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1 J' f a ' A -Hy, I v , 5 ff fi- .A -ft 4, - 1 . qT."f,, J, l X I f ' , ' 5 wp' elf ii 'W' 551 1 ua," I . K J," . fe :FA LN f , fy m E if ' i' 2, gt, . ,Tic .1.j'i,n :,,.lJ7 -o X -5115 - .Zi Ui!-,Q v N31 ai:-,V 'af ' is is 5 , 4 .. 1 B il?- Rjyfh-V: . 'ET-..v ' imc: 3 ' y "sw ' ff! V rli . . . , 1 4 1' " 9 ' If QL- Rkl, Vu N Q ' r :N A A' Q x Tk , P 4, - X ,Rh . wn! da of the hortation SX o the t Il te Lis life, s day! For it is thi tO Look very life of life. The brief course lie all the varieties its In And realities of your existence. s of growth, lis b The The glory of action, beauty, of OI' lend SP The t a dream, bu For yesterday is And tomorrow is only a vision: lived ll We day 'ETSO Bu Makes every yesterday a dream of hap- piness, hope . f O iSiO1'1 BV OFIOW 110m TY SVS And s day! i h ore, to t eref th ll, We Look Such is the salutation of the dawn. gi Sanskrit the OITI 'Fr 5 1 Q . X 1 Os X A f- N , a,.cnS1M1 by the N , 'X ' of 1957 ' ya, X Jn 3 IPSJWQ V tb V g l X .O r XV" x w xw' - x, ' X!3'wT. My ww? ypNYW35V0VCN,w?Q9 WAY, Q M,9j 'Wf ' JWWQJQ 1 W fQJqp JVxU7QTfJx ,X N 4 w x M xwwiw if up ffx Mm wNJ, U 55 is Y M N M' x w Xia-ag--is'-lv?-x XJ5y'.v R TX X jkx' w wx f if , ' ww M 9 f Q?QS9mNLw w3f W9 QVMXVWZ X Q1 N 1 QQQQJW K X' M I VV V257 k K B f-V-if ,. Z,!C'Cl F6004 Cl I 1 lfng l7N1',4c' ESZIIUUII gjorolfzy Q , of if ,Q as Wei? 1 l Q 5 1-A 4-7 ,. 4,4-s We, the senior class of 1957, respectfully dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Dorathye Wedwick, who for the past four years has given ber time so unsel- fishly to make each year's "Deertail Mirror" an enjoyable yearbook. We are sincerely grateful for her guidance. z - .-. ,L ,-A ' Q12 if R ax A A 7 ,fig ' S-., 'E R11 R gh . 1 Q1 un, X MELVIN S. WEDWICK, B. Concordia College District Superintendent X fm IWW' 1 DORIS FRANK, B. E. River Falls State English German IEAN SEIFERT Tony High School Office Secretary 11 VAUGHN SMITH, M.A. River Falls and Superior State Principal Social Problems Citizenship . 9 9 J 9 01 ' I -Q ROBERT T. MORRIS, B.s. X , C ' t," Stout Institute 1 J I . f Industrial Arts 3 Driver Training ? Q 1 5 1 lt WILLIAM ERICKSON, B.S. Eau Claire State Mathematics Algebra Geometry Trigonometry AUTIE C. SANFORE La Crosse State English Library Uamatics Forensics my-msfRf . S . I Q.. 5 ff? 5 5 ' X X ' Q X xx Q SS S Q X - ' I IAN . N ,rs PAULINE ELLNER, B.S. LAWRENCE ARTS, B.S. CATHERINE MORRIS B S Kansas Statv River Falls State Stout Institute Art Agriculture Home Economic Science :sunxxxsx ' , 4 x xl 0 C , , TSA hs C1611 iz I J I DORATI-IYE WEDWICK, B.A, Q St. Olaf College and Minnesota School of Business w,....'+,t N Business Education '- Phys1cal Education ' . High School Yearbook Advisor wth C. ROBERT HOWARD, B.S. HAROLD LAUFENBERC, B.S. ROBERT E. FOILIL B S Eau Claire State River Falls State Superior S1110 Vocal and Instrumental History Diver Training Physical Education Biology Coach Geography Science Chemistry ,vwvffwf X , trjl'QSOI1fl.l2 rg I 'Cb Q 0- the - QB xx wi? - . . -Nt I O 5 ii -f 1' 1957 .X DON ADKTNS 2 EDWARD LOUIS ANDERSU "The world knows not its greatest men." Band l,Z,3,45 Chorus 2,3, 45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Psychiatrist NANCY ANDERSON "Nans" Such a friendly smile and pleasant way, will always find love along the way. " F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,Z,3,45 Band l,Z,35 Prom Committee 35 Prom Attendant 35 Class Treasurer 3,45 Fer- ret Editor 45 Talent Show Committee 35 Christmas Pageant Z5 Librarian 1,25 Class Play 35 Senior English Drama Club 45 Forensics 4. Ambition: Nurse HH MARSHALL BECKETT "Marsh" "Becks" appy am I, from care I am tree, why aren't they all as happy as me?" F.F.A. 1,25 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 4. Ambition: Air Force ff - , it-ants-1 i 5,-Numan.-msn:-,,m ..Ed., "The combined qualitie ofa man and scholar. Band l, 2 ,3 , 45 Footba 2 , 3 , 45 Basketball 1,1 Pep Club 3,45 Band Vice President 35 Student Coun cil 3,45 Forensics 2 ,I Prom King 35 Christma Pageant Z5 Ferret Staff 1 Class Play 35 Class Treas urer 15 Class Vice-Presi dent 35 Prom Committee 1 Stevens Point Youth Con vention 35 Lettermen' Club Z,3,45 Senior Englis Drama Club 4. Ambitior Chemistry, Research ...S ALICE IANE CARTER ALLEN CLARK HMM "I may walk slowly, I may talk slowly, but that does- i't mean a thing. " Football 3,45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 35 F.H.A. 45 Homecoming King 45 Pep Club 45 Pep Club President 45 Class Reporter Z. Ambition: Vlechanic DANIEL BLOOMER ,Dan H "It's feared he'll die of overwork. Mater Dolorosa Seminary 1,25 Foot- ball 35 Class Play 35 F.F.A. 3: Sen ior English Drama Club 4. Ambitiong Air Force CLARENCE FAWLEY "They say that blushing is the flag of valor. " Chorus l 4' Girls' Glee Club l 4' Li- l V I I ' 1Lw',4 ll, jx brarian 3,45 Senior English Drama: A l'5?l15'C?'f,ffm Club 4. Ambition: Housewife at fs, ff' 1' ,...,,,,, "A worker always doing his level best." Pep Club 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Librarian 4. Ambitionz Helicopter, Mechanic JOAN GIFFORD "Ioannie" "She is Willing to be convinced, but find the person who can do it. " Pep Club I , 2 , 3 , 45 Pep Club Secretary and Treasurer 45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Forensics 2,3,45 Chorus l5 Prom Queen 35 Prom Attendant 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Senior English Drama Club 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Class Play Entertainment 3. Ambition: Home Economics Fielil 'Clk fwN-Zu,-1 4 W rig kgygih f ' n Y. , M A . fe kwin.. w i, , g. ROBERT EMMONS "Bob" "I am tired of four walls and a ceiling, I have need ofthe grass. " Ladysmith 25 Football 3,45 F.F.A. 35 Pep Club 45 Sen- ior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Air Force 52 A CERAIJJ IANOWICZ "Ierry" "Willy" "l hurry not, neither do worly. " Christmas Pageant ,Z 1.r.n. i,z,3,4, i,r,A, Sentinel 35 Pep Club 4 Ambition: Farmer .10""" fill js RUSSEL GORSEGNER Le Roy "No sinner or saint perhaps but the very best of chaps. Hannibal 15 F.F.A. 2: Chorus 4: PGP Club Z,3,4. Ambition: Air Force ALTA HEATH "Alt" " True to her word , her work, her friends, and her music." Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Band Report- er 45 Chorus Reporter 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3, 45 Pep Club 1,2 , 3 ,45 Class Play Enter- tainment 35 Annual Staff 45 Forensics Z,3,45 Chorus Accompanist 4. Arn- bition: 4-H Club Agent VERONICA KOZLAL "Vee" "I can't keep still very long, anill can argue with anyone about anything. " Pep Club 1,Z,3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Ferret Staff 45 Class Play 35 Librarian 45 Senior English Drama Club 4. Am- bition: Housewife BEVERLY LANCE "Bev" "A sunny nature seems to love her sun' ny hair." Chorus l,35 Pep Club l ,2,3,4p F.H.A. l,2,35 Senior English Drama Club 45 Class Play Usher 35 Ferret Staff 45 Christmas Pageant 25 Snow Queen 25 Ambition: Housewife VICTOR KOPACZ "Vic" "Wise and slowlyg the' stumble that run fast. F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A President 45 Baseball 2,3 45 Football 3,45 Basketbal 2 ,3, 45 Lettermon's Clu 3,45 Class Play 3. Am bition: Carpenter s Effisdilsialfg DOROTHY MARSHALEK "Dots" "A healthy, happy girl, is she, plus plenty of fun and energy. " Chorus 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Class Play Enter- tainment 35 Pep Clubl,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Ferret Staff 45 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Designer SHIRLEY LORENCE "Sh1rl" "The kind of girl who sees the bright side of life. " Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club Reporter 35 F.H.A. l,Z,3: F.H.A. Historian 35 Chorus 35 Chorus Reporter 35 Prom Attendant 35 Homecoming Attendant 3 5 Senior English Drama Club 45 S .E . D . C . Reporter 45 Class Play Entertainment 35 Ferret Staff 4. Am- bition: Housewife PHYLLIS LYBERT .rphyn "She is everybody's friend." F.H.A. l,2,3,4: F.H.A. Secretary 45 Pep Club l,2,45 Chorus l,2,35 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Band Z,3,45 Band Librarian 45 Class Play 35 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Elementary Teacher 3 'E x FRE D MATACZYSKI "Butch" "Let the world go as it may, I will take it any- way. " Pep Club 2,3,45 F.F.A l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Treas urer 3: l'.F.A. Vice-Pres ident 4. Ambition: For estry. he f f 2 JOHN MATACZYNSKI "Iohnn1e" 7 "l don't know what l'd do without A ' my claily nap. " - . V, V N Ladysmith 1,25 Class Play 35 F.H.A. yi 45 Chorus 3. Ambition: Electrical 'E , , fl , Engineer, Carpentry ' 4? . 1 - ff MICHAEL MATACZYNSKI 5 "Mike" 5 .45 35 "Saying is one thing, doing is another. " 1 r,r.A. 1,2,3,4, r.P.A. Sentinel 4, Pep ff lf. it 2 3 Club 4. Ambition: Carpenter X It . 145155 milti and sweet." LARRY W. PEDERSEN "Iulius" "He's a type all by him- self. " Chorus 15 F.l'.A. Z5 Christmas Pageant Z5 Football 3,45 Pep Club 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Per- ret Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Aero- nautical Engineer RODNEY OSWALD "Ozzie" "Butch" "What's the use of working, when there are so many other things to do. " Class Vice-President 25 Football 1,25 Lettexmen's Club 1,25 Pep Club I,2,3,45 F.H.A. 45 Christmas Pageant 25 Chorus 4. Ambition: Coast Guard PATRICIA PATRICK "Pat" "Like one of Ireland's daughters, with her pearly teeth and flashing smi1e." Class Play 35 Librarian 3,45 Chorus 35 Senior English Drama Club 4. Am- bition: Secretary DOROTHY P1oTRowsK1 Hoon'- "Dainty and petite, with manners Class Reporter 25 Christmas Pageant 2 5Yearbook Queen 45 Class Play Entertainment 35 Pep Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Ferret Staff 45 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Secretary GAIL POPOWICH "I chatter, chatter as I go, in dark or sunny weather. " Chorus l,2,45 Librarian 2,3,45 F.H.A. l,Z,35 Pep Club 15 Senior English Drama Club 45 Class Play 3. Ambition: Housewife ! ii 2 JOHN PETERSEN "Johnnie " "Baseball man, basket- ball man5 last but not least, a 1ady's man." Baseball 2 , 3 , 45 Basket- ball I, 2 , 3 , 45 Basketball Captain 3,45 Football 1, 2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,45 Lettermen' s Club 1, 2 , 3 , 45 Lettermen's Club Vice- President 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Class President 15 Ferret Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Talent Show Com- mittee 35 Christmas Pag- eant 25 Class Play 35 Sen- ior English Drama Club 45 State Youth Committee 2 , 3 , 4. Ambition: Phy- sicist SP' 'Wt 1 DARLENE SCHULTZ "Dolly" "Always ready to do her share. " F.H.A. l,2,3,4p F.H.A. Reporter 2, F.H.A. Sec- retary 37 F.H.A. President 4: I-'.H.A. State Convent- ion 2,35 Class Play 3, Student Council 4: Stu- dent Councll Secretary- Treasurer 4, Pep Club 47 Senior English Drama Club 47 S.E.D.C. President 43 Majorette 1,2 ,3: Chorus l,2,3p Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Band 3,42 Band Secretary- Treasurer 43 Class Sec- retary 2,37 Class Presi- dent 41 Prom Attendant 35 Talent Show Committee 3. Ambition: Home Econom- ics Teacher 'il We I ,I . ,X ta' SUSAN SCHEUER "Suzie" "Ready to help, ready to laugh and always a friend in need . " F.H.A. 3,47 F.H.A. Parlimentarian 4: F.H.A. State Convention 35 Pep Club 1,2 ,4g Chorus 1,35 Girls' Glee Club 1,27 Band 2,3,47 Class Vice-President 4, Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 37 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Private Secretary LEROY SCHOOT "Pete" "A noble man is led far by a woman's words. " Band l,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4: Band Student Director 3, Class Play 35 Prom Committee 37 F.F.A. 1,2, F.F.A. Pres- ident 25 F.F.A. Reporter 17 Class President 25 Badger Boys' State 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, Pep Club 4: Stu- dent Council 3,4g Student Council President 4: Senior English Drama Club 45 Wisconsin Academy of Science 35 Trees For Tomorrow 3, Teens Against Polio 4. Ambition: Bio Chemistry Research ay gk, Wit kaxgi w .Q 5 Q r g. t 3 K 5 LEONARD STERRY "Len" "1 may be long and lanky, but so was Lincoln." Football 2 , 3, 4: Football Co-captain 45 Baseball l,2,3,47 Basketball 2,3,4g Basketball Captain 4: Lettermen's Club l, 2 ,3 ,4, Lettermen's Club Pres- ident 4g F.F.A. 3: Homecoming At- tendant 4. Ambition: Carpenter HENRY SYBERS "Hank" "Yes , this life is getting pretty ser- ious for us men. Pep Club l,2,3,4: F.F.A. 3.4: F.F.A. Secretary 45 Forensics 4: Ferret Staff 47 Senior English Drama Club 45 Chorus 2 ,3,4: Cheerleader 4. Ambition: Doctor 'vox l P. x , ig , DUANE SCHWARZTRAUBER "Schwartzie" "Never do today what can be put off till tomorrow. " F.F.A. 1,25 Chorus 31 Band 1,2 , 3, Football 4. Ambition: Railroad Worker CLARICE WAKEFIELD "Ye Godsl I know I'm in love, but whom with? " Class Treasurer 25 Class Reporter 45 F.H.A. l,2,3, 45 F.H.A. Treasurer 25 F.H.A. State Convention lp Christmas Ball Attend- ant 25 Ferret Editor 45 An- nual Staff 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Class Play 35 Pep Club l,Z,3,45 Foren- sics 3,45 Librarian 2,35 Senior English Drama Club 4. Ambition: Housewife RAYMOND WIEMER HR ay.. "To work, or not to work, that is the question. " Football 2,3,45 Football Co-captain 45 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 2 ,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Pep Club Vice-President 45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Reporter 45 Prom Attendant 35 Christmas Pageant 2. Ambition: Professional Football CYZIIIIOI' Gfass Qffl'C'C?'I'S MARILYN WOODS "Woody" "Capable and friendly, always the same, we call her friend, and she lives the name." F.H.A. l,2,3,4: F.H.A. Vice-President 45 F.H.A. State Convention 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Class Re- porter l5 Class Secretary 45 Ferret Staff 45 Christ- mas Pageant 25 Class Play 35 Forensics l,2,3,45 Forensic Secretary 25 An- nual Staff 45 Senior English Drama Club 45 Homecom- ing Queen 35 Badger Girls' State 3. Ambition: House- wife Late Coming Senior President ------ ---------------- D . Schultz CLASS FLOWER--Red And White Roses Vice-President-H - -------- S. Scheuer Secretary ------------------------ M , Woods CLASS MOTTO ---------- Ever Onward Treasurer ---------------------- N. AnderSOn A Reporter ---------------------- c. Wakefield CLASS COLORS--- --- Red And White DON KRISIK Advisor """" """"""""' M Y' Smith "But I do like study--frol 12 a distance. " Glen Flora 1,2 ,3 lfZ Ambition: Detective Le ROY SCHOOT Valedictorian Badger Boys' State Most Likely To Suc- ceed Contributed Most To School 1 IOAN GIFPORD Salutatorian Prom Queen, 1956 -- SUSAN SCHEUER ,Q 1 Third NANCY ANDERSON Fourth Most Likely To Suc- 1 5 . Cf-ved EDWARD ANDERSON A Fifth Prom Klnq, 1956 WA 0 S WA 0 MARILYN WOODS V Best Liked Best Looking HENRY SYBERS Badger Girls' State Cheerleader Homecoming Queen, 1955 V 1 A r ALLEN CLARK t Best Looking uuuucs wAx1ar1:1.D Homecoming King' 195 6 Homecoming Queen, A 1 95 6 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow SHIRLEY LORE NCB Cheerleader JOHN PETERSEN Basketball LEONARD STERRY Best Liked RAYMOND wmvnzn Baseball Football DARLENE SCHULTZ D. A. R. Award Contributed Most To School enfor nearf' may Who Feeding Who? Too Much Dinner. W'here Is Everybody? Come On, Rodney, Push. X X One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World! ! Q if E' K ,E ferr We're Standing On Top Of The World!! 1 ! Q Holding The Tree Up Vic ? The Three Musketeers! Pals! ! ! Going Up Or Down, Par? 4 Exploring ? ? Enjoying Copper Falls, Clarence? Reviving The Football. . I'm Tired And I Want Second Childhood? To Go Homel l X 34 5 Q Nm Eg, .i QW 4 E S 2 Sax , ,Jan ,Vi f 5 ww H 'if W.,3,,-a fm . ,,,, as 'Y V f .fage1'f' if 7 .,-Q2 , li: f' s 41 ,, ,gf :W 'Hi 3 li x ,Q rv -lx 4... .. akin Mfg, if Qgkmlxw, A :Q 5 F' , W.,, -1, kv- S-fx .,f't'k sg OIT! IUPUI X ..,"f- , 1 ol -Pl" fffff J to Q 1 ' U ff, ff 5 K" kfzzf to J f Q X ' , f f A O I' W.. my J ff Q ., 'fn , wh., ' A fb S A Q, W K ,fx C' R' I1 w ,Q 'SX Q ,nr N- X N W -5 H K V 1 nge 'Ik N ii X Hg C V i? If ghk iffikL'fwggi'.fl4- LOOkLa,'TSE W. X- I 7 , L,Kk,:. SterBu The ga, 2 of ,Y Me. nny Broughf C 'K if Ak LA-RENC I Thought r E F. Be A This would Good Hiding Place' JERRY I. SUSAN S, Oh! Boy! Is That Can- Hurry Up And Take dy For Me. It, The Suns In My Eyes . NANCY A. Woke Him Up. DON A. y Doggie Shhh! M Is Asleep . Oh! Oh! I Guessl :ure RODNEY O- W ' Going TO G0 Visiting This e re Afternoon. MARSHALL B. A11 Dressed UP And N0 Place To GO- PE TE S . Nine - Ten, Here I Come ReadY of Not iw ww., , I. - . an N 5 N .. S .... WMyKB.35i3N5P ., 4- . , . fiffff -- as 9 " N , - 5. .. ,ff '- E K i R ..h- ff? I A F. . . . .. 1. ' . Q M. - Qs TYSSF Sabi RNS asa air . 2, Q . . . Q .A .51 .X ggi . . L P. gf. I I . - - .G X.. . F iii -VCA. . r I '- LARRY P. eel Mlschievous Today. GAIL P I 'm Going To Play For Yom.. ' Nifw ,M y XWy N A. .gi M'I'I-1 ' H . H ha r, , ..,:.: .. ,Y 61 kv A dl 1 Q f 1 ' I 61 . .E -A fr . sip., , K ,YQ If ggi , , A xl Q l ' gr I ., ,Hy ggtifwi vc: -'W A , K . . ,,,, wh L I , , el.-xl A. 'V M A' p Y x W dl z g .SM T I . , - f ,fagk f ,533 H -' . ,, . , -H .Jvfff Y -A , . f ,T Lp, We . L,L-k' 3' If fy g ' DARLENE s. , Hurry Up, I Want To Play. ED A f S. oh! 1 caught Ir. . f f .. Ky ? w w ,1 .fm v 3 37355 '- - .k,k W :K wi-' je Q .Fw Q , A 3 .. wqqgl 7 J. , , -w - K E - :N . K, V .. ,gm .-nffstlf.. 7 . ,..k Q. .,kk xg' -1' e ,.. far. 2 . ., . .. . we f- .13-2 fn 2 X A ls'-.iff-1-4-v - - -an . . Qifiivi .fi E BEVERLY L. That Was Funny, Nhat You Said. HENRY S. We're Taking A Walk . MARILYN W. "Cheese" ix Q 1 f j if A'- .5 .aw W L is ' un. , ' Q...-j"": X . PL . 5 . ..,. , . . x. 1.1 .. I .. X. 5 YL Q , sy. . Q, L , y 5 X J K 2 A II 'K I-'RED AND MIKE M. We're Twins, You're 'ot Seeing Double. VIC K. There Will Be Some Changes Made Soon. .N B. LEN S. lshine, Don't Worry I Won't Hurt Them. .Q . Q:- ,, N igm5.gw9wf if iw A ,J is vp! M ff ' 5 W in l' .Y . f' A , . ,,. . J., . -'fir ., ' Qc' 3 Q' If iw" " ',.'2-.amzis-E'jE H' Aa. S I Hope Mamma L 'ff JOHN M. LeROY G. Isn't Looking. I 'm Bashful DUANE S. I Joined The Navy To See The World. ALLEN C . My Kitty Is Content. 3: nw., - PHYLLIS L. Pitch lt ln. This Time It Wlll BeA Home Run . DOROTHY P. SHIRLEY L. I ' My Peet Are Getting Cold . I Don't Want . yin Y . N '. Xkk. . . . 5 I' .ix , A F N A Q. w..N K: QS. .. ,S TNQ .5 ff 3 x .5 1 2.3 .5 . 1' N . Fililisi P - + 5 RWE S' .Pi ' - I A , ' - lei S - .. E . F . - - M. as IIQOQSX . W I 5' . Q S 65.35225 , 5 365' Q ' .Will . sf as S ,X . he ,, X 4' ....1l..i .1 Q 'a wif 7 uf ,4,..l er 1 . f by ,L ., VF I ' 1 35 sqm . f, - AN? I A , I , ,,",,y H .5 fi ,5 15.32. . 5- I. 'f W ff. l f , ..- . n, L PAT P. He Won't Stand Still. BOB E. Let's All Be Happy. jr . 'N-1 M1132 . 555221 F.. JMU . ,V , t Wi? N Y 'I IW, a H l r 1 . 5 I enlor Glass l Don Adkins would like to will his Chevrolet to Hubert Stanford. Ed Anderson leaves his Tuba to Wayne Cooper. Nancy Anderson leaves some of her height to Mary Posberg. ' Marshall Beckett leaves his quiet ways and unaffected manners to David Styczinskl. . . Daniel Bloomer wills his good friendship with Mr. Smith to anyone who wants it. ' Alice Iane Carter leaves her giggles to Kay Purdy. Allen Clark willingly leaves his good looks to anyone who wants them. Bob Emmons unwillingly leaves his sideburns to Norman Iohnson. Clarence Fawley leaves his ability to get along with people to Stephen Polak. Ioan Gifford bequeaths her love to argue! to Ioan Cameron. ,Le Roy Gorsegner wills his orange shirt to no one. Alta Heath wills her ability in music to Diane Taber. Gerald Ianowicz wills his ambition to work in school to lim Lance. Victor Kopacz wills his acting ability to David Sterba. - Veronica Kozial wills her quietness to Pat Bialsdeii. Don mark wills his in- W3 terests in Glen Flora to John Bloomer. ' 63 I Beverly Lance leaves Chuck to no one. LJQQ He is hers. Shirley Lorence bequeaths her old boy friends to Reva Baughman. r Phyllis Lybert leaves her love to dance to Iennie Iiskra. Dorothy Marshalek wills her seriousness to La Vesta van,Doorn. Fred Mataczynski leaves his joke-telling to Bert Fiser. A ' . Iohn Mataczynski keeps his pie baking ability because his wife may not know how to cook. Mike Mataczynski QIMOI' ' NEW DOCTOR IN TOWN Mr. Don Adkins, a psychiatrist, has just moved into his new offlce over the Buyhere Store. .Miss Nancy Anderson, who is studying to be an X-Ray technician, is Dr. Adkin's temporary nurse and office girl. ' 1 4 'HOTSHOTS ARB WINNERS The Hotshots beat the Colombos in their last football game of the season. Ray Wiemer, their top player, made six touchdowns during the game. Everyone is looking forward to Ray's return next year. A NEW HELICOPTER FINISHED After five years of work, Clarence Fawley, who is a helicopter mechanic, has just finished putting his wills his brown eyes to Carol Hahn. Rodney Oswald wills his night prowling to Larry Albrecht. Pat Patrick wills her Irish temper to Kathleen Wiemer. Larry Pedersen leaves his quiet ways to Joe Emmons. Iohn Petersen reluctantly parts with his way with women to Byron Weege. Dorothy Piotrowski bequeaths her serious , unaffected, shy personality to Judy Hansen . Gail Popowich unwillingly leaves her love for English to Prank Tomasovich. Susan Scheuer leaves her long tresses to Bonnie Leslie. Pete Schoot leaves his stu- dious ways to David Lundgren. Darlene Schultz re- luctantly leaves her leadership ability to Yvonne Smrstlck. Duane Schwarztrauber wills his absences to Phillip Lubner. To Mrs. Morris, Leonard Sterry leaves her Home Economics class. Henry Sybers wills his girl friends to Kirby f Q Smith. 0 Q Clarice Wakefield leaves her flirting ways to Wilma Farley. Raymond Wlemer leaves his football ability to Gerry Hutnik. Marilyn Woods bequeaths her diamond to no one. It's A hers. ' ,VME We, the Seniors , 0 new leave to the Juniors our wonderful past year at Tony I-llgh School. We also K leave the under- classmen to the fac- ulty. , A "". -.1 I Q .,,4-'Z----.,.!" 8161.98 v.mI'OplleCy l l DOCTOR is our QW ' ,E new fluid drive helicopter together. Says Fawley, "It was a hard job, but it was worth it. " DOCTOR RETURNS FROM AFRICA Dr. Henry Sybers has just returned from Africa where he has been curing the natives of yellow fever. Dr. Sybers plans to go backxas soon as he gets enough medicine to take with him. I , g ' CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. Larry Pedersen, an Aeronautical Engineer, and Mr. Iohn Mataczynski, an Electrical Engineer, have both been awarded the Merit Badge by President Eisenhower for their great service in their respective fields. . ,AMERICAN DESIGNER TO PARIS Miss Dorothy Marshalek left last weekon' the SS Ile de France for Paris where she will be engaged in de- signing American styles for several French actresses. 0 'brig R o SOUTHERN TOUR E Misses Ioan Gifford and Darlene Schultz, students in the field of Home Economics at Stout, are touring the southern states. Both girls have been appalled at the size of Dixie cockroaches. ' ' 1 ' ' I PORESTER BURNED ' ' While trying to save many houses from being destroy- ed in Southern California, Frederick Mataczynski, e forester, was badly burned. He is reported to be in fair condition in a San Diego hospital. CARPENTER SHOP BXPANDS ' Len Sterry is the proprietor of the Lenny-Sten'yAfry Carpenter Shop which is located in Tony. Len is look- ing forward to expansion because of his large and flour- ishing business. V MATACZYNSKI TRANSFERRED ' M The Allis Chalmers factory at Milwaukee has just transferred Mike Mataczynski and his family to their factory at Peoria, Illinois. 1 HAPPY WAITRESS ' . an Miss Shirley Lorence is working in the Eatwell Ca!e in Minneapolis. She says that she is very fond of her Job and especially fond of the tips she receives. ' ' BIG AWARD ' x . Gerald Ianowicz, a farmer from this community. re- ceived an award for having the best purebred Guernsey cow at the Rusk County Fair. g , H DECTECTIVE HIRED - I Miss Clarice Wakefield has acquired the services of Mr. Don Krisik, a detective, to find the hiding place of the termites. .Will he succeed? Who knowshbut he sure can tryl , 1 - ' 1 NEW TEACHER AT CANTON Mlss Phyllis Lybert is the new first and second gnade teacher at the Canton Grade School. She has sixty stu- dents enrolled. PROFESSORS ANDERSON AND SCHOOT HONORED Edward Anderson and Leroy Schoot , chemistry professors at the Hawkeye Unlverslty, were recently honored in New York City for having figured out how people can live with- out eatlng. The Professors are quite overjoyed as they have been trying to go on a diet for ten years. Q OSWALD RETURNS . After five years overseas, Rodney Oswald, who ls in the Coast Guard, has just returned from Germany. ' ' POIS ONERS CAUGI-IT Five women, Beverly Lance , Marilyn Woods , Gail Popowlch, Allce Iane Carter, and Veronica Kozlal, were brought into custody by the eva'-vigilant Loss Angeles police . It was alleged that they polsoned the food five years ago when they served a banquet to Miss Alta Heath, 4-H Club Agent and her 4-I-I Club members. Miss Heath and the club members , it will be recalled , suffered severe gastric disturbances after partaklng of the food served at the banquet. The doctor at the time diagnosed lt as Internal confllct due to poison. ' MECHANICS IN SERIOUS CONDITION A Q Vlctor Kopacz and Allen Clark, local mechanics, were experimenting with a mixture of- gasoline and alcohol In the tank of their souped up car. Victor leaned over, the gas tank, the helght of its contents to see. Allen lighted a match to assist hlm--six months ln bed they wlll be. , H x G!! ax A P49 1 A DEPOT AGENT SHOCKED Duane Schwartztrauber, Soo Line Depot Agent at Minne Ha Ha, is recovering from a case of severe shock. Mr. Schwartztrauber was dictating toqhls secretary, Miss Dorothy Piotrowskl, when a put-put section car jumped the track and crashed into Duane's office. Dl- agnosed his doctor, "The speed with which he moved to safety was such a drastlcachange from his custo- mary pace that it caused deep shock? f Mlss Piotrowski, having been only sllghtly disturbed by the track car's violent intrusion, ls quietly and efflc- iently carrying on her duties as well as those of Mr. Schwartztrauber. f I AIRPLANE DISASTER? M They flew through the- alr with the greatest of ease: "twas Beckett at the controls , as blg as you please.- Bob Emmons , the co-pilot had come aboard late. It was Saturday night and he'd had a date , Gorsegner, the gunner, stretched out ln his sack, made his little gun go, -"ack, ack, ack." Dan Bloomer, a guy with nothing to do, went along in the plane just for the view. When, all of a sudden and to their surprise, a mountain exploded and they left for the skies. The searchers and ambulance! wait on the ground, se- cure in the knowledge--"What goes up must come down. " ' 'N TRIAISOFTI-IE MANAGER . Mr. Iohn Petersen, manager of Tony's flourishing Wa Works, interviewed Mlss Patricia Patrick for a sec- retarial posltion. Asked if she had any unusual talents, Miss Patrick informed him that she had won ,several crossword puzzle and slogan contests. "That's flne, " said Mr. .Petersen benlgnly, "but we want someone who will be bright during office hours." "Oh," an- swered Miss Patrick, 'ithlswas durlng office hours. " Miss Patrick is sti-ll wondering why she wasn't hired. Mr. Petersen is now considering the appllcatlon of Miss Susan Scheuer who is highly recommended by the Speed- away Business College. Q enrol' Glass gastory vl s H - Q On August 31 1953, 57 "Presh1es" started their school days at Tony High School. We were duly lnltlated in October. I To show our appreciation we gave the sophomores a return party soon after. I We started our second year with 51 sophomores. Richard Foster, Le Roy Gorsegner, Elloise Mengel, Margaret Moist, George Vander Loop, and Dennis Ienlson joined our class. In October we initiated the freshmen and we enjoyed the party they gave us in return. . E , I I As juniors there were 48 of us. Our class play', "The Perfect Id1ot" was given on December 8, 1955. On Aprll 27 we held our Prom , with Ed Anderson and Ioan Gifford reigning as King and Queen. It was a beautiful night, and everyone had a wonderful time. We sold magazines to help pay' for the prom decorations. We earned Sl98.74. We began our last year at Tony High with 37 seniors. On September 24, we enjoyed the traditional Sneak Day. Mr. Smith drove us to Copper Falls and also served as chaperon. . In the evening we enjoyed a dance at Petersen's Store. It was a long and fun-filled day. , .' , Don Krisik jolned our class at the second semester. We graduated on May 23, 1957. t . Cgfhcers SOPHOMORE Pete Schoot Rodney Oswald Darlene Schultz Clarlce Wakefield Alan Clark I QNI OR SENIOR . Ilm Emmons Darlene Schultz Edward Anderson Darlene Schultz Nancy Anderson Shirley Lorence Susan Scheuer U Marllyn Woods Nancy Anderson Clarlce Wakefield ' Dorothy Plotrowskl OFFIQEN RS PRESHMAN President Iohn Petersen Vice-President I Jerry Mlkunda Secretary Karen Fink Treasurer ' Edward Anderson Reporters Marilyn Woods Advisor Mr. Poizle Mr . Laufenberg Mrs . Morris Mr. Smith ,r 4 'K K 'A 'Y muff fix? . 255951: . . 3 I S Q Y 9 E Emmy QPR is tg. A A R r,. ITT' IOAN CAMERON '1il.: -. -wi. 5 F bb 'W W -H jg. W A. o Q 'A W F , . .,. A ..q. m ay V 4, K H 'nm 9 q,..,. ,. .W..,5...,.,.,,, it nik, , .:.f iv EQ? 3-wwf ! .gi " ,L Rr A A .LR ' A Q he Q ,ggi ,N . .,,. x 's f WL Q yv UI'LtOfS, B 7-, : JACK CHARAIS MARY Lou CRABB ' qi JACK DQRMAN A A 3 IANICE DORMAN, - A I i ,yi 3 RICHARD EDMONDS PAY EVANS RICHARD EMMONS WILMA PARLEY PHILLIP 'GROOTHOUSEN e A ' IUDY HANSEN ? f r iff 1 ' ' 5355 ii Qf ki 2-i4:f2'1 Qfffiiiifilii -'J:fiii:si2' ' E Q1 Eggafaigzg lg X .. 1 ' X55 L: jggiifi- M W ' gg -1-A Q A f5fL, ' Ef:s.' . .f I' ' 'A . : "'- ' 5 1:1 ' K Y S S ,N E ., . ,..h,,,. , ,.,E.., . .. K A '1 I , My HAROLD HALL HELEN IRW'IN MARCELLA HAMILTON FRED KOPACZ A HM LANCE RAYMOND MATACZYNSKI V 'JAMES LINNA PHILLIP LUBNER DAVID LUNDGREN VIRGINIA MIKULA MARY IANE MIKYSKA DENNIS MORTON DELBERT NELSON CHARLOTTE OTTO 5 5 X N at 1' ' F151 'W di' M1 1 V ,M ' K Anim .5 gg Q A S if K fig? L s N z 395 55 mv A ,DV,. A -ir, , 'r'f4f. '- L' Ln If .AL ,A pf L x .Aw W' A r Q A. S 5' S 24 Ri Rai 3 a vw L 1 l 16 A ' W .5 A 5 1 'S 3 A I X Q5 I Q., 5 U P ,, I RONALD PAREIKO R . . I .-,, LARRY P1-IETIEPLACE f , , R N I - ,. as , - " PHILLIP POLAK I " I GENE POPOVVICH h I " PATRICIA PROUTY - 'Z woo- f- m' fi- - 5 if , s"r p XAAA if 'Y R V av I 3 'F' N X A S wx C 3 -WTI DENNIS SMRSTICK YVONNE SMRSTICK EUGENE SPRAGUE EDNA RALSTON MARVIN RINDAL GLEN SCI-INEIDEWENT DONNA SILL GENEVIEVE SIOLKOWSKI HUBERT STANFORD FRANK TOMASOVICH E ' If , A DENNIS VICK STANLEY WIECKOWICZ r A ,Q BYRON WEEGE CAROLYN WIEMER ' r' 'R . hm,,. ,I . X 1 S K KX I ,f-, V ,gk if 6,75 S X I -f'L.',. A -lr 5 ld DARLENE ABBIEHL LARRY ALBRECHT STANLEY APKER MARIE ARTS CAROL BAKER 6161485 QfA.C8I'S JUNIOR President --------------------------------------------------- --------- gi-' . V I - 'I P. Prouty Vice-President ----------------------------------------------------- Y. Smrstick Secretary ----------------------------------------------------------- V, Mikula Treasurer ------------------------------------------------------------ F. Evans Reporters --------------------------------------------------------- M. Mikyska I. Linna Advisor ----------------------------------------------------------- Mrs. Morris f-N n Q op 101710105 -..IMF . gg L ' -nr. 'B . KENNETH CHRIST MAN WAYNE COOPER I, REVA BAUGH MAN ,, . , '1 2 2 : RICHARD DIEDRICH " -yas: . 1, T, 'A' ffi i'A' A .MA , , Ag: A SUSAN DENNIS ALAC Q ,,:,: lwxi t f i ':SZ55'..-ESE. ff:E'.:ii4r-' li '25 EM :':': - I A 1 J - "fi ' ,. -fi' .. s .-Af5E3:::' .R I Vgrvggw HI, i I -FJ A ay A?,Y. . . ww Mi in F4 I MENNO EBY DOROTHY EDMONDS IOSEPH EMMONS IERRY EVIEN BERT FISER S . www , AF 5 I 3' is s X gg 5. F E, I .A 2 K' A CA V- 535: I , A Nj , ff -., . ..- .H E , f F r . b W ,y CAROL HAI-IN DARLENE HOLMAN 5 ? I I MALON HEATH SYLVESTER HRABAN ' I , I M GEORGE HUPFMAN g"'A , I , ,. isa 'flf A mkkg. 5: K . f "1" 5-4 A3 . E g--, . -A VN' Hissiissf 35512111 if DAVID IENNERMAN Yi? ff l? I ga iff" F . , . f iff: , 2225535 , T I: 2 ' 1-EWG -' .Aggg-6315 . - .:,gg,,g'ggg5S:,k,1 ',Mg:Ig4qm'g 1-gf . fm, iiymgggw l 3 1 ,LVgk Q 1 , I fmmNmyA MARTIN HUHN KAREN JISKRA GERRY HUTNIK NORMAN IOHNSON Amana FRANKLIN KAUL PAULINE LESLIE REBECCA KRASOVIC GARY LANCE MYRNA LEONHARD wm VIRGINIA LESLIE SHARON LEWIS IOHN LORENCE PHYLLIS LORENCE EARL MARTIN MILAN wrcnc .' is .fs DAVI D STYCZINSKI ANITA SUTTON 9 KIRBY SMITH CARLA SOLSRUD ROBERT SOWARL' DIANE TABER LA VESTA van DOORN SHARON WEEGE DONALD VVIECKOVVICZ HARVEY WITMER STANLEY ZEMBOWSKI DARLENE ZIMMER GLORIA POPOWICH BETTY PROKOP BEVERLY RIPHENBURG RAYMOND SCHEUER TED STERBA PAUL STROP 5 , CAROL MORTIMER IUDITH MORTON DARWYN NELSON DONNA PHETTEPLACE STEVEN POLAK AUGUST SC HRIEBER CLS S A.C0l19 SOPHOMORE President ---------------------------------------------------------- I. Emmons Vice-President ----------------------------------------------------- N. Johnson Secretary ----------------------------------------------------------- S. Dennis Treasurer ---- -------------------------------------------------- D . Phetteplace Reporters ----- -------------- ------------------------- --------- G . L ance R. Diedrich Advisor ------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Foizie X I 8288 471811 - FQ- N,h.,.1- . ,,,wM,L, .- ,S A , KEITH BAUGHMAN HENRY BECKETT PAT BLAISDELL IOHN BLOOMER IIM BOLLOM ,fl aww, A 1' fixifsifi if A 3k V AAR 1 N , , 5 DONNA CARLSON LOYAL EVANS - gf fj V DORIS CARTER MARY FOSBURGH 2 A - JAMES FREY X .. ,iv E . . Q Aw, A je! L pf AME LDA HUHN ,X M, A , A ef? fx iw' 3 . LARRY HALL JOHN IRWIN ROBERT HUFFMAN FLORENCE IZDEPSKI ESTELLE IANKOSKI DENNIS xocx-IEVAR IENNIE nsKRA IUDITH 101-1NsoN muy KAUL WUC-ww - ' AAR' f11', 11' l' f .Q m'AA ...,, .1 M., M Wm, .v.m,,W1M- f -,:. A Q L." A -,WWW Afmwmwmvwmimwwwm MARIANN KOPACZ DANIEL KOWALESKI DONNA LEONHARD BONNIE LESLIE RUTH LYBERT wwfff A I ROBERT MADSEN BARTLEY MAUOH I I ALICE MIKYSKA f GLORIA MINCOFF is X L. R. f IUDY NIGKOLEY I I I Q h h A A I GARY STYCZINSKI ROBERT PLAHUTA I r . . , Es GARY SWOVERLAND A z I II A -A I SHIRLEY TINSTMAN W . Nh .' ' ly - ,LII ' f . - A 1 17 2. ' 5 F. mv' B- R x ev .F -RLY ? K XRS E: ,I 52' 'Ki if SP ' KAY PURDY ALFRED SCHRIEBER ag PHILIP SANFORD CHARLENE SHARRAH H ' Q DAVID STERBA 5. f -'lf A ' I :ez fm Al ' A 5 . -21+ I I if I ag I' ' ROBERT s1vIRsTIcK GARY NOEL fr b . Q , ,fi BETSY SOLSRUD BETTY OTTO A I 1 ' Q . I PAUL RUSSELL , 5 V .. . I ROGER PETERSON I 'T ' 1 MARGIE TOMASOVIOH WILLIAM van DOORN " J KATHLEEN WIEMER W' U, h I IEAN WORDEN IERILYN ARTS 'W' ':" ' If I if I Q Class ncers 0 FRESHMAN 2 President ---------- ---- ------------------ - -------... B , plahuta Vice-President ------- ---- --------------- ----------.--. D i S terba Secretary ------------- ---- ---- ---------- L , H 511 6 0 Treasurer """""""""""""'" """""-'- ------- ------ B . M auch q Reporter Knot picturedl ------------------ ------------------------ G , Swoverland X Advisor --------------- ----- ---- ----- ------. ...... M r , Ar 1 5 fur., 1. gg, wg V II . W A: ' X I A R., iff -I W, ici :J -J Ill EM- rf fU E M-4 lo-4 5 n: E E 0 ul Z! O -C1 4-I O am, B. Gro Be son, M hn tek, P. Io rstick, F. Timmers, R. Ni Schwalen, A. Sm Petr, E W: I. Farley, E ONT RO FR asovich, Tom is, M. nh Q,M.De LU' phenb rson, S. Ri de pow, K. An lson, L. Nie Ne dingo, I. Ku overland, I. nkel, K. Sw Ku OW: M. R SECOND Tomasovich, E. Adams, D. Schroetter, Farley, N. Worden, E. son, R. hn ick, B. Read, M. Plahuta, D. Jo OW: Mr. Wedw DR THIR D. Hraban. Bladow, R. van ckes, L. gner, E. Ba S9 cik, C. Gor son, B. Wi Simon rud, I. ls er, R. Nitek, D. So bn OW: R. Lu R CK BA H. Peterson, M. Sill. If-1957 CIIQHCZIC S O O Q D I 55 QQ Q lu SOI hn IO Doorn, L. Christmas vacation 1 22- First day of school 4 September Basketball - Gilman - here 8 Ianuary Football - New Auburn - there 14 Basketball - Birchwood - here 15 Football - Shell Lake - there 21 dlife' il rant Halladay, 'W G ceum, Lv 16 IICSS Da dian In Thunder, ef ceum, "Chi I-Y 25 Basketball - Cameron - there 15 Instrument Night 27 Basketball - Glen Flora - here 22 Football - Weyerhauser - here Z8 Basketball - New Auburn - here 25 ecoming Om H 28 Basketball - Weyerhauser - there Z9 4 . Freshman Initiation October siiva, 'Mr S9 .. IO here Bruce ball - Basket 1 February - there - Bruce ll ba Foot 5 njo' Ba derson An by es taken Ll!' dent pict tu ndivi dual s 9 I Basketball - Glen Flora - there 5 Photographers . Ladysmith at Day.- Career niors attended Se e 6 lair Eau C at Convention Teac hers EA W -12 11 Basketball - Chetek - there 8 - Birchwood - there Football 13 Basketball - Birchwood - here 15 - Chetek - here Football 19 UCS Da apers C Cupid .H.A. 16 F here all - Cameron - tb Foo 26 Cornell Basketball Tournament 19-Zl HCS Da Halloween F.H.A. 31 sponsored by Seniors Stunt Nite 5 March Talent Show sponsored by Juniors 9 November Band and Chorus Concert 7 Oxygen' 'Liquid acKenzie, ceum, "K. A. M LY 12 agician' rum, 'M ag M "Thomas CSUITI, LY 12 vacation Snow 16 Local Forensic Contest 15 Thanksgiving vacation 22-23 sponsored by Sophomores Patrick Dance, St. 15 Snow vacation 26 Weyerhauser Forensic Contest 19 Basketball - Gilman - there 20 Sophomores by rty, given Pa llllfll Re shman Fre 21 - here Cameron Basketball 30 District Speech Contest at Eau Claire Play, SS r Cla 30 inderellas C Seven nio Iu 6 cember De Chorus and Band'So1o - Ensembles at Rice Lake 6 April Basketball - New Auburn - there 7 Forensic Contest at Madison State 13 Basketball - Weyerhauser - here 11 Easter vacation 19 F.H.A. Initiation Night 12 Festival at Rice Lake Band and Chorus Music 4 May - Bruce - there Basketball 14 Junior Prom 10 F.H.A. Christmas Dance 15 if f 'W f 1 ff, W U-'E S wk gf .MFE ,.,. 5 , B t gg ,S , an ,hw E . Q f 3' fx .. ' gra- ff bm A V Y!! ff .fi ,pl Q 7 W-W' C 3 0 nz 0 n IH 1 Q I1 Sl Gary, Len, Iim, Allen, Clarice, Marie, Ioan, Carol. Our King and Queen and their at- tendants all look quite happy after the coronation. Wonder if Len wanted to sit this one out on purpose ? Si if What are the ingredients of a successful Homecoming? Coull they be of colorful floats, a parading band led by high-stepplni mayorettes ? Of pleasurable anticipation, of tenseness while wait ing for the kickoff and then the game itself? If so, then our Home coming with Weyerhauser, September 28 was a success. The Wild cats defeated us by a score of 20 - D. But being defeated did no dampen anyone's spirits for the dance that evening. The high ligr of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen. King Allen Clark and Queen Clarice Wakefield happily reign at the Homecoming dance. Bet they sit the next one out at the rate they're going! gssg,g,Q,iWm 3 5? f, :-zf1,:11ilu-M v7-. ,in Qf:.t,1.ii,+.w ,.,. t-,t.t,-.r,-0s Mm:i t 1 - W 1 Yeah, Team, Fight! Iump, Girls. W K Queen Clarice Presenting The Ball To Referee Len Who's Falling Over Whom To Get That Poor Ball? Eillison lust Before Kickoff. A11 Dressed Up For The Big Game In Their New Uniforms. Stepping High And Pretty! The FHA Float Received Third Prize. To The Eighth Graders Went First Prize. The Royal pair with their attendants Darlene Schultz, Nancy Anderson, Phyllis Johnson, Don Iohnson, Ray Wiemer and David Hahn. We are sorry that Shirley Lorence and Ronnie Taber are not on the picture. Serious Business, This Crowning. 'T 5 A Half Of The Grand March Obllflgllf cron cz c cz Moonlight Stroll? Oh, No, It's The Grand March. Waltz Me Around Again, Iohnny. IUNIOR PRGM As juniors we chose "Moonlight Serenade" as the theme of our Prom and set the date for April 27. Spare time was spent decorat- ing the gym and making daffodils, jonquils, and roses. Several evenings were spent in giving the gym the finishing touches. Myriad of stars twinkled in our blue ceiling. By our circling gray stone wall blossomed our daffodils, jonquils and roses midst white rocks. Lovely spring weather ar- rived with the Prom, putting everyone in a festive mood. Music was furnished by Iack Pingle and his orchestra. King Edward Anderson had chosen Ioan Gifford as his Queen and they were duly crowned by attendants Phyllis Iohnson and Don Iohnson. Following the crowning, many couples took part in the Grand March. During the Prom, punch was served by Marilyn Woods , Veronica Kozial , Alta Heath, and Dorothy Marshalek. MFWWWWW at ,ig 'fi ' , J .7 KS... X K V, K i t z' . S K an if x K r- In ll' : , ' -"v 5 i Punch Time. M-m-m, Nice. The Other Half. i BACK ROW- B. Madsen L Gorsegner, M Heath, R Oswald D Adkins G Schneidewent M Ri dl E S . , . . . , . , . , . n a , . prague, I. Dorman, Vice- Presidentp R. Scheuer, Librarian: H. Sybers, P. Schoot, President, Student Director: B. Plahuta. THIRD ROW: A. Heath, Accompanistp Popowlch, C. Wiemer, P. Lorence, D. Taber, K. Iiskra, D. Holman, D. Phetteplace, Reporter: K. Abbiehl, M. Mlkyska Librarian' f , Carter, G. Mincoff, S. Dennis, Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: I. Iohnson, C. Otto, D. Carlson, M. Leonhard, S. Tinstman, Cornelissen, R. Lybert, I. Iiskra, M. Arts, F. Izdepski, A. Huhn, R. Baughman. FIRST ROW: Mr. Howard, Director, E. Iankoski, Mikyska, K. Wiemer, I. Nickoley, C. Solsrud, D. Carter, B. Solsrud, M. Kopacz, B. Otto, I. Worden. Q09 Gfllb Now let's try it once more. Everybody stay in tune this time!! -an-an .A Qfrls . glee 146 Our chorus had forty-eight members. Only ten of the thirty-seven girls were former chorus members. More boys took chorus this year than last year. On December 20, 1956, the chorus sang at the Christmas program. A public concert was given the evening of March 7, 1957 Numbers were chosen from two operettas "The Student Prince," and "Desert Song." We journeyed to Rice Lake, May 4, 1957, for the Music Festival. This year the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, as well as the chorus took part. Alta Heath was our efficient chorus accom- panist. I 1 31 .3 Cl I1 c .if The twenty-one piece band, under the di- rection of Robert Howard, is composed of students who are interested in playing in- strumental music. In addition to presenting a concert on March 7, 1957, the band played at many school functions including football and basketball games, and assemblies. Dir- ing the spring term they journeyed to Rice Lake for the music festival. On December 20, 1956 they played for the processional and the recessional of the Christmas Pro- gram. On February 10, 1957, the band helped to dedicate the two new rooms and gymnasium at Sheldon by entertaining with a half-hour concert. Members of the band are given opportunities to direct the group, allowing them to gain experience in that phase of music as well. " 7 fia- fl Ii'vn W -Q . CORNETS: I. Dorman, D. Adkins, B. Chrlstman. SAXOPHONE: E. Anderson. PERCUSSION: L. Vandoorn, S. Lewis, W. Farley. CLAR- INETS: R. Lybert, B. Solsrud, A. Heath, Reporter: I. Dorman, Maj- orette: R. Scheuer, L. Almen, K. Cornelissen. TROMBONE: C. Otto, Reporter. BASS CLARINET: D. Schultz, Secretary-Treasurer. SAXOPHONES: P. Lybert, Librarian, V. Mikula, President: S. Scheuer, Vice-President. Mr. Howard, Director. ,al E1 C 2 E 5 t 4 fy It .Q 1 ,,s 7710 forettes C f FS' g MYRNA ' 1- It IUDY K IANICE 1 Q Y 1 it r l 'X BACK ROW: R. Oswald, A. Clark, H. Irwin, K. Comelissen, N. Anderson, M. Tomasovich, E. Ralston, M. Beckett, I. Mataczynski. THIRD ROW I. Dorman, P. Leslie, I. Gifford, P. Blaizdell, C. Wakefield, C. Wiemer, I. Nickoley, I. Hansen, B. Solsrud, K. Wiemer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Morris, Advisor: D. Leonhard, K. Purdy, I. Worden, F. Izdepski, V. Kozial, A. Huhn, C. Otto, A. Heath. SEATED: P. Prouty, Reporter: P. Lybert, Secretary: M. Woods, Vice-President: D. Schultz, President: S. Scheuer, Parliamentarian: M. Mikyska, Historian: S. Lewis, Song Leader: Y. Smrstick, Treasurer. Iohn, where arethe ir' gredients ? Or is this jus an imaginary pie ? Cherry E Contest. The cherry pie baking con- test was held November 14. 1956. Iohn Matazyn- ski was the local winner. Margie Tomasovich re- ceived second place and Pauline Leslie third. Iohn entered the Dist- rict Contest at Stout State College in Menomonie, Christmas Ball. This dance was held Saturday night, Dec- ember l5. They gym was cleverly decorated with Christmas motifs. A large crowd enjoyed dancing to records. CQ! -.Z-z"z'1' R' ' do tw: c wr 1c.s . O Xi i Halloween Dance. The F. H. A. sponsored "' a masquerade dance, October 31. It was "tops" X in entertainment. The first prize went to Betty f Otto in a dress made of corn husks. Hank Sybers, who dressed as a girl, placed second. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Petersen were judges. Mrs. Morris, dressed as a circus girl, and Mr. Morris, dressed as a circus barker, were chaperones. Christmas Corsages. The F. H. A. Girls made and sold Christmas corsages and earrings during the noon hour the week before Christmas. 'Leadership Meeting. This meeting was held at Hayward, December 1, and was attended by Carolyn Wiemer, Phyllis Lybert, Alta Heath Charlotte Otto, Kathleen Wiemer, and Iudy Nickoley. I is December l. He placed second and received a cash prize. The Cupid Capers Dance was held Feb- ruary 16 in our gym which was cleverly and appropriately decorated with hearts and gar- lands. The F. H. A. girls submitted their baby pictures and Helen Irwin's picture was chosen as the cutest thereby giving her the right to be Queen of Hearts. She chose Fred Kopacz to be King of Hearts. Charlotte Otto and Kay Purdy were the Queen's attendants. , kk N' 1533335 33 5 F I , G S :Qs Nd .4 'H--1 fi , Hsu .1 'H . nn-...., u . Q3 . 3 C OIIIOI' Q'7Ilg!lS!I Qffllllll Chl!! STANDING: G. Popowich, N. Anderson, D. Marshalek, A. Carter, D. Piotrowski, H. Sybers, B. Lance, I. Gifford, V. Kozial, D. Adkins, P. Lybert, P. Schoot, D. Bloomer, P. Patrick, Treasurer: C. Wakefield, L. Pedersen, Mrs. Sanford, Advisor. SEATED: E. Anderson, Vice- President: I. Petersen, D. Schultz, President: S. Scheuer, M. Woods, Secretary: S. Lorence, Reporter. The Senior English Drama Club was or- ganized in October, 1956. The organization was an outgrowth of a unit on Parliamentary Procedure. Officers were elected, and a constitution was written and adopted. Special reports on the history of drama, particularly Shakespearian drama and the reading of Macbeth, have been a part of the club's program. The senior class play, of l957 was selected by the club. A special activity, a short comedy entitled "Dooley and the Amateur Hour, " which included all members of the club in its production, was presented at the Sheldon P.T.A. February 13, and later for the students at Tony. The club has two specific purposes: First, to practice parliamentary procedure in all of its business meetings: second, to read plays and have fun in presenting them. Thursday, the 6th of December, the Ir. Class gave its play, SEVEN CINDERELLAS, a three-act comedy, concerning Radio-TV people. CAST Charlotte Otto, Promptery Jim Lance, Gene Popowich, Phillip Lubner, David Lundgren, Pat Prouty, Iack Dorman, Edna Ralston, Virginia Mikula, Larry Phetteplace, Yvonne Smrstick, Janice Dorman, Carolyn Wlemer, Genevieve Siolkowski. 34 Student GlJ'llIlC'l' BACK ROW: V. Mikula, P. Prouty, I. Dorman, Vice-President: E. Anderson, D. Schultz, Secretary-Treasurer: P. Schoot, President, Vic Kopacz. FRONT ROW: C. Hahn, P. Leslie, S. Dennis, G. Swoverland, D. Sterba. C. Sharrah Knot pictured.l Purpose: To bring about a better co-op- eration between the students and their tea- chers, to promote the general welfare of the student body, and to establish higher standards of character, leadership, scholar- ship, and school spirit.' Activities: We planned various programs for special events throughout the year such as Veterans' Day and the activity period programs. In addition to this the Student Council helps to select the future lyceum programs. Did Horace, "the horse, " get the spot on TV that he and Gene wanted? Maybe not, but he drew a lot of attention and many laughs from the audience. It looks like they're get- ting Pat, too. Good acting, folks. s t i..a, ...-, f . -. I -V H 1 ,nm.n-aw.-qu-mawiqfn-1,1-i-pig, ffl fllll IIS G. Popowich, A. Carter, P. Patrick, V. Kozial, Mrs. Sanford. Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good book. ill to wall , , S 4. 1 Q n ' 9 up I t I . l..-1, ,,,.. ...' ' 4 Colton in 5. J N' "Merry Christmas to all--" So that's the group that fills the halls with evil smells trom N f f . ,. ., K Y S me y K Z 3 sk I L X in 9 , A' 554, OI'0flSlCS FIRST ROW: P. Prouty, S. Dennis, H. Irwin, S. Lewis, I. Linna. SECOND ROW: E. Ralston, H. Sybers, I. Gifford, E. Sprague, I. Emmons, D. Kowaleski. THIRD ROW: G. Popowich, A. Heath, D. Leonhard, C. Otto, C. Solsrud, D. Styczinski. FOURTH ROW: V. Mikula, G. Popowich, N. Anderson, G. Mincoff Mrs. Franks, Mrs. Sanford, Mr. Erickson Coaches. Forensics was particularly rewarding during the spring of '56 for Evelyn Schwalen, Bernadette Groothausen, both seniors, and Sharon Lewis, a freshman. Each received an "A" rating in the local and Eau Claire District contests, which made them eligible to compete in the state contest at Madison. Evelyn received an "A" rating at the state, Bernadette a "B plus" and Sharon L. a "B. " Approximately twenty students participated this spring of '57. 1 1 Our freshmen as they looked on October 4. H 1 t 4 LL t 1 o n my gi There WHS 6 lot of Primpinq the day of October 9, when Don't collapse, girls, until after I have your picture. Anderson Photographers, from Prentice, arrived to take in- dividual pictures of all pupils. pq.-.K K f--' kg t. f QP , X 1 . Ng I as .st t 352524 .lii E - 'xi ' , 575.55 K 1 it i t vrr. ' or o "+-vv --------'- M... ,...,.. Qlg SES tu me 5 iS Pictured above we see Mr. Morris and Mr. Foizie posing by the driver- training car furnished by Boss Auto Sales. Mr. Morris is in a happy mood-- he has just come through another student-driver session without a scratch. Mr. Foizie is happy because he doesn't have to take any risks--he teach- es the book "1arning" part of driver-training in the safety of his classroom. I Driver training was inaugurated at Tony in 1945 and was first taught by Mr. Smith. These classes were later taken over by Mr. Foizie and Mr. Morris. This was just the book phase of the course and it is estimated that some 500 students were enrolled during the 1945-1952 period. The beginning of the l953-1954 school year saw the first "behind-the- wheel" phase of driver training. Blain Motors furnished the driver-training car for that year as well as for the following two years. Since the use of a car in driver-training, Mr. Poizie has had the book phase and Mr. Morris the "behind-the-wheel" training. Mr. Morris states that to date, 119575 eighty students have completed both parts of the driver's course. 36 Q . 577 . ,. BACK ROW: M. Rindal, L. Evans, A. Schrieber, G. Ianowicz, I. Lorence, M. Huhn, L. Phetteplace, R. Mataczynski, M. Wicik, G. Noel. FOURTH ROW: B. Mauch, S. Wieckowicz, G. Huffman, K. Baughman, D. Sterba, D. Jennerman, T. Sterba, F. Kopacz, P. Lubner, H. Stanford. THIRD ROW: R. Huffman, D. Nelson, B. van Doom, P. Sanford, S. Hraban, G. Swoverland K. Kaul, I. Frey, B. Fiser, P. Polak. SECOND ROW: A. Schrieber, I. Evjen, D. Kochevar, H. Beckett, B. Kaul, R. Peterson, I. Bollom, P. Groothousen, W. Cooper, Mr. Arts, Advisor. SEATED: D. Nelson, Treasurer: M. Mataczynski, Sentinel: H. Sybers, Secretaryg V. Kopacz, President, P. Mataczynski, Vice-President: R. Wiemer, Reporter. This year our P. F. A. is composed of 49 members and if you don't believe it, just count them. In 1956 we planted about 7, O00 trees on our home'farms. We also planted 4, 000 in our school forest. This year, in 1957, we expect to plant about 8, OOO on our farms and about 4, O00 more in the school forest. Also during 1956, we planted 58 eight pound samples of Pioneer corn, 15 samples of Wisconsin Hybrid, and 38 samples of Dekalb corn. Early in the morning of Iune 5, l956, 22 members of our organization boarded the bus for our annual three day trip. Mr. Arts, our advisor, was chaperon and bus driver. We took Hghwy. 8 to Escanaba where time was spent sightsee- ing. Our return trip was by the way of Ironwood, Michigan. "A good time was had by all" and many of us are looking forward to our next Uip. Mk QU! if Busiest tlme of the day. OUR COOKS Agnes Oswald, Mrs. Rxndal, Mane Sybers. X3 gg ni -.1 was Q .. BUS DRIVERS S. Thompson, A. Hauser, I, Farley, B. Pollvka, C. Oswald, G. Christman, G. Nosser, and B. Mau. Nw or 'I Q Lester Brooks, our custodian. Y' 1 Tony High School tratiic jam. if X ,i "Parting is such sweet sorrow that we must say good-bye untll tomorrow G7 -J 'iz Ai' FRONT ROW: L. Pedersen, I. Gifford, P. Patrick, M. Woods, V. Kozial, P. Lybert, D. Schultz. BACK ROW: S. Scheuer, E. Anderson, I. Petersen,'N. Anderson, P. Schoot. I as 7X4 su 'Y Z NR- sl .gg 5 I -.J fwjfqdj' N Cf 1 N- ..-' I S 5-f' 1 f X '- These girls' find something amusing in an old yearbook or could it be that they are smiling for Mr. Morris, our photographer? Whatever the reason, it makes a nice picture. These girls were our "Old Paithfuls. " They gathered data, did all of our typing, snipped, arranged pictures, and pasted many an hour. Oh, who are they? Seated is Susan Scheuer and right other boys than he could use. nnua! On this page we would like to present ourselves to you. In this first picture you see our happy ad-soliciting crew. It must have been those flashing smiles that made their ad-selling jaunt so successful. Iohnny Petersen flook for him in the first picture, center, back row? wants it known that he was responsible for the football and basketball pages. He undoubtedly received more advice and counsel from the Not pictured are Beverly Lance and Shirley Lorence. They wrote our "Class Prophecy. il ins. His name is Don Adkins. school year now and in the years to come. behind her is Ioan Gifford. Their special pro- ject was the "From Diapers to Cap and Gown" pages which we are sure all seniors will love. Nancy Anderson, at the typewriter, arranged the "Senior's Who's Who" page among other things. Alta Heath, standing at Susan's right, inked the graduating owls that we find on the senior page. X-il .V lig f? Those two determined and serious young men seated above are Pete Schoot and Larry Pedersen, the boys responsible for our ad format and illustrations. Larry did a lot of other drawings and inkings as well. B hind them are our two Dorothys--Marshalek and Piotrowski. They helped with the Prone and Homecoming pages. Piotrowski alsc :irew the book's traditional deer and wrote the Senior Class History. The man to your right with that faraway gaze, is ponderinc underclassmen picture arrangements and fill We hope that you enjoy this lasting record of your 1956-1957 wi Q? 1. .3 ASSE. ' iz. . ,r w ' . J Zvsriggi :s.g,..5 ,C A r S QW X N"-? "': ' , K , Q S, . ml, . g,,,.",E-5' H 'Q ,. L isa. -ill?-, . -Q ., iw Ar , N X .2 . . " ' ' A . ,,..f?"ft,.l my-,,A, A fs... . x -. S at fa 1 5 . . ...ti-,wx A kk. 4 li.:-.7 mi K V5 gh: .+ S . . ..p,. ,'3i93Agg,.f M Amt. . . , N w 1. in .Q ,M A. A 3, 6, . . . up .1 X X J, A ' Ng ,L -xx as S . .. A . sf Q K. . we . . Q . . wtf. W, 5. W.. Q, , .,. Q. X' s S 1,7 , . ,W iw W . . rs- 1 in A 1 - ' 1 h,g- 1, .5 fi? . 55.35 gi lik. if Vayiidg. Pix? A-,fQg. QfQ'E.cjiil , .g,,fi"F.,.5f WW' P ,gifs P- ff .,..",3'f . K S N s,g,.,,aQ,. . W . . -. 5 s 3' .., W Cgilflflid f C8391 u cz FRONT ROW: T. Sterba, Manager, B. ,Madsen, G. Hutnik, B. Smrstick, L. Pedersen, B. var Doorn, D. Iennerman, B. Plahuta, P. Sanford, M. Rindal, K. Christman, Manager. SECONI ROW: D. Smrstick, R. Parejko, E. Anderson, R. Wiemer, L. Sterry, I. Petersen, A. Clark, D. Sterba. STANDING: Coach Laufenberg, I. Lorence, K. Smith, D. Schwarztrauber, I. Linna, V. Kopacz, G. Lance, F. Kopacz, B. Mauch, H. Stanford, H. Hall, E. Sprague, N. Erickson, Assistant Football Coach. QR JF- ami' Mervr, wwe '43 R 1aw"1' .Wx ...lhi , ...ry page " , LES K rf' fi? Cgbotfncz Qgbores September New Auburn 12 Tony September Shell Lake 25 Tony September Weyerhauser 21 Tony October Bruce 2 1 Tony October Birchwood 2 3 Tony October Chetek 14 Tony Gctober Cameron 2 7 Tony .. on f1 4 - f nc L! C 4 4 1 lack CHGYGIS. Allen Clark, Rav Wiemer, Iohn Petersen, Len Sterry, Vic Kopacz, Milan Wicik, Delbert Nelson. Janice Dorman, Shirley Lorence, Myrna Leonhard, Marie Arts. Q 0,1 UQ f J G f BACK ROW: L. Albrecht, L. Phetteplace, S. Wieckowicz, R. Ma- taezynski, I. Petersen, E. Anderson, M. Beckett, I. Mataczynski, S. Scheucr, D. Schultz. FOURTH ROW: G. Swoverland, M. Heath, F. Mataczynski, L. Pedersen, L. Gorsegner, H. lrwen, E. Ralston, S. Lewis, C. Wiemer, S. Dennis, R. Wiemer, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: G. Ianowicz, K. Smith, M. Mataczynski, V. Kozial, C. Wakefield, N. Anderson, P. Schoot, P. Prouty, C. Hahn, P. Leslie, I. Cameron, B. Lance. SECOND ROW: I. Gifford, Secretary-Treasur er, R. Oswald, M. Woods, A. Heath, F. Izdepski, I. Worden, D. Piotxowski, D. Marshalek, P. Lybert, C. Solsrud, A. Clark, Pres- ident. FRONT ROW: Mr. Foizie, Advisor, D. Leonhard, M. Leonhard, S. Lorence, H. Sybers, M. Arts, I. Dorman, 1. Iohnson. C get 0 Cl Ill 1 0 fn I. 0 fl C cz I" S Iudy Iohnson, Henry Sybers, Donna Loonhard. U .. 5 C8 C Clllflf B. Plahuta, I. Linna, L. Albrecht, R. Parejko, I-I. Hall, I. Lorence, G. Lance, F. Kopacz, T. Sterlv D M-Aww ri, Hutnik. y ll B W A H5 7 E . , lass ll ES H1 ' Q3 A .. , Mufbwm ?f,gQ 4, N-...MI is Z : gSL aljetterflrcln s 61116 FRONT ROW: K. Smith, Secretary-Treasurer: L. Sterry, President, I. Petersen, Vice-President. Behind them you will find here and there: H. Stanford, D. Smrstick, M. Wicik, I. Lance, V. Kopacz, Coach Laufenberg, Advisor, L. Pedersen, E. Anderson, K. Christman, I. Lmna, F. Kopacz, R. Parejko, D. Sterba, A. Clark, T. Sterba, R. Wlemef. The Lettermen's Club is an organization composed of all boys who nave earned a letter in football, basketball or base- ball. This year the lettermen have sponsored several dances after ball games, sold booster basketball pins and have at- tempted to bolster school spirit by making booster tags with a different slogan for each basket- ball game. I NTI NHO XOVI DIA COACH MILAN EQ E 4 E 23,133 Q 1 fifv' RAY ALLEN gl D -..q -- . . F 4, D D Veronica D D L H filo Q sn xg X A , If is QM Tony 8th Grade Graduation, 1953 Ioan Pete DOf0'fhY P- Dorothy M , Clarice ' a- Q . ,M Q, -rl. ,, , A '43 A an ' X 'C j Z-iv, , ' '1 .1 . S r '- nw 'Q S552 f , r F 5 qf X 3 Darlene, A Alta Beverly rf ' Don And Ed Phyllis. 9 J ' Rodney J y 5 Q ' Ioan Ray W. . Marshall I A L , , A 3. , v S? . emo a . M I ,Q E K R X rg I " ::.!? , X Xll- f Q ,. a i . , arlene Susan S. And Darlene S. M 'l ' an yn Ioan And Len Beverly lh Bev. Len S . D 1 e S. ' if 7? E 5 S N . .,.. ? f ' S Ray w. f ra'- NGHCV A- Darlene S . Alta And Darlene Alta H Phylhs L Nancy And? ? Bev. Pat P. Shirley, Bev. , Pat Football Stars ? ? Rodney O. Iohn P. Henry Marshall DOH A , p . nf - tk J rg ' -ft 1. - - ' ,lf .gfl H Q P we 1 ' fi' 1 .1 ja if Y ' my 5' K 4 My V f Y . :Mr ref' J 'V 224 f r uf ,V Y Q .4- S an 5 ' lg ' ,. . ' X lr 5. .4 :. ,M Ianlce And lack IDS Sharon W nc I ' l Phyllis L. Malon And Alta Dennis S. Kathy W. Darlene Z. Carol And Phyllis Pauline And Virginia Ianice, Virginia, Fay, Yvonne, Carolyn Kay P. And Darlene Z. 3 . 7 ,J P s H! ,WIA Amelda l Gary L. Q 'H Q ,qi X., V Y . gr K i I. I fu gi ' Y ,N . , Gloria M Myrna L. Gloria P. Ano ix I Donna And Myrna l Virginia L. Virginia M . iarlotte , Pat P. , Pauline mmm- ii .rum Judy M . Iohn L ir. Hubert S . Our Yearbook Photogra Photographs, Coloring, Enl Kodak Finishing lindoo Studio pher argements 108 West 5th Street South Ladysmith , Wisconsin M -M -M -M -M Good! serif . J N V' X Always Reach For Betsy Ross Breads Contains 67, Non-Pat Milk Solids Skelly P1'oduC1lS Pasteurized Milk Pasteurized Cream ' Phone 480 Glen Flora -JT, ggi.. Drink Milk For Health Ladysmith, Wisconsin Hambeau 1 Ay Valley lf, A 1 pq. Farms 3 'An ka Ladysmith , S Wisconsin 47 Miner NM .lg Theater " ,.. - a ysmi ' 'Q if le- Dubois Studio and Camera Shop "Specializing In All Types Of Photography Photographic Supplies ' And Camera Repairs isconsi 4 Ladysmith, Wisconsin ...Af Chester A- Degeberg , , The Pioneer Nenenel Bank Royal Typewriter ,NZM J Sales And Service 4, X Phone: 8l8R ': 1402 Bundy Avenue P.O. Box 222 Rice Lake, Wisconsin Ladysmith , COHS lllllh Peavey Paper Mills White Sail Tissue Towels And Napkins N4 Ladysmith , -, 1 Wisconsi " 4' JV., ,gy Whereatt s Sport Shop Q "Spo P d L. 114 F Ladysm th W sco s W l D Y General Merchandise 1340 Norbert Sch P p t On Your Radio Dial X f We E ff ig Ladysmith, lump River Q0 o 9 .f Qs ID' Wisconsin Wiscons 48 ' V TMS Dair land T Y Abbott's Dairies 0 Q 544, Sheldon, Wiscons n CJ Bruce, Wiscons n State Bank 'D ll 1 Skelly Gasoline Tony Rite-Way Station Ierry Ferr, Proprietor Tony, Wisconsi Star Oil Company Conoco And Firestone Sheldon , Wisconsin Tony Feed and Supply Alvin Christman And Maynard Iohnson Tony, Wisconsin Sheldon Co-op. "Everything In Home And Farm Supplies" At Your Friendly Co -op Trading Center Sheldon , Wisconsin Petersen's Clover Farm Store Phone: 72 4-R2 Tony, Wisconsin YPMA Implement Company At Lower Cost-- Ford Tractors And Farm Machinery Texaco Oil Firestone Tires Tony , Wisconsin 49 McElravy's Funeral Home Charles McElravy Esther A. McElravy Phone: 433 Ladysmith, Wisconsin Hutnik's School and Office Sales R.C . Allen Adding Machines L.C. Smith Typewriters Phone: 924 Main Street Ladysmith, Wisconsin Compliments Of I. C. PENNEY CO. , INC. Ladysmith , Wisconsin Compliments Of FARMERS' UNION CO-OP Ladysmith , Wisconsin KOVACE VIC H M OT ORS Chrysler - Plymouth il Minneapolis - Moline XX! Bruce , Wisconsin fddfz iyif i W 2. 'mfmhli if, 1. ARROWHEAD PRINTING Phone: 477 Box 67 Ladysmith , Wisconsin CITY LAUNDRY Phone: 555 Ladysmith , Wisconsin HURIN 'S RECREATION HALL Pool And Soft Drinks Tony, Wisconsin ELLINGBOE'S FURNITURE Phone: G30 Ladysmith, Wisconsin BROOKLYN FOOD SHOP Phone: 542 Ladysmith , Wisconsin A E ' I Mr' LADYSMITH HINSHAW SHOE CO. """"'...,::-': g AGENCY, INC. ' I """""" INSURANCE Q' PHONE: 274 Rx l A General Agents 11 f 103 Miner Avenue East For Rusk County 1 1 Phone: 73 Mutual Insurance .Lf I Ladysmith, Wisconsin Ladysmith, Wisconsin Company um . SPEIDEL'S DRUG STORE The Rexal Store 'Y our Corner Drugstore For Over 45 Years. " Ladysmith, Wisconsin GAMBLES un'-""' "The Friendly Store" Ladysmith, Wisconsin GUSTAFSON ICE CREAM 6: DAIRY CO. HUNT'S GRILL Q, QMS Wisconsin Grade A Dairy Products X, - 1 L6-dYSm-ith, WiSCOI1SiD Ladysmith, Wisconsin O. I. FALGE AND IAMES P. MORAN Attorneys -At-Law Ladysmith , Wisconsin SECURITY ., . 1 Q f,,1.--- INSURJWGB AGE NCQ' O. B . Johnson, Manager Insurance Real Estate Security Bank Bldg. Ladysmith , Wisconsin A coz-xsr TO COAST STORES if-so - Ladysmith, Wisconsin Phone: 288 -XII! f' LADYSMITH PHARMACY For Drugs And Prescriptions Phone: 82 Walgreen System Ladysmith, Wisconsin 51 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MODE SHOP A "The Shopping Center For High School Girls" Ladysmith , Wisconsin VV'EBB'S ARMY STORE "See Us For Better Buys" Phone: 645 Ladysmith , Wisconsin BURT'S PRINTING 6: STATIONERY SHOP Phone: 199 Ladysmith, Wisconsin HENNEKEN'S FARMER STORE Phone: 64-W Ladysmith, Wisconsin WILSON'S CORNER STORE Holcombe , Wisconsin BROWN'S STORE Sheldon, Wisconsin KUSH'S CLOVERFARM STORE Conrath, Wisconsin HEIN IMPLEMENT Ladysmith , Wisconsin GROOM 'S IEWE LRY af wwf Ladysmith , Wisconsin RUBY'S DRESS SHOP Ladysmith, Wisconsin OHLFS REFRIGERATED LOCICER CO. Ladysmith, Wisconsin 52 LAMPERT YARDS Ladysmith , Wisconsin COM PLIME NTS OF ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHERS Individual School Photos Prentice , Wisconsin BLAIN'S Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Ladysmith, Wisconsin NORTH STAR PAVILION Sheldon, Wisconsin BOXWELL'S STORE Wayne Thompson, Proprietor Sheldon, Wisconsin DAIRYLAND LOAN AND INVEST. CORP. W. F. Dietlein C. D. Hegeholz Sheldon, Wisconsin SHELDON SALES AND SERVICE Sheldon, Wisconsin CLOVERBELT LUMBER COMPANY Conrath, Wisconsin EMMON'S CORNER STORE Conrath, Wisconsin Compliments Of MR. AND MRS. RONALD MOORE Conrath, Wisconsin CI-IAMBERLIN'S ELECTRIC SHOP Ladysmith, Wisconsin FELLAND'S GROCERY Ladysmith , Wisconsin ROLAND R. DIEDERICH State Farm Insurance Ladysmith, Wisconsin GRACE'S FLOWER SHOP Ladysmith, Wisconsin RUSK COUNTY AGENCY W. L. Anderson Ladysmith, Wisconsin SAMUE L GOODS ITT Attorney-At -Law Ladysmith , Wisconsin '45 HENDRICKS BROTHERS Mercury Sales And Service Bruce , Wisconsin BRUCE HOME FURNISHINGS Magee Carpeting Phone: 138 Bruce, Wisconsin BRUCE JEWELRY STORE Bruce , Wisconsin COMPLIME NTS OF DAIRY QUEEN Malts , Sundaes , And Cones Ladysmith, Wisconsin FARLEY'S MACHINE SHOP Ladysmith, Wisconsin GOFFIN OIL AND FERTILIZER Ladysmith, Wisconsin THE GERARD HOTEL Iames Armstrong, Manager Ladysmith, Wisconsin VIC'S LIVESTOCK MARKET Phone: 319 Ladysmith, Wisconsin A I NNERMAN'S WEST SIDE SERVICE ' Standard Oil Products Ladysmith , Wisconsin HOWARD'S CITY SERVICE I SECURITY STATE BANK Ladysmith, Wisconsin Ladysmith, Wisconsin NETZINGER'S HOME FURNISHINGS Ladysmith, Wisconsin ZIMMERMAN'S CAFE Ladysmith, Wisconsin LADYSMITH CLEANERS Ladysmith , Wisconsin REIDNER'S GROCERY STORE Ladysmith, Wisconsin BILL'S BARBER SHOP Ladysmith , Wisconsin BOSTON LUNCH Ladysmith , Wisconsin HENNEKEN'S MEAT MARKET sunt' DON SHELL SERVICE W "Service Is Our Business" Ladysmith, Wisconsin Ladysmith, Wisconsin CLOVERFARM STORE Ladysmith , Wisconsin 54 We Test--We Classify EXCELSIOR FARM Tom Heath Registered Guernseys - Tony, Wisconsin I We Show--We Sell C CMPLIME NTS OF FREE PORT SILOS SNO--BALL RITE -WAY STATION Q Wet Cast 5 "Strong As The Rock Of Gibraltar" ' Tom Heath - Phone: 70613 Skelll' Products Tong, Wisconsin I HE GEMAN 'S BARBER SHOP Ladysmith , Wisconsin OSCAR FRAN KS RUDY'S RADIO SHOP FANDEI. RADIO AND TV SERVICE tmztogrczpks To The Advertisers: We would like to express our sincere thanks for your contributions . Without your financial help this yearbook would ' have been impossible. To Mr. rMorris: I We want you to know that we greatly appreciated your willingness to take our activity pictures. We think you did a splendid job! Thank you. President 55 WWF 'ef 0,10 16:5 0615-0,09 Ulnnuah 06 CDistinrtivn gm Oven Uwcufg Dlllpdllyf Cgeans ZA IIIC I c Moncem I 1 71? 51 4 ,IAAJ 1 sa, IX s D Q 5 ,WJ A, . Q Ov' 1 E 5 47 A 2 I P i 0 K 5 X 3 4 x 3 'P I v 'P Q22 Q, :ry 15. J, 25 ,Azz 1 M aw ' 'Wi 2551? E361 ' 5 1 ,5 If " we 35 ,. 5 --L 3 g J r f' MmT2 15j L 96 LL 16M M if jff'Zj , Qfwfffj, Qggifjlfivy wfgfifiifyif WWKZWM Wf',ffW A0 QyE',3y MMS M W WMDQTQ M pWEZ-lfffix 0 fu NXWJI' ,L

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