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'VCX vp 9 QOYL 'WW VROPER'YY UF ,ua ' if Lin., 'fi Published by Tonopah High School Tonopah, Nevada 1 9 5 1 N U G G E T Y,,f' I :F 55 Na 5 'Wm ! ! E - A , DEDICATION We, the students of Tonopah High School, in appreciation of their kind consideration and helpfulness, sincerely dedicate this annual to the faculty of Tonopah High School Each Teacher, Mr Boyd, Mr Tennant, Mrs Jones, Mr only an excellent teacher but also a kind friend They have tried to understand each and everyone of us, and have given us all the help possible No teachers could have been better and so with this dedication to them, it is hoped we can show a little of our appreciation Welte, Mr. Constantz, and Mrs. Ashjian, has been not We N + ' - 3 ' L ' , f - f""iA,,' ' - . , . A P f A Q L SN ADMINISTRATICN f'N Q QJfiff,,,ur,g, Tillman E Boyd jafuky f-,J ,ff ffl? fflib ll 8 5:52:24 manning- Co-1--Sfrfff' Jz:s:., I Donald A Constant: Hath Coach -1 nts , 4-it or K ! f 5. sv eww WW fl fwwfw K i?2Z?fiAanJ1nn goggrf Wnifzft' Home Boo Girls P E u O rv ,s -is 'Ungar 1 , o o ,J qw Q7 L , V, If A n A Y Qxxgl , fx X.. q I A 5 x' n supQr1nzsnaenz'- Chemistry ,fm - VV if x n ,ff 1 f 7 , ' , if" -- L! J SENICRS .., .Aan , . ,J . ., I 1 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TREASURER, Teresa Herrera, PRESIDENT, John Clendenning, VICE PRESIDENT, Paula Douglass, and SECRETARY, Elaine Offen SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The Senior Class of 1951 entered high school in 1947, as a group of independent Freshmen consisting of 14 boys and 9 girls Through ou1 U yeals of high school the number has slightly decreased to 7 boys and 5 girls Our sponsor was Miss East, Music and History teacher for that year Officers were Pres Jerry Matherly, Vice Pres Duncan Shlnn, Sec Richard Logan, Treas Doris Casner Paula Douglass was Freshmen candidate for Carnival Queen The boys who earned their first Basketball sweaters were Jim Davis and Joe Florez Our first dance in high school was the Frosh Dance Our Sophomore sponsor was Mr McDonald, who was Coach that year Officers were Pres Duncan Shinn, V Pres Jorn lurnane, Sec Doris Casner, Treas Teresa Herrera Rachel Antonlazzl ran for Carnival Queen that year Those who earned Basketball sweaters were Duncan Shlnn, Richard Logan, John Murnane, George Mosher Our second big dance was the Sophomole hop Junior Year Officers were Pres lst half John Clendennlng, 2nd half Jerry Matherly, V Pres lst half Duncan Shinn, 2nd half Charles Priester, Sec lst half Buddy Easley, 2nds half Vary Bombassei, Treas Teresa Herrera, Our Junior Prom and Banquet was one of the nicest ever held Doris Casner ran for Carnival Queen and won for the JHHlO1 Class Basketball sweaters were earned by Richard Logan, Duncan Shinn, John Clendenning, and Paula Douglass, who was cheerleader that year, earned a Block T Sweater Mr Welte, Music and History teacher is our sponsor for this year Officers are Pres John Clendenning, V Pres Paula Douglass Sec F'a1ne Offen, Treas Teresa Herrera Elaine Offen ran for Carnival Queen this year 1 O r 0 ' 0 o z 0' 0" o"' e o O D O 0 C 2 0' o -1 0' 1 o" e" e e A ' A O 'I ' . Mr. Kneller, Music and History teacher was our sponsor for our 0 : e u " e"' 1 O ' 0 1 . 11 . i . i .' 0" V C .1 .,, . X I l . e : e' o 0' orbs- .1 . O "'ED M, CHARLES O'BERG Glee Club 1 2,3,4, Band 1,2 3, Biology Club 2 Music Letter, Student Council F H A 3, Spanish Club- 3 Spanish Club Secretary 3 MARY BOMBABSEI A l 2 ,, G A A 4, Class Seo 3 Glee Club 1,2, Biology Club 2 PAULA DOUGLASS 1,2, G A A 1,2, , A A Pres U G A A Vice Pres 3, Student Council 3 Student Body Treas 3 F H A J,2,3,b, F H A Pres 1, Cheerleader 3 lass Vice Pres 4 Pe Clubb C I p I Pep Club Pres 4, Carnival Queen Candidate l Biology Club, 2, Block T 3 DUNCAN SHI NN Basketball 1 2 3 Block 2,3,M Class Vice Pres Class Pres 2,Class Vice 3, Band 1,2, Glee Club- Tumbling team 2, Biology Club 2, Dramatics 3,Student Council 2 F F A 3,b,Block T Vice Pres 3 NORMAN SHARP Glee Club l,2,3,4 Biology Club 2 F H A 1 Band 1, 2,3,U, Dramatics 4 Music Letter RICHARD LOGAN Basketball 2 3 4, Block T 2 3,4, Treasurer Block T 3 Class Sec 1 Band l,2,3,U, Biology Club 2, Glee Club 1 2,4 Dramatics 3 Vice Pres Student Body 3, Student Cou cil 3, Annual 3 U Sand storm 3, F.H.A. 3 4 Il WCTJ7 1 gg JOHN CLENDENNING Basketball 3,4 Block T 3 M F H A 3 4 Class Pres 3 4 Glee Club 1 2,3, B1ologyC1ub 2, Band 3, Dramatlcs 3, Stu dent Council 3 4, Tumbling team 2, Boy's State 3 TERESA HERRERA F F A l,2,3 4 F H A Tre s l 2, F H A Par11m1ntar1an2, F H A V1oe Pres U Class Treas 2 3,U, Biology Club 2 G A A 1 2,3,4 Pep Club u Sandstorm Staff 4 Honor Spanish Club 2 3, G1rlsState 3 Honor Society Treas 4 ELAINE OFFEN F H A 1 2,3 A F H A Tre F H s 1,2, F Vice Pres 3, F H A Histor- ian 4 Carnival Queen Cand 4 Biology Club 2, G A A 1 2 3,4, Pep Club M, Ssndstorm Staff 3 4 Sandstorm Editor M Class Sec 4,Honor Socle u, Glee Club 1,2 JERRY MATHERLY Class Pres 1,2,Annua1 Editor 4, Glee Club l,2,B1ologyC1ub 2, Band l 2,4, Student Coun 011 1 2 Boy's scare 2, F H A JOHN MURNANE Basketball 2,35 Block T 2,3 4' Band l,2,3g F.H.A. ' Biology Club 23 Glee Club 1, U' Student Body Pres. bg cil U. Sandstorm l,bg Student Coun- YL' ' 0 o 0 , , z g , : . - h , , fly, "- ' , ' . I . F. . , B . . . a . " in A , . 0 0 0 ' , A . , . 1 I- 0 o o , : : I Society 3,ug Glee,Club 2, 3, I . ' . VW' 3 O O Y 0 Q 0 , , Q 0 O O us 9 gAg ecy . OHQAQ- S ' ' A 7 : ' 0 0 0 Q I a I E- 3 . O , ii 5 A . : ' - . , 3, 4. to Jennie Llmon LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT SENIOR CLASS OF '51 We, the Senior Class of 1951, hereby make, publish, and de clare this our last Will and Testament, as follows I, Duncan Shinn, will my loud voice, dumb remarks, and ab- ility to humor all the teachers to Hawke Williams, in hope that he will be able to get away with it as I have Also, I will my bright nylon sweaters and shirts to George Finnegan, if he will wear them I, Paula Douglass, will my sweet disposition in hopes that Jennie will help brighten up the next year with a smiling face Also, I will my basketball and my good sportsmanship to Pauline halls of T H S ability to play Casner I, Mary Bombassei, will my boyfriend to no one because I want him, but to Lorraine Bradshaw, I leave my long blond hair, in hopes that she will have some use for it I, John Murnane, will my ability to read all the newspapers and listen to all the radio programs, in order to keep the English III Class supplied with all the latest war news, to Lawrence Bogdon I Richard Logan, will my mechanical ability, safe driving, and 1950 Oldsmobile to Bobby O'Berg, in hopes won't be borrowing it all the time I Teresa Herrera, will my hated nickname, during my senior year to Bill Hargrove Elaine Offen, do hereby will my height tinez, as she already has a good start that his brother 'Hee Hawu to any to Virginia Mar- and to Rena Quas I will my ability to be tardy to class I, Charles O'Berg, will my wolf like ways blond hair, and height to that quiet, well mannered boy in the Sophomore class, none other than James Wolfe I, Norman Sharp will my quiet manner and bashfulness to Jim McDonald I John Clendenning, will my intelligence and shining person ality to Kay Slavin it mignt come in handy To the entire school, the Senior Class of '51 just leaves"!! OF I one who will take lt. I also leave my ability to grow one inch I . . I " 9 9 ' " K3 is 'wk 'IIS' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS TREASURER, Carolina Loncar, PRESIDENT, Shirley Belger, VICE PRESIDENT, Hawke Williams, and SECRETARY, Mary Ann Ryan fix "'2s:ff- "Q,- 94:5 ,l Yu? fff XA! l'4l1'1C'WH!11m ZUEIJGTILHEIIUJ 'Nap M9 Xa-f X a A N N v E I I o L L E P T " 5 E 1 'M T V "+ . ' Y E G R 11 N . . O D 2 sf v F- 5 E N 1 xi' H Q S A . n U R E 0 .. , , L H D s U 3, , 4' M s ' P A K, H M R H f E 0 Y N S 'fl SQPH BACK ROW Mr Constantz, J Wolfe, J Carter J McDonald, B Hargrove, S Quas, D Roberta, L Fuson and R 0'Berg FRONT ROW M Hawkins, G Miyovich, S Sammons, C Eason, J Belger, G Offen, L Weeks, G Freteug, P Caener i at C Bozarth 0 o o 0 o , o 0 0 0 0 , Q o O c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o , 0 . 4: 41 If J 3 f, ' ,YQ f 3 ' 1 ig -3 ' , J ZH - 1 . V , A ' 2 ' -5, E G - X ' . f Qf rf H ' 4: 1 Q J., 3, . , . il- I Y If . 1 X I, ' ,xr QYJQ' BACK ROW D Locke, T Llmon, D Pease, B Kretschmer, J Man hire, T Kniefel, G Pavlich, D Robb, and J Bombaesei FRONT ROW Hrs Ashjian, V Martinez, S Nelson, H Galvin, B Cavanaugh, P Klasen, R Queseda, J Jackson, D O'Leary, Danks, M Koontz, L Bradshaw, and A Hildebrand 1 ER 4Bai0 M T wi Haig 35335 : o 0 a 0 0 " o o 0 0 o U o 0 o o o 0 o 0 o Jo 0 0 0 0 Q 1 f 2 I- .V --'QQ I ies, Y. , ei: Q f- .gf I u L 'ff-J ' Q' ' f' -' v- Q 1: Q -.yi j' '. f E- R' ' no " . l .. ,IA l Q, 1 .J I , al. U 1 I' '- . o N Y- -' ' 1 41. Q 0 i" A . I ' ' , 1 4 , l A x. r T 1' -V X X ...Q 'C' V H Q 3 : 0 Q X Ax A,! xx 1 F ll .1 , " s., K' Til? 1 , R . f.Jri' 'z. .QM , 5? ' 'rp V' 'fg'!'++v-w,,.' . 1,1 me x. 3255 R, 1 C-5 ew sf Sf t, .JQEE1 -f-vw 4 .'5'S'i STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SPONSOR, Mr Tennant, SECRETARY, Sue Humphrey, PRESIDENT, John Murnane TREASURER Violet Evernden VICE PRESIDENT, Bernie Merlino ?U' 1 I 1 JOHN MURNANE STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT I i f? ' 5 in - - N LL Sponsor-Raymond Tennant, Business Manager-Mary Ann Ryan, Editor- Jerry Matherly, Assistant Editor-Sue Humphrey, Feature Writer- Teresa Herrera, Sponsor Jeanette Jones ANNUAL STAFF inuP' JEANETTE JONES JERRY MATHERLY RAYMOND TENNANT SPONSOR EDITOR SPONSOR 1 "' 0 1 N 'Q f . 5 V . i 'Q' ' " .AA 4.11 ls-fl I ' ' i if , V X . , I I K9 " Q Cl Y S., O , .Q f - "-'-'--4' --A-..,-..',,-5 I 4 ' my :,.,' ' ' --. yr . fl' - . ' x .f. - - ' 'rf "'t" X . 3. . ,L .. .E 0 xi f'i'1U'..hf ,.... .ew ,,,.....,,. wg 11-1 A 1.44 . --sw-.eC.lf 'J - I 41 If 1- H -an l ' ' ' 6,1 E . - - - -vs: - . M. are-fe, - 'W' fs 0 I ' . -.4.. Q Y 5 'ilu-' ww-'val-.... 1-I. 1, , N , ---,.f-.n-..--N.s...nqsqq J ., Q I1 I , I I n 3 """ "44av SANDSTORM STAFF LEFT T0 RIGHT Junior Reporter-Hawke Williams, Sophomore Reporter- Pauline Casner Sports Writer Rena Qnas, Sponsor Jeanette Jones, Editor Elaine Often, Senior Reporter-Teresa Herrera, Freshmen Re porters Patricia Klasen, Barbara Cavanaugh ELAINE OFFEN EDITOR ZYJJJ4. nnqn TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Gladys Ashjian, Instructor, Pauline Casner Teresa Herrera, Paula Douglass, Elaine Offen, Dora Gonzalez, Violet Evernden, Margaret Galvin, BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mary Lou Koontz Patricia Klaeen Gloria Often Lucille Weeks Ophelia Hooper xr? TOP ROM, T FT TO RIGHT Mary Lou Yoontz re ozte 1 trloi Yl Parlia entarian, BOTTOM ROW, LEFT LO RIGHT Pauline Casner Presl dent Teresa Herrera Vice President, Gloria Offen Secretary, Elaine Offen Treasurer and Historian , . 4, . , F 7 I , ' 1 H1 - X 5 I A ,G , I Q Q . .f V V E Q . , ,, - V .1 , - . E Q , - L 5 FY, ' J, Q . If v ' ' v 1 5 F57 1 1 , ' lgtimx E, ,,m F. A. : . O l . I A I . 522554 5 fr 54 Q fi 2 ' iff ,Q ' ' I 'w It W f 2 1 1 It fl S 3 Q W 5 i Q I 1 I g of 5 ' E 5 1 T I . -1 1 . gf, at A 5 I L is R x g X , mf' k , X- 5Av ,XA, Q? - ' -E GYM: L -T'pf',,r, 'a I. a . asen- m, ' ' ' I - - a Q I s - o , I 1 O TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Kay Slavin Hawke Williams Vice President, Pauline Casner Treasurer BOTTOM ROW Teresa Herrera Secretary, Elaine Offen President, Sue Humphrey, Shirley Sammons NOT PICTURED Robert O'Berg Serg At Arms, Jim MacDonald, and Second Semester New MBIHTJBPB Formal initiation ceremony conducted by the president of Tonopah AAUW, was held Feb 6 1951 for charter members of the first Honor Society of Tonopah High School The students thus honored were Don Cirac, Teresa Herrera, Ellenetta Hildebrand, Alice Welch, Norma Hawkins, Hawke Williams Pauline Caaner, Carol Eason, James McDonald Robert O'Berg, Shirley Sammons, ana Sue Humphrey In order to be eligible to belong to the organization students must maintain a B average in four major subjects and also must place high in citizenship, activities, or sports We named our first Honor Society, the Silver Scholars. The first semester of this year the new officers elected were: Pres.- Sue Humphrey, Vice. Pres.-Shirley Sammons, Sec.-Pauline Casner, Treas.- Teresa Herrera, Serg. at Arms-Jim McDonald, Advisor-Mr. Raymond Tennant. Those elected for the second semester, in 1951, were: Pres. Elaine Offen, Vice Pres.-Hawke Williams, Sec.-Teresa Herrera, Treas. Pauline Oasner, Serg. at Arms-Bob O'Berg, Advisor- Mr. Raymond Tennant. Since the organization of the Honor Society, we have increased our membership, and hope to increase it more in the future. Our members, at the present include: Elaine Offen, Teresa Herrera Sue Humphrey, Kay Slavin, Hawke Williams, Shirley Sammons, Pauline Casner, Jim McDonald, Bob O'Berg, and the new members of the second semester, which are Mary Bombassei, Carolina Loncar, Colleen Bozarth Millie Hawkins, Georgina Miyovlch, Lorraine Bradshaw, Barbara Cavanaugh, Pat Klasen, Mary Lou Koontz, and Sharon Nelson. We are also planning, sometime at the end of the school year, or after, to take a trip to Reno and Carson City, where we will be able to visit the Museum and other points of interest. f ! H 5 gb iS gg ? 5 3 ' W' : f- . N if ' , My 'af 2 , fit 5 I I i 9 X o L .p ly i H 5 N X ? T P - T A 0 I 0 r - A " Q V R R 6 '-ff f Y if. ,J It Fc V ig H , I ' J, 0 0 . 5 I , M C A J E R A I T S Y F 9 0 " - i ' 9 1 I P SPANISH CLASS Back Row Hawke Williams, Mrs Koontz, teacher, Charles O'Berg Front Row Mary Ann Ryan, Barbara Cavanaugh, Sue Humphrey, Kay Slavin, and Carol Eason SPANISH CLUB The Spanish I Class of 1950-51 organized a Spanish Club in September to further our cultural interests. we have asked some of the townspeople who have been in any Spanish speaking countries to lecture us on them. We are also tentatively planning a dance. The officers chosen are: President-Mary Ann Ryang Vice Pres- ident-Hawke Williams: Fecording Secretary-Barbara Cavanaughg Corresponding Secretary-Charles 0'Berg3 TreasurerLCaro1 Easong Reporter-Kay Slaving Committee Chairman-Sue Humphrey. When we returned to school after Christmas we found we had lost Charlie O'Eerg, Carol Eason, and Mary Ann Ryan. We also gained another member, Nathaniel Blake. We all hope to accomplish a lot and make this an interesting club, so that the new members will have something to look for- ward to. 1 G I Q Ei L A f - Aa 1 - 5 i ' " , ? 2 e Q 3 W E 4 g fa -, K l W . :P ' "Ru 3 S Q I I - 4 QQ, 1 . ,1'-L.. : 0 ' 0 I I O H S B BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT, Colleen Bozarth, Norman Sharp, aaret Galvin, Sharon Nelson, James McDonald, Teresa Herxe henry Gonzales, Georgina Nlyovich, Calollna Loncar, lony Llmon, Alberta Hildebrand, rRCNT RO', LEFT TO RIGHT, Millie Hawkins Paullne Casner Dan Robb, Richard Logan, Bobbie O'Berg, Mary Jean Gunbann, George Finnegan, Harold Sammons, Jane Jackson Shirley Sammons, Neil Petty grove, Sue Humphrey, DIR CIOR, Mr Melte, VAJORETTES, LFFT IO RICRT, Jackie Danks, Jane Danks, NOT PICTDPED Gloria Offen, Pat Klasen, Violet svernaen H S B The band began this year with about 22 members under the Qll6bo H A 'Y' 4 ' ' 'v U. ,1 1. Waite, During the year the band has lost a trumpet and one base, a acquired a flute, 2 clarlnets, tenor samaplone, base, a barltone and two alto horn players, which leaves it at a very good balance. In the earlier part of the year, durlng basketball season a pep band was formed, playing mostly for the home games, and the Bishop game in Bishop. The Music has 'een mostly concentrated on Popular tunes, although at the presert time pr, ttty ' I keen made on Marches and Overtures for the trip to Las Vegas, April 13, 1951. The band's ac+1vities corsl ted of say' U7 public appearances being the following: Carnival, Nevada Day, Repulican Rally, and a public concert at the school. :gl GIRLS GLEE CLUB BOYS GLEE CLUB G' . f 5 F B a- 1 - ,Q . ' v . A . I V. Ax . 1' B i A i iylm . 4 Na X 'fpx 1 B B X t . X f ' ' f ,i . 1 ' ,A Q! '- - 'msg' . B Z i 1 I . '!. I A Q5-,B B , 1 .MQ 15, U , Q " - BJ . I K thx I QS ' ts? fel' X '. ' ' ' 4 grin: E 3 2 I .Xxx FR BASKETBALL November 1 WENS VALLEY here. Basketball season started in Tonopah on Novem- ber 17 and the Muckers chalked up a number one victory They were behind the first quarter by a score of ll 7, but lead at the half time, 21 17 The rest was easy for them Shinn was high point man with 17 points, followed closely by Pettygrove and Logan who each collected ll The final score was Muckers 46, Owens Valley 33 November 21 LONE PINE here The second game of the season was a lose for the Muckers The game was close all the way with the first quarter tied 7 7, and the half time the Muckers were behind but two points The half time score was 19 17 In the third quarter, the locals seemed to fall behind but came up at the end of the quarter, tail ing Lone Pine by a score of 28 35 The last quarter, the Muckers fought hard but just as they got going, the buzzer sounded and that was the end of the game High point man was Shinn xith 12 and Clendenning and McDonald each collecting 8 Final Score Lone Pine U9 Tonopah 42 December 1 LAS VEGAS here The Muckers traveled to Vegas to play their annual game with the Vegas Wildcats The Muckers tried hard but couldn't overcome the sharp shooting of the Wildcats Las Vegas won by a score of 39 1 High scorer was Logan with 6 points and Pettygrove, Mer11no,and Clendennlng each collecting 5 December 2 ALAMO-there The Muckers traveled on to play their first confer ence game with Alamo This again, was a close game, but the Muckers just couldn't get ahead Final score A amo 51 Tonopah 43 High point man was Clendennlng with ll points followed by Logan who collected 9 and Shlnn and Merllno each collecting 8 cember 9 losing to the Bishop Broncos The game was close all the way, with the final score being, Bishop 35 Tonopah 28 High scorer was Pettygrove with 10 points and Logan collecting 8 ecember 15 HAWTHORNE-here The Huskers were handed their fourth defeat of the season by the Hawthorne Serpents The first three quarters were close, but in the fourth quarter, the Muckers just couldn't seem to keen up with the Serpents Final Score Hawthorne M2 Tonopah 26 High point man was Merllno with 10 points December 16 ALAMO here After the rough game with Ha tnorne, the Muckers coulon't seem to get back on their feet, tnus giving the Alamo Panthers another win High oolnt man was ahlnn with 15 points Final Score Alamo M3, Tonopah 35 December 21 FUREKA here After five straight losses, the Muckers decided it vas about time for a win and so they did The final score was, Tonopah 46 Eureka 21 High scorers were Logan with 11 points, and Clendenning with 10 anuary 5 AUSTIN there The Muckers then traveled to Austin to take an easy win from the Austin Broncos The Muckers led all the way to take th 1 t Fi co e Tono ah 31 Austin 17 High point 323 wig gettyggove wggh l pgints P ' 'N G -""'-'-". , . "- 1 " U '-- 9 , O -45 . ' fr -3 , ' . . : 1 , 3. , O De BISHOP-there. The Muckers suffered their third straight defeat by , 0 D O A- . 1 , . : , . Q A - - . g , . . , O . -3 J nuary 6 VIRGINIA CITY DAYTON here The Muckers beat the previous unbeaten Virginia City Dayton team by a score of SU 2 Merllno, Logan, Olendennlng and Murnane handled the score during the game, while Pettygrove and Shinn provided the back board control Merlino was top scorer with ll points nuary 12 LUND there For the first time in nine years, the Tonopah Muckers were defeated by Lund The Muckers got off to a good lead of IO l in the first quarter From then on, it was in the bag for the Muckers, so they thought The final score to this very sad loss was 33 26, in favor of Lund Mustangs Shinn took the scoring title with 9 points nuary l2 BISHOP there The Muckers played the Bishop Broncos and came back with another loss The Muckers started out poorly and at the end of the first quarter, the score was 12 3 However, they pl ked up in the remaining quarters and played an excellent defensive game Final Score Bishop 3h, Tonopah 28 Januar 26 HAXTHORNE there The Muckers took their annual trip to Hawthorne to play the Serpents The Muckers played a very good ame, but they just couldn't seem to compete with the mighty Serpents The score was close and both teams fought hard, but only one team can win, and so another victory went to the Serpents High scorer was Pettygrove with 15 points Final Score Hawthorne 51 Tonopah no bruary 3 FEHNLEY here The Muckers rallied up another win over Fernley McDonald who had 8 points Shinn, Logan, and Pettygrove each collected 6 Februar EU EKA there Again, the Muckers showed their basketball ability by taking another easy win from Eureka The final score was Muckers 58, Eureka 22 bruary 12 LUND here The Muckers came from behind in the lest minutes to take a 48 M4 basketball thriller from Lund It was Tonopah's first win in the Southern HBH Conference High scorer for the Muckers was McDonald with 13 points, followed closely by Clendennlng with Februar 2U AUSTI here The Mu kers close their regular basketball season by downing the Austin Broncos by a 56 3? score The Muckers led all the way Four of the Muckers were playing their last game and 3 of them lead the scoring as Murnane hit for 12 points, Clendenning ll and Logan 9 The fourth Senior, Shlnn, was the leading rebound el and hardly shot at all March 1 2 ZONE TO RNAMFNT AT LAS VEGAS The Muckers played their first game of the tourney against the Alamo Panthers The Muckers tried hard but couldn't com ete with the sharp shooting of Joe Sharp The final score was O 32, with Alamo taking the game High scorer was Merlino with 10 points ZONE TOURNAMFNT CONSOLATION The final score in this game was Tonopal U8 Lund 34, giving the Muckers the Consolation John Clendenning was high point man Bernie Merlino and Duncan Shlnn made the sout Zone Tourney's Class B Honor Squad Ja I ' ' ..2, Ja O Ja . . 3 , . Fe The final score was 30-28. High point man was our Sophomore, L Fe 0 ' 11. 1 0 " 1 ' . L M U C K E TOP ROW, LEFT TO PCIGHT, Tony Limon, Henry Gonzales, Bernie Merlino George Finnegan, James McDonald, Sammy Quas, Dale Lorigan, COACH, Mr Constanz, BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Neil Pettygrove, John Clendenning, Duncan Shinn, Richard Logan, John Murnane, MANAGER, LeRoy Fuson SAMMY QUAS NEIL PETTYGROVE DUNCAN SHINN Tl Ho Sl R S V . A A g A A3 qgaa -iii' TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Sammons, Quevedo, Danks, Danks, Myovich, O'Leary, Gonzalez, Limon SEC ROW Jackson, Weeks, Loncar, Offen Cavanaugh, Galvin, Humphrey, Eason, THIRD ROW Instructor, Miss Ashjian, Ryan, Belger, Bombassei, Herrera, Offen, Douglass, Klasen Evernden, Hildebrand Martinez, Koontz FOURTH ROW Belger, Rod riquez, Quas, Casner, Bozarth, Nelson, Hawkins c"'7J"""9 Quinn G. A. A. OFFICERS Sec. lst. semester-Rena Qnasg 2nd semester-Mary Ann RyangPres1dent- Paula Douglass, Vice President-Sue Humphrey, Treasurer Pat Klasen. S - , L It . . , i- A ti , lv A ' 'R 4 I " I I D ' Q - , X I x ' I X r N , . - ,v' I N 1 t v b ' ' V - ' Q - Q , ,Il K I '. Q' ' 'I ,W -I lv.. ,nz . 'H , 'Lyn G0 AQ AQ o o '- I U --. .. U k 1 ' H f 5 is - Q O' , .. - 4- L' ' 1 ga t M Z 2 F, is X DY , 'D Y ' c 5? G-f 3 A 355. I :Y . - A A v Se t Se t Sept Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Dec Dec Tan Jan March March March March March March March April May May 5 8 May 28 29 May May May June 1 CALENDAR The quiet halls of T H S once again came to life, as we registered and began our classes Fun for everyone, but the rrosh, as they once more lost the rush Freshman party was held and enjoyed by everyone, even the tired Frosh The biggest event of the year, nd one ol tle Lest in years, was the Annual T H S Carnival The Soph's held their annual flop, er I mean hop Tonopah High School celebrated Nevada Day with a parade A very much needed Thanksgivlng holiday and turkey dinner First game of the season was a win, for the T H S Muckers The Junior Play Aunt Cathie's Cat was very suc cessful Hurrah Christmas Vacation School opens Poor Frosh Sir Meek begins Zone Tournament Nuckers take consolation were nos ed out by Alamo Senior Spaghetti Feed was given State Tournament No Muckers Baseball and Track Start Easter vacation School resumes A very good Jurlor Prom given to the theme of the song, nDreamer's Holiday N The band went to Las Vegas for their Annual Band Festival District Track Meet A wonderful Art Exhibit and Mother's day tea was given Many sad or happy faces as examinations were held The solemn service of Baccalaureat was held for the graduating Seniors and Eighth Grade Everyone b gan to realize we are about to lose the Seniors After four years of hard work C75 and much prepar tion, Senior Graduation has finally arrived Memorial Day Parade Award D v, Eighth Grade Graduation At last 1t's over, and we find we are sorry as the doors of T H S close for vacation. P 0 o 0 L P -. ' H . L .22 ' 2' . 13 ' J . a 0 1 . O :1 I .- O Y ' . 31 e f, . . E . ' - 0 . 0 0 0 8 . , " 0 ". 0 L n 3 o Jan. 19 Semester ends. 18 weeks to go. 9 "' v 0 1-3 -A ' , - 7 ' . 0. 0 19 . . 23-26 . , 27 V , 31 -- of 6 . M ' 1+ ' . ll 0 e' , 29 '- 30 . ' 31 8. jgghuzfwff There are 20 members of the F H A in Tonepah tkis year The club officers are Advisor Niss Ashjian, Pres , Song Leader Pauline Casner, Vice Pres Teresa Herrera, Sec Plorla Offen, Treas His torian Elaine Offen Club Reporter Vary Lou Koontz, Parllamentarian Pat Klasen a racllty Sclool Pda Q S nquet, making two United Nations flags for United Nations week, a Faculty mother daughter and son Christmas party, a style show at the Mother's Day tea, and several other social events, the biggest of which was the District F H A Round Up held in Tonopah in May Altogether the F H A was a very active organization this year SENIOR SPAGHETTI FEED The Senior Spaghetti Feed was held this year on March 7 1951 Mrs Bill Logan made the spaghetti, and Mrs Jane Douglass and Mrs Frank Tomany also helped Cakes, punch, salad, coffee, and rolls were also served The Seniors did a very good job on advertising and selling tickets, as they had only one day in which to do so This year has been one of the most successful Senior Spaghetti Feeds held in years 0 ' . F. H. A. . ' 0- . 0-4' . U, " Among the activities the club has participated in this year are: j O , s www? 46 J fx T H S CARNIVAL The main event of the school term w s the Annual High School Carnival, held on October 13 1950 The students, with the help of Mr Tennant and the faculty made it a huge success There were a number of games and other entertainments, some of which were 'ood both, paddle wheel, bowl em over bean count, keno, penny pitch fish pond, cake booth, variety show, Madam Seezalla, pool marble game, F H A candied apple booth, cart game basketball throw, and rifle range, Each of these were greatly enjoyed by the crowd At different intervals during the evening, a variety show was given, tie theme, Dear1e', represented life in the gay nineties The climax of the evening came, when at midnlght the queen was announced Out of the four lovely candidates' lain 'fen Senior, Kay Slavin-Junior, Gloria Offen Sophomore, and Lorraine Bradshaw Freshman, Kay Slavln was crowned queen of 1350 After the crowning of the queen, the drawning of the carnival tickets took place and prizes were awarded. Without the support of the townspeople, this Carnival would not have been a success. After a final count of the money it was found that the profit for the Carnival amounted to 3l25M.90 l 9 C ve 111-f JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On December 3 1950 the Junior Glass gave their annual class play, Aunt Cath1e's Cat,U a mystery Tomedy, in three acts characters were B111 Pryor- Hawke Williams Miss Jane Trimble Kay Slavin Miss Cathle Trimble Sue Humphrey Margaret Trimble Mary Ann Ryan Dorothy Trimble Violet Evernden Maria Garcia Dora Gonzales Jose Garcia Dale Lorigan A Gas Man Norman Sharp Mr David Brent David Locke Elizabeth Pryor- -Carolina Loncar Tilly Pitts Mary Bombassel Miss Walker Rena Quas Director Mrs Jones Aunt Cathie's Cat begins when Bill Pryor, a young real estate agent takes some plaspective renters, two refined maiden ladies with their two attractive nieces and dumb dora maid, over to a spooky old mansion that has been shut up for a long time The ladies decide to move in at once, and then the excitement gins One of the nieces is alone in the living room reading on the sofa when a black clothed woman appears and advances toward her stealthily The girl screams and faints Her aunts, rush in but fall to find the intruder Miss Cathle decides to go down into the cellar to feed her pet cat, which she had put there when they first came She fails to turn. Groans are heard A policeman is sent for He goes down into the cellar, and brings the unconscious Miss Cathie who has received a blow on the head reports having seen a grave Pandemonium breaks Who is going be murdered? Finally at the height of their terror, the solution comes, and the whole mysterious business is cleared up A romance develops between one of the nieces and the personable young realtor But more surprising than anything is another, unfor- seen romance which was disclosed at the end The play was a great success, financially and otherwise JUNIOR PROM AND BANQUET The Junior Prom was held on March 31, 1951, in the T H S Gym which was beautifully decorated by the Juniors to the theme of 'Dreamer's Holliday ' Before the Prom, a banquet was given in honor of the outgoing Seniors, at the Town Hall The Prom was one of the best in years and was a great success l D ""V o An Officer ---- Q- ------------------- Dan Robb V u . be- ' ' . re- up ' . He . . to !w'fM.NN,, L :Vi f 1 , wi 5 zf-f - 1, N, xrh xxx NNN A . Q ,-',,. ,V . .V .fn-M L .I . ., . ' 1' 9. ,,, ,. Z- , , K 4 ,gf - s V 2 4 , if gf' Q' ,af M' F 1: f 1 'E lfU'll0l" if 0 a 1.5 -mv :7 L?" S . P. A +,, 51 . .., .Y ,223 ,fi 5 J-'bw W1 ,E -S RUSH The Annual Rush was held on September 8. In the morning the Frosh entertained the Student Body with many stunts that proved quite embarrassing to the Froeh. The parade was then held, and the Freshmen preceded doing the hula in the middle of Main Street. In the afternoon the poor Froeh lost the Rush to the older and more experienced Sophomores. The day was cllmaxed with a dance given for the Freshmen by the Upperclaesmen. wwf' -We .,,x 5 Y y pm f e - 'gg , . l ff' -. d wi il 5 "Q, ' V Jr . Q in ,S fiypigig :Ill fi B-nr uv! AH X f-. HH. Y -L -er N' ,s . , , f . V. A pid 'aff o r x INN., l, Ill 'X MVJKQPXX- IIT., x X W! flw QQ mfr 'TF 5 .5 will Ya .nu Qjfvkfgi fe-1 ' 19' K ,jx FA fx Q 5 QQ, ll I' dmr df' R1 H 11 'bf 3. XPJ Ami, Z"- 'N O 3 I COMPLIMENTS OF MoCULLOUCH' S MEN'S STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '51 CENTRAL GROCERY AND MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF BUICK SALES AND SERVICE LEE HENDERSON WARDLE'S REXALL DRUG STORE DRUGS SUNDRIES COMPLIMENTS OF THE CORNER STORE NOVELTIES FOUNTAIN CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS COLLEGIATE SHOP TONOPAH CLEANERS CLAIR AND BETTY DAHLQUIST COMPLIMENTS OF TONOPAR COFFEE SHOP P1 17 Y I I TO , . Y 1 GOMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF' MIZPAH HOTEL CAVANAUGH BROS TONOPAH TIMES BONANZA BIRD'o GROCERY AND MARKET UNION McCULLOUCH'S SERVICE STATION OIL PRODUCTS GENERAL INSURANCE TELEPHONE 672 or 2255 BINGHAM MOTORS DeSOTO AND PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF RAMONA HOTEL CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF '51 PROGRESS BAKER! C' 1 H ,. L12 I I W. B. NAISMITH U COMPLIMENTS OF AL F P 5 I l I A M WERNER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RADIOS REPAIR SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! CLENDENNING'S CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS NEVADA SHEET METAL COMPLIMENTS OF WATER COMPANY OF TONOPAH COMPLIMENTS TONOPAH CLUB COMPLIMENTS VERDI LUMBER CONURATULATICNS '51 NUGGET BUTLER TH ATRE I COMPLIMENTS OF THEL1A'S BEAUTY SHOP OF oF co. :ff ' ' . '1 TO 'T O Q COMPLIMENTS OF TONOPAH ROTARY CLUB AUTOGRAPHS COMPLIMENTS OF 20 30 CLUB OF TONOPAH COMPLIMENTS OF SWAFFORD'S GEM AND JEWELRY CO It ' ' ' ' A ' T ' ' ' fvg. r O ARTHUR COX ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MARGARET'S DRESS SHOP COMPLINFUTS OF KELLY GARAGE PONTIAC TEXACO COMPLIMENTS OF WOLFE'o MLN'S CLOTH JG S ORE COMPLIMENTS OF TONY'S BARBER SHOP COLEMAN'S GROCERY AND NARKET CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '51 DESERT HARDWARE REISCHKE'S GROCERY OPEN NIGHTS .. v JI cf 7- r 1 f 'vfwf Srf .LI .L 'I I WY V W 5 : I

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