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qiaduuff fff the Cum of 1949 Wig K X fiil' S X , My X XX 1FNr 'fx W Edith Currie, Feature Writer Dick Dillwith, Asst Edltor Ed Colbert, Sports Writer DOROTHY C13NTQ, EDTTOR Mary Burrous, Advisor Rickard Logan, Business lanager Doris Henderson, Secretary DVI DQ EDITOR If 9 QRS ' ...........f?T9....... THE NUGGET Work on the Nugget got off to a late start and the staff labored long hours so that you could have your annual by graduation. Dorothy Casner, Editor, and Mrs. Mary Burrous, Advisor have contributed much time and many ideas toward making the Nugget a success. Thanks to them and the other members of the staff the annual was finally sent off to be published. Our hats off to Doris Henderson, secretary, who wrote all the necessary letters and counted and typed all the written material Bobby Buol, who designed the h9'er monogram, which we adopted as our theme Rich Logan, Business Manager, who sold so many annuals and kept our records in good order Dick Dillwlth, Assistant Editor, who helped in many ways Ed Colbert, Sports Editor, who wrote all Sports features Edith Currie, Feature Editor, who was res ponsible for all the write ups concerning school and social functions John Murnane, Jerry Matherly and Charles O'Berg who are largely responsible for the many informal snapshots 4 QRS ,. W d fx, YQ! ll' M if I 2 X W t Z51W?'?W g'2 fm ff Z Wifi., I df fif X X W 1 'I' ffwc W X, if WM W1 "5 1 W 4LjYf."",wN M PVAAL C h C C W 2 ' 3 61 Q ,4 MW g Vg. ' np 6Ai W ,I Q 46 lla L Q2 ' Af Ai I H, X pg. ai N1 QQ ff, X .v W ' an 271 1 5 if f I li . i' gl Q thu y Cs 'wc ' A Q1 ,fb X 7 affil 'U XF' 1 V A X ,!Lud--ai' if v 9 .gi3' Q 2- - ' 3 .4--n .,.. ...-.Q C: I-gf if fqyvuhlzx an 9 ! ,f Q I 947 Z X ' f.'?"46" A :1f,fg f V D Eze tl, .fi 'f ff ' , V! 1 Ali rfb... -L.! .lf kv M y Jaw 'pj?,,ffJf,'j.': K nuff " ' -'v'4fWf N 1' A l . mn-Qunnmg am umpany . Kansas .1ly. T QSQMW To Miss Helene Slevin, principal of the grade school, we, the students f Tonopah High School gratefully dedicate this book Her sincere helpfullness and devotion has helped many of us along the way We, as students can truthfully ay she has been a trusted friend and advisor There is little we can do to show our appreciation other than to offer as a symbol the dedication of the l9b9 Nugget z 99enS O o V o S , . A Z 7 F""'- '4 ff? ffl, X f 3 jg, fff xv f f 957 iff SRX ...goi- Congratulations to the editor and staff of the l9h9 Nugget for a fine task accomplished under trying circumstances. The editor should be especially commended for her initiative, lndustry and faithfulness. To the students and patrons we wish to report that our school ab, continues its forward progress New gains have been made in atn "'E letics, music activities, and most of all, in our academic stand ards Let us all join in accepting our responsibilities with in creased fervor and make our standards and accomplishments greater '-w for the l9h9 1950 year. if TILLMAN E BOYD E Superintendent A Tillman E BOYG 'il Mary Burrous solyn GSSPHIG Commerci BOMB Us Raymond Tennant John Maohonsld English Coach Algebra Shop Blolo fd'-f' fwm W va on fs Qefw ti. f -ull I 'mwwf'-fL" f?:K3?3lQ P J ' ' gt f A Q r , ' O '- To fi .+ , - -31, 5 59' ilfo' P -A' ffglyc :Ei:'? l QQ Lagmq ' 'df in x , wwfss . if A ,.- ,- i , an-1, . , f - " V I . ,ILA V :lf . V i .., l ,J I Je IJ O , ,hw x V' if .., " T - ' , J X lWY1LIQ NUWLPJM G C l,2,3 Biology Club Jpanish Club,Block T l, 2 Yell Leader 1,2 Band l,2,3,,mtudent Body ,ec 3, oandstorm staff l,2,3,L Musi Let ter, at Council L l,2,3, Dramatics Club rnrnival Queen 1 1 rr w,,r'I basketball 3 168 Klub 2 3 L Block T 3 ula P6 l"'f'U1E 1 ,L, lens J ce eq 2 2 ,L la orette l,2,DrumLajor 3,L,Jpan1sr Club,G A , A t 'ody Teas 9 sand torm taff 3 L Year Book feature J L t Council 3 rarzticb ass e s QW Y-7 -S4 ,-f-5 K3xf Al Ev f X -ff 3 C QQGQS DOY-0T'V b,Band l A T as Clesc T cus K ll eeder 1,2 Qlolo lub,Qpanls Club luslc JrHnPtics Letter an norm, s Yelr BooL d 1 or 3 G .fi A ,L, Tu bl1ngTenml fevr i A L Trick ' 1 Pll J Y I'ND XJO lee Club l 2,3,L Bio lo y lub hn4oreLte 1 2 Qpanisl Club Class res L Class Qec Qandstorm 3,L 3 L Year Jook oec A J amat1cs Club Carnival ueen L ee lub L Ie 191 .JSC L mur 9 L P 3 4 nd 0' TQS.A. igiw " i'!'l f,f,wi .LQ i QC A Abl- e '11 3. YCWIFRLQML sq ros 3 flee C v 1 L o av lu - We CLASS MOTTO: ' N0ur Aim Sueoessg Our Hops 1b Win. CLASS FLOWER: Talia an Rose CLASS COLORS: Blue and Silver CLASS ' ' Phyllis Nadine Furgorson Doris Lee Henderson Wanda Jean Burrow Dorothy Mae Casnor Barbara Buol Edith Currie George Eugene Pettygrovo Edward E Colbert Jr Gene Locke Peter Ingles John S Locke Melvin sharp Ronald Reynol ADVIJUA Marv Louise Burrows ds 1 Secrafary ,nn 1 Ire lden' Treasurer 1 fo ..,xN X WY' X N x sk fox ff fw K QQQQS UF A9. s Ula Q Y ,'. Q: M luv ,2,3, 1751 1011, C ,b. P I mf. v 4 'fi I . ,VQL V XV , '? t J . o Q -0 ,X , . I -IQ BA.RPmJa.z QU? 23OIiIg' Isgrmilzagori DOHCEGEY GASNER 3 S'h 9 Y ,if , ,K , VAX ffm- ye X f X l ,fmyol ,ff "l'wX, 2 4 X" fff ' 'J 1' 1 X afo V4 L1 Nf3 K, ff' tix 'N C N Tffil f P '1 li-3 -Q Q K if ,. M X ,...., J QJHSY 4 S I' J J . I 1 f ' , 'JM ' T 5 l , I 1' M., AU 1 we-P 5 f ' 1 'X xi, -. ,LJ , 9. SK , 'xg'-iw Q, f'- 4 A X rs' ,Q u 0 89 .1 in , 5 he , - 3 ff . X' 0 X x E lr I i Yi, x Q M fx, , ,V 1 J ' , 34. 1 si W WM W f f if ff ff X Zz? Ziff 7 ,sf 2 k up K XXX 3 N f Z 7 lf, Z1 .2 ' 619939 Q9 Chauncey Bingham 'O' 11., ,5 I fo! el: xefx C51 vw' Mickey Merlino Q96 0 'le Adeline Romero f V 2.134712 ,f fl aff: X GQQRS ," ! db W' iby J 1- vo? Edward Shields 109 Marilyn Ollson Arthur Bogani Barbara Berg 0? President Treasurer Pres. Secretary r ' X fy? MQAA 1 I X, xy fx S5 u ,553 X 1' '1 N I N X in , fl! 7 1! ,1 f-D 929 ee S pwmmu Iso GILBERT S 22492 5- i 9 Q31 gf My XF I' R15 'ff X '73 ,if Back Ron N Qharp, R Logan, J Clendennlng, 0 Iosher, D Qhlnn, J Matherly, Mr MacDonald, C O'Berg, B Easley, J Nurnane, N Petty grove Front Row T Herrera, M Glllies, B Haines, I Bombassei, R Anton iazzi, E Offen, D Casner, E Hildebrand, A Tartinev, P Douglass Q, PRESIDENT: Duncan Shinn VICE PRES.: John Murnane F9 CW '51 GRS TREASURER: Teresa Herrera SECRETARY: Doris Casner fl in., egg ,f CQIYIICS 7 ff in f ? ws xxx QW ifgi v f ,g x 4 f' ' 0 X4 Q -Y QQ AIP NZ? 2 XX QQXX W 426 M . M If lx XXX X Wx! aff X Wu nl!! X X X XXX K XWMZX l" ' ,M X X 4' 1 J XX 6 ' 1 Q43 I K ggf. ff wlllif, V V!! ff-Q xc' xh. W..-" Q23 2 ,X , X Xg7WE 'jn X , ,lx x X , f 7 Z , 5 Q-1,41 4 S sv ifv df XS P if , ' 'Qf'W,,X1inr1 ,Q"'X , fig 7 f gf 'hu ' r XM X iff fa f , 9 55 N jf7 if fi , - A22 X I ?f I ,z XDA ,M i- Xj A!!! f ' X" .. , ga., Elk f ywcgwf , , fl 3 .1 , gg fx F Q I 1 x 1, f , fi- xx Y M xx, 7 'Wflf A!! I X 'f 4 R X X ,fi iw! '42 Q! X XV X ,f In 1, K . X ,Q .1 7 . , l j I I X 1. . 1 K I , X f ' f V, "qi A N "ff, f f f w Q' , 1' f ,, ' - 1 1 1 ,if 1 .. X I .1 . 1 I. f mth I 'fl T I .fl j fff zf ' 'L - I ' ,J f ,ll N. ,lf,L" 1 ff I X I Ml' UK ! 1 X W x kg 4 NV V ,NIS .XX if 7" Q K X X X Xxxx EY. YA M ' X W WVU Y X 4 h ' ' I 1 X P fQ: 1. ff ' -J "QW" K - :X A Q' TFA! - .,., N J., V ,- T' 'F' f-B' A 6 54 gxsek gg H' ef' :Ii 4 QQ 'iii fi .U l"Yl 5, Qpftfx an 'Cr Gack Row P Gonzales, n Bodgon, H Jilllams, k.JOTtFlHgtOH, e.Hum wrrev, N.HawKins, H.eammons, G Finnegan, D Poberts, Mrs. Gaspard Wront Uow J Sorhouet, B Nerlino, J Limon, B Bennett, R.guas, P Terrell, K.olavin, D Loripan, B Bonl. 3 'JJ VICE PRES.: Harold Sammons SECRETRRY: Kay Slevin TREASURER: Rena Quas PRESIDENT: Pat Terrell 99 efzs vsv 'TWT ""Ts., H Q Dec as c, there The first game of the season and the f1TSt loss The Muckers led off with a flash attack which found the score at the and of the first few seconds of playing time Tonopah 5 B sic O The 'Little Giants' soon fell apart against the larger and more experienced men Pettygrove and Quas were high point Ser tha Muckers with eight counters each Basic 53 Tonopah 2b ac EE Vegas, there The second game and loss of the three day trip south The Muckers again led off with an amazing start by run ning up a 6 0 score in the first thirty seconds of the game As soon as the 'Wildcats' settled down the Muckers began to slip into the background The final score was Las Vegas 59 Muckers 36 Quas played one of the finest games of his career against the Wildcats by scoring 18 points, and holding Simon, one of the highest Wildcat scorers to 11 points Dec 55 Ider City, there Third straight loss of the season Lack of height on the backboard plus the barrage of bad passes by the Muckers proved to be the turning point of the game Pettygrove and Qugs were high Final score Boulder A8 Tonopah 25 Dec points from Blshop's Tatum again left Tbnopah in the background Quas hit for 16 and Pettygrove for lk Score Tonopah 37,Bishop De 22 U Ilegfans, here The first home game of the season We see much improvement in our little ball club Again it is height that beat us Gene and Neil Pettygrove took honors with Gene scoring 21 points and Neil setting most of them up for him Fin al score Tonopah 36 Collegians 53 Dee 22 amo there The Tonopah Muckers next journeyed to Alamo to play in a conference game with the Panthers The Muckers start ed off slow in this game with the Panthers taking the first quar ter lead lu 9 The Muckers came back strong in the second quar ter scoring nine more points to Alamo's two During the third quarter the scoring was even but the last quarter proved to be the fatal one with Alamo pushing three quick baskets through the mesh to put the game on ice Quas was high for the Muckers with 21 points Alamo 52 Tonopah L6 Jani 5 s o, ere, the first home game and the first win of the season The Tonopah Muckers played fine ball to completely stump the tall lads from Basic who once before drubbed them by a score of 52 2h Quas and Pettygrove were high with 15 and 10 respectively final score of this fast and exciting game was Tbnopah L7 Basic 9' 49 EHQS " 9 s.l . u. . . Elshop, there. The stellar height and tremendous speed plus 23 1.6. ' O. 0 . , . 37- -QTV- Jan. 8 'Lund, Here. One of the easiest wins of the season and certainly the game in which the first squad. Seven of and Pettygrove leading Tonopah L8 Lund 27 Jan 13 ub, here One second five saw more action than did the the ten men scored in this game with Quas the field with 19 and lb The finalscore of the most exciting games of the whole season with such a great amount of teamwork it would have been almost impossible for any 2c1ub to hold the Muckers in check The ball seemed his highest points from final score Jan 21 XI o, Here Muckers 56 20 30 S0 game was very close and the deciding baskets seconds The game was very rough with three the bench via the foul route A total of 3h during the contest Quas was high point man the Muckers Adams had 15 for Alamo Score wound up in hands of Gene Pettygrove, for his was scoring spree in his high school career ene h1t29 the guard spot for over half of his teams score The This game was one of the best home games played The made in the last 60 Muckers sitting fouls were called with 21 counts for Tonopah L5 Alamo Jan 28 H thorns, there Beyond all doubt the fastest game of theseason with the Muckers again coming out on top to the tune of 36 to 29 Everyone of the Muckers was playing his finest hall against the Serpents Pettygrove was high with 16 followed by Quas with ll Feb E Frosh there Being handicapped by the large floor,small team, and the absence of one man, it seemed that the team just oouldn't get started The flnal score was Frosh 50 Muckers 2b Quas, Pettygrove, and Bogani were the only three to score Feb 2 un , here Another victory for Tonopah The half time lead utes of play the Lund Mustangs came within two points to tying the game The final score Tonopah 3h Lund 29 Feb 18 H"tE3?He, here Another contest with Hawthorne and another win for Tonopah The Muckers were more settled and determined which paid off in the long run The Muckers ahead all the way, game ended, Tonpah 37. Hawthorne 31 Feb 22 s1'5'5i'Here The Galloping Broncos turned back the tiny Muckers to the tune of L3 to L0 Factor contributing to this defeat was the over six foot average height of Bishop to the 5'7i" average of the small Muckers Pettygrove was high with 21 followed by Cirac and Quas with 7 pi 'Z -:bfi 9eas e ' , e all . . . on no . 0 O C aw . e .0. . . was comfortablel2l-123 but was soon lost.. During the final min aw . e S 0 O e , I X 3 5, fi f'N Cl. ZONE TUURNAMENT LAS VEGAS The first game of the B Division Tburnament was the Ton cpah Alamo game, an evenly matched game Each team had one win against the other The game was fast offensively with a tight defense on the part of both teams Alamo held a slight edge by quarters lst, l 8 2nd, 17 16 3rd, 37 33, and then the final score of 50 A5 still for Alamo The Muckers brought their score within one point of the Alamo team when they be gan to shower the basket with a volley of balls, to sink two more making the score 50 A5 Quas was high with 19 followed by Pettygrove with 12 The game for consolation was played between Tonopah and Lund, another easy win with the second five playing the last quarter and a half Eight of the men scored ln this final game of the Zone Tournament The final score was L2 23 TRACK After only two weeks training combined with Inter Class track the Tonopah squad did very well in the Hawthorne Tri high jump, he placed third in the discus throw and fourth in the shot put Richard Logan managed to slip into fourth place in the LAO yard dash Don Cirac placed in two events Third in the broad jump and fourth in the high jump boys in all earned 10 lf3 points Other members of the team are John Locke and Art Bogani Coach MacDonald should again be congradulated for his splendid effort Logan is a Sophomore and Quas and Cirac are Juniors This should be a mighty group next year Remaining Meets are Yerington Relays at Yerington on April 30 State Track Meet at Reno on the lL of May V 'if' 9 eks -up -3 - S - e Meet April 23. John Quas headed a three way tie for the ' ' . 'me fb .3 I'x R . HATE sw 9 eRS .,.E,.,,.,..m..a -iS' .f . A b A ' xx g, .- s V . arf 1 ' 'A N . fl--17 Y' ' s ' .vas a "-+lT9-N G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association, under the direction of Mrs. Don Tbmany have made much progress this year. Bobby Buol was elected president, and Adeline Romero Secretary and Treasurer. Our first gymg classes were an inter-class basketball tournament which was won by the senior girls. The soph- omores proved to be very good by beating the seniors in the two preliminary games that they played. These games were rough and exciting and proved to be much fun The beginners tumbling team proved to be the most successful of our undertakings The girls that participated were, Bobby Buol, Dorothy Casner, Mona Gilles, Pat Terrell, Doris Casner, B arbara Caine, and Rena Quas The team mad their only.public appearance the night of the Bishop Tonopah game The tumbling was engoyed by all and a second present ation is anticipated A marching squad consisting of all the girls in G A A and lead by Edith Currie was something new and different Drills consisting of marching and forming letters were en joyable entertainment at the basketball games The letters 'T' for Tonopah, 'A' for Alamo, and 'H' for Hawthorne were formed Small lights were used to emphasize the letters The squad had fun preparing for these games and many compl iments were received The girls learned folk dances under the direction f Mrs Denton Hayes These were much fun and very enter taining The senior girls are all looking foreward to receivlng sweaters this year The honor of a sweater is only for a senior The girls on the tumbling team went to Las Vegas for a 'Girls Play Day' Here they met many friends and had a good time A tumbling routine was presented as entertainment which was enjoyed very much by all The G A A has a wonderful foundation this year, thanks 6' 1 a eas . e t o to Mrs. Tbmany, and many plans are in store for next year. ' Y 2 75 ' v W kj vclivillzs Gfaa vf68 he 9 -13.i-1--141111 SENIOR PLAY The first play of the year was presented by the Senior Class entitled,nThe Daffy Dills' This play was very humor cus and many laughs were in store f or the audience as well as for the players Mrs Mary Burrous, who was Senior Class sponsor, directed the play and through her efforts and hard work a successful production was given Those who partook in the play were Ronald Reynolds as Richard Dill, Doris Henderson, Carol Dill, Mickey Merlino, Rodney Dill, Bobby Buol and Gene Pettygrove, Doris and Dud, Phyllis Furgerson, Grandmother Dill, Joan Hacker, Cousin Maude Maddox, Edith Currie, Elaine Escott, Jean Burrow, Aimee Lovewell, Gene Locke, Pete Norton, Dorothy Casner, The Widow Woggles, Barbara Bennett, Arnica Jukes JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Class presented a humorous play entitled, nThe Adorable Imp,' written by Jay Tobias Mr Negrette, Junior Class spencer, was the director The play provided many laughs and an enjoyable entertainment Those that took parts were Doris Casner Malvina Barkley Alice Nelch Betty Lou porden Adeling Romero Hortense Hosteter Mona Gilles Imogene Van Ryndon Barbara Cain Abbey Simpkins Dick Dill with Ross Waldron Arthur Bogani Dillwith Peckrel Gene Petty grove Clint Purdy Ed Shields Winston Picknel Stewart Warren OPERETTA 'Meet Arizonan was the name of the operetta directed by Mr Raoul Negrette, Instructor of Music This was the first operetta presented for several years and a very successful one, thanks to Mr Negrette and Mr Tennant, who gave so much of their time The cast of the operetta consisted of John Martinez as Rennie, Teresa Herrera, Maria, Ed Shields Cappy, Barbara Bennett, Aunt Lavina, Charles O'Berg,Bertie John Locke, Jack Buldy, George Mosher, Larry Benson, Pat Terrell, Emily, Richard Logan, Antonio, Barbara Caine, Car lotta, Kay Slavin, Lettie Blair, Neil Pettygrove, Tom Wild er, helvin Sharp, Carlos, Neil Pettygrove, Arizona Tal, Rachael Antoniazzi, Tonita Sunrise SX 9 'H 4 '-J GRS Brian Barkley: Joan Hacker-Pamela Gorden. . O 1 U ' e 0 3 . 5. Q . Y? N 0- 9,' VE , fWw 8 '---f1Ts -- JJJB J JCJB J 9 S 9-Q-.Q T H S Band The Tbnopah High School Band has greatly improved in marching and playing, thanks to Mr Raul Negrette, direc tor, and to Edith Currie, drum majorette The band work ed very hard this year, and the great improvement brought satisfaction to all the members. The Band played several concerts which were enjoyed by large crowds The season was o ompleted with a trip to Overton, Nevada, where the band received the following rating Marching Third Class Concert Fourth Class, Bobby Buol, majorette Second Class and solos, Chauncey Bingham Second Class and Arthur Bo gani Third Class Members of the band Melvin Sharp, Marilyn Ollson, Dick Dillwith, Rena Quas, Mona Gillies, Charles O'Berg, Mickey Merlino, Dun can Shinn, Rich Logan, John Murnane, Adeline Romero, Hawke Williams, Edith Currie, Bobby Buol, Doris Casner, Arthur Bogani, Ed Colbert, Norman Sharp, Neil Pettygrov Ed Shields, Elenetta Hildebrand, Pat Terrell, Barbara Caine, Dale Lorigan, George Finnegan, John Martinez,Gene Pettygrove, George Mosher, Chauncey Bingham THE JUNIOR BAND The Junior Band, under the direction of Mr Raul NeS gre 1, ta t activlties The P T A made it P0SSib19 for most mpor n hi h e red capes and bats The Jr the new band uniforms, w c ar th elections at B d h la sd school songs and 0 Sr S thgnbasiztgall games and has had one band concert The band has shown remarkable progress under Mr Negrette Members of the band Donna O'Leary Pat Keasen, Rod McGinnis, Twila Hilde D b d Vinnah Lowman Shirley Sammons Gloria Offen, Bever lyagedmon, Mary Louise Sorhouet , Barbara Cavanggsh Egfh Ann Marty Alberta Hildebrand Pauline Casner, aron son, John'Dillard, Jerry Sharkey, Michail Anderson, Hawke Williams Bud Lowman, Leroy Fuson, Dave Roberts, Dale Green well, Margaret Gilles, Gwenna Hildebrand, Inazelle Nelson John Cavanaugh f 'Zag ax 4 1. 0 QRS .. ,Hg ea tte has progressed and has become one of the school's 9 l ko' 5. Q! '15gsEE?r qfgfco 014-'T --if-6 Z' W JJ 9' Q 122 an Q7 X CQrYKWfQQB 1949 -Q-Q-F J- 1? lllllllllnlllullll ll XT Dx " T? if 5+ si' fm WQGRS fX 31gu T'H S CARNIVAL The biggest event of the year, the T H S Carnival was a huge success All the students, under the super vision of Mr Ray T ennant our Student Body Advisor, worked very hard to make our Carnival a huge, and successful event The students wish to thank all the people who attended our Carnival and made the evening an event to be remembered The large variety of games such, as penny pitch, fish pond dart games, keno padd e wheel, cake booth, beauty parlor, Fortune Teller and boul em over, attracted many people Lovely prizes were awarded to the most skill ing 'pop' and 'hot dogs' The Variety Show had a Circus theme Elephants mon keys, giraffe and horses were the main attraction, and a sextet of girls brought the show to a grand climax, with the presestation of a desert scene The climax of the evening the crowning of the Carnival Queen was a very exciting event or the four lovely candid ates, Paula Douglass, Rachel Antoniazzi, Alice Welch and Doris Henderson, the Senior's contestant, Hiss Doris Lee Henderson, was the beautiful Qneen Everyone had an enjoyable time and many lucky winners were the envy of the crowd Profit on the Carnival amount ed to S1099 27 The Queen prizes were as follows the contestants from each class received a gardenia corsage, while the Queen was presented with an orchid corsage The Queen also recelv ed two lovely bracelets, and each candidate was presented with a friendship ring and a turquois pin 99 eras . i ful contestants. The foods Booth had a busy evening supply- . I HF 0 Back Row Qhlelds, J Natkerlv, J Quas D Cirac,A Bogani Front Row Mr NEPRVTT'L A Martinez, T Herrera,D Casner,C Blnglam President: John Quas K 'S 1 ,ij NN ' f ,vv K.. Vice Pres.: Arthur Bogani 9 eRS Treas Don Cirac J 5 ,. f x, . ,ld - ill 5 b V A 1 ' iff . ' 1 Yi F" " K I Q " E VIE? r I N P V' ' w Q iz" g ' 6. 553 5 - , J , ' 3. f V ' l ' . A4 Q X , . . " Us ! ' gg' , -.. ' . . X5 ' ,' ,3f' ' g ,l 3 -' ', Q K , I . A l , 2 ' 5 9-. 5 0 r I Q .Q 7 X ". X Q- v -.... - , I Z .f y. ' V Q. , YY . 17' rv ' , , . I 1-I Q Q Q 4 K Q , , 4 J 3 11 .a . , g J L . Q J ,Lu .Q 1, ,v A , . - Q 1 0 C o A 5 K3 M... gm, ..... Rush! Rush! Rush!--and what a Rush it was. The dear little freshmen were warmly greeted into High School. As they appeared in the front gate odd shapes and forms were seen as a result of the Sen1or's creative minds. The Stud- ent Body Assembly was their initiation and everyone,except the freshmen, had many laughs. The Sophomores won the Rush which was held that afternoon. To prove to the Freshmen that the upperclassmen are not really green monsters with red spots, we gave them a party that evening and everyone had a good time. ow first of mournful what the money to MULE RAFFLE pitifully the poor Senior class was in debt the this year 'What shall we do?W was the Seniors' cry Did you ever raffle a mule? That is exactly Seniors did, and now they are out of debt and have spare We owe our heartlest thanks to Mr Lee Henderson, who gave us the idea of the raffle and then so generously donated a fine mule and helped us immensely by selling so many tickets The Student Body for their gener our help, received half of all money earned after the first S300 The winner, Mr Buckhouse, the Forest Ranger, had choice of the mule or 3100 cash He took the mule To show their appreciation to Lee the Seniors present ed him with a bronze horse which was engraved,'To Lee from the Senior Class of 'b9 RALLY The Rally was held before our first home game A large bonfire gave the rally a good, warm start The band played several school songs and then the regular noisy snake dance through Main Street and the business houses The Rally was well attended and the wonderful spirit that supports our basketball team was well shown sf. X 4 9 exe H . O A 0 0 O O a nl G e O fi ?'Yq 'B' H31 S1111 X Q 'f fi i ,A 2' 'li i I 'O 7 JFS' 4 f vii 1, ,fly ,,f"'J',a S! -- HTSW- JUNIOR PROM NUnderneath the Archesn was the Junior's theme for their Prom The T H S Gym was decorated in green and white which made a beautiful and very attractive combination The music,whlch was exceptionally good, was furnished by a five piece orchestra A large crowd attended and enjoyed a very pleasant evening The Juniors reported a very successful Prom SENIOR BALL The last function presented by the D8DlOI Class was their Senior Ball, which was held in the T'H S Gym The Music, which was exceptlonally good, was furnished by a five piece orchestra A large crowd attended and everyone had a very enjoyable evening The theme of the Ball was 'Memories' which was beautifully decorated in silver and blue, the class co ors DANCES Three of the successful minor dances of the year were given by the Frosh, Sophs, and Spanish Club Everyone had a good time at these dances, and they were well attended Refreshments and short programs added to the evening's entertainment JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET The Junior Senior Banquet was held in the Tbwn Hall this year Fried chicken was the main dish and very delicious it was too Members of the Junior and Senior classes and the ner and had a wonderful time Then, on to the Junior Prom SENIOR SPAGYETTT FEED The Senior Spaghetti Feed was a huge success this year Mrs Katherine Lydon made tie spaghetti, which was exception ally delicious Home made cakes, salad, punch, and coffee were served with the spaghetti A very large crowd attended the feed and over 50 plates were delivered to the local resi dents The Seniors worked industriously and received many compliments A large profit was reported by the Seniors 'WSRS High School Faculty were present. Everyone enjoyed their din- 1' bi' 'ful ,, -i ' lt' -fv Z r J , 5 Mfwxiva 'M 'H' in r Haig -I -As -'lf .,- A- .w,..,,m., - ,,' V 'Q ., , pw 1 5 I 3 wfggq, I W 4-9' f A Q 4 S. fy .,, 'J "i X 2 N in 'EW 2' f e 3 Q VIH., LAL JNK X XX XWX ,,n7 S 72-'ii.'T2 X5 Wx X X x 1,1 X 55: X X E ggi x i XX XX wk X hz- k X X si l N xx 1 1 U I XS '-gl JY r-gpg Y: EBI gg I :fl ?! H3 ff L Z, ,xr Q 1, vfr X Z xiii A i- F ? 5: 11- Z' 5" S X :big-' E 5 fri ,23' X - x ' Sm -Q ,4 X, "- X ig, 1 N fZyQXL1w lr fffikx A if? K I AILM Fxqxigll'-uxxx ' f.f,,-aff' fc'-f. x A X 5 Q fafwf XX X X Xf- ai' " W X, 2- .N X I 41,2 Q2 LE Z ' X yif W N Q7 4 fa ?"'uiJ,-Tiir, rx X I Xb. X-,,N RQMW , f ' T51-V: ljgaljk fm' 5, K i s fxsi- AX M 'X , - f ,.i5-1 1x+t K ' LX X 72 5 . L H ,i Mm 4 I -2: Y x- 4 E Y A v s 9: ' V Q: jg gm ? ., fag 354 ,, 5 f -2 -- , + . f f i S 5 -" J, JP Tire ng ' A ,595 lplgi ' " 495 HE if H an 1 Q Q M Y it I . I 3: 'ir .5 231' J Q3 .41 5' i . E 4 592. f T6' 3 ""5i74 yd? A 1 J ,jfif ' ' " , ' , in ZPL? f. :E 7 N157 XX Q 5? I ,' B r s N-"sf, J -A V. Q -1-if YQ? xx, ' I vdviixss- ff ff u Q"-aff X Wanna wane QMEWQW FI DDT PRJD Back Wow, L to D llen Douglass, nlan smith, Patricla fllson, Junior Herrera, Jymond 11198, Joe aslacr, nobert Uottom,Parole Ioover, Frances Roy, Jim Luna, Donna Max Funk, Phlllp Vetscher, Susan Clifford, Keith O'Berg Front Dow L to R Yaymoud Herr era, Gary senders, John Davidson, Gary L6iSST1H ,Alice itchell sandra Fritschle, Dayrl Ford, Dennis Ford,Constance Cor, Henrl etta wolfe, Doreen Cavanaugh, Dale iodela, Donna I V8TtlH,JO Anne Johrson v'er ennle ourlenr :FC UND R! D Bwck Row, L to R Billy O'Leary, Jam Leno gtbc e1,L91dnd est, Jav Rodrlgues, Narie Lurdougr, Robert Plldeorand, Pobert Limon, QUSIP Vodgon, Loralne To nson, Ver ae ilson, VlTglHl8 O'Berg, Front Row I to Q Josephine V1SC1TT8, hennetl rason, Virginia eharkey, Pohert Thelps, L rry B1ngham, sandra Iolliday Jilliam Crowell, Dmily Iriester, susanne Bucklouse, Tedd art, Fllen Nendoza, Dennis Florez. Teacher larJ Falvey ' ' ff'-1' K' - :. ' ' f'a+'f-J 7 3' " -a, A. 1 4 E ,L - , , M, - ' 'B' J "4"'414"'1 -3- ' F 1 -f 5 4 A ev .s.w1.4'zw-,,,...21re-f Q. ,149 .- ,N -3 AL J 1 L1 , , A ' L 1 ' vf' ' A. 11 a LL in 1' wx If o QI. fu L Q4 1 D.. AVL A 4.1 4 NJ v Q . X 1 ' - s J' al . 9 lk , 1 l .. " fu -v ' ,, 1 1 1 Q' :fl l ,W . a L - -,H T- . - ' J , , L 4186 ug , 'ri - , . -r ' 'v ' - .1 L. A 4 Q A '71 f' 4 L. Q QI 1 , ., V!" - ' 1 , ' I L x V . I D , . X N J 1 1 v . 'i 7 7 ' I . ' 53? ,Q , " 'aghr-3:1 zisfvh... .. L , . 'l' - J ' V' ' 71" N J .1 A 1.1 K I ' ff " . 1 v - c. L 1 n 1 v T, 1. f..:y A," ' ll ' ' in: . , lf: 1 1 r N v f ' n l A 1 A LL 1 ' R 0 fr r 5 , my Q n u J ..1 4 U ' - . C1 Au- ' fl , v r 11 J A 1 l 5- Y 4 I1 - o -w V Q 4 s .J .. .A 8, A, 1 Tl . 1 cw V ,., 75 ' - 1- J ai A.: Nl : 'L 'T HRW A sac Wow t Johnnie Cavanaugh, Pat Jacobson, dward Leissring lildred Browne, Larry Jacobson, keith ecott, Marva Baker, Kay Fritschle, Eddie Tanner, Jackie ardle Front Row L to R Donald Riaven, ickard Naylor, Joln Taslach, Roderick McInnis,Debra smith Lupe Fonzalez, Charlotte 'ilson, Keith Deucfrass, Nickev Bradshaw meecre arfuret 'ullins QL-1 OU TF GPAW Rack Row L to R John VcKinnon,Clara Lou ildebrsnd,eharon itclell Bett Dillard,Le1la olfe,Judy Moorehead,Cl de R1 gen, Carmen Vis carra Ilddle Row L to R Benny lendova, eandre Pecc relli, 'l1f ford Burrous, Phyllis Lydon, Bobby sorensen, Barbara Funk, Robert Cornell, esley Fleetwood Front Row L to R Louise lrelp,Berbare lcYinnon, Donna Manor, Brenda Boscovicr, James Jacobson,Cerv Ioll 1daV, Thelma smith, Betty Phillips hot pictured -Joaeuin Limon Teacher 'arie Anderson , -I ., nw . V 1.4.1 L ull I E 'w 1, " 1. TP , L A A-1 O fn. . 4.4 1 A ' V ln j K vvy , ll Q n TD 1 F ' " . W., LL . ,, u YV' T J' . nl l L., x L Q ,. l - 1 T: .. 'c J 1.. 9 3' J , E , ,L , 1 ' L . ,4 - I - I A A ,, . J M , 1 4' ' i L A ' 7 . ' ' 1 I- ' r . I Q .gi L Y ' 1 . fi ,sq 7 I 5 ' f ' '4 It V ' 3 , ., ,J x ., Y D , 1 J .Ny ' , . x , Q , l 2'- . V f ' r V - h . CJ -H , 'V f un.-o-at- ' """ ' 77 'j'N H 'T " I -L 4 ,L -IL , g TT 'W 1' , Q, 0 A A-L lg J-. 1 . he . V v.' x Y' Q - , - .L .. - ,N . , 1- . : 1 J . J 8 v ' Fl Q L my , "X 1 , lr . A , w ,L X , A , 1 A V L ' I V1 Q 1 . A A 0 0 . . . - o .fl Q l-11... FIWTT GRLDE Hack low L to Q Jlmmy klapner, Carolyn Que D8V1S, rrne t Longdon lennx Hlcelr, Dale Greenwell, Lois antoniazvi, Jerry bha key,Vian nah Lowman, Bobby Perchetti, Linda Cornell, Pow rd Gammons Front Qow L to R Ruthe Ann Marty, Lucy Iendoza, Freddy Priester, Donna Kniefel, Lyle liller, Lary Louise Qorhouet, Jimmy Joe Dtevenson Joan Terrell, Jolnny Dlllard, Beverlx Redmon, Romana Booth leacler ann Tomany K1 I! sm 'HALL' 1 jack wow L to 2 Terrx Terras, Rlor ro we m,ln LG ox Rl ason,Beverlv Tanner, Tlm Lydon, Raymond Botdon,Larry Iou,n, front tow L to R Bnd5 ason, FBTd6Ul8 eeks, ldelle Darrougl, Twlla Tildebrand, larv Martinez, Torce Terrell, Jeanette nonbnssei, Georae Pavlich Te oler Jennv Brown T i L A A ' ' ' w ' "1 1, I 1. : ,Y J S , N 'V ' o -q 1' 1 ' vw if U I A I , 1 . P A a I : u X11 ' P '1 'w Ji 4 ' , 5 . a f . 9 m A . '- A a - g 1 as 1' , A lx, , ' ' . ." I .A ... A ? L ,Ax , "" W ' ' ' ' .Q X -15.1 ,A L , V . . ' 1 TX V4 ' -.'x V, I . L' A Z ,, Q 1 ,,. . Y f arf I 6 . . ' " ' I an I ." Liifllrn, Q I x K 1 . - . ."4' 2 , ' 5492. R-f T ' ' -1 5, : az A - 'r , Ii f . YQ A J . , 9...x'31Q, Q '., ik 3 5-,' , N , M- 1 c .5 I gg , K V1 3 z-sryxj 5'- 4. ' 12' f L , A ' .,1f 52 a"' M 1 . Z' Q4 'K ve, A ' ' 9.5, .ig 1 Q , fyl . 1 :E f f ' li my-5 Z ?Q4rf f if. V ' 4 " """ 3 xf E' I 3, , A 1, .N 1 L ,rv ., A . 1 . .5 x 4 A W, M . +L' f X 5 I ' 'v fr-ru -x . vw-7 'UI +.. G:.f.1,.: ,.. f. . Y . . . T X . . . F N .F . y L v if , .Q l Q, arel well r,aa oe -11 ' I N 11 fu or A fl fa . 1 'W 9 'I' - 0 I I . V EL 1 -f I ' '1 ' " 7' 1 Y Tw ,X -. K Li. U J L Q 9 ' , 0 - - .. 0 X 1 GR U1 Back Row I To oy 'endo P Darlene Lei srlnp, lomrf 'niefel Den robb, Tfnf iron, Gregory vevlick, heron 'el on, D vid Locke Front o L to Jonald lerrell, xlbert filoeb IV Serb ze Cavan u Donna O'Leerv, Vir 1F18 Me tlxez, ucill Patsy Klesen, Carolyn Ilapper, Lorl ine Bred te , rrn Ol o1nzn Teacher Nellie Burke TFPTE GQIDE Back Row L to R Carol ason, Ma ie lo Ver Gloria o , paret Gillies, Lucille Neeks, ehlrley bgmmons lront dow L to H Pauline Ceener, Jimmy volfe, Leroy Fuson, Kirmack Natoni, eammie Quas, Robert O'Berg, Patti Kendall Teacher Helene elavin. - ' . t fm. v- M ,1 " , -' - w ' -f, A gf :Q V V Ay E K ,- ' 'J " K H! :kr N' . u I Y . Y 57'-9 4 ' 1 fn. -v-1 x 55' G 1 ' 1 . f Q V , -.1 HA E ' ' ' , 1 , lv , t . Q n ' SW? fo TYTY '- 'of' LJ! ful- 1: 11 11 ' v- l u rv- 1- -- 11: ..i zl, S . ,gl , Ti ,. 1 1 fl , ff 4 A 3 .T s -G .. 1 T 'H T' f'1 ' T ' L . li VJ 1: .' fi . ,L - ITA 14 , E1 , 51 --r ' V '1 T n o'eMf1r4z1f', 5 , V - ,' 4 . ,,. 4. .Y .4 . we K - f -1 4- r-5 1 r , . v-, . v I '. 'El . S 'fs' ,Q L S I L. -AJ: Q 0 4, . - . iggi ' is-. '- ' . L , - 5? f uf 'kr-v ' , the , " ' H 1354, - , -. 1 Q51 X M- 1 -.1 e UMW Ve, e le J Y 5 I ' I Z v , L , Q I ., , . 4, , ki Q : 1 ' 1 K b L h 0 ' s 533 , 3,55 :M ' QU' i nj' 355 . rn. wefafw-1-H' ' X , eye- ' 3 - 4. f,',' I ,4 V lele f - ' 'f fi , , LQ, 5 , A N J A A - Jiri., - 'T' T , 1.1 r..4 A L 3, 'V I' 'N 'V - . ' : ka r L. S . , , . ,, L ' 1 - en hay- ! fi ' 1 1 . J I 0 nvy h L., . f-1 O u A X1 y cv' f Q 1 49 Q 2 ' x x I Xl Q' ,. 3 uwgwpm MM 25.93 YV yi? kj- -fi if ALO x "Lfc9cyt0 xx Y

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