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 - Class of 1957

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This Book Belongs T Y. V, ., , , Y , .fi Qgepglw f'if"f2i'1 :w,Q,o,gN,m,m,, 31. 31582: N,:E!'MB ' A 4 H i-i-::n:--:- 2' fiagff ff' o' "Wf'5 Y 'fv1'i774'f? of 92' x V6 '3,4"wf9W o XX-WWW awmf-4if,EW ffW1'NH'W 7 - - 'WW V f xqgsvzw 'N' o WW R- 'xv:'v'w11,'fvvfZA fzfiffz' eb: g1yYW2o,'lIofl'f 'fff f .- U W My 22 HQ, I -'jg MW .5 If my - X. -W-----n..M.5wfo V- me ef I , -It-gg H f A ix X -- mf N7 o , ' L,,gi15-T225X"f'f2'f i -..uf if f' 'I 5- 'Wg f 'mf' ' , 1, 4? WS W' C f 1:1 4' L'."'4f'3+ -.f'f'.:'-m::f:5',2Ffs'.- , I1' 67' "-',"W,'l . fi -"'1'ig1fX N'4 53 X- '-Z 5- " 'ff fl 12724 y 1' f' Wkianx , , Q' 4" . .1-00 L H S, fl- :-g,ff-,ff,,,f- zzwffff' f ' 4 ., f' :fha . - - f f i,,.'1- - ,gg W . -g -Vo IQ GH B! , gn X 'Lf fi I L Y-.L 4 t xii, "fs Q7 Lv ,wb fj I K. LJ--K-f N-.L FLY QQAL' 4-4 qgxld-Y , LAY! V .. fii. x,--x. AN, P W K KV , W , n X f f , X f"s..:.,f C:Xg,1--yj G - Lk x.S-ff CLTL L- KV ,Ml . gn Rug' fy, gs, Se- .sh CEL, Lf xi V, J, X S" 'dk' x g"'g'N"L--f 1- 'L- K fff-Y 4- wg SS:-fs xx 'Lg . 4, 1., Q - , L' af KL- Y L- vb CL "K--f- f N L -, ww N L .M , Q ,Q A I gn C5 Sg,.,5L., g,-. A.Av-..,1,,, g. ' QL, ,, xx N ' A , X LI 1 V L-C'C- L .WAY C df, 4, Q' Ln, Q-XL xv cg X LNL, Q f-M,-L,,,w CA, 1 RLK L, Cx, Q ld, QA I 5 C' Q P, k X11 , ,,,. - Q. 4 .. i Q ,N I I Q Cs-fff"u' ' L' "C" CEL' f' K' L Q, Q LA. Q . Kg 4 ZX x A V- 5, f . I , I ki, xl' ' Q r"'g-V 'C rxw Q., gli, L K - L fgffcmy. L Q. QW - P, gg. ,,,.,,- x gy V M km ,S C, M 21 ,lwkw ' ' . fl V iv , ML.. gl., ,f--I, Ji Q' , P' xv CY sg 1,5 V V C K, - -' M , f. ,, .x.. W LM 'A -Y Y k V -J! I Q , X- f fvkxk- xx, ' js- nf Q. , Q, g S. Pu, 1... C- 4-M if-f X F 5. 1 K C "f v v- V ,, I X- . , - Q1 g , V, Q , -,,,., ,,, V? f- X K Q., 1-M , V, . - ,Q M- 1 -W ,,f,4.3 Ex -T rv,-:,Q,, 1 f ,,Qi',:fZZ-Q., 2- "1 ."'?7i if"?'2fLZTiLfi335f7'?VZ f' fi Z - 'ff ' ' 1 - ixjxmjgx ' ,ff W- f I , -. jxjlx ' .q3,:?ixg'., IJQI Avi, x 3" Y Q? gf , 'X1QfNf:l,-- '-f "Nw f pf " ' ' J- ' , W wrflf f ff! Q f f' 3 WW 'ff W' ' fn XXX wg 'ZH -- f xXx? 'lN1'X.g 4 fixxxx Xb P15 . 61 j mi' - in ' " ,3 ,Q Q mgffg 'f ,J Qvswf J! if Wff' f,YX?'k5 1A,j ' -,Z.' 5 iw, Qtgraf' We- ,M ff :WEE yhn-i A , , JL gg: JV, ,unix ,lr inf mlif Quia? xi ' !,,5J' '4 ,gfwm w xg'-5t,,Y:'nrZf!' 1' -fo . fl' J M yfyf ,WM lwhgqgw - fyfif Hllfhikxx-:fi--4 fm, Y gb f XR 7,-357.3-.mix . ktf M3511 ,rllbwe I w! 1 fm fKf w:'Xm'i " gl! Tmmw' ' Af if ' 'V 5' " ,Q i, 'UV' ff-' ?N7X35355" ' '-f 'f'j4Qf'2'1?L7 ' 4! . 5 'W X - QS--Ng '--- C wg L51 -. L, fn K, L Q 4, - 41" ' 'y ' 1" ' 'n L' yr I gb-K Link, Lid rfgf L W L. L I.. L, ' L, fd. CIW, L ' L, CQWA , " if . , XL W Q15 A Q dm L. - -Q. . lf' .vu QL- L-.nw v A- 1 'il Topeka High School of Topeka, , 1957 Kansas N to fm L J U ' X Ll if A ,W ,,'fgM I-1 5 Qc' vxiiw in a a 2-fw"i?.'M 'fy .yiiiffwxwy 1 X , ff. exnsgfeFgM3,P mv, x! , - 1 u1QfL35FXT3i g" if: Q ,g"S .T-sis YQ 1 QQWAQQQ riff. Xltlq N ' . . ,f'i1'7ii'X SNS X n o o J., .fx I X X lx xxwy , V1rg1H13 Smith, Edltor B,-,5,.qyxXgQs,.. a n 'nl' ' -Q X.x- fllvi- NQQTF4 3 , . Azgxl-fir'-TQN5-I X Slhyl Rlekenherg, Assistant wages, X David Heath, Business Manager ,ak 3 In Q- I " x A -g?1':.ff' -2 f ',' I 17 f - '-T -Ii A vf!,!f,f!,!f-L54 ASL X , jill..-:lg Jin- 0 . If A - - XZ ,' 7 ffff! "5" ' i.f?f,g .h"gg,f'."f,r".-, X ,tri-E51 My in ' Q V fff' ilix-iE: ':,Ef ,wc e1,jfilf,fg'sV f :fa f. 4 .f flfffft vw- ,L ., 1 Qom - fa x W59'7-W'-9 ig. A ff' ff , 'f 1 'V w-fffff Je. ff 'f 'Jw NX X X We fa Wtff W-1sZ'Qx ., X I f ' ' H-X X fm imf'7f?L.ff o,,-J' 'if-I .-ffvvill 4 fv'ffi4K"w J1'92i'fZQ1'I-:L9f- Tbniyf mf FAT' - X ft X I 5 " l 7 'Mifff '1Wxf'sxW-W'i15' W ' 7 FX A W X Q' " ' f ,F ' , N H X " Q -Ex' 1571, " "4'x'x-g'.Lig':LE':-:- -L,-,,,,1f 7 ' . ...F , "- inks? 1, 5 - -L , 'E " '5 2 1fdfffwf.MQ'a1i2QkyQsS'V'f -is is a is -. 2 xk n a 4 a 1 fn. qyff ?'- 2.-'g,j'l." 7-'ffm U' ,-F4 ,ff , - yff' ' Y- "Vito x5iS.'sTS,fS' sr .Ii 1 '- , 1 i Ur? n x ' 5 .a fr W1 J--sbs ' Ifafgsf -2 ' 1-11:0 ', 1 i T1 , f'yA51!ef'.j W-'diem A o ' "" "" 1 ,x,, GPL ff A- vi- 1' - ,ff ' ff ,f 51- ff, f ' 4, f "-Lfw .-..1 257' , Nss'ZQ?fyg?, 'fsQ:.25,.s,ff,3g-1 'f kk .gay ff ', f f 5 ' s ' 2 'ehne n I , 2 ffffgr' THE FLAGPOLE The spar of the famed ship Old lronsides holds the flag aloft above the neighboring trees. THE TOWER Its quarter hour message inspires stu- dents and towns- people- 4 "Dear Lord, our God Be Thou our Guide Till life shall cease No foot shall slide. -Amen" Contents ADMINIsTRATIoN. . School Board Advisors Faculty STUDENT BODY .... Seniors Senior Activities Juniors Sophomores DEPARTMENTAL .... Art Home E1 Industrial Arts Social SI English Languag Library Music G1 Mathematics Debate Science Business SCHOOL LIFE ...... Student Government Dramatil W Organizations Parties Publications ATHLETICS. . ........ ........ p age 166 Football Pep Clubs Queen of Courts Homecoming Wrestling Cross Cguntry Cheerleaders Basketball Swimming ADVERTISING. . . . .page 192 Ads Index V it 3 ,. iff lv QW! My .1 ,wiv J5 ?WfWZ ,, fQ? gma g?aMf 3 Www? 'v' , ' l' ,w,gww2gggwf f VIIA F' iw QQMWKWE5 ', i ,ffziiifiygwfi ti, ak' J" V Wi?mQWQWmWW gwkwwy mwwv ,MQQKYMMWM ,mhgldffy 'f ff -' ff'f fr ff ' KXWZZR QK EWU, VA" JJMQWQW ' V :Zvi ,gQ,' LlGZ" f , , My, ff ,, vw fc ,A 0' if ,rm A-4 R H05- QWZ M 'N .L X ,fi X X Xl xg, H-4.3 .. XX , my . 53 2 x 1,4 fi , N? . N .A 1' Ulf 1 A X ,, N X, 4 x"'f..,.f 5 44 '. R a ,, -X wry r KL h'M,m5'-M. W W fx J , x A 2, 1 xx X, A, sm. - X .I ,R I. 4 M fp 1 uf X, xx, 1 :K , .5 .. vw Kf'-,gf T ' W. "fi 5. . 'QA' U .N-ri., X 1 K fkyi .3-, 5 ,vi .,,, My Jim , Nxt. V- v . 4 "xy I ' , V ' K", 'M , ,K xg , I AM A ,K f , ,ff fa V-liww , 1 U 2 . .N . ' W, Q fr- P 435' A " , -Q -rf , "M , f' J' 4 mx N Q M " N 7 ff. A-A ww V ,Q N 6, NA, X Q H W F 1-V J 1 1? -. ,-J 4 I mx f mn.,-, -sw.: . -wg,-f, iw .A W ,Lv wr: 1: 2, . 'k 'N ,ff , '- . W" f' ., . A ,J I M f' , A' H ,, . . .2 f ' f ., H" If if Y TV: ,,,. - My "' 1 ' IMS .1 K I 'af t ,W , . . f pf .L.,wv,f v M , ,-,,, K ny" , M, I, , My V 1,1113 if g 5. '.,, ' f A ' ,, , Magvue- , W, f- 1, , J, J LW., gif? ww - ,A 1 4fi.,, ff Mx, ,, Lkjzf., b , iwff ff ,,,, - ' ., " ' 7 i w 7 f' , ,N ' 4, arm . . - ,,:4fri'f'f " ' ' ,fy ' Ei 1 5 5d,,zf? i .A 3 2 ff W 3 . ,A , , ,S ' 1 k 1 , A A ,p , f' gv .lV .l,l,V, m1Ab !, Z f W A : , ,gf ' is L G G ,WH 565,315 WHM if 5'?fl"T7Q L f fw va aa f , ..1Lf . H ,ff . ,A ,f , ', ,,.w',4,7.,f W. :E gf 5 , WM ff-'aff' .. D L.1-435,11 '55 ,- .gf i.1Zf:g,f:f,- , f , q 1 --f- ..,- -,r . .---.'-ff .' ., , 1 .--35? lsfwwlxl 'wf.c5,,yr,1 ..,Qw5f gi ' ' ' , x ,,,,::wg 4- ,, Ji .V , 5 Vj'Af,fT.W,v.,,-,f I , , ,1 A ,,,, f 2 Q 'wh ' , ' A , '- ' ' ,,,,,wi'W'My 4' ' ' -,.Zf.'gfkj' ,, - 1 " -1 I 4 V , 2 fl Www" j,,,.fws V f , , ,.f.f:,.- , Vk,x,- -. , A - ' 1 f if 'A I Inf" ' Y '5 . ,, ' ', ' .gif fl- Q' . ' ' ' . ' , - ' Z M , A -- . ,i,,,.f,,gff' Qwayww' fa 'b' " V, " gf L ' 'WWW fps!" ' , ff: ' f 1111 'V ' ., , N4,,.:.+f ' " . . 4 f ' fr . V . 5, V "" .f V I fl,-xvr , ,gf X '-- Q " V., zwf"'fZL,,ffYai 'Z "f"fW , ,. ,, - W ' T , .M .b , 4IU3HKt1l!KQrixQrHuV:a,wv T", ,uf 91411 gf ' V wr Z32':Qg,. i ' 'fm-f,af.fM,,. ,y , , 'Z i 1' I f,jg'?fx3vf nk gf , Y , -J:-V57 "N, ' fi Q , b "2,, x' F if 142' X X " K4 5, ' 31, ff , 5 Q M, L? a 2 V f-w chpo, and pigeons f+,y, if W1 fm 4, is! ff x ,J ,gf- I "'l ... Rn Sun 'ERQ TWIN 1 I 'T y-x 25 C "--2'-S1 IQJ G. Y.. TIQJQLYQV17 JJ 'IJ pil? UL, X These Are Tho se Who ll f g : Teach, Advise? and COHHSQI OldrTwirwi5Jrr 'wziwa:25mugwx.16ma: uum1ru-'l4amm ion Wendell R. Godwin Superintendent of Schools Dr. Giles Theilmann Director of Instruction .S if 2 ' V M. J. Vlfhitson Ass't to Superintendent Board Direc s, Influences Progress -5-l-- UNDER THE skilled leadership of Wendell Godwin, Super- intendent of Schools, the six non-salaried school board mem- bers tried to solve the ever-present problems facing the school system of Topeka and the community in l956 and 1957. Al- ways responsible to the public and with the good of the in- dividual students and teachers in mind, our hard working school board members strove to meet each new problem with understanding and foresight to benefit the students of today as well as those of future years. tin SCHOOL BOARD. Mrs. Ernest Shiner, Mr. G. W. Snvder ,Ir Mr. T A Kerr. and Su erin- ' . . . , p tendent Cvoilwiri discuss the budget. ..,.,.a-sulvr-' 16 Planning another high school for Topeka are Dr. Gordon Summers, Mr. Robert Schen- del, president, and Dr. Richard Greer. Considering the personnel problem are Mrs. LaVon Armandariz, secretary, Mr. James WT. Porter, and Mr. Charles Sheetz. Missing, Miss Elizabeth Donaldson. treasurer. Kenneth Mevers W Director of Guidance s 1 Owen Henson Director of Curriculum E. B. Weaver, Principal K 3 -3 be is dministration Lends Helping Hand THE ADBIINISTRATORS of Topeka High School looked toward the future years as they advised us. the entire student bodv. about the problems and rewards we would face as the citizens of tomorrow. Theirs was the complicated task of co-ordinating all academic and social functions. and promoting better student-teacher relationship in the halls of Troy. Whether settling a disturbing problem of discipline, selecting a prospective college or future vocation, or merely giving a word of encouragement whenever needed. our cooperative administration lent many a helping hand to both the faculty and the students. 793 Q , x y r 41.2. ' vi' eq V 'I' at V Q, A 51110 sf" 4r-33 . 'J .gk 'fini fi' Annabel Pringle Dean of Girls V V. J . , ., P " T Busy with a million Otto Bodenhalmen details-Mr. Weaw'er. Dean of Boys 17 Through this door pass the hungry and the well fed. Beyond a second door is the Cavalier room, for private luncheon con- ferences and free-hour meetings. Intent on details of the new eligibility lists, faculty members set an example of good attention to their speaker. Room 103 is the usual meeting place on these once-a-month occasions. ' id to Others, Is Facult Motto IN CLOSE contact with the students during the school year, the faculty was always willing to give assistance when needed. We learned to look toward these people for leadership as they taught us not only their subjects, but also about ourselves and others. To us they were not just teachers, because we knew them as friends and sponsors of clubs, programs, and other extra-curricular activities. Busy as they were, the teachers found time to take part in var- ious civic, religious, and social affairs around Topeka, to be active in the Faculty Guild, and to work in professional organizations. Some even spent their summer months in university study and i travel. Thus they broadened their knowledge of subject matter and kept pace with new methods of instructions. T Many new teachers joined the faculty this year and quickly became a part of our Trojan family in the hustle and bustle of Topeka High's full schedule. Although we may not have shown it at times, we will remain L grateful to these teacher-friends for their patience and under T YCHTS. 1 , F lv I I standing toward us as they instructed and guided us through the N X Sim! 3 X X X QRS f '- .. e as Wiley Alherg, M.S. Social Studies ga N, if iv- S R John Blevins Trade School Mrs. P. W. Chamness, A. English L. Chester Davenport, B.S. Mathematics F ,f' V ' ' .Off ,, t of w7hf4w.' 4, f ff ,V f ffdmfi 2 V . 5 2 ' ' ,f 5 if WZOWWW f'vf , Q 5- ff M Z V. 'LQWEZ4' 75: 1 D. L. Erwin, B.S. M .. y ,N ii Phyllis Aley, M.S. Marvin Bayless, M.S Social Studies Typing an sssv if. ' ,fi L Louis Cagle, M.S. Theodore Cast, M.E. Vocational Education Industrial Arts focultq 5 2. B. Mrs. Shirley Collins, A.B. James L. Colton, B.S. Mrs. Irvin Cowger, A.B. Homer Coy Science Industrial Arts Library Trade School ,flyv fy y y M l , C M ff 'ia' ' - K elae .,...' A .lack Dean, M.S. Harold Dilley, M.A. Edna Drury, M.A. H. F. Ellithorpe, M.S Social Studies Social Studies Language Chemistry A .i,' . ... 2 he netel E. L. Fink, M.S. Bernice Finley, M.A. Mrs. Walter Fitts, B.S. Elbert Fly, M.S. Mechanical Drawing Business Home Economics English Vocal Music Like Mr. Teel, many faculty members dou- ble in night and summer schools. Here he supervises Anne Hubbard and Richard Kliewer in Typing I. A ,,,e ' ff.y,f,1f,M 'ii '- v ' pf , -z-2 1 :wa ' ., w,,,.,, 2. ' Jiffy: 4vI5 ' f, f ff '75 f A. f X! ly f 44 ' ff 2 1 Vf 44 M A , , 5 .Q , f, f Q72 f f Q f ff f 1 W f gf ,IV jf? Z ,, 1 as ' 1 H' J ff X, .W , , AL' Social Studies William Griffith, A.B. Torrence Haag Robert Hallman, M.M.E. Trade School June Henderson, M.A. Martha Herrick, A.B. Mathematics English Maw f ,ff 2 f ffwf , W ' Wfm ffff fffff ' X T" a, 'V Q wffffffw , , ,4 VQVMVOW " ff 1 yyff!f0fZg , fff fn ,-fm' L P 4' ' ,-5' Wwyyffyfffyw, ,- -,:s"f f Afflll 7 fiff Q1 iff . W2 pg. f f ,.,,f!,,, VV , A M if ff. ' f ' W f f f, , 3 U jc! X fi XM ' Z f Q! 4 X X xg! 46? ff J ' 'f f ' ,. - ff! f, Clyde Gilbert, Printing 4gfZ1!'Yff7ff?Ii7f , V " iff ,ww gfxff fy, ,Q-,ff Q! WX!!! 41? 4 1 f , 7f,'Qf x ' ,z ,' 'f vfifx' B.S. 3 A, 1 0 X f 4 4 4 0 f f X f , 0 , Orchestra , f f f f X! ,, yy,, i V"-1 ,, rf f, 1 , , X X X f, Al f ,ff , , f James M. Hill, M.A. Social Studies Frances Hutchison, M.S. J. W. Jones, M.S. Patricia Key, A.B. Mrs. Esther Kingman, M.E. X Science Physics Physical Education 20 Mrs. Marjorie French, M.S. Mabel Fry, M.S. Mathematics English Mrs. Frank Gladfelter Mrs. William Greer, A.B. Study Hall Counselor Mrs. Mitch Hanna, A.B. Study Hall Counselor yraaa V, 4 . ' 46 1 X 1 6' f fff f f f ,, f f ff Q11 xi X is 5 ? Floyd Holcomb, B.S. Trade School D dx If ' -if .2 F , ' 7' 1 , We ,,,. J, 'f ggf f, ' 16536 ' if Mathematics Journalism Vernon Hayes, M.A. Visual Education Mary Hopkins, M.A. English Lloyd W. Kistler, A.B. Social Studies Cl C. A. Laney, B.S. Physical Education English Ruth Loomis, M.A. Home Economics Mrs. Elaine McDonne Business arence Mullenix, M. Science ,4 ,, ,U !,!,,,, , X ff fff ,ffl X X 1 'V :ffJf"' ,f 4 " " ,.g K. f f' Af' -1 Qff,,i1f'f!ffv,fg f Iwi, fi , yy5:,fgf,,- , f . . L, , , f , - - if WN Y, ff, .ffff , W ' C ew: wwf-'f f f M W ,ij f f f my Y Jerry 0'Sullivan, M.S. French Mrs. Robert Lingo, A.B. The coffee break is a "pepper-upper" for Mr. Meyers and Mr. Dilley. John E. Lund, M.S. Mrs. Muriel McCormick, A.B. Business Social Studies ., v:f:y:'f' Ez-512' ff ,af 'X Y. ., W ,WV f Q ll, B.S. C. J. McKee, M.H. Marilyn Miller, B.S. Robert Mills, M.E. Joseph Montes, A.B. Vocal Music Library Science Spanish - A L L 'A "-- E. Carl Nall, M.S. George Neaderhiser, M.S. Harry Nelson, M.S. Loren Nuzman, M.E. Vocational Education Band Art Industrial Arts .tttt Q H , vt . aya acaau t a e t W- ,f P211 Ir tat' f . Vkgyy L Z ' 1 S ,V .si' ! , Oscar Palmer Ruth Phillips, M.S. John L. Pogson Robena Pringle, M.A. Trade School Science Trade School Social Studies . 21 .,"'L,Q Miss Herrick gives Mrs. Kingman and Mr. Meyers a sales talk about Wfhe Glass Me- nagerie" as they purchase tickets from Hayden St. John. feye i H f f' ' '- A , r ',' Vk,. " W 7 X ' 9552 f if X X ' ff , 1 Larry Reid, A.B. Physical Education Mrs. Eugene Smith, B.E. ,U ,, ?.,- V' : T Q, ' " ' ' 77' V .V V nf 9-f f , 54? ,fd Z -QT' - Amy Swenson, M.A. Social Studies Mrs. Helen Sutherin, A.B. Latin Kfwfu muff, H , , ?7fXW7'f ' f 1 f e yfff? , M , .- 0,0 if f 7 sw Q' mf , 4' f M , Z ' X f' . iff ,ef 7,4 f , V. 91 W Katherine Tucker, M.S. Grace Van Tries, A.B. Home Economics Ellgliilll 1 fiff iff f 5,7 V , ,V . V T' '1' if 'QM ' V, i f H wg' W lfgzfw ,ff" f Physical Education ff . f if , - z zz 4 Q, ' f Z 41 ., f X, Jesse F. Teel, Jr., M.S. Business e f .M 44. ,WW f 1 45 f M Q Q , 1 45 , f j f 1 X K if 6, .Z James Walker, B.S. Auto Mechanics f ff ,iziZfii?f91i"f I ' ff,gZf,Z'Z,i zu A 'iff' f iyjygjf ,gf , 711- 'ir :fm r , ,I i 5, ,' fs f Q 1 i Vance Williams, M.S. Mrs. Fayeben Wolfe, M.A. WalteriWolfe, M.S. MPS- English Art 22 Business Mrs. Edna Scott, B.S. ' MQ , 4 WW s , nw , Charles Shoyer, A.B. Study Hall Counselor Industrial Arts , fp ' u V w 1 ff 'I X f af W iff ' X Carl P. Snyder, A.B. Mrs. Beulah Summers, B.S Mathematics f,5,f,f,, , ,, , V L ,gyfff ,4,,f,,., ,gyy My .I ,W ff-, ff fem f f I., Y f r' f f 1 A Q ,yyt r -.,' Home Economics Leo Thomas, M.S. Jerry Ann Tribble, B.S. Business I I f fx Annette Weissbeck, B.S. Home Economics f, I ,,,, 4 .K f apgi, 4 a... Edith Woodward, B.S. English Social Studies Gertrude Wheeler, A.B English Eunice Youngquist, B.S Cafeteria Director N Y' Mrs. Lillian Ash Cafeteria Secretary Peggy Brown A Switchboard Operator Mrs. Kay Fieger Bookkeeper Marjorie Hunter Guidance Secretary Mrs. Woodburn writes the checks, collects the money and runs the main office-and is Mr- Weaver's "girl Friday" too. ffice Staff ims at Efficiency MUCH CREDIT should be given to Topeka High's ef- ficient office staff. Always on the job, they performed the varied tasks of secretaries, attendance clerk, switch- board operator, registrar, and bookkeeper, We can thank them for daily bulletins, and for keeping our A pleasant voice is Peggy Brown's chief asset as she operates Mrs. Fern Taylor the busy switchboard and checks in late comers. . .-4141 school running smoothly in general. Other members of the T.H.S. staff vital to all Topeka High students are the school nurse, always will- ing to help ailing Trojans, and the cafeteria director aided by her assistants. Anita Stinar Registrar Erna Sibberson Attendance Clerk C Mrs. Naomi Woodburn Registered Nurse Office Manager 23 R- A sf? C X , , ly, , Z' These Are the Citize f a Great School Cemmunit f 2 I Mn ' M775 :2"f' 'V rf ! ,-!,- f f a g . 'sf' F' ' Z 1 lv ',,' if-, ,Vfiif H 7 , ,,., I ,MAN 7 ,. f Hgj 1 ' f13':5':.-jf? "-ix, at It I ,gin , . , f"a5,M Q,', ,I ,1-QM 3-,f ,e. e ,.' , 'Q ef g "'- , A' .L " , M- E29 V-', "f fl fff ,f'Q,'if17 5? q ffl, ff Z2 ff I I VXZQT, 'wily ' f e 2 . . SAW ' Q ,lm H Q I 5 " x f 1 1 I: ' fe qxv' H Ili f I fai l!! N 325215 x 1 4.1 1 , lXl?1':E:'m?1 f f ,- ax H li? I . 4 ,--:E G .!,,.A x xi s H, AX :JN , fr, Q11 -, ig , , , - ,--1 M f,,, , eg - ff' ff' '4-" Cjgfiy ii' fi' 45 he z "lf . - ,lj ,lf , 1? lakh ,. A ju, ,iff M K, 1, 1 , .1 ,f I flf , 4 ,vf ,ga M 5b ir, ,V M ,yy ,fyffiw 'f'i4'f4'!' ' ,e - . ' 7 ,f P ' fx r- ' ,- X ,f V .-f f 52: A , g g e , iff' 'ff xl- ' ' .1 f' 5' ,x-fg , f ,Lf f fi fffi' AZ' ,147 ' N, ,-I' 4" 0L'f"f- A fffi, 'T' ' f, ,fm 'f I ff 100 4' ff N ' 'ff f f f ,f ff, f, 1 1 ,W 1 , f f 1 1 f 4 If f I I , ,M f f , Jff If ,1- I 1 f f ' fi' ,- , 1 .ff , X2 'Sf-QxWf'N'f 1, If X7 if 1 f 5 L f p, X f ,f,, , V , ' ' STuderwT bc: ,I i K aaeuwlff 41' '-Lz45:fa4aaz:,5lwnLl.Iar'1l'ifix1 :Qian '-zz!-ff" P-7 .-T,-N:a Ae77:g:',44wf4 - m f W ii r r s 1 , ff Senior oilicers on the Mezzanine: Steve Bennett, representative, Sunny Robertson, secretary-treasurer, Ed Saylor, president, Mary ,Io Burke, representative, Charles Hotchkiss, vice-president, Beverly Elliott, social chairman, and Larry Hercules, rep- resentative. Hail and Farewell - The Seniors WE CAME TOGETHER, over 500 individuals, and WHILE WE WERE HERE, we made an outstanding record for ourselves. NOW AS WE LEAVE, although we are still in- dividuals, there is a common bond of friendship and knowl- edge gained, pride in our school, and a faith in the future. WE CAME TOGETHER-Three short years ago, our class began the journey through a trio of the most important years of our lives. The goal set ahead of us for the end of our journey was to put the Class of '57 down in Troy's "Hall of Fame" as outstanding. AND WHILE WE WERE HERE - Plunging into our school work and extracurricular activities with enthusiasm, we made our mark scholastically as well as in clubs, dra- matics, student government, and athletics. NOW AS WE LEAVE-Our journey is ended now and our -1 common road branches into many paths. We are sad to leave and yet we have a faith in the future. The friend- 9 66 ' 99 ' gs Ssahllffl 1112012 tx? M232iI?ici2lt0rT0X?,eZe3lIgr ships we have made here will not be forgotten, and Topeka y P S a . ef 77 desk for a few moments of ofiicial business. Hlgll will always be thought of HS Our SChO0l. Z 1 , V 'X Sunny Robertson had to get help from an adding machine for her heavy duties as treasurer. g'Let's see. Who can I put on the "Why didn't someone think of refreshment committee?', -Bev this before?" Chuck Hotchkiss is Elliott. on his way up in the world. ',',ici'i 'llii if kkf' I 'r,V ' v 'if ' Qfamq, , , . N . 17 ,M , ,L ,, , ,,T5'fg,"', , I 2 , Mary Jo Burke takes time out from her rep I ' ,V L V ' V ' duties to study chemistry. ""', , i V ' f Senior Officers 7 l S ' Class of B "C0kes, anybody?" Larry Hercu- Is the party on the other end fa- les indulgcs in a favorite past- miliar with rep problems? - time. Steve Bennett. 27 V ' fw ifg jill-' X K 6 ' f- 1' . 4 X ffl Q 4 ,J X K f ,ff f if ff ff IN sky gf ryyyrl yr sy A5g'i ' 'A fffkn ,sf y Wi F4 5 Swirl N Q X 6,5 f 'i 1 Q' 2 Z ',-. - , , '.:' - , A f Ds Q w e f , , 'v 19 I . f , Nancy Adams Patricia Adams Janice Addington Sandra Alderman Ann Allen Charles Anderson f ff f , , ,Way , by f, 4 ' , 9 Y f 5 f M59 , , 'Z 1 ' 5 . if x66 It I , f 5, W , ' , Allen C. Addy Bill Adkins 1 f ,'.f 5 ,,y y gy? B I ,?,, ' X 'lf'f?ikiQW ff 'ff , X M? , V' F' iff wp nf! X figf 255g Z , ,ygwff ,ima wwwwwwwf fig,.w.y nf-rf! fi ff , 4 ,ff"f, ' ' , ' Lf , f f if fl f ,I X f I4 Z f V if A 4 -1 MM? f , Edward Alberg fy' Y, Robert Anderson Hagen Angermann Tere Aragones We, As Seniors, Look Back on ur 7 lf f 'I ff? , at ', "1 if Clarence Artzer Homer E. Ashley Hazel R. Athon Nancy Atkinson Luella Avers ,W ,,,, ,A,,,,,,,,,, ,. , ,. wus- Earlene Knoles, Judy Cowan, and Bill Peterman discuss College Roundup bulletins with Miss Pringle. 28 ' i ffuyff ' QM ,. ,..Qs - V' yr .v" f if aff- .-' ,w of AE John 5? Z5 f' Z9 , 1 ,J A X e Wx ff! fy f WA Robert L. Bailey Regina F. Baker ff X ff iiif , , fzbf 8 f 'H Fred M. Bahr Michael Ballard 7' 6 f fif A' ., fW'f5fi ,'li ff W .1 .. 1 ' f X , ff A ' . a Qsaaawyaawfaaf aaih Q- rwwywa , f- f Q4 , - 3 .,, dev K, ya- lf 'X 'f 1' ff, ? www , f q f V-4:1 , ? do 4 fzaffffy A ,rli J he f . 1 'Z , 7 ,f i 'f , ' - , H54 M1132-W f 1,44 5" - 7 f I -4, 77655 V , !,M,fyLl Q .44 A X .- f,., , , I ,I A , ,,,,,f, , , , fl, 441' M ., ,Q 6,4 , X Q ,il f,,f,x ,V f.fC,f f - N, f'-r .K A , G, fff ' 7: jij':gV,w fg"g Q- ' ' f y v f++,',:-i-Q" "-' fiwzwifiizffff f ffl 'A E. Barham Billye Barnett Larry Barngrover Jan Bartley Nedele Baxley Kim David Beard P' m ..-,.'-smgf. - Q 3 . i. ws - -- izixifv' 5355.11 Q- Q grggjfggji .-- ..,. M . .. VM 'Q X W N J my N it X X xi X v 4 X XX , v X N QF: i XR? K 3 X X x X N Qfqx NX X X A ,J Q 5 K X? N vi 4A 4 4 XM ,W Q ,. we? Ng. , x 5 Ni' c X, Brian Beattie Claudia Beatty Ronald Belcher Delores Benaka Mac Bennett -seniors of X57 i h School D ys, Rememberin . . . 23' A T ift if ' ' .- do -- A ll K ' V , -1" J A we .gn Q. z. ., . X 1 29" NY ' ' A , Q- 1.2 Shay H af- 4 q ed ,...A ,A ff xii f RZ, 'f . f wa f ,, ,,, Y Q, - ' + 26 ff? Q M 2 53: 'or J Qfq ac, .5 7 -W4 4' f fi? at , ff' ii. 3. N ,M . , J ? .fy MJ?- J ,,,fa ,J ,- z Eiiwfz, 1:51. .: ,. . ' 211' .Wifi f fr? ly 7 M . wg: -Lf,.. .I ..., . . 94.15. JS 41' mf . .- .f.f- 2 f' f.-' f -Q - Q.-4 Steve Bennett Judith Kay Berry Travies Berryman Jane Beshears Phyllis Beskow Paul Bier Vlary Biesemeyer Doris Binger John Bishop Norman Black Jean Blackburn y Palmer Blackwell . ,Q B Gary G. Boaz Larry K. Boaz Violet Boley Ronald Bothwell Doris Jane Bouton Patricia Bowen 29 seniors of X57 X777 V ZX VWQ 1 p 'J' ' ' , ,J 95,2 ""' X . , , , .-Wm . 47 I , 'lvf Y A ,, I, , avr' . ,i,,!f,g,!, 75 A',A -fvV- a ,, , f ff iw. A f f 1 f,f ff ,, MW ff ,L f W f"'f 3 WV Sf l' ' ff, f, fp f , c ""A 1 . r Irma Bowes Carl Dean Brace Wm. Brandenherg C. Elton Briant Janice A. Briggs Wilma Bright Adrienne Britt Georgia Brown Indu tion, M nnnrf , nn ,, t X ,M y MQ? ff Marcia Brown Mary Brown ,e WM V ,fm . jf, f' X4 f4f' Mfg I. f I V , fy, ffm 1... A 1 WH ' 1 , v,77,ff'fi,2n4gff, , , . Q qw 4 fyfywffw fr' iff fm! : + B ffwtgzp:WZZZWQ f ' ., , ,Z Zffggfgmz, V+ f zfzf4!4c?ZZ4W ' www fw . Z XZ? 7744 wff Q ' 77,45 f , A fl f an , f 51, X23 Eugene Buckman Charles E. Buffon ' V f7X7 f I f f 1 X f ff M' ' J! ff , f 4 2 2, if gc 7 f f fi 2 fXXf W ., , Wx if f , 4 , M 6 fm Q? f Q ffff X ZH 5 X Z if if fX Q Zu ff f f Xf f, ff if , f Zff f X f' X X f 23 752' ff X f f fd f 7! X , fffffwufcsf V' ' " ff' , ,W f f M. f " XCXXW A 'X f XX f . , I ff Y," pperclassmen Rul 3 1 -v ymy -, 57, I ' A ' fzjf f af X J fy! Q 4 W 19' Z W f ' f Q f a Vicki Bryan Mike Brown Quincalee Brown Nancy R. Brumme iiit t X X X ,,34l',i?A , , '32 .V V .C ' 7 ,L - ' Viz? ,,!, L, ,E A V, V, yay! . ,yregnrg , annl , , fr 2 ' , 'X f c . XX Roger Burgess Mary ,Io Burke Marquis Burnett Nancy H. Burnett C A V I k,, Z 5 Q I 'f "'t't N 'Z ,f A ., wir A w , I ',y, J, N V g, If M ,,, ly3,t,!W Z fe , f ' , 0 IV, X f Bob Butler Jerry Butler Nancy Butterfield Janice Calihan 30 Sandra Canfield Janice Carlson W x T li ix 1 ' 1. m A,. H Charlotte Carroll Arthur Carson Kenneth Chaffin Kay Charles Betty Irene Chase Clara ,Ioan Cheng - 1, Q - L A A in Q :LI I ":x V' I f l - A X. sg V ' f 1 , 1 1 : 'Q fi 1 W 'aw " is lem- M 'i ef if J X""""' Nfl -.f Q. 'S x 'Q ga , MN ' I' W fe 2,3 'Q' . K t t fllifi f f Foster Chisholm Sandra Chrastina Gary P. Christian Arthur L. Clark Charlotte Clement Bob Clinkenbeard the Cheering Crowds at Games .... ,ei . .Si gf ""' if -vs' H A C y . , 1 as a -lit' f f at X tnn' , ,V '-- az W IE, ' A L it V L X K "lli,i3'7M'l f 1 Jim Cobler Ed Coffman Esther L. Coffman Sandra Sue Coke Sue Coleman Willie Coleman ,, K ",, f K 'irfi' 'L' , ' flgj',,5 l ,,'. my ,','a,, , wg V . P a + viz.. V t a C a t 4 M , , V 'P' 7 ',,' 'J ,fy , I V s V H ,y. ,, , , , ,f , , f f ,A ,f,-, :yu ff ,, ff Y' j f '31-, M, A I f , ,,,, , ' , 544, 1. Margaret Colhouer Fannie Comer Nancy Constable , F ,Y Z!?"Xf WYPVW V , f,f' , 3 ff Y ygfffyf, , zz, ,'l'Q7,1 ,',' :Q 'i ' ' , fy 7 f A, ,Q ,ii VVV, , . , , , , ,.,, , , ,swf 4 - V ,- 7 ' , I . The Class of '57 lost a loyal member when Nancy Delores Cook DIXIE Lee Cook Shirley Ann Cook' Brumme died November 5 after a short illness. 31 '57 - -Senior Activities - - '57 I A Adams, Nancy. Pep Club 1,2, Cafeteria Worker 3. Adams, Patricia. Choir 3, Girls, Sr. Glee 2, Operetta 1,2,3, Assit Library Council 3, Basketball Cadet 3, Cafeteria Worker 1, Football Cadet 3, Pep Club 1,2,3, Honorable Mention Honor T 1,2, Youth for Christ 3. Addington, Janice. Pep Club 1, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Addy, Allen C. Proctor 1,2, Rep. Coun- cil 2,3, Golf 3. Adkins, Bill. Voc. Printing 2,3. Adkins, June. Transfer Clay County High School, Clay Center, Kans.: Girl Reserves, Booster Club, Girls, Glee, Jr.-Sr. Prom Hostess 2. THS: Operetta 3. Alberg, Edward. Att. All-School Party King, A.F.S. Council 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Football 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3, Hi-Y Club 1, T Club 1,2,3, Future Teachers' Club 1,2, Rep. Council 1, Science Club 3, Alt. Sr. Boys' Council. Alderman, Sandra. Proctor 1.2, Pep Club 1.2.3. Trojan miler Dan Ralston was named 1956 National AAU Junior Olympic Champion in the one mile run. ff 6 ' , , ,Vl 32 ,,.,,, :'V Vx I VV I ifci A Allen, Ann. Pep Club 1,2. Anderson, Charles. Concession Stand Worker 3. Anderson, Robert. Pep Club 3, Science Club 3. Angermann, Hagen. A.F.S. Exchange Student, WORLD Staff 3, .lr. Red Cross Council 3, A.F.S. Council 3, Pep Club 3, Chess Club 3, Vice-Pres. 3, Sr. Boys' Council, Intramurals 3, Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 3, Math Club 3, Key Club 3. Aragones, Tere. A.F.S. Exchange Stu- dent, All-School Party 3, Honor Pep 3, .lr. Red Cross Council 3, '4Your Shown 3, A.F.S. Council 3. Artzer, Clarence. Pep Club 2,3, Proctor 3, Concession Stand Worker 3. Ashley, Homer E. Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3. Athon, Hazel R. Spanish Club 2,3, Assit Library Council 1,2,3, Play Cadet 1, Pep Club 1, Orchestra l,2, "Your Show" 1. Atkinson, Nancy. Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1,2, Honorable Mention Honor T 2, Proctor l,2, Spanish Club 2,3, Tro- homa 2,3, Alt. Sr. Girls' Council. Avers, Luella. Pep Club 1,23 Orchestra 1, Science Club 2. B Bahr, Fred M. Pep Club 3, Photo Club 2, Proctor 3. Bailey, Robert L. Baker, Regina F. Future Nurses' Club 2,3. Ballard, Michael. Band 1,2,3, Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2, Pep Club 1. Barham, John E. All-School Party King, Sr. Boys' Council. Pres. , T Club 1,2,3, Pep Club 2,3, Masque and Wig 3, French Club 1,2,3, Pres. 3, Swimming 1,2, Football Mgr. 1, Alt. Rep. Council 1,2, All-School Party 3, Jr.-SL PTOHI- Barnett, Billye. Barngrover, Larry. Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Track 2,3, Hi-Y Club 1,2,3, T Club 2,3, Pep Club 2,3. Bartley, Jan. Majorette 1,2,3, Pep Club 1,2, Proctor 3, Debate Timekeeper 1. Baxley, Nedele. Band 2,3, Instrument Ensemble 3. Beard, Kim David. Transfer Parsons High School, Parsons, Kans.: Basket- ball 1, Band 1. THS: Band 2. Beattie, Brian. Latin Club 3, Orches- tra 1,2,3, String Ensemble 3. Beatty, Claudia. Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1,2, Proctor 1, Orchestra 1,2,3, Concert-mistress 3, String Ensemble 2, 3, Operetta 1,2,3, District and State Music Festivals 1,2,3, Alt. Sr. Girls' Council, Future Teachers' Club 3, Honor T 2, French Club 2,3, Latin Club 1. Belcher, Ronald G. Operetta 3, Science Club 1,2,3. Benaka, Delores A. Pep Club 1, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Benard, Byron. Voc. Radio 3. Bennett, Mac. Bennett, Steve. A.F.S. Council 1,2,3, Program Chrm. 3, All-School Party 1,3, Pep Club 1,2,3, Rep. Sr. Class, Rep. .lr. Class, Spanish Club 2, Key Club 1,2,3, Proctor 1, Cast "The Man Who Came to Dinneri' 3, Sr. Boys' Council, Swimming 1, Science Club 2, Latin Club 1, Debate Tirnekeeper 1,3, Berry, Judith Kay. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Pep Club 1, Trohoma 1, Troy .lanes 2. Berryman, Travis. Beshears, Jane. Pep Club 1,2, Latin Club 1, Future Teachers' Club 1,2,3, Trohoma 1,2,3, French Club 2. Beskow, Phyllis. Spanish Club 3, French Club 1.2. Bier, Paul. Band 1.2.3, Dance Band 2.3. Biesemeyer, Mary. Transfer Highland Park High Srhool, Topeka, Kans.: Usher Club 2, Crafts Clubs 2, Photo Club 2. THS: Pep Club 1, Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3. Binger, Doris. Debate Timekeeper 3, French Club 1.2, Future Teachers' Club 2,3, Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1.2, Honor T 2, Masque and Wfig 2.3, Proctor 3, Trohoma 2.3, Fsher Club 2.3. Bishop, John. Stage Craft 1.2. Black, Norman. Football 1, Voc. Part- time Business Club 3. Blackburn, Jean E. Debate Timekeeper 2: Operetta 1,2.3: Orchestra 1.2.3, Proc- tor 3, String Ensemble 2: Pep Club 1. 2 Blackwell, Palmer. Stage Craft 3. Boaz, Gary Galen. Cross Country 1.2: Track 1: Proctor 2. Boaz, Larry K. Pep Club 3, Youth for Christ 1.2.3, lntramurals 2.3. Boley, Violet Jean. Pep Club 1, Tro- homa 2, Majorette 1.2: Head Major- eue 3. Bothwell. Ronald. Pep Club 1.2.3, All- School Party 2: Rep. Council 3, Masque and Wig 3. Bouton, Doris Jane. Rep. Council 1, Pep Club 1.2.3, Play Cadet 2, Proctor 3. Bowen, Patricia. Rep. Soph. Class, Stu- dent Council Sec. 2, .lr. Bed Cross Coun- cil 1.2.3, A.F.S. Council 2.3, French Club 1.2.3, Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1.2, Usher Club 2.3, Masque and Wig 1.2.3, Debate Hostess 1.2, Debate Timekeeper 3, Proctor 1.2.3, Cafeteria Hostess 1, Football Cadet 2, WORLD staff 3, Jr.- Sr. Prom, All-School Party 3, Honor T 1.2. Bowes, Irma. Future Nurses' Club 1. Brace, Carl Dean. Swimming 1.2.3, T Club 2.3, Key Club 3, Science Club 2.3, Hi-Y Club 3, Pep Club 1.2.3, Alt. Sr. Boys' Council, Proctor 2, WORLD Reporter 1, Math Club 3. Brandenburg, William. Pep Club 1.2, 3, Math Club 2, Choir 2.3, Boys" Sr. Glee 1, Latin Club 1, Science Club 1.2, Radio Club 3, Pres. 3, Swimming 1.2, Operetta 1.2.3. Briant, C. Elton. Pep Club 1. Briggs, Janice A. Pep Club 1.2, Library Proctor 3. Bright, Wilma. Pep Club 1.2, Usher Club 2, Nurses' Proctor 1.2.3. Britt, Adrienne. Band 1.2.3, Operetta 1.3, Science Club 2.3, Future Nurses' Club 3, French Club 2, Pep Club 2, Band Officer 3, Honorable Mention Honor T 2, Girls' Sr. Glee 3, "Your Show" 3. . Brown, Fred. Voc. Printing 3. Brown, Georgia Sue. Pep Club 1.2, Alt. Rep. Council 1.2, "Your Show" 2, Staff "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 3, Staff "The Glass Menagerie" 3, Sr. Girls' Council, Jr.-Sr. Prom, All-School Party 2, Play Cadet 1.2.3, Varsity Cadet 3, Football Cadet 2, Future Nurses' Club 1.2.3, Jr. Bed Cross 1.2.3, Masque and Wig 3, Proctor 2.3, Spanish Club 2. Brown, Marcia. Att. All-School Party Queen, Madrigals 2.3, Choir 2.3, Op- eretta1,2,3,Cbeer1eader 1.2.3, All-School Party 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Sr. Girls' Coun- eil, Thespians 2.3, Spanish Club 2.3. is Homecoming flowerhearers are given an un usual treat-a ride in a 1956 T-Bird cliauf feured by Jim Pantle. Brown, Mary. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Y-Teens 1. Brown, Mike. Brown, Quinealee. Pep Club 1.2.3, Future Teachers' Club 1.2.3, Latin Club 1, Chess Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Debate 2.3, Forensic Club 2.3, Proctor 1.2.3, Speech and Drama Festival Hostess 2, 3, Honor T 2, Debate Hostess and Time- keeper 2.3, Masque and Wig 1.2.3. Brumme, Nancy R. Youth for Christ 1.2.3. Bryan, Vicki. Pep Club 1.2.3, French Club 2.3, Future Teachers' Club 2, Trohoma 2.3, Proctor 1, Cafeteria Hos- tess 2.3, Debate Timekeeper 3, Troy .lanes 1. Buckman, Eugene. Boys' Sr. Council, Hi-Y Club 3, T Club 2.3, Wrestling 1. 2.3. Buffon, Charles E. Debate 1.2.3, Boys' State 2, Rep. Council 1.2.3, A.F.S. Coun- cil 2.3, Honor T 1.2, Forensic Club 1, 2.3, Math Club 3, Latin Club 1.2, Pep Club 2.3, Key Club 1.2, Tennis 1. Bugg, Mildred. Sr. Leader, Troy Janes 1.2.3, Pep Club 1, Proctor 3, Future Nurses' Club 1.2, Latin Club 1.2.3. Burgess, Roger. T Club 3. Vice-Pres. 3, A.F.S. Council 1.2.3, Rep. Council 3, All-School Party 3, Pep Club 3, Key Club 3, Baseball 1.2.3, Intramurals 3, Varsity Cadet 3. 33 1, A ,I , , Q! ilk SUNFLQWYYX lan ' Sheila Crossley and Karen Fry post advertis- ing for the fall yearbook sales. Barbara Cooper it fl 7 , , . 4 ff Q7 yi J ff!" X , f , 7, f V K f f 6 2 6 'f'f 4. 1,1 Joe Copp Rachel Corona Linda Courtner Judith C. Cowan Judy Kay Cox Mid Shamrocks, ur Sophomore Hop 4. ,6 1 ,44 , a V40 6 fy f K! 1 22 Q' AP' , 44 I . iv , it 49' T, ,Wi ,H 7 ,V f X 4 ' V we 44 WWW Ai . ,- -fw- W tm , 2, V 44, , f -4. ff VV ., V A f ' ' ,J , ,165 "W ' f , f l C Jon Crawford Betty Crenshaw Judith Critchlow Sheila Crossley Edward Crume William Daeschner tlli ' fi Q J C J I J C ay 'f 5 V , X f, Veeei ff' ff' e t,ea ' 'af 'M 1 ,, A, -f-, J, Q 2 fj5,,W,, Z f r QJ V1 I , I ,.,l M77 3, ,1 Lyla V V jd .. ,vv W, , - X 1 , H DWL Wf Ka 4 aW?,2W im? A hh i J Jerome Dallas Janice Dalton Carol Dangerfield Patricia Daugherty Virginia Davies James Davis fy W l,,y J , , K 5 f ,K ,yy , r y , if , I ' ' Z ' 1 f J M ,f John Dawson John W. Dayton Linda Dearing 34 Karen Deeter Phyllis Denning Barbara Dewey Nellie Dick Martha Diepenbrock Wayne Ditch Sallie Douglas G Nu ifimf'-fi c 2 E Patricia Eaton Card nren N. Duffield N .1 Ira C . H Seniors of 6 lf B N AWA x Q 1 l 57 -asap x A 'EMEA k Bob Ebendorf Beverly Elliott Days, Happ and Sa 4,-yy i ...,i,q- "2 -Q ' iff , Ei-I r V E ' ' 'ff Q' " ' H ' 1. - 1 41 ' Elizabeth Elnicki Bonnie Emerson John England Leland Elliott Margaret Ellis t D B ' ,iiji,i'i5' F F ' ,543 r , ' Z ' ' 2" - y ayifff-QF Y , B ' tred W , A V , g ik ir, , ,f ,577 V 1? X if 24,7 , ' ' ' ' 7 ' Z 7 X 1 V , ' 2 I Pete Espinoza Joe Fenoglio Rose Flowers Annette Fluke Steven J. L. Fink 'W V, .f ,ff V , mf ,, , Z! Naomi Forbes Rene Fish .. . ., V vff 'V S :yi i e , i f ' , f ffffi Johnny Escobar "" A ,, if Gary Fisher A Mina Kay Flowers Carolyn Ford Nancy Anne Ford Donna Foster 35 A representative from Fisher Body Company presented a program in car designing for THS boys. Burke, Mary Jo. Rep. Council lg Rep. Jr. Class: Rep. Sr. Class: Sr. Girls' Coun- cil: A.F.S. Exchange Student 2g A.F.S. Council 3: lr. Red Cross Council l,2, 3: Future Teachers' Club l,2,3, Vice- Pres. 2. Pres. 3g Honor Pep 2,3g Pep Club l: Latin Club lg French Club 2, 3. Sec.-Treas. 3g Proctor l,2,3: Debate 1.2: Forensic Club 2,3g Honor T l,2g Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2. 3: All-School Party 3. Burnett. Marquis. Band l,2: Intra- murals 2.3. Burnett. Nancy I'I. Butler. Bob. Butler. Jerry. Pep Club 3g Alt. Rep. Council 3. Butterfield. Nancy. Business Education Club 3: Pep Club l.2: Trohoma 1,2.3: Proctor l.2. C Calihan. Janice. Girls? Sr. Glee lg Pep Club It Vladrigals 2.3: Choir 2.3: Op- eretta 2.3: Sr. Leader. Canfield. Sandra. All-School Party 3: Cafeteria Hostess 3: 'llhespians 3, Sec. 3: Science Club 2.3. Sec. 3: Debate Tiruekeeper 2: Future Nurses' Club l,2, 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Honor Pep 3: Pep Club l.2: Latin Club l: Operetta 2,3g Proctor l: Rep. Council 2: Troy Janes 2,31 Iislier Club 2. 3: Jr. Red Cross l. 36 Carlson, Janice. Choir 3: Girls? Sr. Glee l,2: Future Nurses? Club 2g Library Proctor Ig Operetta 2,3. Carroll, Charlotte. Proctor 3g Pep Club l,2g Cafeteria Worker 1,2g Voc. Busi- ness Club I,2,3. Carson, Arthur. Alt. Rep. Council lg Cafeteria Proctor 3. Chaffin, Kenneth. Transfer Newton High School, Newton, Kans.: .lr. Red Cross lg Hi-Y Club lg Play lg Operetta lg Proctor lg Basketball l. THS: Cast HNight Must Fall" 3: Intramurals 3. Charles, Kay. Pep Club l,2,3g Proctor lg Science Club I. Chase, Betty Irene. Youth for Christ l,2,3g Cafeteria Worker l,2g Future Nurses' Club l,2,3g Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3. Cheng, Clara Joan. Proctor 2g Math Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 3: Assit Library Council 3. Chisolm, Foster. Orchestra l. Chrastina, Sandra. Future Nurses, Club l,2,3g Pep Club l,2g Alt. Rep Council lg Proctor 3g Majorette l,2g Trohoma 3. Christian, Gary P. Pep Club 2,3g Spanish Club 2,3g Track 3. Clark, Arthur L. Clark, Virginia. Clement, Charlotte. Proctor 2,3g Pep Club l,2g Alt. Usher Club 3, Trohoma 2.3: Troy Janes l,2: Alt. Sr. Girls' Coun- cilg Alt. Rep. Council l. Clinkenbearfl, Bob. Pep Club l,2,3g Cross Country l: Proctor l.3. Cobler, Jim. Pep Club lg Sr. Leader. Coffman, Ed. Sr. Leaderg Latin Club l. Coffman, Esther L. Coke, Sandra Sue. Future Nurses' Club l,2,3, Corres. Sec. 3: Pep Club l. 2.3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Choir 3: Uperetta l,2,3: Proctor 2.3: Trohoma 3. Coleman, Sue. Att. All-School Party Queen, Debate Timekeeper 3g Proctor 2,3g Jr. Red Cross 1,23 Pep Club l,2,3g Rep. Council 3: Spanish Club 2g Jr.-Sr. Promg Intramurals l. Coleman, Willie. T Club l,2,3g Hi-Y Club 2g Football 2,3g Track 3: Pep Club 2g Intramurals 2. Colhouer, Margaret. Pep Club l,2g Band l,2,3g Y-Teens l,2g Trohoma lg Jr.-Sr. Promg Play Cadet I,2. Comer, Fannie M. Operetta lg Girls' Sr. Glee 3g Ass't Library Council 2,3. Constable, Nancy. Future Nurses' Club l,2,3g Latin Club lg Pep Club lg Honor Pep 2,3g Honorable Mention Honor T 2g Science Club 3g Alt. Rep. Council 2. Cook, Delores. Basketball Cadet 3g Football Cadet 3g Jr. Red Cross 3g Play Cadet 3, Proctor 3g Pep Club l,2g Var- sity Cadet 3g Trohoma 3g Alt. Rep. Council 3. Cook, Dixie Lee. Cast "The Man W'ho Came to Dinner", 3g Pep Club Ig Honor Pep 2,3g Usher Club l,2,3g Masque and Wig l,2,3g Basketball Cadet lg French Club 2,35 .lr. Red Cross l. Cook, Shirley Ann. Pep Club l,2g Rep. Council l. Cooper, Barbara J. Copp, Joe. Pep Club 2,3g Football 2,31 Hi-Y Club 2: Intramurals 2,3g Latin Club lg Math Club 3g T Club l,2,3g Track l,2,3. Corona, Rachel. Pep Club 1,2. Courtner, Linda. Co-op Retail Selling 3g Pep Club l. Cowan, Judith C. Alt. Sr. Girls' Coun- cil: French Club 2.3: Future Teachers' Club 2,3g Pep Club l.2g Honor Pep 3: Jr.-Sr. Pronig Masque and Wig 2,3g Math Club 3g Play Cadet 2.3: Proctor 3g Science Club 2.3: Trohonla 3: Jr. Red Cross l.2: WORLD Reporter lg SUNFLOWER and WORLD Ad Solici- tor 3: Press Club I. Cox, Judy Kay. Crawford, Jon. Wrestling l,2,3, Pep Club 3: Hi-Y Club 1,2,3. Crenshaw, Betty M. Pep Club l,2, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Critchlow, Judith. Pep Club 1. Crossley. Sheila. Circulation Mgr. SUN- FLOXYER 3: A.F.S. Council 3, All- School Party 3, Ass't Library Council l.2: Basketball Cadet 2: Debate Time- keeper 2.3: Election Com. 3, Football Cadet 1.2: Future Teachers' Club 2.3, Honor Pep 3: Pep Club 1.2, Honorable Nlention Honor T 2: Jr. Red Cross 1,2, .lr.-Sr. Prom: Trohoma 2.3. Publicity Chrm. 3, Quill 8? Scroll 3, Press Club 3: French Club 2.3, Program Chrm. 3, lr. Red Cross Council 3. Crume, Edward. Proctor 2,3. D Uaeschner. William. A.F.S. Council 3, Band 1.2.3, Pep Club 1,3, Latin Club 2.3: Orchestra 2: Play Cadet l, Honor- able Mention Honor T 2. Dallas, Jerome H. Track 1. Dalton, Janice Kay. Sr. Girls' Council, Band 1.2.3. Business Mgr. 3, Orchestra 2,3, Rep. Council 1,2, Honorable Men- tion Honor.T l,2, District and State Music Festivals 1.2, Latin Club 1, Fu- ture Teachers, Club 3, Debate Time- keeper 1.2. Dangerfielrl, Carol. Daugherty, Patricia. Latin Club 1, Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1,2, Future Nurses' Club 3: Circulation Mgr. WORLD 3. Davies, Virginia. Pep Club 1, Honor Pep 2,3, Future Nurses' Club 2,3, Latin Club 1, Cafeteria Cashier 2,3, Trohonia 2.3. Davis, James. Jr. Red Cross Council 1,2, Key Club 1, Alt. Rep. Council 2. Dawson, John. Election Commissioner 3, Student Council Attorney 3, .lr. Red Cross Council l,2,3, Pres.: 3, Proctor 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom, All-School Party 3, Att. All-School Party King, French Club l,2,3, Honor T 2, Boys' State 2, Masque and Wig l,2,3, Thespians 2.3: Cast "George Washington Slept Herell 1, Cast 4'The Heiress" 2, Cast "My Sister Eileen" 2, Cast MThe Glass Menageriel' 3, Cast "The Man lllfho Came to Dinnern 3, Stall "Night Must Fallll 3, Pep Club 3: Operetta 3, Dance Band l: Band 1, 2,3, Pres. 3: Alt. Rep. Council 3. Dayton. John W. Pep Club 3, Movie Proctor l,2,3, Rep. Council l. Dearing, Linda. Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, Y-Teens 1. Deeter, Karen. Rep. Council l.2,3, Sec. 3: Madrigals 3: String Ensemble 2, Jr. Red Cross 1.2.3, Future Teachers, Club 2.3: Song: Leader 3, Membership Chrm. 3, WORLD Ad Solicitor 3, Honor Pep 2,3, Pep Club 1, "Your Show" 2,3, Orchestra l,2,3, Vice-Pres. 3, Honor T 2,3, Operetta 3, Choir 2,3, .lr.-Sr. Prom, Election Board 3. Denning, Phyllis. Transfer Frankford High School, Philadelphia, Penn.: A.A. Rep. 1, Orchestra 1. THS: Jr. Red Cross 2,3, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Library Proctor 3, Pep Club 2,3, Alt. Sr. Girls' Council. Dewey, Barbara. Future Teachers' Club 3, Pep Club 3. Dick, Nellie. Dlepenbrock, Martha. Future Nurses Club l,2,3, Pep Club l,2,3, Play Cadet 2,3, Football Cadet 2,3, Science Club 3, Masque and Wig 2, Trohoma 2,3, Ditch, Wayne. Douglas, Sallie. Duliield, Loren N. Transfer Yates Center High School, Yates Center Kans.: Band 2. THS: Radio Club 3. Dunseth, Bob. Pep Club 1, Hi-Y Club 1, Latin Club 1. Transfer Wichita High School, Wichita, Kans.: Pep Club 2: Hi-Y Club 2, Intramurals 2. E Eaton, Patricia. Transfer Ankeny, lowa. THS: Pep Club 3. Ebendorf, Bob. Att. All-School Party King, Pep Club 2,3, 'Football l,2,3, Track 2, Honorable Mention Honor T 2, Intramurals 3, Jr. Red Cross 3, Latin Club 1, Proctor 3, Sr. Boys' Coun- cil, T Club 2,3, Wrestling l,2,3, Rep. Council 1,2. Elliott, Beverly. Att. All-School Party Queen, "Your Show" 3, Layout Editor SUNFLOWER 3, Press Club 3, Usher Club 2,3, Sr. Girls' Council, Pep Club 1,2, Honor Pep 3, Vice-Pres. 3, Op- eretta 3, Latin Club 2, Vice-Pres. 2: Jr.-Sr. Prom, Jr. Red Cross 2,3, Honor T 2, Trojanaires 3, Future Nursesl Club 2,3, Hosp. Chrm. 3, Sr. Social Chrm., Sr. Girls, Glee 2, Choir 3, Operetta 1,2. 3, Masque and Wig 3, Science Club 2. Elliott, Leland. Pep Club 1,3, Spanish Club 1,2,3. Ellis, Margaret. Pep Club 1, Operetta 1, Future Nurses, Club 1,2. Q Elnicki, Elizabeth. Miss June Henderson, senior class sponsor, added to her activities this year the sponsor- ship of the Chess Club. f psfvrvmmwsasammmwezamvswixmzw 11,3 Q rv X4 Julia Foster Dorothy Fountain David E. Fox Phil Frankenberger o ,Q N, 424 I 'm Q, W ,A J .f . Ellen C. Fraser A My wa " aff? W Q , , 'ff Q Q '1' ,Y , M M647 i Di' , Zif V , f ga ,f -of , 'ff gf' V 1' Qc Zpff . ' f ff ,,', 55534, H , ,f V'f,'!y,f , 7 If f if Carol Frederick Lois Freed Gary Freeman Steve Freidberg Karen Sue Fry Michael Garrison Marian Gates Seeing Friends Perform on Sta e: I f Lf? ' . 8, X F F A,r' BA fr f f ,K f , f X w w my f ' Q 1. , 7 if 1 ' 2 2 In 1 7 'f' if w A 5 .. :gi 2 I ' fi gf Marie Gatewood Barbara Gentry George Gibson Judy Gilford Donald Gilliland Joyce Gladfelter seniors of X57 38 ff? 721, - fgrf , I 1' I 5,4 7 'K 212 ..,: f A, V ,, " 7573 , f ' - "Lg ' ' . W ' ' , , , M, f , - f f fs 41:54 fjigf w ', -,cw .yay f o f 1 , s :Q ,y,,,,g,: ,J 7, .za ' '3 7 ,- '- ' 4072! " V jxff' Barbara Gonzales Charlotte Goodin ,415 IU! wvw! V ,T , I f, 'um A,- 4' 5' , 4, V ' A 1- I , , f ,. Z6 af Don Gordon Beverly Gorrell Allan Goss Darlene Graham Neva Grame Rebecca Grantham rrssii -AI .r X ix X x L Rose Mary Greco Phyllis Grover Loretta Guerrero as rr x.x. sr s X .. iff ff- -. 'N-... 3 - V " fka- ' L VK U Y A - . XY Albert Haag Ivan Haag Gary Hall Mad Rushes fig.. . z, ' ' 1 qt? William Haney Linda Hankenson Florence Hardee - -1, ft ,gf 2 , W t , ff? H r 5' 'P c , l'-' HQ' ' g ff l xr. Margaret Hayes Helen Heacock David Heath ,,,,,, , , 1,9-ffl 6 m e H lg l Doris Henry Larry Hercules Albert Higgins N, ,fr f,,,,, , ,,f,, , , ff flfgkf 'ff' ff ,WW "ffl ful, Q,y'fj,,Q V' V i 1 ff f V f1?f',:f, ,g,5! , :J 9, ' "ff 7, f' ffl ' ' , ,: , " ,f ' I if , v fl ff! V ' 4 f ew f- ,cz ' f nwunsg- nl Land, sea, or air? The military question touches Roger Burgess, John Dayton, and all senior boys. at arning Bells ,Q l H 4 i 6 i ' . .mr My Nadine Harrison Alberta Havely Qi. -y ' W vi i .., 4 Lf- ,, , .,.,, H ggi. V A Af c - Dale Helmlinger Twilla Henderson wb? '17 an Q W ?v x Kathryn Hayes Y w ny f 7 4 , , Y Q , .. ,.,. 1, W Neil Henriksen X S 'A wi Carolyn Holbrook Perry Holland .lo Ann Holman 39 Emerson, Bonnie Lee. Transfer New- ton High School, Newton, Kane.: Major- ette 23 Girls, Glee 23 Y-Teens 1,23 Or- chestra 1. England, John. Choir 33 Operetta 1,31 Sr. Boys' Glee 1,23 Latin Club 2,33 Escobar, Johnny. Football 1,2,33 T Club 3: lntramurals 3g Choir 3: Proc- tor 3. Espinoza, Pete. F Fenoglio. Joe. Pep Club 3. Fink, Steven. 'Pep Club 2,33 T Club 3g liey Club I.2.3: Movie Proctor 23 Rep. Council 2.3: Swimming 1.2.3. Fish. Rene. Sr. Boys' Council. Fisller. Gary. Pei Club 2.3: Science Club 2. Flowers. Daniel. Flowers. Jim. Sr. Leader: lntraanurals 3. Flowers. Mina Kay. Ass't Library Coun- cil 2: Youth for Christ 2,33 Sr. Girls' Glee 2.3: Operetta l,2,3: Orchestra 1.2. 3: Pep Club I: String Ensemble 3: Proctor 2. We're really "Satisfied" with the Trojan pep section. V3 H ,K A ' , A ,.,. -,,- ry wi . V7 3 ' , N ,h 4 gt ., 'i,'i,Q-I, f 3,4 V Q ,H fp f,,,, ' , L 1' W' , f , W . "'- --1 fn' -3 11 if-Zi' 3 1 f Hs W h . -aaa 'Q-hp 3 ' , by 3 ' f if ff 'fi 2 f'f'45z?'.f:'?4!ff4"',.. 4 34525 .4434 hillar y- . l' 5 .qw .W 4- A 'V , ' -3 V 1 f 21+ , .. ' , H -U fvjff' ' 1, . . f , 1 ,. -e 3 ':, W M, f Q ., ..., ' 'Y ' 25 , 3 1 f - - f 3 . 2 tefe aa Flowers, Rose. Cafeteria Worker 1,23 Spanish Club 2,3. Fluke, Annette. Rep. Council 2g Tro- homa 2,33 .Treas. 33 Future Nurses' Club 3g Pep Club 13 Honor Pep 2,33 WORLD Ad Solicitor 3: Honorable Mention Honor T 2. Forbe- Naomi. Ford, Carolyn. Band 1.23 Spanish Club 3. Treas. 3: Future Nurses' Club 33 Pep Club 1,2,33 Troy ,lane Board 3, Vice Pres. 33 Sr. Leader: Science Club 3: Troy .lane lntramurals 1.2. Ford, Nancy Ann. Trohoma 3: Play Cadet 2,3: Honorable Mention Honor T 23 Football Cadet 2: Future Nurses' Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 1.2.32 Latin Club I: Proctor 2.3: Science Club 3: Alt. Sr. Girls' Council. Foster.. Donna. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3: Youth for Christ 3. Foster, Julia. Transfer Hayden High School. Topeka. Kaus.: Drum Major 2: Student Council 2: Homeroom Cheer- leaders l. THS: Band 2: Pep Club 2: Spanish Club 2.3: All-School Party 3: .lr.-Sr. Prom: Future Nurses' Club 3: Future Teachers' Club 3: Cast 'LThe Man Vlfho Came to Dinnerli 3. Fountain, Dorothy. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3: Pep Club 1.2. Fox. David E. Frankenberger. Phil. Pep Club l.2.3: Key' Club 3: i'Your Showu 3. Fraser, Ellen C. Transfer Hayden High School. Topeka. Kans.: Pep Club 1,2: Proctor 1.2: Science Club 2. Frederick. Carol. Pep Club l.23 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Freed. Lois. Future Nurses, Club I: Pep Club I: Latin Club 3. Freeman. Gary Dean. Voc. Radio 3. Freidberg. Steve. AFS Council 2.3: 4.F.S. lixchange Student 2: Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2.3: Golf l.2.3: French Club l.2.3. Pres. 3: Honor T 2: Honorable Mention Honor T 1 :Key Club 2.3. Alt, Rep. Council I: Masque and Wig 1,2,33 Math Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 33 Play Cadet 2,33 Proctor 33 Cast M1 Re- member Mama" lg Cast 'fNight Must Fall" 3g Science Club 2,33 WORLD and SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 33 State Speech and Drama Festival 1,2,3: Pep Club 2,3. Fry, Karen Sue. Index and Activities Editor SUNFLOWER 33 Quill 81 Scroll 33 Press Club 3g Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 33 .lr.-Sr. Prom3 All-School Party 3g Tro- homa 23 Future Teachers' Club l,2,33 French Club 1,23 Spanish Club 3: .Ir. Red Cross 2,33 Masque and Wig 1,2,33 Intramurals 1. G Garrison, Michael. Band 1,23 Dance Band 23 Proctor 2,3. Gates, Marian. Transfer Chanute High School, Chanute, Kans.: Y-Teens 1,23 Pep Club 1,23 Student Council 2g Band 1,23 Orchestra 1,23 Majorette 1,23 Tro- homa 1.2: Intramurals 1,2. Gatewood, Marie M. Gentry, Barbara. Pep Club 1,25 Con- cession Stand Worker 3g Future Teachers' Club 33 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Girls, Sr. Glee 33 Operetta 1,33 Play Cadet 33 Proctor 23 Trohoma 2,33 Varsity Cadet 3. Gibson, George. Gifford, Judy. Alt. Sr. Girls, Council: Future Teachers, Club 33 Basketball Cadet 3g Pep Club 1,2,33 Thespians l,2, 3, Pres. 33 Trohoma 1,2,33 Cast "1 Re- member Man1a" lg Cast 2The Heiressw 2: Cast "The Glass Menagerie" 3g Jr.- Sr. Prom. Gilliland, Donald. Intramurals 3. Ging, Larry. Gladfelter, Joyce. Homecoming Queen: All-School Party 3g Basketball Cadet 2: Future Teachers, Club 1,2,3, Pres. 23 Pep Club 1.2: Honor Pep 3, Pres. 3g Science Club 3, Treas. 33 Spanish Club 2.3. Sec.-Treas. 33 Election Commission 2: Honor T 1,23 Jr. Red Cross 2,33 Proc- tor l,2,33 Sr. Girls' Council3 Trohoma 3. Gonzales. Barbara. Intramurals 1.2: Cafeteria Worker 3: Retail Selling 3. Goodin., Charlotte. Pep Club 1.2.3: Rep. Council 1.3: Spanish Club 2: Masque and Wvig 2.3: Trohoma 2.3: Troy ,lanes 1: Usher Club 2.3: Proctor 3 Gordon. Don. Proctor 3: Voc. Auto Mech. 3. Gorrell. Beverly. Sr. Girls' Council: Band 1.2.3: Drum Major 3: Future Teachers' Club 3: Trohoma 3: Play Cadet 3: Honor T 2: Honorable Men- tion Honor T 1: Masque and W'ig 2.3: Cast "The Heiress" 2: Proctor 1.2.3: Pep Club 1.2: Jr. Red Cross 2. Goss. -Xllen. Science Club 3. Graham. Darlene. Transfer Strasburg High School. Strasburg. Colo.: Pep Club 1.2: Girls' Glee 1.2: Alt. Rep Council 1. THS: Youth for Christ 3. Grame. Neva. Co-op Business 'Club 3: Pep Club l. Grantham. Rebecca. Debate l.2..:: All- School Party 3: Band 1.2.3: Future Teachers' Club 2: Honor T 1.2: Or- chestra'1.2.3: Boys' Sr. Glee Accom- panist 2: Trohoma 2: Troy .lanes 1.2: Forensic Club 1.2.3: Latin Club 1. Greco. Rose Mary. Alt. Rep. Council 2: Pep Club 1.2: Play Cadet 1.2.3: Sr. Girls' Council: Trohoma 3: Spanish Club 2.3: Proctor 3. Grover. Phyllis. Choir 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Uperetta 1.2.3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: Rep. Council 2: Sr. Leader: Troy ,lanes 2.3: Future Teachers' Club 1.2.3: Basketball Cadet 1.2: .lr. Red Cross 2: Pep Club 1.2. Guerrero. Loretta. Pep Club 1: Future Nurses' Club: Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 2.3: Intramurals 1. Guidry. Mike. Transfer Hayden High School. Topeka. Kans.: Proctor 1.2. H Haag. Albert. Haag. Ivan. Hall. Gary. Band 1.2.3: Swimming 1. 2: T Club 1.2: Orchestra 2.3: Operetta 3. Haney. William. Baseball 1.2.3: T Club 1.2.3: Pep Club 2.3: Intramurals 2.3. Hankenson. Linda. Rep. Council 2.3: Proctor 3: Basketball Cadet 3: Play Cadet 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Spanish Club 2.3: Honorable Mention Honor T 2: Debate Hostess 3. Hansen. Paul H. Transfer Melvern High School. Melvern. Kans.: Football 1.2: Baseball 2: Jr. Play: Ind. Arts Show 2. Hardee. Florence. Youth for Christ 2: Proctor 3: Pep Club 1.2. Harrison. Nadine. Att. A11-School Party Queen: Rep. Council 1.2: Attend- ance Clerk 2: Cheerleader 3: All-School Party 1.2.3: Stu. Director 2: .lr.-Sr. Prom: Director: Proctor 1.2: Co-Liter- ary Editor SUNFLOWER 3: Girls' State 2: Girls' Nation 2: Honor T 1.2: French Club 1.2: Officer 2: Sr. Leader: Press Club 3: Masque and Wig 1.2.3: Thes- pians 1.2.3: Troy ,lane Board 3: 4'Your Show" 1.2.3: Stu. Director 3: Cast "I Remember Mama" 1: Cast HMy Sister Eileen" 2: Staff "The Heiress" 2: Staff "The Glass Menagerie" 3: Cast "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 3. Havely. Alberta. Pep Club 1.2: Honor Pep 3: Proctor 2.3: Trohoma 2.3: Fu- ture Nurses' Club 2.3: Sr. Leader: Troy Jane Board 3: Staff Jr.-Sr. Prom: Staff All-School Party 3: Debate Timekeeper 2: Honorable Mention Honor T 2: WVVV Senior president ot vice, Chuck Hotchkiss, looks forward to getting out from behind bars. Masque and Wig 3: Staff "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 3. Hawks, John. Hayes. Kathryn. Att. Homecoming Queen: Pep Club 1.3: Math Club 3: Usher Club 3: A.F.S. Council 3: Girls' State 2: French Club 1.2. Hayes. Margaret. Future Nurses' Club 2.3: Future Teachers' Club 2.3: Movie Proctor 1.2.3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Sr. Leader: Troy ,lanes 1.2.3: Football Cadet 3. Heacock. Helen. Transfer Hartford High School. Hartford. Kans.: Band 1. 2: Glee Club 1.2: Pep Club 1.2: Or- chestra 1.2. THS: Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3. Heath. David. Key Club 1.2.3. Pres. 3: Pep -Club 2.3: Honor T 2: Honorable Mention Honor T 1: Jr. Red Cross 1.2, 3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: Masque and Wig 2.3: Proctor 1: Quill 81 Scroll 2.3: Rep. Council 2.3: Science Club 3: Spanish Club 2: Swimming 2: SUNFLOWER Staff 1.2. Business Mgr. 3: Thespians 2. 3: Cast "1 Remember Mama" 1: Staif "Dial M for Murder" 2: Staii "The Glass Menagerie" 3: Cast 'LThe Man Who Came to Dinner"3: Vice-Pres. Thespians 3. Heinze. Daniel. Transfer Phillipsburg High School. Phillipsburg. Kans.: Foot- ball 1.2.3: Basketball 1.2: Homecoming King 3: Band 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2: Operetta 2: Hi-Times Staff 3. 41 Proctor Quincalee Brown checks cards with Don Moe and Paul Metzenthin over the teachers' daily register. 5 VKV, , If, I V, 2,49 by :,,.-ig., Q,yy5,i, ,Q VW I ,'," at we '1f',,4if " , fi , f f 'QQ f g V!,V, V , VV, , , f l ,, ,X B. John Horton 1 , , 1 an - f. X 1 X Betty Lou Ireland M I f J' f , ' I ' fxf0fffOgMff7 ' M9475 f ff 77 e . f, ,fffffffffiff f 4 4 7ffz'f,Q 1 fi :W ' 6 , ?27wff,fif 7 - "'V MQW! t, ' 1 t 0142421 f 997i A vi -, f f 4 me J 7 H f - 11, 7 ' fifffff ff 1' - , I K fffQfj,jf,, X '1 X, f 'Z , 1' ' ff! 152 X '7'Zi:'if, I gV. ,, , l ?v f 14 - f , ,f Q , , J. ' f fmvv . ' . Q A i s Sally Holston Ruth Alene Holt Sandra Hopkins ,I 1 'ff , "Q, ,,.:,sf 1 ' V f' ff f a Z ,L ,i ,, qi, ., ' ,V Z, W , 4 , V f -'f ff' f ' , f 21 ff gy f' t 4 ,ice fn' y f f ,f 14 f g ' .f I ,fffffgf , 1' V, ww W 1' ' A W4 'Cf ', , M., w f f ly A V Doris Jean Horne Donald E. Horton Janet Horton ur Junior-Senior Prom Wfhen g, 5, o f i Charles Hotchkiss Tom Iverson M-'af Q' ZW X , f 4' 1: ' y ffffyffffy f 4 X , ,V fii by V -' ,. Kfwfi 4, A f , V' gg-if-4 -.-f ' xfffk, ,,L' W '-45' 4' Ziyiwqf My ff ,fwf I yy y ffy ,Q I 3 :fc , my , f . 1 9, x in :gg i f if 1' ,.,,Q Z' Barbara Howard . . 5, , ,f ,g -by if J V 1531! .yfb .ff 'ff A ' ya y .sf wg taats 7 C, ' ff ff Marilee Huey Ruth Huffman Jo Ann Hutton X V, Q . ff' V C J -pg . , - B , " 'a l W X I f' L ' John Jackson Rita Jaramillo Betty C. Johnson Cary H. Johnson em-,'aPf W a I I s ic 4 7 , -'cf w 'Y 2 ,, , ,, f 453' 1 Lathan Johnson Malcom Johnson Robert Johnson Paul Joines Karen C. Jones Lucille Jones 42 N Marlene Jones Janet Juneau Q ' Q-3 X L lx 5 L X K t. Vx ,4 t 1,4 V 62.7 .frk 'W-A X V s 5 ' 1 - V- ' - - - f I 1 ',,, ,. I ' ' A. up do no Thomas Jurey Robert E. Kaul Jack Keim Jackie Dean Keim if L .jg e, 5 i f-4 ff! Q9 to Dennis Kelly Joseph Kelly Nancy Jean Kelly Nancy Kempenar Carroll Kilgore Wally Kilker The 'Showboat' Docked at Tro .... Carolyn King Ross King Q-0 so 2 ' AA Ben Kuiken Jerry Lacy Darlene Lambert Janet Laney ,V ',, V '- I 'QW' 5 X14 f fi Y "c s" 5 f"f1l5ff'lf-fiff, cil "g f W x 2 K J ya,. u f L 1 145 Q , 5, W, If ., 1 2 1 if ,f ' L. . , If ! Barbara Klemmer Mary M. Knight Earlene Knoles Arthur L. Koehlar , ,,,.i 1,,:r W 426 .V Alicia Laing Margaret Lamb NX Wk Q i y Thelma J Latter Mary Lauterbach 43 A great combination - the sale of SUN- FLOWERS and re-electing Ike president. Helminger, Dale. Pep Club 33 Proctor 3. Henderson, Twilla. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Vice-Pres. 33 Youth for Christ l-,2,3: Pep Club 1,23 Or- chestra 1.2.3. Henriksen, Neil C. Track 13 Pep Club 1.2: Staff All-School Party 3. Henry, Doris Jean. Transfer Council Grove High School, Council Grove. Kans.: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1,23 Kay- ettes 1.2: THS: Youth for Christ 3g Future Nurses, Club 33 Pep Club 3: Business Education Club 3. Henry. Marvin E. Voc. Welding 3. Hercules. Larry. Rep. Sr. Class3 Sr. Boys' Council: Rep. Council 23 Basket- ball 1.2.33 Baseball 2.33 Key Club 33 T Club 3: Math Club 33 Pep Club l,2,33 Proctor 2: Latin Club 1. Higgins. Albert. Proctor 23 WQRLD Staff 2: WORLD Ad Solicitor 33 Press Club 2: Pep Club 3: Alt. Sr. Boys, Coun- cil. Holbrook. Carolyn. Honor Pep 33 Pep Club 1.2: Proctor 2.3: Future Nurses' Club 1.2.33 Trohoma 2,33 Thespians 2, 3: Masque and Wig 2.33 StaH '4Dial M for Murder", 2: Staff HNight Must Fall" 3: Debate Timekeepcr 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 23 Latin Club 13 Staff HThe Man Who Came to Dinner" 3. Holland. Perry R. 44 Holman, Jo Ann. Pep Club 3. Holston, Sally. Youth for Christ 2,33 Pep Club 1. Holt, Ruth Alene. Youth for Christ 1, 2,33 Band 1,2,33 Orchestra 13 Future Teachers' Club 33 Latin Club 23 French Club 3. Hopkins, Sandra. All-School Party Queen3 Cheerleader 1,2,33 Jr. Red Cross Council 2,3, Sec. 33 A.F.S. Council 2,33 Thespians 2,33 Honor T 23 Sr. Girls' Council3 Choir 33 Sr. Girls' Glee 23 Proctor 1,23 Cafeteria Hostess 1,23 Op- eretta 1,2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 All-School Party 33 Rep. Council 1,23 Debate Time- keeper 23 French Club 1,23 Cast L'Dial M for Murder", 23 Cast uThe Glass Men- agerief' 3. Horne, Doris Jean. Pep Club 1. Horton, Donald E. Latin Club 13 Pep Club 2,33 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Horton, Janet. Transfer Highland Park High School. Topeka, Kans.: Clef Club 23 Art Club 2: Bowling Club 23 Pep Club 2. THS: Latin Club 13 Youth for Christ 13 Pep Club 1.3. Horton, R. John. Sr.,Leader3 Wrestling 1.23 T Club l.2,3. Hotchkiss, Charles. Basketball l,2,33 Pep Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 33 Golf 2,33 Honor T 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Jr.-Sr. Prom: Key Club l,2,3, Sec. 33 Proctor 1,23 Vice-Pres. Sr. Class3 Rep. Council 1,23 Science Club 1,23 Student Council 33 T Club 1,2,3. Howard, Barbara. Soc. Chrm. Jr. Class3 Pep Club l,2, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 33 Honor Pep 33 French Club 1,23 Choir 33 Girls, Sr. Glee 23 Madrigals 33 Proc- tor 1,23 Operetta 1,2,33 .lr. Red Cross Council l,2.33 Alt. Rep. Council 33 Sr. Girls' Council: uYour Show" 2,33 All- School Party 33 Honor T 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Speech and Drama Festival Hostess 13 District and State Music Festivals 2. Huey, Marilee. Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 1,23 Football Cadet 33 Operetta 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,2. Huffman, Ruth. 'Latin Club 3g Pep Club 3. Hutton, Jo Ann. I Ireland, Betty Lou. Transfer Fort Smith High School, Fort Smith, Ark.: Girls' Glee 13 Pep Squad 13 Allied Youth 1. THS: Girls, Sr. Glee 23 Pep Club 3. Iverson, Tom. A.F.S. Council 1,2,33 Football 1,33 Track 2,33 Sr. Boys' Coun- cil3 Spanish Club 2,33 Pep Club 33 In- tramurals 3. J Jackson, John. Band 1,2,33 "Your Show" 33 Latin Club 2. Jacobia, Mary Alice. Transfer Hum- boldt High School, Humboldt, Kans.: Girls, Glee 23 Pep Club 23 Y-Teens 2. Jaramillo, Rita. Johnson, Betty C. Cafeteria Worker 33 Concession Stand Worker 1,2,33 Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Proctor 1. Johnson, Gary H. Johnson, Lathan. Track'33 Football 33 Sr. Leader3 Pep Club 23 T Club 2,33 Hi-Y Club 13 Wrestling 1. Johnson, Malcom. Key Club 33 Latin Club 13 Sr. Boys' Council: Alt. Rep. Council 23 Pep Club 2,3, Johnson, Robert. Jolley, Harry F. Football 1,2,33 Basket- ball l,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 T Club 1,2,3. Jones, Karen C. Troy .lanes 13 Pep Club 1,23 Proctor 33 Youth for Christ 3. Jones, Lucille. Trohoma 1,2,3, Treas. 23 Usher Club 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 French Club 1,23 Proctor 2,3. Iones, Marlene. Pep Club 1,23 Girls, Sr. Glee 2: Operetta 1,23 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Jones, Teresa. Jones, Zepora. Iuneau, Janet. Photography Editor SUNFLOWVER 3: Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Football Cadet 23 Basketball Cadet 23 Science Club 23 French Club 1,2333 Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Debate Timekeeper 23 Operetta 1,2,33 All- School Party 2,33 A.F.S. Council 33 All Tillie Honor T 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 lr.-Sr. Promg Orchestra 1,23 Quill 8: Scroll 3: Press Club 33 Proctor 23 Vice-Pres. French Club 2. Jurey., Thomas. lx Kalterman. Richard. Kaul, Robert E. Basketball 1 3 Pep Club 23 Football 1.2.33 lntramurals 2,33 T Club 2.3: Track 2.3. Keim, Jack. Boys' Sr. Glee l,2.33 Op- eretta 1.2: Honorable Mention Honor T 1. Keim, John. Pep Club 33 Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2. Kelly, Dennis M. Boys" State 2, State Printer 23 4'Y0ur Shown 3, M.C. 33 Pep Club 1,33 Key Club l,2,33 A.F.S. Coun- cil 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,2333 Hi-Y Club 132,33 Quill 8? Scroll 2,33 Debate 33 Alt. Rep. Council 13 Attorney 33 Masque and Wig 23 Assit Bus. Mgr. WORLD 23 Bus. Mgr. WORLD 3g Press Club 2,33 SUNFLOWER and WORLD Ad Solici- tor 2,33 ,Latin Club 2, Pres. 23 Honor T 23 Staff lr.-Sr. Promg Staff a'Dial M for Murderw 2. Kelly, Joseph A. Football 1,2,33 Base- 5all 1,23 Track 33 Pep Club 13 T Club 2.3: Hi-Y Club 3. Ketterman, Richard. Transfer Mc- Phefson High School, McPherson, fans.: Football 13 Basketball 1. Kelly, Nancy Jean. Choir 3g Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Cafeteria Cashier 1,2,33 Future Teachers' Club 2,33 Operetta 1,2,33 Honorable Mention Honor T 2. Kempenar, Nancy. Kilgore, Carroll. Pep Club 2,33 Hi-Y Club 1,2,3, Sec.-Treas. 33 Math Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 2,33 Proctor 3. Kilker, Wally. Photo Club 2. King, Carolyn Y. Pep Club 1,23 Usher Club 2,33 lr. Red Cross,2,3. King, Ross. Klemmer, Barbara. Operetta 1,23 Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Pep Club 1,23 WORLD Staff 23 French Club 2,3. Knight, Mary M. Future Nurses' Club 13233, Vice-Pres. 33 Latin Club 1,23 Li- brary Ass't 13 Masque and Wig l,2,33 Pep Club 1.23 Rep. Council 2. Knoles, Earlene. Att. All-School Party Queen3 All-School Party 33 Cheerleader 33 Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Operetta 1,2,33 Future Nurses, Club l,2,3, Pres. 33 French Club 23 Trojanaires 33 Pep Club 1,23 lr.-Sr. Prom3 lr. Red Cross 13 Play Cadet 2,33 Rep. Council 13 Sr. Girls' Council: Proctor 2,3. Koehlar, Arthur L. Band 1,2,33 Science Club 3. Kuiken, Ben. Key Club 3g Math Club 2,33 Latin Club 1,23 Science Club 23 Pep Club 1,2333 Alt. Sr. Boys' Council3 Rep. Council 2,33 A.F.S. Council 3g All- School Party 33 Basketball 13 Honor T 23 Staff HThe Man Who Came to Dinneri' 33 Intramurals 2,3. L Lacy, Jerry. Band 1,2,33 Pep Club 2,33 Honorable Mention Honor T 23 Key Club l,2,33 Math Club 33 Press Club 2, 33 Quill 81 Scroll 2,33 Rep. Council 13 Sr. Boys' Council3 Ass't Bus. Mgr. WORLD lg Bus. Mgr. WORLD 2g SUNFLOWER Staff 3. Laing, Alicia. Student Council 1,2,33 A.F.S. Council 2,33 All-School Party 33 All Time Honor T 23 Rep. Soph. Class3 Sec. Point System 2,33 Debate 2,33 De- bate Hostess 2,33 Election Commission 33 Forensic Club 2,33 Honor Pep 33 Pep Club 1,23 Honor T 13 Jr. Red Cross Council 1,2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Masque and Wig 1,2,33 Cast "I Remember Maman 13 Director wDial M for Murderi' 23 Cast L' My Sister Eileen" 23 Staff "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 33 Press Club 2,33 Proctor 13 Quill 8K Scroll 2, 33 Speech and Drama Festival Hostess 1,23 Thespians 1,2,33 WORLD Staff 2, 33 "Your Showw 23 French Club 1,2,3. Lamb, Margaret. Pep Club 1,2. Lambert, Darlene. Business Education Club 33 Retail Selling 3, Treas 33 Pep Club l,2. Laney, Janet. French Club 1,23 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Alt. Rep. Coun- cil 2,33 Rep. Council 13 Future Nurses, Club 2,33 Project Chrm. 2,33 Debate Timekeeper 2g Jr. Red Cross 1,2,3. Being SUNFLOWER art editor will be one of Dorothy Trickett's fondest memories, as well as ours. I ff I ' v"' tif M 43' y X f k , . 1. , ,- , Al,, 1 . A f fff f ,f Karen Lawton Winston Lee Marsha Legg Gary Lee Leighty Robert Lewis Ida Lewis J, e 'ff oiet , K . ff m f , f ffffi 4 V , Cfafffgf ,, f f f 'W 7' QQQZVCFK . , A 779 Lk f. W, f A l . Ay of f A ' R f if ,n '- 'M ,I I 6777 , '- " ie Melvin Lewis Phil Lewis Ronald Lewis Karen Sue Linder Joan Kay Lindsey Leslie Little The Ever-dread d Final Examsg 4,0 2,152 .4 'V Q f V A I - i'-.5',f,iy 'J W ' V , G f f l Q , l Wi' r' 'Wh ' U , 46 kwa ' f Legal 43' ' ,Z 9 V f' ' 1 Q ,404 'f 91 4-1.-. fx f I in I i ,,,, 54,4 ,V , gf ie f of f elee e .41 my e -'-"'- X 2 47, , ' 4,777 4,1 Stephen J. Little Kenneth Lloyd Ernie Longstaff William E. Look ,- A ' . f'f7"f. ' R f 43 A 1 ff y ,ef f X Cecilia Lopez -I j -ff, M. fa 9 7 ff y jf K if ., X 'wif , f fw 1559 ' 1 1' Af .H Marilyn Lowe 2 - fan V .,V: A. K... B V, Jan Lundgren Tim Lyle Frank Lynn t. A jk , 5 fi! ' , an . V' 'HWSSL' ' ' ' - A 1 ' " M r,r K K, Ti n , ,JP , . , . ff J , 'W f ' , , " " ' I if W M ales ,,,'fT'aam, V , H ' 1,27 I ' Seniors work on the yellow and black "Tower Over Salina" masterpiece for the homecoming parade. Janice J. Marlow Karen May Martin Rosemary Martin ' 46 Carl Marquette Carol Musquat Richard May, Jr. Nellie McBride R. David Matchett -kik 'WWW - gi D J as Qfffi 1- ji, if 9, Xiffzli kkkk F .-.. . Q John Jay McCabe Tag Days, Goin V ,4,f.,. , 4527 , " M, , ag, ' 1 , x 27 - f"' ' y f M z KW - fn f J f J J Larry McGuire Twila McKay Gladys McReynolds Mary Mellies I ,n we Xa Aa f Larry Mather Diana M. Mathies June May .- N x wQ . .af pain" Merrill McCall John McDonald Twila McElwain ithout Lunches Joyce McKethen Bonnie McMaster James McMurray Jacelyn McQueary seniors Rosalie Melton Nancy Merriman 2-' ' Zgvy Lf " "',, :Q 1, 1 VV,V f L -f .iv ' jf' , N - fflffgf j1.m',fw" ' ' Qi Q42 , P ,-V , . f , 7 f fl frfaa V' f I - -V f.,,f,Mq ,-Q,fy:Z4iQ,V5, up 1 f gfff ' Paul Metzenthin Joyce Meyers Larry Middaugh David Miller 47 Latter, Thelma J. A.F.S. Council 2,33 Rep. Council 33 Future Teachers' Club 2,3Q Usher Club 2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Masque and Wig 2,33 Orchestra 1,2,33 French Club 132,33 Operetta 1,2,33 Honor T 23 Band 132,33 All-School Party 33 Football Cadet 23 Girls' Sr. Glee 3g Basketball Cadet 33 Proctor 2,3. Lauterbach, Mary. A.F.S. Council 2,33 All-School Party 33 Debate 2,33 Debate Hostess 2,33 Debate Timekeeper 13 Election Commission 23 Forensic Club 2,33 French Club 2,33 Honor Pep 3g Pep Club 1,23 Honor T 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Jr. Red Cross Council l,2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Latin Club 13 Masque and Wig l,2,33 Cast 'cMy Sister Eileen" 23 Quill 81 Scroll 2,33 Speech and Drama Festival Hostess 2, 33 Press Club 2,33 Thespians 3g WORLD Staff 2,33 "Your Show" 2. Lawton, Karen. Lee, Winston. Football 1,23 Track 1, 2,3. Legg, Marsha: Sr. Girls' Council, Sec.3 All-School Party 2,33 Choir 2,33 Girls' Sr. Glee 13 Madrigals 2,33 Operetta 1, 2,33 French Club 2,33 Honor Pep 33 Pep Club 1,23 Honor T 2g Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Proctor 13 Rep. Council 1.23 "Your Show" 2. Leighty, Gary Lee. Band 1,23 Pep Club 1,23 Orchestra 13 Alt. Sr. Boys' Council. Lewis, Ida Lucille. Operetta 13 Pep Club 1. Lewis, Melvin. Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2333 T Club l,2,33 Hi-Y Club 1,2,33 Basketball 13 Intramurals 2,3. T-Club members Dan Ralston and Bob Eb- endorf sell a Trojan booster pin to John McCabe. Lewis, Phil. Ass't Sports Editor WORLD 33 Second Page Editor WORLD 33 Sr. Boys' Council3 T Club 2,33 Track 1,2,33 Football 13 Cross Country 33 Pep Club 2,33 Latin Club 13 SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 3. Lewis, Robert. Youth for Christ 1,2,33 Pep Club 33 Proctor 2. Lewis, Ronald. Pep Club 33 Intra- murals 2,3. Linder, Karen Sue. Future Nurses' Club 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Youth for Christ l,2,3. Lindsey, Joan Kay. Youth for Christ 1,2,33 Choir 2,33 Operetta 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,33 Intramurals 1. Little, Jerry. Little, Leslie. Intramurals 1,2,33 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Little, Stephen J. Band 1,2,33 Orches- tra 2,33 Operetta 33 Rep. Council 33 All-School Party 2,33 Pep Club 2,33 Chess Club 33 Honorable Mention Honor T 23 Latin Club lg Math Club 2,3. Lloyd, Kenneth. Pep Club 1,2,33 French Club 2. Longstaff, Ernie. Att. All-School Party Kingg Football 1,2,33 Intramurals 33 Track 1,2,33 T Club 132,33 Sr. Leader3 Proctor 3. Look, William. Pep Club 13 Voc. Part- time Business Club 3, Pres. 3. Lopez, Cecilia. Pep Club 1. Lowe, Marilyn. Alt. Sr. Girls' Council3 Rep. Council 13 SUNFLOWER Stall 33 Proctor 23 Future Nurses' Club 132, 33 Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 23 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 All-School Party 23 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Honor T 2g Operetta l,2, 33 Science Club 33 Election Commis- sion 1,33 French Club 2,33 Future Teachers' Club 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,23 Latin Club 13 Play Cadet lg Masque and Wig 1,23 Varsity Cadet 1,29 SUN' FLOWER and WORLD Ad Solicitor 1, 2,3. Lundgren, Jan. Band 1,2,35 Future Teachers' Club 1,2,33 Honor T 23 Or- chestra 1,2,33 Science Club 23 Trohoma 2g Varsity Cadet 33 Pep Club l,2,3. Lyle, Tim. Lynn, Frank. M Mannschreck, Arlin. Voc. Radio 3. Marlow, Janice J. Future Teachers' Club 1,2,33 Play Cadet l,2,33 Pep Club 1,2,33 Voc. Part-time Business Club 33 Operetta 2. Martin, Karen May. All-School Party 33 Cafeteria Hostess 23 Debate Time- keeper 33 French Club 1,23 Future Teachers' Club 1,2,33 Sr. Leader3 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Honorable Mention Honor T 2g Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Proc- tor 33 Jr. Red Cross 1,23 Alt. Sr. Girls' Council3 Troy Janes 1,2,3, Sec. 33 Tro- homa 3. Martin, Rosemary. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Marquette, Carl. Band 1,2,3. Masquat, Carol. Football Cadet 33 Troy .1 anes 3. Matchett, David. Band 1,33 Math Club 23 Science Club 23 Sr. Boys' Council. Mather, Larry. Basketball l,2,33 Foot- ball 1,23 Baseball 3. Mathies, Diana M. Operetta lg Pep Club 1,2,3. May, June. Transfer Oskaloosa High School, Oskaloosa, Kans.: Pep Club? Glee C1ub3 Latin Club. May, Richard. Pep Club 33 Intramurals 3. McBride, Nellie. McCabe, John Jay. Sr. Boys' Council3 Sec.3 Math Club 2,3, Pres. 33 Swimming 3g Cross Country 33 A.F.S. Council 2, 33 Proctor 2,33 Key Club 2,33 Honor T 2g Latin Club 13 Science Club 23 Pep Club 1.33 Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2. McCall, Merrill. Ass't Library Council 1,23 Pep Club 2,31 Boys' Sr. Glee 1,23 Choir 33 Intramurals 33 Key Club 33 Math Club 3: Operetta 1.2.33 Rep Coun- cil 1. McDonald, John. Football 13 Pep Club 1: Voc. wielding 2.3. McElwain, Twila. Youth for Christ 1, 2,33 Pep Club 1.2: Trohoma 33 Proc- tor 1,2. McGuire, Larry Joe. Band l,2,33 Or- chestra 2.3: Operetta 2.3: Dance Band 1.3. McKay, Twila. Retail Selling 3: Pep Club 1. McKethen, Joyce M. Assit Library Council 1.21 Pep Club 1,23 Voc. Part- time Business Club 3. McMaster, Bonnie. Pep Club 13 Busi- ness Education Club 3: Soc. Chrm. 3. McMurray, Jim. Alt. Sr. 'Boys' Council. McQueary, Jacelyn. Basketball Cadet 33 Pep Club 1,23 Sr. Leader: Troy .lanes l,2,33 Troy ,lane Board 3. McReynolds, Gladys. Youth for Christ 33 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Mellies, Mary. Latin Club 23 Voc. Part- time Business Club 33 Pep Club 1. Melton, Rosalie. Pep Club 1. Merriman, Nancy. Att. Queen of Courtsg All-School Party 33 French Club 1,23 Debate Timekeeper 33 Fu- ture Teachers' Club l,2,33 Sr. Leader3 Troy ,lane Board 33 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Alt. Sr. Girls' Council3 Alt. Rep. Council 33 Jr. Red Cross 1,2 33 Football Cadet 23 Trohoma 3. Metzenthin, Paul. Sr. Boys' Council3 Rep. Council 33 Key Club 33 Track 1: Cross Country 23 Pep Club 3. Meyers, Joyce. Transfer Yates Center High School, Yates Center, Kans.: Band lg Kayettes 13 Cabinet 13 Girls' Sextet 13 Pep Club 13 Student Council 1. THS: ,Pep Club 23 Band 2,33 Trohoma 23 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Middaugh, Larry. Transfer Meriden High School, Meriden, Kans.: Basket- ball lg Football 13 Track 13 Baseball 1. THS: Band 2,33 Dance Band 2,3. Miller, David. Miller, Larry. Pep Club 2,33 WORLD Reporter 33 Staff 'LYour Shown 33 Press Club 2,33 Science Club 2. Mills, Gary. Pep Club l,2,33 Proctor 2. Mills, Judy. Madrigals 33 Choir 2,33 Girls' Sr. Glee lg Operetta l,2,33 Sr. Leader3 Future Teachers, Club 23 Pep Club 1,23 Troy .lanes 1,23 Troy .lane Board 3: Honorable Mention Honor T 1. Mills, Richard L. Vice-Pres. Student Congressg Pres. Soph. C1ass3 Rep. Jr. Class3 Student Council l,2,33 Pep Club 33 Debate Timekeeper 23 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Intramurals 2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom: Latin Club 13 Math Club 2,33 Rep. Council l,2,33 Sr. Boys, Coun- cil3 All-School'Party 3. Minor, Jeanell. Choir 3g Girls' Sr. Glee 2g Latin Club 13 Pep Club 13 Operetta l,2,33 Spanish Club 2.3: Trojanaires 3. Mitchell, Barbara. Pep Club 13 Honor Pep 2,33 Youth for,Christ l,2,33 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Moe, Don. Basketball Mgr. l,2,33 Pep Club 1,33 French Club 2,33 Key Club 3: Sr. Boys, Council: T Club 2,3. Montgomery, Joyce. Proctor li Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Moore, Albert S. Key, Club l,2,33 Sr. Boys, Council3 Pep Club 2,33 Swim- ming 13 Rep. Council 1. fTh""'L J Mx AV. N, -3 .,,.. 1 1-51 A if ,,.,.. W , 3 John Jackson "tickled the organ ivories" in his solo which began the 1957 QOC assem- bly. Moore, Errol. Orchestra 2,33 Bus. Mgr. 33 String Ensemble 2g Cross Country 13 Track 33 T Club 1. Moreland, William. Morgan, Gary. Pep Club 23 Intra- murals 13 Baseball 3. Morgan, Mack Joel. Boys" Sr. Glee 33 Dance Band l,2,33 Pep Qlub 1,3. Mounger, Marilyn. Transfer Pratt High School, Pratt, Kans.: Pep Club 13 Tro- homa 1. THS: Pep Club 33 uYour Shown 3. Munoz, Barbara. Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 1,23 Operetta l,2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Spanish Club 2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Proc- tor 33 WORLD Reporter 3. Munoz, Robert. Munson, Thomas. French Club 33 Rep. Council 33 Science Club 3. Murdock, Florence. Transfer El Paso High School, El Paso, Texas: Drama Club 23 Tunesmiths 23 Latin Club 23 Y-Teens 2. THS: Proctor 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 33 Pep Club 33 Operetta 3. Murray, Blanche L. Pep Club 1,23 "Your Show" 3. 49 K 5 yypf giwiy' is Larry Miller P' f A X , X I Q , ,,.. 2 ,V ff, in W L , Xhf' ii' Q' li 4 Don Moe 1 .6 a' mv GW , ff l Mack Morgan nd, As Seniors -F Q , 1 , v at In , , ,, .I WWW , ff', 1 f "" ' f ' 1 of W S f W Q f f f f f , Q ,- ' 'J W' ,f Q, Q ,,V"f 'V f f f ff 4 ' ff! f f f 4 A f I :1 f ' T 1 '+A , K ,, W X f f f f , 4 X fff ff! f X 4 X ,M ,, f 5 V Gary Mills Judy Mills Richard L. Mills ,leanell Minor Barbara Mitchell ,f f , w',ff,5f" f , MW , X V , ,jf , ,. , :I fr AZN V f ,fu K? - , W ' W' W WW f'Q,Q,jf,f5 ag ' at Q' A , 7 V, ,ag 7 A " ug f ' , ,' 1 'ey 5,5yy4, f, ' 'W' f ,M ff' V , , ffyfyf uv X 5 , W, 5 Q1 ,ag a.rie 5 W X wang.. , Gym. ,,.,,,, M ,wg , fi ' 12-5 X K ' jrwmf' 4 3 an a',f' A34 raw, ., my , , f X, ,W V A , ' Joyce Montgomery Albert S. Moore Errol Moore William Moreland Gary Morgan ur Senior Year Closes . Jaw Z fffvfff f , , 4 ,. , Vik' u . 1, waarl.. f f S ff- f 5 r mf' Barbara Munoz Robert Munoz Thomas Munson Florence Murdock Blanche Murray ,, ., June Myers Loretta Nemechek O 'F f "cu in ,fV,,'V, 4 . X " if f Wi? l f r W "ii' rera , y c' ,z ' ,V U 7 f- 'ffiokzz-3qZ,f,2f cnrr ' W a Jane Newell Wanda Nicolay William Niemann Gerald Nisbeth Eugene Nottingham Gary P. Nudson P Q i . - i:1?':'i "L 'Q' a x sf P We ff l eslusa X is . i Robert Nystrom Karon Olson Bob Oroke - 'Q Q Hx P T, 'L Vlike O'Rourke Carol Ann Orr Janice Osburn Janet Juneau, the voice of high school so- ciety, works on her "Topeka Teen Scenei' column. Thou hts Turn to Final Event K DY ,,kV K I ,V,Vh K 6 D M l ,V A , V y ai V V .. I.: ,,., , 1 K ' P W t y P x - V -lwf - , 5 f f f e ' u -f '1' - u - P ' P .1 P 'fl eev 1 u, 1, vs' -V l -1--- V f--W I , if V y eh , ,,.,. i t V t at at 1 , 1 Y -n,- gi f ,Qfe , , ' P 'yure , V , - r -- D, +o 12 at 1 A f eueeou 1 - a A.. ally Ann Ossian Tom Osterhout 7, , f - r X I X ,Q I l il.. ffyl a, ,,,,,. , atricia Patterson Carolyn Paul Lois Pauls Zi'-1? Q 7 Af X , X! X X WM 'anda Petefish Gayle Petereck William Peterman Jack W. Ostrode Mary Lou Palmer James Pantle Keith Parkerson 1 , C I Q fl A , 1? ' '41, any . . A . f , if f f 'T Elbert Peddy John Peterson Dorothy Peery Don Perkins X P ,, - +1 if ,paw www- 'fl te ,43 1 V . or z V , , X' ff f as-, -ji: Q ,. . 5 7. 'I' J f f ,fl 'T' i f- :H157 I , 5 i zfAQf5', ,f ,, Karlen Peterson John L. Petterson 51 . ,..r,,J, if f 641355 W fff if Z. Boys' Pep Club members sampled cookies before the Pep Club varsity. but strangely enough there were plenty left. Myers, June Ilene. Pep Club l,2: Ass't Library Council 2,3: Youth for Christ 2,31 Business Education Club 3. N Nemechek, Loretta. Youth for Christ 2,3: Alt. Rep. Council 3: Proctor l,2: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Operetta l: Pep Club l. Newell, Jane Elene. Operetta l.3: Or- chestra l.2.3: String Ensemble 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 3: Pep Club l,2: Proctor 1.2. Nicolay, Wanda. Youth for Christ l.2. 3: Intramurals l.2. Niemann. Wlilliam. Pep Club l,2,3: Hi-Y Club 3: Key Club 2.3: Science Club 2: Swimming Mgr. 3. Sisbeth, Gerald. Urchestra l.2.3. Nottingham. Eugene. 'iYour Shown 1: All-School Party l: Honorable Mention Honor T l: Pep Club 3. Surlson, Gary P. Pep Club l,2.3. Nystrom. Robert. Spanish Club 2: Pep Club l. U Olson. Karon. A.F.S. Council 3: All- Scbool Party 3: Cafeteria Hostess 3: 52 Sec.-Treas. Soph. Class: Sec.-Treas. Jr. Class: Debate Timekeeper 3: Election Commission 3: Football Cadet 2: French Club l,2,3: Trohoma l,2,3: Future Teachers' Club l,2,3: Pep Club l,2: Honor Pep 3: lr. Red Cross l,2,3: lr.- Sr. Prom: Proctor l,2: Alt. Rep. Coun- cil l: Usher Club 3: HYour Shown 2: SLUTLOWER Ad Solicitor 3. Oroke, Bob. Sr. Leader. O'Rourke, Hike. Basketball 1: lntra- murals 2,3: Pep Club 2,3: Hi-Y Club 3: Key Club 2.3: Proctor 3. Orr, Carol Ann. Att. Homecoming Queen: Debate Timekeeper l: Cafe- teria Hostess 3: Spanish Club 2,3:' lr.- Sr. Prom: Future Teachers' Club l.2,3: Pep Club l.2: Honor Pep 3: Football Cadet l: Jr. Red Cross l.2. Osburn, Janice. All-School Party 2: Choir 2,3: Madrigals 3: Operetta l,2,3: Honorable Mention Honor T 2: Pep Club l.2: Rep. Council 2: Alt. Sr. Girls' Council: Troy .lane Board l: 4'Your Shown 2,3. Ossian, Sally Ann. A.F.S. Council 2,3: Debate Timekeeper 2,3: Future Teachers' Club l,2,3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Sr. Leader: Pep Club l,2: Honor Pep 3: Honor T 2: lr.-Sr. Prom: Latin Club l: Operetta l,2: Play Cadet 2,3: Proc- tor 2,3: .lr. Red Cross 2: Alt. Rep. Coun- cil 2: Science Club 2,3: Alt. Senior Girls' Council: Troy ,lanes l.2,3: Troy ,lane Board 3. Osterhout, Tom. Pep Club 3: Key Club 3: Proctor 3. Ostrode, ,lack W. Sr. Boys' Council: Science Club 2,3, Pres. 3: Pep Club 2,3: Hi-Y Club 2,3. Chaplain 3: Honor T 2: Key Club 2.3: Masque and Wig 2,3: Play Cadet 2,3: Tennis l,2,3: Proctor 2.3: lr. Red Cross l: lr. Red Cross Council 2.3: Rep. Council 3. P Palmer, Mary Lou. Business Education Club 3: Pep Club l. Pantle, James. A.F.S. Council l,2,3, Pres. 3: Vice-Pres. Soph. Class: All Time Honor T 2: Pep Club 2,3: Choir 2,3: Debate l,2,3: Forensic Club 2,3: Boys' State 2: lr. Red Cross Council 1, 2,3: lr.-Sr. Prom: Honor T l: Operetta l,2,3: Masque and Wig 2,3: Thespians 2,3: Cast HDial M for Murder" 2: Cast 'ixight Must Fall" 3: Madrigals 2,3: Student Council l,2. Parkerson, Keith. Pep Club 2,3: Wrestling l. Patterson, Patricia. Cast HThe Heiress" 2: Cast 'iThe Ilan Wlho Came to Dinner" 3: Pep Club l,2: Masque and Wig 2,3: Thespians 3: Play Cadet 2: Proctor 2, 3: Future Teachers' Club 2: Alt. Rep. Council 2: Spanish Club 3: All-School Party 3: 'iYour Show" 3: Basketball Cadet 2: Jr. Red Cross l,2. Paul, Carolyn. A.F.S. Council 2,3: Choir 3: Girls' Sr. Glee l,2: Operetta l,2,3: Pep Club l,2: Honor Pep 3: Honor T 2: Jr.-Sr. Prom: .lr. Red Cross l,2,3: Latin Club l: Proctor 2,3: Rep. Council l,2,3: Science Club 3: Sr. Girls' Council: Troy ,lane Board l: Varsity Cadet 2,3: Trohoma 3. Pauls, Lois. A.F.S Council l,2.3 : Basket- ball Cadet 2: Debate l: Debate Hostess l: Football Cadet 2: Future Teachers' Club 2: lr. Red Cross 3: lr.-Sr. Prom: Proctor l: Pep Club 3: Varsity Cadet 2: "Your Show" 2. Peddy, Elbert. Track l: Pep Club 2,3. Peery, Dorothy. Future Teachers' Club 2,3: Ass't Library Council l,2,3: Basket- ball Cadet 3: Football Cadet 3: Youth for Christ 3: Pep Club l,2. Perkins, Don. Football l,2: Basketball l,2,3: T Club 2,3. V Petefish, Wanda. Youth for Christ 1,2, 3, Pres. 3: Sec.-Treas. 32: Pep Club l: Honor Pep 2,3: Future Nurses' Club l,2,3: Girls' Sr. Glee 3: Operetta 3: Proctor 2,3: Alt. Sr. Girls' Council: Rep. Council l: Trohoma 3: SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 3. Peterman, William. A.F.S. Council 3, Latin Club 1, Alt. Rep. Council 2, Alt. Sr. Boys' Council, Key Club 3, Intra- murals 2,3, All-School Party 3, Rep. Council 3. Peterson, John. Editor WORLD 3, Ass't Sports Editor WORLD 2, Quill 81 Scroll 2,3, Pres. 3, Sr. Boys'Council,Pep Club l,2,3, French Club l,2,3, Honor T 2, Honorable Mention Honor T 1,Math Club 2,3, Press Club l,2,3, Alt. Rep. Council 3, Intramurals 3, Debate Time- keeper 2,3, Key Club 1,2. Peterson, Karlen. Football 1.2, Debate 1, Track 1,21 Wfrestling 3. Petterson, John. Football l,2,3, T Club 2,3, Math Club 3, Science Club 3, Hi-Y Club 2,3, Pep Club 3, lntramurals 2,3, Alt. Sr. Boys' Council, Alt. Rep. Coun- cil 3: Spanish Club 1,2. Phillips, Gordon. Band l,2,3, Pep Club 3, Youth for Christ 1,2.3: Officer 3. Phillips, Phyllis. Pierce, Earlene. A.F.S. Council 2,3, Choir 3, Girls' Sr. Glee 2, Operetta 1. 2,3, Future Nurses' Club 2,3, Sec.- Treas. 3, Pep Club 1,2, Honor Pep 3: Sr. Girls' Council, Honor T 2, Proctor l,2,3, Spanish Club 2. Treas. 2, All- School Party 2. Pierce, Virginia. Transfer Hayden High School, Topeka, Kans.: Pep Club l,2. THS: Pep Club 3. Pock, Nancy L. Band 1, Basketball Cadet 3, Alt. Rep. Council 2, Sr. Girls, Council, Pep Club l,2. Polter, Lawrence. Pep Club 3, Football l,2,3, T Club 2,3, Wrestling 2,3. Poort, Stephen. Tennis 2,3, Sr. Boys' Council, Vice-Pres, Pep Club 2,3, Prater, Elizabeth. Pep Club 2,3, Assit Library Council 3, Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3: Cafeteria Checker 2,3: Troy .lane Board 1. s Price, Glenda. Sr. Girls' Council, '5Your Showw 2, Choir 3, Girls' Sr. Glee 2, Pep Club l,2, Honor Pep 3, Basketball Cadet 2, Cafeteria Hostess 3, Debate Timekeeper 1,2, Football Cadet 2, French Club l,2, Honor T 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Masque and Wig 2,3, Operetta 2,3, Proctor l,2,3, Rep. Council 1,2, Usher Club 2,3, Varsity Cadet 3, Thespians 3. Prinzing, Billie. Library Proctor 2,3. Pugh, Diane L. Trohoma l,2,3, Future Teachers' Club 1,2, Concession Stand Worker l,2,3, Mgr. 2, 3, Varsity Cadet l,2,3, Mgr. 2,3, Spanish Club 2,3, Proc- tor 1,2,3, Debate Timekeeper 1,2. Purnell, Dolly. Choir 3, Girls' Sr. Glee 2, Staff Operetta 3, Masque and Wig l, 2,3, Thespians 2,3, Proctor l,2,3, Pep Club l,2,3, Election Commission 1, Troy ,lanes 1, SUNFLOWER and WORLD Ad Solicitor 2,3, A.F.S. Coun- cil 3, Varsity Cadet 3, .lr. Red Cross 1, 2,3, Basketball Cadet 3, All-School Party 3, Operetta 1,2, Honorable Men- tion Honor T 1, Press Club 2,3, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Debate Timekeeper 3, Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2, District and State Music Festivals 2, Stailf 'The Heiress", 2, Staff HI Remember Mama" 1. R Rafter, Renae. Honor Pep 3, Pep Club 1,2, Future Nurses' Club 2, Trohoma 2,3, Proctor l,2,3, French Club 2,3, Future Teachers' Club l,2,3, Alt. Sr. Girlsi Council, SUNFLOWER and WORLD Ad Solicitor 2,3, Play Cadet 3, Varsity Cadet 3, Honorable Mention Honor T 2, Football Cadet 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Press Club 3, Masque and Wig 3. Ralston, Dan. A.F.S. Council 2,3, All- School Party 2,3, Pep Club 2,3, Boys' Sr. Glee 2, Choir 3, Operetta 2,3, Cross Country l,2,3, Captain 2,3, Honor T 1,2, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Key Club l,2,3, Latin Club l,2,3, Press Club 2,3, Movie Proc- tor 1,2, Jr. Red Cross Council l,2,3, Alt. Rep. Council l,2,3, Sr. Boys, Coun- cil, Co-Sports Editor SUNFLOWER 3, T Club l,2,3, Pres. 3, WORLD Staff 2: "Your Show" l,2,3, Spring Track 1,2,3 Ransom, Phyllis. Transfer St. .lohn's .lunior College, Winfield, Kans.: Acad- emy Choir 3,4-, Pi Epsilon Pi Society 3, Polaris Literary Society 3, Sec. 4, Girls' Sextette 3,4. Redmond, Joe. Football 1, Basketball 2,3. Reeder, Thomas W. Pep Club 2,3, Latin Club 2, Boys' Sr. Glee 1,2,3. Reichle, Lois C. Renyer, Marvin. Concession Stand Worker 1,2, Proctor 2,3, Pep Club 1,2. Reser, Diane. Pep Club 1,2, Voc. Bart- time Business Club 3. Rice, Lavina. Troy ,lanes l,2,3, Pep Club l,2,3, Proctor 2. Richards, Bobette. Pep Club 2, Foot- ball Cadet 3. Richardson, Joanna. Usher Club 3, Pep Club 1, Alt. Rep. Council 3, Op- eretta 1. "My name is Ermine"-with these words, Patsy Patterson fascinated Trojans with her imitation of "Eloise.', 4 it la. M' 3 i I J is Three talented seniors strike keynotes in the To- peka Civic Symphony-Warren Wood, Claudia Beatty, and Thelma Latter. Gordon Phillips Phyllis Phillips Q, 2, , Earlene Pierce ,A Virginia Pierce Nancy L. Pock Lawrence Polter Class Day, Reviewing the Yearsg nh' 'I My f - Q I ' ,Q . . f , . az ,429 4 2 ...W . Stephen Poort Elizabeth Prater Glenda Price Billie Prinzing Q ." 'ag' .l I 1n Ji Renae Rafter Dan Ralston Joe Redmond Thomas W. Reeder Cn, Cf f h f9""'m as . I f emyq, ' K a ' , ' 'fffgf Q P ""'.....w" Diane Reser Lavinia Rice Bobette Richards Joanna Richardson 54 ff! f QM , r- 'Q 'Q 4- .L Diane L. Pugh Dolly Purnell I v., . v I 'V' I., K an an A4 Lois C. Reichle Marvin Renyer . t'A.: . - 46" Y Y Sibyl Riekenberg Don A. Rissen was V V as ' ' ,Q vs v i R n N 3 g ,M -f 1 . - . Q .- I-'ltd 3 .1 V, .53 , David Roach Leslie Roach Carla Robertson .lack Robinson Joyce Robinson Robert Robinson Richard Rocha Gilbert Rodriguez George Rogers Nancy Jane Root ., tv, I June Robinson Sibyl Rose Vespers, with Caps and Gowns ..... 5 . . '953-Q gsm- if er., I 5 We I We lary Eugene Roth Joan L. Rowles Patricia Rozema Donald Rumsey Bruce A. Russell rv? -'A 5 """"f"lv :he 51 5.31" K . fy N at f.-s e'is ' 1 61' l ad 'J X1 , ,, 14 X farol Sandbloom Doris Jean Saut Edward Saylor Gary L. Schaefer ff, 1 K 1 Z J f ' V , ,U in 4 ! Cordon Schrader Janet Schrock Marvin Schulteis Nadine Schumann 1 Bonnie Salsbury erwiors of 57 55 Ridgeway, Jane. Pep Club 3, Youth for Christ 3. Riekenberg, Sibyl. Ass't Editor SUN- FLOWER 3, Index Editor SUN- FLOWER 2, Quill 81 Scroll 2,3, Treas. 3, French Club 2,3, Future Teachers' Club 1,2,3, Pep Club l,2, Honor Pep 3, Honor T 2, Latin Club 1, Play Cadet 3, Press Club 2,3, Proctor 1,3, Rep. Council 3, Sr. Girls, Council, Trohoma 3, Troy ,lanes 1, Masque and Wig 3. Rissen, Don A. Play Cadet 3, Sr. Boys' Council. Roach, Bettie. Roach, David. Pep Club 3, Alt. Rep. Council 3. Roach, Leslie. Queen of Courts, Varsity Cadet 3, Cafeteria Hostess 3, Proctor 2, Latin Club 1, Vice-Pres. 1, Science Club 3, Future Teachers, Club 2, Future Nurses, Club 3, Trohoma 3, Masque and Wig 3, All-School Party 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Pep Club l,2,3, Jr. Red Cross l,2,3, French Club 2,3, Basket- ball Cadet 2. Robertson, Carla. A.F.S. Council 1,2, 3, All-School Party 2,3, Cafeteria Host- ess 2, Sec.-Treas. Sr. Class, Debate Hostess l,2,3, Football Cadet 1,2, French Club l,2, lr.-Sr. Prom, Girls, Sr. Glee 2, Pep Club 1.2, Honor Pep Radiant in aqua, Queen of Courts attendant Nancy Merriman was escorted by Dick Mills in her place of honor at the varsity. 3, Honorable Mention Honor T 2, .lr. Red Cross 1,2,3, Masque and Wig 1,2, 3, Operetta 1,2, Proctor 1,2,3, Science Club 2, Sr. Girls' Council, Usher Club 1,2,3, WORLD and SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 3, 'cYour Showw 1,2,3. Robinson, jack E. Pep Club 1,3, Proc- tor 2,3, Science Club 2,3, Robinson, Joyce. Pep Club 1. Robinson, June. Latin Club 2, Future Nurses' Club 2,3, Usher Club 3, Pep Club l,2, Honor Pep 3, Proctor l,2. Robinson, Robert. Rocha, Richard. Rodriguez, Gilbert. Rogers, George. Proctor 2,3. Root, Nancy jane. Rose, Sibyl. Band 1,2,3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Choir 2,3, Girls, Sr. Glee 1, Spanish Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Future Teachers' Club 2, Honor T 1,23 lr. Red Cross 2,33 Operetta l,2. Roth, Gary Eugene. Concession Stand Worker 2, Pep Club 2,3, Play Cadet 1: Spanish Club 2,3, Proctor 2.3. Rowles, ,loan L. Proctor l,2,3, Tro- homa 2,3, Play Cadet 3, Pep Club 1,2, Troy ,lanes 1,2, Honorable Mention Honor T l,2. Rozema. Patricia. Pep Club 1,2, Honor Pep 3, Play Cadet 2,3, Trohoma 2,3, Ass"t Library Council 2,3, Masque and Wig 2,3, Spanish Club 1,2,3. Rumsey, Donald. Russell, Bruce A. Cafeteria Worker 1, 2,3, Operetta 3, All-School Party Staff 3, Masque and Wig 3. S Salsbury, Bonnie. Pep Club 2,3, lr.-Sr. Prom, "Your Show" 2. Sandbloom, Carol. Latin Club 2, Pep Club 1,23 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Sec. 3. Saut, Doris Jean. Pep Club 1,2, Girls Sr. Glee 1,2, Operetta 1,2, Proctor 1, Cafeteria Hostess 1. Saylor, Edward. Pres. Sr. Class, Vice- Pres. lr. Class, Alt. Sr. Boys' Council, Student Council 2,3, Alt. Rep. Coun- cil l,2,3, Basketball 1, Latin Club 1,2, 3, Science Club 2, Math Club 3, A.F.S. Council 2,3, Jr. Red Cross 2,3, Golf 1, 2,3, Swimming 3, Proctor 1, Key Club 2,3, T Club l,2,3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pep Club 2,3, Honor T 2,3, Jr. Sr. Prom, All-School Party 2,3, Schaefer, Gary L. Proctor 2. Schrader, Gordon. Sr. Boys' Council, Rep. Council 3, Alt. Rep. Council 1, Math Club 2,3, Hi-Y Club 3, Basketball 1, Pep Club 2,3, Schrock, Janet. Pep Club 1, Honor Pep 2,3, Latin Club 1, Honorable Men- tion Honor T 1, Honor T 2, Debate Timekeeper 2, Rep. Council 2, Alt. 3, Future Teachers' Club 2,3, Alt. Sr. Girls' Council, Proctor 2,3. Schulteis, Marvin. Pep Club 2,3, Boys' Sr. Glee 2, Choir 3, Operetta 3. Schumann, Nadine. Proctor 2, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Schutter, jacquelyn. Pep Club 1,2, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Soc. Chrm. 3. Scott, Robert Dean. Pep Club 3, Hi-Y Club 3, Intramurals 3. Segura, Henry. Selbach, Sharon. Pep Club 1,2, Rep. Council 2, Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Sharp, Oren. Voc. Machine Shop. 3. Sharp, Terry. Sherwin, Owen L. Pep Club 1,3. Shideler, John V. Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Track 1,2,3, Intramurals 1,2,3, T Club 3, Latin Club 1, Key Club 3, Hi-Y Club 3, Pep Club l,2,3. Shorlmanr Claudia. Soc. Chrui. Soph. Class: Pep Club 1: Honor Pep 2,3: "Your Show"i1,2: Debate 1: A.F.S. Council 3:WORLD Reporter 3:Spanish Club 2,3: Proctor 2,3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: De- bate Tiinekeeper 2: Debate Hostess 3: Rep. Council 3. Shupe. Tom. Science Club 2: Pep Club 3 Simons.. Charles. Simpson. Janet L. Sr. Leader: Sr. Girls' Council: Pep Club 1.2: Honor Pep 3: Rep. Council 1.2: Trohoina 1.2: Troy ,lane Board l.2.3: Latin Club 1,21 Future Teachers' Club 2: Proctor 1,2,3. Slaby. David R. Wrestling 1.2,3: Track Mgr. 2.3: T Club 3: Hi-Y Club 2.3: ln- tralnurals 2.3: Proctor 3. Sloan, Mary. Future Nurses' Club l,2. 3: Latin Club 1: Pep Club 1,2: Honor Pep 3: Ass't Library Council 3: Play Cadet 3: Science Club 3: Trohoma 3. Smith, Carolyn. Youth for Christ 1,2, 3: Cafeteria Wvorker 2: Future Nurses' Club 1: Pep Club 2. Smith, Jeanie. Future Nurses' Club 1, 2: Intramurals 1: Latin Club 1: Youth for Christ 1,2,3. Smith, Jo Anne. Att. Queen of Courts: Pep Club 1. Smith, Lawrence. Pep Club 2,3: Or- chestra 1:2,3: Operetta 3: Cafeteria W'orker l,2. Smith,,N0rma. Madrigals 3: Choir 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Operetta 1,2,3: .lr.- Sr. Prom: All-School Party 2: Alt. Sr. Girls' Council: Troy .lanes 1,2,3: Rep. Council 1: Future Teachers' Club 1,2. 3: Pep Club 1.2: Honor Pep 3: Honor T 1, 2: Troy ,lane Board 3: Spanish Club 3: Science Club 2: Proctor 1,2. Smith, virginia. Editor SUNFLOWER 3: Assoc. Editor SUNFLOWER 2: WTORLD Business Staff 1,2: A.F.S. Council 1,2,3: All-School Party 3: All Time Honor T 2: Honor T 1: Ass't Li- brary Council 1: Choir 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Trojanaires 3: Operetta 1,2,3: Debate Timekeeper 1: Election Com- mission 3: Future Teachers' Club 1,2, 3: lr. Red Cross 2,3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: Latin Club 1,2, Vice-Pres. 1, Sec.-Treas. 2: Nat. Honor Society 1,2: Press Club 1,2,3: Proctor l,3: Quill 81 Scroll 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3: Pep Club 1, Sec.-Treas. 2: Honor Pep 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3: Rep. Coun- cil 1: Science Club 2. Sneden, Joe. Proctor l,2: Track Mgr. 1: Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Snoddy, Bonnie. Voc. Business Club 3. Snook, Carol. Troy Janes 1,2. Soudek, Velma Mae. Band 1,2,3: Busi- ness Education Club 3: Pep Club l,3: Future Teachers, Club l,2: Troy .lanes 1. Sourk, Kenneth. Concession Stand Vvorker 1,2: Science Club 2:3: Proctor l,2. Southard, Molly Jo. Spanish Club 3: Basketball Cadet 1: Latin Club 1: Pep Club 1. Spencer, Brock. Rep. Council Speaker 3: Rep. Council 2: Rep. Soph. Class: Debate 1,2,3: All Time Honor T 1, 2: Staff MYour Shown 2,3: A.F.S. Council 1,2,3: Jr. Red Cross Council 1,2.3,Vice Pres. 3: Pep Club 1,2,3: Key Club 1,2,3: Cast HThe Man Who Came to Dinnerw 3: Movie Proctor 1,2,3: .lr.-Sr. Prom: Latin Club 1. Spetter, Delores. Spicer, Janice D. A.F.S. Council 2,3: Pep Club l,2: Cafeteria Worker 1: Choir 3: Girls' Sr. Glee 2: Operetta 1, 2,3: French Club 2: Rep. Council 3: Proctor 2: Honorable Mention Honor T 2. Stahl, David. Football 1,2: Pep Club 2,3: Key Club 2,3: Science Club 3: Movie Proctor 1,2: Tennis 1.3. Past the new state office building and down the avenue paraded the pep clubs in the Homecoming parade. Stamm, Nancy Lois. Proctor 3: Pep 'Club l,2. Steinmeyer, Bob. Pep Club 2,3: Science Club l,2,3: Voc. Welding 2,3. Stone, Miriam. Sr. Leader: Proctor 1. Storum, Kay. Rep. Council 3: Sr. Girls' Council: Proctor 3: Pep Club l,2: Honor Pep 3: Sr. Leader: Girls' Sr. Glee 3: Operetta 3: Troy ,lane Board 3: All- School Party 3: Jr.-Sr. Prom. Stouifer, Sheryl. French Club 2,3: Future Nurses' Club 3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: .lr. Red Cross 1,2: Sr. Leader: Pep Club l,2: Honor Pep 3: Troy ,lane Board 3: Proctor 3. Stout, Gwen. Transfer Maple Hill High School, Maple Hill, Kaus.: Band 2: Glee Club 2. Strahan, Jill. Pep Club 1,2,3: Trohoma 3: Future Nurses, Club 3: Assit Library Council 3: Science Club 3. Stromquist, Kay. All-School Party 2, 3: Choir 3: Girls, Sr. Glee 2: Operetta l,2,3: Boys, Sr. Glee 3: Accompanist 3: French Club 2,3: Future Teachers' Club 2,3: Pep Club 1,2: Honor Pep 3: Alt. Sr. Girls' Council: Honorable Men- tion Honor T 2: Jr.-Sr. Prom: Trohoma 3: L'Your Shown 2,3. Stumbo, John. Cast "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 3: Cast "The Glass Menageriev 3: Pep Club 3: SUN- FLOWER Staff 3: Key Club 1,2,3: Latin Club 1: Swimming l,2,3: Masque and Wig 3: Thespians 3: Quill SI Scroll 3. 57 ff 'fTi" '4: K K' jj, 2, If ,ge ' f X X Ez' my H f' se more 'N ' . i if e -F Jackie Schutter Robert Scott Henry Segura Sharon Selbach o Q, K 4', X57 awZf gp ,, V .f,-- ' , fi, 1 4 Oren E. Sharp 4 ' ff P KAW , , J "f??-'.- Wfe SWWW fag , ,yew Cwfff ffff QW! Terry Sharp Owen L. Sherwin John V Shideler Walliing Throu h the Daisy Chain W Z7 A K ' rf' wv , ,.,, " I J' ff' Claudia Shortman Tom Shupe Charles Simons I l'lJ. ff4.w5nh ! gjftrfr' W 33? w ' I fy, ' I X, pf f I I I VI ff Carolyn Smith Jeanie Smith Jo Anne Smith Q? J , wx ' , '4WMfg2V Q f' Af' f 'W X Janet Simpson J 1 fi-'J' , , ,jgoxai Xxx V xx N X Q5 as X N0 X X Lawrence Smith David R. Slaby Mary Sloan 'f fy ' fg44,ggi5 ' 4 ' , f, vV 'ff',x3L3 ,, - '.f'u4"Q'A1 V ' ' V. 1' 1, ff' Norma Smith Virginia Smith 5 eyayfaeyy y, W f A 1 ,, 9 W ,Q-. Joe Sneden Bonnie Snoddy Carol Snook Velma Soudek Kenneth Sourk Molly Jo Southard 58 . .f' 2 2 ? 'X I .4 f Brock Spencer Delores Spetter Janice D. Spicer David Stahl Nancy Lois Stamm Bob Steinmeyer x -is-Qi sffwxvi Xilil - ' X X f5ji,RX'Q1,Q5 an fini? ,c,. A K' X X f i N 5 4? yy .Q Q4c. if 1 kg- MW Miriam Stone Kay Storum Sheryl Stouffer Jill Strahan Kay Stromquist John Stumho iplomas on Graduation Night .... f 'fm Nw 'Q' Kenneth Sturm Karen Studebaker Sharon Stwalley Steve Swan 1' L,-'f ' f' ,..- - , ,',, ww' V. ' , 4'gZ7:f.fj4ys.,:1- 1, ff - ,,.,,f ,, 4' , 4. fmf' my J 'S if S K a,aa an , , , , 73 . 'fiflgjQ,.f? Z - 1-,', ,.,- f if, . ' aier f Q, :- im' 7 if W ,c,,, Q 1 K , K M ' f"a y , K li X. f Dean Swanson Jean L. Swanson Judy Swanson Daniel Swearlngen yy Uh 7, , I f'7B4"f 'Ulf The tall and the short of it- Billye Barnett needs a chair to reach the top of Jerome Dallas' Dale Taylor Perry Tholl Carolyn Thomas Willa Mae Thomas head, 59 Dale Taylor sings "Banana Boat Song" at one of his frequent appearances on the Tro- jan stage. Studebaker, Karen. Operetta 132.33 Girls' Sr. Glee 33 Pep Club 1,2,3. Sturm, Kenneth. Football 1,2,33 Golf 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,33 Future Teachers, Club 13 Pep Club 33 Math Club 3: French Club 2,33 T Club 3. Stwalley, Sharon. Pep Club 1,23 Proc- tor 2. Swan, Steve. Pres. Student Congress: Pres. Jr. Class: Att. All-School Party King: Sr. Boys' Council: A.F.S. Council l,2,33 T Club 132,33 Key Club 2,3, Vice- Pres. 33 Science Club 2,33 Pep Club 3, Pres. 3: Intramurals 2,33 Masque and Wig 2.3: Latin Club l: Cast MMy Sister Eileenw 2: All-School Party 2,33 Honor T 1,23 Jr.-Sr. Prom. Swanson, Dean. Pep Club 2,3. Swanson, Jean. Pep Club 1,23 Voc. Part-time Business Club 3, Treas. 3: Troy Janes 2. Swanson, Judy. Swearingen, Daniel. Band 13 Play Cadet l: Football 2g Orchestra 33 Of- ficer 3: Proctor 1,23 Dance Band 3. T Taylor. Dale. Madrigals 2,33 Choir 2. 3: Boys" Sr. Glee 1: Operetta 1,2.3: 60 District and State Music Festivals 1,2, 3g French Club 2,33 Key Club 33 Math Club 3g Boys, State 2g Honorable Men- tion Honor T 2g All-School Party 2,33 Intramurals 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom. Tholl, Peggy. Sr. Girls' Councilg Pep Club 13 Honor Pep 2,33 Cafeteria Worker 13 Proctor 2,33 Rep. Council 13 Alt. 2g Usher Club 33 Honorable Mention Honor T 13 Trohoma 33 De- bate Timekeeperi3. Thomas, Carolyn. Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Choir 33 Girls, Sr. Glee 23 Op- eretta l,2,33 Proctor 23 Sr. Leader3 'GYour Shown 132,33 Troy Jane Board 33 Future Teachers' Club 1,2,33 All- School Party 33 Debate Timekeeper 2,3: .lr.-Sr. Prom. Thomas, Willa Mae. Thompson., Larry. Ass't Library Coun- cil 2,3, Pres. 33 Pep Club 1,2,33 Honor T lg Key Club l,2,33 Latin Club 13 Rep. Council 1,23 Science Club 2,33 Sr. Boys' Councilg Math Club 3: Usher Club 3. Thoms, John H. Band 2g Dance Band 1,33 Track 2. Ticknor, Charles L. Pep Club 3: Science Club 2. Tilzey, Christine. Operetta 1,2,33 Fu- ture Teachers' Club 2g French Club 2. 33 Pep Club 1,23 Football Cadet 33 Alt. Rep. Council 1. Tipton, Mildred. Alt. Sr. Girls' Coun- cil3 Girls' Sr. Glee 13 Choir 2,33 Mad- rigals 2,33 Operetta 1,2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom: Honor T 23 Pep Club 1,23 Honor Pep 33 Youth for Christ 2,3, Sec.-Treas. 33 French Club 2,33 Troy .lanes 1,23 Fu- ture Teachers' Club 33 Cafeteria Host- ess lg Rep. Council 2. Tkatch, Hershell. Band l,2,33 Dance Band 2,33 Math Club 2,33 Science Club 2,33 French Club 2.3. Tonsing, Evan. Pep Club 33 Chess Club 3: French Club 1,23 Key Club 23 Op- eretta 1,33 Orchestra 1,2,33 Movie Proc- tor 1,23 'LYour Show" 13 String En- semble 3. Tosh, Gayle R. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Toulouse, Carolyn. Traylor, James. Band 1. Trendel, Janice. Orchestra 1,2,33 All- School Party 3g Honor T 2g Spanish Club 2,33 Troboma 3g Future Teachers' Club 33 Proctor 1,2,3Q Pep.Club 1,2,3. Trickett, Dorothy. Art Editor SUN- FLOWER 2,33 First Page Editor WORLD 3g First and Third Page Editor WORLD 23 Pep Club 13 Honor Pep 2, 33 Honor T 2g Honorable Mention Honor T 13 French Club 1,23 Future Teachers' Club 2,33 Quill 81 Scroll 2,3, Sec. 3g Press Club 2,33 Debate Time- keeper 23 Election Board 33 Staff "Your Showw 33 Staff All-School Party 33 Alt. Usher Club 3. Tussel, Don. Spanish Club 23 Latin Club 1. Twining, Gail L. Key Club 1,2,33 Op- eretta 2,33 Choir 33 Boys' Sr. Glee 23 Pep Club 2. Tyler, Judy. Election Clerk 2,33 Elec- tion Commission 33 Co-Literary Editor SUNFLOWER 33 Honor Pep 2,3, Pres. 33 Pep Club 13 Future Teachers' Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 33 All Time Honor T 23 Honor T 13 Jr. Red Cross Council 2,3, Treas. 33 A.F.S. -Council 2,33 Staff "1 Remember Mamav 13 Usher Club 2g Masque and Wig 2,33 Rep. Council 33 Student Council 2g Operetta 1,2,33 Choir 33 Girls' Sr. Glee 2g French Club 2,33 Proctor 23 Press Club 2,33 Quill Scroll 33 WORLD and SUNFLOWER Ad Solicitor 2,33 Jr.-Sr. Prom3 All- School Party 33 Debate Timekeeper 2, 3. U Umbarger, Stuart. Alt. Sr. Boys' Coun- cil3 Band l,2,3Q Student Director 33 Dance Band 2g Boys' Sr. Glee 2g Choir 3: Operetta 1,33 Orchestra 1. Underwood, Judy. Trohoma lg Voc. Retail Selling 3. ' V Vallas, Louie. Basketball 1,2.3: T Club 2.3: Pep Club 2.3. Vernon, Richard. A.F.S. Council 2.3: Sr. Boys' Council: Band 1: Orchestra 1: Pep Club 2.3: French Club 2.3. Vice- Pres. 3: Latin Club 1: Honorable Men- tion Honor T 1: Honor T 2: Key Club 2.3: Math Club 3: Science Club 2.3: Alt. Rep. Council 2.3: Debate Time- keeper 3. Victor, Robert. Voc. Photography 2.3: SFNFLOWVER Photographer 3. Vigus. Larry B. Wrestling 2. Vincent, Jarrett. Football 1: Spanish Club 2.3: Math Club 3: Science Club 3: Pep Club 2.3: Latin Club 1. Vincent, Kaye. Alt. Sr. Girls, Council: Honor Pep 2.3: Pep Club 1: Future Teachers' Club 3: Alt. Rep. Council 2: Trohoma 2.3: Proctor 3: Play Cadet 3: Spanish Club 2.3: Debate Timekeeper 3: Honorable Mention Honor T 2. XV Wabaunsee. Wilburn. Football 1: Wirestling 1. Waggoner. Virgil. Band I, Walters, Diana. Orchestra 1.2: Spanish Club 1.2. Walthall. Betty Jo. Voc. Part-time Busi- ness Club 3. Wanamaker. Robert. Football 1.2.3: Wrestling l,2.3: Hi-Y Club 1.2.3. Pres. 3: T Club 2.3: Track 1.2.3. Wangerin. Barbara. Pep Club 1. Warkenfin. Barry. Pep Club 3: Boys' Sr. Glee 1.2,3: Key Club 3: Operetta 3: Track 1: Basketball 1. Watlcins, Shelba L. Pep Club 1: Voc. Part-time Business Club 1. Weese, Vera Grace. A.F.S. Council 2. 3: Cheerleader 3: Pep Club 1.2: All- School Party 3: Future Nurses, Club 1. 2.3: Latin Club 1.2,3: State Pres. 2.3: Debate Tirnekeeper 2: Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conf. 2.3: Sr. Leader: Honor T 2: Honorable Mention Honor T 1: Press Club 2.3: Quill 81 Scroll 2, 3: Rep. Council 1: Troy Jane Board 1, 2.3: WORLD Staff 1.2.3. Weller, Louise. Pep Club 1. 2: Honor Pep 3: Sr. Girls' Council: Proctor 1.2. 3: Trohoma 2.3: Rep. Council 1: Latin Club 2: Future Teachers' Club 2: Troy lanes 1.2. A Wettengel, Dixie. White. Gary. White, Jerry. Cross Country 1: Intra- murals 2.3: Wrestling 3. Wieser, Patricia. Wilder, Alan. Wilkes, Barry. Football Mgr. 1.2,3: Key Club 2.3: Pep Club 1.2,3: Latin Club 1: Intramurals 2.3: Hi-Y Club 3: T Club 3: Proctor 1.2.3. Williams. Alvin. Football 1,2.3: Track 2.3: T Club 1.2.3. Williams, Elaine. Sr. Girls, Council: WORLD Staff 3: Pep Club 1.2.31 Science Club 1.2.3: Jr.-Sr. Prom: Fu- ture Nurses' Club 3: Basketball Cadet 2.3: "Your Show", 3: All-School Party 2.3: Debate Timekeeper 1.2.3: Proctcn 1: Assit Library Council 2: Alt. Usher Club 3. Williams. Francis Patrick. HYour Showii 1. Williams, Mary Lou. Voc. Part-time Business Club 3. Williams. Reba. Wilson, Jim. Pep Club 3: Key Club 3: Swimming 3. Wilson, Virginia. Proctor 1.2: Troy Janes 1.2: Pep Club 1,2.3: Voc. Part- time Business Club 3. Wingert. Carren. Cafeteria Worker 1: Debate Timekeeper 2.3: Future Teachers' Club 1,2,3: Pep Club 1.2: Honor Pep3:Masque and Wig 3: Op- eretta 1. Wohlfarth, John. Tennis 1,2.3: Band 1.2,3: Officer 3: T Club 1,2.3: Pep Club 2.3: All-School Party 3: .lr. Red Cross 2.3. Wollen. Lorraine. Transfer Buffalo High School. Buffalo, Kans.: Glee Club 1.2: Track 1: Jr. Play: Basketball 1. Wood. John. Transfer Landon High School. Jacksonville. Fla.: Football 1.2: Baseball 2: Pep Club 2. THSE Football 3: T Club 3: Hi-Y Club 3: Pep Club 3. Wood. Warren. Band 1,2.3: Orchestra l,2.3: Choir 3: Boys' Sr. Glee 2: Boys' Octette 2: Operetta 2.3: Swimming 3: Honorable Mention Honor T 2. A Wymore, Jerry. Pep Club 2.3: Key Club 3: Asset Library Council 1.3: Masque and Wig 3: Science Club 2.3: Staff HNight Must Fall" 3: Staff "The Glass Menageriei' 3: Staff HThe Man Who Came to Dinner" 3: Operetta 3: All-School Party 3: Staff HYour Shown 3. Z Zeligman, Marsha. Transfer Southwest High School. Kansas City, Kans.: Pep Club 1.2: Cafeteria Courtesy Co1nm.2. THS: Cafeteria Hostess 3: Pep Club 3: WORLD Reporter 3. Zenter. Miles F. Band 1.2,3: Orchestra 1.2,3: Student Conductor 2: Operetta 2.3: State Music Festival 1.2,3: Latin Club 2.3. Senior class officers make good their prom- ise to "Clean up the school." DFW ', I we M' 135 im . T I I , , ,f y , 5 - g ff hy -W :ji 5 Z f X ,J-f f I IW V , ,k,, yy 1 - .'fV I , ' f if QA A I I Larry Thompson John H. Thoms Charles L. Ticknor Christine Tilzey Mildred Tipton I s.,, . I I II V ,gf II f I f I I WV ' 8 W 'Q I ,,,' H V' ' I I - ,.r, i If 9 Q , , X I IN ,,,, Q f II 7 Evan A. Tonsing Gayle R. Tosh Carolyn Toulouse James TPHYIOI' .lallifle Trelldel may 5 ,IIII II1, 4 ' 4 f 04 W V Hershell Tkatch f, ,ff ,,,f 7IIfIfI.!ff, ,, , ' I ,V,, " Wfwi' O72 X f V f, , MQ! I 4 I if Q 1' A f J ,, , , , 4 ' , f In f f ,fum n M2053 ,III,,,,IZf4 I ,II Dorothy Trickett Now We Say Farewell to Troy As I , I Donald Tussel Gail L. Twining Judy Tyler Stuart Umbarger Judy Underwood , ff, , 72' f gf, f f X Seniors f QI I, I, , K X V Robert Victor Richard Vernon Larry B. Vigus W' me MW' .f at -Wffm j 1 2' ,T L 1 7, I I 1 ,.,,,..f www f s f g f Q f fffrfq 62 Kaye Vincent Wilburn Wahaunsee Virgil Waggoner 4, we ff rg, Louie Vallas Jarrett Vincent Diana Walters ,fxy , ' K V, ' ' s s ' i in R Y iiii Betty ,Io Walthall Robert Wanamaker Barbara Wangerin Barry Warkentin Shelba Watkins V. G. Weese 'I' an aw- 4 ttv i V A A A by .W -" f i - P 'E' Q i ' r t 'tr 7 L 4 H r e ,:r bbll L F .I ' e K Louise Weller Dixie Wettengel Jerry White Patricia Wieser G. Alan Wilder Barry Wilkes We Realize What It Means to Us. 4115. fu , Alvin Williams AZ 4.5! I ,f .au .., fo P .f 15 Q ggi? ,Q ,Www W 'Z Y Elaine Williams Mary Lou Williams Patrick Williams f 4 K f ' 5 i' 1 lv. A e. 3 F 4 A !70f my , ' fb: 7, Virginia Wilson Carren Wingert John Wohlfarth Lorraine Wollen '-I 'Aamir' Jerry Wymore Marsha Zeligman Miles F. Zentner .L J une Adkins Byron Benard Mildred Bugg Daniel Flowers ,lim Flowers Larry Ging Reba Williams ,5?f7?'if'i3 . ,.. 4 f ','V M ,L Q ,," by f, i ,i ' "'- J A' X A F ,V ,VLV ',r, V X7 John M. Wood CAMERA SHY Mike Guidry Mary Jacobia Harry Jolley Teresa Jones Zepora J ones :fm f f , .,,:- ,OV , ' ff W ' f f f ' ff V ,I im Wilson Warren Wood Jerry Little Jane Ridgeway Bettie Roach Gwen Stout Gary White Richard Kalterman 63 Jam W in w Ali, , 1 fa jg. ' ' A' V 5 Q54 1 f fy , 4 f 1 -fff"" S-4Z.41P'f'2f' 2f'l?'41,1'.21'l T f17'if'-yzff Jef-.zw1ip., . f,,,f, 3f"'Fi?W J P5?,f-M my M56 of ",,,.w,fffy if i f f , , , f, , 4 I fahmgl j Y I XM tr 1, .u Q 1 ww,f,w,a,,, I f - Up and coming leaders, the junior officers pose behind the parapet outside the TOWCI' ROOIH- Paul lngemanson, Carolyn Benge, Suzanne Bird, Barry Bray, Loretta Lovell, Sharon Eldien, and Bob Christenson. Betwixt and 'Tween - the Juniors Social chairman Sharon Eldien confers with Miss Martha Herrick, junior class sponsor, about plans for the prom. 64 AS JUNIORS this year we had an advantage over the other classmen, for we could look to both the past and the future of our three high school years. The sophomores, being new this year at THS, had nothing to look back on as we had our first year at Troy. The seniors, since it was their last year at Topeka High, had the sad prospect of leaving, no- more to tread the halls of Troy. We played an even bigger part in the life of Topeka High this year than we did as sophomores. The representatives from our class to Girls' and Boys' State, and those chosen for the summer American Field Service program abroad proved to be excellent choices, and made us proud of our class. Working hard on therlunior-Senior Prom was fun and rewarding, for it was greatly appreciated by the seniors in whose honor it was presented. Now we are looking forward to our senior year when we will be the leaders. We feel we can face it with the confi- dence and knowledge we have gained from our previous years at Topeka High. xx W.. SQ . X 'W' Q V E W . wi tv, .5 ,1 1 ww 1 J Q 'F ae' if if x nk B James Abbott Carol Absher Diane Acord Don Adkins Ronnie Adkins Larry Akerstrom Marie Alejos A - 953 - Junior - '53 - 1' it' 3""f7' 'N qj W A Tom Allen Twila Allerheiligen Jean Allison A V 'Yiii A , V. my ' ,fm ,J - -. f J V Bob Archibald Don Arganbright Nancy Armstrong in-2, ,lf zf V Gene Bailey N.,,,f,+ ,5 fu , " ' 'ky' ,Y I ' H in-Aw I ,, zlfawa , iff ." 'eip , V , Gene Baker Linda Baker f V , fy, ff , V' A, tw, - fe ,f ,ff Lee Barnes QL' MT, Q V KZ W ,M X I ., , .qZfyAA4WW7, gym., ff! X X , X M41 , f f ' ,iff A Darwin Barnett Janet Barnett if f , W 0 , f1 ,qm,f' f ,,-ff! A S A ,. 1.1-N., M, A H' Q QM, M.-- Q 5 is if Ted Anderson Joe Anderson Karolyn Anderson Myron Anderson K . " Juv ash 5 ,. . Ji' fi f K ' if "," " '.'5:5: ..,V, "ff,,,,,! - -il ami ..,,,' , A ibn .K Marilyn Atland Bill Auld ., ,, ,.,,., ,.-, 4 W.. .f ya A ,... .ww , ,. f- .:,: , , 1 1. f 4251246 - , :Wf 5. 1 I .Q :L L l Y.. X X 4, , f Mary Baker . ylls J. . l,tf.fs.l1. Li. A ' , .f ,.. f?f:4.-jowyf , .5 5 David Ball Q ..., f Qfx- '5u-mf' ar I fi f Yzfyi' 1 ,.,k f0 James Avery , My , if fff '5 , X Q, ,415 f ZW M 1 V v,.. , Lois Barge ff PM 'V Fe' fffiv - ' J ,J X. 5' - k,,. ,XV , 'Q Q Donna Barr John Barraclough Cynthia Barranco f a yysye . M., K 'sfkhk 1 V,V,V , "'- . fiig 9 A 'kv f J. CGW? nw' Q f ta wi , f K lf f i Larrie Bates Phyllis Battey Barbara Beach Delores Beadman Jo Ann Beardmore D0l0reS Beasierfield , 'Gr'-gsvmf A Lf, K A A mf' Jim Baer 17" ' A ,. - ff' ,. I 'Rip Q 1 f 1 f iff? 0 X f , Q fa , A . .-,. -.-f f say! Bob Bariiardiim q s ,gi John Basile Betty Beckwith 65 t f X yy ,T Linda Beeman . f ' 3 s, 19 ,M y V3 "'1:j.pil! Bob Berroth ,, AM ,f Roger Blancas X' 74' f ff . ,,'f'.'w,-,wg ,W M , , in 09, "' Ernest Boyd W 1 1 ,, 5 yw, Harold Bell Carolyn Benge W',. I . 2, 44 K fa- J In ,l - ' Q L ' .,,. ,f 1 f , e , 1-V ' ' 4 x Charles Billington Don Binney Q Q ug 9 4? Robert Bolan ,Q Tom Boyd is A , . JM Nancy Boley , M f,., f Floyd Bradbery Con explains the figures in 66Poirier,s Political Poll" which forecast lkeis election. John Wal- ton and Dave Fisher look on. 66 fm -' -2' , "H ,f ,f sf V fffwffj af. " , f ffwi . . ' ff ' V , . ff 'ff ff"-V 1, f f f f, N . ,, , X , f 4 X .V ew MY QW gfq-' M 2 WW B , W I . Barbara Bennett Sharon Bennett 754 Suzanne Bird KV' K ng , I ,7 , w Dick Booher W 4 Tom Bradford f WW fl June Brower 4.4 , 'WK ,W I rff.,,V gi 4, 1 ,L at uf aff," 7.1 4 o V , Charlene Black , , f -,QW V , . ,rf f f , f K V 4,f,z'77f .V7,rf, f G75 4 'M' f ,f W! I '-winf QCXH If ff Susan Berkebile ,yay , , , I ,f f' f,Q,rjf,Q7 5 -'C f ' V '-ff Q V af' ,5 fy , ' f , C ,ctw W fQil7f'xf Mike Blaisdell . f C Z I Q, 'M Q ,,,, W5 f Brenda Booth Jim Bouton 4 ,,,,' f 'ff I V? j ?fL,,,.,.,,P, ,S A f ff -If I , Barry Bray LaVern Brice - Y , f - V J, "f- ,", X X f S , 4 I if K1 S J V I A Barbara Brown XM wwf L ,ygfvivaff f,'!,?,"77 ' ' H ' , Dorothy Burlew Janice Burns Y , ,qw A ii' 2 ig George Butler if i if Pat Byrne Mike Bryan ,if 'Inf N Richard Burns 4121 1 f'1-xv' fy X 5 David Caldwell ' X f 05 mv' A ,vim ,uf I f f Anne Bernard I xx f Q., Hr Susan Blake e "" a "M - 27 QUZXQQL ZZ? ,iycfffjzfif Harry Bowen f 1, ',,', f ff f fff , X ,mwifnfwa Ili ",',,a', ' ,' H2 if mf!!! iw z ,Q V ff af f 3 f I F MZ .J Phil Bronson jg, 5 fi -..R Grace Burbridge 4 f I f fu fb 'Q ,. f , ' eye' Vi rv Vi Shirley Burress rv Q' Judy Caliban R Ierome Calloway no , N" - I X- X Q li. Carol Carter 3- 6 4' ludith Chilgren Judy Coffman XKKF YFTYQ Ns ws., 0 ,Vs 2 we KK s. gn Q 4 ,291 K' , 4 fa A 9 , .Q WZ f mary, 1' Mal - W, , K ah Kenneth Carlson Larry Carlson Virginia Carney Larry Carr Charlene Carroll Joe Carson N K K K' ' K K' ' . ' ' ' if '-'- L"2Q" ' "4 '5'5',jg:f:'Q7'Q-fa'52f:4 fsi,iE'QQ" l'k'5 . -K5-:.-175'-:g9qv.g, ,. jzgil qzy y releaa 1 l K K V a ""' C f g a ' . nlia P 4 l aw.. A - if -5' 'i , C x K f. ' Q A W 2, .. 5 'QQ Eugene Carter Toney Caskey Gary Cawthon Glenn Chalmers Shirley Chase - '53 - Junior - '58 - 'Q' 4 , 1 vz 'tty Susan Chrastina Bob Christensen Ka fp.. K: Mary Ann Cole Don Calhouer , , ,.,, , f ' f f ,V K rhyyy K 'duo J 2,74 f 'W J Larry Cook K Z iff I ,.,,, 1 'iw' , Linda Coons William Cooper if fff 'ji QKK , K -ay ,:,. , . If ',,. ii is ,-I' . H r M W' , I N, 1, f 'K .1 , 1 W! K Q . ' .:f:fii5Z.ZiZl4i. 5' f f f. Wm.-.f:w,f4ff1v fi leeee y, f K ,Q T i-'kkk. K , I' W Ki , i S K Ky Ann Chezem ren Chrislenson Dorothy Ann Clark Joe Cleland Georgia Clinkenbeard - .- , - .'le" -',. 1 f .-," f - Q 'ef'e' ' fess ff-fzhw y r . if Eff? . , , . , f 5? ,V . H - f ,,-,aw QK . KX ' K! WJ' K, K 'K KK K K, K ps' Wa yy K K y ' K Kf 1 5: ,. X' e 1 K K 7 JL . K KK K ,. . - K K, K . Tony Comfort Leila Conger Sharon Conley Janice Cook , 9' -f A ' i'i' " " A e reiee 1 T 'S V X 'C 'Q L l,., if Quail li A . , M -' K A . 4 :KS KKKK. I K Darlene Copp f f f,f, mg, KKA K , fi ,fffhw lil 'C f 'e ff iaia 2 :az ww e' B 1'er e f , , fffkfi .i ff if i . yy, , aare fr Q f XM Betty Crable Charles Crank Priscilla Cribbs Don Critchfield Bob Cordill f ., fyvyl, f 0 ,. M y Y Barbara Croft , Frank Corrick f Y an f uc"' Virginia Crook Edra Cox I C ? " K f , Sue Cross 67 President Bray directed the 'sMaroon the Ma- roons" float preparations with Suzanne Bird, Ray Merrick, Holle Nieman, Cary Steele, Roger Lund, and Steve White making the ocean waves roll. 7 it V ",, , ,"' ff 5 if Vk,, f tiff A 0 ' Vi' ,ff I ., 2 Mary Crowder Martha Curlee , , N, flax- v. t, M-by . ff, ",x',ff?! fi. , 'ff ,f f A Jack Darrow Janet Davis , ' 79 2 ' X a 2 2a,., V I K ,ff fg"!'ZlZ , . ' Auf , ' ,Z -wi X ,f V x V. , , pf V ,gf .4 ,, Jay De Graff A 1 A Larry Dillaird '26 if James De Moss 5-.s V ,quam 3 - use on f 1 1 11, ""r W, Glenn Dodd 2' AMN f n' f Q f A.-ff . ,, N K E Terry Davis Z a ,,,.y L r 4' f -V 'ff ..T,Q. ff,-my 'ff' ' Ellen Denzler Anita Desormiers Diane Devine f , , f ,, V ,V .,, , fr my -..f . f s, e ,X 6 Ron Dodson Bev Doherty Barbara Dryer 'A .r , ' " , ryiiiy , ,,,, , ,mf , 4 , V , i Q 'L f irda Q1 S V W. ,V ,V Ann Curry 1, ,Y If 4 'Z,,f.4.,,.:' 14, I ix , Leslie Davis 4 Q! Rosemary Dawson .ludy Day ,, ,.,, ,, . In , ,ff 7 f M H WW .1 ,gn ,V fv ,f-.f,p,,,,..-,,,, M' if' - 4. 1 A7 s 5' Xi! f ' 1 2 p ff , ,wwf f , r Bill Curry .,, we ii r if 22, Mimi Davis V4r4v.,. -", t 'Q Diana Deaton , Y Marion Dewey Irvin Dillard , ,f ,kV, ,jay vfrk ' .jyy fu, .1 -. - . C rrvrf 1, Frank Duclos David Dunford j -J,g,g'j ,'., e , ' 'f 'da John Eddy Dall Eden Virginia Duran Jacob Dyck Jackie Earl David Ebel Paul Ebel , A , I ,,, I 1 ,f,, ,VIVV E,,, i,?!i, Ek, iq, ' 51 104,37 M 2 f , W 4 , ' tw , r L4 ' Janice Edwardg Nm-ma Edwards Patty Elbert Sharon Eldien Joe Elliott Lee Elliott Janet Ellis 68 j ji. 1 W, J,,:, 5 ge,-j, QLNSQEQ is F X X -we g B . - 2 - L- X if " z ,y Q Lanny Ellis Daniel Escobar Sharon Eshorn David Fisher Lila Faust William Feist Elaine Ferrell B el , ee.ene eeeeeae G y N G f G as by na ...E B G B ' B 35' -V if P- Mary Foots Larry Foster Barbara Frakes Beverly Freeman Barbara Freer .0- Q 6 F fifill F . 4 f I 'Nw' 2 rw J. B. Finger W B ae - - Aw ,, I, 1 Joan Freneh, 3 Q 7.1 ' X K 3? 1 WN K x, 'X 9 Q f ,ff .. , ' ,kv f A larbara Friend Bob Fritton Madeline Fritz Raymond Frye Virginia Gabe John Gamber Denny Gardner - '58 - Juniors - " - fi ' B i ' , 'B B i.' 1 M B a -l G aaaaa Q' 2 A-N 4' y ' sr? ".' V M V,,k i 3' g ffikf 1 li V X i 1 .-'i lif' -"" ' "--, B i", X' I B A larla Garhart Tommy Garner Barry Gentry Jesse Gentry Ann Geoffroy Cynthia Gibson Anita Gilbert ' K' K B 1, . ' jB - BVf''s -'f. - Qjbr-F7215 F .E . 'A e G "' y em A an as B B I I r K .-. -Z 3 gf X V f. 94 K , i',i Q fi ,-ys xi I 'B If I ' 'B 5:fB !, - W .,.v B k'h, I I Q anda Ginrich Barbara Glanville Ruth Glendening Charlotte Godfrey Vina Goebel Norman Goodman Joe Gonzales B B BV,, V V ,av B B B , BB B BB J Alulv F B B, ,,B,AV Bm mVAB BM BBB hiyy li BVBLZ y H B vl': A 4. 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Jan- K ff I H ice Kelly, and Rodney Steves board the Conti- nental- Harley Holmes Ruth Holmes Ann Hoover Dennis Horton 70 i N ney Johnson Robert J K .. l -X " " ffm A 'A 'Za me Z? X -A i b A 'T V' 5 1 X . A N H' X L: X -Q Y ? 1 if . 'P' v gs QW i f -35 v'X' I .n y I i 7 w , f y e r . ' 1 , ' ' f , r ' nm ,V f -K .Q A .h f r, . a , Marcia Houts Anne Hubbard Fa e Huffman Linda Hu hes Joe Humerickhouse Delores Hummer Pat Hum hre S "" A x 1, . ' fn " W-X B- ' sf' ,f ' for' " 7' 4 'I ,A 'XJ 1 .W Q, ""' he , L M . B" 3 3 X ,H y fe 'D' V5 K X X . 5, 1' -1- f rs, My has '45' K l 2 "L If E, VV' I f ' X f A K Gary Hunsicker Carol Hyle Paul Ingemanson John Isaac Danny Jackson Erma Jackson Jo Jackson . A I J , ,h'. 1, V ' J Gi . A Ha I , M - ','b " 1 ,. ivy f,,, , X , ' K sf 3 if Q., 7 if 5 I M-EM 71, A :gr sf" f 'W' 1 'Q " i X K , J ' I K - A R f Sam Jackson Thomas Jackson Bob Jameson Vernon Jamison Argell Jantzen Gary Jenkins Erland Johnson s l, we 1, Q l H A, , mdk Q ' R be ' I if ,cf K K , A , Ricky Johnson Sid Johnston Fred Jones John Jones Larry Jones Barbara Jordon 9 ' 9 1 ' '-' l1IllOI'S 1 "' ,371 L ,V,,V V, ' K V W7 ,WZ " me - Q aa 4321. ,d f ' sfsaf Chris Jovalis Vernon Keeling Karen Keller ,Janice Kelly Mary Kelly Nancy Kelly Barbara Kemble Tl" , f L' ,'.' , 73, ,yjp 43 h !, 1.41Q3. ','.: .-'-g In V. ,V Y Q7 I If , ,,,V Ci ,,V' 7 f ,ad 2' , M' J ,A f . 1 f' 'nw . ff , , f 1 I VV - . ,Vg I ,. I X , ,L I J if . I r , J r e ' f A , 1 my ' wif' " gay? - , "W 1 , " . ' ' 'riff W' ,V f, f ' . ""' 1 Q: f Joyce Kerle Jim Ketron 'l'om Ketterman Robert Ki eninger Floyd Kin 3 James Klesath Richard Kliewer 7'I QVV' ,an 'x I I X 1 Barry Bray, Judy Stuenkel, and Pete Woodward were delegates to the annual Red Cross Training Center in Kansas City. Larry Lauber A 5 , 'W' .- D4 'l'-her , i 1, J Carole Light ,-., 'ff W ' Qi, J K 5, X , vs ,a--N B' L 4 5- Q Q-,,f' .cl Jim Lauck , , ' Cffx " sv- ,. rw ww., O ,2 'J Connie Light M G., 4- if Geraldine Locke Mike Locke , ,g ,, ' 1, QQ 9 K' , rl , , , , ,qw Larry Leamer Delores Lindsey , Q-...-, xv y Lynda Lohmann ,'4Mn...1 mv, E af T I Sue Kohl v Gale Lambert ,,.f fy "UK - L' -.w'f"' I Richard Langdon 5 .n fly: .1 1' Barbara Leech Charles Lingo H .yyfg,jy, J I xr' K. , V 'un-.sf f David Long K! if. ' Jack Lund Roger Lund Madeliene Lundgren Sam Lux 72 3 32 5,61 ww' iv 2, X AN V ,,,V!, ., 5 f',' " ff' , , ' ,ff Carolyn Kraft x K, Gary Lambert as ,Ati Sylvia Langton yile . , I 5, ,,lg iiyiii 7 1 5' 4 ' ' ' CL , it i ' I Sue Leslie . guy, , X A , Carol Linton 7? f, V, ,EN H 1 4 L Judy Laidler 'L Edelyn Lambott 'av X tl A t Don Lake ff W -fi 'O iv! , ,ble Judy Lane ,lf Jw. www' ' - ' ' 1-f 1 ,I?Wf6f4: ,Y , ff 1:- 'U 1 f S: , g Vi ,Nfl K Q if V., ff! 5' 2 J Lonnie Lantis Roger Larson ,, ,523 ' i , N C J Everett Lewis Roger Lewis f K 'Yffl .'," 79 73 teysf ' f ii.' .'il L Ms if e J u f Joyce Little Geraldine Littlejohn 1 Z 'Cr- ' 25' Q 'er' 1. 'N ' gg.. '-mg '.,, Q Larry Long Maureen Lotspeich Loretta Lovell .0 an '75 if 'U' .1-fx 4 Al. - r ff -1-We 4-'ef Qty: "J ' W lfcgw. Don Mai Deanna Maines Mary Manley X is , 5 QQ. 95 TT.-K X a e X fr' , X 9 5 in 2- ik: X, X X ,L my Q X K 'wmj A Xi XX X Q X X XX N X Q. if X Gearl Manning Ron Marsh X. . Yu , 'ffzii ,X g'L'g J " J ' ,L X X X- Xa, X ,X f"'+'1' X .. 1,1 f - t 'Um' ,v , 'ff ' V -X ,X ' - , A... X xx-nv g , A X ,r if in .J X- Q Ak r A, K it v . ,V X f A Richard Marshall Edward Martin David May Larry May X,-XX w::,Xs.-"'2Ea:- 'R Sa , r --X, - c e 2 M Q "' 'Y' -X X . . S s A ' X x if e 1 X-, , X S. Ke- X 'W X, ' "' X N. X :XX s x.. ,dy 'xg Xi, X Judy McCall Mary Mayer Q e sv " i o X I we xxx ly. N-0 A .Xe , xc . Donna McCartney John McCartney Ruth McCune Donna McElroy 93 I -KX 7 47 I V L .iififsb ,I S' X AEM gag!! A' E, Jennie Mayer C' ., x Norma McGuire sn' N fi 2 'ff I f 4! Christina McKay Mike McKim Thomas McKown Janice McMillan James McNeal Juanita Mellenbruch Joe Mendez X as., l Ray Merrick Marcia Messick up L J , J , 'M , , , X QQ ' f X Y :aiu me V "ive fy l j I Q XA, X X 1 , :V , -- so X erm! 1 A L .Q H 1 . 2-421 W x . X,,,:.,XX5f ,. gs' f Bob Meyers Charlene Miller Larry Miller Richard Mistler Rosemarie Mitchell J- - . ,Q - , f,. 3- ' ar, A, ,. f fgxzf ' 5 1-5, 3 ,gg-we fp, Y N , K V J N so -I J, X yc , Xi ' '21 Q X ff. If xg 1 X ' ' X.X, A L - ' XSNN.vfA"X J 4 J Carole Moeller Maurice Monninger Jean Montfoort Deloris Moore Larry Moore Gail Morand Paul Moreland - '53 - Juniors -'53 - VV i X,,..l f,:b X A A I ,, kk if - L J , L ev X., X J X-:aff fe V fc. ,c,, ' SX, X A . .,cX-,e , Xe a X Carol Morgan Bud Mullin Larry Mumford Mickey Munoz Shirley Murray Shirley Myer Carol Myers ' 73 f f f iffkf ' Q if f - wg X4 ' Lonnie Nagles Mx, ' m N .. Z "5"-a Holle Nieman N me f, T . ,W -4 Socorro Ortiz IL f4P'iQ"' W: H4 Brenda Perdew my 2 Ben Neill W, ,far Q, 4 .M . -, H? ""m"'? r ff Carol Noble . K K . Q.. f , J f ,ax--V ,wr X Tommy Ortiz f' t -A X, lx Alice Perez f A A '. , -af 'sw' Q 1.. A... mm Jim Nelson ,X I 1 Jim Nyman A saggy if . K 5' Judy Owen ka, ,af .- Jw, I f 45' 4 ' 9 J X-. Carol Pettit Friday and Trojan uniforms! Checkers total the food hill for hungry pepsters on the day of the Washington game. 74 ,M l H J ,fmyf MQW r fff ff! ff 4' 4 f ,W W, w,-W f , 3? Marcia Nelson Evelyn Newman if 'ZZ is 5 Betsy O'Hara 1 9' ay " 7' Bob Parchman M My Sandra Oliver f ,W r M z "'7"t"! Stephen Parker 1.113 'gn 'hw ,ma in , V. "', -5 ,I Gretchen Pfuetze Velma Phillips are 'Y 1 ' 1 - r 5 -. , 5-J -ity P W fl. 2 V my 9 wr-ffff 1 Zz' L Cary Newman I f mf' I ,T ,,,, ,, 1, Elaine Orr 1 ' ff 75" '91 1 'sf- 'iswfwaf , Wihaw 'ffzf21,Qf'4y, 7 f" 'fif1'Q 521 , ,z ,, ' ' 1 ' Q ' . ,ff , P fl, ZM7' ,. ff 1 'X , Pat Newman Q :,, Monica Ortiz j Iy! , fi , , if j I 2 'ef' 'ff Mary Ann Pearce Sara Pearman !g,, N ff f Marcia Pointer 'fr P ' rl, f? Q Q 1"'ev- L q 'QV' ' Genevieve Pracht Larry Pressman Judy Pulliam bf 441' fx , , ,Q 4 f 5 ' . . Ov fa x f f I 7 f if .. ff 4 1 Jerry Purvines Owen Quick Lyle Rahmeier f 5 l .f fm 'GZ' A V , ,V f r gnw fsgjjf .f-f 4 , ,,,...w,' WW Kay Rainey Vickie Ramos Joyce Ratliif fwfk N 5 f-f V Yyjffff 1' X Con Poirier 1 as 145' Y f N. Penny Purnell J Q 419, Gerald Raimey J r,rl Q 2 .yfr ,,. 3 I Vana Reade . A . x KL , . A X A ,Sl -si AQ A . . A . . ' Y' in K -X X A X - , , , . , V ' ' f X .r 0 X S sf L 7 I , ' V 4- V - , . W , c f , f x f ,M - ' Q . K 45 , 4 X so s X ex 5 x 1 S .Q -i ' ,- ' Q. 'K ,.-1 iibf Q 'Q 'i S Q , ,A y X , X A X r - 7 1515 ,.:.V S R r .QS V , xi I 'f'. , Diane Reamon Dick Reamon Bill Redd Jerry Reeb Charles Reed Sandra Reeves Nancy Reicherter 9 ' 9 1 1' l1Ill0I'S " 1 . .W K K 'K 1 ,. ' G" w' 1 yfg - -of R M., -:ia c R ec L Q . ., V'-' In , ".,-, 1. K , Q X iff wl,le Bill Remmers George Rhodes Cynthia Rice Judy Richards Pat Richardson Karen Richel Barbara Riggin , ' .. f. H r ' 'M so mv A 0 'ff ' 3 +3 R '57 'rw ' S "f"f'i' .v as ' I X , - 1 1, 2. . , fi . , I 5: , I iq it ,lx . . Eugenia Riley Richard Roberts Beverly Robinson Judith Robinson Shirley Robinson David Roe Gary Rogers ii S " "'-- 'Xu v " , My 1r',,.f '. - in ' V 'Ir N D, -x Q . ' , X Q V w 3 'm f . -, + f V. 'N' , ' , 'V "" ,A 4 a N 92 'Q f M f t was r -f f ,V ,y,, yr T .cr. , A r , - , ,:' A X 1 Glenn Rogers Genevieve Romero Bettilou Rosenlund Shirley Ross Barbara Rowland Ronnie Rowland Larry Ruggles ff-1... ,.f-x C ,lin J 1' f , . f' . y - y ,,yy ,lrr -4 eyrv yyyyay , a X 4 4' fa, AG il Af Pattie Runyan Ronald Rush Daleen Rustman Ruth Scales Francis Scheck Phyllis Scheuermann Leota Schmidt Wy ff , ' 'Z' "7 ' L"'ff WZf"r? Yi i,"' V ' f,f, P ,," - 5"1'?,ffffi.iZ - iLf2'zfif' f f -s'fs' W i'-M H ',f,. f f ,ff ,,,3f,',Q!g - . f -of ,r., i ,,f' ' -' ng, , f 7- , if:-in f , ,VfV., ,fiif1,,i172',2il1 f w w.rQ i ', V , I ' 'ah : 7 - , f . Q f K I . N r 4. ,A-1 ff, i ' f , ' . ' I f . , X ,, A 'ff H vu y V , Q-V 2 , , , Q sf A .W A 4 , fa f A Sandra Schoenfeldt Pat Schreiner Suzanna Schultz Mary Schuster Jim Schwartz Elaine Scofield Janis Scott 75 gi AN 'Q 54 ff' W 5 .L The cover of a book may be upside down, but research time is likely to bring out a lot of con- fusing materials, according to studious Dave Caldwell, Tom Jackson, and Jack Lund. .. ., ...LQA t -. 5 f, . B ' f IL J Sf: , wx! Kenneth Smith Dick Smith Larry Smith .I T- S 1 S ' Winifred Smith Emily Smrha Jackie Snook Q. , fa? ' 2 if 1 X 4? B we lk Margueriete Standley Larry Starbuck Gary Steele el, ' 'X J img, 5: ,l 0 Q .' A at o ' 'N' l I qv' ' 4C""I U A I S7 -.ilcdlx Nancy Stevenson Rod Steves Judy Sticher 76 W '15 'ff' l :gf QL X X 'xr' N 'f 'C' -' w- Y N-vf . X Jay Scott Bob Seckinger Barbara Seeley Joe Seyler f - xx ' W 1 ' 1 - ,,. -x vs. f' ' 529' lf Q! I V .if Judy Sheppard Gary Sherrer 3 1 ,N 41:-ws if is Q' r 7 27 , sn ' 35 , Bob Simmons Lylene Sligar rg, S A -AJ' n "V . 7g A Betty Shields Donald Shockley 'mist K ' O f5 ' ... x David Sloyer Connie Smith ,KK ,, . - K' fu. Q - 13 ' ff Q-L:1a""' Y 42 , Nellie Smith Pearline Smith Sharon Smith Wayne Smith -f - XA , an ox :if ce' gg ' '76 ' , lv S B ,As Charles Southard Helena Spice BFUIIO SPl'Cl1kS Linda Stalter .3 P , . if ' X . 'N' X .. 4 . J , . ,X f A f ' - 'Q-7 ,- f ., N' 'E J it 2 X Q V' ngifsiiii Patty Steele Larry Steinbrink Judy Steinmeyer Neva Steinmeyer 2' 4 Q N h F 6 fl' X I Q, Y QP- ls- ! f Xi Hayden St. John Sharon Strait Clenton Streeter Carol Struebing Y kxh' i E KX K XX X ww E xe -x-. a Y X3 ., -.xv XXX-NQQ X X il X X XX X X-are 6 I i Q pig X, ' K X 'avr-fr' X LX.x X y V'-1'-. - x X X X X:::?X T .A X Judy Stuenkel Jim Summers John Swan Kay Swanson Sylvia SwoggerWMary Lou Tabor Dick Taylor XXRXKXXXX Xt X ty . X . : ,Xp XX J X35 A 5 - X, N We ' x-xx- NT? SX- -QXE5 X X X X, LXS-:X X - X 4?-'v L R U X XX X .X Xxx X X G' XX Q XXXXWX x D X X ' Xxx- iiffiifsi XX -2' fl i' . X ' X 'iff A , Xt, A K KX X J X A SAX Carol Thompson Richard Thompson Peggy Thornburg Edward Thornton Eldon Tichenor Bob Tidwell ,lack Tipton 9 ' 9 -' "" 111110 I' "" -' X . X f 'iv f if x A N X X-se 1 X X Q I ,f N X X K X X My 'K . K Xp in K X i X X , QR r at as X ' 1 We 'ffl' . W ,X ' XX P ' aff ' 5 n'hi X Doreen Toal Evelyn Torrez Carole Trimble Kenneth Trimble Marjorie Upshaw Jim Vallas Jeanette Van Brunt ,h XXVL y X,, , X. X X K X X XX X X XX ,X X 4 X . if XKKKXX X K X X X WX 1 X W X f- is X 1 aw X we - wg? 5 V X. xr 'ef X X, Q Q. X.k, N 4 X wwf XA, K X I I 1 , X 1 3' X K K kk K X XR ' A V Tom Vesper Virginia Von Riesen Teny Von Wolff James Waddell Neal Wagner' Cleveland Wakes Jerry Waldschmidt bqip A In X X X XXQXX X XX , .X X fo' . f' X I an K I X 4' Q , -T X if -x X a- T E f X X, X NX XL .Jie p John Walton Kay Wanamaker Lee Ward Judy Waters Philip Watt Bonnie Weathers Eddie Webb X.XX ,L ,VX XX3 . VXXX. X X, K Q X XX XVXyXXV , XQXSXA XFXXXXX ppXpX XS, ..XX XXXXXA V rrae E X ii - 1 'V X 'E 1' , ' C. - an - t"' hX X Q ff- ' ' E A 'w fa ., - r,VX3,Xt ,V 1-fa X Y f it 11515: Monte Weddle Thomas Weddle Sheila Wegele Phil Wheeler George White Steve White Orvis Wilcox 77 Ni Arlena Williams ff" M 'vn ' Virginia Wilson as nf W Bonnie Williams ,gif i' Wifi! a 4 . t , so K A M 57 'M iiil J W John Williams Roger Williams Herbert Wilson kv My mn Q Q 4 f 1 ,At 4. f 41-Fyfrx K4 ,, s f 's 1 f ' ff ,ax JM J fy I X Km . O71 ,f ff Frances Woodson Pete Woodward 11 Larry Wynne as , f ff Wilma Zeller J. D. Barger Randy Barnes Charles Crowder Larry Deever Fred Dumas Tad Estes James Fruits Norman Godfrey Chuck Gorden Ben Gross Donna Heydt Larry Holt 78 f W' vw af!! Paul Wilson f sw- "W , , , , f f jf! mx I 1 Steve Wilson X IHW, If I 1 gy, I 4,7 WY I Barbara Winfrey Brenda Winkelman Carol Wiseman Calvin Wolfe Glen Wollen Elaine Woods in K :HV f 4' 5 L ' J '- J, C 1 of 11: C J uv 2 .3142 li 1 , C L C - Q say yy i yara Q ay, 5 VV,, 9, ,A J I . v V, i ' 7 I ' Q ef, 0, I ,, .LN ' X , 4 , ' if ,i , X, Ruth Woollard Gary Wray Joyce Wrenick Joyce Wright Judy Wright L sis t l 1 J ,. ,Y ff- S - fr L 5 42' I 'mi 7 - 2' 'N W ' ' f Q5 , 1 Q ,. ,X 4 X Y ,f, f ,V ,, 4 ga- N J g f sv Benny Wysong Jon Yeager Corky Yocum Larry Young Melba Young Thomas Young -.., 0 x If Jacque Zirkle CAMERA SHY James Krische Bobbie Lane William Markley James Milburn Gary Moore Gary Peterson Marvin Potter Gary Revelle Gary Richardson James Skinner Gary Smith Gary Stovall Jean Stowall Stan Thompson Nolan Trower Wallace Turner Bob Whittington David Wilkinson Ernest Wilson Jim Wilson Tom Witts Barry Woodruff Look Mom! No face! The juniors seemed unusually shy this year. s a i ' . 1 if 2 3 5 x 2 I 5 3 3 ff f 2 ww NEW STUDENTS. FRONT RUYV: Paul Hansen. Melvern. Kansas: Carol Farlner. Silver Springs. Maryland: Ruth Parrish. Pontiac. Michigan: Inez Staatz, Vona. Colorado: Linda Barharow. Topeka. Kansas: and Bill Kirhy, El Dorado, Kansas. HOW' 2: James Alexander. Salina. Kansas: and ,lohn Lange. Toledo. Ohio. RECORDING ALL THE memorable events of the year in pictures for 'hoth the SUNFLOYVER and WORLD. the photographers played an im- portant role in Topeka High's journalism de- partment. After school and mornings, as well as during school hours, these boys could be seen with their equipment taking pictures of the various activities. Special training was provided for THS photog- raphers last spring when Quill and Scroll paid their way to the photographer's training session at Kansas lfniversity. Having no sponsor this year, the boys were unahle to develop their own pictures as they had done in previous years, so the joh was done com- mercially. Augmcnting the work of the photog- raphers were Rohert Victor and Mr. John Blevins of the Trade School, as well as Mr. V. B. Rose. a commercial photographer. Familiar sights around Troy were the SUNFLOWER and WTJRLD photographers. David Dunford. David Fisher and Charles Billington. 4565 P '.f' . naw K' Snow fights tempt the .Sophomore officers gathered on the south walk. John Ober- helman, Linda Swanson, and Marcia Myers are representativesg Tom Mistler is president, Judy Fitts, secretary-trcasurerg and Tammie Fraker is social chairman. Ron Hodges, kneeling, is vice-president. New Faces, Hopes - the Sophomores Down near the goal posts, Sophomore cheerleaders Nancy Jasperson, Sallee Tappen, Linda Anderson, and Diane Tuttle salaam for a Trojan victory. 80 SOPHOMORES YVE WERE this year W the lowly "scrubs," We remember our first impressions of this placelbig, lonely, mysterious. Then it was only a large brick building which seemed to belong to others and meant nothing to us except a place to which we had to go each week day, We walked through the long dark corridors without seeing any familiar faces, being shoved or pushed this way and that by upperclassmen. Gradually though, as the year progressed, we caught that fighting Trojan spirit, and became a part of this high school and a part of the hustle and bustle that goes hand in hand with growing up at Troy. We joined clubs, took part in student government, sports, and assembly programs, gained knowledge from the study of practical courses such as math and English, and ac- quired many new and lasting friendships with both students and faculty. Now, at the end of our first year and as we look forward to the next, we too can refer to Topeka High School as "our" school and to our- selves as Trojans. MR. BAYLESS' HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Marcia Jones. Judy Abrahams. Stevie Christy, Dave Cook, Karen Griffee. Mike Smith. Judy McKay, and Patsy Zirkle. ROW 2: Dave Dennis, Mary Breithaupt, Bobbie Bailey. Sue Goodin. Alice Miller. Bill Beatty, Julie Elting. Lou Anne Taylor. and Marc Sloop. ROW 3: Neal Myrick, Yvonne Bowen, Carol Manlove, Dorothy Henderson, Mayona Watts, Claude Allen, Tammie Fraker, and Mike Miller. ROW 4: Lyle Hinds, Morris Miller, Mike Houliston, Ithiel Lawton, Dave Stevens, Robert Reed, Jerald Gale, Bill Anderson, and Wayne Gurtler. 'S MR. COLTON'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Nancy Brown. Barbara Thomas. Barbara Cuffel, Verna Fra- zer. Mary Adams. Salli Jones. and Jane Shields. ROW 2: Garry Douglas, Margaret Wettengel. Marian Kamp- schroeder, Janette Hamilton, Mary McKown, Judy Ayers. Clara Moon, and Kenny Johnson. ROW 3: Wvayne Anspaugh. Delbert Burkhardt. Michael Mon- real, Richard Huber, Delores Bradle , Jack Reida, Faye Henderson, and Susie Martin. ROW 4: Joe Lof- ton, William La es, Jerry Bliss, Jerry Halleck, George Swartzel, David, Hi pensteel, Robert Bachtell, and Sandra Redd. MISSTJNG: Velda Barber and LaDene Gurss. MR. ELLITHORPITS HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Jan Meinholdt, Karen Van Tine, Linda Lord, Mary Mc- Kenney, June Hannay, Geraldine Moore, Sylvia Hold- en, and Marceline Robinson. ROW 2: Rose Ortega, Nancy Hilliard, Carolyn Harris, Claire Bryant, Karen Sims, Joan Watts, Edith Killam, and Sue Wilson. ROW 3: Winifred Beaver, John Huffman,Nancy Fritton, Gary Hastin s, Linda Anderson, Janice Dilley, Shirley Black, and Aliert Nocktonick. ROW 4-: Albert Jackman, Don Drane, Hugh Anstaett, Tony Brown, Ronnie Baker, Robert Thomas, Bob Richardson, and Gary Hayes. MR. ERWIN'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Anita Sole, Joan Gray, Connie Gillgannon, Virginia Harris, Cynthia Alt, Sue Hayes, Carol Lutz, and Doris Rosen- feld. ROW 2: Norman Hogan, Steve Kleppe, Jean Burkhardt, Judy Holle, Judy Osborne, Frances Bowes, Louise Beatty, Connie Horne, and Barbara Berryman. '. 7 M1 ' ROW 3: Ray Barber, James Becker, Doris Washburn, Patt Brown, Barbara Miner, Don Hough, Gary Rosen- wald: and J. B. Bowers. ROW 4-: Clyde Channel, Blaine Johnson, Julian Oliva, Jerry Streeter, John Bryant, Phillip Patchett, Jimmy Dumas, and Mary Elmore. MISSING: Ron McKay and Jean Musick. MRS. FITTS' HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Judy Ashley, Helen Woody, Nancy Jasperson, Susan Heil, Connie Casey, Carolyn Simons, and Janice Freel. ROW 2: Lorma Groves, Genevieve Silversmith, Elaine Blewett, Karlene Chisholm, Diane Stratton, Rhoda Pool, and Tanya Lynn Moyers. ROW 3: Glen Paulen, class of X59 Sophomores toe the mark and tote the trays for seniors when they are initiated into the ways of roy. Connie Casey, Steve Bassett, and Ronnie Stewart assist senior Bob Wanamaker. Ron Johnson, Marilyn Oakley, Kathryn Bonner, Mary Lou Chappell, Marilyn Murray, Marilyn Nolan, and John Line. ROW 4: Jim Atchison, Ed Espinosa, Jack Taylor, Steve Howes, Sam Carnahan, Kenny Perry, Bill Cook, Scott Senne, and Ramon Noches. 1f'r...4'fa aa MR. HILL'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Sallee Ta pen, Barbara Gresser, Sandy Bromich, Kathy Sikes, Jollene Bluejacket, Phyllis Gray, and Connie Ortega. ROW 2: John Crouch, Larry Luttjohann, Steve Bassett, Nancy Howard, Nancy Newsom, Carol Schreffler, and Sally Roberts. ROW 3: Willie Lyons, David Faidley, Colleen Cook, Mary Pfiester, Mona Cowan, Bobby Ann Ostrander, Sally McMurray, and Janet Johnston. ROW 4-: Gail Smith, Frank Mau, Richard Blake, Jim Pett, Larry Pearson, Ricky Davis, Bill Carpenter, and Phil Kemper. MISSING: Marvin McCullough and Jeannie Webb. 52151 MISS HUTCHINSON,S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Joyce Roth, Orene Thomas, Judyth Cumminis, Carol n Carver, Linda Piatt, Donna Reppart, and Bec y Padilla. ROW 2: Larry Brodecker, Connie Kernohan, Sall Currier, Carolyn Huebner, Patricia Kimble, Sue Gibbs, Joyce Taylor, and Mary Hill. ROW 3: Robert Bugg, Georgia Cox, David McDonald, Janice Boyd, Lloyd Shepard, Jeff Manley, Nancy Noyes, and Gregory Phillips. ROW 4: Dave Drummond, Roy Tinoco, Wa ne Pratt, Larry Reed, William Kindred, Tom Bei- secker, Richard Hutchens, and Harry Carpenter. MISSING: Dean Cutright. MR. KISTLEIPS HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Janice Crable, Carlene Burgen, Jim Reynolds, Jill Os- trode, Delbert Edwards, Susan Hofwolt, and Billie Powell. ROW 2: Linda Gordon, Nancy Todd., Beverly Thom son, Katherine Carper, Maxine Brosamer, Bar- bara lgavies, and Dick Moore. ROW 3: Luella Davis, Deanna Patrick, Mary Jo Schermerhorn, Nancy Row- land, Patricia Inverarity, Patricia Smith, Cathie Kibler, and Larry Hutchinson. ROW 4: Bob Meinersha en, Gorden Raish, Larry Cook, Frank Tostado, Dean Cab- ba e, Dennis Kohler, Robert Dallas, and Danny Pope. MIgSSING: Judi Manderino, Joanne Kitchkommie, and Herbert Forbes. MR. LANEY'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Gary Luttjohann, Janis Rawlins, Barbara Ossian, Karen Hastings, Carole Bloomfield, Frank Seufert, and Tom Pennington. ROW 2: Marilyn Peterson, Julia Hysten, Marilyn Ann Jenssen, Joelene Reedy, Sharon Sims, Marcia Myers, Shirley Tatum, and Leona Freeman. ROW 3: Elmo Clark, Laird Bowman, Tom Berroth, Linda Swanson, Sandy Coleman, Jon Palmer, Jacque- line Christopher, and Rose Marie Norman. ROW 4: David Baxter, John Espinoza, Charles Bier, Edward Humston, Robert Johnston, Fred Martin, Francis Baker, Ruth Christian, and Kenny Peterson. MISSING: Linda Barbarow. MR. LUND'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Phelps, Shari Donnelly, Patsy Myers, Kay Brown, Irene Libbey, and Marva Crowder. ROW 2: Deanna Bead- man, Gretchen VanDyne, Barbara Deller, Patsy Proc- tor, Kay Searcy, Kay Christenson, Virginia Smith, and Judy Johnson. ROW 3: Harold VanVleck, Delores Till- man, Penny Shortman, Richard Schreiner, Karen Kirk- wood, Paula Dickerson, Sally Holbrook, Jerry Smith, and Richard Egli. ROW 4: Gary Frantz, Grover Jackson, Richard Dickinson, Randall Boyett, Tom Cormack, Don Pfuetze, Richard Michael, and Norman Renyer. if lv MRS. McCORMICK'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Rosalie Ramos, Marcene Gridley, Judy Jones, Ruthie Rissen, Thelma Kruse, Harriett Skaggs, and Sharon Dcsormiers, ROW 2: Jean Downs, Sandra Lopez, Martha Crow, Joyce Holland, Wally Sue Wallace, Mary Dixson, Joan Pratt, Louise Smith, and Gloria Stovall. ROW 3: Sherry Butterfield, Nan Reinhold, Bob Kathe, Larry Vaughn, Al Eliot, Gerald Goad, Curtis Gate- wood, Steve Brownell, and Shirle Cummins.ROW 4: Wesley Carter, Eddie Quarles, Bob Schneider, Robert Kauffman, Gerald Eastman, Tom Mistler, John Daniels, and John Richardson. MR. Ml'LLENIX'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Larry Ridgway, Glenda Clausen, Marjory Holyoke, Sandra Drotts. Sandy Smith, Mignon Hunt, and Norma Renberger. ROW? 2: Jane Wanainaker, Melinda Sellards, John Gilreath, JoHanna LaMar, Judy Kaul, Jean Flu- harty. Diana Carrington. and Lynda Roush. ROW 3: MR. NEADERHISER'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Darrell Shores, Marcella Tinoco, Viki Dumars, Diane Tuttle,Mary Kay Stebbins, Jacque Schiefelbein, Ronny Stewart, and Don Warner. ROW! 2: Jay Faul- coner. Carla Rezabek, Marilyn Martin, Dorothy Dick- ens, Virginia Haag, Pat Towle, and Larry Loveland. class of X59 The sophomores won the ac- tivity selling contest, so Tom Mistler presented checks to Sally Currier and Bill Wertz- berger whose names were chosen from the "lucky box." Judy Lyon, Floyd Walters, Dave Sundquist, Dave Davenport, Darlene McCartney. Ralph Dunn, Sharon Davis, and Jeffery Rice. ROW 4: Ronnie Riddle, Mark Erickson, Bob Shipman, Pat Kelly, Bruce Morgan, Lloyd Fleming, Dan Carlson, and Gene McCord. MISS- INC: Paul Chapman and Ralph Longstaff. ROW 3: Roger Christian, Judy Erwin, Margaret Fulton, Alice Hunsicker, Joe Gonzalez, Wanda Wallace, Opal Scheer, and Tom Neely. ROW 4: Cynthia Conrad, Ken- ny Tew, Ronnie Douglas, Rex Rissen, David Scaggs, Doug Kieswetter, Bern Chandler, and Roy Ridgeway. 'fi t J gif Q ,-, fig. ' ' , 11 : a , 4' ':,.: 4r,5,ff,,f ,,..-v H ii e f "ar, . j,9xa..x,,,,.,,.,.v.4 , usff,Q:Zf1LIf5:!LCfZ.L'.iJA::!! MR. NELSON'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Dar- lene Schwartz, Carolyn Hankins, Alice Lee, Barbara Weiser, Janice Stover, Jill Rigano, Carol Crume, and Dixie Dunnaway. ROW 2: Dixie Michael, Lilly Hayes, Sharon White, Jerry Sides, Mary Lewis, Patricia Wilder, Gale Howard, and William Wertzberger. ROW 3: Jim- my Hendrix, Larry Toulouse, Ronald Clark, Terry Wettengel, Gary Robinson, Nancy Schendel, and Pru- dence Elliott. ROW 4-: Larry Nuss, James Priddy, Larry Cooper, Jack Flesher, Roy McClain, James Rogers, Louis Green, Victor Dyck, and Roger Kuker, MISS- ING: Marion Hill. MISS PHILLIP'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Marlene Scott, Sue Falley, Deloris Ann Williamson, Jim Kempenar, Joyce Leonhart, Lois Talley, and Lo- well Twining. ROW 2: James Coe, Carolyn Murray, Marilyn Folger, Margie Wingate, Bob Stouffer, Bernie Fleming, Angelina Garcia, and Dorothy Kay Little. ROW 3: Bill Robinson, Judy Keeter, Barbara Williams, class of X59 Donna Harr, Georgia Zent, Wilma Schlodder, Patty Jackson, Karen Egland, and Dann Lawrence. ROW 4: Harold Gerlach, Wayne Runyan, Garl McDonald, John Oberhelman, Bob Irwin, Gary Rulon, Brad Hillrichs, and Bruce Cowherd. MISSING: John Guerrero and Priscilla Rogers. Class sponsor, Miss Grace Van Tries, spent long hours on the election assembly skit and the sopho- more party plans, and she advised the class officers on their school problems. MRS SCOTT'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: El- dana Green, Janet Carlson, Connie Stockert, Judy An- derson Betty Benedict, Lois Heath, and Jim Rosetta. ROW 2 Sandra Peterson, Delores Blancas, Jere Wil- key Nanc Myers, Bonnie McCune, Doris Shoaf, and Noel Belc er. ROW 3: Karen Hughes, Judith Morris, MR. REID'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Judy Rosetta, Judy Shaffer, Kathryn Glenn, JoAnn Jellison, Phillip Crai , Stuart Leonhart, Evelyn Stuenkel, and Howard Mciiillen. ROW 2: Barbara Harris, Donna Long, Mary Fourmont, Gloria Ashworth, Susan Ed- monston, Dixie Williams, Lee Ann Seems, Pat Leach, and Phyllis Wilson ROW 3: Mario Guerrero, Carolyn Zarker, Pat Donnelly, Larg Murray, Everett Freeby, Shirley Enochs, Eleanor elson, and Ted Waldron. ROW 4: Nathaniel Hutton, Lonnie Wagner, Walter Scheck, Paul Van Valkenburgh, Gary Scheuermann, Richard Goldsmith, Lawrence Good, Larry Oldham, and Clifford Wollard. Sharon Byers, Harriet Howes, Ruth Franklin, David Perine, Jud Musick, and Larr Claussen. ROW 4: Howard Willard, Bruce Holt, jhhn Kramer, Henry Lautz, Max Johnson, Larr Neuhauser, John Parton, and Keith Bullock. MISSIINJG: Richard Beckwith. MR. SNYDEIPS HOMEROOM. FRONT . J, ii K X . J i V ,gh ROW: Rich- ard Gassdorf, Shirley Eldien, Barbara Foust, Glenda Allison, Shirle Glenn, Nancy Kistler, and Marvin Lieberman. ROW 2: Sharon Neske, Bonnie Lux, Sandy Zeller, Juanita Bacon, Lilia Barron, Marilyn Siegrist, and Judy Sharkey. ROW 3:' Perry Patterson, Pat 4 Turner, Susan Williams, Penny Banker, Carolyn Row- les, Mary Ka Erickson, Linda Loughmiller, and Steve Wallace. ROW 4: Pat Scott, Bob Harvey, Jackie Heeka- thorn, Don Woolridge, John Turner, Lucish Wagner, Dennis Downey, Dick Johnson, and Bob Haldeman. MISSING: Joyce McKinnon and Max Metzger. MR. TI-IOMAS'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Sherrie Smelser, Helen Adame, Carolyn Henderson, 1 fn Kay Krentz, Mar Redpafh, Bruce Whisler, Jud Fitts Mary Lundgren, James Shrimplin. and Gussie Weddle Anita Gonzales, Jan Skinner, Judy Biggam, and Mike ROW 4:Rosadell McNorton, Larry Daeschner, Bill Haw Harrison. ROW 2: Merrill Downer, Carolyn Forinash, ley, Gary Werner, Geor e Gettig, Woodrow Bo gs, and Ruth Ann Barney, Vernice Erickson, Ciscero Miller, James Johnson. MISSING: 13116 Al1d6l'S011 3115 Gerry Ann Runyon, Ruth Friend, and Ted Maupin. ROW 3: Walls. ' MISS VAN TRIES' HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Sharon Saile, Linda Fisher, Judy Smith, Marcia Frost, Linda Nevins, Sharon Bistline, and Sondra Magee. ROW 2: Sherrol Kress, Gloria Gonzales, William Woods, Barbara Adams, Fred Weidling, Myrna Her- mann, and April Sourk. ROW 3: Joe McCleskey, B011 Hodges, Robert Shaw, Bill Baughman, Sandra Ray, Elizabeth Fl , and Harvey Parkerson. ROW 4: Mike Sloo, Dick lguree, Kenneth Mumford, Ralph King, Ward Wilder, Fred Suedmeyer, and Norman Hender- son.MISSlNG: Phyllis Garnett, Ardith Grimmett, Linda Atkisson, and Bob McDonald. MISS WHEELER'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Marlene Payne, Bob Ford, Henry Shehi, Charles Hodi- son, M rna Frazer, Carolyn Taylor, Carol Garretson, and Ellien Martin. ROW 2: Larry Patterson, Sharon Salzer, Carol Laney, Jim Williams, Delta Mayfield, Charleen Barrett, Myrna Campbell, and Judy Allison. ROW 3: Carol Ann Bell, Peter Smith, David Yeager, Eugene Ketron, Helen Grubbs, Ja na Gastineau, Jean Wiese, Charles Gordon, and Carolyn Smith. ROW 4: Jerry Davis, David Murrell, Ronald Rumsey, David Barnett, Lynda McCune, Lydia Gilbert, Bernie Henrie, and Nancy Staerkel. MR. WILLIAMS' HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Karolyn Higgins. Arlys Allen. Bob Odell, Esther Bou- ton. Judy Bunds. Carole Vorse, and Manuel Arredon- do. ROW 2: Harold Herring, Connie Askren, Linda Miller. Darcelene Benton. Ramona Noches, and Mary Brison. ROW 3: Vera Eberhart. Janice Hines, Wayne Barber, Gail Hawver, Marilyn Frye, Bob Stone, Chuck Cantrell, Michael Long, and Jimmy Nelson. ROW 4: Paul Jackson, Larry Johnson, Mark McDermott, Rod- ney Drescher, Dennis Hood, Jim Bryant, Elliott Tin- dell, and John Davern. MISSING: Sandra McPherson and Barbara Luttjohann. MRS. W'OLFE'S HOMEROOM. FRONT ROW: Rich- ard Alejos, Karen Stonequist, Geraldine Alston, Mary Prater, Linda Laster, Karen Suidikas, Sally Blake, and Deanna Gooden. ROW 2: Glenda Tilton, Mary Schmuck, Margaret Hyle, Karen Berges, Joyce McKay, Judy Mil- ler. Edith Ann Holtz, Sally Wysong, and Bill Shoe- maker. ROW 3: Mike Beach, Carole Chandley, Frank class of x Sophomores can read 5 9 -so the picture proves. Ron Hodges, Bob Mei- nershagen, Karen Grif- fee, and Gary Rosen- wald study the hall bulletin board at close l'8Ilg0. Zumalt, Margaret Franklin, Judy Gorrell, Charles Mesiffh, Glen Holston, Jan May, and Ed Pollock. ROV? 4: Sharon Hatfield, Jim Williams, Lawrence Graybeal, Jim Meade, Dale Fox, Gary Myers, Tom Lat- ter, and Jim Stephenson. MISSING: Gwen Blooming- dale. f ,"' Q Eff-'Lf XXQ 8' "' 1- , P? 'ffl 27 T :,'L ' iff? , ff ' Hy 2 N 22 f ' M f rf' wf SW 12 J ' T5 '3 ,E?,..5 F w,?k, 4. , f .ww yfg, -2.6 Q' 'z , 25, M x X ,XX f M , vm ,, , 1 ff 4 Q 1' xt , M ff ' AC Q K Q 'bf V v ff x ' ffffy 'SN f fy , QP' ,A ,I LU g :vhgr f 0 ,ff , f ff X 353155 W 1 vw: , if ' A .54 T. 44? depcJr'r c:lI 1 7 ii I , , , , , .f , Y L , Q .A A 4 ,Y g. g linnmlIrllullrwu!m.lAuJl111l:llllulInIum1l1ix ,Avvnlaf lfrAfu,1Wlo'11Wf.fl1.a14ca1,f5 -ill Seated around a square "round tablef Hrs. Greer's summer Eng- lish class varies its routine with class discussions. Hr. Kenneth Meyers. director of the summer school program. dditional Upportunities ffered As extra-curricular work, Barbara Brown learns from Mrs. Arlene Mulholland of the night school faculty how to 'ihold the bag" in a cake decorating class. 92 Mr. Walter Russell, director of adult education in the night school program. THAT BELL at 3:30 is the signal of the end of the school day for THS studentsg but for others it only brings closer the time for the night classes at Troy to begin. The program is offered to all members of the community, and a high school education may be completed or ad- vanced courses taken for pleasure or to further the par- ticular training desired. Besides the academic work, there are some college courses. others in business and home- making skills, art crafts, and ones for self improvements The summer months allow another opportunity to ac- quire an education at Topeka High. During the eight week period, students who lose credits or wish to earn extra ones may attend morning classes. Teachers are from the regular faculty, and courses are offered in English, American government and history, typing, and drivers' tralnlng. Q Mrs. Fayeben Wfolfe, department head, at A poster in the making develops under the deft hands of Madeline a loom. Fritz, Ruth Woollard, Marcia Messick, and Patrick Williams. Imaginative Touch IMAGINATION WAS combined with skill as creative minds worked overtime in Topeka High's art department this year. Ordinary paper took on new qualities as individ- ual styles were developed and new techniques were learned. Engaged in designing jewelry, weaving mats, tooling leather, wood carving, enamelling, and ceramics, the art craft students were constantly kept busy fulfilling their various assignments. The attractive display windows on the main floor of the building were projects of the art students, who created many unique and lively arrangements during the year. Publicity for the plays, operetta, other school activities, and special days was given a bright touch by the many posters turned out by the art department. The art gallery this year displayed not only the work of our own Trojans, but also the masterpieces and pro- ductions of several noted artists, photographers, and crafts- men. - Key to Success Janet Horton waits her turn at a workbench where Bob Ebendorf is soldering his silver ring. Washing up is the final chore after an hour of cre- ative work: Bob Munoz, Ellen Denzler, and Alan Wilder. "Let,s see, now, does it have an 'ii or 'e'." Mr. Williams with Clyde Channel and Georgia Zent work on word ex- ploring with the dictionary. ff , XA, , f , L' ,fn .I ' ' , , J f f ,fr AW Miss Mary Hopkins directs all of the Eng- lish in Topeka Schools. Librar Provides Valuable Aid for Interest in Book Week-1956, centered around the glow- ing fire with new books on display. "IT,S A FAR, far better thing I do,', was a familiar line to the various English students. Though only two years of English are required at THS, many students felt the necessity of taking several other advanced courses offered by the English department which was under the supervision of Miss Mary Hopkins. Speech training, play production, and public speaking attracted those students also interested in dramatics, while journalism was offered to students thinking of specific literary vocations in the publica- tions field. For improving writing ability, a creative writing class was popular. The department sponsored poetry and essay con- tests and promoted the junior and sophomore spelling bees in an all-school improvement campaign. STUDENT ASSISTANT LI- BRARY COUNCIL. SEATED: Ann Harris, Pat Adams, Pat Rozema, Mary Sloan, Sharon Harrington, and Ruth Franklin. ROW 2: Phyllis Battey, Carolyn Thomas, Barbara Weiser, Janice Carlson, .Ioan Cheng, Faye Huff- man, Betty Benedict, Myrna Fra- zer, Lylene Sligar, and Virginia Carney. ROW 3: Steve Harper, Pat Turner, .lesslyn Heckathorn, Sandra Peterson, Lynda McCune, Myrna Campbell, Marcia Pointer, Norma McGuire, Mary Mayer, Mary Tabor, and Larry Thomp- son. 24 . STUDENT ASSISTANT LI- BRARY COUNCIL. SEATED: Elaine Orr. Jill Strahan, Dorothy Perry, Shirley Tatum, Joyce Har- baugh. Lee Seem, and Susan Hofwolt. ROYV 2: Wllllla Schlod- der, Kathryn Glenn. Janice Freel, Shari Donnelly, Kay Searcy, Judy Schaffer, and Sallee Tap- pen. ROW 3: Mary Lundgren, Iargaret Fulton. Mary Brison, Pat Leach. Kay Christenson. Jill Ostrode. and Judy Abrahams. English Scholars "Every week should be Book Week." This state- ment could well serve as the motto of Topeka Highis fine library. Books to fit every mood and to interest every student could be obtained for use by merely checking them out, a small price to pay for education and pleasure. The library was not only a place to find new books, but it also provided a beautiful and quiet place for study. For the first time in years, a fire was burned in the li- brary fireplace during the winter months, adding to the homey atmosphere. Gur librarian, Miss Marilyn Miller, assisted by Mrs. This wise old owl decorated the wall V clocks and proclaimed Book Week. Naomi Cowger and Mrs. Ruth Gladfelter were ably helped in their many and varied duties by the members of the Student Assistant Librarianis Council, who learned to make better use of the library for themselves and others. Phyllis Battey, Carolyn Kraft and Charles Crank review di- agramming with Mrs. Lingo's help. - f f 4: --gm-W ffffv--Nw mnwzmfvmawlaf The Globe Theater in miniature intrigues John Peterson. Jan Lundgren and Jeanell Minor in their English 3 class. 95 X EIKDNLLAKHIHI-l1ll,v all . is is gh E if -! SS 'HA 'FS -1 Mfg at A A Mrs. Marjorie French directs the math department. The giant economy size slide rule in Mr. Snyderis room helps Kay Krentz, Diane Reamon, Monte Weddle, and Dall Eden to short cuts in computations. aws, Logarithms Tes Abilities Janet Barnett and Tom Jackson bisect an angle in advanced math. Mrs. Kingman and her "All Boy College Algebra Class." A WIDE SCOPE of courses was offered to the math students this year, ranging from a business arithmetic course to advanced math and college algebra. All these courses trained the student in logical reasoning and stressed the importance of accuracy. ln the first year algebra classes, the principles of equations and factoring were emphasized. The more advanced classes dealt with the study of logarithms. ln all geometry classes the students studied the relation- ship of lines and planes in space, and the surfaces and volumes of three dimensional figures. For the first time, a Trojan math teacher, Mrs. Marjorie French, attended the National Math Teachers' Convention. She brought back to Troy new teaching methods which had been successful in other schools. Mr. Clarence Mullenix, coordinator of the sciences. This was the day when Mr. Ellithorpe demonstrated the mixing of solutions to Louie Vallas and Hershell Tkatch. Doors pen to Many Science Skills FROM THE FIRST frog dissected to the last test tube broken, those students whose interest was in the field of science found the courses most stimulating. Those planning on a career in engineering enjoyed physics and chemistry while others enjoyed the bio- logical sciences. The botany class could often be seen during the year observing leaves and tree formations. While the biology classes studied the plant and animal kingdoms, the chemistry classes sought the answer to what deter- mines chemical reactions by experimenting in the laboratory. Each year an outstanding senior at Topeka High is presented the Bausch and Lomb Award, the selec- tion being made by the science teachers who opened doors for students into this rewarding field. 1 , 14.41 alfa - - ,ff 'www' f The frog is studied in biology because its anatomy is simi- lar to that of the human. Group demonstration is made by Miss Hutchison to Barbara Bennett, Darrell Shores, and Dan Carlson. After an unique lesson, Jann Burns and Nadine Harrison re- place organs in the mannekin used in the physiology class. 97 Miss Katherine Tucker - coordinator of home economics for junior highs as well as THS. The importance of correct pattern layout is demonstrated hy Miss Weisslieck to Nancy Atkinson and Doris Binger. Home Arts Blend Styles, Methods Miss ,lane Landseadell and Carole Light prepare for the fashion show. Getting an early start for a homemak- ing career, Shirley Chase, Margarette Wettengel, Darlene Schwartz, and June Adkins sample a luncheon menu prepared in a foods class. THE HOME ECONOMICS department offered many benefi- cial courses dealing with all phases of homemaking. All girls en- rolled in the home economics department were trained in values, skills, and attitudes essential in providing successful and happy homes. Classes such as home management, home nursing and child development, social living, and home decoration, as well as sewing and cooking were included in the curriculum. This year the home economics department sponsored style shows for all the girls in school. Presented by leading pattern companies and modeled by girls of the department, these fash- ions presented a preview of the new style trends. Precision of workmanship and skillful budgeting of time were the goals established in the clothing classes, while girls enrolled in the foods classes learned the importance of balanced diets and how to prepare meals attractively. A--1.36 f,-Mm. ,fa-ff " W' K W 1 '-sf." it , -w M W ,. 'r'- -.Less O , , . A - H - fflQ.5FLf 1-iii,-1: ,..1..., 1...r. f ,ML , 'rf-,, , -,f -f ,fs Miss Robcna Pringle. coordinator of social Miss Swenson points to some books for credit, but obviously '6Pea- studies. nutsw is not on the list. Al Moore, Alberta Havely, Bill Look, and Kathy Hayes. Ancient, odern orld Investigated FACED WTITH the problems of teaching students to become better qualified citizens was the social studies department's challenge, coordinated by Miss Robena Pringle. To help us un- derstand this complex world were: American history, required of juniors, dealing with the political, economic, and social de- velopment of the United States, and American government, also required, giving students a deeper understanding of the political system of the country. World history covered the span of civilization from ancient to modern, world background provided a semester course for those who wanted a briefer summary of history, contemporary American problems, the newest addition to the department, gave students a detailed study of current problems, psychology aided students in a better knowledge of themselves and others, and family relations concerned family life, dating, courtship, and marriage. Together, these courses built a firm foundation for future knowledge. Mr. Griflith explains to Don Moe and Ben Kuiken that Dan Ralston fseatedj is his main 6'Contempo- rary American" problem. "It started right there." Harriet Howes, ,lim Williams, and Nancy Row- land get an introduction to world his- tory through map study. This picture reserved for French students only. "Mr. O," Sue Cross, and Tom Jackson. Connie Light and Tom Mistler view Mr. Montes' display of Mexican miniatures and figurines. 00 Mrs. Helen Sutherin, coordinator of the foreign languages taught in the To- peka schools. of Langua es THE STUDY OF LANGUAGE at THS gave students in- sight into the world and civilizations of the past, as well as Trio the basic fundamentals of the language. French, Spanish, and Latin were the subjects taught in this department. First year students were concerned mainly with learning the basics of the language, while the second and third year students delved even deeper into the fundamentals and did extra reading. At Christmas time a familiar sound throughout the lan- guage wing was that of voices raised in song. The language classes met together for several days before Christmas va- cation and sang the traditional Christmas carols in the for- eign language they were studying. Important features of the language department were the clubs sponsored by the departmental faculty. These en- SPANISH OFFICERS. FRONT ROW: Loretta Lovell, Ann Haglund, Donna McElroy, Loretta Guerrero, Janet Bar- nett, Gail Morand, Norma Smith, and Carolyn Zarker. ROW 2: Sibyl Rose, Lilia Barron, Nancy Armstrong, Caro- lyn Ford, Linda Beeman, Virginia Von Riesen, and Gretchen Pfeutze. ROW 3: Marcia Brown, Barbara Munoz, Larry McGuire, Richard Mistler, John. McCartney, Randy Barnes, and Hay- den St. John. Kiwi? 1 : L . 4 4 The famed Latin chariot driven by A float in the making. Mr. O'Sullivan directs French club mem- C0l1l1iC ASkl'6Il alld Marcia Jones- bers with their "We can-can Salinav theme. Links Past With Present and Future gaged in many activities throughout the year, both social and scholastic. The French and Latin clubs furnished floats in this year's Homecoming Parade. Last summer, second year Spanish students took a trip to Mexico, chaperoned by THS teachers, Mr. Joseph Montes and Mr. Jerry O'Sulli- van, and brought back many valuable experiences to their fellow classmates. V. G. Weese, a Trojan member, was state Latin Club presi- dent at the convention held in Topeka, March 23. Planning of the convention was done by Topeka members aided by Mrs. Helen Sutherin. The meetings were held in the new Kansas State Teachers Association building, across the street from Topeka High. The dayis activities included business meetings, programs, a tour of the THS building, and lunch- eon in the cafeteria. FRENCH OFFICERS. Mary Jo Burke, Jeb Barham, Sheila Crossley, and Dick Vernon. LATIN OFFICERS. SEATED: Judy Fitts, Linda Lord, Marcia Jones, Paula Dickerson, and Rhoda Pool. ROW 2: Linda Swanson, Joyce Taylor, Marilyn Frye, Sally Roberts, Susan Heil, Mary Mayer, and Lou Anne Taylor. ROW 3: Bill Daeschner, Larry Har- ris, Gary Rosenwald, Gary Sherrer, Dick Reamon, and Jim Summers. Bach to Herbert - Repertoire of FIRST VIOLIN Claudia Beatty Mary Gayle Schuster Janice Trendel Linda Stalter Sharon Eldien Carol Dangerfield Twilla Henderson Carol Frederick SECOND VIOLIN Elizabeth Fly Paula Dickerson Joyce Holland Nancy Todd Joan Helm Gerald Nisbeth Lawrence Smith Evelyn Torrez VIOLA Jean Blackburn Errol Moore Jud Pulliam Barliara Cooper Joan Watts CELLO Karen Deeter Evan Tonsing Paul .loines Cathie Kibler STRING BASS Mina Flowers Jane Allen William Cooper Danny Swearingen FLUTE Miles Zentncr Janice Dalton Carol Ann Bell OBOE Jack Reida CLARINET Stephen Little Tom Young Carolyn Thompson BASSOON Jan Lundgren FRENCH HORN Joyce Wrenick TRUMPET Larry McGuire Gary Hall Barbara Glanville William Daeschner TROMBON E Steve Wallace .lohn Crouch TUBA William Cooper TYMPANI Warren Wood PERCUSSION Brian Beattie Danny Lawrence Pat Donnelly HARP Thelma Latter STRING ENSEMBLE. Jane Allen, Mr. Hallman, Claudia Beatty, Mary Gayle Schuster, Elizabeth Fly, Paul Joines, Linda Stalter, Evan Tonsing, Paula Dickerson, Mina Flowers, .ludy Pulliam, Brian Beattie, and Errol Moore. O2 rehestra and String Ensemble THE IMPRESSIVE sixty-piece Topeka High orchestra under the direction of Mr. Robert Hallman was ex- ceptionally well organized this year. They furnished many and varied musical selections for the Thanks- giving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies, as well as dramatic and musical productions, vespers, and con- certs. ln order to provide Troy with this fine enter- tainment, the orchestra members put in numerous long hours of practice. Performing over television and giving concerts for the junior high schools also kept the orchestra busy throughout the yearg and by the enthusiastic response the organization received wher- ever it played, it was evident that the varied repertoire appealed to every taste. Many members of the orchestra and several talented sectional ensembles won awards by represent- ing THS at the district and state festival held in the spring. The ensembles were also kept busy playing for countless civic clubs, and church groups. An added honor bestowed upon the orchestra this year was the selection of three senior members to play with the Topeka Civic Symphony. The three talented recipients of this award were Claudia Beatty, violinist, Thelma Latter, harpist, and Warren Wood, tympani. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS. SEATED: Karen Deeter, Larry McGuire, and Claudia Beatty. STANDING: Dan Swearingen, Errol Moore, and Warren Wood. Just fiddlin' around - Claudia Beatty, Elizabeth Fly, and Linda Stalter. 04 Performers Drill, March, and Add CLARINET Yvonne Bowen Adrienne Britt John Bryant Ann Chezem Glenda Clausen Joe Cleland Ja Falconer J olin Gamber Argell J antzen Floyd King Steve Little Marcia Pointer Jim Reynolds Sibyl Rose Velma Soudek John Swan Carol Thompson Neal Wagner ALTO CLARINET Betsy O'Hara BASS CLARINET Bill Beatty ALTO SAXOPHONE Ray Barber Vir inia Carney Car? Mar uette Hershell f'l'katch TENOR SAXOPHONE Tom Allen Gordon Phillips John Thoms BASSOON Jan Lundgren OBOE Becky Grantham .lack Reida Carol Schreffler FLUTE Nedele Baxley Carol Bell Mar aret Colhouer Lindga Coons Janice Dalton Pat Newman Sara Jane Pearman Helen Woody Miles Zentner CORNET-TRUMPET Bob Archibald Paul Bier Bob Cordill Bill Daeschner Barbara Glanville Beverly Gorrell Gary Hall Steve Howes Richard Kliewer Arthur Koehlar Jerry Lacy Henry Lautz Fred Martin Larry McGuire Larr Middaugh Jim lllyman Gerry Walls Phil Wheeler Steve White John Wohlfarth Tom Young FRENCH HORN Sharon Conley Ronald Hodges Joyce Myers Joyce Wrenick BARITONE Raymond Frye Ruth Holt Paul lngemanson Larry Lauber Donald Shockley TROMBONE Barry Bray John Crouch John Dawson Joe Gonzales Larry Hutchinson Gearl Manning Jim Summers Staurt Umbarger Steve Wallace DRUMS Kurt Hoffman Fred Jones Pat Kelly Dann Lawrence Davicl,Matchett TYMPANI Warren Wood TUBA Mike Ballard William Cooper Charles Lingo Linda Pratt Dave Sundquist PICCOLO Miles Zentner MAJ ORETTES Jan Bartley Carole Bloomfield Violet Boley Susan Chrastina Janice Cook Betsy O'Hara Color to Musica y Display PRACTICING ON THE parade grounds during early morning hours became routine for the band members as they worked to perfect their drills. Following the signal of the drum major, Beverly Gorrell, and a diagram showing exactly where each member belonged, the band soon became known for their precision. This versatile ninety-piece marching band under the direction of George Neaderhiser, assisted by Robert Hallman, also doubled as a concert band. Whether per- forming outdoors in parades and half-time ceremonies, or on stage for various civic groups and assemblies, they proved their ability as excellent musicians. The mem- bers mastered both modern and classical numbers as they ended this year by presenting their annual spring concert. ' The band members were honored this year by being asked to march in the Inaugural parade. Performing in sub-zero weather, the musicians found that mid-January is not the most desirable time to march. The main project of the band this year was the cam- paign to raise money to replace the present twenty-year- old uniforms. Sponsored by the entire music depart- ment, 20 percent of the operetta profits went to the fund. BAND OFFICERS. SEATED: Adrienne Britt, Sibyl Rose, Sara .lane Pearman, Betsy O,Hara, and Janice Dalton. STANDING: Stuart Umbarger, .lohn Dawson, Beverly Gorrell, Larry Mc- Guire, and John Wohlfanh. Band member off duty-Don Shockley s w l DANCE BAND. PIANO: Mack Morgan. DRUMS: Pat Kelly. STANDING: Joe Guerrero, Barry Bray, Erland Johnson, Paul Bier, Larry Middaugh, and Richard Kliewer. SEATED: John Thoms, Hershell Tkatch, Bill Beatty, ,lay Faulconer, and Ray Barber. Professional Touches Color Events MEETING DURING THE fifth period on a study hall basis ,each school day, the Topeka High School dance band mastered all types of danceable music to fit moods from gay or happy to melancholy. They performed many times during the year under the direction of Mr. George Neaderhiser, and their style of jazz and standards had a professional touch. . 7 , f M55 , it 9 ff? Lg ' fm 1 ,.,f , ' gif if Q V 2, i . me , 1 QQ ,V My I: -. 64,171 X ? f f , f ii fZ ! 22ff44f4Z'0 ff,,7V' "' ., 7, WWWZ5 ,, ,f V' 1' f J ' W, ,ff ,, af ,,f, ffdfrw 44 f ,, W 196 fit? Cy' fygf , W ,, '37 f 9171.14 'f Many early morning hours were spent in marching practice by the six Trojan majorettes and drum major, Beverly Gorrell. These girls appeared often before the student body in their white satin and patriotic gold and black uniforms, and led the marching band in perform- ing intricate drills at football games and in downtown parades. The DRUM MAJORETTES added high and fancy steps, baton - twirls, and precision displays to the band's field performancesg Beverl Gorrell Violet Bolcy, Susan Chrastina, ,Ian Bartley, fkneelingj and Kitty y Sullivan, Betsy 0'Hara, and Carol Bloomfield. 106 GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE. FRONT ROW: Glenda Allison, Judy Laidler. Kav Storum, Marilyn Atland, Marilee Huey, Shirley Ross. Mary Breithau t, Linda Lord, Carol Noble, Sue Cross, Judy Stuenkel, Rosemary Dawson, and JoAnn Beardmore. ROW 2: Bar- bara Gentry. Nancy Jasperson, Judy Waters, Carol Crumb, Vir- ginia Gabe. Elaine Scofield, Emily Smrha, Carolyn Kraft, Shirley Eldien. Migon Hunt. Gale Petereck, Marcene Gridley, Sharon Smith. Mina Flowers. and Mr. Fly. ROW 3: Barbara Leech, Carol Dangerfield, Cynthia Gibson, June Adkins, Charlene Carroll, Verna Hock, Carol Hyle, Virginia Von Riesen, Mimi Davis, Jane Newell, Judy Sticher, Linda Beeman, Fannie Comer, and Vir- inia Crook. ROW 4: Norma Edwards, Mar Ellen Lund ren, Tlelena Spice, Adrienne Britt, Linda Coons, Florence Murdock, Darlene Co p, Karen Studebaker, Daleen Rustman, Nancy Schendel, Elraine Woods, Elaine Ferrell, Thelma Latter, Marcia Pointer. and Lee Ann Seem. MISSING: Deloris Moore. G ee Clubs Sing, Work in Harmon TOPEKA HIGH'S MUSIC department has long been recognized as outstanding. All Trojans can feel proud of being represented by these talented groups as they ap- peared many times before various organizations in the Topeka area. The annual operetta and the spring con- certs were examples of the merits of their hard work and the many hours of practice that were willingly shared with both the student body and the public. Two vocal groups that performed frequently dur- ing this school year were the Boys' Senior Glee and the Girls' Senior Glee. Meeting during a class period each day and composed of an unlimited number of above average voices, the members of these two organizations were chosen during tryouts held during the spring. The girls in black dresses adorned with a T.H.S. monogram, and the boys in uniform aqua sweaters, white shirts, and dark slacks, sang at various civic clubs and junior high schools throughout the city. These groups also took part in Topeka High's operetta, "Sweet- hearts", forming the choral background. I Q 2? 4 .1 1' , J , A f . , I fi, A,,, 5, .,,.,' i BOYS, SENIOR GLEE. FRONT ROW: Richard Marshall, Bob Thomas, Gary Rosenwald, Robert Parchrnan, Jack Keim, Ciscero Miller, Mario Guerrero, Ralph Donahue, Sam Jackson, and Kay Stromguist, accompanist. ROW 2: Woodrow Bog s, Dave Sund- uist, an Jackson, Ithiel Lawton, James DeMoss,Tavid Barnett, Jiohn Harper, and Harvey Parkerson. ROW 3: Neal Myrick, Larry Johnson, Ro McClain, Fred Suedmeyer, Mack Morgan, Dale Fox, Barry Warkentin, Lyle Rahmeier, Jim Stephenson, and Ronald Riddle. MISSING: Bob Baile , Charles Gordon, David Long, Ronald Lutz, Jeff Manley, Tom Reeder, Bob Shipman, Jim Spencer, Roy Tinoco, and Lonnie Wagner. 'I07 CHOIR. FRONT ROW: Sharon Conley, Janet Juneau, Janice Carlson, Phyllis Battey, Marilee Huey, Phyllis Grover, Pat Adams, Earlene Pierce, Carolyn Thomas, Barbara Munoz, Pat Newman, Sandra Coke, Norma Smith, Kay Lindsay, Barbara Howard, and Priscilla Cribbs. ROW 2: Nancy Kelly, Sandra Hopkins, Virginia Smith, Dolly Purnell, Janet Horton, Bob Berroth, Mer- rill McCall, Johnny Escobar, Dan Ralston, Marcia Brown, Sharon Eldien, Nancy Armstrong, Carolyn Paul, Earlene Knoles, Beverly Elliott, and Jeanell Minor. Choir, Madrigals Provide Troyas 4 LQ X 'W I ,4"e ' ,Q . , ,, B , S'-, rf f AJ 7 MADRICALS. SEATED: Dale Taylor, Judy Mills, Karen Deeter, David Sloyer, Marcia Brown, Marsha Legg, and Jim Pantle. STANDING: Barbara Howard, Sam Lux, Millie Tipton, Eldon Tiche- nor, Janice Calihan, Janice Osburn, Roger Larson, and Norma Smith. ROW 3: Sibyl Rose, Madeliene Lundgren, Glenda Price, Karen Deeter, Judy Mills, Kay Stromquist, Marilyn Lowe, Gail Twining, Paul Joines, Marvin Schulteis, Janice Calihan, Christine Tilzey, Millie Tipton, Janice Osburn, and Judy Tyler. ROW 4: Marsha Legg, John Bes Public Relations THE CHOIR, Topeka High School's largest mixed vocal group, made many impressive appearances in their black robes and gold stoles. This sixty-five member unit, under the direction of Mr. El- bert Fly, spent many hours in classroom preparation. Besides tak- ing part in the operetta, "Sweethearts," the Trojan choir appeared in various assemblies, sang for civic organizations, particularly at the holiday season, and sent representatives to the spring music England, George Butler, Stuart Umbarger, Roger Lar- son, David Sloyer, Jim Nelson, Dale Taylor, Sam Lux, Larry Harris, Warren Wood, Bob Simmons, Eldon Tichenor, Gary Jenkins, and Bill Brandenburg. MISS- ING: Linda Hughes, Janice Spicer, and Jim Pantle. festivals. The choir specialized in numbers of a religious nature, but many of their most enjoyable songs were in a lighter vein. The Madrigal Singers, also under the direction of Mr. Fly, is composed of the finest singing talent in the THS music depart- ment. As an a cappella group, the Madrigals carried a heavy sched- ule, appearing often before church and civic organizations. They sang in formal attire, seated around a banquet table. The Madrigals' biggest job seemed to he the clothes problem. Keeping formal suits and dresses cleaned and pressed is no small item according to Marsha Legg and Eldon Tichenor. Q "." 4- , ..v.f1ur 'f-f-ff-M C. J. McKee, head of the music department 'K TRAVELING DEBATE SQUAD. SEATED: Brock Spencer, .lim Pantle, and Charles Buffon. ROW 2: Mary Lauterbach, Alicia Laing, Mary Io Burke, Con Poirier, and Jack Lund. ROW 3: Quincalee Brown, Penny Purnell, David Ebel, Charles Crank, and Bob Christensen. MISSING: Becky Grantham. rators Again Reign ver tate BEGINNING DEBATERS. SEATED: Susan Heil, Lou Anne Taylor, and Mary Ann Pearce. ROW 2: Mike Houliston, Dennis Kelly, Charles Manley, and Franklin Corrick. MISS- ING: Sherrie Smelser, Mary Schmuck, Don Pfuetze, Phyllis Garnett, Richard Dickinson, and Ronny Marsh. THE TROJAN DEBATERS spent many hours this year compiling pro and con cases on the question, "Resolved: That the Federal Government should sustain the prices of major agriculture products at not less than 90 per cent of parity." This yearis tournaments proved successful for these persuasive orators. As a reward for their diligent work, they were awarded third place trophies at Salina and Hutchinson, second place at Wyandotte, Derby and the District Tournament at Manhattan, and first place at Emporia and Lawrence. The victory at District made the four speaker team of Becky Grantham, Brock Spen- cer, Jim Pantle, and Charles Buffon eligible to compete in the State Tournament held in Lawrence. The squad, under the direction of Mr. J. M. Hill, met stiff competi- tion, but because of their dynamic speaking ability, they were successful in capturing the much coveted trophy, making THS the state champs for the fifth time in six years. J Debate members have many duties to perform before they entertain tourna- ment guests. Jim Pantle, Bob Chris- tensen, Charles Buffon, and Becky Grantham. ,Kilim Mr. Jesse Teel heads the business department. Fitting clothes on a display dummy is quite a trick as Joe Sne- den and Liz Prater are learning. Trained for Posts in Business World WELL QUALIFIED because of their excellent background, stu- dents majoring in business at Topeka High got a thorough intro- duction to the fast-moving whirl commonly called the "business worldf, The department, headed by Mr. Jesse Teel, offered such courses as typing, office practice, transcription, business law, ste- nograpby, bookkeeping, business arithmetic, and retail selling. The students in bookkeeping had a taste of what accounting consists of through practice sets, while typing students mastered an extremely useful skill by engaging in daily drills. The fundamen- tals of office work, from filing to letter writing, were taught in office practice. It made no difference if the studentis goal was to get perma- nent employment or merely to land a good summer job, the ex- perience and knowledge gained were valuable to all. ui Transcribing from the dictaphone to the type- writer, Joyce McKethen is checked by' Mr. Cagle. Bookkeeping techniques require tireless search for the illusive dollar. Ed Coffman, Barbara Munoz, Marsha Zeligman, and Mrs. McDonnell. 'Ill GIRLS' SENIOR LE? u WRS- FRONT ROW: Loreiwi ifuef' rero, Kay Storuml, fjheryl Stouffer, Jackie MCQuearYf and V. G. Weese. ROW 25 Norma Smith, Carolyn Th0m- as, Mitzi Hay6S, PhYuiS Grover, Karen Martin, and Alberta Havely. ROW 31 Na- dine Harrison, Janet Simpson, Miriam Stone, Sally Ossian, Judy Mills, Janice Calihan, and Carolyn Ford. MISSING: Nancy Merriman. Coordinatin Brains and Brawn, The tip-off. Inter-class, intra-class, or intra- mural-whenever ten boys gather on the gym floor a basketball game develops. Not little boys waiting, pajama-clad, for Santa Claus, but future champions warming up for action. H2 GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, skill, and co-ordination were developed in our physical education classes. One year of phys ed is required for every Topeka High student and is usually taken in the sophomore year, although second year gym is also offered. Girls, first year gym classes participated in a var- ied number of sports. Archery was the first sport at- tempted, followed by field hockey for some of the classes and soccer for others. The indoor sports of bas- ketball, volley ball, deck tennis, and table tennis came when cold weather necessitated a variety. Second year girls' phys ed classes participated in advanced sports such as tennis, badminton, bowling, and fencing for the first semester. Second semester was devoted entirely to modern dance, where the girls ll P. Mr. Larry Reid directs the boys' athletic program. BOYS' SENIOR LEADERS. FRONT ROW: Ken Sturm, Ed Coffman, Ron Lewis, Jim Flowers, and Bob Oroke. ROW 2: Larry Barngrover, Eugene Buckman, John Horton, Jim Cobler, and Lathan Johnson. MISSING: Ernie Longstaff. Physical Education Fosters Abilities learned to express themselves through body movement. The girls' intramurals were sponsored by the Troy Jane Board, made up of representatives from each physical education class and the senior leaders. Such sports as touch football, soccer, softball, and track were participated in by the boys' gym classes during fair weather. With chilly weather came the in- doors sports of basketball, wrestling, handball, volley- ball, artillery ball, and gymnastics. Seniors wishing to take third year gym who had shown particular interest in physical education were chosen to be senior leaders. These boys and girls aided the instructor during class time. The physical educa- tion classes also benefitted from student teachers from nearby colleges. Miss Pat Key, director of girls' athletics. TROY JANE BOARD. SEATED: Phyllis Grover, Norma Smith, Kay Storum, Alberta Havely, and Sally Ossian. STANDING: Sheryl Stouffer, Nadine Harrison, Janet Simpson, Carolyn Thomas, Janice Calihan, and Nancy Merriman. H3 MOVIE PROCTORS. FRONT ROW: Tom Mistler, Connie Light, Nancy Ford, Mitzi Hayes, Ruth Christian, and Bob Bachtell. ROW 2: Richard Goldsmith, Tom Weddle, Gary Rosenwald, Ed Pollach, John Huffman, ,lim Waddell, and ,lack Ostrode. ROW 3: Larry Lauber, William Feist, Paul Ebel, Larry Pressman, Bob Christensen, and Lyle Rahmeier. "Movies today!" is a welcome cry. Dave Ebel and Mitzi Hayes rewind a film pre- paratory to a showing. ROOM PROCTORS. FRONT ROW: .lo Ann Jellison, Kay Storum, Barbara Gresser, Georgia Brown, Connie Stockert, Ann Chezem, Car- olyn Benge, .ludy Stuenkel, Sue Cross, Judy Laidler, Glenda Clau- sen, and Carolyn Kraft, ROW 2: Deanna Gooden, Delores Cook, Sandy Coke, Peggy Tholl, Joan French, Susan Berkebile, Carol Car- ter, Pat Humphrey, Virginia Crook, Earlene Knoles, Patsy Patterson, and Sandy Bromich. ROW 3: Lee Barnes, Carol Hyle, Trish Bowen, Nancy Merriman, Verna Hock, Janis Scott, Ruth McCune, Linda Hankenson, Carren Wingert, Karen Martin, and Sue Clement. 114 Assistin Facult in RECOGNITION IS deserved by the many proctors who aided the faculty of our high school. These reliable stu- dents performed many necessary tasks around Topeka High. Proctoring is done on a study hall basis by those who do not feel the need of that extra study time each day. The room proctors helped eliminate the load of the teachers by helping grade papers, running errands, filing cards, and doing various kinds of busy work. Proctors in the gym offices had the extra tasks of typing and taking roll, while the dependable hall proctors helped keep order in the halls during lunch periods and gave infor- mation to visitors and newcomers to Topeka High. The duties of the office proctors were to distribute special bulletins, memos, and call slips, along with filing cards and other odd jobs around the office. Attendance Variety of Ways proctors were chosen from the several study halls. Their job was to pick up the attendance cards in each room every hour and return them to Miss Erna Sibberson, Topeka High's attendance secretary. The nurse,s proctors, under the direction of Mrs. Fern Taylor, Topeka High's registered nurse, spent an hour each school day delivering call slips and taking care of ailing Trojans who came to the nurse because of illness or to get kleenex or coughdrops for colds. On various days, something special was added to the daily routine of school work when the movie proc- tors brought educational and entertaining movies to the classrooms. These proctors were specially trained to operate the movie projectors by Mr. Vernon Hayes who had charge of all the movies viewed at Topeka High. OFFICE PROCTORS. FRONT ROW: Renae Rafter, Ann Runyon,,Barbara Ossian, Margie Wingate, Marcia Myers, Verna Frazer, and Susan Heil, ROW 2: Ray Merrick, Marcia Nelson, Mari- lyn Peterson, Joan Gray, Gail Morand, Marcia Frost, Janet Barnett, and Linda Laster. ROW 3: Joan Rowles, Linda Swanson, Nancy Brown, Marilyn Frye, Connie Smith, Carolyn Rowles, Lou Anne Taylor, and Joyce Taylor. ROW 4: Sandy Coleman, Sandra Chrastina, Margaret Franklin, Dolly Purnell, Sally Ossian, Quincalee Brown, Penny Purnell, and Judy Gorrell, ROOM PROCTORS. FRONT ROW: Ellen Denzler, Sandra Alder- man, Beverly Robinson, Mary Mc- Kenney, Gretchen Van Dyne, Flo- rence Hardee, Marilyn Atland, Al- berta Havely, Gayle Petereck, Betsy O'Hara, Nancy Butterfield, Judy Coffman, and Carla Rezabek. ROW 2: Diane Devine, Donna Barr, Joan Watts, Sibyl Riekenberg, Dixie Dunaway, Elaine Scofield, Carolyn Paul, Doris Binger, Joyce Ratliff, Sue Leslie, and Virginia Smith. ROW 3: Steve Freidberg, Janet Schrock, Beverly Gorrell, Tammie Fraker, Lucy Jones, Patty Elberts, Elaine Ferrell, Joyce Wright, Caro- lyn Holbrook, Linda Coons, Thelma Latter, Kaye Vincent, and John Dawson. NURSE'S PROCTORS. SEATED: Leona Free- man, Karen VanTine, Jerry Holmes, Sandra Oliver, and Linda Loughmiller. STANDING: Joyce Holland, Janet Carlson, and Billie Powell. 115 UIIPW' A, un p an ' un In S U In l - ...Qi li Before donning goggles for the real job, Buddy W'oodruff and John Gardner prepare metal for welding. P. W. Chamness, Vocation Education Director. pprentiees Receive Two Years of THE TRADE SCHOOL, housed in its own building, is an important part of the school system. There high school stu- dents, as well as veterans and other youth, serve as apprentices 2 in gaining mechanical knowledge in addition to the regular requirements for high school graduation. Through a close re- lationship with Topeka's labor and management committees, changes in methods and new developments are studied and s job opportunities are made known ahead of time. Students are screened, then enrolled in trade school classes during their junior and senior years, and after com- pleting training are issued special certificates. These plus personal recommendations lead to fine jobs. The metal lathe is a challenge in precision work to Oren Sharp, who studies machine shop practice. Gary Richardson and Ernest Boyd begin the complicated repair joh the Buick ofiiers them. 116 Perry Holland and Bob Victor look over an enlargement of the previous day's assignment in photography. Harrison Street near Sixth. Expert Instruction for Vocations They spend the first three hours of the school day in reg- ular classes before going to the trade school building for their specialized instruction in photography, welding, radio, elec- tricity, auto mechanics, and machine shop. Printing classes are held in the main building where a new linotype and press have increased the training equip- ment. This department does most of the printing for the whole school system, and with added machines in the near future, a complete shop giving full training will be developed. A chief job for these students is the setting of headlines and the make- up of pages for The World, and The Slate, a new school sys- tem publication. w James Avery and Bruno Sprenks find that four hands together are better than two pairs alone when it comes to working on a radio. ln the electricity class, Richard Roberts is wiring a polished wood lamp base, and Tommy Ortiz is working on a problem of 1 wiring. 11 7 In Ohms and wave lengths are old friends to these Trojans: Mr. Cast watches Stuart Leonhart as he adds the James Schrimplin, Rodney Drescher, Mr. Shoyer, Lee final touches toadrawing. Lawrence Smith looks Ward, and Kenny Johnson. On. Industrial Arts Prove Valuable in The new linotype looks like a puzzle to some, but to Jack Darrow it is becoming as simple as a typewriter. Mr. Gilbert adjusts a lever. Ed Alberg and Bob Anderson spend profitable hours at their woodworking bench 'building and finishing furniture. 118 THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS courses at Topeka High, coordinated by Mr. Loren Nuzman, presented a variety of techniques and skills to be mastered. Serving as a background for later vocations, the various subjects in- cluded were mechanical drawing, woodworking, auto mechanics, radio, electricity, stagecraft, and driver's training. For students who wanted to gain a working knowl- edge of the modern automobile there was auto mechan- ics. Or if they were interested in an engineeringvocation, mechanical drawing was offered. Radio was taught to acquaint boys with radio theory as well as a knowledge of servicing the units. Electricity courses gave boys op- portunities to learn its many uses in modern living during our busy daily schedules Mike Smith and James McNeil find that there is more to making an engine run than just turning it on. Mr. Loren Nuzman, director of industrial arts. Vocational and Sparetime Interests All the props and scenery for plays, parties, musi- cals, and assemblies were designed, constructed, and painted by the hard-working students of the stage craft classes. Classes in woodworking gave boys opportunities to make articles for personal use as well as to develop skills and technical abilities. These courses combined to teach the students of today skills that will make more efficient laborers of tomorrow. A new and beneficial organization started at Topeka High this year was the radio club. The club received its charter, and held group meetings probing into the com- plicated process of radio electricity. A senior student, Bill Brandenburg, originated the idea for this club which was sponsored by Mr. Charles Shoyer. Al Eliot seems to be wallowing in oil as he works under his car. M RADIO CLUB. SEATED: Kenny Johnson, Richard Michael, Mr. Shoyer, and Bruce Holt. STANDING: Avery Holland, Rodney Drescher, Bill Brandenburg, Loren Duffield, and Fred Suedmeyer. 'l'l9 The breakfast experiment was fun but didn"t prove its point-the Trojans who ate breakfast at home were the ones who enjoyed the extra snack rather than the meal skippers. Miss Euiliie Youngquist, cafeteria director fstand- . in J an rs. Lillian Ash, business mana er. g g Efficient orkers INVOLVED IN MUCH of the background work around Topeka High, the custodians served both day and night. They swept the long, dark corridors, emptied wastebasket after w-aste- basket, and also kept a careful watch over goings-on in tl1e basement of Troy. Members of the custodial force also kept the girls' and boys, locker rooms and rest rooms in order. The biggest headache of these hardworking men was "locker cleanout dayf' After the students had cleaned out those messy lockers, the custodians waded through piles of debris, broken test tubes, and many other nondescript articles which were not placed in trashboxes, but scattered all over the halls. The cafeteria workers were also a hard working group who deserved more credit and thanks than they received. W'here do the dirty dishes go? Carolyn Thomas and John Peterson peek through to see the end of the trail. A ,i I 3 , , fl, I pi? fr fl .6 l 'ff X f' Z! 1 nf., ,, ,,f,,pMfz,,f, STIDENT CAFETERIA WYORKERS. FRONT RUVV: Virginia Stevenson, .lean Allison, Judy McCall, and Virginia Davies. ROW Gabe. Sandra Canfield. Brenda Winkelman. Lois Barge, Teny Von 3: Ann Hoover, Carol Orr, Rose Norman, Elaine Woods, Loretta Wolff, Marsha Zeligman. and Shirley Ross. ROW 2: Karon Olson, Lovell, Doreen Toal, Nancy Kelly, Janice Kelly, and Glenda Price. Diane Reunion, Mimi Davis, Suzy Bird, Kay Swanson, Nancy , l 20 - MAINTENANCE FORCE. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Maude Howey, Mrs. Bertha Rover. Carl Brock. and Charles Faulk. ROW 2: Fred Steward, Dale Streeter, Bill Grimes. and Earl Hoffines. ROW 3: George Hivley, Tom Davis, Clarence Hen- drix. Wendell Viright, Montgomery Brown, Harold Schwindt, and Percy Phelps. Maintain Tro Q f Harvey Golden handles the mop following a dish washing session. ?reparing all of the food and serving it to the student body, hese men and women "slaved over hot ovens" many hours zach day, besides working overtime for special occasions .uch as Open House. A new idea tried this year was the serv- ng of breakfast to students in the teacher's cafeteria. This iecessitated the cafeteria workers getting to school even :arlier to prepare this food. Performed on a trial basis for ,wo weeks, the plan was abandoned because it was felt that .he students who needed the breakfast were not taking advan- l Lage of it. 4 Cafeteria manager, Miss Eunice Youngquist, was assisted Jy Mr. D. L. Erwin, student supervisor, and Mrs. Lillian Ash, :afeteria secretary. s"""""1 ., , N "Heavy" Erwin was on duty each fourth hour, handling the constant flow of 1800 hungry Trojans into the cafeteria. CAFETERIA WORKERS. SEATED: Mrs. Lola Hinds, Mrs. Edna Schutter. and Mrs. Ida Carroll. STANDING: Mrs. Anna Ald- ridge, Mrs. Viola Warner. Mrs. Daisy Hen- dricks, Mrs. Freida Whitcher, Mrs. Clara Brooks, Mrs. Myrtle Drennon, and Mrs. Myra Dick. 121 Here Are the Records of Gay Moments and Happy Days e School fe ffi rf ff' Vf ff f,. f.,,:, - V f 714- 5 Steve Swan and Jeb Barham gener- ously exchange petition signatures. The campaign waxes fast and furious with a sea of colored posters waving over the rumble and shrieks of the crowd. Enthusiasts C eer 'Swahamig WMO 1 fV T , ,, ,V , .Mfr f ff ,., ,eil ,ffa-IQJ ,,, '," ,gig "Posters must be no larger than 18 by 24 inches." Campaigner Sue Coleman and candidate Judy Coff- man visit the poster gallery in the foyer. Tense and determined, three candidates, Ruth Mc- Cune, Joan French, and Marcia Nelson, rehearse their assembly speeches back in the wings. Candi- dates spoke in class groups and presented qualilica- tions in 1-minute talks. 124 THE WEEK THAT politics invaded Troy is an event that every Trojan will long remember. Our student elections this year surpassed other years in the number of candidates registering, as well as color, excitement, and close racesg and proved truly outstanding in the spirit with which the student body participated. Yells of "We Want Swanw and "Go Barham" echoed through the halls sounding like "We Go Swahamw, until some poor sophomores thought a dark horse had entered the race for Stu- dent Congress President. Justice Harold Fatzer of the Kansas Supreme Court swears in the seven senior class officers in the impressive, annual induc- tion assembly. Election Commissioner Dawson Q" U R N I d , , A ' i"" . ..:. . "" "i' ., 3 Y GW 63 t J A SUCCESSFUL new addition to the weekis fes- C ifiet- , tivities was the Election Rally held in the student cafeteria. This was done to acquaint the students i t,:e 3,5 with the candidates before the campaigning began. 5 Governed completely by the students under the authority of John Dawson, Election Commissioner, if, .AVQ ti'V Q and Judy Tyler, Election Clerk, the elections made Trojans realize the value of democracy and govern- mental participation. The sponsors this year were Miss Phyllis Aley and Mr Lloyd Kistler. At the election rally, Verna Cor was it Myrna?D Frazer speaks on her qualifications while Judy Tyler and John Dawson contemplate their proh- lems, Comrade Laing leads the class in "Brainwashing I" in the all-school skit at the election assembly. Present and accounted for are Bill Peterman, Connie Casey, Karen Martin, Steve White, John Wohlfartli, Janet Simpson, Steve Freidherg, and Karen Deeter. 'I25 Steve Swan S Student Congress President Dick Mills Brock Spencer Student Congress Vice-President Speaker of Representative Council Valuable Training Received in Dick Mills, president of the Student Council confers with co-sponsors, Mrs. Hazel Lingo and Mr. Jesse Teel, over locker clean-out plans. 26 PATTERNED AFTER our national government, Topeka High's Student Congress did a creditable job as the main student governing body. This active or- ganization was presided over by Steve Swan and was sponsored by Mrs. Hazel Lingo and Mr. Jesse Teel. Made up of two bodies, Representative Council, paralleling the House of Representatives on the na- tional level, and Student Council, paralleling the Sen- ate, Student Congress either sponsored or aided in many of the activities that went on at THS. Student Council was made up of the president and representatives of each class, as well as ex-officio members. Dick Mills presided over the meetings, with assistance from Joyce Wright, secretary, and John Dawson, attorney. Student Council had charge of the All-School Party, and also the officers' training course, held to give officers of all organizations at THS valuable in- struction. The two houses combined to carry out many im- portant projects. Student Congress Week was set aside for different improvements around the school such as locker clean-out, the returning of overdue library books, and arousing school loyalty. The two houses also revised the point system and the election rules as well as administering other legislation. 3 'WEL L sw-an John Dawson Election Commissioner is 1 Alicia Laing Judy Tyler Secretary of the Point System Election Clerk Leadership of Student Government Q if 5 STUDENT COUNCIL. SEATED: Marcia Myers, Linda Swanson, Mary Jo Burke, Suzanne Bird, Carolyn Benge, and Joyce Wright. STANDING: .lohn Oberhelman, John Dawson, Steve Swan, Ed Saylor, Larry Hercules, Bob Christensen, and Dick Mills. MISSING: Barry Bray, Tom Mistler, and Steve Bennett. 127 SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES. FRONT ROW: Steve Fink, Allan Addy, Kay Storum, Janice Spicer, Sibyl Rie- kenberg, Sue Coleman, Phyllis Grover, and Claudia Shortman. ROIV 2: David Heath. Charles Buffon, Jack Ostrode. Linda .. ilk g Hankenson, Thelma Latter, Janet Laney. Judy Tyler. Karen Deeter, and Brock Spencer. ROW- 3: Steve Little, Gordon Schrader, Roger Burgess. Ben Kuiken. Dennis Kelly. Bill Peter- man, Ronald Bothwell. and Tom Munson. Rep. Council rges THE LOWER HOUSE of Topeka Highls Student Congress, Representative Council, was made up ofa representative from each of the sixty-five homerooms. This governing body met every week and worked hard on special programs as well as the regular projects as- signed to it each year. Each homeroom representative reported to his or her room all the important happen- ings on these weekly meetings, thus keeping the entire student body well informed on student activities. Sibyl Riekenberg, Claudia Shortman, and Allan Addv discuss mobile ideas for Queen of Courts decorations. 5 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM REPRESENTA- TIVES. FRONT ROW: Connie Stockert. Susan Ed- monston, Margie Yvingate, Wlally Sue Wlallace. Bar- bara Ossian, Susan Heil, and ,Ioan Gray. ROW 2: Gail Hawver, Judy Fitts, Jayne Wanamaker, Penny 28 Shortman, Cathie Kibler, and Elizabeth Fly. ROW 3: Kenny Tew, Tom Beisecker, Tom Latter. Karen Griffee. Pat Turner, and Mary Lewis. MISSING: Verna Frazer. June Hannav, Sally Roberts. and Myrna Frazer. i X il JUNIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES. Manley, Verna Hock, Elaine Ferrell, Jack Lund, and FRONT ROW: Gail Morand, Sue Cross, Linda Stal- Larry Young. ROW 3: Sam Lux, Richard Mistler, ter, Connie Smith, Pat Humphrey, and Hayden St, Gary Smith, Jack Tipton, George White, Jim Nelson, John. ROW 2: .lon Yeager, Elaine Woods, Mary and David Roe. MISSING: Mike Blaisdell. tudent Participation in Activities Heading Representative Council for 1956-57 were Brock Spen- cer as speaker, Richard Mistler, as vice-speaker, and Karen Deeter as secretary. Sue Cross was attendance clerk, Susan Heil, treasurer, ,lim Pantle, sergeant-at-arms, and Dennis Kelly, attorney. Mr. Jerry O'Sullivan was faculty sponsor. Special projects this year included looking into such situa- tions as the proposed city curfew, meeting with members of the city police department, and sending our cheerleaders to a training clinic during the summer months. As in other years, Representa- tive Council revised the election rules and the point system, making changes where they felt improvement was necessary. The council also did an admirable job on their regular projects, Homecoming, Queen of Courts, and assisting with the sales of activity cards, SUNFLOWERS, and student directories. I WWI- ,f I Q yy,, ,-lnnu-vu-nr-0-H - Speaker Brock Spencer raps his gavel for attention. Mr. Walter Wolfe and Mr. Jerry O'Sullivan, sponsors, check the minutes of council secre- tary, Karen Deeter. 129 SENIOR GIRLS' COUNCIL. SEATED: Rose Mary Greco. Beverly Gorrell, Sibyl Riekenberg, Elaine Williams, Barbara Howard, Carolyn Paul, and Marsha Legg. STANDING: Beverly Elliott, Marcia Brown, Earlene Pierce. Peggy Tholl, Earlene Knoles, Sandra Hopkins, Mary ,lo Burke, Kay Storum, and .loyce Glad- felter. MISSING: Georgia Brown, .lanice Dalton, Nancy Pock, Sunny Robertson. Janet Simpson, and Louise Weller. Industrious Senior Councils Work Showing the junior high pre-scrubs the layout o wheel. Senior council members measure "the biggest and the beslf' ,lack Ostrode. Mr. Vlleaver. Carolyn Paul. and ,lzmice Dalton. 130 f the biology lab. Jeb Barham acts as a big PARTICIPATING IN many activities to strengthen the school were the Senior Girls' and Boys, Councils. The councils were composed of a reliable boy and girl chosen from each senior homeroom. The two groups combined forces to successfully complete many projects. They assisted the Topeka Traffic Bureau in taking a census to gain information which would help solve the parking problem in the down- town arca. Measuring fellow seniors for caps and gowns was another job handled by the two councils. These senior boys and girls held a joint meeting where letters written by council members each describing their ideal boy or girl were read. These busy students also assisted with Topeka High Scl1ool's Open House, sold senior announcements, and aided in the orientation of ninth graders during February. guiding them through the halls and classrooms of Troy. 1-0-f" SENIOR BOYS' COUNCIL. SEATED: Gordon Hercules, Hagen Angermann, Mac Johnson, Mike Schrader. Steve Bennett, ,lack Ostrode, Jerry Lacy, O,Rourke, Ed Alberg, Steve Poort, and Jeb Barham. Larry Thompson, and Dan Ralston. STANDING: MISSING: Bob Ebendorf, Rene Fish, Dick Mills, John Peterson, Tom Iverson, John McCabe, Larry David Matchett, Al Moore, Steve Swan, Dick Vernon, and Don Rissen. U To Improve School and Communit The councils also effectively carried out many individual projects. The girls acted as a reception committee at the Sophomore Parents' Night, greet- ing and directing visitors. A project' of the Christmas season was a visit to the County Home, providing the residents with refreshments and entertainment. Fol- lowing their good-will visit, the council held a sur- prise hirthday party for Tere Aragones, the THS exchange student from Spain. The boys held meet- ings at which talks were given on various vocations hy men with particularly interesting or unusual careers. They also served as guides on Career Day. Chairmen of Senior Girls' Council were: Rose Mary Greco, Kay Storum, Earlene Knoles, and Sandy Hopkins. Oflicers of Senior Boys' Council were, ,leh Barham, president, Steve Poort, vice-president, and John McCabe, secretary-treasurer. Miss Annabel Pringle and Mr. Kenneth Meyers were sponsors. - V ' Earlene Pierce, Beverly Gorrell, and Barbara Howard serve rolls and fruit juice as part of the breakfast experiment. SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS. FRONT ROW: Earlene Knoles and Sandra Hopkins. ROW 2: Miss Annabel Pringle, Mr. Kenneth Myers, and Kay Storum. ROW 3: Rose Mary Greco, Steve Poort, John McCabe, and .leh Barham. 1R31 Shown reminiscing are Boys' and Girls' Staters Dale Taylor, Mike Brown, Kathy Hayes, Nadine Harrison, Dennis Kelly, ,lim Pantle, Charles Buffon, r I t ! Boys' State Printer Dennis Kelly and Girls' State Attor- and John Dawson, who represented THS at Wichita and Lawrence last ney General, Kathy Hayes, Sl1Il'll'l'leI'. Governin Pro 1 g cesses Lure Staters A thrill to any girl would he a trip as a state delegate to Girls' Nation. Na- dine Harrison reported extra thrills came when she met Representative William Avery in Vlfashington, D.C. Kansans clasp hands in our nationis cap- itol. With Senators Andrew Schoeppel and Frank Carlson are Kansas' two Girls' Nation delegates, Loy Brown of Hutch- inson, Nadine, and their counselor, Mrs. Alice Telford Ccenterj. 132 GIRLS' AND BOYS' States, organized to acquaint juniors selected from high schools throughout Kansas with their state government, were attended this year by eight Trojans. These students not only gained a better knowledge of government through studying, but they also learned through participating in an election of their "state" and "county" officers and by actually carrying on their own government for a week. Representing Topeka High at Boys' State were Dennis Kelly, John Dawson, ,lim Pantle, Charles Buffon, Mike Brown, and Dale Taylor. The Girls' Staters were Kathy Hayes and Nadine Harrison. l RED CROSS COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: Sue Cross, Judy Stuen kel, Joan French, Mary Jo Burke, Barbie Howard, Mary Lanter- bach, Mrs. Kingman, and Diane Reamon ROW 2: Judy Coffman Trish Bowen, Alicia Laing, Judy Tyler, Sheila Crossle , Dan Rali ston, and Suzanne Bird. ROW 3: Mimi Davis, Linda Beeman 9 Sandra Hopkins, Brock Spencer, Richard Mistler, Jack Ostrode, and Con Poirier. ROW 4-: Dave Heath, Jack Lund, Richard Mar- shall, Pete Woodward, Ed Saylor, John Dawson, and Jim Pantle. MISSING: Barry Bray. Creed of JRC 'Join and Serve' AN ORGANIZATION well known for service to others is the Junior " Red Cross. Membership in our council at Topeka High was much sought after. The meetings were open to everyone, but this member- ship was obtained only by those who worked extra hard on projects throughout the year. These eager participants helped make this year's projects successful by serving on committees under the direc- tion of council members. They undertook such tasks as packing gift boxes at the chapter house, entering a float in the Homecoming pa- rade, getting the International Chest ready to send overseas, and wrapping gifts at the State Hospital during the Christmas season. The officers of this organization were: John Dawson, president, Brock Spencer, vice-president, Sandra Hopkins, secretary, Judy Tyler, treasurer, and Judy Coffman, attendance clerk. Mrs. Esther Kingman was sponsor. 5 i f Reliving memories of last summer's trip to the Jr. Red Cross Center in Wisconsin, are Trojan delegates, John Dawson and Judy Tyler. Packing supplies for the city-wide Red Cross drive are Connie Casey, Barbie Howard, Karen Deeter, Barbara Gresser, and Sandy Brornich. 133 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: Shirley Ross, Karon Olson, Mary .lo Burke, Mary Ann Pearce, Earlene Pierce, Linda Stalter, and Kay Swanson. ROW 2: Sylvia Swogger, Tere Aragones, .Iudy Sticher, Judy Owen, Carolyn Paul, ff Marcia Nelson, Trish Bowen, and Steve Bennett. ROW 3: Sandy Hop- ' kins, Betsy O'Hara, Sheila Crossley, Connie Smith, Sally Ossian, Claudia Shortman, Jack Lund, and Paul Ebel. ' ROW 4: Richard Marshall, Bob Chris- tensen, Steve Freidberg, John McCabe, ' Barry Bray, Hagen Angermann, David . Ebel, and Jim Pantle. L 1 Peace Throu h Firm F riendshipsg if ,ai O 4 ,,., From the day she arriverl,Tere contributed to life at Troy. Here she entertains with a colorful flamenco. AFS Summer Program hopefuls get tips from Mr. Griffith on their final applications. Paul Ebel, Mary Ann Pearce, Jack Lund, and Dave Ebel. 341 ' IMPROVING INTERNATIONAL relations is the goal of the American Field Service. The ideals of this organization are clearly set forth in their motto, "Walk together, talk together, O ye peoples of the earth, then, and only then, shall ye have peace." The main function of AFS is the exchange of students from foreign countries with the United States. Our American Field Service Council at Topeka High was fortunate this year in being able to sponsor two foreign exchange students for the first time, a girl from Spain and a boy from Germany. The THS council also carried on various activities throughout the year. Many of their meetings were opened to anyone wishing to attend, and featured interesting programs concerned with bringing countries closer together. An AFS float was entered in the Homecoming parade., and a drive to send clothes to foreign countries was sponsored by this council. F Mr. William Griffith was the new sponsor of the AFS council this year. Holding the top positions were: .lim Pantle, president, Pete Woodward, vice-president, Mary Lauterbach, recording secre- tary, Sylvia Swogger, corresponding secretary, and Steve Bennett, program chairman. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COUN- CIL. FRONT ROVY: Jean Allison, Nancy Stevenson. Sue Cross, Judy Stuenkel, V. C. Weese, Mary Lauterbaeh, Judy Laid- ler. and Janet Juneau. ROW 2: Jud Coffman. Linda Beeman, Dolly Purnelz Joan French, Holle Nieman, Virginia Smith. Dan Ralston, and Virginia Crook. ROW' 3: Sandra Schoenfeldt, Lois Pauls. Alicia Laing. Steve Swan. Thelma Latter. Judy Tyler. Diane Devine. Brock Spen' cer. and Charles Buffon. ROW 4-: Petr Woodward. Gary Steele. Ben Kuiken, Bil Peterman. Dennis Kelly, Ed Saylor Roger Burgess, and Bill Daeschner. mbition of FS Gretchen Pfuetze fleftj learns how small the world really is, as Hagen and Tere point to their home countries. -W , l i 1 X AFS Council members add the finish- ing touches to their float. X ..., . uw .. as K i 1 , 'n ffff f-f' ' fi - f 453 1.51, W f ff- . .: , 1 ' I , . , , ,.,., -V ly V fmgc me 4 5:s:xev,f,2,,g-p'f,-1-1 1-.ww ,Wm ,,,,v,f4f . .Q fs , : n .V , .,m,,, f.,. ,,.,, - - f 9 . ..,. ., ,,.,,. ,WM F9 0323? 5:13 97505 E'?f,c' OQ,,0 55055. U5 we wifni. -1 F: Gln: 25.50124 ,ou 203. Mmm' 'S-'IEE' un "Sigue E.a:"4'b P352 gm? cafffgn HQ-1 2:5 sig? rr 503-- 97? ' V ' I .. ' - I ' if I 4. ' - e Rabbi Benjamin Marcus discusses Middle East problems at an open meeting. 135 g UHIIMSCPU . 'F- i V, A ,,sf:' . E A ' is . f .cfm ' 5? ." . 1 Lg. 112' .3 -' .lt r I A 5' M 555gAQgggg,ff 'lb SIINFLOWER STAFF. SEATED: Nadine Harrison, Judy Tyler, Virginia Smith, Sibyl Riekenberg, Karen Fry, and .lanet Juneau. BOW 2: Kay Swanson, Sheila Crossley, Teny Von Wolf, Barbara Brown, Holle Nieman, and Beverly ,f ,g, af. X tx , I ,,-- 4 4 , , 4 . L: f 1.4.14 Elliott. ROW 3: David Heath, Dan Ralston, Joyce Wright, Marilyn Lowe, Dorothy Trickett, and John Stumbo. MISS- ING: Virginia Gabe. Staff Enlarges Book, Adds Color, S sawn '52 Q Q2 'lib 4 y . f JWER 5,24 Z Sheila and her piggy bank posters, Bev and her layout pages, and Marilyn with her bookkeeping haunted the ,I-room for hours on end. 'I36 HHQAVE YOU STARTED working on the SUN- FLOWER yet?7' This question was a pet peeve of the SUNFLOWER staff this year as they thought back to the many hours spent working on the year- book. Beginning as early as last spring in an effort to make this yearis SUNFLOWER the best ever, these industrious journalists worked many hours in the ,I-room after school and on Saturdays, as well as during the regular fourth hour period. Holding the top position of the book was Virginia Smith who literally Hkept her nose to the grindstonen the entire year. Editor "Chicken,, had the extremely complicated job of organizing and editing all that went into the book, from the lay- out of pages to the checking of names under each picture, and the even greater challenge to make the book different. The advisor, Mrs. William Greer, could always be found in room 219 with pen in hand, the staff would have been lost indeed without her patient and helpful guidance. They met 63011 Ch2-l1lCI1gC- willing and eager, and solved problems as they arose. Now the job is done and with a feeling of pride, the staff presents the SUNFLOWER of 1957. viz' f , I x Sibyl Riekenberg Assistant Editor Virginia Smith Editor-in-chief David Heath Business Manager To Record Events of Exeitin Year Editor .......... Assistant Editor ...... Co-Literary Editors ..... Co-Sports Editors ........ Art Editor ............... Index and Activities Editor. Photography Editor ....... Layout Editor .......... Junior Assistants .... Photographers . . . Business Manager. . . . . . . . . Assistant Business Manager. Circulation Manager. . . . . . . i I ,f-W ff my A 7 ., ' fa y "Q rf , , EDITORIAL STAFF ................................Vii-ginia Smith ............SibyI Riekenberg .Nadine Harrison, Judy Tyler . . .Dan Ralston, John Stumbo ..........Dorothy Trickett ..............KarenFry .............Janet Juneau .. . . . . . . . .. .Beverly Elliott . . .Virginia Gabe, Holle Nieman, Barbara Brown, Kay Swanson, Teny Von WolH', Joyce Wright Charles Billington, David Fisher, David Dunford BUSINESS STAFF . . .David Heath . . . .Marilyn Lowe. . . . .Sheila Crossley Sports Editors John Stumbo and Dan Ralston give photography assignments to Janet Juneau. Judy Tyler, Karen Fry, Nadine Harrison, and "friend,' ponder the difficulties of measuring copy. 137 I WORLD STAFF. SEATED: Dorothy Trickett, ,lohn Peterson, Phil Lewis, and Mary Lauterbach. STANDING: Linda Stalter, Phil Wheeler, T. C. Anderson, Con Poirier, and Alicia Laing. MISSING: V. G. Weese. orld Features Dennis Kelly, business manager, sends ms assistants, Mary Ann Pearce and Anne Hubbard on their weekly tour of Topeka businesses. 138 Concise Coverage PLAYING AN IMPORTANT part in every school is its newspaper, for not only does it keep a record of the year's events, but also gives students a chance to share ideas with each other. The WORLD, Topeka Highis school newspaper, did just that. Wednesdays and Thursdays found the J -room in bedlam as the staff members scurried about in an effort to meet their deadlines. Every Friday except vacations, the Trojans eagerly received their WORLDS during fifth hour. Coverage of all the special activities such as elections, All-School party, plays and graduation, as well as the weekly features made the WORLD interesting. Among the features both entertaining and educational to all were: 6'Tower Views," opin- ions of editor-in-chief, John Peterson, '6Now I Ask You," views of various students on specific questions, '4Excerpts and Exchanges," news from other high schools, and 'LLetters to the Editor," where students could express their feelings on subjects of interest to the school. A large and well-planned sports sec- tion could also be found in every issue. The purchase of a new linotype in the printing room enabled all type to be set here at Topeka High, while previously the type had been set commer- cially. A new press is a dream of the future. 4 .ses ,miqgx Some of the l1igge'st'johs of the week start after the V'ORLD comes out. Patty Daugherty folds papers for mailing and Elaine Wlilliams keeps the clipping file up to date. Putting the pages together each week is the job of the vocational printing boys: Bill Adkins, Larry Miller, and Arthur Clark. of News, Sport EDITORIAL STA FF l-lditor-in-chief .,.... .......................,....... J ohn Peterson First Page Editor .... ........................... D orothy Trickett Seeond Page Editor. ,... l'hil Lewis, fall, Con Poirier, spring Third Page Editor. . .... .................... M ary Lauterbaeh Sixth Page Editor .......,..............................,4. Alicia Laing Assistant Page Editors ........ Anne Hubbard, Mary Ann Pearee, Phil Whez-ler Reporters ......... Sports Editor.. Assistants. . . . . . . Sports Reporters. . Elizabeth Fly, Paula Dickerson. Judy l.aidler, J. B. Finger. Sue Blake, Linda Stalter, Hagen' Angermann. members of the journalism class C. Anderson . . .Con Poirier, fallg Phil Wheeler, spring ......... . . .,l. B. Finger, John Peterson Exehange Editor. .. ....... .............. V . 0. Wfeese Typist and Filing... ................ .... ..... E I aine Williaixis BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager. . ................................ Dennis Kelly Assistants ........ .............. M ary Ann 'l'f-aree, Anne Hubbard Cireulation ..... ......................... P atty Daugherty Bookkeeper . . . . .Anne Hubbard, fall, Elaine Wfilliams, spring Editor John Peterson kept the WORLD turn- ing from Monday morning to Sunday night.. staff wrote, re-wrote, and predietet derson, and Phil Lewis. I3 nmzzwwvww ' ' " 'r i ,..s,,,,Vf' "f'fmzQQJ'w'W'W'HWM'w4mWuMmwzffzm2m Qt'1f.f as ' 1 f ln their private enclosure, the Sports I the ups and downs of Troy's athletics: J. B. Finger, Con Poirier, T. C. An- 9 QUILL A N D SCROLL. SEATED: Dave Heath, Alicia Laing, Mary Lauterbach, and Sibyl Riekenberg. ROW 2: John Peterson, Virginia Smith, Jerry Lacy, and Dorothy Tric- kett. MISSING: Dennis Kelly and V. G. Weese. Journalists Unite Internationall in E -vv9'TN-ki: V f Publications adviser, Mrs. William Greer, is the real "girl-Friday" of the J-Room. 40 John Peterson sells Jack Ostrode one of the book covers made up in black and gold. TO BECOME A MEMBER of Quill and Scroll, the international honor society for journalists, the requirements of superior work in editing, writing or business management, as well as a B-grade average had to be met. After working hard all year on the SUNFLOWER and WORLD, the accepted members attained the honor of belonging to this fine organization. The ceremony, held at Lawrence in March, was especially impressive and significant to the Topeka High School journalists. Joining forces with the Lawrence and Shawnee Mission journalism chapters, the members from Topeka initiated both their classmates and those from other schools. Leading Quill and Scroll in their many projects this year, in- cluding the selling of plastic yearbook covers, were president, John Peterson, vice-president, Virginia Smith, secretary, Dorothy Tric- kettg and treasurer, Sibyl Riekenberg. :lim-:'lxLsx.:J was . ' r ' " " KEY CLUB. FRONT ROW: Brock Spencer, .lim Waddell. john Mc- Cartney, Jack Ostrude. .lerry Lacy. John Shicleler, Merrill Mt-Call, and Gail Twining. ROW 2: Barry Wilkes, Dick Reamon, Don Moe, Larry Thompson, Al Moore. Dan Ralston, and Dick Vernon. ROW 3: Phil Frankenberger, Larry Har- ris, Paul Ebel. Bill Niemann, Paul Metzenlhin, Larry Hercules, and David Stahl. ROW 4: Carl Brace. Phil Wheeler, Richard Klicwer. Mr. Twining, Mr. Brown. and Mr. Willey, guest speakers. Key lub ims at Good Citizen hip KEY CLUB is the junior Kiwanis organization of Topeka High, and as the Kiwanis Club serves the mem- bers of the community, the Key Club serves the stu- dents ofthe school. With the goal of informing the sophomores and new E students of life and customs at Troy, the boys compiled Trojan handbooks. They distributed baskets of food to needy families during the Christmas season, and engineered a safety program at Troy in the spring. A new and unique plan carried out was the sponsorship of a group of THS students that visited the city's junior high schools. Officers of Key Club were: David Heath, president, Steve Swan, vice-president, Chuck Hotchkiss, secre- tary, Barry Bray, treasurer, and Steve F1-eidherg, New building commissioner. Faculty sponsor of this active and hard-working organization was Mr. Owen Henson. The chore of counting copies of the THS directory fell to Dave Heath, president, and Mr. Henson, sponsor. KEY CLUB. FRONT ROWY David Heath. Stese Bennett. .lfrhn Mike Bryan. Bob Christensen. Pat Kelly. Ed Saylor. Chuck Hotch- Stumho. Lonnie Nagles, Tom Jackson, Richard Marshall. Lowell kiss. Slcve Freidherg, Kurt Henry. Cary Steele. Larry Middaugh. and Training. Gary Rosenwald. and Bob lrwin. ROW' 2: Dale Taylor. .lcrry Tom Beisecker. ROW 4: George Wihite, Mr. Bodenllauscn. Mr. llen- Wx more. ,lack Taylor. Stexc Fink, Roger Burgess. Stex e Swan. Hagell son. Bill Pelcrman. Ben Kuiken, Steve Poort. Dennis Kelly. Barry Angermann. Con Poirier, John McCabe. Sidney Johnson. Elmo Clark. Bray. Sam Carnahan. Mike Houlistan, and Pctc W ooflviard. and Jack Lund. ROW 3: Larry Cook, Dave Ebel. Paul Ingcmanson. 141 K YOUTH FOR CHRIST. FRONT R O W: R u t h Rissen., Diane Acord, Shirley Burress, Barbara Mitchell, Judy Anderson, Louise Smith, Lynda Roush, and Ruth Franklin. ROW 2: Vernice Erick- son, Karen Linder, Mayona Watts, Karen Jones, Jesslyn Heckathorn, Myrna Campbell, Millie Tipton, and Leona Free- man. ROW 3: Shirley Robinson, Cecelia Gibbs, Sally Holston, Gordon Phillips, Edith Killam, Jeanette Van Brunt, Wanda Pete- fish, and Opal Scheer. , f 2 nderstandin Unites Many Faiths gf A -Z , , ' "The World Is Our Field" was the appropriate theme of the mammoth Y.F.C. Club's prize-winning float. YOUTH FOR CHRIST CLUB. FRONT ROW: Lo- retta Nemechek, Betty Shields, Mina Flowers, Pat Adams, Carol Wiseman, Vir- ginia Carney, Marilyn Heath, and Faye Huffman. ROW 2: Barbara Seeley, Darlene Graham, Joyce Harbaugh, Dorothy Peery, Ruth Holt, Janet Ellis, Gladys McRey- nolds, and Doris Rosenfeld. ROW 3: William Feist, Larry Boaz, Mr. Harold Dilley, and Bob Barnard. 142 THE BLENDING of Trojans, voices echoed through- out the third floor hall each Tuesday morning as the Youth For Christ Club held its meetings. The pur- pose of this religious group was "To stimulate interest in serving Christ and to form a fellowship group for the Christian teenagers of THS.', The programs were many and varied, both interesting and inspirational, providing a religious outlook on daily life. For the first time, the club members banded to- gether to enter a float in the Homecoming parade. After working for weeks planning and completing a masterpiece, this effort paid off when their float was awarded a tie for first place. Active in other ways, club members put up posters, and sponsored city-wide interests. The club officers were: Wanda Petefish, president, Sally Holston, vice-presidentg Gordon Phillips, social chairman, and Millie Tipton, song leader. Mr. Harold Dilley was faculty sponsor. it HI-Y. l"HUN'l' NOV: Dave Slaliy. ,ldqflt tlslrmle. .lolm SlllflPll'l'. Steve White. and Dick Smith. HOW 2: larry lillgfgllw. lxurt llenry. ,l. B. Dick lieamon. and lfugcnc Buck- mgm, HUNX 3: Carroll lxilgorc. ,lolin Petcrsmi. Ylilu' lilauisdcll. .loe lxelly. Bob X'hn1alnak4-I-. l,arry Bariigrover. ind Barry ll ilkes. Stressin Role Y-Teen officers. Linda Baker. Linda Coons. and Virginia Gabe. receive their official club charter from Nlr. E. R. WX-aver. hr ville. RIJW 2: Sylvia Swogger. Mary Lou Tabor, Glenda Allison. Wlary Dortliadeen lVloorman. HOW 3: Janice Freel. Myrna Hermann. ,loan Helm. ,loan Pratt. Linda Baker. ,lann inson. Barbara Jordan. Sandy Zeller. and Jacque Zirkle. fs of Good Citizens Y-TEENS, WHICH was open to all girls, consisted of approximately 30 members. The president, Linda Baker, was aided by Miss Dorthadeen Moorinan, Teenage Director of the "Y" and the cabinet mem- bers, Virginia Gabe, vice-president, .loan Pratt, secretary, .lacque Zirkle, treasurer, and Linda Coons and Janice Freel, Inter-club Council repre- sentatives. Among the worthwhile projects were carolling at the County Home, making tray favors, and helping the U. N. E. S. F. The Hi-Y Club tried to ucreate, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian fellowship throughout the school and community." The boys were very active this year, selling pennants to the student body and, as a service project, rebuilt the cabin at the Y. M. C. A. Camp, destroyed earlier in the year. Officers were: Bob Wvanamaker, president, Larry Barngrover, Vice-president, Carroll Kilgore, secretary-treasurerg and ,lack Ostrode, chaplain. Mr. Otto Bodenhausen was sponsor. overs. Bill XlC'lll2ll'lll. Wlel Lewis. Y-TEENS. SEATFID: April Sourk. Virginia Gabe. and Barbara Clan- Ann Pearce. Elaine Scofield. and 'Vliss Burns. Sharon Hatfield. .ludy Holr- ' I L!! SCIENCE CLUB. FRONT ROW: Karen Sims, Adrienne Britt, Marcia Messick, Gretchen Pfuetze, Carolyn Paul, Joyce Wrenick, Jill Ostrode, and Jolene Bluejacket. ROW 2: Jill Strahan, Elaine Williams, Judy Cowan, Sandra Canfield, Larry Thompson, Jack Ostrode, Hershell Tkatch, Judy Owen, and Sharon Harrington. ROW 3: Mrs. Collins, Marilyn Siegrist, Thelma Kruse, Doreen Toal, Gayle Petereck, Faye Huffman, Tom Young, Marcia Nelson, Bob Steinmeyer, Stuart Leonhart, and Phil Wheeler. ROW 4: Brenda Booth, Mary Gayle Schuster, Jann Burns, Linda Loughmiller, Allan Goss, Thomas Weddle, Ruth Glendenning, Harold Gerlach, and Tom Jackson. ROW 5: Arthur Koehlar, David Stahl, Tom Vesper, Lee Elliot, Mike Houliston, and Neal Wagner. ROW 6: Sam Carnahan, John Hiebert, Steve Freidberg, Dave Ebel, Charles Billington, Steve Wallace, John Peterson, and Bob Jameson. Science Fans Probe Modern A e IN ITS SECOND YEAR as an organization, the Topeka High Science Club was sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Collins. Members of the group were those students wishing to do extra curricular work in science. Two trips were taken by the club, the first to the Science- Math Day at Kansas University, and the second to the Engineering Exposition also held at Lawrence. The meetings of the Science Club were enriched by speakers who en- lightened the members on such subjects as radio activity, veterinary medicine, and crime lab work. Ofiicers elected were: .lack Ostrode, president, Hershell Tkatch, vice-pres- ident, Sandra Canfield, secretary: and Joyce Gladfelter, treasurer. 2 gl fi Scientists often appeared before the en- tire student body. Chemist Elliott James demonstrates the properties of liquid air. Mrs. Collins, science room seems to blossom with ap- propriate displays: Mrs. Collins, Ronald Belcher, Sue Cross, Judy Berry, and Quincalee Brown. 144 Q - W, ., wifi .M Q15 : .x'g X I MATH CLUB. FRONT ROW: Dick Vernon, Carl Brace Larry Thompson, Judy Cowan, Joan Cheng, Kathy Hayes Steve Little, and Jerry Lacy. ROW 2: Jarrett Vincent, Her- shell Tkatch, Jeb Barham, Hagen Angermann, John McCabe, Problem Solvin THE MATH CLUB, organized last year by the senior math classes, was again active this year. These ad- vanced students with mathematical minds delved deeper into the complex field of higher mathematics. A Science and Math Day was attended at Kansas Uni- versity in the fall by club members, and several pro- jects were entered in the spring science fair. Officers were: John McCabe, president, Steve Freidberg, vice-president, Joan Cheng, secretary-trea- surer, and Hershell Tkatch, program chairman. Mrs. Marjorie French was sponsor. A club newly organized was the chess club. Spon- sored by Miss June Henderson, the purpose of this organization was to gain a playing knowledge of the game. A tournament was held during the meetings with all members participating. Tom Beisecker was orga- nizer and president of the club. iz 1.123 Si in t Charles Buffon, Merrill McCall, and Larry Hercules. BOW 3: Dale Taylor, Steve Poort, John Petterson, John Peterson, Ben Kuiken, Steve Freidberg, and Kenny Sturm. Basis of Pleasure CHESS CLUB. Tom Beisecker. Richard Thompson Merrill Downer, Hagen Angermann, Bob Christensen, Steve Wallace, Bill Remmers, and Kenny Peterson. It's the White Knight's move. 14 5 FUTURE TEACHERS. FRONT ROW: Linda Stalter, Mary Baker, Jan Lundgren, Twila Allerheiligen, Bar- bara Davies, Jo Ann Jellison, Verna Frazer, and Joyce Taylor. ROW 2: Mary Jo Burke, Judy Cowan, Carol Orr, Joyce Gladfelter, Norma Smith, J5ea,n Allison, Kay Swanson, Elaine Scofield, Mary Manley, and Holle Nieman. ROW 3: Leslie Roach, Karen Keller, Judy Pulliam, Marcia Nelson, Judy Tyler, Karen Fry, Karon Olson, Connie Smith, Judy Owen, Linda Loughmiller, and Judy Coffman. ROW 4: Janice Trendel, Diane Devine, Karen Martin, Nancy Merriman, Millie Tipton, Anne Bernard, Nancy Kelly, and Janet Schrock. ROW 5: Elizabeth Fly, Dorothy Trickett, Linda Coons, Beverly Gorrell, Karen Deeter, and Virginia Smith. New As ec s of Education Viewed .us en,-, in K .:w.,iu-,v- In front of the building they will have part ownership in some day, Karen Fry and Sibyl Riekenberg, future teachers, visit with Miss Carolyn Beal, practice teacher, and Mr. Bodenhausen. FUTURE TEACHERS. FRONT ROW: Kay Christensen, Connie Casey, Ellen Martin, Joan French, Judy Stuenkel, Suzanne Bird, Teny Von Wlolfl, Carolyn Thomas, Diane Reamon, and Julie Foster. ROW 2: Gretchen Pfuetze, Nancy Brown, Sandra Zeller, Mitzi Hayes, Sibyl Riekenberg, Sheila Crossley, Renae Rafter, Carolyn Paul, Doris Binger, Geraldine Reeb, Pat Humphrey, and Jane Beshears. ROW 3: Marsha Legg, Kay Stromquist, 'Marcia Myers, Kay Searcy, Ann Runyon, Barbara Ossian, Linda Swanson, Karolyn Higgins, Barbara Brown, Mary Schermerborn, and Mary Mayer. ROW 4: Carren Wingert, Madeline Lundgren, Dorothy Peery, Kaye Vincent, Sally Ossian, Sherry Butter- field, Cathie Kibler. Mary Lou Tabor, and Ruth Holt. 146 DEWITT CLINTON, Topeka Highis chapter oflthe Future Teachers of America, was open for member- ship to all students interested in the teaching pro- fession. The projects and meetings were many and Varied, including: sponsorship of informational booths at the Kansas State Teachers' Convention held in Topeka in the fall, the wrapping of gifts for patients of the State Hospital during the Christmas season, and acquainting the student teachers of THS with the club members by inviting them as guests to an informal coke party. A coffee was held at which Mr. Wendell Godwin, superintendent of schools, was honored guest, and a comical, but beneficial skit was presented to the organization by the teachers of the community. Ofiicers were: Mary Jo Burke, president, Judy Tyler, vice-president, Doris Binger, secretary, and Karen Deeter, historian. Sponsors were Miss Annabel Pringle and Mr. Kenneth Meyers. ss' FUTURE NURSES' CLUB. FRONT ROW: Earlene Knoles,Mary Knight. Earlene Pierce. and Sandy Coke. ROW 2: Mrs. Joyce. Carol Garretson. Patsy Zirkle, .lo Ann Jellison, Sylvia Holden, Janet Laney. Sheryl Stoufler, Julie Foster, and Miss Phillips. ROW 3: Carol Carter. Joyce Taylor, Mary Sue Hill, Gayle Petereck. Mary Sloan, Sharon Harrington, Alberta Havely, Mitzi Hayes. Annette Fluke. Peggy Thornburg, and Susan Blake. ROW 4: Virginia Davies. Nancy Ford, Beverly Doherty, Marcia Jones. Judy Owen, V. G. Weese, Patty Daugherty, Carolyn Ford, Gretchen Pfuetze, and Sonja Heinze. ROW 5: Ruth Ann Craig, Beverly Elliott, Nancy Fritton, Karen Griffee, Leslie Roach, Karen Linder, Adrienne Britt, Lila Faust, Brenda Booth. Carolyn Holbrook, and Brenda Winkelman. ROW 6: Wanda Petefish. Nancy Constable, Martha Diepenbrock, Jill Strahan, Lee Barnes, Ruth Clendenning, Betsy Gray. Jann Burns. .ludy Robinson. Juanita Mellenhruch, Sandra Canfield. and June Robinson. Future Nurses Preview Medicine LEARNING THE TBICKS of the medical trade this year were the members of the Future Nurses' Club. Doctors and nurses from many fields spoke to the group, thus urging them to continue their interest in this technical vocation. The club entered a Hoat in the Homecoming parade, sold Todayis Health magazine, promoted the establishment of a future medical organization at Highland Park High School. and took a complete tour of KU Medical Center. Climaxing the year was the impressive candle- light initiation service where deserving members were presented with their pins. Officers were: Earlene Knoles, presidentg Mary Knight, vice- presidentg Earlene Pierce, secretary-treasurer, Sandy Coke, corresponding secretary: and Miss Ruth Phillips, sponsor. urn-n-ug.. ," M71 5 6gCandy Stripersw took turns in the Hospitality Shop at Stormont-Vail-Joyce Taylor, Jo Ann Jellison, and Nancy Fritton. The hospitality committee met to plan a spring event - june Robinson, Patsy Zirkle, Patty Daugh- erty, Joyce Taylor, and Bev Elliott. ' 'I47 Alberta Havely, Joyce Gladfelter, Myrna Frazer, Judy Cowan, Verna Frazer, Carol Carter, Ger- aldine Holmes, and Betty Lou Rosenlund. ROW 2: Earlene Pierce, Kay Swanson, .Karon Olson, Sheila Crossley, Renae Rafter, Jackie Zirkle, Connie Smith, Janet Simpson, and Judy Owen. ROW 3: Holle Nieman, Donna McElroy, Penny Banker, Sally Holbrook, Judy Holle, Mary Briethaupt, Carolyn Paul, and Doris Binger. ROW 4: Diane Devine, Leila Conger, Karen Richel, Shirley Myer, Judy Gor- rell, Marilyn Murray, Sally Os- sian, Ruth Glendenning, Char- lotte Goodin, and Carolyn Holbrook. Presenting Concepts of Homemakin I.. ,r,,Q MI is-ss SWL T.. A Sheila Crossley talks over interior decorating plans with Miss Finley after her nomination as a candidate for the "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Kansasw award. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS. FRONT ROW: Nancy Boley, Mary Sloan, Sibyl Riekenberg, Gayle Petereck, Peggy Tholl, Nancy Ford, Virginia Davies, Patty Richardson, Pat Rozema, and Janice Cook. ROW 2: Joan French, Delores Cook, Nancy Atkinson, Marilyn Mounger, Ann Hoover, Judy Gifford, Ver- nice Erickson, Mary Mayer, Barbara Brown, Jane Beshears, and Sandra Chrastina. ROW 3: Twila McElwain, Penny Purnell, Lee Barnes, Jill Strahan, Char- lotte Clement, Martha Diepen- brook, Wanda Petefish, Donna Barr, Bonnie Hollenbeck, Kaye Vincent, and Beverly Gorrell. 148 ' ' ' i "'- J TROHOMA, TOPEKA HIGH'S Future Homemaker Chapter, was open to any girl who was especially inter- ested in home making. Through many unique programs, the girls learned of the varied and exciting opportunities being oifered in the field of home economics. At the monthly meetings, guest speakers from such fields as dietetics, interior decorating, and journalism presented educational, creative, and profitable ideas. The Trohoma girls were extremely busy during the Christmas season. They sponsored a food basket for a needy family and entertained their mothers at a party. A special honor was bestowed on the chapter this year. Judy Gorrell, sophomore, was elected the district treasurer. Trojans were in charge of the registration at the state meeting held in Topeka in March. The officers, under the sponsorship of Miss Annette Weissbeck were: Janet Simpson, president, Barbara Brown, vice-president, Annette Fluke, treasurer, Doris Binger, secretary, and Sheila Crossley, program chairman. r,,.w,at al: - 4 Q w f F. -Ji Fe: FUTURE HOMEMAKERS. FRONT ROW: Sandra Coke, RETAIL SELLING CLUB. FRONT ROW: Naomi Mitchell, Delores Beneka, Darlene Lambert, Nancy Forbes., Judy Berry, Janice Marlow, Dorothy Foun- Root, and Mary Biesemeyer. ROW 3: Judy Under- tain, Shirley Cook, and Mary Brown. ROW 2: Liz wood, Irma Bowes, Gladys McReynolds, Don Horton, Prater, Diane Reser, Twila McKay, Barbara Lois Reichle, and Betty Crenshaw. Business Clubs Eye Secure Futures STUDENTS IN THE VOCATIONAL office practice classes who Worked and could not find time to take part in all regular extra-curricular activities were for- tunate in having the Business Education Club, organized to meet the needs of these students. The group was sponsored by Mr. Louis Cagle and the oiiicers were: Nancy Pock, president, Twilla Henderson, vice- presidentg Carol Sandbloom, secretary, Jean Swanson, treasurer, Violet' Boley and Bonnie McMaster, social chairmen, and Sharon Selbach, reporter. Promoting interest in retailing, the Retail Selling Club division of the Business Education Club was sponsored by Mr. Carl Nall. The club's officers were: Larry Boaz, presidentg Nancy Root, vice-president, Gayle Tosh, secretary, Betty Crenshaw, treasurer, Darlene Lambert and Dorothy Fountain, program chairmen. Among national delegates to the Distributive Edu- cational Clubs of America was Diana Walters, Cfront rowb with Judy Berry, alternate, Csecond from left, -row 22. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB. FRONT ROW: Sharon ton, Sharon Stwalley, and Joyce Montgomery. ROW 3: Selbach, Violet Boley, Bonnie McMaster, Nancy Pock, Virginia Wilson, Louis Cagle, Mary Lou Williams, Joyce Carol Sandbloom, Twilla Henderson, and Jean Swanson. McKethen, Carol Frederick, Shelba Lou Vfatkins, Nadine ROW 21 Betty Jo Walthall, .loyce Myers, June Myers, Mary Schumann, Neva Grame, Rosemary Martin, and Velma Lou Palmer, Marian Gates, Helen Heacock, Janice Adding- Soudek. 149 BASKETBALL CADETS. FRONT ROW: Shirley Ross, Salli Jones, Jo'Ann Jellison, Joyce Taylor, Lou Anne Taylor, and Linda Hankenson. ROW 2: Elaine Blewett, Pat Adams, Delores Cook, Lee Barnes, Martha Diepenbrock, and Dolly Purnell. CHECKSTAND WORKERS. Bonnie Weathers, .loyce Ratliff, Marjory Holyoke, and Shari Donnelly. Cadets Render A GROUP OF TROJANS that helped with impor- tant tasks at the many activities and social functions included the game cadets, varsity cadets, conces- sion stand workers, and check stand workers. These students spent many hours performing the various tasks which were assigned to them. The game cadets, under the direction of Mr. James Walker and Mr. Clarence Mullenix, sold and took tickets at Troy's home games, gave out programs, and showed spectators to seats. Carrying out such necessary duties as operating the public address system, selling and taking tickets, and operating the coke stand were the 150 New equipment and new paint changed work to pleasure for conces- sion stand workers Jimmy Nelson and Pat Kimble. it CONCESSION WORKERS. FRONT ROW: .limmie Nelson, Betty Johnson, Barbara Gentry, Jeannie Webb, and Charles Anderson. ROW 2: April Sourk, Diane Pugh, and Pat Kimble. Services to Students and Facult varsity cadets under the sponsorship of Mr. Charles Shoyer. Also under his leadership were the con- cession stand workers. These students not only worked hard during the games, but many of them stayed after school on game days to prepare the popcorn, hot dogs, and coHee, thus proving them- selves capable and dependable. Working hard at the larger social functions such as the prom and the all-school party were the checkstand workers. These Trojans took charge of the wraps, receiving as payment the gratitude of those who used their services. VARSITY CADETS. SEATED: Holle Nieman, .loyce Taylor, .lo Ann Jellison, and Carolyn Paul. ROW 2: Marilyn Frye, Delores Cook, and .lan Lundgren. ROW 3: Gary Robinson, Roger Burgess, and Jimmie Nelson. FOOTBALL CADETS. FRONT ROW: Pat Adams, Pat Humphrey, Anne Hubbard, and Marla Garhart. ROW 2: Delores Cook, Lee Barnes, Dolly Purnell, and Martha Diepenbrock. 151 USHER CLUB. FRONT ROW: Linda Hughes, Nancy Stevenson, Sue Cross, Connie Casey, Wally Sue Wallace, Glenda Price, ,loan French, Diane Reamon, Suzanne Bird, Susan Berkehile, and Carol Carter. ROW 2: Priscilla Crihhs, Karon Olson, Trish Bowen, Nancy Myers, ,loanna Richardson, Mimi Davis, Nancy Brown, Dixie Cook, LaDene Gurss, ,loyce Taylor, .loan Watts, .lean Allison, Teny Von Wolff, ,ludy Coffman, and Carolyn Benge. ROW 3: Kathy Hayes, .ludy Owen, Marcia Nelson, Kay Christen- son, Charlotte Goodin, Peggy Tholl, Doris Binger, Thelma Latter, Virginia Von Riesen, and Barbara Brown. ROW 4: ,lune Roliinson, Veon Gurss, Elaine Ferrell, Richard Marshall, Kay Swanson, Carol Pettit, Dick Reamon, Carole Light, and Con Poirier. ROW 5: Ruth Glendenning, Sandra Canfield, Phil Kemper, Dick Smith, .ludy Gorrell, David Caldwell, ,loyce Wright, Larry Thompson, Barbara Row- land, and Gloria Ashworth. Play Cadets, Ushers, Serve Visitors PLAY CADETS. FRONT ROW: Pat Rozema, .ludy Cowan, Verna Frazer, JoAnn Jellison, and Rose Mary Greco. ROW 2: Silmyl Riekenherg, Mary Sloan, Janice Marlow, Linda Hank- enson, Earlene Knoles, and .lack Ostrode. ROW 3: Steve Freidherg, Kay Vincent, Delores Cook, Martha Diepen- hrock, Sally Ossian, Beverly Gorrell, and Miss Hutchison. Many families turn out for Trojan stage presentations. Here Jim Nelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson, grandmother, and brother receive programs from ushers, Jean Allison and Judy Gorrell. 152 ALWAYS ON THE joh at Troy,s dramatic pro- ductions and musical presentations were the usher club and the play cadets. These diligent Trojans sold and took tickets, handed out programs, guarded the doors, and showed people to their seats in the auditorium. The girls wore traditional formal attire and the boys their dark suits. The usher club served at the three general sessions of the Kansas State Teachers' Association held in Topeka last fall. Both organizations were chosen on the basis of their dependability and willingness to work together as a group. Miss Bernice Finley was the faculty sponsor of usher club, while play cadets' sponsor this year was Miss Frances Hutchison. E r THESPIANS. FRONT ROW: l Carolyn Holbrook, Patsy Patterson, Mary Lauterbach. Pat Newman, and V. G. Wveese. ROW 2: Ken Chaflin, Barbara Wfeiser, Marcia Brown, Sandra Canfield. .ludy GiHord, David Heath, Nadine Harrison, Nancy Schendel. and .ludy Stuenkel. ROW 3: Loretta Lovell, Sandra Hopkins, .lohn Dawson. and Con Poirier. BOW -1-: Dick Mills. ,lim Summers, Ron Bothwell. Barry Bray, Jeb Barham, John Stumbo, .lerry Wfymore, ,lim Pantle, Dolly Purnell, and Brenda Booth. Promotion of Dramatics Their Goal DRAMATICS PLAYED an important role in life at Topeka High. Therefore it was fitting that those who had made outstanding achievements in dramatic productions were given recognition by becoming members of the Na- tional Thespian Society. Whether performing on stage or working behind the scenes on properties or costumes, the Thespians were pledged to umeet all responsibility prompt- ly, discharge all duties faithfully, and act in accordance with the rights and privileges of all concernedf' Ufficers were: Judy Gifford, president, David Heath, vice-president, and Sandra Canfield, secretary. One of the largest clubs at Topeka High was Masque and Wig. Everyone who had worked on a play, the play production classes, and the usher cluh were memhers. F Judy Gifford, president of Thespians, L will he remembered for her role of Laura in "The Glass Menagerie." 4 Masque and Wig held no regular meet- ings, but members were always busy working on plays and other produc- tions. 153 '6What are you going to do with that cushion," Olivia chokes back a scream as she realizes that the man she was asked Mrs. Bramson. 6'What are you-', and attracted to had committed an unbelievably horrible crime involving her voice died away in the smothering pillow. a blood-stained hatbox. Selfish Invalid Ins ires M r er p u d ESSEX, ENGLAND WAS the setting for the Junior Class Ng Play, "Night Must Fall" presented October 12, in Hoehner -lf, --.W Auditorium under the direction of Miss Gertrude Wheeler int p on - . L" J' and Miss Martha Herrick. ' lf of T" i No one will forget Dan, the bellboy, who worked in a 'fi if, ' resort hotel near the home of Mrs. Bramson, rich and sup- S A posedly invalid, or how Dan charmed the elderly widow into adding him to her household servants. The murder of a guest at the hotel was traced to Dan by Olivia, Mrs. Bramsonis un- STAFF happy niece, who chose to shield him. In the grip of his hom- Director ,,,.... Carolyn Holbrook icidal instincts, Dan also murdered Mrs. Bramson, giving the gf' lggfecto' 4""' Bag? Bray play a dramatic climax. The play closed as the police took CAST ge anager ..... erry ymore The Lord Chief Justice, Steve Freidberg Ass't Manager ...... Ron Bolhwell Property .Managers ...... ........ Janice Spicer, Carren Win ert Dan away to be punished for his crimes. Mrs. Bramson . Patricia Newman Olivia Grayne. . .Marcia Brown Hubert Laurie ..... Jim Pantle Nurse Libby ..... Leslie Roach Mrs. Terrence . Nancy Schendel Dora Parkoe ..... Babs Weiser Inspector Belsize . . Ken Chalfin Dan ............ Jeb Barham S Jean Allison, Mary Ann Pearce Costume Managers ..,........... Joan French Janice Kelly Linda Stalter John Dawson Business Manager .... Con Poirier Ass"t Manager .... .Jim Summers Publicity .......... Judy Coffman When Jeb CDanj was handcuffed, it was done realistically with Miss Herrick keeping the keys on a ribbon around her neck. Miss Wheeler coaches nearby. The empty wheelchair . . . the murderer caught . . . 154 and Olivia stands relieved that it is all over. The cast and stall' gather around to get the feel of the special In her outmoded finery, the w i s t f u l music written for the Broadway success. Amanda tries to recapture the day when Retreat from Realit Builds Plot MASQUE AND W7IG'S presentation of "The Glass Mena- gerie" by Tennessee Williams, was given November l7. The characters who were woven into this realistic and intense drama were: Amanda, the mother who realized the hopelessness of ever getting a gentleman caller for her shy, crippled daughter, Laura, the daughter who was unahle to face the realities of life and withdrew into the imaginary world of her glass figurines, Tom, the son who was torn he- tween leading his own life, and loyalty to his sister and mother, Jim, the gentleman who called to give hope to Amanda, but who was already engaged. "Be careful, if you breathe it breaks," warns Laura, showing her favorite unicorn to her caller. Amanda, in a rare companionahle mood, reveals to'Tom her love for his father whose spirit glows from his photo- graph. R .5-x n ts A CAST The Mother. .Sandra Hopkins Her Son ........ John Dawson Her Daughter .... ,ludy Gifford The Gentleman Caller ....... John Stumbo STAFF Director ..... Nadine Harrison Ass't Director. . .Loretta Lovell Stage Managers ............ Jerry Wymore, Bon Bothwell Property Managers ......... Glenda Price, Diana Deaton, Georgia Brown Costume Managers ......... Brenda Booth, Gretchen Pfuetze, David Heath Business Manager .David Heath Assistant Business Managers.. Hayden St. John, ,lim Stapleton Publicity Directors ........, Judy Coffman, Sharon Eldien, Dennis Kelly Ai ill-fy gin' 1 "The Angelus"-Lovely to look at and hear. Marsha Legg sang the role of Sylvia. Complications arose when Mikel, Slingshy, Von Tromp, and Caniche each disguised himself as the monk who abducted the princess. Fair Tale in Son THE ANNUAL OPERETTA presented hy the comlrined ef- forts of the instrumental and vocal departments was again a success this year. 'isweetheartsfi with Words and music liy Victor Herbert and Robert B. Smith, was presented on February 15 and 16, in Hoehner Auditorium. After many long and tedious hours of practice hy the cast, choruses, dancers, orchestra, and instructors, the final stage was set and the curtain was raised on a fairy tale in song. Taking place in Belgium, the story concerned a princess who had disappeared from her home in Naples when a mere infant. Found by Dame Paula who ran the Laundry of the Wllite Geese, Sylvia, as the girl was called, was reared as one The soldiers marched to "On Parade," and stole the hearts of Dame Paula's "little geese." 156 STAFF Dramatics Director ............ .... D olly Purnell Music Director ..... ......, ........ ,I u fly lllills Publicity ........ .... S tuart Umbarger Business . ...... Dan Ralston Costumes . . ..... Glenda Price Propcrties ,..... ..... T helma Latter Dances .......... . . .Carolyn Thomas Technical Director. . . . .Jerry Wlymorc 11 alfwmffiiin :If N i1 f If 1, I. Liane shows disappointment when Dame Paula reveals that Sylvia is the real princess. Enchants Audience of her own daughters. Mikel Mikelovisky, who knew the true identity of Sylvia as the Princess of Zilania, came to the laundry in search of this heir to the throne, and it was here that the story began to unfold before the audience. More amusing and realistic characters were added to this charming tale, and the plot thickened as Sylvia and the heir presump- tive, Franz fell in love. Complications arose as Liane, a milliner, was mistaken for the lost princess, but by the com- bined efforts of Dame Paula and Mikel, Sylvizfs true identity was revealed as the missing Princess Jeanne. To the melody of 'iSweethearts,' the prince and princess declared their love for each other, and uthey lived happily ever afterf, ,ABS 1 i Z I E : Q vs 'S K "' If-vksi N-Q ' . ,,,,,4s r, . .K .,., , -and the princess and her prince lived happily ever after. ' CAST Jeanette . . .... Barbara Howard Nanette . . . ..... Norma Smith Clairette .. ...... Phyllis Grover Babette .......... Marcia Brown Lizette ........... Janice Osburn Village Boys and Footman ..... Neal Myrick, Jim Stephenson, Barry Warkentin Waiter ........ Harvey Parkerson Captain Laurent .... Merrill McCall Sylvia ........ .... M arsha Legg Prince Franz ......... Jim Nelson Liane ........... Janice Calihan Dame Paula ......,. Millie Tipton Lieutenant Karl ..... : . .Sam Lux Petrus Von Tromp ..... Jim Pantle Aristide Caniche. . .Eldon Tichenor Hon. Percy Slingsby,Roger Larson Mikel Mikelovisky. . .John Dawson Toinelte .......... Karen Deeter ulron, Iron, Iron." H 'f "f 14f : Y 'T f Kay Storum and Pat Kelly gracefully finish their wal tz to 4'Sweethearts." Complaining about their mounds of laundry, the six sisters, Nanette, Clairette, Jeanette, Babette, Toinette, and Lizette, sing the delightful 157 Climax to an unusually fine performance-beautiful lighting ef- fects, exotic head pieces, and oriental music made "Morocco" memorable. if f J V 2792 f ', YV f 'ff Nothing like six dames-Judy Stuen- kel, Jean Allison, Mimi Davis, Su- zanne Bird, Nancy Stevenson, and Sue Cross. 'Your Show' Scores Fifth Success fini: Pat Kell 's initial sta e erformance Y ' 3 P was a "howling success." 158 "NO TWO SNOWFLAKES are alikef, said Charlie Brown. Dennis Kelly, M.C., reminded the students of this many times as they viewed "Your Showi' this year. Variety was the keynote of this assembly held December 7. Of the thirty-four acts that tried out, twelve outstanding ones were chosen. Among these were "Puppets" by Pat Kelly, songs by Lilly Hayes, Bev Elliott, Dave Sundquist, Karen Deeter, Barbie Howard, and Janice Osburn, "Happy Feet," a tap dance by Carolyn Thomas, Elaine Williams, and Bonnie Phelps, a Spanish dance by Tere Aragones, a piano solo by Robert Thomas, and an organ solo, "Brazil," by John Jackson. Many long hours of practice went into preparing the 1956 "Your Show," the fifth presentation of this event given on the Trojan stage. The committee in charge included Brock Spencer, Nadine Harrison, Barry Bray, and Judy Coffman, with Mrs. Esther Kingman and Miss Phyllis Aley as sponsors. 0 " iff X l E X Blanche Murray, Marilyn Mounger, Bon- nie Williams, and Travies Berryman did an interpretive dance. Missing: Adrienne Britt. 1 1 llr. Lou Heard, chemist and lecturer, is caught demonstrating an amusing side of the problems of fire prevention. I john Wohlfarth laughs hut he is "in thc clutches" of Dr. Henry Gerald, Danish hyp- notist. Assemblies Enli hten ll tudents A VARIETY of programs brought to Topeka High students a welcome change from the everyday class routine in the form of assemblies. Both educational and entertaining, these programs ranged from serious lectures to chorus line dancing and rock in roll. The traditional assemblies such as Homecoming, Your Show, A. F. S. Tag Day, Christmas, Easter, and other programs by the music department were exceptionally well received. Clever skits offered a variety to the pep assemblies at which the band provided enthusiastic music. Many Friday midmornings found the 1800 Trojans in the audi- torium listening to interesting presentations on the K. U. lecture series. These included programs on liquid air, time-lapse photog- raphy. and onc by a Polish-American tenor. An especially inter- esting assembly was presented by a hypnotist, and there were several fashion shows for girls only and a boys' assembly by Fisher Body Company. ln a pep assembly, Diane Tuttle demonstrates a Russian cheerlead- crski getting ready to yellovitch. Karen llectcr, Barbie Howard, and Janice U burn are on stage in the 1956 "Your Show. 159 vi '74 - V j H " 1, V. fs. ' f wwf-, , E 1' , 2 ' A ,, 4..,,L ' S , ,W f .M ,ff , 5 E Y y E 4 5 LQWV 3 ' M'- f f 1 pf 5 Wy f 35 , 94' -U. , V 1 Y V i ,vs 4, 4 an 5' 1 49' ,V Q T rm 2 , ' ipuv' Qt, "jan 'fiif X E6 ssfcx, W ' M . , ' I 1 sf f-,,.'r'.-,f 2 jay , -'-. f W " 'Jvlnf f Q V M ,rn , ,gall-V4 51 I 1? Uv ,L V - 'cw i '- V . an Zwfz- -4 c 5 Q a f ' v 1 4 ,lg ,il ,f Q, i ' 1' W 4' " 'I 55 V f , f -Lk? ' X J 4 4 'Vi X 5' ' rag , , f-M i f " '. 5 1, 5 ff V gg V f I ,, ZZ. , ,Z gi rg? I 3 H 1 at Z ' E , ' N2 f, S B , ycic , 1 y t - W he M 'Q A , , -- - , , V f X , I , I 3 , ,524 I W W, A 2. K F, Poor Marcia Myers and Sallee Tappen are getting In the g'Land of the Sugar Plum Fairyf' ,Iudy Coffman, Caro- "nuttin, for Christmas? lyn Benge gets her every wish, cheered by court jester, Patsy Patterson. ' utcracker Suite' Inspires The long awaited moment-Dick Mills AT A PARTY AT her house on Christmas Eve, little Marie received an array of gifts. Among them was a wooden nutcracker which fascinated Marie more than her doll and other toys. That night, when everyone was in bed, Marie crept downstairs to look after her beloved nutcracker. When she fell asleep on the couch, wonderful things began to happen. The Christmas tree again blazed with lights, and her doll, clown, and toy soldiers came to life and danced. Out of the wall came mice who engaged the soldiers in battle. .lust as the mouse king had the nutcracker at his mercy, Marie threw a well- aimed slipper, and the mouse king fell. The nutcracker then changed to a handsome prince and offered to re- ward Marie for her deed by taking her to the "Land of the Sugar Plum Fairyf, In this enchanted kingdom where there were lollipop trees, giant-sized gumdrops, candy canes, and ribbon candy, Marie was entertained by the crowns Queen Sandra as King Jeb and Mimi Davis, crown hearer, look on. 160 Almost to burst with eagerness to learn the outcome are royalty candidates Na- dine Harrison, Steve Swan. Ed Alberg, Ernie Longstaff, Jeb Barham, Sandra Hopkins, John Dawson, Sue Coleman, Bev Elliott, Marcia B r o w n , Earlene Knoles, and Bob Ebendorf. Junior flower girl Linda Beeman slips a Mice or Men? Gray suited, Janet Juneau, Marcia Nelson, Thelma corsage on attendant Sue Coleman's wrist Latter, Judy Sticher, Sheila Crossley, Julie Foster, and Shirley as her escort, Ernie Longstaff, watches. Ross obey Mouse King, V. G. Weese. nique Christmas Sugar Plum Fairy and her subjects. Thus unfolded the "Nutcracker Suitew. Climaxing the evening was the royal eoronation of the 1956 All School Party. Every Trojan waited eagerly as Dick Mills, vice president of Student Congress, intro- duced the attendants, Sue Coleman, Ernie Longstaff, Beverly Elliott, Ed Alberg, Marcia Brown, Steve Swan, Nadine Harrison, John Dawson, Earlene Knoles, and Bob Ebendorf. Then the peak of the evening arrived as down the center aisle came Queen Sandra Hopkins on the arm of King Jeb Barham as the organ played the appropriate melody "Sweethearts,'. A dance was held immediately following the pro- gram in the school cafeteria. Elaborate blue and.-'silver decorations followed the theme of the programjand music was furnished by Buddy Brownis Band. q Fantasy In white dinner jackets and pastel for- mals, Kay Storum, Bill Peterman, Bar- bara Howard, and Dave Sloyer dance to "The Waltz of the Flowers". Lovely and graceful, the Arabian dance was outstanding: Mary Lauterbach, Ali- cia Laing, Karon Olson, Trish Bowen. and Bonnie Phelps. 161 Z 6 H A Nadine and I -ml .l0hH n 1 ff ,ff ff V ue and Ernie k . 'N' , I X 'mf - Q "fl 4:?'A 1' ff , ' fl Q fax S We Q f Sgllfi All School Party Royalty STANDING: Ed Alberg, Bob Ebendorf, John Dawson, Ernie Longstaff, Bev Elliott, Steve Swan, and Marcia Brown. SEATED: Nadine Harrison, Earlene Knoles, and Sue Coleman. ff ' MW" Qfirffy, ff Aff! . V pw . A , . ,. , , ff' f A g if . ,ff ' mf f' ' 12 fy: ,:f.,fM K, , I f I aff ,fi 7' ff ' fi 4 WZ' f X , K. W vlan.. ' K J Bev and Ed Marcia and Steve wwf' 1 X W I1 """" M' E e E. w G e E E 5 K 5 x E K n Bob and Earlene 7? X M X df Y X 2 ,f If 4' 1 1 I, X, 4, f f ,rw M f A f f W 4' f x f 4 If fx M fr, Lf I 'MW lx f 354 x f f', f X ff 77, jf' 1 M , J King Jeb Barham ueen Sandra Hopkins 165 Symbols of a School, These Excel in Fair Pla i X M 'N' WJ'f1"W ff? ,J '--' QXUQQSN , aff, . . 1 I if , ifgi r 41 " ffl f" - V .412 ff 5 f if V .f' la Qv oo l . lx ll'vl..'l1'f A ll J' ' o , ll 1. 5 lll, of l o Mm fjgfjfifyiQ41g3Q'gq:jQMf4f' I I P xg Hpf' 'e. f'--3'1gl:.- l Q W l o 1 -ff lf lf k':Sf.:.1:f:f - '4 'fo Walt? . IN '?Z3:7i 91 3' fav' l ' ff' 921 . o fooll l l ooo, if l4 V 'fl . ' ?-f-"f'j'i'if-if VVV, , . -"5 ..-. ',,. I U I i . , "ii:,2f.. xg 5:3 y . ffm X. -f Jfff Q 1 ",, 4. o K - f l 3. .,o' . . f-fn' l NJGH' .W ' lf, 1 , -f :X X". . . xy- 0.5 Q15-1. ff -?i+?:.f'."oJ'h. 1: 'J RN? f 324. -osx . w' 1 -5. x ' if J! .-XX XJ HAL -.NX .Lllffn ' 5 5. .X f n1s a tfs ,JJ "W H , " 6 j ,ln , A VV' ,Z , ' W. 4.2 . J 4 f q , Q' f' . 4 ' f f ,- M , . 1:-,. ,' , .Q I 53' 71 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD. FRONT ROW: Glenn Chalmers, Gene Bailey, Lar Starbuck, Jon Yeager, Ray Merrick, Veon Gurss, Bill Curry, Dan Escobar, Raymond Frye, and John Escobar. ROW 2: Ed Thornton, Gary Peterson, Don Berry, Gary Smith, John Pet- terson, Bob Ebendorf, J. D. Barger, Ken Sturm, Mel Lewis, Ernie Longstaff, John Shideler, and Henry Halseth. ROW 3: Otto Boden- hausen, Jaek'Tipton, Torn Iverson, Jim Nelson, Glenn Dodd, John Davis, Jack Lund, Bob Kaul, Torn Mistler, Mike Blaisdell, David Troy's Gridmen Blemish Reeordg is-h Head Coach Bodenhausen directs the Trojan attack from the sidelines. 168 HEAD COACH Otto Bodenhausen guided the 1956 Topeka High football team to an almost repeat perform- ance of the previous year's record. The Trojans were de- feated only once in eight starts, this being to the Law- rence Lions who went on to capture the State Prep Championship. For the second straight year the pigskin squad won an undisputed title over the Sunflower League teams of Shawnee Mission, Wyandotte, and Washington Rural. The four-team league was inaugurated last year. Topeka's first opponent was Highland Park and al- though the Trojans exhibited much early season green- ness, they defeated the Scotties 9-0. The Topeka squad garnered a safety in the latter portion of the first period when the Scot center made a bad pass which was gathered in by John Petterson, an alert lineman, in the end zone. Ernie Longstaff scored for the Trojans in the second quarter after a 28-yard kickoff return by Bob Kaul. The only threat- by the Scotties was a sustained drive to the Trojan l4-yard line where it was abruptly halted by the Bodenhausen men. - 4 Q Y. THS OPPONENT 9 Highland Park O 12 13 Wichita East 7 33 Salina 6 20 Shawnee Mission 7 20 Wyandotte 7 20 Washington 7 40 Ward ' 0 Lawrence 21 Roe, and Owen Quick. ROW 4: Ed Alberg, Joe Co p, Harr Jolley, Jim Abbott, Jim Avery, Lathan Johnson, Willie Coleman, Allilin Wilfiams, David Sloyer, Larry Barngrover, Bob Wanamaker, Joe Kelly, and John Jones. Lose to State Champion Lawrence The next Trojan encounter was with the oppressive Lawrence team. The Lions, seeking revenge from their 13-12 defeat of last year, found it by holding the Topeka squad to only 88 rushing yards on the ground while they scored twice in the second quarter and again in the third, Bob Kaul and Willie Coleman were the Trojan scorers, with Bob's opening kickoff return of 93 yards to pay dirt being the most impressive play of the game. After this tromping by the Lions, the Trojans thrilled a Wichita crowd by barely edging a touchdown in the final 45 seconds of the game. Troy was behind 6-7 in the concluding seconds when Willie Coleman ran to the Blue Aces' 2-yard line where he was tackled. Ernie Longstaff then blasted over for the touchdown. The con- version was made, and the Black and Gold had the neces- sary lead, winning the game 13-7. Coleman was the big ground gainer, driving 131 yards, setting up the first touchdown by a 53-yard carry. The Trojans rushed 239 yards as compared with 88 in the game with Lawrence. SEASON'S RECORD Troy's co-captains, Ed Alherg and Bob Ebendorf, lead the Trojan squad onto the field through an aisle of cheering pepsters. 169 K, Q T fs mv,-5, 1. ...num Willie Coleman was the Trojan team's reg- ular fullback and top ground gainer. Mel Lewis, senior start- er at the halfback spot, was the top kicker of extra points. , 6' 4- ffyy .. ' J ,f . . . ' .ov f ,f fd -wr I . f . , ff y WMO ff Z 6 Ernie Longstaff, Troy's speedy halfback, was a prominent scorer and pass receiver. Joe Kelly, end, distin- guished himself by gaining a Sunflower League berth. Passing, Rushin THE FOURTH encounter for the Bodenhausen hrvyvyff Bob Kaul C115 tackles a speedy Wichita ball carrier as teammate Joe Kelly comes in on the assist. Co-captains Bob Ebendorf and Ed Alberg await the de- cision of the tossed coin at the Vlfashington Rural game. 70 squad was with the Salina Mustangs before a Home coming crowd. The Mustangs were completely over whelmed by the Trojan offensive and were behind 20-0 at the end of the first half. Trojan reserves scored twice in the third quarter to give head-coach Otto Bodenhausen his 16th win over 7 losses by a 33-6 margin. and although they competed before the Indians Homecoming crowd, the Topeka squad defeated them 20-7. This was the Black and Goldis first vic- The Trojans then journeyed to Shawnee Mission tory in the Sunflower League race. The Wyandotte Bulldogs came to Troy with the intention of evening the score in the League race but an alert Trojan defense stopped them cold. The Bulldogs were held to only 76 yards on the ground, but gained 116 yards in the air in eleven successful passes. On the other hand, the Topeka gridmen rushed 180 yards on the ground and passed for only 37 yards. This was Topeka High's second consecutive Sunflower League victory. 120, Q ffl,-,v p , I S" if f ' H g k f 5 ' 2:11:- . L, .t f' K, ' , 4, ,5 - f x 4 .gfyfgf ., gf.. ,,i I V- , , I jf: , X ,.,,'f,j':2f i wf,pf . - M K Bob Ebendorf, co-cap- tain and guard, led the defensive attack and left forward wall. Ed Alberg, a co-cap- tain and quarterback, nabbed the Trojan's offensive title. Joe Copp. a defensive Harry Jolley, a rugged end, was top pass re- end man, won a berth ceiver. and a speedy on the Sunflower interference man. League team. Dominate Play Washington Rural's defense could not match the spirited offensive tactics of fullback Willie Cole- man as he galloped 73 yards for a first period touch- down, 33 yards to score in the second quarter, and finally a 53-yard dash into the end zone in the third period. This spirited Trojan bullied his way through the Wildcat defense for 182 yards in seven attempts to lead the Topeka squad to their second consecu- tive Sunflower League championship. The Wildcats scored late in the fourth quarter, making the final score 20-7. The final game for the '56 Bodenhausen men was with Ward. Although playing this last game away from home, the undaunted Trojans tromped the Cyclones 40-0, clearing the benches the second half. After playing these reserves for a full quarter, coach Bodenhausen sent his first eleven back into the game. On their opening play, they flattened the Ward defense, allowing quarterback Ed Alberg to run 93 yards for a touchdown. This was the husky senioris most impressive run in three years of varsity ball for the Trojans. Bob Wanamakcr, tack- le, won places on all- conference and covet- ed All-State teams. John Petterson, tackle, has been a stalwart in the line for two years. Willie Coleman drives hard into a Salina tackler after a short gain. Larry Polter, tackle, was one of the Tro- jan's top defensive threats. Ken Sturm, rugged center, proved a con- stant threat to Troy's opponents. Larry Barngrover who made all - conference was a top guard. 1 'it . f-2 - - I - ,,, 5 ,A ga " 'f W: ? Lathan johnson, defen- sive tackle, constantly helped in major gains. 'I7l I i - m. Alvin Williams, shifty halfback, won his first monogram this year. Bob Kaul, two-year vet- eran at quarterback, saw considerable action. Mel Lewis evades a Salina tackler while circling around right end. This play helped m- boost the Homecoming victory. Tro Dominates Sunflower League THE 1956 Bodenhausen men ranked superbly in the V -vyu seasonal Sunflower League choices. The head coaches .vig Lii L . 1 " ' , o iiii met and picked the boys they felt were the most quali- wg-. K x y y. iiiii E fied to fill the respective positions on the Sunflower cypy .,,- 1 5 team. ffg 'aqpy nf iq tuh if I fi ip. Three Trojans were unanimously elected to the W' s Zl' mythical squad - fullback Willie Coleman, tackle Bob ifib T 'ii Wanamaker, and guard Larry Barngrover. Troy's fine L c. quarterback Ed Alberg, and ends Joe Kelly and Harry ' Jolley were also honored. Bob Ebendorf, co-captain, John Shideler was a fre- quent ball carrier in the left halfback slot. John Wood, husky cen- ter, was a transfer from Florida high school foot- ball. Bob Wanamaker and John Petterson demonstrate their blocking in an early season practice. 72 missed a berth on the league team by just one vote. Shawnee Mission placed four boys on the Sunflower team, while Wyandotte's halfback was their only repre- sentative. The only all-state representative from Troy's gridmen was Bob Wanamaker. Bob proved himself to be an essential part of the Topeka line. l David Roe, a threat at defensive end, will be a welcome returnee next season. Mike Blaisdell, a rugged tackle, will be a return- ing letterman next year. w -m Paul Chapman, a new- c 0 m e r to the line, played an impressive initial season. All- conference quarterback Ed Alberg skirts around right end. climaxing a touchdown drive. for Second Year THE TEOJAN offense piled up 1,931 yards on the ground throughout the year, while holding their op- ponents to 960 yards. Aerial warfare by the Trojans was good for an additional 425 yards, with Ed Alberg credited with 384 yards. Leading the pass receivers was Joe Copp with eight catches netting 189 yards. The men of Troy were forced to punt 25 times, with Gene Bailey, Ed Alherg, and ,lon Yeager kicking. Their overall average was 32.8 yards, with Alherg punting 19 times for an individual percentage of 30.4. Leading the ground gainers for Troy was Willie Coleman. This hard hitting three year letterman ran for 746 yards for an average of 6.4 yards per carry. Quarterback Ed Alberg was next with 457 yards on the ground, and together with his 384 yards in the air, this made him the Trojans, leading offensive player. Ron Rowland showed promise of becoming a standout linesman. defensive man. V John Escobar was a l i g h t but aggressive line member winning his first letter. Larry Murray gave the Trojans depth and speed at the halfback position. Ken Perry, junior let- terman, played an im- pressive season at half- back. Don Rumsey, senior center, saw considera- ble action during the season. Jim Avery' 3 late sea' Football managers, Gary Jenkins, Larry Rug- son Bufpnset was a IOP gles, Stuart Leonhart, and Barry Wilkes car- ried a heavy load for both team and coaches. I7 FOOTBALL STATISTICS LEADERS Rushing Yardage Att. Yards Avg. Coleman .......... 116 746 6.4 Passing Yardage Att. Comp. Yards , Alberg ........... 47 20 384 Pass Receiving Catches Yards Copp ....... 8 189 Punting No. Yds. Avg. Alberg ........... 19 577 30.4 SCORING Player TD PAT Total Coleman .. ....... 8 0 48 Alberg .... 6 0 30 Lewis ...... 2 14 26 Longstaif . . . 4 0 24 Avery .... 1 0 6 Kaul .... 1 0 6 Johnson .. 1 0 6 Williams .. 1 0 6 Perry . . . I 0 6 Bryant ............. 1 0 6 Roe ................ 0 1 1 TEAM STATISTICS THS OPP. First downs ...... . . . 99 73 Rushing yardage . . . . . 1931 960 Passing yardage . . . . 425 433 Passes attempted . . 50 75 Passes completed 21 30 Rules, schedules, equipment needs, and the line-up for next i:r,3i,i,S1Jg1i2gie?Te,d, in 13 15 weekes game are discussed by coaches Reid, Alberg, Dean, Penalties ........ 43 11 Bodenhausen, Laney, and Davenport. Yards penalized - - f - 347 64 Bis Post 5-1 Recordg The referee looks on as Mel Lewis Q22j is brought down by an eager opponent and Ken Perry C625 comes in for a block. CHET LANEY COACHED his B-team football squad to an impres sive five and one season, being defeated only by the Lawrence Lions, 7-0. Although new to Topeka High this year, Laney guided his grid team to overwhelming victories over the Sunflower League teams, Highland Park and Hayden. Under the leadership of quarterback .lon Yeager, the B-Team established themselves as a fast and rough team. Yeager passed to ends David Roe and Gary Smith throughout the season for long gains. Shawnee Mission, usually a formidable opponent, was downed easily 32-6, to be Laney's first Sunflower victory. Wyandotte fell, 7-0, and finally Washington Rural was defeated 28-7, climaxing the season. The B-team hosted teams only twice, while being on the road four times. For once the refer- ees agree on a Tro- jan tally. 174 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Claude Larry Johnson, Mike Sloo, Ralph Longstaff, Paul Van Valken- Allen. Carl McDonald, Frank Kindred, Bob Haldeman, Ronald burg, Ron Riddle, and Dave Barnett. ROW 3: Grover Jackson, McKay. Bob Kathe, Jerry Sipes, Joe Gonzales, and Gary Ha es. ,lerr Gale, ,lim Br ant, Ken Tew, Mike Beach, Ed Espinosa, ROW 2: ,lack Dean, Don Woolridge, Kenny Perry, Jerry Bliss, Mack Metzger, Frank Zumalt, and Tom Mistler. SophomoresComeThrough nbeaten THE 1956 SOPHOMORE football team boasted an unbeaten rec- ord this year, being downed only by Chet Laney's B-team squad. Coached by Chet Davenport, the sophomores defeated six teams, in- cluding the Lawrence Lions, a victory unknown to Troy's other grid teams this year. Shawnee Mission was the only Sunflower League team the Davenport squad played. Although the Indians played on their home field, they crumbled the strength exhibited by the sopho- mores. Hayden and Seaman, both annual encounters for the sopho- mores, were easily defeated. Two of the sophomore mainstays ex- hibited such talent that they were transferred to the Trojan varsity squad later in the year. They were Larry Murray and Ken Perry, halfbacks. Tense moments on the sidelines-coaches Bodenhausen, Alberg, and Dean. B-TEAM y 5 THS OPPONENT 31 Hayden 7 Lawrence 13 20 Highland Park 32 Shawnee Mission 7 Wyandotte 28 Washington SOPHOMORE TEAM THS OPPONENT 33 Atchison 6 42 Seaman 26 28 Ottawa 12 34 Shawnee Mission 0 6 Hayden 0 26 Lawrence 7 ii ?"'Q "Mighty Mite" Stuart Leonhart, sophomore football manager. 175 Gm ff ,. Q,,,Xmm:fX 1214: fif,i:sf.,i.,,.,A ,,,, .ws f X f+f,,,2.,, ee Joyce Gladfelter 4 , 7 X f ff QW WL! fffff ,ff ff , if ,M ,, f f ww fn 4-f-fnif f X C My bfjgfxffef X AcfZQ2f?,,g6wiifvih-QWQQ, Y ff ' aff 1-4 fff.4Kw'.. pfyyy,gg',myZ,y,4,Zgvff2?,3 Q , A, ,WX 47,4 yffwz 'HW fly Jw ,f "2 ff, wif' WN .- X X N ,M-,,f, ,,,,,' , f ,Z-,fx-w , X, A-,rw . Q, , ., , phi 4,1 X f7,W,,,2,!wM,,VW MNST' K ,yy ,W V ,,, ,.,,,, A ,- 1 fx, V. ' ' ' ,f1',.,, f ff. . -, ,f , f,,.,g1,,q ff :,.:f,ygv,zf -,nw , , , ,,.,, f A ' - ff ,-,f.z,'1 K- f, ., Aw bf-f X-,-.,-,n f z:,H:'- 'aff'-.wi 11,-cviwiiffffzfwi' , w,if',,1:, f,X',f-, f ' ' 'Cl' ,,. ,fra ,f,f2,'ff, f Q, ,.,, K , 'X ,fi.:,:jS.?Wig-fQiJzf1'M2'gif1,,,e.iriiigil-'Q'-"?f' ,1, ,. , , ,,, . ,, ,, J " ' ' ' ' ' 1--1 i,,,.,ff,,f,i,,',,. ,' ' If M -cfg,17ifA,-,ggxgh f awww: 4 ,, f ,ygzfffavfgf -1,1 4. , ,Q Q, 1' ww, ,, , K "-k ,.,jQ,1 . .,.,,. ,,4,g4,4.',E-My I V, , f f X I f .,', 1, f - f fgfif' Qfif ifz f f if af: ,, , 1, M ,, X 1 Gil? Atle d Attendant C-U0 n ant Kalllr n Haye s 176 T ln frosty pink lace. Carol Ann Orr was escorted down the velvet steps by foot- ball team co-captain Boh Elmendorf. Ns . J, il' Steve Swan, Student Congress president, pins a cor- sage on attendant Kathy Hayes as Queen Joyce smiles on her subjects. Coronation Highli hts Festivities TROY'S HOMECOMINC was held in October. This year the bonfire and pep rally were held at Chandler, the football practice field. 'A Fridayis festivities included the afternoon assembly where queen candidates chosen by the football team were introduced, and Ralph Seger, a former Trojan, entertained the student body. A parade followed, led by the band and made up of the pep clubs, cars carrying the royalty, and fifteen colorful floats built by various clubs and classes. This was a record number of floats, making the judges' selection difficult. The Youth for Christ and Boys' Pep Clubs tied for first, with the vo- cal department taking third. At the game, the identity of the queen was re- vealed during the climaxing half-time ceremonies. Es- corted to the royal throne by Brock Spencer, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Queen Joyce was crowned by Mr. M. J. Whitson, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, who presented her with a bouquet of mums as the band serenaded her. Steve Swan and Dick Mills, president and vice-president of the Student Congress, escorted attendants Kathryn Hayes and Carol Orr. At the traditional dance held after the game, the queen and her attendants ruled, each being presented with a football autographed by the entire team. The credit for this successful Homecoming should go to the Representative Council which sponsored the event, and to their committee chairmen. Liherace and Gene Krupa team up in the persons of Phil Frankenlicrger and Dan Ralston for the Homecoming assembly. 177 Marcia Brown T Alma Mater A song for the land where the sunllowers bloom, Hail to our city so fair, And three times three with a Sis! Boom! Bah! For the high school whose colors we wear. For we are the students of the THS Sing we the tribute that our hearts confess, Ever we glory in thy proud success, Hail to the Black and Cold forever. J Nadine Harrison Sandra Hopkins Spirit Boosted As C eerleaders 78 B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS. FRONT ROW: Linda Anderson and Nancy ,las erson. STAND- ING: Sallee Tappen and Diane Tliittle. ALWAYS READY to lead the enthusiastic crowds, our cheerleaders this year begged for school spirit and got it. Full of energy, they combined forces with the pep clubs to show the teams that the student body was always behind them, no matter what the score. Elected by our Student Congress and the pep clubs, the A-team in the spring, the B-team in the fall, the cheerleaders were ambassadors of good-will from THS, and represented our school properly at all times, at home and away. A cheerleader clinic was held at Topeka High this year, with 450 cheerleaders from this part of the state attending. Instructed by L. H. Herkimer, "Mr, Cheer- leader, himselff' our girls obtained many new ideas and yells which they shared with the student body at games and in the various pep assemblies. - Sponsored by Miss Pat Key and Mrs. Betty Smith, the cheerleaders spent many early mornings in practice and deserved sincere thanks for their leadership. Re- ward came in the form of new skirts, sweaters and emblems, paid for by the Girls' Pep Club. Pep Song Come on and give three cheers for old Topeka High One- Two- Three, Rah! Rah! Rah! Show the foe that they cannot deny Victory Team! Team! Let every Trojan son know that we're behind the gun Till the battle is won. And if we all piich in, another victory we"ll win For Topeka High! Linda Hughes Earlene Knoles V. G. Weese Kindle Flame of Troy"s Enthusiasm N "Yea team fight," chan! Trojan cheerleaders, sporting their new uniforms. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Linda Hughes, Earlene Knoles, Sandy Hopkins, Marcia Brown, V. G. Weese, and Nadine Harrison. 179 il QI xp K I .Q '-2 ?' 2M -a f21f2 f M2 Q 2 i Q ,, . . nw R 41 9. am 2. ,-f M! W, W , 'I 4 ff-Q4 if 3 1. V51 fi 1 1 ' N Y, wg' J 'x w.-gf-'fn , gg, My gh Lg, 3 C7 M1 fwggi saw? 55? k U I 73 fp .. 3. f ' , f A 3 ik -fi fx ,, ,. 0 W 4' V! , 2, , 'I 5, 15 , , L:.f ' 6 5 'gb' 'Q aww' V18 4 ,s ,4 a ,E A21 as , 'THF 9 u D BOYS' PEP CLIQB OFFICERS. Steve Swan, Con Poirier. Chuck Hotchkiss. and Richard Mistler. MISSING: Charles Buffon. GIR '67 ' f L' , n rf. ,.,- . .L ' ' ' 4, '. s m: LS' PEP CLUB OFFICERS. SEATED: Judy Tyler, Jovce Gladfelter. and Virginia Smith. STANDING: Beverlv Elliott, Jovc e Wright, Loretta Lovell, and Barbie Howard. ' 'Satisfiedi - Chant Troy's Pepsters THE REGULAR Pep Club was composed of about 400 Trojan girls, each with the ultimate goal of be- coming a member of Honor Pep. Clad in black skirts and emblemed sweaters, they attended all games, forming a dark background around the white T-shaped formation of Honor Pep. The officers were: Barbie Howard, president, Loretta Lovell, vice-president, and J oyce Wright, secretary-treasurer. Honor Pep was composed of seventy-seven girls who had done outstanding work in Regular Pep. Dressed in black skirts, white sweaters and blouses, they formed a "Tn in the cheering section. Officers were: Judy Tyler, president, and Virginia Smith, vice-president. The officers of the joint organiza- tions were: J oyce Gladfelter, president, and Beverly Elliott, vice-president. Receiving their charter this year was the Boys' Pep Club. Garbed in white shirts, dark trousers. and black ivv-league caps, these ambitious boys turned out in full force at the games. Officers were: Steve Swan, president, Chuck Hotchkiss, vice-president, Con Poirier, secretary, Richard Mistler, treasurerg and Charles Buffon, attendance clerk. Combining forces this year, the clubs, spon- sored by Miss Pat Key, Mrs. Betty Smith, and hardworking Mr. Otto Bodenhausen, entered floats in the Homecoming parade, and sponsored a Hal- loween varsity in the school cafeteria. h Backbone of Trojan school spirit. TROJFINS CHFBIN THE WON! Elaine' Woods aids Loretta Lovell in putting up pep posters in the cafeteria. Winning float in the 1956 Homecoming parade. 181 T-CLUB. FRONT ROW: Ken Perry, Larry Ruggles, Carl Brace Bob Ebendorf, Bob Butler, Gene Bailey, Dick Reamon, J. B Finger, and Dan Ralston. ROW 2: Roger Lewis, Paul Inge- manson, Jerry Waldschmidt, Steve Swan, Chuck Hotchkiss, Rog Burgess, Barry Wilkes, and Dick Smith. ROW 3: John Wood, Pete Woodward, Joe Copp, Larry Barngrover, Bob Wanamaker, Owen Quick, Mike Blaisdell, and David Roe. ine Teams Combine, Formin ne 1 T-CLUB OFFICERS. Dan Ralston, Rog Burgess, Bob Wanamaker, and Ed Saylor. LETTERING IN any of the sports at Topeka High made boys eligible to belong to the T-Club. This or- ganization was very active throughout this year, under- taking and successfully completing many projects, and carrying on interesting programs during the club's numerous meetings. A special feature of the T-Club this year was the selling of the Trojan pins which proved very popular with the student body and helped promote school spirit. Instead of their usual hayrack ride, the boys were hosts at a sandbar party. As a service project, the club adopted a needy family at Christmas time. T-Club initiation was a much discussed topic around Troy. After becoming eligible by earning a letter, the boys received the traditional paddling from the boys already in the club. Officers were: Dan Ralston, president, Rog Bur- gess, vice president, Ed Saylor, secretary-treasurer, and Bob Wanamaker, sergeant at arms. Faculty sponsor was Mr. D. L. Erwin. 1 i T-CLUB. FRONT ROW: Gary Jenkins, Larry Akerstrom, Mel farth, John Stumbo, Ken Sturm, and John Shideler. ROW 33 Lewis, Don Perkins, Bob Kaul, Steve Fink, Willie Coleman, Larry Polter, Ed Saylor, Harry Jolley, Joe Kelly, John Petter- and David Slaby. ROW 2: D. L. Erwin, Lathan Johnson, Eu- son, Don Moe, and Ernie Longstaff. gene Buckman, Larry Hercules, Dick Johnson, John Wohl- 182 Trojan heavyweight Larry Polter "moves in for the kill" against former Trojan Craig Moody from Wentworth Military Academy. Representing Troy at the State Wrestling Meet were: Jon Crawford and Bob Ebendorf, front row, and Larry Polter and Bob Wana- maker, back row. X "' wg. . , 4' fi gg , . e j anamaker Takes Second Crown THE TROJAN MATMEN posted an impressive 6-3 record for the 1957 wrestling season. Directed by coach Floyd Holcomb, the grapplers hosted five of the scheduled nine meets. This year the matmen were well represented in the heavyweight divisions following fine experience gained last year by state champion Bob Wanamaker. Bob and Larry Polter, wrestling at 178 pounds, both posted undefeated records for the season. However, the hefty Wanamaker suffered an eye injury in the match with Francis Darter from Douglas, and was forced to concede in the final accounting. Although the injury required eight stitches to close, Bob bounced back to decision Darter at the Regionals and gain the right to defend his 1956 heavyweight crown. Hard fighting Larry Polter battled his way to the second place berth at the Regionals. Coach Holcomb held great hope for top records for both of his heavywcights at the State meet where Bob Ebendorf and J on Crawford completed Troy's representation. Ebendorf, weighing 157 pounds, was defeated only three times in the nine matches he entered. The State Wrestling llVleet at Hoxie, in late February, was a complete success as far as Wana- maker was concerned. Bob climaxed two years of undefeated wrestling by again decisioning Francis Darter in a hair-raising match by the skimpy mar- gin of 1-0. Ebendorf battled his way into fourth place, but could go no farther, and was Troy's only other finisher at the 1957 State meet whereas a team they settled for tenth place. WRESTLING SQUAD. 2 V ..,. . V V VV V .V "V". V Stuart 1 VVWV , VV , , f .,., fps, V V V VV V V Leonhart, Don Warner, ' -...., 1 9 i"' 2,, je? ,,.,1 ""ii' Mike Harrison, .lon 2' 9 X f , , ' ' 7. ,.,,. , i Crawford, Chris Jovalis, 5V,,f1f V I V V ' V . af 1 ' ' Dave Slaby, and Eugene 'f" i V V -QV Buckman. ROW 2: Bob 5 i V 4 V' 3 f 1 Q , , Wanamaker, Don 'V V5 VV , Q, V VV I V' V1 3 Hough, Larry Polter, ' V 5 H Vi 5 Bob Ehendorf, Richard f y y f 7 , 7 ,,,., 7, Q a.c... 9 vv'ev ,X Y J Mistler, Roy Ridgeway, , , 7 ' Jerry Halleck, and , 1 V5 V ' ,VV., .VV Z 4 'laxl gf Coach Floyd Holcomb. 5 Q Vjfif ', ,M ' "" V V V V ' V. 183 1 , , E , 1, v. , f , , lhif VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD. FRONT ROW: Don Moe, WROW 2: Larry Hercules, Larry Mather, Larry Dillard, Ed Joe Redmond, Bob Corclill, Louie Vallas, Don Perkins, Jerry Alberg, Owen Quick, Harry- Jolley, Pete Woodward, and .lack Waldschmidt, Chuck Hotchkiss, Fred Dumas, and ,lim Vallas. Dean. Deanmen Capture Regional Crown, Larry Mather and Chuck Hotchkiss leap high off the boards contending for a rebound with a Washington ' player. 184 TOPEKA HIGH SCHOOUS 1957 basketball team under the guidance of Coach .lack Dean posted an impressive season's record, winning 14 of their 21 games. The Deanmen opened early in December with a twin-bill win, barely edging the Lawrence Lions 56-47, and then tearing the Salina Mustangs by a margin of 64-31. The Trojan round-ballers then defeated Parsons, 57-52. Topeka's first Sunflower League opponent was Wyandotte. The wiry Bulldogs downed the Trojans in a close contest, 50-47, leaving the Deanmen with their first defeat of the season and reducing their chance for the Sunflower pennant. However, they bounced back to defeat Manhattan, Emporia, and Highland's Scotties, winning their second con- secutive Highland Park Holiday Tournament title. Meeting their rivals down the Kaw, Shawnee Mission, Troy lost a close contest to the Indians, 61-60. The cagers then won their next three games, downing Ottawa, Lawrence, and Highland Park, in that order. Somewhat over-confident, the Dean- men were easily trimmed by Wyandotte, 61-52, knocking them completely from the Sunflower pennant race. 'YQ Guard Louie Vallas sr ,M 4 V M , H 1 5 is Guard Don Perkins g Don Perkins seems hypnotized by the waving hands of his teammates and op- ponents, as the ball goes bouncing by him. Advance to ail Third in State Play After this even showing in the last few games, the Deanmen were rated poorly for the Regionals at Lawrencef However, they defeated Atchison in their opening round, and went on to the champion- ship game with Lawrence. The game was an even exchange until the end of the fourth quarter when the Trojans boomed into a six-point lead that was retained to the final gun, sending them to Wichita for the State Tournament. Anchored by seniors Ed Alberg and Joe Red- mond, the Trojan squad won a close battle over Wichita East in the opening round of AA play, 72-71. Junior Owen Quick won the game with four seconds remaining to put the Trojans in the lead, and vaulted them into the semi-final -round. There the Deanmen met a decisive defeat at the hands of Rosedale from Kansas City, 53-33, and for the first time this season, the Trojans were out- rebounded. Topeka then met Parsons in the play- off for third place, and Redmond again led the scoring with 28 points. Although Coach Dean ad- mitted their lack of defense, his roundballers squeaked past the Parsons team 62-57 and into a third place berth. I Forward Joe Redmond Guard Chuck Hotchkiss Center Ed Alberg Forward Harry Jolley 'I8 5 v ' will I an X414 f 1 , ff 1. s , . ,, , ,ff ff, lf' ' f,,,ff,gf X I ' - K H,-vr .7 .4 ,2 f iff Z 1 Center Larry Mather Guard Larry Hercules Center Owen Quick Forward Pete Woodwartl Guard Fred Dumas Basketball Managers Sam Carahan and Kenny Pet- erson in front of Don Moe and Mike Locke inspect the training kit before a game. Larry Dillard controls the tip-off in the Highland Park contest as his teammates stand ready for the ball. 186 ff' Forward Larry Dillard , gf .1 6 1956-57 RECORD-15-6 HIGHLAND PARK Topeka Opponents TOURNAMENT 56 Law,-em-9 47 56 Manhattan 52 64 Salina 37 68 Emporia 59 47 W,-andotgc 50 61 Highland Park 48 60 Washington 53 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 60 Shawnee Mission 61 53 Atchison f 48 93 Ettawa 75 61 Lawrence 52 71 Hwfence 65 3 ATE RNAMENT 60 Highland Park 31 72 STWichil:?1iJa.t 71 52 Wyamffma. 61 33 Rosedale 52 55 Ottawa 47 62 Parsons 57 56 Washington 59 68 Shawnee Mission' 58 75 Highland Park 57 53 Atchison 57 54 Salina ' 58 REGULAR SEASON A-TEAM STATISTICS Player G G-Ga FT-FTA PF TP Avg. Redmond 24 108-288 120-180 70 335 14.0 Alberg 23 103-259 60-120 56 262 11.4 Quick 24 84-210 53-96 53 211 9.0 Perkins 24 56-187 36-61 67 151 6.3 L. Vallas 22 54-156 21-30 52 129 5.8 Dumas 24 46-128 23-34 52 115 4.8 Hotchkiss 21 25-78 17-27 22 69 Dillard 18 36-85 7-20 30 77 4.3 .lolley 18 15-46 16-34 21 48 2.6 Woodward 13 9-35 9-18 10 27 2.0 Mather 5 2-5 8-10 2 12 2.4 Hercules 7 2-9 6-9 3 10 1.4 Cordill 4 3-4 2-2 4 8 2.0 .l. Vallas 4 2-6 0-0 3 4 1.0 Waldschmidt 4 0-0 0-2 0 0 0.0 Totals 24 516-1498 379-632 431 1446 60.2 Op. Totals 24 417-1114 388-361 385 1331 55.4 f aim-zz, Y K .Mss - - ,.. , Iv Yarsity coach jack lleau guidcd lui' ,L., M W Q f' It .fi x ' EXMWQJ lx .. ly' K - ! E ' 'L X5 t.': .Qt r 0 3- .Jn 'J - t .1 gf ' . ,m .....L N wt.-5 . . , E- K, X X . . ' , 1 fi ' l X v ' :qu ' f 'um' I uh' is ff, . 2 -, ., , A , L 1 f J X iiiii' . t ' 1 ,- . , ' J z he N 9 , YQ QE? ZSMU?-" RQ.-Q 5 F .18 .. nf fi' - Plftffef K' 15 .I f , X. x., .. thc Trojans through auolhcr im- B-TEAM. l"li0N'l' HOW: ,lim Dumas. ,lim Abbott. Jerry VValdscluuidt. Marc Sloop. p,.,.,gi,-4. ,,.a,,,,,' licn Pcrrx. and lxcunx Peterson. RUXX' 2: Wilcv Albcrg. Everett Lewis. Bolt Corflill. 'llaw Joluison. Larry flap. and ,lim Yallas. 1 B's, Sophs Chalk Up Fine Records UNDER THE direction of Wiley Alberg, the Trojan B-team posted a remarkable 12-4 record. Through- out the season, the cagemen displayed the fine coaching and technique of a varsity squad. The B's suffered two defeats at the hands of the Shawnee Mission Indians. Their other two losses went to Ottawa and Wyandotte, however, they reversed the scores later in the season. They had little trouble in besting their other opponents. Several members of the team showed great promise throughout the season, and will be a strong factor in the success of next year's varsity squad. CHET DAVENPORTWS spohomore roundballers paced themselves to a hard-hitting season, winning ll of their 13 games. The sophomore cagers played six of the city's junior high teams and emerged with only one loss in these starts, this being to Curtis. They met the Hayden underclassmen three times, and defeated them in two of three contests. To round out the schedule, the sophomores played Washburn Rural and Berryton, posting victories in both games. The Davenport squad was regarded as a fine club, and their good ball-handling and team- work was praised highly. SOPIIONIURE SQIXXID. l"llUN'l4 HOW: lifblllllll lllllll-Pf. Ccorgc fictlig. Ulixcr Br-uton. 'Xllrcrl ,lack- man. anal Doug lxicsxscllcr. RUXX 2: lX4'll!lf l,f'll'l'r0ll. l,uu1'4'm-c Good. llarlx lfri4'ksou. fil'l'2ll1l l'1aslmau. lxcnny 'l'cu. llogcr lxulxcr. llllll Sam Carnahan. NIISSINIL: Larry Cook. lion johnson. and Coach flhcl llaxcu- port. ee Leslie Roac f 'Q 57,74 ,f f Xf W7 f Aww X7 , X V, ,fffgy mfff, f X f X 7, ,mf QWCVIQ ff lg, Q -ff QQ-f ,f ,ff X X PAC f fi: , 1, ,Q Aff: 4 f iv ff! , fc ff ff ff Www, no ZQQ ,df 2 ,ff5Wi'if?y f f -by , I fgwmy M143 rf e ff 4 '92-,gm -,df Q-Mx A 5 , .ff-1 2, ,, ff f K 'f ' ' f A 1' ' '7 f 1 T' f fm new 1. fffwmf -f My ff f K. .m,, ,. V,L,, , 1, Jw. 1 0-'ggk Qpcf .iiiT571-2f7.32f,"mi1"1 ., , .. f, w,,,f..., , ., ,f f ff ,-'2ff.w3:f:,5w1z:, "', www , X f f f dani Alle tten . ndan Smith all Cy Mer O I -I 88 30 une " 1.11113 h tx xr Il ii xxx ,, z X Behind the Queen and her attendants sit the proud families of the royalty. "Lord help the mister who comes between" the Fraz- ers, Myrna and Verna. Silver Stars Se Scene for Royalt "TG THE STARS" was the theme of the Queen of Courts festivities this year, sponsored by Representative Council. The assembly, held on February 22, was staged at '6Heart- burn Hoteln where THS students were marooned by a transportation failure. The queen candidates were intro- duced, arousing the curiosity of the student body as to who would reign over the event. In the midst of a star formed by Honor Pep and Representative Council girls, Leslie Roach, escorted by Brock Spencer, was crowned by Lieutenant Governor ,loseph Henkle: Attendants JoAnne Smith and Nancy Merriman were escorted by Steve Swan and Dick Mills. A varsity followed the game at which the queen and her attendants were presented autographed basketballs, and amidst glittering silver and blue stars, were serenaded. Introducing . . . the 1957 Queen of Courts, Les- lie Roach, escorted by Brock Spencer. Mack Morgan's Combo entertained at the assembly: Pat Kelly, Richard Kliewer. ,loc Gonzales, and Mack Morgan., 18 9 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. FRONT ROW: Mike Harrison, Ted Wettengel, Er- rol Moore, Dan Ralston, J. B. Finger, and Dick Reamon. ROW 2: Roger Lewis, "Heavy" Erwin, Gary Scheuermann, Bob Cordill, Henry Lautz, Pete Woodward, Wayne Pratt, Lee Elliott, Dick Johnson, Phil Lewis, Myron Anderson, Charles Billington, and Everett Lewis. HELD AT TEAMS COMPETING IN ORDER OF FINISH Topeka Topeka, Highland , Topeka Haskell, Topeka, Highland, Seaman' Wichita Wichita East, Wichita West, Topeka, f Wichita North F Mission Shawnee Mission, Topeka, Pittsburg Topeka Shawnee Mission, Wyandotte, Topeka Haskell Haskell, Shawnee Mission, Wyandotte, Invitational Olathe, Topeka, Highland Park K.U. Invitational 12 teams competing, 55 contestants. Re ionals g Topeka-fifth. Topeka State Meet Haskell, Mission, Wichita East. Ralston ' only Topeka entry. LETTERMEN. Errol Moore, .I.B. Finger, Dan Ralston, Bob Cordill, and Dick Johnson. Ralston Anchors Trojan Harriers at , -4 M: , f 3 E Two year team captain, Dan Ralston. 190 THE 1956 CROSS country track team under "Heavy,' Erwin's gui- dance, exhibited much inexperience, although running on their home course three of seven races throughout the year. The harriers began the season with a victory over the Highland Park distance men, but descended steadily, placing two seconds, two thirds, and two fifths, the final race eliminating them from the First Annual State Cross Country Meet held November 17, at the Trojan home course, Shawnee Country Club. Senior Dan Ralston anchored the distance squad with four firsts, two seconds, and one third, losing only to Haskell's state champion, Billy Mills, and Ray Wilson. Ralston broke two course records and tied one, climaxing his three years of cross country competition by being Troy's only representative at the state meet. The Sunflower League meet was won easily by Shawnee Mission. Teamwise, the Trojans made their best showing of the year, paced by Ralston who set a new course record of 9:19 to better his own mark of 9:25. J. B. Finger placed in the top ten, with Errol Moore and Bob Cordill turning in respectable times. Sophomore Dick Johnson was second on the squad by the end of the season. At the state meet, Mills, Haskell distance ace, climaxed an unde- feated year by covering the revised two mile course in 10:15, followed by Wilson, his teammate, Bob Grossek of Olathe, and Troyis Dan Ralston. SWIMMING SQUAD. FRONT ROW: Gary Rosenwald, Dick Bowers, Fred Martin, and Mickey Atchison ROW 3 Coach Reamon, Steve Fink, David Fisher, Steve Howes, Richard Chet Laney, David Roe, Harry Bowen, .lim Wilson Dave Marshall, Bob Harvey, Hayden St. John, and Larry Patterson. Caldwell, Ed 'Saylor, Mike Blaisdell, Larry Starhuck Bob ROW 2: Bill Niemann, Carl Brace, Don Pfuetze, Frank Schneider, and David Barnett. Mau, Richard Goldsmith, Tom Mistler, John Stumbo, .l. B. Determination and pirit Prevail BEHIND THEIR NEW coach, Chet Laney, the Trojan finmen, plagued by inconsistencies, dropped all but two of their meets. Though their win-lose column read the same as the previous year, the morale and desire of the tankmen far out-weighed their poor record. The Trojans won their first contest of the new season by hesting Wentworth Military Academy 56-ll. After losing a close decision to Wyandotte in Washburn Uni- versityis pool, Wichita North sunk the Trojans by a score of 47-31. With a l-2 record, Topeka traveled to Wichita West only to have their desires cut short once again. This hard luck followed the frogmen tl1e remainder of the season, with the exception of another win over Wentworth. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Coach Laney and co-captains John Stumbo and Steve Fink, the boys beat several records. stroke. ' ' V V 'WM' - Ayfiff .. f L4s'Hl7Klu'lZ,lVf f V ,Ffh 'Ziff TOPEKA 56 33 30 16 54- 18 22 11 24 OPPONENT Wentworth Wyandotte Wichita North Wichita West Wentworth Wyandotte Wichita West Wichita North Wichita East Larry Starbuck, Topeka's top diver, completes a back flip in perfect form. Steve Fink, co-captain, shows his speed in the back These Ar the Contacts ee e '," N ,',"f1 1 bfiixi mfgio wi" .i cf --T" -'f,1 f f' ,ff We Have with Cit Bu inessme 'KN ff 1 X X N ' f Aww f Kg f nm, f :fx Z , f hs f f 4 ffff ? A f ,of X X ,M ff X f ,ff f ij! if fwf W, f I ! , ff ff Wf VV M Zz fy ,,, , my I f , ff I ,w V . , - . ' JZ' ff f , 1 f f 5, 7, X af Eff gf MEX 4 ff X X f .-1 'gf , ,gn 1 M 0 c:lc:lver+isir x l. 9, ' -..Q Z:-:L ...xzrffzvfsv P 'J V, I flame , fy H11 ' C01 1, opeh 'OO W5 lei Onqyl Qfre Sfylers AVVA dw! ' "'m,, MYHS --JM f' f" 74,- Two Topeka Stores 527 Kansas 106 East 6th OTHER STORES IN uaswsxfm, MANHATTAN SALINA 5 ,sw S AND LAWRENCE 71:71 A A A 9 ' 3, 1 X Tesi Drive The All New Nash Rambler 30,000 Mile Guaraniee on ifionin 00 c d 9 5271. Barnett Nash Motors nc ecsr' 5535? Paedenh Scott Motors will Proudly show you all of the new wonderful Chevrolets Phone 5-2341 Tenth ond Quincy ' Topeka n 96 ' gfx 02 . mt REALTORS INSURORS wwf 2-8243 rncg :E TAS l Ann: Nast: 0 Real Estate Sales 0 Property Management 0 Appraisals 0 Insurance MW aux? THEM OUR Best Wishes To The CRADUATING CLASS OF '57 Topeka High School V Topeka's Oldest Most Complete H me Furnish ' 1 HEADQUARTERS FOR LANE CEDAR CHESTQ 519 Kansas Av 4.0576 STRATTON Hordwore Sporting Goods 2307 W. Tenth Ph 3 1339 Mariin Lumber PHONE 4-0571 iffy? " tavern, THE vlcToRY SAND AND STONE coMPANY Kansas Finest Sand PIant" git me ReanyiMix 1 Concrete 1 rvapanga Kms so f I -1 3285 e our rescri ion I Phone 2-606 1719 West T th -n-i1 Serving Topekcfs Needs Sunflower Linen Service 197 ifririirctillt lin. 'TL ' . ' Rd A . ' winnings? ' fx f '17 tx gM"'t,'x 2 i D fp ? we 653 SAME DAY SERVICE "Never an extra charge" 5 Convenient o Strai ht from the Coop By Chieken Smith With u elnek eluek and a eliekety elaek. our last year at 'liroy hu lfverywliere I turn. someone says. " ean't helieve iff' The sehool Year i956-'57 he- gan oflieially with the musie of the ehimes eehoing: through the halls of Troy, The atmosphere ereated hy the ehimes was missed aCUCCLtl.UYlA last year while they were heing repaired. ':,::6.+ IEA, lfleetions took over the Hrs! weeks of sehool. as Trojans hnrned the unid- . Facilities for "1 Q . -1 all functions gig? F ,, Dinner fin' " II 3 sur if 'E 'JIU . La if ,. ' Y lnl 1. 'iv W 3 " t E wing? E Q E :lupillilli g -. pgs.: f - 1 'jp iuitucz L LE ll-ll!-HU ll 'QEEFI1 I 'fm 198 - T.,V. IB Dances Parties Holel Iaqhag TOPEKA, KANSAS oeenwvso av MOSBY HOTEL COMPANY 300 Rooms- Fireproof Coffee Shop Dining Rooms Convenient for Highway Travelers VI aqhawk ' uniur ii t 1 HIGHWAY HOTEL Q, 'Ji-,,.t,.,.l.,,m.3Ln 0 Q H .m,,Awt,iUm,T1: 1 1 night nil. working on eznnpaign lfleetion elerk Judi Tyler und eoni- inissioner ,lohn l-Dawson innovuted the lfleetion Rally which enuhled students to heeoine aequainted ttith I he ezlndidates hefore eleetions. "Floats first. studies last." was the keynote of thie week preeed- ing homeeoming. Fifteen floats were entered in the parade. more eompetition than ever. The Girls' Pep flluh would like to take this opportunity to thank Ed Alherg. Boh Wfauamaker. and Larry Harngrover for helping us with our float. Sinee the Boys" Pep flluh float eaptured first. l guess their help was to no avail. l didnlt realize there were so inanj ll'llSl5 at lllb until they used the Lam renee water tower for ll ezinvns lust full. fffonlinuefi on page 2045 seemed to rush along :ill too fast l N. BLANCHARD'S FAULTLESS Q lty S of o Moderote Price" Laundry 8: Delivery S 2800 W. I0+h Ph 2 7257 CLEANERS I K CLEANER SHOP AND SAVE ZS. WfWOMWwffd66 "SEARS 120 E st Sixth T p k K Ph 4-3461 .....-...- S040 HYGIENIC DRY CLEANERS Cleaners - Hoffers - Dyers I9 A .T , E 5 it Z 2 , .A ' 'i 7' , are 3 77+ N DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION Every a'ay of the feheol year, han- dretlf of ftadeatf apprefiate the valae of reliahle haf tramportation, to and from trhool. '?ahlie tramit if the lifeline in prac- tically all eommanitiet eorztirzaation of growth ana' progreff. One haf ran rarry dl many people df thirty private aato- rrzahilef. When yon ride the haf, yoa help your city to ,rolzfe trafie congeftion prohlemt. TQPEKA TRANSPORTATION Co. INC. IZTH AND JACKSON STREET PHONE 4-I7 I 7 J -il-Q.-.- l THE PICTORIAL Shopping Newspaper 43,290 Circulation Weekly 525 N. KANSAS GAS for ' . . C THE C-AS SERVICE CO. 200 Wesl Sixlh The Ideal Fuel Cooking Waler Healing Relrigeralion Incineralion Clolhes Drying I Barbara Howard, Carolyn Thomas, and Judy Cowan I Gruyce Shops Phone 4-0435 for QUALITY at low BUDGET prices. .. Shop 7irsr az. .. '-2:s:2:5:a,'1:es5s2zsa:1,, Kris.. 'f1:2Es2fs:, A.-, '-125:-. '-1:5::., -."A:::. ...sizfsa "'ff:1.,. "1:25i5fsis::.. :fi I l I :Ein , Q oraa I aaaaar .1,, ,A,,. A ,,,, : I. ..,.. .,.,.,., A... ,,... Z.. eeee 2 -..s. ,j .,.r.r llunsus largest Hume Furnishers I Main Slore 6I8 Kansas . . . Holliday Square 29+h 81 Topeka . . . Norlh Topeka 90I No. Kansas 3 BIC STORESMFURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES WorId's Finesl Brands 0 Frigidaire 0 Weslinghouse 0 RCA Vic'l'or 0 Maylag 0 General Eleclric 0 Zenilh 0 Sunbeam ' Coleman ' Amana 0 Magnavox 0 Vornado ' Bigelow 0 Mohawk 0 Lees 0 Lane 0 Kroehler 0 Kenmar 0 Fashion Trend 0 Simmons 0 Sealy 0 Berkline 0 Armslrong 0 Mengel ' Thomasville ' Howell 201 202 IT'S TIME TO TI-IINK ABOUT , 'fw ff!" ' 04+ M ' ,f 9'Wf,, W f f A WASHBURN UNIVERSITY OF TCPEKA Washburn Universily is Topeka's ownl For ninely-Iwo years sludenls have proudly gone from Washburn prepared in many fields ol endeavor. Today, more Ihan ever before, Jrrained leadership is needed in all walks ol lile. You will Iind college lile al Washburn rich and'rewarding. Wilh all lhe advanlages ol a melrropolilan universily, Washburn also relains Ihe individ- ual allenlion available only in smaller schools. Cn Jrhe Washburn campus is a well- rounded social Iile and Ihe many exlra-curricular aclivilies which help guide you Iowards Jrhe goal you seek. When you Ihink of college, Ihink ol Washburnl You will meel many ol your high school friends when you enroll al Washburn. Make Washburn Uni- versily ol Topeka your choice when you leave Ihe "I-Ialls of Troy". For complele informalion please wri+e or call: Dean of Sluclenls Washburn Universily of Topeka Phone 5-534I O 'c'l IIIIBBY E TUV SHUP X 5 x 'C IO7 EAST GTHLPHONE 4-1912 X u I TOPEKA KANSAS I smcauxav nma , , ff? va ' TROJAN CLASS RING HEADQUARTERS , X X I f T A plones Q- Stamps - Crafts - Hobby Suppl "HOME OWNED QUALITY JEWELERSU SAVE WITH A BANK! YOU CPAN TI-ZJUQT We invite you to browse around in TOPEKA'S OLDEST JEWELRY STORE WWW 725 Kansas Ave. 20 FQ SENATE 204 CAF ETERIA Serving Daily - 11:00 A. M. to 2:00 P. M. 4:30 P. M. to 7:30 P. M. Sunday Continuously 11.00 A. M. to 7:30 P. M. 822 KANSAS AVE. , ,fr 2 :.- 5" 2 L-av '5 aaa? Jw 2-gg 'Y . -1' . J, . .n ,.t,:g:5:-qzy ' . ,iaqfqggz rv f'5Y7I127:I-.-,-12,5 'i-?Q1Q"'7 iijfsieaffff- ff I l ---:I 4-,fgmf-' - fer.. . . . . ,'1'2pxf.: -r - M-J-1-::5e f-- - zfsiiiffi' .3S::-'fl'-:-sf1Pferbe"- gdyhdwk 317193 University Village Prescription Pharmacy CContinued from page 1981 Topeka High had its share of thrilling games during the foot- ball and basketball seasons. Foot- ball fans witnessed a heart- stopping game when our football squad fought their way to victory over Wichita East 13-7. With just 45 seconds left in the game, Ernie Longstaff went over the goal line for a touchdown which brought Troy from behind to win. In another thriller, Topeka High's cagemen dumped Lawr- ence in an overtime period to gain a berth in the state basket- ball tourney. Senior debaters Becky Grantham Brock Spencer, Jim Pantle, and Charles Buffon captured the state debate trophy-Troyis fifth in the past six years. The cheerleaders really had the "yoke,, on the boys. Assembly after assembly, the boys yelled for Oskiwahwah. Then, at the last pep assembly of the year, the cheerleaders finally did the cheer . . . wearing multi-colored bloomers. Some misled Trojans thought that Honor T points were given for "fire building? Too bad, scouts, no points for wastebasket fires this year. Posters, posters everywhere, and all of them striking. Signs sparking Trojans to victory covered the walls of the cafeteria every game week. These posters were the results of the combined efforts of all committees of reg- ular pep club. CContinued on page 2101 so .V Uangaaiulaliamt from C. C. BLAKELY 8L CO., INSURANCE 3rd and Topeka Leslie Roach enioys fas+ Iyping wi+h an Phone 5-4434 eleclric fypewri+er from Crane 8: Co., Inc. 110 E. Eighth Topeka, Kan. ' Llnitecf Glzristian youth movement K I afjqfiated with cgopeka Gouncil of GAUICIIQS Lef'I +o rigI1'I: Lee Barnes, Worship: Linda S'IaI+er, Wilnessg Karen Dee+er, Ou+reacI1g David HeaI'l1, Fellowship: Parricia Rozema, Secrelaryg Janice Simp- son, Cifizenshipg Dale Taylor, Vice-President George WI'1i+e, Treasurer: and Janice Trendel, President projects ' Carol Sing ' Easier Sunrise Service ' Camp CONGRATLILATIGNS to the GRADUATES From your Olympia Portable Dealer Drive Inn TYPEWRITER CO., INC. 10th and MacVicar 123 West 6th Street The Burger That Makes 1 Topeka, Kansas 8 Mea"3OC MAKE PAYMENTS LIKE RENTAL f.533533:5:3:3153333:3ggmzgg-.V.-.4wg:g:-:-:-14:1:A-E:-:vs-:-:3:-31.:.15153:.13:::::::f:::5:5:::::: :-:-:-:,:-:wg:V:51-1,:-:-:54:cg:ci:-1-zz:V:5:-:-:-:q:v:v:::-:3:-:-:izcf:-:f:-:A:-zVz-:-:-:-:-:Aa:-1-:-:-:---:Az-:A:-1-1-:-:vw-1-'-' IM: ,,,4 ., , ,, WM., .3.2.M.,.5,,1.,.3.,.3,,f...,3 A .5,5.,5.,.3.- 55441313,53.535:-:Az-:.:-:-:-'-1 .rm W:Z5i5s:5:sss:- . 9 isffesizifaeeas rl 4S:.:r:rE1?' .-:ff ' I ' Harry Endlicll f N I i:rssgaga52gz:s2s ?S3S2fis2E:Esi:25:: :5,1::1:::3:::::::,:,1: ..... 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S2E121523IE2E123I22255:ESEE5553555EEEE1EIE15-:IECE1E25251212I5222E55523335EEESEEE5E2251:13FEIS1EfE1E2E2E2E531EIEE2E2EIi ' ' ' ' ' ' ''IE1EIE1E2EIE1513E1E2EIEIEIE25121EIE1222IE132122ISIEIEI222132-11325IEI21215IE1E22EI512121EIEIEIE3E93E1:523E122212IE12?2E1E1E?'E2EE1E?f1E-:-:V T35555523Q5Qggi555253225555335g5Qgggggggig5553555553gig55555235Q535555E355555E5E515E3555555533555553:5gg1325Eg:5Eg:gE3E5E3E5E5E551 EgEgi525E5EgEgig2g15EgEgE5E5:gE1:2EffrErE21122:r:fEj1irE1::11:1?1E1E:ErEr:r2rE1E1:rErE121ErE22323rErE1ErErE1E1ErErEr513122152ErErErE11r2rE::ErE1E2r2gEjEg1j1jq1g1g' For Befler Jobs af Higher Pay AHend The Clark School of Business 632 Kqngqg Topeka fhree convenient Topeka locations: Highland Crest 409 E. 29fI1 North Topeka 923 N. Kansas Ave. Seabrook 3913 W. 21st Free parking of all fhree convenienl locafions TOPEKA'S POPULAR STORE W.A. 612-614 KANSAS AVENUE Phone 5-1381 Joyce GladfeH'er and Ed Alberg Hagen Angermann, Terev Aragones, and Sfeve Freidberg Q Gfzocofate Q Qrange IFMRMRUNT Q Qrape For drinks Huff are enjoyed by Q Uyllife all and healfhful Too Buy Cgdairmont lmrocfucts 207 y 4 7 Clsabswwgow Barton Photography. .706 Kansas - Ph Rembrandt Studios. . .525 Kansas - Ph. Corliss Hathaway .... 731 Kansas - Ph Christopher Studio . .822-Kansas -Ph. Virginia Ellen Studio. 708W Kansas - Ph Wichers Portrait Studio. 821 Kansas - Ph Kent Lyle Studio. . 1206 W. Tenth - Ph. Hodge Studio ....... 714 Kansas - Ph Boeger Studio ....... 727 Kansas - Ph O I 2-4837 4-5981 2-0424 8-8664 3-3298 4-0939 3-3777 7-71 53 2-581 1 A good posing iob pufs yourself in Hue mos+ pleasing posifion. 4 All pic+ures shouid have 'quali+y +o make you proud of your picfure. Expression is imporfanf because if shows you, noi someone else. 's KJAY Topeka's Voice of Music for music and song all day long 5,000 Watts fig U Zig an E - im ' Rsnxlous C TIJE Ag n "Build them right" is their motto. Judy Cowan, Barbara Howard, Karon Olson, Steve Freidberg, Jeb Barham, and Bob Ebendorf. C. J. COWAN CONSTRUCTION, CO., INC. General Contractors and Builders of Fine Homes IN Q0 Q W!! S, Nh Q1 V. E , ,N -. lffun mt 210 1440 on your Dial CContinued from page 204, For the first time, Topeka High was fortunate enough to sponsor two for- eign exchange students. We'll never forget Tere's Spanish daI1C6S, Or I-Iagen's words, MI think chemistry extra credit is a waste of time." Seriously, Tere and Hagen, we hope you enjoyed your stay at Troy as much as we enjoyed sharing the year with you. Sophomores, juniors, and teachers might not have compre- hended these words of wisdom used by various senior boys. Among the most perplexing and often heard were: HI don't he- lieve we give much credit for that." - Bill Petermang 5'Poor showing."--Ben Kuikeng '6Skin, man? 1 Phil Frankenbergerg HWhat is this 1essie?,'-Steve Swan, and, '6There are no two snowflakes exactly alike."- Dennis Kelly. The highlight of the social season at Troy was the All-School Party. Amid lollipops and candy canes, the story of the 4'Nutcracker Suitew was unfolded to the audience. How fitting that Sandy and Jeb, who were going steady, could be king and queen. The seniors feathered their nests in the AFS assembly when they shelled out more money than the other classes to keep their hard-earned places. Jerry "Elvis" O,Sullivan, Jack "Cool Dip" Dean, J. M. "Pat', Hill, and Wiley uFats" Alberg entertained Trojans with their interpretation of "The Great Pretender." As the annual goes to the printer, their newest disc, '4You Ain't Nothing But a Brownnosef, has just been released. CContinued on page 218, K X Th PREFERRED 8 mos, BEAUTIFUL Flre Insurance Co. flowers for D A KANSAS COMPANY your Home Office TOPEKA, KANSAS dale come from 7 Ask your local agent to place fl0flSt your Fire-Automobile and ln- land Marine Insurance in The 3000 W. l01h St. Preferred Fire lnsurance Company. gllllliu A A 2 .- B l F 3 C i Qllllllf Im Remember! for good listening 0 it's 1250 S on your dial ol N' STATIONERYCO. V07 KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA.KANSAS Roach Hardware " ' ' 622 Kansas 3-9606 NG C O KS S ON O S Besr Wishes +o +i'ie Seniors of '57 and +o all Trojans eniord "Congra+ula+ions," says Mr. Weaver as he presen+s 'Phe Spelling Bee prizes +o juniors Sue Cross, Tom Jackson, Linda Sialrer, Judy S+uenicel, and Sreve Wilson. an oplzomored UU BL!-XS III STH IITIU BUMP Y X cf: 'W f 'K 5 Crosby's la+es+ 'Fashions are modeled by fhese four 'lop senior girls. Earlene Knoles looks sophis+ica+ecl in a black co++on shealrh wifh checlced iaclce+. Dressed for spring parfies is Sandra Hopkins in a while chiffon slcir+ lopped by a red plaid wool iaclcet Alicia Laing is modeling a lan coal' wilh ma+ching hai, a lovely oulfil' for church. Sunny Roberfson shows a serviceable black coHon. Black and while s+ripes and per+ bow decora+e +he dress. 2 214 If WCSl'l,f raining when Noah built the Ark HUSSEY INSURANCE AGENCY 627 Topeka Avenue Pho AN INVITATION! MAKE PHARMACY YOUR CAREER. I WILL BE GLAD TO TALK WITH YOU ABOUT PHARMACY ANYTIME. lNG'S PRESCRIPTI 'QQ ON P H A R M ACY I-A CENTRAL BLDG., 700 KANSAS AVE. M. M. KING - Beat Wiahea to the Claaa ob '57 M. Katch 81 Co. Scrap Dealers 5th and Bl-anner Topeka . Conqnatulationa, Claaa of '57 DEHHN PHUHE 8 CU. -INSURANCE- Phone 3-I 378 610 Jackson ne 3-4175 The Partu Pantry Gourmet Foods- Party Supplies 2030 Gage Phone 8-8194 Plaza Hardware HOrdwore-Housewares-Point Open Sunday P.M. 12530-5:30 1236 Lone Phone 2-2360 1-11- Compliments of Since 1921 213 W. Sixth Phone 3-6463 11- 5040! 716 Kansas Ave. O h EAST S d f h A "If It's On Earth . . . We Can Sell If" P ding Price Is Commensurofe wifh QUALITY Cafmoll Radio and Sound H23 W. 6th 'Phone 2-I I7I L- fi A T, 4111, can - A Z ' , ' , li' ,, I f X I 5, f , ' , 1 ., ' I , P iI Ii JIM-1 Eff Civ T p If D ve-In-and-Park Real EI' I Off ce af 10th Z7 Top k Phone 5-4442 o 2 1421 Lauferbach IN SIZE IN SCOPE IN SERVICE KANSAS' LARGEST A MUTUAL COMPANY providing: ENDOWMENT ORDINARY LIFE TERM , ew,-ity enafit if. RETIREMENT INCOME SAVINGS JUVENILE ACCIDENT a. sICKNEss MORTGAGE PROTECTION GROUP LIFE GROUP CREDIT GROUP CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY TOPEKA, KANSAS SINCE 1892 Home Office Building: 700 Harrison .1 ljil-i-1- sllxk 'TT , 1000 Kansas Natl. Res. Bldg. IT'S GDI: 'Ko QSIIS? IIIIIIS IIPIIIIAI SIIIVIIII O5 ILLS BLDG. 32 215 Qpwmlz3u1g uvxjumw S Misses' Qfges Topeka 'ltlv mwbxj acksow I Q, E Z K x 1 9 'fl Open-Noon HIL 2 A. M. 31 17Tope,mB0wL. 216 Renae Rafler and Karon Olson PROTECT YOUR SIGHT WITH BETTER LIGHT Correct lighting is worth studying, no matter what you do. Even the daily habit of reading the newspaper should be done with proper light-brought to you by Reddy Kilowatt, your electric servant. 'llll KANSAS POWERS! LIGIIY COHPIIY F'-vw'T"iN,-s-. if--. , 0 217 OUI' 4910418 . . Include in YOUR plans for the future a iriendly relationship with this growing bank 74a .,,,, MERCHA A TIONAI. 'H minus, I l nnlllflllllmullm BANK ME an FEDERAL asssnvs svsrsm if MEMBER Faoin-un. DEPOSIT msummce coavonnnou 501 KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA. KANSAS, 218 WMA , P gf, 1' ' anvn .Q ',1n1,,, A ' 'f SPORTSMANS STORE 911 Quincy Street Phone 3-0511 WM. A. "BILL" ASAY, MANAGER ,. FROM AND EVERY FOOTBALL PHASE 1 TO OF BOXING SPORTS X CContinued from page 210D The largest all-school production of Topeka High was our operetta. Marsha Legg delighted the audience in her role of Sylvia in '4Sweet- heartsf' Like a real star, Marsha re- ceived an orchid, roses, and telegrams from well-wishers. Here's to Miss Wheeler and Miss Herrick for their untiring efforts in directing dramatic productions, Mr. MO," the poet laureate of the daily bulletin, HHeavy" Erwin for his oft- spoken words, 6'What if 11300 students did this in the cafe- teria?"g and Mr. Ellithorpe for his famous 66Experiment 57." The half-time ceremony for Queen of Courts was beautiful as the Honor Pep and girls of Rep. Council formed a star around the throne. Decorations at the varsity were outstanding - blue streamers and mobiles carried out the "To the Starss' theme. Much to everyone,s astonishment, at the annual band concert, after showing call slips, passes, excuses, etc., to the exasperated director, Mr. Neaderhiser, each section of the hand walked out to the music furnished hy the remaining members. We may he the light of our parents, eyes and a sigh of relief to our teachers as we trek across the stage in mortarhoard and long gray gown, hut to ourselves we are just feeling our wings. We've flown the coop and are off to scratch on our own. - The Editor - I WW Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home 1321 West Tenth Street l Gaines and Son Funeral Home 1182 Buchanan Brennan Funeral Home 800 West Sixth Street McMichael Memorial Home 415 West Sixth Street ' 219 1 The new Medical Arts Building across from Stormont-Vail Hospital. ED I SR I OC LR Dedicated to the professional men and women who help us to live het- ter. 11- 220 Medical Arts Building E. A. McClintock, M.D. Francis T. Collins, M.D. Robert T. Cotton, M.D. Robert H. O'Neil, M.D. William H. Crouch, M.D. Hubert L. Harris, M.D. C. E. Joss, M.D. C. S. Joss, M.D. R. E. Pfuetze, M.D. L. R. Pyle, M.D. D. E. Gray, M.D. Clyde B. Trees, M.D. Bernard G. Joyce, M.D. I 'I The National Bank of Topeka Building has National Bank of Topeka Building Stumbo and Erwin, Attorneys McClure, Webb, and Oman, Attorneys Buzick and Waugh, Attorneys Maurice D. Freiclberg, Attorney C. R. Scott Mortgage Company Tom Berry Insurance Agency long been a landmark. 1 1, Mills Building John XV. Cavanaugh, M.D Ernest H. Decker, M.D. C. M. Lessenden, M.D. Finney and Hiebert, M.D. Cloyce A. Newman, M.D. K. NW. Carlson, D.D.S. XV. C. Hanson, D.D.S. L. L. Kimbrough, D.D.S. Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D.S. C. L. Stalker, D.D.S. G. A. Wempe, D.D.S. .J The remodeled entrance to the Mills Building. National Reserve Building R. W. Emerson, M.D. Dwight Lawson, M.D. H. U. Kennedy, M.D. Powers and Preston, M.D. Vernon C, Wiksten, M.D. R. Dale Dickson, M.D. K. A. Dutton, D,D.S. Richard H. Hamilton, D.D.S. Ray Woodworth, D.D.S. Addington, jones, Davis, and Haney, Attorneys The National Reserve Building towers over To- peka's downtown area. l P I I I 222 luck Frost - - - Dickinson Your Topeka Oldsmobile Home o'F Qualify Movies Dealer --1-ll addge I-'Al.l.EY'S ie!! 1123-2532625 A A 4 fu W - ,.Gg'g.,d3gieb e Li- T 2 QZQ I B I fflifa I-,, .... .- ,iw nfl ,YM ' ,i c ' :E 'i ly , If X --1.-..l. Best wishes to the CLASS OF '5 7 Pioneer National Life INSURANCE GDMPAIIY a Kansas Company Joyce says: ,Agni I+ Wasno raining' "lf it is the finest in when Noah buili rhe Ark. Portraiturev it is by Wichvrsf' Always remember J-I-USSEU Insurance Co. "WfC'wfSf0f Picturesf' 627 Topeka Avenue wichers Phone 3-4I 75 P0l'fYHif Studio e A -X Your 1-Stop Camera Shops 'ii . . . ' Cameras ' Finishmg ' Tape Recorders WV 106 West Eighth 915 N. Kansas 2017 Gage I Toes Ballet A crobatics Modern Tap Compliments of All Types For HEE EHIEHSHII Doroth SPORTING Gooos co. Thom: School of 932 Kansas Ave. Phone 5-4269 7-V Dancing The Sfofe Behind fhe 5P0ffS 811 Anderson Terr. Phone 2-0921 Entertainment Furnished For All Occasions 223 W V t f, ,V ,f Vgr.wwff,7,fyf,,,f.U,7,f,, f 1,,'f:Qf, V 0" . qufiw 5, ,,,- , ff','fffffifwf,j 'H' , 'fi ,, "' ' ' ' ' , J ,ff ,4-V , ', fff--, ff--, Ifffff - f 5 ., f , '.f, f ,, ,, , ,:,ff,ff'awfff',ff-,,f -, a ,fwifmz ef 3 ff' .a, cpfififii, ff: ' ' 'E gffff, ' X . . fx K ,, ,Q - ,, ,lf ,, V, 1. 9 I Q, : ,, f4f,4f,,,f,fW 4,,ff,!4Qff ,fM9Q,f,..f,,7,,.ff X . . ,. r ff ,f f iff 'f ',,f,ff fgfof ,wf,-f,,fg:,f ,,, af ' ' ,wh- , I . - , f 5 f ,- ,, f ,MM .f ,H fff,W,f,f!',,!1ff,fff' mmm., , . , , ,f ,,,,,f,, M4 4,,, f,,,,,,,,,,,, f ,,,, ,, , , , fzf,f1f,,',, f f, f , 4, f ,',w-f ' 4, 5 ,3,f,j,, , f , Qfff I, ,.,, , X f 1 -ff,fw,,f-, ,-1,yf,.,f,Q, ff, , f, -M4w,,,f,y,f,m,f!wfWfQffffn,fW , f f ' ' f . ,,f-f1"IT'QIfif?5d.ii',z ,, if? 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I , I :V If' 4 L. 531.2 X 11- -' ' ' ' .gf K .v .f--V - ' f X -gpg, V 1 I ,J-fff vffff , My ,K W Q N W ,i - lmnmsel mm '!TXZFI,,,,5fVITVEIk e gif.-75,1 fffshgngg' Qngwzig If'fE3,mw1' V I, 2 ',,' ,p-,,',.,, Q,-1 r.-,n.rf. In-' ,iq-, lu I 1 J I .I I I e 'A ' I 'LI'i1., AVI. , ,V J,, ,, if, .rf 1, e, ,. .4 3+ e,::.-., m'..:,Ii!'3I,s9x-ifra: 1 WESTBORO MART HUNTOON AND OAKLEY WESTBORO STANDARD SERVICE Huntoon and Oakley DICK DANSEY I Weslboro lfurriers "lf you don't know fur: Know your furriersu GLOVER 8: NEVVCONIE A R C I'I I I E C I S 3101 HUNTOON, TOPEKA, KANS, MEMBERS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS V BII9 Huntoon 3-7612 OPEN Monday and Thursday Evenings "It's BRIMAN'S Danner and Vawter MOBILGAS STATION Huntoon and Oakley Phone 9-9164 CLARENCE ROACH Westhoro Hardware "The Friendly Store" We Deliver Ph. 8-8419 i. AUTO LOANS MODEL-USED for n1AMoNns', New-LATE THE MORRIS PLAN CU Qeadhvg jewekow "WHERE TO BoRRow" 602 Kansas Ave. 841 N. Kansas Ave. 2 5 226 ANY IMPORTANT DAY 7' NN! CALLS FOR. . . A GIFTS FROM ff 'Q , 1 JQWWMWW' 'D .. ii 623 Kansas --Y ,, ' 5 GIFTS LIKE . . . xx- x osheaeefpenaep lsr QB fsne ok e Sti1IorMovie Cam Q P f f -Tp R d " 'L lDskLamps 0Bf OCI1gtDt ' Save. . . and Have eku Savings ASSOCIATION 7th and Kansas Ave. Phone 3-0555 Q s 4 0. 6' eka's Leading Tel. 3-2326 Q Funeral Direcfors Q of Wall -Ddfenderfer Mortuary I 1 I 227 FIEUPW GSBY MACK N9-5' ? f,Qz Wfw.s Best of luck to our classmates of '5 7. Jane Beshears Doris Binger Marcia Brown Vicki Bryan Phyllis Denning Annette Fluke Julie Foster Joyce Gladfelter Mitzi Hayes Barbie Howard Janet Juneau Mary Knight Marsha Legg Gayle Petereck Earlene Pierce Leslie Roach Chicken Smith Carolyn Thomas Judy Tyler -A- Abbott, James 65,168,187 Abney, Leonard Abrahams, Judy 81,95 Absher, Carol 65 Acord, Diane 65,142 Activities 32,33,36,37,40,41,4-4,45,48,49, 52,53,56,57,60,61 Adame, Helen 88 Adams, Barbara 88 Adams, Mary 81 Adams, Nancy 28 Adams, Patricia 28,94,108,1-12,150,151 Index Atland, Marilyn 65,107 Auld, Bill 65 Avers, Luella 28 Avery, James 65,117,168,173 Ayers, Judy 81 -B- Bachtell, Robert 81,114 Bacon, Juanita 87 Baer, Jim Bahr, Fred 28 Bailey, Bobbie 81,107 Bailey, Gene 65,168,182 Bailey, Robert 28 Bell, Harold 66 Benaka, Delores 29,149 Benard, Byron 63 Benedict, Betty 87,94 Benge, Carolyn 64,66,114,127,152,160 Bennett, Barbara 66,97 Addington, Janice 28,149 Addington, Jones, Davis and Haney, Attorneys, 221 Adcly, Allan 28,128 Adkins, Bill 28,139 Adkins, Clarence Adkins. June 63,98,107 Adkins. Ronny 65 Administration 14,15,17 Advertisements 192-228 Akerstrom. Larry 65,182 Alberg. Edward 28,1l8,131,160,l63. 168.l69,170.173,l84,185 Alberg, Wiley 19,174,187 Alderman, Sandy 28,115 Aldridge. M Alejos, Anna Marie 65 Alejos, Richard 89 Alexander, James 79 Baker, Francis 84 Baker, Gene 65 Baker, Linda 65,143 Baker, Mary 65,146 Baker, Regina 28 Baker, Ronald 81 Ball, David 65 Ballard, Michael 28,104 Band 104,105 Banker, Penny 87,148 Barbarow, Linda 79,84 Barber, Ray 82,104,106 Barber, Velda 81 Barber, Wayne 89 Barge, Lois 65,120 Barger, J. D. 78,168 Barham, Jeb 28,101,l23,124,l30,13l. 145,153,l60,162 Barnard, Bob-65,142 Aley. Phyllis 19 Alkire. Gordon Barnes, Lee 65,114,147,14a,1s1 Barnes, Randy 77,100 Allen, Ann 28 Allen, Arlys 89 Allen, Claude 81,175 Allen, Jane 102 Allen, Tom 65.104 Allerheiligen, Twila 65,14-6 Allison, Glenda 87,107,143 Allison, Jean 65.120,123,135.146.152. 158,180 All-School Party 160-165 Alston, Geraldine 89 Alt, Cynthia 82 American Field Service Council 135 Barnett. Billye 28,59 Barnett, Darwin 65 Barnett, David 88,107,175,19l Barnett, Janet 65,96,100,115 Barnett Motor Co. 194 Barney. Ruth 88 Barngrover, Larry 28,113,142,168,171, 182 Barr, Donna 65,115,148 Anderson, Bob 28,118 Anderson, Charles 28,151 Anderson. Joe 65 Anderson, Judith 87 Anderson, Judy 88 Anderson, Karolyn 65 Anderson, Linda 80,81,178 Anderson, Myron 65,190 Anderson, T. C. 65,138,139 Anderson , William 81 Angermann, Hagen 28,131,134,135. 141,145 Anspaugh, Wayne 81 Anstaett, Hugh 81 Aragones, Tere 28,134,135,180 Archibald, Bob 65,104 Arganbright, Donald 65 Armandariz, Mrs. LaVon 16 Armstrong, Nancy 65,100,108 Arredondo, Manuel Art 93 Artzer, Clarence 28 Ash, Mrs. Lillian 23, 120 Ashley, Homer 28 Ashley, Judy 82 Ashworth, Gloria 87, 152 Askren, Connie 89,101 Atchison, James 82 Atchison, Mickey 191 Athon, Hazel 28 Athletics 166-191 Atkinson, Nancy 28,98,180 Atkisson, Linda 88 Barraclough, John 65 Barranco, Cynthia 65 Barrett, Charleen 88 Barron, Lilia 87,100 Bartley, Jan 29,104,106 Basile, John 65 Basketball 184-187 Basketball Game Cadets 150 Bassett, Dick 82 Bassett, Steve 83 Bates, Larrie 65 Battey, Phyllis 65,94,95,108 Baughman, Bill 88 Baxley, Nedele 29,104 Baxter, David 84 Bayless, Marvin 19 Beach, Barbara 65 Beach, Mike 89,175 Beadman, Deanna 84 Beadman, Delores 65 Beard, Kim 29 Beardmore, Jo Ann 65,107 Beasterlield, Delores 65 Beattie, Brian 29,102 Beatty, Bill 81,104,106 Beatty, Claudia 29,102,103,180 Beatty, Louise 82 Beaver, Winifred 81 Becker, James 82 Beckwith, Betty 65 Beckwith, Richard 87 Beeman, Linda 66,100,107,133,135, 161,180 Beisecker, Thomas 83,128,141,145 Belcher, Noel 87 Belcher, Ronald 29,144 Bell, Carol 88,102,104 Bennett, Mack 29 Bennett, Sharon 66 Bennett, Steve 26,27,29,127,131,134, 141 Benton, Darcelene 89 Benton, Oliver 187 Berges, Karen 89 Berkebile, Susan 66,114,152 Berkson's 206 Bernard, Anne 66,146 Berroth, Robert 66,108 Berroth, Tom 84 Berry, Don 168 Berry Insurance Co. 220 Berry, Judy 29,144,149 Berryman, Barbara 82 Berryman, Travies 29,158 Beshears, .lane 29,146,148 Beskow, Phyllis 29 Bier, Charles 84 Bier, Paul 29,104,106 Biesemeyer, Mary 29,149 Biggam, Judith 88 Billington, Charles 66,79,144,190 Binger, Doris 29,98,115,146,l48,152, 180 Binney, Donald 66 Bird, Suzanne 64,66,68,120,127,133, 146,152,158,180 Bishop, Johnny 29 Bistline, Sharon 88 Black, Charlene 66 Black, Norman 29 Black, Shirley 81 Blackburn, Jean 29,102 Blackwell, Palmer 29 Blaisdell, Mike 66,129,142,168,172, 182,191 Blake, Richard 83 Blake, Sally 89 Blake, Sue 66,147 Blakely and Company 205 Blancas, Delores 87 Blancas, Roger 66 Blanchard's Cleaners 199 Blenders 194 Blevans, John P. 19 Blewett, Elaine 82,150 Bliss, Jerry 81,175 Bloomfield, Carole 84,104,106 Bloomingdale, Gwen 89 Bluejacket, Jolene 83,144 Board of Education 16 Boaz, Gary 29 Boaz, Larry 29,142 Bodenhausen, Otto 17,141,146,168, 174 Boeger Studio Photographers 208 Boggs, Woodrow 88,107 Bolan, Robert 66 Boley, Nancy 66,148 Boley, Violet 29,104,106,149 Bonner, Kathryn 82 Booher, Dick 66 Booth, Brenda 66,144,147,153 Bothwell, Ronald 29,123,128,153 Bouton, Doris 29 Bouton, Esther 89 Bouton, James 66 Bowen, Harry 66,191 Bowen, Patricia 29,114,133,134,152, 161,180 Bowen, Yvonne 81,104 Bowers, J. B. 82,142,191 Bowes, Frances 82 Bowes, Irma 30,149 Bowman, Laird 84 Boyd, Ernie 66,116 Boyd, Janice 83 Boyd, Tom 66 Boyett, Randell 84 Boys' State 132 Brace, Carl 30,141,145,182,191 Bradberry, Floyd 66 Bradford, Tom 66 Bradley, Delores 81 Brandenburg, William 30,108,119 Brandon, Marilyn Bray, Barry 64,66,68,72,l04,106,123, 127,133,134-,141,153 Breithaupt, Mary 81,107,148 Brewer, Helen Brewer, Verajayne Briant, Elton 30 Brice, LaVerne 66 Briggs, Janice 30 Bright, Wilma 30 Brison, Mary 89,95 Britt, Adrienne 30,104,105,107,14-4, 147,158 Brock, Carl 121 Brodecker, Larry 83 Bromich, Sandra 83,114,133 Bronson, Phil 66 Brooks, Mrs. Clara 121 Brosamer, Maxine 83 Brotherton, Lawrence Brower, June 66 Brown, Barbara 66,92,136,146,148, 152,l Brown, 80 Fred Brown, Georgia 30,114,130 Brown, Kay 84 Brown, Marcia 30,100,108,123,130, 153,160,163,178,179 Brown, Mary 30,149 Brown, Mike 30,132 Brown, Montgomery 121 Brown, Nancy 81,115,146,152 Brown, Patty 82 Brown, Mrs. Peggy 23 Brown, Quincalee 30,42,110,115,144 Brown, Richard Brown, Tony 81 Brownell, Stephen 84 Brumley, Ann Brumme, Nancy 30,31 Bryan, Mike 66,141 Bryan, Vicki 30 Bryant, Claire 81 Bryant, Jim 89,175 Bryant, John 82,104 Buckman, Eugene 30,113,142,182,183 Builon, Charles 30,110,128,132,135, 145,181 Bugg, Mildred 63 Bugg, Robert 83 Bullock, Keith 87 Bunds, Judy 89 Burbridge, Grace 66 Burgen, Carlene 83 Burgess, Roger 30,39,128,135,141,15l, 182 Burke, Mary .10 26,27,30,101,110,127, 130,133,134,146,180 Burkhardt, Dalbert 81 Burkhardt, Jean 82 Burlew, Dorothy 66 Burnett, Marquis 30 Burnett, Nancy 30 Bums, Janice 66,97,143,144,147 Burns, Richard 66 Burress, Shirley 66,142 Burson, James 229 Clink Business 111 Butler, Bob 30,182 Butler, George 66,108 Butler, Jerry 30 Butterfield, Nancy 30,115 Butterfield, Sharon 84,146 Buzick and Waugh, Attorneys 220 Byers, Sharon 87 Byrne, Pat 66 -C- Cabbage, Dean 83 Cafeteria 121 Cagle, Louis 19,111,149 Caldwell, David 66,76,152,191 Calihan, Janice 30,l08,ll2,113 Christopher, Jacque 84 Christopher Studio 203 . Christy, Stephanie 81 Clark, Arthur 31,139 Clark Clark , Bonnie , Dorothy 67 Clark, Elmo 85,141 Clark, Ronnie 86 Clark School of Business 206 Clark Claus Claus , Virginia en, Glenda 84,104,114 sen, Larry 87 Cleland, Joe 67,104 Clement, Sue 31,114,148 enbeard, Georgia 67 Calihan, Judy 66 Calloway, Jerome 67 Campbell, Myrna 88,94,142 Canfield, Sandra 30,120,1-l-4,14-7,152. 153,180 Cantrell, Charles 89 Carlson, Daniel 85,97 Carlson, Janet 87,115 Carlson, Janice 30,94,l08 Carlson, K. W., D. D. S. 221 Carlson, Kenneth 67 Carlson, Larry 67 Carnahan, Sam 82.l4l,144,186 Carney, Virginia 67,94,l0-1,142 Carpenter, Bill 83 Carpenter, Harry 83 Carper, Katherine 83 Carr, Larry 67 Carrington, Diana 85 Carroll, Charlene 67,107 Carroll, Charlotte 31 Carroll, Mrs. Ida 121 Carroll Radio and Sound 215 Clinkenheard, Robert 31 Cohler, Jim 31,113 Coe, James 86 Coffman, Ed 31,111,113 Coffman, Esther 31 Coffman, Judy 67,115,123,124,133, 135,146,152,160,l80 Coke, Sandra 31,108,114,147,148 Cole, Mary Ann 67 Coleman, Sandy 84,115 Coleman, Sue 31,124,128,l60,161,162 Coleman, Willie 31,168,170,171,182 Colhouer, Don 67 Colhouer, Margaret 31,104 Collins, Francis T., M. D. 220 Collins, Mrs. Shirley 19,144 Colton, James 19 Comer, Fannie 31,107 Comfort, Tony 67 Concession Stand Workers 151 Conger, Leila 67,148 Conley, Sharon 67,104,108 Conrad, Cynthia 85 Critchlow, Judith 34 Croft, Barbara 67 Crook, Virginia 67,107,114,135 Crosby Brothers 213 Cross Country 190 Cross, Sue 67,100,107,114,129,133,135, l44,152,158,2l2 Crossley, Sheila 34,101,133,134,136, 146,148,16l,180,212 Crouch, John 83,102,104 Crouch, William H., M. D. 220 Crow, Martha 84 Crowder, Charles 78 Crowder, Marva 84 Crowder, Mary 68 Crume, Carol 86,107 Crume, Eddie 34 Culfel, Barbara 81 Cummings, Judyth 83 Cummins, Shirley 84 Curlee, Martha 68 Currier, Sally 83,85 Curry, Ann 68 Curry, Bill 68,168 Custodians 120 Cutright, Dean 83 -D- Daeschner, Lawrence 88 Daeschner. William 34,101,102,104, 135 Dallas, Jerome 34,59 Dallas, Robert 83 Dalton, Janice 34,102,104,l05 Dewey, Marion 68 Dick, Mrs. Myra 121 Dick, Nellie 35 Dickens, Dorothy 85 Dickerson, Paula 84,101,102 Dickinson, Richard 84,110 Dickson, R. Dale, M. D. 221 Diepenbrock, Martha 35,147,148,150, 151,152 Dillard, lrvin 68 Dillard, Larry 68,184,186 Dilley, Harold l9,21,142 Dilley, Janice 81 Ditch, Wayne 35 Dixson, Mary 84 Dodd, Glenn 68,168 Dodson, Ronald 68 Doherty, Beverly 68,147 Donahue, Ralph 107 Donaldson, Elizabeth 16 Donnelly, Patrick 87,102 Donnelly, Shari 84,95,150 Douglas Construction Company 212 Douglas, Garry 81 Douglas, Ronald 85 Douglas, Sallie 35 Downer, Merrill 88,145 Downey, Dennis 87 Downs, Jean 84 Drane, Don 81 Dremon, Mrs. Mrytle 121 Drescher, Rodney 89,118,119 Drotts, Sandra 85 Drummond, David 83 Carson, Carson. Carter, Carter, Carter, Carver Arthur 31 Joe 67 Carol 67,114,1-17,148,152 Eugene 67 Wesley 84 Carolyn 83 Day, .1 Casey, Connie 82,125,l33,146.152 Caskey, Toney 67 Cast, Theodore 19.118 Cavanaugh, John W., M. D. 221 Cawthon, Gary 67 Central National Bank 203 Chafhn. Kenneth 31,123,153 Chalmers, Glenn 67.168 Chamness, Mrs. Flossie 19 Chamness, P. W. 116 Chandler, Bern 85 Chandley. Carole 89 Chandley, Ruth Channel, Clyde 82,94 Chapman, Paul 85,173 Chappell. Mary 82 Charles. Kay 31 Chase, Betty 31 Chase. Shirley 67,98 Cheerleaders 178,179 Cheng. Joan 3l.94,145 Chezem, Ann 67,104,114 Chilgren, Judith 67 Chisholm, Foster 31 Chisholm, Karlene 82 Choir 108 Chrastina. Sandy 31,115,148 Chrastina, Susan 67,104,106 Christensen, Karen 67 Christenson, Kay 84,95,146,l52 Constable, Nancy 31,147,180 Cook, Bill 82 Cook, Colleen 83 Cook, Dave 81 Cook, Delores 31,114-,l48,l50,151,152 Cook, Dixie 31,152,180 Cook , Janice 67,104,148 Cook, Larry 83 Cook Cook Coon Coop Coop Coop , Larry E. 67,141 ,Shirley 31,149 S, Linda 67,104-,107,1l5,14-2,146 er, Barbara 34,102 er, Larry 86 er, William 67,102,104 Copp, Darlene 67,107 Copp, Joe 34,168,171,182 Cordill, Robert 67,104,190,184-,187 Cormack, Thomas 84 Corona, Rachel 34 Corrick, Franklin 67,110 Cotton, Robert T., M. D. 220 Courtner, Linda 34 Cowan, Judy 34,144-,145,1-l6.148,152, 180 Cowa Cowg n, Mona 83 er, Mrs. Naomi 19 Cowherd, Bruce 86 Cowherd, Sandra Cox, Edna 67 Cox, Georgia 83 Cox, Judy 34 Coy, Homer S. 19 Crable, Betty 67 Crahle, Janice 83 Craig, Phillip 87 Craig, Ruth 147 Dance Band 106 Dangerfield, Carol 34,102,107 Daniels, John 84 Darrow, Jack 68,118 Daugherty, Patty 34,139,147,180 Davenport, Chester A. 19,174,187 Davenport, David 85 Davern, John 89 Davies, Barbara 83,146 Davies, Virginia 34,120,14-7,148,180 Davis, Janet 68 Drury, Edna L. 19 Dryer, Barbara 68 Duckwal ls 206 Duclos, Frank 68 Davis, Jerry 88 Davis, Jim 34 Davis, John 168 Davis, Larry Davis, Leslie 68 Davis, Luella 83 Davis, Mimi 68,107,120.l33,152,158, 160.180 Davis. Rick 83 Davis, Sharon 85 Davis, Terry 68 Davis, Tom 121 Dawson, John 34,101,l05,115,123,125. 127,132,133,153,155,160,162 Dawson, Rosemary 68,107 udy 68 Christensen. Robert 64,67,110,114, 127,13-1,141,145 Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, 230 Gary 31 Ray, Jeweler 215 Roger 85 Ruth 84,114 Crane and Co. 205 Crank, Charlie 67,95,l10 Crawford, Jon 34,183 Crenshaw, Betty 34,149 Crihbs, Priscilla 67,70,108.152 Critchfield, Don 67 Dayton. John 34,39 Dean, Jack l9,174,175,l8-1-,187 Dearing, Linda 34 Deaton, Diana 68 Debate 110 Decker, Ernest H., M. D. 2.21 Deeter, Karen 34,102,103,108,125,128, l,29,133,146,159,180 Deever, Larry 77 Degrafl, Jay 68 Deller, Barbara 84 DeMoss, James 68,107 Denning, Phyllis 34 Dennis, Dave 81 Denzler, Ellen 68,93,115 Departmental 90-121 Desormiers, Anita 68 Dcsormiers, Sharon 84 Devine, Diane 68,115,l35,146,148,180 Dewey, Barbara 34 Duffield, Loren 35,119 Dumars, Viki 85 Dumas, Fred 78,184,186 Dumas, Jimmy 82,187 Dunford, David 68,79 Dunn, Ralph 85 Dunnaway, Dixie 86,115 Duran, Virginia 68 Duree, Dick 88 Dutton, K. A., D. D. S. 221 Dyck, Jacob 68 Dyck, Victor 86 -E- Earl, Jackie 68 Eastman, Gerald 84,187 Eaton, Patricia 35 Ebel, Dave 68,110,114,134,14-1,144 Ebel, Paul 68,114,134,l41 Ebendorf, Bob 35,93,131,160,163,168, 169,170,177,182,183 Eberhardt, Vera 89 Eddy, John 68 Eden, Dall 68,96 Edmonston, Susan 87,128 Edwards, Delbert 83 Edwards, Earl Edwards, Janice 68 Edwards, Norma 68,107 Egland, Karen'86 Egli, Richard 84 Elbert, Patty 68,115 Eldien, Sharon 64,68,102,108 Eldien, Shirley 87,107 Eliot, Alfred 84,119 Elliott, Beverly 26,27,35,108,130,136, 147,160,163,180,181 Elliott, Joe 68 Elliott, Lee 68,144,190 Elliott, Leland 35 Elliott, Prudence 86 Ellis, Janet 68,142 Ellis, Lanny 69 Ellis. Margaret 35 Ellithorpe, Hubert F. 19,97 Elmore, Mary 82 Elnicki, Betty 35 Elting, Julie 81 Emerson, Bonnie 35 Emerson, R. W., M. D. 221 Endliclfs 206 England, John 35,108 English 94 Enochs, Shirley 87 Erickson, Mark 85,187 Erickson. Mary 87 Erickson, Vernice 88,142,148 Erwin. Dana L. 19,182,190 Erwin. Judith 85 Escobar. Daniel 69.168 Escobar. Johnny 35.108,168,173 Eshom. Sherry Eshorn. Sharon 69 Espinosa. Edward 82,175 Espinoza. John 84 Espinoza, Pete 35 Estes. Tad 78 ,F- Faculty 18-22 Faidley, David 83 Fairmont Dairy 207 Falley. Sue 86 Farber. Carol 79 Fass, Barbara - Faulconer, Jay 85,104,106 Faulk. Charles 121 Faultless Cleaners 199 Faust. Lila 69,147 Feist, Wiilliam 69,114,142 Fenoglio, Joseph 35 Ferrell. Elaine 69,107,115.129.152 Fieger. Mrs. Kay 23 Finger, John 69,l39.182.190 Fink, E. L. 19 Fink, Steve 35,128.141.182,l91 Finley, Miss Bernice 19.148 Finney and Hiebert, M. D. 221 Fish, Rene 35,131 Fisher, David 66,69,79,19l Fisher, Gary 35 Fisher, Linda 88 Fitts, Judy 80,88.l01.128 Fitts, Mrs. Vivian 19 Fleming, Bernie 86 Fleming, Lloyd 85 Flesher, Jack 86 Flowers, Daniel 63 Flowers, Jim 63,113 Flowers, Mina 35,102.107,142 Flowers, Rose 35 Fluharty, .lean 85 Fluke, Annette 35,147,180 Fly, Elbert M. 19,107 Fly, Elizabeth 88,102,103,128,146 Folger, Marilyn 86 Football 168-175 Football Game Cadets 150 Foots, Mary 69 Forbes, Herbert 83 Forbes, Naomi 35,149 Ford, Carolyn 35,100,112,147 Ford, Nancy 35,114,147,148 Ford, Robert 88 Foreword 4 Forinash, Carolyn 88 Foster, Donna 35 Foster, Julie 38,1-46,147,161 Foster, Larry 69 Fountain, Dorothy 38,149 Fourmont. Mary Ann 87 Foust, Barbara 87 Fox, Dale 89,107 Fox, Dave 38 Fraker, Tammie 80,81,115 Frakes, Barbara 69 Frankenberger, Phil 38,141,177 Franklin, Margaret 89,115 Franklin, Ruth 87,94,142 Frantz, Gary 84 Fraser, Ellen 38 Frazer, Myrna 88,94,128,148,189 Frazer, Verna 81,115,125,128,146,148, 152,189 Frederick, Carol 38,102,149 Freeby, Everett 87 Freed, Diana Freed, Lois 38 Freel, Janice 82,95,143 Freeman, Beverly 69 Freeman, Gary 38 Freeman, Leona 84,115,142 Freer, Barbara 69 Freidberg, Maurice D., Attorney 220 Freidberg, Steve 38,115,123,125,134, 14l,144,145,152 French, Joan 69,1l4,123,124,133,135, 146,148,152,180 French, Mrs. Marjorie 20.96 Friend, Barbara 69 Friend, Ruth 88 Fritton, Bob 69 Fritton, Nancy 81,147 Fritz. Madeline 69,93 Frost, Marcia 88,115 Fruits, ,limmie 78 Fry, Karen 34-,38,l36,137,l46,l80,212 Fry, Miss Mabel S. 20 Frye, Marilyn 89,101,115,151 Frye, Raymond 69,104,168 Fuller, L. A., Motor Co. 206 Fulton, Margaret 89,95 Future Homemakers 148 Future Nurses 147 Future Teachers 146 -G- Gabe, Virginia 69,107,l28,136,14-3 Gale, ,Jerald 81,175 Gamber, John 69,78,104 Garcia, Angelina 86 Gardner, Denny 69 Garhart, Marla 69,151 Garner, Tommy 69 Garnett, Phyllis 88,110 Garretson, Carol 88,147 Garrison, Mike 38 Gartner, John 116 Gas Service Co. 201 Gassdorf, Richard 87 Gastineau, Jayna 88 Gates, Marian 38,149 Gatewood, Curlis 84 Gatewood, Marie 38 Gay, Phyllis 83 Gentry, Barbara 38,107,151 Gentry, Barry 69 Gentry, Jesse 69 Geoffrey, Ann 69 Gerlach, Harold 86,144 Gerye, W. A. 206 Gettig, George 88,187 Gibbs Clothing 194 Gibbs, Sue 83,142 Gibson, Cynthia 69,107 Gibson, George 38 Gifford, Judy 38,148,l53,155 Gilbert, Anita 69 Gilbert, Clyde E. 20,118 Gilbert, Lydia 88 Gillgannon, Connie 82 Gilliland, Don 38 Gilreath, John 85 Ging, Larry 63 Gingrich, Wanda 69 Girls' State 132 Gladfelter, Joyce 38,130,146,148,176, 177,180,181 Gladfelter, Mrs. Ruth 20 Glanville, Barbara 69,102,104,143 Glendening, Ruth 69,144,147,148,152 Glenn, Kathryn 87,95 Glenn, Shirley 87 Goad, Gerald 84 Godfrey, Charlotte 69 Godfrey, Norman 78 Godwin, W. R. 16 Goebel, Vina 69 Golden, Harvey 121 Goldsmith, Richard 87,114,191 Gonzales, Anita 88 Halseth, Henry 168 Hamilton, Janette 81 Hamilton, Richard H., D. D. S. 221 Hand, Marilyn 115 Haney, Bill 39 Haney, David 70 Hankenson, Linda 39,114,l28,150,152 Hankins, Carolyn 86 Hanna, Mrs. Helen 20 Hannay, June 81,128 Hansen, Andy 70 Hansen, Paul 79 Hanson, W. C., D. D. S. 221 Harbaugh, Joyce 70,95,142 Harbour, Bob 70 Hardee, Florence 39,115 Gonzales, Barbara 38 Gonzales, Gloria 88 Gonzales, Joe 85,104,l75,189 Gonzalez, Joe 69 Good, Lawrence 87,187 Gooden, Deanna 89,114 Goodin, Charlotte 38,148,152 Harding, Dorothy 70 Harper, John 70,107 Harper, Steve 70,94 Harr, Donna 86 Harrington, Sharon 70,94,144,147 Harris, Barbara 87,94 Harris, Carolyn 81 Goodin, Sue 81 Goodman, Norman 69 Gordon, Charles 78,88,l07 Gordon, Don 38 Gordon, Linda 83 Gorrell, Beverly 38,104,105,106,115, 130,131,146,148,152 Gorrell, Judith 89,115,148,1S2 Goss, Allan 38.144 H Graham, Darlene 38,142 Grame, Neva 38,149 Grant, Carolyn 69 Grantham, Becky 38,104,110 Gray,iBetsy 69,147 Gray, D. E., M. D. 220 Gray, Joan 82,115,128 Harris, Hubert L., M. D. 220 Harris, Larry 70,l01,108,141 Harris, Virginia 82 Harrison, Mike 88 Harrison, Nadine 39,97,112,113,132, 136,137,lS3,160,162,178179 Hartner, Ralph 70 Harvey, Robert 87,191 Hastings, Gary 81 Hastings, Karen 84 Hatfield, Sharon 89,143 Havely, Alberta 39,99,112,113,1l4, 147,148,180 Havill, Barbara 70 Hawkins, Dave 70 Hawley, William 88 Graybeal, Lawrence 89 Grayce Shops 201 Greco, Rosemary 39,l30,131,152 Green, Eldana 87 Green, Esther 69 Green, Louis 86 Greenlee, Richard 69 Greer, Mrs. Dorothy 20,92,140 Greer, Mr. Richard 16 Greeve, Mary 69 Gresser, Barbara 83,114,133,212 Gridley, Marcene 84,107 Griffee, Karen 81,89,128,247 Griffin, Dave 69 Griflin, Leta 69 Griffith, William M. 20,99,135 Grimmett, Ardith 88 Gross, Ben 77 Grover, Phyllis 39,108,112,113,128 Groves, Lorma 82 Grubbs, Helen 88 Guerrero, ,lohn 86,106 Guerrero, Loretta 39,100,112 Guerrero, Mario 87,107 Guidry, Mike 63 Gurss, LaDene 81,152 Gurss, Veon 70,152,168 Gurtler, Wayne 81 Guthrie, Robert 70 Hawver, Diane 70 Hawver, Gail 89,128 Hayes, Gary 81,175 Hayes, Kathryn 39,99,132,145,152,176, 177 Hayes, Lilly 86 Hayes, Margaret 39,112,114,146,147 Hayes, Sue 82 Hayes, Vernon 20 Heacock, Helen 39,149 Heath, David 39,128,136,137,140,141, 153 Heath, Lois 87 Heath, Marilyn 70,142 Heckathorn, Jackie 87,94,142 Heckel, Norma 70 Heer, Kenneth 70 Heil, S usan 82,101,110,115,128 Heitmann, Dennis 70 Heinze, Sonja 147 Helm, Helmli Joan 70,71,102,143 nger, Dale 39 Henderson, Carolyn 88 Henderson, Dorothy 81 Henderson, Faye 81 Henderson, Miss June 20 Henderson, Norma 88 Henderson, Tim 70 Henderson, Twilla 39,102,149 -H- Haag, Albert 39 Haag, Ivan 39 Haag, Torrence 20 Haag, Virginia 85 Haglund, Ann 70,100 Haldeman, Bob 87,115 Hall, Gary 39,102,104 Hall, Paul 70 Halland, Joyce 84 Halleck, Jerry 81,183 Hallman, Robert M. 20,102 Hendrix, Clarence 121 Hendrix, Jimmy 86 Henrie, Bernie 88 Henriksen, Neil 39 Henry, .lean 39 Henry, Kurt 70,141,147 Henson, Owen 17,141 Hercules, Larry 26,28,39,127,131,141, 145,182,184,186 Hermann, Myrna 88,143 Herrick, Miss Martha 20,22,64 Herring, Harold 89 231 Heydt, Donna 78 Hicks, Dewayne 70 Hiebert, John 70,144 Higginbotham, Oneita 70 Higgins, Albert 39 Higgins, Karolyn 89,146 Hilbert, Larry 70 Hill, Gary 70 Hill, James M. 20 Hill, Marion 86 Hill, Mary Sue 83,147 Hilliard, Nancy 81 Hillmer Leather Shop 200 Hillrichs, Brad 86 Hinds., Mrs. Lola 121 Hinds, Lyle 81 Hines, Janice 89 Hippensteel, David 81 Hitt, Charlotte 70 Hively, George 121 Hi-Y Club 142 Hock. Verna 70,l07,11-4,129 Hocker. John Hodge'Studios 208 Hodges, Ronald Horlison, Charles 88 Hodo, Ernest Hollines. Earl 121 Hoffman. Kurt 70.104 Hofwolt, Susan 83.95 Hogan, Norman 82 Hogle. Sandra 70 Holbrook. Carolyn 148,153,180 Holbrook. Sally 84.148 Holcomb. Floyd 14.183 Holden. Sylvia 81.147 Holland. Avery 119 Hubbard, Anne 20,71,138,151 Huber, Richard 81 Hudson, Bill - Huebner, Carolyn 83 Huey, Marilee 42,107,108 Huffman, Faye 71,94,142,144 Huffman, John 81,114 Huffman, Ruth 42 Hughes, Karen 87 Hughes, Linda 71,108,152,179 Humerickhouse, Joe 71 Hummer, Delores 71 Humphrey, Pat 71,114,129,l46, Humston, Edward 84 Hunsicker, Alice 85 Hunsicker, Gary 71 Hunt, Mignon 85,107 Hunter, Mrs. Marjorie 23 Hussey Insurance Agency 214 Hutchens, Richard 83 Hutcherson, Emma 151 Hutchison, Miss Frances 20,97,152 Hutchinson, Larry 83,104 Hutton, JoAnn 42 Hutton. Nathaniel 87 Hyle. Carol 7l.107.l1-I Joines, Paul 42,102,108 Jolley, Harry 63,168,171,182,184,185 Jones, Fred 71,104 Jones, J. W. 20 Jones, John 71,168 Jones, Judy 84 Jones, Karen 42,142 Jones, Larry 71 Jones, Lucy 42,115,180 Jones, Marcia 81,101,147 Jones, Marlene 43 Jones, Sally 81,150 Jones, Terese 63 Jones, Zepora 63 Jordan, Barbara 71,143 Joss, C. E., M. D. 220 Joss, C. S., M. D. 220 Jovalis, Chris 71,183 Joyce, Bernard G., M. D. 220 Juneau, Janet 43,51,108,135,136,137, 161,180,212 Junior Class Oflicers 64 Junior Junior Junior Class Play 154 Red Cross Council 133 Pictures 65-79 Jurey. Tom 43 Hyle, Margaret 89 Hystenk. Julia -1- Industrial Arts 119 lngemanson. Paul 64.7l,l04.l4l.182 Inverarity. Patricia 83 lreland. Betty 42 lrwin, Bob 86.141 Isaac. John 71 Iverson. Tom 42.l3l.168 Honor Holland. Joyce 84 Holland. Perri' 39.117 Holle. J urlith 82.148 Hollenbcck. Bonnie 70,148 Holly. Cary 70 Holman. Jo Ann 39 Holmes. Geraldine 70.115.l48 Holmes. Harley 70 Holmes. Ruth 70 Holston. Glenn 89 Holston. Sally 41.142 Holt, Bruce 87.119 Holt, Larry 77 Holt. R uth 42,104.1 42.146 Holtz. Edith 89 Holyoke, Marjory 85.150 Homecoming 176,177 Home Economics 98 Pep Club 180 -J- Jackman, Albert 81.187 Jackson, Danny 71.107 Jackson, Erma 71 Jackson. Grover 84,175 Jackson, Jo 71 Jackson, John 42 Jackson, Patty 86 Jackson, Paul 89 Jackson. Samuel 71,107 Thomas 71,76,96.100.l41. Jackson, 144.212 Jacobia, Mary Alice 63 Jameson. Robert 71,144 Jamison. Vernon 71 Jantzen. Jaramill Jasperso Argell 71,104 0, Rita 42 n. Nancy 80,82,107.178 Jayhawk Hotel 226 Jellison. 151.15 Jo Ann 87,114.1-16,147.150. 2 Hood. Dennis 89 , Hoover, Ann 70.128,148 " Hopkins, Miss Mary 20.94 Hopkins. Sandra 42.l08.113.130,131. Jenkins, Cary 71,108,173,182 Jenssen, Marilyn 84 Johnson, Betty 42,151 Johnson, Blaine 82 134,l53, Horne, Horne, Connie 82 Doris 42 Horton, Dennis 70 Horton, Don 42,149 Horton, Janet 42,93,108 Horton, Jolm 42,113 Hotchkiss, Chuck 26,27,42,141,181, 182,184,185 Hough, Donald 82,183 Houliston, Mike 81,110,141,144 Houts, Marcia 71 Howard, Barbara 42,108,130,131.133. 159,161,180,l81 Howard, Gale 86 Howard, Nancy 83 Howes, Harriet 87,99 Howes, Steve 82,104,191 Howey, Mrs. Maude 121 232 Johnson, Dick 87,182,190 Johnson, Doug Johnson , Erland 71.106 Johnson, Gary 42 Johnson, James 88 Johnson. Judy 84 Johnson, Kenny 81,118,119 Johnson, Larry 89,107,175 , Lathan 42.1l3,168,171,182 Johnson Johnson, Malcolm 42,131 Johnson, Max 87,187 Johnson, Ricky 71 Johnson, Robert 42 Johnson, Ronald 82 Johnson , Sharon Johnson, Sidney 71,141 Johnston, Janet 83 Johnston, Robert F. 84 Johnston, Robert N. 71 -K- Kaltcrman. Richard 63 Kampscbroerler, Marlan 81 Kansas Power and Light Co. 216 Kathe, Bob 84,175 Kauflman, Robert 84 Kaul. Bob 43,168,170,172,182 Kaul, Judy 85 Keeling. Vernon 78 Keeler, Judy 86 Keim, ,lack 43,107 Keim, John 43 Keller. Karen 71,146 Kelley, Mary 71 Kelly, Dennis 43,110,128,132,135.138. 140,141 Kelly, Janice 70,71,120,123 Kelly. Joe 43,1-12,168,170,182 Kelly, Nancy 71 Kelly. Nancy Jean 43,l08.120,146.180 Kelly. Pat 85,10-l-,106,14l,157.158,189 Kemble, Barbara 71 Kempenar, Jim 86 Kenipenar. Nancy 43 Kemper. Phillip 83, 152 Kennedy, H. U., M. D. 221 Kerle. Joyce 71 Kernahan, Connie 83 Kerr, Mrsg T. A. 16 Ketron, Eugene 88 Ketron, Jim 71 Ketterman, Richard Ketterman, Tom 71 Key Club 141 Key. Miss Patricia 20,113 Kibler. Cathie 83,102,128,146 Kieninger, Bob 71 Kieswetter, Douglas 85,187 Kilgore, Carroll 43,142 Kilker, Wally 43 Killam, Edith 81,142 Kimble, Patricia 83,150,151 Kimbrough, L. L., D. D. S. 221 Kindred, Frank 83,175 King. Carolyn 43 King, Floyd 71,104 King, Ralph 88 King, Ross 43 Kingman, Mrs. Esther 20,22,96,133 King's Pharmacy 214 Kirby, Bill 71 Kirkwood, Karen 84 Kistler, Lloyd 20 Kistler, Nancy 87 Kitchkommie, Joanne 83 Klemmer, Barbara 43 Kleppe, Steve 82 Kleseth, James 71 Kliewer, Richard 20,71,104,106,141, 189 Knight, Mary 43,147 Knoles, Earlene 43,108,114,130,131, 147,152,160,163,179,213 Koehlar, Arthur 43,104,144 Koelling, Sherman Kohl, Susan 72 Kohler, Dennis 83 Kraft, Carolyn 72,95,107,114 Kramer, John 87 Krentz, Kay 88,96 Kress, Sherrol 88 Krische, James 77 Kruse, Thelma 84,144 Kuiken, Ben 43,99,128,135,141,145 Kuker. Roger 86,187 -L- Lacy. Jerry 4-3,104,l31,140,141,145 Lairller, Judy 72,l07,11-4.135 Laing. Alicia 43Q110,125.127,133,135, 138.1-l0,161,180,213 Lake, Don 72 LaMar. Jo 85 Lamb, Margaret 43 Lambert, Darlene 43,149 Lambert, Gale 72 Lambert, Gary 72 Landen, Alan Lanibott, Edelyn 72 Lane, Bobbie 77 Lane, Judith 72 Laney, Carol 88 Laney, Chester A. 21,174 Laney, Janet 43,128,147,180 Langdon. Richard 72 Lange, John 79 Langton. Sylvia 72 Language 100,101 Lantis. Lawrence 72 Larson. Roger 72.108 Laster. Linda 89.115 Latter. Thelma 43.102.107,115,128, 135.152.1611 Latter, Tom 89.128 Lauber. Lawrence 72,104,114 Lauck, Jim 72 Lauterbach, Mary 43,l10,133,135, 138,l40.153,161 Lauterbacli Real Estate 215 Lautz, Henry 87,104.190 Lawrence. Danny 86,102,104 Lawson, Dwight, M. D. 221 Lawton, lthiel 81,107 Lawton, Karon 46 Layes, William 81 Leach, Patricia 87,95 Leamer, Larry 72 Lee, Alice 86 Lee, Winston 46 Leech, Barbara 72,107 Legg, Marsha 46,108,109,130,146,156, 180 Leighty, Gary 46 Leonhart, Joyce 86 Leonhart, Stuart 87,118,1-14,173,183 Leslie, Sue 72,115 Lessenden, C. M., M. D. 221 Lewis, Bob 46 Lewis, Everett 72,187,190 Lewis, lda 46 Lewis, Mary 86,128 Lewis Mel 46,1-12,168,170,172,174,182 Lewis Phil 46.138.l39,190 Lewis, Roger 72,182,190 Lewis, Ronald 46,113 Martin, Libbey, lrene 84 Lieberman, Marvin 87 Lietz, Rosa Light, Carole 72,98,152 Light, Connie 72,100,114 Linder, Karen -1-6.1-1-2,147 Lindsey. Delores 72 Martin, Martin, Edward 73 Ellen 88,146 Martin, Fred 84,104,191 Martin, Karen 46,112,114,125,146,180 Martin Lumber Company 197 Martin, Marilyn 85 Rosemary 46,149 Lindsey, Kay 46,108 Line, John 82 Lingo, Charles 72,104 Lingo, Mrs. Hazel F. 21,95,126 Linton, Carol 72 Little. Dorothy 86 Little. Jerry 63 Little, Joyce 72 Little. Leslie -1-6 Little. Stephen 46.102,10-1,128,145 Littlejohn. Geraldine 72 Lloyd. Ken -16 Locke. Geraldine 72 Locke, Mike 72.186 Lofton. Joe 81 Lohniann, Lynda 72 Long, David 72,107 Long, Donna 87 Long, Larry 72 Long, Michael 89 Longstaff, Ernie -1-6,l13.l61,162,168, 170,182 Longstaff, Ralph 85.175 Look, Bill 46,99 Loomis, Ruth M. 21 Lopez, Cecilia 46 Lopez, Sandra 84 Lord, Linda 81,101,107 Lotspeich, Maureen 72 Loughmiller, Linda 87,115.14-4,146 Loveland, Larry 85 Martin, Susie 81 Martin's Hobby Shop 203 Masquat, Carole 47 Masque and Wig 153 Matchett, David 47,104,131 Mathematics 96 Mather, Larry 47,184,186 Mathies, Diana 47 Mau, Frank 83,191 Maupin, Ted 88 May. David 73 May. Dick 47 May, Jan 89 May, June 47 May, Larry 73,187 Mayer, Jennie 73 Mayer, Mary 73,9-1,101,146,148 Mayfield, Delta 88 McBride, Nell 47 McCabe, John 47,13l,134,141,l45 McCall, Judy 73,120 McCall, Merrill 47,108,141,145 McCartney, Darlene 85 McCartney, Donna 73 - McCartney, John 73,100,141 McClain, Roy 86,107 McCleskey, Joe 88 McClintock, E. A., M. D. 220 McClure, Webb, and Oman, Attorneys 220 McCord, Gene 85 Lovell, Loretta 6-l,72,100,120,153,180, 181 Lowe, Marilyn 46,108,l36,180,212 Lowman Hill Pharmacy 199 Lund, Jack 72,76,110,129,133,134, 141,168 Lund, John 21 Lund, Roger 68,72 Lundgren, Jan 46,95,l02,l04,146,l5l Lundgren, Madeliene 72,108,111-6. Lundgren, Mary 88,95,107 Lnttjohann, Barbara 89 Luttjohann, Gary 84 Luttjohann, Larry 83 Lutz, Carol 82 Lutz, Ronald 107 Lux, Bonnie 87 Lux, Sam 72,108,129 Lyle, Tim 46 Lynn, Frank 46 Lyon, Judy 85 Lyons, Willie 83 ...M- Maee Jewelers 203 Madrigals 109 Magee, Sondra 88 Mai, Don 72 Maines, Deanna 72 Majorettes 106 Manderiilo, Judi 83 Manley, Jeff 83,107,110 Manley, Mary 72,129,146 Manlove, Carol 81 Manning, Gearl 73,104 Mannsehreck, Arlin Markley, William 78 Marlow, Janice 46,149,152 Marquette, Carl 47,104 Marsh, Ronny 73,110 ' Marshall, Peggy Marshall, Richard 73,107,133,134,141, 152,191 McCormick, Muriel 21 McCullough, Marvin 83 McCune, Bonnie 87 McCune, Lynda 88,94 McCune, Ruth 73,114,124 McDermott, Mark 89 McDonald, Bob 88 McDonald, Carl 86,175 McDonald, David 83 McDonald, John 47 McDonnell, Mrs. Elaine 21,111 McElroy, Donna 73,100,148 McE1wain, Twila 47,148 McGuire, Larry 47,100,102,103,104, 105,180 McGuire, Norma 73,94 McKay, Christina 73 McKay, Joyce 89 McKay, Judith 81 McKay, Ronald 82,175 McKay, Twila 47,149 McKee, C. J. 21,109 McKenney, Mary 81,115 McKethen, Joyce 47,111,149 McKim, Mike 73 McKinnon, Joyce 87 McKown, Mary 81 McKown, Tom 73 McMaster, Bonnie 47,149 McMillan, Janice 73 McMillen, Howard 87 McMurray, James 47 McMurray, Sally 83 McNeal, James 73,118 McNorton, Rosa Dell 88 McPherson, Sandra 89 McQueary, Jacelyn 47,112 McReynolds, Gladys 47,142,149 Meade, Jim 89 Meinershagen, Bob 83,89 Meinholdt, .loan 81 Mellenbruch, Juanita 73,147 Mellies, Mary 47 Melton, Rosalie 47 Mendez, Joe 73 Merrick, Ray 68,73,115,168 Merriman, Nancy 47,112,113,114,146, 180,188 Mesigh, Charles 89 Messick, Marcia 73,93,l44 Metzentbin, Paul 42,47,14l Metzger, Max 87,175 Meyer, Bob 73 Michael, Dixie 86 Michael, Richard 84,119 Middaugh, Larry 47,104,106,14l Millburn, Jim 78 Miller, Alice 81 Miller, Charlene 73 Miller, Ciscero 88,107 Miller, David 47 Miller, Judith 89 Miller, Larry E. 50,139 Miller, Larry W. 73 Miller, Linda 89 Miller, Miss Marilyn 21 Miller, Michael 81 Miller, Morris 81 Mills, Gary 50 Mills, Judy 50,108,112 Mills, Richard 50,126,127,131,153,160 Mills, Robert 21 Miner, Barbara 82 Minor, Jeanell 50,95,108 Minor Sports 183,190,191 Mistler, Richard 73,100,129,133,181, 183 Mistler, Tom 80,84,85,100,114,127, 168,175,191 Mitchell, Barbara 50,142,149,l80 Mitchell, Rosemarie 73 Mize, Jack Moe, Don 42,50,99,141,182,184,186 Moeller, Carole 73 Monninger, Maurice 73 Monreal, Mike 81 Montes, Joseph 21,100 Montfoort, Jean 73 Montgomery, Joyce 50,149 Moon, Clara 81 Moore, Al 50,99,131,141 Moore, Deloris 73,107 Moore, Errol 50,102,103,190 Moore, Gary 78 Moore, Geraldine 81 Moore, Larry 73 Moore, Richard 83 Moore Stationery 211 Morand, Gail 73,100,115,129 Moreland, Paul 73 Moreland, William 50 Morgan, Bruce 85 Morgan, Carol 73 Morgan, Gary 50 Morgan, Mack 50,106,107,189 Morris, Judith 87 Mounger, Marilyn 148,158 Moyers, Tanya 82 Mullenix, Clarence 21,97 Mullin, Ernest 73 Mumford, Kenneth 88 Mumford, Larry 73 Munoz, Barbara 50,100,108,111 Munoz, Manual Munoz, Mickey 73 Munoz, Robert 50,93 Munson, Tom 50,128 Murdock, Florence 50,107 Murray, Blanche 50,158 Murray, Carolyn 86 Murray, Larry 87,173 Murray, Marylin 82,148 Murray, Shirley 73 Murrell, David 88 Music 102-109 Musick, Jean 82 Musick, Judith 87 Myer, Shirley 73,148 Myers, Carol 73 Myers, Gary 89 Myers, Joyce 47,149 Myers, June 50,149 Myers, Marcia 80,84,115,127,146,160 Myers, Nancy 84,87,152 Myers Patricia Myrici, Neal 81,107 Mysten, Julia 84 -N- Nagels, Lonnie 74,141 Nall, Carl 21 Neaderhiser, George 21 Neeley, Tom 85 Neil, Ben 74 Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson, Eleanor 87 Nelson, , Harry 21 , James 89,150,15l,152 , Jim 74,108,129,168 Marcia 70,74,115,124,l34,144, 146,152,161 Nemechek, Loretta 50,142 Neske, Sharon 87 Neuhauser, Larry 87 Nevins, Linda 88 Newell, Jane 50,107 Newman, Cloyce A., M. D. 221 Newman, Evelyn 74 Newman, Gary 74 Newman, Pat 74,104,108,123,153 Newsom, Nancy 83,212 New Students 79 Nicolay, Wanda 50 Nieman, Holle 68,74,135,136,146,148, 151,180 Niemann, Bill 50,141,142,191 Nightingales 203 Nisbeth, Gerald 50,102 Noble, Carol 74,107 Noches, Ramon 82 Noches, Ramona 89 Nocktonick, Albert 81 Nolan, Marilyn 82 Norman, Rose 84,120 Nottingham, Eugene 50 Noyes, Nancy 83 Nudson,,.Gary 50 Nuss, Larry 86 Nuzman, Loren M. 21,119 Nyman, Jim 74,104 Nystrom, Robert 51 -0- Oakley, Marilyn 82 Oberhelman, John 80,86,127 Odell, Robert 89 Office Personnel 23 O'Hara Betsy 74,104,105,106,115,134 Oldham, Larry 87 Oliva, Julian 82 Oliver, Sandra 74,115 Olson, Karon 5l,120,134,146,148,152, 161,180 O'Neil, Robert H., M. D. 220 Operetta 156,157 Orchestra 102,103 Oroke, Robert 51,113 E 1 O'Rourke, Mike 51,131 A Orr, Carol 51,120,146,l76,l77,1'80 Orr, Elaine 74,95 Ortega, Consolation 83 Ortega, Rose 81 Ortiz, Monica 74 Ortiz, Socorro 74 Ortiz, Tommy 74,117 233 Osborn, Lindsay C., D. D. S. 221 Osborne, Emma Osborne, Judy 82 Osburn, Janice 51,108,159 Ossian, Barbara 84,115,128,l46 Ossian, Sally 51,112,113,115,134,146, 148,152,180 Osterhout, Tom 51 Ostrander, Barbara 83 Ostrode. Jack 51,11-1-,l28,130,131,133, 140.141,1-42,144,152 Ostrode, Jill 83,95,l-1-4 O'Sullivan, Jerry 21,100,101,129 Owen, Judy 74,134-,144,146,l47,148, 152 -PL Padilla, Rebecca 83 Palmer, Jon 84 Palmer, Mary Lou 51,149 Palmer, Oscar J. 21 Pantle, Jim 5l.108,110,123,132,l33, 134,153 Parchman, Robert 74,107 Parker, Steve 74 Parkerson. Harvey 88.107 Parkerson, Keith 51 Parrish. Ruth 79 Parton. John 87 Party Pantry 214 Pau-hett. Phillip 82 Patrick, Deanna 83 Patterson, Larry 88,191 Patterson. Patricia 51,l14,153,160 Patterson. Perry 87 Paul. Carolyn 5l.108.115.l30,l34.144. 146.1-18,151,180 Paulen. Glen 82 Pauls, Lois 51.135 Payne Insurance Co. 214 Payne, Larry Payne. Marlene 88 Pearce. Mary Ann 74.110,l23.l34.l38 143.180 Pearman. Sara Jane 74,95.104 Pearson. Larry 83 Peddy. Elbert 51 Peery. Dorothy 5l.95.l42.l46 Pelletiers 194 Pennington. Tom 84 Perdew. Brenda 74 Perez. Alice 74 Perine. David 87 Perkins. Donald 5l.l82.184.l85 lierry. Kenneth 82,173.17-1.1 75,182,187 Petefish, Wanda 5l.l42.l47.l48.l80 Petereck. Gayle 5l.l07.ll5.l44.147. 148.180 Peterman. Bill, 161 Peterson. Gary 77.145.168 Peterson. John 51.95.128,l3l,138.139. 140,142.14-4.145 Peterson. Karlen 51 Peterson, Kenny 84.86.186 Peterson. Marilyn 84.115 Peterson, Sandra 87.94 Pett, James 83 Petterson, John 51.145,168,171.172. 182 Pettit, Carol 74.152 Pfiester, Mary 83 Pfuetze. Donald 84,110,191 Pfuetze, Gretchen 74,100,135,l44, 146.147 Pfuetze, R. E., M. D. 220 Phelps, Bonnie 84,161 Phelps, Percy 121 Phillips, Gordon 54,104,142 Phillips, Gregory 83 Phillips, Phyllis 54 234 Phillips, Velma 74 Physical Education 112,113 Piatt, Linda 83 Pictorial 200 Pierce, Earlene 54,80,130,13l,134, 147,148,180 Pierce, Virginia 54 Play Cadets 151 Plaza Hardware 214 Pock, Nancy 54,130,149 Pogson, John L. 21 Pointer, Marcia 74,9-4,104,107 Poirier, Con 66,74,110,123,133,138, 139,141,152,153,181 Pollock, Ed 89,114 Polter, Larry 54,171,182,183 Pool, Rhoda 82.101 Poort, Steve 5-4,131,141,145 Pope, Danny 83 Porter, James W. 16 Potter, Marvin 78 Powell, Billie 83,115 Powers and Preston, M. D. 221 Pracht, Genevieve 74 Prater, Liz 54,111,149 Prater, Mary 89 Praftt, Joan 84,143 Pratt, Linda 104 Pratt. Wlayne 83,190 Pressman. Larry 74,114 Price. Glenda 54,108,120,152,180 Priddy, James 86 Principal 17 Pringle. Miss Annabel 17,131 Pringle. Miss Robena 21,99 Prinzing. Billie 54 Proctors 114.115 Proctor. Patsy 84 Pugh. Diane 54,151 Pulliam. Judy 74,102,146 Purnell. Dolly 54.108,l15,135.150, 151.153 Purnell. Penny 74.1l0,1l5.148 Purvines. Jerry 74 Pyle, L. R., M. D. 220 -Q- Quarles, Eddie 84 Queen of Courts 188,189 Quick. Owen 74,168,l82,18-4,186 Quiett. .lack Quill and Scroll 140 -RL Rafter. Renae 54.115.146.l48.180 Rahmeier, Lyle 74,107,114 Rainey. Gerald 74 Rainey. Kay 74 Raish, Gordon 83 Ralston. Dan 54.99,l08.l3l.l33.l35. Ramos. Rosalie 84 Ramos. Victoria 74 Ratliff, Joyce 74.ll8.l50 Rawlins, Janis 84 Ray, Saundra 88 Reade, Vana Lou 74 Reamon, Diane 75.96,120,l33,1-46.152 Reamon, Dick 75.101,141.142,152.182. 190,191 Redd, Bill 75 Redd. Sandra 81 Redmond, Joe 54,184,185 Redpath, Mary 88 Reeb, Geraldine 75, 146 Reed, Charles 75 Reed, Larry 83 Reed, Robert 81 Reeder, Thomas 54,107 Reedy, Joelene 84 Reeves, Sandra 75 Reicherter, Nancy 75 Reichle, Lois 54,149 Reid, Larry 22,113,174 Reida, Jack 81,102,104 Reinhold, Nan 84 Rembrandt Studios 208 Remmers, Bill 75,145 Renberger, Norman 85 Renyer, Marvin 54 Renyer, Norman 84 Reppart, Donna 83 Representative Council 128,129 Reser, Diane 54,149 Revelle, Gary 78 Reynolds. Jim 83,104 Rezabeck, Carla 85,115 Rhodes, George 75 Rice, Cynthia 75 Rice, Jelfery 85 i Rice, Lavina 54 Richards, Bobbette 54 Richards, Judy 75 Richardson, Bob 81 Richardson, Gary 77,116 Richardson, Joann 54,152 Richardson, John 84 Richardson, Patricia 75,148 Richel, Karen 75,148 Riddle, Ronald 85,107,175 Ridgeway, Roy 85,183 Ridgway, Ridgway, Janie 63 Larry 85 Riekenberg, Sihyl 54.l15,128.130,136. 137.140.146,1-48,152,180 Rigano, J Riggin. B Riley, Jo Rissen, D Rissen. R Rissen. R Roach, B Roach, D ill 86 arbara 75 75 on 54,131 ex 85 uth 84,142 ettie 63 avid 55 Roach Hardware 211 Roach. Leslie,188,189 Roberts, Richard 75.117 Roberts, Sally Robertson, Sunny 26.27,55.l30.180.213 Robertson's 213 Robinson, Beverly 75 Robinson, Bill 86 Robinson, Bob 55 Robinson, Gary 86,151 Robinson, Jack 55 Robinson. Joyce 55 Robinson. Judy 75,143,147 Robinson. June 55.1-47,152,180 Rowland, Nancy 83,99 Rowland, Ronald 75,173,187 Rowles, Carolyn 87,115 Rowles, Joan 55,115 ' Royer, Mrs. Bertha 121 Rozema, Patricia 5X5,94,148,152,180 Ruggles, Larry 75,142,173,182 Rulon, Gary 86 Rumsey, Donald 55,173 Rumsey, Ronald 88 Runyan, Pattie 75 Runyan, Wlayne 86 Runyon, Ann 88,115,146 Rush, Ronald 75 Russell, Bruce 55 Russell, Wlalter W. 92 Rustman, Daleen 75,107 -5- Sachs Florist 211 Saile, Sharon 88 St. John, Hayden 22,129,191 1 Salsbury, Bonnie 55 Salzer, Sharon 88 Sandbloom, Carol 55,149 Saut, Doris 55 Saylor, Ed 26,55,127,133.l35.141. 182,191 Scaggs, David 85 Scales, Ruth 75 Schaefer, Gary 55 Schaffer, Judy 95 Schenk, Francis 75 Schenk, Walter 87 Schendel, Nancy 86,107,123,153 Schendel, Robert 16 Schermerhorn, Mary 83,146 Scheuermann, Gary 87.190 Scheuermann, Phyllis 75 Schiefelhein, Jacque 85 Schlodder, Wvilma 86,95 Schmidt, Leota 75 Schmuck. Mary 89,110 Schneider. Robert 84,191 Schoaf, Doris 87 Schoenfeldt. Sandra 75.135 Schoer. Opal 85.142 Schrader, Gordon 55,128,131 Schreffler. Carol 83,104 Schreiner, Pat 75 Schreiner, Richard 84 Schroclc, Janet 55,115.146,180 Schulteis, Marvin 55,108 Schultz, Suzanna 75 Schumann. Nadine 55,149 Robinson. Max-celine 81 Robinson. Shirley 75,114.1-12 Rocha. Richard 55 Rodriquez, Gilbert 55 Rodriquez, Gloria Roe. David Rogers. Gary 75 Rogers, George 55 Rogers, Glenn 75 Rogers, Jimmy 86 Rogers. Priscilla 86 Romero, Genevieve 75 Root, Nancy 55,149 Rose. Sibyl 55,100,104,105,108 Rosenfeld, Doris 82,142 Rosenlund, Betty 75,148 Rosenwald, Gary 82,89,101,107,110, 141,191 Rosetta, Jim 87 Rosetta, Judy 87 Ross, Shirley 75,107,120,134,150,161 Roth, Gary 55 Roth, Joyce 83 Roush, Lynda 85,142 Rowland, Barbara 75,152 Schuster. Mary 75,102,144 Schutter, Jackie 58 Schuttey, Mrs. Edna 121 Schwartz, Darlene 86,98 Schwartz. Jim 75 Schwindt, Harold 121 ' Science 97 Science Club 144 Scofield. Elaine 75,107,115 Scotch Cleaners Scott, Bob 58 Scott. Mrs. Edna 22 Scott. Janis 75,114 Scott. Jay 76,187 Scott. Marlene 86 Scott Mortgage Co. 220 Scott Motors 195 Scott, Patrick 87 Searcy, Kay 84,95,146 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Seckinger. Bob 76 Security Benefit Life Insurance 215 Seeley, Barbara 76,142 Seeley's Shoes 214 Seem, Lee Ann 87,95,107 Segura, Henry 58 ,143,146 199 Selhach. Sharon 58,149 Sellards. Melinda 85 Senior Class Otlicers 26 Senior Councils 130,131 Senior Clee 107 Senior Pictures 27-63 Senne. Scott 82 Seufert, Frank 84 Seyler, Joe 76 Shaffer, Judy 87 Sharkey. Judy 87 Sharp. Oren 58,116 Sharp. Terry 58 Shaw. Robert 88 Sheetz. Charles Sheetz. Hrs. Charles 16 Shehi. Henry 88 Shepard. Lloyd 83 Sheppard- .ludy 76 Sherrer. Gary 76.101 Sherwin. Owen 58 Shideler. John 58.1-L1. Shields, Betty 76.142 Sheilds, Jane 81 Shiner. Mrs. Ernest 16 Shipman. Robert 85,107 Shoaf, Doris Shockley, Donald 76,104,105 Shoemaker, William 89 Shores. Darrell 85,97 Shortman. Claudia 58,128,134 Shortman. Penny 84.128 Shoyer. Charles 22,118,119 Shrake Electric 214 Shrimplin, James 88,118 Shupe. Tom 58 Smith Pearline 76 Smith, Peter 88 Smith, Richard 76,14-2,152,182 Smith, Sandra 85 Smith, Sharon 76,107 Smith , Virginia Lee 58,108,115,134, 135,l36,137,140,146,180,181,212 Smith, Virginia May 84 Smith, Wayne 76 Smith, Winifred 76 Smrha, Emily 76,107 Sneden, Joe 58,111 Snoddy, Bonnie 58 Snook, Carol 58 Snook, Jacqueline 76 Snyder, Carl P. 22,96 Snyder, G. W. 16 Social Studies 99 Sole. Anita 82 Sophomore Class Officers 80 Sophomore Pictures 81-89 Soudek, Velma 58,104,149 Sourk, April 88,143,151 Sourk, Kenneth 58 Southard, Charles 76 Southard, Molly Jo 58 Spencer. Brock 59,110,127,128,129, 133,135,141 Spencer, Jim'107 Spetter, Delores 59 Spice, Helena 76,107 Spicer, Janice 59,108,123,128 Sprenks, Bruno 76,117 Springstead, Jack Staatz, lnez 79 Staerkel, Nancy 88 Studebaker, Karen 59,107 Student Congress 126,127 Student Council 126,127 Stuenkel, Evelyn 87 Stuenkel, Judy 72,77,107,114,133,135, 146,153,158,180,212 Stumbo and Erwin, Attorneys 220 Stumbo, John 59,136,137,141,153, 182,191 Sturm, Kenneth 59,113,145,168,171, 182 Stwalley, Sharon 59,149 Suedmeyer, Fred 88,107,119 Suidikas, Karen 89 Sullivan, Kitty 106 Summers, Mrs. Beulah 22 Summers, Dr. Gordon 16 Summers, Jim 77,101,104,123,153 Sundquist, Dave 85,104,107 Sunflower Linen 197 SUNFLOWER Staff 136,137 Sutherin, Mrs. Helen 22,100 Swan, John 77,104 Swan, Steve 59,124,126,127,131,135, 141,160,163,177,181,182 Swanson, Dean 59 Swanson, Jean 59,149 Swanson, Judy 59 Swanson, Kay 77,120,134,136,146,148, 152,180 Swanson, Linda 80,84,101,115,127,146 Swartzel, George 81 Swearingen, Danny 59,102,103 Swenson, Miss Amy 22,99 Swogger, Sylvia 77,134,143 -T- Tinoco, Roy 83,107 Tipton, Jack 77,129,168 Tipton, Mildred 62,108,142,146,180 Tip Top Drive-In 216 Tkatch, Hershell 62,97,104,106,144, 145 Toal, Doreen 77,120,144 Todd, Nancy 83,102 Tonsing, Evan 62,102 Topeka Savings 226 Topeka Transportation Company 200 Torrez, Evelyn 77,102 Tosh, Gayle 62 Tostado, Frank 83 Toulouse, Carolyn 62 Toulouse, Larry 86 Towle, Pat 85 Trade School 116,117 Travlor. .lim 62 Trees., Clyde B., M. D. 220 Trenclel, Janice 62,102,146 Tribble, Jerry Ann 22 Trickett, Dorothy 62,136,138,140, 146,180 Trimble, Carole 77 Trimble, Kenneth 77 Trower, Nolan 78 Tucker, Katherine 22,98 Turner, Jay Turner, John 87 Turner, Pat 87,94,128 Turner, Wallace 78 Tussel, Don 62 Sillberson. Miss Erna 23 Sides. Jerry 86 Sielmert. Georgia Siegrist. Marilyn 87,14-4 Sikes, Katherine 83 Silversmith. Genevieve 82 Simmons, Bob 76,108 Simons. Carolyn 82 Simons, Charles 58 Simpson. Janet 58,112,113.125.130, 1-1-8.180 Sims, Karen 81,144 Sims, Sharon 84 Sipes, Jerry 175 Skaggs, Harriett 84 Skinner, James 78 Skinner, Janet 88 Slalmy, David 58,1-12,182,183 Sligar, Lylene 76,94 Sloan, Mary 58,94,147,14-8,152,180 Sloo, Mike 88,175 Sloop, Marc 81,187 Sloyer, David 76.108,161,168 Victory Sand Company 197 Smelser, Sherrie, 88,110 Smith, Beverley Smith, Carolyn 88 Smith Carolyn Sue 58 Smith, Connie 76,115,129,134,146,l48 Smith, Mrs. Eugene 22 Smith Gail 83 Smith, Ga'ry 78,129,168 Smith Jeanie 58 Smith Jerry 84 Smith JoAnne 58,188 Smith Judith 88 Smith Kenneth 76 Smith, Larry 76 Smith Lawrence 58,102,118 Smith Louise 84,142 Smith Michael 119,181 Smith, Nellie 76 Smith Norma 58,l00,108,112,113,146, 180 Smith Patricia 83 Stahl. David 59,141,144 Stalker, C. L., D. D. S. 221 Stalter, Linda 76,102,103,123,129, 134-,l38,1-46,212 Stamm, Nancy 59 Standley, Margueriete 76 Starlluck. Larry 76,168,191 Stehllins. Mary 85 Steele. Gary 68,76,135,141 Steele. Patty 76 Steinlrrink, Larry 76 Steinmeyer, Bob 59,144 Steinmeyer, Judy 76 Steinmeyer. Neva 76 Stephenson, James 89,107 Stevens. Dave 81 Stevenson. Nancy 76,120,135.152.158 Steves, Rod 70,76 Steward, Fred 121 Stewart, Ronald 82,85 Sticher. Judy 76,l07,134,16l Stinar, Miss Anita 23 Stockert, Connie 87,114,128 Stone, Bob 89 Stone, Miriam 59,112 Stonequist, Karen 89 Storum, Kay 59,107,112,1l3,1l4,l28. 130,l3l,157,161,180 Stouffer, Robert 86 Stouffer, Sheryl 59,112,113,147,180 Stout, Gwen 63 Stovall, Gary 77 Stovall, Gloria 84 Stover, Janice 86 Stowell, Jean 77 Strahan, Jill 59,95,144,147,148 Strait, Sharon 76 Stratton, Diane 82 Stratton Hardware 197 Streeter, Clenton 76 Streeter, Dale 121 Streeter, Jerry 82 Stromquist, Kay 59,107,108,146,180 Struebing, Carol 76 Table of Contents 5 Tabor, Mary Lou 77,94,143,146 Talley, Lois 86 Tappen, Sallee 80,83,95,160,178,212 Tatum, Shirley 84,95 Tuttle, Diane 80,85,159,178 Twining, Gail 62,108,141 Twining, Lowell 86,141 Tyler, Judy 62,108,125,127,128,13l 135,136,137,146,180,181,212 -U- U. C. Y. M. Council 205 Umbarger, Stuart 62,104,105,108 Underwood, Judy 62,149 Upshaw, Marjorie 77 Usher Club 151 -V- Vallas, James 77,184,187 Taylor, Carolyn 88 Taylor, Dale 59,108,132,l41,145 Taylor, Dick 77 Taylor, Mrs. Fern 23 Taylor, Jack 82,141 Taylor, Joyce 83,101,115,146,147, 150,151,152 Taylor, Lou Anne 81,101,110 T-Club 82 Teel, Jesse F., Jr. 20,22,l11,126 Tew, Kenneth 85,128,175,187 Thacher-Hall 226 Theilmann, Giles 16 Thespians 153 Tholl, Peggy 59,114,130,148,152.180 Thomas, Barbara 81 Thomas, Carolyn 59,94,108,112,113, Vallas, Louie 62,97,184,185 Van Brunt, Jeanette 77,142 Van Dyne, Gretchen 84,115 Van Tine, Karen 81,115 Van Tries, Grace 22 Van Valkenhurg, Paul 87,175 Van Vleck, Harold 84 Vaughn, Larry 84 Vernon, Dick 62,101,131,141,145 Vesper, Victor, Tom 77,144 Robert 62,117 Victory Life Insurance 217 120,146,180 Thomas, Leo 22 Thomas, Orene 83 Thomas, Robert 81,107 Thomas, Willa 59 Thompson, Beverly 83 Thompson, Carol 77,102,104 Thompson, Larry 62,94,131,141,144, 145,152 Thompson, Richard 77,145 Thompson Stanley 78 Thoms, John 62,104,106 Thornburg, Peggy 77,147 Thornton, Edward 77,168 Tichenor, Eldon 77,108,109 Ticknor, Charles 62 Tidwell, Bob 77 Tillman, Delores 84 Tilton, Glenda 89 Tilzey, Christine 62,108 Tindell, Elliott 89 Tinoco, Marcella 85 Vigus, Larry 62 Vincent, Jarrett 62,145 Vincent, Kaye 62,ll5,146,148,1S2,180 Virginia Ellen Studio 208 Von Rieson, Virginia 77,100,107,152 Von Wolff, Teny 77,120,136,146,152, 180 Vorse, Carole 89 -W- Walmaunsee, Wilburn 62 Waddell, James 77,114,141 Waggoner, Virgil 62 Wagner, Lonnie 87,107 Wagner, Lucish 87 Wagner, Neal 77,104,144 Wakes, Cleveland 77 Waldron, Ted 87 Wfvaldschmidt, Jerry 77,182,184,187 Walker, James H. 22 Wallace, Stephen 87,102,104,144,145 235 Wilkinson, David 78 Wollen, Lorraine 63 Wallace, Wally Sue 84,128,152 Wallace, Wanda 85 Wall-Diffenderfer 227 Walls, Gerry 88,104 Walters, Diana 62,149 Walters, Floyd 85 Waltliall, Betty 63,149 Walton, .lohn 66,77 Wanamaker, ,lane 85,128 Wanamaker, Kay 77 Wanamaker, Robert 63,82,142,168, l7l,l72,182,l83 Wangerin, Barbara 63 Ward, Lee 77,118 Warkentin, Barry 63,107 Warkentine, Sharon Warner, Donald 85,183 Warner, Mrs. Viola 121 Washburn, Doris 82 Washburn University 202 Yvashington, Alyce Yvaters, .ludy 77,107 Watkins, Slielba 63,149 Walt, Philip 77 Watts, loan 81.l02,1l5,l52 Wfalts, Mayona 81,142 We-athers. Bonnie 77,150 Weaver. E. B. 17,130,212 Yvebb, Eddie 77 Yvebb, Jeanie 83,151 Weddle, Gussie 88 xveddle. lvlonte 77,96 Xveddle. Thomas 77.1 14,144 Weese. V. G. 63.1l2.135.138,140,1-17. 153,161,179 XVegele. Sheila 77 Weidling. Fred 88 Nveiser. Barbara 86.9-1.123.153 Vl'eiser. Pat 63 XVeissbevk. Annette 22.98 Weller, Louise 63,80,130 Wempe, C. A., D. D. S. 221 Werner, Gary 88 Wertzberger, Bill 85,86 West, .lim Western Typewriter 205 Wettengel, Dixie 63 Wettengel, Margarette 81,98 Wettengel, Ted 86,190 Wheeler, Gertrude 22,157 Wheeler, Phil 77,104,l38,l4-1,144 Whisler, Bruce 88 Whitcher, Mrs. Freda 121 White, Gary 63 White, George 77,129,141 White, Jerry 63 White, Sharon 86 White, Steve 68,77,104,l25 Whitso n, M. J. 16 Whittington, Robert 78 Whopper Burger 205 Wiehers' Portrait Studio 2f Wieksten, Vernon C., M. D. 221 Wiese, .lean 88 Wilrox, Orvis 77 18 Wilder, Alan 63,93 Wilder, Patty B6 Wilder. Ward 88 Wilkes. Barry 63,14l,l42,173.l82 Wilkey, ,lere 87 Wilkins, Charles Willard, Howard 87 Williams, ,lim 88,89 Williams, .lohn 78 Williams, Mary Lou 63,149 Williams, Pat 63,93 Williams, Reba 63 Williams, Roger 78 Williams, Susan 87 Williams, Vance 1. 22,94,95 Williams on, Deloris 86 Willyard, Stanley Wilson. Ernest 78 Wilson, Herbert 78 Wilson, ,lames 63,78,l91 Wilson, Paul 77 Wilson, Phyllis 87 Wilson , Steve 78,212 Wilson. Susan 81 Wilson Wilson Winfre , Virginia 63,149 , Virginia Ann 78 y, Barbara 78 Wingate, Margaret 86,115,128 Wingert, Carren 63,1l4,123,l46,180 Winkelman, Brenda 78,120,147 Wiseman, Carol 78,142 Witts, Tom 78 Wohlfarth. ,lohn 63,104,105,125,l59, 182 Wolfe, Calvin 78 Wolfe, Mrs. Fayeben W. 22,93 Wolfe, Wolfs' Walter A. 22,129 Jewelers 203 Wollen. Glen 78 Williams . Alvin 63,168,172 Williams, Arlena 78 Williams . Barbara 86 Williams. Bonnie 78,158 Williams, Dixie 87 Williams. Elaine 63.130.139,14-l YVilliams. ,lames 89 Wood, .lohn 63,172,182 Wood, Warren 63,l02,103,104,108 Woodburn, Mrs. Naomi 23 Woodruff, Barry 78,116 Woods, Elaine 78,107,l20,l29,181 Woods, William 88 Woodson. Frances 78 Woodward, Mrs. Edith 22 Woodward, Pete 72,78,l33.l35,14l l82,184,186,190 Woody, Helen 82,104 Woollard, Clifford 87 Woollard, Ruth 78,93 Woolridge, Donald 87,175 WORLD Staff 138,139 Wray, Gary 78 WREN 211 Wrenick, .loyce 78,102,104,144 Wright, .loyce 78,115,l27,136,152, 180,181 Wright, .ludy 78 Wright, Wendell 121 Wymore, .lerry 63,l23,141,153 Wynne, Larry 78 Wysong, Benny 77 Wysong, Sally 89 WY. Yeager, David 88 Yeager, ,lon 78,129,168 Yerkes, Lawrence Yocum, Corky 78 Young, Larry 78,129 Young, Melha 78 Young, Tom 78,l02,l04.l44 Your Show 158 Youth for Christ 143 -Z- Zarker, Carolyn 87,100 Zeligman, Marshall, 63,120 Zeller, Robert Zeller, Sandy 87,143,146 Zeller, Wilma 78 Zent, Georgia 86,94 Zentner, Miles 63,102,104 Zirkle. .lacque Sue 78,142,148 Zirkle, Patricia 81,147 Zumant, Frank 89,175 THE STAFF AND THE ADVISER for the 1957 SUNFLOYVER wish to express our thanks to all the wonderful people who helped us make our yearbook a fine record of our senior year-To the faculty .and administrators go our sincere thanks for their interest, their patience, and their helpfulness with our photography prob- lems-To the school photographers for the hundreds of snap- shots, those we used and those we put aside - To Mr. .lohn Blevins and Bob Victor for special photography assignments-To Mr. Verlas Rose, former Trojan, for his professional help and par- ticularly our beautiful color pages-To our publishers for their interest in Troy-Mr. Lee Padget, Mr. Neill Watson, Mr. .lohn Chappell, Esther Tallant, and Mr. Ralph Smith - To Trojans who came early, stayed late, and saw that their clubs were represented in pictures-To our portrait photographers and advertiser-To all these we say a sincere "Thank you 1" And to ourselves and to each other we express appreciation for willingness to serve on the biggest project of the school year. Salon pictures, junior portraits, all royalty, football and basket- ball lettermen photography, and departmental pictures are by Verlas B. Rose of Christopher Studio. on 5 Flip 1' N0-gg, S s "1 2 " z rv E gl!! vi al 4 Q 1 4, ,S S' t 'C 4551122 'V' 8 236 AS SENIORS, we leave. ALTHOUGH WE FEEL that Topeka High is ours alone, we realize that we are now join- ing the many classes that have graduated from Troy. FOR THE LAST TIME we have walked as students thru the halls. Never again will we he a part of Trojan life. BUT WE WILL CONTINUE to look for guidance in the message of the Tower- "Dear Lord our God Be Thou our Guide. While life shall last No foot can slidef, The Tower at nl ht Honesty Is the Best Policy .... f 2 Nothing like an out-of-town game and a bus trip to catch up on the latest jokes, gossip, etcetera, etcetera . . . etcetera. Wfho can ever forget "The Glass Menagerie-P, Sandra Hopkins and Judy Gifford. Scrubs " 9' Her 6... 239 Be Careful - My Mother Reads 6'Youf Show," their show, our show, good show! Car- olyn Thomas, Bonnie Phelps, and Elaine Williams. 240 This iiffj YEARIOOKS Af' fgifv. , ':":fg- f,.' . P- --f+:- A ,4f:Q45,Z" .ff32,,g4?f , f - :Q 95XSSWm.:?a ,15 2 1f7"'wff f' !i?"fw'f X K N fNWWWv wwf 7? -2 W W ff7I,'f,' ' . 1 k V ', -HV' "W4g'fgZj'W K If :f3:Q?Xfxl x N x 'N XX ,wx xx. f'm'.Cff ffff' af g41" , .4136 M, ,,q' Wm! ff-7 ' . A' f fe f ,N mf .X 162' w mm ' 1 gl 'wir N . . . X XY-1.4-'x1f'6,, 47222-'Q' F' px ,ymlww If 1171 Q iw f f 'QV.,w-, L1xx m 1, , X 'fjwm . I J' 1 THEN 'I' 7h W 'yi ' - 9 Aff' ., :-1.41-", ' r '-'c4"!"' -Kv1'Eg" 'J h' - r NlXwM, HX r ": f':4i.f:w-' Mfr, ' 'XSi""fig.r4flvx :xx ,Xl 4, . ' ,S-'S ' "9'??S""W'-'!ff21l ff'ff'v'-G25 33? XX SN A 9 V"""',W'115 'fn' 1' """'f'WQX3Nx1S- 542 K Ax, a+.4,E,.:4J!'2Z?"" '.' il ..qQQ,.SW.-ai,!V!'1lj'fInl ,gf 'W' Hu'-v L- -SX:-A , f"- 'MU' lp f 7 QRQ'-'est ,'-9,11 . Civ Wilmlvfm, f :!f9L42M N X fiifzvdf 'LM f"-37'1?2'1TWZQ'5ff' iS WS 'H' fig-ck ':'f1f??2:.,,,,"- ,mi-Vfgfiiifff f7c' f ,Leif Sy' f f ff JP" W-'XS TT:-2' ??P1ixf'Jng?L5f'6,7:'X .35 in - T Ti ' x ' ., 57 Unflower '7' ?'Z'1 7, 'lf 7 ,Vff Ez? '5"" " 'WV W' v' QT' - ,..- jf-f ,T ii?-7 Y-. "-- ' 'fi ', ' 7 '-7 f- x513S',yf," :"1f--+ 2' 'P"1:-1 iii: s3SiiS??'E4? Qg f, ,524 1.3 If ',.4iQif:? ff" 9122 E Qi ffeiylggggi' ,gf S Q 'f -4, ':s:g.52f'!'ffiia.IllUlg.Igm1,. i Ej7? faQff ' 1 qfgqfg,-,VX ff - 'ggbxrax-.,,,Vf , ' xx -, -+4 Ulf. ff? : :, 52,7 Y X If , ffzifgi-ffl 'Pe 1 1 'Fifi ff f " ixwigxg? e Nssxjf-sgQjffF""""""H 'ef R JglQDlpl1,llImfct ' N, ' " ' . qw! .-'NYL s of f N: ' R xv' Hl:7QiQ,',:Lg,3.,7,0 xg 'figw . ' ' w X M Q 2 illivfi , ! df' f fa ffwfxff o f 1, -my mfg of S up f X a e a. ,f , X H ,K, .f ,Z 'W I Mlflixlwr ,hrlhy ,W i I N - ,X ',, 'V M "fi X71 I I 1, NVQ Y. jo .all QM 'wg If 7 I Hllgfffal ,Vi f 'li ,Q ,fff ,.,?fff" f Magi, ,fm N 'j JF 4 'W' X msg? Ex Aim-U, Q"55 'Qu',1xll"1lml W,V I if-laughs 'V p I ali? pf: iizf iw fr ,, Nw n.,Q'fm-H NY ,ff f 'ff 1 ,MZ Zim. gt' ' , ' ff, , X - 0 'yf,.-fi'-:-fy:,.. WT - 'QTGW' 'nf -Fx, JW. X 'f wk.. 1,5324 , 2' f ff' v 7 X' .-'AX xX'o5 ' . f -vfww pam! ,f ' :Ni I , J I ! ?'f 5'Q.:3-rc' mil I f 'W ff' ,,' SNA? U V -'zen-rp. I ' 5: If -"E: wi' 1 a Summer Supplement Topeka Hi Topeka, Kansas School Q P- F5 I 1' L 5,2 F 5 E Z . Q 5 .lv uq , , ,. M, I' 4, , fu., 1 1 ' U- v,. 1, '1 ., Q 21 . 5: 9 -if ,- -,., G ' x -S . 5, ,W ,L L1 sa,'- Hwzwrwu :mv-w1lkmvMv.v

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