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 - Class of 1950

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xx x x 1. JJ, Jn-'W lafw 4 Rig. 1 ,9 "fd Y. 5 L 1- fl I Q pr -v .Da ,! 1. A 'fp n p A 3 ..- 1 s u , L N L fra, AHB Sy N 1. -- 1 J v lx V ,- :K X "4"f:::fL, Q65-I 1 xg! if of Q- gf V3 TW'S"m-sm? UK Q- 'N'-Q: 4 f+sv.,4m w'WM-hfF- ' F tukl ,U -V A-.,,,,.... aamvaz., QV of 'B ""T' fA7fffAg ' ',.mlZW Q QQ., n WIA! rf Eff? Cxpgxiff- - 4. , '59 NF it l'mbw,.sf:1f:i .A'. LL' -"' '5 'A., M - ' -f-45:-N --hgh ' 'V kL,. WZw ffm DMN Lf 5M""'q9"? ' W fx .cg If ,f f5l"7'W'ffq' 1' ,l 'q'ff.W1 ' man fu S dryfxgv x m 4,, .A- gig? -ff.gq3,,, A H, L 9 V fx-v A ' ""x'z' M Q5'kN ' AL'- Wai? .. . - M 8 Wgff- V' Az,-rripw' .Aff""' Qz.,,fr,f 'w M Mm , ,W .A . +2f'f'?.F , , . X ',, -yrg,.,f U ' A, wg ' I an gy g5gJ,,g1f3mg4,f ,a ov v 0 J 41 JM T7 f' f jf M. . 9, W Q QW My ff ffwvf ,Ll ' affix 5' yy i MAJ wks 5 ?' h. MM e if .V 1 ,iff a dj? 'N wviig if A ' N' ' . QE nf wi ,jj M Q 55 L,,fQ,," . My I L3 er . HF!! J I vw :"' C: J Q Q f , ju yy ,rj J j I V L1 A6t,L"f 5 . JY! 'MV I J A X W . ,4 JI .V -, Q ie iff-"M Q' M 3 yy gr v A193 f fd F . Qi 35 X343 - WAX? .3 R, of .1 tb f,4? ?iwwMxfq, f X W- .... W M F gjwwy alMDiW.7M"7-g.,,,,,,:35, VQAI 'Mfg J,- fm.,-3 'L X . .., x 4' Ai' I ' ',,.x-v' pvtllh Ewlgyvzammvr aww , f""""' , .- G I J Fw' '21-f K Qggg, ,.w - ,.Q1.3,gi+rV if in 1 WW Q'LWA,,4"fQ,,-Mu ,My ggfzwz:',I" d,,QLj3Zw.4 UWLUUIE Vx -M Y-4 Lx, X .Nr P . 4 k 5 E .Leif . l l l A , , Az ,K K,,- A Lk lg I is VV I . 5 ,ff ' ? ? i rf A ""'6Z0""" llQ l .iw fff' D42 MJ 1 ,A , g Q ' ' . -dw! - I . Koo. Q W ' i- 1 ,fm5'J5ff31j Wi A 7 1 l 57 J A , , K , L1 L.2, i 1 ,ii xzivx M 3 X Q QQ migi ,' f Q l il A 'i , S N m I L l ' 4 V 4A'i ii if' jf X JM! i nf 99 M1.,4 I e , ' L, f - - fx - .. -Zn, L "'f ,fy E ' AAA, f'-K . K," I Q , ' A mdwfiiigvf 4-523 ii ' f f S' dy 'mfimf E Q5 f' 'm' 'll Q5 9 7 K , 'fffif-if fig, Jq'L -i W ' 3, xx, i i 4:wD"'ggQg g? if 4 .'!V ,ixfl A J , , A 'lL2A A ,f L IAAZ ,:?b R , Vi, , , 5 7, f.5, vi if M my . 1 ' ' gf 3 H TOPEKA'KAN ' S-.AS ' EDITOR 72 B us. M GYR. X K ww---W-11 in X! 1A',2gi Lf xg ' 'Nair ' 'RM . W ltii ' X,,1 'ii 'las r XRS! ' . -3 wgxx any o i I I i 1 ' 'v.' ,,g um, L e mme.4 az i 'i ligllgixx . . 5... 1 he li J TK A A A "l -, ' Ta' DQW' N If 1 5 QW gx k is li' W 2' ,x. 'ff X W f is i ,-.: X i- .,. , 2, For each succeeding class of Troi, high school days are over in three sl y ars, All that remains then, is the freqi b lfward glance through sparkling men Win ws. These Windows of Memory W'-M45 alvw , s open wide tothe sweet, exci Tdayis, beneath the Tower's stately bea i , 'R J x, A , - fli il r Q . "M x . is ' . i ', 4 M' x -, Mi X Y f HR R ,Ml 2 V i -1 L i - wmnows, wi y x V ., ., 3 and square-fwindomg - lochs and downs, wingi A by the quay-filled v and clouds and stars .... --.., -, , , time J A gardens green-where white statues still and cool-fling their shadows ,Mol if ' on a pool . . . Windows faced with blackenedwalls-where no glint s L i of sunshine falls-windows in a squalid maze, of a slum's dark alley- ways, little windows locked and barred-grim, above some prison yard. K egg, A So, when we look out and see-Froof and spire and budding tree Help us, God, to realize-what a window signifies . . . Freedom, fl? f light, a view, and air-and the whole wide world -out there. f f ,. l f f 1 f , , ,, . . If LH, ' ' I F, V R NT DFROM THE QUIET HOUR v o ' 1 U 'J copvmcwr was av E Mss on OFE P eco ,gf as f Q, . 1 .H - nr ' 3 A , Q ,YQ v ff aft HL 1 f . 1"":'W-mf 4-1' A - - f ie1Qia:gf35,,g3L'i ,Ai X.-mf L ' 'AZ , ,zu 1 if , 515 ' Q V .. ' , M. mpg! V ,ff , .Y A g 4, . U . 3 4. w Q , A ik" V izqg A' - ' wi ' W . 'K Q V T K , NF is 'W 'Q gl fa , 'nu-9715, M, .5 if", ., A X , 1 LW, Y My , ,W ,z ft ' , qw lib 4 if 1 V f lfvf PSV' ww? f 'ff g NT hd' L: N Q L I 'Q .D ' -X ,W Av" ,f kiwi, W, '1 .. my may '4 9 . "1f1, .M,f 'f Ai1'ii-'tibfxgggi!'1QE7fZQQflf'YFCQ1 ' ' Qitiff A W' . ,V ww iff? nw, X Qi x , fx, . -Bi of ., vi A xl I 3 x Simi S ,Lmthe strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" another class walks down the aisle climaxing three wonderful years of high school. For the seniors, this day closes leaving with them memories of gay parties, sparkling assemblies, true friends, and a knowledge that has broadened their outlook on the world. We, of the Sunflower, have still another cherished memory which will always be held dear inrour hearts. Our memory is of the Great Lady, who in her quiet and unassum- ing manner, guided us toward our iournalistic goals. 1 For her, this graduation day brings memories of many school years and many staffs who have preceded us. Miss Ruth E. Hunt is retiring. With the distribution of this book, she ends her 32 years as iournalism teacher at Topeka High School. ' TO YOU, MISS HUNT, WE DEDICATE THE 1950 SUNFLOWER. 15 wa va gs hx X my M 52-gg new rail rkmffuvs TIIIE I95U SIIIIFLUUIEII WINDOWS . . . . IN MEMORIAM . VIEWS . . Seniors . Juniors . Sophomores . . FREEDOM ..... Student Government Administrators . Faculty .... Student Organizations . 1-7 8 9-46 io-33 37-41 . 42-46 . 47-64 . V 48-51 . 52-53 . 54-57 . 58-64 LIGHT . . . Dramatics . Parties . Class Room . Music . . Publications . AIR . . . Athletics . . Trade School . WORLD . . Advertising . . Advertising Index 65-86 66-68 69-73 74-75 76-82 83-86 87-108 88-105 106-107 109-140 110-139 140 LMA "B1 Y I and strong." ,,,. ,N ' .. ,.. ,. . ,. , . , L ,W ,. W, ,i T A1 swy aaax f ff? -vg '1Qa'? Jgl5?fwi9'iw1i' Y, , A : .. 5 I f S f 1 HJ :af , Q .2 , 'fgi zgggayicgfwa Q2 5 -4 .HH . wi ma, sei v -b:J,E'ifzZf'- , '-:ffl ' V i v, -V1 V g , H pm?As f 1 .J--A. Q SZ15, me if " 'ig gay vigil?-?I?Q: W. ,A fm if 4 A 2,1 sm? MQ, wif, 5522? - '-i f? : fa? , 1 H 2 I 5' 1, :. me X X fw "'e2'ii,j , fn , V+? wwfwfm AWE QW ,fs AV ' a, 5555 sw fr if if 23 , K egg? Qgmfwf 2gqLi5 H 53 fyff wi sf TRW fi K ff 121 ff? Wifiik wi WK? iw Y -w fwm K is S1 9' XS fx if is ,K 'FQ sig 3 MLQQQSQ' K 'Q N M 3 5 g,ik,,1E5gi7 K ,Z Tw Q K' gs if 57 af f? 2 gm, W, ,M 2 3 A 1 QE K , X 2 E . 54 Q ' YW'A ' . :rf qf5':gYiQS?,f W1 , Y 1- L L , ,',, www ig Z3,g??2sW5 Q f f ' H5 1' fff" 'MZlFWfW, , , . fn , , Ag 3 : 1 ' 2 wi K E? , -. - . V ,- W, im xfeifgg 9 lsr 3 - L - ' my gg f A Q2 ff?-g ffffiigggg 'Wf'9gW, A Qs . - , ik yt 4255155 ft f - ' Q z., . , 3 1 , 13 has Xi gn, MSA is J 1: 'W A . -ff - f Y f 'xi . Q9 'A V : -A ' Rm Q A w 2 -ww . . f' .'-.:: 1. V V ,l igli v'L' A f 2 5 ., E E 3' . aw H f W , 6 , ia 751 5 sy sg Q , . q : sg, E355 3, .."FI:. :, : '-u p ' :. ' H Elf - :jfw:1r:rg',: - 5 Us ' fg L J m m ' , ' Ev -'f, 'z:'5 'f,, : f '.:f:", 5 Q iii . MQ J4..,.: ,.:- .. . ig - " 2 g isa 5 ,i qg.- . -wi: H f,2f'3g,es 7 '- f S 7 5 ff-'f' fx- .. 542 252 52 Y 5? , 1 5 1 ww? A, sfigiwf 2 h -- - ' " Qi? gi f - aww " is Ig W, 53055 Sw 5 5' : -- - : - if V z f, 2 . ,V A I ZF. - H, Lie '- A , I A V I E W A N D A I R A Y w H A T A W I N D o W s I G N I FI 12 s . . . F R E 13 D 0 M gr- - f -, 51" aww w , , fs - ' gg s,. -,fi ',-- , 'V', 15 : -W , M, fr A I -- CLASS LIFE ,,'v X ,V M1155 ' X 5 'W ' . ' E 4 ies Q 1253352 .W ...,, W, me . - m l .. . Q' : ---- , M, ,... , . , ,, , . Y ' S . g Q' 5 QI , as , 1 5,5 V r , - ..,. f--- 1. " - E -- Q N, ggi 3 -- g ' , gg s , 4 . - pf -- H - - W . ,, 5 ii - : ' X51 K ' N -f-- iii , , We ..,, : - : - V ---- I Z ' ,EEA 'sn 33 fvl- - fu- . .W .... .,.l.. . .. .. , . - , , , 5: 3 ?' 1E..' .. -- E' A V.: . .. , S el iclfwce win aw wifi cz Zizee- eat View THE E IDR CLASS i Jerry Hutchison President Don Troup Vice-President 3- ,. -. , Q Y xxx wif t if iiififm' iixzfn ' ' :Z , YI: 5 RC, STIULX f ' 1' , " yu iigtgfz .,f'eY:,- , vI"a"', :J I - 2' Tfif rirf 15 -- 'lfz Eats,-.W tie r ,+. I A ff. 1 1-ff , iff 1 V Ylfff a t ' ,. ig fi. -2-if sm. A -:sw gp-sm -5,3 . W2ff's5.ff f :5Ef5iSEflS1 ' f ,' ' ' is - f lift LzAfQ,,1zf .,..i,.i zy, - sfitfggf 111 512143: ess iy3525,f5i?ii51fi5g 3 Annette Huke Secretary-Treasurer Mary Anne Paramore Social Chairman Seniors at last! When we reached that loftiest pinnacle of school glory, we stood transfixed by the immensity of what lay ahead and the memories of fun-filled times that lay behind. Through the rose-tinted window of our Senior year we joyfully viewed those events most precious to all Trojans- the varsities, Homecoming, the entrance of the All-School Party queen, the operetta, and finally Commencement Yet the year was vastly different from other years, for with' it came the knowledge that this was our last pep assembly, that the chimes would sing no more for usjand that Com- mencement would be in our honor. The year was wonderfully happy and wistfully sadg we were eager to go and reluctant to leave. Troy was dear to the hearts of its upperclassmen. We stood long at the window of our Senior year and, gazing, tried to fasten close within our hearts the thrill of every moment. Being Seniors was the sunlit peak of our school days. N . -i:5Ei':iEsa?mi5!5i' " 3 ff "gf 3-"'i:.::. F f u? eff ..:55.'H':' ' fi:i5?f'5' "E:- xcrsi. ws " ias ivwifisfis grey ASS sax' , fiimssgmgm figgiwfiev - .hw-aww si , fi-3 sa -sweat am,E12gs?8,, e ,. .,m,,w. ' " Xsfsasafe-rasesfgiskse Q, f - - 'sf Charles Keith Representative Dick Dennis Representative N - Representative Seated: jerry Hutchison, Mary Anne Paramore, Miss Irene Kloppen- berg, sponsor, Annette Huke, Don Troup. Standing: Charles Keith, Nancy Landon, Dick Dennis. l10l ll, QRSMNR! jk WI K ON , E VvWflx lauiiiIl 3 E 1 N 'U I v, may ZIV EQ 1350 J 1350 fxx :iff 6' fm U E X , ,fv' M : Lf 3 A L4 194149 U21 ' 11350 1350 I mbzsxiitut cbnnrki ffLailiPHPCY11b, - - ,',, . 5523Sligiijfifigfiijifgiigfgpigggiswmxifs 'wg A - S A Wg, 1592-PQ, EL W 'ir A ,A ,, S 9' .5 ,Mx All . 13 few. ,-:: ., , .5 .. -Q wif , mam MQ? 1' 3, J - mf-mx ' 1: wi 1w'mm gi' M gggwlwm 5 my ,. MW , vgfufzmfei - . ' wx-.fz, Af,,mw,W ,E T .zg Qs 1 NME., , mmwswk W, , : fqlwi ffssezlwsw' 1 QW, .. x ,H- -, Qeiisswmf ' ' WL' 'A2ff21,1:-f,,',- -11316 ,,,. :-. -. E ff' f ff K fm P Us , Tj HE L We XX 4 ww ,N ,f gd Za 5333 gl? kssz42z,..,.Q. Q, i'g2 4f1fN 0211,-"qv,.6.' 4 M 1 vi Q 2-algal' .msfzsf V .le ' J f 7-w?s3i?m?.m.:fi.59.1, :i'a?'19Lf72.Sf2i' ff l:if'Efz?f2:S'i1 v 1950 UM H41 11968 15 J WSG 1 1 ,A fl " f fL-,M 5 I ' Q , . ' Lx 2 'M ,L ':. . I HU! 'U' H rf, 5 1 15 L, me fi ' il 'i fnmm HW' J 1350 9536 l17j E95 1350 , , Q Y xx' -U 9 SEER J 1950 20 ' W fin f QW M I LAM 2 Q ff ibm WZ!! AXZX6 , K .' Q4 Q 1 I I kr .175 1 ff ,M Q 1, Rl v .,,r, 1 WS, jg gg, 'Null Q.: +1 qv' 121 A 15150 24 A 'I l M .4 6:3 ' Q 7 tk f xi 1' ' WHL N156 m 9 ii. A s ' ,vnu I Q in v-1 wg 1 I 7 fl 4 1 v 1 v K my Q QA 5 X, ,. L, 0 0. 3 V WB! .1 1350 I 251 EJ J 15150 26 - w fre? sy' X 2 K 1' MM, Mya" , ,, , W1 w,ff21, X LL, 7: 3 17. lf, M fn I Mm 'Wh' 'ima I 4 fn bf K wil 7 ' 1 gf,-Qw If " Ai 11, Uh .V C 1,, VS, My Wg" W? X 7 -- 4 X X "Nz f gf il JFK :,I' 'J-4A' - l i 1192259 0 5 1? SEM 27 28 X sr :J W fl X xl x 1963 - fze Q0 a,,.1- 30 N., .e N: X xg X 5 5 4- if 11969 'N 7 f L .I Cf, H If x L J q 1zLkyAL. .X . ZA f 2 3, V., 5 IX Qgqg XD, 1036 31 0 L5 1? SE 32 960 Q ,. A we,.i,3,wg,w-itit-5121.,7f,.. ,V amfwlfsf-W-fy. ' i.5"' - v?zalkawf21.,gwP - M ,::gs-5,,w- , " ,-2-k,,fgt:fsgsm:Q -,.w,,-Sw ,. ' itgsvlaff' ' - ' . ,Leng-221421 ' fsv rlkwf f 1 ru 6 can , W1 'sz' W :sv , ., 11533: w w .:fg.'f,:7'..Lsz .y 4.1: gi:-Q ,. or ' 2:15-lvg If: .. w w- ' i -11 if Q-fzsg-f.:wg: "!2',: -,z-.nga gif .Lg-,jjk:f:3gL 'I5., I k5fs'xf1'f3Q Q,f.:Z:vfL55,:V.l 'Q 'f-5. 235 ' iiifklsf, , 'j'fQs:f.ffi- :l ie-fu Us f. 'HUN1W?P5T3O15i-X' ',"-" L We Right: In preparation for that important day, jack Grotewohl is measured for his cap and gown by Shirley Beach. Below: To symbolize Kansas State College, Phyllis Addy costumed as the traditional Wildcat is exhibited by Joanne and Jeanine Bunge during the College Day Assembly. Left: At last, College Dayl Jerry "Hogan" Pierce dances with o Clanton durin J Y , gi the K.j.A-.Y. varslty. 1 After viewing a fast game of football, Trojans rush to varsity. ball game. Students fill the teacher cafeteria to get necessar lockers. nifiivge cm inert e TRCJAN FU TER Trojan cheerleaders build up pep for the forthcoming basket- f34 Trojan pepsters sing school song before the State Tournament. - Phil Brent fleftj and' Don Brown Qbelowj , Sunflower photographers, check th eir equipment. Eager dancers fill the cafeteria for after-game var- sity. a ISS 1 -tis Art craft students watch a metal smith at the Kan sas University Art Convention. McKilJben1 ber' bert h rs R0 . d R0 eggs: Elhel Frllgxbsmeheerlead' f- xl Y in Gray' Ialitice for me Com g ers, PY t SP orts CWB S' C tam w0zA lla ze mcafian ASSEMBLIE ,E:f,?:V ' .W-5' A f r in V E' Rodney Brown mixes concoctions. Chemistry sludenls show mixed emotions as blasls rock Ted McCoy. Above: The melody ol' "'I'emplalion" floats across the audilhrium as jerry Dawson and hisband make assembly history. V Right: "L'il Fug" Elwaine Pomeroy, Drama Announcer Harper Dougan, and "Portia" Virginia Barlos dramalize a daytime serial during the radio broad- casting assembly. I 36 I cena an fig fufnze an new ati 0144 THE JU IOR CLASS Suddenly we juniors were at the end of another year, ready to pull' up stakes and move on, assuming responsibil- ities as we went and leaving behind us wonderful memories of elections, tournaments, varsities, and all the things that made the year the most exciting yet. Sincerely trying, we had met our new jobs and carried them out as best we knew how. During the football season we had sponsored a varsityg then came our Junior Play, and finally that most memorable occasion, the junior-Senior Prom. We also had a hand in "Janie," 'iThe Red Mill," and the All-School Party. As we looked back through the window of our junior year, we realized that we could not have accomplished these things without the assistance and enthusiasm of every student. Because we were only a little distance from our Sophomore escapades, and yet so near to attaining the glory of Senior- dom, we could understand both groups. Perhaps our real job as juniors was that of unifying the life of Troy. t ,, ga Q Q l 93 Q, 'sk iz '3 15 Q' Q sais wr. ?tf5iQ 5' Nhiteiggy 251 ' . .' mfmmw-w A Yiwwewwhff H' f V it rafiwfw 5 K . Aiimxxxtixxxt -W , V - xrigimsyy V SIM :Q :: .. V --: Vwsszfrsa K- as a n at V isiliiifiggtgg ,Q ssl Z ' sv1if?lif3?lWi':i ' ' .' - fiiik yigg at eggs ti '--"- H isifglilii -7st.agxgigtl3Tg,,2ff R im? mam ' m 5','Hffwf, W a f sifs Qifiigg 3213 S ' g V,2i2,iigs?sasSst22g5?5 bw m e siifgfw sdff ' :- figsfifin , .. . f Ka sm 4 Cynthia Davis Representative 5 5 ,, imma? if it we W 45 as si iii? Q' ii S sisliilggui Q in Wi QQ? S wi giisgiigmgk S tw 5? jerry Bray Representative Ted McCoy Representative ,a,,,::t,E,,,,::,,,5, ,. -..WWF .. E W 3 ,t,r.:,fw-' , -- L. :.. i.. ,... . L , a ,rg,,,,-wt W ms, , . ..., A . ,, 1,,,,,..,,,,r Bob Brooks Vice-President ST-s s ' 6 'f if il if ll wif ii 133 Q f' ' 223 fri i 93 " fir S 5 ,291 ji? iw ie' EW W' K i it M wma it R 1 f is 1 we wi? ff 3 H ,, X tx ti .... mm, Ruth Cowie Social Chairman Keith Schulte President :-WM .... . ' 1 , ze-:i,: vu:-'Er , Wf ii. ,-H' 4 s ,. , 5:,af:, :fp fzif f iik f i, ' t Don Jordon Secretary-Treasurer Seated: Ruth Cowie, Miss Amy Swenson, sponsor: Cynthia Davis Standing: Bob Brooks, jerry Bray, Ted McCoy, Keith Schulte, Don l 37 l Jordon. Back Row: REPRESENTATIVES Back row: Rodney Smith Lee Jamerson, Harry Ives. Front row: M ary Eagan, Joan Bennett, Jeannie Hun- ' ter, Julia Oliver. 5 1835 C. Parks, J. Hallewell, C. Nelson, B. Davenport, F. Willis, D. Hill, R. Smith, D. Hinken, S. Anspaugh, K. Hummel, B. Mc Carter. Fourth Row: E. Baer, C. Spicka, D. Zirkle, J. Vausbinder, C. Ewing, R. Mabon, M. Sage, B. Raines, R. Davenport, M. Devine, B Barnes, B. Gabler, B. Breithaupt, J. Munk, R. Wingerson, J. Bray, R, Gatewood, A, Goodwin, Third Row: J. Eis, R. Heinsohn, B. Baldwin, E. Hockenbarger, M. Grubb, B. Winn, D. Haegert, J. Quall, C. Valley, W'. Suddarth, E Iwig, P. Newbrey, B. Jaramillo, C. Cole, B.' Royer, L. Scales. Second Row: V. Underwood, J. Macey, M. Maddox, J. Oliver, M. Jasperson, C. J. Davis, B. Iott, J. Knapp, J. IVilson, B. Frandle, J Pollom, B. Turner, N. Mulford, B. Mulanax, J. Howard, R. Abcrumbia E. Lee D. Abbott. Front Row: P. Cain, N. Laird, V. Rawlins, B. Luce, C. Wvalker, R. Ladner, N. Baird, H. Douglas, D. Canfield, D. Cain, M. Eagan, M. Nason G. Goslin, N. McAdam, M. Foster, A. Rocha. Homerooms-Fowler, Kelly, McCauley. Back Row: B. Eichkorn, R. Melton, D. Bennett, B. Whitfield, E. Ridgeway, C. Slawson, D. Liles, G. Crocker, T. Howard, B. Burgoyne, YV. Crawford, B. Randal, B. Fugate, V. Artzer. Fourth Row: J. Lutz, J. Bennett, J. Kramer, J. Slater, L. Christian, D. Howard, R. Johnson, J. Myer, J. Young, XV. Dutt, D. Butcher, R. Ladberry, J. Gardenhire, M. Vargas, L. Ransom, P. Palmer, L. Jamerson, H. Ives. Third Row: E. Derby, C. Smetzer, -R. Duran, J. Slaughter, M. Alexander, P. Miller, A. Foree, L. Hawkins, H. Clardy, M. Anderson, D. Butts, D. Baker, D. Irvin, B. Swader, B. Macy, D. Ohse. Second Row: J. Bennett, R. Anderson, S. Miller, D. Slack, L. Fenn, K. Urlacher, WV. Easter, L. Absher J Spencer C. WVymore, M. Swanson, C. Krehbiel, M. Taggart, A. Davis, D. Skinner, M. Kintz, H. Trimble, D. Griswold. , . 7 Front Row: D. Lewis, D. Myers, P. Fronnner, Stitt, R. Frost, M. Corona, E. Burton, I. Hale, E. L. Fox, B. Cross, J. Hunter, P. Hughes, J. Crook, L. Zuniga, B. Rust, D. Freeborn, M. Hutton. Homerooms-Frizell, Moulden, Nall. l 38 J 7 i Back Row: R. Kibler, D. Sodergren, J. Hogue, T. Coolidge, T. McCoy, E. Pomeroy, R. Ginavan, C. Thompson, K. Stewart. Fourth Row: B. Smith, E. Hoffman, R. Soucy, A. Brodecker, D. Huey, T. Rogers, H. Dougan, R. Kohlschreiber, C. Hodges, WV. Foun- tain, P. Munoz, E. Hodison, K. Brinnon, J. WVeese, P. Mathews, D. Jordan, D. Soulen. ' Third Row: K. Reeves, B. Powell, G. Cowger, S. Munoz, L. Flickinger, W. Honeyman, R. Bryant, J. Fox, B. Bryant, E. Holtwick, J. Gordon, P. Cook, A. R. Conners, J. Cowhick, G. Hoppas, D. Carson, D. Overman, J. Dawson. f V f Second Row: J. Bruhns, S. Bruton, B. Hawkins, D. Bristow, L. Snyder, D. Lawrence, E. Scott, D. Brock, D. Dolezilek, M. Payne, D. Martin, M. R. Rodell, K. Knauss, N. Munoz, S. Arbaiza, P. Dixon, C. Arnold, J. Arnold. - Front Row: P. Starkel, P. Hopkins, E. Carroll, C. Johnson, D. Keim, G. Vogel, S. Critchlow, D. Allen, J. Peck, M. Hansen, J. Bell, J, McDonald, D. Barrett, R. Cowie, C. Cowger, J. Mfoodworth, J. Woods. ' Homerooms-Rue, Seelye, Hanley. , l Back Row: C. Moore, YV. YVheeler, J. Holthusen, A. Luna, V. I-Iamby, R. Schreiner, B. Bliss, J. Holstine, P. Nvoocl, R. Hewitt, B. Boon. D. Peyton, G. Henton, T. Hartman. Fourth Row: G. Woliley, T. Charay, C. Stalker, E. McNeill, R. Moore, D. Smith, F. Spicer, B. Brous, R. Tice, L. Shepard, R. Johnson, B. Reece, R. Roach, C. Boyd, C. Henry, C. Coker, E. Beasley. Third Row: R. Priest, R. Donnelly, W. Johnson, B. Brooks, F. Brown, T. Arnold, J. Denton, B. Anderson, M. Brown, C. Pierce, B. Taylor, D. Baker, D. McMullen, R. Thomas, J. Bearce, M. Messick, R. Sheppard. Second Row: E. Bohnsack, S. Boies, P. Rogers, D. Smith, B. Losey, S. Klein, J. Koehlar, J. Brooks, D. Letrud, C. lvhite, M. Holst, D. Derrington, S. Dexter, M. Clark, J. Murphy, L. Spencer, M..Bowers, B. Powell. Front Row: J. Spencer, W. Holmes, P. Stanley, B. Couch, J. Gronner, L. Gilbert, B. Smith, B. Harrison, S. Richetti, B. Shaner, A. Mil- ler, M. Shoemaker, J. Chatfield, B. Lynn, M. Haskell, J. Hartzell, J. Hendricks. Homerooms-Rieniets, Gray, Adams. i 195' i U REPRESENTATIVES Richard Kohlschreiber, Bob Brooks, Connie White, Linna I' 39J Snyder, Jerry Dawson, Clif- ford Henry. Back Row: C. Mclver, W. Petersen, E. Alonzo, D. Perez, J. Allen, D. Lehning, W'. Allen, B. Fitzgibbons, R. Reser, D. Gordon, L Lemon, T. Weidman. Third Row: P. Tice, R. Hfeinkauf, J. Bass, D. YVood, J. Scott, J. Reppart, H. Johnson, K. Wveide, R. Thompson, F. Hardin, G. Flory, L. Peoples. Second Row: H. Morgan, B. Barter, V. Allen, D. Harden, C. Casebier, J. Davis, R. Bauer, M. J. Deitrick, C. Tilton, C. Maust, G. De- Bord, P. Kietzman, M. I. Carver, L. Lawton. Front Row: G. Flory, YV. Simpson, D. Bartholomew, E. Johnson, P.. Scott, L. Matthews, J. Kincaid, L. Kiene, M. Thompson, S. Scri- nopski, L. Caskey, R. Grame. Homerooms-Yvells, Thorpe. Back Row: R. Blackwood, J. Magnuson, F. Lake, M. Taylor, B. Stuenkel, J. Schneider, N. Capps, T. Pettit, D. Horton, D. Douglas, D. Orr, P. Adams, R. Pasley, R. Bannerman. Third Row: B. VVallace, YV. Gentry, R. Brown, D. Murphy, E. Zimmerman, F. Houdek, F. Stratton, K. Burgen, A. Kramer, W. Banks, YV. Buford, J. Vega. Second Row: B. Bubb, M. Brown, S. Tarlton, C. Cox, G. Preer, M. Austin, K. Newman, L. Giddings, P. Burkhardt, B. Davis, D. Davis, A. Terry, C. Reed. Front Row: J. Crane, M. Yvright, R. Ashley, B. Buchmeier, I. M. Bugg, B. Johnson, YV. Cox, G. Hough, G. Frakes, S. Horlacher, G. Hendricks, R. Hammond. Homeroonis-Fry, McKibben. I' 'I . 1951 .J UM REPRESENTATIVES Jim Bass, Marjorie Thomp- I' 401 son, Gloria Hough, Norman Capps. l YWYWY f V W , REPRESENTATIVES Linda Grange, Becky Thach- er, Dale Ridgeway, Barbara Bradstreet, Marilyn Heath, Kathy Evans. 'RS' Back row: J. Watson, C. Lewis, J. Carrington, D. Wilking, R. Short. Fourth Row: R. Johnson, S, Smith, C. Bentley, B. Gill, H. Barraclough, C. Smith, D. Lane, L. Swager, J. Miller, B. Kirkpatrick, D. Ridgeway, M. Jones, E. Peyton, B. Webber, B. Haubold, A. McNeal, D. Hawks. . Third Row: L. Hatcher, J. Hoover, R. Sherrets, R. Fleming, I. Norberg, M. Thomas, J. Virr, T. WVhite, R. YVhitehead, D. Martin, K. Schulte, D. Reeves, P. Davis, E. Miller, D. Trott, D. Smith. Second Row: J. Patton, O. Anderson, C. Smith, J. Anderson, F. Everett, D. McKibben, P. Moody, D. Bellman, M. Shoemaker, M. Shufler, B. Perrin, N. Sheets, P. Johnson, J. Ottinger, J. Denton, S. Waylan, L. Shrimplin. Front Row: B. Moore, N. Bleckley, S. J. Billings, F. Hawn, B. Philamalee, B. Smith, N. Osburn, D. Haynes, M. Heath, B. Miller, V. lVilkey, J. Hearn, D. Bauer, B. Thacher, P. Reed, R. Patrick, N.Schwartz. Homerooms-Swenson, Asklund, Gleckler, Back Row: N. Bowlin, V. Coffman, R. Mai, S. King, S. Hardin, P. lvillard, B. W'illis, C. Leonard, R. Kelly. P Fourth Row: B. Warren, T. Roach, McConnell, R. Guerrero, G. Boyd, B. Sutton, J. Schneider, D. Seastrom, A. Hidalgo, R. Alonzo, H. Barber, Ford, J. Chance, S. Lamar, A. Pl ley, S. Deitz, L. Petree, .R. Tillman, R. Drum. , Third Row: S.'Jol1nson, R. Hickman, Rf Beal, J. Clarpenter, J. Kesinger, A. Good, P. Burns, V. Teske, K. Evans, J. Kelly, L. Aguilera, D. Carlisle, A. Johanson, B. Nichols, M. Seidel, R. Keim, R. Kallen, R. Orr, B. Mains. - Second Row: M. Patrick, B. Hammond, J. Davis, I. lVarthen, J. Fleischer, B. Bradstreet, S. Anderson, J. Hardisty, I. True, L. Duran, N. Crith, M. Baughman, S. Sears, M. Johnson, D. Beaman, C. Caulkins, P. Fluke, M. Johnson, G. Maxwell. Front Row: D. Brinkman, M, Klugg, P. Brace, V. Reade, H. Hamilton, F. Smith, R. Brandenberg, J. Smith, B. Flannery, J. Smith, H. Morgan, I. Smith, J. Moran, B. Harris, J. Harris, G. Tindell, B. Griffy, L. Grange. ' Homerooms-Nuzman, Jones, Fudge. ' I 4 .ll al 44406: 'mf ziain THE SCPHOMORE CLASS Danny Robinson President Ivan Malm Vice-President Ann Colvm Introducing the youngest member of the Trojan family, the Sophomore Class! Brimful of vivacious energy, we new additions skipped gayly in, viewed the halls and walls un- awed, and looked eagerly through the window framing our first year in high school. We obligingly followed the traditions set aside especially for us. We marched in digniiied state to our Induction as- sembly, to pledge ourselves to our school, really meaning every word. We perched in the balcony applauding grandly all the jokes that flew our way. We made ourselves heard at election time, contributed a worthy share of talent for as- semblies and programs, and nearly fainted with relief when we actually passed those final exams. At the end of the year we had gained a bit more knowledge, we had had a lot of fun, and we had served our apprentice- ship in the craft of belonging. We were Trojans. I 9004! Wkjcsg .Zyfc Social Chairman t KA Se:iEl: 'jane' Henry, Althea Bromich, Ann Colvin, Mrs. jo White, sponsor: jackie Mills. Standing: Dan Robison, jack Greenwood, Ivan Malm. r"' 2 -V - 'ff , EV E Iii' Q' fx, .- if-V lack Greenwood Representative Althea Bromich Representative ative li 42 l Ad ' W Harden D Austin V. Hernandez, Top Row: A. Wendt, B. Johnson, D. Simmons, R. Harper, M. Wedeman, C. Webber, L. air, . , . , C. Oflicer, B. Falk, P. Oelke. Fourth Row: D. Marsh, M. Rousch, C. Yockey, W. Lee, D. Halladay, J. Howard, D. Admussen, C. Banks, H. Dalton, C. Glaspie, D. Skoog, B. Nowlan, W. Roose, J. Rowen, D. Kratochvil, C. Barrackman, L. Cowen. Third Row: D. Hanley, J. Barrett, T. Sleeper, J. Cowell, M. Russell, D. King, D. Gentry, I. Rodriguez, M. Houser, R. Sturm, B. Geb- hart, W. Frank, S. Lindemuth, J. Matchett, W. Mitchell, R. Gill, J. Tipton. Second Row: E. Kirkpatrick, E. Rusk, K. Moeller, C. Murray, S. Green, B. Mickelwait, M. Welty, J. Eldieri, J. Crawford, D. Williams, D. Garragues, K. Connole, S. Kendall, J. Langton, J. Grantham, M. Sewell, M. Dunn. Bottom Row: G. Benton, J. Osborne, B. Partridge, L. Blankenship, M. McBurney, D. Plumber, B. Desque, J. Curtis, C. Casebier, M. Baker, J. Corber, S. Isaacson, J. Davenport, E. Paramore, M. Johnson, B. Farra, M. Ashinhurst. Homerooms-Shoyer, Barnett, Blehm. Top Row: D. May, G. Smith, R. Snyder, R. Wilson, D. Robison, C. Davis, J. Hunter, E. Elkins, T. Woo s, . a g , . , Willis. Third Row: D. Kampsen, J. Overlield, J. Frye, L. Heil, C. Kruse, N. Marshall, J. McIntosh, R. Golightly, M. Shutt, J. Meinholdt, J. Johnson, J. Schlegel, T. Lewis, J. Dozier, C. Stribling. Second Row: P. Jackson, Oi. Baisley, D. Coffee, L. Hayes, D. Berryman, E. Wilson, D. Liles, J. Wolfe, L. Coulter, S. Schober, B. Bar- h dt E. Blackwell D. Webb nett, B. Boyd, J. Henry, M. May, P. Reed, D. Bern ar , , . Bottom Row: B. Reaser, S. Thompson, D. Overmeyer, J. Hahn, M. Murphy, M. Moore, E. Foster, P. Briggs, N. Lane, S. Dansey, E Euwer, V. Glover, J. Mills, A. Bromich, M. Keim, M. Pozez. Homerooms-WVhite, Russell. BE S0 lil 1 f .59 frog REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Evelyn Paramore, Larry Heil, Sally Lindemuth. I 43J Front Row: Marlene Sewell, Marilyn Moore. d R S r ent N McGrew J. . ..- M- Top Row: D. McPherson, E. Tippie, L. Lauer, D. Holcomb, M. Sorg, B. Terry, L. Morris, R. Keltner, R. Frager, K. Kopren, L. Shiner, I. Malm. ' Fourth Row: J. Young, A. Edwards, W. Grubbs, W. Wallick, F. Patterson, K. Schowengerdt, J. Gonzales, A. McCash, R. Diepenbrock, G. Lynch, R. D. Smith, F. Clark, P. Galbraith, R. Hersh, R. Kallen, J. Watts, J. Logan, F. Herdlicka. Third Row: O. Shinn, P. Hopfer, F. Voiland, M. Ecord, N. Cook, G. Lawton, A. Lundgren, A. Jelfrey, B. Gleason, M. Eagan, R. Lil- lard, H. Lyngar, M. Gardner, D. Proctor, J. Estes, S. Ramos, K. Morrow. Second Row: S. Reaka, T. Smith, C. Chard, D. Mize, I. Wilson, N. Kramer, M. Case, B. Baker, I. Starkel, W. Hastings, C. Scales, N. Marshall, B. Shannon, J. Clanton, M. Ball, K. Lenz, R. Austin. Bottom Row: J. Walker, J. Hosler, D. Lynch, W. Hug, L. Perez, D. Reed, K. Morrison, L. Emrick, V. Moore, O. Revely, A. Mitchell, H. Wettengel, P. Patterson, E. Hamilton, M. Iwig, I. Truex, M. Hass. Homerooms-Boyles, Oman, Kingman. Top Row: D. Nudson, C. Schleder, D. Dickson, D. Cavanaugh, B. Grogger, J. Griflith, E. Rockey, B. Kelley, W. Schmid, R. Renfro, D. Hillyer, R. Singleton, A. Van Nice, J. Howard. Fourth Row: R. Armstrong, D. Ferguson, D. Sheafor, C. Haas, T. Welch, J. Lahman, J. Gilreath, J. McClain, G. Staples, H. Frazier, J. Royer, W. Kelly, D. McCann, R. Pease, J. Focht, J. Barranco, N. Ortiz. Third Row: R. Cowen, D. Schuster, A. Colvin, C. Cook, G. Manning, W. Jackson, S. Douglas, C. Carter, J. Woodson, E. Mendoza, H. Rocha, S. Frederick, P. Lodle, M. Lacey, C. Ijams, L. Strimple, R. Hecht. Second Row: C. Lightbody, V. Carmitchel, M. Andres, L. Underwood, N. Stover, D. Sewell, F. Thomas, H. Denny, P. Matthews, S. Murphy, E. Schumacher, N. Smail, F. Hercules, J. Rosenberger, D. J. Skidmore, E. Bulk, D. Walters. . Bottom Row: G. Steck, D. Klamm, J. Funk, J. Northcutt, J. Hamilton, M. Disney, L. M. Drum, B. Barraclough, M. Smith, M. Escobar, V. Tindell, M. Harper, B. Arn, P. Wiley, M. Bigg, A. Padilla, P. Escobar. Homerooms-Hopkins, Loomis, Cooper. BE fp 19g9 REPRESENTATIVES :QA Back Row: Douglas Scheafer, Carolyn Cook, Karl Schowen- gerdt. Front Row: Shirley Murphy, I 44 I Barbara B a k e r, Marcella V Ecord. REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Stanton Frem- burg, Phil Coolidge, John Dixson. Front Row: Marilyn Bron- son, Faye Kramer, Jeanne Irvin. L-A U lE so 1359 Top Row: G. Slusser, W. Faidley, D. Cole, Wm. Dilly, G. Scheer, V. Blankenship, D. Oden, M. Smith, J. Brown, S. Brier, H. Butts, B. Beasley, D. Mathe, P. Dibble. Fourth Row: M. Voigt, K. Woollard, D. Casebier, G. Hyle, R. Baldwin, J. Cox, G. Davis, J. Rosenlund, J. McGee, B. Streeter, P. Spauld- ing, G. Boaz, D. Hess, S. Fletchall, B. Huebner, L. Cunningham. Third Row: P. Hernandez, R. Barger, D. Carlson, J. Hocker, M. Blackwell, J. Owen, H. Libby, J. Pauley, P. Haglund, A. Mfarthen, J. Johnston, I. Hartzell, J. Frampton, M. Beardslee, D. Reeder, A. Anderson, J. Kelley. Second Row: B. Bohn, R. Ames, D. Tuiliey, D. Smith, F. Kramer, S. Bevell, P. Nelson, D. Baker, V. Smith, L. Butler, L. Gill, E. Valdura, J. Cabrera, K. Choguill, M. Michener, J. Irvin, E. Savage, J. Brown. Bottom Row: P. Jones, J. Baer, B. Braddy, A. Norris, N. Fenn, S. Ihinger, C. Hammond, A. Drescher, R. Lassiter, C. Cuddy, A. Bradley, D. Cole, J. Rust, B. Burrell, S. Wall, M. Bronson. Homeiooms-Davenport, Van Tries, Willcoxon. Top Row: L. Wilson, N. Ewing, A. Lewis, B. Lemon, O. Christman, R. Willis, P. Anspaugh, D. Workman, M. Hutchison, J. Glenn, R. McClenny, J. Bruce, R. Carrington. Fourth Row: G. Meyers, J. Lewis, R. Smith, D. Mitchell, B. Thiessen, N. Christman,' T. Chaffee, J. Johnson, D. Parnell, K. Phillippi, S. Freidberg, P. Coolidge, L. Montfoort, R. Murphy, L. Shaw, L. Shepard, W. Harvey. Third Row: M. Bennett, J. Dixon, R. Casner, E. Holmes, D. Rathbun, K. Rusher, L. Bates, P. Lindsey, P. Downey, R. Tucker, E. Major, J. Lovett, M. Smith, J. Van Deren, N. Brinker, W. Lopez, C. Sheldon, E. Rouviere. Second Row: D. McGary, H. Bryant, V. Netherland, J. Stewart, J. Rogers, J. Erskine, M. Peterson, V. Denton, P. Benson, B. Bartsch, M. Beshears, J. Robinson, P. Fry, C. Pelton, C. Davis, M. McKean, M. Davies, E. Boothe. Bottom Row: N. Olson, L. Cox, V. Erwin, J. Falk, B. Adams, S. Hardman, P. Mack, D. Mack, P. Whitney, E. Nelson, J. Dalrymple, M. Borsdorf, S. Semler, M. Cregut, C. Luce, H. Liggett, A. Grant. Homerooms-Kerr Finle Montes ' Y' ' f45J J y REPRESENTATIVES ,rr f'A .,,-f 'Q Back Row: Bob Gelvin,rJangt sal, ,, , A Kesler, Bernard Q. 'A Q 'v Front Row: tflylelba ,Masgey,,g?' - fl Pat Gordon, Jegrf'Smiftli.fJ 7-53' A, A ' li 1. 5 X L, 4 l . fl l' rf .AJ ' a l 1 J Top Row: L. Wine, B. Norris, F. Powell, B. Pflughoft, D. Grittman, M. Bardsley, D. Shepard, D. Kentzler, C. Brady, B. Miles, G. Golliher W. Henson Fourth Row? B. Best, R. Coker, H. Hillis, XV. Franklin, H. Wood, W. Garner, C. Mathias, B. Fields, B. Miller, R. Cordill, C. Sweany, B. Stauffer, B. Richards, D. Matson, R. Smeltzer. Third Row: H. Harrison, D. Payne, J. Martin, D. Garner, D. Kious, P. Jones, D. Stawitz, J. McKnaught, P. Gordon, M. Steves, R. Toledo, B. Gibbs, J. McClellan, J. Greenwood, B. Thomas, J. Gordon. Second Row: P. Cravens, J. White, L. Force, D. Smith, A. Geren, L. Gouldthread, B. DeGraff, M. Schreiber, N. Backues, I. Rocha, E. Stevenson, D. Chambers, L. Huyett, B. Mah, G. Hershey, P. DeLong, C. Lahman. Bottom Row: B. Fargo, J. Dunbar, N. Poole, M. Carroll, E. Jones, J. Hayes, M. Ahlstron, S. Allen, M. Massey, J. Lindbergh, P. Curtis, L. Beasterfield, S. Kenworthy, G. Henson, V. Haines, M. Hazard, M. Chandley, J. Parker. Homerooms-Mills, Powers, Fink. Top Row: G. Beasteriield, T. Klamm, R. McCoy, R. Reid, D. Eyth, F. Northrup, L. Hansen, C. Evans, R. Dayton, G. West, J. Schmidt, J. Miller, R. Corona. Fourth Row: A. Bervert, T. Rogers, D. Wesley, L. Landis, D. Milbradt, B. Beatty, J. Norris, E. Richardson, W. Melton, H. Lincoln, Ii. McDowell, J. Boring, B. Robinson, R. Middleton, C. Moyer, B. Gelvin, J. McCarter. Third Row: J. Xvilliams, J. Bayless, F. Schmidt, C. Sutherland, S. Boggs, L. Boggs, S. Curtis, A. Peddy, S. McCullough, H. Flory, S. Keith, D. Wickman, D. Tarwater, P. Lohmann, G. Swenson, T. Higgins, B. Hobbs, R. Reed. Second Row: E. Smith, B. Vaughn, A. Senne, B. Allen, A. Anderson, H. Graves, S. Frost, L. Bowen, A. Jones, P. Yvhitt, J. Myer, M. Ralston, J. Kesler, L. Johnson, L. Young, O. Huske, F. Green, N. Moorehead. Bottom Row: F. Timmons, M. Hawley, L. Stones, D. Barber, P. Raymond, P. McCarter, J. Mize, B. Proud, J. Smith, M. Hickey, C. Sutherland, C. Brown, D. Xvarner, V. Carnahan, M. McCance, A. Loewen, S. Bunch. Homerooms-Briggs, Grandon, Hess. J 46 J ""' Q-M Q M WS- fwmpw, M W 2 s E iii Q H, KE . J,: 'W I E S' . Q - '4 U gg? E ,,., - . 192254: -' '- was - - -- gg . L: , lg W 5-F u' .,...- , 5- ,- -E --Q 1-5 - E' .2-5 as .... - ,wg , his ,gy A. ,,,.,,in. .- E . .M I 'fs -5532, .... " .5 .UQ 4, ,I . M iff 5 3. K 5-7, li AE 15 ' J as , -'ieggmag-V' 51 fg , T ,gi gt .853 1 46 . . .. .. 4' -: .,,,: Z ,Ly . ' 25 1- mia:-, ,!.g,E 5'5ar,5ff--55 -1' fa:g5,,.-,Egg-:-W?-' do .-au L- H -N : .-- A ails.,-5, -. 'f a -f zi 51 2 ' f - Q ' ,E :-,,- ' - - -A 2- A ff 'A A . - -aff, -2 - fQ 'i . 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Y.. wa- f K fast s Dick Hadley Student Congress President Student Congress Vice-President Bill Carpenter Speaker of House of Representatives CWM ,lla lay ,mai in Dads' Night, the jalopy Parade, Homecoming, the All-School Party, and College Day were among the many activities sponsored by Troy's Student Council. This upper house of Topeka High's Student Congress led by Dick Hadley, president, carried on heated discussions each Tuesday during fifth hour in the Social Room. The year's biggest argument, which lasted four weeks, concerned the maximum sum candidates should spend for cam- paign expenses. P. K. Worley, Speaker of the Student Council, conducted the weekly meetings on strict parliament- ary procedure with the assistance of Alan Lomax, Council Attorney. Other oflicers were Keith Schulte, Vice-Speaker, joleen Knapp, Secretaryg and Nancy Landon, Treasurer. john H. Kelly was Faculty Sponsor. YVorking with the reorganized Representative Council, Troy's Senate helped rewrite the out- moded Charter, renaming it the "Topeka High School Constitution." 48 THE TUD Headed by Speaker Bill Carpenter, Topeka High's Representative Council, consisting of one representative from each home room, underwent a complete revision this year and gained equal rank with the Student Council. Arthur Casper was elected Council Attorney and worked with Bill to bring Tr0y's lower house into its own. Meetings were held every Thursday dur- ing fifth hour in the Social Room. jerry Dawson served as Vice-Speaker, Nancy Bleckley, Secretary, and Jeanie Hunter, Treasurer. Miss Lois Fergus was Faculty Sponsor. The sale of -activity tickets and Sunllower sub- scriptions, sponsorship of Pajama Top Day, var- sities, and "the best pep assembly of the year" were activities taken on by the Representative Council. The "Reps", carrying an active role in the Charter revision, voted on many bills involving the school. With the "remodeling" of the Representative Council, 'more students were given a chance to par- ticipate in student government. Pat Miller Secretary of the Point System Marilyn Towler Election Clerk Arthur Casper Election Commissioner Back Row: Bill Gearhart, jack Perry, Rodney Brown, Derryl johnson, Arthur Casper, john Salisbury, Yvilliam Smell. Middle Row: Duane Wilkinson, Virginia Bartos, Phyllis Warren, Betty Weber, Mar- jorie Bauman, Margaret Harding, Phyllis Grittman, Bill Carpenter. Front Row: Patricia Hale, Mary Brelsford, Jeanine Bunge, Betty Burnett, Pat YVildcr- man, Carolyn Loveless, Barbara Dean. C0 GRESS SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Standing: Mr. john Kelly, adviserg Bill Carpenter, George Lamb, Pat Miller, Keith Schulte, Kathryn Jury, Dick Mai, Hugh Groendycke. Back Row Seated: Richard Hadley, jane Henry, jerry Bray, Althea Bromich, Ted McCoy, Alan Lomax, P. K. YVorley, jerry Hutchinson, Dan Robison, Dick Dennis. Front Row Seated: Cynthia Davis, jack Greenwood, Nancy Landon, joleen Knapp. l 491 .1--Y ff--0w....W,,t,,,, I. "Chuck" Nelson transmits instructions to the pilot while Nancy Huffman Ann Colvin, and Barbara Shannon watch for results. 2. Mary Michener, student pilot, is the link trainer under the guidance of an air force instructor. 'X LUCLI4 ACAOOX AODLZJ JOES A D J 5. Fire! No, this is just the monthly fire- drill that gives Trojans a chance to snatch a breath of air. Visiting junior high students have their pictures snapped as part of their day at Troyj ' Students express deep thought as they examine the window display advertisa ing "Janie," l50l e s its Both Bo s' and Girls' Councils usher dur y . ing the Sophomore Induction As- sembly. :lc wwe Ifftwn waz Front Row: Bill Carpenter, Rodney Brown, Richard Lewis, Dick Dennis, Ronnie Burns, Bob Fuller, Charles Keith, Bill Gearhart. Back Row: Jerry Hutchison, Charles Newman, Dean Boyles, Dick Hutton, Jack Grotewohl, Don Troup, John Tuttle, Hugh Groendycke, Dick Hadley, Bill Michener, Bill Bailey. SENIOR BOYS' COUNCIL E IOR GIRL ', BOYS' COUNCILS Elected by their classmates for their ability to lead and serve, the students who formed the Senior Boys' and Girls' Councils contributed greatly to the social and scholastic life of Troy. Sponsored by Miss Annabel Pringle, dean of girls, the Senior Girls' Council made several im- portant functions possible. Members had a party for every girl in schoolg held discussions on the topics, ".My Ideal Girll' and '4My Ideal Boy"g and served at the Sophomore Mothers' tea. Later in the SENIOR GIRLS' COUNCIL Front Row: Betty VVeaver, Bertha Rivera, Connie Scott, Claire Ensign, Farol Fry Spring, they had a tea for Senior mothers and daughters, and finally the Vesper Tea. The Senior Boys' Council, sponsored by Kenneth H. Meyers, dean of boys, was newly organized this year. The boys began their work with a deter- mined clean-up drive that removed the litter from our halls and made clear the function of waste- baskets. They also helped with the Induction As- sembly. In many ways, the new group has proved a valuable addition to the family of service groups. Lois Diepenbrock, Anne Gorbutt, Jeanne Joslin, Mary Ann Hogle, Virginia Goli htl 3 Y' Second Row: Mary Anne Paramore, Pat Hale, Nancy Landon, Barbara Degnan, Connie Sawyer, Pat Johnson, Pat Kirk, Kathryn Jury, Patty Fink, Mary Jane Trulove, Marilyn Towler, Marjorie Pressman, Helen Wardell. Back Row: Shirley Beach, Jane Currier, Shirley Deniston, Pat Piatt, Billie Kling, Marie Payton, Virginia Bartos, Jeanine Bunge, Joanne Bunge, Ann King, Susan Forney, Annette Huke, Kathryn Hall, Nancy Marsh, Mary Ream, Mickey WVeIty, Janet Mcliachron. By sponsoring a coke party, the Senior Girls' Council intro- duced Troy to the feminine newcomers to the school. li51l cle llawnfam, .4 BQARD of EDUC TIC l. Dr. Kenneth McFarland-Superintendent of Schools. 2. A. H. Saville-President of the Board ol' Education. 3. Kelsey H. Petro-Vice-President. 4. Charles Bennett 5. Mrs. David Neiswangei 6. Kenneth B. Hobbs 7. Marlin S. Casey 8. Mrs. Thelma Mifflin-Clerk-Business Man- ager. l52l E. B. Weaver Principal Dr. Giles Theilmann Vice-Principal Miss Annabel Pringle Dean of Girls Jn Iffre offices: ADMlNlSTRA'l-QRS To have the most efficient school system, the finest schools, and best qualified teachers-these are the goals for which our administrators strive each year. Though they are all tremendously active people in civic, church, and business affairs, they cheerfully assume their re- sponsibilities to youth. They make sure that the "Win- dows" in our school are clear and shining. Superintendent of Topeka schools is Dr. Kenneth McFarland. He is assisted by Mrs. Thelma Mifflin, clerk and business manager. A. H. Saville heads the Board of Education, and Kelsey Petro is vice-president. Other members of the board include: Charles Bennett, Marlin Casey, Kenneth Hobbs, and Mrs, David Neis- wanger. Miss Elizabeth Donaldson is treasurer. Friend of all Trojans is E. B. Weaver, principal of Topeka High School. Dr. Giles Theilmann, vice-prin- cipal, directs the Guidance department, assisted by Miss Annabel Pringle, dean of girls, and Kenneth H. Meyers, dean of boys. l53l t c Kenneth H. Meyers Dean of Boys FA EHS TY h I.-1 1'3':Yp Serene through din, Miss Oman dozes during pep assembly. 54 Cx 1 ws- ' uf Instructor joe Montes and Harper Dougan relax with the paper after a hard school day. PAW Equipped with a Boy Scout hatchet E. B. Weaver, principal, swings at giant redwood tree. gala. fl. 06444 FACULT YVith patience, understanding, and wisd ult' of Topeka High School has kept our "Windows om the fac- 5 clear and bright through a year when the grime of in- difference and ignorance might easily have clouded them. ' h t same job for Most of them have been doing t a nd will do it again for future members of Troy. Some of the teachers joined our family in September, and others parted from us in May. Always there will remain the "Windows" they opened. Newcomers were Mrs. Virginia Asklund, Miss Jeanne ' h Montes, r, Miss Martha Mae Holmes, josep Trojans of past years, a Coope and Miss Grace Van Tries. Those who this year re Richard Blehm Miss Ruth E. Hunt, Mrs. have taken permanent de- parture we , Mary Knox Adkins, Robert T. McKibben, and Mel Seelye. A group of boys under the sponsorship of E. B. P ' ' al's Commit- XV ver, rincipal, organized the rtncip ea p tee to do needed projects around school. Parking space lines on the curbings a re one evidence of their service. PRlNClPAL'S COMMITTEE Seated: Don Wadsworth, Vernon Nelson, E. B. Weaver fprincipalj, Lowell Landis, Deralcl Spicer. Standing: jim Creitz, john Meinholdt, Bill Gear- hart, Dick WVolfe, jerry 'Stitt, Clifford Myers, Bill Taylor, Bob Creitz, Bud Metzenthin, jerry Estes. l57l Miss Martha Mae Holmes, new business Since education teacher, did not begin her duties at Topeka High until second semester, her ' h receding picture does not appear on t e p faculty panels. OFFICE SECRETARIES Seated: Mrs. Helen Romig. Standing: Mrs. june Lindsey,' Mrs. Gertrude Mclver Mrs. Martha Pitt, Mrs. Lois jones. -. V ll, BOW S l Dons POW PLAY CAEQZLG Cole, Shmey Wesmml i V HTF, Vemon Fronkkcii-vi less. Gary' Crockefi Harvey B cliuiiloxiiiv lim Beane, a Nelson Tb . ' E. Param0Te- Paramore, K?lm'Bciitii1?,ii:veS, from Row: E?S1EIaae7 Deniston, Golightllh Hu en Nelson. Row 21 5awY, ' S on Kirby, Thorns. Shoyer Qsponsorlv Y ' Row Colvi-lxosva:rdf,Smith: Zifklef Hays' Back Owl fl, tie 00 SERVICE The many responsibilities that come with presenting a play were taken care of by the Play Cadets. Under the direction of Miss Evelyn McCauley the cadets took tickets, gave out programs, and did many other jobs that are necessary to make a pro- duction move smoothly. i'Step right this way, please." Then led by smiling, friendly members of the Usher Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Gladys Hess, guests in our auditorium were con- ducted to their seats quietly and capably and left in the proper mood to enjoy the play, musical production, or speech. Seeing that Topeka High varsities went off without mishap was the job of the Var- sity Cadets. Charles Shoyer, faculty spon- sor, and the cadets acted as disc jockeys, sold cokes, candy, and popcorn, and saw to it that everyone had a good time. Energetic Game Cadets, aided by Ken- neth Powers, helped make our home foot- ball and basketball games the big success they were. By selling and collecting tickets and distributing programs, the cadets proved a valuable service to Troy. USHER CLUB B denbufg Fry Haynes, OW 2 v 7 Kramer. , ' ' ' C Lohmann Smith, Johanson' Andres Smith Mize . i 1 Row 3: P. L0hmanYi:JrE2:rr1igCulloug1f, Tkatclx, Shaiinon, LmdSCY- L hnm R S::lWy1?Ii?uIfI:sls,CSP0nsorl 1 Hess, Duran, KCHY, BTOWIM Weldev Nystrom' e g' ow 2 - wiikinsomcowan, Pevlfm- . dl GAME CADETS n,...lf uma- QHYPYISOH. Admussenv R16 e ' ,. Front Row: Davis, Fleisc Rawlins, Absher, Cl Morgan, Sawyer, L Hayes. Row 2: Peyton, Slater, Du Coble, Mann, Moore, L Morris, V. Mize, How M. Mize, Bowen, Aguil Rocha, Kohlschreiber. Back Row: Thorpe fspons Powers fsponsorj , Christ -Weese. y l58l of tie JCAOUZ oRouP As guardians of the lunch-line law, the Lu-nchline Proctors spent their fourth hour helping Mrs. Esther Kingman. lt was their job to keep order in the cafe- teria and see that ravenous Trojans stayed in their proper places. The vast mechanism of our library was kept in smooth running order by the librarians with the able assistance of the Library Proctors. These Trojans han- dled distributidn of books, sorted maga- zines and books, and helped students with research projects. Assisting Mrs. Fern Taylor in her work of treating ailing Trojans, the Nurse's Proctors ran errands, sorted sup- plies, and in other ways proved them- selves useful aides. Delivering call slips and acting as gen- eral messengers were the tasks of the Oflice Proctors, who, by their efforts, lightened the load of the mainlofhce force. Through the diligent work of the Movie Proctors led by A. M. Seaman, the usual hum-drum routine of learning was broken by frequent educational movies. MOVIE PROCTORS Front Row 1 Kallen, Arthur M. Seaman Csponsorj, Hinken, k Clar '. Row 2: Reichert, Lauer, Orr, Glasgow, Piatt, Canfield, 'I'. Glenn, Hoover, Weese, Mathers, law- son, Adams, Mathias. Back Row: J. Glenn, Sage, Christian, Rouviere, Hallewell. l59l NURSES PROCTGRS Front Row: Moore, Knapp, Ashinhurst. Row 2: Gebhart, Brandenburg, F. Smith. Back Row: Rathbun, Clardy, Brock, Lassiter, Bnrkhardt, Coffee. OFFICE PROCTORS Front Row: Bayless, Forney, Fleischer, Casebier, Huffman, Bunge Beach, Sears, Snyder, Joslin. Row 2: Gardener, Degnan, Ahlstrom, Hopfer, Grantham, DeLong Miehener, J. Brown, Nason, Barnett. Back Row: Gearhart, Taylor, Newbrey, Z. Jones, Schmid, Eldren Underwood, Mize, Hayes, Seidel, Lundgren, Schumacher, From mer, Letrud, Ream, Eagan, Metzenthin, Q0 nndefievndfe Arai Alfa 0 vmwfeviff Election Commissioner Arthur Casper proves to Richard Overman and Phil Brent that politics takes brawn as well as brains. Primary election results cause mixed emotion. Dick "Chloe" Hadley beats through a Nordic barrage of ice and snow as "Weather Man" jack Truly and "Dog Team" Bob Williams create further atmosphere. Mary Anne Paramore, dressed in the latest style, coaches a "Tiny Tots" quartet including Priscilla Colton, Patsy Lowther, Pat Hale, and Jeanne Joslin. "The Bone" Dennis displays his ingenuity, cheered on by cave-men friends, Dennis McMullen, joe Quinn, Bob Walker, and Dick Lyle, as shrouded figure causes near panic. l50l ELECTIO "Vote for jones"-"join the Schmoo Party' "If you elect candidate X for president of t Senior Class, he will . . Yes, theseslogans grew familiar during the ii six weeks of school, when election season was full swing, and candidates were using every c ceivable means of appealing to student voters support. . Colorful posters, thundering speeches, and bl ing band music, which opened the political ca paigns, reached their height in the week follo ing the primary election. Candidates resorted educated dogs, dancing dice, and bathing suits an effort to capture the attention of the voti body. Arthur Casper, Election Commissioner, assist by Marilyn Towler, Election Clerk, and Rob McKibben, Faculty Sponsor, spent many ho smoothing election procedure to precision-gear exactness. As general election day neared an end, the r for junior class president was drawn into the li light. After four counts, Keith Schulte was p claimed winner by a narrow margin. "An exciting end to an unusual election," co mented Commissioner C'asper. Seated: Don Irvin Ral h ohnson, Walter Standing: Alan Dickinson, Ronald Dayton, Mar- JUNICR RED CROSS Seated: Bunge, Caskey, Oliver, M. Michener, Ihinger, Welty, Bleckley, Ream, Mcliachron, Boyd, jury, Force. Standing: Grogger, Hobbs, Scott, Miller, Capps, Hogue, Nystrom, Pomeroy, Miss Ruth Granclon fsponsorj , B. Mich- ener, Reppart, Hadley, Bowen, Boon, Stratton, Howard. DEBATE P J Russell fcoachj: Larry Shiner, Bill Wright. garet Smith, WVayne Stratton, Nancy Brinker, Clifton Kruse, Gary Cowger. 0 00115 CZK Lf RED CRGSS, D B TE Having lost almost all his first team debaters last year, Coach Walter Russell commented this spring that he was pleased with the progress made this year by inexperienced students. The team placed .second in the Kansas Uni- versity district tournament and sixth in the state. Arguing the question, "Resolved: That the President of the United States should be elected by a direct vote of the people," the team placed high in several tournaments. Members also played host to twenty-six schools. Completing the year's tasks, the junior Red Cross Council can proudly review its accomplishments. In the fall it launched the annual membership drive. Result? One hundred per cent cooperation. Council projects included two parties at Mlinter Veterans' Hospital, the Armstice Day assembly, and spreading Christmas cheer at St. Vincent's Grphanage and Capper Foundation. Filling the overseas chest with articles bought with money raised by individual donations and by a veranda dance was probably the biggest job of the Council. lfili Bill Michener sets theme for party sponsored by junior Red Cross at Winter 'Veterans' Hos- pital. Donna Brinkman and Red Cross worker assist. KEY CLUB Front Row: J. Logan, D. Jordon, B Valle M. McClenn B. Yvhitehead, Yr Y: R. Orr. Row 2: L. Christian, D. Sodergren, R Cantrall, D. Brown, B. Mains. Back Row: C. Moyer, R. McDaniel, B. Baldwin, Padilla B Ireland, D J- . Trott, E. Alonzo, B. Sinith, L. Jamerson, T. Glenn. Q HALL PROCTORS Front Row: D. Barrett, M. Steves, P. Kerbs, M. Pressman, D. Lindbergh, J White, S. Gray. Row 2: R. Ashley, M. Wright, J. Mcliach ron, M. McQueen, S. Rogers, J. Koeh lar, E. Euwer. Back Row: C. Smetzer, J. Slater, E. L Fink fsponsorJ, J. Goodell, C. Lewis E. Ridgeway. SNACK BAR Janice Smeltzer, Kay Cade, Rose Ledferd, Jane Peterson, Dorothy Ijams, Pat Wilderman, Betty Burnett, Pat Johnson, Bill Gearhart, Vernon Nelson. CONCESSION STAND Front Row: Marie Payton, Mary Ellen Nelson, Barbara Degnan, Betty Weber. Row 2: Jane Peterson, Diane Shields, Phyllis Addy, Patsy Low- ther, Jeanne Joslin, Patricia Hale, M u r i el Hetherington, Dorothy Crume. Back Row: Janice Smeltzer, Charles Shoyer fsponsorj, Claire Ensign, Gary Crocker, Connie Scott, Jim Jones, Mary Ann Paramore, Dick Cantrall, Pat Piatt. l52l yllmf fi. ML. TROJAN AIDE The Key Club, or Junior Kiwanis, meets fourth hour under the leadership of Kenneth H. Meyers. This year the club sponsored the Sweetheart Dance to raise funds to send several members to the National Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Forming one of the most invaluable service groups at Troy, the Hall Proctors, sponsored by E. L. Fink, were responsible for the halls during lunch periods under the direction of head proctors, Marilyn Towler and Eddie Ridgeway. To be listed with all the famous organizations that feed the hungry and care for the starving is the Snack Bar. Under the direction of Charles Shoyer, workers have saved many a weak Trojan from falling by the wayside. Half the fun and pleasure of a football or basketball game is popcorn to munch and candy bars to melt in one's pocket. 'The Concession Stand workers, another group sponsored by Charles Shoyer, were always on the job. Qu ,alfa e DR Nl GRGUPS ' to the aims and ideals of the Na- UTO lixe up tional Thespian Society" and to promote to the best of their ability all dramatics with which they may be associated are the promises of members of the National Thespian Society. To qualify for membership in Thespians a student must have had at least 75 lines in a play, or have held a major staff position. Sponsored by Miss Gertrude Wheeler, the b elected' Tom Parker, president: jack clu . i ' ' ' and Mary Ream, secre- THESPIANS Perry, vice-president, tHI'y-tI'C3.SL1I'CI'. Although it holds H0 regular meetings, the Seated: jury, Lowther, Kirk, Weber, Co ton , Masque and Wlg is the largest extra-Currlgular Row 2: Scott, Huke, Ream, Towler, Bleckley, Hunter, Sears, Braddy h h 1 I 1 d d - - b Row 3: Perry, Parker, Axton, Ives, Schulte, Sneller, Hogue, Miller SC OO HC u e ln Its mem er' Row 4: Reppart, Vanderbur, Higgs, Casper, Wright, Lawson, Wood, Shiner, Duran, McPherson, Groendycke Scott group in t e . ship is everyone who has served on the cast or staff of any play. ' e and Wig sponsored the This year the Masqu anie," and co-sponsored the All-School Play, d Senior class plays. junior an . Its officers were John Salisbury, president: Connie Scott, vice-president: and Pat Kirk, sec- I'ClC3.I'Y-tI'CElSL1I'CI'. at tssriie " ti 2 rtty f' K 1 2 K fl A isss ft fi? -I 1 f Q ,5 , if fel ,,., 3? 5 22' ' . ggi? i I rte i rrrt 3 ' ' isit illii w . I it L M at .. W toeti . ' y p 'ire 1 I' . tr w S. " Q 1 .M ,, p 24' 5 , is -,,' f - ,A , ' .r -xt: , ' I' 'it -- ' f 1.sfiKiif"f47f g , azz, . L- , f . 1 v I 1 1 1? , Q if I ' . , ' E ifieiv r , ,, i rrre q yrt y ' MASQUE AND WIG Row 1: Welty, Massey, Macey, Skinner, Scott, johnson, Lewis, Haskell. Row 2: Paramore, Weaver, Weber, Wymore, Lynn, Kirk, Lowther, jury, C. Davis, Pointer, J. Davis. Rowci: Balitoi, Haammond, Burnett, Wilderman, C. Scott, Ensign, Towler, Ream, ogui , ars . Row 4: Greenwood, Coble, May, White, Crane, Holstine, J. Scott, Eagan, Hinken, McPherson, Groendycke, Huke, Hunter, Parker, Scrinopski, Shiner, Snyder, Sears, Bleckly, Kramer. Row 5: Duran, Dangeriield, Kay, Lamar, Miller, Lawson, Stratton, Hogue, Dickin- son, Ives, Reppart, Schulte, Vanderbur. HOSTS AND HOSTESSES Front Row: Frey, Sawyer, Wise, Schroer, Rosenwald, Ba:-tos, Marsh, Para- more, Towler, Ransom. Row 2: Barber, Messick, Addy, Golightly, Knight, Peoples, Kelling, McClelland, Mize, Forney, McEachron, Gorbutt, Deniston, Pressman. Row 3: Vigneron, Warren, Ensign, Voiland, Loveless, Trulove, Joanne Bunge, Jeanine Bunge, Gerry, Beach, Owen, Snyder, Troup. Back Row: Rodriguez, Hernandez, R. Brown, Swartzel, Vanderhur, Truly, Wilkinson, Bartlow, R. Williams, L. Williams, Nelson, Gearhart, Hadley. Ewa A Aegpinf afdeza Front Row: McDonald, Crane, Hunter, Hughes, Bleckley, Hale, Stover, Free- born, Zuniga, Stock, Aguilera. Row 2: Bnchmeier, Thacher, Letrud, White, Deitrich, Hendricks, Snyder, Canfield, Baker, Jones, Grantham, Shufler, E. Smith, Duran. Row 3: Mrs. Esther Kingman fsponsorj, Woodworth, Harrison, Beasterflelil, Keim, F. Smith, Frommer, L. Johnson, Hawley, Poole, Lundgren, Burton, C. Smith, Sewell, Rocha, Solis. llow 4: Fisher, Hobbs, Bannerman, Holcomb, Slawson, McNeill, Sutton, Duran, Crocker, Peyton, Williams, P. Miller, D. Brown. Row 5: Clark, Lamar, Critchlow, Slaughter, Luna, Kirkpatrick, Capps, Trott, Hickman, Holstine, Bray. Back Row: Kibler, Henry, Brooks, Messick, Bearce, Artzer, J. Miller, Slater Ilinken, Pomeroy, Kohlschreiber, lyasley, McMullen. SCHOQL DRGANIZATIC S NURSES' CHEMISTRY Front Row: Helm, Martinez, Delgado, Seckinger. Row 2: Coughlin, Fountain, Dilling, Arnold. Row 3: Baker, H. F. Ellithorpe finstructorj, Lietz, Carver, Brelsford, Paschall. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUBS Front Row: Macey, Allen, Lovett, McNinch, Kunkler, Condley, Cummickel, Graves, Eclds, Briggs. Row 2. Betty Wolford, McGuire, Barbara Wolford, Hyle, Romig, Powell, Crook, Ammon, B. Fisher, Golf, Crume. Row 3: McCormick, Thoms, F. Moore, Trueblood, Gross, Stadler, Hughes, Thompson, Platt, Myers, Hadden. Back Row: Stewart, Southard, Simpson, Myrick, Sutton, Eyth, Honeycutt, Hogle, Kirby, Denham, Dull, Hast- ings, Brownfield. Keeping breakage down to a minimum and the tables and the chairs in the cafeteria as neat as possible is the job of the 120 Hosts and Hostesses. This group is under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Esther Kingman. Especially for girls interested in the medical profession, Nurses' Chemistry gives students a chance to advance in a specialized held. Under two-hour instruction from H. F. Ellithorpe, girls prepare to enter nursing. The local Business Education Club at Troy includes students in Vocational Office Practice and Retail Selling. The groups exchanged parties, and Oflice Practice members honored their "bosses" with a dinner. The Future Homemakers of America Club played hostess to two conventions. The Tro- jan F.H.A. girls entertained in their own building for the district convention. F. H. A. Front Row: Phyllis Stanley, Shirley Spradley, Amber Pecldy, Nancy McAdam, Louise Spencer, Darlene Keim. Back Row: Leota Beasterlield, Carlene Luse, Mrs. Vit- ginia Asklund fsponsorj, Gayle Hershey, Dorothy Haynes, Lois Lane. I f E , ? I A 1 I I I E md. Lim ,,,. ,...., i-551-H 2-:M zu' jQmM'.....,..M,W M MA V 5 wmgMV,?f, ww N!'Q ,gm wa .,. MW . 2Sf+1f1MfmW5Lamfi:fi W.gmMWW " ' mmm - A .. " xiii ...,. -M Mfw-xiii " """ WW JZ , ,P Q W1 f ,V+ W mn J I . 1 ff ' ,Q A I4 A.a-ex-an - i 5, A H " I ?fzf'fw: ' ' Bw 5. -- M, - 1 ' ,.,,.,-:, :: ,. ZZ' ne: . :If . H i, . he .2 - f- Za .if 9255.5if,Q5':E':V:HF7:H:2:.':: ::- I.-53?:sE.. :,'f f 'EY'..'-2:25-'15::5?rii.7's:f:.:i:.E:-:"'f':if , J' A . ... ,.., . , A . ,, BE: .., 25 . E L . Qi E 113765 gi -g .5 53, ' ' gg- g ---W f "'-' 1-i '2A-:::A- EL 2 ik 'T "3 M FV 22 - I A iii W' A A " Egg A 1 Am , A A is Slin g QW as gs? fgfiiizjyiff' ,I 5 I- vis if ff , e 1 M I 'LE ,.zgE4g,:-153,33 3 Wg! ik' M f A ga 15 W, Ei ,Af ,M X5 JESSE! 3, is bi X if ,K gg f fx , f Q : 44 52 fi, , 14: fgziyff sg 'Zig 2 i s mf, 1.956 'L gig, gf F Qi fg w k Q F, Wg , ig : .. 4? 4 3 N I s .M f g f Q 2? "' .,f"",, A A S2395 ' AWS gf, A gf A2ffPP'f?1Q L fx In fggigf, L3 uwwgkwiggggg f Im . A I 3 Sim N ' w"3v5'gWi?i?Aii9i55?i5sWW Hwmgm, ,K, ,w 1 'sxw gf fr-wkj ,J 'vswyl A 75161 A A I ,WMJBL ,JJ ,gig f, gm A 5 mybbixxgx sfg,3gugX,,,AA5g1,,gk, gf 552582, 6353451 A '12 .' ,, ' ui' 5151-ff ,,n,vi' W Us V, ' 'U' KV.'NL9K 7 'ls ':32?WZ53i5 fT3i f5'Qs3r? Q if A ik .Z V,,, yy Y, , I ?"r"i' Y- -, 'I Li TIQYAWEAALQY 534922 SSQLEEZQQPAAIRIA A I IALQQQS-fs-W, ggffifw 5,49 K4J3f,,gX,'wL9 Qwsyffgfgfy A291 sxggw gg I A S gkjgnf A Q A Is, 549, 45, LAL ., ASL, liz, A e,v:?3'wQQ5isiV :Qi ' 33255544 Iggggiqsgfgqxf mgwi NAYMMQWAQE ggjveggk 3.3 .XI Maj, QI If My Y W' H I m', 1 Wmmwwwgw AHAWA,- ' gr A-,Q A liaQ2Q514 A' l ,E gE 5 i f ly " 3915 f A I f . :'.-- . - ' 5- Qaiggfgglg, W Q ' , : ia, . X '-,Ef '.- HQ , w , 13, '1.:-..:- f my V3 Ax E"E:" -hi :':'.II": ':-':': : "ff'E ..E f 1' 555. :' ':: A ":: qw .5--,,,::.f,-:,,::4:---. :mu 'ks :z 3, 1 , ..-'.':- .fu ' A A : IK SEAQQIE? gggwg ,arg Wg f' fggglfifgawaffi Iss? fp i ss iigf I 9W U 'n f ,A?g::AE? Q55 I A wi 5555521 A A .. .. ,, . .. ,. W ' 55352 ii ,. ,Q ggg g ggmgg I 1 mg wggggg ighgg fvfwiaag f ig A A13 39 A ZA 'J gag Adgmgfg 1 If PM KX SV N EQ? 4? 5212, 235535555 fi ,slit in A ,Sfifiggis 5 322252 V252 25f?W'5iIi? if Eg A . . J. 152: . 2, 749 ,- I , ,.,-,:,..-,WM I -y.. 1: 45 - , . SHA W I ia 5 K A si 'S xR 2gs , M f' A 5 A W M551 A Q I S5339 f 5 : ,,'5S1i .- - - EL . Z , S H f .. 1, , A s Q ig Mggf fkgz .Ei 7 I I I ,. . I ... , , EI Q A , wi? ., ,: z , , .., . if 59 I ig? z 2:- Qggiiii I I IMD E52 , iw, -:,- , A mfg A , gif 5 E A Egg, gg, Egan 3 " Q5 ,g ggi ,gg s f mf, gray 5 aagxwg gg sign? gg ,TS if r egim f s 2 41? 7 ' I-5 Hs Q 5 Ps, 2522 5 ' 2 vga R Eg? g sz 352 Big i? i3"fi H L L P U S, G OD , T O R E A LI Zh - W H AT A W I N D O W S I G N I F I E S . . . FR E E D O M 1 7 in ,, ,gi LIGHT, A VIEW, AND AIR - AND THE WHOLE YVIDE YVORLD - OUT THERE. if :Egg - A A 33 , 53 'ff ,W - :. . ff EH MEI N 1 F . mug :Im EM: -. : K .V E AE, Mak 1 - A . ' 52 W5-- 5135 Msg? , , W m. , M, , , ,, . .. ..,, ,,.. I , . ,, ,. .. ,m .. V, L, . .. W ,D ,..,. . V, ,. ... . , ,- ..,- A ..., . .. " E' ggi? IIE? : 19 A " K W , .- ..:: , .- ,... : ggi, Wg? - ,fs we . A - -- fl , Wwga g .. : .7 -- ..:: 'ER'-s:,-yqs-23,43 - swf: 7 - ,. .. QM Q K hm. -f . my g wefgg H ' A - : 'Sf 5555! A574 .A-WS 52, "S " .. 1 , ,,.. "?'5i5E'-1 ffikyigxi- , f'mwi,.'wf19i2sHAf.,A1i.3l6E .,, x lgfswgfa Mem es' -- 5.5 -514 9 1 Lmghs vg -- 355 5 2 J I M, M , A2553 -A 553 Q1 gm ? . gy ' -,A f . AF' A . A14 A : I '- 'H . : A ,:a'f::fQ 'ZF . fr. H 'f.a'ff i:I.H . '.f' " s5::. :- ':?:! '.."i"5: :: .. .Cu : fli k. '::' :. R : J . ' i-15 5. 5-:Q -: "-: ':?55.. :-51 5.13 ': 4 955 :.",Q:i.Q-!.'5' 5,:5: : :i J5. 2':'4? ' Q A 5 is -ME I: 1. In'a jealous rage, jerry Scott prepares for a fight with jock Miller as Billy Sue Braddy tries to re- t strain him. 2. Doing her best to impress eligible bachelor, Tom Parker, Emily jo Scott poses on the staircase and succeeds in amusing Mary Ream and Dave Wood. STAFF Directors ....... Annette Huke, Nancy Bleckley Costume Managers .... Betty Weber, Mary Welty Jim Hogue, Linna Sue Snyder Property Managers ............ Jeanne Spencer Cynthia Davis, Donna Skinnner Stage Manager ................ Connie Sneller Asst. Stage Manager ............. Bill Wright Business Manager ............. John Salisbury Publicity Managers. . .Nancy Marsh, Joyce Davis, Thelma Lawrence Harper Dugan twa- Charles Colburn .... Elsbeth Colburn .... Lucille Colburn. .. Rodney ........... John Van Brunt . . . Janie Colburn ..... Bernadine Dodd .... Paula Rainey ..... Asst. Business Manager .......... Walter Swan Scooper Nolan .... 6.4 H. 016 it L .1 , 'X f 5 "Janie" was gay witlrlife, laughter, and rollickin romping action which added up to an all-school hit f the All-School play. The plot centered around "Janie," played by Bill Sue Braddy, whose efforts to entertain the Army, pe sonified by Jock Miller, caused much discomfort to h family and teen-age boy friend, jerry Scott. Tl romance of middle-aged Thelma Lawrence, played Emily jo Scott, and stolid bachelor Tom Parker, add to the merriment of the show. A smash hit, the pl produced desired results for the hne cast, and hilario excitement for the delighted audience. Actors for this comedy were picked from all thr classes, proving that each has its share of talent to off for school service and amusement. ' CAST . . . . . Dave Wood Dick Lawrence.. . . . . . .Jock Mill ....Joyce Macey Tina.......... .....Katy Chogui . . . . . . .Mary Ream Andy Nevins.. . . . . .. . .Wayne Stratt .........Jack Perry Frank Parker...... .....Stan Lam ..........Tom Parker Oscar Bassett........ ......Jim Hog . .... Billie Sue Braddy Hortense Bennington . .. .... Nancy Mar . . . . . .Jeanie Hunter "Dead-Pan" Hackett. . . . . ...John Reppa . . . . . .Susan Sears Carl Loomis . . . . . . . . . . .Maurice Cas . ...... Jerry Scott Joe Jerome ........ ..... C harles Axt . . . .Emily .lo Scott Mickey Malone . . . . . . .Skip Dickins Uncle Poodgie .... .... T om Coolid General bedlam is the keynote when the Army invades the Colburn home. Left to right: jay I-Iolstine, Jeanie Hunter, john Reppart, P. Worley, Susan Sears, Douglas Kay, Linna Snyder, Billie Sue Braddy, Keith Schulte, Douglas Smith, Betty Weber, jim Hogue, Stan Lamar, Nat Marsh, Maurice Casey, Jack Perry, Arthur Casper, Bill Boon. wm fe ani fa !96Zf0Zlf1fLdlfLC6 E ER F MIL ASQ Scalpings, a glue factory, and Aunt Nellie, who sprinkled paprika on her face, riotously proved to the Trojan World that "Every Family Has One"-and some more than one. Impersonating the daughter of an eccentric relative, flirtatious Lily, played by Mary Ream, managed to shock the socially prominent Reardon family into a state of semi-chaos. Little son Georgie's antics brought roars of delight from the audience and made funny- bones stand on end. Comedy was also furnished by a pessimistic maid, snobbish Mrs. Parker and young Warry's efforts to write a tragic masterpiece. The flutter- ing wife and mother, Mrs. Reardon, was delightfully portrayed by Jeanie Hunter. Merriment went from high to hilarious as family skeletons roamed from their closets to break up a wed- ding and startle their owners. With the aid of a witty grandmother, enacted by Katy Choguill, true romance finally triumphed, making the Senior play another dramatic success. l George Reardon . . Laura Reardon . . . CAST STAFF . . . . . . . . .. . .Jack Greenwood Mrs. James Parker .... . Essie . . .... . . . . Nana Reardon .... Reginald Reardon .... Marcia Reardon ..... W R d arry ear on. . . James Parker .... Sherwin Parker. . Lil Reardon y . . . . . Todd Galloway . . . .. .. xy "3 ww. . . . . . . .Jeanie Hunter . . . Patsy Lowther Sonnie Scrinopski . . . Katy Choguill . .. ...Tom Parker . .Jane Grantham .. . . .Jerry Scott ...Ralph Johnson . . . .Walter Swan . . . .Mary Ream .. . .Jay Holstine Directors .... ................. K athryn Jury Costume managers. . . . Property managers. . . Stage manager ......... Assistant stag-e manager .... ..... B lll Higgs Publicity director ......... . . . Assistant publicity director ..... Llewellyn Kiene Business managers ............ Marvene Renfro Q, . ,V ma,-M 7 V -my W M, we . 1. Nana is successful-the Parker family squabbles. Left to right: Ralph johnson, Walter Swan, Patsy Lowther, jane Gran- tham, Jay Holstine, jack Greenwood, Sonnie Scrinopski, Jeanie Hunter, jerry Scott, Mary Ream, Katy Choguill, Tom Parker. 2. Under the guidance of student director, Mary Anne Paramore, the cast studies Act I. Mary Anne Paramore . . . . . . .Edith Schmid Ann Jeffrey . . . . .Julia Oliver Dollie Lewis ...David Lawson Arthur Casper Shirley Beach to tryout. f V V -..," ' K - it it if V i it Q i' Ei fi W QNX 41 V ' , f A 1 ,- . . .. iliiifzi? Q 9 ,wma ,fda My I Xi S VL .ik Z L,. s 3I3.,l2's:g 45:5 ,L V .Q .f.:'.52ij 53,51 - 1 V ygfgxjiji' .r A ! ii - A ' VV i'ti-' ff 1 L ' " Vg z ,gz.psVez 6, -E-.-,g:,'f' 1 :ci , .. ..- . fffsi V - " 4... ,a j f- Ti .1-if.-wt., .aan--45, 5 .- .,. 3 ,W ,ae rial iff, U. K - .rr zwsfsrr-5 'F , Vg . F V 3' ' ' .... ,'fVQ-ms.,aVef...w,f .wr.,!!1VrQV,.,,rr...-at-,,, K . .. ,, .... . ,, A., ' H ,g- tri'ff1fe2lf:l:f'rii'1Q7!ii.ff.f i 1i:si.4iVlF2if.12 iiffi,-f2.."u2:sri-mfWfst::4s.1'1 ff" ' QSV SQSSE 5 - f. j K '- Q , , "rf f? f S 58 .': L MM-,Mmm , .,.. ,,..V-, . -, V Ep ..,..,,, . Wt .. .. W . '- A . V - ..,..,......-...Q -- - - -- '-' In full costume Mary Ream Qabovej exhibits the scalping power she has perfected trightj with hours of study. lF37l -ni Tension mounts as students wait for their turn . ite after X Keith '5Chu . 1 alan 1 mean to dijztiiiolimiiitille Dm iisiliiimoni shooting Priscilla Armw Cagper try to les Axton relatCS Char - stactwn: R Pnoaft beams- COVVLG y of C'Cl:l4fL6 SE E KEYS TO B LDP T "Suppose you tell me where you got your key to Baldpatef asked 'Charles Axton. 'KI won't tell," replied henchman Arthur Casper. Then as th mysterious plot unfolded, "Seven Keys to Baldpate" were found six other characters claiming theirs as the only one that existe A realistic stage setting with a balcony, constructed by -I. H Hoehner and the stage craft classes, and a roaring wind, adde to the effective dialogue of the play. Because of a bet made with Larry Shiner, owner of Baldpat Inn, Charles went to the summer resort in the dead of winter t write a book in 24 hours. The caretakers, John Reppart an Billie Sue Brady, opened the inn for the author. lVith its surprise ending, the junior play, under the dire tion of Miss Gertrude lfVheeler and rehearsal assistant Don Do rell, featured surprises, laughs, and an all-school Cast. Eliiah Quimby. Mrs. Quimby.. William Hallow Jo hn Bland ............... M r ot a y N r on . . Mrs. Rhodes. .. Peters ....... M r h yaTornhiIl... Lou Ma .,... ,. x.. Jim Cargan. . . Thom s a Hayden ............ Ji s K n CAST STAFF ...John Reppart Billy Sue Brady ell Magee ....... Charles Axton . .Arthur Casper Marilyn Bronson . .Cynthia Davis . . . . .Harry lves .Priscilla Colton ..Keith Schulte .William Wright .Don McPherson g e nedy .................. Jim Hogue Policemen ........ David Hinken, Jay Holstine The Owner of Baldpate ......... Larry Shiner Director .... ...... ' ....... B etty Weber Ass't. Directors ........... Hugh Groendycke Billie Sue Braddy Costume Manager ......... .... C onnie White Ass't. Costume Manager ......... Judy Crane Property Manager ....... Mary Anne Paramore Ass't. Property Managers ...... Nancy Landon Stage Manager ........ Ass't. Stage Manager. . . Business Manager, ..... V Ass't. Business Mana er. Publicity Director ..... Rehearsal Assistant ..... ' U i John Salisbury . . . . . .Bill Higgs . . .... David Lawson .........Jock Miller ...... . .Jay Holstine .Hugh Groendycke ... . .Don Dorreli A tense moment as the cops take charge of the strange events at Baldpate. Left to right: Keith Schulte, Arthur Casper, Harrylves, lim Hogue, Larry Shiner, David Hinken, Charles Axton, Marilyn Bronson, Bill Yvright, Cynthia- Davis, and Don Mc- Pherson. i it it Q 'Q tin Q N,'v f 5.14 Q J i King Neptune, Ted McCoy, still frowns surrounded by Bruce Kirkpatrick, Rodney Smith, Tom Hartman, and Tom Coolidge. BPL Ztf 6 466i THE PROM Using as their theme the enchanting Blue Pacxlic, the un1or class staged the jun1orSen1or Prom the only school sponsored formal social event during the year Music for the program was based on the current Rogers and Hammerstein musical comedy South Pacific and included such beloved songs as Some En chanted Evening, Bah Hal and Honey Bun The mysterious submarine setting in Whaleville although vlewed through a gauze curtain and 1llum1 nated only by a maze of blue lights, was one of the most elaborate sets ever seen on Troys stage It was built by john H Hoehner assisted by Claire Ensign stave manager and the stage craft class In the cafeteria, Gene Hall and his band furnlshed three hours of the sweetest muslc this side of Whalevllle Norman Capps Ruth Cowie, and Kelth Schulte were student directors and Mlss Amy Swenson, class spon sor was general supervisor B111 Adams was faculty pro gram drrector ts, x Lrry s A i Mar aret Nason whirls ' 5 . I1 Whaleville. A-ms., Whaleville Frrehous t 1 Klbler, and Jim gasgvo PU5 one Myron McClenny, Ronnie UC. Left: Its a treat to beat your feet in the Mississippi mud strums jerry Bray on is Below: Sea nymphs Emily Scott, june Koehlar, Martha johnson Joleen Knapp Patty Scott Marian Haskell, and Betty Davis entertain King Neptune, 69 Extreme Left: Oops! It looks as if HE. B." falias Art Casperj for- got something. Left: From "E, B's" dreaded inner- inner office emerges unfortunate subscrub, George Davis, assisted by jack Perry. l4fL0lfL CAZZIIJAZ l4fL6lflfLOTI:6si LL-SCHCGL PART .4-4 .als ALL-SCHOCL PARTY ATTENDANTS Don Troup, Annette Huke, Bill Michener, Betty Carmean, john Tuttle, Marilyn Towler, john Everett, Judy Lee, Dick Lyle, Mary Anne Paramore, Richard Hadley, Mary Trulove. l70l Opening with a bang that rocked the build- ing, the All-School Party continued "popping" in authentic Olson and Johnson style. Confetti showers, police arrests in the audience, and a trip into the dark, mysterious depths of "E, B.'s" inner-inner office were featured in the program. Teddybears capered, clowns frolicked, Fredrica played her "magic'l violin and the audience had the privilege of witnessing a startling marriage. Accompanied by strains of the traditional bridal march, a dainty flower girl, L. I-I. Moul- den, came tripping down the aisle, followed by bridesmaid Leo Thomas, maid-of-honor Lloyd Kistler, the bride's weeping father, Robert Gray, and the blushing bride herself, E. B. Weaver. As hilarity had mounted up to this point, so increased the tenseness that preceded the climax of the program-the crowning of the All-School Party Queen and King! Only after the royal party hadfmarched sedately down the aisle and had taken their places on the stage, were the identities of the Queen and King revealed. In a truly beautiful ceremony Queen Mary Ream and King Dean Boyles were crowned by P. K. Worley and were forever enthroned in the heart of Troy. l To close a hit show, jack Greenwood, Stan Lamar, Marilyn Bronson, Sam Deitz, and Bob Brooks sing their rendition of "Cool WVater." All-School Party royalty-Queen Mary Ream and King Dean Boyles. "Here comes the bride" . . . But it wasn't the bride-just the "flower girl," Leonard Moulden, leading the mock wedding staged by the faculty! if "Let a Song Be Your Umbrella" warble 71 Kathryn jury, Marilyn Towler, and janet McEachron. OZ VE'Cl:6i E TERTAINME T 72 Boys' Quartet-Hubert Caniff, jerry Hoover, jerry Tipton, Ira Norberg. Accompanist, Richard Blehm. Boys' Quartet-Bob Brooks, Sam Deitz, Stan Lamar, jack Greenwood. Boys, Quartet-Maurice Casey,, Jerry Hutchison, Charles Axton, john Reppart. Frances Hawn and Mary Steves dance the jarabe Tapatio at Pan-American Day program. "I think it's going to snow," screams Walter Swan to Carolyn Vigernon at lively All-School Party. It does! Florence Delgado, Dolores Solis, and Bertha Rivera Serenade third hour Spanish students with Mexican melodies. 1. Ten little Indians-Shirley Wall, jo Ann Davenport, Janice Brown, VVil- magene Frank, Evelyn Paramore, Linna Snyder, Peggy Hughes, jean Hunter, Connie White, Susan Sears- plop down for a big pow-wow. 2. Larry Heil displays the att of jug- gling to mystified Sophomores. 3. Arabian Muriel Dexter and Scottish Margaret Nason's feet fly in the Charleston. all fmt, bfwfga LL-GIRL, SOPHQMQRE P RT "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melodyl' formed the theme of the annual All-Girl Party this year, under the direction of the Senior Girls' Council and Miss Annabel Pringle. Gals of Topeka High had a gay time participating in singing contests, costume judging, dancing, and the ultimate consumption of popcorn and cokes. UThe Old Lamplighterf' complete with lampshade and candle, along with f'Sweet Sue," attired in a sack and a candy necklace, were favorites of the crowd. After a varied program including guitar music by Marilyn Bronson and dancing ,by Muriel Dexter and Mar- garet Nason, refreshments were served. November ll, to indifferent upperclassmen, was only another rainy day, but to enthusiastic Sophomores it marked the date of their Hrst big social event at Topeka High School-the Sophomore Party. The shindig was planned by Mrs. jo White and class oHicers of the Sophomore class, assisted by other Sophomore counselors. Featuring Sophomore talent, highlights of the party were lively tap dances, vocal numbers, magic, and square dancing. O d ayXd embark B lads 10 r0Y'50n I h 3 e YBYW ini l Y S homo I iiiliv dance Gala crowds cheer on performers at All-Girl Party. I 73 I gcAoo! in .4e4.4ion, 74 . IHS! - 'iz' .S 2 -minute E1 movie nter in- lusiasm, adening ircle of WGODWIND QUINTET jo Anna Fisher, Bob Breithaupt, Franklyn Houdek ' Peggy Hughes, Harriet Hull. FLUTE QUARTET Pat Kirk, Norma Owen, joAnna Fisher, Shirley Beach. VIOLIN QUARTET Eleanor Herr, Annalee Smith, Fredrica Voiland, Frances Smith. Seated: Edith Schmid. x RJQX Sri-W 'Hx STRING QUINTET Dave McMullen, Don McPherson, Charles Axton, Milton Messick,'Marvin Sorg. Right: With intent expressions Trojans struggle through a new score. f l75l C' 073 j962356Cii0lfL SEMBLE String sections, working as a unit, strum through piece Z0 ygaffan ami Aan THE RED MILL Singing their way around UThe Red Mill" the music de- of Troy enjoyed the success of two full houses. romantic entanglements developing one after another Victor Herbert fashion, the mysterious atmosphere of i'In ld New York" managed to find its way into the stage set- of colorful Holland. Gaily costumed dancers, chorus, orchestra added to the merriment. The Burgomaster's daughter wanted to marry a young or instead of her father's choice of suitor. The result was aflmus comedy, coniiict, and romance. With musical like "You Never Can Tell About A YVoman,'i You're You," and "Go While the Goingls Good," audiences knew they had witnessed a superior perform- CAST . .... Priscilla Colton Franz ................... Bob Brooks Kidder. . ...... Stan Lamar Mr. Pennyfeather ....... Jack Greenwood onner ..... ....... .l erry Scott Daughters of Joshua Pennyfeather-Mari- .... . . . . .. . . . . .Patricia Kirk mae Voiland, Doris Forney, Cynthia Zeeland ......... Maurice Casey Davis, Jeanie Hunter, Donna Barrett, Van Damm. .... Franklyn Houdek Gwen Atkinson. .. . . . . . . . . .Barbara Cross Sons of the Countess- Richard Duran, .. . . . . . . . . . .John Conerus Bill Wright, Ira Norberg, Jerry Hoover, LeFere ....... Jeanne Joslin Jerry Tipton. ...John Reppart 1. 2. "A toast!" proposes Stan Lamar as fel- low conspirator jerry Scott attempts to close a deal with john Conerus. joleen'Knapp and Margaret Nason glory over their gambling success. 3. On the "Isle of Our Dreams"-Franklyn Houdek serenades Barbara Cross. 4. Barbara Cross escapes from the Red Mill while crowd detains black-clad Bob Brooks. 144.014, CAOZDKJ 61.14, ACH, 64 AND, D GRCHESTR TROJAN ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS! C. j. McKee, Robert A. Rue. VIoLINS: Dick Hutton QConcertmaSterj, Eleanor Herr, Dave McMullen, Annalee Smith, Alan Lomax, Dorf McPherson, Fredrica Voiland, Evert Rockey, Frances Smith QPrincipaly , Peggy Frommer, Marjory Messick, Larry Lauer, Barbara Border, Barbara Lynn, Marilyn Bronson, Lois Emrick, Robert Willis, Larry Christian. VIoLA: Edith Schmid QPrincipalj , Marvin Sorg, Shirley Rogers. CELLO! Milton Messick QPrin- cipalj, Donna Howey, Betty Palmer, Margaret Nason, Charlene Brown, Darrell Parnell, Bill Thiessen. STRING BASS: Barbara Dean qPrin- cipalj , Margaret Moore, David Hinken, Charles Axton, Allen Anderson, Cleophus Johnson. HARP: Marjorie Bauman. PIANO: jerry Scott. ORGAN: Gwen Atkinson. FLUTE! jo Anna Fisher, Lenore Matthews, Norma Owen, Chlora Lee Pelton. PIccoLo: Douglas Smith. CLARINET: jim Bennett, Betty Buchmeier, Robert Breithaupt, Patty Rogers, Marilyn Moore, Bernard Miles. ALTO CLARINET: Mary Ellen Grebe. BASS CLARINET: Betty Hood. Oisolsz Carlene johnson, Harriet Hull. ENGLISH HORN: Margaret Shoemaker. BASSOON! Peggy Hughes, Norman Marshall. ALTO SAxoPI-IONE: Jo Ann McClelland, Ted Glenn. TENOR SAxoPHoNE: John Conerus, james McGary. BARITONE SAxoPHoNE: Ted Glenn. TRUMPET: Marilyn Shufler, Marilyn john, jerry Reddick. HORN: Franklyn I-Ioudek, Bob Sutton,kRalph Reid. TROMBONE: jerry Goodell, Paul Davis, Lela june Stoner. TUBA! Clifford Henry. PERCUSSION! P. K. Worley, Earlene Kirkpatrick, Larry Flickinger, ferry Scott. 'TYMPANII P. K. Worley. MARIMBA: jariel Schmidt. TROJAN BAND DIRIac:'I'oIzs: C. j. McKee, Robert A. Rue. FLUTE: jo Anna Fisher, Pat Kirk, Norma Owen, Shirley Beach, Robert Winn, Betty Palmer, Betty Davis, Lenore Matthews, Barbara Brad- street, jean Hardisty, Ann Norris. PIcc0Lo: Douglas Smith, Pat Kirk. OBOE: Harriet Hull, Carlene johnson. ENGLISH Hokiv: Margaret Shoe- maker. B.-xssoois: Peggy Hughes, XVallace Pinger. CLARINET: jim Bennett, Donna Harsch, Patty Rogers, Marvin Breithaupt, Robert Brei- tbaupt, Doug Sheafor, Betty Buchmeier, jack Perry, Eldon Pedigo, Barbara Bolen, Roberta Brandenburg, Donna Gilbert, Steve Fink, Ann Col- vin, Mary jane Deitrick, Emma Lou Fox, Peggy Fry, Danny Holcomb, Victor Blankenship, Marilyn Kelling, Phil Munoz. E FLAT CLARINET: Mary Helen Platt. AI.To Cl..-XRINETZ Mary Ellen Grebe. BAss CLARINET: Betty Hood. ALTO SAxoI'HoNI2: jo Ann McClelland, Ted Glenn, jerry Dawson, l.inda Grange, Clinton Stalker, Gene Lynch, Duane W'orkman. TENOR SAxoI'HoNE: john Conerus, Phyllis Cain, Alan lValker, Don McPherson. CORNIQI' AND TRUMPET: Dan Robison, Delbert Downs, Marilyn Shufler, jerry Reddick, Marilyn john, jo Ann Myrick, Peggy Burns, Dan Haegert, Darwin Lehning, Ronnie Burns, Patty Cravens, Robert Miller, Bernie Stouifer, james Glenn, Bob Whitfield, Alan Van Nice. Hoax: Franklyn Houdek, Bob Sutton, Eleanor Herr, Charles Boyd, Floyd Clark, Ralph Reid. BARITONE: Russell Beasley, Bill Thiessen, Eugene Carnahan, Byron Beasley, Harry Harrison. TUBA: Clifford Henry, Marvin Sorg, Allen Anderson, jack Bruce, Ronald Armstrong. 'l'RoIxIIIoNE: jerry Goodell, Milton Messick, Paul Davis, David Hinken, james D. Swartzel, Lela june Stoner, Lois Force, Ted Weidman, Bill Nason, Marjorie Roe, Cynthia Tilton, jim Bearce. PERCUSSION: P. K. Worley, Larry Flickinger, Earlene Kirkpatrick. TYMPANI: P. K. YVor- ley. HARP: Marjorie Bauman. DRUM MAJORS: Peggy Hughes, Margaret Shoemaker. TWIRLERS: Charlotte Frickey, Shirley Boise, Donna Skidmore. The Trojan Band started a most successful year by marching in several Fall parades. It was indispensable at football and basketball games, lending life and color. After the Spring concert a dance was held, featuring jerry Dawson's dance band. A vocal ensemble, The Trojanaires, was another "new" added this year. New uniforms of the Topeka High Symphony Orchestra were quickly put to use last Fall., when the group played for the State Teachers' Association in November. Later they had a great part in the success of the operetta and school plays. At their Spring con- cert Gwen Atkinson and Charles Axton were featured with original compositions. i79l GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE Row 1: Messick, johnson, Casebier, Allen, Eldien, Payne, Peterson, Nelson, Patton, Stockwell, Ransom, Benson, Garrigues, Fluke, McDonald, Butler, Newman, Howard, Atkinson Schad Row 2: Don M. Gleckler fdirectorj , Bdchmeier, McDonald, Colton, Patrick, Bronson, King, Baker, Caulkins, Grame, Howard, Schmidt, Heil, Erwin, Hughes, Cowie, Giddings, Rosenwald, Gray, Bills, Crane. Row 3: Pollom, Choguill, Grange, Nason, Baughman, Barrett, Laird, Frey, Mize, Ecord, Holst, Downey, Waylan, Austin, Osborn, Hopkins, Hammond, jordan. Row 4: Baird, Wise, Thompson, Taggart, Knapp, Oliver, Koehler, Voiland, Hetherington, Patrick, McDonald, Snyder, Lewis, Self, Bristow, Slack, Miller, Stitt, Smith. BOYS' SENIOR GLEE Row 1: Deitz, Mai, Howard, Conerus, Tipton, Sheppard, Zimmerman, Downs, Williams, Hicks, Kerbs faccompanistp. Row 2: Don M. Gleckler Qdirectorj , Thomas, Boon, Taylor, Walker, West, Bunten, Hutton, liverett, Thompson. Row 3: Ramos, Fuller, Webber, Glenn, Bervert, Pasley, Stewart, Duran, Brown, Williams, Spicer, Meyers. l80l wir rm.. GLEE CLUBS Always bringing credit to Topeka High School, the Boys' and Girls' Senior Glee Clubs, directed by Don M. Gleckler, performed in public many times. Presenting a major portion of the Christ- mas assembly and appearing in "The Red Mill" the group kept busy during the winter. In the Spring they presented short programs at all the junior high schools. Under the direction of Richard Blehm, mem- bers of the Boys' Junior Glee Club received valu- able music training. The .singers performed for assemblies and presented programs at several local schools. Topeka ,High's music department sent entries to the Lawrence and Emporia festivals. Those re- ceiving "l" ratings at Lawrence were: Girls' Violin Quartet-Eleanor Herr, Aunah-0 Smith, Frances Smith, Froul- rioa Voilaiul, Edith Schmid, accompanist. String Quartet-Dave McMullen, vi-cling Don Mclfherson, violin: Marvin Sorg, viola, Milton Messick, eellog Charles Axton, piano. Sophomore Clarinet Quartet-Mike Boardslee, Shirley Curtis, Robert Golightly, Charles Mathias. Girls' Clarinet Quartet-Barbara Bolen, Betty Buchmeier, Donna Harsch, Patty Rogers. Piano-Janis Brown, Julie Hartzell, Patty Fink, Eleanor Jones. Violin-Eleanor Herr, Don McPherson. Baritone-Bill Thiessen. e-J A F' h B b W' Flut o nna is er, o inn. Vocal Solos-Maurice Casey, Marian Haskell, Franklyn Houllek, Jeanne Joslin, Margaret Lester, Barbara Miller, Jerry Tipton, Carol Walker. Choruses-Choir, Girls' Senior Glee, Boys' Senior Glee, Madrigals, Boys' Junior Glee, Sophomore Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Quartet, Boys' lin- semble, Mixed Octet. Receiving "1" ratings at the Emporia State music festival were: String Quartet: Dave McMullen, Don McPherson, Marvin Sorg, Milton Messick, and Charles Axton. Clarinet Quartet: Robert Golightly, Shirley Curtis, Charle Mathias, and Mike Beardslee. Madrigal Singers-14 voices. Solos: Maurice Casey, Jeanne Joslin. BOYS' JUNIOR GLEE Front Row: J. Gilreath, S. McClain, C. Hyle, H. Lyngar, C. Ijams, H. Canniif, F. Terry, B. Smith, B. Barnes, R. Ladbury, M. Pressman fpianistj . Row 2: L. Hatcher, J. Gardenhire, R. Kibbler, B. Lillarcl, D. Douglas, C. Brady, K. Schowengerdt, D. Spicer, L. Adair, Richard Blehm Qinstructorj . Row 3: T. Arnold, C. Goff, B. Norris, B. Stuenkel, D. Kratochvil, E. Meyer, R. Haas, YV. Harden, D. Marsh. Back Row: V. Artzer, F. Yvillis, B. johnson, B, Cook, C. Abell, L. Strimple, D. Wood, H. Wood, D. Thompson. l81l 0'C6ilflfL60 MADRIGALS Seated: Jeanne Joslin, Priscilla Colton, Richard Duran, Patsy Lowther, Stan Lamar, Mar- garet Lester, Barbara Cross. Standing: Marcia Klugg, Bob Brooks, Doris Forney, Sam Deitz, Pat Kirk, Jerry Hutch- ison, Billie Kling, John Reppart, Kathryn Jury, Maurice Casey. MADRIGALS A CHOIR Something new in the way of vocal music was added to the department this year. The mixed choir of 65 voices performed in several assemblies, for civic programs, and in the spring concert. Looking trim in black robes with gold streamers, this new organization proved a definite success. CHOIR To be a member of Madrigals is considered the highest honor attained by vocal students of Topeka High. The group has sung at many school assemblies and has presented numerous programs for groups not afliliated with Topeka High. In the Spring the Madrigals went to St. Louis to attend the National Music Conference. Front Row.: B. Kling, B. Miller, P. Colton, M. Haskell, F. Houdek, P. Kirk, R. Duran, M. Payton, I. Norberg, J. Carpenter, S. Lamar, I. True, Hutchison, D. Forney, P. Warren, G. Atkinson, P. Fink. Row 22 C. Davis, K. Jury, M. Klugg, B. Wfeaver, P. Piatt, J. Hartzell, M. Voiland, M. Hetherington, S. Scott, A. Huke, C. Keith, R. Smith, J Bra P. Lowther, P. Hale, J. Greenwood, Don Gleckler fdirectorj . Row 3: J. Joslin, J. Brown, J. Reppart, B. Frakes, F. Stratton, B. Brooks, J. Hearn, D. Sodergren, J. Peck, J. Conerus, R. Mai, P. Kerbs, L. Snyder S. Westlund. Back Row: J. Murphy, M. Lester, B. Cross, K. Schulte, J. Scott, M. Hansen, D. Drennon, J. Munk, J. Huffman, P. Mathews, S. Sears, J. McClelland F. Fry, J. Hunter. 82J QUILL AND SCROLL Front Row: Mann, Sawyer, Marsh, Lamb, Bartos, Ensign, Schad, Garner. Row 2: Carpenter, Coble, Pressman, Herr, Howard, Clark, Geyer, Bostrom, Hamilton. Back Row: Groendycke, McMullen, Brent, Brown. Casper, Roach, Bennett. 'cam e innew fa vefezan ze ozfew PRESS CLUBS Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was created for the purpose of honoring stu- dents whose writing, scholarship, and service were exemplary, and who, through effort and patience, have become a part of the journalism department. Oflicers were George Lamb, presidentg Virginia Bartos, vice- presidentg Nancy Marsh, secretary-treasurerg Marilyn Mann, stu- dent sponsor of junior Press, and Miss Ruth E. Hunt, sponsor. Experience teaches, and indeed it does, according to junior Press Club members who served as handy helpers on the Sunflower and NVorld staffs. The climax of the year for Press Club mem- bers came when they published one edition of the XVorld. Aha! The unsupervised edition of the World! But it looks as if the Sunflower staff is having its share of the fun, too. From left to right: Lamb, Marsh, Bar- tos, Sawyer, Coble, McMullen, Schad. JUNIOR PRESS CLUB E i Front Row: Vaiilivia, Vfarner, Carnahan, Mize, Heil, jeffrey, NVhitney, Boyd, Glover. Row 2: Rodrigues, Steves, Hughes, Scrinopski, Stoner, Rusk, Keim, Kenworthy, Dunn, White, Anderson. Back Row: Smith, White, Brooks, Kruse, Canfield, Brinker. i83 FALL BUSINESS STAFF SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF e Lambv Seated. B111 Carpenter. Standing: Jim Bennett, Alice Clark, Ray Fmabegq Morris, Kay Cade, Jeanne Spencer. illefh Geofg Howiifd' F E e G org Saegg.i::?C2nig:.r'.:a.a 6 aYT'7' ' Standing 1 L MCMK Shirley' Sorenson' Dali wr Nemila. X Martina 1 anof He i e Hemi 5 EDITORIAL STAFF S FALL Hugh Groendycke .... . ....... Editor Editor Editor George Lamb. ...... .... A sst. . . . News Charles Keith ................... Staff Editor Pat Johnson .... ..... ............. E d itorials .Sborts Charles Axton ............ Dick Hadley, Arthur Casper ...... .... Billie Kling, Constance Sawyer ....... Features Carolyn Vigneronl, Eleanor Herr ...... Periscope Lorraine Bostrom, Frances Geyer, Around the World Dave McMullen .................. Exchanges Virginia Golightly...1 .... Girls in Green Ray Morris ....... ..... D istribution Hugh Groendycke Fall Editor SPRING George Lamb ..... ........ E ditor .. .Asst. Editor . . . News Editor Connie Schad ..................... Editorials Eleanor Herr, Claire Ensign .......... Features Larry Heil, George Henton ............ Sports Martha Jo Johnson ............. Girls in Green Shirley Howard ........... ........ P eriscope Dave McMullen ........... Richard Roach ........ ..... fA6 VLZWA TOPEKA HIG Bill Carpenter Fall Business Manager' Jane Fox, Elizabeth Garner, ' ' Around the World Kay Nelson ............. . . . , . . .Art Editor George Lamb Spring Editor l84l FALL BUSINESS STAFF Bill Carpenter ............. Jim Bennett, Sara Billings, Jeanne Alice Terry ............ ...... Martha Snyder ............. Down Helen Douglas ..... Alice Clark ..... Eldon Pedigo ...... Shirley Howard .... Kay Cade ....... Business . ......FiIing . . . .Mailing SPRING BUSINESS STAFF Virginia Golightly, Francis Geyer. Dennise Warner, Verna Lee Carnahan. INKSLINGERS Barney Hicks, Walter Banks, David Ridgeway, john Peddy, Bob Miller, Warren Pierson, Willis Wheeler, Marlin Locke, jim Gordon, Robert Garrett, Galen DeGraw, Dale Ridgeway. "What's news?" What wasn't news to the World staffs who had the busy task of keeping a hop, skip, and a jump ahead of all that hap- pened in Troy! From the first introductory issue, to the final "30" in May, the staffs scribbled away to bring you accounts of Trojan activities-and from the reception given the paper every Friday, they succeeded. Under the direction of Editor Hugh Groendycke, and Business Manager Bill Carpenter, the Fall WVorld covered the news efficiently. Highlight of the semester, the All-School Party, found World writers hindered by the secrecy surrounding the big event, and-to their sorrow-they didn't get a scoop on the identity of the King and Queen. At mid-year, the Spring World saw George Lamb in the editor's chair, and jim Bennett handling ads. After reporting many Spring activities, journalists went crazy for a week. Result? The polychro- matic April Fool issue! They regained enough dignity, however, to edit the State journal on April 4. Two new columns, Student Congress News and "Meet Your School Board" proved favorites with World readers. Distribution I 1 Left: 'Lorraine Bostrom, Connie Sawyer, Arthur Casper, Hugh Groendycke, Charles Axton George Lamb, Charles Keith, Pat johnson, Below: Nancy Brinker, jim Bennett, Doris Derrington, Sara J. Billings, jan Coble, A .lj E, fl I s X 5 Virginia Bartos Editor 'ZZODL If1fL6l4fL0'CL64 Q74 ' U F LGWER Becoming editor or business manager - or even associate editor, assistant editor or as- sistant business manager-of the Sunflower doesn't just happen suddenly. It involves a long, tedious apprenticeship. Three months before most Trojans even began thinking of school, work was started on the 1950 Sunflower. Pages were planned and finances figured, and a schedule of duties was made out that filled the days to the end of the following May. Transforming football games, parties, and classroom moments into a book of A'Windows" took energy and hours. Virginia Bartos, edi- tor, aided by Helen Hamilton, associate edi- tor, organized a capable staff. Nancy Marsh, assistant editor, had hundreds of details to plan and follow through. Marjorie Press- man, business manager, covered miles of side- walks, seeking the advertising that largely finances the book. Harper Dougan, assistant business manager, aided in getting ads. We, the Editors, thank the staff for helping make the 1950 Sunflower what it is. l85l W --f- wmWmWu 'mgfpswmlx-if ws.-W W- ggga-Mlm...-f ,E5d."wmdwmM-'Q wwWm v?'fw mmfgm .. ' - v:T'i ."-iwgfjwmwu-fimf. . M 54wMmFWW .jmwm .Nw W" ' " 1 .... EE as JVJH ' , 'ww--M f 1,1 5 'K 5 2 K X ,, lg' K A. , 5 . if 14 ,. E5 E , 4 :A H 5 F f Y iw 5 ' '."r:92az1. . . :,9:s"'f iifjih' N T HQ.. 532: - -,w,. iq ! s K X X X r 2 X -2 3 r Q . 2 xi Q K 1 .- 9 4 Q 2 K . K 1 E l HELP Us, GOD, TO REALIZ1-1-WHAT A WINDOW SIGNIFIES . . . FREEDOM, A LIGHT, A VIEW, AND AIR-AND THE YVHOLE WIDE WORLD-OUT THERE. X 55 . rf , 1 AIR AND sPoRTs ,,,:,,, ...,. X 1 A M , W,mmmWmm.fMw z,M.W' " Ff- 5 .2 .fs Wy.. 69 is 1 LJ Egggg X V215 S x V i f 52429 '? 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Dean Boyles goes over for a touch- down! Trojan team rushes to block ball carrier. 5 P311-I 2'Z-I-Z-R+! . . . . 4 . If-Z-Z'I+k' iff-j.j.g,g.g -','.-Ili-Ii .'.'n'u'J. 2'I'I'Z'2-Z: .g.g.g,j.g.g .g.g.gI3Zg2gI IQl:Ijf'1'I'I 7.-.-.fliiiii ...,,..,.,.,. - -4-,.,.,. 4 ff.','.',-1- fl-Zf'l'I'2'Z . .,., .1 .:.g.k.Lg.53 ..'vC'Z'f .' W. . . . .r . ,.g.,.g.g.g. . . . 1 . . g.g.g.g.5.g. .1rg.g.g.g.j 1C'3'3'I'ZgE 1g:f:3:2:f5 :sta-ff. .' an 'rn' 4-:Yr-:fr-: 55351233555 :a:5:7:1:f:' i.g.g.:.g.g. .gfglglglglj t.:-rf:-:-2 -to:-:-:-1 .l:1:!:5:?:1 ' ':i:f:- Ijfjijlgiji :-:-:-:-:-: . 1:21233 2:5:Q:?:f:i:2: vez lie faagpoaf HOMECGMI G -.'.-.'.g.'.'. V 14.6614 SADCZ6 "Shirley Deniston, Topeka High Homecoming Queen for 1949!', Amid cheers, Shirley and her attendants, Betty Carmean and Norma Owens, were presented at the half-time of the Topeka- Wichita game. As the band played, "Let Me Call You Sweet- heart," multi-colored balloons heldby members of the Pep Club outlined a heart around the throne in the center of Moore Bowl Royal party, Dick Hadley, Shirley, Deniston, Bill Carpenter, Norma Owens, Betty Carmean, and P. K. Mforley, view final, half of game from grandstand. crowd cheers Shirley Denis- 891 escort Dick Hadley, who are in convertible. elfween Aafvea y THE GRIDMEN Although it didnlt rack up the best record in the state, the 1949 Topeka High football team need offer no apologies. The gridmen wearing the Black and Gold were giving their all to the House of Troy every minute they were on the field. Under the able tutelage of Bob Briggs and Mel Seelye, a top team was developed that was always on hand to give op- ponents a real battle and the faithful fans a real thrill. Hutchinson's Salthawks invaded Moore Bowl for the first encounter of the season. After outplaying the Hawks the entire first half and having a touch- down called back because of a penalty, Topeka's gold clad warriors dropped a heartbreaker, 7-0. One good heartbreaker sometimes leads to an- other. In Topeka High's case, this proved true, for eleven busloads of Topeka rooters made the trip to Lawrence, only to see our arch rival edge by in a 6-0 thriller that was tough to lose and sweet to win. Fans listening to the Topeka-Emporia game at the varsity had their thrills, as Topeka pulled, a tie game out of the fire in the waning seconds. With live sec- onds remaining, Dean Boyles crashed through the Emporia line, going over the goal line just as the gun ended the game. With their offense in full gear, the Trojans played host to a previously undefeated Ward aggregation and ground out an impressive 39-13 win before a Dads, Night and jalopy Parade crowd. l9Ul With hopes high, the Black and Gold invaded Wichita East, only to be stunned by a chap named Ronnie Mayo, who threw 21 passes, completed ll for 166 yards, and made three touchdowns, giving the Blue Aces a 26-12 win. An undersized Haskell eleven invaded Troy and was humbled 25-0 by a well-balanced Trojan attack in which many underclassmen saw duty in the line. Homecoming gave a favored Wichita North team its fight of the season before it eked out a 27-21 de- cision. Darrell Peyton and Dean Boyles were out- standing for Troy that night. The Trojans then trekked to Great Bend to cop a 20-7 win on a windswept, rain-soaked field. In the iinal game of the season Troy's hopes were vanquished at Wyandotte, as the Bulldogs, using the tricky split-T offense, rolled over a surprised Trojan team 42-21. Dean Boyles was chosen for the second string on the oflicial Daily Capital A11-State team, and Darrell Hill, a junior lineman, was awarded honorable men- tion. Playing the toughest competition in the state, the team closed the season with four wins against five losses-a good record considering the opposition. SCORES Topeka 0 - Hutchinson Topeka 0 - Lawrence Topeka 6 - Emporia Topeka 39 - Ward Topeka 12 7 Wichita East Topeka 25 - Haskell Topeka 21 - Wichita North Topeka 20 - Great Bend Topeka 21 -Wyandotte 1911 "T" CLUB Front Row: jack Mady, Bob Bartlow, Bill Michener, H. C. Fields, Dick Lyle, john Tuttle, D. L. Erwin Qsponsorj , Rodney Brown, Dick Hutton, Darrell Peyton, Darrell Hill, "Chuck" Valley. Row 2: Clifford Lewis, Ronnie Burns, Dean Erwin, Richard Lewis, Eddie Ridgeway, Larry Munns, Bill Peterson, Charles Boyd, Tom Hartman, Ray Morris, Dick Dennis. Row 3: Mark Devine, George Amis, Dean Boyles, Charles Nelson, jimmy Allen, jack Denton, john Bunten, Charles Keith, Don Troup, Alan Dickinson, Richard Hadley. ' Back Row: Frank Willis, Bob Soucy, Allan Brodecker, Bill Yvallick, Ted McCoy, Dale Ridgeway, Walter Banks, Roger Ginavan, jack Grotewohl, Stuart Hazard, Connie Sneller, jerry Scott. I. 2. 3. The "Sadie Hawkins" mmfj9C!,iA Zfaffza SADIE HAWKI Organized to honor boys high in athletics, the "TU Club bands to- gether representatives of all Trojan sports. Initiation into the "T" Club is an annual highlight, as candidates become the subject of the good-natured hazing from present members, while the rest of the school gets a good many laughs. Membership in the club is considered one of the year's big awards. The annual Sadie Hawkins party, sponsored by this group, proved to be a howling success as Daisy Mae chased Li'l Abner all around the 'idogpatch'-more commonly known as the cafeteria. Proceeds from the party purchased for the main gym a new electric timeclock, which got its initial workout at the state AA basketball tournament.. "T" Club oflicers, elected in the fall, included Don Troup, presidentg Bill Michener, vice-presidentg Dick Hadley, secretary-treasurer: and Dick Lyle sergeant-at-arms. Faculty sponsor was D L Erwin AY "T" Club victims leap- frog their way through initiation. Eva Aguilera, winner of door prize, is pre- sented her booty by Don Troup, Club president. and their dates schot- tish. I 921 Peggy Reed, Ronnie Burns, Shirley Gerry, Don Brown, "Skip" Dickinson, and Susan Sears model the best costumes of the evening. COACHES Chet" Davenport, retiring head basketball coach mentor field, "Chet" Daven- Two of Troy's good friends in the port and Mel Seelye, will be absent from the coaching staff next ' ' k Hi h, ear Mr Davenport will continue to teach math at Tope a g y . . but after 21 years resigned from the more strenuous task of coach- l944 and that year took his first cage team to the semi-finals of the State Tournament. Mr. Seelye will go to Hutchinson as head cage mentor and as- all coach. He assisted Coach Davenport and was co- football coach at Troy this year. Bob Briggs handled the varsity football squad with Mr. Seelye. , ,, . . d s coached by 'Chuck Mills and wrestling by Floy Swimming wa , Holcomb. D. L. "Heavy" Erwin supervised track, W. J. Barnett, tennis, Frank McGrath of Roosevelt, baseball, and E. L. Fink, golf. ' h lar About half of the 65 varsity football men played t e regu schedule. The rest, under Vernon Hays, assisted by Marvin Bayless, composed the "B" team. Robert Gray, Lloyd W. Kistler, Charles " " Colton Mills, and Leo Thomas coached C team football. james ing. He came to Troy in sistant footb assisted with track. " B " TEAM FOOTBALL' Front Row: B. Hobbs, B. Fields, F. Schmidt. Row 2: j. Bass, j. Arbaiza, B. Pilughoft. Row 3: D. Nudson, P. Coolidge, C. Moyer. Row 4: D. Parnell, K. Schowengerdt, L. Peoples. Row 5: B. Franklin, J. Johnson, A. Lewis. Row 6: B. Davenport, D. Matson, G. Golliher, D. Gordon. Row 7: R. Davenport, R. Murphy, R. Thompson, B. Miles, D. Wilkinson. W Harden Dixon, R Hewitt, P Galbreith Row 8: . , J .... Back Row: B. Reichert, j. Schlegel, Vernon Hayes Qspon- sorj , L. Strimple, J. Pepper. "C" TEAM FOOTBALL Front Row: B. Henson, N. Christman, D. Cole, D. Dickin- son, H. Russell. Row 2: F. Frazier, P. Mathews, D. Trott, M. Bennett, J. Quall, R. Kallen. Back Row: Robert Gray Qcoachj , J. Williams, 0. Shinn, L. Wilson, Leo Thomas fcoachj . R Robert Briggs, Floyd Holcomb Robert Gray, E L Fink, D Front ow: L. Erwin, Chester Davenport Vernon Hayes Back Row: Charles Mills, Marvin Bayless, james Colton, james Will Coxon, Mel Seelye, Leo Thomas, W j Barnett n anlvgg flag Z1 COACHE CCHICI' Dick Hutton, forward Bill Michener, Chuck Nelson, center Richard Lewis, guard i in fig at vARslTy Trojan basketballers, coached by "Chet" Davenport, furnished the fans thrills, excitement, and even a few upsets during the 1949-50 campaign. Although the final record stood at eight games won and 17 lost, the team never lost its fight. The Black and Gold started off with a bang, bashing Northeast of Kansas City 38-17 in the home court opener. With that start it seemed as if the local entry was going to be a real threat in the state competition, but soon Topeka hopes were to be vanquished. Salina invaded the home territory for the second game of the season. The eventual state champions were in hot water all the way, and the Trojans seemed to be headed for a. certain victory. Four times during the contest the Trojans held a nine-point lead. Then in the final quarter, the lid for the game, and maybe the season, blew off. Troy began the final quarter leading 27-21, but the hard-driving Maroons racked up 17 points in this quarter to snatch the game. One of the high points of the season came when Troy defeated its traditional rival, Lawrence, 46-33. Troy also whipped Wichita East, rated third in the state, 39-35. In the regionals, Topeka High edged past Ottawa 40-38 to gain a berth in the state tourney in Topeka. Here Troy upset Shawnee Mission 45-31 to the delight of the Topeka fans, but lost to Newton, who later placed second in the state. Dick Hadley, the only regular from the previous season, was elected honorary captain for the year. Eddie Ridgeway, guard l' 94 l Don Tipton, guard AW? Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Charlie Boyd, forward if' !!HVfMWp!yN z Me tim BASKETB LL SCORES 1 9 4 9 ' 1 9 5 0 HUTCHINSON TOURNEY 38 - Northeast 17 32 - Salina 38 - Topeka 35 - Hutchinson 44 34 - Parsons 63 Topeka 26 - Emporia 42 31 - Chanute 34 Topeka 37 - Argentine '49 32 - Wyandotte 34 46 - Lawrence 33 50 - Emporia 68 38 - Atchison 34 REGIONAL TOURNEY is : me 40 - 32 44 - Emporia 58 Topeka 39 - Argentine 4.1 23 - Newton 39 19 - Wyandotte 23 43 - Wichita North 50 32 - Ward 34 STATE TOURNEY 42 - Atchison 31 35 - Salina 56 Topeka 45 - Shawnee Mission 31 33 - Lawrence 47 Topeka 38 - Newton 57 A ff , QQ y r U 1 lk ' l ,X at si? . 1 f 95 1 M, 1 H 1 -flgf Mark Devine, forward Dean Boyles, guard V I 3 w Y Dick Hadley, forward 4-53 jim we TROJA SPQRT 1. Coach Davenport gives team last minute pep talk. 2. Will it be good? 4 96 l 3. Pla-a-ay ball! 4. jack Grotewohl wins shot-put with mighty heave at Highland Park track IIICCI. Ji. fl. Aalef HOCPSTERS Three hundred ten cage enthusiasts, under the direc- tion of Charles Mills, participated in Topeka High's in- tramural basketball program. Designed to allow every boy who wants to play basketball a chance to do so, the program increases annually. Games were staged after school and were coached by Washburn University students. A The teams of Philip Oelke, Darrell Peyton, and John Darr took the Sophomore, junior, and Senior titles re- spectively. After a second round, Darr won the school championship in the finals of the tournament. HB" team basketball was under the guidance of Coach Mel Seelye. Trojan "Bees" played in the preliminary at Troy's home and road games and staged a tilt of their own with Washburn Rural High. Troy's basketball squad was managed throughout the season by Sam Deitz and Jerry Rosenlund. " B " TEAM BASKETBALL Front Row: D. Robison, C. Thompson, B. Soucy, B. Davenport, J. Schlegel, B. Reichert, R. Thompson. Back Row: J. Rosenlund, G. Golliher, D. Cavanaugh, J. Mclntosh, B. Petersen, Mel Seelye Qcoachy, R. Ginavan, J. johnson, j. Dixon, L. Peoples, S. Deitz. WINNING jack McCord. M.-,sk r INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Front Row: Ralph Wendt, john Darr. Back Row: Devere Kennedy, Bill Rush, BASKETBALL MANAGERS Sam Deitz, Tom Coolidge r ': S 1- 5 .QL ':,-- .,.... lx tb -Exp. ,s , 'PAN' .M ff ,f s if "' ,r Ri 'K 97 5 If ti, .L ff lfl, 673 fedf TRACK Topeka High's 1950 track squad, coached by D. L. "Heavy" Erwin, was supported by 16 returning lettermen. Although not among the experienced tracksters returning to this year's squad, Ray Morris took first in the mile run at the K. U. relays in the Fall. He was edged out of his usual top position, however, in the annual Spring K. U. relays to take second. Jack Grotewohl also showed excellent individual ability throughout the season. Jack brought in the points for Troy by consistently placing in the shot-put. P ,,:.. -The juniors took the pre-season inter-class meet, showing ':":' H ""ii W talented material. Troy outclassed its opponents in the inter at . .ii city meet and continued through the year, placing first th ' 7 . ,,... 1-"""" . . . . . . , 'iaitt majority of the time. Competing with the top AA schools 11 the K. U. relays, the Trojans took fifth. M gg, V Ray Morris breaks the tape to tak the mile run. Vaulting high into the air, Kennetl Reeves clears the top bar. Boys from all over Topeka sprin forward in competition during th inter-city track meet. as , .' ri ,I ,M 152, - 5 -ir ' C W ffl 'qt' 3' . .ta . .- 5 ' Q' ' I M V 5 H W, U ,.,,.:fi, f5'- V ly . . ,VU ,V M .,::f..,b,k,.,,l,L.,?,i -Zh j,.. DL, , . - ,V hr Ykyfyi K, ,ZH ,kyk ,, V. ig K M Q- .1-. 'F ' " v A as rK'V .,. ,. ,J ' -- 7 4 . 1 1 rg,-gi, ., 'V ':' -7 ,Z 5 A :S-,t,1,,f:jj-.' k.W A E. , ,, F a . ' 'ii. f . J? , aff. fi C' it'i AN fm, f Hr? 'J' 'W' . 'Q f ,,, K , H 0 V 2 M I, fr, g , at si.. .35 . f D iitt , 53 405 i . W , " .- A QLQ4 .JI f F" . Q 1' f - . , 1 . - 4 . ,,f at if . ...rr isri. .. 4 atm . 'i Q.. fe f 4 . ,f .f Q.. . ,QQ ,,,.,. - an . , ,PV W, W K 1 V, -3 gui. in N V rtmyjf xiii -.A ,,-. ig . X. , X 5: Il.. " fr . i Q ' 2. in N C t, ' li my Q, ff-if W ifi Y - -. Q' i - . ,, .. p , ,F it i 2 if 1 . 2 -"- ft A T gk .. ,am ,--.:. ,T kk :,..,,. D zip., K K V. A, t ,Aga r , ,V TRACK 3 Front Row: Petersen, Boyles, Mady, Grotewohl, Bo d, Pe ton, Morris Ridffewa Brooks, N K' A Y 7 o yr X Bartlow, Patterson, McCullough, Reppart Qmanagery. X X ,, Q Second Bow: Wallick, Everett, Bunten, Hartman, Smith, McCoy, Lewis, Michener, Brown, lx-,Q ll 9 Erwin, Sehright, Gentry, Charles Mills Qcoachj. Third Row: Golliher, Hallewell, Allen, Hewitt, King, Bliss, Pasle Miles Xvilkinson Bennett X ' 'X l',fW , , n yi 1 1 y ,. . 1 ! Troup, Devine, Bob Briggs Qcoachj. . rjmf .. Fourth Row: johnson, Schlegel, Soncy, Matson, Ives, Slaughter, Fields, Coolidge, Moyer ' ag-rp ,L Kallen, Drum, Kelly, D. L. Erwin fcoachj. Back Row: Banks, Hobbs, Reeves, Davenport, Burns, Bentley, Lewis, Schowengerdt, Dixon, Trott, Beasley, Dickinson, jim Colton fcoachj . f98l BASEBALL Front Row: Nowlan, Griflith, Fink, Padilla, Martin, johnson, Kennedy, Sleeper, Wendt. Back Row: Gill, Thompson, Ginavan, Nelson, Ridgeway, Coff- IDHTF, Goff, Gordon, st rair on, McCord, Coach Frank 'D E wld dams mug dab BASEBALL s f As Troy's baseball squad opened its 1950 season, it played its first game in the newly-organized Border High School Baseball League, the first loop with which Topeka High has been affiliated since 1938. Through an arrangement with the Owl Ball Club Troy' used Hicks field for a home diamond. Supported by an increasing number of baseball fans, the Trojans took the League championship under the able coach- ing of Frank McGrath. MWA 1. Burt Johnson throws ball to homcplate. 2. Safe! Ray johnson scores for Topeka. l99l Z 7 X-4 ,fl 4 ,H I 2 "Z , I' , H D L if l Ml 'll V MM J QA I YJ ' I" ti Q, , 'elf' -lil ' A " WRESTLING Front Row: B. Nowlan, B. Gabler, N. Christman, C. Davis, J. Slate, R. Hewitt. Row 2: G. Davis, B. Hobbs, B. Pfelfer, C. Hodges, B. Tice, G. Glasgow. Back Row: C. jones, P. Coolidge, B. Beal, L. Swager, B. McCullough, Floyd Holcomb fcoachj . 014, Me mai an in lie 00 WRESTLI G D SWIMMI G The Trojan wrestling record showed steady improvement although Coach Floyd Holcomb had no matmen in the 103 lb. class. This caused the Trojans to forfeit Hve points a meet. Mr. Holcomb suc- ceeded in developing one state champion in Bob McCullough. Bob gained the championship of the 175 lb. division in the state meet at Oberlin. Several Sophomores turned out for practice this season, giving hope of better Trojan wrestling squads in the future. Topeka High swimmers, under Coach Charles Mills, showed that swimming was an up-and-coming sport at Troy. The Trojans downed Mfyandotte, 34 to 23, for Wyandotte's first beating in the four years Troy has supported a swimming team. Alan "Skip'l Dickinson scored continually in the 100 yard breast stroke. Skip bettered the state record several times and officially set a new mark in the state meet at Wichita. SWIMMING Front Row: S. Brier, B. Bannerman, B. Smith, B. YVillis. , I 100 1 Rowliz kJ..Cofr:B1,g.hGrotewohl, J. Bunten, J. Denton, C. Valley, T. Sleeper, D. Jordon, AI. Allen, B. Grogger, J. Scott, A. ' ic 'inson . se. Back Row: L.yMunns Charles Mills coach . J lwrml I ' .H Ek 3 ,Ai lull ti xx ll l lt Wlth 1 powerful fore hand Duck H1 ..-fe a u..-, GOLF ' Front Rou Bob Nlcklnley Bob Hnlhs Stun Fleldber Dick Sargent Back Ron Connxe Sneller I1ckDenton, E L Fink fcoachj jelly Schafer, Randall Murphy lV1gh ste d Sue Ie: Zlllrecxsxon Comm ne .4 an teena Com, E 52 1 put ag TENNIS AND GOLF m :nk ,emma -Xlthouvh they had only two lettermen Dlck Hadley and Charles KCltl'l the Topeka Hwh tenms team showed strono' poss1b1l1t1es of defendlnv then 0 yeal unbeaten skeln Kelth and Hadley teamed wlth Blll Carpenter Don NILPllClSOl1 and Danny Holcomb to rack up an 1mpress1ve record Coached by XV I Barnett the CI 10121115 racked up another good KCHHIS year F L Fmk s ClClCI'1Cl111d' state golf champlons had another top year on the hnks Led by lfftllflllllg lettermen Connle Sneller Bob McK1nley and Elly SCl121fCl four othe1 hnksters Stan Fre1dberg Dlck Sargent Bob W1ll1s and ack Denton pmoved then north The Golfers copped many new honors lor the house of Tloy Srnce th1S book tvent ua press before the tenrns arui golf mquads had fllllSl1CCl thelr year s act1v1t1es lt was lmposslble to OAIVC each teams final 1 ecol cl Bob XVllllS drnes hrs ball stru ht 41 doun the f'lllM'l, ley slams the bill ox Cl the net if TENNIS Front Ron YV1ll1am Smell Ch'ules Keith Richard Fra et, Hadley Second Ron Suede Malm Danny Holcomb Martin Roush, Bxll Car penter, Dan ROblS0l1 Back Row Bob Whltehead, Arthur Casper, W I Bwnnett Qcoachj , ack Truly, Don McPherson R1ch'ud I 01 l . L , . , . . g, ' ': ' ' ', 2 ' 4. . ' ' ' . , ' ' ' cl ' 1 ' L 1 ' '. ' V4 f I fb' P. , . z , V., 4 5 1 ' Q O D O 4' ' ' ' . , if . . ' ' 9 - - 1 A ' 44 sv ' . . , . . , . . . f .. . O - J ' a 7 1 J ' 7 1 s 1 J 7 R . A 1 1 . .lf - F3 . . 7 . , . . , . . . . . . . , - v t , D . . I . 7 S .A 4 A1 Z Y L , . l Y ' . K - 1 4 1 vc 1. f 1 .4 2 ' ' . .,,mWW " Q - , , , I Y ' L N .rl ' KX 1. V l ,114- l . .0235 If A4 lf 'Z I . , 1 ' . , cg ' ' 4 ' ' . f, ' E - . ,. , , ,' ' , it 1 . . . , , 4 4 C' 2 ' 1. ' . . .' '. J ' Jerry TRO'JOE OFFICERS Front Row: Keith Schulte, Bray. Back Row: jerry Hutchison, Iohn Reppart, jerry Rosen- iund. Busy Trojans help curb football fans' hunger. f1oz1 PEP CLUB OFFICERS Front Row: Cynthia Davis, ,J , Connie Sawyer Claire Ensign. Row 2: Marie, Payton, Mari- C lyn Towler, Vicki Rosenwalcl. ' Back Row: Kathryn jury, PEP ORGANIZATIO S Maru, Maru, Marrack, Marrack, Hurray for the Gold! Hurray for the Black! YVho, who, who are we? Topeka, Topeka,'can't you see! In their black uniforms with the gold "T's, girls of the Pep Club cheered the Trojan teams i victory and defeat. Besides representing our scho at home encounters, the group helped with Hom comingiceremonies, sponsored assemblies on da of big games, and sold ads for the basketball pr grams. Highlight of Pep Club activities was th snake dance down 10th Street and Kansas Avenu Sponsors Bill Adams, Miss Jeanne Cooper, Lloy W. Kistler, and Miss Mildred Wells worked wit Pep Club oflicers-Kathryn' Jury, presidentg Mar lyn Towler, secretary, Vicki Rosenwald, treasure and Nancy Bleckley, secretary of the Point Syste -in making it an active organization. Farol Fr aided by Robert McKibben, headed the Hon Pep Club. Tro-Joes, the newly organized boys' Pep Clu werean asset to the cheering section at the gam as they helped boost school spirit. Their brig gold coveralls accented the black and white un forms of the girls' Pep groups. HONOR PEP CLUB Front Row: Virginia Bartos, Margaret Moore, Sandra Dexter, Donna Barrett, joan Bennett, Betty Bubb, jean Mc- Donald, Frances Smith, Martha Jo Johnson, Farol Fry. Row. 2: Marjorie Pressman, Patty Fink, Vicki Rosenwald, Mary Anne Paramore, Hannah Boley,,Shirley Howard, Joan Arnold, Shirley Spradley, Edith Schmid, Jeanie Hunter. Row 3: Shirley Scott, Betty Turner, Nancy Bleckley, Velva Wilkey, Doris Derrington, Susan Forney, Dolores De- witt, Virginia Brooks, Ruth Ann Cowie. Q Row 4: Becky Thacher, Marilyn McQueen, Betty Carmean, Kathryn Hall, janet Mcliachron, Annette Huke, Mickey Welty, Ann King, Dee Letrud, Mary Taggart, Sue Anderson. Back Row: Kathryn jury, Mary Brelsford, Doris Drennon, Barbara Degnan, jane Currier, Marie Payton, Shirley Deniston, Janet Pollom, Connie White, Ida Mae True, Margaret Lester. 0142 fddlflfl, cHEERLEADER "Come on, you Trojans, let's golw And we did, led by the rousing cheers and hearty yells of six "AH team cheerleaders. On the assembly stage and on the spot-lighted playing Held, they'gave their voices and boundless energy to help the team. Under their leadership, 'Troy's hopes merged into a single cry of "Gold, Black, we're back of youg" then whether we oflicially won or lost, we knew we'd come out ahead. The vitality, pep, and gay enthusiasm of our cheerleaders made the stu- dent body merrier and stronger-for which contri- bution they got a big vote of thanks. 1. Charles Axton leads the band in a snappy tune during the State Basketball Tournament. 2. Eager fathers watch their sons in a tight spot dur- ing the Dads' Night football game. " B " TEAM CHEERLEADERS Mickey Ecord, Bob Grogger, Marlene Sewell. "A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Myron McClenny, Sue Anderson, jim Allen, Mary jane Truloye, jay Holstine, Becky Thacher. 'f103l V, ' ' , . I 'E.2S-554' 7ffZ?i?K5?ifW'ff3f'fi'-5? f - L Front.Row: Marian Knight, Susan Forney, Dolores De- Row 2: ,Mary jane Trulove Pat Martin Shirl Mal l Back Row: Miss Mildred Wells, adviser, Miss Jeanne Left: Husking Bee's prize styles are modeled by Donna Skinner, Marcia Ralston, Janice Brown, Shirley Critchlow, Fredrica Voiland, Georgia Steck. Right: Ladies of leisure Donna Garrigues, Shirley Curtis, Edna Schumacher, and Belinda Barnett view the fun from lofty heights. WEA Et' Efizefga SENIOR LEADERS , TRDY JA ES, SE IDR LE DER ,. , ,,,. ,lc H :Qtflziiaitstisetfifst - ' -' ' 1 iwaeiwx-tfltitf 'ili-is 's' ,,i . g. Wfgellts . 22,253 EM E ,Q gy if E ' A EEEEE f - The Troy Jane Club girls athletic organization, has com pleted its fourth year of existence The number of active mem X bers, now more than 300, is a large increase in participants ove 5 dy ii former Years- . ,E,, ,, .,, ' I ESJ 'pp Tournaments were held in soccer, volleyball basketball ping t' M y E E C pong, archery, bowling, softball badminton, and deck tennis segy f In evidence that pioneer days have not been forgotten, th- ot E i,t if ",' Troy Janes put on a Huskmg Bee, sponsored by Miss Mildrer ,,,,,, t pq Wells and Miss Jeanne Cooper, November 12 Corn stalks ani Egytv lggpg pumpkins greeted the enthusiasti r d h d 1 V ' """: , ,,,,E, l legt old-fashioned square dancin and Conte t dd d t h n M, , ,M E1 t,, , ii,i, E,,,,EEtli T As an added Spring activity the club sponsored a skating part witt, Lois Richards. . . . E E ev C0 mt Virginia Brooks, Charlotte Frickey. Cooper, adviser. .Ma ,. ,.,,f,,,,,-,F-,.lt f, - ., f for all Topeka High girls Senior Leaders, girls outstanding in physical education, hat an active part in promoting Troy jane activities mfP'1 1Aaw, 'ilfiis Sw 1 Y - I ' f rfwtslfii-142722 A -H ' A , 'Z E " AW" il? -tif et .glzwg-EN., . , .E ,, A , . ., A , E l- , ,V ,,,,,g,,,, QV . .. . .. W, ,,.,. .. , ..,. , ms E., B-:,.f.fEE , E,AEsEEs,w, A A- H , . ,. I -, -- Q ,E u,'r,E E-E A i C ' t ' ' - 1 Z i ,Wi V. , , .W M. . , , el .,.. M., , ,W , ww 4 f -. .E ' ' is t -K I-We -fl E- ssfjggstfggig E1 EL lint Qi, . " 1 Y Eat M' isygf -, . .fl-E 4 ' .,., A A A - si-ia: as if-V s .Es J-l we V 7 E q fi -wifi?-'iglfr' E w -E. 7 E E ilfr , ' - , V --' 2 -- W , ,E--w,gfzQgsi::5-' , ,bg -SA, ,, E- l fix' .E 1 ' "" H - ., 7 ' -5' . c f ' f it i l i ,A 1 W' f Q" RW' 'A 2' - E ' - - f . . f- V ' -EQ - -I , ,E A , - , f"-:,.1':,:' V , K , E , -4: ifggky . -: qi Q, . - kr . ' ,iff f w ' 4 af , A , , W, .. ww W , ., E ,EV , Ll" f,iiE?lf??fEfm?f- ,v ' ' 7 ' ' i . ' I-Ev t ' xi- ,VE -AZ, i,E " ' ff Q at xgifig b i iti ' f - ' .. , A, - , A , " E ' ' t - .El -5 grew-:y?ai5ggWtwQ,5gg 'Exiting -EE ,. Y -E--w f ., ,,-- f, . Eff- E- L 4-E-V,--, -- -.3 W, WWEEE. , Y 1 ,fit ' , E 1 -A .. - 'rg 'li ' il ,ir ' '- ' - L" ' ' 55?.-,"--- - ' ' ' S 1' 1- ' . -, . ., s if , gf eif g 'ii E . f' . -. P 1 i ggffgsfifftfuiss 5-93 A A- A I 1 ff' ' Q , 'K A - , Wg ' E, - - - E ,-4 Ali 1 A V g - 'A E -rv tw " - E- . A- ,ME E E A5 H ' ' "E FY V'-emfifs Q -f 1- ji E ,, , i t s ii- 'ii-7fii:,.L1,'E 1 I -, ' E was E 'sr E il al h.-is v '- '- an -:E , -is: :E lfvii , 1 ' N it i ww. fnmlfzn fo 6444.443 GIRL f o M l A "one," a "two," zu "three," a "four" limbers girls' gym class. 2 With a cry of triumph Mickey Ecord lands a basket. 3. Shirley Malcolm, Harriet Morgan, Darlene . Phillips, Alice Terry, Martha jo johnson, Virginia Brooks scramble into a pyramid. 4. The bottom layer gives way, and down tumbles the pyramid. 5. Althea Bromich deftly maneuvers a hand spring. N051 Don Smith solders leads on a quarter horse motor. CMAQ ,lift TRADE Courses offered in Topeka Trade School are carried on with the advice and counsel of both employers and employees in the various areas of trades offered. Using an acetylene torch, Clifford Myers welds a boat. H061 After inviting pretty models Mary Ream and Annette Huke to the Trade School, jack Eckhardt and Charles Smith practice their i photography. . mee anim! imma SCHDQL Excellent equipment, together with a staff of teachers with superior backgrounds of trade experience, enables the Trade School to bring modern and practical methods into the trade training program. Courses are ap- proved by the Veterans' Administration, and a large number of men avail themselves of the unusual opportunities afforded. Classroom space is reserved in the after- noons for regularly enrolled Topeka High School juniors and Seniors. After attending By assembling a motor, jake Huyett learns auto- mechanics. classes at Troy in the forenoon, boys spend three hours at the Trade School in one of the six vocations-Arc and Acetylene Weld- ing, Auto-Mechanics, Electricity, Machine Shop, Photography, and Radio Mechanics. Donald Seastrom assembles gear train for a tractor. Ralph Zirkle and Myron Hayes test recording equipment. 11073 EDITORIAL STAFF Front Row: H. Douglas H. H , amilton, Miss Ruth E Hunt Qs ons Deniston, A Hyde . .p orj, V. Bartos, N. Marsh, M. Mann, S. Row 2: A. Clark, D. Pelton, C. Sawyer, C. NVhite, D. Brown, P. Brent, D. Derrington, D. Warner, E. Garner K. Nelson. Back Row: H. Dougan, A. Casper J. B .. ' ' ' 7 , ass, M. Messick, L. Christian . B emma of Mele efgazf U FLQWER STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Front Row: P. Fink, M. Pressman, S. Scrinopski Back Row: C. E ' nsign, H. Dougan, S. Gerry, iS. Beach, A. Clark, S. Scott. 51081 , J eeder, J. Weese. Here is the last '4Window" , one of your very own. It's a window which we, the Sun- flower staff, made with photographs, long hours of work after school, flashbulbs and paste, determination and desire to gather hap- penings of the year into a record of remem- brances. Businessmen, printers, photograph- ers, artists, and editors-all did their bit cheer- fully and well. ' We hope that this yearbook is tr l u y a brightly shining pane of magic glass for you, a rose-colored window through which you can glimpse yourself and your classmates, the laughter and to-il, the sunshine and sorrow, that make the past so dear. Look often and long. This window was built for you. SUNFLOWER STAFF Editorial Editor ........... ....Virginia Bartos Assistant Editor ..... . . .................... Nancy Marsh Associate Editor, .... ....................... H elen Hamilton Artists ,......... ............. S hirley Deniston, Anne Hyde Art Staff .......... ..... J im Bass, john Beeder, Connie White Photographers .......... - ..... - .......... Phil Brent, Don Brown Photography Staff ...... Larry Christian, Alice Clark, Bill Mains, Milton Messick, john Weese Copy ...............................,..,........... jan Coble Copy Staff ............ Arthur Casper, Eleanor Herr, Larry Heil, Jock Miller Organizations ............................,.... Connie Sawyer Lithographing Manager ........................ Marilyn Mann Assistants to Editor-Helen Douglas, Ann Jeffrey, Dennise Warner Faculty ..................... Doris Derrington, Dorothy Pelton Other Classes ................................ Elizabeth Garner Business Business Manager .......................... Marjorie Pressman Assistant Manager ............................ Harper Dougan Ad Solicitors--Shirley Beach, Don Brown, Judy Crane, Claire Ensign, Patty Fink, Shirley Gerry, Shirley Scott, Sonnie Scrinopski. - Draftsmen .............. ......... P hil Brent, Dorothy Pelton Circulation Manager .... ............. S hirley Howard Bookkeeper ............ . . . . . .Alice Clark .Wm ,, .. E 'If ' II. EI I. I :'z I Ig' ff' L: iyiiwj WIIQQLIA I:-III fx HELP Us, GOD, T0 REALIZE 'WHAT A WINDOW SIGNIFIES . . . FREEDOM, LIGHT, A VIEW, AND AIR-AND THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD-OUT THERE. I A F I WORLD AND ADVERTISEMENT ,V I -rf ' IQ fig, III ff-MI wg E 3 I M +I ,I,.I . II ' Iii Q I II IEI 5554 555552 If EI SI I I 'I E PI! 2 if EI W, 3 if I III QI If Egg? Ii? If ESQ 5525? Img 5 "III S EI EI E? 25 39 15 IE if I IE I E 5 I I .I I, I 135. Yzj I FQ? if IIEI IIII ii EEIEQ 22. I I I. :I I i II If II I I 5 if 3 I 35 I I I eiffg in ,EI .I I 5 EI FI iii gag IXIIII I III I III I Ig 11 , II? III I I I Il? E25 IIQEII' 1 I E I III Iii? I I' 525 II li , 55 EI I 2 iff ggi ii IE E FEI . I , IE I I 5, :III 5523 EI 55 We IIQIIEE 2 5 IEE im III gg? I SEI 3329 I IIE? I EI I ggi I -, .. I Iii ig' if I SE I If E , I I I? S! E jg? E I I I I II I Ig Ei? SI IE " S 33 ig? E IE ,I I I , 2 Q 5 EE- X -- I--- " "" .,.. I . I :I-3 . 'fI1-.ifi-.. I E .I-III 3.-, I - .5 ffm 2,, I':'.gf':I:. I.-s, I - ' -'- MI IT'?.I N4 I JZ 5 S W, t , HI, I F , -- .... I. ,,,,, , , LII ,W ,L I , II ,Ii I I I I EI II' :SfaI"'IQ'-:if-' IME Wi" -7'---:'-'Zia' ' frflfl :'3f5IS?5f'::SQ.-fII55.f55i: 3 M f.I?"W'N"7f :.,,: ll- ,Nfl ' ' S W-1 'E ' EI 2 I I If I5 II I I EE III5 . FI il 3 ' 5 5 359g IEEE 5 xgraf I Q LEEHEIII 5 15925 E52 sig E52 is g I I Zi EIR! I I I if fa IIE II I 5 III E52 Egg 2 SEI Eg 361 , 3 I ef? II? igx II II ,, I I ,I II .. iii k k gf'II IP? HEI 5225 Q-E5 III? Ti I I 2 . I III" V, T5 I gi II I gg S9 I ,II II EE ig? 55 - I -f :I I5 Q 35 4 2 E E I EE I ,Xa Q' Egg 5 II fx H:- , III EI Iii EE IIISI I I III i II Q WI I, 2 ,. ,IA PLT' EI is II' ,g i 5 I I I 'Y an W ggi? gig s E Ijgsgga Ifiijsii Ii IIIIIIMI II? ggi? 2 I 'I I 3 I I I Sie I 2 gg I 3 ii ssgi E15 .III If 95755 III? I gf I S5235 2 .Egg '5 II III I I I QEI 3532 I I SEI N k md sin 'Q 1? t dl fwff f' Lgg, xy ' .aw ' , w: 't1: "4 m"..n: :,.. ali x?if5i,Pi,w5 QW gg PQYEXSQQFSZ. 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The ooo ROYAL ARROW 579.50 PLUS YAX Including Here's one of the finest lriends any- one can have during school years- the new Royal Arrow Portable Typewriter! The new Royal will help you boost marks at school. . .it will help you with work at home . . . notes, themes. correspondence, records! The new Royal Arrow has features seen on no other make ol portable typewriter! FINGER-FLOW KEYS-make typing easier, faster, more accurate! SPEED SPACER--the space bar that makes lor perlect spacing! "MAGIC" MARGIN-the device that sets margins accurately. . . instantly. Also Rapid Ribbon Changer . . . Locked Segment Shift Freedom... Time-Saver Top . . . "Touch Control" . . . Line Finder. . . PLUS many other famous Royal office typewriter lea- tures! Come in and examine the new Royal Arrow, 579.50 plus tax. Also. Quiet DeLuxe Model, 389.50 plus tax. Easy terms if desired. Made by Royal- the world's largest manufacturer of typewritexs. WESTERN Typewriter Co. 123 West 6th Street Topeka, Kansas BE T WI HE Ed. Marling Inc. HOME FURNISHER "Kansas' Largest Appliance Storel' , ,..', - ,,,.,. ..4A I 1.35, 1 'ff T0Pel4a'S Fmesf Hotel -za wav---1,4 ---- :-v-lfxfllff-Meters., , ,,.rgg'ff,?Z.,:,:,:a,fgssg.f:3,.:,:-11.-1, :, soo Air Cooled Rooms 1512 ? iffgasiifi, 'V ,iq A V. 'IE il iziglgfijzvlgii ,:...1,!,.5:55:,1,,. :,.,...., ., it f ag. E -VT " .'11"f """" , ..,,...,.v ,..... ...r..f..I...,. . ---:4 . .my --A:Q..-,.....,,..g,5,,i:azf:t::51-: :mn-1-1-'4 -'vt' 1, rp+:g.5. ,5,Q5:,,,3 Purple Cow Coffee Shop Air Conditioned OPEN 24 HOURS-A-DAY Also Excellent Banquet Facilities H O T N S A N 9th Street and Kansas Avenue l112l Include in Your Plans for the Futu a Friendly Relationship with this Growing Banl: Merchants National Bank 501 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS THE FAVORITE DEPARTMENT STORE FOR TOPEKA AND VICINITY SINCE 1880 G I IX Meadow GoId AT YUUH FAVUIIITE FUUIITAIN Beatrice Toads Go Ill 3 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '50 The Capper organization extends best wishes to you for many happy and pros- perous years ahead. In considering further education, re- member that often the best opportunities are at one's own doorstep. Washburn Municipal University is growing and is widening its field of service to students. Topeka is expanding and needs the talents of those trained in the educational institu- tions of this city. Publications?-nc OVIKA lANSls You Are Assured Fine Quality in RUGS DRAPERIES FURNITURE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Convenient Credit Terms LAN' KANSAS AVENUE Al NINTH 71 Home Owned Store' 5 Big Floors of Home 'Furnishings Congratulations TO T HE NEW GRADUATES VIRGINIA ELLEN STUDIO -- Office Supply and Epuipment Co. OFFICE OUTFITTERS DISTRIBUTOR FOR A. B. DICK MIMEOGRAPH PRODUCTS 708 Kansas Avenue 521 Kansas Ave. Topeka, Kansas li 1141 KAISER 'V BOB SMITH. NANCY LANDON. DON TROUP SHIRLEY SCOTT. IORDAN MQCDOUGALL. IOHN BEEDER TCM SMITH MOTGRS INC. 905 West Sixth St. Phone 3-9621 TOPEKA L1151 Tiffany U Shge Repair' in Midwest Appliance Store Th H fl . .bl Radios. Phonographs, Television e ome O nvlsl e Radio Phonograph Repairs I . Complete Line of Household Shoe Repa1nng Appliances WORTH IT3 1414 West 15th Street ww 0 -,EA Q 608 Kansas Two Tro1ans asked us to adverhse m the 1950 College H111 Sunflower We scud Sure' We re mterested m th.1s 2 0525 alert bunch of students' In fact were mterested 1n the hne school and college students all over our state Thats why Iohn Morrell 6 Co sponsors annual scholarsh1ps for hve outstandmq students Washburn Uruverslty and scholarshlps for two outstandmq 4 H Club members of Kansas who attend Kansas State College These hne young people are burldmg a better Kansas That s Your Worth 1t" You bet 1lS worth 1t' Complete 5c to Sl O0 Store JOHN MORRELL 8g CO Hz Also Fountain Meof Packers Topeka A L Duckwall Stores Co 92123 N Kansas Ave Phone 3 4017 8746 1407 W 15th l . If 4 ' . . . 54 .. ' ' ' dl why Morrell's, a Kansas Institution. says O . ll and Luncheonette 4 11161 Best Wishes for a Happy Future GR . OCERY Co 1 4 4 O y THE GRAYCE SHOPS 720 Kansas Ave. 808 W. Twelfth S 605 Kansas Ave. Phones I1 ms? wnsnams FIRST FIRST IN IN SPORTS I NEWS FIRST IN MUSIC Buy Your, Insurance from BRIMAN'S Blakely JEWELRY and CO. Company I 4 4 O 201 Phone Columbian Bldg. 8537 602 K nscxs Ave. T k K nsas 1899 Over 50 Y sCont' Service 1950 H171 ' 1 I 3 , sfckfrdklng ,4,yD BUSINESS PnEPAm.nonY TOPEKA KAN SAS 933 KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA'S MODERN BUSINESS SCHOOL Photos and Photo Merchandise Exclusively WOLFE'S CAMERA at PHoro SHOP B E 631 JACKSON STREET From Junior High, through Topeka High and into college, Berksons have the things young women want, when they want them. RKSONS CGDNQESEATULZSATHCQNS Class of '50 "' 'itll Kansas' Largest Complete Home Furnish 1 ul .- Ny: KEY. A . T EMAHIZER S "The Best for the Least The Emahizer-Spielmun Furniture 0 Since Covered Wagon Days" LANE CEDAR CHESTS 51183 ?,VJMQ Eiifiyifgffqwf Q46 fffiijw CHRISTQPHER STUDIO H E HAMMERLI h . 4 i Y' ' ff T Y Y 7 -, A A l, A A NV Through ilWin look into the future K A Topeka High School students face the years ahead, secure Q15 in the friendly guidance of men already established Oxxnylv in the professional world. ll it l . The Sunflower thanks the physicians, dentists and attorneys X' ' Qu for their interest in this book and 1 W 1 Byron I. Ashley, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. Henry S. Blake, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. Frank C. Boggs, M.D. Mills Bldg. Iames D. Bowen, M.D. Harry I. Bowen, M.D. Clovis W. Bowen, M.D. Central Bldg. John W. Cavanaugh, M.D. Mills Bldg. Francis T. Collins, M.D. Mills Bldg. Harry I. Davis, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. E. H. Decker, M.D. Mills Bldg. David E. Gray, M.D. Lucien R. Pyle, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. G. F. He1w1q, M.D. Mills Bldg. for their continued support -"out there ", PHYSICIANS g at til ff .J 112 11201 Wilson K. Hobart, M.D Mills Bldg. C. E. loss, M.D. Charles S. Ioss, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. H. L. Kirkpatrick, M.D. Mills Bldg. B. I. Krehbiel, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. O. A. McDonald, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. Milton B. Miller, M.D. Central Bldg. W. M. Mills, M.D. O. R. Clark, M.D. Mills Bldg. Leo A. Smith, M.D. Central Bldg. Clyde B. Trees, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. Vernon C. Wiksten, M.D R. Dale Dickson, M.D. Natl. Reserve Bldg. DENTISTS William E. Beard, D.D.S. 3 Natl. Reserve Bldg. f SL Q . Kirk A. Dutton, D.D.S. 'ff Natl. Reserve Bldg. ' ' s ll. H. H 'll ,D.D.S ' ' . Natl. Rell-.lvleIBldg. A B W. C. Hansen, D.D.S. ll, 9, Mills Bldg. N, A John l. Helm, D.D.S. 1 Mills Bldg. A W ,W G lvl H'll D D s f'-' Mills.Bldg. ' ' ' ,L Lee R. McComb, D.D.S. - 'YZ Mills Bldg. Bragg Raymond Briman New England Bldg. Casey 6. Mills Columbian Bldg. Arthur L. Claussen Natl. Bank of Topeka Harry W. Colmery Natl. Bank of Topeka Crane, Martin 6: Snyder New England Bldg. Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, Ieffrey 6. Russell y Natl. Bank of Topeka ATTORNEYS I 121 ll Merlin E. Naylor, D.D.S. Natl. Reserve Bldg. Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Lawrence R. Smith, D.D.S. Natl. Reserve Bldg. C. L. Stalker, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Leland W. Weber, D.D.S. Natl. Reserve Bldg. G. A. Wempe, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Reuben F. Wiksten, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Randal C. Harvey Columbian Bldg. Lillard, Eidson, Lewis 6 Porter New England Bldg. McClure, Webb 6. Oman Natl. Bank of Topeka McCue 6. McCue Columbian Bldg. Page ci Page 2 16 West Sth Wheeler, Brewster, Hunt 61 Goodell Columbian Bldg. L. A. FULLER MCDTOR CO., Inc. SEE H CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, ussey SALES AND SERVICE Insurance For me students' Health and Happiness Agency It wasn,t raining 1028 1030 Kansas Avenue A when Noah built CAFETERIA the Ark. 700 Kansas Avenue Telephone 3-4175 A Student Service H221 Hall's Educational Service For forty-seven y e a r s Ha1l's have sold to the students of To- peka Hiijh School their educa- tional supplies and this has been appreciated. An oppor- tunity to continue that service is solicited by Hal1's who in re- turn propose to furnish materials of the best quality, satisfactorily priced. MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT FOUNTAIN PENS - STUDENT SUPPLIES - BOOKS - STATIONERY 623 Kansas Avenue ...NEHI... Elkins Pharmacy BOTTLING CO Prescription Specialists 927 N. Kansas Avenue North Topeka, Kansas Phone 6015 - BOTTLERS OF - Nehi Fruit Flavors Royal Crown Cola and Seven-Up ILIIQHIH' SUNRISE Pll0DUC'l'S 11231 Topeka Kansas I1241 WALTER SWAN ARMEAN KERBS, Us Zn. EC? 'ii ge :S :I-IJ U HE DH mi? 22: JOHN SALISBURY, LZ Fil 'w vertihle C ord 50" F ffm Pell Van Bu l nh 12 -4 3 Ill! Pho -IDI KKVXK 'i i In Z ALWAYS HELPFUL Cultivate the habit of dependence on your Banker. Cultivate the saving habit. J Conveniently Located at Eighth and Kansas Avenue The Topeka State Bank Member federal Deposit Insurance Corporalzon Carroll Radio and SouncI 1123 West Sixth Street TOPEKA. KANSAS lwsteru Electric sounn svsums RADIO SERVICE - PUBLIC ADDRESS SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS Best Wishes to all the Graduates 5 HEKQQ JEWELRY ON CREDIT PHONE 5902 710 Kansas Ave. Topeka, Kansas Everyfhing in Music BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS PIANOS POPULAR RECORDS SERVING THE SOUTHWEST FOR OVCER 71 YEARS EQNISQIQ Phone 8508 915 Kansas Crescent Drug Store No. 6 F. E. ROWLAND 12th and Taylor Phone 3-4455 diffs ea.-Joe," v:-Eoag, fn- Cao ixxfzqwtgrvmuvw- if-j'i?"'I +Ia.ma2M8.9f:2Cs II I-' Qing C! W A S X X "Where You Can See T0mOTTOw,S Styles Today" 11251 AVital Part of Topeka . . Since the turn ofthe century, The Seymour Packing Company believes in "The American Way of Life" . . . o which in tum means continued opportunity , for the Youth of our nation! 9! .f PACKING co. TOPEKA, KANSAS Topeka's Finest DIAMCNDS ' WATCHES JEWELRY OFFICIAL CLASS-RING HEADQUARTERS T ly! Xl 1 f KNAW! szaxnuxavr. mmm "Home-Owned Quality Iewelers" Official Railroad Watch Inspectors BAUMANQS Cutlery Sporting Goods sie KANSAS AVENUE COMPLIMENTS OF... THE TOPEKA TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. 12th and Jackson St. SAVE TIME MONEY and PARKING WORRY' II 0 Ride The Bus Every Day . . . - I A H261 Ix 9-fx if gL'??fZQ:fs tifwe- I Qaeffafei ga?fef-an f'?9g.f+fit0'fg7' 2 5 THE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' OWN SHOPPING CENTER One Twenty West Eighth The Guaranty State Bank Capital OFF 435 Kansas Avenue and Surplus S300,000.00 X . +- Sales -- Service yw 1717.77 Barnett Motors Inc. my 1 0 1 5 Quincy 11271 Printers-Binders Stationery, Carcls ancl Announcements 's'in'f.Ef, l 0 I 7 liansasif Avenue Topeka, lian. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS FLAD SL MARSH 607 Kansas Avenue Neiswanger Company, Inc. REALTORS AND INSURORS New England Bldg. Phone 2-8243 B C Home DF Boogie-Woogies cmd, , Bm'-B-Q3 :IW 10 Z3 W. 62' Phone. 28400 S Wm. Green 81 Son Groceries 813 Kansas Ave 3107 Huntoon Established 1868 Jensen's Dairy Products ASK YOUR C-ROCER OR CALL 3-3288 FOR HOME DELIVERY Milk - Butter - Cottage Cheese - Coltee Cream TO THE GRADUATES : A OUR SINCERE WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS Albert Silk Coal and Equipment Co. Two Things That Go Together-Coke and 50' . H281 Aj , f fi' 2 K , 1. ,T Laff D? S! , UV, " 215 fig' I ' 4 .J r jj ' ' , , y P 1 ' ' M an L1 -I xii, ,AJ Y ,L '--' Lg ' LJ -' .J g X - A f L Y- X ! J p if.- bklf J! ' ly W KK 21 jerry Scott, judy Crane, jay Holstine, jock Miller, jean Puffer. 1 PU ggi 5 F6 V129 1 Topeka's ffjshimon Ce r W Wiwflfgfiw W aff PELLETIER'S Save One Tenth of all you earn, and become finan- cially independent Th 65 Y ld cl ' g 11 t p d t, good earning, savings plan. SHAWNEE FEDERAL SAVINGS Sv. LOAN ASSOCIATION 812 Kansas Ave. Phone 8597 The Martin Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL I X 1 ff We Sing Our Praises For Your . :5 Q' Accomplishments . . . " an May Your Future Be Brighter I A Thru Electrical Living I O 'l'llE KANSAS W Q POWER and uem' couumuv f13Ol wo WS CBS-TOPEKA Maynard's 8ih and Icxckson Pamies Fine Foods W I B W - F M TOPEKA'S flNE MUSIC STATION CATERING TO "DINERS-OUT" WHO APPRECIATE LUXURY FOOD IN AN ATTRACTIVE ATMOSPHERE - SMART CLo'rl-Iss Fon Youuc MEN! -NEWEST STYLES AT LOWEST PRICES- GIBBS CLOTHING CO. THREE TOPEKA STORES 837 N. Kansas Avenue 527 Kansas Avenue 106 E st 6th St eet 11313 - , ,,, ,,,+f"'f" 4 ,pgffanfb E3 ,N 1 ,J,, iw 1- fu fm AH vi 5 V 3 sr, ,,-.Ab fyvlwfnwv Emu,4,,,,-ff-f'fM4fW'f'-Aw, r 2266 hEl,,,1,'f nw' JI' Muzi, 2, 14 . 'Vg Aq,,sW,4,,13 v 5 "++,w' 1 w,g5q,j-'v+,,f,g21MLl 5w,,,,f ,,,.,,7,3wW My wwmwww 4 ff,,,w,,m5v gf I Qwgg A - M, F r1,,mmWMJ?wW fu,-,,w,,.. 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Mm MY, . 1 M? W ,Q W ,- f 'fkmmw 1 QQ ,, fswfvxgv W ,L "QQ 5 my ,, ' . l Z' Fi 1 A ,T wi, , ' "AJ, rv WMM 32 53' H 'L 5 Q, we 1 4 K ff 1, ,f ' :gl Q l ' www! Reg ,, ,A W Q 55456, v - ff Rm -1u,f15?mQtwW+ 3 J gg My ew A ,L . ww 1 bi. 'M , W' fi 1: Mem , ,Q A, - A' QSM ff 'Wm QM? kiqmyw .F 2 59,651 'f' I ff X igymwdl ,L -fu, -,+,,,m,,W,,,,.M W L N ,f , , , ,I g , QW , ,f ,W,,..,,.,,Am ,my V .M-, W H '44, id? A ff A ,T Mi ,V K H,-A W 53, gk. W M MM ,fp ef . , ,L,m,,, I f ww nw img? 5 if 5 1,2 Q ,' Q uf f ,, A ,I L+ .,+,,v 4 ' f f ' 5 , gjwf, I '1- iwf' f ' Wwff'-fz4,,,,,,x,lW W- 2 Qg ff M154 it 2 if fm Q 4 1 ,J Q, Tl I' -fm nw-H 4 W 2 4 - ,, ,ffmf 15, , ww. Q v ,Q gm -' an ,A , mr, -. mf " fm ,m, . M' an .mg iw X, Lux 1 + ,f ,f mm- uf-W ' ,Q , ' ' 'muh 1' f 1 ' , Q f vi? - PL 1' V ' ,f7'fWg, . , WL 52 ' ' mrw 'M ' Rfb- .ew 'l' L . '. ' .vw 5 lfm, iw , ,um fn 11 AMW: fl Wiiifvfp, ' A Hg Ev- Q , nf gg 'bzifiivrjlgilikglh JV ,+ ivmfiigkliamw I f'k3i,f5,5if Mi gn it gb23m,,,,4' fwmm +4w:m,,J'f M ivzfiwf QW' 1 XM iw gin' isfiimjf, " i HW K' MW? N' S M M EQ Wd 'Zan' W 3 J www' W E, ,M K, ,mf ww f- Hg' A an Wag Esw'f ,1.1wf1f" 5 i L' "Mmm, K if 'gg mwfzsnrgm, M fum,E1 l www? ' fu f1321 COURTESY wwf' VENETIAN BLINDS 0 Made-to-Measure 0 Best Quality 0 Flexible Aluminum 0 Good Service 9 Fully Guaranteed The churches and ministers of this community extend congra- m.....f.....f.,. ol tulations to each and every mem- ber of the graduating class. WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS THE TQPEKA MINISTERIAL ASSN. --M and -i- THE TOPEKA COUNCIL OF CHURCHES Telephone 2-0463 1421 Lane St. Banking - SOUND CONSERVATIVE CONSTRUCTIVE Jhge National Bank gf' Topeka Founded 1868 TOPEKA. KANSAS DEPOSIT INSURANC 11331 Yea, Trojans! For over 25 years we have been your supplier of textbooks ancl supplies. We wish to congratulate you, one and all, for your high scholastic standard. YOUR SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENT DEALER FOR 1949-1950-1951 MOORE STATIONERY CO. W 1 F I I I ,L R 5 ' ' T ' 0 li to O ' C, S 213 West 6th Topeka, Kansas The Rozwick School of Accordion Kansas' Most Respected Accordion School Private Instructions On All Instruments Rental On All Instruments 900-902 W. Sixth Open Evenings Phone 2-0178 T1341 Skip Dickinson, Annette Huke, Marilyn McQueen, and jerry Hutchison wave from veranda. Harper Dougan, Barbara Brad- street, Ed Ridgeway, and Becky Thacher visit with Ruthy Ashley at her proctor post. Dick Sargent, jane Henry, Althea Bromich, and Bob Grogger enjoy a moment be- fore school. Congratulations, Trojans ot T950 U S CONSTRUCTION C O M P A N Y 510 East 15th Topeka, Kansas C H351 f JEWELRY CQ Gifts for all Occasions JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING 429 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-7674 ABSTRACTS TITLE INSURANCE The Columbian Title 81 Trust Co. Columbian Blclg. Topeka, Kansas 112-114 W. 6th H Davis-Wellcome Compliments of Mortgage Co. Ba rl4er's Shoe Store We Specialize in F. H. A. Loans Topeka Auto Supply Forbes Hardware Established 1858 E 't I ff I 1015 K A ,.,, ?.,wi1 ansas venue Real Estate ' X tt" f3gL.LggCfg"Q,j61,15 TUPEK s o u n s o s one Mortgage l.OBI'lS ref! Insurance Tj Avugr g Ijffi' Marilyn Shoes 1 . t.," '1.'. A ii Phone 3-6461 1 Phone 3-1349 ansas V 731 Kansas Avenue 111 Wesf Sixyh Sf. wqfzrw mf, Mi,fi'lNf ,',,.1 :g,gA,Qf'bJ vwiw. ...-, .,t,.- V 4Qj,1U ' if 1 f l 724 Kansas Avenue Plwne 4-4387 I I. fl ' ' Y A , P 'blg N TopeIca,Kensas Sl0l'Ilf4lf IWIWG 14111715541 IIAIUFARIIIJ At-the-Door Parking for Over -400 Cars A Complete Line of Films, Frames, Albums and Amateur Photo Supplies 11361 New Memorial Student Union Washburn University offers you a chance to continue your education with your friends amid friendly surroundings. A large faculty keeps classes small and makes individual and friendly contacts possible. Washburn offers you and your friends from Topeka High School an oppor- tunity to go to college for less than it would cost you to attend school away from home. Washburn University offers you a chance to attend a fully accredited College and Law School. You will become part of a University which has a proud tradition and an excellent future. WASHBURN Your Own University H371 K7 , ' Q. y G K an-,Af .Lab f QLVQ HOGU MOT RS, Inc. :EVM 'UD 50" nun sow' Hudson Motor Cars 113-15 West 10th Topeka, Kansas Topeka's Popular Store ,.. ' 854 KANSAS AVE. , TO9EKA,KANSAS I P H O N F. 64 4 6 A HOME INSTITUTION llllllllllllllllllllillllllllltlllll - tlllllllllillllllllk 2335? IN s u RA N c E s E nv I c la ?i2f.::2:2:2Si?iis21:-11. I I -51232-131.277 42221: 1. " 551' Q ,S " 71' W E W RITE A L L Ll N E s o F I N s u R A N c E - - ' I .'.,g-2'Z'.v.-. - WHERE THE BEST PEOPLE TRADE LOSSES PAID PROMPTLY The STATE SAVINGS BANK 824 Kansas Avenue CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRUST POWERS FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION ,, - 4 'rw 1. ,47av fn fe X DEPEN6XSiEk5AifkwcB Q: N. Q1 - f f g 'T aufvxo 51, Serfving Topeka Since 1898 114 west Sth Phone 6561 BUTTER KRUST is good BREAD Alexander Bros. Baking Co. H381 Blaylocks SELF SERVICE Drugs Prescription Specialists 2306 W. 10th Phone 4-4528 106066 LAUNDRY SAN ITON E CLEANERS We feature nationally known equipment for all indoor and outdoor sports Tennis - Golf -- Baseball Sportswear - School Sweaters Football - Basketball 413 Iackson Phone 3-1395 C 603 Topeka Phone 4-4954 Goods 111 W. Lament Phone 4-4152 611 Quincy 915 Qui-DCY Topeka The Santa Fe Watch Company, 821 Kansas Avenue, offers just what you WITH THE COMPLIMENTS want in insured diamonds, watches, OF costume jewelry, and silver. Santa Fe ' has the largest modern watch repair ' - . Peyton-Frltton Stores Inc. shop 1n Topeka. l N ' 17 X ,4 MW! WATCH CU. ! "Q" NVD' "'S"'D D't"O"f' Phone 2-7261 1100 West 6th 404 Gam Que Qeaad KANSAS' LEADING OUTFITTERS TO MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS me lzglage 11391 ADVERTISING INDEX Page Alexander Bros. Baking Co. ....... .... 1 38 Armstrong Jewelry Co. .............. .... 1 36 Attorneys QProfessiona1 Directory, .... .... 1 21 9 Barker s Shoe Store ...................... Barnett Motors ......................... Bauman's Cutlery and Sporting Goods .... Berkson's .............................. 136 127 126 118 Blakely, C. G. and Co., Ins. .............. 117 Blaylo,ck's Self Service Drugs ..... .... 1 39 Blender's Barbecue .......... .... 1 28 Brennan Funeral Home ...... .... 1 32 Brier Insurance Service .... .... 1 38 ' ' 117 Briman s ................. .... Camera Shop ................ .... 1 36 Capital Sporting Goods Co. ..... .... 1 39 Capper Publications, Inc. ...,...... .... l 14 Carroll Radio and Sound Service. . . . . . . 125 Central National Bank .......... .... 1 22 Christopher Studio ......,.. .... 1 19 Clark's Secretarial School .... .... 1 18 Coats Grocery Co. ......... .... 1 17 Coe Seed Co. ...,............ .... 1 23 College Hill Pharmacy ............ ,... 1 16 Columbian Title and Trust Co. .... .... 1 36 Crane and Co., Inc. ............ .... 1 11 Crescent Drug Co., No. 6 ...... .... 1 25 Crosby Bros. Co. ............. .... 1 13 Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co.. . . 136 Dentists fProfessional Directoryj .... .... 1 21 Douglas Construction Co. ......... .... 1 35 Duckwall, A. L., Store ........ .. .... 116' Elkins Pharmacy .................. ,... 123 Emahizer-Spielman Furniture Co.. . , . . . . 118 Endlich, I-larry, Clothing .......... .... 1 25 Flad and Marsh, Druggists .... .... l 28 Forbes Hardware Store ........ .... 1 36 Forsell Window Shade Shop ..... .... l 33 Fuller, L. A., Motor Co. ......... .... 1 22 Gaines and Son Funeral Home ..... .... 1 32 Gas Service Co. .............. .... 1 ll Gerye, W. A., Co. ..... .... 1 38 Gibbs Clothing Co. ............. .... 1 31 Grayce Ready-to-Wear ........... .... 1 17 Green, Wm. and Son, Grocery Co. ..,. .... 1 28 Guaranty State Bank ............. .... 1 27 Hall Stationery Co. .... . . .... 123 Hogue Motors, Inc. .... .... l 38 Hotel Jayhawk ......... .... 1 11 Hotel Kansan .............. .... l 12 Hussey Insurance Agency ..... .... 1 22 Ives, H. M. and Sons, Printers .... .... 1 10 Jenkins Music Co. ............ .... 1 25 Jensen's Creamery . . . . . . . 128 Page Kansas Power and Light Co. .... . . . 130 Karlan Furniture Co. ........ .... l 14 KJAY ................... .... 1 17 Lord's Flowers ......................... 138 Mace jewelry Co. ....................... 126 Marling, Ed, Furniture and Appliance, Inc.. 112 Martin Lumber Co. ..................... 130 Maynard's Fine Foods ................... 131 Meadow Gold Dairy ....... .... l 13 Merchants National Bank .... .... 1 13 Midwest Appliance Store ..... . . . 116, Moore Stationery Co. ...... .... 1 34 Morrell, John, and Co. .... .... 1 16 Mosby-Mack Motor Co. .... .... 1 24 National Bank of Topeka .... .... 1 33 Nehi Bottling Co. ........... .... 1 23 Neiswanger Investment Co. ...... .... 1 28 133 Nightingale's, Inc ................ .... Ollice Supply and Equipment Co. ......... 114 Palace Clothing Co .... .................. 1 39 Peacock Laundry and Sanitone Cleaners .... 139 Pelletiers' Dept. Store ........,........... 130 Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home ............. 132 Peyton-Fritton Stores, Inc. ........... .... 1 39 Physicians QProfessional Driectoryj ........ 120 Rozwick School of Accordion ........ .... 1 34 Santa Fe Watch Co., Inc. ..... .... 1 39 Saunwell's ................. .... 1 27 Scott-Puffer Motor Co., Inc. .............. 129 Seymour Packing Co. .................... 126 Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Assn.. . . 130 ' 134 Shrake Electric Co. ..................... . Silk, Albert, Coal and Equipment Co. .... . Steves, F. M. and Sons, Printersl ...... .... State Savings Bank ........... .... 128 Smith, Tom, Motors ..................... 115 128 138 Tiffany Shoe Repair Shop ..... .... 1 16 136 Topeka Auto Supply ............. .... Topeka Coca-Cola Bottling Co. .... .... 1 28 Topeka Council of Churches .... .... 1 33 Topeka Diamond Shop ......... .... 1 25 Topeka High School Cafeteria ..... .... 1 22 Topeka State Bank ............. .... 1 25 Topeka Transportation Co., Inc.. . . . . . 126 Virginia Ellen Studio ........... .... 1 14 Wall-Diffenderfer Mortuary ....... .... 1 32 Washburn Municipal University ..... .... 1 37 Western Typewriter Co. .......... .... 1 12 Whelan Lumber Co. ............ . . . 136 WIBW ......................... . . . 131 Wolfe's 'Camera and Photo Shop ..... . . . 118 Wolf's Jewelers ...... - .............. .... 1 31 WREN ........ ....127 Q '7?ujN 2 JM W if 2Z4f ff' lWfJ!f ffi if bfwWWWfW' ggi fi W' 2 Ju J , XM .1X "f 'fe Vm i Hx ff f0f,,p,,,,5 WWW will ,WW jd! M, Q We W VM W ff fm , W 5 f-4 I 1 ' f ..- . yy QQ 'P fffif ,, if I' f, 41525 tj 12,4,ufLf M ' Nfig ,.,, , ,fi 'UW J ' . . KM Whvz YVALM ' ' X if ff WP W fm My 5,4 1 X9 ' 'HN ,..A V M' ' ii A f'ffWl f 0 ggi-M Q fig " ' gy WW ,,,ff-Q ,asv ' Q v U ' ' ASQ fix H551 W A Q, 3 . My 5531? M W is W Wai ,2

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