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Tonopah High School - Nugget Yearbook (Tonopah, NV) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1958 volume:

-I ml lllIll:0'.'! . QQ WI A Q nnhssllgl Il-ll na M mu. I ll I umlmm ' ------1 lm lll PUBLISHED BY TGNCPAH HIGH SCHOOL. PH r" my 3 5 :B ll 2: ?! mul L' The Nugget staff of 1958 ded1 cates the Nugget of 1958 to our Jan itor Mr Karr to him for all the help he has glven the Student Body He has been here about fxve years and he has made friends with all the students who have gone to Tonopah Hngh Again we wzsh to express our thanks to Mr Karr We would like to express our thanks is MRS. MABEL CANNAN Secretary MR. RAY TENNANT ' Superintendent MR. JOHN ELLIOTT Counselor MR. LEPORE Principal : '24 To the Seniors who have com- pleted their high school studies, I hope this will be just the start in your field of education. The rest of the students will step forward in their classwork as the Seniors step forward to take their place in the world. In whichever group you are numbered, go with a willing- ness to leam, and to contribute your help, so that this world of ours will be a finer and happier place for all of us. Good luck to those who are leaving this school, and continued success to those who are returning to finish their high school studies. Pl-IYLLIS LOGAN Secretary MR. BORUK English, Spanish MR. LOGAN Muslc MR CI-IRISTOPULOS Soc1a1 Sclences Athlenc. MRS, RUMBAUGH Business Education G1r1s P,E, MRS. DEL PAPA Home Economics General Science MR. STEWARD Science Mathematics I . , fx 9 16 23 24 6 5 . 30 31 'T sum we it .R va MN' President ---- - - MARILYN CARLSON Vice President - - - - NICK BRADSHAW Treasurer ---- ---- L YDIA BAIRD Secretary - - - - LORRAINE BYRNES MR. EDWARD BORUK Sponsor NICK BRADSHAW Honor Society lg Student Council 35 Block "T" 3,4, Vice President 4g Football 2,3 Sandstorm 2g Class President 3, Vice Presi dent 4. LYDIA BAIRD Class Treasurer 2,3,4g Sandstorm 1,2,3,4, Editor 4g Student Council 3,45 Pep Club 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 4g FHA 1,2,3,4, Officer 1,2,3,4g Variety Show 4g Chorus 1,2. LORRAINE BYRNES Carnival Queen Candidate 2g Annual Assist- ant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 45 Girls' State 3: Homecoming Queen Candidate 4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Secretary of Class 4g Pep Club 45 FHA 1. CAROL BROWN Student Body Treasurer 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Muckerettes 2,3,4: President of Muckerettes 4g sandsrorm 2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3,4g Annual Assistant Editor 3g Class President 2g Student N A 'sst S Council 1,2,4. DORIS EVERDON Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,4g FHA lg GAA 1,2g Spanish 1,3p Library 3,4. 'r . Q3 MARILYN CARLSON Cheerleader 3,43 Camival Queen Candidate 3g Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 H-IA 1, 2,3,4g FHA President 4g Class President 4, Vice President 2, Secretary lg Sandstorm 1, 2,3,4g Student Council 4. PAT IACOBSON Basketball IV 1, Varsity 2,3,4g Football 3, 45 Student Body President 4g Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,25 Student Council 1,2,3,4g Block "T" 2,3,4, Vice President 35 Honor Society 1,2. JUDY HATCH GAA 1,2,3,4g Muckerettes 3g Chorus 1,2, 3g Pep Club 1,2,3g Library 3g Secretary of Spanish Club 34 FHA 1,2. JOHN MASLACH Variety Show 15 Football 2,3,45 Football Co-Captain 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Block "T" 2,3,45 President of Block "T" 4. DELORA SMITH Chorus 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Muckerettes 3,45 Pep Club 45 Band 1. ROD MCINNIS Honor Society 15 Track 1,2,3,45 IV Basket- ball 2,45 Basketball 45 Football 2,3,45 Biock "T" 3,45 Boys' State 4, CHARLOTTE WILSON Student Body Secretary 4g Student Council 3, 4g Muckerettes 2,4g Block "T" 4g Honor Society 1, 2g Cheerleader 3g Camival Queen Candidate lg Homecoming Queen 45 Girls' State 3g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Junior Class Presi- dent 3g Sandstorm 2,3,4. F 45 Sf 1.11. , 1 M44 , as .A si-Ms,.,. 3 JACK WARDLE Block "T" 3,4g Football 3,4g Basketball 3,4 Student Body Vice President 33 Football Co- Clerk of Election 2g Student Council 4. DON SLATER Track 1,2,3g Football 3,4g Block "T" 4. TOM WILSON Honor Society l,2,3,4, President 4g Sand- storm 2,3g Pep Club 2g Boys' State 3g Sec- tetary of Class 3g Student Council 4. Captain 3,4g Track 4g Freshman President lp 6 I' sf -mf? KEN EASON SU ZIE BOGDON RALPH DAHLQUIST X DICK FRITTS L. LUPE GCN ZA LEZ fsiff rg Q in 'RzX,.f f X A 4? F DORIS GROVER LORAINE JOHNSON PiCfUl'9 JOAQUIN LIMON Noi' Available BILL METSCHER IORETTA LEE LIONEL PALMER H, Qu-..----' I , 5 s QS """"?' VIRGINIA o'BERG T JOHN O'LEARY EMILY PRIESTER BUD SAUNDERS 'YF KEITH SCOTT 'FU- MQ. 'F Wi... , Q . 2 ff . ,Eg , 5 .x . E X , ' .' af-E fa 1 -ip i 11. EN K. 1 ff Norah Baird Bob Bottom Sue Cavanaugh Joe Fallini Dennis Florez Donna Funk Lamont Jenson Gail Goehring Qs 45" Y x I 3 . Jo Ann Johnson 1? ! ,ii AMW-nga-u Q, li im i i ' nz' -Wi 'Q 'J 9' a,. w 6 ! x ni 'R ul! GX Q ..,. I Allen Douglas Junior Herrara Jon Key , -. :,.,, , N' fix HIL I' .., , Verna Hesketr Robert Limon more Nor Avanusu Joan Sie gfriedson Bernice Taylor A 1 QB---s..,, 5 fb A z TOO BUSY we af Q 4 lx I No! Shown '-1-svugx P. um, ' I Mike McGee Joe Maslach Philip Metscher Alice Mitchell Keith O'Berg Jim Patchen Leonard Saunders Carol Jean Stewardson Paulette Wilson Dena Wolfe Patsy Wilson if 'Wi fb QS .Z 2-:rx 'll fa QQ I . .gil I 43' 26:51 1' P. :Tj s5Qs'X'.x N s Nl' ' ' 1 " ms' . ., 'I' 'ae . . ' Q Q .ty 'A 0 n " n 'w,. "fax 'Q a , A ' 5 'Q I Q' Q 0.5 MR. DON LOGAN Sponsor President - - Vice President - Secretary - - Treasurer - - MANUEL MARTINEZ - - NORMA MILLER ANDREA DAHLQUIST - LAURIE EGOSCUE 0 4 'T'-,7 '92 +I N- 154- ess f-W vt' Vi .6 Q9 . 1- if Q- -,'- ry . , If ..9'N. I 4?"! 'ei fL T7 jf? l NDN'T HAVE A 'WING T0 WEAR 4' 15 rn mv 11553.- Robert Bogdon Beverly Bordoli Gwenn Breen Donna Coulter Andrea Dahlquist Laurie Egoscue Warren Evemdon Robert Famsworth Zona Godfrey Raymond Herrara Nancy Hough Yvonne Jenson Jo Lewis Mike McDonald Sandra Manley D f , L 1 Noi Sho n PHOTO NOT AVAILAII-I QP PAT JACOBSON President KEN EASON Vice President The Student Body Officers were elected in the Spring of 1957 and were under the leadership of Pat Jacobson. They had a very successful school year helping with the Homecoming, Carnival and other school activities. CHARLOTTE WILSON Secretary CAROL BROWN Treasurer at at .. 'J'---, .' 3 . M ' C - 5 , . . 4 ff , , 'f if " I ,T G5 . fa 2 2 s ff o',,, ,. ls JPL l: - it-V. . rg 1 V . B ,xx ERI . QWJH S ml , rf- 'fjgg E' ir.-355715. Qi Bl it ..sea.,.,, V X rays, Ai , has J .I r ' A ' . " 1 liluni-B if .aff A 'vi ' 'Ei' 3 STANDING: Loraine Johnson, Marilyn Carlson, Loretta Lee, Robert Bogdon, John Nance, Lydia Baird, Tom Wilson, Doris Grover, John Maslach, Carol Stewardson, Jon Key, Donna Funk. SEATED: Mrs. Lillian Rumbaugh, Spon- sor, Keith O'Berg, Jack Wardle, Pat Jacobson, Ken Eason. INSERTED: Charlotte Wilson, Carol Brown. During the school year of 1957-1958, the Student Coun- cil had many responsibilities and carried them out very well. Under the leadership of Pat Jacobson, the Student Council helped make Tonopahl-li to become a better school and helped in Student Body Affairs. -J N...J' ws f I' LEFT TO RIGHT Lorralne Byrne Busmess Manager Joe Maslach Ass1stantBus1ness Manager Mrs Rumbaugh Sponsor Loretta Lee Edrtor Len Saunders Assrstant Edrtor MRS LILLIAN RUMBAUGH Sponsor At thxs moment I would hke to thank the Stu dent Body and Faculty for the fme co operauon I have recerved m making thrs 1958 NUGGET I hope that a11of you w111enJoy readmg :hrs an nual Thank you a gam LORETTA LEE Edrtor , 6 , A ,. if Q sm in . ,ff Alice Slater, Assistant Business Managerg John O'Leary, Business Managerg Doris Grover, Assistant Editorg Lydia Baird, Editorg Jack Wardle, Sports Editor. NOT PICTURED: Ken Eason, Assistant Sports Editor. -28' QF' Aix'-fa, Z 'L...,f A . I-.'Yl W-I' C Spanish 61116 3 TOP ROW: Mr, Boruk, Sponsor, BOTTOM ROW: Henry Burdick, Lydia Baird, Jon Key, HONOR SOCIETY The Tonopah High School Honor Society was composed of five original members, Senior Tom Wilson, Junior Loraine Johnson and Sophomores Sue Cavanaugh, Nora Baird and Alice Mitchell. Tom Wilson served as President while Alice Mitchell served as Vice Presidentg Sue Cavanaugh, Secretaryg Nora Baird, Treasurerg and Loraine Johnson, Member, Mr, Lepore is the Faculty sponsor, A as .O lm.,-5 D 0 ff 3 its iv BACK ROW Em11y Prlester Lupe Gonzalez V1Ig1I1l8 O Berg Manlyn Carlson Lorame Johnson FRONT ROW Lyd1a Baud Charlotte W11son Thelma Smxth . BACK ROW Detta Wolfe Nancy Hough Patsy WIISOH Ahce Mltchell Beverly Bordoh Nora Baud Rose Vlscarra FRONT ROW Donna Funk Sue Cavanaugh Zona Godfrey K , J ? .gif It 'JI Y i i 'w : - - ' 1 . . . , , . I . : ' ' , ' , ' 11- - ,- V O! ob 1 , A I 1 9 l o ' h 3 n .. . ' . . : ' , . NICK BILL ,.a i I MARILYN JOHN MASLACH President JOE BOE JOE 'L 1 ON LEN va- fl'f..llf"v1 JACK CHARLOTTE DON il 7 P' -'-gf f.- 3 . Y E 4 if SUE Q Q f?ff1Q""' h 'jf-A . ZA 2 5,1 f I f- an S 4 DONNA "COACH" S, M, Sponsor DETTA EDDIE ROBERT RALPH KEITH fra FRONT ROW: Patsy Wilson, Secretary, Lydia Baird, Treasurer, Lorraine Byrne, Vice President, Bud Saunders, President, Mr. Steward, Sponsor. The Pep Club was organized under the sponsorship of Mr. Steward. Officers were: Roger Saunders, President, Lorraine Byrne, Vice Presi- dentg Patsy Wilson, Secretary, Lydia Baird, Treasurer. The Cheerleaders composed the Executive Committee. The Pep Club proved very successful and went on several trips. C53 NICK PA T JOHN 4 . STANDING Ph111pMetcher Ken Sm John Maslach, Ralph Dahlqulst Pat Jacobson RodMc1nn1s Jack Wardle Ed U1 meyer Coach Chnstopulos KNEELING Joe Maslach Jon Key Nrck Bradshaw M1keMcDona1d Robert Llmon Don if "5- Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah JON '57 SEASON 43 Owyhee 20 Wells 20 Big Pine. 24 Coleville 26 Smith Valley 37 Gerlach 30 Fernely 16 Gabbs PLAYOFF 12 Smith Valley ' conference games MIKE 0 20 45 on 60 63 28' 30' 32 JON ROBERT JOE RECORD Tonopah Gabbs 33' Tonopah Carlin 61 Tonopah Moapa 39 Tonopah Carlin 52 Tonopah Lund 37' Tonopah Alamo 41 Tonopah Owyhee 32 Tonopah Lund 45' Tonopah Austin 31' Tonopah Eureka 45' Tonopah Ala mo 31 Tonopah Virginia City 53 Tonopah Eureka 44' Tonopah Big Pine 52 Tonopah Gabbs 53' Tonopah Virgin Valley 58 Tonopah Big Pine 66 Tonopah Austin 41' 'Conference Games ZONE Tonopah 63 Gabbs 47 Tonopah 67 Eureka 46 STATE Tonopah 42 Femely 57 Tonopah 30 Lander 22 Tonopah 72 Carlin 52 KEITH LEN KEN ,vp ,. .,, ,zi- X X X STANDING: Raymond Herrara, Allen Douglas, Darrel Reed, Eddie Ulmeyer - Manager KNEELING Mike McDonald, Bud Perchetti, Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah Tonopah 57 51 Won Won Won 28 Big Pine 44 Big Pine 45 Carlin Carlin Beatty Beatty Beatty Beatty Won Moapa Valley 58 . Ja' 'Ps ax. - -,f , ' AAAS I--?2:'?::..:3 4 -'L 357 'G - Jf' , , A 11. a-is ' mg: QE, Pj. 1 . , J ..'. 123 1 ., -f-.x..L4g1-Q gf, g ,,,.q..'?,5: as ' 1.1 T-"T,-fri", , ,-.., .,i,5: .. ,ax ,m ...QQ 4 5' W' 1 . -, ,M Q 4 fi , x . .F ,.-A. 4, .si "lb wa I MARILYN DETTA SUE LEFT TO RIGHT: Detta Wolfe, Marilyn Carlson, Sue Cavanaugh. The Nugget Staff of 1958 U1 behalf of the Student body and Faculty of Tonopah I-hgh School dedlcates thxs page to our late fnend JOHN MURNANE To the fnends who knew htm John was respected and well lrked He served hrs country well tn the Umted States Army John was 1n the Class of 1951 of Ton opah Hrgh and was drstmguxshed rn many actrvrtres Basketball 2 4 Block T 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 F H A 3 4 Brology Club 2 Glee Club 1 4 Sandstorm 1 4 Student Counc1l4 Stu dent Body Presrdent 4 YV -9 Ji' - K -if K XJ 'lf M.l' i W. AMP' Loraine Byrne Queen Charlotte Wilson Marilyn Carlson Charlotte Wilson became the first Homecoming Queen of Tono- pah High Charlotte was crowned at the Halftime period of the Tono- pa -wells football game and reigned over a dance in the evening Charlotte will reign until a new Homecoming Queen is crowned. gs 1 ,wir Y. V ' Frm., . V I 'QD' Tl Queen Detta Wolfe, Sophomoreg Thelma Smith, Seniorg Doris Grover, Juniorg and An drea Dahlquist, Freshman. This year's Carnival Queen was Sophomore Detta Wolfe. Her name will be put on the list of past Carnival Queens. Detta will reign until the Fall of 1958 and we all know she will make a good Queen. 51119 Khvrus fy- -fx Fried A MA ., . ,L . . BACK ROW: Rose Viscarra, Doris Evernden, Andrea Dahlquist, Laurie Egosgue, Delora Smith, Lorraine Byrne. MIDDLE ROW: Loretta Lee, Gail Goehring, Nancy Hough, Gwenn Breen, Donna Coulter, Suzie Bogdon, Alice Slater, Beverly Bor doli, Thelma Smith. FRONT ROW: Mike McGee, Carol Brown, Marilyn Carlson, Charlotte Wilson, Detta Wolfe. cgi?" 77 STANDING: Joe Fallini, Dennis Florez, Warren Evernden, Manuel Martinez. SITTING: Robert BogClOI1. AUCH Douglas. Mike McDonald. N f DON LOGAN Sponsor ll . . A V1 1 2' .. .., ,..A.kJv ,.,1E IV, .6 V ' .i..:,,1 Q, !?!s':L-L. . . Eavwa-ef -f I 'TN-".L, A Y' .x - ., .. - N I 1' A AIA! ,ff J . QV! , . 1 ff' . ,wr .fijs K 1,1 . 1. 1 ' ' x. and' dike AdC,Z'3L"' 4 Donna Funk, Marilyn Carlson, Gwen Breen, -agp I it ig , H. 'QXVAD4 0 F W .- .ali f gf'- QKQU5 ETA 1-' V fi? Q' Q? QRNAD4 GWLESUU Charlotte Wilson, Rod Mclnnis, Lorraine Byrne, Tom Wilson. Charlotte Wilson and Lorraine Byrne were the representatives to Girls' State and Rod Mclnnis and Tom Wilson were representatives to Boys' State. The sessions were held in June of 1957. Charlotte and Lorraine were sent by the American Association of University Women. Rod and Tom were sent by the American Legion. The purpose of these sessions are to acquaint high school boys and girls with Government procedures. , 0 ll' f 1 5' 44' I, Lung 7 in NHCLYNSJ1 T5 Hive!! f I K 1 I . . L QE'-?, .Q ff" ff - 'd 9' , ,- A QQ , '- u 9 , ' . .Q 9' ull 'Il 1, , IO. na - I '1" ' ' nf.- ! J ,,, I4 K 1,1 L fg, in ' 1 fv - . ff ,, .1 ,' ,J D ff 1' - .1 I ' Q. Q1 1 'Q 'f '. 1 .Nfl Y -" r 1? I 'A .,' gf 2, - r I I I, '1 'H . E I J! :E , ',,, ,D 1 -4. qw' ,qs 1:1 , Lain. 2 x W S',fa' U 1 'gb' ? 1 , 8 -gl Q ., ,iyf g ZA HQ 7 v ESQ 122+ ff sa. 'G f' A4 K S, ix, voun fnounnes QW if gffvnulsu R 505 Wu CAVANAUGH BROS Ply C yl v a 3 pah N d O St p S M?flif.E!?5 fi I ""7 cw, ' 1 -Aiplp :fry f 4 N N 33 . , 7' 'X S 1 gl ' , I mouth m u U d C B a' s. T a TONOPAH CLUB, COFFEE SHOP, AND PINK ELEPHANT ROOM Coffee Shop - Bar - Gambling - Cocktail Lounge - Slots MILTON RUSSELL STEVE PETERHANS L gl L MOTEL Y Ollll SEARCH EIIDS WRX 'JWJV ft U4 Qu 'Q' A - f,h' b . ' THE MIZPAH HOTEL Hotel Bar Restaurant Casino The Br1ght Spot of Tonopah Quahty Grocemes and Excellent Photography N? Relscl-:Kes 'F V GROCERY I 'lil l Phone 1562. 17 f THE L MOTEL 1 Tonopah, Nevada 'TU' we X ljngrutulutluus to the graduatmg class DESERT HAR DW ARE and WOLFE'S MEN'S SHOP Main Street Tonopah, Nevada K.. ljugrutulutlnns to the graduutmg class REVERT BRCS INC P tty N l I X 49 ONE STOP Ssmvncs Yu tD US 95 d U CARL S PLACE I i S O . Yi- ' TS? 1' gi D'r'bf fU'o'1 dt I 2 , ', ' I 5 w 6 " + 6 I Sof r1nks - Bar xi" TA? G . at 12 7 C 1d1 N d - - S6 Ph N 1 iw' - Egg ,xy GIFTS Q . Q Tw DOWN S DEPAR T ME NT ST OR E Tonopah Nevada ovccozfifbmg BEST POLICY AT ALL TIMES TITLOW INSURANCE COMPANY For the Latest Read the TGNOPAH TIMES BONANZA AND GOLDFIELD NEWS lv -me 1 S' r If V- .. ' 1 4 H 5- 'Q Ij f If 31 S . JJ .,.,.,. . X l X i I SEE US "' AND rx-6 g -.J X 006 fax KXW D B W th TRUCKING 32 GCOD FOOD LPWW j if t g Y WARDLES DR UG STORE 502 Ma FQ ef! Yif Mens I , VX CENTRAL MARKET G Sp S gettez Walaea THE KELLY HOTEL R dBtt pt . xt :ff L' fl' fe , a . X uxx xx ff fr 4 Jlf ,. X Vw 1'r,5 f f KQV X fef ' Tfifiik L hen You -i59'L o usiness Ti TTTTT Ebwhery hin ou Need at Phone 3 Phone in Str t W 0 1,91 at X f S 3 , f T fr Z V -f' for R bl t Quality c ' s H , rty' uccess to the graduating class of '58 ISBELL CONSTR UCTION COMPANY B ulldlng B ette r Safer Hlghway s R eno Nevada XJ SERVICE Q5 STATION Z4 Hour SGTVICG Auto Supphes and Sportlng Goods .T D JOHNSON B1shop Cahforma Phone 529 uccess to the groduahng class COTTAGES Nevada S Largest Motel Elko Nevada S1r1cerest W1shes to the Graduatlng Senlors TONOPAH LAUNDRY CORA AND NAT HOOKS , 5, 7772 TONY'S JAY'S STOP U! 91 COLEMAN S GROCERY eip 011 fe mosey 0 VZ' Rhea W MIDLAND MOTORS FORD MERCURY 2142 MIWMM JMaqwn1s DR ESS SHOP Tonopah , Nevad THE j ,f lyuns SHOP L t t 1 Tonopah, Nevada is D13 d ffe Li ,' fra t 'S fi THE Q Q NEVADA X CAFE KRETSCHMER DISTRIBUTING CO. , I X K7 'Z' '17 EL---' 3251 ' 1 ' .-of L w 2529 0 ' l ' f Q ,I E"!-i.:::i" . -ff ' Q' f', . N L., Choice XT' ,ff-f I I 1 k ill Meats R 5 ' 5- ' X and Quality Sw! , Food at 1 1 Phone - o-'TI-E:--, - , If - O I . -1 -5 O xx W e ' it-T-Q - 1 1 at K f W M f ' I f , X V for the 4 ,I a es Sty e QUERY THE R X fin., CAFE un - Brldgeport Cahf 9' sPoRTsMAN s Good Luck Class of 58 From flfldldlfl Sprzngs SERVICE AND MOTEL Ind1an sprmgs Nev Phone 1 uccess to the Graduat1n OASIS Cl BAR gl CAFE Ind1an Sprmgs Nevada CHAR LES AND SUE SMIT 8 ass H X X 469 X yi f Y W x x' 4' 1 Tonopah Nevada QAVE1 BIRD S MARKET Tonopah Nev 2 cuddly 620602664 MILLERS MOTEL 8: CHEVRON STATION Congratulahons to the Class of 1958 PAT AND JULIA SWEENEY Prop Gold fleld Nevada jcusvnou-rf AIAZZI CHEVROLET For Good Enjoyment Go to the BUTLER - Carhn, Nev. Y Y Y - t I 1 L - 1 A I E L- 1 1 A f T, to 'E 'M Q? 'QU' f T Q : 1 b 2 ., , K' , If I i 7 K A Er'- 6 ' ' L a ' 1 O ' I , ' 1 ' ,ff 'A' 1' 4 I 1 I cf QQ,'4,',, , Q ,X C11 I 17 'TYR-v' " ,X I i f 'aff' 5 1 ' ' , ,xl - ' f . I D I .S 5 X . 7 , . I I l..T.lI 2 ...l 1 AND SAVE If AT TRA R PARK THE LES AND DOT RI-IINES Congratulauons and Best W1shes to the Semors RAMONA HOTEL Tonopah Nevada Irwin MURNANES SERVICE STATION Your Fmendly Shell Dealer Servrce When You Need lt ,Qi DOII1' YIORRY GET HEI! GIF flffcm V THE CORNER STORE Refreshments - Novelties Gifts Magazines and Cards Everything You Need Main Street Phone 393 XX X G11 QL THE REX BAR T NOPAH CLEANERS 1: suvEYouReARl2.g I 'L at no ILE lf, 4 ' Xi XX is A S R ' f , ' fqxr C: H j bf.-. A 41,378 to , W '51 O 'A' 'ffsrfvpxhhhcfxxya F sf e SQYICE W THE THOUGHT NSHOP MOTEL KELLY GARAGE Reaso able P C s VstYo X B1shp Calf D ale T day We Spec al 1 o p tal ty pah Ne ada Cpen WHEN IN THE 2 F,,32U,i,f5,, 24 Hours' Ill JACK'S WAFFLE SHOP B1Shop Cal for 1a J stG d Food Fast Se 1ce " fx ff fx F Comfort - yl Q w! U f-' V RJ f 5 V, ,..f" J' ol L-S'-Eff? H J V Sw' O " at . . ur . . O .a i . . H . . no , f' Q 2. 'Z M 0 3' ls, LET US H E L jig Tim L Zan Wiweq Be-ST Wlshes FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ADA Resources Over S230 OOO O00 OUR BEST WISHES CHARLES W MAPES .TR Pre s1dent and Gen Mgr v 3 I n a 4 o 7 yyi, IJ 43,1 CAMPBELL S AND KELLY lcnivnouarf XX ,A fd 16 , 9 5 , L" ' "J fl' ' I J WN. A Pr' X' ' , V y ,F f u X '5 A U ." Z ' -UULL ' - ' S e New Chevrolet at 7 X TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO L

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