Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS)

 - Class of 1951

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' ' X - I ex , V 1 1 .Q . 4. , mn V 0 Pa dx. 1.3 ' H --.3 , -X N, 5 -, 1 TL- if 3 .,..L'f A 'Q V " 'st appearance for the 1950 ecembur S at The Trojan lsketb I6 Trojans Road debut st fered onlv 'hands of e Salma prxze center Jes ,uatxon made 1950 state the Maroons Topek OIltO ODE! thxs +w1l1 not be decided unt11 they open thexr season a gsts t Jans ctuexirtiesthgse of 3 ,all of their starters I kms reccwed no word is yet, Maroons Saii1l.a..Qi,l.i,,h.-....U.. U. ...M mg U1 me ZIYIIIUHI plcturc took up the Troy Jane awards' Troy , . ave an expel'-' Joyce Lester chairman. . . - - , , . ,. , . rxtlen E1 Dorado about a meet. but ie,-we edge Over the Trojans although 1 I -A Ik F t . 1. a d SVOHID OTIHCUVG SIJOAUTLN In the first four bpcd e ou n ment organized A club for sport: Topeka Janes spo a girls Q crisp morni' the scho has been with dill around ewcer the full as thm X is group of pa then' last Ia to strm V to the Bob semor7-Keep to the 3 V F flag?" t ee are Soplwmorm 111-011 ll I VQjEfLLk96'tha11Z team, 4 Ixenucth . L A vang, cohtgi-'atsfvff Pliidfefg, and land, supermtcr cnt or Ndzrml Naid mgratulate the coaches 'larenccf ,mp opening tl evening ' Sxgglej Munn saxd IH keepin fyt LJ 'V play 3 Xltho h C1 ,ln care ahcar o n amxd 5 1 1' I 6 A , , - K ' l A g me theme' of the ban uet he may If , 11 0 C143 hlgh Cafeteria 'CO 11 Th 1 IS an mcasxou r Qladnew w an vu rman football team labt Monday mk at the ra rl at most of L L ww I want t0 pay tnbute to the IC Qemors li lll oncavonxfor some subs They have been battered SRCYHCSS around and they have been as much a part of th1s team as any one else, Mr Munn sald follow mg several speeches honormg th lettermen Mr Munn emphas1QikntQQt at though the team was breaking up at they would remember that they ere parts of tl-us football team and ofxt by xt He recommended that all them that could go on to college Its tdugh not playing first strm hen you think you re that good ' Mr unn sald But xf you play second rmg and then make t e Flrst string will mean more to yol Striking a more humo ugqxote Mr Munn sa1d to ha team you must have ree men for every posltxon go to classes We are here not to hym an un J mated team but to or t num!- fx group of Z4 foot Ile gg 18 of em seniors, were xpr, nte to kthex uard of Education NC V Bfqb xggs and were reco en cb to tix :are were recomm ed or provxs 1al letters, the pro f'h'g7thnt ? ey earn letters the 1 Feam membersx.rgonQY1endgH Xiu? Q ters were N, .A , Walter Banks, enfifxjxig Bas 'kle' Bob Bhss, tackle' 'Han B1 cker guard' Bob DBVCIIIL-:xQ't Ps I John Dlxson end 'Wark 11 end Sam Deitz, manager 3a11 agdn fullback, Paul Galbraxth wager Roger Ginavan, cud Tom zrtman, halfback, Darrell Hill kle Ernest Hodxson, gudul XI x na guard Ted McCoy tackle .Axles Nelson quaxtenhauk Darxeh vtou fullback, Eddle Rxclgcxxdy lfhack: B111 Reichert, manager I 'ichoxxengerdt guard Bob ucy quarterback' Bill VX'a 1ck L1 r Fran ll'i unn unn! letters were recom n ci Ill Franklm center t imimc l I Darrell Peyton and ar 11 H111 co captains of the team hfan ored the c aching staff b ard of educatxon parents, and pe sonel g pleasure to be on this al ea nd may I wlsh con t umg success to the TroJans eyton sand ln closmg u dont Qqe u I 1 1 9 ut 111 X 1 1. 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Y , ' . ' In I l I frrcvmi IIEPIVL' ! ' ,i ' V . ,,. E jmu- - 0,1 il, , , V . e T ' ll ',.- K fy Toy 'z 'fl 71 ' L' ' , Ts. M w- - 1 b 'I ' . X, h' ' 5' .am L'4Ylllllli - so 'L tuwaifn ' 'll n tl-we Final ' nd i ? t t gt! -t ' . 'N S12 wma- of ill ate, Xl the izmxc ' - f'-'aw . . .. , '. .. , ,- ,. . , ,, , . , 4 ., . . .X Iecf url U x cl mx ' ,1' 5 S1 0 K X, , Dr XI 'I" r- dot A 2 I bert g Qentr 1 'IJ of V- I X i V I rl . ' 9 H . ' ' ' . N ' i X N :.QOll 'IQ z-. fc' as ':, in'm'r!cr tu qlluflify. tl A H i tfm Stat II JI I . . , , 1 Y. N N, A Q '1-nl 'kaf entry if! tix: Zf.xxAvp 1,11-l' Ign WIN, is Vice-m.CgMl,m of 'Y' ' 4 A A' T, H UWA' X251 l Q 'fi QI 1.5 -Hx '1 I dm 4 'h 1 1 !'0W'1'?lI P ' .O 6 'tv J ' J ., jk VL? ' f0f f -V V15 ' ' ' - t ' ' ' ' 1 X 1 1 I ' ' .1 . ' . . . ' - . . 5 f' . . . '. f , 'I' Hn' I- ' 1 Q ' . 2 ' ' Mms- On ll ' . - ' . . v f- . " ' ' ' ' Q ' g in KA .cmi- ' IQ, I H In I xg! Tv wx? ' I' th tat To , N l r 4 ' X l 1? C 5 C .' ' - ' V - ' y , jltliza I1 ,fm Tux -Qpcnkur lea 5 -2 'ed F . . I W " , ' - ' Q ' :ch - li. ,J ' ' -H . . sg ' ' ' 5 :rl ands , 1 4 I f 5' Now- ' 'Y ' , , - Q , . , . 1 V . . I V -KI , NIL ' Wx, Ixm. 12 1 ' . . . I' . ' . ' ' K ' I Ci . 14. 1. ' ,A K- H ' H . ' x c 1 . .t . 9 ' K av m I ' " , - ln . D I -14 The Ht yi: K 1 I i I1 tcznr- ' .' '. R , X ' - 'V' fu" amd'-'fc 5 two dcba cs W1 gp! c . ' ' f 'Yo V ' . Q s mgxm Inj we dr ,Sf 3 'LH' ' In 5 Q -' I . il VF' '. V ' K, ' . ' t an tern' jm :xml qi- -'ly-'V .:, I , " J' ' ' S f ' ' , ' . Ol " ' ls .' , ' -1: ,I 'Q , . Wxzlyl. .. . .. . ' .. . . . f Let Q . - A dH'1W'11iy2 ' 1' . 'Cfe - , i , , ep 'nti 5 'I' 1 -kg him fi. Ii. 'i-1,1 ' A ' ' l - D -. - y ' VV" ' ' :Lt-Nt u DU ' d" . V 1. Y . ,, . . U E sp sl ICI l t A V .A , 5 . , a V V H , , Z'-I Reg 1 ' f - 5 f wth . ,, f S? b- U H My . 'U . P M plav. V 7: F. MCC- V. d ,m,L,H,d H T116 I.: I-s wlu-Iv .tudcnw car in to , . - ' Z a at ' - S K Tl IA V R sopl: ' s - firft flwor, the' 1 " Se " ' ," ' ' - elif of, l lx' ' x Q " 4 U' X Q4 3-V ion on ITIL- 40 ' A L 1 ,I I thgj, ld. Y ,. fense, one for defense, dmbhe- to Cjiklvihf tloncs. pastor of thc ll-lrst 54,,.x on HH, Q .- ., 3 ,h JW fi. V1 . -H V T ' ' C' 1- 'f' 1 2 c mrch ' 1 dllllltl' , '- A. -- ,fl ' - d A Ck 1 YN I Raj M., , Q - f ro v . Inc u - Ills mm K nc le 1. 1 v Q V ,, . T lllll,-I' by l,.3l!l, It H 5010. , ' 14 '- ', If E ppff' Q . - fd WIN .13773 " " 9' -' ' ., A ' 1 , ' ',, . ,f - ' 1. -' ' H 'r' 1,1 V aim F 4, ' ' A H - 7 tn .1 I ' 1:1 J XX ' 4-51 cu: Wil," fi' A' ' 4, ,, X. ' x " .' ' -' V 1 .' A - - T I' , 1950. 'l'hf r 5 lar d ' Cl d 1 , ' in M , ,.,"Lf. ' V V in '. gf", ,"',Iggf' Ililiwl ,. 'mf bulli Ill' fc .was 'ax"iedvi14 ' " I 'jn1,," ' f- ,f c kt' Vu 'K M K 6 af' ln pu 1 If of 4 A V 3 . b , Se ,j V tb, I - 1 ' V C 1, I : ual r" 'A s 'Cel X 4' n at - gl 1. K ,I 5 , 'la " ' V f I4 l ' V :V . IC 'A 1tl'Ll1Qhii4 c ' 11 ' '- 5 .I"i, , , i ", H615 A -' ' 1 1 Q ' , Pdf' If ' il t k 11 D1 or ' 'Q -Kff ' ll ' "I'hf Bashfu1" will be Vi irements for a footbqblitgfter. 'fwovzp M. . N , IO Iii 1 JO n N. n' Jumxr .5 U n ,4 - : , V X - Uk , x 'A x Q , V, H Tu' I . - I - Y 4 , - .. - n V V O g Xu F U 2 -2 I VG Vu' '!CE"1'V ' ' ' I7 '- K' 3 ' ' - f Y .,-- 0' . A - r' ZS ' U I h , -17' ,lx .1 ' ' I V N .. . .N is 1 'z th 1 e h r th' . e tr - 5 d ' I N", " ,.IT. l',V 0 i '. If a . ' - .' . , X F . S? QCA H' Y " H ,, ' . . utl S 1" z 1 . , , x 0 Irm' UH : ' 'y ., te n ' - A , - ' . I V V , V i an -:H , 1 , ,mf L'f'mn'I12 V ' ' NJ ' ' ' jx' 1 cc: " , 5 A G :Lf 5 - A ' , ' 'fmi ' 1. Q Q I 'lftwmzzl " ' 'V . an dfl tl 1 I, , , - J 1 H v' , .' The-B' wil hu ei- 5 . y . , ' . . ' - y Q ' I 1 5, ' ' h ' ' ge cl ' Zlfsllrted , 2 . JC : 3 . - ,, :A S. a , QJHM Mm. .Ll gr :tx 'U Y 5 ' v ' Y S6 t' -' Ijzxnrull le - ' ' 1 ' 1 ' '31 ' Pej 1. 1 this unn . 1 d" ' .' , A ' " 'j :.. A ' y ' - r, V " I Q D. G 10- an V - ' Y - 'n A n, ' , . 2 Lr . ' . 1 A' , , 1 V , , ' T V I ' , ' , ' f ll' . X -1 , ' f V 4 2 ' V ' . 'kffz mwl - k NV'Il'.. -l t -. -, I A .I - . . ' H y " PrU,.:..- H - ' - A , h I I ' Q , . N ' - ' Q xx L 1 1 H., fqz' Ii 4 ' . I rr-', D ia l'Ii PA, X V1- 'm rr- ' , - Bax. " , cw? in llc L. H-lui! , 11'.l,' k. thzt xx!!-fri 10491. I-'On WUI tf! 1 4 OW '. ' A ' . 'A ' ' - 1 L 'J h ' 4 'ixxxy -.Q qticx, , I 'HL ggi, . .' 'Af El Jr, W , xiii '-'. 3' v .Ji -A l silk K' .L ' :Es . O - g -' 0 M, Q.-1-. Q7 9 as if - 6 Cx. ,.4u.z1j,lqJ uf-L5 Leg wfll v A Y xg, rw' 1 NN ,ye- s in 5' 'I' Q B' rnntiuunn ' Eff? School life is like an issue of a newspaper. The poignant silence is broken. -Slow bass hum of presses'-staccato whines- baritone whirrs-cylinders spinning into activity. Heavy-eyed cus- todians send the sleepy echos chasing round the corners, down corridors and into every hall bringing the rooms to lite once more, Cub reporters shyly wandering down halls-losing their way-mixing their tasks-becoming con- fused-learning the ropes. Undaunted they work up to the next level. Supe- rior to incoming cubs-more confidence and bravado-forgetting their own silly blunders-awed by star reporters. These have gained the top. Handling the toughest jobs-using their initiative and imagination-sure of their way. Theirs is a goal achieved. But they are not all that make up this gigantic newspaper for without the editors to guide them, send them on their various ways, and lend them a helping hand, they could not reach their goal. Keep behind the scenes- asking no credit-watching for little mistakes-keeping the mightyl presses rolling-devoting extra hours. Now with the editors at their desks, reporters on their different missions and the presses in full swing the exciting day is underway. Hours fly-completed material assembled-reporters in and out on various beats. Swiftly the deadline draws near, tension mounts as all hurry to get copy in and leave for the day, Suddenly the hour is passed, things are well on their way and thei gigantic presses groan slower and slower murmuring to a stop. Silence once' again settles its blanket slowly down upon the offices. The last tasks are completed and the late-working members pull on their coats and with tired but pleased smiles slide out into the street leaving the still presses ready for the next issue. Indeed, school life is like an issue of a newspaper. -- L Q, ,Q P s a ,5 'ig .z -- ff ' C --- ,. . ff' 5 E -iQ p l- 1 ... 'i -' I 3 I l l l ' U Igiiear g ZHJJSOJ' ,-,,,,. yea' EUITOR X 2 1 P' 5 Inkslingers ................ asf- Title Page .......,...,..,. Table of Contents ....... .,... Foreword ....................... Building Shots ........... .,.,,,,, Administration ..... Advisors ............ ,.. THBLE UF IIUHTEIITS ..3, 5-8 .,......12-13 All Girl Party .....,.. , ,,.,,.,, 71-73 All-School Party Band ...,.,................. Baseball .................. 104-105 ...,...111 Basketball ,.,.......,,..,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 9 S-100 Boys' Junior Glee.. Boys' Senior Glee Business Ed. Club Check Stand Workers ......... Cheerleaders ,,,,.,,,.,..,....,,.,,,,.,,,, Choir ...........,...................,.,....,,.,. Class Room ........ 18, 19, 45-47, 62, 63 70, 86-87, 112 94 Coaches ......A........................,,..,,,........ Concession Stand Workers.. Debate ....................... Election ................ . ......... Ensembles ....... Faculty ..... F.H.A. ........,.,.,,,...........,,,. , Football ..........................,.,,.., ........14-17 Football Varsity Team .............. 90-91 Game Cadets ......................... Girls' Senior Glee ........... Golf .......................... Hall Proctors .............. Homecoming ....... ,..... . .. Hosts and Hostesses ........ Huskmg Bee ..........,....... .......111 .......107 Library Proctors Madrigals .....,,,,,,, Masque and Wig .....,,, ,,..,,,,,, 7 4 Movie Proctors ...,,..... ,,,,,,,,,, 8 8 Nurse's Proctors ...... .. Office Proctors ........ .. Operetta ............... Orchestra ......... Pep Clubs ...,.....,,,, Photographers ........,. Plays and Casts .......... Play Cadets .......... Queen ...,,,..,.........,..., Quill and Scroll ....,. .. Retail Selling ........ ' J ......,.. Secretaries .......... . ....,. ,,,.......,. . Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior 1 . Boys Council ............. 104-105 ...........106 ...,...,76-78 ........f55 Class .................... 21-31, 34-44 Class Officers ............... Girls' Council ...............,,..,.,.. 55 Homeroom Rep. Leaders .... .........,....... ............10-11 ...,.,,107 Snack Bar Workers ..... .... .........,,. 9 7 Sno-Ball Party .......,.................,,,,,,... 96 Sophomore Class ...................,.,.... 57-60 Sophomore Class Officers ....,......... 56 Sophomore Part-y .............................. 69 Sports Candids .......... 93, 101-103, 109 Student Congress ........................ 10-11 Sunflower Staff ........... ............ 66 Swimming ............... ......,... 1 10 "T" Club ....,......, .......... 1 08 Tennis ......... .,.,,,,.,. 1 11 Thespians .... ........ 7 4 Track ........ .......,.... .......... 1 0 8 Junior Junior Junior Junior Class .....,.............. ....... 51-54 Class Officers .....,.. ...,.,.,, 5 0 Press Club ........ Red Cross .......... Key Club ................... King .......... 4 Trade School ........ ..........64-65 Troy Jane Board ....... .,.. Usher Club ................ Varsity Cadets .......... ....... World . ,.................. Wrestling ........ ......107 ........88 ........96 ..........48-49 ..........1l0 fav yi? if 95? ,ug .rn never a uun moment, or as Jrinting students put it, never a moment, the printing depart- has. been going full strength this doing many jobs for Topeka n the midst of an assortment of cljnnes, each made for a differ- type of job, the students have rked diligently in making pass- and many different articles for administration. ldfiLee," the 28-year-old cylinder of the students who run With . . - P never a dull moment, or as With never a dull moment, or as With iievei- a duii moment' of as th ' ' ' - - . A C prmtmg Students Put 'tl never 3 fhe prmtmg' 5tUdC'lfS D111 lt, UCVC1' Hithe printing students put it never a s ' ' . . - pare moment, the.pr1nt1ng depart- spare moment, the printing depart-Spare momma, the printing depart- t l . - . gli? ii3jil:Jtfef3nE0111g.f1gll strength this ment has been going. full strength this ment has begn going full Strength this h. 1, Q any Jo s for Topeka year, doing many Jobs for Topeka year doing many jobs for Top-aka 1811- high. Hghi 5' .. In the midst of an assortment' of machmes, each made for a differ- ent type of job, the students have worked diligently in making pass- es and many different articles for the administration. In thevmidst of an assortment of machinesgeach made for a differ- ent type of 'job, the students have worked diligently in making pass- es and many different articles for the administration. in the midst of an assortment of machines, each made for a differ- ent type of job, the students have worked diligently in making pass- es and many different articles for the administration. "Old Lee," the 28-year-old cylinder "Old Lee " the 28-year-old cylinder Hoid Leei- the 28 eaineid eyiiiidei- ress has been a friend to the students, who run for ng press, has been a friend.-to printing press, has been a friend to printing Dress- has h,,,.,. .. 111, . Man N . h TY . F ' 4 v henever one of its old worn p Old Lee with the help o. nts prints the World 30 tim 'lie Inkslingers, a club form. the advanced printers perfor - cy objectives duringi the ye: as printing the name can the graduating seniors. Tl' 4 with its officers will have 'ate party and dance this yea iough the' printing departm receives much glory for tl they are proud of their achie and are happy to know h Tanaka- high profits by it. 1 never a dull moment, or rinting students put it, never ilmonient, the printing depai ias been going full strength th idoing many jobs for Tope-l i the-midst of an assortment of hines, each made for a differ- type of' job, the students have :ed diligently in making pass- nd many different articles for administration. lg press, has been a friend of the students who run f lenever one of its old worn par ie. Old Lee with the help of t ts prints the World 30 times l Lee," the 28-year-old cylindt ' 1 . t 4 l me lnkslingers, a club formed 'he advanced printers perform y objectives during the year i as printing the name cards the graduating seniors. The .with its officers will have a ate panty and dance this year. ought the- printing departmei receives much glory for the they are proud of their aehievf apfl are happy to know ho Tapelga, nigh nroiiti bfi!- ,h 'never af dull miom-ent, or rinting students put it, never moment, the printing depai has been going full strength tl doing many jobs for Tope' er one -of its old worn parts Old Lee with the help of the rints the World 30 times a nkslingers, a club formed ldvanced printers perform bjectives during the year printing the name cards graduating seniors. The :h its officers will have a party and dance this year. hu ' I. . l I eka high profits by it ver a dull moment, or as g students put it, never a nent. the eprinthig depart- cen going full strength this g- many jobs for Topeka midst of an assortment of 5, each made for a differ- of job, the students have iiligently in making pass- nany different articles for inistration. ess has been a friend to he students, who run for fer one of its old worn parts D , ' F . e," the 28-year-old cylinder Z 1 ' l ld Lee with the help of the ints the World 30 times a nkslingers, a club formed . tdvanced printers perfoim ' Jjecdves during the year printing the name cards graduating seniors. The h its officers will have a xarty and dance this year. 1 the' printing department lives much glory for their are uroud of their achieve- , are happy to know how :ka high profits by it. ver a dulll'mgp,m-ent, or as g students put it, never a nent, the'-printing depart- 1 going full strength this' Lien' H U ' K many jobs for Topeka n the midst of an assortment ' , ' :hines,Egach made for a diff Sillif as aiS0rfmsilElE Qf 't L e'i6f'Qb,i' -the students ha c ma e or a ,er-' .kggimifgehdy in making pa iob, the students have' andmanyidifferent articles- - 111 maklfli Pigs- ' adrnjnistraitiqn- I , i erent artices or I .d Lee," the 28-year-old wli sw, iahm I - ng press' has been 3 rriem he 28-year-old cylinder -of the students, who run .mmg press'has been a friend to hd W. ..,.,..-.-.--wmv-fmwsf ' ' s 1X1'iil3'T5T'7f1??fEd55ETfWH5, im' many of the istudents, who run, for Old Lee with the help qi the eoiqa Se Old Leg with the help of the aid whenever one of its old worn P2 S iid whenever one of its old worn parts henever one of its old worn 1 ei - P - . 1 , . iits prints the World- 301111125 3 students prints the World' 30 times -a.C0P12PSe. Old Lee with the 'heip-QQ! ,I rollapse. Old Lee with the help of the year. ,SUJdCHiS'P1'i11iS th! WOYM 30--ffmfe' lstudents prints the World 30 times a year. year. ' A The Inkslingers, a club fgtjged the advanced printers ny objectives during iheifeal' th as printing the name cards the. graduating seniors. The b with its officers will hiveia vate PNY. af1d.da?1'f'P5 V542 The Inkslingers, a club formed by the advanced printers perform many objectives during the year. -,such as printin the name :cards for the gradu ng seniors., The club with its officers will have a. ivfivm Pm? md.deP"eFP?f!?ig. The Inkslingers, a club for-med by. the advanced printers perform many 'objectives during theyear such as. printing the name Cards for the graduating,sen.iors..,,The club 'wining ,officers win- have a '....:....+.. ....-r-.fana .hmm this vean The Inkslingers, a club formed' by the advanced printers perform many objectives-dining the year such faa ,printing zthihname cards for the graduatirigiseniors. The club with its officers wine have ar ...-Ingo- nm-Hr and :lance tliiiivialki the printing department ives much glory for their ' are proud of their achieve- are happy to know how STUDENT CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVES JERRY scoTT Student Congfess President JQCK MILLER U Student Congress Vice-President S SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES-FRONT ROW: Miss Grace Van Tries Lsponsori, N. McAdam, G. Frakes, M. Baughman, M, Taggart, C. Cowger. ROXV Z: R. Orr, L. Giddings, F. Everett, M. Thompson, C. Xvhite, XV. Dutt. BACK ROVV: B. NVilIis, J. Slater, C. Boyd, R. Smith, J, Bass. ' ' ' ' JERRY DAWSON ker of House of Representatives pea B. Kirkpatrick. B. Brous, D. Ridgeway. ' 1 O STUDENT COUNCIL-FRONT ROW' SEATED: S. K I. Henry. BACK ROW: SEATED: erbs, J. Hunter, P. Coolidge I.Scott, B. Munns, G. Davis, A. Colvin, B. Brooks, L. Shiner, C. Kruse, R. Johnson, J. Miller, J. Holstine, D. Hadley. STANDING: B. Gelvin, D. McMullen, Leonard Moulden Csponsorl, P. Hughes, N. Bleckley, N. Capps. CONVEN ES PRESENT BILLS 1 r PEGGY HUGHES Seciefary of the 5 5 H Election SQQTREET Led by Vice-President Jock Miller, the Stu- dent Council, upper house of Topeka High's Student Congress gives Trojans a direct voice in their government when they sponsor Student Congress week. An entire week is set aside to inform the students on activities of the Con- gress and to give them an opportunity to make suggestions for improvements. The annual All-School Party is another project of the council. This year the council has put through a long awaited bill giving debaters letters similar to those awarded to athletes. On the shoulders of Ralph johnson, Council Attorney, rests the responsibility of keeping the proceedings in agreement with parliamen- tary rules. Other officers are Larry Shiner, vice-speaker, Jane Henry, secretaryg and Jean Pom System DIC Election Clgmlianigionef Hunter, treasurer. Leonard H. Moulden is faculty sponsor. Consisting of one representative from each home room, the Representative Council meets under the leadership of Speaker of the House Jerry Dawson, to do their share in governing the school. They sell Activity Tickets and are responsible for the Homecoming festivities. They ratify bills which have passed the Stu- dent Council, discuss legislation concerning school problems and .recommend bills for vari- ous improvements. Council Attorney Keith Schulte upholds parliamentary procedure at the meetings. Karl Schowengerdt is vice-speaker 3 Althea Bromich, secretaryg and Cynthia Davis, treasurer. Miss Grace Van Tries serves as faculty adviser. 11 5' QR +A, . . 0 ivivfffslw - 5 , Qf'iM.f. ' ? f:.ma4?a Dr. Kenneth McFarland-Superintendent of Schools. Kelsey H. Petro-President of the Board of Education. Charles Bennett-Vice-President. Kenneth B. Hobbs. A. H. Saville. Marlin S. Casey. Mrs. David Neiswanger. Mrs. Thelma Mifflin-Clerk-Business Manager. '1 DR. GILES THEILMANN Vice-Principal ADMINISTRATORS Aovlsfles SMOOTH ROAD The star role of the newspaper publishers is filled by the members of the Board of Education headed by Kelsey H. Petro, president, and Charles Bennett, vice-president. A. H. Saville Mrs. David Neiswanger, Kenneth B. Hobbs, and Marlin S. Casey are also members. Miss Elizabeth Donaldson is treasurer, and Mrs. Thelma Mifflin, th McFarland clerk-business manager. Dr. Kenne is Superintendent of Topeka schools. Although these men and women are constantly active in business and social circles, they manage to find time to give thought to school problems. Using the latest text books, employing the best teachers, help make the finest school and the most efficient Board, of Education. The managing editors, E. B. Weaver, principal, Dr. Giles Theilmann, vice-principal, Miss Anna- bel Pringle, dean of girls, and Kenneth H. Meyers, dean of boys direct activities and cur riculum at Topeka High. E. B- WEAVER PfiHCipa1 MISS ANNABEL PRINGLE Dean of Girls KENNETH H. MEYERS Dean of Boys 41-xl OFFICE SECRETARIES.-Seated: Mrs. Helen Romig. Standing: Mrs. June Lindsey, Mrs. Martha Pitt, Miss Etna Sibberson, Miss Mary Alice Brown, Mrs. Lois Jones. WILLIAM F. ADAMS Above: Miss Ethel Frizell, Miss Mary Hopkins, Miss Esther Kingman, Miss Grace Van Tries, Miss Mabel Fry and Walter Russell wait patiently for parents at Open House. Left: Camera shy Arthur M. Seaman shoos photographer away at Open House while John Kelly, John E. Lund, and Miss Evelyn McCauley FACULTY TEACHERS GUIDE Puplts look on. As city editors, the faculty has the hard job of man- aging the paper. They act as the buffer between the managing editors and the reporters, between the Admin- istration and the students. They come early and stay late in order to make every day count, It is not until the reporters gain a position of responsibility that they are able to appreciate the headaches and the heartaches of the people whom they looked upon as having no troubles. Thanks to the sympathy and friendliness of our city editors, their understanding when things go wrong, our years at high school are happy ones. By working with them the sometimes painful job of learning is made more enjoyable for all. We may not remember all we are taught, but we will never forget the lessons in patience and wisdom we learn from them. We are not forgetting the office workers who add those little touches to our school life, organizing the bulletins, selling tickets for games and parties, and in general coordinating all the activities so that they run smoothly. OTTO BODENI-IAUSEN Social Studie! En lllh JDUIIEBUIB1 M R Q MA S Home Economics W' J- HARNETT Twin! Physica 14 IE QUUGQ7 . ww.. 0 TIHIS. mss B x: 1zN 1cE 1zonER'r A1,f 13RmGS 1 M5R's.wPiww. , mums coxrron ' 5 f noYLEs J . ,. , si01ogy . CHAMNESSW. , 1 Auwfmeqhamcs X -Mathematics L- Qi - ' 5L - Q -, , J V K ' ' English' . A a w amg ng '5 , ,: . , . ,in , 1 S , i . Q- 1 9? 1- Q-'.-V--.zsiffmsy me " ' 'Q AX, 1 4 ff Q M, X A V Mariam Lacey and Norma Fenn watch Harry Ne1son's painting and brush tech- nique. 15 ' 3 , . W x Q 755' sms x w :, K 45:3 aff ,fair ' ' -In if-2.i,fFffTA'12Z'Yf'l's' W 'liwf mx, ' f alfa Q ,K in Wm H 25 M an is ' QW vm , 2 mfs nv Kms J Sf as an Q uf x 22 5 gifs 5 'lk X 3 if is 1 KMGL , sr Q X , 1 x an 523 ,Q 5 4 2935 F3102 arch : 41.-,f33' Y' ' S7 A A.. ,. wgmfgy . ,swf ,, , mf- X A is s igmiasgifw 1 aes X - f f S K HK ui K RTHA' L ES Voc. Office Machines' hivnss s MA HQLM ..4a0"" Missa MARY HOPKINS English M.RS,.- MURIEL McCORM1CK A Latin English Quentin Prosser balanced on drawing de saws out board for stage set. L1 , L kgiiiji ., -AA. ' f 'fs 4, X 1 n . 2 s . ... I Azl i L , , ,Q IECQJGCUJUW7 s iss., an 4,1 I ' V ' MISS FRANCES AA. ' I . . ONES ' HUTCHISON , V J Vgh Jgics I Bialogy' Botany Voc-. ghysibs f , Y P X Q W mv , V . ,Jia , ' ' n a' at a Si , f: 2 T 1 T i sk as , n as 'HARRY--NELSON nnsn, 1 yinoxmnjmzfNUZMANJ I snarussislfxvlxsfn. ssna 'ss'a fimxss ,ESTHER nasa ,-Art 1 ,1nL L1 wqqawmeings f woman., f ,1mmzs...: fi an a amgtnmanesf,w+ 1 k,kl""',Li5fBFiBH.W2:iL' 16 GEUUUS7 0 TSIHISSS 1'.a'm 'M -1 ga H , 4 XJ X SSSS S . S ' 1' l Q Seuss .IRAN ",, ' 'S YRQBERTSON l m?"'Y iles' ' , ' S ', S-"T'SEAS-fi'rf-i1'1 - KS ' flflg,g, g 5+,,5ge S 7 - g ggi ' ' 1 S. - 'S ' S " ai S L .4 5 Ll iff I -S Si I fi ,.g' y f - ' 'L Q 5 . SSS? if 'S S ,B K S , A ,.,. V, sm 4 M, S S mxss RUTH A, Pigvf-rPSl Ph3::igg'gYtS?Qif S ROBERT A. -RUE S Band S, ' Orchestra Sllginic Appreciation gS'4g,LS1,,,5wgSygS,ff:u-ffe5.SS-'ff'-S,Vg S- N PM , S My KENNETH R. POWERS Auto-Mechanics Driver Education S ' ' W f PSM S Q A L4 H '- ' .. :fizimiq V S S -i f ,al -li '1 wifi X 4 W4 W 4 9 S -an Him WN WALTER A RU SSELL- Englixh A De an MISS ROBENA PRINGLE ' Social Studies QUENTIN pnossmil , S Stage Cuff: 12, Ma bin Sho ' ' ' c e 11 L',, Mechanical Drawlnglgg ,S W feovfffmw' l 5 Lf lmffs S v,. ,Q S .,,,1 S, We 3? S' I RTHURMQ SEAMAN HOWARD SHANNON W m Phyuicalliducazion RX V.k, I mm - Q5 'S :,, gm 5 ,S 'Qs I iw 'S ,V cnnnmsnsnovsxz ScA1u.:P. was AMYSASS7 mas. FERN lh nsnmieicy Mammuq S,' Sbh ' S S Swanson S , SS, m S ,S TAYLOR S g 5 S , V Nuns ' V -"ff I -S iff: A fx lik S ui kk H JS Q , 2 S ' K ,'S'1SL J L . 7 LS: , ' S5255 SSS 21' SS 1 f-,f . 71" V fMSS?kX'rximn1NsSn,llSSSxx 1sisglltQnAcn vm mss Aunrwrm mss .xfixgoizab Jo T ,IV ',", T RIES S gl WEBB 'WELLS 4gg5gi1Tl:IomaNuninz,, 'S.1 ' English -Physical Education ' SSS V SS S f SS l L- : ffsfpa S S S " ' fi 3' ' -S - 9 AS S SS S " ' f' iffJSHsQGsllSSfl"'f?3on una. Quxis:Fnvnszaz-riw: mss munxcn- Sl l nada S S SSS vovucgvxsf S SSSS kWlf'ffl'1'f W f L " S S :S ...LW .L,M:wgo...uQSgSi'SSS :S S ,. 1,fiffl!,Sli12g4f:-my hy 3 fl S Z Q.. if .5 P lyk? 9 LEO THOMAS AS', 'WILLARD G. Socla1Studiu ' S THOIEPIL Stenolfivhy. oo GPIB! - I Business Law I Sophomores protegt Bill Adams' name on school calendar instead of recognizing Sophomore Party date. Pgbovez Absorbed in her worlc, Dee Letrud nears t e completion of her gannent, Left. Quiet and an t . , ' a mosphere of study prevails m the library, Above: Precision and accuracy are keynotes in J. H. Hoehner's mechanical - 'ndustrious home economics students pick crab- drawing class. Left. Two 1 apples for class's ielly making. dW" Above: With lunch out of the way students ....-, to sign into the library. Left: Students of science attempt to discover mysteries oi plant and animal life. 18 Patiently James Colton instructs drive dents in the c orrect method of parallel parking. r-training stu- SCHOOL LIFE SUBJECTS A DD SPICE At a long deserted copy table Dave McMullen and ' ' ' ' e World Jim Bennett bring the finishing touches of th to a close. Radio students tear down and investigate the various parts of their radios. A . bove. Relaxing O h Sketch hou U t e lawn . f ses around In the C rom the band room the school. Left: Aool shade, art student as Practice Session variety of Sounds is s Sue Sets Underway . T f . hfgwr 2 fiiw 1 .f I ' f :age-f " k A f JAY H O LSTI N E KPresident ,Au X 45,1 Iliff llx . ,fi nl' .I , 1 mek' -111 M ' "' I f A iff-Sf! TO M H A RT MA N Vice-President JW H ,Q- . ,, ,M r f ALI CE F0 REE Secretary-Treasurer MARIE. BAUGHMAN Social Chairman if SENIOR CLASS A GOAL ACHIEVED Our senior year is a year of beginnings and endings. It is the same life we have led for two years but yet it is different. We no longer have anyone above us. We have now graduated to the top through dint of much labor and many good times. We are now the star reporters and the ones to whom the others look for guidance. Now we have to lead the way and set the examples. This feeling of importance is rather overpowering, but once in a while we stop and realize that we can't turn back the clock. These are our last parties, our last days in these halls. We want to stop time and make the fun we are having, go on forever. Then we look ahead at the new horizons that lie before us, loving the old but wanting the new. We will always treasure in our memory every moment of our glorious life in Topeka High. 'Q ,. MQ? - Z I V if , f W litl I A 'l-i ' ' ji I., 4 M ','. 1' "-,. K A .f,. - L .- , V V355 "" ' . NORMAN CAPPS BROQES Representative JEAN H B331 egentatw 2prese!gN1-ER ative Justice Hugo Wedell, Miss Amy Swenson Csponsorj, Jay Holstine, Tom Hartman, Alice Force, Marie Baughman, Bob Brooks, Norman Capps, Jean Hunter. eniniebrfs 0 Il95II MILFRED m ALEXANDER ' - ,,':: iy, I Y',, ' V, l If ,"k 'J . f f Q L K f 1, kL ig, eire Q .zur j ' ,I ,',' J .R I I if VTKOMMY A.RNOLD VINCENT ARTZER 'Mathematxcu , Play Cadets L 1 if g Science ' Key Club ' ' MGlee'Club V V V ,Q ' My gf er livlg f he if ' J , . ,:, - - , Q L f ,, lr M ies? 1 ' - L T E 'WM M -7, ' K f"1'137fi w 5 ,. L , V. N 1 l 1 , We DARLENE ABBOTT LAVERNE KABSHER kk'V PEL ADAMS H ome Economics Masque arid, Wig , Commerce f Game Cadets Co-op Office Mach. K N - ' -it A K' ','h K. , '- ' I iii', x A' SAMUEL I-Vx ANSRAUGH, Voc. Mhthine-Shop 'wha' RUTH ASHLEY MELBA 'AUSTI N SoPh0l1'LDf0'R6D-L ,Seriior Girls' Glee Senior Girls' Council 'U li Cl b Honor Pep Club S er u 'gm eh J , 'Qui 21 W 5 ,es Q ' :f f X . 3 ' f , ,,,, , . W, ENRI UE ALONZO Key lub Spanish Major Host ,SARA ARBAIZA' LEANDRA AGUILERA Senior Girls' Council Game Cadets, Hostess fun? X 5 2 ' JOANNE , ' ANDERSON Office Proctor Hostess JOAN ARNOLD Honor Pep Club Senior Leader Nurses' Chemist-ry -MEL LDR rl X "' is' . , '. M w, wi , M' M2 L:swziMM'1 -M - : :V MfL?i,:: ' E' 51 -L'El"fYi F BURTON BALDWIN Key Club Senior Boys' Council Mathematics Major .mg r' 1-'UW '14 'fi' :,, Q WALTER BANKS Football Track Vocational Printing 1 ya 1 DONNA BARRETT in My ' Siemuosrfs WE M M 'Qi BOB BANNERMAN HERBERT BARBER K L11 1 v Q 0 II95II 1 Coiop Qffice Machines Intramural Sports Swimming Track M ' ' - Host ' I M X VV-V Q hffwi' ' Q A M- I ' M . 4 ' ' ' B vi ' f abs My 15 V X M c M BETTY BA RTER ' Ml I v .w M3-Wg.. , K . 1 , 4 I DONNA Sym BASS M BART!-I OLOM EW .Q M xmcmn BAUER- M we BILL BARNES ' -S ' P Ch ' P Clbr I ' M M . . . A ArtEd.S fl f ' " ' islxgrjuixgzrcxizm Hotxgr Pep Club Tggy J :nes C0-0E0ff1CeMlCh1fM Fgtfbau un own I g?i:iggffEcI.Ig:Iii3nn Radio Bmadm,i,,g "The Red Mm" sm-Qgrapnic Major M gsgy Eggs Home Room Repg h M I M M , MM M f M 'J M - cM"M W ,M ,M 1 V ' M ff. A ff? M All-A of A N I KfL,V.Vr s MM M.iM M VM ,V I 7.1 in 'Mi '--M., 'va V. K M M .rhg In I M N Z V' HY We L' K- MLM?" il s MARIE BAUGHIVIAN KROBERTLBEAL DOLORES BEAMAN JIM BEARCE A M EVERETT BEASLEY BARBARA BEERS Senior Girls' Council Intramural Basketball Senior Leader Band M VDCIHOUBI Wlldlng ' M seam' Girls Gln Att. Hornecom. Queen Play Cadets Honor Pep Club Host ' - M 56501259-C Aff Award Soc. Chr, Sr, Class Proctor Industrial Ares , Y-Teens U-awrencel 55 ff ,V ":f 1 v 3 f ' K liii nf w 6 6 ' M kii. ' YN' iri. MMM 'QS' M... BMMMM S S i M , V K rr E g 'i L' KM N . vm fl My F r f ' A ' - FRANK 'BEESLEY V EAN BELL DOROTHY DICK KM M Vocational Radio 1 Masque and Wig BELLMAN BOYS' 9160.39-lb M K' I 1 M in 'Proctor Home Econom. Major Basketball L j s 4 Pep Club-M M V Track ' . W, ' B B ' MM M M iiii f M I v Q M M f iMMiri 'll 'M I M 5 'i',-' "if ' M M MM """'- 'Fi fra W 1,14 A M of W 1 A M I I M, MM -4, R ff I . M fr ' A ' A K'K'- Q M XM MM" I ' I ' .M li iiii LD' JIM BENNETT JOAN BENNETT 'V -SARA'JANEM'M KM NANCY BLECKLEY Senior Girls' Council HOTMCOMXHE QUHBH Ed., Bus. Mgr. World Band, Orchestra All-time Honor "T" Rep. Council Honor Pep Club 22 BILL! NGS ' W ld Ed B Bus. Staff or , . X Staff World, Hon."T" President Pep Club Senior Girls' Council Qlimiovufsr 0 II95lI ' '? Z 'ff, l V,5k m iw BILL BOON' ' , junior Reg- Cross Boys' Sbrgzoritilee W'g'estlmg2,Qf f::V',-k,'- K H , -- as f W i l 52 ? , A .2 'Z' F? -Q, - 52 sl : 7,1 ,L f . 1215 --Vw ,ff, .U A rio ERTA4' . B RG BRANDENBU Y Usher Club. Band En- f i , ,' M. A fi' Q ,f... ff . . 'BOB Buss l ,Football K . Track 9 .1'B3Seball ' - 1' EMDGENE ' . SHIRLEY BOIES WANDA BULZI l ,L' g Y .BGHNSACK ' -fCo-o Office Practioe A A Peplglub Home Room Rep. Alt. Majorette Pep Club Nurses' Chemistry - . , , ,i .K mg Zi ? 'MARY ' siiif r . Nom. BOWLIN' T CHARLES BOYD px-rvnus BRACE nowmzszi Intramural Basketball H istory Major n llee l of 1 A JERRY BRAY 5 BBB'-kBREITHAUPT ' l V.-Pres. Soph. Class- I unior Representative A semble, Nurse 'gProct. -V guuiqpsenior Pmm I an fa. T-8"f2 ' nounmnizzlmmocx P ALLAN. . i l l f ,g.f, Bari-ri if , - g". Clxfqljestra' mf. - .f,- i t ,. ' I H , , of I' Q 4. . ,,., or V , ,.., h ,hm . ,, my , , K 'asf -5 A 'Ks 15:41 BOB BROOKS Basketball 5 ':,.-, jg L Proctor A Pe Club' K Yfgeens Ciihanutel Chorus, f' - BARBARA BRADSTREET "T" Club Sli, , ' ' -Game Cadets ' ' Elec. Clerk, Sr. Girls' Track L V. , Pep Club Council, Rep. Council l 1 Q - - A Q4 o F MQ' xx '9' QQ' Y , W: f'f' Q if 1' 3 f' , ""'7"Wf noun mzmxmm xmxzrx-1 mzmuou nenrgang Barstow Junior Red Crose K 2353323 H KG ' G1 ' as e a -Cofop Club , 1 JACKIE BROOKS, ' Proctor , A fbi Honor Pep Club Commerce Maioxffy 5 r I X 1 ELXRSHALL BROWN ' MELBA BROWN Nursefswflixcmtdr e', . BRODECKER l 'mek l Pm01vb212Qefi:o?fLo1'roe o':, Football L Maman, . f . K "T" Club I Thespians ' o X, l o :Q Q l "' l l K V r K ,.rk I V. at ' V 5 L' V LX "" . 1'Bgm1lmsf0vsP l llmfigp Ezagiwfvslqnn : il Mice ex la y umor- mor rom -I Siu-op: I e ,e ji 'o-. 'L Rep. Countzil I "rits,-Yliflrggllgstgiall-Sfttg Lggioif "Saint: - , ymwpfllb V A I 'V Mathematica Chorus 23 AHF: me Semen, oxrle ,ee Con. Stend -Worker ' U:sher,Club A A iv if . . m,,..:, . 1 , ,Q we .fm , ,W 5 ffm 1? wg? if 1 ,vw '1-Lf. 'si - . O , ., , .A,,' CQIIFDUGDIFS l 4 1 BRQTWNQ .e..l BRUHNS I BARQARA L"L1 Bugs' SenioviGlee'g5.j1"qjg..Business Ed. Club - ,Hostess ' L.: LQ--LL . Sengqpifixrls? Connell!- '1,'f'fIf e Red Mill'5m,2 ,s g'f, 1igJaGoron Office Pracdce 1 Pen Club 'V Q QHMDXXQIVPQP C1115 ' .V ' K " " er :fzQi:1f:,,g1f1. "k' fi A,,Vk ' . ,,Vk K --Sobh. Party Program Lyyi HM' Akk,A A .. . , ,x,... . ,, . , 'H' 1 '. .ln A Ha, 'J . , ., A 41 ' ,K g,VL . . QQ ,. , ,, BE'Ii'i?Yi "..h.' E 1 . ' ' l f hfID.A'..!'BUQG KENNETI-I,fBURGEN BILL BUiiifif5iS8ilin,. QPATSY ' '. iff:.5!'5- ' , f ELEANoRnnU1ifi435jin 'BUGHMEIER ,H9m4?,.ECDnom1es ' , Vocational Welding Voc, Machineihdni A fBURKI-IAgRDfI,' A..,-. ,, g.'-:'. L Senior Girl3'fQos,isieii'.' Seniur Girls' Council.. Y ,.,' , , . - Intramural-Tuck , , Nurse'-sP1:Qjcgbr3e9o4Qp ' Senior Leadegj-1:-5.2 nBana.cff1s'sr.G1e- .. . . Z M ' i i i Office LibfwlPr09FQfffeifaf3fY sfzwggfiii' . I . A ,fflj fff , 'L,, L'L.'i ' 3 V k gf., ,e A 'fi .1 Vkhy , A K . l niii l ff nen l e l f l DON BUTCI-IERj DON BUTTS I f DELORES CAIN-,gf CAIN . .-KQQOROTHY ' , gg K VOC. Machine Shop " K Co-op Retail Selling ,f " Proctor ' - ,-",kh" l2'1i2i'.iffgifsizifsenlcrfGirls' Could!",if:f,,1'L-QTCANFIELD gff?iS5A2E9!5'1RQPK'BS6l1!8ilYQT -fMovieProcmr, .,-'. I 'E' Pep Club " "i. ..-, '--"'l ,'i1i.igQ-g1lgSng!?dr1n'Coun..Girls?,gi5gn5Qr'J3wB'-Cqunciit .. .,,, ,'..i, jjjggfsj A Co-op0ffice Machines: "-i 733:P!'0Cl0I"' 1.2 .,i'., ini, ',l- 1f:lsSr.'Glee.'8x-.Lader f f -'E51thxor'Redi-Crou A ' " aff: j, we f.-um-v1.f:J, .,,' f- ? ,J , f 1' ' i . e I Q . , in I I xl K' V .' ,, 4, If 1 , V x. T .SJ ..,:. v .A A 'iikgsigv -2 - - . . , 'K 1 S . '- ETHEL CARROLL i V,.VVV . , .,,, Q L fi, L ' 'N awni- yi . iii . Miki mcnhnn censor: ' MARY xvn. cmzvnn cARoL CASEBIER'-,fl 5-,LUIS cnsxm g Auto Mechanicg, ' Hostess Y I Girls' Senior Glee 'l K ' ,Lunior Red Cross , K g Attendance Proctor Science Major l ep Club . V ' K K Proctor - 24 J S ff If -, is if Q .. CWD W sg. LM' Fox-eign'Languages 43 X X, I 1 1 A ,Z L Us K, el - U lf ' C 792 K ,. . 3 1 he . .9 rr .1 i r. I n ,.. : RL H V V VV,rk 1? V V " My ' V5 L. Nu Zyry .LH V ' ff ' . , C wad f92em"i1f - , , ' " V Q-ri M' x Q C Q f . 5 ll.. . H' M C . e if 4 . c or .. ki I 7,:V,V 521-ff,:4-'fu ' ,Vkkkk., I W gf' V' I ' I --"Lf,-', LLm'h C 2 ' ',,, ' C yi if f-ff- , ' -.' f ,,' 2 W.:-i'1.:..ii" " EKROLINE c LECAULKINS A Girls" Senior Glee. Pep Club, Aitend. Proctor " Pl: ' if . K' . at HELEN cLARD,Yf .m,, 9 K '1 Senior Leiileiifffi '.g" ' m Nurne:'s1Zrogi:gir., 5 ' Twy.JwslBwdf i rc ' ,5,':1a , ...qwf f ' ' flu ff Y- ir V fri gi.: , -- ,,l,:r.V,1 ,, K , 'GARY COWGER -- Debate f Nitionll Forensic Football Senior Boys' Council' Proctor . - - lllll Z, Q2 'JAMES ci-rmcn 'C -'Cditigstand Worker - 'N1irses'iChemistry our CHATFI ELD LARRY C .CHRISTIAN C Amname opium: C . i Slwfivwer Photos. ,Key 'Club Orchestra I .. :- ' W- jfxiwi W C ' 'll r .usggij '--' . ' tl' f C illl ' . f limiovnifs 0 Il95lI NJ' i lA l ll l I 1' , . .Q . :MILD'REDfCLARK HOWARD COLE C PATRICIAQQQK ' TOM COOLIDGE.-Y CAROL COWGER M2f.nFootbalIi,Cadets Host A Pep Club. 1 f If Q - Mgr. Basketball Thespiana X Hostess '.-f K Industrial Arts -' Dis. Ed. Club '.k, K Thespianq K Rep. Council Nurse'n Chemistry Play Cadets .V C ' Chorus ' ' . 4 V "The Gorilla" Junior Red -Slay: ' ' ' Q-iiff ' 7 5 i.r ,qt y J IAMESV COWHICK , Inkalingers K Pringixig Major ' Run-1 cowm C "Som Ch. Jr. Clase - fehbir f i 1 VV" Girls' Council 'FQ' c6NSTANcE cox Chorus Hostess ..oo.l.. .... fll f . K lj WAYNE CRAWFORD Voc. Auto Mechanics sr-HRLEY l cnrrcunow .1 3 1 'Majorette ' .K Hostess ' 7' j Cross WANDA COX JUDY' CRANEKV Co-op Retail Sellink 'xi- 5 1. l.. - .rr im K - 552542351 Madxiiigala V A - Att, omecogii. Queen Senior Girls' Council QGARY crzocxsxf IEANETTE caoox -- , Mgr. Con. Stand K K Play Cadets K Varsity Cadets Co-op Office Practice Business Ed. 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' 1 PHIL PALMER An L ' ArcCrafts LEETREOPLES' ' Football Basketball Varsity Cadets ' DARRELL PEYT N O EDWIN PEYTON. Co-Captain-1Footha11 V- Usher.C1ub,n J Y- BONNIE .3 'PHILAMALEE ,CG-01:6 Office 'T"C1ub Game Cadets' f . 4 .. K Hdsti ff: uIffMBCh1flQS 38 W-, .... ,h,.. A 5.34-, J S ,fancy -' . , V, A ,.,2,4,, - 5 . v 1 J mx as 1 1 f 2 5 5 f rv 7 W Lg. V, W 1 , ,, , iw . , -iw , E g ,, u 2' W L 1 J J, ' 7 f in , - WA f 'aan . -M ,, Uv .,!.:g ' , t1g gZ,A Q 5, uf ,, ff K Q f 4 'Z M im! fx x f 9 . , W 3 Y W Q V if -'J Ml, F.: 's"f:5i'-Eilziily V' ' 4' ': ' f? Aff .571-J , '- '- ff , 2' wwf- , ., ,Q ' ' 1 BARHARA POWELL 'POMEROX h ' ?33ggggggSCffgr1fwf1 - ',K' j, L ' L,LL V ,,,, gf K i . Mais, 'fi:iZ,.1aiz f 7 L, -,--, 3 ,,..L I , , ,7 A. A . - A f , f A I 'f W 1',QQ:Q1i'5i, :H 3 M Bai.: gi 15" ' '.3 1 , '--..,,,,..f' S451 l ' , 1 - if A f 4' Scenimieplifs IIQSII + XM i QSQEWETQ I .Q 5 if k , f ' ' , W in 39 fM2,,'lGi.f-W?v,f5 ' f '.r-- 6Z'e-:Q 1.54 . Ve ' E A .- if Qzf?7'5' -, QV , I. 1 V , C . L -ex? felis V - M M , ., ' , Z if, if' 'MQ ,S - f f.-1-? V " ' I fy - :" RUTH RODELL Co-op Office Prac- tice, Pep Club ,, ,fr 4, '.-QS, PATTY ROGERS Sr. Leader, Sr. Girls' Council, Pres, Troy Jane Board Mw- iw A : , .few A ,K ' i of . I -4:-,QA I T lyk, 'E BETTY RUST MORRIS SAGE . Co-op Office Practice Vocational Weldingi Business Ed. Club Proctor V ..,, i n V 5' r ,. V we "rv Var.. My , 4,1 ' , Q M 'ark ., 7: mr C ff " , M 4 ,N 3. 5 1 EMILY-JO SCOTT JERRY SCOTT TMSPIBHS Pres. Stud. Congress Sr. Girls' Council Dramatics Honor "T" Swimming f X BILL ROYER ,V 1 5 5 9 i' K i, - ,la 3,105 FLM I 'cf JERRY. SCHNEIDE Thespxans Intramural Basket- ball, Stage Craft S 'v,. ii K g A uw X' kk5,A 1 PATTY SCOTT Proctor Captain Con. Stand Worker "Gorilla" Staff R .ii 'QS' we 1 Q, an KV ,,,, K3 PAUL RUNDELL Intramural Sports Baseball EWS grad, NV me S ,ar P 1-VF -...arf JOE SCHNEIDER Stage Craft Mechanical Drawing . wr , . .,., SONNIE SCRINOPSKI Sr. Girls' Coun., Hon- or "T", Jr.-Sr. Prom ermoows a IIQSII ,vi Q' " Viv ,X 1 f2e."f'3.. f i illi ' if . F' . f r, i Q ,- 5 S KEITH scHUL'rE Vg if -we will ii,, it NORMA SCHWARTZ Pres. Junior Class Pep Club Rep. Council Atty. N ursesl Chemistry Thespians - i' , ,,.. X W wif- 5 , ., Nc' c 7 Vkr,, if H , Ny. 7 -i A Z, SUSAN SEARS Sec.-Treas. Thespians Soc. Ch. Soph. Class Senior Girls' Council DON SEASTROM Voc. Machine Shop . 'S E if V I wi' 1- . V, NW .,., v ,' rf' ' 4 to .. ,jifiiii f 1 A 52 R 'V ii 3 ' fa ' A if i-e' Q ' 'Q r,-Q fft, -. . r 'if ' W' "-- -' 4 MEL SEBRIGHT JOHN SEGURA MARY LOU SEIDEL BETTY SHANER gust f Procgnr go-oE1Rstail Selling asketball Pep lub ' ep u Hostess V i t 1 if ' if E' -of ,K X 'MW iiZ:f,fj ia ' . 4 ' . we ,loo M LEROY SHEPARD ROBERT SIIEPPARD MARGARET ANN MARGARET M. Vocational Welding BOYS' Senior Glee SHOEMAKER SHOEMAKER "Th Red Mill" Band, Bus. Ed. Club Business e Drum Malorette Alt. 40 Pep Club efmiieife 0 IIQSII DONNA SLACK Girls' Senior Glee Pep Club Troy Janes 1-wig ,...m,,, W .. ff "' in f CHARLES SMITH 3 '. if , A xi- . ,I if Us ' X -- . IRENE SMITH Covop Girls' Senior Glee Attendance Proctor i, g ,, ' il. 'ey . WILLIAM SMITH Voc. Electricity 35 M M iw. Y X I swgal 15, sql - I 5 . Vi A K., ir' V ROBERT sHoRT r.1zzELLA T S MARILYN noNNA SKINNER Voc. Phctograghy Voc. Machine hop SHRIMPLIN Pep Club, Pres. Re- tail Selling Club SHUFLER Band Orchestra Business Masque and Wig Game Cadets Proctor x M 4 2, ,dy a,f,.i,, A . , I , ,, Y 7 f ii W . ,ii 6 A f, 6-fn ' . . W' 'Jfi iff ' V mlb 2, 1 ii I ., . .K I .Q-V A.::i'j,.. K K . K M- gs.. yi' , 1 A' L f . JOHN SLATER JOHN SLAUGHTER CHARLES CLYDE SMETZER BETTY SMITH glroctoiz R gross:-Country Track SILAWSON Proctor Home Economics OTH? 00111 ep- FSC UST . Wrestling Senior Boys' Council Cafeteria Worker I if -' -- 'W I ,, f, -mfg gf: iw lv' , , 'Q'-V2 ' I 1 f 1 ' 4 13 --,'- , , 'c .1 rf' 'ix if I' CLARA JANE DOANE SMITH DON SMITH DORIS SMITH FRANCES SMITH SMITH Swimming Varsity Cadets Nurses' Chemistry World Staff HOSMSS Radio Con. Stand Worker Pep Club Honor Pep Club PCP Club Proctor Honor "T" Orchestra Ensemble '-elif is . .In c 4 ,M , Q 2 ' ' fia Vi ML, . , .A ,S 'i A i s ' ' i n I "" " "" -A Q c ' f V ld o 7 in N V. New ,V.,., z JOAN S M ITH Pep Club Business Major Home Economics my K J 'Pig i LINNA SNYDER Sr. Girls' Council Girls' State All-Time Honor "T" JUNE SMITH ROD SMITH P9P Club I l Rep. Council C0'UP Office Practice Mechanical Drawing Pres. Bus. Ed. Club Senior Leader ...K H ,Q i any fy, 9 M., A 7' . . if C i CHARLES SODERGREN Sr. Boys' Council Choir, Basketball 41 A ROBERT SOUCY Football "T" Club Basketball I , fx. - um A ' f 5 ' E. - X x f A X f TZTH AW - , Q, , 7 - pxwjlf '-, 1, nr, 'A I-K A , 585' , 'Tx f if C-QEQEQLFQ IICQSII , - . . ' ",' glaq K 1 ' ' Q . .k-L ' , Wqwn HW : x12f6'YV5iPl?f,f-.'5ww1V L .,V,. ' V 1 4-Q 5 , sk' , Q A ' Q ,,,, , ' I -- ' 2002. , X ,ygfgiy - f f fffff ' 'A " -Q... ., :ff ' V. W ,gif ,,,X.,g 4,-wr ' 4- M ' K S Q, Q ' :M .45 , , - .E -ff: ff 'wigf 'fijpp . msfm: spENcEi i :mm . - A ' 7PW:' , U ff' ygffwl LQ1,,Q, , ,Aff 5 H . ilill-a:id,Sc1-olli A omr':l?epC1ub QJP9f:.w',L ., "', ' iTM??SWW'?dQ Wig 13-gf? ,Sf-PYUY , 35k9Y.'41Z ' .iwi ff 1 . NM w2,,f T fam 1 fqw M' X as f b , f My if 'ffm- ' 1 lk fm if ,412 fwfszfhuf liikzf " 1 " . v" 1 Q f . f w :Z 5 ' f "NSY " iw ,W X J w ' , A K + ' M .gg -f fi , mfa M mv . W +525 4 f + f f , 2 Abiwlif, ' H fx . , 'L' Vs V51 X HQ ww f m if M 322 435 42 .0 K V' f 'V f 1 I KF 1---A pil Ax K I J 24 my w w if 6 jx BEAT TDDUNK , , l f H fa 5 HQ cemievrfs IICQSII '35- SHIRLEY WAYLAN., Girls' Senior Glee Attendance Proctor Pep Club if K N..-Q L Q ' f 6 + or K A r,. N WAYNE WHEELER Track "T" Club Rambler Basketball ' .1 -. - -of Am. DON WILKING W' ' Fine Arts f 'mf N wi' . ..,..x 1 -"'-.: j ' RO B ERT W1 N N Band Orchestra Hoi., F V ,N . or '.vx,fz ' .- . .f": fy . MQWIK : KENNETH WEIDE TED WEIDMAN H ead Usher Library Proctor K Host ,fa W "' W . 5 f f .qglgfuw K5 ig V la L CONNIE WHITE Honor Pen Club Senior Girls' Council Asst. Art Ed. Sunil. Band ROBERT WEINKAUF Q P l V 5523 ew L- ,,l- , ,. . TOM-WHITE ' l J egg K 2 1 fa? 2 I ,, 1 4 Q A rl' 5 -- ' , rx. new .,.:. . -wg K Football . , Tennis Key Club . i rf 5 ' 5 Q an ef 'W , al .Ma - N YM-: ,- fe? Isola VWHITEHEAD cemfjovfrs 0 IIQSII BOBBY vELvA WILKEY l T WHITFIELD Band. Basket- ball. Track 'WW Honor Pep Club ' +. , g,-af u r .. I l RoBER'r WILLIS JOANIWILSONU W RAWY WINGERSON l llll 5 J.. H '- -552, 'W krk' A l 'im I ' Q , if 57,1 V' . I Qzgf: ,i Q-,K V wh . fri ,gravy . VmA. h K N, A 0 gy ,. X,.: ,V 1' a f ' " . ,,., 1 1 l ' '-" 5' 441' ' Q WS" '1,y?'j .-ga' 5 K 5 ' nfl if nal.l , PAUL WILLARD FRANK WILLIS Physhs Football Voc. Electrjcay, Intramural Track f-Q Zn , M 1' ' ' ',, , , ' DAVE WOOD Thesoians Glee Club Masque and Wig Bovs' Senior 'Glee r -ul:-I' wg ' ,fl JOAN' WOODS 'W Swimming- K , Hostess ' Home Room Rep, Golf Pep Club Play Cadets Home Room Rep. Asst. Stake Mir. s, " -. ' "" E ' fsliu ' ' 41- f f? , 4 S ,gf iff fl - I -f 'L ' lf . H w'M'W' . Q Y K law? S '11 534 1 i JEAN" B:-nd :Law-Mperia.: a 'woo nworvrn Girls' Senior Pep Club ,ggi , N ,- K Z' 1 'T Q .gif ' Girls' SenioraGlee Operetta, Hostess x CORRINE WYMGRE .JIMMY YOUNG Hostess ' .Masque and Wi: Proctor - 44 1: gin JERRY WRIGHT MARY WRIGHT M or Glee Club fwashburn High! Band KW. HJ 1 95 1 Senior Girls' Council , Honor Pep Club Proctor 'Q . Mai , -,if " fi -:jf . A-gif, 1 px. 5? K1 f K? IQ' 'L fl 57'1"1rfff EUGENE y ZIMMERMANA A , Boys' Sr. Glee, "The Red Mill,"mStazeCraft LUCILLE ZUNIGA Chorus Hostess , ,Af l. KPSZLK. Bookstores fill tg O, c ' , 'erflowin onnng year. g as students purghaqc book f ' 'S or fha Debater Clifton Kruse drives point home as Don Irvin, Ralph Johnson. Larry Shiner, and Tom Higgins look on during practice. TROJAN ACTIVITIES PUPILS KEEP BUSY Larry Heil relaxes in "World" office,weary from editing sports page. -'mace Above: Robert Burress, Keith Phillippi,and Bobby Whitfield rearrange the vital parts of two old cars. Left: Fascinated, BobGroggerwatches fellow phys- iology student Bill Henson dissect pig. Below: Chalk dust flies and brains whir as Algebra stu- dents practice at board. Above: Bewildered sophomores are shown their positions as "Sunflower" staff sets up class pictures. Left: Intent expressions radiate from students' faces as h ' p ysics students perform an experiment. "Uri-P... Ls stagecfaft Stu- - 'h ladder and 100 v Equipped Wlt d t Frank Herdicka erects SCCUHY' en PROJECTS INDUCE THOUGHT FUN AS WELL AS STUDIES LIVEN LIFE Above: With the utmost patience and care Homer Emmot turns the legs on his coffee table. Left: Mov- ies r 'd ' p ovi e amusement for interested onlookers. 46 DAVE MCMULLEN Fall Editor DICK ROACH Fall Business Manager Late August b on to everyone except the World.staff. They are already busily collecting news, edit- ing and printing the copy, a forecast of their activities yet to come. The Fall journalists, under the direction of Dave Mc- Mullen, editor, and Dick Roach, business manager, cover the football games, Homecoming ceremonies, the Masque and Wig play, the Christmas parties, and an endless number of student activities. The "Question of the Week" column which had been attempted before became a permanent feature in the Fall World. A new semester brings a new team, Jim Bennett, editor, with Sara Jane Billings, business manager, to take over the worries. Spring sports, two plays, an operetta combined with regular columns and other current news keep the staff working steadily. They finally give Way under the strain to produce a madcap April Fool issue. Order is restored when the future editor and business manager try their hand at producing a paper. rings throughts of recreati Wgsthe FALL BUSINESS STAFF Front Row: S. Billings, D. Roach, L. Giddings. Row Two: J. Fox, D. Derrington, M. Smith, A. Anderson, D. Warner, B. Boyd, M. Stingley. Back Row: H. Doug- las, T. S ' ' mxth, J. Gordon, J. Miller, L. Hansen, D. Cava- naugh. FALL EDITORIAL STAFF Front Row: Sara Jane Bil- lings, Connie Orr, Jim Ben- nett, Dave McMullen, Fran- ces Smith, Linna Snyder, Nancy McAdam. Back Row: Dave Baker, George Henton, Gertrude Goslin, Betty Tur- ner, Jean Hunter, Larry Heil. ENERGETIC STUDEN'l WORLD Rsoul BLISH PAPER SIDE TIME FALL EDITORIAL STAFF Dave McMullen ..,...,.........,,................ Editor Jim Bennett ..........,.... ......,. A sst. Editor Dave Baker, Wayne Stratton ..............,. News Editors Connie Orr ,,............,. ............. E ditorials Frances Smith .................,..,.,,,....... Features Larry Heil, George Henton ..........r..... Sports Editors Gertrude Goslin .....,.... Around the World d r ....,, Periscope Jean Hunter, Linna Sny e FALL BUSINESS STAFF B siness Manager Richard Roach .............. u Jock Miller ........................,....... Bookkeeper Sara Jane Billings .,..,... Down the Avenue Doris Derrington ........ Business Secretary Helen Douglas .....................,.... Distribution Jane Fox ............,,... ,..,,....,. M ailing Clerk Connie Orr .............,....,......,...... Filing Clerk Ad Solicitors L Giddings Jim Gor- Barbara Boyd, uey , l don, Larry Hansen, Margaret Smith, Thelma Smith, Marcia Stingley, Dennise Warner. SPRING BUSINESS STAFF Front Row: D. Derrington, J. Gordon, S ll' I Miller Row Two: M. Smith Bi ings, . . L. McConnell, M. McNair, B. McCue, J Rosenwald, C. King, M. Stingley, P. Hol man, B. Danielson, E. Major. Back Row V. Glover, H. Hawley, E. Boothe,S. Ken ' W rner, T. Smith, worthy, V. Tindell, D. a M. Poort. SPRING EDITO- RIAL STAFF Front Row: Sondra Glas- pey, Gertrude Goslin, Jim Bennett,-Larry Heil, Con- nie Orr. Back Row: George Henton, Bill Nowlan, Na- dine Poole, Bob King Dave Baker. SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF Jim Bennett .......................................... Editor Larry Heil ................................ Asst. Editor George Hcnton .................. Makeup Editor Connie Orr .............................. News Editor David Baker .......................... Sports Editor ..........Assistants Bob King, Bill Nowlan .... Gertrude Goslin ................ .Features Gl s e Jean Parker:IPeriscope Sondra a p y, Barbara Beers ........ Questi on of the NVeek SPRING BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Sara Jane Billings ........ Jim Gordon .............. Advertising Manager Jock Miller ................................ Bookkeeper Marcia Stingley ............ Down the Avenue Doris Derrington ........ Business Secretary Helen Douglas ......... ............. .... D i stribution Exchange Clerk Jane Fox ............................ Ad Solicitors L i l l ia n McConnell, Margaret Smith, Mary Io McNair, Barbara McCue. Ioan Rosenwald, Carl King, Patsy Hoeman, ' Ma'or Vir Barbara Danielson, Eleanor J , - ' rl Elvina' ginia Glover, Harriet Ham ey, Boothe, Shirley Jo Kenworthy, Verna Tindell, Thelma Smith, Marilee Poort. IM BENNETT Spring Editor SARA JANE BILLINGS Spring Business Manager M, 1 . . U, f.nji"i' x "Et, l x' SX. W1 ,I +2 'G -5+ PJ. x any Xe KW' fl, Y to W , F17 , Q1 . P. A6 r President , Q" ff" K' s, " 9 , w,,s,M. , LARRY HEIL Vice-President JUNIQR CLASS HALFWAY DONE Juniors are the "in-between" class. We arenlt the star re- porters but we have graduated from the ranks of cubs. We are no longer hesitant and awkward but now enter into each assignment with our natural bubbling energy and though we have not yet gained the rank of seniors our cup of knowledge is fast becoming full. We are looking forward to the next year but as long as we are juniors we are the very best juniors we know how to be. We sponsor a play and do our level best to make the Junior- Senior Prom the best one yet. We serve our school, too, not only through studies but by joining the school clubs and organizations and giving to them our time, enthusiasm and hard work. We cheer our teams through victory and defeat. Although we are just "in-betweens" we are the link that holds the school together. MARCELLA ECORD Secretary-Treasurer 'MO' MARLENE MAY - i e LARR, Gggxgsentatxve Renresefg xER Social Chairman justice Hugo Wedell, Mrs. Jo White Csponsorj, Clifton Kruse, Larry Heil, Marcella Ecord, Marlene May, Phil Coolidge, Larry Shiner, George Davis. 50 .Uunmniov si 0 H952 REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Ann Colvin, Phyllis Benson, Joanne Hamilton. Front Row: Melba Massey, Joyce White, Peggy Hopfer. K TOP ROW: E. Tippie, W. Schmid, C. Schleder, F. Clark, S. Ramos, R. Renfro, D. Hillyer, D. Shepard, B. Kelly, B. Garner, J. Griffith. FOURTH ROW: B. Stouffer, J. Barranco, D. McCann, I. Royer, B. Gibbs, G. Golliher, D. Matson, A Lynch, H. Hillis, H. Wood, K. Morrow, R. Ramsey, J. Jenning, D. Wilson, B. Hersh, T. VVelch, D. Reeder, H. Frazier, R. Hecht. THIRD ROW: J. Dozier, I. McClellan, B. Fields, M. Ahlstxom, H. Wettengel, M. Iwig, N. Cook, N. Murdock, E. Hamilton, K. Bolze, I. Wilson, S. Reaka, D. Reed, L. Shiner, . ., .ww N,,'g.-'..""'.....rW H. Lyngar, M. Eagan, H. Snyder. SECOND ROWV: M. Car- roll, P. Curtis, G. Henson, J. Dunbar, J. Lindbergh, N. Poole, C. Hammond, D. Gentry, D. Walter, E. jones, S. Kenworthy, L. Beasterfield, A. Dres,, I. Hayes, M. Dishey, A. Mitchell, M. Ecord, P. Hopfer. BOTTOM ROW: VV. Hastings, J. Funk, I. Northcraft, M. Smith, B. Mickelwait, C. Lightbody, J. Hamilton, N. Smail, E. Schumacher, A. Norris, S. Allen, G. Allen, B. Barraclough, L. Drum, V. Moore, O. Revely. HOMEROOMS-Hopkins, Boyles, Mills. TOP ROW: J. McClain, I. Treiber, F. Powell, I. Martin, T.- Chaffee, B. Miles, D. Grittman, C. Brady, B. Norris, H. Harrison, R. Barger, W. Dilley, B. Best, R. Coker, J. Norris. FOURTH ROW: B. Franklin, P. Coolidge, J. Lutz, L. VVil- son, A. Van Nice, D. Nudson, D. Skoog, W. Roose, D. Cava- naugh, J. Knaus, E. Rouviere, C.' McClenny, J. Johnson, C Haas, N. Ortiz. THIRD ROW: R. Armstrong, R. Carring- ton, R. Cowen, C. Orr, B. De Graff, D. Kious, J. White, N Huffman, P. Cravens, P. De Long, E. Stevenson, N. Fenn. G. Hershey, D. Smith, R. Myrick, B. Grogger. SECOND ROW: I. Carlson, D. Sewell, D. Klamm, S. Frederick, H. Denrley, C. Carter, D. McGary, M. Andres, L. Underwood, M. Smith, N. Brinker, E. Major, A. Colvin, S. Parker, P. Downey, B. Klesath, A. Geren. BOTTOM ROW: P. Lindsey, I. Lovett, P. Lodle, P. Hayes, I. Woodson, G. Steck, C. Cook, H. Bryant, M. Beshears, P. Benson, H. Rocha, E. Mendoza, S. Hardman, M. Pozez, P. Wright, L. Gouldthread. HOMEROOMS-Mrs. Mills, Fink, Cooper. REPRESENTATIVES O Back Row: Charles Moyer, 6 Q .John Dixon, Doug Sheafor. Front Row: Ann Jeffrey, Mary Ashinhurst, Lois Force. 0 BACK ROW: C. Banks, J. Gordon, R. Smeltzer, D. Austin, H. Calton, R. Middleton, J. Bowen, D. Admussen, B. Miller, G. Swenson, P. Feagan, B. Henson, J. Greenwood, B. Hobbs, D. Payne. FOURTH ROW: L. Cowen, C. Barrockman, E. Richardson, J. Howard, J. Barrett, G. Meyers,B. Gelvin, P. Ingerman, D. Kratochvilj T. Higgins, R. Reed, C. Math- ias, C. Moyer, B. Reichert, G. Davis, B. Mitchell, B. Thomas, D. Kentzler, R. Cordill. THIRD ROVV: J. Osborne, B. Plummer, J. Davenport, E. Paraniore. S. Isaacson, J. Falk, M. Baker, C. Casebier, J. Corber, M. Ashinhurst, P. Hatcher, J. Hocker, M. Johnson, B.Fargo, W. Frank, S. Curtis, P Lohmann. SECOND ROW: H. Flory, R. Sturm, D. Wich- man, R. Lassiter, J. McKnaught, W. Smith, S. Keith, M Chandley, L. Huyett, S. Boggs, R. Toledo, B. Mah, J. Curtis L. Blankenship. M. McBurney. BOTTOM ROW: C. Gibbs J. Parker, B. Fargo, M. Hazzard, L. Force, C. Lohmann, P. Gordon, M. Steves, D. Hatfield, B. Crowley, L. Boggs, S. McCullough, A. Peddy, J. Grantham, G. Benton. HOMEROOMS-Cowger, Shoyer, Powers. TOP ROW: B. Lmard, G. slusser, K. Kopren, F. Herdlicka, R. Frager, P. Anspaugh, B. Lemon, R. Lund, B. Wallick, L. Strimple, C. Merillat, G. Staples, B. Thiessen, D. Sheafor, R. McDaniel, B. Singleton, L. Shaw, D. Proctor. FOURTH ROW: I. Malm, B. Terry, L. Morris, J. Matchett, N. Christ- man, D. Cole, J. Gilreath, J. Brown, C. Ijams, J. Lewis, R. Pease, J. Wray, D. Casebeir, D. Workman, L. Montfoort. THIRD ROW: B. Keltner, G. Manning, G. Lawton, L. Emrick, M. Case, N. Kramer, B. Gleason, N. Moore, H. Zlatnik, N. Marshall, B. Baker, A. Jeffrey, P. Patterson, M Ball, C. May. SECOND ROW: C. Luse, F. Briscoe, S Douglas, W. Jackson, L. Perez, A. Padilla, M. Lacey, D Skidmore, B. Shonnon, M. Cregkllit. C. Davis, H.Tiggett, E. Boothe, C. Pelton, J. Dalrymple. BOTTOM ROW: R. Phelon, C. Powell, E. Bulk, J. Rosenberger, M. Bigg, B. Arn, M. Harper, V. Tindell, H. Hawley, N. Olsen, M. Bors- dorf, P. Whitney, E. Taylor, W. Patton, S. Semler. HOMEROOMS-Oman, Finley, Loomis. 52 O REPRESENTATIVES MED Back Row: Faye Kramer, Al- lan Lewis, Marlene Sewell. Front Row: Lois Gill, Jean 0 H952 TOP ROW: D. Christman, H. Lincoln, D. Lardner, C. Evains, J. Schmidt, R. Casner, L. Hansen, L. Shepard, F. Northrup, R. Willis, A. Lewis, M. Bennett, K. Phillippi, J. Glenn, B. Falk. THIRD ROW: J. Cox, D. McClenny, B. Gill, R. Dayton, B. Smith, S. Freidberg, D. Parnell, M. Hutchison, J. Miller, V. Blankenship, J. Tipton, V. Her- nandez, L. Landis, B. Melton. SECOND ROW: R. Ames v S. Burch, M. Hickey, M. Hawley, S. Ihinger, P. Raymond, B. Proud, J. Mize, P. McCarter, C. Brown, D. Warner, V. Carnahan, B. Cross, E. Suddieth, L.Stoner, P. Fry. BOTTOM ROW: M. Peterson, K. Rusher, D. Rathbun, J. Erskine, L. Cox, V. Erwin,B, Bartsch, J. Smith,M.Dunn,J. Robinson, I.Rodriquez, D. King, J.Smiley, J. Wiscombe,V. Netherland. HOMEROOMS-Grandon, Montes. BACK ROW: A. Wendt, M. Shutt, D. Halladay, E. Elkins, D. Marsh, D. May, R. Golightly, T. Sleeper, S. Brier, B. Johnson, W. Lee, M. Beardslee, B. Beasley, S. Fletchall, C. Yockey, C. Coker, H. Butts. FOURTH ROW: M. Yo- cum, T. Lewis, M. Voigt. W. Faidley, D. Hess, B. Nowlan, J. Schlegel, C. Davis, J. Johnson, D. Hanley, M. Roush, J. Hunter, G. Boaz, B. Watkins, D. Carlson, P. Hernandez, M. Murphy. THIRD ROW: E. Wilson, D, Berryman, L. Hayes, V. Glover, B. Boyd, E. Euwer, F. Kramer, F. Aron- holt, D. Garrigues, L. Butler, K. Choguilll. E. Gartner, I. 53 Hartzell, P. Haglund, M. Sewell, M. Moore, S. Wiese. SECOND ROW: J. Wolfe, B. Barnett, E. Foster, P. Gif- ford, L. Gill, J. Baer,M. Welty, J.Eldien, E. Kirkpatrick, V. Smith, J. Johnson, M. Houser, S. Kendall, J. Langton, I, Crawford, D, Liles,BOTTOMROWZC.,Murray,S.Brut0n, D. Baker, A. Warthen, E. Valdivia, J. Cabrera, D. Williams, S. Dansey, N. Lane, K. Connole, M. Addy, K. Moeller, P. Briggs, S. Heinz, S. Schober. HOMEROOMS-White, Barnett, Van Tries. ...A afar 4 'Z REPRESENTATIVES O Karl Schowengerdt, Dick Sargent, Janet Kesler, Paul Dibble. 0 II9522 'T TOP ROW: D. Eyth, J. Watts, B. Shinn, B. Diepenbrock, L. Shiner, K J. McCarter, J. Williams. THIRD ROW: A. McCash, J Gonzales, E. McDowell, B. Corona, G. B. Cook, F. Schmidt, T. Rogers, A. Boring, J. Estes. SECOND ROW: F. Greewe, P. VVl1itt, S. Frost, L. Young, E. Jones, B. Vaughn, A. Senne, I. Myer, Smith, M. Gardner, O. . Schowengerdt, J. Lcgan, Beasterfield, J. Bayless, Bervert, D. VVesley, J. TOP ROVV: R. Baldwin, B. Streeter, D. Mathe L. Cunningham, P. Dibble, J. McKee, J Rosenlund G H le . , . y , P. Spaulding, B. Huebner, R. Wilson, A. Anderson. THIRD ROW: D. Oden, D. Kampsen, J. Meinholdt, J. Frye, J. Over- field, D. Sargent, N. McGrew, J. McIntosh, J. Willis, G. Smith, C. Kruse, L. Heil, N. Marshall, C. Stribling, R. Snyder. SECOND ROW: J. Owen, J. Pauley, J. Willis, P. Reed, M. , G. Scheer, J. Kesler, M. Ralston, L. Johnson, B. Allen, A. Anderson, L Bowen, H. Graves. BOTTOM ROW: J. Walker, R. Austin W. Hug, D. Lynch, P. Wendt, T. Smith, J. Hosler, B. Braddy, A. Lundgren, E. Cook, M. Hass, J. Clanton, C. Chard, I. Starkel. HOMEROOMS-Kingman. Briggs. Keim, A. Bromich, J. Henry, M. May, P. Jackson, L. Coulter, S. Thompson, D. Coffee, D. Bernhardt, B. Reaser, J. Hahn, D. Webb. BOTTOM ROW: M. Michener, S. Wall, J. Brown, J. Irvin, S. Lindemuth, J. Rush, D. Tuffley, H. Libbey, B. Burrell. P. Jones, B. Gebhart, D. Cole, M. Tolbert, E. Black- well. HOMEROOMS-Russell, Davenport. v j 'Qian-,QI . fr ru ' ' SENIOR BOYS COUNCIL-ROW 1: Franklyn Houdek Ronald Kibler John Slaughter Bill Petersen Don Jordon Duane Sodergren Norman Capps. ROVV 2: Larry Flickinger Richard Kohl- schreiber Dave Hinken Jim Chance Kenneth Meyers Csponsorj Jock Miller Harry Ives Dave Baker Tom Hartman Burton Baldwin. COUNCILS SPONSOR SCHOOL PROJECTS SENIOR GIRLS PLAY BUSBOY Under the direction of Miss Annabel Pringle, the forty-six girls -1 'I I of the Senior Girls' Council carry 'on various projects for the betterment of the school. These girls are elected by joint vote of the teachers and senior girls. This year they wrapped Christmas packages and entertained at the State Hospital. During Open House they carried the trays of food for the parents and directed them to their seats in the cafeteria. They sponsored an All Girl Party to help the sophomores get acquainted. In the second year of its existence, the Senior Boys' Council also has helped with many jobs. The council is composed of twenty senior boys, one from each of the senior homerooms, who work under the direction of Kenneth Meyers. During the State Zone School they guided 'is 76429 the teachers and aided the school in many other ways. C W aah were X o 'i WI? 'la '. ji 44511 J l x f 1 SENIOR GIRLS' COUNCIL--BACK ROW: Jean Hardisty, Phyllis Cain, Joanne Murphy, Alice Force, Beverly Iott, Patty Rogers, Emily Scott, Joleen Knapp, Donna Lawrence, Ruth Ashley. ROW 4: Helen Hamilton, Marie Baughman, Mary VVright, Barbara Bradstreet, Janet Pollom, Eleanor Burton, Leandra Aguilera, Peggy Frommer, Sue Anderson, Nancy Bleckley, Betty Turner, Susan Sears, Miss Annabel Pringle Csponsorj. ROW 3: Martha Jo Johnson, Linna Snyder, June Hartzell, Mary Taggart, Cynthia Krehbiel, Becky Thacher, Jane Denton. Joan Bennett, Betty Bubb, Connie White, Judy Crane. ROW Z: Jeanie Hunter, Barbara Cross, Marian Haskell, Julia Oliver, Sonnie Scrinopski, Betty Buchmeier, Cynthia Davis. FRONT ROW: Margaret Nason, Linda Grange, Peggy Hughes. Ruth Cowie. 55 f ,ss ,,h. ,,hh fgggfifiiifiifiiifistfzsfiiwfmzwf5 , R: be aw sag- large rs,z,,,.w.,4, ,-,V tl..-i ,. ,f far ie beaww-,pfvew,.,f,,:sa-X se, .K , ss,f,,.a,.. V. eggsmyxgsgssf ' V. f-. .. W. it X,,, 5 .i ,. ,..' ,. f Y' mari- - tg r f . m n Ssil5e"iiit.Qf. ' ' s.. . , , f .iigsifeswr ' ' n ijt sf wifi .MM -. .W ,. L' e 8, 5 . Vk,.. . ,, .. 'lffS"1?Q5?lsf . if fE.?'fl,iL f , ,. 1.5 'fin ,yy 1 V,.V fg,,e'.'f N r 'fii "-, 'i if - V ' i'i7,'f gfiifgiiifgisi I si., 'iff-.:1s:f:: DELMONT HADLEY President 1 K .V ,,Ll ,. V,..,k: . VV , Q Cafe , E TV LL'f fmt' 3 .1 'r,s,z3,i f f1i"'-!1'i3'ff'5'l:t" '- ' Hr. r , nat .W fr, at GARY WATSON L, SOPHOMORE CLASS A ROAD BEGUN As sophomores, we have a lot to look forward to. We are cub reporters, only starting out on this new adventure, with a field of activities and learning spread out before us. Ours is the job to start at the bottom, taking the small, unwanted assign- ments and doing them well. At our beautiful Induction Assembly we realize the responsibility that is ours as beginners, to grow with and for the school, to make ours the best ever. We do the traditional things that have always been done, but we add an enthusiasm that is ours alone. VVe give a wonderful Sophomore Party, enter whole-heartedly into school politics and elect our own representatives. As friendly and eager to please as young puppies, we don't even mind being called "sub-scrubs" because we know that it is all a part of becoming a Trojan. 7 , . ,A , Q . , Vice-President , r,rr . te . 1. " ,qf'wi:,wif tweak 513:-miie! v ' 4 fl ifsiw r- , . gf? . ' 1 f , . . 1 FZ, J" . t .1 i f A an I 4-,gifs f- fr k .- -1, V.-, , ,1,, f M H ,. ' ggi . , ' Q ,,,,. N- Q K' ' '.,.,w,,u a X A . . saws f f. w Af . f aim. fgrasfsws -- V H I -are 5 1, 5 ws .t.'f2,',1ffsf 9-1'1'f4f 1552255 V'-s11s:Lb.3s2. r '.:ti3i q ' "" . f YY -f alfivf A , er ' ,.- fgiwf 2 ' t e- .K In p A , , H feds Hilti, f 2j,:f,:.-?f-' ' ,i"' W ' ,'if.' ,g.t. f mm U4 SHEILA KERBS BI , , A., ' CE COLV Representative Rail. MDL si' we r , 1 , ' -- , Agnqpregemn esen'-?3ifNs f e Re e W, . X . ,i.1,,1 .3 fas'fr,wEg?W.gQ I NORMA CAROTHERS Secretary-Treasurer TUCSCEIE E4gXND?ENE justice Hugo VVCCICII, james Hill tsponsorj, Uelmont Hadley, Liary Watson, Norma U 3 Blffn H , . 1 Y Ci Carothers, Tucker Lanclecne, Sheila Kerbs, Ardyce Colvin, Bill Munns. S6 REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: BeverleyBenton, John Dierking, Martha Har- -...K rison. Front Row: Shirley Line, Ruth Pickett, Suzanne Howard. i 0 H953 V i aaaag aaaa g 4 ,. ' V. T- fff Q V Qi . 'S V. . M if QVAVA r i . " i ii A V L it 1 aa , aa , l 1 ' . aaa .f . V ' EE , Q , It .. t ,,H.!a.l , f': 1 l , ,,.. . s ... , . . ,. ' ,. A' ,31 3 ' : 'A ' W I . j vv 4 , kyy i VV.k ,Sa W 5 I. - i t . a a,a f a y a . aa a a ' - aa Il 7 aaaza r 'N BACK ROVV: E. Hainlaine, H. Hood, K. Linder, F. Edwards, R. Haas, VV. Rogers, F. Musser, R. Powell, S. Rocha. L. Francis, L. Shultz, B. Carter, T. Clevenger, L. Young, T. Buell, P. Deaver, I. Dierking, C. Henderson. THIRD ROW: VV. Beskow, K. Arnold, B. Barrett, R. McCoy, D. Johnson, D. Smith,D. Hockett, G. Mann, C. Vetter, P. Johnson, D. Schoonover, T. Baker, D. Garrison, C.Reade, R. Stewart, B. Kinder, G. Watson. SECOND ROW: G. Mann, G. Long, S. NVilliams, M. Shaver, S. Barger, D. Swan, I. Hedstrom, B. Trimble. H. Myers, S. Swigart, P. Holman, J. Roudebush. K. McFarland, N. Hodgson, E, Davis, XV. Bulloel-el. Radford. N. Underwood. FRONT ROXV: M. Parkerson, D. Miller, D. Smith, B. Kelly, M. Hearn, R. Pickett, K. Haskell, S. Fleming, L. Leonard. R. Van Hole, C. Pollom, C. Smith, B. Harrison, L. Mc- Connel, S. Howard. P. Hahn, C. Guerrero. HOMEROOMS-McMiIlen, Nelson, Pringle. BACK ROW: J. Martinez, D. Bleske, T. Halloran, J. Stricker, B. Walthall, R. VVestfall, R. Bayne, B. Stanley, I.Nuzman, D. Dixon, L. Israel,H.Rose, D. Gilliland, L. Reser, R. Vines. THIRD ROW: VV. Starkey, D. Blair, C. Tuttle, R. Linder, B. Benton, J. Meyer, P. Eldien, S. Eliot, M. La Rocque, P. Cantrell, D. Primm, C. Casey, C. Harper, R. Blum, D. Emery, C. Fountain. SECOND ROW: E. Senne, B. Benton, M. Lindbergh, M. Rose, S. Slaughter, 57 E. Hawkins, L. Wigley, P. Navarre, L. Kelley, I. Lippitt M. Edwards, L. Gill,M.Nix, F.Tunley,E. Scheel,j. McGuire N. Tussel, B. Cohee. FRONT ROVV: M. Papadopoulos, E Schwindt, T. Johnson, P. Gilbert, J. Edmonds, R. Vogel M. Harrison, F. Bradshaw, N. Harper, W. Gager, S. Line S. McCain, B. Jensen, D. Metzger,P.Esquibel, N. Utschen HOMEROOMS-Holmes, Hutchison, McCormick. REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Terry Eastin, Brock Snyder, Lee Jordan. Front Row: Patty Yarberi Scott Beelman, Nancy Ziegler he,S . A P Sogolln tres l TOP RONV: J. Booth, E. Peoples, M. Durner, R. Hite, L. Pitcher, C. Pinger, G. Pinger, D. Fox, D. Baker, R. Cotten, B. Snyder, D. Hadley, S. Beelman, G. Miller, K. Blair, VV. Meyer.THIRD ROVV: G. Brickell, I. Welch, E. Scott, D. Ingraham, E. Munoz, E. Graham, J. Rosenberry, G. Garhart, E. NVolf, S. McLaughlin, A. Colvin, T. Eastin, L. VVaters, M. Cramer, M. Yoho, M. Reddick, H. Millard. SECOND ROW: ljames. D.Lehnherr,S.Brolst,J.Roush. M. 0 H953 Barthuly, L. Patton, Z.Blackwell,P. Shehi, N. Barnes, M. Zack- man. N.Burns, B. Cade, T. Dalton, I, Knaus, G. Coble, H. Ellithorpe, G- Wood. A- Casebier. BOTTOM ROW: S. Banion, M. Carruthers, P.Bass, M. Symes, D. Kling,S. Burrell, D. Cottle, I. Sumners, M. Anderson, Y, Wainer, W. Anguish, B. McCue, S. Davis, D. Arthur, V. Thornburg, G. Poct, Armstrong. HOMEROOMS-Ellithorpe, Colton, Fergus. FN Q ' , 4 ' N. - ' A V 'ii,- , ' ' , 4 ' 3 ' . .. - - .L , , 1 ' - av ' if ' 7 ii 'ff . ' TT- a k .C ga of ' ' 3 " ' .. ,, 'il W 'als V mf 'H ' 4 1 . , -- 4' . 2,. fs' .,-1, fn:- ' ,f-, K ,f M - " . ' g . Q ' - - a ,, iff., . - , '. .:g,,, ' it ,M 4 if ' af l 4 i P W 1 ' i J - ' ' K. 'V . 'Si' ' L V , ' if . ' , i-'. ' 4 P 4 X f . V fl ' K ' 'iqwi W Y ' V' y - . "' 13 , - E ser 2 '- -1:1 f . 6 f' 'L if 'f3"f.f .. ha f " -if ' ' ., .,.. I ,- v ii 'mi . ' Riff f ' if V 1' ' ff if "r" TT W 1 , -..- ,, , I . ,. - . si - ,y . x . ' . ' ga, f T ' . V- R " e T ea . A af U ' 1 W . if 1 'K K A " ..- 4' ..,, s fl 'igirs .ie- f 3 . - A K Wai: WL W 1' , K "ff . : zz lv' ss . X ' ' '. 'V 1 i' W ' i ---' . - 1 'f f A .. f Y ' - ' ,Q Q ii' 7 -v , , f .1 5, -f f .. . .1 .,.,. qu an ff ac.. P' V 'fa ,',, . -W. gb., ta... K - 3 i . V,,M,,,, HSL. Lkkk W 57,.f,K . , 3, ,Vg Vk.y , A ,, ,.,xi,,' V . wr it 1,5 :Eg . . . 5 .ir ,., .3 . 1 ,7 V.. 3 4 V, ,M K 4 . , ,, .1 . . I .ffvfsgi at , 2, 5 . i,, ,3 E . g,,E ,.i.V,W,.g. 1, .T . ' ' 'ff . E' .." . ' 'L ' ' i'9'.' T Z. Q' Egg! V . 5 if f-if ' :V K I .. A A - . ' " TOP ROW: W. Bohnsack, C. Vargas, D. Brown, G. Patter- son, G. Vernon, J. Swartz, D, Duby, L. Minjch, R. Von Riesen, B. Atwood, P. Mills, L. Cobler, F. Jackson, D. May, H. Bolyard, R. Martin, R. Nicolay, C. Pinger, F. Rumold. THIRD ROW: R. Luce, J. Westlund, E. Scott, M. Red- mond, R. Morris, N. Ziegler, N. Alfey, G. Dial, J. Wilkinson, C. Condron, L. Brubaker, L. Alberg, B. Barge, G. Morris, R.Fo,rsberg, E. Figgs, B. Miller, G. Vance. SECOND ROW: M. Ensign, B. King, D. Crowell, B. Dennison, B. Sutherland, M. Roberts, M. Armstrong, P. Price, S. McClain, M. Zack- man, C. King, R. Carter, C. Cook, B. Danielson, D. Lewis, B. Collins, S. Dewitt, B. Burnett, H. Cowhick. BOTTOM ROW: S. Alexander, P. Ruggles, M. Renfro, M. Aguilera, N. Dayton, N. Absher, C. Brown, N. Deniston, S. Kerbs, D. Adams, L. Stratton, D. Deal, P. Yarber, K. Hill, I. Crews, C. Wiehenkamp, N. Carothers. HOMEROOMS-Hayes, Bodenhausen, Bayless. REPRESENTATIVES Selah ones 0 H953 Back Row: Virginia Vogel, Jerry McWilliams, Burris Dennis. Front Row: Betty Beal, Mary Jo McNair, Yvonne Timm. TOP ROW: J. Aker, N. Stanley, D. Wilkins, M. Henry, O. Stroup, N. Phillips, D. Snook, J. Loomis, L. Gary, W. Stoner, L. Anderson, L. Carlson, J. Whitson, J. Nash, J. Gifford, B. Steadman, J. Heitmann, J. Hendriks, E. Kampsen, B. Bibert. THIRD ROW: F. Wash, N. Luna, K. Hartzell, R. Kempenar, R. Boal, W. Handy, R. Longaker, Q. Edds, P. Fickel, E. Everette, VV. Greene, D. Zeferjohn, L. Crook, B. Miller, J. Cozad, J. Tetuan, D. Benton. SECOND ROW: K. Clark, S. Morton. S. Henzlik, E. Trimpe, M. Long, C. Mize, V. Vogel, L. Reece, B. Gabler, B. Kiltner, M. Young, J. Lester, C. Ernst, K. Skinner, E. Hall, V. Vifoodward, M. Williams, I. Henry, P. Dykes. FRONT ROW: P. Martin, M. Logan, M. McNair, B. Beal, S. Holtwick, P. Rust, D. Bowes, E. Schutter, L. Boyles, R. Vogel, H. Jager, D. Goodell, N. Mack, M. Tilton, D. Schoonover, M. Wall, M. Roderick. HOMEROOMS-Mullenix, Neaderhiser, Lund. BACK ROW: B. Hagan, D. Ginavan,J. Billings, D. Paxson, D. Thompsen, R. Allen, J. Yeager, B. Burlew, J. Boling, J. Eland, E. Hudkins, D. Molter, K. Van Tine, J. VVoodward, D. Sawyer, R. Ortiz, B. Crawford. THIRD ROW: I. Wagner, R. Negrete, J. McCarter, C. Morgan, D. Abell, R. Albright, D. Ellis, J. McWilliams, Y. Timm, S. Carlson, A. Phelon, A. Tillman, W. Jellison, R. Harness, J. Burgen, D. Hatfield, G. Cook. SECOND ROW: D. Tedford, J. Woodward, J. Clausen, J. 'vVhiffen, S. Hansbearry, A. Hecke W. Fenn, M. Shuster B,,Hard,y, S, Harvey F, Myers. N. Atkinson, M. Bacon, C. Bachman, B. Sample, V. Miller. L. Baker. FRONT ROW: D. Ledford, V. Matthiesen, Z. Long, A. Weathers, S. Stenzel, J. Ijams, P. Tutt,,E. Lake, D. Eastman, D. Hawkins, M. Flock, T. Lahdeene B. Mitchell, V. Foster, A. Smith. V. Helms. HOMEROOMS-Hill, Fitt, Erwin. ..1 l iw- .........., BACK ROW: J. Brokt, M. Buckley, L. Darling, B. Kington, K. McNeill, E. Wilson, R. Alonzo, C. Tice, D. Strobel, B. Burress,E. Bruske,, L. Schmidt, P. Downberg, J. Richards, H. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: D. Carpenter, G. Walker, D. Smith, R. Scott, S. Dominguez, B. Christian, J. Hunbert, J. Unruh, F. Coxen, D. Smith, D. Reed, F. Cross, W. Lyle, R. Lemwman, A. Hicks, L. Jordanl, J. Ketcherside. THIRD ROW: B. Munns, J. Hogan, B. Spencer, B. Schumacher, L. Davis, C. Manning, B. Brown, L. Tulles, Z. Mariner, C. Glenn, V. Rogers, M. Riggin, G. Warren, B. Derritt, G. REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Alice Gronner, Jim Griffith, Mary McClymond. Front Row: Luella Wangerin, Artice MelIgren,Jeanette Ed- monds, Donna Hartman. soon nes 0 H953 Smith, K. Brown. SECOND ROW: M. Rose, C.Shughart N. Hamon, D. Hartman, J. Ebendorf, R. Taggart, N. Amis J. Edmonds, M. Crowley, D. Vorhies, P. Ellis, C. Briggs, M. Stingley, P. James, S. Newman, M. Potts, D. Wright B. Green, Z. Law. BOTTOM ROW: P. Gaston, P. Saar S. Wilson, S. Henderson, S. Losey, E. Lewis, S. Glaspey M. Rogers, J. Haugh, A. Mellgren., S. McMullen, J. Bauman B. Stoffer, J. Reece, J. Beebe, P. Peters, M. Crocker, M Hopkins. HOMEROOMS-Wolfe, Shannon, Webb, Snyder. TOP ROW: D. Chandley, T. Crume, N. Moorhead, D. Calderwood, J. Reinander, B. Dehn, H. Emmot, L. Hale, G Riedel, J. Jensen, B. Mott, B. Desicco, B. Burgoyne, R Stuart, B. Vest, G. Schleder, M. Thornton, D. Smith, C. Strong. FOURTH ROW: L. Smith, B. Shaw, B. King, J. Grier, R. Tewman, D. McClain, D. Addington, C. Moore L. Hir-schberg, J. Sloan, G. Swogger, S. Davis, B. Wilkin: son, J. Griffith, R. Simons, J. Davenport, J. Barrett, N. Denham. THIRD ROW: J. Fadely, F. Wingerson, R. Par- tridge, M. Harden, J. Horton, B. Garrett, M. Staples, S Norris, D. Cole, J. Dutton, D. Kennedy, J. Rose, M. Rodri- guez, T. Henderson, J. Johnson, D. Schuler, E. Daves SECOND ROW: G. Hassett, M. McClymond, M. Ehr- horn, D. Heydt, G. Riggin, M. Skillman, C. Egland, S Smith, C. Maze, F. Moore, L. Wangerin, M. Hitt, B. Gooch, J. Gresser, R. McKenzie, B. Thrush, B. Robinson. BOT- TOM ROW: D. Hoskins, D. McNett, J. Rosenwald, R Downs, B. McQuin, E. Bonner, M. Willis, A. Gronner, J Miller, P. Blazier, J. Hooker, M. Blackwell, S. Tabor, S Wilson, G. Harris, J. Smith. HOMEROOMS-Wheeler, Thomas, Kistler, Phillips. 1 QUILL AND SCROLL Seated: J. Spencer, M. Johnson, I. Bennett, G. Goslin, D. Ware ' ' D, ner, A. Jeffrey. Standing. Baker, H. Dougan, C. Orr, S ' D Billings, H. Hamilton, Moses, G. Henton, R. Roach L. Heil. JOURNALISM INVOLVES EFFORT TROJANS WRITE FOR PUBLICATIONS PHOTOGRAPHERS Paul Dibble, Bill Mains, Larry Christia Members of the Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society Messick, for High School Journalists, are chosen from the juniors and seniors who give hours of thought and effort to the "World" and "Sunflower.' Their skill makes the journalism department one of the best in the state. jim Bennett, president, is aided by Dave McMullen, vice-presi dent, and Martha Jo Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Whether they are folding "Worlds" or copy reading, the members of the Junior Press Club are the apprentices of the newspaper world They are the journalists of the future. Always on the alert, the photographers' job is one of the most important on the annual for pictures play a major part in the book and the photographers make the pictures. This lively staff consists of niors Larry Christian, Bill Mains, and Milton Messick, aided by se Paul Dibble, junior. JUNIOR PRESS FRONT ROW: N. Mack, E. Boothe, S. Kenworthy, S. Birch, D. Kling, D. McNett. SECOND ROW: C. Maze, B. McCue, I. Crews, P.Holman, T. Smith, E. Major, H, Hawley, I. Myers.THIRD ROW: S. Scrinopski, I. Clausen, H. Ellithorpe, N. Murdock, M. Poort G. Coble, B. Boyd, C. Pelton. FOURTH ROW: M. Wright L Snyder C Glenn, M. McNair, L. Young, P. Lodle, M L Underwood, N. Brinker D. Warner, S. Isaacson, M. Roberts, R l ond IL Bowen, V. Glover, . C King J Mills, I. Rosen P. Hughes Smith, P. aym , . BACK ROW: P. Hatcher, S. Sears, J. Hunter, . , . wald, C. Sutherland, B. Braddy, S. Parker. J. Kesler, D. Walter. 61 n, Milton Track stars Ro y Drum, Alfred Goodwin Bill Petersen Cstandingj and Dale Ridge- way and Jim Allen ' grm proudly after copping state title. Students perfect fine points of German at black board. Crowd shakes rafters with pep rally cheers. SCHOOL LIFE VARIES TROJANS HAVE FU N IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL Above: Nurses' Chemi t s ry students brew weirdconcoctions in chemistry lab under the watchful e ye of H. F Ellithor e . ,pl . Left Gym squads fall i f n or roll call. 'N--nav' Albove: Football team practices plays at Chandler Field after school. Right: Duaine Baker promotes candidate Nanc Z' l Y leg er during half-time jalopy parade. . tlrla . , Q 'LLA , i J ,S 'drry , T! ,QQ an in Q ' . ' ff? ZF . ...emi :El S .sz 5 zfiffby Q. , t Q 1 is fi ' sf Y :Weil I . - ' 'ti . '3 V ' -1' 5' w - a in ' ' JH at 5, F, 5 A H ,, A VW- ,gn , b . A in ,E 6 , A I iw . Q ' ' -.- ' 4 W' iT Y' " -' 1 1 iz is H t it fe' 1. sf af-f.3f,sff 1 ' Q, M '-" ,A at f W t aff . ffl t 1 ' i li 4 5, ' "'s..-, . 43' Fifi 'f . . . I it if .K X ijt, f 1 , 1 4 l , If , I fhv' " H . 19 .1 Ms- M Q W' Warren Faldley brightens Miss Mabel g , 3555!-V .. f'-"- Frys classroom with Christmas scene. .Z V . . , a-.,.e-wlnfvfasftatawa. t.,.. , iumwwggiwiwk, Km Trojan band marches in sry C 1 down Kansas Avenue. 1 ction stunt. und track in pre-EC Stage craft students Dorothy Haynes and - 1 weaves itS WHY am Alice Terry decorate Christmas tree for All- Decorated JH OPY School Party. 63 Television set presents r bl . p o ems to Robert Hersh, as he repairs it in Vocational Radio. Vocational El ece ow to repair a motor. ectricity teaches Bill Re h l i TRADE sc:-loot BOYS LEARN For those who wish to obtain practical learning in high school about the job at which they will make their living, the To k pe a Trade School offers infinite op- portunities in varied fields. Available not only to high school students but to others as well, the Trade School benefits the whole community. 64 Robert Short a movie equipment in preparation for an assignment in Vocational Photography. nd Robert Diepenbrock check ' TRAINS FDR FUTURE vARlous SKILLS Three hours of each afternoon are spent in the Trade School by Topeka High School juniors and Seniors enrolled in one of the six vocational classes-Arc and Acetylene Welding, Auto Mechanics, Electricity, Machine Shop, Photography and Radio Mechanics. During the fore- noon they attend regular classes. The most modern methods taught by competent, well-qualified teachers enable the Trade School to turn out self-sufficient boys who know their job thoroughly. 1-l, ,.49"' David Perez cuts steel plate with radiograph machine cutting torch in Vocational Welding. Vocational Machine Shop teaches Edward Derby how to operate metal cutting band saw. Kenneth Reeves tightens radiator bolts in Vocational Auto Me- chanics class. 65 HELEN HAMILTON Editor HARPER DOUGAN Business Manager ANN JEFFREY, associate edit0f SUNFLOWER STAFF Editorial Editor ,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.......,........ Helen Hamilton Associate Editor ................................,......... Ann Jeffrey Art Editors ,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,........ jim Bass, Connie White Art Staff .,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,, Jerry Scott, Leonard' Ransom, Julia Ann Oliver, Alice Force Photographers ,,,...,,,.,.,,,. Larry Christian, Bill Mains, Milton Messick, Paul Dibble Copy Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............,....,...,...... Helen Douglas Copy Staff ........ Bill Nowlan, Don Moses, Larry Heil, Donna Lawrence Organizations ................ , ..,........,.... Martha 0 OIIIISOU I I Lithographing Editor ,,,...............,..... Dennise Warner BUSINESS STAFF-SEATED: Becky Thacher, Harper Dougan, Melba Massey. STANDING: Bob Grogger, George Davis, Nadine Poole, Althea Bro- mich, Shirley Wall. sim CREATES ANNUAL YEARBOOK HOLDS MEMORIES We are honored to try to bind together dear memories for you and give them to you with our best wishes in this "Sunflower." We are striving to capture in these pages the smiles and the tears, the hard work and the rewards, symbols that will, now and in years to come, call to memory all the events of this year. The majority of the problems in producing the annual are overcome through the efforts of the staffs under the supervision of Helen Hamilton, editor, Ann Jeffrey, associate editor, Harper Dougan, business manager, and William F. Adams, faculty sponsor. In your hands we leave our book, hoping that it will be able to bring to life for you the things you have done and seen this year. Assistants to Editor ............ Nancy McAdam, Roberta Brandenburg, Gertrude Goslin, Doris Derrington, Kathleen Knauss, Dorothy Haynes, Ioan Gronner, Barbara Lynn, Anneva Johanson, Betty Turner. Business Business Manager ................................ Harper Dougan Assistant Managers .......................... Althea Bromich, Mason Eagan Ad Solicitors .............. George Davis, Bob Grogger, Becky Thacher, Nadine Poole, Melba Massey, Shirley Wall 66 burg, K. Knauss, D Haynes, D. Lawrence, A Bass. EDITORIAL S TAFF- FRONT ROW: N. Mc- Adam, G. Goslin, A. Jef- frey, H. Hamilton, D. War- ner, J. Oliver, D. Derring- ton. ROW 2: R. Branden- Force, H. Douglas, M. Johnson, C. White, J. Gronner, BACK ROW. L. Ransom, D. Moses, L. Heil, B. Mains, L. Chris- tian, Milton Messick, J. I , . ., v.,. .. ..... gn.-. a., H --1 - ----- -1 - --1x- -----so--1 -A-M 1-rnrnis, rmns, UveTa'1Tc1-rirtlgntcr are l'I'l'ri'Il's. Cnifls, love, Zllld-lHll.L:'lllL'i' rr Wd in the' Topeka high auditorf- Fxllccted in tile' T0'DEk3 lllS1'l1HH11difOfr expected in the' Topeka lfigh auditor-1 expected in the Topekaihigh ziwlitr- tzorrow evening as the first dra- 1U1l1.t0m0f1'0W CVC1l111g as the tirst dra- ium toniorrow evening as the first dra- iuin tc111:orrou' evcniiig as the ifr-1 fir: Production of the year, "The IHHTIC Ilfodllfllffll Ol the Xfiflf. "Thc1nf1tfc production of the year.""l'l1en1z1tic IlI'O1lllt'llOll of the year "ll li' sponsored by the Masque ilflfillll-ii' dlJ0llF0VUd llll Tile MHSQUC lif11'illi1." sY1o1iS0red by the Masque Uf1v'fll:1." SllL1llif'l'l'Kl by t'1Q lla-qu Dig, will he staged at 8:15 211111 ll Wlll' he Siasiffl PU S15 dn-l lVi2. will he staged at S115 xml Wig, will he staged at S11 The 21111111211 event is the high- Oiflmck- The llllllllfll H2111 it UTC High- OyClf'L'li. 'l lit dllllllill event is the high- o'rlf1clf. 'l'l1ca111111:1l tvcnt is the lziuf. VVPAX week, liait of ll-'Pix week. ligft 411' '1lfi'?r wt-ck. igzlt ol' 'Will wet-lc. Gorilla," written by Ralph "The Gorilla," written by Ralph "The Gorilla," written by Ralph "The Gorillaf, written by Ralph e. is a three-act mystery- SPGHCQ is 3 fh1'e?'3Ct YUYSWFY- Spence, is a three-act mystery- Spence, is a three-act mystery- idy filled with enough sus- C0fY1f2dY filled with eY10Ugl'1 Sus- comedy filled with enough sus- comedy filled with enough sus- ? and excitement to keep you P9359 and excitement 'fo keep YOU of-ESG and exciff .ht to been vou Dense and excitement to keep you I on the edge of your chair Sitting OH the edge of your chair sitting on the fi . - ig on the edge of you h ' ghout the performance," ac- thf0l12h0Uf the "F"c""M"' H g to Miss Gertrude Whee ldirector. Brooks and Carol Cowger 1 nantic leads portraying A1 1, who is a playwright, lady. Ronald Kiblcr as M middle-aged, brawny deter quite dumb, and Tom Cool 'rity, Mulligan's partner s to be brave but isn't, su, netly roles. tion of the g room of an ancestral ho n' ong Island. The plot of tl' ha b s een kept secret. Onl flCI'l'1bE'I'S of the cast and play is in tl r c air ughout the performance," ac mg to Miss Gertrude VVheeler, director. Brooks Elllfl Carol Co ca s poitiaiing Arthur n, who is a playwright, and lady. Ronald Kibler as Mulli- inidclle-agcd, brawny detective quite dumb, and Tom Coolidge rrity. lXlnlligan's partner who ls to be brave but isn't, supply nedy roles. tion of the play is in the 5 room of an ancestral hom e ong Island. The plot of the has been kept secret. Only stat iembers of the cast and staff been admitted to practice: b ' W'heel1-r has been assisted uth Graizdon and student d' t ir mly lo Scott and Evie Pa 1. chills, love, and laughter at in the T orrow evening as the first dra roduction of the year, "Th sponsored by the Masqu ig, will be staged at 8:l. The annual event is the high VVPA week. opeka high auditor Gorilla," written b R l h Y HP e, is a three-act mystery .y filled with enough sus- and excitement t on the edge of your chair ghout the performance," ac- tg to Miss G lirector. o keep you ertrude Wheeler, lrooks and Carol Cowger carry ,antic leads portraying Arthur who is a playwright, and dy. Ronald Kibler as Mnlli-: iddl - g. T "The Gorilla," written by Ralph 6 e aged, brawny detective ite dumb, and Tom .Co l onthe ity, Mulligan's partner who 5 to be brave but isn't, suooqg iedy roles. i on of the play is in the room of an ancestral home Lug Island. The plot of the as been kept secret. Only bers of the cast and staff to practices. een assisted Sb .em been admitted Wheeler has b 'ith Grandon anu student diro ily Jo Scottvand Evie' Para chills, love, and laughter are in the' Topeka ,high auditov- 1rrow evening as the first dra- oduction of the year, "The sponsored by the Masque will be staged at 8115 he annual event is the high- VVPA week. Gorilla," written by Ralph is a three-act mystery- filled with enough sus- .rooks and Car and excitement to keep you on the edge of your chair ghout the performance," ac- g to Miss Gertrude Wheeler, lirector. ol Cowger carry A L LL I A een admitted to practices. ll lTCQl! 1' has been assisted by ith ljr.x:1:lr111 and stnrlt-11t direc- rilx' lo 4' ' i ' - - .Lott and l".v1e l"ara- , chills, love. and laughter are in the Topeka high amlitor- irroxr Clftllillg as the first dra- tcsrinrtiori ui the year, "The t1:1.11sorcrl by the Ma-que 4. will he staged at Szli The annual ryeiit is Line high- 1Yl'.X week. 3ori11a," written by Ralph is a three-act mystery- 4 filled with enough sus- nd. excitement to keep you in the edge of your chair rout the performance," ac- to Miss Gertrude Wheeler, 'ector. Joks and Carol Cowger carry itic lead' " " s portraying Arthur who is a playwright, and y. Ronald Kibler as Mulli- ddle-aged, brawny detective ite dumb, and Tom Coolidge y, Mulliga11's partner who o be brave but isn't, supply y roles I 1 of the play is in the om of an ancestral home D ..-..l.,-.s-or me cast ....... yuan utlmltldd ngiit Ut W FA week. "The Gorilla," written by Ralph Spence, is a three-act myster y- comedy filled with enough sus- 'IF , .rise and excitement to keep you sitting on the edge of your chair thro hiou ' ug t the performance,' ac- cording t'o Miss Gertrude Wheeler, play director. Bob Brooks and Carol Cowger carry ,--... ...t amrum-vw:11r'1F'UTe F1 .. 113 l1gE.t of NVPA week. Spence, is a three-act mystery- comedy filled with enough sus- pense and excitement to keep you sitting on the edge of your chair throu h g out the performance," ac- cording to Miss Gertrude Wheeler, play director. Bob Brooks and li- Carol Cowger carry A 1.. +1-ia .-nm-,heir la-arlq nm-cmvinn Arflfmr Island. The plot of the been kept secret. Only ers of the cast and staff 1 admitted to practices. pray 1135 zelefr, has been assisted by irandon and student direc- jo Scott and Evie Para- lls, love. and laughter are he' Topeka high auditor- evening as the first dra- LW' tion of the year. "The ' nsored, by the Masque ..-.u twig, will be staged at 8:15 o'c'lock. The annual event is the high- liglt of lYI',X week. "The Gorilla " vrger carry niantic lvd' ' " " , written by Ralph Spence, is a three-act mystery- comedy filled with enough sus- pense and excitement to keep you sitting on the edge of your chair throughout the performance," ac- cording to Miss Gertrude Wheeler, play director. Bob Brooks and Y Carol Cowger carr y Right: ,Bruce Kirkpatrick Tom Hartman and Ted Mel Coy solemnly bear "pool Jud's" remains down the aisle. ler and Sam Deitz attract the voterls eye. Left: 20th century mechan- ical men parade the halls for Bob Brooks. Below: "It Pays To Be Ignorantn and Dave McMullen and Dan Halladay find Jerry Lutz no exception Equipped with sleeping bags and blankets Stan Lamar, Jerry Bray and Kay Stew- art relax in hall. Above: Attired in ehef's uni- form and high hat Jock Mil- DEMOCRACY REIGNS HALLS sHow COMING ELEcr1oN VVith all the anticipation and excitement of national de t. T . . . . c ions, rojans once again engage in the competi- tion for office. VVeird costumes appear in the hall s. Bands march up and down advertising their Candi d t . . a es. Posters, streamers, cards and pins decorate the halls and litter the floors After the rim l . p ary e ec- tion an assembly is presented by those still in the running. Stump speeches are given by the candidates. Everything from gangsters and quiz ro r t I f p g ams o chorus lines blossom forth to catch the student's f . . ancy and bring the candidates votes. Behind all this buzz of activity are the guiding hands of Dick Mai, election Commissioner, Barbara Bradstreet, election clerk and G C Rieniets f lt . . . , acu y advisor. lt is through their efforts that things run sm thl f ' oo 3, xotes are counted, and the election is brought to an exciting close. Three little bears Jea Peggy Hughes exhibit their talents. nie Hunter, Susan Sears, and ALL-GIRL PARTY GOES WESTERN SOPHOMORE PARTY BRINGS CROWD Troy Janes go western as they attended the annual All-Girl Party. Cowgirls complete with cowboy boots, ten gallon hats, and six shooters take over the cafeteria prepared . . , .1 to enjoy the program presented by the Senior Girls Counci and Miss Annabel Pringle. A melodrama filled with Indians, cowboys, and a horse keep all entertained. As a grand finale everyone whirls through a reg The birthday of the Marines, otherwise known as Bill rated into the varied program of the ular old-time square-dance. Adams day, is incorpo Sophomore Party. Sponsored by James Hill and the officers Top: John Fadely, Jane Wilkinson, Charles Tuttle and Mary Ruth McClymond entertain crowd with a song at Sophomore Party. Above: Beverly Mc- Quin finds aching feet accompany a good time. of the Sophomore class the lower classmen show their talent. Highlights of the program are several vocal solos, a novel broom dance, and a rainy day quartet. Grimacing, Mary VVright and Connie White q the disappearance of fair lady. uestion Indian, Mercia Holst about Lithe Margaret Nason demonstrates her ability as toe-tap dancer. Above: Sophomores create im- pressiveness in Induction As- sembly. Right: Complete with Statue of Liberty, Red Cross highlights tabloid. ASSEMBLIES EDUCATE sTuDENTs BENEFIT World Staff plugs sale of Activity Tickets. Waitress Carol Cow- ger coyly converses with patron Keith With sparkling eyes Peggy Hughes and Susan Sears go through dance routine for "Sky1iner" diners. TALENT ARRAY LIVENS PARTY TROJANS PATRONIZE SKYLINER CAFE No true sidewalk cafe can harbor as much talent as the "Skyliner" brings to the All-School Party. The scene abounds with songsters who sing the latest hits. Dancers, Fredrika's violin, a roving reporter, and "The Thing" are well combined to make the program a smooth-running success. The evening reaches its climax with the long awaited crowning of the All-School Party King and Queen. Down the aisle come the attendants, being introduced by jock Miller. Then as they are crowned King Eddie Ridgeway and Queen Becky Thacher, another wonderful couple joining Troy's Hall of Fame. Left Boommg the big bass drum, Kay Stewart, Richard Mai, and Don Murphy present the woeful tale of "The Thing." Below: With a marvelous cast and a l splendid set the All-School Party program goes over beautifully. Si Bashful Clifford Henry is pleasantly tormented by Linda Grange and Sondra Scrinop- ski. . .L N-seam, 71 Top: High point of the All-School Party comes with crowning of Becky Thachenqueen, and Eddie Ridgeway, king, by jock Miller. Above: Dance following All-School ATTENDANTS DANCE FoLLows The most Well-kept secret of the year is the identity of the All-School Party King and Queen. After the first general balloting, choices are narrowed down to the five girls and five boys who receive the most votes. These are the royalty of the All-School Party. After a colorful program leading up to the coronation, Jock Miller presents the attendants to the eager spectators. Bar- bara Bradstreet and Allan Brodecker Party features happy faces and jammed floor. I Attendants Barbara Bradstreet and X Allan Brodeclcer. Attendants Susan Sears and Jerry Dawson. 72 COMPLETE ROYAL PARTY cRowN1NG OF KING AND QUEEN Attendants Marie Baughman and Darrell Peyton. come torward along with Susan Sears and Jerry Dawson, Marie Baughman and Dar- rell Peyton, and Sue Anderson and Ted McCoy. The climax comes as Becky Thacher and Eddie Ridgeway are presented and crowned queen and king of the All-School Party. Beaming reception line greets incoming guests. 73 Attendants Sue Anderson and Ted McCoy. King Eddie Ridgeway and Queen Becky Thacher steal a few minutes for refresh- ments. 35-----.-1 Beattie, B. Braddy, K. Choguill, S 2: E. Paramore, C. Davis, J. Hunter, E K. Schulte. ROW 3: T. Coolidge, J Schneider, J: Reppart, J. Holstine, S ROW: B. Brooks, R. Kibler, J. Hogue J. Miller, D. Wood, L. Shiner, J. Scott DRAMA ENRICHES SCHOOL PROGRAM Acrolas Pur IN oven-TIME Highest of honors to be received by a budding actor or actress is a membership in the National Thes- pian Society. Only those students who have had 75 lines or more in a play or held a major staff position are eligible. The Thespians, sponsored by dramatics teacher, Miss Gertrude Wheeler, have elected as the year's officers John Reppart, president 5 Jeanie Hunter, vice- president, Susan Sears, secretary. MASQUE AND WIG-FRONT ROW: L. Gilbert, S. Sears, J. Davis, E. Paramore, J. Grantham, F. Aronhol., D. Gar- rigues, K. Choguill. ROW 2: C. Brown, M. Bacon, P. DeLong, J. Erskine, S. Scrinopski, B. Iott, J. Kelly, J. Spencer, C. Davis, J. Bell, J. Oliver, M. Haskell, H. Hamilton. ROW 3: D. Skinner, R. Ashley, A. Bromich, M. Johnson, A. Terry, M. Holst, E. Scott, S. Howard, B. Mitchell, W. Fenn, K. Haskell M. Young, L. Absher, H. Douglas, A. Anderson, C.Casebier. The Masque and Wig, also sponsored by Miss Wheeler, includes a larger number of dramatics mem- bers since all Play Production students and anyone who has served on the cast or staff as well as Stage Craft students are automatically a member. Although their meetings are not held regularly an election of officers made Judy Crane president, Jock Miller, vice- president and Jane Grantham, secretary-treasurer. ROW 4: S. Hardman, M. Wright, A. Gronner, S. Line, N. Bleckley, G. Riggin, J. Ebendorf, J. Kesler, C. White, J. Crane, N. Mack, B. Lynn, D. Haynes, L. Snyder, L. Kiene, A. Jeffrey. BACK ROW: S. Beattie, D. Wilking, G. Swenson, J. Greenwood, J. Reppart, S. Lamar, L. Heil, K. Schulte, R. Kibler, N. Denham, J. Boling. J. Hogue, J. Miller, L. Shiner M. Eagan. 74 THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: S Sears, N. Bleckley, F. Aronhalt. ROW Scott, J. Davis, J. Grantham, J.Macey Lamar, H. Ives, R. Johnson. BACK DEBATE-FRONT ROW: L. Shiner, R. Johnson, D. Garrigues, N. Brinker, M. W. Stratton, N. Mack. BACK ROVV: W. Schmid, G. Swogger, B. Cotton, L. Hirschberg, G Swenson,W.WalterRusse1lfspon sorj, B. Nowlan, B. King, D. Smith, C. Kruse, Irvin. DEBATE TEAM WINS TROPHY RED CROSS BACKS PAPER DRIVE ' f the year the Junior Red Cross Council A At the beginning o , plunges whole-heartedly into their task of helping others. n Armistice Day Assembly is sponsored and Christmas gifts are JUr1iOf Red CYOSS IHYS Wreath at A-fmiS given to the Capper Foundation and the Methodist Home. Cli- tice Day ASSCHINY. maxing a year of service is the much anticipated Valentine's Party B L if . given for the patients at Winter Vete.ran's Hospital. ' if. N ' , Coach W. Walter Russe1l's debate team completes one of its pfii,-, 7 "M most successful seasons in recent years by winning four trophies .fp X 5 pvg' p I 3 5 ,P A for Topeka High. The first two trophies came in the Atchison In- - vitational Tournament. First place also was captured in the Hutch- , ...A s Ti, Vzpi L' ison Invitational Tournament and Emporia Invitational Tourna- 'lis t 't.- V iigi yg ment. y i' V:., " E' I ,Ggf H "':. 1- S . f J 1: .f t 65,325 H .Kb p, Vaat.,f,.w an p 35.3 N fi JUNIOR RED CROSS-FRONT ROW: H. Ellithorpe, C. Cowger, J. ' 7 1 ,.'ej' A J' Rosenwald, M. Poort, T. Landeene, N. Bleckley. ROW Z: M. Michener, S. U. -J . -' .gy Q.,, ,,,,, Q ,L Q' - Ihinger, L. Force, K. McFarland, J. Oliver, M. Welty, A. Colvin. ROW 3: ., A 1 " p ' E. Pomeroy, B. Grogger, J. Miller, B. Gelvin, B. Boyd, L.Caskey,S. Howard, U I i t., 7 l f y- ,Q , ' ' , E. Wolf, Z. Mariner, J. Bowen, Miss Ruth Grandon - . .,., .KLV .--' . ,Y , Q D ' Reppart, ' ' ,VV,,i A , - N. Denxston, C. VVh1te OW: C. Davis, B. Reece, G. Davis, s. Csponsorj. BACK R Hogue, N. Capps, R. Cotton, J. Bowen, P. Mills, B. Hobb 75 Spellbound, Sidney Beattie, Ronald Kibler, and Tom Coolidge watch John Reppart emerge om hidden ,v-wa,44fMe7' ,1 Z-- AL., 05 XYith a rumbling growl the gorilla CTed Mc- Coy! carries Carol Cowger down secret stair- way. Vl'hile Sidney Beattie watches. Bob Brooks does some fast explaining to Tom Coolidge and Ronald Kibler. MASQUE AND WIG SPGNSORS "GORILLA" SUPPLIES THRILLS Beware! a gorilla is terrorizing the country! Un- conscious sailors fall out of closets. Radios blare mysterious messages. Fear liberally sprinkled with laughs is the keynote of the Masque and VVig play. Amid the confusion, the "Laurel and Hardy" police- men, Mulligan and C-arrity fTom Coolidge, Ronald Kiblerj romp through their roles, messing up the clues, and gayly following red herrings. They and a young reporter, Ilka Simmons fSidney Beattiej answer the report that a mysterious criminal called the gorilla is scheduled to attack Cyrus Stevens CDave Woodj. Romance is supplied by Cyrus' niece Alice Denby fCarol Cowgerj and a young playwright CBob Brooksj. The faithful family butler Uohn Reppartj is exceedingly sad about the whole thing. Answering the "who-dun-it" question kept the au- dience on the edge of their seats but one could t .V . . no foresee the final O. Henry twist at the end. "The Gorilla' was under the capable direction of M. p . ISS Gertrude VVheeler assisted by student director, Emily jo Scott. Bob Brooks and Carol Cowger look on as Sidney Beattie prepares to snap Dave Wood's picture. 76 ggi, PLAY Above: Alice Foree, become deeply engrossed in reading the many letters. ' fl' kers Right ve y across the faces of Mary Welty, Alice Force, Sondra Scri- nopski and Ted McCoy. ,W-.,.,,,,WmmW -hm -REQ Billie Sue Braddy and Ted McCoy E r thing from horror to bewilderment ic Yup CAST ROMPS THROUGH UDEAR RUTH" CONFUSION LITTLE SISTER CAUSES Furious, Larry Shiner rns, so a gay As large oaks are caused by small aco confusion is created by a small teen-ager, Miriam Wilkins fMar Weltyj when she starts writing letters to service- Y men, signed with her older sister's name. Unfortunately, ' d older sister Ruth C k CGene Swensonj Billie Sue Braddyj is already engage to a ban er . The resulting entanglements keep the play moving quickly, with the frustrated and bewildered father CTed. d f hi hli hts. Men arriving McCoyj as one of the come 3 g g the time and deliver phonograph records and cracker-jacks brings the hilarity to a high point ending in a way satisfactory to all. every hour to announce Larry Shiner Billie Sue Braddy, Alice Foree, Gene Swenson, , M Welty, and Sonnie Scrinopski gaze on as Ted McCoy per A d ll ary on between John Slater and r e e forms marriage cerem y Anderson berates trouble maker Mary NVelty. Emily Jo Scott, Top: Mary Welty calmly converses on telephone while Ted McCoy attempts to peruse paper. Above: Baffled Ronald Kibler puzzles what to do next with un- conscious Carol Cowger. CASTS BRING ABCDUT SUCCESS STAFFS DESERVE CREDIT GORILLA e Cyrus Stevens Alice Denby CAST Arthur Marsden ......... Mr. Mulligan ....... Mr. Garrity .......... , Ilka Simmons ..... .John Reppart ....Dave Wood ...Carol Cowger ......Bob Brooks ..Ronald Kibler ........Tom Coolidge ,Sydney Beattie ........Jim Hogue The Stranger ........................ First Class Seaman ............ Jerry Whitson Poe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.,.............. ........ T ed McCoy Dr. VVilner .............,...........t...... James Boling STAFF Directors ..,,............................ "DEAR RUTH" CAST Ruth Wilkins ,,....,....,.....,,, Billie Sue Braddy Lieutenant William Seawright ..,.,,,,,..,.,,, Shiner Mlriam ....................,.......,........,.,,, Mary Welty Albert Kummer ..........,......,.. Gene Swenson Judge Harry Wilkins ,,,,,,,,.,,,,. Ted McCoy Edith Wilkins ,....,...............l..l,,, Alice Force Martha Seawright ........,... Ardelle Anderson Charles Vincent .......,,,,,...,....,,,,,, John Slater Dora .................................... Sonnie Scrinopski STAFF Directors .....,.......... Harry Ives, Julia Oliver Evie Paramore Costume Managers .................... Patty Scott, jack Greenwood Property Managers ..........,..... Janet Kesler, Phyllis De Long, Marilyn Rose Stage Manager ........,.,............. Larry Shiner Asst. Stage Manager .,,,.... Ray Wingerson Business Manager ..............,....... Harry Ives Asst. Business Manager ............ Stan Lamar Publicity Managers .........,........ ,Toyce Davis, David Baker, Nancy Mack Costume Managers .......,...,,... Carol Cowger, Property Managers ..... ...... Stage Manager ....... .... Asst. Stage Manager ......... Business Manager ...... A Mary Wright .Connie White, Ithea Bromich ...Joe Schneider Marvin Roush .....PhiI Coolidge , Publicity Managers .,... ..,..., G eorge Davis, Larry Heil 78 "NEW MOON" Marianne ........ Ida True, Marian Haskell, Barbara Cross Robert ,,,........ ...,,,,,..................... B ob Brooks Alexander ,................................... Stan Lamar Philipe .,,,.,,,..,,.,........................ Frank Houdek Clotilde ......,. Barbara Baker, Katy Choguill Monsieur Beaunoir .,,........... Richard Duran Vicomte Ribaud .....,................ John Reppart Julie .............. June Hartzell, Janis Brown Besace .,.,,....,,,,.,............,,.,...,.....,, Jerry Tipton Jacques .........................,,................... ,lim Munk Captain Dejean ............................ Sam Deitz Commander of "New Moon" ................ Greenwood Flower Girl ........ C. J. Davis, Louise Butler, Norma Baird "So I went under the turn- style!" shouts Gene Swen- son to horrified Ted Mc- Coy and Alice Foree. CLUBS STIMULATE INTEREST WORK BECOMES FUN The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying home- making in junior and senior high schools. Girls who are enrolled in Home Economics or have taken one year in the ninth grade or higher are eligible for membership. A square dance party is held, a family is adopted for Christmas and a trip to Kansas State College is taken as part of year's activ- ities. Officers are Lois Alberg, president, Sharon Hansbcarry, vice-president, Marleen Barthuly, treasurer, and Marjorie Thompson, secretary. A junior branch of the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club is a group of civic-minded boys meeting each Friday to listen to talks by vari- ous prominent businessmen. They annually hold a Sweetheart Dance and as one of their projects this year they are donating a piano to Topeka High. The students in the Vocational Office Prac- tice and Co-op Classes form the Business Edu- cation Club. This group attends a convention of business classes at Emporia where they ex- change ideas with groups coming from other parts of the state. Roy Iveson was elected president of the Business and Education Clubs of Kansas at the clubs' third annual state convention. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB- FRONT ROW: H. Trimble, P. Fluke, J. Kincaid, R. Grame, A. Johanson, G.I-Iough, C. Reed. ROW 2: Miss Martha Holmes Csponsorj, B. Phila- malee, J. Crook, P. Bulrkhandt, D. Brink- man, J. Peck, R. Bauer, M. Shoe- maker'. 'ROW 3: B. Bannerman, D. Dolezilek, M. Maddox, R. Ladner, J. Bruhns, P. Starkel, M. Payne, B. Lynn. BACK ROW: M. Johnson, D. Bar- tholomew, R. Rodell, N. Osburn, L. Abshier, J. Smith, E. Bohnsack, B. Rust, D. Cain. ni., -- F.H.A.-FRONT ROW: M. Barthuly, J. Lester, L. Alberg, M. Thompson, D. Johnson. ROW 2: N. Underwood, R. Vogel, A. Heckel, S. Morton. ROW 3: B. Trimble, D. Kling, C. Glenn, E. Hamilton, S. Burrell, Miss Katherine Tucker Csponsorl. ROW 4: Jane Denton, M. Anderson, C. Mize, T. Johnson. BACK ROW: D. Swan, P. Dykes, P. Ellis, S. Hanshearry. KEY CLUB-FRONT RO A W: B. Baldwin, L. Jamerson, B. M ' L Ch ' ' ?.g-IarieriMROW 2: L. Hale, B. Christian, E. Alonzo, J, H23-1, 'L . on , . Brown. BACK ROW: W. D rf, C, M ' ' . ' K. Blair, D. Tron. u Dyer' J' Unmh' J' Bolmg' 79 if wi Klngv , 1:0125-FRONT D ROW 1 B- NURsESBP1ggj,,,, G, steak. slifcalfndeii. BACK C' MaZe'D' Coffee. V- Moor? Burns. C- Vetter' ple . ter, Earglilxl-,E. Davis, R' Lass! Q-"' ONT ROW. M Wngm, I-h""Xi1'ei.,'B OCTORS'-FR A . ' ' ald. B- T ac ' HALT: imwhafe SECOND ROVQOQQ Rgsesilhumacher. S- Keflgi T3i1vcIfim::ierhnDI. 1212,-gleitgl-'T?'11gEqith' BACK. ROW: C. Smetzer, a ilaliiyfn 1, its E. Ridgeway, H' L- Fink' LIBRARY PROCTORS-FRONT ROW: E. Wilson, K. Moeller, E. Jones, G. Coble, L. Gouldthread. SECOND ROW: E. Burton, S. Schober M. Iasperson. I. Spen- cer, B. Iott, C. Llowman. THIRD ROW: H. Snyder, P. Navarre, I. Owen, K. Knauss, S. Reaka, G. Smith, M. Messick. BACK ROW: L. Cowen, K. Wiede, R. Kohlschrei- ber, J. Willis, R. Gerry, D. Howard, R. Reser, D. Ridgeway. SCHOOL BENEFITS BY PROCTORS STUDENTS ASSIST TEACHERS Countless time is devoted to running our library by the library proctors. VVhile checking out, distrib- uting, and sorting books and magazines is their main job, they are always on hand ready to give informa- tion or help students with research. Every fourth hour the hall proctors, sponsored by E. L. Fink and under the leadership of head proctors Patty Scott and Eddie Ridgeway, can be found sta- tioned in the corridors checking passes and keeping order in the halls during fourth hour. Each year Miss Fern Taylor, Topeka High's reg- istered nurse chooses capable assistants to help her in various capacities. These proctors are selected on the basis of honesty, personality and courtesy. As efficient as a group of postmen the office proc- tors come through, looking up schedules, delivering the never-ending supply of call-slips and memos to students wherever they might be, and aiding the office force in countless ways. OFFICE PROCTORS-FRONT ROW: S. Hend THIRD ROW: P. Hopfer. I. Lester,H.Ellithorpe.. erson, L. Underwood, P. DeLong, B. McCue, M. M. Rose: M. Poort. I. Gronner. BACK ROW: Rogers, C. Lightbody. SECOND ROW: M. May, J. Mills, L. Snyder, D. Letrud, M. Michener, J. J. Mize, B, Barnett, B. Baker, J. Clausen, S. Parker. Brown, A. Lundgren. BO JUNIOR HOSTS AND HOST- ' ESSES-FRONT ROW: B. Shan- non, B. Gleason, G. Steck, L. Bowen, L. Underwood, S. Scliober, E. Mendoza. ROVV 2: Cv. Henson, N. Smail, S. Ihinger, M. Steves, J. Hosler, E. Paramore, N. Huffman, P. Whitney, J. Eldien, M. Hass, I. Rodriguez. ROW 3: E. Valdivia, B. Barnett, A. Lfundgren, SMKeith, M. Hazzard, J. Mills, B. ah, C. Carter, A. Norris, E. Schumacher, H. Butts. ROW 4: M. Sorg, 1. Henry, J. Langton, T. Smith, C. Lohmann,C. Pelton, M. Michener, M. Hawley, C. Chard, L. Johnson, I.,Myers, VP. Coolidge, C. Schleder. BACK ROW: F. Clark, R. Swee- ney, D. Holcomb, D. Hanley, O. Shinn, C. Evans, L. Hansen, D. Admwssen, G. Swenson, I. Estes, B. Hobbs. CHECK STAND PROVES BLESSING CAFETERIA FEATURES NEATNESS A much needed organization came into being this year under the sponsorship of Charles Shoyer. A group of six regular workers headed by Becky Thacher efficiently take care of wraps at allfunctions held at the school. These workers and several reserves volunteer their time to render this service. The cafeteria is held together during lunch periods by the aid of hosts and hostesses sponsored by Mrs. Esther Kingman. Their main job is to minimize breakage and to keep order at the tables which are assigned to them. Out of each period CHECK STAND WORKERS-FRONT ROW: B. is chosen a head host or hostess who checks the, condition of Benton, G- Hensfmf B- Thafhef- P- Reed- ROW 21 F- the tables at the end of the lunch. This year's head hosts Voiland' W' Fenn' M' Taggart' Z' Mariner' BACK and hostesses are Thelma Smith, Ellen Wolf, Bruce Kirk- patrick, and Mel Sebright. ROW: M. Henney, B. Boyd, G. Benton. SENIOR HOSTS AND HOSTESSES-FRONT ROW: J. Fleischer, D. Letrud, C. White, L. Snyder, P. Hughes, J. Hunter, J. Denton, K. Newman, A. Rocha. ROW 2: N. Bleckley, B. Bubb, C. Krehbiel, M. Swanson, J. Bennett, C. Wymore, P. Frommer, J. Spencer, M. Johnson, E. Burton, M. Taggart, F. Hawn. ROW 3: D. Derrington, M. Kintz L. Fenn, J. Oliver, J. Hardisty, B. Davis, L. Matthews, M. Clark, G. Goslin, L. Zuniga, L. Duran, L. Aguilera, M. Deitrick, R. Roach, Mrs. Esther Kingman Csponsorj, C. Leonard. ROW 4: G. Crocker, P. Davis, M. Messick, I. Bray, M. Jas- sperson, F. Smith, 1. Gronner, P. Miller, H. Cole, D. Jordon, K. Stewart, N. Capps, E. Peyton. BACK ROVV: E Alonzo, S. Munoz, R, Kibler, J. Slater, J. Miller, R. Johnson, S. Lamar. C. Henry B. Bannerman, D, Hinken, B. Brooks, E. Pomeroy, R. Duran, I. Holstine, R. Kohlschreiber, J. Hogue, C. Slawson, M. Sebright, B. Kirkpatrick, B. Sutton, R. Hickman. I. Haugh, D. Trott. 4 8 1 vt v l SEATED: Jack Greenwood, Ida True, Jerry Tipton, June Hartzell, Sam Deitz, Janis Brown, Judy Crane, Don Glecker, Csponsorj. STANDING: Stan Lamar, Cynthia Davis, Franklyn Houdek, Bar- MADRIGALS bara Cross, John Reppart, Barbara Miller, Bob Brooks, Marian Haskell, Richard Duran. f ,K -Q fl M I.. H, if '." in 'ii' a d F N if he A .fi 's , ' E . A o, r ,i ' , e iv ,t l k Q V . Q 1 .V '7 W ,fk . . . ,-.VL B e J W. e A J rasa - Q J , J it f t: t, Y V E Y 4 45 ' ,,-:' li aff "" ,fix 'L 5 b' '1 ., . ' ' T' ,g. wg, CHOIR CHOIR--FRONT ROW: Don Glecker Csponsorj, Judy Crane, Jerry Tipton, Bill Taylor, Richard Duran, Donna Barrett, Peggy Hughes, John Reppart, Janis Brown, Louise Butler, Marjorie Messick, Geneva,Fra.kes, Marie Baugh- man, Becky Thacher. ROW 2: June Hartzell, Joanne Murphy, Barbara Miller, Linda Grange, Norma Baird, Barbara Cross, Marian Haskell, Margaret Nason, Peggy Whitney, Jean Hunter, Vera Erwin, Jean Woodworth. ROW 3: Franklyn Houdek, Jack Greenwood, Jim Carpenter, Bob Brooks, Duane Sodergren, Frank Terry, Max Thomas, Stan La.nar, Charles Ijams, Joyce Hearn, Kathryn Choguill, Ira Nordberg. BACK ROW: Ida True, Linna Snyder, Kay Stewart, Sam Deitz, Robert Brown, Paul Mathews, Susan Sears, Dick Mai, Bob Hobbs, Carol Walker, Ruth Cowie. GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE FRONT ROW: M. Ecord, P. Downey, S. Lindemuth, B. Bartsch, M. Austin, D. Barrett, F. Aronholt. B. Beers, M. Andres, M. Holst, J. Knapp, J. Woodworth, J. Spencer. ROW 2: H. Bryant, J. Hicks, J. Oliver, .lGrant- ham, B. Baker, J. Denton, D. Garrigues, H. Graves, M. Keim, A. Colvin, J. Woods, D. Carlisle, V. Vogel, J. Wolfe I. Rodriguez. ROW 3: E. Jones, M. Johnson, P. Hopkins,, J. McDonald, E. Euwer, J. Clayton, G. Steck, B C. Chard, A. Drescher, J. Kesler, E. Suddieth,,R. Lassiter, B. Fargo, A. Lundgren, J. Koehler,L,Gi5jd,ings.B.,Moorel V,Glg-,vel-1 P, Benson. BACK ROW: B. Hammond, D. Reed, J. Eldien. J. Pollom. S. Beattie, J. White, J. Thacher, B. Gleason, S. Waylan, M. Thompson, C. Lightbody, B. Proud, B. Buchmeier. ROW 4: W. Frank Lindbergh, M. Dunn, P. Reed L. Gill, D. Bristow, C. Cook, K. Newman, J. Stitt. B2 Music GROUPS REPRESENT SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS SING FOR ASSEMBLIES The best of the singing talent in Topeka High makes up the singers in the Madrigals. As representatives of the Music Department they have one of the heaviest schedules of performances, before civic organizations, conventions, church groups, and even afternoon teas. They are the only outside groups invited to attend the Western Music Festival held at Norcatur, Kansas. Another trip takes them to the National Music Festival at Oklahoma City. The Choir, largest mixed vocal group, presents as- semblies such as the Easter Assembly, which they give togther with the Glee Clubs. Civic clubs, High School, Junior Highs and Grade School students, all enjoy the singing of the Senior Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs. Mem- bers are selected the year before by the music teachers. These groups as well as Madrigals are under the guid- ance of Don M. Gleckler. Boys' junior Glee, a group training for advancement for Senior Glee, spends its time learning music funda- mentals. It is under the direction of George Neaderhiser. I BOYS' JUNIOR GLEE FRONT ROW: H. Cowhick, B. Bibert, I. Loomis, K. Linder, Csponsorl. ROW 3: L. Hatcher, L. Adair, C. Brady, C. May, F. Coxen, J. Hogan, P. Rundell, B. Spencer, D. Bennett, J. W. Jungh,J.Aker, A. Goodwin, P. Mathews, C. Casey, B. Stead- Gilbreath, J. McCain. ROW 2: R. Vines,H. Hood, K. Clark, man. BACK ROW: B. Cupp, P. Ingerman, B. Willis, K. Blair, B. Barnes, B. Edmonds, T. Arnold, C. Bagel, B. Swder, D. B. Johnson, B. Cook, C. Tice, D. Hatfield, D. Bleske. 11-,,,1. 1 11- ,... . xv xr 1 n 11 f- -.- f- -Y . .- BOYS' SENIOR G-LEE FRONT ROW: B. Bibert, K. Schulte, H. Zlatnik, R. Brown, R. Ladbury, B. Taylor, D. Calderwood, K. Hartzell, B. Sheppard, T. Arnold. ROW 2: J. Williams, I. Lutz, W. Dutt, F. Willis, D. Hinken, L. Strimple, K. Blair,WP. Ingerman, R. Kibler, B. Boon, D. Kratochvil. BACK ROW: E. Douglas, K. Schowengerdt, R. Mai, M. Thomas, B. Edmonds, E. Zimmerman, F. Spicer, J. Fadely, C. Brady, H. Lyngar, R. Duran. STRING TRIO-Fredrica Margaret Nason. BRASS ENSEMBLE-Dan Robison, Alan Van Nice, Bill Thiessen, Floyd Clark, Milton Messick, Clifford Henry, Jack Bruce, Paul Davis, Franklyn Houdek, Byron Beasley, Bernige Stouffer, Dan Voiland, Elefmof Jones' ENSEMBLES PLAY OUTSIDE SCHOOL SMALL GROUPS DONATE TIME Among the many instrumental ensembles, which are made up of students from both band and orchestra, are the String Trio and String Quintet. They have a major part in represent- ing the Music Department at civic clubs, con- ventions and church programs. They have played music ranging from Beethoven to Cole Porter. The Brass Ensemble, one of the largest en- sembles is mainly confined to programs in our own school and for civic groups. Another important group participating in the small ensemble program is the Flute Quartet. This group has appeared before many of the school and civic organizations during the year. At the Christmas season this group presents many programs for religious services. Haegert. FLUTE QUARTET-Bob Winn' Ann Norris, A mixture of melodies drift from 332 as practice gets underway. Lenore Matthews, Betty Davis. STRING QUINTET Marvin Sorg, Milton Mes sick, June Hartzell, Joe Cozad, Dave McMullen Margaret Nason an NEW MOGNH d joleen Knapp gracefully whirl through colorful dance. DRAWS LARGE CROWD ICAL FEATURES VARIED CAST MUS "The New Moon" shines for three nights on To- peka High's stage with something new every eve- ' h 1 adin parts are filled by a ning. Several of t e e g different singer each night. A tropical atmosphere surrounds the romance of the proud young Marianne loved by her servant, ' ' l hile alone Robert. Outwardly scorning h1s ove w feelin s 1n "Lover Come Back she shows her true g to Me." The stirring rhythm of "Stouthearted Men" marks the loyalty of the people who follow Robert and form an independent colony. Dance tryouts and the self-assured gestures of h f med to make the whole Alexander add a touc o co y show a grand success! k the ship with their ringing melodies. Top: Tense with excitement, sailors, Robert Brown and Kenneth Blair prepare to man the cannon. Ab e: June Hartzell and Katy Choguill scrap ov noisily over the affections of Stan Lamar. Choral groups assemble to roc B5 Long faces reflect feelings of Mike Beardslee, Dale Dickson, and Douglas Sheafor toward finals. Crowd goes wild with enthusiasm as team scores touchdown. CLASS DAYS VARY NEW PROJECTS HEIGHTEN FUN Top: Kathleen Moeller, Larry Christian and Don Murphy work industriously in Office Practice. Left: Art students patiently wait movie as Harry Nelson, in- structor, moves machine. B6 Instructo Y, Charles Shoyer, guides students, Jack Barrett, Lee Iamerson and Ronnie Daven- S trammg gym Students laboriously climb ro DC port, in re Rosemary Carter and Joanne Hamilton give snack bar a beauty treatment. own measuring, s6niOYS T : Through with their cap and E 013 gather around to hear Erme Douglas Play- Right: Concentration reigns in typing C1355- Jc,Ann Hawkins and Dave Hinken watch fas- cinated as Charles Ewing carefully heats tube fx 4 . STUDENTS HELP OFF STAGE X l PRoc'roRs.-FRONT Kwiiqiaigllimiiggafdis' MOVIE , ' DenniS,L0fen ' bb, Lirma J0h1mYHalueW?oliv5'iiS. any Dem' Bob GHfimi. BACK k Ackers. M rms Sager Gary a l giizdsfl Pat Raymonciibnnijei Hickman, Jmj Gleiirin nljlafoliii ROVV5 Roy Casneiy L rrv Lavery Larry Chris la l . 3 03111 ' ' l ... TE,E , ,- UW., ...W ETS-FRONT ROW' 5213, Martin John PLAY CAD , ROW 2: R0 6 CK how: Ruggles. Carolylhxiiiim, Howard Cole. 1l?,Ahard Duran, 2ateriC3iElYel1?nRobert Beal, Charles Evans: lc ary ' MOVIES RUN SMOOTHLY Selected personally by their sponsor, Miss Evelyn McCauley, the Play Cadets represent dependable and responsible students. It is partially due to their efforts in selling tickets, taking tickets, and guarding the door that our plays han run so smoothly. Forty-five dependable students, headed by Miss Bernice Finley, form the Usher Club. People attending plays at the school are greeted by their smiles and ushered efficiently to proper seats. Their services are given free of charge at all activities which require ushering at thelschool. The anticipated time that comes to every class, when the teacher announces a movie, is made possible by the Movie Proctors, sponsored by A. M. Seaman. All having had several years of experi- ence in operating movie machines, the movie proctors are capable of handling any crisis which may arise. USHER CLUB-FRONT ROW: H. Hamilton, P. DeLong.lM. Clark, D. Haynes, A. Johanson, B. Lynn, C. Lehmann, J. Fleischer, T. Smith. ROW Z: S. Brolst, M. Edwards, N. Atkinson, L. Gill, P. Lindsey, D. Eastman, E. Bonner. M. Henney. ROW 3: Miss Bernice Finley Csponsorj, S. Holtwick, C. Manning, S. Howard. R. Brandenburg, E. Burton, F. Voiland, F. Everett, S. Keith, H. Hawley, K. Knauss, M. Long, Z.Mariner, E. Major, D. Reed. BACK ROW: L. Cowan, L. Christian, H. Lyngar, D. Admunsen, D. Roach, E. Peyton, M. Eagan, P. Darmeberg. 88 y Eldte Ridgeway with ll 'he' Trojan basketball team up on the Salina Maroons rere playing on their home defeated the 1950 state cham- ia score of 52 to 38, hzway got Topeka off to a 'art with two field goals as jans piled up a lead in the larter that was-never reach- Salina. trast to the Trojans inaccur- ing in their opener when they ill field goals they made 23 lSalina, Ridgeway scored Qthe field shots. He was fol- y Charlie Boyd with five, wlelson .four and Mark De- 'ka's lead of 12 to 5 in the :arter was steadily increas- xughout the game as they I to 15 at the half and 40 i the end of the third quart- iannonmemout ran and out Nfaroons who were known for X: play last season. Only in iquarter did the Trojans put les on slightly as they held ball and worked in closer to rt for their shots. ardGSha.nnon, coach, started Vlclntoshg' junior forward, ed all seniors in the last luarters. Mel Sebriglit and lavenport played good .floor for the Trojans and Boyd Cvine did a good job of g the ball off of the back- for Topeka. assel led the Maroon offense Eoints, one less than Ridge- d. Topeka high will take a ok at the Maroons, this time fruary 24 'much closer to the f. 1 Eddie Ridgeway with 17 ne' Trojan basketball tram Lp on the Salina Maroons ere playing on their home defeated the 1950 state cham- a score of 52 to 38. :way got Topel-ra,off, to a :art with two field goals as vjans piled up a lead in the rter that was never reach- alina. .rast to the Trojans inaccur- ag in their opener when .they ll field goals they 'made 23 Salina. Ridgeway scored :he field shots. ,He was' fol- f Charlie -Boyd with" five. 'elson four and Mark 'De- 1ra's lead of 12 to I5 in the arter was steadily increas- ughout the garne as they, to V15 at ,the half and 40 the' end of the -third quart- annonmen out ran and out faroons who were known for play last season. On-ly in quarter did the Trojans put ts on, slightly' as they held, all and worked in closer to for their shots. lrd Shannon, coach, started clntosh, junior forward, all seniors in the last ers. Mel Sebright and venport played good floor ?or the Trojans 'and Boyd :vine did a good job of g theiballuoff of the back- or Tfopeka. igelfled the Maroonoffense ointS,,one less -than Ridge- Led by Eddie ,Ridgeway with 17 points the' Trojan basketball team opened up on the Salina Maroons which twere playing on their home' floor and defeated the 1950 state cham- pions by a score of 52 to 38. Ridgeway got Topeka off to a good start with two field goals as the Trojans piled up a lead in the first quarter that was never reach- ed by Salina. In contrast to the Trojans inaccur- Led by Eddie Ridgeway with .17 points the' Trojan basketball Learn opened up oln the ,Salina Maroons which were playing. on their home floor and defeated the 1950 state cham- pions by a score of,52 to 38. ,Ridgeway got Topeka off to a good ,start with two field goals as the Tf0lEU1S piled up a lead in the first quarter that was never reach- ed--by Salina. 'ln contrast to- the Trojans inaccur- ate shooting in their opener when they atesliooting in their opener when ll'lPv I Led byiEddie Ridgeway -with l .points the' Trojan basketball tea opened up on the Salina Marooi ifwhich were playing on their hon floor and defeated the 1950 state chan pions by a score of 52 to 38. Ridgeway got Topeka off to a good- start with two field goals as the Trojans piled up a lead in the first quarter that was never reach- ed by Salina. In contrast to the Trojans inaccu i ll titld goa they ma e inst aina Rid enax score Ol the llfld shots, HQ was Jed by Charlie Boyd with fiv ck Nelson four and Mark Di e four. Topeka's lead of 12 to 5 in the 1 - J ate shooting in their opener when the ' ' onf,-. 1 ls ,W C1 3 l. k S I, V . gl ' 'Y -x ht ' H ' ' fo u rst quarter was steadily increas d throughout the game as they sad 26 to 15 at the half and 40 29 at the end of the third quart- r. 'he Shannonmen out ran and not last quarter did the 'lrojans pu brakes on slightly as they hel o the ball and worked in closer t basket for their shots Howard Shannon coach started hn McIntosh junior forward ut used all seniors in the last ree quarters Mel Sebright and ob Davenport played good floor ames for the Trojans and Boyd d Devine did a good job of arching the ball off of the back- -- 1?- "l',-.--n1-..r- 1 - - Vllll ....... I,- Howard Shannon, coach, started John McIntosh, junior aforward, but- used ,all seniors qinfthe last three quarters. Mel Sebright and Bbb Davenport played good floor games: for the Trojans and Boyd and Devine 'did a good. job of snatching the ball, off of the back- boards for Topeka. Gary Cassel led the Maroon offense d-,'4T5f,eka high will take 3 with 16 points, one less than, Ridge- Dk' at the Maroons, this time Way 'SC0l'Cd- TQPCISFQ high Wiljfalie 3 vuuum ncaauu ivuA-.guu .........- oards for Topeka. vary Cassel led the Maroon dffens 16 points, one less than Ridge ' scored, Topeka high will take' . nd look at the Maroons, this 'tim :, February 24 much closer to thi e meet, t the Maroons who were known fc ir fast play last season. Only i -y - , D , n 1 , 1 . l n ri 1 J .ed by Eddie Ridgeway with 1 .nts the' Trojan basketball tea: :ned up on the Salina Marooi ich'were playing on their hon or and defeated the 1950 s'tate chan ins by a score of 52 to 38. Ridgeway got Topeka off to a good start with two field goals as 'he Trojans piled up a leadin the 'irst quarter that was never reach- ed by Salina. fn contrast to the Trojans inaccu shooting in their opener when the only 11 field goals they made I inst Salina. Ridgeway score it of the field shots. He was fo ed by Charlie Boyd with fiv Lck- Nelson ,four and Mark Di a's lead of 12 to 5 in the ' rter was steadily increas- xughout the game as they the end of the third quart- nnonmen out ran and 01 aroons who were known fr play last season. Only f ' 'to15atthehalfa.nd40 ,uarter did the Trojans p1 s on slightly as they he? onto the ball and worked in closer 1 .-rranu worked YE cliser to - - . the 'basket for their shotsi the basket for their Shots' Howard Shannon, coa 1, started., John McIntosh, junio? forward, but used all'seniors in the last three quarters. Mel Sebffght and Bob Davenport played good floor games for the Trojans and Boyd and Devine did ab good job of snatching the ball off of Rite back- boards for'.T'opeka. Gary Cassel led the Maroon offense with 16 points, one less than Ridge- Howard Shannon, coach, started. John McIntosh, junior, forwards but used all seniors in the lastl three quarters. Mel Sebright and! Bob Davenport played good floor games for the Trojans and Boyd and Devine did a good job 'Of snatching the ball off of the back- boards for Topeka. Gary Cassel led the Maroon offen with 16 points, one less than .Rid h 'll lc - . . i -f way 'scored. Topeka high will.take a Way Sfcfrecjf ,IIig?F1?Ll1gAgyV',,4:,a,:e k,,..m-f,m-1igm:1. ...Q -A ' WWW A.,, wi, 5, , -- A gfiiiwikfilfi ' 1 '- 'iafsiviiiprssii ' at ef, f, :- Qgivlgir-sf?ieE - its --'-155,55 Q. "if -il!! f4T5fA'1fi,,g 1 T' -152-2115 11? HH i i : S ,'if.4mi2':2:f N-fft41f,2fw, "1 fxgfqff-4' Wwwfwwaww V 3 W ,W I ,, , ,. , , , E,5fiQg,Igt,xg ff 2 7 1 3 if Z 1 ,S fx , SX S J I f bf at , ' "x'f"if' W zrw: 7 ffjgmwwmw wwwmmmmwi wwmQWiWww S f L 7 Y-52 , K Q J sv if H 7 -AA' 7 o i ,. ,,,, V.:,,,:, L 7 7- ',' Y W b fi " 4' - ' - - as k,. --ff . ., ' , 11 39.1 ' 2 is Yw tkkkt 157 o ' f '.,.'. L1 ,.'kk. 7 ti- -go,-tgowd-il to y S x l ' - mAA'-1 I S n?"L H , ?f?1as2kf:4:- 7 - 2 1 51- S -L ,- ,Q 1, L ff f , 'K A--fffwpmfevt-. , f, ., ,- Lv -, f , 7. m . 1 it Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka -V .- 'V , Alex Luna 7 7- . ,.Guard - y fT:'i'lf '1 , - ft .mg--g -wi - egg ig ',1,? SCORES 19 - Hutchison 7 - Lawrence 20 - Emporia 14 - Wyandotte 26 - Wichita East 26 - Haskell 6 - Wichita North 14 - Saint Mary's g ' 1 -3513 4353175-QW S: , :L-' if 25? . if-ek 7 IN qqxxig is , VI'f.1:xTes ' link:-el :wr-ftgn-' Q. f , E . M i.... ,.M. i..,i + , M 5, ,S ,- at T , f f .f --1:-Qs:-2wwzAsz?ff, ftxffsiiiiai' fw--ff--X-3'-H-efg,-fw,-. ,H-.:3,Q1g',.YW-Zyiilm . igz,gg52,gs,y,qnfW f n ' .0 1-f,K,:fsifa iwayem:axgseitiif-Q2-liti-135 limi' 0 7 13 7 6 13 6 x:..z: s 9, 2 -5. 4. W 1 . - ---' W,-fe iake 7 Darrell-7 7 f'ei ,k,L5,...M.,,. , ,... . R. f ,it , QL -my ' 1 ' .,wzzff'-Qsi-ffz,,,f f 77,7 S 7 - K ,.-Q: 1, hgglg - gy - - . , W A 'X S 3 'L T7 fl if-5 ' , - A ' -A - of -22542 4'-if lx? if . - L3 mc - 1s..':'uk:' ..,, S . xy x--- 'W 1121 S.:-of A-fff -V, v. hw ,Ai ia on A no , A , , :ffm -:n f g S. 'T -gliarlwchowenserdt 7 - -J Abc .,,., k,-,- - if -- ,V -if 'f 35937'fqpigilifiiiifw .,, ..,. x X- N,-.,z,Q2zQ , gk. A N w . M :iw-.gspfImaxsziisiitigafgggwsfxzg 4 Q 1 s l WE 52,5 LK" tgtwgie ' f,,,,f,,.i.g as gzflm-'51 ,vfygt V 1, My .V N V E., 'r i - e at A X K an , , E 1 , elif . Qililiigi , Sam 'Deitz , e , S' Under the watchful eye of coaches Bob Briggs and Vernon Hayes team members strenuously practice at Chandler Field. BOYS EARN LETTERS IN FOOTBALL TEAM MAKES GOOD SHOWING Troyls 1950 grid squad ended its season as the mythical champions of the state of Kansas. Starting with only two regulars back from last yea.r's team, head coach Bob Briggs and new line mentor Otto Bodenhausen coached Troy to the d eason for a Topeka High grid squad since only undefeate s 1940 Topeka was the only major football power in the state to weather the entire year without a loss. Darrell Peyton, co-captain of the number one team, aver- aged 5.7 yards everytime he got.the ball and copped the full- back spot on the first All-State team. Tackle, Darrell Hill, the other co-captain and guard, Allan Brodecker, were both placed on the reserve squad and center, Frank Willis, made the third eleven. Roger Ginavan,end, and Ted McCoy, tackle, ' d ho orable mention receive n . Only two ties marred Troy's season record and both blem- L e fought ishes were made by top notch grid powers. awrenc Topeka to a 7-7 deadlock in the second game of the season. T k ' second tie with Wichita North's Indians battled ope a s Troy to 6-all stalemate on the Wichita Field. ' ' ' H in ame when Highlighting the season was the omecom g g the Trojans took on the Wichita East Blue Aces. East, always a powerhouse in the rugged Ark Valley was trounced 26 to 6 ' tb k the received all year Throughout the in the only se ac y . season, Troy sported one of the best lines 1n Kansas. Otto ' ff es in the Bodenhausen stemmed the strongest rushing o ens state and paved the way for Troy's all-powerful ground attack. Th orable season was celebrated by a football banquet e mem in the Topeka High Cafeteria which featured an after dinner M' h' n State. For a talk by Clarence Munn, head coach at ic iga grand climax Bob Briggs was knighted "Coach of the Year." Keeping in trim, groaning squad masters push-ups. Paar Galbraith ' " L Manager' E V Careful blocking on Troy's part downs enemy ball. 91 QUEEN NANCY Through an arch of streamers Nancy Bleckley and Jerry Scott make their way toward the royal box. 92 TEAM VOTES BLECKLEY QUEEN CROWNING cuMAxEs HOMECOMING : ,. I I I . V Highlight of the football season iS the homecoming game. Attention during the first half of the game is divided between watch- ing the action on the field and speculating about the identity of the Homecoming Queen. Tension reaches a high point at the half. At last amid loud cheers, colorful balloons floating skyward and music by the band, Nancy Bleckley is escorted through an aisle made by pep club members holding black and gold streamers to form an arch. She is led to her throne by the President of the Student Congress, Jerry Scott, to be officially crowned queen of the 1951 football season. Accompanied by her attendants, ,Tudy Crane and Marie Baughman, and their escorts, Jock Miller and jerry Dawson, the queen reigns over the remaining portion of the game from the box reserved for her and her royal party. o Left: E. B. Weaver, Kelsey Petro and Jerry Scott stand at attention as Nancy Bleckley receives queen's bouquet. Below: In their royal box, Judy Crane, Jerry Scott, Jock Miller, Nancy Bleckley, Jerry Dawson and Marie Baugh- man smile for photographer. . -...-,, l Alert tackler impedes progress of enemy ball carrier. TEAM BATTLES THROUGH PASS GAINS YARDAGE Last minute pass keeps ball from opponent. Grim determination gets player through. Darrell Peyton pushes through line for yardage. With good blocking to aid, Dar 93 rell Peyton shoots through end COACHES-FRONT ROW: E. L. Fink, Robert Gray, Leo Thomas. Howard .5ham1fmf Vemo? Hayes' w. J. Barnett. BACK ROW: Charles Mills, Floyd Holcomb, Marvin Bayless, D- L- Efwmi Otto Bodenhauscn, Frank McGrath, Robert A. Briggs, James CONDU- COACHES GIVE TIME AND EFFORT TO ACTIVITIES FOOTBALL TEAMS WORK HARD 'C" TEAM FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: C. McClenny, J. Woodruff, L. Crook, C. Henderson. C.Scl1leder, A. Hicks, R. McClenny ROW 2: D. Reed, D. Oden, N. Christnian, M. Bennett, G. Watson, B. Carter, B. Christian, J. Nash. ROW 3: C. Tuttle, K. Johnson, P. Mills, D. Baker, B. Smith, G. Walker, F. Patt- erson, H. Hood. BACK ROVV: Leo Thomas Csponsorj, R. Donnellyv R. Smith, L. Cunningham, K, Blair, G. Boyd, B. Barge, L. Wilson, O. Shinn,, B. Gill, Robert Gray Csponsorj. Among the new coaches this year Troy welcomed Otto Bodenhausen who tutored the football line and Howard Shannon who instructed the basketball team. Bob Briggs guided the Trojan varsity through an undefeated grid season with Vernon Hayes and Mar- vin Bayless coaching the reserves. Robert Gray and Leo Thomas led the "CH team. Swimming was handled by Charles Mills and Wrestling by Floyd Holcomb, as D. L. Erwin coached spring and fall track, copping the state title. W. Barnett was tennis men- tor, E. L. Fink coached golf and Frank McGrath, Roosevelt Junior High physical education instructor supervised baseball. Troy did not have the usual "B" team football this year but a reserve squad which was jointly under the direction of head coach Briggs and assistants Hayes and Bayless, Although they did not sport as impressive a win-loss record as did the varsity, the reserves got plenty of experience and training which will be the foundation for continued football success. ."B" TEAM FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: H. Didier, J. Nash, J. Schlegel, J. Johnson, J. Griffith, D. Benton, J. Bayless, B. Smith, G. Patterson, D. Didier. ROW 2: D. Dixson, A. Lewis, C. Moyer, D. Wallace, J. McWilliams, B. Fields, B. Hobbs, B. Wilkinson, J. Gifford. ROW 3: Vernon Hayes CsponsorJ, D. Ginavan, E. Daves, B. Willis, P. Dibble, B. Shaw, D. Cole, L. Schultz. L. Cobler. BACK ROW: B. Kington, P. Coolidge, R. Allen, B. Snyder, E. Peoples, T. Clevenger, F. Cross, C. Tice, D. Blair. 94 Mary Lindbergh CHEERLEADERS AROUSE PEP ckowos ENCOURAGE TEAM "A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS-BACK E ROW: Dick Mai, Jim Allen, Bob Grogger. NT ROW Marlene Sewell, Becky FRO : Thacher, Sue Anderson. "Only those interested in full-time work need apply." This is the main .requirement for a cheerleader, for cheer- leading is a full-time job. Each year we ask six boys and girls to giye us their time and their energy, giving in return our complete co-operation so that together we can back the Trojan but yet is is an honor .... r epresenting and leading Topeka High. The cheerleaders this year did well in upholding and carrying on this fine tradition. team to victory. It isn't an easy job Mixed emotions greet Trojan touchdow ll. Charles Harper Ken McNeill 4 -I Nancy Derust0n Q---.-Q.. Above: Packed dance floor proves Varsity's success. Left: Marie Baughman, Sno-Ball Party Queen, takes a spin around the floor with Jerry Dawson. CROWDS KEEP VARSITY CADETS BUSY CO-OP RETAIL SELLING FRONT R - OW: P. Johnson, B. Shaner, J. Harris, D. Myers, B. Frandle. ROW 2: K. Evans, S. Miller, M. Patrick, M. Eagan, P. Cook. ROW 3: W. Holmes, R. Hammond, C. Tilton, B. Johnson, D. Hardin, I. Smith. ROW 4: P. Miller, F. Hardin, H. Johnson, D. Butts, D. Douglas. BACK ROW: R. Iveson, B. Randol, L. Lemon, T. Chaffee D. Gordon, F. Brown. RETAIL SELLING GIVES PARTY The Varsity Cadets are selected at the beginning for the school year by their sponsor, Charles Shoyer from a list of volunteers. Those chosen serve as ticket sellers, ticket takers, operate the public ad- dress system, sell refreshments and watch the con- duct on the dance 'floor, Those students taking Co-op Retail Selling com- bine school with work. For two hours in the morn- ing they attend classes, learning how to set up displays, make sales talks, and give change. After- noons are spent at their job uptown. As a project they sponsor the new Sno-Ball dance, presided over by a queen who is chosen through the votes of those buying tickets. Marie Baughman is crowned as queen with Barbara Gooch, Susan Sears, Phyllis Benson, and Velva Wilkey serving as attendants. VARSITY CADETS-FRONT ROW' P R d P . . ee , . Scott, J. Grant- ham, B. Barnett, D. Bristow, S. Ihinger. ROW 2: B. Benton, M. Steves, B. Braddy, M. Taggart, D. Smith. ROW 3: Charles Shoyer Csponsorb, S. Isaacson, J. Gronner, S. Critchlow, B. Sutton, E. MI'- N . e1ll,J. Johnson. BACK ROWI: M. Keim, B. Boyd, J. Slater, G. Crocker, C. Henry. f W. --V, -me , I umvir: CADE - ' ' E' 1 J' Min. L. Toki? .F15ONT'ROW: H. Rocha, C. C k I on OW 2. M, 00, C. Ki , G, Xrjfinlffiuggv Xligllrjlgg ROW 3: P. Elsgtiieliial CLTQEHD. Kean-l1EA.ISgenne, lgegficyilnoiid Igncggerwooii B0wen fsponsorji E- Pe oimpson, J.. Murphy, jl ,Kei1yq4D Egan . uwer. I. Rosenwald, l3,'DgEi3IS ' lg?-ret, N D. W, f - yon, J. Slater, R. Du y M' . ner, B. Vaughn. BACK R , 011, I. Lester, csponsof-Sli, M. Anderson, K. Knauss, KS-ggnnol Nilufphy,-N. Absher, C, Lohma AOW- Joseph Montes ORGANIZATIONS ASSIST SCHOOL CLUBS ENLIVEN ROUTINE The efficient Game Cadets, supervised by Willard G. Thorpe and Joseph Montes attend all football and basket- ball games to distribute programs, sell and collect tickets. Their services contribute greatly to the success .of our home football and basketball games. For the relief of those who feel the need of refresh- ments at football or basketball games, the Concession Stand is always available. The Concession Stand Work- ers, another group sponsored by Charles Shoyer, are kept busy throughout the games feeding hungry spectators. After school all Trojans head one direction-toward the Snack Bar. Always swamped with customers, the Snack Bar Workers, sponsored by Charles Shoyer, sell anything from ice-cream bars to shorthand-notebooks. Sponsored by Francis Modlin, the Inkslingers are a group of twelve boys who take advanced printing and make above average grades. These printers, headed by James Cowhick, presidentg Dale Ridgeway, vice-presi- dentg and George Henton, secretary-treasurer, are re- sponsible for the tickets sold at school events, for the programs for plays and athletic events, and the printing of the "World," INKSLINGERS-FRONT ROW: Charles Banks, George Henton, Walter Banks, Dick Hess, James Cowhick, Marvin Gardner, Dale Ridgeway. BACK ROW: David Orr, Bob Singleton, Ronald Pease, Mark Bennett, Jack Denton, Ber- nard Haubold. I , 97 J , .c un. . 11 6 M' Case, N- Marshall. ii3f1E.'l2O"eB'TEZi'v I I UUNCESSION """ ,2,,1gf,ggfg. 2- g.CifA19'21Z35?1i5F"'Ia52Q.5R3Sf3fR9WI E. scones.. Ksiarssolg, J. Oliver, B. Barnett. ROSQ gi BACK ROW5 I. Grorinimghi J' Chitfield, D. Davis: M. Haskell. ' - C"0Cker, E. Schumacher, -...W 5 SNACK BAR WORKERS-D Alberta Heckel, Patsy Ellis, R,1etigI4oIkiigIifag'hghgfligifrtirliggs, .3 'gg-A fs 'k', .riff 'fs it FX ,mf it f , is ., M f.: ,,.. W X, EW A , arf' r a ' as Mis t W. .. kwa If i 5 1 J 'M . 1 5 c lv., 3 L f ' rf as Q 2' ,f Y ni J as Wink a f 'Q Q fi4f1,iif5i ,K .",, -j V -LL' tfiggf ,L,- W ' , 25,5121 Charles Boyd A' ' 1 vefewieag. f Forward 2 '- iw' Q . Z , . , L 'E : i 1 ' fr Q 1. - Y 1. My Kjiyiiiaig .2 ' fs gi 1 ' Hi. Lf ' 32567 as Mark Devme Forward 51,5 L 4153 , 1 ai' Quai QW ., Ma -1 2 f iw if 5' wwf?-w' ,:, sffl-Tlzizgpwf L , A.,k ,W , K. W af ,, kim.. q., wfwu- ww rw ws'-t'W :,, 4, if .: if fiiw .s,mf- , fs.171.3,if?' ri ii, 1. . f,,f'.-1- fm.. 35V,.5.m5, ask-jiiizgii iii' K' , , . L, Sign-f ,L Kiki 2 2, X if .. M, ,WZ Q and it K If k 5 ii if 1 ' ' aw, 'icy x T itktlsswi 1,-.2 if if,1fs,-1eg1v3'f',1J A z3ii:i,'1P.f5?11'1f':' 4 Virff A pigs' MEL 1 33 gf wife Iggpyzfzug -. ,waffle Y ,,..:-'i' :Y . was i Q' , A W rm 5 A Qing Ziggy, QR, VM 4 1, ,Z Q Y it 4 My Li R KM. Q aa.. . . fj'pg1ii1g Tra i? -lf: l?,gQiswE,iik,-gm. ,, AFR? wr Q aff kg e 1 fain wife yt ri gil , we s 1 E? -lb 3 gn is ' M ali 4 Mi H Ja e app Ee M - Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka SC ES - Northeast - Salina - Parsons - Chanute - Wyandotte - Lawrence - Atchison -- Ward - Emporia - Newton - Wyandotte - Wichita North - Ward - Atchison - Salina 35 52 39 38 35 37 33 20 Topeka - Wichita East 38 40 58 34 46 52 45 Topeka - Emporia 'Q - Topeka 45 - Lawrence -- f - . Regional Tournament .L Topeka 56 - Lawrence V4 Topeka 50 -- Ottawa . -- :frog a r -fffi. -'Til 'tiiifiif 3 5 ea -2.1. f' isio 4 . n ,Z I L,'A, so ,mf ' if f Er -',-. e-fe -.rfzswifsiir-A' :I 5 tee, , i.T+ e"' ,. .V V.., :pg gg -kkk. 4-Lil :' v,'s:'L1?f'- WHE7 ' if jf W' Lf ' 3-f' T- tl--142:15 SEX :AWS ' in :.f:5?iNv"" .k,V k we My N: e N. Eddie Ridgeway f f 4 L . --" - . l nw gf Y --Kfg,7ftWgM..,gg,.t at , Gligfd i.-, X 1 - N la. - : ' 525fl1-.f5Qme2isL1i1?FZ ., M . Z.. j5.5 'i ' ' VSV ,,., ' . " if--4. : 'I5'w.".2fx: ' ,Sam i 1151- 7 , QW T 4... 133 ' a aa Bob Davenvoff Charles Nelson Guard Center-Forward ga a f figfi ildir sp.: 2 24 . 1 - fgjyf gg Y-if , F '51 , ' up , eg, . A - eweg, X, J 2.4: .,,. . if W X it Cas' ,ik aa, 9 ri ' . , ' . 'QQ 5-.'-lwlfixjih it at "Q?11i.a1'f ' xi-'f , " ftiffilf I K r gpE:ff?,, S ' . . ' - fo.,, . wi .,, .7245 -.Ea R1-4 is "ff fm' ,Wait 255.1 -we fgeilffs i 're-ew' i ..:-lEN'W:'9T :57. , , stett t W gg Bob Soucy xp Guard ,gt , f' , 2.4 , '- 'fy ' fag, A " 5. ' iTRthiiXN.5 i ii -- , i 'i53??ff:, ' Bill Petersen Center-Forward Mel Sebright Guard VARSITY TEAM STEPS LIVELY GAME FULL OF SUSPENSE Under new coach "Howie" Shannon, the Trojans showed early season greatness by knocking off the Salina Maroons, defending state champs, and unbeaten Parsons, but tough breaks at crucial times kept them from having a really outstanding season, and Topeka wound up at the .500 mark. Only two of Topeka's losses during the season were side margin defeats, and many of them were two or three point advantages eked out in the final minutes of play. Nevertheless, the Trojan five showed flashes of ' ' ' Th ed ed their old rivals, the Law- br1ll1ant playing. ey g rence Lions, twice in the regular season play and then put them out of the regional tourney by a 26 point margin. Charles Nelson, center, was the Trojan's leading scorer and back-bone of the team showing competent skill and quick thinking throughout the whole season. "Chuck" was backed by seniors Bill Petersen, Charles Boyd, Mark Devine, Eddie Ridgeway and Mel Sebright. Coach Shannon did not rely on seniors alone, how- ever. Topeka High had powerful reserve and sophomore squads, and some of the underclassmen saw extensive action with the first team. junior, Dan Robison, through his fine show of admirable playing worked up from the reserve squad to a starting position with the first five, ' l f t t accomplish juniors George Golliher Mark Devine whirls to whip ball toward basket. a difficut ea Q . Y , John McIntosh, and John Dixson also saw 'A' team action. Sophomores Tim Griffith and Tim Humbert went t tin on the sophomore all the way up the ladder, s ar g squad. and advancing to the reserve team, until they were finally in on some first five competition. juniors lund showed good promise Ivan Malm and Jerry Rosen of giving support to next year's able squad. C l'd e and Bernard Christian look Always on the job, Tom ooi g after Eddie Ridgeway. With clear sailing Mel Sebright goes in for a basket fliziiw W zsgiffiaiix -still, tr .7 L' r Ly L.," : n ?' A V . -,,X 3 ' t ' . stiff? ilitt L. ' ,i qi, k.!L, . 12 gat" , M . 2 A JJ -. f M., ik 2 gt :,,h, as e 33 25 i ' s ' ' J r J 1 3 s .srs . f v 5 . S Q .Q ' " . f J Eg . g - A I , 3 jfs? , i fl E Q '31 3 2 ill lff .'5'l' I 3 ,iff ,:,,' ,' ' 4 .b,L:-1 - -L,L, fl . if y is K S S is J ,elif f igji l A K f f Q? pgy gyg l,Z 51 lA . ii! 5, gl 1 5 . t ...... A J , riise ,kk,! k,,V ,.k.,, Vk,LVL4 i-: K is h..h "B" TEAM BASKETBALL FRONT - ROW: Jim Schlegel, Jim Humbert Jim Griffith, Dan Robison. ROVV 2 : Jerry Whitson, Jerry Rosenlund, Bill Reichert, Duane Ginavan, David Carpenter. BACK ROW: John Dixson, George Golliher, John McIntosh, Swede Malm, Brock Snyder. I TEAMS KEEP BALL MOVING INTRAMURALS PROVE FUN "C" TEAM BASKETBALL-FRONT RO W: John Hendricks, Larry Crook, Don Dixon. ROW 2: Bud Kinder, Bob Morris, Jack Re- nander. BACK ROW: Terry Eastin, Phil Mills, Larry Shult D l z, emont Hadley. 271 boys divided into 32 teams under the direction of Charles Mills found recreation in the Topeka High intra- mural basketball program. For basketball enthusiasts who aren't on the regular team, the intramural program offers an equal chance to play in games which are usually held after school. "B" team bask to Boden- hausen, finished a fast season with a record of fourteen Wins against f etball, headed by Coach Ot 100 our losses. The sophomores' "C" team got a workout in their seven games of the season as they com- peted under the direction of Howard Shannon. WINNING INTRAMURAL BASKETBAL B .... . : ary Boyd, Vincent Hamby, Don Gordon Don Butts Noel Bowlin. L-FRONT ROW: ill Gill, B111 Eichkorn ROW Z R . : aymond Johnson, Bob Breit- haupt, Max Grubb BACK ROW G BASKETBALL BRINGS THRILLS EXCITEMENT RUNS HIGH Ready for action Bob Soucy shoots one for a score. Charles Nelson jumps high into the air to capture ball from opponent Close quarter blockmg fails to daunt Bob Davenport 101 Mel Sebright crouches to catch ball should Charles Nelson send it his way. With smooth coordination Charles Boyd sends the ball on its Way. l , w I I ft I f, if 4,12 ft' t , , HV. in 1 I I H , ',,5,:gl.4, afrr. iffy I V-If 'I A' 'Y 4111! fl. I V -v ,f 'f., .A N I? I , - .n.v.,q,. Lf , .- SPORTS SUPPLY RECREATION Boys AND GIRLS PARTICIPATE Laughing gym pupils coordinate to master intricate "swan" position. Left: Pete Petersen shoots for basket as referee objects Below: Numerous expressions reflect various victim's reactions to gym stu- 103 Muscles strain as Bill Boon and Elwin Miller wrestle during practice session. Alert Bob Davenport darts back between two VVyan- dotte men to help his team mates. Leaping high into the air Pete Peter sen attempts a basket. In early fall the Trojan Symphony provides music g My oooon ' BAND GIVES Dan Robison Student Director TROJAN SYMPHONY TROJAN SYMPHONY VIOLIN I: Dave McMullen, Fredrica Voiland, Larry Lauer, Joe Cozad, Sherry Tabor, Janet Dutton, Evert Rockey, Charlene Shugart, Peggy Giilbert, Marjory Messick. VIOLIN II: Frances Smith, Patty Gaston, Wilma Fenn, Larry Chris- tian, Betsy Stoffer, Donna Foote, Dolores Bowes, Wilma Jackson, Evelyn Hall, Patricia Yarber, Ray Forsberg, Herbert Bolyard, Ralph Luce, Max Yoho. VIOLA: Marvin Sorg, Eleanor Scheel, Eleanor Jones. CELLO: Milton Messick, Mar- garet Nason, Darrell Parnell, Bill Thiessen, Charlene Brown. STRING BASS: Dave Hinken, Allen Anderson, Charles Evans. FLUTE I: Bob Winn, Lenore Matthews, Chlora Lee Felton. FLUTE II: Betty Davis, Ann Norris, Maribeth I-Ienney, Sylvia McMullen, Marilyn Rose. OBOE: Joyce Lester. BASSOON: Norman Marshall, Peggy Hughes. CLA- RINET I: Bob Breithaupt, Bernard Miles, Danny Holcomb. CLARINET II: Bob Golightly, Marilyn Moore, Huberta Ellithorpe. ALTO CLARINET: Joan James. BASS CLARINET: Robert Boal. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Clinton Stalker. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Loren Morris. BARITONE SAXOPI-IONE: Victor Blankenship. TRUMPET: Dan Robison, Dan Haegert, Marilyn Shufler, Pat Cravens. FRENCH HORN: Bob Sutton, Ralph Reid, Franklyn Houdek. TROMBONE: Paul Davis, Lela June Stoner, Lois Force. TUBA: jack Bruce. PERCUSSION: Earlene Kirkpatrick, Larry Flickingcr, Nadyne Underwood, Loren Hale, Jerry Scott. TYMPANI: Jerry Scott. PIANO: Jerry Scott, Eleanor Jones. HARP: Lenore Matthews. l for the State Teachers Association, Music Educa- tion Conference and other state organizations. Other than the Spring Concert and the "Pops" Concert for the Trojans, their biggest project is their part in the "New Moon". Their officers are Dave Mc- Mullen, president and publicity manager: Paul Davis, business manager: Margaret Nason, co- social chairman and uniform manager: Larry Flick- inger, equipment manager: Dan Robison, co-social chairman, Earlene Kirkpatrick, librarian, Jerry Scott, student director. The Swing Symphony, a smaller group taken from the regular Symphony Orchestra, provides the overture and background music for all the school plays as well as a series of student "Pops" Concerts for the six junior High Schools. These two organ- izations are under the direction of Robert Rue and George Neaderhiser. occasion. librarian, Dan Robison, student director. WHOLE-HEARTED SUPPORT PRESENTS PROGRAM l TROJAN BAND FLUTE: Bob Winn, Betty Davis, Lenore Matthews, Chlora Lee Pelton, Ann Norris, Barbara Bradstreet, Jean Hardisty, Maribeth Henney,Madene Branson. OBOE: Joyce Lester. BASSOON: Peggy Hughes, Norman Marshall. CLARINET: Jim Bennett, Bob Breithaupt, Patty Rogers, Doug Sheafor, Betty Buchmeier, Roberta Brandenburg, Steve Fink, Ann Colvin, Huberta Ellithorpe, Mary Ella Symes, Danny Holcomb, Robert Golightly, Shirley Curtis, Charles Mathias, Mike Beardslee, Peggy Fry, Sally Tabor, Nancy Burns, Sidney Beattie, Phil Munoz, Garland Patterson, Duane Reed, Lois Stratton, Lynn Young. ALTO CLARINET: Joan James. BASS CLARINET: Robert Boal. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Jerry Dawson, Linda Grange, Clinton Stalker, Duane Workman, Gene Lynch, Jim Gifford, Gwen Coble. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Phyllis Cain, David Ohse, Loren Morris. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Victor Blankenship. CORNET AND TRUM- PET: Dan Robison, Dan Haegert, Marilyn Shufler, Patricia Cravens, Bernie Stouffer, Alan Van Nice, Marilee Poort, Eldon Tippie, Roger Donnelly, Jim Glenn, Arthur Edwards, Sam Munoz, Buddie Spencer, Bob Whitfield, Frank Pat- terson, Bill Terry, Harrison Millard, Raymond Lund. FRENCH HORN: Franklyn Houdek, Bob Sutton, Ralph Reid, Floyd Clark. BARITONE: Bill Thiessen, Byron Beasley, Harry' Harrison, Don Gilliland, Charles Moyer. TROMBONES: Milton Messick, Paul Davis, David Hinken, Lela Stoner, Lois Force, Harold Hutson, Charles Ijams, Larry Shultz, Cynthia Tilton, Jim Bearce. BASSES: Clifford Henry, Jack Bruce, Marvin Sorg, Don Moses, Allen Anderson, Ronald Armstrong. PERCUSSION: Larry Flickfinger, Earlene Kirkpatrick, Tom Lewis, Glenn Boaz, Nadyne Underwood, Sam Deitz. TYM- PANI: Earlene Kirkpatrick. MAJORETTES: Donna Jean Skidmore, Shirley Boies, Shirley Chitchlow, Francile Aronholt, Shirley Semler. DRUM MAJOR: Peggy Hughes. JERRY scorr Student Director .,,et i Whether they are playing at football or basket ball games, during an assembly, or on a parade the Trojan Band, under the direction of Robert Rue and George Neaderhiser, adds life and pep to the Mr. Neaderhiser, the new co-director of the Trojan Band, rehearses the many new maneuvers we see presented at games by the marching band Climax of the season is the concert presented for the student body and the annual spring concert Officers are Jerry Dawson, president, Jim Ben nett, business and publicity manager, Betty Buch meier, co-social chairman, Dan Haegert, co social chairmang Larry Flickinger, equipment manager Betty Davis, co-uniform managerg Lenore Mat thews, co-uniform managerg Earlene Kirkpatrick t1.W I HT PEP CLUB OFFICERS-FRONT ROVV: Nancy Bleckley, Betty Turner, Mary Michener. BACK ROW: Judy Crane, Mary Taggart, Evelyn Para- more. Cheerleaders and Pep Club lead pre-game parade down 6th to Topeka Avenue. PEP CLUBS BACK SCHOOL SPIRIT STREETS Rfsoulvo WITH CHEERS Representing our school at home games, the girls in the Pep Club proudly wear their black uniforms with the gold "T's". Their main proj- ects for the year are operating a check stand at home basketball games for the girls in the Pep Club and selling ads for the basketball programs. The Pep organization is under the guidance of Nancy Bleckley, president, Mary Taggart, vice-president, Mary Michener, secretary, Evie Paramore, treasurer, and Judy Crane, Point and Membership Committee chairman. Sponsors, Miss Jeanne Cooper, Clarence Mul- lenix, Carl Nall, and Mrs. Fayeben Wolfe work with the officers. Through faithful service to the school teams, girls in the Topeka High Pep Club earn their Honor Pep Club membership, sweaters and emblems. Headed by Betty Turner, chairman, and Miss Mildred jo Wells, sponsor, the girls in Honor Pep not only cheer at games but also help with the Homecoming activities. As a spring highlight the club sponsors the Apron and Overall Party at which time new initiates are announced. 106 HONOR PEP CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. Barrett, B. Arn, B. Turn- er, C. Sutherland, T. Smith, D. Warner, M. Hazzard, B. Baker. ROW 2: R. Ashley, M. Wright, C. Krehbiel, J. Pollom, D. Beaman, M. May, J. Hunter, A. Force, I. Oliver, E. Major. ROW 3: S. Dex- ter, F. Smith, M. Johnson, D. Law- rence, I. True, S. Ihinger, M. Keim, I. Mills, M. Steves, I. Brooks, J. Arnold. ROW 4: I. Hearn, M. Jas- person, S. Thompson, V. Wilkey, M. Heath, J. Hayes, E. Schumacher, B. Barnett, P. Hopfer, L. Snyder. ROW 5: C. Cowgcr, J. Bennett, J. Denton, C. Davis, J. Spencer, . White, B. Bubb, I. McDonald, . Dunn, M. Ecord. BACK ROVV: . Taggart, N.B1ecklcY1 T. -Myer . 5? 29' '1 U1 O'-4 P. SE ms. 05" 2 2-P -5 D' 2 .T FD ,,. 5115230 SENIOR LEADERS-FRONT Row: Martha Jo Johnson, Patty Rog- ers, Jean Kincaid. ROW 2: Alice Terry, Dorothy Canfield, Joan Arnold. ROW 3: Harriet Morgan, Eleanor Burton, Dolores Beaman. BACK ROW: Miss Jeanne Cooper Csponsorj, Ioanie Murphy, Helen Clardy, Donna Lawrence, Miss Mildred Jo Wells mov JANES sPoNSoR PARTY D ecorated gym proves perfect setting for liv I e Y Square dance, HUSKING BEE PROVES BIG SUCCESS he Pioneer days come to life with cornstalks, square dancing, and t other features that go with the old fashioned Uhusking bees". The husking bee has become a traditional occasion among the Troy jane activities. In completing its fifth year, Troy Janes has become an active organization for girls sports. They are sponsored by Miss Mildred jo Wells and Miss Jeanne Cooper. The Troy Jane Board is composed of a representative from each physical education class and the senior leaders, girls who have been chosen to assist with a physical education class because of their ability to lead. This board has charge of all the intra- mural sports which the Troy Janes sponsor. TROY JANE BOARD-FRONT ROW: tis, H. Morgan, P. Rogers, P. Benton, S. Cur Miss Mildred Jo Wells Ksponsorj. ROW 2: A. Mellgren, A. Terry, J. Murphy, J. Arnold, H. Clardy, M. Lindbergh. ROW 3: C. Man- ning, V. Vogel, I. Kincaid, M. Johnson, M. Harper, D. Beaman, T. Landeene. BACK ROW: D. Canfield, M. Willis, P. Gilbert, D Lawrence E. Burton, S. Line. Donna. Foot, Becky Thacher, and Jackie Lindberghhold wiggling prizes for best costumes at Husking Bee. 107 Shirley Glaspey, Nancy Brinker, Shirley Ken- worthy, model winning cos- tumes. . . "T" CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. L. Erwin, T, Hartman, D. Peyton, D. Holcomb - B. Nowlan, D. Sargent, T. McCoy. J. Reppart, C. Davis, I. Allen, D. Ridgeway: 1 B. Soucy B. Grogger. ROW 2: P. Mady C. Thompson K. Schowengerdt J. X I Bass, R.iHewitt, D. Jordon, S. Freidberg, B. Davenport, A. Brodeckerg,A. 5, J 1 , W Luna, C. Bentley, E. Hodison, I. Slater. BACK ROW: B. Petersen, R, Ginavan, - ' .. A J. Denton, B. Reichert, M. Devine, R. Drum, C. Boyd, C. Valley, B. Bliss, W. . Vllheeler. . HT" cLuB INITIATE M it of S EMBERS ,T I R TRACK TEAM COPS TROPHY C . - V Identified by their yellow "T" sweaters, members of Tv . i the "T" club are outstanding athletes in every field of .. sports. Membership in this group is highly prized with FALL TRACK-FRONT ROW: Dale Ridgeway, Roy Drun1,BillPetersen.jimAllen, John Slaughter. ROW 2: Richard Orr, Stan Freidberg, J. Nuzman, Bob Steadman, D, L. Erwin fcoachj. ROW 3: Alfred Goodwin, Galen Morris, David Orr, Bill Henson, Scott Davis. BACK ROW: Bud Kinder, Norman Capps, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Robert Harness, Herbie Barber. initiation, which always precedes entrance into the society, an annual event. The cross country track team under the direction of D. L. Erwin breezed through their season completely un- defeated, then going to the state meet where they won first place. Spring track started practice on February 26 to get into shape for nine meets. The season was slowed by cold weather which hindered practice. A good year was forecast by the coach because of the large number of returning lettermen. SPRING TRACK-FRONT ROW: O. Shinn, B. Burgoyne, K. Reeves, B. Brooks, T. Hartman, C. Boyd, B. Petersen, R. Drum, B. Davenport, D. Ridgeway, J. Allen. ROW 2: Charles Mills Ccoachj. R. Thompson, B. Kirkpatrick, L. Wilson, A. Lewis, D. Blair, G. Morris, B. Stone, J, Davenport, A. Hicks, D. L. Erwin fcoachj. ROW' 3: G. Walker, B. Wilkinson, D. Fenton, W. Starkey, M. Cramer, D. Baker, C. Nelson, J. Schlegel, B. Hobbs, J. Foree, R.' Orr, B. Eichkorn, I. Reppart, S. Davis. ROW 4: C. Banks, B. Kinder, D. Sodergren, B. Bliss, S. King, R. Armstrong, K. McNeill, R. Harness, B. Beasley, C. Moyer, T. Weidman, J. Nuzman, James Colton Ccoachj. BACK ROW: D. Smith, A. Goodwin, P. Mady, C. Bently, T. McCoy, W. Wheeler, B. Hagan, H. Rose, B. Burgoyne, , L. Crook, G. Watson, W. Banks, L. Waters, K. Schulte. - 1 I 'f5'. '51 .- 1" 3 ' 23 ,1 'P""'w W 'sr x. ...,, if . . M +5551-f.. 1 . 3 5 . 9 - it .Sig 3 'r Istfif- sit'ir ff' ifiiftf C 'Sf -' ZH 1 . s . Y t.f .sitss + fer k J, A ,v , 1 I 1 I k v 'N in K ,. A K ., I t -V Q- , .m?,, : ij, V.kk I kg' M K . L e ".. r e .. .r.. ,' J r r 1 ' ' 8' V if f -, . Qi .... ' "ii A - r' Y . + 4 r' . ' fiiiieii ii i f if ' i.'f i . giilw-if V iii? X Z 'if A A . ...., S 1 . -' 1 'fi if , . Q-'f ' " I ' 'H' ' wh faq J - ,' wa :.. Q 3, ff :1 ..,f2f1 . '- ft .3 f ' 'W H .r .," H R '- . e Q- ieee ' " . fi iii tfr an 'lk 5 L ix, L-g,, Ki 1 I .l 1 sir I 4 I I .... ,VM 1, , . :..k Miz KX kVV,k:kV kkk itil? as NJ islam ! L 'gk Q. SD, l t A s r ug Q :.. , , -'-- .. X T' . 1 -"' Q f' ii' :-. 1 - W " ,"i .'-t ,.i- i ..'-i 'OVW 2 r :" . iiii ,. .. k y. pqxyp g K ' I it " e: ' tf-' .W 1 'rf 2 I .,r' :viii . 108 Eager players send volleyball flying Het. GIRLS TAKE PART IN SPO FUN ABOUNDS IN GYM back over the I X Glenda VV00d sjvings into fa pitcher's posi. tion. d Eleanor Burton umpires baseball game as Charlotte d to Ready to spring into action Joan Arnold, Eleanor Burton, Harriet Morgan, Martha Jo Johnson, and Patty Rogers watch Helen C1ardy's free throw. Senior Lea er I ' and Barbara Danielson gets rea y Egland prepares to swing catch. D e f t 1 y, R u t h Taggart catch- es ball during baseball prac- tice. Laughing sophomores struggl class exercises e through Grace and rhythm are learned in mod- ern dance. Q X Il . 1" J' ' 1 , sl SWIMMING-FRONT ROW! K. McNeill, B. Willis, T. Welch, B. Grogger, G. Davis, J Allen. ROW Z: Charles Mills Csponsorj, D NVelborn, T. Clevenger, C. Tuttle, B. Dennis, L. Pitcher, L. Jordan, T. Sleeper, C. Schleder, J. Grier. BACK ROW: B. Smith, C. Casey, C. Valley, D. Jordon, J. Denton, D. Smith, D. Ohse, D. Blair, B. Bannerman. BOYS TAKE PART IN CHOICE OF SPORTS p ATHLETICS CONTAIN VARIED PROGRAM 0 Under the guidance of Charles Mills, Topeka High's swimmers completed their most successful season in seven years with four wins and six setbacks. The season was climaxed at Coffeyville where the Trojans captured third place in the state meet. jack Denton, Jerry Scott, Doane Smith, and Bryce Valley proved to be the stalwarts of the team scoring consistently during the season. Topeka High wrestlers under the direction of Floyd Holcomb finished the season with three wins in seven outings. Two Trojan grapplers represented Topeka in the state meet. Darrell Hill, after garnering the regional title at Wichita, was crowned champion of the unlimited class at Salina to give Topeka their second state champ in two years. Bill Boon gained state berth by placing third at Wichita. Hill and Boon were named co-captains. WRESTLING-FRONT Row: Bill Boon, Bob Hobbs, Ronny Hewitt, John Slater, Bruce Fields, Charles Davis, Larry Waters, Don Primm, Bud Mott, Jay Davenport, Scotty Beelman, Hubert Didier. BACK ROW: Darrell Hill, Jim Bayless, Jerry Griffith, John Johnson, Leon Swager, Tom Chaffee, Charles Hodges, Charles Moyer, Elwin Miller, Floyd Holcombfcoachj. 110 2 zh' .2 3 . . V x Lirr ' 9 I fl lwxf gq. 1 if 2 E . -at W ff' xii X BASEBALL-FRONT ROW: C. McClen- ny, I. Humbert, R. Morris, R. Luce, B. Nowlan CMgr.D. ROW Z: C. Moore, L. Wilson, I. Griffith, B. Soucy, D. Gordon, Frank McGrath Ccoachj. BACK ROW: E. Ridgeway, D. Peyton, R. Ginavan, J. Grif- fith, T. Sleeper. OUTSIDE SPORTS GUARANTEE SPRING AIR REJUVENATES TROJANS Trojan baseballers, headed by Frank McGrath of Roosevelt junior High, began a heavy slate in the first part of April. In addition to two games apiece with Border League foes, their schedule included a game with El Dorado. Two return- ing lettermen, Tom Sleeper and Eddie Ridgeway, added their talent to the promis- ing sophomores. Nine meets faced the Trojan golfers tutored by E. L. Fink at the opening of the link season. Stan Freidberg and Dick Sargent, returning lettermen, added their experience to the starting quartet. Troy's home matches were held at the Shawnee Country Club. With a new low in returning lettermen the Topeka High tennis team opened a late season. Coached by W. I. Barnett and with a record of over ten years of straight wins behind them, the Trojans began against heavy opposition. TENNIS-FRONT ROW: James Boling, Bruce Fields, Salvador FUN Ramos, W. L. Barnett fcoachj. ROW 2: Delmont Hadley, Bob Cotton Jim Johnson, Dan Holcomb. ROW 3: Ivan Malm, john Dixson, Bill Reichert, Mike Beardslee. BACK ROW: Jerry Rosenlund, Charles Mathias, Marvin Roush, Bob Whitehead. Eddie Hainline. A l gzk' GOLF-FRONT ROW: Bill Henson, Pel Adams, Rob- ert Schumacher, Jack Denton. BACK ROW: Dick Sargent, Bob Willis, E. L. Fink Ccoachj, Stan Freidberg, Top: Dawson's Dance Band adds its talents to various school functions. Left: Future HT., - - Club member patlently struggles his way through initiation. SCHOOL DAYS DRAW TO CLOSE Gooo TIMES BRING BACK MEMORIES 112 Above: Larry Shiner, Clifton Kruse, W. Walter Rus ll se Csponsorj, Ralph Johnson and Don Irvin display Debate trophies. Top Left: Band spices basketball games with lively tunes. Above: Good natured faculty puts on skit for assembly. Left: Pep Clubs assemble on stage to boost yells. Ju still trying to plan your l ardrohc? Take your Parker ch of course was bought at 'S, and itcmize on paper will need during the winter. , that pen has given you an Christmas gifts. The list headed with Parker and pen and pencil sets from are thing before we list what in our wardrobe. Christmas important in making eve-rv a complete. Such card " found at HALL'S are famous people like Ni Grandma Moses, and ' chill, and- they will do , ie Christmas spirit tc lx may send them. 1 1 large assortment of ci bund here to express 1 flings. Don't fonget to 1 rm on your Christmas li nt occasions will su 1 during the winter moz ie Christmas vacation w .will be of great necess EE'S have the' ideal even anyone.. They have colors in formals made ts, and taffetas. 'They z m 314.99 to 32299. ,cessories during the wint ly .include a set of pear have earrings, bracelet lces to match in many d-i 'le-s. They have "Alva V and cultured pearls' b C if among their assortmcn priced from 53.50 up Iirls add to their wint' as .the'weeks pass on in lying all at one time., Thi sary with thc different tex teria making up the -"Jo .s ,ind at the UNION aiiiistilli-ftrying to plan yi ardrobe?fTJ 'Talie your Par ch 'of ,eoliase A was bought .7SQ'.'aridiV3ji9gz1iize on pa 1 vvgill,riese'e14'duri'ng the win' , that pen has given you 'Christmas gifts. 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They aize priced from Sl-1.99 to 322.99 ' Your accessories dining the winter must surely include a sut of pearls. WOLF'S have earrings, braicelets. land necklaces to match in many dif- iferent Styles. They have "Alva," ' 4 . A-i "Marvella," and cultured pearls by 'Imperialu among their assortment. These are priced from 53.50 np. Manv szirls add m rhf-if winfaa VERTISI I r I aasirhon when .ffxurmal-,willrbe of great necessity. JANE LEE'S have the ideal evening wear for anyone. They have all styles and colors in formals made of satins, nets, and taffetas. They are priced from S1-4.99 to 32299. Your accessories during the winter must surely include at set of pearls. WOLF'S have earrings, bracelets. and necklaces to match in malty dif- ferent styles. They have "Alva." "Marvella," and cultured pearls by "Imperial" among their assortment. These are priced from 33.50 up. Many girls add to their winter :-NJ Are you still trying tq plan y winter wardrobe? 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Such cards tl vibe found at IHALIXS are illi -my famous people, like Norm '11, Grandma Moses, and W urchill, and they will do mu the Christmas spirit to a ou may send them. Ott a large assortment' of covf found here to express ma ielings. Don't forget to ma i m on your Christmas list. pen and pencil sets fn 'I t Occasions will sur: .-..e+vittn during the winter mont or ov'er the Christmas vacation wh a formal will be of great necessh JANE LEE'S have thL ideal cvenfi wear for anyone. They hxxvt- . styles and colors in forinals ziruclv satms, nets, and tariutas. Ther a priced from Sl-1.99 to !5.?2.90u Your accessories dining the wzut must surely include a set of iwztft VXf,OLF'S have earrings, braceli and necklaces to match in many d ferent styles. They' have "Alva "Marvella." and cultured pearls l "lnQ:erial" among theirsassortniei These are priced from 353.50 up. Many' girls add to their wini NII III IHI YIAII JIM BENNETT World editor BO B BROO KS Music NO RMAN CAPPS Sr. Representative TOM COO LIDGE Dramatics GEORGE DAVIS Jr. Representative J E RRY DAWSO N Speaker of the House SAM DEITZ Athletic Manager DUBERT DIDIER Athletic' Manager HUBERT DIDIER Athletic Manager JOHN DIXSO N Basketball HARPER DOUGAN Sunflower Business Mgr CHARLES EVANS Music BO B GE LVI N Election Commissioner JACK GREENWOOD Music BOB GROGGER Cheerleader DE LMO NT HAD LEY Soph. President TOM HARTMAN Sr. Vice-President DARRELL HILL Sports JAY HO LSTINE Sr. President HARRY IVES Dramatics RALPH JO HNSON Debate DO N JORDO N Sr . Sec retary-Treasurer CLIF KRUSE Jr. President STAN LAMAR Music TED McCOY T-Club President DAVE McMULLEN World Editor DICK MAI Election Commissioner JOCK MILLER Student Congress BILL MUNNS Soph. Representative C HUC K NE LSO N Sports BILL PETERSEN Sports DARRE LL PEYTO N All-State Football BILL REICHERT Basketball EDDIE RIDGEWAY King, All-School Party DICK ROACH World Business Mgr. DAN ROBISO N Basketball JERRY ROSENLUND Basketball JERRY SCOTT Student Congress LARRY SHI NER Debate DAVE WOOD Dramatics . ..... Selected for their outstanding achievements and contributions to scholastic life, This page sponsored by RAY BEERS---The place to go for the brands you know ZQJMZCWUMI III IHI IIAII LOIS ALBERG F H A President MARIE BAUGHMAN Sr. Social Chairman SARA BILLINGS World Business Mgr. NANCY BLECKLEY Homecoming Queen BILLIE SUE BRADDY Dramatics BARBARA BRADSTREET Election Clerk ALTHEA BROMICH Representative Council JANIS BROWN Point System NORMA CAROTHERS CARO LYN CO NDRON Soph . Representative CARO L COWGE R Dramatics JUDY CRANE Homecoming Attendant BARBARA CROSS Music NANCY DE NISTON Cheerleader DORIS DERRINGTON Journalism HELEN DOUGLAS Journalism MIC KEY ECORD Jr. Secretary-Treasurer SO NDRA GLASPEY Soph . Secretary-Treasu rer Journalism ARDYCE COLVIN Soph . Representative HELEN HAMILTON Sunflower Editor MARIAN HAS KE LL Music JANE HE NRY Student Council PEGGY HUGHES Point System MARTHA JO JOHNSON Troy Janes SHEI LA KERBS Soph. Representative TUC KER LANDEE NE Soph. Social Chairman DOLLIE LEWIS Science MARY LI NDBERGH Cheerleader MARLENE MAY Jr. Social Chairman MARY MIC HENER Pep Club JACKIE MILLS Election Clerk MARGARET NASON Programs JULIA OLIVER Art CONNIE ORR Journalism MAR LE NE SEWE'LL Cheerleader BEC KY THAC HER Queen, All-School Party BETTY TURNER Honor Pep Chairman FREDRICA VOILAND Music CARO LE WA LKE R Music CONNIE WHITE Art . . . .Selected for their outstanding achievements and contributions to scholastic life This page sponsored by SAUNWE LL'S---The high school girls' own shopping center SACH5, FLORIST ' 10th and Warren Phone 6531 ARMSTRONG JEWELRY CO Gifts for all Occasions 429 Kansas Avenue HUSSEY INSURANCE AGENCY 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 3-4175 WESTWOOD DRUGS 2612 West Seventeenth Phone 2-8218 CARROLL RADIO AND SOUND Radio Service-Public Address 1123 West Sixth Street E N-EISWANGER INVESTMENT Realtors and lnsurors New England Bldg. TOPEKA AUTO SUPPLY 1015 Kansas Avenue COE SEED CO. Coe Building Phone 4-2656 COLUMBIAN TITLE AND TRUST Columbian Bldg. I I2-I I4 West Sixth Compliments of BARKER'S SHOE STORE 73l Kansas Avenue JENKINS MUSIC CO. "Everything in Music' 915 Kansas Avenue ALBERT SILK COAL CO 607 East 4th Phone 2-0297 Best Wishes HILL PACKING CO. IIO Kansas Avenue GREENWOOD AGENCY IO8 East 7th Phone 3-23l l Where you can see tomorrow's styles today." HARRY ENDLICH'S FORBES HARDWARE Established 1858 622 Kansas diamonds watches jewelry ' NIACES FAllEY'S MARKET 21st and Gage 933 Kansas 1923 East 29th Q f ' J , A , Q S w we 2 ggw,-xwffnsvi 1 isimfiii s s . -915' , X E wi.sfkiagwgfyiigylggigmfs,sSPsfbr+5Q2fm5g Fl- as gf A A A - W 1 WEA Q 2 ' ,- .mf it .V ,fgww -, ,-- . 4 f is I-f'fs1?',:hs, ff: 'ff , -:eg K Q iff' if A : ,, 31:-L-,. Q 11 N 299 sy . K ., E - ',1fzt1w-nsvgxzzf Siwigwwmxgive - I 'Wh iwf,1:i-liiliilg-skriif is ?f:' fi '- , , :W f E -fi-Rigs K .g,:,,S, 11 -, is vf fs E A - K Q ' 1 1, AL. 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POW IRQ! ll6ll'l' COHPIIY Chuck Valley, Jeannie Woodworth, Barbara Bradstreet, Rod Smith, Bob Whitehead, Joleen Knapp, Julia Oliver, and Don Baker and the 1951 FORD CONVERTIBLE from The ossv-MAcK Moron co 7th and Van Buren Topeka, Kansas r , I . 5 Q!! 4?-'f 'i fi iff' ' ff '25 ff' ' -., , Ji J' K J div' fffyfziw. ' f ' jr I , Af-V 'q Y K ,fig.,,4-'01, 6-4, - 1,4 , ff , ' fi-Mizz" - , . 'FA ' 'Y 4"' f1'7,2',4, ,,A, ' -X Hgfel El haw 'TOPEKA' KANSAS fn xfN w Q! W 'YK R gfww L A N X wjnihggguahi AYS IH GX 1 Q E141 V Y YAXYV1 QIIIQHUIIUICILI X xx A X An , , l P X X X X w av h ., ' .X 'Ax' "'- AIX Xf' S Q . ' :nina QM -l 1 12. . T f 1 F x k Y "f " 4' . Q "al ' X X1 E V I L 'At l R V ' . N I - r Xl 5 g X .3 K .V ' - I N :,f"n..y I L 4 A 'A' ' -, 'F 5 '1 A - - - , 'R X I 2 ' . ' ' n 1 1 'I I r I 7 f Q 4 x , . ilululilu- IEE? X Hx-....1'hl7Illlll AQ Beatrice 'Foods Co. :mv lwfcb I need my church. My church needs me, My country needs my church, The whole world needs my church Cultivate the habit of dependence on your banker. Cultivate the saving habit. Water Heating FQ R Cooking Re,,ige,a,i,,, THE TOPEKA STATE BANK THE GAS SERVICE CO. 200 WEST SIXTH Conveniently located at Eighth and Kansas Avenue The l Publications, CHRISTOPHER v 0 ---A -A-f-- STUDIO H. E. HAMMERLI Phone 8664 azz K ansas Ave. Congratulates the Class of 'Sl After Graduation, What? Invest in Further Education and aieguard YOUR Future! Washburn Offers You . . . A Choice of Careers A Full Social Life You get fine liberal arts and pre-professional training at Washbum. The curriculum provides courses leading to bachelor degrees in science, business administration, arts, fine arts, education and music. Washburn's School of Law is nationally renowned. And, Washburn teachers are interested not only in your academic progress, but in you as an individual. .V ,,, J 42, 5 ff! , S ' ' r :sr A university campus is a self-contained community. At A if K fi Washburn you have an opportunity to participate in ri F' activities designed to make you a more useful citizen. 'A Organized sports may interest you, while many students 1 join the Pep Club or the Washburn Players. Others M choose the enriching experiences of sorority and frater- nity life. ix of r 5' l fx rr,, Friendly Traditions College days pass swiftly, then old grads fondly cherish school memories and traditions. You, as a new student, will form enduring friendships, and share in Washburn's hallowed traditions. Homecoming, formlals, plays, the May Fete-memories of Washburn life that you and your friends will hold forever dear. Washburn University Topeka, Kansas "Home of the lchabods" it ' SKIP DRIVING WORRIES . . . ...SRIDE THE BUS! I-Iere's the easy way to make every trip back and forth to school and never have to give a care to driving and ' parking worries. Ride the bus! It's the easiest and quickest wa o Phone . . . 4-I7I7 for schedules or route f t in orma ion. TOPEKA TRANSPORTATION Company, Incorporated - I2'th and Jackson St. - PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUMENT RENTALS Rozwick School of Accordion 900 West 6th Phone 4-6634 If you call this acl to our attention we will allow you a credit of SI.00 on a Savings Ac:- count opened for 55.00 or more that will pay you 2Vz'Xz. Capitol Federal Suvinqs R AND LOAN ASSOClATlOb il tl: Q rovsu, xAusAs R 'f -. Hifi 2:"----7-4 ,Q 4 ru. ..:::::ggf Ph 2-72 n . del, one 9 Q if .J v I U . I O A MAIN OFFICE KANSAS AT 6TH DRIVE IN BRANCH I2 I TOPEK 4 . 1fffffff7 A 9 BLVD ' G ty l l ll lil 91 IH IH UI ll HI il nuuul li ul nu m iam is M f .TJ PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS . . . Without their support the 1951 Su flower would not have been ossible. Plea P show your appreciation by giving them your support. A. Q is if am. n- se E2 "wal 'K c sages t fl owerI:RANK cus'rENsoRnER AND soNs 1709 Gage dels Is I STATE HOBBY SHOP 1021 West 6tI ing f tures JORDAN ELECTRIC CO. 118 West 8tI Ilwork h dware MARTIN LUMBER CO. 519 Jackson elry credit ' TOPEKA DIAMOND SHOP 710 Kansa: p nting b ding F. M. STEVES AND SONS 1017 Kansas complim of ents PEYTON-FRITTON STORES 11oo wesf am complete N coverage BRIER INSURANCE SERVICE 1002 Kansas rubber seals sta m ps J. C. DARLING CO. 734 Kansas best wishes from GRAYCE READY-TO-WEAR 720 Kansas chicken steaks THE RANCH HOUSE 6th and Gage equipment sportswe a' CAPITAL sPoRTnNG coops co. 915 Quincy ' . L11 1 , X. V V H . - , . . ' . :Sf .ff 'Q' ,f74.-.j 1 H4125 'fiqwf X- " 'it 'K I l ' , 1 I ' , , , -L if ' I -4,- ' J. ' ... f,T,4,.f ,. 1 ff ,. ' L' 44 ff' Q Q" I Vmlv ' CL ii 1 'fifs " f' M 1 ,I , -f-I 'Q " -W -1,1 . . 1 ' ' - '4""'F'EXT'5P 0OI?f4 KNI5'f'fU'l5i"LIfEg 'Q s ' 'L , fz4f,,4a,e.2Q2lgams..A.yQf1uw--f C'f5'A"'5" f?a""fp K ' ' f' I I 4 me mf. X PUELE cow T N u ,QW E Open 24 Hours a Day QS, S HOTEL KANSAN An Albert Pick Hotel 213 West 6th Topeka Kansas T x Three Stores 527 KANSAS 106 EAST 6TH 837 NORTH KANSAS CB GIBB CLOTHING CC. wi? at 580 When betfe a to bl bu It BUICK II b ld th CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '51 RUCKER BUICK, INC. I L- Q. 59 ff 9' l ' Rf? 3,55 we -Q qi, S? my xg 2, Nfx W if TEA T jf , -3 . -.W ', V-' I 'X r 1 f if qrul ,ff fp! il F Sf' 1' ,X X5- . - 5-2 QR ! IW! e X ' vu I if ' Aj BEST WISHES 1. ' fi Af S wx XE, ' -if QXU, ' j , S ' , 1 Q H Q' H A X W ED MARLING, INC. ' ,si- "Kansas' Largest Appliance Store i THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY fall ,, I 11,-f,,, C' C L f I' HIUIDJ kSl0 IN X . C HFXXJE , C t F J I f X 1, 1 ' , ,f , x Congratulations to Class of '51 I I X f x ,- y 1 X' '1 X Q.. 4- ,- ' X + .,.-.-.-Q,-g-5-g-5-5.g.-.4:':-:-:-:Q-:-IQ:-:-:wc-:-agee2:1Q5:2-Fi Hvnnn Mmc nn VE x 1 HUDSON HORN ET UH-1450 HOGUE MOTORS INC. 115 W. TENTH 1. as:s:5::-5' 'S:::1:.:::::Qg:-2:1rs-:-:Q:.:r:Q:gf-:sfQ52:rzrisi-21513-rr-NESNBQQ-QSE5 -1 M.,-wW.,w ala Ln-L.-f,, H 0 ' "4""" ?Py.I!,SICIANS gfff rviacff' I ,H B J.Alll ,lvl.D. , - Cf oss BMD. Nglgnal Riseexfe Bldg.fN7l' f 771414 WY' S446ss9'K'7l.Df4 ff 5 M- W' M' 9' A fe P fvfmf fe 7-Lf-ef lf ff1.Q',il'9w RBSV2 Biden nn. ...,. nd .' ' " , - Natglal Reserve Blgg. f A cj' A 'gi E1L?65gtfic'E,'W1.Df' 'fulif fl-4 7' bf-1Jf""7'f" 4.-c'? Qf fr, or g- 21.3 IJ ,B cg, JamaG?lF9ellerCrhf11D.7'5jef rwdfof Fgffq, A Q I an lillar-ry ,nj 0 U., A lo A QA? Exllrnfcelslci gewman, 7 . c ovis . owen, . . ,7 , I S S. . Central Bldg. 943114. you a2aV7r'clNE-fl,-ggfJ4y..,, Loi. yan 116417, I 1 . . QT f ' John W. Cavanaugll, M-D. l rs 6 M.. G C 0 hhmggpl- MCC Ure. Lu Mills Bldgrifc Z!77f6 aaa- ff: -4 v ff r 4Sl9ufrahBldgP C4 MJ 7? fi T14 q-,,-- -C A - . ,. V M l 1' f James Kfdcldoy. lVl.fD.u ' 'V' "' 'l' "' " " PE Ffliglilnlock. MD. lOO8 Kansas Avenue ,mc L !7Aa f inlam 53,629 Lu f ,guilt n ,tex ltduls Cohen, lvl.Df3' 7 G- .712 .4 .. .wwf-a -Hifyibflcllenairi, M151 f f- 7 6.174 Central Bldg. rflofwp p ef, 4-lgcf L-Z' LJ fljflgnal Efegve Bldg. it L. 'Ll Q V Q Francis T. Colligs?-mi. 6 ' "' V' C -if 64, -2lN?Ef3Micl1!n'gr,"lV'lfD. f-4 Q. 'E vs 111 f Mills Bldg. 5,7 4. 1- 'f"g Central Bldg. ' fc-lac ,Q rvdffqvn mqj E, H, Decker' NLD- , , Milton B. lvllller, lvlln, - lvlllls Bldg. n ,Lo-In hka we ,,.,Q9hfja1fl2+cLa.f.- V-11.4 ,JQC ,yn Guy? piffl,'5y,-'mfg' 'I 9 0 2 -f' 1' o o 14-1 A1 f lwf'lvl.9vl4lJMzDw . E Homer l.. l-liebert, M.D..5 Clark. MD- , . lVlillSBlC.lg. ,fi F- dy wo..,1Jy--Q. Bldgf- .104 1,...,gU 5,1-3v4,,,,. '- 's David E6-"fy ffgffl' Jr-, .Z-4 Q lqgfgiffpovffgasflgifgfd 746,-.3 4, L Cie RA ' I , ,4 fc ' a R..Pr ston, B955 ' . ' , Nbatiorljlal Reserve Bldg. 'ge A be I Ifhatmggbgal Rgwve Bl 8- A y' L 71 bile 0 , Horace T, Ceene, M.D.A4 rflcfqlf ff' fo Leo A' Sriglh' 2Ay'f'a. of Jfl fir- fffr Central Bldg! 7L q Q , GMM? B A Hb L 4"5MDf"'94 1' CUC' 1443.91 Ifgfgqgdfgq 'Jar M11- uert .4 I , National Reserve1BldgT " ?' f"?"'f ""' Offglzlggr-,El 6 0116 Cfznf Q C 0 ff 10 1.5 in O A G. 0 If 0 - ' ' G' F' Helwlg' MD' LeoLX7y'FurggorllqN7lyl5"'1 7 'V""S WS- X Darrell J. Weber, MD. - C l Bld . Wilson K. Hobart, MD pf? 'C' fe-u entre' g Mills Bldg. B ff. f . .lf.l-.-- .mais A o.,l,,f i 8 X x N- DT- 'Y 1 sf f ,J f, 4. f , ,, Agfa,-W kjff, . K , .-,.A-4 ' . , - ' I L 1 ,. . Y' ' . Lawrence R. Beardf D.D.S. National Reserve Bldg. l . Harry H. Cook, Jr., D.D.S lvlllls Bldg. Kirk A. Dutton, D.D.S. National Reserve Bldg, W. C. Hansen, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. John J. Helm, o.o.s. Mills Bldg. G. lvl. Hill, pos. Mills Bldg. Lee R. McComb, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. fx, . , "I , ,i,f,f . f1EN'l"jSTS T i ,f.f,-,,' r . ff, Z I 'S Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D.S. Mills'iBlCl-S. - .. ,L M .1 Lawrence R. Smith, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. f X . 1 Nz g C. L. slalker, Bos. Mills Bldg. Leland W, Weber, D.D.S. National Reserve Bldg. Ci. A. Wempe, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Reuben F. Wiksten, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Ray Woodworth, D.D.S. National Reserve Bldg. ATTORNEYS Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, McClure, Webb and Oman Jeffrey and Russell National Bank ot Topeka Bldg. National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Wheeler, Brewster, Hunt and Coodell Maurice D. Freidberg Columbian Bldg. National Bank of Topeka Bldg. . . .,ff.l.: .1 l 4.1 . IREITIRV i . .. . ig: , BRIMAN'S JEWELRY CO. 602 Kansas MAYNARD'S 8th Cr Jackson BLAKELY AND CD., INSURANCE zol Columbian Bldg. lDRD'S FIDWERS s II4 West 8th MIDWEST APPLIANCE STORE 608 Kansas FORSEll'S WINDOW SHADE SHOP I42I Lane ' nAvls-wmcome Momma: I I I West 6th gms, f Lv gp' V f rp? .f, f,, . YV, ""' L - ' K K . 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Kansas'Leadin O f' g ut utters to Men, Women Boys Cr G' I X , Irs Z Kansas' L d' ' . JU, ea Ing Outfitters to Men, Women Boys and Girls Th. Palace 709-711 KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA. KANSAS Wltat to do with ct Nickel when thirst arrives Compliments JAYHAWK Construction Co., Inc. J. C. Sargent, Pres. lccacnlml Com-Col lug:-llucr n sun lls K mrl-all mcnl lrml .I . fr:--lv . n 4 :incl lricn: 5 lone l0 any occn-ion, Coke lzc-longs wluf-rcrcr folks gnllicr for lun and lricndlinvss Topeka Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1 I X V H El NS MPIIKIIT IMMY6 MAIIIMI lli400ll,4Ifi,9J "Z',f.f7 .em I I U nnie r we B Althea Brolsmzih 6LeUr0Lt QQTT ' PUFF Q5 .fm Hi Fi fi M 'f E: 1 sg -w .fw 2 H: Q -if S 2 Q E Q 2 331 1 xl 'H 5 au 51 Q! Q isl 3 39 1, P E 3 ii fi 1: w, E E v 5 E Q , -J , ' .. 'T f xy, ,,o. 5 - - ,4 1 1' f' . -' w' 1 -. - u, X. For forty-eight years HalI's has sold-' to the students of Topeka High School their educa- tional supplies. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by l'lall's, who in re-turn, propose to furnish materials of the best quality. satisfactorily priced. I K 77, ., .x , ' ., dx I. ,X X, f' I I L" ff ' " fllfl ' 1 " 1. w 1 , ... rw V Inj, . BANKING- Sound Conservative Constructive The National Bank ui Topeka MEAT PRODUCTS CO. Specialists In luncheon Meats F juniorhigh,th ugh T p k H gh and into EoHege, Berk h h things young women want, when they want them. BERKSGPNS Ph to Finish g ' Commercial Photos ' Photo Merchandise W0lFE'S Camera and Photo Shop 631 Jackson , y Elects w- I. .sh . -ggi e -sn.. ,sy X,,,,, by 5 UMW ,gnggrtmq .lr ..,.1.:,,..,S5 :gp 'Vx .. K.. a.r.....n.. .....a.-1 my Commun: a e S arn Mar. 'W LNIDN if lm.. f1..,..lf,f:' lk 52.15, XX"M1,,:,hm:: ZJYIAM th' ""f g ua.. mm F1 E- - 6 I S - M... fm- . 'L ' Thus' ' ..x 1e,oueenBec1fyHe1gn.,. . Ullons F- 11,Qf ..:::z::,.:a - . -M Nm.---'W R31 I A t O bf -T1 . m,, M lI'Sf Cod YA' -a.. .u 5...---md. 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O 'Topeka's moiem business school CLARICS SECRETARIAL AND BUSINESS PREPARATORY 633 Kansas SCHOOL Include in your plans for the future a friendly relationship with this growing bank MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 501 Kansas Member Feder I Reserve System Mvwds Mews SHOP 2 KANSAS AVENUE 0 PHQNE 44925 Real Estate ' sales ' leases As you go down life's way you will need the 0 rentals hope and faith which comes from religion. Town and Country Agency, Inc. Garlinghouse Bldg. 820 Quincy Your church is your best friend. Topeka Council of Churches Smart Luggage for the Travel-Wise Pam" LEATHER SHOP ll5 East 6th 0 :Hrs "SAVE ON E TENTH" Remember this always-"lt you save one- tenth of your earnings, your future will be se- cure." Everyone can do it. You should start now. SHAWNEE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 812 Kansas Avenue Serving savers and home owners since l885 TOPEKA'S POPULAR STORE fd' .,. f it 4""""'Q 1 l' 'ill 'fi'-lifilifiiigiiiliiiiizlzg., .-Z-Z-1-Z-'-'-g---3:g:,:.g.'.g.,.':g.g.'. 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Custenborder, Florists ............... Darling Co. ........,.......,....,.,i...,,,... ,,,,,,, , Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co ........ .,,ri,,. Dentists ............,......,.,.,,,,....,,4.,., Douglas Construction Co ......,.. Endllch s .,,.........,.,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Fa1ley's Food Marts ,....... Forbes Hardware ....,,,,....,, ,,,,. Emahizer-Spielinann Furniture Co - , Forsell's Shade Shop ,...........,,,,,,. 1 Gaines and Son Funeral Home ,.,.,.,. ,,,,,,,, Gas Service Co ....,..............i,..... Gerye Co. ....,.,...,...,.... , Gibbs Clolthing Co .....Y, Grayce Shops ...........i.. Greenwood Agency ....... . Guaranty State Bank ,....., Hall's Stationers .,,.,.,. Hanna's ....,,,,,,..,.,.,,,i,Y,,,,,, Hill Packing Co i,...,,,,,,, , ,4,,,,,, , I-Iillrner's Leather Shop ......,.. Hoguc Motors Co .....,........ Hotel Jayhawk ....... Hotel Kansan ......,.......,..... Hussey Insurance ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Jayhawk Construction Co .,........ Jenkins Music Co ,,,i,,,,,,,,,, Jensen's Creamery ........,.. Jordan Electric ,,,,,,.,,,,..,, Kansas Power and Light. Lord's Flowers ...,,...,.,..........,,........... Mace's Jewelry ,....,.......,......,,. .,,,,,,,,,, Marling Furniture and Appliances.. Martin Lumber Co ...,.,,.,,....,,,,,,,,,,,., Maynard's ........,.....,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Merchants National Bank ..i....... Midwest Appliance Co ..,.... A ...,. Moore-'s Stationery .........., Mosby-Mack Motors ........... National Bank of Topeka .......,. Neiswanger Investment Co ........ , Nightingale's ......,..,........,..,..... Ohse Meat.Packing Co ........ Palace Clothing Co .........,.....,., Pelletier's ,,.........,,......,.,,......,...... Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home ....,,. Peyton-Fritton Stores .....,..,.... Physicians ..........,........,......... Ranch House .....,.,...................,.... Rozwick Accordion School ......., Rucker Buick Inc .................... Sachs, Florist ......,...... Sarber's Nursery ......, 5 Saunwell s .................., ,...... Scott-Puffer Motors ..,..,.,,,..............,. Shawnee Federal Savings Shrake Electric Co .,....,.................... Silk Coal Co .,.....,.... Smith Motors ......,.......,...., State Hobby Shop ..............,...... Steves and Sons, Printers ,,...,,., Topeka' Auto Supply ..........,,,.... Topeka Chair Rental .,.................... Topeka Coca-Cola Bottling Co., ...... ....... . .. Topeka Council of Churches .......... Topeka Diamond Shop ..,.i..,.Y.,.... Topeka High School IVorld ,....... Topeka State Bank .,....i............... Topeka Transportation Co ......... Tovgn and Country Agency ........ Virginia Ellen Studios .,.,.................. XVall Diffenderfer Funeral Home i.,, VVashburn Municipal University .,..,. VVestern Typewriter Co .s............. VVestwood Drugs .............. Wolfe's Camera Shop ........ VVoli's Jewelers ............ VVheIan Lumber Co .....,. VVIBVV ................... VVREN .,,.. and Loan .,...,..,,........ 136 118 132 128 136 146 136 130 121 143 116 138 144 140 120 142 129 134 129 126 131 119 118 115 141 148 130 117 151 128 128 116 119 140 148 128 144 124 126 148 137 142 125 120 116 144 148 140 131 138 S ff! JMVWWJ I 'fl SSS X f 1 "X, C' 7 J JJ 9 1 ml 1J4M,f, , .-- I H 4' A, 4 ,ia ,,.a. X N. N xx 9 S 9 jim WW! T. TE Q 1 fy 1 i , A ,Lu 'gif iq lj IM 04"f'J3 ' YH-X , XX L .I ' If ' 'S X' X N ES XX i N Ax Rig x,',f"v"' .,,. ' , N , 25 5 J fvff ifx it A .5 -' Qui ,NL Q A ., in ' X S S N Dwi' S X X ,-.w v n XXX! V XXX, yt 4 L!V0,f19f', - A141 Sw E J Snxxf K..'x ,xx A5 S .-bf 'K 'Y iw- X f4. -A x ' Y - ' Q . tif .. NX kg Q B Z' xx: . Jx X ' ' ., ', ' xg' ' .J ,5 . M , WD 'lj .NJ Xf : E E i J 'x Rf , K A XY JN WSWS 4 ' J b ' A r l f! rx' x G, X ' X l 'ui TT J . 'XKAAE A Pi X I i CA' pi if THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS '5f'j?i Y.1Q:Rs-by-M7 E RBOGKS My 5 me l . I E I i S E i I l . S. 1 J b. 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Suggestions in the Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) collection:

Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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