Topeka High School - Sunflower Yearbook (Topeka, KS)

 - Class of 1940

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Jef df 704 ' fx IH U , F' Jw J L15-J"""'!Jj 'VJ Q .ii-,ity MQW yz.,,,:,:5 A Wm ,! 'Wg cg! 4 l, , M Q S' Q" A ,',3c?k, V QQ Q , ' 2' 11 2 , 4 , .1 -I , , . , ' , Q M f' f ' i 5 ' ' 1 - ' ' 1, v f ,. 1' -w ,, I v x JZ, S! Q. va 'A A ., ,, If. -4 . ,BL S,-344 . U 3 uw" . , 1 . ' , . A'-:Pa 'X ' M H. . V fl' . ,,, V' ,. '11 X, ' ,, , K , . , -- ,., M . f , 4 , ,g-af, 4 ,- K T at 1 'W .' rr 1 1-FU' v X. 4 . . ' 'X' .v A . . A ,, A, sry,-,, ,. Q ylf. 1 L-, 4 .t . ? 1. . . .y ,' , v 1 ' ' ' ' ' La .- Q X 3 j.,m,f, 4' V .-.g 5 - - . ,, .ij , 'f r., ",, , y ,f, . Ju, ' K , . 4 .. , - .1 ,, A 'gl Y A ' ' 'S - f ' 1 1, 's x A . , . 3 Y 'Q 7'-'z f ' uw, .1 . f 35 , 1 f , ' If ,, A : ,wx , v Q R . 1 ,rf -in-. , w . W m an - fWLl Ski 5 S! 1 C J' sf gf 2 E s f 5 if . "-.'.f . . . i wmfzmf . K 5 , . . 5 . 2 3. f. , gs 5 xi 5 , - A 1 2 x N X 1 . ww 15 -vu- 2 J X. . W SV uvfw i Q 4 gf' I g if' ff . Q' L ,fx i f -. , ' - .: -+4 l X ' , .L .,.X K, 4 hm! ,' - 'Q . f ., , Q, 'L , 47 , ' KRS! 3 A ' .ts Xiy 3 . if gl. K X ' . 5 . E . X f g 35' ' . if f l 2 . . Q if " . nw L a Q ' -" Q R' X 5 ,P " Y ' me-has lx. KJ .Q ., 5 'wWff3-illifmun mu." Q " . .. . ,V , 6 ' . 3. si .. . Q , . . K Q . z S A can EJ .alle 'I gg J tn g 'Q 'W " ' K X Nl Q, --'. .." , my if 3 I i E 8 Q ' Eff km . MW . 4 55 U ' .r ui -, ' 3 'Q 4 D s" K 5 1940 Sll NITIAIWEII Dedication . . . Theme Pages CLASSES page 9. Senior Portraits . . . junior Groups . . . Sophomore Groups . . . Senior Activities . . . Feature pages. page 45. Faculty. . .All-School Officials. . . Student Government . . . Senior Officers . . . Proc- tors . . . Hosts and Hostesses. ATHLETICS page 57. Football . . . Intramural . . . Bas- ketball . . . State Tournament . . . Ramblers . . Girls, Sports . . . Spring Sports. ACTIVITIES page 73. Music Department. . . Publications . . . Dramatics . . . Language Banquet ...' 'Say It With Music" .... Debate and Stunt Night . . . . Christmas Pageant . . . All-School Party '... Soph- omore Party . . . Senior Party f . . Clubs. HONORS page 97. Honors . . . Point System . . . Na- tional Honor Society . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Thes- pians . . . Forensics . . . In Memoriam. FIN A N CE page 105. Business Houses. This book was print X H. M. IVES AND soNs Portrait photography by CHRISTOPHER STU DEDICATION EVERY BOOK is in an intimate sense, a circular letter to the friends of him who writes it .... Yet, though the letter is directed to all, we have an old and kindly custom of addressing it on the outside to one. Ct what shall a man be proud, if he is not proud of his friends". . . . So wrote Robert Louis Stevenson. So writes the staff of the 1940 Sunflower, who prepared a book this year for the enioyment of all Topeka High School, but addressed it especially to one, a man whose friendship the high school is proud to claim-A. J. Stout, for twenty-one years City Superintendent of Schools. ..f- .-.-15573. Q 6' ,,,. - , 4- an ,-ii.. 4 ,,.,..q W -", A-H . . . -'-A ' 5.3. .5 . 'Id-14 . .- '-'.'. f 'jLu'.,l 1714 . 1.,,'u ' . . ' J - - 1 A , ,-1' 'H-A. vw . -V-v 4 -OJ' fy-45 rwgvi U ,-jumy ,w,,,,,, ., , HW. l, A fe, V. 191' 'N S? v :TEH ' ,' , 1 23 1'-emi' .ff3b'Q"1 - :se Q.wwer5'w1g ' ff We eulvre sd .1.. Ll Aa We we iicmnahng BICNVECYWA team e We TM-we' W as eq-My g,ver1'ww Jef' wa! Neve fu rvem W were fs.:,0"1'erw -JPN' A 1 grow WA 1, 3 've' elpressed the Tower K, apfwfual swgruwflcarwce It was YhCF6fOf9 deeded that the Tower! zoupied W th M' blow s fnferpfetahon Nouid be used as the Theme The poem appears on the opposite page x L Nuwffx Yf',1e..,1ll1s!m3 Topeka High School -- ...M I7 l xv 2' v ' X 'A' 'V DHHS. 3 " bov' T53 Trees .' f 1 'Lxffl-anryf :FIN yhkj ml hrosMe.1' fid,uh7,jf,nLx, Ya- Ik' iarougkr Ufwpr-.I Fr-om Nw F'n:a'flx., g. . 1 7" O5 -3911, :nj 'fini -1 wg, Q.,,,j 53-:Mu Y , 'cyxjphf l!it:L'g,f .,'u ' A1-1' 1 f' 1 V W !Ewqv3,L eo 'm f X ff. 3 4 'Y roupl, V, P451 JS ,A f'm.' n,' mr f .1 Z UQYX SLHJNQHLJ Lv' Yru: ff L' S -In 4 , .v I5 A f fx T Rui , 4, 1 XS' r fWv"" ',.5k,,, , -'i???1a x K N5 Q pb ABOVE TH 5 TR E65 x va. X sv 'N -4 A . W1 "'. A T' Q ' i :- '. ui f .. X K IW , l'w Pgirgf f, s-ff. "wx ,5?f5- L' 1. 5: , 1 I fr . 1- .1 1 vs C . I J, S .9 -.. 3 ,g K 4 rl 1, 3 A 1' ft' ,Y . . zqyi. b . 0- f A Ii V fha-I ' 1 , Q li . V A Q ' O Q- gd L - 'yd vw: '1 el "'1f ' -5 is 1 1 ns - M' 1M - -"- -fm t Q- 4 tn-nun ' "' 4 6" 1 'a D o 1 - - aint-4 Wh ' -H Q , x' """ ,.,, i .vm f"' gf! ,W - , f ' K ,, 4-an-141' H: k 41 Z.. 1 4 .XX SQ! . vb H ' 1 'W x - '-1q.,,.N xx M ifx hfa,,,,,,,M 1'.g4 Q ww vvhlliv- - e- M-untug., " 'hun-QA-ff' ' in Yee. ' M . 1 A Q' K' Y. 0 'um Great groups of pupils throng the halls -from THE TOWER v ku 4, A 'V JV' QW? vqx lKN ,xi'l'fL Sn. A .. if X 4 'S M wg Aszmu 9? i , Yf ,M -x X Q f if I X R IL I ,ff , , V V xgww K f. ,. f 5' at AE' viii. ,l I Y,' ...F Q, 4 , I THX ' ' 4 P Q iw si - g wx. X ' 'X Q qw V5 X I F N , AH ' g K .7 fi.-if QE -, M X Mg, ggzmzi ax ORS 12.5 H 902i':vKNSi? 1' 4' fr X- K w ' ,f Q f, ' X , "LL ' L if I A .if ""' , xg X Q Af' ,P .4 if 5 'Qi 1"'f'?' lx 'Q s+,su-'- K axsxezifxef 2, WTNESL x Q .HMG "' , ,X ,, :K 1? y ' A fd? 7 , , Ay . . Q : A m A L59 I ,...Q. it .. - - ..:.?. ' K. " by 'fl Q ' l.,f. 5i,A, -A kgXLf'Q: A f " HF Q Y 1.21 L ff .L fi M U f ffsxmss-:rx SifxX'i'.S!!VIAN W View 5 , ,gym WK . M rp .1 ,. 7 xx 5 ' 'S 'MN ' -, 14130: 11' ' A .Af 3 H 6 1' X . . ,, 5 K A 1 I A K . A W A L ws X- Q 7 I , K ' w 53. AN GH-m3R'y mmqrez ff -if A ww x maxim me-ue:f.9aiM www Mmm sw! an TRU? HU K .., l ,J 'Q , Q MARY Bl NCKEBLFQD- is ' MILDYEEJ NLE: 'wif 6, L, EZIJZABETH BOON 'wimi x ' ,. V if 1 BYRON BOON . v ' " Q W 3 fb v -Q A Mg ' Q wx X ., Q .QC x -ul- 3"' .W ,- Q F -A K Q R n Y ' Q: , . K gs ' 1 ,ff 1 Y V manga suwurw -non rxovue - 6 4 b A k ' ' ' ' ' ' ' AKWW BUY'-R5 JEAN smmrow ' Kxmancwer sam'-Bucs . k x. av. um :mmme N E: , '.l'?N ' T - v ,V 5 X ,M ,,',m' M A fi' HRX "' ' :. f KW 4 'B - 4, Y 5 - 9 y Je Q as , LL - lv . v X' ' I-:if :Un , 'QQ v . f::fsi!Ff!k:"' - 1 g 92. ,. ,ygigiwgilg - ,-- i. 5- ' -In 4 fmwf ij U A 1 A , . , ,, 9444. A , .fy v 1 2 A ,. A ,K l 4' N " 7 L25 My 1 q ' , x - 1 K - 11" M R mx Mn mum msc, 1 BL! nw "KLi.g'VY ef U!-2'.0RES HRW-Iwi MARLLLRX .1wi.Hw1sN I mkmlml BUNGLP MATH sm' Bs. new 'X . F A ,Q 'ik , ,V .' L A X W 2 ,ft'f.'3q,. R 4 , V k . K 4 5 X A, A h in Q K is .1 A . Q H K ,, Y K , Q 1 f' A Y 1 L, X SN W, . Q k ,- ,4 V H HAKOI -.nee-M v.xzanANNr. CAFPt1N'!'.R ncmwm' c:,fmfmsm,x5 X "'51NzNK, :www .Oy 1 mmf li , li Q QA sy- 1 Q ' ' if if ' 1. m Q ,lwlkfu ' if ' ,-+"""', , ,lg 5, CHARX K, QLLMRNT s ff' A "'-A M1 ANU x AILLURN 1:8 .ff 5 NJ .w 1 x f' QM- , if A ,eq . A 'Y wwf we I ALM H4 ,fx 4, W- ,. bf , ,, Wm, Av' Q Ma, . 'Sh ,wx KN i, A A-Q M , bdrm S1 sm! assi, .4""" gk s an KHEQRLRA ri r l ga-- MXH SER RTMN 'TR JI Q ir' XRD 'gf' 1 33 3 .AL Q? 4 d al 3 yifm Q 5.5 Carloonisl Pele Rockman Makes the Lads HBDDY Wilh His Divine Creations II.Al.DWIN, ICNIAIARII-1: lIAI,I.ARD, IVA LEE-Queen of Fash- ion, Sophomore Dratnalit's, Representative Council: BARBER, I-'RANK -Iland: II.-XRRI'i'l"I'. DOROTHY-llep Club, Clef Club, .lunior Clee Club, IlAR'I'l,l'i'I"I', IRENIQ-Girl Reserves QSilvet' I.ake, Raimi IIAIICHMAN, Al,IlER'I': BAIIGHMAN, HELEN- Ciil Reserves: IIAIICHMAN, HOWARD-Stunt Night, Proctor. Class Captain: BAIIM, ERNEST-Christmas Assembly, Presiding Olluei' Assembly, Alito Club 4Paseo High School, Kansas City, Moa: IIAXII-IR, BOB, ISAYIAQ IIARTON-Ilresident Student Congress, l'roctoi Captain, Debate, IIAYSINGER, EVA-Pep Club. Horne Rootn Representative. "Saw It AVith Mttsio' Revue: Ill'QAM, I'IIYl.I.IS-Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, .lunior-Senior Prom Piogiani: IIIQANIAN, I'HYl.I,lS: IIECKER, MYRI.: BECK- AIAN, MARClCI.l,liMI'ep Club. Home Room Representative, l'rortorg IIEIQRIIOIIAI. IIARRY-President Sophomore Class, Student Countil Representative, Cheer Leader: IlECl.EY, ANNA MARY--I'utoi, Boots and Saddle Club, Hostess: IIICLL, FRED? Ill-INSON, IIIC'I"I'Y: BENSON, IDIS kIliAN+Soeial Chairman junior Class, Senior Clee Club, Ilonie Room RL'I7l'CSL'Ill1llIAC. iArmeI and Caskeyj A Trifle Wind-Blown-But Ain'l It Fun! A l14I I itllill ll'I'IVI'I'IIit' ADAMS. BARBARA-Girl Reserves: ALEXANDER. VIRGINIA -Proctor. Hostess. Class Captain: AIIEN, FI,ORENCE-Sopho- more Dratnaties, Proctor, Class Captain: ALLEN, LAURElI"l'A- Ilia Soeietasi AIIISON, EVCENE-Horne Rootn Representatixe. Proctor, Pep Club: ALONZO, MARIA IERESA-Hostess. Ot'- chestra. Christmas Assembly, Al.'l'HAIISER, DAVID-Ilrortor: ALVAREZ, WENCEg ANDERSON, CHARLINE-Pep Club, Hostess, Staff Editor Wlorldg ANDERSON. ORYILLE--Sorial Chairman Sophotnore Class, Head Host, Manager Concession Stand: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT-Pep Club, Football, Clee Club flelastings. Ncbjz ARNETT, WINNOCENEvl'ie Delta Pie Club: ARTZBARCER, PAIILINE: ASHBY. VAI. IEAN- Exeeulive Council Pep Club, Representative Council, Proctor, ASHLEY, GLEN DEAN: ATKINSON. DARLENE-I'hylIis Wheatley Girl Reserve Cabinet, Hostess. -lunior Glee Club: A'l'WEI.I,, HUMER-I'rot'torg IIACHMAN, I.IlEI,I.EN-Tutor, Clee Club. President Sophomore Class fl'rotertion, Raul: BAD- DERS, lIEANA'l'rojan AVarriors, Boots and Saddle Club. Prof- l0l'I BAHNER, NIARKIORIE-C. A. A.. l'ie Delta Pie Club, I I I I Puff Pant Prommers Crown Their King BERGQIIIST, MAlTRlCEwClass Captain. Speaker in Assemblv, judge Sttmt Night: BEIZER. QIOHNL IIICK. CEORGE2 BIRD- YVHIS'1'I.I'f, CHARI,IiS-Rambler Basketball leant, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball: IllR'I', I.Il..A-Clel' Club, Class Captain. 'l'utor: BLACRIIIIRN, MARY-l'roetor, Home Room Representative, Class Captain: IILESKE, AIILIUREIDQ IILIIMEN- STOCK, CEORCE QSee p. ITB-Class Captain, Proctor: Home Room Representative: BOIITZ, MARGARET-Ilep Club. Proc- tor, Election Board: IIOON. El.lZAIIEIH--Cirl Reserve Cabinet. Hostess, Home Room Representative: IIOON. IIYRON-Proctor, Home Room Representative. Manager Basketball 'Ik-am: BOWER, ElICENE-Proctor, Class Captain. Track: BOWLING, FRANCIS -Pep Club, Sophomore Dramatic Club. Class Captain: IIOYI-IR. FAYONA-Senior Clee Club, Class Captain, Honor Roll, BOY- ERS, AR'l'l-IUR-Senior Clee Club. A Cappella, Madrigal Sing- ers: llRA'I"l'EN, -IEAN-C. A. A.. Basketball Captain: BRAV- ICNCE, MARCARIi'l'-President llanquet Club. llroetori BRIQID- ENTHAL. I,ESI.IE-Senior Clee Club, A Cappella. Track: BRIENNAN, MARY: BRESLER, IiI.I.liNI-Cirl Reserves. C, A. A,. Hockey QAII at Hutchinson, Kan.l. l15l C Nllll lI'I'IVl'I'IIll, BREWER. RIIBY-Cirl Reserves, Orchestra fSeamanj: BRIN- DELI.. GERALD-Pia Societas, Proctor, Class Captain: BROCK, THERESA-Pep Club, Proctor: BROYVNINC, GLADXSQ BRL- BAKER, BETTY: BRUHNS, DELORES: BUCHANAN, MAR- GERY-Seuior Clee Club. A Cappella, Class Captain: BUNCER, - , , , GEORGE-Football, Music: BURDICR, MARX LOL-Hostess, Editor High School Happenings: BURGER, HAD-Proctor, H1-Y, Football: BURKE, EIVCENE-Track. Football, Proctor: BUR- KETT, MAX: BIZRTON. IRVINC-Booker T Boys: BUTLER, BELVA-Pep Club, C. A. A.: BUTLER, MARGARET-Class Captain: CALENDRO, .IOSI-IPHINE: CARLSON, HAROLD- Seuior Clee Club, A Cappella: CARPENTER, MARIANNE- ' ' ' " ' "' Cmn- Proctor, Iiroiau Warriors, Assistant Clerk Representative t cil: CARROTHERS, DOROTHY-Girl Reserves, Pep Club, Proctor: CASNER, CORRINEC CASPER. AIOE-Class Captain, Proctor: CASSITY, HELEN JUNE-Tutor, Proctor, Hostess: HASF PATRICIA Proctor Iunior CHAPPELL, CRECC: C ,. ., I . , - , i Clee Club. Cirl Reserves: CHASE, PEARL-Christmas Assembly, Easter Assembly: CHRISTMAN. GEORGE-Football, Madrigal Singers, A Cappella. Trojan Pepsters by the Truckload DARK, HENRIETTA-Sunflower and World Staffs, Proctor, Pep Club: DARROXV, OTIS-Lt' Cercle Francais, Clee Club, Madrigal " ' D AVIS FD-Basketball Class Captain, Secretary Hi-Y: Singtts, . ., . . , DAVIS, JOHN fSee p. 'Ill-Proctor, Orchestra, Masque and Xtlig: DAVISSON, DEAN tSee p. Ill-Senior Glee Club, Track, "Say It With Music" Revue: DAY. IOHN-President International . ul Club, Masque and Wig. Proctor: DEGENHARDT, ,IEAN-Gu Reserves lHolton, Kang, Glee Cltib t'l'opeka Catholic Highl, Class Captain: DENSLOIV, EILEEN-Girl Reserves: DE YVITTIE, MARSHALI.-Proctor: DICK. HELEN-Band: DICKE, DOR- OTHY-German Club, Hostess: DIETZ. VIOLA-Proctor, Class Captain, Girl Reserves: DILLMAN, ERNEST: DILLMAN, MAR- VIN-Class Captain: DODD, DONNA-Proctor, Cheer Leader, Vice-Presiclent Sophotnore Class: DOMINCO, ANN-Executive Council Pep Club, Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Clerk ' ' '- ' 'VI'tbe- Representative Council: DORNAN, DUANE Proctor. I a 'itic Club Librarv Assistant: DRAKE, MARGARET-Hostess: tn. . . . I . .. . DRESCHER, MARIAN-Girl Reserves, Banquet Club: DREYER NIAXINE-Pep Club. Proctor, Cirl Reserves: DROYVN, LL'- CILLE. Shutterbug John Yarnell Sets His Sights on a Potential Target CHRISTMAN, .IOHN-Host, Class Captain, Track: CLARK. GEORGE-Orchestra: CLENIENT. CHARLES: CLOUD, RALPH -A Cam ella. Proctor. Dramatic Club: COl,lll'RN. NVANDA- IP Pep Club A Cappella. Clee Club: COLE, ROBI'.RT-Band: COLLIER, FRED-Head I-lost. President Cerinan Club, Editor WVorld: COLVIN GLENN: CONARD, VIRCIL-Class Captain. P' ', Football: CONKLE. DORIS-Pit' Delta Pie Club, Class ioctoi Captain, Proctor: CONNER, FRANCES: COOK, AN IOINI: I I li: COOKE, JACK-Class Captain. Statnp Club: CORBY. HARRY: 1 COXVGER, BOB-ltlatlr ematies Club, Host, Band: COWGER, DWIGHT- Proctor. Host, Golf Sqtiad: COX. MORGAN: COX, HERBERT: COYNI-I. GEORGE-Host, Senior Clee Club: CRABB, AIOHN-Proctor V' Pt siduit Band' CRIXINI COTTLE, ANNA qSee p. Hy-Hostess Captain, President Pia Societas, 'ice- :ex ' . . , . . . , V . , l CAMILLA: CRITES, DON-Basketball: CULBER FSON, BLR " ' ': " CUNIMINS, MAR NETT-Program Chairman Hi X, ltoctot, I - JORIE-Pianist A Cappella and Boys' Clee Club. Sophoniort FRONI, CLARENCE Dramatic Club, Class Captain: DAHLS' . - Class Captain: DAHLSTROM, HAROLD-Class Captain, Proctor tClarence Englej What the Well Dressed Young Man Won't Wear .jf HANG? '-D145 Q " I w f QQK Q, 1. fuwgsn l i V A A t 'N ww i f ws i N rm 6 'K' ' ' -Q 'Q . Q Q' .190-x. Q'- ji. I xx A .Xu gf km I Q 'S is K' x.,, ,f gy f 'x C 1 , Qs ' " by F s 1 4 Q W 'ui f,,, W, .V . - - L - E .. X ' M, 4. ' Y Ss A E .,... , , .W-. Y 1 w 1 w my 'as v 1 'mu fx -vel Q l w alm b. I :nu 2 .5 -R1 -S R WNNH54 I 1 1 'A N, 'xx -an x X ,R -mx 11 Hff I 5 1 N.. L . - X i H yd . .M X ! " WR P NV HHN KRAHH QAMIUA VRIMM -w"""' 'ir 1. Q ,uf ,f K xx.. :MEVN A . , ZRX A A 'F W x my sm :wmv Jvc., '- Q f R R A Aww, JPQNLKL :N nm-A 4 aw sms-as e--V.-1.x KU ,E X' X 22' 'A gviiim si Af N '-VV-Y wvrvw x--ww sm :snug l - i ,.1"5.,.l A - ,N 4 5 . ju QS H - 7 V .. ., ,I F" 5 ., S fr ? - gf T: I ' 5, P- NVQ, Q -J. Q 33 xmas rwfwc. Wh -'S 1M 0 I-0 inv- fa. ll" .'x I 6- 10,0 w,,1wl1 R x 9 x 'N ' Y Q ROW ONIQZ I'rz1ll, Ryrlcr. Iivvrs, Slrwnrt, Gordon. ,2llll'H, Il. Innes. Nldlluxggngc. ShonI'. l', Rvklilvw. . K K In-url. l'l'lllIK'l'gilSl. Huvlrm-r, Blilllllifylll, Lislrr. ROW TWO: Uilmwlx. Clank. C-uslntsun. Smm, 811.111-14 Rmgcrs. Umm-ll, llivtrirll, Yllllllglllilll, Robinson. Rimllnn, D, nl. Smith, H. Willigunx, Slllhhlllh. llmm. ROW lllRIfl".: l'lZlWl'S. llros:um'1', Kilillllilll. lTil'kl'l'SOIL llcflwx, Wrzlx. Magnuson. lihrlifh. Clmuh. I-Km. Ifnkcl, lfu-slc'rirk, Rc-mlclifk, Sfhlllll. Mflluwcll, Iizlrtlvll. Wcllcl. ROXV FOUR: I. Nlulphcx. iizulwn. li. Smith, XS, Wvllw. 'ls-mplc, luwulcy. Snyder, Curyczl. Sczlrlv. K, Millvr, llnrhcr, liornin. Maw., lh-rnmnn. Sahuunkv. Il l'1i4v. ROW FIYF.: Kullllll, l.. Millvr, fzlllllllff, Owen. Snylor, Spcvr. Ilml. Null:-v. Hurd. Iluulvx. Kivlw, ll. M0nlgmm'ry, nOl2ll'Ih, Wcylcr. is-lf 1, ,H+ Y V . 5-if 'x ! JOHN FRHLDSTROM gg? JULIA GARDNER f Cl EN CILPIN A . nw X .L x TOM CLEASON Q K2 ,mix -L "6.M5epL: M' b , a Z 'K :al .W - vb-' is .Q M gf A 5. ,N L m ,f. U 1 ,K . xg ' me nos ceoucas HELEN cu mx 1 ,.... f I ,ST 4 ij QV Q1 1 - K A 1 3 PM 'bzn . , , rs nw- fu' ly, K J . '.- I nosomv ANN cow JUDSONLCOODRIC!-I ss.Mr,rQ gommx H1 QE 4 MWF BETTY REI-IN PAULINE CQREEN l S Lf Q3 4 M . fv , mm, X ' 12- I 5, , I V , y . . A Q K Ci-.NEVIKVE HAHN 3 i. Q W. L 'X RONALD NAU, CHARLES GRIFFIN X ,pf Aooompanis! Bruce Herrick Muses Over "the Noisy Keys" Fl l'lGERAl,D. PX I' -Clel Club, Pep Club, "Say lt YN'ith Musit"' Revue: Fll'lPAlRlCK, MARY LEE-'lroian YVarriors, Home Rooni Representative. Prottoti Fl,Ol'l', ED-Class Captain: FOSTER, GLENADEAN -- llostt-ss, Social Chairman Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: FRANCOM, DWAlN-Football, Intra- mural Basketballp FRAZIER. liARPiARAvClass Captain: FRA- ZIER, llE'l"liY jANE: FRENCH, MARY-Senior Glee Club, Matlrigal Singers, Home Rootn Representative: FRENCH, RUTH fSee p, l-lj-f-Xvorld Stall. jttnior Press Club: FRIEDSTROM. jOHN Proetor, Host, Election lloardi GARDNER. jllLlA: t.ARl.INGllOlfSli, Wll,lll'RllA - X Cappella, Senior Glee Club, Horne Rootn Representatixe, GARVER l', l.EO j.-Camera Club, llostg GEORGICS, ROI!---l'rot'tor, Class Captain, Student Counttil Representative tManual lrainittg High School, Kansas City, Mo.J, Gllfl-'ORD, lllil,EN--Athenian Club, Class Captain: GIF- FORD. MARY LOITISE 'Girls' Spott Editor Sunflower. Proctor. Camera Club: Gll.llERl'. llEl"l'Y--Phyllis XVheatley Girl Rel serves: GILHER li, jEAN tSee p. lll-Glee Club, Pep Club. and Stunt Night tGeorge Washington High School. Alexandria, Va.l: GILIXER l, CHES liER-Class Captain. "Melody Masters" Toll Off Those "Six Days in Jail-Edin' Sl't0'lnin' Bread" l20l CENIIII tllI'I'IVI'l'lIit' DllllACH, MIRIAM--Girl Reserves, llostess, Library Assistant: DUNHAM, RICHARD-Home Room Representative. llost, Proc' tori DURFLINGER, jllNE-G. A. A. Cabinet. Proctor. llotrling. EARL, CHESTER: EASON, XN'll,E'l"l'A: EASTERDAY, HAR- OLD: EASTON, DAI,E-Sophotnore Dratnaties, Pep Club. Prof- tor: EBERSOLE, BILL-Stamp Club, Hi-Y, Pep Club: EID- MANN, DOROTHY-A Cappella, Senior Glee Club, Home Rootn Representative: ELl,lO'l"l', MARIANL ELLIS, jli.-NN-G. A, A.: ELLIS, VIVIAN-G. A. A.: ELLISON, LOYD: ELMORE. l GLORIA-World Short Story Contest: ENGLE. CLARENCE' Secretary-'Treasurer Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, National Tltespians: EPPS. DICK-Proctor Captain, Football. Student Couneil Repre- sentative: EUXVER, MARTHA-Executive Conneil Pep Club. Girl Reserves, Proctor: EVEY, AviI,lAl.'A"-Pl'0l'l0l'I EYVING, ROB ERT-Proetor, Class'Captain, Library Assistant: EZELI., ELENE -Phyllis YVheatley Girl Reserves: FARRlER. FRED--Senior Glee Club, Tutor, Pep Club: FICHTNER. HENRY-Host, Prortor, 'iSay lt With Musit"' Revue: FISHER, GERRYfHotne Room Representative, Pep Club, G. A. A.: FlSHER. PA l'-'Srience Clulmg Lovers Iliff and Willcuts Woo on, Oblivious of Family Strife Behind Them GlI.LE'l', jO ANNfPie Delta Pie Club, GILMAN, jACK--Home Room Representative. Pep Club. Host, GILLESPIE. FRANCES wProetor, Class Captain, Boots and Saddle Club: GILPIN. GLENN-Hi-Y Cabinet. Quill and Seroll, Business Manager Sun- flower: GINDER, BETTY-Art Guild: GLEASON. TOM-Class Captain, GOFF, ALICE-Little Sister Chairtnan Girl Reserxes. Girls' Sport Editor World, Honor T: GOLD, DOROTHY ANN A'I'rcasurer junior Class, Band, and Dratnatitt Club tCentral High School, St, joseph. Moj: GOODRICH, jllDSON-President Band. National lltespiaus, jttnior Play: GORDONIER. ELMER -Host: GOREE, GEORGE-Btxiker 'I' Boss: GRAISHAM. DlCl-A -President junior Class, Debate Squad, Tennis Squad: GRAHAM. HAROLD: GRAHAM, LORRAINE: GRAY. llE'l'l'Y-llandl GREANE, jllNE-Quill and Scroll. Trojan YYarriors. YVorld and Sunflower Stalls: GREEN, llE'l"l'Y- Pep Clttb, Proctor, Class Captain: GREEN, PAllLlNE: GRIFFEE. VIRGINIA-Senior Glee Club. A Cappella. World Stall: GRIFFIN, CHARLES- Band, Football and junior Play qEllis, Kanji GRIFFIN, MARY -Girl Reserves, Boots and Saddle Club: GRO.-YF, VERA-Horne Rootn Representative, Head Hostess. Orchestra: GlllLD, ED. I Itlllll lI'I'l IITIEC l21l GISIAFSON, EDYVARD-Band: CUTTING. ROBERT-Class Captain. Hi-Y: HAHN, GENEVIEVE- Pep Club, A Cap- pella, Senior Glee Club: HAHN, IVINIFRED: HALL, RONALD -Class Captain: HAM, BERNICE-G. A. A., Proctor, Trojan Warriors: HAM, DOROTHY-Proctor, Secretary-Treasurer Sen- ior Class, Class Captain: HAMBLIN, JOE: HAMBY, JEAN-G. A. A., Pep Club, Proctor: HAMILTON, CHESTER-Proctor Chairman, Editor Hi Life, Student Council: HAMM, VIRGINIA -Home Room Representative, Proctor, Class Captain: HAMMEL, JANEMHotne Room Representative, Trojan YVarriors, Secretary Latin Club: HANSON, HELEN-G, A. A.: HANSON, VIRGINIA -Pep Club, Senior Glee Club, A Cappella: HARDY, BETTY tSee p. llj: HARGIS, ESTHER-Proctor, Class Captain: HARRIS, DAVE: HARRIS, MARTHA-A Cappella, Proctor, Tutor: HAR- ROP, MARIE-Banquet Club: HASKELL, JEANETTE-Tro- jan XVarriors, Proctor, IVorld Staff: HASTINGS, ERNEST-Pep Club, Junior Glee Club, Class Captain: HASTINGS, HENRY: HAVELY, WVILLA-Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, and All School Play fMayetta, Kang: HAIVES, DICK-Class Captain, Archeology and Travel Club. Mrs. Van Slyck Pours at Tea Dedicating "Laura L. Ewing Classical Room" HUDSON. MILDRED-Pie Delta Pie Club, Girl Reserves, Class Captain: HUEY, NELSON-Banquet Club: HUGHES, CHARLES -Proctor, Hi-Y: HUGHES, DONALD-Hi-Y, Home Room Rep- resentative: HUGHES, JACK-A Cappella, Senior Glee-Club: HUGHES, JUNE-G. A. A., Pie Delta Pie Club: HUMBERT. l'HlIfNational Thespians, Masque and Wig Plays, Madrigal Singers: HUNT, ANNZO-Class Captain, Proctor, Girl Reserves: HUNT, I. B.-Class Captain. World Staff: HUNTER, CHARLES -Executive Council Pep Club, Football, Proctor: HYLTON, PHYI.I.IS-Home Room Representative. Proctor, Pie Delta Pie Club: IOTT, BARBARA-Banquet Club, Class Captain, Proctor: ISAACSON, STUART-Social Chairman Hi-Y, Proctor, Home Room Representative: JACKSON, LLOYD: JENKINS, VIR- GINIA-Proctor, Secretary Point System, Senior Glee Club: JENNINGS, MARIE-Senior Glee Club, A Cappella, Debate: JENSEN, MARIE-Pie Delta Pie' Club: JOHNS, KATHERINE -Proctor, Baton Twirler, Pep Club: JOHNSON, ANDREW fSee p. 445-Class Captain: JOHNSON, CHARLES-Home Room Rep- resentative, Proctor, Band: JOHNSON, HAROLD-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball. Jack Keyes, Drummer Boy Deluxe, Pounds Out a Torrid Downbeat HAYSE, BETTY ANN-Proctor, Hostess: HAWKS, WARREN: HECK, DONNA CLAIRE-Masque and Wig Club, Home Room Representative, World Stall: HECK, LOIS-Pep Club, Girl Re- serves: HENLEY, DOROTHY-World Stall, Proctor. Home Room Representative: HENNEY, PHYLLIS-Glee Club fNew- ton, Kang: HERRICK, BRUCE-Glee Club Accompanist, Proc- tor, Band: HERRON, MARY ANN-Home Room Representa- tive, Proctor, Hostess: HEWITT, HAZEL-Vice-President G. A. A., Hostess, Pep Club: HILL. GEORGIA-Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: HILL, JOAN-G, A. A., Girl Reserves, "Say lt With Music" Revue: HINOJOSA, CANDELARIO -Spanish Club: HIPPENSTEEL, LEE-Proctor: HITCHCOCK, ROSEMARIE- Pie Delta Pie Club, Dance Club, Boots and Saddle Club: HOAD, ALICE-IVorld Staff: HODGELL, BOB-Editor Sunflower, Home Room Representative, Track: HOGAN, DERALD: HOLSTROM, RALPH: HOLELE, HARRY-Proctor, Election Board: HONEY- MAN, DON fSee p. 445: HONSTEAD, JOHN-Banquet Club, Proctor: HORACEK, LOUISE--G. A. A., Pie Delta Pie Club, Junior Glee Club: HOWE, CLYDE-Host, Tutor, Track: HOXEY, LARRY fSee p. 445, K. U.'s Dean Paul Lawson Lends an Attentive Ear to the lnquisitive at College Day 'I UUHYVJIE SILNI I' af nw B' ' ., Q5 Y mums 'z JANE NAMMU, a. . Q, xg ' QA' if I1-fl if N'15"fi rf NHKS- Q VHYKZHI ,,.,.,,l 1 ' m"' ? I s A .4 lil-.RAI ll HOGAN i Ng-as M RALPHVQUPS iu um 4 v mmucx L...- A. .. :RK : ' I li, H 'XRRY HUIJLL I PHI! lll!MHl5.ll!' ..' ,, 'fc , . V.. V K N . ANNA: is f. L 13. HL NT ,Q-. Sw - f 2 . 5 ,L :dx f .. ,' X k rEfSig-CSSXNLTS NL? I-S -"" ' 'Ng gp Q .LF wfrfx A . 'HNADF w s 4 A U51 Gazing wxifn WWE 'Aww' w:+g.JQzss,x.f,,xfx-scsi Q ' iff xi- H fx 2 W' 7' W' Z- Q I .. wi.-a"h aw 24 fuwx Q X :www If LFS wi -. . . 7' kk'-fx X , 5 a . , t K 1 x S' q 'r 1 CLYDE HOWE Avg. fi? BARBARA lOTY f . 65 r' ... Q md I W J Y' X 1. ig , e MAILUREQ H! FREN , i-Q' . . 'I bi Nw iw 9 . S xfss, if h'-,' , e 'K ' PSS. ATUARI' NAA sow .:- wx 5' K CANDY! L1-:QQ iiENO,?O5A -2: 255 mygpug 51, gyxf, ,fri- Q I K Q N S wx f F S if fe mifuxx-1.x iv WW' . K K If J. 4' xlf xl' ' as-K k lf Q 4 ' My X " L V E ' ,:- Q I HMA ,Q k r I Q' - ' if ,. K Ll,U'i'f,l ffxi'5L:'.sN X.-kE5Q'Q!N!A W.NK5N5 ALICE HOPU1 331 :N -X: . ff? Q' Qs if ' M' i MARE V wg W 6 Mxxsxu N35 MNQ v 5 H MN 'Z if X 5' N4 if K KIJI A iJ,.,,.. as-,Q iw 1' E Lmwyzy I JERRY 5' H 5 H1 IHELMA KH N QS AMl kk. KELSE Y 'i iw: .pf s ?.v"""v-f, K Qa- g Y ,gf 1 RIN 'WNV BOX KINC HH YE? KIOU IRENY' KNIGHT 5' - Q 9 . 'il L 1 Q X if l .los uwso .mmm uzigsn oonomv .FW x., X IN f"' Z' i Q ,, is MAR. QR. rx is 5 I-RANK PENN? 5- we. vi 3' Forrest "Count Basie" Slaughter Gets the "Boogie-Woogie" Look in His Eye KIOITS, TED-Host, Proctor, Hi-Y: KIRK, ERNESTINE fSee p. ily-'Senior Clee Club, Proctor. Class Captain: KNIGHT, IRIQNIC: KNOX. DOROTHY-Proctor. Banquet Club, Orchestra fNewton, Rana: KRAMER, FRANK-Track, Host, Hobby Club: LA CLAIRE, DONNA-Proetor, Pep Club, Senior Clec Club: LAIRD, ANDY-Class Captain, Senior Clee Club: LAIS, LYMAN -Class Captain: LANCSTON, FRANKwFootball: LARSON, ARI.IQNIC-V-Iloiue Rootn Representative, Proctor. Senior Clee Club: LICAIIO, ART: LEAIIO, JOE: Ll-IATHICRMAN. BETTY Ilostess, Citl Reserves, Pie Delta Pie Club: LICESON, JOHN- Nlasque antl Wag, Senior Clee Club, Proetor: LEHENIIAUER, DOROTHY- Proctor. A Cappella, Senior Clee Club: LE ROY, I'Al'N IV--Host, llasketball ltiuninson High School, lltahj: l I WIS, JOHN- Ilooker 'I' Boys. Pioneer Club: LEVVIS, Ill KNCIIF,--Class Captain: LEIVIS, lNIYRI,I,-Traek, Booker T Iloxs. Rarnblers: LINDSEY, EllNICIivHostess, C. A. A.. Pie Delta Pie Club: I.IT'I'Lli, MARCARET-Tutor. Proctor, Hostess: I.l7lf.NIll?RY. CARL KS:-e Page HJ: LONC,DERREI.l.1 LOPEZ. RAI.PH-Spanish Club, Football. Track: LOVELESS, JIM- lklier Club, Track, Intramural Football and Basketball. Trumpeters Blow "Taos" for Heroes Who Fell in Foreign Fields I INIIII II'l'IVI'I'lEt' l2lil JOHNSON, MAXINIC-Phyllis XYheatley Cirl Reserves: JOHN- STON, JACKf-Proetor, Camera Club: JOLLEY. LEXYIS-llost, llsher Club: JONES. ELNORA-Hostess, Prortor. Oreltestra: JONES, Ii'l'HICI,---VLibrary Assistant: KANAIYXR. ulxtztt -- Christmas Assembly. Proctor, Class Captain: RANODE, HELEN -Roots autl Satltlle, Proctor. Home Room Representative: KAIWFINIAN, MARJORIIC-Class Captain. Cirl Reserves. Boots antl Satltlle: KAY. IIARBARA--V-Class Captain. Cirl Reserves. Boots antl Satltlle: KEEFOYER. XVILLIAM QSee p. 445: KEELICY. CII.-Football. Proctor, Class Captain: KEIQSHAN, ROIIICRT: KELI., DICK-Honor I'. Tennis Club, Ilautl: KELLER, .II'lRRA'fSL'i'l'l'I2lI'J-vIlI'l'2lSIII't'I' Junior Class. Yit'e-Pres- itlcnt Senior Class: Klil,I.l'1R, I'Hl'fLNIA--Class Captain. Treas- , ,-,.,t ,. ,. .. , ,. urer C. A, A.: IxlaI.SIzN. SAMlllzl,: IxI',NIl'ION. lllal It-Cul Reserves. Clel Club, Senior Clee Club: KICNDALL, NIARJORIIQ M Prortor: KEYES, HELEN-Proctor, Pep Club. International Club: KIETZMAN, JEAN-Pep Club. Proctor. Hostess: KIMIILE. LLOYD: KINDER. IIERNETTA: KINC, ALDRIRY: KINC. VICTORIA-Feature Editor XVorltL. Proctor, Hostess: KINCMAN, IIETTY-I'roctor. Orchestra, Ilanquet Club: KINCSLEY. BOB. l Bob Reed and Chet Hamilton, High-Lifers, Look Up Io Sunflower Skit Practice LOXVE, ALYCIC ANN-Cirl Reserves. C. A. A., "Sax It AVIIII Music" Revue: LUDXVIC, PETER: l.llI'Z, IIILI,-Proctor. Ray Kyser Assemblies: LYON, EI,IZABETH-Junior Play. Masque and YVig, Vice-President National Thcspians: M.-xt:DONAI,D, BETTY-Proctor, Junior Clee Club. Pep Club: MACFERRAN. MARILYN-Orchestra, Proetor, Troian XYarriors: MACK, FRAN- CESfPhyllis YVheatIey Cirl Reserves, Hostess: MACK. JUNE- Phvllis Wheatley Cirl Reserves. Sepia Sketches W'orId: MACILI.. LARRY-Host, Proetor. Home Room Representative: MA- LONEY, PAT-Track, Circulation Manager XVorltl. Senior Clee Club: MARLOXY, MIIRIEI.-Tutor. Home Room Representa- tive: lNIARSHAI.I.. MARCIiRYvPep Club. Proetor. Presitlent Cirl Reserves: MARTIN, IIILI.: MARTIN, IKTROTHY-Protw tor, C. A. A.. Pie Della Pie Club: MARTIN, XYANDA-Class Cap- tain. Proetor. C. A, A.: MATTSON. FRANK: MAY, IIERNICF. -Proctor, Class Captain, Pep Club: MAY, ESTHER-Hotue Room Representative. Pep Club, Proctor: MAY. CICNEYIEYIG- Cirl Reserves. Pep Club: MAY, YlVlANfIIanquet Club: MAY- FIELD, LOUISE-Hostess, Proctor. Snack Shop: MCIIRIDE. JOHN-Proctor. Host, Band. I ltlllll lI'I'l II'l'II C l27l Mr3CI,AIN. ICMMA LOU-Hostess, Librarv Assistant: MCCLICAN, FDMOND: MCCONNELL, BARBARA-Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Athenian Club: MCCORMICK, BARBARA'-Girl Reserves, Proc- tor. Class Captain: MCCURDY, MARGARET-Glee Club fI.yons Township High School, Lyons, Kang, Proctor, Trojan YVarriors: McIil'IiN, MARVIN-Host, Track, Science Club: MCFARLAND, QIIZANNli--Assistant Editor Sunflower, Quill and Scroll, Tutor: Mt.IfARI,AND, PHYLLISFTroian YVarriors, A Cappella, Senior Clee Club: MCGRANAHAN, MAXINE-Trojan YVarriors, Proc- tor, Lsher: MUGREYV, FRANK-Home Room Representative, Troian Warriors. Matlrigal Singers: MCHENRY, BILL: Mt:- KIIIBIIN. BOB: MCKINLFY, ALICE-President G. A. A., Pia So- cietas. Class Captain: MCNAUGHT, CHARLES-Proctor, Basket! hall, Class Captain: MCMILLAN, CAROLYN LI-IE-Banquet Club: Mc:MlLLAN, CORNELIA-President G. A. A., Proctor, Bowling: Mc:PAR'l'I,INC. ALICE-Christmas Assembly, Proctor, 'jiutorz MCPHERSON, PATRICIA-Clef Club, Accompanist junior Glee Club: MECKEI., MARTHA-Senior Glee Club, Hostess. Home Room Representative: MFLENDEZ, PHYLLIS- Spanish Club. Banquet Club, Christmas and Easter Assemblies. Frying Photographer Interrupts Election Commissioner Bob Menninger at File Box MYIZRS, Cl.AYTON-'I'roian Nlarriors, Football fllerrvton. Kan.l. MYITRS, DOROTHY: NAPUF, ELIEAN-Secretarv-Treasurer Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: NASON, MARTIN: NIEIELY. MAXINI-T-I.iln'arv Assistant. Banquet Club: NEFF. HARRY- Class Captain: NEIL, DAVID: NEVILLIZ. KEITH-Trojan YVar- riors, A Cappella. Proctor: NFIVIIURY, GLFNDORA-G, A. A., Orchestral NEYVIIURY. YIOLA: NFVVMAN. MAXINFZ NICI-If OLS. IIILL-Troian Warriors, Librarv Assistant, A Cappella: NICHOLS. RUTH-Trojan Warriors, Tutor. Head Hostess: NICHOLS, TICD-Sophomore Dramatics: NIICLSEN, CLEO- Proctor. Class Captain. Home Room Representative: NINE NIIRIQS. LITONARD-Senior Glee Club, A Cappella, Hi-Y: NOIZ, KIQNNETH-Proctor, Mixed Chorus: NUCKOLS, PERRY- Iloolcer 'I' Boys: ODIZLI., -IACK-Student Council Representative, Debate, Circulation Manager World: ORR. ,IRAN-Girl's Sport Iitlitor YVorlcl. President G. A. A.: ORR, LENORA-G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Pie Delta Pie Club: OIVENS, BILL: OPPITZ, LORRAINE-Girl Reserves, Debate, Proctor: OYLER, RO- IIERTA-Proctor. Home Room Representnive. Storv Telling Club. Bill Lutz, "Ye Old Professor," Rolls Along at a Merry "Quip" MICNNINGICR, BOB-ltlectiou Comniissionci. Secretary llantl, Proctor: MEYER, -IACQUICLINIQ-Proctor. Class Captain, Sotial Chairman Senior Class: MICHIZLS. PARNLY-lrottor: MICK. -IAMIQSA-Calnera Club. Class Captain: NIIICHIC, XYlNlIfRI'.D, Masque and YVig. Pep Club, National Thespians: NIILANI. 'ACK -Football. Proctor. Cheer Leader: MILIILRN. NIARCARICI'-f K N Hostess. Girl Reserves: MILIIURN, MAR,IORll'.-Cirl R -serie. Pep Club, Class Captain: NIILIIS, ALVIN: MILLIZR. 'l.XNli-- Trojan YVarriors. Proctor, Girl Reserves: MILLS. WXI.l,AC'l", -Hi-Y, Pep Cltib, Intramural Baseball: NII'l'CHliI.l., CICNI-L YIFVF fSee p. H5-Phyllis YVheatlex Cirl Reserves: Yllllf. MARY KATHICRINF-Girl Reserves, Hostess, Pie Di-lla Pic Cluh: MOHNEY. MERRILL: MONTGOMERY. DIKYNICA Pep Club. Band: MONTGOMERY. MICRCICDA-Ikantl, Orclu-sf Ira. Proctor: M'OORIi, CHESTICR-Ramblers. Ilost. lloolser 'Ii Ilovs: MORGAN, RAY-News liditor YYorld, Trojan YVat'- riors, Proctor: MORRIS. LORRAINIC-Hostess, Latin Club. Girl Reserves: MORSE. NORMAN: MITCHOYV, ROlllCR'l'l MURPHY, JAMES: MURRAY. IDA LOITISIE-Phyllis AvlIt'lIllt'Y Girl Reserves, Hostess: MUSE, IEDYVARD-Cheer Leader, Proctor "The Stags at Eve.. . Drink Their Fill" at World-Sunflower Varsity VANMYN MACH? 'Viv 1x 'ri-xS1.n-JT 111 'vO' Nl -WF "A + Y 5 Q Q X W .2, xx X. 1.4 ,La -'W' H f ' gs-5.315 Q Q5 f' is K is K 1 1 Mx l . r Q . A . if X Q. 4 v Q AA 'ff . x QF , x :Y 7 KV l It AA L wwf.-iw MAY X fffifer-:1VfL.QAf,1.x ,J I Q 1 K 1 1 X fa if ij if' 'Q 5 Q v my -v AL-vm MQ-f.:zAN N V'-'A'-Lf N V 'L 'V' X ,455 wil' ,K Qxmw - .N ' 4. 'Q .. Q I. "W 1 . V V , qi aw ' T ' L sgylg.. QW 55 wx' K 1 I Pl N N VI X N ".,1Xy1,: vwbi sig JMQ. W 'E RALPH iO?': K -5 y DERRHL IONG 4-A ,. W- Am' 'P . t , ,' ' ,: ::f2--'E' E- S L L 4 , Q El.l7Al3iiH4 K5 UN BETTY MWQQNALD - nf? ' 1' if I ,.- 4 . I if ' f ., f LL'L A . fb Q- I 7' wg My ,. . 1 -' 'il ' K PAX MAI GNEY MURSEK MMii,UXA IQIARCIERY MARS-mz,L is Imaam? MARTIN ,Aw- x s Q F' A IDUISE MATFIELD E i gs lf ,mmm mummy QHAR! PF N QF ,N , -1- K , se! SN Lf? CoRNr11,zA MQMILLAN N EBARA Mesh ICK, fx.. Q" an , his wx www ? 1 V. Q v. .X x 41' mix gg MQ., .Q-.".:m M fm li .. 3 i S K . as MARQZAHLB M!U!lH'EN WTAE? HKU? Vi? ?:xk5!?'-Q K o 1 WU' mu Mmm x ML '' 'U' A 1, ,Q Q, Qs -, LA Q 1 ' E ' ' X gi P 3 ' L 'Q QQ ' X, 3 X li , Mx-1RRu.n, MOHNEY MERCEDA MONTGUMERY RA, MUMAN 4' Q lg Ir M L ir . v N 5 K Ad x I M -,Y xi' - , 5 Q X . 4 M X US.. if . x H :qi 'W . 3: f RQ' Y 1 'J MARTIN NASON I Al, ' V iMAxxN5NEE1, 4 VAYFQ NNE. STEWAR I Nl,WN1AN KENNETH NOR VARTHA X L5 4,-xfw ODELL , 2 X-g Q9 M i w Q f l iv ,xxx 1' I ' MAXINE mpnrgg ss,-an PAL'-1m 7 " 5' f' f if P 5 m X wx ,Q 3- Q M., 4 ,Mg 1 ,,5 ., diy, ,W N f H V L1 .., x K EDWARD MUSE A ' ,C Ln ,.., My m ' 1 fl fx Q -If if 5, J DOROTHY rgvms X' 1' is su.. . TED NKIHOLS F 4 NORMAN MORSE RQBERT MUCHQW JAMES MURPHY Q ' l MR ,N ,K Z, gy, ., - , ' ma if if is T . K ,,.. .. , ,. , . Q .V A U VAS, L ef A -- m ,,gf'N 8 GLENDORA NEWBURY BIIJ. NICHOLS RUTH NICRO!! . w . N ' 'w ' Q ' Wi , ' . ' ., .. RS U , , I QQ' f' 5' ig ,rw L 'risfi'-W. 1 w pf- f 1, .Sig .3 - - , b sy, p .Q JP-W. Omfx UZNOEQ OW LORRAINE opmrz gm, GWEKNS Lb 1 A1 if .A dk I -'r ' ms ry- ew P X' 9-F PA nl sri I 6 Athlete "Uncle Tom" O'NeiI Looks About for ari Omen Pass Receiver PIIII.l,IPS. I'A'l"I'Y-Proctor, Trojan Xvarriors, Co-editor Around the XVorltl: PIIQRCE. MARGARET-'I'roian IVarriors, Home Room Representalixe. Masque and IVig: PLANZ, KATHRYN- Stamp Club, Class Captain: PULLEY, RAYMOND: PRICE, E'I"I'A-Hostess. Tutor, Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserve Cabinet: I'lICKI'Z'Ii'I', IIOII-Pep Club: PYLE, Room Rcp- resenlative, Proctor: RADCLIFF, MYRLE-Home Room Repre- sentative, Hostess, Proctor: RAMSBARGER, MARTHA-Class Captain, Proctor, Pep Club: RAPIER, RlVI'H-Christmas As- sembly: RASIIRIC, DAVID-Proctor, Class Captain: REDMOND, DALIC ISN- p. Ili: REICCE. ARLI-INE: REED, ARTHUR-Intra- mural Basketball: REED, ROIl-ER'I'-Proctor. Host, Home Room Representative: REED, SIICIVAR'I'-Yire-President Student Con- gress. Proctor Captain. Manager Football Team: REICH, VERN- AIHINE-'I'utor, Pie Delta Pie Club: RI-IICH, VIRGINIA: REIS- SIG, MARGARICI--Nlatlrigal Singers. Trojan NVarriors, Secre- tary-'I'reasiu'er Masque and XVig1 REKI,I'I'ES, MARY--Pep Club, Proctor, G. A. A.: RELIHAN, KATHRYN-Hostess, Pie Delta Pie Club: RI-IXROAI, XVII.I,ARD-Proctor, Host, Home Room Representative. Loon-0-Plane Draws Awesome Looks from Free Fair Goers e t i I X l32l SI Nllll IllI'I'lVI'I'II C PAGE, MARTHA-National Thespians. Trojan NVarriors. Presi- dent Masque and YVig: PAINTER, MAXINE-Pep Club. Class Captain, Secretary for Mr. Shotwell: PALMER, BILL-Basketball and Football, Home Room Representative. Proctor Captain: PALMER, MARY ELLEN-President Science Club, President Junior Class, School Accompanist fall at Burlingame. Kan.l: PALMER, VIRGINIA: PARRETF, MAXINE-Girl Reserves, Banquet Club: PARKER, MARVIN-Proctor, Host! PARR, HELENE-G. A. A., Girl Reserves. Proctor: PARRICK, JEAN QSee p. 445-Latin Club, Girl Reserves: PATTON, PHYLLIS JEAN: PEALE, EDITH-Library Assistant: PERRY, HARRY- Football, Proctor, Class Captain: PENNARTZ, PA I'-A Cappella. Senior Glee Club. Class Captain: PEARSON, BE I"I'IE-Hostess. Class Captain, Pie Delta Pie Club: PERRY, DARLENE-Girl Reserves, and Pep Club QWichita East High School. Wichita. Kang: PETERSON, NELDA-Pie Delta Pie Club: PETERSON. VIRGINIA-Proctor: PETTERSON, VIRGINIA-Election Board. Library Assistant, Pep Club: PEYTON. DON-Football: PHELPS, STEPHEN-Trojan IVarriors, Hi-Y Cabinet, President Junior Press Club: PHILLIPS, JOHN-Class Captain. Stamp Club. Color Guard Execuies a Military-Looking "Column Left" in Homecoming Parade RHODES, BETTY ANN-Secretary Student Council. Home Room Representative, Pep Club: RICHARDSON, GERALDINE: RICKABAUGI-I, BEULAH-G. A. A.: RICKENBACKER. JEAN -Senior Glee Club, Chwr Leader, Proctor: RICKSON. JACK: RIGIIY, LOEHR-Drum Major, All-School Party Program, Jr.- Sr. Prom Program: RIGGIN. RUSSELL-Home Room Repre- sentative: RIGHTMIRE, BOB: RIPLEY, PRIiSCO'I'I'-Band. Proctor, Program Chairman Hi-Y: RIVERS. MARGARET ANN -Feature Editor XVorld. Home Room Representative, Proctor: ROATH, IRENE: ROBERTS, CHARLES-Proctor: RODERICK. JUANITA-Orchestra. Girl Reserves, Proctor: RODGERS. BOB- Basketball, Proctor: ROGERS, WARREN-Head Host, Student Council Representative. Proctor: ROLLINS, RICHARD-Boy ing and Nvrestling Club Ovyandotte High School, Kansas City. Kang: ROMICK, MAXINE-Home Room Representative, Proc- tor, Class Captain: ROSE. GLENN-Home Shop Club: ROSEN, MAUDIE-Debate Club, Proctor, Hostess: ROTH, GENEVIEVE fSee p. 445-Senior Glee Club, "Say It VVith Music" Revue, Dra- matic Club: ROUDEBUSH, BETTY-Pep Club, Proctor. Girl Reserves: ROUSE, LYLE-Debate, Proctor, Class Captain. l33I I INIIIIR lIII'I'IVI'l'Il I ROWLEY, BRYAN-Proctor, Class Captain: RUCKMAN, PETE -Staff Artist VVorld: RUSSUM,YOVETTE-Senior Glee Club, Girl Reserves: SADLER, MARCELLA-Hostess, Phyllis IVheatley Girl Reserves: SANDMEYER, JOHN: SARDOU, GEORGE- Band: SARGENT. PEGGY-Proctor, Girl Reserves Cabinet, Tro- jan Warriors: SAYLER, MILDRNED-G. A. A., Girl Reserves: SCHENCK, BETTY-Band, Proctor, Sophomore Dramatics: SCHINDLER. DON: SCHLICHTER, ANN-Proctor, G. A. A., Orchestra: SCHMIDT, DELORIS-Junior Glee Club, Pioneer Clnb, Assembly: SCHOBER, ROBERT-Business Manager IVorId, Pep Club. Home Room Representative: SCHOONOVER, DARYL -Class Captain, Golf Squad, Table Tennis: SCHULTZ, DON- Class Captain: SCHIVARTZ, ANN-Proctor, Mathematics Club: SCOTT, CHARLES-Football, Ramblers, Booker T Boys Cabi- net: SCOTT. CLAUDINE-Trojan IVarri0rs, Masque and Ivig, Proctor: SCOTT, MARGARET-G. A. A., Proctor, Junior Press Club: SCOTT, PHYLLIS-Library Assistant, Mixed Chorus: SCOTT, VIRGINIA LEE-VVorld Staff, Proctor, Class Captain: SCOTT, VIRGINIA RUTH-Home Room Representative, Stu- dent Council Representative, Dramatic Club. Anxious Mob Rushes Through Enrollment, Fearful Lest Classes Be Filled SMITH, JUNE-President Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves: SMITH, LOIS, Orchestra, Proctor, Class Captain: SNIDER, BETTY-Clef Club, Mixed Chorus, Class Captain: SNOOK, ANNE-Trojan IVarriors, Proctor, Girl Reserves: SOMMERS, LORINDA-Home Room Representative, Masque and' IVig, Proctor: SORBER. HARRY-Proctor: SPARKS, MERLE-Home Room Representative, Senior Glee Club, A Cappella: SPEER, JOI-i-Orchestra, Band, Pep Club: SPENCER, HELEN: SPOON, ARLENE-Home Room Representative, Gym Commissioner, and Dancing Club 4Denver, Co1o.j: SPROUL, JACK fSee p. 445- Proctor, Circulation Manager IVorld: SPURLOCK, ROXIE fSee p. 4-lj-Hostess, Class Captain, Pia Societas: STAFFORD. JAMES -HifY, Class Captain: STEINBACH, HERMAN: STEINMEYER, JEAN-Pep Club, German Club, Tutor: STEPHENS, FRANK- Tutor, Pep Club: STEPHENS, ROBERT: STERRETT, JACK fSee p. 445-Letterman Track, and Junior Play fAbilene, Kan.J, Library Assistant: STEVICK, JACK: STEYVARD, BILLYE- Proctor, Pep Clttb. Boots and Saddle Club: STITT, MARIANNE -Senior Glee Club, Proctor, Class Captain: STOBBE, HELEN: STOLLEY, JOHN: STRATTON, CLYDE. Staqecrafter Jack Phillips Lowers a Border to Proper Height SEMBLER, DAREL: SEWELL, VIRGII, qSee p. 415-Hi-Y, Ban- quet Club: SHAFER, ISABELLA-Latin Club, Banquet Club: SHEARER, BETTY: SHEETZ, IIETTIC I.OU-Secretary-'I'reas- urer G. A. A., Proctor, Baseball: SHERRILI., GEORGIA-Home Room Representative, Senior Glee Club, Proctor: SHORT, CHARLES-Co-captain Football Team. All-Eastern Kansas Con- ference Tackle, Host: SIMMONS, JOYCE-Home Room Repre- sentative, Proctor, Class Captain: SIMPSON, RUBY: SINGER, DONALD QSee p. 445: SINGLETON, JACK-Senior Play, A Cap- pella, National Thespians: SKIBBE, CORNELIA-Proctor. Host- ess: SLATTEN, BETTY-G. A. A., Assistant Head Hostess: SLAUGHTER, FORREST-Track, Ramblers, Class Captain: SLAYBAUGH, LEROY - Home Room Representative, Band Stamp Club: SLIGHTON, IVALLACE: SMILICY, DON: SMITH G. A. A., Speedball Tournament, Home Room Representative SMITH, ELEANOR-Senior Glee Club fCarbondale High School Carbondale, Kan.j: SMITH, JOHN-President Senior Class, Pres ident Hi-Y, Tennis Squad: SMITH, JUANITA L.-Latin Club Library Assistant, Honor Roll. "Drummers" Trautwein and Williams Slicker "Rube" Morgan Into Buying Varsity Ticket 1 AILEEN-Phyllis YVhealley Girl Reserves: SMITH, BETTY- . ww' f,.. .W : -fm xx .Q Lf. W 0. ' Ig-nv' ' sown PHALL A LTA PE A RSO N gs -. HARRY PERRY , , E W L SX N.. NELDA PETERSON PERRY' 1 Q, . .Q af' N ,. ii f ' V . K ' is ' 1. ' ' . fi STX-.PHEQN PHELPS JOHN PHILLIPS PATTY PH I l..Ll P5 ' vw 4' HX C 4 gf 1 xxx , A -A xl 'Y L . , E . K K X A " ' X L K 3 - X M ' I S , 7 MYF1-fi RADfl"FF MAR:-HA nAMsnARuf.R RUTH RANK" mvm Mauna ARTHUR R559 X - W 1 , f"-A S ' 4. ' ul , It L? 'D L. " . ' i , fl 'N' .. . A, , Q ,L' ' L t X L kr 1 X ww . .1 5- 9 1 K . if L ts . A .fb - v ' ' 3 ,L , Q x ' Q WMAND RHRUAI BUT' ANN RHODF5 GERALDINE Rxcirmxosow 1 BEULAH mcxAn,u:c.H 3 ' lu ,Y - Q ' b' mv 'Q tl . , 'Y ' - - ' "' 1 I " 1 - .. f V ff - - it L f ' Z ' .. ' 4 M L f X . X '5 M! , - 1 ' 3 ir, LL x 9 I L X N, Wgis. X . MLM RHMH 1u,xvf,- vfvrxwfry f, ,vm :gum 111. Q v. ww f ,mf sy- yu: .4 uw Kung iv 'SF 0' UPI KRW BN NIR! INAA P? Ik.RSi,5"i fi: ' , . F grwe , in .. -. , . A I g XS' .V Q mf N I A Q T ' if fjifggpf. at K, fm . M x' N55 f 'iff A i Q I 5 E wx :tww-Q ,nu vw 1 mn 5 . 35 ' 9 Q X . sw- mf, mv: ' Yklilf' Myra! A P M i q, 3 A M- f ff: ' 1 41 FERT REED X . W 32 ,Q is X -' sw-,. . wpiagw ffm R H r R m M5 X E AWA i .sv-Nh' is Fx i if . , Q C RICKENBACKER - M gpm 1 A up X !. 5 1, K CK .F N KSN! Qfjhfffx X - , 1 Q U ,.., f YL752 Vx . , , ,. ".' 'Q if Q-HZWMH Run QL x X if 1 RUC!-l iikcmfzq M, ,, if . mmfxw 51 9+ , if P ., 9 ' x. K , 4 U . . ' 'sf' ' ,h A K ' , Q Q h 4' RICK I - slum! FUCSY ' 'if wtimrs Yami if 5 Y tg K i Rm - R' ' ' Y maui f 5' x'2,vxf.'DiP. RON ,VN SY 551 R425 xk'z?ljQ5'! Lxii MM OV!!- Q .9 3'-352 xv we W 'x K L Rx g 4 s e ix ,xx I " if . L? ' D Q Q RUXK' OXIC: I1-wlnzm. Lvwis, Tnllmll. ll. N'clls. Hahn. Czunphvll. film. Collins. ll. Nlmvw, xvhillllUl'K'. k ' H l.c'.nlml.. Cllnlc. ROW' 'IWVOZ lirklc. Clulmwl. Slhlllll. XYillm'l. 'S:ll'1lull, Nthllfbfl. H, ,IUIIIISUIL I". llillnilloll. I.. Ilalnilloll, Nitf1lllll'l'. Naylor, Clark, Rigby. Liill. RON' I'HRIf,If,: IC. Iul1llwn.IhxglllI. Nvlxun. nllllifh. l'u1cl. IM-iLl':nflh. lfvvs. Rzmnuwsvn, M. Wcllx 'l'iplnn, lkllillfh. I'. Slvu-rmuu. Nlnlln-, liunux ROW lfUl'R: l,n'lwlln:m. Dllll, Knhlv. lizunw, I.. lhmvu. l.illlllliNl, l.mvlhr'l'. X'1I1'l'IklllIl. Nh Vinum, Inu-. llmvclls, lhlc-ll. lwlmlx. Dudmn. ROW FIVIC: llmull, llruhne. lluguv. xvZlg9IJlH, 9. Noll, llnllidqn, Ramp, nlllgrll. Ilcgm, , ximlwn, Iuwcll. lIL'lvks'r, lhlrkc, Owlrurn, llorkhill. lcrrill. ,jim fgniwsi If Y if ' was 5 X If 3' ss ,. Biff? i-IINENCK :JUN snwN1fz.,w I ,,Q.Qs nf' Q .X is is .t vf, , ll W 'Q " is Q 1 1' , . :..,., V if Q .mm N YCTNEA . YfliL!NiA RUTH SCOTT A en -LF X856 , . F35 N - ,ff 'W' SME 41 'S f rwzwixsrk ks-muses . f Barn gL,s,-rpm. nn.. fn X V 'Q t K ' we - if Z E ' N R N meg' X QNQ Q "SF Y 'Uv 3 i gvylw 3, .ig 'S X -dd "Flash" Williams, Word Wizard, Checks With Webster on a New One 'I l'IIllOl'li. IIOWARIJ: TITRNBITLI., KIEAN-Ilostess. Ot't'lu's- ti.t. l.ihrarx Assistant: TURNER. SI: TITRNER, Al7Dl.EY- Senior tilt-c Cluli, and tl. A. A. fOs:tgc City High School, Osage tiilx. Kan.l: ITLMIQR, ICRNliS'I'-Proftor, Intramural Football and llasltt-tlmalli I'NlIl-IRWOOID, IIANIICS: YANIJIYER. ROBERT Tract, Proctor: YAN Nl-QSS, BlI.I.: VAN NICE. DOROTHY- Ilonit- Room Ri'prest'ntatitt', Proctor, Girl Reserves: YARIIY, t1ONS'l',YNtII".: YERMIILION. ROBliRTwTc'nnis Squad. gIi!'2Ilxl'l' in Asst-inlrlx, Spvziki-r House ol' Representatives: YOIUT, l'fl'fLl'QNli---l'z'p Clnlr, Senior Cleo Clnh. A Cappella: YVALKER, Blfl I'Y-Ilostt-ss: YVAI.KIf.R, I".II,If,I",N-Trojan XVarriors, G. A, A., tliil Ilt-si-ries: W,XI.KliR, TQLATTQRZ WALKER. PHYLLIS- I-irl livseiu-s, Pit' Ili-Ita Pit' Cltth: YY.YI.I,.XCE, IVAY-l'rot'tor, lr.Si, Prom Prograin, VZIITCIY Hour Asscinhlvi IVALLER. llIiI.l".N-Pia Sorivtas. I.ihrary Assistant, .lnnior Glec Cluhg YY.-XISII, IfR.tNClS-Horne Room Representative, Sophomore T,I'2IllI1IlIl'S, Class Captain: YVALTER, NAOMI-G. A. A.. Li- lirary Assistant: WANNER, MARY-National Thespians, Home Room Representative, Masque and Wig: WARDIN, BARBARA -Trojan YVarriors, YVorld Staff, Proctor. Camera Club Peers Into Christopher Studio's Ground Glass C INIIII Il'I'IVl'I'Il C l38l STRICKLIN, ICIINA-I'roclor, Hostess, Class Captain: STI'IJIi- BAKER, MAXINE-Girl Rest-Hes, Hostess: SITNII, ANNA MARIE-Proctor, Hostess: SUTTON, Ll. G.-Proctor. Class Cap- tain. Football: SWEARINGEN, GERTRITDE: TABOR. GLENN: TABER. HELEN-"Say It With Musit"' Revue, Prograin Chair- man G. A. A., Proctor: TAI.BOT, ARDIS-Class Captain, Camera Club: TAYLOR. BETTY ,IO-Girls' Octet, Senior Clve Club, Pep Club: TAYLOR, HENDERSON: TAYLOR, HENRY-Sum flower Stalf, Home Room Representative. Proctor: TENER, CAMIE-Tutor, Pia Societas: TERP. HELEN-Home Rootn Rep- resentative, Proctor, World StalI': THACHER, PHYLLIS-Pcp Cluh. Proctor, Pia Sorictas: THEIS, CHARLES-Home Room Representative: THOMPSON, DONNA-Proctor, Library Assist- ant: THOMPSON, MAXINE: THORN. VERNA-Pep Clulr, Library Assistant: TOMLINSON, MATT-Pep Cluh. Sopho- more Dramatics. Proctor: TOSH. DALE-Stamp Cluh. Proctor: TRAIITIVEIN. DON-Class Captain. News Editor YVOrld. Cir- culation Manager World: TRIMBLE. YVILl.IAM-Class Captain: TROTT, LITCY-Girl Reserves, Hostess, Doodler StalI: Tl-112 LOVE, ROBERT: TSCHANTZ, VIRCINIA-I.ilarary Assistant. "Clean Through, East to - Gad, He ls Dead!" Cock Robin Draws Applause WARLIN, CHARI.ES-Proctor, Tutor. St'c'r'ct:1ry Latin Clnh: VVARREN, MAXINE-Girl Rest'rvc's. Proctor: YVEAVER, BETTE RAE-IVorld Stall: YVEIR, VIRGINIAfGirI Reserves: NVERTH, PEGGY-Girl Reserves. Proctor, Class Captain: YVEST, GEORGI- ANNA-Phyllis Ytfhcatlcy Girl Reserves: VVESTERDAI.E, AN- TOlNE'I"1'E qSee p. -till: WESTFALL, JOHN: YVESTON. GLADYS: WHIPPLE, ROBERTA-Proctor, Pep Cluh, Feature Editor YVorld: YVHITCOMB, BOB-Home Room Representative, Masque and Wig, National Thcspians: WHITMORE. KARL: WICKERSHAM. LOUISE-Girl Reserves CSalina High School, Salina, Kano: YVILCOX, l'OI.I.Y-Girl Reserves, Class Captain, Home Room Representative: WILDER, HELEN: YVILLIAMS, DELMA: YVILLIAMS, MATHEW-Senior Glee Club, Track, Football: WILLIAMS, PAUL-First Place Spelling Contest. Pro gram Chairman Quill and Scroll, Editor XVorld: YVILSON, BAR- BARA-Secretary Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, nlr,-Sr. Prom Program, Tutor: WILSON, LEONA: XVILLIS, HARRY: XVII.- SON, SHERMAN: YVINKLER, VIRCINIAMC. A. A., Proctor, Class Captain: WINTERS, CECIL-Senior Glcc Club! WISE- GARVER, BONNIE JEAN. Clltlllll l1'l'IVl'I'IIt' l39l WOLFE, DOROTHY-Xvorld Stall, Girl Reserves: XVOOD, VIO- LICTQ YVOODFORD, MAX-A Cappella, Senior Glee Club, Hi-YQ WOODINCTON. ANDREW-Home Room Representative, Sens ior Clce Club. A Cappella: YVOODSON, WVILLIAML YVOOD- XVARD, ERMA: XVOODWARD, MARIE-Hostess, Class Cap- tain: WOOIARD, XVARRFN: WRIGHT, LINDLEY: XVRIGHT, IiI,OlSF+Cirl Reserves. Pep Club, Proctor, YVYMORF, MAX- Hotne Room Representative. Head Usher, Pep Club: YARNELL, .IOHN-Head Host, President Camera Club, Sunflower and World Staff: YOUNG. LOUISE-Proctor, Orchestra, Senior Glee Club: YOUNCBLOOM, ALICE-Proctor, Hostess, Trojan YVar- riors: ZARKFR. CHARLES-Co-captain Track, Football. Proc, tor: ZARKFR, SHARIL-Senior Clee Club, Madrigal Singers, Trojan Xv2lliI'l0liSQ ZIEBFR, NEIL: BRIAN, GERALDINE- Hostess, Proctor, Story Telling Club: NEYVMAN. STEYVART- King Colored All-School Party. l Hanny Seniors Stroll Through Comely Daisy Chain to Biggest Event -Commencement! liilllll' l'l'ht-rel. Jan. 19s-Topeka-Ottawa Game. Jan. 20-'l'o- peka-St. Joe Central Game i'l'herel. jan. 23-Philharmonic Con- vert. Jan. 26!'l'opeka.-Lawrence Game l'l'herel. jan. 29-304 Enrollment. Feb. 2--Jl'opt-ka-Ernporia Game i'l'herelg Girl Re- serve Party. Feb. 9- -'l'opeka.-Wyandotte Game. Feb. 8 and 10- "Say It lVitl1 Music" Revue. Feb. 13-16' Sunflower Vt'eek. Feb. 16-f-L'olleg'e Day: 'l'opeka4St. Joe Galneg Leap Year Varsity. Feb. 23 Topeka-Ottawa Game iillllQl'0l1 Senior Party. Feb. 24g Topeka-lflniporia Game. Feb. 29-lligli Life Comes Out. March 1---Language Fiesta. March 2i'l'opeka-Lawrence Game. March 4-6 Vocational'tnrcs. March 8-Masque and Mag Play. March 13-16-State Basketball Tournament. March 21-Easter Assi-mbly. March 29 All-School Party. March 3O-fTopeka- Salina Traek Meet l'l'he1'el. April 64'l'opeka-Elnporia Track Meet. April 12-13-Musilt' Festival at Lawrenee. April 13-Toe peka-YVyantlotte-Argentine Track Meet. April 19fli. U. Re- lays, Junior-Senior Prom. April 27-Baker Relays. May 3- Senior Play. May 4 f-Conference Track Meet. May 11-Re' gional Traek Meet. May 17-18-State Traek Meet. May 24- llonor Awards Assembly. May 26-Senior Vespers. May 31 - Class Day, School Closes, Lbmmencement. Goff and Roderick, Snack Shoppers, Display Luscious Wares to Prospective Customers 1939-40 5 ' Sept. 11-School Opens. Sept 20-21-Orientation Let-tures. Sept. 224llome Room Representatives Elected, Pulf-Pant Prom. Sept. 23-'l'opeka- Southeast Football Game. Sept. 29- llomeeorning Game iXVardl. Oct. 6-Topeka-Lawrence Gaine i'l'herel. Oct. 10- 'Primary Eleetion. Oct. 13A-Topeka-Ottawa Game l'I'ln-rel. Oct. 17- General Election. Oct. 204-Topeka-VVit'l1ita North Gann- 1Therelg VVorld-Sunflower Varsity. Oct. 27-lley Geyser As- sembly. Oct. 28fTopeka St. Joe Game. Nov. Zf---Classical lloon: Dedicated. Nov. 4-Topeka.-Emporia Game. Nov. 1O-f-'l'opvka- XVichita East Gameg Varsity. Nov. 13--Home Room Basket- ball Tournament Begins. Nov. 17---Tri-State Debate Tourna- ment, Topeka-Vliiyandotte Game 1'l'herel. N0v. 21- 'Open House. Nov. 23fOpen Forum: G. A. A. Sunlight. Nov. 24' Junior Play. Dec. 8-Varsity. Dec. 12-Philharmonii' Concert. Dec. 15-Christmas Pageant. Dec. 16- -flll'I'lSlfIlliLS Vai-ation Starts iHolitlay Formalslg Alumni Basketball Game. Dec. 27 iTopeka-Parsons Basketball Game. jan. 2fSchool Reopt-ns. Jan. 4-Stunt Night. Jan. 5-Topeka-VVaril liasketball Gann- and Varsity, Jan. 12-Sophomore Party, Topeka-Wyanduttr. Visiting Parents Try Hand at Tesla Coil Under Guidance of Scientist J. Crask i. -. 44- y 1 w va 'ima -J: 'uh NMUH A"JNh SNOUK .annum-5 'Q -v Wa. 'vi-A-Q, .3 6 Em ff. f X fm sm? SPARKQ was WP" :mmm STEPHLNS 'MLK GTHVYVK BILLXE Ki.,, if K.. MARIANNE, STITT HARRY SURBER in - ' 4, 11 gk s Y 4 1:1 HEI RN FHTWBBI, I CLYDE. ST RA YTON 10 Aklllr rAl,BOT ,. 1 ' ,, A 4' 'A I m. . ' fi g fi'kf1L?44f+A .. .' jg:-1 . rw Jo, mf- Lon I K HENRY' 'YAVI UR - we 'f X .N X' .- ii 4 . ' . a'3X, 1 - Q32 , . W 5 S f..,f clxrdzs TQNPR L. PIkf,!..E N FFR? v f"", I Q 3 4 :inf Q K .xi TCWQLINSON DALQL DUN SR Xi IW k.fN LlJL,Y wx , 5 Q5 NX".-x 2, f' I x Bm as if QR Q ARLEEN SPOCIN I Q Q an HELRMAN STEINBACH ffm, 32 A 6 b Q X X J L L TTCN X Q x li .. K ex Y M W - Q: sax:-Y ' 'Q-x. LZEHTRUDL NVVLARXNLIYN 7 41, f, , 1 gf Q f . fg ff E JEAN STFINMY YPQFI ,Al . GLENN A! ABOR , 5 H., DONWA FHOMPQON Al'-AA in ass - ' L ' ns' if ? f ' X MARINE rnomsxm 4 A are 3 yi WUXA ARD YQISN-K3Pf, I' Q ' an K-sa, MEAN K XXX yfff, ,Q . S 1 K XX . N Q Y 'Q x SUKNE K ZW N, ,ff iw 'W' , ' w 8 'Vi wk X-'51 3 Vi K- K wiwfw , Q V xx -if ik Sdn nw, K wi. xt ax' wi 'Rf' 5- 'K' 2, x , Q . . , K Q Q, MS N Q. Q W ,. . R 1' u . , W 5nl,Kf:R A , Q v i 1 it WA ww, , :isbn , , A ij Y Q yi 'A Mr 'If' i ' 4 A V f xx IS, - X W x rf 4, ' 'xx . Q L N , " ff' 5 Q X . P-5 K YQ 'Y , SWA Q Q-fx " Y Xf,,,'-,igf xi? B fi ' ' 4 3' NKiV.i"i? ff X ffl 'H f 59" Q 5 4 ' xx F i M-' Maxim X xssim 1,we'MaX.-.1-veA 1 if .gf , , fl ao!-wr .msg vmzuv pmggm ,,1M,,,K Q .. .iaw .Kwai f Lilsm- we X. X HK! ii? HQ 6 .1 is S ,,, ff . f rg O Q Q SQTSFIU XX 'N L an ef! ' as Wm 553 Mx '.w.i.:A:w- S" 'WA K NW W f" ,L Q 5 .gy R .Q :K Q is S ismw ' K QQ ,Sh Mai' is I. . 35 I Q pf N 9 , we ,fig " W 4 2 ul Q 'F A A Q mlm' -. x., ie? oe' KQV! .ef 1 - -vm Q .3 Q if 6 Q Q . ww Q ,T 1 f o - ' AL I , v 'Li 'YQ if if 1+ Q , V A ' , g ' 'K VOMUND -L PUDC-ERS 1.5 N 4 ,.... ! f f 5 ff! UA", l 15 '-IN-.P '- 'I Nb. CAFETERIA PROCTORS CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT GOVERNMENT FACULTY :van I ,fl gihifr -'Aw QT? Those who teach and guide this throng 5, 151 5 " . W - 'L - Q Q X L 1 jay W' :mmf DXl'Kx DN QA , W' fy ,fra - '- , -, ' v Q Q 'SAF ' Q3 nm. IVA OMAN U x ' g g Q. Q Q A- - f W' r ai 1 k ,, 46 YRFO W' f, , . ,. Q.. gf. S S -, .-n u nrn1 u wnrrr!! HEI EN IMIINON , 1 '31, . .! V! JUNED .., G .Q qs, 'ffl ESTMER KINCNAN J MABEI, lclrdusl PY ' A 4 ' J an 5, f , O X ' R -'r-.nn .5 1 D. T. LAWSON K fi .J RUTH LOOM X3 w " 5? '13 .vw ' .Q V al x . ff i Lg, ,gi ISN' 'L9liE'?7i'I'S ' wmsrou scuownmrsz .nf 3. " I ff -, ' QQ 4 . ,gl Y GRACE QWOLCOTT Y' I "NUR . , . Mr. C. H. Hepworlh cliu-cis 'I'opcka's ,-Xchxll lflilllllliflll pmgrznn hum his ulhcc' in VIVUPCIQII High Srlmol, More than 2,000 IDl'I'S4JIlS yearly zlllcncl thc zlchlll cizlsscw. most of which :irc hclcl in thc l'Yt'lllllQ in thc' high mflmol building. il Carmie W 1 Engiisho fe i481 Olive Collins Language J W pl-lunhes 0 I kllllI1A'N0N W N.VPxN Jwvi - lh .L ' ' Clllnvlcxing his ldslhiiol 1. glfvw ,. ,tlllgv V' Mf.X.1ll,b,Zc-ipzll ol lfllldd h Nh-nl gov wm' Quill' - -rested Nl Su. - . hi m. ll is kccllll' mm'.'111i im' fH"U'l X 1' 1 ni ,. 1, lim . L-ymncm -is QW, gunman UY8 A. H. Saville James A. MGC' ' Mrs. D Mrs' PUCY Walker avid Neiswangef KEISCY H. Petro i491 R obena Pringle Mmnie Sie W3 I S - Malhematicsf ociag Studies x g 'ilu wuv I lil 11 Ili EN d whose picture does not an- ent Chairman! John E. Lun , pear. is Commercial Departm Il llll'l'l I ls through the Guiding the schoo . K many problems that confront a large city system, the Board of Education is a vital part oi the school organisation. lts members decide matters ol hnanee, main- tenance, personnel, and questions that concern the welfare and lic ' ol the system. judge lames l nt ol the 'po iy ' e Presice ' m- A. McClur , ' l senior me l is also tie ntinu- Boarc, . . as he has served eo Other mem ber, , ously since V328 hers are: Col. NV. F. Hughes, Mrs. David Neiswanger, Mr. Kelsey H. Petro, Mr. Arthur H. Miss Shirlc, Dean ol Girls. gd MfS.PCfCY Shwalkgl-I acts as social advisor and ' friendly counsellor to all girls of the High School. Saville, a H. F EH. ' i Sciericzorpe J H. Arts 1 1 k ple syst Niiliceni. HOSWW' Pmsmai Education 41 i? D. l'I. .,.- Mr. Stark, as Vice-Principal, directs much he school machinery, such as the rip- nt, and discipline. ,. 7 d Lfldliiu... - Lloy bers Director ol Mr Cham ., l all stu Guidance, he ps ' ln courses, lind dents p a ' ' - vocations. work, and choose 5 mm xl-ux1l1,1,l,,X ' Hmmm- Npmkvn ul ilu BA . R ION HNXYIIY 'umm , 1. mm gtmhvm MH 5I1.x . , V lr:-mil, XR, RI "il: ug Slllqlkm lkulg, vw li: nnlgulw To 'ffm 'Up . N denY DV Iilq . , "irq, " XIX, Q K.orn,,Hx:i-I-IR ng, cg- . ll,Xl ,1 , llhwlimmxl Lk-,rtkh CVT Y pps S'YUDF.'N'l' CO l' . . Slznuling- Petro, Kxmkhuxm. Hmd. Wklhauxu. Brin. lichen. S1'nI1':lfYi4hcr, Sum. jcnkim, Rune, Miss X. Vrhxgh: LSpunsorj, Marlin. Rhoda. Rcvd, Smhh, Hguuihun, Dihhh-, Bixyly, Rogers. 'YnwuXcN, Perry, NZCXL if Tl AM' Z Me of a government that volunteered to give up much of its power in the interests of democracy. It is the story of the Stu- dent Council of Topeka High School, which, on April 19, 1939, unanimously voted to offer for popular referendum four amendments to the school Charter, providing for the establishment of a second governing body to share power with the Council itself. The amendments, which soon developed into a complete new charter, set up a bicameral Stu- dent Congress modeled after the Congress of the United States. A President and Vice-President were to be elected to form the executive nucleus of the new administration. Besides the Student Council, the Representative Council, made up of Home Room Representatives, was to have actual legislative power. Although a Representative Council already existed, it had been squelched in previous efforts to institute changes in school routine. Last spring, in a sincere effort to remedy this situation, a conunittee from the Student Council headed hy L. M. Cornish worked out a plan for a Repre- sentative Council as the lower house of the new Congress. Before the hnal vote on the amendments by the student body at large, the Student Council Row 241:-v.....1n1, May, Men 5-.... Stott. Hilmn 1 . -- . .4 Cram- Wallace. Pierce Itunger. Huebner Rzdion, Grout Her: l5ll Row 3-HliEigrdi1Sllif?riH- Wannaelrog Somew' jolt K' i ici' G"f'5Ni4'k. Manh- Son, W - ' '55 Amy S V ' ommgfk Fitz - nt -arlingho - . . Row 4-Re hlflfolnb. Reed, Bd:yEns0n"H3xv N1eckgill3gqf'.B09f" me' VJ" NWC, Fisher, Xfvar, Sw nv Quan -1 H 0-If-1 t . A , CYISO , , 9.6114 - t film. Y t shby, W00dlngI0niI1li2Il?il10rlSchflber, Vdrlilgifif' Mfchrrniq-k.m Dunham' rum' John- Qf. Brier, Al 'V on i-Speak .. mon' W7'more, U of Hamm' Mflllill, Hodgpll sponsored a' student assembly, in which the Pres- ident, Bill Everett, explained the structure and theory of the bicameral system, and heard objec- tions and comments from the audience. Once accepted, the machinery of the new Con- gress began to function with the opening of the new school year. Membership of the Student Council remains almost the same: three Repre- sentatives and the President from each of the classes, presided over by the Vice-President of the Student Congress. Ex-olhcio members include the chairman of the Proctor System, secretary of the Point System, and the editor of the Mforld. As before, each home room elects a Represen- tative, who, in turn, casts a vote in the election of the Speaker of the House. This group gives student leadership to some 75 boys and girls who express the desires and grievances of their home rooms. As in national government, the President has the power of veto, though he may be overruled by a two-thirds vote in both houses. Bills intro- duced in either house must first go through com- mittees, and to become laws they must secure majorities in both houses. The Student Congress elected this fall, headed by Barton Bayly, President. and Stewart Reed, Vice-President, has done notable work in organ- izing a Pep Club, in handling activity ticket and special program sales, in sponsoring assemblies to explain their work to the students, and in organizing a successful All-School Party in spite of numerous interruptions. f...fZd,Z4a... This is ri condensation of "Student Council Goes Democratic," by Paul Williams, which appeared in the February Issue of Student Life Sw We, the graduating class of l940, entered Topeka High in '37, choosing Harry Beerbohm as our Sophomore president. We became well acquainted through the school's one and only "Tag" day and a big Sophomore party. Dick Grabham, our junior class president, led us through our junior year, in which we gave a successful Prom remembered for Virginia Griileds "Deep Purple." As Seniors, a long- awaited, much-discussed class party materialized in February. A student opinion poll, giving the first composite seli-portrait of a graduating class, was a feature oi the late spring. Miss Wheeler gave us our Senior play in May, followed by the Class Day, Ves- pers, and Commencement in Moore Bowl. Class sponsors who guided us through High School were F. A. McCoy, Miss Ethel Frizell, Miss Ellen Camp- bell, Miss Mildred Huddleston, and D. L. Erwin. 29,119- 0 Casting oll any hashlul honds that inight have restricted tht-in as So ihotnores, tlte class ol '-ll started oil with all the , r . , , pep and expettancy possihle lor a -lunior class to display. Al- lttwsl hrealaing a record tn registration at the polls, the class elettetl seven otlicers. wlto innnediately toola active part in student government, introducing the tneinorable Pep Cluh hill and then showing their independence by passing a hill whith irorides lor the wearing ol class rings and pins in the l . lunior year. On other lronts the class carrie through to tnalae ,the lunior play, "l'srolat'ti Dishes," a financial as well as ll draiitatit success. l.ast etlorts proved to he the hest, lor on .Xpril lll at luniot'Senior llroin was given that will long he re- ittetithetetlf 'l'hen, in t losing the year, tlte hoys will att as ushers and the girls will lortn the daisy chain lor conttuencetnent. Q,,,43",s.f0fL 0 More than 800 Sophoniores entered the gates ot Troy 'Yown last Se mteinher to settle down to a winter's work. Most ol thent l seemed right at honte, and there was less rooin-hunting than usual. Ptoliahly tltis was the result of Mr. Chainbers' help in the lunior High School, ol the lloor plans ol the building lurnished hy tlte school, and ot the aid ol tlte "Big Sisters," who sponsored the Little Sister party. Soon alter school started. inost ol the Sophoinores rushed to tlte inain hall to register lor the annual lfall election. The tnain event ol the Fall ternt lor the Sophotnores was tlte class party lanuary l2. This party was planned hy tlte Sophomore olltcers and their special coin- niittees. ln W42, it it has kept up its good record, this class will graduate with top-notch rating. 77,u-"JL fjwf' .Ill lllllll Cl PIN Mill ll ' CHFQT . H t :.'.,,mI? :lA.t1l1,,.0N Alr:n,,,mn -u- : jonx cimnix l54l A Y I CEE Ylllll I'ASC" This year again, the primary purpose of the Proctor Sys- tem has been to provide a method whereby students with grades above average and with interest in some school activity are selected to welcome and direct visitors, in- spect passes, keep order in the halls, aid students in lind- ing classrooms, and perform special duties assigned to particular posts. The Chairman of the Proctor System, who is appointed by the Principal, appoints, with the aid of the Faculty Proctor Committee, a Proctor Captain for each class period. These Captains select from the rectnmnendation lists submitted by teachers a group ol' proctors. Each proctor is responsible for a certain post. This year a Captain was appointed to have charge of fourth hour. ln former years the Proctor Chairman supervised this period, but the new plan was adopted so that the Chairman might be free for other duties. Mrs. Esther Kingman, Miss Merle Fowler, and A. M. Sea- man composed the Proctor Faculty Committee this year. Chester Hamilton, Chairman ol' the Proctor System, was assisted by Captains John Crabb, John Herron, Barton Bayly, Tom O'Neil, Bill Palmer, and Dick Epps. W . J' M. ' - f 3 .l' FIRST HOUR Row l-Zarker, Ellis, jcnnings, Adollsen, Crabb, Cummings. Hamhy, Romig, Beckman. Row 2-Dick, Willcuts, Lloyd. Fitzpatrick, Shep- ertl, Shortl, Snntl, Gitldings, 1.11 Claire. Run' 3-Hickox, Fichtner, l.nt1, Mcllride, Brimam, Voigt, Robinson, Moser. Row 4-Magill, Mciirew, Kell, Glover. SECOND HOUR Run' l-Neil, Erlich, Ritchie, Marshall, llClT0ll Scott, Rt-issig, Rhodes, YVingel'son. Row 2-johnson. Fair, Dietl. Anderson, Page Hunt, Larson, Ite. Shcrril. Row 3-Peterson, llrzttten, McFarland, French Miller, Wardin, May. Cox, mt-II Ynntll 'Wont omt-ry. Cowger. Row -1fM1lX ' , 1 ' , . g Howe, Atwell, Dunham, Taylor. tony nrmzov X BILL PM MPR l'lllRl3 ll0l'R Ibm' l--Whipple. Hznn. Hatrgiss, Haintw, Palmer. Stltvttrk. Shoal. Rzttlclill. Clnttlield, Kietzntan. Ilfm- 2-litcrt, Stunt-rs. jenkins, Beam, Becker, Riu-ts. llotningo, Stoll, Hayes. Henderson. Ibm' fl-'lift-lttnxt, Bowling, Camp, Mcnninger, Xlclftlllttntl. Long. Pztine. l':ttlet'sml, Blown. llnzv l-lliltlnlv, Wgtlrztlett, Mt'Gill'twt'tl, Roberts, C. Qlnltmutt. li. ltvltnson. Stihollcr, Otlell, Neville. lf0l'Rl'll HOUR Run- lfXot', Szttellrc. Rexrottt, Davis, Boon St-.nlt-, llnwnntn. Vermillion. Ilfm- 2fRngt't's, lliggs. 'l'httrhcr, Ynttngblont Nlitliels, Stcttvtl. White, Stevenson. . Ilmt- fl'Willi1nnsun. Williznna, Martin, Rice lftvtlritk. lllzttklmnrn, Miller, Heck, Nielsen Ktznltill. Rmt' l--lfztxtmi. l,t-csun. Sittglcttm, Dilxhlc, Coul- ICI. Qltlltmttm. Vuwnlei, Keelcy. Hotlgcll. I-'llflll ll0l'R llfm- I-king. Nlugill. Still, Little. Dull, Bztyly, lligtlon. Moslmx, Clllllllllllll. FL'ket'. llfm' 2 Cltttw. l'ittts. Nlcllollttts. l'it't't'c', Arlnel, Nlzti. llmxitlget. Hztltn, llenstnt, Slewnrtl. llmtt flfl't'.ulc. l'0lllllIlS0ll, Hunter, Cnlltcrtxon, 1.11111-ll. l'1'icc. xllllllllltl Fl'lCilill'0lll. Reed. ' llmr lf-Clank. lltntl, l-lertirk. Alexznnler, Kaull- inttn. Kiwis. Swenson, Gien , R KRS l'lC'Iil'RlfS Ibm- If liltmnpson. Ymtnglrltnn. ulntnes. llznnon Nldllznn. l ilmpin, ll:tsltt'll.Dtllmt'l1. Stvintneyel 'l tttnlvtlll. Rm ' lm. lutt. Innes. l". l't'nlt'. Ibm' fl--ll Pct-I. Nic-lmlx. Stettvtt. Haines, Don .tltlsnn. 'l'tttt-stlxtlc. Walker.'htcttwttttlet' Snntlt. Rust' l--Rate. lattglt-. C.ttnnlt't, fflzttlolt. Sllfllllll ' ilu Nutt' litiuntl, I NIXlll ll0l'R lltmt I I.. Snntlt. Ntltllgttlt. Xiltttlitt. M' ", C . Xltfltutli. Wxtllqttc, Phillips, Rutter. Ibm- 2 llzttntncl. A, Snool.. Atkins, Mtfltntnc W.tnnt-1. C1l.nlt. ll. Snook. lllllll, Allen. Mieltc Cuuw. Ilfm' fl llull. Mt-tlill. Mt-nningcr. J. Day. Magi I'nlnn-tt. Snitlvr. llztttientos. Pcttu. Bailex, Ifuzt' lr --ll. Dau. lirnntlt-i. Rodgers, Ashlei, Kiene xl. Snntli. Phelps, Rttsure, Cole, Fisher.. l 4' J fNtt''t. llttnnv. lY:tll:tte. Collins. Saints ,Y ONK ONW' XR 1 ON HSN l55 lxl'S HFAD HOSTS- HOS'l'Y.SSY,S Q H1-nd Haw-x Wmwn Rugcu Asxismlxi Lu' lkmhcx H1-nd Huxwsx Yun Knmn Asxlxhuxl BLM5 Shun-n Npunsms lx. IS. We-gxxcx and Mu. Lumdh' Hx U Hvxxd Host hxhn Yxum-H Axsisxguu huhn Hcumm Hs-nd lhwtcw- hanhnm Lung, Assiwmuu-V 'Muucnhdxignm llhuhk Spuxums---Lhxxd W. Khadcr und Nhw Ruth Vhdhps . Hltnd Huxt sxunxw Crush .Xxsistmn huh Sxxmuun Hcgxd Hmmm-xx Rmh Yinhnh Ksxixxnnxl- hmmm' Kimkvx Spnxxmu- Nhss Yhlnhclh Clxdvur und Cgxd P. Suydcx N 001 C FINE! I .X huh rings. Hmmm hy upon. und lhc shun dcring hcrd, now lzuncd hy dw Rlmdc Syswm. ix on its way xo thc uxh'wx'i1x. Yu acsonnumhnu thc 5lHdL'lHN ui 'Ynpckn High. thru' hzdH1mu' hmah pcxiuds mm' mu-wsmry Ssudcms chu-1 thc s'zxh'u-Nix in hmm hmnh hncs to schwx khuh' hand as thcx pass thc uuxmurs. Then thcy cm an any uhh- xhcy wish. F.m'h UK thc hugcx' uhh-s :md num of thc snmhcx' oncs hnvc ll host amd ax hmm-as whose duly il is to kccp muh-x' :md umhuuhx an atumsphcrc of hicmhhu-M hx thc nah-- kcria. Hosts and hosscsscs mmm- so shc wh'- tcria hvc mimuca Cady so dun lhcy nmy chcck in to thc hcud hosx and husu-as amd reach their mhhx hchwc thc rcss oi xhc studvms zxxrivc. .Xhcr cmhxg. umny Mu- dcms. gn to thc wvzxudn to gm zx hvcudx of hcsh ah' mud xhc passing hch rings. TS SPOR R NG SP SPORTS CHRLY INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL O FOOTBALL ur. 'WO wll""""'v A ""'l"vuu...,,,, ...-u Each of us builds a tower of life XR x, ,K ,X 'H A X 75s. W -N, -is, , QQ' -,,.,,n ATH LSETICS S 'R 'N 'N Q Se X X xmlbgzwwo J Q1 cv H , ,X mx V w ,D v-0" wx XX O GJ Xxh 6 - KR , l'. :Yaakov , AX l59l from a nucleus of six returning lettermen, Coach E. B. "Buck" Weaver, ably assisted by D. L. "Heavy" Erwin, assembled a squad that won the Con- ference championship and dropped but one game-the last one. The Black and Gold forward wall, in the first game of the 1939 season, met slight opposition from the Southeast Knights of Kansas City, Mo. In the next game the Trojans merely tied the Ward Cyclones, although the driving play of johnny Herron was spectacular. The first Conference game Topeka won from the Lawrence Lions. Sparked by Harry Perry in the line and Kenny johnson and Kenny Nelson in the backfield, the game almost developed into a track meet. The team then journeyed to Ottawa, where, led by Charles' "Chuck" Zarker, little Topeka quarterback, it pushed over four touchdowns in the last half to bring victory. In the two non-Conference games that followed, the Trojans played their best game of the season against the Wichita North Indians, but routed the smaller St. joe aggregation by only two touchdowns. Facing the Emporia Spartans in a Iinal Conference game for the championship, the Weav- erites administered a crushing defeat. Fired by determin- ation to win from the Wichita East Aviators and avenge the only loss of last year, the fighting Topekans lived up CContinued on next pagej Co-Captain C0.Ca Pfiiin I 60 I In llwir vows :xml ollmrmwl llwil' sccmul .Uk- Yzlllvy rixzll WIIIIUIII mlillilully. l'I1c ncxl lfri- llllf. Illc' NI4'11uI"l'my mm :1 XX'yzlmImIc ICLIIII kcycml lo lllc' Iligluwl pilmh Imcmzuxw il was playing' In xmwmny ull in Iam' lkOlllll.,l,i'l'iy I'a11ILs, Nc-rvullsllcsx nml Iguk ull Iiglll ik2lllSL'il lllt XX'c:1x'l-l'l1u'l1 In lu' clvlczllml Im' llli' IIINI lima- in ilu- Inst gunna' ul ilu' suz1sm1. lx wlvnliolm ul. Ilu' lizulvl'11 KIIIISQIS lIm1I1'l'- I 'mc l'0lll'llt'N. 'lhlwlxal plzuuml Iillll mln 011 IIN c .XII-flfllllIl'l'l'lllt' lvznn: Cllmrlcs Slwrl, lum O'Nc'II. Nlzlllww XViIIi:1ms.zlmI CIIIRIIICS flll'liL'I'. l'llll'IlH'l' Imnm mmm' lu QIIIZIIIICN Slum wllcn llc was wlvalul :ls 'lkulwlxzl Iliglfs l'l'Illl'M'lll2l- Iixc' un lI1c'.XlI-Stall' Ivznm. 'llllllxzllmIIIc'l'sl1c'- ccsslul llfllllllllll SCLINUII I-mln-II Im' 'llmlwlizl lligll Sclllool. R -X ...panca- N d I 74 homerooms, nearly 600 boys compete in the annual Homeroom Basketball Tournament held from November l3 to December l6. Alter hve rounds ol elimination, only two ol the starting 58 teams re- mained- the Weaw'er and Dickson-Dobson homerooms. These squads had won the right to square oil in the linals, which were to be held after the annual Alumni game December l6. There was a great deal ol specula- tion as to who would win the tournament. The Dickson- Dobson team was guided by Co-captains Dana Holstrom and Dwain Francom. The VVeaver team had Fred Far- rier, Bob Sloan, Robert Vandeventer, Galen Galbraith, Bill Gies, lrwin Coulson, and George Coyne on whom to heap their laurels. Wlieri the smoke had cleared away, a new champion had been crowned. The Weaver team had defeated the Dickson-Dobson team by the score of Bl to l3. Many spectators will remember the game be- cause of the way George Coyne led his scrappy little team to the championship, and by the way those stars. Gies 'cilessly tore the opposition to shreds Coulson, mei ll Gies, George l 61 1 Coy ne, Galen and Ron' vm ru' Zflf Coulsoi We INIMPI mm ,L1rlbt.nth. ' A b Sloan, lrwin red lutrrier, Bo i, Bob Yxtntlexentei. CH l Xl' Q t ttttttttt tltutf suit I H, .ua .3- t Kiln tttttl looking lot .tu fx. ' ot... tml tu-tttto ftottwt Imttt X Nttttttttq Itttt tutttt tl Nqttttl Stt t II tmlxotuc' INN- lot tltvt ttttt tt I Xtttott tu .tu Itttt Ihltlt tstutl. tt..,,,..-I tmtt.. ut ttttttt I Ilu ltlttlll XII Ixt Iollut tht IS.tll. Xlt It limi lot tht' I-tut I'ltx ist -N t Itut I utlttttootl Ittx .t Nttlt I'tttIt l-o lit Lu It 1' I Ntutlt tx I.tsttl4l,tx, foxttt It t . Imtttottt Iottltrt, Ilottl Sctttltt tht lltttti Iltttt-I wr 5 m""".if-4 l62l t"I'I MIII A A 5724451 0 ltttt'attuu'ztl lootlmztll :tml lmaslwtlmztll wcrc sttpctwisvtl hy Carl P. Sttytlct' :mtl H. IJ. Shotwcll. 'l'ht- loothztll scztsou lztstt-tl l't'out curly St-ptctttlmt-t' till lzttc Nowtttlmw. 'l'ltc : Ltvctts, Iilttcx, Ycllows, " 5 l"t':utk lit'kct't. boys wart' tlivitlctl into lout' tutttus K :mtl Rt-als. untlt-t' thc t'c-spmtiw tztpt.utt l"t'ztttt'is lftthr, Dick Vickcts, :mtl llttroltl liztxtwtlzty. lht' powt't'l'ttl Blues vztpttttml thc tltzttttpiottsltip witlt only o tl f att in livt- Uwttttcw mlztwtl with thc Clrcctts zt close uc CC U. .I X . " " " ' " " Ummttx ltout sc-coutl. lhc ltttt':ttuttt':tl .Xll'St.ttn, tl mlttt ,tt I all thc itttttzttttttml ICZIIIIS, plztyctl at 7-7 tic gzttut' with thc Iiskriclgc squzul. 0 liztskvtlmall wats tlivitlvtl ittto Solmltoutott' :ttttl ilttttiot- Scttiot' lmztgttcs whith plztyvtl lot' wvctt wvvks itt l"t'lu'ttf ary :mtl Mztrclt. Cztptztitts in tht' -Ittttiot'-Sc-ttiot' l.t-:tgttc wcrcr Dick lipps. Cltzttlvs Httttttt, llolm Hotlgt-ll. Dick CLt':tlJltztu ,h , :mtl lean lfisltt-t'. The Coyne quintet took :tll honors V t ut lul t Itttl lowttlcv. Gcorgc Cloyttc. Dwight CIowg4t't'. stth att titthlctttisltctl watson. lu tht- Sopltotuott- lug f - lltttkc, Ctty Hlilsott, llottstou llogttv. littgcttt' Clttstcr. Morley Cook, -loc Iiztrritvtttos. Iliuk Guy, ztutl -Iolut Logzttt wort- cztptztiusq with thc litttkc Nllllllll taking thc honors, 0 Iiztsclmztll was UI'gZlIlIYl'1l ttutlvt' C, .X. Hztys. gzttttcs lacing playctl :tt Cltztmllct' lficlcl 'l'lttttstlzty :tml lfritlzty cwttittgs :mtl Szttttttlzty tttorttittgx. Thi- hots wt-tt' tlivitlctl into lout' intlivitlttal tczuusf Czmlittztls, Giants. Cults. :tml ligcts, untlcr thc t'cspct'tivc rztptztittrit-s ol' .Iohn l3t':twtu'c. Paul I Bcztll, Bob MttGilIct't, :mtl lat Btttkt-. :WC if--N. E631 ffm V ISI'l'Y Il CII After 12 years of arguments, petitions, and edi- torials, most recently and successfully attempted by L. M. Cornish, '39, and Paul Williairis, '40, a varsity baseball team has taken tl1e field for the City of Troy. Building the '40 team around sev- eral members of the American Legion All-Stars- johnny Herron, Bill Gies, Bill Heleker, Ira Bon- not, and Kenny johnson -Coach Claude Hays produced a team of which Topeka can well be proud. Opening their current season against Ward of Kansas City, Kan., the Trojans displayed power at the bat, pounding out 23 hits. Herron, Anderson, and Griflitli led the hit parade. Kenny johnson, southpaw hurler for Topeka, held the visitors to l2 hits, whiffing 12. The following week the team traveled to Kansas City, Mo., and thoroughly trounced De LaSalle Academy to the tune of I3 to 2. johnson turned in a brilliant pitching performance, holding the Kansas Citians to hve scattered hits, while his team mates col- lected nine. Goldsmith, Bonnot, and johnson led in hits for Topeka. With such a start and with the Trojan spirit to spur them on, it seems certain that the boys of Topeka High School will in the future have a baseball team that will carry the Trojan banner to great heights and add an- other fine record to the already long Trojan list. Upprr righl: First Sucker "Baldy" fiflmlh Goes 'Way l'p for zu Throw from Second. Top renlrr: Everylmslj Wulches'lhc Ball, Archiug High for aiu lfzisy Infield Out. lfnlimu n'r1lz'r,' Slugger Kenny johnson Lines a H01 Single Down First Base Line. l.rm'rr lrfl: "You're Out!" john Herron. Husky Trojan l'hird llaseillzui, Prepares lo Tag a NVnrd Runner. ,4,,, Off. A , , Nh 1 ,tfh vv fi g 5 Q, gg: ,f " A , J-"ff . ,v I ,I 4 .Y i vii' ff mwfr ' 5 f 4 F if .Qi v 1 ,.,'. . 5 gy L . 1? ' Q ' 561: ,Q Q 3 X , it 9 A1 4 f Rf .' " 1 . -.- V..- S'- 9? is H img if 4 fsx, ' NT Q3 1 U +hYy,l L' 1 'wt' Q ,away 75 mi- 2 f 5' Q j W l Y 5 'li Q I N- ? xx 14 R A .34 wkg 3' '1- tum' ."N Q ,i , JP vklg ' QWFN 7' I 5 X , f 4 7 1, 3 f jx K' , 2 fa!" , ,sf Q Q -M - 'E ,wl- A .- 'ff' fi k fri- Q ' I is S1 '- h-,KN if , N ii: 5 . V 13' 5 K . 1. K -Ss. ww fi Q U 3 .My W-N ' a 5 ,W I . vane g ' 'W' 1 N. p?.. ig . 'A We Q' .' Q5 9 A 9 " Q - x Wm .M 1 " j? ' , .. f ,L 4, , .L W .. I Q ' I 5 " 4 0 ' Run' lion' lfllll' Him' Row ,. -f 1- l f- Mcfllurv, Murphy, Hoguc, Stcrrctt, X . Coats, Bnrricntos, Bricr. Trulovc, llrzuw. Burke. Slaughter. F, R. Powvrs KCo:icl1j 2--ll. I.. lirwiu fcillllfilb, Hairilmzm, Lewis, Ccmiisvllcr. Miller, 1Villiztms, Krclcy, D. lohnsou. Roberts. liclflv. Hztlvx. fl -l. liurlxc, llurriw, lircliurwt, Slzittcr 5-1v2ll'Ill'l',fil'2lll'l'li. li. Smith, Uaiucs 1, Dihhlv, Brciclcnthzil. Hoclgcll, 0'Nci'l. Ricclcl, l3z1kcr,Aunlerson iCMl1IlZlgCl'j. l -lluvissou, lmvvlvss, l,. Smith, 1.2lllg'5IOIl, Cook, ulzicksou, XV. johnson, Burgcrt, 1Vall. is I , Hurst, U ollcv, Sorhcr. 1939-40 TRACK RECORD qSiu4'e tho lrulllivation of thi- '39 Suutlowt-rl wwf Event Tgpeka K. U. Interscholastic Meet ..... .... F irst April 21, '39, at Lawrence Baker Relays ................. . . .First April 29, '39, at Baldwin Conference Meet .............. . . .First May 6, '39, at Emporia Regional Meet ......,......... . . .First May 13, '39, at Manhattan State Meet ................. . . . Second May 20, '39, at Emporia Salina, Junction City ........ . . .First March 30, '40, at Salina Emporia, Dual Meet ................ First April 6, '40, Q1-Ierel Wyandotte, Argentine, Highland Park. .First April 13, '40, fHereD Hefty Don johnson Hoists thc Shot 1671 0 . the 1940 season against Salina and junction City, the Trojans stepped out in grand style, taking eight lirsts. Gordon Dibble won the 440, Forrest-Slaughter the 220 and broad jump, Matthew XVilliams the pole vault, and Bob Hodgell the high jump. The relay teams also won their events. ln the second meet of the current season Topeka ran over Em- poria 110 to 22. The Trojans, paced hy Zane Murphy and Bob Hodgell, won thirteen events. Eugene Burke, distance man. won the mile, Les Breidenthal, the singing track star, sailed the discus 126 leet 11 inches to win this eventg and Gordon Dibble placed lirst in the quarter mile. To- peka relay teams scored grand slams in all of their events. Next, in line lor the Thinclads was a quadrangular meet with XVyandotte, Argentine, and Highland Park. The Trojans won in a photo finish, squeezing out XVyan- tlotte 50 to 55. Bob Hodgell Cleared the high binrnp har at 6 feet, M, inch and tossed the jayelin 165 lieet.2 inches, to win both events. Zane Murphy, Houston Hogue, Glen Ticehurst, and Forrest Slaughter formed Topeka's winning 880-yard relay team. Don Johnson, Trojan weight star, tossed the shot 40 feet 7W inches for first place, and Les Breidenthal took his accustomed Hrst in the discus. The medley relay was called a dead heat between Topeka and Vlyandotteq run- ning for the Trojans were Dibhle, McClure. Brier, and Sterrett. Forrest "Count" Slaughter was the man of the hour. XVith only the hroad jump left, Topeka and 1Vyandotte were tied 51 to 51. Then Slaughter stepped into the picture and kangarooed 20 leet UQ inches, to nose out the lVyan- dotte contestants and win'the meet for Topeka hy inch and one point. l. Rrorttlftlurrrper Forrest Slaughter Spreads His XVings for a Northrop Flight. 2, 1t's a Close One for Leslie Breitlenthal . . , XVi1l He Make lt? 3. lane Xltnphx Barrels Down the Home Stretch to Finish First. 4. Roh Hotlgells Version of Uflrossirrg the Bar" in the High kltlrnp. 5. Gordon Dihhle Breaks the liape With a Slight Grim ite. . Not Quite rt l'hotofFinish. hut Plenty Exciting. 7. Mathett Williznns Goes Over XVith Daylight Between Him and the Bar. 6 Row l Alexander. Hobbs, Schoonovcr, Pct R0w2 First Brown, Lcnti, Sallce. 3 l"0. elf .., of 'l'roy boasted another suc- cessful season under the tutelage of VV. ml. Bar- nett, one of the finest Tennis coaches in the state. Coach liarnc-tt's teams have lost only two games in the last eleven years, and are regarded as one of the strongest teams in the state. Last year was no exception. The team defeated Mlyan- dottc and Wlichita East in the two early meets of the season. 'I'hen catne the only mar on their record as they lost a closely contested game to the Wlyandotte Bulldogs. The netsters regained their winning ways again and went through the rest of the season without a defeat, as they bowled over Emporia and again won the Con- ference Championship. Mlith such boys as -Iohn Smith, Dick Kell and Dick Crahham forming f thc N40 squad the team is ex- the nucleus o v . . , ' - ' of last year. pected to repeat the fine performance l68l W! ' ' all their matches except two and placing third in the State Meet at Emporia was the 1939 record of the Golf squad. Building the l9-10 Golf squad around two lettermen, Daryl Schoonover and Dick Brown, Coach H. D. Shot- well was faced with a difficult task. Nevertheless the Linksmen, paced by Harlan Hobbs and Schoonover, are undefeated at the time of this writing and are expected to be strong contenders ' ' ' 'l ' fain this year. lo r the State Golf champions llp ag ll 0 LI Y e Aj -5 1- 5' :S At , sf' 'I' Ii N N C l-Crites, Grahhatn. Milam. Weeks. 2+Reed. Townlev. Smith, WVallace, Kell. Colmery. Dihhle, Glover. Bailey. Rau' Row Row 3-Springer, BASKETBALL-First Squad llevcrlv Don Crites Ron' l!l'otn 0'Neil. George ' I . , . Rmv 2-Hill Gies, Stewart Reed. Ed Haley. Ed Yvallace ' ' ' ' ' D. 1 Holstrotn Harry Row 3+Harlan-Hobbs.--Oricn I-rtflith. 1ni Rina-1-li. Wleaver QCoarhb, Byron ooi Anderson Bill l'almer. B itM.tntgell .A am 5 W K ' -rr nf' qv. I ., ,W , .4 Q6 9 Sr 4 ?v .Q 5,-Q we ,nf 5,0 Mi' the l9?l9-40 basketball sea- son offered to Topeka High only a series of defeats until the last game, the season as a whole was much less disastrous than the mere number of wins and losses would indicate. lt was a successful season in its promise for the future and in its detnonstra- tion of good sportsmanship on the part of the team and of the school. At every game the Topeka High student body crammed the bleachers to see the Men of Troy battle for the Black and Gold. The newly organized Pep Club furnished strong support for the combatants, while the Trojans put up strong resistance to all challengers. ln every game, spectators saw a Topeka team staging a hard fight to the last setond of play: and they had the satis- faction of knowing that the majority of de- feats were only by a small margin. According to sport analysts, the squad was composed of good material, though lacking in co-ordination and aggression. Only three trusty Seniors were on hand to form the nucleus of the team f Tom O'Neil, Stewart Reed, and Don Crites. These veterans were reinforced by several promising younger players who are certain to be sure-hre men next year. The Trojan style of play im- proved as the season progressed. Among the valuable newcomers on Coach li. B. XVeaver's squad this winter, Bill Gies was one of the most outstanding. Bill had his first experience on the squad this year, but he was high point man for the season with a total of 78 points. In the Topeka- St. joe game played at Topeka, he contrib- uted I8 of Topeka High's 31 points, and made ll of the Zti points by which the Trojans trampled Lawrence in the final home game. Urien Griffith was another star, running second in points with a total of GO. Bill Palmer was a close third with 57, followed by Don Crites with 52. The Trojans found their hrst victory when the wall of Troy withstood the attack of the Lawrence Lions, 26 to l9. They then ad- vanced to the Regional Tournament at Osage City in an attempt to qualify for the State Tournament to be held a week later in Topeka. Griffith took honors on this trip. XVhen Osage City and Ottawa were overthrown 33 to l9 and 37 to l8 respec- tively, he scored ll of the points against Osage City and I0 against Ottawa. The Trojans lost their chance for the State Tournament by falling to Emporia in the finals, 27 to 24 after two overtime periods: and for the first time in seven years the Topeka team was host but not competitor to the visiting teams of Kansas Basketballdom. We team was what some may call the little ray of sunshine in the era of gloom that prevailed over the Trojan Basketball camp this season. Coached by D. L. "Heavy" Erwin, the second teamers gave a creditable account of themselves, chalking up a total of seven wins against three defeats. From the opening tilt with the Wyandotte Bulldogs, the Erwinites showed steady progress from game to game and can boast of not being defeated twice by the same team during the season. Coach "Heavy," from a squad of 25 men later cut to l5, developed a smooth passing and ball-handling quintet which brought a sparkle to the eyes of the Trojan fans as they thought about next year's team. Powell, Tyree, Lewis, Roberts, and Patterson composed the nucleus of the second squad, which promised so much for the coming seaspn. Nun' i Ls'tni.nti hihnsrm, .'.nLs. ihmti ihiihps. Run- 'L Lhmt W kisth-i tt'u.nhy, Rohm-it Ru-ti. hung Ynnitm. Stn-tt.nt Nt-nf min, i..tq.i. tvngtn itn vim ttumttn Hun' fi l'.uLs l,h.nh-s'kt-nthnks. Ut-hn.t Wiih.nns, Howziiti Hurst I-mu-st Shniightrt, Uhxvi ihunn s their seunni season under Cuztcii. Liuyti Kistier, the Rznnhit-rs ni Topeka High were again i'eg,atth'ti us one ni the hnest cnhneti tt-inns in the state. Led hy iftnsrest "Ctntnt," Shntgiitci' and Stewart Nt-wnian, the Rznnhiets tasted vitttny eight tinies and deieat oniy ti tinies. Couch Kistier, with six returning iettertnen and other hne prospects, is hioking hn'w2ti'd to atnotht-i winning, season next year. qv 1 vw I1 k l721 VJWIISL 'Ti Ill S i 'N' ' 4144 Stab fits ttnwnztnn-nt ni WW opened with the .Nik Vahey tezuns :igziiti piztying the vuit- tit favorites. Nvinheiti. ied hy Getnihi 'l'ttt'ket', and Hutchinson, sparked hy the Nitrheh hoys. were picked hy the expetts to viklf' in the hnztis. However, Nvyztiitititte ut Kansas City, Kant., txnne with VCXWXZIPS the SKYOIIQCSK iC1UH CYCY tt! t'L'vYt'SL'Hi that sthuoi and won its vvuy intn the hnziis, uniy tu have its heart htinken when XX'intieiti th- tnnphed in un twettiine period to hettnne state thzttnpitms im' the seventh time. intkt-t. XN'inht-hi Lziivtini. Xurnts tht' tlitxtiiituiniisiiip iiuniuin 554, sf NY X: , . if ww' " H W QKEVFQFQES M, Sgwi h K if xwxa wi in 'Mi 3 4' lik K 'I ' , 1, .L k e f Eff me 0 ""'f"S"'f-ff., 'sk ' ,2 --'xp , .k as ,,-, M U 'J 1 'Y31 as 3' it C 1 -ul:- ,,.vJ"" "I -. exgfitfcx' , V 5 Each anchors dreams to Earth by deeds A C T I V I T I E S from THE TOWER DX' l74l l..rX -Q-ik ID 'l'. IAXVSON Lyme! Cold uniforms immaculate, batons flashing, and instruments gleam- ing-what thrills a Trojan more than the Topeka High School Band stepping oll' in all its dashing array! The H1550-'10 Band boasts IIO mem- bers and a Girls' Twirling Corps with I,oehr Rigby and Harold Sei- bert as drum majors. Director David T. Lawson estimates that the Band has marched before -l0,- 000 persons this year, taking part in the XVashburn Homecoming, Chamber of Commerce Day, and the Patriotic Parade that celebrated the opening of the New Town Hall. By its exceptional performance in the District Meet at Lawrence April 42, the Hand earned the right to take part in the Regional Music Festival in Kansas City, May 9-l l. This was the liand's "biggest moment." to precision, Black and by David T. Lawson, Topeka High's Orchestra has stim- ulated wide interest in the music of the great masters. This year the 85-piece Orchestra has provided musical assemblies: and its mem! bers in ensembles and solos have appeared before clubs. religious or- ganizations, and civic groups on countless occasions. The gala event of the winter is the Revue, "Say It XVith Music," when popular music is in order. This year orchestra members did "swing out" with striking results. The Orchestra had a leading part in two occasions that have become traditions to all To- peka-the Christmas program and the Easter Sunrise Service. lt won a "Highly Superior" rating at the District Meet in Lawrence, and in consequence was invited to the Re- gional Festival in Kansas City. Um IIANII Um 0 Il II ll sf l76l 7opeka VINIHI4 ENCEA ll LEC 0 Selected from 380 chorus students, the 62 members of the A Cappella Choir, under the direction ol' Don M. Gleckler, are an extra- curricular group who like to sing enough to sing on their own time. Cast as gay Yugoslavian peasants in the 1940 "Say It With Music," members gave their all in "I Won't Kiss Katy," a national folk song. At the District Festival at Lawrence, the Choir ranked in the First Division for the third successive year, receiving recommen- dation to the Regional Festival at Kansas City. Helen Simmonds, alto, is the soloist of the A Cappella. Bill Wellman is student director. ' 0 Singing a rollicking sailor song, boys of the Senior Glee Club put the audience into an atmosphere of sailing ships and pirates on the high seas at the "Say lt With Music" revue, February 8 and l0. Directed by Mr. Cleckler, many times during the year they entertained Junior high school groups and civic organizations and sang for club meet- ings and church programs. Participating in the regional contests at Colorado Springs last year, the club rated hrst division, and was recommended for the regional contests in Kansas City this year. 0 ln trim new black uniforms with white T. H. S. monograms, the Girls' Senior Glee Club has been in the spotlight many times this year under the direction of Miss Helen Dobson. The songstresses obtained Highly Superior rating at the District Festival for the third consecutive year, and took part in the Regional Festival. They also assisted in the annual music revue, "Say It With Music," as white-robed sirens singing "Gre- cian Landscapem in a classical setting of white and silver. Bruce Herrick is the ac- companist for the club. 0 The Madrigal Singers, with their old English folk songs, presented 24 programs throughout the year, the most outstanding being their numbers in the Christmas Pag- eant and their performances before the Music Study Club and the Three Arts Club. This is a stnall A Cappella group directed by Mr. Cleckler, with Phil Humbert as student director. Like the other advanced voice groups, it won invitation to the Re- gional Festival. U Besides the four ranking organizations of the vocal department, tnany stnall units have been active through the year in club programs and party engagements. The Girls' Octet, organized by Miss Helen Dobson early in the year, has been among the most in demand. MADRICAL SINCERS Row 1-Boyers. Darrow, Zarkcr, Armel, French, Simmonds, Wellman, Humbert. Row 2-Christman, Mcfirew, Long, Banta, Bowman, Don M. Gleckler QDirectorj. OCTET Ruth johnson. Mary Frances Hickox, Eva Peterson, Alice Stanley, Norma Braun, Betty .Io Taylor, .loanne Eeker, Alethea Wlallack. GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE Row I-Peel, Roth, Cook, Ehrlich, Morrison, Porter. Young, Mary Louise Miller, Linebach, Ecker. Row 2-Zarker, Mary Lee Miller. Kempton, Artnel. Colburn, l.aClaire. Boyer, Jennings, Simmonds, jones, Schafer, Miss Dobson. Row 3-Huebner, Shull, Hickox, Garlinghouse, McFarland. Sherrill, Hahn, Smith, Stitt, Bartlett, Hale, jenkins, Reissig. XVallack, Hawes. Row 4--Kass, Boyer, Pennartl, Lehenbauer. Peterson, Meckel, Taylor. Braup, Eidmann, Long, French, Stanley, Buchanan, Banta, Criffee, Gilbert, Herrick. A CAPPELLA Row l-Zarker, Hickox, Carlinghouse. Colburn. Taylor. Mary Louise Miller. Braun, Xvallack, Simmonds, Eeker, Shull, jennings. Row 2-Armel, Huebner, Harris. Kass. Hawes, Bartlett, Hanson. Bu- chanan, Banta, Reissig, Sherrill, Mellenbruch, Priddls. Stewart, jones. Row 3-Neville, Mary Lee Miller. Beaman, French, Robinson. Humhert. Nichols, Vickers, Christman, Lolley. Finney. Stanley, Long, Hahn. Eidmann, Pennartv, Bowman, Don M. Cleckler tDirectorj. Roar 4-Breidenthal,.Carlson, Darrow, Wellman, Sparks. Voigt, Boyers, -I. Miller, Cloud, Hogue, Curyea, Burke, Myers, lvoodingron, Downs. BOYS' SENIOR GLEE Rout l-Nichols, Schindler, Logan. Colvin, XVilliams, Vickers, Christ- man, Pettit, NVendt, Carlson. Rout 2-Cummins fAccompanistl. Miller. Scully. Helm. Robinson, Neville, Finney. Carlson, Baughman. Wvinters. Wvmore, Cloud, Don M. Cleckler fDireetorj. Row 3-Curyea, Boyers, Truelove, Vlellman. Myers. Darrow, Peterson, Mcfirew, Holm, Davisson. Voigt. Hogue. Row 4-Sparks, Humbert, Burke, Betzer, Allison, Downs, Breidenthal, Lolley. Wvooclington, Townley, Hughes. Lceson. 2 'W 3 3 591 3 Qs! 2 4-3 SM WU 2 x W3 2124- ' ' W Ke THSX M ms 1 E 1 Q A3 ',AAA 9 Q ' I . 9 , P Ma , A W W V i"V' HZ! ASQ! N Yf 3 xii' 'WL 5' M 2 aa 1 gf. ig' is' E'5"fv.i 'Y be w ' ,M 3 K s wif K 3 T Q. .9 Q, Q' sms V' A. 'gf . 9 0 1' ' Q-'HW 'Ek I -A M H . lg, X' ff,- Q n ff sl X7-1 A., 'CN Willow branch The Willow Branch is an offshoot of the Whispering Willow which appears in thc Topeka State Journal each Saturday. The Willow Branch origlna'cd ln 1926. Looking back over the school year. one is almost certain to notice certain event.s that stand out. No one event of the past year reigns supreme in my memory, but a number crowd to- yy ard the fore. To p e ka hii.fh's first successful I'ep club in a number ot' years was well on its way to perman-l ency at the close of ISD39. Bo b l"isher introduced the first bill calling for the club in the newly formed Student Con- gress. and the World echoed student opinion in a series of promotional edi- torials. Fred Collier HF. C. F. Life in the second semester was something of a bowl of cherries to the news-hungry editor. To wit: Senior officers. elected on a "partym platform, stuck to their promises pre- sentinf.: a "Dog- patch Frolic," with spectacular innova- tions in program. refreshments, and party dress tsee page 923. And then there was the All-School party. Hurled about from date to date, it was finally nailed down to March 29-and it was worth the waiting. The circus program was original, to say the least. Ted Mo0re's swingsters were in fine fettle: no one short -of a paralyzed deaf mute could have been bored. The Prom. with alumnus "Pete" Abc-rnathy's music, was a memorable event. The Leap Year Varsity was prac- tically 'monumental. But I'd better stop slinxrinig compliments. Hut of adjectives. Paul Williams -P. W. VARSITY DRAWS CROWD Latest thing' in varsities was the World-Sunflower dance, held October 20 in tht- graft-tgria, The tfommodores, pop- ular student orchestra, furnished music. Topeka I-Iig Vol. 65 Fred Collier otters variety in tall World First term teatures departmentalizationg statt wins honors Edited by Fred Collier, whose journal- istic claim to fame lay in his ideas of news- paper make-up, the fall World featured variety in every form. Two issues startled subscribers as they saw Topeka high school's first paper with a "buried name- plate." Departmentalizingr and variety were key- notes of' the fall World. Dick Grabham headed the sports department. It was Dick's weekly plug' for an organized Pep club that accounted in part for the club's formation. "Tory" King handled the fea- tures effectively. Don Trautwein was responsible for all news in The World, as he hustled his sto- ries from hunches. The World maintained a safe, constructive, editorial column un- der Stafi' Editor John Yarnell. A wide variety was offered readers in the fall World's Trojan Teasers, Phyllis Beam's brainchild. Silhouettes, paragraphs, and words to be completed, made Teasers THEY CHASE ADS K VVorld Business Staff CFallJ Seated-W'ingate. Schoher CBusiness Mal age-rl. Trapp. Standing-Fisher, Anderson. Odell, But Henley. one of the best-liked features of the papel June Greane and Lorraine Wilson worke together on the exchange papers f1'om othe high schools, Lorraine filing the paper and June writing a Hither and Yon columr Honors fell heavily upon staff member of the fall World. Bob Schoher, busines manager, and Glenn Gilpin. Sunflowe business manager, won a S100 prize in a na tional hat advertisement contest. Pau Williams was chosen to write an article de scribing Topeka higxh's student eovernmen for Student Life, a national magazine Fred Collier was selected to give a speec' on make-up at the National Seholasti Press Association convention. World Editorial Staff Clfallb Seated-Hamilton. King, Phillips, Haskell, Greane. Dark. Yarnell, Grabham, Trau wein, Collier CEditorJ. Standing-Williams. . School World All-American Honor Rating? PEKA, KANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 20, 1940 NU- 31 vo speciol editions, A dverfising plays, iliven school year 'wo extra editions added life to the 9-1040 journalistic ylarz "Chips from Broken Dish" and "The Bird's-Eye w." Ihips from the Broken Dish," edited by mlicity Director Kathleen Martin, ap- red Wednesday, November 24, adver- ng' the Junior play, "Broken Dishes," The Bird's-Eye View," one-page spe- devoted to "Cock Robin" the Masque Wig: play, was published Tuesday, rch 5, by Clarence Engle, publicity irman. February 29 February 29 marked the publication of the 1040 High Life, rotogfravure section, under the editorial leadership of Chester Hamilton. Nearly 1,500 copies of the four-page picture paper were sold. Homeroom representatives and Junior Press club members, working under the di- rection of Fred Collier, business manager, handled sales. irld Business Staff CSpringJ A feature of High Life was the "scram- ited - Burkhardt, Neiswanger, Griffee. lilefl adn C0Ut9St, in which T1am9S, PiCtU1'9S Peterson. and titles of 15 sponsors were mixed, with a nding -- Wfingate fBusiness Manage-rj, prize for the first person to unscramble Maloney, .lent-ks, Coulter. Townley. them. Barton Bayly won first prize. , . . , Spring paper returns to conservative malceupg introduces new columns 'Sepia Slcetches,' 'Around World,' 'Stratosphere' add interestg Ad solicitors sell many new ideas A return to "conservatism" was featured in the spring World, edited by Paul Williams, veteran of six semesters in the journalism department. . , . New policies were inaugurated in the HI h e spring World: the use of' clipped editor- g ials, Usprucing up" of the "Around the World" column, a n d the re v iv al of "Se- pia Sketches," popu- lar section d e v o t e d to the activities of colored pupils. F a c e d with unset- tled early spring' weather, B u s i n e s 5 Manager D o n Win- gate developed nov- el plans to liven ad- vertising in t ere s t. His solicitors sold several c o m p o s i t e ads, featuring: im- portant school events Bob Schober and products of' in- terest to pupils. Sports Editor Fred Rausch marshal- led his small staff effectively, as- sembling' vast quantities of informa- tion and Udopel' fora special page ot' State Basketball To Don Wingate urnament news. Variety wa s added to the paper by fea- ture stories from the pens ot' Ray Morgan. news editor, and Her- bert Kauffman, assist- ant editor, d 0 a l i n if with such vital mat- ters as "Groundhog Day" and "Black Clow" candy bars. Periscope, if o s s i p column, was ln-ought to new h e i g' h t s ol' achievement by the lively, original work nrld Editorial Stall tSpring'J . , -' X' z "l -1 ated--Morg'an. llunt, flotf. Scott, Weaver. Heck, Wardin, Mack, Burdick, Kauffman, Qsiaggnhdggue gggnxifciiiiqmilyil W'll" .' l'll't . ' . .' ' ' A 1 mmf L H on sphere," a growing' society corner. nnding-Wolfe, Hoad. Van Nice. Coulter, Rausch, Saterlee. fb ,Q Q af 2 N 'X S . Wg K e Y K f 1 9,4 ami X I81I 'IIIBI ll'A'l'l0X ' I A A II n S "' EDITORIAL STAFF - BOB HODGELL, Editor . JEANNE Mc- FARLAND, Assistant Editor - JUD TOWNLEY, Associate Editor . JOHN YARNELL, Photographer -JAMES CRASK and JOHN LOGAN, Assistant Photographers - BILL PALMER, Boys' Sport Editor . MARY LOUISE GIF- FORD, Girls' Sport Editor - DOROTHY WRAY, Senior Picture Editor . IDA MAI GIDDINGS, Group Picture Editor - HENRIETTA DARK and JUNE GREANE, Senior Activity Editors . JIM TAYLOR, Club Editor . JEAN RUT- TER, Honors Editor - KATHLEEN MARTIN, Feature Editor - LOIS ELAINE XVILLCUTS, Caption Writer - PAUL WILLIAMS, Copy Writer. BUSINESS STAFF - GLENN GILPIN, Business Manager . CLARENCE ENGLE, Auditor. BOB FISHER, Circulation Manager - MARY FRANCES HICKOX, FAY WAL- LACE, BOB SCHOBER, LEE COULTER, Ad Solicitors . MARY LOUISE MILLER, MARTHA MENNINGER, MARCIA FROST, Professional Directory. and ' ' ' EDITORIAL STAFF-FRED COLLIER, Editor . PAUL WILLIAMS, Assistant Editor- DON TRAUTWEIN, News Editor . JOHN YARNELL, Staff Editor . DICK GRABHAM, Sport Editor . FRED RAUSCH, Assistant Sport Editor - JEAN ORR, Girls' Sport Editor - CHESTER HAMIL- TON, Periscope . PHYLLIS BEAM, Trojan Teasers . VICTORIA KING, Fea- ture Editor . JEANETTE HASKELL and PATTY PHILLIPS, Around the World - LORRAINE WILSON, Exchange Editor - JUNE GREANE, Hitlter and Yon . HENRIETTA DARK, Club Editor . CHARLES SATERLEE, Cut Editor . DONNA HECK, Stratosphere. BUSINESS STAFF - BOB SCHOBER, Business Manager - JACK ODELL, Circulation Manager - DORIS TRAPP, DONNEL WIINGATE, HUGH BUFF, DOROTHY VAN NICE, Ad Solicitors. DOROTHY HENLEY, CHARLINE ANDERSON, Down the Avenue . JEAN FISHER, Auditor. . wwufff 1fo1ToR1A1.STAFF-PAUL WILLIAMS, Editor- . HER- BERT KAUFFMAN, Assistant Editor . RAY MORGAN, News Editor - CHAR- LINE ANDERSON, Staff Editor - FRED RAUSCH, Sport Editor . CHARLES SATERLEE, Assistant Sport Editor . ALICE GOFF, Girls' Sport Editor . MAR- GARET ANN RIVERS, Feature Editor . BARBARA WARDIN and DONNA HECK, Periscope - VIRGINIA LEE SCOTT and DOROTHY WOLFE, Around llze World - DOROTHY HENLEY, Trojan Teasers . ALICE HOAD, Club Editor - BETTE RAE WEAVER, Stratosphere - DOROTHY VAN NICE, Hitller and Yon - PETE RUCKMAN, Staff Artist . JUNE MACK, Sepia Sketches. I. B. HUNT, Cut Editor. BUSINESS STAFF- DONNEL WINGATE, Business Manager . DORIS TRAPP, Assistant Business Manager . PAT MALONEY, Circulation Manager - JUD TOWNLEY, SHIRLEY JENCKS, ISABEL NEIS- VVANGER, JAMES MEDILL, Solicitors - VIRGINIA GRIFFEE, ANNETTE PETERSON? Down the Avenue - LEE COULTER, MARY BURKHARDT, DOROTHY PAINTER, Collectors . JEAN FISHER, Auditor. duff!! file-H CHESTER HAMILTON, Editor - FRED COLLIER, Business Manager. ph? 1 ' ' CHIPS FROM THE BROKEN DISH - KATHLEEN MAR- TIN . BIRD'S EYE VIEIV - CLARENCE ENGLE. lele. iloex uint I 82 I If y name is Chester .Xrinstrongf XVith these worcls. a hanclsonie stranger threw the quiet Bumpsteatl householtl into an uproar that was not quietetl until the l:nnily's youngest claughter hatl been hapr pily marrit-tl, the molher's heartless rule ol' her c'hiltlren's lives entletl, and the myth ol "the man mother might have married" clehunketl. lt took three acts ol' "Broken Dishes." the xlunior class play, to clevelop and unravel these plots on the night ol' November 24 helore an auclience ol' more than l,200 people. l.. li. Xtlill- cuts and Dirk llill, heart interest. provitletl a pleasant interlutle to mama's henpet-king ol' papa in the early acts with a Hliresitle chat." l'aul Hurtl and -loanne Smith won praise as papa and mama. Ill IIIIEN IIICIIIE THE CAST Jenny Bumpltead ........,.,.. Joanne Smith Myra Bumpatead ,........ .Elaine Scrinopaki Mabel Bumpxtead. . . .,...... Barbara Long Elaine Bumpltead. . . . . .Lois Elaine Willcutl IglI1'll'll t um liumpslewtl fl"tul llllllll his KllK7llS lllltltl ntltx s nalthlul ut . link lllll :intl I.. lx. xxllll . ol the nut- :I xou can get Il titlltlt . llgukstgvgz -. ' I ' 1 l,ong ext lllIlll.:NlllIlIlN uilll liletlriii nt lllllli Sninomsltt mtl ll2lllJ.lI.l aukigln. Jack Miller .,,.......... Ant. Stage Min Gertrude Wheeler .....,,..,.. Min Ruth Grandon ........ Assistant J. H. Hoehner .,... . .Stage Cyrus Bumpltead. . . .,........ Paul Hurd Bill Clark. ....,.. ....,.... D iclx lliR' Sam Green ....... .... D nnald Jones Reverend Stump ..., .... L eo Weyler A Stranger ..,.... ...,. B ill Cave Quinn .,..,....,.,.....,.. . . .Hugh Buff THE STAFF Mary Warmer ,............ Student Director Martha Menninger ..... A--t. Student Director Bob Filller ............... Bulineaa Manager Robert- Sue Mccluggage. . .Property Manager Mary Burkhardt ..,... Ant. Property Manager Barbara Rice ......,,.,... Costume Manager Kathleen Martin .... .. .Publicity Manager John Heller ................ Stage Manager Manager Director Director Director K. 31 S ll , ,Kg if W s 8 JA L, g a LJ -QE if 4- 5. 2' , I W 'SQL ' ' 3 'V 1. :K1 hs QW M, fuk 4 Wm W "3 W 1 Q . K, il f N 1 - 1. J ll' r -xv ,A 1 "'.' - ,sg . A . X? wif'-ifmxl p-1,15 1 5.0 .0 ,, , 3 , E E l ,va I. . 'ww .V -.M .Aw .W . s. gut ,fff . KR ' , pf: -, '5 , , af lu , , 1 ,fn , N M 4 :- 'X if ..".'IJ' i fl' Q '. b x A-i?Si?VZf ' S , X X 4 Q 1 ie , , , n M,-. K . .qw M, ' v me ill! fgy 56. - Marzhj W0 , I X x E . A RSA K A X Q 5 8 X , 0 vi ' it if 'fl' Mft 9 gf 'iris 5 ' . 8 ,. lk? U my ,911 , N' vw-Si' ' Ci Q kms 5 f-.f,,:, . ...., , :,z. EE .V:. Q . - E S 15 1 - 4 I...- Huw X Vtmtw lnqthhztut, tt'tttthu1p.Ktvwtx,lktxtx. V B C-mxvs tkmuht. Hmr 'L Nhvwt, XXttu,ht, Nt'Ht'tt. Du-tux, Umtthtut, NN twxvtt, Hrttttk Ihghl t.tuthtu hthhhg't tlttwtg .nut XN.utvu huututtt lbttrt Xu Xmlh hu tht- tt.uh4-t nu tht' Ntuut Ntgvht Vttugyt uu ucuttwtg thc A tmxchvd hy it now t hmhckzt Htgh Uvhxttt- Sttttxtd L-xxhmtx-tt ztnuthut' mttxtxtuthug, scztmtt tn N39-Nttt, P, XE. Cltntws nsf stunt-tt tht' thu-tttmt mt thc tcxuu ttptw. thc thi- hauttut- ut tlthututtt Nhtyu stud chawd hts hut yt-zu with at hm- tt-ttmt. Vout Svntm hwy. Vnuttm Vntth, Dttk tltzthhzuu, tank Oth-h. and Lytc Ruttw,t1ttttt'd tht-hruut ut tht' ttuuuztuuht sthvttf uh-, wtth Mxutt' h-tttungp zutd Mztutht- Rust-u uuuhhwhtg, tht- St-tum Suttxtd. Vatu Must-tt amd huh XX't'tg,ht, Xtttums, hushcd thc Sctuuts hu' hcztd ztsxtguuu-nts zuxtt atttctuxttctt with thcut att thttcr- out thutw. 'thc Suphtnum 1' 'Yuttn tuthuh-tt hut Dxtxhtsmx, 4 D -tux. Nt-tt Vhwxuug. Vhtt Umtxtht Uusttu, hshu t A ' Vuh St-hun, xuttt .Xthcrt Ut-tthk. Nhuuttc tnhmu. XN't'sst'tt. 'tht' wtmtd zuutuzu Stunt Xtght tu 'Yuhukzt Htgh Stttuut wats xpmtsututt hy tht' Dvhzttc Squad xuut hvht hhtuttatty X. hth Lutz wtm htst phuc, hu tht' wtmtd stt'zug,ht ycztt' with htw 'Tush Vmttt- tuu' Ntuut. St-unut yrtlu wt-ut to Xxuk .Nh-xztttttcfs Swhtg, Vntnd. lam THE SEASON' S RECORD Phhburg1Nov. X0-XL Topekaftqnv. X7-18. ReadingfNov. Z5 tSophomores ffffZncD. CoHeyviHefDec, 8-9 tSeniorsfff3rd5. Vauey Fdhfoec. 8-9 tseniorsfflncb. FL Scollflnn 5-6 lseninrl f-101. Wyandotteflnn. VZ-13 tSen3orsf'fied for Znch Llwrence Stale Dulnck Meet eb Sen ton 110 Topeka E K Conference Feb 10 L5emorn 105 Llwrence Stake Championship Feb 16 X7 Total Debnkel 0 Wu: 'IX Lnsles Per Cen! 67 tn: entors only Told 1 Wm: A7 Losses I4 Per Cent Wxna I Tl 'N' . cw? QR w ,.-K sf 3-'g f 5 it .Nh 'sf X RN' X. 4 , Q K r .s 'V' , r gk i if wx 1 T G 'Y 'K 3 Q .4 if xv ,L 'f'- A x . M1 Nagin ,,., , my QE? fMM?F,.-'S -inns 88 floqaliqazme lil,-Cllllllllli l'llI TY All hail to the King' and Queen ol' tlte .Xll-School Party! tlte long-deferred "event ol' the year," King Bob Yerntilliou and Queen Virginia Ruth Scott reigned, as roxaltv should-serene, Irietullv, unas- suniing, the ehoiee ol' lopeka High. Bob has held niany olliees. ehieli atuong them that ol Speaker ol the House in this yeark new Student Congress, Virginia 3 l 4 king Steuqui Yewiuztn .intl Queen lS.uImt.t klt tu Ndlxou ol the Voloietl Xll School I' iii Ruth is the only Senior who has been a class oflieer eaeh ol' her three years. and she has served with a laugh in her hrown eyes and with quiet sincerity. Attendants for the royal party were Stewart Reed and Virginia cnt-iiiuf, and 'l'otn O'Neil and .Ieanne lNIel"arland. Reigning over the party lor the colored students were King Stewart Newman and Queen Bar- hara -lean Xvilson, both active Seniors. 1 5 Cm -4 QEQB I 4, -"9 'S . 1 f 1 c Q F1 .Ski Saga. . 'Q if H! E Il 0 aooou x, Qs! X. l91l 0 two C valiantly to the front when the other classes were tossing party dates about with the greatest abandon, the Sophomore class man- aged to set a date and throw its shindig first, the evening ol' January l2. The high point of tl1e party was the program which featured a Glam- our-Cal acl hy Wlarren Bowman and Charles lfitlpzurick, a song and lap dance by Zona Gale 'l'ihhills. the piano playing ol' Dorothy Black, and Il solo on the accordion by Julius Martell. XVayne Carper and his "'l'wentieth Century Swingstersu provided the Sophomores with dance music during the rest of the evening. Cokes and candy were served during the intermission prior to the program. The party was planned by the Sophomore officers, under the guidance of their class sponsors-Miss Ruth Grandon fchair- manj, Miss Elizabeth Culver, Miss Ruth Loomis, Kenneth H. Meyers, and Lloyd W. Kistler. ' ' ' ll1llI'Al'I'I 'lIl'llIIt t A . K' . y-9 -. WWW . we ll . NW -yes MW - - wi ,. al wr , WU' dw Vcwon 'ck own he KS . , gin .. X I Ydrcxrk 'hides YN? hoods hx pycxl OQKCSA ' , ntl C' A .V jyxti Lt Cut-xxx xoxqxixxix .x Swing X W 'AY Y claw X 'xxxkllclwci th t1e0'l'l Y X C A . yllc 09 Q .. fxecl . A s Cx VPU " xwxood. 0654432 mx h lar "Dogpatch" rega- Dressed in regu ma, the Seniors went to town by really aving at "wow" of a party. After a rousing movie, they danced to "Dock- ter" Ted Moore's music. As you see in the pictures, all members oi-the Li'l Abner comic strip were present, ' " Ghristman, t "Hairless Joe U td s even o who spent the evening eating ho og --his prize for being the most ele- ale present. 'Donna gantly dressed' m Dodd won honors for her delightful characterization of a "Li'l farm gal." il"1'c4 X 1 all l 93 1 Ron' l-Golf. Rosen. Hagen, Mnrshxlll, Scrinop skie. Willcnls. Ritchey. Ron' Exliiom. U'olle, .lppleli Mi " K 5, lixlughinan, fhlee X. Utngelson. Hickov. Run-f 3x'I'ro1t. Mtn. Mlolphxon, Voilcs, Gonlml. Roderick, Gillespie. Collins. Hiiv. Run' -1-Smith, H ' enney. Cznnp, Boon. Hicks, Sams, Allen. Fmnrlingflohn Smith. President: nlll'lN'!l Cul- bertson, Progr:nn Cllairnmn: Terry .Vc.hlani, Service Chairman. 'llll'!,KClIlI'l'lll'9 Engle. Secretary-'l're1xsurer: Sol D. Di1e,Atlvisor: Glenn Gilpin, Vice-President. 0 Organized for the promotion of Christian Character in High School, the Hi-Y serves many other useful purposes. Members handle the book exchange which enables students, for a small fee, to sell their old books. Check-stands at many parties and' 0 By entertaining incoming Sophomore girls at a "Puff-Pant dances are efficiently handled by members of the club. Christ- Prom," the Girl Reserve Club of Topeka High begins its year's mas baskets, containing food, clothing, and toys, are provided program-a program 'in which it gives much in the way of for needy families through the efforts of the Hi-Y. Devotional service to the school. Each member of the club adopts a "Little assemblies of the school year are sponsored jointly by the Sister" from the new girls and aids her in becoming acquainted Hi-Y and Girl Reserves. Sol D. Dice is sponsor of the group. with the school. To help return lost articles to their owners, Officers are: john Smith, Presidentg Glenn Gilpin, Vice-Presi- the Girl Reserves sponsor the Lost and Found department. dent: Clarence Engle, Secretary-Treasurerg Burnett Culbert- Programs at the bi-weekly meetings feature subjects of special son, Program Chairman: Terry McAdam, Service Chairman. interest to girls. This year Margery Marshall has been Presi- dentg Peggy Sargent, Vice-President: Elizabeth Boon, Treas- urer: Elaine Scrinopskie, Secretary: Mary Allen, Program Chairman: Lois Elaine Willcuts, Social Chairman: Alice Golf and Mary Frances Hickox, Little Sister Committee: Donna Mae Wingerson, Music Chairman: Alice Hoad, W'orld Re- C,-ifree, orter. Miss Helen Shirk, Dean of Girls, has acted as s Jonsor Dodd Nffcllfdxi SC""Lh'u Re- ind Miss Ruth Loomis as advisor to the Program Comhwittee. I Gals" :nudilg gn , C Pmlgc- A . loiyingm Fishes l::L':u,S'G:::HSirllglltglglmill!ilgsqlxltdnyl lqiauregrlli Aworted Ullinl' 1 ' ,c Contra' . lsionS A Q I . -- Lomu U . H Full- . ' I cl lv In -1 ' Boo!! "' His- ntl Magill M an ,. will' Dm!! t xrn EPPN- " V, , Confrl' . Habertlilillel S"ll'IlIllx I0 Re I I . h pl-5-'MIG I "IWC", nokvlmdel Bolt Wvmwu qt -,ms Along wllh liilslCf'l3fl' - - ' SQIUFZT' cl , - Cznllfrllslllilll'l'tm'i1lCV'M'ml . Flnerucncl' Wiwimlriillf. . -, Shtrfslmii go n AFnll'l1'I' " Ton' png Hlmdlcs ,Qdtls Inxf-YU - l Q Dlt.rini4AllRl,l11 SCOU iooking On- vu., . - Verv Elnlznffassm . - '1 n v h HCI' 1 . r- iellllllmm , 'WU' 'thins 3. H , Dodd 'num U . lc Lu.: 7. lm I . h n. BOY Friend- DLS 0 no niove was tnade to create a Pep Club until the latter plltl of the football season. more than eight hundred students established their tnenibership as Trojanettes and 'l'royian-Knights by niidhyear. The Student Congress, after niuch discussion and heated debate, voted a preference lor the merit system over the method of election used in previous years for the selection ol' the Honorary Pep group. Organiza- tion ol the Club proper was placed in the hands of an Iixecu- tive Clouncil-Charles Hunter. Chairman: Bob Fisher, Bar- bara Dull. Harry Colniery, and Val .Xslibyx The Council was assisted by a connnittee of sponsors-S. H. Stark, Chairnianl Nliss llelen Shirk, A. Nl. Seaman, Miss Evelyn McCauley, and Nlrs. XX'inston Schowengerdt-to whom tnuch credit lor the Clnb's success should he given. The first action under the new plan was the election of three boy and three girl cjheer leaders. The girl cheer leaders were a new feature in the his- tory ol' Topeka lligh Pep Clubs. To fortn the Troian XVar- riors. each Senior Troqianette and Trojan-Knight was given the opportunity to earn tnetnbership by devoting a certain atnount of his titne toward the operation and functioning ol' the Pep group. ln all, more than l75 credit-hours were given to tnenibers for work done. To cliinax these efforts, sixty Trojan XVarriors, in black and gold uniforms, sat in a formation to cheer their tezun to victory in the final honie game of the year. 1-Xs a reward the Trojan XVarriors were allowed to serve as ushers and teani managers at the state tournatnent. This year has been devoted to laying a firtn foundation on which to build: the coming ol' the new school year should find established a prosperous, acitive Pep Club. WWW Row I--Mcliiitsly, Laukei. lfitlpzntick, Nignshall, McMullen, I'etteis Ron' fi-9.1! lent. Wallace. Hzinnlton. Xioigan, lolliei. lfngle. lay Nichols. 16111412-YV1litliii. llgnnniel. Ierp, Winkler. lbonnngu, Xncleuson. Walkei. jones. Oppitz B . Mil-iaiiixuliaiii. llznn. lfiench. Run' l-Lnlnn-iv. Xeville. Clnistinan. Ilnikc. Iloclgt-Il, Phelps. Xshln. rvitigill, Vermillion. on, lcn. l95l 0 JUNIOR- PR-ESS CI.-UB The htnior Press Chrh is an re: .. Sophomores and Ittniors interested in writing, 951 but not yet enrohed in Xottrnahsnt ciasses. The ehth has heen unttsnahy active this year. heiping in saies campaigns tor hoth the Snnttower and High Liiez it aiso eontrihttted to the Pneeginners' Biots eohttnn in the Vvorid. The Xnnior Press had its big chance when it was authorized to edit the entire editoriai page of the Aprii 12 Vtforid. Metnhers responded enthttsiasticaiiy, and the page was pttt ont with cotntnendahie restths. Its officers: Xohn Logan, Presidentg isahei Neis- wanger, Vice-Presidentp :Nhce Peterson, Secretary- ' ' ' Pro frant Chairntan. Treasurer, o ftnilation of I Shtrtey jentks, 5, Srnlrr hon host Stnntli you n At intpin Wu-stdtntt wnt lkttrh rs i so , W.tiktt. Sluurlnrg 'Vit'tht'nt, Str tt-tt, iaiks, ' t tt, on ,t 1 ant- Reed, Nottzi t.ontnt 'at .t Drown, Pt et. nt t.onmntt -t-, une mi , ' - 'it ', Hatha 1 tx t XX'risoit, - let: ie: t et' iam' Nialiotw, Nt-ttgnun . M ns llow 'l Lrtienr Mkinsott. t.h:tttntan i'toQt,tnt Lont tihants, t'.h.tttttt,tn Sottai Corri- i 'e, hours W lntttee, IM-ttv iohnson, Vue President mitn Kim' i Nhztw, M1ty,tttNnt, tfortnztn, 'Mutt-ttztrt Nvtttkh-t Hun' 'l letter, fttktns. Piithiie. ,Niit'n, Niottts. thu-hurt Huw Zi Nhss it-an Rohettson mNpousot,, Lee, Xntes, Npntiork, Vthtttgetsort. NitNi.tntts Row i YV,tth'tt, Sit-tens, Loitttt, iohnsort, tiuthh - - Mlin uru- 1tmv..t.ttt,, L GIRL RESERVES ' PHYI.-I.-IS WHEATLEY lloiored tliri Reserve thrhs in high sehoois ah over the United States hear the natne "Phyhis NN'heatiey" in honor oi a Negro woman poet ot Postskevohttionar days. ht Topeka High, neariy ah cotored giris are tnenthers oi the chth. This year the Giri Reserves have given a Littie Sister patty, a sttnhght, hikes, and a NiothetvDane,hter hantptet. The Crah division has tnade sandais, and the ihantatic division has given piays. Uthtersz tune Smith, Presidentg Pretty Iohnson, Vite-President', Pmarhara iean Nviison, Secretary-'Yreas ttrerg iane Maiiory, Sergeant-av.Xrrnsp Dariene Atkin- s Nviihanrs, P roger ant and Sociai Chairmen. son and Dori S0 CIE-T AS 0 PIA Orgattiled during, the Mlorid Nvar, the Pia Soeietas Q"Patriotic Society," tnade of advanced Latin stndentsj this year again has hved up to its pttrpose ot serving, Topeka High Sthooi, the City, the State, and the Nation. A heatttihti .Nrntistice Day assetnhiy was pre- sented hy the chth, hased on the therne of the itse- iessness ot war. At Christmas, tnenthers sent ciothing, and toys to Mexican thiidren. Chth programs, heid ntonthiy, consist ot Latin ganres and entertainments. Officers: iohn tlrahh, Constth Charies Vvarien, Scrihag 1 Rosie Spttrtock, Aediiez Kane .9XiiLYU,Qll8CSitlt'1 Mariiyn . A A Q Macierran, Praetor. Miss Iean Rohertson is sponsor. 1 A K LW . . . ' '7 all S l97l Mrs. Barton, "The first year, you're a knockerg the second year, you're a booster: and the third year, you're a liar!" describing' an Easterner's reaction to Hollywood. She had reason to be bitter. for in the course of the evening, her son-in-law was swindled, her own son ran away with his sister's Jewels and the neighbor's daughter, and Mrs. Barton was driven to refuge in New Jersey, her old home. All this happened in "The Nut Farm," Senior elass play, presented May 3. Ieanne Melfarland and Bob Sehober played the romantic leads in this hearty farce, aided by Barton Bayly and Iudson Goodrich as "heavies" and john Leeson as the "Black Sheepy' whose knowledge of Hollywood enabled him to unmask the villains. Mary Wanner was the be- leaguered Mrs. Barton, while character roles were handled by Ernest Baum, Ray Morgan, Maudie Rosen, and Barbara XVardin. The staff included: Claudine Scott, Directorg Bob Vermillion, Business Manager, Maudie Rosen, Propertiesg Donna Heck, Costumes: jack Singleton, Production Assistantg Iohn McBride Publicity' Bill Owens Sta TC Mana gerg and Donald Crites, Assistant Stage Manager. Top-Robert Bent fllolm Stliolmerl Ollt-is His Yetsiotl of the "Buni's Rush." With Stenznist Bitlrlefortl f-Iudson Goodrifhb :ts Yirlim. Crr1lz'rfF1lrn1er Sliseomb fRan Nlotgztnt :md Hts "Skunk Gun" Hate liiil Designs. It Would Scent. on the Life of XVilIit' Barton tklolm l,etNom. I.1'flfHarold Yan Horton flirnest Bztnnn Raises His Knife Over Helen Bent tleztnne Mclfziilailirly. Hlhilv Czitnerznnau Bolt Bent Giinds Mcrtilessly Away Amid General Confusion. .x. 1 11181 -,1N1g 1 1-. up I 11111111 1111 x 11.111111-1 .111111'1.1 fvf. x1......,.11..1 11..,1.1...1 ..... 11. 1.....1.11...... 11 ..... 11....1. N1.,,.. 111 111111 X11 11 1111Il11Il11 X1 xx .1.111 11.ll1.N1.1 1 1 . ..1. '. 'Xl I111 NI11 II11.11 1.1 NI11 18.11 1111111111111 s,..... x.... 11.1 1. 1.1 111111111111 Il111x 11111111111 X 11 8111111 11... 14114111 1.... 1........ ...I 11.11. 1.... 1111 111111 N11 1.1111111111 II1111111 111111 .11 11. 11,.1g11- .1 . . 1,.1.1.1......1 1 11.1...11....1..1 .1..- 11.111l.1.111'1I 1. 1 S1 IIINIIII -SENIIII l'I 01 I 1'11111"' 111111111's "111-igh-H11, 1-111110 111 1110 1' . l 111101122111 11111 1111'i1' 11l7l'1I12l15 :11111 211111 Sc'11i111's 1.1: ' - ' 1'1:1sscs. . A 1" ll 1 1 w111t1'111:11s 111 11111111g1' 111 ll 1511 111 111111 1111 I .11 1111 4111111111 C11llllkL' 111 11111 lk1l1ll1J111l'i1 'X111l1111 C-111m .11111 l111'O111 11101112111 111 1111 811111 11111 1111 s1.11s 111 1111 l1111g1 1111 11111 N11I111111l111 111 1Xl11SKlN 1.111 11111 ll 1 1 sf 1. V: fs 'E it gwfiifw fswgff S W' . Y gm . bb? L3, si fjf XS if-' L Tm Nil' , LK ,N ,gi uuxl - ' W-vu , s xf Eff P sgiffa Y nag! P an IX! 'T x Q m, - M, y K Juni. 'S -- K.!?Wfg'5t'5' Each strives to fix God's thoughts in man -frgm ,THE TOWER H sa ' IIIGIIK' l'lllN'l' SYSTEM 'l'he purpose of 'l'ope . ' ' ' ' " standing ka High's Point System is to recognize students who givc outs service to the school. Honor 'l"s are awarded to those who earn l2 or more points, and Honorable Mention to those earning between I0 and l2 points. Credit is granted in three fields - scholastic, social, and athletic achieve- ment. Points are given for grades, class and school offices, athletic activities, and service in music, debate, journalism, and dramatics, also to proctor captains, proctors, and hosts and hostesses. Virginia jenkins, Secretary of the Point System this year, and her assistant, ' ' lc t record of the points lean Lrampton, have ep Honor 'l"s are awarded in of each student. . " 'il ' held May 24. the Honors assembly, whic 1 is Virginia jen 'ww uivrlewiilr llll kins, Point Secretary .-. Will SlHlIl"l'Y National Honor Society nominations were 1 " ear to appear in this book, made too late this y ' ' ' 'f i stated that but the committee in charge approximately 90 Seniors would be chosen, al- most the quota of l5 per cent of the 625 grad- uates. This is the largest number ever elected from Topeka High School. Students are judged by their three years' record in Scholar- ship, Service, Leadership, and Character: and membership is accounted one of the highest honors the schoolqcan bestow. Initiation of '- - evening ceremony ibcrs is hcld at an f mar- meu - . in the auditorium before an audience o 1 ' ' 'e ation follows CINS HU d friends: a faculty rcc 1 H011 is a national honorary dramatic society which grants member- ship to students who have performed creditably in major cast or staff positions. The aim of every high school student interested in dramatics is to becorrre a rrrernber of this society. lt was started to stimulate students to a higher quality of dra- rrratic work. There are 400 Troupes of Thespians in this country, Topeka High being Troupe No. 210. Miss Gertrude Wlreeler' is sponsor of the club. jack Singleton is President: Elizabeth Lyon, Vice-President, Martha Page, Secretary-Treasurer. Roar- I--.Vxrrx Wzrrrrrer. l.orirrdrr Sorrlcrs. .Uxrrlha Paige, l-Ililnberlr l.xorrs. kurt' Zflzrck Singleton 1l'r'esiderrtJ. 'lrrdson Goodrich. filqrrerrce lfngle. Phil llurrrherl. Not irr thc picture: Winilrcd Miehe. I a national honorary debating society, is open only to students who earn 20 points by debate, extenrpore, and oratiorr. These points are given in lour dillererrt degrees: Honor, Merit, Excel- lence, and Distinction. Students receive .jewels to prrt in their rrrerrrberslrip pins for each degree which they earn. This year four students have earned the degree ol' Distinction: Barton Bayly, Dick Grablranr, Lyle Rouse, and jack Odell. Marie Alennings, liob M'riglrt, and Paul Moser earned the second highest degree, that of Excel- lence. P. li. Graves i.s .sponsor ofall forensic work. If frzii I--l.slc Rouse. Dirk f.rrrhh1rrrr, Vzrric plerrrrirrgs, Hzrurlie Rosen. llzlrtorr Hrrxlx. P. H. frrzucs Nporrsorr. korr' 2'-Prrul Moser. Hob Wright. Bill Nellerr. Donald Dustin. jim Darirlsorr, .Uhcrt Wcsserr. Phil Herrick. IHDNCDI ill I' ful! and 6' honorary society dear to the hearts ol'jourrralisrrr students. Topeka High's organization, known as the Arthur Carruth, jr., chapter, has 18 rrrerrr- bers this year, six ol whom were rrrerrrbers last year. Bob Hodgell is President, Chester Hamil- ton, Vice-Presidentg Jeanne Mclfarland, Secretary- Treasurerg and Paul Hfilliarns, Program Chair- man. Miss Ruth E. Hunt is sponsor. Member- ship requirements are based on grades, service on school publications, and the approval of the National Executive Quill and Scroll Secretary. is an international Rnrt' l-Alice fiolf.jc:irrrre Mt!-Errlrrrrtl. Mzrrx lsrrrglrlrrr. func lrrczrrrc. Row Zyflhester Harrrillorr, Glenn Gilpin. Prrul Willirrrrrs. lfrcd Collier. Rrrx Morgan. Razr' Hffllzrrence Engle. john Ynrrrcll. liob Hodgell rl'rc-sirlcrrtr, Bob Srlrrrbcr. jean Fisher, Members not in the picture arc: Phxllrs liczrrrr, New .Xl,rrslr. Peggy Marsh, Dick firirblrirrrr. 7 . . IIIINIII S ln the second annual American Youth Forum compe- tition sponsored by the American magazine in the spring of '39, Topeka High School ranked first among schools of 500 or more enrollment in percentage of students entering the contest, thereby winning a set of the Harvard Classics. Paul VVilliams was awarded 355 for an essay, and honorable mention certificates were won by Elizabeth Cook, Doris Deane Eyth, Bruce Herrick, Betty Horton, Charlotte Johnson, Dorothy Painter, and Joanne Wade. Bob Hodgell won an honorable mention certificate in the art division ..... At the Kansas Free Fair, Trojans walked away with hrsts in painting, mechanical drawing, and music. Bob Hodgell won first places in amateur watercolors, open competition drawings, open competition applied art, and .juvenile art. Mechanical drawing students receiving firsls were Mfilliam Applegate, Harry Beer- bohm, Bob Gentry, Ed McDowell, Val Jean Ashby, Darold Davis, and Bob Egan. Second prizes were won by john Adams, Harry Beerbohm, Bob Gentry, Mar- vin Robinson, Ed McDowell, Kenneth Zima, Robert Montgomery, Harold Haines, Arno King, Harry Holzle, Dwight Roloson, and Merle Clayton. John Thompson received recognition for automobile models. ln music, Leslie Breiden- thal won first in the low voice group, and Helen Simmonds and LaVerne Ollien placed in high voice. . . . . By selling the most tickets for the Homecom- ing Football game, Harry Shinkle won the individual prize and Mrs. Esther King- man's homeroom won a trip to Lawrence. ln the Sunflower sales contest, Mary Frances Hickox placed first and lda Mai Giddings second: Miss Carmie Wolfe's homeroom rated 100 per cent and was rewarded with a line party. . . . . Winners of the spelling contest staged in assembly this spring were: Paul VVilliams, first, Barbara Lee, second, Ruth Tippin, third: june Greane, Dale Eason, Albert Wessen, and Dorothy Rasmussen, fourth ..... ln the Commercial Department approximately 220 students received 0. G. A. certificates. Peggy Ann Marsh received the highest rating in the March Gregg John Thompson-Model Maker f102l Shorthand test with a rate of 140 words. She is the third person ever to win this award at Topeka High School. Dorothy Wolfe and Roberta Whipple passed the, 100-word test. Eighty-word tests were passed by Alice McPartling, Wilma Evey, john Leeson, june Cassity, Mary French, Andy Woodington, Ann Dom- Summerfield Aspirants-Engle, Smith, Collier, and Stsrret! ingo, Betty Lee Green, Joyce Simmons, Marianne Carpenter, Arlene Larson, Martha Ramsbarger. Phyl- lis Thacher, Virginia Hamm, Esther Hargis, Phyllis Henny, jean Kietzman. In the groups competing for certificates Velma Howie, june Chincholl, and Bar- bara Magill were the highest ..... Four hundred fifty Trojans brought honors to Topeka High at the Dis- trict Music Festival in Lawrence. Rated "Highly Superior" and recommended for the Regional Festival in Kansas City, Mo., were the Boys' and Girls' Senior Glee Clubs, A Cappella' Choir, Girls' Octet, and the Madrigal Singers. Among the soloists the following rated "Highly Superior" and were recommended: George Christman, boys' high voice: Leslie Breiden- thal, boys' medium voice: and Glenn Peterson, boys' low voice. Soloists Helen Simmonds and Eva Peter- son also rated "Highly Superior." In the instrumental department both tl1e Orchestra and the Marching Band received the highest honors. Instrumental soloists rat- ing "Highly Superior" and receiving recommendation were John Ehrlich, cello, Frank Lamar, flute: Allen Rogers, pianog Dick Kell, saxophone, Eran Burgert, trombone and baritone. Ensembles placing were the clarinet quartet and the string ensemble. ..... ln the posture contest held annually by the girls' physical education classes, Marcia McSpadden was judged "Pos- ture Queenf' Donna -lean Zarn was runner-up. ln the Health Week contest sponsored by homerooms, 29 students passed complete physical, dental, eye, ear, nose, and throat examinations. Girls were: Patty Armel, Marianna Becker, Maxine Collier, Dorothy Eidmann, Dorothy Henley, VVilma Higgs. Margaret Mallon, Bernice May, Betty Schenck, Lois Smith. and Donna Thompson. Boys were: Dana Anderson, -lim Brier, Eugene Burke, Gerald Conard, Dwight Cowger, Don Crites, Nathan Ericson, Dick Epps, Elmer Gordi- 11031 nier, Gene Hill, Charles Hunter, Ed Johnson, Ken- neth Johnson, Bill Palmer, Stewart Reed, Loehr Rigby, Glen Ticehurst, and Bill Wendt ..... In the Hospi- tality Day contest at' Kansas State College Topeka High School ranked first among 52 Kansas high schools. Willa Havely won first in the 'ud in contest: Mar- 5-E .I S S .. gffffl' Marshall and Berry HenriettaDark-QuillandScroII Snider placed among the Winner six highest in the written contest ..... In individual forensic events, Barton Bayly took first and Lyle Rouse second in extempor- aneous speaking in the Eastern Kansas Conference tourney. At the University of Kansas, Phil Humbert ranked in the second division of standard oratory and reading in Class A3 ALyle Rouse rated second division in extemporeg and Bob Georges rated third division in original oratory ..... All-American Honor Rating was awarded to the spring 1939 World edited by Dick Manley and to the fall 1939 VVor1d edited by Fred Collier. The '39 Sunflower, edited by Bud Edmisten, also won A11-American rating ..... In the Quill and Scroll group contest held during the year, Phyllis Beam made the highest rating, placing among the national winners in advertisement writing. Paul Williams placed third in the South Central states in a current news test and received hon- orable mention in feature story. Bob Hodgell, Ray Morgan, Chester Hamilton and Bob Schober received honorable mention in var- ious competitions during the year ..... A 35100 prize for a winning ad written fo r Mallory Hats w a s equally divided between Glenn Gilpin, who drew t-he ad, Bob Schober, who sold it, and the Sunfiower and World, as sponsoring publications ..... Scholastic Magazine awards were scheduled to be announced May 6, a week too late to be included in this book except for a few which came early. Bob Hodgell won a year's scholarship at the Chicago Art Institute and an all-expense trip to New York to take part in a broadcastg he also won cash prizes in separate divisions of art competition. Sev- eral entries from the Art department were kept for exhibition, among them a design by Erma Woodward and pieces of applied design by Margaret Boltz and Cornelia Skibbe. In thephotography, several prints by John Yarnell were retained for exhibition ..... In wma Havely-Juagingichampion the Feature Story division of the Scholastic journalism awards, Henrietta Dark was named winner for Kansas. . . . . When the Sunflower went to press April 29 schol- arship awards had not been received. The only one which had been announced was a year's tuitional scholarship at the University of Chicago, won by John McBride in competitive examination ..... Four Sen- iors-Fred Collier, Clarence Engle, Jack Sterrett, and John Smith-had the honor of being recalled to the University of Kansas early in May to take the final ex- aminations for Summer- field Scholarships. The out- come was not known by the SunHower's deadline ...,. Seven Seniors, out of a graduating class of approx- imately 600, have no grades below A. This record does not include the grades for John McBride-Scholar Exiraordinary the spring, '40, semester, but represents standings for two and one-half years in Topeka High School, ending with january '40. The Seniors: Fred Collier, Marjorie Cummins, Judson Goodrich, Chester Hamilton, john McBride, Betty Schenck, and john Yarnell ..... Clar- ence Engle rated first in the mental ability test given in the Psychology classes, scoring 214 points out of possible 220 ..... Vera Groat won a scholarship to C1ark's Secretarial School ..... Four students - Barton Bayly, Maurice Bergquist, john McBride, and Martha Page - were chosen to speak at Commencement. They were selected from a group of approximately twenty Seniors who tried out ..... With these honors and many more which are certain, but too late for inclu- sion in this book, the 1939-40 school year at Topeka High provides an imposing record. All "A" Students: Row 1-Schenck, Cummins: Row 2--Collier, Goodrich, Yarnell, McBride, Hamilion 4 ' All 'sifbvifiim Qu RCY HOTZE, for six years custodian of the Gymnasium, died November 22, 1939, after a brief illness . . , During his years of service Roy was the source and victim of many good-natured pranks, yet he had the deep respect of all boys trequenting the Gymnasium and Locker Room. Quiet, kind, and sincere always, he will not be torgotten soon by those who really knew him. BETTY JANE -PETERSON entered Topeka High School in the tall ot '38, but became ill the following March. Her death occurred September 13, 1939 .... Betty was the type of girl who kept herself in the background, but was always ready with praise tor her classmates. She made good grades and was conscientious in her work, leaving countless pleasant memories to her friends. 'X . 5 Q Q n www ,uf-Q l 11 'lv-. o ,, FINANCE 05:68 - PROFESSIONAL DIBE A. E. Billings, M.D. Mills Bldg. F. C. Boggs, M.D. 606 Mills Bldg. Ernest H. Decker, M.D 723 Mills Bldg. Arthur D. Gray, M.D. 723 Mills Bldg. Arthur Buff, D.D.S. Thos. P. Capps, D.D.S. 606 Nat'1 Reserve Bldg. Physicians Seth A. Hamme1,,M.D. 114 West Eighth St. Wilson K. Hobart, M.D. Mills Bldg. Menninger Clinic 3716 West Sixth Milton B. Miller, M.D. 212 Central Bldg. Dentists C. N. Mertz, D.D.S. 625 Mills Bldg. CTURY W. M. Mills, M.D. Arthur K. Owen, M.D 720 Mills Bldg. H. W. Powers. M.D. M. G. Sloo, M.D. 618 Mills Bldg. Lindsay C. Osborn, D.D.S 613 Mills Bldg. Uptometrists C. E. Cochranl O.D. Luther A. Dodd, O.D. D. R. Paine, O.D. 923 Kansas Ave. 019 Kansas Ave. 400-02 National Bank of Topeka Bldg Lawyers Harry W. Colmery Frank E. Miller 608 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. New England Bldg. Dean and Dean O'Neil, Hamilton and Griflith 502 Clumbian Bldg. New England Bldg. Doran, Kline, Cosgrove, Jeffrey and Russell Stone, McClure, Webb, Johnson and Oman National Bank of Topeka Building National Reserve Bldg. Lillard, Eidson and Lewis 1Vhee1er, Brewster, Hunt and Goodell 318 New England Bldg. 401 Columbian Bldg. 11061 - Neiswanger Investment Co. REALTORS ESTABLISHED 40 YEARS Sales- Rentals - Leases - Insurance Repairing Overhauling Plating GREEN'S MUSIC SHOP SELMER, MARTIN AND OLDS Band and Orchestra Instruments Property Management ' We RENT and EXCHANGE 115 West 6th Street Stormont Bldg. I Phone 2.8243 720 Kansas Ave. Phone 3-1508 OWN YOUR HOME AND HAVE SECURITY AND HAPPINESS Rates as Low as 471 NO RED TAPE NO DELAY C. R. SCOTT MORTGAGE CO. 800 National Bank of Topeka Bldg. Phone 2.3033 C. G. Blakely SL Company Qualified and equipped to fill your efvery Insurance need. O 201 Columbian Bldg. Phone 8537 SAMMY SHOWS THE BOYS HOW IT'S DONE Now, who would be a better person to show Stephen Phelps and Barton Bayly through the gleam- 1I1l" - A - - ' corridors of tht Alexander baktry than the n 1 ' . family seion, Sammy? Just now, Sammy is explaining the iutrieaeies of the wrapping maehine. This super-sanitary, high- speed deviee delivers 00 fresh loaves ol' Alexauder's ltutter-Krust bread per minute, ready for Consump- tion. But this isn't all. The boys have just finished visiting the giant ovens which supply daily 30,000 loaves to Topeka and nearby townsg and a few moments before, they watched Alexander's expert workmen seientifieally mixing, kneading, and leav- ening "the stall' of life" in modern, sanitary sur- roundings. Sammy, of eourse, is duty bound to give the boys a little sales talk, so he says, "The next time your mother tells you to dash over to the eorner store for a loaf of bread, give her a pleasant surprise by bring- ing baek one ol' Alexauder's six speeial breads. How about some raisin bread, for instance? ll's something like ,eating an Oriental feast-Condiments in every ite. Alexander's Ovens Supply Topeka's "Daily Bread" l108l x 5 Y. . f f P lx s -qv-I Q ff? K nh ,.,,, 4459, " K ,ef .Q W ff f . if, ' X .mf I f fm " , I 'R 2 a 5 QQ. Y' S 5. 5. v 5 5' iii 15:3- g . A , Q- Q. wmv . cwuangsm1.xx11n1 'iw I l' L HHMMHHI MW, ez THE CHRISTOPHER STUDIO Phone 8664 722 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS Safvings and Home Loans This Institution has served the savers and home owners of this community for 55 years. Come in and start a savings account when you receive your first pay check. Remember, one-tenth of all you earn is yours to keep. Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan Association 119 East 8th Avenue Phone 3-3263 T. F. MARTIN CHAS. j. MARTIN President Secretary-Treasurer THE McCleery-Dudley Lumber Company 0 Lumber and Building Material Curtis Woodwork, Masonite and Glidden's Paints l110J The House of Quality and Service F G X fgqgg TOPEKA Phone 5651 , 122 W. 2nd St. . Thank you, members of the faculty and students of the TOPEKA HIGH SCHOOL for the patronage and fine co- operation you have extended us during the past ycar .... Proper Hair Shaping Means Better Permanents TRY MR. PATCH FOR YOUR NEXT PERMANENT GRAND ' JAYH GEM ' ORPH Phone 2-1321 809 Kansas Avenue n THEATERS AWK EUM Hall's Educational Service eil, For thirty-five years Hall's have sold to the students of Topeka High School their educa- tional supplies and this has been appreciated. An opportunity to continue that service is solicited by Hall's, who in return propose to furnish materials of the best quality, satis- factorily priced. Fountain Pens - Student Supplies -- Books - Stationery MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT 633 KANSAS AVENUE lllll sale' . t it ,t if I v 1 f Fresh, beautiful flowers - the ideal gift for both young and old - and especially those in between. A single flower can speak far more effectively than a hundred words. That glorious thrill that comes when the waxy wrapping paper is eagerly torn away - revealing the lovely, fragrant flowers nestling in clamp cotton - is feeling un- QI, uk X gl Nfifmf A equaled. The gorgeous blossoms beauti- fully say - -"I remember." Your thought- fulness will mean happiness to another. Send flowers for birthdays, to express sym- pathy, congratulations, anniversaries, holi- days, and for those occasions when you want to put your best foot forward. Instead of saying it with words-"Say it with Flowers." CLAPIER'S FLOWER SHOP HIGHLAND PARK GARDENS LORD'S FLOWERS 2100 Kansas Av-enuc 2301 Kentucky 114 West Eighth St. Phone 2-1224 Phone 4283 Phone 6561 MISS EDlTH'S FLOWER SHOP KANSAN FLOWER SHOP ROBERT MANN 029 Kansas Avenue 716 Kansas Avenue 1221 Huntoon St. Phone 6997 Phone 3-2669 Phone 2-4512 JAMES HAYES FLOWER SHOP KRlEG'S FLOWERS SACH'S FLORIST 925 Kansas Avenue 106 Fast Eighth St. 10th and 'Warren Streets Phone 8535 Phone 2-0691 Phone 0531 Here You Always Find Real Good Quality Guaranteed Lower Prices FURNITURE, DRAPERIES, RUGS PHILCO and R. C. A. RADIOS FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS and RANGES MAYTAG WASHERS MONARCH ELECTRIC Ranges Convenient Credit Terms ARLAN' rvmsas AVENUE A1 Nunn W Home Owned Store' Conveniently Located at Eighth and Kansas Avenue The Topeka State Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Ljurpuratimz TOPEKA'S POPULAR STORE 5' ,K by fr - ,Q A Home INSTITUTION OPERA KANSAS Q '-'--l ef,s ' -I., , , coFFEE SHOP arrls- oar s A RooF GARDEN :E ig a C. E. GOAR, Alazzzzgel PRIVATE 4-M, DINING ROOMS II ..0T?EdE.,ii WHERE THE BEST PEOPLE TRADE Y H A w na N. M. MOSBY, President and General Manager I'1'l'S0Il1lIilC4I Establlshed Sorority and I'lI'Z1lCl'hllY Instruction I'rivilCI.C5 H H H H v mm mmlmlsoliyj 'Im 'MI' U" t'tUili'1" H U U H A Im' Pxjcxious Commercial glmlcm lfingmfing I "1"'1"'S 512 Central Building, 700 Kansas Avenue, Topeka PIM' I113l WELCOME, STUDENTS, TO PENNEY'S! where you will always find the newest, smartest styles in young men's and misses' sport and school togs! I Crocker's Gold Seal Pasteurized Milk AND ALL OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS Daily Delivery 4 il ' , R N9 I Topeka.Kansns Keep Your Typing Practice During Vacation . . . SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS ON TYPEWRITERS Zercher Book 81 Stat'y Co. T. L. IIATTISLPN. ljwncr 706 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas WOLF'S JEWE LERS r"""4-125 Kansas Avenue W Topeka, Kansas JOIN THE "REGULARS" WHO SHOP A T S E A R S AND SAVE I At Sears you can buy anything and everything totaling S10 or more on the Easy Payment Plan. Sears, Roebuck and Co. f25g,5Q,lZf,,xa , 'J aft ""TQf Will! MAGIC Margin . . . YOU FT' h - - all 5, set t e margin automatic Y- .. Btimeslaxler. Many other exclu- ' --I 1"a-Rs... . :W Y .' J , sive Royal oiiice typewriter fea- ,rt 4.05: vgcm, V '- , th. 4 1 tures. Complete with Duo-Case. v',,.::'rP...,1'j: 5- V L 4. ,N tx' - 'rv ,al 1 fuf I f' oma.-Mrk nw. U. s. Paz. of. QXLXXQ M -5 ,hmiw f SEE OUR BARGAINS Portables at 512.00-Standards at 514.50 and Up Easy Terms - Guaranteed Western Typewriter Company 520 Kansas Avenue Phone 7749 Qel' ca New 744611 , , , DRIVE THE UQQQCID NZTASIEI THE CAR WITH THE AMAZING WEATHEREYE CHAS. WIERENGA 1015 Quincy Phone Z-1545 4 T I "With a flourish of trumpets, the beat of a drum, the flyi ing of colors, we celebrate, for the conquering hero comes-" White's, the palatial hang-out of the clubby buddies. Breathe in some of that colloquial atmosphere of the collegiates with tall cokes, loud socks, bow ties and that pen-in-hand look. ln frigid sub-zero weather or in the sweltering heat, White's simply oozes blithe young figures and excitable heat tunes for all curtain-raising Trojans. Q Last fall the smartest array of chromium and neon met the eye when Price's Grill stepped forth to introduce the most "tendicious" steaks the Trojan population has known. Suppers that don't cost a fortune make one feel as prosperous as a pop vendor in the Dust Bowl. Hidden value is found in the nickelodeon, the size of a steam calliope and just as loud and long on records. Round up the gang and make "Price's the Place." C Pop into Adair's if you want to be clicked by roving carreraa men. They know many's the "Penny-YVise-Trojan" that makes his way there after roof-top formals for more superb music and icy cokes that give amazing stamina. Throw off your winter mood. Pep up! You feel right-you look right- when you get the Adair spring tonic. Q K. U. has Brick's, but Topeka High has the Gem. Here's where after-session studes gather for coke dates, jamming the booths, and choking the tables. lt's the brighter side of High Life, and there you're certain to meet the person you've been wanting to make a hit with for some time. A major attrac- tion is the licorice disks that can turn out as sweet a tune as ever these ears did hear. So, Sophomores, show your school spirit by dashing to the Gem to wade ear-deep in Seniors at 3:10. I The Mart-as popular as peppermint and twice as cool, the place to impress the current sensation! Away from the noise of the city and Olll to park beneath the stars, to sip cold, nippy cokes and compare notes on the present international and interscholastic affairs. lVhen that hot, stuffy weather comes and it's 'most too hot to dance. cars race to the Mart for short -who's-with-who sessions, Fifth Avenues, and six nickels for the music box. Q Hot cheese sandwiches, dripping butter, and softhick malts, give Flad Fe Marsh the undebatable bid for no-hostess luncheons. Girls choose their inviting balcony for those necessary get-togethers before the formals. This is the place to go when the new outfit looks exceptionally well. for here gather the debonair darlings and cosmopolitan cowboys of this mid-western metropolis. O A rousing cheer for the sunshine season when the Snow White Dwarfies abound. Fun-loving Trojans, after a dip in Gages "briny deep," rush to get one of those descendants of that age-old philosopher "hamburger." Order one of these delightful specialties and watch the boy friend beam on the economic loveliness of thy brow. Plenty of parking room to clash up and get one-blast service. I You can be sure the crowd's at lEd's after varsities, after plays. after concerts and games. If you want to see who has a date with who-go and show off your own date as well. XVeary "formalings" drag into Edelblute's to get a fresh start with recuperating cokes. for the dance that eve, after a hair- tearing day of decorating. piling three-deep into one booth to exchange juicy bits of the latest gossip. The night of the T. H. S. elections. after returns were relayed, victorious can- didates gathered to celebrate with tall, frosty double cokes. Continually blaring nickelodeon and a three-foot rifle range make this place ah all-time enjoyment. SUPERIOR. FOUNTAIN SERVICE- Eclelblule's ag-Qnafif C045 flfo Mazen 505 Washburn Compliments of FL D SL MARSH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 607 Kansas Avenue D R I N K C46 The pause that refreshes A. M. Petro SL Son DRUGGISTS CKelsey H. Petrol 839 North Kansas Ave. Topeka, Kansas f115l field-the Gill' That Has Everything! M LE 01: "0h!" exelainls IVI1ll'f.I1ll'L'I Little as her gaze alights on the new 1940 Olclslnohile, "lsn't it beautiful!" "lint looks aren't the half ot' it," replies her com- ' panion, Martha liuwer. h b "Any good salesman will tell you about its safetv 222 WEST features-it's the finest value in the lnediuln price Phone 7797 Zlwmcdgywzceudhea-pm7o,uAa The Kansas Power and Light Company acilities to meet your every nee COMMERCIAL BANKING DRAFTS, TRAVELERS' CHECKS INTEREST ACCOUNTS INVESTMENT SERVICE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES BUSINESS COUNSEL COLLATERAL LOANS REAL ESTATE LOANS PERSONAL LOANS ESTABLISHED IB7O CITIZENS STATE BANK I 8165 NORTH KANSAS AVENUE IIIGI BANKING- SOUND CONSERVATIVE CONSTRUCTIVE Jliie National Bank Qf Topeka Founded 1868 TOPEKA, KANSAS Losses PAID PROMPTLY WE wan-E ALL LINES or INSURANCE I I ACCIDENT B54 KANSAS AVE.. TOPEKA.KANSAS FIRE m-tous 6446 AUTOMOBH-E IIIllllIlllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll V. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll L'AB'L'TY BONDS e PARCEL POST BURGLARY PLATE GLASS COMPENSATION TORNADO EXPLOSION 'NSURANCE S ERVICE TOURISTS I I WA HBURN CGLLEGE Invites You to Avail Yourself of Its Facilities If They Will Serve Your Educational Needs: 0 The only private and independent college 0 Location makes possible an education in the in Kansas. liberal arts and sciences, music or law at a 0 Accredited by the leading national, regional modest Cost' and State agencies' 0 Many diversified extra-curricular activities. 0 Only college in Kansas requiring at least a C average for admlsslonu Graduates in high public oflice, important 1 1 ' . business and professional positions through- ' Selective admissions assure a hi h lane of t S P out e wor . quality work. 0 The doors of the college are always open for interviews with Topeka students and 0 Privately endowed. their parents. WASHBURN CQLLEGE PHILIP C. KING, President 75 Years of Service to Topeka Youth 0 Topeka's own college. l117l 1 KANSAS' LEADING APPAREL STORE SINCE 1 The store where you buy naturally because your father and grandfather bought here before you. CORRECT APPAREL FOR EVERY OCCASION for Men, Women, Boys and Girls The Palace GG n . - Ezstmctwe gewelrg C7E'e Jlddis jewelry Store 929 Kansas Ave. Dial 6315 TOPEKA KANSAS M PH -B M ODGE TOFEKA, KANSAS I Z Z J' 'TM Z at-M Q Z Z 9 7 Z w "D '-A Z 5 5' fi Z Zigi was Z w tk go ag Z f' e l "Good Furniture for Less Sin RU'I'I'ER 8g SONS 10 ce 187 Servel Electrolux the only SILENT Automatic Refrigerator Chambers Ranges cooks with the Gas turned off CASEY SL KNUTZEN follow the trend to PERCY S. WALKER Druggist 6th and Jackson Sts. Topeka, Kansas USE GAS! For Easier, Faster, Cleaner Cooking AA- A-A PELLETI IZIZS Topeka if fgading Deparfnzelzf Store 'cacilnafion Qifzii M00IlE9S Amateur C1'afLs1nan's Cyclopeclia of Things to Make ......,....... 551.95 Dictionaries and Reference Books at all prices. Fountain Pen and Pencil Sets, 51.75 to 15.00 Fountain Pens .............. 1.00 Lo 10.00 Fine Line Pencils .............,..... 1.00 Wlrite Fine Pencils ................. .75 CG, Memory, Kodak, and AUl0g1'2llJll Books . . ................. .15 to 4.00 ZOO West Sixth Ave. . Phone 6435 Moore Stationery Co. 909 KANSAS AVE. TOl'EKA, KANSAS 11191 jimi QM. It has been our pleasure to manuf ' acture the covers for th e 1940 SUNFLOWER. TVe sincerely hope our cover meets the whole-hearted ap- prov I a of every student. AMERICAN BEAUTY CUVEP1 CU. DALLAS, TEXAS WHITE LOAF FLOUR . L vo'-'.""l'0f ' - mm Mmvmuh .Ag Bakes Everything em' pgcxure Q Right ' D' vi-ods 1: V ' A 'I 'I H X In 8. P 00' -H: FSI Salllielioil B Berkbriib oltcounw 5. il Z mo me mile lnlgei-int cwmixs. ? E ghluy P gn Pan - mild for aileflm Ln ASK ron IT BY NAME P I B E R K S S ' mmm T At Your Grocers V mmm 1 fu' . --1.4. - I Emalwizer s Cong rafulaies You Fed Topeka High School Class of 1940 May you now take up your station in llife, se- cure in the knowledge that you have attained your education so far, in one of the belt d - cational inatituti ' 4 e u ons in the world, Good old Topeka High School. SUCCESS T0 YOU THE EMA FOUNDED IN 1879 517-19 Kansas Ave. 0 Topeka, Kans. erally Insured Savings Accounts I Home Loans Capitol Federal Savings 81 Loan Association HIZER-SPIELMAN FURNITURE CO. 534 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas l120l FEDERALLY INSURED SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS LOW COST- DIRECT REDUCTION or FHA HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERALLY INSURED BUILDING AND LOAN IN KANSAS TOPEKA BLDG. 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 3-2311 117 Wesl 6II1 Avenue STAPLE AND FANCY MEATS, FISH, POULTRY GROCERIES C Fritton Grocery Co. as Fay Wallace is wearing. These sturdy ' H ll ood desi ned and com ' e gad-ahouls are 0 yw .g 'g1ylplT'ly'1dhy' ma aax o astes. rim taiore ,t e re perfect for the holidays-and that picnic. Call 8285 today Protect your furs The "Cold Storage" way fllfec fail lim Z COLD 3 QV smsmcr 5 The Mutual Ice 81. Cold Storage Co. Nii':'i'i'H'i'RE5.3fi2i25S 'HS KANSAS AVE. High Fashions in Misses' and Womens' COATS, DRESSES, SUITS AND HATS ALSO GIRLS' COATS, SUITS AND DRESSES I121l The contention that loaling is a noble art. calls for such happy-go-lucky slack ensembles PHONE 3-1395 "'i'551he" L A U N D R Y 1-'-3-53-fn SEE Hussey Insurance Agency The Guaranty State Bank 435 Kansas Avenue FOR F ire-Life-Casualty Capital S200,000 Insurance Member of Fvdvral Dvposil Corporation 700 Kansas Avenue Telephone 4175 K P Q LAUNDERERS ' IQPIQNB CLEANERS A Reliable rim DYERS CONTINUOUS SERVICE 10:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. "Topeka's Adventure in Good Eating" v by Duncan Hines 915 Kansas Avenue Phone 2-6655 2nd and Quincy Phone 779' Updegraff Buick The Topeka Morris Plan Co. PERSONAL LOANS AUTOMOBILE LOANS FHA LOANS 700 Kansas Avenue Phone 8539 WEBB WOODWARD SL CO INSURE YOUR CAMERA Insurance EQUIPMENT - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Low Cost. Broad Coverage. H221 CHE HULET Come on, let's join Virginia Scott and Tom O'Neil. I,et's take a ride in a new Chevrolet Special Cabriolet. Let's settle down in the modern red leather upholstery of the rear compartment while Virginia meshes the vacuum controlled gearshift and takes us rolling smoothly down the street with the power of 85 silent horses under the hood. "This is a plenty nice bus, Virginia, rides like a Pullman." "The styling is what I like," puts in Virginia. "lt looks so much more impressive than most low-priced cars." "Say, you ought to see those sealed beam headlights at night," says Tom. "The difference is really something. Ami take a look through this crystal clear safety plate glass. My friend, this is a safe car." We pause at an intersection, then speed easily away as the traffic clears. "There's real pickup," comments Tom. Virginia remarks, "That's not the half of it. There are lots of other features, too . . . separate parking lights, tail lights, hy- draulic brakes, shock proof steering. lt's a car to be proud of. "VVho's the Topeka dealer, Virginia. It sounds like Chevrolet's first again and we'd like to find out more about it." "Blevans Chevrolet Company, 10th and Quincy, is the local agency. VVhen your dad goes shopping for a new car he'll be wise to take a look at the 'Chevy'. Led the field in eight of the last nine years." d'4al,,, BLEVANS 824 KANSAS AVENUE -The address of a reliable bankg a financial service station. -We welcome both checking and savings accounts. For Insurance, See THE MEADE AGENCY 1 19 West Sixth Avenue -Loansg we malte many kindsg per- . 22221 Sf1ffQ'Q2,'lf.',11fli1ff'lTfa1 state' Phone 6537 -We serve as executor andfor Q trustee. 0 k HOLMES Mmm: CHAS.j.SMITH ADE ARNOLD FALK The State Savings Ban fliiilolnqsiwaini, JOHN J.cA1N WM. JR., President JOE XV. HLJLL mu Rsr B E M 0 D E R N Q16 . ---f Use CE. Air Conditioned Ice Refrigeration X I Keeps Food Fresher at Half the Cost Q ...T SEE Us FOR M H2311 . . ii x Coolerators and Vitalaires .74-. , Q75 SIZE- ' 1' Dx 1435 .952 Qggnvl Eco. 2 49,910 Qld XX , !gW " AT YOUR DEALER Phone 2-7222 A f 115 Jackson Clothing for Young Men -I-Cpeka SP'Ce M'II5 HART SCHAFFNER GLENSHIRE ROASTERS OF GOOD COFFEE AND by MARX HYDE PARK m STYLECRAF Our Goods Must Make Good or We Will T98 ' Spices ' Ex+raC+S' d 3, Hotel China ' Glassware 511-513 Kansas Ave. 106 East Sixth Uwe Make Retail Dehveriesu 827 North Kansas Ave- I09 Easi' Eighfh Phone 507l 11241 l mprovements in equipment and processes have, in the past few years, revolutionized the methods used in the production of printing .... Our plant has kept pace with these advancements, so that our services today include both production by Letterpress and Photo-Offset. H. M. IVES 84 SONS .eezzywmwzogpezflmzm 415 KANSAS AVENUE o TOPEKA,KANSAS H251 ,- y w Made in I " f ., The Topeka i , I 1 World's Finest Topeka Labor 'Hee ' Flour -- f f f 'ibn D' 'QF' ' I ' f I I by -A All Purpose BAN QU fl feafsf FLOUR FAIRBANK OIL CO. Super Service Station Kansas Made Gasoline Refined from Kansas Crude Oil 6th and Van Buren TOPEKA KANSAS Known for Values W. T. GRANT CO. 705 Kansas Ave. The Junior Department Store with complete Sc and 10c lines All Kinds of School, Society and Commercial Printing lPRllNll-llNG The College Press Phone 8 I 57 S 606 Harrison M O N E Y T O L O A N On City and Farm Properties LOANS CLOSED PROMPTLY We Specialize on F .H.A. Loans A FULL LINE OF FIRE INSURANCE The Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co Phone 8161 107 West 6th St. DICY WALLACE GRACE JOHNSON Phone 3-3760 Wallace SL Johnson Hat Shop Smart Individual Hats REMODELING A SPECIALTY 108 East 8th Topeka, Kansas D Sv. H SHOP 91 1 Kansas Ave. Where You Find Clever Dresses and Blouses for School or Date l126l MOTOR TRUCK "If you heed a Motor Truck- there is an INTERNATIONAL to fit any requirement !? Cafe 634 Kansas Avenue A. A. N orman NORMAIXVS MR, A. A. NORMAN, Slzperzfimr "Cowl F0011 is Cowl Henllhw Air Conditioned f. M. Printers-Binders I 0 l 7 Kansas Avenue 8 gong For the Students' Health and Happiness TOPEKA HIGH CAFETERIA "A Student Service" The AMBER - GLO Beauty Shoppe 1904 Kansas Avenue Telephone 2-4191 Good Shoes For Over Fifty Years Q 9734, 81? fhoe ffore 715 Kansas Avenue A HOME OWNED STORE i127i C7l6KV62Zii.4l:IfL CJMJGX Addis Jewelry Store ....... Adair's Drug Stores .......... Alexander Bros. Baking Co.. . . . Amber-Glo Beauty Shoppe ..... American Beauty Cover Co.. . . . Berksons . . ............ .. Blakely Insurance Co. .... . Blevans Chevrolet Co. ........ . . Brier Insurance Service .................. Capitol Federal Savings and Loan Assn.. . . Casey and Knutzen ..................... Central National Bank ....... Central Trust Company ..... Christopher Studio ............... Citizens State Bank ................ Cit Hand Laundr 8cDr Cleaners ....... , Y Y Y City Ice Co. ....................... . Clapier's Flower Shop .... Coca-Cola Bottling Co.. . . . College Press ........... Crocker's Plantation .... Crosby Bros. ........ . D 84 H Outlet Hosiery ......... Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co.. .. Dentists . . ................. .. Doctors . . ................ . . Dodd's School of Business ......... Ede1blute's, Prescription Druggists .... Edith's, Miss, Flower Shop ......... Emahizer-Spielman Furniture Co.. . . . Endlich, Harry ................. Fairbank Oil Co. ........... . F lad and Marsh, Druggists .... Fox Midwest Theatres, Inc.. . . . Fritton's Grocery Co. ....... . Frost, jack, Motors ........ Gas Service Co. ............. . Gibbs Clothing Co. ............ . Grant, W. T., Department Co.. . . Green's Music Shop ........... Guaranty State Bank ........ Hall Stationery Co. .... . Harris-Goar Stores Co.. . . . Hayes Flower Shop .......... Highland Park Gardens ..... Hussey Insurance Agency .... International -Harvester Co. .... . Ives, H. M., and Sons, Printers .... Jayhawk Hotel .............. jordan Baking Co.. . . Karlan Furniture Co.. . . Kansan Flower Shop .... Page 118 115 100 127 120 120 108 123 117 120 119 107 107 110 116 122 124 112 115 126 114 121 126 126 100 100 113 115 112 120 118 126 115 111 121 116 119 124 126 108 122 111 113 112 112 122 127 125 113 118 113 112 11281 Kansas Power and Light Co. .... Krieg's Flowers ............... . . . Lawyers . . .... . . . Lord's Flowers ..... . .... . . . Mann, Robert ................. . . . McC1eery-Dudley Lumber Co.. . . . . . Meade Investment Co. ........ . . . Moore Stationery Co. ........ . . . Morris Plan Co. .............. . . . Mosby-Mack Motor Co. ......... . . . Murphy-Benis Motor Co. .......... . . . Mutual Ice and Cold Storage Co. ..... . . . Mutual Laundry and Dry Cleaning ....... National Bank of Topeka ........... Neiswanger Investment Co.. . . . . . . . Nightinga1e's Clothing ..... . . . Normans Cafe .......... . . . Optometrists . . ........ .. . Page, Thomas, Mill Co. .... .. . Patch Beauty Shop .... .. . Palace Clothing Co.. . . . . . Payne Shoe Store .... Pe11etier's . . ...... . . . Pennant Cafeteria .... . . . Penney, J. C., Co. .... Petro Rc Son. . .1 .................. . . . . Price's Grill ...................... . . . Ripley's Laundry and Dry Cleaners ....... Rutter Sc Sons Furniture Co. ....... Sach's, Florist ................ . . . . . . Scott, C. R., Mortgage Co. .............. . Sears Roebuck and Co. ............,... . Shawnee Federal Savings and Loan A Snow-White Cafe .... 1 .................. State Savings Bank ........,............ Steves, F. M. and Sons, Printers. . . . . . Topeka Bldg. Sc Loan Assn. ....... . . . Topeka High School 'Cafeteria ..... . . . Topeka Spice Mills ............. . . . Topeka Sporting Goods Co. .... . . . Topeka State Bank .......... . . . Updegraff Buick Co. ................... . Walker, Percy, Prescription Druggist ..... Wallace 8: johnson Hat Shop ............ Washburn College .,.............. . . . Westboro Drug Store ......... . . . VVestern Typewriter Co. .... . . . White Drug Co. ................ . . . White Loaf Flour ................ . . . Wierenga, Chas., Auto Dealers .......... . Wolf's Jewelers .....,................... Woodward, Webb, and Co., Insurance .... Zercl1er Book and Stationery Co. ........ . SSII. . . Page 116 112 106 112 112 110 124 119 122 109 118 121 111 117 108 121 127 106 126 111 118 127 119 122 114 115 115 122 118 112 108 114 110 115 124 127 121 127 124 127 113 122 119 126 117 115 114 115 120 114 114 122 114 w'53Yrfs- . . af, ,Q MQ Q ,X X fl , X M 2 I, 9' 1 v nmm Wa' M H f 1 , . ,H,,, A Y 'R 1' wt I " ' if..4'3' 'V -ew" Tx' V W ,v A x U' , 4-fwvwlk ffm nr 0" 'M"'ZY- fax 7 LJ,-V. 'Y w . 'G 'V 5, QW , Ffflfiw A, L Q " viwyf M an 'f' l,W'X"' 1, 4 5 G, fff 6 9+ f'-'19 4.331 nu- J 5 9 Ili 'fs -r' .ji A K, .. Maw, 5 5 3 , A! Q L x S . ff.. ,1 ,ss 'Q W' Y. b 'Q' Q ,wi' 2 I h . fi k '1- Yg v S Q? gs? W' . ff A 3 ' WY' T Q QQ i. 5 www Q Nr K Q s J xii, -gxN,gj , Xu' L aim

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