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' - The dawn ot ampler life. T I I l XV I X" ,V V ll V fs: . it 33 , , f Y , T K f T . . . . 1 l' :A . Q Reioice! Whatever anguish rend your heart, it 1 l l'V 4. ll, l ,V ' gig. V I V V - w" 1 .i T V T - l V That tflod hath given. you this priceless dower, VV V , V Vi Fi?" V. 3 V To live in these great times and have your part fl I V l V l Vt , l 1,-Q' it t In Freedom's crowning hour. MV,-i X I V A 9 .IV .V I T l VV ' , VV V A 'VV VV V V V V . . .I if V I , ' That you may tell your sons, who see the light L ' Ji V ly l' if l V N il - High in the heavens, their heritage to take: t V '. ' 5 .rg l .3 VY 'l t. ,' r .t . - 1 ' l 1 4 1 li M '. 1 I saw the powers of darkness put to flight! lla VZ. It V- 1 2 T , X it i -' 1 ' . ll l ,X . vl V l X l ' Nl , l' I saw the morning break! I 5 Z1 t V A H . A VV T, Q ,V VV t IV V V -OWEN SEAMAN Q U ik, ' l X-I ,f A - :-" T ' "' l le: . 4 l gf .Will il? lil' 7 7. 3 iugll i LIT' 5 ig 'i Hin' " -A .:..l ' till'-' ga: Illini' If I itll' Sli If - ,pg 5' ',' I 'J' . , '- f21'f'J'jj'i i ,mr iii, mi i- l -fiir' ,-5 " l g ' " . If ll f . . it 'T li if l l tllli' .pm s. ln ...A ,. .... ' . . -J. .4 . . 1.,l '. .,., ,J wl.,.l.:i"':el .k iii!! ' F7 . i W :, :jig I .H 5-gfgfjga .I . TOPEKA HIGH PAYS PROUD TRIBUTE TO FORMER STUDENTS WHO DIED IN SERVICE IN WORLD WAR II ALLEN GEORGE M ALLISON. IAMES E. ALMON, IAMES BARLOW, WILLIAM BAXTER, KENNETH BECKWITH ROBERT BOYER WILLIAM BROCK, CARL W. BROOKE, ALBERT L. BROWN,I-IENRY E. BRUNER SAMUEL B. BUNGER. GEORGE BURTON, CURTIS CAPPS, THOMAS P. CARLSON, MERLYN L. COBBE, GEORGE BARTON CROWTHER, WARREN E. DILLEY. RICHARD F. DUVALL, LAWRENCE D. DYER, GENE DYSART, EDWARD ENGHOLM. IOHN W. FOSTER, FESTUS F. FREEMAN. IACK FUI-IR. FRANCIS GADDIS, WALTER GAGER. ROY GARCIA. PETER R. GIPPLE, D. R. GLENN. RICHARD CLYDE GLOGAU DONALD M HACKLER. H. LYNN HARPER: LOWELL HARVEY, PAUL L. HASKELL. EVERETT E., IR. HEARICK DONALD HENSLEY. LAWRENCE HEWITT, MILTON HOPKINS, RICHARD, IR. HOWELL MALCOLM KELLER. RALPH H. KIEFFER EARL D. KRAMER, FRANK E.. IR. LEA, IOHN B. LEWIS, RALPH. . LIGGETT, OTIS I. LOGAN, IOHN LOPEZ. CHARLES LOVELESS IIM K. LOWE, EARL G.. IR. MCCOMAS, C. C.. IR. MCDERMOTT, IAMES S. McKETHEN,BEUFORD A. MATI-IEWS. ROBERT MORGAN, HARRISON P. NEWMAN, ERNEST NIGHTINGALE, FRANK PAGE, ROBERT KERR PALMER, GERALD PERRY. IAMES L. POLLARD DONALD POLLOM. DONALD RECTOR, DeWAYNE REED, NORMAN E. RHODES, THEODORE RICHARDSON. DONALD ROBERTS, WAYNE SEAL, DONALD. IR. SHEPARDSON, L. H. SHOUP IOHN S. SLOAN, ROBERT C. SMITH, ROBERT W. SPADER, ERNEST SPENCE. HOWARD . STEINRAUF, PAUL . STEVENSON, WILLIS C. TAYLOR, RICHARD THOMPSON, MAX REESE THOMPSON SCOTT TOWNSEND GENE UNDERWOOD, KENNETH H. WELCH, IOHN GILBERT WELLS, ROBERT WESTON, FLOYD E. WIERMAN, ROBERT WILLIAMS, EARL L. WILLIAMS. IUDSON T. WILSON, GUY W. WILSON, VERNON WRIGHT. MYRON, IR. PLACE. HAROLD C. 'PWR' gibu A. .9 4 Vik F ,Mg-. Ar, fm, .-N, W -T., ,H-1, . V. . fff,:faf22ga5'fmfiF I ei: -' - '?'5pA.L+jtb.1 g,Q'f5WQ1g 5 4591.1 j , 5f1ff'l.'fff 5 DEDICATION We dedicate the 1945 Sunflower to the graduates and former students of Topeka High School who have given their lives in the present war. In the words of Superintendent Kenneth McFarland at the dedication of the school Service Flag last May, we udedicate it with a prayer that ,a mantle of mercy shall enfold the loved ones of those whose stars have turned to gold, and that these gold stars will shine on forever in the grateful hearts of all . , . with a supplication that we shall have courage, that we shall understand that our great nation cannot remain the land of the free unless it is also the home of the brave . . .with the decla- ration and challenge that until such time as the lights come on again in the world, we who love these stars shall not be fearful of the nightf' G' M my if 'fzwmf 35,5 'inn 'Wm TABLE OF CONTENTS large"-5' 5 Theme and Dedication PEOPLE ...... 9 Administration, Faculty, Student Government, Seniors, Royalty, Juniors, Sophomores MEMORIES ...... 53 Parties, Plays, Sports, Classrooms, Music, Publications, Debate, Organizations FINANCE ...... 105 1 'ni' .V 1. j aa. .- a,-.., -N. Advertising, Professional Directory , Joint X 3 Into this buildin through Friday, September through May. ln their classes they study to equip them- selves tor the New World they know is coming. Though the future is uncertain they are confident that there will be a place in the New World for each of them, and they will go forth 'eager and well prepared, worthy alumni of Topeka High. g come more than sixteen hundred students every day, Monday rxwll The Walls of TROY Pm , 1" ., alrite ,.y . sh G-I .. H Crowns Year On the never-to-be-forgotten evening in May when parents and friends gather by the hundreds in Moore Bowl to witness the commencement exercises, dignitaries in education in the cap and gown of their respective colleges do honor to the Seniors who are about to receive their diplomas. A noted speaker, the president and members of the Board of Education, the superintendent of schools, the Topeka High School administrators-all put forth every effort to re- cognize fittingly the achievement of graduating Trojans. As the sun sinks into the West and day fades into dusk, the throng looking down upon gray-gowned Seniors center their attention on the stage. The back- ground of green trees soon is lost in the bright lights that flood the held. Music, introductions, the address of the evening are only a prelude to the climax of the ceremony-the march of the Seniors across the stage to receive their diplomas. As graduates of Topeka High School, they face the future confident that they can meet the challenge of the New World. f8l 1 r , u 3, , , , Q V , s . - ,'- - ' --'Q . -, Q -. L., 1 x v . I w -r- . 4 1 . ' s x ' 1 0.9. Og: tl .lo It .,,. land te:i:ta32fifz'5so0is Superlfl 9 Marlin S. Casey, A. H. Saville, Kelsey H. Petro. Mrs. David Neiswanger. I. W. F. Hughes, Charles R. Bennett Here are some of your best friends Dr Kenneth McFarland, Superintendent of Schools, and members of the Board of Ed ucation. So Well did they work for you that Dr. McFarland and his assistant, M Whitson, were re-elected last February to their posts for another two years. Then when three members of the Board ran for re-election this spring they were unop posed, thus saving the city the expense of a general election. Continuing his policy of Close coopera tion between administrators and students Dr. McFarland held a series of meetings with students of all three classes. At these meetings he explained the Topeka school system, and gave students a chance to air complaints and opinions. Public Endorses l10l -gn-q-L.. E. B. Weaver, Acting Principal School Shift Jobs With the opening ol' school. E. B. Weayfer suc- ceeded S. H. Stark as Acting Principal, and in Febru- ary was re-elected to this position. E. L. Fink aided Mr. VVeaver and Mr. Stark, Vice-Principal, in check- ing attendance. Miss Annabel Pringle continued as Counsellor of Girls. A petition requesting a change in the assembly seating system, resulted in a new plan. Seniors chose their seats in the front of the auditorium, Juniors had their choice in the rear of the auditorium, and Sophomores were in the balcony. Q And oh-the new absence, tardy system. Under the new policy only three unexcused absences in a six weeks' period were allowed. Students with more than three wererequired to take an exam covering the six weeks' work. Especially for the students who were excused and not yet ready to leave the building. Room ll8 was converted to a combination lounge. lost and found department, and phone booth. H s fad! , :ce-Prj,1qDQ1 Mas An llqbe I pr. 01919 . co U12-seljoi of G . tm We .. iv-. . .. ,M A A x l '- :H f5f1i's-ff JI " "i'i4""'4'-3"i" 'WJQZH 5.4! eg.. .g .gi-I . ggsrn Zi g Q25 wwf- 5 253,03 'J Zyl! i. ,l V , I r4"..U,,',,', ,.'5., ,4'q 'y' l'l",,.fil. , qw-'f"f 4 f. l'S4'vw', 1'-.PQ-2'-w"f -MM" vin ' gf'g,421,,ia,g ,f 'issriwgrnfo 2' 2QW'!"n QA'-1 ra .9',:.4v' ge' c Q W V bp. 1' 5144, 4 5 .J 4456 P 415.415, . 44' Lt, X ,w s tw M' '44 f A- f 'Q K 1 ' ' 'Q .3 eg ,. X u W Tm , ? , , W W W sw ,J It ' Q ff V , 5 gy f ff? If A L, f" ' " 4 'f t 'al 'LJ f i 1,1 :.'-If' Q-.t C Q.-Q'-:L .' fs .gemtfaif-"" ft-f., -'1fE'12t?5s'5f:'- . "-2-bex f 12 ' iff- eiff-F-2i4i3WEYIQ2sWF'X'i1'4Z5?1:Y-f:'sxwm1i6 Wo'W::ii:gai:'15ii'vvi-354al ,Q was ' "Nl: 1' "' "1 1 -mms 'il ,.'u""fw 14 w. " .,.j44y1, LIi.'u,u , ve ..1',i1,v4,f-g',M,, lr ,QQ o!.1g3Ql4l.. 4, 1 1 Il i I i t ,., . . . . . , . 2 WF :T f ' W ,':Q'3. " 'vii' wi' l f. v mum?-4 ' .-45' s 1 g 'H so w M Q f X MM ' - w f Q me vu 0 I 0 is Q4 Q 10 un? 5' uegofgllz -?lEs.3LS": ' 7 1. f2Qv Q : 5 80,2 gem A .'-5 , ..,, 5, pq 4,g,Qy QQ! Qu: Q5 M4 Q U. 4, Ipit, -LI ,Q ' i. -- fe'-4 cf 'N ' ' ' 'i' 'I - M ae 'i 4 Q , f i ' sf. t f T . y Meets Emergency 1 S' v ,, fx, f 2 f ty. And here :is the faculty, still smiling after a year in which 68 carried. the work done by '75 last year. The situation would have been one step worse if Uncle Sam hadn't granted Robert Rue a 90-day deferment from the Army. The four new faces amongythe teachers are Mrs. Veronne Crawford, who replaced Mrs. Helen Rohrs in the girls, physical education departmentg Ad Miller, who succeeded the late VVayne Gard- ner as assistant football and basketball coach, Chester Davenport, who replaced Charles Mills as head basketball coachg and Floyd Holcombe, who took over the auto-mechanics classes in place of Fred R. Powers. The Counseling System introduced two years ago was continued, with the head counsellors, Loren Nuzman, Miss Bernice Finley, John E. Lund, Miss Ruth A. Stout, and Miss Robena Pringle, doing much to personalize the system. MISS OLWE COLLINS HOMER COY MISS ELIZABETH CULVHR CHESTER DAVENPGRT MISS RIDA DUCKWALL H F ELUTHORPE Language Eloctricity Social Studies Physical Education Business Chemistry f12l w Mas. wcus sw D. L. sawm ' E. L rmx MISS BERNICE FIN!-EY Mrss Means rowuzn MISS ETHI1 FHIZELL Business Mechanical Dmwanq Business clothing Language Social smaxes MISS MXMEL FRY MHS. RACHEL FUDGE M155 BERENICE FULLER DCN M. GLECKLEHK MISS RUTH GBANDON MISS LAURA HANLEY En 15,-,h Language Enqlish Music English Ari CI , Hfpzgfi ' ' ' ,Tv t V, 9 52.1 1 - " as ff CLAUDE A. HAYS IOHN H. HOEHNER FLOYD HOLCOMB MYSS MARY E. HOPKINS MISS MILICENT HOSMER MISS RUTH E. HUNT Prinung Maclmnicul Drawing AutoAMechanics English Social Studies lournulism MISS HUTCHBON Biology Zine MRS. EZSTHER KlNGlVlA!1I Mathematics Office secretaries Mrs. Rita Whinery, Mrs. Barbara Wilkin, and Mrs. Martha Pitt take stock of the dc1y's work l l13l ,. New -. . 9 t :rf uf U 15 uri KW t k. '73, 5 5. W. JONES Physics f rw , AV 34 1 ' A s,-t.t 'Iii MISS MABEL KINGSLEY English X f if x ' , , 1 1 , fi i ,. MRS. HELEN MILLER Physical Education .51 ff- pf ifmifar 11:4 i www my :W gf,-ff if A4g1w..,,.g Jah: Q fasi . sw 'fag W 4 mg , X E f SQ. I, gf Q E 'Vai' 25? fi 3 3 25 , I 5 2 i W3 , My 1 tn . w g 2' , J S 29' gf + 1 gm 2 1' f 561 gig fe Ei Y, SE 4 f i ' 22 f J J x 'E any-. ,T K , . ., ,M 5553? 2211? fi Q? ,fm Q: H132 Lexifswfgiw l fir 23, ,1 5 552525235 fifksz g al ' 1 9 ef G n ,I 3 S , S S z A V 2 S fx 45 Y my TS T , H , 4 91 Y 'G Lk 5 f X x iw-wfmkw-5'-W X 'P ,LE-ww, . .M 7. ,L ,Mgaw S Z2 S 9 A. M. SHAMAN Business Business WEBB MISS BKRNIECE STONEBRRK Library Asnistam WHEELER U41 K 1 A, STOUT TEBO mms mm-1 A. mumps - sioxoqy W L ' l ' Q ialskiii wg.: 2:,z,f11X ggg K ' f -- M ,L Q Mxss gmmxm: wom: Mas. PAYEBEN woms Enqhsh An Crafts I 1 l Fall pro t Emil G c or Chairman 1 l 5 E 4 1 i se l 4 i l S A 4 4 10901-1 f PROCTOR CHAIRMEN Spring Pr -f A ,Q Q ,, . Oct . ' A' Seated: Steves, Williams, Glogau, Gelvin, Righter, McCaig. Tom Gejvjn or chairman' Standing: Wall, Mallon, Barney, McCarthy, McCormick. Student Serve 7 Streamlined Lo new eflfieieiiciy, 21 condensed Proemor System served Lhis year. Fall Proelor captaiiis, l . were 'lloiu headed by Emil G ogau Gelviii, Dale lolmsou, Bob Mcflzug. seared.. HY FOURTH A Skmdfnq 191' Merriman M HOUR PROCTOHS Bill McCormick. Ray Steves, :uid Bill Wleziver, A new system. begun in the P Ln C'1Jl2llIlS 5 GI , - Qerson St OQCIUI AI 011111 D A ' eves Umbqugh' Uvzdson B . , D I lltlerl Ed rovetta, Mallon Finds. , odes, Wi n. Spring, provided roec ' iq for all hours. but eliminated hall and door Proclors during all but fourth hour. rTOIllclClV1ll was Chair 111311. LIBRARY PROCTORS Seated: Williams, Boone, Kauffman, Becker, Clark, Grace, Siebenthal, McCue Row 1 op 1 ols FICE p Rolxinof, StrQ2Z'HCf171ilton, 1-kat ROCTOHS H 2- Welt - Ch'P1ee1f M. R endriqkson Y, S11er4 W ' iller, Gold Cl: 3: Sduoorioscott' ray' Ellwer, R' en' Kanode, Ro Y' Hqzlilt ver' Brown - Ippey' Will W 4: Brent: powen M , Smith, Hyde H01 ard, Bibb' , ' ' mes' xesse, Isaacs, Fix C 1 Lamar' Hen- ' 09. ' llsl Lambert. H 1 mbe, Iohnson, Holmes, Wilson, Q Standing: Zahourek, Cooper, Young, oco Maynard. 1 Bob Grcibhcxm President of Student Congress Kenneth Lake Vice-President oi Student Congress Three times during the year the peace of busi- ness houses uptown was shattered by cries of "Yea, Topekalu, as enthusiastic rooters snake-dancedup Kansas Avenue? in pre-game pep parades. Besides sponsoring pep parades and varsities, the Student Council put on a fine All-School Party. Committees were sent to inspect all spheres of school activitiesg and during the last semester, after-school sunlights were revived. After a successful fall sale of activity and Junior play tickets, the Representative Council, at mid-term took over sales of War Stamps and Bonds, formerly handled by the Victory Corps. The lower house consists of representatives elected from third hour classes and it was through these classes that sales were handled. Frank Beal was fall term speaker, and Dick Barnett took over for the spring term. Alert STUDENT CUNGRESS F rank Beal C1yde,Hertick Icxcqueline Kirk Bemice Steenson Speaker of the House Election Commissioner Election Clerk Secretary of Point System l16l I THE STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Merriman, Merriam, Iohnson, Ransom, Smith, Golden. Creel, Butler. Steenson. Standing: Iones, Mrs. Fayeben Wolfe, Dells, Harrison, Archer, Paige, Gelvin, Davis, Lake. Boosts Work of School and Country THE REPRESENTATIVE- COUNCIL Seated Row 1: Klugg, Paige, Dodge, Saville, Merriman, Glover. h Seated Row 2: Gleason, Willis, Bullock, Glauner, Edmonds, Nettleton, Endlich, Lamar, Worswick, Hulse, Miller, Euwer, Hamilton Standing Row 1: Powell, Beal, Walters, Steele, Hess, Brown, Smith, Hansen, Minich, Martin, Luscombe, Iones, Standing Row 2: De Graff, Hetherinqton, Pettiiohn, Kinyon, Brooks, Nitz, Wall, Shultz, Knight, Lambert, Smith, Turner Reece Rork, Shyne, Boley 1 r 1 r P Q 1 E N . i My ,,,,, mwwmu - fgwwwn r""l"lv' mv... ,,,,,,m,,, ig Armstrong Hen s ot ,A Weii, Seniors, you made iti. For three years you wondered what it wouid be hke, and now it's here! the time for you to remember the Sophomore party you heid, and the Sunior-Senior promsfthe nrne 1 , flffgffftonq piays you enioyed, and the three Ah-Schooi partres. 1 QMaybe some ot you can remember moreh You 1 can recah important changes that took piace in stu- dent government, the Proctor system, and the Vice tory Corps. You hke to remember three sweh years 3 Robert Rhodes 3 , Vice-President ot sports and to know that some ot the best piayers were oi your number. Yes, Seniors, you made ttf and these pages are yours. F T Q Prriene Euwer E Secretory-Treasurer L from ieit to right: Armstrong. Yieek. Creei. Goiden. Rhodes. Smith i 3 6 Madehne Yieek Kay Creei Patsy Gaiden Louis Smith . y Sociai Chairman Rep! esentative Representative Representative W-wumw pyy, yy E181 - ,...L,, A ,.--Y B ' ,.:,,,M MWA Q e-...m ' t r ,WQMWAM , .,,,-mn I1 91 M593-E RDBMS A BDDKNGTON LYN RRY-BS TBP-NK ALX.-EH EN Truck Cum Au Pano usme-as Ska!! Work! MARY LOU Am' Proctor Tenms Faoubak Bunmeas Mqr. Sunhower Spons Ed. Wada-Swxkower Quan and Scxob Honor T PAUL ALLGXBE DONALD ALLXSON WAYMOND ALUMBAUGH GXLBEBT GENE AMXS COBKNNE AND SO ER N Senior GXee Peckham View-1 Corps Anendcxm xo King Proctor lunior Ghse KENNETH mm-Eason PORTSA mmsixsou vmscsmx mmfzusou MCKKNLSY MDREWS DON Mt, WAYNE Aggp, Track Wodd Sidi Yep Ckub Yooxbdu Pfomor Pmcxox Pep Ohh A YAY AHMSTFONG BERNELL ARNDT DORKS ARTHUR ANNE: ASBIXY DOLA P-UMXU.-Q Seniox Ckxsf, Preaidsm Pwcxor Xumvr Cdee Prom Proqmms ' lx. Yxess Wake fofesm XXL! Studsnk Conv-C9 Wake Yu1oM3 Jwwafgf 1 1 x Q 4 ,5 13 7: I Z 1 f L A nf Qkyfklifq , K , "4Q. Wand X Q M 3 ahywfxw s ' 'ff K F501 r R 1 ,Y Q .X wilwla 4 M, Awww! MK fn f f f ' ' , ' V A ' H 1 V, t Q m , , L. A . H ' 1,1 f .- , f 5 . f - " M54-:lla-L'v,Q2,,5,.1:.,jgg11252 Q xw ,Y-x4h.gf3, 2y,k-5151 1-WY f 74 L ' . V V " N' 1. ' 'f 1, ' A A K. ' f' fm,- H mn ,- -vQ,f:f,,fngfqgfg,.L-L' - :uf :Q Q , 1 , - , I -, -, 4 . " ini-,Q any - - f " , , J fi ff hw w ' g-11 , X , . ' ,. W fe' , A I , , J Q" ,. W , 5gkgg?j3gf33gi,mmi., L V, ji Mgk :,,Q V W , K k ' ""3'f1..?3,i-2:37 Y. - , '15 ffgf' ,Mg jj' Qrlff., -fi 'H I X-fQ",,' GQ rv' " if ?i..ff:I- fm Rf 1 gf 5 1 ' 1 i r' ' gf A mie y , l f QQ- ARZELLA MAE Q Hostess Pep Club Girl Reserve -ff 'fs 0 BALES Class HELEN BANAKA I-OHHMNE BARR KEYTON auxin BETTY JANE szmms mcx HARNETT gm-Ty LEE BARNUM Ramblers Senior Girls' Council Ediior World glee Club Hom, 1 nano, Sunflower N FRANK Bl-IAL Speaker cl House Ptoclor Orchestra Representative Council '55, HELEN FRANCES BECHTEL JEAN B155 NORMAN BIGHAM 'Christmas Pageant BINGER Civil Air Patrol l20 J BINGHAM BARBARA BINKLEY PATRICIA BOLHUIS LENA BONE ANGELA VIRIFAN Soma: Gnxls Ccuncxl fwxihdxqwnl Hostess Vmor Cor s Muaque una WK, Y p CLARK IULIENNE BOYD CHARLE BRADBURY BETTX BHAMMER pgyu-13 BRANDON Hr Award Queen Colored AHSch3o1 Pm-xy IOUIS BR Proctor Hom Inu-emu: DONALD BROOKS Heprescntqlive Cc: Truck MARION IANE BROWN Red Cross Rcpresemcnlive Semor Glee GERALDINE BULLOCK Representative Council Band Oxchesxru EHM ul Baskubull BONNIE M. BROWN EMEFY BROWN Q- Q : 6 fl if-I 4 iii? ,I Fi 2? I S Iiidl 41. ,.+A Q n , .I .fu 4, Uv M um., MM, ,. 1 i 'Y-fs 0 WENDELL BURGAT h WINONA BURKE PEGGY BURKHARDT Red Cross Hepresentcuve pep Club Proctor Iunior Cden Host Proctor mxxxnxz BURNETT ssmm Burz DOROTHY CARR . QQ ALICE CARROLL MARY Y-OU CAHHUTHEHS ANNA MAY cmwzn ALFRED cAs1: zums czxmev Hggpgm- CHALMERS Senior Glen PYUFYUYV Pres. Colm-ed Council Truck Lauer Proyectxon Room Pres. Booker T Club Proctor Anendnnt to King Hosl FUGHNIA CHEESEMAN MARGAHET cuzwnmc CAROL CLAHK Mzxnczxn COC!-IRAN MARCIA cm.: CIHSS Capfuin Red Cross Representative Vicwry Corps Hevresvmulive Semor Gu-ls Comma Pep Club Senior glee Procior QFL Smith, Ark.1 Masque and Wxg Gix! Reserves promo, Asst. Clerk KF1. Smith, A:kJ Proclor EFS SHIRLEY COLLINS VIRGINIA COMMONS Track - Wrestling i221 COLLINS Sland Club MALCOLM COPELAND BILLY GENE CORBER VIVA ANN CORBE MAHY LOU CORDILI VVVIAN COY DOROTHY LOUISE CRAWFORD KAY LHEEL NORMA IEAN CRITES Lnlvred Ad-H-ori LOHHU1 Fllwndcnx Queen Representative Council cheerleader 'Rcxmhlersi Hwresenmuve sense: Class vimry Com Phylhs Whumlcy Honor T HARRY cnocxs HELEN cnoss ucgzar 1 cursznrson Lowerr cumw ARL rmvrs EDM LEE DAVIS Foozbull Cla S Capmm Band Cheerleader Sec H1 X ilxzrhrwrrm Repreweniuuve Counnl Cxrculuuon Manager War Proctor News Editor World mrs DAVIS NMFS DAVIS HALPH DAVIS Rosrrua mwls WILLADEENE mwrs LA vsnm: rmfmfe office cf,-op Re-sailmq aepwmruuve Pop Club Office Prado: Anendcrnce Commcrc1clMui0r crm cnpman TACK memes room-111 DQPASCO T Club Reprose :native E . flu: f3?S??v E3W?253EEEWPf1. K , , . , V , If Nw, PATTY DITCH MARKE DODD World Smit Corop Office Practice Dgiliggfz Circuluaion Manager Sumlower Night Schvol Office Pxoclox Proctor M r . , X231 54, . DEAN VXFGSNUX UODGE merino uonsori XAGK vou GYLEHTY qmggg DQQGLAS, W. 5 9 'Q cm OYCMGWG Mxendunx Homecoming Queen eC,,,,u,Y wks, Sociuk Chairman Soph, Chas ganbxers 52xxor Gills' Councik wma: DRAKE CHARLES DROVETT R LEE DROWN gymgyg-xggs, 955595 Senior Giria' Coxmcik Yookbom Bed Cross Bepressemafxve senior Cdee 3 PGP Ohh 9,,,mf,, Snyder Giga REBECCA DUMAS KEITH DUBALL XO PMN 'DY BL SO ANN DYER MARY DKMA RCKEKT Comp Oriice Prumce Ckass Capxuin Chorus ' Ylocxcx - o 'fqxxpxoymenx Rice X EDDY XOY EU-1 ELXAS IZ4 1 lzsl VXBGXNXB EV ANS Mawr HYLLXS ANN UNK Psuendcxnce Proctor Gids' Gym Pxocxor Pep Chxb HOTHY YENTON RXXNZ YXNC Red Crass Represemuxwe Hoskese Home-as Pep Chxb MARY HK MP-DBLYN YLEE VXRGXNH-X YLORY Pmcxm oc Chau Sr Clow, Red Cross Repvesenwmve Nsucmx 'Yhespmna Hosiess Prccxor LEWKS YRXRBAHK5 BILLXE YENNESSEE KNOB HNN5-f DOROTHY YXTZGERBLD Nxendum Ko Queen Pies. Yh'yHSs Whsuxley Ekackion Heqistfdhorx '7 HORN FOXJEIXNO 39.514 foam Proctor HELEN YORSYTH MYRTLE FOWKES SACQUE3-YN YRANZEN OGER YMNZKE Lomaucs POHMM s fu- aa wma swmom swam comm fcdhow H GH! Hefefm mscwmx Parw www Oxiocd Nu Yumnce Oihce Hostess YNAQ .,2.,ifXr', 1' 'Y xi? feb ,Q J' 4 A54 1 ' JW 4' f mb, 4, amy 3550? ,A -4' A 1 2,155 11 4 ' wxliwi-6 .6 Sig , 41, A ai,-"-' ? Skill, Q55-9 , S45 ' ' A Y f viii' U1 Q5 ,a if 'P Q 'Y-fs 0 AW BQVZIQSFREERVCK Emma raroanxcx wxu.1AM rams Class Cvvtain Civil Air Pavel FORREST FUNK VERNON GABE Host Proctor NADINE GALBHAITH KEITH worms casnvw PHERN GENTRY Band Editor wand Phyms whwuey National Thespians Election Bomd Track Pep Club CLARENCE GIDEON IANICE GLAUNER JACK GLIEICHENHAUS EMIL GLOGAU LENA IOSEPHINE GILBERT Representative Council Assistant Sports Ed. World Proctor Chairman Band Intramural Basketball Immmuml Sports Track Manager Proctor Izel 1 t 1 4 a- I K M, ,.. EULA MAE GEYEH MARILYN GLOVEH Representative Council Masque and Wig Proctor , 1. Mx. ,.. K .. . ..-.dx .. rr. 4 .........Q.,:........f.,.,... ...,.,,..,...t ,, ..... M, ,.,.Wpg, . ., ,,., .., DONALD GRANT VIRGXNIA GRAY roofbqxl Pep club vamfy corps .2 0 of r Cl Class TS DAVID GRICE DOROTHY GROOMS MARION GROVES oqrcms Assistant Stage Manager HELEN GRUNEWALD BETTY GUTHRIE RALPH GUTIEREZ BETTY ANN HAAG STEPHEN HACKETT UZENE HALSTEAD Pep Club 6? DQRQTHY HAMILTQN MARIORYE HAMILTON HELEN BILL A Al!Sfhocl Puffy Program Iunwr Play Smqvm-cm BY-md Orchestra CHARLES HARDY GERALDINE HARMON IAMEIS HARMGN' FRANKLIN HARRIS IBMES HART All-School Parly King Host V-Pres. Booker '1' Club 4 1. x ' -- , V ' W Q fl " 2 .xslx ff ' 4" R 'C " 1' 4 g 3' M Q M 1? x f271 . ., A, f' V u 1, 1, 'L V- v A , I0 ANN Rexprefentcxlwc Council P111 Club LOU HAHDING Oifife Pruciice Office ij! i:g43f'7 -. ig nf .ft fm-.M Y' N. Eiga, , L , I ' J5Ql,,Qiji-I A 1 if , ' :- wa xl i I 3 A v 1 Q i 4 i 1 1 v I 1 1 f 1 fa 1 1 J 4 1 w 4 w 4 w I 4 1 1 Karl ' AW 3159555 HATCH IOP-NN HAZLETT EVELYN HAZHTT mmm Red Cross Hepresenmiive If. mee ifiiqhland parm V . , spouiqm club u-1. PJ f,f2fQl,Cmm"l League -'so BOB HAZZARD LOIS HEADLEH Representcuvc Counc-xl Pep Clu Procior FRANCES HECKEL HEIL .SON BETTY 1UN1-j HENLEY ELKAS HERNANDEZ RAQUEL HERNANDEZ Hostess Pmuof B Squad Football Husiess Pep Club Civxl Ai: Pau-ol Proclor Pep Club LQVAUGHN HILDEBRANDT IANICE HH-T-YARD Game Cadet Councxl Radon Board ub Pep Club Y DONNA LOU HOLM BETTY BARBARA THAN HOSLER ANN HOTZH P99 Club Intramural Sport Girl Bosexves lzal ' DANA H Boys' G Boys' Q OUGH lee Club udrmi iw. CLAYTON Hunson Non:-mn HUG Mmm HUGHES nomar HUGHES yo ANN HULL Wm Band Salesman Procior Victory Corps Council Victory Corps Award n Hostess Football Lelter Concession Stand Proctor Proctor 4 A 'fs- 2 i :ffl I E BILL HULSOPPI IEAN HUMMER MAXINE L HUTCHISON MONNA LEE HUTCHINSON MARTHA y-pm: RICHARD AAIMEL General Mgr Game Cadets Red Cmss Represemuuva Phyllis Wheuiley Bed Crm-.5 Cquncil Gm-ne Qqdaf Lunch Proclor Cflwuin Auendunce Clerk P912 Club Senior Glee pep Club Red Cross Hepresemmive Pwcmr pmdm. EDGAR BHYCE IO Represe IRWIN I0 NES Football Truck HNSON :native Council MARY IACKSON YVONNE IACOUES BARBARA IOHNSON BETTY IEAN IOHNSON DALE JOHNSON Softball orfhewq Representative cmmcu Seenoqwphic Muior King of AH-school Party Proctor Proctor Afffmdqnffx PYOCIOF Football Bgnd Hostess XA Corps Y IOHNSON IOHNSO f ' - ww A ix . N f 7 K 'T 1 F W J iiiii ,f .- V, L o " , "VV 'I Q ' ' 7' r K 4 N laxal 'ab - x an IONES LZSJ Our K DALE JOHNSON Dale johnson-for two years a main- stay of the varsity football team! In his Senior year Dale has been a proctor captain and president of the "T" Club. His smile and infecnous humor have Won him friends in the many groups that make up Topeka High School's student life. Mary Kay Paige - attendant to the Homecoming Queen, then Aviation Day Queen, and finally Queen of the All-School Party! Mary Kay has been a participant in student gov- ernment, Junior Red Cross, and dramatics, yet she has kept her grades on a high level. You may well be proud to call her Queen. l3Ol .1-fr .P . ., -vpn-nq,,,. Y... .,, , -, .v.K.1-..,,.YYj1Iv- V - -.,v MARY KAY PAIGE H311 1 our QUEEN V-KY v DAVYD KELLY C3-AX Mx Puual SO ANNE KP-STRUP BXCHAHD KELSEY DON KFPLXNGEB Pep Ckub MAIN KXEHT- WcrXd Sxuii Yefisflope Editor Work! PHXLXP KBESHP-N CABOLYN SEHK TOE KYIEUNG foogbuyx Down the Avenue Worm 55555513 Pemcope Editor Wm! Victory Corps Salesman C. L. 'KENUF-LL 'YHEO RENO?-X-L KBBYIN KSNNWY RXX-Sched Yu!!! Pioqtcma Honor Roh Suxdox Prom Pioqfum Pmciox HoskesS VON 'ANYON HKCHMD KYRHY uxcaueuma mul Representative Counci! Eyecmn gem Bssebah Senior Girl? Caunch Sexivov Gxea OSCAR KLBU4 WKLNA SNR HHH- MANY. KNOX J lazl f33j N 1 w 4 NET 'KBXEG VXRGXNUS LADY ETTXE XEAN LMRD Red Cmas Represemauv Vxcmvg alesnmn V Pres Sxudenx Congress Hostess Bond kiixqh and or CABCL SEAN LAMBEM Lkbmw Pmcxm Game Cudea KENNETH LAKE A tendon! ko Kmq Home Room Rep LH V I Busmess- Mgr, Wa:-:Kd MARCHETA LANDKS KATHLEEN LABSEN SRM LEE Slenoqmphxc Maia: Sumo: Glue Bdenckxnce Pmcxor Hom Home?-5 KATHHYN LEE OLWER LEXGHTON BONNW-I LEWXS MPXRY LYLLY ROBERT DEAN LSNDSAY WGS R N LOGAN MARGARET LOGAN Hepresenkcxwe Comm! Gus: Ca-pmcw Ckxss Crxptum Pep Ckxb Hoeless Pm Avia: ROBERT LOMAX NWA LU LL GLOBLR LU NOBLE C nb Surmower-NVofXd Sud! 4 L f 4 UL MCRLXS OBEBT MCCALG Proctor Ennio: Red Cvoss Councl Track Proctor Caplan Hoaxes: Wind 'Y Chxb Mech, Drawing Awards Woodwind Y.xxSernbKe Host Q MZ, W M, FR f V. 4 W " 4 Q5 af W A23 fwgwg . 1 ,, . . , I ' 'V f Kew -' 3. wp., fi'-,g1,f,f , f .R 5 - , -W ' M ,- , ' ' ' 'gu'- 'I N K-L LQ-1,,g:,,f ,-145 V 1. L ' f'-- ' ws. fv-, I - L ' - - -, Q 1-gfvja,-yffg frsgqf , V f 7q4,fz,3Qn3,g-fwg5Qg15fgg:ffg Ii - ,QW-V1-K g Q A f,.g,13,1i17 ' A EP' " x 'VV if k"" ' 52.1, f If ' if T if ' 5 326.5 g4W'twS5l1 '1 5, i . Nl Q 1f 51'f.2' U S5-fx . afzi-'1if.g' fsffriivjk 'mr-1 Vw 1f:wT1g1zg?1 if S 2 -If :iw-f J: me, rfifif-FV-1 femfvf nfzw F gq fwgf 1 s 155153 fgzgi-zlmssij 1.5 a ig? ' V-ff: : 25 ,3-::,,,.'-.' fw 'x .f if -wfzgfg we J f iw: A I I W .V -.,.,. ,,,1z .,,.V f 65 IEE. av, Ab CHARLES McCARTHY cCO NELL 9 m human Doaomym N P1-xYLLxs MCDANEL WGENE MCDONALD WILUAM MCCQRMQK DONALD McCRACKEN ROBERT MCCURDY Footbc!l Precio: Captain PATRICIA MCKINNEY Hsmssm' McPARTLING Council DON MANNISON MOLLIE ANN W., MARE M525 mc:-man s. Mrlcx-mm WANITA MEDLEY MARY 1v1r:L1.sNBnUc1-1 JOAN Muzssz A'QffdMmER mom, ms. sophmm Class ned cross Representative Orchestra Hoses, Lauer Twice in Tennis Girl new-fel Proctor Procior E341 X -5, Q I BETT LOUISE MILLER HARRIET MILLER MILLER RICHARD D MILLER RICHARD IAMES MILLER LOU DON MINICH Au Sched puny Assembly Committee promo, Red Cross Council Hom Representative Council Salesman DON MORRISON DONNA LEA MORRISON FERN EVELYN MOSSMAN Hunlmqfon Bench. Culill Homess Anendunca Pr-:mor Proclor Pep Club lklmcxl GENEVIEVE V-Pxes. Sophomore Class lhlmal NAZARIAN LUCILLE NKISWENDER EDITH NEYHERLAND VICTORIA Pep Club Hosi Proctox GEORGE MORRIS MOSSMAN Class fillmcl TOM MYERS -Q. -, Q1 "E .6 - as - . , :ff .. - ' 1 'ia 'e2 iw"fg rl! F341 .W ' 2315 Cheerlende Co-op Office Practice Attending K. U. ,pi 'iv Pep Club Proctor 1993 ANNA LAUHA NICOLAY IAKE NITZ CAROLYN OHRHLE Co-op Office Practice K Represnntntive Council Band - Football Track ., ,X ,N X ,, .- rfrl, . - . ,QKQJ A jk' , ., t Y ,im K- Y V mm Y -,, :..:. n R351 ' 4 vw In R 0 if , E11 X . A fy, if V A te- x I 7 551. K 'mx N9 4 fggy M :im nga: 'fs 0 OLSON' 1944 Su nilowcr I ILLIE PALMER RICHARD PALMER ParTY Red Crossk BARBARA IPANTXER Senior Glne Proctor 4 PAUL!-X IEAN PARKS String Ensemble Orclteaun THELMA PAHTON MARY PARC!-IKE Lo op Ofhax P unix s- G I Roaervff Proctor U her C115 Hesse Q ANNE ANNE PERRY Proctor Repreaemutxvn Co net Cnncebsmn Stand VIVUXN PGWELL Okiico Proctor Class Captain ROBERT PGLLOM VFHIX PGLLOM BEVERLY POZEZ HENRY GENE pmcg Proctor Band Hostess Q nmve , E1 f fia E E - E .Q BICHAHD pAyNg VIRGINIA PERKINS Co-op Ofiico Pmuim: Usher Club Ration Bomd RICHARD POTTS St mor Glas Band l . , l M, 2 BILLIE MAE POWELL IOHN POWELL ViceYPres. Pop Club Ramblers s9c,,Tmus. yr. Pfess sf. Rep. Advisory Cowen Victory Corps Salesman Election Commissioner JUNE LUCILLE PRYOR Phyllis Whecnley Club Red Cross Representative Hostess MARILYN Purrsa 1' Pep Club Proctor BETTY RAMSOUR Promo: Pep Club lael 1 ' X X 4 JAMES HEBUGH VIVIAN REDMCIND LOIS GENE RENFHO Fooibcll Ccrop Retailing Baseball .A BEVERLY RICHARDSON H5R?Ei'CRICHQRD5ON' 1. xznmf msvsw mc:-man RIGGIN e ross epresen u we Fwtban Proctor ,fn BETTY ROMARY BETTY ROOT DON ROTHFUSS MARTHA BUTTER Pep Club Class Captain Victory Corps f37l CAROLYN RICE TONER RICE .4 WILLIAM RIGHTEE CLYDE RINKEH Business Mgr. Suniwwer Debate Nmioncxl Thespxcms NORMA Jar xy X .xxx XxXAAx Xxx M L X 1 X I, xx . X MTS x Y I x HEX-LANOR SAUL5 Oiiiue Procxm CLIXYENCE SCP-BBORO ROBERT SCHLXCHTER DON SCHNIXCKE Yodsbdk SCHOVEE1 TED SCYKOWENGEHDT Corpse Cc-xmcik Sunkkower Lcyouss GESEXSCHBOEB uv cms soon scovxmz sb Bus ebuhxk PHYLLXS X. SEIXRLYI SEP-STBONX BETYE LOU SEATTLE BYHLENE SHABKEY MARXOHXE SV-EETZ Bed Cross Cuunch Senior Gkks' Cou-Ach Oxchesku , Band 'Bed Cross Represemokkve Girks' Xnuomurm Sports Pwmor Vicxory Corps Veg Cxub KP-'YHRYN SEEKS DOROTHY SP-NE 5813995-RD BETTY VXHGXNXA LEE- SHBBKS 52111 ANN ggggggq Cc-op Oiiice Practice Baud 52,501 Gyee Promo: Prado: Hosiess Hosxess A R381 -..JA A 'X ' ---.. ,...A.,.,,, . A V f-'..,, 4 4 1 M ,,.,,...f. WM' ,UL ,A A -J'-VT' I X391 nv., ., W... ..4... .1 fy.-.-A ,Q- v I V ,-., GSLER RBLENY. SXMMONS Wm ERNP1 SXMMONS Ave odunce Procxcr :F .aim-',:L , Bm LJHCELXPK SMXTH D ELM BR SMXTH Thxrd V V,Y'bx1X1xs Yvhlzahny Pep Leodcx wx Bysmeab Band Orchessm NORMAN X SMH H q1.WotXd ROBERT ELLX5 SMKTH SUSAN SMYYH Honor T Bcpresenmdve Com-Lcik Rmioninq Board Game Cadets PRTBXCXA SXMPSON BOSELLB SLPCYTEN mu YLXNGR SMXTH XOHN L. SMYYH sem! meg v.-spam neg. coumx Nuhonul 'Yhcspkuns Yieprcacnxctivc Council Band Hosk Q1 Comp Oliicze Practice Hosmss THOMAS A. SMXTH Yr. 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Q hm, 7 . my . -, ,. ,,,, v.. ., 'ses",-M 'W AV QQ' -J 9 '11 5 1 I 65 In Qunc K, Game Cadet Tunic: Glee 'fs 0 Mmm-LA STHHLING srgvgs Ccpiam BETTY XEAN STOVALL GEORGE STRINGEH BARBARA STRONG gUN1Cg SUDDAR1-H UBRH Prog Chm Phyllt Wheatley Concession Stand Award Senior Gzrls' Council Senior Glee THOMAS TARLTON spans Pootbcm TILLOTSON Council Sunihwer E401 LEAH TKATCH Sunflower Smit Proc tor Hostess MARY LOU TUTT Orchestra Pep Club OLIN TRABUE IACQUELINE TREESH BETTY LOU TRIMMEL ROBERT THUFSDALE DON TURNER Alternate Repro-aentmwea Hepremmlahve Com-ml Red Cross Represenmuve- CQ up Rexmlmq Jil... RALPH TYLER vocmwnqm snemfwz MARY ,EAN VAN Appygpoym WLMA mm VAN ss ANNABELL vzausarmnsa DOROTHY vmcsm Baton rwmef . 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Mon-mr crsuxmm r-10,1 VIRGINIA YARDLEY Graduation 1 x I nor-mnn WILLIAMS MILA wmmms TOM WKLSON vii News Eeiiiur www cqnwssion smd MELBA WORSWICK MARY FRANCES WRAY Hggvgy WFUGHT RePfeSm'ifm"9 Council Senior Gills' C01-WICU junior Class Representrxuve lf- Red Cfosf- Senior Glw vmny squad Foonbnlx Pmciur National Thespians pwcw, Captain ALBIRDIE YOUNG HARLAN Thespiuns E421 413111 jlflemnrizxnr Heal Cllamernn 232111 gllllemher of the Seminar Clllass 3111112 21, 1927 -- glune 2, 1944 X431 N Russell Davis President Dale Niall 1 O11 loy Secretary Mallon, Davis. Merriam, Scrinopski, Butler, Ransom, Emerson Look to Next Year Juniors, the next pages are for you, just as the next year is for you. With two years of hard work and harder playlyou have prepared for both. You have trained competent class oflicers, talented Thespians, victory-rninded athletes. They will all meet their tests next year. You are lucky, because you can look back and forward without turning. Moreover, While you are sure that the.Prom you gave for the Seniors was the best party Topeka High will ever see, you know that you're going to have a grand time at your own, next year. So, here's to you, Juniors! Stan Emerson Virginia Butler V Susan Merriam Bill Ransom Social Chairman Representative Representative RePl'eSeniC1iiVe E441 5 ' . ,, X ' "W ' 1 Qyf IQ b I . . , s ,J 0 -' n 4 - XX A 6 ' 'KQSSSQ ' X 0 'L '1 I v- Q Ch: YW .wi .4.fsr?" , 5,53 I 1 'V a..'.'. ' Sf? A, is g ' u V, U 1-,L Q 5 ,e f-'fl f1'72n4.5wh4 . ima s Q3 'si film wr :Ml " ' M' 0,11 . L3 qi il V uma ' ' , .xo opgva., 1. z, L5 9 '.Lw7vl. 5 1 . ill 245' J f' XQQ-Q'.f4AM'Ivfq-Civ,Q." 1ll-5' ,133 Jlfx K N '3-Qsg1i'Mz'.df!+:l+.1." J.: nQ,,L1lql" l Altwlg X X x 1 ,ifglaqf Nl . X , 1 119.93 ' " . j 5' 1 ' f Q ll :-115 i -" l M , 'I' . g' Q 1 3 5 f l Row l-Edmonds, M., Emerson, Endlich, L., Farmer, I., Flenniken, B.5 Fix, B., Firestone, S., Freflridcs, BT, Freeman, R.g French, S.: Gayhart, R., Gibb, M., Goff, L. Row 2-Gordon, I., Hadley, P.3 Hailey, C.g Hammerlnnd, M.: Harrison, M., Hurtzell, F., Hendricks, B., Herskowilz, H., Hill, Jack, Hill, Jeannieg Hirschberg, E., Hodgson, R.g Holmes, B. Row 3-Horn, D.g Houser, D., Hug, R.g Hulse, D.g Hyde, J., Jackson, l'.g Jennings, D., Jensen, B., John, V., Johnson, K., Joyce, M., Kanode, J., Kauffman, M. ' l45l 1 l A , .7i1,:...L51gQ2giM.,. M.QM,gIMgi.. ......e..mLLm.,.., f --A - - - ---vf Row 1-Kendall, Joan, Kendall, Juanita, Kendall, V., Kilgore, J., Kimmel, B., King, C., Klugg, B., Knight, B., Knoll, R. Knowlton, D., Koch, E., Koontz, B., Kramer, M. Row 2-Kurtz, E., Lamar, P., Lambert, J., Law, L., Layman, D., Leighty, R., Leonard, P., Levett, L. J., Li ett, M., Lightbody E Lindbergh M Lindsa B Llo fl WV gg , ., , .' - y, is y , . X Row 3-Lynde, T.,.Maddux, D., Martin, D., Martin, M., Martin, T., Matthews, T., McClymond, J., McFerran, H., MC. Gallin, R., Meggine, B., Merriam, S., Merriman, M., Metzger, D. Row l-Miller, J., Mills, M., Monroe, J., Montgomery, K., Moore, B., Mowry, M., Moyer, D., Newell, L., Nietiedt, M., Noe A., O'Brien, J.: Oldweiler, M., Oppitz, J. Row 2-Orten, G., Pearsall, J., Perry, F. J., Phillips, A., Piper, R., Ponte, G., Pottinger, A., Pringle, D., Rankin, B., Ran kin, S., Ransom, B., Ransom, V., Ready, R. W Row 3-Reaser, J., Reiber, C., Reppart, B., Rettig, M., Riepen, R., Robb, G., Robertson, B., Robertson, M., Romig, IJ., Rouylere, J., Sage, J., Saile ', ., " , . y S Sarvls S fl., .--"""' Lf!! -,,,f l46l 4 4 0 + + 4- 4- Z 5 'Q ff -s Q ZZCSEAX QQLKSQSQB srcxjwv ., ' if W' ' W N J ' ' 3 Z f N436 4 ' 1' 37 X NP K I fi" A i X X i5?3Y"'X 7 if ' . mmf E471 Glen Archer President Betty Delphs Secretary-Treasurer From left to right: Archer, Erwin. Iohnson, Delphs, Heywood, Harrison. Prove They Can Take It And here are the Sophomores. Why, at that first induction assembly, you didn't think you could ever accomplish all the things Sophomores are expected to do in one year. But it looks as though you did. Take the Sophomore party, for in- stance, when has there been a better one? Some of you were on the All-School'party program, too. Nothing backward about these Sophs. You helped make the Masque and Wig play a success, and you made a fine showing in all sports. Yes, you're all ready to teach those juniors and Seniors a few tricks, so take it away, Sophs. This is for you. Joyce Harrison Marilyn Erwin lane Heywood Helen Iohnson Social Chairman Representative Representative Representative l48l 6,. ,Q I by-gfifgi! -V 'T D QW 4' an L Q f-L Q if NN I ' I L A MN iltxkvlxxl - X el f " .. C Rh Q--eh E7 Ib XX ikizn, S3559 , " 'If 'I' cm .'I:':"l 'Q-'S It . ' f 41 'Wifi 515' ff X 2 -we X ,X .,: 'qc " OPI!! " . M 3 VVVV . 525 ' R HF? 4 A Arn? 1 YZ. Q ie 'RT Row 1-Adams, H., Anderson, E., Anderson, M., Archer, G., Arnold, M., Arthur, R., Aumiller, R., Backues, D., Banack- man, J., Barr, L., Barrett, F., Basel, I., Bauton, H. Row 2-Beenis, D., Bervert, B., Bingham, E., Blankenship, V., Bloom, R., Boley, P., Bolinger, I., Bostrom, L., Boutwell, V., Bowlin, R., Boyd, J., Boyle, N., Brace, V. Row 3-Bradford, S., Bradley, J., Briggs, B,, Brooks, N., Brown, S., Brown, NV., Burdick, C., Burries, C., Butcher, J., Butner, D., Cantrell, J., Carlin, L., Carnahan, J. ,vwwip Ron 1-Carter, C., Latren, N., Chappell, V., Chayers, J., Chr1sty,C., Clark, B., Cless, B., Cochran, J., Cole, B., Condron Conklin, S., Cook, R., Cooper, D. Row 2-Cowan. K., Cowger, A., Crable, Harry, Crable, Harvey, Crane, M., Crawford, D., Crietz, V., Critchlow, L., Currier, M., Dahe, R., Davis, L., Delfs, B., Dellas, J. ! Row 3HDeV0re, M., Dick, D., Dierking, I., Dinklage, K., Dodge, B,, Douglas, B., Douglass, J., Drury, R., Dunn, J., Edie, V.,, D., Edmunds, FI., Elliott, P. , amiliosacmipfwfsfsia, i491 "1 1 4 A l i 1 w 1 Q 'WW' 165,151 ,..g5,fgw: it . i . at . , f .'- Lkk ii 'A ,ies Al V "" i f 1 - 5144 -f. . ' . W Q L v ' .Wg . 4. li' A F . A"' 5 s . i lv f 1 ' ':, " " ' . fn i2 .:ff, i Ef.5:,."f fffff ,:" ,-', .E 7 V. if .JM ...,.+ ,v, . .. , ,. J ,J . YL X - f A , J Aj . b ., . Q ., J . ,I . K . , . ,,,v- we 3 . .1 - V- .-' , - ., , Aff. . . -I is , it . 3 ' r , .. 1 Q 35' i ' l: mf F V , ': QP v " Q, ".' TN II' , jfie 4 fn . -2,ffYif'x'N !31- Row liEllis,LK., lillis,IlVI., Elliston, D., Emrick, G., Erwin, M., Estes, J., Ferris, C., Fisher, D., Fisher, J., Fleer, J., Fleisch, B., Fory, ., Forsyt , H. Row 2-Fuller, M., Fudge, C., Funk, M., Gardener, Ef, Gardiner, S., Gascoigne, H., Geyer, S., Gifford, P., Gifford, S., Gile,. M., Gleason, B., Glidewell, M., Goheen, H. Row 3--Gordon, D., Gossett, M., Granger, J., Hale, M., Hall. F., Hamilton, W., Hammentra, S., Hankey, L.,' Hansen, M., Hanson. M., Harmon, D., Harris, B., Harrison, E. - , -"- , ,- -f ' - .' L .. ,,.., W F . . . as ',... K . f B f - X .vs 'QQ ' ' '- ' in .. D ' f -. L ..f mit L. . 1 , -f K jr.. I S i 3 Q az 2 f 4 i "' K C? 4 I N .ft F L .. 1 -AA . '.'a .:.. . - .. Row 1-Harrison, J., Hartzell, F., Haubold, J., Hawkins, K., Hawks, B., Heil, B., Hendricks, G., Henley, M., Herrick, G., Hesse, J., Hetherington, P., Heywood, J., Hinchsliff, R. - Row -2-Hoffmeister, C., Hoover, B., Horton, C., Hudson, K., Hunsecker, C., Ingram, V., Jackson, A., James, D., Jeffries, D., Keeling, R., Kelba, D., Kelley, B., Killinger, J. L Row 3-Kinsley, B., Kitt, F., Knoll, J., Knox, J., Kodel, J., Landis, D., Langley, G., Langston, C., LaRue, B., Lawson, B., Leathem, J., Lee, R., Leonard, N. . X-X, K 4: enum, 1-6 I 'Q ff is qty ra--2 9 11 1.6. V453 g A ,P mf v as it if . . , l JNX J x . K C - utkgr N3 2 ,,x":jlnl 'x a s fl Q,s,ri:lA ' 1 I X x Xxx 390' 50,11 c ' fr - 1 f arms- 'Qi -'L - 9 . U ef S2223-'BSE 5 if ' dll Z f lfo K I- Z? 22255 EEZ? g41g hh fbgfp fe -...,i32 Ai? gag' ... A 'A " gt: X - - i if N c iso! i ,... . 6," 'pk 4 xy., gS Co ,f"l1 mm 9 i in Rowl Lxctl L Lmdemuth R Ilnclsav B Lundgren A Luthye W Manley I Mannell R Marsh D Minton B VI w I Nffdylllld VI Ma7e H 'VIcCa1g H Row 2 NIcClclland D McCoy J McCue D McCullough M McGuneI McHenry G MCKllllLy L MrNe1l M ML Roberts L Muzenthln I' Meyer J Mxckel R Mitchell C Row 3 Mxtchell Muller B Mlller C. Nlxller j M1ller W Mxmch D lNI01'I'lSOIl D Nlulford B Murphy D Mm E Ndll Navarre I Noe B. X f :ff '5 we iv "',n?A A lv gl! Rom 1 'Nielson j 'Nlettleton leanneg Nettleton oanne Wyberg D Ohnan J Pdmmore D Pendegralt P lepper B Peruv 11 D Peluxal D Pf3Il110hl1,B.Q Plyley F Pollom M Row 2 Porter K Prlce M Prosh, F.g Quinley RHIHCS M Ramos N Reklltes G Reynolds P Rhea Rue Robbxns S Roberston B Robertson, H. Ron 3 ROblIl90I'l D Rodney H.1 Roether, 1.3 Rogers D Roqem I Rolley J R0l'I11g M Rork I Rowley D Schael fer I Schoonover R Schrxeber, H.: Schulte B gpg. w .- 11Ns.A.gL... I gm 2 f3g?5"l3"1!'3f2v?zf9g9TtW:ffg,gmW13 Row l: Scott, E., Scott, T., Scoville, D., Shaw, A., Shehi, M. J., Shell, N., Shepton, F., Short, M., Short, W., Shyne, B., Sicks J., Sidfiens, B., Siefert, I. M. . Row 2: Siegrist, F., Simmons, D., Smith, A., Smith, B., Smith, D., Smith, F., Smith, M., Smith, S., Snyder, M., Stanhope, L. Stanhope, P., Steadman, P., Stevens, B. Row 3: Stewart, F., Stewart, G.: Strickland, B., Swoveland, N., Sydenham, B., Tarwater, M., Taylor, M., Taylor, P., Tiffany J., Tillinghast, M., Tipton, V., Tomlinson, M., Tosh, B. ,rg vm... T -M, Row 1: Trahue, E. R.: Trace, L., True, M., Van Vleck, P., Vega, R., Viers, B., Vincent, P., Vincent, V., XVagy, J,, Wlalker Q Walker, V., Wlalrafen, G., Vfangerin, D. Row 2: Wlard, J., XVard, J., XVarren, N., Wleaver, J., XVebb, B., Webber, B., YVerner, D., XVhitney, B., Mlilkerson, D., Willis YV. D., Wilson, E., W'ilson, M., NVolf, I.. Youngdoff, D., Z21l'lOll1'Cli,J., Ziegler, M. X . X Q RJ! K-Jai, Nt XKE4 . Q-L-.,,zL. l52l Row 3: Wolf, R., WVolfe, M., Wfoods, M., Yvooclward, V., Wright, C., Yates, D., Yeager, D., Yost, F., Young, J., Young, P., "I washed all the windows, cmd swept the iloors . . . " And did you see . . . ?" X l53l Live Faces you know, people and places you recognize, scenes around the school, they are an important part of your life, they are your ev- ery-day friends. You like them as you like things that belong to you. To you they will remain a part of many moments-some happy, some not so happy-but all unforgettable. "I sure did!" '-1 I , Troicms Miss Sibberson checks absences x X K S V W Q 1 if 2 eg ' , b Q 5. sy Q ' K f X, , X. ? iQ ' - gig ' ' A 3 A ii 2 I ,Agia I M gi. .. f . 21, 5 , "How did I get here?" Spanish class sings its lesson E5-41 Mxss Fnzell checks garbage Students back clothing drive i-f."'. . ' ' 1. J , . 4 - , f '. . - . "T f - , r... -,TL ' A, . fa .' ' . ,A . . 5 - a , q.1 . v.. . , ,.., -. , . I K I. .... . Q, X 1- 1. .'. '. . n J.. ..l U 51. Zz' y. , wv... I. r'f-- M e Q Q 1 .5275 1' 1' , 5 V . , , .,, 1' ' ,. v'q.f' A 'ax 'wr-.M , , .. .. ,, ff -,ga ' L., x .-', . -'.' l w V Attendants Wcrymond Alumbctugh Attendants Kay Creel and Patricia Deitz ' cmd Kenneth Luke Lippy "Do11y with a hole in her stockingf' Reciugh ilirts with cameraman as Dale Mullon exhibits his strength. , , W W, Th e is on! E561 "Ding-dong. ding-dongln That was Toni Gelvin driving Topeka Highs own trolley, the All-School Party, unlimited. His passengers in- cluded the cast of the skit einceed by Roger Franzke. That is, all the Cast but i'Hale and Hearty" Jud Greer and C. L. Kendall, who preferred to enter unconventionally through the floor. Before the trolley Chugged on its merry Way, some five hundred Trojans had added a Carload of rneinories to their already packed brains. . . Donna Knowlton behind a parasolg Lippy Reaugh, as a i'l'il dolly with at hole in her stock- ingng the Colored girls' quartetg JoAnn Steele and Don Dorrell in their own version of the ballet. U And then the presentation of your royalty. Yes, that was Topeka High's favorite party, your brightest memory-the All-School Party. . , B chmfm- i entertainers t H Yates. Doueu' un, Steele. POWQH . i H loud 0 'HGmiiO - . K owito into TIOYWWH wghcxrike Becwqh' LiqrTxMorse. Nl. L- Maxim' n TIOUGY Chuqs it.1-Mmm' I uf 'Geivin, M1110 . O du First ROW- geigeer. Rhodes. Ken Second ROW' Bob Rhodes "with his light brown derby" and Donna Knowlton "with her hair piled high upon her head" set program theme in romantic rendition of "'I'he Trolley Song." ' Smith, Deitz, Benton. and Wright discuss their last A11-School Party over popcorn cmd "cokes." i571 Icimes Harmon Her MMESTY Phyllis Brandon - secretary- treasurer of Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. Phyllis was a leader in the social life of the school. Charming and attractive, she was the perfect Queen for an All-School Party. Phyllis Brandon His MMESTY James Harmon-president of the Booker T Club, and co-chairman of the Colored Advisory Council. james was one of the most popu- lar and highly respected boys in Topeka High, a fitting choice for King. if M ie, l 5 ' I l58 Mervin Slaughter cmd Ioyce Finney Eulis Ccxthey cmd Dorothy Fitzgerald I P Liven Extra Hours Let's have a L'Downbeat" the surest way to have a good Lime! You got your '5Down- beatf, complete with dance floor, coke bar, ping-pong, and juke-box. Charles Mills was in Charge of "Down- beatf' and Harrison Caldwell served as co- ordinator for the eanteen held at Monroe School. Photographer catches ball in mid-air 'S "Cokes" go fast at the Downbeat E59 h' h on shoulders Oi enlhusw 'des 19 Logan I1 stic rooters Fire burns alone--deserted by Trojans off to the game Hobble-gobble! Oskie-XVow- Wcmxvl Sis Boom BAHV You reall - Y had the sl l " ' ' cioo spirit last yeai. especially when it Came to Oskie- VVow-VVoW! Bonfires roared the teams on to victory. Parades re- minded down-town Topeka that their high school was out to win. At games, the stands trembled vis- ibly as you pounded out HOne- Two-Three-Fourl " PEP RALLIES and PARTIES heels downlown 5 hTOnq gl C1-OwdS 1 i I Sgho no qum SUPPOH O These luck T y rojans had some gas! I6 ' th t odner!" cries Ginner Dodge 'Smile when you say ct, p "Mellerdrammer" featuring jealous lovers, lots of lnjuns, Hghtiny cow punch- ers and a dramatic narrator set the All- -5, Pe H' yet Qfcrc efuj JoAnn Girl party off to a big start last fall. Topeka High girls and their honor guests, th e incoming Sophomores. paused in their dancing to watch numer- ous comedy acts and consume an amazf ing amount of food. When the girls get together . . . well! Brighten Life l61l See that six-shooter and ten gallon hat? They were left over from the Western at1nosphere.of the Sopho- more party. 'iDon't Fence Me In!" was everyones motto as the Sophs trans- formed the student cafeteria into a spacious "Trojan Tav- ern." The bartender han- dled the floor show, and then the whole crowd handled the refreshments in the Social room. S . czville and Deitz op en Wide for cam era Sfeele ta Hlqn ps for girls Sophs dress up for their first big party S.H.S tark practiced metology on Iim "By the sea, by the sea, by the beootiful sea . . There you are, reminiscing about the Junior-Senior Prom again. Of course, you can't help it! When you think about the cafeteria .decorative with spring Howers, 'Eormals and tuxes, you just naturally get starry-eyed. VVhat you liked best was the skit. Emcee jack Hill and his mustache-d, bustled cast brought the Gibson Girls so up-to-date that they'll never be the same again. Com- edy teams, Don Dorrell and Lenora Bach- man, Dale Mallon and JoAnn- Steele, shared the laughs with bartender jim Powell and the rest of the funny-bones. The Can-Can Chorus in their daring cos- tumes later danced to fame A'By the Sea." August Jackson set Trojan feet tapping, and hands clapping with piano numbers. So, go ahead and reminisce-you can't help it. JUNIOR-SENIUR PROM l. , CID l62T Z" , 'ffl . ,, A fl-5 Y' fe' V v , 1? Am I ., L59 A I R 2 She'd spit right in his eye? "Sweet Adeline!" but she "Cou1dn'! Say No" Revives Gibson Girl Era "Ta-ra-rc:-boom teuy" l631 CAST FOR "SPRING GREEN" lrrereeieie I Scott, Schuler, and Greene watch T. Newton D13 B Todd Powell ponder his many problems lflligilzlodgett 9 Q lei 1'Q,1dfQ?11ty to ber oofijjhlhgs O pe 1' . W1 t H Stars Worms h Shenanigans back stage "Great stars and little earthwormslw All in one play. What play? Why, you remember, the junior play, 'iSpring Green." The little Worms were the ones Ty Newton Todd lovingly called Jumbo and Salome, and the great stars were Jim Powell, Peggy Scott, Don Libert, and all the rest of the cast. The plot proved that a housing shortage can be fun when a family like the Cassells takes in roomers like the Todds. There certainly wasn't a manpower shortage and -everyone was delir- iously happy-even the earthworms. Nina Cassell ........ Mrs. Rumble ,........ Scooter Cassell ..... Mr. Putman ...... Tony Cassell ...., Penkee Ames .... Dunk Doyle ...,.. Bing Hotchkiss ....... . . . . . . . .Betty Bodkin . . . . . . .Isabel Martin .... . .Ioan Nail . . , . .Don Dorrell . . . . . . .Peggy Scott . . . .loy Scrinopskie , . . . .Charles Greene .. ...Bob Schulez Genevieve Iones ..... Mary Icme Merriman Major Todd ................... Don Liber! T. Newton Todd .... .......... I im Powell Eula Hotchkiss ..... Dr. Blodgett ...... Officer Ryan ..... T641 . . . .Donna Knowlton . . . . .Richard Leighty . . . . . .Don Morse Y his talent on the saxophone. Wheeler famil "Oh's and Ah's" when Clarence displays Bo 6 THE CAST Qqdlgfqsks CLARENCE ............... DoN TURNER o'Q1,1?tCfQ,ea coRA WHEELER ....... wYvETTE LILLY efls - Ce MISS PINNEY ........ LENORA BACHMAN MRS. WHEELER. . .MARGERY KAUFFMAN MRS. MARTIN .............. BETSY DAY MR. WHEELER. . . .... DON DORRELL BOBBY WHEELER ........, DON TAYLOR DELIA .......,......... MILA WILLIAMS DINWIDDIE ........ ROGER WILLIAMSON HUBERT STEM ..... KENNETH DINKLAGE 111, Who, 11 ouldd of Meek Wins Audience "Clarence!" Meek Clarence with the up- side-down liver! Gentle Clarence, who could handle mules Without profanity! He could handle your laughter, too, for Clarence was a figment of Booth Tarkingtoifs imagination portrayed by Don Turner in the Masque and Wig play. "Clarence, was the perfect example ol what any returning serviceman might have to meet-that is, if he fell into the hands of a family like the Wheelers. The happy Wheelers, with the possible exception of the butler and Mr. Wheeler, all fell in love with Clarence. He, however, was too preoccupied with Coleoptera to care. But then you remember it-how coulcl you forget? l65l Costume managers Keith and Nazarian primp Butler Dinwiddie for his entrance. ' , .r 3 Q, l .1 Greet . HBOHQY nq belfiie mm! 5510 . " inC3 Sextul-ezkagi oi deslmyi Sweepnl Gm the cries' 1 . "Wellington must not reach Quatre Bras!" 3 Stage Comedy l h C 1 K Beecroft and Dorrell-a modern "Babe in Arms" 5653 l R Lair. kA,, som.. ..-,t...n,. "Misleading Lady" may have fooled the cast. but the audience was Wise enough to have a Wonderful time at the Senior play. Then too, anyone could tell that Miss Lead- ing Lady, Barbara Strong, was really in love with Mr. Leading Man, Bob Schuler, at least by the end of the first act. ' Tense moments ,were aptly relieved by Judson "Boney" Greer, Bob Beecroft, and Don Dorrell, who played the part of lunatics most convincingly. Yes, the members of the cast deserve lots of bouquets. One, however, would prefer a nice juicy bone-Sunny Boy Sherwood, who played himself in his stage debut. THE CAST OF HMISLEADING LADY" Amy Foster ................. Ioella Brown Grace Buchanan ..,...... Virginia Yardley Sidney Parker ................. lack Ward Iane Wentworth ...... Mary Frances Wray Helen Steele ....... Stephen Weatherbee ........ lack Craigen ....... . . . . . . .Barbara Strong .C. L. Kendall . . . . . . .Robert Schulez .. . . .Bob Beecroil . . . .Don Dorrell . . . . . . . .Carolyn Keith Spider Sanborn. . . , . , Babe Merrill ........ Mrs. Iohn Cannell.. Henry Tracey ...... A ........ K enneth Lake .Kenneth Dinklage, Keen Fitzpatrick ....... Sunny Boy Sherwood ............. Himself Boney ...................... Iudson Greer Tim McMahon ..... ..... I ay Armstrong Bill Gagen ...... ....... B ob Yates .,......,, ..L M-siAtu....,V......Mg..t.a,, .......t..t '...iN...a,W...,. W-..,.., ...,.-,.. DOH Lib? te PGPG .. 1 o' :il son lim Home STAFF Publicity Manager. . . Costume Manager. . . 1 l wers convincingly t Q 0 rpowell Bettina me scenes with stagehands Eli H Tom Scott, and lack Anderson Us emmidez' PLAY smug OF "SPRING GREEN" . . . . . . . . . .Sally Anderson ...................Susan Thompson Student Directors ........ Lenora Bachman and Doris Plumb Business Manager. . . ......,..............Susan Merriam Assistants .,........... Vincent Coffman and Russell Davis Property Managers ....... Io Ann Oppitz and Beverly Klugg Cornied x l67l ST AFF OF "CLARENCE" Publicity Manager. . . . ........ Ioella Brown Assistant ........ Costume Manager Assistant .,....... Student Director. . . Assistant ........... Business Manager .... Sales Manager .... Assistant ........... Property Manager. . . .... Margaret Tillotson Genevieve Nazarian . . . . . . .Carolyn Keith . . . . .lim Powell . . .Marcia Cole . . . .Don Morrison . . . .Bob Kimmel . . . .Bob Hinrichs .....-loan Siler STAFF OF UMISLEADING LADY" Publicity Managers. Tom McCue and Frances Marie Manning Costume Manager . ......................... Ioella Brown Student Directors. . . .. . .Genevieve Nazarian and Ioan Siler Business Manager ...................... Virjean Bingham Sales Manager ............................. Fred Woods Property Managers.Marjorie Vogel and Dorothy McConnell Dramatic Coach of all Plays ....... Miss Gertrude Wheeler Stage Manager for all 'Plays ..... ..... . .... I . H. Hoehner X is 'll it - I 1 X' lf 5 'l Q l iff' y ff 11,0 'A V l .tl Flqc-27046 ,O lg if 4 lbw 2 4 ll T '47 'li!ll. W a 5 4 ' OiML'5T':1liu . ' . YXZ QTZ? fl' 1? , i g it M Erwin's '44 Topple Slx Foes H57-21-91-hikelu And D. L.'Erwin's men go out to win again. Despite lack of experience and injuries enough to keep a small hospital in business, i'Heavy" and his assistant,,Ad Miller, guided a team which won two-thirds of its schedule and outscored its opponents 148 to 102. Topeka High's 1944 Trojans came out on top of Salina, St. Joe Christian Brothers, St. Joe Central, Leavenworth, Mfyandotte, and Gttawa. They lost to Wichita North, Lawrence, and Wichita East. Although the team was not rankedamong the state's top ten at the season's end, some recognition came when Waylnond Alumbaugh gained a berth on the third All-State team. Four WyGHdOff9 tczcklers p for lone Trojan Shinn gg N 'fff Q19 - 2 ei X X at v TR an 9 P A N 4 ll f ' W 23 t ts, 5 ' llllllllllmllllll 'illpmr les! Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka ..... ... 19 Salina ........ ... 0 19 , , , 38 Christian Brothers. . . 7 Wichita North. . . . , , , 46 St. Ioe Central. . . . . . . 0 Wichita East. . . . . , , , 12 Leavenworth. . . . . , 7 Wyandotte ....... Lawrence ......,. Ottawa .......... ALUMBAUGH, WAYMOND CAMPBELL. DEAN DECKEH, DON center cmd Hdlilwfk DROVETTA. CHARLES DUBAND. DON GAY' KEYTH Quqnerbuck Quarterback Guard Gamer. von uns, mm. Iormson, DALE K Guam. End End Gudfd , ax ' ffllf I t . if 'PW ' v . V ,uk e ... ,. 1. ZONES, BRYCE2 MQCARTI-IY, CHARLES MCCONNEI-L DICK Emi Tackle Huifbdfk iw 'Z V M '43 t ' .-1 '.g'.-.K QQ'- ': MCCORMICK. mm McHENRY. TOM MALLON, DME ? ' r Tackte End Haifback - xx in Tough Season T 1 ,W 'U allzpm fffmmllx it Wo A fi x 4 ,- V I fast ff E - I ! I l w w imma Look at the dummies- Wilson, McCracken and Williams Intramural teams battle it out at Chandler Field This isithe l944 HBH squad. Next year the boys will be cogs in the varsity football machine. Coached by Chet Davenport, the junior gridders captured three contests in their current football season. Capitol Cath- olic was the first to fall before the Trojan- ites, 19 to 0. Wasliburn Rural was the next opponent on the list for the "B" squadders, who fell before the Troy machine 20 to 13. Twelve to 8 was the score against Rossville in the last game. After completing a successful season, the future gridiron greats squared off in inter- squad games. Coach Davenport taught the juniors the ways of the "A" squad and groomed them for future action on the regular team. TARLTON. THOMAS WEAVER, BILL HUGHES. BOB 5114 . Tackle Guard f70l 6' McCRACKEN. DON 1 CHOCKETT. HARRY Tackle End AB, Makes Ready Vnfgmxcx Dodge. Phyllis McCord, Mcxry Kcxy Paige Remember how 21 week before Lhe game everyone had his own iclea about whoin the football tezlin would choose for Home- coming Queen? Then beLween halves ol' the Lawrence-Topeka game. Bob Grab- hain escorted Phyllis Meilorcl Lo the center of the field. There, attended by Mary Kay Paige and Virginia Dodge, with their escorts. Cheerleaders Charles Greene and Lowell Curry. Phyllis reeeivecl her corsage from sixfyear-old Marcia Miller. Murcia Mill ef feced escort, Bob G p es Queen ph 1, Presentation labhcm' back to th yihsl and her o the corsgge- e sidelines une! l Homecoming Grclces Game l71 r ll 1 K . em- f. v ..... W .,..,,-W, , Y., . ,- ...., ,NR ,,,,,,, ,s,,,,,W,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,, IA, Places Second Mfinning I3 games out of a I7-game schedule and reach- ing the' finals in the state tournament, Topeka Highs l944-45 basketball team finished a most successful season. Not since 1932 had Topeka High come so close to the state championship. Building around Maurice Martin, two-year varsity letter- man, and a "B" team which had Won all but three games the previous year, Coach "Chet" Davenport Worked out his first year at Topeka High. Thoroughly trounced by Salina at the start of the season, the Trojan five retaliated by squeezing out a 47-42 win over the Maroons to end the regular schedule. 'Fate ruled, howeverg and Topeka High lost to Salina 45-43 in the last five seconds of the state finals in Emporia, March 23. TOPEKA 45 ATCHISON 22 TOPEKA 39 LAWRENCE 41 TOPEKA 32 COFFEYVILLE Z5 TOPEKA 30 WYANDOTTE 27 TOPEKA 31 COLUMBUS 33 TOPEKA 46 EI. DORADO 30 TOPEK1-l 43 SALINA 45 Apitz shoots from down under Q, x it 5? A 1, Zi ' 1' i WTA? so ,isi 4 mi . f ot"o f . , G3 will T R L . f i't' . J f - it orsl ' i -- if 2 1 V fi i s 4' T 4 4 --a" yi- ' or 4 at 4 , as , V L,-A 2 , I T 3 1 , , fi ' .Q 1 -',,s' T V Maurice Martin I ,,., x Forward Dale Mallon 7 V 'f ii K Forward, Guard , il A W Louis Smith - P21 Center 1 giglygfcvel Earl Hays I Guard TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA NORTHEAST- 27 SALINA 61 WARD 23 LAWRENCE 24 NEWTON 44 WYANDOTTE 27 SHAWNEE MISSION 24 OTTAWA as ST. JOSEPH CENTRAL as WARD 24 NEWTON 43 sT. JOSEPH CENTRAL 24 LAWRENCE 27 WYANDOTTE 26 OTTAWA av WICHITA NORTH aa SALINA 42 .f is 2 4 5 aw:-'w X' T 'L ,R Ii is ,ga X I WW v fy R' r 3 by JE 4 L 5, :L 'Q 4 bfi 'Qi ,, rf T L fi' V'- ' w :Br , , , -, ,fe Rates N ,-.1- Q ,Z gfllg 7 - '51 X J 1 F , - W ver "A" SQUAD R w 2. Hc1YS.L.Smith,K1'HQh" Mmm' eu ,, 1ur..1JAnrv, 0 ' Y "B" SQUAD H Lambert. I M Conne . Ulsh R Dcxvis Wall' Archer' Bensorith, Earmer, Brunner!!- C113ciiti1ettiXcE?c1i,ii1heii'..P1lLd1r1lsi:ifri. Ziminei, Dru1'Yf Bliss' Soucy' S' m Highlighting a successful season by handing the Newton 'B' squad its first defeat in two years, the Junior Trojans made the best record of the past several years. Coach Ad Miller, in his first year at Topeka High, pushed the 'B' team to victory in 13 of the 14 games played. The one loss was suffered in the first tilt with Newton on Newton's court. Season Record TOPEKA 33 HIGHLAND PARK 'A' 23 TOPEKA 24 SALINA 13 TOPEKA 35 WARD 16 TOPEKA 20 LAWRENCE 18 TOPEKA 13 NEWTON 23 TOPEKA 40 WYANDOTTE 24 TOPEKA 27 OTTAWA 14 TOPEKA 30 WARD 18 TOPEKA 30 NEWTON 24 TOPEKA'30 LAWRENCE 27 TOPEKA 33 ROSSVILLE 'A' 24 TOPEKA 29 WYANDOTTE 28 TOPEKA 44 OTTAWA 35 TOPEKA 45 SALINA 34 T741 I Captained by Blackwell and Douglas, the Ramblers stormed their way into the state tournament at Kansas City, Mo. Their season was packed with difficulties. Douglas graduated in January, and Merle Ross, their first coach, was called to the Army. Wendell Johnson coached for the rest of the season. Players were Barker. Blackwell, Burton, Douglas, Hardy, Hodi- son, Redmon, Ridley, A. Shinn, Shinn. and Sudduth. The Hanllilers we-re one of the 1945 Slllll'lUXK'UI"S casuf alties in the matter of photography. After tries on var- ious on-easions, the staff lacked courage to ask thr- long:-suffering: team to assenihle another time. Rambler cheerleaders Crawford, Smith, Douglas, and Dixon, spur their team to victory SP Vie for Student Time Cliniaxingits season at an eight-team state meet at Wichita the second week in May, C. A, Hays' baseball team slugged. its way through another successful season. In its first four games it lost only to Wyaiiclfitte. Withcitlt any out- standing stars the whole team played consist- ently good ball. liuiuy wa-ullu-i' ut. tlu- wrong: moments pri-1'entv1l tha- Sun Hower from gettim: a picture of the l943 hast-hall tvam The picture would have invludr-1l 15 lroys: Allllllliiillgfill, Bliss Dim-hl, Dodson, llays, Kinyon, Mei'ounell, Mcllonuhl, Mei Henry, Ransom, Rr-augh, S'elu'oer, Schulte, Shultz, and Steves. GIRLS' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS l75l Hotze, Bullock, Barr, Holcombe. Absent: Sudlow. +263 I BOYS' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS McCarthy. McCormick, Hughes, Franzke. Ab- sent: Schuler, Richmond. Under the supervision of Coach D. L. Erwin, an intramural basketball league was formed in January. Ten captains were named by i'Heavy" to choose their players. The teams proved exceptionally well-matched, and for the first time since intramural basketball teams were formed in To- peka High School, the competition was keen and interest high. Bob Schuler's team, although a loserin the playoff, emerged league champion. '1 1 J 1 1 1 1 l 4 l 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 l I 4 l 1 l l 1 A l i 1 l I 1 1 l 1 4 1 1 1 l l l Show Stuff 3 With l2 returning lettermen out for track, Coach D. L. Erwin's season S' r b g egan promisingly with victories over g Lawrence a g nd Atchison and a tie with . Shawnee Mission. The letterman nucleus included Al Apitz, pole vault, Dale Mallon, pole l vau t and javeling Art Shinn, 220 and 440 dashes, Jack Shinn, high jump, Frank Lee, high jump, Dick Pringle, 220 and 4405 Don Grant, 440, Dean Williams, 440 and 880, Ray Steves, mile, Bryce Jones mile' Tom Celvi . , , H, hurdles, Bob Chalmers, low hurdles and broad jump. Among the other men who have brought up Topeka's quota of points are Jack Lambert and Marlin Dav' is, dashes and high hurdles, Paul Cook, discus, Don Decker, mile, and Bill Schovee, mile. Above: Alley-oop Apitz. Below: Shinn, Pringle set the pace. TRACK fu. Row 1: Chalmers, Davis, Brooks Cook , , Apitz, Brown, Gleichenhaus, Lambert, Decker, Iones, Shinn. Row 2: Bunten, Schovee, Pringle, Emerson, Wilson, Benson, Schnacke, Smith, Williams. Gelvin, Lee. Row 3: Skoog, Stratton, Percival, Ulsh, Davis, Barrett, Smith, Hodison, Pearson. Hangel. Row 4: .D. L. Erwin Ccoachb, Adams, Keeling, Metzger, Edmonds, Durand, Brosius, Durall, Stenzel. Soucy, Ad Miller tcoachl. l76l ,- --. - W TENNIS h L nde McCue lVlcCarthY- Williams' Francis! Froni IOW2 Af? er' Y ' hi Hernandez. Mclfarran, ' Allen, MGC em' Back row: Flemmgf With five returning lettermen, the outlook was bright for a 1945 tennis team that might meet the standards set by its predecessors. The standards to be met were tough. but W. Barnett has more state championships under his belt than any other coach in Kansas with both his '43 and '44 teams undefeated. Judging from the manner in which the netsters polished off their first opponent. Wyandotte, and continued to make rapid improvement. little doubt remained but what once again Topeka High would make a strong bid for the state title. The first six players in order of their positions were: Dick Mechem, Frank Allen, Bob Grabham, Tom McCue. Charles McCarthy, and Glen Archer. Archer, a Sopho- more, will be the only returning letterman next year. COACHES baseball' D L Erwin' oo 1 ' ' - . 'll , i ht E L Fink QOH3 C' A' Hays' W. I. Barnett, tennis, Ad M1 er From len to Eg enporl. basketball and football: ki Che' uv ' k. lbcglball. basketball. and 'mc i tball Gnd LF GO T" Front row: Copeland, Holt, E. L. Fink. Back row: Knight, Allison, Hall, Estes. Minus a coach and with only one re- turning letterman. prospects for a golf team looked gloomy indeed. about March l5. At that point E. I.. Fink came to the rescue. Coach Fink worked out a schedule with Emporia, Wichita Fast, and Rosedale. The state tournaa ment at Salina completed the season. Dick Hall and Bob Knight were kept busy battling each other for numbei one position, While Keith Holt and Bob Estes held down the three and four spots. Other prospective players were Don Al- lison and Malcolm Copeland. l77l 111- Home was never like this! When tomorrow brings its New World, the A'Girls in Green" expect to be ready. Under the direction of Mrs. Gladys Ban- gerter, Mrs. Veronne Crawford. and Mrs. Helen Miller, they have been preparing for an active, even strenuous life. From the first 'LOne-two-three-fouru to the last blessed A'Classes halt!", the girls have done exercises scientifically designed to condition muscles. ,Intramural games stimulated interest in basketball, volley ball, soft ball and other sports. In the Fall. the bright targets of archery could be seen on the athletic field. - Girl Show Prowess 1" Mercilessly the count goes on "One, two, three. 10111- l78l Maybe you don'l think this is hcxd work! Gleeiul teachers rest, while studenls toil , Vwwmy in , Vexjfpgawsgw K A minuie later the target bristied with cxfrows Q., P ff" i. i -, ff--1-.mi gr- vgn wg? M e e i Fast play. iew bruised shins-iield hockey! Topeka High Celebrates 75111 Birthday Topeka High Schoo1's Home in 1871 Topeka High Schoo1's Home since 1931 180 Graduating Class of 1882 If it Were a Wedding anniversary that Topeka High School celebrated this spring. the occasion would have been the diamond anniversary-for Topeka High this year was 75 years old. Beginning with a groupxof five neW1y-graduated grade school pupi1s, a high school class was organized in April, 1870, although the official opening was held in Lincoln School more than a year later, in September, 1871. The first c1ass to finish was graduated in 1877. The high school occupied a build- ing to itself for the first time in 1894 at Eighth and Harrison, and its present home was opened in Septem- ber, 1931. Congratulations to Topeka High School on completing three-quarters of a century of com- munity service! ..,..-541151: . ' .,.. Graduating Class of 1944 Tying Hufm 19, Lf40dg,S'?01ff 2 right C llxrvs x 'br . '11 f 000 ' L 6 Riqhier Andexsora Ifuth Sloug' dem e bro1r:1?12s-. 15C1'SO11bf1yE'111d2'L . . , C, ' Debmers Slgdfiar and luckson. on Qsslglqsisgjliorrjeenderxggn Q0 1057912 fer 1 , s, . cmd 115001800 Slyyhe Sffoogoke, S 111 ' ' MC iss Above: Debukexs ' S . . 58112 'ssa Cox Below? CQGCD Gr ef . Pee!-sflelce S! 0 S eck Their Minds P Preparing to meet tomorrow's world with keen, analytical minds andevigorous delivery, members of the Debating Club spent their year in after-school study, in- 'school arguing, and countless meets. Coached by Miss Ruth Stout, the debaters en- tered tournaments at Pittsburg, Shawnee Mission, Wyaiidotte, Wichita North, and Salina, in addition to qualifying for many invitational meets. A highly successful season was climaxed when the debaters defeated Wyandotte and Shawnee Mission to win the District Championship. The teams was financed by the Snack Shop and profits from several Varsities. As one of its many activities, the library, under Miss Esther Peer's supervision. offered the Debate squad every type of book. Special attention was given also .to collections of books, available to students doing exceptional work in English. Miss ' ' ' Stonebraker and Miss Harriet Tomson. Peers was assisted by Miss Bernice Assist with Clqss Officers Each class has its election, its party, and its special section of assembly seats. What's more, each is assisted in its organization by a committee of teachers, whose hairman is the official class sponsor. their course under the direction of Miss c . This year the new Sophomores began . s have looked to Mrs. Esther Kingman. Last l f Rida Duckwall. Juniors for, two year. Fall Miss Mabel Fry assumed the leadership of the Senior class, taking the p ace 0 Miss Edna Austin, who had been the sponsor for two years but this year was excused ' ' nsors meet with class, officers as advisors. beca use of outside duties. The spo f81l Biologists study Nc1ture's airplanes 1, Erunmrs Carolina is the subject Pupils gather as Mr. Hoehner instructs E821 Lu Verne removes kinks from cz motor Switch holds no mystery for Carl Posture doesn't bothex Roger! Believe it or not . . . Latin Gadgets bultle photographers. not radio students l83J Plan for Future l 4 AP K In the shop TRADE SCHUUI. Trains Hands A radio mechanic hard at work So well equipped and staffed that the Gov- ernment is using its facilities for returning service men, the Trade School at 620 Harrison gives vocational training to many Topeka High School students. Headed by P. W. Chamness, the school offers courses in such fields as radio-mechanics, electricity, welding, and photography. Cl Coiam 5 46109 le XQQGXQ 9 d xii-22332 34 oncskxo 00 l Ykqilcifgxne X01 ' I i W0 Instructor Iohn Poqson and machine shop pupils Concentration marks student faces i841 WOODWIND QUARTET-Gloria Lundblade. Lee Wagy, Marsha Baker, Norman Smith, Marilyn Lindberg. "It is my pleasure to present an instru- mental group from the music' department of Topeka High School." This introduction preceded many Civic meetings at which the Flute Quartet, the VVoodWind Quartet Strin Ensemble or Trumpet Trio have fi: ..-,1 1, .. A, .,. .. .in ,. .p-1 ,M-,H 5 -az .W . -12:25 -W' Hi. ' . wwtflff ,tw--.V. '.,1gj,ff3tii'93g2 f' ' V z'3wrvi55.9:5'l . J I . ':nkiQ N,. . . +:,k.,,..2'1 V -' Lf' "f"f"i7f' E. ,iiiiiii-' P Tifiifs- . ,,msg-frsfii' aa' i?.s:m5m-ar'-s " -, -.4 . g . played this year. These groups have done much to heighten the reputation of Topeka Highs music department throughout the city. FLUTE QUARTET-Marsha Baker, Phyllis Searle, Ruth Balka. Pat Lamar. Accompanist, Marilyn Lindberg. ' MUSICIANS Heighten School Prestige TRUMP A ET TR ccompllnisf, girfinne No ty Seffle 6' Iccquelin ' e STRING ENSEMBLE-Phyllis Searle, Paula Parks. Carl Bilger. Roberta Knoll, Virginia Yardley. Iackie Kirk, Marian Seaman, Betty Barkis, Doris Walters, Bob Pettijohn, Don Morse. lasl 4 Kifkl Ram CHU Ri epen N. Q Here Comes the f 'AI Love a Parade!" And so does the Trojan band. ln their familiar gold and black uniforms, members par- ticipated in many local parades and bond rallies this year. By playing for civ-ic affairs, the band and its di- rectors, C. McKee and Robert Rue, became aswell known to the rest of Topeka as they are at the high school. ' And school spirit-the band isj full of it! A big pep rally-the band is ready..'A' half-time demonstration for one of the gamesftihej band, of'-course! - l8Sl l . Listen! the "Say It with Music." The orchestra does just that. Whenever it is needed, for intermissions of school plays, for assemblies, for Open House-the Topeka High or- chestra can be depended on. Its busy schedule this year included playing for "The Gondoliersf' assisting in civic meetings, and finally wind- ing up a successful season with an evening concert. As a part of the Spring assembly and evening concert, Donna Holm played Grieg's Piano Concerto with the orchestra. A'Say It with Musicu? Of course! lavl ,.... T 1 1 1 i 1 I 1 l i 1 1 In rainbow pastel iormals. girls of the Senior Glee pleased the eye as well as the ear of a student assembly From left to right: Greenwood, Kirk, Drake, Whitney, Dyer. Strong Senior Girls' A charming, familiar sight, the Girls' Senior Glee has sung its way through another year. Directed by Don Gleckler, they have enter- tained various civic clubs. In an assembly and in a Spring musicale the girls presented a well- balanced program that included modern and classical works. They participated in the Trinity Musicale and assisted Arnold Lynch, organist and pianist. in his recital. Although they did not enter the Music Festival at Lawrence as a glee club, 36 members attended in ensembles and as soloists. Soloists included JoAnn Dyer, Janice Drake, Marcia Greenwood, Jacqueline Kirk, Barbara Strong, and Joan Whitney. The accompanist was Donna Lou Holm. Row 1: Holm, Greenwood, Wray, Golden, Creel, Miller, Christman, Drake, Bennett, Sieben, Pantier, French, Brouse, Whitney. Row 2: Knowlton, Martin, Rieber, Hutchison, Clark, Bradshaw, Whitney, Rippey, Commons, Brown, Fitzgerald, Abbott, Hill, Steele Shearer, Oppitz. Row 3: Chubb, Hodges, Martin, Moifat, Kauffman, Hillhouse, Dyer. Meggino, Kirk, Strong, Zimmer, McConnell, Baker, Butler. f88l BOYS' SENIOR GLEE Row 1: Kurl, Bryant, Anderson, Schlichter, Moore, Mosher, Reaugh, Hopkins, Longstaii. Row Z: Director Robert Rue, Brown, Hardy, Hudson, Allison, Williams, Sisco, Caniield, Hickey, Wright. Accompanist Phyllis Duncan. Row 3: Kramer, Stubbings, Parnell, Ponte, Fopeano, Dorrell, Youngdoil, McCracken. Members who left for the Armed Forces just before picture was taken: Williams, Cathey, Dodge, Morse, Wardell, Zirkle, Robards. Groups Entertain Many Forced to sing 21 little louder als. one by one, ineinbers left to join the Armed Forces. the Boys' Glee gave ri full year of generous service to Topeka High and the whole city. They sang in high school assem- blies and zu all six unior Highs. Their season included virtually every civic club in Topeka. They even managed to sing at four conventions before conventions were banned. Under the direction of Robert Rue and ziccoinpanied by Phyllis Dun- can, the boys' repertoire included works ranging from l4th century composers to spirtuals and Fred Wlaring. Boys' Glee gave an assembly program on moming that Don Morse lextreme leitl reported for Navy service. las 1 F EL The Publications STAFFS Ioumcilism students pcxuse utter ci 'potluck' supper! SUNFLOWER EDITORIAL STAFF - DICK' BARNETT, Editor - DOROTHY VINCENT, Assistant Editor - MARGARET TILLOTSON, Lithographing Manager - KATHLEEN CONNOLLY, LILYAN SYDENHAM, Departmental Editors MARIAN SEAMAN, STEWART RANKIN, BOB YATES, Photography - 'GEORGANNE ROBB, DIRLETON ZIMMER, ROGER FRANZKE, BOB RHODES, Art - STAN EMERSON, ROGER FRANZKE, Sports, 3 ROSALIE READY, Assistant Departmental Editor - BERNIE WANNER, TED SCHOWENGERDT, CLARENCE GIDEONQ DONALD BAHR, Layouts. BUSINESS STAFF - EVELYN AKERS, Business Manager - MARCIA COLE, Secretary - DORIS GRANGER, ANN COWGER, SALLY ANDERSON, LEAH TKATCH, Ad Solicitors - BOB RHODES, Layout Editor BOB HUGHES, Circulation Manager - RONALD EDDY, Auditor. FALL WORLD EDITORIAL STAFF -TOM GELVIN, Editor - NOEL FLEMING, Assistant Editor - MILA WILLIAMS, News JACK HILL, Editorials - STAN EMERSON, Sports - ROGER FRANZKE, JACK GLEICHENHAUS, BOB HUGHES, Sports Assistants - PORTIA ANDERSON, 'Girls in Green' - MADELYN FLEEK, JOYCE WHITLOW, 'Periseope' - BOB BEECROFT, VIRGINIA DODGE, Features - DOROTHY VINCENT, 'Around the YVorld' PATTY DITCH, Exchanges - MONNA LEE HUTCHISON, Junior Red Cross - MARY KIEHL, War Service JOELLA BROWVN, Literary - EULIS CATHEY, 'Sepia Sketchesf BUSINESSS STAFF.- KENNETH LAKE, Business Manager - JOAN WHITNEY, NORMAN SMITH, CYNTHIA WAHLE, EVELYN HILLHOUSE, Assistant Managers CAROLYN KEITH, 'Down the Avenue' - MARCIA COLE, Secretary - CARL DAVIS, Circulation - RONALD EDDY, Auditor. 2 SPRING WORLD EDITORIAL STAFF - NOEL FLEMING, Editor - DON LIBERT, Assistant Editor - CARL DAVIS, News JACK HILL, Editorials - ROGER FRANZKE, Sports - JACK GLEICHENHAUS, BOB HUGHES, Sports Assistants ABETTYJO FREDERICK, 'Girls in Green' - MARY KIEHL, CAROLYN KEITH, 'Periscope' '- PORTIA ANDERSON, JOELLA BROWN, Features f MARCIA COLE, 'Around the VVorld' - BOB RHODES, Staff Artist - MARGARET TILLOTSON, Junior Red Cross - IRIS LOGAN, War Service - DOROTHY CRAVVFORD, Sepia Sketches. BUSINESS STAFF -JOAN WHITNEY, Business Manager e NORMAN SMITH, JUDITH MCCOY, Assistant Mun- agers - BOB BEECROFT, 'Down the' Avenue' - MARCIA COLE, Secretary - PATTY DITCH, Circulation RONALD EDDY, Auditor. I MISS RUTH E.. HUNT, General Advisor - MISS LAURA HANLEY, Art Advisor - C. A. HAYS, Printing Advisor. T901 I 1 ,. ,,,.,,, . ., .A ,,,, tue, LLM. ..I-Iillhouse' . swii - Busmess me DGVYS 1 World I Wu ' Exe AWhimeY' Luke Ad Chasers Finance WURLD Fall Business Manager Kenneth Lake S U11 9 Iocm Whitney ag I pring Business M Sprmg World Busine ISU ss Staff-McCoy, Whitne , H y illhousle, Cole, Ditch ...Max Q Q 5 vw..- Tom Galvin' Educ' With Poindexter in tears over his failure to get the teachers he wanted, the l944 Fall Worlcl began publication. Not much later the election took top billing. Then came a never-ending flow of 'news-the changed Proctor system, the junior play, 'iSenior Sneak dayf, football games, the All-School party, and Christmas vacation. Trojans returned from their vacation, weak from merriment. Boys nearing 18 years began to feel Uncle Sam's whiskers on their necks. Girls noticed a rising short- age of males and with these thoughts in mind the semester ended. It has been a pleasure to write for your paper. ' Tom "TG" Gelvin Foll Completes News-full Semester First Row: Vincent, Brown, Fleek, Keith, Kiehl, Hill, Williams Second Row: Beecroft. Ditch. Gleichenhcxus, Gelvin Cedilorl, Hughes, Dcxvis, Emerson New absentee regulations opened an ac- tion-packed Spring term. College day with all its excitement came next, followed by bond sales and the first rumblings of the 'fWagon VVheel." Then the Board of Educa- tion re-elected Acting Principal Weaver and the administrative heads of the Topeka sys- tem to give the struggling YVorld one real news chance. - A victorious finale to the basketball sea- son was "top story" as the team began its climb to finals in the stateg f'Clarence," Honor "TH points, a fine Junior-Senior Prom, and the school's seventy-fifth anniver- sary took top billing in their respective weeks. The Senior play, f'Misleading Lady," music concerts, class day, and commencement ended things for that semester and the l945 Spring World. Noel Fleming N061fP1 S . , eming Pnng Wm-1d Ed ffor Spring Features New Absentee Rules From left to right: Keith, Cole, Brown, Smith, Dcxvis. Kiehl, Frcmzke, Tillotson, Hughes, Fleming Ceditorl, Rhodes, Gleichenhcxus, Libert ,suv ,Q mf 1 Q r 93l wiring Evelyn Akers Business Momcxger Business stuff: Rhodes, Hughes, Akers, Tkcrtch, Anderson, Granger, Cowger, Cole Depleted Staff Qnnuq ,S Occup hm f94 Dorothy Vincent Assistant Editor Dick Barnett Editor Continues Without Editor YVell. youigot your Sunflower. You probably weren't worriedg you knew you'd get it. You knew-but the staff didn't! For Trouble was erched on P . every paper-cutter. It was lurking be- hind ever door. It smiled at the a Jer Y P I shortage. It chuckled at the film and' Hash bulb shortage. It laughed out loud when Dick Barnett left for the Mer- chant Marine. Trouble was ever present, but it got a good beating. Evelyn Akers and her competent team of ad-chasers worked a whole flock of miracles in the advertis- ing section. Dorothy Vincent filled Diek's seven-league boots with her own small feet and covered the remaining territory with equal swiftness. You got your Sunflower all right, and Trouble is nursing its wounds. Editorial stoii: Connolly, Kiehl, Vincent, Franzke. Barnett Rhodes, Tillotson, Sydenham l95l Handling the sale of bonds and stamps, pinch-hitting on the Ration Board, and fur- nishing a memorial case for the names ol Topeka High School boys in overseas service, the Victory Corps Council was one of the most active organizations of the school. Sponsored -in the Fall semester by Miss Carmie VVolfe, the Council was headed by Don Taylor. Jeanne Rea was elected coin- rnander-in-chief by the student body. At Illld-ICTIH, Miss Milicent Hosnier be- came sponsor. Kenneth Dinklage was general and Helen Johnson had charge of Filling orders. Auditing was done by inernbers of H. D. ShotWell's classes. VICTORY CORPS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF AND STAFF Seated: Hull, Rea, Bervert. Standing: Vincent, Miller. :Z Active Sells Bonds l9Sl VICTORY CORPS COUNCIL How lr Morse, Martin, Crosby Iohnson, Dinklcxge, Mowry. Row 2: Serge, Taylor, Grab ham, Greenwood. Row 3: Hcxmmcxrlund, Young Powell, Hull, Vincent, Rea Miller, Bervert, Stringer Besse, Anderson. Miller. Iust keeping truck oi the change RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Hoover, Stolpe, Woodward. Row l: Snyder, Butler, Emrick, Marston, Hesse, Pepper, Gordon, Dubach, Boyd. Row 2: Pringle, Dinklage, Stanley, Erwin, McKnauqht, Besse, Duran. Rhodes, Wolfe, Miss Grandon. ' There's the Junior Red Cross Coun- cil. It s members, under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Grandon, worked hard this year, and through their efforts to- morrow's New Worlcl was brought a second nearer. Cookies and gift bags were Sellt to Wiiiter General Hospital, as well as subscriptions to ten magazines. Three subscriptions were given also to the Topeka Army Air Field. Ten con- valescent tables were made by l.oren Nuzman's woodworking classes and sent to VVinter Hospital. More than 3,300 pounds of paper were collected the tirst semester. and 2.025 pounds in the First Spring drive. This paper was school waste that otherwise would have been burned. Junior Spurs War Effort JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCXL Baling for Victory ,g . Row l: Kimmell, Smith, Williams, Kirkpatrick, Deitz, Davis. Row 2: Hamilton, Hutchison, Paige, Tillotson, Minich,,Saville, VVhitney, Newman. Row 3: Miss Merle Fowler, Searle, Lindberg, Delis, Shyne, Woods, Stringer, Lund- blade, Lamar. Pollom, Klugg, Miss Ruth Grandon. i971 Something unseen Shout for Foocl Oh, stop your grilling! You're not kidding anyoneg you've 1 -K - . . kr - . had swell cafeteria lunches, in spite of ration restrictions and help shortage which provoked inany an uneasy inoinent for Miss Eunice Youngquist, cafeteria director. Besides providing HEAD HOSTS AND HOSTESSES Seated: Steenson, Christmcm, Martin Paige Standing: Pringle, Mcrllon, Schovee Lake An other-school snuck an adequate diet for students, the cafeteria also was able for the first time to give free lunches to visiting service nien. Hosts and Hostessesthis year sat one at a table instead oi two. Headed by E. L. Fink in the Fall and by Mrs. Esther Kingman in the Spring. the faculty connnittee included Miss Bernice Boyles, Miss Merle Fowler, Miss Mary Hopkins. Miss Rosella Kerr, Mrs. Kingman and Mr. Fink. V. 4 For the lunch lines l98l They .Find gf, Q "As Peggy of the Flint Hills Sees It" at Ir. Press meeting V QUILL AND SCROLL Bowl: Whitney, Cole. Vin- cent, Sydenham, Brown. Row 2: Akers, Kiehl, Keith. Row 3: Libert, Gelvin, Flem- ing, Bctmett, Davis. "Ladies of the press" made up this year's Junior Press Club with the ex: ception of Kenny Dinklage. president. Twice the club edited feature pages of the VVorld, published a leaflet. "Stage Fright." a d V e r t i s i n g the Masque and Wig play. and heard sev- eral guest speakers. Mary Snyder was vice-presidentg Kathleen Connolly, secretary-treasurer. l99l In a year when the importance of news was manifested time and time again. l8 students were initiated into Quill and Scroll. lnternational Honor- ary Society of High School Journalists. Competent oflicers were elected. and it is in their hands that next yearls YVorld and Sunflower rest. Noel Fleming is presidentg .lack Hill. vice-presidentg Don Libert. secretary: Joan YVhitney. treasurer. 1 4 IUNIOR PRESS 1 Seated: Scott, McCc1ig, Lawson, McCue, Vincent, Webb. Standing: Dinklcxge, Snyder, Connolly, Ellis, Cowger, Willis, Metzenthin, Zchourek, Walker. , l Eulis Cathey Chairman oi Colored Advisory Council Loyce Abbott Superintendent of Election PHYLLIS WI-IEATLEY GIRL RESERVES From left to right: Newman. Abbott. Fitzgerald. Dixon. Stovall. Smith, Gatewood. COLORED ADVISORY COUNCIL Seated: Gardenhire, Cathy. Abbott, Fitzgerald. Standing: Hodison. Powell. The Colored Advisory Council plans' social affairs for colored students. Dorothy Fitzgerald and James Harmon shared the chair- manship left vacant by F.ulis Cathey at midterm. Dorothy Crawford replaced John Powell. Miss Bernice Fuller as sponsor guided the planning of the All- School Party, the youth center A'Downbeat,H and other events. CUUNCII. Plans Activities On the Phyllis Wheatley list of activities was a party for new stu- dents, cheering the Ramblers, en- tertaining Marian Anderson. The cabinet was composed of Dorothy Fitzgerald, president, Wilberta Gatewood, Mary New- man, and Cecelia Smith, vice- presidentsg Phyllis Brandon, sec- retary-treasurerg Betty Stovall, p r o g r a m chairman, Georgia Dixon, social chairman. Iohn Powell Senior Representative Edward Hodlson Iunior Representative il00l Marlene Gcxrdenhire Sophomore Representative For 22 Senior girls. a pink call slip helcl no terror. They were the members of thc Senior Girls' Council. and to them at call slip was just Miss Annabel Pringle's way ol' announcing a meeting. Chosen by the faculty lor personality. scholarship, and character. the girls were organixecl for service. They worked closely with Miss Pringle on the Sophomore in- cluction assembly ancl tea. Sophomore or- ientation, Career Night for girls, and the College Day tea. They You . A P' - I Row l: Scott, French, Bodkin, Bachman, Klugg, Granger, Scrinopskie, Tillotson, Vogel, Plumb, Merriam. Row 2: Siler, Brown, Cole, Anderson, Kauffman, Thomp- son, Knowlton, Martin, Yardley. I Row 3: Keith, Hernandez, Dinklage, Anderson, Powell Libert, Dorrell, Williamson. Row 4: Scott, Turner, Beecroit, Ward, Schuler. Davis. By bringing "Clarence" to 'l'o- peka Highs stage. the Masque and Wlig club earned your grateful ap- plause. The club is composed ol' everyone who has participated in the production ol' a school play. and from its ranks are chosen the Thespians. i1o1l Row 1: Golden, Rice, Creel, Saville, Cole, Eddy. Row 2: Steenson, Barkis, Euwer, Dodge, Drake, Miss Pringle Csponsorl Row 3: Tillotson, Bingham, Paige, Dietz, Holm, Kirk, Searle. Absent: Hamilton, Hillhouse, Kirkpatrick, Strong, Wray. -Ierry Yewell. presidenti luclson Greer. vice-presiclentg anal Marjorie K irkpatrick. secretary- treasurer, guiclecl the 'llhespian Society through a busy year, Sponsoretl by Miss Certrutle Wfheeler. the society helcl informal meetings where they cliscussecl drannatics. Row 1: Kauffman, Scrinopskie, Bachman. Nail, Fleek, Brown, Siler, Bodkin, Knowlton. Row 2: Dinklage, Williams, Plumb, Keith, Lilly, Cole. Bingham, Wray. , Row 3: Dorrell, Powell, Anderson, Scott, Taylor, Lake, Greer, Kendall. Row 4: Hernandez, Libert, Turner, Gelvin, Righter. Schuler. --rw W 'ln-mwnvk V M Cormick. Greer' Nui-T. 'Steves 5th Rowi nw" " lst Row: Tgni:iJeIfPring1e'. Greene' MCHSDYY 2nd Bowi Minehead, HGYS- Mauon' D - I 3rd HOW: H ' O h "l"ClUB When the eamera Went off by mistake, surprised members of the "T" club were caught with their dignity down. The club is composed of Varsity letter Winners from Topeka High's various athletic groups. Dale "Swede" johnson was pres- ident, and D. L. Erwin, sponsor. Cheerleader Ienny Nczzaricm heads for "the Wild blue yonder" L1021 X ... .... i .Q .,.. .1:i'.-.....m..giu,..-.. t,.....,,.- '.,,,,.,,4,,,,,,L . , Q,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,L,1lM,M.g,,,,.H:,,,,,J.,,,, .... .A ,3 H I- -,..i....,,v,,,,,4 he.. Cheerle d fl e . rs Nfllariqn These G , C IosbY- Greene i MCC d ox . Scott, Curry' Maine Lund ' gfen roups Aid -2 1' Wcirkiiig so smoothly that you prob- ably weren't aware of their existence. the Game .Cadets have been behind the scenes oi every home athletic event. Under the sponsorship of Carl P. Snyder and S. H. Stark, they sold and collected tickets and passed out the printed pro- grams. Fall otiicers were: general man- ager. Bill Hulsoppleg assistant manager, Phillip Fisherg sales manager. Bob Mc- Caigg auditor joan Miller. Spring oth- cers were: general manager, Kenneth Dinlclageg sales manager. Evelyn Hill- houseg and auditor, Nancy Smith. First Row: Golden, Euwer, Tkatch, Merriman, Scrinopski, Far- mer, Willard, Erwin. Second Row: Williams, Drake, Hoist. Strong, Kirkpatrick, Minich. Bolhuis. Dodge, Paige. Third Row: Kastrup, Flenniken. Perry, Deitz. H031 First Row: Sydenham, Emrick, Tillotson, Sage, Dinklcqe, Mills, Whitney. Second Bow: Miller, Hulsopple, Yardley. Robb, Hyde, Smith, Besse, S. H. Stark. Lambert. "Ummmfchocolatel'' Yes. chocolate 'n' hot dogs 'n' colces 'n' everythingl 'Thanks to the Concession Stand llfork- ers. you were able to satisfy that hall- tinie hunger. The sponsor was G. C. llieniets. the captains were Pat Deit7 and Arlene lluwer. and the manager was Robert Grabhani. N rc., ,Md So E the Lesson! H041 Q ' t X 4 0 sys-Q p among .Q QA v fx A ' 'iv-.v .' , .su if ' J." A . n - 5 1 1 . L -413 Qi . ni 1 1 .i , , 'v fx .QQ , 4 N A Younll bei The Davis-Wellcome PRETTY AS A PICTURE Mortgage Co. MOTOR IN A PHOTOGRAPH TUNE-UP TAKEN AT MONEY TO LOAN , We Specialize on A615416 Youth Fo Q F. H4 A. Loank Fgllgwship AUTOMOTIVE 0 ELECTRICIANS 111 West Sixth St. 4 Phone 8161 Lowman FN Methodist Church Knoll Battery S 4 Electric Co' I Q PcrStor, REV. FRANK E, BRIGHT 3 1015 phone 1 101 Phone Kansas Ave' g MUIVCIHS ' 1 , e Wall-Dittenclerfer I A 1 Mortuary lzvznvrnluo ELECTRICALX L f . i I, O,-, ,f 2' - " . EU lllttltllltli JOE ' ww TRUJAN Phone 3-2326 - 723 WEST SIXTH T If L ' B1 1 7 618 Kansas Ave. S Ove In shgocglzily cried S It happened just this Week? HEADQUARTERS FOR TOPEKA He never noticed me until E KANSAS My GRACE CLOTHES h, N All Student Needs The ma e me C lc' FOUNTAIN PENS FINE TATIONERY G R d T W FICTION AND NON-FICTION ra-Vee ea V' 0' ear' CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS f 720 KANSAS AVENUE TEXT BOOKS AND SUPPLIES The Junior Shop of Topeka MOORE STATIONERY CO. 909 Kansas Ave. host , THE COATS JURDAN S GROCERY co. Honey-Krushecl 808 W TWELFTI-I ST. Wheat Bread Ph ' D A ones 3-2331 PROPER For M338 HAm-sHAPxNG the Students ' NUTRITIOUS FOR A Health and Happmess GQQD PERMANENT TOPEKA HIGH C AFETER1A 'T' .. +3 A Student Servzce JEWELRY O i -nf Gifts for all Occasions 595531 on FINGER WAVE TRY US Patch Beauty Shop CAPITOL FEDERAL Savings 8: Loan Assn tS h Ask Jane cmwa Y about CSUI' 429Kansa venue M RUN I Home Loans 'Phone 2- 674 ' ' EXPERT TIRE an - RECAPPING Insured The Martin - VULCANIZING Savings Lumber Company HQLT SL SCN y ' DELICIOUS IS THE FOUNDATION g I 0 0 o A ' 'U --' ,lv v.A Q 0 P 0 809 Kansas Avenue KK I ' F9 1 el I N A?-W-'ac ' I ' . -i A N, Kansas a ixt 0 0 0 s A I a 7 J 10 h and Quincy 13110116 5710 LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL t - I um CHRISTOPHER STUDIO E HAM Q46 ' QM Qiwgzowet MMM4 f u? MOSBY-MACK DIAL 4121 H091 V 15, , . - -l'u'i!i.' ' 1 . :l!i:!fl'f'-' . 3 , , 32 4. . 5 11335, 1 -.sf ,a-, -1 dn I, V -",i U ' ,. M ,ev , :wi 419 X 4 .lib . I - . 'Q K , ,Lin F K h H , .m,,. my hm. ' . . ,. H ' K ' ,, . V' I , 0, . .. 1 , .ir K ' 'Q ,us l , -K-' .naw ,Q 4 ,Q .mv , A A A i ' ,E , , A 'nn , f , K ' J Q. ,L,' W L L -5' i rf ,K ---f , A 51 . gt K 1 k.y- - , .- If A f - f ' AY k ' k , L 9 A , I . ' L . V L - , ' 7,29 WWt , 5 X V I I 1 r K X 'I 1. Ak 'ip fn 'Ia 7:- vi. 15: , vp' J vf? I 1 un . 7. L T "Va-. f i G ' 5 44' O 'D f . , s , h 0 y . 1 -Ag ,Q , 1 -. 6 - Oo' ' . . 42.3, v xx Q V S ' ' Vo' s ' 3- s" ' 4,4',vv 'Q 1' 0ofvo,,,-- 5 Q ,. A V ".,. s' , ' p wdf If . , f 4 4194 , I he I Ivfx- 56' X W S 1 5 ' ' 5.59 Av' V ,od Av . I ' 9 ,Ninn S Q4 ...::P' lt' 1 1 Q . Q, ' A- - o If ,v AV YM ,O JI' ,. D ' 5' Q n' Qt' . I. 5,1 'si' 1 AKD' ' A - Q , 1 A cf - NT f .J 'fr E ' .vi If . AW Q 2' '4 o t . '32, , V A A' K! , 3: 4- 'Seq , A gi , ' Av' I . 5 .0' A .nv Q1 .12 ' MQ .Q J! A" . gl 'Y Af ,gs J It -ns 5 Al' 'lk 42' "Z, Ag, -. -125' - ,, - -all gif' 4:1 ' . .gs-' , i, ' ,:i' 4 ' 'v xv, Ar .lip -g'lj." ' o' u -q 'jr' il-,j, 9.5, V A1 4 4. qil,U -- .1 ,v , ,, v Q. ., r 4 4Qg5, -1 g, P ' 4155-, ' ah! 3 .1 gi -- H101 I 0 7 A ,, v L, 1' - i "' A :v:f Q 0' ' A ' 4 N V -:Ii f ' - ' , w' L V 4 ' ""A1 ' 1 Q , A 'Z l , r- Y .. Q ,fig ,,,, 4--N ,- . 'I A ,align-5 'QIIA ' L ':' ' 'Nm A -' ' .., 1 In ' V , .5 1 QA I f u.lii.,rl ,. K X A '- ':: , K w,35i3iA. - K "ET vi , In I ' K W- f 1, .K i"E' 4-5 K. 97' .,,: Q '42-ff K ' 1' ' V . , 5 " A1 5: D , 1 k V 0' ,t' Af' n 4. ,OV , Ao' ,, xv : .iv f' ni' ' P: if' -1 1 aq -Q 11A"' k K is!" P3 If Qs: . ill N' 1 131:55 1 gi '. qv" ' '4 If" pid Q4 v, 594 n- R ' .W W 3. S A . 'R ' Y n' V: ' Q. X :pl W .li vg. 'IQ K6 w 'I X 'Q A v:.A '- Q, N' , ,SA X ' 'ri "-'wa . xc 9 vi. u X ob "' Ve VIA 'Q Xvx ' 'Q 1, C5 Vg, 1 , - ' S '5 1 Q-is 5 J' ' CLXG3 W Qt , 5, ' f- :F be 'o ai: 'l 'e CS . '75 'A vi A 2 v- EJ '. Z "4 if 7s '21 Xhif fi 'na . ds. ' V ' f 14A V::A , K U- . 0 vl .5 xx Nm ,... , 'in , '1 "4 "5933. 'Taq "J"-V gyq,f.:qqg,-,.',,,a" Y v I I k 1'1:?' , J ' , --wnvgtxv' -awe-MQW 0, ..,-f' ww., 44444466 Vv. 4.i:, Ojllx P af. Q' 51111 Where you find . . . . . classic classroom styles BERHSOHS Hall's Educational Service For thirty-six years Hall's have sold to the students of Topeka High School their educational supplies and this has been ap- preciated. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by Ha11's who in return propose to furnish materials of the best quality, satisfactorily priced. MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT FOUNTAIN PENS -- STUDENT SUPPLIES - BOOKS - STATIONERY I-IALI.:'S l112l so l s K Ml NX A w 7fL 121 lo l 5595 fl own and OUNTRY Goy cs o cornivol. ..light os conon :ondy thofs lhe woy your feet will feel in Town ond Counrrys newest casual, "Side Show". In colors designed eo go with your newest cosuol foshions for spring ff FLAG RED, NAVY BLUE. TURF TAN, ond other complementary shodes NO COUPON REQUIRED BAGS YO MA7gH ond Z YOU'VE SEEN TOWN AND COUNT cAsuALs in l113J LEADING FASHION MAGAZINES Sw i i l , Select Your - Sport Clothes ' ' I The Gim Elcmng co. 3 -F THREE LT-ioli,-,i'3KAS TORE S 2 x ' Q, F illhlidi 'I M v , Meadow Gold Products - H 400 Jackson Phone 3.3251 ,iii - - -fo ia o WW "1 ll to ' o ' o -LL Af as ' 'Ewa 854 KANSAS AVE. TODEKA,KAN5A5 - Q DHON E 6446 - f- Illlllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ' V IIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS NsunANcs senv ca if ,lf A e -' -gs- , ' I t ' ' , , Q'II:'!l"5'., Mwmmm fm wfwmww H141 B , Good Luck- ,B ,A B C. Future Business Partner X Uffice Supply 8: Equipment Co. ij ' , 121 West 6th Topeka, Kansas C' Y ' 5 x 'I I I' ll' I 'lr' I' ull ul' e E -L if , 'pmt-1,52 gg -1, - ,f J lL:l'1"sIml1' -it--Z-' '- This Way B no X, F Your Friendly Bank 1 - National Bank of Topeka , MEMBER F.D.l.C. F -if--if MIQRI H' 'In' 'll lx I" W,mA1XpM1psvpXvwWpfmpp,0M hr .ll H151 ll" " me Hi, i' I'"lWlI1lIIllWIlll"lWl!1lal 5 IIIl1Iusumiurnilsllmmmu lllllilllllilllll' A' lil: iillllilfriiillml' llr.illll41hq I rvruyl ll l I mall ' li i Ill llfmlil will ililililsilwi "'l1-'.lI"-ll'1 ll' l" 'limi ' .M l,,r l x,1 hh, iIf.x,,!.u-y ly N QMlUmmllumfulll.I!4mml'fr'11Ilulll... mlb WNW-iI,A.,.',i...:-iwfszzzi...:leiH' "-'1t.,.'u- "' The Gateway to the Future A liberal education and specific training as a means of gaining a livelihood are combined at Washburn to furnish its graduates with the broad understand- ing and specific skills necessary for success and lead- ership in the modern World. Summer session announcements and the University catalog will be supplied upon request ashhurn Universit fuel PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Paul E. Belknap, M.D. Mills Bldg. Frank C. Boggs, M.D. Mills Bldg. L. A. Curry, M.D. Mills Bldg. Harry I. Davis, M.D. Mills Bldg. Roy H. Heil, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. G. M. Hill, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Harry W. Colmery National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Crane 6. Martin New England Bldg. Arthur F. Davis Stormont Bldg. Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, Ieffrey 6. Russell National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Physicians Ernest H. Decker, M.D. Mills Bldg. Wilson K. Hobart, M.D. Mills Bldg. O. A. McDonald, M.D. National Reserve Bldg. R. E. Pfuetze, M.D. National Reserve Bldg. Dentists C. N. Mertz, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. E. E. Ramsey, D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Attorneys M. G. Sloo, M.D. Mills Bldg. Leo A. Smith, M.D. Central Bldg. Iames G. Stewart, M.D. Mills Bldg. Ray Woodworth, D.D.S National Reserve Bldg. Barton E. Griffith National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Lillard, Eidson, Lewis 61 Porter New England Bldg. Stone, McClure, Webb, Iohnson 6. Oman National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Wheeler, Brewster, Hunt 6. Goodell Columbian Bldg. l117l Zercher's WILLIAM GREEN SLSQN I'. L. PATTISON, Owner CC. for School Needs 813 Phone See our 53,50 KANSAS AVE 5621 Cold Nib just Good Fountain Pens E bl h d 1868 Printers Things 110 Eat 706 Kansas Avenue Binders Wingeson's "'f..:fll'l2'f-2'S11'f Pastry Shop 828 N. KANSAS AVE. Phone 6938 C L A R K ' S SECRETARIAL SCHGUL Professional Commercial Training Here You Always To the graduates: SVEEYEE. The Guaranty State Bank 435 Kansas Avenue Capital S 1 oo,ooo Surplus S 1 00,000 o ' E CLASSES Fmd Real Quallty Banigl NIGHT , D231 Guaranteed Lower Prices Gul' Sincere Wishes Sefmce for FURNITURE, DRAPERIES, RUGS Convenient Credit Terms 9 . Albert Silk coal co. 71 Home Owned Store' tual S LYN DE FOOD C STORE I LA U N D RY' onv CLEANERS H Sth and Clay 'U FANCY MEATS . 413 IACKSON AND GROCERIES Groceries Phone ms 320555 Qualified and equipped Fresh Meats R to fill your every and insurance need Vegetables Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 7305 2004 W. 10th . One Stop Shopping Center SAVE TIME. GAS, AND MONEY BY SHOPPING AT OUR CATALOG SALES DEPARTMENT. MORE THAN 100.000 ITEMS IN OUR BIG CATALOG. SATIS- FACTION GUARAN'I'EED. S10 AND UP ON EASY TERMS. Shop with Sears S25 Coupon Book S5 Down, S5 Monthxblvt . . . . FOR THE PURCHASE OF' ITEMS NOT TO EXCEED S10 EACH Caterpillar Diesel Tractors Road Machinery S66 Sixth and Quincy The Martin Tractor Co. 70O Ecrst Eighth TOPEKA KANSAS LQ C.G.Blakely Sz. Co. 201 Columbian Bldg. Phone 8537 OMR Cl: Boogie -Woogics cmd, I Bal'-B-Q s Savings 8C Home Loans This Institution has served the savers cmd home owners oi this community lor 60 years- Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Association 804 Kansas Avenue Phone 8597 lll 91 9 I QOH? 'i67 Tidy? NO FINER EXPRESSION OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP ENDURING QUALITY AND INDIVIDUALITY PHONE 3-1889 610 KANSAS AVE. S1 UDIO E120I as a IP I A , er ' fi Q Q X .' if 4'A' A19 In June the scholastic training period comes abruptly to an end for thousands . . . but their education will be an endless process. The printed word trained them to think, and it will influence them for the remainder of their lives. H. M. IVES 8 SUNS .!eZ2'w7a1w4mzJ0MeZP4Jwmt 415 KANSAS AVENUE - TELEPHUNE 2-1521 TUPEKILKANSAS QCFWICCXIllilllliirfiliflllilill Full Speed Ahead! 439' C39- X JOHN MORRELL 62 CO. TOPEKA A KANSAS INSTITUTION l12ll Y X Gas is a Vital x Qfiege Q36 ec C16 yy Q? Q55 9 Q Q 9 O06 5 V5 Q9 00906 QV Oqq. A Fuel U S E I T W I S E L Y F O R D THE GAS SERVICE CC. T R .A . A C T 0 Phone 6435 ZOO West Sixth Ave fi' :?x '-lf'Sk5smfs ' 4 - A, E - 9 . A -- A X 221 X NST! P I A A A' 5 941-A 'QS ' 1 I If Q0 A , ,,4 1015 Quin Cha:0DEi!1gFfRM1NG ejkefs CY See Bmftsrenga C r 1 S Pholle gag as 'Ogg 45 QQ' 6605 160 THE Oo 9' 95' PUTUZUREST WAY To XJ QA TB E IS SPE A PHOSPER X AINING n CIALIZED OUs . . ASK OUR GR BUSINESS 6952 ADUATES 154 Fl SCHOQP H 512 Q L' as ULZNR Central Building Q TOP 700 K EKA' KANSAS Qnsgs Avenue H221 - 1- 006 49 Lp 'f Q 0 UW' ff? O02 91005 Y OT 'Y Q0 '04 006' xs 0496, eff 63' G 66 - 4 q O G f O jg 0 X 4:90 'Pj bd, XOX G .raw Q Qi, Q 'Yi ' f102f5f0fRv 'Y 4.90 Q22 'TQQ 502, he -,- " 06' 4' '17 G Cf S Pv'e"'e J! I 5 xgayxi-'B' xlgrht ONNSED S P+ 6,20 2 N 11114214414 X J S as Garden, Ykexa and Rower ee T0Deka's most Vex Suppxxeg odern specialty shop ENXN. w2LmNXS ,W 0 0 A33 Kem xull4 one 2-2328 VELERS N 0LF'S JE x 1115-'Kansas avenue opeka, ansos 4'4,,:w ,,Q, Q 020 0 Y I -:U"" -O: """ JAYHAWK BGWL 104-110 East 10th M If 'Q 1 my Rates o em for Alleys I X' I' 6 Students .. J- ,-,L Q,-F - I 1 11' 1' A Ill' Iltll II' Q,- Neiswanger Investment Co. REALTORS ' New England Bldg. and Phone 2-8243 INSURORS - --lE::- gf '? ,X III In I I I IXINLIIDIJIII' ' -1g1l7" ,.. Include in Your Plans for the Future a Friendly Relationship with this Growing Bank The Merchants National Bank , 501 Kansas Avenue MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ya., i S ' I'I"" 'I' il: dh 5, Q. ,walt 9.45 l124I -.. I I I 'WA' "mf I' I4 'IIMWI I I ,J Awww' Nivhpp IM REDDY, L ght y s- ex 'x Power and Lzght .lfllhll 'IH' -J -if ,gf ' .. a a in x,Q . i our y W G and more Power Y ' ' to you - 541 4 - da'- j The Kansas ... I , - "'-'M-M I v V 'I lf I all rH6J1JH iii? SEYMUUR PACKING CUMPANY ' "Consort'i ind Poultry: ll Ill ,Ig ll!! Ill, L Y - 1'i" --3,--' "f Going Our Way? f STOP AT The Kansan Hotel F "A Sweet Hotel" -- X' pf- At 9th and Kansas Avenue Topeka Kansas ,s I5 Q11 gl MHMW MQMWM I 1 LOANS INSTALLMENT OR SINGLE PAYMENT Use your car, your furniture, or co-sxqners for secunty LOANS FOB ALL PURPOSES Clothing and Jewelry for the Entire Family USE OUR CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS! MORRIS PLAN CO. 9 Budget Plan 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 8539 0 LQTAWQY Plgn F . , 9 30-Day Charge Plan 1'1ttOH S Grocery A The W. A. Gerye C0., Inc. .. . ' H uccessorto Qualify - h HARRIS-ZGOAR COMPANY 0 MEATS 612-614 KANSAS ' FOODS -..,., f I UN Fi .Coke!" I Topeka's Finest DIAMONDS ' WATCHES JEWELRY CLASS XXII' 1 RING liz' HEADQUARTERS WW? 933 IGIIIISRS BVI. "Home-Owned Qualiiy Iewelers cial Railroad Watch Inspectors IIZGI :ii 5 ii E 'iq 'I ii E E lily ' I . ii E 5 i I: , ,. -"' ' 1.-i-af ., M -' 1 FIIH VI JIIHI1 1:'1+'1-1- "iJ.'L 1: 31255 Phone 2-7275 K a w M o to r C o . CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH L. A. Fuller, Mgr. 1028 Kansas Avenue FLIIWEIRS OZ ZVZT? OCCJJZOI4, 9- DEPENDABLE SERVICE 9 114 West Sth .I , Phone 6561 ITUKL' NJAYNAWK, 5-51.15151 7 i i E 5 I iiigi :Fig E im 31 iiiiii 2322 siizggng i Ha' Hfginssiii psiiiiii ssisii iq I iii ii: im""l iw 322' "r"frf'1'-51 'P' Iflofel 11131151195 CTOPEIKA - KANSAS Outslanding Among Kansas Best! UOUMWT 'XO 'fxe fx! 145 1? L19 ' Phone 6537 X Meade Company Insurance 119 WEST 6TH TOPEKA. KANSAS Maynarcfs 8th cmd Iackson Fine Foods Pastries CATERING TO "DINERS-OUT" WHO APPRECIATE LUXURY FOOD IN AN ATTRACTIVE ATMOSPHERE 11271 . ,Q .--ipv.,-..- .M ADVERTISING INDEX Allied Growers Seed Co. ......... . Armstrong jewelry Co. ............ . Attorneys QProfessional Directoryj. .. Berkson's . . ..................... . . Blakely, C. G., and Co., Insurance .... Blender's Barbecue ............. . Brier Insurance Service ............. Capitol Federal Savings 8: Loan Assn.. Central National Bank .....' ........ Christopher Studio ........ 1 ........ City Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaners. . C1ark's Secretarial School ........... Coats Grocery Co. ........... . . . . Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ..... u , . . Coe Seed Co. .............,.... . Crane and Co., Inc., Stationers... . Crosby Bros. Co. ............... . Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co.. . . . . Dentists QProfessiona1 Directoryj ..... Dodds School of Business. .. ...... 1. Endlich, Harry, Clothing. . . . Falley's Food Markets ........ . 'Flad and Marsh, Druggists .... . Fritton Grocery Co. ....... . Gas Service Co. ...... Q . . . . Gerye, W. A. Co., Inc.. . . . . . Gibbs Clothing Co. ....... . . . Grayce Ready-to-Wear ...... . . . Green and Son Grocery Co.. . . . . . Guaranty State Bank ....... . . . Hall Stationery Co.. . . . . . Hill Studio ........ , . . . . . Holt Sc Son Tire Co. .... . . . Hotel Jayhawk ...... . . . Hotel Kansan ....... I ..... . . . Hussey Insurance Agency ..... . . . Ives, H. M. and Sons, Printers .... . . . Jayhawk Bowl. . . .A ........... . . . 'jordan Baking Co. ...... . . . Kansas Power EQ Light Co.. . . . . . Karlan Furniture Co. ..... Kaw Motors Co.. .......,... . . , Knoll Battery Sc Electric Co.. . . . . . 1...,. ..,gr..,, Q . 1 A , 123 107 117 112 119 119 114 107 109 108 '119 118 107 126 122 110 110 106 117 122 110 122 122 126 122 126 114 106 118 118 112 106 107 127 125 123 121 124 107 125 118 127 106 . I 1281 Lord's Flowers ............ . . . Lowman Memorial' Church .... . . . Lynde S.: Falley Grocery .... Mace jewelry Co. ..,........ . Marling, Ed., Electric Store ..... Martin Lumber Co. .......... . . . Martin Tractor Co. ...... . Maynard's Fine Foods ...... . . . Meade Co., Inc., Insurance .... . . . Meadow Gold Dairy ....... . . . Merchants National Bank ........ . . . Moore Stationery Co. ............, . Morrell, John K Co., Packing Plant. . Morris Plan Co. .................... . Mosby-Mack Motor Co.. . . . National Bank of Topeka. . . . . . Neiswanger Investment Co.. .. Nightinga1e's Inc., Clothing. . . Oflice Supply lb Equipment Co.. . . . . . Page, Thos., Mill Co. ......... . . . Palace Clothing Co.. . . Patch Beauty Shop ..... . . . Payne Shoe Pelletier's Dept. Store .......,.,. .. . Pennant Cafeteria ................... Physicians QProfessional Directoryj ..... Rembrandt Studio .............. . . . Royal College Shops .... . .. Schuler's Grocery ..... . . . Sears Roebuck EQ Co. ....... . . . . Seymour Packing Co. ................ . Shawnee Federal Savings gd Loan Assn.. . Silk, Albert, Coal Co. ............. . State Savings Bank ..... .. 1 ............ Steves, F. M. Rc Sons, Printers ....... Strickler's Topeka Business College. Topeka High School Cafeteria. . .P . Topeka State Bank ............. 1Vall-Dilfenderfer Mortuary .... L. NVashburn Municipal University. . NVierenga, Chas. ..,............ . Mfingersonls Pastry Shop .... . . ' Wolf's jewelers .............. Zercher Book Sc Stationery Co.. . . . 127 106 119 126 106 107 119 127 127 114 124 106 121 126 109 115 124 123 115 123 111 107 123 115 111 117 120 113 119 119 125 119 118 111 118 111 107 110 106 116 122 11-8 123 118 5 L E P i i ,, ,Y -4

Suggestions in the Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) collection:

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