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i. wi il A ,w fa .ME ,L- .W 5 2' nl if Lf V' "4 If ' if in 'WJ l AM , . 3 Q: 7 W' f' A Y ' Y. '51 ' . ra ,' 5 'a' -. 1 if fs? I f Ar A I " Sb .I . if rt , A ,Y I .f qs Q.. 'i V ll' I 'f I 1 G .. '1 'V 'C' J vt 1 11- ,. ,5 Z -4 '1 I 7. ,Ab .,., il , . I , , i 1- K qkiv- I U A.--- -Y , -W, "" 1 ' , g I 'r VPU! ' ' , . -7 Ll ' 4f....-f..' 1. L .'. 5- Pug gLg'l-g ,fi ,' - TIGIV,-3 '.azu'a,.. ,,,,,,' . . , V -4...g-J-'fjffl 1r.5-..-..',-.Ed:,4:h5.I'-f1-...QU.,.'74.-Ji-A:.A..- .5..:-..,,,.,.,.,,, ,, ,,,,,,u H .H dl . .-J . .V .. Y . . - - - 4-F -- .41 4- --ax--.. h, . in 5,5 :L'.-, A , -A -- L 1- -u TONICA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL TONICA ILLINOIS Co-Editors: Carol Iaegle 84 Cathy Strack Advisor: G . O. Irvine I SEPTEMBER -School Opens 12-Senior Pictures 20-Senior Dance OCTOBER l9-F. H. A. Bake Sale 25-Senior Play 29-F. F. A. Banquet NOVEMBER Band Parents Dance 22-Sadie Hawkins Dance ,,..1- .,.-ni -liv- DECEMBER 13-Junior Sock Hop 14-Junior Bake Sale -Christmas Dance 1... A. 16-Prom I- MAY 'ZZ' ' 18-Band Banquet 2-4 JANUARY -Lostant Tournament 24-End of lst. Semester 27-31- FEBRUARY 1 -Band Parents Dance 5- 21- Daddy Date Night Homecoming Dance MARCH 13-FFA-FHA Dance 21-Soph. Bake Sale APRIL 3-Music Festival Tri-Co. Tournament .1 -1 1 4 J Q-:J .-6 19-F. H. A. Tea 8.4 Installation -il QQ. ii. -is-t -:..':'.""' ,4 -Alf -nl 3 2 ' 1 ti P2429 7,- L. to R., Front row: Mr. Myler, advisorg Pam Grey, Sharon Robersong Janet Baker, Karon Calkins, Nancy Mertel, Alice Swift, Shirley Barrg Top row: Tom Gualandi, Steve Arkels, Bob Johnson, John Bangert, Dan Obermiller, and Dick Clayburn. TLIDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of '63-'64 took charge of the cheerleader elections, the school Christmas Party, and the Easter Day Parade. All this added up to a busy, fun-filled year for the members of this ambitious organization. "Our Leaders" Best dressed at T. C. H. S. President- Bob Johnson, Vice President- Karon Calkins, Secretary-Treasurer- Sharon Roberson, Reporter- Shirley Barr Carol Iaegle MAGAZINE DRI E, IDEAS AND Qi? ,, '-" , f,,-. ,mf rg Cathy Strack Mr. Irvine Aren't they cute? Your attention, PLEASE! WORK MAKE UP THE MIRROR Annual Staff, L. to R.: Larry Schaibly, Karla Bakery Second row: Bob Johnson, Carol Jaegleg Third row: Dan Maack, Cathy Strack, and Mr. Irvine. One of the biggest excitements of the year is the receiving of the MIRROR. We, the MIRROR Staff, along with our advisor, would like to thank all the students who have made this yearbook possible by the high sales of our mag- azine drive. Many hours of hard work, although enjoyable ones, have gone into the MIRROR. We hope that the students will enjoy this yearbook, along with many pleasant memories of high school. S100 worth of magazines earned these ambi- tious students a free yearbook. L. to R.: Bob Smith, Marcy Hawley, and Bob Johnson, "Learning the tricks of the trade. " F. H.A. Officers, 1 to r: Ioan Schmittg Mrs. Nelson, Advisorg Linda Strackg Nancy Mertelg Cathy Strackg Shirley Barry Laron Calkinsg Janet Bakery Alice Swiftg Barbara Barnhartg Carol Strackg Kathy Plochg Carol Jaegle. F. H. A. is the leading girls' organization at Tonica High School. F, H A, Through this active organization girls learn to be leaders, to accept responsibility, and to become better homemakers. F. H. A. Girls model at annual style show. Kindergarten youngsters receive treats from F.H.A. members. l 'Y 1 I F. H,A, Members, Back Row, l to r: Linda Wester, Barbara Duff, Carol Duff, Cyndy Novak, Barbara Nielsen, Carol Shipp, Lovina Roeder, Kathy Cooper, Margaret Wester, Marge Gualandi. Fourth Row: Kathy Patterson, Karla Baker, Pat Schmitt, Kathy Mareta, Marcy Hawley, Janice Zellmer, Shiela O'Connor, Anita Schmitt, Janet Minick. Third Row: Marcia Wies- brock, Pat Arkels, Sandra Ristick, Cheryl Brady, Gloria Zellmer, Jane Schmitt, Cathy Ashley, Sharon Roberson. Second Row: Mary Jane Frangenberg, Linda Lance, Theresa Vogel, Linda Mortenson, Kay Schmitt, Marianne Appel, Kathy Mertel, Sheri Calkins. First Row: Connie Clark, Lois Grubar, Susan Swift, Rose Ann Schmitt, Vicky Aschinger, Kathy Hobneck, Carl Mortenson, Mary Ellen Loebach. lf, I n U J Z 0, f P' NEW!! J J OA, 3+ J I 4 : 'S lb Hr 1' :I 1 J rw 0 u- . V, ,X 5 A .ff i , 0 rf flx TX os. N',f,fl'h,,' 0 O F.H.A. "New and old Presidents" 9 Or f 'mlllq w sw- td -rr 0 9055 ON QQ' L"l"'f,-105 I J ' I O I xh Y? ,n g-ff-gtg. 'LV xi L04 I . fl '.1 f' .'?4Q 'A1' D C '52 -1 9 c"4:' . '--' " ' L ., 6 Tonica FFA F.F.A. Officersl to r: Mr. Irvine, Advisor, Ron Bangert, Sentinel, Larry Goodbred, Vice Pres., John Bangert, Presidentg Joe Bernardoni, Secretaryg Robert Olson, Treasurerg Gary Calkins, Reporter. The Future Farmers of America is a National Organization striving to create agri- cultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship in today's farm boys. The Parlia- mentary Procedure Contest, the American Heritage Program, and the F.F.A. Fair have been some of the highlights of this past year. Our chapter has been doing its part to fulfill the national goals. i Winner of the 56-day litter weight. l "Grain Show Entries" "Members" F, F, A, Members: BACK ROW, 1 to r: Bob Smithg Duane Footeg Ron Bangertg Larry Goodbredg Joe Bernardonig John Bangertg Steve Zellmerg Ken Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: Earl Schaferg Larry Stillwellg Bob Olsong Dan Maackg Gary Calkinsg Jack Bernardonig Mike Puetz. FIRST ROW: Cody Calkinsg David Nagelg Bob Strackg Sheri Calkins, F.F.A. Sweetheartg Ken John- song Steve Kadelakg Tom Gualandig Mr. Irvine, Advisor. "Dig in fe11as" These boys are practicing in safety--one of the main projects of the Tonica F.F.A. Chapter. 11 L. to R. First row: Shirley Barr, Jane Schmitt, Dan Obermiller, Larry Schaibly, Ioan Schmitt, Kathy Mareta, and Curt Ryan. Second row: Alice Swift, Gary Calkins, Diane Foote, Melvin Ghrist, Carl Dyer, Carol Strack, Cathy Strack, Barbara Barnhart, and Mr. Myler. Third row: Dewayne Beavers, Mary Smith, Madeline Frangenburg, Carol Duff, Steve Zellmer, Marcy Hawley, Patty Arkels, Sherri Calkins, and Gary Scott. The school paper, "School Daze, " is published once a month. It is prepared by the Office Practice students. There is a charge of ten cents per copy or fifty cents a year. We are all proud of this publi- cation and hope we can continue the good work. "Editor and her assistant" "Look who's in the gossip column!" LIBRARIANS-SERVANTS OF THE TLIDENTS Seated, L. to R.: Advisor: Mrs. Irvine, Barbara Nielsen, Cheryl Brady, Sharon Stillwell, Kathy Hobneck. Standing: Joan Schmitt, Mike Sons, Diane Foote, Kathy Ploch, Kathy Mareta, Barbara Barnhart. One of the most important assets to a student's knowledge is the ac- cess to a good library. Tonica High School has that good asset. Mrs. f ' K1 Irvine, who is the advisor, and the library staff make it possible for . W students to find books for entertainment and also for helping them in - M' ' Z! their school work. We, along with the entire school would like to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job. . -wi' "2nd hour assistants with advisor" "It should be under D" 13 f v i 'Y 'x T iv 'Xa WARRICDRS L. to R. Jack Bernadoni, Robert Olson, Duane Foote, George Skweres, Robert Johnson, Don Fike, Dick Earles, De- wayne Beavers, Dan Obermiller, Joe Bernadoni, Captaing Coach Clark. BASKETBALL PONIES L. to R. Top Row: Melvin Grist, Frank Zimmerman, Dan Maack, Chuck Lewis, Bruce Farneti, Coach Clark. L. to R. Bottom Row: Dick Clayburn, Bill Nielson, Tom Gualandi, Bob Hobneck, Larry Allen Goodbred. Dewayne Beavers Bob Johnson Joe Bernardoni Dan Obel-m111er CGU2-ICU CCCHIGIJ Ulorwardj fGuardj 4 pid , f n - I ,4 . 35' i Don Fike 9' flforwardj 2: E ' 4 f. , ,r .Q F ui Mr. Clark A' Coach a Dick Earles fGuardj Bob Olson Jack Bernardoni Skip Sqweres Duane Foote CFOIWS-ICD fGuardJ Uiorwardj qCenterj BASKETBALL SNAPS GGGG 24 W.-ff 4 We've got a team that's GREAT!" "Get in there and fight boys" mf' LW. A - 'living-'NIE L yt . ,F -A-fs-ff-ww., ff , eff'-f ,M 'je fi L of " 'WX M' X ffm g Tcir,q,,m 'ZW ff -se NN 'fy 5 M 'tif ,, i ,I , Q X 5 Q 5 'Q ' 3 TX3' AX X ---1 Q xx X 1 f .K 1 X Lx F X 5' me Q X ,fy "Locker Room Pep Talk" "Go-Warriors-Go! " "Good lay up, Dan" "Tri-County Free Throw Champion 5 , .-M CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Karon Calkins, Nancy Mertel, Sheri Calkins, Shirley Barr, Karla Baker, Sharon Roberson, Linda Strack. THEY KEPT IN STEP T BUILD LIP PEP HIUNIOR VARSITY" L. to R. Linda Strack, Karla Baker, Sharon Roberson, "VARSITY" L. to R. Karon Calkins, Nancy Mertel, Sheri Calkins, Shirley Barr. BASEBALL Tonica 3 Mid County 6 " 10 Henry O O Wenona 10 1 Lostant 6 2 Swaney 5 0 Toluca 4 13 Hennepin 4 8 Sparland 5 4 Hopkins 10 3 Washburn 7 14 Hennepin 10 Due to the loss of eight seniors from the 1962-63 squad, the baseball team suffered a losing season of four wins and seven losses and tied for seventh place in the Tri-County Conference standings. One bright spot, however, was the new strikeout record of fif- teen set by George Skweres. With eight regulars re- turning, next year's prospects seem bright. "Thoughtful Moment" Left to right: Coach Clark, Larry A. Goodbred, Curt Ryan, Dan Obermiller, George Skweres, Joe Bernadoni, Don Pike, Steve Arkels, Jack Bernadoni, Dick Clayburn. Bottom row: Bob Strack, Mike Puetz, Bruce Farneti, Kenny Lance, Melvin Grist, Pat Ryan, Billy Obermiller, Bill Nielson. 20 Strike Out King. 1 ' 1 -11 ,f'fiL3755E' 4h9'f"?i5255'?i?i2.!51 ..,, .. y ff V K i . . - ,gg-:m-we-ftsf .. K K- ,, ' H G- t, . t i ig fy f - V, V X, .- - K 1 i wgww rf 'wew gfpfg g if may I if -at ,vig .5 A . .V ,.i. ..,t. . . A, . , mn, W -,ig W ,L , as gi, fix ww. V ' L 1, Iwi, f V - EH , 5 4 'S -Q ,M i H. ,. if :Qi pf 2 2 N' 44 Q Q, if ' K SQ K '139354 Y? -f A . L55 . , gfai ggitiigfig. 5 1 5 , 4 it , Q fi , -I ',,-.',,. if Q mf - -' i YL., A L l , W , -L,, A - " ,L,,, ' it -W Z 'N L -, . 5- 1 - ,W-A-,, f . , . A ' -, i -- 1. .Ag . - ., 3 518" ' .. if if ,ag iw Q 'E Iii.: Swag gi, if M Sign Q K in gflikz' . f' .m eQ asvf- ily, ,i1,51Q"'ff'H'x9i-ig 1' 2 ' mx Agfa " Q Huntin' for something boys? Man this is the life. N.. Tonica's big three, left to right: Dan O. , Curt R. , Joe B Waiting for a chance to hit that apple. TRACK Last year's track squad did very well in Tri- County competition. No records were broken, but every member put forth his best efforts, adding up to a successful season. With five lettermen return- ing for the 1964 season, the future seems promising. 2 More Laps to Go E Heave Ho! SMILE ! YCDUR ON CANDID CAMERA ! "Come on, let's get married! " "Ma and Pa Nelson and Iun'or" re, . 1e,e S 'Are they good, boys? "Our two comedians" me J 1 2 New gym Sun' huh, Mrs' Nelson "Watch the game, not the girls, fellas 55' VALEDICTORIAN Diane Foote SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Joe Bernardoni CLASS OFFICERS I me 1 Senior Class Officers, 1 to r: Mr. Irvine, Advisorg Curt Ryan, Reporterg Sheri Calkins, Vice Presidentg Joe Bernardoni President, Kathy Mareta, Secretaryg Joan Schmitt, Treasurer. if K .,,k , si., I 7 ,, K , , . If ' 'Y Q gp i W, 4' Q Z- Sk - :'. Q 'Xi E 'gk' M: ,- ,Q wir' 4 k K. J Q ' H wr., , .tyrnkkf 1 J , " sr K , I - C - C :fr fs in -RW in ri is 1-iff' E A 'ff 'i . wif' I 'M 5 7 . W ,, V if fs M SENIOR WHERE ABOUTS AND WHEN ABCDUTS "A busy student" This only costs S???" 1 fx Getting ready for the dance" 'l f "Aren't we handsome?" "Seniors prepare for Snake Dance" PATRICIA ARKELS qPattyj FHA 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 3,4, Chorus Li- brarian 4g Pep Club 3, Paper Staff 43 Class Play 4. N JOSEPH BERNARDONI Uuniory Baseball 1, 2, 3,4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Class Play 3, FFA 3,4, Secretary 4, Chorus 4, Class Vice-President 3, President 4. 28 SHIRLEY BARR qShir1J 1 FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Secretary 4g Chorus 1, y 2, 3,4, Librarian 35 Class Secretary 3, l Student Council 4, Reporter 45 Libra- rian 1g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,45 Class Play 3.4. DEWAYNE BEAVERS CBuckyj Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 4. KARON CALKINS CTizziej FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, Secretary 3, President 4g Student Council 4, Vice President 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, Class Secretary 1, President 2, Reporter 3, Senior Play 4. CAROL DUFF QDuffyJ Band 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Ensemble 1, 25 FHA 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club 3, French Club 2, 3g Paper Staff 4. SHERI CALKINS fSawkinsJ FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Chairman 2 Vice President 3, Class Secretary 2, Vice President 4, Paper Staff 45 Libra- rian 3g Student Council 1, 3, Reporter 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 DIANE FOOTE CDU Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 1, 2, Paper Staff 4, Librarian 45 Science Club 1g Math Club lg Class Plays 3,4g Pep Club 3. 29 MADALEINE FRANGENBERG fMadj Chorus 3,45 Paper Staff 4. ROBERT JOHNSON qsoby Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, Track lg FFA lg French Club 2, 35 Chorus l,4g Band 1, 2, 3, Equipment Manager 33 Annual Staff 2, 3,4g Paper Staff 34 Class Play 3,4g Class Vice President 1, 2g President 33 Student Council 4, President 4. J f MARCY HAWLEY fMarcJ FHA 3,4g Chorus 4, Assistant Librarian 45 Class Play 3,45 Paper Staff 4, Pep Club 3. STEVEN KADELAK CKadj FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA MORTENSON fGeorgej FHA 1, 2,3,4g Band 1, 2g Chorus 25 En- semble 2g French Club 2, 3g Class Play 3,4g Librarian 3, Pep Club 3. KATHY PLOCH qP1ochJ Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Recreation, Cheerleader 25 Librarian 43 French Club 2, Year- book Staff 25 Class Play 3, 45 Pep Club 3. 31 CURTIS RYAN QDing-a-Lingj Class Treasurer 2, Reporter 45 Basket- ball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 45 Paper Staff 4. JANE SCHMITT Cfeeky Chorus 1,2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Paper Staff 45 Pep Club 3. 32 LAWERENCE SCHAIBLEY qShibJ Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Quartet 3 Soloist 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Paper staff 4, Assistant Editor 4. IOAN SCHMITT fYantJ Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Program Chairman 45 Class Reporter 2, Treasurer 45 School Daze Editor 45 Librarian 45 Student Council 3. 7 N GARY SCOTT fCecilj FFA lg French Club 2, 35 Student Council 35 Paper staff 4. ALICE SWIFT cfm Band 1, 2, 3,45 Band Reporter 3, Band President 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Degree Chrm. 3, Parliamentarian!45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus President 45, Girls En- semble 1, 25 Mixed Quartet,3, 45 Class Treasurer 1, 35 Student Couhci145 Paper Staff 3,4. fra ar w L. QC in -2, se 'f MARY SMITH fSrnittyj Band 1, 2, 3,45 Dance Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Ensemble 25 French Club 2, 35 Science and Math Club lg Class PIHY 3,45 Paper Staff 1,45 Class Reporter lg Pep Club 3. STEVEN ZELLMER CSteveJ FFA 1, 2, 3,45 Band 1,25 Paper Staff 45 Class Play 4. 33 SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR X J Mr. Irvine OUR CLASS MOTTO AFTER THE CLOUDS THE SUNSHINE OUR CLASS FLOW ER S R M NAL if - M3 fe f X NNW 31 1 1 4 14 'fx mf ,A 'AW .NX if ij ST, NAME Patricia Arkels Shirley Barr Dewayne Beavers Joe Bernardoni Karon Calkins Sheri Calkins Carol Duff Madaleine Frangenberg Marcy Hawley Bob Johnson Steve Kadelak Kathy Mareta Linda Mortenson Diane Foote Kathy Ploch Curtis Ryan Larry Schaibley Jane Schmitt Dan Obermiller Ioan Schmitt Gary Scott Mary Smith Alice Swift Steve Zellmer C ASS FACTS FAVORITE PASTIME goofing offg boys bowling and boys basketballg bowling Nancy! Jackie! Duane! horseback riding badminton hitting posts bowlingg basketball swimrningg girls Billg swimming telephone doing nothing Petey dancing baseball rodin' around Ronnie! sportsg girls boating bowling listening to records swimmingg boys Margie! FAVORITE pizza steak chicken hot dogs spaghetti chicken hamburgers chicken chop suey steak barbecue lobster spaghetti steak ravioli steak pizza steak chicken spare -ribs chicken lasagna steak chicken FOOD AMBITION get a job secretary be rich "college" dental assistant get a job nurse dental assistant modelg wife engineering college get a job secretaryg wife stenographer teacher of deaf get a job you'll see boy get a job housewife pro. basketball secretary get a job social worker nurse truck driver SENIOR CLASS WILLS Joanie Schmitt, will to Patsy Schmitt the Lostant Boys! Kathy Ploch, will my ability to get along with the Spring Valley boys to Marge Gualandi. Diane Foote, will my ability to cut the hand I write with the day before semester te sts to anyone who wants it. Linda Mortenson, will my "undesirable" love for " green" gum to Larry Allen Goodbred. Patricia Arkels, hereby will my ability to talk myself out of my work in Office Practice to anyone who wants it. Dewayne Beavers, will my ability to steal bases to Don Pike. Steven Kadelak, will my ability to go on dates to Gary Calkins. Kathy Mareta, will my ability to get one-legged "A's" to Cathy Strack. Mary Smith, will my love for anything that pertains to Algebra ll Betty Christini. Shirley Barr, will my ability to watch the Junior-Senior PE boys in Steno ll class to next years Steno II class. Steve Zellmer, will my ability to get along with the teachers to I ack Bernardoni, in hopes that he does a good job also. Madaleine Frangenberg, will my ability to have fun in 4th hr. study hall to Carol Iaegle. Sheri Calkins, will my abilities to write letters to the U. of I. to Sheila Kieth, in hopes that she doesn't write the same kind I do! Karon "Calkins, " will my last name to Robert "Olson" in exchange for his last name. Larry Schaibley, will my speed in shorthand to Linda Wester. Robert Johnson, will my ability to be first out of the locker room for basketball practice to Don Fike, in hopes that he may set a new record. Jane Schmitt, will all my seventh hour study halls to Pat Schmitt. Marcy Hawley, will my ability to sleep in 4th hour study hall to Pam Gray. Joe Bernardoni, will the happiest four years of my life to all the incoming freshmen in hopes they will enjoy high school as much as Ihave. Alice Swift, will all my mterest in band and position as band president to Nancy Mertel, in hopes that she does a better job than I have. Carol Duff, will my forgetfulness to my sister, Barbara. Gary Scott, will my ability to harass his teachers to Steve Arkels, in hopes that he will have as much fun as I did. CLASS PRCDPHECY Hello! everyone. It is now 9:00 P. M. and we are ready for that famous quiz program, "The 3564, OOO Question. " Back for his fourth week is Steve Kadelak. We have reserved seats for Steve's fellow graduates of the Class of '64, Let's see how many of your classmates came tonight, Steve. In the front row is Curtis Ryan and his cute Qztle family. Curt took up playing drums, and presently plays with that famous band, "The Cool Cats" who are now booked at The Circus Lounge. Next to him is that multimillionaire himself, Dan Obermiller. Back in '64, Dan struck oil while drilling postholes. At his studio, "Hey Chik, We Clik It Quik," he will take your picture for a reasonable price. Bob Johnson, has finally married. His cute little boy is sitting next to him. After Bob graduated, he attended the U. of I. and was chosen their most valuable basketball player. Here comes our celebrity, Shirley Barr. After the Senior play, a talent scout in the audience, signed Shirley up with M-G-M for a lifetime contract. Shirley's escort is James Daren, one of her many admirers. In the third row is the former Jane Schmitt and her fam- ily, who are happily living on a boat. Teek helps her husband support the family, so lhear. Their interests seem to be somewhat alike, one drags the boat, and the other Iudd's 326. Down the aisle sits Prof. Dewayne Beavers who attended I. S. U. He teaches Physical Education and Home Eco- nomics at Tonica, and likes it just fine. And, so do the girls! In one of our S75 seats is Kathy Ploch, who after hours of practicing Steno, became secretary to Richard Chamberlin. Her intensive study of Shorthand proved very helpful, as she now takes dictation at 10 wam. Sheri Calkins married a local boy, and took up motorcycle racing as her new pastime. They have a special motorcycle built for two, equipped with a trailer for three! Across the aisle from Sheri is her cousin, Karon Calkins, who lives on a 10, OOO acre ranch in Texas, with 17 beautiful children. Rounding them up each night is her biggest problem. What is coming? It looks like a whole line of hula dancers. Whoops! Someone fell. Why it's that Rock-a-Hula, Ioanie QSchmittJ. She certainly is good, because she got right back up and is swinging again. Here comes Gary Scott selling hamburgers. He runs Gary's Super-Duper Hamburger House, and his specialty is radioactive hamburgers guaranteed to cure all ails. Someone must be in trouble because there goes a police car. Yep! But the policeman turned out to be Marcy Hawley. She always did like to chase the boys. There's a familiar face. It's Madaleine Frangenberg, the champion woman's wrestler. Although she has a black eye, it doesn't seem to bother her. That girl singing softly in front of Madaleine is Alice Swift. She still loves to sing and now sings to her triplets. Taking a picture of Alice's family is that famous newspaper reporter, Joe Bernardoni. They call him on-the-spot Joe, as he always gets his story, even if it is three or four weeks old. In the middle section is Patty Arkels, New York's top hat designer. Her latest style, which she is modeling, is a bushel basket. Behind her is Larry Schaibley, who became a full fledged bum! He is very proud of this fact as he had to wait until his suit became holy before he became a legitimate bum. I wonder if Patty's latest creation is bothering him? Across the aisle is Carol Duff, present Kentucky Derby winner, with her two foot high pony. I guess Carol never graduated from her hobby horse. In the front row is Diane Foote, Tonica's new Mayor, who completed 12 years of schooling to be qualified for her present job. In the front row is Kathy Mareta, jet pilot for T. W. A. , who plans on honeyrnooning on Romance Island qnot on mapj with her only passenger Bill Gingerich. Some girls have all the luck! X ! ! Two of our classmates aren't present. Linda Mortenson is on a long truck route. She keeps driving around the block trying to set a record. Mary Smith is so busy she couldn't find a night off. incidentally, if you dig up any business for Mary, she would appreciate it. She says business has been rather dead, but she does do her grave digging cheaply! ! Is that a sign being held up, saying "Cherry-Picking Done Reasonable!" Why it's Steve Zellmer. I didn't believe him when he told me his aptitude was just for a Cherry Picker. Now that the Class of '64 is accounted for, the program will go on. Are you ready, Steve? Now, for the 364, OOO question, who was the movie actor for which the Rock Hudson fan club was formed? By Ioan Schmitt, Shirley Barr I SW :WHEN-N 4 . -,Q ,V V lil" gwmxk .IU IOR CLASS GFFICERS Junior Class Officers, 1 to r: Mr. Courtright, Advisorg Janet Baker, Presidentg Cathy Strack, Vice Presidentg Carol Jaegle, Secretary-Treasurerg Carol Strack, Reporter. Probably the busiest class at T.C.H.S. is the juniors and this year's juniors are no exception. A sock-hop, a bake sale and selling candy at the basketball games were some of their money-making projects. Of course, their main projects were the Junior Play and the Prom. Juniors take statewide tests. "But Mom, everybody's gettin' married" Barbara Arkels Steve Arkels Ianet Baker Mike Baker John Bangert KILL A D RESPONSIBILITY Ron Bangert Barbara Barnhart Nancy Barr Bernice Beavers Wei an ' f"- Q ' 6- Ea, af J 1,6 1 -gnu., . 1-. s" fzfitivv al: X.-51.5. Vg 1 ' immmm-m1-M 'I ii Q5 . .na f - xv-V-Mawr A I , -, 7-Hffii .f . -' .I-Plz: .. w e 1 5: igj ra 2 I 19:4 41 , gi r VKX! I fin H ik wi! 1413? 'far 'H ti , 1--fx aw pr-A L1 3 i g I ack Bernadoni Cheryl Brady Gary Calkins Betty Christini Dick Earles Don Fike Larry Goodbred Marge Gualandi CHARACTERIZE THI YEAR'S JU IORS X A W 2:1357 1 Qafffjv George Skweres Carol Strack Cathy Strack Sharon Stillwell James Smith Mike Sons Linda Wester Janice Zellmer Oo, Eifiiifiiiiiifw , 10' ., 52.2 P , at nu ,P -9 'Qs Q I , fav! k',:' . 55 21 Q M' K3 fri" Bob Hobneck Carol Iaegle Sheila Keith Nancy Mertel Sam Miller Robert Olson Anita Schmitt Kay Schmitt 'A aww ,A I 5 11 'Q 3294 11' ar ft ia CLASS OFFICERS , .V In Q: EZ? filtsfiws ' ' 2 iggjj QW sl. ,. - r A1 W W l iiizefgzgaifs Mi Sw me 92' ,, ,W .,k,,: ,-ff Q ff , ,2A,, S,iL .WS 5 Sophomore Class Officers, l to rz Kathleen Patterson, Secretary-Treasurerg Mr. Roth, Advisorg Linda Strack, Presi dentg Bill Nielsen, Vice-Presidentg Melvin Ghrist, Reporter. The Sophomore Class started another busy year with its fall Hobo Day and a bake sale. The Saturday Car-Wash before the Prom was one of their money-making projects for next year's Prom. "Whee-ee! " The hobos relax before their long days work Marianne Appel Vicky Aschinger Cathy Ashley Karla Baker Dick Clayburn SOPHO CRES DISPLAY Sherry Cole Barbara Duff Bruce Fameti Duane Foote QS WMM' jj 'ii .uf 'Q' jf 4 i 9 AW f""ffZj:f'rffvxm , , Why WW'--flffyaf., ,I i . ,I Iwzzwtaaw MV' fl 43-L--r r in ff O, 5 44 Mel Ghrist . 1 IMA Larry A. Goodbred Lois Grubar Kathy I-Iobneck Kenny Johnson ., ,i 1 ik. gii K K Pete Kadelak ,ct or Vrtt- yi ,hit rhAA Kenny Lance v . , ' , ' RQ 2 Roger Lance 1, Vzim f ri A fig A Dan Maack ,. YQ af f "Lr j 1 - ygylg Q. H gf K t 9 . , Xi or I 5 1 - we 1 , E THLISIASM AND SCHOOL SPIRIT 5 r ' Stir f I Q 'H , H,-mai . - .punk if an +V 1 , Aww' Sharon Roberson A SS . , 'si , Q J Saga E,fAwr..,: wtiiiigf Ss: K5'Wff3n:gg..5 1, ' . '15, jf . Q Q .x jqjmnmf 4- Earl Schafer ' k, Pat Schmitt Y Bob smith Larry Stillwell fi' ft Linda Strack Margaret Wester Margie Wiertz Kenny Zimmerman Janet Minick Carol Mortensen Bill Nielsen Cynthia Novak Sheila O'Connor Ruth Ann Olesen Carolyn Pruitt Kathy Patterson -my 14" W... rw' 25? W S A ,tn r Q E S ' a I '59 f w-'azmaaiwgwyw- W H 'V ww we 1 55 ' Q' .U ,, , -Misfiwvz . ...L lien 3 vw- Angel- f rs feftkgwggfggig I 3 1 is ,XL 9 W si 5 ff? ia., 155 , 5 N aw: X Q if H+ Z X , .' H 5 W ' 'g.5Jn'i J H I -ll We FRESHMA CJFFICERS Freshmen class officers: 1 to r: Susan Swift, Vice Presidentg Frank Zimmerman, Presidentg Dennis Ford, Secretary- Treasurerg Carl Dyer, Reporter: Mr. Pyszka, Advisor. This year's freshmen class are very energetic and loyal. They have been very enthusiastic in attending school and extra-curricular activities. They have enjoyed two class parties and had a bake sale. We would like to wish them success in their remaining years at Tonica High School. ' me Looking over the goodies, Frank? Work hard girls. FRESHMEN Mark Baker Cody Calkins Connie Clark Kathy Cooper Maggi Duff Carl Dyer Cheryl Ebner Dennis Ford Mary Jane Frangenberg Pam Gray Tom Gualandi Bob King gf Lynn Lambert Linda Lance Chuck Lewis Mary Ellen Loebach Kathy Mertel David Nagel 1 . Q U a fs. ez, Vx. , Q a 2 1' - .QM Q ir Z e 1 i, ,M V L' V Sing If FRESHMEN ENJOY A Barbara Nielsen Billy Obermiller Mike Puetz Sandra Ristick Lovine Roeder Pat Ryan by KC -ki tiff s'-9, D ,-L., , M g. f ,g g ggfr gig x. Earl.: --:gn QQ., , ,ry fa, .re 11531332 W ACTIVE FIR T YEAR S , , .a ' f :QEV T QE-Silly Z' ' V gf1L111sf' I . K Don Topolski Theresa Vogel Tom Weier Marcia Wiesbrock Gloria Zellmer Frank Zimmerman - - fav In Rose Ann Schmitt Carol Shipp Bob Steele Bob Strack David Straughn Susan Swift Mrs. Marcia Nelson We the annual staff of 1964 would like to dedicate this edition of the Mirror to Mrs. Marcia Nelson. Mrs. Nelson teaches Home Ec- onomics and P. E. She is also advisor for F. H. A. For her outstanding work, teaching ability, pa- tience, and lending hand, we would like to say, in this small way, thank you. 2 'assrssirfs S ,wif 'maxaman In the process of giving a test" "In a meditative mood" BOARD OF EDUCATIO Board of Education: Left to Right: Bruce Steeleg Miley Millerg Louis Barry Charles Siemersg Glenn Halloway. The Tonica High School Board of Education is made up of seven members and the principal. These men are respected members of the community and are elected by the voters of the school district. The school board mem bers give their time to provide for us, the best education possible. Robert Fetzer fPresidenty Mr. Earles fPrincipalJ Ralph Swift qSecretaryJ " ERVICE STAFF" ixf L L to R: Mrs. Gladys Klehm, Mrs. Irma Ryan, Mrs. Anna Lou Lambert, and Mrs. Elizabeth Seimers. SECRETARY: Mrs. Esther Eames Our "Service Staff" has an everlasting and im- portant job at Tonica High. They are appreciated by everyone for the many tasks which are performed each day. CAFETERIA HELPERS, L to R, Seated: Rose Ann Schmitt, Lynn Lambert, Connie Clark, Gloria Zellmer, Carol Shipp, Barbara Nielsen. Standing: Kathy Mertel, Pat Arkels, Kathy Plock, Marcy Hawley, Jane Schmitt, Pam Grey, Joan Schmitt. BUS DRIVERS, L to R: Dick Mudge, Bob Baer-substitute, Berniece "Lefty" Skinner, Lefty Warmer, LaVerne Foote, Slim Hasselman. Chuck Swift is absent from picture. MEET OUR HO OR STUDENTS DAR AWARD SPORTS AWARD KE11'Ol'1 C3.1kil'1S Joe Befgardoni HOME EC, AWARD F. F. A. AWARD Marcy Hawley Larry Goodbred BETTY CROCKER AWARD BAND AWARD Diane Foote Alice Swift TCD THESE WE LOCK FOR AID 5 -vf"i f ALEX CLARK MARCIA NELSON KENNETH MYLER Ill. Wesleyan University-PAB Northern Ill. University-B. S. I. S. N. U. -B. S. Coach, Boys P. E. , Home Economics, Commerce Drivers Training, Girls P.E. Commerce JAMES LOEBACH ARTHUR MCCOY l. S. N. U. -B. S. American Conservatory of Music-B. M. English -M. M. ASSISTANCE, A D ADVICE MELVIN ROTH ROBERT COURTRIGHT Northern Ill. U. -B. S. Western Ill. U. -B. S. Math Math, Chemistry, General Science I GEORGE IRVINE FRANCES IRVINE KENNETH PYSZKA I.S.N.U.-B.Ed. I.S.N.U.-B.Ed. I.S.N.U.-B.S. Vo-ag, General Shop Latin, French, I. S. N. U. -M. S. Library Biology, History Driver's Training" "Boys P. E. " "Bookkeeping" "study Ha1l" URRI ULUM Students at Tonica High School have the opportun- ity to choose from a varied curriculum. This is a great aid to a student in preparing for his future. A complete business course is offered, beginning with Typing I, in the Sophomore year, and continuing through bookkeeping, Steno, I 85 II, and office practice. General Physical Science and biology are the only required science courses. Tonica, however, offers the more advanced courses of chemistry and physics to its students. Tonica also offers its students a four-year course in math. Freshmen begin with Algebra Ig the Sophomore has geometry, the Junior may take Algebra Ilg and if he still wishes to take a math course his senior year, the student is offered "advanced math. " "Biology " "French l" AT T.C. .S. Being a farming community many Tonica boys take advantage of the agricultural courses offered. Home economics course s are equally well-received by the girls. T. C. H. S. students are also offered four years of English, a driver training course, two history courses, and music, both instrumental and choral. Physical education is important to a healthy mind. For this reason all stud ent s are required to take P. E. Tonica students should be proud of their school ggtgg teachers, as well as themselves. -A "ShOl'thaI1d I" V. ..Ag I.. "Girls P. E. " "General Physical Science w 1 PIP Y E MARCHING BAN A good Band is a valuable asset to any school. It is a worthwhile organization which demands skill, coordination, and cooperation from its members. T.C.H. S. students can be justly proud of the band. The band journeyed to Champaign and participated in the first University of Illinois Band Day and also performed at the annual Christmas Parade in Peoria. The pep band also performed at the basketball games. Equipment managers, Dan Maack and Larry Still- well, keep band room neat. "Line it up!" Band officers, 1 to r: Cathy Strack, Reporterg Nancy Mertel, Vice- Presidentg Alice Swift, President. CONCERT BAND Www y 5 i X my Junior-Senior Chorus members, Back Row: Steve Arkels, Dan Obermiller, Don Fike, Larry Schaibley, Joe Bernardoni, Mike Baker, Gary Calkins, Mike Sons, Curt Ryan. Third Row: Jack Bernardoni, Jane Schmitt, Linda Wester, Kathy Ploch, Sheila Keith, Mary Smith, Marcy Hawley, Diane Foote, Carol Jaegle, Karon Calkins, Bob Johnson. Second Row: Anita Schmitt, Kay Schmitt, Janet Baker, Kathy Mareta, Pat Arkels, Nancy Barr, Madaleine Frangenberg, Janice Zellmer. First Row: Bar- bara Barnhart, Shirley Barr, Joan Schmitt, Sheri Calkins, Cheryl Brady, Sharon Stillwell, Carol Strack, Alice Schmitt. CHORAL FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS CHORAL YE R Freshmen- Sophomore Earl Schafer, Lovina Marianne Appel, Pam Lambert, Mark Baker, 64 . 1'-f I, ,,..i I ...iii r Chorus members, Back Row: Ruth Ann Olesen, Carol Shipp, Bob Smith, Frank Zimmerman, Dan Roeder, Margaret Wester. Second Row: Cheryl Ebner, Linda Strack, Theresa Vogel, Sandra Gray, Linda Lance, Kathy Hobneck. First Row: Vicky Aschinger, Rose Ann Schmitt, Lois Grubar, Lynr Susan Swift, Carol Mortenson, Sherry Cole. BAND AND CHORUS COMPLETE AN ACTIVE YEAR Chorus officers, standing 1 to r: Pat Arkels and Marcy Hawley, li- "Let me help. brariansg Janet Baker, Vice-President. Seated: Alice Swift, President. Who s nervous? Not me. "1 and 2 and ready play i I Dexter Smith . Ma Smith . . Dad Smith . . Dotty Smith . Joe Pauley . . Dash Harris. . Dutch Kelly . Liz ..... John . . Beef ..... Felix Finley , Jack Hubbard . Mrs. Payne. . Pinky .... Blinky . . Stinky . . "Dexter and Marcella" Marcella Payne. . I SENIOR PLAY "SO THIS IS BLISS" 1 by Albert Johnson . Larry Schaibley . . .Diane Foote . . . Bob Johnson . .Karon Calkins . .Steve Zellmer Linda Mortenson . . . Shirley Barr . . .Kathy Ploch . . . .Carol Duff . . . .Gary Scott Dewayne Beavers . Dan Obermiller . . .Curtiss Ryan . . . Mary Smith . . Alice Swift . .Marcy Hawley . . . Pat Arkels Dexter Smith, wise in math, baseball, and gas station operations, is not wise about women. Spring hits him, Socko! He finds himself engaged to Marcella Payne and gives up hope of going to college to get married as soon as he turns eighteen. Mother says, '1Nonsense, " but Dad says, "O.K., but for a weekend, I want you to take charge of things here while Mother and I take a vacation. " When we come back, we'll talk about your plans for marriage. Dutch Kelly, the more irresistable of his adventuresome co-eds is stuck with a varsity show. She finds Deck's love poems, and finds music to fit them. More important, she finds Dexter, but she finds him in a matrimonial trap that is about to spring. Does it spring? Does Butch know how to handle naive, good looking chaps like Deck? Does Deck choose college or Marcella? Finding the answers to this was an evening full of fun. Make-up time. "The Three Brats" "AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN CREEK" by Lieut. Beale Cormack Aaron Slick ...... Mr. Wilbur Merridew . . Clarence Green .... . Mrs. Rosy Berry .... . . Gladys May Merridew . . . . Girl in Red ..... . Little Sis Riggs . . . Steve Arkels . . .Mike Baker . . . Mike Sons Marge Gualandi .Janice Zellmer . . .Janet Baker . . Cheryl Brady Advisor .... . . Mr. Courtright Director. . . . . Carol Jaegle "Moment of excitement" The setting of this play takes place in an Oklahoma farm kitchen. Gladys May and her Uncle Merridew are summer boarders who are trying to outsmart Mrs. Berry into selling her oil-laden farm for a very measly sum, Much fun and laughter is the result of Sis Riggs and her tomboy antics against Gladys May and her Uncle. Aaron Slick, who everyone thinks is a dunce, outwits the summer boarders. He meets his wits end when all of his proposals to Mrs. Berry are interrupted. It finally ends when Aaron, in Chicago, is just about outwitted by a "mysterious girl in red," and when Mt. Merridew is finally brought to the 1aw's attention. By the way, was there really oil on Mrs. Berry's farm, or did Aaron Slick have a hand in this dealg and also did Aaron get Mrs. Berry? This hilarious play was enjoyed by all. l "Practice break" "A third party in the proposal" BLUE The highlight of the school year, the Junior- Senior Prom, was held May 4, 1963. Preceding the dance, the Juniors treated the Seniors to a delicious banquet in the dining room ofthe Kaskaskia Hotel. Following the theme "Blue Hawaii, " the gymnasium was decorated with palm trees, grass huts, and hula girls. The dance floor was encircled by various col- ored crepe-paper ribbons. Dancing was to music furnished by "The Stylists. " . :JFS f if Xxgrxfi Kfjgg' Qf,-41 T NT L f- X we Hurry girls! Time's running out. Couples relax between dances. aff' S515 v- 4, PSX I I , ff-EZQN , eg. eff , fb. gifs? ' ff ffsw Ez! if , I J-1 X 8 , ll AWAII Practicing the hula, Shirley? Murals add realism to '63 Prom "The Remains" T.C.H.S. ROYALTY I 1 .1 " 1 ,M Q "fm 1 I 5' ' Y E i . V Q lg: Ai i l,5 gn 1 A5 3, 1- 5 Q 1 A Qi. A x Tonica Fair Queen and her attendants: left to right: Shirley Barry Janet Baker, Queeng Alice Swift. The 1964 Homecoming Queen, Sheri Cal- kins, is crowned by Coach Clark. Scene at the 1963 F. F. A. -F. H. A. Dance. The 1963 F. F. A. Queen, Sheri Calkins, and the F.H.A. King, Joe Bernardoni. DANCE THRGUGH AN ENJOYABLE YEAR "The Bleacher Bunch! " Students at T. C. H. S. danced through an enjoyable year. The "Back to School Dance," sponsored by the Seniors, opened the 1963-64 school year. In November the girls took over with a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Her- alding the coming of Christmas vacation, the Snowflake Ball was greatly enjoyed. Students broke out of the gloom of semester exams and closed their basketball season at the homecoming dance. After this, all attention turned to thoughts of the I r. -Sr. Prom and the closing of a successful year. "The Homecoming Dance "The Royalty Dance At The F. H. A. -F. F.A. Dance" "Band Parents Square Dance BANDY S DAIRY KUP Tastlest Ice Cream 1n Town Phone TU 3 9166 Oglesby Ill1no1s L1 GARZANELLI S SUPPER CLUB 3 On Route 51 , Phone TU 3 8633 Ogle sby Ill1no1s 57 ZIIYHUED ADAMSON S LUMBER YARD Materlals for all Bu1ld1ng Needs Phone 8Rl Leonore Ill1no1s , TONICA COMPANY Anyth1ng 1n the Hardware L1ne Phone 442 3415 Ton1ca Ill1no1s RELIABLE? ARKINS PRESCRIPTIONS REXALL DRUGS Pre s c1'1pt1ons Fllled TUcker 3 8516 Oglesby Ill1no1s "W" LEONORE GRAIN 8a SUPPLY Master MIX Feeds Phone 4Rl Le onore Ill1no1s THE ELIAS CHAPELS I Ambulance SSIVICG Tomca Peru I ' ,- 442 8413 msn, .. I I I 1 f 1 ' 5 J .nwwnunnmwxm V 1 J a RITTENHOUSE 81 SONS Internatlonal Trucks Farm Implements and Repalrs Phone 46 Long Po1nt, Ill1no1s 1 1 II ' - II I II II - N .. y -W, . . s. , 1 . lc. I in ya' f f ' fn N HARDWARE "V '74-V HT' - gun I R , - --me ,, . . . ,, ,, . . , H , - . . , . . , I , . . , - - I 4- X A In I5 mrsnuanorml. I I! nuvurm - ROYAL LANES yE Tk 380 o bylll AL S SHOE BOX Ftt gSh k 38 Ob by 111 RIBOLZI S SHOE STORE k 38 og by Ill DITTMAR S DRUG STORE Th sr dly s k 38 og by Ill CLYDESDALES FURNITURE T k 38421 og by Ill MERCER S CLEANERS TU 3 8322 E IZ W 12 St Og by Ill PERRY S LIVESTOCK SALES Rpl tc tn 56 Ph I: LOSTANT GRAIN ELEVATOR R 1pbA LOSTANT HATCHERY 81 MILLING COMPANY KORNER KURL BEAUTY SHOP 2- I-Ill t 9 "Bowling or Part ntertainrnentu "Fine i in oes" Uc er - O2 TUC er - 741 gles , inois les , inois I I I Prescriptions "Known for Value" " e Ore of F1-ien ' " TUC er - 517 TUC er - 123 les , inois les , inois I Dry Cleaners--Rug Cleaners "Famous Brands Since 1912" Phone - UC er ' 135 as alnu les , inois les 3 inois I " e acemen a e" a renz ' OneS'l56 Lostant, Illinois Lostan , Illinois First in style and hair c For your feed needs call 10 01'1-2 Minnie e mers Lostant, Illinois Lostan, lllin ' - WIESBROCK PAINT STORE 81 DECORATING SERVICE LOSTANT FARM EQUIPMENT l O RAY JANUSICK AUCTIONEER l3lR4 H 81 H TAVERN Fh d Chk KOELER S Y M 8K M RADIO AND RECORD SHOP F CAP 1 13 2716 GUZIEC REXALL DRUGS gg F l WIESBROCK TRUCKING 81 SHELLING k Ph pht TRI CITY HARDWARE FURNITURE 8K FROCK SHOPPE fQ y ll DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS BY GRACE ANDERSON F ll Gasoline Sz Fue Oil Phone 15 Lostant, Illinois PhOI1G 1 6 Lostant, Illinois I Reasonable--Experienced Serving is on Fri ay' ic en on Saturday Phone L IH, . Lostant, Illinois Osfanfi mms I Men's at Bo 's Fashion 521 irst Street Gooding at First Phone i a - LaSalle, Illinois LaSalle, Illinois HY-our Prescription Dru istn Livestoc -Grain-Gravel Spreading Lime stone, os a. e 641 irst Street and Commercial Fertilizer Lasal e, Illinois LCOHOTC, Illinois Phone 18 ' I 733 irst Street Home o ualit LaSa e, Illinois LaSa e, Illinois MARY'S BEAUTY NOOK 442 8478 HOBNECK ELECTRIC 442 3510 BEENENGA FEED 81 GRAIN 442 3512 ROWE S STANDARD SERVICE I: COFOID S STORE PHONE 442 3511 AL SMITH S SERVICE STATION fP d 442 8414 MI OWN BEAUTY SHOP 442 8219 FOLTY S ROYAL BLUE STORE 442 8412 TONICA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Utifyaf E P 442 3117 LOSTANT LOCKER t yP Electrics, Heating, 8: Plumbin Phone - Phone - T0I1iCa, Illinois Tonica, Illinois I "Supersweet Feeds" Tonica, Illinois Phone ' - A las-Tires-Tubes-Accesso ' Tonica, Illinois I I "Gul ro ucts" Phone - Tonica, Illinois Tonica, Illinois I "Beauty is our Business" Phone - Phone ' Tonica, Illinois Tonica, Illinois Case i i Phone 23 Construction qui ment Lostan , Illinois Sales 8a Service Phone - Guy and Mar lacher I Tonica, Illinois TONICA STATE BANK A QM' TONICA LUMBER XX 8. SUPPLY ld 442 3414 m TONICA MOTEL 81 APTS 8:1131 thy DELVALLEE S CLOTHING 11 38 o bylll Mens Store i DENNLER S 442 3514 E Sht kR MARTY BEN FRANKLIN 9oY 58zlO5'2V 442. 8419 o by 111 xf I if Q "For your bui ing " Fine Bank in a Fine Town" needsu Member F. D. I. C. Tonica, 11121171015 Phone - Tonica, Illinois ' 1 I , Qi- g ,Z ' "Mens Wear" "Clean odern Units" TUC er - 514 George oro Skweres, gles , inois Proprietors Route 51, Tonica, Illinois Phone - E? S -1 I SUPERMARK T cuNuc OF CHIROPRACTIC At oo ing Par Cad Lostant, Illinois and New U.S. 51 Ph 33 Peru, Illinois one TONICA NEWS A 0 6 " ears of Printing Service " ariety " ' Phone - Tonica, Illinois gles , inois R. W. BARNHART 'Your Standard Oil Man' Phone l5R1 Leonore Illinois Best Wishes From HUMMER FURNITURE HummerfBartlett Owners Opposite LaSalle City Hall REARDON S DRY GOODS Rugs Carpets Draperies LaSalle Illinois C A JENSEN JEWLERS Established in 1919 CAp1ta1 3 0377 LaSalle I1l1no1s BALDWIN 81 KENNEY For Full Insurance Coverage Tonica Illinois HILTABRAND GARAGE Wrecker Service 'Steam Cleaning Phone 442 3110 TONICA SH EET METAL In the heart of Tonica Phone 442 3219 Tonica I1l1no1s PAUL COHARD JEWELER S Registe red Gernologist 507 5th Street Peru Illinois DYER NURSING HOME Phone 442 8216 Tonica Illinois TONICA CONCRETE BLOCK CO Tonica Illinois Concrete Block Material Lite Block Quality Redi Mix Concrete I I I J I C O I , , , , . . II ' II II II I ' II . , . . - Tonica, Illinois I II ' ' II II ' ll . . . , - . I O J 5 l H Cornpllrnents of LOU'S SUPER MARKET THE FARMER'S STATE BANK "F1ne Quallty Food " MemberF D I C Oglesbv at Peru Lostant lll1no1s ...E i j. TONI A Fqxgf1GREENHO SE K N TX On Route 51 Ton1ca Ill1no1s We the staff of the '64 M1rror W1sh to express our apprec1at1on to all of those who have helped to make our book a success We W1Sh to x press a spec1al thank you to our many advertlsers for thelr generous contrlbutlons The qual1ty of a yearbook depends a lot on the students T C H students have been very cooperat1ve W1th us We also Wlsh to thank our teachers for the1r pat1ence and cooperatlon 1n help1ng us prepare our yearbook "THANKS EVERYONE" . . S T E--a t A in Q3 In - N --. A C - gd-s,. x U fri,-Y ll Il . ' e - I .. If ---- - ----- - f - ' ro- 'l iii, 6 -,7l .L.. ' 1 .' A..l walls n. .Q u fl n al l I

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