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Text from Pages 1 - 86 of the 1971 volume:

1 J 1 it . . .1 .MQ lv bn.: A !P"""'flrQ-ng.. K 4 . , f ,fx 'Y 'E E L wi B vs' ,Va We mm 'I 5 Missing 1' f 1 5 F Friendly Interest Mr. Alex Clark l lnspires Students After many years as a successful coach in three sports at Tonica, Mr. Clark stepped into the job of coaching only the cross country team. During his four years in this position, his teams finished third, second, and first in the Tri-County Con- ference. This year marked the first year in which Mr. Clark has not coached a THS team. All his time and energy is now committed to his physical education classes. Through them and the Driver's Education classes which he previously taught, "Coach" has influenced us all. He has shown himself to be not only an outstanding member of the faculty, but also also a respected member of the community. It is with great pride and gratitude that we dedicate the 1971 Mirror to Mr. Alex Clark. The Supervisors of THS gl' The 1970-1971 school year brought Mr. john L. McNeil to Tonica as our new principal. Mr. McNeil brought many new thoughts and ideas which have made the year both in- teresting and exciting. For the first time in the school's history, THS has a superintendent heading the Tonica Com- munity school system. Mr. Warrner has taken on this added responsibility to aid the school in forming a unit district. They work together to coordinate school activities. ,. MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT This 1970-1971 school year will probably be considered in the history of American education as the year of "Accountability." Much time and effort is being spent by student groups, parent groups, teacher groups, school board groups, and legislative groups in attempting to improve schools. , I share the belief that the student body of any school is the greatest factor in determining the success of a school. We-you and I, as students make our schools what they are. Buildings, equipment, and curriculum are oflittle value if students are not eager to learn more than schools have time to teach. Several months will pass and probably many changes will take place in Tonica,s schools before this message appears in print. We must prepare for change, adjust to change, and take advantage of our opportunities. Our schools reflect us more than we re- MvM fffa I Wilson Warrner flect our schools. We are our school! MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Tonica High School was established for and dedicated to the educational growth and development of our community. It is our responsibility, yours and mine, to continue to improve upon the ways and means of realizing these aims and goals. Only through knowledge and understanding can mankind improve upon the situations in which he finds himself. Opportunities to gain knowledge are provided by your high school. Only by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by your high school can you realize the aims and goals set forth in the philosophy of this school: to meet the educational needs of the people of this community and make available opportunities for improving their cultural, civic and economic life. ZUZZMWLU Serving the Community for Fifty Years 1971 marks the passage of fifty years in the main building of THS. Additions and remodel- ing, as well as the arrival of eighth grade classes have given the building a new look as it begins a second half-century. .4 New lights for a new study hall! Paint for the eighth grade. I.. L A X X 'S x A Ere-proof boiler! Y X se! if 5 I IV I-0L f 4 229 X, fl YJ J ' r my f 7 E, E1 ffl a fy xv A . Q , j, A I '4 n Q. .I A ,L . K . rj, ,jf 6 lj X ,J ,- , ., 1 ., ,MM 1, Qir,,iQ3,w. ,am -fe ,Q fi ' , IW k A K Q, A - if g ,ff sf, .Q 'Mg Q A 5-. A ik K K. 1, K5 WF" W H4 2 1 4, 1? K' 4 7 Qlxgfiw 'A' A Y wf an ' UQQ CD? AJ ,ff ff Q fi fe , L.Lf -uf Rf 'if f 4 1 Q 'BO 5C D QC? gr f f .if 42 ,?' 1 ww ya , is ' e r ws, :Me ML Q. . QW Lv ig J wa, 'Q ,rf ,L 1 1 if K 4 ef , Adi V ix V 1 .gg s Q f., nw sf ffm, W ,Zi f ,A E Q . I iw, , ,,,,.e". f' ' Aff f ,sy 4 fs 'I Q - , af, W"NwM , ,wi I ,, . I 5 ik , 2 M, ,ff ,mm J X, 5 A ,. in Q- ,f .2 , Q fx , 1 V., M1 ark if x P' , W ,z' 'my l . ,, " 'KM 3 fm . , 5 ff'-f,g,, if :AFR R 4 Wg, 5 -2 vi A A UMM. 1. 'l Gm, pr-.N . - , A ,k,wsf", X 1' A' , ,vw-sg.-g X 1 ,, Q4 1. Q 4 . 4 7 9 W, x' A ,Q A ,V ' ' K,., X, ,Wi ' 511 WN ' 1 5' ,K ,, 1- Z ' X Q f A' , 4 , ,i A K ,k awe J . wifi., Q Mr. McNeil came to Tonica after serving on the staff at I.V.C.C. He Works hard to solve our problems. Mrs. Earles keeps things running smoothly by linking the students to the administration. The Hub of any school Revolves around the Office Staff and Custoclions D Mary and Lefty work hard to keep our school clean and comfortable. Restless Unit District Superintendent: Wilson Warmer President of School Board: Burdette Ford and Principal of T.H.S.: John McNeil Lloyd Vogel Alford Johnson and School Board Burdette Ford Richard Pohar Wilbur Hiester Robert Henning Center: Glen Holloway New Faculty Find , Miss Hahn Mr. Strell Mrs. Hawse Mrs. Hawse-Homemaking and Bachelor Cooking Miss Hahn-Band Mr. Strell-Speech and World History ...-...qv , ff- New Challenges Miss Anclracke Mr. Hall Mrs. Piper Maya Auld? Mrs. Piper-English I and II, Spanish I. Mr. Hall-Driver Education Miss Andracke-Girl's P.E. 11 Tonica Faculty Mix Interest Into Education Mr. Sickley Mr. Sickley-U.S. History and Guidance ,guwblnq Mrs. Irvine Mr. Bayler Mrs. Irvine -French Mr. Bay1erAMath Education Possible by Communicotiong Dedication W Mr. Clark Miss Cavaletto Mr. Hungerford Mr. Hungerford-General Math, General Science and Physics Mr. Clark-Boy's P.E. Miss Cavaletto-World Lit, English II and III, and Cre ative Writing. 13 Preperation and Experience Result in Learning Mr. Mitchell '15 R lr .. Mr. Mitchell-Psychology I, Biology I and II. Mr. Irvine Mr. Myler Mr. Myler-Consumer Education, Bookkeeping, General Business, and Typing I and II. Mr. Irvine -Agriculture and Shop Faculty Working and Wait 'til you taste it Relaxing of T.H.S A Last Moment's Rest 15 i fix -1,4213 :gi xi, Q ' Q uf mx Ki SJ if - P 1- yr 2 3 :Y 3 , 5 F I x Y 525 N W gm, V Nik fi? I 35 I ' 5. 5 1 u 'Q " W R I tg ' 'F 1 'K Vx My , 1. VE Q-4, ' . A fe 5 E sh' ""'?' '27 z Q I Q. ,Rag :IF Nl O "f'1-3 6 f ' 54.3 ""'-' lb MJ' -jg CROSS COUNTRY-A 2.7 MILE RUN The seniors are set for a warmup run. Roger leads Neil and Dick into the final lap The 1970 Cross Country team began work during the summer months. Putting forth this extra effort not only paid off in meets, but also gave them a sense of pride. Running the 2.7 miles of a meet would be enough for most people, but these men ran between four and six miles in an average practice. They can be justly proud of their accomplishments. Standing-Steve Tondi, Neil Walgenbach, Greg Webb, Dan Hartenbower, Duane Ford, and Coach Strell. Kneeling- Gary Walgenbach, Dean Schmitt, Roger Ford, John Hartenbower, and Dick Strack. ru 'Rx 23 .malhgj ' L r . f .fs 1 , - 'Q iii E fgfrgg, , aaahz 1 . . 9- if M . 'Mi nky- f"iFf 'E-,M 5: , 4'-' aj. 2,5 A 3 -- . 2-,-fy, 1 2' Kr is Q .X E . L ' ,J ',: "" ' " . 2 - - - I' ' 0' -2 it: H - g J ' T TR " r .?'?'gU"V :1 f' .. I 'iii Warrior Scenes M sf gg' 2.- L avg A. 'E xv f,r B f 9 .V ,Q kr V ,Z 1 L, X' M 'fw'rx 'iifrn Baseball Makes a Hit at THS Front Row: Manager Ray GoodwinfSteve TondifDoug PlochfMike LoebachlTerry TrumpinskifTom Schmitt!Dean SchmittfKen Capponi. Absent: Dale Huss. Back Row: Ron Hiltabrandfjerry SchmittlTerry RyanlDan PuetzfLarry I-IiesterfDale GrayfRoger FootefDick HafleyfCoach Hall. , l A . t Q il! fr.-,.v,,wr1 gill f 7 .f Q? l oach Hall meets the officals and Putham County Coach. All Right! Who's going to pitch? 22 Ken Capponi, Tom Schmitt, Dean Schmitt, Terri Trump- inski, and Mike Kreiser, Se- niors, say fair-well to baseball, but their talent and experience will be with them always. mm, A 931, The Warriors on their battlefield. 23 Ponies 1970-1971 Front Row-R. Hiltabrand, J. Janz, K. Day, D. Huss. Back Row-Coach Strell, M. Loebach, T. Ryan, D. Golick, B Ashley, D. Ford, L. Heister, Manager D. Grey. 1 1. Ng., 1970-1971 Warriors Front Row-Manager R. Goodwin, T. Trumpinski, T. Schmitt, J. Schmitt, D. Strack, Coach Bayler Back Row-D. Novack, R. Ford, L. Heister, J. Warmer, G. Webb, J. Janz, D. Schmitt, M. Kreiser. if N"---4-.. M ,V ..., Q-ff? at LL I 0 W .- "M xi fa fm, Tonica's Greatest Coaches Mr. Hall, Coach of the Baseball team. Standing is Mr. Strell, Coach of the -I.V. team. Sitting is Mr Baylor, Coach of the V. team. The Coaches here are thinking of a great comeback play. Managers-The Men Behind the Lines h for you Ray V, , vnfv ,, X j' 4x xx' , ff Coach Is This Clean Enough Ray Showing The Boys how To Keep Score ,Q The head Manager showing The Score Book to the Qing Q 45 1' 1 n l , W Q. ' lg.Qg 'W Warrior Country Staff 'hll I ,et CREATIVE WRITING MISS CAVALETTO-ADVISOR , 1.22 it :A-5 Typing II Mr. Myler-Advisor This was a year of changes. Among them was the way in which the paper staff was organized. The paper staff consisted of the Creative Writing and Typing II classes. The Creative Writing class wrote the articles, and the Typing II class typed the articles put the paper together, and distributed it. The Creative Writing class also maintained the Warrior Country page in the Teen Trio in the LaSalle Tribune. Girl Athletic Association 1970-1971 Paulette plans another GAA activity with a committee. OFFICERS Barb Zellmer-Social Chairman N Dorene I-Iobneck-Reporter J?-J, l 'ii Beckie Ryan-Treasurer J dx ...2i-- Miss Lynn Andracke-Advisor , Z Paulette Kniffin-Secretary Vicki ClarkHPresident Q 0 if,Zf?f3fM,fW , w.Wwf,,.1 .A sr 2 'Z g , ' + ik f wi 15 iff Q .gr ,E nk r Q .. YW H., SQ x' 'Nw --.. -.., fl gf .L gm wr M? Reflections of 1971 The 1971 WinnersHCindy Christman, Toni Trumpinski, and Peggy Erjavsek The Mirror staff is self-supporting through mag- azine sales, ad sales and annual sales. The staff members have met several evenings to produce this book. They wish to think everyone who spent time and effort, especially Mr. Irvine. +5 'Q ?j Ji' " 5, elf 5 Class Treasurers Lend a Hand in Magazine Sales l Th FHA Sfrives to EHUMEMA Q R K S AMERICA e Future Homemakers and Advisor, Mrs. Hawse The F.H.A. Flower in bloom. Here in the classroom we check the Turkey for our dinner Here we Learn how to set the perfect table. Finally, at last, the dance. New Horizons Some of the F.H.A. girls decora- ting for the Sadie. I' Ei I 5' Q 5 , fl WM Md' Y' of America ,viz .ik .ni M FFA Seniors plant 2nd Crop of Corn. these two pages in memory of Mike Puetz The Tonica FFA Chapter wish to dedicate Sec 7. F.F.A. Fair Winners Checking a Test Plot NEWATT.H.S.-1970-71... . . . Thespian Society s mf Officers, L to R-Kathy Ryan, presidentg Kathy Keller, treasurerg Alice Dippel, secretaryg Mr. Strell, advisor THESE are Santa's Elvesl? Doug receives his present from Santa. THE NEW MINI-BUS NEW TRUCK FOR F.F.A. CARPETING THE LIBRARY SANTA VISITED FRENCH CLUB TOO! 'R 3 MICKEY FINN SPOKE ON DRU FEBRUARY GSIN The Librarians at Work Mrs. Irvine and Her Helpers This year the librarians and Mrs. Irvine had a biggerjob than usual. All the books were moved downstairs. All of the girls, with the help ofa few boys, got our library in order. 1 3 4, I made if! Will we ever get through? Dances Accent Good Times at THS 41 C W rs Denise Bernardoni and Jon Duff l Bonnie Angelo and Larry Erjavsek E 42 Congratulations! ! L, Homecoming '71 Queen: Mary Puetz King: Tom Schmitt Crown Bearers were: Jon and Jamie Sons 52 J I M.. Kathy Keller and Jerry Schmitt A Night to Remember Gail Webb and Roger Ford Mary Puetz and Dean Schmitt ROYALTY DANCE Kathy Ryan and Joe Warmer fm, xc! r ,Bays J Sandy Sons and Tom Schmitt K a Vicki Clark and Terry Trumpinski 43 T.H.S. Band-Small The Band and Miss Hahn, director The Flutes '11 6 The Clarinets but Mighty The Coronets The Percussion This year T.H.S. once more had a full-time band. They had the help of Miss Hahn, the new director. Though fewer in number than some other years they worked hard and sounded mighty for their size. The band had some part-time members who practiced before school with them, since they could not make it during the day. They played at the basketball games and gave a Christmas concert. The Saxophones and Baritone 45 T.H.S. Rates Warriors No. 1 Warriors' No, 1 Supporters Q ,lu kr ca WW?-1' Boosting the Warriors' Morale Pep Club Officers President-Gail Webb Vice President- Dean Schmitt Secretary-Treasurer- Lou Ann Strack Advisors-Miss Lynne and Ted Baylor Andracke Business Club Successful in Its Third Yeclr NEW YEAR-NEW ORGANIZATION Advisor-Mr. Mitchell l.-r. Christy Ryan- Vice President Kathryn Akleman- Recreation Chairman Sue Jaeger- President Val Lambert- Secretary Biology Club Advisor -Mr. Myler Board of Directors: l.-r. Kathi Christman Sally Shawback Greg Sons Eighth Grade Only One Step Away Ll mmwwEmuq-mgwswlw". Assam nwwmqaeumussnu 1 annnnnnnnnnlnefwauulv filllffifiifillbsvfgvl , 3 A,., , , , .1 -1 M WW 2 Elliililiifs N . lu 4'-.. Freshman Find Progress President-Beckie Urban V. President-Barbara Alleman Secretary-Vickie Gray Treasurer-Jerry Trumpinski Reporter-Cheri Hiester Class Advisor-Mr. Hall Successfully, the freshman have completed a car wash and have other activities planned. Begin- ning their education at Tonica High School as the I 4? X 9' tsl .v i , i I . smallest class, they are in hopes to be che best. xQ-I Q U I t 50 Barbara Alleman Linda Arwood Denise Bernadoni Diane Carmean Cindy Christman Jon Duff Timothy Dunne Kim Dyer Through Participation . W Q 'F' af .- -. Janet Ebner Steve Edgcomb Sue Edgcomb Karen Gingcrich Chuck Golick Vickie Gray Randy Hallock John Hartenbower Cheri Hiester Dale Huss Kandy Knoy Joe Ott Rosann Puetz Susan Steele Dale Sommers Steve Theisinger Jerry Trumpinski Becki Urban Karen Walgenbach 51 Sophomores Think of President-Doug Ploch Vice PresidentAChristy Ryan SecretaryALou Arm Strack TreasurerfBetli Loebach Reporter-Gary Walgenbach AclvisorwMr. Mitchell Sergeants-at-Arms-Mike Beavers and Roger Foote Bonnie Angelo Bill Arwood Bill Ashley Cindy Bailey Sara Bartoloni Mike Beavers Vickie Beavers Steve Bray Drivers License Audie Calkins Gary Carmean Kevin Day Larry Erjavsek Gary Fink Larry Fink Roger Foote Duane Ford Dave Golick Dale Gray Richard Hafley Royce Hallock Dan Hartenbower Shirley Hasselman Ron Hiltabrand Bill Immel and Becomming Upperclassmen Peggy Yanush Jerry Jam Jim Kadelak Paulette Kniffin Beth Loeback Lynne Longbons Brad Nickolson Kathy Orr Ricky Patterson jeff Peterson Doug Ploch Christy Ryan Lou Ann Strack Gary Walgenbach f 2' 1 ? 'G :V I 1' ' LL 'A , Z -V L 1 3 J if ei - 6. Q' . . ' 1, G0 - -- , Presldent Terry Ryan V1ce Pres1dent Kathy Alleman not shownj Denise Alleman Kathy Alleman Jim Atwood David Ashley Vic Carter Debbie Clayburn Kathy Cofoid John Coons Develop Interest in Their Charlene Danz Jane Dillard Alice Dippel Sherry Duffel Jim Fink Paul Gingerich Ray Goodwin Ray Hafley Margaret Hauck Larry Hiester Sue Jaeger Jon Janz Kathy Keller Val Lambert Mike Loebach Dick Novak , 1 l Junior-Senior Prom The class of '72 found that their Junior year was the most active and exciting. Receiving class rings and be- coming upperclassmen highlighted the year for the class of '72. Between their glass drives and candy sales at basketball games, the Juniors collected some hard- earned money for their year-end prom and banquet. Danny Puetz Beckie Ryan Beth Ryan Terry Ryan Jerry Schmitt Kathy Schmitt Sally Shawback Greg Sons Terry Taylor Steve Tondi Toni Trumpinski Val Weisbrock Leading Seniors Sandy Sons Dick Strack President Vice President Barbara Zellmer Secretary Mike Kreiser Kathy Ryan Treasurer Reporter The World Awaits for Irene Appel Robert Ashley Cafhi Christman Thomas Arkels Robert Bernadoni Kenneth Capponi fy, .vi V I7 . K U, sir' S- . ' ,' lg X 41 Vicki Clark if 'i J. , Y' 1,1 W ,UU "U-' A7 UU , .J , , U ' ' LA.'..' fi ff 5 if ,,'124f1.' ' 'f 3.1 D' C ' I, - m,! ' '. Q ' 6 in .,i .X ,, the Graduates of '71 Peggy avesek Alan Farneti Roger Ford Dorene Hobneck Micheal Kreiser Judith Long Ann Marconnet May Their Ideas 4 K ,T Micheal Mareta Henry Mertel JaCql11iI1C Myler John Pasieka Mary Puetz Kathleen Ryan Dean Schmitt f Help and Not Hinder Tom Schmitt Russell Schrowang in Sandra Sons Richard Strack Debra Summers Terry Trumpinski George Vanlaningham Our Environment Neil W3lgCnbaCh Joe Warrner Gail Webb QL ,, -. J, Steven Yanush Gregory Webb Barbara Zellmer TCJNICA STATE BANK "A Community Bank Dedicated to Community Service' Member of F.D.l.C. T nica, Illinois Dial 442-821 1 THE ELIAS FUNERAL CHAPELS qfw. Cx'-A , GZ' --.W ll l ' A ,v l a fx' J . f f-- H wy f ll ll :tumour Q W, .lf II Igmllllllllljlllll, I l .Qyl g. fs! "Y--.M ' "A 7 1 . 1.15:-Qcvg-.E?.:,',-,,-f.-ffL '. 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipment and Trained Attendants phone 442-8413-Tonica, Illinois phone 223-0040-Peru, Illinois mapa! Sv 16 PS'-. I I 5 I Compliments of MARCONNET T.V. AND SOUND SERVICE Tonica, Illinois 44 2-3 5 73 I! J w-cxesgj 'a' ' i n I A ' " H PLUMBING ' HEATING ' ELECTRICAL ' PAINT , I yy Y , 6 , I lf 1 s 'xi sk ll, I 1 ir 'li ' , 1' . Q I S . L '17 rf A ltr QI 4 ,- LARGEST U. S. Lumber 81 Building Supply Retailer On Hwy 51 South of Tonica-Phone 368-3314 FOLTY'S SUPERMARKET QUALITY MEAT AND PRODUCE EMMA, DIANE, BOB, FRITZ TO SERVE YOU BEENENGA FEED AND GRAIN Their New Storage and Grain Drying System" Supersweet Feeds-Custom Grinding 84 Mixing Tonica, Illinois ?wZ4 purge COMMUNITY BANK OF VTICA ,... ,, .Ma-ki DAYTON DAIRY "Your Golden Guernsey Dairy" Ottawa 433-0105 YE OLDE VILLAGE INN I I , Village -M- sgkrrf f Mrfl i lu- Sunday: Serving Smorgasboard in the "Terrace Roomn 11 130-2:00 Cater to: Banquets Parties 8: Weddings "Always Serving Delicious Mealsi' KEITH BAKER Complete Painting Service Interiorwlixterior if Wallpapering Pk Tonica, Illinois 442-3251 Compliments of MARETA'S RAVIOLI Leonore, Illinois 856-26 21 WE'VE GOT THE ANSWERS about all your crop needs CUSTOM FARM SERVICE TONICA MOTEL AND DONUT SHOP Hole ,n One Tonica, Illinois Tonica, Illinois - 442-8201 442 3514 THE PAINT POT HOBNECK ELECTRIC ' J' .1 - 1 It . uvnmu b' -H '-El t'l an Hand Painted Gifts Leonore, Illinois 8 56-257 2 Bob Hobneck Tonica, Illinois Phone: 442-3510 LA-SALLE OFFICE SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY 821 First St. LaSalle, Illinois Phone-223-0216 OFFICE TRI CITY HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE CO. ,'TDn CITWZEUN HQDDLUQDg SUPNITURC, First quality furniture, hardware LaSalle, Ill. 223-0400 CLYDESDALE'S OF OGLESBY inois Valley's most beautiful Furniture store serving the community since the turn ofthe C Remember! You saw it at Clydesdales FIRST! 4 - fi 1 1 , - lv: ' ' ,14 2 K 0 ws N? Q 2- x f yi u- smoke from LOU'S Oglesby and Peru Illinois ARKINS TONICA NEWS -gwwetms 97 Lois 85 Harold janz In Sickness and in Health Phone: 442-8419 Prescriptions filled Tonica, Illinois 883-8516 Oglesby, Ill. DEI. VAI.I.EE'S CLOTHING TONICA GREENHOUSE E , "Men's Wear" 3' li ' ' I l Q T Q 1 Q Oglesby, Illinois A M 124 East Walnut st. ,Ek X John 86 Phyllis Allman m I , K 883-8514 H H I ! if I l On Route 51 Tomca TRI CITY FROCK SHOPPE GRACE ANDERSON'S AND FASHIONS BRIDAL BOUTIQUE It ...KN -E. I The Store Where Smart I For Women of all ages X j Women .J I PIIOIIC K If 2 gy LaSalle, Illinois 829 lst Street ' 'if' LaSalle Illinois X3 NY., DITMAR DRUG STORE BRUCE STEELE T' i sais 9 e f, 31,-vw Z joseph L. Dittmar R.Ph. N' m 1 142 E. Walnut Street gm .mug Oglesby, Illinois QgcrMc,x.6 Phone: 883-8123 Prescriptions, Cosmetics, Gifts Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Service Tonica, Illinois Phone 44 2-3520 URBANOWSKI'S SUPERMARKET U. S. D. A. Choice Meats Delicatessen Complete Liquor Dept. Low prices always 802 Joilet St. LaSalle Route 351 ROWE'S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas batteries, Tubes "" ':'i" in I i"'44"4' Tires and Accessories STANDARD Tonica, Illinois 442-9416 C. A. JENSEN TONICA LUMBER CQ. "For your building needs" Registered jewelers American Gem Society x,9nIG MAI? X ,-2 , Serving Tonica, Ill. 41 The Illinois Valley Area Phone: ll lj 0 for fifty two years 442-3414 . 5 .iii 709 First Street if LaSalle, Illinois ROYAL LAN ES if - as Vg i BOWLING ALLEY League Bowling on week days and nights. Open bowling on week-ends. Phone 883-8517 Oglesby, Illinois RIBOLZI'S CONNIE SHOES Oglesby, Illinois 8 83-8 5 1 7 "Shoes for the F amilyn PAUL KHOURY's menswear La Salle, Illinois 223-2602 Our 36th year COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY We I Streator, Q Illinois THE M. PRYDE STUDIO This ad was made possible due to the Successful Collective Bargaining of 116 W. Walnut Oglesby, Illinois N,F,O, 883-8723 TONICA V 81 S R.w. BARNHART HARDWARE COMPANY 4 since 1919 571059539 .Q Anything in the 3, ,, 'E-Ti.-. j Hardware Line 4 N "Your Standard Oil Man" Phone: 442-3415 X 'I I Tonica, Illinois Phone: 856-2152 X. ' 'iii Leonore, Illinois PAUL COHARD CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST REGISTERED JEWELER American Gem Society 507 East Fifth Street TONICA NURSERIES, INC. Pl101'16 815f442-3176 Tonica, Illinois 61370 I I Roy L. Alleman Ken R. Alleman Peru, IIIIHOIS Owner Landscape Architect DEBO V 8. S HARDWARE PAINT AND GIFT ITEMS Hardware and Electrical Appliances Plumbing and Heating Services Phone 223-0461 Peru, Illinois TONICA ENGINE SUN AND SNOW SUPPLIES P.O. Box 77 Phone 815f442-3113 Tonica, Illinois 61370 LEONORE GRAIN 8. SUPPLY "Funk G. Seeds" Master Mix Feeds Liquid Nitrogen 81 Fertilizer BALDWIN AND KENNY AGENCY Grain Drying 86 Storing y e Phone: 856-2401 """"'I VW lfffffflfvf Lenore, Illinois W l'f"""f' AGENT 4 -unvn vos unv- ' 0 I Bob Baer-Tom Kenney Tonica, III. Phone 442-3116 COIN OPERATED MEL'S BEAUTY SHOP LAUNDRY Permanents, ar r Q Wigs and "Q, sf, Open 24 hours Stylmg n ijigj-i Mel Payne Owner Y fwifi Q Phone: 442-3525 I Equipped Tonica, Illinois Tonica Ted Lambert Illinois Owner ADAMSON'S LUMBER YARD - - ' EL f ' E "Material for all Building Needs" Phone 856-2281 Leonore, III. AL SMITH SERVICE STATION Since 1929 "Gulf Products" Phone 442-4814 Tonica, Illinois COFOID'S STORE :'Compliments of Nelly 81 Walter Cofoid" School Supplies Jewelry Cosmetics Candy and Cards Phone: 442-3511 Tonica, Illinois HILTABRAND GARAGE lf! '63 I , qv ' 5-531 .. 'I --.g- If Vfp4l" Wrecker service-Body Work-Motor Repair Phone 442-3 1 1 0 Tonica, Illinois , .. M sl-lEA's CLEANERS , J 5 Dry Cleaning , .t ' 1' ' '-.V. Tux Rental Service -I I I .. LaSalle, Illinois fi: , f ,,,' I f I 413 '1 ,I ' 4 V5 1 f fig j 1 lv 4 ,' if ff. ' 3 if , lg ,L ul? .11 46 KOEHLER'S Mens 85 Boys Wear Corner First 81 Gooding LaSalle, Illinois RALPH HASSELMAN TRUCKING Tonica, Illinois 44 2-3 2 1 5 V. ,A rf - Italian Restaurant w X F 1 'fx Toluca, Illinois MONA'S AND CAPPONIS Phone: 452-2356 IGLOO DRIVE-IN ji liil Fine food and quick curb S service. Peru, Illinois 3. , f 3 W Phone: 223-0848 LA SALLE NATIONAL BANK Organize d 7880 Member of F.D.I.C. 81 S.B. LaSalle, Illinois LA MAE'S APPAREL 8. SPORTSWEAR Best wishes: Leonard 8: Audrey Mozina 646 N. Columbia Ave. Oglesby, Illinois Phone 883-3233 CEDAR LANES MOTEL Cedar Point, Illinois Phone: 446-4761 RISTOKRAT CLAY GARZANELWS PRODUCTS CO. SUPPER CLUB ,mt Q72 UDDI ICO! on Route 351 5-'l' "l 22' :ii -::'m,,:gL fl, ,,, C S Phone 883-8633 Building 84 Landscape Stone S ? Oglesbyi Illinois Drain 85 Building Tile f Phone Utica Mo 7-4227 X Lowell, Illinois Robert E. Mullins Betty Mullins Robert E. Mullins jr. Bill Mullins P.O. Box 145 Bloomington, Illinois 61701 DR' L. G. Balfour Company: Classrings, invitations Cards, diplomas, medals Tonica, Illinois and trophies L 442-3111 NEWSFOT0 YEARBOOKS Phone-Bloomington 828-8441 US SPEED CENTER J Qymchming MERCER s CLEANERS ,lv .-1 , ' l 1 , any g' E, 41 r Dry Cleaning . Aj A ' ' MarCie's Muslins V I by A A Fabrics-Notions 66 "One Hour Cleaning" Oglesby, Illinois AKK YO UR PERFORMANCE CENTER." Tonica, Illinois 442-3548 HARl.AN'S STANDARD SERVICE OO' Calls Batteries Bonded Chicago Motor Club Phone: 368-3311 Lostant, Illinois 8, by Ac? J 88' 1 HUMMER FURNITURE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF QUALITY FURNITURE IN THE AREA Best Wishes from VILLAGE CERAMICS SHOP IN TONICA .IAN E LOWERY -OWNER FARMERS CO-OP GRAIN SUPPLY CO. NEW IDEA Co-op Farm KRAUSE Supplies Alis Feed Grinding, Chalmers Drying and Cedar Point, Storage Illinois 446-44 1 1 THE COLONIAL MIRROR BEAUTY SALON MARILYN CHRISTMAN-OWNER "Specializing in Hair Shapingi' Tonica, Illinois 442-3241 Compliments of BUD'S BARBER SHOP ANDIES CANDIES KINNEY SHOES THE FIRESTONE STORE RYAN FEED SERVICE I. rn.,-11,4 O, go A 5 Q9 T ' + VX .NX I! I :HDS Tonica, IIIinois 6I370 I ooussay f The 1971 Mirror staff wishes to thank you, that placed ads in this years Mirror it is deeply appreciated 5 '4- x S 4 -. D1 ' ,Aux '7 1 , 'lr ww.. 4 'K . 1'-ai 5' Q, -Q- 4. Z5-A2 Ss- .. .1 we 'Q' 'W -,X Y ,...f-""" .451- 5 " ...Q-"""" ,,g,.-M""" Me,-. 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