Tonkawa High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Tonkawa, OK)

 - Class of 1958

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Tonkawa High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Tonkawa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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BUQSAIEIEER Th e Student COn-mei' of Tonkowu High Sch ool Sponsor IL In Memoriam X MARY GENEVA WANO We dedicate this 1958 Buccaneer as a living momento to Mary Geneva Wano, whose quietness, sincerity, and lasting friendshlp will always be one of our most cherished memories Ending of the Old Murray Scott President Gladys Kreger Vice President R. B. Brining Clerk H . A . Wyckoff Member' Russell Glasgow Member ggr:'fRw xxx. 'hp Hrs. Rayna June Schatz Secretary ss, Superintendent Congratulations to the 1958 Buccaneer staff members faculty, sponsors, photo- graphers, and the printers for this excellent portrayal of the 1957-58 school year at Tonkawa High School. Sincerely, 3 xl Principal The Annual Staff of 1957-58 x has worked long and hard to give us ij 639' this fine year book. Congratulations for a job well done. Sincerely, Office Girls Joan Franke, Marsha Mattox, Shirley Dawson, Deana Shackleford, Farris, Bettie Spruill, Mary Dunn, Betty Scott, Jessica Smith, Bewley, Jeanie Blubaugh, Saundra Holley. .,,,..4n ff' Carolyn Marilyn Je-., ryan Q' fu.. K 1J:: g::,, Lg nw . iff ' 'W ' Q, 4. ,,r ., ffav lf f-xx 1? N'-lung' J' ff, Erma Aillhic T. J. Allan Jlr Boswell High School 3Ci0hC0 Vocaiionnl Agriculture Coach M. S, Oklahoma Unlvrroiiy B. S. Okll. Silt: University I. S. Kansas State r.l r'- .,, 1F I 3, EA Eulalll Carpenlor Elili EVIUU nun 1. ugebn l Comm A, a. Pnauap uhm.-my 9. A- Central Sim C HY - lf A1 Spanish 8 Socsa I. S. Okllhont Luclllc Bush I Xl Speech G Englll B, A, Northuesi nun Hnburg a I ? 1' .33 I A .0rval Hardin Jr. Ni. Science 8 I. S. Okla. State aff L' QDUTY Sandra Hudack Eollna Lucas Home Economics Jr. Hi. EN9ll0h B, S, Oklahoma University U. S. Phillips University Earl lann A L lu y Lacna Rudd lnduetrlal lrta High School Engloah Library 8 lath B S Central State I S Oklahoma Unaverslly I S Central State -ull"-X 'NE Carl Scott June Skeela Robert Stenchen Robert Taylor lss't Couch 6 Psy Ed Vocal lualc Band a 0river'a Ed saga.: gkfi 8 S Northwestern State I S Oklahoma Unlversoty M S, Ok 1 State University 3 Phnl Unlvur lay ffff ' "'9' f7 7' -' AL4 + I X,f.f . . lka , U I O I . O I -fp 5 wif' ' n-- a r , 0' ' t ' ,-'HJ - . 135 5' , . , , .1 I 1 'j V ,,'zAf",935 fjif Jgziy., ng .ifzfsz-: 5 Q' " , , ya" -55121412- E' t f Ei3555?f354Ei25?, . . . , . . . . - .9 E . l.4 . ' Llparwq f ,Q L '- - , 1 5 ,.' . "' tif, f 5 -, V NfA, AQQ uf 4vffjf'4L' . F , 1,1 Wx, I, 61... 41. 1 ff. y 'if' H f rf WK' f rw 4- '14 Louis llcCarhr -B'n Spencer Gurl Ann-aww '-""Y 5""' -mn Lnkul to uccud gm. un. Ig Guild Junk Bluhugh cuolyn Fun Y 1 nmmz sun. Jn.-1. umm-cn lo" S"""0" -ui -4 .if Sensor Who s Who ...f Karlion liihr Sharon Bcoii JOM Nunn Bn-'C' R0b"""' -Unhsi SOM, Ronin' -Frundllut Cynthn Coolny Jw 5"'U""' Tod Sip' lary Ruih Seo!! B... Mhht' -. ' 5 lor . m 5 ' 14 Li -. ' xi , . V i Q 'F " 7 3. x ii f 1.. N 'ff ' , ' J iff ? QT? Yi? .. b f 1 424252 , - 1" ' CLASSES Q ,VZ 92 0 aff' Q55 "-"T """""',,..,......""'...1':gq.-5 ff 2--'N' xi 'f X xwwwfwdwwxsu , Fil., Q xxx "N"-f.......--..,.-..:,-z 'L :TW '::x "'M"'M- ZX ' E +1 Seniors President Spencer Curl Vice PT8S1d8Dt Larry Brewer Secretary Bruce Roblnson Reporter Tom Noles BEYTY AILEY 'Mer aparkllng eyes are full Of jvy. Could thla be caused by that lorley boyf' FMA l23A Pep Club l23A land I23 MOI! Roo! Officer 2 ECN. AILEY Nlillough heh really quiet and thy You'll flnd hln io be a real nloe guy' FH l23A Reporter A Track 3 BERG8 TEI Jerry has aleaya been her he ' sane uzga Pep Club l23A Vice Pros A run I23A Reporler A Siudeni Councvl I Baokotball I6 Januar Play Annual Queen FHA Queen Annual liaff Clase Elliot A Aeo'i 3 None looa Treasurer A football Queen Atiendant lho'a lho 'Frleedlleat' JEMIE BLLBUJUI 'Bed All-Round ai 1118 Baakeiball l23A Student Connell A iirl'l Nate llxad Glare: Thaokaglvlng Foatlval A sane l23A Sax Qeariet l23 Sec I Troaa 3 Jenner Flay FMA l23A Quan Candldah 3 Reporter S Prealdent A rep club 1234 lloe Prae 3 Speech Aciielileo Annual Staff 3 0-ffloo Ch-I A lho'l lho 'last All-Round' AIETTE ALNREII 'Ae a cheerleader around the ehlrle, for ana really lo a PUPPY Ulf' ' llxed Glorea 23A Glue Club l23A 0lrI'a Sendai 2 Glrlle Enneble 2 'lrl-Stale Morne 3 Thanksgiving Festival 2A FMA l23A Bong Leader A Pap Club l23A heerlaeder A Junlor Play A of ihia and thai ie alle lhai she doea eill be buh' LARRY BREIER 'The crooner of WS le Larry Inq knoee -he uey become another Perry ' Football l234 Co-Capteln 4 Yrack 234 Letterman 234 Claes Vlce Pree 4 Boy'u State llxed Chorus l234 All-State Chorus 3 Tri-state Quorum 2 Junior Play IW CARI!! 'Although he hee a glrl in every port, A redhead le nle favorite eort ' football I234 laelsetball I2 'lreek l23 Letteruen 4 Doyle State nu 234 Olarlnet Qeartett 23 Clarinet Yrle 234 UART CARPEUTER FRED CARR CAROL JOAN CAIPBELL 'Straight Ale in echool thle gurl uakn lf they gave prlzee, elaeld take the cake " Llbrerlan lS Annual Staff 'Proofr-eaderl FH I ilee Club 1 State llonor Society Co laledlctorlan 'la Sbaron'e eyee halo e real 'National :loner In playing charuer, ae :ell ue an athlete the ltar but lvl: love I' and a farmer " rlght noe le hle neu green e CII' Football l234 has-mu I rn l234 fred: l23 Sentlnel 3 Lettereanle Club 34 Vace Free 4 lpeedl Actlultleo Agnoulture Aeerd 2 MRCARITA CISIUIOS 'Short and eoeet le thie dark outle fleeting eye. reveal her beauty " nu l234 Queen Cond luete Speeeh Activltlee Student Counell Football IZB4 All-Dletrlet frank IZS Beuketbull I SHARON NLE 'Sharon le a great gal an our eehoolg maybe ltla because else apylleo the golden rule." una 23 hp cm IZS4 nu l234 llee Club l Trlple Trio I Sextet l Speed Actlvltlee ILBA GMBERLA ll "Wie cute blonde le a greet cook looedey ultlh tlue her llll elle'll hook ' Junlor Play Cleo Club l FHA I24 . . A f", ' Y B , ff' ,YY CYNTHIA GDOLEY 'At IHS ahe'e lmaun aa naalul le alao ihank ahela Cha ueeleat' F lll I23 Queen Attendant l hp cwbazy land l234 Tllrler 234 lraae Sexiet 34 leporiar 4 lloae loan Vice Preandant Junnor Play Clrle Slate Alternaie laelleiball l234 Future luraee 4 lhola lho .liltllfn ILEIDI DEE! 'keel and nlu la this glrl Dean, ie alan een a vary atralght ana " Annual Staff 'Ari Elllier' rua l2S4 Pep Club l234 'aliil SPENCER CURL 'a favnrlle guy na he an 34 Gaplaln 4 All-Dlairlci 4 All Conference 4 Track l234 Leiiereenla Club 234 laea Preuclant 4 Vlca Praevden! 2 I Play nd Gheura I2 land l rl-Slate Chorus I2 Gulrat 24 CAROLYI FARRIS uae great Plane fo dealllne day' land l FMA l234 Pep Club I234 Aanual Slaff Ediior 4 Stale Honor Socleiy land Llbrarian Offlce Girl l234 llmle Ilm 'lui Likely io Succeed' Edmond Sdaaloailc hard Oo-Valedlctorlan l she lucked hm oul of Chemistry' hair lon't turn gray I' annual SHIRLEY DAISOI 'A quiet glrl, but very llllf and lovely coavplexlon , hard io beat' Pep Club l234 Library I2 offse. slr: 4 ,gf VICKIE FULLER 'llere li eonaa, Beep, Beep, Beep! Locke!!! ltla Vlckle ln her llttle red jeep," FMA l234 Pep Club l234 laalleiball IZ34 Glrlle Nate Band l234 'lulrler 234 Janlcr Play Glae Club I2 l A i GENE CRISP rrot Top' dld someone lay 'you bet your lnfe' iUll lily thai lay' Foolball l234 laaketball l24 Track l24 Letleraana Club WA I23 DAVID NRO? 'llla trademark le hle laroury blue lany thlnga ihle boy can do " Yr-acl: l234 Baaluiball l234 LaMernan'e Club 4 Speeds Play IAIIY GUL ICK 'Ever lcyel and ever true Ta any iaek she has io do " Glee Club la3 Offlce Clrl 4 DIET IICCKETT 'A greet bug guy Ie thus boy Gee! lIe'e Paiay'a guy, you can ba! ' FFA 234 Football l23 Track l23 lloll Hoon Pre! S Beakeiblll I Speech Playa 4 Band l234 Vice Prea 3 Prealdeni 4 lIone Roo: Officer Vice Pres 4 Preeldeni 3 Lvr 'A fasthful fraend and lah nf fun She hee a aeule for everyonel' FHA I234 Secretary 3 Parllanentarnan 4 Pep Club l234 lured Chorus 2 Glee Club I Lsbraruan I Speech Acilvniy 4 Uaaketball I "' 'ix "re- FRANK URM? JACK OIEIDERSOII 'Frankle appendix he dad loee 'Long and tall and friendly The ree! of him, though, Connla Ceo, ready fer eadw Joh he'a eall choose aaked io do ' P 4 FFA I24 reaideni Braae Sextet 234 Zotbx' ' :"3 Trombone Qeartei ' ' ' '43 FFA T234 T"'k '23 JOIN KREGER 'Happy-go-lucky le our King, John, of football, baeketbell, and track heh eo very font' fooiball 824 Track I2 Basketball l234 Leitereanh Club 4 FFA 234 Jedglng Teen 23 Annual King 4 Home Roo: Officer Vlce Pree 3 Secretary 2 JAROL DEM IALDII 'Frou Ilan eoee Jerol Dean, Dui In edlool else'e really on the bllf llee Club 5 Speech Acthvltiee 4 FIIA 4 Llbrerlan 4 SAUDRA "0onale'e rlng la her fame Fran lIoIley io llolee ehe'II change her name FHA I234 Treeaerer 4 Parllanentarlan Pep Club I234 Clee Club I2 lined Gxorue I23 Office Curl 4 Annual Queen 4 Home Room Treasurer S 441 I K Z" .J ,he Vggg Inv? gf ff: 'IM1'?2sf..f, if ' I 23 A X f . W f I I, . I . ' 1 K ' V fiagf ' cl . , 3 W - , JIIIIIE ucuuuoc 1 'Mihough friend Jllala la "fl bfllhl., abc doean'I Nfraln har alaaping untll alqbga nu I23A FIA I4 Jeaior Play Nflca Girl 3 OAR Illaiory hard 'lo'a lbo 'loaf lludioua' Ile! Rona Sec. I Treaa. Ednond Sdlolaailc lla! 2:4 In um amor, Slate Ilonor Society PAT IISSELIAI 'llih San aad lalvln Iso run a cloea race to aaa skid in Ilaalatry alll ael. the peca lhmed Qerua 3A -Iualor Play Anarlcen Legion Eaeey hard WV Eaaay hard Stale Iloaor Society Ilona looa Vice Praa 2 Secretary 4 a - 1 I I "'8pu!lIk and Explorer, he dlga Ibea both, Till goua to re- nal 8aaay'a aanial grail." Faoibal I I3 laalxatbal I 23 Track 23 JAY PHE Foolbal I I23I Jualor Play L Sail? IITQIELL J0 AIIN IOIKLAD 'Jo Ann and Alby don't aaa the aaa: Yhalr Illlla apala aake the Colden Glovea aoea tau," Band I2 llxad Qorua I2 Blaa Club I2 Santa! I FHA I234 Pep Club l23l leakaiball I 'Paraonallty plus, thla guy hae claaa Red balr, aanlaa, and a Perry laaa ' Clase Secralary 2 Spaook Achvlllaa I Laitornanh Club 4 SOIIY ROBBINS 'Tall and blond Ilth a Iwaley wma lo reader for a apeakar, nah the FFA I2 rooewlo I23A auxnbau ng Trade l234 Leileraanh Club B4 Clan Proaldant 23 Annual liaff Aae'l Sports Edllor Sporh Edllor I lhoh llno 'frldndlleai' Mata Ilonor Society Spaacb Aeilvlllea 3 Spud: Claae Play I Junior Play A Parllaaaniary Preeldeni L00 IE leCARYER 'fooiball and baalmelbell ara l.ouIe'e aaat Al. boil: llwao aporto he can-III. ba baa Focibll I I23O All-liairlcl Football 4 All-Conference Football 4 laakaibal I l234 Track l23 Letlaraan'a Club 234 Vice President I Stale Honor Soclely l23A lho'a lho 4 'Baal Al I4lound' Claea Vice Preaidant 3 Claaa Sac. I Tron I Student Council 4 Ilona Roo: Proaiden! 3 Hoya Stata Allarnata TOIIIY IOLES "BoalaII'a pride Ie hlg lou lolaa, But ho'a aeldoa In lien Nrfel hill ' foeiball IZBO Allflhtrlci C ledzaiball 234 Leiiaraaa I Incl: IZ, Secreiary 4 All-Coafereuea I Lelleraaa'a Club it Glaze Reporter 6 Ilona Reel Praaidenl. A Boy'a State Alteraaie choice I' 3 FF Jlll RIDIAROS 'A real cool bass drummer ia thle boy Jla He'a there to jump at Mr Stelchena every ahh' FF 4 Track l23A Lettermana Club A land 34 Ml- band cllnlc I Trl State Ban 'Q- 4-6 GARY ROSS 'Gary Ia a lad fur lut llkea the glrl elth darker haur FFA 235 Secretary A Fo-vtball I Track I Basketball I Speech Actavltoea 4 ea ,..--4 'J BRUE ROBIISOI 'Bruce everyone agrees ue very neat, And hla yelloe Chevy Il hard to beat " FF I2 Sen lnel 2 Football l23l Yrack l23A Letterlan Club Bl lnlatlon Coulttee Claee Olfncer lloe Prealdent I Secretary Treasury Secretary 3 Home Roca Offlcer President lha'e lho 'Neateat' Speech Claaa Pla A Beet Cltlxen IARY SCOTT 'Our FIA queen, blonde and sweet allele aleo our best she athlete " FHA 3A Basketball I4 A lrack 34 State Hugh Jaap 3 llatlcnal Dlacua 3rd Natl:-nal lllgll Jump 3 Band I23d Vloe Pres 34 Sextet 34 Student Council 23 Annual Staff Clan Editor 4 FFA Queen lho'a lho 'Beet Athlete' DAR Good Cltnen 4 State llonor Socuety Ofllce Girl 3 Saleetorlan o o, nossssnv 'D 0 lan't very tall But :han at cole: care, he Iovea thee all " FFA 234 Nona Rau Mflcer Vloe-Preandent SIIAROII SCOTT 'A fruendly hello, a aaule for all lhea aoeethangh domf, :hate on the ba Pep Club I23A FMA I23l Reporter I sane l234 Telrler 234 Football Queen Attendant 23 Student Council Vice Pree 34 Annual Staff Aae't Edotor 3 Aeerlcan Leguon Cltlzenahlp Aeard State lloner Society laeketball l234 llrl'a State Alternate 'hah lloe 'Beat luelclani Januar Play JU! RIOIARC " eudea being a very good talker, 8he'a the nener of the contest, Betty Crocker " Basketball I23A Home loom Song Leader Band l23A Orua lajorette Student Durector Ufflcer FHA 234 Pep Club I2 5 Glee Club Trl-State Band Betty Crocker Aeard A larch mg Aeard SH ARCH SANBURN later hour " Speech Activities Pep Club l234 Basketball I2 Tennll I2 Glu Club 3 FMA 35 Band I llxed Gsorul I2 Trlple Treo 2 Claaa Officer Preaodent I Sec L Trees 2 I 8' . A 3 T 1lllP . ggi 5 I 5' ' . .At ,.,. fy vga- I ' if M - .5 3 , ,J I2 ' . ' to ' ff Y 4 I I . g . X -' ? . l '. - 24 p3 I . 'T ' 23 I ff Y 1 l - I t . ' - ' ' 'II.' '3 i . 3 '1. 34 I 'Sanborn she la known aa noe, But Carpenter ahe'll be at a TED sw: RT SMITH . this boy a candle 'Ready Teddy la lne motto lle'a alaaye dole' :hat he Inf" Un' M an oughta! " rooms: l234 4 Chew: 244 All-Oletrlct Football 4 "UPU" ' Alternate Teaa :":"" 3 B k tb ll I2 4 9 :23 3 Dat Studloua' Lettersanh cm 234 ff 'Nr y,.nN,.,,. 4 llonor Society I34 llo'a lbo 'Beat Athalete' Claae Officer Clase Prealdent I Clan Treaeursr 3 lloaa Roo! President 4 Student Connell 4 lined mdfil asm: srnulu ULU' Tm 'A nlcar glrl there oouIdn't ::'r::HlhniE:n:ir. h UU' be, for ella has a alnning .H'.hfW,d.-at .rw ru 7 personality! ' M d ax I2 Gln Club K' Orlll P b nu 34 ,QQ " Olflca Qlrl 4 Pep Club I23 LEAH BETH TAYLUR ' LINDA GILP TAYLM 'The Buceaneerle football queen, 'Llnda Taylor may be bookal, A win, adnlrad by all the un. Ni 4l':i': :O 'lun IM! If oo . llxed Choral IZ34 G' b .234 J I Pl V Fx: OTZQAIY . llxed Glorul I234 Songlaader 23 f WW '234 Q l234 Vlca Pres, 4 p.P Club ,234 Cla!! Secretary I President 4 Qllfffdf 23 Gseerleader 4 I QFD' X TN' l sauna council I 1 , "U-510' 'WN' 23 Annual Staff I3 , K' Football Queen 4 b 'MI'-Z. Att d t I " cm cl:bnl234 NON R000 VIN "Nh 3 Trio 34 ' Speech lctllltlal 4 Quartet 34 b lho'a lho 'Wteat' INIA THOUAS IARVIII IARD wla glrl'a eyes are full of 'W0fll'flll'4 IUUWM W' , especlally when It cone acholastlc look, Thla apple- that Perry boy." pollaher need not crack a lseek." , muh .234 Football I ,, club I2 Track l24 , l23l Baaketball l24 een Activities Junior PII! Band A llxed Qlorul 3 if-Efwf f gi:-f,'.J-. V ali' ' QW ELVIN IARO "EIneteIn, leeton, or llenry Ford, future eclentlet Ie tlne lelvln lard I' football I Basketball I2 Track I llone Room Vlce Free 3 Student Council 3 Sec In Trees State llonor Soelet T00 IITTEI " r Jelsyl and lr llyde, he'a experllentlng, ee I hide ' Football I llooe Vlce-Pres 3 rl-State Band 23 sm I23l Clarinet Qeertet l23 loohlnd Trio 34 'hah lllo 'Beet luoclen' Q LEIIII VAN BLARICOII 'TMI guy Ie loade of fun, end ehetle more he can really Nn ' rwmn l234 Lettereanla Club 34 Preeldent 4 Track IZSA ETTY BIIRRIS 'lettyle her naee, but :here e her hee? Spelling for hlkey takes tlua clale ' FIIA Beeketbel I Pep Club -11 DARLEIIE VII ILAR I llll 'Darlene used to be e Baker lvl. else changed nt on e legal paper' Pep Club I23 FIIA I23 Clee Club 3 IMRY I ILL IAS football 23 Track l234 Lettereen'e Cleb lloee lone Officer Preeldent I Vlce Pres 2 Jenner Play Speech Actlvltlea Freehean Play Draea Club emo sma- Sportaeanh Club Ilatmnel lclence Club -5' -r- Sq TDI IYCKUF 'Shy ee ehy be eeed to he 'hll Janlce solved the lyetery l' rn 234 Treaeurer 4 reams nag annum I23l Track l234 Letternenle Club 234 Speech Play A ERNEST EPPERSOII 'Ernie le a mild-sennered lad School to Iain Ia noi just a fad ' FFA I . up ' . ' ' v --In X o . . I if-l3Af'f I I ' A I g 32 ' . - -v.' 5 , . ' w . 5 4' ' ' if 'J Lil . ' ! I r Juniors President--Gary O 'Mealey Vice President--Betty Scott Don Albright , f Clifford Archilta 1 ' George Asher Y Betty Bailey 3 -f l B111 Barker 0 ' Ann Barnhart 1 "" ,Q ' 4' "iz-v if. f 1' T, Xxj V 1 hd f - ,1 Jim Baum Y Phyllis Bell f 'Zi Ivan Breckenridge fv - A -1 4 ' Y .1 Secretary--Linda Combrink 'C"'fI7 Treasurer--David Livingston I H ... A ,f- , Mickie Burns - , ' A r,L "3 , wr! Bill Burns Q H 4-1 ' b " ,I . Jay Burris TQ? we, if H M Jerry Carruth , 1. 'iq A . i L 1, , : so X A' If-rf s .K . r ' - vi wish 'iff Wm 1 ' I tx . X A V. M 'ri -, -. U Ii . f "9 , K N . 4 ,asf i if g Tom Carter 5 Q - ' , Lester Cathey V, ,A ,bi A, :l Linda Combrink 1 ' K ' Billy Cooper ' , ' Mary Crisp T-1 A9 Q Jack Davis A Joe Deem Robert Delmenhorst i ,H-sq .wi i . -,,--' 11 F Q.. f,:.' Laverne Denny "K Gary Dunn r 41 ?.L K ' A Bob Epperson .s ,A M, . fl - 24 'WW . w, ,,:4f , I 5' 10 WX .V 1-J x W gn Va . fl fo A-ibn, Kathryn Gray Melinda Harris Linda Hayes Connie Hise Janis Humphries Rose Marie Hunt Jebb Hunter Ken Kreger David Livingston Eva Looper Leon Malone Pat Messmore .15 v 'Q 0. "S, H Jack Evens J. C. Faith Glennette Fitch Jim Fitch Sarah Fix Linda Gearheard FQ "Far ?'v T7 K-0 H haa YI? f"'f -'xg , , ff ' f'-'H : -- , ' -X . x Q ,nl 17? ffl?- is 'ln 9 V? ..x !9f?' Howard Norman L an- 4,-g, Gary O'Mealey 'rr 91' if --ii sl if 'M 5 ,QD ...-Q' f-5 'V pin fqsff' ' ,""' ri . K, ' I L9 'HE' Q 1 . - I R'-..L.a I Carolyn Robinson Betty Scott Geneva Seymore George Sheets Sharon Sloan Wendell Stokesberry Christine Swords Beverly Van Blaricom Carol Vandagriff Garolyn Veach Marlys Williams Karen White Mary Margaret Yowell 5' cf e- fx X 'QI 5 Q 4 1 fl was , K ann Gln' A J- fl l"'k A22 l f "-1' C Dm may Sophomores " eb Earl Ailey Everett Ailey 'TD' ax Wilson Ailey x K A i ,4 M9 ,Ernestine Almgren I ol Dwight Barney F? ,ff 5' Marilyn Bewly ,ff - J Joe Brining ' A Y " I --f--' 5? Sonny Bums Presigezgx,--hay Hulnpllfie -U " . Vice President--Joe Brinlng ' M Y Secretary--Tana Wood t K f ,Q , -4 7, ' .e Bill Byers P' A Marie Byrnes ' 4 Judy Campbell I -Q bg '9' Jesse Caudillo 'T ,7 X , JJ " ' Q13 V f X .,4:n? f .Qs 'VS' Marsha Chandler ff' ' Q S Roger Chapman f -jg , 5.5 '- Robert Cisneros ,,,,..., ' 5 f Q -. Roberta Clark ' f ' ' R Q X . 'X V. ff'Li5f:'5:. 5 -,:ET'?f' .2111 ,f U? A 5' .' 'L .,,s J be A I'f-12'fI3i-T-of-'1 56 5 K 'Z Jean Clawson Jerry Cooper Janice Chmningham , .drug Delores Dare fi 66 -A 4-if :di 3,7 -1 I 'Z rt' 43,4 " 535 vmdh 11? v Mrs' V Gary Davis Larry Davis Robert Diemer Mary Dunn Harilyn Duroy Robert Easterling Mary Etzel Mary Lou Fath Jane Fitzgerald 7' K ,Q ,-va . 9 .,g 2 V -if .X 1 qi'-. R ...ff 'A V' QQ 3, H ' S Ai fl! -ol Q15 CAM RA SHY! . - fd u'F iris .A 4,1 ,, , ,QQ ' if XA v 4 1 ' .'c 9 ' .21 g ...J 'FD if 13 , Q71 ""? h , X 9 x . '15 AZ P 9 1 X 2 -T,-. . ,il - J-F' v 2. I' .LL ' . 9 jar . ' Joan Franke Karolyn Gray Leon Hall Jerry Houser Mary Ann Hawkins Kay Humphries Danny Irby Walter Jefferson Clinton Jones Lee Jones Marilyn Jones Rosa Lee Jones M.!, XB , Y bf Y ff 1. 7 I - Y ng 5 .tfcbslz all N'-'U . ,JV V at 3 A I , h,,.I X' ffglxt ' Darrell Rupe Gary Schatz Jerry Scott Bill Seymour Deana Shackelford Jessica Smith Linda Spruill Anthony Street Allen Sweet Marie Swords Donavan Teh Charlotte Thomas If Lloyd Lansdowne Marsha Mattox Max McCoy Bill Noles Mary Lynne Norris Kathy Patterson Brad Prelesnick Frank Reisch Daryl Rickman 1 f x " '7 ,I ,Q Q? 1' 'fir I ru. 4? :Q-, '43 4.5, ae,-,rv 61, 5' x-is 'Ir' ill' 'R-' Joe Tipton Carol Vandagriff Gary Van Voris Carol Veith Anna Marie Weingartner Phyllis Williams Charles Wood Jerry Vood Tana Wood Q fo i-'Y' ,hi ,J Q 'N f""i? If P 5. ,flu I" 13 YS 'R "5 fi,-. 'TY A1n't she purty9 Man, like wild gg T f Cutie Pie I 2 Toothpaste Ad? Quarterback ,KF in Ready to Drag 1red Feet Tired o' Livin' A 4.--1 fws. 11'- --i. Q tr Aj 1 'Q 11? 'U m.i Q r fz: e "" A Qffi 'Z 53 fs Robert Campbell Donna Carpenter Robert Carter Marilyn Cathey Dwight Chamberlain Dennis Clark Betty Clawson Patricia Cochran Wilma Cooper Joan Davis Roy Duncan Elizabeth Duroy .ANC if 1 Avg. '15 1 rw Q P-.,.a.. 'HQ f VO' ..'5:a:.gL1 ,gr H V, fwqaaaff- ' ' '-firfqfr , bww-af 'J-12 K . I R ' iz' X es Q. ,,,.vyg,4a, X W fa:- 'vzw 1. Qt!-. ., X ,.Q,m5,y1ff V5-.v Mickel Ailey John Alton Jud Asbury Freshmen Philip Bell Mark Bolick Kenny Bray Jean Buhrman Jaylyn Burns President--Judy Asbury Bill Burr Vice President--Jerry Green Secretary--Steve Fiskin '11- 'Zir fv -- , E 4 'L . 3 4-5 I E a...AlP '-' -gy, ra 1 537' l , X '91 ,A AJ YN 'IQ 'H X 'X .44 Q. A ,au- yan' 3 lx 16- i Y ,H .2-2' :rJQf Charlotte Epperson Connie Esch Fred Etzel Steve Fiskin Billy Fix Johnny Gard James Gilbert Pat Grape Jerry Green .4" ' '. "D ..-ag MRA GM4 L , Vg. V 7. "'1,'.:'l: Y, , 1-'fy - W ff? Z' 'ink 735.1-.Dlx 'E', 'Qi E' Venus Hall Carolyn Hawkins John Haynes Reece Hembree Claudette Hubbell Jerry Johnson Buddy Jones Freddie Looper Ruth King Larry Mayes Mike McAninch Judy McComas T750 -fi 1"' . L A zmtifqjfj: L,-f '- ,V 95, ,-. , m5547513 - ' A 7 'dak' .g? mir fkvu o .A. ff K.: Qs? Terry Prelesnick Robert Rabe Mollie Ramey Kenneth Schmitz Mickey Shackelford Janet Schultz Lois Schultz Terry Simmons Barbara Smith Rex Smotherman Donna Spaid Judy Steers Douglas McCoy Mary Ann Mohler Tom Moore Phyllis Mourer Gerald O'Mealey Pamela Oringderff Bobby Parrott Bill Plu mer Charles Powell r, 3: 3 Q3 .. V - l. ' - -1' 1-2 ffm - A , - -u x . ..-.. Jim Swafford Benny Vandagriff Bob Vincent Buddy West Jerry Nilliams 'nav' I N fi. Q 3' D1 I 'lv 'Ns 'TS Tommy Ailey J' Johnny Baum If 4 ' Donald Bell Nz 1 ,hh J.. 1 ? in 35 Z A 1" -0-.. 47' -A nn' no .5 fit Eighth Grade t"""v 'WY Jimmy Dunn Ladonna Fairless I 1'- Woodie Berry Velma Carey Kenneth Cathey Danny Cochran 'UN Jimmy Fehrenbach 'HH' Janet Gearheard Janice Hansz Jill Harris Sharon Hubbell Loretta Hunt Henry Jenkins Lois Jones John Knight Jimmy Legg Don Combrink Sally Curl f ,..a -N 'Vx President--Woodie Berry Vice President--Gary Prelesnick Secretary--Mary Louise Mills 1 v 5 'W' sf'Q, -.5 'rex is 'NS Tfzr' Tujjv UQQ4fZi. Vain ,J ik-l -if '4lh "'fl' 5- u Carolyn Yeager Johnny Lopeman Vickie lucas Mary Louise Mills Mary Beth Williams Billy Martin Gus Prather Gary Prelesnick Mike Williams James Rabe Ronald Ray Joe Heisch il :fm 'Q' A. A gli gef- FZA 4' 9-5 :fun of YSP' ,Q.. ' f -..S 'Cow 44" ' FC -, if ff- . 1 .5 0-1 'Y 1 'B' 'Imp mf Y-is if -if-ski' ar ii YT' ,Q 41 s f' WT if - -y, eg is af. J fi F Al- Jolene Rice Donald Seymour Jerry Smith Wayne Solomon Gloria Stokesberry John Strome Georgia Taylor Raymond Tipton Charlotte Veith Ginger Weeks Theda Welch Martha West ,-1 l -'75-sf' .ai Rosetta Ailey , Ir, Jan Asbury Ax 'T f K L . 7- 14 lk., Y L ax I 5'I:-5". f AV fi' if f 4 M5 QS XXV? L Sharon Greer Linda Gunn Leona Hagen Luther Hall Rex Hembree Joe Hise Charles Hightower Gaylord Hock Alice Hockett Alice Jones Janice Jones Linda Liles Xl ki Jim Barnhart I ,. Jsze V Sharon Coughlin P "' Y CL gn Charlotte Chandler . A Q, f is Marsha Chapman K ff? D f ,war S 4 . - , Frank Cunningham 0 Donna Dare V Q Phillip Duncan I Seventh Grade President--Patty Scott Vice President--Lauralea Taylor Secretary--Tommy Sipe -.7 ff-0 rw? ffl AL J . 5 f Q xxsf X'!' -4' X, jf Max Lorg Kathy HcDaria George McDonald Stephen Masson Bart Martin Marilyn Mason Linda Martin Sharon Melton Jan Noles --eq ' '11 5, rf 150- ru .A 3 Aidan' UN, -an '12 PQ 'X ' " 15' . Raymond Osborn Shirley Owens Jim Parnell Jim Pickard Miriam Pledger Jackie Porter Marie Pontius John Ramey Roseanne Rhoten Verl Rupe Patricia Scott Tommy Sipe -Ma 'fwfr .di 'fy' haf .uv , , 41' - "Wi" 5 mi x 1 5 ff- ll 47 X. Ji, M9 V92 'X x .J r f.. Janice Whitley Phillip Williams , Paula Smith Ronnie Spruill Lauralea Taylor Danny Thomas Sheila Thomas Dorothea Vandagrii'f Russell Vassar Garold Veach Gary Wano Harvey Wood y fy if ff 8 J J: Floyd Wood 2. . ,pi r iw: .'k ,We . ff. 1-.M ,. - 4 if fy -fv- F.H.A. Prom Attendants Crown Bearers King and Queen Attendants Attendants Tom N03-SS Gail Humphries Jerry Legg Betty Scott Connie Each Marilyn Bewley Benny Hvmphri6S Jan Bergsten Gary O'Mea1ey Jerry Green 56 ,E Q Q rc, A I 't 'ws V' iw " 15 09 Ba C99 V - avg f 'Path' feifv -lsns..4i Student Council lst row Louls McCarter, Mrs Bush, Sarah Flx, Sharon Scott, Jeanle Blubaugh 2nd row Floyd Yood, George Sheets, Alan Sweet, Jane Fltzgerald, Kenny Bray, State Honor Soclety lst row Sharon Scott, Melvin Ward, LOUlS McCarter, Sally Moore, Carolyn Farr1s, Joan Campbell 2nd row Linda Gearheard, Judy Campbell, Cecll Alley, Robert Easterling, Alan Sweet, Tana Wood 3rd row Mary Scott, Christlne Swords, Betty Scott, Marllyn Bewley, Carol Velth, Jane Fitzgerald, Anna Ue1ngartner aim 15 S? I Jan Asbury, Mike Williams, Ruth King. Jill Harris, Carolyn Robinson Yearbook Staff Sonny Robblns, Sports Edltor, Carolyn ROb1DSOU, Buslness Manager, Carolyn Farris, Edltor, Mrs Bush, Sponsor, Mary Scott, Class Fdltor, Mellnda Harrls, Ass't Soclety EdltOT, Cary O'Mealey, Ass't Sports Edltor, Jan Bergsten, SOCl6tV Edltor, Joan Campbell, Proofreader, Sally Moore, As 'st Art Ed1+cr, Bettx Scott, ASSlSt8Ut Edltor, Glenda Deem, Art Fd1tor, LlDd3 Gearheard, Ass'st Claas Fdltor Library Donna Carpenter, V1ck1e Imcas, Sharon Sloan, Carolyn Hawkins, J1ll qdTT13, Gmnger Weeks, Llnda Combrlnk, Llnda Cearheard, Mrs. Rudd, Wllma Cooper, El1zabeth Durov 1 . . -J k, ., M, - " E 'I . A rf, Xa I N 'A f, V . ,I 5' ' ' s - . c 1 5 V , J ,a ' .tx ,I - , , ' V A , . A, 4'2" N Q .V . . , f ' ' l n Q H l ,, H, , . f " ,I 0 V . 4 o -. 2, J'fEFLfeC?g,, . . . . . Q . O I . ,x 0 . . . . . Q . . I . . . . . . s ' '. - f - ., J ., . . 4 , . v, ., . O 'K -. , ,V ' f, I K 1 6 i , V 4 I ' I5 , Q if 5 -J if f V l . I - - 9 X Q , U ' ' ,. u V 4- I s 'L' u 4, f f ' , I -mf, iii aa ,a2Lm 2 Q si T Agile 9 vnfv -1 fix ..,,f E .xrfffl ' pu , . r M, . U . 4 - 1 I 1 5 ' igggu . J Q6 9 in 59 'f" g'll A ' J2....p 'ef 5 Z 1 1 ..,..,- -F XX 1 iiiviiv ff JV. 5 Q ash E 5 211 st rd 1 Cub 1' OW POW POW POW OFFICERS Davld Livlngston, John Kreger, Gary O'Mealey, Tom Noles, B111 Burns Coach Boswell, Sonny Robblns, Jim Rlchard, Spencer Curl, Bllly Cooper, Tom Wyckoff, Jack Evans, Coach Scott Larry Brewer, Fredd1e Carr, Dav1d Duroy, Bob Carter, Jay Price, Louls NcCarter Bill Barker, Lloyd Lansdowne, Gene Crlsp, C Van Vor1s, Bruce Roblnson, Ted S1pe 4.1 me President Leon Van Bhricom M Vice President Louis HcCarter Secretary Ted Sipe Treasurer Tom Holes Iddu ou!! Get Ilia! x-HER, N I 79 x NEW YV' '52 x .cm Qs I - 7 L.. , 2 rm, -41 1 .b , '11 , t 4 1 - 3 495 -G-x let ron Sharon Sloan, Janet Schultz, Valeta lah, Llnda Sprulll, Kathy Patterson, Battle Bprslll, Donnla Thonae, larle horde, Kay lanphrloa, Roberta Clark. 2nd ron Judy RCOIIU, Ruth King, Carolyn Farrle, Anna lelngartner, Judy Asbury, laraha Iattox, Glannctta Fitch, Deana Shackloford, 3rd ron lellnda llarrla, larllyn Barley, Tana lood, Roaa Lee Jones, larllyn Jones, Joan Franke, Kathryn Bray, Jeoelca Salth. Uh 'Cl' Vldill Fuller, Jane Fltxgerald, lary Dann, Karolyn Gray, Barbara Balth, lary Lou Falh, Iery Ann llaeklne, Deloree Dara, Sarah Fla, Linda laarheard, Sth ron Saundra llolley, Betty Butt, Annette Alngren, Llnda Coabrlnk, larlya lllllaaa, Pat laeanore, Carol Vaadagrlff. Future Homemakers of America lat rout Jean Bahraan, lalba Qoanberlaln, largarita Claneroa, Donna Carpenter, lollle Raaey, lllea Cooper, Jo Ann Davie, Betly Clalaon, June Rlchard, Lola Schultz, Donna Spald, Carolyn Haakina, 2nd ron laraha Chandler, Erneatlne Alqren, Carol Veilh, Phyllle lilllaae, Karen lhita, Phyllla Bell, lary Crlap, Beverly Van Blaricon, Geneva Seymour, jrd reel Patricla Cochran, larllyn Cathay, Claudette Hubbell, Jo Ann loreland, Sharon Sanborn, Sharon Cole, Llnda llayea, Betty Alley, Lola Plckard, Qrietlne Beoull, Carolyn Vaach, Sally loore lary Scott. 4th ron Jlanle ldninch, Glenda Deen, Connie Each, Jaylyn Berne, Janla lluaphrlea Connie lliee, Betty Bailey, Oynthia, Cooley, Sharon Scott, Sth ron Phyllle loerer, Eva LUOPNH lllry llargaret Yorell, Ann Bernhart, lary Lynne llorrla, Carolyn Robinson, Leah Beth Taylor, Jeanie Blubaugh, Ira. Hudack, ' Q ,Q nu orrncsns f Baendra llolley Treasurer Carolyn lloblraon 2nd Vlce Prealdent Jcanle Blubaugh Prealdent Leah Beth Taylor lat Vlce Prealdent lary Lynne lorrie Secretary Ira, lludack Sponsor Annette Alagren Song Leader Llnda Colbrink lllatorlan Betty Scott Parl ianantarlan Jan Iergeten Reporter guna'-1 J x h H1 7 I L -WQQ - ii' 5.5. Future Farmers Of America "fn .Q x . f'? qificgi L. , , G"-HON 5 x fQfHNFwUr2 se f,, A: W I ' v 5 . ' Q - bl ' :YZ fwggf' . tc 0 0- 1,22 4 CUM u F.F.A.OWTURS Frank Greer--President Fred Carr--Vice President Gary Ross--Secretary Tom Wyckoff--Treasurer Cecil Ailey--Representative J. C. Fath--Sentinel Band LUU1 Jlalla ICAIIIDCQ QLARINQTQ IENOR SAXOQOIE lary largaret Yolall QARITONE QAXQPHUPI BRASS SEXTE7 Bifiy Scoii Cynihia Cooley Frank Graar Lavarna Dannay lary Ruth Scoii Chriaiina Saordi QSMW larlion litter Bob Carter lary Ann lluklna Caorga shiifl Roberta Clark Jan Asbury Ulorla Siokasbarry Sharon Graar Ru Saotharnan Jllly Dunn Kathy ldlarll BASS CLARINET Barbara Salth ALTQ SAXOPNOEES Jaania Blubaugh Lola Plclzard laraba Guandlar .Q9.'lEli Batty Scot! Cynihia Cooliy Dannia Clark landcll Stokasbarry Uaorgla Ann Taylor Pat Scoti llrlan Pladgcr FIIENM HORNS TIIRLERS Oynthla Cooley Sharon Seo!! Vldrla Fuller Ghrlailna Sword: Sally Uoora URUI IAJORITTE Juno Richard 06' SQXS SHARE QRUIIS Dorothy Vandagriff Eva Looper larvln lard D TRGMBONES Frank Greer Danyy TROQONES Frank Greer Band QASS RUN Jin Richard QQALS Carolyn Vaach HIPAIII Jun Rlchlrl BEL-LS Vickie Fuller Sharon Scot! CLARIKT TRIO Karlton llihr Bob Cariar Roberta Clark Danny Irby Billy Fix Charlas Poull Janlca lhlihy BARITOQES lary Scot! Connlo Hilo Pai I QARITCMS lary Scott Connio Hhs Pai lonnore QASSES Laverne Dannay Gary Dunn CORVIET TRW Danni: Clark Cynthia Conley amy swu f . F1 I -4 by -. v 1 'r :Hi SAW NF ICERS "s....-y- Qlriatina Slbfdl--Libl'lPflh June Richard--Swdani Diractor Frank Greer--Praaidant lary Ruth Sccii--Vice Proaidanf Cynthia Cooley--Reporter Betty Scott--Secretary Jn, un. cumwsr quarter Sharon Greer Kaihy lcbarlt Jan Asbury fnot shown, Barbara Smith ,xxx E69 ge, vw Glee Club lat ren Jean Buhrnan, Donna Carpenter, Carolyn llaakina, Phyllis lourer. 2nd real Lola Schultz, Jane Fitzgerald, Deana Shaclzalford, Annette Alagren, Carolyn Robinson, lisa Slraele. Std ron Linda iurhaard, Linda klbfthk, lollla Ranay, Claudette Hubbell, Janet Schultz, Jarol Dean lalchi, Leah Bath Taylor, Tana load, Sharon Sloan. ith ren Sarah Fla, Patricia Cochran, larllyn Cathay, ilennetta Fitch, lary Lynne lorrla, lallnda llarrla, larllyn Seeley, Connie Each. Sth ron Donna Spald, Jaylyn Bama, Judy lclioaaa, Rath Klan, Joan Franke, Judy Asbury, Kathryn Gray. 0 Llnda Coabrlnlz, Leah Beth Yaylor, Sarah Fla Q 94 Q Q V 2 ' it 4 c Q 9 9 ' lg 2 YQSQQQQQ 1 qxa ?ffU2'Q ea gg E 339 ixed Chorus la! rosa Gary Lee Prelesnick, Georgia Taylbr, lary Lou Milla La Donna Fairleae, Charlotte Chandler, Janet Gaarheard, Ginger leaks, John Slrone 2nd row: Jlley Dunn. Sally Curl. Charleila Vieih. Sharon Hubbell, Thad: lelch, Jill Harrie, Glorle Slokeeberry. Donald Bell 3rd rows Don Conbrlnk, Jchnny Baun, Jinny Legg, Joe Relach, Kennelh Cathey, llke lilliaea loudie Berry layne Solonan, Donald Ray, TOII, Alley Glee Club Junior High Ie! raw: Janie Hanez, Janei Gearheard, Jan Aebury, Donna Dare, llrlal Pledger, Shirley Owens, Ginger leeke, Kaihy Mcbaris, Marsha Chapman, Pat Scoii 2nd ron: Sheila Thomas, Lcie Jones, Vickie Lucue, Paula Selth, Linda Gunn, Jan Nolee, Janice Jones, Charlolie Chandler. Linda Lllea, larllyn learn, Alice Jonee, 3rd root Lauralea Taylor, Sharon Coughlln, Jolene Rica, Roeeila Ailey. La Donna Felrleae, Selly Curl, Georgia Taylor, Jlll Harrie, Mary Lou lille, Mary Beih lllliane, Allce Hnckei 4th row: Velua Carey, Roeaanna Rhoien. larlha leaf Charloiie Vleth, Gloria Siekesberry, Sharon Hubbell, Theda lelch. Doroihy Vandagriff. Linda lariln, Leona Megan Janice lhiilay, Carolyn Yeager, llae Skeele ROYAL? 8 N N 3 X if JJ! ,X Q? " nnual , ueen mg 'v X' 'X ' vb 'Xi . 1 : fn Football Queen MW 1-'PAeen Ar fr" C? Wi' r n. A. Queen 'Lx 1116 fri, , was - fn- fy ig H - are 3 Vf.f.'-' 'X 5 Q fa V 1 f 4" - , ' ' g ' - - f V Q 0 'T . .1 I , ' J , ' - ' if t H - 'umor ay 2 - I - . ' PMT .ig 9-cw-J' , . .vi TWA? 4 of. St. Louis" Back row: Sarah Fix, Jack Evans, Kathryn Gray, David Livingston, Mrs. Hamburg, Eva Looper, Christine Swords, Karen White, Gary O'Mealey, Howard Patterson, Janis Humphries, Bill Barker, Harley Ray. Front row: Hary Margaret Yowell, Sharon Sloan, Wendell Stokesberry, Melinda Harris, George Asher, Linda Combrink, Pat Messmore. Have Tackle, Will Travel N . OUCH!! N BOB MILLER After faithfully serving Tonkawa High School as cus- todian for thirteen years, Bob Hiller is retiring and just "goin' fishin'." We'll all miss this wonderful guy E and hope he and his wife enjoy their retirement, and, Bob, do remember us once in a while when you catch the ones that didn't get away. SPO ms, 59 -wa J zwffm 1st row Jack Evans, Brad Prelesnlck, Coach Boswell, Gary O'Mea1ev, David Livingston 2nd row Jerry Scott, B111 Bu ns, B111 Barker, Ted Slpe, Louls McCarter, Tom Noles, B111 Cooper BASKETBALL SCHEDULE They Hunter Parma Sh ld lsr Par y ltdford Lanoni Harland Fairfax Sh idler Garber Nalkirk Fairfax llcuklrk ltd Rook Ink sta G-arokao TOURNAIIT Covlngkon lranan Ourhar lst row Sally Moore, Sharon Scott, Deana Shackelford, Mary Ann Mohler, Jeanle Blubaugh, Tana Wood 2nd row: Mary Ruth Scott, V1Ck1S Fuller, Betty Scott, Marllyn Bewley, samoun Cynthla Cooley, Phyllis Mohler, Coach Scott In They 36 noac 68 33 numr 26 38 mam 32 32 Lamont Sl 29 larland V I7 35 an mu 38 36 tn iam 33 29 umm 33 S2 :mc Bl 33 Rod Rock 37 QS lakita 38 13 In mu 48 TNIIIKIT Sl Braun 21 I8 Covington 25 -f, .... - ,'., - .f S ,i 1 5 U 1 1 fd, Q t A 14 S 6 2 x S ' ' f I 1-,,.,,. . xii' ' . V i I xx v :-- is-It K ,5,2,,Q . 3 -- ' 5 A xv X - MR, n V 3- V ii 3 NL 37 25 , ,gy 1, ' C , -4 34 35 - ' 1 -J TV A ' 4. ll r 49 r ' p ' ' .11 .Q f I f 'V af' K Ka ? , 29' 33 23 tj QC ' ,f 3 54 as . I 54 A 7 . L 40 44 ' , V ' " 46 ' 45 3 27 45 40 42 ' A ' ' 55 34 V W 59 43 2 ' A - 39 37 : . . . . - A ' 59 63 I4 31 5: 36 S0 50 Junior High i Kirli, E Q V Sports 'xa HE , ' ' . .4 .R - , . . ' 4 c 9 2 4 ,, f ,.- Q X S 1 I I I N. lt ,Q 'y '15 5 7 l V S W41' ' 13556329515 L EB 'Y S do 3UW14g1Bx 13d 1 fx X' ' X A Ji Tv 74 lst row: Leon Van Blaricon, Brad Prelesnick, Freddie Carr, David Livingston, Jack Evans, Larry Brewer, Jerry Houser 2nd row: Bob Carter, Tommy Noles, Howard Norman, Gary Schatz, Billy Noles, Bill Burns, Bruce Robinson, Ted Sipe 3rd row: Coach Boswell, Bill Byers, Gene Crisp, Sonny Robbins, Spencer Curl, John Kroger, Louis McCarter, Jim Baum, Bill Barker, Coach Scott hth row: J. C. Fath, Jay Price, Joe Brining, Leon Hall, Don Tah, Robert Diemer, Floyd Lansdowne, Gary O'Mea1ey, Jerry Scott Football Robert Diemer--Tackle e--Back Gene Crisp--Tackle Hows rd RQ? . if Larry Brewer- -Co-Captain Norman enter Back V' FAQS 5 .Si I f -uf 9' 4 ' W. .V , 'a Q Q Q 535+ . a ' -' 'H X ' sv Q gt' , :iz v r,, -. 1'-'52 :EQ N, N' v A 1 0 Wim. 'L 1 fi. 1' rg? 5.91 ,. .. 17. 3 - 3-uf--5-V ,.,.-,... ,- H-9. .VH ,,,. .,,,,:v,. ,,.,,.,. , -,,.

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