Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS)

 - Class of 1942

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Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1942 volume:

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PARTIES PLAY INIST S RATORS AN CLUBS D FACULTY 1- U ML: A C T I O N SPO RTS DEBATE ALES 1.153-' ' ' ' ADVERTISING .x 2: '11 ' If 55131 - 11 ' - ---e 111-sf'-1-.1 'f:. .1-vw ,. 1..1..1r-.fflif-5' ' -ai'--is' V ' '1.5-,-:ur-if --ny! - ,. -2 '-1 1':.-. '1a....7.,,.1f1,-11 .' 1 ' 1'-:.:-3145? ,..- --.Q--.1 1---r' 'Ri-215f' I ...E - .-T, . 1 is , .- :1' 1 .3 ,..,- . ::- 5'-13' " , -.J-1-:.'f" 1 I 5' 3 his 1 I , V J' ,1 1 -4-4 P' 1, -1 . 1-1.-'.,1,'.:.,.:,'.'- x 5 . ,f-".:i':'IIfE,::i"?'E:'i'i:"'1-"1 , I ' If " f-4--:f'1-E'?'f"' .12 --1 A 1 f .,..l-Q, ...,' ' , 1 , v ' rj.,-11.' I' J A 1.1 X1 1 . ' A 1 I . 1 11 1 1 , r , 4 1 " 1 N I ' X . 1 A I 1 K "a ra 1. 1 N , 1 AND 1 -1 1- I ADM 0 , 1 , ' .91 1 11 ' . 1 1 1 5-" , ' x " 1 ., x I ' ' t 1 1 1 9-at ' 1 I P 1 .1 'YM 1 1 ' ul' I' 1,1 -.' 1 1 1. ' " '-":i'1.x 1 V 7 x I ld? 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You could not see then the white tower of cut stone rising to the clouds., You could not see the architecture that was to challenge the quiet beauty of Grace Cathedral. This existed only in the dreams of a few Topeka citizens. Then the Bethany grounds were purchased by these citizens for the building of this vision. Spring, 1932, and Topeka High School said goodbye to its first Senior class. Ten years have gone 'by rapidly, but tower has not changed. nor have its friends, they students. Ten years have passed and the outgoing Seniors still look up at it more and more frequently. as those who -are about to leave will always do, as it chimes away their remain- ing hours together with the message andkprayer, "Dear Lord our God, be thou our guide." v scams sexxnoxas nov Am ovnceas cmsses we-X mf- fs T X . .. ,W mxfsqfsmg. gdwuixove.. K if 927 at M--Q sf, .2 ff f-Af av 3-5' 5 15,5299 Q .v if , Y ,. 2' k-'53 'SV' ' 9 SP9 In 1' ah "ff 1?fig,'5'-fi! Q 4, 1.-: 9'i9, E Qiggg Fa ? 7Q5 .i5 Qiw'Q 5 '29 4- -M Q , L M1 - f -f ,.. gf ff' fffff 1 4 f M ...lls Af gf la QQ Bti? gg,- .iz X 11- 'Y A 3' . 1 f.y,..:,w....... Sunlight gleaming on the lower Thrills a Troian any hour, Makes him think in mind so clear That he will never know a fear . . . . . And in the darkness of the night Our beloved building finds the light To guide us towards a better life Thru the trying times of war and strife arywtmaa Q , o was Miami 'SNIUH HHIElHS - 0,Q KL Remember? Way back ini 1939 when the Glass of '42 entered Troy, they were uncertain, awed, and unknown. Choosing Frank Eckert for their president, they had an exciting Sophomore party that netted exactly six cents profit. As Juniors they staged "june Mad," thrilled to their first Junior-Senior Prom, proudly formed the Daisy Chain, and ushered for the graduation exercises. Finally they were Seniors! Their last year teemed with activities-music, dramatics, athletics, and all the rest. Friendships begun in earlier years mellowed and strengthened into lasting ties. 999' x5 , We Finally came the climax - Commencement! i m obufffv YVhether the members of the Class of '42 find S 3 vgwfl jobs, go on to college, or join the fighting forces of our country, these Seniors, products ,Q that sell themselves, are Topeka High School's W best method of advertising to the community. j' 4 SEM norm:-gas O0 X --. .. stacy? K o 'lf -ef 1 QDA f , t Q 3 of M t, if , 2 51 A "" 1 ' ' l.,-.iii 1 A A E t a A 9 O,-,xx 6 0 40' ,-43" aoxlisvff Q If ri, serial' l wt' ef i . v " M53- President McAdam adds to the list of suggested themes for the Senior party, with the K K ' 66"'.,.v approval of officers Logan, Neiswanger, Springer, Hogue, and Chubb " N wwf' C105 'I 2' Ni a A, M .V ,r f-Xvfiix ROW ONE: Boyd Adsit-Senior Glee, A Cappella, Usher Club: Alene Allen-Pep Club, Hostess, Business Staff lVorltl: Don Anderson-Proctor, Class Captain, Football. ROIV TIVO: Dorothy Anderson-Honorary Pep Club, Proctori Ruby Anderson-Student Secretary: Annette Appleby-Pia Societas, Proctor. ROW THREE: Lorna Appleby-A Cappella, Publicity Chairman Girl Reserves, Senior Glee: Ray Bachman- Proctor, Intramural Sports: George Baciflers-Proctor, Class Captain: -lane Bailey-fSabetha, Kaus,--lay -lay Pep Club. Art Etlitor Annual, Girl Reserveslg Torn Bailey- Cheerleatler, Tennis, Football: Betty Baker, ROXV FOUR: Florence Baker: joe Barrientos-Football, Track, Proctor: Margie Bausch: Frank Bayless-Cwitlr tlrawnl. ROSS' FIVE: Donald Ileneflict-Rifle Team. Intramural Baseball, Host: IVendell Bennett: Hlilliam Benson-Class Captain, Music: Helen BergftAtchison, Kans,-Girl Re- serxcs, Games Clubj, Proctor. ROIV SIX: Dorothy Berginan-Homerooni Representative, Proctor, Hostess: George Bexerly-.Xttentlant to King All-School Party, Basketball Letterman, Speaker of House of Representatixes: Milton Bibb-Booker T Boys, Dor- othy Iilack-Senior Glee, A Cappella, Hostess. V ,. ,, ., my af .1 1-':, ,554 , f ft Q 1 4. - ' I a f 4 1 1 ,g : . Q34 , 'af 'L f sr ' -2-at L , - gjav--as -A ' N .W s' r as Q 1 vase.,- .F-33:5 if E is f 3 fv 1 I 2 I cl 4 4 , 5 ' 5' 4 I if tl ' 3 .Q 1 V l ri- A .gk - .1 Vi. . -E' way ' rf' . , ,xy if r n LORNA APP LBY RAY BALHMAN , 17, BOYD ADSITT ALENIZ ALLEN DON ANDERSON I 'WV E53 t' W2 :YK 33 X , 'li is Q , 5 -. L , Dononfnf ANDERSON RUBY ANDERSON ANNEH2 APPLEBY Ggoggg Bgpmms mn: izmuzv rom Batter Bmw BAKER If rf 'Ziff 1' " ,I FLORENCE BAKER IOC BAHRIENTOS I".l'KGIEI BAUSCH FRANK BAYLESS DONALD BENEDICT WEINDELI.. BENNETT WILLIAM BENSON HELEN BERG boson-tv aencivmn GEORGE nzvtmw muon stan DOROTHY Bl-ACK 11 C D I, I 4' 5 , VIRGINIA BLACKBURN THELMA BLACKWELL MARY BLAKELY ANITA BLEKE IACK BOAM LOUISE BOATRIGHT ROW ONE: Virginia Blackburn-Pep Club, Proctor, Host- ess: Thelma Blackwell-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Mary Blakely-National Thespians, Head Hostess, A Cap- pella. ROW TWO: Anita Bleske: jack Boam-Rifle Club: Louise Boatright-Proctor. ROW THREE: Clayton Bowman-Homeroom Basketball, Class Captain: Warren Bowman-Homeroom Represent- ative, Nominee for King of All-School Party, Business Manager World: William Boyer-Band, Circulation Man- ager Yvorld, Proctor: ,Norma Bradley-Class Captain, Hostess: Marie Brandt: Ruth Bratten. ROW FOUR: Frances Brehmerg john Briery-QCarbon- dale. Kans.-Basketball, Dramatics, Treasurer Hi-Yj: Earl Briggs-Class Captain, Proctor: Dale Briman-Na- tional Thespians, Representative junior Class, Honor T. ROW FIVE: Franklin Brooke: Beverly Brown-Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Host: Eugene Brown-Band, Strato Club, Intramural Debate: George Brown-National Thes- pians, Masque and -Wig, Host. ROW SIX: james Brown-Colored King All-School Party, .Vice-President Booker T Boys, Host: Marion Brown- Girl Reserves, Student Secretary, Proctor: Mary Ann Brubaker-fSalina, Kans.-Twirlerj: Alice Bryant. CLAYTON BOWMAN WARREN BOWMAN WILLIAM BOYER NORML BRADLEY MARIE BHANDT RUTH BRKKTEN FRANCES BRHHMRR IOHN KRISRY EARL BRIGGS DALE BRIMAN FRANKLIN BROOKE BEVERLY BROWN EUGENE BROWN GEORGE BROWN MMF? BROWN MARION BROWN MARY BRUBAKER ALlCE BRYANT ii ,1 l 5 ' i V Q12 ROIV ONE: jean Buckley: Edwin Bunce: Maxine Burke- National Thespians, Lead "june Mad," Student Director "Through the Night." ROW TWO: Ted Burke-Football, Track, Proctor: Max- ine Burnett: Netha Burrus. ' ROW THREE: Lawrence Burton -Concession Stand Worker, Proctor, Hostg Bettilee Byars-Quill and Scroll, First Prize journalism Essay Contest, Publicity Director "Young April": Galen Callender: Juanita Campbell-Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Class Captain: Laura Campbellg Rob- ert Canatsevf-Homeroom Representative, First Division Saxophone Quartet Regional Contest, Band. ROW FOUR: Howard Carder-Proctor, Class Captain: Eleanor Carlson: Wanda Carson: Marjorie Casebier- Class Captain. ROW FIVE: Vernon Chamberland-Scholastic Honors: Philip Chappell-Proctor, Baseball: Lynn Chase: Betty ChubhgH0mecoming Queen, Attendant to Queen All- School Party, Student Council Representative. ROXV SIX: Katherine Clare-Proctor: Dorothy Clark-Class Captain: Patricia Clarke-Assemblies, G. A. A.. Proctor: Bill Cleland-Senior Glee, A Cappella, Class Captain. mwamcr stmrou strmttn xmas GALEN cattnunsn HOWARD CAHDER ELEANOH CARLSON WANDA CARSON VERNON CHAMBIIRLRIN PHILIP CHAPPELI. LYNN CHASE KATHERINE CLAHE DOROTHY CLKRK PATRICIA CLARK U35 IIEAN BUCKLEY EDWIN BUNCE MAXINE BURKE TED BURKE MAXINE BUEINETT NETHA BURRIIS IUANITA CAMPBELL LAURA CAMPBELL ROBERT CANATSEY MARIORIE CASEBIER lH42 BETTY CHUBB BILL CLELAND r Je:-rm uru- g f ,0- a. . lv X wr, f . L. ' 4 ,f ,,.-:lil ' gzxzztf C I 1-mmf ooumw mr Lou comma mcx oomvsu. mzmrrr ooo: Q5 ,ELA pmoms: coon r-mm' coomr mnmn coomt PAUL oonxtu. rroiwt oormm.r.m nossus cover ROW ONE: Wilbur Coates-A Cappella, Ensemble, Proc- tor: Rodney Cofran-Art Editor Sunflower, Feature Ed- itor World, Quill and Scroll: Roswell Cofran-Intramural Basketball, Host, Proctor: Betty Colcher-Girl Reserves, Pep Club, Proctor. ROW TWO: Betty Collierg Maxine Collier-Honorary Pep Club, junior Red Cross Council, Proctor: Harriet Col- lins- Nominee for Homecoming Queen, Shorthand Award. Assistant Homeroom Representative: Norma jo Collins-Girl Reserves, Proctor, Chorus. ROW THREE: Harry Colmery--Proctor Captain, Foot- ball, Tennis: Emy Lou Conard-Pep Club, Proctor, Class Captain: jack Connell: Everett Cook-Class Captain, Band, Orchestra, ROYV FOUR: Delorise Coon: Harry Cooper: juanita Cooper-Proctor, Class Captain: Paul Corkill: Norma Counseller: Rosalie Covey-Pep Club, Dramatics, Chorus. ROVV FIVE: Mary Cowger: Ruby Creech: Yvonne Cress- Proctor, Honorary Pep Club, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentauve. ROVV SIX: Opal Cropp: Elva Cross-Honorary Pep Club, Usher Club Student Secretar Mar aret Culle Mul - Y? l-T Y'i ' linville, Kans.-Girls' Quartet, President Freshman Class, President Pep Clubj ont. cnomv :tvs caoss Mnnsnm' mum i lv, 3 L M ftltlm 1 ri V' I tl f wi. V 1 It ' .ffjg An ' f fn li K0 f V . 1 l, K V' .A ,R fx'-fs-X4-,X X Q . X4 TIVO Vvutke lx Ltifk wwf lk Ollws , flmjfitfbl fvt,Lt, ,ycaq BETTY DICK HELD! DILLEY DONALD DUSTIN IKMES DUTY LORRAINE CAKE IHNE EASTON WILLIAM CUMMICKEI. LOIS CUMMINC-S BETTY CURRY BLTTY DAGG5 ::nAnu:s umm: James rmviusow CARL DAVIS IOHN num RUBY DISNEY LEE DODSON IOHN DYRL FRANK ECKZHT GEOIIGELLEN DE GRAFF SARA DEVENDOHF MARILYN DE VOR! HALLIE DE WITTIE ROIV ONE: Ivilliam Cummickel-A Cappella, Basketball Mgr., Host: Lois Cummings-jr. Glee, Student Secretary, Hostess: Betty Curry+Pep Club, Proctor, jr. Red Cross Rep.: Betty Daggs-Proctor, Class Captain, Hostess. ROM' TWO: Charles Daneke-Homeroom Representative. Class Captain, Host: james Davidson-State Champion Debate Team, Highest Degree National Forensic League, Assistant Manager Game Cadets: Carl Davis-Usher Club, Stralo Club, Deklolay Assembly: John Dean-Sports Ed' itor Sunflower, Mgr. Came Cadets, Natl. Forensic League. ROIV THREE: GeorgEllen DeGraff-Proctor, junior Glee, Senior Gleeg Sara Devendorf-Masque and IVig, Proctor, Thespian: Marilyn DeVore-jr. Red Cross Rep., Proctor, Game Cadet: Hallie DeIVittie-Prize Drafting fFairj. ROW FOUR: Betty Dick-Strato Club, Proctor, Class Captain: Helen Dilley-Strata Club, Camera Club, Proc- tor: Ruby Disney-Proctor, Hostess, Senior Glee Club: Lee Dodson-Class Captain, Proctor, Baseball: Vivian Douglass: Raymond Drane. . ROV' FIVE: Don Dustin-State Championship Debate Team, President junior Red Cross Council, President Natl. For. Leagueg james Dutt-"Pinafore," Senior Glee, A Cappella: john Dyal-Homeroom Rep., Orches., Host. ROW SIX: Lorraine Eakes-Twirler, Proctor, junior Red Cross Rep.: jane Easton-Proctor, All-School Party Pro- gram: Frank Eckert-Pres. Student Congress. Attendant King All-School Party, President Sophomore Class. . A 4 1,5 ,E f 1 1 , V sl Q ffl' V fl .i Y if VIVIAN DOUGLAS RAYMOND DRANE ROW ONE: Maxine Edwards: Charles Ellington: William Ellis-Homeroom Representative, Treasurer junior Red Cross, Cut Editor VVor1d. ROW TWO: Robert Elwell-Class Captain: Dorothy Engel -Pep Club, Club Editor World, Fashion Show Queen: Mary Helen Engle-junior Classical League, junior Art Guild, Vice-President Pia Societas. ROW THREE: Marveen Engler: Nathan Ericson-Head Host. A Cappella, Senior Glee Club: Dorothy Erwin- Proctor, Class Captain, junior-Senior Prom Program: Martha Euler-Pep Club, Proctor, Honor Roll: Opal Falter: Richard Finney- Homeroom Representative, Proctor. ROYV FOUR: Fred First-Basketball: Lloyd First-Home- room Representative, Class Captain: Marveen First- Usher Club, Camera Club, Proctor: Charles Fitzpatrick. ROW FIVE-Dorothy Fix-Band, "Around the World," jr. Red Cross Reporter: Ned Fleming-Golf Letterman, Sports Editor World. Quill and Scroll: Roland Flott: jane Foltz-fAbilene, Kans.-Vice-President Student Council, Treasurer Girl Reservesj, Proctor. ROW SIX: Eugene Forbes-Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Masque and Wig: Robert Ford-Class Captain: Harlan Foster: Oleta Foster-Vice-President Girl Reserves, Senior Glee Club, A Cappella. A. Yi Munn: mwmms CHILHLB mmsron wu.uAM stus Q Q ROBERT ELWELL DOROTHY ENGR MARY HELEN ENGLZ MARVEEN ENGLER , NATHAN ERlCSON DOROTHY IRWIN MARTHA EULER OPAL FALTER RICHARD HNNEY .K ' 121. A C i Q 3 "Wwe 13:33 '. L 1 5 " ' M 3 'Q ' 1 in : 1 ts . , -w -' Q L A If Y: . I -L '- mm my LLOYD FIRST Mzmvsm rmsr CHARLES mzvsrmcx SlNIUHS A - iff DOROTHY F'lX NED FLZMXNG ROLAND YLOTT MNE FOLTZ EUGENE FORBES ROBERT FORD HARLAN FOSTER OLII'l'Il FOSTER 165 BRUCE FREDERICK MARY IANE FRBBERICK IOHN FUNK MABY PURGASCN GEORGE GARRISON BETTY GARWN t XX! llll, f f X I ROXW ONE: Bruce Frederick-Treasurer Camera Club, ,'.'i?roctor, Class Captain, Mary -lane Frederick: Marcia Frost-Head Hostess, President Girl Reserves, Quill and Scroll. ROW TWO: john Funk: Mary Furgason-junior Red Cross, Class Captain, Tutor, Walter Gaddis-School Fi- nance, Host. ROXV THREE: George Garrison-Madrigal Singers, A Cappella, Senior Gleeg Betty Garvin-Secretary Point System, Oflice Proctor, Secretary Camera Club: Barbara Gibson: Marjorie Gibson: Marjorie Gideon-Homeroom Representative, Social Chairman Girl Reserves, Proctorg james Gifford-Consul Pia Societas, Pianist Assembly Program. ROW FOUR: james GillxerteTrack, Booker T Boys, Bas- ketball: Gladys Goddard: Lucy Gomez-Class Captaing Robert Gomez-Intramural Football. ROXV FIVE: Rosemary Gooch: Esther Gordon-Homeroom Representative, Athletic Council, Madrigal Singersg Lucille Gorrell-Hostess: Richard Graber. 7 ROW SIX: Celestia Grant: Marcia Gray-junior Red Cross Representative, Class Captain, Band: William Greer- Camera Club, Host: Rachel Grooms-Proctor, MARCIA FROST WALTER GADDIS BARBARA GIBSON MARIORIE GIBSON MAHIORHI GIDEON IAMES GIFFOKD S' as 1 r. 2 :Sq ggiaez ' 1 -' W 4, , . E ,mid L 'ms . ga, C a. 1 JAMES Gusxm' omxurs Gouuamv Luci' Gomez nomar comfy .fs nu- nosmanv coocn nsrnrn connow Lucite coenstt mcrman or-miata cztssrm GRANT mxncia GRAY wittifm cams RACHEL c-aooms 4175 naman anorzwox-n :mu GUY winmr: 1-umunr IYTH HAGGARD v IEBNNEITE HAINS MARILYN HALE ROYV ONE: Barbara Grotewohl-PepClub, Library As- sistant, Hostess: Hinkle Guy-Intramural Football and Basketball, "june Mad," "Ceiling Zero"g Yvayne Hadley -junior Red Cross Council, Masque and Wig, Proctor. ROW' TXVO: Beth Haggard-lSan Bernardino, Cal.-Span- ish Club, Honor Societyj, Pep Club: Jeanette Hainsg Marilyn Hale-Senior Glee, A Cappella, Ensemble. ROYV THREE: Eugene Hales, Gladys Hall-Colored Queen All-School Party, junior Glee: Laura Hamilton- Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Treasurer Girl Reserves, Virgil Haney-Football: joseph Hanlon-All-School Party Program, junior Red Cross Representative, Proctor, Peggy Harper-Homeroom Representative, Proctor. ROYV FOUR: Gene Harris: Gerald Harris-Football, Track, Proctor: Dorothy Harsha-Proctor: Barbara Has- kell-Usher Cluh, Senior C-lee. ROW FIVE: Thelma Hawks-Proctor, Hostess, Class Cap- tain: Blanche Haydon-Lithographing Editor Sunflower, A Cappella, Music Chairman Girl Reserves: Ruth Haz- litt-Pia Societas: Marion Heisse. ROW SIX: William Heleker-Baseball, Assistant Proctor Captain, Homcroom Representative: Lawrence Hensley --Iunior Rell Cross Representative, Strato Club, Proctor, Florence Hersh-G. A, A.. Class Captain, Proctor, Bar, bara Hetherington-A Cappella, Homeroom Representa- tive, Girls' Ensemblef , DICE HLLB GLADYB HAIL f LAURA HAMILTON VIRGIL HAREY IOBDH HAIULOII PEGY HARPER 9,0Nv.4J7-1 fs, MMM' .l Amr . 0- If , if awp-'L GVEQ i- li , "'3i'f .2 Q cms HARRIS snutw HARRIS Donor:-nr Huis:-ui Muna I-uslm. La I 4 Q N, 1 .1 5 Ax W, . mum ruiwxs nuuncmz 1-unfoon num uazun' mason rims: - . Wu-UAH H5323 IAWHDICE HHUSLIY FLORBICE FED! llllhll TCN isp ROW ONE: Audrey Hicks-G. A. A., Usher Club, Proctorg Dale Hicks-Band, Class Captain, Proctorg Betty Hill- Girl Reserves. ROW TWO: Houston Hogue-Representative Senior Class, Assistant Proctor Captain, Footballg Grace Hole- manfflelighland Park-Class Secretary-Treasurer, Student Cnuncilj, A Cappella, lvilliam Holliday-Vice-President Student Congress, Proctor Captain, National Thespians. ROW THREE: Althea Hooper: First Rating '41 National Music Contest 150105, First Rating '41 National Music Contest fMadrigal Singersj, A Cappella: Warren Hough, Jack Hovorka: Leon Howard-A Cappella, Senior Glee, Proctorg Fred Howells-President Masque and YVig, Vice- Pres. National Thespians, "june Mad": Damon Hupp. ROW' FOUR: Mary ljams-fMcLouth, Kans-Basketballj, Proctor, Hostessg Clyde lrelan-Senior Vice-Commander Sons V. F. XV., Host: Freda jacques: Dale james-Or- chcstra. ROW FIVE: Zara janzcn-junior Red Cross Council, Girls' Athletics, Proctor: Clarence jarrell-Rifle Team, Honorary Pep Club, Homerooni Representative: Shirley jencks-Secretary Sophomore Class, "Periscope" XVorld, Thespians: Phyllis jenkins-Twirler, Bowling, Proctor. ROW SIX: Betty johnson-Hostess, Proctor, Class Captain: Frances johnsong Helen johnson-Hostess, Proctor: Phyl- lis johnson-Department Editor Sunflower, Quill and Scroll, Proctor. AUDRFI HICXS A Dill: HICKS BETTY HILL Houston Hocus GRACE Hors-Mm wirrmm t-iortmm' ALTHEA HOOPER WARREN HOUGH IACX HOVGRKA LEON HOWARD FRED HOWELLS DAMON HUPP MARY UAMS CLYDE IRELAN l'RB7A IBCQUES DALE IAME5 zmii mum: A ctmmce :Ansar smnmr mucus mvrus ramcms BETTY JOHNSON FRANCES IOHNSON HELEN IOHNSON PHYLL15 XQHNSON 4195 HARRY KIPIZMKK HELEN XDIDEI DOROTHY KING I RUTH IIOUS GDIEVA KLEINSTIIUBZR GIZNN KNIGHT MARY KNOX ROW ONE: Ruth johnson: Virginia jolly-Phyllis Wheat- ley Girl Reserves, Attendant to Colored Queen All-School Party, Hostess: Letha Mae jones-G. A. A., Pep Club, Student Secretary: Carlin jones-junior Red Cross Rep- resentative, Honorary Pep Club, Proctor. ROW TWO: Anna jorgenson-junior Red Cross, Home- room Representative: Robert Kahle-Senior Glee, A Cap- pella. Host: Verle Kelley-Music: jean Kerns-Repre- sentative Sophomore Class, Attendant to Queen All- School Party, Cheerleader. ROVV THREE: Harry Keizman: Helen Kinder: Dorothy King-G. A. A., Pep Club, Student Secretary: Ruth Kious -Class Captain, ROIV FOUR: Geneva Kleinsteuber: Glenn Knight-Foot- ball, Proctor: Mary Knox-Homeroom Representative: Ralph Koontz: Frederick Kramer-Student Business Man- ager Concession Stand, Lead "Pinafore," Madrigal Sing- ers: Darline Krom-Usher Club, Student Secretar y, Music. ROW FIVE: Frances Larsen-Band: Mary Lee-Honorary Pep Club, Treasurer Pia Societas, A Cappella: William Lentz-Golf, Band, "Through the Night." ROW SIX: Beth Lester-junior Red Cross Representative: Alice Lewis-Proctor, Hostess, '4Hither and Yon" World: jack Lewis. , C 20 I , 'ip yall! gf' fl Ki ,Ft lil' i ., lf If JIM I -'ly 9 , ff 1 tfpil M' lyfl ni fl all Iliff F . W Plow WML, UAWKAQ F'-if 2 1 ff guy ,lyxl-Q31 WW? ,ev bfi IIM LEWIS IFANNE LEWMAN I l W HIAN LINGE SLTTY Uswlf ICIAN' IOGAN IOHN LVUGFN , x I I , J l .ff ' ,J r U . ,lj N MARY LONAM My-yy mm rms farm new low, asiiit Q1 1 ,, , i f I I , ,. ' P' ' . 4' e' ', HPV' - 5 ' 'S 4 -"t ff, 5 1 -f El , ' w tf' ,V 1 . I ff m - :ff , 5 ' -11 - -I Q 1 , I , 1 wi? 1 I I 2 ax.:-i - . ' 'swf ga.: ,fm l sr -Y' ' new : serv- W.. ev- ' g55:,?5f3l"g - g DGNALLI Levi HOMLR LOWTHEZR Lit Us N IOWTHKR t . ,, , M .ixirff X-L 34331. , 'Keel f . sg I 'af " , 251 ' Ii new K " . -' IQ V 1 L. mi? fE'v1ES M'Cr'llC SAM Y-f'IcC,fSi,l, IDIS NIL'LILEl.l.AN t I tb. 1- ii fi 'fv' - P 1. s .V 5 'Q' 2, 4 On ' X 'Q t U ,, 5 , 'iii' I ' ' - V ft , . 'f , ' f 24,112 ' I rw g E ' Eg s o ,I Ek ik ,g gi ' x I "P 5 -5 '42 Y fx N14 T1 Y' I AN ll-FNNY M4,l,'1.IINNY GIJIVYS lJZf'C'lll,f.-UUGII CQU ritfluaww :NNN WAPMN LYNN H1 ROXV ONE: -Iinl I.CiK'l5fH0lllCYOKJl1l Representative, Intra- mural Sports. Proctor: leanne Lcwmanflunior Glee Proctor: Richard LichtcnstatlterfPr0t'tor: Vernon Lieber- man-Nlasque ancl XVig, junior-Senior Prom Program, Language Fiesta Program. ROV' TIVO: lean Linge-Honorary Pep Club, Homeroom Representative, Proctor, Betty Listz-Girl Reserves, Hoinerooin Representative, Proctor: .Ioan Logan-How orary Pep Club. Proctor, john Logan-Senior Class Rep- resentative, Quill antl Scroll, l-ltlitor Sunflower. RON' THRICIC: Mary Lonam-News Editor YVorId, Circuf lation Manager Sunflower, National Forensic League: Betty I,0llgfI'l'0gI'l1I'll Chairman Phyllis Vlhealley Girl Reserves, Dale Long: john Long. ROXV FOITR: Donald Lovefflfasque and Yllig. National Thespians, Honorary Pep Club: Homer Lowther-Proc tor, Host, junior Glee Clubg l.illian Lowtherffwhite- water, Kans.iI'rt-sirlcnt junior Class. Basketball, May Quccnlj: Richartl Lynn: XVarren Lynn: Terry Mc.-Xtlznng President Senior Class, Attendant to King All-School Party, National Thespians. ROM' FIVE: james NIcCaig-Honieroom Representative. Strato Club, llancl: Samuel McCall-Rifle Club, Proctor, Host: Lois McClellan. ROW' SIX: Martha McClellan: Denny McClenny-A Cap' pella, Senior Glue: Gladys McCullough-Hostess, School Finance. autumn HU!-ITXNS1 ADTER VHHNON LIEBERN AN ROW ONE: Tessie McConnell: Betty McCord-Pia Soci- etas, Girl Reserves, Proctor: Homer McCord. ROW TWO: Betty McElhiney-Baton Twirler, Proctor Shorthand Medal: Marcheta McKenzie-Homeroom Rep- resentative, Masque and WVig, Honorary Pep Club: Charlotte McKinley. ROW THREE: jean McKinney-Proctor: Derrell McRaf -A Cappella, Host: Marcia McSpadden-Social Chair- man junior Class, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Posture Queen: Marjorie Mabrey-Class Captain: Wil, liam Sewell Macferran-Pep Club, Assistant Proctor Cap- tain, Host: Arline Mahoney-Girl Reserves, Class Cap- tain, Proctor. ROW FOUR: Margaret Mallon-Pep Club, Girl Reserves Class Captain: Dorothy Mallory: William Martin- Masque and Wig, Proctor Captain, Circulation Manager World: Dorothy Matthews-Homeroom Representative Christmas Assembly, Honorary Pep Club. ROW FIVE: Evelyn May: Elizabeth Maze-Proctor: David Maze: Robert Maze-Host, Proctor, Boys' Senior Glee. ROW SIX: james Mechem-Editor World, Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll: jack Messinger: Robert Meyer- Dehate Honors, Proctor, Host: john Mileham-fWichita, Kans.-Intramural Sports, Pep Club, Aviation Clubj. man Muiuumrr nmimu Mpim: wutcux ucswmn Mutcnnsr muon norton-tr Manton wxmam Maarm Donor!-rr MATTHEWS BVELYN MAY FL!ZRlFl'I'I MAZE DAVID MAZE ROBERT M525 IIMMIE MECHEM IRCK MSINGER ROBERT MEYER IOHTI Mu-EXAM EN MRIUOHTE 'MABTIY WILIJAM MACFDIRAN se sfo fi fi 5 ,. 6 ' 1 mean Mmm MARY tra ROW ONE: Logan Miller--Host, Basketball, Track: Mary Lee Miller-Oflice Proctor, A Cappella, Madrigal Sing- ers: Morris Miller. RONV TWO: Maxine Mix-Orchestra: YVilmer MoH'etg Dorothy MonroewStrato Club, Class Captain, Proctor. ROYV THREE: Maxine Monroe-Pep Cluhg Eldon Mont- gomery-Proctor: Hazel Moore: Patty Moore-Pep Club, Class Captain, Becky Morehead-Girl Reserves, junior Clec Club, Snack Shop Managerg Jerry Ann Morrison- fWichita, Kaus.-Attendant to Queen All-School Party, Treasurer Sophomore Classy, All-School Party Program. ROV' FOUR: Rex Morris-Band, Orchestra, Host: Betty Mosher-Class Captain: Burdette lkloss-Membership Committee Booker 'IC Boys: Theola Ann Morgan-fUtica, Kans.fI'ep Club President, Music. Dramaticsj. ROXV FIVE: Frank Nash-Class Captain, Host: Isabel Nciswangcr-Queen All-School Party, Social Chairman Senior Class, Quill and Scroll: Elaine Neal-fBeloit, Kans. -Pep Club, Girl Reserves, R, O. T. C. Revucbi Betty Nichols-Secretary Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Masque and XVig. . ROW SIX: Norma Nicolay-Debate Timekeeperg Ione Norman-A Cappella, "Pinafore," Senior Glee Club: Helen Ann Nuclsong Phillis Olfergeld. MORRIS MILLER B t MAXINE MIX WILMSR MOFYLT DOROTHY MONROE MMINE MONROE moon MQNTGOMERY HAZEL MOORE PATTY Mooai BECKY MORE!-READ XRRRY MORRISON , gf, 2, ,922 -cldefkeg oaffhft 4,441 --W-ff-V-f f1'xf'a6 f' af 7445 ,Q, , ,,,,g,M ,,,,,, 10 01 V 4 nog! 6' gf :lor effanefr Zcf Zvi! ffzzgf 47 AM, 9 me Monmss, BETTY Mosaign summ-rx Moss msoux ANN Menon: FRANK NASH tsmm, NYISWANGER ELAINE NEAL BETTY NICHOLS 's :L ': we ,, ,. K J. V. Q at ifiz a-4,412 1.42 fr, .. g.e1?N NORMR NICOLAY IONE NORMAN HELEN ANN NUDSON PHYLLIS OFFERGELD C 23 D WW UQ .4 nj ! Qi! We fl ISABEL NEISWANGER, gracious but unassuming, was of Trojanville this year. Twice a queen by vote of the Homecoming Game and, second, of the All-School in the festivities of the Senior Class as social chairman and as of the school in the impressive induction ceremony for incoming In addition to being an honor student, "Issy" was active in the Senior Glee Club, and in both the Dramatic and Publication departments. Everyone in Topeka High knew by sight this dainty little Senior with Haming red hair and friendly smile. With her merry "Hello" and eager interest in everything that promoted the schoolls welfare, she was representative of Trojanville. C249 JIM BRIER, King of the All-School Party, proved this year that friendship and duty can exist together. As Chairman of the Proctor System, he main- tained a strict discipline and at the same time made and kept friends innum- erable. Large of stature, with winning smile and quiet dignity, jim had an unbounded enthusiasm that established leadership. As a three-letterman in football, he was one of the mainstays of the Trojan line, As a trackman and later as Track Manager, he showed his versatility in sports. On the nightgofgghisggeoronation at the All-School Party, he was the same unaffected, the school had admired and honored throughout his three High-a true Trojan athlete, student, and friend to all. I I C255 LOTS OISON GENE OSBORN- IACI OSBORN WHUAM O ANNABELL PALMS DDU! PARKER ROW ONE: Lois Olson-Proctor, Hostess, "Say It With Music"g Gene Osborng jack Osborn-Band, Proctor. ROW TWO: William Overmyer-Cut Editor World, Stall Artist Sunflower: Annabell Palmer-Tutor: Dixie Parker -Quill and Scroll, Art Editor Sunflower, Feature Editor VVorld. ROW THREE: james Parks-Library Proctor, Host, Class Captain: Lois Parr: Duane Patterson-Football Letter- man, Head Host, Baseball: Elizabeth Paul: Ella May Paulson-Music: David Payne-Booker T, Football, Bas- ketball. ' ROW FOUR: William Payne-Homeroom Representative, Proctor: Albert Peavler-Christmas Pageant: Nadine Percival-Class Captain: james Perry-Class Captain, As- sistant Proctor Captain, Homeroom Representative. ROW FIVE: 'Alice Peterson-Quill and Scroll, Secretary junior Press Club, "Down the Avenue" World: Dean Peterson-Pia Societas, Game Cadet, Proctor: Eva Petter' son-First Prize Vocal Music Contest, Senior Glee Club, "Pinafore"g Robert Petro-Football, Golf, Band. ROW SIX: Richard Petterson-Band, Proctor: Madge Phillips-Property Manager junior Play, Masque and YVig, Pep Club: Earl Plackett-to U. S. Navy: Mary Louise Plumb-Staff Editor World, Circulation Man- ager Sunllower, Concession Stand Worker. A 'f ga si - ,Eb IAMES PARKS LOXS PARK DUANE PATTERSON l1llAll7l'H PAUL ELLA MAE PAUISEN DAVID PAYNE WILLIAM PAYNE ALBERT PEAVLER NADLNE PERCXVAL IAMF5 PHRY ALICE PETERSON DEAN PETERSON EVA PIIERSON ROBERT PETBO iuci-num rrrrensorw Mme: vunuvs sun. rucxzrr Manv Louis: mms 'W s ROW ONE: Barbara Pollock, Maurice Pollom: Patty Pomeroy-Homeroom Representative, Honorary Pep Club, Madonna Christmas Assembly. ROXV TIVO: Adclia Pontius-Library Proctor, Hostess: Patricia Porter-"Periscope" Wiurld, Camera Club, Proc- tor: Ciosbv Powell-Football, Assistant Homeroom Rep- resentative, Proctor. ROW THREE: Robert PowellfBasketball, Baseball, Proc- tor: Betty Pressman-Election Clerk, Social Chairman Sophomore Class, Attendant to Queen All-School Partvg Leonard Pryor-junior Glec. Basketball, Track, Patricia Quinn-KSioux Falls, D.-Secretary Sophomore Class. I.atin Clubj, Christmas Pageant: Yvonne Randel- Music, Assemblies: jean Rankin-Girls' Sports Editor Vllorld, A Assistant Election Clerk, Twirler. RON' FOl'R: Dorothy Ransom-Senior Glec- Club, A Cap- pella, Hostess: Dorothy Rasmussen-Alunior Red Cross, Proctor, Hostess: Patricia Rathmanffivichita, Kansf Basketball Tcamj, Pep Club, Homeroom Representa- tive: Paine Ratner-Editor XVorlcl, Pep Club, Debate. ROW FIVE: Georgia Razak-ClKIanhattan, Kans.-lNIusic, Business Girls' Club, Girl Rcservesjg Betty Rcams: Nor- dine Redtl-Proctor: Edna Mac Reese, ROW SIX: Helen Emilia Regnani-Honorary Pep Club, Hostess: Mialtcr Reichhjunior Glce, Captain Intramural Football, Host: Robert Reed: Paul Richardson-I-Iome- rooni Representative, Cut Editor XVorld, Proctor. , - .a fwffz Y. K fp-f:,Y."ff,., I' 9 -11.".f,,.L'f1.c 7f'f-' -4' ff ffzlvz 1.x .f7La., '-""f' ' BARBARA POLLOCK MRURICE POLLOM PATTY POMKROY Austin Ponrms Pmaicm Poarcn caossr Powzu. , 'fv- ROBER1 POWELL BETTY PHESSMAN LEONARD PRYOR PAWICIA QUINN YVONNE HANDEL JEAN RANKIN ,1.,, DOROTHY RANSOM DOROTHY RASMUSSEN PATRICIA RATHMRN PAYNE FATNER Gsoacia aazax BETTY arms Noam: amz: DNA MAE REESE .t . t - . J- G' if -or s- 1 W .W 2 sl-2. K '51 Y-5. - - I' Ii! , ' 1 5' .Jr 1, f - ' ' a t , 1, . . . gif? W 2-,si Z HELEN EMMA REGNANI WALTER REICH ROBERT asm PAUL RICHARDSON C273 ANNA BICHEY AMIUA RIDDEL BARBARA RIGBY EMUY ROBERTSON, Ill. FLORENCE ROBINSON VWIJJBM HODGEHS LRREIHA RODNHY TED ROMIG CATHERINE ROSS MILTON RUBOTYOM RAY SALMANS PEGGY SANDERS BLANC!-TE SARDOU JUNE SAUNDIERS HAROLD SAVILLE ROW ONE: Anna Richey-Girl Reserves, Band, Proctor: Amelia Riedel-Hostess, Barbara Rigby-Honorary Pep Club, Red Cross Representative, Concession Stand lVorkerZ Emery Robertson-Proctor. ROW TWO: Florence Robinson-Homeroom Representa- tive: William Rodgers-Homeroom Representative, Bas- ketball, Class Captain: Loretha Rodney-junior Red Cross Representative: Ted Romig-Homeroom Repre- sentative, Junior Glee, Proctor. ROXV THREE: Catherine Ross-Girl Reserves: Milton Ru- bottom-Proctor: Ray Salmons: Peggy Sanders-Stutlent Secretary, Shorthand Honors, Girl Reserves. ROW FOUR: Blanche Sardou-Homeroom Representative. Band, Proctorg Iune Saunders-Prograrn Chairman Phyl- lis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Rambler Cheer Leader: Harold SavillefHead Host, Hmneroom Representative, Proctor: Keith Sayler-Sports Editor XVOrld, Sunflower Staff, Proctor: Mabel Sayler: Suzanne Scates-A Cappella, Homeroom Representative, Honor T. ROXV FIVE: john Schuenight: Bernice Schultz-Office Proctor, "Down the Avenue" YVorld, Pep Club: Evelyn Schultz-Shorthand Honors. ROW SIX: Betty Schwartz-Usher Club, Girl Reserves, Student Secretary: Peggy Scofield: Stanley Scott-Senior Glee Club, A Cappella, Proctor. Km!-1 smrmt Manu sauna suzanm: scares rome stmvmucx-n , mime: scauurz zvnwu sci-lux.: C255 BETTY SCKWARTZ PEGGY soomrm STANLEY BOOTY M. V nvnn-vnu., v ng.. N ,np i... .. Hugh - rua ,,,.. ,,. 1..i,.....- fs Jemors .I ..... .. ,, . D . -Tet l l Q! A '21 A J 1 , I 'ima I fats? M We , , T A MILURE7 SCIUTCHTLELD ROBERT SCULLY IRAN SEELE CLARENCE SDGRIST wiLuxM szum mumva ssvzarson normm sswman nnnnicz si-intron BETTY LOU SHEPPARD HAMYFON SKIREII HAROLD SIIBDIT LOREN SIMMONS IBMES SIMONS VVILLIAM SKIBBE FERD SLATTEN ROBERT SUGAR LAMARR SMITH NORMA IEAN SMITH Q1 ROLLIN SMITH BARBARA SNOOK smzaizs swim-1 asnoum smnsn HAROLD SNYDEK IUANITA SNYDER 4295 ROW' ONE: Mildred Scritchfield-Proctor: Robert Scully -Senior Glee, Madrigals: Ronald Seward-Homeroom Representative, Red Cross Representative: jean Seele. ROW TWO: Clarence Segrist: William Sellen-National Forensic League, Quill and Scroll, News Editor World: Marilyn Severtson-Class Captain: Bernice Shelton-Class Captain, Ofhce Proctor. ROW' THREE: Betty Lou Sheppard-lHorton, Kans- Girls' Glee Club, Thaliansj, Pia Societas: Hampton Shirer -Camera Club, junior-Senior Prom Program: Harold Sielxert-National Forensic League, Drum Major, Track: Loren SimmonseAll-School Party Program, Auditor XVQrld. ROIV FOUR: james Simmons-Essay Award: IVilliam Skibbe-Rifle Team, Host: Ferd SlattenfFootbaIl, Bas- ketball Letterman, Track: Robert Sllgar- President Strato Club: La Marr Smith: Norma jean Smith-A Cap- pella, All-School Party Pl'Ugl'21lIl, Girl Reserves. ROIV FIVF: Rollin Smith: Sherlee Smith-Girls' Ensemble, Homernom Representative, A Cappella: Harold Snider- Proclor Captain, Business Manager Sunflower, President Quill and Scroll. ROW SIX: Barbara Snook: Harold Snyder: juanita Snyder ROW ONE: Dale Somers, Dorothy Sondergrad-junior Red Cross Representative, Proctor, Georgiann Spacek- fYVamego, Kans.-Orchestral. ROW TWO: Raymond Speer-Quill and Scroll, Proctor, Business Manager World: Betty jane Spencer: joe Springer-VicePresident Senior Class, Proctor Captain, Tennis. ROW THREE: Peggy Stevenson-Game Cadet, Proctor, Hostess: Helen Steves4Honorary Pep Club, junior Glee, Hostess, Peggy Steves-Hostess, Honorary Pep Club, Of- fice Proctor: joan Stolpe-Assistant Editor Suniiower, Secretary-Treasurer Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll, Dorothy Stricklen-Class Captain, james Swalwell-Hi-Y, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball. ROW FOUR: Doris Taggart-Masque and Wig, A Cap- pella, "june Mad", joy Talbot-Quill and Scroll, Band, Exchange Editor Xvorlclg Andrew Taylor-junior Glee, Vice-President Booker T Boys, Honor Roll: jane Tener 4Pep Club. ROWV FIVE: Ted Terrill-Masque and YVig, Thespians, Proctor: Albertine Tevis-Hostess: Marciel Thomas- Proctor, junior Red Cross Representative, Class Captain: Harry Thompson. ROWV SIX: Vivian Thompson-Hostess, Class Captain: Ernest Thorn-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Foot- ball, Host: Zona Gale Tibbetts-Pep Club, Proctor, Hosta ess: Edna Tkatch-"Around the World," Proctor, Hostess. RAYMOND SPE! BETTY SPBNCBI ICE SPRINGS!! PEGGY STEVUNSON HELEN STEVE PEGGY STEVE IOAN STOLPE DOROTHY STRICKLEN IAME SVVALWELL i . f-, if 5, , ggi . l DORIS 'IAGGARY IOY TALBOT ANDREW TAYLOR IBNE TENER g SlNIHHS TBD TKHRILL ALBDKTINE TEVIS MARCIEL THOMRS HARRY THOMPSON VIVXAN THOMPSON UINEST THOBN ZONA GIALE TBIFITS BJNA TKATCH l C 303 Y , Wbvf .,1-nfafapv - ' 'nv 'VK fri f .L 1, ' , ROW ONE: Eugene Townsend-Football, Track, Proctor: Don Trott-Rifle Club, Homeroom Rep., Proctor: Wil- liam Trusclale-Camera Club Usher Club Proctor nfg'W"I'W0: Geneva Tucker-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Re- scrxes: Nadine Tucker-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Helen Turner-Proctor. ROW THREE: Donald Tutt-Class Captain: Melba Tyler -Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Ruth Tyler-Class Cap- tain, Music: james '1'yreefBaseball, Basketball, Foot- ball: Shirley Uuderu'oodfCHighland Park-Cheerleader, Dramatic Clubl, "Girls in Green" YVOrlclg Darlene Unruh -Concession Stand WVOrker, Attendant to Homecoming Queen, Honorary Pep Club. ROV' FOUR: Charles Vancil-Host, Proctor, Sophomore Assembly: Robert Yandeventer-Football, Track, Proctor: Earl Voiles: Marianne Walker-Honorary Pep Club, Masque and Wig, Proctor. ROXV FIVE: XVarren YValker-National Forensic League, Highest Degree, Debate, Orchestra: Alethea lVallack- Senior Glee Club, Girls' Ensemble, A Cappella: Eldon XVallingf0rd-Vice-President Camera Club, President Rifle Club. junior Press Club: Duane XValrafen-Hon- orary Pep Club, Assistant Proctor Captain. Honor T. ROW' SIX: Neil XVarrl: Betty Rea YVashburn-fNortheast, Kansas City, Mo.-Seal Club, A Cappella, Pep Clubjg Lila Mae YVeaverfIr. Red Cross Rep., Hon. Pep Club, Proctor: Dorothy Webb-Usher Club, Proctor. IKMES TYREE SHIRIIY UNDERWOOD DARLENE UNRU CHARLB VANCU.. BOB VANDEVXNTER EARL VOILES MARIANNE WALKER WARBLN WALKER ALl.'l'l-IPA WALLACK ELDON WALLINGFORD ' DUANE WALRAFKN NED. WARD BETTY WKSFBUHN LILA WEAVER DOROTHY WEBB DUDLEY WZED DONALD WEEKS RUTH WELCH s MARY WELLS MDKNA WEB WILLIAM WINDT ROW ONE: Dudley Weed-Homeroom Representative. Senior Glee Club, Intramural Basketball, Don Weeks- Letterman Tennis, Homeroom Representative, Proctor, Ruth IVelch-Homeroom Rep., Masque and Yvig, Proctor. ROW' TIVO: Mary Frances YVells-Girl Reserves, Proctor. Hostessg Merna jean Wells, William Wendt-Senior C-lee Club, Proctor. ROW THREE: Raymond Werth, Albert Wessen-Na- tional Forensic League, State Champion Debate Team, Honor T, Grace West-Proctor, Hostess. Assistant Home- room Representative: Norma Yvheeler-Phyllis Yvheatley Girl Reserves, Attendant to the Colored Queen All-School Party: Amelia XVhite, Ethel Mae YVhite-Tutor, Quill and Scroll, Feature Editor Yvorld. ROIV FOUR: Gene IVhite-Honorary Pep Club, Game Cadet, Basketball: Earline YVhitelaw-Phyllis Yvheatley Reserves: Ava Mae Mlhitmore-Proctor, Class Cape Hostess, Erma YVilch-Christmas Pageant, FIVE: Alberta IVillett-Bowling Club, Class Cap- Girl tain, ROW tain: Jeanne YVilliamsfFirst Pri7E in Essay Contest, "Sepia Sketches" IVorld, Hostess: Robert IVilliams: Robert Williamson-Band, Honorary Pep Club, Assistant Proctor Captain. - ROW SIX: Sara Frances Wills-Homeroom Representative. Proctor, K'Periscope" XVorld: Betty joan YVilson-Girl Reserves, Class Captain, Hostessg Dudley W'ilson-Foot- ball, Dean Wingren. RAYMOND wtnrn ALBERT WESSEN GRACE WEST NOHMA WHEELER AME!-IH WHITE FFHEL MAE WHITL l'2'i'l1'Q-flJF'?75 'frx ifiri 'L wi! .if if gi S? li , 91 5 . t i " 1 ' I 5? ff f f - , I . 5 ik 1 gs si - i H1 . - 1 'fn ' 1 f ig? r L, f , 55:--.fat ,-. .4-:e1:.,ei1f',' H 4' U: +int!!! , A iff 'tv ' " A ef?Zf' A 2' '-ggi A 12? 1 3, t ' 4 GEN: wmr: anim: wnmzuxw AVA wi-undone mm witci-1 I J I Q I-I ALBERTA WILLUY' IZRNNE WILLIAMS A ROBERT WILLIAMS BOBBY! WRLUMSON ,Ie Q X ,,,. F F 'J F Q li N I C It Q l il SARA FRANCES WILL5 BETTY IORN VTILSON DUDI-EY WHSON DEN WINGIEN cfm ROYV ONE: Alene YVinstetlt-fHarper, Chicago, Ill.-A Cappella, C, A. A., Harperite Clubbp Margaret Xvitmer- Proctor, Martha Wolf-Homeroom Representative, Class Captain, Proctor. RON' TWO: Anna YVootlson: Betty Lou YVright-Proctor: Ruth XVrightfHonorary Pep Club, Proctor, Class Captain. ROW THREE: Helen Zarker-Ol'Htte Proctor, Hostess, "Say It WVith Music", Keith Zarker-Assistant Proctor Captain, Host, Band: Donna jean ZarnfClass Captain, Proetor, Hostewzi: Mary Ziegelaseh- Honorarv Pep Club, Hostexs, Proctor: Molina Zitkle-Pep Club. Hostesi, Proctor: Richard Arthur. ROW FOUR: XVinifrecl Branin: Jim Brier-Proctor Chair- ntxtn, Letterman Football, King' All-School Party, Dorti Coltn-Sefretary-Treawurer junior Clase, Senior Glee, Coxtutne Mzumger "Young April": Xvlllllllll Canatlay. ROW FIYIZ: Morley Cook-Football Letterman. Home- room Representative. Track: Dean Fenton: Ed Hailey! Footlmll I.ettermau,, Basketball Letterman. Homeroom Represenlativeg Rae Hclwig-Girl Reserves. Hostess, Clais Captain. ROM' SIX: Guy Howard-Band: Bob Kimbrough-Assist ant Stage Manager: Jacqueline Peters-Proctor, Hostess: Bob Rylnph-Assistant Sports Editor Wlorld, All-School Party Program. Al-ENE WFNSTCDT MARGARFX' WITMER MARTHA WO ANNA WOODSON BFFTY LOU WIUGHT RUTH WRlGHT Hum zmtxsn xmn ZABKHR DONNA lmuv zmm MARY zxscsuscn MONNA zmxzz RICHARD ARTHUR WINIFHEFD BHANIN HM BRIEF! DORIS COHN' WILLIAM CANNRUY MORLEY COOK DEAN FENTON ED HAKLEY RAE HELWYG GUY HOWARD non Kmanovci-t Ikousuns Perens BOB RYMPH 4239 X I Q cnm. PADKN r MRT mm., HARLAN vnu mc: anrcrrrr wmmrrtn ff l 94 3 'J J!!-5400! Md? fiiifxziti' Terry McAdam and Betty Chubb Attendants to the King and Queen of the All-School Party are often known as Senior Favor- ites, representing the choice of the entire school. After a prelim- inary nomination has been car- ried on throughout the school, the field is narrowed to ten boys and ten girls. In the second bal- loting the highest votes determine the King and the Queen, the next highest their- Attendants. An- nouncement of royalty and their retinue is the climax of the All- School Party program. SENIORS iContinuedl ROW ONE: Carl Paden: Harry Smith -National Forensic League, Variety Program Assembly, Debate: Harlan Van Nice-Intramural Basketball, Hostg Brigitte Wedemeyer-Usher Club, Class Captain, Proctor. HlllNIlHNlS Zio Me dll! QPLKEPL George Beverly and jean Kerns 4345 IJ Frank Eckert and Betty Pressman - AL Af, L fair 7 'fl SUIlIHl llll Of all the activities throughout the school year there is one event that every boy and girl looks forward to eagerly. This is the All-School Party, held this year on December 5. The introduction of the royalty was breath- lessly awaited. Who would they be? The suspense ended when james Brown and Gladys Hall were announced as King and Queen. The Coronation was followed by dancing, refreshments, and a jolly good time. tlllllllll Norma jean Wheeler and Leonard Pryor af gb, , .,,..,,. Queen Gladys Hall King James Brown B 3 5 BOB TAGGART Pmsam 5,3354 SHPHHMH Fw iq HQQ Q SOPHOMDRE OFFICERS S 0' 4' '43 Q AJ fy cuss sRouP Pncrunzs Q 9 it MX , 89 .js X sfzx -.,.. -- -.-. ...... .. , 'Q V faq 1- ....-... ..... Q 'QP ff 9 Q , .ai ....... ..-.- g . ri.. ... .. .. ,-... : f ' ' f j 'A - L-1. --,-........ t .,-.,.,,.- v Y Q Q Hi HHIHHS New faces are always interesting, but this year's Sophomore class is particularly pleasing. Its members have taken hold of Trojan ways with unusual ease, and they never seemed deserving of the derogatory title of "sub-scrub" that has been applied to so many previous classes. The Sophomores' brought with them beauty, brains, and vitality to spare. They have shown much school spirit, and their class spirit was demonstrated' by an attendance in excess of 300 at the class party january 22f The january '42 Sophomores faced several innovations, including "big brothers" as well as "big sisters" and an impressive induction ceremony. The Sophomore class sponsors this year are Miss Frances Hutchison, Miss Alma 'ii if 611 0906 Calvert, Mrs. Fayeben Wolfe, Miss Bernice Finley, E. B. Weaver, and E. L. Fink JW W Maile' ,Maw mfg" V.-' gee' 43 as 25'-fav gxganv' sdgllf- Under the chairmanship of President Taggart the oflicers ponder over Sophomore party vvggfv plans. Left to right they are: Cadwalader, Bradstreet, Taggart, Miller, Goodrich, and Duff. 4 ,, i,".r Ron l-lforcl, Wellizk, Cruble, Werner. Lewis. Pcnnirk, Rcrlor. Roclcxirlx. Craig, 'IL-iv. Neely. Nlgirklei. Nliller, Clements, Row 2fX'erniee Slllllllx, Yernim glLll1llS,Cllll5L'. Mills, C-rallmni. lSrL'ln1icr, Yillinglmxl, Cnllnuui, lillzuiy, I.imlL'n11in. Yzlnrlcxenlci, Difkv, Sliuppxucl, XCWHIZIII Bunce. Row 3+YCliUIl,lVllgl1l, Fleming. Sxmrlcller. sClltZI'II1CI'l1UYI!, Rllynus. Boyer, Vlolniion. Kerr. Rzulclille. Knapp, Robb, Sznclou. Dugan '1'znlur, Gull. Row l-XVll9OIl,NlCIJllIllCl.NlLC1lll.5CI1CllCl'. Hu1lcy,.Xnlon. Bill Wolininguni, Bob xVKIl'l1llllgl0Il, Pzxmluy, Spillner, Om-nw Shnlll. Sullixzin, Xlhon, Kelley, ,I'0WllSCIlLl. Ron' 5-'l'lionms. Bzul1iimii,Sz1i1is. Iiuslinr, Brenner. linux. Ron lfflhlllfmck. llrzxwlorxl, Ely, Xilinx. Hoslcr, Sloth, Fllllflllg, Y00l'hCL's, Mdililggzige. Srlimee. Ciillxexon. Nictliulx, Hines. 'l'limnpSon. Rcnr2flliclxin1iin, Bowl. Honuul. Hussey. Payne. Cfoulx, ll. Moore, Heil, Owboru, liiflxon, Kenclzlll. ID. Nlooic. Gull. Fellcn. NYebb. limxer. Rmvfl-XYilwl1. Berliner. C2lllW2llL!llCl', Gillwii. Uriiwallll, hlzxnles, F. Hadley, Hufllex. Bizulxlitel, lnglilln. Cook. Vlolnimon. Dean. Vogel Iizirbee. Row l-jznnison. Crini, Blackwell. Hale, Perkins, I. Moore. Wall, Bolnizir. Wcmnzin. Nlickelxon, Wznlen. Selby, Hzuxes, jusxiec. Row Ron Row Row l-Mullin. NILIQCC, Hlunmer. Xeliou. Nzllxlrizrn, Huck, Fmxkes. Smilli.SlL1llen. Cnmmiekel, XYil1li, Lewis. Slmw, 2-Hzu. Koch. Hobbs, Sliepurcl, Cirnblllnn, Shinicr. Gmlizim, Boley, Liszer, Neiswennler, Mule. Rankin. lioncbrzike, Xlzirgzrrel Bmuvick Fon Chl. flfiiaillells. Nlorriw. Mordv, Willie. Hanson, Rose, Fcziker, Marv Borovick, Brooke, Crum. Hzilhcwxn. Miller, Price, Groenrlxke, Titus l-Yulerilifm-, Kingsley, Davis, Fink, Snook, Pzillon, Sallec, Miller, Blzlckburn, Frilm. Myers. V ' ww Row 1-M. Wvarner, Quell, Stewart, More, Lindemuth, Ingalsbe, B. Warner, Crews, Foster,'Saunders, Wilson, Brewer, Funk, Siegel, Mclinroe. Row 2-Durall, Marshall, Reiher, Hahn, Hatcher, Haegert, Smith, Carlson, Steele, Cloeplil, Shortt, Relihan, French, jones, Holum, Murphy. Row 3-Filber, Tabor, Thiele, Zimmerman, White, Robison, Hulsopple, Scott, Putt, Whearty, Bobo, Wood, Harries. Row 4-Swagger, Blossom, Culbertson, Petro, Orctttt, Row l-Wleil, Peak, Grifhth, Larson, McMillan, Taylor, McKinley, Davidson, Moore, Sleeper, Smith, jones, Griggs. Row 2-Freeman, Thomson, Brown, Ramsey, Barrientos, Sales, Moore, Patton, Mnlanax, Deeringer, Crader, Funke, Emmerson. Row 3-Nelson, Clark, Cummings, Crow, Hutton, Atkins, Brown, Hickey, Smiley, Lee, Shank, Campbell. Row 4-Gilliland, Fields, Rupp, Miller, Grennell, Parrett. "Stogie" Pressman and "Daisy Mae" Kerns rough it at the Halloween varsity. Six blissful boys-Baker, Cook, Reid, Howells, Briman, and Slatten, strike a pose. "Big Sisters" Coats and Taggart "swing out" at the Little Sister Party, ' ww Row lfllarlrer, Haydon, Martin, Beckman, XVerts, Decker, Brooks, Bozarth, Allen, Haggard, Ashby, Hurst, Horton, Cornelius. Row 2- Haydon, Crinxslcy, Nlixille, Miller, Land, Culbertson, Van Yoorhis, liakins, Rosen, Searle, Clark, Davis, bmith, Rollins, Spillner, Daxid- son. Row 3-Britlwell, Ketterman, Kelso, Bergstrom, Roach, Brallier, Bob 'I'aggart,Snyder,Yernon,Sel1uler, Cornish, Worswick, Prohaseo, jackson, Reaser, Row 4-Holman, Dasis, Lynn, jacques, Dutt, Salzer, Quinlan, Cilehist, Wells, Huey, Douglas, Blexins, Richards. Rich- ter, Nlaike, Oltlham. Row 541-'islrer, May, O'Gara, Copp, Cook, Hurd, Ryan, 1-Ingle,kIohnson. Row l-Fisher, Gartner, Owen, Rosantler, Meixes, Hulse, Harlan, Cunningham, Bingham, Dennis, Compton. Primm. Flenniken. Day Broun. Rou 2-Frennessee, Hurt, Goodrich, Patterson, Harris, Sales, Oyler, Rigtlon, Baker, Farrell, Senne, Vaughan, Tounsentl, Crock' ett, Hodgell, Clinkenbeartl. Row 3fShieltls, Brennan, Haskell, Nickerson, Mellaniel, Allen, Dietrich, Bayly, Duggan, Vincent, Wilcox Peyton, Rankin, NVilIis, Thompson. Row 4-Morelieatl, Wilson, Gitltlings, Studebaker, Chenoweth, XYeinkauli, liltlen, XVright, FOSICT, Bartholomew, Holliday, Rogers, Belnap, Culbertson, XVolfe, Gamlowski, Dee. Row 5-Dore, Brier, Comfort, White, Lonznu. Ron Ron Ron Ron l - eg, Doane, Seckinger, Orr, Mills, Medley, Hulsey, Iickert, Segrist, Brodlietker, Neuman, Brizencline, Mix, Fevurlv, Adams. Sarxer, Koehcrle, Dulf, Meclill, XValker, Simmons, Bonehrake, Heine, Miller, Cudtl, Derryherrx. Lane, Somers, Potter. Fcrgel, liaston, XVest, Yost, Silk, Stolpe, Mclinaught, Crumley, McHenry, XVehh, Nfatlson, Lockwood, Bennett, NVoodeox, Miller Crawford, james, Wilson, Bauer, Rettig, Sterling, Parsons, Menninger, McCabe, Martin, Counter, Wright, NIeCou'n, Irhx, Daneke Creen. ' ww 1 xp 95 JHNIHH IIHIHHS With an eventful Sophomore year behind them, the juniors emerged as an energetic and powerful class. An exciting election and "Young April," the class play, filled the early fall with activities. For the first time a junior class aided incoming students, and they super- vised College Day. Their Junior-Senior Prom, given April 10, was the high light of the year. With such a background the class may well look forward to an even better time as Seniors. Sponsors of the class are Miss Ruth'Phillips, Mrs. Verna Nims, Miss Maud Hulse, Mrs. Lucile Ely, and W. jones. Qf' 4 fs ,bad , . 410149 . I gbiliwx -2 511-' Q' I V 'f if .ffffiiri .- Y vw 8 f K f, .., ggm' 5 ooyives l P .fx Qogirvm ,t ca A tg- x - QQ' QQ-Q Qex QNci.':::1'1: yet B QQ -'-H-'L'-" -f E3 TM- 2 ,ft 5555? El If C' X Q I ,m ,f flff "Lv . if A 2,4,,,v 0, flu., cf 'il iw . BQJAL f7fV ', afifn fyff- 74414 F J I if 5 X ilk Marilyn Eckert makes a suggestion as the oflicers discuss plans for the junior play. . M We Left to right they are: Cohn, Timmons, Titus, Duncan, Eckert. and Minnis gay' C407 . 'ig- :i . . We t 0-- - ..,, Y- QQ si -1, 8' 'X-. Dineke Snoo ', . X 1 ' nnwnw Iohni , . Higkow Harslia 'Q I as W cl Betts. Hcnsroth, Hoehner, Byr , Mormon, Haines. A lx Lonn, Vercla Lonry. Gchrl. Moyer, Whiteside, Amln-rson, Hamilton, YVeblx. " 1 Rnpin Vera 1 Xloscr Fudge, Gilkey, Crnin, .-V, lx Nightingale, , on Rwincs, . . , , Cameron, Row I-Richardson. Corzlill, , , Row 2-Ruhcrson. Perry, Barrett, Iwzxzicion, Tn , ' mr. Shzikwhzlfl. Titus, Conllcr. Elmore, Rzirdin, " . , ' ' Fmnzllc, Shorthill, B. Powell, Sharp, Scoll. ROW 3--Lan well, Stanley, Row 4-M. P0 , Nivrick, Arch ison. Row l-Reynolds. Owen, Qnintarcl, Kivclle V Row 2fRodell, Main. Paschcll, Mayes, Moclin, Allen. ' Lund - 1111110 .i hon C Pl'1v" C . ' 1 xlla' , ohm' and Hllel. Cflffsseg -Uris look Burke as R61 u ' If , Q4 wf' -. J E Vllllln , denlongtmles ho ' w Wei Smuller Wg11'1-en Bm d0es 1 I in the lates! 'I-.WZ ' Fm Hjck er l 5 Row Row Row ROW 1-Weke, Bonnot, Baxter, Cudney, Spiegel, Wilkerson, Draper, Fagan, Hamm, Myrick, Erwin, Downs, Etzel, Hulsopple. 2-Louise Collister, Bellman, Crampton, Lucille Collister, Barnes, Ammon, Hecht, Copp, Stewart, Wilson, l-Ivey, Ellison, Berglund Reynolds 3-Chincholl, Snook, Armstrong, Williamson, While, Wing, Walters, Bossler, Copeland, Campbell. . 4-Burdick, Xvilliams, Mlarrl, Granger, Urban. Row R Ow Row Row l-Reid, johns, Andrews, Dinsmore, Lindemnlh. Heleker, Davies, Beers, Moffett, Spielman, Robison, Hanson. 2-Stone, Miley, McPherson, Nelson, Chesney, Lemon, Shrier, Xvallers, McNeely, Kime. 3-Slumbangh, Willard, jones, Roepe, Marsh, Neiswender, Stewart, Schuler, Brent, Harris, Vandeventer, Odell 4-Strange, Vickland, Grice, Rausch, Hay, Rhodes, Riggs, Rager, Sleinberger. Kenny MacFerren-Indian dancer extraordinar it's done in the annual Christmas Reed dances on blissfully while Peak and the flashn Denny McClenny explains tains Townsend cw AMA? 1 X I LX, Row lffiindcr, Fairbanks, Conzird, johns, Horslman, Boyle, Hass, XVhiLing, Eidmann, Winingear, Matthews, Stnbbings, Hestand IlOh'2'B2lllgl'1lIlilll, Hibhs, Mnmn. Nohrn, Brooks, McAlisler, Peyton, Filzsimmons, Farmer, Hcrschberg, Burlenshaw, McClain. Row 3-Gordon. Hunt, Adee, R. Corkill, P. Corkill, Anderson, Douglas, Duncan, Bently, Coates, Christenson, Merriam. Row 1-Allen, Belknap, C. Hall, Maupin, Manuel, Collins, Zimmcrmzin, Smith, YV. Hall, Chaffee, Warner. Row 4-Runyan, Null, Gilroy, Leech, Riggin, Elliott. 134 L-' V V I I I 1, J, ,.4,,J, 5,-7 1 L14 VJ.:-Q Ven.,-ff-fri 1.4,-7-af. ,. i' 111' Horseplzly at No. 200-Nichols shows cznnerznnnn her appreciation of Martin and Cooks embrace IFS "openwifle" as the Doc examines Hznns' ivory for himlclen canyons as Atchison and Lewman wait their lnrn C435 .,,-uv' Row l-Erskine, Fuhrken, Culbrealh. Becker, Ziegler, Lewis, Smith, Brain, Nivan, Reynolds, XValters, Deever, Kitch. Sewell. Row 2-Schnacke, Young, VVhitc, Kennedy, Xvilkins, Kramer, Foster, Faust, Finuf, Guthrie, Drury, Seely, Carson, Wlise, Krieg. Row3-Emmett, Lieurancc, Cook, Nlall, Swartzman, Honeyman, Romig, Kunkler, Theis, Drayer, Farmer, Warnock, Anderson, Sicks Gucker. Row 4-YVade, Reid, Miller, Bigham, Garrison, Marshall, Green, Parnell, Hill, Karnes, Daniels, Mechem, Parr, Barney, Rogers, Hart Cunningham, Arthur, Hodgell, Enochs, Frickey. Row l-Vllilson, Lovett, Wood, Reyes, Tetuan, Heck, Markham, Bates, Samuelson, Allen, Minnis, Hfingate, Atherton, Mitchell. R0w2-XVeave.r, Boling, Young, YVyler, McDowell, Pyle, McFarland. Parr, Hughes, Kirk, Brown, Creel, August, Euwer, Scamell. Row 3-Zahourek, Knox, Klein, Arnold, Vandergrift, Ticehurst, Reed, Eggleston. Row-1-Gutierrez, Osborn, Haslett, Mathews, Smith, Johnson, Coble, Snyder, Treadwell, Velgardlo, Alonzo. . Row 1-Clarke, Reece, Gray, Hutson, Erickson, French, Perry, Mueller, Nissen, Wardell, Spiker, Rowell, Vlilliams, jordan. Row 2-Hennessey, Deskins, McManus, Rupin, Hokanson, Yllhitesicle, Lilly, Mlulfkuhle, YVilliams, Hankamer, Harness, Krom, Moberly. Youngman. Row 5-Franzke, Rogers, Bowers, Laird, Thompson, Goodrich, Edmonds, jones, Edds, Hartman, Crago, Merillat, Golden, Beall. Row 4-Shoop, Percival, Heere, Post, Cummings, Offen, Hovorka, johnson, Pheasant, Bales, Lady, Campbell, Reynold, james, Tulilez, Paden, Rector. cfm ULTIIIUTIIF ii? W fs? V I rl li? i gw r 'QQ N1 Vi I hi il' Approximately 400 students participated in the functioning of the Proctor System this year. Their duties included checking all passes used during class hours, as well as acting as hosts to visitors and to students not well acquainted with our school. The suc- cess of the Ripple System has been in large part due to the co- operation of the proctors. jim Brier was Proctor Chairman this X yearg William Martin was Assistant Chairman. Harry Colmery, A Harold Snider, joe Springer, Bill Holliday, and Terry McAdam Jim Brie, were Captains. Miss Bernice Boyles was'Faculty Adviser. Proctor Chairman ,QW Mwst Row 1-Stevenson, Gessell, Wilson, Eidmann, Boyle, Viola Nelson, Lee, l'. Scott, Ilulsopple, Kirk, C'nlln-eath, Wray, Draper, Leech: Row 2-Qanoke, Virginia Nelson, Timmons, Atherton, Grahham, Graham, Kramer, Mclinanght, Johnson, Pressman, Urum- lety, Gordon, Pontius. Row if-Lowther, Howells, Minnis, Sallee, Peterson, Euwer, French, Miller, Perry, Sellen, L. Scott, Cor- nish. Row 4fAnmlo1-son, Laird, Harris, Colmery QCaptainJ, Kramer, Gilliland, Wells, Manuel, Goodrich, Tyree Frost xwlliel' nick- -mm. ,,e,,,,wL, Tung, E. Hallxosefu Y - Af- 'xtom Mew, . X nov' x.. W13'Qf,wQ, bf Marshal' Ramsalieixaii, 5 Clark- ' , 31 zalw . ' ue , Hfgf:r.:hk21w y Shevvaffhdiyimrfl'wieclxwm- M' ' GNU v Ymm v nkler. ny gn. 5 KU ,W aihhl:ifls9aCsT0wHS9n ' nw 1 Raw - ogersv lebY- gfu - yy-aien' 'QQRYY Eglptainl , W B Snare Deaver, I 9,-9hm9f1.6 Moore A 1 mgpmohlv Y Raman B1 nm, r Chubb- Nemwlggiilocike- Vefefoh. G0ll"'s1Mi2aiiey, binge Dawes' Collillsw Range, W. J0l'm0,'gn Mcurew. W 1"?ii'a, 1' 5"'mi'l'kRe we-fE,0"ma..fdM MW ' ec' v ' ' P ' wa new 27 , new 5' 4'H9" rf 4 465 Jones, Riylfgx, yiralher. Kyiv, Guy, Lar er Scotg Hpferce, Sxebert, H2 Lam 1 l lun Heil Tilubilts Wells Row 1-Graham, Appleby, Tvw, Erickson, Johnson, Holm-kor, Barrett, McSpadden, Ric lan s , , , , , Row 2-Hntson, Robison, N, Martin, Cadwalarix-r, McAlister, Milam, Lindernuth, Taylor, Chats, liakvs, Dillcy, Fisher, Row 3-Copeland, Momlin, Gordon, French, Kerr, Disney, Stewart, Lockwood, Gray, Douglas, liovlve, Row 4 -Cook, Brier, Bowman, Nelson, Belknap, Miller, Hall, Oiivn, Helr-ker, B. Martin ifaptainj, HL-ll. my ,Jr Row 1 Xp. . I ROW ZXMIM0' ffanipgo scoff. RA H- Tfc.1h,.,,., OW 3XRo l"'f', Rollin. ' '?'1u-use , 9179.1 4 . - . 'att0n, mlb Clnnnngl U"fN. lirmn, lodes. Him, iyamm , ,l'h'Q,.1' no M' laflor, Tfvfv irmnlg "FA-lrt, fg,,,.1.Z""!lf-r ,Ln 11 . 1 - . Sun, I-usp! H" Uvun, M "s"l!'NSvI1, Whit' mith lsauwnigi-I. g,,,,Ze,,, Thaw' H I ' Y , Oil I . An.1m,,, sl V- - - 1, R' S -' 10rn, lgck t x W, R4-yn H.. . V I-':3l,,,,,-, Row Aisfglxlh, Mmsony H5312 11.t.,mm, ,Msg III, sums, f,,,,,,iH F. Q nnlckpl yi Eder, lgmoke D S, Mahoney, R ,, orstman, yyparlrv dhtml, , J ming,-man, Row 15 . Andprson .but?1z?A5c'his0,, gngulfll Burke' " ' ' 1 'n' ' ' H 'onanl fr, in-m..f,,, " A lIl'!', -.vs Stf"'105w Ilolnaav' ' 'mh'4R9"'l!'iZ!, zsmwn' . L . f aIrL.nnJ, Slmkeshanf Row 1-Paslay, Farmer, Hass, Zarker, Rodney, lieu-mlori, Zieyzelasvh, Snnth, Young, Brain, Hcmdrim-li, Wriglut, Row 2-Stulpe, Gideon, lim-ru-, Dr-Yorv, wolf, Hurt, llihbs, Small, lzankm, ruin-mi, sun-run, now 3-Romig, llunvan, Rollins, Webb, Hollixlny, Holman, Slwvr, Qnanvy, Eckvrt, llachman, lionnl. Row 4-Mc'1'all, Terrill, l R an Hnul Mach-Arran, Thompson, lluw 5+-Farrell, White, Burton, Mcaidam Bovfers, Mannell, Hall, Sayer, y , , fCaptainJ , Griffith. i477 FRANK ECKERT President of the Student Congress BILL HOLLIDAY Vice-President of the Student Congress GEORGE BEVERLY Speaker of the Representative Council BETTY PRESSMAN Election Clerk TOM BAILEY Election Commissioner BETTY GARVIN Secretary of the Point System cg-lntlml HHVlHNMlNl Student Congress members rolled out of bed many a morning to reach Room 200 of Troytown by 7:30. Meetings of the Representative Council dur- ing the first week of school worked on the election of game cadets and the sale of activity tickets. The Student Council left over from the year before helped out by putting on an assembly to promote the activity ticket. George Beverly was elected Speaker of the House. -After a delayed election the new Student Council took its place. Following up campaign promises, office holders promoted var- sities. When the All-School Party came up, sweat ran from Bill Holliday's brow as he put over one of the biggest parties the school has had. One of the main issues for both houses was the bill dealing with a colored advisory council. Many early morn- ings were spent on this before it was voted upon and passed, Although this year's council was not as aggressive as some of the councils of the past, it took care of everything as it came along without complaint or excitement. -Frank Eckert. 6 i own ,W fr if sl 9 - .yt M' . V'flNl,v' iff X lv ,P if Y, q 49 5 Row lfG0orlrich, Chubb, Minnis, F. Eckert, Holliday, Kingman Cspousorj, Nichols, M. Eckert, Lockwood. Row2fTaggart, Hogue, Martin, Briman, Duncan, Logan, Shakcshzlft, Miller, McAdam, Griffith, Ratner. Sllllllll EHHNEH I 8 fa ra Row Row ROW Row 1-Hurd, Crow, Gilchrist, Bahner, Cofran, Canalsy, Daneke, Richardson. 2-Milam, Bergman, Knox, Hoehucr fsecretaryj, Hass, Heatherington, Smith, N3L2ll'i8ll, Rosauder, Sheppard, Barrett. 3-Neiswauger, Small, Borovick, Eidson, Rhynas, Maze, Sardou, Peak, XV0ll'e. Dick, Pomeroy, Coats, Burke. 4-Meyers, Eckert, Finney, Davidson, Macferran, Beverly, Engle, Maupin. Collins, R . em acta fic Gllmznzif-min PHINEIPHl W. N. VHN SIYEK The year 1942 will appear on the pages of our history texts of the future as a year of great significance. We hope and pray it may be the year in which the death knell is sounded for totalitarian governments, and democracy for all the peoples of the world will become a reality. These are important days in world history, and you are to be congratulated on having a part in formulating a better world order. Peace and good-will can be achieved if we maintain a high sense .of the importance of the individual personality. Selfish greed which has characterized much of our national and international relations in the past must give way to sounder and saner philosophy as conceived in the teachings of our Greatest Teacher, Jesus Christ. Move forward, my young friends, with your banners high, resolved to make life finer for everyone. Sincerely, WZWMJW C505 Versatile Dunne Fcclcy repairs his instruments Xf1lilY'l' ol' lhc- xiolin. Slllll Monlmzi, rjnafzumenfaf gains lnmors for Topckzi Highi music clcpanrrnxcnt Pianist Allen Rogers accompanies, solos, :incl plays ll1c"l:ull fiddle" illc lmnsmon,sz1Xopl1onc,zlnclclarinet C 91 D x -. Hzmicl Collins. lI'llllll7ClCClH ix new liuncl numlmcr 1, ' practices f .14 M' Boom, llllg, crash! Rlzumgillg the percussion ure Rcx Morriss, Dick l'CllCI'5Ol'I, znnl Peggy jones 7444 ' gfffvc- ..., N i club, 'roiessor ,awson expiarns e ro his viohnisrs KNEW SCOY Schooi Svrn- raises Topeka High " Law son rior rhe 'Niaesrro ' ' hiv Supe bers idig 63 19 i Cnrrain going up . . . phonv Orchesrra vvairs . . . his baron . . . rnnsic ponrs iorrh. Ps' concerr is in progress. beginning in rhe iaii, e oi rhe 65-piece organizarion piaved ior rhe ah-schoo edncarion pageanr "On Onr NNT av During rhe winrer rhev piaved ar aii rhe ionior high schoois, rnade a rrip ro Lawrence, and pieased parenrs wirh a vesper service. Yor rhe Yesrivai rhis spring, Yercv Grainger, renowned cornposer, pianisr, and direcror, gave inspirarion ro Lhe rnnsicians as weii as ro rhe rhriiied audience. finishing rhe season in srvie, she Orchesrra prepared ro give rhe Seniors a grand send-od an rhe Cornrnencernenr exercises. Niernbers oi borh Orchesrra and Band have aXso been B acrive in soio and ensernbie w ork. This v ear rhererhave been rnore onrsranding groups than ever beiore who have heiped carrv rhe narne and iarne oi Topeka High s ' hronghonr rhe conininnirv. STC S T00 nd hen Lawson a e String Ensenihiefbrooiss, Mei'hers rnfrnne up ior another Adagio C 52 D The Smng S Th and Poho ezarerfilogers, Cunard, Brooks, 0 -,prepare ior an encore , L 'V X ff 2 M2-ff' -4, ffzf. A f ,J 7 i ,Hx 7 'WQ4 tl' fj ttf' xzfffql .zceefnd Q! 1 V, 4. If ' 2 7' ,M J e- fe e-,Qfgq pf we 1 XY Rvvrax-xax-Lad ---- Xlvvvrm-mx-md. The 'Yvopn Band, vespkndem ku Nada and gcdd uxxkioixxxs and wkdx manu- me as sXdmng,, ks emnkxxg, down dxe sueex, pteeeded by go ukkuxmed xwkdevs and Xed bg Drum Maxof Raq- qn Whemw. Dheexed by Davkd T. Lawson, dxe Keee Band has phujed and qixaidxed xfkumpXxmuN . rough dxe gear. Mmev wXxxukwg,"XdXg,XxXq Superkor ' - mg, ku me Naxkomd Musk Comes: XxeXd have Xasm sprkng dxe Baud smrxed od, HM-sxeam ahead, ku me YAXX, addkwg, Kash so successhd ioosbaXX gmnesg me swakxxs oi the 'Yfoe Kan Mavehkxxg, Song sounded dxfough Coe bnsXLedmXX C,vownXxxg, MX ev ems was me Yesiwffd ku AQYKX -Eamous Yevcxj Giakxxgev as guesk arxkss 5 ' the x 32 and con 63508 . xc xdx ' codd docxoc . Trosan Bmxdsmen Krxeg, Shmkc, Yum, and Mane X compose ax uomboue qmxfxen :mer oi me Bench hom, Rami Spencer gkves om wkxh ax sado BOYS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB Row l-McRae, Delgado, Fisher, Marlin, Peterson, Row 2-Hensroth faccompanistj, Cummickle, B. Scully, Coates, Smith, P. Scully. Row 3-Don M. Gleckler qdirectorj, Main, Dutt, Walters, Garrison, McClenny, Kramer, Howard, Rardin, Edds, Laird Sallee OCZ! , MUSIII MSW . 5855 oi?-L5 Climaxing months of preparation, vocal music classes of Topeka, Highland Park, Seaman, Cap- itol Catholic and Mfashburn Rural High Schools successfully presented their own Music Festival. A linal concert, under the direction of Lorraine Watters of Des Moines, Iowa, was given for the public May 5. Only the soloists and small en- sembles competed in the National Contest at Omaha. Always ranked as top-notch singers, our Glee Clubs and Ensembles are called many times during the year to entertain civic organ- izations. The Girls' Senior Glee Club and Girls' Ensemble are directed by Miss Helen Dobson. Don M. Gleckler directs the Boys' Senior Glee, the Madrigal Singers, and the A Cappella Choir. torsion' axe, Heather Uni", fudge! xnaeinutgatalil' Sgiiml w l'lNw2mxixaW Das, o go f 2, RO" A CAPPELLA cuom J Row l-Horstman, XVhiting, Taylor, Hooper, Lovett, P. Scully, Peterson, McRae, Black, Hensroth, Davies, Halc,iFudge.H Row 2-Ransom, Drehmer, Mordy, Rosalie Michelson, Fisher, P. Stnith, YValters, B. Scully, O. Foster, Gordon, Gooch, Bellman. Row 3-Heck, Miller, Lee, Hutson, Rosella Michelson. Row 4-French, S, Smith, Edds, Laird, Ericson, Kahle, Scott, Garrison, Appleby, L. Foster, Bennet. Row 5-McClenny, Howard, Rardin, D. Foster, Kramer, Don M. Glcckler fdirectorj. C549 Fitzpatrick, Scott, Kahle, Ericson, Woodson MADRIGAL SINGER S Row l-Smith, Garrison, Hooper, 'l':nylor, Davies, Cordon. Edds, Rarclin. ROW2-Scully, Krznncr, Heck, Lmetl, Gooch. Miller, Don NI. Glccklcr fclircclorj. Laird. Q SOLOISTS xW ' A C509 , gm' S60 Y l 0- .QNV 'nm Id mn. ' 1 I GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB ,A we we , QNX is of A09 . Row lflnrcll, Whiting, Taylor, NClSW1lllgCl', Linclemnlh, Nelson. Ransom. Drchincr. D. Peterson, Heck. Row2-ll. Peterson, Hooper, Day, Richardson, French, Haskell, Blakely, Finnf. Row f-lflimlnons, Nlordy, Roscllzl Michelson, Horstnmn, Gooch, Lee. Gordon, I.. Foster. Row 1-0. Foster. Bcllman, Fudge, Hale, Holcmun, llcnnell, Snxirl1,'1'ziggz1rt. ROlW'5fIliIlCk, Appleby, Davies, Hnison, Miller, Disney, Healhcringlon, Rosalie lNIiclu-lson. C555 vows PUBLICATIONS 'iirilrik' iirifrifr SUNlIHWlH This year the editorial staff of the Sunflower has endeavored to produce an annual that covers as broad a field of interest as possible, appealing as much to the Sophomore and junior as to the Senior. YVe have tried to make this book representa- tive of Topeka High, showing the students in the many different activities and functions of the school, both inside and outside of the classroom. During the nine months of preparation our foremost thought has been to please you, the student body. YVe hope we have done so. May it serve not only as a source of interest and pleasure now, but a record which you can get out periodically in the years to come and thumb through the pages, recalling the many happy times spent in Topeka High School in 1941-42. -J. L. John Logan, Editor Left to Rzghl: johnson, FlCl1lh, lmert: q 56 5 w Hairy 41 w as v . I Nelson Ives, mrinter, shows a ia e hot ol! the 57.3 O I I 3 , My 1 , press to Hodgell, next years editor 91' 13, "HO XVith the aim ol' making the advertising section as interesting to students as possible-and consequently as profitable to the advertisers as possiblevwe of the business staff of the 1942 Sunflower set out on our task last November. NVith this aim in mind we have tried to make pages attractive by planned layouts and the use of student pictures. The 1942 book has more pictures of students in the ads than ever before. XVhat- ever success we have attained, however, we owe to the business men and women of Topeka, who have stood behind us faith- fully, even with stocks "frozen" and all business war-ridden. XVe extend them our sincerest thanks. YVe urge readers of this hook to make these friends know "It pays to advertise in the Sunrlower.'L -H. S. i ,lff.ff1f, V, , 'em Ylhor I V 'url Jlc-I 'q'Yr1'i1 O Qo z1,,, ' lh ' 0,117 577 17101 U1 K .. ,X 1, r f Harold Snider , 1 H -' ' Business Mzinagci Ihe cameranian catches Snider hard at Left to 113112: Lonzini, Plumb, Sewell, Speer, Clinkinbcartl. Silk, Brokman work-minus mumps Hill Wlllllll W.P.A. Week, hobo varsities, a red-hot All-School Party, a sizzling junior Play, a wild Homecoming, and the excitement of the biggest election in our history gave plenty of fire to Fall headlines. A streamer glorified the Homecoming issueg pub- licity on the All-School Party took the form of a special edition. Trojan Teasers, without an editor, went past expectationsg Periscope, running a little gay at times, did better than hold its own, a real challenge to the Spring editors. Lastly, the Fall World was put out with a variety of student pic- tures, made possible through plentiful advertising. -J. M. Jimmie Mechem Editor fxfyyx- VV, N 04, CIKCQYQV Qaodfopfft I ?9fflQ?bypA7llQ'f1y, adm ,Daffy 7, gnmtfg fyfffdi be wmfg Raymond Speer usiness Manager Ed. Mechem and Asst. Ratner check stories with editorial staff-fseatedj Talbot, Lonam, jencks, Wills, VVhite, fstandingj McSpadden, Nichols, " J Neiswanger, and Byars LC - V ,f f .1 , f'f' ' Nfjjnfxi l 'X X' y X Business Manager Speer gives assignments to Ad Solicitors Hurt, Martin, Sports receive full coverage as the Sports Staff-Saylfiry Bowman, Hass, Peterson, Rardin, Griffith, and Frost Coulter, Mechem, and RHHKIH- gel lhe IICWS 4585 l SPORTS S'VAFF-l7ntlern'oocl, Rymph. Fleming lsporls editorj, Coulter, Wehh SPHINH Wlllllll Students leaving school to join the armed forces. . . . A Defense Council organized .... Dances ending with the Star Spangled Banner ..... A Sen- ior party, first in two years, oblivious to the war with a Texas theme ,... A junior-Senior Prom stressing a Beat-the-Axis note .... Everyone won- dering what comes next. So ran the ticker tape ol news into the YVorld ofhce. The YVorld itself felt the impact ....l -X d solicitors returned empty- handed. . . No money for pictures ...i -X n idea: YVhy not use this as an excuse for changing the YVorlcl into a modern, snappy tabloid? As the form of the Topeka High School wlorld has changed to meet changed world conditions, so have the outlook and aims of the rest of Topeka High. It is YVar. -P. R. Ytaircn Bonnlan ffm , its Pay ne Ratner Editor Busim-ss Manager BFSINI-ISS STAl"l7f4'wv1l1'rI1 XVLITIICI1 lionlnan ln1anagel'.l hllllllll. H 1 Simmons: ftizuzrlingl Schultz, Hass. Nlrllliiggzugc. Allen. Boyer EDITORIAL S'1lAFF+f.sffnfvr1j 'l'kalch. Washburn, Wills, Engle, Porter, Parker C 59 5 Mechem, Ratner feditorjg fsmnrlingj Sellen, Richardson, Rardin, Hall. Cohan PlIHlIEHlIllNS Q J? Q .J: . -.. A K 3 SI' S we .. .slr ii I ,:,13.1z ' .- Qde 19462 cgnngfowez EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF John Logan - - 4 A '-'A 4 -"----4----'44'44-,---'---44 Editor Harold Snider ..... .......,......... , . . .Business Manager joan Stolpe .,.... ...Assistant Editor L ' 5 . H - - , Murhn Hodgeul I I ' ' -Associate Editor Folrafneq ewli ...... .... A ssociate Business Manager Orville Brent I H H'-'Photographer .t e I ae ro man. . .. ................. -..Aud1tor Vemo Shorthm Blanche Haydon ..,,,. .,,. L ithographing Manager Archie Treadwell William Martin Rodney Cofran .... Dixie Parker ,.... Betty Gilroy. .... john Dean ....,. Phyllis johnson ........,........ . .... Assisting Staff .............Artist . ...Assistant Artist .. ............,...,....., Clubs . . ,......... Sports HH i I I l I D V I i I A and Faculty Pictures Helen French and Marilyn Minnis.. ,... .... S enior Activities joy Talbot Keith Sayler Betty Nichols jimmie Mechem . . .Copy YVriters Raymond Speer INanda Clinkenbeard Joan Silk XVillie Harsha Mary Lonam . . Mary Louise Plumb Qde IQ!!!-462 Qayaeza gcdoaf wt!! FALL WORLD jimmie Mechem ...... , ........,..... , , . Ray Speer. . .,,..........,...,..,..... . . . EDITORIAL STAFF Payne Ratner .....,,.................... Mar ' I onam y . ,.... ......,,,...... Mary Louise Plumb .............,. Betty Nichols, Ethel Mae White. . , .. .. joy Talbot .....,,..,,.......,.... . . Sara Frances YVills .............,,. Isabel Neiswanger, Shirley -Ieneks ,,,. Barbara Caldwell ..........,..... . . . Bettilee Byars ....... ..., Marcia McSpadden ......... Keith Savler ..,.........Editor .Business Manager . , ,Assistant Editor . . , . . .News Editor .......Stalf Editor . . .Feature Editors . .Exchange Editor ...Literary Editor .........Periscope . , . ,Sepia Sketches Around the YVorld ......Club Editor Marcia Frost. . . ........... . .Assistant Business Manager . I .......,........, ............ S ports Editor Glenn Coulter, Kirke Mechein.. ..,,. ' Xssistant Sports Editors .lean Rankin ....,,.,......... ,,.... G irls' Sports Editor Bill Ellis ........,...,........................,, Cut Editor BUSINESS STAFF Alice Peterson. . . . Loren Simmons. . .. .......... ... jack Rardin ....,....,,........... .Down the Avenue ....Auditor . . .Circulation Manager Charles Martin, Barton Griffith .......,.......... A d Solicitors Miss Ruth E. Hunt .....,..... Editorial and Business Adviser 4601 SPRING WORLD Payne Ratner ...,..........,,,... , .... Warren Bowman ...... .,,............... EDITORIAL STAFF Kirke Meehein. .. ...,............. .,., Bill Sellen ........,...,...... jack Rardin ...,,............... Dixie Parker, Rodney Cofran ..., Betty Rae Ivashburn ...........,,. Patty Porter, Sara Frances XVills. . . ... Dorothy Fix, Edna Tkatch ........ Dorothy Engel .................. .... Ned Fleming, Bill XVebb ....,.. Glenn Coulter, Bob Ryinph .... Shirley Underwood ......,,.. Patil Richardson ..,............... BUSINESS STAFF . . . . .Advertising Solicitors ... .Circulation Stalf . , .......... Editor .Business Manager . . .Assistant Editor .. , , . .News Editor ...-..Staff Editor .. .Feature Editors . .Exchange Editor ......,.,Perisc0pe Around the YVorld . , . . . . . .Club Editor . . ,Co-Sports Editors . . . .Assistant Sports Editors Girls' Sports Editor . .,...... Cut Editor Charles Martin .......... ......., A ssistant Business Manager Denise McCluggage .... , ...... Advertising Solicitor Bernice Schultz ...... . . . Loren Simmons .... ..... .Down the Avenue .. ....Auditor IVilliam Boyer ..... . . .Circulation Manager C. A. Hays ...,, .. . .Printing Adviser ,1 , , 4 ,. GRAMS A vmmes vac ' ' 'f 2: J" .1'f, '- ' '1Q. Q mms ewes cmwempx ipsum ADmNxsmmoN 6 5 .Ev .QW 'L Yu- Mr A, Sat . mn. 14' M Qifx 4' ',1. .A Q 9:23 Q " ,Q-ffl-ff? me :JM ', 9.455 s ,f wi Mfg ,Aim ' fm . Q- M. Nj' 1 6 ,W ' - 'A Qfvq -V ., 'K ., ik , -v'f',,x Q yi , six QQ,Q ,l "' . ' iq '4-FQ., K .1-Q bmw o 3 .xy e fri. u QQ -lp! 'lf 'af , v fjlfmwgi ,'-ii' x. , Q W,a A'H,.,?9 4 ' .W or 'ifvri In 'H' J " sig ,Q Q ludlll '-1 ,H- 0 np, v Q ' ,.,,.,.. , ..... 4 ly", 6 " .4 Q 0 O ,f 1:1 - Q I A O T S ,,.. o ff.. 7 , . ,.,AA . , O sk, l 0 Q U . O 0 U o o Q -V.'- sl A,'QA 5 . . VV1th an army camp as the setting, the All-School Party of 1941 proved o , ,gg 33211. a hilarious success! Army l1le at its best was portrayed by the stagger- ing sentinel, Clarence Alarrell, and by potato peeler, Bill YVebb. Ned 9 115' Fleming caused many moments of high tension when he tried to Q retrieve a home-knit sweater from the camp hostess, alias Dale Briman. YV. N. Van Slyck and H. Hoehner were joined together in holy a wedlock by the "Rev." Sol DZ Dice, after a triumphal march down the aisle, assisted by two graceful and charming flower girls, better 3 0 known as S. H. Stark and E. B. YVeaver, and a devoted mother by ' the name of F. A. McCoy. The climax came when eight Trojan X favorites were introduced to reign over this All-School Party, con- ' W trary to the traditional six. Isabel Neiswanger and jim Brier were chosen Queen and King. Betty Chubb, .lean Kerns, Betty Pressman, George Beverly, Frank Eckert, and Terry McAdam were their at- ' tendants. The colored students chose Gladys Hall as their Queen, Q Q and James Brown as their King. Attendants were Virginia -Iolly, Norma Jean YVheeler, Leonard Pryor, and Bob Reed. Folk dancing, - moving pictures, bingo, and countless other attractions supplied every party-goer with entertainment throughout an evening of merriment. 1 "Blushing Bride" Van Slyck and Groom Hoehner are locked in holy l!l1lll'illl0l1y hy "Reverend" Dice while coy flower girls Barnett, Stark, lVeziver, and Erwin look on 4645 Si' wifi! - 'y-ww 3 -i-auf' K 'Can rnusimarnmsis l an gg is J wig' Y 'Q X5 ' -I wiki, , V 1 c Q22 V M, sir V W - A 4 Q, " 'S' ' l 4- , l f -H Y' V V V , wi, .ff 'A fffvil W e-' ' . ' ' ' V f r ,' 1 ws! fw .' , ,ffs v . ' 'wil 1 ,-fa ' 'ff - ' n ' ix "Biz" t. 'X Milli' Q mi ' L ' wwiil , I V N' i5'i?': fi' .,,,5 " i, Y :if 'gi , W Q52 0 ' 1291 5 i - g f 1-Informality dominates the "Big 's X i A ' show" as McGrew and Fleming cool iiilxpw their heels - K A 2-Howells draws a bead on "ooinph" X "ii ,I ' I . girl Biiman4L0ve offers her a plant ' ' A , 3-Il's "cut oll six" as partyegoers swing ' 35 out at square dancing 4-Wallingford, Matthews, and Grillith seem amused at POSIIHHH Love and his A V, fl troubles ,. , , A 5-fltlay' I rut in?" asks McAdam while wx, Fleming clips at Brimun's sweater - "IPA ., -' 6-Maestro Morrison hits the downheat il J 3 fi , as his "screnaders" give out 5 33 i 7fAmid the spirit of yulelide and jive. Troian dancers spend an evening of Q, ' fun and festivity EX Qifeiiaw 'Y -A . , - mx ,gi-if' A-mf .5-i-. ' NSY? V A ' 1 H f if 3-'42 , ' ' xii' -QD , .fn-Q ., in 154 I' Q ,MVN V1r1w:T' .r V M- 1-423-iiag-1 '- 4 1, K S I ' is -as My . s . fffii f A QJQ-vie 3, Aw 5 5 , Pi. QC l U 4.5, f it I Presenting the winners of the Sagebru5h Electioni Hungry hombres consume vimtles while "Tex" Usagebrugh Sweetheart," Doris Cohn and Snider tells tall tales 1-Texas s S gx 6 Z4 ,N 'O Q?-xg' - Qz?.f9Q'gx36i3o gbyyvix Q ifisgif Q 55- fvo,,6?.3,Q6'5'g bNbb'S" N0 rv we-Q6-Q fs 'Z,5sNe'vAz'v'OxQbQ vo ago? me-frgoosteqi W :tg ogqsq Afvw-31,9 45 wx fb N N 'U Q-VN 50N QASASOOQW ,Q ogQ4Z'f?Q3'bo?Q" S57 C1 40 Q Qgofb' QQ bike" Q' .0 Ocwqf' 3?bQffN93- Sffiw H O 59 'wi ffCQZg?a,gq'L'QSQ .SQLUNQQL 555659955 Sgidrrw Ae, fi-O fb 3 NQSQN fbgqsjoijo 0 QQSQKQ WMOAQSQQ fb,-y, Q 'Qw6,.sQ0 'O Q. 6. , s,AU x60 rg, 6655 55360606 0 o 51.5 .QAP gg be aaa Qi o b5NQ'Q5'fv Q0 Q - Nqxxwftvfz-O K xQ93QoQf15VlQ45 ob. 0O'w4befrfY9 K'Q't5qfOaY5w'b wma SO 563050 NQBTRQQQQNIQST fggab Okoflf XS KN Q, N bi Q K, X 69951, Kgfvcgogggfi fvvas o Q x e T 'J' Q Q? fb Www Q Principal Van Slyck demonstrates his lwo-step Villain Griililh plans treachery as Ryan and to Z1 thrilled sophie Snyder await cues cw lfLlfLLO'C- 6lfLL07Z ,Vip ogfapfa. 6,4 ,ff I QQWQZ Q69- dt CV 036 X Offs ,f.L,OA,0f-,005 f tra-la-aiul Ll gala crowd swings zmcl sivziys to thc strains ot Xlumi us Whittie Wills and his lmntl :it the Proui Gill. a Canadian Lass ..,.,,,.. Jeanette Hass Aunt Samantha,Uncle Sam's Wife Jack, Her Neohew, ....,..,,,,,,., Jack Main Voice of Donald Duck by Duane Burdick: World by Dale Romig: Sun by Bruce Hurd: 1 0 Z' fl O K 4,22,'393Z 360 Q6-fr? f.Qfz.g,iz4s Cupid? 0Of0Jg,,fgg' 'F OOQOQQQQAQQOQQ- ip 03 cjwymyen zmfzyxigq 4095 9P0asf3w,O2"?4A9?, 441 QVPQO GZQYQVNQXK '32093 24 'iprfef pry 'Z I To 1' of Z 1559 O-151' 'QQ fQ'30,'Qfoc3,0oL 090 of gf Qt? 3f,'o1,,eQf1 2,20 16004 VOCVGOV7 'fri 90'0f00,fsO"9'o xxx Q-A ,Z f ,af-,fy-Q O' X 126 9.9, 6, '02,2'QOQ 6ry6O'5g Tioga qw 553 06,w0 Q gg! d4!x, 0 Q-' 0 ,' 62 A f' 0 1. , 0x0 ! 0 0 A Qfofzggefx davglf 14, f?s6'5'-IZ'-9 W 'Ee VQLVG' 'QOOON 'QQ' Q"?LqQe,f'3'c'eO,.f7Ow9r Of I49 0 'P .f dt UBQI' QTG 09up'9,,,Q'7-?..f'31. CAST oo wi.'9f'f21,945'Ow-Vf.6W oQ,fbmZC3.6,,4 20 gvxf . J" lv- ' Eleanor Hamilton Va Qs Q5 gig GCS' CH 12 OO' oai',Q','QQw 4 Moon hy Bob Belknap? Gold hy Norton Bel- knao: Neighbors, Violin hy Saul Montoya: Trio uf James Brown, Clarence Bledsoe, and Clyde Carner. Dancers-Colleen Miller, Idress Cropp, Maxine Turner, lda Price, Pearl Wilson, Mary Louise Buckner. Miss Leauo Nations ....,.,,,.,.. Mary Moser Ogre Hitler .,..,.,,,,.,..... Barton Griffith Gardner Hired Hito .......... Richard Cornish Norway .,.... I .......,... Virginia Vandegrift Denmark ,.,,.....,.,., ........ K aren Allen Holland .... .,,,, N orma Ann Erickson Greece ..,....,. ,.,,, . .Jeanette Drehmer Poland .........,... ........ R uth Hutsnn Free France ,.,., ..,........ J acoueline Cook The Defense Stamp ........ Rosemary Gooch Entr' acte Drawing hy Bill Dvermyer H Music under the direction of Mr. Morrison STAFF Student Director ...... ,....,,... D oris Cohn Costumes ..,..,... Shirley Small, Betty Coats .,Joan Hoehner Properties ...............,.. Stage Settings ,,,,,. Z .... Don Hinshaw, Mgr. Robert Rymoh, Asst. Mor. Qgwfoi fig? P2 .9 XJ, 'Q 4-Zo Q3 " Zi 'V 0445 32 , N area 66 1 7f'49 3- 2? Q. ' 1 950 H- Q ffilb 1 1 1 Q. Q9 'is if X F 4 694 4 f 0-1 P of 1 ,4 K4 X .tu walls AW ' 'f 1 .uxp ,- NV -mm A ,.v,,evVv ,M we 5 ' departure was vias some from the tradi- Nww Iflifslexxevll tional scenes- of i'Christ- laomxf-ddotxmgw mas in Many Lands," this year's Christmas pageant theme was Wlforship Through the Ages." As always, however, it was a rhapsody of color, music, and beauty. YVith its broad- ened conception of worship, it brought the true Christmas spirit to all. In the opening scene an Indian chanted his praises to the rising sun and worshiped with his fire dance. Hanukkah, or the Hebrew's "Feast ol the Lights," came next, impressive in its serenity. Following were tableaux of relig- ious paintings, 'AThe Nativityf, "Modern Conception of a Heavenly Choir," "Sistine Ma- donna," and "Saint Cecilia at the Organ." Organ music, singing of familiar carols, rich costumin and elaborate sets made this a memorable pageant. ' gf Modern angels lend them 6 selves ln lhe heavenly atmos 68 j phere as the choir sings "Blow Trumpets Blow" lHNHHHHi HiSiH Int 1131 Om? H3 Ont 5' eg lla 6 hf'e-16,1 ked baht F Iqesta Ingoftl 1115-t Ooseste Sllojled 16 in FO S , ' r In Romep ed alhbqvrutted, ' 3 Nlzideruoiselle Heck-dressed :ri 11 French peasant genfflla 1 , France msadors Fun f0lZ 2lllff9Cl'll12lll 9lllllClll9 feutertuius Arucriczm tourists Mc.-Xdztm, Meclicm. JFOL1 I ' dlld F ex ' Skip 21 gil? "P0lk?l" l'luiul1 Blikelv 'uid Belkin: C gn C11 Ierma ICO , . L1 Olin tern- I1y.E 11' 1 fl ,d x SS' 5 ,. ' Q - L I f - 4 - P f I A f f A4 Cry. 1111 3 , tAlS:gO171a11Ug3'1e Sai? pi5g,I?1 his! ed A I1 Sid Scen IVIUI C qgret Ivas i ed. b, ' I1 I - i 1 1 'f ' ,I ' ' f fi cl , 3' 1 ff ff- fen, D f :I 1 H ' I 1 ' A -, 1' , .1 , I 1 C Y Q0 md It A odtl rf'11c11 tan OV is Int H16 G 6 65011 b 10duee Aerlnan allce 3 DO ffer 1 U by t1,OM'1 llgn 3 7 ,gn C' LIHSSIL exican L1 'ld dosed Spun I II 51 lhe mer S1 bu! r ylnaklllcr 1,,,.,-" A C: Guests ext1'z1c1rcli1i:tt'y-Mrs. Vuu Slyck, W. N. Vatu Slick. Miss A. Pringle, Brightly drcswetl Ritzt zuul Iouy Ort:- aud Don Glcckler, preside mei the banquet the 'flatutlxe tztputiou , .im .f 3 it clxtucc f N L B 1 1 'N s ,, Afx . "Salud, Bon jour, Sulve. fiI'llllC!l"-IIQOZISIS to the xztriotts nxt- "Ein, ywgi. dy-ei," directs Herr Rnrdin as his Germzzu hztnd lioum are gixcu by Cmmel, McFarland, Haggard, and XVhiling of Bulmv Bore,-y yyiw' gh,-like. and 1-:mmf ,wing Om test? Odugtota vom Q 'Anil was ' . . S 1 HQMY1 ex gow ei' X W VY til GMA, t sits ku Cast gxx 'ca Gamer 00 lfLlfLLO'C may HYHHNE HPHIV "Young April" delighted a large audience the eve- ning of November 21. There was never a dull moment as Professor and Mrs. Mclntyre struggled with the problems of their children, George and Terry. Margaret USoosie" Milam leaped from one love affair to another in her realistic performance as the perturbed Terry. Georges romantic en- tanglements, interpreted with a professional touch by Jack Main, were equally numerous. Bethel Hecht came across with a sympathetic portrayal of Mrs. Mclntyre. The kindly Professor, slightly absent-minded, was played convincingly by Kirke Mechem. A. patio in California aFforded a lovely background for this s Jarkinfr ' d I D come y. All too soon the curtain came down on an evening of superb Otxiirh A a jx GX' Q5 1513 As Sem Vai -X yu e,cY Cl AA tx , C00 entertainment. X661 George Mclntyre ......... Jack Main Lula ................. Phyllis Scott .xx-As . mt .X ta X05 mtv X Vrvlan ..............,. Ruth Hutsnn Elsie ,,,,,,,.,... Carolyn Lighthody Brian Stanley ....... ,Lewis Cameron Terry Mclntyre ...... Margaret Milam S or'-St th Assistant Director ..... Joan Hoehner Technical Director .... Loraine Sewell Property Manager.Viroinia Lindemuth Costume Manauer ,,,.,,.. Doris Cohn Asst. Costume Manager,RacheI Euwer Publicity Promote ,wi Com tvftet R536 L wx . A agstigv WMV' 5 so x, A 50 KM '50 Q0 xx ' wxiguxcxqe T Director ......... , . .Sara Devendorf CA Professor Mclntyre ..,. Kirke Mechem Mrs. Mclntyre ......... Bethel Hecht A r., ST Bert Parsons ..... Dutch .........,. Pete ............ Stewart MiIIer...::: Mrs. Miller .....,., Mildred ....... . Jane ............... Diane GiImore.... FF Business Mana e ...Jimmie Walters ,,,,CharIes Gilkey .James Schuler , . Doyle Stuewe ,Dolores Johnson . .Jeannette Hass ,Joan Huehner ,..Gloria Gray ..DaIe Duncan D I' .... Asst. Business Mor...Marilyn Eckert Stage Manager ..... ,.... B ol: Kilmer Asst, Stage Mgr ..,. Eugene Townsend Publicity Director .... Bettilee Byars Asst. Publicity Directonllelen French ,Woody Runyan C F0 Curtain! After weeks of preparation, "Young April" wins applause of I 7 6IfLlf0Z Mallllie Garrett .,,, Dan Brewster ,,,., My "lHl llll Hl lIVINl" .,..Dixie Parker ,Dwayne Hadley Minerva Garrett ....... Maxine Burke Dennis Garrett .,,,,,..,. Don Dustin Harrison. . . . . . ., Salina ............ . .... Beth Butler ....Patty Porter Games ,...,.,. ....... N ed Fleming Extras-Jimmie Meche Martin, Ted Terrill Howells, Hampton Don Love, Herbert Lamar. Director ...,.,..., Asst. Director .... Prollerty Manager. Asst. Prop. Mgr,., Costume Mgr ...... Bert ..... ........ T erry McAdam Mike .,,, ,,..,. E Idon Wallingford Dolsy ...... ,..,..... J anis Brown Tommy ...,. ,...,.. T ommy Parker Marie ...,.....,.. Isabel Neiswanner McCarthy ...,.,,.., Jimmy Davidson Harvey...., ..,...... Harold Saville m, Mary Helen Engle. Dale Briman, Betty Nichols, Bill , Peggy Stevenson, Albert Wessen, George Brown, Fred Shirer, Nathon Ericson, Boh Kiliver, Betty Pressman, STAFF ....Mary Blakely Jim Davidson Helen Engle , . Mar'l n H Ie . . ly a .....Mary Lonam Asst. Cost. Mor...Jeanette Drehmer Stage Mgr .....,....,.,. Carl Davis Asst. Stage Mgr ...,,,. Bruce Warner Business Mgr ......... Harold Saville Asst. Bus. Mgr ,..... Betty Pressman Co-Puhlioity Directors J' ' M h immie ec em Fred Howells 'iThe Aloy of Living," portraying an actress and her problem family, was a fitting title indeed for the hilarious play put on by the Senior class May l. Life was hectic for Broadway star Maggie Garrett, brilliantly interpreted by Dixie Parker, when Dan Brewster, brought to life by YVayne Hadley, owner of a fascinating tramp steamer, appeared on the scene. Dan and Maggie played "Romeo and ,lu- liet" and ran off to Coney Island, to the consterna- tion of Papa and Mama Garrett and her assorted A 17111 of Sf F1 1- pa 1170 l rife, V,-iw ' 1 IF' 3111.1 lclx 1 1- - J 1 thug Meg acffo an e,yl.lig,:"If1H 'II Hd! 8' 11,0 Gy . 'TIC-,I 301111. I S 'QU 1. Cs. .1 llbciio .sleeps 0,gI:1rc.lV wt L "Ui K Ov f Mgr Er e relativesg but all ended happily. Rousing cheers go to the Senior class for their final production, a really successful comedy. l" ' fy, It's an embarrassing moment for Hadley when Butler, Fleming, and Parker walk in as Porter vamps the hero ,m,,,,k III 8 I Phage' ' ' who '1i,.rl. 0111- bl 1 0 . lSfACC,,0t3Bf1 V W 11,-k 'M Ay, e xt:1,IUYC,2trl:11,, to ' 'K 1 IJ f If Us c lplfsw 'lin C715 All C4 fkinl "Owl" escapes via stretcher, aided by Runyan and Lamarg Helcker, johnson, and Gray gaze, petrified . V S r X CVM 604 14,6 6ZlfL "lHHUIlHH lHl NIHHV Unlucky Friday, March I3! YVhat atmosphere could be'more Htting for a mystery-comedy like "Through the Night"P YVedding plans were shattered that night, that night when the notorious "Owl" planned a robbery and a murderer struck his deadly blow. The audi- ence saw it happen. They shuddered as they witnessed the fatal stab. They watched ex- Q5 citedly as the characters on the stage solved the mystery, and sighed when the true lovers were safely matched. Gloria Gray and Jack Main, or "Sayre" and "Bunny," both starring in romantic leads for the second time this year, scored another hit. Bill Lentz as the murderer, interpreted his part with precision. Comedy was supplied by Delores Johnson, the flighty aunt, and Mary Heleker. From killing to kisses, "Through the Night" was enter- taining. Left: Lenlz silences Hadley in a terrifying murder scene, Below: Feeley, gun in hand, makes his departure, while Terrill, Heleker. johnson, Main, Lamar, and Gray stand by helpless. Gregory Stanton.. Kay Stanton ..... Sayre Holhrnnk... Mrs. Alicia Keeie. .. Director ......... Ass't Director .... CAST .Woody Runyan Roberts ............ . ...... Ted Terrill ..Mary Heleker . ,.GIoria Gray Delores Johnson ST ....Maxine Burke .Woody Bunyan .Melha Wingate Prooerty Managers. . Denise Mcllluggage M na ers Iara Jane Sallee A Bunny ............. ..... J ack Main Dwight Holbrook .... .. Calvin Driscoll ..... .. Smith ....... ,....., . Bart Jessup ......... . FF Wayne Hadley William Lentz Duane Feeley Herbert Lamar Stage Manager ....... .... C arl Davis Ass't Stage Manager.. Business Manager ..... Ass't Business Mgr .... Publicity Direutors .... ..James Parks .Joe Springer Willie Harsha Betty Nichols Costume a g ..C Marjorie Gideon Dick Cornish , 472m EHllllHIH How do Trojans get their noon meal? This way: Hosts and Hostesses are excused a few minutes early so they may check in, purchase their dinner, and be seated at their' tables before the others ar- rive. As the last hell rings, four lines rapidly file in. Each ravenous Trojan gets his tray and moves down the counter to select his lunch. In less than fifteen minutes the'four lines have disappeared, and everyone is sitting with his friends discussing the latest news. Since each of the three lunch periods is thirty-Five minutes long, Trojans have time after eating to mingle with the crowd, either in the halls or on the front veranda. F' 'i f-an-5 .,,.Q,, ,, 3 -E5::7.f5'5'l Avid 'lirzli -slat ker rel ieres Lramplou .mul Llai Ncosho Fretlcnherg, cafeteria director 'c of inns R2llL'llOllN 'liroiaiis receixc their daily Xllllllllll quotas lxI0lllllS watering, li' poiirlcr rlioicr' between hot clogs and sulislsilry steal Math Sluizrlilzgf Iiiulx isp!msoxJ,Sla1'k fcliaimian Ripple Systcml, Martin, Yaiiek qspoiisoiji. llllll'lllNUI1 fspoiisori. johnson, Kingsley qsponsorl. Lamar, lirlxcrl fspoiisori, NVCZXYCI' fspolisorj. Swzlvrl: Sclmacke, Nciswanger, Blakely, Kerns. Sanders, French, Ericson, Hoclmer, Frost, Drehmer, Eckert, Pierce. C739 k ivigicienf X-x W. N. VAN SLYCK Principal HUMINISIHHHIHS With W. N. Van Slyck, principal, as their chair- man, the four administrators of Topeka High School worked tirelessly through the school year to make student life happy and purposeful. A new counselling plan, under consideration for many months, was inaugurated in an effort to help each student decide upon his life work and choose his courses accordingly. An induction ceremony for incoming Sophomores provided a welcome not extended in other years. Student government became more real because the ad- ministrators encouraged students to bring school problems into the open for discussion and solu- tion. Teachers formed study groups to consider better methods. junior Red Cross was installed. Classes gave service to civilian defense work. These things result from able leadership on the part of Topeka High executives. Q- .2 Q' Zz -P LLOYD W. CHAMBERS Counselor of Boys S. H. STARK Vice-Principal ANNABELLE PRINGLE Counselor of Girls . C743 gs by B 110 rmyer . tc V X uK1'cv l x Marlin S. Casey. attorney 1' Pill rg 11, 11111 Ur Chas. R. Bcnncll, contrzxcloi ,. A f . U5 FcliltektX0llll lp' Wifi +99 -gc-VW ""U Nl' wt BOARD or EDUCATION lllllllil SlHHHl lllllllllll Q- E- if W'ith the close of school this year comes the rea tirement of Superintendent A. ml. Stout, for 23 years the executive head of the Topeka school system. After teaching physics in Topeka High from 1899 to 1909, Mr. Stout became principal. In 1918 he advanced to the superintendency. Because of his keen interest in the high school of which he had been a part, Mr. Stout has kept in close touch with its faculty, its courses, and student activities. XVhile he always found time to attend school functions, he rarely took a va- cation except to attend educa- tional conferences or to do JK summer study. All city schools will miss Mr. Stout: but To- peka High will miss him not only as a kindly administrator, but as an enthusiastic and loyal fx ' 'r H.,-2 Z 3-PQ ' rf: Q ,,. 54 . Q. - - A - 3 ZCYS. Lift: -fri. if ' ' ' if w P. B. Graves Director ol' Adult Education 1755 friendfa trueablue Trojan. WMV Ywgjx ef- f a nic A. J. sToUT Superintendent of Schools " f..MJ-eilunz J ,O-q.rJ.1. I ,.4..... -14.1.6 .,-., 0 A 4 ff- lHEHllY BARNEIT, W. I. BLEAKLEY. GEORGINA DOYLES. BXRNICE CALVBU- ALMA CHKMUBSI P. W- comms. ouvs cutvm siiznrru mms, MARY mer, SOL D. nosson. Hman Q Englislz Department ' Miss Carmie lVolfe, Chairman ' Miss Mabel Fry Miss Berenice Fuller Miss Ruth Grandon Miss Mary Hopkins Miss Rosella Kerr nucxwnu. num izcmn-. vuom sw, Lucn.: nur, iz. L. Miss Mai,e1'Kingsie-,Y Mrs, Verna Nims Miss Ruth Stout Miss Harriet Tomson Miss Annette Webb In111' Miss Ruth E. Hunt AIll1IlC'I7lIlfiL'.S' Miss Minnie Stewart, Chairman Miss Edna Austin Miss Bernice Boyles Miss Alma Calvert Mrs. Esther Kingman Miss Iva Oman 2 I 'A Carl P. Snyder FLNLEY. BDINICE FOWLER, MERLE FRIZELI.. ETHEI. FRY- M5557- 1 I.!lllgl1llgZ Miss Olive Collins, Chairman Miss Merle Fowler Mrs, Rachel Fudge Miss jean Robertson Miss Virginia Wlelty runes, nam-n1 FULLER, mmm: amcnna, non n, cmumou. iurm C 76 D lnuuuv l sun-mm, Mzmazmsf 1-uxNu.'v, mums H f, awfzgxz-swf W-1. : M f sf .1 ln z BZ . E ,- . -2 Q gf, 3 v is pf HAYS. C, A. HOBSON, BTHER HOEHNER, I. H. HOPKKNS- MARY HOSMER, MILICENT HULSE. MAUD HUNT, RUTH E. HUTCHISON. FRANCES .Surinl Yllulizzs' Xliss Rnlmcnzl Pringle. Chznirmzm'gix1:l Illcznkley Xliss lililzlbclh Culver Xlixs Nlury Dm is Sol D. Dice Nliss litlml Frlmll Xliss Nlilifvm lflmmcr Miss Muuml HHISC Lloyd W. Kiwtlcr Miss .Xn1ySwcns0n , .. 52. 'W Q .S'r'ir'r1m: Miss Ru1hl'hillips,Cl1zl W. I. Bzamcll H. F. lillilhorpe Niles Fl'lll1liC9 Hulfhison I. XY. .Iona X1iw.Xl1ig1xil Nfrtlilroy Xiisx Glace Wolcott Hmm' Er'm1urr1l'r'.x Miss K2lIlli'l'lllC Tucker. NliwllCll!iLIc'Fil1lCy' Xlimi Ruth Loomis Mies Om 5IcMilIcn -lO mam Chzlirmzm KINGSLLY. MABEL KISTLER. LLOYD W. MECAULEY. EVELYN M:ELROY. ABIGAIL MEYEHS, KENNETIH H. MORSE, CAROLINE C 77 D IONES, 1, w. KINGMAN. :srl-ma LAWSON. DAVKD T. LOOMIS, RUTH 149 MCMILLEN. ORA MILLS, CHARLES NIMS, VEBNA OPTIELD. FERN . .Q Eb. 0 L u . . . b .f , . el? ,ga if , H .gs-" vi 1. YPCJN fr-. OLSON, MARIE OMAN, IVA PES, STEER PHILLDDS, RUTH PRINGLE. ROBENA I ROBERTSON. EAR Ll! , 2. Increase in vocational courses from 3 4 THIS YEAR'S CHANGES . Two-year physical education require- ment. three to six. . Guidance groups, reglaeing homeroom plan. . School plant in use 24 hours a day seven days a week because of defense classes. .. , Plzysicul Erlucniion Bruce Smith, Chairman Miss Veloria Eckert Miss Esther Hobson Charles Mills SEAMANA A. M. SCHOWENGERQT, WINSTON 1 fi SHOYDL CHARLE SMITH. BRUCE Sjwrclz Miss Gertrude Hlheeler Perdue B. Graves STEWART. MINNIE C0,,HHc.7r6 john Lund, Chairman F. A. McCoy Miss Rida Duckwall Mrs. Lucile Ely E. I.. Fink Miss Evelyn McCauley Kenneth H. Meyers A. M, Seaman H. D. Shotwcll E. IS. YVeaver Health Miss Ethel Anstaett-Nurse Miss l-Irna 'l rson Ernest QI. Vanek Miss Enid Mloleott 1lzrlu.rlrir1lAr2s Albert H, Winter, Chairman P. VV. Chamness D. L. Erwin C. A. Hays j. H, Hoehner Fred R, Powers Charles Shoyer Slilllly Hull Miss Caroline Morse Miss Marie Olson Mrs. Winston Schowengerdt 319111, Hum A, Miss Ella P. True Libmry Miss Esther Peers Miss Fern Oflield Miss Berniece Fine A rm Don M. Gleekler, Chairman Mrs. Fayehen Yvolfe Miss Helen Dobson Miss Laura Hanley David T. Lawson Offices Miss Georgia Miss Mas aret Gu lie Miss jan MCM 'e Miss Be K Sei STONEBRAKER, BERNIECE SFBBERSON, IRNA L - SWENSON. AMY WEBB. ANNEITE TOMSON. HARRIEI WYLTY. VIRGINIA mus. ELLA iw. rucxm xsnmiimz vnu, Emmy wuivsn. rs. in QW WHIIUTH- GEHTHUDE wouaorr. GRACE WOLFE. cum: wom:. rnnm C735 HHN HHHHY SHEIHH3 SPCYXOYXPSX- 'YYXYJSYXP-YV5 ' cox s 'Yxxesgixaxx C039- ' xexxxxx gem oi adxw- eXl?x Yxxcgx Sdx ' Xebmxed xxs e mxix0xvzxX mg, qxxex Cxxxxxxxg, max . K U Q ww . My jig'-,,. ' Lf, fg Mrlff if W, Uxwh 'f IHJLJM, MM wx ee.xvAexxxN. Ywxoxe xx Bow cXXs 'Y op xex, iw, ee gxxexxxbexsxxxp xxx xxx exon xxxxs gem xxlxxkx A bnxx Nuixoo'aX Ox nxxwxixe YQ eeXL xxx Y eb Oi xxxe SQ who axxexxdeb, C56 X4 exe Qxxxxgxxdx. Oxxxq xxxose who have had gxxzixox aeixwg, Qaxxs ox e.xzx?x Qoefxixons lm xxxe Dmfxvzxixe degmxxqoeox Qxodxxcixcxos me exxglxbxe xox xkxxs soexevg, Mxss mode Wxxeexef was YACOXW sxwxxsox. Y.0xc Xfiexcexx, okxxxsoxx. . i'oxf4 'LfL3x'x4, 'SXxX'.xxxx. Vaxxxke Qcexcxuxyxx easxxxcx X, Nkhdmxx Q Qxcefvx cixdexxxx. Xkxmxlexi . Qcdxx. Ysnxi Kb? X Qxxxxx, Gxxx , NX'xxxx, xgxxxxxx , x,cxxx'L, NXecX'v:xxx, xfkxdxef , Moxie, Y cexcf . QUXXX- mio SCBOX.-L xxxe 29 xxxexxxbexs oi Q,xxxXX and SQYOXX, 'A Kxxxxxex and xxxxixaixoo ax e Gov emo? sNK1xoSxoxxwas xxxe Oxlx- ev exxx ox xxxe gem. Ko we xxxxoxxxmx xxxxixaixoxx eg spoxxsox ed xcxxxe. , Nuke -. xxxog, .exeex ,b4xeXxoXs, oxmxxx, Xkxxx Blaxxdnxglg bxoxpe, Xoxxxxsnxx, Yxcxxxxxxg, Sexxcxx, Yxaxdxxx, Mzxxxxxx, Xkmxxex, Coxmxx, Yxxxxxxxx, Sexsxx mxxxbex, xlxxx, Yexcxsoxx. X N eexxexxx, Lxxgxxx, U95 xXXxOx, Yxo x , SQ Qxxxs. X . Sxxx6c xXx mxxdxxxg ' Xxexd mx ' xxxxg xXx 'xxxxem Q exxoseo xxxex, xxxxs sp Xe ax nr e ' 065. xnxx ' and ' xxx Q Q 'xxeis Yxc xnxxy, 'oxxxxxaxxs ex QXX fxxeqo xxxe Qxfxx xxx e sqoxxsox. xxxe x Q,xfxXX and S ' xox xxxexx xv oixx oxx XKXSS Ylxxdx Q. Xjlxlxxx W 35 dx SX, . ccx , Hiuiiiss Seated: Moore, Horslinan, Small, Dustin Qpresidenlj, Cadwalader Qsecretaryj, Ellis ftreas- urerj, Dulf. Slolpe. Smmling: Miss Merle Fowler Qco-sponsorl, lvalker, Hadley, Ollen, Mechem, janzen, Criflith, Miss Virginia lVelty fco-sponsorj. Not present: Seward, Conard. gx qgx - SV' aelx qxswvzgdsolx of YK tive crnxa Yliectwellx' X30 Members of the junior Red Cross completed many important projects ,this year, although they were not organized until October. In Oc- tober a supreme council was formed to govern the organization's activities in, Topeka High School. The head of each department appointed a representative to the council. Eighteen gift boxes were sent to foreign countries by the Language departmentg 750 pounds of magazines were sent to Fort Riley by the Science depart- mentg tray favors for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter, were sent by the Home Economics departmentg and ash trays and writing boards by the Art and Manual Arts departments. The Snack Shop, sponsored by the Mathematics department, contributed its profits to the fund. Contributions were made to the Red Cross War Fund and the child fund of the Junior Red Cross. Mrs. Laura Hall Ham- ilton, Shawnee County junior Red Cross chair- man, and'Mrs. Dora Payne, Shawnee County Red Cross chairman, helped organize the Topeka High School chapter. Miss Virginia Welty and Miss Merle Fowler were faculty sponsors. Many lj2lll'lS and Becky Morehead make another sale for the Snack Shop 4809 el ,r1'f 11.0 iiiiiiisi C'lJ 5 1 ,ff I, f' Q, I 1 1' new Sealed: Romig. Sallee fsecretarxj, Zarker fcluiirnuinl. Blakely Cxice-cliailininl X 1 1 i ci Slrmrling: johnson, Finney, lickcrt, Maupin. Manuel, Wrigln. Quinlan Hind Hum Payne. Early this spring a Defense Council was established in Topeka High School to provide an opportunity for students to take active part in the war program. The council sponsored an assembly March 31 with Governor Payne Ratner as speaker. Under its leadership a physical fitness program was promoted in the junior high and grade schools, after student registration for service. The YVar Stamp Drive was given a send-off when john Morrell and Com- pany presented to every student in Topeka High an album containing one stamp. As its share of the profits from the 1941 music festival, Topeka High was given a S650 YVar Bond. A varsity and a cam- paign through the daily bulletin promoted the sale of war bonds and stamps. The Student Coun- cil appointed five students from each of the three classes to serve on the Defense Council. The pres- idents of the Student Congress and the junior Red Cross became ex-officio members. XV. S. Van Slyck, principal, was faculty adviser. Other faculty members who were responsible for its committees were Miss 'Elizabeth Culver, publicity: john E. Lund, sales servicesg and L. Fink, varsities. Its 'Anierita Onwamlli' as llill McFarland buvs Q1 share in Ainerica lroin Miss Feiilerling 4 4815 .elm rin N ,Q f,,,. :I 'lx L. f Inc.. pl-Ut, .'g4'nU HCC Firsg ilk. Ph -Ili!! 'K V010 gl rl INllHlSl llll IN IIHIHS Sealed: Faust Qaedilej, Powell fpraetorj, Lamar fcousulj, Reklites fquaestorj, Small Qscribaj. Standing: Huber, Appleby, Sheppard, Davidson, johnson, Gilkcy, Barney, McCord, Miss jean Robertson fsponsorj, Riley. MASQUE AND WIG CLUB Members of the Masque and Wig Club joined with the National Thespians, hon- orary dramatic society, in February to give the annual dramatic department dinner. "Through the Night," a mystery drama, was sponsored this year by the club. Miss Gertrude Wheeler was faculty adviser. Any- one whoihas held.a staff position or acted in a play is eligible to join this organization. PIA SOCIETAS As its contribution to the community this year, the Pia Societas fPatriotic So- cietyj gave a Christmas party for a class of Mexican children in the Branner school. All third and fourth year Latin students belong to this club, which was formed during the first World War. Its members pledge their services to their country, community, school, and class. Monthly programs are presented to give them a better understanding of the ma- terial they study. Miss 'Jean Robertson was faculty sponsor. Row l-Stolpe fsecretaryAtreasurerj, McCluggage, Sewell, Lindemuth, Hass, Hoehner, Devendorf, Sallee, Milam, Gray, Lonam. Row 2-Gideon, Hecht, Lighlhody, Burke, French, Heleker, XVingate, johnson, Euwcr, McKenzie, Colmery, Nichols. Row 3-Terrill. Springer, Holliday, Howells Qpresidentj, Lamar, Bliman, McAdam, Feeley, Martin. Row 4-Lentz, Hadley, K. Mechem fviceepresidentj, Runyan, Logan, Mechem. IUNIOR PRESS CLUB Acting as Sunflower salesmen, Junior Press members set a record in the fall campaign. At their meetings they had speakers from the World and Sunflower staffs and wrote for the "Beginners Blotsl' column of the World. They earned junior Press pins by writing, folding YVorlds, and carrying. The purpose of this organization is to train stu- dents for positions on the World. Miss Ruth E.'Hunt was faculty adviser. Seated: Groendyke, Stolpe, Gartner, Martin qpresidentj, Fisher, Silk, iloylei Standmg: Lonam Qstudent sponsorj, Warlen, Edmonds, Graham. C325 GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves of Topeka High School spent a busy' year knitting, sewing, and making scrap- books of jokes, cartoons, and crossword puzzles for the junior Red Cross. They contributed to the Chinese and British relief funds, and gathered food for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This organization is afhliated with the Y. YV. C. A. and is open to all girls. It stresses social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual ideals of life. Miss Ruth Loomis was faculty adviser. HI-Y Among their varied activities this year, members of the Hi-Y have had two dinners, helped with the U. S. O. Valentine dance at the city auditorium, and co-operated with the Red Cross in gathering food for Thanksgiving baskets. At their weekly meetings they had motion pictures, outside speak- ers, and discussions. Any boy who lives up to certain character requirements may belong to this Christian organization. Charles Mills was faculty sponsor. Scaled: Moffett, jolly, Qpresidentj, Richardson Stzmclingr Mitchell, Bryant, Harmon, Turner. if if E Senlzfzl: Taylor Qsecretaryb, Brown Qvice-presidentl, Reed fpresi- zlentf, Cathy lsocial chairmanj, WVright qtreasurerj. Standing: Sol D. Dice Qsponsorl. C833 Seated: Hamilton ftreasurerj, Frost Cpresidentj, Hass fsecretaryj. Standing: Hoehner, Hensroth, Lilly, Gideon, Appleby, Nei- SW3IlgEl'. Scared: Taggert fvice-presidenlj, Miller fpresidentj, Bigham fsecrelary-lreasurerj. Slzmding: Charles Mills lsponsorj. PHYLLIS WHEATLEY GIRL RESERVES The Phyllis lVheatley Girl Reserves opened the yearls activities with a scavenger hunt given for the new Sophomores. At their bi-weekly meetings they discussed topics of current interest, sang, danced, or had a speaker. During the year they sponsored sunlights, helped organize a cheering squad for the Ramblers, and gave a Christmas party. This organ- ization, named after a colored girl poet of the post- Revolutionary YVar period, is one for all colored girls ofthe school. Miss Berenice Fuller was faculty sponsor. BOOKER T BOYS Varied programs, including music, outside speak- ers, and discussions of current interest, were pre- sented this year at the bi-weekly meetings of the Booker T Club. A Christian organization for all colored boys in Topeka High School, its purpose is to developfriendly relationships and opportunity for social development. Throughout the year, the Booker T Boys sponsored several sunlights, and, with the Phyllis X-Vheatley Girl Reserves, organized a cheering squad for the Ramblers' games. Sol D. Dice was faculty adviser. T 6 STRATO CLUB Most important among the Strato Club's projects this year was build- ing 'imodels for defense," These airplanes, built according to abso- lute specifications, were to be used for aircraft recognition training and gunnery sighting practice. The pur- pose of this organization was to teach the principles of aero-dynamics. During the year, members had dem- onstrations and talks by outsiders. J. W. jones was faculty sponsor. .p,lfXlWiiM Row l-Gamlowski, Stewart, Dilley, Monroe, Hensley, Francis. Row 2-J. YV. jones fsponsorj, Bill XVormington fvice-presidentj, Vickland YVelsh, Harries, Bob YVormington fsecretary-treasurerj, Moyer Qacting presidentj, Smith. Row l-Durall, Decker, Yvest, Knapp, Sewell, 'l'icehtn'st. Row 2-j. McCaig, Skihbe, Crane, li. Mcflaig, Ennnerson, Willard, McCall. Row3-Holliday, Pheasant, A. H. XVinter fsponsorj, Douglas, johnson, Merriam, Row 4-Clark, Mlrighl, Duncan, Heald, Gilliland, Strange, RIFLE CLUB Although the Rifle Club was one of Topeka High School's newest or- ganizations, it drew a large member- ship of boys and girls who owned rifles and could supply their own am- munition. Meetings Were held every Monday night at the Police Depart- ment rifle range. The teams have competed with other schools and applied for membership in the Na- tional Rifle Association. High scor- ers were Bill Holliday, James Mc- Rae, Dale Duncan, and john Mer- riam. A. H. YVinter was sponsor. Row l-Springer, Martin, MacFerran, MeAdznn. Loxe, Snider, Forbes, Saville. Row 2-Easton, Lee, Burke, Blakely, johnson, Kerns, Tnggarl, Mckenzie, Pressman, Linge. Row 3-Euler, Devendorf, DeVore, -lenks, Hamilton, Gideon. Ziegelasch, Wlcaver, Rankin, Eakes, Zarker. cw Sr'11l1frl.' Biirket fsecrctaryj. Monroe fpresidenlj. Dietrich Ulce- I7I'CSlIlCIlll. SllZ'1fllllg.' Bryant, Sol D. Dice isponsury, Sieherl. HONORARY PEP CLUB Serving as guards for the Homecoming Que A, 1. Za Isabel Neiswanger, the members of the H n- orary Pep Club opened a busy year. Follow- USHER CLUB Maintaininga check stand at the Christmas pageant and ushering at Philharmonic concerts, plays, and lectures kept members of the Usher Club busy this year. For each entertainment, service was voluntary. YVillard Bryant and Har- old Siebert operated the Book Exchange. A party for all members was given in May, Any student is eligible to join this organization. Sol D, Dice was faculty sponsor. if I'e1 ry AIc.Xzlam glean Kerns litlclie Dysart hhirley jencks ,yjffl ing this, they served as guides and messengers M.4,,w on College Day, chairmen and time keepers Ly. fvl for the Debate Tournament, and ushers and' l gf ll ly team sponsors during the State Basketball ll'M i .. Rulhw Leah Tournament. Any Senior who earned four bl! K .1 y points by attending games or ushering at l , A liff school actiyities is eligible to join this organ- :YA Dale lsriman ization. Miss Ethel Frizell was faculty sponsor. ' L rf' ' in. Qlarrell. xx'llllllgl0Ill, lCl'l'lll. Row2fF1osl, Pomeroy, Wright, Peterson, Crass, Cross. jones, Right, Cohn. Dilley. Rowffl-Nicliols, Lonaln, l'lun1lJ, XVills, Neiswzinger, liiwriii, Rcgnani, Slolpc. Anderson Row l-Fleming, l'1llCSUl1, lillis. llrm V Row lfliailey, Logan, Walrafen. ww lin Memoriam RICHARD "DICK" HARVEY . . . after a brief illness, died October 15, 1941, at Christ Hospital. Always smiling, "Harvey" had a merry word for all and often between classes exchanged quips with teachers and students. Ill health forced his retirement from the engineering profession, and he joined the maintenance department of the Topeka Public Schools in 1921. He had been with Topeka High since 1922, a beloved custodian. BARBARA JOY CULBERTSON .... entered Topeka High as a Sophomore from Seaman High School in September, 1941. Her death, March 31, 1942, was the result of a throat infection. Barbara's English teacher, Miss Annette YVebb, said of her, "If everyone were as good as she, we should not need any rules for the schoolfl JULIA ALEXANDER . . . was interested in all school activities and a member of Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. She was a quiet girl, yet friendly and helpful. Julia entered Topeka High from Curtis junior High School in January, 1940. Her death occurred December 5, 1941. C851 1 YOOTB ALL C-WAS ATVTLETTCS BASKETBALL TENNTS TNTRANXURAL COLT' TRACK DEB ATT: RAMBLERS f BASES ALL f J ' mnmnu lfll' Its the T formation e rldslers as YVeaver and Heavy Erwm t e TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPEKA TOPE KA TDPEKA 4-OPERA Eugene Ton nsend Halfback QOP Buck next pxgskm encounter BOX TOPEKA O TOFEKA 25 TOPEKA-31 E SCORE LAWRENCE-O WARD-5 OTTAWA 'I EMPORIA 12 WICHITA NORTH I3 SALINA-ICANCELEDJ WICHITA EAST 20 WYANDDTTE 23 'L X 5 , 4 v Startmg w1th only five lettermen, Coach Buck Weaver bu1lt an almost ent1rely new team th1s year Thls team got off to a determlned start by hold1ng the seasoned veterans of the Lawrence Llons to a scoreless tle Wlth the next game the team showed even more promlse, when lt trampled the Ward eleven 25 6 1n a br1ll1ant Homecomlng game On a muddy field fleet llttle Gene Town send dlstlngulshed hlmself by a brllllant SCTICS of end runs Stxll toward a second undefeated year, the mlghty men of Troy lnvaded the Ottawa home terrltory and came away w1th a 31 7 VICIOTY Duncan Baker Halley Rector Wall Patterson F1nk Coll1ns and Van Deventer added laurels to thelr names and the whole team p1tched 1n to make the renowned Cyclones look hke a weak draft A v1ctor1ous season appeared almost lHCV1tablC when the Trojans trlmmed the Emporla Spartans Zl 12 I-lowever thus 1llus1on was soon shattered for on a mud laden held rn W1ch1ta the local boys bowed to North of that clty 13 0 One of the season s blggest dlsappolntments came 1n thls game when Topeka after lnterceptlng a Redskln pass lost the ball on the three yard llne a passlng attack had falled and the Weavermen ran out of downs East of W1Cl11la then added lnsult to mjury by beatlng the Trojans 20 O thelr first loss of a home game 1n five years In the last game of the 1941 season the local grld machlne collapsed under the wltherlng attack of the Wyandotte Bulldogs The Kansas Crty squad, after the trouncmg they re ce1ved ln 1940, was out for Trojan blood, and they I got II to the tune of 23 O HOUSIOH Hogue De Wayne Rector Duane Patterson Joe Barrxentos Fullback Halfback 4 88 D Quarterback End is i M-WM , 5 - lvqww fi' . 4 E V S' 1- QOPEKH it QGPEKH Ted Burke Frank Eckert MOHIC Nillllllel Guard Quarterback Hillflbfwk -Y' -2 5 quprzfa Q. Virgil Haney Tackle L l 2 .gi 3 TE? E We t ,fi E 3 40? KA S -. ...- Q .lack Baker E Halfbzick 5 , 'k 5 r ?t Men of Troy practice vigorously in preparation for ,P coming weekfentl when ...... 4 ff 'B ll , 5 t pf' E A 1' ta-GPEKA Morcly Cook End ' 9 ip . if f '- 2 l' ' I VVyandotte's powerful machine attempts to crack al ann 1 1 Q, g,g,,Q stubborn Trojan team Align 131-iey Tackle ' 'Fi - I re- I'-,, , ' - 499534 l QBPEXA p QOPEIC4 A 1 PM A A 1 Bob Van Deventer Dallas BCHHEH Ed Hailey Bob Wall Tackle Guard Q 89 D Center Guard i, It -N if ' x 'I if f h Q 3 g,"- Q i .. I , GPEKAE IKIAL E' .3 J Duane Walrafen Bruce Warner Austin Schnacke A im Tyr-'fe Tackle Halfhack Quarterback Qu'11'lC1'bHCk i 2' if .F ,X is - ' ' 'Vi W in ', ' K G E J G re Pax 2 QOPHKA l' 'RUP K-4 fr , Z j A L y ' -ji will .N l,:.i.wef5 aku A all uf N l Clfl l r Bob Petro Harry Colmery Dale Dlmum End End End U as Wzllrafen spillsxfr would-Be laekler W I Bob 'viaupin r MP-'TKA Bull Herron Dudley 1 Son ScniorAM:mager Guard End QOPEKA qormrrrl fl Fl G U Larry Rgid Steve Daniels Glenn Gerald Harrrs Gund Tgrckle K 90 J Center Guard czzefilf BOX SCOII E TOPEKA 211 TOPEKA TOPEKA 19 TUPEKA TDPEKA TOPEKA 30 TOPEKA 40 TOPEKA 33 TOPEKA ll TOPEKA TOPEKA TDPEKA TOPEKA 39 TOPEKA 35 TUPEKA ALUMNI 1'l SALINA 30 SPRINGFIELD 13 MANHATTAN 33 ST JUE 11 WARD 28 EMPORIA 20 ST JOE 14 OTTAWA 33 WYANDOTTE 22 OTTAWA 43 LAWRENCE 19 WARD Il LAWRENCE 15 EMPURIA 32 35 Il 25 . TOPEKA 11 WYANDUTTE ll 33 51 28 29 C HHS KHH 1m Tyree forward George Bexerlew center Fred Frrst form ard Cs Ga Bill Cummicklc, manager Ferd Slallen, center Q99 1 X, 4915 5 41,4-X Coach "Ernie" Vanek guides the boys through a successful year Though the 1941-42 season was the first in Coach Ernest Vanek's re- gime as basketball mentor at Topeka High, it was one he, his team, and the whole student body may be proud of. Of all scheduled games Trojans won ll, losing only five. The season started slowly. Most of the team Was new to the first string. Only Ed Hailey and George Bev- erley had had conspicuous playing experience. However, it was not long before Coach Vanek's mentorship made itself evident. Trojan courtmen were playing a faster, trickier game. Coach Vanek, who for- merly played under "Phog" Allen at K. U., built his attack and defense around his boys, style of playing. Fred First and -lim Tyree, scat for- wards, were always shooting under the opponent's basket, ready to take expert passes from the deliberate Beverley and Hailey. Rangy Bob Powell consistently annoyed the enemy with his long reach. He led the season scoring, closely followed by Beverley, Tyree, and First. Gradually the Topeka team worked itself into the spot it so highly deserved among the top teams in the state. After a brilliant season came the State Tournament. By eliminating Argentine from the Re- gionals, the Trojan five were ready for the toughest the state had to offer. In the first round junction City fell before a Trojan scoring drive that piled up a total of 46 to 22. McPherson followed Junction City to defeat, but only after a hard, close game that ended 35 to 33. In the third round Topeka lost to Winfield, the team that was to emerge second place winner. Topeka Finished fourth in the 1942 State Basket- ball Tournament. 455. 1.2 ge , SW' We 90 watt, s cave C925 An anxious moment under the basket. with Tyree, Beverley. First and Powell on the spot 1 if X O I.arry Reid, forwarcl Al Rupp, guard any. Hailey tops a pile-up. as Powell reaches lol the hall Under the leadership of Coach 'AChuck" Mills, the Topeka High "B" squad enter- tained a successful season, winning 12 games 11 H77 I E H Tomo Bs versus and losing only five. The St. kloe "B" team CAPITOL CATHUUC was the only one able to defeat Topeka's "B" team twice. Players gain valuable ex- perience which helps them on the HA" squad. Hoofer was high scorer for the UB" team: jim Sallee was second. HIGHLAND PARK SPRINGFIELD MD MANHATTAN B ST JOE CENTRAL WA D B WYANDOTTE EMPORIA "B" OTTAWA "B" LAWRENCE "B" 1113 26 20 24 14 35 15 11 19 24 23 15-14 3 - 5 35-34 33-25 15 15 311 23 ID-31 I 31-11 45-43 20-22 "H" TEAM sconsanmw SALINA Ha" 31:31 in .. .. j 5 Q s nv ,, Q s X rxllxllll 5011112111401 f01'11'111'l1 Row l-Coach "Clnlck" Nlills, Rupp. Howler. Stanley. Ray Culbertson. lll2lllZlgCl C Q25 D ROW?-Crow, Sewzlll, Taggzirl. XVrighl. Szxllec. Reinicls. Row?-Richter, Allen. johnson, hflllllllfl. Quinlan. Ewing. Shook, Hedberg. HHMHHHS From a nucleus of four returning lettermen: Coach Lloyd Kistler built this year's Rambler team. Orville Brown, Bob Reed, Bill Gaines, and Ed Love, who lettered at Atchison the year before, were the four lettermen. The season started with the team colder than the proverbial Polar bear. As a result it dropped two games in succession, the first to the Kansas Vocational School 32-28, and the second to Atchison 39-18. However, as the team developed, it came back to win one from Leaven- worth and another from R. T. Co1e's school in Kansas City. This made the record just even. The league-leading Bartlett team from St. Joe invaded Rambler home territory and went away victor- ious, 34-28. To avenge this defeat, the Topeka team journeyed to Lawrence and defeated the local team there. The Ramblers gave Leavenworth a second drubbing, 20-185 but Bartlett returned, and again Coach Kist1er's men tasted defeat, this time to the tune of 43-17. Playing Northeast of Kansas City, Kansas, Orville Brown piled up a scoring record of 19 pointsg but, despite this, the opposing team won, 34-28. R. T. Cole's team, looking for revenge, appeared and defeated the Ramblers, 29-22. Again the Topeka team avenged its defeat by beating Lawrence for the second time. The season closed after Northeast and Atchison had defeated the Ramblers for the second time. Out of 12 league games the Ramblers Won live and lost seven. G! fmt... af I7 'cellizea itz. 7m Students of Topeka High School will suffer a loss in the retirement of Sol D. Dice this year. Born in Pennsylvania, he came with his parents to Kansas in 1884. He holds degrees from Iowa Christian College and Baker University, and has done graduate work at Washburn College. Beginning his teach- ing at the age of 17, Mr. Dice has held superintendencies at Alma, Valley Falls, Council Grove, Olathe, and Baldwin, and was for a time a member of the faculty of Baker University. He joined the faculty of Topeka High School in 1926 and has taught in the day school and night school continuously since that time, his fields being Social Studies and Com- merce. He has served as Acting Vice-Principal of the day school and as Acting --X Director of the night school. A born teacher, one who loves the classroom work, Nl his kindness and fairness have made him a favorite with both the pupils and the faculty of Topeka High School. His is Il gentle haml Hold out to eager youth, Yet 11 hmzrl of strength and purpose That leads in the way of truth. He knows why youngsters falter A7111 is ever at hltml to aid, For he keepeth fast the 1fi.Yi0ll Of the youth whom Coll hath made. His life has been one of service, A.: the lives of teachers must beg His rezuarrl ix not in rlollarv, But in the lives of youth set free. From ignorance, doubt, and fear, To .tturdily take their place In the fight for freedom 1:1111 truth Amt to win, by GorI'.t good grace. -By FRANK A. MCCUY. C943 INlllHllllIlHl Sllllll Intramural football consists of four teams: the Reds, the Blues, the Yellows, and the Greens. Provided with equipment by the Physical Education Department and coached by H. D. Shotwell and Carl P. Snyder, the teams play a double round robin. An All- Star team is chosen from the best players of the intramural season. Captains of the four teams this year follow: Jim Pipkin, captain of the Greensg Alfred Griffen, captain of the Blues, WValter Reich, captain of the Reds: and Bob Maze, captain of the Yellows. The Reds finished first in the leagtbe, with the Yellows .og - BASKETBALL TEAM Champs of the junior-Senior Intramural Basketball League: Eakms Howard, Thorne, Springer. Coulter. Maupin close behind, while the Blues and Greens tied. "Swede" Ericson and Dave Maze were the high scorers, each having scored 18 points dur- ing the regular season. Climaxing the season, the Intramural All-Stars played the Emporia B team at Chandler Field. The game was a clear victory for the Trojans, as the All-Stars blanked Emporia, 7-0. YVith the ending of home room basketball, intramural basketball assumed new importance. Two leagues were established, one for Sophomores and one for Seniors and juniors. Each team was known by number and elected its own captain. In the Sophomore league the captains were Craw- ford, Fleer, Vickers, Reaser, Engle, Rogers, YVilson and Spillmer. Junior-Senior captains were Brown, Kunkler, Coble, Peterson, Maze, Farmer, Hupp, and Hartman. In the Sophoa more leage, Teams VI and VII were the two high teams, tying for first place. In the Alunior- Senior league, Team VII won. 59 Verge a We it fzzfs5fzQM f INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL ALL-STARS :W . . . . ,', WQ0 A N- ,. . , .L 1 3 Q' QYPQ .. e, 4 Z' Y A , a W 0 .. 't "" - If' " 'fi' fl "' K K Xwgk 'X 91' .G-, ga- v ls I Q . vi: 2,3 V A,,.w3,,w ee' Q , aa:lgse - dass,- . + R 1.i '1ll .X 5:2 .ya If -1. 5.-1' .r - 1 V XXGQXWXVW f 'A i -1 iii' ' 1x ,"l' 3 fr , 1 K x g V' 3 , . , ' we sf. Hog. 2.5 ' ,. , ,I :a 51. ,Q ' lt. - . f. 1. ,Few .,' --,W .- . . ,..m,.,,. f .. ' Jig ,Y ' . - 1 . . ' N V '-em. . ' A 1 ,a T, f +3 ' nf - H- M L "TL , 'ra an z 'R , . . - ' V 1 " ' Row l-Harris, Daneke, Greene, Pipkin, Perry. Snyder, Scott, Reaser. Row 2-Payne. Reich, Brallier, D. Allen, Goodrich, Scneder, Strange, B. Maze ROIHlg Row 3-D. Maze, Loveless, Shaughnessy, Hartman, Miller, Ericson, Foster Colun Shimp. ROW4-Theis, Guy, Marsh, Euwer, jones, Patton, Keplinger, T. Allen. Iohnson C 95 j Shultz. 1 WVith inches to-spare Douglas clears the bar. Fleet-fooled Burke finishes a fast mile. Nf2lSlCTj0i'-Il1C-Cl1lShCS M i I l e r limhers up for a coming meet. Swathed in hood and sweat suit, VanDeventer prepares to heave the shot. Poised for action, Reed gets ready to toss the javelin. lHHEIl Paced by two returning lettermen, the Trojan trackmen started the season by taking three straight firsts. The first, a match against High- land Park High, provided little in the way of opposition. The second match was the Inter- City meet, where teams from Seaman, Capitol Catholic, YVashburn, and Topeka High con- tested. Trojans emerged with a conspicuous first here, too. Logan Miller carried away Firsts in century, furlong, and quartermile dashes. Bob VanDeventer, husky weight man, broke the Topeka High record by heaving the 12 pound ball 50 feet 'ZW inches. XVyandotte, Manhattan, and Wamego all bowed to give the thinclads their third successive victory at a quadrangular meet in Manhattan. This match was close, with Topeka pulling down GQMZ points while YVyan- dotte followed closely with 68. At the K. U. Relays the Trojans got third place, bowing to Hutchison and YVichita East. In the state cham- pionship 88-yard relay, Topeka took a close second with Logan Miller, anchor man, pressing close on the heels of the Hutchinson man. By the end of the season the "Erwinites" showed themselvesjgzne of, tllenze-i,t the state. Wmoflpw W Il uw R nu R ow Row 1-Spaulnlinf, Dum-au, I-Iuwt-r, l"vrri, Hay, Ikurke, .hull-xsnn, lhmlir-lt, Sliangliiu--sy, Thonuuson, Farotlit-rs, Vuuuuiu: Sir-lu-l'l. 2fS1'llvuilm, Renfro, Nitz, XYhitv, I., Miller, Snoryli, Xirifht, li. Milli-r, liilhort, Allen, Jackson, N. Dollglas, linoch 3iWliitv tnianagzs-rj, Morse, lluln-rts, Tretulwm-ll, Ii. Dmxgllas, foates, Dann-ls, Scnerler, Dane-kv, Jackson, Gruvi llraillvr, Rinsing, Melkmnias, Goodrich. 4-Erwin from-111, Lulravk, l-'icln-y, Sunil:-r, Marsh, Lavly, Titus, McC'aitr, Fostor, Stanley, Powell, Miller, Ilall, li. XX Ii istlor Qcoachj , 1965 ...I P H R I , l f l f -I ul Svalrrl: Tyrue. Chappell. Foster. Helcker. Kanzillar. one pu S Us ju, 00 omni Standing: C. A. Hans Qcozichj, Fink, XVzill, Hailev, Powell. Sewell, before deliicrinf a slow ball ' 4 U ' f ' Patteison. Shulil. Hnsilnu Entering the third year of its existence, the Topeka High baseball team promised to be the best in history. Coach C. A. Hays was devoting all his time to the varsity squad, and Charles Mills was in charge of a more complete intramural program. Taking advantage of the wildness of the opposing pitcher, the Trojan batsman walloped their first opponent, WVich- ita East. After going through four innings without a hit, the Trojans started their scoring drive when Kanatzar was hit by a wild pitch and then stole second. Chappell and Powell each stole second, and Tyree lined a double Ollt through center. Lanky Pitcher Bob Powell gave up only hve hits, walking four men and striking out ten. The game ended with the local boys leading, 9-5. Topeka I-Iigh's third baseball team has set a standard of sports- manship and ability that will set future teams a fast pace indeed! 4975 , . et., .-'. " 3, PM , ft - gr-f Heleker stops a line tlrixc Wu' .gin Qi l . if Q 'Q 1 351 , l if ' 5. si ,M i 4 5 33 l':ulerson snags a high one Qtr. G. A. A. HlHlHIES Row 1-Barrett fpresitlentl, Hass fvicc-presidentj. ROW2-Murphy, Robb, Kirk, Miss Esther Hobson fsponsorj, Ticehurst, Silk, Rhynas. Reorganized in Topeka High this year by its sponsor, Miss Esther Hobson, the Girls' Athj letic Association, a national organization, has taken 'active part in making sports available to all girls, whether or not they are enrolled in Physical Training classes. The G. A. A. sponsored basketball and volleyball tournaa mentsg introduced new sports, such as archery and badmintong and kept the old standbys- tennis, baseball, and bowling-going full tilt. Every other Tuesday evening the girls met in the gymnasium at 5:30 o'cloCk for a spread and play hour. ROWS-Rowe, VVilkerson, Reid, Atchison, Ziegler, Markley, Marshall, Morton, Nelson, Eidmann qsecretaryj. DURING CLASS TIME wsu Gini Tcacliers Hobson, Eckert, and YVolc0tt converse I about the qualities of a tennis racquet CU C23 C37 CU C55 C53 ZQ Badminton enthusiasts prepare to return the "hirdie." Speedlmzillfults hard on the shirts" ibut fun. Climbing latlilers takes off that ex- tra weight, ziicls balance, A score of Pouihonlases strengthen their arm muscles with archery. Practice at volleying makes a tennis champ. Acquiring that glamorous walk via Zl few lizilzincing exercises. C995 CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM Sr'nlrrl: Ilmolxs, Allen, tiiillin. Smnrliugz Quxincy. Bulurlli qxcziptziiiip, llolinson, Quai 53-'5 Svxul7m1n itunherrlex S kesh fl Mechuu Htslclt ind 1ag.,g.,irt Not Pnstnl Hlllgfl lulxci md Collins From the beginning it was evident that the l942 Tennis team was going to be one of the best in years. The men were well matched and positions were hard fought for. The number one and two men, Kirke Mechem and Les Haslett, were so evenly matched that Coach NV. Barnett hesitated to assign either one to first place. Howard Swartzman held down number three position without opposition, but joe Springer and Bob Taggart were continually exchanging for the num- ber four and live spots. Starting the season with a victory against Wyandotte, the Trojan netmen went on to polish off Argentine of the same city. The rest of the season was equally difhcult, with matches against YVestport of Kansas City, Mo., Kemper and YVentworth Military Academies, and a return engagement with Wyandotte. Ku-ke . 41,1007 i f ' - . .Jw r " P ' e Les HMG' Qhofffsi V ' 'i V B 1 T 1 xTe'tle hw 0Mrful,gYgSp1af'fl1 ' 0 . K 01 HYYHI' Will l ll I' l ' ' ' the net he "GUNS mor bite it hand is C l00 Q - Q Hou", i - ' "fl Sha , llzmiln pick? ' Up H I Ol' 111111 llNNIS f joe Springer dishes up an a CC Comes Spring, and Coaches Barnett and Shotwell ponder over possibilities of golf and tennis HHH Building around two lettermen, Bob Petro and Bill Lentz, Coach Shotwell's Fall squad, which included Coble, Flem- ing, Lewis, Sayler, Dysart, Hfhitaker, and Merriam, carded no wins. Topeka dropped its first match to Manhattan, but Lentz took medalist honors with a 76. Playing YVyandotte, the team lost its second match by six points. Topeka placed second in a four-way tournament on the home links, scoring 371 compared to Y'Vyandotte's 356, Spring found Coach Shotwell with.Lentz as the one returning letterman, but he based his hopes on the new men he had recruited in the Fall. The Trojans lost their hrst match of the spring season to Argentine of Kansas City, but won a triangular meet with Leavenworth and YVyandotte. Lentz's 77 copped medalist honors. The following week Topeka was nosed out by Manhat- tan. Coble took medalist honors with a brilliant 73. The rest of the hard season found the Trojans playing superior golf. . in l. 1. Golden lines np his club to sink a six-inch putt. 2. Coble attempts to blast out of a sandtrap. 3. Lcntz tees off with a 230-yard drive. Pa l"ff"i4 'if' - ,1'f', Q A. . N1t1"', K- s 'gig-frfh, . ,-I f'f ??"5'F7' fi' 4. .""'W21 1: . .H M Na, iv '4,. '31 Tyr. vs' r-nf 1'-'wr Q. iz Sfnlwl: Ll'llll. Sallee. Kline, Davis. C 101 D Slnnrling: Nelson, Golden. Cohle, Blerrinn Left . te med' H to Wm sind Wesse - ,go OH 'QSOW X Y Yegional gpglygseskcoachl, Davx 3 'n, b ter? als? D959 Proudrixgbg Sivavllman' L0 The Topeka High debate team clirnaxed its highly successful season by winning the 1942 Kansas State Championship. After the first of the year, Trojan debaters won five straight tournaments. They started claiming first place trophies at the Wyandotte tournamentg then followed with victories at Emporia, Valley Falls, the state district, and the state tournament. During the season the squad, including Jun- iors and Sophomores as well as Seniors, under the direction of P. B. Graves, attended eight tournaments, winning 132 debates and losing 40. The state team included jim Davidson, Don Dustin, Albert Wessen, and Howard Swartzman. Debaters winning the degree of distinction in the National Forensic League were Don Dustin, jim Davidson, Bob Meyer, Bill Sellen, Howard Swartzman, Warren Walker, and Al- bert Wessen. Jim Davidson was president of the Topeka chapter of the National Forensic League, and Don Dustin its' secretary. A picture of the chapter appeared in The Rostrum, ollicial publication, as the leading chapter 'in Kansas. Mr. Graves, who has been handling forensics in Topeka High for the past three years, is retiring from debate after becoming one of the ' lUHlNSIE HHEUE outstanding Kansas debate coaches. Seated: Lonam, Swartzman, Dustin fsecretary-treasurerj, Perdue B. Graves Qsponsorj, Davidson Qpresidentj, Wessen, M Standing: Meyer, Zimmerman, Sellen, Runyan, Siebert, Walker. 41025 cKenzie. 5.40.1 lffte IN HlHlHIES Smzlwlr Rigby, Plum, Euwer, Mzilhexts, Ticehurs l, Nlzllters, Sewell. l H 1. I-Iuleker. Krznncl Csludent niainzigerb. Wingate, Fren 1 Slamling: Cillilzuu, rowi Burton. CONCESSION STAND WORKERS ,Lg ll t l Sealed: liinmermzin, Stevenson, Grithth fpresitlcntj, Eckert fsecrelai-yi, 1 Heleker, DeYorc. y Slanrling: Peterson, -larrell, Smith, Scllcn. GAME CADETS Who sell the tickets, guard the gates, and 'account for the ticket sales for each game? NVhy, the Game Cadets, of course! S. H. Stark, vice-principal, introduced the plan of having students manage the ticket sales. The Cadets were chosen early last Fall by the Rep- resentative Council. Accounting for the tickets includes many letters and reports besides counting money and tickets. For this work they were awarded one and a half points toward their Honor T. rosy lferlj, P Scuttling cokes, rustling hot dogs, and trading candy bars for nickels at football and basketball games kept concession stand workers busy this year. Students interested in do- ing this type of work signed up early last fall. Those chosen received ac- tivity tickets for their time. Bruce Smith was faculty sponsor. remllizti, S TA TE OURNA Ml'-'NT Pfesol .' ll. Slate gxgizslfellml :1nal11Q,,l'Z01JI1y to I 0-Veg 11111 Tx ,Tee , as -45. il v 'A I sv f,." MQ sv L' k f gl! flu- A .ff l ,. A 'X ,, 4: ! ' ,ig ' s EE' ,isf'fg2' Q' X I x 'J N' X X .,, Inj ,531-'jk - 5 s Aikf: 12. ip.,-f .Y 'Fu' ,,- -T g"af?l3:s,VJi? L 5' .. - ,Ax X, 1. -Vvfq -W . 'if' -. LXEY 'i' 11- rf- - ,Y . YJ K--Y -'1 .mx ,,.-- ..k g -iyp hx-X" 'C WI 4.-.I L x --X . , fm: U, iN,.X.U 'iiixsef inwfr' - 'S Tj- 1 if-V--. V-L 'Airs - -v1-.,:-X . '-..- -. 'X , 1-,Us ,. 4.x i 15 if N. wi-- umistinctlve gewelry 5, D D I S Jewelry Store Welcomes You Lawn Seed Garden Seed Field Seed WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF FERTILIZERS COE SEED CO. 929 Kansas Ave. Dial 6315 212-216 Kansas Avenue OWN YOUR HOME . AND HAVE The Topeka Morrls Plan Co. SECURITY AND HAPPINESS ' Rates QS LOW as rm, PERSONAL LOANS 'f AUTOMOBILE LOANS NO RED TAPE NO DELAY FHA LOANS C. R. SCOTT MORTGAGE CO. SOO National Bank of Topeka Bldg. phone 2,3033 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 8539 Ha11's Educational Service For thirty-six years Ha11's have sold to the students oi Topeka High School their educational supplies and this has been ap- preciated. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by Hall's who in return propose to furnish mcrteridls of the best quality, satisfactorily priced. MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT FOUNTAIN PENS - STUDENT SUPPLIES - BOOKS - STATIONERY HALIZFS 1065 MODERN BUSINESS TRAINING DE W LOW COST W TIME SAVED W MODERN EQUIPMENT W INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION W CLASS WORK W EXPERIENCED TEACHERS W PLACEMENT SERVICE W 18,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR SPACE W ESTABLISHED 1885 0 9 PARTMENTS W SECRETARIAL W STENOTYPY W ACCOUNTING W BANKING W SOCIAL SECURITY WORK W SHORTHAND W TYPEWRITIN G W BOOKKEEPING W COMPTOMETER AND CALCULATOR We extend an invitation to Topeka High School Graduaies and Students to visit our school. 'l'0I'Ii KAI IIIISINESS lllllllilillli M. H. 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G. .IUHNSON'S Furniture and llpholstering All Kinds of School, Society and Commercial Printing Company IP R ll N if ll N G 5liPC0"e'S Rugs The College Press 1301 HUNTOON Phone 24073 Phone 8l57 606 Harrison 41675 for ROYAL cottscss E cusrow 'MO UN'DEEK, MIRACLE SHOE Price 85.95 suuj l'1C'l' 1' 0 e n .ix N rs ia MIIHOUT N0'llCl'1 85, C04 77' choose from CU77'llIl71dfl!17IS azrailablcf Solid colors available Rust and white Wlhite Brown and while Natural Black and while Saddle Blue and white Beige Beige and white Brown Wine and white Rust Red and white Black Blue and beige Blue Tan and beige Wine Brown and beige Ivory Saddle and beige Shadow www 3 Kansas 41089 SEE Hussey Insurance Agency The Ibpeka FOR Pure Mills Cot F ire - Life - Casualty Insurance fwcnidbai 700 Kansas Avenue Telephone 4175 OUR SCHOOL Good Shoes For Over CAFETERIA Fifty Years Meadow Gold Q 973e6'19 fhaeffore 715 Kansas Avenue A HOME OWNED STORE 400 Jackson Phone 3-3251 USE GAS! 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H, E, HAMMEEE 813 KANSAS AVE """"'G""'4fR B664 'I2 VENUE Y TDPEKA KANSAS Phone5621 THE CHRISTOPHER svuoln Estubl hed 1868 41125 , , x Made in L 5, ' A The ' I Topeka I World's Finest Topeka Labor ,Q "ff" ' F10l11' fl- 1 ,- l A JQQ- if f by Au Purpose FLOUR NUPllVlAN'S CAFE W. ll. Falkiner Insurance Agency mai x, q 0' Rguaf, ca S Delicious ALL FORMS or ' J I O ar Ffled THNSURZANCE L3 - , ' . "K-3 Chlcken GEO. STAEBLER, IR, Manager Phone 3-2061 ' ""1 634 Kansas New England Bldg. Phone 7511 Reg 0.5 Pat, OH' PERCY S. WALKER Neiswanger Investment CO. REALTORS ESTABLISHED 46 YEARS Dfuggisf Sales - Rentals - Leases - Insurance Property Management 115 West 6th Street 6th and Jackson Sts. Topeka, Kansas Stormont Bldg' Phone Z-8243 KANSAS' LEADING APPAREL STORE SINCE 1888 The store Where you buy naturally because your father and grandfather bought here before you. CORRECT APPAREL FOR EVERY OCCASION for Men, Women, Boys and Girls The Palace 709-ll Kcxnscxs Ave. 41135 ! I l L A U N D R Y ' nav CLEANERS-EXPERT HA11'tlls PHONE 3- 1395 413 1AcKsoN For the Students' Health and Happiness TOPEKA HIGH CAFETERIA Mary Louise Plumb ,emphasizes Y the Latin American trend in her foxmcl from Harry Endlich's Harry Endhch "A Student S6'I'ViC6,' 723 KANSAS "ll'l11'r1' You Can Sm' Tun1r11'r01u'.v Slylas Today" 1 in Iflofel Igghawh ,gf Here You Always Find TOPEKA' KANSAS Real Good Quallty CQFFEE SHQP - h fzffeei iii , Guaranteed Lower Prices RQQF GARDEN E gig 5 FURNITURE, DRAPERIES, RUGS PHILCO and ADMIRAL RADIOS FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS amd RANGES VOSS WASHERS MON ARCH ELECTRIC RANGES Convenient Credit Terms ARLAN' Pmvme -Mimlslalulf JL. -. .vm--. DINING Rooms ' ' A 1 - ' .1MLY'H0gwK N. M. MOSBY, President and General Manager :ru z 5 rzigp, "N 'l I-gnkul: L 1 E I "-ll! f , in ,Eg ,., i " ,1'!'JQ, , Q -1"'I. C. G. Blakely SL Company Qualified and equipped to fill your every Insurance need. C AVEJJE AY NlN1n . , . omg some 201 Columbian Bldg. Phone 8537 1145 eau 'fm ,, cgi as g '45 f G J 4.,f , Cass Make a good impression by taking your girl in real style . . . can a YELLOW CAB 824 KANSAS AVENUE The address of a reliable bank: a financial service station. XVe welcome both checking and savings accounts. Loans: we make inany kindsg per- sonal, automobile, financial state- ment, mortgage, collateral. XVe serve as executor, administrator and trustee. Our Capitol Funds, 3138000.00 The State Savings Bank WM. MACFERRAN, IR, President Federally Insured Savings Accounts 0 Home Loans Capitol Federal Savings 81 Loan Association 534 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas HOME GF Booqi e -Woogias cmd, 1 Bar-B-Q3 l W TOPE KA. KANSAS A smile of satisfaction shows Iecm Rankin's 10 2.3 W. 65' Phone 28400 appreciation of her formcxl from the Crosby Bros. Co. College Shop, Second Floor 41155 WHITE LOAF FLOUR Wifh 92,000 new V foil pads on hand, id Bakes Everything you can be assured 1 . EV 9 INER-OCUNMIUS E- , Rzght friiiiih of a good permanent E' S s i at "" A V 'J PATCHES f WHLBNDKMM ASK FOR IT BY NAME ' mmm T At Your Grocers BEAUTY SHOPPE "' mu KN HI 4' ' ' -- 1 809 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-1321 R A v f 1 f fy I w'S -.... - 5 'iQ-Q'-9 U , f 1 4 lb!!! it 1 BE MODERN Z Use Air Conditioned Ice Refrigeration E1 p H W I H I Keeps Food Fresher at Half the Cost l..-4 .i SEE US I-'OR ........... Intense activity robs , , gm' , vitality. Restore it Coolerators and Vitalaires 11 2 1 W-oh o drink of fo. , 1 - -h -4 ireshing CLEO COLA ff X CE6 -it'sfa powerful stim- , ' X2 K --- ulus or renewed pro- 'XSQYI EQ?-1' QQ' duciive .sm Phone 2-7222 ix ' 115 Jackson I 'i H' If I, 0 w ls Il s M1942 get ZVZT7 OCCLIJLOI1 'S is bound in a distinctive DEPENDABLE SERVICE Q covrzn 114 west sth Phone 6561 41165 'WHITE I.0AF , N o 5 KANSAS AVENUE - TOPEKA,KANSAS U , gtg:-1-.i:.g::--. ,'-:.M:g-5-32: me-."lS If-"". .f""1uF .i ',u-ng '-.2554 guy' - . 91-1 1,-fm.. - .ggngudu ug. .,,g.g1n.l,'g,-, 6-1-51151-!"1z'zi'::-' ,.. --.-,E gun .,.-. ld.: -n-.' , ,:: if-.,g::,.-ns: ' Q v.':.::g:--3 Telephone 2-1521 11175 follow the trend to PIZLLETI EIZS Topeka if ,,Cec1d1'11g Department Store Come to MOORE'S FOR Fountain Pen and Pencil Sets Zipper Note Books Diaries and Scrap Books X? MCIDCIDLREQS Call 8285 today Protect your furs The "Cold Storage" way 502150: ifkllflfige 2 cow 12, Q srolunz 5- 4 Q95 04' ii -Vlwi The Mutual Ice SL Cold Storage Co. WS MAGIC x Most ssnsnlouu portable ' " ' -'ff , , Y. . S . typewriter ever offered! With 41-1--e,,A " - " MAGIC Margin-a :ouch does .W ., ' the trick, help you set the margin 5 li s faszer, gets y Ag-.-, h , 1 5" ol! to a liyi g ran, makes yo :ff 'j"-'-',r,'.:,"'f yer, if '- typing look better Many other -L, E "F-'.-.f-' " 5'-'-iw . - . -4 . .., . Royal MAGIC Features never yegjnl 'Cl bef f d yp bl ' A ' ' OIC Ollfl 011211 Oni C. Ylwi 'f 1 xl., 7' E l Y. -,E Sk gf SEE OUR BARGAINS Portables at 512,00-Standards al 514.50 and Up Easy Terms - Guaranteed Western Typewriter Company 520 Kansas Avenue Phone 7749 We ef'f'l!l46!!5fffwff1?0!?l Clothing and Jewelry for the Entire Family EASY BUDGET TERMS Harris-Goar's 612-614 KANSAS 41185 ,VL UV It 2W,0xjL,A5ft5tI. 1. ,JL 1.1.1 H' J W" I I rq Compliments Of I Fritton's Grocery for CELLULOID BUTTONS BADGES We -A' Betty Pressman sets the pace and in a rose wool ensemble and GOOD beige accessories from Berksons PRINTING RA,,,,,S BERHSOTIS FOR COAL ECONOMY "YOUR WARMEST FRIEND" Albert Silk Coal Co. T F MARTIN JOHN MARIIN CHAS J MARTIIN The Martm Lumber Company PHQNE 2.02971 2,2325 LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL 605 EAST 4TH Curtxs Woodwor Glidd k 41195 MEET YOUR SCHOOL MATES AT GIBBS ' 6 Everything for Men and Young Men Good clothes do something to a man's morale! Sport clothes or dress clothes from GIBBS will help build that morale cmd confidence! Freeman and Star Brand Shoes-Roxbury Suits 511-513 Kansas Ave. 106 E. Sixth IT PAYS TO PAY CASH AT GIBBS 837 N. Kansas Ave. VICTORY SAND AND STONE COMPANY SAND-ALL GRADES GRAVEL AND CHAT Ready Mixed Concrete Phone 3-3285 C1205 -Zz , TREE SEQRES' SCCIFJ E. STANDARD COURSES FULLY ACCREDITED BY MODERN EQUIPMENT AND AMERICAN ASSOCIATION QUALIFIED TEACHERS COMMERCIAL COLLEGES You will find your iriends at CI.ARK'S Three-iourths oi our students come from Topeka High TENTH AND WESTERN Telephone 2-5981 For Insurance, See THE MEADE AGENCY 119 West Sixth Avenue Faithful to Quality we :mo cv ' wma vmuu n'G'I1.!..Q2!'lf5 . High Fashions in Misses' cmd Women's Ph 653 I 'me 7 COATS, DRESSES, FURS, ' SUITS AND HATS HOLMES MEADE IOHN I. CAIN LAKIN MEADE IOE W. HULL g AUGUST WAI-IL WILLIAM MEISSINGER CI-IAS. I. SMITH LLOYD PERRYMAN ARNOLD FALK WILLIS KIRK ALSO GIRLS' COATS, SUITS AND DRESSES uv UNITED STATES DEFENSE STAMPS AND BONDS Jfie National Bank gf Topeka TOPEKA, KANSAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1121 COMPLIMENTS OF THE COATS GROCERY CO. THE Merchants National Bank 501 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS The House Of NOW MORE THAN EVER Quality and Service 41? IT PAYS TO SHOP AT E ,Iliff Phone 5651 122 W. 2nd St. 107-115 WEST SIXTH Zf"t"" WESTBORQ caterpmar - CLEANERS..- Diesel Tractors Road Machinery Ralph Rafcliff. If- SCC The Martin Tractor Company ' 700 East Eighth Q TOPEKA' KANSAS 3117 Hu Phone 3-1243 41225 KINNEY SHOE STORE Crane SL Company Shoes for Sports and Inc' Dress Wear STATIONERS at Reasonable Prices OFFICE OUTFITTERS I 609 Kansas Avenue 110-112 East 8111 street Phone 5691 1 Q LAUNDERERS D R I N K CLEANERS I A Remus Fm DYERS V The pause that refreshes 2nd and Quincy Phone 779l AMERICAN TRADITICN DEMANDS THE BEST IN MEATS For one hundred and fifteen years, we have supplied the tables of two continents with meat and meat prod- ucts of unsurpassed quality, cured according to the famous Morrell formulae, perfected by years of experi- ence since our establishment in 1827. JOHN MORRELL 82 Co. A KANSAS INSTITUTION E t bl hed in England in 1827 In America Sinc 1865 PACKING PLANTS TOPEKA KANS4 OTTUMWA, IA.g SIOUX FALLS S D 41235 PROFESSIONAL DIREUTURY F. C. Boggs, M.D. 606 Mills Bldg. Harry I. Davis, M.D. 704 Mills Bldg. Ernest H. Decker, M.D. 723 Mills Bldg. Thos. P. Capps, D.D.S. 606 Nat'l Reserve Bldg. Harry W. Colmery S08 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Doran, Kline, Cosgrove. Iefirey 62 Russell 908 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Physicians Lucius E. Eckles, M.D. sos Mills Bldg. Arthur D. Gray, M.D. 723 Mills Bldg. G. F. Helwig, M.D. 704 Kansas Ave. Herbert L. Clark, M.D. Dentists C. N. Mertz, D.D.S. 625 Mills Bldg. Lawyers Wilson K. Hobart, M.D 623 Mills Bldg. W. M. Mills, M.D. H. W. Powers, M.D. M. G. sioo, M.D. 518 Mills Bidg. Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D S S13 Mills Bldg. Lillard, Eidson, Lewis G Porter Wheeler, Brewster, Hunt and Goodell 401 Columbian Bldg. 318 New England Bldg. Stone, McClure, Webb, lohnson :S Oman National Reserve Bldg. N245 8kobuedSm0a:eLaGAea,am7a,uAa The Kansas Power and Light Company LYNDE-FALLEY wpuvs Jews LERS Food Store 9 ' 4-125 Kansas Avenue W Topeka, Kansas TOPS FOR QUALITY MEATS - FANCY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 6tI1 and Clay Streets Phone 7705 IOIN THE Savings and Home Loans This Institution has served the savers and home owners of this community for 57 years. Come in and start Q savings account when you receive your first poy check. Remember, one-tenth of all you earn is yours to keep. Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Association 804 Kansas Avenue Phone 8597 0'i1E 333.5-AHRSW who shop at Secxrs and Save! YOU DON'T NEED THE CASH AT SEARS Shop with cz Coupon Book o si Il down p yment buys one, You muy e them I'k cash ' y dep tment. Th y c me ' SIU, S15 d S20 denominot , Pcxy tor them over cx period oi months. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Q' 4 KAW VALLEY CIL Co !,,'Q'Zg,f- A Du Telephone 3-3283 30,960 1. oo I J ol a a ou. oo THEHEAT WAVE THATl'UT5l'057'5' S E I B E R L I N G TIRES 8: ACCESSORIES VEEDQL MOTOR OILS 8: GREASES - RADIOS 220 BURGESS Topeka, Kansas V Motor Oils-Greases KVX SUPER PRODUCTS FUEL OIL - KEROSENE 351 GASOLINE - GREASES DISTILLATE 1 DIESEL FUEL C1255 "Buy a Loaf Today" l J H u neq hed 1'e11Mzsz'E1'eaa' fbumfm- supemok FOLLOW FOUNTAIN -me serzvnct- GANG I T0 Eclelblute s The M D SNOW WHITE QMZJ, Cm, IIA, Mote CAFE 3612 WEST SIXTH 505 Washburn Business School . . then College A critical shortage exists of trained typists, stenographers, clerks, bookkeepers, and office machine operators. These people are needed in both National Defense and private industry. Equip yourself now with training that will assist your Government, and at the same time add qualifications very usable at college. 'l'l l'l I1 'l'l fl SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 700 KANSAS AVENUE TOPEKA, KANSAS Crescent Drug Store No. 6 F.E.ROWLAND 12th and Taylor Phone 445 5 41265 MacVifar Chapel from the Nmthaast ln Tune with the Times The present national emergency has emphasized the need for trained men and women. Getting the best possible training is clearly a patriotic duty. Washburn Municipal University was the first in this section of the country to streamline its schedule in order to reduce the amount of time required to earn a degree. By entering on Iune 2 and attending the twelve-weeks summer ses- sion, high school graduates can have three-fourths of a normal see mester's work to theircredit when the fall semester opens in September. Such students can complete the requirements for the bachelor's degree in Ianuary, 1945. Summer session announcements and the university catalog will be supplied gladly on request. Washburn Municipal University 11275 HIIVHHISINH INIllX Page Addis jewelry Store. . . . . . 106 Berkson's . . ...........,........ . . . 119 Blakely, C. G. Sc Co.-Insurance .... . . . 114 Blender's Barbecue .........,.... . . . 115 Brennan Funeral Home ........ . . , 120 Brier Insurance Service ................... 111 Capitol Federal Savings 8: Loan Association. 115 Central National Bank ...,......,........ 112 Central Trust Co. ....................... 112 Christopher Studio . . . . . . 112 City Hand Laundry ..,,........ . . . 114 City Ice Co. ..................... .. . 116 Clark School of Commerce and Secretarial Training .......... . . . 121 Coats Grocery Co. .,.... . . . 122 Coca-Cola . . ......... . . . 123 Coe Seed Co. ..... . . . 106 College Press ............. ..,. 1 07 Crane Sc Co. .,.,........... .... 1 23 Crescent Drug Store No. 6 ,... . . . 126 Crosby Bros. Co. ............. . . . 115 Davis-Mfellcome Mortgage Co. .,.. . . . 112 Dentists . . .....,,............ . . . 124 Dodd's School of Business ...,.. 126 Edelblute's-Druggists . . .......... . . . 126 Emahizer-Spielrnan Furniture Co.. . . . . . 111 Endlich, Harry ................. . . . 114 Falkiner Insurance Agency ,.... .. . 113 Flad 8: Marsh-Drugs ,.,.... . . . . . 109 Fritton Grocery Co. ........ . . . 119 Gas Service Co. ........,.. . . . 109 Gibbs Clothing Co., ....... .... 1 20 Green 8: Son Grocery Co.. . . . . . 112 Guaranty State Bank ...... . . . 107 Hall Stationery Co.. . . . . , 106 Harris-G0ar's . . ,..., . . . 118 Hill's Studio, .......... ... 110 Hotel Jayhawk ........... . . . 114 Hussey Insurance Agency. . . . . . 109 Ives, H. M. Xa Sons-Printers .... 117 4Iohnson's-Furniture . . . . . . . . . 107 jordan Baking Co. ...... . . . 126 Kansas Power 8: Light Co.. . . . . . 125 Karlan Furniture Co. ..... . . . 114 Kaw Valley Oil Co. ..... . . . 125 Kingscraft Cover Co. .... . . . 116 Kinney Shoe Store .... . . . 123 4 128 Lawyers . . ........ . . . Lord's Flowers ............ Lynde Sc Falley Grocery .... Martin Lumber Co. ..... . Martin Tractor Co. ....... . Meade Agency-Insurance. . . Merchants National Bank. .. Moore Stationery Co. ...... . Morris Plan Co. .,........... . Morrell, john 8c Co. ............ Mutual Ice Xa Cold Storage Co. ..... . . Mutual Laundry ............... . . National Bank of Topeka ..... Neiswanger Investment Co.. . Nightingale's-Suits, Dresses . . . Norman's Cafe ............. Page's Banquet Flour .... Palace Clothing Co.. .. Parker Funeral Home .... Patch's Beauty Shoppe ..... Payne's Shoes ......... Pelletiers . . ....... . . Pennant Cafeteria .......... Penney's, J. C., Co, .......... . Petro, lA. M. Sc Son-Druggists .... . . . Physicians . . .............. .. Ripley's Laundry .... .... Royal College Shop .... Scott Mortgage Co. ............ . Sears, Roebuck Rc Co.. .,............,. Page 124 116 125 119 122 121 122 118 106 123 118 122 121 113 121 113 113 113 120 116 109 118 107 122 112 124 123 108 106 125 Shawnee Federal Savings 8: Loan Association 125 120 119 Shel1abarger's Funeral Chapel Silk Coal Co. .............,... . ....... . . . Snow White Cafe ............, State Savings Bank ..,.......... .. Steves, F. M. Rc Sons-Printers .... . . Topeka Business College ......... .. . Topeka High School Cafeteria .... . . Topeka Pure Milk Co. .......... .. Topeka Spice Mills ........... Topeka State Bank .... Trapp Print Shop ......... Victory Sand Xa Stone Co. ..... . Walker, Percy S.-Druggist ................ Wall-Diffenderfer Mortuary .....,........ Mfashburn Municipal University of Topeka. Westboro Cleaners ..................,.... VVestern Typewriter Co.. . . . White Loaf Flour ....... YVolf's jewelers ...,.... Yellow Cab Co.. .......,......... . . . Zercher's Book and Stationery Co... 7 126 115 111 107 114 109 109 111 119 120 113 120 127 122 118 116 125 115 ...111 i, 1 Lf f I M Q? 3 A 1 EQ if 4. v N ' ac' . , F Q. ' c .mfg fl 'Y I 9 ' Qsfmgku , 3 5 I , .gyi1"'f LQ ,' - 'J.,"V,yf'f A- Vi 3 5 351 4 va V-Ext? A ' f - P bv I Wh? L' .,Z"l,5 Y Z 1. - ..fw1:'rw-if N 1 1,359 wi Q +74 W 'lux' V 153' E' ' "'k- L if +.,f .,,. Q IIN. .r fi V, .3 vs, .Q e ' x",A ., 1 . n , , Q rw, 'Mg 'I N QQ. . " , l' fm. . Wg. wr, if .Vi K my L r ' fix N395 v S , . 1 Q-'A Q' N bn 1 . 'Q . 6 Av Q s M :EQ t I xi at K 'fa ' X . x 4. .532 .. 5,-. 'ili"s1sSkA,:i : 'M' A A' - , . ll! 2 W, Q Q Q. wr wt Q 'W , R' nik s 9 ' 5-as " ' . K, ,Q n D fr 5 xv 5 -., .Q v i , H x A . 3 1 av- 41' f-'NUI' 9 v P, iq 5 up W X- 8 A , ' as r 'xr 4 v if my :Q . . 5 ,W ..,, . F y -Ig, FR ' ' 4 ,, hA, "!," Xa

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