr N EMT " ' Qs Af. 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CENTRAL, NORTH PLAZA I .IIE . .. .1 ' 'v I N WI !I 1 Z I I If ' , 1 I 'NF 4 Q ' "We are here, Ili. to of RINIRII 238 Ad RECRUITING WHY MONKEY AROUND ART OFFICE ENGINEERING SUPPLIES VIST MEEK S INC H ll 0 y Sq v ll 267 1431 272 4750 GERY KAUFFMAN We were here to start REGULAR D SIONS AMERICA and you can help preserve 1t' I ' I- Contact your reorulter It W I , U.S. ARMY ., P , 11,1 A 107' I I If 1 6 ' 7.61 1 ,' In - . 1'-sv , 4 ' A 1, -, "A E, s. I ' I F XIX 1 ,g .111 .. -W , . X STATIUN 1: ,g if 150 W. 30th Street T1 1 , , af M , Topeka, Kansas 66605 Honored we 12es0ec10c1'IbV'A11 PH. 266-8927 IW ll' H .aw M ,mi sxewwma .awgg Focus all your photographle needs on us Topeka Kansas of Pepsl Cola 2625 N Central A '5' NIERCIIANTS -Q , ' -an NATIONAL BANK . ' wif lm FHS' you can f1nd tops L bby H 9-3M - 9-6 F' -I2 Sa 2014 N. Topeka A . MEMBER F.D.l.C. 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Owner . e Radramr G Hearn Service ' est I Topeka, Kansas I l 'f ff' Zfnlianifecf ' 1' STEPHEN NORSWORTHY S. 2026 SAGE 'Creative Wedding 'Commercial C9131 273-2763 'Photo Restorat 'All Occasions 'Senior Portrates KANSAS 66604 QAH Types of Pony N 246 Ad legs all, 90 Lo true 17TH 8L MEDFORD FAIRLAWN PLAZA HIGHLAND VILLAGE ,Hifi 711111 ,I '11 T ff" K HMQAQ ,XG-,4.1,.i!M'TXc X fe T S XXRNF XX EW X K !!!0lJ'y x W ' LW Z f if M f N' fl 0165 A M MLM-E ff! K4 9 slim' X VS K'13".e, 5 Q12 ff I4 'VX I .-Na,-1 I 555,-:aux 52. li Remembe J' " 145 fm IW vi r the 30 s when w1th a block you c of ICG? ooled your fam1ly See McElroy s for a modern complete Central Air-Conditionin 3209 S. Topeka .-.3 ,-' Z ' - N. xv . I-V 3217 jiir,-'V U31-sw' 1nfgv . in X QR- 0. 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KANSAS 63612 sronrmo csooos at ea. . 5 e Het-Ievii 904 kansas anb Ltolli ba 9 uave Paula White and Susan Oyler look over new coordiante fashions at Pelletier's uptown. Paula tries to get an honest opinion from Susan on a dress just in. Ad 49 COMMERCE STATE Krieg's Flowers BAND AND TRUST Plants Floral It s that Bank agam' I g n S sm Topeka NOW AT Mann offree C0 rsages Cu t 33rd Harrison Commerce White Lakes F IO r S 29th Prairie Rd Commerce West Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere 272 0123 Member FDIC 'IOS E 8th 232 9361 COMPLETE AUTO UPHOLSTERY SEAT COVERS CONVERTIBLE TOPS TRUCK CUSHIONS REBUILT S U p E R SHAWNEE AUTO TRIM elf,-5 Sr' 'l0'I9W 6TH ST TOPEKA KANSAS 66606 DRUGS 357 7769 10TH Sz TOPEKA THE AMERICAN HOME LIFE INSURANCE CO I 1 O 44 e - we - - l- ' u O O O am S. R ' 55 . . , O Servlng Kansans for over 66 years Old line legal reserve 250 Ads swf-nf Keep your insurance premiums in Kansas Buy your insurance from THE AMERICAN Life Insurance HR- 10 Pensions Accident Sickness Insurance Cancer Insurance HOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY - a Kansas Company SKILLEN'S ENTERPRISES Ronald C. Skillens OWNER - General Mgr. Opal Reed Executxve Secretary Denver Wlchlta .lunctlon Cny Topeka DIVISIONS OF THE SKILLENS ORGANIZATION BLDG MAINTENANCE DIVISION REAL ESTATE DIVISION SUPPLY DIVISION John E Smlth Operatlons Mgr Denver Col Max Sklllens Servlce Mgr Topeka Ks W1l11am Connelley Contract Rep Junctlon C1ty Ks Floyd Pltts Pltts Realty Management Co W1Chlt3 Ks OFFICE TELE C9131 233 8276 HOME OFFICE 426 JACKSON TOPEKA KANSAS A GROWING ORGANIZATION . I cs as . '- . 1 , . . . ' . 'i , . 0 L , I . . , . . ' 9 . 1 - - 1 9 66 99 Q X People Pleasuf I1 ee WESTSIDE BODY SHOP Servlce IS Our Motto' W 2315 STR? HQ 905 W 6th N Topeka 357 5819 PHONE 233 8264 TOPEKA KANSAS 66606 Saas Saghettx Sandwiches qgamglf.. V e,"E'E"5 I5 .....- 'E sz.. ,sis For Servzces gf All Fazths soo w em sf TOPEKA FL 4 7706 Funeral DIFCCIOFS BLACKBURN NURSERY AND RENTALS GARDEN CENTER U99 Fmrlawn Plaza Duve 272 3442 Yopelu Kansas 66614 RICKSON SANDDNG MACHINES BICYCLES Floor Sanders and Edgers Tandems and Singles Slamg S d Bell S B B FURN TURE O g S d 8 d Hg C D S d P b P yp 2900 Wanamaker Road MOV NG EGU PMS T ART News W D C 9 F 1 Topeka, Kansas 66614 Egg 3 E Eb gggg, I J .. 1 , D '3,n:nu:n.., - E .-. JK! fn .lla-aliiixil, :R RQ? A as ' ' as 'K A " 'Y V . . L . PizzaPaIace , 4 ..a- .. .... .. . - . 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X K - 1 ' ,rL,1, ' : . - . - VN' ' Ads 253 THE SERVICE COMPANY 200 West Sixth Street, Topeka, Kansas, 66601 Ph. 234-0435 Congratulations Class Of '76 epic DISTRIBUTORS INC ara a. KANSAS Topeka. SZQMM 66603 PHONE 913 357-6221 RICHARDS EVERYDAY PRICES LOOK LIKE OTHER STORES ADVERTISED SPECIALS GURSS MOTORS STRATTON We Have Chevelles, Camaros Mustangs 8: Many Others HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS uoldies but Goodiesf, PHONE 233-1339 2307 W. TENTH 3216 Kansas CQ O 266-7850 .V 9 On 9th SY. 5 U . w off Kansas Q Momtcuaoe XXX 3416 W. 6TH 254 Ad NURSERY and GARDEN CENTER RRR'R Ex'E'E E fE N e. N12 CHEESE Deslgned For Do It Yourselfer PANTRY rms o smwss o evsncasms o saws l,,,p,,,.,,d 8, Dom.,-t'c Chee, :nah Gourmet Foods Vegetable Plants House G Beddmg Plants Coll' Pot Roses Hung ng ,g t Baskets Terronums G Plonts Ground Cover Desert Plants Coen on Th' Tune' Ferns 8- l y Gross Sod lr Seed Tools Sprinklers Landscape Rock Brookwood Shoppmg Comer Fe tiller Lo n Statuary Chr stmos Supplues l913l 272 7834 Topeka Konus 66614 Ni I487 4 LJ!-r ,, 91' 1 l L' 1, as 45" l ls nursery 81 garden center I 99 5 and The Garden Dept At Whelans Home Center 266 9200 Open Mon Thru Sat I,-Mun, 131 E 29th St Closed Sun s 4707 W 6th 4700 So Topclxo 862 1405 I 5Sl5 W Zlst 272 6620 Ruth Runnels and Sally Franzke try out new fashions at LISA CASUALS 3006 N. TOPEKA BLVD. Ads 255 first Kansas bank with four locations "ollu'r banks jus! don t have ll ' .X q I , in ,. 1 Llllilllllummlmlm LL! 575 pi ' MAIN BANK - 600 KANSAS AVE. GARDEN BANK - 901 TOPEKA FIDELITY STAT E ,-.,,,,f-'S-X BLVD. 29TH B1 GAGE HUNTOON 8: GAGE M EM BER FDIC TRUST CO. BANK 8L l . CURTIS i NIATHES MOTOROLA M Fsoosns Q1 'H I1 - f A T Q 3250 S. Topek Apeazlal bloufm 815am,1eq'4 1300 W. SIXTH 357-1751 A THE HEAD HUNTERS Open Evemngs V 296 9195 X Q Fox Barber Shop ? . xox? u C Q 1101 Buchanan ' F VH' ,T i ,, 4 P M Q ' -a i --I . . , -, Q . . ' V "-- 'r 3 ' . ki . r E 1.1! If!-u el fig' , . x . f ,. A J . 4 Save on your budget with a booster. WALTER'S SUPER SAVER r 501 Washburn 233-6663 Whether Formal 4, , gpm Or Not So Formal . . . lim . . We Have the Hugh Fashion Look 1 , L X Thavs Right for Your F F 7 " xv 1 0 Fashion Suits 0 Rental Su' ' X "fn" R 0 Sportswear 0 Tuxedo R 'Is 1" D to ' I Slacks 0 Novclity .lack J 7 " X X A Y f 0 Casualwe 0 Formal Accessories X Tx ,' Q 0 Oulerwca 0 Formal Outerwc . ' l I 0 Acccssori . v Formal Shoes X H fr fy . Jrkf if .A o "1 -' I ' , -4 . 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V I V x J -- f ' V o a U Mr. - , . and Q I X 1 266 Ads A Grant Cushmberry Commander of Amencan Auxllnary Post 0319 I Mr and Mrs John Powell and gurls cr' -fx 4 l SUPPORT S ll X ' xg G S orfers Nelghborhood of Trojan upp ond Mrs Paul C Jackson sons Mrs Jacquelune Summervulle and Family Mr and Mrs Leroy Lmdsay and Fomuly Francme Adrlone John, James, John-John Acheson, Virginia 120 Acknowledgements 229 Adamson, Bob 122 Administration 1 17,1 18 Advertisements 230 AFS 108 Anderson, T.C. 116 Anthony, Leavie 133 Art 128 Attebury, Jean 122 Barnes, Betsy 121 Barnes, James 132 Basketball CMen'sJ 68 Basketball fWomen'sJ 82 Bass, Jean 128 Batty, Elizabeth 122 Baughman, Sue 124 Bayless, Marvin 131 Becker, Harleg 126 Bliss, Don 1 7, 132 Board of Education 116 Bohnert, Beth 131 Boylan, Dorothy 119 Bright, Janice 122 Brownell, Barbara 133 Burdiek, Ray Ann 120 Burgardt, John 133 Business 131 Cafeteria Staff 135 Cagle, Louis 131 Callison, Danny 121 Carter, James 126,132 CCBS 52 Choir 39 Choraliers 38 Cole, Hortense 134 Co-op 131 Counselors 120 Covey, Basil 118 Craig, Harry 116 Cromwell, Judy 126 Cross Country 48 Cushinberry, George 134 Custodians 135 Debate 94 Demeritt, Catherine 122 Dever, Maxine 121 Dinner Theater 40 Dirks, DeWayne 124 Drill Team 34 Driver Education 132 General Index Edwards, Bill 126 Ely, Jo 122 Ethnic Band 90 Fall Play 56 Fansler, Dave 134 Fashion 224 Fink, Paul 99, 117 FISH 97 Fly, Elbert 98, 112, 129 Football 22 Foreign Language 123 Forensics 95 French Club 61 Furgason, Jan 127 Garrelts, Gayle 126 German Club 60 Girls' Varsity Cheerleaders 29 Gladfelter, Ruth 121 Glover, Mary 122 Goheen, Diane 122 Golf 101 Graduation 112 Grey, James 116 Gymnastics fMen'sJ 84 Gymnastics QWomen'sJ 76 Hadden, Edward 125 Hamman, Cathryn 131 Hanson, Danny 122 Harris, Larry 129 Heine, Sheila 131 Hemphill, Alma 123 Henry, Ernel 126 Herrick, Martha 104, 122 Heston, Tim 100, 132 Hilmes, Donna 121 Hinkle, Judy 131 Hoad, Alice 119 Hobbs, Betty 119 Hodison, Ernest 118 Homecoming 42 Home Economics 127 Hotchkiss, 'Linda 134 Howerter, Gene 131 Hurd, Sam 116 lndustrial Arts 132 lngram, Steve 120 lves, Chris 122 Jennings, Mary Ann 120 Jensen, Kathy 125 Jensen, Rex 132 Jewett, Helen 119 Johnson, Norman 118 Jones, Jean 63, 123 Juneau, Ted 102, 133 Juniors 156 Junior-Senior Prom 110 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Kahle, Sally 120 Kresie, Annette 112, 127 Laird, Kathryn 123 Language Arts 122 Latin C ub 62 Lloyd, Judy 127 Lonard, Larry 123 Lovett, Chris 102, 126 Lynch, Linda 119 Madrigals 55 Magnuson, Jan 102, 130 Mandala 50 Marken, Larry 125 Marolf. Richard 125 Marshall, Nancy 128 Martin, Carol 133 Mathematics 124 MAYO 65 McCrory, Michael 52, 107, McDonnell, Elain 131 Media Center 121 Meredith, Don 112, 129 Miller, Monte 120 Mitchell, Jack 132 Mitchell, Jean 127 Model UN 87 Modern Dance 49 Morris, Mark 116 Mu Alpha Theta 64 Music 129 Musical 68 Nall, Carl 131 Native American Club 59 Nicklin, Willie 101, 130 Norman, lda 119 NOW 133 Oden, Don 1 16 Office Workers 119 Orchestra 96 Palmer, Clinton 132 Patterson, Milton 126 Payeur, Leona 1 19 32 130 Index 267 Penner, Erwin 124 Physical Education 130 Prentice, Diana 94, 95, 122 Principal Advisory Board 99 Queen of Courts 72 Rapg, Marc 128 Ree , Mary 122 Reid, Larry 118 Renyer, Shirley 127 Richards, Joyce 133 Rivera, Mary 102, 130 Robinson, Charles 134 Rotz, John 125 Roush, Fred 116 Ruckert, Margie 130 Rumold, Mary Jo 134 Russell, Lela 119 Ryan, Patrick 126 Sandstrom, Jean 122 Schiesser, Norman 125 Science 125 Security 134 Seniors 180 Senior Summaries 214 Shelton, Peggy 122 Skakal, Jerry 132 Skinner, Connie 118 Smith, Vicki 124 Social Studies 126 Sophomore Cheerleaders 53 Sophomore Orientation 20 Sophomores 136 Spanish Club 63 Sperry, Connie 122 Spirit Club 86 Springer, Randy 130 Spring Play 104 Squid Club 92 Stage Band 90 Steiman, Alana 122 Stout, Rodger 132 Stratten, Wayne 116 Student Faculty Board 58 Stull, Ron 107, 125, 130 Summers, Bea 112,127 SUNFLOWER 33 Swim Team 80 Talley, Harriette 124 Taylor, Jack 120 Tennis QMen'sj 100 Tennis QWomen'sJ 26 Thespians Sl Thomas, Leo 131 Timken, Darrell 125 Toomey, Terry 120 Track CMen'sJ 106 268 Index Track fWomen'sJ 102 Trojan Band 91 Tyburski, Verna 123 Underclassmen 176 Usher Club 81 Van Slyke, Harold 126 Varsity Cheerleaders 36 Vinson,Clardy 107 Volleyball 30 Ward, Rhonda 133 Whitney, Mary 119 Winter Party 66 Woodburn, Naomi 119 Work Study 133 Arce, Joanna 65, 138 Arce, Rene C 186, 214 Arndt, Larry R 186, 214 Arnold, Alan W 158 Arnold, Julie L 138 Arredondo, Michael 138 Ashley, Thomas J 94, 100, 186, 214 Atchison, Russell S 158 Atchison, Steven M 186,214 Atherly, Diana L 158 Axelton, Karen S 39, 186. 214 Axelton, Sharon K 39, 186, 214 Ayres, Deborah L 39, 55, 158 Babcock, Gayle E 138 Bach, Kimberly M 158 Bagshaw, Brian D 137 Bahr, Kurtis R 90, 111, 186, 214 Bailey, Daniel B 41, 51, 80, 91, 104, 105 158, 225 Bailey. Delton 158 Bair, Alicia K 38, 51, 138 WORLD 28 Wrestling 78 Yackle, Clifford 124 Yell Leaders 36 Zuniga, Ron 134 Student Index Abrams, Richard E 158 Acker, Stephen G 214 Ackors, Donna 1. 56, 57, 158 Ackors, Jorree M 91, 158 Adame, Daniel 158 Adamek, Jill A 138 Adams, Paul M 48, 54, 107, 138 Adams, Steven L 158 Aguilar, Rebecca A 158 A ins, Wanda L 214 Alberson, Jeff 186 Albrecht, Garold R 64, 101, 138 Albrecht, Karen L 186, 214 Alcala, John A 138 Alejos, Gregory W 158 Alexander, Ann A 34, 76, 92, 111, 158 Alexander, David L 186 Alexander. Sharla K 33. 82, 102, 158, 229 Alexander, Terry 214 Allen, Annette M 138 Allen, Richard 137, 138 Allendorf, Tammie L 138 Altman, David D 158 Alvarez, Daniel A 48, 107, 158 Anderson, Charles R 214 Anderson, Craig S 63, 158 Anderson, Derrick P 158 Anderson, Jean K 27, 49, 138 Anderson, Kathrine D 158 Anderson, Kimberly A 38, 138 Anderson, Phillip A 28, 48, 186, 214 Anderson Raquel 158 Anderson :susan A se, iss Anthony, Jean A 158 Apperson, Mary J 38, 138 Apps, Penny J 46, 186. 214 Arace, John M 138 Arce, Adrian A 65, 91. 158 Baird, Leisa A 158 Baker, David 214 Baker. Mark E 214 Baker, Richard A 90, 91, 96, 158 Baker, Scott D 158 Baker, Shawn 214 Baker, Virginia L 186, 214 Banks, Belinda J 214 Barber, Alita A 138 Barber, Anthony C 158 Barber, Christopher C 94, 138 Barber, Karl D 138 Barber, Mark M 214 Barber, Michael A 79, 138 Bardsley, Kevin E 23, 158 Bardsley, Megan N 38, 49, 82, 102, 138 Bargas, Jayde J 138 Bargas, Jesse L 159 Barnes, Barnes, Daniel T 214 Douglas K 214 Barney, Beverl J 38, 159 Barraclough, Gyary E 214 Bartels, Carol K 62, 92, 96, 159 Bartlett, Sheila J 214 Bartlow, Rocky L 159 Bartlow, Wyatt L 138 Bartron, William S 186, 214 Bauerle, David A 23 Baumgardner, Malia 33, 92, 187, 214 Beach, Nancy L 187, 214 Beach, Robert 62 Beard, Roxanne L 81, 92, 159 Beason, Betsy 180 Beason, Brenda M 38, 138, 179 Beason, Linda K 159 Beasterfeld, William E 138 Beatty, John P 138 Beaver, Kerry D 187, 214 Beck, Cristy L 86, 138 Beeghly, Michael 138 Beers, David W 139 Beeson, Robert W 159 Beiter, Brenda S 49, 139 Beiter, Linda K 49, 139 Bell, Arnold F 159 Bement, Tammie D 86, 139 Bennett, Diane E 139 Bennett, Mark S 159 Bennett, Robert L 139 Bennett, Sheila J 52, 91, 139 Bennin DeDe J 139 Bent, dymhia L 159 Cain, Benton, Anita L 139 Benton, Olivette W 159 Berberich, Donna J 27, 159 Berger, Rand S 159 Bergstrom, Clayton D 159 Bergstrom, Denise L 81, 139 Bergstrom, LaWanna K 187, 214 Besta, Tammy l 187, 214 Bevins, Lonnie .1 90, 91, 187, 214 Beyer, Catherine A 39, 51, 55, 96, Bills, Rodney C 139 Birdwhistle, Kent A 214 Birks, Theresa L 139 Bixel, Kathleen E 39, 76, 89, 159 Bixler, Richard A 51, 54, 58, 105, 139 Black, Arthur E 187, 214 Black, Jeffrey C 214 Blackwell, Stewart M 187, 214 Blair, Brett J 100, 139 Blanton, Dawn A 187, 214 Blevins, Elizabeth M 62 Blevins, Thomas E 40, 41, 51, 56, 57, 89, 94, 214 Blevins, Timothy R 95, 159 Bliss, Phillip T 137, 139 Block, Elizabeth L 187, 214 Blocker, Kevin T 159 Bloom, Karen S 39, 159 Bohannon, Jon J 101, 159 Bohannon, Todd A 101, 139 Boman, Gary M 139 Bomar, Nolan E 187, 214 Bond, Lisa M 159 Bon'our Lucinda K 91 139 Brown, Alan S 160 Brown, Cheryl L 160 Brown, James C 107, 140 Brown, Kathleen S 91, 140 Brown, Kristine E 20, 140 Brown, LaVonze11e M 90, 160 Brown, Lesterie A 140 Bruce, Aaron E 160 Bruce. Kathy J 214 Bruce, Pamela L 160 Buchanan, Deborah J 160 Bucholz, Tresa E 34, 39, 51, 9 Buckles, Larry D 160 Buckle , Janet L 140 Bullardi Fern M 140 Bunten, Barbara S 28, 61, 86, 182. 188. 214 Burbach, Sandra D 39, 160 Burch, Danny L 140 Burnette, Cynthia L 160 Burnette, Stephanie J 214 Burney, Dina J 64, 160 Burns, Charles E 23, 79 Burns, Exzetta Y 188, 214 Burns, Gwendolyn Y 140 Burns, Leonardo E 140 Burns, Victoria M 140 Byers, John T 160 Byers, Michael A 188, 214 Byrd, Bonnie G 94, 95, 140 Byrd, Britt E 91, 140 Byrd, Elizabeth A 160 Cain, Ann M 62, 160 Cain, Charles M 107, 160 Daniel O 140 6, 188, 214 91, 96, Ronald E 91, 187, 214 J 1 v Bonjour, William .1 159 Booher, Melanie M 60, 139 Bosler, Dawna L 187, 214 Boutwell, Brian D 159 Boutwell, Cindy S 49, 76, 102, 139 Bowen, Cassandra L 34, 52, 159 Bowen, Twila K 52, 159 Bowers, Michael L 159 Bowers, Steven L 139 Bowlegs, Bobbie D 31, 58, 139 Bowman, Patricia L 139 Boyd, Johnnie G 159 Boyer, Brian 62 Boykin, Victoria M 159 Bracken, Christina L 139 Bragdon, Keith E 159 Brandenburg, David C 160 Brandenburgh, Linda M 214 Branson, Caldwell, Angela 160 Caleb, Brett T 160 Calvin, Michael A 160 Cameron, Kevin D 140 Campbell, Charles S 96. 160 Campbell, Lori L 38, 140 Campbell, Rodney L 79, 160 Campos, Susie 73, 74, 188, 214 Canady, Bruce R 69, 140 Canad , Sheryl A 214 Canfie d, Terill E 31, 34, 45. 99, 181, 188, 214. 226 Cannon, Elaine G 140 Carithers, Matthew W 62, 94. 140 Carlisle, Luan R 33, 188, 215, 229 Carlson, Michael A 140 Carpenter, David C 90, 91, 96, 188, 215 Carpenter, Randell L 188, 215 Braxton, Kimberly J 188. 214 Breeden, Melinda J 34, 181, 188, 214 Bremer, Deborah L 39, 51, 55, 56, 188, 214 Bremer, Sarah A 38, 89, 137, 139 Briggs, Dianna L 81, 188, 214 Briggs, Doreen D 160 Briggs, Michael 139 Bright, Gail E 28, 139 Britt, Caylynn E 139 Broadnax, Kevin A 90, 107, 139 Brockman, Diana L 160 Brockman, Karen S 139 Brockman, Valerie A 188, 214 Brockmeier, Darla K 60, 64, 160 Brooke, Sandra J 49, 86, 139 Brooke, Susan J 49, 139 Brooker, Jeanette A 27, 34, 92, 100, 160 Brooks, Earl 69, 214 Brooks, James 140 Brooks, Jerry W 140 Carpenter, Richard C 94, 95, 189, 215 Carr, Carru Deborah J 27. 140 thers, Ronald K 140 Carter, C1 de W 140 Carter, Julie A 140 Carter, Leslie C 62, 160 Carter, Marion 160 Carter, Melvin L 69, 140 Carve r, Bradley R 160 Carver, Lance D 189 Case, Scott D 84, 189, 215 Casey, Billy J 160 Casne r, Donna J 189, 215 Castle, Rhonda M 20, 140 Caudl e, Darla R 215 Chapman, Charles l-l 215 Chapman, Kenneth M 48, 160 Chapman, Sharon L 140 Charay, Alfred J 189, 215 Charay, Anthony M 141 Charay, Rebecca 65, 81 Chase, Penny J 141 Chavez, Alexandra 108, 189. 215 Chavez, Janet E 31, 65, 102, 141 Chavez, Victoria A 31, 65, 102, 160, 179 Chelson, Marchelle A 53, 141 Chenault, Bruce L 59 Chilgren, Kathy S 140 Chisham, Arietta M 189, 215 Chmidling, Sheryl A 141 Christian, Diana L 189, 215 Christian, Steve D 23, 161 Christo her, Sherri L 189, 215 Clark, Gerald D 161 Clark, Sheryl L 161 Cleavingeer, Russing 141 Clinken ard, Kirk L 189, 215 Clulow, Cynthia A 50, 91, 161 Clulow, Julia K 50, 64, 189, 215 Clure, Debora A 161 Clure, James A 141 Cobos, Debra A 161 Coe, Charley R 215 Cofran, Jame 28, 90, 91, 107, 161, 178, 229 Coker, Darryl 23. 161, 176 Colahan, Cheryl K 189, 215 Colahan, Gail J 161 Colahan, Tracy L 141 Coldsmith, Leslie A 189, 215 Cole, Dennis L 141 Cole, Dorcella M 189, 215 Cole, Karen L 190, 215 Coleman, Linda K 141 Collie, Debra K 60, 141 Collier, Curtis L 161 Collins, Penny L 161 Colombo, James L 141 Coltrane, Stephen M 141 Comfort, Keith L 161 Condley, Sharon L 161 Coniglio, Gina M 51, 62, 64, 104, 190. 215 Conklin, Kathryn R 62, 94, 141 Conroy, David B 190, 215 Cook, Michael A 215 Coolidge, Elizabeth P 92, 141 Cooper, Penemae 190, 215 Cooper, Phil 141 Cooper, Ross J 59, 215 Copeland, Thomas L 36, 84, 86, 183, 190. 215 Coulter, Todd W 79, 161 Counts, Steven W 90, 107, 141 Cowan, Michael L 215 Cox, Charles R 23. 141 Cox, Jeffrey L 141 Cox, Kristi J 161 Cox, Theodora V 190, 215 Cox, Timothy S 141 Crane. John K 161 Crane, Wendell L 141 Crume, Mitchell E 215 Culley, Jon B 91, 141 Cummings, Phillip A 39, si, 55, se 91, 94, 95,161 Cummings, Sherri A 86, 141 Cunningham, James R 161 Cunningham, Mablene T 215 Currey, Susan G 161 Curry, Babette L 141 Curry, Michael S 90, 94, 141 Curttri ht, Tiwana R 58, 61, 8 , 57, 89. I 161 Cusic, Elichelle J 33, 63, 190, 215, 226, 229 79 141 Czajkowski, Daniel L , Index 269 Dale, Lucile E 27, 32, 49, 80, 161, 185 Danderson. Rebecca S 141 Danicls, Anthesia Y 161 Danicls, Celia A 190. 215 Dark, Connie J 161 Darr, Marsha J 161 Davidson. Kirk M 190, 215 Davidson, Steven D 90, 91. 96, 161 Davidson, Susan D 190. 215 Eakes, Marcia 31, 34, 192, 215 Earhart, Julia G 192, 215 Eatmon. Pauline E 52, 102, 142 Eaton, Diana M 51, 55, 162 Eaton, Susan K 183, 192, 215 Eckhardt, Frances A 82, 142 Eckhardt, Timothy N 215 Edds, Gre ory V 192, 216 Edwards, Gene L 80, 91, 107, 142 Fortner Emily J 193, 216 Fortnei Paula R 33, 39, 193, 216, 229 Fortner Phillip 94, 95, 193, 216 Fortner Richard C 163 Foster. John W 143 Foster. Mark 163, 229 Foster, Modest T 39, 79, 107 Foth, Neil B 90, 100, 163 Foust, Nancy K 39, 64, 193, 216 Davis, Bonita Y 161 Davis, Karen S 190. 215 Davis, Marcia G 53, 76. 141 Davis, Richard S 23, 69, 161 Davis, Tamara M 141 Dawes, Elizabeth A 161 Decker, Brent E 142 Deeter, Sonya D 32. 102. 103. 161 Dehart, Susan L 49, 142 Dehoff. Stephanie 94, 95, 215 Demonchaux, Elisabeth L 61, 64. 1 Denno, Michael G 54, 142 Desbien. David B 101, 162 62 Edwards, Karen F 91, 162 Edwards, Lyle E 162 Edwards. Marla L 162 Eiesland, Kathryn P 39, 192, 216 Eisenhut, John E 192. 216 Eke , Kay B 86, 97, 181, 192, 216 Eisenhut, Robert D 23, 162 Ele theriou, Beatrice A 50, 61, 62, 76, 142 Elmore, Rebecca A 192 Engroff, Clarence G 54. 71, 142 Eppinger, Damaris M 59, 99, 142 Epstein, Howard D 62, 64, 94, 95, 86, 87, 105. 192. 216. 225 Fox. William W 216 Franzke, Sally A 38, 49, 143 Frick, Johnny D 143 Friend, Michael A 143 Friend, Pamela A 193, 216 Frisbie. Becky J 193, 216 Frisbie, Lori L 38, 76, 143 Fultz, Donna J 143 Furbush, Ben H 69, 143 Gabel, Daniel J 163 Gabel, Rose M 193, 216 Gall, Derek A 163 Galvan, Rachel A 64, 193, 216 Desbicn, Larry G 23, 64, 67, 101. 190, 215 Desch. Sue 215 Desch, Tamara 81, 162 Detmer, David J 90, 190, 215 Dewitt, Jan M 190. 215 Dick, Karen L 162 Dickinson, Jacob J L 50. 58, 64, 67, 191, 215 Dickinson, Sara 31, 50, 58, 64, 102, 142 Dickson, Daniel G 23, 79, 86, 96, 162 Dickson, Duane M 54, 71, 86, 100, 142 Dickson, Jami K 142 Dietrich, Cindy S 142 Dill, Mary E 142 Dinwiddie, Pamela L 191, 215. 226 Dinwiddie, Steven T 162 Dittmer, Curtis F 191. 215 Divers, Marcilcnc I 191, 215 Dodson, Brenda S 191 Dodson, Marc W 79, 107, 162 Donnelly, Jason C 107 Donnelly, Kelly I 162 Donnelly. Terry P 215 Dortch. Don D 33, 191, 215 Dotson, Greg A 191,215 Dolson, Jill E 142 Douglas. Steven L 39, 191. 215 Downes. John D 91, 162 Erickson, Jeffrey P 142 Escalante, Patricia 65. 81, 162 Escobar, Gabriel T 79, 91, 100, 192, 216 Escobar, Paul A 79, 91, 94, 162 Escobar, Roberto L 216 Escobar, Teresa M 65, 82 Espinoza, Paula A 162 Esquibel, Tina L 142, 162 Essman, Mark A 216 Evanhoe, Mark E 142 Evans, Gregory A 192, 216 Evans, Valerie A 82, 162 Evans, Warren L 47, 79, 192, 216 Evarts, Gail 1 162 Everett, Anthony A 48, 107, 162 Fager, Douglas K 60, 163 Farr, Kent L 142 Farrier, Craig W 63, 112. 163 Fay, Philip A 90. 91. 96, 163 Fe dman, Debra L 163 Ferguson, James R 142 Ferguson, Kandi K Ferlemann, Lynda L 142 Fiegenbaum, Cindy K 63, 192, 216, 225 Fiegener, Julie A 143 Field, Debra A 60, 64. 94, 95. 163 Figgs, Tom H 183. 216 Gaminu, Joseph M 65, 79, 107, 143 Gannaway, Deborah L 34, 86, 163 Gant, Ramon C 143 Gant, Tony M 52, 107, 163 Gappa. Mary J 143 Garcia Richard E 163 Garcia, Stephanie 143 Gardenhire, Stanton R 69, 71, 193, 216 Garrett, Robert E 39, 163 Gassman, Catherine A 143 Gassman, Mitchell 23, 163 Gatti. Gina M 27, 28, 34, 163 Gaunt, Thomas E 23, 107, 163 Gay, Kurt D 143 Gay, K le D 143 Gehrt, Bethel R 63, 64, 91, 96, 108, 123, 185 193, 216, 223 Gehrt, Joanna D 63, 91, 108, 143 Geigert Linda K 34, 76, 92, 163 Gentry. Dwana L 52. 163 George, Marvin 143 Gerlock, Catherine A 163 Gethers, Jonell E 52, 143 Gibbs. Debra A 194, 216 Gibson, Edward E 79, 91, 100, 144 Gilbert, Shara L 194 Gill, Chandra Y 73, 74, 82, 90, 102. 194, 216 Q Drake, Tamera K 191, 215 Dreher, Theo L 191, 215 Dreiling, Anita M. 34, 96, 191, 215 Dring, Thomas D 23, 107, 162 Drumm, Terri L 92, 162 Drummond. Pamela J 31. 142 Duby, Mitchell J 23. 100. 162 Dudley. Terry W 23. 162 Duffens, Kay L 191, 215 Dugan, Michael D 142 Dulworth, Beth A 27, 162 Dulworth, Jill S 142 Duncan, Barbara J 81, 191, 183, 2 Duncan, Karen E 191, 215 Dunn, Karolin S 162 Dunn, Lisa J 142 Dunn, Mary 142, 162 Durall, Dann P 162 Durall, Jared F 215 Duran, Janet K 142 Dyche, James A 142 Dyke, Russell W 62, 94, 95, 162 Dykes, Richard A 142 Eagleman, Theresa A 142 270 Index 15. 222 Fincham, Donald J 143 Fincham, Marvyn D Fincham, William D 143 Finck, Penny J 86, 163 Fink, John L 69, 107, 143 Fisher, Janet L 193 Fitzgerald, Tanya R 143 Fitzpgtrick. Nancy A 33, 34, 39, 163. 225, 22 Flaming, Gregory L 216 Flaming, Sandra D 163 Florez, Sharon M 65, 143 Flower, Carl W 91, 143 Flowers, Cheryl S 143 Flowers, John A 216 Flowers, Joseph G 143 Flowers. Mary L 143 Flowers, Patricia M 102, 143 Flowers, Roddie L 163 Fogelberg, Patti J 49, 76. 137, 143 Ford, James A 91, 143 Fork, Kimberly 216 Forste, Helen C 39, 51, 193, 216 Forste, Michael F 89 Gillispie, Paul 163 Gilstrap, Julie A 163 Gilstrap, Meri D 145 Ginder, Robert R 144 Glauae, Kim 163 Gleason, James C 107, 144 Gleason, Karen A 96, 194, 216 Gleason, Ruth A 36, 63, 185, 216, 226, 229 Glenn, Candy 144 Godsey, Judith A 163 Goff, James R 86, 107, 194, 216. 223 Goheen, Gale L 144, 107 Goldstein, Laura G 144 Gomez, Cynthia L 32, 163 Gonzales, David D 144 Gonzales, Donna 164 Gonzalez, Annie C 65 Gooding, Tammi L 164 Goodrich, Bret D 194, 216 Goodrich, Derie A 144 Gore. Toni L 144 Goslin, Buddy M 164 Goslin, Faye E 36. 45, 59, Goslin, Jed A 194. 216 194. 216 Goslin, Lydia K 144 Grabauskas, John P 144, 216 Graf, Jeff E 194, 216 Graf, Kenneth J 216 Graf, Ted L 164 Gragg, Elaine M 194, 216 Graham, Lisa M 216 Granstrom, Shelley R 194, 216 Grant. Shelley A 32, 39, 86, 111. 164 Graves, Anthony L 54, 144 Graves, Van L 39, 216 Gray, Kay 58, 96, 144 Green. Harold E 20, 144 Greenfield, Jodi A 86, 164 Grice, Mary L 194, 216 Griffin, Larry D 144 Grimth, Lisa L 164. 176 Grifliths, Charles M 137, 144 Griggs, Charlene M 91, 164 Griggs, Sarah J 194, 216 Grimes, Robert S 100, 144 Groves, James D 144 Grubb, Donald J 216 Grubb, Joseph V 144 Grubb, Ronald D 144 Guerrero, Mary A 65, 144 Guffey, Jimmie L 164 Guffey, Katherine V 86, 164 Guliford, Patsy D 144 Gunther, David W 144 Gurwell, Susan A 164 Gustin, David S 216 Gutierrez, Dominic A 43. 91. 195, 216 Gutierrez, Rebecca A 96, 164 Gutierrez, Rosemary G 144 Guzman, Rodolfo 164 Hackel, Becky W 195. 216 Hadden, Cheryl L 39. 91. 108, 195, 216 Hall. Brian S 216 Hall, Denise L 144 Hall, Jon T 94, 95, 144 Hall, Kent R 164 Hzgaey, Susan 64, 86, 91, 96, 112, 195, 216. 6 Halloran, Elizabeth A 39, 51, 64. 104. 105,164 Halsey, Robin R 86, 164 Halstead, Christine J 144 Halstead, Michael L 164 Ham, Nathan A 107, 144 Hamilton, Judith D 45, 195, 216 Hamilton, Kathleen L 61 Hamman, Suzan D 94, 95, 96, 195, 216 Hancock, Kathryn A 164 Hand. Aaron D 144 Hannigan, Robert 195 Hanson, Mark E 69, 107, 145 Hardesty. Nancy A 60, 76, 164 Hare, Sall A 34. 49, 182, 195, 216 Harmon, Craig A 128. 145 Harmon, Patricia A 217 Harper, David N 94, 145 Harrell, Mary L 62, 164 Harrison, Donald L 195. 217 Hart, Rebecca K 164 Hartocollis, Lina 102, 195, 217 Hartter, Kim D 34, 164 Hartwell, Katherine L 34, 76, 164 Harvey, Dennis M 23, 195, 217 Harvey, James S 145 Hasselle, Michael A 164 Hatter, Diane M 195, 217 Hawkins, Donald D 23, 39. 58, 67. 69, B6, 107, 195, 217 Hawkins, Janice M 195, 217 Hawks, Timothy W 196, 217 Hay, Dana E 79, 196, 217 Haya, Sharon L 145 Haya, Steven J 107. 196, 217 Hayes, Tanya A 52, 53, 99, 145 Hayes, Valdana L 32, 86, 164 Haynes, Michael K 145 Hazelton, Susan M 217 Heald, Marianne L 145 Hecht, Marcia L 145 Hedges, Carol L 31, 34, 39, 58. 60, 94, 95, 99, 164 Hedrick, Carol B 49, 164 Hein, Julie A 34. 86, 92, 123. 196, 217 Henderson, Delores J 76, 164 Henderson, Lizzie M 145 Hendrix, Daniel B 164 Hendrix. Henry H 69 145 Hendrix, Jennifer M 145 Hendrix, Jerome A 196, 217 Henley, John R 80, 164 Henry, Jeri L 196, 217 Henson, Gerald C 23, 71. 145 Holt. Charles E 165 Holt. Cheryl A 60, 91. 165 Hoover, Kreg A 39. 41, 55. 89, 105. 197, 217 Horst, Pamela G 165, 197, 217 Hortenstine, Lawrence S 23, 145 Hortenstine, William D 23, 197, 217 Horton, Michelle A 38. 146 Houghton, Diane L 33, 197, 217, 229 Housholder, Daniel L 165 Howard, Charles N 23, 64, 86, 101, 197, 217 Howard. Douglas S B4, 146 Howard, Jerry D 84. 197, 217 Howard, Mitchell B 217 Howe, Lawrence, S 146 Hoyer, Richard A 146 Hubbard, Ronald D 197, 217 Huesers. Brian J 146 Huesers, Karen R 197, 217 Huffman, Christina L , 146 Huffman, Miles D 165 Humphries, Cheryl A 34. 49. 81. 86, 165 Humphries, Jeanine L 36. 81. 86. 197, 217 Hunter, Marcia J 34, 39, 165 Hunter. Martine D 49, 102. 137. 146 Herbstreith, Hermanson, Hernandez, Hernandez, Hernandez, James D 23, 25, 165 Jimmy E 216 Antionette M 59, 145 Esperanza F 145 Gloria J 196 Hernandez, Leanna J 65, 165 Hernandez, Linda F 165 Hernandez,Senobio W 217 Hernandez, Winnetta A 145 Herrmann, Christal L 39, 55, 196. 217 Hersh, George M 71, 145 Hersh, John M 63, 165 Hershey. Julie J 27. 34, 49, 62, 165 Hertzfcldt, Ralph A 165 Hester, Cindy L 196, 217 Hester. Darrell W 145 Hiatt, Robert E 196 Hickman, Michael K 23. 165 Hieronymus, Deborah J 145 Higgins, Charles D 145 Higgs, Richard L 64, 165 Hildyard, Brent J 47 Hill, Aaron D 196, 217 Hill. Linda L 145 Hill, Mae F 29, 196, 217 Hines, Martin M 71, 91, 107, 145 Hines, Phillip R 90, 196, 217 Hirschberg, Kevin A 196 Hirst, Diana L 165 Hisel, Paula J 33, 197, 217, 229 Hobble, Kyle D 41, 61, 64, 91,100,165 Hobson, Cindy M 165 Hodges, David W 145 Hodges, Jay E 145 Hodges, Steven C 90, 91, 165 Hoe gen, Jeffrey M 145 Hoffman. Joel H 100, 165 Hogan, Denise L 38, 49, 86, 145 Hogan, Owen E 145 Holley, Alice L 38 Holley, Gail L 145 Holm, Janet Y 145 Holmes, Barbara J 197, 217 Holmes, Brenda R 31, 52 Holmes, Nancy B 61, 96, 197, 217 Holmes, Tammy S 31, 52, 165, 217 Holmes, Vanessa L 52. 81, 91, 197, 217 Holt. Carita 89, 105, 108, 197, 217 Huntington, Robert C 146 Huntle , Tina L 146 Hurd, hflichael B 79. 94, 107, 137. 146 Hurd, Tamara L 165 Hutchinson, Carol L 217 Hutchinson, Donis M 198. 217 Hutchinson, Elizabeth A 165 Hutchinson, Judith L 146 Hutchinson, Paula J 165 Hutley, Stanley F 146 Hutton, Kathleen J 34. 198, 217 Hymon, Johnnie B 23, 165 Hypse, Daniel L 23. 69. 107, 165 Hypse, Kathleen M 145 lmhoff, Leanna G 165 lngram, Demona K 31. 82, 102, 165 lrish, Shelley A 80, 92. 198, 217. 229 lrwin, Janet A 86, 165 lrwin, Kelly J 198, 217 lrwin, Kirk E 81, 86.181, 198, 217.226 lshman, Rachel 217 Jackson, Charles K 198, 217 Jackson, Mary A 76, 146 Jackson, Priscilla J 31, 52, 165 Jacobia, Jacqueline A 166 Jacobs, Toby L 217 James, Debra L 146 g James, Jay R 198. 217 Jamison, Georgine L 217 Jandera, Cheryl A 146. 176 Jaramillo, Alice 166 leffress, Stacy A 60, 63, 146, 229 leffrey, Elbert 23, 25, 166 lenardy, Christina M 166 lenardy, Kimberly K 94, 146 lenkins, Carlos A 146 Jenkins, Darrell L 217 Jenkins, Kim O 90, 217 Jennings, Faith M 217 Jester, Marybeth J 38, 146 Johns, Patricia K 198. 217 Johnson, Brian R 69, 130, 198, 217 Johnson, Daniel A 48, 107, 166 Johnson, Danny R 166 Johnson, Debra K 91, 198, 217 Johnson, Denise A 166 Johnson, Diane K 146 Johnson, Janene A 166 Johnson, Janice L 217 Index 271 Johnson , John E 23, 25, 198, 217 Johnson, Juanita M 198, 217 Johnson, Kathleen S 146 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Kathy J 146 , Michael F 166 , Randell E 198. 217 . Russell D 64, 90, 91. 96, 198, 217 Johnston, Kim M 28, 34, 67, 86. 199, 218, 229 Jones, Karen L 199, 218 Jones, Kenneth E 218 Jones, Luann 199, 218 Jones, Marlin R 146 Jones, Rochelle R 199, 218 Jordan, Jonny L 23, 101, 199, 218 Jordan, Jordan, Linda L 49, 146 Marie L 218 146 Jordan, Terri A Jordon, Linda A 38, 102, 146 Judge, Dana M 199 Jungf Kenneth M 199, 218 Justus, Wallace J 146 Kaberline, Belinda M 199, 218 Kaberline, Timothy J 146 Kreipe, Elizabeth V 147 Kresie, Karen K 27, 49, 62, 76, 81, 86, 102, 147 Kresie, Randall J 200. 218 Krohe, Janis G 31. 82, 102, 200, 218 Kruse. Kruse. Joli R 62. 64, 200. 218 Nancy J 38, 62, 147 Kyser, Esther L 166 La Branch, Shaun A 33, 166, 229 Lundberg, Amy E 148 Lusco, Carol J 61, 148, 176 Lynn, Kimberly S 148 L nn, Robert K 51, 56, 57, 91,105,167 Myagee, Nancy A 34, 39, 201, 218 Magee, Ruth E 201, 218 Mahler, Steven J 201, 219 Malloy, Donna M 67, 202, 219 Malsom, Beverly R 148 Kadlicek, Catherine J 31. 166 Kadlicek, Michael F 146 Kaiser, Kimberly K 38, 76 Karst. Kevin G 23. 84, 199, 218 Karst, Sheri L 147 Kaufmann, Annette E 33, 86, 199, 218, 225, 229 Kavanauih, Kelly M 86, 166 Keeling, obby 147 Keeling, Elizabeth 147 Keeshan, Nancy K 94, 95, 199, 218 Keim, Cindy K 63, 166 Keller, Charlene A 61, 166 Keller, Cynthia J 28, 61. 181, 199, 218 Keller, Jennifer L 61, 147 Kelley, June M 199, 218 Kelly, Kimberly G 38, 49. 147 Kendall, Max W 23, 199, 218 Kendall, Richard M 166 Kendig, Steven W 218 Kennedy, Christopher S 58. 62, 200, 218 Kern, Jimmie L 166 Kessler, Janice A 34, 49, 200, 218 Ketter, Dawn E 166 Ketter, Gina R 200, 218 Ketter, Ronald 64. 94, 95, 166 Kimbrough, Dana S 74, 200, 218, 226 La Londe, Sheila K 218 La Londe, Tim A 147 Lafontaine, Donna M 147 Lafontaine, Teresa A 92, 200, 218 Laible, Linda L 147, 218 Laing, Catherine E 200, 218 Lambrecht, Carol A 94, 95. 200, 218 Landreth, Gail A 166 Lane, Sharon L 39, 63, 201. 218 Langdon, Kelly A 64, 94, 95, 201, 218 Lange, Terri M 86, 147 Langhofer, Stanley F I66 Langr, Susan M 147 Laris, Ralph G 20, 147 Larson, Christopher L 166 Larson, lngeborg L 34, 54, 67, 92, 201, 218 Larson, Timothy E 101, 201, 218 Lathrum, Cheryl J 166 Laybourn, Cindy 26, 34. 166 Le, Trung N 167, 218 Leal, Patricia A 45, 218 Lee, Mary L 147 Lee, Michael E 147 Lee, Wilbert D 218 Lee, Wilhelmina G 218 Lemmon, Kent E 147 Lemon, Joel R 218 Lemon, Mary A 201, 218 Lemon, Theresa C 39, 201, 218 Mann, Gerald 219 Mannell, David B 39, 55, 202, 219 Marker, Mark J 61, 104, 105, 148 Markham, Dawn R 202, 219 Marquardt, Eric A 91, 167 Marshall, James Marshall, Joann M 167 Martell, Elizabeth A 49, 91, 148 Martin, Brett D 148 Martin, Darlene 1 81, 105, 167 Martin, Earl C 167 Martin, Janet E 38, 167 Martin, Lael T 80, 92, 148 Martin, Michael K 71, 91, 167 C 69, 182, 202, 219 Martin, Samuel 23, 39, 107, 167 Martinez. Adele B 94, 95, 219 Martinez, Estefana M 219 Martinez , Maria M 167 Martinez, Paula 167 Martinez, Phyliss A 148 Martinez, Steven A 148 Marvin, Clyde E 202, 219 Mathews, Sandra K 39, 51, 63, 64, 108, 167 Mathy, Brett L 167 Mauer, Brian J 148 Maupin, John T 167 Maupin, Robert C 148 May, Joe W 167 86, 104 Kinder, Samuel D 84, 147 King, David E 39, 55, 200, 218 Lenhart, Jeanne L 147 Lenhart, Linda L 167 Lentz, Lentz, Bradley 213 Diann K 20, 147 Levanduski, Alan R 148 Levin, Lewis, Lewis Randall W 94, 148 Arlene M 167 Barbara A 201, 218 Lewis: Craig A 218 Lewis, James L 148 Lewis, Linda M 38, 148 Lewis, Robert E 201, 218 Lierz, Donna M 167 Lierz, Kenneth E 201, 218 King, Frank W I66 King, Michael A 166, 218 King, Monica R 38, 90, 147 Kinmon, Michelle R 147 Kinnett, Karen S 147 Kirk, Phyllis A 166 Kirkegaard, Jon R 91, 94, 100, 147 Kirkegaard, Lori 39, 41, 51, 55, 86, 91, 182, 200, 218 List. David W 218 Litlin. John A 201. 218 Littleton, James L 94 Livingston, Gloria J 167 Llamas, Ernest A 218 Loehr, Gregory E 218 Loehr, Patrick J 20, 137, 148 Logan, Herbert A 69, 167 Lomax, Vernon D 90, 105, 218 Kittrell, Charles O 147 Kliment, Thomas E 166 Knox, Beverly L 147 Koehn, Bradley T 36, 86. 92, 101. 200. Koen, Denise 1 200, 218 Kooser, Danicl L 71, 147 Koropathy. Nick E 147 Kostanski, Jeanne M 20, 102, 147 Kraemer, Kelly D 147 Kraemer, Steven L 166 Krainbill, David D 218 Krainbill, Kimberly K 166 272 Index Long, Long. Brenden 90, 91 Katherine K 49, 81, 167, 226 Long, Kathryn A 167 Long, Richard S 148 Long, Stephen R 94, 95, 167 Look, Michael C 23, 185. 201, 218 Love, David M 148 Love, Robert S 218 Lovelace, Michael E 218 Lowe, Everett A 2 1 8 Loyd, Britta J 28. 167 Lucero, Yvette M 65, 148 May, Rayla A 148 Maynard, Denise L 167 Mays, Michael C 219 McAferty, Donna J 148 McCabe, Marc E 107, 167 McCall, Larry D 167 McCart, Alice L 167 McCaskie. Joe D 185, 219 McClellan, Patricia M 94, 95, 148 McClelland, Allen M 23, 219 McCray, Anita 202, 219 McDaniel, Robert C 148 McDaniels, Theodore 167 McDermott, Robert M 148 McDowell, Craig M 112, 167 McFarland, Laurie N 38, 148 McGhehey, Peggy L 34, 92, 202, 219 McGlory, Joyce A 148 McGuire, Angela L 53. 61, 148 McKernan, Hugh S 28, 39, 46, 86. 202, McKinley, Roger A 148 McKinnon, Lisa K 168 McKinnon. Stuart C 20, 71, 207, 149 McLain, DeAunn C 202 McPeek, Janeane A 168 McQueen, David D 91, 94, 95, 149 Mealman, Cathy G 34, 86, 92, 202, 219 Medovich, Clinton R 168 Meeks, Martha D 219 Mclcher, Judith M 149 Mendez, Marcus J 65 Mendoza, Evelyn 168 Mendoza, Vita J 219 Menritinger, Eliza W 49, 51, 62, 91. 105 Menninger, John A 50. 60. 64, 105, 163 Merillat, Susan M 34, 168 Merillat, Teresa 168 Mew, Rebecca C 202, 219 Michaelis, Paul A 168 Miera. Miera, Cathryn R 65. Josie A 202, 219 Miera, Lucy T 53, 149 Miles, Betty J 149 Miller, Carolyn R 76, 94, 202, 219 Miller, Connie J 49, 60, 81, 86, 94, 95, 168 Miller, Miller. David G 64, 202. 219 Gregory D 23, 168 Miller, Gwyndolen L 168 Miller, Johnna S 61, 168 Miller, Keenan W 149 Miller, Kevin K 168 Miller, Linda L 81 Miller. Lisa K 149, 178 Miller, Rosebud L 219 Miller, Susan J 39, 168 Mitchell, Curtis K 107, 168 Molden, Ronald M 23, 203, 219 Monell. Evelyn S 219 Monell, Louise A 168 Monroe, Elissa G 49, 60, 86, 91, 102, 149 Monroe, Erin P 51, 203, 219 Montague, Sherry L 203, 219 Montgomery, Jana L 76, 149 Montgomery, Michael H 23, 219 Montgomery, Phillip B 69, 99, 203, 219 Nelson. Steven R 168 Nelson Palmer, Kim 27, 34, 49, 204, 2 Nevin Marita L 39 49 81 168 Newman Denise 149 19 Nw, Martha C 49, si, 96, isa ' 04 Newman, Robert M 23, 60. 64, 101, 2 Newton, Cheryl A 149 Nickelson, Pamela .1 49, 169 Nickelson, Rebecca A 149 Nickerson, Joyce E 149 Nicolay, Robert A 28, 94, 95, 108, 169 Nieman, Bradly S 149 Nieman, Michelle R 34, 204, 219, 226 Niera, Laura 149 Nimz, Mary J 150 Niven, Daniel E 169 Nix, Arlean 150 Nolting, Debra L 150 Nolting, Micheal E 54, 150 Nordgren, Jon C 74, 86, 204, 219, 226 Norris, Marilyn J 204, 219 Northrop, Leslie A 169 Nugent, Robert J 79, 150 Oborney, Mala' K 219 Ogle, Susan 27, 34, 76, 204, 219 O Handlen, Norma J 150 Oliva, Kathleen R 36, 45, 81, 204, 219 Oppitz, Jeanette A 39, 64. 92, 169 Ortega, Arthur A 220 Ortiz, James B 169 Moore, Bryan S 36, 84, 107, 203, 219 Moore, Cindy L 168 Moore, Janice L 32, 47, 168 Moore, Lesia D 36, 86, 91, 203. 219 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Patricia A 86, 203, 219 Richard D 23. 168 Ronnie C 203. 219 Susan E 36, 45, 47, 182, 203. 219 Valerie A 29, 86, 168 Moorman, Tracy D 23, 28, 168 Morriello, Christina L 183, 203, 219 Morrill, Ann 61. 149 Morris, Gordon E 149 Morris, Kevin L 219 Morris, Kirk A 149 Morris, Michael P 168 Moseley. Adrienne R 49, 76, 149 Mounkes, Calvin C 168 Muldrow, Kevin W 219 Mullins, Mark D 203, 219 Munoz, Juanita M 65, 149 Munoz, Lino S 23, 203, 219 Munro, Timothy J 203, 219 Munson, Michael J 168 Munson, Stacey A 149 Murphy, Brian D 168 Murphy, Michael A 149 Murphy, Mitchell G 185, 203, 219 Myers, Anthony W 23, 168 Myers, Charles W 149 Myers, Kevin R 149 Myers, Kirsten S 96, 204, 219 Myers, Lynette D 149 Myers, Stephen S 149 Myers, William G 219 Mzhickteno, Duane D 219 Ortiz, Melinda 1 150 Ortiz, Teresa D 169 Osborn, Rebecca J 34, 76, 169 Othmer, Curt D 150 Ott, Nancy J 27, 39, 86, 91. 96, 108, 2 220 Owen, Bradley N 90, 91, 204, 220 Oyler, Jay P 91, 204. 220 Oyler, Susan J 169 Ozenbaugh, Deburah S 169 Packard, Christopher F 67. 205, 220 Packard, Lisa P 31, 82, 91 102, 150 Page, Connie S 150 Palm, Tamara L 61, 81, 108, 169 Panton, Geneva D 38, 150 Paris, Melanie L 96, 150 Parker, Douglas L 91, 97, 150 Parker, Jody L 205, 220 Parnell, Ray F 64, 169 Parry, Marianne 63, 102, 150 Parsons, Harlow D 205, 220 Paschall, Cheryl L 39, 86. 91 Patterson, Grace A 58, 94 95, 169 Patterson, Richard A 150 Pattison, Karen K 169 Patton, Samuel T 69, 71, 107, 205, 220 Patzkowsky, Mark E 205. 220 04, 0 Payne, Don T 205. 220 Payne, Lucinda M 62, 81, 169 Payne, Shelby D 150 Payne, Terri M 36, 67, 86. 182. 205, 22 Payne, Thomas H 1 50 Peak, Marita E 63, 150 Pearce, Terry A 169 Peaslee, Noel L 205, 220 Penick, William S 169 Nall, David C 39. 51, 55, 89. 204, 219 Neal, Julia A 149 Neff, Timothy W 69, 91, 149 Negrete, Anna M 168 Neill. Benjamin F 23, 204, 219 Nelson, Helga P 91, 149 Nelson, Johanna L 96, 204, 219 Penn, Cynthia 220 Peralta, Roger A 169 Perez, Carla J 65, 150 Perez, Christopher 220 Perez, Cynthia J 205, 220 Perkins, Shelly A 31, 49, 150 Perry, Anita M 150 Perry, Barbara J 150 Perry, Linda K 150 Perry, Pamela J 205, 220 Perry, Richard M 23, 205, 220 Peters, Gary S 80, 92, 137, 150 Peters, Joan E 91, 169 Peters, Kevin W 90, 169 Peters, Marvin L 71, 150 Petrie, Brenda K 205, 220 Petro, Mark T 205, 220 Phillips, Gary A 220 Pierson, Connie F 169 Pineda, Mark A 169 Pinney, David C 91, 169 Pliler, William E 150 Poirier, Chris A 220 Polter, Patricia K 38, 86, 150 Pomeroy, Brett D 169 Pope, Sydney P 220 Porter, Gregory A 150 Porter, Patricia A 205, 220 Post, Robert E 150 Powell, Avalon O 28, 52, 169 Powell, Richard A 169 Pratt, Marianne 150 Price, Denis J 91, 169 Price, Joanna 38, 151 Price, John C 90, 91. 181, 206, 220 Pringle. Catherine M 151 Pritchett, Susan D 220 Prohaska, Ruth E 169 Prosser, Gwendolyn R 169 Quarles. Herman 23. 90, 220 Quarles, Norman W 170 Quarles, Thomas L 90, 107, 170 Quiett, Jeffrey L 94, 95, 206, 220 Quiett, Rhonda D 151 Rabe, Christopher L 151 Radefeld, Dennis L 220 Rafferty, Mark A 181, 206, 220, 225 Ragsdale, Elizabeth G 64. 81, 170 Rajewski, Frank R 23, 79, 220 Rajewski, Patrick 151 Ralph, lrvin L 151 Ralston, Larry D 191 Ralston. Peggy A 170 Ramirez, Edward D 151 Ramsey, Daniel G 151 Ray, Kenneth M 170 Reaser, William D 220 Redick, Richard G 39, 55, 91, 185, 220 Redmon, Eugene E 90, 91 107, 151 Reed.lioHy 62,206,220 Reed, Jack A 206, 220 Reese, Brenda L 170 Reeves. Andrew K 91, 94. 95 Reeves, Pattie J 151 Remmele, Elise A 34, 73, 74, 206, 220 Remmele, Stacia H 27, 38, 137, 151 Renfro, Alan D 39, 71, 170 Renfro, Dean H 51, 54, 151 Renfro, Jan M 51, 86, 206, 220 Repp, Allison T 170 Rexrode, Ralph P 170 Reynolds, Marta J 170 Rhea, Karla D 39, 51, 86, 94, 95, 102, 206, 220 Rhea, Lawrette M 38, 51, 52, 86, 102, 151 Rice, Keith E 23, 25, 79, 90 Rice, Laurie L 63. 170 Richardson, David L 151 Richardson, Emily S 206, 220 Richardson, Jana R 64, 108, 183, 206, 220 Index 273 - Richardson, Ricky L 52, 90, 151 Richmond, Douglas R 206, 220 Rider, Sarah E 170 Riesen, Cheryl L 151 Riesen, Marilyn L Riffey, Angela F 170 Rinne, Sherrie G 39, 91, 96, 170 Robards, Beverly A 39, 170 Robb, Micheal B 48. 107 Roberson, K.C. 151 Roberson, Patricia A 170 Roberson, Roben M 64, 206, 220 Roberts, Larry M 206, 220 Robinson, Carrie E 102, 151 Robinson, Keith E 151 Robinson, Teresa R 61, 151 Rocha, Linda M 65, 170 Roe, Joe A 151 Roeder, Scott P 42, 206 Roether, Diana D 84, 207, 220 Rogers, Donna J 151 Rogers, John M 28, 151 Rogers, Tamera 151 Rolfs, Kathleen A 34, 39, 55, 64, 207, 220 Ross, Cindy L 63, 151 Ross, Susie A 58, 151 Rouse , Steven R 23, 60, 64, 107, 140 Roy, Gregory J 151 Ro 'er, Danny J 220 Ruliy, Craig E 90, 91, 96, 207, 220 Ruge, Sara A 38, 61, 64, 94, 95, 151 Rumbaugh, Gregory W 151 Runnels, John B 100, 107 Runnels, Ruth M 38, 49, 86, 105, 152 Ruse, Brent R 170 Ruse, Michael A 170 Russell, Jimmy 152 Ryans, Dwayne L 39, 170 Saiger, Michelle A 27, 170 Salazar, Debra A 65, 152 Salyer. Timothy J 220 Samsel, Douglas E 220 Sanders, Cynthia 60, 91, 170 Sanders, Danny. 207 Sanders, Jane 34, 152 Sands, Rick B 101, 170 Sanzi, Paulo 108, 220 Sargent, Andy J 137, 152 Sarkesian, ichael S 23, 64, 69, 170 Sauer, James A 152 Sauls, Scott E 152 Scales, Margarete 207, 220 Schaffer, Melanie J 152 Scheidegger, Ginny S 170 Schmick, Cynthia L 171 Schmick, Dale A 152 Schmidt, Debra L 207, 220 Schmidt, Kerry A 220 Schmitter, Brenda L 152 Schneithorst, Arthur B 171 Schreiner, Walter M 171 Schroer, Kenneth G 90, 91, 220 Schuetz, Clay T 23, 79, 171 Schwalie, Rhonda K 171 Schwartz, Michael P 152 Schweigen, Mary A 207, 220 Schweitzer, Christine A 152 Schweizer, Sharri A 171 Scott, Julie A 207, 220 Scott, Kim S 171 Seaman, Lindsey A 207, 220 Seaman, Lisa G 207, 220 Seel, Frank E 171 274 lndex Seeley, Brian 91, 94, 152 Senogles, Corrie A 152 Serna, Laura A 152 Shannon, Dorothy C 207, 221 Shannon, Lori F 31. 61, 152 Shaw, Alan L 171 Sheafor, William B 58, 100, 152 Shellenbergr, Penny R 207, 221 Shegherd, lizabeth A 28, 34, 39. 41, 51 1 . 207, 221 Shepherd, John F 152 Shepherd, Nina A 152 Shepherd, William R 152 Sherburne, Michael L 96, 171 Shinn, Gary E 39, 63, 107, 171 Shipp, Gary D 171 Shively, Janice S 171 Shnell, Peggy L 39, 100. 207, 221 Shump, Martin J 54, 152 Shump, Theresa 1 34, 49, 65, 171 Shump, Thomas D 23, 65, 171, 179 Siegel, Vernon F 208, 2214 Simmons, Terri L 152 ' Singer, Kent L 91, 96, 171 Singleton, Brenda C 171 Sklenicka, Glenda L 34, 208, 221 Skoog, Carl E 23. 171 Slade, Stephen W 107, 152 Slawson, aqueline A 28, 31, 50 Sledd, Brent A 152 Sledd, Jamie L 29. 171 Sledd, Janet S 81, 171 Slocum Slocum , Debra R 152 , Gary L 152 Slusser, Connie F 152 Slusser, Victoria A 171 Smelter, Charles D 221 Smith, Smith, Anne D 58, 61, 62, 152 Brian S 91, 208, 221 Smith, Calvin J 152 Smith, Carol A 152 Smith, Cassandra Y 208, 221 Smith, Collette M 38, 61, 171 Smith, Deborah 171 Smith. Derald G 208, 221 Smith, Elizabeth A 33, 86, 171, 229 Smith, Glen W 221 Smith, Hazel F 221 Smith, James R 153 Smith, Julie D 153 Smith. Knowles D 171 Smith, Linda 27, 34, 49, 81, 86, 171 Smith, Marie S 153 Smith, Norma J 221 Smith Paula A 208 Smith, Tamara R 49, 81, 86, 171 Sneller, Steven E 221 Snepp, Dean A 208. 221 Snoo , Douglas L 153 Snyder, Lori S 31, 39, 55, 185, 208, 221 25 Solis, Diane L 208, 221 Soucy, Michael R 208, 221 Souders, Rebecca S 183, 208, 221 Southerland, Donna K 33, 208, 221, 229 Sowell, Lei C 23, 107, 208, 221 Sou, Cruz R 54, 153 Soza, Michael B 39, 208, 221 Spearman, Shernise A 39, 91, 209, 221 Specht, Amy L 209, 221 Spees, Katherine S 34, 43, 58. 86, 171 Spencer, Annette P 221 Spencer, James R 209, 221 Sprague, Carol L 31, 49, 76, 153 Sprague, Shayla D 49, 153 Stadel, Jill A 67, 171 Staebell, Kim A 171 Stafford, Diane R 37, 41, 112, 209, 221 Stalcup, Jay D 107, 153 Stanley, Deborah J 172 Stanley, James D 153 Stanley, Jeanie M 34, 73, 74, 209, 221 Stapleton, Patrick D 172 Stark, David A 209, 221 Starkey, Brenda L 172 Stattleman, Vickie M 221 Stearns, Caroline B 172, 176 Steele, Dainta D 34, 209, 221 Steele, Gaylon W 90, 221 Steele, Karon F 209, 221 Steele, Keith D 153 Steele, Sharon K 221 Stein, Anne 81, 153 Steinebach, Wayne K 172 Steinbock, Nane J 172 Steuber, Terry 1? 23, 33, 172, 229 Stewart, Debra L 63, 81, 209, 221 Stine, Mark A 172 Storey, Bradley L 153 Storm, Kimberly J 209, 221 Stovall, Kevin L 172 Stratton, Pamala K 172 Straub, Anna M 49, 137, 153 Strobel, Resa M 153 Strong, Nathan L 153 Stubbs, David M 23, 209, 221 Sturgeon. Kevin L 153 Stutzman, Laura L 172 Summerville, Kathleen E 52, 61, 153 Summerville, Patricia L 52, 61, 172 Surrano, Juanita 172 Sutton, Jolene D 27, 153 Sutton, Julie D 34, 49, 62, 172 Svoboda, Janet L 172 Svoboda, Shelly R 209, 221 Swagerty, Daniel L 58, 209. 221 Swagerty, Debra A 172 Swendson, Kathryn 210 Swift, John H 172 Swopes, Curistine 221 Swopes, Joe K 172 Taggart, Robin J 50, 63, 64, 108, 210, 221 Talbert, Orman Q 153 Taliaferro, Gina M 153 Tann, Charles P 94. 210, 221 Tann, Marsha F 76, 86, 172 Taylor, Chris ,E 210 Taylor, Clara A 221 Taylor, Cynthia S 153 Taylor, Howard W 153 Taylor, Leonora E 38, 82, 153 Taylor, Michael A 221 Terhune. Randy J 172 Tetuan, Joseph 1 23, 39, 65. 221 Thiele, James R 90, 91, 210, 221 Thieme. Craig B 91, 210, 221 Thomas, Cynthia M 210, 221 Thomas, Denise L 153 Thomas, Deonn R 59, 210, 221 Thomas, Jolynn A 153 Thomas, Pamela J 34, 86, 172 Thompson, Angela K 153 Thompson, David J 71, 107, 153 Thompson, Marc K 210, 221 Thurman, Edward O 153 Thurman, Steve E 90, 107, 221 Tibbs, Debra A 29, 172 Tilford, Kriston B 221 Tilford, Stephen G 153 Tilton, Robert D 210, 221 Tilton, Steven M 153 Toburen, Douglas L 172 Toedman, Loree E 27, 82. 154 Toledo, Anna M 210, 221 Torrez, Ignacio R 210, 221 Towle, Julia A 51, 89, 137, 154 Townsend, Timothy J 39, 51, 55, 86, 210, 221 Trembly, Tisha A 210, 221 Tribble, Diane G 34, 172 Trimble, Beverly F 153 Trimble, Bradley D 172 Trimble, Kathy A 172 Troutwine,Cmthia S 154 Trowbridge, arc A 86, 91, 172 Trupp, Adam R 21 1, 221 Tru p, Rebecca J 34, 172 Tufgey, Barbara J 49, 60, 86, 154 Turner, Issac D 90, 211, 221 Turner, Willie D 211 Ubben, Jacqueline L 81, 97, 211, 221 Ubel, Mary C 60, 173 Underhill, Christine L 38, 154 Underhill, Craig L 64, 173 Utech, Dianne A 49, 173 Valdivia, Ramona T 65, 102, 173 Valle , John C 101, 154 Van Buren, Dorothy J 63, 94, 95, 211, 221, 225 Van Buren, Richard F 23, 71, 154 Vance, Willis S 154 Van Slyke, Doroth A 39, 55, 91, 173 Van Slyke, James ic 39, 55, 91, 94, 95, 211, 222, 223 Varella, Arthur R 154 Vasquez, Maria L 43, 67, 211, 222 Vaughn, Carmen D 61, 173. 176 Vaughn, Kevin L 154 Vausbinder, Tammi J 42, 211, 222 Vausbinder, Trina S 173 Vawter, Gary L 173 Vazquez, lraida 58, 63, 64, 86, 94, 95, 108. 173 Vazquez, Luz M 38. 86, 154 Vega, Debra D 154 Ve a, James A 222 Vein, Sandra J 154 Verna, Isabelle A 173 Vernon, Paula J 31, 82, 102, 103, 173 Vickers, Allyson 211, 222 Vicory, David A 39, 51, 104, 173 Victor, Gregory S 154 Victor, Phil ip B 91. 173 Vignatelli, Bradley A 71. 107, 154 Vi us, Leslie L 49, 99, 173 Viialobos, Albert L 65. 154 Villalobos, Anita L 211, 222 Vinning, Thomas A 154 Virr, Catherine A 80, 91. 173 Virr, Linda S 80, 211, 222 Vogel, Warren L 211, 222 Von Stiers, Bruce E 154 Von Stiers, Pamela S 211, 222 Waetzig, Gregory K 69, 102, 211, 222 Waggoner, Guy A 173 Wagner, Dean E 154 Wagner, Elizabeth A 212, 222 V Wagstafl, Timothy C 23, 25, 80, 92, 173, 1 6, 179, 229 Walker, Barbara C 212, 222 Walker, James D 64, 212. 222 Walker, Lois J 154 Wall, Daniel R 80, 173 Waller, Jay M 222 Walter, Rebecca S 154 Ward, Arthur R 173 Ward, Pamela R 222 Warner, Jefl'eryvA 54, 80, 92, 154 Warner, Kirk 212. 222 Warren, William M 173 Washington, Donald L 222 Waterman, Robert D 173 Watkins, Paul M 154 Watridge, John R 154 Watridge, Pamela J 31, 173 Watridge, Patricia S 173 Watson, David E 173 Watson, Maurice K 173 Watson, Michelle R 38. 154 Way, Patricia L 212, 222 Weaver, Denise A 212, 222 Weaver, Diane L 173 Webb, Larron D 79, 154 Webb, Ranza R 222 Webb, Ridgie L 154 Webb, Tanya U 173 Weber, Grant M 154 Weddle. Robert S 212, 222 Wells, James E 74, 90, 107, 173 Wells, Linda C 38, 154 Wells, Marilyn R 36, 58, 73, 74, 102, 103, 212, 222 Wells, Sheryl L 212, 222 Wells, Wendol n A 27, 34, 173 West, Martin D 48, 107, 212. 222 West, Wendi C 212, 222 Westerman, Paula M 39, 62, 81, 212, 222 Westfall, James D 222 White, Janet L 34, 212, 222 White, John B 61, 65, 155 White, Paula A 173 Whitebread, Lawrence E 155 Whitsell, Frank l 107, 155 Wietharn, Kent J 96, 155 Wigner. Anita M 155 Wigner, Debra K 174 Wiksten, Jon A 174 Wilcox, Laura S 62. 91, 155 Wilcox, Roger A 28. 174 Wilkerson, Carey L 94, 155 Wilkins, Donald F 69, 155 Wilkins, James D 80 Wilkins, lrvin 222 Will. Kirk D 174 Willett, Colette L 91, 155 Williams, James L 222 Williams, John L 155 Williams, Roland D 174 Williams, Terranita C 59 Williams, Thomas T 23, 55, 74, 222 Wills, Gearlene 39, 222 Wilson, Carla N 90, 102, 155 Wilson, Gregory E 222 Wilson, Jerome 155 Wilson, Margaret J 155 Wilson, Ran olph F 71, 174 Win erson, Jill A 64, 174 Winielman, Mark E 155 Winston, Doris M 174 Wishteyah, Norma J 59, 212, 222 Witmer, Thair D 174 Woertz, Gregory L 79, 174 Wohler, Jeanna M 155 Wohler, Jon L 213, 222 Wood, Cindy L 155 Wood, Rodger L 155 Woodson, James R 52, 174 Woodson, Leona S 174 Woollcott, Johanna R 34, 56, Worford, Tony R 107, 155 Worlds, Worley, Worley, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, 222 Wright, Wykert, Cynthia L 38, 90, iss 105. 213, 222 Brenda G 34, 39, 73, 213, zzz Paul T 51, 91, 96,105,174 Candace 34,174 Elizabeth M 62, 174 Josephine F 222 Nola F 39, 41, 55, 56, 104, 105, 213, Trevor D 39, 222 Meggin J 31, 99, 137, 155 Wynn, William L 155 Yardley, Sandra D 213, 222 Yeargin, Vivian A 174 Yewell, James A 155 Young, Gregorg P 33, 213, 222, 229 Young, James 155 Young, Ledell 222 Zander, Donna L 155 Zechel, Randy J 155 Zee, Aaron K 23, 174 Zee, Juliana J 174 Zeller, Susanne 49, 174 Zerbe. Mary D 174 Zerger, Deborah D 31, 76, 102, 155 Zlatnik, Aaron G 79, 90, 91, 174 Zuniga, Kathleen A 65 Zuniga, Orlando J 23, 39, 65, 67, 74, 222 99. 213. lndex 275 l. x ? U .1 Q, E 4 fr , ll G J? 1 4 in 1, v .1 2 1 H J.. fr 'f . L 1 "J an v 1 I 5. , r,,,

Suggestions in the Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) collection:

Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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