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 - Class of 1957

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Tooele High School - Yearbook (Tooele, UT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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0 OM KN -Q, 'va A .6 WA 4'A' W ' AA A Q1 A M P ':':q. A"": :.- P AA A A , 'V """fW q,.,5.V ' A : : Q qtqq IZVA 1 , .A,.'V '.AA f ""' M 1- A ,,.A V,.., ., A 4 gg:AAgA .,:AA 'VVI1 A ,,.', Q ,A VAWV 4:" 1' A f ,,'A ' VAVQ A H A'1f121"2 izizf VEAAA A, A - .....A ,,.. A AA AA CTZQ,"f'+' A .A ,.A,vv vA,,,A Z Irvv v,:---:v: . A H ':!:,. E A ',,: V -V 'iwkwwm ,AA, ,,.,..,.,AA A.A.. -fv- A , r 4 ' ..A: 1 :2:'A"' I I G A, V 1 t V ' V -' .A A I v .A AA A AA-A 2 IIZA ib: In Vblbqlvl A H A VA .A AAAA AAA, A AAA A,A wf5'AWA'f -f AA A Z .A 5- A '1 4- .AAA AAAA AA 1A1 AAAAA- A . -- 3 ' ' i f f AA 1' A 'if A H 'S :': 1" ""' 3 Q7 ' 'I f M i f fm MM AAYPA WA AA AAAAAA 6,11 A !1 '-'WWSLY 'f' ,.A...... A,. .....AAA.,A 1 ,AAA Wil, MW-W , Mw x A I I ' M . , 'W "1' IA' A4 V V ' -- J J ' - x - U A . AAAA ....,....w-A fn ,M I AL,- ,WZJU ....... Q - M 1 x . : .A 2 A U M Q: v M6 M 'zw ,,..f . .. f M.. ,..,,,, P , , M24 47404 - -5 ..., M F A-fb V His hy 2 x E-I Lv I l LN ,ll - 1 xy V -L t I : . Q MXL f ' ffjii 4 W" -mx I 'Jw X., '."""""'Ns..,- .,,,-LA gf! -X ,.f" R XNNNM .NX t , v-.W , 'X ,wiwfwjaiwf file? g,fijQ5Q,fE?5igif W! f wwfmww, W GJ by f + , W Wf'MWW f ' wjff fy WWW ff? ,J My W W W f fgizlxlgl I - Q- RJWwf!X jfixiiji, W W Kg! W"2lQi'7Ag'4 fi, Wf'Hf 1E49?fZ92 444 GBA-L I f, .f wiflgf, ii is 52 , A Nw J Y 1-ig War my ex 'X -,re xy s. , X -D S M' ug , 8 if ' N Q ixrvmnrh X X ,V Xl , X, 1 , A . xg The maleing of a yearbook is a kercuiean tasie for a few students. How snail we arrange the Hundreds of pic- tures? What snail we say in the limited amount of writing which goes into tile Book? Vxqiicii pictures shall we use to depict tile happenings of a memorable year? What kind of cover snail we choose to individuaiize 1957 T LEAVES? How can we make it your Book, so that you will feel that we have thought about you as individuals? We hope that the ensuing pages will snow that we have macle a fairly good join of the task which you gave us to clo. May the autographs ive many and tile sentiments sincere when your rien s ep you to in ivi uai e your oo THE ST AF F TOOELE HIGH SCHOOL Tooele Utah X z 4 "f '?2 Jie f'57"f'W Li IL -- f A Ea ---1-jjf Q1 Z- T-. f ,?' -. 1 F 'Jw ' f'clhl t 'd"d l'z , 1 -"TQ IT' I j o ,JM -mg' -,AQ A " "" ! - ""1'W 8 H H H Noi- he ' 2 ' - i - .1551 X H-X N i ' - - , ,y A' 4. - , - H t t 1- f I ,4i'::-5 !'A' vp n' v,' :-"' I - Xx- - -- A ' , 'f' of H- 41s X xl rv--' H. M J -,wx I., - ' jg-".?ig1L,-'2,,1, A - kb, ' 3' "' f ffgfli ii-.,.:-1 K , w- -, f ,:e ee -ini ' x .-if-i If - ': . .f -fe Q if-fl! ' Sri is 5? 52 ,Sf .' - f " , " ..f- so -K H- . ef! - :ig,.,ffQg1 'H fviff-21 f is e 'K 1...-.u fi- iis'-+Tii,?,iT1- H A 9 ' -vw, -" 4 ,s,, , e--,, MF- 1Ye, Y: .---,,-, . 2 Bvhiraiinn f wg f ,J ? gags gzip? my y f it AN ' 2' i . V ,, TA- H gg in as 'w J?gf?g J Mgaxirt 7 Aff Lf? j XZ . ,faofff-ff! l LVM, Chileon Hallaclay V A Again we dedicate T LEAVES to a beloved teacher who has left many pleasant memories to many students. Kind, understanding, and always willing to give his time to help students and teachers, he has earned the laurel wreath with which he should be crowned. We wish him many happy years of life, and may his memories of us be as pleasant as ours are of iiim. 3 f xx 8 N N j M I3 a L w J by Sferling R. Harris 4 b , SuPerin1enden+ , ' L M A 4 Abi- - 1 lj J . in . WV Jlfpovbfidf-fax! Principal Ja ' fa . . Zu! Carl R. Evans ' 410 w 5? 7? AJ gm fm X M MT ' " r ! Mr. Dee J. Gowans Civics 'Yon vote on a secrel ballot" Mr. Lee "Doc" Franclsen Senior English "Wl1enlwa9 a boy in Palesline . . ilieujultg gf ,Z , no--J . nw 'lf 1'X Q! 11111-M '-KVC Mr. Dean Sfringham Foolball Coach Milne Clean of inolballf' Miss Lois Powell Sewing o keep in llwe pinlc of condilion use pinlcing shears." ox u - Mr. Julian C. Wood Typfng, Shorlhancl 'lGay-ow-en 1 Gown." 5 Mr. Fosfer J. Barrus Hisfory 'We found Safaiaewa here." Miss Sharon Jacobson Girls' Physical Educafion "Girls, wash your hands and faces fhe morning and neclc af nighff' l i n Mr. Wayne Robins Mr. Emerson Powell 91'h. and I0'rh Grade English Machine Shop "One of fhe Jones' boys." "The iron man." urn 1 , s Ili l f 7' ' J" V , "Q K ...Q Vzgzztql rgvgzz 19547 fcfyv C7' 2 ov' L2 ff J gf ,QZZ ,fJ5, ff, X ff ff J ff fff G ' Jazzy z Mr. Gerald Hanna Ma+hema+ics "Slide rule Z Be" Mr, Reese Richman American Problems "Docfor, lawyer, merchant chief-" 6 Mr. Ross Wesfover Chemis+ry 'Spilled KMNO,z:Purple Buffalo lik Mrs. Anne Kearns Secrefary "Il's a pleasure fo serve you," fl Mr. Clarke Johnsen Mr. Alberf Sufherland ff Baslce+ball Coach Biology, Eygenjcs "Bull lem, dorfl blull 'emlm 'llhe Cells are und irygpll l W ., Elspizlisff iiarultg 'fach man in his lime plays Trumps l Kill if, ,nf gf , 'j ' r lf f ll ffl! i gg X ,fMr. Walfer Reed 'K X. Science K HA microbe is The mos? invisible +h g yo a see. me Nl ll l r QE Mr. LeRoy Burleigh Speech, 9+h Grade English Mr. Leland Beclcsfrom Ag, Science, F.F.A. "Hydrogen bomb - now nilrogen s for hear+s. N cycle" lf' 'U . l 7 Mr. Max Welker Science "He learned io speak algebra." Mr. Chileon Hallaclay Mr. Ken Richardson Grade Junigr "And 6 CSF FGV1 OVSV illem-H "He fripped on a dangling parficiple iliarnlig Mr. R. L. Buys Bookkeeping "Pu+ if on fhe book." Miss Maudell Smifh Girls' Physical Educaiion "Wa+er, wa+er everywhere--girls, go shower!" 8 Mr, Leroy Skidmore Arr, Craffs "lmpresslonisl'ic ari' ain'+." Mr. Hugh Barnes Librarian "There is no irigaie like a lincoln." Mr. Lee Caldwell Mr. Ross Hilfon lnsfrumenial Music Vocal Music, Mech. Drawing "An drum sounds Hai!" "Sin or swim, l'm iorindep ndencel' 5331, Lfywziw ' f , wf'f""'1' Eliarnli ffm? 1,-J -we H 4.4: V r-V90 . K . 'J:44.444-an-s M I Ml Mr. Ralph Maughan Woodwork "Termiies don? eai live wood. Miss Janef Marchani' Cooking, Home Living "l'm allergic lo chocolafe " 9 Mr. Eugene Morrill Couniy Coordinaior l-le siole if wilhoui permission. Ztj,g!4,vC-4,06 ,.M4z:0A4,4H-4fM-N Q, ypacan-1234-e.o--4.1 .fz. O,0,fffA4ffw'-'44'gf Donna Visher Secreiary of fhe S+uden+ Body "S+eady and warming as 'the May-Hme sun." Lf -1 - 7 -4' I ,1 Q- 54914 - 7 zff Jwkfiiff' QWJWUMW W AMQCQPTWWTW QQ!!! ffffww, bm Oj!m,,,,M,ZJ.,6VX,4, 4 2f4fC1C,cf4.4g,,, 097 4G"""' WMO J d A Pai Bryan 1' h Vice-Pres: enf o + e Sfudeni Body "SomeHmes greaf values are found in small packag -1 65. QJQUW ,JMJLV1 af-'L Juv 1? Q - I 1510 W MM' b 1,604 M Qwyfji 271314 J X947 My JW KVM? MN+y by fhe ballof- he main+ained if by his ac+ions." Qllann Ron Nielson .IN--'?"Zs'f! PRESIDENT Svvninrn Gbffirvra Wally Curry ll ds VICE-PRESIDENT X xg If -lhelma .Brmlcen Paul Bevan I2 Jf ,,. as I Y I David Myers NLyanl1'Qgffin: A gf' Johnny Miller 3 2 mg wg, Qs Sheryl Miller Calvin Nash Julie O'Brien Wayne Ayers I3 Kyle 4' Ziff : jsjf " " ' ' ..,. ' A L ,f 3 S . Y? UZ ' "" - " A Sie' i .,.' Q-,- f 2 V' I ',,if'f5 Qi' Q22 ' ,'x1Lj5aM, Qi: Elfgiifw A,,,, f 2 2 ia . Q - .:.: '-'.: ....,.. :.,:5,- A .,.,. : ,fa x 2:1 Wfmfma 1 Y l'M W 522 'Jil Ui 'ff , , ' ' , . .,.,. ,.., . ., E - , A -5.1 .j.g-:g,.:fg,,:1.:.,::1.g.::-,VM-,g.,,,.,.,:,:E5E,5 xgx. "f5' - gm: A W1 s 2IZEiEf,2.Q-221.2212I1..I'f'sIfI,I,:IQ,ZQ'f1ZIE::F'.EZ' Limglf 2 ww: " V EZ5' as s: '31 .. , ,.5?2f5:f:', ".:"":",".Z,':Z'Ef?:3i'2E "" A h -:ff ' 1 V 'f"f5'5Q- A .jQg:I 22f': "'fi2:V?',-Ezfiif? OWU 9X1Cj,9l-Qggd Doris Howard Cloyd George 1 mfk 'QQTZTFA Janef Davies Sid Hullfageb Nancy Ronkovich V H , YUM L-ifa?YeeeHaLG5m,N I4 s i Marcia Reynolds Wes Vorwaller Nancy Rimingfon Ivor Macari Pafsy Russell xx Ka! Smiflmff l l M Lois Pehrson H "Eff, I5 Toni Jones Sfeve Griffii' Ida Marhnez Tony Leonelli Judy Jame 5 Kai Seder I6 s Gwen Bissegger Richard Hamafake Karyn Bryan Ray Lynn Hardy uShyrl Elgazalldu Tosh Imai Wes and Iim . . . These two are Pai. Bryan to 0 commollzralligjwr fum 1014 af In y fl fl ' y ' I. I7 nw Rollo Russell 'lVPQ+sy Brown' Russell Hammond ! , 1, Q, lf X V l I BeHy Lou Anderson W Clyde Pelerson Palsy Callisler 0 lim. Annv. Toni . . . Tlnalys rvlmrv our lmrrl-vurlmrl dollars go! I8 'vw Qfiw - N Donna Visher ' KX-efn'-WDympck, Faye Worfhen dis' 'PVS Q'l-R55 'Whmwiv Johnny Mar+inez Paf WiH'ke Wayhe Murray Sue Vvarr Betty Lou . . . A versatile lilllv gal. I9 ,Dgug vwljjgglglf Leonard Marfinez K Lonnie Shields n Gull Judee Smifh 4 Kay Leafham A W' Iolmny and NMILQN. . . They KIPSGFIJQ Evans lo laugh'-after all, it,s been lots of work reaching the top. 20 ,Auth '15 ww "3" John Graff Marjorie England Gary Marx We Dixie Neilson Raymond Johnson Doreen Nookey shun' Claude Salazar Faye . . . Small im! miglilyi Qi we Karen Fernau Glen Sfaples Luwanna Fuel Tlmale Saxfon LKBO Lea Fields K Lowell Shields Wally . . . lust one of our goorl- Angelina Orfega lookin' seniorsl 22 Lynn Shickland Merna Gerrard Ferris Symonds "Donna Pefersonv Jim Skinner Marva R-eynolds I' Ed Sanghez Ricllarfl, Cloyrl, Gllff Ibonnu . . . Tops Personality wise and scholastic wise. 23 1 Fil MPannunzio i Ken Wood 0Helen Pelirson Ron Williams Shawnee Hammond Roger Wafr Slvrl . . . H0 svmns lo lworljoying Tl'-'95-955 Egpingz lnimsvlf: lm must lmvv just eaten. Vg' .-,.. 24 0 Jim Wexels J LoraLee Fenfon P xl " Uoan Hallseyl Jim Clegg 'Joyce Moser " Emma Maricl and Benton . . . NEdwin Cole!! Cllivalry isnil :load ye!! 25 3 Phyllis Smi'rl1 Tom Tafe Sonia Shields ? Gary Bevan Marlene Williams David Bush Russ ami Carolyn . . . Very serious ciiscussion going on here i- possibly Janef Jghnggn about worioi affairs. 26 J Q ?fhf1,,QRQd.f'xX we Q' i Pauline Sanchez S+erling Hanks Jean Sferhagl lllfrjinp' Dennis Harwood Sharon Kay Shields Ben+on Hansen Barbara Jghnsgn fwarcia . . . Personalily plus . . . lop '- ""' .f""'- . in her class. 27 Ken Gowans Carolyn Jensen Bob Whifehouse - -Lf Rayla KeH'ner Curfis Park LaRae Mar lean . . . Nerfer a dull momoni Gary HOH- for this gal-keeps us all laughing! 28 l 1 Mar Jean Klenda John Bryan Maxine Lougy I . V e -. Emma Marie Maxfiemd EvereH Peferson Carmen Monfoya a-P' Bffiflzarfffanfl Karon . . . Tlwrv once was a gentle- Ella Merle Casfagno man and a pretty girl . . . 29 l Kim Mclfelndrick hLaVar Lougy " Sandy Murray Nm Robelrt Brown Q. .null-"""' .awk Judy Garcia Jane Mikesell Pu! . . . Thencfs mischief in that pretty smile! Rosalie Morris 30 Judy McMurrayi, Ken Sfevens Nanlcy Murray 1 fy' Y V r Norma Dillard Sfanley Turner i Sauy Dqly 4,1 0 2 ,W 4 X Afcllwf . . . This is lolwablv our Sandy Kinkle Dflvfvflrflpfwr- 31 'M Bonnie Dale Pe+e Smilh Virginia Mar'rinez if N u 5,-L., x Sheila Evans 9 'Newell Aclamsonh Karen Hammond 1' , They can still laugh . . . even after a sur- ' prise lest in American Problems. Righard Cgnnielly 32 Eluninrn My V. Q L H nBeverly Lindholm V P d Secreiary 33 A Richard Abboff Erma Ba+es David Adams Roberf Ambrose Joan Bevan David Allen Gwen Bridges A Wanda Brown 'land running water, tooiu 34 Richard Anderson -5 Howard Arfhur Janefl' Bryan Frank Afkin Marlene Bafeg fi X W Q K 1 A' 7 ' an Ronald Bafeman Pal- Beegle Janice Boofh Kei+h Bell 'X Curfis Biggs Gayle Bushnell Camille . . . 'Plain lane - with Ike golclen touch." 35 'JJ r Melvin Bissegger Pamela Cochrane lk ' Sharon Coleman V . 1 ' Don Bryan Helen Copley LaVar Caldwell Jane Dennigon Donna Deppe Roberi' Carclon nffverylmorly gets caught sornetimell' ,- Roy. 36 Richard Casfagno Carol England Earl Cole Kaye England Thomas Coesens Donna lay'-ryllililb Jackie Garrard Wayne Daw if-7 g 19 Karl Dunn Sharon Goff , -" 'g!'f ' "Nance . . . You woulrlrft lw luto,for ,f 1' vlass, would j'0ll?.l' K-ffiri 'M 7' 37 f4f'4 ' Q' xr Eff 2-' z -I ' ' 'il' " zi' 1- 5. 1 il 4 Jay Edler Judy Gregrich Bill Edwards anew Loris Hansen ., . A, fi "" .,.., Dennis EmefY Barbara Hawkins Clair Elkingfon Kaye Hammond Nancy Hodgkinsonl ,fl fl-I ' '.. O ur lililv L00 . . . will: llw Imig pvrsomrlilyf' 38 Barry England .W Melvin Evenson Margene Johnson Jay Fox Marilyn Joh.nson Roberl' Fullmer Maryln Johnson Phyllis Johnson Richard Garrard Kim Gordon Kathy . . . ULast-minute cramming for exams." 39 Maxine Kennedy ,.1g,, "Lf A Bryan Hager Kafhy Koseki Paf Heap Susan Krish Ned Herron Leoma LaBadie Wayne Jones Linda Lancasfer Beverly Lindholm Terry Kohkonin IIWOY. C:0ll0! -1 GOt YOU? Cliff? Ilflllfly? 40 Wow David Kroff Nancy Livingslon 5'Gary Larsorll Rose Mar-Hn Perry Lawrence Evila Marfinez Gloria Maxfielcl Glen Lee Gordon Lee rx Marly . . . "SomPtl1ing,s missing wl10rv's lWar'?" 41 Merrellyn Miles X L Gilberi' Lopez Carolyn McFarland Lee Lucero Marlene Nix 'R Y: .1 ' Q Q Evan Lowry if Suzanne Parke' Ted Mar+inez Madalyn Paulick if Bonnie Rhea Bob Mar+inez Evila . . . dsmall but mighty." 42 David Millburn Jim McBride Mary Jean Schmidi Larry Miyamo+o Ma,-fha Skeen 'uiiig-EEQP Carol Lynne Shel'ron Veldon McBride Lynn McKendrick Connie Smiih HVVIIO 0150 voulfl smile like ffm! oxvvpf Gus?" 43 W . Don Nielson Deanne Smi+l1 Mike O'Laugl1lin Judy Proctor Louis Pavlos Nancy Smi'l'l1 Lloycl Pencllefon Marion Sorenson Lorna Siorrs Ernie Phillips Rolxlay . . . mln casa of floorl sfuml on lliis bool? . . . U 44 Rodney Poulsen Lyne++a Taylor John Qufnn Roger Ruybal Camille Tafe Jerry Renzo CBTOIYN Tale Douglas Rainey Q Jay Rydalch Ross Rydalch 'lflmbyu . . . "lt must 120 one of flloso rare oneslu 45 Johnny Sanfisfevan BeHy Jo Tidwell Bob ScoH Michael Schuler Paisy Tulio Lee Shingledecker Jack Seafie RUTH Turner Jay Smiih Homafv . , . "How van you smile like fha! affm' fl clay in the sal! mincsy' 46 HA Richard Sfewarf X Eldon Sf. Jeor Eiaine Visher Michael Sfischak Nolan Sfeadman Linda Waldron Marfin Townsend Sandi Walker Jim Ta+e Sam Valerio Ulwilzv was in Cl strong. serious mood when this look piaceu 47 Gary Warbur+on Gene Warner ReNay Wal'ron Monfe Warr Jane Wheelock A ,mg WMMN Dale Webs+er Linda Webs+er Gene Whi+e Jean Weed WW BeHy Warr Rober+ Wielaiz ElRoy . . . "Seventh-hour hall clutyf, 48 Roy Whifehouse Karma Weiglrl Chad Wrighi , David williams 'Gysllfiuams Bill Zen'l'ner Janei' Williams Kenneil' Wilson Gloria Workman ElRoy Zefliflel' 49 Svnphnmnrvn Secre'I'ary 0112155 Gbffirrrn Pe+e Karaba+s Vice-Presidenf 1'v 5 , , all 1 2 .eg - s x"f' Q55 -bb, y K I Sherman Adamson Mary Adams Jack Allred LyneHe Anderson Jean Ayers Jeron Aflcin BeHy Barfon Glen Bouclc Clyde Bryan Beverly Barrus Lannie Bridges Jean Beecher Raida Bell l Arnel Brown Bill . . . good sporl . . . goorl basketball player . . . good guy! 5l Renae Bell Roger Brifo Joan Benne'H Richard Carver E Douglas Chrisfensen Norma Benson Fred Chrisiensen Ediih Brewer ffm? l Marie Brown John Cluff Pa+ricia Brown Glen Coon John Copley 'Janis Bryan' Norma . . . goofl class secretary ancl cz nice girl to be with. 52 Delpha Bush Richard Coesens Donna Casfagno Brenf Curry Marion Dennison Gloria Callisler Ralph Durranl' Sharon Chrislensen fin-K Pal' Colby Edward Davis Karen Dillard Carmen DeSimon Lowell Davis D W' Deanna Degelbeclc Ken must he looking at a pretty girl or'-1 53 Dennis Spendlove Ardiih Davis Ralph Edwards Sandra Dunn Karlene Edier Jan Evans Janice Garner Joe Frailey Ned Fox Carolyn Gowans Dewey Fox Nancy Graff Janis GilleHe IDKHAIUI KITIII Pflf . - . fll0SP QUZS IUOFL llflffl . . . vspvriaily on lmll riufy. 54 John GilleHe Kay Greenland Eddie Gray Frances Gonzales Gary Green Sherman Griffilh Ann Hardy Mon+e Griffilh Na+alie Herzog Jane? Hesler Douglas Hammond 'lJudi+h Ho all Lloyd Hammond Lynn Hammond l b- Laurel Hogan Ian . . . warming up lwforv lwaskvllmll? 55 :sI9"""'s alt' 'W Kenny Harker Lalla Holizman Kay Hawkins Lila Hullinger Carolyn House Alan Heap Carol lmai Ar+h.ur Hogan Buddy l'l0l'f Joanne James Lloyd Howell Norma Jensen Maurine Johnson Don Jones Lila . . . the personality leicl of the soplloe more class! 56 Elaine Johnson Alfred Johnson Gail Jones R. L. Johnson Sammy Jorgensen Mary Lou Kelley Pele Karabals Chris+ine Karabaisos l 7lCarolyn Lee N Bill Kovacevich Jo Ann Lee Pefe KGBFHS , , l . . Jimmy King ' Amfa Lewis Farmvn really isnll vamvra shy . . . lm jus! knows lwis lwing walrlwfl. 57 1 . .ff -irc. i ff,pw2f,,1v, 1 L EQ f ' .. .. .M e v' f ggwfis - 'E. : Deone Kone BeH'y Liddell Paul Loveless Joy LoH y 4 l l Barbara Madsen Marvin Lee Mercy Mariinez Dan Lawrence Billy Leonelli Margarel' McDonald Wayne Lowry Linda McNeil Diane McQueen "W l Dean Lewis DOESH1 . . . flu' vxorulive type . . . a plvasanf one at lllflll 58 Marlene Meacham Ernesl' Marlinez Joan Myers Pal' Marfinez Roberl' Marx Judy McKenc.lrick Terry Marlin Karen Nelson Lincla Nelson Gary McFarland Sharyn Neilson John Medina Dennis Miles ,S J- f , iw .irlli w -E E, gg' -7 Hg gg? - zz :LE - : ..:: B017 . . . now girls. lmrv iS fl flO0fI'l00Llll. spm'imvn.l" 5 9 Geraldine Nix Glen McNeill Nadine Norfon Larry Morfenson Lela Mae Orr Judy Pe'rerson Sfeve Mon+oya Aurora Padilla Billy Mueller Roger Murray Tom Nash Joan Pi'H De Es+a Rhea Billy Nelson Carolyn and Iurly . . . Iwo real pvppy soplzs will! loarls of porsonaliiy. 60 R L X3 'NCP .Q c....,p" Delone Reed Eldon Payslrup Sharlene Reynolds Richard J. Peierson Richard A. Pe+erson Millie Savich Ronald Pendleion Janef Schulz DeAnn ScoH Gaylen Palmer Mary ScoH Blaine Russell i i Lee Ryclalch l a Glenda Shields Kenny . . . one of llw many sophs . . . uzilli an eye for teazinl. 6l George Salazar Lyneve Shields Roberl' Shriber Norma Shields l aa Brenda Simonich B Doris Slcellon Arlen Shields Bob Shields AnneH'e Smilh Leone Smilh Jane Smilh H23 Jane+ Smifh Sidney Smifh Shauna . . . Xvhy sure sheis nice . . . hut he cautious . . . sheis a redhead. 62 LuAnn Smilh Earl S'rewar+ Barbara SmiHle Roy Snyder Clyde Tanner Gail Soccol Kenny Tale Shauna Sleadman Gae Slevenson Wayne Turner Geraldine Sfocldarcl Roberf Tweede Pe+e Mermeio Ijetf' - . . he fnafllj fl goofl class Nveepn afld hell go on. 63 A ,wumlwww Elrocl Thompson Barbara Sfone Eugene Vorwaller Rolene Tope Roberr Vorwaller Corrinne Turner Barry Warr Mason Walker Sharon Whife Paul Walker Carol Whi+ehouse ROSBHG Wr6+h6II Ronald Walferg lane! . . . Thanks to fzer this sophomore sec- tion was Completeol. V 64 Paul Workman Roberi Young Ronald Worley Howard Yerlre Gerald Wilson S+ewar+ Wilson Richard Young s Rolene JOHN Richard Pai- 65 Dan, Londa, Tom 5Hrv5h mz1n Londa Gowans Secrefary Tom Tafe Dan Gillispie Presidenf Vice-Presideni 66 Marilyn Abboff r 1 nd Sue Allen 5511.3 Ka ren Bevan i.r"" Kennefh Annis Linda Ayers ik B like Jack Adams .g if .1 i 'i Pm. , ' f 45 Xxx! Jaclc Asbury Josephine Ames Pl1YlliS Anderson Leanne . . . nice gal . . . nice personality. Denice Bunn Barbara Bell Karma Belew Dick Bevan Gloria Barker 67 A ' esikw W : : ..:,..: s im: AHS 2 2: .1 ': Ei ? - 1 Fee BFOWH Jerry Bryan Karen Bafeman Dan Bush Maxine Boswell William Beagley l Mae Brown David Barlow A Jack BSFHGY ' Karl Chrislensen Ioe . . . Crazy, mixed-up -1 Lee. glen Caldwell Elsie Cole Duane Crossley Judy Cox 68 X Rf' y Y Q Karma Clarlre Arfhur Carbonell Marilyn Clegg Ronqld Davis Sfeplwen Carlisle Arlhur Coesens Jed Dymoclr Evon Davis Jane! DeSimon ' Gail Davis Raiivgiw . . . always smiling. Linda Davis Gloria Durfee Lanny DuClos Doreen Dennison 69 -RQ Terry Edwards Kim England Gordon Emery Doro-thy Evans MMQQ Vikki England Carl Ffampfvh Michael Frazer David Fillmore Leanne Formo fancy . . . tllc gal with the golden touvll. 3 fe it V' 2 Geraldine Guiierry Rachel Garcia Mary Anne Green Geraldine Gamble Rodney Grgich 70 'W rw' Rf" Pa? Gregrich Roger Gregrich Leonard Gerrard Barr Gowans Londa Gowans David Giadden Jane Gray , +- Karlvnv . . . abou! io IIIIIIPFIIILP a ,Jewle- warrf summersaull. Q 48,1 Qs gi 'uf QS . Gloria Huffman Rose Harrison Greg Hawkins 7l Willena Gowans Dan Gillispie Janice George Jimmy Halisey Lorrinne Hansen Miclrey Hambly Cliff Hougldaling Lorraine Hansen 'ki ff' .Ll V 7 V ,, Lois Helsley Mike HOQBN Tim Hill Keiih Hammond Bonnie Harvey Karla . . . a giggling freshman. o x,wN41 H ' Moana Hall John Hansen Glenna Hansen Karla Heder 72 Rosalie Hilion Eddie Jardine Eleanor J-ohnson Gordon James 4 Jimmy Jensen Ralph Jensen Darrell Johnson Karen Kramer ' Raymond Klende paul. . . lm, loo, hails from flue miglziy Froslzl 4' Ronald Kelley Bernard Kalb Franlr Krish Linda Lin'I' 73 Deloy LeBrelon Bonnie Lawrence John Liddell Alice Livingslon Sharlene Lance Lorna Lewis Tom Ladely Joe Mayo ls lllis an unposlefl picture, Karma ? 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Carol Painfer 'fue Alice Richardson Nick Romano Allen Romero Joyce Rydalch 77 ,, fL,Q'1e BeHy Rainey David Rimingfon Cafherine Schlosser Lee Smiih Jackie Smiih Paul Shields Lillis Smiih Mark Sfoolrey 3 i X Lorraine Howard Simmonds Ronald Sfoddard Barbara Skeen David Sfookey Linda Zeniner 78 'SS' Joan Sfoolrey Judy Sfaples Myrna Shields Helen Smifh Ramona Shosled Mary Jane Sanchez Keith Synclergaard I Lewis l-OPS! l -- Delores Shields Karl . . . his only fault is lmluslring. 'ws X 32:4-Y A Ronald Tope Gerald Turner Louise Tulio Clarence Truiillo 79 Paul Tanner Kennefh VanOHen Gayle Vance Barry Thomas Tyler Vorweller Tommy Tale WW Sw W5 QNX XX "Wh 222521211 :. if .ifilgk , 51" . P- gag rf " YS W . "IEE:2'-:. H q5f':"f i' -. Y? S. 1 if , K ,ff fix X 'J Jaren Vowles l w ReMfon Waldrop ReNon Waldrop Rita rvally isn't flw serious type . . . 5,10 would 7'ClllI97' laugh flmn eat. Qs. , ,nl 1 'K Nicki Waldron Vernon Winkler 80 Kei+l1 Whear Deann Weyland -ur 'Q' Linda Wlwifelwouse Dale Winchesfer Sophie Waison Mary While Jerry Williams Mario Woodruff Connie Whiielmouse Don Wallrer l Lee Wilcox Claude . . . fuels not half as mean as he loolzsl Tom Whipple Donna Wiecherl Raleigh Warner Gerald Yaies 81 W K 1 E if N 4 .1 I fl F ' X 5 x X x' X If!! , - f N 5 , 1? bg . vezf-riff Xi My W X 5 Q S 4 Xgqllxi Alff, N 3 TE R 1 fl fl UR q' Ely, X yy 3 fb Gr MH A Q WQEPWJWX Q Q "U V I 1 Muni Jifmm-Ibm FuHback Co-Ca pfain Coach Sfringham Gln-Qlapiainz Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele SCORES 26-Springville .. I2?Ben Lomond 6-Granife 7iOlympus 38--Cyprus I4-Murray O--Easf I9-Jordan hall Wes Vorwaller Ta ckle Co-Ca plain Newell Adamson David Adams Roberr Ambrose Frank Aikin Gary Bevan Melvin Bisseggger Don Bryan LaVar Caldwell 1 . Roberr Carclon Richard Cas+agno Ridlifd COHHSHYF Clair Elkingion Cloyd George A -fl. 4 Kim Gordon Richard Hamafake X 'Y' X Xa ,, ,K Z Sferling Hanks d Sid Hullinger X -X N C Kay Leafham Glen Lee Gordon Lee Tony Leonelli J0l"nnY l Wayne Murray Louis Pavlos l Clyde Peierson Ernie Phillips Kelli' PU9h - ..,. .xy . 91 Lee Shingledecker Kaz Sm"ll" l f, 1' f Ronald Baleman GH G 6 Tom Tale Manager Manage' Manager Y 1 Pele Smi+l'1 l Wall! Tale N Roberi' Weilafz Roy Whifehouse Kenne+h Wilson Bill Zenlher El Roy Zenlner Qc QC Yea, Team! 32' fu!--'7 Coach and Kay QTY? Gef +l1a+ ball and le+ s go! ,W All Hwe way-a fouclwdownlu "The feam was in a lwuddle Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Tooele Swimming Umm Coach PraH and Co-Capfains Ben'I'on and Kai TOOELE SWIM RECORD Dual MeeI's 65 , ,,oo 70 A Team,, 52- B Team., 48- , 56- , , , 54- ,, ,,,,, 66- ee-- , ,,.,,,, 64- , ,,,, , 47-- , 6I- . ,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 3- --Granile , , --Ogden , , -Presfon A Team Presfon B Team,, Granile A Team,, Granile B Team,, -Easjr A Team , -Easl B Team , Preslon , Cyprus , Logan , , Easl' . , Granile . ,, Boxelder Cyprus ,, ,,,, ,, Boxelder STATE FINALS Tooele Inew record number poinfsl ,,,,,, , II9 Cyprus , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ., ,. 30 Boxelder '30 Wes? .,,,,, ,, I9 Granile , ,, , I7 Easl ,,,,,,,, ,, I3 Bear River ,, , I Records Tooele Now Holds I. 200-yard Freeslyle , ,,,,,,,,, Time 2:IO.4 lKenneII1 I-Iarlcerl 2. IOO-yard Baclcslrolce ,,,,, , ,,,,, Time I:O5.3 lTosIwio Imail 3. IOO-yard Freesfyle ,,,,, Time :55.6 lTosI1io Imail 4. IZO Individual Medley ,, Time I:I6.2 lTosI'iio Imail 5. I6O Medley Relay , , , Time I:37.5 lDavid Riminqlomcliussel Hammond, Roger Murray, Jolnn Bryanl 6. I6O Freeslyle Relay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Time I:2O.4 IKenneI'I1 Harker, Jerry Renzo, Q Kai Sedarl SG K ll- A Swimming 'rum Row onell'rJoe Mayo?lDavicl Rimington, Jerry Bryan, Arnel Brown, Kenny Harker, Roger Murray, Earl Stewart. Row two: Kai Sedar, Kim Gordon, Daviol Kroff, Jerry Renzo, Elclon S+. Jeor, Don Bryanfifosljnlo lmaill Row three: Coach Lee Pratt, 'LaVar Lougy,"J'5'rmvBr-yan. Benton Hansen, Douglas Gorclorb sell Hammond ll 3,333 ,,., , . The swimming team tlas lyrougllt many honors to Tooele High School. Vve are prouxt that through many hours of tlarct work they llave tween able to set recorcls and qualify as the best swimmers in . Inztiuirtuat and team recorcls have been made, tied, and broken lay tlw members of the T.H.S. swimming team. Swimming is wett on its way to becoming a major sport at Tooele High School. lm x 90 l WW5 . Smtmmxng IPHPPT l i Ewkvihall 'mm Wi p6vw,l'l'lyl f M ,fill li UWM r 1 ,iw 1 U lxll'l ' ldv , If? infra yu ' .lx gi if if f' I . W fl pdf yy Mig ' 2117 l Row one, Ief+ 'ro riglwlz Sferling Hanks, Kigvlp-Ld Connelly, Jay Edler, Frank Aikin, Gordon Lee, Kay Smilh, Ron Williams. Row lwo: Clair Ellcinglon, Gene Warner, Glen Lee, Larry Harrison, Edwin Cole, Ted Marlinez, Jim Wexels, Coach Johnsen. P ffl l 1 L I lr l l Richard Connellyi E9l1 Kay Smifh ,X ' Edwinlcole X ' , - 'f W Q A erin ang fwjwj W' 5+ I gHk v an M Lv Nj! ,fy N4 an pw! J ff A fwfjil H NT fp f Wi W XL! ,fb w A W4 rdfwriflfk fua 'J ffl Go! Buffs! Go! K wil-'K Jordanfooele 11p-OH Ggrdon Lee Gene Warner 93 Clair Elkingfon Ted Mar'Hnez Jay Edler y .,, Q M fr Jiffy Tip fo The Buffabes See Hwaf score? We ward more! W 1 Frank Afkin Glen I-99 mrvniling Eramf M Row one, lell 'ro right Edward Sanchez, Mike Shuler, Roberl Fullmer, Bob Marfinez, Sl'eve'Mon- loya, Ronnie Powell. Row lwo: Roy Whifehouse, Jay Smilh, Roberl Brown, Coach Ken Rich- ardson, Sid Hullinger, Richard Caslagno, Wes Vorwaller. ,QM oiwlxf, 4234 Qfwjr ffiifm? i jim Glrnnin Gram 61 Wei, Row one, lefl lo right Paul Bevan, lhale Saxfon, Rodney Poulsen, ox Keilh Pugh. Row lwoz Richard Connelly, Coach Buys, Sherman Aclamson, Don Bryan. 95 XX wi ew Row one: D u las Gordon, Gordon Lee, Ernie Phillips, Kay Smifh, Pele Karabals. Row 'rwoz Dennis Harwood, Larry Har- rison, Bill Kovacevich, Jay Edler, Coach Johnsen. wa Q6 L Q6 s l "amz" efay x Row one: Coach Slringham, Jim King, Jan Evans, Lee Shingle- decker, Wes Vorwaller, Eddie Gray. Row +wo: Frank A+lcin, Jay Smilh, Roberl' Cardon, Ed Sanchez, Ed Davis. Row Three: Clair Elkinglon, Kenny Tale, Roy Whi+ehouse, Gordy Lee, Edwin Cole. vig' l Row one: Mike Shuler, Billy Leonelli, Tony Leonelli, Jim Wexe and Coach Sfringham. Sophomore-Freshman Foo'rball Squad a.U Team Managers Sophomore Baskefball Squad LN! if 47 1 is W WMS WEA QOUPQ an CTIVITIES I, fl 1 nun 1 :fo Q, xl Swing Band Efnnelv High Svrhnnl Igemh I wwe' on A 1 C 64' J' I Drum Maior and Majoreffe Faye and Dennis 99 I 4 X, Tooele Swingsfers 7 1 Saxaphone Secrion lx hx Clariner Seciion A w 7 l Color Guard Concerf Percussion Secfion Upper and Lower Woodwinds and Fiufes Q1 if BGSS Sedion Trombone Secfion 1115.3 Qt w .X F.H.A. Members 'Ck N . lu! U ,Af F.H.A. Officers Row one, lef+ +0 right ENQLE-,Mariinez,uBonn Le gEi,QiJf,uQresidgg,'rg Ka'I'hy Koseki, Maril Second row: Karen Fernau, Carol England, Madalyn Paulick, Karma Weight 1 E S+a+e Presiclen'r 'Donna Visher '- W, II Carmval Dance Candied Apple Sale Candlelighf Ceremony WS if JH. ZH. A. Qlluh S Ni X 6: 0 we ES AQ we GQ WRX XO Bam WV QQ saga, 40940 XNGS goats Wo e9 Of' OX 9,0 6? P530 Q? Ps-,'mW'wI NOS YNON NNW Q0 . av XOXZ X595 . deoxx ..:- .4 J, 5 Sf,-lbff y 'fn , 1. ' A I. f ' - Af M I- , Syseeol I S. 'I 1"1rL ,- 1 ' I I .L 1 Q1 .- , '41 ya! I y fefgszf "A Niqlw for Lovers" if Q5 'o NX iw QQY x sex oo X Cjxa Qoi ata it huifag 3 X b, ? n P- ' :"" M H -E1. ll ' f i t Q ,V ubll Y uninzl I :., n .V., i. , F Some of fhe workers. 2 3 , F.F.A. Club Members me! e CDU5,-fef Le++efm'e" Ertterm P11 W Sex. . - X Praia ihe oppOS' 9 ' khearTS aqam e A vaRn akiempi To 'm M130 be We LeH'ermen Club Officers es, president Wayne and Sid. e - ' X bf AAIJXJ ifinmling llragun GZ, 516 11 'af ws--. N, .. , ,'. Y 35 Q36 asa osiasef' Row one, leli io riqlwi: Evjla Mariinez, Gloria Maxfield, Pal' WiH'ke, president Carol lmai, Gloria Callisier. Row iwozwlonna Pefersonf Kay England, Karma Weighf, Ella Merle Casfagno and Dixie Price. gy - A9 , fzi Wi 5 0 Q 9539 av Q A Q,e9i . YS an 09066 mffgw., will Row one, leli +0 riglwl: Jim Tale, Gordy Lee, Don Bryan, presideni Newell Aclamson, Dan Gillispie. Row Jrwo: John Cluff, Pe+e Kearns Sierling Hanks, Jim Wexels, Clair Elking+on, Torn Tale. 1 4 J' - . ..i7'i A , X1 V B ex n r i 11 g 01111 h Miss Foresier, inslrucior. 105 Gthverlrahrrn Sharon Kay Shields,uEa+sy Brown? Nancy Riming+on anoI'.LuErT Mfjf Q5 , VD! WMO W XLWW , jmwb X25 96293 Leflr To right Raymond Johnson, Sid Hullinger, Kay Smif -Q-oy-aggj Tom Ta+e and Kai Sedar. My V00 W Shelia Evans, Pa+ Wi++ke,i,4-:rang Qgffig Marcia Reynold 'Lf Q55 axes ox Xqgb "Doc" Frandsen, advisor Sheila Evans, edifor Leflr To righ+: Jim Wevels, phofographerg Carolyn McFar- land, assis+anI' ediforq Johnny MiIIer,'i business manager. Hvurhnnk Stuff Mr. Skidmore, ar+is+ THANKS TO T UBLICADQ S EOR THE ASSIST- ANCE THEY GAVE US IN THE ADVERTISING SECTION OE THE I 7 "T LEAVES." Mr. Barnes, phofographer QQACLE If W Halkgrirn ,ff ,An f X Valkyries Officers Leff To righ+:kJudy Procfor, Judy James,nDonna Pe+erso'r:, Sharon Kay Shiehzls, pres.: Luann Duffir1,'Donna Visher, drill mishessg Joanne James. 108 Wu llnninr rum Gln1nmittPP KP ' Prom CommiHee Luann Duffin F.F.A. Queen . . Hwen We work began!" F.F,A. Swee1'hear1's I 109 fjQ.HQ" 37111 yay My V, L J WM 1 I "W IQ! LU mx 1 My Y ,f ,I Karen and Wally Da Dance Kin and ueen S hOhRb XLR afqybhf 9 WW W ,V WM M Q, W A T, W NN RCU KJIIUI U5 1 OpereHa M' I -'w r i N0 A 1' U IM v W Chorus S. 2 fx fi -6 1 x W X 1 Ill School Play Casi Bwfmwww 1.--,Wm ix if 'X Janifors Lunchroom Ladies Emmy and Jack Board of Educafion Lell lo riglwlr: Slerling R. Harris, Earl Heafh, Paul Wralhall, Charles A. Orme, Loren Sharp, Sid Hullinger, Mary Orme. S+uden1' Courf Panel Wes Vorwaller, iuclge P "Le+'s go, gang-ll1ey've gon' llweir backs lurnecll H3 'W .4 :fn -. Qvgy wi 1 ,iff 2 f 7 f 5 W " f ffl ff W W' W i f ! X 'M' ff Q' fu, ff7 W WW if ff ,lilpfifi ,J gulf? 7 V if 1, --' ' H " QM G E WM? ' ff . Pfjlnc. u ff' , 4 iiT,af Wiflff fvlf ww .1 .A 1-.wffw df! fjldfff 'll 1 Bryan's Plumbing and l Tooele Drug Co. L Heating Company I A EXTENDS BEST WIS:-IES ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ' CLASS OF I957 l To +he Class of '57 l 26 Vine Sheer Telephone 583 Tooele Ufah Phone 64 Tooele The Bakery Quali+y Marlcei Wishes llle Class of l957 Groceries-Meafs-Procluce S U C C E S S it Q T BEST WTSHES TO THE CLASS OF '57 I52 Norih Main Phone 405 "For +he Finesf in Pas+ries" 1 Congrafulafions. Class of l957 Allen's Cash Store if? if? Tooele Coun'ry's Modern ONE-STOP FOOD STORE Tooele. Ufah T -.-L L- .. . l Stoker Motor Co. M TEE V Sales and Service J' C' Penney Co' Pontiac :- Cadillac E A A . if l CONGRATULATIONS -44 E. T Phone 345 To The Class of '57 , oele, Ufah Tooele Ufah ' R 116 Amy- jfmfpm MMMMMM we Z 4 I Congralu aiion W Bafeman Jewelry ' KEEPSAKE DIAMOND HEADQUART WE AIM TO PLEASE Phone 855 Tooele, Ufah 1-900, SQL 27Q,g',!,.2,p74 Fabric Specialty Cenier "Sew WhaI's New" W if I4 Easl Vine Slreel'-Phone l62I Besl Wishes Io The Class of '57 Phillips Furniture Mari: New and Used FURNITURE - APPLIANCES Busico's Cash Store Service and Qualify GROCERIES-IVIEATS-VEGETABLES "wi-IERE YOUR EURNITU DoLLAR GOES FU HER Nolions and Frozen Foods I4 No. Broadw ' 1 one 9 io4 Nor+h 4+h shui- NEwTowN - Tooele, Ulah II I 'Z' V I A -... - , ,fgylodgh rf R CENTER CAFE . 67 , I MYour Friendly Chinese and 41? l.G.A. S+ore American Dishes ,aft "LOW PRICES EVERY DAY" S43 if? X nos North amawy Telephone aoa Tooele. Uiah Telephone lO23 AA Co y Hood Walgreen IRI VS Q Agency Drugs CHEVRO - OLDSMOBILE "Drugs wifh RepU+a+iOf1" Sales and Service A ' Tooele' Utah Phone 860 GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Main and Vine Phone 755 7 M we M ,U W for RM fe QMMTAW l 1 Besl Wishe cg 'T e CI f l C I G on urlu . Congralulafions To The Class of l957 Eclna's Floral Arr R R I I R +R al' ly l Ml Ufll Tooele, Ufah lvi r-- ix .Z lTh- CA 5 I29 No. Ma' Phone lI22 gllll 1 W . QW l l '77' - J , on Ula' S 6 esl B S F XRD Plmsaa MERCURY l Y cess! , 76' X Van O'd:en's CL S OF I957 U ig? SQ? u+horuzecl Ford 8: Mercury Dealer Q TA fcf TATE5 llfleu Van Om' Owflf.. ff 14111, 544117- 2.-,lpylf on y M U c H s U C C E s COMPLIMENTS fha' T I from YOUI' OWU Your En'rer+ inmenf l-leaclquarlers RADIO STATION l T l l To ele Theatre Cob KTUT o T0 , ff" iii? iii? 'l Muslc ALWAYS AT ITS sesr if on your dial-990-on your dial llz - STRAND - CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 T lass O I9 Johnson's Cash Store -ig-2, X ' Ernesf J. Johnson s even C6235 Sfocldon, Ufah Phone TU 7-9978 ,T i H8 TZ 'V ,4 o' Jiffy ff wif? AZ? jfyf' ,541 W4 - Zesaafwwlnyr MEAE ,llzdfg MMA! W Mi? fd?-O U 144:19 a fagd en 'K' 4 V Z ff f4 leH SQHQOL , PPoM61QfqfT 54900 A G4KmZD0HA zf4Lf4f4W A 'g X: ,YIQWU IN FUTURE YEARS jffffq, YJ 1 Q H9 H224 W?,MM2ZLjN MWMQWMWWJX Z I QW' l ,T ,JJ 2 i C C T J Ig acc yicl tri 0 Congrarularions 1 ST M HES V I -4 Class of l957 To T Class 4 1, 7 West rn Auto Supply! , Wi' I if f In Business ,buf EMA le W Ufah For Your Conv nience A Too le, U ,J if 1' c vy Wil M!1fggrc:lon's Men! T ' 5 F "W e e flue Smar+es1' l, l f W ' S are Found" 5 l ' ii? QW 'i 5 .pn I ohn L. rownl We Wish Jrhe G-lisfol '57 Ai ' ' A DJsliloTRTswiil,l.VilEATERS S U C C E S S My ' 'o Narional Brand Merchandise 4, i 'cs W Y, xx A :S-' 1 ng. .. L 'f or I, yr e N TQSCHOOL " NS TTCD F E ' ESX A S+ UT Noes 4? Co. Q-if fffzi ff P. Skaggs M Tlna+'s No Bull Besf Meal' in Tooele is il? Come in and see our smiling buicher and our flslap-happy grocerymanfi ' Michael's Jewelry V Wisglwes Success ancl Happiness To lhe Class of I957 30 Wesi Vine Phone 5l TOOELE, UTAH I20 III I 'f v- -gf , ' fp ,ff I-w-fr-H 1-If-L . . ,- , iii 5,1 .fe I IJ Ay f . 1 I' W'-,fr iff- 14,4 ,df A . Qflf' 12940. frff- -.ff J - ' " . A, 1 call! I if ' , 4 5. AW, 2' E. I 'f X All ad Eleofricf MeeI'YOu2Z2Ifdi.iIfQ7 ,fi I .T Hardware Company The TooeIe"BowIing 'CenTer COT li. ' CONGRATULATIONS Z ,Q TT TIT. D SENIORS here you will Tund I4 NorTh Main S'l'reeT Tooele, UTah TWT CongraTuIaTions To The ConqraTuIaTions To The Class Class oT '57 fv-1-4 Tw! , - if rf, of I957 DoRoTHY 'i' 6 ir he I ,Id Barton Truck Line, Inc. SEARLE I I' y "IT you goT iT, y I DANCE I a Truclc broughT iT" STUDIO M v l I a CongraTuIaTions To The Class of '57 llsuddll I NGRATULATIONS To The Class of I957 if? TQ? BerT's Cleaners Cleaning, Dying, AITering Lakepoint Chevron STaTion Tooele u+ah E. L. GiIIespie's Friendly Excel Service WHERE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND BUSINESS ARE SOLICITED, APPRECIATED, AND PROTECTED Mack Trucks Tor Every Purpose - STudebaIcer and Packard Cars 80 NorTh Main -::-- TOOELE, UTAH -::-Phone 400 "Where Service and OuaIiTy IvIeeT" Our New S+aTion - Dugway, UTah - Phone 7I73 121 T549 T flier , rs u Bank Ann's Dress Shop fl A Iona' Bank Besl Wishes for lhe Fulure - 3 MEMBER A Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion To H-me Class of '57 Member Federal Reserve Syslem Congralulalions Class of l957 Tooele Ula RememberloGe+Your Congralulalions CUT FLGWERS l lo lhe Class ol '57 CORSAGES anol SPRAYS -lfOm- Allsop Chriss Agency Lawrence Floral 1 83 Soufh Main Telephone IOI Phone 4 l Tooele Mercantile Company --Dealers in- 43 Nalional Brand Shoes YA7 Florsheim Shoes fl? Timely Clolhing Carole King Dresses Lollies Swealers 153 Philco TV Sels Yi? Frigidaire Proclucls Swan's Market Wishes lo Exlend Congralulalions To The Class ol '57 lO5 Soulh Main Telephone 24 Barrus Motor Co. 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