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.7r1 Uris l6'uiMiug Us the Secret af wzofions hSfMly jlflifflff Clk Ad G O DISAPPOINTMENT -tlI"" gf , ,,.. 42 f f' " E 15 E N T H U S I A S M XA qu-Q Orgamzatzan I4 .YAJWM-J""'f'7 W to ,, ,lg .Q Mr. A. E. Sickley He is a friendly counselor. 1 as ii 53 if 1 iii 2' -5 W as W We Drfdimfc' the I 970 Mr. A. E. Sickley was born in Leanore, Illinois. He graduated from Tonica High School. He attended Uni- versity oflllinois, St. Bede's College, and Lyola Uni- versity in Chicago where he completed his master's degree. Mr. Sickley worked in marketing research for Sylvania Company in Chicago for a number of years. Tonica was fortunate for Mr. Sickley to teach his- tory and economics during the past six years. In these years Mr. Sickley has proven to be a friend as well as a teacher. He has advised four different classes through theirjunior and senior years-volunteering to help with their problems and projects. He has directed seven plays in which junior and senior classes have pro- duced. Also for a number of years Mr. Sickley has been our counselor. We would like to show our appre- ciation in this small way for making better people of the students ofT.H.S. He directs plays. jlflirrar to 11011 Miss Sandra Cavaletto was born in Spring Valley and attended four years of Hall High School. Miss Cavaletto received her bachelors degree at Marycrest College in Davenport, Iowa. She has been working on her masterls at Illinois State University. Six years ago, Miss Cavaletto started teaching En- glish at Tonica High. Volunteering her time, she was class advisor for four years. She was also advisor of Civic Council for one year. Miss Cavaletto has always been ready to help with our literary and grammar problems. She spends a lot of time helping the literary section in the school paper. Miss Cavaletto is truely a good teacher in preparing students for the future. We thank her by dedicating 1970 MIRROR to her for contributing much time, patience and knowledge. Miss Sandra cavalef to Grading our themes? She's always thinking of new ideas l 1 J f . x n 'q. .f' U ll K-eff' 31 nf! 'f ,51 KJ-f ..' ADMINIQTRATIDN :uf Crashers Kring New ideas in CH S A bachelor can always use some advice in cooking. Two new teachers, Mrs. K. Spainhour and Mr. K. Mitchell are beginning their teaching careers at Tonica High. Mrs. Spainhour graduated from Illinois State University after attending Clinton High School in Clinton, Illinois. She teaches home economics and sponsors FHA. Mr. Mitchell obtained his degree from Olivet Nazarene College. He also attended Joliet junior College and Lewis College. Mr. Mitchell teaches biology and English. He also finds time to sponsor the fresh- man class. Mrs. Spainhour ,Wfj Mr. Mitchell 7 w 1 X v Mr. Bayier-Math and Coaching Mr. Hungerford-General Science, Earth Science, Chemistry f ""'--q...... 'U ' E eeeii ii, ewi i E VV,. .r V.VA Mr. Clark-Drivers Ed, P.E., General Business hmm. Mrs. Irvine-French Miss Cavalet to -English Zzculfy Pain! the Way My , Mrs. Frankenreicler-Physical Education -- ...X, ' ' 42'-. Mr. Irvine-Vo-Ag and General Shop JW Mr. Myler-Business Education Mr. Sickley-Social Studies and Guidance Kilt' Heater af impatient Decisims Mr. Diebolt and Mrs. Earles. State records keep Mrs. Earles busy. Students feel free to ask advice. Our new principal, Mr. Diebolt has changed the office into a center of important decisions and discussions. Phone calls, mail, organization business and all other educational matters are discussed here. The efficient work by Mrs. Earles and Mr. Diebolt made the whole educational sys- tem run smoothly through out the year. The telephone plays an important role at Tonica High. Selma l6'0ard Weighs Decisions Meeting every second Tuesday of each month, the school board makes the decisions that count. " This year the board has made many changes and improvements for T.I-I.S. Among these improve- ments we have senior rights and a look into the future for Tonica Community High School. Our thanks go to this group of concerned citizens who try to make life at T.H.S. more educational and profitable forthe student body. xl? II!!! i A We iff' ,x President Ford and Principal Diebolt discuss the coming events for EK the year 69-70. , S--.fem .. 1:1 s lsnviuri gggung nun an saggy ,ff"",'f . N -f"' Standing: Robert Henning, H O. Ryan, Alfred-Iohnson, Lloydjohnson, Glen Holloway. Sitting: Bruce Steele, Burd- ette Ford. 11 Eficieui Service Staff Serves lls Our service staff starts early in the morning, dents. Mary and Lefty are our dedicated custodians. The busdrivers greet us in the morning and evening, taking us safely to and from school. The cafeteria workers always serve nutritious lunches at noon. We thank them for their efficient service. Mrs. Mary Warrner Wendell QLeftyj Warrner fi Forrest Steadmen, Jack Ashley, Richard Busdriversg L to R. Robert Asheley, Wayne Scott, Joe Bernardoni, Elverne Mudge Barton, Wendell Warmer. .K Q 'Y 5 5 yyyly ' .... Cafeteria Workers: Mrs. P Houtz, Mrs. M. Kriesar, Mrs. A Dunne, Mrs. H. Mortenson. working hard to serve the stu- Washers Srzapped OH Guard 25 -.ff HRW veg, -. Contemplation A mutual agreement by Mr. Debolt and Mr. Irvine The Sign 3 must X 1 i DUYY Waiting More left front ALSKDJFHG Taking a break v 1 4 zfvi- ij? DAQ! ., Q C Rf' il DRGANIZATIDNQ .ia U O., F ' . ffi-ffl. ,.,,k,7 , . Y. fi"""'- 'V' A ' wr -L -Q Q A V 'F .",r.g . 1 ' '. L'-,-.'-"1+. 'v' V., . T6 ..,. -f .r-.g z, af l ab, ,I 5' f " , Yr 'B Student Senate feeds the Way "f'W"' M' dig ,-, W W QQ ,gf v STUDENT SENATE WHAT ABOUT A BOOSTER BUTTON? The officers of che Student Senate are: Pres.- Scott Lambertg Vice Pres-Kathy Ryang Secretary-Le- Ann Bassettg TreasurerHKen Capponig Reporter-Peg gy Erjavsek. The Student Senate has begun a new year with a new advisor and a new name With the assistance of Mr. Diebolt, they have been trying to improve our school spirit. They have been selling Warrior Pil- lows and booster buttons. MR. DIEBOLT AND THE OFFICERS 15 Konica gufurc A 3 , as 1969 TONICA FFA MEMBERS and FFA TYPISTS, Laura Martin and Lynette Johnson .,-v . ,:,- d 325: Zig i- l 5 ia' H- " A 'dwg I 900511100 0 N Q Q Xi na' :D ii lgf 13 ik ! P -I. ?'w .J 5 Q4 " Q1 Q .p , I I Jak K U N c 'flF'5'f,1o ...J FFA EMBLEM The Tonica FFA wish to dedicate these two pages to Cody Calkins who paid the supreme price for his country. 16 1969-1970 FFA OFFICERS Henry Mertel-Presidentg john Pasieka-Vice Presidentg Dick Strack-Secretaryg Jon janz- Treasurerg Terry Ryan-Reporterg Bob Ashley-Sentinelg and Mr. Irvine-Advisor W J Zzrmvrs af America ml 1 '- iz. WJ HM iam i ' rg if 5 ll v ' P mi . na. -3 g A W la' L ff 3 1 Q . 1 y .,,, , , , ,A. us e 315 i,,r. C , K e ' ': ta ez sz r o i ly I I I 'li ' fi' A ' t, A .Q 5 , V4 My xv X . gn .. NQMJ 5' ,,,.' ' n , 4, - 5- mv "Akin was J, 3 'UNSCA FFA. Peru Motors provide the Tonica FFA a new truck CODY CALKINS MEMORIAL The FFA Trophy Case was given by the Ray Calkins family in mem- each year. ory of their son Cocly. 5, . - 3 1 Three swings 25d 5' a fa' .J We 'x .VJvYA,,. fy. frenz- A At annual FFA Pest Supper. L? . .,.LV y , W, Our first harvest! 17 1969-1970 OFFICERS Pres., Marilyn Calkinsg Vice Pres., Mary Puetzg 2nd Vice Pres,, Alice Dippelg Sec., Kay Henningg Treas., Nancy Abbottg Program Chm., Cynthia Swiftg Degree Chm Vicki Clarkg Historians, Kathy Ryan, Lynette Johnsong Recreation Chairman, Pat Hawley. Dynamic year far MAKER, QOXAQ 1 0:7 5? 2 Enm't:1fr 1, g, . ... - ..L,. fi :- ze 5 L65 4,0 QV NEW HO ,Q V . ' .WY . ' FHA MEMBERS ?ufurc' J-fomfmakcrs af America .v- 1 all ' sb. Ill FFA girls sold cook books. Working Toward New Horizons FHA activities for the year of 1969-70 was varied with many community and chapter projects. We opened out the year by having a fishing pond at the Tonica Homecoming. Other activities included packing boxes for servicemen selling cookbooks, helping with Easter Seal Drive. There were fun things tool, such as the fall rally at Oswego, the caroling party, and many interesting speakers enjoyed at our meetings, We would like to thank Mrs. Robert Hen- ning and Mrs. Robert Puetz, our chapter mothers, for making most of these activities possible. Pick a good boat, kids! fi ' . X Everyone is busy at che FFA banquet. t Ick! Mud between my toes! 19 145 wmuil Q W 1 lgusiness 61116 l6'c'gir1s Sewud year First Row: Laura Martin, Kay Henning, Wendy Kniffen, Christy Hobneck, Susan Foote, Second Row: Nancy Abbott, Mr. Myler, advisor, Ray Goodwin, Pat Hawley, Kathi Christman, Mary Lynn Alleman. The Business Club began its second success- ful year this year. Elections were held last year and the following officers were elected: Wendy Kniffen-President Christy Hobneck-Vice President Laura Martin-Secretary Kay Henning-Treasurer Susan Foote-Reporter Ray Goodwin-Student Senate Mr. Myler-Advisor Mr. Myler and Wendy inspect a new shipment which is to be sold by the club. in Our Spare 371146 Wo' . . . join bull session in Ag Shop gossi do nothing in particular . . play cards . . . p... do our own thing at noon clean our lockers ? ?? 21 DirectorfMr. Stiak President-Mary Nagel Officers PresidentgMary Nagel Vice President'- wendy Kniffin Secretary, Report 84 Treasurer' Judy Long Student Senate Representative Peggy Erjavsek Librarian- Ray Goodwin Srzlighfened by the num! af Music The band started the year right with much enthusiasm and a new director. As the months went on a winter con- cert was planned and practiced for. Before the band had a chance to show us their talents it was brought to an abrupt end. Mr. Stiak was suddenly called to do his duty in the armed forces. CORNETS SAXOPHONES liz. FLUTES DRUMS pf. Sr CLARJNETS LOWERBRASS j 23 f 1 I K f ' f 2 E 5 i ir 1 5,1 - 3 1 Er i 2 if 1 fr is 2 2 ..-I. MAKE-UP Editor-Laura Martin Assistant EditorfLeAnn Bassett Advisor-Mr. Myler This year Tonlca Community High School changed the name of its school paper to 6'Warrior Countryv because the students felt that "School Daze" had grown old and a new name was need- ed. Another change took place when "Warrior Country" was given a column in the LaSalle "Teen-Trib". Thus paper staff was kept busy typing up "Warriro Country" and writing for the "Teen-Trib". The paper staff has completed another successful year, and should be proud of a iob well-done. Wrzrrivr Krfunfry Sprezuts' the News Our editor hard at work! Reporters Mater Happenings A row of dolls! r R 'st ww Is this what you come to the Dances for? flg K N Not much exercise but a lot of fun Perfection for Senior Pictures. Right Size? fi ,Mirror 1970 MIRROR STAFF Alice Dipple, Becky Ryan, Charlene Danz, Pat Hawley, Rod Brady, Joe Warmer, Bob Ashley, Beth Ryan, Gail Webb. Co-Editors4Cynthia Swift, Marilyn Calkins Business Manager-Kris Danz Advisor-Mr. G. O. Irvine The 1970 Mirror is filled with all the activities throughout the year. The staff worked to produce a book of memories as we have lived it. The staff is extremely grateful for all the cooperation of the students and all the time and effort that Mr. Irvine put into it. U15 N Elf Are you sure the picture will fit? ng.. QA . Wm a ,g an . 4 3 :QZTUQ Big Decisions! -ff 16710 nf Memories in ox ,is 2 ' 4. , ,pb , W1 The winner for 1970! 'm , ,N fam' I hwy, M 'V , 1.39 Y, xkigs y Q ' 1 1 if 'V ff I 4' , if Q fe if ' T? "2 ok e at 4 iii' 'Fifi 92 H 'Y ,af A' 5 ' f? , Y if , X as , Sf his iiifl is i The winners get their prizes from ah editor. jzmivrs Presents- "OH the Urack " Tell it like it is Pidgie! "OFF THE TRACK" The action of "Off the Track" takes place at a wayside railroad station when a train is wrecked and downs the only telegraph line. Eleven passengers are stranded forty miles from the nearest town with nothing to eat but salami, cheese, hard bread, and stale water. What an experience! John Morgan . . Silas Dobbins. . Fleclcie Nelson . Betty Phillips . . Joan Parker . . . Mrs. Guarino . . . Antonia Guarino Bill Lindsay . . . Oscar Pozenby . Willy Woodson. Evalina Bumpass . .Dean Schmitt . . Mike Kreiser . . . . Peggy Erjavsek . . . Sandy Sons . . . . Kathy Ryan . . . . Kathi Christman . .Dory Hobneck . . Ken Capponi . . .joe Warrner . . . ..... Greg Myler . . . . . . . Ann Marconnet Reginald Vanderwenter ...... Mary Puetz Miss Pidgie McDougal . . . . . .Gail Webb 28 "Hey, little girl want a piece of candy? "I knew you were up to no good." I TRS ,UL, mg-.. s X 7 i t I ' mi' L s' A' And now for a super explosion. Gosh dang it boys! Scams at Zifl S Boy, it is hot and crowded in this study hall! The mad rush to the coke machine at noon Seniors enjoy their free study halls. il Sch00l's out!!! The last one to leave. flvmcwmirzg Queen Le Ann Bassett and King Garold Ghrist Who will get queen and king? Queen candidates were Mary Alleman, Le Ann Bassett, Kris Danz, Sue Foote and Christy Hobneck. King candidates were Bill Bernardoni, Larry Clayburn, Garold Ghrist, Scott Lambert, and Jim Puetz. Junior attendant was Vicki Clark, sophomore attendant was Charlene Danz, and freshman attendant was Lou Ann Strack. Every one enjoyed the dance. Week- I 970 i o 1 tug 'Lv Senior-2nd Place juniorF3rd Place Sophomore-The Winning Float Freshman Float-4th Place You do good work, joe! Hey Y Dances Prmfidc Suicrfainment Bands make a difference! "Rudy" seems to be the entertainment. :,i'f':?g::,.,,2 , --5. Y f, .- gm M :fn "K 7 , is wi cf ' L 'wif f f ,3T.l2SY:3 4545.3 4? ,S M r and if uf -. 33 Part ofthe librarians and Mrs. Irvine's "Bookworm Havenn The librarians and Mrs. Irvine, their advisor, keep our library running smoothly. They keep the books in good condition, and in their correct order. They are always ready to help those who need it. Another of their jobs is the straightening of the maga- zine racks. 34 Students helpers. Hacking the Hank Worm Good Book Lyn? 'x -v- '-sf -s. ! qi, 5.3.3. at C1163 Girls Athletic Association Members 1969-1970 Advisor -Mrs. Nikki Frankerireider K r 5 f W frwgrr. . .Q ., Q' -, Fw?-ffteio gmisws A I is 'iiss if f iisi A Q i' isss w ff? YQ ' '1 Q: li 1 li Zrffi, l W, , - il 2, f i' -vii ' r . ,f I . , I f , . , ,, ,6L'V. 4 N Officers Pres.-Kay Henningg Vice Pres.-Chris Hobneckq Secretary-Wendy , Kniffenq Treasurer-Barb Zellmerg Reporter-Vicki Clarkg Recrea- X tion Chairman-Mary Puetz i P Is this what you do at G.A.A A ' ,Q-. Ji 3511?-3 A rs- .X ' Fey Klub-an fha Spvrfs Scene if x M N vi Kb ff: K V?" ' M H ,. W f Q L Qi ax x is gleam Q -5, , .5 I 1 Officers: President-Pat Hawley Vice President-Mary Puetz Secretary-LeAnn Bassett Treasurer- Reporter-Mike Mareth Girls! Act Your Age! The Promoters of Team Support ATHLETICS Q JU' 1 dfaches and Chair Jfelucrs , . . I ,, Let S See that slgnal again' The staff plan the attack. I 1 Mike and Dale get together. Coach Bayler A 4L ' ' T 5' ee I"ffQs .Q N.'TL K:--if :ii Coach Clark Listen carefully, Ray P idx 'Z .4 V rg . ,ai The WARRIORS placed first at Tri-County arm . .Q I Ze i fyf- 55. 7 QQ f Coach and the two seniors The running Warriors reached the end of their rain- bow as they captured the Tri-County championship. The boys put into this trophy and deserved every bit of the credit they received. They had a great year and are planning on next year to bejust as good. 'tst W9 113 -V L ,F 5 ,,,v.t, 5. , Y, .1.g:: . h r...f,..: M ti' fu' .: ' ,, , f 'L ' 2. . .5 . , r, g-Mft.. g,5g,.zg" ' ' .,,f,51 Q li? . ? , sf , if' -1. ,V V, V I ,-a.5v'ZFf'3I-i,iAf"f5 7:5111 ,-.asm f- 1 2 5-iw ,viz . ,1gig41Qgitiff22efiriv2'fggz-'53 ' I -fe, - ffl "fffr'I, ff: fi:v.iH1iZ':'rriig?E2 . ,. ...., , s.. ,.,, ., A , ,. r. M , . . ., ,. ' I .rm 1 if-5'--"iff 1? i L'f'Ms'i-"se2'. .fl , fsiriiffiiis SP1-me t iff . ' .,,.,g,1::..:- -- 5: me ef 1W,f 14sf716?g'zs,:g1i:Qr,1 si1.Ugfrf,4sfbZQig: Q,if1ff'iw:'f'ir5E39f551Q J fQg5'WSlki5?!s11 QQ' f f L, Rod-the best in Tri-County. 1571 6-l5'rzll-zz Warrior Sport 1 . ,.9,. '-f55'f '2:+.gyj' 'N I. ' V V gsfijftiil ""-5 ,?:W1.s'?r,1iS L 1, - 'M - 'iriiiiiflf tf':A- ,if 4 :'f1E f4i2+ ,.,,..r.,..,,,,,,, ,..., . ,. ' ""' ' ' ' ' :ik .-: J L a ,.e , B B Q3 s 5? 1 Y. 4 f ,gf , ,. ififaii' . SQ 4 . . M W., ,H L . 1 'riff ' ' 3 , ' ' Q 1 s , s . . S it' 5 if 5 ' r . A- r. i 1 ., if 5. -mr, K . " ' ggi, mg gk' 'gg ff,-3. 321.3 , K If - , . ws, -,,:' Q it . .. 5 4 ,fa.fs,rt ,rx ,. r"- . gx V 1 f ' ' . 9 .924 , ' L we i .Ii k ' ' .. . Q . -415' I if? is . fi ,M -1 Q 2 ' 1 2- 1" "' - A W . V, .r,.. s XB is ' we r 1 1 N ' r rr r .. ee Q . .1 r -1 A ' s e -, L r I f - r ,ai A s Q:-.gif . . , ,k.., 5 . if 5 'tw 1 5 E I I 4 is 5 L A ,, :Q 555 it-figggw ' KY . ' . 3 V, L - f ? I -f 1 " ' . - 1 V, .141 ,:, 77 NX.: f 1 - 'W .. 4, -kwa, , , .. , VM. ' V -x 'M' . r . '1 Qrrwr . N ffffaf V- gg.. 3 - g if I --" f , .3 - . K ' ' f , . s iw r,rr x-A r if f f TNQ - of, i L if ,,,. . .K Q QVA' 7 . "-- . Wfsirffx ., ,, 1--.rf-fer 'ff.,1'fFSf M- We 1 -A A 'lux--X V Q A ' K t had' ww 5.31, 1 ,mf-5 -Q, .',gi'?'Ms2xygXe+:,s,Q,5Qe1'fg5Qg in ' ,, Q f LQ'WWE3f1rsr3fQWef5?I2t:2f4E5'5i'-i,X so e r"" "--' wt-ggf-i,.g'?5?iiti5g3xgea-:5iwr'X:4if gtm?w4mQ2esr1'w:q5,4 ., X . . r,.1. W - ..,'2Hc?.iw4ii4,s2wgs13iP,zifm.Wm 5 All 'f ,.,. Hp M' RVN f C hg t tio tom na ers f oac IVCS ms rue ns a . V g . Q., Dean shows teammates bunting position. ,t 25 1 i 5 4 H H I w t ig 'i dx' ,N-tg ,, 'e Q Q 1,4 Y . 'L it wx if 'fer 4. , 9 355. ,Q ,X as 'fr 4 r -,sf The battery meets. Substitutes are ready to enter the game. A gfiiixff M I ' swim L ' Mm ik cp! ' ml! W W st .. ' T . t , . 1-S f I W W x X. 1 -'Af gr ,, s 'K I -. 9 ' ,',. -fs. f "ew V . he ,f i P, ' is r E ff Rl L t , Q . Ji Q p p ' 1 YA . 1" VA . 1 , f N A il A ,, V ii ,ur A Dick and John demonstrate an infallible slide. LEARNING SEASON FOR THE BASEBALL WARRIORS The 1969 Warriors were young and for the most part, inexperienced. Playing against our tough Tri-County opponents, we got alot of valuable game experience which will help for next year. Learning the basics as well as the more difficult parts of the game made 1969 a building year. We weren't tops, but we practiced hard and learned alot while having fun. Next year che Warriors should be serious contenders in the Tri-County. Run Jerry! It's a hit!!! Eherrlrrzdcrs- Ure Main Supparters af the Warriors Varsity Squad-Vickie Clark, Susan Foote, Chris I-Iobneck, Dory Hob- neck, Mary Puetz jr. Varsity Squad-Bonnie Angelo, Kathy Keller, Beth Loebach, Lou Ann Strack 1 i l w Warriors- 70 Junior Varsity 69-70 Basketball Squad Back 1. to r. Dave Golick, john Coons, Dick Novak, Terry Ryan, Greg Webb, Bill Ashley, Duane Ford, Larry Heister, Roger Foote Front l. to r. Paul Gingerich, Ron Hiltabrand, Jerry Schmitt, Mike Loebach, Larry Erjavsek, Doug Ploch, Coach Baylor Back row l. to r. Jon Janz, Dean Schmitt, Roger Ford, Dick Novak, John Coons, Jerry Schmitt, Dick Strack, Garold Ghrist, Rod Brady, Joe Warrner, Greg Webb. Managers-Mike Beavers, Ray Goodwin, Dale Gray, Coach Baylor. 43 Crrugh Warriors- Axvw, rf k A.. ,W , ' ij -E Y .. if -M wa- WESEQ Garold Christ jon Janz Roger Ford Senior Sophomore junior ' x 270,11 :lf , ,, -XX it Rodney Brady joe Warmer Ted Bayler Senior junior Coach ,flu Inside look at Haskvfball The Plan 15 determmed. This is the way it will be! Jump Rod Jump! Now what? .....-A Captains vs. captains CLASSES Freshmen Pres.- Ronald Hiltabrand V. Pres.-Jim Kadelak Secretary-LouAnn Strack Treasurer-Beth Loebach Reporter-Bill Ashley 611155 Ofhcers af I 969-1970 Student Senate Representatives- Advisor-Mr. Mitchell Vickie Beavers Roger Foote ,,1.w gg-nuvr-"""" Pres.-Bob Bernardoni V. Pres.-Joe Warrner Secretary-Vicki Clark Treasurer-Gail Webb Junior Student Senate Representatives- Advisor-Mr. sickley 48 Peggy Erjavsek Roger Ford i W 7 ' 'f11f55' ..EA: ws K lil? 5 45,531- TZ11:-.fiekl f ' 1 , 1. 4 5 1: ,f-- . gif- '- FE Sf , . '71 ,. , 5 t f - get iyik ivi Mfg? . ' K' I J.-i' , Q 5 5 ff L52 ug. V Mg? fe Yi if " sig 'ii E5 Q EMF ,A M fir-sisg1.'3 up iffifigi s . . ziy rgyflmiysi iy :Ji ' f ' 's 'P "uf ::"' Sophomore Pres.-John Coons V. Pres.-Dan Puetz SecretaryMKatl1y Keller TreasureraMike Loebach Reporter-Sally Shawbach Student Senate Representatives- Toni Trumpinski Jerry Schmitt Advisor-Mrs. Frankenreider R Bonnie Angello William Ashley Cindy Bailey Sara Bartoloni Michael Beavers Vickie Beavers Steven Bray Gary Carmean Audie Calkins Larry Erjavsek Gary Fink Larry Fink Roger Foote Duane Ford Dave Golick Dale Gray Nancy Gualandi Dan Hartenbower Shirley Hasselman Ronnie I-Iiltabrand F9 'K 1' we is r mi? yreshmau ,flzyusf Quickly to the ,, , , ,A..,. Ili' wwf Af ' H EI!" J a'ar r B is ga-.. or - B A - 2 :yi Q ,aw . A A , H v K , M i"' its a 4? V -1 ,.., A I A I J 1 3: 4, if V' il ..:,: K A Eff AK J . if ,f 1 Q ? lm , i Aj ix .51 may gi A ,,A: I ,gl M Y hah' 3 in . Xi f bkgr ' ' 'K - .- fff'5?ifQfi ' V 1 it ' 1 ' if f y 7 f . , flea. ivva l is ,aesle i X W' slvj 5 is -rf. i V -ff ' ' 'ef 3 Too BUSY :fa b 5 egg PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE .7.. . A i V m y if . A P g ax ai' 2 ,, .ms . tr K? 4 , w'12fsss51Pre?flTi' ' .f,- my fa, Kapid Parc at CHS anew . Silt. '::l1ii:i:. as, M, ,, it 2 as e rs. 1 il, , K A X W 1 ,sm is 1 W ' ' . , iv, The Freshmen started their first year at T.H.S. with vigor and enthus- iasm. They started out by being No. 1 class in the magazine drive and con- tinued to raise money having a Hobo Day and also a Sock Hop. There isno doubt about the class of "73" being a success at Tonica. William Immel Jerry Ianz James Kadelak Paulette Kniffen Elizabeth Loebach Lynne Longbons Mary Martin Brad Nicholson Katherine Ott Ricky Patterson Doug Ploch Jeff Petersen Christine Ryan Lou Ann Straclc Gary Walgenbach Royce Williams Peggy Yanush ,4 Little Lliser, zz Biffle Older ii , w n 4 Q av, 49,4 W X255 as , '- "What page are we on? A m 'In . a f a as W . "'L , 1, ""' f f "W Comparing notes girls? m Seen but not heard. A chat between classes 51 U16 Svphomores Praceai l as r f g rilkili l tyaaatry f N 5 , f lf ,ef r ,:.'f':i5:1..".':-Q,, ff":' r Q , fFg2g"f"W1Qf2i?f'3 'f""F L L ,,L1 xi a ll ' ' :Ig 1 if A P F l ea ' r ,. X M . EMMA 55 If X xyixx aff' 1 .Q .M H if S5 4 D, Q W ai X A 3 ,1 4 , 3 E 5 1,5 3-fr A rf K l lf '37 ., ,pw .ww lx l Denise Alleman Kathryn Alleman David Ashley Debra Clayburn Kathleen Cofoid John Coons Carlene Danz Jane Dillard Alice Dippel Sherry Duffell James Fink Paul Gingerich Raymond Goodwm Margaret Hauck Larry Hiester Suzanne Jaeger Jon Ianz Kathy Keller Valerie Lambert Michael Loebach Richard Novak Daniel Puetz Elizabeth Ryan Rebecca Ryan Terrence Ryan Gerald Schmitt Kathleen Schmitt Sally Shawback Gregory Sons Terry Taylor Steven Tondi Toni Trumpinski Valerie Wiesbrook 4' X jj S.,-Q f l 5 ui ! ek? I 4 J. ,f A 5 A f-gf' ey a r ,wiv 4 fffwi .. ' at t' QQ X51 sw D kr 25' V N J :gf ref-gay raw' ' ' 4 'Q' 7 2 6 if it M' 'W' '9 .rr 5.13 V jg' f P K N if sg s ki " . - . -K' . ' f ' Warsl: V: ,ci X Q x 'gf ' Milf Graz! Ambition S for- , f .5 .A .. , i KKK ' 9' A R". r x . '1 . X ff ff R i iiiii' -r A I .1 get ,-ff mi me." ,,:." "'g . ,- . W,,N.NM,,.,.... XY ...N .. ""' p N 4 T 7 , I The sophomores, adjusted to the high school rou- tine have had a dynamic year. 'Hiey learned many new skills, while acquiring the responsibility. Mrs. Franken- reider was their advisor. The Halloween dance, spaghetti supper, car wash, and sock hop were a few ofthe mon- ey making projects in anticipation ofa beautiful prom their junior year. f I ,si X 1 53 llpperclassmen of the Zlmlerclassmen ,,z, S it Getting ready for college girls? Where did you get building ability Greg? .010 I .H ,Z The long 81 short of T.H.S. Doing your good deed for the clay? I Bet you never could have guessed what the inside of a frog looked like! Irene Appel Thomas Arlcels Robert Ashley Robert Bernardoni Kenneth Capponi Dennis Christian Kathi Christman Vicki Clark Peggy Erjavsek Alan Farneti Roger Ford Daniel Gualancli Dorene Hobneclc Michael Kreiser Judith Long Ann Marconnet Michael Mareta Henry Mertel Gregory Myler -Iacquline Myler juniors Strive to Meet- l ' if f? 'Y R lee C 0 'sa - 'X ,.p-o ,.-v-"" 'x lf ,rf , I R ff w gl t .E ' 0 'Q 12 5' 'F R R .Q 't a ,3"" allsr ,aj 'fa , siilil is ,Q if S . , M . , l f f xvw ,te I W aa R f- "'-29 . jar. , af lux' r "x e F 2 aif' ft? 5 f as ,Q-'49 Kea 1:53 X Ml if -. 1' 7, wr, r.,-1-',,l A , t .Q ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE W?'E any '1 3 'X X Q at ,K r rs Q u W e f f X S Ay gif , ij my XR wfffiw Che 667115 x x Q1 2' M,-WI!" I The Junior class this year is represented by 35 proud stu- dents. They have worked hard throughout the year on many projects to put on that one special event everyone looks for- ward tofThe Prom. Also in the 69-70 year the Juniors received their rings and enjoyed the idea of being upperclassmen. They have participated in most organizations and helped build T.H.S. into what it is to- day. W' I, . if it X , , ,X , af Being- john Pasieka Mary Puetz Kathleen Ryan Dean Schmitt Tom Schmitt Russell Schrowang Sandra Sons Richard Strack Debra Summers Terry Trumpinski Joe W arrn er Neil Walgenbach Gail Webb Gregory Webb Steven Yanush Barbara Zellmer ,An llpperclassman ' A Vi. i K f 2 , 911, HI r J,-sl' "GASP" ,Mft X f,.,3h2.:n, 1 , .,-,V-Abs, ., r ,.- . It can't be a surprise to you guys! You canit be talking about "Him" again. pi gum- was ,,.. Ashamed of your new P.E. suit. Selling rejects from the B.B. games? Vickijust can't sit still! . gi 'A F an X' 2 -S-+v' f-.?"a7f1 'F '.'v-!q'Nx5"l W QQ 'x SENIORS f . F: 4' 4 A f ' .- 'V fl . ,. . f-gf QF x R1 fa, 5 e 'H A031 f ww umm. vpn yurms . .1 1 W .JM rf.-1-X 4 sf'-352m M Sw., ffifsxzivj' Q f if if vga ,fm ,, , fi A Y grwfq-if fi: 51 is ew f K I ' f 1, A, x 1 X lk 5.5 ., 1' ' I gy "Is Senior Officers Garold Ghrist -President Wendy Kniffen-Vice Pres. Jan Cooper-Secretary Larry Clayburn-Treasurer William Bernardoni-Reporter if' V ' Advisor-Mr. Irvine Mary Alleman 1,32 Viv A LeAnn Bassett Rodney Brady Marilyn Calkins Larry Claybrun Janis Cooper Kristine Danz Susan Foote Garold Ghrist Patricia Hawley 1 nj! if Kay Henning Christine Hobneck sw Y?--"-r Lynette Johnson Wendy Kniffin Scott Lambert Laura Martin Mary Nagel Kerry Peterson james Puetz Gary Schmitt Michael Schrowang Cynthia Swift Thomas Trumpinski Joseph Yanush Barbara Zimmerman A - ,M ' , .I so ? A . 23? 4. ,1 U,.. ,W Which one should I chose? L ' ' "" i Sewers Acfzve year of A -r g V -gi,-f i: ,xg s X Q V ii Ve. 1 s ' , i ' i X K ,. fy l Q i W K ' .v.' L W E 2 "' 2 b .e s Super Deodorant! !! Let's not eat up the profits, f-X. The fan sure feels good. Marilyn always did like the service guys. 63 , ,ziizz -- 4 4 f ,W ,- :gf-ff ,vw , g. W' 1 .15 4. 64 I t -xi,-gstwkzt' X- M As the Seniors thoughts passed th minds. with many friends moments th Some students we're no longer with new ' - f A,"'..,z , Q 1 s ng. ' ' rv- ' .s,Y 7" 1 P' -.-472 oe, '. .' L.,l, i. 4 .f3f'3t,. . 25 1 1 ' N was D X THE ELIAS FUNERAL CHAPELS fxlw. weyww ff Luna Wu-'Qs' 'A 1 k"""' I --af .,-'Wi A-ff: J ' J "Q v is X 1 If I fs I N ' ii ll H E Xi' X! f 4- ' - :L ' XXI, ffm if :I as me Q i t ,i t Jv-1 3. - . ' . H h , x'iV""'Xu.QQ.. 5. 24 Hour Ambulance Service Gxygen Equipment and Trained Attendants Phone 442-8413-Tonica, Iliinois Phone 223-0040-Peru, Illinois CEDAR LANES MOTEL Bowling-Restaurant-Lounge "Banquet Facilities" Cedar Point, Illinois Phone 446-4761 BEENENGA FEED AND GRAIN "Their New Storage and Grain Drying System" Supersweet Feeds-Custom Grinding 84 Mixing Tonica, Illinois YE ou? VILLAGE INN ' y,,, y Af . l Q ' I S QP , ,S as Sunday: Serving Smorgasboard in The "Terrace Roomn 4 Sunday: Serving Smorgasboard in the "Terrace Room" 11:30-2:00 Cater to: Banquets Parties 81 Weddings "Always Serving Delicious Meals" .sin :Awww-ivefimrsfwwfi Q 'W ' 5195? f' W X1 SENORS from l.OU'S Oglesby and Peru Illinois CLYDESDALE'S OF OGLESBY Illinois VaHey's most beautiful Furniture store serving the community since the turn ofthe Century Remember! You saw it at Clydesdales FIRST! TONICA STATE BANK L 3 Q i I ffwifd-eie,..i.. , , me L ,' v ' iw "A Community Bank Dedicated to Community Service Member of F.D.l.C. Tonica, Iliinois Dial 442-8211 GARZANELLI'S SUPPER CLUB Q2 GOOD FOOD on Route 351 "N Phone 883-8633 ' Oglesby, Illinois 228 ' sr "U fy - f KOEHLER'S Mens 85 Boys Wear "Corner First 84 Gooding LaSalle, Illinois IGLOO DRIVE-IN 5' """' Fine food and quick curb service. Peru, Illinois H W Robert E. Mullins Betty Mullins Robert E. Mullins jr. Bill Mullins P.O. BOX 145 Bloomington, Illinois 61701 L. G. Balfour Company: Classrings, invitations cards, diplomas, medals and trophies NEWSFOTQ YEARBOO KS Phone-Bloomington 828-8441 LA-SALLE OFFICE SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY 821 First St. LaSalle, Illinois Phone-223-0216 OFFICE ERNIE'S RESTAURANT W 543-1st Street N LaSalle, III. TRI CITY HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE CO. :germ C'lTYY -, Irmnownng gunnrrunel L . First quality furniture, hardware LaSalle, 111. 223-0400 MERCER'S CLEANERS C,hw.m7fcIeaning Dry Cleaning -523 ' 1 X451 f J Q I-Iat Cleaning 'W ' Marcie's Muslins , ' Fabrics-Notions Oglesby, Illinois FOLTY'S SUPER MARKET Tonica, Illinois ri x""" A - "Serving You J is EE i if Now and in is i The Futuren 35 .mx-N. fa5:5iU5iiDD1lrNr 'W 1 xr 9 K X vourz HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER 1 's "ffi,i"'f:J.r" S gg. 1 , 1 mm s t ' E Yr 1 1 R A 3 x WICKS LARGEST us. Lumber af Building Supply Retailer On Hwy 51 South ofTonicadPhone 368-3314 .WL Mfflsff DAYTON DAIRY "Your Golden Guernsey Dairy" Ottawa 433-0105 HILTABRAND GARAGE f? K ,. wtf IN' 'f ,.4,g.- EW Q-,410 Wrecker service Motor repair Phone 4-42-31 10 Tonica, Illinois TONICA NEWS 95 years of printing service. Lois 85 Harold Ianz Phone: 442-8419 Tonica, Illinois AL SMITH SERVICE STATION "Gulf Products" Phone 442-8414 Tonica, Illinois TONICA U 8. S HARDWARE COMPANY ,4- MQ I since 1919 Anything in the gun , , Phone: 442-3415 X' . . , , Tonica, Illinois lv' RISTOKRAT CLAY PRODUCTS CO. ,,,, FILE! '5'KHnT,,,, 1i.Q?EIll l2ll i? Il5 ?"'5'l ?.K2lIl2'!lll.l"" Building 8: Landscape Stone Drain 84 Building Tile Phone Utica MO 7-4227 Lowell, Illinois COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY Open 24 hours Equipped Tonica Ted Lambert Illinois Owner BALDWIN AND KENNY AGENCY YOU nlepmlznr lnsuranre AGENT Bob Baer-Tom Kenney Tonica, Ill. Phone 442-3116 ADAMSON'S LUMBER YARD 4 af WEN! fa L" "' Fla - 'L -,,. J ,955 . .- '1 I f b ij. "Material for all Building Needsn Phone 856-2281 Leonore, III MONA'S AND CAPPONIS Italian Restaurant Toluca, Illinois 42? QQ Q I 'N' .X iz?" RIBOLZI'S 4'Shoes for the family Ogelsby, Ill. Phone 883-8517 . E M ROYAL LAN s 'I ,.j:.:.ll"Z I -2- BOWNLINGLALLEY League Bowling on Week days and nights. Open bowling on week-ends. Phone 883-8517 Oglesby, Illinois ARKINS In Sickness and in Health Prescriptions fill 883-8516 Oglesby, Ill. , , FASHIONS K- E58 nstr D f For Women of all ages X Z Q PIIOHC 223-0501 X' LaSalle, Illinois Tonica -I .'. General Construction 85 Cabinet Work Phone 442-3254 Illinois LA SALLE NATIQNAL PAUL COHARD JEWLERS BANK " jfg , Registered Gemologist Organized 7880 1,-l"'5l I 507 Fifth street MCH1bCf of 8C I Peru, Illinois LaSalle, Illinois 76 R.W. BARNHART STAN DARD CC Your Standard Oil Man" Phone: 856-2152 Lenore, Illinois DITTMAR DRUG STORE w ai I T f:"1.', 142 E. Walnut Street " ' Oglesby, Illinois Phone: 883-8123 Prescriptions, Cosmetics, Gifts LEONORE GRAIN 8. SUPPLY "Funk G. Seeds" 4 Master Mix Feeds Liq id Nitrogen 81 Fertilizer Compliments of FARMER'S STATE BANK "Visit Our New Bridal U . . . Of Gram Drymg 85 swung iTAi1in1 Lostant, Illinois Phone: 856-2401 Lemme: Illinois 4 Member of F.D.I.C. by ' Phone: 368-3395 1 MEL'S BEAUTY SHOP THE M. PRYDE srunlo Pmmms is Wigs and A I L1 Styling ,Nil J 1 Mel Payne Owner p Oglesbyt Illinois Phone: 442-3525 ii P 4 Tonica, Illinois TRI CITY FROCK SHOPPE COFQlD'5 STQRE Y ' Compliments of Nelly 84 Walter Cofoidn li' The Store Where Smart I Women Sh0P School Supplies l jewelry R j 1st Street Cosmetics , K LaSalle Illinois Candy and fj Cards K1 NN., Boutique Shopf' Phone: 442-351 1 Tonica, Illinois 77 .. .1 ,QQ joseph L. Dittmar R.Ph. M gm 5 AL'S SHOE BOX , 'F 2425? SHEA'S CLEANERS I 147 E. Walnut St. f , -' ' A Zh 1' Dry Cleaning . 1 i:-. I I Oglesby, Illinois lg! I ","-.:1. Tux Rental Service 61348 :,, LaSalle, Illinois Marie and Albert jakubek This acl was made possible due to thc Successful Collective Bargaining of N.F.O. HARRY DEBO 8: SON Paint and gift items Hardware and Electrical Appliances Plumbing and Heating Supplies Phone: 223-0461 Peru, Illinois TONICA LUMBER CO. Um! f f I ' n g H T 6'For your building needs" Tonica, Illinois 442-3414 TONICA GREENHOUSE W X x I N john 81 Phyllis Alleman I 5.31 :xx lv ' it ?' x - 2:1 ,I Q' J? 'X- f' X ew "On Route 51', Tonica COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ROWE'S STANDARD SERVICE US- 51 - Streator, Atlas batteries, Tubes 9 Illinois Tires and Accessories ' 5 Tonica, Illinois 442-9416 C.A. JENSEN Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Serving The Illinois' Valley Area for fifty-one years 709 First Street LaSalle, Illinois HThe Largest Selection of Furniture and Floor Coverings in Central Illinoisf' URBANOLWSKI FURNITURE MART INC. 427 Fifth Street Peru, Illinois URBANOWSKI'S SUPERMARKET f ' A 1 U.S.D.A. Choice Meats Delicatessen DAIRY to' Complete Liquor Dept. Low prices always 802 joilet St. LaSalle Route 351 Oglesby, Illinois O 0 No 153' LI BRUCE STEELE S I Xl-IVIUETTEIX 'vrnncrv uv QU -iv - 2 Oi: e 5 S gmc ,, Q + . , Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Service Tonica, Illinois Phone 442-3520 LA MAE'S APPAREL 81 SPORTSWEAR Best wishes: Leonard 81 Audrey Mozina 646 N. Columbia Ave. Oglesby, Illinois Phone 883-3233 DEL VALLEE'S CLOTHING 7 X 6- "Men's Wear" S N Oglesby, Illinois 1' ll 9' ki lsfpas 124 East Walnut St Hi W ' K 883-8514 ' ' f l lf l 79 HARLAN'S STANDARD SERVICE Service Tires Calls Batteries Bonded Chicago Motor Club Phone: 368-3311 Lostant, Illinois HOBNECK ELECTRIC 21" gqrrlig Plumbingflieating-Electrical Complete Service Bob Hobneck Tonica, Illinois Phone: 442-3510 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. RYAN Tonica, Illinois COMMUNITY BANK OF UTICA It isn't easy to put together a yearbook. It takes a staff Willing to design the book, It takes an advisor willing to sac- rifice his time for the book. It takes a publisher willing to print the book, But just as important as all these, it takes money to fin- ance the book. On the succeeding pages are listed the busi- ness firms and generous people who have shown their sup- port for Tonica High School. 1 80 Compliments of BUD DUNNE-Tonica HELEN 84 ANDY CLAUSEN-McNabb ANDE,S CANDIES-LaSalle KINNEY'S SI-ICE STORE-LaSalle FIRESTONE STORE-LaSalle RUTI-I'S FABRIC SI-IOP-LaSalle RICKEY PATTERSON-Tonica QQ 85625522 J. . -n 'I . W lI' WN L M n H I , " I 1 ' ' ,. rx wx ww I I I III I I II I I I I I III I II , I Highlight of the Juniors Miss Cavaletto 81 Mrs. Piper co-sponsors of the Junior Class receive corsages from the class officers. -4 'Q J gl . wp , x png ,,, nf.. The food was great, The band was great. And the After Glow at the Village Inn and the 2:00 breakfast at the Dauzes were all great. A great big Thanks to You Mothers and Dads. Year ls the Banquet 8. Prom x The Country Club was ours for a while Dick in a trance Time out for rest. Oh! That's pretty Jghn 84 Char Turn Around Where is he? Tonicas Firsi Musical Lil Abner Tonicas first musical was directed by Mr. jerry Strell assisted by Mrs. Burdette , Ford and Mr. Jerry Kukuck with the musical scores. Construction of a stage took many hands 40. Practice-Practice took place anywhere W :Jilin Cronies with Moonbeam 81 Earthquakes as did the scenery Mayor with Kathy8c Romeo A Smash Hit-Li'I Abner Leads were taken by Beth Ryan and Steve Tondi Tim Dunne and Sue Jaeger Bob Ashley 2lI1d Beth Ryan The Government Scientists All of them Dogpatchers FFA-FHA 1971 King and Queen W Q. in Xu s gi 1, e i Q., nm" Audie and Vicky last years King 85 Queen have the honor. Beth Loeback 81 Dan Puetz They are dancing together. Decorations are always needed- Fifth in Tri-County 1971 Track Squad l ,AH ..f' As distance men the Ford brothers gathered the most points for Tonica. 86 Hurdlers exercise before the race , w 1 t 'Nt I , ., 4 1 : ,, ., ' -f '15 s '5"""- Q V. 2 .,',,".' " -: 'P e " QQJ5? ,,. '36 'MTV WWW '1 pf' Q ff ' 1. 'Q' ,f - A ' X V ' V-if Q' ' r. -,saw 1.55 .V . M, 'T gif K -F is . s,a2.w.f'. A- 'A' ,Ev Q, 3 ar e 9 1 -G-iw. .5 H -.,- -- vN'9'i13f',f i'-ii?-'LZ-1f'If?v" P2'i'i5"i'-.E' ' 2"':l75'2:'-" . T , - ""sw4'f,:1-vwf',3k'2'7 Q- 351: '-::,.:L.f-.F'4',5'-'4'-' c..- . , x r A 5 , f , .. in. hm .... ., .3 ,Msg 16 . Jgwkg ' -10" N 4 Y 4- ' ' v wi. yo. Q, Ba L wise gy, ' Sprint Twins 25 Carried the weight chores Just the Beginning x Invitations are a must Joy of meeting friends Tops in the class of '71 Probably the last get together Arriving We are ready Tonica's First Honors Banquet Valedictorian-Roger Ford Salutatorian-Kathy Ryan Mrs. Hawse presents Betty Crocker award to Judy. Mr. Bayler presents Math award to Roger. Mr. Sickley presents 88 , N, Outstanding Teenagers-Joe, Roger, Vick 8c Dari. In V , . 1? -,V. 2 ll1l. f"i g. il aiu 1 i . ll min V , t 1 iH V if W ll R r r 2. n u9L.,....5 if :" ' , ' f DeKalb Ag Winner-I ohn Athlete of Year-Roger Ford Pasicko Mrs. Irvine presents French award to Gail Mr, Mr. Hungerford presents Science award to Roger. 1970 zz,4.-ffm. zevyaffy The annual F.F.AfF.H.A. King and Queen dance was held Friday, April 24. The dance was held in the High School gymnasium and featured the Cellars as entertainment. Vickie Clark, the new queen, was crowned by Henry Mertel the F.F.A. presidentg Audie Calkins, the new king, was crowned by Marilyn Calkins, the F.H.A. president. The queen candidates were: Beth Loebach, Mary Puetz, Kathy Ryan and Barbara Zellmar. The King candidates were: Jon Janz, John Pasieka, Dan Puetz, and Dick Strack. Crown Bearers -Debbie Strack and Pat Loebach 5 The Royalty Dance. f 1 The King and Queen of 1970. "Our Dance" 'Lflsk Any Girl" Homes in CJ-LS Which one forgot their line? This is play practice! I l ? ! ? On April 24, 1970 the Senior class pre- sented "Ask Any Girln, a three act comedy. Meg Wheeler, played by Sue Foote, moves to a girls hotel in New York city, to find a husband. Laughter fills the crowd as they watched Meg try to land Evan Doughton, a New York play boy, played by Joe Yan- ush. To complicate matters, she falls also for her boss, Evan's brother, who was played by Rod Brady. Cast of Characters Meg Wheeler , Mr. Wheeler, , , Mrs. Wheeler . . Aunt Fern . . . Aunt Lettie - - Ada ...... Lisa -- Ruby. . . Heidi. . . Jeannie . . Terri . . . Vince ..... Alvin ...... . ...... Susan Foote , , , Barb Zimmerman . . Kerry Petersen . . Nancy Abbott ------ Pat Hawley . . . Lynette Johnson . . . . . Kris Danz . . .Cynthia Swift . . . . Laura Martin . . Wendy Kniffin . . . .LeAnn Bassett . . . . . .Scott Lambert Michael Schrowang Miles Doughton. . . ..... Rodney Brady Eva Doughton. Ellen ....... jane . . . Hi, smooth operator! I'M Evan Doughton! . . . ...... Joe Yanush . . . . Marilyn Calkins . . . . Kay Henning ,4 l5'uildirzg year fm' Crack! 1 . Rv ' 322 as Back Row: Coach Baylor, Neil Walgenbach, Dave Golick, Roger Ford, Greg Webb, Dan Hartenbower, Dave Ashley, and Manager Ray Goodwin Front Row: Rod Brady, Mike Beavers, Steve Tondi, Ron Hiltabrand, Duane Ford. Quaffefmile relay team! High Point men were Rod Brady and Roger Ford with proud coach. 83 Awards Kecvivcd ,J Ag Award-I ohn Pasieka Valedictorian-Laura Martin Salutatorian-Mary Lyn Alleman Crisco Award-Marilyn Calkins Business Award-Laura Martin 0159? in A s ,Q-s if' 9 9. S , 111.1 T , n ? 4255 A 5 3? q 'A is 5 S I i :bb gi V 8 ,1 Y .K , 3 Sk V mt, ' Rx .,,. A s '1" V - K , ' k"- Outstanding teenagers-Kris Danz, Joe War- mer, Rod Brady Science Award-Tom Trumpinski far 1970 111 Y me as l ll I zu I H I F n I wx my x 1 1 D.A.R.-Kris Danz Betty Crocker-Wendy Kniffin HI, new Essay -J oe Warrner .j............, :ETF - 13555 f . 552, rg . 6 4 mx me , f. we Q "'W'W'x 26 Math-Marilyn Alleman ,si 1-535' Y: 1254: Sports-Rod Brady as E S M A , ,Q Tri County Cheerleading Champs 85 ' 86 ml The Junior Banquet Committee A flower well deserved! E716 Scenes af The evemng hasjust begun' K: P329 -fb.. ,5lg53Jv!f:L' W Success is felt by these relieved Juniors. :gg 45,5 fw e Q Mjvysfk Assembly line On May 10,1970 at 8:00, some of the Juniors and Seniors entered a world of their own when they walked into the Tahitian Twilight. The decoration consisted of a Teki and a beautiful pond sumised of delicate flowers and stones. George Nichols and his orchestra entertained everyone with his romantic music until 11:00. I 'Q . - 1 1 -fff 1 ' ' K - . 5 ' f, - N ,f K ff A vnqfiff-. it if ' --" f X W Q '?lZ:f:5? Jil? ,ffi'f.,,i, -'I " E Wi-f.. i w f . .s' -Gi" mulls filSn5l'f:z Fl: i 'X ft ' 1 it 0 it uf" 5 . f ,gi WP X 4 -f Q Nerf- ' f V .s.,. A .r., i www iyl 5 Q ,Jh..i ,FII X in Wi:-T055 in -wfgsf-t eiikfh 'F . A iieqf' 'vlif-ziaiiffii ff i,.L. i I A . . 1 A .. 0 ' ' , 0 w ff-' Q, . 'tb ets,X-Jfaig wwee. 1 g " 'L ui r - .-1-1 - - '- wwf-.a -f N k M iylfef-'.,,g Y is ., K I 5 i ggxtgwgg N? if Mfg 5 va: ' ft 435 M K- wgiyggiefimipifgeyyl, Q, Ea - gf gpf1,,,-gsesuzg, ' -iwwfggms 11 1. - rmifewr Messe is Li 53 Meng -V1 In ,g ,4sQ5fsf,,fe,1gtf.y ' ' f V' fi I f l "A lf? 'V .. X" .4 5, ?L2:ififQ:1-'75-5351? Jes? I -A M 0 ff' A ff ' 53 t.,, ' , 'X eff S 3 1 fJg.LiSE we -, . . The main attraction-The Tek! .Em f M riii is Queeg Atlas!-Graduation! The 1970 Graduates l ,M 4. .av-..,-w,..,,,. f , M ,, www 35595 Hold still, Laura! W ,, 4. A I f .A,,, . l l l 3 al fl .. ,.,,. IU' i in W.a..,,..a aadg1Q..... Our diploma They're kicking the habit. '

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