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 - Class of 1941

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ZW!! "Z ff.- I f Q ,Z 4 Q . . ik" - 4 f I - V' V1 f' ,yy-f'c I fl' A 1 256! Q . I ,ir ' aff "- 7, Q, 'f ' If if , Wo f f ff , 4 f qw Z .4'- V '77, 1 f , ff! f f ....,,,,,, , , W " ng ff 42 , V , Xfb A I 1 f 45 . f fff 'fyjf f W ul .,,,' f 2 ff! ,,,v , X 4 1. Hs: Q 5 ,. -1 A 4 ri A w , . b 4 K 1 , ,. 1 , , 5 fi 1 i , X - , , , 4 . - 5 i , 1 -. 4 B E 1 . 5' V 4 . .11 1, I , 1 0 E-I' X ,Y .1 f f. - 1...:,- . gif, J: . . :,-,-I-1 . Y ....'::--.,. '.:u..i.':.n. I--'.':.':7,': "5 ' Hlffjfluf ,f:I::::::,' ' V. '---ffifff :gggx . . 1, un..I:.': we ' QCGGVWL 2-"'f"f"' ' I f.:.iSf,..' -....- ..... -...-.... l'f:::n1n ff 1 ull!! 'I 'lllxlllll 'lllllln v .,....,...., -...,.... . :::.:..... .... .. ': -uunf., nu, .... . V fI:I:f."" I.CZ'.""" ........ I , M , ununll. N' llllllllfl .........,. ,. ...., . 0 :,... ..-.... , furmlm ::::,',','l.'.'. , 0 'fuffnyf - ..- N 5 vllnn ' .....,,. If k ullmllll' ',.,.,,,.,m ,, f ,,,,'..f 5' f, if Nfl . 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W, --:-.-::.'g,--..,.,, -:.Z'-..,- . ......1nu...,..- .,,.......u1rll ',,,ll11u-U..-.-unnp-....u...-..-:..1:" '-:., .,-.--,-..-.'::'vu J'--1" . .' .....-.,.--:'1l7:,'::,,..... ,-u,fu.11l',.--.luulqn-:::rA:::i::fr-....5:::,-5-.. ,,fgjfvu..-gy....:,......:, f.:'-..,,:--,:-v. ,f - :---- - -------1' -I 1 ,L-:...,V-fr ' --... "- - -..-,-g--1,54---1 .. '--3"-- .'--.::- :'::'Z""'.'"":'5:LT.11Ef.:.:::n-::7:1177-'lI"::4pn-:-., '-:::- l"U"fn.':---.::-5 .:::-...yr-."----.' ' ,.--- v---,:,,-,,,,,, .---:---1 ' -':: -1 ':::::.-.:,f--'-- -"Wu '-g---::::---,-- -."--., -.., -..:'--.,, 511221.-'17:::.w - -V - - - - -:L----H--5::':::.-::. ,Q.-.,....--311:--...::: -:::::-- :::, ::,-1... 1: - : . 4- - . . 5 - ' - -. .' 3157515515-"'7J:-'ii'"''":'i."I'.'i-4:1-1:::.-gg-:::::::. 151.111-'------'ir --:i'f:-:r:L Yr. ff::- ' I:--.'. 1 , ..---- ,,,,.---- .nu--..,:--- , --- .5--.,:--.:,-55...---,, --Y, fyf 5511,,...,- -- ---!..:f--,--::,..::,,..--,ff-,..-, ' ""'J'--HT:--:Y-f l21 PLACEEMQ 6 :lg ml'-" Q, 1 M -s-5. -'G' rw 0' .il fx' wr ,Q Z ., , .5 .- , - A k si - 'J Q w" ,456 M " .. in 5.1-, S is . . , ' ,v .... ' -- 'w we . 6, - S 9 , , ay N- . . , ,A , - . 5 . ,, ,i QQ ' fif- 5 N. ff Q P'-, 'l Q ug, ', ., iw N 55 5 5,5 ,af ' '1- 1? .lf Y Y v9'x ., 5 , fin ' 5652235 afcgg, new Sign V2 W ,SES ws 1 f7'56 Mika 57- 72 73 "!O4- XO5' 2 , 4, , .e nz, V S E N I O R C L A S S KING AND QUEEN tggmufc! aufd acguaacbzfance 40i4y05 IUNIOR cLAss Med newew Jefaugkf 50p1-IQMQRE CLASS lb ma'nd.? COLORED KING AND QUEEN Wawfd aufaf acgaaabzlbxnce Q KING AND QUEEN ATTEND!-XNTS Je foyof dd fa, STUDENT GOVERNMENT . Qfn Jaya J au , fan! Ayne! 53353 F A c U L 'r Y H55 N if Jg ADMINISTRATORS , 'li Q ,M W vw, ,E 5 WWJWTM President C Secretary-Treasurer 314501 C-X144 o F FIC E RS ,4., Bill Palmer Don Wingate Dun Coats Representative Representative Representative From a group of some 900 bewildered Sophomores who entered Troy in the fall of 1938 has emerged Topeka High's sixty-ninth Senior class. After a hard fought campaign last fall these capable officers were elected to head the class of '4l: Glen Ticehurst, president: Edward Johnson, vice-president: Fred Rausch, secretary-treasurer: Ioanne Wallace, social chairman: and Dan Coats, Bill Palmer, Don Wingate, Student Council Representatives. Looking back over the three years of high school life that lie behind them, Seniors realize that time has flown by far too quickly, and it is with much regret that they say goodbye to the friends they have made and to the good times for which Trojanville is famous. Pondering over their early days in T. H. S., Seniors will remember the eventful night of Friday, Ian- uary 14, 1939, when they proudly presented their first social event, the Sophomore Party, under the lead- ership of these competent officers: Gordon Dibble, president: Barbara Long, vice-president: Barbara Duff, secretary-treasurer: Shirley Rogers, social chairman: and Martha Menninger, Bob Fisher, lack Cummings, Student Council Representatives. The class of '41 soon outgrew its subscrub days and enthusiastically took to the task of being Iuniors. The success of their prom will long be remembered by everyone who had a part in it. Officers of the Iunior year were: Bob Fisher, president: L. E. Willcuts, vice-president: Don Iohnson, secretary-treasurer: Martha Menninger, social chairman: and Gordon Dibble, Paul 'Hurd, Herbert Kauffman, Student Council Representatives. Recalling the difficulties involved in putting on last year's Prom, the Seniors were able to enjoy being guests of the Iuniors in the last of these events for them. A successful class party and the Senior Play climaxed their last year in high school, which will be fondly recalled as one of the happiest of their lives. - SHIRLEY ROGERS l 9 l Ed Iohnson Vice-President ed Haus h Ioanne Wallace Social Chairman VERTICAL ROW: Virginia Adair-Pep Club, Hostess, Proctor: Norma Elaine Adams--Honorary Pep Club, Iunior Glee Club: Myrna lean Adee-Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess: Ida AdoIphsonMHon- orary Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess: Sammy Alexander4Proctor. Host, Golf. ROW ONE: lane Allen-Proctor, Hostess, Business Staff Sunflower. ROW TWO: Laura Allen: Mary AllenACity-Wide President Girl Re- serves, Honorary Pep Club, Masque and Wig. ROW THREE: Zane Amis-Girl Reserves, Pia Societas: Harry Ander- son-Football, Basketball: Ie-an Anderson-Proctor, Hostess, G, A. A. ROW FOUR: Patty Armel-Home Room Representative, Head Hostess, Madrigal Singers: Rodney Armstrong-Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Host: Iean Atkins-Pia Societas, Christmas Pageant, Proctor: Ianet AustinfPep Club fChattanooqa, Tenn., President Glee Club, Dra- matic Clubl. ROW FIVE: Anna Bahner: Anna Baird-G. A. A., Proctor, Champion Volleyball Team: Cecil Baker----Band, Orchestra, Home Room Rep- resentative: Ieanne Baker--Class Captain, "Say It With Music," Sophomore Party Program: Iane Banta-Madrigal Singers, A Cap- pella, Copywriter Sunflower. ROW SIX: Frank Barber-Band: Thomas Barbosa: Iames Barker- Host, Band, Orchestra: Gaylord Barlow: Betty Bartlett-Pep Club, Proctor, Senior Glee Club: Erma Bass-lMiltonvale, President Soph- omore Classb, lWoodbine, Social Chairman Girl Reserves, Glee Clubl. 10 F1 9 is sr.. ROW ONE: Peggy Baughman-Honorary Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Proctor: Betty Baysinger-Honorary Pep Club, Stall Editor World. Proctor: Marianna Becker-Masque and Wig, Cheer Leader, Proc- tor: Naomi BeckerfProctor: Delton Bennett-Tutor, Class Captain, Assembly Program: Theodore Bennett. ROW TWO: Frances Benning-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Hardy Benton-Pep Club, Intramural Football, Proctor: Mary Ruth Beurs- kens-Proctor, Home Room Representative, Class Captain: Lois Blackwell-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Bob Blankenship-Proc tor, "Say lt With Music," "Trojans On Parade." ROW THREE: Roy Boastf-Home Room Representative, Proctor, Treas- urer Representative Council: Iohn Boehme: Ira Bonnot-All Stars , Baseball, "B" Team Basketball, Assistant Home Room Representae tive: Ioyce Bourassa-Honorary Pep Club. Proctor, "Say It With Music." ROW FOUR: Max Bowere-Intramural Football: Leon Bowles: Helen Boyers-Pia Societas, Christmas Program, Library Proctor. ROW FIVE: Edwin Bozarth: Norman Brackett-Usher, Host. ROW SIX: Bob Bracy-Track, Band, Class Captain. VERTICAL ROW: Norma Braun-Proctor, Pep Club, Octette: Iohn Bravence: Wilma Brees CHighland Park, Knitting Club, Girl Reserves, G. A. AJ: Lorraine Brizendine-Tutor: Albert BrookeAProctor, Class Captain. llll ROW ONE: Lawrence E. Brooks-Pep Club, Proctor, English Assembly: Kathleen Brosamer--G. A. A., Proctor: Blanche Brown: Lela Brown - 6Osage City, Girl Reserves, Pep Club, Girls' Glee Clublp Richard Brown-Honor T, Two Letterman Golf, Assistant Proctor Captain: Ruby Broyles -G. A. A. ROW TWO: Hugh Buff--Business Manager "Ceiling Zero," Iunior Play. Proctor: Iune Bunce: Donald Bunds: Lavon Burkett: Mary Grace Burkhardt-Quill and Scroll, Honorary Pep Club, Publicity Manager "Ceiling Zero." ROW THREE: Maurita Burnett-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Lynell Bybee-Hostess, lunior Glee: Glenda Calderwood---Plep Club, Class Captain: Annette Caldwell-A-'Phyllis Wheatley, Hostess. ROW FOUR: Betty Lue Camp-Publicity Chairman Girl Reserves. Honor T, Proctor: Annabel Campbell-Girl Reserves, Hostess, Two Assembly Programs: A1 Carey. ROW FIVE: Merlyn Carlson-Camera Club, Proctor, Tutor: Tom Carl- son-Proctor, Host. ROW SIX: Clyde Carper-Booker T Boys, Attendant to King Colored All-School Party, Iunior Glee. VERTICAL ROW: Dewey Carter: Margaret Lou Caskey-Proctor, "Trojan Teasers" World, iManhattan, Decoration Chairman Iunior- Senior Proml: Bill Cave-Proctor, National Thespians, Host: William ChapmanAEditor High Life, LI-lighland Park, Iunior Play, Footballl: Dorothy Iean Chatiield-Home Room Representative. l12l tv MP, '- . , I 7 fi 3. Q, QQQ ,Q VERTICAL ROW: Lucille Chiles-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Iune Chincholl-Library Assistant, Shorthand Prize: Betty Lou Cibulski -Hostess: Charles Clare-Football, Baseball, Iunior Gleei Betty Clark-Proctor. ROW ONE: George Clark-Hi-Y, Orchestra. ROW TWO: Meredithiann Clark 'Home Room Representative, Club Editor World, Class Captain: Kenneth Clary' Host, Class Captain, Iunior Glee, ROW THREE: Merle Clayton--Home Room Representative, Honor Roll, Orchestra: Ellis Clements --'- Stall Editor World, Christmas Pag- eant, Iunior-Senior Prom Program: Clarice ClimerfLibrary Assistant. ROW 4: Iohn Clinton: Marjorie Clinton-Home Room Representative, Iunior Glee: Warren E. Coates-Pep Club, Band, Iunior Glee: Dan Coats-Football, Assistant Proctor Captain, Senior Representative. ROW FIVE: Lola Cochran-Pep Club, Class Captain, Tutor: Naomi Cochran4Student Secretary: Wayne Cole-Pep Club, Host, Christ- mas Pageant: Flora Conrad: Gerald Conard. ROW SIX: Charles Cook: Paulette Cook-Gym Proctor: Iohn Cooper! Dance Club, Host: Mary Cooper: lane CorbetAPep Club, Proctor, Iunior Glee: Ioan Couche4"Down the Avenue" World, "Say It With Music," Iunior-Senior Prom Program. I13l if 1 , will , Q tc - . 'mxmsx' X. ti' ar H, , lr Q u , X 4' ., W., , I A-nihfi ' IQ, W' P W? ME at ' , J, X -t +4 1 f , f wa 4 -. ogg + N 3, E K' i'- . ,'r"'M ,. W4 V M238 Yu- 4 .JM J. 'XP ... 1 4' g .uf 23' '12 'JI -f,0,g:- - .rr I W we ., , ff v w' fx- :L ' -11. wisp. 1-. wr: 358. .It E.: P -rf, If y 1 N ,te by S I T we ROW ONE: Lee CoulterfBusiness Manager Sunilower, Assistant Head Host, Quill and Scroll: Keith Counseller-Track Team: Forrest Courtner-Proctor, Class Captain: Mason Cox-Home Room Repre- sentative: lean Crampton-Honorary Pep Club. Secretary Point System, Proctor: Iames Crask-Sunflower Photographer, Head Host. Quill and Scroll. ROW TWO: Kathleen Critchlow-G. A. A., Proctor, Class Captain: Walter Crook: Albert Crumley-Two Honor T's, President Pia Soci- etas, Library Assistant: Charlotte Cummings-Girl Reserves. Proc- tor, Secretary Athletic Office: Iack CummingsfSophomore Repre- sentative Student Council, Class Captain. ROW THREE: Avis Curtman-Hostess, Home Room Representative, Proctor: Iean Curlman-Girl Reserves, Home Room Representative, Bowling Team: Stan Curyea-Camera Club, Proctor, Madrigal Sing- ers: Iack Davidson. ROW FOUR: Betty Davis-Proctor, Hostess, Orchestra: Betty Io Davis -Dancing Club, Hostess, Honor T: Ioan Davis-Student Secretary Athletic Office, Secretary Special Absence and Tardy Committee, Proctor. ROW FIVE: Margaret Dawson-Girl Reserves, CCarbondale, Girls' Glee Club, Secretary Sophomore Classh: Robert Day-Proctor, Class Captain, Intramural Football. ROW SIX: William DeLong-Proctor. VERTICAL ROW: Edward DeMaree-Head Host, Captain Home Room Football and Basketball, Dramatic Club: Bill DibbleAProctor, Host: Gordon Dibble-President Student Congress, Proctor Captain, Two Letterman Football: Grace Dickerson-tFt. Madison, Ia., Drum Ma- jorette, Crimson and Black, Glee Clubl: Beattie Dickson-Stage Manager "Ceiling Zero." l14l VERTICAL ROW: Betty Iayne Dietrich-Proctor, Music: Dorothy Dietz: lack Dodge-Host: Bob Donaldson: Edward Doty-Intramural Foot- ball. ROW ONE: Iim Dougherty-Hi-Y, Proctor, Mixed Chorus. ROW TWO? Dixie Iune Dove-Proctor, Hostess, Senior Glee Club Ac- companist: Kenneth Downs-A Cappella, Assembly Program. ROW THREE: Phil Dubach-Class Captain: Bob DulfensAC1ass Cap- tain, Home Room Representative: Barbara Dull-Head Hostess, Home Room Representative, Honorary Pep Club. ROW FOUR: Martha Dugan-G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Proctor: Norma Eastman-Boots and Saddle Club: Ioanne Ecker-A Cappella, Quintette, Octette: Bonnie EddsAAthletics. ROW FIVE: Bennett Eddy-Class Captain, Football, Track: Bernice Eggleston: Mary Ehrlich,---Honorary Pep Club, A Cappella, Senior Glee Club: Thurza Ellis-Home Room Representative, Proctor, Iune ior-Senior Prom Program: Virginia Ellis-Hostess, ROW SIX: Charles Erickson-Library Proctor: Geneva Evers-Pep Club, Hostess, Honor Roll: Marjorie Farrishe-Girl Reserves, Hostess: Agnes Fenton-Girl Reserves: Dale Fenton-Host: Mary Ellen FieldsAPia Societas. l15l : l.ji , 11' R. I A lllJ lm 31,29 1 M XX rx? 2 Y x . .. - , ,, H .. v s .ge X Rf. 'Q Q6- G, VERTICAL ROW: Herbert Finney-Home Room Representative, Glee Club, Proctor: lean Fisher-Quill and Scroll, Intramural Football, Auditor World: Robert E. Fisher-Vice-President Student Congress. Quill and Scroll. "Ceiling Zero": Norlan Foster4Proctor, Assistant Home Room Representative, Senior Glee: Edith Fowler-CHoratio. Ark., Pep Club, Iunior Playl. ROW ONE: Aileen Fox-Pep Club, Proctor, Band. ROW TWO: Betty Frahm-Pep Club, Girl Reserve, Class Captain: Lee Fraker-Baseball, Class Captain, Second Team Basketball. ROW THREE: Iuanita Frazier-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Host- ess: Virginia Frederick-Home Room Representative: Perry Freed- land. , ROW FOUR: Iames Freel-Proctor, Concession Stand, Intramural Base- ball: Anne Frenche-Pia Societas, Girls' Sport Editor World, Gym Proctor: Francis Fuhr-Assistant Sport Editor World, Secretary- Treasurer Strato Club: Bacilio Galvan-Intramural Football. ROW FIVE: Kenneth Gardner-Proctor, Host: Dick GelvingLibrary Proctor, Home Room Representative, Assistant Head Host: Gene- vieve Georges-Assistant Head Hostess. Secretary Athletic Office. Proctor: Carol Geryefflfansas City, Mo.. Forum Clubl: Ronella Gibbons. ROW SIX: Ida Mai Giddings-Assistant Editor Sunflower, Honorary Pep Club, Quill and Scroll: Bill GiesABasketball, Baseball: Alice Gillespie--Honorary Pep Club, "Around the World" World. Home Room Representative: Iohn Glover-Letterman Tennis, Pep Club, Proctor: Barbara Goebel-CEmporia, Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Stunt Nightl: Raphael Gomez. . l.' 5 I ..., 2 Q ,',A b st ,fl farf s. I levi, Q ss. 5 3 6, 'wr me , v-wwf' tn , H ,, I ,411 .V ,"' . W f z,-A' M "Y l16l J as Wlilsuw 5.4 gags-t Q, 1 J" fl- , 1' .rw-Q, ROW ONE Robert Gomez Betty Good Esther Goodman Proctor Hostess Harold Goodman Host Senior Glee lack Goodman Football Dorothy Ann Gordon fH1ghland President Sophomore Class, Assistant Membership Chairman Girl Reserve Cabinetl, Senior Glee. ROW TWO: lane GormanAProctor, Assistant Manager Concession Stand, Pia Societas: Patsy Grace-Pep Club, Hostess, Proctor: Marjorie Granger'-Home Room Representative, Hostess: Marilynn Grassick-Proctor, Hostess, Home Room Representative: Hays a lg L leg 5 I l if , H lg -Hal! Griffin. ROW THREE: Orien Griffith-Football, Basketball, Baseball: Keith Griggs-Library Proctor, Band, Stunt Night: Dick GrofffPep Club, Proctor, Band: Elizabeth Groner-Proctor. ROW FOUR: Norma Lou Grubb-"Hither and Yon" World, Proctor, Pep Club: Ruth GustaIsonvGirl Reserves, Proctor, "Down the Avenue" World: Phyllis Hagen-Girl Reserves, Class Captain, Proctor, ROW FIVE: Ruth Haglund: Arleen Hall-Hostess, Proctor, Music. ROW SIX: Roberta Hall'-wPhyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. Q VERTICAL ROW: Mildred Hamon---Hostess, Library Assistant, Proc- tor: Iames Hardman-Home Room Representative, Football, Track: Robert Hargrave: Marjorie Harmon--President Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Queen Colored All1Schoo1 Party, Rambler Cheer Leader: Victor Harshbarger-Usher Club, Concession Stand, Proctor. l17l Miss Huddleston tnow Mrs. Anclersonl and Miss Wash- burn start off the Rhumba class with new record Painters daub up hall in grand style and erect scaffold for students to crawl under Merle lenninqs is aroused from stuclious brainwork by Camera Fiend Crask Mary Knorr and Geraldine Wetzel check out ballots. Roland Roepe grabs for his During a lull in enrollment schedule. Stan Curyea amuses Teachers Welty, Fudge l13l Miss Fuller peeks through stage curtain while Galen Warnock waits for his cue "Who in the heck put my lock on back- wards?" asks Grace Howell Anne French and Annette Peterson snoop about the concession stand gm file J "Well, l guess it's all right this time"4 Marcia McSpadden scans pass La Vera Bennett entertains her sister Girl Reserves with a song at the party Mary Frances Hickox dabbles in the chemistry lab, Helen Scamell watching Master-mind Dick Gelvin iinds satiated llashbulb a superfluous monstrosity Harold Hunter, Bill Lieurance. and Max Meldrum enjoying themselves With the clanging oi the bell and the mad rush is on. Guess where l19l W , Homecoming Queen Betty Chubb is ushered onto the football field by jovial Bob Fisher. The band plays on t Throngs of Trojan voters gather to reg- ister for the coming election. Did you? . at ,Q K A fe fx? 5 ' Q in :gf s 1: 5 Qt 1' " Eli A f , ' 4 J Q L VERTICAL ROW: Stanley Hart: Izora HartungA'Class Captain, Proc- tor: Marjorie Hawes-Pep Club, A Cappella, "Say It With Music": Maxine HawesfTwirlinq Corps: Sally Hax-Honorary Pep Club. Home Room Representative, Honor T. ROW ONE: Helen Hazlitt. ' ROW TWO: Preston Hearn: Eloise Heck - Pep Club, Hostess, Proctor. ROW THREE: Lois Heer: Victor Heisse-Band, Orchestra, Iunior- Senior Prom Proqram: Clayton Helms. ROW FOUR: Glenwood Henderson: Gwendolyn Henderson Proctor. Hostess: Mac Henry Hermann--Class Captain, Cornet Trio, Band: Iohn Herron-Proctor Chairman, Football, Class Captain. ROW FIVE: Aline Hickman--Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Mary Frances Hickox-Girl Reserve Little Sister Chairman, Girls' Octette, A Cappella: Millard Hicks: Wilma Higgs--Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Home Room Representative: Bruce Hoad-Class Captain, Proctor, Intramural Basketball. ROW SIX: Harlan HobbsASports Editor World. Basketball, Senior Al- ternate Student Council: Eleanor Holliday: Del Holm-"Ceiling Zero," Host, A Cappella Choir: Iewel Holmes: Dana Holstrom- Proctor, Basketball, Football: Georgia Holstrom-Girl Reserves, Class Captain. 'if . . - , G- Q 'Ik rib nf t gs ' , if Q-'lie fry L .Q iv-, Q -1 ff, t 4 if 54 tgll l20l A5 -at sky W P J 7 : . W :wiv na? ROW ONE-Mary Horacek-Pep Club, Proctor: Geneva Horne-Girl Reserves: Vincent Horsley: Louise Hough-COttaWa, President G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Glee Clubl: Grace Howell-Editor Trojan Handbook, Home Room Representative, Quill and Scroll: Martin Howell-Proctor Captain, Home Room Representative, Pep Club. ROW TWO: Velma Howie-Tutor, Student Secretary, Hostess: Ellen Hoyer-Orchestra: Margaret Anne Huebner-Honorary Pep Club, Senior Glee, A Cappella: Donald Hahn-tHutchinson, Home Room Representative, Second Team Basketball and Footballl: Darrell Humphries. ROW THREE: Harold Hunter-Host, Music: Paul Hurd-Basketball, Student Council, Lead "Broken Dishes": Kathleen Hurley: Howard Hurst-President Booker T Club, King Colored All-School Party, Basketball Ramblers. ROW FOUR: Calvin Hussey-Class Captain: Betty Lue Ice-G. A. A., Tutor, Twirling Corps: Dick Ilili-Speaker Representative Council, Lead "Broken Dishes," National Thespians. ROW F IVE: William Imel-CMuskogee, Okla., Class Captainl: Dorothy Ingraham-Proctor, G. A. A., String Sextette. ROW SIX: Edna Mae Iackson-Hostess, G. A. A. VERTICAL ROW: William Iackson: Margie Iames-Pep Club, Library Proctor, Hostess: Robert larboe-Proctor: Catherine Iarrell-Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess: Betty Iohnson-Vice-President Phyllis Wheat- ley Girl Reserves, Attendant to Queen-Colored All-School Party. Hostess. l21l ...Y f... , we .. midi 1, Lx ROW ONE: Don Iohnson-Secretary-Treasurer Iunior Class, Student Council, Letterman Football: Edward lohnson-Vice-President Sen- ior Class, High Honor Roll, Two Year Letterman Football: lack lohnson: Margie Iohnson-Proctor: Ruth Iohnson-A Cappella, Senior Glee, Band: Wendell Iohnson-Secretary Booker T Cabinet. Track, Host. ROW TWO: Betty Iones-Honorary Pep Club, A Cappella, Senior Glee: Ioanne Iones-Debate: Myianwy Iones-Proctor: Louis Iordan: Louise Ioy-Home Room Representative, Proctor, Pep Club. ROW THREE: Zendra Kass-A Cappella, Proctor, Senior Glee: Her- bert Kauitmane-Iunior Representative Student Council, Editor and Business Manager World, Manager Concession Stand: Dorothy Kelly-Girl Reserves, Proctor: Katherine Kelly. ROW FOUR: Ormond Kelley-Honorary Pep Club, Aereo Club, Host: Charles Kendrich-Basketball: Lorna Kennard-Pep Club. ROW FIVE: Bill Ketchum: lack Ketchum. ROW SIX: Howard Kieffer. VERTICAL ROW: Bill Kiene-Honorary Pep Club, Football, Assistant Business Manager "Ceiling Zero": lack Kilioy-Proctor, Host, Band: Edgar King-Proctor, Class Captain, Table Tennis Club: Mary Francis King-wHonorary Pep Club, Proctor: Norma lane King! Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Chairman Committees Girl Re' serves, Hostess. l22l VERTICAL ROW: Wayne Kirk: Martha Kirkpatrick-Iunior Glee Club, Pep Club, Proctor: Henrietta Kitchene: Paul Klamm: Carolyn Kline -Attendant Queen All'School Party, Home Room Representative, Proctor. ROW ONE: William Knight-Booker T Club, Track, Football. ROW TWO: Ruth Knox-Proctor, Class Captain: Arlene Kraybil14 Honorary Pep Club, Home Room Representative, Class Captain. ROW THREE: Cecil Lais-Proctor: Keith Lagerstrom-Vice-President Camera Club, Editor High Life, Band: Bill Land-Pep Club, Host, Tutor. ROW FOUR: Frank LangstoniFootball. Track, Intramural Basketball: Arnold Larsen-CSL Paul. Nebr., Vice-President Sophomore Classl: Barbara Larson-Pep Club, Proctor, Class Captain: Barbara Lee- Pia Societas, Concert Mistress Orchestra, Honor T. ROW FIVE: Olin Lesh-Class Captain, Language Fiesta: Martha Lindeman: Rosemary Lindeman: Delmar Linder: Beulah Lineback -Home Room Representative, Assistant Business Manager World, A Cappella. ROW SIX: Norma Lee LingerwGirl Reserves, Gym Proctor, Twirlinq Corps: Helen Lister: Dorothy Ann I..loyd4Honorary Pep Club. Proc- tor, Girl Reserves: Dale Lolley-Music: Barbara Long-Queen All- School Party, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Election Clerk: Iulia Etta Long-City-Wide Vice-President Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Secretary-Treasurer Phyllis Wheatley, Hostess. M N t :..ff!.- rf . I 3 ':'f' 23 'lii ' ROW ONE: O'Reta Lorts-Feature Editor World, Girl Reserves, Pep Club: Rosalee Lovett-Proctor, Class Captain: Norma Lowe- Twirling Corps, Girl Reserves, Class Captain: Rosella Lucas: Rich- ard MacDonald: Barbara Magi1lvProctor, Clerk Representative Council, Hostess. ROW TWO: Shirley Magnuson-Pia Societas, Assistant Manager Con- cession Stand, Pep Club: lane Mallory-Sergeant-at-Arms and Social Chairman Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Iim Maloney-Iunior Press Club, Ad Solicitor World: Eleanor Markham-Club Editor Sunflower, Home Room Representative, Library Assistant: Darrell Martin. - ROW THREE: Kathleen Martin-Quill and Scroll, National Thespians, Feature Editor World: Ruby Massey: Rodean Mathiason-fKansas City, Mo., Assistant Student Council Representativel: Eugene Mat- thews-Hi-Y. Class Captain. ROW FOUR: Evangeline May-Proctor: Dick Mayer4Sport Editor World, Proctorl Pep Club: Roberta McCluggage-Class Captain, Masque and Wig, Band. ROW FIVE: Peggy McComas-YHonorary Pep Club. Proctor, Hostess: Marjorie McConnell-Pep Club. Accompanist Band and Orchestra. ROW SIX: Elaine McCormick-Home Room Representative, Hostess. Student Secretary. VERTICAL ROW: Iames McDonald-Masque and Wiq, Stage Man- ager All-School Party, Class Captain: Vera McDonald: Sylva Mc- Dowell, Walter McFarland: Wayne Mclntosh-Band, Debate, Tutor. l24l r-f .. .A x f: ' I, f 2- VERTICAL ROW: Shirley McLeanwSocial Committee Phyllis Wheat- ley Girl Reserves, Hostess, Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: Patricia McManus: Marjean Mead-Class Captain: Iames Medill-Proctor, Home Room Representative, Activity Editor Sunflower: Carolyn Mellenbruch--Pep Club, Senior Glee, A Cappella. ROW ONE: Martha Menninqer-Sophomore Representative Student Council, Social Chairman Iunior Class, National Thespians. ROW TWO: Bernard Meyer: Martha Miler-Girl Reserves, Iunior Glee Senior Glee. ROW THREE: LaVerne Miller-Quill and Scroll, Auditor World, Aud- itor Trojan Handbook: Leota Miller: Mary Louise Miller-Senior Glee, Business Staff Sunflower, A Cappella. ROW FOUR: Bill Montgomery--A Cappella, Proctor, Senior Gleet Duane Montgomery-Proctor: lean Moore-Proctor, Hostess, Tutor' Wanda Moore-Class Captain. HOW FIVE: Gleda Morehead: Betty lean Morrison-Proctor, Hostess, "Periscope" World: lane Mosby--Home Room Representative, "Strat- osphere" World, Concession Stand: Paul Moser-Debate, Honor T. Secretary National Forensic Club: Pat Moyer-Home Room Repre- sentative. ROW SIX: Richard Muehleisen: Ruth Murphy-Proctor: Zane Murphy -Home Room Representative, Head Host, Letterman Football: Betty Naylor--Girl Reserves, Proctor, Hostess: Iohn Neil: Virginia Neil- G. A. A,, Bowling Club, Pep Club. l25l - af- : gm Z ' 4 , IP iist l .Qs . as ,It-f' fffwir it ' fn' Q 'Q if . X 4b i.,-HV '45 :mv 315 ,Q "H ,-Z tg s.: f'r K 5 Qx . - E V if it J? -I yflbt: .ie ifi.,,-ri VERTICAL ROW: Harriett Neill-Pep Club, Proctor, Sunflower Stall: Ieanne NelsonfCOttumwa, la., Dramatic Clubl, Auditor Sunflower, Treasurer Quill and Scroll: Lloyd Ninemires: Iosephine Nissen: Shirley Nonken-Class Captain, Orchestra, Band. ROW ONE: Marjorie Northup. ROW TWO: LaVerne Oflenfl-X Cappella, Senior Glee, "Say It With Musicn: Georgia Lee Oldham. ROW THREE: Frank Oppitz-Band, Second Place Music Festival in Kansas City: Bob Owen: Bill Owens-Thespian, Masque and Wig, Baseball. ROW FOUR: Dorothy Pair1ter4"Hither and Yon" World, Proctor, Hostess: Bill Palmer-King All-School Party, Football Captain, Sent ior Representative Student Council: Sheridan ParksA Ramblers Basketball, Music, Assembly Programs: Sherman Parks-Ramblers Basketball, Iunior Glee, Host. ROW FIVE: Iewel Pasley-ffClass Captain, Gym Proctor, Orchestra: Charles Patterson-Host, Class Captain, Football Team: Doris Pat- terson-Hostess: Betty Payne-Home Room Representative, Assistant Head Hostess, Corresponding Secretary Student Congress: Betty Peel-A Cappella, Proctor, Home Room Representative. ROW SIX: Delbert PeelAProctor, Iunior-Senior Prom Program, Christ- mas Pageant: Helen Pendergast-Usher Club, Pep Club, Class Captain: Don Pepper-Home Room Representative, Band, Orchestra: Kenneth Perry-Class Captain. Band, Orchestra: Annette Peterson -Assistant Speaker Representative Council, Quill and Scroll, Art Editor Sunflower: Glenn Peterson-Debate, Madrigal Singers, Glee Club. 261 W x I Us ROW ONE: Norma Peterson-Usher Club, Proctor: Thayer Phillips- Two Letterman Ramblers Basketball: Charles Piderit: Charles Pom- eroy: Ruby Pope-Pep Club, Assistant Home Room Representative, Tutor: Doris Porter-A Cappella, Iunior-Senior Prom, "Trojans on Parade." V ROW TWO: Gene Potts: Iim Powell-Intramural Football and Basket- ball, Senior Glee: Margaret Pratt-Pia Societas, Honorary Pep Club, Tutor: William Price-Program Chairman Booker T Boys. As- sistant Sport Editor World, Pitcher Varsity Baseballg Patty Priddle -Proctor, Madrigal Singers, Home Room Representative. ROW THREE: Dorothy Quaney-Proctor, Hostess, Music: Kathryn Quaney-Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club: Claude Radcliff: Wayne Bagan---Host. ROW FOUR: Gene Raub: Fred Rausch-Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, Sport Editor World, Home Room Representative: Richard Rea-Pep Club. ROW FIVE: Robert Rea--Circulation Manager World, Library Proc- tor: Lulu lane Reed-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Hostess, Music. ROW SIX: William Reeder. VERTICAL ROW: Wilma Reeder--Home Room Representative, Proc- tor, Hostess: Helen Reklites, G. A. A., Music, Assembly Program: Ruth Rew-Pep Club, Christmas Pageant, Music: Norma Rhodes-- Proctor, Class Captain: Barbara Rice-Quill and Scroll, Masque and Wig, "Stratosphere" World. l27l 0 wg ,.,,,: . .17 5 . , Iii 5 7'-.'. 7 52 mf? X E .1-.-. fam.:-1.-I . f- 1 r -nil if t -- 4 4 41 III f Y V1 C7'l' l7AQ:: v v :'?Z:-:ill 1 I 4 P 4 ' 4 A i A .1 A N13 A 4 .- llln If I.- vIZ2'.Hll,'l ' 'I!.'!ll.'l.l' 1" "" " 1 4 A 4 . . Kg BILL When Bill Palmer reigned at the All-School Party, December 6, he was admired not only as King, but as the finest type of Trojan. He made two letters in football and three in basketball. A proctor captain in both his Iunior and Senior years, he served this year also as Student Council Representative, all the While maintaining a high stand- ard of scholarship. Scores of friends attest to his good dispo- sition and sense of humor. To- peka High will not soon forget anyone who has upheld the standards of the school so worthily as did King Bill of the graduating class of 1940-41. Z X l23l lllll 2'-111111111 ll If lillllllflll 'I 77 171 7777 71' 7L 177117 4U7AU7 I s' 'A Q i ' Q Y ' do ' I , : i - V i I 4 - - 4 .4 A1177-11-71111 1, . I' It flllffllulllul A A -' A A 4 7. Az 7 A A A - - - -7 - - l 3 g 1 E 2 1 2 t i 146614, BARBARA Barbara Long, lovely bru- nette, following in the footsteps of her older sister, made a charming Queen to rule over the All-School Party. Quiet, poised, and friendly from her first entrance into Troy, Barbara was elected vice-president of the Sophomore class. In her Iunior year she carried an im- portant role in the class play, "Broken Dishes." As a Senior, she served most efficiently as election clerk. Besides being a proctor and a hostess several terms, Barbara belongs to sev- eral music groups, to Masque and Wig, the Thespians, and the Girls' Honorary Pep Club. l29l VERTICAL ROW: Robert Richmond: Mary Ridlon-Home Room Rep! resentative, Girl Reserves, Pep Club: Mary Ritchie--G. A. A.. Girl Reserves, Proctor: Gloria K. Roberts-Concert and Marching Band. Proctor, Tutor: Vernon Roberts---Proctor, Basketball, Track. ROW ONE: Alyce Robinson-Girls' Chorus. ROW TWO: Duane Robir1sonYSenior Glee, A Cappella: Lalah Mae Robinson. ROW THREE: Marie Rogers: Shirley Rogers-Social Chairman Soph- omore Class, Secretary Quill and Scroll, "Down the Avenue" World: Eileen Roqlitz-Home Room Representative. - ROW FOUR: Robert Root-Home Room Representative: Robert Ros- wurm: Rex Ruby: lean RutterfHonorary Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Honor T. ROW FIVE: Alberta Ryder-AProctor, Assistant Clerk: Elaine Rymph- i it if : 3 . Girl Reserves, Proctor, Hostess: Dorothy Sacks-Hostess, Twirling Corps, "Trojans on Parade": Mary Saderstrom-Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, "Around the World" World: Gene Sallee-Assistant Proc- tor Captain, Basketball. Host. ROW SIX: Edith Salyer: Betty Sams--Girl Reserves, "Around the World" World, Honorary Pep Club: Charles Saterlee4President Table Tennis Club, Home Room Representative, Sport Editor World: Dean Sawyer H-Football, Baseball: Warren Saylor: Helen Scamell -wlunior Glee Club, A Cappella, Proctor. xr- M... ttf l30l if.. NIS, I . Q. Q fi :QZ V, P x 'M..f" 1. t Q-I .1 . t :inf-Z 2 ' N, Eze-: -Jfilf' ,I X -ff:ea,'5'.' It tif". ' -I ' " Q Q ' , . . g 4 '91 u 2 t I ROW ONE: Patty Schaefer--Home Room Representative, Proctor. Senior Glee Club: Iune Ann Schoonover-Girl Reserves, Pep Club, Proctor: Coral Schuerman-CEnid, Okla., Pep Club, Spanish Club. Archery Clubl: Ruth Schulz-Proctor, Hostess, Pep Club: Elaine Scrinopskie-Home Room Representative, National Thespians, Masque and Wig: Charles Searle-Senior Manager Basketball, Or- chestra, Proctor. ROW TWO: Delores Senne: Lola lane SennefProctor, Pep Club, Hostess: Charlotte Shafer-Pep Club: Virginia Shaw: Betty Lou Shepard-Honorary Pep Club, Home Room Representative, Proctor. ROW THREE: Harry ShinklefCamera Club. Proctor, English Assem- bly: Katherine Shoal-"Periscope" World, Editor "High School Hap- penings." Concession Stand Worker: Patty Shortte- A-Home Room Rep- resentative Hostess, Proctor: Phyllis Shull-A Cappella, Proctor, Hostess. ROW FOUR: Lillian SieqelfGirl Reserves: Helen Simmonds-Mari riqal Singers, Proctor, A Cappella: Betty Skinner--Usher Club, Girl Reserves. ROW FIVE: Bob Sloan: Keith SmellfPep Club, Usher Club, Class Captain. ROW SIX: Dorothy lane Smith-'Junior Glee Club, Class Captain, Senior Glee Club. VERTICAL ROW: Euqene Smith--Usher Club, Intramural Basketball, Band: Ilene Smith: Ierelene Smith-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reselgves: Iune Smith-President Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Attendant to Queen All-School Party: Nina Ieanne Smith. I31l Us gvpwg. 2 ' ' :RCW Ms! 1, t .Q 'fr W2 A ROW ONE: Paul N. Smith' 'Pia Societas, Cut Editor World, Library Proctor: Virginia Smith-Girl Reserves. Hostess: Richard Snyder v Manager Football Team, Proctor, Band: Doris Somers--Assistant Home Room Representative: Richard Sorber: Maxine Spannagel- Band, Proctor, Orchestra. ROW TWO: Melville Spencer: Ruth Staqe--Proctor, Library Assistant. Art Prize: Anne Staley-Honorary Pep Club, A Cappella, "Peri- scope" World: Alice Marie Stanley --fGirls'Y Ensemble, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella: Mary Stanley-eWString Sextette, Girls' Glee. Proctor. ROW THREE: Ruth Ann Starr-Quill and Scroll, Orchestra. Literary Editor World: lean Steck--Girl Reservesj Pep Club, Iunior-Senior Prom Program: Marguerite Stephens---Proctor, Hostess: Maxine Stephenson, ROW FOUR: Ioan Stewart' Proctor, A Cappella, Senior Glee: Phyllis Stewart: Wilma Stewart-H Usher Club, Honor Roll, Proctor. ROW FIVE: Nina Ann StraisinqerfProctor, Band: Ralph Stumbaugh - f-Pep Club, Proctor, Host. ROW SIX: Melva SturmfProctor, Quill and Scroll, Editor "High School Happenings." VERTICAL ROW: Ruth Suddarth---Girl Reserves, Proctor, Band: Clara Sumey: Floyd SumpterA4Class Captain: Anna Marie SundfBand, Proctor, Hostess: Anna Madge Swecker. l32l VERTICAL ROW: Bob Swenson-Honorary Pep Club, Election Com- missioner, Proctor Captain: Kathryn Tabor--Hostess: George Tay- lor: Margaret Taylor-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Hostess: Frederick Temple-Treasurer Booker T Boys. Letterman Baseball, Host. ROW ONE: lane Thomas-Pep Club, Iunior Glee. ROW TWO: Iune Thomas-G. A. A., Championship Basketball, Vol- leyball and Speedball: Bob Thompson-Strato Club. ROW THREE: Glen Thompson-Class Captain: Iohn Thompson: Glen Ticehurst-President Senior Class, Letterman Football and Track. ROW FOUR: Thelma Tiffany: Lee Tillinghast: Ruth Tippin--Feature Editor World, Girl Reserves, Library Assistant: Marjorie Titus- Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess. ROW FIVE: Bessie Tkatch-Home Room Representative, Pep Club. Twirling Corps: Iud Townley-Editor Sunflower, President Quill and Scroll, Letterman Tennis: Doris Trapp-Head Hostess, Business Manager World, Concession Stand: Melba Trent-Pia Societas, Proctor, Pep Club: William Trimble. ROW SIX: Richard TrotteHome Room Representative, Band, Class Captain: Ernestine Turner-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, At- tendant to Queen Colored All-School Party, Hostess: Horace Tyler- Ramblers Basketball, Booker T Boys, Host: Gerald Tyner-Class Captain: Albert Tyree: Lloyd Upchurch. if 33 i 3 l l 'lv lrfjff A' If ROW ONE: Dick VickersiSenior Glee Club, A Cappella, Madrigal: Betty Vigneron: Betty Marie Vogel: Peggianne Voqel4-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, All-School Party Program: Earl Voiles: Rose Marie VoilessGir1 Reserves, Honorary Pep Club, Proctor. ROW TWO: Ioanne Wadev-Home Room Representative, Proctor. Hostess: Dorothy Walker: Eddie Wallace-Two Letterman Football, Two Letterman Basketball, Proctor: loanne Wallace-Senior Social Chairman, Home Room Representative, Band: Henry Walters- National Thespians. K ROW THREE: Peggy Wardin-Honorary Pep Club, Proctor, Hostess: Dale Warner, Galen Warnock-Class Captain, Stage Work: Polly Weaver-Honorary Pep Club, Art Editor Sunflower. Staff Artist World. ROW FOUR: Ioan WebbgHome Room Representative, Assistant Editor Trojan Handbook, Orchestra: Mary Jane Webb-Girl Ree serves: Bill Wellman,-Senior Glee Club, Band, A Cappella Choir. ROW FIVE: Henry Wells-Proctor, Letterman Football: Margaret Westerskow. ROW SIX: Polly Anna Westfall-Class Captain, Christmas Pageant. VERTICAL ROW: Bill Wettengel: Geraldine Wetzel-Girl Reserves. Hostess: Leo Weyler-Honorary Pep Club, Masque and Wig, lun- ior Play: Vernon Wheeldon: Barbara White-Honorary Pep Club. Proctor, Home Room Representative. l34l VERTICAL ROW: Raymond White-Music: Dorothy Whiteheade-Pep Club, Hostess, All-School Party: Virgil Whitt-Class Captain, Intra- mural Sports: Herbert Wilch: Lucy WilkersoniGir1 Reserves, Class Captain. ROW ONE: Lois Elaine WillcutsiVice-President Iunior Class, Quill and Scroll, Lead "Ceiling Zero." ROW TWO: Betty lean Williams-Class Captain, Proctor: Doris Williams-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Hostess. ROW THREE: Ieanne Williams-Hostess, Essay Contest, "Sepia Sketches" World: Mary Iean WilliamsAGirl Reserves. Pep Club: Betty Io Williamson-Iunior Glee, Proctor, Honorary Pep Club. ROW FOUR: Doris Williamson-Proctor, Home Room Representative: Walter WillsiStrato Club, Baseball: Wayne Wills-Band, Home Room Representative, Camera Club: Charles Willsey. ROW FIVE: Ina Wilson-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Hostess: Iames Wilson--Proctor, Host, Band: Loraine Wilson: Philip Wilson-Band, Intramural Sports: Willette Wilson-Hostess. ROW SIX: Don Wingate-Senior Representative Student Council, Head Host, Business Manager World: Donna Mae Wingerson- President Girl Reserves, A Cappella, Senior Glee: Hazel Wolver- ton-Band: Coralie WoodwardvClass Captain: Iohn Woody-Band' Kenneth Workman. l35l vii' ,As ROW ONE Dorothy Wray Lithographing Manager Sunflower Class Captain Collector World Bob Wright Debate National Forensic League Proctor Del Wright Ioseph Wright Booker T Club KEvans Mo Athletlcsl Wilhelmina Wright Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves Rosemary Wultkuhle-CHighland Park Homernakers Club, Glee Club, Girl Reservesl. ROW TWO: Virginia Wyllie: Frances Pomeroy Young: Ona Young- man-Home Room Representative Quill and Scroll, "Around the World" World: Kenneth Zima-Proctor. Intramural Basketball: Iulian Zimmerman-Editor World, Quill and Scroll, Honorary Pep Club. ROW THREE: Adelia Bell: Lawrence Brunker-Band, Orchestra: Douglas Dodge-Class Captain, Hi-Y: Earl Chester. ROW FOUR: lane Felton: Harold Fry: Harold Haines- Proctor, Host, Band. ROW FIVE: Clifford Kaarbo-CBeatrice, Nebr., Staff School Paper. Monitor, Senior Play Castl: Kenneth IohnsonAThree Letterman Football, Three Letterman Basketball, Attendant to King All-School Party. ROW SIX: Wilber Law. VERTICAL ROW: Ralph Lewis-Letterman Football, Basketball, Letterman Track: Bob McGiftordfCaptain Intramural Baseball, ln- tramural Basketball , Proctor: Adolphus Nelson--Basketball, Foot- ball, Band: Alberta Odell: Marjorie Relihan-Pep Club, Hostess. l36l ,,.,,,,M.,m, 1 . rx, .v.,...f. .. r. ,,..r.,.sL-,-lt r ..1?' ,its This quotation is familiar to all pupils of Miss Maude Bishop. It has often been stated that one cannot flunk in peace in Miss Bishop's classes. Lazy students, besides being prompted by Miss Bishop's poetic quota- tions, are always kept busy with special assignments and reference work. Thus they soon learn it is more profitable to keep up on daily assignments rather than attempt to get by with only partial preparation. One of the most versatile teachers in Topeka High, Miss Bishop has taught and tutored in history, constitution. economics, Latin, English, algebra, and geometry during her years in Topeka High. Among her many pupils have been Mrs. Verna Nims, Miss Amy Swenson, and Miss Mabel Kingsley, now on the high school faculty. Miss Bishop was teaching in Topeka High when W. N. Van Slyck. principal, was a pupil. Graduating Seniors well remember how Miss Bishop has always obliged them by taking an active part in student activities. They re- member how willingly she consented to do the "Big Apple" at that varsity during their Sophomore year. and how she "rolled them in the aisles" when she appeared in their Iunior-Senior Prom. Miss Bishop was born in Topeka on the site of our present city hall, but received her grade and high school education in Franklin, Nebr. ' In 1896, after only three years of college work, she graduated from Washburn with an A. B. degree. She was a member of the honorary scholastic organization, Tau Delta Pi. Miss Bishop started teaching in Topeka High in 1904. She spent two summers at Harvard. in 1903 and 1906, and in 1924 received her Master's degree at Washburn College. Today, Miss Bishop remains a character loved by all Trojans. Her high voice, echoing through the second floor halls, has always been a part of Topeka High. Her humorous disposition and interesting stories have long been admired by Trojans. Graduating Seniors of 1941 will never forget Miss Bishop, chairman of the Senior sponsors. lack Rigby Clyde Smalley Lyle Smeltzer Margery Tibbets, el lf Iames Dickson Its not the things you've done, dear, But the things you've left undone, That give you the bitter heartaches At the setting of the sun." Ella Wheeler Wilcox Miss Maud Bishop Many students in Topeka High's 1941 class have taken chemistry. During the time they were enrolled in chemistry, they have come to know Instructor Iames Dickson as a most kind and interesting person. Their days in his class will always be something to look back to. How well they remember their first laboratory experiment-glass bending- and how they jumped when Mr. Dickson first demonstrating the explosive reaction of hydrogen and oxygen! They remember Mr. Dickson's dem- onstration of the manner in which atoms go around together, his gal- vanic method of writing on the blackboard. and his many humorous stories, most of which were told more than once during a year's chem- istry course. Mr. Dickson was born in Auburn, Kansas. He has lived in Shawnee County all but the few years of his life when he taught school in South Dakota. His high school and college education consisted of four years at the Teachers' College at Emporia, and four years at the University of Kansas, where he obtained his A. B. degree in 1901 and his A. M. degree in 1906. Mr. Dickson was head of the science department in the high schools at Aberdeen and Deadwood, South Dakota, before coming to Topeka High in 1909. During his years at Topeka High, Mr. Dickson has taught both chem- istry and physics. For many years, he has also taught chemistry to nurses in training from various hospitals in Topeka. In all these years of chemistry teaching, no serious accidents have ever occurred in his classes. as Mr. Dickson stresses caution above all else. The "odoriferous odors" encountered about the third floor halls are always traceable to Mr. Dickson's lair-room 300. Within the room the littered desk and equation-filled blackboard have become familiar to chemistry students for the last three decades. Although his teaching has been chiefly confined fto one course, Mr. Dickson is well known in Topeka High and holds a warm place in the regard of all Trojans. l37l 4 cw, K n A, i, Q if E t gf? Q L f ?f f' W 'ff . .,.,,.,V.,i. y ,,.,. , MW. N 7? , ,f ' 5 A', 1 E ,, Q if gf iff sw ff 13 . A A 5 , 1,43 gy ,f ', I P M' ifzlf , ,. " ,Nr A 4- 4 "' A ,5 - A r y i K , X' . Q-:gy f J if RF vi f g 5 ,W if 'Y me , .....?,...... 6 'Y 9' x 7 L 1 4 I K e 4 3 xl Ti K I A IS CO CU 9 A 71 is .?,,:,.. .1 QQ M :f ww 133 bw! ? SK K union Cfddd OFFICERS With their "sub-scrub" days behind them, but still awaiting the time when they'll be high and mighty Seniors, the Iuniors have proved their importance by taking an active part in student life at Topeka High. Through the efforts of the Iunior class officers, a gala Iunior-Senior Prom was presented this spring. lack Myers, President Terry McAdam, Vice-President Betty Chubb Frank Eckert Isabel Neiswanger Dale Briman Marcia McSpadden Secretary-Treasurer Representative Representative Representative Social Chairman ROW lvGomez, Gorrell, Tucker, McCollough, Matthews, Meltis, Walker, Peterson, Richey, Warren, Carson, Bergman, Anderson. ROW 2wAllen, Lester, Bonebrake, Milton, Wigginton, Hale, Bratten, Brandt, Morehead, Warner, Paul, Ross. Scates, Curry. ROW 3-Eckert, Williams, Messinger, Wall, Somers, R. Brown, Weed, Kelley, Pozez, Saville, G. Brown, Holliday, Cofran, Robinson, Cook. ROW 4-Montgomery, Wilson, Adsit, Meyer. 40 1 Row l-Sardou, Palmer, Schultz. Witmer. Bray, Peters, Zarker, Wood. Wolf Gibson McSpadden Haydon Row 2-McCarter, H. Iohnson, Collins, Reese, E. Hamilton, L. Hamilton F Iohnson Pressman Nudson Harsha B lohnson Hawks Steves Row 3-Myers, Walraten. Thompson, Snyder, Moilet, Wingren, Ellis, Cook Pollom Perry Coiran Cooper Brown Row 4-Osborn, Plackett, Bruhns, Wilson, Reed, Howard, Schuenight Briggs Williams Row 1-Ziegelasch, Zarn, Ellis, Underwood. I. Snyder. Schwartz. Norman Olson Rossrter Hersh M Miller Erwin Dick Row 2-Welch. Peterson, Weaver, White, Percival. Furgason, Buckley B Shelton Hicks Riedel Hooper Lonam Plumb McKenzie Row 3-Robertson, Long, Lewis, Hensley. Herrick, Zarker, McRae, Werth V Shelton Wallingford Sklbbe McClure McCa1g Row 4-Hirschberg, Petro, L. Miller, Bowman, Gifiord. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Logan, Easton, Foster, Unruh, Clarke, Covey, Tener. E. Alumbaugh B Alumbaugh Lewman Tevis Mallory Brubaker --Disney, Haggard, Talbot, Blakely. Burke, Young. Appleby. Linge Musson DeVore Regnom Lewis Tibbits Thomas Spencer -Finney, Tyree, Lieberman, Hupp, Briman, Lynn, Conrad, Montgomery McAdam Love Howells McAfee Maze Taylor Macterran, Dodson. Lowther. Bunce. l4l Row Row Row Row l-Tkatch, Steves Stevens . on, Euler, Cowger, Grotewcxhl, Boatriqht, Mabry. Stolpe, Harper, Kious, King, Severtson, Garvin 2--Bausch, Schultz, Smith, Gordon, Gorrell, Wells, Hains, Relihan, Rasmussen, Blackburn, Krom, Kerns, Gideon. 34McCall. Stamm, Paden, Simmons, Morriss, McDermott. Dustin. Carrothers, Burs ' 4-Haley, Parks. Carson, on, Springer, Kramer. d Townsen d Gene ,L an 'i new KOCH Wx so ers Nlaril Lee' order Sl-mnow P99196 d Chuck West, OH GXQCG , - lc FlorenC9 Baker Pause lol G dim Row le-Grooms. Hazlitt, Bergstrom, Scritchfield, lVIcAdoo, Webb. Black, Rodney, Devendorf, Chubb, McCord. Row 2-Moore, Thompson, DeGrait, Fees, Nelson, Maze, Mallon, Firestone, Fleming, Owen, Brown, Paulsen. Row 3vChappell, Richardson, lrelan, Bryant, Carder, Peterson, Seele, Daneke, Guy, Heleker, Hanlon, Hoque. Row 4--Petterson. Terrill, Iohnson, White, Powell, Canatsey, Brier, Chamberlin, Fitzpatrick. l42l lla Row 1-Myers, Frederick, Counseller, Collier, Cummings, Crass, Cress, Brehmer. Wills. Smith, D. Monroe. Row 2-Colcher, Campbell. Porter. Taggart. Clare, Wright, Iencks, Cooper, Frost. Wright, M. Monroe, Clark. Row 3--Dean. Iarrell, Davidson. Dolin. Lichtenstadter, Rymph. Smith, Ames. Corkill, Burke, Pearson, Knight, Row 4-eMi1eham, Maddux. McClenny. Hales. Custer, Van Nice. Karst, Lamning. Iames, Maze. 'wtf .hnn.. Row l+Draher, Crandall, Bleske, Pontius, Robinson. Sullivan, Appleby, Whiteside, Saunders, L. McClellan. Row 2-M. McClellan, Edwards, Sheppard, Weldon, Gray, Engle, Engel. Steele. Rankin. Ienkins. Rathbun, Snook. Row 3-Conner. Smith, Beichman, Chase, Davis, Dyal, Echols, Suttles, Boyer. Boam, Bond. Weeks. Row 4-Trusdale, Burton, Nash, Robbins. Ijams, Speer. Row 1 -D. Dunn, First, R. Iohnson. P. Iohnson, Conard, Parker, Iones, Ijams. Ransom, Neiswanger, Sanders, Phillips, Fix. Schofield. Row 2-McKinney, Rigby, Anderson, Bunce, Hetherington, I. Dunn. Dilley, Listz, Quinn, Nichols, Hakes, Norvell, Zirkle, Trimble, Row 3--Connell. Vancil, Sliqar. Barrientos, Miller, Ericson, Benedict, Bachman. Odell. Cooper, Ford. Badders, Kelley. Cummickel, Romiq, Forbes. Row 4-fPayne. Martin, Mechem, Coates, Kahle. Dutt. Lentz, Benson, Snider. Beverly, Siebert, Colmery, Bailey, Cleland. Imel, Scott. l43l Carl Nyman, midst numerous duties. Buster Courtner displays culinary skill. lmds time lor hls public Conard and Feezer are just jealous ko Dcmiex Webskei . leis Tom Baxxeyof Piociflf vos' leanne Nelson takes advantage of Open "Sweetheart of To ekq Hi h" H 1 P q , e en House and shows her folks around Louise Horstman, sings l44l After school Vivian Thompson and Patty Fair-goers Buff and Wilson entertain Moore exchange latest gossip cornely maidens G-lr and Goixndfh . ckef' . b tantes Mornsoixo 22 entertumed De U Seem Loilq gm file Ji Cotton" gets oii cr good one Marguerite Wigginton primps as "Cue-ball Mechem" ponders over -"H1p" laughs Duane Post looks on ' I 45 I chess game CTS-0 AOWLOZ6 Cfdaisf OFFICERS Iohnny Bausch. President Coming from six different schools, members of the Sophomore class seemed to fit immediately into the pattern of high school life. Iohnny Bausch, their president, became a corporal in the National Guards, and left for Camp Robin- son, Arkansas, early in the fall term. Vice- President Kenneth Hart filled his position. Kenneth Hart, Vice-President .. , t stits V ':h" MUYHYH Eckert D0f0fhY Pelefs'-DH Mary Heleker Tilton Anderson Ieannette Hass Secretary-Treasurer Representative Representative Representative Sgqiql Chai,-mm, ROW 1- ROW 2- ROW 3- ROW 4- - Hamm, H. Hirschberg, Walters, Niven, Reynolds, Stewart, Brian, Bunce, Myrick, Zahourek, Ammon, Wilkins. Atchison, Hestand, Peyton, Robinson, Ziegler, Seely. Brokmann, Reid, Collister, Mix. Graham. Heleker, Creel, Smith. Coulson. Andrews, Knowlton, Rutter, Frost. Roberson. Perry, Kern, Hefner, Williams, Wilson. Krom, Ginder, Spencer, Simmons. Lieurance. Coulter. Often, McRae. Mechem, Riggs. Reaser, Keck. M. Hirschberg, Powell. l46 Row 1-Urban. Kraus. Byrd. Peterson, Farmer, Wardell, Cattle, Stanley, Finuf, Lewis, Hughes, Spiker. V. Kirk, Wood. Row 2--Hulsopple, Wilson, Barnes, Hoss, Gribble, Griifin, Bellman, Cordill, Holmes, Hanson, Blankenship, Swearingen, L. Kirk, Weyler, Wray. How 3-Gordon, Fletcher, Trent, Strange, Mattson. Frankle, Elliott, Hartman, Collins, Lizenbery, Allen. Row 4-Fitzgerold. Henderson, Greene. Shorthill, Miller, Drake. Vandeventer. Row 1--Gray, Sallee. Newman. Evey. Erskine, Fasig, Gehrt. McFarland, Morgan, Virginia Nelson, Wingate, Rupin. McAlister. Row Z-Hurst, Faust, Viola Nelson, Fudge, Small, Milam, Muma, Richmond, Nohrn, Collister, Drury, Canrobert, Cheek, Hussey. Row 3-Spoon, Runyan, Woli, Hamilton. Deever, Drehmer, Colmery, Shiner. Becker, Culbreath, Kitch, Vandegriit, Wright, Foster, Peterson, Cunningham. I-'tow 4-Edmonds, Goodrich. Warren, Drayer, Spillner. Stanley. Iolliff, Martin. Anderson. Laird, Brown, Hooier. Kieffer. Row 1-Benson, Stone, Iones, Clarke, Feeley, Kivette, Conard, Shirley, Haynes, Hankamer, Youngman, McGregor. Heck. Row 2-Lemon, August, Ausherman, Meyer, Hensroth, French, Fuhrken, Nager, King. lobe, Riggin, Miley, Butler, O'Malley, Snook. Row 3-Markley, Myrick, Enochs, Honeyman, Dial, Arthur, R. Smith, Swartzman, Marsh. Hart, Lamar. Herrington. Athon, Moyer. Stewart. Row 4-Liggett. Lady, Wise, Briscoe, Corkill, Bales, Ward. Hall, Shakeshaft, P. Smith. l47l Row Row Row Row 1- -Hernandez. D. Iohnson, Laflerty. Minnis, Moser Timmons Isaacson Ellison Mor an I d K , . , , q , or an, nox, McKibben. 2--Hutson, Kramer, Lilly, Kennedy, Baughman. Mize, McPherson. Parr, Oyler, Offen, Howell, Beers. 3---Willard, Scott, Karnes, Iones, Harsha, Bowers, Thompson, Titus, Schnacke, Kunkler, Grice, C. lohnson, Brent, Copeland. Campbell Krieg. 4AMiller, Babcock, Merriam, Pierce, Peterson, Schmitz, Reid, H'll G'lk 1 , 1 ey, Biqham, Osborn. .N L L av 2 as Row 1- Row 2- Row 34 Row 4- ' A br . -5 pqtromle Number we ' Voting Booth Lorraine Crime! 'a Grail talk ll'-ings over ci Leland Verse Undnwtil verandll O Sewell, Ticehurst, Berglund. Moberly,- Winingear. Scott. Morton. Mueller, Matthews, Nissen, DeGraw, Tibbitts, Reed. Martin, MCI-Xlister, Boyle, Richardson, T. Williams, Deskins, Guthrie, Owen. Taylor, Fluke. Tosh, Dinsmore, Bauersleld, Nightingale Wulfkuhle. Heere. Cameron. Neill Bohinqer Allen R Williams Duncan Gilro R , . , . . , y. eynolds, Draper, Stone, Quaney. Young, Dysart, Allqire. Romig, Coates. R. Rogers, Hapgood, Rhodes. Hay. Parnell. Iones, Hodgell. Haslett. Cummin s, R l A l49l q anqe, . Rogers, Row 1-Snook, L. Smith, A. Smith, Iohns, Spielman, Coen, Dolezilek, Robison, Quintard. Tudhope. Rowe, Pyle. Row 2-Verschelden, McNeely, Barrientos, Lowry, Euwer, Manley, Eckert, Estes, Patterson, Rowell. Stubbings, Andrews. How 3-Benedict, Campbell, Mathes, Hardin, Douglas, Rodell, Wamer, McGrew, Webb, Snyder, Marshall, Hurley, Huber, Row 4-Watkins, Corkill, Powell, Raymond, Pheasant, Maupin, Manuel. Belknap, Zimmerman, Taylor, Crum. Daniels, Phillips. Row 1-Erickson, Hass, Ramsbarger, De Long, Samuelson, Butler, Harness, Spiegel, Lewis, Brown. Coats, Cohn, Pendleton. Row 2-Hibbs, McElroy, Grubb, Hoehner, Etzel, Erwin, Reid, Holloway. Fitzsimmons, Peckham, Myrick, Carson, Reklites. Row 3-Carothers, Allen, B. Hall, Almon, Schuler, Coble. Gomez, Carlson, Atchison, Feeley. Sellen, Snook, Stumbaugh. Row 4-Burdick, Hickox, Sicks, C. Hall, Garrison, Kanatzar. Chincholl. Armstrong, Pence. Row 1-Faqan, Turner, Lindemuth, Young, Becker, Lowry. Bates, Barrett, French, Markham, A. Allen, Nelson, Horstman, Wilson. Row 2-Perry, Haberkom, Hicks, Brain, Brooks, Butler. Taylor, Raines, McClain, Shrier, Eidmcinn. Scamell. Wilkerson. E.'Wa1ters. Row 3-Wellman, Houchins, Elmore, I. Walters, Gilliland. Copp, Burtenshaw, Hamblin, Hughes, Peterson, Robertson, Haines, Klein, Grillin Shrake, Anderson. Row 4-Whitaker, Vemon. Bamey, Summers, Tuffley, Hinshaw, Roberts, C. Allen. White, Wade, Ames. Foster, Gustafson. Adee. I 49 l my em QW, ATTENDANTS Barbara Duff and Kenneth Iohnson Carolyn Kline and Gordon Dibble Qfoze ROYALTY Kmg Howard Hurst and Queen Marjorle Harmon Millard Hicks and Betty Iohnson Clyde Carper and Ernestine Turner i501 Cilmfmf GOVERNMENT I as Wed enfafllk C32un,c4f b4h5 Roy Boost Annette Peterson Alberta Ryder Treasurer Assistant Speaker Clerk Sully Hux Iim Medill Barbara Magill Assistant Treasurer Business Executive Clerk Miss Amy Swenson, Sponsor Gordon Dibble President of the Student Congress Bob Fisher Vice-President of the Student Congress Dick Iliti Speaker of the Representative Council Barbara Long Election Clerk Election Commissioner Iean Crompton Secretary ol the Point System l51l . it 4 we 5 ' UW' R. 51, .Q , .. ,f fha gf' 2 Y f EL mzp. EE , , Q x 2, m : 4 My 5 ' gf -7 ' f 4 AQ Q ' 'ii ' 'Q , W '11 w w f- , +7 W' ,gif 35 .df . ' Y A w- -WM. , , .A,. L,L, Z V , , .TIE A K. .9-'fa + wuvwmw Ad 9 .. . Ng ,ff W M' Wffwq-W, 4 M ,A l 1 5 N, 1 vm 6 736.44 Row 1-Davis, Matthews, Gordon, Tkatch, Dustin. Wilch, Dibble, Walrafen, Rausch, Swenson. Row 2-Ellis, Giddings, White Magill, Moyer, Gideon, Medill, Payne. Howell, Wallace. Row 3-Clinton, Roglitz, Kraybill, Quaney, Mosby, Gorman, Gillespie Scrinopskie, Wetzel, Harper. Row 4-Beverly, Holliday, McCaig, Boast, Adolphson, Short, Lorts, Rigby, Scates, Critchlow. Row 5-Shrake, Payne, Brier, Root, Miss Amy Swenson, Sponsor: Higgs, Eckert, Rossiter, Granger, Reeder. Row 6eSimmons, Perry Hobbs, Lewis, Petro, Murphy, Peterson, Rogers, Dove. LVLC6 f Q, when Topeka High School decided on the bicameral system of student gov- ernment patterned after that of the United States Congress, the two houses have worked ener- getically. Today, business moves through both governing bodies smoothly. One of the main issues in the fall election was the school charter. Social events and parties were other items on the many platforms of the candidates. The Student Council, with Bob Fisher as pre- siding officer, has been busy sponsoring var- sities and Working on the All-School Party. The latter is one of the main responsibilities of the Council, as all members take an active part in the preparations. Another product of this house has been the forum assemblies. These give the students a chance to air their grievances on problems confronting the school. The Representative Council handled the sale of student activity tickets, handbooks, and Sun- flowers. They also took an active part in plan- l53l ning the co-recreational program with the Student Council. Near mid-year the Student Council drew up a bill listing regulations for candidates seeking office and passed it unanimously. However, in the Representative Council things took a differ- ent turn, for the election bill was killed by an unanimous vote. The Proctor bill, which orig- inated in Representative Council, was approved by a slim majority, but was later voted down in the Student Council after all' pros and cons had been thoroughly debated. This bill pro- posed a student election of the proctor chairman and proctor captains from a faculty-certified list. As to the much-discussed school charter, both houses formed a committee to revise the old charter and to draw up a modernized form. A special assembly was held for student sugges- tions before either house voted on the new charter. True to campaign pledges, varsities were held at every possible date. -- L. E. WILLCUTS ' Vai lv 3 'K If if 'Cx' 4 ,tisfxg X 1w'FbaQ5jfw, f '1 ww-"'i Language WM if LKN NSL Y as "Q if 'S' W Q .ii JFW M3fF?f X , L K K 255, W . . 7?,,.X,vwa, , , kl,,,,,y ,- ' W - q.f'?svww,r 'Sy . 35 2- :fm ' -' , fm . rg Y' mg- 'f uf . Q . rs qt! fhx 75 ' A'-'15 Q All rnalism fliss Ruth E. Hunt ne Economics and :ational Work liss Katherine A. Tucker Chairman 'Iiss Ellen Campbell lrs. Lois Dawson Vliss Ruth Loomis fliss Ora McMillen ustrial Arts and :ational Work Xlbert H. Winter Chairman 9. W. Chamness J. L. Erwin I. A. Hays '. H. I-loehner 'red R. Powers Iharles Shoyer Maintenance 3 Args Marvin Gardner Irs. Fayeben Wolfe Head pustodmn Chairman Russell Dennison liss Helen Dobson 'on M. Gleckler liss Laura Hanley Pavid T. Lawson vsical Education liss Caston Washburn Chairman Girls' Department V. I. Barnett Chairman Boys' Department 'liss Hope Blevans 'aul Fairbank fliss Mildred Huddleston Z. B. Weaver l l Health Miss Ethel Anstaett Nurse Study Hall Miss Caroline Morse Miss Marie Olson Mrs. Winston Schowengerdt Miss Ella P. True Library Miss Esther Peers Head Librarian Miss Iayne Olds Miss Marian Sundquist Office Miss Georgia Fiederling Miss Margaret Guthrie Miss Ianet MCMurtrie Miss Bertha Sentt Miss Erna Sibberson Ray Hammer Richard Harvey Claude M. Hippensteel Roy E. Hood C. C. Lloyd H. M. Michels Carl W. Nyman W. P. Long Niqhtwatchman Carter Mann Engineer Mrs. Minnie Heleker Matron History Mrs. Irene Monroe Matron Physical Education Mathematics l 55 l Library goers-Loveless, Benson, and lean Nelson Willard N. Van Slyck Miss Annabel Pringle Lloyd W. Chambers At the head of Topeka High's faculty is a capable group of directors. During his twelfth year as principal. Willard N. Van Slyck has continued to uphold the traditions of Topeka High. His interest in student gov- ernment has greatly promoted the democracy of which all Trojans are proud. Upon the shoulders of S. H. Stark, vice-principal, rests much of the Work of making the school run smoothly. The ripple system and the new enrollment procedure have been inaugurated under his guidance, insuring every student fair and impartial opportunity with every other student. Miss Annabel Pringle, at the opening of the fall sem- ester, gave up her social studies classes to take over the duties of Miss Helen Shirk, now Mrs. William Long, as dean of girls. Well-loved by all Trojanettes, Miss Pringle has fitted into the position perfectly. Director of guidance, Lloyd W. Chambers has been instrumental in helping students plan their courses to suit their choice of vocation and in obtaining work for those who need employment. The fine co-operation given by Topeka business men and civic organizations is due largely to his effort. 1551 S. H. Stark wz ADMINISTRATORS Formerly the principal of Topeka High School, A. I. Stout has been superintendent of schools since the fall of 1918. He has given more than 40 years of devoted service to Topeka schools. Members of the Board of Education are Iames A. McClure, I. W. F. Hughes, Arthur H. Saville, Mrs. David Neiswanger, Kelsey Petro, and Mrs. Percy Walker. Iudge McClure, having served continuously on the -board since 1928, is retir- ing at the expiration of his term this spring. A. I. Stout FOOTBALL ,BASKETBALL Wm vb AQA, Aw, A an lo G 9 L F W Afwwf ow! omf T E N N I S Que! and okaoe 'r A A c x .Q , ' .hz Afefon , 6 wmgeyo g g BASEBALL aa we owed Aon? A M lfae Zyam, go G 1 A 1. s ' A 1: 11 1. E 1- 1 c s 57 o ,Q Mfffffdf ' 3 1. ah S , '21, lj! ? H. i Ei Nz' A P, I 'st- + fx FQ LUI ML, TOP: Kenneth Iohnson, captain oi the All-State team. gets oif a punt. MIDDLE: Ed Iohnson breaks through the Southwest line with Anderson and Lewis providing interference. Ticehurst blocks at the left. BOTTOM: Coach Erwin wonders about that line formation. Hogue receives instructions from Coach Weaver. i591 if 5- '59, iq iisfwh 4' ,Af 43121, I if if K , .Age ft Eff? QM Qfzft f ' V' -c 1 t V k gs! 4 4 lk: Gnd he 1964. p? .g3A St. t-I QAM .4 . '55, 55'-Vi 95hQn,'?,, , 1 , A A 555, it Wx 1 am 3 -A ' Q: 29, f f 5 ,A his Fi' tr . fi f. i3'5,,f1? H .Fw : X. it f raw 1 7?'f25f35f'3? figiliiifi' ' za -5 Ed Haley-Centex Iohn Herron-Guard Iim Hardman-End Houston Hogue-Back Dan Coats-Guard Bennett Eddy-Guard Harry Anderson-End H501 UNDEFEATEI Topeka 48 Topeka 40 Topeka 7 Topeka 20 Topeka 26 Topeka 1 9 Topeka 26 Topeka 27 Topeka 32 in Claw!! FOR 1940 Southeast CK. CJ O Ward 0 Lawrence 6 Ottawa 0 Wichita North O Emporia O Salina 6 Wichita East 7 Wyandotte 13 "ar--S .fr W, if .sir 1. Don Iohnson-Tackle 2. Charles Clare-Tackle 3. Iim Brier-Tackle 4. Kenneth Iohnson-Back 5. Richard Snyder-Student Mgr 6. Ed Iohnson-Back H511 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. W5 Orien Griffith-End Henry Wells-Tackle Ralph Lewis-End Zane Murphy-Back Eddie Wallace-Back Glen Ticehurst-Guard Q V 'W N" K 1' wy.. ' A Y -v H,-fwasr ff -. - " -,,, . + x .K 5 ,, . F- l e- 1 W " Undefeated, untied, and with its goal line crossed but five times, the 1940 edition of the Trojan gridsters is the first undefeated squad Topeka High has known in ten years. A truly great ball club, it was rated tops in Kansas high school football. The proteges of E. B. Weaver and D. L. Erwin went through a tough nine- game schedule, bowling over such teams as Southeast of Kansas City, Mo., Ward of Kansas City, Kans., Lawrence, Ottawa, Wichita North, Wichita East, Emporia, Salina, and Wyandotte. In the initial game of the season, the Troymen rode over the Southeast Knights of Kansas City, Mo., 48-0, with Duane Patterson, flashy junior halfback, scoring four counters. Ward wa: the next Topeka oppon- ent, and the Trojans returned from Kansas City with a 40-0 Win. Then came the first conference game, with Lawrence, ancient Topeka rival, as the foe. The Trojans, though not playing up to their usual standard, emerged victor 7-6 in a hard-fought battle. Kenny Iohnson, great Trojan back, scored the lone Topeka tally. Pat Green stood out for the losers. l52fl The Ottawa, Wichita North, and Em- poria games followed, with Trojan wins nf 20-0, 26-0, and 19-O, respectively. The Nin over Emporia gave Topeka undis- puted championship of the Eastern Kan- sas conference. The defensive play of 'ohn Herron and Harry Anderson stood nut in these games. The high-stepping Trojans next moved Lo Salina, where they downed the Vlaroons 26-6, Kenny Iohnson turning in mother brilliant performance. Bradley :Jlayed a bang-up game for Salina. Wichita East was the eighth Topeka victim by a score of 27-7. Don Iohnson :ind Bennett Eddy played a great game for the Trojans. Last came the big game, Wyandotte. The Trojans were out to get revenge for the 1939 defeat, and they took it tn the form of a 32-13 win over a stub- born Bulldog eleven. Kenny Thompson, Wyandotte back, starred for the Ca- nines. Bill Palmer, senior fullback of :he Trojans, scored two touchdowns :Ind passed to a third. Thus the Trojans of 1940, Eastern Kansas Conference champs, and one ot the greatest of all Topeka teams, closed I qlO1'1OU.S SGCISCQIQ. QED IOHNSON' I l Bill Palmer-Back Bill Kiene-Tackle Clair Martin-Center lack Goodman-Guard Duane Patterson-Back Frank Langstrom-Guard Gordon Dibble-End Scoreboard Topeka 30 Alumni Topeka 32 Dodge City Topeka 28 Parsons Topeka 30 Manhattan Topeka 30 Lawrence Topeka 15 Ward Topeka 37 St. Ioe Topeka 16 Wyandotte Topeka 27 Emporia Topeka 50 St. Ioe Topeka 36 Ottawa Topeka Z2 Wyandotte Topeka 37 Ottawa Topeka 28 Lawrence Topeka 23 Emporia Topeka 36 Salina Topeka 33 Ward 27 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Topeka 31 Leavenworth 26 Topeka 34 Ward 36 ST n mr' 'vvxrrnxr n 'nnnxrm Topele Topek W 112itg:,'sw"en' 'fitigzgf HGWY' Row 7- Ch Weaver, Row 3!COU 64 BASKETBALL M 5 2 1 'K ' i , f,4g, , ,f6-f . .WX is 'gg K 'fir 9 '-""' Aqzi N . I - . 1 1' 6' 'Q 'HN , lrwgfg 12 -sv , ' AJ 11. A if,"gXi st 1 Q 'X we .. 52 I Lx, fi 'Nu li S Nw! W? mid? Q, 5 if A . , Q, ?M 5591-x K TRACK We X05 6 Ynoillen 50 este' Coach Fred R. Powers was forced to build his' 1941 track squad around a small group of returning lettermen. With such performers as Bob Hodgell, Gordon Dibble, Les Breidenthal, and Donxlohnson gone, Coach Powers had to find boys capable of filling their shoes. ' However, with the return of Glen Tice- hurst, Ioe Barrientos, and lim Brier, to- gether with a prospective bunch of Sophomores, the tracksters promised a good season and plenty of competition in the State meet. Last year's squad topped off a suc- cessful season by winning the Confer- ence and Regional meets. This year, in addition to several dual meets, the squad entered the Baker and K. U. Re- lays, the Conference meet, and the Regional and State meets. - ED IOHNSON Row 1-Iohnson, Webb, Crum, Stanley, Wall. Griitin, Iones, Townsend, Wade, Warner. High. 1 Row 24Cook. Hogue, Schnacke, Hay, Powell, Burton, Reid, Iolly, McCaig, Slaughter, Douglas. Gilbert, Powers Ccoachl. Row 3-Dibble fmanagerb, Harris. Eddy, Ticehurst, Erwin fcoachl, Brier, Haley, Barrientos, Coats, Slatten, Burke, Miller, Eckert Daniels Lewis, Smith, Allen, Haney, Gaines. Wilson. iff? l I 68 :I -Y Baker goes over the hurdles in fine style Brier Puls me Shot Lllfllfl ll Av I i1l.Ii1fAIAiY4Il .ll lfllllIllZlI'llfllH7IZIllZIIIUC 1711 303 - U H I f" t wuvel r'11l1.T4,lg1llI.3Hl I . ll . ll lIIl,lYIlIlIIllIll 4 A A A 4 1941 promises to be a great year for the Trojan baseball team. Last year's squad, the first Topeka High has had in a decade,'proved, by hanging up an undefeated record for the season, that Trojan baseball teams are just as good as ever. This year's squad promised to be a repetition of last year's. With the re- turn of six lettermen, Coach C. A. Hays looked ahead to a bright year. Al- though hurt by the loss of Kenny Iohn- son, stellar southpaw, Mr. Hays had an imposing group of new hurlers. The infield and the catching were well handled, and the team had plenty of punch with Iohn Herron, Orien Griffith, and many other returning veterans. The tentative schedule listed games with Ward, Wyandotte, Emporia, and Rockhurst of Kansas City. -ED IOHNSON Bud Oppliger-heaves the ball back to the pitcher BASEBALL Bob Powell burns one over the plate Row 1-Chappell. Price, Heleker. Looks like Phil Chappell 'is ready Row 2-Brown, Oppliger, Wills, Gies. Herron. to hit a homer Row 3--Tyree, Sawyer, C. A. Hays tCoachl, Powell, Happ. I 69 1 J l wuwcal Zulfgtww to 1 , ' rd- W y,Sm1lh' S Neat, Str0n9eenberrY' Cong R0 2 Chatteets hngcke, L17- ROW Zfisheit C BOW 3' Benton - Climaxing the double round-robin in- tramural football season, the Intramural All-Stars, a team picked from the four intramural squads, journeyed to Emporia for a game with the Emporia "B" team. Playing under adverse weather condi- tions, the two elevens battled to a score- less tie. Coached by H. D. Shotwell and P. Snyder, the intramural squads are who are not ready for team ketball Bishop's and Miss Whee1er's groups. Played as a preliminary to the Trojan- Alumni tilt, the game ended with Miss Bishop's team the Winner by a score of 19-18, in an overtime thriller. Members of the winning team were: Bob Swenson, captain: lean Fisher, Clair Martin, Ralph Young, Willard Hall, Ierry Shakeshaft, and Paul Smith. They received the en-- graved plaque given each year to the victorious team. AV -ED lOHNSON er Powell' s Wade. a.SC1WY ' ,Dvffen ' ,. p' kin Manuel. Tgxiiearicson- Hsgellqniqhl. Payne ne Kunkler, lgeidfx Grittin. L De fltaree- We 01446 JZOOWL CAQPMJGJ Hall, Fisher. l70l Shakeshaft, Swenson, Smith tNot present in this and Martin? 1 W , I kk ., X .- til A , , 5 N' -W P512-2 N f . it W Sherman P EQ Q V-'Hiiw , , E. I C m.,,.,,. g, Lf' , W MW T5 if ' 'I gf! V K . ,,.:, 2 I, My , .FQ - -2..:. V V 'i K Y! T if 5 K' .:z.A 5 ,...? 5 ,. in A 3 . V' af if -"-Uv -Lf we in W ww - -. v-N We+??Z..7 'L ,,.M1f:.Wf wx-gxfn .Y- ww, A M ,w , , If 51 Q 5 W , W X3 f 1 is 5 22 f V Mi S awards my '13 +4 .Q,':fg3?g,w H I in 31? M Y 5 . K 24 K 25. if Q , 5 W S' ' fa K -f A w Q ,, S ? . L L amil' I ' 1571 r.i?N5 Q. A- H, - 'lf KM! : ' f 1flL l' f I imxw 2 ,E endnck .9 if , KN 'M sm 145 .-E - 1 Wuwfwwwxww 4' M .f,,, f,, iliimgi m""'mW fy 1' I I nf Mi. 1 Ns-fl 3 5 W , ga , Q 5 5 he-.p,,,.. A Y . ' NSW I IU KD m P- HI o 2 Q P1 sa. I 1: N ber 7 Qu, km rwamgefmz ATH LETICS WW, , ,H-fl Gydmqgdffygdlil .93a442fQfm "-"' ifNeison, Wriqht, Tayior, Tkatch 4. mutt, Miss Washburn, Rankin, Xenkins 41 YY" Bowiinq has become one V- , ka High. Prt 3:30 every WedHe5Ouy .,-s t " indiiierentiy spoken, is the in Tope "H'mmf'another strike dream or ati. the Proctors?" Weil he Proc- fy O C ,, . f dorm nch, Tayior d . Hoge have to play bi because t mir Q 1 nz fill i w Ianzen, Yre katch, Gor on "Goshi Do we miqht knees and voices trem e, tors team Won both the voiieybaii and baske championships. The teams ior the most part are f 7 identicai and thus are in one picture. I Q I Gym proctorsl What are they? Any member oi 30" 1'B'mkm'POfge'OY'BEf3Zflnci1"ib1ic'RxO5 Hi S .Y the qiris' physicai education department wiii teii Row 7"PIes5m'm' eiq' ' ' qq' you, "They are the dumbest, most dictatoriai persons in schooi ior their particuiar hour oi qioryf' Prsk a "qym" teacher and she wiii teii you, "They're won- deriui heip. i dori't know what Yd do without mine," and then sighs as she contempiates the awiui pos- sibiiity. Any proctor wiii say, "We are the hardest orkinq, ieast appreciated qroup in school, but we on a bet." 'MARGARET PRATT w wouidrft chanqe lm .gpcdoof Jaya MUSIC PLAYS PROCTORS 26005 ofdyafafon, I DE 3 A 1- E 46664 Jawa f Oreadm and Mlm and wlywnelio HOSTS AND HOSTESSES PUBLICATIONS J' PARTIES AWAMQWM CLUBS HONOR SOCIETIES IN MEMORIAM WAWZJWJ- I CHRISTMAS PAGEANT J . 1 1 . . , Jae? M ,ii as ' ' .. I l73 ,VR Hmm Slim MUSIC Althecl Hooper soprano soloist fyfja rf? IYCI fQS11'1yar7.i Miss Helen Dobsonfvoice instructor CSec1tedl-Richmond, Miller, Heck, Pridclle, Bcmtcx. Wellmcm. fStcmdingJwVickers, Scully, Armel, Hooper. Don M. Gleckler Cdirectorb. Gordon, Simmonds, Peterson, Curyea. Don M. Gleckler--voice instructor I 75 I Glen Peterson boss soloist 9115 Semm CZ! Row 1-Bette Butler, Heck. Blakely, Iohnson, Stewart. Ehrlich, Appleby, Gordon, Neiswanger, Ecker, Huebner, Iones. Row 2-French, M. Lee Miller, Ransom, Peel, Drehmer, Cohn, Priddle, Foster, Mellenbruch, Hawes, D. I. Smith, Simmonds. Row 3-Hooper, Beth Butler, Hickoiz, Scully, Porter, DeGraff, Harvey, Taylor, Kass, Hale, M. Louise Miller, Wallack, Black. Row 4fS. Smith, Scates, Taggart, Disney, Peterson, Stanley, Wingerson, Staley, Braun, D. A. Gordon, Banta, Smith, Bartlett, Fudge. "Sing with an open tone, cmd breathe with the diaphragm"-this is a common command in the vocal department. There must be merit in it, too, because the department boasts five top-notch organizations that have made them- selves popular by their many perform- ances. The Girls' Glee Club and Girls' Ensemble are under the direction of Miss Helen Dobson. Don M. Gleckler directs the Boys' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, and various male ensembles. THE MADRIGAL SINGERS are se- lected from students belonging to both Senior Glee Club and A Cappella Choir. They find interpreting English madrigal music a fascinating pastime and have brought pleasure to others by giving numerous concerts. Light numbers, Negro spirituals, and classics make up the repertoire of the A CAPPELLA CHOIR. The high spot of gyoja ' gig the year was a trip to Wichita to sing for a teachers' convention. Other per- formances included church programs and spring festivals. Giving many and varied musical pro- grams, the GIRLS' ENSEMBLE has been much in demand. Selected from the Girls' Senior Glee Club, these girls hold their practices after school hours and work over more difficult music than is used in the glee club. THE BOYS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB is a group selected from four chorus classes. Uniformed in black trousers and jackets trimmed in gold, the boys make a pleas- ing group, both to hear and to see. Ranking with the Boys' Senior Glee Club is the GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE. Light and heavy numbers alike are included in their programs. During the year the girls sang in many church programs and at several spring festivals. - IANE BANTA Bob Richmond, tenor soloist Row lfGrassick tpianistll Miller, Foster, Montgomery, Robinson, Kahle, Babcock, B. Scully, Erickson, Rodell, P. Scully. Row 2-Coates, Scott, Curyea, Laird, Walters, Price, Wellman. Carlson. Goodman, Dutt, Holm, Adsit. Row 3-Powell, Garrison, Vickers, Myers, Logan, Kramer, Downs, Dressler, Pettit, Richmond, McClenny, Edds. l75l 1-K3 Wi Km Wav EQ. v 754' . 1, f ., N ,, I V 1 sf In 'I a ' Q f ' 3,2311 gi W N Q? K lk M.1 :, 5 5 ,eg 5 J+ W,Q'z if 2 as Q Q' Q 4 iw W , , A ,ff ff g , 4 r 4 u1f'Q-S Y, , in 5:82 cjneimmen in D. T. LCIWSOII, director of music Barbara Lee Cviolinistl, Merle Clayton tcelloistl, and Allen Rogers tpianistl in earnest consultation over prospects at district contest I 78 1 MUSIC Mary Lou McPherson, violinist, solos to the top in music contest Qzlcaaha The 71-piece orchestra is one of the finest organizations in Topeka High and has furnished a great deal of pleasure both to those playing in it and to its various audiences. Directed by David T. Lawson, this group of young musi- cians has put forth every effort and has produced some really fine music. In past years the orchestra has given unstinted time and energy to preparing for the big musical show of the year, "Say It With Music," which because of conflict in dates, was not given this year. Thus the orchestra missed a good chance to show the public what it had been doing during the year: but, to make up for it, the group had a trip to the University of Kansas to attend the Midwestern Music Clinic, the first meet- ing of its kind to be organized. The orchestra looked forward with anticipation to playing host to the He- gional Music Festival, and did its part to make this, the biggest event ever held in Topeka, the finest event as well. - IANE BANTA French horn quartet, Iames Barker, Myrl Becker, Harry Spencer, and R L. Campbell, in readiness for number .Wand Flashing instruments, trim black cmd gold uniforms, and a stirring march mel- ody-here comes the Topeka High Band, David T. Lawson directing! A twirling corps of 10 girls in gold uniforms led by Betty McElhiney adds a final touch of beauty. With Harold Siebert as drum major, the band has played for numerous occasions, the most important of which were the inauguration of Governor Ratner and "Trojans on Parade." Besides these per- formances, it played at the football and basketball games and gave several con- certs during the year. After qualifying at the District Meet, the band and orchestra settled down to con- sistent rehearsing to prepare for the final event, the musical event of the year-the National Music Competition Festival. This year Topeka was host for the first time to Region Nine of the Festival, the last gath- ering of national scope in which Kansas schools will take part. -IANE BANTA Harry Spencer gains honors axine Spannagel, Bob Canatsey, Cecil Baker, cmd Anna Marie Sund -clarinet foursome-make ready for district contest ,L,4ig2fglY?22,i4 ,QLD 2552 ini? wif' qgzzf, Q :3:5'E5x-C5 J '7:I. E 22 aff . Q , , gh . ' M 'Ex -, x My Q N, W, 1 xv . . V ., 1 xv f:-H 7 'F 1v Q rf - w s i H. fl Q' - Q x"'. 2 fx "le if V f, ,. A ,595 L 1 if X i, ,asiii xg . QX K ff: fffavyvxy- wie- L,.- - i -V 'S w:g:a..,,,: 9 5-SQ - ' . A VXSIQY . X 1 HOW I ROW 2 Xlen Cks HOW 3ig01mefYN?'Swcnge, ROW4 Isher ' Qggart ' Bef-'Ice R XW ' Mgch 1 Sto- f, M' , OW5XMci6'1?I, Forbgm' Hurd IFF' SCfL-lgnnlflgefl Bu elley H s'Ho11jd' '7Ve,B-'Dsk1G,R- fkllcrrdf . , olm, Snid ay! B M nmqn Wgce, MCCIU' Wijjcuts K 61, Lo' Uflin Ci 1S0n H ggqge ' . MU , gqnl L ' Llyl A1 ' owen I Long, ffm, P Again the Masque and Wig scored a hit with "Ceiling Zero," the 1941 production. The audi- ence was tense with excitement as crash fol- lowed crash and ambulances shrilled over the field. Although there were many occasions for laughter, the play had its sad moments. More than one sturdy male was caught blowing his nose and wiping his eyes When Texas Clark, played by Vernon Leiberman, died after his exciting crash. Perhaps it was just that every- one was so taken with Vernon's southern drawl that they hated to see him out of the play. Lois Elaine Willcuts, Don Love, and Hink Guy deserve extra credit for their fine work in the leading roles. L. E. and Marianna Becker as air hostesses made all the boys want to go on airplane trips. Hink Guy, lack Meyers, and Vernon Leiberman didn't do much to influence the girls to travel by rail either! Everyone agreed that one of the finest per- formances of the evening was given by Fred Howells, as the janitor who, before his crash. had been a good pilot. A large audience was present to see the play which left the Masque and Wig chain of hits MAS UE o e S, C1 St ve. Xander, 11mfWYers, Temglre, Weligson, Budre ' 1' Pozez. ' Blakely ' Devendoff W . , Q Hink Guy attempts to capture L. E. Willcuts an WI G 11,e,. unbroken' -RUTH ANN STARR I-Ove Und GUYl5YmPf!fhiZ9 with l 81 1 Approaching plane provides cx tense moment Howells condition emfaz PLAY 'DOHY -Sho CDV 9 . mOxG Tliici' ailfmd' S XG QCKS Sow H159 is ws the bo ys she means business CAST George MacFarland ......... Paul Hurd William .................. Iim Maloney . . . . .Bob Bracy Thornton Brown .... Arthur Sole ...... I . . . Buck Kamman ......... . . . . .Edgar King . . . . . .Bill Kiene Annette Peterson Charles Saterlee ..Hugh Buff Grace Burkhardt Dolly Kamman ........ Simp Calloway ........ Wrenn Rigley ......... Martha .... . .Mary Violet , . .. .I ...,........ Barbara Long STAFF Director ...... Roberta Sue McCluggage Asst. Director ........... Shirley Rogers Property Manager ........ Wilma Higgs B Colcher Asst. Property Manager. . . ette Costume Manager ...,.... Iane Gorman A st. Costume Manager. Ioanne Wallace s Stage Manager ......... Herbert Finney ....I an Seele Asst. Stage Manager .... e .lim Medill . . . . . .Anne Staley or.Charles Saterlee Business Manager. . . ...... . Publicity Director .... Asst, Publicity Direct PPE ME XANTI BELIEVE "Believe Me, Xantippe," the audience was amaze Annette "Dolly Kamman" Peterson tote a six shooter and a shotgun around like a veteran. And when Barbara Long appeared, her beautiful black tresses transformed into those of a chemical blonde, the astonishment of the crowd was even greater. Hugh "Wrenn Rig1ey" Buff had them rolling in the aisles with his good-natured chuckles and sudden spurts of anger. Paul Hurd, as George McrcFar1and, portrayed the part of a playboy fugitive from justice cr la perfection! The play was given on the evening of April 25. Ye orchids to the class of '41 for the success of their final production. - SHIRLEY ROGERS d to see .-gow 1 wt' age ,. o0 be-CQGGQS all Y K9 W 59 I we l82l lfLlfLI:0'C PLAY nad and Elmer brim CAST C , hi-1Ck to D 9 In battered Penny Wood ...... Chuck Harris .... Mrs. Wood .... Elmer Tuttle ..... . Dr. Wood ..... Eiiie .............. Milly Lou ......... G. Mervyn Roberts. .. Roger Van Vleck. . Mr. Harris ........ . . .Maxine Burke . .Terry McAdam . . .Mary Blakely William Holliday .Donald Love Doris Taggart Shirley Iencks . . . .Hink Guy .Fred Howells Harold Snider h t McKenzie Shirley Wentworth. .Marc e a Ralph Wentworth ..... Warren Bowman Iulie Harris ............... Ruth Welch STAFF Martha Menninger Director ............ Asst. Director .......... Sara Devendort Property Manager .... Marianne Walker Asst. Property Manager.Madge Phillips Costume Director .... Isabel Neiswanger Asst. Costume Director.Katherine Clare Business Manager ............ Bill Ellis Aost. Business Manager.Wi1liam Martin Publicity Director ...... Kathleen Martin Asst. Publicity Director. .Iimmy Mechem Stage Manager ............ Bill Owens Asst. Stage Manager. .Iames McDonald I. Wood Ve 9166, Mr P D V011 Sally lb Vlgck fo so Und .B pflrstic lld ' me TUNE MAD "She's merely Iune mad," said Penny's mother to he explaining their daughter's actions. The whole household had been in an uproar ever since Roger Van Vleck. suave college romeo, had brought romance into young Penny's life. The Iunior class scored a hit the evening of November 22, with this plot in the play, "June Mad," written by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements. One of the best comedies ever presented at Topeka High, the uniors' "Iune Mad" opened the dramatic season with a challenge I to all coming productions. - BARBARA RICE r husband. l33l Mrs, S019 . s her dqughgflldararqly Con , enny W ood un derst PROCTORS 004 I1 Q Row 1-Wardin, Sund, Walters, O. Foster, Gray. Davis, Devendori. Kline. Shoai. Row 2-Corbett, Colmery, Gallagher, Stolpe, Nichols. Hale, King, Clare, Taggart. Row 3-Webb. McCall, Larson, Montgomery, Scott. Babcock. Wilson, Montgomery, Houchins. Row 4-Almond. Guy, Buff. Iohnson Rymph, Peterson, Martin, Curyea. N. Foster. "Room ll9? Iust go straight un- til you come to the first hall: then turn right. It's the second door on the left." "I'm sorry, but the date's wrong. You'l1 have to go back." Directing new students and vis- itors and inspecting passes are every-day occurrences to proctors. In addition, they keep order in the halls and execute duties for par- ticular posts. The Proctor System is one of Topeka High's most im- portant avenues of student par- ticipation. At the head of the Proctor Sys- tem is the Proctor Chairman, ,who Q , Oxtlfl Lido Row 1-Ridlon, Boyers. McCord, Eidman, Tkatch, Zam, McComas. Allen, Adolphson, Grace, larrell, Neiswanger. Row 2-Ehrlich, Morrison, A. Peterson, Hagen. Weaver, Timmons, Williamson. Clinton, Eakes, Plumb, Wiggington. Row 3-Cleland. Brown, assistant captain: Robertson, Freel. Crompton, Fleming, August. McKenzie, Reid. I. Peterson. Row 4-Keitzman, Payne, Petro. Saville, Dibble, captain: Snider. assistant captain: Hodgell, Hargrave, Myers. Morton. Q ,Olllfl mee Row 1-Cummings, Linge. Straisinger, Dick, Neill. Wallaclc, Bergstrom, Frost. Armel. Willcuts. A. Smith, Starr. Row 2-Moore, Olson. Suddarth, Magill, Brown, Scates. Allen. Wallace. Rhodes, Row 3-Herrick, Swartzman. Forbes. Lamar, Ryder. Daneke. Coats, Taylor. Kilfoy. Zarker, Finney. Row 4-DeMott, Cotran, Stumbaugh. Brier, Titus. Walraien, Springer, Bailey, Gelvin. P. Smith. l 84 l is appointed by the principal. He, in turn, chooses his Proctor Cap- tains tor each hour of the day, with the aid of the Faculty Proctor Committee. The Captains then se- lect their proctors from lists pre- pared by teachers. The chairman of the Proctor Sys- tem this year was Iohn Herron. The assistant chairman and third hour captain was Bill Palmer. The Proctor captains were as follows: Bill Martin, Gordon Dibble, lim Brier, Bill Palmer, Martin Howell, and Bob Swenson. Miss Bernice Boyles was faculty adviser. - MARGARET PRATT. Bill PQI Martirlng Gordon Dib 0We11 ble ji 1 'H B V Ohn Herron ner Bob Swens K Bm Marlin on r ,Cliff t Ollfl 1 1 Rc - , . . . ---..-. --- ..... --. --..,,., ......,,....- Row 2-Porter, Small, Deever, Crampton, C. I. Sallee. Kass, Horacek, Linger. Huebner, Pontius Georges, Pope. Row 3-Heleker, Hax, Blakely, Williamson, Banta, Ritchie, Stanley, Titus, Stage Stewart, Giddings. Row 4-Goodrich, Barrientos. Bigham. Harsha, Searle. Howells, Lewis, Terrill Lagerstrom. Bower. Row 5-Erickson, Montgomery, Ticehurst, G. Sallee, Garrison, Kiene, Boast Row 1-Harper, Grassick, Walker, Kraybill, Gorman, Becker, Dull. Rogers, I-lickox, Welch, Weaver Row 2-Nonken, Lewis, Engle. Dove, Scrinopskie. Long, McCluggage, Rice, Webb, Gillespie, Gustaf son. Row 3--Howell, captain: Romiq,Wessen, Hall, Alexander, Brooke, Hurd, Hanlon, Day. Wellman Row 4-De Long, Boyer. Smith. Logan, Shakeshalt, Iohnson, Kramer, Colmery. Petro. Briman, Herron. cuff ' 121' Gxllfl Zle low 1 A. Peterson, Senne, Campbell, Lewman, Spannagel, M. Eckert, Gilroy, Rutter. Bourassa, lymph. Row 2-Schulz, Johnson, Cress. Brain, Markham,'Scamell, White. Menninger, Listz. Martin Iollins. Row 3-D. Peterson, Shinkle. Fredericks, Hart, Love, Iarrell, Harris, Cook. Holliday, Cun. lngham. Row 4-McAdam, E. Eckert, Medill, Armstrong. Schmitz, Speer, Glover, King, Swenson, l95l l'l Q! fa-1 2 x ,fv- ,,,, fi' fl Q Q 5 '96 H V , f, ..:. M5 4,5 H, X i f x V ,pf " 1 . 1 3 3 b N Q' , ,F M ,. .. 21, L19 .xg K A -- ,ag e M V ' . N., gm' U 4 V.. - J' f k sf . ,, -, A E ., ,L 1 K ,"-Lfwsiwrfefz wg2s1?'?. Xff iwgw gn ' 3, K 1 L is X M., QM jr 1. Z .? :::f:. K I- - 1 .. '. ff 'Hag QL -,,21.H f ,L .i w 4.3 w I M 9 Q., Hx , K auf HE , f Q, QS K . 1 :-N55 w, zojazn DEBATERS During the debate season of 1940-'41, fourteen new members were admitted to the National For- ensic League, honorary society for debaters. Don Dustin, president of the Topeka chapter, Bob Wright, Paul Moser, lim Davidson, Phil Herrick, and Albert Wessen are the old members of the League. New members include Ted Crane, Iohn Dean, Ned Fleming, Ioanne Iones, QMary Lonam, Bob Meyer, Payne Ratner, Bob Rymph, Bill Sellen, Harold Siebert, Harry Smith, Howard Swartzman, Warren Walker and Pearce Zimmerman. The team, ranking third in the state tournament, was composed of Donald Dustin and Bob Wright on the affirmative, and lim Davidson and Paul Moser on the negative. During the year the entire squad, under the coaching of P. B. Graves, had taken part in 184 debates, winning 125, losing 59. Seniors, how- ever, Won 34 and lost only five, Iuniors won 76 and lost 34: and Sophomores won 15, lost 20. Of the 10 tournaments entered, the Trojan de- baters won first place in two, the Pittsburg and the State District events. They tied for first place in three others, but took second in speaker ratings. Because of their record during the season, they were invited as one of the 12 outstanding teams in the central states to participate in the Went- worth Tournament. Topeka High Forensic members participated during the spring semester in extemporaneous speaking, oratory, readings, and after dinner speaking, maintaining an equally high standard. With a record such as the Trojan debaters have set in this season, Topeka High can look back and be proud of the fine things the 1940-41 debate squad accomplished. -SHIRLEY ROGERS Senior debaters in action-Bob Wright fires away while Paul Moser gets up steam State toumament debaters, Dustin, Wright, Moser, and Davidson hear Mr. Graves' advice Row 1-Ioanne Iones, Ned Fleming, Iim Davidson. Paul Moser, P. B. Graves, coach: Bob Wright, Don Dustin. Phil Herrick, Mary Lonam. Row 2-Ted Crane, Bob Meyer, Howard Swartzman. Albert Wessen, Fred Stewart, Warren Walker, David Iohn- son, Bill Sellen, Harold Siebert. Row 3-Iohn Dean, Bob Rymph, Harry Smith. I 87 1 KJ U Q adffi anaff .aiiflemied . ,. .Q .M V . Q - f .W - .QT Q. Q "Simi W.. ..,. . 'Yu if wi? f if 1. Q? .. . Wggku., , ..,,. 2 535 Z. f k'A'- my ' 1-ifie? M A .Mn f z:.,1-if W f ' 5.213 .1 , Q ,L gig-z. 193' 2213" L' -- a Nw L 1:2 xg? X5 A -ggwz' V vgwl, fqrizf ff fu , W 'ie sf Q .gg X iiihial 'Bib . 3? a- P f 1 S. M ,M .A W. 1 wi , 'f .ff .5 -X .gq5gf?3 - . . at Kan. Y Q. , , ,..x xA! Q, N A Q "' xr WV' an Sgt " 42, ! xx H 5 Q -E: X EI .sw ,Q 'Wm- , fmt ,-ixSgk QQ? wg 6 E QT' mi aw 4' MY if A N me f 1 W. ,Z ' ' is .'.':k M 5. , , , -was k- W f -if 'Sm f . FW f-. V U , ..,... K 1 .gf Yfzgpk PIII. ATI Ill CN mx Wifi Eye: .-.-Q X: lf' 5 MISS RUTH E. HUNT, Publications Adviser ,Mfdefr - S EDITORIAL STAFF-Iud Townley, Editor: Ida Mai Giddings, Assist- ant Editor: Iohn Logan, Associate Editor: lim Crask, Head Photo- grapher: Annette Peterson, Polly Weaver, Art Editors: Ed lohnson, Sport Editor: Eleanor Markham, Club Editor: Mary Grace Burkhardt, Ioan Stolpe, Group Picture Editors: lim Medill, Senior Activity Editor: Bill Martin, Assistant Photographer: lane Banta, Margaret Pratt, Wil- liam Price, Barbara Rice, Shirley Rogers, Ruth Ann Starr, L. E. Willcuts, Copy Writers: Harriett Neill, Typist: Carl Keahey, Layout Artist. BUSINESS STAFFwLee Coulter, Business Manager: Ieanne Nelson, Auditor: Harold Snider, Associate Business Manager: Bob Fisher, Circulation Manager: Donnel Wingate, Lithographing Manager: Bill Kiene, Advertising Artist: lane Allen, Marcia Frost, Mary Heleker, Eldon Wallingford, Solicitors: Betty Coats, Glenn Coulter, Betty Creel, Martha Menninger, Mary Louise Miller, Professional Directory. Lfafy ruff " W EDITORIAL STAFFAHerbert Kauffman, Editor: Iulian Zimmerman, As- sistant Editor: Fred Rausch, News Editor: lean Rutter, Staff Editor: Harlan Hobbs, Charles Saterlee, Sport Editors: Dick Mayer, Ed lohn- son, Assistant Sport Editors: Mary Grace Burkhardt, Girls' Sport Editor: Kathleen Martin, Feature Editor: L. E. Willcuts, Katherine Shoaf, Periscope: Ona Youngman, Mary Saderstrom, Around the World: Annette Peterson, Trojan Teasers: Barbara Rice, Stratosphere: Norma Lou Grubb, Dorothy Painter, Hither and Yon: Ruth Ann Starr, Literary Column: Ieanne Williams, Sepia Sketches: Alice Lewis, Exchange Editor: Melva Sturm, High School Happenings. BUSINESS STAFF- Doris Trapp, Business Manager: Annzo Hunt, Auditor: Shirley Rogers, Down the Avenue: Ellis Clements, Ioanne Couch, Ioanne Iones, Beu- lah Lineback, lane Mosby, Betty Iean Morrison, Ad Solicitors: Iimmie Mechem, Circulation Manager: Dorothy Painter, Mary Grace Burk- hardi, Dorothy Wray, Collectors. ' - W ' ft any f EDITORIAL STAFFiIulian Zimmerman, Editor: Iimmie Mechem, As- sistant Editor: Charles Saterlee, News Editor: Ellis Clements, Betty Baysinger, Staff Editors: Ruth Tippin, O'Reta Lorts, Feature Editors: Dick Mayer, Sport Editor: Don Iohnson, Francis Fuhr, William Price, Assistant Sport Editors: Anne French, Girls' Sport Editor: Meredithiann Clark, Club Editor: Betty Iean Morrison, Anne Staley, Periscope: Alice Gillespie, Betty Sams, Around the World: Alice Lewis, Hither and Yon: Margaret Lou Caskey, Trojan Teasers: lane Mosby, Strat- osphere: Ieanne Williams, Sepia Sketches: Polly Weaver, Staif Artist: Paul Smith, Cut Editor: Katy Shoai, High School Happenings. BUSI- NESS STAFFiHerbert Kauffman, Business Manager: Beulah Lineback, Assistant Business Manager: LaVerne Miller, Auditor: Ruth Gustafson, Ioanne Couch, Down the Avenue: Willie Harsha, Charles Martin, Melba Wingate, Ad Solicitors: VVi1liam 'VIartin, Circulation Manager: Dorothy Wray, Mary Lonam, Isabel Neiswanger, Shirley Iencks, Collectors. 89 fx Q4 . Editor Ziff!! C I B Qlzfffjof :tiff Grace HOW 611011 d ,qs slstllnp Editor Io U11 yfow' Webb Co.E-dno r Keith QQ!! 981800 '71, CO-Editoflgijfegs Mano hQp ge! F H7017 fed R Qusch iqnd lud Townley, editor The editorial staff of the 1941 Sunflower has tried to put out a book that will include the interests of the entire student body. In ap- pealing to student interest, we have stressed inforrnality and sim- plicity, interpreting sincerely all phases of life under the Tower. We hope that you like our book. and that some day when you dust off the cover and thumb throu h ,mgfw EDITORIAL STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF-lSeatedD Logan Townley Giddmgs CStandingJ Medill. Burkhardt. Stolpe Markham Iohnson Q these pages it will recall precious memories and revive once more those treasured emotions that you experienced in Topeka High. - IUD TOWNLEY, Editor M oxoqggltxiotoqiuphei Pm YDXTORS Z weave' nd Yew, ci .swnt COPY WRITERS-tSeatedD Rogers, Rice Willcuts Pmu Starr Banta k and B551 CStanding7 Price her C105 oiml l90l lfLlfLDZ!0W6Z BUSINESS STAFF fV BUSINESS STAF Fxsnid 91' Kiene ' C oulter Nelson Fisher X x N AD SOLICITORSXMHI M lei Lee Coulter, business manager Working with the aim of enlarg- ing the advertising section and making it as attractive as possible, our 1940-41 business staff started to Work with new and ambitious ideas. We did enlarge the adver- tising section and Worked pictures of students into the ads whenever possible. For these results the staff has the merchants of Topeka to thank. Alt was through their co- ' 1 -hearted sup- operatron and who e succeeded in what we port that we set out to do. Working under full steam throughout the year, the b ck on a valuable as staff looks a well as a successful and exciting experience. aLEE COULTEH, usi B 'ness Manager er enning fSe-ate-dj Zgiegoars, Frost, Heleker, Cree! :jail WORLD From the first issue last September to the final edition in Ianuary, "the Way of the Fall World" was unsensational but interesting. Big news centered around the school election with its handbills, White-wash signs, and campaign hubbub unpar- alleled in Trojan political history. With the special train to Emporia was started the Lights and Sidelights col- umn, a collection of notes by Iournalisrn students. Other events of outstanding signifi- cance to World newswriters were an All-School Party that left nothing to be desired and an all-victorious football team which students feted in the first Athletic Banquet in years. Last fall's World also featured a lit- erary column: "Roseybell," a colorful character in a series of stories: and a Willow column that backfired. -HERBERT KAUFFMAN, Editor World Editorial Staff-fSeatedl Peterson, Martin, Willcuts, Grubb, Kauffman teditorl, Zimmerman, Saderstrom, Painter, Youngman, Rogers. tStandingD Williams, Burkhardt, Rutter, Mayer, Rausch, Lewis, Rice, Starr, Shoaf, Sturm. 92 tbusiness managerl, Couch. CStandingJ Painter, Morrison, Rogers, Lineback, Iones, Mosby, Mechem. Valuable business experience was one .of the rewards the Fall busines: staff of the World gained from its tern of active advertising work. We drev up and sold several composite ads per taining to school functions and studen interests. In fact, these ads were the surest source of our revenue. I enjoyed the business managershiy immensely, for I had a grand staff tc co-operate with me. My solicitors Wert good workers, willing to get out in anj kind of weather in order to bring in tht ads on time. In meeting business men and women I feel I learned much about salesman ship: and the managership helped mt to develop leadership and responsibiT ity. The term, with the Kansas Inter scholastic Press meeting at Lawrenct in October as its highlight, was one shall long remember. gDORlS TRAPP, Business Manage join? WORLD World Editorial Staif-tSeatedJ Morrison, Mosby, Staley, Mayer. Zimmerman Ceditorl, Mechem, Bay- singer, Lewis, Tippin, Stewart. CStandingl Sams, Williams, Price, Fuhr, Smith, Saterlee, Iohnson, Gillespie, Lorts World Business Statl-tSeatedl Miller, Line- back, Kauffman Cbusiness managerl, Gustaf- son. tStandingl Harsha, B. Martin, C. Martin. What with a basketball team that ,siness men were willing to back in :omposite ad, and two generous ads behalf of the Municipal University, a business manager's work on the 'ring World was comparatively easy. Ad Writing was emphasized from the st, and the Iournalism II classes lped by supplying creditable ads. The business department also con- cted a student consumer survey iich showed the average student to favorable to World advertising: it so gave valuable information to the . solicitors. Of course, ad chasers aren't giving a impression that their job was an sy one, but they do contend that the ,-getting process was simplified by Lving ads written up before they tried sell to potential advertisers. - HERBERT KAUFFMAN, Business Manager 93 More pictures of high school students -this was the objective of the Spring World: and, considering our budget, we were successful in our ambition. News was ample-a basketball team that functioned, 12,000 musicians in town for a national convention, and some fine plays and parties. School affairs in general kept me from ever wondering if anything went on under the Tower. The Topeka State Iournal provided World Staff members with a memorable experience when they invited us to put out the Iournal for one day. The World's pictorial sidekick, the High Life, man- aged to put out a banner edition. Yes, it was a Spring to please the heart of any editor, indeed. I wonder how many times I have paused to re- flect how glad I was to publish student news-and not communiques! -- IULIAN ZIMMERMAN, Editor M -W Z f 1111: H Q-HM ... 5 MQ 45 ZQQi Q 9 Q Q f 'A:,!" Wj,' Q s , ,:-. X3 F ii W 151 Ycmgfzf QM I I l W I :f ..,..,1 1 2 Qi 754' 63 af? in Q 1 '14, 'ft Wm rles Gllke wxelds C1 meon cddle to ace hxs Mancmna Becker and Icne Gorman converse on Bet! M nck lakes her turn as she and R QA.. 51? sHow ' With a program brimming over with good old Christmas spirit, and amusements varying from Chinese checkers to dancing, Topeka High witnessed, on the evening of December 6, anotherrin a long line of successful All-School parties. To start off the festivities a program was held in the auditorium, with Dale Briman and Chuck Feezer laying them in the aisles as co-masters of ceremony. The curtain rose on a street scene outside of a toy shop, with typical characters grouped around. A Salvation Army worker rang her bell, and Mr. McCoy and Mr. Fink circulated about as the fat and thin Santa Clauses. Surprise hits of the show were Miss Welty with her two obstrep- erous little boys, Mr. Stark and Mr. Weaver. Dressed in quaint buster brown suits, short pants and all, they ran riot on the stage. Elaine Scrinopskie and L. E. Willcuts, waiting for a bus, 'carried on a nasal Bronx jargon in the true Brenda and Cobina style. A toy shop literally bulging with toys tlive ones at thatl formed an- other scene, with Mr. Briman as the capable owner. For entertain- ment he brought forth from the shelves mechanical accordion playing dolls, colored jitterbugs, girls' dancing choruses, and the town clown. Madame Dale Easton and her clothes modeling mannequins brought down the house, as did Madame Easton's authentic fan dance. Some of the daintier members of our football team gave their interpretation of the Can-Can. Harold Siebert distracted everyone by trotting on and off the stage, removing a portion of his clothes each time he appeared. Presentation of the king and queen and their attendants climaxed the program. Queen Barbara Long and King Bill Palmer, looking every inch the royal couple, were surrounded by their gracious attendants, Barbara Duff, Carolyn Kline, Gordon Dibble, and Kenneth Iohnson. Colored king and queen, Howard Hurst and Marjorie Harmon, were accompanied by their attendants, Betty Iohnson, Ernestine Turner, Clyde Carper, and Millard Hicks. - BARBARA RICE. Madame Dale Easton presents "De Long Undie's" version of the fan dance Dorothy Matthews and Don Iohnson tak time out to prepare refreshments Barbara Long senses sour notes in Bow man's chords. but lack Myers sinqs o' 4 oers find the music of Ken Worsley and his With plenty of "oo-la-la," Del Holm displays the Can-Can girls rehearse backstage. Note Mary lot hestra easy to dance to and satisfying latest thing in ladies' flowered gowns Wood's Cstriped shorts? bird-like pose l95l lack Myers "gets acquainted" with Betty Chubb, Ellis Clements looks disgusted a n lfLlfLLOZ'- ZVLLOZ PRQM Bill Wendt and Ioan Stolpe watch party proceedings from the stairs Gene Potts can't find his ticket. Mr. Meyers and Mere- dithiann Clark think it's funny Cso does Pottsl Gaily bedecked in spring formals and tuxes, Topeka High Iuniors and Seniors were transported to the South American Way. April 4, via the Iunior-Senior Prom. Amid the strains of Spanish music, the colorful cos- tumes ofthe troubadours mingled with those of the La Conga and Tango dancers. From beginning to end, the program was filled with laughter, music, and dancing. Set in a South American hotel, comedy was fur- nished by its eccentric Spanish manager, Iose, played by Vernon Lieberman, and a lazy servant, Iuan, portrayed by Fred How- ells. Betty Chubb, as Bosita, Iose's daughter, and lack Myers, as an American tourist, held the romantic leads. Several vocal ensembles added variety by singing popular numbers. When the final curtain rang down on the performance, Trojans adjourned to the cafe- teria where they danced to the music of Odell Weidner's orchestra. At intermission stu- dents flocked to the refreshment tables where they were served lime floats and cakes. The hand of the clock slipped around to ll:30 far too quickly, and another successful Iunior-Senior Prom Went down in history. - SHIRLEY ROGERS Dale Briman can't see any- thing funny. Maxine Burke does. Don Wise receives enthusiastic applause with Sugar Blues The Sophomore class made its debut the night of Ianuary 18 with the annual Sophomore party. Stepping out under the leadership of Kenneth Hart, presi- dent, it gave the school reason to expect the class of '43 to come up fully to the standards of any other class in Topeka High history. Sponsors of the class were Miss Ruth Phillips, Mrs. Lucille Ely, Miss Maud Hulse, Mrs. Verna Nims, and I. W. Iones. Those taking part in the program were Helen Louise Horstman, Iune Finuf, Louise Owen, Donald Wise, Charles Neill and Susie Milam. The program was followed by dancing in the CCifele1'lG. 7 RUTH ANN STARR Iack Rardin polishes up the ivories on Star Dust cg-0 Aomaze PA RTY Helen Louise Horstman sings 97 Dark Purple as encore ABINET-Hensroth, musician: Phillips, service: Neiswanger, little sister co chairman: Foster, service: Frost, secretary: Wingerson, president: Scrmopskie, social chairman: Staley, column editor: Gordon, assistant membership chairman: Allen, vice-president: Hickox, little sister co-chair- man. Standing-Hagen, treasurer: Camp, publicity chairman: Gillespie, CLUBS QM tggea efmlefif The Girl Reserves is a Christian organization sponsoring four great ideals for the all-round development of girls. They include the social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual ideals of life. To acquaint incoming Sophomores in the ways of the school there is a Little Sister Committee which plans two welcoming parties each year. Other groups maintain the Snack Shop and the Lost and Found service. Bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday provide interesting subjects and dis- cussions. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the club sends money to the refugee fund ior Europe. During Christmas the Topeka High Girl Reserves act as hostesses for the city-wide Girl Reserve banquet. 1, .13-Sy Living up to certain character require- ments will enable any boy to become a member of the Hi-Y, a Christian organiza- tion in Topeka High. It is sponsored by the Boys' Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. and a committee of the high school faculty. Its purpose is to serve the community. This is done in various ways, such as providing Christmas baskets for needy iainilies and combining with the Girl Reserves in carry- ing out religious services during the school year. Meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 7:00 o'clock at the program chairman. CABINET-Medley, vice-president: Snyder, program and brotherhood com- mittee chairman: Sol D. Dice, sponsor: Fisher, president: Mcl-idam, secre- tary-treasurer. CZ fl U f .if y. Arif eafQyf I I Phyllis Wheatley, a famous colored girl poet of post Revolutionary War period has been honored through the years in Topeka High School with an organization for col- ored girls under her name. This club is open to all colored girls in school. This year in recognition oi Lincoln's birthday the club combined with the Booker T Boys to give an assembly for the school. This club has a Little Sister Committee, which each term helps acquaint new Sophomores with the school. The club sponsors other parties and social gatherings. All colored girls are eligible to join, CABINET-fSeatedl B. Long, program chairman: Harmon, president: I. Long, secretary-treasurer: Saunders, chairman program committee. CStandingl McLean, social committee: Mallory. chairman social committee. 19200 IQ? LV ljgydf Corresponding to the Hi-Y, the Booker T club is open to all colored boys interested in a religious organization. Meetings are held every other Monday with programs that include debate, music, current events, and occasionally a speaker from the professional colored men of Topeka. The Booker T's sponsor buses for the Rambler games. All colored students interested in attending the games may go in the buses with the players. Sunlights and other parties are among the extra activities in which they participate. MELEANOR MARKHAM CABINET-Temple, treasurer: Hurst, president: Sol D. Dice, sponsor: Brown vice-president: Carper, assistant secretary. tStandingl Price, program l98l chairman: Taylor, social chairman: Knot in picture-Iohnson, secretaryl 7 x x 5 fi 3i f 3- 2- 3 9 -Wh Aff ,IK 5 x ,K ,llg N ..A, V , 4 L F jx z I H 5 -.,A i , ffdfrqg gf: L , , -f ,L 1' 5 fi if A yff ' a Ig K 3' gg na if W ,KJ fm, if aa Q? ,,f 2 , 439' li' f 1'V ' 9 Mwiwf Kg iff gf Q , Q g . 5 W 5 , 'lf 7 P Q .ga gig? Q? QE. 5 1 2 , Q vi A b',,,!,,.. 5,2 f1,V , l., Q V , ,K v:-:. Lip- , QL H - 1.., 6 if K A E E 4 ii g X 32, if 'J 45 5 333+ 3 3 xx we 2?Nf 'W X N Ye! EHQYQfA2L1iiJ'i5SQQErL,'E?GttfESTLZBQQL I I I Standing-Dean, Hazlitt, Field, Smith. Brown. tAlbert Crumley, Consul Secundus of associate members, is not in the p1cture.J , 1 Q0 crfcefcm Latin VII and VIII students form a club, Pia Societas CPatriotic Societyl. This year, Iames Gifford was consul and Miss lean Robertson sponsor. The club always presents the Armistice Day assembly, and at holiday time sends clothing and toys to Mexican children. This year mem- bers also put on a scene in the Christmas pageant. In the meeting of April 18, the mem- bers were installed into the Iunior Classical League sponsored by the America Classical League. The club also subscribes to a Latin newspaper, Acta Diurna. 01216761 Want to become an expert photographer? If so, join the Camera Club, where lighting, en- larging, printing, and various other phases of photography are discussed at bi-Weekly meet- ings. The club, reorganized late last fall, has worked to equip the dark room and often holds its meetings there. W. N. Van Slyck, principal, has demonstrated enlarging and Keith Lager- strom has demonstrated printing. Miss Mary Davis has shown her cloud pictures, and Iames Crask his motion pictures. One meeting was held in the art gallery when the Topeka Lens Club was having its exhibit. Miss Davis is club sponsor, and Iames Crask is president. Usher Club Cabinet-Dustin. secretary-treasurer: Siebert, president: Sol D. Dice, sponsor: Giddings, vice-president. OZAAQ CZ! Like many other noteworthy features of To- peka High School, the services of the Usher Club often are accepted as a matter of course. Everyone who attends an evening program at the high school, or a program connected with the high school at the Municipal Auditorium, is shown to his seat quickly: rarely is there an error or case of confusion. Back of this precision is a highly trained corps of boys and girls who give their time as a school service. As an ad- ditional service, the club this year maintained the Book Exchange at the opening of both sem- esters. Sol D. Dice is the sponsor, and Harold Siebert the president. - ELEANOR MARKHAM Seated-Bryant, Love, Pozez, Gilliland, Crask fpresidentl, Lagerstrom Cvice-presidentl. Garvin Csecretaryl, Porter, Miss Mary Davis. sponsor. Standing-Carlson, Wills, Shinkle, McCaig, Overmyer, Chapman. I 100 1 3 ,,, is QW n U xy, 1 lr 1 LLI' 3715555 in ,f E Ay N ,. .. . N fx' J ., 5 ff- gw. ,L as if , - fp G' bg? W , V,V, N1 1 2 QQ2 I " , Q W uw fs' ff- X V X sh GLS we ., ,1 ,:, . . u g.. 1 1 11. fn I s Creel Wmgcxte Euwerfv1cepres1dentJ Rcxrdxn fpresxdenti Porter French Csecretcxryb Small Brown cson Heleker Wczlhn fold Mcrrtm Nelson Gldeon Coulter Hurshc Herbert Kaufimczn student s ons QM Row 1-Baysinger, Rogers fsecretaryl, Morrison, Martin Cprogram chairmanl, Rice, Willcuts, Howell, Nelson Ktreasurerl, Starr. Row 2-Youngman, Peterson, Saderstrom, Markham, Giddings, Tippin, Webb, Burke' hcrrdt, Weaver. Row 3-Ratner, Miller, Zimmerman, Mechem, Fuhr, Coulter, Wingate, Fisher. Row 4-Townley Cpresidentl, Bausch, E. Iohnson, Snider, D. Iohnson, Crask. tHerbert Kauffman, vice-president, Annzo Hunt, Melva Sturm, Iean Rutter and Anne Staley are not in the picture.l :QLMWGIZJ 5640? Thirty-seven students have been in- itiated this year into Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high school journalists. Nominees are re- quired to have collaborated in the issu- ing of a publication, at the same time maintaining a B average in all subjects. E. B. Chapman, managing editor of the Topeka State Iournal, was guest speaker at the first initiation, following a dinner downtown. The second took place at a party at the home of Herbert Kauffman: and the last was held in the journalism room. Miss Ruth E. Hunt is faculty sponsor. fgzaionafgmiifozkznfi All dramatically minded students have as their aim membership in the Thespians, a national honorary dra- matic society whose members have had a major cast or staff position in a high school play. The aim of this organ- ization is to heighten the standard of high school plays. The Masque and Wig and this club joined in a banquet in Ianuary, when the initiation for 10 National Thespians was held. Miss Gertrude Wheeler is sponsor. -ELEANOR MARKHAM Seated-Scrinopskie Cvicevpresidentl, Blakely, Iencks, Burke, Willcuts tsecretary-treasurerl. Row Z-Howells, Love, Guy, Briman, Martin, Long, MCI-Xdam, Owens, Menninger, Walters, Cave, Iliff. Hurd, president, is conducting the meeting. l 1021 flfatima HONOR soclerv Elaine Wihcuts, Ioanne Ecker. Wilma Stewart. V - -A , , , , H, , ,,,,., e-, -.-sv ---..-.., -,..a Row Z-Eleanor Markham, Ellen Hoyer, Betty Io Davis, Ioan Webb, Phyllis Hagen, Alice Gillespie, Betty Baysinger, Annzo Hunt, Ruth Ann Starr, Zendra Kass, Mary Frances Hickox, Genevieve Georges. Row 3-Albert Crumley, Gene Sallee, Iohn Herron, Peggy Wardin, Marjorie Titus. Wilma Higgs. lean Moore, Barbara Lee, Shirley Rogers, Mary Louise Miller, Polly Weaver, Fred Bausch, Lee Coulter. Don Wingate. Row 4-Bob Wright, Frederick Temple, Merle Clayton, Herbert Kauffman, Hugh Buff, Francis Fuhr, Bob Swenson, Charles Searle, Stan Curyea. Helen Boyers, Richard Brown, Ellis Clements, Harry Wardin, and Iulian Zimmerman are not in the picture. One hundred two students were voted into the National Honor Society this spring. Initiation services were held the evening of May 19, with several col- lege alumni assisting. - h The first National Honor Society in Topeka High was in 1926. Since first installed, membership in its ranks has been one of the greatest honors that a Senior could achieve. To be eligible, students must rank in the upper third of their class. Then the faculty vote on their character, leadership, and service to the school. Members of the faculty committee this year were Mrs. Verna Nims, chairman, Miss Ellen Campbell, Miss Elizabeth Culver, Mrs. Lucile Ely, Miss Mabel Fry, Miss Maud Hulse, I. W. Iones, and Carl P. Snyder. - MARGARET PRATT Row l--Dorothy Ann Gordon, Betty Lue Camp, Iane Gorman, lean Crampton, Barbara Long, lane Mosby, Barbara Duii, Elaine Scrinopskie, Marilynn Grassick, Doris Williamson, Martha Menninger. Row 2-Ruth Stage, Annette Peterson. Wanda Moore, Sally Hax, Mary Allen, Patty Armel, Dixie Iune Dove, Margie Iames, Martha Kirk- patrick, Alberta Ryder, Iulia Etta Long, Betty Iohnson. lane Banta. Row 3-Bob Fisher, Paul Hurd, Dan Coates, Anne Staley, Kathleen Martin, Ida Mai Giddings, Roberta McCluggage. Barbara Rice, Alice Marie Stanley, Donna Mae Wingerson, Wayne I. Wills, Edgar King, Iames A. Crask. Row 4-Bob Bracy, Iud Townley, Gordon Dibble, Edward Iohnson, Iack Myers, Bob Hargrove, Don lohnson, Bill Kiene, Sammy Alexander, lack Goodman, Cecil Baker, Ralph Lewis, Harry Shinkle, Harlan Hobbs. H031 VL 61440 Zbdlflfl, PHILIP BECKER Though he was a member ol Topeka High School only a short while, the loss of Philip Becker was deeply felt by his classmates. He was killed in a train accident, Iune 21. Philip was a Sophomore in the home room of D. L. Erwin, his uncle. An active member of the music department, he played a tuba in the Trojan band and was in the accordion band. He was a Boy Scout and a member of the Central Congregational Church. David T. Lawson, director of music, said, "Philip was a dependable boy. He was developing into one of our best musicians. His death was a great loss to us." DAVID SCHMITENDOBF "Cheerful and willing to help people," describes David Schmitendori, who was fatally wounded October 5, in a hunting accident. He was a Iunior, and a member ot Mrs. Rachel Fudge's home room. Always trying to improve in the different things he undertook, he was Cx good worker. Ready and able, he will always be remembered by his classmates and teachers ior his winning smile and friendliness. Funeral services were held Monday, October 7, at the Church of the Nazarene. H041 Yi a aan? J ukcfwnce . . . .wawfenh M kaafnfbz! new Lqgfaela meofcland Anya any Aavne bm lcwcnabzg. 11051 ff F Qs 1 , if F I W s N 113 A X 5 1 - f k V gf s lid? N Nl S! tw, H ig is 5 Q Q af' Q fe ? 2 ' fy, , f wi 1 Q13 H ' I S23 M f M Au, AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BAKERS BANKERS BEAUTY SHOPPES CLOTHING STORES COLLEGES DRUGGISTS FURNITURE STORES GROCERY STORES INSURANCE COMPANIES INVESTMENT COMPANIES IEWELERS LAUNDRIES MILLS MORTUARIES PRINTERS STATIONERS HMM 5 ff P 5 4' , , Ixzwxff Yi: il-' E fi: g : az, Ef , K 11 .ffi , -- .iff ,... -ywf,w. R mf' fe Q-,-lfwwwg kygqj , W' . ik "l5l4F"i"T:5Eg , Qi - rw ' A ' f Q Q five . w, iggpifwlzm XL ,LA R,,5.:Ks.fg?,fM.- 1 X S V rw my '55 3312515 --.-- 1 . me A 1 ' ff:,a,i1'xaXfxsi:-Q -if-'lz,'j7'E!:", -- 3 2 wwf x .mv . :Ep Av -i E :- as Q: E J, J -n m E K 3, 1 v -x. 1: 1 ,Z gy if 15 34 , O, O 1 E ,ty Q ,QE 4 I BETTY STOTTS ARLLNE CLARK Q mfmff W LJ MMM! fc MQ jfmafwmy QSLMQM, amfzffmizk Anazmzfmgy ,Wx fb 1.944 Qsjugmulefzffzfz coyefzakhn .......... Bemhranht btuhin 5lOwnerJ NATIONAL RESERVE BUILDING PHONE 31889 l1os1 A. M. 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' L A U N D R Y ' PERSONAL LOANS ' XPERT Hnfnn AUTOMOBILE LOANS DRY CLEANER FHA LOANS PHQNE 3- 1395 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 8539 Established 1892 413 IACKSON Ha11's Educational Service dsx, For thirty-Hve years Ha11's have sold to the students of Topeka High School their educa- tional supplies and this has been appreciated. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by Ha11's, who in return propose to furnish materials of the best quality, satis- factorily priced. Fountain Pens -ee Student Supplies --- Books -- Stationery MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT H A L L, 633 KANSAS AVENUE 11121 MODERN BUSINESS TRAINING Y LOW COST if TIME SAVED i' MODERN EQUIPMENT if INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Y CLASS WORK 'I' EXPERIENCED TEACHERS i' PLACEMENT SERVICE i' 18,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR SPACE if ESTABLISHED 1885 O 9 DEPARTMENTS i' SECRETARIAL 'ff STENOTYPY if ACCOUNTING ff BANKING W SOCIAL SECURITY WORK W SHORTHAND i' TYPEWRITING if BOOKKEEPING 4' COMPTOMETER AND CALCULATOR We extend an invitation to Topeka Hiqh School Graduates and Students to visit our school. 'l'0I'EIhI IIIISINESS llllllllllllli M. H. STRICKLER, President 111 EAST EIGHTH S. I. SHOOK, Business Manager Phones 8382 - 5898 D SL H SHOP 91 1 Kansas Ave. Where You Find Clever Dresses and Blouses for School or Date VV. Ii. Palkiner Insurance Agency ALL FORMS OF IIINISHIERZAN E GEO. STAEBLER, IR., Manager New England Bldg. Phone 7511 Compliments of FLAD SL MARSH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 607 Kansas Avenue LOWMAN HILL DRU G STORE Phone 2-6066 1719 West 10th Ave. Topeka, Kansas 11131 CGCQINICGESZEATHIEEATHLQNS Class of '41 Com lete Better Lines Since '79 P f "The Best Home For the Least - ' s' c d Funusher S The Emahizer-Spielman Furniture Co. VIII:zce:oncIgc:ys' -.,-.., .,....,.......-. Y - - JOHN MORRELL 82 Co. MURPHY- BENIS M0'l'0BS, IN C DODGE - PLYMOUTll Cars and Trucks AMERICA'S FINEST CARS IN THE LOWER PRICED FIELD 616 QUINCY PHONE 3-2307 H141 umistinctlve gewelfy Adair's Drug Store ? W IOS West Eighth W 929 Kansas Ave. 935 Kansas Avenue Dial 6315 TOPEKA KANSAS MONEY TO LQAN 9 sg SUNRISE On City and Farm Properties I,OW RATES WITH VERY EASY TERMS LOANS CLOSED PROMPTLY We Specialize on F.H.A. Loans A FULL LINE OF FIRE INSURANCE The Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co. Phone 8161 107 West 6th St. ,A Seeds and Feeds 4 .4L. s Grass Seed and Fertilizers a Specialty VISIT OUR NEW BUILDING COE SEED CO. 212-216 Kansas Avenue f1151 ,- , N Made in E' 'S' ' , The Topeka I I World's Finest ale' bY B U All Purpose To ka L b r W' Flour Pe 3 0 noun Qpleys 21323 EZERS A Rename rim DYERS M 2nd and Quincy Phone 779l Cafe 634 Kansas Avenue NORMANS MR. A. A. NORMAN "Good Food is Good Health" Air Conditioned Neiswanger Investment Co. REALTORS ESTABLISHED 40 YEARS Sales - Rentals - Leases - Insurance Property Management 115 West 6th Street Stormont Bldg. Phone 2-8243 For Sportswear. . . For School. . . WEAR PENNEY'S FAMOUS QUALITY CLOTHES O THE LATEST STYLES FOR MISSES AND YOUNG MEN . . . AT LOW THRIFTY PRICES! I J. o. rluulr co., luv. 107-115 WEST SIXTH RU'I'TER 81 SONS " Good Furniture for Less Since 1872" O .CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS 1025 - 1027 Kansas Avenue WILLIAM GREEN SL SON GROCERY CO. 813 KANSAS AVE Phone 5621 Established 1868 11161 BANKING- SOUND CONSERVATIVE CONSTRUCTIVE Jie National Bank gf Topeka Founded 1868 TOPEKA, KANSAS WESTBORO DRUG STCRE PERCY S. WALKER "The,-gZtTc1:v:1?ZsMiX11?1??eto Dmggist 3101 HUNTOON 4200 PHONE 3-6110 6th and Jackson Sts. Topeka, Kansas JI O H N S O N 9 S Known for Values FlHKNTTlHlE 0 RINGS p W. T. GRANT CO. UIJHOLSTERING 705 Kansas Ave. SLIP COVERS Free Estimates The Junior Department S with complete Sc and 1Oc Phone 2-4073 tO1'e lines 1301 HUNTOON LOSSES PAID PROMPTLY WE WRITE ALL Lmss F I suRANc I' I B34 KANSAS AVE.. TOPEKAJCANSAS Accsos DHONE 0 6446 FIRE AU 0 IIIIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 llllllllillllllllllllllllllllll 'TY aoNos 3 RC L sv no n 1' G s com NSATION 1- R X S0 INSURANCE senvlce T URS S I I 11171 ' . ff ' J ' f Q u 1 'S Z Brennagghggi Home 29 Peebler Funeral Home Phone -was . , - E Penwell Funeral Home 1 cgi' Phone assa gf . 9 X I 9os'roPExAB1.vD. , gl , , 0 5 Wall-Diffenclerfer Mortuary ' . Phone 3-2326 I 'zza wEs'r SIXTH A . ' l Sl1ellabarger's Funeral Chapel eff 'l ' is s lZhTl:I:T4F9lF7:H 9 l' . 1 F -Q ' X ... e 61 flxlx- 1554 'ga '. ' ' X X- F 1 F 'QM I 1 ..I 1 fr! 543111: . ' xi . 1' E9 Vg ' ' 64424 Awe! JORDAN'S MILK BREAD "FRESH EVERY SUNRISE" Compliments of The Coats SL Schlichter Grocery Co. 808 WEST TWELFTH STREET Phone 3 2338 Phon All Kinds ol School, Society and Commercial Printing ll3lllllllXlllllXlG The College Press e 8I57 606 Ha C. G. Blakely SL Company 0 Qualified and equipped to fill LYNDE 8c FALLEY Peter Pan Store Sth and Clay your every Insurance need. . FANCY MEATS AND GROCERIES 201 Columbian Bldg. Phone 8537 Ph 7705 The Guaranty State Bank 435 Kansas Avenue Capital 3200,000 Member of Federal Deposit Cor, I lllllll' H E. HAM M ERLI 'TDGRAPHER eww swag Ca em, M -70,44 The Kansas Power and Light Company l120l Good Shoes For Over Fifty Years 9 954' fhoe ffore 715 Kansas Avenue A HOME OWNED STORE Keep Up Your Typing Practice During Vacation . . . SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS ON TYPEWRITERS Zercher Book 81 Sfat'y Co. Barbara Rice knows that girls in dresses from HARRY ENDLICH'S certainly get all the "breaks" . me Harry Endhch 706 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas 723 KANSAS Ill 11' You Crm Sm' 1.UllIOI'I'UIl',X Slyles T I 5 Meadow Gold For the Students' Health and Happiness Products ' ' ' TOPEKA HIGH TOPEKA PURE MILK CAFETERIA "A Student Service" OWN YOUR HOME AND HAVE SECURITY AND HAPPINESS Rates as Low as 471 NO RED TAPE NO DELAY C. R. SCOTT MORTGAGE CO. SOO National Bank of Topeka Bldg. The House of Quality and Service fm? Phone 2,3033 Phone W. St 11211 YQDUE3 N33 The CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK and The CENTRAL TRUST CO. T T "A Girl is Known by nthe Tweeds She Keeps" FEDERALLY INSURED SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT TQ ACCOUNTS O LOW COST - DIRECT REDUCTION or FHA HOME LOANS TOPEKA BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 3-2311 117 West 6II1 Avenue Compliments of Jake Harshbarger 24-Hour Wrecker Service Wreck Rebuilding cr Specialty TOPEKA. KANSAS 23' JAKE HARSHBARGER'S GARAGE . . . 908 West Sth Phone 2-7278 Iu'I."'iT,"1I"Z1"'..',1'31' ::zL:":G::,':1:4f::S:e:'::.:1 BE MODERN THIRST x' 145 GRI' Use QE. Air Conditioned Ice Refrigeration X AW Keeps Food Fresher at Half the Cost I Q ...... SEE Us Fon ..... -Lzgn . . 1 I Coolerators and Vitalaires I E71 SIZE- WEI W N1 gnvl Econ 49010 wld, w--. ff' '51 ' AT Youn DEALER Phone M222 ii S' 115 Jackson 11231 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY A. E. Billings. M.D. Mills Bldg. F. C. Boggs, M.D. G00 Mills Bldg. Herbert L. Clark, M.D 825 Kansas Ave. Harry Davis, M.D. 704 Mills Bldg. Ernest H. Decker, lXI.D 723 Mills Bldg. Arthur Buff, D.D.S. Thos. P. Capps, D.D.S. 606 Natil Reserve Bldg. Harry W. Colmery 008 National Bank of To Dean and Dean 502 Columbian Bldg. Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, jeffrey 8: Russell 008 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Lilliard, Eidson Xa Lewis 318 New England Bldg. Physicians Menninger Clinic 3517 West Sixth Lucius E. Eekles, M.D. 605 Mills Bldg. Elvenor Ernest, M.D. W, M, Mills, MD, 724 Mills Bldg. H. W. Powers, M.D. Arthur D. Gray, M.D. 723 Nlius Bldg. M. G. Sloo, M.D. 618 Mills Bldg. G. F. Helwig, M.D. 704 Kansas Ave, Robert B. Stewart, NLD , 627 Mills Bldg. xV1lSOIl K. Hobart. M.D. 623 Mills Bldg. F. E. Vest, M.D. Dentists C. N. Mertz, D.D.S. Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D.S. 625 Mills Bldg. 613 Mills Bldg. Lawyers Harry R. Logan peka Bldg. 800 North Kansas Ave. Charles Rooney New England Bldg. Willard H. Shaffer 210 Stormont Bldg. Stone, McClure, Webb, johnson Ek Oman National Reserve Bldg. Wfheeler, Brewster, Hunt and Goodell 401 Columbian Bldg. l124l For Insurance, See THE MEADE AGENCY 119 West Sixth Avenue 0 Phone 6537 0 HoLMEs MEADE IOHN I. CAIN LAKIN MEADE 1oE W. HULL AUGUST WAIZIL CHAS, I. SMITH ARNOLD FALK WILLIAM MEISSINGER LLOYD PERRYMAN WILLIS KIRK Faithful to Quality we smof IT 'QW wma vALues 1 n'GEll!..R?!' 153 High Fashions in Misses' and Women's COATS, DRESSES, FURS, SUITS AND HATS O ALSO GIRLS' COATS, SUITS AND DRESSES THE 3.25.3133 SCEIGDCIDL STANDARD COURSES FULLY ACCREDITED BY MODERN EQUIPMENT AND AMERICAN ASSOCIATION QUALIFIED TEACHERS COMMERCIAL COLLEGES You will find your friends at CLARK'S Three-lourths of our students come :Irom Topeka High TENTH AND WESTERN Telephone 2-5981 824 KANSAS AVENUE Tfbpeka 5PiCe Mills The address of a reliable liankg a financial service slalion. XVe welcome bolli checking and savings accounts. Loansg we make many kindsg per- sonal, automobile, financial state- RoAsTERs OF eooo ooFFEE W mem, mortgage, collateral. I Tea , Spices , Ex+raC+s XVe serve as executor, adnnmsnator z li' , lm ms if Hoiel China ' Glassware Our Capital Funds, S138,000.0U The State Savings Bank "We Make Retail Deliveries" WM. MACFERRAN. IR.. President IO9 Easi' Eighih Phone 507I 2 5 l '5' -::::::,.,.. I -' - f F., :,.,:g:::5:5:5,.,.. .- .-.- .- 4 :-:-:-'.-:- ., -' . . .-:-gr-:-:-:-'-5.5.-.-. .-' f .- - .f .- ,:, .,.- -:- . ,. .-:-, ,- .- , ': ' ' - f2E1fr?:E:?:152:11:1" " " .-:ffffifffifgh ,....'.'.' 5:5Z:152:1E.'2' 1:-:-.5:1:!g: ..:.:.:.-,-I. . . 1-5551- :C:!:I:1g:g:: ,.,:-:1:1 . .'.g.'. . . 3: x. 1' I if Chevrolet f ...Ist Again N0'I'IC: xx: N xx 1' Here's a car with "what it takes" to make it really fit for royalty-a car pleas- ing to our king, Bill Palmer, and our queen, Barbara Long. Let's join them in the thrill of riding in a new Chevrolet Special Cabriolet- the thrill of settling back in the soft red leather upholstery, and the thrill of a quick pick-up. It's a pleasure, too, to know you're safe-enclosed in safety plate glass, re- lying on hydraulic brakes, and doing your night driving by the light of sealed beam head lamps. There are lots of other features, too-shock-proof steering, vacuum-controlled gear shift, separate parking lights, and a silent 90 horse-power motor. It sounds as if "Chevy" is first again, just as it has been nine out of the last ten years. To find more about the new Chevrolet, go to the Blevans Chevrolet Company, 10th and Quincy, and when your dad is in the market for a new car, take him there and try the leader of the low price field . . . Chevrolet. EYE IT. 5333: flqft BLEVAN lixt-rx xxm-:I ut this aulxx-wrist! 0 t ' I In-lu Irlx Ilnrulrl Nnisln-V, al st I I I I I I I II' I 9 I I rv no 121 .4' Iwo , w H261 3... . . '.-,.g.,., ,.g.g.-.'. .g.g.g. ....... '-I-Z-2+ .g.g.-.4 . . ,. . . W -g.g.:.-.- -N.. . I . . uf.: ...:.'.:, I '-'-'I-.-. .-I-2.3. '.-I-I-I-I .'.-.'I-2' . . . .-,.g.g.:. '.-I-3-1 '.'.-.'2'. '.'.'.'.'. ,-,.Q.g.g. .-,... . . . . .'.'. 15155232 S2S:5:5:1: . . 51515 -I-:-:f:f: -:-:-51525 :5:!:1f1f5 :IEISISIEI .5.-.2551 213255555 :1:1:f:S:2 r-:-S5231 :-:-:-:?:- 55.51125 . .'.:.g. .,.,1gZgI- .g.:.:.:I :5:2-I?:1.-.- 5.5.-:-:-:-:-: :-:5:1:Zg:g:-: E-I-Zrfrirfff: f:-:-:-:.-.::- I:-:-:3:5f2g:5: +:-:-:-g.-.-:- rj.:.g.g.'Z-:qc ,.......:.:,.. :-:-:-:--:- .-.-.-.-:-:-:-.. .4- 1523151332- ,.g:5:rg:::3:5" .:.:,::.:.:.g. :-:-:-:3:I-Z-:- E:S:5:5:5255 5:55-:7: '5:1:!-ri:-:-: I:5:::5:fi:1:! 2313 :t- 's l u'u u ......Z,I Crescent Drug Store No. 6 F. E. ROWLAND 12th and Taylor Phone 4455 MRS. FRED I. DODDS MR. I. H. FRIEND A Owner and Manager Asst. Mgr. and Repr. Dodcl's Better Enfvironment Attracts Better Students- Hence Better Companions 512 Central H H H F Topeka Building S HOG OF BUSlNEiS Kansas We Serfve Cl Turkey Dinner EVERY NIGHT fExcept Sundayl SIXTY CENTS It's Always Thanksgiving Day at the Chocolate Shop Annex Conveniently Located at Eighth and Kansas Avenue i The Topeka State Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician Qualified to Fit Contact Lenses 919 Kansas Avenue C CONTINUOUS SERVICE 10:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. "Topeka's Adventure in Good Eating" by Duncan Hines Topeka 915 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-6655 VICTORY SAND AND STONE COMPANY SAND-ALL GRADES GRAVEL AND CHAT Ready Mixed Concrete Phone 3-3285 11271 MYERS AND CCD. Come to MO0RE'S PL Fountiin PenNand BPenci1 Sets ipper ote ooks Diaries cmd Scrap Books Cl Xi M QD T3 E 0 S H17 W.6 Phone 2-3005 909 KANSAS AVENUE J CK FRU T CU. 222 WEST SEVENTH Phone 7797 Safvings and Home Loans This Institution has served the savers and home owners of this community for 56 years. Come in and start a savings account when you receive your first pay check. Remember, one-tenth of all you earn is yours to keep. Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Association 119 East 8th Avenue Phone 3-3263 IOIN THE M EBEQUIE. SXSW who shop at Sears and Save! YOU DON'T NEED THE CASH AT SEARS Shop with a Coupon Book-a small down payment buys one. You may use them like cash in any department. They come in 3310, S15 and S20 denominations. Pay for them over a period oi months. Sears, Roebuck and Co. 11281 X 'I H qi V WI BW T- g f YA ' Features- ffx, .- ' , X - NEWS The McCleery-Dudley II f I I - VARIETY - Music Lumber Company 5111 , , 'if We I 'f 'Wifi 580 on Your Dm Lumber and Building Material Don't bother me with drill. Sarq, I'm listening to WIBW " KANSAS" Curtis Woodwork, Masonite and Glidden's Paints THE VOICE UF "OUR GOODS WILL MAKE GOOD OR WE WILLL' V "COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED" e 0 I 4 CLOTHING FOR YOUNG MEN "All the world is a stage"-cmd the man who dresses correctly makes it a lot eas- ier for himself to obtain a successful role. GIBBS CLOTHES HAVE IMPROVED MANY A MAN'S CHANCES! 511-513 Kansas Ave. 106 E. Sixth 827 N. Kansas Ave. SEE N A 6's and THE 8's for I 1941 ECONOMY WINNER I CELLULOID 25.81 Miles Per Gallon - Averaging 42 Miles Per Hour 3784.00 up BATES TOPEKA DELIVERED PRICE and GOOD Chas. Wierenga PRINTING 1015 Quincy . . Phone 2-1545 1 9 2 .1 Nash Distributor 1 9 4 1 it,s R A P P , S 11291 SUPERIOR gat FOUNTAIN . . ' . Caterpillar SERVICE- Diesel Tractors Edelbluteg Road Machinery S66 66Qwafii7 6.0.4121 flfa fnv-:ev The Martin Tractor Company 700 Eas Ei hh Waghbufn TOPEKA, . I fbwaajaza- FOLLOW THE , GANG Updegraff Bu1ck T0 The I SNOW WHITE CAFE 3012 WEST SIXTH The Covers for the 194-1 Sunflo-wiv-er Were Mcmufact d THE DAVID I. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO STE .0 ,.,.... Printers-Binders I 0 l 7 Kansas Avenue U F. M. owQLF'S Jews Lens 'W""'+'SS2iZ'. 6323? 11301 Complimenfs of Crane SL Company Inc. WHITE DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS 2912 West 17111 Street 110-112 East 8th street Phone 5691 E S T B O R KCIW Nl0l'OI' CO. CLEANERS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Ralph Ratcliffi Ir' L. A. Fuller, Mgr. 0 1028 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-7275 3117 Huntoon Phone 3-1243 .lust a Word . . . from the voters and taxpayers of the City of Topeka By a 4 to 1 vote in April your parents and neighbors decided to extend the city's educational system to include the fine modern plant and splendid ac- credited college facilities of Washburn. This means Washburn now is YOUR college! P 4 There is where you'll meet your friends, your old high school classmates: there is where you may obtain a university education within walking or bus distance of your home. When Washburn opens in September as a municipal university it will be available to you at a greatly reduced tuition. Washburn is Topeka's gift to you. Take advantage of its facilities, its traditions, its spirit! SEE Municipal University of Topeka I 131 1' Glfveziilin Jules Page Adair's Drug Store .... .. 115 Addis Iewelry Store .... .. 115 Berkson's . . .........,.......... .. 111 Blakely, C. G. 6. Co. -Insurance .... .. 120 Blevans e- Chevrolet . . .......... . . 126 Brennan Funeral Home .......... .. 118 Brier Insurance Service ..... .. 117 Butter Krust Bread ..........,........... . . 115 Capitol Federal Savings 61 Loan Association. . . . . 110 Central National Bank ..................... .. 122 Central Trust Co. ........................ . . 122 Chocolate Shop Annex .... . . 127 City Hand Laundry ................................ 112 City Ice Co. ....................................... 123 Clark School of Commerce and Secretarial Training... 125 Coats G Schlichter Grocery Co. ......... , ............ 120 Coca-Cola . . ..............., . . 112 Coe Seed Co. .... .. .. 115 College Press .... ....... . . 120 Crane 5 Co. ................ .. 131 Crescent Drug Store No. 6 .... Crosby Bros. Co. .......... . D :S H Shop ...,.............. Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co.. . . . Dentists . . ................. . . Dodd - Eyesight Specialist .... Dodds School of Business .... Edelhlute's - Druggist . . ...... . . Emahizer-Spielman Furniture Co.. . . Endlich. Harry ................ Faulkiner Insurance Agency ..... Fladu, G Marsh ............. , . . Fritton Grocery Co. ........ . Frost, lack-Oldsmobile .... Gas Service Co. .... . Gibbs Clothing Co.. . . . Grant, W. T., Co.. . . . . Green's Music Shop ........ Green G Son Grocery Co.. . . . Guaranty State Bank ..... Hall Stationery Co. ............... . Hammerli, H. E.- The Christopher . . Harris-Goar s . . ............... . . . Harshbarger, lake - Garage ....... Hotel Iayhawk ............. Hussey Insurance Agency ,.... Ives, H. M., G Sons-Printers .... Iohnson's-Furniture . . . Jordan Baking Co. ..... . Karlan Furniture Co. .............. . Kaw Motor Co.-Chrysler-Plymouth .... Lawyers . . .................... .. Lowman Hill Drug Store ........... Lynde G Falley--Peter Pan Store.. 11321 Martin Tractor Co. ............. . McC1eery-Dudley Lumber Co. ....... . Meade Agency- Insurance ........... Molloy Plant, David I. - Book Covers .... Moore Stationery Co. ............... . Morrell, Iohn 6 Co. ............... . Mosby-Mack Motor Co. ...... . Murphy-Benis Motors, Inc. ...... . Mutual Ice 6. Cold Storage Co.. . . . Mutual Laundry .....,.......... Myers 6. Co.-Offset Printers .... National Bank of Topeka ...... Neiswanger Investment Co .... .. Nightingale's - Suits, Dresses .... Norman's Cale ...........,... Page's Banquet Flour ..... Palace Clothing Co. ...... . Patches Beauty Shoppe .... Payne's - Shoes . . . . . . Peebler Funeral Home ..... . 1 Pelletrer s . . ......... . . Pennant Cafeteria. . , . . Penney, I. C.. Co. .......... , . Penwell Funeral Home ......... Petro, A. M. G Son -Druggists. .. Physicians . . ............... .. Rembrandt Studio ..... Ripley's Laundry ........... Rutter G Sons-Fumiture .... Page 130 129 125 130 128 114 ....107 ....l14 ....110 ....121 ....128 117 116 125 116 116 109 111 121 113 110 127 116 ....118 ....109 .,..124 108 116 116 128 Sears. Roebuck and Co. ........... . Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan A She1labarger's Funeral Chapel ....... Snow White Cale .............. State Savings Bank .............. Steves, F. M.. 6. Sons-Printers .... Topeka Business College ............ Topeka Building G Loan Association. Topeka High Cafeteria ............ Topeka Morris Plan Co.. . . . Topeka Pure Milk ....... Topeka Spice Mills ................ Topeka Trapp 's State Bank ................. -Celluloid Buttons. Badges. ssociation ....... 128 118 Updegraii - Buick . . ......... . . Victory Sand and Stone Company .... Walker, Percy S.-Druggist ............ Wall-Diiienderter Mortuary ............,... Washburn Municipal University of Topeka .... Westboro Cleaners ....................... Westboro Drug Store ................... Westem Typewriter Co.. . . . White Drug Company ..... White Loaf Flour ........ WIBW . . ............... .. Wierenga, Chas. - Nash. . . Wolt's Iewelers ................ Zercher Book and Stationery Co.. . . . 130 125 130 113 123 121 112 121 125 127 129 130 127 117 118 131 131 117 111 131 110 129 129 130 121 ,N 7 L-Q 4, QQ f f. Q U V., I yr. s , 'Y r ... vi , . e mi. W W z , 5 -6 -..Mfji'2 v .V,b it 3. xy Saw x:3'WifQesQlyi2'f KM '23 3 W gg f I I I, A fugx.. -1,-,. f f 1 ,5 ' A 42? ,, Q2 f .. W4 ' ffif I elf ""Z ,I '6-'4Wf' ' ' ' lf fi3ff2?iw ' f"7'Z4f,.c1 f'4432f:s::f ' 71:7 1125:-' gap'- I Yf'f!f', f , X ..V,. f f !QZ,' jf, L , w '7 1 if f f f mf , f Xf 1 1 .L if ff fffyffi , Q Oz 4 Q12 f , . . f , .1 f,- f . .X , , , X K W 4 ,f A ff 4 ,..--"gy, 1-.,.- If . ,,g?,4f2?' ff ag, V ' 711' 1 7 1 7 71 nf, Inf 1

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