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A EN 1 Th,U . I r , fl , 3' . f , e . ' , X' L - 1' ' , ' 1 'i 5' ,, L W . - 1, , h U 1, f . , , I V,.-.- V- W' ,J ly - 3.1 5, 4 , , LV H ' ' Z5 iam Jil. U , "1" f, - ' Y - W ,JM ' ',4 nywgfy 3 ' gl 'j V rw L4 k. nr. J. ?- 5,1 fi? I , 1 .t A: ,X S KJV 3 4: f . z 1 X 2 - . ' ,. gr' . :, . ' , , , I, , ix. if .. K, ,H 1 1 ,, M' , , fm, . M. 1' .: --fr 5' f is 4-,V ' Sf 'WN' f F', ' 14' .ful - sf 1 x JQW7 gffJ40M WMM 11 by . 1 . Q - A 4,1 w n T 2 Q H 5 5 q 5 2 I a I 3 3' E 2 Q , 4 "43lf1l? :"'1"Ei " ' R f Y-"'4'ii24'1' "H- 4- 24 'QW M' , sf 'S 1444 'Ahzr . HQQQ ,. , 5.-HW rx- il 1?w-f ski , .I , K 3 x x . ' 1,11 x 4 1523+ ,RHF Q ,J .V ' ' , Q ,K Ik V my ' ff 3? ng :NP - 53 " ' '- , W , ' f . ' .1 wi' Ta,?: fx 1, ' ga ag A N ,-:SEV , A,,.4 -J' A' Q , A gf, ' V,' kai s MJ - I Q . W - L' f- ' '4 'H I AL , Schoof ,H ,.,. ,,,,-,......J ,fg , K mg. z . ," v"f z 3. 135:94 f fix Ybfyxx V NVQQ-T,:r""' ff,Ag f,,R W, ..-.ll- Q, iulwxi Q21 0I"8lfU0l" We, the staff of the 1952 Sunflower, have worked long and hard to present a worthy record of the past year. It is our hope that in the years to come this book will become a key to unlock for you the memories of a glorious high school year. Take this key to that year and if, as you turn the pages, the serious as Well as the happy moments are again recaptured, our work has not been in vain. 3 7,4 fn' ru.: K THE 1952 SUNFLOWER VIEWS .................... . IN MEMORIAM ....... - ....... GOVERNMENT ..A.... -- Administration ........Y ..... Faculty ........................ ..... Student Government ........ ..,,. STUDENTS ..............,.... -- Seniors ........ Juniors ........... Sophomores ....... 1-5 6 7-18 8-9 10-13 14-18 19-60 20-47 48-53 54-60 s ACTIVITIES ...... Drarnatics ....,.. Music ............. Clubs ................ Trade School ....... ATHLETICS ...... Girls' Sports ..,....,. Boys' Sports ...... ADVERTISING M 61-90 or 62-65 .- 66-73 .4 74-87 -M 88-89 91-110 92-95 96-109 1 1- 1 3 6 1 , Lf 'O 5 xx? ,J J 4 Q 1 . 31 w f 0l'YL0l"LCtl'lfL xo X 1? be 1 1 Y s 4 , , 3 +5 Qi le? N 1 fl ff? ef Q51 W As a teacher or a coach, A husband, father or friend, You were always above reproach, On you we could depend. As long as the sun rises at dawn, And sinks low into the west, Your memory will linger on Because, to us, you were the best. WILLIAM J. BARNETT 1899-1951 1 LOCKSMITHS WHO SHAPE THE KEYS MARLIN CASEY CHARLES BENNETT MRS. DAVID NEISWANGER HAROLD CONRAD M. C. OBERHELMAN JACOB DICKINSON President Vice-President BOARD OF EDUCATION ' WENDELL GODWIN ' Superintendent .of Schools T. A. KERR MISS ELIZABETH DONALDSON MRS. LAVON ARMENDARIZ M. J. WHITSON Business Manager Treasurer Secretary Asst. to Superintendent RAVE5 E. B. WEAVER ,XCNN , PERDUE 9 , X Principal VETH MEYERS ViCe.PrmcxPa ice-Principal .QR ,9l'l'Llf70l"faI'lf MASS ADMINISTRATORS Each year the responsibility of keeping Topeka High functioning properly falls on the shoulders of the administration. Each year they strive to see that their duty is fulfilled, that every Trojan achieves his ultimate goal, graduation. In addi- tion, they try to perfect methods to bring student closer to success. E. B. Weaver, Principal, does his utmos keep the wheels of Topeka High running sm - ly. The job of arranging and rearranging enroll- ments keeps Mr. Meyers and Mr. Graves busy. Guidance in social, curricular and personal prob- lems is offered by Mr. Leonard Moulden. dean of boys, and Miss Annabel Pringle, dean of girls. Members of the school board confer to see that students have every advantage. Mr. Wendell God- win, newly appointed Superintendent of Schools. visited Topeka High frequently. Executives of the Board of Education are M. C. Oberhelman, Presi- dent: Jacob Dickinson, Vice-President: and LaVon Armendariz, Secretary, and Mr. M. J. Whitson. the Assistant to the Superintendent. Through the efforts of these persons, Topeka High stands today as the symbol of education for the city of Topeka. MISS ANNABEL PRINGLE Dean of Girls LEONARD MOULDEN Dean of Boys gf gf' so r,g.a i 1 0 K QOQQQQ D K 3,5 K OFFICE SECRETARIES-Seated: Mrs. Naomi Woodburn Mrs Standing: Mrs. Norma Schwindt, Miss Erna Sibberson, Miss Mary Alice Coonse, Miss Nadene Kneisel. C Shades of ae sarl his Mr d swdentl new Suihefln an fi. .,,, t ' "s ' , R , ,I Euglfglsfg' S. Edina! fda lefiki FACULTY Jones, As holders of the key to learning, the faculty of Troy found itself in a precarious position: could it or could it not fulfill its job? The answer was evident as the year drew to a close. Faculty members could and did do their assign- ments, and came through with flying colors. The labor was hard, staying late and coming early, enduring trials, troubles, and tribulations of students: but the educators were not de- terred in their purpose. Perhaps during the school days the younger citizens of Topeka High grew to realize the loyalty and hard work of their elders. Faculty members carry the entire purpose of education on their shoulders, and deserve all the apprecia- tion that can be given them. So the Sunflower offers huge bouquets of gratitude to the wonderful faculty of Troy. l io WY ,Q M Si.. M 5. x Q ,Q J 1 5 15 , I "3 i f 'I l 'I-5' f ' J' 'ff,k i,iHl,,, -'Yau RUTH GRANDON English tin ,V I gf ' P1?YF'4'3 E4?l??5FE?" :2:a,4fwf52f?2I, , 1 24. .--. - . A wi ' t, ' -"' we A -. BERNICE BOYLES Mathematics ROBERT A. BRIGGS Physical Education 221 . A 'fi ff' C. A. DAVENPORT Mathematics '--' 525515 K V -V A Enmi Enwm , ' Hmnniu! Davin! SUNY H211 i Pginting 3 ' 3" 1 I' n fs ...,,.. ' lf ,,:i N ff5f24r,lg,g,, I Joi-ma, Hosni-nga lam e Me-mini DYIWIM ,- Stag! Cui! 11 gi :E 4. 'SL f ,, - R hi' -- f - F Q. . . 4' 3 mm 4 sw' 'Q' ALA. 3 ' SQ?g-if 'Ti 45253231 H .' FLOSSIE CHAMNESS English LOUIS L. CAGLE Office Machines "' 'Q xx Q, lH.xP.oLD mugev iti, Sdgillstuditiy -ij1RwhQ1Q2v - S I W? T xt tgp-L. ai ' is Q ss, Kwik -11. f- fi 12. KL. FINK ' Typing Bookkeeping LOIS FERGUS English .Q A lttl I .ir WW, ' is H-14:54 5 1 John Hoehner takes a IBS! while putting up scenery for ' ' f f 5' operetta. - ... ,. ,f fwg ' Ne - , , ? .i 1 X '45 . ' i 1 MARY HoPKlNs FRANCESA.fHUifCl'lI5QN English Biology ,V I W ' JOHN LUND - St mography Tganfciiption Mary Welty tells Santa - I QJ. M. Hillj, what sh: DOQQEZYPQQSZAN wants for Christmas. Typing a . Ii We "U L 'I Q cumsiizcs MULI.aN1x A Girls' Chqmistry K 'Biology K if-Y.. QE. ' H 1' Ti "5 415,25 4 iff? ., W L if ll'l' E7 E ' ' ..'.- " E f O F T H S 0 Q . JOHN KELLY ' Stznognphyf, Transcription H I ff ,QQ if , 111i ' f cg J. McKEE Choral , J :mics Gin CHAREES MILLS JOSEPH MONTES Physical Education Spanish 12. GEORGE NEADERHKSER JDHN NEFF Bgnd 1 Biology .0ISl?l!t!l,irQgQW' E -C 1. . .,4 ., -f .. ww , ' .. ,in iiiafinosiiifii 3 iii . .164 ' . ...... ., ,, , - . my iii , 4? 3 i WEBB? ffgftihfh..-T E T I , ,W -- A . A,.l I: ,. 4 az' Z, M, 4 gbnexfm VPRINGLE kSocn4gtudxeg,L QUENTIN PROSSER Suse Cuff i Mithine'kSi1opi Mechanical' Drawing gm .,x, - . ,XM ' -M134 ' 1 Q5 1- X Mr. Dilley demonstrates Jim Schlegel's hearing ability with Melba Massey keeping score. 965 . lee i l . 29. fl af., A scene of the Nativity with Janet Kesler and Don Blair adds beauty to the Christmas assembly. Al - Left: Fredrica Voiland crowns Dubert Didier King of the 1852 All-School Party. Below: Earlene Kirkpatrick. Tom Sleeper, and Robert Briggs try to prove George Staples' magic false. F l OI" Clfldlefg ASSEMBLIES Lrg, Above: Mrs. Gladys Hannaford explains that diamonds are a girls' best friend. Right: Elizabeth Hopkins. Dixie Viar and Phil Mills crown 1900 homecoming queen. Jeanette Edmonds. Mary Lindbergh cheers wildly for Newton Railroaders. 14 SENIOR GIRLS', Coll age Day f Our 0 fel-S sentatives about their f0PDoftunitie . avorire Colleg for interested es fm Stu m the dellts school IO repre- "' mum., sEN1oR BOYS' COUNCIL . Seated: Dan Halladay, Ralph Reid, Jerry Lutz, Mr. Moulden, 4 sponsor. Standing: Jack Greenwood, Bob Gill, John Johnson, Bob Huebner. Paul Lee, Richard Middleton. Jerry Griffith. x .gil fde of .xgcfiuifiezi BOYS' COUNCILS Elected by the Junior girls in their homerooms last spring, the Senior Girls' Council is composed of fifty members. Senior Girls' Council sponsored the All-Girl Party, were hostesses for Open House, served at Vespers, sold Senior announcements, planned the mother-daughter tea for all Senior girls, and sup- ported the Pan-Hellenic Fashion Show. Members of the Senior Boys' Council are elected by the other senior boys in their homerooms at the beginning of the year. Faculty Advisor for the Senior Boys Council is Mr. Leonard Moulden, Dean of Boys, who helped them sponsor the Senior Forum. With the assistance of faculty sponsors Miss Annabel Pringle and Mr. Moulden, the Senior Boys' Council and the Senior Girls' Council joint- ly sponsored College Day where they also served as hosts and hostesses. SENIOR GIRLS' COUNCIL Front Row: D. Garrigues, M. Steves. P. Fry, M. Borsdorf, S. Wall, N. Huffman, L. Gill. M. Dunn. C. Cook, P. Reed, E. Pararnore. Second Row: L. Force, S. Beattie, M. Sewell, P. Whitney, S. Hardman, P. DeLong, A. Bromich, F. Kramer, B. Braddy, K. Choguill, M. Ecord, A. Jeffrey. Third Row: Miss Pringle, sponsor, E. Euwer, B. Barnett, M. Welty, E. Major, J. Mills, V. Erwin, S. lhinger, M. Keim, P. Benson, J. Brown. Fourth Row: A. Colvin, J. Kesler, S. Parker, J. Henry, A. Lundgren, F. Voiland, W. Frank, B. Arn, M. Michener, D. Tarwater, S. Curtis. PHIL COOLIDGE Student Congress President GEORGE DAVIS Student Congress Vice-President Like any high school that functions properly, Topeka High has its own student government. Composed of two houses. the Student Congress debates on all issues that threaten the "peace and quiet" of Troy. iThis year the entire Congress met to discuss the Honor "T" problem. After a lengthy debate, the Congress decided to leave the honor "T" as it is "due to popular demand." Student Council members meet every Tuesday during the fifth hour with Vice-President of the Student Congress acting as speaker. C-br fAe Mai in .gzltoof STUDENT CHARLES DAVIS Speaker of House of Representatives SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Barbara Fargo, Ardeth Senne, Shirley Curtis, Jane Grantham, Nancy Huffman, Mar- lene Sewell, Marilyn Dunn. Standing: Sidney Beattie, Robert Renfro, George Golliher, Rich- ard Prager, Doug Sheafor, Bill Nowlan, Mason Eagan, Larry Hansen, Sally Lindemuth, Mary Ann Borsdorf. 16 0U2l"I'll'l'Lel'lf CONGRESS JANIS BROWN Secretary of the Point System Chosen by his fellow council members Speaker of the House, Charles Davis, presides over Representative Council meetings every Thursday. This year the Student Congress wants to revise the con- stitution whereby it will have a set of by-laws which will enable the councils to settle all problems that may arise with greater speed and efficiency. Representatives of the Student Congress have made trips to the junior high schools to explain to them the way the stu- dent government operates and also to tell the students about the various organizations and extra-curricular activities, Planned and sponsored by the Student Congress, the All- School Party was their most important project. JACKIE MILLS Election Clerk BOB GELVIN Election Commissioner STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Ralph Seger, Faye Kramer, Ann Colvin, Ruth Pickett, Yvonne Timm, Marilyn Perrin, Jack Greenwood, Tom Moore, Harry Turner, Jim Griffith, Delmont Hadley, Collette Peterman. Standing: Bob Hobbs, Charles Davis, George Swank, Jan Larson, Mary Michener, Connie Orr, Miss Grace Van Tries, sponsor, Suzanne Howard. Phil Mills, Phil Coolidge, George Davis. 17 ,ffl eusw I s'f"""" Y r . G"'nig6"' we , .f,, , ' l W - 1 ' ' rifl- Larry Shiner turns out dozens of posters for candidates. Judge Woodell swears in the Senior Class officers: Charles Evans, Faye Kramer, Ann Colvin, Fred- rica Voiland, Nancy Huffman, Bob Hobbs, and Jack Greenwood. Don't tangle with him, pardner! Music has charms but not this kind! mon? 51-ying amiaaign Ciara 5 ELECTICDNS Election time! and what a time! Posters, cards, bands, balloons, money, and dozens of other little gadgets that cause custodians to bemoan their fate, floated around the halls. "Vote for Snodgrassnl "Elect Claghorn and get six months' vacation were but samples of the strenuous campaign. Color and excitement in election time surpassed even other years, as close races and recounts aided Trojans a great deal in seeing the value of democracy and governmental participation. There was even a case when a senior representative lost his position in a vote recount. Yes, democracy reigned for two hectic weeks. Candidates left no stone unturned in their efforts to get votes, and did not hesitate to make Wild cam- paign promises. But it was all in the spirit of good fun. As the results were made public, there were handshakes and congratulations.,tears and smiles, but through it all ran a trend of good Will. Under the authority of Bob Gelvin, Election Com- missioner, and Jackie Mills, Election Clerk, who were assisted by the Election Board, the election moved smoothly along. Even the lack of a jalopy parade didn't make much difference. The primary served to narrow the field, making competition just that much keener. After the thrills provided by ties and one-vote margins, the final election was an exciting ending. ,11.-M,-'-,ir.4:': from:a as::esea-fsszazseazassasaaas's' '-.L 1-f - vu. , THE KEY ITSELF i .f -f.asn:szz,:s'ssaa.f:1 im.-1, gLgkg,,f,.gW,,,1Q3 ,. 3:-HA nl' 3 , , f,,,,,f, A f7'2"i, 1 , i f V, A 5 ,V Q .,. , , .. 4-,,,......-.-.m.Mm , I 2 it i ' H Q 1 w if . ,fi 3 2 , S sl U E Z l H Q 1 ww Vg V - 1- ,mm M, .. Sr-'lgmzwvf 1.1: W: 55 145 is SHIIHHS , W- ,W .., -- -. A Q fa' we it '-4 LLL" M Q , ! X f . fy ' N . . - ., LOIIIAN ADAR ' MARY ELLEN ADDY DICK ADMUSSEN MARYLIN AHLSTROM lluhtttitl At!! I Co-op Retail Selling Library Proctor Honor Pep Club Glgggghl H, ' , Usher Club Office Proctor Q I 'gf-gg Honor "T" ., Girls' Senior Glue, . . H , A , ,, ,,,..Wf . , . , .-,, ,r...e.,. rV,,,. .Q ,. ,,..w-aumv . ,, , . Time has come for us to leave the sheltered halls of Troy and wander out upon the highways of life. What the future holds for us no one knows. Yet, as we reflect, our days at Topeka High stir memories within our hearts. Remember our sophomore year? "The Red Mill" . . . Janie . . . Christmas formals . . . The All School Party and E. B. Weaver's hilarious portrayal of the "Blushing Bride" . . . our sophomore party. Then we were Juniors and at last felt like full-fledged Trojans. Who could forget the antics of Miriam in "Dear Ruth" . . . "The New Moon" . . . "Tons of Money" . . . our first Prom? Now we are Seniors. This is our year. "Father of the Bride" . . . "Pirates of Penzance" . . . formal dances . . . the Junior- Senior Prom. Class Day and graduation climaxed this, the most perfect of all years. But Topeka High has provided even more than a social education, for here we have had the opportunity to learn how to think, to govern and to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Troy has given us the key to success which will open our gateway to the future. 21 were Q 'x 9' lon X 'hive Yau' E' ,v NN 1 . N Tlfiw, 1 Q5 ' 7' SSI V! Ji BARBARA BAKER Madugals Opeuttas Honor T Proctor Cahtain President Hi-Y fzg?3'Y5' 5F'?iE5,o9"' fn! du -r I '21 5 Liiflfsffii , , m,A,: 22 Wim 'mf f 3525? ' 416305, , ,farffw H . M, . Mngggxzrs nnxzsgi m 'Pep claw Rei: Council -Yi iyk " Proctor , ug , X4 Ewan' fl: "' M r 1 . K Vow, ' -4 -lik -Af' '52, b r .P956 . .a - ,gi 3 9 r m: L ' ' . " f9'L.-A35 -vi' K, ,., M 1 5 A" 1. r M ge::,:1 1.-' ,, .Lu , - - Q51 A ,,.,1 MARILEE BIGG Gizlsf genie: Gln w,LihrapyEQ'PrectiiiiQi 1 V j Buiiniii fMij0t'5'f L L L iii Qbitiiiffg Bfnxxaswf-1:91-nd! L f ,,Z- 'Q 1 L ELLA L. BLACKWELL L Qi . I .,,, -- ' I ig 1-1 " '42 .Q JL M ,ug M fix ' .zr .1 5 ,A .S an Q , , L ,. L L . . L, L 1 ' .:- 1 , - 15 5' ' 7 ' , Q: L Soc. Chm. Band f Orchestra , j.K.uights df Rhythm 51355 A ! LL'W Seq: cn-min ' 3 Semop Girls Cquncul zz 23 wi' A A ,, MT: I 04,5 BILLIHQQUE awpnv Girhwitter ' ' sm. cam' cqmn ,,.. 5 ?I'S4!59?EY1ifI-9' "Ffa: 3565! .soma 5 scams ' V, Gang Cade! M n. smgpy 71 f 'Boyaiqstnioz G Y, Voc. Eflctricifi if A if if 5' ' ,l- W L gg , .4 i., LOUISE M. BUTLER Choir Girls' Senior Glen Operetta VERNA L. CARNAHAN Honor Pep Club Hostess Proctor 3 f: A . ROY M. CASNER Proctor I ' jrv?1, xl' . FLOYD CLARK Senior Boys' Council Boys' Senior Glce Masque and Wig V. ,I is L BEVERLY A. CAMPBELL Office Machines Shorthand vi. " - -'wwf , ' -'- ,fl , -I ' '57 HARLEY E. BUTTS JOSEPHINE CABRERA Voc. Wood Working Co-op Retail Selling Science Pep Club Welding ',1i,:i-PW 'iii ,X ,, , W ., , ,ff f li , . in v W l ., V, MARY LOU CARROLL MARGUERITE CASE Pep Club Co-op Machines Chorus PIP Club Rzrail Selling Game Cadet A ,J ,U X DON CAVANAUGH CAROLYN CHARD "T" Club Madrigals Tennis Hostess Boys' Senior Glee Choir' DONNA 001111212 CLYDE D. comin Nurses' Proctor Principal? Committee Office Practice VOC- Wfldlnl Typing CONNIE CRSEBIER Honor Pep Club Masque and Wig Proctor KATY CHOGUILL Thespians Choir Senior Girls' Council A i IS-5 S RONALD COKER Voc. Auto Mechanic: fr DENNIS CASEBIER DUANE CHRISTMAN Industrial Arts Physical Ed. t fs, H-mf ilk- an G -4- 2' r B? iiibonoinvisins coil? Girls' Senior Glue .D fi , f SiNlHHS i 'line "fr ' ffzgj, 'Q 1 ,gf . c,. fri ' ' .f as 2- 335. ff, ., r ANN coLvlN KATHRYN CONNOLE I CAROQYN COOK A Senior Girls' Council Representative Council MIQHBXS ' K D c Seniorrllgpresentativrc Gan1g,Cadet ig Senxorgiirls COBJQSFI Madrigals Opemra Honor:Pep Club 24 A .,. ,ws -1, i " We L '41- F -L ,i Ar NADINE COOK PHIL COOLIDGE JODIE CORBER Pep Club Pres. Student Cong, Rep. Council Steno, Majogr Pres. Masque and Wig Proctor Q ,.,f Y-Teens .'LL THHPUM V' Pep Club F R V 1 LEROY E. COWEN RALPH L. COWEN JAMES COX Red Cross Council Rez. Selling Club ' Usher Club K F' -Art Crafts ,V V f Mwage:ffzfafeumf:LIH225fff'f4f1izf'fif2ffHf K . QM 5 ,, , -- ---' : K H ,, 1 L .N , 1 4 x M . L. ,si 5 5 A fc lf A 1 , .Q,,.i'Q'f,, mums CBEGUT Co-op Reyail Selling 5 92 e . e ' Q I ii, eee C w Q: ff asf . J BARBARA J. CROWLEY Co-op Office Mach. K KTrea:. Bus, Ed. Club 'ni- ee e Q Q A A , l A1 ff,, 1 Vi-TAROLD omfrdw Intramural Football Q, gji' f I R X 1 l ig? ,,e . W ,leg pw 5 1 RONALD CORDILL Voc. Auto Mechanics Cafeteria LORETTA COX Senior Girls' Council Proctor - Pep Club WI xyizg, A.: ' ..:a:, ' ,fi we .1 fi 2:3951 'I fi .1 .,,:- PATRICIA CURTIS Business Nurses' Chemistry Game Cadet 515555 25 SHIIUHS ' l ll llll TTI? SQ, , ,. iw, rl K lx in 3 W 5 if ai' . i,- iy' Q Q f bmz, 5 ' Pep Cliff? K History Major I . ,, ' 14 1 1 1 H: 1,3 1 as Q 1 3? Q ,V-, Y fs!- ' x E5 Y , T' 5 , 5 ,fa 26 kk .9 ,- -'eu EF 511 2 315 Iv' EL. W, EQTMQFB' 9255598 . "f?iiA1.n ' 1161513111 drivtizmaolgl lex ' Football ' ' ' 5 Math. Map: I A 5 ' ' Q21 af 'Q ' , ,,.AL. , ' -A S 4 l 4--l l 'Fr K ' o ., Visa 5 ? J mv 'X 5 if'2'A" Team Cheerleader 1 -':' Senior Girls' Council ' V J , Q 1 h,'- h PENN Sglli ng 519555 f Q, 2,53 4- A g W X.. . L Y 5 5 1 Q. -f 5 , ,,:. STAN Officer ii ,fi A'Lk ' 'Golf Ciptain KY Mijot Rep. Council H37 ' was ra -A -7 27 Y Y Saw .. 4: . L 'l N 4 mv S SHIRLEY R. FROST g 1' Procrqk 'F Pep Cliib Bus. Ed. Club , .If L'm1' I gf - 1" , K GRM - , ' . ,455 ,Q bs 212 lag A ROBERT D. GIBBS PHYLLIS GIFFORD Mech.'Drawing :Co-op Retail Selling Stage Craft 3 34? J 1.5 .J e ' gill, 1 F, -W an-1 ff -li 3 g nt 0 A non Gm. V --3,Szniorhys' Crain Host ' K Proctor eil . , ' in ' "'k Eames drnnexrn, Jn. iszavsnxjiiflcrsxiou :7i5i'lRGlSl1ll enoiifiin L Glee Club I Intramural Basketball ,Q307'iSU" . JULIUS M. GONZALES Football fOsagc Cityj 1 --Baskzfllall COsage Cy. Track COsage Cizyj . Choir Honor ,'.'T' ' H"Fl9i!z11,., .13 wa- , l S E' , K 1 L if J IM GORDON K Bur. Man. World Df.f,H0n0r'iT.'T" ,Ira L Usher Club ' ,' GREENE , SENIHHS .4 ,, r 0' rw 30.5 E Girls' Senior Glu Nia: ue and Wi qi as H'?'F?3i. . LQ!! BILL, Sengfiiiixls' Council Proctor " K Girls' Senior Glee Q gxrnoszxzfcorxzgyfmv Band' ' Orchestra 3 , Dmssfbwd.. M or A' o,ool -Q ' ' ' 'E - ' ' o r L: 5321.5 , Y ' ,,-"., ' ' -KJACKSREENHQOOD 3fJERRZ.1-.GRIFPlfTl'f new L1 "1 'fhdijiibns "'T'iA3iub 'iii ff -I Madrigzlx K lr Football LV f .Y aka nonmwofiim ggiiilrgerlpggftl Y Birimmini K fi" 28 'WM '44 ' z ! Iwi, , 3: -V A 7 DAN HALLADAY Senior Boyi' Counbil Proctor Circ. Mgr: World Q., . I .,,. 9:3 -g Eunice L. fnmnfrou ooN1u.n HANLEY F. H. A. Song Leader Steno. Major Business Major Q . 1, 'Ya HARRY HARRISON' Band B071 Chorus 'IDA Rep. Council Rep. Council Proctor Host Stage Craft Proctor Troy Jane . Hostess , ,.gsfW,, -- ' ,. ,, W A 4 ,, Nw? El M , , c LARRY HANSEN World Bur. Staff yin' S 'l Y K M Y V . .-Ja...-. - A. .Q J 1 Q A ,, ' runner. nurri miss ' Honor Pep Club rail SUZANNE HARDMAN Senior Girls' Council Honor Pep Club Masque and Wig ' Homelliconoiiiics PATRICIA HAYES Hznzmerinnvqgsv mum.YN BAWLQX JANET 1-:Aims ,L LIVADA MAYVHAYF-S 'l?roc:orf2': F Honor Pep,C1ubi'r' f.k' Honor Pep Clubfil K Procfbr f ' 1' Usher Club Proctor Game Cadet Comm. Major .World Bna. Staff 5 All Sch6ol.Parry . Hoagen I In Girls' Senior Glee Pep Clnb G.A.A. KS: " f--Q r"e'l'ee r"' . . , H3 wx. me V .: I if , . rr " 1 , k im, S W , V.. iiggfgwi kr ,V , ,v,i.: , Nw.. A Alll' ' . l K 'ezgflif' "" - :2:,:' 5 f 1. Ziff- fleiif fflfif nfl? mlizmx J. mxzznn nonanrb. nec:-rr 1.1uixiYHElL ' smuin Heinz ' Mmrnxueuxienson' Honor Pep Club Hind Hbitttl- Proctor " A , f ,,,,..i... . World Editor Masque and Wig Prodi!! Suaiienz Gziuncilff .Qi .1-Imrerm, .gig Tbupiani ' ' A k'6irlA' Dr. Cr.i'Chanme 'Huy sz.,-I 'V . ' Wit Purim , 29 OF 1952 SENIHHS - vw K 'V" kI,...,, . . 1 . C-We 0f9ssi Mfdvf1'f 'A' W 3 . ' x " .. 1. X25 --W 'E 2:33 .IM HSQQEQ 1' ' ., - - Viv: 'i ifigi' Ki. 4 , - mt' gy? t in , LP visit ia, W E' T PWS! Z' '11. ',,,.. '.,,, ' Pkbtm if A 5 ' ,,c f, , 2, , Q 211112591 ,,,1 , i ffl IL' '52 ' iA Q 4, Kia 5 ,,1., . 'M' 15" CN ':w:'N X 5 Q5 41,12 Cv L I J g f 'ff ' e va lrii Lei? N 5' W1 'ef ' ANN JEFFREY , Thespian Senior Girls' Council Honor NT" ,Ah :JOHN JOHNSON . LoU1s13lJoHNsoN-. Qgsggifoothall 4 Honqifgep y 'imi- Vfwrntllng - fr 5 Hostess ' 5' Senior Boys' Council Proctor NK ls X ARTON C Inknlm ers Mech rawlng Hon' M ' -Y' - ' T .V i.,,iW, il. is is .- ? JEANHlQEJ.JOHN5'l'0N - HOQSFXFEW' ' Gamiliidet 111 ,," ' Y-Tech: L ' Q: J. u. .rouse N is 4 Q I Hn rl 3 4,51 H gi My W W . gg-411, . S gi is fm Nw f r 5, , .. .,,,, .. ,.r ROBERT L. KELTNER Voc, Photography Millifffd C"'iF'S!1 . i ii N O F 1 9 5 2 Jemu E. JOHNSON Vot."WeldinQi'f'zY' Cone. Stand Worker Varsity Cade: gf W -x MARVEL M. JOHNSON V ELAINE JONES V ELEANQR qomss A,h, j Pmetur -gglfipf - ..1' avi-'Girls' Qatar I Girls?'Sen1orGlesgi--I Bhilwlaioz 'E "ii' Librdfiihocror N .Orchestre ii-' ffl pep cm N N NN choir - N Hmm ' Q ai 5 1 ,L mf, SHIRLEY JEAN KEITH I 'Ulher Club .- Ui Ez,-'E Librar1iEi30Etor ',ffsQ5ff Pep Chnl! 13 ' 'i p:55.,,g, . . if 3, f .uv . 'S fb' 5 J 'S . f E. e I .Q 'K JO KENWORTHY . World Staff kk Procgorll . , SYLVIA KENDALL .iPep Club f1W01'ld . -,,.. 1, 1 f X 'Siinflower 1 fszfffr' ' .- Ad Sblicxror ' Pep Club l -Ll ' ' 31 Jen, lb all my M- M DAN ROBISON King of All-School Party Sophomore Class President President of Band Sludent Conductor Band Basketball Letterman Honor "T" Student Council Representative Councl. This page sponsored by RAY BEERS CLOTHING COMPANY NR ,R fx Q, is fri J A WW, 551 945-mi-A .IQ 7 5'?,,'Ig5:v ,gay 3. ' 4 Ll , If -f is V -x ,. .Eli ,I My .R x J X SENIHHS DALE C. KRATOCHVIL Choir U Boygg Senior X A ,V LLLE A oroA uf A I A J ,. M z ,,"w f , I '!s?5'?:1i . ' ' LOWELI, LANDIS JOAN LANGTDN RUTH M. LASSITER Trade Sdn. Auto Mggh, Proctor Girls' Senior Glu Principgfg Cm-nm, I Peph Club .Office Proctor K i1 ' Hostess ' K 1 Pep Club 1 I L , .,Vf1fQ,. :K .. . W t ' A ' 6 ,.',' - . , ALLAN K. LEWIS JAMES H. LEWIS TOM LEWIS Track K Industrial Ana ' K Footbaq-' J, ,gg .k" L, , I - Homzrobm Rep. f K ' F f :Y Agfa. f 5' 'X ' - V A as W-,- E L 5 LLL 'of Q A wig Q fzg i l ' Mui? ' k,-- A 4 . - CARMEN LIGHTBODY DIXIE LILES HERMAN LINCOLN I Girhfsgxior Gln , K Officeggiqctor ,L gf! Pep Chili' Co-og Machingr I V,,, W Wm ,. xfj. BETTY L. KLESATH Pep Club :Q ' -2 ki 5 Q 'iw if" 6' K 'w,4,,-1+ 'a -gefzgif u I fs . ,Q F W A 1 1.423 Q W' if ,ggi X 2 3 KENNETH KOPREN Proctor JOHN MARVIN LAHMAN DELBERT LEE LANE Vg. Machine Shop Trade School Phorog. Naval Renryg kk 1, 2 'A Q 'U' H.. Q A PAYE KRAMER r X gr 4, S J 1-fi 'Ex 32 X if :V PAUL LEE ROBERT LEMON Senior Boys' Council Auto Mechanics Band -- Intramural Sports K , , ' 9 5' 15 - K Footbail f K may 'Tw I ' .rg .Y T! af F HELEN LIBBEY History Major German Minor 34 HELEN D. LIGGE11' Business Game Cadet' 1 K Hdstesa ' !! 01,6 4 'lur- 5 I ll ll 1 Ill. All I Lil., gun Club .-'- xuwuosntg LUNDL ' M Z1 , ., , f, ,F 15 my .55- 2 . 3 U-mtflasf M ,, wh er , t gn ,. 8' 1 U 225243 M' . M, M. CAROLYN LOHMAINN -Honor "T" I Honbr Pep Club Ptocto: , K ., H ., Q L ,z ,V '2:1, sid H ,Senior Girls' Council ":Hori5r Peii Cluis ,Pmgror ., , f ,ar ik f . ,,,,,, D .form I.. Mv:QLELLAN SNES ,N L. ,F Sh. ,, 'PN 1' cnj L' ENE win LL F.1e1.A.,4 ,,, . Y.OLB. Cluli' ' Business -Major M.3'P'F'V'!F.'1 fafesys " ,,. 16 i , A Q 35 lngggsfu Q Q iw fp al- QZ A 5- f - ew P 'I 1 will ---M-, A - . 4 1 MW H i 4 f . " ?9'f' '- , I, . N, , ' I as F - MARILYN S McKEAN JAMES R McKEE JOAN MCKNAUGHT CLIFFORD LRNEAL DELMAR MARSH Theapian: - Madrigall ,Proetgar , . . Jill R MARTIN MELBA MASSEY JEREMY A.-MATCHETT DONALD L. MATHE Homerocm Rzp Selena Mainz Vac. Electricity Bus Staff Sunflowex Intramural Basketball Intramural Track Masque and Wng Rep. Couxicil K ' 4 . iwmwe f ' :fel ' " .fi-'i ff 32, - QOHNK Mamuoiiivr Office Proctor.: , P ly. . ' ,,,, V, ' , " ,,., Wk . h K , V V A , l , EVELIA LL MENUOZL -5: Cl'6l ES Hostess Relail Sellixlj H ,Pepgllub ,.,, Attdndancie ' ' 36 V ESQ!" . T 11 fffifk V 5 BERNRRD MILES , ' Rep. Council Orchestra ' Trade School .im E. MILLER Voc. Electricity "" A i in ri , V .,L, , ell l . N 4' ' DRREUE: MITCHELL Radib Elmo- Mechiniesl, X Mrrixs munpm Art, Mqjqr .3 J rj Press - HUS"",, if WILMAML m'rcr-IELL VocL Marhine Shop fcsm Mun LL"' Proctor 1. Honor 5'T" 2,- ' V K Rep. Cimncil --e lif , - ,, LL6lfD ribnkrs . Segiior Qpyafgolmsal ' Methanital Drawing Science1Mzjnr IZL 52 :pe I lwmiki i sf' Hoiior Rgp Club ef Hostess Jr. Bresg3ClulQ, ,QL l, .ki l Q .23 'G' 5 A it if ROBERT V. MILLER Voc. Welding ,Naval Reserve 55 , f V 1 93 ' ' fivkflf " w H Q ee. f f fre Wirfffl, Q. i L vga , f Aff: , Za GJ 55545 gi .1 M , Neg , J .arf . f 'Wife rx 3 ,. ,. we -Q V ' L . W .M ,vw x .-L Q3 'F ' 'E if 12? SE? Miiiuc udmus Bgnd gg, ,1 -,L. . . Orchestra 5?!s'b?!!l -- , w JACKIE MILLS Sopln. Sec.-Treas, V: Pres. Pep Club Homecoming Queen , ..,., . VV . V , r,,,, ,,L,,, EREDNORTHRUB BU-I-wN0W3+U'lf2. V k,ilKl'lilll!i1L,BRSk9il7lu Quill angsegqjl 15 37 SENIHH 1 ,Q L :gm E Y ,, 35,1 3 1 'Q' 'Q if , h., , Z 5:5 , , .J W4 1 Ji 4 5,1 DICK NUDSON '1?wf'l SCh09i Wslflins 1.32, rs ',A,..,, ?2s4?iiwra 11 Q ' if aa..-' ,i , sf J, H ,, gf Q , f 9 39' 3 W C V 4- an f vii' A ' 51 E Nm I ' M N" . " 7 ' ,.k.,.. it 3 in K' iff Q f H 5" , Tren. Sr, Girls' Conn. Thnpiam ' DON oben! ,H0YFgSfl09f GBE' '1mkii1iur:l"Sp6zia "Pirates of Penzance" :at ' -' ffl : ' .7' Reef. L 1 qf - , -.Q f ggzz. .few V ,- ,-fig,-"S1,'-'. .m " 1-. 3, M 2 mv fri? .5 111, V '-'L '-,':f.Q ,. I Phwfai EQYQCHW 3B K- AR' ra ,J LA,L z - fx'JfFi!H?iWi"fW ,H-. iwi, . -- , L L,., 59031111 ,L .1 Skni6fLei4k "':' in , 1 T53 2 'Wiz hw 'Q' .,l ,, Y.. Q. I " , W DARLENB PLUMMER NADXNEV POOLE CAROL A. POWELL Co-op.Office Practice Honor Pep Club f Masque and Wig 'if , S Feature Ed. Sunflower , World-Sunflower Staff Proctor gz, PHILLIP POWELL Track Intramural Sports Key Club A i P62EZ Houma 4 Pep Club ' Proctor Norton. Ks. N,i'q BETTYVPROUD Co-op Retail-Selling Girls' Senior Glee REID W , X NFL S xi' is S I fa -fo . X I i w H0 Wei :P NX 1 X . 1111. - 2 at P l ROBERT C. RENFRO Rep. Council Intramural Sports Han , T gg -. 1 V x ir , .MM , ...T :I In M V, -aff' 11 " Av:- T aavcaenosuuoi A .... e -, 6' . - w fkilifirw -' KX . i,,X 4 V,,W Q ,if ,. fl.. E FRANK RHODES Mqchine Shop l Chemistry .RadiQ 1. ' Ellil :fd ' fr. . ',:::f'. summon RAMOS: Boys' Senior Glee I Tennis ' Intramural Basketball RALPH' REED B Team Basketball ' 5 E ad W lv , , 'WY 4. l fr X 4. -W EDMUND RICHARDSON Intramural Football Auto Mechanic: ,EQQMQQPU 1 CII!! , , 14, , fclasy ,. " 39 fl R '-1533! :Lf in. , I W evsmfcxocncnv Q9fChG"l'!Lf'1- -fn 'li'1' trsffneiiiibll 5 ff' -2355? my i 'G' 6 Pg? J V W Kb V f --21 , ssl Q B 4 MQ if AE' E ,M i . 6 5 4.:if lu 11 f 'W i WARREN G. ROOSE. JR. JOAN C. ROSENBE Cc-op Retail Selling Clothing Major Proctor English Major Intramural Basketball f- f ' RGBR K 12: ' - H kj, ,Q W, 1 KV sniiavuphbvvmne Jnunnwnnl l Scientt Milo! ' ,Movie Proctor , . 'flllathkriiafiti M3362 K 'L ' f -wffwwwwnwwf ww ff., ,. 'V' , ll :7,, .r,, l , ' ' " ' :if-if ... CRROYLYN ml-scars Clothinld Major ,Foodxgl inqr. dlibndsfv. SEEIEER' Voc. Pbotozraphyk A 2 , F U Q23 x N 41 19511. '," ,JERRY ROSENLUND ' MARVIN ROUSCH Basketball Thespians , Tennis Tennis Y h 5 Senior Leader --,JO ENlD.BfUSH,-1 if KATHERIN RXJSHER ' Pei: Club ' ' Sec, Rztail Sill. Club , HOQIGSI' K i Ptliclor'-Yi ' ki All sf' . Q ll Lum SGHLECEL ' Football Baaknb all Track farm Qi 5' vianik scilnxxfl DUNS' . ,, 'iiamelcadug 41 Library Proctor SENIHHS ur' zcakrflscunwescsnlir -Football V f 'filfm V, Q - lv . 1. Q nicx smzsm ..-I-,. an 2 Golf Q, K ' fkcpjfiounfil ,. . ,.-kL. X l'-'l L I g li,:... ',ll , 'f fd5VM,wMi ww A? ' l fll. . if Jlll X 4 . ZA I Pkssoxnrexc SERMIDT fff..1A1uaL Vgc. Welding Orchutra ' ' Pwfflwli Cwmisw 14 ll Msshwnl Deming, Yf' Lp--. , Rui, ,5 n-:: ? Q .1 . 1 sriiinxiif A. Majorctte 1 K Rgp. Qouncili K, Glgr:Clulif V 'Speakgr Rep. Conn. 40 Seniorillgrsdtz Hanna: Honor "'T"g ' - iw I 3 11 ' Q 2 ' ' A Q94 , dr A 1 QL 1 W , ,... 1. .DOUGLAS SHEAFOR Rep. Council Bus. Man. Band Hono:iffT" I ,E m ,4 2 I as E: :Q A v . E, I, ' it E J 4, A fi R, - . :I du C I . I, X 1 'IQ , fl 75255 4-11 A if 7 .L 'E A 57 ,.,f iz! g . S,-Zfmx, V ' KX 'i al: ' EL Art Club KShaw. Misj Pep Club QShaw. Mis., Small Chpir IS. LARRY SHINER Dnmatics Studexgt Qouncil A L' 11 W ' 1 mznvm sl-rurr Rosen smcnerox nowugpxmnone ,mcxc . mp ,, , A,,, 1, F427 'S-dm' mmigz ikwanlvg 3 mf" 7 fig ' W' rag. Q, ,5,1ga2g1g,,zg1'gxfg32fwg .Q , BUHM-4?'1Mlivf VM- " 'T Int1n:QmidlBasketh31Ik Ink Slixxgers "K,' '-Y'f17Yiiii12- - jf 5 Seniofitijii'-kCoun:xi Inrriggigxglbasketbdi. Hon , Lunch Line Captain A 'g H ' ,'1-' W.. i.,,,,fi2 'h ah ggi? 9 F r 1 J 3 , ROBERT'2L'SMELTZEK.- fl' ,K ,,k. , , 1 1 "k 2 I 4 1 I r- aw ,xv f Q f, ,3 Mggaf ,F ss .N l . I' V-' . ceoxczszs. sum: Q Vng, 41 'Science Major ' ' J Mathematics Major .English Major . aww M I V ,... K fs Zig We I n H i my V52 E H 3 Y ' 3 F was E ZQ? fluff K Hi, 2 3 MARVIN L. SORG ',,. ' K' ' f?1filffi3'i?7T2:. 'E- f of ' i Band Orchestra Theater Orchestra i ag. Ii: "' DARLENE STAWYIZ ELLRIEW STEVENSON MARY STEVES Pep Club Senior'Girls' Council 5 Social Studies ,L jk ,L Senior Leader ' ' ' I'Ionor'PGp I rl V I ' r', me 5 W We f tl., . . 7 A Aff ll LARRY STRIMPLE RUTH A. STURM ELIZABETH SUDDIETH Boys' Senior Glee Business Major Choir Co-up Office Mach. , I-New Moon., , . I I if 9 8 'Ha .eu-Q, , f BILLY TERRY ELDON TIPPIE JERRY 'UPTON Band Band Jr.-Sr. Prom Trade School Voc. Auto Mech. All-School Party L- - . I .. "PiratesVofPenzance31 DARLYNE T. D, E.-C. A. ,Hessen I 'Pep Club Iv.- if PHIL SPAULDING GEORGE V. STAPLES Q IRHA STARKEL Mathematics Major Trade School 51380 Craft gust , .Auto Mechanics PQ club rector .Wrere ,, 'I W --'- 'Y ' " 4 "'V we - , , ' LELA J, STQNER BERNIE STOUFFER BENNY D. STREETER Band Band ' Voc. Machine Shop In Orchestra V 'Orchestra Q I ' Art rr 'L....: K Music Eniemble A " Auto Mechanics f, e .Y . 1 GENE SWENSAN SARAH TARLTON I DONNA TARWATER Thespians Hostess Senior Girls' Council Game Cadet A Honor Pep Club l Honor "T" "'- A Troy Jane Board I I nnnen :Z V- ' fx . kb W V Tiff.: X Z, I I X , ,,.. I BILL THIESSEN SHIRLEY THOMPSON ' , Dance Band Honor Pep Club . All-School Party K Gan1eCader kr y " r " Senior Bnyaffouneil M ' lt" J' fl V f 3 ? C ' , 1 9' .,-',, A -- ' 7 ,,.,,,... , , N r ELOISE VALDNIA Troy Jule! Board I Senior-Milt? unee P'vC1v?ea12.sn2ln f' -C . I ., .e,,:k,,. .,X.. , , VX ,V V, - 1 f ' f 42 QL V smw' ' N-, A Q f njium men i Band H 5, if Jamcm.. 1xg1.A1.xgER,.Q Cafeteria Worker ' Psp!-Xvb Hnmeftwaomiu , -' '55 Q Mubdliwl DIN!!! ' . Sf x i .35 . ,A 1 . A , L k ' , f.L. 2 . WSJ f, f"L 7 l """l f E 'fhkihllix vxixsmz Pies. Bus. Ed. Club K Co-op Office Mach. ff: , 1 Vgir if M le 'F 5' W,li.. . 1- ,Q Q ff" E QSCILQQI GifIl':1g0ll0fu A Holly: Pep Chlb , muumzv vbicf L Co-op Rgtail Sellipg Pnsi D.E.C.A. Club ff-an 1 1 ff R, '1 Sl' I H 'T' V A Q Q 5 ,. ff SchoolPnb. uc. c.p Glu :Club if If Hi-Y KK. CJK' in f -I f i, 2 1 '- ,, if Q,-. 1" 1 f ""'fii":, ' 1 'IOM -WELCH ,f ,,'. - 'YfRedfCrdik'Cdiinclkk: Hong , ,. , ,- r wiwrws. wxvrznl 115 Junior Press Club I Gmmeiladft lf' Rep Club S1955 'Q E42 "fi fl f :swf J 1': Y A i AR!-ON ,.', ilntiiinutil Fbhtbxll Ilntramuxzl Basketball ilntzimuiil Tiickf' ? :Q .'.,x:: Y ww, 115 Q. , wi- wr :fy-Q mwfm ,mf 43 WHITE , JOYQEMH . ly ' "Honor Php Club Gigli' Segior,Gleg, K 'Proctor' ' l SENIUHS .JQANAWOLFE Girls' Senior Glee Business Major 'Troy Jaxies .-3 LEILA YOUNG Game Cadet PepHClub Junior Preis Club W? . "'L- I X LESTER J. WILSON Football Baseball Voc. Woodwork f' ea I I l , .W THOMAS E. WOODS J UANITA L. WOODSON DUANE WORKMAN Basketball Home Economic: Bind " Baseball History Major Arn . 'Ti .5 I - V HELEN ZLATNIK HANCY BRINKER J. B- WU-,LlAMS Accmp. Boys' Sr. Glee Masquz and Wig Pmctor Troy Janes Pep Club Debate Shirley Wall solves problems in measuring for caps and gowns Dick Admusxen and Jim Gorden study fraxmeally as finals near 4 "W Football crowd holds breath as kick is made. 'UMM .gniefeaf FALL HIGH LIGHTS Right: Senior Boys' Council work on their float for the parade. L Lower Right: Cheerleaders try to keep warm at Homecoming game. 5 Below: Winning float in Homecoming Parade. W0 I r d Series comin 3 Up! WWW. i X giliff .x L"' li' 'f"'::2 i ATTENDANTS Peggy Fry and Phil Coolidge :un ,-nr-. - ATTENDANTS Jane Henry and John Dixson ALL-SCHOOL "Everybody loves a circus", and from this theme "Sawdust Serenade" con- verted Hoehner Auditorium into a Big- Top. Despite a mortgage and its vil- lainous holder, who threatened to fore- close on the night of the big opening, the show must go on: and go on it did. Through hilarious circus acts and songs, varying from a trained bear who wasn't very trained after all, to a plaintive singing of "l Cain't Say No", the laughter mounted. The smart-alec tramp, played by Gary Watson, man- aged to trouble circus manager "Bar- ney" portrayed by Jack Barrett, suf- ficiently enough so that "Barney" was scarcely able to capture the escaping convicts "Little" George Neaderhiser and dangerous E. B. Weaver. Barney re- ceived enough reward money to pay off the cruel mortgage holder, Larry Cun- ningham, in time to start the show. Mr. Hoehner produces another masterpiece in stage setting. "Sa-ay, Buddy, can you spare a dime for a cup of coffee?" Gary Watson beseeches Jack Barrett. 46 KLSQQIL7 .743 a or 7 mfg, Cltifd, an! lancingii 'ARTY Tension and excitement mounted as the circus stars prepared to throw out the welcome mat to the All-School Party royalty. Jack Greenwood sang a seranade to the queen, "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody", and the spotlight turned to attendants Jane Henry and John, Dixson, Peggy Fry and Phil Coolidge, Ann Colvin and Bob Gelvin, and Jackie Mills and Karl Schowen- gerdt. Then came the moment all Troy had been waiting for, as up the center aisle walked Queen Marlene Sewell and King Dan Robison. In a beautiful cere- mony, Student Council Vice-President George Davis crowned the queen with a wreath of white carnations, and pre- sented her attendants with corsages. Everyone left for the cafeteria, to dance to the music of Louis Eversole and his band, as King Dan and Queen Marlene reigned. 'As the 1951 All- School Party came to a close, tired but joyous Trojans went home, assured that a lovely queen and a handsome king Were enshrined forever in the heart of Troy. "l'm just a girl who cain't say no." Carolyn Condron, Martha Harrison, Tucker Landeene and Lee Ann Johnston. 3 ATTENDANTS Ann Colvin and Bob Gelvin ATTENDANTS Jackie Mills and Karl Schowengerdt 47 Peggy Fry tries her best to train mis- chievous bear. Mary Steves. Harry Snyder cowers while Bob Hobbs proves weights aren't so heavy after all. ..-f "gs "-3 if Elf! Preszdent ................. Vice-President ............ Secretary- Treasurer ....... Social Chairman ....... Representative ...... Representative ...... Representative ...... unior CALM Griffith .....i........Larry Shultz Mary McClymond ..,....,Suzanne Howard ....Delmont Hadley ..........Ruth Pickett ......Yvonne Timm Our Junior Year. This is the most fun of all . . . we can no longer be called "sub-scrubs and yet there is none of the nostalgia that comes with the knowledge that our high school life IS over We are right in the middle of things . . . the Junior Play, that most memorable occasion, the Junior Senior Prom, and the Daisy Chain. Socially . . . this year has been a whirl . . . academically . . . we have embarked on the threshold of obtaining our goal . . . the key to success. 48 .aid I wi rv Front Row: T. Landeene, D. Hawkins, J, Ijams, M. Barthuly, D. Lehnherr, M. Zachman, S. Brobst, J, Roush, P. Bass. J. Radford, S. Slaughter, Z. Blackwell, B. Hardy, H. Hutson. Second Row: E. Scheele, B, Carwein, N. Tussel, F. Bradshaw, B. Benton. E. Senne, S. Eliot, M. Lindbergh, N. Barnes, P. Shehi J. James. S. Banion, M. Carruthers, J. McGuire, D. Thompsen, C. Morgan. Third Row: S. Stenzel, B. Mitchell, Z. Long, A. Smith, D. Eastman. M. Flack, P. Wilkinson, A. Weathers, P. Tutt, E. Lake, G. Ham, N. Hodgson, P. Cantrell, J. Hoelscher, D. Gilliland, W, Starkey. Fourth Row: C. Harper, L. Pitcher, R. Westfall, C. Henderson, D. Brown, C. Roach, E. Graham, C. Kinder, J. McWilliams, B. Burnett, E. Scott, J. Welch, C. Reade, R. Blum. Fifth Row: R. Barron, L. Reser, J. Boling, B, Burlew, B. Burton, R. Albright, E. Munoz. T. Easten, D. Baker. Homerooms-Hutchison, Fitts, Fergus. REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Joan Rosenwald. Connie Glenn, Marlene Barit- huly. Bach Row: Beverly Benton, Jerry McWilliams, Brent Kington. ...Ti Front Row: S, Wilson, S. McCain, S. Glaspey, E. Lewis, E. Bonner, A. Mellgren, C. Harris. D. Metzger, P, Ellis, C. Briggs, D. Schoonover, D. Hoskins, M. Willis. Second Row: V. Sneden, L.T'ulles, J. Roudebush, R. Taggart, J. Ebendorf, M. Riggin, J. Smith, R. Downs, L. Gill, D. McNett, J. Rosenwald, J, Miller, G. Smith, B. Derritt, J, Hocker, G. Harris. Third Row: F. Cross, C. Moore, D. Addington, J. Ketcherside, R. Shaw, C. Glenn, Z. Mariner, B. Brown, L. Abend, M. Rose, D, McClain, D. Smith, D. Smith, J. Wesely, G. Brown. Fourth Row: K. McNeill, R. Alonzo, L. Darling, D.Calderwood, L. Jordon, D. Fenton, B. Kington, D. Carpenter, S. Davis, B. King, L. Davis. R, Schumacher, R. Hill, H. Emmet, E, Wilson: W. Lyle, R. Scott. H omerooms-W ebb, Wheeler, Wolfe. 49 Front Row: P. James, M. Crooker, M, Rogers, P. Saar, S. Losey, M. Grubbs, Z. Law, J. I-laugh, B. Peterson, J. Bauman N. Hamon, W. Gager. P. Esquibel, M, Henney, C. Egland, M. Ehrhorn. Second Row: M. Stingley, N. Harper, J. Edmonds. Third Row: M. Roberts, M, Crowley, P. Norman. D. Heydt, G. Riggin, S. Wilson G Warren C Shughart, B.Stoffer M. Edwards, S. Henderson, S. Tabor, S. Line, M. McClymond, K. McFarland, M. Potts, S. Newman. Fourth Row: J, Beebe, P. Peters, B. Boler. Fifth Row: G. Riedel, B. Burgoyne, D. Schuler, B. Spencer, S. Dominguez, L. Hernandez, G. Walker, J, Unruh, J. Johnson, R. Partridge, D. Reed, J. Hogan, J. Humbert, B. Christian, H. Johnson. Homerooms-Snyder, Shannon, Thomas. Front Row: Gary Watson, Jay Davenport, Donna Hart- man. Back Row: Marilyn Bacon, Robert Cotton. 14 - lpn. Front Row: B. Sample, S. Carlson, V. Miller, N.-Atkinson, C. Bachman, V. Thornburg, C. Sander, G. Wood, S. McLaughlin, H. Ellithorpe, L. Alberg, Y. Timm, B. Cade, D. Ledferd. Second Row: L. Baker, E. Lambott, J. Woodward, J. Clausen, A. Phelon, D. Hatfield, D. Reed, G. Pinger, L. Waters, B. Stone, T. Dalton, B. Armstrong, J. Knaus, D. Arthur, M. Bacon, N. Burns Third Row: R. Ortiz, J. Burgen, B. Crawford, J. Bagby, D. Molter, G, Cook, K. Blair, B. Cotton, B. Snyder, D. Hadley, J. Woodruff, E. Hainline. Fourth Row: D. Sawyer, M. Durner, J. DeShazer, D, Garrison. E. Hudkins, D, Paxson, M, Reddick. Homesooms-Erwin, Ellithorpe.. 50 Front Row: M. Aguilera, K. Hill, B. Kelly, D. Miller, R. Pickett, L. Leonard, R. Van Hole, C. Wiehenkamp, A. Colvin S. Kerbs, E. Wolfe, P. Yarber, D. Albin. M. Symes, L. Stratton. Second Row: M. Felming, N. Dayton, N. Absher, C. Brown, D. Adams, M. Hearn, M. Parkerson, S. Alexander, G. Long, W. Bullock, S. Davis, W. Anguish, M. Anderson, D. Kling, B. McCue, J. Crews. Third Row: G. Miller, B. Martin, J. Swartz, L. Cobler, L. Minich, R. Lutz, D. Welborn, R. Nicolay, G. Vance, M. Cramer, J. Bercale, R. Kibby. E. Peoples, J. Booth, W. Beskow, W. Meyer. Fourth Row: W. Bohnsauk, B. Carter, G. Morris, T. J. Baker, L. Shultz, K. Linder. R. McCoy, B. Barrett, T. Parmenter, J. Smith, D. Wallace, H. Hood, L. Israel, K. Arnold, F. Edwards, M. Yoho, D. Fox. C. Pinger. Homerooms-Nelson, Colton, Bayless. P REPRESENTATIVES G F 1 9 5 3 Front Row: Ruth McKenzie, i Carol Mize. ' Back Row: Carolyn Wiehen- kamp. Larry Shultz, Donnis Kling. M:'ssing: Collette Peterman, Front Row: J. Gresser, M. Harden, E. Carlson. B. Keltner, D. Johnson, D. Crowell, M. Young, V. Vogel, C. Mize, B. Gabler N. Utschen, P. Holman, L. Brubaker, N. Alfrey, M. Staples, E. Nicolay, J. Dutton, R. McKenzie, M. Hitt. ' Second Row: B. King, B. Thrush, J. Horton, P. Finkel, C. Fath, J. Lester, C. Ernst, S. Norris, D, Kennedy, L. Reece, P. Dykes T. Henderson, C. Peterman, M. Rodriguez, E. Tunley, B. Gooch, G. Hassett. C. Vetter. Third Row: C. Strong, J. Jensen, J. Renander, L. Smith. G. Schleder. J. Barrett, W. Thomas, L. Hirschberg, J. Fadely D. Didier, R. Stewart. T. Crume, F. Wingerson. B. Stanley, B. Mott. C. Simons. Fourth Row: N. Phillips, R. Boal, B. Miller, J. Tetuan, K. Clark, J. Nash, J. Griffith, B. Wilkinson, D. Berton, R. Longaker B. Decicco, B. Burnett, L, Hale. Homerooms--Neaderhiser, Kistler, Phillips. 51 Front Row: M. Williams, E. Schwindt, J. Lippitt, L. Cox. T. Johnson, R. Vogel, L. Hall, D. Schoonover, J. Skinner, S Morton, S. Henzlik, S. Swigart, B. Beal, M. McNair. D. Bower. Second Row: L. Kelley, P. Navarre, P. Gilbert, N. Underwood. H. Jager. D. Goodell, M. Tilton, D. Harr. M. Long. E. Trimpe N. Mack, M. Harrison, C. Condron. M. Henry. Third Row: R. Vines, W. Handy, R. Linder, J. Hendricks, O. Stroup, L. Carlson, D. Bleske, R. Benaka, J. Loomis. J. Nuzman D. Blair, P. Mills. C. Casey, J. Gifford, J. Martinez, G, Patterson. Fourth Row: R. Bayne, K, Hartzell, J, Akers, G. Babb. L. Anderson, D. Snook, B. Steadman, J. Cozad. B. Scrivner, W. Stoner D. Zeferjohn, J. Whitson, R. Kempenar, Edds. N. Luna. Homerooms-Mullenix, McCormick, Lund. REPRESENTATIVES Front: Pat Hahn. Nancy Deniston. Twila Henderson. Bach: Duane Ginavan, Don Blair, Bob Scrivner. 9, 4.-. Front Row: M. Armstrong, E. Davis, A. Grahm. V, Matthiesen F. Myers, A. Heckel, M. Shuster, V. Helms, C. Smith, V. Hyman, M. Zachman, P. Hahn, N. Carothers, S. Howard. Second Row: M. Branson, S. Barger, J. Hedstrom, A. Christensen, S. Hansbearry. S. Tabor, W. Fenn, N. Stover, P. Ludwig, B. Trimble, M. Renfro, C, Cook, P. Ruggles, S. Dewitt, B. Collins. Third Row: F. Jackson, M. Ensign, J. Westlund, M. Redmond, H. Myers, M. Poort, L. McConnel, B. Danielson, C. King, B, Harrison, D. Swan, P. Johnson, C. Pollom. D. Lewis. R. Carter, N. Deniston. Fourth Row: F. Jackson, J. Eland, B. Morris, D. May. Fifth Row: B. Dennis, W. Rogers, T. Buell, R. Harness, W. Jellison, L. Rumold, R. Von Riesen, F. Musser, R. Powell, R. Haas, P. Deever. R. Nelson, D. Duby. D. Dixson, D. Ginavan, R. Negrete. Homerooms-Pringle. Mrs. Erwin, Hill. 52 9 ,Good Dancers seem to enjoy the music of Del Weidner. Un lie pofing eafi JUNICR-SENIOR PROM sh' , and Shirley Ii? IOll1pOPv f. J Olfwlckl OYce Ebendor f' L ee Ann Johnston' Gary fbelowp VJIVZTSQII seems to find magnifying, the view 5 i-,.. ,,,., Q TA g Ship Ahoy! Here comes the S.S. Troy loaded with a cargo of fun ge Wm,' for all Juniors and Seniors attending the annual Junior-Senior Prom! r,-, At 7:30 o'clock on April 4 a reception committee composed of L 'ilill "rf' J the junior class officers, members of the board of education, and mem- e,r,,, f' A p.,p ' 'Q bers of the administration was standing by to greet guests aboard to is'i attend the 1952 Junior-Senior Prom. gggigg ,rr,1,, i "li r,rr,ir In Hoehner Auditorium at eight o'clock, a program featuring an is' i "ili all-junior cast was presented in a very nautical manner. To add just the right realistic atmosphere Katy Choguill designed the set which 1" V , t Mr. John I-Ioehner's stage craft classes obligingly created. at Written by Delmont Hadley and Ruth Pickett the S.S. Troy, ygrr. r a luxury ocean liner, was presented in the form of a musical comedy A V t,y1gh g ffiff' and made the program the highlight of the evening. g pr Del Weidner and his orchestra provided the music for dancing 7 in the student cafeteria after the program. ws, 'f -:' 5' rgy,, me . . .......... , 571, ,,V Z, - i I V ,g',,i fga A flea hop calls for the talents of Norma Amis, Beverly Benton, Ardyce Colvin. Shirley 'i Eliot, Collette Peterman. Joan Rosenwald, Ruth Taggart, and Yvonne Timm. 'Vs President ........... Vice-President ........... Secretary-Treasurer ...... Social Chairman .... Represen tatiue ...... Representative ...... Representative ...... 31,0 001 Ore Cftldri 5 .......Harry Turner .......George Swank ..........Sue Reeder ........Jan Larson -...Tom Moore Marilyn Perrin ....Ralph Seger Sub-scrubs! Yes, that was the first word we heard as we entered the halls and classrooms of Troy. We were startled at first, then grinned and learned to take it in stride and with good humor. As induc- tion time came up, we prepared to be tripped up, but also to listen to the speaker, and think seriously of the rights and duties of true Trojans. As the year progressed, we grinned and bore the jokes that headed our way up on "the shelf." Bustling busily we made ourselves known by the "Roaring Twenties" sophomore party and the rabid election ideas we presented. As the schoolyear came to a close, we, and all of Troy, knew that we had made the beginnings of our mark, and were ready to use the key that would admit us to the hallowed ranks of upper classmen, for we had gained knowledge and friends. 54 i Lac- 4. F ont Row: H. Danneberg. S. Estes, B. Mah, S. Quail, C. Hayes, M. Adams. J. Ferrin, R. r C, Valdivia, S. Reeder, T. Gill, H. Schlodder, D. Barham. Second Row: B. Grantier, M. Dille, M. Ladbury. S, Butler, S. King, M. Bugg, C. Cochran, B. Norman, B. Bahr, D. Barner ' J. D vi , B. Cox M. Charay, M. Maddux, P. Harris, J. Saylor, a s . Third Row: W. Lindeman, S. Paige, J. Patterson, J. Stewart, L. Tew, F. True, R. Owen, M. King, J. Laidler, B. Lawson C. Schaffer, F. Wile, K. Hadden, B. Harrison, J. Gall, D. Given. Fourth Row: J. Davenport, J. McClain, D. Manley, J. Johnson, J. Jaramillo, B. Fisher, E. Bauman, L. Jones, D. Erwin, E. Arbaiza, J. Fisk, R. Glasgow, J. Sawyer, H. Backues. P. Fay. K. Johnson, K. Adams. Homerooms-Asklund, Chamness, Henderson. Haas, S. Jahn, K. Karnes, P. Vega, SHPHHMIHHS REPRESENTATIVES- Front Row: Rex Roush Rachel Pickett, Nancy French Back Row: Colleen Hayes, Ellen Gier, Don Erwin. d , S. Hockensmith, D. Ceballos, S, Fisher, C. Front Row: D. Miller, P. Tatum, M. Neill, J. Booher, J. Dryden, W. Ri gway Kernohan, C. Kendall. S. Jackson, P. Farrar. L. Reece. f ' . C P W'ld C Stoneburner C Zeller L Oberhelman, N. French, S. Cov1ngton,C urnutt, Second Row: K. Harris, R. Pickett, . i er, . , . , . ' ' . G' K. M ddock, D. Pagel, E. Sanders C. Crosby, E. Hopkins, J. Boies, E xer, a . T M , R. Freese. B. Bromich, G. Swank, Third Row: R. Boldt, J. Robinson. J. Smith, D. Suddarth, D. Haines. N. Grove, . oore O. Ramirez, M, Hollenbeck, B. Price. ' ' ' ' C. R d ll, R. Stockwell, Fourth Row: P. Morton. A. Zirkle, G. Phillips, J. Bristow, T. McCoy, J. Lawson, M. Gravenstem, un e K. Deeter, B. Reeb. C h , D. Eberhart, B. DuBois, G. Gettler, J. Fernstrom. Back Row: W. Jarvis, M. Rogers, T. Gutierrez, VD. l-lillis. I.. arna an L. Landis, P. Baker. Homerooms-Nall, Cagle, Schnebel. Front Row: C. Brown, P. Preston, A. Moberly, C. Stewart, M. Owen, T. McKinney, A. Rust, M. Frazier, B. Stafford, J Mitchell, P. Webb, S. Smith, J. Renfro. D. Dickerson, F. Anderson. Second Row: L. Seal, A. Johnson, B. Stockert, P. Oden, H. Frederick, P. Pool, H.Hol'1berg, N. Dutt, J. Bronson, B. Morgan B. Guerrero, R. Dutro, B. Boyles, P. Davis, J. Ewing, C. Barnett. Third Row: B. Montague.F. Marshall, L. Kelly, J. Wolfe, M. Rosenberger, J. Litwin, R.- Hollister, J. Gonzales, R. Freeman D. Pantle, D, Finger, J. Roach, A. Gibson, J. Seidel. Fourth Row: J. Leuenberger, D. Brocken, L. Spurgeon. Fifth Row: J. Wiscomb, W. Tilzey, J, Sterrett, G. Wolfe, S. Jerbic, D. Guthrie, R. Roush, R. Roth, M. Hodges, L. Brady J. Poort, W, King, D. Abbott, H. Koehlor, D. Hoelscher, N. Negrete. Homeroom--Rieniets, Fry. Nuzman. SHPHUMHHIS REPRESENTATIVES- Front Row: Jan Leuenberger, Barbara Stockert- Back Row: Joan Jennings Janice Mitchell, Jim Roper. Missing: Kay Berg. Front Row: M. Halseth, E. Bain, J. Jennings,,L. Gerlach, V. Carlson, G. Thompson, S. Rhudy, L. Smith. B. Shaw, E.- Spencer, K. Hettinger, N.Bennett, D. Decker, E. Clark, I. Clardy, E. Hamilton. Second Row: L. Latta, S. Alfrey. S. Evans, M. Latter, A. Newbolt, T. McCune, K. Berg, Y. Johnson, M. Jameson, D. Lindholm. D. Dotson, D. Viar, C. Green, Hiebert. M. Richardson, B. Fox. Third Row: J. Kendall, J. Dealy, J. Hainline, K. Comfort, R. Hannay, D. Oxandale, G. Bebermeyer, I-I. Turner, J. Knight. E. Foree, P. McMullen, W. Gay, D. Fox. C. Lawton, V. Revely, R. Hayes. Fourth Row: R. Phelps, C. Smith, B. Hatfield, T. Jovalis, F. Weibel, R. Berry, K. Baker, P. Gomez, J. Roper, C. Simpson, M. Moore. D. Feaker, J. Zimmerman, R. Cobler, J. Jaramillo, L. Condley,C. Patterson. Homerooms-McCauley, Sutherin, Bitts. 56 Q 1 . Front Row: B. Prager, J. Weese, P. Coffman, V. McGrew, P. Kington, V. Ramirez, B. Washburn, R. Jones, A. Paul, J. Hendrix, W. Morrow, K. Webb, S. Smith, J. Chatterton, M. Barnes, D. Schroer. Second Row: P. Wolfley, V. Werth, D. Truitt, N. Cox, M. Harrison, T. Standerfer, M. Peach, B. Seltsam, M. Perrin, C. Bennett, M. Laird, C. Layes, P. Webb, E. Pierce, P. Kulp, T. Hodgson, J. Ridinger. Third' Row: D. Bryant, D. McCall, D. Tipton, B. Anderson, J. Snell, C. McKay, J. Shields, R. Seger, D. Johnson, B. Domin- guez, B. Johnson, J. Smetzer, J. Duff, J. Oliva, D. Boley, A. Grundeman. Fourth Row: R. Fieger, E. Manning, R. Skillens. J. Snyder, F. Jones. J. Hockenbarger, J. Rinehart, B. Watts, M. Bean. R. Hayes, R. Boldt, B. Gabel, K. Haas, J. Bolton. Homerooms-Neff, Jones, Dean. REPRESENTATIVES- Front Row: Polly Webb, 0 F 1 9 5 4 Betty Seltsam. Back Row: Ray Hains, Larry Breuninger, Wayne Rolley. Missing: Rodney Hayes. an, G. Price, B. Preer, P. Weir. S. Gutierrez, S. Collins, G. Sloop, M. Henry, P. McClugguage Front Row: N. Owsley, J. Wayl C. Meyer, E. McCarthy, C. Arreguin, A. Llomas. Second Row: D. Phillips, C. Miller, J. Tindell, G. Holberg, C. Stone, M. Brooks, D. Stuenkel, J. Morgan, B. Fretz, M. Prabel B. Johnston. F. Peterson, D. Kisner, D. Hopkins, J. Libbey, J. McKemey, C. Miller. Third Row: C. Covert, F. Foster, G. Smith, G. Heath, J. Royer, LBreu,ninger, L. Long, R. Jurgens, S. Strimple, C. Ward R. Pelton, F. Sturm, J. Stewart, B. Todd. M. Hill. Fourth Row: M. Winfgert, D. Drake, B. Stine, J. Miller, . ames, . e s W. Rolley, J. Barnett, L. Graham, J. Morgan, R. Flott, F. Porta. Fifth Roux: D. Bigman, O. Bloclher, M. Kreitman, D. McKinley, F. Siebuks, F. Gentry, C. Riley. R H ' D W ll, L. Kraemer, J. Donnelly. J. Pate, L. Beaty Homerooms-Dilley, Rue, Kelly. 57 Front Row: L. Hastings, M. Raines, D. Clothier, M. Wallace, F. Hupp, D. Pusch, G, Vallas, B. Myers, W. Swisher. P. Perkins., A. Magnuson, J. Work, S. Williams, B. Shaw, M. Sears. Second Row: P. Gordon, V. Anguiano, V. Fleming, P. Woodruff, S. Clinkenbeard, J. Beal, J. Hartman, N. Howard, B. Thompson, G. Webb, J. Metzger, M. Merchant. Third Row: M. Vargas, B. Peck, M. Mendez, J. Alonzo, P. Buck, J. O'Brien, C. Major, B. Goff, K. Gatewood, J. Davis, B. Wray, D. Beeman, C. King, D. Fountain. Fourth Row: R. Orr, J. Gilchrist, D. Newman, A. Mustoe, S. Luebbe, R. McCracken, J. Fink, P. Dixon, P. Sanders, D. Gillespie, P. Lynn, J. Warner, D. Killinger, C. Schaffer, B. Bartley, L. Shinn, C. Johnson. Fifth Row: E. Johnson, C. Richardson, W. Swenson, R. Gingrich, J. Hubbard, B. Huttanus, J. Lindsay, D. Luse, W. Ricken- berg, R. Dickinson, J. Lieds. Homerooms-Gleckler, Fudge, Thorpe. SHPHHMUIHS REPRESENTATIVES- Fronr Row: Nancy Howard. Carol Dailey, Bill Bean. Back Row: Paul Dixson, A Gerry Loveless, Raymond Dickinson. Front Row: S. Hummel, L. Hyle, B. Wilson, IE. Scales, K. Keeler. A. Bacon, M. Pacard, P. Brown, M. Brooks. N. Swanstrom J. Houdek, S. Swenson, C. Dailey, A. Baer. Second Row: C. Brown, G. Swisher, C. Wilmore, J. Pulliam, S. Andrish, W. Mullin, E. Murray, A. Rust. A. Rust, A. Campbell S. Brown, S. Workman, L. Woodrum, B. Howey. Third Row: R. Haag, S. Eis, C. Garcia, J. Larson, J. Myers, P. White, P. Myrick, S. Wright, N. Jackson, B. Kampsen, J. Addy. J. Fernstrom, L. Lyvcle. Fourth Row: B. Ellis, K. Haas, J. Lacy, D. Luttrell, J. Casson, M. Lovett, G. Lovelessf P. Eldien, J. Holtwick, M. Brown C, Swartz',,C. McManus, J. Stillie, J. Harvard, L. Janzen. Fifth Row: D. Hughes, E. Backues, R. Briscoe, J. Unruh. L. Lund, F. Kelley, C. Witson, L. Barber, W. Atkinson, H. Baker B. Bean, P. Moran, B. Swank, A. Atkinson. Homerooms-Aly, Swenson, Dodge. 5B . Hobo Band is at it again - Eddie Graham, Buz Watts, Phil Baker, Mar- vin Bean. . Candy seller, Ellen Gier. proves a big attraction for the boys at the Sopho- more Party. . "Dead eye Orr" goes man hunting. . J 5. i fi.. Jen.. OJ, ALL GIRL, SOPHOMORE PARTY "Baby Face!" Yep, those tiny tots are mighty cute! It would be fun to return to the days of our childhood where there were no worries, no studies, no problems. With this in mind the Senior Girls' Council selected the theme for the All-Girl Party. It was a kiddie party where every girl could play with her dolls and not be kidded about it. Everyone came dressed as a little girl or boy and prizes were given for the cutest and most original costumes. Marlene Sewell and Nadyne Underwood as Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher were the lucky winners. Refreshments were served after the program and a parade of kiddies in costume down the avenue followed. The Roaring Twenties, those fabulous, hectic days of the past lived again for the few hours of the Sophomore Party. But the acts presented and the talent in them were strictly 1952 style. Variety seemed to be the idea in mind, with song and dance acts such as "I Double Dare You" by Sue Reeder and Jacque Hartman, and "Down By the Winegar Works" presented by Janice Mitchell and Barbara Prager. Sentimental songs were also the rage along with pantomime. The whole program finished wildly with a police raid on the customers by the boys of the cast, to the accompaniment of a can-can dance by the girls. As the party was a "Roaring Twenties" affair, costumes were the trend, with flapper outfits running rampant. Prizes for the most novel and outstand- ing costumes went to Betty Seltsam and Paul Eldien. "Swish, swish through the tall grass." Helen Graves takes the All Girl Party on a lion hunt. yy ,, 'UMM Wa.. ainf YOUR SHOW Beginning a precedent at Topeka High was this year's staging of "Y Sh " ' ' ' ' ' our ow . With the purpose in mlnd of giving more students a chance to perform for the school, a committee representing the three l c asses started a campaign for talent and held auditions. A grou of ' P students, many of whom had never been in front of a Trojan audience before, worked long and hard to put on a super-colossal vaudeville h s ow, and with Don Wallace and Ardelle Anderson as emcees the show went on. Acts varying from a Charleston dance in "Roaring wenties costume to an 1m1tat1on of the Bell sisters were presented, and chorus lines and ' ' ' ' ' Rachel Pickett and Dixie Viar go back to the days of dolls and doll clothes. Mary Lou Prabel and Eddie Foree rest after their rendi- tion of Slaughter on Tenth Avenue. comic opera renditions were featured. Receiving a roaring Welcome from the students, "Your S tops, and Trojans looked forward to 1953's "Your Sh how" was proclaimed ow" eagerly. Lyle Landis, Paul Lee, Ralph Kannarr, Roger Brown. Above: "Down in Bermuda", Janis Fernstrom and Carolyn Kernoham imitate the Bell sisters. Left: On a Sunday afternoon Peggy Webb, Darlene Beeman, Carolyn Stone- burner, Nancy Jackson, Kay Berg, and Shirley Andrish take a walk. 60 THE DOORWAY TO CJPPORTUNITY ' Mari' Welty raves as ' IUCC, Qs. t us something Condron star 1 "She mlght hkiloldsmgteer horfls and gll11illlllCrbolidZ9 is speechless' Wayne KKHE WextY'g beauill 2. lmpressed bl' Mary l"0l'l'l eCl,l"5 fo 6llfl.gA5 HFATHER GF THE BRIDE" "Stanley! Look out! Your pants!" R-R-R-I-I-I-I-P-P-P-P-P! The curtain rang down on the second act of 'AFather of the Bride" as a blush slowly rose to the face of Phil Coolidge Who starred in the title role. lt all happened because Carolyn, who portrayed Mrs. Banks, simply had to have the grandest wedding in town for her daughter Kay, Mary Welty. Father was forced to wear a tux twenty years old for lack of money to buy another. "It will only cost a small sum . . . plus this . . . plus that . . . plus everything . . . what do they think I am, a millionaire?" yelled poor "Pops" But as all fathers really are, no one was prouder of his daughter on her wedding day than the father of the bride. Under the direction of Miss Gertrude Wheeler the Junior Play featured laughs, tears, and an all-school cast. STAFF D1 rector ..... , ............... , Assistant Director ,... .... . .. Property Managers .......... Costume Managers CAST Choguill Mr. Banks.......... ..........Phil Coolidge N-memmm-nmAede11e Anderson Mrs. Banks............ ........Carolyn Condron .Eleanor Major, Peggy Whitney, """""' Bob Mott Marcia Stingley. Lois Force ,.......Wilmagene Frank, Janet Kesler. Ka Banks y ............... Bucfzley Dunstan ............Wayne King ........Mary Welty .........Jack Greenwood Sue Reeder Delilah ................... ...... C arol Powell Stage Managers .......................... Jack Watts, Janet Hayes glLiZBf!LZ7g """ """" A IgiS2fiA16Ilgf:ligR Business Manager .....,.................................... Jim Griffith Assistants .......... Ruth Pickett, Jim Johnson, Ray Holman, Douglass Wallace. Delmont Hadley Promotion Manager ................... . . Phil Mill Peggy Swift ........ Mr. Massoula ...... Joe .................. Red ............... Collette Peterman .. ...... Peter lngerman ....Delmar Marsh Miller , ' """"""""' l S Pete .............. ...... B ill Huttanus Assistants .......................... Mary McClymond, Larry Heil, Tim's Mem ellele .-..---- J Gel Seenett Suzanne Howard, Terry Eastin Mrs. Pulitzhi ...... ....... J udie Horton Father puts his foot down as prices mount Left to ri ht W K' C . g : ayne ing, arolyn Condron, Phil Coolidge, Mary Welty and Bob Mott. . 1'F' ugnfenf fo T A-J 'P iaith A UARSENIC AND OLD LACE" Scheming sisters decide fate of Mr. Gibbs. HChargeI I" With this bellow Teddy Brewster dashed up the stairs of the Brewster home to get his shovel. It seems there was a body which had to be buried in the Panama Canal Cin the basementj. The body had arrived in the Brewster household because Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha delighted in their "charity" of bringing peace to poor old men who were alone in the world. The aunts had managed to put away twelve old gentlemen before they were discovered. However, the situation was complicated by the arrival of nephew Jonathan, who also had twelve bodies under his belt, but for reasons other than charity. The innumerable corpses were quietly disposed of through the auspices of Teddy. who thought himself Teddy Roosevelt, and fancied the victims to have died from yellow fever in the Canal Zone. From this point, hero Mortimer Brewster took over. Bewildered at first funder- standablyj he soon determined that something must be done, and did it, to-the tune of comedy and more comedy, Near escapes from death, fair damsels in the clutch of villains, elderberry wine Cpoisoned, of coursej and thirteen dead bodies intrigued the audience through two-and-one-half hours of solid hilarious entertainment. Billie Sue Braddy and Katy Choguill did the honors as the two perfectly harm- less UD aunts, bringing a great deal of entertainment to the on-lookers, Doug Wal- lace, as Mortimer, confused but in there trying, finally came out on top in an extremely funny denouement: and Ralph Seger, as Teddy Brewster, dug his canals and buried his bodies with hilarity to top it all. Yes, A'Arsenic and Old Lace" was a huge success, sponsored by the Senior class. with the help of Miss Gertrude Wheeler. CAST STAFF Abby Brewster ........................ Katy Choguill Directors ............ Janet Kesler, Gene Swenson Doctor Harper .................. ....... W ayne King Property Managers .......... Lois Force, Francile Teddy Brewster ...... ........ R alph Seger Aronhalt, Marilyn Bacon Officer Klein. ....... ..,..,..... T om Welch Costume Managers ........,....... Althea Bromich, Officer Brophy ....... ..,.....,.r.. D ick Hillyer Evie Paramore, Faye Kramer Char I ,ggi Martha Brewster ................ Billie Sue Braddy Stage Manager .,.......................... Janet Hayes Elaine Harper ............................ Dale Barham Assistant Stage Manager ................ Tom Baker Mortimer Brewster ....... ....,... D oug Wallace Business Manager .................... Robert Renfro Mr Hoskins ..,........... ............ T om McCoy Ass? Business Managers ........ Nathan McGrew Mr Gibbs ,...................,.....,,.,,, Gary Watson Bill Franklin Jonathan Brewster ............ Larry Cunningham Promotion Directors ...........,.. Mary Michen er Dr Einstein ..,.....,.,,,,, .,,...,,,,,., , ,Larry Heil Jackie Mills Officer O'Hara ,.,.,..,.,, ....,,., D elmar Marsh Publicity Director ...,.. ....... J oan Pauley Lieutenant Rooney ....... .,,..,, C harles May Mr Witherspoon .....,. ....,. J ames Boling The aunts are unsuccessful and Mortimer stops Mr. Gibbs from drinking elder- berry wine. ...W Above Mortimer Brewster is aghast as he discovers tvs elfth victim of aunts Left Teddy Roosevelt takes latest victim down to Panama the Roll can ns Ardelle Anderson Sig after being gngtkated- THE SPIANS-Front Row: Mary Welty, Althea Bromich, Dale Barham O.. ff.. 5.9. ...J of DRAMA GROUPS This year has been an eventful year for Troup No. 210 of the National Thespxans Society. For, on December 27, 1951, a banquet was held at the Ranch House celebrating the reunion of members of the Thespian Club from as far back as 1930 and up to and including the recently initiated 1951 members. Jane Grantham. Second Row: Janet Kesler, Ann Jeffrey, Evie Paramore. Janet Hayes. Carol Pow ll, B'll' S e 1 ie ue Braddy, Katy Choguill, Ardelle Anderson, Lois Force, Eleanor Major. Back Row: Charles May, Wayne King, Delmar Marsh, Larry Heil, Larry Hansen, Ralph Seger, Frank Herdlicka, Marvin R h D ous , ean Grittman, Gene Swenson, Larry Shiner, Gary Watson, Doug Wallace, Jim Boling. year. MASQUE AND WIG-Front Row: L. Force, E. Major, J. Hayes, F. Aronholt, D. Barham C. Caseb' , ier, C. Powell, A. Jeffrey. Second Row: H. Graves N. Brinker, M. Rose, S. Beattie, J. Kesler B. Braddy, K. Choguill, E. Paramore, S Hardman, P. Whitney. Third Row: F Marshall, R. Seger, S. Ihinger, G. Watson J. Dutton, S. Heinz, V, Glover, M. Welty K. Haskel, C. Brown, M. Bacon, J. Eben: dorf. Back Row: T. Welch, L. Heil P Coolidge. B. Johnson, D. Wallace,i I.: Hansen, D. Hillyer, L. Cunningham, W. King, B. Huttanus, T. McCoy. classes. urer. 64 To qualify for membership in Thespians a student must have had at least 75 lines in a play, or have held a major staff position Larry Shiner, President: Billie Sue Braddy Vice-President: Katy Choguill, Secretary Treas urer: and Faculty Sponsor Miss Gertrude Wheeler were the behind-the-scene persons guid ing the Thespians through another smashing Merging with the Junior Class the Masque and Wig Club brought to the Topeka High audience the hit play 'Father of the Bride Sponsored by Miss Gertrude Wheeler Masque and Wig is composed of all students participating in plays, staff positions or in play production Masque and Wig elected as its officers Phil Coolidge, President: Althea Bromich Vice President: and Sidney Beattie, Secretary Treas WM ing .Mega SERVICE GROUPS Under the direction of Miss Evelyn McCauley the Play Cadets took tickets. gave out programs, sold tickets, and did many other things necessary to make a play run smoothly. "Audio-visual aids" were always welcome in the classroom. They broke the routine and if a movie was scheduled it was certain that there wouldn't be a shotgun test that day. A vote of thanks goes to all the Movie Proctors, led by Vernon Hayes, who have kept up our morale during 1951 and 1952. With the supervision of Miss Bernice Finley the Usher Club has done a grand job of seeing that everyone had the right seat at the right time. USHER CLUB-Front Row: S. Glaspey. P. DeLong, N. Huffman, D. Reed, P. Lindsay, D. Eastman, E. Bonner, Z. Mariner, M. Brooks, B. Stafford, N. Jackson. Second Row: A. Newbolt, N K. Kames. F. Peterson. J. Fern- Howard. strom, G. Holberg, S. Keith, M. Henney E. Bulk. C. Cochran, T. Smith, E. Major. Back Row: E. Force, M. Eagan, C. Yockey, D. Halladay, J. Gordon, N. Christman, P. Danneberg, G. Garhart, D. Admussen. PLAY CADETS Front Rotv: Janice Booher, Louise Smith, Shirley Smith, Dixie Viar. Doris Dotson, Robert Martin. Bark Row: Elinor Carlson, Carolyn Vetter, Marjorie Ladbury, Walter Handy, Joan Pauley, Marjorie Richardson, Eddie Foree. PLAY CADETS-Front Row: Jim Lacy, Audrey Baer, Martha Henderson, Phyllis Wilder, Marilyn Flack, Pat Raymond, Yvonne Timm, Rex Owen. Second Row: Leonard Latta. Ted Buell, Albert Hicks, Don Bracken, Warren Gay, Bud Bromich. John Gall, Jerry Sawyer, Abe Dietz. Back Row: Jack Pate, Floyd Clark. Gene Bebermeyer, LeRoy Darling, Vernon Hayes, sponsor. F F Bob Harness and Barbara Baker "remind" Jerry Tipton that it is his duty to stay with the pirates. Barbara Gooch sin gs to sweetheart. Jerry Tipton, of her love. HPIRATES OF PENZANCEH Presented to an a by the advanced music groups, "The Pirates of Penzance" once again became a smash hit on Topeka High's stage. Gilbert and Sullivan' Y Frederic, an indentured pirate who attempted to enter a more honorable profession and of his subsequent romance with the en- chanting Mabel, his release from the pirate band after which he meets the charming wards of the Major-General, their capture by the pirates and finally the maids' rescue from the Frederic. ppreciative audience in Hoehner Auditorium s ever popular operetta tells the stor of Don M. Gleckler directed the v Above: "I'm a Perfect Model Major General," Harry Snyder informs Charlene Shughart. Right: Rocky stage setting provides no diffi- culties for Mr. Hoehner and stage craft class. 5 if X if ocal groups with C. J. McKee and Robert Rue directing the orchestra Stage sets which were designed and created by the stagecraft classes of J. H. Hoehner, added beauty and authenticity to the musical. CAST Sam ,.....................,....... Gerald Walker Kate ......... .......... M arilyn Keim The Pirate King ,... ...... John Fadely Isabel ....... ...... C harlerle Shughart Frederic ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,, . ,Jerry Tipton Mabef .........,.................. Barbara Gooch Ruth ,,,,,. ,,,,,,. B 31-bar-3 Baker Major-General Stanley ,... Harry Snyder Edith... ......Elaine Jones Sergeant of Police .....,,... Kenneth Blair :W cgi? .!4!!fl.l"LI'lt fmt, of on ,tx UBRIGADOONH Roaming through the fields and forests of i'Brigadoon," the music department of Topeka High received ovations from two responsive audiences. Magic and spells entangled the featured singers and those lucky enough to get tickets to the performances enjoyed themselves fully. In the enchanted forests of Scotland, Tommy and Jeff discover Briga- doon, a lovely little town where everyone is dressed in fashions of two hun- dred years ago, The two Americans are told that the village is under a spell and is only visible once every hundred years. The townspeople sleep through- out the disappearing period of the spell and awaken a century later. Tommy and Jeff must either leave or remain for the next century, for if they stay they will disappear, Jeff prefers to leave but Tommy falls in love with a Brigadoon lass, Fiona, and naturally prefers the atmosphere of the Scotch hamlet. Before the problem is straightened out to everyone's satisfaction there are wild chases through a dark forest, lovely Scottish dances and songs, and a beautiful love story. The performance of the play orchestra was notable in the fact that it played an accompaniment through the entire operetta, a difficult feat for high school students. With such lovely songs as "Almost Like Being In Love" and "Waiting for My Dearie", and attractive settings, the audiences could ask for nothing more. CAST Tommy Albright ........, ...... J ack Greenwood Meg Brochie .... ......... ....... C 2 rolyn Chard Jeff Douglas .,,,,,,,,,,, .,.,,., L Oren Morris Charlie Dalrymple ....... ...... J erry Tipton Archie Beaton, ....... ,....... J arnes Boling Maggie Anderson ...... ....... C arol Brown Harry Beaton ........... ........ A lbert Hicks Angus MacGuffi'e ....... ,..,....Floyd Clark Andrew MacLaren ...... ........... J ohn Fadely Fiona M acLaren ...... ....... Carolyn Condron Jean MacI.aren ..,...... . ....... Kathleen Haskell Sandy Dean ........ . ........Jack Barrett Mr. Lundre ........... Stuart Dalrymple ...... MacGregor .........,,.. ....... Frank ................. Jane Ashton ....... .......Bob Johnson .........Ralph Seger ,Delmar Marsh Larry Strimple .- Billie Sue Braddy Far Right: Carolyn Chard gives a sly look as she describes her Mother's wedding day. Right: "I Just Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind." Jack Greenwood informs Loren Morris who doesn't seem to care. Left: Albert Hicks waves swords at wedding feast, Below: Jack Green- wood sadly tells Carolyn Condron that he is leaving Brigadoon. Center: Kathleen Haskell dances in prepara- tion for her wedding. f ,ij T' X i we p E, ' r rv l .fig l ti,tiii Q p a 5 Q52 iv ff GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE Front Row: E, Euwer, M. McClymond, J. Edmonds, N, Dayton, R. Phelon, J, Baer, L. Gill, M. Dunn. B. Bartsch. P. Benson E. Jones, H. Bryant. M. Zachman, R. Lassiter. E. Jones, Row Two: D. Gleckler, D. Eastman, B. McCue, M. Long, V. Vogel, P. Hahn, S. Norris, P. Fry, A. Smith, B, Gooch, P, Bass. T. Henderson, D. Hawkins, N. Hamon, J. Hedstrom, A. Phelon, B. Partridge, J. Mills. Back Row: D. Garrigues, B. Collins, P. Downey, V. Miller, R. Van Hole, P. Wright, B. Fargo, M. Bigg, H. Ellithorpe, M. Andres, V. Glover, M. Ahlstrom, M. Rose, K. Haskell, P. Peters, P. Hayes, P, Lindsay, J. Wolfe, B. Boler. BOYS' SENIOR CSLEE .JL Front Row: J. Boling, M. Bean, S. Ramos, A, Atkinson, L. Landis. J. Walker, P, Webb, J. Barrett, P. Baker, A. Hicks B. Steadman, R. Harness. Row Two: J. Tipton, D. May, J. Ackers. D. Kratochvil, J. Hogan, L, Beaty, D. Ellis, K, Clark, J. Eland, K. Hartzell, D Calderwood, D. Gleckler, director. Back Row: P. Lee. J. Loomis, L. Adair. C. Brady, C. Tice, F, Coxen. L. Strimple, L. Cunningam, J. Fadely, R. Johnson R. Brown, H. Harrison, J. Richards, D. Oden. 68 gcwfk a Song in jlwu' .irlearfzi GLEE CLUBS Hearing the finest in vocal music was the pleasure ' G1 e f audiences to which the Boys' and Girls' Senior e o Clubs sang. The groups, directed by Don M. Gleckler, . d . . d resented a Christmas assembly to the students an Jome P in the Easter program. "The Pirates of Penzance" and "Bri adoon" also received their attention. S Throughout the year the two choral organizations have traveled to civic groups in Topeka to give programs, and the junior high schools have listened to performances ' heard by the singers. Various church groups, too, have the two groups. As music festival time rolled around, the music de- partment prepared to send contestants to Lawrence for the ' ' t 1 district festival. String and vocal ensembles, mstrumen a soloists, and vocal soloists attended the festival in April, and gave Topeka High a showing to be proud of. 69 'dak Q56 Sclauler Frances . p ,L Dale' 'k Warrs, S ENSEMBLE: Margvjnenogoan Jenmixgsgttiaixcfferv Dan Bi-TS Paul Lee, Lela Jung rw Harrison, Bernie Ke Y' ' Force, 3 Lois Jack BUJCE, RobiSOn4 CORNET ENSEMBLE Dan Robison. Bernie Stouffer.Marilee Poort, Dale Schuler. ' z H, DANCE BAND-Front Row: Dick Given, John Dealy, Bob Golightly Victor Blankenship, Loren Morris, Charles Evans, Allen Anderson Back Row: Tom Moore, Bernie Stouffer, Harold Hutson, Loren Hale ENSEMBLES String sections practice for coming play. OCTET: Janis Brown, accompanist, Carolyn Condron, Billie Sue Braddy, Marilyn Keim, Elaine Jones, Zoanne Mariner. Virginia Miller, Dorothy Reed, Ruth Van Holt. 5 70 MADRIGALS Seated: Sidney Beattie, Jeannine El- dien, Jack Greenwood, Ardelle Anderson, Carolyn Chard. How- ard Lyngar, Carolyn Cook, Jerry Tipton. Standing: Barbara Baker. Newton Christman, Janis Brown, Ken- neth Blair, Ann Colvin, Delmar Marsh, Mary Ella Symes. Bob ' Hobbs. C1 Ol" al"l'l'I.0I'ly MADRIGALS AND CHOIR Enjoying an unusual musical reputation throughout this section of the state, the Madrigal singers have reached the pinnacle of vocal music in the Topeka High music department. The group has participated in several school assemblies and has sung for civic organizations. Songs known as madrigals were sung in Elizabethan England, and music presented by the singers is selected from that type. In their striking black and gold robes, the choir performs at many assemblies of a religious nature. The Choir was the largest organized mixed vocal ensemble at Troy, and upheld the reputation of the music department in their varied appearances. CHOIR if iii. W e I ii ' fi.. f n. ' r's.1 1, H A Q Front Row: B. Gleason, D. Marsh, J. Tipton, J. Brown, B. Baker, A. Anderson, F. Clark, C. Chard, C. J. Smith, H. Snyder, S. Beattie, B. Hobbs, M. Symes, P. Whitney. Second Row: J. Greenwood, S. Lindemuth, B. Cotton, D. Reed, D. Kratochvil. K. Baird, E. Jones, M. Keim, N. Christman. M. Andres, Z. Mariner, L. Butler. M. Ecord, Donald Gleckler, sponsor. Back Row: J. Grantham, H. Graves, C. Casey, B. Braddy, D. Hatfield, L. Strimple. J. Kesler, P. Ingerman, J. Fadely, W. Frank. L. Morris, A. Colvin. C. Shughart. C. Cook. TRGJAN ORCHESTRA Directors: Robert A. Rue, George Neaderhiser. Violins: Fredrica Voiland, Larry Lauer, Joe Cozad, Charlene Shughart, Janet Dutton, Evert Rockey, Peggy Gilbert, Betsy Stoffer, Sherry Tabor, Jacky Pulliam, Rachel Pickett, Faith Peterson, Delores Bowes, Wilma Jackson, Evelyn Hall, Ray Forsberg, Herbert Bolyard. Viola: Marvin Sorg, Eleanor Scheel, Diane Eastman. Harp: Donis Kling. Cello: Darrell Parnell, Charlene Brown, Carolyn King, Georgia Lortie, Linda Woodrum. String Bass: Allen Anderson. Charles Evans, Sandra Jahn, John Dealy, Franklin Foster, Delores Lindholm, Bill Huttanus, Jim Corder. Flutes: Ann Norris, Maribeth Henney, Robert Snyder, Chlora Lee Pelton, Sylvia McMullen, Madene Brandson. Bassoon: Raymond Haines. Oboes: Richard Haines, Joyce Lester. Alto Sax: Vic Blankenship. Tenor Sax: Loren Morris. Baritone Sax: Dick Given. Bass Clarinet: Robert Boal. Clarinet: Huberta Elli- thorpe, Shirley Collins, Robert Golightly, Danny Holcomb, Charles Mathias. Trumpet: Bernie Stouffer, Shirley Painter, Dan Robison, Jim Roper, Marilee Poort. French Horn: Ralph Reid, Joan Jennings, Phil McMullen. Trombone: Lela June Stoner, Harold Hutson, Larry Shultz, Tom Moore. Tuba: Jack Bruce. Percussion: Earlene Kirkpatrick, Loren Hale, Glen Boaz, Nadyne Underwood. Piano: Marilyn Rose. "I Love a Parade!" And so does the Trojan Band! Whenever there is peppy music the familiar black and gold uniforms are sure to be in view. At the football games they march at the half, play for the queen at the Homecoming game, and strike up a song whenever spirits are sagging. Then come the basket- ball games and the band is on hand to keep up the good work. The climax of the year for the band is their annual spring concert given in Hoehner Audi- torium. Directed by George Neaderhiser and Robert Rue the 1952 Trojan Band had quite a year! "Say It With Music!" The orchestra does just that. Whenever it is needed for assemblies, open house, intermissions at plays, accompaniment to the operettas, Vespers, the processional at Baccalaureate or just to fill in between the acts of a program, the orchestra is always glad to comply and express their feelings with beautiful and inspiring music. l 72 Q.. or gnferfainmenf BAND AND ORCHESTRA TROJAN BAND Directors: Robert A. Rue, George Neaderhiser. Clarinets: Doug Sheafor, Huberta Ellithorpe, Joan James, Bob Boal, Mary Ella Symes, Robert Golightly, Dan Holcomb, Sally Tabor, Nancy Burns, Shirley Collins, Sidney Beattie, Charles Mathias, Lynn Young, Jane Roudebush, Sharon Hansbearry, Walter Hatfield, Dixie Viar, Lynn Davis, Duane Reed, Garland Patterson. Kelly Deeter, Dean Bryant, Marilyn Jameson, Jim Lacy. Flutes: Chlora Lee Pelton, Ann Norris, Robert Snyder, Maribeth Henney, Sylvia McMullen, Ann Johnson, Nancy Mack, Nancy Howard, Carolyn Covert, Becky Stafford, Yvonne Wamer. Trumpets: Dan Robison, Bernie Stouffer, Marilee Poort, Dale Schuler, Alan Van Nice, Eldon Tippie, Shirley Painter, Jim Roper. Joel Sterrett, John Westlund, Kay Keeler, Billy Terry, Joann Tindell, Minter Brown, Arthur Edwards, Frank Patterson, Dennis Fox, Shirley Barger, Raymond Lund. Baritones: Francis Kelley, Harry Harrison, Dee Suddarth, Don Gilliland, Charles Moyer, Joyce Dryden. Saxophones: Loren Morris, Vic Blankenship, JoAnne Rose. Dorothy Miller, Duane Workman, Ruth Pickett, Arthur Gibson, John Dealy, Dick Given, Willard Rogers. Harp: Donis Kling. Trombones: Lela June Stoner, Lois Force, Harold Hutson, Charles Ijams, Larry Shultz, Clif Kruse, Gary Garhart, Clifford Schaffer, Tom Moore, Lawrence Carnahan, Charles Swartz, Jessie Houdek. Tubas: Jack Bruce, Paul Lee, Marvin Sorg, Allen Anderson, Ronald Armstrong, Clarence Schaffer. Fleugalhom: Phyllis Ludwig. Drums: Earlene Kirkpatrick, Eddie Foree. Burris Dennis, Loren Hale, Glenn Boaz, NaDyne Underwood. Oboes: Joyce Lester, Raymond Haines. Bassoon: Richard Haines. French Horns: Ralph Reid, Jeannie Smith, Joan Jennings, Phil McMullen. Baton Tw'z'rIers: Francile Aronhalt, Shirley Semler. Mary Sears. 73 Michener Jim Bowen, Bob Gelvin, Nancy Deniston, JUNIOR RED CROSS-Front Row: Zo!-Xnne Mariner, Lois Force, Mary , Ellen Gier, Barbara Prager, Janice Mitchell, Carol Crosby. Second Row: Janice ljams. Marilyn Bacon, Suzanne Howard, Mary Welty, Sally Ihinger, JoAnn Davenport, Miss Grandon, sponsor, George Swank, Rex Roush, Tom Welch, Bob Cotton, Jerry Whitson. Charles Davis, John Holtwick. Third Row: Carolyn Covert, Joan Rosenwald, Nancy Mack, Ellen Wolf, Ardyce Colvin, George Davis, Bob Grogger. Fourth Row: Harry Turner, LeRoy Cowen, Jane Henry, Marilee Poort, Tucker Landeene, Bob Hobbs. R Ronald Dayton, Walter DEBATE-Front ow: Schmid, John Eland, Bob Scrivner, Bob King. Clif Kruse. Second Row: Jay Stewart, Ken Hodge, Joe Morgan, Becky Stafford, Jim Miller, Bill Nowlan, Mar- garet Smith. Third Row: Sam Paige, Doug Fox, Joel Sterrett, David Pantle, Jack Litwin. 'MMA oilaw RED CRCDSS, DEBATE One of the most worthwhile projects sponsored by the Junior Red Cross this year was the sending of Christmas greet- ing boxes to foreign countries. Topeka High filled approximately three hundred boxes with the money donated during homeroom. Along with their annual Christmas caroling at Winter General Hospital the Red Cross, with Miss Ruth Grandon, sponsor, added something new at Topeka High, the Dutch Dance. For the first time in eleven years Topeka High School captured first place in the State Debate Tournament. This win climaxed one of the best seasons and saw the Trojans gain seven trophies. In the experienced division Bob King, Clif Kruse, Mar- garet Smith and Bill Nowlan won first place in the Wyandotte High Invitational and at Atchison, second at Emporia and third at Pittsburg and Hutchinson. Topeka was nosed out by two speaker points in the district tournament as they took second place behind Shawnee-Mission. Two weeks later. Feb- ruary 9, found the Trojans fighting for the state crown. Topeka finished first by four speaker points. The state championship was in the hands of the Trojans and their coach, J. M. Hill, for the first time in eleven years. 74 Clif K, mer Mar use relates to B. ' ga - 111 N ret Smith and Bob Kinogwliant BeckY Stafford J OW they won f im the t'0Ph Y. 3 i llfliflt .xgncienf Cuafoma LATIN CLUB After a lapse of fifteen years the Latin Club, organized by Mrs. Helen Sutherin, got off with a big bang. Becoming affil- iated with the Junior Classical League gave the group, composed of all Latin stu- dents at Troy, a good start. With as- sistance from the league, regular meetings were held and officers were elected from each Latin class. Big events for the new group were the Roman Banquet, in which all the students participated by wearing Roman togas and putting on skits about Roman life: and the Latin Open House. to which all junior high Latin students were invited. The latter was inaugurated to give junior high students a chance to see high school Latin students in action. . I i .'iN!f'f' 1 tix.. 2 g , LATIN CLUB OFFICERS-Front Row: Sue Parker, Collette Peterman, Ardelle Anderson. Second Row: Audra Phelon, Dixie Viar, Pat Gordon, Linda Woodrum, Mary Young, Carolyn Condron, Mrs. Helen Sutherin, sponsor. Bach Row: Bob Johnson, Patsy Saar. Faith Peterson, Shirley Andrish, Wayne Swenson, Wayne King, John Casson. 75 Above: Roman Banquet provided a meal and entertainment for all. Left: Soothsayer, Robert Johnson, advises Caesar, Ralph Seger. while Brutus, Ray McCracken, listens. 0,40 www for .5 SNACK BAR WORKERS Margie Baker, Connie Casebier, Alberta Heckel, Charlotte Briggs. Evie Paramore is kept on the go by hungry crowds. 5 iI'lJ ffze Counfer CGNCESSICN STAND Listed with the famous organizations that feed the hungry Trojans is the Snack Bar. Under the direction of Charles Shoyer, the workers are in the snack bar every day after school until four o'clock. The Snack Bar Workers sell everything from Trojan stickers to popcorn. Half the fun of a football or basketball game is the popcorn and candy bars. The Concession Stand workers, another group sponsored by Charles Shoyer, were on the job at every game to keep the Trojans well supplied. Front Row: Robert Orr, John Davenport, Winston Tilzey, Charlotte Briggs. Second Row: Beverly Benton, Alberta Heckel, Richard Bayne, Barbara Baker. Third Row: Jane Grantham, Jerry Knight, Mary Lou Carroll, Marilyn Perrin, Evie Paramore. Standing: Eddie Foree, Paul Feagan, Shirley Wiese, Lillie Drum, Joan Pauley, Shirley Boggs, Eleanor Gartner. Joan Baer, Charles Pinger. 76 .7Ll"0lflgA ik? ,NHL PRocToRs HALL PRO J' White' Rosenwald ' C0rber, Som Row: M HN , V, Row: N, B' Klesarh Mohd Row. ' Welty. M oW,lets see, where do I go from here. The half, L F 00Ie, L. Gill' L. Leona d- J, Roudg Sewell . . . i 0 f t , C ' easiest way to find out is to approach the nearest Hall rm' R. Our? B- Am, FD' Adams. D M' Dunn usb' J' - - ' - 'mower ' ' Kfligh ourtb R ' MCNerr i T504 Proctor and get the right directions. Any other questions ' ff B. Snyde 0311: M. Ste 'F. Aron F, V ' on the mechanism of Troy will be gladly answered by the ' B-Wert, 15isiJ5:f3ar. . . Ink' proctors under the direction of E. L. Fink. r, school nurse, "cure all Assisting Mrs. Fern Taylo ills" is the job of the Nurse's Proctors. Besides acting as receptionists, they carry passes, answer the telephone, and perform other helpful tasks. Library Proctors are always ready to help find books. check books out, take roll and put books away. With their help the library is always in order. NURSES' PROCTORS-Seated: Barbara Kelly, Carol Zeller, Jean Clardy. Ethel Davis. Nancy Burns, Patty Kulp. Standing: Valada Moore, Lois Coulter, Carol King, Grace Holberg, Shirley Workman, Carrie Maze, Doris Dotson. Joyce White and Mar- lene Sewell take a break from their strenuous duties k hi Peg Navarre Ethel Wilson. Gwen as hall proctors. LIBRARY PROCTORS--Front Row: Phil Coolidge, Ellen Gier, Lois Blan ens p, . Smith, Shirley Wiese, Bob Mott, Dick Hess, Tom McCoy. Second Row: Patty Dykes, La Ange Boggs, Barbara Prager. Fred Porta, Nancy Brinker. .Ian Larson. Helen Zlatnik, Walter Schmid, Joann Miller, Marilee Bigg. Third Row: Larry D M nle , Richard Middleton. Conway Yockey, Ron Albright, Gene Swenson, Shirley Cunningam, Lillie Mae Drum, on a y Keith. 77 ame- . :nh alfa the g CHECK STAND WORKERS-Front Row: Marilyn Dunn, Mary Ashinhurst, Nadine Poole. Back Row: Lavone Leonard, Beverly Benten, Donna Tarwater. Ji de Qamea CADETS Seeing that Topeka High varsities went off without mishap was the job of the Varsity Cadets. Charles Shoyer, faculty sponsor, and the cadets sold candy bars, cokes, put dance wax on the floor and acted as disc jockeys. Through their efforts the varsities were a success and everyone had a good time. The Game Cadets, aided by Kenneth Powers, helped make our home football and basketball games a big success. By selling and collecting tickets, and distributing programs, the cadets were a valuable service to Troy. VARSITY CADETS-Front Row: M. Shutt, J. Davenport, N. Poole, N. Huff- man. Second Row: J. Rosenwald, A, Lundgren, W. Frank. M. Beshears, D. Tarwater. Third Row: E. Gartner, A. Colvin, J. Kesler. Standing: W. Gager, M. Dunn, M. Sewell, L. Gill, V. Erwin, M. Welty. GAME CADETS-Front Row: B. Guerriro S. Andrish, Y. Johnson, N. Atkinson, J Mize, A. Geren, J. Hayes, S. Thompson, D McNett, M. Hill. Second Row: C. Bachman A. Drescher, P. Whitney, M. Ashinhurst, G ings, B. Fargo, M. Aguilera. Back Row: P Lodle, D. Tarwater, P. Voiland, M. Ladbury M. Merchant, A. Paul, D. Bracken, H. Rocha P. Esquibel. Thompson, B. Shaw, J. McKemey, L. Hast- FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Sealed: Charlotte Egland, Marleen Barthuly, Marilyn Anderson, Sharon Hansbearry, Judy Lippitt, Connie Glenn, Eunice Ham- ilton, Janis Fernstrom. Second Row: Diane Eastman, Shirley Estes, Shirley Clinkenbeard, Collette Peterman, Yvonne Timm, Marcia Potts, Dorothy Bannerman, Jessie Houdek, Hazel Holberg, Shirley Evans, Mary Ann Hearn. Bach Row: Marilyn Brooks, Faith Peterson, Carolyn Vetter, Carolyn Cochran, Lula Jane Seal, Margie Roberts, Donna Clothier, Ernestine Bain, Carol Kendall, Helen My- ers, Miss Bitts, sponsor. if 4 C-or gffer iuing KEY CLUB, F. H. A. This year the Key Club, a Junior Kiwanis Club, sponsored the student and faculty directory. The directory is a handy little book listing the names and addresses of all students and faculty members in Topeka High. Charles "Tickey" Moyer is president of the organization. Interested in better homemaking, the Future Homemakers of America is a national organization that is doing something about making better home- economists of our modern girls. Each year the members of each district have a meeting at which they discuss the respective activities of each club and elect their officers for the forthcoming year. KEY CLUB Seated: Mr, Christian, Mr. Brown, Mr. Beatty, Mr, John- son. Second Row: Ted Buell, Charles Moyer, Harold Hutson, Bill Nowlan, Bob Mott, B. Bar- rett, Lynn Young, Charles Harper, James Galbraith, George Swank, Dolan Ellis. Bach Row: Loren Hale, Peter Ingerman, Ray Stewart, Ken Blair, Paul Eldien, Dan Gar- N rison, Dick Hannay, Bernard Christian, Mr. Russell, spon- sor. 41 1. English 4. Sewing 2. Physiology 5. English 3. Cafeteria 6. Music .971 tk? 6a:f5l"00l'l'l ,Y , , W , E 1- TIYPUIS 4. Cafeteria 2- BIOIOSY 5. English 3. Mechanical Drawing 5. Nurse M 41 fr oddguez, p, Holman t V n e F4 it ms. M. Agulliiiilsiiqlglllli Mi J.ciausw'N'DmiSiOn' C K f . ,Y T......Nw3ef.2?2rLJ5- ?Zii.,Z, r.dfg:'5?3i22t 2,SiKiif'B. Mft? a e em' FronrSRfg1qg5gQrer, ytxarfgfgiantatd? MA bgcqiigsr. Alberg, A- ' ks G. Rudd' R, Partridge. Secongin 5a.siiTY1:llAdEkx3?Og:CgaYP3if?isbb Fenton. Q, HadXeY' A. Hxc , ThirdR0'V1 kD.CafPW'e" 5 T-MC O' ' R' Pxckgi , Q V G3fF1SODi Fourth liicliiillljhllkllijingv J' whitson J. ' p HCSTS AND HOSTESSES Lund' can b Keeping the tables in the cafeteria neat and orderly was the job of the Hosts and Hostesses. Sponsored by Miss Esther Kingman, the hosts and hostesses signed up for tables at the beginning of each semester. They spent their lunch period helping Miss Kingman keep the cafeteria clean and hun places. gry Trojans in their l Front Row: H. Liggett, S. Green, C. Murray, A. Norris, N. Huffman, P. Whitney, E. Gartner, M. Hass, E. Mendoza, E. Valdivia, H. Rocha, S. Wall. D. Reed. Second Row: J. Hayes, M. Sewell, J. Mize, C. Powell, J, Erskine, V. Erwin, N. Poole, M. Hawley, J. Hosler, M. Welty, M, Keim, J. Mills, R. Toledo, L. Johnson, M. Hazzard, A. Senne, J. Kesler. Third Rou.1:.P. Lodle, M. Mur h , F. K p y ramer, J. Falk, L. Force S Parker D Tarwater P Loh C Davis S lhinger M M' h , . , . , mann, M. Ralstrom, B. Nowlan, . , . , , ic ener, V. Glover, S. Hardman, J. McClain. Fourth Row: C.Lohmann,R. Holloman, B. Kelley, P. Spaulding, D. Hillyer, B. Huebner, W. Frank, A. Lundgren, F. Voiland, H. Lyngar, T. Smith, B. Gelvin. Fifth Row: C. Mathias, H. Butts, B. Smith, B, Hobbs, D. Sargent, B. Grogger, D. Holcomb, J. Greenwood, M. Eagan. B. Renfro, J. Gordon, D. Oden, M. Sorg, I.. Lauer. Back Row: J. R l ' osen und, S. Freidberg, B. Henson, M. Shutt, B. Reichert, J. McIntosh, L. Hansen, F. Kester, J. Estes, 82 nuff fi.. f ' ' ' or ce S.,,,,e . . . Smnaabgqargl Powell, Bob Ki 5 ,W ' I Hn J ff ng, L I M A H 45. e orfem Comm On, 9 'Wg Nam, HWYHQII, Bi11N he Marc . Simon 0Wlan Ia Stmglel' ' JO Kenworth ,EDenniSe Warn M ' Y. Ver er' al-garet OUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Jour- nalists was represented in Topeka High School by fourteen members. Qualifica- tions for membership into Quill and Scroll required that a person be in the upper one third of the class and that he had done outstanding work in the field ett Daves, Bob SCI.. Smit I 5 s ga 3, 1 :g2g"f ' Av W h. ner, John Eland Everett Daves, Nancy Hamon and .Io Kenworthy of journalism. Quill and Scroll had its annual Bob Scrivner, hold symbolic candles. initiation at Lawrence this year. Law- rence and Shawnee Mission were repre- sented in addition to Topeka High. PHOTOGRAPH ERS: Paul Dibble, Dick Given, T. J, Baker, Margaret Hill. Mar aret Smith lights candle represent- Z ing seven ideals of journalism. 83 LARRY HEIL Editor Wil a fl, Maris WM, FALL WORLD Excitement of the closest race in our history for offices . . . W.P.A, week . . . hilarity and pathos of "Father of the Bride" . . . the sizzling Honor T question . . . a snowy Homecoming game . . . all added plenty of fuel to the blazing headlines of the fall World. Piloted by Larry Heil, the World pre- sented something new by its use of by- lines and its original types of feature stories. For the first time the National Scho- lastic Press Association held its annual meeting west of the Mississippi , . . the World celebrated by publishing a Boggs Larry Hell' special issue. , he,-, Jo Kenworrlwf Bill Nowlan, The fall World was one of the news- get F Seated: Nnom, Utsf Mgrgaret 5mich.Sg1:uw Km, 1-xntiemfe 3 iest papers we've had in a long time ' f . r, ' . - EDlTORlPsLE?frAgoothe, Denflisehwgigrid Janet Crews, 5020 could the spring World keep up? . ma ' o H ' Connie Off' . er' Bob King' b SQUVH Gravesf Bo R V ' Marcia Stingley, assistant business manager, and Bob King assistant editor, spring staff, L , "FH cyyi O '32 1 . ,f fi -f,,-- 45-pri ft' 'f t it A JIM GORDON Business Manager 84 30, 6 Eddy SPRING WORLD The spring World started out with a bang. First came "Brigadoon", the operetta . . . the senior play . . . Quill and Scroll banquet at Lawrence . . . the topsy-turvy April Fool edition, then the Junior-Senior Prom. All in all there was so much going on that the six-page World was kept overflowing with news. The business staff tramped the avenue and camped in downtown stores. Furnishing the ads kept the solicitors on their toes, so that the World might run an extra picture, The fall World started the presses rolling and the spring World with Conn Orr as editor slowly brought them to a halt with a job well done. BUSINESS STAFFS-Seated: Nancy Hamon, Mar- cia Stingley. Standing: Margaret Hill, Becky Stafford. Missing: Jim Gordon, Dan Halladay. CONNIE ORR Editor EDITOR IAL Utschen STAFF . S - XSL, J. , Margaret S nindfny: Shirlgyatg ' Janice Ijams C , mith, Bob Scrivner 3885, Joan Pa'u1 onme Orr, Bob K, ' 0KenW0nh ey' Janet C mg, Elina B y, rews, Everett Goth? N - Daves K' aomx ' ay Hill, MARCIA STINGLEY Business Manager 8 5 We A ye.. it ..,, 5, ,Him se., 1,,, , , M, aw, .:s,,,7,, fl f-we me ,. L 13. fi f fwfgewgig, s,.1,.-5, 7 0lfLl'lC! .X4 OM! -if-QM .,x. lilac 4':Ei ' Q ,,, ,lg 2 w essay 1 Girls can be greedy! Claudine Priest, Melba Massey, Althea Bromich and Ann Colvin as they rush towards the corn cob with the dollar bill in it. A social gathering: Darrell Parnell, Delores Wichman, Bill Lawson and Phyllis Haglund Twila Henderson relieves her aching feet while watching an assembly. Explosion surprises Lee Gouldthread and Carrie Maze. John Mclntosh and Suzanne Hardman seem to be enjoying the mock wedding in family relations. Carolyn Vetter seems. horified at the sight of her burned garment but Connie Glenn thinks it's funny. ,X , wad fine Queeng Af l. Marlene Sewell is Queen! Marlene Sewell, Jane Henry, Peggy Fry, Ann Colvin, Jackie Mills. 2. A royal gown for a gala affair. 3. King Dan Robison escorts the Queen. 4. 1:30 a.m.-the end to a perfect evening. Queen Marlene and Karl Schowengerdt talk it over. . ,Na ,.,. ia if' ,EERE 4' v Practice makes perfect! George Davis crowns Mar- lene Sewell as Dan Robison watches. in VOCMK ax W eldini' 00 Fred Smith pta V wading cows Ab Wilt me jtfure TRADE Available not only to the students of Topeka High but to the whole com- munity, the Trade School is a valuable asset. The Board of Education is proud that it can offer valuable training in the various vocations of Arc and Acetylene Welding, Auto Mechanics, Electricity, Machine Shop, Photography, and Radio Mechanics. ove: Jerry Estes cuts steel plate with radiograph ma- chine cutting torch while Bob Miller and Dick Nudson watch carefull . L f : ' leave on an assignment in Vocational Ph y e 1 Bob Keltner and Paul Galbraith otography. Jn WMM! scHooL Equipped with the most modern facilities and a staff of teachers with superior backgrounds and education in the trades that they teach, the Tradc School courses are approved by the Veterans Administration and a large number of men avail themselves of the opportunities provided. Graduates of the Topeka High Trade School are therefore well equipped to enter and profitably succeed at the voca- tions for which they have been trained. Above: Don May, Don McCann, Ronnie Stuart, and Eugene Scott watch Mr. Coy explain electrical currents in Vocational Electricity. Right: Ronnie Stuart and Jim Miller test equipment. Vocational Machine Shop teaches Charles Pinger to turn out parts Sw A C Q96 :W F is in . . l . 5, ,Q c., 5 Q Q sz B9 vb' rt ,ogy 3.2 iii? Left: The Mirror helps transform Mary Michener and Jane Henry into toy soldiers. Rrghl: Wolfes Camera Shop arrives too late to take the picture. Below: "No, you do it this way," Marlene May tries jx ' to teach Dale Dickson how to Knit. Jay Cox proudly displays his Esquire irl. Akbar! fAe .SZIQFLQ6 OFF DUTY Waz'tr'ng their turn! Bill Nowlan, Clif Kruse, Jack Watts, Jane Henry, Ann Colvin and Bob Gelvin. 90 Row. Nlatl' R5,.Frof1f . , Bach EP CLUB Olzlililaounny 'Carfax Ecord. ii., MCNal"dA Jackie MMS' Row! Arm O Y SENIOR LEADERS-Front Row: Shirley Semler, Jean Smith, Althea Bromich, Jo Ann Davenport, Joyce Robinson, Eloise Valdivia. Second Row: Shirley Curtis. Mickey Ecord, Mary Steves, Francile Aronholt, Mar- garet Harper. Back Row: Miss Cooper, Pat Downey. Mrs. Dodge. .fdmicl ,Zia anal .ggoorfd TROJAN PEPSTERS Troy Janes is the athletic organization for girls at Topeka High. By participation in intramural activities, the members can work toward a letter, then a green sweater, and finally a gold pin. Shirley Curtis is President and Miss Jeanne Cooper and Mrs. Mildred Dodge are Faculty Sponsors. To be eligible to join the Pep Club the only thing neces- sary is to have a black sweater and skirt and to wear the Trojan emblem. This is the uniform of the Pep Club. Composed of four committees, the publicity, finance, assembly, and point membership, the Pep Club keeps the yells going and spirits high at all the games. Honorary Pep Club is composed of girls who through service in the regular Pep Club have earned enough points to be eligible. The members wear white letter sweaters and sit in a "T" formation at the games. With the black background of the Pep Club the white UT" really stands out and lets everyone know where Topeka fans are. Marilyn Dunn is President of the organization. School spirit is important to every high school and especially to one as large as Troy. So, "Let's go, Trojans!" We went, led by the yells and cheers of six cheerleaders, elected by the entire student body. At pep assemblies and on the field and gym, pep was the key word with these energetic Trojans. Cheering was not limited to the varsity games by any means. Three vivacious HB" team cheerleaders were out at every one of the junior varsity games to help the team to victory. But, win or lose, the cheerleaders were always behind the teams, for which all concerned offered a big bouquet of gratitude. TROY JANE BOARD-Front Row: E. Valdivia, Y. Timm, R. Taggart, J. Smith, S. Curtis, A. Mellgren. Second Row: C. Valdivia, P. Gordon, J. Dav- enport, S. Semler, S. Covington. A. Bromich, C. Crosby, D. Dotson, J. Robinson. Back Row: Mrs. Dodge, A. Rust, M. Ecord, M. Steves, F. Aron- holt, P. McCluggage, C. Meyer, M. Harper, P. Downey, Miss Cooper. li, HONOR PEP CLUB cv 4'-4 MS' if if -vw- 49 -fi an 31 Front Row: E. Paramore, P. Hopfer, V. Car- 'E' Lundgren, M. Long, M. Michener, L. John nahan, B. Danielson, E. Major, M. Anderson, B. Kelly, L. Stratton, J. Mills, S. Holtwick. M, Hawley, M. Keim, N. Srnail, V. Erwin. N. Poole, C. Maze, M. Steves. Back Row: S Lindemuth, B. Arn, M. Ahlstrom, E. Scheel. J. Myer, T. Smith, D. Warner, L. Gill, S Parker, E. Schumacker, D. Tarwater, A "A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Gary Watson Nancy Deniston Marlene Sewell Marcella Ecord Bob Grogger 5? .. ...Q son, P, Lohman, S. Ihinger. Left Row: B Baker, M. Barthuly, M. Rogers, W. Gager, P Whitney, C. Casebier, J. Davenport, B. Beal M. Borsdorf. Right Row: D. McNett, J Clausen, D. Lewis. A. Allen, P. Reed, A Bromich, M. Hass, P. Holman, N. Atkinson E X. JANICE MITCHELL 'f 4 as -1 A -. 41,39 Z .T 3 V if E CAROL CROSBY -:sg ? PHIL MCMULLEN L rrrr '91 F 11 My M Hg, W-55:2 5,1 :-1. Vf ,,v.,fl?ff 'ijgzhffljl " . "'m3V3 , wf, -.smgigzffgi,wgggggggz " I :V R K 'ggffk 5 '21 af Wgg' 'ii' Q f Q 26 or un N9 W ,,N,.:,. ne ey' Pxrkene Rust' Jean Pai Down ' , PVS! , wwsonb One' tWc12ioY??xI:Jr,, and Shnxw I 2 smith' Joys an Qfaxafion GIRLS' GYM Above: Nancy Absher and Beth Cade struggle to keep the birdie in the air. Right: Althea Bromich shows how it's done. 94 C' or iuemifg ENTERTAINMENT John M Cfnrosh D . on Cavanau h Z and George Gomhe r aPe cheerlea dem Drum majorettes lead the band in the parade down the avenue. Above: The Band plays on. Le-ft: Honor pep girls give preview of coming game with Newton. 95 own fAe jglfefof FOOTBALL With only a handful of seniors reporting, coach Bob Briggs found himself faced with the task of rebuilding his l95O state championship squad. At the beginning of the season Briggs put it this way. "With our inexperience you can just about guess our weakness," The Trojans of l95l were a squad that could look either good or bad. At times they looked like they could defeat any eleven in the state. On other days they were unable to look like a halfway decent entry in any league in the state. Opening the season with a 45 to 7 win over Hutchin- son, sport scribes were so impressed that they named the Trojans the number two team in the state. After a loss to Lawrence the next week end, the Trojans dropped from the top ten for the year. Wichita East was forced to come from behind for its 21 to 13 win over Troy on one of the Trojans' better nights. Undoubtedly the big game of the season was the first post season game forthe Trojans in recent years when the Topeka club roared back from a narrow 7 to 6 ad- vantage at the half to dump Hayden Zl to 6. This victory proved that the Briggsmen had learned their lesson and would be one of the top squads in the state in 1952. F we Q! I K B4 4 if 4 ii we li.. . ,,i if J .,.r x .. ,.,. fi ik' ' f M ,ii -I ,- his 1 K K , ' t 'L ' ,715 --aii K':ff I I 1 f 1'ff ' if .jk ie it fl I 6 ere .Q ,... ,L QT' l 53 7 1 ,25 2 , ,, ,. ,.,., , ,..f L, V ,,,,, 555335 5'7" f :fyfgffigggltiiw .twine 'film 1 : "MEI .fglmicl fda .S7now!aLe5 HQMECOMING Snowflakes drifted downward from the jet black sky . . . tension mounted to a peak . . . from the velvet darkness a crown of multi-colored lights glittered like precious jewels . . . notes of "My Wonderful One" floated into the crisp air. Queen Jackie Mills ascended her throne. Jeanine Eldine and Peggy Fry were in attendance, "It was like living in a dream, a very wonderful dream. I just couldn't believe it," Queen Jackie then added, "It was the most thrilling moment in my life." Her Majesty reigned over the Homecoming Var- sity . . . camera bulbs flashed . . . dance music played softly . . . then it was all over . . . another Homecoming Queen had been honored. Now there was no tension and the snowflakes drifted down- ward. jacLiie Above: Royal party, George Davis, Peggy Fry, Jeanine Eldine Charles Davis, Phil Coolidge and Jackie Mills, watch last half of game from special box. Right: Phil Coolidge escorts Jackie Mills to box LESTER WILSON DUANE GINAVAN K. SCHOWENGERDT CO-CAPTAIN 'Qi DUBERT DIDIER MANAGER DON MATSON BROCK SNYDER BILL FRANKLIN I A' eff-'ig .,, A " 'Ti L' DELMONT HADLEY BRUCE FIELDS 12'- lx Q JIM HUMBERT 4? -fr JERRY GRIFFITH PAUL FEAGAN JOHN DIXSON CO-CAPTAIN HENRY HOOD MANAGER L.. LEE BEATY l DON BLAIR .lg BOB SHAW LARRY SHULTZ DOUG WALLACE BOB WILKINSON JOHN JOHNSON JIM SCHLEGEL SCORES Topeka ............ 45 Hutchinson ...... Topeka ............ 2 Lawrence ..... Topeka .....L...... 7 Emporia ....... Topeka ............ 0 Wyandotte ...... Topeka ............ 13 Wichita East ..,......... Topeka ............ 0 Manhattan .............. Topeka ............ 0 Wichita North .......... Topeka ............ 20 St. Marys .......... Topeka ............ 1 3 Topeka ............ posit sEA5oN GAME I Shawnee Mission ...... Z1 ,Hayden ................,... JAMES WATTS BRENT KINGTON 1 48 DWIGHT EENTON x . EDDIE FOREE ELIAS ARBAIZA 94? EDGAR GRAHAM Lestef Vinson nails his man' LARRY COBLER - Be, cause he was late in having his picture taken, it appears on this page instead of the preceding one. Muddy but courageous, the Trojans hold the line. if .itfure lfjamifg Squaii FOOTBALL UBEESH Vernon Hayes commanded the "B" foot- ball team again this year and the record showed a total of four games won and two games lost. One game was tied. The purpose of the team, referred to only as scrubs, was to give the varsity squad com- petition and to build healthy, sturdy football players for the years to come. Under the care- ful, watchful eye of Coach Hayes, these boys developed into the varsity men of tomorrow. From time to time they were moved into varsity positions, and the element of com- petition kept the varsity squad active and alert in order to hold down the number one berth. We salute the "B" team and its coaches by predicting real success for the forthcoming season because of the enthusiasm shown by the team during the 1951-52 football season. "B" TEAM-Kneeling: Ed Foree, Ray Stockwell, Joe Jaramillo, Elias Arbaiza, Edgar Graham, Don Erwin, Larry Crook Tom McCoy, Jim Gifford. Second Row: Vemon Hayes, coach, Arnett Atkinson, Phil Baker, John Casson. Lee Beaty, James Watts, Jerry Knight, Larry Tew, Gary Gettler, Wayne Rolley, Bill Carter, Paul Dixson, manager. Bach Row: Roger Brown, Lyle Kraemer, Ben Domin u , D' k O g ez ic xandale. Torn Clevenger, Jerry Donnelly. 100 M E! "T" CLUB Front Row: B, Nowlan, D. Sargent, C. Schleder, B. Stone, B. Fields, J. Davenport, D. Didier, R. Luce L. Brady. Second Row: B. Hobbs, C, Davis, B. Wilkinson, C. Mathias, T. Sleeper, J. Humbert, B. Morris J. Griffith, J. Griffith, G, Kinder, B. Shaw. Third Row: P. Galbraith-, B. Grogger, D. Blair, H, Hood, L. Beaty, E. Hainline, D. Fenton, D. Hadley M, Cramer, D. Schwartz, B. Kington, D. L. Erwin, sponsor. Fourth Row: B. Reichert, R. Frager, B. VJatts, C. Moyer, S. Freidberg, K. McNeal, D. Robison, K Schowengerdt, D. Holcolmb, E. Graham. Back Row: T. Clevenger, D. Cavanaugh, l. Malm, B. Snyder, T. Moore, J. Mclntosh, G. Golliher D. Ginavan, B. Franklin. fs aaraleaf .spaorffsmen SADIE HAWKINS' DAY Composed of all the boys that have lettered at Topeka High. the "T" Club bands together representatives of all sports. Initia- tion into the UT" Club is an annual highlight, as candidates be- come the subject of good-natured hazing from the old members. while the rest of the school receive a good many laughs. The annual Sadie Hawkins party, sponsored by the "T" A Club was a howling success with Phil Coolidge and Larry Waters growing the best beards. With Charles Davis as President and D. L. Erwin as Faculty Sponsor, the "T" Club ended another year. Joyce Berridge and Dan Holcomb relax for a while on the univent. Charles Davis awards dollars to Bob Willis and John Casson. 3. Too rnuch square dancing calls for time out. r 30555 gil-.. EO l S MANAGERS-Max Moore, Darrell Wells and Ber- nard Christian patch up Jerry Rosenlund. ULUCLIAJ fda Z?a,:5Lef HB" TEAM In his first year as assistant coach to Howie Shannon, Jack Dean guided his junior varsity squad to a very success- ful year. As with the varsity Trojans, the "B" squad featured speed. Bob Crawford who played on both the "A" and "B" teams was an excellent example of the talent Dean produced. Crawford was one of the eleven Trojans to earn a monogram at the end of the year. Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the "B" tea ' m was the showing made by Dave Carpenter. Carpenter came from "B" s uad l ' rebfllmd Watts Lealliavicrenge Same' the T092 3 a during q regu ar at the start of the year to starting line-up by the State Tourney time. Because of the fine showing by the junior varsity the 1952-1953 Tro'an 'll b ' ' ' honors. j s wi e of definite contention for state "B" TEAM-From Row: Edgar graham, Dale Brown, Don Erwin, Don Luttrell Paul Dixson, Steve Luebbe. Second Row: Jack Dean, coach, Bob Ellis, Wayne Rolley, Buzzy Watts, Jerry Fink, Jerry Whitson, Howie Shannon, coach. Third Row: Bob Crawford, Tom Clevenger, Brock Snyder, Tom Moore, Francis Siebuhr, Roger Brown. IO4 O., fi. ma Off ff., 51, WRESTLING, GOLF Placing tenth in the State Wrestling Meet, the Tro- jan matmen ended the season with three wins and six losses. With Jay Davenport and Charles Davis placing GOLFXFFOM second in the Regional Meet, and Jack Warner, :lerry Mc- Bacgafy Heath, Dlffkwf Eddie Hainl' Williams, Bob Hobbs, and Bruce Fields drawing fourth Fgeiiizff Richard Siggenrn me, John Hamlin in the state tourney. Coach Floyd Holcomb's wrestlers g' Coafbf E, Llnpillisefl Ham, Tm e 4 ner, Stan showed improvement. Several sophomores turned out for practice this season giving hope of a better Trojan wrestling team in the future. The golf team, under E. L. Fink, faced a hard sea- son. With four returning lettermen their hopes of another top year on the links were high. Since this book went to press before the golf team had finished their year's activities it was impossible to give the final scores. WRESTLING-Front Row: Dubert Didier, Jack Warner, Jerry McWilliams. Fred Stein, .lay Davenport, Charles Davis, Bruce Fields, Larry Waters, Phil Coolidge, Bob Hobbs, Charles Moyer. Bill Henson, Warren Rickenberg, Paul Fay, George Swank, Melvin Hodges, Hubert Didier. coach, Floyd Holcomb, I , , Bruce Fields is pinned by opponent. Back Row: John Johnson, Jerry Knight, Dwight Fenton, James Boling, .5 A ' warg . A' .a- 1... - .- W, .. .... ,,,. -, ... ,. M a .,., X 'gi' s l s J J F A, A , v f , ..:5...f s . K ,H " 1 fi 1: ,Aff 'ze' 1 nga.. - - . .. f . Y' -:Y-if ' , . . . f s A A Ji. .1 , - ' T. T - J-.. - , .J -f. 'H rx ' ya - at - YW! Hltfv MW r . , ,. , .A - K .ff an . ' I k r! " 7 ' .A 4, ., ' f S if - ct. ffi. -. 4.0 f c Qz Jaffa. A - f i K5 GW E? .X N, - , ,V ,. Xi rx A! AK.. . . V .W .. '. I, rn, , ' . A ' . F .lt . fe fi r lil? W1 A S if if S . A .... " J' ay ! Q5'f i .A..a fq1Aal tsstttl w -+fatca.A1eg-fera-aaa tlA in i i is - B1 X V N i ii Q fi 1 5. i also bl il l wil, SQ ' W ,, is . , - it J . , g f , A ',m Z: ie c , '. - , ' V , ,,lZ, H ff' Y p 1 QE "" K V E chief, .X 'pstzw-3 ' S- 'sr 1 . v,f siQg5ea j ,, ,.,. K 1 , iw.. Z , ky - X 5 . J - ' Q. 1 A- Q J i V. -'J W LP l, 5 . 1 V1.4 tg it 1 K -. -' . If N .f A :fi --.N ff,,, .v,. . , ., H ' f Jbf : . 1 iff' TRACK-Front Row: D. Bryant. D. Hughes, B. Bean, B. Hagan, B. Crawford, L. Jones, D. Fenton, B. Wallick, B Kington, A-. Hicks, B. Gelvin, Second Row: Charles Mills, coach, XV. Swenson, P. Coolidge B. Reichert, D. Smith, B. Stone, G. Morris, L. Brady, L l Crook, D. Luttrell, G. Gettler, L. Beaty, J. Nuzman. l Third Row: D. L. Erwin, coach, C. Moyer, L. Youngdoff, l J. Unruh, E. Arbaiza, L. Waters, B. Harness, C. Tuttle, B l Shaw, G. Kinder, D. Ginavan, T. Eastin, M. Cramer, D. W Brown. Back Row: J. Pate, J. Donnelly, J. Gifford, G. Walker, E Foree. J. Dixson, N. McGrew, C. Rundell, D. Erwin, J Lawson, D. Carpenter, S. Davis. B. Beasley, Leo Colton coach, Bill Schnebel. coach. s Running tougher-is baseball player ef-ferfaw. Jin ffm TRACK, BASEBALL Jack Dean took control of the Trojan baseball squad as the Trojans prepared to recapture the Border League crown they lost last season. Dean, who assisted Howie Shannon in basketball, undertook his first assignment as head coach. Jack succeeded Frank McGrath, who is now director of physical education for the entire school system. Lester Wilson, southpaw first baseman, will probably be one of the mainstays in the field as well as in the batting order. Wilson is one of the eight returning lettermen. Also returning on the infield are keystone combination Jim Humbert, Chuck McClenny, and, Tom Sleeper, who not only lettered last year but was co-captain of the Trojans. At catcher's position will be Jerry Griffith, and on the mound Bob Morris and left-handed Ralph Luce. In the outfield Jim Griffith will take his old place. Eighty-five boys reported for initial workouts. The prospects look bright as this book goes to press. Since this book went to press before the track and baseball season was over, it was impossible to give the scores of any con- tests. .Spring , BASEBALL-Front Row: E. Graham. J. Ketcherside, R. Luce, B. Wilkinson, J. Griffith, J. Humbert, J. Griffith, E. Graham. D. McCann, G. Miller. Second Row: B. Nowlan, C. McClenny, T. Sleeper. R. Stockwell, D. Dixon, B. Morris, M, Bean, P, Baker, Jack Dean, coach. Howie Shannon, coach. Bach Row: L. Wilson, D. McKinley. D. Luttrell, D. Parnell, B. Watts. B. Decicco, L. Shultz, L. Kraerner. 106 SWIMMING Front Row: Jon Poort, Jim Johnson, Ken McNeill. Tom Sleeper, Jim Fisk, Don Blair. Tom Welch. h, Larry Pitcher, Charles Schleder, Bob Grogger, Charles Bach Row: Dick Skoog. Joe Nas Mills, coach. wid a .spafaslz . C SWIMMING m faced As with other sports this year, Troy's swimming tea a rebuilding season. Laden with underclassmen, Coach Charles Mill's squad finished the season with a record of three wins and eight losses. One of the high lights during the season was in a meet held at Wyandotte. The Trojans edged out Emporia to cop second place in the newly-.forrned Sunflower League. The team had only one consistent winner, that being the 160-yard relay team com- posed of Tom Sleeper, Jim Fisk, Ken McNeil, and Bob Grogger. The season was climaxed at Wichita Where Troy placed fourth in the state meet. 107 Above: Joe Nash does a jack- l knife. Left: "Swimmers to your mark, go!" Ken McNeill. X Don Blair. Jim Fisk jAl"0lflgA0lflf fke Cl,l" TROJAN SPORTS Above: Char advantage, Left: Will he get it? Don Cavanaugh tries hard. les Davis strains but can't get an 10B Above: Dave Carpenter grabs rebound away from eager Lawrence player. Left: Charles Schleder and Charles Casey practice their backstroke. Trojan hurling aces Ralph Luce, Bob Morris. Darrell Parnell, Ray Stockwell and Carl Ward try to strike out photographer, Drum majorettes go through drill during the half. Crowd holds breath as Trojans try for kick against Lawrence. 109 Ivan Malm jumps des perately for ball, W' ABNER NAOMI UTSCHEN Associate Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Sylvia Kendall, Sally Ihinger, Standing: Shirley Boggs, Ann Jeffrey, Carol Powell. Missing: Naomi Utschen. Dennise Warner. SUNFLOWER ANN JEFFREY Editor This is the completed 1952 Sunflower. The presses have ceased to roll, and the editors and members of the staff can sit back and relax. The work is done. Even as far back as last fall when the end of the year looked so far away we were working toward one thing- a deadline. It has been Work: hard Work, and we have loved every minute of it, and now it is finished, These pages record not only the events and gaiety of your high school life, but the effort that was made on our part to make these memories real in the years to come. The problems and responsibilities of editing the yearbook were shouldered by Ann Jeffrey, Without Whom this annual could never have gone to press, and her assistants on the editorial and business staffs. George Davis, Althea Bromich, and Mason Eagan were tri business managers. We would like to take this space to bestow our grateful ap- preciation to Bill Nowlan, Sally Ihinger, Shirley Boggs, and Everett Daves who, though not regular members of the staff, unfailingly gavetheir time and effort so that this would be a bigger and better Sunflower. BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Peggy Whitney. Shirley Wall, George Davis, Althea Brom ich, Nancy Deniston, Suzanne Hardman. Standing: Bob Grogger, Thelma Smith, Mason Eagan, Melba Massey .xgmicl Wemoriefi My QQ? YOUR Photographer IS A PROFESSIONAL MAN For the Finest in PHHIH H IIS 10..f..,,.i.. ,W 5.,,ff.,,,.., 101,,,f,,g...,,,1... BOEGER STUDIO .....,,....,. CLARK STUDIO .................... CHRISTOPHER STUDIO ...,.,. CORLISS HATHAAWAY, ...... HODGE STUDIO ..........,.,..,,.,,, KARL'S PHOTOGRAPHY ...,... KENT LYLE STUDIO .......... REMBRANDT STUDIOS ......... SCOTT EOLEY STUDIO .,,.,,,,,,,.,, VIRGINIA ELLEN STUDIO .,,,.,,,,,,,, WICHERS PORTRAIT STUDIO ........ .. 727 Kansas.. 93 2 Kansas.. 822 Kansas ..... ...... 731 Kansas ..... ......... 714 Kansas ........ ......... 3105 Huntoon... r 809 Kansas ......... ......... 525 Kansas.. 706 Kansas 708k Kansas.. 8 21 Kansas ..... ...... 2-5811 5530 8664 2-0424 7153 3-4288 3-3777 5981 2-4837 3-3298 6939 Mossv-MACK MDTOR QCUMPANY The Ford Cfestline turcd IH thc FORD arc Conmc Orr. Fred Kcstcr. I.arry Hell. .lo Kcnworth Private Instructions Ph 6634 Accordion Sales and Service no W scnoocof ACCORDION f'l'OPEKA'S ONLY ACCREDITED ACCO O SCHOOU T'EZg,fZZ T "It's BRlMAN'S Topeku's for DIAMONDS" .F ' r I Peyton rltton BRI M AN S 9"'ce'Y JEWELRY Stgres 7QB.Gm7Wee The Station Most People listen to Most --1250 on your dial-- W R E N Broadcasting Company, Inc Hall's has supplied the students of Topeka High School with the finest of school materials for over forty-nine years and we wish only to de- serve your continued pa- tronage in the future. Jim Gordon, Dick Hillyer, Nancy Hamon and Margaret Hill HoII's Topeka Printing, Stationery and Photo Supplies I 'L V f' 1 1 !.f'Meet me at the Purple Cowl" I. 1 ,, 4-7 in -:sw E . n V Q f i -I 4 ' f' f" yi L ,A i I jf ' p V ' wi-gi x ' " fGood food, good service and pleasant surroundings have i , made this a favorite meeting place for visitors in -, Topeka. Open 24 hours daily. Popular prices. C 0 300 Purple Cow Coffee Shop 9th 81 Kansas Ave. Topeka, Kansas if in the HOTEL KANSAN outside rooms - An Albert Pick 5 . Zami -r ' MM? ff WQQVZQQW ffm- Wy f kiiyypffi' fi ew The 04", Best most BEAUTIFUL Topekds Wishes flowers for Finest! Eg, Cfass of You' date come from 702664 ' 5 2 hardware from S LL E store florist Sewell 3000W.10thSt. k Jock Frost ,hc MOTORS J-lussay Your Topeka Insuronce Co. Oldsmobile D ale A fit for Gfegmfbffafivffw K Gifts for every M 1 - ALL womc1n's ,Q Occasions taste. O! I ,Z BQ .fdrmfifrong , YOI11 Barkers Shoe yewegy We Westwood Drug Co. 731 Kansas Ave V 429K sas Av SCTWJOWS uniorri Eli Boothe, Jack Barrett, Sally Ihinger, Sue Burch, and Jo Kenworthy. Norma Carothers, Jim Griffith, Suzanne Howard, Sheila Kerbs. 50,0 0l'l'l OPQ5 Homeruom Counsellor Carl Snyder, E. B. Weaver, principal, Neal Wherry, Lawrence High School principal. and Perdue Graves look approvingly at the Lawrence assembly. Janice Mitchell, Ralph Seager, Barbara Frager, Rex Owens, and Dale Barham. all .Clean Best wishes to the Senior Class of '52 and to all Trojans from the , rl' L 1 , Y 1709 gage Blvd. Phone 7635 ' , TOPEKA KANSAS Ea! llfwslwa of 62 Good luck .X from Cfaaa Frank llustenhorder 81 Sons Florists A Grayce Shops 605 Kansas Ave. d 720 Kgrsas Ave. GUAHANTY BUY m.f'L'iL"f" STATE 2:2113 B GUARANTEED ZIPPER NOTEBOOK 435 Kunsus Ave. from HILLMER mmm snow Y f 1 '15 E. 61'h MEMBER gmc me 'HQ TOPEKA'S POPULAR STORE Congrafufafionfi W, A. from the BLAKELY 8. Co., INSURANCE 612-614 KANSAS AVENUE 201 columbia mag. and Phone 8537 1914-1921 GAGE BOULEVARD I fr A X X X f ir, A We In A' 1' VC , IQ" KA J44 - ' ' 'f' ' gf, 'ff .fp-"' I ,ZW MQW! 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' ' ' x0 JYHTZ . QQ XA! Best Wishes- 1 I Q +'oQe5i,?'? xy . from soaoq 5' Q A f Visit WoIIe's M N V occasionally . . . EncHAN1s AnoNAL ,,,,0,0g,I,phk BANK I MERCHANDISE und ,I , Mg' Services N ' Exclusively TQPEKA, KANSAS C' LTQTTI EQ - ' MMMMMMMMEEEQXEEEMMMMMMM I PHOTO EINISHINGS ' COMMERCIAL PHOTOS PHOTO MERCHANDISE IIIIIIIS CAMERA 8. PHIJTO WHEN THEY wANT THEM. 0 FROM JUNIOR HIGH THROUGH TOPEKA HIGH , AND INTO COLLEGE HAS THE THINGS YOUNG WOMEN WANT, 631 915 JACKSON N KANSAS Gutting G " L " senior Motor Company EXTENDS Sunflower Linen Service Best Wishes, Class of '52 1916 W, Sixfh rn: NATIUNAL BANK 0F TOPEKA .lewelry on Credit congmwlaho from Topeka Diamond Shop SUMMER Refrigeration Company 710 Kansa 2320 W. Sixth S Exif Miafm lil Nlarling, Inc. Furniture - Rugs - Appliances 2 Big Stores 6 616618 K A . 901903 N th K Hofeilagh anvil 300 Fireproof Room T p k F t D g PI ThCff Shp ThS tR S th dJ k MRS JACK MOSBY PRESIDENT VISIT Topeka's modern business school C I- A R K S Secretarial and Business Preparatory 633 Kansas Ave. SCHIIIII Wiring efffemlef UCI? lie elwf AT . ELECTRIC CCMPIINY 2 ns nuns Ave. NSW-39' 1725010 IEL - SIIAWIIEE IIIEEE -f .. 555:35 0 an-:E . ' 553: I 15 yi, 9uYM0Ur,, I I ,.:.::,v,::,' 4 Q jo. x .o,:.::::'1 - fi, X 3 M - 616 Qmm e I H gaming H Phone 3-3233 f ! Z: :L Wit USED CAR LOT North End Topeka Ave Bridge 4 3537 lvljcunkdurn niuemify O! 3.,,..4.. Washburn University of Topeka offers a choice of careers. You get fine liberal arts and pre-professional training. The cur- riculum provides courses leading to bachelor degrees in science, busi- ness administration, arts, fine arts, education and music. Young men Will be especially interested in the R.O.T.C. program. The Washburn School of Law is nationally renowned and offers facilities to help young men and women in their research. Washburn offers a full social life. You have an opportunity to participate in activities designed to make you a more useful citizen and to teach you how to work and play with other young men and women. The new Memorial Union building is the center of social activities on the campus. You will long remember the friendships formed While at Wash- burn. Homecoming, formals, plays, athletic events, the May Pete- memories of Washburn, ... " H 'i QGb5f??'E2S w . a ' , - .s'f:..-a --lm-'Q-'W -- ' mm- ' 'wr-KQ W'-'-M-I -MM 'ww .-, ,,Ak Wrykk LVVV ' " 'HA ,.W,, ,,,, ,,,.. LLK,, ..,,..,. W 5.,E,Mi.H V. my IEaEI5,2LEjwww..3E..M.M,r.., ,,.. ,,.,,,..gfag.53f-gm.. .,,, ,z,.g.,,, ,,.gm.if:azQ.f.zf.m......2.:--em... "" ' ,,,. AVVV ,,... W 'H .i , . 5 2 1 V .. 2 x, i zf. - Q 5 - ---A 1 ' P' Q w . . - ,. 5 ' 'M' " ., . . , W..- f' -mr:f.': ' ?'ng, .M " . 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Q H , , ,G , M - Hr .. 1.. . , , .gan - Sl sf .. 'Haw -- 'l 2. 1 f -- K - ' f 5 . . fc.. . f . .. 1'5" fb' gg , , . 3 1. - ,say L .-,e.:: A R .:.. . - . - ,W ,. m f g- , , e E2 ., . ,, , ,, ,- .. .. ,, ,, .. .. . .. H- .. ,... . , . , , . .. .. .... . . . ,. E . .. , .xm-.W.W,r L -4 .1 .1 ,514 4,1,1....,1,--Qiwwqd-1. E- Y, 5 - -J, , Q . , g,..5,.g13mk, ,WI-,H-:'5jj1qlHf.'.' .."7,,.a.i-F-'W' . ... H 1- . : - ,. " - f 'u - 35.13-.,,,5 ,C V, :-:gg--g--: .1 ...x -0 122122: nz : '-:ih ?' H'?'.15?"2. Ravi... ' e 21...-'Illini--fri f - 'K"5'9?3Y"??2 . 2' ...ww ,gpv i H s. ,fn H '- Da K: 13. iz: .. 2. th- . 1 fm- QS? few A W. ,- K .. News . 'ff.': -. aww' -:- -Y' 4 .+P-,:':,.... ,ff 1 ... - ...M . .. f -. - . - Q V. . .. .. . .wm v Ah A an T-fi. 23 .421 , - pf.- . .- 42 ..-my --J. ---- , , - - . . n- .. , We Q ww E- , .-::- .. ,+R . --f ., fa. 1... 5 . ,ap . ..--- . - , Q ff- 3 sf -. M --4 . rd H ' - - -- e. .... .... .... Q - 2 W , , ig- L.-7,5 4. U A... wp, .- . ,g,,,.,,,,. ,,, ,Q , ,... ,,,,.,...fy..,g,,..z.m......-.,,,,.-- i J-I-5.-: .ag.f,-aw. -. f f-aff- - 5 'G F Q.. 1, . 1 1 M.. qui? . 4 nw ...J .6 ,,.,,,, RAE.: I 'mi ,... .F ---. Iiida rm.-Q.. was-1.2. - 2 Q V- E . P R - 2- 5 ' Eff if , . .. .. .,, . ,,,.. -,1...,. .,. .- ...H .. . E wx.. ..., ,,.,, .1 .2 1. . , ..5...,,,,.1 . ..., L., , ..,.. .43 x.. . ,L...,. .... J. s 4,59 mn.. A, M, ......,. -. .e.,..,. I , , . . ... , ,. . - 4 ,. ..., Q...-4. gf Jag., ., ...,...1s-.s-3 T,-gp ,- , ,Dm .,-U.: -.s 4.--. ...H km .4 .,...... 1. ..... .., .f-E 1-...ff ... ... - , .,-..1..w... ' .win ... --5-41: 1.15- . -.-, ...D - . ---fame. - 5 ., - . a.....n..f:.- rw- ---12. v V - 1 E. , 2 Simi w g ' .... '- 15 iigwwg'- W . wfawwwmmm iE f'QW ' f --..mK W-- Z E Q! H -A . EW "1 f -1' 5 I? Q gk '3' gf.g...i:f..-...f..z.f- fi-M W:.,T:."1"5 .fQi5',fM'm E 5wmaWN'mM-.-w:m-w-+E.- 2122: 2 2:15 L I -- ' 3 - E, - ' V' 2 . , f1..s.i,:S..,.... --.. iff f . .M 'M-1mw'mg5 " -5 ------- - -m:.,::.1z.....x, - f m--Q, ------ 1 ' ' .1 ' ' - ,geflgi , .. I 5. -- -- 1 ' ---- ' mimi 1 .s .L'I'--.1 Qlgww'53mw5 p-mwmwmxMmrg T"... -.EM f- --nm -- ".?.3""'f'5 ! ' 1222 : E .515 : ."'m"'IZf ' mx-"'-mem 'M f 1--PL ' . W .WEE , ' 1 -fm 'fwfr . " .wr-.W' " 'W .. ' M -. ' -- - ,. mms: gig Ai W...-79" wi,.,,,, .,,, gl., H Mash: F . Vmaen.. , an h V 1. ..,, Dine af FZEAELEEYQS MARKET ' 21st and Gage ' 29th and California THE amncir AWARD SWEATERS . . ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 'finest in Hoods" jhe 4020 W- 6"1 Sportsman's Store 915 Quincy THE CENTRAL NATIQNAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY E:::,ji:2Q7i:i4:fT-,QQQ '-wffi-W 'fff li I 'LAI L T I 5 CETITRAL NATTOHQL E if K - K I ' A ,sit : ihm . 1 A A 1 figiiizl 'FEE-F: A K 5353153 i ifififi rigisi 1 ' T 1 flililx 1' ' f-Zlf! lil! 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McDonald, M.D. National Reserve Building Clyde B. Trees, M.D, National Reserve Building E. A. McClintock, M.D. Central Building Mills and Clark, M.D. Mills Building E. H. Decker, M.D. Mills Building John W. Cavanaugh, M.D. Mills Building W. E. Michener, M.D. Central Building Taggart and Martin, M.D. 5091 National Reserve Building Hazen L. Kirkpatrick, M.D. Mills Building H. W. Cmootee, M.D. J. A. Farley, M.D. Mills Building Jn r Jung ,p-gh., - ,W 1 4 f 5 "" DEN TS . f J TU 5 W -g- GTJDJAJ '. it I ' f f . ,J ,H A 1 J, 3 .0 f"'yfl,fQVU-s""r-JJ. J Gly' H. Heil,fDJD.S. B T X G. A. We ' D.D.S. illsBui1ig-rig Fe N A 1- LJ Mills. ilding . f WJ, 'j xx, ff H AN, Y 'al U Reulsf F. Wilfgftent D.D.S. V, af' ' W4 C. Hansen, ' . , Ly, , in Buildingyi ' b, " . U' ,x I Mills Buildingfgf' 'i' 'z ' w Y " 1 ' A ' + ' iv' P - CV A 3 ' 'i 3 2 fb V1 . M. Hlll, D.D.S. H l K e C. ' S alker, D.fQ.S. L : ru + f ill Bhildi gd J 'fl . uildingujiltl J MV- c , 7 5 . V A ,,. r b f JM JL' in Y . r5fH4?iLHl I' knlm5blQgSi' S i ,L if EIQ'1:l'IBft,'TFS'IC3l'l2Td, . .'. Nh Ls lding X j' Q if Nagligg Reserve ng , , , A indsay C.3Q- rn, D.D S., Q A, eR. MCC!!! DAS. n ..frev'LMi11sJsui g on be be ina iiamg be ae ja, Johbiii Helm, Q ,lj - 5,UJMi11sBuj1din' VJ' fy I B A, , 3 , W I 'J ,X I 'ff A li fb. ' ,f VW V, Lf' If fb .el-J' 'S " I , 1 Win I Y' 41. si J fiom 2' . J ,W ni f A ATT R971-EYS 5, ,eip I Vik, Q Lk, 7, V' aj il A luv!! I ,. A .S C. we- , C.-ei A " e , ff sr' iff 4 nf-ff' ir' 4'-'fr F L S! . Wheeler. Brewster, Ijlupff and Goodell Hall Smith i Columbian B Dilver W. Fellers I K, Columbian Building lW6Cl6gQA6ebb, and Oman , Naamal Bank of Topeka Building G. Clay Baker and " Harold E. Doherty COIUICYY and Smith Columbian Building National Bank of Topeka Building Miller and Cogswell ' Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, Jeffrey, and Russell National Bank ,of Topeka Building National Bank of Topeka Building Roy N. McCue and Howard F. McCue Columbian Building ' John W. Lewis ' Ira Burkholder A .N K4 CARROI. RADIO compliments of 5E"V'CE gown-56ounrnv 1123 W. 61'h HEIITDIIS "Brokers of Better Homes" Topeka Auto Supply unc fof gargngkoude IOI5 Kansas Ave phone 4 6677 young .Sl-a6Aion:i INSTITUTION lrmidbandyuniormod keenly ' fo ' mar am! ' .giaorfziwear Exclusive but not expensive p U IHCIWEIIS 1zow.sfh MARCHANT M A N U F A C T U R I N G Fancy Creamery Butter CAI-Cul-ATING SQQQZQXSQLZHOCOZTE MACHINE T lephclnle 3-3288 425 Kansas Ave. Schoonover Motors Plus another great achievement, THE MERCURY for 1952 Shown here with K'arl Scho- wengert, Phyllis Benson, Bar- bara Bartsch, Bob Hobbs, Bill Henson, and Eli Boothe, Both Wonderful Cars Now on Display at the SCHOONOVER MOTOR COMPANY Wes? Sixth in Topeka presents Dan Robison, Faye Kramer, Jim Bowen, Charles Davis, Janis C Brown, Ann Jeffrey, and The '52 LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN. Rubbe St p Seals H. DARLING COMPANY aejjjfkwjjg 734K ansa S Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Association Real Estate Loans - Monthly Savi g - I duptoSl0,000byFSGLlC C 'tt D tb CRANE and COMPANY, B sm 'Zn inc. i orncc FURNITURE C Dllffll orxncc MACHINES orncc suPPuEs ZYQ H0 E E ghl-h Ph 5691 c one ggularlp Prescriptions Compounded 5g4Efm with the greatest care . A .. . ertef otfa E-I A Y! I at V , King's Prescription Pharmacy Topeka Clliounul of Marion A. King Room IA Central Building flu, OW .gxfg-.7Aree 7-Lam co' Kansas' Leading Outfitters to M Men, Women, Boys, and Girls T23 West Sixth Topeka, Kansas The 709-7ll KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA, KANSAS 1952 KAISER The i952 KAISER is admired here by Mason Eagan and Loretta Cox as Marlene Sewell, Howard Lyngar, Jim Gordon, and Barbara Arn enioy its luxurious interior. TOM SMITH MOTORS, INC. 'SMI MUSIC, NEWS a nd SPORTS Station at 1440 on your di I AII El t I Wiring and Fixtures ut 213 w.6fh,T p k K Ladies' Fashions in the Highest Styles ut .af-:Za-4'..1 . ,Anand Gfnvd F92 4 , 5 2 :iv ,f A ,cf A , fbgxzcy 4066, w4,,,,f LQ?"-591-x9 ff-Q v'4fl5f3ff,g,f fjI.f3?7! Efaafgffinwi-Effocfgef-1' C57 ,,,,-l.ffj74kf'1 R ' gg? wif 1iS1"3i2f,.PZ' rj 57 , . 1 ff 'df-Q cz. cr XY 'A , t -4'?.,f'g , ' e I K 0 K 4 ,f Sl 9fF'6'f': :Lf-RQ' fe9"'A 9 M 41-piggy? avi .I Air? V 'J' ' 'f Riff f -We , fff-M ff F5251-:4w,.,4' fq ati qw ,GL THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY 5i ERsfL7,-55 YEARBQQKS

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