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-4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1, u 1 1 11 1 1 ix 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 11 1 w 1: 1, 1 1 1 1 1 '11 1 11, 1 1 1 1 ,M 1' 1 1, 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1' 1 11 1- '1 1 1 WDM 'H1f11f.l:w11111 1'1'1'11i,11'l,RUV'1WDF1 ' '-1'1'E11l1Wl'1 W1W'11l11xV'1'!IYWMl! 'E.Wlll'1llli1IlHH111Ltfi'JM.1f1I111LIm1'l1lef1llHfJU!1lll1,11.''PWWIllF'1ll11Jl1HIHHWK"l1'HIIi1.HWl?RM1llNFFHWE-,111'AUM"1d1T11"1.' 1, ,1 N111 ", 1'-' 1 -1T1U11+ ',"',' 1' ,11W' ' MLW 91,11 "1 1" 1 1 MH ',w.1ix'1J11,11 1' '11"1'l1'dMF1,1Wi1, I cf ff 1 - ,,v,,y'7,4Q, H T5 ,.xa,.f, ' Shmgfloch 42. ,uf f f L , 1.Lf 1 t .Av L? Q-P 5 4 X , X ' fs P Q V EX Libris P O 6 -f-:- 4 C,,,', W 6,L7'v -E-ICH: i4,i g'?'V,', 5.i,"1.,.7.,l:x Tr, QP M- ,. L, X 'I-1':71' V L . I! ,, X, H 'I .1 - T I , I , .,,,..,, ..,, ,, ...,v. -p- X 1- YY Y- W .-L" o J n ' It' T 'I TT "Q-"' ' E. ..-'-,Y ,Ai Y 7 ,Q 'T' K1 ' G-'F .7 -x N' 3 g 4-15 . Pl - +65g'P X ixw 00 - -- g f , . U ITA V -- - 7 -'Q - L 'Qi ' QQ' '- .' , 4' I ' ' ' . 1 In .of - I Q 2 I ae T w 5 3 Q . I 4 E X 4 ' J .G Ig ,cg?'w5SL5,- Ii b y 'I C J . : . ' I l "The Knowledge and L1ght" - t I , ' Edition of ' V "THE SHAMROCKN 1927 ' . Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of the TOPEKA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 53 ' 'T I Page Thus ...M WT ,L 13111 e e S t t, , ... i 1'Tf,.,."'1 'T-,f' we " , ... -Q- - ---g---,E ' T-i K' 'J - f f ' fr: P , .. -- - T 54 ' U ag ? -- 1 "' . Q" , . .' I . E 3 ' lo .2 - 4 Q 2 1 J 5 2 i " I X i " l 1 I To our esteemed and beloved pres- Vxident, The Right Reverend Mon- signor Mclnerney whose high stand- N ard of Catholic education and liter- ary ideals is our inspiration and light, we, the Seniors of twenty-seven, dedicate the "Knowledge and Light" edition of The Shamrock. Pau Four I an Q' 'rf ff, D+ Y . , -I 3- ---+ I ' -v 134--l lf'-u, 'ET a t J 9135 c f ., Shamrock '5 5 g 2 'O PGREWORD E "The Knowledge and Light" Edi- tion of The Shamrock greets you. In publishing this year book we have striven to present the aims, the ideals, the achievements and the activities of the Topeka Catholic High School. That this Shamrock may prove a connecting link between the future and our school days, is the earnest wish of the editor. Page Five 'Flo is xxx NK NK 6 . ,132 We SEQ N-V. mgyroc - . , ---r , " 3, ,-f u' .Y - f -h.. + W ff - , . ---' , --Y-T' ' ---L-Y fjJ,.', .,5 " Q Q4 C'-'J ,-.m:-T- .,, r 'I ...ln -CT...p - X ss, 5. -W J .. y. 5. ' " ' 2 ' ' I 5 w Ia "l! 5 5 lea, -" - T, -f ' L , ' . I KNOWLEDGE Daughter of Wisdom! this, thy stern behest 5 "ComeQ see my treasures at the feet of Hzm . Who gave thy soul ,its powers for endless quest: Come, fill thy measure to its golden brim. Nor let the day dreamt visions, oft that blind Poor gropers in the clod, thy way obscure: Knowledge that 'flows from the Eternal mind Is ever crystal pure." JE! s xmxuw Q' EEL ..- u il Nik 0' 1 ' ' Q , ,,,u,7., ,U 1.4 'I' . r . ' '-. ' - -V 3' . - -v ..'l . 4. ' -- M r-ff,-f, wj 'f 2 ew.. 4 '-Q" S' . F' ' -R 1 , X V -... , 9 , U. -. -, - ..X ,W .1 Ng ff! ' 024- 2 5.4 H ' f-A Q. 1: ,." '- " ,.c"'I.:Hx "'3x Th 'xi f' ' 1'-. 'ff . ',f " , 'S' vl , ' ... ' "'v f 1 . ' P. A Q , f .Z- su., ,LQ , rv!-"xy . f -. 1 ' ', W . X V !2j'k gg 1 V ,I ,v X '-.Q . gm ,X Q ... fins, 13 ,, pf.: . ,. 5 1 ,gfw ',,,, . . f A 1 .. gqlvk' 'L , Le- A - 5gu:6t1,': gy . ,f . ,ff -0 ,A -n' . ,A 15? "42'l. 3 - V ,. Q, , or 4 ' , , UG, If-, A .' q f ' 'v AY f wr, V, - , fpgt. cl W' 1, muy, 4 ' . . . .Q ,f A -vs' 0 THE RIGHT REVEREND JOHN WARD, D. D. Bishop of Leavenworth Page Seven Our President THE RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR MCINERNEY, LL.D X' THE REV, WILLIAM T. J. BOLAND Professor of Apologetics XXNW' Page-N Page Ten ilfathrr Waghrn A illimunrg Esturmd reucrcd beloud and honorncz' Ionq HL dwelt amongst us wary qua! cmprzsb XVus hzs to urqc and ard qczznst guru wromz In purposL frm rn counczl just and Lust Tha prznsthood S qlorzous crown hrs lzfc S fzr Our grateful hcarts Shall cucr bless hz: mum Sf H1177 - - 4 - 'K I I 1 ' X l I ' ' J l I Yi x I : J l l l Z' 3 K Il' 1 4 I ' I 1 J 'Y l H0 stood a fov unflinching. generous. Slrong. 1 I' ' h I Vx' 3: I ' 3 1 K I l blk it 1. I'm2 VIQRY RIQVITIUQND F. M. HAYDEN, LI-.D I'QOLIl7i1L'I'tIl7li Firsl PfCSl'dL'l7l of T. C. II. S. illllrmnrg illlnthvr Marg IHPIPI' On January the eleventh the former Mother Su pcrxor of the Sxsters of Charxty and the Foundress of Salnt Francls I-lospltal Topeka dred ln Leaven worth Mother Nl Peter s countless frlends know hcr beautxful character so well that words of pralse arc usclcss She d1d great thmgs ln an unassumlng way Truly to know her was to love her and her heart was blg enough to hold all the needy ones of the world To the dear Master for whom s e worked so devotedly her frlends now commend her blddmg Hlm be mindful that she comes to Him Wlth hands laden by the golden harvest of her devoted labors Fatthful zn all thznqs 0 er lzfe s path she tro Ont atm one znspzratzon evermore o er Tcach mc to know and do the wzll of God Loted of all hearts all hearts are sad today Mzsszng your words of joyous hope and love That ever bade them look for lzght above The clouds that vazled joy s sunshzne from thezr way Shc rests ID peace who joycd in peace to lzve The Savzor s greetzng to Hzs own sank deep In her rcceptzvc soul she wrought to beep And strxct obealzence to Hts mandates QIUQ And dyzng leaves a legacy of love Of prayful thoughts borne to the Throne of Grace Or pure heart homage to Chrzst s Holy Face The Maqnet whzch draws souls to Heaven above 5 C . , , ' . . h I . ' . . . Thrilling her heart. one prayer breathed o'er and .. , I . ., 7 I l I J 'V x P All ,1- -M.. 5 . 'J Ll - ...., Mq1i"',-2.4 a ' ' Ai r - QQ-:TT na r' '22 ci :ii QI-SQ X X. 'fm ff -D -' - , . f . T. - - T ' U POC 2-asv? Q. I ., 31.-in . lu 2 5 9 A S5 5 9 . Q y The Staff Q - Marie Murphy ....... ............. ......... E d itor-in-Chief Editors Louise Birmingham Rose Donnelly Teresa Quaney Ruth Curry I Associate Editors Clarence Malone Frances Strecker Paul Spurlock Beatrice Brady Mary Neiswender Louise Dyer Advertising Managers Dorothy Stapel Helen Stephens Frances Marie Gorman Rita Cooper Picture Editors Fern Huber John Murphy Clayton Ronnau Athletic Editors Walter Gibbons James Quaney Ursula Barclay .................................................. Art Editor Timothy Degginger ..............................,........... Treasurer Business Editors John Sachs John DeBacker Peter Wall John Heery Margaret Shields Mary E. Hoy Agnes Murphy Peter Wall 1--3--Tfl'.f'l fix" e1-M ,A --- A JT .If 4 ' '-33" K-. -5 ' QL! . EE if :lg1 ,s'??f,' 'R Q Q Wit' f+'i'i--W ew Q 1" - ee- - .Alfie "af 4' ' "E . T R me we -13 , G' 'F h x.:- 9' ' .47 E I J 9 Knowledge and Light T The Motto of class '27 "Knowledge and Light" is a fitting theme for this Q edition of the "Shamrock." At this season of the year when many memories rush upon us it is well to reflect upon this theme. Lights given us by T. C. H. S. flow into the mind and produce clear thinking: they assist us to approach serious truth with courage and animation. They arouse healthy enthusiasm. All of these results are ideal conditions for the acquisition of knowledge. True, the amount of knowledge acquired depends upon ones self. Were the study hours well spent or squandered? The question of natural talent may enter but it is not the most important. To discover the verdict on a stu- dent's success ask those who saw him in action: teachers who heard the recita- tion or read the examination papers. What would be their reply, ready en- thusiastic praise or only a compassionate smile? Whatever may be the decision in that regard ever cherish the motto "Knowledge and Light." May it ever guide us to higher and nobler efforts: teach us to overcome all difficulties, until finally we arrive at the feet of the Master for Whom the sacrifices are made to make T. C. I-I. S. possible. LIGHT When the great king of night subdues the sun And sends its blood-strained rays across the sky, Another time of beauty has begun With the appearing lights of heau'n on high. 'Tis then my mind will dream of days of yore, And Alma M ater's light will point the way How to reverse the sands of time once more, And take me to my golden yesterday. Then once again the bright thoughts of my youth Before my eyes will shine: and I shall hear The lessons o'er of knowledge and of truth Taught to me in the spring tide of life's year. Page Sixteen "Ml i J if 'x . i 3 1 L. 'Q fb 1 4'-. v l A - 'A ' . ,if -Y 1 -- Q, i .A X . ' r ' 'z I , . D if , I, ' so 4 Q 0 0 at 4 4 0 8 I at it 1: 1 - V A 3 44 'Y 1 - 4 t CLA5511 l'zuJ4- Sox nn 1 n ,fri -50-As -. sagging we----Ms AQ I as , l ,, as A .. Mo- a -.......,, . A ,,.,,,, . 'lub-4-'f ,f,, - -3 ,fn Wfyqv K, I - , 1-Y A H gg S5 H tr are -Hi ig Io-, '?.iQQf,e-mai" L , QPFQ' Q Um 'CC az L, 'fi V' fl"-vffjx 4 1-N1 ROSE DONNELLY Class President '27g Dramatic Club '27g Newman Club '26, Basket Ball '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g Elocution Contest '27, Play Cast '27, Washington Essay Prize '27g Asso- ciate Editor, "Shamrock." PAYUEASPIIRLOCKI ' ' ' Vice President '27, Secretary '25g Elocution Contest '25, '26 lMedalJ '2'7g Debate '26 fMedalJ '27g Play Cast '25, '27, Football '25, Captain '26g Basketball Manager '26, '27, Team '27g Physics Club '26g Dramatic Club '26, '27, Peasant Costume Re- view '26g Associate Editor "Sham- rock." -, , V-, CLARENCE MALONE Class Secretary '27g Play Cast '27g Debate '26 fMedalJ '27g Elocution Contest '25, '26, '27, Oratorical Con- test '26 fCountyJ '26, '27g Football '25, '26g Basketball '26 '27g Baseball '25, Dramatic Club '26, '27g Associate Editor "Sha1n1'ock." LOUISE BIRMINGHAM Class Treasurer '27g Class President '25g Dramatic Club '26, '27g Pontia '25g Debate '27g Elocution Contest '27, Play Cast '27g Newman Club '26g Peasant Costume Review '26g Edison Prize '25j Editor "Shamrock." Class Qrganization Class Molto: Knowledge and Light Class Flower: Ophelia Rose Class Qfficers - Seniors Rose Donnelly .....,.. ...,...,,....... , ., . ,.,. ,.., P resident Paul Spurlock ., .... . . . . Vice President Clarence Malone ,..,. . , ,Secretary Louise Birmingham .,,.. ,.Treasurer Paire Eighteen A gg-fp !'r,A4CES' Lfbh 9-J -,of H 46 txilf' 1 J' 'xff J, . -. Q , Q ii. 4 x. lu J l nf na- . aim i-gk!-. 3. f?-..:v l -- 'I .?l , rf SEQ Nm.. -jj .--. ' . ,,Y , ' P sg - , 5 9 -- f" v.41' - 1 --Q1 .-.L , 5 iq, '- g- 9 ' ,Y - x ., 1, ,, -- ,.. ....,--N .M v . - 'v' ,Z ,il .4 111' X - ' - - ..qr .." ' N- . .. I. I 1 a v ' . - 'X N . I I 9 -'- - 1' -PTI . 3 ,fl I n I y ' Shamrock BEATRICE BRADY RITA COOPER Dramatic Club '2'7g Assistant Adver- tising Manager Shamrock '27g New- man Club '27g Pageant Costume Re- view '26. JOHN DEBACKER Dramatic Club '27g Peasant Costume Peview '26. Play Cast '25g Baseball '24g Business Manager Play '27g Business Editor "Shamrock" RUTH CURRY Spanish Club '26g Dramatic Club '27g Newman Club '26g Peasant Costume Review '26g Associate Editor "Sham- roc . ' J"M TIMOTHY DEGGINGER Class Secretary '24g Class Treasurer '25g Orchestra '25, '26g Play Cast '25, '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g De- bate '26, '27g Elocution Contest '25, '26, '27g County Lincoln Essay Medal '27g Football '26g Baseball '24, '25g Basketball '26, Captain '27g Dramatic Club '26, '275 Physics Club '26g Treas- urer "Shamrock." Page Nineteen L y . Mx' xx f 4' ki ' fi, g, . KKK A l 'T-'Z-2' '1 6 - - 1-11 -Y Q of ' 0 .Y . J' - -1i."'f'f..AYY v"l-f 3,4---5 "Llp: x -5 , -s , xC' P L -5 fi: ' 'ff' -JP ' . 6 Q .3 0 J 'fs' " ' f 51' f we - --, P c ee-- .' -- -f k.J'-Q I O 11 4 1 5 LOUISE DYER WALTER GIBBONS Play Cast '26, '2'7g Elocution Contest '26, '2'7g Dramatic Club '26, '27g De- bate '27g Spanish Club '26g Basket- ball '26, '27g Football '24, '26g Peas- ant Costume Review '26g Athletic Spanish Club '26g Dramatic Club '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g Adver- tising Manager "Shamrock." N le ,LQ :X 2 Editor "Shamrock." s. X JOHN HEERY Sp b '25, Baseball '26. FRANCES MARIE GORMAN MARY ELIBABETH HOY Dramatic Club '27g Spanish Club '26g Dramatic Club '27: Peasant Costume Peasant Costume Review '26g Adver- ' Review '26g Spanish Club '26g Basket- tising Manager "Shamrock." ball '27 g Business Editor "Shamrock" 77' 00 X X , Page Twenty fin "M WT 'P'- it AMX. . if hi f A' V' ' C-....... J Ee sf' ' 2 I . , 1 . , - ' , , .. . , 7 - , va, rf I, 44 - -w- ...., i rg 0 e f' Q ..-f ' .... 4 ' sa n Q' --- Y,v ,... - ,- xt 6 34 L' I -P Q ?i 1-,i ' - 1' -4 - , ..-v , ' .,a .- - ' ' f ' I . I .., . Z - . ' -,- ', ,,, . Q L X XR X :-pm , A Shamrock ' .AA.L,v. FERN HUBER AGNES MURPHY Dramatic Club '27g Peasant Costume Dramatic Club '27s P9859-Ut COSWMG Review '26g Pontia '25g Play Cast REVIEW '25S Basketball '27- '27g Picture Editor "Shamrock" Ha " MARIE MURPHY Pontia '25g Peasant Costume Review '26g Newman Club '26g Spanish Club '263 Dramatic Club '27g Debate '2'7g Elocution Contest '26 3 President '24g Editor-in-Chief "Shamrock" , fn , 'ff'?'Q,.,.,.v,',1,- ,7 MARIQTEISWENDER Newman Club '26g Dramatic Club '2'lg Peasant Costume Review '26g Busi- ness Manager "Shamrock." '2'7g Play Cast '26, '2'7g Elocution Q , Contest '27 3 Baseball '25g Dramatic V JOHN MURPHY L Vice President '24, '25g President '26g Popularity Contest Winner '25g Foot- ball '26, '27g Basketball '26, Captain . 1 Fx 9 IL- -X.-'A rt K Club '26, 'zvg Picture Editor ffsham- fp 2-as 'vw 'A -' f ke- J x. u rock." Page Twenty-one I ' ' J I NNN 7 'I ff.: fx ,C Kavao JAMES QUANEY TERESA QUANEY Dramatic Club '2'7g Peasant Costume Review '26g Secretary of Athletics '26g Vice President '26g Basketball '27g Athletic Manager '27g Associate Editor "Shamrock" Football '27g Class Secretary '26g Dramatic Club '27g Baseball '27, HELEN STEPHENS Dramatic Club '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g Advertising Manager "Shamrock" CLAYTON RONNAU Dramatic Club '27g Football '27g Dramatic Club '27g Play Cast '27g Elocution Contest '27g Peasant Cos- tume Review '26g Business Editor "Shamrock." MARGARET SHIELDS Baseball '25. Page Twenty-two A '-'ffjffiff-,ijcai -54" 'ff' fair' w U I L9 Ur i if i.5wmma.xXIm Qfffpx .Ii 'f"l Yr- 1 l 'R I I EL, 'fiixfil if 115 ' ggi ,f :NL 'Mi' xxx mia Q7 if cv il? 9554 n 2 fi' 69? . Q ?l C fl Wi 1? will iff if C' . WO W ,J . nuaxxfmx.. .xr Thi 'fl 1 .4 S 1- f - 'f t- L-f C. , "' 'ti -- --T Y 57:2 AJ S 6 N K.: Sbmvocb I' 5 .3 ' 5 5 , A C g '3 -Q ' y I 'I U I X FRANCES STRECKER Dramatic Club '27 5 Pontia '25g Play Cast '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g Basketball '27g Washington Es- say Prize '27g Associate Editor "Shamrock." JOHN SACHS Physics Club '26g Dramatic Club '27g Basketball '25g Football '26, '27. DOROTHY STAPEL Dramatic Club '27g Peasant Costume Review '26g Secretary '26g Advertis- ing Manager "Shamrock" PETER WALL Elocution Contest '24g Play Cast '24g Football '26. Page Twenty-three .'f+gg1j"T-Q-x51 kwa- . L, A if ai 956 'N' e:Qfe-is I w 0 y- . ..- I x ' 7' f-'Q Y Yi Q g. ff ' Q f -.L Y i-,- "-Y 4 '-' 0 Q F . 1-'l o 'S Q' F L x: " ho' f-X' 433 X , Z 'FTE " ' -' V N"- - .' - -' .- ,f " A ' za ., I I ,. , x ,UV . 0 - , --' ' e .iv - - in QF. .' hy. 0 , , zQl Q . XX I-I NA 1 fm 1 his Xl 1 I Q ll n A I Y '--'rr'-4-1 ' ' ' ' Q' E ' ' ' - JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Diama McKiernan .... . A,,...,.,,.....4...,...,................ President Frances Lawlor .,.,... ,...,.. V ice President Jeanne Finn ..A.,.... ..,,............,.... .........., T r easurer Class Flower: Rose Class Colors: Crimson and Gold Class Motto: "Without Equal" ' THE ROSE Oh most fragrant of all the earthly flow'rs Are you, O blushing rose in reddish hue. How modestly you hide in sylvan bow'rs. Bright queen of all the flowery host, are you. As dawning light unveils your beauty rare, The silu'ry dew on your soft petals glows. Your perfume fills the early morning air. Your gorgeous colors brightly shine, O rose. Page Twenty-four 'M Till? 'C- !' 2 -'Q u i unior Class First Row-John Roach, Francis Hoy, Valentine Leinacker. Harold Devlin, Lessell Landwehr, Robert Gorman, Paul Hillebrand. Second RowfAmelia Letucks, Florence Couch, Carolyn Purnell, Anna Deg- ginger. Helen Delirell, Helen Crawford, Frances Flynn, Frances Lawlor. Margaret Reel. Third Row-Rose Letucks, Ethel Birmingham, Lucille Patterson, Catherine Smith, Faye Huber. Kathleen Connaughton, Catherine Masching, Esther Dooley. Catherine Fleisch, lrene Mclntyre. Louise Annen. sas,m.aWWa at if M"' A 42, , f--M at Lp- -Q.- ,.,.,. Z L' e-' ' ,N ,-,i--,, ,ffl .M , . f- -..jf'jf5'f.f2 V I ,.. -3 .di "psi, , ..q,, N - 1- 7 A ci. .Q xxiggri, NPA EN. is Q.. 'E-avg? af - , . at Sha D3 1, 0 Cb . Behold Qui' uniors Louise Annen is always quiet, She never gets into a rl0t. Ethel Birmingham, lively and gay, A teacher of athletics will be someday. Kathleen Connaughton, the best of - friends, . On all, her sunny smile she bends. Florence Couch, a merry lass, Would be the pride of any class. Helen Crawford, a Cicero shark, Can read Latin in the dark. Beatrice DeC1armo's "I don't know" Is always said in a voice quite low. Every one who knows Helen DeKre1l, Declare they like her very well. Although Anna Degginger is tall, She doesn't think "she knows it all." Harold Devlin, it is said, Likes very much to stay in bed. The best of typists, Esther Dooley, A private secretary she will be, surely. Lois Ellenbecker, whom we all appre- ciate, In '28 is a brand new class mate. The Treasurer is Jeanne Finn, She never turns a shortage in. Of Catherine Fleish's soft little laugh If we told all about it we'd have a paragraph. There is a Junior, Frances Flynn, Who owns a pretty little grin. Can anyone deny that Robert Cior- man, Will make an ideal husband for some woman. Of Francis Hoy, we must say, He is glad that in each week there is a Friday. Page Twenty-six Faye Huber, from out of town, Starts to school while the sun's down. There is a new Junior, Paul Hille- brand, And he plays a cornet in the school band. Lassell Landwehr, of secretaries, the best In the field of politics will reach the crest. The Vice President, Frances Lawlor Still would be loved even if she were taller. Valentine Leinacker, brilliant and wise, In American History takes the prize. Every one envys the curls Of Rose Letuks, the fairest of girls. Amelia Letuks, the algebra wonder In her work there is scarcely an error. Catherine Masching, petit and proud, ls the life of every crowd. Diam-a lVlcKiernan, the President, In spirit is very independent. Irene McEntyre, a studious child, Has a manner which is mild. To Lucille Patterson the honor must go, For being the quietest in her row. The best of Juniors is Carolyn Pur- nell, Who seldom misses the ringing of the bell. Margaret Reel, no one can bar Or keep from becoming an opera Star. John Roach, the Junior's joy, Is the "cutest little boy." Catherine Smith. small and sweet, May she and worry never meet. I-gt? 5 "?5',i5i51?iJi'3 -Q . Xjcriw F7 -.-SBS' -1 , A Shamrock Flea.. f 'v'-f 1 -A , -.. ..' - ff--M- . 5 ,I 1 .. I, si , git 1, ,g . N ' . ' ., - r D 3' li , C, X 1 U SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS George Fleisch ......,.............A,.4.,.A,.......,.,..,......,... President Ursula Barclay ..,...,. ..,..... V ice President Harold Brady ...,,... .,.........., S ecretary Francis Butler ....,. .......,, T reasurer Class Motto: We can if we think we can! Class Colors: Silver and Cerise Class Flower: Orchid The Carnival On October the twenty-eighth Assumption Hall was decked in hallowe'en attire yellow and black draperies, Witches, cider, the electric bridge, the lunch, the candy counter: all contributed to the enjoyment. Yes, even Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb were there to assist in making the event enjoyable. But all of these were little compared with the excitement that hovered around the booth where the Popularity Contest was conducted. We wondered who the victors were. Surely not the Sophomores, for they seem depressed: but great was the applause when they were announced the winners. Congratulations Sopho- mores-you are splendid workers! Page Twenty- s"cf"" 53E'frff' 4 J f o LJ 4 L f I V 9 0 11 v ,Q ,Bliss-fxl! -' . ..i-vgjgfg, B Ln r ii -V V., 142i-:Ng-'aEgV,s,.f1i - t, ' l .' ,.. . J f s " c ,. mwmso Cl. if e..4f4!a -1 all ,l':nL- V' A 9 9919 -. gemfv ?+.x?-35 1 -...Q Sophomore Class Toe Row John Colvin John Devlin Thomas McGinnis John Arkenburg John Monaghan Donald Makins Kenneth Ronnau George Fleisch Jerome Hillebrand XVilliam Feighney Francis Butler Harold Brady Page Twenty-cifrht lVlIDDLE Row Vincent Hoffman Manuel Cross Elizabeth Durkin Cecelia Koehler Loretta Reel Eileen Walters Teresa Wiss Lois Annen Lillian Walters Francis Butler Alvie Etzell BoTToM Row Geraldine Brady Frances Weisner Mary Haynes Rose Dale Florine Shields Eva Murphy Magdalene Heinisch Rosemary Quaney Louise Kraft Ursula Barclay Eugenia Kistler Catherine DeBacker Mary Lorden 'J L L, - .. v 1 L J 5 . 5 xxis Nis- SN ,far TSE TTT ., M Shamrock . - 1-He . '-" 'r1'f' 'Z --- i-ll 1-1 gi ,-.: . A K Q ,-,....-7- .?.v M Q -if 7 a n A foe: '12 "' " K' ..4. . w - - 1 fx , . I ... - ,, ,W r -Y if' F D rOur' Most Popular Class NAME Lois Annen John Arkenburg John Ashton Ursula Barclay Ronald Best Geraldine Brady Harold Brady Francis Butler John Colvin Manuel Cross Rose Dale Catherine DeBacker John Devlin Elizabeth Durkin Alvie Etzel William Feighney George Fleisch James Haynes Mary Haynes Magdalene Heinisch Vincent Hoffman Cecelia Koehler Louise Kraft Donald Makins Thomas McGinnis John Monaghan Eva Murphy Rosemary Quaney Loretta Reel Kenneth Ronnau Florine Shields Agnes Slaybaugh Hazel Wagenrodt Lillian Waters Frances Weisner Teresa Wiss Eileen Walters NICKNAME "Loie" "Arkie" "Ashy" "Susie" "Rolie" Gerry" "Lefty" Goose" "Coffee" in u "Rosie' ' l4K3t1E' ' "Johnnie" "Liddy" I KAI! Y "Bill" "Flashie" "J im" "Tiny" "Heinie" "Vince" 'ACei1" "Kraftie" 4 A f Y "Stuffy "Jack" "Pete" I lRoe17 "Rusty" "Kennie" "Florie" "Aggie" "Shorty" "Lil" "Frank" "Trix" 1 4Lenar9 BY WORD u U u u as u u "Irish Fighter" " U U ai H ii is in Oh Caesar" I prefer blondes" But on the other hand" Oh raspberries!" That's Bunk" Loan me a dime" Keep off my shine" "O solo mio" .4 YY Oh silly Hurry" Don't ask me" Gosh, I don't know" Message from the bat" For cryin' out loud" Don't ask me" Good morning, boys" I over slept" That's that" Don't bother me" Lemme think" What's up" Oh, really?" Oh Chudas" Oh! Shut up" Toss him out" I'll go crazy" 4'Prefer brunettes! " Oh! I ll never tell" Just so we eat" Hurrah! I-Iere on time Another runner" Be your age" H Wish the bell would ring" Oh, girl!" Lemme use your dorin' " Oh Hector" When shall we laugh?" KT -' M 'WT 'T' 3? "1 f XKN - 'QA 'si 535. 52. Q A. gyms -uv-eg -13. Y s kb-,rppytjgfm I Q-+C5'i2"Z A!-9 F' Q -ig it " ' .Q f Q-I s.. l Page Thirty 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Elleen Wood ......., .4.,4.......,,..........,............ ....... P r esident Ethel Crook .,.,......,.,,....,..........A..,....,.,.....,,. Vice President Marjorie Clark ...r..... .,.. ,...,.e... S e crerary Mary Lucille Hartley ,.,.....l,...r.44 ....... T reasurer Class Flower: Lily Class Motto: Ad Majora Nati Sumus SONG OF CLASS '27 Tune-Sweet Genevieve Sweet school-day joys! They're gone, they're gone But glad hours come with lovely June Our joyant voices fill with song The burden of this school-day rune. Chorus Farewell old school, farewell and bear Adown the years our truest love And trust betimes thy children's prayer X For light and guidance from above. Old happy days in C. H. S. And fond companions good and true For years to come we'll hail and bless The peaceful hours we've spent with you. fgvgf-gf rf P - Q J 1 ldv v, cr,-,-4 N LJ x-y l l I Tl X- , as 7 ill N fllxb lighthe- Q?gp,-ff'wefi ' A F- LQ-5.:L1C2 3 v " L V Jag. 'gf f 1 Freshman Class 5 'Wg First Row-Willard Tarrant, Ralph Bonfield, Timothy Kelley, Bernard Kane. Second Row-Charles Kerwick. Raymond Hefner, Paul Schwartz, Byron Spears. Henry Murphy, Jacob Roth, Loretto Esser. Josephine Frank, Cecilia Desch, Francis Koehler. Third Rowe-Margery Stephens. Bernadette Arkenberg. Mildred DeGarmo, Margaret Kane. Marguerite Gallup. Cecilia Quaney. Helen Hudspeth, Helen Eakes. Irene Quaney. Eileen Skidmore. Irene Talty. Ethel Ciaume. Lorene Renyer. Marcella Herschfield. Bottom Row-I-Kenneth Moore. Alfred Domme. William Brook, Mary L. Hartley. Ethel Crook, Florence Overby, Frances Eyer. Faye Clements, Mar- cella Domme. Eileen Wood. Bernice Miller, Geraldine Wall. Marjorie Clark. Elizabeth West. Philomena Stramel, Caroline Porubsky. I' I ly -e --' ' -'T' 'if-4--E?--1'CiiP5v'15.: F3 P 32' or t. or iffxi L Q . W ls ' Aluq clklqilllulzll 1.l3QJ',3 llllltgill mtg Q5 Ci ll O m O . 55. er cf: info X X QU - Q Introducing The Freshmen Bernadette Arkenberg-She speaks, behaves and acts just as she ought. Ralph Bonfield-A typical Icabod Crane. William Brook-A wee man with a real voice. William Butler-"Mr, Coolidge, Im sorry to take your place but it can't be helped." Marjorie Clark-Headed for the Hall of Fame. Faye Clements-"Keep still so I can study." Ethel Crook-Just two big dimples. Mildred DeGarmo-Styles change, but Mildred's smile never changes. Cecilia Desch-A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Albert Domme-"Don't worry, some day it will all be the same color." Helen Eakes-Helen will now play "Dizzy Fingers." Loretta Esser-Always kind and considerate. Edward Etzel-"Girls, don't you Wish you had my school boy complexion?" Frances Eyer-"Will Caesar never cease?" Josephine Frank-She is just her own big hearted, honest, natural self. Marguerite Gallup-"I and time wait for no man." Ethel Gaume-"My giggle is as good as any man's." Mary Lucille Hartley-"Why don't you learn to see the fun in things?" Raymond Hefner-Somewhat serious but friendly. Marcella I-Ierchfeld-Spreading sunshine is her mission. Helen Hudspeth-She does her work with no display. Bernard Kane-"Greater men than I have lived but I do not believe it." Margaret Kane-"Let's go window shoppingg shall we go to the dime store first?" Charles Kerwick-A great man struggling in the storm of Latin. Timothy Kelley-Imagine, just imagine Tim with powder on his shoulder. Frances Koehler-Seen but not heard. Joseph Maxwell-"Kenneth, may I look at your Latin?" Bernice Miller-"I keep my ideas to myself." Clyde Miller-I'll pass if I can, if I can't I won't. Kenneth Moore--Just a little man. Clarence Murphy-Small but mighty. Henry Murphy-"Bud Fisher was considered the best comic until I came." Florence Overby-"Yes Sir, I do too." Charles Patzell-What a sweet baby he must have been. Cecilia Quaney-Sadness or gladness, it makes no difference to me. Irene Quaney-Her disposition to smile makes others smile. Lorene Renyer-Just a silent and sweet little girl. John Roberts-"Why don't you speak for yourself John?" Jacob Roth-Of all his father's family he likes himself the best. Paul Schwartz--A prize for any girl. Byron Spears-"That English takes my time." Margery Stevens-If red hair was gold she would be worth millions. Philomena Stramel-Jolly Philomena. Irene Talty-She has a -sweet and gentle voice. Willard Tarrant-"Do you suppose we will get off for Christmas?" Geraldine Wall-"Now let's get down to business." Elizabeth Ann West-She has courage, energy and a fondness of adventure. Eileen Wood-Sweet thoughts are mirrored in her face and every motion is a grace. Eileen Skidmore-"My, but I hate to go home alone." Page Thirty-two It TTT 'IF' V' - , T c s H . " 'x -- A ' C ' fo x - ' - I x I 1 I """"'-1-igl-, fl- , XS I, nuff TT1155 n -. 1 ' 1 n I Il 15 The Annual Debate On the evening of January the thirteenth the annual debate was held in Assumption Hall. The topic, Resolved, "That a Federal Department of Edu- cation be established with a Secretary in the President's Cabinet" is one of vital interest. The spicy arguments and logical conclusions of the debaters held the attention of the audience. The affirmative was upheld by Louise Bir- mingham, Timothy Degginger and Paul Spurlock while Marie Murphy, Walter Gibbons and Clarence Malone gave convincing discussions fo the evils of the proposed law. The presence of so large an audience, their keen attention and generous applause are alike an evidence of the deep interest taken in this branch of high school activity. The judges, Miss F. Ulamperl, Miss M. McGuire and Miss T. Barnes, decided that the negatives put forth the strongest arguments and awarded the gold medal to Clarence Malone. Pane Thirty-four' V A fm ef- T V MEMBERS OE THE ORCHESTRA Top Row+Kathleen Connaughton, Robert Gorman, Rose Dale. Middle Row+fErancis Brose, Paul Hillebrand, Josephine Frank, Catherine Smith, Ethel Birmingham, Vincent Hoffman. Bottom Row-Philip Lawlor, Donald Pitt. The Qrchestra ln the year during which it has been organized the orchestra has steadily approached nearer to real perfection. and this year it has almost reached the zenith. Each player shows talent, and is putting forth his best efforts to make the music at T. C. H. S. rank with the best in our State. The members of this organization appreciating the advantages they receive from the study of music. devote much time to improving their talentsf Wlien one considers the high place given music by the great men of all ages, he realizes that some knowledge of this art is essential to an education. Music exerts a very ennobling influence upon the mind and character and should be studied not only as means of pleas- ure and amusement, but because of its purifying and educating power. This art is closely connected with the inner life of man. A person who "is not moved with concord of sweet sounds' is "Fit for treason, stratagems and spoils: The motion of his spirit are dull as night. And his affections dark as Erebus Let no such man be trusted." Paige 'l'liil'ly-five -.- Q 1 , , 77. p ,5,,j,5,: a.4gX,sb4? H. . 'RX W 4 A . '?. Q . fi V, 9 gl i Girls Physical Training Class First Row-Louise Birmingham, Mary Elizabeth Hoy, Teresa Quaney, Carolyn Pur- nell, Anna Degginger, Frances Marie Gorman, Louise Dyer. Second Row-Rose Dale, Florence Couch, Helen Crawford, Teresa Wiss, Lillian Wal- ters, Elizabeth Durkin, Frances Lawlor, Frances Flynn, Helen Stephens. Third Row-Ethel Crook, Florence Overby, Marjorie Clark, Eileen Skidmore, Miss Allen, Class Instructress, Cecilia Quaney, Ethl Gaume, Helen Eaks, Hazel Wagen- rodt, Agnes Murphy. Fourth Row-Lucille Patterson, Beatrice Brady, Frances Strecker, Kathleen Con- naughton, Mary Lucille Hartley, Bernice Miller, Rose Donnelly, Ethel Birmingham, Mary Haynes, Eileen Wood, Catherine Masching. Honor Roll For First Semester Apologetics: Louise Annen, Ethel Birmingham, Esther Dooley, Frances Flynn, Robert Gorman, Lessell Landwehr, Frances Lawlor, Carolyn Purnell, Margaret Reel, Cath- erine Smith. Timothy Deggringrer, Frances Marie Gorman, Mary Neiswendcr, Teresa Quaney, Helen Stephens, H. Hudspeth, L. Renyer. English: Kathleen Connaugrhton, Frances Lawlor, Amelia Letuks, Catherine Smith, Louise Birmingham, Ruth Curry, Donnelly, Teresa Quaney, Frances Strecker, Marie Murphy. Church History: Louise Annen, Ethel Birmingham, Helen Crawford, Kathleen Con- naughton, Frances Lawlor, Amelia Letuks, Carolyn Purnell, Margaret Reel, Cath- erine Smith, Marie Murphy. Latin I: Clarence Murphy, Willard Tarrant, Marjorie Clark. Latin Ill: Frances Lawlor, Catherine Smith. Latin IV: Louise Birmingham, Ruth Curry, Teresa Quaney. United States History: Catherine Smith. Stenography: Rose Donnelly, Margaret Shields. Spanish: Jeanne Finn, Faye Huber, Irene McEntyre. Typewritingrz Rose Donnelly, Helen Stephens, Frances Strecker. Public Speaking: Louise Birmingham, Frances Lawlor, Timothy Degginger, Diama McKiernan, Marie Murphy, Walter Gibbons, John Murphy. Page Thirty-six ea- quL-41 Qifbu ":y,!'l3? :Tse J' S--il.. - --'I 1 J' I ly R-gr V 'd 1' ., A 9 ., J k' --' -.1 ,J x 1 L' . . x J The Peasants Costume Revue Under the direction of Miss Ceora B. Lanham T. C. H. S. presented The Peasant Costume Revue. The audience enjoyed a delightful imaginary trip while Miss Lanham with the assistance of the pupils portrayed the typical life of the French, German, Dutch, Russian and Danish peasants. The entertain- ment was excellent and revealed in the delightful interpretation of talent hith- erto latent. It brought the audience close in touch with the humor, the pathos and the optimistic philosophy of life. Miss Lanham has a "charming way with her audience" and exhibited fine feeling and a vivid understanding of her works. She has appeared in four different European countries, in Canada and has given programs in thirty States. We are grateful for our intercourse with her for we learned to appreciate her unusual ability and pleasing personality. Her beautiful motto: "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you" is exemplified in all her work. Page Thirty-seven 2 ., I V , What The Topeka Daily Capital Says of Our Play HUNDREDS SEE COMEDY Assumption Hall Packed to See "Nothing But the Truth." An audience that packed the large hall of the Assumption church last night was highly entertained with a three-act comedy, "Nothing But the Truth," .presented by the Topeka Catholic High School. The hall was at- tractively and appropriately decorated for St. Patrick's day, with white and green streamers. The play, based on the actions of a young man, fClarence Malonej, who accepted a dare to tell the exact truth for twenty- four hours, kept the audience chuckling and at times threw it into an up- roar when he wouldn't even tell a "white lie" in a tight place. Each one in the cast handled his part nicely and demonstrated excellent training, the work of Miss Diama McKiernan and' Malone being especially good. The cast included: Miss McKernan, Louise Birmingham, John Murphy, Frances Strecker, Timothy Degginger, Walter Gibbons, Fern Huber, Mar- garet Shields, Rose Donnelly and Paul Spurlock. Page Thirty-eight - "SL "' ' ' jf 1 ' x L Dramatic Club Top Row-John Roach, Clayton Ronnau, Peter Wall, Paul Spurlock, John Devlin, John Sack, Timothy Degginger. Middle Row-Catherine Masching, Fern Huber, Rita Cooper, Mary Neiswender, Clar- ence Malone, Francis Hoy, Diania McKiernan, Helen Stephens, Frances Flynn, Ruth Curry, Louise Dyer. Bottom Row-Beatrice Brady, Rose Donnelly, Frances Strecker, Mary Hoy, Theresa Quaney, Dorothy Stapel, Margaret Shields, Agnes Murphy, Marie Murphy, Fay Huber, Frances Marie Gorman. l i OUR ORATOR H , 'Q F On April the eighth at Roosevelt High School Clar- l ence Malone was awarded first place in the Shawnee County Oratorical Contest. The judges, Mr. l,uther Bailey, Mrs. Eli G. Foster and Professor H. J. Colburn, gave Clarence a two to one decision over William Tin- ker, the Topeka High School Contestant. Mr. E. Ci. Parsons, chairman of the Shawnee County Contest, presided. Music was furnished by the Roose- velt High School Orchestra. On April 14th Clarence Malone won the National Oratorical Contest in the 18th District. Pane Thirty-nina Physics Class Top Row-Rose Donnelly, Frances Strecker, Clarence Malone, Clayton Ronnau, John Heery, John DeBaeker, Peter Wall, Frances Marie Gorman, Ruth Curry, Marie Murphy. Bottom RowhBeatriee Brady, Louise Dyer, Mary Hoy, Theresa Quaney, Dorothy Sta- pel, Margaret Shields, Helen Stephens, Fern Huber, Mary Neiswencler, Rita Cooper. From The Topeka Daily Capilul WINS IN ESSAY CONTEST Timothy Degginer, senior of the Topeka Cath- olic High School, was awarded first place in the Shawnee County Lincoln essay contest. sponsored by the Women's Relief Corps. Deggingens essay on "Lincoln, the Typical American." also was judged the best in Topeka in the city contest and now will be entered in the state contest. The essays are all between nine hundred and one thou- sand words in length. Second place in the county contest went to Ruth Lyon of Topeka High School. A prize of fEl5O goes to the winner of the state contest. Pill-fl' Fort y fl f-X A--Il 'Q, ...,- -ll W ,fl I 'V Nsgwg R X-2 , Athletics w Ido: ii. 49 L' A ' M' 1'-3' 'g 'S The Basketball Team Timothy Degginger. .. .3 A Forward Clarence Malone . , . Forward John Monahan .. , Guard Walter Gibbons V. . , , Guard Harold Devlin ,, . . Center Paul Spurlock .. Guard Lessell Landwehr . , Guard John Murphy ...... Captain Mr. Fred Kelly 6 . Coach BASKETBALL SUMMARY T.C.H.S , 39 Purcell T.C.H.S Aiumnit .... .... 3 2 TLC-H-5 13 Sf- MMYSA T.C.H.S Leavenworth 30 T'g'g'S 33 Qorfon ,I8 Junction City , 22 T' - -5 Wm P T.C,H.S 13 Manhattan 23 T-CHS 20 l-NWHWCYW' 'I'.ClH.S Auburn A MII T.C.I-I.S . , 3 IO Manhattan . T.C.H.s A ,l,,. 7 Maur Hill 6 35 T-CHS 15 Sf- MMS T.C.l-l.S .. 12 Junction City 3,28 . - T.C.H.S Washburn. , 41 TOURNAMENA T.C.H.S Mayetta ,. . 30 T.C.H.S 35 Aurora T.C.H.S 31 Purcell , , .. . 6 T.C.H.S 9 St. Marys T.C.H.S ,,..,, 39 Horton ,.,, 15 T.C.l-l.S I5 St. Paul T.C.H.S l6 Maur Hill 17 T.C.H.S 6 Kansas City Pzuze Forty-fum' C' 6255353735-"'7-19 if 'YD "- ' " : fl'-a L l A . cw . 1 OUR COACH MR. FRIED KIQLLEY Football Schedule Oct. ?-T.C.H.S Oct. l -T.C.H.S. Oct. 22gT.C.H.S. .. Oct. 29-T.C.H.S. Nov. 3-T.C.H.S. . . Nov. l2-T.C.H.S Nov. l9-T.C.H.S. .. Nov. 25-T.C.I-l.S Dover . Silver Lake Washburn Rossville T.l-l.S. Znds Auburn Berryton. St. Marys . The squad: Landwher, r.e.: Spurlock r.t: McGinnis, r.g.: Ronneau, c.: Wall, Quaney, l.t.: Hillebrand, l.e.: Degginger, Gibbons, r.h.: Malone, l.h.: Murphy, f.: Ronneau, g.: Butler, end.: Sach, t.: Cross, l 0 14 I4 27 13 I9 61 21 QCD g.: Q-3 K. g. Pane Forty-five f-Y-1 -ei - , ' qu? ' i - --..- Q-'ZTT L-.....-C1 'L'L2L ' T 947 - ' 'V Q X Tis-:LT ,il-5 Q.: 6 ' u r ' 7-5 . TF' 4-. W S 5 Q 1 f -A 1 - me gee- .. , C' ' , ' o .2 ' .4 5 Calendar 5 Q Days of pleasure are like streams, "' Through fair meadows gliding! Weal and woe, Time doth go! Time is never turning! September Q 3. Enrollment, High Mass.. First day of school. Everyone seems glad to be back. . School in confusion getting the Freshies settled. Freshies, Freshies every- where, and not a desk for each. . Half-holiday. Everyone happy. The Kansas Free Fair begins. 7. 9 10 13. 15. Half-holiday. All are going to the Fair in the afternoon. T. C. H. S. again, Robert Gorman awarded first place in Music Contest. Talk about a play to be given soon. Wonder what its all about. , The secret is out. Miss Lanham begins practice for "The Peasants Cos- tume Review." . Dramatic Club organized. "Peasants Costume Revue" brought out hidden talent. . Election of Senior class officers. The Senior play is discussed. . Scoreboard at Cappers ready to attract attention. The boys are eager for the World Series to begin. 29. Senior girls are seen wearing tags to advertise the coming football game. 30. The Virgil students looking gloomy after the first Virgil test. 16. 17 20 24. 27 28 October 1. The first football game. T. C. H. S. versus Dover. We won 19-0. Hurrah! 4. Physics notebooks arrive and laboratory work begins. 6. The Retreat opens. 8. Silence, Silence everywhere. 9. Retreat closes. Breakfast is served in Assumption Hall. 12. Columbus Day. 13. Preparations are begun to re-arrange the library. 15. Second football game. We lost to Silver Lake, 14-0. 18. Senior class meet to vote on rings: but cannot agree. 19. Pins and rings selected. 21. Writing essays: will they ever end? 22. Washburn plays T. C. H. S. 25. Mystery surrounds everything. Who will have the prettiest booth at the Carnival? Who will win the Popularity Contest? Popularity contest in full sway. . Program is given to honor Monsignor's home coming. Welcome home, Monsignor. 26. 27 Page Forty-six IN ....... TT. .,..... - .. ' T-F? - 7 ,X is --WWA' f-:-+-ic'-Z iq. .. , -, ' T ,' S' 79 Q Q :fl 'fe - -ge t ef . t e: E ,. - 7 -Z, ' E QQ' -v-? W - g F' . l ' - I a .3 5 28. The annual Hallowe'en Carnival. Sophomores win the popularity con- 5 ICSI. ' 2 29. T. C. H. S. plays Rossville. Lost, 27-O. af J N ouember B l All Saints Day. Holiday. The morning after the night before. T Seniors treat in honor of the Sophomores' victory. Topeka High School Seconds 13, T. C. H. S., 0. Quarterly exams. This is exciting: the morning after exams. Q Many gloomy faces after the results of the exams are announced. Auburn 19, T. C. H. S. 6. Gibbons was the hero of the game with a 95-yard run for the goal. ' i ' Many working hard on poems and essays. Oh, for an inspiration. Where shall I seek one? I December l Topeka plays Berryton. Just a sad defeat, we won't tell the score. Thanksgiving week. Everyone looking forward for a holiday. The Annual staff is chosen. Thanksgiving. 'Free Day. First week of Advent. Candy store still surviving. We are given notice that all must try for the Debating team to be selected soon. Pictures taken for Annual. Quarterly reports given out. Tryouts for the Debate. The Affirmative and Negative of the Debating team selected. Hurrah! All are Seniors this year. The Immaculate Conception. Free Day. Basketball season opens. School Tournament held. Seniors won the Tournament. Three cheers for the Seniors! Seniors again. Essays, essays will they ever be finished. William Brooks awarded first prize in Jayhawk Music Contest. Fifteen Dollars! Think of it! Oh dear, tests, tests, tests. Students see "Ben Hur." Snow! If it only continues until the free days. Study, tests and study. Poetry again. Oh for the thoughts of Shelly, Keats or Wordsworth. Tomorrow, think of it! Vacation. No tests, no essays, no poems. Free for a week. Hurrah! Hurrah! Christmas. First basketball game of the season. Alumni versus T. C. H. S. Defeated, 32-14. January 3. Happy New Year. 5. Everybody talking about the good old Christmas times. Page Forty-seven IN """ Til' 'T' --f- QW- . 0 11 - -e ,f -Q.. -T-"5 Tgifg -D " ?'-' - - ' Q' irjjgj---1: . .12 ., ll Q S S b - QLD o --:X ,:. J ... 9 Q -5 V .. -31. of"1z75 '0':: .1 E. ff ' f" - T ? , -1 'Y L.: wal af' ' .Y if 6 Quarterly exams are almost upon us. Study, study. 7 Leavenworth 30, T. C. H. S. 16. g 10 Tomorrow, oh, tomorrow. Working. J 1 1 Emporia Tests. Q 12 Pictures sent to the engravers. 4" 13 Annual Debate. Negative side wins. Hurrah. Congratulations Clarence. 14 Manhattan 23, T. C. H. S. 13. 15 Junction City 22, T. C. H. S. 18. 17 Preliminaries for boys and girls elocution contest. Boys selected. John , Murphy, Clarence Malone, Paul Spurlock, Timothy Degginger, Walter Q Gibbons, Willard Tarrant, Bernard Kane, John Roach. Girls selected: 19 30 21 24 Louise Birmingham, Rose Donnelly, Margaret Shields, Marie Murphy. Kathleen Connaughton, Lillian Walters, Diama McKiernan, Geraldine Wall. We are made to realize that we must work, work, work. Apologetics test. Mr. Malone speaks to students. The same old story, study, study, study. Our Editor-in-Chief is out on account of illness. 25. Mr. Jones gave an Electrical Demonstration at the Hall. 26. Girls Basketball team selected. 28. Quarterly reports given out. Junction City 28, T. C. H. S. 12. Party at Teresa Quaney's home. 31. Social Science class opened. Many interesting topics discussed. February 1 Play cast selected. Seniors again. Congratulations. 2 Out for Advertisements. 4 Mayetta 30, T. C. H. S. 19. 7 Mr. Handy of Chicago visited us. 9 Prof. B. F. Summers of Manhattan addresses Public Speaking Class. 10 Valentine party planned. Rose Donnelly elected captain of Basketball 11 14 18 21 22 23 25. 26. 28. Page For team. Timothy Degginger wins Lincoln Medal for the best essay. Horton 15, T. C. H. S. 39. Mrs. Degginger treats the boys. Thank you. Hurrah! Two first places in Emporia tests: one for Latin to Clar- ence Murphy, another for American History to Catherine Smith. Justice R. Hopkins addressed student body. Auburn 11, T. C. H. S. 30. Poetry Day. Rah! Rah! Rah! Washington's Day. St. Marys 31, T. C. H. S. 13. Physics class motored to Tecumseh. Mayetta versus T. C. H. S. Lost 15-8. Horton versus T. C. H. S. Won, 39-10. Girls practicing for their first basketball game. Til--1' a-1e-- .r , .gmc-'1? , ... '-'A...t.wiT".-'1-ll,-4' ' . I -Q r- --.. FT'-" ' 5:2 Y .50 S Q x N -N . Q- ik 0 -it : ', .T ' F ,O':,- - , - ' POC ' ' ' c eg' -1- .' ' , " s-:Egg l ' . l 5 . 0- ? March Q l. Leavenworth 13, T. C. H. S. 20. Girls basketball game, 20-6 for the ,Q Tigers. . Q J 2. Lent begins. sa 4 3. Mother M. Olive visits Latin classes. Q "' 4. Working on character list. Wonder who will win. ' 7. Donald Makins won first place in character contest. Catherine Smith second. 8. Mr. Homer Eiler and Mr. W. Connelly visit school and award a medal to Frances Strecker. Others to receive prizes are Rose Donnelly, Alvi Etzel, Marjorie Clark and Elizabeth West. 9. Timothy Degginger announced winner in Shawnee County Essay Con- test. Rah, Rah, Rah for Tim. .10. Rain, Rain, Rain. 1 l. Mary Neiswender, Walter Gibbons and Timothy Degginger were judges in grade school debate. l 14. Boys are back from the Tournament. 15. The Ides of March are come. Funeral wreath on Sophomore door. Czsar dead? Oh, would he were! 16. Matinee is well attended. 17. St. Patrick's Day Play "Nothing But the Truth." Assumption Hall is too small. Surprise party for Clarence. 18. "How jewlike the play?" Fine, the best ever. Splendid. 22. Pictures for Annual finished. 23. Girls basketball team game. Team 1 versus Team 3: team l was vic- torious. 25. Doughnut Day. 28. Finished Virgil. 29. glhe' Editor-in-chief visits school after a long illness. Welcome home. arie. 30. Girls basketball team plays the Methodists. We won, 32-13. April l. 4. 5. 6. 7. ll. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. 19. 20. 25. April Fools Day. All were on guard. Working hard to finish Annual. Annual almost ready for press. The attitude of the Juniors seem to indicate Prom preparations. The most quiet day of the year. Holy Week begins. Candy store closes business for a Week. Easter vacation tomorrow. Holy Thursday. Holiday. Good Friday. Holiday. Happy Easter. Easter Monday. No classes, no worry. Rain, rain. rain. We hope since it is April, will see the May flowers. The middle of the home stretch. Time are trying. Papers, papers everywhere. What do they mean? Page Forty-nine IN 'W' T17 'T I --3:9 gn -,. S , . -, Sl S on HFS l - . - r 5 1 - f - fi ri J ' Q ,f -' 44 ,Q .TT --ll., 4-L O ,r 4 c- 1 ' 5, I "'-"" E ,:4YvA Y-v -6-l- 'T-PK y 0 Q-'I , X Q' v l s... - - , ' a, ,-,- if .f me X in ...Sw Q .D -11 - ' KJ, .g '.-.v .' " '- . . -"' .1 l,:r" PTA 'z , v if - . s , .1 l - V, ,, -" 1, J - -cz I K KK NXNFK ':., '. v s cn Q7 cv 3 o 5- fff. 2 -Eli Ltxlhxkhi 26. All 'eyes are directed toward the coming exams. All nerves are strained tothe limit. l 27. Passively awaiting the approaching ordeals. y 28. Twenty-four hours more. Then it will be over. 29. The fatal day. State exams. May i 2. The Junior-Senior Prom at the Hotel Jayhawk. 3. The morning after the night before. . 4. Finals drawing near. i A6. Big 'practice on school campus. Juniors distinguish themselves. Seniors are busy with graduation preparation. 13. Senior girls have a delightful visit at the College, Leavenworth. l 20. Boys' elocution contest. 27.. Girls' elocution contest. ' June 6. Senior clss picnic. 7. Seniors give a farewell program to the school. 10. Mass for the Seniors. Senior breakfast at the Hotel Jayhawk. Commencement. Soil of my heart's calm hopes, my youtb's first gladness, Forever must I have your scenes so fair. Page Fifty Page Fifty-one 'A .ix .prnh 5 mini' J I Q- 'Q it XX, . . L . -' Q LIILN-,Q - K h :T - ,Ei R il. . ,lm-'L 'V"1f"'i up 155. fs. HHH A . ' 9 -4-Q'.af. su. if 'W -a 5 L . x ' '-,J 3 . I '. 0 4 f State Honors On January the eleventh, the students took the State Scholarship Contest. Catherine Smith ranked with the highest in Kansas in American History. Clarence Murphy ranked highest in Latin. In a state-wide essay contest under the direction of the American Chemical Society, T. C. H. S. received three awards. First place for an essay on the "Relation of Chemistry to Health and Disease" was given to Timothy Deg- ginger. Another first place was given to Frances Strecker on an essay entitled "Relation of Chemistry to the Enrichment of Life." Ruth Curry was awarded second place on an essay entitled "Relation of Chemistry to the National De- fense." The first prize essays have been entered in the National contest. Doctor Ray Brewster of the Chemical Department of Kansas University was chairman of the contest. At the Forensic Meet held at the Kansas State Agricultural College, Man- hattan, Kansas, April 15, 16, Diama lVlcKiernan was awarded a medal for reading. Timothy Degginger also received a medal for extemporaneous speak- mg. Page Fli.y-two as-'-me-rffegsf-Qnlgigrbseqgtaacf..-11---1-f - e--- ' -.1 s . Tam- in . 'Q "ASM 5 IVA, , 25 .15 . ,, M . V . his -', .7 -ion . X-Wt - ' is--,x 'Ni' A ,4 'P' .. '.. Sl Ai li l .IL i wk " I v . X P The Saint Mary College, Leavenworth, Kansas Conducted by the Sisters of Charity. High School department. College courses leading to A. A. degree. Accredited by the University of Kansas and the State Board of Education. Member of the North Central Association. Catalogues on application to Registrar. Page Fifty-three W U-lfmm, M Du 'Qu UQCQ-'fagf-fir' bv 13 2i' 3, ' 'Q' ,. l utm mf ff A 5?-- C1 fqil SE 1Q Y 3 W E 1 if xii 0 ' " 'g X X , ff? jf-P1530 , 30 U , jpg .- f4 W i . 'W S. .722 W . X S m"2ff2wW0 ' 4? 2 U W N M A ' W Vf , 5 ,-Q! T J tl , g5RX uWL N bw M Q--+2 i J' . Q vo lx . -' ' Xa ' E0 KQV Y ' fm K WZffM 4wf ,. ix 4 Y. , J4.:x ,4 v, E , , f lq ngqr Y i g L A E! : ' ffywy? MIVW' iii f . we.gYs'sfQ,:,,xs.m:'g:,?flvX 11 'nw ll I, 1 21 E 2 le' Q . CN. EM Q Q ' Q Xl I : -l - P3 l.1 71 Q F: : 1 if 2 F1 3' , ,'-Q 91 nv '4 ' 1 k 3 m rig ,i t .ixwslij E ' O 9'-gggg 'urnggli 5 3: Db gg Q ,1 O Z :Lg R H , N :E " 9 Q3 CD11-K .93 G F04 'U Q 925 53 f is L rw ff' I-1 is Q 1 1, 5 ss O1 S1 if Z GTI 'U W 2 1-6 EE , 5 an 1 9 if ZF ""' E- 3 ' 'q' E Z ga l L Q21 fi! 'Lgif-I N 5 G sf-I l :1 1, Tk 1U 1: rl , 3 : 9 Q Sl Q 1, 9.1 ' A X W Xb . -,1 G X fr. lfll 'J 'tal X ix J'-1, 3 - .giamxfs - NN fel A K . The International Mortgage Trust Co. X39 The Trust Compani' with the Donsteel Door We buy and sell Government Bonds ' We pay 470 on Time Deposits Donsteel Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent National Reserve Building-Kansas Avenue at Tenth Q .' Phone 5681-5682 -cr:-J - I -Q me W-To ' Klein-l-lillmer ,NMB6 ' LEATHER coons co. 9 . 1 High-Grade Leather Goods, Harness, f- Trunks, Traveling Bags, Suit ' T' Cases, Special Goods . Made to Order 823 N. Kansas Ave. Phone 2-3412 We repair trunks, bags and shoes Our Motto: 109 East Sth Ave. Phone 20967 "THE BEST FOR LESS" - :AV T Compliments of J ' 'L fx, ' - EHRLICH-HA1,1,Y T1J111i coppfd dv ji A X K , , p H , gg! Ap i p J. w. Jr., 1911 .- . ' - ' X " Ig E. J., 1912 gl X Compliments of A S fx ' J E P' Q55 MR. AND MRS. J. W. GIBBONS 'si l sf Q K . , 4 l - ' Q ' w. F., 1927 J. J., 1931 1 Phone 8676 416 Jackson St., Topeka, Kansas LOOK UP Lux 1 AUTO REPAIRING, MACHINE WORK, REGRINDING, xg X- REBUILDING, J. M. BRAKE SERVICE Page Fifty-five f -' 1+-ve 261 1-+--- X Z I N, . r . 1. ' H - L' lxj ' F . I 'J U , A F' e if - t Y Y Q 'Q 1- f , gl if - ' N... 2 Bg""'i'.""., T'-' v' ' ... Q-Z-Ls .H. , , , .1 S e X , --.. 0 -D " -' 'LQ ' ' -J M24 ' D -A me ' 'ff-get .' - ,, " 'feel ' ' In 'Z Q 5 5 2 - 2 Compllments of A David J. August Q Ray Beers Miss Ebey's Hat Shop Louise Keith Hemstitching Shop Evans Shoe Repair 4 Antiseptic Barber Shop Chesterfield Barber Shop Langhart Barber Shop Squire and Ross Architects Fred Walker Drug Store John Sage Drug Store Dibbles Grocery H. J. Huster Grocery Rice Grocery F. Taber Grocery Morris and Hanley Grocery John Davis Jewelry Store St. Elizabeths Club Sullivan Art Shop Quincy Smoke House ' Shawnee Building and Loan Association M. J. Wall Wadell Avenue Garage Page Fifty-six 1 fee- ' ' J R QH AQI 956 X Shamrock' Eff 'Q f 2 Z '34 42 THE EVENING NEWSPAPER GF KANSAS 9 2 The Topeka State Journal - The Paper Where You Read Today's News Today Full Leased Associated Pr SUN FLOWER GI L COMPANY Hewz Q T7 ggi lil 3 3 9 Qcxnbag Ihr Inprka Bailg Glapital Is the newspaper of Kansas Reaches practically every home in Topeka- Inside 5 miles--One home in every Four In Kansas-One home in every Twelve- First in news-First in reader confi- dence- First in influence Read all the news all the time while n it is news, thru the columns of the Topeka Daily Capital Fmfihl--15 I 'K 5 -gi, 'Q .Q r-l--N .rl-17..- 4 'gui ' -Q t 5. T' 9 QB' ' 1 S' -?iT?i . . - al x 1 . eegggl :1- .5 2 - Z 5 Fntton Grocery Company 5 Q FoUR BUSY sToREs 'Q 9 1000-1001 East Fourth Street 1100-1102 West Sixth Street Telephone 8505 Telephone 4151 9 1400 Seward Avenue 903 West Sixtxh Street Q Telephone 7721 Telephone 4151 E The Aetna Building and Loan Association "AT YOUR SERVICE" Topeka, Kansas Compliments of HUYCKE LUMBER COMPANY PAUL HUYCKE N GEORGE HUYKE Page Fifty-nine no " ff-05 1 1 ' i ii '--f "- , fcglgio 'Ts -Q A JT .-'-If if ' Mt t -' - ' A ' .2,-.:"W"""'D, - I - ff O Q'-222 9 ' .. '-- Q! 3 I l" T37 H 'ii ' ees? ' W sis- I O K . . , Nw wlsnaarv wma vuuu g 5 E H LooM1s D J IGHTNGALES 5 1201 Kansas Ave. A 'A A' 'U' O "' Open until 4:00 O'Clock Womenfs clothe, and in the Morning Mu. 1 mery Prescriptions, Drugs and Soda . . Service at all Hours Af "Fair Prices" 'I North Side Cleaners ALWAYS ON TOP THE MODERN Roor 608 N. Kansas Ave. 216 Kansas Ave Phone 4463 Suits Cleaned and Pressed 351.00 Hats Cleaned and Blocked 851.00 BUSI-IONG CHOCOLATES Heavy Rich Chocolate Coating with Centers of Wonderful Sweetness and Purity The Aristocrat of the Chocolates Distributed by AL. J. WILLIAMS CANDY CO. 523 Jackson Street Wholesale Only BUY A PORTABLE This is the new Royal Portable weighs only 9M, lbs. Full standard keyboard. We also have a new model Corona, see it. All makes sold and rented. Easy terms. Guaranteed . . 5:4 Western Typewrlter Company Phone 6222 520 Kansas Avenue Pace Sixty 0' r--Vscij - P69-e '29 5' -12' H TW - -5 ,-:sl A-5 "T T? -- -E EEE:-212 I ., - .2 4 ' g'iS'.?:i'?i 9' 27' 'Q 2, f" ,H 5 CITY LOANS 5 5 iv Q Very Lowest Rates and Best Terms. Monthly Payment or ' ' Straight Loan Plan. Call and Let Us Explain in Detail. ' THE DAVIS-WELLCOME MORTGAGE CC. 9 111 WEST SIXTH 'I MCENTIRE BROTHERS Topeka, Kansas l UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY LOW CONSISTENT PRICES The McEntire Road to Slumberland Manufactures of Everything to Make a Comfortable Bed CLEAN STORES SELF SERVE A KANSAS INSTITUTION GROCERIES, MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Chas. Wolff Packing Co. ROCK ISLAND GROCERY J. A. Birmingham 600 Went First Telephone 2-2345 Patterson 8: Company Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating SERVICE UNEXCELLED 117 West Sixth Ave. Telephone 6449 M. A. FLOERSCH, M. D. 623 Kansas Avenue PHONE 4422 Page Sixty-one WT-we 'E' .- -- ' S H ' S' 'llifjt C. f 'AT'QiN-' A A "-A A -S -3' Z T T Q ' P f535"Tii " 956 W- . ' h L"ii's:? wazkx 'L --W -vt'P':3-Egg' Sh U 'zz' lf V' DW 'J M' 0 5 ALL E E Topeka Catholic High School Teams are I l d Sport Shop equipt 6 KELLER-REAM SPORT SHOP Q 730 KANSAS AVENUE I DR. GALEN CROOK DENTIST Telephone 3442 506 New England Building F LAD 8: MARSH DRUGGISTS 9983--TELEPHONES-8044 WE SELL GUARANTEED GOODS ONLY Three Stores in Topeka- Chain Store S t ys em CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS and SHOES for Men, Women and Children The Gibbs Clothing Co. Store No. 1-431-433 Kansas Avenue Sto N 2 118 E re o. - ast Sixth Store No. 3-837 North Kansas Avenue Payne's Shoes Satisfy PAYNE'S Topeka's Big Shoe Store Fourth Avenue Grocery and Meat Market J. M. DEVLIN, P!'OP"i9lO2' Scott Bros. Ice Cream Co. MILK, CREAM, ICE CREAM QUALITY CLEANLINESS Special R8.te8 fill' Chl.ll'Ch and Parties Prompt Delivery Service Phone 7803 312 East Fourth PHONE 6622 Page Sixty-two --,G If . Z3 I-xl 'Ft' , ef- Q, f is C -A 4. "' 3159 1 . J itil S , 4 4 '-,,, 21? " . 'Cf 1,19 gf if-fe :siP'?f5!i"' K5 ' S is A 3' "iv jug A- - 3:4-ix! A 7' 1. :SY rf' M fi ff' vi l ff -2 x di, iv 44 9 4 A cordial invitation to you to vvisit us in our New Location at 1 630 KANSAS AVENUE 6 Continuing our policy of offering quality Q merchandise at economical prices 8 The White House Market The Koller Creamery Co. Fresh and Salt Meats We sell all flavors of Ice Cream l Fish and Oysters in Season And don't forget You can Whip our Cream 423 Kansas Avenue, Phone 8503 But yOl1 C3.I1,t Beat OUP Butter 920 N. Kansas Avenue, Phone 2,7893 wi C. MCNIEL, Manager 1200 N. Kans. Ave. Phone 20034 unuu:-ug new 5947 Page Sixty-three l"1f+f Lf Q, is v' u f...- .-:: QQF7 . ' ' ' Q4 T4 Sbngyvocb i .57 A 5 A. A. LAVEY TIRE COMPANY E . AROUND THE WORLD ON DUNLOP jx? NOT BETTER-BEST 2 400 East Fourth Street Phone 3688 I GRAND UNION MARKET Q QUALITY MEAT GEO. A. MEENS, Prop. Phone 9070 107 East Sixth Street Greetings from NORTH TOPEKA KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 2608 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS from The Sach Florist Company GREETINGS GREETINGS FROM SPALDING CLUB FROM TO T. C. H. S. A FRIEND QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR LESS Three hundred stores and five factories operating as one unit cuts manufactur- ing costs and l' ' DRISCO-HALE DRUG CO. Prescription Druggists 704 Kansas Av eimmates numerous enue T0P9ka, Kansas profits thereby increasing volume and makes possible Kinney's Fine Footwear Phones for the Family at Moderate Prices. 20227-20311 , .fff . lwipw V , V K Y For your Drug wants ' i-.. 1' 6DQlAlIfl'fJ.-',..f-.331 PROMPT DELIVERY X i- 525 Kansas Ave., Topeka Page Sixty-four 'KK SEL,i? fi Jkt, - j ii i., V - S 'XL 423 I ' ew ' M. T- - 3 - ' .4 L- P ' S Lwesreil 91 '55 5 FOR EVERYTHggg ELECTRICAL if E. L. OVERTON ELECTRIC CO. - Q 522 Jackson Phone 6922 9 4 Greetings to The Shamrock from HOLY NAME GUILD W. W. MILLS CO. 815 KANSAS AVENUE Specializing in Women's Ready to Wear Coats, Suits, Dresses Blouses, Kimonas, Hosiery and Silk Underwear Grand Union Tea Co. W. E. GUY, Manager TEAS, COFFEES, SPICES FANCY GROCERIES Fresh Meats 107 East Sixth Avenue Phone 9070 RABE BROTHERS Mx-:AT MARKET -, :. --:rv-v -.- 'V-.M-...- 110 East Sixth TELEPHONE 3747 Compliments of IDEAL LUNCH LEO. s. MEIER 121 West Sixth Avenue Walker's Drug Store SODA WATER CANDIES, CIGARS, KODAK SUPPLIES 201 West Sixth Street TOPEKA, KANSAS Compliments of H. W. Gootee, M. D. -'Hz eine: ee- . K I 1 I ,1 U -,. -6"'4' W- K " .J A - 1 'A 956 E' Ch -.-:SSE-xigj 5? 1888 1927 JAMES TALTY Undertaker 312 Kansas Ave. Telephone 6468 WHITEKER BROS. Wholesale Fruit Dealers First and Kansas Phone 6421 OQPX, mwlizfnf ,OQ gt ,. no l,,gI,,r1Hp1 F' 1 fsl5lelill1l iflel f " Il, i Nb! Sixth and Kansas Avenue Since 1868 Resources Exceed 8 Million LET US DO YOUR KODAK WORK D0 YOU KNOW? We Have Gold and Silver Rosaries, Statues Cruc flxes Praye Books and Bibles ZERCHER BOOK AND STATIONERY CO o":-Q: 1 l, l . -7- ,N 1 ,Q f .4'e'?.- 2 N, ale- N M4 bl-5 'iff' 'Q ' ' Q'-.i . are-'X -- Q Q fi' SEQ 0 W ,U - - ' fdifl-5 9? JOHNSONSLBECK 5 5 PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 2 722 Jackson Street MILLER an SCHLENDERING ' P""'ii7.51 i1'l'f.e'3fE1TE11'f.-cfliifictors Q Phone 9374 125 West Fifth Street THE CAPITAL GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY I Ask us about our rate for heating your home with natural gas. Special heating rate and perfect service. If It's Done with Heat lt Can be Done Better with Natural Gas 200 West Sixth Street Teleplwne 8531 Dog and Wm. Bass M. E. Linton General and Isolation BASS 8: LINTON Wards 601 Topeka Avenue AmbuEK?Eii,31I:g1tX'Ray Plumbing and Heating LADY ATTENDANT Phone 6829 Telephone 6319 1128 Kansas Ave BEAUT'ifiyBt,l3.eLC0NY Telephone 7600 Residence 9197 ill T. V. CAMPBELL'S DRUG STORE 9 Henry Bach S Garage iFirst Door South of Pellitier'sb For your next Marcel. It will stay, and GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING you will be pleased or money back. Marcel, 75c. Eye arch free with Facials We use the famous Broadway Hair Lusterg no oilg kills dandruffg gives life and gloss to hair. Phone 7124 for Appointment T. V. CAMPBELL All Work Guaranteed 422-24 JACKSON STREET 909 Kansas Avenue Page Sixty-seven 'lc Tx, 57' if . W U J 1 Q .ee k i.7.,Q,-7Z'i rc ,N N Q, 'A ....,,., A -- ' SEQ , - - " - Q. 3-11. . ... 0155150 cb seas! l '56 'Z 3 5 P'--me 25097 JOHN A. FREEMAN '5 3 LAWSON at RAUSCH Q 'l' Interior Decorators Cigars V,' 212 Welt Seventh Street Candies TOPEKA, KANSAS h Wholesale and Retail Fruits ' The Shawnee Suit Steel fogeitrriiggth and CLEANERS l P ix Topeka Foundry and Iron Works Co. Telephone 7474 S. J. HALLOWELL, Manager 407 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan. Phone 1861 Work Called For and Delivered PRINTING We Seldom Lose a Patron There's a Reason W. Miller Printing Company WARRING 8.1 CO. 1330 Western Avenue Phones 4158-4159 Everything that goes with a First Class Grocery Get Those Delicious Toasted Sandwiches At ROGERS' CAFE Meals, Short Orders, Salads The Best Coffee in Town STAR SHOE SHOP "Topeka's Finest" PHONE 7957 106 West Seventeenth Street Topeka, Kansas ty-eight " f"' iii' views Q-1---,, 3' qsafvf-D is-an O NAR. 'E 'I Z Qf rxtz Sb UUQPOCB teeigi Buick Buick popularity in Topeka reflects the leadership that Buick maintains throughout the nation. For nine consecutive years Buick has won first choice of space at the National Automobile shows. This is leadership! For this honor goes annually to the member of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce with the year's largest volume of business. Wood Motors Corporation 6TH AT VAN BUREN GRADUATES from the T. C. H. S. are invited to Visit our Commercial Departments After leaving T. C. H. S. a thorough Commercial- course will be your stepping stone to a successful Business Career. ' 0 eW TOPEKA BUSINESS CCLLEGE H. STRICKLER, President S. J. SHOCK, Business Manager PHONES 8382-9497 107-109-111-113-115-117 East Eighth Avenue --C '-1-24 "-- if . ,gil 451 rl Tl Q it KXXKMKNN -.1 1. 'H urls! A 'fr' ll i 'l r 2. fl l ftiii mf W N ' 1 wil' I . YJ . J .C W. 1, 'XS' Isl' N 'i CD.:- i-I Q00 Elf fig' .S ,' Qi fi - .5 'ilkflfgv one-,A . Q SEQ iii f It is our very earnest wish that this store may help you in the important problem of purchasing. YOUTHFUL APPAREL AND SMART ACCESSORIES RIGHT in Style! RIGHT in Price! ffgawf. The habits of a lifetime are formed in youth. Be sure that thrift is a definite part of your make up CAPITOL BUILDING 8x LOAN ASSOCIATION 534 Kansas Avenue The State Savings Bank, Topeka, Kansas 601 Kansas Avenue Commercial Checkin g Savings KNOLL BATTERY SUPPLY CO. 418-420 Jackson St. PREST-0-LITE ZENITH BATTERIES CARBURETORS THE GABRIEL LUMBER CO. DEALERS IN LUMBER AND COAL ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL MERIT BREAD Supplies the Energy and Need Made by CAMPBELL BAKING CO. elf. T545 '5 his-if I 'cf f -5 c-lu--+A f r gui, u Q J, V'-'-l : mfs- 'EZ,50Qg','iTi 0 '-'- -if I I ' 9 E Q I 945 : 'TT .A . -.. . -, we-V . f fr " SUUDDPOCB 9' ' Z? Q 5 1' ,H 5 wr: WANT The store of 1 4' exclusive clothes 40 YOUR BUSINESS at popular 5 Q prices . ' ' ENGEL CLOTHING CO. . ' 713 Kansas Avenue 5- iEt972l'!."'G c9QP1'2I",Y Q s The Farmers National Bank The Bank Where you Feel at Home THE GUARANTY STATE BANK TOPEKA, KANSAS Capital 350,000.00 Surplus 330,000.00 OFFICERS Roy L. Bone, President H. S. Buzick, Jr., V. President T. R. Paxton, V. President S. V. Firestone, Cashier Harold F. Nelson, Asst. Cashier DOCTORS DAVIS 8: IRISH The Chiropractors 614 Kansas Ave. Phone 4519 High Standard Quality Merchandise Always at Lowest Possible Prices at the Big Store THE WARREN M. CROSBY CO. Page Seventy-one ""J"" L, -3' LJ J 3 rf?-v 'W' ,L v Y sc, 3 ' W ff S B+-f R ees . A ' Sbngyrocb 1 Q 2? 2 E 1? 2 HARGREAVES 31 COMPANY 5 9 4 1 I BRICK - CEMENT - COAL e ! Telephone 7756 Yards, 1820 Topeka Avenue 'I Compliments of I F. W. DUREIN THE CENTRAL TRUST COMPANY Under the Central National Bank "Topeka's Leading Savings Bank" The Finest Safety Deposit Vault in the City THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK Tomzxp., KANSAS Capital and Surplus S600,000 DIRECTORS J. V. ABRAHAMS O. B. GUFLER Sec. Security Benefit Ass'n V. Pres. Poehler Merc. Co GEO. C. BOWMAN GEO. A. GUILD Pres. Seymour Packing Co. Vice President J. R. BURROW GEO. P. MCENTIRE President McEntire Brothers J. R. BURROW, Jr. C. W. MERRIAM Vice President Central Trust Company P. J. CLEVENGER C. B. MERRIAM Capitalist Vice President F. F. CLINGER J. D. MOSSMAN Assistant Cashier Cashier E. H. CROSBY CHESTER WOODWARD Crosby Bros. Company Vice President C. S. ELLIOTT A. ZAHNER Pres. Capitol B. Sz L. Ass'n Real Estate Loans P g Seventy-two C.--1-4' 'ea if -1-'f 7 I Ja :Tir i-'-' X- I CQ -2 1' 2 D M TTT G . cf: l-,Q ,- if 4' ,. Q y Sb flljjli cb Meieefl :Zi if-TEL Qfir. if .E .I I V- SEQ .v XXX 'kiss j- Qi-:K 'I WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS SOME EVERY DAY PRICES AT McFARLAND'S 51.25 C0ty's L'Origan Face Powder, 894: 51.00 Horlicks Malted Milk ..... . . 89c 50c Hinds Honey and Almond Cream, 45c 81.25 Lydia Pinkham's Compound. . .98c 50c Pebeco Tooth Paste .......... 43c 351.20 Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin ..... 50c Pond's Creams ............... 43c 51.00 Gillette Blades ............. Pepsodent Tooth Paste ........... 43c S1-00 A11'C0 SHOP Blades --------- 65c Kotex ..................... 49c 50c Mennen's Shaving Cream ..... 50c Wi1liam's Shaving Cream ...... J. E. McFARLAND DRUG COMPANY Two REXALL Stores 51.10 Tanlac ............. . ...... 89c 98c '75c 79c 43c 43c Store No. 1 Store No. 2 835 Kansas Ave. 729 Kansas Ave. J. E. McFarland, Mgr. Pat Mulligan, Manage RABE BROTHERS ' The Exchange Grocery H. OFFEN, Proprietor MEAT MARKET Dealers in FAQCQQGISIQQEQIES TELEPHONE 3747 TELEPHONE 7708 200-210 East Sixth Avenue STAPLE GROCERIES Compliments of AND MEATS Saint Monica's Circle 500 East Fourth Phone 2-6069 Greetings to the "Shamrock" from SAINT PATRICK'S CIRCLE Com limen s of MURPHY VAENISH COMPANY "T"Z' ' J L 1 'S 5:1 -,. HOME PORTRAITS A SPECIALTY --- -ff A-es .fs-g.1.f2Efsv5f2f -T Zmmwr' "Ii : -J , -1 - X -' ul" Ti--rg 'T' f- 'ir "-T-7-31+ ei iiljiiiguhyv Q N rr ' 'fi lifes'--4 Q 7 "' -4. fe-2 -"' f""..p ' ,'4', ff:T , - Th 'i ' V T f xg? 9057? I 5 5 JAMES MALONE 5 ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW . Topeka, Kansas 104 Crawford Building Phone 20791 808 KANSAS Phone 7920 The Way to Make Topeka Beautlful Is to Own Real Estate It makes no difference whether you are a buyer or a seller Q WE MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS lnquire about Sunset View, a rapidly growing residential district C. H. BOWMAN AND COMPANY Salesmen: C. W. Bowman, Roger Murphy, Roy Hoover Official Photographer for the Kansas State Historical Society W. F. SHEAHAN C. J. BOEGER, Artist in Photography Telephone 3426 Boeger's Studio PLUMBING-POWER PLANTS Telephone 9221 821 Kansas Ave. HEATING DR. HARRY J. BURKE Dentist 619-21 Kansas Avenue TELEPHONE 3033 Compliments of Dr. Louis M. Fleisch DENTIST 727 Kansas Avenue DIAL 2-3833 J. J. Schenck LAWYER 520 New England Building Greetings to "The Shamrock" and Class '27 From a Friend P 8 Seventy-four -' 1+-1' 1-19- lf L, J ..1T'f.-..f:::TI'l' . f Iv Q T Ter- ,,,,,-..o..,N -,f . -1 - -Adv' Q "+v: ,.,,xL Z' 'fn 6 Q 6 T?-iy O we Q Q Phones 6918 Sz 9915 Compliments of N A FITCH DRUGGIST THE NYAL STORE 17th and Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas SOCIETY Drugs, Sodas, Cigars Free Delivery White Owl Lunch E. A. Sherburne L- W- our Motto is Hservice Fire and Tornado Insurance Try Us and See sos Columbian Bldg. 728 Jackson Phone 4836 Topeka, Ka J. R. MORRIS COAL CO. DEALERS IN HIGH GRADE COAL I 1812 Kansas Ave. Phone 2-2011 Compliments of ALBERT SILK COAL CO. 605 East Fourth Phone 2-0297 JAYHAWK TAILORS AND CLEANERS PHILIP THE TAILOR In Jawhawk Hotel Phone 6322 Compliments of CATHOLIC ACTIVITY CLUB if 3 C 'iwffhf B fi 'fia 3 F - -A . 6'-ln 1- 9f at 3 Compliments of 'fi T. A. O'CONNOR, M. D. e Room 506 New England Building W We extend our Congratulations to "The Shamrock" KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS A C Books-Stationery--Kodaks Complete Office Equipment "'C'77'lOS'9 Better S'i1les'- 22fse::L1 The Hall Stationery C0- Specialize Next Door to the Orph m Theatre 623 Kansas Avenue THE JORDON Meade Investment ELECTRIC COMPANY Company w. E. BARRY, INSURANCE Owner and Manager PHONE 6537 Telephone W. west Avgnue Page Seventy-six v C Q W o . L e .3-'I fee - f-It , xffjif I ' ' ,v 0 QJ I me , A,-Y. -.Wig , K "4lx:,c?:-I , T -- Tullflrirw- 0 :K 'XG' Y,iT',ii-LT-T-T-'33 f-n "Z K ,Ql-Ti:-of-1218 6 , Mx 3- - il-22 I fl ' Q .'5'f':.E5 1, ' -7,9 gtg 'QT' -it if Y , Q? t' ff 5 T l ph 3693 217 West Six h S 5 DECORATORS J E. J. HECK PAINT COMPANY oi' g Wall Paper, Paints and Glass 9 CENTRAL COAL CO. e W. C. McDonough, M. D. Q U HUGH LAWLOR, Proprietor 5 Ours Is a Black Business- Suite 706 Q But We Treat You White National Reserve Building 218 Jackson Street Telephone 2231 l CURTIS, TOWLE 8: PAINE COMPANY Doors Frames Windows Stairs Screens Cabinet Work 115 WEST CRANE STREET , YOUR STORE HARRIS-GOAR'S FLOWERS Whl2ifiQeif0uYX1eIiffvia?fg .mime Clothing for Men, Women, Child Telephone Watches--DIamends-Sllverwa e WILSON 'S Tl-IE BEAUTY SHOP FRANK HOTEL KANSAN FURNITURE Ph 5 2 n 07 COMPANY " e MARY E. WILSON, Manager .-1--lg' 5111939 L- ax, 7 Q as 9 Q A s. A Q 27' 7 as ff T' 7 ' ' . , -- S U . h.::+24Eag af 'ff 25 Kodak Films and Camera Shaw 8: Warren Q W G, f"'f'rPl'e8F H QUALITY GROCERIES e ive ou went - our- our 4' SERVICEY AND MEATS Drisko-Hale Drug We Appreciate Your Business Company Dial 2-3089 Q 704 Kansas Ave. Telephone 3311 400 EAST EIGHTH STREET H. M. IVES 85 SONS Printers "You Can Always See the Styles of Tomorrow at Our Shop Today" Harry Endlich 733 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS The Farmers and Bankers Life Insurance Company 0. A. RIDLON Phone 21771 525 New England Building J. M. Whelan Lumber Company The Largest and Best Equipped Lumber Yard in Topeka 715 to 725 East Fourth Compliments to "THE SHAMROCKH from J. H. O'CONNELL, M. D. C. E. Wardin 8a Sons Jewelers Since 1883 727 Kansas Avenue Topeka P g Seventy-eight 1-1745 . k ' ' X4 - kr: id qv L e ' SEQ Psa,-:edge f an he '- 0 ., 2291 la P. 1? 72 MON UM EN TS 5 sa Designed and Erected From 6 6 the Very Best of Granites by " Wm. Supple, Jr. 6 605 East Tenth Phone 6701 If Y Greetings to "The Shamrock" ' from ASSUMPTION AID SOCIETY 8 E 7 ., l Ventilating 6 one E?o,me1, G. W. Sutherin 8: Sons l Phone 2-6320 113 East Fifth Street A Good TOPEKA, KANSAS Store , THE In FIDELITY SAVINS A G STATE BANK ood 600 Kansas Avenue TOPEKA, KANSAS J. H. Collingwood, President Matt Weightman, Jr., Vice President Russell E. Frost, Cashier J. D. Heym, Asst. Cashi Page Se A Q' 1--if ET1!gE-1j-f.1-1- Z J' 'x, . ' - -5 J D lf y I, Y .1 , iig: L ,I Ji ' Qifer if-W Z2 - il' Q Q 0 -ggi -.- -- ,?': I- ' ' A-we ""'1. ,Q Q Q 57-fi . ?f9v.'cj-3.11 'U I si 451 , A 9. 'Q Z Athletes Choose This Store BECAUSE- 5 Leading Makes of Athletic Goods .Are Found l-Iereg Every . Article Sold is Guaranteed, Prices Are Satlsfactory a'. GIFT DEPARTMENT TOOLS AND KITCHENWARE Our Gift Department Offers Many Sug- If it is the Best Tools and Kitchenware X gestions for Commencement Gifts, Hand You Want, You Will Find them ln this tooled Leather, Silverware, Electric Store. We Have Most Complete Stock Table Utensils, Study Lamps, Boudoir in City. Articles, etc., etc. Q BOWEN-NUSS-MACFERRAN HARDWARE CO. Successor to The 5 1 1 -5 1 3 Kansas Avenue Au stin Hardware Cv. Phone 9536 ROBERT B. KANE Fire Insurance Real Estate Surety Bonds Telephone 7444 735 Kansas Ave. L C LADIES' CATHOLIC BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION Safe, Sound Insurance for Catholic Women B A The William Connors Furniture Company Highland Park Dairy T. F. GRACE, Proprietor Telephone 32831 CURRY'S SMOKE HOUSE 712 Kansas Avenue Upstairs and Down 19 Tables ALWAYS SOMETHING DOING Farnsworth Coal Co. Marland Gas and Oil Coal and Wood 424 East Gordon Street Office Tel. 542 Res. Tel. 2-1245 Pane Eighty O " '45 ifflf'CF52'.'Qae2'fff I bl' I L9 E Sbnmvoch gg THE KANSAS RESERVE STATE BANK jg 824 9 'I 9 APPRECIATES YOUR ACCOUNT FRANK P. MACLENNAN, President THEO. C. MUELLER, Vice-Pres. GEO. GODFREY MOORE, Vice-Pres. H. T. GUTHRIE, Cashier PAUL P. COOK, Assistant Cashier. WARREN E. KETTERMAN, Assistant Cashier THE MACHINISTS ELECTRIC COMPANY 218 WEST SIXTH STREET We wish to thank our many good patrons for their business in the past and take this opportunity of soliciting future orders. MACHINISTS ELECTRIC CO. Phone 6634 GPHONE g F 'I 6' I' Si - 4' 4' 4-is 5- 3 S 4212, ' S' SQ- xfgb X905 AMER Q HN BELL W I Q .puxxmvmfi -Q5 ,. i 4' ' I gl., """flf1 355345 I 'K She seis- rw 44191 , -,nik -1-I L H 1. 'fix T ' V fl :il , Shnmroc 1' " S L X rt' fi 4, is P0elIfW'Xr-'ew l Foods gf' lr- 73519 Fuaks Gznous -.., f A MESSAGE FROM THE POEHLER REGIONS To Our Customers and Friends: The Poehler King line of fancy, high-grade foods is selected from the VVo1'ld's Best Oi'- charcls, and Gardens. Delicious fruits from sunny California, dainty spices from South sea Isles, piquant sauces from EIll'OD0'S select kitchens, fragrant teas and coffees from the Orient. Insist on having Poehler King foods. They always please. THE THEO. POEHLER MERCANTILE CO. Lawrence Topeka Emporia McPherson Pane Ifliizhly-twl ,,,.i,' ... .Qz....c. .:L,,,.4Cj3,.SJ,t- 3M3rf fl-5 c-,Jj,..s,r, .I We , ' : f L' A . ' 1 lv K x, 5 l .. . NA -V I il -- 'Si-- S , -5, . , 'J' :S it- :J gf. S . L4 315-5 -9 -'flair-i", Q 92" f UTD sa-'4"' If ' 25 2 55 5 5 Kansas Book Company Mens Womens 5 O I " Wholesale Only Walk Over Boot Shop ' 629 QUinCY street 731 Kansas Ave. Q The Play Ground Apparatus School Furniture HODGE STUDIO Maps and Globes Q Primary Supplies L. Cady Hodge DISTINCTIVE PHOTO if 'f: 1' H E Vx ll "iii 'Y Y ,,1 'glfff ' -H5 lx ' ' if 12' Y 1 :X '53, V Vi fl I F ik rf-' lvwmi 2 V7 Z. , A N . -LR is7r 1r. A'Y T. K 1' " 4 ' X I 'I g 'Q w- ,.-P . -e 1 A Q I Q!! fl- wa, H 1 1 ' 155: 9- - - ' -' . :iilfji " GRAPHY BROWN-GRINDELL SCHOOL 714 Kans. Ave. Tel. 7153 SUPPLY CO' Topeka, Kansas Topeka. Kansas W. H. IMES Automobile Co. DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS and GRAHAM BROS. TRUCKS Kansas Avenue and Eleventh Street Telephone 8565 and 8566 N-, ,I The greatest clothing store in Kansas. For A I . 1 EE F' 38 years this great store has been serving the people of Kansas with dependable mer- chandise. MMM, UE s fm, '7IuPalacepClothing Co. ARTHUR A. GUETTEL, Pres. Page Eighty-three 'ef-"fQsf.::'- .f S':y+f1--f-- . Q J t, 3' 3 f CAPPER ENGRAVI NG CD D esac N an S5SFmmi?5ENGRAVERS u Q 1 TOPEKAY. ,I KANNSAS apper Printing Co. Commercial Printing Society Printing Catalogs and Publications Quality Printers for Over a Quarter of a Century ' 117 W. 8th St. Topeka, Kansas P Ke Eighty-four i"'1"'fe 'Lr'ff'1CRf- 5622? if F 6 5' , A V - .- ' J V I 'B -F :-pwsmhxwiw -,Q I . 'tix . . H I ii R,--is 4 qi-.itlflf 1 9 'eli if IM' iii. I ri 5 :v W 53 171 1 3 '50-Q 2 9 iiw H. 67 lc? . 4 ,if 41 ff e"'U Ui iii: ICQ 4, N gl , g.?.a.mmn.:xxTf2iigi-i leur .4146 'V - 1i"'. -95.1, PM 'fn 3.1, ,. A ,f . ... 4 -v .v

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