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x -7 R I 1 The 57 Nllrror '- rf 4 f" 6 fx 5 f f fb f I ff 5 lf' fi ' ' 1 .5 . A, P A s 1 TONICA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Tonica, Illinois ,N G H gil S53 Nbl- Lf' ,- X. 'VAVY A A I NA 3 1 7 iv LJ DEDICATION Wendell CLeftyj Warmer Xi Al lil We the staff are dedicating this Mirror to one who is often taken for granted. He is always working to make Tonica Community High School one ol the best. As a Way of thanking him for all this we dedicate the Mirror of 1956-1957 to Wendell fLeftyj Warr- ner. ACTIVITIES Plays ........ Prom ........ Dances SCHOOL Faculty .........,..,.,..,..,, Board of Education ..... Maintenance ..A........ Seniors luniors ..... Sophomores Freshmen Snapshots ........ SPORTS Basketball ....... Track ....... Baseball ..... ORGANIZATIONS lel.,c SENIOR WILL ....... SENIOR ACTIVITIES CONTENTS ....8-11 ..1Z-13 ..14-15 ..18-19 .......2U .......2l .....,,.....22-23 .......24 .......25 .......26 ...,.,,27 ............3U-33 .......34 ....,,,35 36-46 ...U48 ,749 W ai Qfw ,Q SBWWIW .ll M141 N -LD' : - ' ,V W i 1' "Q -' 1-1 - L ACTIVITIES .-...... 1 'W F3 ik 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Lorraine Theisinger, Ellen Zimmerman, Donna Rowe, Janet Earhart, Janet Alleman. SECOND ROW: Sharon Siemers, Rita Cofoid, Donette Siemers, Patsy Sauter, Janet Moreta. THIRD ROW: Kenny Zimmerman, Donald Minick, Donald Watson, Jerry Gingerich, Randy Locke. Take Your Medicine Inferior Decorators Remember when Angela Warren's fiance, Bill Iackson, was mistaken for a doctor by Uncle Henry Dodson? Confusion certainly arose when Dr. Iackson was called upon to act as surgeon when the actual doctor left town. The antics of Mr. Dodson, Mr. Puckett, and Miss Dovie Finkledink kept things in cr con- tinuous uproar lrom beginning to end. This page sponsored by TONICA CONCRETE BLOCK COMPANY W :annum mg fur. zszfaeuuuuuununuew CAST Henry Dodson ....... Dr. William Iackson Ionathan Puckett lack Benson ............ Hoofendike ....,..... Angela Warren ...... Miss Holt .,......... Miss Puckett ........ Miss Finkledink ..... Pat Pryor .............. Dottie Carleton ....... Lottie Nelson ....... Doclie Blake ...... Little Girl ,,.,...... Girls mother ....... Demented Man .....,. 108 DEGREES!!! .,.,...Randy Locke ......Ierry Gingerich ......,Donald Watson .Kenny Zimmerman ,,,,..,,.,..,Donald Minick ......,..Ellen Zimmerman Lorraine Tlieisinger ..,.........Sl'iaron Siemers ....i.Donette Siemers ......,....Patsy Sauter ........Donna Rowe ........Ianet Alleman ...........Rita Cotoid ,......Ianet Earhart .......Ianet Mareta ,,,,,.,.,,.,,.Don Minick Sweets for the sweeties BEENENGA FEED 81 GRAIN CO. Phone 23 Honneggers Feeds - Chix - Buildings Tonicu, Illinois Take your medicine "Seventeen Is Terrific" Remember how the Spring Dance, a bor- home? Remember Elvis? Remember how Hugo rowed car and the need for S5 nearly brought knocked Billie against the backdrop, almost about the destruction of the family and its upsetting it? Cast Dr. Allenby ..... Mrs. Wagner ..... ,.,.. Hannah Hawks Chuck Allenby Barbie Allenby Janie Allenby Billie Allenby . Billie Allenby ,,., ...,. Patsy Gardner Nancy Pomeroy Hugo Jarvis .,i. George Bennett Ginny Grant ,, Dart .Mary Jane Kenney ..,...CaroIyn Hiltabrand .....,.,,..,...,.Gary Huss ,,,,,,Mary Siemers ..,..,.leanette Hilton ...,.,Jeanette Hilton .DeVon Zimmerman ,,,,,,Caron Alleman ,,,,,,,Betty Barton ,,,......Ken Zimmer ......Ronnie Siemers ,,,MariIyn Frederick lleft to Rightj Mr. Jeter, Mary Jane Kenney, Mary Siemers DeVon Zimmerman, Sharon Quade, Ron Siemers, Jeanette Hilton, Gary Huss Marilyn Frederick, Bill Dart, Gloria Shawback, Betty Barton Caron Alleman, Carolyn Hiltabrand, Ken Zimmer lobsentj. This page sponsored by LOU'S SUPER MARKET Oglesby Illinois What cl Lifel 3 FE! Lag RUDER FARM STORE Case and Massey Harris Phone 12 Tonicu, Illinois DEEP-IN-THOUGHT Ughl Not him I unior-Senior Prom iltle Heaven. Siorlight, Star Bright. 552 An E F The Guardian Angels. Preceding the Iunior-Senior Prom, Whose theme Was "A Little Bit of Heaven," a banquet consisting of turkey With all the trimmings Was served to the students and the faculty. Later in the evening, the Prom commenced. Don Adams provided wonderful music, and the Prom was a heavenly success. I I Dancing 'neath the stars WARRNER'S RADIO RCA TELEVISION - RADIO Tonica, Illinois Sloirway to Heaven Heaven for a night. Holiday Ball Dig that crazy rock and rollll Why don't we sit this one out? This page sponsored by IVA Sl ED'S RESTAURANT Phone 185 Tonico, Illinois "We Could Have Danced All Night" Among all ot our activities two outstanding events were the Holiday Ball and the Valen- tine Dance. The gym Was appropriately de- corated tor each occasion, with colored stream- ers, lights, and accessories lending a cheerful atmosphere. Setting Cupid straight. Busy Bunny Hoppers McLAUGHLlN'S TRUCKING Trucks For All Jobs Phone 36 Tonico, Illinois , I N 1 ' Q 1 o Q Q. Q i .. V .Nw V t t X l PF ...- -- X W -5 5 0..- .f - -Q- Q Q S 5, SCHOOL J. 151: LQ ME x.fyA.fv , vvuw ...Q- ,v -'ve 1 1 " -. i sp N' Q 1 32? J X 55 Faculty Commerce MR. L. W. EARLES, Principal Home Economics, Physical Education Science MRS. MARCIA NELSON MR. EUGENE IETER Vocational Agriculture Mathematics, latin MR. GEORGE O. IRVINE MRS. RUTH PETERSEN Commerce MRS. IOYCE MARSHALL Phys. Ed., Drivers Training, Coach, Commerce MR. ALEX CLARK MRS. ESTHER EARLES, Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION loberi Siemers Robert Fetzer M. R. Miller left to right, William Smith, Wendell Warmer, Mason Hiltabrand, Herbert Redenius, Chuck Swift, Rich Baker labsentl . "lefty" Warrner left to right, Mrs. Floyd Rowe, Mrs. Elmer Klehm, and Mrs. Delbert Siemers. Warm, radiant smiles such as these reflect the spirit of our school. . Nw,,,,,M4Y.M.,wgA-.Mm ., M-w-m ig1-Ns, 1, iwwysTi'fs X!t g.E lanet Alleman Rita Cofoid lanet Earhart Barbara Gedye Seniors ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .....,.................. Ierry Gingerich Vice President ........ Kenny Zimmerman Secretary ................ Lorraine Theisinger lanet Mareta Rickard Marshall Treasurer ....., ........... D onald Watson Reporter ...............,.......... ludy Goodbred Student Council ............ Donald Minick Donna Sarver Donette Siemers Sharon Siemers 1 wvq.. Ierry Gingerich ai 'K X, X. :vl-: I 5 Donald Minick Lorraine Theisinger Iudy Goodbred 5 Sharron Klieber Randy Locke Donna Rowe Donna Sarver Patsy Sauter if" wx 4 lf A " I2 ' A it . - W .. 3. fm' ev: Z'::.,j,-,E-, ' , i , M J 1-2-5:55:55 '::..2:fg,,.:,w .,-, g.. ,W Nyllsgmr - Donald Watson Ellen Zimmerman Kenny Zimmerman I unior Class FRONT ROW: Mr. Jeter, Advisor: Gloria Shawback, Irene Swift, Mary Siemers, Caron Alleman. 2ND ROW: Carol Walgenbach, Janet Rose, Dixie Ryan, Nancy Goodbred, Jeanette Hilton, Marilyn Frederick, Sharon Quade. 3RD ROW: Judy Brooker, Ron Gedye, Mary Jane Kenney, Devon Zimmerman, Vernon Zimmer- man, Betty Barton, lloyd Vogel, Carolyn Hiltabrand. 4TH ROW: Bob Folty, Dennis Trumpinski, James Schmitt, John Olson, Gary Huss, Ron Siemers, Winston Keith, Marvin Folty, Bill Dart, fDaisy Fosdick is obsentl. Iunior Officers SEATED: Betty Barton, Treasu ref: Gary Huss, Vice-President Ron Siemers, President: Jean ette Hilton, Secretary. STAND ING: Devon Zimmerman, Stu dent Council: Carolyn Hilta brand, Reporter: Irene Swift Student Council. This page sponsored by SUPREME DAIRY COMPANY Phone 3-8461 Walnut Street Oglesby, Illinois FRONT ROW: Mr. Clark, Advisor, Kenney Sons, Bessie Siemers, Joy Brooker, Lynda Brady, Katherine Goss, Bill Dauber. 2ND ROW: Rosan Bangert, Edna Calkins, Bob Burgess, Susan Siemers, Charles Schiffbauer, Dorothy DeHasque, larry Hiltabrand, Martha Kreiser. 3RD ROW: Carl Sauter, Denis Brown, Dennis Gingerich, Bruce Nicholson, David Earles, Reid Riley, Philip Stanford, Gene Beenenga, Leon Killen. Sophomore Class Sophomore Officers SEATED: Larry Hiltabrand, Treasurer, Edna Calkins, Vice President, G e n e Beenenga, President, Susan Siemers, Sec retary. STANDING: Bill Dau ber, Student Council, Dorothy DeHasque, Reporter, Katherine Gass, Student Council. This page sponsored by VENTUREl.Ll'S APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE Phone 3-B3l3 Oglesby, Illinois Freshman Class FIRST ROW: Paul Rossok, Advisor, Mike Folty, Louise Mortenson, Jerry Johnson, Kenny Mortenson, Sharon Alleman, Janice Tondi, Gene Locke. SECOND ROW: Janice Shawback, Martha Mareta, Kenny Allemon, Tommy Miller, Teddy Bayler, Anita Ploch, Roberta Wiertz. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Frederick, Rita Huss, Duane Rose, Billy Hancock, Billy Keith, Wilbur McLaughlin, Phillip Duffel, Betty Kay Clark, Marilyn Redenius. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Watson, Linda Bartolt, Dean Vogel, Allen Schaibley, Don- ald Fiedler, Roger Siemers, Larry Fleming, Donna Schafer, Sharon Gehm. Jimmie Brewer is absent. FRESHMAN OFFICERS SITTING, left to right: Linda Bartolt, Secretary, Wilbur Mc- Laughlin, Treasurer, Roger Sie- mers President, Donna Schafer, Vice President, Sharon Alle- man, Reporter. STANDING: Ev- elyn Watson and Tommy Mil- ler, Student Council. This page sponsored by TONICA HARWARE COMPANY Phone 20-Rl Tonica, Illinois No Trespassing ls that really me? The big sploshl Who had your name? Sing, Elvisl Better put on your glasses. Cheesecake????? Photographer's photograph. 9. Honey suckles. 10. The line upll 11. Teethll 12. Whoopsll 13. 14. 15. 16. Chow time. This page sponsored by TONICA LUMBER 8. SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 51-W Ton Deep in thought. What did you do now, Judy? Pyramid and Spirit builders. ica, Illinois K N23 .- '- " Q an X '- x , fx W E Ax: SX Qu! x 'QQ ATHLETICS X - x .f 1 an 5 5 -v is L hm i 6 WWC? XI 4 41:1 ff wh 2 E CFRONT ROW, David Eorles, Marvin Folly, Ron Siemers, John Olson, Gary Huss, Don Watson, Dennis Trumpinski, Don Minick, Richard Marshall, Ron Gedye. QBACK ROWJ Don Fiedler, Manager, Tom Miller, Denis Brown, Roger Siemers, Bob Folly, Wilbur Mcloughlin, Larry Hiltabrand, Teddy Bayler, Mike Folly, Chuck Schiffbouer. VARSITY SCORES Tonica's Score Leland ...................., .................,. 5 4 ' ' Lostant .....,. ......... 6 1 Tomca Warriors Spmhmd lllllll bvllnuvyl 5 5 Toluca .....,..... ,.....r.. 5 9 Washburn ,.... ...,..... 6 3 Hopkins ..... ..v...... 8 1 Now mu, follasl Henry ....... .,....... 5 8 Swaney ......... .......,. 7 6 Mid-County .... ......,.. 5 3 Wenona ....... ......... 6 6 Serena ....... ...,..... 5 1 Hopkins ....... ..72 Woodland ..... ..,...... DePue ........... .,....... Sparland ....... ......... 63 69 52 Lostant ....... .,....V.. 6 9 Toluca ....... ......... 6 1 Henry .....r. ......... 5 2 Hennepin ............................,......,.. 70 39 M inonk ....,.......,.......A...,,,...,,.,,.,..i,, Tiskilwa Tournament Tiskilwa .........,...........,,,.......,...,.... 56 Tri-County Tournament Swaney ..................,,,.....,..,,,......., 65 Hopkins .......,.....................,.,,,..,..... 38 Toiuca fChampionshipj ..,...,....,,. 45 District Tournament Hennepin ..........,........,,,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,, 64 Sparland .....,..............,..,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,. 48 This page sponsored by FOLTY'S ROYAL BLUE STORE Phone 121 Tonica, Illinois .ss Thus page TONICA STATE BANK sponsored by Q gsm A Q 5 J 4, M 52? 3' f Y Aiigriv sie we fkgfgfgiggsgs ,W X M 1 QEQ? ww saw -W sa mf su 2 W -.A X i9W WW. mms- mn mm .n mb -.Q we .Nqr ,www fa fi, W N5 my SM? Ma ,TWG WX X 5 sw ,sm Xu S -ew W- Qfsghgxi E ff M, Ms if fm Q M, was WWW my v Us q Up nn the cur, Davel +1-vb mf. Yea Team, Rahl "A Fme Bank In a Fme Town" Tonlca, lllmols NM IE ww M EX 25522 I -I'f'.:i:'-"-I' "" :':"'m:: ..... . ,,,,'.F'5iEZ3g-',:': :SQ 5 ,,::, . gk """ WE - :'.z1.s:2f212fr5:i:::1if-: ' I 'A TZ. .. s ' v as .... H M ' i f - ::s:esz::i2:i::1E'5 Egg? ff r fgs 5 .fsssfzqs-ar Q 5 Y Eg3,,,,Y,Wf Y, R, -"- gjgvjgzfigmi: ggi, ws E q llli ..T, ' L S, Q? " :ff.5Z,55f5 f, Yzw wr-bf . Wwnrh ws. -N A H - bf fiwffs, slsmffo. . QQ' if A V.., T f Ss.-Q 4 3 f Q . 5755 .Wy A ':FtgEz5:5i:: :!Q" N ::,. ff2IE52E ,,Z, .,.: :V .,:s.:,.j.:g'5 :E-I ' Q, M , "-'- K Q u vm,--V1 A wgsswf Pwg.fsiSf"W'g5:?6fS: ,arf Qsszmsermwafsiifxgz.'nbias f-Zvi.,-'J s T T f G' e "T"lI ' ' ,V This page sponsored by Phone 101 MARETA'S GROCERY Tonica, Illinois ight'-wmM,iS-P This page sponsored by CLYDESDALES FURNITURE Phone 3-8421 138 Walnut Street Oglesby, Illinois Track Gel sel . . AI. SMITH'5 SERVICE High, wide, and handsome IFRONT ROWI Coach, Alex Clark: C h a r I e s Schiffbauer, Denis Brown, Richard Marshall, Gene Beenenga, Larry Hilla- brand. ISECOND ROWI: Marvin Fol- ly, Ron Siemers, John Olson, Gary Huss, Don Watson, Den- nis Trumpinski, David Earles. Gulf Petroleum Products Phone 152-I Tonica, Illinois ROW l, left to right: Mike Folty, Randy Locke, Richard Marshall Don Watson Larry Hlltobrand ROW 2, left to right: Don Fiedler, Denis Brown, Lloyd Vogel, Wnlbur Mclaughlm Roger Snemers Charles Schiffbauer, Larry Fleming ROW 3, left to right: Coach Alex Clark, Winston Kieth, John Olson Gary Huss Ron Slemers Marvm Folly, Ron Gedye: Baseball Another Hlt Tonica places second in Tri-County with an 8 and 1 record this year. The schedule: Tonica 3 Tonica 21 Tonica l l Tonica 0 Tonica 5 Tonlca I0 Tonica 9 Tonlca 8 Tonica 'l 9 Wenonu 0 Lostant 6 Swaney 8 Toluca 5 Sparland 2 Hopkins 6 Washburn 0 Mid-County O Henry 0 Professional Talkers Mn , 'xx XX? Q x5 ...f ee - , - Q e Q ",, .. ..- - .- f if .N Q 565 - 1 - .Q ,I 2,2 -f"' ff4 .. V n J! " - ff " ' , ,i, , i 5 iz .- Q. ORGANIZATIONS 4- - -QQ -1 5 1 gf '.- ff r 1 WX ff! J , . .A , , -fhx' 'ff fi fi if f i Staff fSeatedi Don Watson, Sports, Betty Barton, Assistant Editor, Jerry Gingerich, Editorp Lorraine Theisinger, Advertis- ingg Carolyn Hiltabrand, Photographer. t2ND ROWQ Barbara Gedye, Donette Siemers, Susan Siemers, Activities, Mr. Slabaugh, Advisor, Richard Marshall. Sports, Mary Kenny, Advertising, Jeannette Hilton, Circulation, Marilyn Frederich, Copyy Judy Goodbred, Circulation: Janet Alleman, Copy. QBACK ROWJ Bill Dart, Advertising, Kenny Zimmerman, Photographyg Randy Locke, Advertising. The Mirror A new staff, different paper, more pic- tures, clever art Work on our Indian theme, and much Work-these are the components of this yeC1r's MIRROR. We hope you enjoy Sport Editors This page sponsored by DELVALLEE'S CLOTHING Phone 3-8514 124 East Walnut Street Oglesby, Illinois li. l School Daze This year editing Was facilitated by having reporters hand in news already typed in columns. Our efficient staff used the three column paper with the added improvement of some colored sections in several issues. The headliners KESSLER'S OF OGLESBY Staff Susan Siemers, Feature Editor, Don- ald Watson, Assistant Editorp Don- ette Siemers, Editor, Marvin Folty, Art Editorp Ronald Siemers, Sports Editor. l2ND ROWJ Judy Good- bred, Senior Class Reportery Caron Alleman, Band Reporter, Dorothy DeHasque, Sophomore Class Repor ter, Mrs. Marshall, Advisor, Sherin Alleman, Freshman Class Reporter. f3RD ROWJ Carolyn Hiltabrand, Junior Class Reporter: Mary Jane Kenney, F.H.A. Reporter, Bill Dart, F.F.A. Reporter. 146 East Walnut Phone 3-3498 STUDENT CONDUCTORS-lFront rowl Rita Huss, Mary Jane Kenney, Judy Goodbred, Randy Locke. lBack rowl Caron Alleman, Sharon Allemon. Rally BATON TWIRLERS-Caron Alleman, Judy Good bred, Nancy Goodbred, Rita Huss, Sharon Alle 5 I man. Z , 'X gn?-fre W it xl sl W fy OFFICERS Judy Goodbred, President, Randy Locke, Vice President, Gloria Shawbuck, Secretary-treasurer, Ca- ron Alleman, Reporter, Jerry Gin- gerich, Student Council. Band This year's band consisted of 36 students who met every Monday and Thursday. The band participated in the following major events this year: December 6, 7, and 8-Mid-West Band Clinic at Chicago. December 12-Winter and Christmas Con- cert. March 9-District solo and ensemble con- test at Wenona. April 6-District Band Contest at Wenona. April 12-Tri-County Band Festival at We- IIOIIG. May 3 and 4-State Final Music Contest at McComb. May 9-Spring Concert. May 24-Played for Graduation. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Nelson, Advisor: Louise Mortenson, Donna Rowe, Judy Goodbred, Gloria Shaw- back, Eleanor Frederick, Caron Alleman, Janet Alleman, Sharon Alleman. 2ND ROW: Mary Siemers, Sharon Siemers, Sharon Quade, Janet Rose, Marilyn Frederick, Marilyn Redenius, Rilo Huss, Irene Swift. 3RD ROW: Jeanette Hilton, Judy Brooker, Mary Jane Kenney, Linda Bartolt, Donna Schafer, Lorraine Theisinger, Betty Barton, Carolyn Hiltabrand, Susan Siemers. Girls P.E. FRONT ROW: Barbara Gedye, Donette Siemers, Nancy Goodbred, Evelyn Watson, Dorothy DeHasque, Carol Walgenbach, Mrs. Nelson, Advisor. 2ND ROW: Janice Shawback, Roberta Wiertz, Lynda Brady, Anita Ploch, Martha Mareta, Katherine Gass, Janice Tondi. 3RD ROW: Bessie Siemers, Joy Brookler, Janet Mareta, Dixie Ryan, Edna Calkins, Betty Kay Clark, Ellen Zimmerman, 4TH ROW: Martha Kreiser, Rita Cofoid, Donna Sarver, Sharon Gehm, Patsy Sauter, Sharron Kleiber, Rosan Bangert, Janette Earhart. TONICA GREENHOUSE 81 NURSERY Phone l2F2 TUMCG, lll- learning to do F.F.A. Highlights This year at the slate F.F.A. convention at Springfield our chapter was awarded a su- perior rating and a certificate for safety activi- ties. David Abbey received his American Far- mer degree at the national F.F.A. convention 5 s.! vfNX li N lf E, v. XX l an I . , 7 lr l 5- yl i, r JL, ls 0 l .3 53 in Kansas City. In the Section 8 public speak- ing contest Kenny Zimmerman Won third place. Chuck Schiffbauer had the Grand Champion gilt at the F.F.I-X. lair. The out- standing F.F.A. member for l956 was Denis Brown. lSEATEDl Mr. lrvine, advisor, Bill Dart, reporter: Dennis Trumpinski, vice president, Kenny Zimmer- man, presidenlg Bill Douber, secrelcryg Denis Brown, treasurer, Jim Schmitt, Sentinel. l2ND ROWl Ken Sons, Jerry Johnson, Carl Sauter, Lloyd Vogel, Charles Schifibauer, Leon Killen, Duane Rose, Kenny Morlenson. t3RD ROWl larry Fleming, Bruce Nicholson, Ron Siemers, Donald Fiedler, Roger Siemers, Deon Vogel, Billy Hancock. Who's the boss? Mrs. Milner, Sr. Chapter mother, Mrs. Cofoid, Jr. FIHIAI Chapter mother. I l , This year the clubs' attention was directed toward civil defense, the teen-age consumer, and family relations. The chapter won the "How Do We Rate" and the "Public Rela- tions" awards. OFFICERS President ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.,,.. DONETTE SIEMERS Vice-President .....l...... CAROLYN HILTABRAND Secretary ......... ........................ I ANET ROSE Treasurer .............. ........................ R ITA COFOID Parliamentarian .......... LORRAINE THEISINGER Secretary ........... ..............,........ I ANET ROSE HISTORIAN ...... MARILYN FREDERICK Reporter ........ ....... M ARY IANE KENNEY SEATED: Mrs. Nelson, Advisor, Carolyn Hiltabrand, Donette Siemers, Janet Rose, Rita Cofoid. ZND ROW: Louise Mortenson Donna Rowe M 'l F d , ari yn re erick, Mary Jane Kenney, Lorraine Theisinger, Betty Barton, Susan Siemers, Irene Swift, Janice Tondi. 3RD ROW: Sharron Kleiber, Patsy Sauter, Judy Brooker, Sharon Gehm Donna Schafer Linda Bartolt, Donna Sarver, Nancy Goodbred, Dorothy DeHasque, Dixie Ryan. 4TH ROW: Janet Mareta, Betty Kay Clark, Evelyn Watson, Jeanette Hilton, Rosan Bangert, Martha Kreiser, Daisy Fosdick absent. A 't PI h Jud Goodbred Rita Russ Gloria Shaw KLEFT TO RIGHTl First Row: Mr. Rossok, Janice Tondi, Roberta Wiertz, ma oc , y , , - back, Linda Brady, Janet Alleman. ISECOND ROWl Joy Brooker, Marilyn Redenius, Carol Jean Walgenbac , one os Frederick, Edna Calkins, Betty Kay Clark, Sharon Quade. h J t R e, Donette Siemers, Jeanette Hilton, Marilyn chafer, Lorraine Theisinger, Linda Bartolt TTHIRD ROWl Susan Siemers, Judy Brooker, Betty Barton, Donna Sarver, Donna S 1 Mary Jane Kenney, Carolyn Hiltabrand, Nancy Goodbred. ILEFT TO RIGHTJ FIRST ROW: Judy Goodbred, Janet Alleman. SECOND ROW: Susan Siemers, Mary Jane Kenney. THIRD ROW: Donelte Siemers, Janet Rose. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Shawback. Girl's Chorus This year's chorus consisted of Z9 girls. Within this group is cm ensemble which con- sists of 8 girls. The chorus participated in the following events this year: February 21-Choral Concert. May 19-Sang at Baccalaureate. The ensemble participated in the following events this year: December 21-Sang at the school Christ- mas Party and for the Women's Club. March 2-Sang for the Style Show. March 9-District Contest at Wenona. March 18-Sang for the Women's Club. May 24-Sang for Graduation. BOB'S HOBBY SHOP Robert Fulmer, Prop. Phone 3-3413 213 East Walnut St. Oglesby, Illinois Student Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Alex Clark, Advisor, Donald Minick, Vice President, Kenny Zimmerman, Presidenty lrene Swift, Secretary-Treasurer, Donna Sarver, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Billy Dauber, Evelyn Watson, Donna Rowe, Katherine Gass, Tommy Miller. THIRD ROW: Dennis Trumpinski, Jerry Gingerich, DeVon Zimmerman. Librarians LEFT TO RIGHT, Donette Siemers, Janet Rose, Mary .lane Kenney, Patsy Sauter, Dorothy DeHasque, Sharon Klieber, Rita Cofoid, Donna Rowe, Katherine Gass, Susan Siemers, Winston Keith, Mrs. Francis Irvine is absent. This Page Sponsored By TONICA SHEET METAL 8. APPLIANCE CO. Phone 27-R-1 Tonicu, lll. Play-makers 9. look at thatll WCfm'UP- 10. Robinson Crusoe Speculating Spectators. il. Two slick shins, Careful .... Ladies? 12. You name itll "Life of RiIey." 13. And away we gol "The campaign kids" 14. Careful now'l Wonder what's down there? 15. Posin' Pozenby. Pals This page sponsored by DYER NURSING HOME Tonica, Illinois SENIOR ACTIVITIES IANET ALLEMAN Class Play 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Ensemble 3, 4, Class Reporter 2, GAA 1, 2, Mirror Staff 4, Paper Staff 2. RITA COFOID FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 4, Chorus 1, 2, Librarian 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4. IANET EARHART Transfer from l.aSalle-Peru, GAA 2, FHA 4, Class Play 3, 4. BARBARA GEDYE Librarian 3, GAA 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, anna 1, swdem Council 2, Class Reporter 3, Class Secretary 1, Mirror Stott 4, Class Play 4. IERRY GINGERICIH Class President 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Board 4, Student Council 4, Mirror Editor 4, Class Play 3, 4, Science Club 4. IUDY GOODBRED Class Vice-President 1, Class President 2, Class Reporter 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Student Council 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 3, 4, Baton 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Reporter 2, Class Play 3, 4, School Daze Staff 2, 4, Mirror Staff 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. SHARRON KLIEBER Librarian 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 4. RANDY LOCKE. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Mirror Staff 4, Band Board 4. IANET MARETA FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Chorus 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4, GAA 1, 2. RICHARD MARSHALL Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mirror Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Class President 3, Class Treasurer 2. DONALD MINICK Baseball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4, Student Council Vice President 4, Class Play 3, 4. DONNA ROWE Student Council 1, 4, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4, Librarian 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2. DONNA SARVER Chorus 1, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4, Student Council 4, Paper Staff 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3. PATSY SAUTER FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Class Vice President 2, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 4. DONETTE SIEMERS FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, GAA 1, 2, Librarian 4, Ensemble 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Class Reporter 1, Class Treasurer 3, Paper Editor 4, Mirror Staff 4, FHA Section President Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 4. SHARON SIEMERS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Paper Staff 3, Student Colncil Reporter 3, Class Play 3, 4. LORRAINE THEISINGER Class Secretary 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4, Mirror Staff 4, Science Club 4, Science Club President 4, Librarian 2, GAA 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4, DAR Award. DONALD WATSON Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Paper Staff 4, Mirror Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4, Class President 1, Class Treasurer 4. ELLEN ZIMMERMAN Transfer from Marquette High School, FHA 4, Cheerleader 4, Class Play 4. KENNY ZIMMERMAN Student Council 2, 4, Student Council President 4, Class Vice-President 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA Reporter 2, FFA Secretary 3, FFA President 4, School Daze Staff 2, Mirror Staff 4, Class Play 3, 4. Senior Class Will We, the Senior class ot 1957, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following to those listed below. I, Ianet Alleman, will my ability to "goof off" in Mr. Slabaugh's classes to De Von Zimmerman. I, Rita Cofoid, will my skating ability at Les Buzz to Marilyn Frederick. I, Ianet Earhart, will my love for PE to Gloria Shawback. I, Barbara Gedye, will my gray hair to Mary Siemers. I, Ierry Gingerich, will my "College" glasses to lim Schmitt. I, Iudy Goodbred, will my ability to break only one blade while using the jig-saw to Mary Iane Kenney. I, Sharron Klieber, will my long hair to Irene Swift. I, Randy Locke, will my ability to put snappy duals on cars to Gary Huss. I, Ianet Mareta, will my ability to mombo to Ianet Rose. I, Richard Marshall, will my short, straight hair to Bob Folty. I, Donald Minick, will the curl in my hair to Marvin Folty. I, Donna Lee Rowe, will my ability to chew gum in U. S. History with- out getting caught to Iudy Brooker. I, Donna Sarver, will all my broken rubber bands and shorthand pads to Nancy Goodbred. I, Patsy Sauter, will my endless luck lor having flat tires to Sharon Quade. I, Donette Siemers, will my ability to eat so much to Ieanette Hilton. I, Sharon Siemers, will all my grades to my brother Ronnie in the hopes that he can fix them up a little. I, Lorraine Theisinger, will my charge account at the Tall Girl's Shop to Caron Alleman. I, Donald Watson, will my 500 batting average to Ronnie Siemers. I, Ellen Zimmerman, will my cheering tights to my brother Vernon. I, Kenny Zimmerman, will my good behavior and sensible driving to Lloyd P. Vogel. OGLESBY DEPARTMENT STORE tThe Home of Branded Linesl Phone 3-8036 238 East Walnut St. Oglesby, lllinois RIBOLZI'S SHOE STORE Oglesby - Phone 3-8517 HILTABRAND'S GARAGE Tonica, Illinois ARKINS REXALL DRUGS 120 East Walnut Street Oglesby, Illinois BUD'S BARBER SHOP Tonica, Illinois DITTMAR DRUG STORE INext to showt Oglesby - Phone 3-8123 COFOID'S STORE Phone 69 Tonica, Illinois ANDREW'S IEWELRY AND GIFTS 128 East Walnut Street Oglesby - Phone 3-3242 COFFEE CUP CAFE Rt. 51 Phone 17R1 Tonica, Illinois CONCO-MEIER COMPANY Grey, Buff and Tan Face Brick Phone Utica, lllinois Montrose 7-4797 LEONARD'S MOWER 61 CYCLE SHOP 105 West Walnut Street Oglesby - Phone 3-3242 DON HILTON Auctioneer Route 2, Utica, Illinois Phone Ottawa 2969-W3 BALDWIN 6: KENNEY INSURANCE Tonica, lllinois THE TONICA NEWS Tonica, lllinois MI-OWN BEAUTY SHOP Florence Mers Phone 140 Tonica, Illinois UNCLE HOAGY IOHNSON'S STANDARD SERVICE and Garage 668 N. Columbia Ave. Phone 3-3691 O9le5bY1 lllirwif AL'S SHOE BOX 147 E. Walnut Oglesby, Illinois IOHN GEDRAITIS CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET 153 East Walnut Street Oglesby - Phone 3-8111 MAY'S IEWELRY SHOP 151 East Walnut Street Oglesby -- Phone 3-2369 PERSONALITY FROCK SHOPPE Oglesby - Phone 3-8832 . A J-'UH F X ., , H!-' -W-14' J44..- -1.4- 4 A 3 9 4 3 Z 3 V X . 7 . ' Lf

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