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W- 9 -.J - a In 5 !?fi1' F99 I ov ,- x fi' 4 J if. N. bs : 'ai .. -J 6 - -nn.:--sg 4 ,Q 1'-2--f-...:-- in - V H,- .1".L'N .AH V 3 , 1 . E' f S4 . - " X ' fa 'T l , A J' sizzix, 3 .fl , Y WY 4, 1 -rw ,-3,20 ,E 5 g '-Auf' Q g, .:..,, .g af noon llc KIL 'Icnol.l0l 5 x BH3 .LSIW AB UPOLU LI-I I-IOEOJCIUU I O I gf ,Z 2 O DIS O BSHH .l3WO39 Nl 3-iggadnu. .- Yr' 'Sqn Ah T U V " ,, WW R z "1""" ,-15,-,-.,., 1? L1 - 'X IONS ., ORYJ AT sP onrsMANuKf umvm '3'7'fdzT5Yyr!f'?'if' "'7"9L'1"'x b E ,,3,'S,g,,gQm:' ,vgf H Hllflmwf ff? , W -,--".if1jr1"- ' . -.Q f' - 4"'4'??S : V , "fx ,wwfl'..f-Q. A ' N 'Fly ,M 5 ' X. db ,ppigw psig? JST? 'Now g4KQ Hifi iff Qing! l 1 pf 25355 W f Wfqltw WM 906 ff JZMZDX jgffjfaj iff, fdiwfifff JV XJ ,Mig JKM, ZA-fjfwfj MAWA M? fffff gxwfifdfldl 597, XJQQHLLA. f,j,7,,,,nfLff,,,,,! "'j, jwwf Ziff yfffjff l ' .A V. ' MIRROR Opening the door to T. H. S. Tonica High School Tonica, Illinois L968 Mirror Editor, Lora Dart Advisor Mr. G. O. Irvine Assistant, Yvonne Storm DREAMS OF YESTERDAY TODAY, A D TOMORROW THE FUTURE WAITS This is a dream book. lt is filled with the dreams you have dreamed, and The ones your classmates, Your friends have dreamed. It is a book of today-dreams. .. I'm worried about the English test. . . What ifl don't pass... It's over. . . And a book of tomorrow-dreams. . . l can't wait for the weekend... Tomorrow l'll study. . . I've got to get started on that project. .. And a book of next-year dreams. . . We're going to be seniors. . . I'm taking six solids... Next year it will be beautiful. .. And a book of someday-dreams. .. I want to be a doctor... When I raise my children. . . If I can, I'1l go to Stanford... But yesterday-dreams are forgotten. Whether fulfilled Or unfinished, They are gone. There is no time for yesterday-dreams anymore, for Yesterday is gone, and Tomorrow waits. THE YEAR-I925g THE BOGK-THE "MIRROR" Our editor looks through the first Tonica yearbook with its owner. Pictured on this page is one of the opening leafs of the first Tonica High School "Mirror" printed in 1925. This particular book, one of the few still in circula- tion, is owned by George Weingartner, also pictured here. The 1925 "Mirror" is enjoyable to look through, and many aspects of the first annual are not unlike our yearbooks today. Like the annuals today there are class pictures, and activities section, and a sports sec- tion. Annuals today have more pictures and better covers than the latter-day yearbook. Still, an old yearbook is a fascinating piece of history, and an edu- cation to examine and read. 4 Y ins I 3 Open pages to the past Mr. Weingartner and the 1925 "Mirror" MARY- E DEDICATE THIS TO YCLI We, the members of the annual staff, would like to dedicate this Mirror to Mary Ryan Warrner. We would like to thank her for her fifteen years that she has been assistant custodian of Tonica High School. Mrs. Warrner is always willing and able to help us in any way she can. She lends a helping hand wherever needed, and is always smiling, thoughtful, and understand- ing. On behalf of all the students of Tonica High School, the Mirror staff would like to show their appreciation of her kindness by this dedication. When a day's work is done--- After the students leave Mary's work begins. A night out was enjoyed by all. 5 f' SPCJRTS FIVE NEW RECGRDS EOR OUR TRACK TEAM What were those instructions? owe . gmail Five New Records For Our Track Team Five school records were broken by our track team of this past year. Bob Foote broke the record in the 400 yard dashg Tom Gualandi for the 880 yard rung and Ben Miller broke both the discus and shot records. The fifth record was for the Varsity 880 Relay which consisted of Tom Gua- landi, Bob Strack, Bob Foote and Ben Miller. The team placed second in the Tiskilwa Annual Relays and fourth in the Tri-County Meet, the only win being Chuck Lewis in the mile. Most valuable player was Tom Gua- landi with 93 3X4 points. , Would you believe - a mile. A lot of hard work went behind that trophy! Hercules of T. H. S. X-COU TRY I ITS SECOND SEASON awe, .. 9 E' ',!Q Q1 fe X 2 f A ' ga an ly! yg rl! .. 553 ' 5 X , - . CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD FOR 1967 Kneeling l-r: Greg Myler, Greg Webb, Roger Ford, Jim Arkels. Standing l-r: Coach Clark, Garold Ghrist, Paul Schmitt, Jim Marconnet, Bob Foote, Rod Brady. CROSS COUNTRY IN ITS SECOND SEASON Conference Cross Country is in its second year at Tonica and still going strong. With a year's experience behind them, the boys looked good this year and did a nice job of representing our school. Our ten boys placed third in the Tri-County this year with Rod Brady finishing in the top ten. Paul Schmitt accumu- lated the least number of points to become Most Valuable Player of the 1967 Cross Country season. A runner on a cross country team competes in running a course of 1, 9 milesg to do this a boy must possess both speed and stamina. Our boys did a fine job of measuring up to these standards and are a credit to themselves and our school. Push it, Paul! Push it! 8 But will you feel so happy 1. 9 miles from now? BA EBALL-A SWINGING SPORT EE I ff A ff, Fl! Kneeling l-r: Jack lmmel, Al Henning, Jerry Ebner, Mike Gray, Jerry Kreiser, Paul Schmitt, Jim Arkels, Terry Novak. Standing 1-r: Paul Capponi, Gil Hobneck, Dan Kreiser, Jim Nagel, Gary Ford, Steve Mareta, Coach Bayler. Coach Bayler and friend. OUTCOME OE THE "6'7, BASEBALL SEASON There was a good turnout of 24 boys for baseball this yearg only five were seniors. Our team played ll games this year and in Conference games our record was 2-6. The 1967 batting champion was Alan Henn- ing who batted .273. This year Paul Schmitt was elected Most Valuable Player. He pitched a no-hitter against Lostantg pitching a no-hitter against any team is no easy thing to do. Coach Bayler is looking to a better season next year with a year's experience under their belt for many of the returning lettermen. Nice swing! Ben Miller - Center Jerry Ebner - Forward Paul Schmitt - Guard Gil Hobneck - Gu ard -V - -- - --- --.,.i Jim Dyer - Guard Bob Foote - Forward WARRIORS Jerry Krieser - Guard Warriors vs 61 69 58 '78 52 46 69 60 '71 '77 60 64 57 60 83 81 69 58 Won 12 Lost 6 Linda gives Coach the "Key to the Conference" Opponents Leland 'Mid County Malden 'Sparl and 'Wenona La Moille 'Putnam Serena Cornell Lostant 'Toluca Sp a.r1 and Earlville "Henry Wy anet 'Instant Putnam 'W ashbu rn 'Conference 50 52 54 24 53 42 99 61 43 51 96 35 51 62 55 46 as 44 Games Coach Bayler WARRIORS-TOUGH The Varsity Basketball Team and Coach Bayler. The J.V. Basketball Team. GLIMPSES OF QLIR SPORTS ACTIO Our FIRST X-Country Trophy! Good work boys. Stretching for those hurdles ahead? Did you catch it Jerry? V54-1 Xf ,. CHEERLEADERS: CONDUCTING THE SPIRIT JUN IOR VARSITY Vrckr Clark Mary Puetz Don Hobneck Marrlyn Calkrns 'iff VARSITY Linda Gray Jane Puetz Lora Dart Linda Zimmer Yvonne Storm .ff- , A L4 f K8-' THE VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Break Through The two Lihda's did a nice job of yelling ACTIVITIES CIVIC COUNCIL LEAD T.C. .S. I Z S 1 I I I Top Row 1-r: Yvonne Storm, Rodney Brady, Greg Myler, Jim Dyer, John Ashley, Jim Marconnet. Middle Row 1-r: Barb Mudge, Barb Zellmer, Jerry Ebner. Bottom Row 1-r: Linda Zimmer, Penny Farneti, Wendy Baker, Christy Hobneck, and Tom Trumpinski. Civic Council Officers: 1-r: Wendy Baker - Secretary, Yvonne Storm - Reporter, Linda Zimmer - President, Mr. Frederick - Advisor, John Ashley - Vice President, and Penny Farneti - Treasurer. TONICA FUTURE HOMEMAKER fx Would you believe an F. H.A. meeting? 4 Exif The F. H,A. girls getting ready to serve at the F. F.A, banquet. OWQMAKFRS 3 . E '.,FIilfl l155ll1:'1-2" A 'Y' Y 4114 ' 4 E QQ- S , -, "t'h Q I fvfhv A V -A ""f K E W H 5 sr Sue hands the gavel to Barb. 18 Our elections? Freshman initiation, oe 1 Q W OF AMERICA vw ' Officers: Barb Mudge - President Wendy Baker - Vice president Linda Zimmer - Second V.P. Jane Puetz - Secretary Ioan Killen - Treasurer Penny Farneti - Program Chm. Linda Schmitt - Degree Chm. Mary Maack - Reporter Marilyn Calkins and Kay Henning - Historians Cindy Swift and Barbara Kenyon - Recreation Chm. Mrs. Puetz is Junior Chapter Mother and Mrs, Maack is Senior Chapter Mother. This year the F.H.A. sponsored the New Year's Dance and the Mr. irresistable Dance. Two honors that the F. H.A. received this year were Barbara Mudge being chosen as Section 19 delegate to the Na- tional Convention in Los Angeles, California and Mary Maack being chosen as Section 19 Secretary. F. H.A. members and advisor, Miss Albee TONICA FUTURE F RMERS Tonica F.F.A. Members with Mr. Irvine and the F.F.A. Sweetheart, Barbara Mudge. '57 Q , ax or-T1o4, F S if? 7 QIFULT b I U.fJJ' , :Ji 11 i ,122 6 4.5. 1 V? n flu- . 1 4' xi L 'AWN F 0 1 .u . f X GAO,-EQ, ,gf f'eiD C. - j' 1- 1, f , C ' ff :W r J ac, 1 cy, FORD Kea 1967-68 F.F.A. Officers 1 to rg A1 Henning - Treasurerg Scott Lambert - Secretaryg Ed Grubar - Re- porterg Marvin Miller - Sentinelg Jim Dyer - President, and Ben Miller - Vice President. OF AMERICA Soil is the basis of American Agriculture, so the Ag Iclass learn about Classifying land. Tonica F, F.A. Gold Emblem Chapter The Tonica F, F.A, was awarded the National Gold Emblem award for Safety at the National F. F.A, Convention in Kansas City this year, and Larry Stillwell becomes the third Tonica F. F.A. member to receive the American Farmer Degree. Other activities of the F.F.A. - Tom Gualandi received State Farmer degree, and was winner of the State Safety Award. Scott Lambert was in- dividual winner in the Section 7 Land Classification contest. The Meat Judging team was rated Superior. Tonica F. F.A. was sixth in State Oh those big brown eyes American Heritage Program, and received the U. S. Treasury Department Award, Gold Emblem chapter in Corn Harvest and Tractor Safety, program and we had a display at the State Convention. We had plenty of watermelon for everyone. Ag Ill class put up a new set of wood signs "Our American Heritage - Agri- culture. " BA D GIVES WINTER The band members and conductor Mr. Elder Memorial Day services This year the band was always busy. The year started out by going to Northwestern to march. Then the band sold fruit- cakes, had a Winter and Spring concert, played at all home basketball games and went to contest. As a reward the band was allowed to take a trip to tour a factory. This year was one of the most successful years the band has ever had. The band has been lead by our director, Mr. Elder. AND SPRING CONCERTS Thank goodness it is over. Band and chorus present Mr. Elder with Christmas presents BA D MARCHES AT ORTHWESTER Band Officers Chorus Officers Front Row 1-r: Mary Maack - Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Schmitt - Vice President, Penny Farneti - Secre- Debby Brady - Vice President, Jim Steele - Student tary-Treasurer, Wendy Baker - C. C. representative, Director, Lora Dart - Reporter. Back Row l-r: Rodney Kathy Bartoloni - President, Marilyn Calkins - Report Brady - C. C. representative, Paul Capponi - Presi- er. dent. The Marching Band CHORUS SINGS AT FESTIVAL The chorus members and conductor Mr. Elder. Giving our winter concert. 3 Many hours of practice. 25 PAPERSTAFF PUBLISH ES SCHOOL DAZE ? 0 AN fb aff J M k -Up Ed W dy B k L1dZ C d Ad M Myl 26 Reporters EFFICIENT GRGUP BEHI D THE BCDOKS The librarians and advisor Mrs. Irvine i 'r"' ' ' w i fi f ' L' K M In 5 I I U: ., , . . . wk I V f , ',,', , iiii ii 1 I , '-..:k fi, Queeg 4 11, 53 4, ,f I V' , .. 5 g ,K 'gg E ki Q? ,. N, img? 'Q riir .iri , j i . K K ,EW We K VL ,,., 4 ,. my 1 2,3 , IL r r i J. - ' ffiiifi f f x - ... L K -ff: '-fr if 'ff' ' ' A , g M th I t ' 'PI ., .W ---- Q "" P ' , 1 Q , I Ougq Iknew how to use lt' 1 wi if ip- : .::g.:f.:,, 3, W -. Q .-- "-- WWE :ZS-, , . . , A 1 51 5 . fa ..,, i.,r:f , gg: - ..., . 1 . ,Q -1,g,2h:,'- "" :-5w5'i:f"""'1 ,.::: ' frfrn- P ' - :Jr 5-3 -:-4' 22 It has to fit in here, somewhere! A good book with a joke. TIME, WORK, A D THOUGHT Editor - Lora Dart Assistant Editor - Yvonne Storm Advisor - Mr. Irvine Business Manager - Christy Strack COMPCSE THE MIRROR The winners ofthe magazine drive. The editor and assistant editor at work with the make-up committee. The long awaited annuals climax every school year. The Mirror Staff of '68 wishes to thank everyone who has made this annual possible. We hope that the students of Tonica High will enjoy this annual now, and in the future. Have you paid for your annual! l The business manager discusses the ads for the Mirror with the advertising staff. 29 THE JU IOR Our Royalty" "Treasure Chest" of the Island PROM A toast to the future. "I LE CF GOLDE DREAMS" qggimrmwem The Junior and Senior presidents. It takes a lot of work for a prom Larry caters to the seniors for the last time. T.H.S. ROYALTY Mike Puentz - F.H.A. King 1967 The Roy al Throne Debra Brady - Senior Attendant Cindy Swift - Sophomore Attendant Ioan Killen Homecoming Queen 1968 Barbara Mudge - F.F.A. Sweetheart 1 967 Maxine Ghrist - Junior Attendant Kathy Ryan - Freshman Attendant DANCES KEEP LIS MOVING Queen Barb and King Mike Everyone had a great time at Warrior's Paradise Do the Freddy! Our gruesome Hallow een Bunch . -ul 'Q ig ij 6 .565 an Is that so? ,L Q Q L. i 1 Queen Ioan and Escort Paul - -Q ILD HAPPENINGS AT THE .IU IOR PLAY Set 'em up, Mike! 34 Mr. Frederick offers medical assistance. This ought to kill him dead. Squeaky Rigley Plato Blair Harry Hart Sarah Hart Mickie Hart Su Roberts Miss Helen Fay Yoyo Bruno Sandy Baxter Mr. Squaffers Mrs. Gleason Permellia Gleason Dalton Sadie Harris CA ST Eddie Grubar Mike Gray John Ashley Linda Fike Barb Kenyon Joan Strack Jane Puetz Alan Henning Jerry Ebner Steve Mareta Christy Strack Linda Gray Gary Ford Ann Bartoloni SCHCCL ACTIVITIES KEPT OUR STUDENTS BUSY Our first pep session! Mike, our M. C. ? n 7 9 1. ! : X if f f f llfr iE'E!gf2g? - -gr I A Next, The Junior President working on Hobo Day. Sue Coons - Freshman ADMINISTRATICN Mr. Earles - Principal .5 . Co-ordinating Activities THE GFFICE- OUR EFFICIENCY CENTER Mrs. Earles - Secretary The administration of Tonica High School is very efficiently handled by Mr. Lester Earles, Principal. He is capably assisted by his secretary, Mrs. Earles. They advise students on se- lections of courses, assist them in all possible ways, encourage each student to work to his capa- city, and sponsor and attend all activities. For their efficiency, kind- ness, cheerfulness, and courtesy we would like to thank theni. 37 E Il 38 TEACHER ARE 77 Mrs. Irvine French and Latin Mr. Irvine Agriculture 84 Gen. Shop r' Mr. Srckley History and Economics ALWAYS ACTIVE Mr. Myler 3 Business Education A ww-me Miss Cavaletto L W M English Mr. Clark General Business Drivers Training Boy's P. E. ADMINISTRATORS Miss Albee Homemaking Mr. Bayler Math 84 Coach Mrs. Deffanbaugh Gir1's P. E. PERFCRM DAILY TASKS 4 M 'ik Ei i r. Frederick Y H Q 'P Sciences , 4, ,: -Jfffcf? "' Q X' L 4 - - EQRSABBF X '9 -fn S ' if: N . Mr. Elder Chorus and Band 41 THEY MAKE THE RULE "The School Board" The School Board of Tonica High School meets regularly the first Tuesday of the month Louis Bar, Glen Holloway, Miley Miller, Rob- ert Henning, Al Johnson, Ralph Swift, Lester Earles and Bruce Steele make up the School Board. These are the men that set the rules to help guide us through a successful year. 42 It must be nice to take it easy! Secretary and President CUR EW MQBILE ROOMS Pouring the cement, Moving in finally The finished product is used for business courses taught by Mr. Mylar. CHEERI G THE TEAM CN IS THE "PEP CLUB" THE PEP CLUB Advisors, Mr. Bayler and Mrs. Deffenbaugh OFFICERS Bob Foote - President Gil Hobneck - Vice President Ann Bartoloni - Reporter Paul Schmitt - Secretary TONICA WINS DISTRICT T 0 YEARS IN A ROW The Tri-County is one ofthe toughest, "smaller school" conferences in the area. The jammed packed Wenona gymnasium, was packed to full capacity. Here, Tonica fans cheered the Warriors on to Victory. The War- riors tromped the Wenona Mustangs, winning 64 to 45. We came home with our hearts swelled with pride, and a shiney new third place trophy. 45 TUDENTS CALIGHT IN ACTIO yy lfwmf Wishful thinking! Boy, isn't it Cold? Do blondes really have more fun? 46 How many inches of knowledge? Go to it, Linda! ! 44 AL AY FAITHFULA DRESPCNSIBLE i E E 1 1 1 Cafeteria workers: Mrs. Houtz, Mrs. Nagel, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. t Kreiser, Mrs. Mortenson 'S 5 Lefty: Custodian Mary: Custodian Bus drivers: Lefty, Slim, Warren, Bob, Elverne, and Dick. f- SENIORS THE GOAL OF GR DLIATION IS ACHIEVED l Jeffrey Alleman Wendy Baker Kathleen Bartoloni Francis Bassett Lowell Beenenga David Brady Debra Brady Nancy Burgess SENIORS MQVE 0 TO Paul Capponi Roxanne Coons Larry Earles Penny Farneti Kathy Foote Robert Foote Charles Gedye Lorene Ghrist THE CHALLE GE OF TOMCRRDW Martin Hawley Gilbert Hobneck Jack lmmel Jyll Janz Ioan Killen Daniel Kreiser Mary Maack James Marconnet SENIORS DEVELOP TALENTS AND ABILITIES Benjamin Miller Barbara Mudge James Nagel Carol SCIIITIIITI 52 Paul Schmitt Stephen Sons Linda ZIITIITISI CLASSES THE FLIGHT FROM FRESHMEN BEGIN THEIR FOUR YEAR JOURNEY President - Vicki Clark, Vice President - Mike Kreiser, Secre- tary - Mary Puetz, Treasurer - Roger Ford, Reporter - Dory Hobneck and Civic Council Representatives - Barb Zellmer and Greg Myler. Mr. Elder is their advisor. SOPHOMORES HA LEW AY T HROUGH THE LONG President - Scott Lambert, Vice Presi- dent - Cindy Swift, Treasurer - Marilyn Calkins, Reporter - Rod Brady, Civic Council Representa- tives - Christy Hob- neck and Tom Trumpinski. Mr. Irvine is their class advisor. REALITY TO DREAMS JUNIORS ONE FLIGHT TO GO FLIGHT AHEAD President - Bob Foote, Vice President - Joan Killen, Secretary - Barb Mudge, Trea- surer - Kathy Bar- toloni, Reporter - Dave Brady, Civic Council Representa- tives - Penny Farneti and Jim Marconnet. Miss Cavaletto is their advisor. President - Gary Ford, Vice President - Joan Strack, Secretary - Christy Strack, Treasurer - Alan Henning, Reporter - Lora Dart, Civic Council Representatives - Yvonne Storm and Jerry Ebner. Mr Sickley is their class advisor. SENIORS REACH THE TOP FRESHMAN ENTER T.H. . WITH 3 A'S . - L V fy J 21352, -, V47 K K C . 7 F ' r . V ,vi ,Q K K f ' :Q 1. . 2, age . fi ' '- . .nik -,,. -Q4 . T . , . X i .W A is V--4, . 1- , C 1 ieeee y -'sz , , Q ., , 1 e o - f gf 2,1-,gg j g i C g if g C y C ,, , . ,.,5 ffiwg 1 y V - , .f l fa . Gi f' f-55'-:7' x i1E3i'ii ffiik Irene Appel Tom Arkels Bob Ashley Bob Bernardoni Kenneth Capponi Dennis Christian Kathi Christman Vicki Clark Peggy Frjavsek Alan Farneti Roger Ford Danny Gualandi JCIIY Hauck Carolyn Hillyer Dory Hobneck Mike Kreiser Judy Long Ann Marconnet Mike Mareta Henry Mertel 56 APTITLIDE, ANXIETY, A D A TICIPATIO a,2'w11',11fEfiJ ' I , i ,rrk ,yi izfjijh ' 2557 ' 575-iii ' K I SZ- 55-45? :EZ Ayflvf-' 7 j 'r ,Z i 5 '-Q: : 5 isis. -- 1 r its 'Ji7?ZQi'1X, ' girarhmt' .f.::,ff:.': -aa:fsf54.:, 1s K :wr . Greg Myler Dean Schmitt Debra Summers Jackie Myler John Pasieka Mary Puetz Tom Schmitt Russel Schrowang Sandy Sons Terry Trumpinski Joe Warmer Neil Walgenbach Greg Webb Steve Yanush Barbara Zellmer O Kathy Ryan Dick Strack Gail W ebb a SOPHOMCRES RETLIR TO SCHOOL ITH 3 M . I 1 , at 'Y Q 1 ,. K A Z rx- S Q' ft' L X6 no ff-I-1'5" ,- PPY M Somew 1? 8528: rife? MSM ahat r' Nancy Abbott Mary Lynn Alleman Le Ann Bassett Bill Bernardoni Rodney Brady Jim Brennan Marilyn Calkins Larry Clayburn Janis Cooper Kristine Danz , Sue Foote Garold Ghrist Patricia Hawley Kay Henning Lloyd Hillyer Y Christy Hobneck Lynette Jolnson Wendy Kniffin Scott Lambert Laura Martin 1 1 i 58 C'S- CGURAGE, CONFIDENCE A D COURTESY N,,,eM ,,.. , 50 7 Fiserv! La ee E ' 'ECC 'M'fe1Q1i,L15fQQf"2 S X J 3 Si, S . '9 4' fig rl Stas 1 M U Xie' V 7 ' - -'-A ' Wfsfal M2 ' -Xff'-- fe -.A- - -ww, ,,f-,k . . -,5w,fsM 13, g k:,,j:1M,N ,.fQf,,,,y,, 14 ,,w,,.f,.-we Qfz,M, f5 H .. K K 1.1 'f - 33613: i-'fs .: ' -, as f 1421: I vw-4: S MHTY Nagel KSTYY PCWFSOU James Puetz Guy Schmltt Mlchael Schrowaug Cilldy Swift THOITIHS TFL1THPil1Ski Joseph Yanush Bubara ZLI'1'1f11L1'I'1'13ll The Sophomores all busy taking notes? JU IORS LOOK FORWARD TO 3 P' Roger Abbott Jim Arkels john Ashley Ann Bartoloni Paul Beenenga Donald Box Danny Carlile Lora Dart Martin Dippel Jim Dyer jerry Ebner Linda Fike Mary Fink Dorene Foote Gary Ford Maxine Ghrist Linda Gray Mike Gray Eddie Grubar Alan Henning 60 it A fiih. ,: :,, if M EM rf. PLAY, PRQM, A D PROMISE OF THE FUTURE 3lV"" fri? K AQ w r 5 H . is e f as 4' 3 f B- M? .K V 771 SGPEV S N0 PHOWJ ,XO Barbara Kenyon Ann Kniffin Jerry Kreiser Janet Lewis Steve Mareta Marvin Miller Terry Novak Jane Peutz Linda Schmitt Christine Schrowang James Steele Yvonne Storm Christy Strack Joan Strack Joe Walgenbach ,WW www: ,-,iw-,Q-r L, fm. ff :L V1-11' i EACH CLASS MOVES FORWARD Seniors have met all the Chal' juniors have had a successful year - lenges of high school and are rings were received, a play pre- ready to set out on their own. sented, and gave a successful Prom. They are looking forward to their final year at THS. Sophomores are ready to move on to more Challenging exper- Freshmen now know what high iences and try out the world of school is like and should be ready "Upperclassmen. " "Relfections" for a successful Sophomore year. 62 ACTIVITIES: KEPT SENIORS BUSY THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL JEFFREY GENE ALLEMAN: School Daze 4. WENDY JO BAKER: Cheerleading 3, FHA 1,2, 3,4, FHA Historian 3, FHA Vice President 4, Pep Club 3,4, Civic Council 2, 4, CC, Treasurer, CC. Secretary, School Daze 4, School Daze Editor 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4, Class Play 3 and Librarian 2. MARY KATHLEEN BARTOLONI: Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 4, Pep Club 4, Civic Council 3, School Daze 3,4, Mir- ror 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus President 4, Class Play 3 and Librarian 1, 2, 3. FRANCIS C. BASSETT: FFA 1 and 2. LOWELL E. BEENENGA: Class Play 3. DAVID B. BRADY: Class Reporter 4 and School Daze 4. DEBRA ROSE BRADY: Pep Club 4, School Daze 4, Chorus 1,2, Band 1,2, 3,4, Band Librarian 2, Vice President 4 and Li- brarian 2, 3. NANCY MAE BURGESS: Pep Club 4 and Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL D. CAPPONI: Baseball 2, 3,4, Civic Council 1, Chorus 4, Band 1,2, 3,4, and Band President 4, and Class Play. ROXANNE COONS: FHA 1, School Daze 3, 4 and Chorus 1. LARRY W. EARLES: Cross Country 3. PENNY LYNNE FARNETL FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Historian 3, FHA Program Chairman 4, Pep Club 3,4, Civic Council 4, CC. Treasurer 4, School Daze 4, Mirror 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3,4, KATHLEEN ANN FOOTE: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, School Daze and Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, ROBERT CHARLES FOOTE: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, President 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 4, Civic Council 3, Pep Club President 4, School Daze 4, Chorus 4 and Class Play 3. CHARLES ALDEN GEDGYE: Basketball 2, 3, Track 1, Baseball 1, 2, Golf 4, and Pep Club. DELLA LORENE GHRIST: Cheerleading 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, School Daze 4, Chorus 1, 2 and Class Play 3. MARTIN ROSS HAWLEY: Basketball 1,2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, and Pep Club. GILBERT JOSEPH HOBNECK: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Class Reporter 3, Pep Club 4, Vice President 4, and School Daze 3. JOHN HOWARD IMMEL: Baseball 4, FFA 1, Band 1,2, 3, 4 and Class Play 3. JYLL JAY JANZ: FHA 1,2, 3,4, Pep Club 3, 4, School Daze 4 and Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, JOAN CHRISTINE KILLEN: Vice president Class 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 4, Pep Club 4, Civic Council 1, and School Daze 4, and Librarian 3, 4. DANIEL DAVID KRESIER: Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 and Golf 4. 63 ACTIVITIE MARY LOUISE MAACK: Class Treasurer Il., Reporter 2, FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Historian 2, FHA Reporter 4, Pep Club 4, School Daze 2, 4, Mirror 2, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, 2, Band Secretary -Treasurer 4 and Librarian 2, 3, 4. JAMES DEWARD MARCONNET: Track 3, Cross Country 4, Pep Club 4, Civic Council 4, Chorus 1,2,4, and Class Play 3. BENIEMTN THEODORE MILLER Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice President FFA 4, Pep Club 3,4. BARBARA JANE MUDGE: Class Secretary 3 and 4, Class Reporter 1, FFA 1,2, 3,4, FHA Program Chairman 3, FHA Presi- dent 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Civic Council 4, School Daze 1,4, Mirror 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus librarian 3, Class Play 3 and Librarian 3, 4. JAMES A. NAGEL: Track 1, Baseball 1,2,4, FFA 1, Chorus 4, and Band 1,2,3,4. CAROL JEAN SCHMITT: FHA 1, 2, 3,4 and School Daze 4. PAUL SCHMITT: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 4, Class Vice President 1, Class Treasurer 2, Class President 4, Pep Club 4, Pep Club Secretary-Treasurer 4, School Daze 4, Mirror 4, Chorus 4, and Chorus Vice President 4. STEPHEN PAUL SONS: Civic Council 2. LINDA LOUISE ZIMMER: Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Recreation Chairman, FHA Sec- ond Vice President 4, Pep Club 4, Civic Council 4, Civic Council President 4, School Daze 4, School Daze Assistant Editor 4, Mirror 3, Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Majorette 3, 4, and Class Play 3. AROLI D SCHOQL You would think so sometimes. l'll take this one. Stretch St eve Stretch. 4 5? Sr. Class Presents New Stereo to Mr. Earles. Good Housekeeping? Would you believe this. Put you little foot forward. 65 ADVERTISING THE ELIAS CHAPELS r-gjfx' 1 ?'1 ff' Qf X. 'Www ll AN .J ff v L Hwmnnlluluanlau, EL, XX P m rxg :gill Ill!! WMQWWNQ . 24 Hour Cadlllac Ambulance SGTVICS O ygen Equlpped Tralned Attend nts Phone 442 8413 223 0040 P Coll ct Tonlca a d Peru 111111015 ' fffv- , . . fi: O 'W W. 2 if ' 1- ks LQ ',- , - f H A : Q. . , 1 X 3' 4 , ' ,ip .xxx I 1 . .'L K Y r W " 4 '5 It 'KI' 'Q' ...uv 5 r .xl I K V Pt ' 'I 1 ' o - ' " T N . ,. I ' in I I I ' I I' - ii E Aux .snr Hmm' . . I " ' ' 'K 1. W1 qi. U r . 5. I .KW t . 1 I. , ,,,, ,N , ct .' . - 5 ,nf . vw - - Ik- ,4 7-is Lu: , .- Q ....l,w. -v Wi f-'L ', ' J , , L i .1 93,.:aa,-ju., 5 . .A U -In-I-5,5 f... fe ,n Y Q I-.',,,,, "-..:' .o'.o.c fo 0 t - 0 ""4.1:::f.b1,'A" . I :..,,-Q " ' I . .rein -Y E -U , , 1- .--xssfi--' A 'if I ts -1.x I ,S 'ix any ', Q -If - r- V . ' ,- A 4 -I ' --' X ' - ' a OI' - eru, e . D . . TONICA MOTEL 81 g Q, RESTAURANT . 1 0 o My .. -. On Route 51 A Tonica, Ill. OF 600D Charles Ruppert ? Phone 442-3514 TONICA NEWS 41, u -M 93 Years of Printing Service' Lois 8: Harold Janz Phone 442-8419 Tonica, Ill, EDWARD A. FOLTY Xxx E ! N5 an 'gl General Constructlo Cabinet Work Phone 442 3254 Tonica 111 -- ,gr o I SENORS Compliments DR EVELYN RYAN Organlzed 1880 LA SALLE NATIONAL BANK La Salle I11 GARZANELLI S SUPPER CLUB On Route 351 Q Phone TU 3 8633 AK' Oglesby Ill URBANOWSKI MERCER S CLEANERS FURNITURE MART 36,455 5 TINEFURNITURE ClEANING 427 429 431 Flffh street DTV Cleamng Phone 223 0324 Peru Il11no1s Hat Cleanlng Largest Selection of Furniture Marcle S Musllns and Floor Coverings in .WJ Fabrics Notlons Central I1l1no1s W Oglesby 111113015 .42 ' -Q. - 1f,5ggg,., ., in-L. 1 F" -4 9 A I f 1' q -Li I - -E N f . If ' of ' n gl O , . 1 - X hh ' 'fl , . I c ,1f!1f 4. ' ,nin t441,, 1 A . ' 1' "LT" ' 'Ta' 3 a ' N' .: LE.,.?.,.:2li'f , l , N ,A ' 9 I ' K R lx l . . K ' I ' KD R., 1 1 l l l ' h l I Y TONICA STATE BANK A Fine Bank in a fine town Member F, D, I, C, Tonica, Illinois URBANOWSKI SUPER MARKET, INC. USDA Choice Meats "Low Prices Always" 802 Joliet St. La Salle fRoute 351D TRI-CITY Hardware, Furniture, and Frock Shoppe 845 First St. La Salle, Ill. Compliments GRACE ANDERSEN'S FASHIONS La Salle Ill Phone 223 0501 Wornen's Fashions for all ages BEST WISHES' HUMMER FURNITURE La Salle Ill LA SALLE OFFICE SUPPLY at EQUIPMENT CO ' We Service What We Sell' Everything for the Off1CG 821 First Street La Salle 111 Phone 223 0216 FORMHALS DRUG STORE 633 First Street Phone CA 3 2056 La Salle Ill Edw G Eschenbaum R Owner PAUL COHARD JEWELER'S Registered Gernologist 507 5th Street Peru Illinois HARRY DEBO 8: SON Paint and Gift Items Appliances Plumbing 8: Heating Supplies Phone 223 0461 Peru Ill HILTABRAND GARAGE Wrecker Service Motor Repair Truck Testing Body Rr Fender Work Phone 442 3110 Tonica Illinois M and M RADIO AND RECORD SHOP 'Largest Record Selection in Area Popular Country 8: Western Classical La Salle Illinois of CO. I ' 1 ..- ' , , . . , . Ph.p Il - ' Il 5 Hardware and Electrical . I I 4 ' II FOLTY S Servmg Tomca and V1C1D1tY Slnce 1952 Fresh Meats and Grocerles CEDAR LANES -W? Cedar Polnt 111 Bowllng Lounge Food Motel RELIABLE? ARKINS 'Q' REXALL DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS In Slckness and Health Prescrlptlons Fllled TUcker 3 8516 Ogle sby I1l1no1s DELVALLEE S CLOTHING "Men's Wear TUcker 3 8514 Oglesby Ill 124 East Walnut St "Free Parklng Mens Store X in "WISE" LECNORE V GRAIN s. suPPLY "Funk C1 Seeds Master Mlx Feeds Llquld Nltrogen 8: Fertlllzer Crraln Drylng 81 Storlng Phone 856 2401 Leonore 111 TONICA LUMBER AND SUPPLY Ba Z! 3 mm ff ,L 1 l 'W "For Your Bulldlng Needs Phone 442 3414 Tomca At Shootlng Park Road and New U S 51 Peru Ill1no1s TONICA GREENHOUSE 'QX sig Nix 'farm John and Phyllls Alleman n Route 51 TOD1Ca DITTMAR DRUG STORE DRUGS uf wif: r Josephl. Dlttrnar R Ph 142 E Walnut Street Phone 883 8123 Prescrlptlons, Cosrnetlcs, Glfts ' 9 . J f - I 1 J I ' ' J , I I J . I I 1 2 K N77 in f K 5 ' """""" ,l -Q i n--lr. l .I i Q. ., ' f . T. I I - I . . 3- H- ,. I . ,' li 7 Q- ' Q I-2 I Z' .515 ,. Aix? W. '. V- u, , '-. ' .1 Q t - V.25 , it ' ' I -"r-uf. . ' , . . I ' -- r-I O x 1 ' ' D ' I 1311 Shootlng Park Road Peru I O 1 C9 GUZIEC REXALL DRUGS "Your Pre5cr1pt1011 DIllgg1St'I 641 FITSI Street La Salle I111n015 IGLOO DRIVE IN Curb Servlce Peru I111n015 COFOID'S STORE Phone 442 3511 TODICQ 111111015 MEL'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 442 8422 T0n1ca 111111015 KOEI-ILER'S Men'5 8: Boy's FZSDIODS GOOd1Dg at FITSI La Salle I111n015 Phone 223 0477 AL SMITI-I'S SERVICE STATION "Gulf Products Phone 442 8414 Tomoa I111n015 PERSONALITY FROCK SI-IOPPE Don't just 'Say n1a1ze 164 East Walnut Street Say Oglesby I111n015 SUP'R MAIZ Open Monday gl Saturday N1ght5 t111 Nlne The Moews Compan1es Granvllle I111n015 AL S SHOE BOX 147 E Walnut Street Oglesby I111n015 RO WE ' S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Batter1e5 Tubes T1re5 and ACCGSSOTIGS Ton1oa I111n015 Il 'H 7 7 7 7 II 5 ' I 'Il 7 J I , 11.5.51 J J J 11 - VILLAGE INN ' STRIIR INT ii N--ree:.,,,,,w """"""'------.... ,w,,.,,,f Y--......,, :ff 'H-mi-I I QM .......- We I., W H' -fJf'fn1v"' 'imc ww Q QW wx'-W Wig, qi WQQMXWWWM if If Saw Fme Food for A1lOccas1ons Smorgasbord every Sunday ll 30 Z OO PM TODICQ, Illlnols BEENENGA FEED AND GRAIN of-1, Supersweet Feeds Custom Grlndlng and M1X1Dg Tomca, Illlnols i i I + . in N fl! ' I , - ,v- , i .Q ' , - A I fi.. , . II, f '::,V ,W is , , ., .S Q ., ,,,,,, , P ,P I H Y li , . If f-fi' .1 f' .,.. G R "' ' Y ' ,IIN wi? Nfl" , I ffsf-1'-ii' W W 'W f'-"Jr----Q-'J - . F1 "-" I K' -1 :fff " 'W JM ' V , J f2f-M---'1i1LW,,'.- 1 , 'i '- 'Lui "' ' - , K ' . , . , 'tim Q, me wfwff . , .'-'F liiliff ...e. g F I" .. , if 1 , A . 0 ' , , fl-Y' ' 'Q - IJ' ' 5 ' LZQMS-' "" ' I' 31-1-'io - ' r o . ' " ' ' . i xlffiffri,-rr' . W ,,,e Q b K 5 i V W L,L,,, W A , ""k"A'1,, i ,W IIIIIGQI - 5 f V- 2, Q , f.+sni?7X , ' ,F . . 7: ,L m,,ff,., ':1:5f 6,1 Im W! F- V W, . My W . ,, ,-,- Llgii- ' "' ,, ifw' ' 1 , Ilwzyf A-"' ' 'V 'W' I ' ,4.:s.w ,, .mwzf e, ' "fi . . . , , ,, ww .M k-,' f .-,, 1694 , - - " ' .. '- A 0' W ., ' , , .gl-Eff, A K M , , 'L . ' I " ' , 'Vs ,J 4.. I , I 3 I g- . A,-,,e,,mwizf-fy . 'Sf-4-sw' Y'-' zvf 1- A. .N 'xv r I-W - ,f 5 , ,g' KW' T' " gg -fSfi45fwfi,1?Q ' I -, A , . f-,, ' - " S v 'I "'17"'-zf'H','l fr W" -'ff-F,,1ff5:M 'Qf'Q5f 5 ,Lg 2 A . 'V S , 5 i RIBOLZFS SHOE STORE oes for the fa1'n11y Phone TU 3 8517 LOSTANT HATCHERY at MILLING COMPANY For your feed needs ca11 Hatchery 368 3221 M11 368 3 21 Lostant I111no1s Cornphrnents of THE FARMER S STATE BANK Lostant I111no1s Member of F D I C Phone 368 3395 Compllrne nts ALLEN'S LUMBER COMPANY Phone 368 3112 Lostant I111no1s LOSTANT OIL SERVICE Carl E Barr Mob11 Gas O11 81 Heat Phone 368 3214 Lostant I111no1s I-IARLAN'S STANDARD SERVICE Servlce Calls TITGS Batterles Bonded Chlcago Motor Club S811-I Green Stamps Phone 368 3311 Lostant I111no1s ANDREW JEWELRY AND GIFTS Jewelry and G1ftS for a11occas1ons 159 E Wa1nut St Phone 3 3232 Ogle sby I111no1s PERRY CATTLE COMPANY Lostant I111no1s ROYAL LANES League BoW11ng 8: 'Bowllng for Party Enterta1nment' Phone TU 3 8517 Ogle sby I111no1 s WICKES LUMBER P1urr1b1ng bu11d1ng heatlng E1ectr1ca1 Supplles Phone 368 3314 Lostant I11 l1Sh ' YI I '1 - O I I of of J - l U . I . I 7 I . , , . . J II ' Il I ' J ' l I I at ' 1 . . , , J - - - 7 vERMn.loN INN Air-Conditioned Lounge and Dining Rooms , At Junction 51 gr 71 Between ' La Salle and 3 If , ogiesby I Ive . Y . 5 5QEE ADAMSON'S LUMBER YARD "Materials for all Building Needs" Phone 856-2281 Leonore, Illinois DOSE GRAIN INC. C u s to rn V, f 4 Drying gl Storing Q-X 9 X I' l in x'faI'fii1Evv'V Phone 368 3397 ,gk Lostant Illinois X x CLYDESDALES FURNITURE . if -5""I I Exam VA LU E5 f ,gg ' ' " 7 f 5' - V . nl 1' I - . ' -' ., I I. Q' f "naw ' we 'rl -" our Home Decorating Store ' or Over 55 Years TUcker 3 8421 Oglesby Illinois RISTOKRAT CLAY PRODUCTS CO QQETUKFHTI lllE Wfl3 BH'll EK 'WISIZEZII Building 8: Landscape Stone Drain Ez Building Tile Phone Utica MO 7 4227 Lowell Illinois YOUR lltflptlllftlll Insurance AGENT Baldwin and Kenney Agency Bob Baer Tom Kenney Tonica Illinois TONICA HARDWARE COMPANY Since 1919 1-J Anything in the Hardware Line Imam 'K N Phone 442 3415 Tonica Illinois - cocA coLA I BOTTLING COMPANY 0' un Streato r Illinois .I, , ..T,.:..-- i 5-,N ,, ' rx T I --sil k Y - 1 IN wi-V 6 IF II J I I 'L' K I X1.P - 7 I ' I I "lllVll ' -. . mv- 0 I 1 D?"" . . J l nl-5, By - 14'-V L 4- M . - .1-,-.: : M ,:+-. -, ' . an ' SQ, . . J.. ' fp , 'Q I ,f 3 I3 F: 3 ,QIIUII W ' Y . , Xb. n D - - . 7 . . In :E - I Complime nts of LOU'S SUPER MARKET HELEN 8. ANDY CLAUSEN "Finest Quality Foods" Oglesby 8: Peru Edgewood Park, McNabb, Illinois I GRIFFITH SEED COMPANY GSC Hyb rid s Field Seeds - Seed Grains McNabb Illinois R. W. BARNHART "Your Standard Oil Man" Phone 856-2152 Leonore Ill Compliments SWAIN S KIVA Mc Nabb Illinoi s Compliments of MARTY CLINIC OF CHIROPRACTIC Lostant Illinois Complinients TED LAMBERT Donated by BUD DUNNE Mirror Staff Wishes To Thank All Businesses Who Bought Ads ITIGDS SIZOI26 1809 Fourth Street Peru Illinois ' of ' of VLASTNICK'S f FRGM THE OLD WE GO O RD TCD THE NEW D.,,' 4593 OUR DREAM Our dream is finished. Through laughter and shouting, joy and anger Our state of mind, our love of creativity Has realized our dream of beauty. We will go from this school soon. Our dream book will stay here. . . And too, it will go with us. And when we are forgotten, our book, Our dream, will remain. So it is with all dreams. . . Through sorrow, strife, joy, laughter Realized, precious Beautiful, treasured, Eternal. The creator? Far away, Forgotten. . . Yet his dream lives on. This dream is finished. Yesterday is gone, and Tomorrow wants. . . my , THE DOORS CLOSE AS THE YEAR ENDS We've taken you so carefully through our beloved doors of THS. You've seen the activities, organizations, students and advisors. Many have participated in making Tonica High School feel alive. The building may be old and worn, but within its walls lie treasured memories of all. Now, as the doors close for the summer, a stillness settles over these hallowed halls. While memories linger on of our triumphs, sorrows, joys and friendships. Although the year is at its close we hope that through this annual, years from now you'1l be able to look back and with an even more enthusiastic voice than now say, "That was MY SCHOOL." AUTOGRAPHS NEWSFOTO PUBLISHING COMPANY f I fm , 'aaa 54 7? 1 -- QTFEAQ' Tal, 5- , fx, W J . M 'iq' :P "' 9,1 '1-'QR an w E 'Hue L ' ' X' 'HA F' F1 Z 1' lui 4 1 'KL 1 fi: 5 4 dbg, i U, in Um :fr GDQQ - an-'29 4 35 .wr M ""'595S6h,- EWMB1. V v kg, , fic, l TORYQ f ATI ONS sronrsm auuxe n Kal muy muwf- ,,, iq: , M In . . . " :Aff , ,M -'HH , ,f.g:f4l1-"wr , ,f,zrw"' ' , , . ,, ,,f.fsL'f4f' ,,,-I

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