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 - Class of 1920

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au. ek' rx, - ..! G L, kr ,V 1 , Q 11 ,P 2 . r'-1 gc. an I F.,f.,,,w -J N'- , . .-4 J' ' . rl, , gm M ga., . , .., Q., ,V . , . , 5 .- -fa.. .J 12 rf 2: f"'F,... yf' P v nv, 17 2:31 -by , nd , '1 . , 5,6 . ffl, , . -. -v 1- ""-K ,I f... 3 . if6"l" 'r-Qs --fff' 1. 5.4 ht", hx ,r 'Thai A .fgJ!1w1?, 'av."'! 'gl x Tr .V . , " .,-4' " , .Eng .. F, ,ay Hi' NLD wif' .IX ,.-... X..-' 'ff' f - g , f Q--eff 525'-"gf 5 ' 1,, ,, ',l't" Viral., ' Y wx ,P V' - . 76,5 ' ' Q X Q k. .af--'J nr' 'ff . ' 'K' . S., 5, Q . yyi. 1 ,. - .W .. ,, ' - ' ,.,q,1- .1 f.-L1 . 42.91 . Leia-' 2 'J ,fb 4, 5 fhSm.v"'!1:HFi l?L9Z1".535T"-M ',?.:1Z"i,',. '. ,n, -,.Q.a L M 7 1 P' f ' f J ' X7 V , Q, - Yjfffffg' if f THE SUNFIQWER Januarg 19,5 June '19's Januarg 12073 FOREWORD The person who is willing to attempt an undertaking, even though it be hard and difficult to accomplish, is worthy of one's respect. If he achieves his aim, his glory and renown are in- creased in due proportion, if he falls short, after having done his best, even then he deserves credit for making the attempt. This year, tl1e Annual Staff has attempted a new task. ln- stead of belonging to one class alone, this Annual is the result of the combined effort of three classes. The ,lanuary '19, .lune '19 and .lanuary ,20 classes all have a part in the book, and all have helped to make it what it is. The final appearance of the book does not fulfill the hopes and ideals entertained for it by the staff, but' if in future years it serves to recall pleasant memories of former school days, some good will have been derived from it, and the Annual will have accomplished its purpose. Page Two HBIZG OE COIIUGIIICS Title Page Svlmol. . ...,. 5 Jilllllillj' '1!!'s .,..... H Jilllllillj' '19 Slwtvlws. ... lib ,Iunv "lim, ....... 25 .lllllix '19 Slcofvlxm-s., -lib ,I21lll1il1'Y '20's ,....... .M ,I2ll1ll2ll'j' '20 Slwt'1'lu's... .. Tl. flfllkxl' Vlzlssos . ...... TSI LifL'l'2ll'X. . . . .. HSD Izfqigfitlll, l'iYi1's... HT Musiv. Drzlumtivs . . 103 Sports. . . ...... 113 115i .I osts. . . Page Thr DEDICATION There is a saying that the better things of life are never fully appreciated until they are gone and can be enjoyed no longer. The lamentable part in such an incident is that often the person or article which is most appreciated later, is treated with indif- ference during the period before its absence. It is a source of pleasure to the Annual Staff to know that it is not necessary to part with the faculty advisers of the Annual to appreciate their worth, even though the aid and support which they have given can never be fully realized. Their broad-minded criticism and friendly help have done much to make the book what it is. If the Annual is a success, it is they who deserve most of the credit. ' Not hoping to repay them in the tenth part for all they have done, but merely striving to express the friendship and esteem in which we hold them, the Annual Staff affectionately dedicates this book to Miss Hunt and Mr. Partridge. ...V 1 Page Six .....,.,.-VM. ,,.m.vv-vu' Page Seven Mr. A. .I. Stout... Mr. R. R. Cook ...... Mr. C. H. Hepworth .... Miss Abigail McElroy. . . FACULTY Miss Maude Bishop. Miss Maude Hulse. Miss Ethel Aldrich. Mr. V. H. Hepworth. Mr. J. H. Kaho. Mr. D. Ii. Dewey. ENGLISH HISTORY. Miss Ruth Hunt. Miss Rosella Kerr. Miss Minnie Jones. Miss Gertrude B0llgllif0ll. Miss Nina Gillett. Miss Ire11e Troxell. ' Miss Blanche Stewart. . . , v ., Miss Grave Schoonover. IJl'il1Ilili'lL' Art. N HAI I" MATHEMATICS. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Minnie Stewart. Anne R. Monteith. Alina Calvert. Margaret Tillotson. Edna Austin. Gertrude Lewis. FOREIGN LANGUAGES, Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Lucretia Elnbleton. Latin. Merle Fowler. Latin. .lean Robertson. Latin. Nellie Terrill. French. Rachel Locke Shortt. French. Mary YV. Harrison. Spanish. Mary K. Murphy. Gorman. Mr. Xvlllllllll A. Richards. Physics. Mr. Mr. .lzlines Divlcson. f'll9llllSl'l'y. Miss Alaigrnil Mt-Hlroy. Botany. Miss Allison B. Shaver. Zoology. Loyd H. Mosser. Physics. Mr. Henry li. Tholnpsnn. l'syc-hology. .. . .Supe1'intendent . . ...... .Prinoipal . . . .Vice Principal Xssofriate Principal BUSINESS. Mr. Leslie L. Partridge. Mr. W. N. White. Miss Grace Houts. Mr. A. R. Page. MANVAL. Miss Miss Miss Miss Ora McMillan. Sewing. Glady R. Lowe. Sewing. Vivian Herron. Domestic Science Evelyn M. Alexander. Drawing. Mr. Alhert H. XVinter. XVOOCI XVork. Mr. .Iohn H. Hoehner. Mech. Drawing. Miss Baker. Cafeteria. PHYSICAL TRAINING. Miss Grace Elmore. Mr. Geo. A. Stubbs. Mr. J. E. R. Barnes. M USIC. Miss Jessie Hnniphrey. CLERK. Miss Bertha Senft. Page Flight Q 55 M. A. J. O. R. S President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer. . . President ..... Vice President SQl'1'PfHl'Y ..... Treasurer . . . Presidellt ..... Vice 1'resiflent. . . . Se-c1'etary ..... Treasurer . . . COLORS: Green 21 Sub-Sopholnore Sopllolnores Slllb-Jlllll0l'S The Januarq 19,5 nd XVl1ite. CLASS ADVISICKS: Miss Slmver. Mr. Partridge. C1688 William Neiswanger . . . . . .Tllelnlzl Perry . . .Adele Kellogg . . .Gmce Robbins . . . . . . Hurry Downs William NGlSXV2lll32,'Ul' . . . .Mildred XY?l1'l'illQ' . . . .Lillian Larson , . . . .Alfred Mitvllell . . .Thelma BIL'f'01ll2iS . . . . . . . .Roine Ruhn XVillian1 N0lSNX'2lll2lJl' Officers President ..... Vice President. . . Secretary, . . . . Treasurer .... President ..... Vic-e President Secretz11'y ..... Treasurer .... President ..... Vive President .... Secretn ry . .... Tl'0ElS1ll'k'1' . . . Juniors Sub-Seniors Seniors . . .Henna Rosenthal . . . .Grace Robbins .. .. ...Elgin Button Wilbur Brut-lilacker . . .Henry N. Eller . . . .Roine Rahn . . . . .Dave Echert . . .Dorothy Groff ...Henry X, Eller . .Frieda Hannnerli . . .Florence Tulien . . .Esther Kresie Page Twelve Joseph Jff-Kalman Jr fda G!cJdy5 Phfnney Fforianoe 7711160 John M Bcmsfow ,, zz , ',4:,,,x:'f f 2 ,121 :W vy,,yf9,'g,0 ff-h6W,w1,ma I My Mymouf J03eph1ne Kennedy Grac fi Mf'AI15fer P h L s 1 5 ZH Emily Haudohild b Vfwan Manley A C0f'fPd?-U 57'fUfl'2 . Y 1 , Francw Dolan Wffm My ffofmfwafffmd ge Fnurte Thelma M9Comas Orve ffa Mofen A U Esfher Ive 5 fe Donald MfCormlck Fm? da Homme rlf 'Adolph Kramer ' Rachel Garreff Fleoha Roger: Cfarerlce jparlfnq Page Fifi Q3 4 fn V Helen Leeperf LUCN6 jmfhfv Lena Schuffz. 8 Januarg '19 Inclentification Tags BARSTUW, JOHN MacDONALD: Minors: Glee Club: Science Club '1T: Football '1S: College. Washburn: Honor Roll: Senior Play. BPTTON. ELG-IN QBPCKT: Secretary. Sub-Senior term: Forensic Club: Boys' Club: Minors: Major interest. English: College. K. S. A. C.: Senior Play. CHANDLER. RI'TH 1RI'THIEb : Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Sho1'thand and Typewriting: Vocation. Stenographer. DOLAN. FRANCES: Majors: T. H. S. A. A.: French Club: Major interest. Mathematics: Vocation. Stenographer. ELLER. HENRY N. IHANKH: President. Sub-Senior and Senior terms: Minors. Boys' Club: Forensic Club: Football '17 and 'ISI Major interest. English: College. XYashburn: Senior Play: World Staff: Annual Staff. GARLAND. FLORENCE H. tSI'SANr : Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: A. A.: Major interest. English. GRISXVOLD. CHARLES KCHUCKJ: Minors: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Mathematics: College. Columbia Pniyersity: Vocation. Electrical Engineer: Senior Play. GARRETT. RACHEL: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A. HINSHAW. EDNA M. fEDl: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. Commercial Subjects. HAVSCHILD. EMILY: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. English: College. State Normal: Vocation. Kindergarten Teacher. HOLMAN. JOSEPH J. JR. KJOEI : Minors: Pia Societas. Boys' Work- ing Reserve: Major interest. History and Physology: College. XVasb- burn: Vocation. Doctor, HAMMERLI. FRIEDA E. YFRITZIZ Vice P1'esident. Senior term: World Reporter. Senior term: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: T. H S. A. A.: Major interest. Stenography: Vocation. Stenographer: Senior Play: Annual Staff. KENNEDY. .IOSEPHINE f.IOEb : Majors: Story Telling Club: T. H S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. AV. C. A.: Viee President. Story Telling Club Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Major interest. Botany: College. Washburn Vocation. Kindergarten Teacher. KRESIE. ESTHER: Treasurer. Senior term: Majors: T. H. S. Y. XV C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Domestic Science: College K. S. A. C.: Vocation. D. S. Teacher. KRAMER. ADOLPH: Minors: T. H. S. A. A.: Major inte1'est. Mathe- matics: College, Washburn: Vocation. Civil Engineer: Se11ior Play. LEEPER. HELEN: Secretary. Sub-Senior term: Majors: Major inter- est. English and Mathematics: Vocation. Costumer and Designer: Orchestra: Senior Play. MANLEY. VIVIAN QVEEI 1 Majors: T. H. S. A. A.: College. Emporia: Vocation. Kindergarten Teacher. McCOMAS. THELMA KMACJ : Vice President. .Iunior tG1'1llZ President. Majors. Sub-Senior term: Majors: Glee Club: Major interest. Short- hand and Typewriting: Vocation, Stenographer: Senior Play Lead. McALISTER. GRACE fMACJ: Majors: Major interest, Typewriting and Bookkeeping: College. K. S. A. C.: Vocation. Bookkeeper. Mc-KNIGHT. WILLIAM IRILLJ: Minors: Major interest. English. Vocation. Law. Mt-GAFIN. EIYGENE QGENEM Minors: T. H. S. A. A.: Senior Play. PARISH. YIVIAN lKELLYl : Sergeant-at-Arms. Senior term: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.: Vocation. Stenographer. PIIINNEY. IDA GLADYS IPHINNEYI : Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.. Mathematics Club: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Spanish: College. Washburn: Honor Roll: Vocation. Spanish Teacher. PERRY. THELMA IPERRYJ : Yirc President, Sub-Sophomore term: Majors: Dramatic Club: T. H. S. A. A.: Forensic Club: Major in- terest. Dramatics: Senior Play. RACKNOR. ELLEN: President Majors: Major interest. Salesmanship and English: Majors. SPARLING. CLARENCE fCLAREj: Minors: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Commercial Subjects: Vocation. Stenographer: Orchestra. STRAIN. CAMDEN CCAMMY3: Minors: Boys' Club: Football '1S: Major interest. Language: College. Washburn or K. S. A. C.: Voca- tion. Engineer. SEYMOPR. RUBY: Majors: Dramatic Club: Glee Club: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Typist: College. M'ashburn or K. S. A. C. : Senior Play. TVLIEN. FLORENCE fELOSSl: Secretary. Senior term: Majors: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.: Vocation. Stenographer. McCORMICK. DONALD tDON5 : ROGERS. REUNA: ROGERS. DESSIE: Page Sevente en ormer I-I. S. Class Holds Alumni Banquet in T. H. S. Gum The ineinbers of t11e Class of January 'lil held their annual banquet ill the high school gym. Tuesday. January 7. Altho they have been i11 their diversified callings for several years. they showed the sanie old T. H. S. pep. The special guests of the evening were Eugene Mcliaffin. who was recently elected president of tl1e New York Central Railroad: Vivian Parish. noted prima donna: Thelma Perry. returned inissionary fl'011.l China: and Camden Strain, who has bee11 doing extensive ar1'l1itec't1u'al work i11 the reconstruction of ancient buildings of Verdun. Mr. Elgin Button. a hustling reporter on the Kansas City Star. was toastmaster. After dlll1l91' talks were inade by Ruby Seyinour. who is now :visiting in the United States. after having spent several years 011 her date plantation in Brazil: Grave MeAlister. newly eleeted lllflllllllxl' of Congress. and f'l2l1'Gllt'0 Sparling. the witty comedian. Esther Kresie. pianist: Dessie Rogers. eornetist. and Fl'2l1lt'l'S Dolan. drunnner, furnished iuusic for the affair. During tl1e evening Thelnia 31000111218 gave a reading: froin the play. "Mary's Lillllllfy written by Helen Leeper. a suceessful drainatist. Florence Garlands dancin: brought forth great applause. A duet by Donald Barstow and l-Tniily Hausehild was greatly enjoyed: Edna Hinshaw avrsoinpanied them on the horn, Miss Frieda Hainxnerli. who has been 1-oac-11 of the football teani at li. S. A, C. for a nuniber of years. gave an interesting talk o11 "Value of Athletia-sf' She also told how Don Mc'f'orn1ic-k had niade a great success teaching Domestic: Art at K. S. A. C, After the banquet. election of officers was held for the following year, Adolpl1 Kramer. who is a proniinent physician. was elected president: l"loren1'e Tulien. soviety leader. vice president: and for treasurer. Henry Eller. who has established one of the largest junk and old rag factories in Chicago. After the elei-tion the meeting was adjourned. Out-of-town guests were: Ruth Chandler. secretary of tl1e New Orleans Life Insurance Co.: Rachel Garrett. New York: Orvetta Moten. London: Ellen Raeknor. of Nome. Alaska: Reona Rogers. Panama: Vivian Manley, Montreal: Gladys Phinney. l'onstantinople: Lucile Smith. Paris: Josephine Kennedy. Venice: Joseph Holnian. Buenos Ayres: Lena Sehultz. Tecuniseli. Page Eighteen ng, Z' N, .1 Isl. 6' I!! - .x sneccnas l 15. A ' --5-F M I A -4, 1 7 , 3 I Q ' 1 K 7-0 M96 Scfmfw 19.2 Q ryf . fs of fm, X1 -lill- - -, Ks lx f X f i Q Ffrsfdppeafance ofa JAN. '13 - ' - 3-9 , fh f f' bf, f KINGS. S J -E x sf f ' ' boa I7 e ,me fy U vit - N. I o . Qx ,X S V W fi i Q V X X X X 1 Ex lg 2 Z X .X 4 ' fmf X X wav ' 9 X Xf, gi ,V -Q x '7 O gf We igk 4 W nv! Y f , , H - f' f W, M4 9 fi xvfaf f .5- 4 LM f - 1 1 Q , A fp-f xx- Lx 1 i S17 ,ir i ,, ff! ff . -f- -X--Y-,H vi i 'Z ' " ,Deaf VVaiJi2f6S,C7"C N Y iiflff f'75GafA1h ',Ll,U0h"f'ffe,, X X Cfafence Spafff w X KL ,A -if awww x X x - M ll Q 2 ,H Xi' 'ST , ,ww K ws J X Q 5 QL 0h!I say X F LZ MX Q B Aff? W , n 'ggi ' - U!! fab 1 KZ? ' New flwiffj 7 Y ,fqxwl H T -J XV V I x CS A:-:Jet f -rfufy-fit 1 X t w icckgjp d I J: .T- -P J, XNf'Tc3Qgl'lf K V V 5 Xi! Our Dads N 5 ' 5 .-Hank H 5: X X54 I 6,0 9 7 is M I I xl 5 I fs 1 E4 fx QW up ' - - W V V FFe1'D'G R sr 4' 'Gene' Vvho 5-gffcr' auf' 'V ' ff! vb! S' -J' Il .1 Cfaggs f0Cf'f6'0f 7L0'f6l77L.? A wjx Wl'Z ei in Q I' an WNW 1 Z-w""'N-' W Page Twenty by wwe? fav X Q 3 SVNQ , 4 ,:, ' 'I ff? I ,f'k5,z.,. - Page Twenty-One fa 44 - ,, 7 af--Q ..- - fr -jp.. X , 'ff Az Q1 r - W... . ff, . 2 1 . . , ',',,V',4 1 '- ' '- 6 In , ' 'Tumi WE ' RE THE DAYSU Dwi' fi 4 A , . ' ' 'f 5 2 ' - 1-,if : U ' X 0 'X X XNLY SNMP Ui: faq , Un ll Sc . so' Q 1 xnxx 050 OAK' 'V I ' - -91 ,. . -... - ...,, ,X X - V E :D - ' :gggzf if X059 1 ' dx-X ADX . . , , . xi. s,xLu 05117 fr' View Qi 'Pecan . X ' , V ,fl I 2: ,H NF - . R4 SY . X ' ""' f 5 I .. L ,, QA GWA' lfvizou 1 XXXL YE: IXMQQA To xv! X 346 :MXN H 4 ' ' ' -4-"Mein . -tt 5 , - xi Xi". Nw! :Sn A Q N X. ,,,.Hv,X.-- - . , 15 en We "fe A.-C if Q rg -1 li .CXXQY A W Saws ww .. , ai 5 .I 'uv -jams freer! ulvqd fro-A ,. e Wel'Q 6 k- " f g if X, A A , I I' f - E 3 1 ? 1 WI' ' 5 - I ' 'W 11,4 , 1 1"-" A... g' .'.X. pf? ' 1 ' A 1 1 OV' f 5 V X 190 Wa ' 0 r X ,L',,esA n.: 7, X V0 0761! 'tiff 27,7 unc? ff' Z' i 14 3, I ao X Mlq 1 It v 2 3 XXV' . X ,,:.X .Ax 'SMX w- V' XQWKX "i N 6536 x yew al . Nl" g . ,S AZN bn xo 1 X Lis I Dx XXL ad S qw, vw' 5 '-00 ,Xev pn' XY .XS A wwe: ' fvixi MW5' beiw' ve 56- . qw N30 'QXWQXQ ,om OX xtwnwixxc Xiwuic Xgwn EGM HJOVQ' W1 qxxzwxin , ' iffbg' Xxziekx T5 ww uve' 'cmd W F diifiwxw Vfztwx W5 vdwwd mov' 'C uv- wi-'AYQXXN' -fm W was "' ' . xzixu lei? Y Qi 3 0 Xi oy, . X, X ' W? 011055 nw X . sb . .xg ,qi za ,wx Y wx- ,,. M 'Jeri CJ F-P End lap el e-fl7l'llef'l C for ,qr yw gov ,Q , , ffvma XQXW ww' -W nv' xo - wx WXX www Nw dw Wei N AX: Awxx 'Jw xizigev XXL ,avg-AA L, xkiwwnxe Y Az, fb 'im wus w wofxwvd, wiiwxnil me ?" X Ufmgxd Nong-AS Qavxfcvv cn ,X- Q. xg 5 , ov .Xa -xob qc Aww , i in XX2 VNW. Xwsu W i so 0 0 wi' aw XXQ, F -KMA Owe QQQ 45 fi' 90030 gas x'LhfXxXNi:fU X C DW-Ac ' 0 X .C -L .W en-W wwf- . ' - S5 tx- YB Noi Q 'AW X,,xN .M 'rf , , ui Gb Q04 mil 9,8 W" YBVWX' HC v VSV Qj ,Os 4, cbaooo KQQ' SW-' qwivgaminef gd N' ' Q9 QX QUE' -4:50 'gum .Qof0'V' .. 'FV' , gbq, 0 Q A un .WH .NM Owkx QNX- :F ?' X' um' A600 wo ' ,.4. AW: .- Oo Og, X05 LCXXQV' -iw W Vcl'-W 'QA .www 0 Xu- we-ie-, Xxwjc 'xuimw X uk . X ,Xx Q me X gm XXQXQXXN gm.,- Cr Qxe . 505,939 SQ -996 Section , , , kr' Row., Sealwru VV ,Main Floor Huh semi Auanmnm f'si7i'f ' 1i hai QS! X fa f I 1' f Q! L K 5 0 Q6 1 Y 1' fi, 4 1 xx, X 'Mar ' Q fm- I3 1, f ' - L .gr L. 02551 X .U . 'li 1. - . - J To , i P"f1y ' . Q fi Xf ro,v,cH?' ,, ,z JH X' f 5 . ef 317 'W ' , , 5 V5-fix? N-hx I-,, ,Xff,1, i J ' r 0 'I 'fs sf 1 l l -Mtv 'Wig If s 'sed 9 1 7- P' Q dgx Tivonty-,1,W0 X, Xu. we 1 fxff WXA- im' jo Un 4 ,mi QOL cz! 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'res 41: :ffficew s fl NLCQQS 'O 5 .L , I 41, R46-959961, X It 626659 'P 0 ' JZQQ . L 'N' . . 'P . 4' .be LQ 'Ni fguh 51211111125 QQ, F js, f ' Q Q is I :H . c. '- ' , ,xxx V-LQKV 'w,,?r,vA'1 0 25 x,nA'2-ELA. I-ol 0,962 ,if 6' 0 X N- il 'Ui ' Q Xr af, C 1 ,- Ihztu 11-H - .J 1 . - in 'U W fhffm X.X ima xaxvgxev- Aofo I uiiiiv-Uwe 'nj' If 0.30, it .aa el h NWN. A' f""-'7:"o' X01 J F . X X ., , . . - .X J, 1 ,- 0 1 - .e , f D faq 9 - of Q00 X . ,G 491' fa YV .1999 0 4, .G ' no 4,-4357 f ea, 4,4 q0',,"e,,Q, Q ' G4 , 01207 J' - vas . - fa 5 - U D , Aiinh " rhnnl Uwxuunsium fight eyrlnrk 1 I iii". R fl-I V pd Xf-f' QYOQ vgyexz , xi.. v KQV . Q, - 9 'o Q. GXQXXQXQQXQ- S 92.5 a , XXfX+:,w . do VG' bi xo 'ei t ' fix, Q- x is Xu 4. Cc xX Q6 X 6.91. mv iv- 46, Q be 6665 do Q' Q 0. '36 le w .Wax 946 Cx,..o,. cb G+ ,fo X Q0 AX .60 ve ww,-:,. S 5. Q + X4 C,+f,,+ . ,- l, 9 ,od xo 994' 5 4 ,smi as wiu. 0 ' um. iaxuicisn - Q5 ,x 'ik II, ' 'T 5 N' Wiii Be Able To Give Reception, fe 5 + ,,1 Q N 5 sv The hoard ni educatiun has decide fxxokvr' that xhcre shaii be graduation ' f 6 3' X' . exurcxbes in either the Junior or en- 4 A . my xior High Schoois, at e emi oi e ' " iaii term. The graduates y e- ' ' 'A dipiomas now, or gradu- w - . 'VXQQSQXBQGC ,. A 9+ :QQ me bij..-j,.4-,.--',.-'by wif? O X N'6fc,f . -pgv'-xa'x4"' -19.42 ' Xvwlwx 42:4 f", Qlswo Q za. ,, N-,QQ X ,vga -. .3 C xc, Q '37 5.5.5 .xv X' Q10 . v TSM: ' A55 'bf' 1 - 30 wwe .hen ' 'N x V543 .. 1" me with Une June classes. 4' Q'-yx x X . X H' fxojw fefif--jiaffgv' mfg V"Qv"u 5.4 'S . X' ' - ' v ,-by 5 -A' Q pp. L i W, ,381 x L 3 S w ,X .4 Q L Q 5 5 -- X -2 .N S9 Agfa ,xv xvxx . M' .,uf'.X' H D ' 'Agf,f'V Ou 'Yey XE' 90,1 'og , 3 we sac az-in I1 X more., 6 'fqnn is y ' . xi .. " ' B xv . 'n 4- . . R Q H Q Q ,x Cx W. , x go xs. ' ...,,,M :Pb 1. cn, ,Qi ,, 62" we . 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A 'Q f af! fe G 0 x 0 4 Cm Q, Xi K f -YC, 28 " vo I Hx VS H K Y X Jo G 'ke Q 4,,'2v 44, 3 0 Q A X 5 o no , 6 iw , Q x YW 9 f 4 1 Q 9, 6,0 0, ly XX Xi NX X 1 "1 4 'o' of of 6' 'M ff? 0 Q, 1 X i A lf' f C, W A ,- rex 1 'P 59,2 I H, 1 X 6 'VO' I 4 she 0 lp " 0 '70 Q I T 0 'b I pied x e L B GV 4 wx Lx X B6 xi 6 k ff' x K dBX'5"y oi 0 x Q 5 5' Q Q 580 C 'lc vgxs 5 X' N fc no 90' 5 A Q1 Q N 9 uni Q N 6+ ,X X s Q 9 X2 0 S X, X of Q31 f Q -Q x X Sq- ,x th th ,Q 0 Y' 9 qw' x' 3, wc' f 0 'V if ma r k GX r-if X X NL K Q 10 N N 5 1 0 Jw 251 Y X X X we x X ,Ae up X .1 X X . X N gi W N Xcf . QXX 2'-,f XS M XX .X Q, XF N XX- Qg Sk OXDCXKQ xv '30 N WQQXS N for 'fuk K X- , 54 v ,Wx 95, xo k J WX fl an e '31 tx X. ww Q Q W ,X . -ac V Q ay k va, x XXX 9 ,Nu 1+ fl rw y i 490 ox A ww Ni e, W th 63" 0 Qi K X x a sv on-2:8 ef' X. N ar jwe P 0 8' f N? 1 X Page Twenty-Three Things We Wisl1 We Known That we couldn't put one over on Miss Mclfllroy. That passing grades were required for participation in the senior play. That only seniors could fall down stairs with grace and dignity. That Marion Bartel was going to have charge of the Who's Who colm. We might have "made our prayer." That a record of excuse signatures was kept in the office. That Mr. Dickson occasionally counts the experiment papers. That when Mr. Hepworth yelled at us he didn't intend to frighten us to death. .lust to remind us. lVhich stairs squeaked at inauspicious niouients. That our new spring hats felt more at honie in our lockers than in one of Mr. Kaho's classes. That the elevator was located three doors straight north from the east stairs of the south building. John AHIUN' preference for hot dogs. XVe Illlgili' have presented hiln with a butcher shop. That sulphuric acid when applied to the hands wasn't as pleasing as cold creain. Fall for Barbara .Iarrell's personal testimony. How niuch work Latin V and VI were. That the 35th Division was going to return so soon. Affairs might have been lnuch less complicated. That in writing short stories the easiest way to clear up all diffi- culties is to kill the hero. That inost of our teachers were "onto" our Monday bluff. That thirty-two credits are required for graduation and that it's within the reahn of possibility for a senior to flunk, That Miss Bishop didn't approve of the application of beauty helps in class, That the office sent a very neat looking little card to our parents when we cut. That yellow slips didn't always 11102111 decapitation. That Miss Murphy sometimes called the fifth hour study period roll twice--the last time being after we had departed. That three consecutive good reeitations in Latin VI lrade Miss Fowle . . - T .. 1' suspect us of receiving a little help from a ineinher of the animal kingdoin. That the seniors didn't know everything. That foreign language phrases can't he always translated literally. Page Twenty-Four 0 Q 0 0000 0000 0 0 0 Q Q 0 Q 9 Q 0 Q Q 0 0 0 OG Q0 0 E.L P. E. A. R Presid-ent ..... Vice l'resident. . . Sec1'eta1'y . . . . Treasurer .. President ..... Yice President Secretary .. . . .. Treasurer . . . President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer . , T119 .Il11'1G ,1Q,S CLASS AIWISHKS: Miss Minnie Stewart. Mr. Beurg. Miss Humphrey, CLASS COLORS: Red and White. CLASS FLOWER: lied Rose. Suh-Sophoiuore Sophomore Sub-.I unim' Class Officers . . .Russell Whaley . . .Bu1'bu1'a1 Jarrell . . .John Fernstrom -Xnuie Laurie Close . . .John Fernstroin . . . .Perry Brewer . . . Sally Slaughter . . . . . .Port Major . . . .Hmlwzliwl Porter . . ,Doris Thompson . . .B2l1'IJ?ll'2l Jurrell . . .Lueile Smith Presillelit ..... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer. . . President, . . . , Vive President .... Secretary .... . Treasurer . . . President .... . . . View President See1'et:11'jv ..... T1'02lSlll'U1' , . . .Iuuior Sub-Senior Senior ..Rohort Mcljandless .. . . .Esther Paxton . . . .Doris Thompson Helen Louise Kresie . . . .Lewis Polley .... . . .Jane Bone . . .Dorothy Souders . . . . . . . .Olin Buck . . . .Cecil Standiford . . .Florence Jasperson . . . . . .Esther Paxton Elizabeth Bonebrake Page Twenty-Eight if S , I Muffy Hfffyer Homme Spwrfer John Ernjfrom ' f70rence,2'a5,aer.son I 1 x If ,N EZ f Z l , Barbara illflfiiff b He!en M Redman LUCU6 Johns fOr? ' Page Twenty-Nine Izadel Waychoff M1 fl am Van Horn gTbt AIberTU Reifz Lewis VV. pulley f Ofa 'lbylor Efxzabefh Thompson Dorofhy f'YQ'rmey G Befffffe LUHCJQVGH Oofofhy Ode ll , 5 4, 'J' s 7 Y ,,,a?" Brook L e Roy Haines Marlon Barfe - fy Q5 ,Q Elizobefh Bonebrbke Orvfffe Anderson flfzabefh Douyfas - f.d1'1'h Mya r' Louise Dcfvds - ACIIQFYXJ Page Thirty-One g: u .Grace Ellingfon I50be! Crawford CFL!! 5EdI7l1lf0l'd I ' Naffna Mead f , f , . V fdwfff BW 1' ge Thirlx'-T f , 'J - I , EW8. JW Am, Helen Pifchbr Ho rrie ff Pllsfeem Henry Ffknfora Fachel Scoff Grace Hofcombe P ge Thirty-T1 'l'lildlfeduAndert5on h Cl'10r!eneDuggc1n P Ihl1" Erma B ms fi flffve! Casfef' K j , ff K if if Laws! Fieclrardsv Alberf Gufden E5fherA.FPff.:ehe ' F7Qfence Blocher 5fI?!lZt7.l'd PFICQ Rufh Seybofdl I 9 1 I P g rhmy-F Bernice 8 uffoch Page Thirty-six Q ITG fharlhe Wlyaelc r' 'I Hamm Lomax: Newbofd Orva ffa Grace Davfs Pant P70 'of Ge raldine Gregg Nlf'fdff,c!JaHeBone I jf X 0016116 Rulh f1lQQ!f3j Vrc do Bffrch Zuma IVY? Neely H0Ze!Merl,el Vera 7bf77bfyf7 1 Roy Sfoclfs f.4Jf0 PGV! ffafhfw Hamff Page Thirty-Se 1-fi I Mary Eddfngfcn , VI Ejfflel' CfQyZ'Ol'l Wolfe I fvld,-,an Douqheyfy Mary pgdqeyg DOVOMYA Be Vfffffy A Helen Louflse S!-eele E diff? Balfreff Wlifdred We! for: P ThtEht Dmfofhy Bruner Edna 067145 Efhe! Mae -.Sloan Mafguerife Sawyek K A Awma BA HUM? F7oren ce Fiayrnond Coolrdqe Pg Th ty X Ednaffffargeon A Rvfpfl Barklvofdcr E Anna M'rf15fg'n50n CIR-sfo Young ge Fortv , 5 0ffffDlBum Erhel Gordon Hazel Gfenn V f , . , Sylvfa E, .517 verfhome L P Forty-O Hfffwgfmff gIt imma 5096 Eva Hcflc M' Clcisffey F7-cmces Hayes Efanche Kncum Anmfjiornvnq Adelwde 54,1517 Nfhl FHc1m1'lf'offw Ruby Coleman 3, Edfey Siwrley Buffm GlC2Cfy5 Crawford E va M1'l lar vwwlllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllrlllllllllllvllllvlllllllllull IIIIIll!IIllllIIHllIIllllllllllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII S. H. I. E. L. D. S. Pres.. .... Dorothy Cole V, Pres.,,Alx'in:1 Hults Sec-'y. .Elspey Sc-lmwartz 'fl Txeas .... Edith liarrett L, S. P. I-1. A. H. Pres, ..... Lewis Polley fy Sec'y,1-ialph Burkholdel' T1'eaS. . John F91'l1St1'0lI1 IllllIlllllHllllllIlllllllllHllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIlIIIIIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Pugu Forty-Thrce June 719 IC1G11tifiCC1tiO1'1 Tags ADAMS. JOHN ll.: A. A.: Junior C. of C.: S. P. Ii. A. li. S.: Major in terest. I-Ilertrieal experilnents: Collegre. Purdue: Future rot-ation. Engineering. ' AKI-IRS. RUMAINI-I QPAINI : S. I'. IC. A. li. S.: Major interest. Jour- nalism: College. Washburn. 1'ennsylvania Fniyersity: Future yoea- tion. Banker. ALLISON. FRANCES IiVEI.YN tFRANK1ICl : Y. W. C. A.: Ilrauiatie Club: Seribblers: S. H. I. IC. I.. Il. S.: A. A.: Student Council 113: Major interest. English: College. Emporia N0l'lll2liI Future vora' tion. Teaehing. . ANTUN. HENRY F. lHANKl: Hi Y.: Business Manager of 'Worldl Major interest. Eeononxies: Future yoeation. Sailor. ANDERSON. MlI.DRI+1D: A. A.: S. H. I. E. I.. IJ. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. Typewriting: Future yon-ation. Stenographer. ANDICRSUN. URVII.I.E IIRIG ANIJYI: S. 1'. IC. A. Ii. S.: A. A.: Honors. Football. Basketball : Major interest. Football : College. Ii. C. ARMSTIQUNG. .IVANITA tBII.I.l : Story Telling: Club: S. II. I. IG, I.. IJ. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Music. piano: Collegre. K. I'.: Future yoeation. Music Teacher. ASHTON. SARAH: S. H. I. IC. I.. IJ. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. St-ien:e: Future vor-ation. Milliner. AXTEIJ.. IIAIUILII Ii. tli. lil: Popular Seienee Club: Seeretary of Popular Seienee Club: Major interest. Seienle: Collegre. Iloston Teehnieal S:-hool: Future Voeation. Arehiteetural lflngiineer. BARKICR. l-IYA: I.iberty Quartette: Major interests. Iinglish. History: Future voeation. Teaeher of Ilranlatie Art. BARN!-IS. AIQLI-ZNIC: Girls' tllee Club '10, '17, 'l!l: Story Tellinar Club: Ilrainatie Club: S. H. I. IC. I.. ID. S.: T. li. S. A. A.: Honor Iioll 'lfsz Major interests. Musie. Hllgrlisll: College, Halter I'niverslty. ISAHKI-QTT. FIJITH HSAHBYD: S. II. I. IC. I., Il. S.: Treasurer S. II. I. H. I.. IP. S. 'Iwi Honor Roll: XVorld Staff: Major interest. .Iour- nalisiuz College. K. I'.: Future vo:-ation. .Iournalisnr IZAKTFI. MAKIUN: Drainatic' Club: Story Telling Club: Glee Club: Ilia So.ietas: Classieal Club: Y. YY. C, A.: S. H. I. IC, I.. Il. S.: l'resirlent ot Story Telling Club: Treasurer ot' S. H. I. IC. I.. Il. S.: Major intel est. literature: College, VVashburn. Aineriean Aeadeniy of IPl'2lIll2lTiL' Art: Future von-ation, Ilraniatic Art, BICYFRIJCY. IlHIiUTHY A. tIlU'l'a : S. H. I. IC. I.. IJ. S.: T, H. S. Y. YY. C. A.: College. AY2lSiliPlll'llI Future vor-ation. Iloetor BIRCH. YREDA: S. H. I. IC. I.. Il. S.: Colleiie. tloueher: Major inter- est. BIZITIIPIIIHITCS. l'l UCKFH FI ORFNCF YIULY KFLOJ ' S H I. E. I.. D. S.: Major . . . . . .. . . . . . i11terest. AIZHIIOIIIIITICSI Future Vocation. Mathematics Teaeher. BUNIC. .IANI-I tCI'CK4NJr: Seribblers' Club: I'ia Soeietas: Classical Club: S. H. I. IC. I.. ID. S.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.: 3 I ' President of I ia So. ietas: Viee President of Class '1S: Iresident ot S. II. I. IC. I.. IJ. S. 'IS: Iflonor Roll: Major interests. Iinglisli. Latin: College. Washburn: Future voeation. Kindergarten Teaeher. I1tlNEBHAIiIfZ. EI.IZABI-1TI-I IBICTTYQ 1 S. H. I. I-T. I.. IJ. S.: T. H. S. Y. AV. C. A.: Treasurer of Class 'I!l: Major interest. Doniestie Seienee : College. Washburn : Future yoeation. Iiillt161'gil1'f'Pll Teacher. HUUNIC. NANCY LEE: Glee Club 'IT: Dranlatie Club: S. H. I. L. Il. S.: Viee President of S. H. I. IC. I.. IJ. S.: Social fitllllllliftl-'C of llraniatie Club '1!r: "Lost a 1'll2lDCl'0ll.iI World Staff. Q ICUOTH. MELYIN A.: Major interests. Ilrainatie Art. .Iournalis1n: College. Washburn: Future rot-ation. Draniatie Art. BRADSHAXV. GEIiTIiI'IJIC: BRASH. IGRMA: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. IC. I.. D. S.: Future yoeation. Y. XY. C. A. Secretary. Illil-IWICR. PICRRY : IiIil.'NI-Eli. IDUIUJTHY 1Il0Tl: S II. I. IC. I.. ID. S.: Major interest. I-English: Future yoeation. Stenogrrapher. ISVCK. ULIN Il.: Debate Club: Draniatie Club: Hi Y.: Boys Glee Club: Classieal Club: A, A.: Presiclent of Classical Club: Yiee President of Ilebate Club: Treasurer 'lfli Honor Roll: Editor of Annual .Iune 'I!r: World Staff: Major interest. Latin: College. Washburn: Future Vozation. Lawyer. I!I'I.I.0CK. BI-ZHNICIC KHICIC-IGEICJ : S. H. I. IG. L. Ib. S.: Major inter- est. Norinal Training Subjeets: College. Pittsburg. I'illl1ltI1'l2l Nor- nialz Future yon-ation. Tearher. IIFRG. FSTIIICR: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. li. I.. D. S.: Major interest. i'0IlllIlCl'tlIli Subjeets: Future Voration. Uffiee XYorli. llI'IiIilltlI.IlICIi. RALPH 4I5I'IiKn: Hi Y.: Ilebate Club: Junior C. of C.: A. A.: Major interests. Literature. History: College. lYash- burn: Future vocation. 173 . . HI'Sll. AIJICI.AIIDlC tAIlIlIICm 1 A. A.: Story Telling Club: S. H. I. I-T. 1 I.. Il. S.: Major interest. I-Znglish: Future yoeation. Stenographer. CARLS. IGIJNA: 1Jl'2llll2lfIl' Club: Y. XY. C. A.: S. H. I. I-I. L. D. S.: College. Manhattan. CASTICR. ICTHICI. fICTT1l+l EGG: : Y. W. C. A.: Dramatic- Club: A. A.: S. H. I. IC. I.. Il. S.: Major interest. History: College. 'Washburuz Future vovation. Drainatie Work. Page Forty-Four CHASE. HAMILTON QHAMPI : Pia Societas: A. A.: S. P. E. A. R. S.: Major interest. Languages. COLE. DOROTHY EVELINE tDOTl : Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: STOVE' Telling Club: President of S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major inter- ests. English. Botany: College. AVashburu: Future vocation. Doctor. COLEMAN. Rl'BY: Y. W. C. A.: Dramatic Club: Debate Club: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Public Speaking: College. K, l'. COOLIDGE. RAYMOND tRAYl : S. P. E. A. R. S.: .Inniorl C, of C.: A. A.: Major interest. Mathematics: Future vocation, Engineering. CRANE. OLIVE: Pia Soeietasz' Classical Club: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. I.. D. S.: Viee President of Pia Societas. 'lS: Honor Roll: Major interest. Latin. CRAXVFORD. ISABEL: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Y. XV. C. A.: XVorld Reporter 'ISL Social Committee 'Iti-'lS: Major interest. Ilistory: College. XVashburn. I'niversity of XVisconsin: Futu1'e vocation. Sec- retary. CROCKETT. BERNIECE tPEGGIEl: Major interest. Mathematics: Future vocation. Missionary. DAVIS. LOI'ISE tPI'DDlNl : Y. IV. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L, D. S.: Major interest. Scienee: College. K. II.: Future vocation. Surgical Nurse, DAVIS. ORVETTA GRACE: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Class - Captain: Major interests. Music. History: College. lVashburn: Future Vocation. Kindergarten Teacher. DOI'GHERTY. MARIAN: Y. W. C. A.: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll: Major interests. Chemistry. History: College. K. S. A. C.: Future Vocation. Chemist. DOUGLAS. ELIZABETH: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Sewing: College. K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. Stenographer. DUGGAN. CHARLENE KTOTI : Y. XY. C. A.: Dramatic Club: A. A.: Forensic Club: Scribblers' Club: Classical Club: Editor of Scrib- blers' Club Magazine: Vice President of Forensic Club: Major in- terest. Art: College. XVashburn: Future Vocation. Commercial Art. EDDINGTON. MARY: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. XV. C. A.: Honor Roll. EDXVARDS. DORYCE: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll 'lflr Major interest. English: College. Emporia Normal: Future vocation. School Teacher. ELLINGTON. GRACE Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major inter- ests. Drawing. Mathematics: College. XVashburn. EVANS. PATRICIA IPATTYI : A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: XVorld Staff: Major interest. Music: College. K. I'. FERGUSON. LOIS fBILLIEl : A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Dramatic Club: Secretary of Dramatic Club: Major interest. Public Speaking: College. Chicago Ifniversity: Future vocation. Dramatic Art. FERNSTROM. JOHN tSIfIORTYl: Dramatic Club: Junior of C.: Hi Y.: Debate Club: Secretary of Class 'ltiz President of Class TIT: Sergeant-at-Arms Fall of 'IT: Treasurer of S. P. E. A. R. S. '191 Secretary ot Debate Club: Business Manager of Allllllilli Editor of World: Major interest. Eating: College. XVashburn: Future Voca- tio11. Horticulturist. FLANAGAN. HAZEL: S. H. I. E. L..D. S.: Y. AY. C. A.: Major inter- est. Chemistry: College. Business: Future vocation. Stenographer. FRITSCHE. ESTHER AI.'GI.'STA QPATTYH : Major interests. Public Speaking Mathematics: Future vocation. Teacher. GATCHELL. DOROTHY A. IDOTJ : Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. English: College. Washburn: Future Vocation, Teacher. GAIILT. BARBARA IBARI : French Club: T. H. S. A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. History: College, Miss Bennett's School. K. I'.: Future vocation. Danseuse. GILBERT. JACK FAY tCI'RLY HEADI: Glee Club: S. H. I. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Story Telling Club: French Club: Dramatic Club: Vice President of Story Telling Club: lVorld Reporter of Storv Tellinff Club 'l!l: lVorld Staff: Major interest. Music: College. . B XVashburn: Future Vocation. Hard to Tell. GLEED. GRACE: GLENN. HAZEL: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. Mathematics: Future vocation. Stenographer. GORDON, ETHEL MAY tMAYl : S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Drawing: College. Washburn or K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. Domestic Science. work with girls. GRANT. PANSY: GREGG. GERALDINE t.IERRYl: Y. W. C. A.: Debate Club: Scrib- blers' Club: Honor Roll: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Social Service. A I-IAINES. BROOK LE ROY: .Junior Chamber of Commerce: Boy's AV0l'KlY1,'2', Reserve: T. H. S. A. A. HAMILTON. NIHL F. tLEFTYl: Junior Chamber of Connnerce: Basket Ball: Track: Major interest. Mechanical Drawing: College. lVashburn: Future vocation. Architect. HARKNESS. ADA: Mathematics Club 'I7: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll 'ISM Major interest. Mathematics: College. California. HARNIT. KATHRYN tKAPPYj: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: Chairman of Senior Invitation Committee: Honor Roll: Major interest. Mathematics: College. Berkeley. California: Future vocation. Dramatic XVork. HARPER. LEO tOLEOl : Football '1fi. 'IS: S. P. E. A. R. S.: President of January '1S's: Sergeant-at-Arms .Iune '1!l's: College. lVashington Vniversity. St. Louis: Future vocation. Architect. Page Forty-Fu e HAWKINS. TYNDALE EFGENE tTINJ : Hi Y.: Major interests. His- tory. Foreign Languages: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Music Teacher. HAYES. FRANCES QFRANKJ : Major interest, Science: College. Wash- burn: Future vocation. Teacher. HENRY. PRINCESS: Dramatic Club: A. A.: S. H. 1. E. L. D. S.: Story Telling Club: Glee Club: Major interest. Languages: College. Chicago University: Future vocation. Journalist. HENRY. LAURA U.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interests. Science. Mathematics: College. K. U.: Future vocation. Medicine. HEYM. LPCILE ILUTIEJ: Classical Club: A. A.: French Club: Y. VV. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll: Major Illf61'CSi'. English: College. IVashburn: Future Vocation. Librarian. HILLYER. MARY: Y W C. A.: Dramatic Club: A. A.: Debate Club: President of Y. W. C. A. '1S: Major interests. English. Mathematics: College. Washburn. HOLCOMBE. GRACE tPERCYj: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Story Telling Club: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet: Major interests. English. Science: College, K. U. HOPE. RUTH tHOPEY1 z Dramatic Club: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. XV. C. A.: Major interests. History. English: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Teacher. HORNING. ANN: Glee Club: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. AV. C. A.: College. K. U. HOUNSOM. MARY: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. English: Future voca tion. Teacher. I-IOXVARD. BERTHA tMAYl : Major interests. History. Domestic Science: Future vocation. Teacher. HULTS. ALVINA B. tBEENIEr : Glee Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Vice President of S. H. I. E. L. D. S. '1Sl: Secretary of Glee Club: Major interest. Music: College. K. U.: Future vocation. Teacher of Voice. ISERMAN. EFGENE IGENEJ: Junior C. of C.: S. P. E. A. R. S.: Major interest. History: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Dentist. .IARRELL. BARBARA XVILLIAMS KBUB-BLESj : Y. W. C. A.: Story Telling Club: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Dramatic Club: President Story Telling Club '17. i1S: Vice President Class '17: Secretary Class '1T: Treasurer S. H. I. E. L. D. S. 'ITZ Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet '15. '14'i. '1S. 'ISM Treasurer Book Exchange '1S: Assistant Editor of Scribblers' Club Magazine 'lflz Honor Roll: Annual Staff 'ISM World Staff '1ti. '1S: Major inte1'est. French: College. Monticello: Future Vocation. I11dust1'ial. JASPERSON. FLORENCE: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Classical club: A. A.: Vice President of Class 'lflz Vice P1'eside11t of S. H. I. E. L. D. S. 'lN: Student Council 'Iii-'1!3: Honor Roll: XVor1d Staff: Annual Staff: Major interests. English, Languages: College. Baker: Future Vocation. I'ublisher. .IHI-INSTON. LI'ClLE: Scribbler's Club: Y. XV. C. A.: Pia Societas: Dramatic Club: Classical Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: World Reporter for Scribblers' Club: Honor Roll: Literary Editor of VVor1d 'l8: Assistant Editor of Annual '1!l: Major interests. French, Journal- ism: College. Wellesley: Future vocation. Politician. KIENE. I-IITGH: A. A.: Junior C. of C.: Major interest. History: Col- lege. Washburn. KINNEY. DOROTHY JOY fDOROTHY JANEPZ Y. XV. C. A.: S. I. E. L. D. S.: Art Editor of Annual '1!l: Honor Roll: Major in- terests. Science. Language: College. Colorado University: Future vocation. Medical Missiona1'y. KKAVS. DAISY tSHORTYy : Y. IV, C. A.: Dramatic Club. Story Tell- ing Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S. KRESIE. HELEN LOIYISE IMINNIEP : Dramatic Club: A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Student Manager of Girls: Major interest. Foreign Languages: College. Washburn. KRISTENSON. ANNA: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. L. D. S.: Story Telling Club: Honor Roll WS: Major interest. Business Subjects: Fl1tlI1'6 vocation. Stenographer. LAYMAN. HAZEL: Y. W. C. A.: H. I. E. L. D. S.: Class Captain: Major interest. Fine Arts: College. XVashburn: Future vocation. Music. LEMON. lil'TH ADELIA IRUFVSU : Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Major interest. Physical Training: College. Washburn: Fu- ture vocation. Physical Training Teacher. LVNDGREN. BERNICE tBITNl : S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Stenography: Future vocation. Stenographer. McADAMS. THELMA KMACKYJ: Y. XV. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Science: Future vocation. Nurse. McCLASKEY. EVA BELLE: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Story Telling Club: Y. W. C. A.: Classical Club: Pia Societas: Vice President of Story Telling Club 'l1l: Treasurer of Story Telling Club '1S: Vice Presi- dent of Y. W. C. A. 'lS: Vice President of Classical Club '1S: Major interest. Languages: College. IVashburn: Future vocation. Music Teacher. McGAFFlN. EFGENE IIRISHJ: Glee Club: College. K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. Mechanical Engineer. McKOWN, LOUISE ILEEZJ: Pia Societas: A. A.: Debate Club: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Classical Club: Annual Staff 'iflz World Staff 'lS: Major interest. Languages: College. Vassar: Fu- ture Vocation. Actress. Page Forty-Six McNEELY. Zl'MA 1TOMb: Y. W. C. A.: Orchestra: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Future vocation. Office Work. MAJQR. PORT: A. A.: S. P. E. A. R. S.: Major interest. Mathematics: I uture vocation. Accountant. MARCH. MCRIEI.: Pia Societas: S. H. I. E. L. IJ, S.: A. A.: Classical Club: Treasurer of Pia Societas: Major interest. Languages. MAXWELL. FLORENCE 1Pl'NCHr : Y. W. C. A.: S. H. l. E. L. Il, S.: Major interest. Mathematics. Business College: Future Vocation. Bookkeeper and Stenographer. MEAD. NURMA-: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll: Major interest. Domestic Science: College. K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. Dietitian. MERRIAM-. JACK: Junior C. of C.: Hi Y.: S. P. E. A. R. S.: Secretary ot Junior C. of C. '1S: Editor of World: Animal Staff: S. A. T. C.: Honor Roll: Major interest. History: Colleges. XVashburn. l'niyer- sity of Pennsylvania: Future Vocation. Banker. ' MILES. MARGARET AILEEN: Major interest. Science. MILLER. EVA: Y. AY. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Major in- terest. Sewing: College. National Park Seminary. Washington: Fu- ture vocation. Secretary. MINER. FAYE tTOTUl : S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. XI. C. A.: Glee Club: Honor Roll: Major interests. Music. Arts: College. Lindsborg. MUTEN. ORYETTA 1BILLYb: College. Chicago I'niversity: Future Voc-ation. Kindergarten Teacher. MURPHY. GLADYS: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Major interests, His- tory. Sewing: Future Vocation. Teacher. MYER. EDITH: Y. XY. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. IJ. S.: Major interest. Foreign Languages: College. Washburn. NEWBOLD. HELEN LOUISE: Y. XV. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interests. Mathematics. History: College. Emporia State Normal: Future vocation. Teacher. NEW1-ZLL. LEUNA YLE1 : S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Pia Societas: Honor Roll: Major interest, English: Future vocation. Stenographer. ODELL. DOROTHY fDORTl : Future vocation. Teacher. PAGE. HAZEI, MERIEL: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Rusi- ness Subjects: Future vocation. Housekeeping. PARR. EULA LEA: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interests. Spanish. History: Future vocation. Business. PAXTON. ESTHER BEVERLY: Glee Club '16-'17: Dramatic Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Vice President of Class '1S: Secretary of Class '1ir: Chairman of Social Committee '1S: Dramatic Contest 17: An- nual Staff: 'World Staff '1S: Major interests. English. Dramatic Art: Future vocation. Lyceum. v 1 . XPNIXX SHII LDS Y XI.l.A.. PITCHER. HELEN C INC H I S. . . C. . . C.: . Major interest. Physics: Future vocation. Teacher. D PULLEY. LEWIS W. ll ULLYI 1 .Iunior C. of C.: Hi Y.: Glee Club : S. P. E. A. R. S.: President of Class '1S: President of Junior C. of C.: Major interest. Mechanical Arts: College. K. S. A. C.: Future Vocation. Mechanical Engxincer. PRICE. SHEPARD YSHEPP : S, P. E. A. R. S.: Major interest. Elec- tricity: Future vocation. Electrical Engineer. RAINES. IYAH: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: A. A.: Scribblers' Club: Secretary of Scribblers' Club: Honor Roll: Major interest. Lanfruagesz College. Washburn: Future vocation. Lawyer. RAPH. MARJORIE: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Dancing. RECKARDS. LHFISE fOl'l 0l'Ib : Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Secretary of S. I-I. I. E. L. D. S. '1S: "Hermit of Hawaii": Major interest. Music: College. K Il. REITMAN. HELEN M.: Forensic Club: A. A.: Sto1'y Telling Club: Scribblersf Club: Y. XV. C. A.: Pia Societas: Alumni Editor of XVorld: President of Story Telling Club: World Reporter: College. Vniyersity of Michigan: Future vocation. Journalist. RISTEEN, HARRIETT: Glee Club: Dramatic Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Dramatics: Future vocation. Dramatic Art. RHDGERS, MARY: Y. W. C. A.: French Club: A. A.: Classical Club: S. H. l. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Psychology: College. Sacred Heart Convent: Future vocation. Movie Star. SAGE. EMMA lRlLLb 1 Y W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll. Major interests. Latin. English: College. XYashburn: Future Voca- tion. History Teacher. SAYVYER. MARGCERITE E. fMAGGIEi: Y. AV. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Honor Roll '1S: Future Vocation. Office Work SCHWARTZ. M. ELSPEY fBETSEYm : Glee Club: A. A.: Y . AY. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Secretary of S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major in- terest. Music: College. Baker: Future vocation. Director of Public School Music. SCOTT. RACHEL fSCOTTYJ: Y. AY. C. A.: S. H. I. E. Major interest. Languafies: College. K. S. A. C. L. D. S.: SEYROLD. RVTH: Scribblers' Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major in- terest. Drama tic Work. SHARP. FRANCIS RAYMOND: College. AVEISIIDIITIIZ Future Vocation. La wyer. SIEBEN. CHARLES QCHILLEJ : Hi Y.: Junior C. of C.: A. ' E. A. R. S.: Captain of Mechanical Drawing Class: A. . S. P. Captain of Wood Work Class: Major interest. Mechanical Drawing: Santa Fe Apprentice: Future vocation. Mechanical Engineer. Pa ge Forty-Seven SHONER. SARAH R.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Lan- THOMPSON, ELIZABETH: T. H. S. Y. IV. C. A.: T. H. S. A. A.3 guagesg College. Wasliburn: Future Von-ation. Music. S. H. I. E, I., D, S.: Classical Club: French Club: Dramatic Club s1i.VnRTHo1zNi-1. sY1.Y1A E1.o1s1c fs11.V1-:ul 1 Y. W, e. A.: lar-mire '171 VM' 1'1'?Sm':'11f of Fmmll Club 1185 Major i'm'feSf' Mt? Col' Club: A. A.: Glee Club: Girls' Quai-tette: Classical Club: Serib- 144141. llffllllllliltll Future vocation. Designer. blers' Club: President of S. H. I. E. L. D. S. '17: President of De- Tll'TUN. DEAN tTlI'l : Hi Y.: S. I'. E. A. li. S.: Major interest, bate Club '1Sl: Leading soloist in operas. "Little Tycoon" anll "Her- HiSf0l'YZ I10Ill'?3ff'5- K- V-- I-Vlflllfl Sf2l1lf01'fl- init of Hawaii": Major interest. Music: Colleges. Washburn. North- VAN Hfjllx. AIHQIAAI fljfjfw 3 111-glmglfip Clulpg 1,1199 Club '1Tg Y, XV, IWSTWII I'illVP1'SiU'Z Fllfllft' V0l'i1Ti0l1- S0l0iST- C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Serretary of Dramatic: Club: Senior SLOAN.. ETHEI. MAE: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: A. A.: Major interest, Plfli' f'011lll1iIff'l'1 Collvxe. W21Sl1bU1'l1- Hirwlwr College. Baker: Future voratiorl. Nurse. WAIQIJ. ICVNICIC: S. II. I. I-I. I.. D. S.: Major lim-1-est. English: Col- SUVDERS. DOROTHY tDOTl: Glee Club: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: See- 10510. 1'3111D0l'i211 FIITIIW V0l'21fiU11- Tf'f1f'lW1'- retary of Class '1S: World Reporter for S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major XYAYCI-IOI+'l+', IZA13ICI.g S, H. I. I-1 I., D. S.. T, I-I, S. Y. XY. C. A.: i11ft'1'ltST- Mlwifi f.'0llPgf'- W2lSl1l1111'1l- Major interests. Boolrkeepiinfr. Languages: Future vor-ation. Book- SPCRRIER. FLORENE QTIGD: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: lWl'lJ1'1'- A. A.: Major interest. Language: Striekler's Business College: Fu- WEHE. WINIFRED: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Typewrit- ture vovation. Stenograplier and Bookkeeper. ing: Future vocation. Stenograplier. STANDIFURD. CECIL lSTANNYl: Hi Y.: S. l'. E. A. Ii. S.: .lunior WELTUN. MILDRED tMILl: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. of C.: Basket Ball: Football: Track: Presiclent .lune 'lflz Cap- C. A.: Honor Roll: Major interest. Matlieuiaties. tain of Basket Ball Team: Major interest. Atliletivs. XX'HICI.1IAEIi. KATHARINE B. fKAxT1iINIi, - Y- W- 41' A.: gh H- In E, STI-IELI-1. H1-11.1-IN I,UI'1Sl4I lHI'LI,ypg Y, W. C, Ahg S, H, I. I-1. I., L. D. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: l'ia Soeietas: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Major D. S.: A. A.: Story Telling Club: Classieal Club '10-'l7: Y. W. C. A. interest. lrangruagesz College. Washburn: Future vor-ation. Y. XY. Cabinet 'IN-'lilz Major interest. Doinestie Science: College. Wash- C. A. SE'CI'4'fil1'Y- burn. IVILSON. MARGARET lMAliGl: Story Telling Club: Y. AY. C. A.: S1'0q"K. IQUY lg'fqwKy,3 S. 11- 1.3. A. IL g-3 A. A-1 Majm- ilmiwgf. S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Seribblers' Club: World Staff 'lS: Major in- Mvtlmniml Dmwiug. Fm-ul... vmatiml' Mm.1ml1i..' lerest. Journalisni: College. K. I'.: Future Vol-ation. Journalist. swovrna. rAi'1-1. s. II. 1. 1-1. L. 11. s.: najm- lim-I-I-sts. History. Mariie- WISMIUK- AMY INICZI Y. W. C. Au S. H. I. IG. L. D. S.: Purim- voca- nlatitsz College. Baker: Future voeation. Stenograplier. mm- BUSUIQSS- D IVOLFE. CLAYTON .I.: Hi Y.: .Iunior I'll2lIlIllP1' of Connneree: Glee ' Club: Treasurer of I-Ii Y.: Captain of English VI Class: Business Manager of Worlfl 'lS: Major interest. BTZIHICIIHIIICSI College. IYasl1- burn: Future vocation. Electrical Engineer. STI'RGl'ION. EDNA M. tEDDIICl: G1-ee Club: S. H. 1. IC. L. D. S. Captain of History V Class: Major interest. Musie: College. Eni- poria: Future vo:-ation. Teaelier. SWAHTZ- I-l'1Nf'11-X fl-1'31:3j1 S- PI- 1- 19- L- 12- S-1 H01101' H011 I-H NVOLFE. TH1-:LMA rRAR1sl: F1-I-ill-11 Club: Y. W. e. A.: S. H. 1. E. MHJHI' ll'f't"f'iSI- D"'1WSf1" ANZ felleae- IX- I - L. D. S.: Major interest. Art: College. IVasliburn: Future Vocation. TAMBLYN. VERA IVERI : S, I-I. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. I'l1y- Stenograplier. I sifal Training: College. AV2lSllllll1'llI Future Voeation. Gym Teaeller, Yfjt'I'3I. Iglhxxflllq fgulfly, : Ihulmim. muh. T- HA S. A. AA. Story '1'AsKl-in. ANNA I.oI'Is1-I lANNIIC-E-El: Art Guild: T. H. A, A.: Telliuu Club: Y. W. C. A.: S. H. I. IC. L. D. S.: M21.if11' interests. T. H. S. Y. XY. C. A.: Classiral Club: S, H. I. IC. L. D. S.: Erlitor HHQIISII- 51501100- of World '15I: Major interests. English. Art: College. AV2lSlllllIl'llI YUVNG. IYRETA: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: Soc-ial Com- FIITIIH' VfH'2lTi0ll- -l01l1'112lliSf- IIIITICC 'itil Secretary of S. H. I. E. L. D. S. 'lS: Honor Roll: Major TAYLOR. OTA ISAVATZYM T. H. S. A. A.: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: l1lff'tl't'Nl-l7'l11WFTl1'Al'T- T. H. S. Y. W. C, A.: Major interest. Music: College. Av?lSlllllll'llI ZIRKLE. ZOLA: S. H. I. E. L. D. S.: Major interest. Bookkeeping: Future vovation. Music Teacflier. Business College: Future vocation. Bookkeeper. V Page Forty-Eight zlfw Y' X X . fi,- I --...J "4-- ,4x,, N A X W eff fr . f-I 1-l!'V1LLQN?-N15 Kg-'Q L L1 t W1 A W! , VH 'WEHW-ff'M'1S YEVSQ roam. 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I-Jain,-, CIAA Iirllmn. nl-ef why we off ' -Km, 'Ur " ,,1- uf. 1 ' x-.1-y'3 -,j 1 "PML D0"fffX'ff ouqgd Mine '., 1- 1- 3 I S ,. g, 1,1 .1 . A uzlprq Bucfisr M Sec-.' -. -fww:-:wf mxmm wamxe Page Fifty-Threp Y f ' 7 FORMER STUDENT pjbojqfo. .1 'f' BACK FROM rkoml '5 l f TOE? , k LAMY cumsnc. HOME FROM, DAY AND NAMENT S '09 43'-Q 'vo 'Sk SATU 69 7 '71 J .7 60 'rnmxcui-:s 2 RDAY - l, d,?n'2' . f , wx , 0 i UL, Eg In I '7,, R IQROM. ll fd ld 1- If 581- of WMO , . ' I . Tells Many Tales of Soldiers' Life. B '40 ,"u,"'n4,"lf4. 44 in in progrehs ,4 . D , . '70, "0 Pos' UQ A debave has he Junior Som A - - iswn 1- J' I N i6 bers of f ' . With a memory stored with sights wx 5upK'W 910,211 3 among mem whether 3 sumo that he is 'doing his best to forget-3 Under Ycrsongi OQYL ' ommittee 35 my n this year' Th a fornier high school boy, Lamy Gil- ,ERYYE K0 ' ,hy . O mm Shall be gwe dexegawd Lo T-ll berg, is home from France. Lamy XSS MAQULU V2 Z., ld custom has heenrecent terms bu enlisted wherrhe was only 17 years Nl Fvgday- C7 background 601123 S to be th, of age, leaving the Topeka High tang v.o6i15"S.i Q, N -I , valent belief Seem , T H School to go to Jetferson Barracks, Sung: N. mill i. - Wh I the Prem be re-esmhlished m ' and from there to Fort Totten, andy Yom' X2 aiWfn00n:' Y not try the 'i Shou r to Fort Scott, New York After thatl A for STN? K- Uioolls . training he was sent abroad and WBS SQQBM 50, rev ai ex Q P J in service for six months. ' -A ' 1 , The wh railway amuery, to W ' Univ ilberg belonged, carried he . S jail, I illery on railway trucks, g ' - ' y G f foot soldiers for the THES 100,71 III 4 ack. The work was A E FA Q rg-Iyih : the Marne sector. ----1 L' I LL D I Ib belonged The ..-,,. 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' giisi H0532 an rovekixii lhfdizie Sl, heart LJIOKE, l 'F ,hkflilhh Y-50 Klfzyfgr 11957 Shih U1 ml cp X 'ass Wereg' A glish SAC A pupil? biie iuiodyviqefl I ur I , eakgr - ,xzuvh 0 It I 0,711-0 f 11: "-fm, I 3 SU .J 6 1-25 ex2mYT:'a':ri?iizsL-nlulsgtfsiz Juan?-?. 'he 51YSml with .12 Gel-aldin bl Ill A l00lr':"11l1ipi"c1lfl In 7,5 'Fuulll mls C UNIOR ELECTION. , ms. jr ' ch in '. f ' -. e L, - 1 F 1- - , fa. -V nifnvlaifnggrnuvif eaeauscuonagl '-he' 1-Jgunz th, u ls as A 'X Sp .1 U4 fo Gil' ,fh"q,.c vaiffoofpf The 5 b, nm ina V may wwe une 1 ee, hee mg. I U .I r -.X I, I rw? 06.0, for 4. I ele tl u Juniors. held the. f I ,, a Shox aiovii given 3' - mug Vushfn ' 'f ,, "uv IQ, "M, p,. 11, 5 C lon Wednesd lr al .ev an Bench' ver 599' fe Str. gl-y A HM 'r-,, 'Imp Ih- b - Q hey a f H 3Y. October 1 mostgrxiswish rgsogagihinssxi lngm irq 1,25 0211 l,,,,H I 'ok In . Nm!! iqE,nSG' th ht helprekegg oltlinpepw and are goin j . 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Jie 1.95 Opeka Sc OO MXL 8, fwnn ,W AS hon 6 .6 in S SOC1a ,WT-U1 L many of h Qtudenfa of T l are wondering e L oo has a footbal team t aS an '1 Hg ting team at at 1 coun of he recent tpidernic t t m has had no c ance to dis ay s a :li e team was to ave pla e t Joseph las Saturda u account of he F eil ra mr: t ere 1 e game was caled o a ,ubmtute the s ua pla ed ashnurn n the remaining team vul ma e a ne showin one that hc- so nore- ruttestude smay anves on t 0 Eel t FP? Q I AM BACKING A FRENCH T 7' . T A , ' yn - l X X I I l Athi fit' I I ---W - Y- txt- X. If Uouhzliss ' t e ' . l. S, ' ' f if th s'h I .' l " . l hxfd, h' gh, On .CH t I ' ' ' ' he ca h 'pl X ' it hwy. Th - h 'yd,-V. r ybtf on " t " lu" .t'l Q' h- h ' 1 ff As -' U Q d .V W- ' . I "' games the "1 lf fi ' B, t hool will be proud of, ' g I d r h, h .' nt be acquainted with their represent- ' A h d, he following is an introduction to the first team and th . ubstitutos, together with their classification and nick names. Bruck"HoLg"g Center: Junior. ,,v CharlesworthN"CharIy"g Right Guardg 1 wvmext-EI", Left Guardy sub Junior. Seeve-rsx"Must-"5 Left Endp Junior. Stanz1i:'nnlx"Stan"g Ri h p i ' ,I Simpsonxf' ' , " "Q Left Te Xa- bu! - k i - - f, E I HJR h I - ' r B ' if XMB y"g 1 0 x.. at H: - I: G91 I -. ,Xe si. A . ' ' , 1 S b ' - ff I I, ' ' N" P "J ' ' 1 J - . ' h'. ' ' with V 00" . F 0 ' . X 1-0 11 KS s, C 0 II P , Rv 0 0 2 ,, o' Z' o t 5 0 0 A ' X' o S 6 6 1:5 0 0 2 P 4 0 0 4 7' 0 7' 0 ol 0 15 e 56 0 I 1 001 ,, 19,50 4 33,6 ja 0 ,ls 67375 7 0 I 1 ,. dp, a 7' '29, 047 1 4' S P fa ' 07 6 I I S G , , It 4 ,I , I an fl 6 G 1, S019 0 X 'la ,6 G food :lqj P A GQ' 4' or' to 4 6 JY A "fb 50 I6 P0 59 1 t ll I g t End Suj aptam Punk W Parr l'u ig t Tac le Jumo lltr Hank Quarter S Umbra 0 QU? fllffilflf lfliiiifiiinnnf Brewster LittlgeArt Ligizhilzllla fs S Cup X Anflersor Andy ui Senior KEEEMZ by a Centez o ar 1 19935 2 TEAM Mon Game 43,0 Ig '19 Hna f r Guazd X . oots Half 'VOT tm crlltlon of the 1 lp ' - acquainted with 1 'Wat ....,, I IIV3 gym?-YT if , he? w .12 rowm 0g AL, at rlbror 514 47 6:1704 N ATCHIS X If BV-R MED ,nest CO4 'be in one 'l' ff If Ghlp f ON 'S DE Y vggkrloy an 0' K ,f"1sfZ's'5al-A5 ,Z"'4',sZ7" '21 , ' 39-2z ENE .ER H nite' I 3' 0001 Of '716 We 'flea - ff ' 7' Ev B3 e- acw 3- Sb 61 .s-10 G6 hw 'be . 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Pff , 1,5 'fe G 017, Woe 86 04' 4 Q89 001 , 'lp ' .f 4 1355 on - 6 1 01- 'bo 0 G1 Q L9 A 1' 'V Y, 1 le ' H',f-a11m'l for "" """' I . ,N 4 1: 19912 -"6-5.66 fg ,,A47JfQi 'fiffnf og 'GQ 94.625, 0 8 S0 . m vES- D5 ' 5 wi . 11. ' , 1, In V, 0 . epnre 2111 Of' W" 1, 'Va '70 of 0 . 2' .45 " 0 I 138 0 of N Tea ff f1yi""'E V W' In11s1ur1wfSSl'a'1"e,ablf,f,Z,:r1orA211il Pu' 02' ,',. as -- 7' ' Ba Qs? at 'S 'af .f 1 '7' M -after Years to r0Pf' - ,ol expect:-fl Um, . ,H ,,,e,11nthB 11355 , .NWI U n. M-1. . 0 x. Q, On, 100 , Q oo 4, Olcoct. left us, mis ziump -' , sc,ffMQf"a,,,,ough some1I1fnfH:injijmar,-subfags Snaultzplwxg Wwggcs gout ,be ,Maw 8-,aah ,ZW 0,66 080 may Miss Stall? H- S.. bask of Osage l -' ""' NIM ,wgional swfiy Hf'?f'me0" :fg0,,lir1tI1iSfn3Uf'? ue5T,eQel,pr'1fl"ii "Gmc Walk F 064' 804' G' 4. 0600 Of 40 451' af . "" 'n " - of cleinqnt af her von 9 fl1"9V0"rcordM1Co?pn?rl Henna ncknowlerlge th 0 eco 60216 we C761 I 60,6 ,gas so I 1170 H ' W '- ' .1 -'H hellltpl - 1' ' Oy af j t Q nj 0 l72'7QpQ+i93 1 Q: A ll:3tqi1?lur2i:rrYil'I!- Slum-rely ynllri S S'?O"IZw aolyolid 6J:vQA'7'Zg 07 33,806 ' f: 6' aff ' " 4 11-mmf 'ba 'iv '90 J' 1, 0- 01911 ,Q kappa, ll of 'QW A ' Mo Of' . LU' 1' AG, lbw- 0931- 'xv' 011 277 K 'QH77 I X 7, 16? 'fi "Lf, , .3375 XJ? ' 1 JXZ Z-"' X QLD" Lolzxffbovfif- N-,part-nz. ,L +06 va 4' - -Y Y: in- EE UPQ1, 'poo Nr ' a. A9811 f- SBNFK om'-I R H c""""' VEC'- e, . -.SiX Flfty Page Ly., .........,,, ..., ..... .nf lla' ....,.........,...v........ ...T 3 x X ,M ami 0, .31- Fifty-SPX W11e11 a Pellet Needs 61 F1'iQ1'1Cl When the tardy bell rings as you have your hand on your class room door and you remember that one hour penalty. lVhen you tlunk in that French test. NVhen you fall up those stairs with a great elatter. trying to sneak up to the library in the middle of the first hour. lVhen your department of the Annual is completed and you think how nice it will be to take life easy for a while and you are assigned another page of solid copy. lVhen Miss Montieth says. "Boy. boy! Don't you ever study?" and you have been up most of the night, before trying to learn the Pythagorean Theorem and are so fussed you have forgotten anything you knew. lYhen you put off your history readings until the last day and find that all the books you needed are checked out. XVhen you wear a becoming brown derby and- lt's a nice day today if it does not rain. isn't it? XVhen it is announced that the time-honored eustom of a week's free- dom at the P1141 of the term for Seniors will not be granted. When you have to stand before a sea of faves in assembly for the first time a11d tell them how you know they are in a hurry to get to their next hour class- XVhen your term topic in Economics is due and you are well informed on the eorrect teeing of a golf ball but know little of tl1e cost ot the criminal classes. When Mr. White "kids" you about your girl in commercial law elass. When you take your girl to Tully's for a drink and remember you spe11t your last dime for lunch. When you negleet that third hour lesson beeause of a promised as- sembly and then the speaker is unavoidably detained, When your report card shows numerous ap-parent-ly unaccountable absences. When you have been elected class captain. the teacher leaves the room and you have failed to study your lesson. When Dad says: "No more running around evenings until your name is on the honor roll"-and you never received an "E" in your life, When the proof comes back from Kelly's and there are only nine of the required sixteen galleys for the World. XVhen you receive a "See me at once" slip. When you have forgotten to have a Current Event for History and Miss Hulse says: "Then have six tomorrow." When you are rather short and hear some mighty upper elass men laughing: at you and saying: that the door knobs will have to be lowered pretty soon so the Freshman can get in class. When it is your first day in school and you are directed by some oblig- ing Sophomore to Room 10 o11 the third floor. When you are rushing along to get up to the fourth floor for class a11d a squad of girls saunterinu up the first flight completely blocks your progress. Page Fifty-Eight X fx S. T. A. R. S B. A. R. S 1'1'eside11t ...... Vice 1'1'e-sideilt .... SGC1'9tii1'V ...... T1'92lSll1't-xl' ...... S4:'1'g't-'illll'-ilY-A1'1l1N. . . I'1'esi4Ie11t ...... Vice I'1'eside111t. S9l'l'i-'fEl1'j' ...... Treasurer ...... XV0l'lIl Repv11'te'1' Sopholllore Sulr-Ju11io1' VI X94 A The Ja11ua1'g ,Q0,s IJVISICIIS: Miss Htlllgllfflll. Mr. 151:42 M1 CLASS CUIAJIQS: 1121113011 :md Gray. CIEISS . . . .f'lms. Ho1111z111 , .BIiil'g21l't'f 3101-115 .Alive BIOIWPIIOUSL' ,.T1lG11.l1E1 Hobson .....i'l1:1s. T?lSk4-'l' .. . . .i'l111s. Tasker .1i:11pl1 Burklioldvi' . .BI2l1'gHl'0f Mo1'11s .BI?l.ll1'iI'0 Seewix .. .XVi1l1Ill' Nvlsou Officers I'1'0sidv11f ....... Vive I'1'eside11t, . . SOC1'Uf211'V ,..... . 'l'1'w1s111'e1' ....... World 1fPIJ0l'fl'I'. . 1'1'cside11r .... Vice l'1'e-side111. . SPC1'E'fil1'V ...... T1'l'2iSlU'f 1,'. ...... XVu1'1d Re11o1'le.'.. Bill'llPS. Jllllilll' ..,... ,..f'l?11'Plll'0 Simpson . . .Mauricv Seevers ... . ..1IIl1'iPi Lylllklll EIiZ2:illl'Tll Van Ness .... . .f'l1aS. Taskei' S1111-S9Ili01' . . . . . . . . . ..3I2lll1'iC'6 S91-'VPl'S . . . . .Eliot White . . . . . .lillfll Lvrrigo . . . ..3IlI1'iP1 Ly111a11 Tl1eod01'o 1,iiff01'S011 PagQ Sixty-Two Wan A Ewpcffelf C66 'Lance Wfffn liffm' 'ff Cm WW '5U'bC"C' WOW Gwfqc W M ff I N I 'lh V Wm H Eliof VVhif'e A 77pe!ma Johnjfoh , chC1Vle5 E. Hofmdn K N Chevsferl. Zooh fffZ0b2fh Show F"C"7C'5 M W'750n ' T'rrStI Marquerife Buckhehn Wa lfer Urban , ' "'f'5? , A 4:24 , 47 54 .f We da Jmifh Phfi Goulf Fiufh Thoroman 1 Thelma Wal lack Page Sit F e Cllldbefh V012 Ness Howarduf Carswe ll A MUFI' e Joh H5 on A , fre d ,Glass 51,5 ge Lqyd . Theodore Pa fferfafx ge-S US Quffw 5 wffzer Cfoldwgll Buck Charles E.VVaT.5or: Witbuf' Nelson Erma 5 Gardner Aibqrf L.Euwer llIII!II!IlllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllIllIIlllIlllII!IIIlI! HIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIHllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI S. T. A. R. S. Pres.. .A.. Ruth Lerrigo V. P. .Thelma Johnston Sec-y. . .Ruth Thoromau . A. R. Preg ...... YVa1'1'eu Parr' Y. Pres.. .George Pruce Secy.. .Maurice Seevers Treasljlarence Simpson Nfldfed Havens B 5 N , IIIllIlllllIIIlIlllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lmnllllllulnnuluIInIInlullllllnllllllnllllllllll Page Sixty-Seven January 720 lclentiiication Tags BAER. PEARL: T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S. BRADSHAXV. GERTRVDE: T. H. S. A. A. BRAIN. ELLEN: T. H. S. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. Science: College. Northwestern University: Vocation. unflecimleil. BRUCE. GEORGE XV. tSORGUM7: Junior Chaniber of Connnerce: Track '17, 'lS. '19: Football HS: Serg:eant-at-Arins of Class 'Ing Vice President B. A. R. S.: Lithographing Manager of Animal '1!b: Major inte1'est. Mechanical Drawing: College. Washburn: Future Vocation. Electrical Engineer. BCCKHEIM. MARGIIERITE tMARGYi : S. T. A. R. S.: T. H. S. A. A. : Major interest. History: College. inirlecidecl. BCCK. CALDWELL tBUCK1EJ: T. H. S. A. A.: Classical Club: Junior Chainber of Coniuierce: Hi Y.: B. A. R. S.: Business Man- ager of Classical Club: Honor Roll: Major interest. Matheinatics and Science: College, Washburn: Future vocation. Structural Engi- neer. CARSWELL. HOWARD fTOATSj : T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Honor Roll: Major interest. Matheinaticsg Future vocation. Mechanical Engineer. COVERT. LESTER: Hi Y.: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Mechanical Drawing and Matheinatics: College. K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. En,1:ineerin,f:. COHI-IN. CYRVS fCYb: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S. CRAWFORD. GLADYS FAYE: T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: S. T. A. R. Treasurer of S. T. A. R. S. '1!i: Major interest. His- tory: College, Washburn: Future vocation. Kindergarten Teacher. CROWDER. EDWARD KSHORTYU 1 T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: lnter- class Basketball: College. K. S. A. A.: Future vocation. Engineering. CCNNINGHAM. JOSEPHINE: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. English and Matheniatics: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Concert Pianist. DE PRIEST. PIERRE: T. H. S. A. A.: College. l'niVersity of Chicago: Future vocation. Business. EDSON. MAVRICE KMALLYJ : T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. driv- ing his Brush: College. K. F. or Washburn. EVWER. ALBERT KALQ: T. H. S. A. A.: Hi Y.: Debate Club: Dra- matic Club: B. A. R. S.: Junior Chaniber of Connnerce: College. FIIILER. MARTHA tFlIJDLI'ZJ: T. Il. S. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: College. I'ncertain: Future vocation. XVants to live up to name and be a violinist tficlfllerl. GARDNER. ERMA SARAH: T. II. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. XV. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S: Classical Club: Honor Roll: Major interest. History and Mathematics: College. Emporia State Normal: Future Voca- tion. Teacher. GAI LT. PHIL: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Honor Roll. GILBERG. LAMY: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S. GILMORE. .IOSEPHINE IJOJ: T. H. S. A. A. GLASS, FRED T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Junior Chaniber of Coni- inercez Major interest. Chemistry: College. Rensselaer Polytecllnical School: Future vocation. Cheuiical Eiigineer. GRIEST, LOUISE A.: T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Story Tellinf: Club: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet: Treasurer Y. XV. C. A. '1S: Honor Roll: Major interest. Languages. Spanish: College. XVashburn: Future vocation. Language Teacher. GRIFFITH. ANNA MAI rANNr: T. H. S. A. A.: Major interest. Music: College. Drake l'niVersity: Future vocation. Music Teacher. HEIL. WENDELL fl'ETEJ : T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Major inter- est. Science: Future vocation. undecided. HEMVS. MARJORIE IMARGYJ : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. AV. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Honor Roll: Art Department ot Annual: Major in- terest. English and History: Future vocation. Surgical Nurse. HOBSON. THELMA fSTEVEDOREp : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. XV. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Treasurer Class '17: Chairman Social Coin- niittee 'lS: Treasurer Y. XV. C. A. 'IS-'15i: Honor Roll '1S: College. lVashburn. HOLMAN. CHARLES fCHl'CKh: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Dra- niatic Club: President Class '17: President Draniatic Club '1S-'liiz Vice Presitlent B. A. R. S. 'lS: Assistant Business Manager Sun- flower 'lirz Lost-A Chaperon 'ISM Major interest. Mathematics: College. Vniversity of Cincinnati. JOHNSON. MARIE: T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Major interest. English: Future vocation. Stenographer. JOHNSTON. THELMA KTHELD : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Vice Presirlent S. T. A. R. S. 'lflz College. unrlecirlefl. K. S. A. C.: Future vocation. Banker. JONES. HVEKETT: T. H- 3- A. A. F-XDI'7LHY- RWHARD1 T' H' S' -Y A- mnmiicn. HFGH renicwiicm 1 T. H. s. A, A.: B. A. R. S.: Major FAFST. GEKALDINEZ T- H- S- A. A. interest. History: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Lawyer. Page Sixty-Eifzht LARSON. HLANCHE: T. H. S. A. A. LERRIGO. RI'TH A. tRI'FI'Sl : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Girls' Glee Club: S. T. A. R. S.: Treasurer T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.' Glass NYorld Reporter '1S: Secretary Class '1!i: President S. T Ay h. S. '1Sl: Honor Roll: Major interest. English: College. Washburn: Future vocation. undecided. LLOYD. ELSIE: T. H. S. A. A.: T. I-I. S. Y. W. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Major interest. Music: Future vocation. Business. LYMAN. MVRIEL QTOOTSH: T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: S T X R S ' Vice President S T X R S '1S Seue ss. rx. .... -. .. .. -:I :'taryCla:."1N: Treasurer Class 'ISM Annual Staff: Major interest. Aesthetic Dancing and Latin: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Music. McKEE. HARRY L. IDICKD : T. H. S. A. A.: Boys' Glee Club: .Junior Chamber of Commerce: Manager Boys' Glee Club: Major interest, Music: Future vocation. Physician. McKEE. MABI-IL IMAREI : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Girls' Glee Club: College. K. I'.: Future vocation. Music. MARSH. BEN: T. H. S. A. A.: R. A. R. S.: Basketball 'IS: Football '1Sb: Captain Second Team. MARTIN. CONSTANCE ICONNIEM T. H. S. A. A.: S. 'l'. A. R. S.: Honor Roll : Major interest. English and Journalism: College. K. II.: Future vocation. Journalism or Research Work. MOORE. MARION 4MOOREr : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. History: College. K. I'. or XYashburn: Future voca- tio11. Lawyer. MORNS. MARGARET IMAGGIE .IANEP : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Dramatic Club: Glee Club: Vice President Class 'I7: Secretary Class '1S: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Get Married. NEIL. GEORGE W. 4COOTlEr : T. H. S. A. A.: Hi Y.: Roys' Working Reserve: Junior C. of C.: Treasurer Junior C. of C. 'ISM President Boys' Working Reserve 'IS: Major interest. Aviation: College. Some Teclmical School: Future vocation. Aeronautical Work. NELSON. XYILBVR IPREACHH T. H. S. A. A.: R. A. R. S.: Roys' Glee Club: Hi Y.: Chairman Devotional Connnittee Hi Y.: World Reporter Class 'IS: Major interest. Music: College. XYashburn. PARR. XVARREN 4CI'Br : B. A. R. S.: T. H. S. A. A.: Junior Chamber of Commerce: Basketball 'IS-'I!b: Football 'IS-'15b: Director Junior Chamber of Commerce: 2 All Star Basketball Teams: President B. A. R. S. '1Si: Honor Roll: Major interest. Mathematics: College. I'nited States Naval Academy: Future vocation. Naval Officer. PATTERSON. THEODORE G. fI'ATi : .Iunior Chamber of Commerce: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: XVorld Reporter B. A. R. S. 'ISM Major interest. Mathematics and Mechanical Drawing: College. K. IT.: Future vocation. Electrical Engineer. REFFELT. FRANK: T. H. S. A. A.: Football 319: B. A. R. S.: Major interest, History: College. Washburn. REYNOLDS. MYRTLE: T. H. S. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Future vocation. Office Work. ROGERS. CHARLES QCHFCKP I T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Football 'IS-'ISL SHANV. ELIZABETH IBEETSI : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R . S.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: Major interest. Music: Future vocation. Music Teacher. SHVTT, ISABEL MARIE KBILLIEJ: T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. YV. C. A.: Dramatic Club: Major interest. Sewing a11d Domestic Science: College. Emporia: Future vocation. Sewing Teacher. SIMPSON. CLARENCE IPIlNKl: Hi Y.: .Iunior Chambe r of Com- merce: T. H. S. A. A.: Football '17-'1S: Basketball '1S-'19: Track 'IS-'1!l: President Class '1S: P1'esident B. A. R. S. '17: Hi Y. 'IS: Captain Football Team '1S: Treasurer B. A. Director .Iunior Chamber of Commerce: Three All Star President R. S. '19 : Basketball Teams '1Sl: Three Medals in Track '1S: Major interest. Getting his teeth filled: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Lawyer. SIROIS. GEORGE: T. H. S. A. A. SMITH. FREDA KFRITZM T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Club: President S. T. A. R. S. '1S: College. XVashburn. Dramatic SMITH, JAMES R.: T. H. S. A. A.: College, Washburn: Future voca- tion. Lawye1'. STICKEL. ARTHFR IARTH : T. H. S. A. A. SNYITZER. RVTH KRVTHIED : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. NV C X ' S. T. A. R. S.: Major interest. Languages: College. XVashburn: Future vocation. Getting Married. TASKER. CHARLES KCHICKW: T. H. S. A. A.: B. A. R. S.: Junior Chamber of Commerce: Hi Y.: Boys' Glee Club: President World Reporter Class '17: World Reporter Hi Y. '1SJ: Class '17 : Inte1'class Basketball '19: Major interest. Science: College. Washburn: Future vocation. Surgeon. THOROMAN. RUTH KRVTHIEU : T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. XV C A ' S. T. A. R. S.: Secretary S. T. A. R. S. 'I9: Treasurer Class 'IT: College. XVashburn or K. If : THRAPP. ALICE lALLYb: T. H. S. A. A.: T. H. S. Y. W. C. A.: World Staff: Secretary Class '1S: College. Washburn: Fu tion. Cabaret Dancer. ture voca- VAN NESS. ELIZABETH IRETTYJ : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Orchestra: Manager Orchestra '18-'ISM Treasurer Class '1S: Major inte1'est. Music: College. Ottawa University. XVALLACE. THELMA tPATSYl : T. H. S. A. A.: S. T. A. R. S.: Major interest. English and History: College. XVashburn. Page Sixty-Nine WATTS. HAHISARA: T. H. S. A. A.: Fururo Voc-utimi, Hffiw Work. WILS1 DN. FKANVIS MA1i4'I'1I.LIfS HVRANKQ: T. H. S. A. A.g Dlfi' W1-jHpj. Alllglqlgq' ,AIA Z T' H- gl A- A.: Hi Y.: T,-mNlll...l. Svimm. 1ll2lf'il'f'lllllZ .Iunior f'l1:1111bL-1' of f'0u11nc1'ceg Vice Presidellt D1'aIl121t1C Club '1T: Honor Roll: Major intvrvsf, BI2lfll1"Ill2lfil'SI Vullvirv. AVQISII- filllhl MHJQ1' 1l:f1'1'f'Sf- 4IV1'2lIlHlfIf'HI UJIIOHO- WH1SlllH1l'11: I'lIfll1'9 vocal lllll'll1 Futurc V0i'21tiO1l, IC11gi11ce1'i11g. flflll. IJ:l11L'111,2 If-:1r'l1m. WHITE. I'II.IH'l' 4l'fI.b : T. H, S. A. A.: H. A. R. S.: Ili Y.: Viw Prvs- NVILKINSUN. NAN: T. H. S. A. A. ideut Hi Y. '1S: Yi:-0 Iwosiclvllt Class 'ISM Ffmtlnzxll 'lN: Iiuslwrlmll WWK t.Hl,qTl,R I 14,1114-fly, . Hi Y I T H. S. A' A-2 Major ilm,l.e,St. 519: Major immlest' Being Tmldy' Iilllsilwss: Frxllvgzc-. HSIKOI'VIviliVP1'Sifj'. XVILHITH. VICRN1 PN: T. H. S. A. A. llrulll ""l!"' lllllmlfl 'HH-4 will "" My ' - 1 'iw 9 mmf 'Q " ,' g'l A QULJ o , Kw ' ' LQ , 492 im' Ih,-M vVI,,e...u:, gig-,zgwllipz FO' 'l ..l12g.Q 3Q5.. 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'01-IW' ' 1' 1 F W X -gf, fx 1. F A - HE ep -Z J, j ajerlq so gb ooh rh 41,0 0 .xv vi, . en-'14, ., 1, 1 e 460 Lg fltll 118129, W yi 5 -. 4 131, lr , 0, B 1,1 op Sz 1915.932 0,7 Q fer 44, 1,8 I M . -Q w X - 0 OY 1, bn je a 4 41 Q In mam, ,J v . 51 .? X Nm 3 'ta Fife" t 59907 Q 'Mos' 0 6' 5 T- 1 Uv 7 Iaff T -1? Q C5 if Q4 5 1 ,if f H '55 F17 917115, 1' Q 6 A A g 5 RIVEO29 ' gb' Y' ff' ef 3 Q -1- ' 'F' is 1 O7 cv 4- , . 5 Q45 5 3' 7 Y I5 .ee N 6 A f -9 fs 6 5-2 3 G I A99 Q 9 XA ZX 7 ' ' U1 7 QWWK Q A? 2 4' .. J 1- gun K - if f"y,.,..,gW,:9 . X X' Y f 5 6 S YD 'da di X 0 .A . ff I bf" SPM X aw H Pige Sexentg S wen Calendar for 191849 S1111'Tl1IMB11lR 17- Scliool opens. lil11ll'31'g'il1'101l 111'1-11ks 11111s1- wit11 new sub-fresliies. F111re111'e .lElS1.11"1'Sl1ll 12111011 for one of the new t'1111l0l'S. S11l1'THM14ER 18-Y. XV. C. A. Starts Big Sister 11111v1-1111-11t. S1-V1-1'111 new classes f11rn1e11 to 111'1'111n111111111te st11111-nts f111'11e11 t11 sit 1111 the floors. S11ll'TICMBER 25--111112214 B1ilSt1l1 stirs our I11lf1'101lSl1l XV11l1,2l t111k 1111 "1':11'ifis111." t1t'TUBER 1-'Valley F11l1s loses t11 T. H. S. i11 first 1911111112111 31111111 of season. 11t"l'11RER 5 'fH11I'1'Hll1 I'11eXpe1'te11 V111-11ti1111. "Flu" 1-loses Sl'l100l for 1111'96 weeks. Joy registere11 21111111111 T. H. S. 1111111 new 1112111 of studying t111'11 V111-11tio11 is 2lI11l0111lf'E'l1. GLUOMZ 11l'TOBER 25- -A11ot11e1' Still' 111111e11 to our 111111111' roll: Miss 3111111111 Tll11l1.l11S011 le11ves for 11verse11s Kllltj' with Red Cross. N11V111MB11IR -1-f-School 11021111 11o111s meeting 211111 11e1'i11es t11 li'llg1lll'll s1-1111111 1111y 30 minutes 111111 t11 have 11ut o11e week f'l11'lSi'l11ZlS v111'11- tio11. M111'e Happiness! NDVI-IMI-SER T-S1-11001 re-opens wit11 IIPXY s11111-111111-. Al2l1'lll 111o1'ks work overtixue 11110111 N A, M. S1'11o111 s111e11s like hospital 211111 gloom is thicker than 11isi11fe1't1111ts. NOVEMBER 11-Take holi1111y with 11e1'1111'11ti1111 of 111111111-. 1'Zve1'y1111e stages Q1 NV21lli-0111, AVe1111es1111y i'Ol0l1l'2lflf111 e1111s i11 sorrow for SOIIIG' who 1190211110 too joyful. NOVEMBER 12A-T. H. S. 121111191195 1111 "11v111' the top" 1'111111111i:11 for the T-in-1 drive. NOVEMBER 14-'XVI11'lll st11ff puts 1111 farce i11 11ssen1111y to i11t1'1111u1'e l011fI-414'1lklYl'il iss11e of T11e W11r11l. After 112ll'li weeks 111111l'll21l1S1ll 1-111ss 1-ouies 0111 VlC10l'l0llS 111111 puts o11t 201111 paper. NOVEMBER 21-Girls vi1't11ri11us over hoys i11 thrift st1111111 1'11111p11ig11. 51.11211 to XNZ5. .FAXVARY 1-f 8111111111 1111 New YGQIIJS I111y. 119111-'1'2ll 1'E'S0l11l'l1'111 seems to 11e. "RG'S11lVl'l1. lll'Vl'l' t11 l1111k l111p11y 11g11i11." .AIIl01lll1 of work u11111e up 1111111151 the 1111y is 2l111i1Z1llfl. JANVARY ti- -Hi Y. se1111s 11G'fPg1lfk'S to 11111er Boys' l'011fE'l'01li'1' 11t S11li11:1. JANVARY N--Party i11 t11e 11ll11'211'y! New t111'11y rule e11f11r1'1-11 with result of 2111 At-Home 11113' for Miss Murphy. JANUARY 11-M11115' 11111111111 11s to 1l16'1l11l11,'Z' of "11sse111111y." This 11111-ient word IISP11 t11 1111111112 to e11u1'11ti1111 111111 11e thought useful. 11111 school 11uthorities 2l1l1p11i'i11l'd it. .IANVARY 14- fTe1'111 g:1'1111es out. Mercy! F111111 1J21l'l'l11'S 1'e1'eire Z1 l1l11XY when they see t11e "Failures," .IAXVARY 15 -1'111ss of 111151 l'l'21l'11GS the 1'1i11111x of their 111iSf01't1l1lQ5. S 1111111 111121111 vet1111s g1'1111u11ti1111 exe1'1'ises. Some people have 1111 1111- luck! .IANVARY 2-1--"1111st. A l'111111111'1111" 111'1-se11te11 115' .12111112l1'Y '19 class. ICX1'1-111111t 1-1111111115' S111111f11'1l'11 113' 111111111111 1'11st. .IANVARY LBS- Seiiiors. S1111-S1-11i111's. 211111 .ll1111f11'S l'lUf't 1111it111'-i11-cliief for A111111111 for three 1-lnsses, 11li11 liuvk is ::i1'1111 the 111111111' of edit- ing: 1111l' next A111111111. .IANVARY 251A-11'011t1111l1 l1I1j'S 1'e1'1-ive "letters," .1AN1'ARY 3411--111111 l11l'iC I121y f111' the f111'u1ty: 11111115' ill. It 1111es11't have t11 lll' 11'1'i1111y the 151th to ll21VP things go 11e111111'1'11ti11. .IANVARY 3'11f---M11'1111ii1- 11i:'t11l .111 11ss1-1:'11'y 1-11111111 for 11112111 .11l1l10l' f'1l2l1lll19l' of f'l1ll111l4'l'K1' 11l'USllll'S 111111 i'l1111'111s Mit1'l1el1 speaks. 1"11lRR1'ARY ZIJW111111 i'1111t1-st 1-loses. First prize 11w111'11e11 to A111111 I,11uis1- T11sk111'. fl21l'1'11l111 prize 1111111111-11 hy .1111111 Dillon. 11'111RR1'ARY ZS4New 101111 11e,2i11s. Uver 21 1110115211111 students e111'o11e11. Svhool is gaining i11 spite of l1111QlI'211lL'l'S. 11'1-IRRVARY 1Nf-"D21Kl" Elliot appeals to 1111ys i11 1111 ?lSSOIl1l1lj' to 1ea11 l'l0?ll10l' lives. lfl-11'1R1'ARY 22--Slllksl-'11l41l' reeeptioii Z1 great success. Good 111118112 2111111 i'111111. 111111 2111111 1-11t11rt11i111u1111t. MARCH 2fHi Y.-Y. W. c11111p11ig11 11111111-11e11 i11 ?lSSP111l1ly. Attempt to S11l'l'i11l higher i111-111s thru T. H, S, MARCH fi--H1111111' 1-1111 for HTZ stu11e11ts 1'11111p1et1-11: 113 112111105 on list. MARCH T-'Miss S1-1111111111r1-1' 1-11te1't11i11s 11t 11sse11111ly l111u1'. Hl111lf11'011S l'l"ill11llQ,'S 11l1'11se 11ve1'y1111e. MARCH 21--Glee Cluh gives joint 11sseu1111y. T. H. S. Victorious ill AV2l9l1l1lll'11 i111'it11ti1111 Basket H1111 f0l1l'll211l.l01lf. MARCH 25-Again our s1-1111111 1'11n1es out 11111111111 F11-111'11 Orphan F111111 t11t111s 151311. MARCH 28-f11'i11 S111'iet11s 12111110111-'S Cilllllltllgll 11g11i11st euttiiig across 111w11s 111111 11Z11'lil11fJ,'S. All sign 111111120 111111 f111low the eeuieut. MARCH 211-A111111111 Stuff 11l'0S1'l1lS ll1111l01'!11ll' sketvh. MARV11 31-l'11pt11ins e1e11te11 for e111-11 1'111ss. Sillf-g'11V431'11Il1Ql11' takes step f0l'XY1ll'l1 i11 T. H. S. APR111 1Sf11lxhi11ition of Gym 1'111sses il su1'11ess. Girls exhibit grace 111111 1111ys show their streugltll. Page Seventy-Eight OCDCB CLHSSGEW - ,FN -Q- 'Qui-' . - -55:-X' X 5 f , J N I x X R , F gym . mkqw fiqpefft bie ,Eg s C Q C , V t '- X J! .. l 2 ,,m,,L.2,T , 3 . Grant Pecerson-WS, Vlctorme William 511 ' X l Helen Hand-560 l UW! lit Ulaf1clerPfe.s mf V 1 , .Ima '20 Earl Efehm-Pres. . E fl Helm Green-V Pres Velma Godse -V Pres. Helen Thomas-F' K 'Q 5 1 .,maJreord-yyrem Ja.dffr0sz7Pre.5.JZ1n.zz Uoayfmsfvrfmzran- Wa Iver WILSUI7- 7r?06 Warren fresh 4Pre.s.r 7770fM0 Fbrrvff-SPC . F'emberLof1AV h C1038 of Julie 720 UIFFIVICIKS President ....... ............... .... D t yight Uluiuler Vice President. . . . . .Helen Greene Seeretairy. ..... . . .Helen Hand Treasurer ...............,......................... . . .Helen Thonnis Hurlc ye. reader. whose gzlanving eye rests on these words! Knowest thou the elziss of June '20-the class that is the l'0Il10t of T. H. S. lite? List to the words I say. That class, started on its organized way by the royal hand of King Stout. has ever marched its way down the years under the two-fold banner of seryiee and pleasure. always ready to stand for the right. and as ready to find all the fun in life's ways. Although the most of their athletes were removed from theln. they possess :in indoniitzllmle school spirit and at every gathering will be found an loyal hunch of .Tune '20s. List to n1y speevli. oh reader! Knowest thou that bright and shining syuilsol. the swustiea. that every Miss Hap wears? Yea. even yet, art thou not Zlfillltlillfllti with our leading Knight. Dwight Olander, and his nolule squirm-.'Helen Greene. or even with our scribe. Helen Hand, While there stands. always ready to extract our dueats. our purser, Helen Til0Il12lS. These are the noble lords and ladies that are Illilkillg the trail of the swaistieu worth watching. Even to the ends of the earth. Miss lihnore :und Miss Fowler are the leaders of our zulvzmee. Pa, Eighty-Two ,. -wif 'T' .ps QQ "wiv- 96 it IQ? C1688 oi J611'1l,ld1flJ 'Qi OI-'l"If'ERS President ....... ...........,.. ....... l 4 Iarl Brelnn Vice President. ., ....,... Velma Godsey S951-etal-y ,,,,,, . . .Victorine XVilliams Treasurer ,.,........ ...... . . . . . ................. Grant Peterson The B. I-I. A. If X. and K. N, U. T. S.-for those are the new names of the boys and girls of January '214are hy far the liveliest organiza- tions in Topeka High School. They have very exciting meetings and everybody who comes enjoys himself and willingly takes part in all discussions. They have had some "perfectly spiffy' class parties, and are planning more and even better ones for the future. Everyone who was at the last party. whiuh was a masquerade, will tell you what a grand time all had. Anyone who wasn't there-well. all I have to say is that he missed an exceedingly good time. The separate organizations of the class are also very lively. The President of the K. N. 0. T, S. is Velma Godsey. and the President of the B. E. A, U. X. is Walter f'hristman. Neither of these organizations has had any parties or spreads hut each is going to have some "real" ones before the term ends-if a flu ban or something of that nature does not hinder. The f?lL'llii'Y advisers of this live class are typical of the class spirit. They are Miss Ualvert and Mr. Dewey. Page Eighty-Three 41.- ' 111.5-uf Class of June '21 11lf1"ll'l'IliS 1'1'1-si111-11t ....... ........... . ..1Vi11'1'1'll f'l'flS11y V11-11 l'1'1-si111-11t... ..l11111 1'1-111111111111 S111'1'11t111'y ....... .. .. ...T111-111111 l'111t1111 '1'1'p1ig111'p1- ,.,,,, ................ 1 V:l11Pl' Yvllsnll Flaws .Xf1VlSl'1'S ....... .. . ..Miss 'l'1'11x1-11 111111 Miss 11111119 l'I1'111'y11111- lilIUXYS 111111 1111- L.f1'l1211 111111535 111 t111- 11111111 spring: f1'11111 81113111 s0111'1'11s, T:1k1-. fm' 21 f1'11s11 111111 111'ig:i11111 1'X21lll1Jl0, 11111 tiny Zlk'l1l'll NVlll1'll 111'i11gs f01'1l1 1111- 111i::l11y 111111. .Inst so. 11111 f111'1111-1' s11111ll 311111 11p11111'1-11t1y i11sig11ifi1'1111t l'1'11s111111111 111'1- 111111' 1111- S1J111111111111'1-s. 1100111115: into 11111 f11tl11'1'. 1111 of Us S11p1111111111'11s ilS11l1'1' tu 111- S1-11i111's. f111l' w111'k 11s S1111ll1ll11U1'1'S llili 111-1-11 11111111 1111111 i1111-1'1-stingi. 111111 1111" 11111111- 11111's of 11111 1'l11ss 1111v1- 111'1n1'1J11 11lK'lIlSPlYL"N 1'11p1111l1-. Vllllljj' 110 1101 k1111w 1111- 1111-111111151 111' 1111- NYlJ1'l1 "f11i1." 111111 XYll1'll it 1'1111111s to 1111tl111si11s111. 11111 "S1l11l1Su l1i1V1' 21 3:1-11111'1111s supply nlwaiys 111 Ullllllllllllll. A1 s111111- ti1111- l'V4'1'y s111111'11t 11w111c1'11s to 1111- 1'1-11liz11ti1111 of why 111- is i11 N1-111101, 111111 111:11 ti11111 s1111111s 111 111- WI11111 1111 is 21 S11111111111111'1-. lf 1111 "fi1111s l1i111s111f" i11 his s111'111111 y1-111'. 111- st111111s 21 1'l111111-11 of 11111-0111i11g il .11111i111' 111111 S1'lll01', ' S111r1111111111'1-s 111111 11111 this X11111' 111111 21 :rout 1111111 of 1'1'1'1'1111ti1111 111' 6114 t1-1't11i111111111t. 111111 p111'ty 1111: g:i1'1-11 111' 11111 1'111ss. 211111 it was 11111'i11g 01111 of tl11- worst S1lll'1llS uf 11111 S1-'2lSll11. 11111 tl111t 11i11 11111 11l't'V01lf its 1111i11g 21 most e11j11y1111l11 11ff11i1'. qgv Eighty-Foul' 16183 of J6l1'1Ll611flJ 'QQ UI'lfIl'l-IRS As yvl tln- lmys unfl girlx lnlw not svpziiuitval into two 0l'QillllZ2lllUllS. l'1'vsi1lv11t ........ .. .... ., ..... ......... , ...luck Frost lint tlivy llmlmlaly will lwfnn- tliv vlusv of tln- TC'1'l1l. Tlwy flu not 1lll'2lll Viml 1,1.9,i,h,,,f,4,, .... ...Douglas 1Il'EElC'lll'Ull to lm slow in nnytliing. Y w '- ' xl ' . , . SH-1-Q,-mi-y :ind '1l'P2iSlll'i'1' ...... .--.--.---- ---- --4-- ------ - 7 1 l ll-1 511111141 Owini to rlw short tnnc tlw vlzlss has lu-011 0l'QillllZk'Cl. flivrv lmw- been ,1,lwlligw1'V Uf the lmimwv -.wg is Short, In fum' Ml.. 1-ook willed Hui no 1l2ll'flllS. Slnvrtly. tlw 1111-111l::'1's l1l'll going' to nnikv plans for zz big: film ulmifillfl TH m.ffm1i71, thi. f.l.1w only in um-4.11 Xt this Inwtiug fm, 20011 tnnv. NX lwn tlwy do. tlw Jilllllillj' '22 purtivs will hu thc envy of ' F " ' 'M ' A ' A .. .. . v ,.. .. ..v , , ,.,-.., Uffim,l.S :md fzwulu- ml,-i,,,1-S WM-tl l,1H.fH14 Muni, Hlwl, and fm? K-lugs llw w 11011 snlioul. Ml N15 the .I.inn.u5 lla. spirit was sliuwn. Tliif iiilliwztws that the .I2llllIlll'j' '22s will soon lwwliiim- lixpvut grvzit tlnngs twin lln- .lnnnziry '22s! Tllvy l1lTl'll4l to mln SONIC'- Uml nf mn m,,,f ,,,.fiy,. Vlugwq ill 1111- sq-lmol. thing: :luring tln-ii' srny in 'l', H. S. Vnul- El :hty-Fix P ,,,,, NW. K. W f -M . FIC-?S1'11'1'lG1'1, C1088 of Jl,l1'1C-Z' ,Q Now mlon't lilllgll wht-n you svn' thx- livauling of this zirtivlv. for l here to tell you right now that wo Freslnnen lmvo "sonw" 1-lass. :nn XV1' li t I cl brains hut we also llzlvv 21 :rout 1llbllll1l?lllC'O ot have not only tain' an "pe-p." This has not haul llllll'l1 time to show itself yvt. hut T. H. S. surely he surpriserl whvn it does. Tho class has illl'02l4lX shown its silty by hzlving ax l'UIll'0SQ'llt2lfi0ll of llilwty-five wlie-11 thx' pic-tn1'v of class was tnlcvn. Mr. Hepworth close-rilws the class as living: "the host in higrh sul will loy- thu l ool" - lv ill tho world," This ought to hw sufficient and having "tht he-st peop 1'vc-oulllieinrlzltion for any class. To an vonnt for tho Sfklfttlllttllf thzlt wo lmvo hrzxins. we- lnlvo nina- pcoplc' on tho honor roll out of :1 vlzlss of 151. That means that these Fresh- nn-n lmw an 2lVtl'2l,..C 1 Utlwrs who clesvrvv ll0l10l'2lli10 invntion have cliiulwd to END. hut not as - vw mf H2 per vent in ull studies for 21 whole term. high ns 112. Thr- pn-oplu on the honor roll atv: Muriel Ia'-111-111-s. Alma Iii:-klm-1'. l+'1':111t-vs Iistvrly. Ii21fl10l'ill0 Blair. Dorothy RIlSGllDl'1lll2ll. Eliza- l'1-th Sznm-nt. Elizzxlwtli Tippin. Louiso Mztgraw. and Betty Frost. Tho lf1'vsl111w11 ll02ll'l1' :ill 1111110 from tho wt-st part of town. the gre-a 1-st llllllllwl' from LOXYlll2lll Hill. f'0lll'l'2ll l'z11'li. Clay. :intl Polk schools. Pago Eighty-Six f- .. Sllibf-'F1fGSi'11'I'1G1'1, CIFISS of JEIHLIOYIJ ,Q5 The Sub-l-'reslnnan vlass is exceptionally good this ft'l'lll, Along with its being.: 11 good class it has the distinction of including the two smallest boys in the sehool. It promises to be one of the best Classes that Topeka grade schools ever sent to T. H. S. In its ranks a newspaper is printed. aiming to benefit the school and especially the Sub-Freslnnen. This Sllil'Fl'9SilIl1?ill class is well represented throughout the T. H. S. Its members belong to the High Y. and Y. XV. C. A., the Junior Chamber of Counnerc-e. the Debate club. and the Dramatic club. These Sub-Freslnnen are a live class. They want to do the best they van for the svhool by whatever way they can: i. e.. by writing f01' their sehool newspaper: by selling tiekets to school gatherings: by keeping up their moral standards: and by being loyal to the school. This class is studious. A Sub-Freshman tries to the best of his ability to get his lesson well. Altho he may not know why he needs to get a good edueation. he knows anyway that it is his duty to study gladly and willingly. The Sub-Freslnnen have a good class, worthy of sharing the honors of the sc-hool. The nieinbers will stand up for their school. their Class. their friends. their duties. and their teachers. Pain' Eighty-Seven N MEMORI i ,X If 6 I ' -W- 1? CONRY BELL February 18, 1899-October 16. 1918 f'0lll'Y entered Topeka High School from Polk School i11 Fl-'il1'l121l'X. 11115. a111l was a Ill!-'lllibi-ll' of tl1e class of .Ian- nary '19 lllltii he gave l1is services 0116 term to l'Ol1Si1'llC'fi0ll work at Camp F1111sto11. Tl1is made him a IIN-'l1lilP1' of the June '19 class. l'onry was loyal to the ideals of the school and earnest in following tl1e higl1 ideals l1e l1a1l f0l'Illt'Ki for himself. His 1leatl1 was keenly felt hy all who knew l1i111. as l1is fine. frank open-heartedness ililli XVOII for l1i111 many friends. His associates well appreciated the sterling: qualities of l1is eliaracter. JLANITA BRAIN l"ebrua1'y, 1902-January 19, 1919 Juanita came to 115 from 81111111111- Jlllllill' High School. illlfi would have ::1'a1l11ate1l witl1 the June '15ls. She was f11Il11wi11,2 the ll0l'Ill2li training: course at tl1e ti111e of her death. Of her it was aptly said tl1at her de- votion to her studies a111l her loyal class spirit were o11ly surpassed hy tl1e work wl1icl1 sl1e acco111plisl1e1l and the man- ner ill which it was done. .lnanita possessed a most lovable a111l i'il00l'flli nature. Zillii was lll1llSlliliiy de- voted to her family. She was tl1e light of the home, illlii a great favorite Zlllltlllfl her classniatcs. ANNIE LALRIE CLOSE May 4, 1902--November 2, 1918 1-'rom tl1e time Annie Laurie left Sllllllllll' Jllllifll' High School to enter Topeka High School ill 151115. she was one of the leaders of l1er class. Her quick sympathy. great ellfhllsiasul. and winning personality made l1er heloved 9VPl'y1VilPl'9. When she was su1ld1-nly taken from ns hy the epidemic 1Vll1l'il was sweeping the country. the school could scarcely realize tl1at sl1e was gone. To her friends sl1e will always he living- Tilliiilllf and heantifnl as they saw her last. P 1g.- F1,f.:htx Eight CZGBHB Editur. ............. . .Xesistzlllt Editors-- .lzluuziry 'DL . . .Iunv '19 ..... .lilllllilfy '2ll. . . Filvlllty .XrlVisel1'.. . . Manager ............ Assistant Mzuizige-r .... Llfl10gl'2l1llllllLf Muimgvr .... l-'zuulty .XflVlSl'l' ...,... lCIll'l'0RlAI, HVSINICSS The June '19 Sunflower Staff ...Olin Hum-lc . . , . .I-In-nry Hllvr ...l,uc'ilo .lulinston . . .Maurive Sol-vws .......Miss Hunt . . . .ilolul Fernstroin . . .Charles Holumn . . . .George Briivo . . . .Miz Partriflge .X SS! N ' I ATE EDITORS Utlwr Vlzlssvs. .. ............................ Flo1'v11c'v -121511013011 Illfl'l'2ll'j' ............... .,.... H elml Reitmali Musim' and lll'Elll12lfll'S .... ...ESt1l9l' Paxton lim-ligriun :intl Civil-s ..... ...... B Iary Hillyer Sports ........... . . .f'lill'Qllf'0 Simpson Vlzlss Slwtrlles .lalnunry 'lil ..,. .... I- 'rimla Hanimerli June- '19 ...... ..... . lack Merriam Jilllllillj' '20 .... ...,............... 3 luriel Lyman .lm-sts ....... . . . . . .Barlmru Jnrrvll. Louise MCKGWH Art. .................. Dorotliy Kinney Tho Sunflowvr Staff wishos to thank tho following people for their 2lNSlSf2lllCt-ll Mr. Cook. Mr. H0Ql1ll11l'. Nilil Hamilton. Jane Bone. Corliss i-Iutlniwny. Mzirjoriv IJUIIHIS. Tlic-odoro Patterson, August Alba. John Dillon. liolwrt Stonv. l'nrt Major. Mr. White. and Typewriting Dopart- IIIPIIT. It c Xin-i5 Lauzseffko wr: Mant! ym-in Miss Hun! Page Ninety-One THE WURLD september 1918-Jfmuarg 1919 Februarg 19199111119 1919 Eclitor in Vhief. . . Assiwzilit Eclitof.. Stuff Editor ..,.., Blilllilfll-'l'. ........ . . Assistant Mziiiager.. ST A F F A SSOUIATE EDITORS Atliletics .. ...... ..................,......... . . . l-lxvlianges.. ..... . . . X . . . . . .John FUl'llStl'Ulll Xnnu Louise 'l'z1sliv1' ......Jack BIl'l'1'l2llll . . . .Honry Anton . . . .Clayton XVolfc .Donald BICC01'1l1iCiC . ...........H6lklllIililtlllilll f'2ll91lllil1' and U1'5.'fil1liZ21fl0llS ..., .......... H 1-len Louise Kresie I111'is1'o1w ............................... I1l1l1'ey Bullis. Tiouiso M1'Kown General News. . . . . .Elgin Button. Roonzi Rogers. Lena Schultz 1,E'1Jill'flllt'lIfS. . . .... ........................ B I:1i'g,'m'et Wilson I'ef1'so11z1ls .,........ f'i1S1liii Ulmservn tions l'.ite'1'a1'y .......... . Humor ........ . Fea ture Stories. . . Business. . I-l1lito1'i:iI . . . . . .Vrodzi Birth and Co1'i'9spo111li11g Opinions ...... Cllill'19S K1-nyon , ......................... .... I .ucile Johnston Gilbert .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B2ll'lD8l'El .l2ll'l'9ll. Estetta Frishey 1"ACl' LTY ADVI SERS . . . .Miz White . . . .Miss Hunt lC4lito1' in c'llll'i.. Assistant Iflrlitoi' Staff lflrlitor. .. A12lll2lf.fl'l' .... . ...... T H l-I STA F F . . ..........,... ,.Annz1 Louise Tzmker . . . . . .Mziynarcl Hviiipstezirl . . .FlOl'PllCl' .lzisperson . ...I'l:ayto11 XVolfe .Xssistnnt Mziimgvr.. . . . .F1'illll,'lS Herron Atlllvtivs. . l':Xl'llilll2'iN... . .. fiilli-lllllill' :ind Org ASS01'lA'l'IC ElJl'1'U1iS . . . . - - . . . . . . . . . . .Romain Akers. Orville Anflvrsoii , ............ ............... . ........ , Xlivo Tllrzipp :111izurion:1. .. . . .Sylvia Silvertlioriw. 1,2lfl'il'l2l Evans l'e1'iScop1 '... .,............................,..........,. I Esther Paxton Gviieml Nvws .... Edith Bzziiett. Olin Buvk. l,l'llll'PSS I'I6lll'Y. Henry Ellei' Who's Who.. ...........,.,............................ Marion Bartel Huinor. ..... . . . ........ ..... I 'Zrook Haines 1'91'S0ll21lS.,. ......,................. Nancy Boone I.ite1'z11'y ..... ...Hawiett Risfoen. Floi'e111'e- Jasperson 1Jepa1't111011trf.., ................ ..... 3 Iziry Hillyel' Aluinni ....... .... H vlvn RL-itnxan Page Ninety-Two Jah n Ernsrram Page Ninety-Three efmdwml-MM... ww' .,. The Storg Tellers, Club 0FFlt'I'1HS President ....... ............ . . .Jeanette DooleY Frank Vice President ........,. .... I Eva Mc-l'1askey SPlVf'S Secretary and Treasurer. . . . . .Sylvia Cohen T119 Adviser .................. ,... B liss Troxell Wllillif- of the The Une of the best ineetings in all this year was the one at Squires told the story of Peter Pan. Stories by the have provided interesting programs at the meetings. Story Tellers' Club purchased three books on stories. These are in the school library. for the use not only which Mrs. girls them- and story- of members club but of the whole student body. training received is excellent. Many of the girls have told stories . -4 Q s 1 v u ' v - 4 . lar weekly The Story Tellers carried its activities that it has had. This peppy group ' Club is one of the few organizations which has on all thru the year. despite the lnany drawbacks of girls has held meetings regularly. frequently interspersed with parties. outside of the club. Last NIIHJIJJQI. seyelal guls had reg story hours in the city playgrounds. These sauie girls have regular weekly story hours in some of the grade schools, Any high school girl is missing some of the best practice and best fun in high school. if she is not a Story Teller.- Page Nine ty-Four 'Ns 5- The Scrilalolers, Club Ul"Fll'l-IRS President.. ........... ......,.. I .un-ille Heyiu St'lilllI1l.lCliS' Vice President .....,.. ......... l Quth Lerrigo Editor. ........... D Secretary. ...... . . ......,... lvah 3311105 Assistant Iqdifor- D Treasurer. ....... . . ....... Helen Reitinan Mmmgpl, .,.-- I V V I Sl-3l'g9Hllf'21f--Xl'lllS ..... .Elizahetli Bonehrake The Sc-ribble1's' Fluln is 1-oinposed of the linglisli VIII class. nuclei' the supervision of Miss Kerr. If is si continuation of the orgzuiizaition of last vear. and is well on the way to bec-oining El permanent organization in T. H. . V , , The chief endeavor of the Scribblersi Llub. for the term. is the pub- lishing of the "Sc-rihhlers' Magazine," which is made up of stories and short sketches written in English VIII. ASSOi'l.Vl'lC EDITORS MAGAZINE STAF1' Jokes.. ............... ..... B lurguret Wilson ..... Clmrleiie lluggran liicliviiluzilities.. ...... ....... R uth Lerrigo . . . . .Barham Jarrell Literary ....... ..... I .ucile .Johnston ... .Nihl Hznnilton Our Class.. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .Geraldine Gregg This magazine has heretofore been published for the benefit of the ineinbers of the Englisli VIII class only. This year the plan is to pub- lish the nnigaizine for the entire student body. The rhief ziiin of the Scribblers' Cluh is to promote further interest in short-story writing. Tho publication of the magazine is gratifying to the ineinhers ns well as pleasurable to the whole school. Page Ninety-Fiv The Debate C1u13 The Delmtt- Cluh was o1'ga11izer1 i11 J2ill112ll'j'. so that T. H. S. might "lic-sulvwl. That capital illlt1 l11hm' 511011111 svttlo 1111 clisputvs i11 11-gully not he wholly 12lL'1i1ll2 i11 11111111111 vvvu tho tlivrv was 110 E11,1:lis11 VII 11st:1111isl11111 1-0111'ts of El1'1l11'1'2l110ll.u class. The offi1'e1's 11111: Owing to thu lllilllj' i11t1'1'1'1111tin11s of the 1l'l'l1l. 211111 thv short ti1110. it 1l1.9Si,h,uf.. -.-'Al,- ...Sylvia Silt-M.t1N,,.m, XYHS not possihlv to got 111-lmtvs with 1111y other sn-111101. Vim, 1-l.e,,ml,m... ....... Olin Buck The N1'l1110ll1'S 1'l1osv11 for the i11tv1'-svllool tv11111s wt-rv: S1,L.1.t.rm.v ....... ...John 1.-4.1.H,f1.,,1u .Xff1l'lll2111Vll- li:1l11l1 B1ll'1i1lU1l19l'. 3I21l'11l2l l-'i11l1-1'. Hl'1l'll IiP1111lil1l. World l1ep01't+-:'.. .. ..... .. ..... Helen Iieit1111111 Mvflwlli' Holm- 211111 B2U'f14JY KPHY- Nvzutivv-4im-1111111110 G11-gg. Ruby 1'o1e111z111. Ralph f1119llll. l'm't Major. The 11101-ti11:s of the 011111. hc-ld 1'1'111'y T1l11l'S112lj', 1121111 112141 fm' their Althu the l'11111 1lI1S :1c11i0v1'41 110 11i1'01't results i11 tht- way of debates ' -1'1u's work. M11 Mussvi' has 1V0l'1i011 1111 11 stron: 01'- 1l1'02l'illllS. 411-lmtvs hoth llllfljlll' wurk uf the- t01'111 f0l'lll2l1 111141 i11fo1'111a1l 1111 1'z11'im1 S1111jOl'1'?4. l'h11 111111 111' lost 111 the tn was i11 Dl'U1l2ll'Zlf10ll 011 the stz1t11f11-lmtv 11111-'ST10ll. ::111iz11ti1111. This will f111'11isl1 20011 111z1t01'iz11 fm' 11ohz1t0 110Xt Xl'2ll'. Page' Ninety-Six RGILIGIOD CIIVICS i T. H. S. Y. W. C. A. Probably most high school students know what the Y. XV. l'. A. is and what its ideals are. but possibly very few know how it works. The meet- ings and parties do not appear miraculously as might be supposed. A chairman with her committee oversees each phase of the club work. These committees are the program. membership. social and social ser- vice. and each has its own distinctive work to do and part to play in the success of the association club. The program connnittee arranges for the meetings, Bible study classes and other items of the regular yearly program. The success of the entire club for the year hinges on the work of this committee. Another im- portant duty of this committee is the raising of funds for the sunnuer conference delegates. Uver S1-15 has been raised this year for this pur- pose. Three delegates were sent to Hutchinson to the winter conference and many more will be sent to the summer conference in June. The social committee is of general interest to everyone. It is this connnittcc which plans hikes. parties. and all occasions where the Y. XV. C. A. girls get together socially. The success of the parties and banquet was due to the work and interest of this connnittee. The membership in two campaigns held at the beginning of each term has brought in about 275 members. The social service committee has done interesting work this year. At Thanksgiving. a dinner was given to a poor family: and at Christmas stockings filled with toys. food. and wearing apparel were distributed to poor children. This committee was back of the French Orphan Fund when enough to support four orphans was given by the students of the Topeka High School. The officers of the club for the past year a1'e: President. Mary Hillyer: vice president. Eva Mc-Claskey: secretary. Catherine Ramsey: treasurer. Thelma Hobson. The chairmen of the various committees are: Prograni. Helen Thomas: membership. Eva McClaskey: social. Margaret Ripley: social service. Barbara Jarrell. tu Ninety-Eight Page Ninety-Nine l'i'esident ..,.... Vive President. ,. Business Manager. . . Secretary ..,..... Treasurer.. . . . . . . Publicity 1I2l11EI9ft'l Adviser .......... 0FI"Il'ICRS Pia Societas .. . .Jane Bone .. .Marian Ross ..Har0ld Holter Dorotliy Huggins . . .Muriel Mareh . . .Metlieliy Ruhh . .Mrs Iilnhleton The Pia Sol-ietas has vrniipleted its sevonll year of patriotic wurlc. The primary purpose of the organization. when first fornn-d. was to cu- operate with the g0VGl'lllllPlll' and local organizations in doing: l-'V6l'j'flll1l,2' possible to help hring: victory to the Allies. However. the mining of 1:4-:we last Nowinlxer did not discourage the ineinhers in their desire to aid in bettering: shine of the conditions in this L'0llllfl'Y. This year. the Pia Sovietas eondueted the hook exehange at the first of the fall and spring: ternis. Besides the advantage in saving of time and nloney to the students. the first sale was the inc-ans of raising the inoney which was used to fill the Red Cross C1lI'iSll1l?lS boxes for the soldiers and sailors: while the prnc'0ecls from the second sale were given to the Tuherm-ular Home. Early in the spring: the Pia Societas c-arricd on a very Successful ''Keep-oftthe-grass" 4-anipaign. circulating a pledge for the students to sign. Aeknowledgxnient was 11121110 in the form of a red. white. and blue tag to eavh person signing: the pledge. Altho the Pia Societas is conipaiatively in its infancy. it is an organ- ization the influence of which is making itself felt. Page One Hundred a 4 1:11-siflvili X ive- l'l'f'S, SK'I,'1'lJT?ll'j' '1'l'vus111'c-1'.. . Xflvise-1: . HI"FIi'ICRS unior C11an113e1f of Commerce .....I.f-wis Pullcy lflz llT P ...xl'flllll' I,:111uln':xkc- .......-Illllll Dillon .. .Gourgv Nvil ..,.M1'. Kellum 'flw .liuiiur f'll2ll11llt4l' uf f'U1ll1lll'l'l'K' wus stzlrtc-cl in 1918 by tliv boys of T. H. S. fm' rlic- pllrpose- of llilllllllllfl civil- prnlnle-ills that 110 1-xisting: 01'- Q2llliZ2lfi1lll mulml pimiimti-. Almut Zllll lumxilrc-1'sl1ips we-rv tzlkvli out. Svwrzll aulfivitivs wmv 011011 fo tlw boys. suvli as plzilmiug for the vu- tvrfaiiiiiiioiir uf Tliv SK'1li0l' t'l1z1111lrf-1' of i'oi1111101'c'0. l'l'01'g2ll1iZil15l,' tho Boys' lVm'ki11g lie-sww. :xml selling XviL'f0l'VI'i0l14lY BV tl , . . , ms 21SSll11lill52f some of ilu- clufivs ut' vitize-iisliip. tlw lmys 11-uvivv vxllcwieilve in civim' affairs. Page Om- lluiiclr--il Om The Despite the fact tl111t tl111 Hi-Y 1'1111 i11t11 il 111111ll10l' uf "flu" 1'11111pli1'11- ti011s. it t111'11e11 out 111 1111 one of t11e few live 111'g:1111iz11ti1111s lll 11111 T. H. S. A 111e11111e1'sl1ip 1-11u1p11i,9:11 w11s 1'111'1'ie11 1111t 111111 was very S111'L'CSSf11l. 111'i11gi11gr up the lll1111lN:'1' of active 1I1t'lll111'l'S t11 111111' 1511. all 1111111 1111 f'1l1'l'y- ing out the i111111ls of the Hi-Y. 111111 i11 l1l'l11Lflll2 the 1'h1'isti1111 spirit 111 1111 high s11h1111l st1111e11ts. The Hi-Y se11t il 111111111111' of 11el11g11t11s t11 the Salina 1-1111f1-1'11111'11. They 1111119 1111111 full of 11ew ideas 111111 plans. T1111 1111111ti11,fs f11ll1PXYlllQL' 11111111 t11s1i1111111y EIS to tl1e value of their trip. The 1111111111111-s of the 1111111 have 111111111 it their 111111' t11 st111111 fur the right things i11 the school 111111 have flll'01l5.fl1 l1Zll'1l w111'k 111111111 S111'l1 21 showing that the 11111111111 out of the 1'l1111 sat up 111111 1111111 110ti1'11. The Hi-Y w11s Very f01'1'111l21f9 tl1is year i11 l111Vi11g two 11f the lll"Nt Chris- 1i1111 1111111 i11 s1-1111111 for their 1111Vise1's. Mr. Wl1ite 211111 Mr. Hi1l'lll'S 111111111 i11 111211 11111111-ily 211111 it was 11111i11ly 11111111211 their 1e1111111's11i11 111111 1111vi1-11 that we have lll'Bl1 1111111 t11 have such 11 fruitful year. Both 11f 1116111 1111- v11te11 il great 1111111 11f tiu111 for 11111' 1711150 illlll 111111111 it their 1111si1111ss t11 see tl111t 11111 1111st iliterests w111'e 11111 l11st. After tlll' 1'l'S'.'11l211' supper. i11 the 1111111ti11gs. lllilllj' of 11111 1'1111111lex proh- lP1llS that 1'1111f1'1111t stutlelits. are 111'1111,f1l1t 1111 111111 tallied 11V111'. The best S1l1f'2lk9l'S ill the city are S0l'111'1'fl 211111 the Hi-Y has llilll tlllx 11ri1'il11211 of I-111-Y h11111'i11g s111111- fi111- s1111111'l11-s. A11111111: the S1-Jl'iili1"l'S were 11111: Rash. D1'. listvy. 111-v, N111s1111. I11-V. H11l1111'. Hugh M1'Y11y. S1'11111'11111st111' Fazel. 111111 "111111" 1C1li11tt. '1'I111 11t'fi1'1-rs for the last 1111-111 w11r11: f'l1ll'GllK'1' Si11111s1111. p1'11si1l1111t: 11111111 White. vi1'11 111'11si111111t: BI1ll11'lC'G S1111Ve1's. Sl14'l'1"l'E1l'y. 211111 f'l11yto11 W11lf11. fl'4'2ISl1l'1'l'. 'l'l111 111-wly 1-1111111-11 11tfi1'111's 111-11 M11111'i1'11 Se11v111's. presi- 111111t: Dwight f1l1l111ll'1'. vi1'11 11r11si111111t: W111'1'1111 1'1'11sl1y. S1'L'1'1'f?1l'1'. 111111 P11111 1.211121 t1'1111s111'111'. The 11111 111111s l111V11 11111111 their hest t11 uplift the st111111111'11s that !l1'l' set f111' 11111' 1'111l1 Zlllll tl111 1111w 111111s will 1111 1111 i11 their p11w111' t11 1111 21N l1ll1L'l1 Zlllll lI11ll'1' if 1111ssi11111. Alltillllll' asset t11 11111' 1-11111 tl1is y1-111' has ll1'1'll H211'l'j' 1111111-. H2i1'1'X' was 111111 of the 11111st 1111tl111si11sti1' NY11l'lilA'1'S last year 211111 Zllfllflllgll he is glllllg t11 XV?lSl1l1111'l1 1111 has 11111 l11st 11is 11111 "111'1J-' for T. H, S. Any M11111l11y night that 11111 1-1111111 t11 Hi-Y. you will fi1111 111111 h111'i11g 81111111 part i11 the 1111'11ti11:. -Xt 111'1's1111t 1111 is fl'ill'llill2 21 I3i11l11 1'lass llllll the Clllll 11wes Lim 21 ::1'1111t 1111111 for the i11te1'11s't 1111 still takes 111 115. S1111111ti11111s he says tl111t 1111 f1111ls 1'11th111' 11111 of 111111'11. 11111 flll' 11l1'l1ll1G1'S 1111V111' f1111l that 1111 is i11 tl111 least 011111 11f 111111-11." At the 1'111'11i1'11l this year the Y, XV. 111111 Hi-Y 1'l11111'1111 111111111 SKU. half of whi1'h goes 111 1111- Hi-Y. Wit11 tl1is the 1111111 i11t111111s to 5111111 s11v111':1l f11l111ws t11 112111113 NV111111 at lC111111:1l11. Ifilll.. this s11111111e1'. 11211 Une HU11Kl1'F'll Two 4 V-,,6q,.2., - ' ' ,,,, Q X . ., , V, - ' ' ' 'lx Y - ' QQ A ,., ,, . 'x km -K ' ' W .n..,f....xw-E Q. C A Page Ono Hundre- d Thzve Our Service Flag Topeka High School pays tribute to all the students and faculty bers who took part in the struggle for the world's freedom. Those students who "gave the last full measure of devotion school honors with affectionate pride and reverence. Kenneth Sutherland GOLD STARS Harold Olson Lyman Rice Faculty: BLUE STARS Dr. W. H. Greider Mr. Frank Harrison Mr. A. R. Page Mr. Royal Harshburger Mr. L. L. Partridge Students: Ellsworth Adams LeRoy Anderson Roy Ansel Tracy Ansel A. Austin Manning Balch Clarence Baker George Baker John Bannerman J. Barrett Eugene Battey Clyde Baughman Harry Bayer Elburn Beal XVil1iam Beasley Ed Bell John Bennett Byron Blanchard Forest Blaylock Howard Blevins VVillard Bowman NVillard Bracy Lester Brain Leo Virgil Breen James Brier Guy A. Brier Clifford Briery Jackson Brown Douglas Bowman Charles Bruce Tom Bruce Frank Buck Loyd NV. Buck Earl Bunce Frank Bunce Mill Bundy Fred Burbolun Carl Bush Donald Bush Paul Corkell George Carson XVillard Carlson Horton Carswell Oscar Chappelle Elwin Charlesworth Firth Charlesworth Alfred Cole Sumner Cole Wilbur Cole Raymond Coleman Mortan Conard Tom Crawford Victor Blakely Robert Melton Miss Frances Lindsay Miss Marion Thompson Miss Marion XValp Cecie Coursey David Cowgill Harry Davis Homer Davis John M. Davis Roger F. Davis James Dempsey Arthur Dennis Aaron Douglas Harold Douglas W. H. Douglas Harry Downs John Elliott Arthur Engle Charles Enwer Harold Evans Don Fay Frank Fable George Ferguson .lolm Ferris Festus Foster Raymond French W. C. French t'Chubby" Gains Lawrence Gates ' XVilliam Gazin mem- ," the Clem A. Graham .Iohn Graham George Harger Thaddeus Harper Don Hart Lawrence Harshbarger Glenn Harris Harold Hatch Percy Hemus Edwin Henderson XVilliam Henderson Henry Hewitt Robert Holcombe XValter Holcomb Hobart Holt Robert Holt Charles B. Hoyt Howard Hudson Herbert Hughes Leonard Irwin Francis L. Jackson Archie James Arch Jarrell Sanford Jarrell Clarence Jasperson Chester Jenson Marcus Jillson Lathan Johnson Manner Jung Robert J. Justice Gerald Keesee Matthew Kendall Edgar Kennedy Ralph Kimball Kenneth Kirkpatrick John Light Richard Lindemann Glen Logan Earl Loomis Robert Loomis John Long William MacFerran Hugh C. McLean Charles BICAl't11Ill' Harold McKibben Laurus Magill Wilbur Magill J. J. Mallory Morris Milam Carl Miller Edgar Morehouse Raymond Morehouse Clyde K. Morris W. J. Mosely Edward Nash Roy Naylor Howard Naylor Ralph Oman Elmer Olsen Earl Ortman Lindsay Osborn Glen L. Parish William Parrish Pe1'cy Paxton Kenneth Peck Paul Phelps James Philips Charles Plath Cleatus Pollum Curtis Porter Edward l'orter Martin S. Pressgrove Lee Price Cecil Quant Harold Quinton Raleigh Ransom Otto Reinbach Stuart Ripley George Rinner XVillard Rogers Clifton Rowe Churchill Sargent Clifford Sharp Paul Shrader Harold Richardson Alhain Ridlon William Schick Courtland Shephard Stanley Singleton lVilliam Skibbee James Smith Marion A. Smith Harold Smiley Harry Spears Francis Stevens Francis Stone .lohn Suthern Maurice Swearengen Ralph Swearingen Willard Taylor Safford Thatcher Ed Thompson William Thompson Robert Trump Chester XVahle Albert XYalker Richard XVard Merrill XVatt Ed Webber John WVeightman Herman Wehe Harry VVelty Vern West Russell XVhaley Frank XVilson Duane Van Horn Dean XVhite Ralph XVilson Francis Whitham Butler XVood Earl Wood Fred XVorley Hervey XVright Dean Van Ness Jolm Zercher Joe Zercher Page One Hundred Four muszrc 6 nnamnclcs 5 0 O W Q . Q M , -i?E-L - T? W - M w ' L 1-2 I 1 I F V 1 l 1 fypfwfy 500150 600.5 Holman A Fmfms Wffaaff 1 I 1..,,,, -, , Dramatic Club Ul"l"ll'l'IliS l'r1'si1lo11t ....... ........... . . .f'll2ll'l0S Iifillllilll Vice I'1'esisle11t. . . . .l1'1'z111cis Wilson Sec1'etz1ry.. .... ...... I lois Ferguson W 'fl'G?lSl'Il'Pl'. ..... . , ............. . . . . . . .Rin-1111111 Mnttliews The I,l'2llll2lfl4' Club. f0l'llll'l'lj' the "Wig and Musk" has clone l'l'lll2ll'k' zlhly fine work tl1is your under the clireetion of Miss G1':11'1- Sl'll0Oll0VPl'. the 1l1'z1111:1ti1- art tCAZlL'1lL'l'. Many new nzunes halve been zuhlecl to the large list of ohl lll0lllllPl'S. The llOXV4lllll1"l'S lmve helped greatly to strengthen the 1-luh. The :najor play of the year. "L0SfAf2l Cll?lD0l'0ll." was 1ll'l'Sl'llfl'll the evening of .Innuary 24. Nancy Lee Boone took the lezicliiig g:irl's part as Alice Bennett. and l-'rzxncis Wilson played the part of .hulk Ahlmott. The lust was well l'll0S0ll. Tho play was witty. lnnnorous. and nltogetlier sum ossful. Tho Ifl'2llll2ll'l4' Cluh has held innny jolly meetings during: the year. l':Xl'l'lll'llt 1l1'02l'2llllS have lu-en given. lllC1lldlll2 reaflings and 1l21llf0ll1i11l9S. A L-lnh 1l2ll'fj' i11 the gyinnnsiinn was much enjoyed. The social connnit- tee who 111111111110 it were: Hzirriett Risteen. Fl'2llll'lS Wilson. and Xaney Boone. The c-luh has lll'4l'll very f0l'tllll2ll'1P in lmving talented officers to guide it flll'0llIIll its llltlllj' vneaitions :intl nionths of work. Cliarles Holman as 1111-sillm-11t, Fl'tllll'lS Wilson as vivo president. 1llL'll2ll'll Matthews as treas- lll'i'l'. 111111 Lois F0l'jIllS0ll as sn-1-1'eta1'y. have all been excellent officers. Tlll'0llS2fll il lnistnke. Melvin Booth's picture was placed i11 the panel nhove instead of Rivlinnl Matthewsl Melvin is an active nienilmer. but 11ot nn offieer. liic'l1:11'd has nnule 21 fine treasurer. and the staff regrets the inistalce. Page Une Humlr-tl Six Page Om- Hundrvd Svvcn GREE STGCKI GS Senior Class of Jauuarg '19 Miss Gl'Rli'l' li, Sk'll1lUIlUYl'l'. 1'll2ll'll lllilll SVHHUI. .Xl'lJl'l'Hlill'M. MAHVII 14. 19111, S113 1Iv111'y l-lllv1', 11llS1llt'SS M:111:1g:1-1' UA ST Maulgzv 1M1's. litlblillllfllillll J... .,..... .. ... lfriwlzl HilI1l1llCll'll l'IV0ly11 1I,z11ly 'l'1'1-11a'l1:11'1lr .......... ..... ' fllllllllil 1'01'1'y .xllllf lllzx lM1's. l'l11'isol111 1'lIll'2lIl2lYl ..., Hvlen Lvopm' Phyllis l'lEll'2lll2lj'. ................... .... I Ruby S0y1u0111' Mz11't111 .....,..... Rol101't 'l'z11'1'01' .... ,lz1111m-s Iizlh-igl1. . . IIl'lll'j' Stvvlv ..... Acl111i1A:1l Gl'll't' ..... XVilliz1111 Fillilllilj' U1-1111 F:11':11lz13'., ..,.....,... .. Cul. Slllllll MMI. Yz11'z1so111"!J . .. S1 'ICXICS AUT I. 11111112 rfm111, Fill'2lIlilX ll4lllll'. il l"vl11'11:11'y l'VL'lllll"' ..,.Hl2l1l Bllffilll ... . ,HQxlll'B' lillvr ..f'll2lS. Griswolfl . .A1lolpl1 1fl'2l1ll01' 14111311110 Bllffrilfflll ..i'z11u1lc11 S1l'1llll Tllvllllil 3114111111515 .llmmlcl H1l1'Sf0XY ,. AFT ll, l.i1'i111: l'0U1ll, l4':11'a11lz1y l1n1111-, 1ll'fHlN'l'. law lll tlw 2lffl'l'll0011. AFT Ill, l':Vl'll1ll2 of sz1111m- mlzxy. in lllUl'lllll2 l'0Olll of thx- Fillilllilj' l101110. ge O11-a Hu111l1'f'vl Eight in ge.. ,,. sn.: vz , - cg-L.fN-F - New uv, K., f ' I c ,,,n. .4- W- WAN' ,.. , N.. MW, 'K 'WV - W wa , 1-3, my .MN -.wa ap. W VM --ww ph,-4-va K T f 112 ,vu as ur an - -1- 44 ,--pf ,-..., fn-, -.-v . ...,...A...Q-.,-.... . Men I Page Ulu- Huudrml Nine STGP, THIEF! enior lag, Jmule HIGH SVI-IUUI1 .XI'IlI'1'UIiII7M. MAY Ni. 1111!! .I11:111 f'211'l'.. .. Mrs. f'2ll'l'.. . .. 1':11'11li111- f'2ll'l'. . . Mzidgo f'ZlI'l'... N1-ll... .... XViIli:1111 4':11'1'.. . Jz111111s i'1111111y.. M11 .I:1111is1111 .... . Dr. NVi1l1111gl1hy. .. H1-V. Mr. Spvlzxiil. .. .lz11'k 11111131111 .......... CHX NT .1011 Tl111u111s1111 ........... I'11li1'11 Ufficvi' U'Mz11l1-y. .. 811115911111 of I'11li1'1' ..... 1'11li1'11 0ffi1'111' VZISOY. . . I1i1'111't111' ............. 312l1l212l'l'. . SYNUPSIS . . .H:11'1'i1-it liiSt1'O!I ...K:1tl11'y11 Hz11'11it ......G11l1ii1J Iiig-gillS . . .l"l111'1-11111 Jz1spe1's1J11 . . . . .Lois F111'::11so11 . . . . .BIi'lVil1 13011111 ........I,11wis Pulley . . .1i11lpl1 B111'k11011i1-1' . . ..I11l111 F111'11st1'o1u . . . .B1'1111k Hai111f-s ......f1iiIl Huck ' ' Leo Hi1I'1JE'l' .. .-...-l'l1'vi1111 A111le1's1111 ..,.....1'l1:11'l:Js Sivlueli Miss 111-111-11 S1'l1o01111v111' ...........I,1-0 II111'p111' It is 31111124-'iS w111l1li11: day 111111 all is l1111'11y 111111 1'-xcit1-1111-111 ill 11111 f'll1'l' 2111111 1-111111i11g: 1111- 111111 iilJl'1J 11111 111.11111 11 11111 N 1011 1 l1N llll 1 - 11111 1 l111111e. N1-ll. who has 11111111 1-11g:1,2111l as 11111i1l to Mauige. tries tu 11-u1'11 111 sc-out." T111-5' 111:1k1- s1-V1-1'11l 111141111-NN 111 1 euiptx 111 0111 .un Thev w11111'e all the 111111111111-s of 11111 I11111s1- ill'G' kept. S1111 'KCKJDSU s111111' of tl11- gin- up. 1'1111f1-ss tlwii' 3::11ilt. 111111 .11111111111111 111.11 11 1x flllll 1111111111151 nu most oxpviisin- we-111111151 p1'1-s11111s 111111 11114 family 111issi11g.f 11111111 111-gin 11111. .I11:111 111 sistvr of the l11'i1l1- .1111 1 1 OIILZIPX .1 11 fllllx lt an se:11'1'l1i11,sr. Wl1i11- 1111- filllliiy are out. .lack 111111511111 1N1111's 111111-1111111111 11pp111't11111- fillll' to 1111 111:11'1'iv1l: so 11' 1110 1011111x 11111 11111 the 111111 1-111111's 111111 tl11- two 111111111 tl11-iii' plexus to 1':11'1'y Off tl11- VEIIIIZIITIOS. XVitl1 istoi' l111g.':i11s 1'11:11li11y: 11114 111:11'1'iz1f:11 1911111111111 ax 11 1111 1111 11N111 N Pagv One Hundred Ten Ruth French ,..... Alice Bennett.. . . . . .. Blanche WVescott ...... Agnes Arabella Bates... Marjorie Tyndall .... .lack Abbott ......... George Higgins ...... Fred Lawson. cook. . . Cast of alaost-A Chaperonv Northhalnpton College Girls Harvard Student El1gill00l'S ...Alice Morehouse Rayniond Fitzhenry............................ .......Melvin Booth . . . . .- . . .Nancy Boone Dick Norton. ......... . . .Jack Shakeshaft ... . . . . . . .Iris Langhart Toni Crosby.. . . . . . . . . . .. . . .Fred Anderson . . . . . . .Margaret Lovewell I I . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lois Ferguson. Hostess MVS' Hlggms- ChilP91'0H-- - -- ----M211'i1'U1 ROSS I ' Mrs. Sparrow ............. .... E dna Carls Tuft College Sfllfkllfg I I Lizzie Sparrow. . . ........... .......... . ...... R uth Hope .......F1'21llC1S Wilson . . . . . .... Richard Matthews Director ....... . . .Miss race E. Schoonover . .... Chas. E. Holman Manager .... ............. C 'has Holman Page One Hundred Eleven The Girls' Can you imagine T. H. S. without the Girls' Glee Club? You say you cannot? Well. no one else can. It is one of the peppiest girls' organiza- tions in the school. although the members have not had much ehanee this year to show their ability. The elub is eoinposed of thirty-two of the best singers in T. H. S. When they get started. they eertainly do make the notes fly. I11 January. the elub entertained the State Supervisors' Assoeiation with a patriotic' pageant. It consisted of the national anthems of the allied nations. 1-In,a,fland. France. Belgium, Portugal. Servia. Japan. Zlllfl C-lee Club the I'nited States were all represented by girls dressed in the eostumes of those countries. Of course, everyone remembers the assembly program given by the :lee clubs. The girls showed their ability in their four songs: "Laddie in Khaki." "Because," "We'll Never Let Our Old Flag Fall." and "Get a Girl." The club assisted in the eantata. "The Contest of Nations." which the Musie Department presented. They also will furnish several numbers for the Q'ommeneement program. Page One Hundred Twelve - ,ml lm.- The Bogs, Glee Club The Boys' Glee Club has labored under difficulties this lust term. but us uiher mgzunizatioiis of a similar nature in the high sclmol have had the same deuioralizing circumstances to work under. the Glee Club in f'0Hlp1ll'lS01l has done very well. The boys have learned quite 21 few songs. some of whic-h the T. H. S. students heard nt the Glee Club Assenil ily. "Sl'0Tl2lllll'S Burning," "At Dawningf' Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup." "Three for Jziekf, and other songs were learned. Besides these, the sn-ore of the nperettu. t'The Contest of the Nations." was thoroly learned und many of the nieiubers of the club took part in the operetta. The Buys' Glee Club studied for a public entertainment to be given in co- operation with the Girls' Glee Club, but were unable to Cil1'l'Y out the plan lmevzmse uf the enforced vacation caused by the "Flu" Page One Hundred Thirteen 121 fff' The Orchestra 1'1'1'l1z1ps yon 11o11't know tl1:1t '1'. II. S. l1:1s 2111 01'1'lll'S1l'21 tl1is j'l'J11'. for 1111. yvsf W1' z11'11 o1'g:111iz1f1l! 1'1lizz1l11-tl1 Yllll N1-ss is our 1n1111z1g1-1'. w1- l111y1- 211l1K'i1l'1'Ii Ollij' twi1'1-. XV1- 111111111 our first sta11' 111-1'fo1'11111111'11 :1t 111111111 1,1-1111111' H111' s1-1'1'11t:11'y 111111 t1'1-z1s111'111'. 111111 11111111111 .1111'011s011 Olll' tl11- 11111-1'11ttz1. "A 1'o11t11st of N:1tio11s." '1'l11- ll111Si1' w:1s Vl'1'Y 11i'1'i'i1'11lt. 1111t lil11':11'iz111. 'l'l1is is llll' first ti11111 w11 l1:11'11 follow1'11 s111-11 il 11lz111. 111111 it w11 111z1st1'1'1'11 it. 1111s p1'o1'1-11 to 111- 1-x1-11111-111, XV11 111'1- :1 fnithfnl 11s w1-ll 11s il jolly lot of S1l1lil'1liS. 11' yon 111111 I 711111150 1-o11111os111g tl111 o1'1'l11fst1':1 :11'11 11s follows: st1-11111-11 111'o111111 to the :11111ito1'i11111 on '1'11111's1lz1y ilffl'1'11ll1l11S. yon wo11111 l1z11'1- 111-z11'1l 11S 111-g:gi11g :1wz1y :1t "King 31y1111s." "Sp111'lt111ts." "S111i11-s." ist XIUIUIS 1'1lizz1l111tl1 Van N1-ss 21111 Violins 51111111111 1Ia1y1111s 111111 lllillly otl11-1' p1'1'tty s11l1-1'tio11s. I' H I D H I I . . . , uw'-1-11 .11111-s oro 11' 111111 !l'1'1l "- -' '- - :1"11t 'tlli '-'lv-11:1 l1111tl1'11z-1 . ,. , ' ' 1111 o1.1l11st1.1 l'1.1s 111.111 1 1111 11111 IN Q1-'ill 111.1 se t 1 1 11 . RUN Mmm llmmw Baku. :rvatly 111t1-1't1-1'1-1l w1tl1 0111' 111':11't11'11. 111 sp1t1- ot tl111 ol1st111-los, w1- 31111-llllhlggull willmn JH,1,H.,m, 111'og:1'11ss111l 1'11pi11ly. how1-V1-11 1111111-1' 11111 1'z1pz1l1l1- S11DC1'V1S11Jll of Miss Mary 1,o11is1' Ki1'lq11:1t1'i1'li 1"11y11 12111111111-ll - - - ' - 1Clizz1l11-ll1 A1111111'so11 V1-1'11111' X01'1iSf1'11ll1 1I11111pl11'11y. 111-1' l'ilZ11'lll'il1,2' 111:111111'1' 111111 ,211-111:11 111spos1t1o11 l1:1y1- 111'oy 1-11 1111 illSpl1'2lfllJll to Illiliif' this y1J111"s 01'k'ill'S1'1'21 t1111 111-st t11z1t T. H, S. 11215 11v1-1' ow111111. Yon will l1:1y1- just 111111 111o1'11 1'l1z1111-1- to 111-1111- 115 this T1'1'l11--- :1t I'o11111111111'111111J11t. Iinssvll Ho1's11fi11l1l 1J1'11111s Z11111:1 M1'N1'11l1'y '1 Lvllo 111111111 1.1Jep01' First 1101111-t 11:11'ol11 Ho1t111' S1-1-111111 1'111'1111t 1-Y11wz11'11 1121511101111 T1'o111l1o110 l':4iQZll' 1i:11'1111111' S:1x11p11o1111 Il211'1'j' .11111f:k I 1 - One 1lu1111r1-1l Fou1't1-1-11 117 , , , sponcz Basketball The haskvtlnall season of 1915! was startwl with four lt-ttci' llltlll hack: lV2il'l'Pll l'a1'1'. lTla1'e11ce Silnpson. Marsh Smith and H011 Marsh. Thv other Il19I1liK1l'S of the team were Artl1111' Brewster. an experiencecl player who 11111410 a uauic for hixnself as floor guard: Cecil Sta11rlito1'ml. from Uskaloosa. who t111'11e1l out to he a star playvr: Ivan 1111111-1'so11. from Wichita. also an cXpe1'iv11c11d lllillll Don Stark. from L6l'0lIlDi'lDllI and Urvillc .xllliPl'S0ll. fl'0Ill Silver Lake. The SGHSOXI started with Marsh Smith as captain. hut latcr when Smith and Bon Marsh mlroppwl out. Cecil St21llI1lf01'd was elected czlptaiu. The team carried off more honors for Topeka High School than any f0l'll1Ql' haskct hall team. Tllrco cups wore won tluriug the season. om' ill the N0l'l'il0ilSf0l'Il League. onv i11 the district f0lll'll?lII10lliY at Atchison. Rllld one i11 thc i11vitatio11 iuwt at XV3Slllllll'll. I11 the state u11-vt at Law- YQIICG. T. H. S, won two games. losing the third to Vvlllfilllli, who carried off the l'llEiIllDl0llSlliD. Stamliford lcaptainb. Iil'0SVSf0l', and Simpson werv chosen o11 the all-star tc-11111 and won nwrlals at tho Atchison and Wz1sl1l1111'11 11104-ts and i11 tho 10ilgllL'. Ivan A111l01'so11 and Parr 11111114- placos 011 tho second all-star ttllllll and won medals at xVilSllill1l'll. T. H. S. is lll'0llli of hcr basket hall tvzuu and of thc coach. J. E. R. H:11'111-s. fi'-31616-E151-316161616 h-4 PH ,.m,l.:::m:::m: I-lllflllriifkillliifwllllillf -I-:c::.1:J:--'::11.:-1:1 ?7If'71T":11EIf'F"IIf -f---1..q...A.-Q--., ,..-J,.,-f..:-.,:..:,- .5 ,...-H., -.,- ,L 7. 'c-rfv-f'Uf".. ,.-.AHA 'A-A..A'U... . A-..-'Q-fv...-,, ff'.,g-.--1-,.,.,.. 4g EnE.LE:,E..-5.2.15 AAA' - f-,4 1 . . '::i. 1-Alone,-11-lr-110:41-11-AQ: QJHCSICSCCIOIQHI Page One Hundred Sixteen Page One Hundred Sow-nlclnn . ,?1:,,i,-- .:. Football In the few games that we played. the fellows showed that they had the making of a good football team in them. and next year T. H. S. should have the best team in the state. Art. Ronebrake will be at the helm next year and "Honey" has proved that he will make a dandy captain by his hard and fine work last year. This was ".lerb's" first year in T. H. S. as coach. but he deserves the appreciation of every student in the school. We heartily cong.1:ratulate him on his success. The only games played during the season resulted as follows: T. H. S. ............. 21 Valley Falls .......... IN T. H. S.. .. 51 Manhattan. . . tl LETTER M l'lN SERVERS. "MOSES": End. Developed into a dandy end. and next year will be able to tear holes into the opposing teams. Strong: for "Steele" investments. XYHITH. "Elf: Guard. NVas always on the job and always got his man. BRUCE. "HOG": Center. Small. but a stone wall on defense. Sure passer. Did his best at all times. CHARLESXVORTH. "1'Hl'i'KlVORTH": Guard. Consistent player and sure tackler. Now holding down a position for I'ncle Sam. PARR. "C'l'B": One of the heaviest. notwithstanding the youngest man on the team. Not as awkward as his nalne implies. but an enormous eater. STANDIFORD, "STANNY": l-Ind and half-back. Fastest man on the team. Served as utility man: could play almost any position. Vsually held down end. ROGERS. "1'Hl'1'K": lilnd. Lived up to his brother's reputation in all respects. Always on the 1llOVl'. especially if ".lerb" had his paddle. O. ANDERSON. "ANDY": Fullback. Heaviest man on squad. Takes eleven men to stop him. Second l-larshbarger. CAPTAIN SIMPSON. "l'l'NK": Tackle. XVildcat of the team. Led the team like a professional. and inspired fear in the hearts of his opponents. Always had toothache. KINKICL. "I'Al"': Venter and gruard. Hard and steady player. U- ways swashed the opposing: center by his ponderous bulk and always came out grinning. ELLER. "HANKl': Quarter, Lightest 111an on team. Developed into a 1'eal quarterback. and was one of surest tacklers on the job. Never bothered with dates? llONl4lRRAKli. "RONEY": Halfback and captain-elect. Regular.speed demon on carrying the ball. If the girls keep on chasing lnm he will be a second Harney Oldfield next fall. One of the best half- backs in the state. RRHWSTICR. "BABIES: Halfback and fullback. Hardest. hitting man on team. lfine line smasher and "t'ub's" only rival in the "Cap' line. I. ANDICRSON. "WI4'HITA": lind. Started the season late but on the job from the minute he started. Death on forward passes, For some reason "Andy" wants to go to Argentine next fall. T1fE1Ck The track squad this year was composed mostly of fellows who were out last year. altho :ood material was discovered ainong the new men. The boys who made the best showing.: in the inter-class track meet were: Standiford. Simpson. Tasker. Geo, Bruce. Seevers. Campbell. Brewster. Gates. Lee Bruce. Hamilton. Crosby. I. Anderson. Stone. and Wilson. Ten of these men went to Leavenworth Saturday. April 213. to compete in the First Vongressional District track meet. Among: the many teams entered were: Atchison. Topeka. Hiawatha. Valley Falls. and Holton. Gold. silver and bronze medals we1'e given to the winners of first. second. third and fourth places, The winning team received a loving: cup given by the Leavenworth l'hamber of Vommerce. The inter-class track meet this year was won by the fourth-year track men. The Seniors made SS points. the Sophomores 3-115. the .luniors ltibg. and the Freshmen 1. Standiford. a Senior. had the most individual points. having: taken five firsts. two seconds. and 1 third-total of 33. Simpson. il Sub-Senior. came second with three firsts and one second. Other high point men were George Bruce. Lee Bruce. and Fampbell. Tennis The tennis tournament was being held when this book went to press so it was impossible to give any space to the winners. Ribbons were to be awarded this year in place of medals. such as were given last year. The players are striving just as hard to win these ribbons as they ever strove for the medals. This shows that the boys of the school are interested in athletics. no matter what the reward is. The tournament this spring was held earlier than ever before. starting April 21. and more interest was taken than had been expected. Many hard. fast players entered and with such material as Barnett. Burge. Merriam. Kearney. and Jones. the athletic inst1'uctor should have no trouble in choosing an excellent tennis team. Page One Hundred Eighteen X Q' a F N 9 . X by YN fx limi if ii ' H-ii L. impletonics MGTTG-Wbeii one is naturallq simple, lie slmoulcl strive 'co be simplg natural. A-FISHAL QUESTION-AIR NoticeAThe ensuing questions are of no value whatever and so should be answered with due deliberation and carelessness. GROIIP WON Pertaining: to age. build. mental soundness and school standing. 1. What is your complete name '! A11s. Henry Will Neverbee Anton. 2. State age and year. Aus. My aunt's sister's lady-cousin's mother's divorced wife's daugh- ter is not of age yet. and I am four years younger than she was last year. Aus. 2. This is 15119. If you are as old as you said you were ten years ago. when you were not as old as you are now. how old will you be when you become as old as you are now 'E Aus. This is my brainless day. QThe conglomeration in my dome re- fuses to work on Sunday. Wednesday. Friday. Monday. Saturday. Tues- day and Thursday.b 4. How high are you tall? Aus. About as high as the top of my head. 5. Do you find I-English difficult? fSpecify as to hard. soft. or inter- mediate. 1 Aus. It depends on the teachers: some are hard: some are soft, ti. Are there any studies you would like to get. but can't'! Ans. Yes. all of them. 7. Can you boast of any school honors? Ans. I have been in the principal's office 333 times during: the past three months. S. Are you considered bright or otherwise? .Xl1S. Totally otherwise to all but Dad. who calls me "Son," GROIYP TOO. ALSO Pertaining to ambitions and everything not taxed fvery personalb. 1. XVhat is the height of your ambition? Aus. 1'm not sure, but I think she comes about to my shoulder. 2. Express your opinion of the school in general? Aus. If I did I'd have to have it put on an asbestos mat. It's so hot it would burn the paper. 3. XVhy were you born? Aus. If I hadn't been. some other fool would have been. so why shouldn't it be me? -L Why do you wear such good looking clothes 'f Ans. To keep up my social standing. I'1n not tl1e same boy when not dressed up. 5. Have you ever had your fortune told 7 Aus, Yes. and she said I had a great future behind me. ti. llo you know anyone in the service? Ans. Yes. Pevit Prite. SOME THINGS Pl'IOPI,lfZ Alil-I CRAZY Henry Anton.. ........... ......... ........... . . . Mary Hillyer. .. Mr. Cook ........... Ma ry Rodgers ..... Anna Louise Tasker. . . Vreda Birch ....... .lack Merriam ..... Lewis Polley ...... Lucille Johnston .... Marian Moore. . . Mr. Partridge. . . Mr. Mossel' ..... Esther Paxton ..... Isabel i'rawford. . Silvia Silverthorne. Harry McKee... . . . ABUYT ..........Clothes W. C. A. Wife . .The Hammatts .........The Pen ...........Dates ":The Yellow Bug" ... . . . ..The Girls ........"Editors" ... ."Kappa Sig" .Business Affairs Baby ...,Paige Cars . . . . . .Society . . . .Lieutenant . . . . .Dancing l'lACHICI.OliS' ORGANIZATION Orzanized by prominent members of this community. As there are so many members. the organization is divided into two parts: viz.: "chap- ter by necessity" and "chapter by choice." Anyone wishing to join send lus application to .Iohn Mac-Donald Barstow. the famous founder of this celebrated company. Present members are: Chapter by Necessity-Mortimer Arthur, Ray Adams. Dean Tipton. Don Temple. Uhapter by Choice-Olin Huck. Lewis Polley. John Fernstrom. Art Brewster. John Adams. Notin-e4As the policy was not to his liking. Mr. I-Ioelmer has with- drawn his llll'llllN-'l'NlllD. Lewis P. and John F. are also slipping. This page pnid for thru the courtesy of E. V. KING, I,'l0f0j:'l'l'lllfl9l' for Annual. Page One Hundred Twenty Advertisements. Found-f A lot of hard work. New Annual Staff. XVanted--A bottle of poison. Annual Editor. Lost40ur high school days. Senior Class. New Books in the Library. 'l -n 1. "How to Be Attractive" ............... . .... ...Katherine Harnit ... "How to Be Good" ......... ....... W 'reda Birch 0. "How to Stay Thin" .......... ...... J ohn Amos 4. "Don'ts for Bashful People" ................... ...Romain Akers 5. "How to Choose a Husband" ........................ Mary Rodgers 6. "How It All Began" QA very puzzling romancel .... Sheldon Monroe tThe scene of action is local. intensely so. Critics are all discussing it.l T. "The Inspiration Gained in Thinking in Basketball" .......... . . ............................................... Fecil Standiford S. "XVhen I Was Young". . . ....... Jane Bone 9. "Why I Like Girls" .............................. .... H ugh Kiene 10. "The Last Car" ...............,..................... Henry Anton 1Although sad. this contains some very thrilling passageso Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson on Heart Problems. Dear Mrs. Johnson: Have you a recipe for a sweet smile by which you can attract the weaker sex? Anxious Henry. Smile naturally. Henry. Don't be a freak. The squirrels have enough nuts to take care of. Dear Mrs. Johnson: I know quite a bit and get fine grades. but am obliged to study hard. Please advise me. Troubled Jack. Your next move will be to go on your reputation a while, Caution: Don't wear it out. Dear Mrs. Johnson: XVill it be all right for me to embark on the sea of mafrimmlyy Hamilton Chase. Sure. if you can find anyone to sail with you. Dear Friend: What kind of a school will this be if everyone becomes 9? Charles Barnes. as nice as m I d0n't know. but it's safe to say it vvouldn't be any flower ga1'den or rest room. WVe wonder why it is the teachers get pay. when all of us kids do the Work. STUDENTS' DICTIONARY "IC"-A gratifying morsel. the steady diet of intellectual saints. If given to ordinary students. who have very weak mental constitutions. its presence causes swelling of the head. Assemblyfft0hsoleteJfA collective body rarely seen or heard of except in shortened form. "V. G,"-An abbreviation signifying love on tl1e part of some teacher. Bell--48:15 varietyj-A sound indicating the beginning of one more day of misery. 02:45 varietyl-Sweetest music ever heard. Ever increasing demand for this popular time. Bluff-A sheltering l1ill over which accommodating teachers refuse to look. Freshmen never use this article. l'aesarfA dead Roman who managed to make his work live eternally to harass poor Latin students. l'lub-A body of persons organized for the purpose of acquiring loftier a11d more inspiring knowledge. 1'rease4Something put in the trousers immediately previous to some social function. "Don't Know"-iHackneyed expressionJ-Meaning obscure. Evidently infers a vacuum inside the cranium. Editor-A martyr to overwork and criticism. FI'l-lfilllllkillf.-X light-green article usually very small. to amuse upper classmen. No particular use. Flunk-Synonym, "I"'-An intellectual tumble. Grab--An act performed from 11 145 to 1 135 every day in the cafeteria. Hope-A feeling indulged in just before the cards come out. NutsefeMental bankrupts. tThe 1919 crop is unusually large. db "Poor Work" CardseAn ultimatum of pink variety demanding that students retreat from danger zone. CA favorite amusement for all teachers. h ' Report Cards4A bomb which brings those struck down to earth or sends them heavenward. Senior4Nothing much. An animal of the swellhead species. QuizfAn unexpected attack in the dark. Teachers often resort to this sort of ambush. Mr. Kaho: "What is the meaning of furlough?" Mortimer A.: HA mulef' Mr. Kaho: "What ever made you think that?" M. A,: "I looked it up in the dictionary and there was a picture of a soldier riding a mule. Under it. it said. 'A soldier going home on a furlough'." This page paid for thru the courtesy of E. V. KING. Photographer for Annual. Page One Hundred Twenty One , If K' A V L1 'T I J O W i Vg! Lvvd, Q M' if wi-v . W V , J Xe 4,12 f - A X - . ,c wg f 41-, , ' 47"-451 ,g Y f 5 'V,- 4 Aw ' if 4 J' 2,51 ,W fy. CQ 3' 'Q V . 1 -JV- ,'iV ,U f!ff!lV' ' ' 'fr ' A Q 5 f If If N N ' f N 5Y'2i1' ' 9fR9'w ww mf' f'-, X x xxx U ab d fjpfj MZ' MRO8ueS, ncgauerg wV W NX. . 1, ' xg 'Jw ' T ' ' ' U 1 . x V ' K A. .IIL -f x ky!!-Af .1 1-5 1 N KW ' 1,11 , 'ij vf' K f' X ?f:f'A f -X QKJJN In , A 1 ' ,vb 'f ff G fjfff J x uh T QJJJJ ' njdf fffj g XJ-TR-I X x ,F Q dm WMA ,Lf My ' 1 J -J 'FN im l , A 1 ,V in Q If . Q! gk a'VfVVLL, ff , 4 A Mffgfffffffvfi W f Q, ' Wk 4 ff K . ' Xa Q C ., X 3 rx Ll' JKT" F' I Jil, Sign J -- QA Y -A Pdfr fa 'wa Q1 437' f 24,724 I '- IQ XJ X juzlglw 4 ' .xx 77,5 ,' L' f 1 J J f -C 5 ' 'Q .VU if I 1: If , 1 V X x JEKXJY X fp 1 S U ' ME 1-if f35f, a,M ww QJQWX . AN jf KX, V M A . b I H Qs Q -.N Xj7f'.J.4.Q -4 Qc J xs- J Ss x X5 ff, 5 Na? " L. Q xxig - X VS? . 5. ,If , !'LL"H! ,rs :A N ,- V M41 1 f 3 My ' 4 f 4 M N u C' 'x"' "-L 4-S9 - f Q R , -Qu ,J4+f"7:-vi'-fff 4 fffz ffl ' JJN, Qfy 1 ' A X 223 fl C' iw -11+ 'J.5f'J+ 1 ' f f ff f A- 5 V QE M111 f' ,f k.'1f4'f' FC X . - ' 1.4 'fn-jr wr? nf'-, -"J ' .3 W Us "1 sf Vlvc' -'ff'-'fu.f4fr"M , X x 1 ff ' x 'Fflis page paid 101-,iiil the courtesy nl E. ', Plnotograpixer fo nnual. V Page One Hun x 0,5 93 ., . , A 5 M fifw m.. , Z M4 "t.'7" ww 1 0 ,.L...h.. 7" .,"L, ' 1 - J ww 17: - .f 1' 'C '62 x E. 'R ' 7 Q XX N . XX 'L L F1 exwi , ' H 9 f, 'A' 11 x V N F. ' ' N X ,JIIKAJ 1 I Y' i ' '. ,f 1 V 'YQJ V "Qfqi'5"'qVx5 ffm, - ' .lf 4 W" 11479 X ' I ji?-S 6 ROSEGS, Gdllem I ' ff 4 f Q 'mga - - C , J X1 D I l , - X , f x L , , l X ,J k, rj qi , 1 XA H "" 4 L Q, gi we , ,-iii ' 1 IJ: V . wx X Q XXBQJQ P X V ,filly-V,jD? ' X WX 'tiff l f XX' 3 I- , M ' V .1 J' , ,I V ,g X 1 QM" Z X . f Mffjf A 5 Q 4. , V X Q ' . ' ' X' ' . W J' 'xx 'X X V 'H' -, X - x ' Y N M 3' A A ' M A 'Q ,, Af xf -.X X m . X M ff ' A! Q1 . , . , Sfgwyg u C i? ' 1, N Q ' .5-2 , gy ' , H , s XX ' 'SX V 1 ' fxvo QNX' 'V1' fh A K' 'S' - In 'x X ' L x ff ?' . 'KZ ' 6771 X 5 4 , X9 I' 'YV ,J J N ax' A SX xv 4-Y kj? 'Y 3 ff d f B Ax, . '41 Jf .wi 1 1 6 - fflg X -I ' . QS J x X . 2 f K? -,X XX f N' N3 M 'ig I . ' Aw X . Q my is Ai Q' ' A J! ' ' If N Q. I 35 X lb E nfl, '5' X, X ,A Gipw XWWX-ix ' F ' 1 QW sm is , J M , M efniqor tip-Fisk - .-0 .,,. tt-sy of lc. V. KING, l'll0f02Jl'3l3'll9T for CI x my ' i V J x 1 u xj Q On9 Hundred T 5.4-h1,He X M ,QQEAJ fs H ? V3 gan, if Q M ' AWA V QI I M1 ' A - V Y -- - I dy 94, gr-,jwk v rn AL xi-Q P . W - ffoffk MQQJ, qffpilff v M1 :lo A ,J 4, ,J Tl tl.. A, as LL V 1 Div ' . Y 4. VYLlfrrv LLAf A7 ni 'Lg it A ff 'H g7pZ3L.254,, L L fu k X' 4 " 'X--Q ' FQ , ' j LJ, JJ 5112, fl '..Q'H E nf A I, f I FQN f.:-"' X Ck , I I L juxfm . M V, : 'X' ' ' x X Pj 'fi I X ,V I 'l My .X 'X ,' M Affg,,1l1.f V . j J ,. ,J-f XNJ' Yi X Q J Q ' 6-,Ll , Q 1' '?, l Q t ,4 X , xgx , 41 4 X nl f S Q J , I ,jyw era Q A JS 'vo ff' QM, if , f , NS I lr .iii-U 5 S 'L j 5 '-' T?.... -fl N , s- , . - 5' , Q 2 -' X N v N 3 w .' 0 sl xx ' V 'T 1-"l"v" EE gi ffyM ,Q Q K QQ W RT 'f xg' g , T 325 l ij? if JY I ' 5 " xx ' ww X X, 947' , 'gkff II. lgiiflxr-4 .1 rg- . wig' FA l' N if T " 4 15 W f 3-P ff, 7 ff, T X 5 5 gi N U f f ' 553' as A J J f 1 1 Aff ', J N 7 1 K x A1 4 l' ff' i 1.1 'P' A ,f vm' SA' ,fl f ,G f f 5 LA 'bl j Q ' " Q1 if r N 'Q gr ji I AA 1 l ,i U7 .dn-va-H Wmii X N X K x S ,X ,Z My M ld? R, V-1 , J, , .xfbvlv 'Y JOM N sa 7 - Q - Y J s K W .Q QL' QF, ' ! t I ,, f ' .yn ' ff GLM, Qi, " 1 X X ' if X ,,, 'T 5 n Q' X 1? W 'lx' 3 Xi '1 .ef - V - 4 I N T p Ns e T ' LW? ...H - -4 ,ivy v X I, K ,J-jkvj f I , , V I Ay!-J!! ,f 17:2 V AQ.. x'-Xi- nf F-1.4: " ' ' ' Ala. ,VI A yy 'pf' f Y A- T CY - ive' 1 Y 11143 'V M , N Xi ,Tj I ' ' , 'L ' ff , j , L. '33 4, ' fx X ii 5m X fiiftu ff I , , K I X7 YA if i of 4 fi. x 4 N A ,J it L R f i Y WNW Q x ip psf: . fa , I :Nw X XQTXXX X e, Iv F A "B 'Q Q E e F X 5 The co-operation and interest of S Q I jg? ,K X Ye- W p X, 4 J 5 X X Nthe business men of Topeka have I' B .- l' Q In ' N 1 irtbeen largely responsible for the sue- " Aj Q , - , 'W' A. t u , X , v 1 - r 5 eg A i i cess of this book. Students of T. H. J l ' v 'S ' of a HS. should show their appreciation by 1 x 'J , Y 54 A X X X 52 X A L, atronizing these advertisers.,Lf jp gi 'X' I , Xi Xp X Q :X ,N 4 se, N, 1 17. f,if'll .1 .' 'Q Q5 i it Qi Q lX X Q p ..e, XYUL sl 'S R 6 , n it 2+ . D E . I 3 ff , ' , .X - - ' 25 il' f , A 'N 5 4 T NX up Q31 I p 1 f X an x l'XiY"' e H .rl 1 KJ J yy A I 3 S 'F X1 X. R C ' . 1 ed T X Q Cb 3 X 'M s l - Neiif 5 , s T ' A ji -.uc-.ef i - ' , , A -, Y 2,57 by Page One Hundred Twenty-Fit-i I . - T - x ' LJN lf 14 ' 4 ,fi ,- Q , Q Yitfwxnfgff u LL YM? Ywmg X' I . 'J L. I ,V , E Q 1 I Luka .y -x,L. S, ,Q-, T flat fffk .' mf fffw fi . , dx ,fs M,4,l,ff. W mwflf' .1-f7, f16. f0 i kg ' E0 If if 5 if 43? QB i cg 3 I of ff? 5 5 5- . I Q' Q65 'z fgfffef ge 5 O My if I Si? 7 Wa. PRI Tl G Tl1at's Our Business! This Book is a Specimen of Our Printing MAIL PRINTING HOUSE Capper Building : : Topeka, Kansas 'X ,B PDE-15 une Huiilliwfffl Tw 27 og V.. .E,,.,,N, I U J' Ibcdl- I 5 Xl x ff'-fgsv---,f K N2 I T QI L 5 XGW , 5 I cf Q Cb. Y CAPPER ENGRAVING CO TO PEKA' KANSAS DESIGNING 35 ENGRAVING FOR THE DISCRIIVIINATING I - I BIRDS EXE VIEXVS -TRADEMARKS COVER DESIGNS NLETTERHEADS RETOUCHED PHOTOS N LABELS CADRLOG ' ILLUSTRATIONS NIIXVSPAPER ADS -SIGNXYFURES COPPER HALFTONES'DUOTONES NEWSPAPER ZIYXI C HALF TONES EMBOSSING DIES-HALPTONES IN COLORS N ZINC ETCHINGS IN ONE OR YIORE. COLORS Dilgowror 3 EFFICIENT seizvioe Q t There are a Lot of ood Newspapers Uhr Which somebody reads. But there is one newspaper which everybody in Topeka knows, and almost every- one reads. Read by nearly thirty- five thousand Kansans every day in the year. It is the newspaper of Kansas. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllII!IIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Zinprka Eailg Qlapital Arthur Capper, Publisher aI- r i .1 0 K E S ll - ? I 'Q 1'111111v 1-1f11-1' -1 f11111i11' s1-1-111-14 ,AY N 1 ' ' ' ' ' . ' I VY I e ew "l'111111. 11'11s S111111111111 il w1s1- 1111111! 1 'I ' " ' f fe- 1 1'111111-"Y1-s. 1115' s1111." gl a l MJ af- 1 lvS111111yi,1,1-111111 11-11l51.'11i11 111- 11211111 ri i A1 1 1 s11111 l11111ll1'XIlN1S.h 11 , 2 11 , 1 11 1 , 1:11111 v 1 QIIX1' lt 1111. E . Q 1 11 , 1 2111111 1 11 11 1 . D 1 1 1' 1 Payments If "A IIIIUI 1-1111 zisk llll1l'1' 1111151111115 11 111 1 1 11 1 1' 11 1111111 ai 11'1s1- 1111111 1-1111 1111s111-11. I i 1 1 X ' 1'l'1111t is 1111- 111-11s1111 XY1' 1'11111li 111 1 11 1' 1 11' deslred 111111 l'X2I1l1S. 111 1 1111 11 1 1 1 11 1 '1 1 . I 1 1 1 41 1 11 1 T 11 S1111-I'1l'l'S111l' -"Mr, 11111-11111-11. 11111- 1 11 111 1 you still ,21'1111'i11g'!" 1 1 -v Mr, ll111-11111-1' 4"N11. 1111111 11111111-s 111 1 1 1 1 1 - you 111i11k so?" 11 11111 1 ul S1111-1"1'1-s11i1---"111-111111s1- 1111- 11111 1 1 1 1 of your 111-1111 is 111111111111 111111111211 1 1 1 1 4 I Q your 1111ir." 1 I 1 1 'Ml 131111111-11-111-111'11-11 1l1ll'f"'I fe-1-1 1i111- 1 , I ,J taking: poison." ll ' 11111111 s1'11111-111 "Y1ll1'l'1' f'l'1lZY. D 1 1 wjfh J I perfect Tone -,712 eauzM1M1ica11fMIg9yczzy0L'0af THE SUPREMACYOP VICTOR QUALITY 1-IAS NEVER BEEN QUEST IONED I111zu113V1cmo1A SERVICE WILL PLEASE YOU 'l'111c1- Virgil: it's s11r1-r." Miss 1iis111111--"'l'111- 11-st 11111-s- tioiis ill'l' 1111 1111- si111-1111111'11." H. Iilt-'110--"Al'l' 1111-y 111 111- se1'V1-11?" Mr. lii1'11111'11sv"1'1111 11115' of you 1-xp111i11 what is 1111-11111 115' 111-11sity'!" N11 1'1-spoiise. Mr. lii1'1111r11s-"I 11111'1- 11111111111- 11118 1-X11111p11-s 111-f111'1- 1111-." F111-sliie-"I W1111111-1' if 1111- 111111- f1-ssor 1111-11111 1111yt11i111z 111' giving: 1111 11111 il ticket 111 1111- 1111111111- F11111s?" St-'Ill01""xvllY'f'y I1'1'0SIllGe!"I 111-1111 1111 1111- 111-ket: A11111it 0111--." W0men's Smart Apparel Suits Coats Gowns Skirts Furs and Blouses A1f1111'1'?lIP 1Jl'lf'GS The Qutlook Cloak and Suit Co. WE REPAIR SUIT CASES AND LADIES' HANDBAGS We Sell Trunk and Suit Vase Straps, P01-kc-t Hooks, Bill Folds, Dog 1"o1lars and Muzzles, Auto Dust Robes, Auto Folding Chairs, Gauntlet Glox'c-5, Body and Metal Polish. T011 111111 1"uShion Dressing: We Half-Sole Shoes Using the best grade of tan Leather. VVork1nanship un- equaled. XYe repair them while you wait. All work guaranteed. J. M. FRENCH SADDLERY COMPANY 115 E. 6th Street Phone 323 Page Une Hundred Twenty-Eight They're or You Full li Good in fashion. Good in variety. Good in fabric. Good in tailoring and especially Good in saving, . are the All-Wool Suits we sell for 1.50 ne of Men's Furnishings 0 sf 'UULEN MILL 532 Kansas Ave. TOM C. POWELL .I O K E S F11-sl1i1-f -nililli. would you he :hul it' l saw-11 Rl 1lolh11' for yon?" llzul -"l'1-1't:1i11ly. my Still. 4151-- li1:l1t1-ml at tl1is t-X'iti0llt't' of illltitlillyi illlSlIll'SS zxhility. he hz1111ls l1i111 fifty 1-1-11ts.1 lf'1'esl1i1- 11lis11111w111'i11g: with llltlllvyl -"Wm-ll, I s111'1-11 it all right. You told llll' if I ib1'0l1gi1f iltbllltx il good l'l'1l0l'l' 1'z11'd Ylllllli gin- llll' il 1lolh11', hnt I sli1h1't." What Can a Girl Do? It she goes with :1ll thu hoys. shy-'s :l "flil't." If she goes with one shc- is "111:11'- rin-rl." or 1-z111't get 1111yo111- 1-lse. lf she- 111z1jo1's i11 S1-i1-111-e and Math.. she-'s "tlll0t'l'.u It she doe-s11't, sh1-'s looking: for Sllillllly 1-o111's1-s. lf she is ilflllltiit. she loses illxl' "111:1i1h-11l5' l'il?ll'lll.H If she- is11't -we-ll. "girls L-z111't do vt-11' 11111011 illlyXY2ly.N It shn- asserts herself ill 1-lass. she-'s "st1'o11g-111-sul:-4l." lt she- fi0l'Sll.f talk llllll'il. sh1-'s 1111- illtm-1'e-stillg. If she- does. sl11-'s il il0l'lx. 1So how is il girl to ph-als:-. pleasa- t1-ll llllx I1 llo1'1'ifi1-il L'11c'l1- -"What do you llll'Zlll. 1-112212911 to four girls at om-1-I How 4-1111 you account for such Sililllltlflli 2lt'll0llSi'.y Wild Ne-phm-w-"I do11't know, I 51111-ss f'11pi1l shot 1111- witl1 tl Illll- f'h111c- Qfllll. M12 H1-pwo1'thf"lJi4l they 111111- I any svhools ill the luimhlle age-si" He-len Ii.--"I suppose they had :1 lcnigrht school." Phone 2772 ffcouruesy, service, Quality" our M0110 RAY' apid Shoe Repair System PHILIP c. RAY, Mgr. Shoes Half-Soled in 15 Minutes. Ladies' and Men's Separate Waiting Rooms. . l1. Separate Ladiesi and Men's Shoe Shining Stands 714 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas Page 0neHundrt-11 Twenty-Nine Thls Space Isn t Worth xx. A. L, lIIHBll'50h. 1. Ml. 1foM1f1a,xIxF. T f'll2l1l'l1l2lll of the Board. hue 1'1'C'S1flf:'ll1 and Cash W0 Cents'-Unless' lf. w. l4'n1c1cM.xN. 1-1-1-sifmlr. .L I-1, Joxlcs. .xssisrnnf f'2'lSll1Gl .1il - 1...l11- You give us a chance to hid 1-1' on the 1920 Annual. We'll make you a dandy offer. The -- Merchants National -maank-Q -.l-l1 . -li? V Capital fl5100,000 Surplus 5E100,000 Francls 81 H0dge Artist Ph0t0g1'3Dhe1'S United States Depositary P ge One Hundred Th t THE RIGBY'S NEW CANDY SHOP 609 Kansas Ave. Phone 249. if Berkson Bros. T05-TOT Kansas Ave. D K Authentic Fashions and Kodak Supplies Women's and Misses 1 Apparel Arnold Drug Co. ' At The '4Right" Price i 523 Kansas Avenue A t re can duplicat 1 ice-but t our values PIERCE-ARROW America's Finest Bicycle w. W. MARLETT, DISTRIBUTOR 810 Kansas Avenue Phone 1486 Ind. Phone 1372 All NVo1'k tiuaranteeil H. E. SHAFFER Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting 117 East Eighth Stieet Topeka, Kansas. HARRIS 85 GGAR . 1 .il- You are invited to our Store -.i1T .l1- .-l-1 R. Edward Marling, Manager G08 Kansas Avenue The Kansas Reserve State Bank llioml Banking Serviee and f'0l'tll2ll 'l'i'eat1nentb Building and Loan Association fSee l's to Buy. Build or lIll1l1'OV0l Investment Company Hlilt-ldflge Papei'--See Mr. Lee! 824 Kansas Ave. Affiliated Interests Mrs. Challis Delicatessen llonie Made Vakes and Pastries 203 VV. SiXth Phone 926 Geo. M. Hammel Merchant Tailor New Loc-ation. liltl Kansas Ave. Phone ED 11 Topeka. Kansas. Rosser Bros. l,l'i'Si'l'llll'l0ll l.l'llgIQ'lSTS Photo Supplies Agents l'l2lSllll2lll Kodak t'o 803 Kansas Ave. Mr. Kalio tseeing ilrunli iuan on the street earb-"1'onduetor. do you allow drunlceii men to ride on this ear?" i'0llKlllK'l0l" -"Ye-s. sit down and keep quiet: no one will notice you." ilili.v"Y0ll.l'l' a loyal American." What would you do if the Gel'- mans came here?" Dogd"I'd flea the city." Page One Hundrel lh l I ood Food Served in the Best Tll'llC Cooked in the Best VVay At the Best Price T Convenientl Located T. H. S. LUNCH R00 Miss Mae Baker, Manager senii-annual inte1'est is obtained from this forni of investinent and all the trouble and care our investors exercise is the clipping of eoupons. All eolleetions and care of the ,security during the life of the loans are supervised by this company, all insurance on buildings is kept in force and every detail Whieh would safeguard our elient is THE SERVICE WE OFFER YOU - ,lllil ,l ..T- t'all or write for particulars and let us tell you what investors in your own eity of Topeka and surrounding country tell us of their appreciation of our investments and the service we offer and give along' with the investment. Interest paid on deposits. Paid up capital and surplus 2li3362.500.0U l.1.l -lliii il11- The Farm ortgage Trust Co. Topeka, Kansas. P g One Hundr l Tl ty Th Bates SL Capps Cafe "A good place to eat." 812 Kansas Avenue Books for Graduating Gifts at H A L L' 623 Kansas Ave. Home of the Home of the Edison H I ' Columbia llianiond Dist- V Grafonola -. x lilil- PJ ll A STORE OF SERVICE FOR EVERYBODY EVERYXVIIERE . - Diamonds W atches and Silverware ,Q ' Our Glasses Improve ' X lay . gf ,. Q 5' You ean depend upon that gift .A -gX NJQJTLTC EJ your appearance as well as your if IJ111'Cl12iSGfl of f .li-X 4,15 .. -' -.1 vision, The frames are made to Ralp Peterson , ' X X 1 X fit tirnily, yet eonifortalily: G6 ' as REC' H 5 5 . while each lens is gr-miicl so as The See our selection -of Pearl Beads. 106 West Sth St Qs to correct the error in the eye if for which it is prescribed, NYe have optical goods for eve-i-x' need. R. H. MOREHOUSE 427 Holliday Street Opposite Santa Fe Depot Compliments of the Frank Furniture Company, 626 Kansas Ave. ge One Hunflred Tb t I' George W. Sutherin F. A. BAUMAN CUTLERY Pocket Knives-l3utcher Knives Scissors-Shears Razors Heatin g and 425 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas Plumblng Wm. Conners Furniture Co. 113 East 5th Street Topeka, Kansas 7656 Kansas Avenue Phone 1620 The H. R. Howard Company ELECTRIC FIXTURES and WIRING Athletic Supplies and Fire Arms Telephone 1377 TUPEKA, KANSAS Tully-McFarland Drug Co. :l. ii "You Know Us" 835 Kansas Ave. The Young lVIen's Store The Very Best in Clothes, Hats and Furnishing Goods WIMWQ 701 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA'S BEST CLOTHES SHOP Our Farm Mortgages lnsure Holders -six per cent interest, -freedom from care, worry or man- agement, -protection against depreciation in value, -prompt payment of interest in cash, 7 -absolute safety of principal. We are in a position to furnish First Mortgages in such amounts as may be convenient for you to invest. Please call at our office 107 W. 6th St., Topeka, Kan. The Davis-Wellcome Mortgage Co. Buy of the Grower and Get Fresh Stock . Q G Q MES lmfs . WBLSHOP Phone 377 819 Kansas Avenue Official Photographer Kansas State Historical Society BOEGER STUDIO Phone 3989 821 Kansas Avenue The Kansas State Historical Society asks for your pliotograph it- VState Employee Soldier Sailor You are a U Knight of Columbus i Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. Red Cross War Worker in any way I am under contract to furnish you a, sitting entirely free of cost to you and you are invited to call at my studio soon. NBAUIV RROPE-72 APPAREL for Worm 605 Kansas Avenue We are always first in showing the newest creations in Ladies' Wearing Apparel. See us before buying. P ge One Hundred 'lh t I Always Consult J E S Not Peers Battery Company For llzlttery :intl Motor ii0lll'l'2ll'Ul' Work 113 West Tth Phone 818 HENDERSUX EXCELSIUR INDIAX 'LEVELAND MOTORCYCLES BICYCLES .l. V. HARDING UU. Une-0-Six l-last Sixth VVoodfordE PHARMACY N. l-I. For, 1Tth K 1'illC'll2lllZlll. Topeka. Kan. Don't Throw Away Your Old Hat! Have it Cleaned and Bloc-keel DIENVS ASD LADIES' HATS ANY NIATERIAL AXY SHAPE REASONABLE PRICICS Capital Hat Works 52615 Kansas Avenue A Tragedy ln Two Acts 1X lmoy A inateh .X strong: Vlgill' A ll1Ulllt'llf of hliss Then glooin. .X qlortor. :1 nurse. A eoffin. il hezlrse. A llllllllltl and then- .X Toinh. liuth Switzer' "'0h. I wish I were lrrigrht. Ruth. mlo you know ZlllXl'lllll2 that l eau take tr make lllt' Sll12ll'fl"' Ruth T. -"Yes. sulphurie aeialf' flll2ll'lt'S H. thusiness Ill?lllElgl'l'- "Got two orders today." Olin H.-"Finel YVhat we1'e they?" flll2ll'lPS II. "Une was to get out and the other was to keep out." Miss Hulse Anflilll soineone tell lllt' Ollt' of the principal eients i11 lio111z111 history and the date?" lfresliie---"Mark Anthony went to Egypt heeause he had a :late with l'leopatra." Seen on the Billboard Miss Ester Paxton The Vanipinsz Valeska Surratt Featuring Une of her IIIOST Successful Plays "Tl1e Vaptiire of .Iohn FPl'llSi'l'0I11U Daily l't-'l'f0l'1ll2lllf'C Tl1e Motto of the "Flllllli9l'SU Uluh is' nqvillllt no use. To tap IIIY dome Nohorly home Nobody home." 120 'Nest 8th Arts and Crafts for grafluatiiig' presents. The Walker Drug Store l'res0ription l71'11grg'ists 1133 Kansas Avenue Topeka. Kansas Phone 12:10 . .CAMPBELL Hggy' ' - XVe May Not lie Your Nearest Drugzgist Hut We Try to Vonie the Nearest to Please You 704 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS. Popular Store Populal r l'ri1-es The Addis Jewelry Store 817 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas XVilli'll and .Iewelry Hospital KEELE The Battery Man Willard Storage Batteries Swineheart Tires Flc 11-ist Seedsman 5" 1 N Phone 10 ew Location, 611 Kansas Ave. TOPEKA. KANSAS. Page One Hundred Thirty N x NYe believe that we are i11 position to meet the lll0ST exacting demands that might be niade of any bank and can assure you effi- cient service and courteous ll'9iltl1lPlli'. The Topeka State Bank Eighth and Kansas Avenue K'-'X' P 1 D i A. L l z For 31 Years V1 . ' Style l C tff ii ' Headc ' ' 0 . . if . 1 Iuaiteis xA i .,- i, oi Ollllgl en lm And Their Fathers 1 so 5 1 Q .1 '. .f e . Z- - X + X44 V I ff ri .1.1 1 Ek Q 1 I E1 T 5 up 1. Tyr! li ' I l 1 we Y 1 f ' swf: . .lk 47 f..-. l A , .-ff- ,Z-Y, 4- K. fi' '62-lr? . I ff :ee , ff" Auer ach T3 uett cemie - G F CLOTHING co JOKES Wanted-A small horse ac- 1'llSl0lllt"ll to hard 11sa5:c-. 4Vir,f:il Class. Waiitod A 'Tlmso happy days spout with Lewis Polley. fPaI'ty is known who is now 1-11joyi11g lll0lll.l --Katlwriiio Harnit. l"1'0s11iQ--"W11at lll'21llll is that l'i22'2i1"f.l SGIITOI'-"I'il'E1llfl 111-w. little 41110. I ll0Vl'l' smoked it 11efo1'e." Ray V.-"Do you like fish halls?" Don Mc-.AMI don't lmeliove I ever attended one." Alnseiicv niakes the inarks grow l'1lllllK.ll-'l'. Liulillo H.-"The p1'oVe1'l1 is. 'What a man sowoth 1111 sl1a1l roapf " Ethel F.-"And w11at a man svwot11 110 sl1al1 also rip." Mrs. li.-"Get off that grass." Hlin B.-"XVl1at for?" Mrs. IG.--"You d11ll the blades." He was sitting i11 the parlor. And 11e said unto the light. liither you or l. old fellow. XVil1 he turned KTOXYII here tonight. fllll' night John F's 111ot11e1' asked the question as ho was loaviiigr the house. "XVl1itl1er'f" John lf,--"lVitl1 her. of course." Ruth S.,--lgoiiig to lulackhoardl. "How shall I draw the ci1't'111?" M1-. M.-"Use your head." Percy S. Walker Prescription Druggist S. W. Cor. 6th and Jackson Sts. Topeka, Kansas Knabe Ivers Sz Pond Guild Pianos, Players, Grands E. B. Guild Music Co. 722 Kansas Ave., Topeka V iclrolas and Records Page 0111- Hu11-lrwl 'l'hirl1"EiKl'1l HERB TIRES Guaranteed 5000 Miles Cost Less-More Miles apper Auto Supply Co. 919 Kans. Ave. Phone 3680 Waggoner Sz Goodrich Druggists The Best Soda 'Water Lowney's Candies 731 Kansas Ave. JOKES Orville Anderson. fentering a down town 1'PSIilll1't'1llfl-uY0ll serve lobsters here ?" Waiter--"Yes, we serve any- lnody. Sit down." Attorney-"Do you drink?" Witness fangrilyI-"That's my business." Attorney-"Ilave you any other business?" "Your Dad's a crank," said Charles B. who had been told by Mr. Birch that it was eleven o'eloek and time to go. "But a erank is necessary in the absence of a self-starter." said Dad from the other room. Teaclrer-"Wl1o wrote Hamlet?" Pupil-"I didn't." Proud Parent twho was visiting elassl-"'l'liat was pretty good but l'll het the little rascal was lying -I could tell by his eyes. he done it." Ruth Switze-r4"Do you know. Helen. Paul paid me a big compli- ment last night." Helen T.4"No, what did he sayZ"' Ruth S.f"He said I was among the prettiest girls at the dance." Helen T.-t'Yes. I noticed you were among them." Nature Faking Assemblies six times a week. No pink cards. Teachers' smiles. Iifs and V. Gfs. Dan:-ing between classes. First period omitted. Good looking girls. fOuehJ ! The New Cafeteria "Topeka's Most Popular Eating Place" 818 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas Kuppenheimer Young Men's Clothes O , Cl:932!LlNG C9!11.!Z42.!5Y Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine Boys, Department Service Membership Your tlllaraeter. lluys Your Mernbership. All Privileges Without tlliargc. Central Y. M. C. A. Phone 3907. Ninth and Quincy Streets. Topeka. Kansas. Distinctive Garments of the Better Qualities We specialize on quality as niuvln as style. Qualities that give perinanviit beauty to thi- latest and sinartest fashions, Hs-rc you will always find the t'Hl'l'l'f'i and tasti-ful expressions of the best styles. Models in ample variety for all to inaki- discriniinating solve-tions, The prices are right. l'nder tlu-se conditions. satis- faction is assured to our l'llSt0llll'l'S. l,t'l'lllli us to show you the svasoifs new styles in suits. coats. drr-sses. blouses and other apparel, . TheW 1lls Company For 001 tlarol rn The .flap The Central 1 ational Bank Capital and Surplus Sli-350,000.00 Small accounts appreciated and given personal attention. Safety Deposit Boxes for He-nt. Savings Banks on application. t'all and see us. Officers and Directors: G. M. Lork l-I. NY. l'ol1onou1' . M. Lock Tire Co. Distributors for Hood Tires and Tubes Also State Agents Zivebell Dry Cure lletreading' and Rubber Products. Re uairinv' and Vulc-anizinfr. P C J. Ii. Burrow, President Geo. A, Guild, Vice President l-I, I-I. Ames. Vice President F, H. Burrow, Cashier VV. H, Riley, Assistant Cashier J. Y. Abrahams E. H. ffrosby Geo. P. Mcldntire P, I. Bonehrake F, Elliott ti VV. Merriam 'iii Geo, C. Bowman 1'. Qleed S. S. Ott A. VV. Bronson O, . lufler A. Zahner I'. .I, Vlevenger W. H. Kirkpatrick 218 W- 6th Street' Phone Friar- one Hundrild For-ty Simplicity of System Means Accur- acy and Speed-That's why most re- sponsible positions are held by those using' Doug'herty's Shorthand-- 9 ougherty s Business College Opposite Capper Bldg., Topeka, Kan. U. Merriam, President Egtablished 1873 F. . Merriam, Vice President '- 1'. ll. Merriam, Treasure-1 Capltal Sl50'000'00 J. l', Harmon, Secretary The Merriam Mortgage Compan Farm ortgages lffastern and l"entral Kansas Columbian Building Topeka, Kan. Bank References l'ai'niei's National Hank. Topeka Nat'l Hank of The Republic. Vliicaxo Ventral National Bank. Topeka Vlieinical National Hank. New York Mercliailts National Bank. 'Fopelca l,ilw1'iy National Bank. New York Hank of Topeka. Topeka ll. G, Dun X Vo. I ge Une- Hunfliw-il Forty-mr NI 1 1 ll 1 1,0- W. A. Neisvvanger Sz Co Real Estate, Investments Q ' ' ra Omg-UM and Insurancce I BUILDING 111 11' .11 S'xtl1Str1e1-t 31911 1o1rKx 1 xx is Topeka - - . Kansas Try Our Soda Service Flad 81 Marsh Prescription Druggists 607 Kansas Ave. Phone 44 The store of appreciation, of courtesy and of service- supreme! i 1 Gift Boxes of Fine Stationery l- T-. . Graduating Books, Cameras Amateur Finishing Zercher Book 8: Stationery Co. 521 Kansas Avenue REME BER Your Honey gets into a Bank whether you put it there 0 if you spend all s X ' ' r not omg successful man de noft: ' ' 1 si s 50111 monev OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT You will he surprised to find how short a time it takes to accumulate il surplus. "The Bank Where You Feel At Home" Farmers National Bank When The Water's Fine The Wateris Cool Swelter ff p, IQ mumwwn 1 lv Vf , ...Jl My 4' J ' Shi: H M I 2 'u5sEgEEE- 5 ff f f f e X! V ff A lk ' fl! , I' 1,1 :'n's .fxqar mmm' - ,Jr JHHQH-' ' 'lSZm., ' r Ali .lug -..L ' ' I Z' J ,A gan 'Wav Z I B.. :ji f' :: N Q other fQf2" 'Ai 75 'Q-. I 145- ,,2if,,,, 1 .. - ,,i,g .-X1 ll l ,ri? f gfffisfz-uciff-'fftr in the Hi Mondays and Tl iursdays 2:30-3:15 gh School Plunges J fr r O e,':'f' 'i or .ff ' Yi' s:1' -' i"61E'2 ,,f:::"' H ff " . . Pool High School Lessons Tuesdays and Fridavs 2 30 : 435:00 Beginiiers 3 :OO-3 1320 Advanced P001 Open June lst P g- Une Hundred F I Th ,,,, ,ffT3'gi2 - f"z1 J5f-3???giLri f-'Dice Class Pins C1355 Rings C. A. WOLF ---:.lENVELERl 725 Kansas Avenue Visiting Cards Announcements Brunt-Martin Drug Co. Dainty Luncheonette Fancy Box Candies lill- TRY OITH COOL AND HEFRESIIING SODAS AND SVNDA ES Phone 3777 729 Kansas Avenue VVE FIT THE FOOT IN SHOES OR SLIPPEHS von ANY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY See our Holeproof Silk Hose The Boston Shoe Store 514 Kansas Avenue Time For Tennis We have a voniplete stock of llVi'ig'lit X Ditson and Wilson llavkets and Tennis Supplies. lfisliing' Ten-kle anrl all Atliletie Hoods, See oui voniplc-te Sporting' Goods llepartnient. Fullerton Bros. Co. Phone 1325 713 Kansas Avenue l ,- uni- Hunilrwl F' I F NYE SELL Gl'AHAX'l'lilClJ GOODS ONLY The TOpeka Electric CO TXYO STOHIQS IN 'l'OPliKA ibb Ciot hin 0. vinxix sron HS sYs'1'EAl CLOTHING, FURXISHING GOODS AND SHOES ron MEN. woiiisx ANlJ1IIlIl,lJHl+lN Electric Wiring, Fixtures and Repairs Labor Saving Devices of Every Description sroiaii Noi 1 s'1'o1:1f: YH H I li"I'fi'lfI"f V g v PFIOQIE 553 Kzinszis Ave. 'EI uni "vim Us li tirli St Il I 4-I ll I I NWN-Fl' 510 IX-XNEA5 AW 1'1- 'l'wo liinotypes Five Presses ANK OF TOPEK HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT . l Will Appreciate the Account of Every High School Student ill.- . .11- ill.. ' ' A ' llltl' 4 f' '1'i'4lIPll S. Ia Ilnglws. I l 'nsiliefl' I 1 ll I I t Ioziln M I iw Vive l'l'QJwlfl r H, IJ, Wolf X st. i'z1sIiie:i IJ X YI lf X Y I The rapp Print Shop The Printers whose watchword is '6Service" Tcl. S20 II3 li. Eighth Street P O H Once a Patron, Always a Patron xfxfefsfvse- f f.f-,x,weffvs,fV-VVXAJA Nfxfvxfxfvxfvxfsfv-e,x,-XJ fvx, -V V of-sf, , - . Jvxfxfxfvxfv .fv-J-, f,ef,Af.A,.fs,x, Xfxfu- .hf--or-,K,s,,xf,A,x A,Vs,s., vwx -. fx, - , , You will always find The NVarren M, Crosby lltllllllilllj' clot-s just as they Atlvt-rtise. A Store of Dependable Merchandise 1'rolvahly no Store in this sec-tion of the A-onntry puts f-:rth the effort we do to keep up the snnn- high stniltlzlul of Ilnying znnnl Selling. or does so nun-h to nntrit l'nhliv l'onfirlt-lim-V Hn t- il Patron. Always 11 Patron. i' - i -ll-' l 'h o The Yard of "Zip Servicew THE lVleCleery-Dudley Co. LUMBER AND COAL nt- 5972 519 .laeksoii Street 3. After the Show or Between Dances Colne to The Chocolate Shop ' 811 Kansas Avenue Dance Hall Vpstairs for Patrons Personal Attention given to all Dinner and linnc-heon Orders Superb Soda, Service NUNNALLYS CHOCULATES A Vhoice Line of Dainty Pastry 7:30 a. ni.-ltlzllll p. in. oleraft, lowers June '19 Quality n Page One Hundred Forty-Six WEQT 0.V4tlCf1THAVENUE 5 Here you will find photo plays that are always of an educational Value and BELL uibrrvnrohr, xhich goles tooiiiealjlestheeintertlainiidrit g Q most complete. -b i ve l Two Shows With a Single Purpose- To Please Our Patrons V TELEPHQNE i to I p , rf Q -b e LL O E TIISTREE1' Q' SOCIAIED 209 3 The lris IS playing a close second to to the Orpheum, by keeping up the same high standard of pictures and music. , The Topeka State Journal ---- Topekaas Evening Newspaper f----- is the newspaper which should he in every Topeka home 6 904004044 0+ News Service Unsurpassed The Associated Press The United Press , The Very Best In Features x f 1 x Ld. .mv v J, , if 1 -Hz' 'Ff 4, iii e 5 e ,. v 1 4- 1 1 Q 1' If M ,t W 4 1 , ., +I, I 1' N- Q if vi

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