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L -rg. 5.3-Qw :Q nfs xx., 1.5 Qggijp fff?fF 77 Q 1 V f i Q i f r, funn-5 H4-1 wma. gud 1' '+"f 4. fi? 5.41, iivtif i5i4E 3 5 4' Q49 . "f: , ' 4' ff!! 4 ' -fe- --fffwf . ' I 1 .,' ., A 'r : . :A - .. . f ' . ,SZ ,Wg...z'f- , , Jfvf-X H 39: - .4.v:,.. ff,,',' A ,,.-5.0 cu- A-IW-ga, ., ,', v 5 x .Q -P ' i-1 ' ,. 21, , , . . fin .m. u, 5.-, - ' , fbfiqbf iii ' , , t ',,QL. HJ' "R - . . 1' -- -.1 '- . I1 ,I V - 409' ' .Q .',.',-EV.-k,.ff, 'J,"5'.'f'E 4' . 'T '- -Q f' , Ag-'w-f.r ' .-1 ' , . ' 'Q' 'N .4 Q-fe, .f. ., N . ,4 P' 1. A-., Fai- 'QA 5,-.-,Lf . 1 h V lj - Y .wifi--.-1 4,.f. vlgftf -M, " -egg' 'f fly: Y, 5-"" 2, -.-M 'w' .'.'. if 'A 7's'r,. --, Q t .N LN . 5" 1-f' , ,,, LQ- A w-rw' , i. yliavf. 1 n Lf? " L . 1 I v - r zrniffib ,K-1 ,mw'.,1ff. 'f ' ,, . M, ,. I V-ffm.. ,E QQ- M -J , , . ,.., Z Q 5' v J ' wif KfiH3xamq.W . .V 1 ,,,, L. Q, 3' I - ' 'w5ZZ??,J w 'Sami an vi wm,, ,,..--'1..g..1.. E . Q ,ri gm USS TUPEKA DLG-8 GUY OPEK M59 99 99555229 ECU 12 za 1? 53 L ,Q I WWE A WESTPAC -- 29 NOVEMBER-28 MAY 1966 29 NOV 9 DEC 15 DEC 17 DEC 19 DEC 6 JAN 8 JAN 14 JAN 17 JAN 20 JAN 21 JAN 23 JAN JAN JAN JAN FEB FEB FEB MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR 1 APR 3 APR 6 APR 8 APR S APR 10 APR 16 APR 21 APR 3 MAY 12 MAY 16 MAY 19 MAY 9 DEC 9 DEC 15 DEC 17 DEC 19 DEC 6 JAN 8 JAN 14 JAN 17 JAN 21 JAN 21 JAN 23 JAN 26 JAN 26 JAN 29 JAN 31 JAN 18 FEB 1 MAR 23 FEB 1 MAR 1 MAR 6 MAR 16 MAR 20 MAR 25 MAR 26 MAR 1 APR 31 MAR 3 APR 6 APR 8 APR 8 APR 10 APR 15 APR 21 APR 8 MAY 27 APR 12 MAY 10 MAY 16 MAY 28 MAY 19 MAY 28 MAY 28 MAY USS TOPEKA CLG-8 TRANSIT CHOP TO COMSEVENTHFLT ENROUTE SUBIC BAY IN PORT SUBIC BAY ENROUTE YANKEE STATION TASK FORCE 77, TONKIN GULF I ENROUTE SUBIC BAY IN PORT SUBIC BAY I I YANKEE STATION A TASK FORCE 77, TONKIN GULF' . I Q TASK FORCE 77, "FORMATION REGATTANJ ENROUTE SUBIC BAY I. 1 A 1IJ I6 'q 6 I A IN PORT SUBIC BAY I - ' ' I I.fJ1 P6f247' i ENROUTE MANILA IJ ' I IN PORT MANILA BAY ENROUTE NGFS CORPS AREA I PROVIDING NGFS IN SUPPORT OF MARINE FORCES ASHORE IN OPERATION DOUBLE EAGLE ' RELIEVED USS OKLAHOMA CITY DIRECTING NGFS IN CORPS AREAS I AND II QUANG TRI INCIDENT IST BRIGADE 101ST DIVISION TUY HOA RELIEVED BY USS CANBERRA ENROUTE YOKOSUKA IN PORT YOKOSUKA ENROUTE HONG KONG IN PORT HONG KONG ENROUTE SUBIC BAY IN PORT SUBIC BAY RADM T S KING JR COMCRUDESFLOTELEVEN RELIEVED RADM D G IRVINE COMCRUDESFLOT THREE AS COMCRUDESGRUSEVENTHFLT ENROUTE DAVAO CITY MINDANAO IN PORT DAVAO ENROUTII SUBIC BAY IN PORT SUBIC BAY ENROUTE YANKEE STATION IVIISSILE SHOOT TASK FORCE 77 TONKIN GULF NGFS CORPS II AREA TONKIN GULF IN SUPPORT OF 22ND RVN AIRBORNE DIVISION TASK FORCE 77 TONKIN GULF RADM W H BAUIVIBERGER COMCRUDESPAC VISITS TOPEKA ENROUTE YOKOSUKA MISSILE SHOOT OKINAWA IN PORT YOKOSUKA DEBARK RADM T S KING JR ENROUTE LONG BEACH OUTCHOP SEVENTHFLT CHOP FIRSTFLT ENROUTE LONG BEACH LONG BEACH CALIFOR IA 26 I I I I 11 I I A 1 I - I' 20 5 ,, ' " ' "-- 1 I - - Q 'Q A A 'ff YQ.. 4 . - 2 , I 9 , X ,:wXg,w,i 31 4 .U 1. 1 I , I L 4 4 4 I -X i. gi I 1 J fy . ' 4 I ' ' Xu! . 4 Ll Qu. V COMMANDI CAPTAIN THOMAS C. BUELL USN Captain Thomas C. Buell, USN, born February 18, 1919 in Santiago, Chile, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T, Buell. Before entering the U, S, Naval Academy in June 1937, he attended the University of Arizona for one year. He was graduated from the academy in 1941. The Pacific based destroyer USS HELM, was Captain Buell's first duty station. HELM was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, and was the first warship to get underway and sortie on that fateful morning. While aboard HELM, Captain Buell saw action in several campaigns in the South Pacific, Participated in the capture of the Marianas, Guam and the battle of the Eastern Philippines. In September 1944, Captain Buell was assigned to the precommissioning crew of the destroyer USS HUGH PURVIS, at Norfolk. He then commanded the destroyer escort USS HODGES and the destroyer USS RHIND. Captain Buell was ordered to the United States Postgraduate School in July 1946, for advanced study in engine- ering electronics. After graduation Captain Buell commanded the destroyer escort USS RABY before reporting for a three-year tour of duty as tactical and plans officer at Operational Development Forces Surface's Anti-Submarine Development Detachment, Key West, Florida. In December 1953, he took command of the destroyer USS ORLECK for a two-year tour that included parts of three deployment periods to the Western Pacific. Detached in December 1956, Captain Buell reported to the U.S Naval Ordnance M' '1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1ss1 e Test Facility, White Sands Missile Range, for two years as executive and operations officer. He was also officer in charge of Guided Missile Unit 21, which flight tested the TALOS guided missile. In' November of 1958 he took command of Mine Squadron NINE in Long Beach, California, where the training of foreign MAP mine-sweepers was included in his duties. Chief of Naval Operations was his next duty station wherei 1960 A g . . , n , Captain Buell was assigned to the staff of the Ship Characteristics Board. After attending the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, Class of 63, he assumed command of the amphibious flagship USS TACONIC, Captain Buell took command of TOPEKA November 13, 1964. ' Captain Buell is married to the former Miss Jacqueline Osborne of Montclair, New Jersey, and has three children -- Carol, Catherine and David. OFFICER E ECUTI E OFFICER COMMANDER ROBERT D. PACE, JR. USN 1 1 Commander Robert D. Pace, Jr., born in Long Beach, California, January 29, 1925, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Pace. His deceased father was a former naval officer. He was graduated from Coronado High School, Coronado, California, in 1942, and from the University of California at Los Angeles CNROTCJ in 1946. After being commissioned an Ensign in February 1946, Commander Pace served aboard the light cruiser USS MONTPELIER as first division junior officer. From August 1946 to January 1947 he was assigned to the destroyer USS BARTON as first lieutenant. After a four-month tour ashore with Pacific Reserve Fleet, San Diego, Commander Pace served as executive officer aboard the submarine chaser PCS 1399, until November 1947. Then followed a seven-month assignment on the escort ship PCE 881 as engineer and first lieutenant. From June 1948 until March 1950, Commander Pace was assigned to the submarine chaser PCS 1444 as engineering officer, executive officer and commanding officer. After attending a Naval Electronics School he was assigned to the destroyer LOFBERG, where he served as gunnery officer during the Korean War. Upon pro- motion to Lieutenant in May 1952, Commander Pace served as Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the Uni- versity of Idaho for two years. Returning to sea duty in 1954, he was stationed aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS WASP for two years as communications officer. In August 1956, Commander Pacejoined the staff of Commander Nayal Forces Marianas. After his promotion to Lieutenant Commander in November 1957, he served as executive officer and navigator of the destroyer USS HOPEWELL. Upon graduation from the Naval War College in 1961, Commander Pace was assigned as aide and flag secretary to Commander SEVENTH fleet. He was promoted to Commander in 1962. Commander Pace commanded the destroyer USS TRATHEN from Aprill963 until March 1965. He became executive officer aboard TOPEKA in March, 1966. ' Married to the former Dawn Stewart Schott of Rockville, Maryland and, North Hollywood, California, Com- mander Pace has three children -- Robert D. III, Loren Elizabeth and Jennifer Stewart, CRUISER DE TROYER ELOTILL THREE REAR ADMIRAL DONALD G. IRVINE USN Rear Admiral Donald G. Irvine, USN, commands Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla Three The Flotilla is home td' , por e in Long Beach, California, and is composed of 46 ships, including three guided missile cruisers, three guided missile frigates and 37 conventional destroyers. RADM Irvine graduated from the Naval Academy in 1934, and during the following two years served aboard the cruiser MILWAUKEE. He attended Submarine School in New London, Connecticut, in 1937, and later that year was assigned to the submarine NARWAHL, In October 1941, he had duty in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and then was sent to the British Isles as a naval observer of British submarines. Later he was assigned to the U. S. Naval attache in London, England, where he at- tended the British Anti-Submarine Warfare School, and served aboard the British submarine TUNA d ' 'd uring a commando rai on Vasagso, Norway. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Britain's King George VI. In August 1942, he was assigned as surface training officer on the Staff of Commander-in-Chief, U. S. TENTH Fleet, for a two "ear tour of duty. RADM Irvine, while attached to the submarine PINTADO in 1944, was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for patrols in the China Sea. Later, while in command ofthe submarine PIRANHA, he was awarded the Silver Star for damaging or sinking more than 10,000 tons of Japanese shipping. Following the war he had a short tour of duty with the Submarine Decommissioning Unit at Mare Island. RADM Irvine returned to the office of the Chief of Naval Operations for a three year tour of duty in the Fleet Operational Readiness Di- vision. He attended the Armed Forces Staff College in 1949 and 1950, an upon graduation was assigned duty as Chief Staff Officer for Commander Submarine-Development Group TWO, Atlantic Fleet. In June 1951, RADM Irvine was assigned as Commander Submarine Division 53 at San Diego, California Then followed tours as: Head of Plans and Policy Review Section St ff I , a , C NCPACFLTg Commander Submarine Squadron .ONEg and Pro- fessor of Naval Science at the University of Texas. From 19 U ee oiler PASSUMPSIC and the cruiser BREMERTON. In April 1960, he became Chief Navy Section ' ' ' , , Assistance Advisory Group, Republic of China, and received the Legion of Merit for his service there. 58 to 1960, RADM Irvine was comn 'Ficer of the fl t He was assigned in August, 1962, as the Assistant Chief t :val Personnel for Education and Training. RADM Irvine assumed command of Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla THREE in January 1965. He resides with his wife, the former Elizabeth King of San Diego, California, at the U. S. Naval Station, Long Beach, California. COMMANDER r N I ,41- CGMMANDER CRUISER DE TROYER ELOTILL ELEV N REAR ADMIRAL THOMAS S. KING, JR. USN Thomas Starr King, Jr., born in Wilmington, Delaware, December 7, 1914, is the son of Captain and Mrs. T,S, King, II, USN CRet.D. He entered the U. S. Naval Academy in 1932 and in 1936 was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and was commissioned an Ensign. 1 He was first stationed aboard the battleship USS NEW MEXICO until December 1938. From March 1939 to June 1943, he served as fire control officer aboard the heavy cruiser USS WICHITA. RADM King was ordered to Annapolis in July 1943, for a course in Ordnance Fire Control and continued his stujies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was graduated witha Master of Science degree in electrical engineering in October 1945. After a 10 month tour as gunnery officer aboard the battleship USS ALABAMA, he joined the staff of Commander, Battle- ships-Cruisers, Atlantic Fleet, in September 1946. From January 1948 to July 1949, he commanded the USS WINSLOW, a destroyer converted for high priority experimental projects. Then followed a two year tour of duty in experimental development and proof of various types of ordnance at the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia. He completed a senior course in Strategy and Tactics at the Naval War College in June 1952. Ordered next to the staff of Commander FIRST Fleet, he served for eight months before rotating to the staff of Com- mander SEVENTH Fleet, engaged in combat operations in the Korean theater. For meritorious service in Korea he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V". In August 1954, he assumed command of Destroyer Division 202. From October 1955 to September 1958, he was manu- facturing officer at the Naval Gun Factory, Washington, D. C. He then served for 15 months as Chief of Staff and Aide to Commander Carrier Division 18. In January 1960, RADM King assumed command of the USS OBSERVATION ISLAND, an experimental ship which tested the newly completed POLARIS Fleet Ballistic System. X In March 1961, he became commander of Destroyer Squad' In June 1962, he assumed command of Destroyer Flotilla FIVE, which was engaged in nuclear tests and sx , ...ration operations. In October 1962, and May 1963, he commanded a recovery group for the pick up of the ast -ts Commander Walter M. Schirra, USN, and Major Gordon Cooper, USAF. ' In August 1964, he became Executive Director for the Fleet Readiness and 'Training Group, Bureau of Naval Weapons, Washington, D. C. In June 1964, he was reassigned as Assistant Chief of Fleet Readiness Training. RADM King assumed command of Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla ELEVEN in August 1965. Married to the former Jeanne Sanford Everett of Everett, Washington, RADM King has three children -- Thomas Star A IV, William Kimberly and Ann Stuart. - saws .-ar '5f?"nm www 'Wm 9,111 Wien UMW WW 'Wi A4 QT A I 1 1 A 1 r .5 I 5 M39 ve , 1.1.5 4 fl Q A H, 1 ' ff.. ,z QPR T329 .A f., . ' 4 1:75. 1 f J J, 7? . nzwbz.. , ., ww " +A P 3 ,uw-.f 'rivwi 54+-T ,. '- ,ig , , ,f,-ggi, , ' 4 3 I 9,75 W Q Q ,f W3 'W ff , . , 7' LW xy 2 .Wifi-k :W f ' ki ' - -::z4w4vw,swzmg -J 1' M , L, , 'TT ' U' f Rik ,A M" , 2,12 'msgs Q " A N L , G' .wiv ,- . " ' . 1 ,. fp-"4nW"' v4"'f' ' K i u 'MQ A. .5 1, v -2,5 A V TE , ---"V ffg?"""'l .Ui CRUI E. Farewell to Wives, families and friends 'Q M 3 Departing Long Beach UNDERWAY FOR WESTPAC reign... K- TO KI GULF HELO OP TOPEKA conducts personnel transfer by helo sling Directing helicopter landing from helicopter control console . ,,,, -"""' f 'H , WM 1.2 .,..V,,,,,.Mf Helicopter in- flight refueling Cake cutting ceremony on fantail celebrating TOPEKA he1o's 100th landing ,X 1 1-., ' I nl 9 CHRISTMA 1 KN sa Q 3 'mf' 'S ' Sho-if A 3... L , P A I Q , A 'gif' S.. ,, 5 on Chu Dcs Siguenza, CS2, cutting Christmas turkey 22 TDPEKA 115 -1. ,, .-A Christmas Dinner on the mess deck xx AT EA Captain Buell reminisces with officers in l 5 Christmas Dinner in the wardroom I Wardroom lounge before Christmas Dinner Christmas Day Chur " Service fs' 15 v QMS, UNREP Z' iiltvf -- TONKIN GULF 16 3rd d1v1s1on men manning the after refuehng station Af-br lv A 4. 4, 4' ' ar ff -P A... ' . 1 27 famcaaq 1966 A . - - M ' . My H nf mf' ,wz,g' - 1 5 "1 'E lf X Helo ops Capta1n's 1nspect1on Manmng the ra11 E ROL TE A SUBIC B Y Line handlers entering Subic X X x, 255- Qa- Q ,QP 15? 4. ., e' ff- Yr If 1 Alongside Alava warf MMV' PGRT SUBIC BAY . I ,gn , V. ,W I I 'E fm if ,MQW Mm Q ,K .ms i., ,, tk X x .NH -f ' l 2 I Mail on arrival Golf Swimming R elaxation Chief Vasallo retires TOP EKAmen give blood EM ,A T Crevsfs Dance USO Club, Manila Q 1 Capt Buell, CDR Pace and TOPEKA officers host Philippine Naval officers and their wives at the Army-Navy Club Manila w I 1 , I I I TOPEKA in Subic Bay McKinley Memorial, Manila N' , N WB ' ' uhm , ' I ". 'J ' - Ll.,s,, px r , A Q, ' '-2 . 1, :,, 7,5 ,. fr ' f f I N , ,vm ,- I g7':I'6'gY-If Q "" - ' 1:55, fc ji r .5-,x ,Y 'fel I, ' .' . Ii 'xvvfi ,wk . , , . ,.3M?i"- n ,fn-I,' , : .- ,-:gg-wrt .. ., - ,LN , .. -1,-3-ful' 'f-I"-fil'."iQ:gq0 'v .4 -Wil' K' ,f " i23?P?'f'XQ Af?fT,J-f 3125 f-T1-F2513-f , A , 'J rv-P'9w,.:'-',g'3"!-w nsfgcfq 'N f ' " -Q.c2sf:" - .,. :J-AIT?--A -SEMI' .,-5 -.q:Q5ScL'u2a"'f.:f.- ui- ' 4 l -,tiki .- 0lf.':43Q-5Qi"fji .1'MH,vl nv N-f:zg':'E5 h lrk ihgrp -Sm ' Q. 'fxzjwj .. 'VT 1.0 K, .1 ,- y,f,,,k A- I '.,,.g' 2 3 '- :aff 1 ' 1' " .-g'exW,:I'i,, I' 3:9 fga-1-1-Qlyfga .. - Ishii: L ' if -' wr '75 pi'i'Q-i ll? I ' .,,, ,af fIIA1??fy5"QN ,Z EN 3935 3 I 11 '- , . ', ' +I N-4. ' '--Xu-ui, I.., .1 "- li , .f ' V':":'Ji " ."W' If " 1 I 7' .' ' V-1-' . "I '.. I .:l:l'E554' ':.'fQ,' ' 'JL' '--"" ..:: I fn! ' .3 K I 7-1 '., . - -- - I' H:f"'I""m""J ...H-a.-'.Y. . 45,53 .,., -" ' ,A-' ,, ...., f ' ' ,,:- -, 1 ,gtg it A ,fi Tj J. ' , -- -- ' ,li-1-1,L,,.,.'::1:4:-.:.-':,':'-ffQ.aa:::sL.a:.::gr1,i'4'' "'mP:'::--- .. . T I, I ' - . 11- 1' Q """f'l..., - p. -- ----, - - - 'b515 L.f.,..,.1-...'+'?5"fLfI,'w-.d, 3-gtzv z V f, Y- if-5 LT, .::.:l. bl.:-A11 1 L 24 Q ::..,,,.,, ..,,.:-,fy r- ,, .v,:h..,3,,,L ...J . N . L, . .ll VIE of PHILIP 1 WS 6 fJ-nf ..11..h Pagsajan Falls Philippine country side, Mayan volcano -1flvji1t???-,xy V AL, -V , t Q , l V KN if I Q' .l.l SOUTH VIETNAM NAVAL GUNgk FIRE SUPPORT Plot receives target. .. "Batteries re1eased,.." H A Q f . he , , X . 9w2,ggf!?5'mg.,- X1 iw s.kl1g,, ,,, ,Af ' V, - -'-'gg fx,,,,yf4,:fv5: , i"'f:ii,'1,b1b"Y' 'R-,:,-my I :M f,. , K 'Wh ',g'5'IlS'.wwg,1-Q!v,,.1f"' e "if" N it 3 - ' 4 4 M 'L mf -AH ,fF"K,.4 -, H- W, ' ,N -- Av, fqmnggq , ,Ma ,,,,fNf,,q pw. ' 'ff' f 'S+' ., e ww + qv N "' ,, ' K. ' f , if 'QA --3 ' ' ff 4-221+-W-,,,,,w - - -- f f""" u.., . ' he w . 1, - .47 'W- M ' H J ' ,X tM,,,l,.,-X. ye "'7'."' Ni ' ' 'M' V, ,fe -'H f N-VN' W" ... +R!-z'.'k W 4 :M ,Q N' , -W 'wg' - . W K. 'LQ-59N-3' ' , ' Mm- ' i , . ,. W, N A Another direct hit 27 HSQJVI When the shooting's over, brass is cleared away stacked and tagged 55166.34 e. 1-Sit 55 28 . otgfdgiisbw Y , fi.. , whiz' 90" X31 M7 .1--H ' 'S W , q.1f ,Q for highline tran sfer. When the work is completed, a fantail variety hour breaks the routine FA TAIL VARIETY HOUR It was a good day for laughs. Rodda, Stone and Tipton share some of their "down home" humor. Danes, JO2, our celebrated speed painter does a quick one of Small, RD1. f-""'w lg'M+fiE ' meanw- Clementme 63 brings the loaded pallet to the fantail lowers the load and the unpackaging rapidly begins 31 Clearing the fantail for the next heli- copter load and handling the vertrep supplies is an "All Hands" evolution Y- Executive officer, CDR Pace, gives 1stLieutenant, Cook some pertinent advice During a lull in the fighting, a quick game of volleyball on the fantail ,ff Qs' 5" 199' --W nur r,,Cl,, ,,,::.Wle,u,,l, M TOPEKA's Chaplain Goffrier ready to leave TOPEKA in "Holy Helo" to lead church services on other ships during operation "Double Eagle" 5 A Marine armored "Huey A Marine CH-43 A TYPICAL DAY OF HELO OPS f--...UNM TOPEKAmen swap stories with U. S. Army "Huey" crewmen on fantail 1 RE-ARMING AT SEA Receiving ammo by burton rig .....av' Handling five-inch projectiles Handling five-inch powder TOPEKA hosts members of the lst Brigade, 101st Airborne Division for "R" and "R" mmwama 'MK MMM 'Y wf4'?'W""' awww 1' aw NEW O LYl23D Y TOG0 QW' ,MW A was Q -w.,,,.,,, M., -...NAM 41 Captain's personnel inspection, commendations and advance- ment presentations. - ff fi Y ,I .f" ROUTE YOK0 UKA Entering our assigned berth in "Yoko" Side boys salute as Japanese Admiral Ishizuka arrives for a tour ofthe ship PGRT YGKG UKA sunilvz L... .-. '- w . 1 1 p V k 6 1 dhist temple at Asakusa mf B - . -.:f-eff-4-.,,,,,,., .x , nw me 1' ' E km 3 w A mas? ,fl- Q 74 ,L I W.. .-8.6- , F ig Nh " Ei - F g. Iiflftyzll ' YES! -TT-.H Wi . ,... W " 'T ,iiiginlil fa -VI ? 44 1 A .:,.1..t,:' N my Ef- 'f,- ,- ,,'-pun fl Ne? Y -5fgg,g,.f" A . uf- 2 .,. ' ' Wg' V 2:-y,-31 523- 1' .35 V ' sjfvxkzi ' fifw 5: ., ' .X .'-" -M 5 ,dim ' ' K - .A -3: L, as ,11- .1 'xi W . fe : 1 a ,H rig? H 'Sf My Q?" 7.-nv fig Afro'- .hgh 'W5Qill"' ,Aw ., -nf f -ffm. as M, . www.. M, ' ...- ,f ,, e V .. TOPEKAmen checkout "Thieves Alley" in Yokosuka -1, X D "Which one should! get?" ' A f L-'rf ,I f 1 59. N ,ze-"o uf' 'WAWW5 ,, ww W 'ff Ai We ?J'?'1"wiziwkA2qlWe A Sailor contemplates a purchase I V sr 1, 3 'mf ,J "' A, 1 ,f, ,,,,f V. ,, ,,VV f A , In spite of rain townspeople visit TOPEKA during Yokosuka Naval Station open house on Armed Forces Day , EXELQ .4 ff' TOPEKA men donate '300 pints ofWo1ood at Yokosuka for use in Vietnam piss-x..... Last minute purchases are brought aboard 43 w HONG KONG fa ? ,wr Q ,.d' 'V if .1 v . A Q , bf' rv' Q'4 , 5. 1, A , 1 fx :wk N va . 9 f xswf ' ,M QL, TOPEKA anchored in Hong Kong harbor Mary Soo gives Bos'n Heeney "the word bw ww, if hx, , f f""' 'B w g v ,S 'v 'lr .Qs 46 s TOPEKAmen deliver "Project Handc1asp" materials to deserving Hong Kong Organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of Hong Kong as n "Just look at all those numbers" Children from the Boys and Girls Club try out the captain's chair on the bridge may wa . flu v Q re , xg , ffaf 5 A WW f,zK,1' 'G " . , , HQ- MZ' ik' s ruurr V "-J-'J P 53 are f Stoneking, SM3, demonstrates semaphore techniques to young visitors I 4, .wM"?Mm5iEz,,H Q 3 EW,-M,..,,,,.. s XA QA 2 ,5 i s K Children of the New Method English School tour TOPEKA 1 W Na, we--WW I , V,, E,,,,. Bodine, CS3, serves cookies and punch to touring youngsters Hong Kong chi1dren's groups wait on the fantail to tour the ship Y x i - x ' Rear Adm Irv1ne welcomesthe commodore of Hong Kong aboard TOPEKA Hong Kong students visit TOPEKA 5 Plankowners the captam and ex ecut1ve off1cer commemorate TOPEKA'S s1xth year as a gmded m1ss11e cru1ser March 26 Adm King relieves Adm Irvine CHANGE OF COMMAND Adm Irvine shakes hands with Capt Buell as he de- parts IN DAVAO--LARGEST CITY IN THE WORLD , . , . bf? ,, :Z aiiffffx: W ' Rear Adm. King samples roast pig at Davao provincial governor and city mayor's buffet reception for Flot 11 and TOPEKA officers .. . it M: ,X las Capt. Buell and CDR, Pace chat with guests during forecastle reception for Davaco city dignitaries 52 Capt Hurst Lt Jolhffe and Davao c1ty guests durmg TOPEKA's re ceptxon 1 TOP EKAmen and hostesses at crew's dance given by the Davao city Superintendent of schools IN Crewmen enjoy dance sponsored by the Mayor of Davao U. , . H I , .. ,.. - . ful" . . -,m 4 ,. . 52.5" ' Q . ' 'xiiasgw' .-1... x TOPEKA sailors swim and relax at the Apo View hotel, where they were given complimentary pool privileges an ,H . 54 A Davao school teacher 1n tradltxonal costume entertams at the crew's dance Baseball games with Davao teams were well attended Wake' , 119 TOPEKA's basketball team enjoyed fr1end1y cornpetxtlon la. 1-'F Q- 0 .Suu-:CW . vr JV W, .J gl ,v 'eff 4 , ? i Lin H5251 1 +5 .A 4 , 5 al i yi fun -1' 3 'K ' 1 f' :':1""" ' Y Swan vp' U 8' N. r ', 455:-"i'y2i+f xp- A st, . ' W ' gvgvjfuf ,Li',hV' z . it-:Q -. - 44 r 'H in 1 A' 5-J:,.. H" f - .N mwqx 1 'i 4 Xk,A"'5ffi 7 'T '55 uf- -n '- an 41 """A' ffrwvf' "f.g nff"5'.5?' i f ., ' " --'if' ' ' 7 W ,X its , VV W T5 dzalmlgm 4' ,iw ff WL I I V V xx v v - ' Ms -5,-f.. ag, '1' .sw Mmm .5-5f11"A -'Hr' , A -J, 'iv 'A 9' 'Y L " . , a1mf!"'fm .,,, --M I .9 .J L ' ' "N'w up tm :W 1 ,,Y,Er?WN M1 5' up ,-,"1' .+L 4' ' W 'ii' 4133, ., . ,N L ,Mk N X H ' ' , , 'Q .. J AGM.. ,ua-f .- lv' X. ww-5 f V M, - if - A px 5' Q g ,NAA '14 x F N", 4 . f A s!!-2' 'A f m W ff K ' ' V ! -wi l l A I X V x M A 5 fry JA! Riff 'swf . . 'K' , ' 'n f .if 3' if ' ' 2 ,gf W L, 1 If 'W ,TF A I, . Q ,. ,M I A Y A y . - X Q W 1 qx wa,-'J . ,mf f A f if if ,B x X-gu1'?Q54Q,,.- 3h 'I A ,N ,, ,-V V A., f-,. . X v JIM WM .K . , a if--Q mx H 'W M. .u f , f .ms- ,, Ng 4- i 'S mx- ....,,.. Sa -mini - s.,f' A successful missile shoot near Subic Bay TOPEKA's landing party goes ashore in South Vietnam to bring Vietnamese officers and U. S. Army advisors aboard for a briefing A NA AL " w j1',W,V, ffk . 5'-me . -. W .L 4 E555 i ' I Iii f 3 s. .V Fwy, W v N Q M uf. EM Y V . , I A - K . - .X , " I -, L ..,. Z ,. HMM '1--'SW I 6' E -vw 0' L , 'fd - Our landing party ashore in Vietnam 1 i I Y w 1 1 , of their coast line from the decks W X of TOPEKA ' Vietnamese officers enjoy view j'I1iG1 in 1 Q 1-aff f-f------- A as-W 1 XNQEKXHM I I V, 'Q 1 5 E it Q Relaxing on the forecastle TOPEKAmen catch up on world events in the crew' s library during chow break A fantail volleyball game during "Holiday Routine Sunday afternoon jam session f ,nf Skeet shooting on the fantail -Q' 4 5 i i ,i gr If :U U' 4? lsr i. r I., 1.1 4! ,H 1 Ti Il 5 1 E ,i ,.. gs 5 5 I N I A a Y 1-Ag ,. ,L,. J 1 "KX 44,' ff' ,ff ff!!! .f ,X Admiral Baumberger boards TOPEKA by highline during his on- station visit of SEVENTH FLEET Cruisers and Destroyers 'ix x 62- 1 COMCRUDESPAC W Ugg N , Touring the ship with the Captain and Executive Officer, Admiral Baumberger stops to chat with Stevens MR 1 I Admiral Baumberger visits CPO mess VI IT TOPEKA 1 Flight crew at the Helo control con- sole directing a helo landing .Ml K! 0-1 I W me Wounded Navy pilot is brought aboard TOPEKA for medical aid 6 Executive officers 'Palm Tree' is hi-lined to the oiler Tolovana during unrep north of Hawaii HQMEWARD BGUN TOPEKA Arrives in Long Beach with families andfriends waiting on the pier 51 1 , -, I OUR families anxiously wait at the pier for our arrival After the joyous reunion, TOPEKAmen de- part with their families, Friends and hundreds of gifts. f HOME ME ww "It'11 never get off the ground" After 30 days at sea anything looks good! TOPEKA FEATURE W It W"-Xfw-w..f .??f". Finally got rid of that "ffS:,'Z, sailboat. Wa1t t111 they fmd out 1t's d1sappear1ng 1nk' I prom1se to get a ha1rcut Tomorrow What do you want to be when you grow up'P j ., a. A ' ' uv ...,..lL,.,. 1 K ww-wh-M. TOPEKA ASW in action! "Let me try that again-2x2 is The late, late, late show on Channel 8. VI See, you park in wrong PRACE," 5? ee 4, 3X3 is ---" Turret one manned and ready "I don't know, it wasn't here yesterday 69 mg-gifs "Who missed the 'PUNCH' line." If No more cheese sandwiches for lunch. "Are you sure John WRYU But Commander, it's hot and dark down there! The only way to fly Started this Wayfgvv Would you believe five foot seven? 'DQ' 'Ev , Heibxoperatjons Fantall band concert Sf ' l steaming Aw I , IU X5 ,Q Wir Ar 'sau y ,, .,4 4 5 ini, ggphU!!RM1"5W"A , . '- - - fn i. . ,,.+r:p"lM ,ww 4 ,, 'fnifvvdit'-N ,, , ,.,, .ymr . W .1 W.. ,.f, f,,,,n.Qf4 . I I M,.m,.. .. ,j ' :,.w,.r ,A L J" i' :.ga52,-fgfg'ge?'f55LE'Efi+ X , K -' Li',',"GflQ .f . ,, vf' ,.,,5 1 . ' - , , f - - , H "fp ,, , ,,,3ii'w-gfwfgg' , ,- mf , V H ,fgkgfgq ,K . c -4 fb..-:V .ig -gh. -- ,1 , . . V ' ' ' ,., '31-5'vs'::f-'g-f-V.-. ig- J.- :.14l-.-.,,- .., ',, 1, .,,.. -, ,,-- rn- 1. W, PM 'mv -.. Refueling at sea Destroyer coming along side CITY HALL CITY OF TOPEKA KANSAS mn cv-ms W WRIGHT .1 January 10 1966 My Captaln Thomas C Buell Commandmg Off1cer, Offlcers and Men, The USS Topeka QC LG 85 3' 95 Fleet Post Offlce San Franc1sco, Callfornia Gentlemen On behalf of the c1t1zens of Topeka and thelr c1ty Comm1ss1on I want to personally congratulate you for the splendld Job you are do1ng for the cause of Freedom I humbly apologlze for not havmg wrltten to you sooner but slnce taklng Off1C6 last Aprll I have had my hands full here on the home front As a ret1red Mar1ne Off1cer, and yes, as a former Pharmacists Mate I am well acqua1nted w1th the two fmest branches of our m1l1tary servlce, namely the Un1ted States Navy and the Un1ted States Mar1ne Corps Please be assured that we have no draft card burners in the C1ty of Topeka nor do we have any demonstrators of any k1nd We are backmg you 1n your signment 1n every way poss1ble, and honestly know that what you are domg w1ll certa1nly leave the world a better place to l1ve 1n We deeply appreclate every copy of The Plamsman, and always see to s w1de c1rculat1on around our C1ty Hall when lt arr1ves If we can ever be of any servlce to you 1n any way, we stand ready to comply Agam, keep up the fine work, and "Give Em Hell". Most sincerely, I f I CHARLES W. WRIGHT, Jr. Mayor CWWJr : fw 4 K uv Lfr K -422,7 -. 9 ' 1T.s..J.LJggLJl:3W1 - -LQ: -. , ., .. , . .mm E , A mmm w ' WA Av-rw.,-H ll .. xrnrmzu V I , 1 , I F1 , , 232 E , f-1 ,Wm-. ' ' at A 5 T L 3 Y - -'P 1 OFFICE OF THE MAYOR 5,3356 2 . . 1 R. 1 ' is-1. , , . ?i.Q,Q1,1'--Qf "fin, 'if 5 I , V . . L- ' - ' ll Q: E Lf", ,' f - . . . vv .A g Q 0 I n 0 v , . . . . V I . . . . . 9 . . , 1 . . . . . . . . . 1 ,I . . . . , HS' . . . . - . . 0 ' ' it ' ' U O l Q 1 . . l EXECUTI DEP RT Lt. A.O. Keadle Personnel Officer Ltjg-. C.R, Buse Ship's Secretary Lcdr. R.R, Goffnrier Chaplain Y 1 DIVISIO Printshop--R.A. Martin, SN: G.A. Davis, SNQ N.B. Altenburg, SN: F. Fasone, LI33 Ltjg Buse. M Legal Office--R.J. Singer, PNSN R,L, Christian, YN2g Ens Morgan W... Post Office--R.B. Adams, PC1g A. H, Peterson, PC2g H,J, Williams, SNg D,O, McFarland, PC3g not pic- tured: R.F. Smith, SN5 E,G, Bircher, SA. i C T Cadxgal PN2 F L Benson, SN Captams Off1ce LtJg C R Buse, F D Vasallo, YNC, V J Humphrey YN3 CN Seaberg YN3 WM Vannoy, YN3, AR Gonsalves SN, M J Prov1dence YN3 Personnel Offxce DG W11son SN, RW Meyer SN, DM Thomas PN3 R D Sutton, PN3 B Bemto PNC, H G Scott PNC ..,,, , L .., 'Q D , 9' 1, ' ' X Lx I N . D 1 -- ' ' J . 1 - y ' - . , Q . . . , g, J ,K . . , , . . . .Q f .,...-- . . . 1-we N' 'ff . " . . . . ' . . , ' V D , . . y , . . . . , . . , . I, V y f : k ' 5 f M . ,V MM., ' xy.. , ,V " wr y w. , fxfg K' . y ' . . , . 77 MAA--H,R, Darnell, BM2g T,A, Lebar, RD2g J,A, Montalone, GMGCgH,T. Snowden, BM1g T,N, Talley, EM1g G. Upton, GMG2g not pictured P,N.Nic01ai, PC3. ,v-',,,- Public Affairs Office--R,A. Edborg, JO3g R.E, Danes, JO2. Chaplains Office--Lcdr R.R. Goffrier, CHC. R.L. Baugh, SN3 T.C Scheck, SN, 78 .A'4Yv'.f.':.- A' :sh ': E.S. Ray, DT2. D.M. six, HM2g Lt. B. Till, M.A. soinski, HMS. CC 97 CC 77 C.E, Hastings, HM3g Cpl J, Caldwell, O, Wallace, HM2 J,S, Sullivan, HM3g C, Lagle, HMCSQC, McKee,HM2g J.G. Slover HM3. 79 5-Q ws Q fem, Q. . Q., 'ff ,E.7ifgZ" ffm X? Lcdr H.R. Hedge, S,N, Warren, DN, D. P. Cornwall, SN, XX 42 "MZ I BO Vg, H.A, Sorensen, HM2g J.L. Allard, HM3g C, Williams, SN. D,K, Cornia, HN3 D,M. Six, HM2gS.J.Parker Cpatientj G, Taparra, HN, B,J, McAna1ly, HM3. I W W r ll J WEAPO DEPARTME Lcdr. J.J. Gelke Asst. Weapons Off. Lt. D. Ward Missile Fire'Contro1 Off. 4 Lcdr. R,L. Kershner Missile Systems Off. CNO Photo? Lt. P.F. Abrahams Special Weapons Off 1 n 1 T r . ,f Q fff- V NLVA 31: Cdr. P,F, Klein Weapons Off. I I Lt. R,T. Derby Weaps Admin Asst Lt. R.L. Jolliffe Missile Off. CWO G W Bleber Asst Gunnery Off Lt G.D. Cook lst Lieutenant CWO J,F, Heaney Boatswain 1 - Capt. SB. Durrant ' Y SLG, Mamet 'C2Di,V,T.645,.VSiumpf b ' 1stLt. G.R. Sowa g - X.O.Mardet , W w 'N w .At FIR T P, DIVISIO R.J. Gibbons, SN: R.E, Kline, SN, J.L. Hunt, SA, V,S Florez, SA, L,E,Newcomb, SAgT,L. Ford, SA,S.E. Carter, SN, R,L, Grant SN, R,R, Haynes, SN, E, James, SA, S.L Earl, SA, T,E, Phillips, SN, Standing: T,W, Demoss, SN, J.D. Rodgers, SN, D.L Edwards, BM2, A.L, Trevino, SA, T, Gutierrez, SA Front: E,J, Smith, SA, S,E, Carter, SN, R,N, Dubois SA, E.A. Schmidt, SN. W 1 'E Weapons Department Office-- E,J, Per Dian, SNg J,D. Tyler, YN3g J,E, Bond, YN3. Y lf? , 4-.... f Ltjg HO2.I'd, P,L1, bmllll, D1V1O5IX,1J, LJUWC, Dm..5 ho- F101-ez, DA. N L Ina er SN, L . BM3- L.C. E ' SN- - ' ' ' y , A E- Bam, SA' Gorham, , wmg, , R.T. Hale, BM3, L.A, Partee, BM3g Ckneehngj R,D, Beatty: 5, 1 If x X if J.C. Cevera, SNg R,D, Lohr, BMCgL.E, Sklar, SN. Back RJ Odman SN, TJ Ross BM2g G. Espinoza, SN, Front: T.A Parker, BM3 FW Gray SN, WR, Meadows, SNgR,T, Bono,BM3 SECGN DIVISIO or x we 2nd Division Officer Ltjg S C Gross 2nd Division Junior Officer Ens. C,E, Olsen N23 . M-wi 14 "3 .ww M v. I x0 ' t A 'L if X, I 't - fig 1 M 5 ' 1 ' X Q X I qu X- l 1 I i 1 Back: J.R. Ewing, BM3g K.G. Langdon, SN: ILG. Lane, SNg J. Valle, SNg R.N. Herong SNg front: F.N. Wills, SN5 D,A. Baumann, SN5 1,,E.Sklar,SN5 R.V. Hoppef, SN. i 1 I F D.M. Boehm, SN3 B,H, Yott, SAg M,J. Spalding, SNgL,L, Muller, SNg S,T, Sims, SNg R,W, Huddleston, SNg kneel- Iing: D,A, Chatelain, SN. 'S 's Back: D,A, Wingard, SNg R,J, Pattee, SAg W.J.Crane, SN3 B.R. O'Brien, SNg front: J.R. Armes, BM2g E,G, Bircher, SAg A,C, Hann, SN, J,L, Powell, SN. 4 as I R,A, Perez, BM1gL.J,Fisher,BM3gC,J, Desimone, SA9 J.H. Kolenda, BM2g R,A, Gates, SN: C,H. Monroe, SN, 1 . G,J, Esquivel, SN, R.T. Bond, BMS, R M. Frawsto, SN. Back: G.G, Pritchett, SAgR.E.Orr.SN9 R,A, Gates, SNg F,H, Genest, SNg J.C. Fish, SN, R,E, B1ack,SAgC,L. Caldwell, SAg front: B.R. Cox, SNg G.R, Campbell, SA, G,J, Esquivel, SNg K.L, Smith, SA, A, Gomez, SN, G Garcia, SN, C,E, McWilliams, SNg N E Manners, SN, J.C. Spingola, SA, T. Ornelas, fi' l BM3. x, ,, 1. .Vkf S 87 Q. Alf A, T.M. Vannurden, SN3 J.T. Lawson, SNg J.C. Armijo, SNg L.W. Potter, SNg T.L. Moore, SN. C, Sanders, SN THIRD DIVISIO 3rd Division Officer Ens. R.E. Harley , R.B. QuiI'0Z, SAQ E.J. PerDian, SN3 T.M. Reichel, SNg T.F. Tierney, SA, x i. i I 1 1 D.K. Nelson, SNg T,L Richardson SN- D C Luke, SNQ s.A. oft, sim RE, Smi1h,gNg'L: Fisher, BM3. J.J. Brannon, SNg I.G, Gonzales, SNg C, Sanders, SNg J.J, Gassert, SNg A.E. Gregg, SAg L,E, Richardson, BM3. -SI "hi jx 1 D.A. Zerby, SNg G,N, Uyeno, BM3g T.L. Hunsaker, BM3gR,J.Guajardo, SN. 89 I , r 1 4 1 1 9 9 V I S i 4 I 1 y N 1 ' 4 K, msn f .Q -Q, rf" J'-'W-W WNW ff f1'W"2W'fY" W' M if M 2 Wg? 6A AQQY' fZK?24 .'1f-f, ' aw w W 3 ' if f I i .X in if v Q L, 'f i, W f I Qy L'1 f4 ff 1f ff ,': Jfq 'A ff'ii fb 'i'lL'q, 4 .1 ,.7,i i ,,zJ:, iVV,V kigyz K xrf, , ky ,, , VV r , i, R , ,,,, in , , ' , ,f 4 n f 1 Back: R,J, Walker, SNg R,E, Applebaugh, SN, CWO Heeneyg L,D. Brady, SNg W,G, Bailey, BM1g E,W, Peppard, SNg D,E, Knowlton, SNg front: J,E, Edwards, SN, C,V, Phillips, SN, J.M. McKay, SN, R.D. Fuit, SNg V,E,Ritter,SA. ' D,C, Luke, SN, W.A, Plata, SNg B,D, Severy SA, C,W, Mick, SN, B,D, Wagaman, SNg J.D Higgins, SN, W,K. Peatrea, BM2. A 90 35 91 W L, iid, ,M fe-s2'..'2ff' FGURTI-I H.T. Rodgers, GMG1g H,L C rucani, GMG1g H, L Foraker, GMG3g ELS. Clark SN. DIVISIO 4th Division Officer Ltjg. J.F. Richards C,L. Byouk, GMG3, G,J. Moore, GMG3. D,B, Langer, GMG35 wx ,, D,L, Irwin. GMG2g C,E,Proctor,GMG1gD,R, Medley, GMG3g T,J. chriss, GMG3 E,J, Stewart, GMG3g G,F, Pedersen, SN, J.W, Dehoney, GMG3g L.N. Bartram, L.N. GMG25 R.0. Feiling, GMG3g R,T. Begin, GMG3. R Young, GMG3, N Couch, GMG2 J C Hoyaboom GMG1, N Eckhardt GMG2, E R Corn GMG3 Back H G Scott, GMG3 LtJg R1chards front K S Drewa GMG2, R D Cagle, SN, C E Sapp GMCM, J L Stmckland GMG3 15912 . Q: ,nf vf r 1 X R it - . Q :V wx ' 'S I uf- of f oS S SN 5 h D I X FIFTH . DIVISIO 1 ,, W. W-I 4 , kii I PW! M' 1U 'i 'r :i, P' , 1 ' ' , l Ui 2 , b 5th Division Officer y Ens. R,T. Reitmeier :if 4 3312 vl h If 1 ,N kx W 5 1 4 i v i 1 I X sn A I J WH li in . 3 3 fa 'n 94 1 11, w 1 . . .M-L,-, Vg if g, Y J.D, Reynolds, FTM1g M.L, Jordan, SNQ L.A, Swingler GMMSNg E,J, Mack, GMM3g H,E, Liming, GMM35 B. Burns GMM2. C.D. Chapman, GMMSN gJ.J. Warren, SNgJ.E.Middlet0r1,SNgR,L,AitkinS GMM3g D,L, Wood, GMGSNg J.W King, GMM3g J.H. White, GMM1. 1 Q- , 5 fr' Q if 'S' , 'Y 'IISQAQ X f-A Q 59 Z, 5' will Launcher Ctop to bottombz J,G. Thiel, SN, P,A, Musitano, FTM2g J,w, King, GMM3g F.A. Finerfrock, GMT2g La, Swingler, GMMSNg D,B, Moore, GMM3g K, Hill, FTM3g A.T. Baltes, SN, H,E. Liming, GMM3g R.A. Esser, SNg Standing: Ens R,T, Reitmeierg E.H, Radke, GMM2g W,D, Copeland, GMMCg J,J, Harty, SA, M.A, o'Nea1, GMMSNg Ri, Aitkins, GMM3g D,L, Wood, GMGSNg J.E, Middleton, SN, E.J. Mack, GMM3g R.W. White, GMM3gC.D. Chapman, GMMSNg A.Q. Sanchez, GMM2g L.M. Steed, GMM3g M,R. Tracy, GMMC, Ens Blaizeg kneeling: R,V, Lindsay, SN, J.E, Boehm, GMM2g B, Burns, GMMZQ C,F, Gadomski, GMMCg C,R, Hughes, GMM1, T,C, Tyler, SN, D,C, Snapp, GMMSNg M.L. Jordan, SN. 95 FG Division Officer Ens M,A, Stebbins '.ff B,B, Hughes, FTG3, J,C, Kristensen, FTGSN3 C.M. Rudin, FTG2g L.J. Russell, FTGSN MFG DIVI I0 " 5 M ne' ' i is D.J, Musto, FTG2g M.D, Fisher, FTG3g R.E, Bishop, FTG3g G.M. Noland, FTG3. 3 A X, X MN. J.J. O'De11, FTG3g T.B. Daniels, FTGSNQ G.A. Snyder, FTG3g L.F, Parker, FTGSN. C L B1v1ns, FTG2 D J Lowell SN T H Lombarch, FTGSN B W Kohl 'ffm S M Hughes, FTGSN, R A Warren, FTG3, N E Brengman, FTG3 P E Kearney FTGSN DIVISIO W,E, Largent, FTCg J.H. Martens, FTM3g P,J, Lizotte, FTM2g C.N. Baughman, FTM3g G.R. Harman, FTM3. J.H. Webb, SNg E,L. Langhorne, FTM1g T,A, Robinette, FTM3g F.O. Davidson, FTM3. W.L, Johnson, FTM3g C.R. Mullins, SNg C.V, Kozarski, FTM3g J,D, Farmer, FTM2y J.R. Clements, FTM3. x FM Division Officer Ltjg R.M. Stolee ' L . N." ., ,WH A , , . ff iff? -'4 Qiifvrgv' f 4 gc:ffw.:,gxf'jfI, f Q. JM -Z!.1J1,,:g,rj 5 , ,.,,r, , .Q fmug x 3 1 cgyfixiifigb ,fg wf we Q ,,,. 1193-7 1 gi, . f f 1 V If Q 1 fffffffff ff 1' ' Q-525: 5 1 435' iv,4si5,bi G,M, Suhr, FTC3 J,J. Devaney, FTMSNg D,R, Manley, FTM2g J, Reynaud, SAg C, V, Kozarski, FTM3g A,W, McGuffen, SN. MW We ! F 'W ' Way". "7," r , f , , wwf: 4 .0 U.. I 1-u .mf gy H-- fvw-1 , .. rfrr: BTH! 1 'yfffff' num n .Im A 1 -- ...,,, 'f -9" ' 'L r 'ff ifrfef, P P.L. Butcher, FTM2g A,J. Le Suer, FTM3. L.E. Carpenter, FTM1g R,T, Spilman, FTM2, R.H. Stevens,FTMSN3 J.H. Schaus, FTM2g D,A, Ferguson, FTM3. E,F, Cummins, SN3 W,M, Rager,PH1gG.F.Gross,SN. 99 3 1 ei Y u wr ,w 9 'i MARDET Commanding Officer Capt, S.C. Durrant Front to back: Sgt. G,W, Stapletong Pfc. P, Farrg Pfc. L.T. Fie1dsgLcp1. G,L. Diehlg Lcp1J.B, Davis 1OO I f fx .MJ ,ir rj. ,, 3 Cp1J,W, Krzystofg Pfc. W,R, Marshall, Left row: Lcpl T.C. Rossebog Pfc. L. L. Leveringg Pfc. R.E. Adamsg Pfc. R,G. Beyersg middle row: Cpl. J.W. Krzystofg Lcpl. J.Z. Walleyg Pfc. S.D. ScarlettgLcp1.J.Z.WaI1ey5 Pfc. S.D. Scar1ett5Lcp1.A.M.Czi11ig Pfc. L.D. Marting Lcpl. F.P. Boyleg Pfc. P.J. Clymerg right row: Cpl. C.M. Jacksong Pfc. P.A. Humphreyg Pfc. R.D. Breeng lst Lt. G.R. Sowag Pfc. L.T. Fie1ds3Pfc.G.F.Cafego- Ssgt. F. Petersong cpl L. Lassiter: Cpl. C.M. Jacksong Pfc. R,E. Adams. 3 W 1 I ,l Lcpl JE Noggle 1stSgt D A Schott Pfc WR Marshall, Cpl AM CZ1111,SSg't F Peterson Former MARDET CO Capt. Stumpf inspects rifles. 101 ffffn L, .y Iwi f , . J ' J 'A 0 J If x Back: Lcpl. K.D. Ewingg Lcpl. F.P. Boyleg Pfc S D Scarlett- Pfc R G Be ers Lc 1 . . . , . . . y 5 p. J,O, Turnergfront:Pfc.P.Farrg Pfc. L, G, SChma1j0hIl. 102 Lcpl J.Z. Walleyg Cpl. W,M. Sabog Cpl. J.D. Caldwellg Capt. Stumpfg Ckneelingl Cpl A. Matsunagag Cpl J.W. Krzystofg Cpl. L. Lassiterg Lcpl J.B. Davis. Lcpl W,W. Blackwellg Pfc M,R, Diltsg Lcpl E, Clark. o P ER TIONS DEP L Lcdr. J.D. Connery CIC Officer Cdr. R.A. Madden Operations Officer .V Lil: Jxrg Johnston Asst. pic Officer Ltjg. V.E. Schlect Radio Officer Ltjg. G. Davis Ltjg. G.W. Dunne Ltjg. G.L. LOD91' OPS Admin Asst. A RPO ASSt. RPO 1 U4 R+DeB0Y1C' - WG-I g3.H. Blocker I ,Af i' -Q ,ASSLEMO -.S X OA DIVI IO Fi D.M. Bokus, STG3g R.l-I. Gooch, STG1g R,E, Osselin, STG2. 'sind OA Division Officer LT. J.E, Tipton R.V. Peckham, ST1g Lt. Tiptong R.E. Large, STG35 T.P. Naumann, STG3. A,D. Beach, STG3g P.S. O'Brian, STG2g R.L. Spencer, STG3g A.H. Straub, STG3. lO5 W.W. Wheeler, ETR3g D.M. Nagel, ETR23 P.J. Gass, ETCSg K.L. Smith, ETN2. -RJ ,,,,,, 'E ' i Q' lip.: y fa P,T, Wilkerson, SN, R.A. Burt, ETN3g B.H. Loomis, SN, L.C. Cronkright, ETR3g R,W, Stewart, ETRSN: R.S. Vanderlinden, ETR2. 106 UE DIVISIO Ar OE Division Officer Ltjg. J.B. Brown T P D Die-ms, E:TN2g J V Boyd, ETN3 W.E Joyner, ETR2g D E Petersen, ETN25 G A Hermesch, ETRSNg M L Beal, ETR3 ,f 51 4 FLG' ' 'M M.J. Whiteman, ETN2g D.D. Garigan, ETN3s 13-M- ETN3. Palmer, RMSA5 B.R. Menn, 107 --...., '12, J.B, Patterson, ETRSNg G.L G.. A J.B. Patterson, ETRSNg D.J. Halpin, ETR2g G,W, Taylor, ETR3. Foster, ETR3. . N Q3 0 Q98 9 ,W 0 0 OKI 80 108 A.G, Kessler, SNg R,W, Stewart, ETRSNg G,P, Wopelhorst, ETR3. OI DI ISIO K.E. Balfanz, SNg G.N, Blamer, RD3g W.J. Crane, RD3. R,W, Spears, SAg D.A, Flanigan, RDSNg G.R. Willis, SN. A. DeMiao, RD3g R.G. Glascock, RD3g G,L. Rayburn, SNg M.T. Wallace, RDSNQ N,E. Clark, RD3- X wi OI Division Officer Ltjg. D, A, Foscato gf. 109 Q-of WLT 4' W ' ,f i r i nf in W,H, Foster RD3g L.W, Trew, RD3g Q " I If J ,E, Strasburg, SAg D.J. Manning, , fyff 'Q SN. EK ow 'pfw k H. Zamorano, RD3g R.W, Willis, SNQ D.J. Cain, RDSNg J.R, Stennes, SA. J,U. Buchanan, RD3g L,P. Pearce, RD3. 110 E.J. Rouleau, SNg J.W. Crumpton, RD3. . 1 X, 33 i L, X, A A i asv: ' ' 'K f - QWVI 41 , X 5-1 T,E Schlenker, SNg J F.Brown SA' K.M.KuCir1 RD2, Maw 0 ' fa ', nuns nun 4 O :Q Q I . a L' . V' V O O 0 , .1. ag " Qt' U ' ' ' J 7 I 1' . fm , 1 .f f X x K J. Thomas, RD1g D,L, Small, RD1g N,E, C1ark,RD3g Ltjg. Foscato. Af -4 1-:A 'Q if R,G, Glascock, RD3g J,W, Eaton, RD3g F.R. Wier, RD3g T,W. Bussill, RD3. Lcdr. Conneryg D,W, Roderer, RD2g A.H. DesVoignes, RDCS. 111 gb., ef 112 N X V N I R,L, Grieswood, RD2g AP.R. I Giammona, RDSNgD.L.C131'1'1dE9: R RD3. Operations office yeomen. LT J. E. Tiptong P. W. Diefze, YN3g D. R. Reynolds, YN3. T,W, Bussell, RD3g R.G. Reese, RD23 N,E, Clark, RD3g T.A. LeBar, RD2g J.W. Crumpton, RD3. D,R, Lien, RD2g D,L, Clarridge, RD3g R,L, Brown, RD3. 6 1 Green, SA, W K F1scher, SN E D Lmdsey RM3 J.C. Smith, RMS, J.G. Pauli, RM2. Back rowg M,A, Dunaway, RMI, R.W. Zelenuk, SN, L.E, Schultze, RM3g J.B. Johnson, RM33 front row: D.L. Cravens, SAg G,R, Tewalt, RM3. D L Rlssetter RM3, J M H111, RM3 DIVI IO -u 'S OR DIVISION OFFICER Ens P H Roth f 113 P,A. Miller, RM3g F.R. Freeman CYNSNg E. Henderson, RM2g C.R Muse, RM2g seated: H Herschkowitz, CYNSNg Ltjg Loper Seated L E Schultze, RM3, P,A, Miller, RM3g standing: J.G, Pauh, RM2, M A Dunaway RM1g J,E, Kinard, RM1. J H Goodlett CYNSN L L Weddle, SAg G,R, Tewalt, RM3g E Mayr SN, seated R C Glover, CYNSN. A AQ J, Rivas, SM3g E.V. Starowicz,SNgR,W. Lafferty,SNg J,P, Brown, SMSN, DIVISIO A.G. Nolan, SMCg Ltjg Andrews. OS Division Officer Ltjg D,B, Andrews R,W, Lafferty, SNg B, Bucco1a,SNg , H,G, Anderson, SM3g J.M, Purcell, ,.. - W 0 ig M-A---gt! h . , N 115 v. K1ienfe1d,SM1gM.R.Atkins,SM3. Q1 K 'r'. ,,,, A '. L 'wx vi . ' .,'n m'?ffI I V , s f ' g 4 I g X 1 i U in xl 5 .1 K 'X . . 1 ,-if H S 'f., 1 116 f wwf, ff -'H I IL , J.M. Purcell, SM1. E.R. Stoneking, SM3g J, Rivas,SM3 2 T DEPAR-TMENT NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT of ? Q gv f mag? ff S,J, Melton, AA, V.C. Crete, SNg D,R. Cusson, AG2g D.A. Parks, SAg "O" "J" Connell, SNg J,L, Benning, QM3. C,D, Dobbs, SNg G,R, Dar1ing,QM3g R,W. Knudsen, SNg M.J. Kee1er,SNg L. McMi11ian, SN, J.L, Clamp, QMSN. N D1v1s1on Offlcer AVIGATIO D.Wg1b,m DIVI IO 2::"' We-Q'K W' is RWD Ve 2 J,E. DeFord, SAg O,J, Reid, SN J,T, Nelson, SN, R.S. Vanness, SA, N.C. Hall, QM3g D.A. Park, SN E Ortxz SN JR Grlffln, SN KHGoodw1n SN GV Quxlan SK3, LA Resterhouse, SN H L Roth SK3, H W Thompson SK2, L B Hodge SK3 fuwumwwmnx if -Tzi'--.i' N L N V LLLL1 U ASL 'LLL J L R,E, Roop SK3' A.A. Bitanga SK1- Ltjg Driscoll. C E, Mohler SNg F.R. P1'2fhe1',SN- S-l DIVISIO Stores Offlcer Ltjg E J Dr1sco11 119 K ,,,, ..,, ,,,,,,W, , - w'-7w: w-wy,,- 7 ff f gy -- 51' '-ai... 5 x R , ss H 2-2 V' , , ,s G .W if WW G, . ig, ,gh . Ltjg Drisco11gW,E, Cubbage, SK1g E.F. Hewitt, SKCg E,J, Graves SK3 'lr R,D, Kubinski, SNg G,B, McConnell, SN3 T.K, Parsons, SN. H.L. Roth, SK3g R,K, Stodulski, SK3g D,E, Resides, SKCSg R, G. Phelps, SNQ W,L. Clark, SK3. 120 J.R, Richardson, SK3g G.V, Quilan, SK3 S-2 DIVI IO ,f M E Moore CS , E L W1111ams CSC Comm1ssary Offmcer CWO M M Angulo Ming! JE W1ghtman SH3 LF Rodr1quez,SN B Anders, SN F. Alamillo, SAg R,L. Northcutt, CS3g J.D. Schranz, CSSAg B.E, Hughes, CS1. DO Green SH2 KA Heaton SN 'vm ' ' X- Q 1- ' Yl 1 121 fi if .1 1 . I E f 1 6 i '1 if I 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 , 1 1 1 P.L R.E 1 'wth Simms, SN, J,E, Krim, SN5 G,R, Willis, SHSNgR,M,Austero, SH2gT, MaCafferty, SAg Harper, SH2, J,L. Stocks, SHSN. 2 1041 gf' ,v' ve-IGWN1 ,,,-u... 122 L.L. Weaver, CSB, CWO Ang'u1ogR,D, Downs, SKSN, D.E. Powell, SK3, J.C. Baker, CSC. -. W,H, Balfanz, CS33 J.T. Siquenza, CSI, W.D, Bodine, CS3g O. Segarra, CS3. H 2 : Ai W,R. Hornsby, SN3 R,P, Mckie, SNg W,H, Balfanz, CS3. W.C. Conard, CS3g M,J, Boyer, CS3g V.C. Brookins, CS3g W,C,Reyno1ds, C w S2. W,C, Heffernan, SNg L.B, Thompson, SNg R.P. McKie, SN. V K? 123 G,G, Freeland, SAg L,J, Balistreri, CS3g J,L, King, CS1. 124 , 6 NLE. Hargis, CS2, S.R. Piazza, CS2. R.A. Whitworth, CS3g M.D. West, cszg H.'Harvey, css. il I i Front: D.H, Mahafferty, SN, D,R, Lien, RD3, J.W. Flemings, BM2, CWO Angulo, L,T, Esway, SF3, J.B. Neff, SN, middle: J.F, Hobbs, FA, D,L, Franklin, SA, T,N, Arnold, FN, J,W, Dehfmey, SN: F.M. ott, SA, C.E.Wi1cox, SA, back: C,L, Caldwell, SA, Pfc. G,T, Cafego, S,F. Cfmler, FN: B.F. Mohan, SN, E.s. Clark, SN, Front: G,C, Farren, SN, D,L, Lien, RD3, J,W, SA, B,H, Loomis, SN, G,A. Breckenridge, FN, Flemings, BM2, L,T, Esway, SF3, J,R, Burgess, L,D, Wolfe, FA, back: G,W, McQuade, FA, C,R, -SN, S.F, Robledo, FN, middle: W,W, Marks, Estes, FA, G.L, Germany, SA, C.G. Davis, FA, FA, E,L, Long, SN, A,J, Goulet, SN, J,R. Stennis, D,W. Eliott, SA, J,L, Welcher, SA. 125 S-3 DI +R Sales Officer Ltjg. C.L. Ellis IIO 126 L.D. Heimer, SHSNg J,E, Wightman, SH3, H,W, Thompson, SK2g R,H, Bradbury, SH33 T,R. McCafferty, SA. 1 ,Qi , si E Qin L 4, ,, 4 A' My 1 1' 2. .W '11 Wy, 2 S M D 5 L,M. Patton, SH3g L.S. More, SN. J,R, Turner, SH1g R,A, Jameson, SA, D,L. Franklin, SN. . sf ff if jf! m .53 -, fm 1, mlm' uf' iq -A 'if '-J T,E, Little, SHSNQ K,F, Hall, SH3g J,R, Turner, SH1g J.J, Blaeser, SH3. -'N'-in Q.,- V ,.,V......,, ,, ,U-',,. L, CQ. JIJI Mesa, SAg J,E, Selvin, SAg L,F. Rodriguez, SN. 15 1, 127 Zia in 128 L,c, Gysin, SNQJ.H,Wi1ms,DK2gA,F,Beza, DK1. S-4 DIVI I0 Disbursing Officer Ltjg. J.C. Huffman ...J 5 Z 2'-bw' R,L, Gleason, DK3g G.K. Swagerty, DK3g Ltjg. Huffman. I ,JA ' 42" 1 di 'LM 73? 1 Zyfvwwwm-MNf.,,ixlL ,'c, T5 fy W. X , if- K T' ' A ff W.P. Gwynn, SDC 5, B,C, Limcaoco, TNg R,A. Fernandez, TNg A,F, Ramones, TNg R.B. Bersamino, TA5 M,L. Sujeco,?'TNg G,S, Soriano, TNg D.F. Romero, TNg J.G, Soliven, TN, B,P, Amoranto, SD3 S-5 DIVI IO I X . , , X A P TN R,S, Sajonas, TN, W.P. Gwynn, SDC- R, . erezg 129 DEP s iw LT C .J. Dykeman DCA Ofhcer LTJG 'Wg A. Stevens B.VDiVLJCI f L, - . LT J, B, Greer MPA LTJGY C, C. Brooks Main Eng. Mat. Off LCDR R, L, snarrah Engineering Officer LT J. A. Bianco Asst. to Engineer WO-1 D, R, Beebee Tl l W I C 13 I E i i 5 i 0 i - xii uv i, at A ,,..V I N! i " M,W, Howe, MM3g R,A, Derocco, FAg S,R, Hudgens, MM2 Log room yeomen. E, B, Goodenough, YNSNg D, F.Dai1ey, YNSNg LTJG D, M, Drakeg J, R, Rad1er,YN3g L H. Martin, YNSN. ADI I IO -.JM iw A Division Officer Ens. L.P, Tabaka W,W, Dorsey, FN3 M.B. Giampietro, FNQ R,D. Padgett, FN. 131 . ,QOH-2955" W,L, Houck, EN13 F,C, Walker, MMS, R,L, Wood, EN3g E.Q. Gonzales, EN3g J.P, Bryant, EN3. E,D, Bateman, FNg G,V. Porterfield, FNQ L.P. Woodard, FN. B.W, Gray, MM3g R,L. Bye, MM1, Ens. Tabaka. 132 J.E. Davis, EN3. -1 f 5. P ,D. Ve1esco,FNgO,W, Sargent, FN, I -H R.F. Maclean, EN2- J R. Hollins FN W.E, Wren, EN3. R,B, Rooker, EN2g D,D, Strempke, EN3, L,L, Beasley, EN3g L,A, Beckman, EN3. JB Baker M'Vl3,C Shade EN3,C Ladd MM3 gl: C,D, Ladd, FN, K,W, Clark, MNH, D.A. Olson, MM2 133 W,E, Kavanaugh, BTS, C,B, Evans, BT33 K.E. Porter, BT2g D,D, Nelson, BT2g B, Kish, FN, R,G, White, FNg Front: A,F, Duganier, FN, B,W. Miller, BT33 R, Bohannon, BT2g kneeling: J.F. Hobbs, FA. i 1 1 G.A. Colarusso, FA3 M, Russel, FN, D,P, Quillen, FAg L, Romero, FAg R,A. Hardisty, FA, front: G,P, Punch, FN5 J,A, Gauylak, BTFNg R,L, Chapman, FN. 134 BDI IIO ,,-nv B, Division Officer Ltjg. D.M. Drake 'Z T,J, Dunn, FAg J.M, Crawford, BT2g R,K. Surface BTFNg M.D. Atherton, FN, K,L, Wehunt, FA, K,A Barnett, BT3. R E Garrett, FN, W E Kavanaugh BT3, T R Blaylock, FA, F M Garc1a, FN R E Garrett, FN, R G Whlte, FN, G E Uhrlch, FN, T R Blaylock, FA WL Hogan FN DL Gregg BT3 GE Klem FN, FL Bruce FN A P Duganler FN GA Colarusso FA '11 J,B. Scudder, MR2gG.L,Skou1y,FNg G,M, Tanner, MR2gR.L.Bowen,FNg J,R, Dupree, FN, D,C, Anderson, MR3g R,E, Lewis, MR3gW.L.Doy1e, FN, R,L, Haws, FN, C.M. Stevens, MRI. 135 J ,I fr' ff Q J X ,f 7, J,C. Mellor, MM3g T,H, Lang, MMI, J.J. Jackson, FA, R,W, Strouss, MM3. 136 T,EI, Myers, MM3g T,H,Lang,MM1g M,R, Green, MM2g L. J. Groves, MM3g M.R, Smith, FN. M 6,31 ' Y ' - . DIVISIG .mhnhv M Division Officer Ltjg. P,R, White 7, isii or M 'Wfw-,.. S I . -. M , .W S ' 0 ,. i A,kk ., ., ,-v-v""' J '- :M ' 5 , I QQ I lg 1 ik.. 1' ,. I A ,.,, V f 'k"3E,i " , tm run N, ' 5 ff 5 5 Q s Y A f f i.i ' if i x 1 Q X , 1 X ' 1- x - W va C . 1 X 4 1 f , -i 1 J,nii iff-."A- -f - e . J.E. Yates, FN, R.L, Garlock, FN, G,L. Anderson, FNg R,A, Null, FNg J.C, McCreadie, MM 3. Standmg J L LEWIS FA ER Mart1nez,FN,NJ Burtt FN, B J Funkhouser, FN T C Klejeskl MM3 E L Stevens, FN P C Thomas FN kneelmg R L Schne1der MMFN DL Channell MMFN Standmg C E Langdon MM1 KC Bronaugh MM2 D W Lee MV12 T M Berry MM3, R L Bregman MM3 kneehng C G De Shazer FN D E Berndt MMFN RR Roduguez MMFN yn M Jones Standmg M I Emerson, MMFN, K W Cossey, FN, L L Turner MM3, W S Israel, MM2, DA Bonds MM2,knee11ng B S Parnell MM1,R D DeHart FN - ':.. 4, 5.. ' ' .. , g.. , 5 J.. , 5 :.. , Q.. , . 'Sw- 4 -. . . T . 'L' T I l , "'. y ' 1,5 F4 me f .. , - , .. , A .. , if I 5 : .. , S.. , ' " A L ,,,.,..-f , . 7 f LE, W K Z 1, ' . .: 'R' A , ' l . I .. 1 . " ' " 7 ' A I .. 9 ' " 7 ' fi , , 55 W wif .1 an . I 6 , L a r an 7 5 ' V K I A Nj .. 1 ' 5' 'I kk W 1 31 F F S Castro MM3 'T 4 J.L. Lyons, EMFN3 J.E. Mottern, EMS, K.G. Phillips, EM2. S.M, Gailey, EM3, 138 J.H. Gilliam, IC3g I.J, Roberts, TCFN. E DIVI I0 Electrical Officer Ltjg. D,A, Zuber E Division Officer Ens. L.D, Vandenberg J.B. Blythe, ICC, J,T Remarke, EMC. if Ai n J,L, Blisseck, ICFNg G.A, McCrary, IC2g R.G, Martin, ICFN3 C,J, Tha1is,ICFN. v.L. Hill, 1:32, R.A. Bright, 1cFN. TJ f Back: G,E, Erway, EM2g W.H. Dennis, EM2g J,W, Connett, EM3g L.J. Kinley, EM3gD,E,Venab1e, EM2gfront:L,E, Vernon, EM2g R,M. Nebel, EMFNg G,D, Srader EM3. L.K, Turner, EM3g G.v. Pryba, EM1. 139 W HA: ' 51647337 .JEFF 'UW 1 r I i -E 2' h J N N ' w H H' V5 .I, V Z: ,, w, Q Qu V H 11 wh X H w' 2 . B A R1tch1e IC2 DP Pogatchmk TC3 J.B. Blyth, ICCg T.D. Thomas, ICFNg L.W Bennett, IC2g J.L. Davis, TC2. JB Mage! EM2,R E R1carte, EM1 RC Baxter EMFN L E Soucy, EM3, K P Woltmann, EM3, C E Graham, EM3, E A Stubb1ef1e1d EM2, F C Terry, EM3, C R Edens FN :N 140 if s . NN Q ff 'X I . Q h .. 4 W R,L,", g., ',. .. , Q.. , - ph w V W p He V ll ii R.S, Sampson, EM3g R,E, Preston, EMFN. R.R, Richards, EM3g W,Z, Heifner, EM3g R.J. Hone, EM3. J,L, Gordhamer, EM3g A.B. Inglehart, EM35 W,'T.Pittman,EM3. 14 142 DIVI IO R Division Officer Ltjg. I.T. Price C,D, Halphen, SFM25 J,L, Milbrot, FN3 J,D, Whisennand, SFM3g E.R. Tabor, SFP2. ' T Tipton SFM2g J.J. Ramirez, SFP2 JB Hickerson, SF1g R,W, Diffley SFM3. K O Martin FNQ B.F, Mohan, FN3 A D Combs SF13 W.E. Willett, SFM3 A J Goulet, FN. R,L, Warren, DC2g R,C, Peters, FNg D,W. Butler FN L K Bowman SFM3, R W G1111am,SFP2 S C Anderson FN H E D1e-ckhaus, SFP2, S Chatman, DC2, W E Honaker, FN -"rj .' , . . . , ' . . 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Suggestions in the Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 130

1966, pg 130

Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 101

1966, pg 101

Topeka (CLG 8) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 32

1966, pg 32

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