Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS)

 - Class of 1943

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Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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H' Y ,U jg K j , ' ' ' - 4 , 'N A-L ' J ' Q - ' ' ix ,A . N x A 7, ' ka, c 1 HX N4 - 9-1 A f K ff 'I ' , I Q Q c ' ,Y t 4 , + X , W. , , W . . Rf Q f f Af A 'kb 1 X 1 -A , ',.. - X' , N f 7 X - u X A 2 X X?- R Af 4 I 4 k ny V C X X if X 1' M J .f fa ' J : . ,,. ,. ., ,MJ ' f:fT'T' '5 f'x"ff"l'Ql5'x' 7 ::?"'x9'w.Qf'2-5 l"-Qf7Q5f, EL ,,V, I, ,Mil . ,Z -3-xv A ', , . . ., ig 'gr My My I1 AJ' Tw . af' THIS BOOK BELONGS TO ' , ,. 73 .fFiz'1f'h-7-:ff-' ' :---- 4 M m t TOPEKA HQGH SCHOOL ' TOPEKA, KANSAS X . x I . X Ki ,, h A X 'xx I--, x' 6 , ,I ev ' H ,. X 3 XC ,A A ' UQ' Q, ' 3 'X S gf t Y S-,H ,- ' ix x. 5 fx , 4 rf'f"x , 17 I 1 F " ',' If af X H V," lr M! ,M Sm S Q f JY! 'Y - VF if ,S J ff K 93 L v 1' . I I .V I I ,"' ,- A S F1 aff L Massive, yet graceful, stands our school Future physlclsts study fundamentals Snow-laden surroundings frame the tower Dale Duncan takes the oath of office We, the future citizens of this war- torn world, have found a problem before us ancient as lite itself, yet modern as ice cream and skyscrap- ers-the problem of building a world brotherhood in which all mankind may live together in peace. To this end we dedicate our book: more specifically, we offer this dedication tothe men and nations who today fight all over the world to preserve our right to make a just and lasting peace. s Y S 165' fp E ' .-if . U iii, 3 " " A A Y 'QL lgzn ' Y I ., i N 4623.-3 L , " f' V - I - 'rw fa A ':"' 4 ya, vs e A f . -. 59, . fi fs ,E 1, :' . r ' X 'H , at - Q ' 'Ma ' if R 4 A . , ' f "iff, 5 ,' N fr uf I , - i . ,, 5 , . bfi H r A P Xa J qi 'Q 3 1 g tie J' li T A pnaqen, foe. we uxmeo NMXONS M .M QWWW wif, WW Lwwwwwwfmlgggww WWMJWM TQWWWQ Z,,,,,Zf"'!'bqj4j'Q'ffj,o3"',Z?7f' ,mf ' 'fm , 'J' E wx-A wwiw wwf 'fffv 1 www ff ,mg fwwfy WM , H 'W " 'f . 'My ' P , ww' .f pf33QW,w W, L WW f WW? ' M' A WJ Kd - ..A U A ' Qc fgigww fs ff gs? x RESENTED TO TOPEKPA OOL B1 THE POLE Y I -YUGH sea Y, OUR FLAG YNER POKE SXDESU NPN wins 'me xo P-no of "om mort Ju usf ' 4:54. Aw . :G B z, 5.-TW X 'N' fy. Q 'Q 4' f 1 f ,143-253-15.-f.' ' 'A Q ' .I ff wlh - 4 'M' x 5 . i-21? 1-'40 f xx 1 r, 1' ', AJ ' " '. ig' '. " ,- , , .. N, ff.,-.J ,V ,....,Q. by-R, ' f. . t. A l L ,, 1 fm A n - i 2,-K L J- 'K was-Q ' 49 ','. Q'-ff, N . Q fi- , - .- -.X 1 Q. 51- ' , T -' .ffff-sf: 'A' J.. s ' fx A -' M f-15 - K CH, ff . S 5, -,L-,-1 "' I y Q. - .4 , Vx V -I E . D 1 t l r - , . 'K.v- 1'-'54'1':," - . QM 4 1, . M K gf my if M95 -u Agra 4- f .,, . A vb. X 5 F, V- . -'H ': ' A . 'T' . - 'gil 9 - , .ii-. 1 'V J, . .H via, dv.,-.Y .3 , ,, 1 il 4 V -I' ,xi .nan .4 H, , -WY" 'T' 'tl' -. 4 'mfg-"' ,.. 2 - A 1 j x. fx-' A.. .' " - -- - -' , ' , if . A Hr 1. K Q . ' - ". '. --. ' -1 ' " ' -- Q . . , ,,-rv , ,pil -rg-ug X S N - - T ' Q vlig' W: ,.e"Q.L'3' +53 ., L x f fs 1 L ' ? , ' of ,.,.' ,H .I 4. ipxff' ' , . fx " -- N' N-. , N, . . n ML . .,: 1. is xii. I A, In - D V WNV X ,J 1, A gg'-A.. A if . ,ti 1 v' 1 . WV- 5" " 'QS - " .1'f- - 5, ' . 'MS- 'Y - . gg' ,I-f -- r' A ' sd", Q' , E.. ' j .f , , 1- f , f " - xv . Q -in, Q- .N f - , - 1 A '- L . 'Q if N? 'Ex fa' if?" 'ig tg? 'Z' " . 1-vw ' fl' -"Q - 53-2 A ay- '2 -42214 .- "4 ,rI "-iii:-L Q. . - ,- ' X1 Q lily -'E xiwgi ' X .- ." . - - "' ' 3, ,' . '- 5,4 H P ' 5 "FX 8. V - A:-ii 1- . , , , . - v' , , s -' - ,' V W , -' 'F 15' ., . .+,, Q -A x ' - G' . ' A J . 'V' , .ff f . ,, ,' T - 1.-'T Ry ,. STH fv!'F'.",-T,,' ", V . ..."1iifr.-Q u., ' -' in '4'f"'LnL k as "...'3,-41 df: ff ' 2 fb 1 'fu 1 - Q -. iw N1-L r..-ff'--f 1, -Wag' , -- ,Q . P-ff-rfg1.:.a.,4gf-rm.-wr-My f M- uf GLM:-gk ww M. -'ff " "11.5f'-if ,Q fs' 'A - R, .J,3,j93.:l? 1 - ' 1 J f 'f-JfW','Q Mfffsx-,f?.7'f I J- 'R-.q, '1+v2-4 ,ix-,v Q . .SAI-.,vf lr.. V I 1 - ,,-. t-K l-3-,'!6N'-ilu ,,-3. f-,":a'Vfk' Yfkmwg 1'x'rf."Z R .J A.' v V-h v. :ff L.,-.,5':'f'-,mgb :'l,:A": n. ,',',n ,i. ,inf ' ,'f3l3k1rt.1Kx,Q '84 - -l '1-",- .5a'y.-':L:, e',1 1 r -1' -' 'FAQ-35 ' ' V-.ny -'.pf13N- g-, 'Qin haykfx . Q-.i,.g,lk. 1-:-' 5 l.L-.p,T'., - gp.. . rv ,. -V-.ff g: ,A ,U fix. - YT' t..-. - -N . , yr 1- ..' -rf, -' ' ' '1.'.,,3Q1-. 'i"'E?'3kgG., . , 1 V... . .Kg x ,.., ' , .M 'f2f,g , il ft3fj,Q??:? hy a 7 1 ,. "1 1..,,,kA 3 .1 . '?-Agg-,KA ' 'jf "xv" H ' 1,10 -.4 ai 5. - be '-. Z,- QQ. 1 4' S' f 1+ ,gal F Il! ' ,SW . . '95 I N I 6 I 4 ny' -6'.xi', 559 4, WRX m?zQa-fr" -f -, Q RH. ..f. 41' - . AQ -7 ,V-. ,ji ' :ash - , ,nf .. Q-'ij gy, 6. ' favff.,-lr' ,-A 'f-1 :l T -f' 4.-igx :QU iff? iii' ' X 3-1' 17 . 4 : v gmryx 4-.. SUNFLOWER A PRAYER FOR THE UNITED NATIONS CITIZENS ...... 9 SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES, CLASS OFFICERS, ALL-SCHOOL PA'RTY ROYALTY, COLORED OFFICERS AND ROYALTY, IN MEMORIAM GOVERNMENT . . . 47 STUDENT CONGRESS, PROCTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, FACULTY RECREATION ..... 57 SPORTS, GIRLS' ATHLETICS, PARTIES. PLAYS INDUSTRIES ..... 81 CLASSES, DEBATE, MUSIC, PUB- LICATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS. CAFETERIA FINANCE . .105 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY 1 1 1 1 1 1 'if gr: 5 .va Wm in f 'Tzzw I "f I' 'Sw .4 y WL H6 E' 2. Sf G Z . v 44,5 " w .F- 'La 2? 'ff S 352 -sz, . el I., ,h ,X i , 5 W ' if 'xg 7 ' ' 'F V ' x 'X 4 ff' 'Aff-212' . .f L 111' 6 -. 2' QP is 5 1 - , Y. -fggglgjv A 4 - fi' if fi 1? W ' 71611. ' f f -2 ,i I ' emi 'W tu, it 'r F35 - HW' ' wvrggm 565 as Q' ""E" " ' - if S 5? ' H-ff 5 . . i if b Sw g ,- Q 2 i L QQ ,B w-' ' Y -W , , . - - Y , awp J 2 ,af ' Q3?57i?" ,- inf- ' +-A , g Wk? A - , L f a :2'5Qfrff 1: x - ww,-v'i-" 115- QL l"?"5iiT. ' f ifj' w.- f 'Q 1' , , i?f5'fff2?ifiifg2gg1F'f E mi ff . , gag gave 2-T 1 is -fl f5,x. -E 7.3 N- :.1...f.g.-..- 1- - 'dw x -I-vm., P .. a Q , .f , 1 .Er-EA' g. Y ij, gym' 3,,,, , -J. Y P v. 'F' 471 405 'HDL Q R w ,Q T 11 M U F 5 3 7 if "J I '3'E3?'g , wwf, 1 CITIZEN .i4nn!'.a4f ' amd . t he Praye -'Nw SENXOR GW Yes . . . we are the Senior Ciass ot '4'?m. We iike to picture our seives as poor, tired vourh who have run the gauntiet ot hnais, teachers, rnidnight studv hours, and ah the woes oi Arnerican education. Yet, strangeiv enough, we have corne through our schooiing without a scratch, and gav caretree hours have en- graved thernseives indeiibiv on our nrinds. As strugghng sub- scrubs, we ertpectantiv began our high schooi career in i91iQ, with Sohnnv Bausch as Sophofnore president. As Suniors we staged unusuahv successiui Yrorn and the piav "Y oung Aprii," Daie ' ding as junior president. Then, as Seniors we handed haries Giikev, who raiiied the ciass ior a ndtai report written in biack ink. d Senior assernbiv. Corn- iust rn-arching wiii be an Duncan gui responsibiiities to C Senior partv that had its tina Yoiiowed, an outstanding Senior piav an nt rneans rnore to the Ciass oi '45 than h Moore Bowi. Manv oi us on Mav 2X re wiii be, shortiv aiter graduation. ctivities, and the good tirnes we are the Senior men wut wgwd S A rnencerne down the track at in unitoyrn, and rnanv rno We are rnarching awav irorn parties, a ior which Topeka High is iarnous. Yes . . . Ciass oi '4'?a,Ainteiiigent and eager, entering a war w undoubtediv be won bv . . . the gfaduating ciasses oi the U. . E101 MM O85 Ml HOF-H50 ni Chairmen Meacanderg ' ' BcuXah Amend- Hosx, Chas Capnaxn, nve' Dewar: Ahenf Row ONE: LovJeX1 Adeef ' Nknflr. Red Cross Yxepresenxa , A ATX-SdxooX Yatwg Ylxchavd ,MXen. Foocbah, Firsx Team Yoombah-, esenmiwcg Dana nor. Ancen K' ng Cokxre Tnuanxunn A Cross Kept XrcwsfYroc ann so 1 vi Two: Tonx PAXenf Yxocnor, Hose, Sv. Re 'YK Yxesewesg Suankva. Pmc A Pxssexndkesj, Home- A. . A., Ro Bob Anderson, - ewek AnrlcrsonfGx dn QLawvenccfMusxc, C-Xeda .McXnsonfG. 1 Ymaov, XY. Andersonj ' Winkited Pun f ' X rd Avxkurg ' ' can :Mheuoxf Q l ' XX Psugustf Row Tmuas. rovm Y-epresenxadve-, Rm xa v. Y-.ed-Cross Ysepresenumve, 3 've, Maxorcme in Yep Cmb, Sa wg Senior GXee. e nmxivc Chss Hostess, 3 Red Cross Y-epresenxau Yrocxor, Song Leader Gkds' Yep Chin, Row YOUR: Wayne B'aAesfYroctov, Ylmnemmn Y-epxese , ' ' ad B8TGCY'YYOCl0Y, Hoxncmom Xlepvescmmkve, Ekecixon cufHoxncroon1 Yleprcsenxaiwe, Yresidexu - ' sfk. Yscd. Cross Representa- ' Yawicka Bangk- Capvann, Y. Boardx Mary jane Ban G. A. Ps., Cheer Leadevg Canherme Bane , Live, Gnvksqnas Pxsscynbw, Cnpunn Gini BasXLemba1X, xnanfikocxor, Hosxess Hoqnerooxn Rcpresenmnvc. 'Falls 1 i . I r 'x fi ? g n Q-A l f 2 ,, .-,V 1 ,F fel um xxx.Y.1.P-:CUSS r.n.ecN p-uni Lowal- mii- '5 1 DP-N BOB BNDWSON MA-EY' TOM DB1-BERT N-gill NCHA? D NLEYX yewcu. pivmsos W P-NXT P- PNOQSW 5 SAL!-'I AUGUST GLWA P- BICHABD ARTHUR IWW F8801 :PBM BASED! MLW! Y V v1 wmv. mms I111 1610508 QW- BABBHT IEP-N B 11-F3108 GIKYKEFXN5 BATES YATHKCU- BP-'GGRM AB Row ONE: Paul Beall-Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball 3 Muriel Becker-Proctorg Dorothy Beers, Norton Belknap-Honor "T," Class Captain, jr. Red Cross Representative, Homeroom Representative, Dean Benander-fHolton-Music, Ath- letics, Class -Secretary-Treasurerjg Herbert Bentley-Proctor, Host, Homeroom Representative. Row Two: Roma Benson-Proctor, Senior Glee, Class Captain: Mary Margaret Berglundg Margaret Bergstrom-Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess: Paul Bernard-All-School Party, Senior Party, Harlan Bigham-Hi-Y Cabinet, Congressman to Nat. Hi-Y Conference: Ruth Blankenship- Honteroom Representative. Row THREE: james Boatwrightg Orville Bobo-Proctor, Band, Or- chestra, Katherine Boling-Hostessg Russell Bond, Martha Bonnot- Proctor, Pep Club, Kenneth Bossier-Proctor, Football Mgr., Glee Club. Row Form: Gordon Bowersg Darlene Bowlin-fLebo-Band, Orchestra, President Girl Reservesjg Joan Boyle-Proctor, Homeroom Represen- tative, Hostess: Peggy Jean Brain-Proctor, Head Hostess, Band and Orchestra: Orville Brent- Stlnflowex'-World Photographer, Music, Maxine Brooks-Proctor, Class Captain, Attendant to Fashion Queen. PAUL BEALL MUREL BECKEH DOROTHY BEERS NORTON BHJCNAP DEAN BENANDER I-ERBBRT BENTLEY ,U if QWN Quvgn BROWN BROWN MARY LOUISE G BURNS MARY BURTENSHAW BETH RUTH BU A P 1 WELL DEAN CALVIN LEWIS CAMERON' RALPH CAMPBELL LAVONNE CRNROBERT CHARLES CHROTHEFS '1 if ?'. ...X-ts, E ,sv eg GENEVA CARSON IAME CATHEY Wl1.LlAM CHAFFBE ELIZABETH CHEEK FRED CHINCHOLI. GUIALD CHRISTWSON Row ONE: 'Mary Alice Brown-Proctor, Quill and Scroll, Feature Ecl- itor Fall Worldg Oliver Brown-King Colored All-School Partyg Robert Brown: Mary Louise Buckner-Attendant to Queen Colored All-School Partyg Eugene Bunch, Duane Burdick-Class Captain, Proctor, Track. Row Two: Helen Hirschburg Burns-Pep Club, Proctor, Class Cap- tain: Mary Burtenshawg Beth Butler-Senior Playg Ruth Butler-Pep Clubg jack Button-CHutchinson-Scholarship Contests, All-School Playj, Debate, Hermelinda Cabrera. . Row THREE: Barbara Caldwell-Secretary-Treasurer Phyllis Mlheatley, Sepia Sketches Worldg Dean Calvin-QParsons-Athletics, Publica- tionsj, Host, Lewis Cameron-Business Manager Band, Election Com- missioner, Thespiansg Ralph Campbell-Basketball, Proctor, Home- room Representative, Lavonne Canrobertg Charles Carothers-T Club, Track, Pep Club. Row FOUR: Geneva Carson: James Cathey-Track, Senior Glec. Col- ored Quartet: VVilliam Chaffee-Proctor, Fred Chincholl-Hostg Gerald Christenson: Elizabeth Cheek-jr. Red Cross Council, Proctor, jr. Red Cross Assembly. ll3l "F 'g' Row ONE: David Clark-Host, Madrigals, Lead in "Pirates of Pen- zance": Hazelmae Clarke-Proctor, Pep Club, jr. Red Cross Repre- sentative: Fred Coates-Proctor, Class Captain, Circulation Mgr. Fall World: Betty Coats-Costume Mgr, All-School Party, Staff Artist Fall World, Art Editor SunHower: Robert Coble-Host, Golf: Louise Cole- man-Class Captain. Row Two: Ernest Collins-Proctor, Football: Louise Collister-Pep Club, Proctor: Lucille Collister-Pep Club, Proctor: Mary Colmery- Honorary Pep Club, Homeroom Representative, Masque and Wig: bran Conser: Clifford Cook-Class Captain fWVhitney-Athletics, usicj. Row THREE: Ruth Cooper: Chester Copeland-Proctor. Band, QMer- chant Marinej: Margery Copp-Class Captain, Proctor, Hostess: Joan Corbin-fMaple Hill-Queen of School, Girl Reserve Pianist, Bandj: Betty Cordill-Class Captain, Pep Club: Philip Corkill-Art. Row FOUR! Georgia Cottle-Usher Club, Homeroom Representative, Class Captain: Glenn Coulter4Quill and Scroll, Senior Party Pro- gram, Sports Editor World and Sunflower: Sue Crabb-Proctor, At- tendant to Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader: Nolae Crader: Helen Crampton-Vice-President Pep Club,.Attendant to Queen of All- School Party, Home Economics Fashion Queen: Theodore Crane-' Student Council, Debate, Football Manager. ES BETTY COATS ROBERT COBLE ' LOUISE BETTY CREEL MUSBTA CREWS IDHES CROP? WELIAM BERNICE DANIIKE STDHEN DANIELS RRR HELEN DENNISON GINE DERRYBERRY ELLEN DESKINS WU-DA DRAPER . IIZANEITB DREH.Mlm ' - DALE DUNCAN' EDWARD DYSART Row ONE: Betty Creel-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Conces- sion Standg Musetta Crews-Proctor, Periscope Editor World, QSt. joseph, Mo.-Student Council Meinberjg Idress Cropp-Phyllis VVheat- ley Girl Reserves, William Crutcherg Dorothy Culbreath-Hostess, Proctorg jake Cunningham. Row Two: Bernice Daneke-Hostess, Class Captain, Proctor, Stephen Daniels-T. Club, Football, Sport Staff Worldg Rita Davis-Hostess, Proctor, Marjorie Deever-Proctor, Music, Business Staff Worldg Mar- jorie De Grawg Cyrea De Moss-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, All- School Party, Row THREE: Helen Dennison: Gene Derryberry-Proctor, Class Cap- tain, Footballg Ellen Deskins-Library Proctor, Marjorie Dolezilek, VVil1iam Douglas-Asst. Proctor Captain, Host, President Victory Corps, Dorothy Downs-QMineral High School-Queen Sophomore Class, Sophomore Play, Soft Bally . Row FOUR: Nvilda Draper-Proctor, Hostessg Jeanette Drehmer-Proc tor, Pep Club, Music: Betty Drury-Proctor, Jr. Red Cross Represen- tative, Girl Reserve: Dale Duncan-President Student Congress, King All-School Party, Footballg Edward Dysart-Cheerleader, Athleticsg Helen Eckert-fDennison-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Clubj. 1 list! K 4 IAKE CUNNINGHAM DQGRAW CYBER DQMOSS DOROTHY DOWNS BEEN ECKERT Giving MMF fha?- QL-1 gil 4,0 6144 ffwf ff" A f ' 1 .,.l' , iii as Q52 sa Q' -551 F? I, M14 V.. J xi-MH YW-KDS X9 N5 YXTZSMMONS rims. samnev DU ANY, YEELEY cams falurwf-Y' vos-nm FDS LOUXSE osrii VHNONB H-ORE. x-KBNS5 H5 N135 i' 'Riu-UNK GNNY.-9 fn?-960 W1 GP-BLOW FN' 69317- izme Yceicgfwlasque and Wig. Orchesrra, Band, Chris une Yiriuifikocror, Hosress. S-erfior Gieez Assx Head Hostess. n Hosr Basebaiig Row ONE1 Dx ierriimen: ikcimii Fieidsy 1 Shiricy Yin-LsirixmonsfS1udcm Sccrenary, . Row' Two: Mlirroua Fiukcg Samcs YosterfYrocLor, , Louise YosLerfGiri Reserves, Senior Giee, Snack Shop Workerg Ade- iaide Yom C-iarcrxcz: YrandAefBariQ. Roi:-I Tinker.-. Charics Xfranzkeg Hcieri Yrericirfi-iezxd Hosressg Quiii and Scroii, Masque and Wig: Ed FridLeyfYrocror, Hosr, Ciass Cap- W ' YudgcfYrocror, Hosrcss, Senior Giceg Heieri Yuhrkeri King Coiorcd. PM-Sdiooi ' Yerri Gander urhma-ry Capram. eridam no Gaiiow ay , rg Norma Lain? Y- fYrocror, Ciass Row Eouvc. Mliiiiam Gaiuesfiku Parry, Chairman Coiorcd- Couriciig Xhliiiiam fProcror, Library Prssismamg Yixiiip Garrisorxfkiosm, Yrocro Hosress. C-ein E171 fYrocror, . 4 l Row ONE: Clement Gibbs-Proctorg Charles Gilkey-President Senior Class, Masque and Wig, Bandg Dorothy Gilliland--Proctor: Betty Gilroy-Sec.-Treas. Quill and Scroll, Asst. Editor Sunflower, Madrigals: Bonna Cinder-Class Captain: Robert Goheen. Row Two: Lewis Golden-Proctor, T Club, Golf: Laura Goldsmithg Marc Goodrich-Proctor, Football, Trackg Marvin Gordon-Proctor, Hostg Edith Graham-Proctor, Hostess, Gloria Gray-Senior Repre- sentative, Quill and Scroll, Thespians. Row T1-mms: lNillard Greene-Proctor, Host: Darlene Gribble-Proc tor, Class Captain, Jr. Red Cross Representative: Alfred Griceg Louise Grubb-Proctor: Bob Gucker-Musicg Margaret Guthrie-Proctor, Class Captain. Row FOUR: Pablo Gutierrez-fArrny Air Corps, St. Petersburg, Fla.jg Louise Haines-Senior Girls' Council, Band, 'Orchestrag Betty Hall: Christopher Hall-Proctor, World Staff, All-School Party: Kenneth Halstead-Proctorg Eleanor Hamilton-Proctor, Hostess, Jr. Red Cross Representative. PHYLLIS HENNESSEY ALICE IOYCE HENSROTH V LYNN HEBRINGTON WILLIAM HANNAH ARYLISS HANSON gmmcg HANSON 1' PAT HARVEY STER HASLEI' IEANETFE rv' BETTY HAYNES DORIS HB HEI. HEC HOWARD 'wsu Row ONE: Una Hamm-Proctor, Hostessg Bill Hannah-fYVashburn Rural-Football, Baseballyg Aryliss Hanson-Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club: Bernice Hanson-Hostess, Class Captain, Pep Clubg jack Hapgood-Pep Club, Class Captain, William Hatris-Assemblies. Row Two: Kenneth Hart-Proctor, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Homeroom Representative, Pat Harvey-Proctor, Class Captain, Musicg Lester Haslett-Host, Athletics: Jeannette Hass-Girl Reserves, Masque and NVig, Senior,Gleeg Georgina Haydon, Barbara Haynes -Air Raid VVarden. Row THREE: Betty Haynes-Stunt Night, QManhattan-Girl Reserves, Pep Clubjg Doris Heck-Proctor, President Senior Glee, Madrigalsg Ethel Heck-Hostessg Howard Heere: Mary Heleker:-Sophomore Rep- resentative, Tltespians, Quill and Scrollg Donald Henderson. Row Foutz: Phyllis Hennesseyg Alice Joyce Hensroth-Music, All- School Party, Assemblies: Lynn Herrington, Erma Hestandp -Iuneil Hibbs-Proctor, Hostess, Sec.-Pep Club: VV'e1don Hickey-Homeroom Representative, Class Captain, jr. Red Cross Representative. U91 ERMA HESTAND IUNEIL HIBBS WELDON HICKEY Row ON:-1: qohn Hickox-Proctor, Host, Usher Club: Ethel Hicks, Eugene Hil -Proctor, Host, Motion Picture Operator: Donald Hin- shaw-Host, Proctor, Stage Managerg Robert Hirschberg-fHighland Park - President Hobby Clubj: Murlin Hodgell - Editor Sunflower, Tumbling Team, Author-Narrator 'Christmas Pageant. Row Two: joan Hoelmer-Property Mgr, All-School Party and jr.-Sr. Prom, junior Director junior Play, President Girl Reservesg Helen Hokansonp William Honeyman-Proctor, Class Captain, Cheerleader, Kenneth Hoofer-Host, Athletics: Reba Horsley-Proctor: Helen Louise Horstman-jr. Red Cross Council, Proctor, Music Award. Row'Tmu2E: Delbert Hosier-Proctor, Class Captaing Virginia Hoss-i Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Game Cadet: Max Houchins- Proctor. Host, Class Captaing Don Hovorka-Proctor, Host: joe Anna Hoivellg Bill,Herron-Proctor, Host, Guard First All-State Football 'Team. Row Form: Bernard Huber-Proctor, Class Captain, Pia Societasg jean Hughes-Proctor, Class Captain, Ad Solicitor Mforld, Sunflower: Nlar- garet Hughesg Evelyn Hulsopplc-Proctor, Hostess, Class Captain: Sidney Hunt-Class Captaing Virlene Hurst-Attendant to Queen Colored All-School Party, Program Chairman Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. ' , IOHN HICKQX nam, mugs mam: HIM, DONALD I-mls!-IAW ROBERT MRSCHBBBG MUILLIN HO EUGENE IOLLY ARLAND lONES LIILR ANN KIRK HELD! KILGOBE YVONNIZ MARIE EIMS - 1. OWRRD YAMBS NANCY ISAACSON LA KENDRIC! IOHNSON Row ONE: Ruth Hutson-Music Award, Masque and YVig, Quill and Scroll: Nancy Isaacson-Proctor, Pep Club, Homeroom Representa- tive: Geraldine jackson-Phyllis Mlheatley Girl Reserves: Harry jack- son: Juanita Jackson: Howard James-Host, Hi-Y, Senior Glee. Row Two: Merle Jennings: Dorothy Johns-Proctor, Class Captain: Dave Johnson-Proctor, Captain Rifle Team, Debate: Delores John- son- Treasurer Pep Club, hespians, Masque and Wig: Irma johnson -Class Captain, jr. Red Cross Representative, Twirlers'.Corps: Vir- ginia johnson-Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club. Row THREE: Eugene jolly: Arland jones: Betty fones-Library Asst.: Peggy jones-Proctor, Band, Orchestra, Rona d Kaarbo-Proctor: Anna Kendrick. A Row Fcuk: Lila Ann Kern-Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club: Helen Kilgore-Orchestra: Yvonne Marie Kime-Hostess: George King: Robert Kinsley-QOakley High-President junior Class, Student Couhn- 'lx cil, King All-School Carnivalj: Lois Kirk-Proctor, Class Captain, Vic- tory Corps. ' E211 DUTY IONBS V PEGGY ION5 RONALD KAARHD GEORGE KING ROBBIT IXNSLXY LOIS KIRK ' X Q-'vx :SAN --fi N "LV , "fg ..clf'Xh.g,,x i?'sEkf.f- '4 . Q. N .X-S .Queen MARILYN As president of the Girls' Pep Club, 'and as a representative of her class each year in high school, Marilyn Eckert proved her leadership in To- peka High even before climaxing her record with the title of Queen of the All-School Party. Marilyn has twice been elected Queen, First by the Tro- jan football team and second by the entire school. This soft-spoken Senior girl is known and respected by every student and faculty member. An honor student, Head Hostess, and Auditor of the Sunflower, she is indeed a representative Topeka High School girl. Caramel-haired Marilyn is every- body's friend, always busy, always cheerful. Topeka High is proud to acclaim her as its gracious Queen. HELEN CRAMPTON . . , . L22l CLARA JANE SALLEE . --Y--pr.-1x na: -'r -m-21325:-51 -Q -V... -si,-,gr - 1:5 sz, su- o -'Pg'-ff.':'.g '-54'+f.?.fE'25.!'4 nas, - -25 P151 1:5232 .f-!'7.5,: .T-'Ri 47,425 -J. nf.-L ... ---.-,.-... 1:14, :.-.. - - . ,.-.r,,, .g..-u,.-..!. 4-,-fuuv, Q is -f.. . .-I-1.11.-. .,.,.-av lv,-.xt -- -, ., .-,- . gf 4- ,. .,-,-. - .,-,q.4.-4.3 5.--- -,x.x, - A., -., -,xg ',:.-..---av -f.'..1':. ..--...'.,- -.f " .-w.-.1.-: 1- -'. -2- -. z . ,-.-sy:-:I-ri:-.f -1 P, s-'--.-,I-.2 '- ,..:-, f,,:3-,:.3'.:ei,1 5 -, 4-IQ, -,.-1 .t. :ij .A----'r . 1 K ',.,.A..' .. -. . ','-.'3l4 .,..g.-.3-,.,.,.-5 L. .g. .. -, :,:.:f. .. , 3- , .,.yq.-:-4, -, :. .mi-..f . h .- "'.".'f 7 Fr. VCX x '-1 I ML' ' Sa'-4: e-:san - I?"a:':1' . n N . -yi!-3 . 5G.J.j.5jg,..-g . i mi 1 Y K f v- ff :' N' fZ!f?::',.' . . 1.-::'l.:.x,f 1 ' 1, . -diff: . '-j'fn1:x'.'1 . f. -as ' ' :'l'-g"-- "."ff1 I -. . --., .nv . . . .Nm-:S nf . ' '- '.3.'."1'Q-SFU -' :Q -,1 -I.: 1 .ij ,LZ 'Ii.:.'f -. -gf-2:5543 Jig.-.if-1. A. : -:. 4,5 -. I -:::1f.'r Q-'.'-1 1 .s f . it 1:'.wz':g' ,,..,.-,.s .-W:--..g L.. last, .su-:1 - sg-. .-.ogg ..,...--P ',:x.'.' 1'4:',,:. :TQ-",L1-.' .1 .A-g.-,1-L1-, Q. Q i!.'s-2211:--G",1:59-tfi-im-1 .11-.-rr. -:-:le-.-W-1'v f Lit- --'u-:-- 1.-7 F'-u ' . alba! .--' ' "1""f1""21 ' -,z-fi.-,r-A ny-C-1-. 'I .-.v,-. pg -ariisruta-.:.4Szaf?.smi.: 5294.4fmsfnfzsxa-La:-:ti.:.t:..r.i'e DUAN E LAIRD Q L A R R Y R E I o Ever since Dale Duncan came to To- peka High a scared Sophomore, he has been outstanding in music, ath- letics, scholarship and student leader- ship, Acting as president of his Junior class and president of the Student Congress, he has led the Trojans in their many varied activities. Dale is well-known about Topeka for his fly- ing-which 'he hopes will net him a commission after graduation-for his "way with a violin," and for his little half-pint car, which he insists can out- run any other in the country. Within a fraction of the six-foot-two mark and with almost a six-foot stride, this easy- going Senior well deserves his title of King of "the best All-School Party yet." 5 '-1 -' xl -. I-t :is ,a ft, 'Q V , King DALE PU :Nix 11755323 Y' 211 ?.f,Ij'l1,2'2:? 'l1'2'!52"' Z"'lk'l!:!E'J"'L'2" gn 132 g- 'Ps was '.-ra 5 1.v.1:-155-.:gE::g'f9'i-e 2 f: 12 iw" '- Row ONE: Thelma Kitch-Proctor, Pep Club, Victory Corps: Marjorie Klein-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Pep Clubg joan Knoxg Marjorie Knox-Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club, Eugena Kramer- Proctorg Alberta Kraus. ' Row Two: james Krieg-Band, Orchestra, Senior Gleeg Dorothy Krom -Proctor, Hostessg Bill Kunkler-Asst. Proctor Captain, T. Club, 'Footballg Lois Lafferty-Proctor, Pep,Club, Band: Duane Laird- General Manager Game Cadets, Asst. Proctor Captain, Attendant to King All'School Party: Frank Lamar-Football, Maclrigals, "Say It With Music." ' Row THREE: Herbert Lamar--Vice-President Student Congress, Proc- tor Captain, Head Host, Ruth Leech-Jr. Red Cross Representative, Winner Essay Contest, Cheerleaderg Dan Leetg joan Lemon-Proctor, Hostess, Pep Club, Charles Lewis, Mfilliam Lieurance-Band, Wood- wind Quartet, InLramural'Basketball. Row FOUR: Wesley Liggett-Homeroom Representative: Carolyn LightbodyeUsher Club, Masque and VVig, Quill and Scroll, Jeanne Lilly-Proctor, Service Chairman Girl Reserves, Senior Gleeg Virginia Linclemuth-Proctor, Masque and Wig, Pep Club, William Lizen- berry-fArn1y Air Corpsjg Shirley Lockwood-Representative Junior Class, Red Cross Council, "Pinafore." OX MARIOBY KNOX EUGENA KRAMER ALBERTA EDWARD LOVE- EDNA LOVETT VLRDA LOWRY OPAL MCM-ISTER mmm: MCCARTER vmcmm Mccutm , : ALICE Mean OWELL GERTRUDE MCFARLAND DONALD McGRVE'RN MAXINE MARY McPHERSON ALBERT MACEY IRCK MADDOX IBCK MAIN LEON MANNELL MONTE Row ONE: Edward Love-B Team Football, Ramblers Basketball: Edna Lovett-Proctor, Madrigals, Glee Club: Verda Lowry-Class Captain, jr.-Sr. Prom Program, Pep Club: Verla Lowry-Proctor. Hostess, jr.-Sr. Prom Program: Rosemary Ludwig-Assemblies: Ava McAlister-Proctor, Hostess, Music: Opal McAlister-Proctor, Hostess, Class Captain. Row Two: Audre McCarter-Usher Club, Library Asst.: Virginia McLain: Alice McClanahannflsawrence-G. A. A., Phys. Ed. Leaderj, Pep Club: Mary MeCleery: Denise McCluggage-Business Manager Mlorld, Girls' Sport Editor Vllorld and Sunflower, Masque and Yvig: Loisann McDowell-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Baton Twirler. Row Tl'IREEC Gertrude McFarland-Homerooxn Representative, Quill and Scroll, Around the Vllorld Editor YVorld: Donald McGavern- Proctor: Maxine Mckibbeng Mildred McManus-Proctor, Student Secretary, Shorthand Awards: jean McNeely-Proctor, Hostess. Row FOUR: Mary McPherson-Orchestra, Music, Awards: Albert Macey: jack Maddox-Proctor: jack Main-Proctor Chairman, All- School Party Program, Thespians: Leon Mannell-Proctor, Host, Chairman Victory Corps: Monte Manuel-T. Club, Co-Captain Foot- ball, Basketball. E251 VERLA LO Row ONE: Barbara Markham-Proctor, Hostess, jr. Red Cross Repre- sentativeg Kenneth Marshall4Proctor, Intramural Football, Julius Martell-All-School Party Program, Band, Trombone Quartet: Betty- 'lee Martin-Hostess, Class Captain, Homeroom Representativeg George Martin-Proctor, Host, Athletics: Maxine Martin. Row Two: Robert Martin: Ralph Mathews-Proctor, Drusilla Mat- thewsg Dave Mattson-Athletics: Bob Maupin-Proctor Captain, Homeroom Representative, Footballg Maxine Maust-QLccompton- Sec.-Trcas. Sophomore Class, Girl Reserves, Music Festivalsj. Row T1-mee: Edwin Mays-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, As- semblies, Kirke Mechem-Vice-President Thespians, Editor lvorld, Tennis Letterman: June Medley-Hostess, Class Captaing Richard Mellenbruch-Baud, John Merriam-Host, Library Proctor, Christ- mas Pageantg Marjean Meyer-Hostess, Class Captain, Proctor. Row FouR: Margaret Milam-jr. Red Cross Council, Masque and VV'ig, Thespiansg Frances Miley-Pep Club, Proctor, Class Captain: Richard Miller-Host, Intramural Footballg 'William Miller-Soplr omore Class Representative, Basketball, Track, Betty Minard-Proc tor, Marilyn Minnis-Representative junior Class, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Periscope Editor World. Row ONE: Opal Mitchell-President Phyllis Mlheatley Girl Reserves, Class Offices, Queen Colored All-School Party: Betty'Moberly-G. A. A., Pep Club, Girl Reserves: Oliver Modin-Homerooni Representa- tive: Aileen Moffett-Service Chairman Phyllis VVl1eatley Girl Re- serves, Senior Representative Colored Advisory Council, Secretary Colored Advisory Council: Saul Montoya-Orchestra, Assemblies, Scholarship to Ottawa University: jack Moore-Proctor, Assemblies. Row Two: Elizabeth Moran-QPerry-Basketballj3 Virginia Morgan -Pep Club, Operetta: VVarren Morrison-Host: Caroline Morriss- Proctor, Hostess, junior Glee Accompanist: Marjean Morton-Hostess, Bantl: Mary Moser-Class Captain, Senior Glee, Speaker Open Housei Row THREE: Leland Moyer: Leona Moyer-G. A. A., Glee Club, Op- '-erettas: Nina Mae Mueller-Proctor, Class Captain: Marilyn Muma- Proctor, Senior Glee, Hostess: Harold Myrick: Helen Myrick. Row Fotm: Della Nager-Hostess: Betty Neal: Charles Neill-Proctor: Roland Neiswender-Class Captain, Intramural. Basketball: Viola Nelson-Proctor, Pep Club, junior Press: Virginia Nelson-Proctor, Honor T., Senior G ee. l271 I Y. 0 1 V eNew f :B ' - 1Bem1 ' f , ' f ' ', arxQ,Or QS h ,Y CX , ss C-apt' ', oris S rmm Yrocror arbara NighxIxrrg,aXefYrocmor, Nrsserr Yroetor Hostess, CA'ass Cap- cxresrra can No rn roc- BXKX ow NE Xurr Yep Chxb, jumox Yress sarrxg Hkzabemh Nwcrr Yrocwr Y: mr, Yep Chxb, Surxior Yress. won- Roberx Odeh-, OXg,a OSierx'Yep nb Ch cfrX', Waker OEierxfProcxor, Hosr, Orehesxra mb, Au Dcpr. Posters. , ' d Osborrxfikocxor, Host, Usher d YarrxeXXfHead Hosi, Row T ss Coup Yep C Larr Donn mm. Yresidexxt 61 Red Cro fYrocLor, 0Xsor11 ' Orgkerg fCAass Cap 'vgfVice- Yeckha O"MaXXcy ' ' Thaync ' Ysosahe ' e Parr kansas Cr 3 Benq Yerewah Row Tuner.. Chrbg Louise Owen, C-Kass Caprakrx, Yoorbaw, Yauhrx ' DaXe YaschaXX3 Lib YasXasjfQA1' ogfam Charrman Grd Reservesy more Gkds Assembwg Wayne dem Secretary. N NE- NDN MAH ROBERT ODE-LL P- NXGH1 LNB DLG- PHSC Y-ow Youra. Sophomore Class, Yr ,C-Srk Reserves, Band, Sopho Gcursga Perry-fYr'ocror Yep Chxb, Sm XO Ml YAXZ- ABYIYH NWEN BEVYY NXSSEN XNG NR. CY 'MP-XA. XS 'N ALTER OFFER! OMG! OYFEH DON PA-D P PJWXELL ROS MAY' OYLE-B L00 V58 ONNY34 W R185 BETTY YECKB AM K-WF YNSLP-Y BALL E251 N rr-RP-NINE ous CXV A ii X9 N3 RGXNIR PEB Don r0nN vmmsorl O11-N PETERSON YBTWLCXP- YYXTON BENSON DXCK YXERCH HH-UPS OBEWY PHY-RSP-N1 BP-G6 Papal?- RXCY. PHX!-LW WNY. P RBNSB KEGG E291 BXSRTOH RY-PMGH XBCK DALE- RAUSCB Yrqetor, Hostessy Betty Yetersonf ornore Ciass, Sen- Marv Virginia Yerrvf sentative oi Soph Y' oetor Senior Row One: . Petersoufkepre. ' ' hn Yetetsonf r , Library Hostessf, Dorothy Gice Editoriai Editor Wotid, So on Giri Reserves, Usher C-Xnb, 'ior - , t- Patricia Yevt f taiive, Ciass Giee, Hos , Yroctor. Row Twoa Bob YheasantfProctor, Horneroorn Ysepresen Captain, john Ynriiiosg Dick YiercefHead Host, Yroctorg Benson YoweXifHorneroorn Representative, Honor T , Bundy Menon Yoweii Jfraek, Basketbaii. Row 'furxnez Koa YriccfSociaX Chairman Yktviiis Wheatiev, Ysarnbier Cheer Leader, AH-Seiiooi Yartv Progranr, Sane ?viefYroctor, Student Secretarvz Frank QuancvfHotnerooin Representative, Host, Yroctor, Lokec Q,tiintardfVroctor, Hostess, Yeo Citrbg james Y-ager. ' Row Yours. Yhiiiip Ysaiibcrgg Sean Ratnsbargerfii eatnte Editor Worid, Sunfiower Activities Editor, Quiii and Seroiig jack RardinfVice- Yres. Qniii and Scroii, Editor Woriti, ist Division Y-ating Nationai Music Contestg Daie YsausehJY. Cinb, Strato Ciub, Musicg Burton Yseaughf?roetor, Host. ' Row ONE: Barbara Reed-Hostessg Anita Reid-Proctor, Library Asst., Geraldine Leigh.Reid-Proctor, Pep Club, Homeroom Repre- sentative, Larry Reid-Attendant to King All-School Party, Football, Basketball, Katherine Reklites-Proctor, Jr. Red Cross Representa- tive, Latin Club, Betty Reynolds-Proctor, Hostess, Band. Row Two: Grant Reynolds-Proctor, Class Captain, Marjory Rey- nolds-Proctor, Twirlers Corpsg Kenneth Rhodes-Homeroom Rep- resentative, Camera Club, Chorus, Betty Richardson-Hostessg Lois Lee Richardson-Proctor, Hostess, Madrigals and Senior Gleep Laura Riggin-Proctor. Row THREE: Ross Riggs-Host, Proctor, Projector: Lois Riley-Hostess, Vice-President Phyllis Xvheatley Girl Rcservesg Norma Roberson- Pep Club, Finance Proctor, Class Captain: Emerson Roberts-Home room Representative, Class Captain, Tutorg Audrey Robertson- Hostess, Athletics, Band, Hazel Robison-Proctor, Class Captain, Usher Club. Row FOUR: Robert Roclell-Proctor, Asst. Business Mgr. lvorld, Jr. Red Cross Representativeg Roland Roepc-Usher Club, Band, Intra- mural Basketballg Allen Rogers-Proctor, Orchestra, National Music Festival Highly Superior Ratingg Robert Rogers-Proctor, Class Cap- tain: Virginia Rogers-Proctor, G. A. AJ Dale Romig-Proctor. LEIGH REID LARRY REID KATHERINE REKLITE BETTY REYNOLDS KENN'E.TH RHODES BEITY RICHARDSON LOIS LEE RICHARDSON LAURA RXGGIN NORMK HOBEHSON EMEHSON ROBERTS AUDREY ROBERTSON H5221 RONSON his ROBERT ROGERS VIRGNIA ROGDIS DALE RO DARYL ROSE MARY LD! SAMUBSON JOSE!-I SANCHO MMS SCHULER WARREN SCOTT VIRGINIA SHTN BEVERLY HOWELL WOODY RUNYAN ADINA Jam: 'saturn SCOTT PHYLLIS SCOTT PAUL SCUI. MELBA ALBERT SELLEN SHWI-ZLL IERRY SHAKESH Fl' ER CHESNEY SHIRLEY DARWIN SHOOP VERNO Row ONE! Daryl Roseg Beverly Rowell-Proctor, Class Captain, Music, Woody Runyan-Asst. Proctor Captain, Thespians, Debate, Adina Rupin-Proctor, Class Captain, Music: Bertha Rutter, Clara Jane Sallee-Secretary Student Council, Attendant to Queen All-School Party, "Periscope" Editor World. Row Two: Mary Lee Samuelson-Hostess, junior Press, Pep Club, Joseph Sanchog james Schuler-Proctor, Host, Delores Scott-Usher Club, Hostess, Jr. Red Cross Representativeg Loren Scott: Phyllis Scott --Masque and Wig, Madrigals, Senior Glee. Row THREE: Warren Scott, Proctor Chairman, Host, Bandg Paul Scully-Senior Glee, A Cappella, All-School Party: Melba Jean Seely -Proctor, Hostess, Homeroom Representative, Albert Sellen-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Financial Manager Game Cadets: Lor- aine Sewell-Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Business Manager Sunflower: Jerry Shakeshaft-Proctor Captain, Honor T., Basketball. Row FOUR: Virginia Shinerg Chesney Shirley-Hostesr. Olhce Proctor, Ticket Auditor Game Cadets, Darwin Shoop-Finance Proctor, fMed- icine Lodge-Assemblies, Musicjg Verno Shorthill-Host, Asst. Photo- grapher Publications, Tennis, Charles Shrake-Proctor, Band and Orchestra, All-School Partyg Betty Shrier-Proctor, Class Captain, Student Secretary. , l31l cmtntss sr-imuu: ' nzrrrv simian 5'3- Qk Qs 2' .C 'Q' f ,Y '1 N . 'x f, V . ' ' P ' I an Row ONE: Warren Sicksg Constance Siler-Proctor, Pep Club, fSalina -National Jr. Honor Societyjg Shirley Small-Proctor, Girls' Club, President Jr. Red Crossg Barbara Smith, Betty Louise Smith, Darrel Smith- fLone Elm-Basketball, Playsj. Row Two: Gladys Smithg Lorene Smith-Proctor, Hostess, Jr. Red Cross Representative, Martha Jane Smith-Proctor, Student Secretary, Bandg Paul E. Smith-Madrigals, Senior Glec, "H.M.S. Pinafore" and "Pirates of Penzanceng Robert Smith-Proctor, Homeroom Rep- resentative, Financial Mgr. Game Cadetsg Sherwood Smith-Proctor, Class Captain, Homeroom Representative. Row THREE: Yvonne Smith- QSeaman-junior Classical League, Stu- dent Council, G. A. AQ3 Betty Snook-Hostessg Jack Snook-Host, Class Captaing Marylou Snook-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Pep Clubg Neil Snyder-Football, Basketball,-Host: Harry Spencer- Homeroom Representatixje, Orchestra, Band. Row FOUR: Betty Spiegelg Fern Spielman-Twirling Corps, Minnie Spikerg Oren Stanley-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Basketball: Norman Steinberger-Proctor, Tennis, Basketball 5 Fred Stewart-Proc tor, Host, Homeroom Representative. if? 'Ty a' MALL BARBARA SMITH BETTY LOUISE SMITH DARRELL SMITH lun: sum: PAUL I-L sum-t nosnu' smn-1 SHERWOO G t, ti YVONNE SMITH BETTY SNOOK lACK SNOOK MARYLOU SNOOK SNYD HARRY SPENCER ER OREN STANLEY NORMAN STEINBERG-ER - FRED STEW E321 DOROTHY TUDHOPE DONALD TUITLEY A All ROBERT STOITER PATRICIA STONE STHANG TUEWE TZMAN LOIS SWEARINGTON UBY 'FANNIE IUSTINE ROSS THOMPSON TICEHURST YLOR OS Row ON1-1: Thelma Stewart-Proctor, Homeroom Representative, Or- chestrag Robert Stolfer-QC1-ete-Vice-President Student Council, Bas- ketballjg Patricia Stone-Proctor, Class Captain, Carl Strange-Proctor, Host, Class Captain: Audrey Stubbings-Proctor, Pep Club, -Ir. Red Cross Representativeg Doyle Steuwe-Thespians, All-School Party, "Young April." Row Two: Howard Swartzman-Debate, Tennis, Oratorical Contest: Lois Swearingeng Ruby Tanner: Justine Taylor-Proctor, Madrigals, A Cappellag Lois Taylor, Rex 'Taylor-Band. Row THREE: Earl Theis-Rifle Team, Ross TIIOHIPSOIIQ Patty Tice- hurst-Head Hostess, G. A. A., Rifle Club: Jacqueline Timmons- Homeroom Representative, Social Chairman junior Class, Sec.-Treas. Senior Classg Ellsworth Titus-Asst. Proctor Captain, Vice-President Junior Class, Football: Jean Tosh-Library Proctor. Row FOUR: Dorothy Tudhopeg Donald Tuffley-I-Iomeroom Repre- sentative, Class Captaing jo Ann Tyler-jr. Red Cross Council, Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Max Urban: Virginia Vandegrift- Proctor, Hostess, Jr. Red Cross Representativeg Wayne Vandeventer. l33l 11. ,,, If .ffflrim fx: Z WAYNE VANDEVENTER I fi'- ,TFXX rg,-Tqi 4'-'la Ami-'N 'fiber 'TFP t ce Vernon DaXe Viddandz David s Yroctor Hostess, Home- askct I ow Oman Yarxhrxe Vaughan AX g rkstmas Yageaxrtg Gara Voorhee f ' , e. Proctor, Letterman Bascbam, B - ' aXtersfYroctor, Qum and ' fiiost, Homeroom Track. R VngcXfC-h room Representatw Row Two: Robert Wakfiiost, H Yootbaw, Hakrxe WaXters', Maxima W ' Sport Edktor WorXd', joseph Ward Captain-, Bruce WarnerfHost, Yootbah, ' t Band, Emmett XNarrerx', M-Sean twe Sports Editor XNorXd, tor Stunt Night bn , XX Glds ' e Chase ckfHos , rcsenta , taXr1,'Ytx , or, Scro , Represcntatw , Row Tmmrnz Dade Warne Watersg BHK Wcbbfilomeroonx Rep Manager Track Tcariv, Arm XNehefCXass Cap . ' 'e VN7eXXman', Robert XNeXXs', Betty WeyXerf?roct ' mcha Vvlhktc. Yrogx am Row Your. Qrmmr Yep Chtbg Dam Wkxitaker, Ps DAVE? VOGE-L 'YLYZE V D ALE WIXCKL N59 iBNO!l P-OGBB YAULHHF- V OS W PRD NPJ- w ALTER EX.-NNY. 'N P-LTYBS BO BERT NN P- M- XE tl WNW-R BB SOCK 1 'N P-BEEN DAME? HWAXS V150-V35 BOB i341 VOORYE- BBN Y-HY. P-M el-hxw 55 MP-RC-IE TNG CHBRLOTTF- WY:WYF,5KDi MP-NS-'IN WW NISE WBYSE- W 15 NOMALX4 WW 1 P-GK 5 'IHQLM mis win?-YU 'N Sf- 'NKLLKM45 P. WB-MLM UN 59" LBA WNGAW H WB-5921 PILTMCU- M508 WXLSON wmnw E Q + o BW- WOM' v VGGNXA 'NOC an Whimeg Wayne 'or GXee, umw: wuixsaaxs ooxlnm 4115?- Row ONY.: Norman vlhkmeftiosx, Movie Proxector, Chadome XNKucsKde', Nlarhyn WhiniogfGirXs' Emsembm, Sem A C-apoekag Margie Wi1kersonfYrocLov, Yep Chxb. Row Two: james XNiXXatdfYx'ouox', Host, Benq Lee 'vqkhiams Thekna WkXXkams', jack YNiXYxamsong Bonnie Whson, Row Tunis: Mikked WiXsonfYtocLor1 Yatridawhsoof Yrocmor, Yep Cmb, Class Captdnq Yam YNkXson'. Kduh XNing', Mekba Wkngatef "Yeriscooc" Edixor XNOHA, Qxixh and SCYOH, Thespiaos. Bow Youve Mary XNinkxgea1", Dorxaki XNisefY5apd, Xnsxmmemm En sembXe, Sr. Red Cross Reptesemaxiveg Rhine XNoXifYrocnor, Hoaxes Senior GXeeq Virgmia WoodfYvocno1, Homeroom Reovesemamive "Around the YNOIXE' Edksorg Xviikon XNoodsonfVres3dem CoXor lot Glee. H3-Y . Sen Iasl MB-TO!! NNOODBCN X9 A3 -3 .H 'K Q? L? ww .. 6 f 1 4 T xi 1 TF Blame the Coed Prom for this! .Jn 1 N.. J " V-. aiigfjfga M V1 1 t Q" r.-Y Q-N f 1 ' 1 S: , H. i if -1 1 Q f 381 ' -5. K... Y ,434 Li , , . 5 . L g 5' fi X , Zi .. ,Y . . " 3 'im ' -' " L :5.i'.l1:. '4 i '4 ' ' ef?-ni-5' W a m- ' ' F' . . .. .ig W ' .5 -A t - i if. 1 '2 , ' A - WW-W YQUNG MYRTLE YOUNUMKN ' xmw-:mms znxounm 353515 mam N J Q i W.-bs, vi i: L ,,,g.: -2,1-3, 1 Wiitf. .MQ 33 W 'uf f ff?" s Y . , 'Uwe 3UNi0R 01444 MN!! LEWXS iinpiuiamuuil ord, the iunior wing Sophomore rec iting year. Yoiio hted by an ' B!-RBAHR GRABHIXM S0 0i61"1A1t.uSu tstanding i and esac s highitg " Running Even surpassing an ou has ciosed a rnost eventiu ' eiection, the iaii terrn wa iayfuiiver Since Eve. ' uniors produced a junior- e's "Borneo and' urbed Ciass a ciose, smashing extrerneiy successiui ciass p tuii stearn ahead into the spring, S Senior Pro-rn using a novei satire on Shakespear Buiiet' that no Senior wiii ever iorget. Activities were c because oi conditions brought about by the war, but the Xunior inet and overcame these obstacies. They have definiteiy es ready ior the iast iap in a rnobiiized Topeka ' sacrificing their dass rings and pins 'or Ciass day and at the iui as they diii- ' Airna C-iass proven thernseiv hooi by wiiiingiy 'orities. On Seni were most heip Hutchison, Miss Einiey, E. B. PEGGY YNINE Suciui Chairman High Sc E war pn 'ces they ' Frances ' Bernice greatiy ap- S. because o Baccaiaureate Servi gentiy served as ushers. Miss Caivert, Mrs. Yayeben Woite, Miss Weaver, and E. L. Fink, ciass sponsors, have been preciated by the Sunior ciass ot i945 tor the guidance and a sistance they so wiiiingiy oiiered. E371 Jawa.. C C sQa..otsvf 'wa-.xluri QM! Sa:-EMW. Row l: Harris, johnson, Martin, Riley, Shortt, Hartzell, Rose, Brodhecker, B. Nelson, Nazarian, Brennan, Griswald, Tillinghast, Rhine, Rhynas. Row 2: Newman, Shields, Brooks, Cunningham, Compton, Webb, Beckman, Werts, Duff, Coats, Hurst, Sandeifer, Clements, Logan, Lane, Haggard. Row 3: Foster, McComas, Smelser, Easton, Perry, Maze, Goodrich, Bradstreet, Lewis, Stubbs, Fisher, Coleman, Crawford, Brittain, Head, Mcliachron, Culbertson, Brier. Row 4: Lonanl, S. Nelson, Cornish,kScneder4 Knowles, Reaser, Engle, Rogers, Alford, Strimple, Comstock, Holliday, Spickelrnire, Fisher, Dove, Probasco, Taggart, Moline, Anton, Belknap. Row 5: Rymph, Allgire, Rupp, Sewell, Sallee, Quinlan, Ward, Butt, Gilchrist, Bashor, Hurd. ' '. ' Row 1: Dean, Waite, Werner, B. Crews, Brizendine, Bennett, Rankin, Tew, Wilcox, Flenniken, Sales, Wells, D. Crews, Gilkeson, Cad- walader. Row 2: Downs, Sardou, Segrist, Cross, Silk, Edds, Graham, Walker, Nairn, Ely, Tiffany, Medill, Brown, Hahn, Woodcox. Row 3: Koch, Eckert, Hathaway, James, Golf, Cummickel, Smith, Dugan, Henderson, Calkins, Gartner, Gibson, Haskell, Durall, Murphy, Martin, Brown, Eakins, Selby. Row 4: Holman, Frazier, Zimmerman, Wall, Sterling, Brown, James, Hale, Miville, Miller, May, Emmerson, Sage, Robison, Hastings, Whearty, Kelso, Young, Hawes, Lyncle. Row 5: Nelson, Wilson, McNown, Elden, Maike, Schuler, Hurley, Cowan. ,Rom lx Mildrum, McMillan, Hurt, Nelson, Graham, Griffith, Moore, Peak, Garber, Bin-ket, Pontius, Holum. Row 2: Bonebrake, Fidson, Townsend, Ramsey, Mulanax, Crum, Funk, Tener, Wilson, Vincent, Brooks, McKinley, Yost. Roiu 3: Culbreath, Bartholomew, Putt, Lee, Nelson, Foster, Hurd, jacques, Martin, Holliday, Ketterman, Clark, Daneke, Green. Row 4: Lonam, Lytle, Cook, Burns, Young. Eaeil I 4 X Row I: Roderick, Dietrich, Galletly, Hosler, Collier, Ingalsbe, Grabham, West, Boley, Hadley, Bullock, Bonebrake, Tew, Allen. Row 2: Higbee, Fowkes, Griggs, Crumley, Wassweiler, Morgan, Matthews, Koeberle, Smith, Quell, Bozarth, Gudd, Haegert, Mary Borovick, Mar- garet Borovick, Stubbs. Row 3: Greene, johnson, Clements, Somers, Wyllie, French, Boyer, Marshall, Shaw, Nichols, Hobbs, More, Mac- Da'niels, Martinez, Brallier, Flickenger, McCabe. Row 4: Justice, Rettig, Warlen, Robinson, WVorswick, Sayler, Hurley, Babner, Black- burn, Magee, Roach, 'Weaver, Shaughnessy, Cowell, Harries, Hulsopple, Heatherly, Giddings, Culbertson. Row 5: Barbee, Freeman, Tice, Petro. Chapman. Gamlowski, Gearhart, Woodford, Bridwell, Francis. ' .- Row l: B. M. Miller, Rigdon, Mills, McHenry, Herren, Magee, Cornelius, Lindemuth, Payne, Searle, Rosen, Orr, Simmons, Nichols. Row 2: Johnson, E. M. Miller, Schovee, Robb, Shepard, Shimer, Stolpe, Sleeper, Radcliff, B. Moore, Day, Martin, Hussey, P. Moore, Mordy. Row 3: Bill Hlormington, Bob Hformington, Thurman, Thomas, Paslay, Parsons, Meives, Sickinger, Patten, Osborne, Wright, Richter, Robbins, Vickers, YVebb. Raw 4: Cheek, Taylor, Brubaker, Snyder, Morgan, Perkins, Bachman, Butts, Tillman, Briar. Row 1: Senne, May, Dicke, Newman, Miller, Wright, Heil, Thomson, Coffman, Rankin, Clinkenbeard, Potter, Taylor, Crawford. Row 2: Price, Simmons, Sarver, Reiber, Hay, Boman, Steele, Carlson, Rosander, Bayly, Hatcher, Winter, Vaughn, Dean, Condron. Row 3: H. Spill- ner, Thiele, Moline, Davidson, Lundblade, Hulse, Stubbs, Fisher, Larson, Craig, Decker, Ingram, Coleman, Kimbrough, Johnson, Bolmar. Row 4: R. Spillner, Atkins, Griflith, Cory, Westman, Cummins, Michelson, Menninger, Bain, Taggart. f39l Ro w l: Foster, Titus, Schermerhorn Weil J U N I 0 RS lcontinuecll Much to "Veronica" Hodgell's disgust, Bryant cuts glamorous Charles Martin, as "Hobo" Strange stares Row'2: Groendycke, Stewart, VVebb, K' , ir , Mix, Oyler, Nickerson. Row 3: White, Crow, Davis, Fritt T ' s, hompson, Hutton, Northcraft. Our football teaml 401 fllw SO P PHONNO RE ew to buy an eieyator ticket?" Strangeiy enough, not one tor this antiquated Xine, but it may be two here actuaiiy is a student eieyator. t during this hrst year ot baii and basket- Led "W ant h" ieii find out t hne star ded toot Troians. dred -scru ore they e ciass t on to a ' nder ie xey atten 'ed ion tre other ' t, they t t two hun hornore n er ' iiis, Mn a "sub years bei Th ot '45 go tl tower. Ti diy with i nrned on party. U d rray ohng u d cheer residen ini Sop Gian' Nl d to be scho b arnes an ' ' er, ciass p st success Austin, h Kass prove nd that ah g ryin Stix' tor a nio iss Edna ie t e c They ion ere not MABVXN SBNEB Yisltdent DXET1. by Ma and titty strong the Eine sponsorship ot M own, hand Miss Georgina Bieak y siastic and high-spirited one. as lun and their high spirits w Next year as juniors they wiii oi ieadership. Front ' n activities. ved ' ymcisux DODGE. '541ciaiChuxrl1'-un Br very enthn eka High hte w the added work. sibiiities oi soho ieaders in Troya ' ye certainiy car eita High Top ened by 6 D respo en the " hs' ha ' oi Top ' ' 'ts waiis. damp take on adde their midst wih be chos Yrospects are go0d, tor the scru thernseiyes a deep Unitckf' in the society Scho0i and wiii piay a iarge part in the iite within x JF E411 Row l: Whitlow, Korab, Olson, Boyd, Gorbutt, Logan, Oehrle, Golden, johnson, Fowkes, Kirkpatrick, Maine, Nazarian, Kirk. Row 2: Miller, Baker, Knight, Smith, Hansen, Sharkey, Parr, Robinson. Cross, Flory, Griffin, Besse, Sheetz, Renfro, Bright. Row 3: Holm, Lull, Shehi, Lewis, Pyle, Krieg, F. Liggett, Cook, Kendall, I-Ieberling, Snyder, Smelser, Euwer, Hillhouse, Fenton, Elliott. Row 4: Miller, Scar- boro, McAlister, Freeman, McCarthy, Ball, Wyant, R. Liggett, Klein, McCracken, Renyer, Morse, Wilson, 0'Connell, Amis, Funk, Manual. flow ltylgrk, Snyder, Chewning, Short, Trinidad, Crable, Owens, Harmon, Dodd, Butz, Wanersten, Deitz, Hagen, Erma Smith, Simmons. Row 2: Proyer, Koontz, Paterson, Bingham, Lungstrum, Howard, Hudson, Wagley, Walker, Paschke, johnson, Moore, Breunsback, B11-Q lings, jones, Casebier, Simmons. Row 3: Brooks, Wanner. N.'Sm1th, Baughman, McHenry, Hansen, Galbreath, -Cole, Keith, Brunette, Hoover, Fleek, Vaughn, Elinor Smith, Adsit, Vickland, Bigham, Thompson. Row 4: Pfeffer, Foster, Casner, McKinley, Allen, Coe, Scar- borough, Knox, Brosins, Gelvin, Silver, Grabham, Potts, Brown, Price. Row 5: Kime, Zachman, Yates, Powell, Wrlght, McGranahan. Row l: Morrison, Maze, DeSpain, Hinckle, Hernandez, Aumiller, Hamilton, Murphy, Douglass, Roether, Collins, Firestone, Tutt. Row 2: jackson, Grows, Neiswender, Henley, Welty, Saville, Paige, Wallingford, Perry, Strong, Vogel, Shrake, Davis, Hopkins. Row 3: Kip- linger, Miller, Mathews, Burkett, Mize, Beine, Pearson, Moore. E431 1 Quartet consisting of Frank Hale, Eulis Cathey, james Cathey, and Fred Holmes start rolling with "The Wheel" AIIJ-ZEN MOFFEIT Sonics- H Pfuuulud Hurst looks on as Gaines conducts meeting of council This year, for the first time, colored students of Topeka High have had part in the school's self- government. Under an amendment to the High School Charter voted upon by the entire school last spring, a representative was elected by the colored students to be present at Student Council meetings and to vote on Student Council bills. After the general election in November, under Virlene Hurst's leadership, colored students elected a governing body of their own, consist- ing of William Gaines, chairmang Aileen Moffett, Senior representativeg Frank, Hale, junior rep- resentativeg and Dorothy Crawford, Sophomore representative. George Hayden was chosen Elec- tion Clerk for 1943-44. In their Hrst bi-monthly meeting, Council members made Frank Hale vice- chairman and Aileen Moffett secretary. In all procedure they followed the School Charter closely, with the advice of their sponsor, Lloyd W. Kistler. The most important matter taken up was the framing of the bill to lay before the Stu- dent Council to provide a colored proctor system. The Council also has sponsored numerous sun- lights and varsities. M 1204.414 al me ALL-scl-loot PARTY DELBERT ALLEN - VIRLENE HURST we eww Anvlsokv COUNCIL Social affairs flourished this year under the leadership of the new Colored Council, for students not only had a hand in the politics of the school, but a voice in saying what their recreation should be. In the All-School Party program, a trio-Ida Price, Dorothy Crawford, and Pearl Wilson-executed a patriotic dance. After the program, a dance was held in the chorus room, with King Oliver Brown and Queen Opal Mitchell reigning. The Boys' Quartet was introduced to the school for the first time in the College Day Assembly, although the boys had sung during the year at many civic meet- ings. The group includes james Cathey, Epulis Cathey, Frank Hale, and Fred Holmes. As the highi light of the year, students put on a combination Lincoln Day and Valentine Day party in February under the direction of Miss Berenice Fuller, Phyllis lvheatley sponsor. OLIVER BROWN ,ff5EfjQgf,,QOPAL MITCHELL E451 LOUISE BUCKNER - WILLIAM MISS LAURA L. EWING, first dean of girls at Topeka High School and one of the school's best loved teachers, passed away on November 11, 1942, after a brief illness. Miss Ewing became a teacher at Topeka High in 1892, and continued her work until May, 1938, when she re- tired. Today's students know her name from the plate affixed to the door of the Classical Room. Because of her love of the classics and her great part in planning this gathering place for foreign language pupils, the Classical Room was dedicated to her 'shortly after her retirement. EAN SCARBROUGH, a second-term Sophomore, died on October 19, 1942. Jean loved sports and had played football on the East, Topeka Junior High School team for two years. He was particularly fond of skating, but was interested in all school activities. His classmates described him as "a very likeable person." MISS HATTIE PECK, member of the first graduating class of Topeka High School in 1877, died February 8, 1943. She is the third, and possiblythe last of her four-member class to pass away. IN MEMORIAM 1461 ! 1 1 i GOVERNMENT I 1 4 W- 1 1 ! 1 i l Q 1 1 , i . - 1 afnalfo-warp . . .the Prayer l 1 a W Election Commissioner Jeanette Hass g Secretary of Point System ITH the appointment of the Victory Corps Council early in the fall, this year's war-time Student Congress started off with a patriotic bang. It was led by Dale Duncan, elected by the entire school to the presi- dency of the Congress, and Herbert Lamar, who as vice-president of the Congress presided over the Student Council. Each class was rep- resented by three members. Class presidents and alternates became ex-oflicio members. The patriotic All-School Party sponsored December 4 by the Student Council proved to be one of the best entertainments of the year. Al- though practically all the scenery used in its presentation was second- hand, the program, as well as the dance and less elaborate refreshments, was extremely successful. Having charge of all varsities, the council also sponsored several of its own,,and later put into effect "co-recreation" when it became im- possible for minors to go to most of the public dance-halls. Every week-end the school cafeteria was open to roving students, and the weekly parties became increasingly popular. Colored lights were in- stalled, and various types of nickelodeons with up-to-date records were tried out. Card games and Bingo were also available. Small tables at the sides of the dance floor and a bar at one end added to the "night club" atmosphere. The. Council also assisted the Colored Advisory Council, new this year, with the details of organization. TARTING the first' week of school, the Representative Council promoted the sale of activity tickets through the faculty manager of sales, W. J. Barnett. Somewhat later in the fall, members of the Victory Corps Council called onthe Representatives to help with the enrollment of Victory.Corps members. As plans were developed for weekly co-recreation parties in the cafe- teria, representatives were enlisted to promote the purchase of a nickelodeon for the school. Representatives were elected from Hrst hour classes. Dudley Johnson, as Speaker of the House, as an ex-officio member of the Student Council. Dudley johnson Herbert Lamar Speaker of the House Vice-President of the Student Congress V President of the Student Congress 6 STUDENT GOVERNMENT we l48l V n o ! O Seated: Eckert, Lewis, Gray, Sallee, Mrs. Kingman fsponsorj, Miller, Hurd, Taggart, Hale, Rardin, Smith, Silver Standing: Duncan, Mr. Van Slyck, Gilkey, Mechem, Crane, Yvright, Lamar. O Row 1: Adsit, Hadley, Bales, Wray, Bingham, Stubbings, Richardson, Colfman, Eddy, Gorbutt, Taylor, Korab. Row 2: Brodecker, Dodge, Dietz. Timmons, Reid, Peterson, Nazarian. Lindemuth, Vincent, Forman. Row 5: Spencer, McCormick, Fleishman, Barney, johnson, Sellen, Stauifer, Barnett, Xvright, Rieniets. - E491 l s Bah Maupin Bill lllrrun First Hour Proctor: Row 1: Grabham, Firestone, Groendycke, Shep-pnrd, Quintard, Townsend, Bennett, Fowkea, Krom, Yost, L umley- Euwer. Row 2: Drehmer, Colmery, Hutson, Burns, Lemon, Ticehnrst, Moser, Day, Erickson, Crews, Small, Whiting, Hoistman. Row 3: Wall, Kunkler, Herron, Reynolds, Enochs, Gutierrez, Kilmer, Clark, Honeyman, Taggart, Howler, Brier. Flow 4: Maupin, Collins, Hay, White, Brnllic-r,' Barney, Duncan, Feeley, Cummins, Manuel. Pearce Zimmerman Row 2: Fleming, Ramsbarger, Brain, Finuf, Lightbody, Durall, Rutter, Coffman, Harris, Haggard, Lindemuth, Fudge. Row 3: Silver, Pearson, Dutt, Sandctfer, Douglass, Eckert, W. James, Webli, Shepard, Bnshor, Warlen. Row 4: llutton, Daniels, Rupp, J, Peterson, Hill, llurdick, ll. James, Zim- merman, Laird. ' S.. Jerry Shakeshaft Third Hour Proctor: . Row 1: Orr, Gudd, August, Coats, Hussey, Boyle, Fagan Lemon, Kitch, Meyer, Timmons, Klein, Peak. Row'2: Kern, llonnot, V, Johnson, Spielmnn, Hoes, McCluggage, Rhynas, Titus, Medill, l-Zuwer, French, Clzeek, Deitz, 0'MaIley,- Row 3: Moore, Shoop, Bryant, Harries, Martin, D. Johnson, Cun- mntzlznm, Young, Huber, Pheasant, Mize. Row 4: Shake- shaft, Douglas, Salleo, Fritts, Ewing, Steinberger. i l50l NDER the supervision of E. B. Weaver, the Proctor System was streamlined late in the fall. The number of proctors in the halls was reduced to increase speed and efficiency, and at the same time proctor service was extended to assist various departments. The student proctor works for and with thc facility in running errands, distributing bulletins, directing visitors, keeping order in thc halls, inspecting passes, and performing any par- ticular dnty which may be assigned to him. The chairmanship of the proctor organization was given to 'Warren Scott at the end of the first semester when the former chairman, jack Main, moved to Stockton. Other changes were necessitated at mid- term when scveral Seniors went to Hlashbnrn Uni- versity. Proctor captains for the year were Bill Hermn, Bob Maupin, jerry Shakeshaft, Pearce Zimmerman, Barton Griffith, Herbert Lamar, and Charles Holman. DO YOU HAVE 5 if, rf' milf' 'Trevi ' ff' . f rr' . s "6" -:f- ' ' f' . t "7 as ' we-url' 'iliif to , ,lf...a1:.g.m..:..1 e iiii l,gmEgszr1c1Le'l4--li- i yyiii 4',W7m at-'ki'.T"'ou' '-if im-V'i55wl"i""i s s fvivi-iifief?-if.. s c 9""P',,""',' lit .il +60 . W,.yq- 128.4 to i ' . , ,urn k '- -as .f X 1 .-. L' fwfr :sf Q .. .V Zn: scnoo. j MP5 P t ul -J - i it U 'asm its-e -use , ,, t..,,,. ,L , gym- A . If-1 . 'Rattan V N rally 4 ti .tt . . ,,, --1-ek ittii i 'sf 3 7 ' mf M- f, A proctor's life is a lonely one-sometimes! uw. SQ, -1 L K4 'KQCQP D49 'gre 0 O53 . Warren Scott jack Main Chairman Spring 'in Chairman Fall T rm VM' if .wi 4, 'f ,afnvflf X2 rf- , Fourth Hour Proctor: ' ,F Row 1: Foster, Gartner, Hass, Hahn, Meives, Dicke, New- ' 7 ' Smith, Ziegler, Feuker, Lindemuth, Sleeper, Doever, D 9 'f Nelson. Row 2: Wilcox, Somers, Benson, Becker, . Minich, Eddy, Culbreath, Boyer, Crabb, Callwalader, f jf Flenniken, French, P. Scott, Cunningham. Row 3: ffofwgb 7 McManus, Johnson, Perry, Radclih, Martin.. Peterson, Milam, Hodgell, Oyler, Row 4: Cory, Rogers, Stoifer. Iliclcox, Hrittain, Miville, Strange. Roach, Shaughl Taylor, Loveless, Barton Griffith Harlan Culbreath , ,'l'e.q' ,,,,k6'14xQ, N ' -'n:,., his if - X Va In A USEQQI1 0- 'E 'e9"7' 9: 'LP 'mf Fifth Hour Proctors Row 1: Brodhecker, Peyton, Shirley, Moro, McDaniel, Voor- hees, Lockwood, Rupin, We-yler, Nazarlan, llurst, Silk. Row 2: Bradstreet, Maze, Markham, Hadley, Short, Robison, Reklites, Wei-ts, Hackman, Hatcher, Coats, Lewis, Mclllister. Row 3: Thompson, Cornish, Petro, Ward, Vandegrlft, Shrier, Siler, Creel, Goodrich, Dufl, Stanley, Sellen. Row 4: Eulbertsgmd Flank, Crum, Sewell, Rogers, Wright, Webb, amar, ei , unyan. - Herb Lamar l51l Sixth Hour Proclors Row 1: S. Newman, Rowell, Thomson, Buyly, Shaw, M. Stewart, Graham, Hamilton, Hibbs, Atherton, Mcl-lenry, Louise Collister. Row 2: J. Newman, Nohrn, Lucille Col- lister, Pyle, Niven, Atchison, Morrise, lloley, McMillan, Drury, T. Stewart, Webb, Moore, Payne. Row 3: Rausch, Anderson, Bartholomew, liivette, Reid, Miley, P. Smith, McEnx-ee, Wood, Coulter, Derryberry, Willard. Row 4: Pierce, Knowles, Wright, Putt, R. Smith, Bob Wormington, Bill Wormington, Snyder, McDaniel, I-Iolmun. 'fe " ' ' fif - Charles Holman Superintendent KENNETH Mc EXECUTIVES A complete change 'in administration came this year with the retirement of A. J. Stout as superintendent of schools and the coming into office of Dr. Kenneth McFarland, formerly superintendent of the Colleyville schools. Ung der the unit organization the Topeka Board of Education acts as an advisory board with Dr. McFarland as head of the system. Around of parties was given in the Fall by the Topeka teachers for Dr. McFarland. From the first Dr. McFarland could be counted upon for an impromptu speech in an assembly program or to help with the various problems of the 1 es. He has won the admir- students themse v ' of both teachers and, ation and confidence students with his friendly humor and ability FARLAND SCHOOL BOARD Marlin S. Casey, A. H. Saville, Kelsey H. Petro fpresidentj, Mrs. David Neiswanger Qvice-presidentj, J. VV. F. Hughes, Charles R. Bennett i52l Nile ADMINISTRATORS Changes were also the keynote of Topeka High School's administration- this year. With the opening of school, E. B. Weaver became assist- ant to Vice-Principal S.H. Stark, thus enable- ing Mr. Stark to give more time to guidance work formerly handled by Lloyd W. Chambers, who left last summer to enter the United States Navy. In the March meeting of the Topeka Board of Education, Mr. Weaver was elected Counsellor of Boys-the appointment taking effect next fall. The late pass system was re- vised, and proctors collected absence cards each hour. Miss McMurtrie's desk was transferred to the main office and Mr. Stark supervised the work of office personnel. The war created additional duties for the office force, who were kept busy looking up transcripts and records for the armed forces. ANNABEL PRINGLE Counsellor of Girls E. B. WEAVER Assistant to Vice-Principal S. H. STARK Vice-Principal Principal W. N. VAN SLYCK i531 ,N ,, ,V F., W . ,,,,,,5,i, If i ,,AA T ' Z' f 2 ' x 'L '21, , 1 mv A-.1 gfifgji A 11. 15 ,z 1l :gfgf2Qf 'Q fii'fi?B3? , i V J' ,gifiwiik ,, F, . iwnfww ff f' ls '.3.. V ' fyf il U! ,ZZ uk H 1. 5 -fl -5,-QL, -,-, .i f W ,..., K K I 1 - . -w F: :--: J 9, ' N 1 il , if w YQ if ..-il .5 . f mf:-2. 1 , MISS EDNA AUSTIN Y W- I. BARNET1' MISS GBOIIQIINA BLK!-KI-BY MISS V MIS ALMA CALVERT Mqghqmqglu Physics Sade! Sindh! Muthlmutial A Muthomatira H .. -'M MISS OLIVE COLLINS laaquuqo .,., y .- ,, ' g V 1 ,V , 1 2 ,Q ,, 4, A ,W H + 5 K 1 V . W A3 35.0 g Q, me uf ' I F ff "' .Y s' ff' A Y . ., fi . N Y 1 5 1 L f A A-f 1 Qt 1 Q A ' , + +A Qxkr I' 3 , , -f 4. va. 4 NW .ve TSE 5, A . 4 ? H , Q -2 Q' ng ,gg , an as Mx ma- 4, , MAi.f.1 . . . 2' , ., 3. H I 5 SE V Q.-Aw W , ,V A 'Ki Y LLOYD W. KISTLER Social Sl di F-..-.....N.... .. ..,...-.... - .e . .Y .. e-- Y., YYWY... ,. Y. K. --.V kim-. -,.,,,x. A..- ,..,,,,i,.,.-W7 . IU' N-1 -wx MISS CAROLINE MORSE MHS VERNA NIM5 LOREN M. NUZMAN MISS FERN OFFIELD MISS IVA OMAN O. I. PALMER Study Hull Enqllnh wdwonk Library Assistant Mqihqmqaq gm-,ug is as ,K 'J- 4 sa MISS ESTHER NIEHS MISS HLETH PHILLIPS mm R. Powrzns Miss nonsun Pmucuc G. c. mnmrrs Miss IEAN Rosznrson 1.-bmfl B-ol-:ov Auwimnnuniu swim ru.-.noqy Lqnqtmqe 1 A M SEAMRN CARL P. SNYDB MISS MINNIE STEWART MISS BERNIECE STONEBRAKER MISS RUTH STOUT MISS AMY SWENSON Business MCIAUUWUCU Mulhnmadcl Llhmxy An-imcnl Fnqlilh Social Sludlas MISS HARRIET TOMSON Miss ELLA P. thus mugs-f 1. vgmgx Mns. nnmzsr 1. VANEK Miss Anmrrnz wean Miss VIRGINIA wlznn' Emalhh sma, Hqu p,,,,,m1 gd,,c,,,,,,, Pm,-.ami :ana-unn :nun-11 Lunqnqqn MISS GERTRUDE WHEELER MISS CMM!! WO!-FE Mns. rAvr.m:N worn: Miss Mnm-.rmxrr c.u'n-um: Mae? num-nzmmz scum: Miss slmxznsom SP-wrh Erlulllh An Crdu soemmy Nunn Not included in the faculty picture section are: lkiurray Brown, physical education: Mrs, Jessie Carlin, secretary: Mrs. E. C. Dandurnnd. clothing: H. F. Ellithorpe, chemisrryg john E. Lund, business: Miss janet N'IacMurlrie, sccretaryg Miss Bertha Senft, secretaryg Mrs. YV. T. Streeter. telephone operanorz Albert H. Winter, machine shop: and Miss Eunice Youngquist, cafeteria director, who appears elsewhere in the book E561 'YI F ,-3? I: 2 QR ,"' 'RK Tvvlww, , , W - R i f Q . ! - ,, ,,.T.- ,,, .- i s - A RECREATICN ., 3 S 1 fhamliadfa. J-ywwv .the Prayer RHPP Schnacke Reid E531 7114 Six won, one lost, and one tied-that is the way the 1942 football team stacked up. Filling large holes left by graduation, E. B. "Buck" Weaver and D. L. "Heavy" Erwin molded another really great team which hitits peak' against Wyandotte. After start- ing the season in an unconvincing manner by barely eking out a 12-6 win over little Seaman, the Men of Troy started gaining momentum game by game until they were ranked as one of the Eve best teams in the state. Lawrence invaded the Trojans' lair for the Homecoming tilt and went home with a 6-6 tie. After much hard work and bruising practices, the Weavermen ran over the Ottawa Cyclones 32 to 0. Co-captains Manuel and Herron continued to lead Topeka in the remaining games. In their first out-of-town game, the fighting Trojans walked over Emporia 34 to 0, and it was in this tilt that Wayne Probasco's educated toe started scoring points for Topeka. The Wichita North Redskins were next on the list, and tl1e Golden Trojans promptly scalped them to the tune of 21 to 0. Witli Salina next, the Topeka boys camelout on the top of a 27-0 score. Thoughts of another undefeated team started running GRIDIRON Tw MONTE MANUEL Halibuck f Y 3. ,Q s f ,fx , ff x i5-', g f i TQ-'K WA A "I V' 5,33 . '15 ii, Tig --5 ii., WAN, M 'ffl if :A 43 1 ?".i lm Q U f S- 1f+w2': k 5' F2 1 , ,, L -qi ff., .LL vi 1 35 4, f vim 1, df, - ii'-'11 K Y .ei ' 1 ,.- . , , FN my at W - 5, svf f rj 'W ' ' fx - f ' Li' if W Qi , 4 ll 2 V ' , me 1. , ,Y - 1 ,f I x. S . Q59 if ' 1' . k X Q 5 A V 'J ' 4 , -EN .- , 9 , M -. .. - s A W XS' Z S :ww 5 i' F523 V ff f ' -r -1 Ki QQ 'E f er mi- fiQf: 1 f f - f ' 2535 f' ' K S f ' ' N 5'n5:lgzg.vLw it Y . N ,,, i 'Q I4 ,ff v Q as I. 51" ,B Qt" 1 i if! -1 'f 5 1, A -' ,,- .HV . . 1 ": J' 5. N f Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka ,,,' 6 lil. 'nh 5 'Q X 'gfffffff 1942 TROJAN RECORD 12 Seaman 6 6 Lawrence 6 33 Ottawa O 34 Emporia O 20 Wichita North 6 28 SaHna 7 0 Wichita East 20 21 VVyandoMe 7 f 5' iia Q , . m , 1 c, ...Irf- 4 fa s we I . X , C, ,E av V ., -. 1 ,A ., X - -Q. if Q" as ,, ik w. :XTNTKK Q. Q: sa X X .n SL V if W"'1E'+ 3 - wr - mx, A Y a,,,,i,, -6 ..,a1,111an-1 'WT' K- ' ' X2 . X if 1119 ll 1 7 Ax as , . fi WX af Q 1 k5Li , Ii Q24 ff - 7, we F . 3 W WQ Q w W' M, 15' U 5 'P kr.. Jii P 'GW J' gpm' ,ig A 3 r JV . f if KJ., ,ggi jf 5' K 5 If Eff-'sf ET' ,. Q ' - 51,6 ' A - f 'i , ,-51' V-1, 5 uf J 5. , Yi 'Q Y NW? ,Hy ,rigiiwgwi g . W :. MEL 125 ujfiiii. 0 7,4 .mf I I Y T Q ,, 4 g 4 -V ,. ink Lsb H .igkiw Q . , " 25331 ' Q Bggiifff ' ' 59 L X . WW , A--- -Q51 - W' A we 53, - Q. -, 5 :." 3'?"' 1" LST, ,, ' ' img: , Q ,W 4 ' W3 -fjifv iw E 1 -' 1 . - f I ' xi, Q wh K ' , 4, ... .fru- Wf Af E r ,f .J-min bf-'QM - W ..A-af. af 17 ' 55 .. -' f ,Qi M 'ggi' f ,L 1 ,- .1 f k 5: ZQL A ,., . 1? , k L Vs ' V vrrk ii. Y , .k , ,, , f ?Mxf h5 GIF' ' + 4, : R, ,- J. if gf , Q r,,f 5 wi .. v -5 ' fs fi KW 6 il 'P MW' A F Lf Qi wXfZf": :.,., 2' 2 ki 6 4, A , -- wg E , . F , , ,X V,... A .V- ft f' -1. it Q, N 5' gf M an x w if-'Y ,,,, .,,. Af.- .,.n' ,' ,W .givf ,ak ,S I, U F' 1- ,N f s ' W 23" .I an ,Q - SJ? 'Mark 'Q , Q, 5 ' " To V, 4 ,sf ,- aiifif ' . Fi J '- 'ws ' X25 .Q .Q ' 1 - 'Q -b f - : ,ili--L ' , of 1. unc uul. i - W. we Troytown team 764 B TEAM Under the capable leadership of C0ach'Ghuck Mills this year's Tro- jan B squad boasted one of its best teams in the history of Topeka High. The B cagers won fifteen games While dropping' only two for a percentage of 882. The junior Men of Troy rolled up 649 points to the opposition's 429, and averaged 38 points a game to the foe's 25. After running up five straight wins the B squadders lost to Highland Park 37 'to 38. This loss was later avenged by a 48 to 22 count. The only other loss was to the Wyan- dotte B squad 32 to 26. Besides having seven or eight good boys for his first team, Coach Mills had sev- eral capable' reserves to send in when the going got tough. Tom Sewell, elongated center, led the scoring pack with 153 points. Jim Sallee was second with 115, and Dale Dewittie third with 84. TOPEKA B TOPEKA B TOPEKA B ..., . . . . TOPEKA B TOPEKA B TOPEKA B TOPEKA B .... . . . . TOPEKA B COMPLETE SEASON RECORD WASH BURN A ..... SPRINGFIELD ,...fIffIf cAP1ro1. cArHoLlc A MANHATTAN ........... EMPOBIA ......... HIGHLAND PARK Affflf WYANDOTTE .. MANHATTAN ....... T641 johnson TRDJAN SCOREBOARD rorsnux. ..... .......zs SALINA rnP:NA.... ......zs svmuurlztu tomar .... ALUMNI ropsnm .... .... s z MANHATTAN . roPeKA.... ....a1 Emvonm rovemx. . .. LEAVENWORTH roPEKA .... ....z1 wwxnoorrs . rovsmx .... .... z 1 orrAwA ..... ToPEKA .... . .... nu MANHATTAN . roPEKA .... .... as LEAVENWORTH raven .... ..... aa wxuw ....... rovsnox .... .... . an D onAwA ..... ropznux .... .... s s wvnunom-1 . rorsmx .... ....zs Lnwnsucz .. rumor .... .... a z wmw ., ..... TUPEKA .... LAWRENCE .. rumor .... .....u smvonm rorsxax .... .... 2 a SALINA ..... L REGIONAL rovzxn .... . . . .sa orrAwA .... . ArcNusoN smrz TOPEKA......r ..... 31 CHANUTE , . s I I, x Qfk 5 kj Taggart Row One: C. Mills Qcoachl, Parson, Clark, Sewell, Sallee, DeWittie, Reaugh QSophomore managerj Row Two: Geyer, Richter, Drovetta, Smith, Alumbaugh, Griflith, Baker. Row Three Tyler Grabham, Weaver, YVright, Musick, McHenry, XVingerson, Rogers Uunior managerj 3Q V,,,.. W gg AB. 5 I vm si QT? gg W mm,, , x 1 we 5-2363 gb 'X ' 41 .- if R fl 3 A x,k R ,1w . 11 3.12 xv ' ' 3 '5 S4 ik Q gg, 5, ,x Y? . X H A 'Wa-frrf 5- Q N . gi Q N' fb 2 N? if 3 2 K Wi I aiu Q N 1 X Y K 'fa Mrs. Vanek jokes with Miss Hobson as Miss VVolcott referees THE physical fitness program for girls was accented more than ever this past year because of the national emphasis on health. This program was to increase endurance, develop strength, main- tain erect carriage, gain agility, and develop skills applicable to the war effort. Conditioning drills and endurance tests were given to the classes: and the girls were graded, not only on their ability but on their improvement. Many advancements have been made in girls' athletics this year. A girls' Pep Club, organ- ized and sponsored by Miss Esther Hobson, boasted nearly one hundred members at the end of the school year. The girls wore white sweat shirts with a Trojan head and "Topeka" on them and sat in groups at athletic events. The club was the first suc- cessful pep organization to come out of Topeka High in years. Co-recreational square dancing and archery were re-introduced and were accepted with much pleasure from both sides. A well- organized intramural program was handled by an able staff of three teachers: Miss Enid VVolcott, Miss Esther Hobson, and Mrs. Ernest Vanek. The program included team play in all the major sports. A tumbling team was started. A rope jumping exhibition was given by members of the department between. halves of the lin'al home basketball game. One class period of every week was -given over to the study of a sport being played at that time. In this way the girls gaineda practical knowledge of the games and the rules by which they were played. Physical education has at long last attained the important position it de- ' rather than just serves and h plain "gym," as become a real educational course Guys and gals "swing like thunder" on a co-recreation day Tumblers show off I66l G' gr :Jw GIRLS in GREEN 1., Atherton tosses a mean one -Serif' uc la 3 4 9 Ili Ill! Q99 :ff Volleyballers wait for the ball Kev! Graceful Dianas "arching" on the front lawn lvirs. Monroe does her daily duty of turning on the showers Basketball champs: Griffin, E. Kirk, Garber, 1N'IcCluggage fcaptainj, J. Kirk, and Trimmell TRACK WITH several lettermen and many new boys showing up well, the Troy track team Finished another fine season at the state meet, May 14. The Hrst meet of the 1943 season was staged April 3 between Seaman, Capitol Catholic, Highland Park, and Topeka. Trojans won this meet with little difficulty because of their superior num- bers. The following week the tracksters journeyed to Manhattan to, enter a triangular meet with Manhattan Hay and Schnacke travel air lanes and Junction City. One of the high spots of the season came next when the Men of Troy entered the K. U.. relays. The Baker relays, the regional meet, and the state meet followed. Much credit for the team's showing should go to Coaches "Heavy" Erwin and Lloyd Kistler, who worked hard- withthe boys. Dick Cummins, Ed Hay, Ellis Douglas, and Bill Spaulding turned in good performances each week. Row 1: Treadwell, Brown, A. Schnacke, McAlister, Musick, Douglas, Cathey, W. johnson, Baker, Chalmers, Renfro, Armstrong, Paslay. Row 2: Wall, Hall, Nitz, Shinn, Loveless, Hahn, Miller, Foster, I-Ieim Enochs, Geyer. Steves, D. johnson. 1 Row 3: Garrison, Scherdin, Drovetta, Glogau, Zepp, Brallier, Daneke Derryberry, Crum, Cook, Young, D. Schnacke, Leighton. Row 4: Erwin fcoachj, Urban, Theis, Martin. McCormick, Wvyatt, Greer Gelvin, Xvilson, Campbell, Morse, Holliday. Bashor, Kistler fassistant coach, Miller gels a determined start l68l Seated: Allen, I-Iaslett, Swartzrnan, Mechem, Hulsopple, Taggart Standing: Smith, McCarthy, Silver WITH four letter1nen returning to Coach Bill Barnett, a great team of netsters was developed the past season. Kirke Mechem, number one man, continually turned in good performances, defeating some of the best players in Kansas. Les Haslett, Bob Taggart, and Howard Swartzman rounded out the top four and copped many matches. Several tournaments were entered with XfVyan- dotte and other neighboring schools before the regional. Many underclassmen were also on the squad and showed promise of becoming good netmen. -is.. TENNIS BASEBALL OPEKA High's baseball team, playing a curtailed schedule, was developed under Claude Hays, veteran coach, into one of the best nines in the state. With only one returning letterman, gaps left in the outfield were Hlled by several new boys who showed up well. Batting proved to be the Trojans' one weak point, and the pitch- ing their outstanding feature. Big Tom Sewell showed promise of becoming one of the best Troy pitchers in several years, and jack Fink continually turned in a good job back of the plate. Brennan McHenry Ehrlich l1n Lee Fink. l69l Hedberg follows through as Fink waits Seated Sacks Schroer Ehrhart Griffith Richter Standing C A Hays Qcoachj Schultz Hedberg Peterson Reaser Foster Sewell Alurnbaugh Quin lf. -,wg Iii ,M G . Us .K W E fl f R x I M-FA -:W 7 ' -12 f--4291: ' I N E Q' N""-4, X' N' A , 7 W A X -..Z rx N L , iff ! , f'i 'al im -rxg In J v : V V I' i f Y ' J ' 'YTQ AM ,wwf ffw'-gp ff, ,, if ' 7 A X in ggi 5-,W 1 IV E an V i if f 4 . 22wff EQ ' X W Ft . A yi? W it X 2' -wif M ' , inf. K .J fe: 1 f a3?fgg,E 'fad Hi 5 we 1 5 : X , E' ig . i A 3 , f E .. . 1 aw ' iff- ,S f jg .g ff mi M -,, -Q ,Q fa :H ai S 1 f' Q mr-. , -N ian, wv'vf,.v ' .3 ,. 'rig W n 'QYLZQ -Y qs., ax-" " , ,U Q , .,,,, gg- 1- Wi ' A 'Ex if ' NTL-MVS 'E-in ,git 'N A ..x.f if fm , , Y , , xquz QQ . . may ,H5 wa is , 3 3 . Q V Q ' mr: ,. v1 .sp -N' Q1 .ww he - ., 54. gran we K .,A,.,,, if HQ' jig ' ' l . rk. .. ,. .511 Z 2322223 1 xaiimtf i ,f::3g5..., 1111222552 . 1 'H' ...N n .3 - nziixf' igg:'L35?E'1a A im-122.453 ,, , -1:10.55 1 ,,.. 'Z ilf':"'5ff5if53? we -- 111, ,- -1 ii. - S . .. mm: fp, :, nf ., an :A na.-. 4' 1 XX:-Fx iv ,YN X r I 2 -.,' ., 'fjff'Q2i 1g, vh R' 2 , I f t l b ig: . 5 . V . ,f-f, , r , , v 1 If -, M . Q , z ' Q 1. . 1' askjg f ' 1 iriez - iw A 5 g ," ' it ' 1 I -ww ,, "'. . Lamar succumbs to the wiles of pretty gnls Traditionally famous for its entertainment, the 1942 annual Topeka High All-School Party again had 'Hem rollin' in the aisles." An hour's entertahinnent of variety acts xvas vvoven to- gether by the laugh-crammed story of a vaude- ville show delayed in a small-town train station. Master of ceremonies was "chubby" Herb Lamar. Drunks, civil war veterans, and tem- peramental opera stars were only a small part of his aspirin-inducers. The faculty, always the biggest rival of the students for the most laughs, presented VV. N. Van Slyck, principal, dressed as a baby doll, accompanied by other members of the faculty. Highlighting the eve- ning was the presentation of Queen Marilyn Eckert and King Dale Duncan and their at- tendants, along with the colored royalty, Opal Mitchell and Oliver Brown, with their attend- ants. Games of all kinds were supplied the runrdancers vvhne the others danced to the rhythmical strains of Wayne Wills' orchestra concluding Topeka High's outstanding party. Mix Oman Mr. Van for his debut Mr. "Knobby Knees" ,Kistler gives the boys a "buzz" 142' ifze ALL-SCHOCL PARTY Ping! . . . "Grandpa" Mechem never misses Wills blows, as Gypsy glows . . . E731 i if-15 '11 UQSL M 4:1 ff A 1.'M'SL2 -. 1 , , ,Mg + i X 31 'if u 5? s n W-Q MM, x Q af' J :QV ,k i 'L sail V 25' uw if Y :K 'Jil ' P wgsizw Qi w -K .WG U- Hen. xr- fig? .sb ir it +4 Q lffiw WWF, WT. Q 3 , x Q . !...- F I alms! .tu , ' iff? fa. 5 iq 4, i Q. . f my 1 ,' f4. ,-M254 mi'- +25'fh gas! f3Q5fw?, F .-' '. W3 t'25 .QM 3-kfmifwiwf ' a A MQ -mQpWg'viwm aw.a :2?.f wx? '-L2 11.23 .. 'Tw ' i -1 , cg , EXA 'Q ' wifi? Q ?f S? 6?E?'wvNW U't'LWQWWWfp3 E- V 2 ' ' e U , . 1 J ,xg2QMuwiwwz QA Q: Y ,x fu .i ,g if F. 4. , K iw ' X -y . QQ V 1 ii., N ,- ff -f M ggi ..w1N g gg, -g ' -1 - 'L 3355 I ' , M N , Aw 4 wgw, fp A ---.Ar fe s an g . gl . if 1 it ILM " -v. ,- '1 2 ff fm -' L- .a im -4 'fs 'ifg if 1 1522+ A-'b M5 A f 2- ' A ,S df in ...Q- jack, Bruce, and Sarah do fancy explaining to Policeman Jack Tice's threat of "nothing less than three years!" I I M EVER SINCE EVE A laugh-packed plot plus a superb VVheeler-coached cast supplied entertainment for the crowd attending the junior class presentation of "Ever Since Eve," a riotous farce de- picting the trials of editing a school paper. Jack Zimmer- man and Bruce Hurd as Editor and Business Manager, respectively, of the Penguin High School paper supplied the laughs, while Sarah Heil as Susan Blake ugummed up the works" in the same manner women have used "ever since Eve." "A small sample of Southern charm" in the way of Lucybelle Lee, well handled by Barbara Anne WVil- son, introduced romance to the set-up, while Mama and Papa Clover, portrayed by Shirley Smith and Bob Ward, did their best to keep their son Johnny out of trouble. In spite of their worry, Johnny with Susan's help man- aged to create a small-sized scandal concerning the prin- cipal and the journalism teacher. In the end Susan wins not only johnny, but a "real" newspaper job as well. Hurd and Zimmerman make ready to give Barton Griffith a f'water treatment," but their plans suffer as Barbara Ann interrupts. Bruce Hurd protests jack Zimmer- mar1's rugged treatment, still clutch- ing "A Breath of the Old South" U61 THE CAST Johnny Clover ................... ...Jack Zimmerman Spud Erwin .... .. ....... Bruce Huryi Susan Blake ..... ....... S arah Heil Mrs. Clover .... ..... S hirley Smith Mr. Clover ....... ...... B ob Ward Betsy Erwin ....... .. .... Betty Doane Martha Willard ..... .... . Gara Vuurhees Officer Slmmon .... .......... J ack Tice Henry Quinn ....... ........... D ick Ryan Preston Huuhes ..... ....... B arton Griffith Lucybelle Lee.. .. ........ .... . .Barbara Anne Wilson THE STAFF Director-Anne Cadwalader Ass't Directurs-Virnlnia Shimer, Barton Griffith Property Managers-Alice Hobbs, Mary Jane Rnhh Costume Managers-Connie Dean, Martha Webb Publicity--Mary Heleker, Melba Wingate, V Sh rth'Il ' erno o 1 Business Manager-Bah Taunart Stage Manauer-Bruce Warner Ass't Staue Manager-Sylvester Green Sarah Heil gets in the "scrap," much to the dismay of jack and Bruce PIRATES af PENZANCE Mabel ...... . Frederick ..... Pirate Kina ...... Malor-General . Serlleant ...... nuu1,inenumffIfff Ki .. . .. ae . . .. Isabel ..... Samuel. .... .. Chorus ..... . ................ . . ..... Barbara Day THE CAST .........Paul Smith ......l-Elmer Dressler .......Dave Clark ........Jack Rardin ..........La Vera Bennett ..........ShirIey Lockwood .........Nanc Lind uth y em Crow ...,.Girls' and Buys' Glee Clubs "Pirates of Penzance," the narrative of Frederick, an indentured pirate who attempted to enter a more honorable profession, and of his subsequent love alfair with the lovely Mabel, was presented by the Topeka High music department, October 29 and 30. Under the direction of Don M. Gleckler and Clair I. Mills, the cast and chorus aptly carried the action from the pirate band's release of Frederick, his meeting with the beautiful wards of the Major-General, and their capture by the pirates, to the tuneful finale "Fair Days YVill Shine," sung by the full chorus. Barbara Day and Paul Smith, as Mabel and Frederick, handled the romantic leads, while Elmer Dressler and David Clark took the parts of the Pirate King and the Major General. The troop of policemen sent by Frederick to rescue the maids was led by jack Rardin. Accompanying music for the operetta was furnished by a 25-piece student orchestra under the direction of C. J. McKee. The stage sets, the pirates' cave, and the lonely Gothic chapel, were produced by J. H. Hoehner's stage craft classes. Barbara Day blissfully smiles her approval of sweetheart Paul Smith's line Pirates succumb to charms of Boogie Woogie as played by jack Rardin off stage ,Q Major'General David Clark "Bobbies" render Ta-ran Ta-ra, while their "cookie dusters" wave in the breeze 'i xx Father, oh father, why art thou weep- ing?" inquire the comely wards of E77 QR, .,. ff, 2 3 if 55 lg? FE5- . T . F Q ' ' . f ,...,. A..,, fig? 1 . N J 1 ,,, EM K , hgh 1 Q9 f U43 U L ffm-QM fig? , Ar Y W' :ig fi if X 'G xr 2 M 5: QQ M Er - -V. Ex X iff: I H M - mf, 'W 'inf' -ig, 33 M. . H, QQ? TX' W :- sf 1 -5 V vga , if " ' 5 ,M k 'wwf f M , H- W-. , W if 2 E f my , .mg 59 , ffs ff V , ,N f M' -ia im, .b , ,,. . V: A ,, 2 ,iw ,, -A Q.. fii? 'gpg -3 5 wgiyg 1 Aff-I ,M sei Q95-5' Ti X! ,, YK 'if 1 L f 1 ' 2 ' ' X S HTS? a , - gl f 4-xr -1-11152 in " .f V 'Law' --,-3:12, rw. 10- , -, L 1 5 f - A ' A Q Qiffi i i 55 , M A AEI: W 1, irc Q . if 3, f J, . ,A Q 1- 'Q - 354.9525 Af - ,- , , , .fail nf G, M5 'isa I 'QQ gi 5, ' X' .4 ,J . K 2, Q .mg my M 2 v I ,. Y 5 3 mf' gk' E sl fb, in x xl t, hwy, f qv, ,QQ Am ,gm Madonna Shirley Lockwood kneels beside the Q manger in the nativity scene as the shepherds watch 7!xe Hamm! CHRISTMAS PAGEANT "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will to- ward men," caroled the choir in the annual Christmas Pageant of 1942, as the shepherds fixed their rapt gazes on the angel who "brought tidings of great joy." The theme "Angel Voices" was brought through hve scenes to a hushed climax at the birth of the Christ child in the hnal tableau. The Nativity scene, tradi- tional in Topeka High School, was one of breathtaking loveli- ness, with the Madonna kneeling beside the manger, face alight with adoration, the shepherds standing nearby. The program was distinctive in its presentation of the Statue of Liberty reign- ing supreme, as America strives to show to the world the Christian way, the light of its torch illuminating the path for its scores of faithful followers. Truly a long-to-be-remembered page in To- peka Iiighfs diary of 1942! I juniel Hibbs, as joan of Arc, listens for the Angel voices laol Marilyn Fleming holds aloft the torch of freedom as pageant strikes patriotic note I ' 52,755 'f:" ,V 31 -' MT ' ' Y - 121' U ' - 1 Rl 2 1+ f'. , 5 i- V 'mL , L 1 3 , I7-ma 'X -""" N Y -sv Q E INDUSTRY 2'J2amJ'.4.44f Q anrd ' 1 . .the Prayer ik?- 1 . - ' i'L ' - wk 'Hs 1 af gm- - L' 'jf f rv' 'L 5? Q, a ig 2 fs :if PSS' 'af' 'T ff f ,MW ,, -fw I M51-is H , Q ,. ,. A , 5 'V 2 f' . . is fs .aw UI, , li 1. k , 5 Q55 , 3 FW Skin Vsgf M f 53 gag? , . fa 1x ,gm 4' Mk I fi fn' fin H Q M vi' ' ir Q' b- 5 3 4 1 JUNIOR RED CROSS Highly deserving of Commendation, the Topeka High School Junior Red Cross chapter engaged ac- tively in many helpful enterprises. Chief among its projects was cooperation with the English and history classes to raise 35200 to furnish VVard No. Seven at the Topeka Army Air Base hospital. A humorous skit written by Barton Griffith to promote this campaign for student nickels and dimes was appropriately dubbed "Number Seven Heaven." Other accomplishments of the chapter included the following: a waste paper drive'which netted 3,050 pounds of scrap paper, a key drive that brought 7,000 metal keys, a rag drive that closed with 400 pounds of rags, ,and a fat drive that con- tinued through the year with students contributing several hundred pounds salvaged from the sink. Seated: Cheek, Cadwalader, Lockwood, Griffith, Dietz, Smith, Duff Standing: Miss Fowler, Tyler, Moore, Crews, XVesterdale. Small, Vickers Eckert, Miss NVelty. These compose the junior Red Cross Council Under the splendid faculty leadership of Miss Merle Fowler and Miss Virginia Mfelty, the junior Red Cross chapter made itself one of the active forces in the school working for the war effort. Shirley Small was student president: Pat Deitz, secretaryg and Barton Griffith, treasurer. Angel of mercy, Mary Lewis Xvesterdale and Grifiith collect pennies for paper pounds i851 VVeighing in the bags of rags f. ,,, W 'll 1 ' '2f 'E'f 55-i ff fu- ' .0 'Q ' an i f Ag: f? ' x Y -if-:-1. pf rvi ? ,Q A1 2 ' ft me Mraz! gm v ,.,,A .9 K V g, :Z L ' fffifln H, '.,..,.,., X. k.-' YL I iw Q 1 Q i-ff' Eel Ye gm I ' Ng. r 3 1 ,SV , M" ' 'Q1' 'gk' X . if-1:-Q 1 ,-rf. S if f 1 S 455:55 2' J f: 4 A ir -egg. V WF 1 'Rim .,, K f A , ,, N N-V ' "" f .' , . .... . Qfhb . , , -,H . - '9--2-rlwheg:- ., , .5-.!M,,., -gl -1 -.11 :W .7-I--f - " ' --V --, gqgigsg ",i':??'-ff -f'- - 'Iv 4 935:51 :?112ew-, -'-:-..-wfirfw lf? U ,,'- V.,-f.v 1 - Im, is - ,f .ku Oops! says Hibbs. Miss Stonebraker aids library Wheres my eraser?" quiz ki s ta ley and St esi -7fw,a,, CLASSROOMS p Topeka High School has kept abreast and even ahead of other schools in presenting to its students practical courses that will help America win the war. In the Fall Eve new courses were started-Radio Wforkshop, Aeronautics,Appreciation of Latin America, Elec- tricity, and Vocational Olfice Machine Practice. In the Spring were added First Aid and Global Geography. No-credit courses attracted many-one in Farm Ma- chinery and one in Morse Code, both given out of school hours. Physical Educiation classes for both boys and girls stressed the building of sound bodies. The obstacle course provided much of the "tougl1en- ing' desired. Outstanding service to the community was offered by the Radio VVorkshop class with its bi- weekly .broadcasts of a patriotic nature, and by the Biology students in their banding of trees on the campus. Miller tries "soup strainer" in Reid and Kivette try a little Miss Wheeler's play production class home nursing on Spiker 9 I .J af . F 1 ,, an 114' WNW ml' ...L W3 ,i..,-a.:.. 55-11 M .QI 1 , In A 'Q' . Lf Ing. 1 y .- -A . ,Y - . ' . .- 1 A: 3 T 1 - V 1 H ' , gr ' tai A - .f 3 ' "f:,"2 ,ff gr: .1 if -V aa. ! -' - .. - va- ' fl A- -1 vs. -, . - f 'H . I f .' V , .r --AQJFL ' , V 1 Ziff: 0 ' 1 M. '1 . f K Q 2 ji - 1 5517 'ff ' Q9 -ff, . 5- x Ev . ' 'S 'A , 5 , K' ' ' ' I. x if 1 is 0 9- 751323 325. Q 'f 1, -" .fini 'EJ' . ' bf '32 9? ' ' 7 :,' ' ' ' . Y -2447. 3, ' , - , ,435 X .. -L 51, fm .3 , I MH V U wi K 4 , . X , ,,,-:D J "KH " li- Ml V. ' ' 1 M 2 ,5 , ' , X ?h f tv 'Q it wx ' , , mega: -:ami .df,.u'-q . .5542 , 2: bus :V " A-Jn.. W V ev-fi ? . : X, : I I I, I Q! I - 1 J 7 . ,- A--1 "-' A " , ,. Y' sql H ' ---' 33 193 . ' wh 43.1 f'-5245, 12: , V em.,-, -- 2-K -. ' . , H, K 3- i" "' T ' , 1 4171:-2.'xf1'-ggi' Q 'EY' - I I D Q . V Y . ' f.-. .- 3 an x-Q. ik , 1 -gf r I In H . 2 Jw. J VV V .KM 5 . Q 'Ei 1 rw? X Q' J "s. 41' ,D , gr Y W . V E K nl, QI 6 V, I Fig, -- A A 5' Ex l ' -- ' A ' .rf 3 ii- Qg Q5 2- W- A . X f f -'-fxwftfk N" ' 3 . 4 Y Egg., if z ' jfkfff it fax .Q Q KJ 'ip . -5 A 1 fx . , ' X ' ff 23 Jail? ' 1 ' Ae" I m x 'AX X ,S Q Q we -A- P f-. I fi., 353 'E SQ f QQ, fi N1 5 gg- M "" - ' -- E9l4 ffF W ff' . ' VV u Xhjxgzviff J X x.- 7 1 , 733. fig' P. 'fi-1 -X - ' ?ffhx JIT, A if ' 3- ,N j V yf'w2fJ f N J E ,Mar QY Qviwai' .sf gi gd Qu in ,f X! 1 S 'Q 1 wg? 5' . .I COIILCIION ue C'lSX for Qolomt TIILIIIIW CIIL 7!w BAND Although operating upon a restricted wartime basis, the Trojan band turned in a good account of its activities this year. Knowing that the usual trips were out for the duration, the band focused its entire attention on the home front by serving school and community activities in need of mor- ale-building music. Playing for draftees, for the men of the Topeka Air Base, for the dedication of military establishments, and for assemblies of patriotic nature, became the regular bill-of-fare. The marching band appeared in numerous par- ades in the fall term and at all football games. One of the highlights of the season was the pre- sentation of the salute to the Air Base by the band. Intricate marching formations were cli- maxed by the forming of a four-motored bomber to the accompaniment of appropriate music. The band was divided into two groups which played alternately for the basketball games. The entire band presented an inspiring patriotic drill which included various formations, costumed partici- pants, and martial music at the half of one of the games. The Inaugural ceremonies, the State Teachers' meetings, and an assembly in March provided fine occasions for performances by the concert band. C. J. McKee, head of the music de- partment, was director. '7fze ORCHESTRA Contributing its services to plays, assemblies, the Christmas pageant, and the Inaugural reception, the Topeka High School orchestra, under the baton of C. J. McKee, had one of its busiest years. Built principally around two works by Mendels- sohn for orchestra and piano, the musical pro- gram for the season was presented before a com-' bined meeting of tl1e city's music clubs, drawing much favorable comment. The program was also presented before the student body in an assembly in April. Contributing their services as small groups to the various school and community meetings became an important factor in the work of the members of the organization. The number of such gatherings increased because of the war, and the ensembles made a definite contribution where space, time, and transportation would not allow an appearance of the full orchestra. The year was closed early in May with a Victory Concert in which both the band 'and orchestra participated. A guest conductor and a program of fine music well played made the season a suc- cess musically, and in the minds of each member was the knowledge that he had helped the sale of War Bonds and Stamps. . f90l ua? mg gl " ,L x- f. 5 Q . , J If f' J Q 2 ,- 5 1 , n.. 'fvf-N - ,K X fe me 1? x ,y , E- W - f .2 N aj.-f Q x 'fe-Q F5 gig F' Y . N Eg af 3 ' 1 H2 - ,5 a . . 4 A 3' 2 X. Row 1:Gilkeson, Hass, Ingalsbe, Lovett. Row 2: Holm faccompanistj, Tew, Whiting, Hardy, Haskell, Reiber. Row 8: Qucll, Warner, Drake, Grabham, Stewart, Goodrich, Mums, Lindeinuth. Row 4: Radclitf, Firestone, Benson, Garber, E. Smith, Durall, Hatcher, Fudge, S. Smith, Taylor. Row 5: Richardson, Lockwood, Day, Rupin, Foster, Bennett, Wolfe, Gilroy, Marshall, Scott. aa' Glee Gala' Gable . Under the direction of the new vocal instructor, Clair I. Mills, the Girls' Senior Glee Club had a most successful year. Programs were given in high school and junior high school assemblies, before Parent-Teacher meetings, and at various civic and social groups throughout the city. Along with the heavier type of glee club selections, much em- phasis was placed on light classical music-music that everyone can understand and enjoy. In this group were such numbers as "Will You Remember?" "Where My Caravan Has Rested," "Prayer" from "Hansel and Gretel," "Sing Again," "Sweethearts," and "Do Not GO. My Love." Enya' Glee After several weeks of hard work, the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs opened the Fall season with a humorous oper- ettafGilbert and Sullivzins "Pirates of Penzance." In December they made a line contribution to the Christmas Pageant. Directed by Don M. Gleckler, the Boys' Senior Glee Club was composed of voices chosen from the chorus classes to make up the advanced boys' group in Topeka High School. Because singers are selected on ability rather than on class in school, it included Sophomore, junior and Senior members. The club's appearances in assemblies, before junior high schools, and at banquets and civic meetings of Topeka were enthusiastically welcomed by audiences. Both the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs took part in a Spring concert, climaxing a season which was one of the busiest of the past several years because of the need for programs and morale work in the war effort. l92l Because there was great demand for a girls' ensemble, Adina Rupin, Thelma Gilkeson, Nancy Lindemuth, Bar- bara Grabham, LaVexa Bennett, Louise Foster, jean Hardy, Phyllis Haskell, and Donna Lou Holm, accompanist, were selected in the Spring from the Girls' Senior Glee Club. Clair I. Mills, director, stressed the importance of a wide selection of numbers at their weekly practices. Varying from the more dillicult classics, to light and humorous songs, some of the more frequently requested numbers were "Prayer Perfect," "Bird Songs at Eventide," "In the Garden of Tomorrow," "I Know a Lovely Garden," and "Adoramus Te." Enjoying an unusual musical reputation in this part of Kansas, the Madrigal Singers of Topeka High School are a group which has been in existence for six years. Madri- gals are typical songs of Elizabethan England, and all music of the ensemble is chosen from that type or from folksongs. The custom of singing while seated around a table dates to an after-dinner custom of the lGth century English nobility. As its enthusiastic audiences discovered, each Madrigal consists of several melodies, all sung at the same time. Voices were picked by tryout from the Boys' and Girls' Senior Glee Clubs, and the group met Monday and Friday afternoons. Although transportation difiiculties because of the war hindered travel during the year, making it impossible for the singers to accept out-. of-town engagements, their appearances in local programs kept all members busy. - V y v 1 W' ps M 2 if f sf 59" .F -V 'Sf av f. ff 'I' w 'f wt sffwvvfwf mv, yrs! A ,ae 4 LW , V -P "S if if Q, af . .gf 1 N1 wx YZ Y I fi 'Q N. W QA f, .. ,Q QQ lghggiwif ui Em 52: l' ' W ' 2 if S' if 13 E if 33 E 9? was M , -fkA - lg V J., df S F -15 2 as T' xi? gk gs K , gag ,.,. L W -3 f . S . , ,W Jffgfgf zff , :ggi .. M' iff: Q Q, ,Pi , Wg, Murhn Hodgell Editor Sallee, Erickson, Peterson, Light- body, Minnis, ,Helckely Gilroy, Brown, Coulter Hodgell, Gilroy, Stolpe, Hay, Rnmsbarger Priorities. labor shortage, measles, and just about every other difficulty has plagued the staff of the 1943 Suniiower-in. fact, it was not until the pages actually began coming off the press in mid-March that we were at all sure what our yearbook would be like. Often, staff members came -perilously close to being in need of a strait-jacket, as the rows of paper dolls adorning the walls of the Sunflower oflice testihecl, but, in spite of everything, the work has been fun, and we sincerely hope "our baby" will give many hours of pleasure in years to come. ' r ff L, SUNFLOWER EDITORIAL STAFF . Murlin Ilodqell ........... ....... . ..... . . ........... Editor K- . ' 1 Betty Galroy ............................... Assistant Editor 'r' Y! Barton Griffith .... . ...... Associate Editor V K V A- Orvllle Brent ...... ............ P hotoprapher Mx ' ffm E':fm"" S .... . .... Assistant Photographers Photographers Shoxthill Brent, and Elliot get set Qflgih' ""' --'- - I-iilworanhino Magma: x Jean Ramsharper.'.'....'.. 'iiiiiligeniori iiiotivities Edward Hay ....... ......... C artoonist , I Glenn Coulter .,.... .......... S ports e, , Marilyn Minnis .... .............. .... P a rties ' " ' Melha Winpate ................ ................ ..... P I ays Assistlnu Staff Mary Alice Brown Ruth Hulson Musetta Crews Carolyn Liuhthody Norma Erickson Denise Ml:CIuuuaue Mary Heleker Dorothy Peterson Clara Jane Sallee , Ruth E. Hunt ...................................... Adviser ' M H. M. Ives 8: Sons ................................. Printers Christopher Studios ..... .....Portrait Photography l94l e name, W, -rn ,,,.,,,,, no 1 Q gm Q .kk , L LAK' Lv it it . .,.:. A , A f' 5' if 'Q 1 .Ja . in f A xmQ"Eh1tz,,, 362 Q I Eff., - A , V Wi ia Q Q' J , N , 5 -:,.' 'Wai fi.- , ., usp il! ,. Ei,-gl., , - , - x 328. 4 W 0 -,...--"' " "" ' wa FALL WORLD g Kirke Mechem Editor The Editorial Stab' THE FIRST 18 CHAPTERS of the current serial were -lilled with suspense and variety. It was a semester packed with live news, starting with a new superintendent of schools and revision of the faculty and curriculum. Election, Homecom- ing, the struggle for a successful Victory Corps, new grade card, late pass, counseling and time systems, the junior play, W.P.A. Week, All- School Party, and salvage drives furnished ma- terial for lively,front pages. Necessary diversions whittled away classroom time. The World took advantage of the new tabloid size and maintained a "vitality" policy from a breezy Willow to front page "fire-ball" headlines. "Give the students what they want," was the formula. Heated scan- dal sheet comment, which seems so unimportant now, aroused school interest as the "issue of the day." News popped rapidly, giving us little time to wonder, "After this year, what?" Klrka Mechem ................. . . ......... Edltor Jack Rardln . . ' . . . . . . . . ...... . ...... Asslstant Edltor Mary Heleker, Mary Allce Brown. . . . . . . Feature Edltorl Glorla Gray. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... Edltorlal Edltor Melba Wlngate, Marllyn Mlnnls. . . . . . . . . . . .Perlacope Gertrude McFarland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Around the World Helen French. J. .... S. ..... . . . . . . . . . . .Club Edltor Glenn Coulter .... Robert Quinlan. . . 1 Z 1Aaslsta'nt'Snort Editor Maxlne Walters .... .... Snort Edltor .Glrls' Snort Editor Vlrglnla Wood. . . . . . . . . . ......... Exchange Edltor Barbara Caldwell . Betty Coats. . . . . . W. N. Van Slyok. Mlsfnutn E. Huntllllil C. A. Hays ...... '7!:e SPRING WORLD jack Rardin Editor The Editorial Stag ...... ........Sepla Sketches . ........ L.,...StaffArtIst Prlnclpal :Editorial 'and Elusluiess Advlser . . . . . . . . ....... Prlntlng Adviser ECHOES OF SPRING-"Senior boys to Wash- burn," "Jukebox," "Student U.S.O.," "Cafeteria Dancing" . . . More Topeka High alumni went to the services, the World stopped production one week to help the Victory Corps ration canned goods . . . An exasperating Nvillorv drove Stu- dent Council members, proctors, students in gen- eral, crazy with its "advocations!" . . . "Trojan Tintypes" gave inside-dope on Troy males and belles . . . "Periscope" and "Around the World" changed looks frequently with new heads added . . . Several World staff members worked on city papers to help replace draftees . . . War Bond and Stamp sales finally became an actuality in Topeka High when the World printed lead- ing homerooms and names of high-selling "Com- mandos" . . . Crowds at co-recreatioh varsities, the answer to VVorld's Student "U.S.O.," showed results of the school's efforts to increase recre- ational facilities . . . The whole semester one of fun and excitement! Jack Rardln.'..... .... . Rluhard Burns. . . . ..... . . . . . . . Jackle Klvette. . . . ..... . . . . . . . Ruth Hutscn, Jean Ramxharger. . . . . . . .... . . . Editor . .Anlxtant Edltor . . . . . News Edltor . . .Feature Edltors Dorothy Peterson. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . Edltorlal Editor Muxetta Crews, Clara Jane Sallee. . . . . Virglnla Wood, Carolyn Llghthody .... Norma Ann Erlckron, Mary Moser. . . . . BlllWabb...... ...... Bah Qulnlan, Frank Allen, Marlln Young, Denlse McCluggage ...... :. . . . . . . . .GlrIx' Snort Edltor D I l P tl . eors on us.. Danlal Boydston. . . . ........ . . . . . . ..... Perlscono Around the World . . . .Organlzatlons . . . . .Sport Edltor Ant. Sport Editors . . Exchange Editor . . .Senla Sketches Orville Brent ..... .... . ..... P hotographer James Elllott. . . . . . .Aaslstant Photographer l96l . . . V. , . 15, -',' ,gs'14.1sT . - ? Va 'rgg g?.5,:. 341 igigfff 1 , . - 1 4 " VW" ' 3 rw" VV . f-,, ' ' 'fr .' ' -r f k '1" " A ng .i ' if 5 f ml . Q' Lp g zw- 1 .. ,. ... . . . , . .. il . 4 i Y 'V y , Y ' ii- E i I I il: V' Q if II' Vii' if . ? ' rg ffy, 1'3" .' W P jr --"f ' 'L . ' F. - 5' 'Q te.. 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Mccluggage, Rmfim gig ickson Wood, Hutson' Pemso 1 5 -.ll'2.."'5'SS,12"',m,,,.... m"m'M" Mm 1 Ramsbarger. Snandmgr f ' g..w-hf"- nf- rm.: sa.-r-.y my ,,,x,.,. 1 e L- --e- ,msn .mx nw mm' rn.em..f Bo, , and -. S Q5 . g xr Nun, p...gkmmll wan rh ul V ' .v ,h-fighg 1ns0urinlsP qusgg f ' 50 be ' 'gl , l , 'i I, 4. U H ' 5 HJ' -1.54 . . ,. C,,,,,,"'..fh1't.nfj :H Lulu Arrow 935.5551 -0 x 3,9551 eo The newn.1V.fy1t-.L 'IP ODI M- .mf mv- -, W- mf . sv iff' I ' , . : ' lo u P '- Hag- m.wx.n,. ,.,.....-.-1. pn- mix :zz ' ,,,'N1n:lirr'2:f u-iv K f,yo111"'QgxYMS ,aw E,-'Elf F J nb! N' wolves C I .-I-nu -lr you vm- mv rhrm thru- rm- T... P' ,mwaffo W. - ,,.,l' ,Q nm. S " 'n but in goin: ta 1 VPBS S .,.. K. .7 ,,m-,,,,,v,v- 4 wln. . fu :ww xx 'WH' . . f 1 Slain-1,,ind'h' D'-V him Weigh: . "'i":.P' ' . in ., ,,.fgxNN' bgers . . .mv .sw 0,0 . -. A -Q. ,mn ufwimnf -na ., . H I " g,,,,,,,,...,...1 Frm- it ' I MH-I' RIMM--. a,Q'm.-niirfzrynm.-?urT'1er'n"" Ram h ehww mK"" - 7 I , " ' i- Devils!!-gg..n"'f . P nfsin.. Mn-lmkinz ewvh " """""' 'W' for 0 Lila Aw. in-fa, in-Auf: km Qt. Josep an-Baht' ' Mm' i ' .1 - Q- M... nm nw nf- rw rn-mn -1 P--ny. i, n.,-..,-.- 1 VPT ' of U, - ,FWHM . -h .1 -V 11'-r. hr m-1-gm: f-fn-.-nf rf-r n.-r -ummm 4-lakh hung w-'mi ,ww . Q... iii f' K ' Jumm nf.: rm.. snr nh mmm- mr, mm ,N nm- R Rnmmfg nm! . , X0 .. uv mnsnrz. -4-ah -M.r.- .. ,hm nu- -na nnbnuf V In ,, im T-'V' 3 nm-nh . - ' 11:1 :nf xi.-:my ,mi wan m.a...e.- in .n.,.,, ,mv-1 A .- .nv ww. ... f .-.. -- .av- :E aw E Mei? il QA , is 6 T? Eg M 5fg,j i di Ev I F ' sf 1' 5 .E ies if 'YQ if w f if 521 72' , 2- Q fi if Saw I 345, 'f. i ,B Row l: Schwartzman, Cornish, Runyan, Button, Row 2: Crane, Miss Ruth Stout Qsponsorj. DEBATE 1.41, . This year the Topeka High School Debate team, under the leadership of Miss Ruth Stout, piled up 57 victories in 74 encounters. This record included at least one victory against every major debate team in Kansas and many in Missouri. In taking first place at the Hutch- inson and State District Tournaments the team won 14 out of 16 debatesg and in placing sec- ond in the Wyandotte and Salina Tourna- ments won 22 out of 26 debates. At the State Tournament, in competition with the six strongest teams in Kansas, the debaters won seven out of 10 debates, yielding first place only to Newton. Members of the team were Jack Button, Dick Cornish, Woody Runyan, and Howard Swartzman. Howard received the highest individual speaker rankings, and Jack received the second highest. During the year the boys spent more than 100 hours apiece in the compiling and organizing of debate and in actual speaking. anne eacfefd "Let's have your ticket, please!" That was the familiar cry of the Game Cadets, who conducted ticket sales, guarded gates, and- accounted for tickets for each game this year. S. H. Stark, vice-principal, and E. B. Weaver, coach, were sponsors. Ca- dets were chosen early last fall by the Representative Council. For their duties, they were awarded one and a half points toward an Honor T. Sitting: Sellen, L. Smith, Martin, R. Smith. Standing: Holman, Medill, Mc- Cluggage, ,McDaniels, Zimmerman. ORGANIZATIONS in 'Z 04. S. E991 , ig '5 ' x ,, , QA ' 7 5 Q51 - , 6 - ., ' Q W 'LL' Ig' if V ' E ,VIL I Q , ' X 15- T ' 1 if 3 ,. , ' in L rfr . . Q 5 :? " 'Q Hrf ae ff" ,. af Wi S H 'gf ' 1 A 1 K A x- 1 ' i 2 1 , .A 1" - 4 H A - i A A ' 2 2M : 1 i M . . ,r - g 12 H 'nik-L as " T - 1- M - " , ,, . . ' mi x... . ' , f f I 5 f g E , . l ,I Y Us ' K 'R --w w '1' -,Xavier J. -? 5152555 4 .1 Q K 21. gm' 2? -4 - QR-L::V 1 -151525 , 5 , ' L" 3? ' Q' gi f f' LA 'i l - H3 hifi f 5? " 1 : 45775 " 'fl ' E 9 . 'FQ . f. - Y. ' M ' ' ' A - rf' i - lxu VL X i ,W W I E, ,. K H QM V ' . X ,. 1 K 'B f2Ff4"' -- , - -- 'f 2'-Q f5f:Qf::5..E. 1 "Q ' ' ' Q- 1" "in 'BEM ' - ' f'5i5'9: i5gi,.i2?J1.:? I- E , F an is . I , , Pia M ., ,, i rl 5 V -Y ' ,Q L' ., V- 4? N ' I 1 'fi A V f 132451 N 'A V 1-1 1 f iii 1:2 W I... . Q Q, , R- it liz V Tl VE. 151. ' V , -- , Y . W n T 1 x ' . jg-,,:5.Y whey .,. i nm? U ,VVV V ,.,. . wg, ,, W H W ,. ,V V ..L, AL ,. A., . . Y, , , I , , I P We , -fi-2, R ' ga -f df' ' . ,. Y 45 " 1 5 bi, 1, 5'-B2 ' ' if-21w:1v4 Y - ?f9w1'+V-ff?iW'!fff gi , av .-ii " Jiiwfff X 2 Q W , Qi"-.Mig T-- ' f, sf J lfpm, -1 ,fm K l, .ll l1n.l1i.llIp'g First row: Gardner XVingnte, Eckert. Gad I2 Fun, service, and fellowship made up the prograxn of the Girl Reserves this year. For service the girls made Scrapbooks for Ingleside and the army hospitals. The Little Sister party was one of the main social events of the year. Officers of the club were: Joan I-Ioehner, presi- dent: 'Jeanette Hass, vice-president: Barbara Maze, secretary, Shirley Smith, treasurer, Sponsored by Miss Ruth Loomis, this club is open to all Topeka High School girls. Left to right . llovhnor, Fmlzo, Barrett, Peckham, Haines, Minnis, Gray, Johnson, Sallve, Small, Burkvt. Second Third row ' Seated: Nvertz, Maze, Hass, Smith, Hensroth, Hoehner, Bennett. Stand- ing: Ilnmilton, Fagan. l1o1l N . Sandia- Gala' Gouncil To acquaint Sub-Sophomore girls with the ways of Topeka High School, and to interest them in out- side activities, the Senior Girls' Council was organized last fall by Miss Annabel Pringle, counsellor of girls. After Sub4Sophomore girls were placed in groups under the supervision of a Senior girl, they met every two weeks to discuss Soph- omore problems. Each month the groups met as a whole with Miss Pringle. First Row: Mills, Strong, K. Creel, B. Croel, Siler, Snodk, Cadwnlader, Deitz. Second Row: Quinlan, Miller. Brown, Wingate, Euwer, Timmons, O'Malley. French, Lewis. lei ' szwewwam Here comes the crowd! This is the warning to the Concession Stand workers who serve the football and basketball games. Charles Mills was faculty supervisor, and Helen French, Melba Wingate, Bob Quinlan, and Bill Miller were the managers. Besides the fun these Trojans had along with their work, they 'received one-half point toward their Honor 7? WH.. undn ebddical .feaque The junior Classical League, which replaces the old Pia Societas as an organization of students taking Latin, has for its purpose the "handing on the torch of classical civilization to the modern world." The local chapter is one of more than 400 chapters in the United States. Under the sponsorship of Miss jean Robertson, students found interest in singing Latin songs. putting on Latin plays, and playing Latin games. new Bin 1: Lu11g"'i'11, K Owen 'Wm' Row em' G,MlDI1' R 3: ' UU! ' Is. I 'g'3:fn'?beBu "' DiZ"'2e'1?5lg5'big'o? ' P-use e'3 Ren 'Hs' . Ke, T. ez-Q b, C 'Son ye,-I Jlielley Ulofsof James Ole, Ki, Evex S, ones, Rigyarlez, Hw.ns6bHadIe1i,Ir, Zimnjt-ben, H' 19:1 Sm? yea, IV,,,.nf1'.IV,,iLf1e. R0 . mag fb, Rigging, Zelparkige. ggnfgai: ' l uwgm Ahh- nba t4 I'nWmmq ., Smithe, Seated: Stewart, Nelson, Shaw, Collins: Ashley, Creel, Wallingford, Neth- erland, Tillotson, Dodge, Grabham. Standing: Stolpe, Vlfrlghter, Barnett, Medill, Stautfer, Ingram, Gilroy. H0004 pldd-4 The junior Press Club, made up of Sophomores and juniors interested in journalism, has developed into a valuable working unit assisting the Sunllower and World in many ways. Officers this year were: Barbara Grabham, president: Mary jean Stewart, vice-president: Dick Barnett, secretary-treasurer: and Judson Greer, program chairman. Betty Gilroy was student sponsor, and Miss Ruth E. Hunt faculty sponsor. From among the most active junior Press members are chosen staff members of the school publications. l102l Row 1: Hurst, Perry, Mitchell. Row 2: Price, Jackson, Cropp, Tyler, Dnrbcr, Riley. Cooperating with the Booker-T boys and the Colored Advisory Council, the Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves this year put on several sunlights, varsities, the colored All-School Party and a patriotic party. This organ- ization is open to all colored girls of Topeka High School. It was spon- sored by Miss Berenice Fuller, Miss Alice Munroe, and Mrs. julia Parks. ..-,-.,.-, Ml.- ..-..i :ff eg' , ,.,,g An , M 263 ii, . , , , ,aw .-i :if ,J A F ' .Qs : A 1 I In 'S-Q igfw gs. Y Q .5 iw val 11 ? T QS' xv 1 ' X 'bt V K I, Kc .tg .... if A TW, F' 5 ,B 'ij ' ' W "-qw J -If ' mv:- N' N 5 'Yr . 'I 'Sri 1, -' .Q ,A in ' ' life .ff -3 , ?f Q55 5-gf' gdmu gnc!- .,..... fx J Wiffff- J fu .1-,S - 'asyailf .f wg. , ,ea-gf ms.. X.-1. xi Q ,V - N - , 3355, gb w 'r F . 'f Q 71 Q. 'K I ' ' ff , ggi 1,1 ,Q . '95 J.. Tx- 'Li . 2 F. QQ? r we A - Mr '. Ni., . J 'X , sig cGREW 1 1 . , J 'W ' ' -x i t :y . Q - - . r T l 'mini ,if an 'ls A , 1 ' gr fy ' fy, s THE CALL OF THE TOWER Hold on a minute, son: you're not going without saying good-bye? You've looked at me every day for three years, now you can't be just leaving without even looking at me once. and sorta thinking about me. I know at times I've been iust four spikes poking the clouds and reminding you that you had to come or else. But l'll wager I've been other things to you, too. Haven't you ever realized that your dreams could come true when you saw me here? Doesn't my strength make you feel strong? Doesn't my height make you want to reach higher? I am the tower, young man. I've watched thousands of boys come out that door for the last time and go into the world. Some of their ambitions are dead, now, while they go on existing. It makes me ache to see that. Some of them have carried away something that they didn't find in cr book, that has taken them up. Look back, look hack, my boy, before it is too late! Don't leave this precious thing behind you. Lock it in your soul and let it lead you up and up. It is the spirit of your ALMA MATER. , mrtsv. ' ' 'f ' f 7- K " f ZLL .511 1-L -- I , W al ' G , . . ,, .5-:. -.., :V 1- J? f-,snr-Q-f Y - T - I P . . ' A sw - . . - :'2::'-1. ' :sf wi - ' sfrlwaf " fi' ' . 1"' i 1 ' -I " s - -1 V -Q , .-..2,i- .L t MJ ' iff. - X ' I - - , , 1 , , 1 , .. 2 Q ,N T' ' f 1 if m lx . 1 """ E 5 Q1 " A. 3 mznmcz scmznmsm-loan Ausrm SCHNACKE 1AMzs WALTERS xrcwnsrn wHI'r1.ocK MARY wu.uAMs HAROLD WOHSWICK E1 1. 4 1: e . . 4-J F FINANCE www M..z,w,-Z: W . . . the Hrcxyer w 1 , : 1 I 3 1 . LAUNDERERS CW N YOUR HOME lQ.pl2yB CLEANERS AND HAVE Aneliablenm DYERS SECURITY AND HAPPINESS Rates as Low as 4? V NO RED TAPE NO DELAY C. R. SCOTT MORTGAGE CO 800 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. 2nd and Quincy Phone 779I phone 2,3033 A SBE Hussey Insurance Agency FOR A Fire-Life-Casualty EVERYTHING Emscrsncnl. Insurance A TTTTSQ :rf 700 Kansas Avenue Telephone 41 75 Ha11's Educational Service For thirty-six years Ha11's have sold to the students of Topeka High School their educational supplies and this has been ap- preciated. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by Hall's who in return propose to furnish materials of the best quality. satisfactorily priced. MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT FOUNTAIN PENS - STUDENT SUPPLIES - BOOKS - STATIONERY 633 Kansas Avenue H061 CALLING ALL GRADUATES All high school graduates, girls as well as boys, are needed for the wareffort. There is need for your services-business trained-in the armed forces and in the offices of war plants, essential business, industry and government. Prepare immediately following gradua- tion to help. Cur courses will train you quickly to do efficient work. PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION Terms to suit your needs. 'l'l l"l 'l"I 'l'l fl SCHOOL OF BUSINESS H H H H 1 512 Central Bldg., 'ZOO Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kansas ' LYNDE FA Kaw Motor Co. 8: LLEY Peter Pan Store CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Gila cxxxci Cllcxyf L. A. Fuller. Mgr. FANCY MEATS AND GROCERIES 1028 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-7275 Phone 7705 Here You Always Find Real Good Quality -- Guaranteed Lower Prices DIAMONDS AND WATCHES FURNITURE, DRAPERIES, RUGS GSQQPQ Convenient Credit Terms - 0 429 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-7674 u ?U7ome Owned Stone' ll07l HIHMHHH A INIIIVIHHHWY ma IIHHHHEHH TuDlo 1 610 KANSAS AVENUE PHONE 3-1889 H081 Clothing and Jewelry for the Entire Family EASY BUDGET TERMS Harris-G0-ar's For Insurance, See THE MEADE AGENCY 1 19 West Sixth Avenue follow the trend to PELLETI EES 1 CI , . Phone 6537 Topeka 5 fffdmlllfg fl Department Store HOLMES MEADE IOHN I. CAIN LAKIN MEADE TOE W. HULL AUGUST WAHL ARNOLD FALK CHAS, I. SMITH LLOYD PERRYMAN H Hofel Ielghawlj Q 2 1-'OR com. ECONOMY 'TOPEKA' KANSAS ." "fax I .. "YOUR WARMEST FRIEND" Q l c I c COFFEE SHOP Crt I 03 0- PHONE 20297- 2-5325 e'?iIUlElIfJlUlFlllQlEI EIEMEEIQ sos EAST 4TH PRWATE Wf - , X T EJIPJIFJGB F1CDf:DfV1S ' ivllliiilginlinilshr N. M. MOSBY, President and General Manager H091 CHRISTOPHER STUDIO HAM Q46 9001323 SDLVLKZOWZZ 7f0?Zdj9A8 THE COATS GROCERY CO. A 808 W. TWELF TH ST. . Phones 3-2331 3-2338 Topeka Spice Mills RoAsTERs OF sooo come m . Tea ' Spices ' Ex+rac'rs Hofel China ' Glassware "We Make Retail Deliveries" Compliments of FLAD SL MARSH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 607 Kansas Avenue IO9 Easl Eighih Phone 507l Come to M00fe'S for A Good Shoes For Over Books- - Fifty Years Station ery - All School Supplies Q 175-e519 fhoeffore M O G R E 3 S 715 Kansas Avenue 909 Kansas Avenue A HOME OWNED STORE THE Merchants National Bank 501 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS ' IT IN l:111:l W. Pt. Falkiner Insurance Agency D SL H SHDP 91 1 Kansas Ave. HNSUERZANCE , Where You F md Clever Dresses GEO. STAEBLER' mn Manager and Blouses for School or Date New England Bldg. Phone 7511 4: OIN THE ' ' N7 I 00 Keep Up Your Typing Practice During Vacation . . . who shop at Sem-s and Save! YOU DONHI' NEED THE CASH AT SEARS SPECIAL RENTAL RATES T0 Shop with cz Coupon Book-a small down payment STUDENTS ON TYPEWRITERS buys one. You may use them like cash in any department. They come in 510, S15 and S20 de- I nominations. Pay for them over cr period of months. Zercher Book St Stat y Co. Sears, Roebuck and Co. T. L. Www. Om. 120 E081 Sth 706 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas Luz! ,..f"" .IM ' " X . , 'X X X ron Louczn W X u'. 5 x i I RE c0MF ..roR M0 X . 3 g 'THAT ns vmzs , I " 1 ' I .,,. " I COMBINED IN EVERY PAIR OF WKNICKERBOCKERS -I-hree ration ways to smartness by young KNICKERBOCKERT . . With their smart simplicity of styling they fit perfectly into your busy-day schedule. Their quality-making, superb crafts- manship and fine materials assure you of the best in wear and enduring beauty... 9 E E E Q L WHITE LOAF FLOUR R S ' A it E T 4 WHITE l.0lF mmQ'E"f'kmm'-L9.'m , T lima - unmim A Bakes Everything Right ASK FOR IT BY NAME At Your Grocers -A 1 A. M. Petro SL Son DRUGGISTS CKelsey H. Petrol 839 North Kansas Ave. Topeka, Kansas C. G. Blakely SL Company Qualified and equipped to fill your every Insurance need. O 201 Columbian Bldg. Phone 8537 The Topeka Morris Plan Co. PERSONAL LOANS AUTOMOBILE LOANS FHA LOANS Buy War Bonds and Stamps 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 8539 Knoll Battery ancl Electric Co. AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICIANS CARBURETOR SPECIALISTS Conveniently Located at Eighth and Kansas Avenue W . A - The Topeka State Bank 1015 Kansas Ave' Phoqe 25546 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation l:114l 1 "vi 1 - W . Y, 1 I P 1 Compliments i of V Fritton's Grocery I for 1 FINE PRINTING RIBBONS PRIN-I-ING IN GOLD Bright sunshine highlights Dorothy Peterson's green and yellow check suit with its Kelly PROGRAMS AND INVITATIONS 1 green accessories from Berkson's. RAWS BERHSOHS If ll ll W Ii Il S Federally Insured Savings. Accounts 1 cw: ever? occcuion . Home Loans ' 9, A ' Y Capitol Federal Savings 8L Loan DEPENDABLE SERVICE N Association 9 A 534 Kalnsas Avenue Topeka, Kansas 114 West Sth. 2 Phone 6561 i 11151 N LOSSES PAID PROMPTLY l WE WRITE ALL LIN I I7 'I Q34 KANSAS AVE. TQPEKAJQANSAS I PHONE 6446 V Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ' lllllllllllllllllllm! e INSURANCE SERVICE In ll . Crane SL Company Inc. ll I-.llxh IJ' 'Nl IC, litvwrr :E ESTIXTTCDTQEEKS DRY CLEANERS-EXPERT HATTERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS PIiC3IiE - 3 - 1395 413 IP-CKSON 110-112 East 8th sues: Phone 5691 For the Students' Health and Happiness All Kinds of School, Society and Commercial Printing lPRIINTllNG TOPEKA HIGH h C P ' CAFETERIA T e O 999 V655 UA Student Service' .Phone 8I57 606 Harrison One thing all students learn early in life . . . That, when they want something new to wear, they'll save time by coming first to the store that's known for style alertness -me Palace Clothing Company 'ZO9-'Z11 Kansas Avenue tual . . . . - ,SK 'Effffw sw- K YTST. ' -ff .. .. my K M, M . . ., ., ,W-ff.. E f KK W. ---, ,,-.f"7e'4 ,,.K.w..vq1a if-.9Q'J"' K , Q. ...M I--,K . 11, .,i,:.., ,, ,ww 1,1 I K by af .H M ' zu?-1-. ffwx ,M-f W .N A ,, , .. . ,w un 'ws "3-'X 41?-11 fb? . V A -+V-f - if 41.1 ,K .K Q - 5-, . .. 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JOHNSON'S Furniture and Upholstering MONEY TO LOAN On City and Farm Properties LOW RATES WITH VERY EASY TERMS LOANS CLOSED PROMPTLY ' Com an P y We Specialize on F.H.A. Loans Slip Covers Rugs A FULL uma OF FIRE INSURANCE The Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co 1301 HUNTOON Phone 2-4073 Phone 8161 107 West 6th St. H181 l l 824 KANSAS AVENUE The address of a reliable bankg a financial service station. VVe welcome both checking and savings accounts. Loansg we make many kindsg per- sonal, automobile, financial state- ment, mortgage, collateral. I'Ve serve as executor, administrator and trustee. Our Capital Funds, S143,000.00 Deposits. S1.600,000.00 The State Savings Bank WM. MACFERRAN. IR.. President Since 1898 Ky Ky gs.. Before you decorate my nf' ,al T ,H ll 1 ' :r - see i l Young successes-Miss Judy Hibbs in a blue jacket , dress of Enka Rayon Sheer Crepe-frosted with Palnt and Color delicate white. Her flattering hat is an exclusive O model from our Spring collection. Gurde comnzczlu snot' - sacoxn moon SHERWIN -WILLIAMS co. 11? 732 Kansas Phone 2-8267 TOPEKA' KANSAS Call 8285 today Protect your furs The "Cold Storage" way ix srimlirlfcs 5 tf4f4!1.LT?ff The Mutual Ice SL Cold Storage Co. T. F. MARTIN JOHN IWARTIN CHAS. J. MARTIN The Martin Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL - COAL - Curtis Woodwork, Masonitc and Glidden Paints H191 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY F. C. Boggs, M.D. Physicians Ernest H. Decker, M.D. O. A. McDonald, M.D Mills Bldg. Mills Bldg. Nat'l Reserve Bldg. Lewis A. Curry, M.D. Wilson K. Hobart, M.D. I. H. O'Connell, M.D. Mills Bldg. Mills Bldg. Mills Bldg. HarrY l. Davis, M.D. T. P. Martin, M.D. M. G. Sloo, M.D. Mills Bldg. 122 E. 4th St. Mills Bldg. Dentists Arthur I. Buff, D.D.S. Louis M. Fleisch, D.D.S. C. N. Mertz. D.D.S. Mills Bldg. Central Bldg. Mills Bldg. W. H. Euler. D.D.S. E. E. Ramsey, D.D.S. Nat'l Reserve Bldg. Mills Bldg. Lawyers Harry W. Colmery Doran. Kline, Cosgrove, Ieffrey 6. Russell Nat'l Bank of Topeka Bldg. Nat'l Bank of Topeka Bldg. Crane 6 Martin Barton E. Griffith H New England Bldg. Nat'l Bank of Topeka Bldg. Stone, McClure, Webb, Iohnson G Oman Nat'l Bank of Topeka Bldg. l120l Compliments of PENWELL FUNERAL HOME Topeka Blvd. at Ninth St. Topeka, Kansas Phone 8558 0 7 MODERN BUSINESS TRAINING DEPARTMENTS if LOW COST if SECRETARIAL 'N TIME SAVED if STENOTYPY 'A' MODERN EQUIPMENT TOP-'35 HIGH W ACCOUNTING 'if INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION GRADUATES if BANKING if CLASS WORK PREFER if SOCIAL SECURITY WORK 1' EXPERIENCED TEACHERS STHCKY-mfs i' SHORTHAND 'A' PLACEMENT SERVICE 'N TYPEWRITING if 18.000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR SPACE W BOOKKEEPING if ESTABLISHED 1885 f COMPTOMETER AND CALCULATOR We extend an invitation to Topeka High School Graduates and Students to visit our school. 'l'0I'E IIA Il IISINESS lllllililillli M. H. STRICKLER. President S. I. SHOCK. Business Manager Ill EAST EIGHTH our Sf'-ldem F' 11131169 PIG!! Will Help You Got Phones 8382 - 5898 Started When You Graduate V . i' 'Q -P 'A KAW VALLEY Ou. Co. fi if V, , Cgelephone 3-3283 'So od' ou oO' 011.0 oO' 220 BURGESS CG k Vgggggg, S EIB E R L 1 N G Ope ai agvx SUPER PRODUCTS JAEEZE S3?S3S3'iff5Ei P. 0. Box 6323355 .KES2iEEE GREASES . RAo1os DISTILLATE . :DIESEL FUEL Crescent Drug Store No. 6 F. E. ROWLAND 12th and Taylor S' Phone 4455 Ilzll Zlechwd Swwzee is Glwap at '7a,w6e ,Q S Power and Lzght Q D The Kansas Q . fp J QDNN Rsbfmasxzfzf IIIPHHY RFDD,2'r,+f:b,.,,.:xTT ynur '-ms 'I 8 9 PERCY S. WALKER llllg Printers-Binders Dmggm I 0 I 7 Kansas Avenue Topeka, lian. . 6th and Jackson Sts. Topeka, Kansas ' d F 'h 1 1' act fu to Qua :ty Home Loans nfiiiiii G'iii:iE'S This Institution has served the savers cmd 'IIS M5555 UVB home owners of this community for 58 years. Come in and start cm savings account when - - A you receive your first pay check. H1911 FCXSh101'1S f0I' Reiiember. one-tenth of all you ecxrn is yours MISSES, IUNIORS AND WOMEN to eep. Shatgnfe Fecxral Sifungs COATS, DRESSES, FURS, 804 Kansas Avenue Phone 8597 To . Processors Q sms. 1 Manufacturers of it of Sunrise Seeds 4 Q Sunrise Feeds gif?-:i?f - SIEIEIHI cena. Topeka, Kansas EIZZJ WILLIAM GREEN SL SON GROCERY CO. 4 A 813 KANSAS AVE U S E Ph 5621 W I S E L Y 235 I WOLF'S JEWE LERS :nnn4'1z5 K n W -f.,'s.,i.':.', Qxaess THE GAS SERVICE CO. Phone 6435 ZOO West Sixth A ga 'I I UNITED STATES DEFENSE STAMPS A ,YAND BONDS 271522 National Bank gf Topeka TOPEKA KANSAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSI T INAURANCE CORPORATION VICTORY SAND'AND STONE COMPANY SAND-ALL GRADES GRAVEL AND CHAT Ready Mixed Concrete Pho 3-3285 I 1 5, .... 1 Caterpillar Diesel Tractors ' Road Machinery See The Martin Tractor Company 700 East Eighth TOPEKA, KANSAS Rodney, the Rooster, says: "Buy a Loaf Today" IORDANS Honey Krushed Breakfast Bread A red tcdfeta formal sprinkled with rhineslones adds to Shirley Lockwood's glamour Harry Encllich "Wlmrz' You Can See Tomorrowiv Slyles Today' The Topeka , Pure Milk Co. 'fi 8 5- XLLZMZJAZJ 0 f THE DAIRY PRODUCTS IN OUR SCHOOL CAFETERIA - C . Meadow Gold Pennant Green Room for Prgd u gtg LUNCHEONS Arm PAn'ru:s Phone 2-6655 for Reservations 400 Jackson Phone 3-3251 CONTINUOUS SERVICE 10530 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. E12 1 X ITD Special Rates to High School Students 16 Modern Bowling Alleys JAYHAWK BCWL 104-110 East 10th I C Make 3 good impression by taking your girl in and Trucks real style . . . SPECIALIZED SERVICE can a ALL MAKES YELLOW CAB SAFE TRANSPORTATION 1014 Kansas Phone 2-4022 740,110 BLUEBOOK SEPTEMBER: Enrollment .... Girl Reserve Party . . Homecoming game. OCTOBER: Election . . . Operetta . . . Navy Day. NOVENIBER2 Sophomore Party .... Open House. . . Sadie Hawkins Mleek . . . junior Play. DECElN'IBERZ All-School Party . . . Christmas Pageant. KIANUARYI Enrollment . . . College Day . . . Senior Party. FEBRUARY: Co-ed Prom . . . Rationing. lX'lARCI-II Senior Play . . . State Basketball Tournament. AI'RlI.Z Junior-Senior Prom. . . Masque and Wig Play . . . Easter Vacation. MAY: Home Economics Fashion Sh ...S ow unflower Comes Out . . . Senior Vespers . . . Commencement. Barrett, Crabb, Sallee, and Peterson make Navy Day bond sale H251 THE CLARK SECRET ARIAL SCHOOL WHERE T. H. S. GRADUATES TRAIN TO FILL DESIRABLE OFFICE POSITIONS Tenth and Western Topeka, Kansas PHIL M. SEWELL "D-X Products" , Wall-Diffenderfer Mortuary Phone 3-2326 609 COLLEGE Sth AND TYLER 723 WEST SIXTH 5506 7636 The Guaranty State Bank 435 Kansas Avenue I QM: Capital Ss 1 00,000 DRINK Made in 'f 'K 2257, I 4, u The Topeka , f World's Finest bv ' U All Purpose Topeka Labor m U R Fi' Flour ' F1261 MULVANE ART MUSEUM Excellent Facilities at Home This Year The present national emergency has emphasized the need for trained men and women. Getting the best possible education is clearly a patriotic duty. The essential courses in Liberal Arts and basic pre-professional studies are being main- tained. Special facilities for the training of teachers, nurses, medical technicians, and bus- iness associates have been added. A Achievement of high competence in Aeronautics has resulted in an enlarged program in Naval Aviation. The Art building and program has given Washburn standing among the first twenty-five college art museums in America. High standards of teaching in the sciences has resulted in approval by the Government as a pre-medical Naval training school. . A twelve-weeks' Summer Session of two six-weeks' terms will open on May 25, 1943. Summer session announcements and the University catalog will be supplied gladly on request. Washburn University J v i ADVERTISING INDEX Page Armstrong jewelry Store .... . . 107 Berkson's . . ................... . . 115 Blakely, C. G. Sc Co.-Insurance ..., . . 114 B1ender's Barbecue ............. . . 118 Brier Insurance Service ................... 116 Capitol Federal Savings Sc Loan Association. 115 Central National Bank ................... 112 Central Trust Co. ........................ 112 Christopher Studio ............. . . 110 City Hand Laundry ............. . . 116 Clark School of Commerce and Secretarial Training .......... .. 126 Coats Grocery Co. ............. . . 111 Coca-Cola . . .......... . . 126 Coe Seed Co. ..... . . 122 College Press ............. . . 116 Crane Sc Co. ............... . . 116 Crescent Drug Store No. 6 .... .... 1 21 Crosby Bros. Co. ........... .. 119 D 8a H Shop .................. . . 112 Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co.. . . . . 118 Dentists . . ................... .. 120 Dodd's School of Business .... .. 107 Endlich, Harry ................ . . 124 F alkiner Insurance Agency ..... . . 112 Flad 8c Marsh-Drugs ........ . . 111 Fritton Grocery Co. ........ . . 115 Gas Service Co. ........... . . 123 Green Sc Son Grocery Co.. . . . . 123 Guaranty State Bank ..... . . 126 Hall Stationery Co. .... . . 106 Harris-Goar's . . ..... . . 109 Hi1l's Studio ...... . . 124 Hotel Jayhawk ......... . . 109 Hogue Motors ........... . . 125 Hussey Insurance Agency ..... . . 106 Ives, H. M. 8: Sons-Printers .... . . 117 Jayhawk Bowl ............ . . 125 Johnson's-Furniture . . . . . 118 Jordan Baking Co, ....... . . 124 Kansas Power 8: Light Co. .... . . 122 Karlan Furniture Co. ..,... .. 107 Kaw Motors Co. ........... . . 107 Kaw Valley Oil Co. ........., . . 121 Knoll Battery ik Electric Co. .,.. . . 114 Lawyers . . ....... I ........ . . 120 Lord's Flowers ........... . . 115 Lynde E Fallcy Grocery .... . . 107 11281 Marling, Ed, Electric Store. .. Martin Lumber Co. ........ . Martin Tractor Co. ........ . Meade Agency-Insurance. Merchants National Bank. Moore Stationery Co. ...... . Morris Plan Co. ............ . Morrell, John Sc Co. ..... . Page Mutual Ice Rc Cold Storage Co. .... . . . Mutual Laundry ............ National Bank of Topeka .... Nightingale's-Suits, Dresses .. Pagels Banquet Flour .... Palace Clothing Co.. . . Payne's Shoes ........ Pel1etier's . . ........ . . Pennant Cafeteria. ........ .. Penwell Funeral Home ...... Petro, A. M. 8: Son-Druggists .... Physicians . . ............. . . . Re1nbrandt's Studio .... Ripley's Laundry ...... Royal College Shop .... Scott Mortgage Co.. . . Sears, Roebuck ik Co. ........ . Sewell Oil Co. .............. . Shawnee Federal Savings 8: Loa Sherwin-Williams Paint Co.. . . Silk Coal Co. ............... . State Savings Bank ........... Steves, F. M Sc Sons-Printers. . Topeka Business College ..... n Association Topeka High School Cafeteria .... . . . Topeka Pure Milk Co. ...... . Topeka Spice Mills .... Topeka State Bank .... Trapp Print Shop ....... Victory Sand Ek Stone Co.. . . . 1'Valker, Percy S.-Druggist .... 1fVall-Diffenclerfer Mortuary. . . 1-Vashburn lylunicipal Universitylof 147 lute Loaf Flour ...,.................... 1Volf's Jewelers ........ . ....... ...... Yellow Cab Co. ................ .. . ZCl'C1lCI"S Book and Stationery Co.. . . . . . 106 119 124 109 lll 111 114 118 119 124 123 122 126 116 111 109 124 121 114 120 108 106 113 106 112 126 122 119 109 119 122 121 116 124 111 114 115 123 122 126 127 114 123 125 112 Jul-1- 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 -W -T.,-L, ,,. ., u T if Y? 3 w '-53? xP-' ,L x . -' :vas 565' lfwa ov fQf"'Q" QQ CQ My dx I V ,uw gg Q-A. . ,m,,1,, wx ,M , wx --. ff I Ami' W . . 1 , w V , , f W il 1349511 ,fffl mjfu, bww ' f, ' 1 f ,Ap A ifbfiffv X , Y, x , , ,Ll A ff, mf? Mfg ff' r' J jfff' f ' f K4 fvzufs VAf""'z f5g,5'T -ul lk'-5 .PU qfdllj 1.31.41 7U'l fljhxwff' c- ffntt" l A r ALWI QWX M IAAALCMX ,LCP- 1WfawJfJ,,9Jlfv ?j iffy f X17 'O ffffpwu Jo!! ,amz 5 sf Iles sl T52 Jil' 7-'I -1ZUfff"" V1 nttw'

Suggestions in the Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) collection:

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