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Tonawanda High School - Tonawandan Yearbook (Tonawanda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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FSOWWL Magazine -M-H W ,e .i -mas pxssemblg I. ff-t XR ms K Swv Mfr K.. 6-y 'Y,', E. JT X T3 4? JV 'i x fi 5 f Qxxk? 'YN- -xl ,X F Xxx ff X X! Qixrxx Ki N.N Y-Hkji WE! ff, LV 'Rl 'x Vi 4-HVW, TJJ, , xii, QQ U ' 2 " Inf I , W ff1",f ,Ni N J ,AY X Vff if if I V Nb " A X i L ci NL E w'PfX 'f 7 r Q f' ZR if 1 X XX ,LL AWAN DAN Presented bg the SENIOR CLASS OF I955 .. I W ,, is 0 MMA MATIER Llke Nlagara s speedlng waters Sweepmg to the sea May thy many sons and daughters Glory brmg to thee Whether ln the m1m1c confllct Or 1n later l1fe s stern battles May they never y1eld From our hearts the chorus soundeth Soundeth far and mgh Hall to thee our Alma Mater Tonawanda H1gh 2 Of athletic field, 'SHN' 'P 'UP DEDICATIO E the Senxor Class are proud to dedlcate the 1955 edxuon of the 'DONAWANDAN to Mr Walter Rose veteran gym lnstructor and drrector of lntramural sports Over the years he has sklllfully helped to mold the characters as well as develop the phys1ques of T H S boys H1s own brrlllant career as an out standmg athlete at Syracuse Umversnty demon strated h1s knowledge and love of sports l-hs leadershlp and good sportsmanshlp w1l1 serve as an 1nsp1rat1on to us long after we have left the beloved halls of T H S We wlsh Tam the best that l1fe has to offer 3 Hai' N?"'llu. MEMORIAM URING the month of July MISS V1ola Rum bold very suddenly passed away M1ss Rumbold havmg served the students of Tonawanda Hxgh School for thlrty two years left behmd her a great followmg of devoted young men and women She taught her classes Wlth a wxllmgness and an mner Splflt whlch made her a great favorxte of all those who were w11l1ng to leam Her untlmely death IS deeply regretted 4 , 'K' Qty Sf 4 kV,L ,i w F A. uh , X In 6 Q 55.43, N-,t 3 r at 5 inf' -of' ' I MEMORIAM R DAN BELLINGER descrlbed by many as The Grand Old Man of Sports passed a way at the age of seventy f1ve durmg the past year Bom ln Tonawanda rn 1896 Dr Belllnger was graduated 1n Tonawanda l-hgh Schools second class attended Cornell Unlversxty and was graduated from UB School of Medlclne Durmg Dr Bellmgers career 1n sports he excelled 111 football track basketball base ball badmxnton and handball Dr Dan wxll always be remembered by the boys of Tl-lS because of h1s enthuslastlc support of the teams and hrs generous contrx butlon of hrs UI116 and talent He was un Off1C1al team physlcan for the football team for many years 5 tx? ki I H xl- , ,iss Q . A X -, 4 'Q 5 3 Xl u K . ff eewhv-ussasw 144+-Hlitvmaa ""'Q-anna: .blame FDREWDRD Lrves of great men all remrnd us We can make our l1ves sublrme And departrng leave behrnd us Footprrnts on the sands of trme H W L N these four years of hrgh school we too have left behmd us footprrnts Footprrnts made by cleated shoes on a football fxeld sucuon soled sneakers on a basketball court track shoes on a cmder path golden slxppers at the senror prom crepe soled loafers on the thlrd floor hall and hrgh heeled shoes on the stage at grad uatron Through thrs yearbook we have hoped to show you the peaks of success these footprmts have led us to We hope that because we the class of 55 have reached these hexghts and walked rn these places frrst your semor year and the years ahead wrll be better and more profrtahle for everyone 6 .. ' A , W Q.. I ,Q ...g..,..: r ,,, . W an .. W.-..,........., - ,W H. . ., r,.,-f....,,..... .. , K. , , a my M M..-...,....-.t.a,.,. Quan-4 V A ' - U..,Wr M f t X ma..-we .- qgw..-.,.a- ,, - W ,- r M,.,,,,, me . A me ... N, ,A r-' J. r . --nmol,-.QWAL 7 tanto ss Q r K - - Q- . an-rw4awf,A we f--. ,nn maart ..,.t,, ,., ,, V, af , H W - . . r ..... ,- .. ' "'- ' 'U " J' A WN' MA' '- WW' ' f Vaaa.-.aa-uv-any--'-e -....., a -1 W V . , , . - - P i I I I ' ' 1 1 I l l ' I I D 7 O , - . ' 7 , . . Y Y FACULTY Q YP 35, UPIERI TE DIE T F4135 R GRIEIE BOARD OF IEDUCATID SEATED L TO R Stuart Horton Nelson Staley Bernhardt Gademslu Clrfford Holler STANDING L TO R John Wulf Clara Flgura Howard Fahmer 9 x X rx. or ' S x S X ' of S 6 MR ABELL Comell Unlverslty Sclence MR AMARANTE Camslus College Soclal Studles R192 an MISS BAGDY Mlddlebury College ,gum Jiv- UH1VefS1ty of Buffalo M, French and Soclal Studles MISS BE LLINGE R You must get these umt sheets fmlshedl MISS BUCK Un1vers1ty of Buffalo Enghsh MR CARRUBA UHIVGISIIY of Buffalo Mathematlcs we 1 .V ' y, ll . . 1,31 H I :,,,. , '51, 9. f i , VM, ' L- - - , V ,L Q., .- , ,T :',E'v'Q. Tl ' ' k gi j . Q, , 7 ,- . rf . iy. MEL . , K -. 'Nt' W -f . rw .. fr V Hr -I . 1 J wwf 5 , ' . . gvilffg k - A, t, ,..., . 51v , 10 Wells College Umverslty of Buffalo Mathematlcs Qu Thls must be done tn harmony MR DEUTCH Unlversxty of Buffalo Enghsh MRS DOUGHERTY D Youvxlle UIIIVSISIIY of Buffalo Engllsh in "'m" ai of 4191 YS MR FENWICK Wes tmmster College Xu Q CHIIISIUS College Engllsh and Soclal Studles MRS FENWICK Westmmster College MUSIC You must have your plates completed! MISS GETMAN Buffalo State Teachers College Comell Umversxty Home Economlcs MISS HEFFE RMAN D Youv1lle Nlagara Englxsh N MISS HOPKINS Y S College Albany Syracuse Umverslty Busmess MR HOPKINS Syracuse Unxverslty Umversxty of Buffalo Scxence MRS JONES Buffalo State Teachers College Unlverslty of Buffalo MISS KIMMINS University of Buffalo Buffalo General Hospital R N l am on the faculty! Il Nurse .4"'K I' ,gg MR LEIBINGER lndlana Unlversxty Unlversxty of Mlchrgan Unlverslty of Buffalo Swlmmlng MR LLOYD Unlversxty of Mlchlgan Unrversrty of Buffalo W Busmess MISS MCPHILMY Cortland State Teachers Phys1cal Educatxon MISS MAJOR Westem Maryland College Latln MR MORRIS Unlversrty of Buffalo Alfred Un1vers1ty Buffalo State Teachers Soc1a1 Studres General Motors Insutute Auto Shop Drxver Educatxon MR MAZE Vs. MR. MURPHY Unlversrty of Buffalo Soclal Studres MRS NEASMITH Accuracy counts I -Zi Plattsburg TYPIUE I d like to see you wm a scholaxshzp 12 kgs! 4-f' ,ov ,KSN f am 'Riff-x, avr MR REID Syracuse Umversxty UHIVSISIIY of Buffalo Engllsh MRS ROCKETT Buffalo State Teachers Umversrty of Buffalo C3.D1S1llS College Algebra MR SHETLER Eastman School of Musrc MR Ros:-3 Mum Syracuse Un1vers1ty Unxversrty of Buffalo Physrcal Educauon MR SMALL Camsrus College MRS SENTZ Buffalo Art UHIVSISIIY of Buffalo Ithaca College UHIVSISIYY of Buffalo Health Football Berkshrre Summer School and Baseball of Art Art MR SMITH Syracuse UHIVCISIYY Unxversxty of Rochester Ue lay not e Unlverslty of Buffalo Gu1dance Counselor MR SPRINGER Clemson College Buffalo State Teachers Oswego Summer School Prmt Shop Mechanlcal Drawmg 13 Know thxs as you know your own name' Mawr" A A.. as .Q-""" fwfr 1-'naw Ah ,mf wh. ,..,.,..,M' ' - , 1 , sy . . ' Fr - -if I as ' ' I E, if M Ay 1 gy C r7,m 'I I to 'A' I ' 'V ,JC I - I C . I sr S " Hu xg MR SWIERAT 2 Can1s1us College Busmess MR TITZLER Prmceton Umversny UDIVGISIIY of Buffalo CHHISILIS College Buslness Maps are 1mportant' MRS TRAVER Un1vers1ty of Rochester vw Umversxty of Buffalo 4""f Enghsh MR TUCK Columbla Un1vers1ty Umverslty of Buffalo Sc1ence if Soc1al Studles 'N 'QV' mah-lf 46 Have you seen my hvmg room? Where are your gym shoes? N Buslness 15 busmess ! I can t do everythrng' Teamwork Counts' FACU lTY Now thxs happened at mght school We must have rt quret rn here' m5 llllll i Do you understand me? Wxllraml Where s that screwdr1ver'P 15 l X lat. y Y , . K ,.. W4 X . .r v-K qi' Y I , v' no , Q - ..., hx In . F Q Q 4,1 i J ' A U yn 1 J ll'f Q ' 4 r Q . W ,A y 3 CUSTODIA S t'?!lllv-mwqp SEATED FROML '10 R Mrs Ross Mrs Clyde L TO R Waller Heller Homer Sprcher Clyde Cam STANDING FROM L TO R Mrs Rep Cam prnune Mrs Walker H S could never have survlved the past years wrthout our falthful Custodlans male and female under the able leadershlp of Walter J Heller Head Custodlan We glve many thanks to Homer Sprcher for keeplng the home frres burmng To Clyde Cam we gratefully say keep smllmg always Of course we could never thank the janrtresses Rose Walker Mrs Clyde Cam Mae Reppentrne and Mrs Ross for all the help and assrstance they ve given us rn the past four years We also wlsh to congratulate the happy newlyweds Mr and Mrs Clyde Cam on the1r repent marrrage whlch took place ln October CAFETIERIA STAFF 5.2 ROW 1 FROM L TO R Clara Remmele Ruth Mcwhrrter Mane Dolpp ROW 2 FROM L TO R Beatrrce Smrth Verna Wambsganss ODE TO THE KITCHEN We could never have done wlthout We ll always thmk that they were our cooks great They make many th1ngs from thelr Mrs Dolpp the Manager sure rs heads and from books a gem l"rey ve glven us many a hardy But so are the others we srncerely plate, thank them 16 I Xe f. s '-.., Xa X, f ' 'If - sa.. ' 1 ' K . .ll -.. 1... M 1' . o 1 Mel . ' .I . . . . .: , ' ' , ' , . . I. . . , , . , . . . ,, . . . ,, ' II ' ' Iv , . Y 7 Y ' Y . , . . 1 - - - N " Q . 1 U lg 3 .Q V . .: . . ' - - .2 , . . , . , . - , , - , , , , . I 1 FRIESHMAN CLASS 15:7 C vi' Thls IS 1U I W1Sh he would have sa1d somethmg funny Blg Evemng 4 1.7.4. Q ....,. "xx"-f 4 PJ Q a Plenty Thu IS a basketball team? Don t fall I A1wayQ togglncr 3 I got a pxcture of George' Gomg my way? 'Mm v-Q 3 Frank owen I1 , Q Sh1r1 What d yOu Sdy 18 'Iwo S1dCS to the questlon -,,V H V ,-x Q , ' M6 nf A ww .. I 11 ,, nf! Q I I y ri 9 , 'gg fb 'E , , ,A Q-Il ' ' jg , I ' ' ii "',, If ' - .I 1 1 M f ' . . . . IA I 4 , M ,own Q W H , ji gg . Q -o'o jpg? my .-:T 1 " A - - 1' - j, " ' . .3- I .K -1 ' ' g ' '+- V K "WA v- 4 X s X ' ' - 4 5 ITM ,Z fx - . F - ' I v ClASS OF 8 f"'X ..L,,,... 1 is f-NX -lyrf FROM L TO R Gall Payne Vrce Presx dent Ronald Shlesley President N September 7 1954 we the class of 1958 fevenshly entered the halls of T H S After the newness of berng freshmen and the usual 1n1t1at1on we started 1n wlth the work and fun whxch we hope w1ll contmue for our whole four year stay The Magazlne Sale got the full support of our class whlch was the top seller of all classes Our freshman boys made a f1ne showlng on the football fxeld They placed flrst 1n the N1 agara Frontrer Freshman League The other sports also got the full support of our class ln the gxrls d1v1s1on basketball volleyball badmmton table tennrs and sw1mm1ng gave most of the freshman g1rls a real chance to en gage rn sports Many of our class made the honor roll Loyally we yelled for our school colors at all the football and basketball games and at the sw1mm1ng meets especlally for our own he men who made the squads Our flrst year at T H S has been a memo rable one We are all lookmg forward to our next three years but never w11l we forget our Freshman year at T H S SEATED FROM L TO R Mrss Buck, Mrs Sentz, Mlss Heffernan STANDING FROML TOR Mr Carruba, Mr Fenwrrk, Mrs Swrerat, Mr Sprrnger , ' if f 1 XX - ' 4 rr Q ' ' as fr X' 3 ' O. I , X apex' I - A er: V!! 'X V f' . W jk. X i . . X: f ie. ee L, f V Q M T Xl! rx ' Jia f w M - -fx I ' I 1 y 3 yi ,, N v 19 'W 'C os.. 22-ma 'hd' E13 hm , L Jin- A'-Q 39 LIKN s. W! P L fa .sb :nan will Wsv N Aber R Ackerman R Archer B Baker D Baker M Barberro S Beach R Bearfleld C Becker D Berhallcr R Brnks B Block C Boehnke T Border R Brcnon J Brrslol D Brock D Bronson J Brovxn E Brunner W Buns L Buchholz Bugenhagen C Burgess R Bumgasser W Bush R Carney I Chapo C Chase G Chase G Crajna l: Cramer S Crawford M Croll E Crosby J Dansburger A D1 Besco M Dx Bes co D Domagala D Draffxn R Drahms R Dray J Du Bukc J Duegcr C J Dzlna D Evans D Fahmer B Fellham S Frnlayson G I-nz gcrald E Forsha C Fomer L Frazer R Frrtzke F Fuller G Fuller B Galambos C Gardner R Garrow R Gerry C Grbbs L Gxlman C Goebel D orabbm P Gray H Grehlrnger D Grosskopf L Gyoekoe P Haendrges B Hahn M Halm D Hamer K Hartman J Gasklll W Hay D Hedges P Helf J Hrnkey Vv .I ' V Nag x fb", 41 V "FQ, V. V V -3 ' V -'ga , V '-1 ' VAA l,J9' I' V V "Z - V ' " I in L. 4 g W ' 4, Dlx ','f'ql-f r,,' M 'A A. , . ' , . ,FA A 51 .an '- ',, K6-' ,"" -,..-" .-' . 5 3- ' L 1 L 4 . ' . - A ,WV , VV V A VV ,VVV , A V fm, ' 'l ' . all l 5 1 Y f- - L- f K V V QV! V Vi V Vi 'gy . - l . C. V Q, if ' ,N YN , F .4 TM 2 gf! K ' 2 a,,r w y ' -'FV K, A il V V Vg SV eq: 5 . V V X 4 5 lf' X A . A fl ' - '- - ' V 2. BLS ',F- L V V V 3+ I VV EVM K, ,dk an-fr 'Ex A 1 A ,If . ' ' jfs' ' ,, . ' .,, f , '. ' ' , ' .rx ff-L xi! -- .f.-,l A , 5 .V A .K Q 'wg ,Q , . ' , . X " 'W 4, ,, V V Q Q V. 7' VJ, Dunning, D. Dosenbury, ' r -X I' 'K W' E' ,, ,-. I- . ' . . S' V . 1 , ..n' . R ,ar ' X yi ' -, VV ' I I 'A WG nf ' xr f,-arf - ...., X 7- u 4' n u U I ' ,,, M at we 1 '.. ' IA ff7fJ'f- ' A A c - " 4, - 'fi . if ' ' ' k V ,N VV' iii, ry VV fy , g 4 V V 1 . .V . . . ef S' L fly' 1 ,C 33' ' :raunchy 7 '.. '.. ' fa V N ' L , ' 3. . - V V i 9 . ef, f' F S ' A A L lf' . ." ,ru 1 'L Ba , MV. V,A.a ,:V,,., ir , , rl. 20 AHL L 'fm -vi '.. l r Jul 1' X wa hh .av K 52529 21 D Hodge D Hooven B Hosmcr M Hubbell 1 Hull D Hummel R Hut tcr G lnnes B Johnson B Judd A Kan tor L Keller D Kcppan A floss I Koch S Kopcc P Kramer D Kxanrz P Kuble I Kutlak C Lebcr W Leonard M Lcshe G Lmdaman C Lmdvall M Lxppart B Loso S Lovegrove G Lucdtke P Lyons J Mahood P Magarls D Malchow P Malls zcwske D Mast J Masters J Mauer T McCorm1ck J McDon ald I McNulty Meahl M Mench Mlano M Mrller Mllllman K Mohr Mohr C Moudy B Muck K Nagel R Nedell S Nepokroff G Nussbaum R Ohman R Opera S Osgood D Patnck G Paune K Penvose B Ph1ll1ps R Plant K Poeller G Poh zehl J Poole J Porrs E Rech R Rexd B Reld L Rlce R Rrce B Roc J Rose A Rosokoff K Roth D Roush J Sarkovxes J Schmldr G Schmlrt D Sehnell C Schrexber ' we Q- 'xx' 4' ,7 1 - fh .. " ,A g C, 1 , -- - - - a. Q Q - A , . , . , . Q ' gy., 6 S Q., sri- Y- Q . 1 , . , . . l f , ' 1 A ' , ' L, 5 A f . X J gf- s f e, '..,f 2 1 J, V ,Riggs 5,1 ,VE' - --X 4. , . , . ' as 'a, - A L, ' ' X X , A .YS ffgzi! Q, I Q Ag ,XY L Z - ri: j . .' .. I. '. . 3 val.. r ' 1 A' 'Y s F 1 ll' 1 Y' W - c Q le A , A 5 . 2 -LQ "wg: xx r ' . . U l , . A AF A 5 A ,L f-M lf ll 3 Q new ', ' ' - ' X f R KL, L- . X , f 'I N 335 .ig ' ' ' L A N L B. va L ... Q ' ' 4 G-,' - ' ' . ' ' :C . +A, li A E: be : fi I iy 55- f V W Y, I L. , . . g. L I I ., K - E I A., A Q ' . . . , . ' 'li ff ' ' .V A, " K' -I -- .- y A ' l1533ifffT'i ffl-1 Q f A 'B 'is .su-M3 be fr Q- - Q ' . 3 ., , - Q- Y N 5- x-.In ' ' ' ' - , Y X g- , x. .ff 4 y K V In - 7 A S I , . , . L M, We-K - L, x m hX ' ' ' vi -- - g - , . . 'f , -e - , . , . , . n , y ' ' Aw" A 4' v. t . I l . l . . I . C , Y"r AQ-r - ,X QV' . ' ' . lfn td il I A 1 NYY ' I :. N s' 5. Q 3 K ' -- ' J . , . ', . 1 sm X A sf 'L M A K i v V , . - , . pr fc. lf' ,,. will D Schwartz M Sefranek H Sexfrezt M Sereno D Sherman R Shlesley D Short B Sleber S Sllwashy J Sxmonds J Slater B Smlth D Smlth D Smxth L Smlth M Smxrh N Smlth P Smlth D Smyers C Snyder P Snyder R Stronthmann L Staley C Staltca P558 em pi x at -f-Til L 5, - Fl W CAME RA SHY Ackerman Clark Koepsell Newman Glllman Krajna Laub Masters Mcflaure McNamara Mlllcr Rlnglcr Seymour Schoelcrman J Walsh I wolf Aw 1 R Stevlck J Strassburg P Stre glow J Taylor I Theel F Thompson K 'l mguc D Todd J Todd K Toft I Tomm Tuck L Tunsh G Van Allen E Vlgrass P Wane I Wallace W Walsh B Warmng P Wasula S Watt W Weatherbee S Weaver R YVCISS S Wlenke L Wmkler S Wulf B Zxehm M -W ff -fl. 'R 1' .' ,. 7 f ,eq I A :E ,Q - ' D - ' , - " lflv,ff,. M, , - , fa.. 1 B , ' "V , D -4- ' N I, K ffwnffr , 4, jd? " of . 4 , .h , .. gg-3 Q. if., Z? ivy K 'J 1 D - . - . we V ' ,- f P 'Q, 4' V ax I . I... '.'. f -if "rl" all -'S dd A 'W 151 L Q nge. M 1' ' ' . ' X a . 1 V i i friif' y n l 3 , 5 ,,,, . 3 , W Q .. t .5 ' .. L I , ' 1 X I'-' K K -D, gl 4 V A X4 . , . , It ' - , ' , ,gf W LA l H 0 1. n Q 1 5. A y fl 5: I A K l - , . 5 - . 445 . 'a . X ,f y f y x f, Q L Yr f - . i 9 Tr , "' V' 4.1 4 . Viv VV A K in ' T' Tower' E' frmyford' J' 1 - ' f 4 , , - -we L, . , N le-. , . , . ' so X ' X . if S L . ' Y S Q-ee, if X 35 A . 1 .Twx , V .. A . . gn-is , X f y i X V 4 l lf. - 1 - Q 1. ' ' ' ' ' "' ' L f , . 1- az ,,rylt , - ' ' ' ' , ff ' ' :ii X" .. ' f lk H , ' ' ' ' - Y 5- V r I .45 -af? vm f a , I - ' K- , 'S ffnf 1 ww V X i ' e. Hf 4. ' l Q 'N V T ' fl -I - -U ' . - y 9 54 I' r - f - . 4 4 Q , - f . ight, ' L, ,L sq K. ' ' ' .gf Xi N ' ! A A 4 K ,S , F M. W. . D. D. I. F. ' B. R. ' L. ' D. G. ' W. N. . M. . 22 SOPHDMDRIE ClASS 'xyhr A . f. , 1 L , ,-9 l . A ,, is V Eg V 4 1 'E 1 Choir girl S6 sz, asf? ' We af., . V ., ' , na ,Q . i4 'N if .,, ' f v -1 11 'I i a . - ' Li - 'f , f 1, I' .A i-4' , V . : 'U .N Q, f"""' ,Y Ur Muscles? yy. gl: y 4 5.5 5 r ,ggi if-:g if 4 f",ff' is X i 'if M Rah T,H,S,! ' J . -' -1 1, ,W ,,, " ' Q if ,fi rd Basketball champ 1 f xl I 'Qi Pyramid ,4... -, , , A . .1 ""..,3'fT'2 p.a5: sd! , f 'Q R . How's the water, June? I I ' 'iiwii 72' ' so , K , fag!! M, ' Mary Lou Time out for a rest. Suntans if V A . - f if ' f Q 4 ' .W - 5 A ,,,,, ,TH i'2f"LA1-c A ' 5 W' Q Qi W , s A .. A . 1 , ,gl U , Iiffyg i ' ' giving.. Vih' 'Z 1 I if- W - g,.15'i x I f dau M - Q ., is t A W B ir T.: 6 my Q -.. I Q? Q, Q 1, I .Q . Q f ,ws 2 I V in N ' , L ' -X 'u"f-.. X ,2 wif wig! 2 W i-45 . K :' '4,,rf:a :. Well if that's . y M K X Boy, 'how you feel was that good! Shala Wow! OOPS 1 24 ClASS DF 57 ffxr ff 'X 'ell .Rfb X ,X gf ti FROM L TOR VrcePres1dent Barbara Knapp Presldent DennrsBaldw1n HE class of 57 extends rts thanks to the members of the faculty the student body and to all others who have had a part 1n makmg thrs our second year at T H S a very happy and memorable one We also congratulate all the members of the graduatmg class They were a credlt to our school Best of luck always Th1s year many of our sophomore boys have shown the1r ab1l1ty rn sports All but three of the j V football team were sophomores Sev eral also have made a good showrng rn swrm mmg basketball tenn1s track and baseball The grrls have also parucrpated rn the numerous club act1v1t1es and 1n the sports open to them They certamly were an asset to our class We are now looking forward to our junlor year one rn whrch we hope to make a name for ourselves Keep your eyes on the class of 57 SEATED FROML TOR M1ssBellmgcr Mrs Fenwrck M1ssMaJor STAND ING FROML TOR Mr Moms Mr Abell Mr Deutch Mr Trtzler 9 - ' O 1 4 " X r X l T4 X V 1 Kfxx X yllet W 'wrf 145' I 1 X' V Xiu X!- X2 l fer We L3 t f re . 4 3 I K' xx 'S Jgsfl l I su, W T K 63 E9 25 I vs X .-Q., X41 C, Q ld k gs on if 1:- P3 I fm-,Q ff J .W A if 26 of A 31 2 D Adams C Albee Ames P Anderson N Andrcws I Awalor P Babcock S Baker D Baldwln P Balhng C Barr H Barrcy M Bech tel P Benson B Bently J Boss P Boskey J Braddell N Braddell S Brertcnbach P Button R Brooks J Brunner V Bunholz F Buchwald K Burgxn I Carney H Carlson D Carr M C Llnntano k Charsluy W Chase C flark I Clark Conley N Cook S Cooper C L oshway M Crawford R Croueh R Kzochara L Damcl Dunn D Dunn K Dun nrng W Larnsr J Ebuxsern W Ehlers W Farmer J karrell H Ferguson L Forh M I-cus P I-rtzslmmons L Franklm J Hrcs M Cauvm B Cerharot B Glor E Lyoehry K Green lx Gnswald L, Gurney W Haae J Hartman S Hartman I Hawley F Heckman D Henman T Hrggrns H Hrllman L Hrls J Hoak S Hooven R Hough C llowald Howland C Hunr I RL. 5 I few? Q K ,, f fn? , A 5 . , A. D , K. I X , Il- , K X 'Q f ,u ' C , VK: Q Y ' ' ' ' ff ff, ,J P Q fx, P. M - . - - L W r 1 J 3 ' 5 LX fs' - z I , as. I ,., ' ' ' ,Q s. 3,w- . Y. 4 . I , ' ' Q 4' , V. - 2 - W4 .K f .Dk 1 - 1 '- Q ,X y y if ,g y C A ' W .5 . .3 . . K ii A pgs , 'I . ' . , - ,g My ff D Cf n C ' ' . 5 .,:.. 'lg K , I , " ' A ,. I 1' , Q, V, 9 - B a 1 . '- d - - xr V, t, X. . V 1 , I xxx , . gig V I . . . . . . .- 6 ' ry n "C ' ' K f' . . ' . v ,'.: Q Q I V , f Psi-1' - 0 T Q ' P V' 'A ' A ' sr ' . , J V 6: ' 2 mr lf 4 A - - . . 3' 1 . X X ',gk C K , X .V I K I 'V - 'pa a u. , -by K xx I if ' , 1 5 I M ' 1. I , . , 1. A 3 g, yr , 1 5 g- ,a l it yi 5 M. .D I fun N f 3 C 'B 1 - . X P . . . . . 7' 1 , .fn A Aw " 'E A-K ?,K'4 "' LH.. 'N' 'ullg .i 1. ' L 5 s th f 1 f ' ' ' 5 ' H Daunce Ea Dol C ff ji K 1, ,J 35' i1 i -D yy A , i, - . - pp. . my ,Vj .R yd f - ,gi lor' M jf '55 K " ,A if , A' N y , . t , . - 'r In f ff 1. .L ' , - KX ' ' ' I v. I 1 ' i y. 3 P -Z-Y Af ug, k K V ' x V I ' - i I ,mr A. K Vk,, it y Vs , S KW , syn K WMTKK , ,,. ,Pl Q . ' I . l , . , we N. P' V - 'Xa 1- 1 ' cr A +- ,'f ' f ' , ' 0 XLS, f ef . ' , . " , . 12. E e' of I C C fe 'Q' -'Sn f ' . . ' . . I gv, -,-: C f A f B ' - Pip my K I, , -- , A K ' ', . ' ' -J V , C C ,V .. . :J Vi , In K' 1 L: .Q V xg A 1 xi : V,r.f.Q w 'QQ' ,Z Nc K Q' Q . . 5' . W C - v we ' , ' ' ' - ' K x . V C' ' . ' ' . . ' B an C no C , Ea . - . . . a"'h - , 4 3 1 , 1 I N. ., :Q Q t L Q t' 1 4 A 1 u A 6 .,, , y, C ,X B . . , A. J llly W losey R ufcr R Iulrano P kartcnbach S Kampe I Kearly H keem J Krng I Klarbcr B Knapp G Kopsak M Kawzaw P Kruegar P Lackrc I Lapornte S Lutz C MacDonald B MacLoed F Madole I Mangrum I McCorm1ck P McCorm1ck L Mc Vaugh C Mcnsch D Meyers P Mxano P Mrllcr L Mm go L Monroe N Mote J Muck I Murphy R Murphy C Murray W Nedell J Nrckel I Neldermeyer D Normandrn M Norwark B Ollanlon A Ollen :si Qhd 'SHE A XII 77' ,1- vf s is f-'11 P 4 , on L5 . 3 . r, - . , M 5 A Q Y Q D r B 5 I fr V , - : I .' , .' ' ' Q' Q 'Tj S X L - , Q vi . X K If I N 4, X A 45. ' - L, y fs 1, th -75 .cgi R' X' A "xi - V: R -' .--' '22 ' lf? . ' , . ' , . 8 A. 4.5 ' 3, ,, - ' "- ' 6 . . - W ' v . Q H .. J. .L ' I ' . .L 'ytf Z , . w' K 'N h, -L fl A , , ' , , E A L5 ff -X ,C I A Q L of S 4' M ' - - - - - ff - 4: " 4 1: of : - - - - sl -' 1 gf - -gs , - -- ' - X , 9- ' 1 ' V.. 2 g,, ' v 1? 5' f . . . - J -.I L. , Y A . ss '. ' I 21 ,.,, , V, 4 G- ' 'Q " A A i ,, ,f . . . . . A C . r V J ' Vi , A . fsqpq ' V .3 ' X, .n ' ,l . ' i, . F X X Q I vs S 3 . tx I - L fl ff A .- - . . . . A-:gf A ' , - ' f '. . ' ' . 1 'Q Lf B sr' golf' - W, L 9' rm, S " , :Q T4 , ', ', ' , . .. .. M -I .A,, ,cf ,'Y- N' l if ' is s , 4 I ,B 2 Y X X: I Q. f V Ir.. ..L J' f A 4. ,Q M , , . ' I I Q- X19 'Z ,awk ylf 'QW' 'Q'- . ' - . I' . , D 5 x 8 5 of 1 wr- , U ' . Jr 'Z ' i K A ' 1-, H- in 1- s ' f ',1, nl' 3 S' , 5 2' 5' Q ,A - -- K L f 4 A .Q 3 ' ' W V' ' ,' c"?' 4 ' ' QI' Lg ww- S, .. , . i- , . ' ' - .- : "' 5: 1 S' , . -. .. - - ws, L A 5 .-+ M ,' ,, , ' -M ,n X L. f ' '- H .1 -' ll ' - , " . ,. J X . 4 Qi- I l , . . ' .. -l. K Y, 'Q x 7: . 'C' N1 li 5 . . ' Q X. K R brule B Olmsrcad M Olson J Osborne J Pagcls I Pans C Patrlck I Penvose J Poellcr I Reck R Rhodes H Rlck R Rrck G R1mer T Robertson R Robrnson R Ross C Rothmbcrg I Roush C Russo.,ll W Russell T Rutkowskr C Schuecklcr J Schwartz W Schmrdt l Scott S Scmnton B Sgntz P Srmpkrns K SlVUl1Cl'l P Smldbl C Smrth N Smnh D Staley L, Sxeffons I Sr jean M Strauss C Slrchlow S Sullrvan 1 3 G N1 'WS X ix 27 CAMERA SHY Brenon Crispm Dellmger Dmsmore Dusenburg Fuller Gordon Gross Hardy Insalaco Jenneve Kuczkowskr Lf xv 5-2- Vx. Mamno PBPP Prims Russell Meahl Measel Nelson Poeller Scranton B Yadloczky JM Q 28 Strongren Whrpple Williams F A sf' s f-:B ogfx W3 1 C. Taylor, I. Taylor, L. Thomas, J. Thompson, P. Thomson, F. Toellner, J. Tranter, B.Trautman. D. Traver, I. Travis, L. Tuck, C. Tyx, R. Vant- hoff, G. Vlaovich, B. Von Craigh, B. Walker. I. Wasula, L. Weatherbee, D. Webb, R. Webb, D. Wehrung, N. Weigel, L. Wells, L. Wells K. Wiegand, J. Wietan, J. Wilke, D. Williams, H Williams Williams R Williams R Williams D WISICI W Wolf E Woolsoncroft M Wylub skl R Yaeger, A Zebul slu N Zefferys, P Zrpp . ' ' -1. ' ' . R. W. ' M. ' N. S. ' C. L. ' D. D. D. J. I. C. R. D. F. T. M. R. D. R. A. ' P. ' F. ' ,1fs':'J"v X rs L. , A 1 QV Qf A -. , J u f -- . I . X17 .1 K ' I g "Q,-g-L .5 ' .V A .I , f A if lllNIOR ClASS . 1' 3 L , And then I sald U-Y. A K -vp X1 I W ho pushed me? She s takmg our pxcture' P059 PWUY L ng 1 g ago Gosh that s funny' A11 1 want for Chustmas The twms Grac1e 4 6 AA I0 Looks llke Tom Thls IS Glamour? 3-ws J' I get an sues-v 15' Troup? 'Q' Qulte a Party 4 Rae aww, GQ Smlle gr -'1-in '-uh, fi-F' ix "' X Beaver boys Watch out for a sunburn 30 If 9 Y- X . . is t YW D , 0 J I V Z it W P? K ". ?a Ag , ' x- f 3,-7 A it ' , , so Q N t 'pf on . X , V Q . s ---5 f . 5 Y , W ' R ,, Q 3 W W sh A F Q l '5 V' Q 'lf . J ' i V: 'ffm nf o , on -- - ' ' ,'-aw Lffxifh , , , s.,. .,,,,.,.,. I ' E . ., iffkn 1, -. ' 4 s ' ' s J- W 7 1 . I N Y f Q W. ' QQ, 3 fg. , 5 , ,Aja ss 4 t ' Q Y ' , 'f f A sf u 4frl,-,,, ixmfii o f . I W WN 71 2 4 -"QM: h l i ' ' 1 ' Q' A . x. .i , I n ,f N. ' i ' . '- 1 f 'W J 5 , .. A W , - , E K 6 - o , Q' f " assWA s o A K ,1 -R s 1 . ' ,' d CLASS OF FROM L TO R Vrce President Betty Shaver Presrdent Doug Rothen berg Secretary Ga1lBurgstaller Treasurer Don Plant HE class of 56 located 1n rooms 206 205 and 208 started off the year by electrng Doug Rothenberg as presrdent Betty Shaver as Don Plant as treasurer Our junror Class IS proud of IIS many ath letes They have played an lmportant part rn maklng thrs year s sports program a success Many Junlor g1rls have partrclpated rn after school sports Our class was represented on the cheerlead mg squad by Judy Walters and jrm Westphal The juruor Class IS well represented rn every organrzatron such as jumor Classrcal League French Club and others jack Overholt was elected as the treasurer of the Student Councrl Many jumor names have appeared on the honor obnaxned membershrp rn the Natronal Honor So crety Our projects mcludmg the jtuuor Hop were all successful The jumor Class wlshes to express rts s1n cere gratltude to our class advrsors Mr Tuck Mr Amarante Mrss Bagdy and Mr Murphy who have helped us very much Il'11S past year Now we the class of 56 are lookrng ahead to our last year at T H S and we hope we can equal the success achrevedby thrs year s Senror Class FROML TOR Mr Amarante Mr Murphy M1ssBagdy Mr Tuck x t , t I : ! S fi! , . Y Y ' vice -president, Gall Burgstahler as secretary, and roll, and a few of our outstanding students have . . , . . . , - . . , . . , , Y I ' ! xv 31 16. ,fs 5 125 5353 PM lil i an M aw Z 'Ek muff We if ,- S 1 fa gg. 32 B Ackerman C Adams B Arenz J Babcock T Baker C Bamard A Bamey W Bearfleld I Becker M Beckett J Bedell B Benson G Bowers M Boyler F Bradley I Brooks C Brown D Brown R Bugermagen B Burgess G Burgstahler Camann M Carleton L Carr Carter L Chambers J Clark Colley Cook B Deglopper A Dolpp Drapo M Dworak G Dzrelak Edmonds Ehde S Ensmlnger D Enzrna Evans L Flegl J Frshcr C Fort1 V Frank B Frye A Gardner S Gamty B Getty C Godfrey C Godfrey I Goetz C Gold V Greene R Grrswald B Gross E Gyoer koe C Hall E Hamann D Hardrng S Harrer P Havens R Hackman G Her man M R I-lewrtt I Hrbbard L Homeyer C Horner E Huges R Huyett E Jenkms M L Kage 'wx I f , r 5, 4, 'CF I 'W "' - . ' v - 1 - . I A K? rg ll ,W 5 V, , , - 'f"- A l A, 'i-yJ 1 I ' M H If fea, N lk . . - 1 f . ,t Y ... ,X 9 ag V ,pf , . 4. - . - . - . -, ,. , fi fm ' I we af B ' ' ' - - 1 X WMS A lm 2lA.' l t A A L wg F . fl . -- as ' A T. . . . . . " A A A F " A R V x ' Al , 4 f 'f"'k?31' Q 7 54152: H. I D ' l ' B A M f elss ' ' C f? x 5 V .. C I ' jfa V ' , f , . ,t.. . y '55 ' 2 - A 1 V 1 A B . A 1: S. I ,A Y I ,r.V ng - 'l u M D. , . , . , . QM il ij ' A E 'A 'A k '. Q ,L A, if T . , 23.5 , f f ' ,. A E 55 5 1 if QQ I ' A a wr . e C of l f l - . - - ' - - ' L :A - Ame :"'v Y, V wa, - - - - - ' - A X ln, -B B al 9 B. ,5 , A ' ll .- 1 , - A A. I 5' A , A - .571 2252 fx-Q 'F 2. so it v ' , up m e ' J' 5 A +52 ' . ' - - ' - eb? - 1791 ' ' 1 ' 4 ' ii -'l- ,ff - . I if M R A . is' if 3 ' V bl'l'?e , A 5 7,35 ' - ' - - ' , J Tp:-f.r,t. L - L - f ., , f I -.,,, A , - . K A f - g y m M 1 ' ,L ,Jw V if 'V - y . , 4 A235 ' L Q F ' . . . . . ' . lf' 4 45 C wi i f ff .. . 3 ff' V . L 5 , fig E Kamens F Karas M Kartyas J Kearly R Krlhan R Klarber S Kowalrk P Kraemer R Krueger I Lat' ferty R Lamm C Lang D L1 brouk W Llnton D Lrtz R Lrvrngston J Maerten N 'vlalchow M Maleckr I Maloney R Mann E Marlm S Mankosh D Meyers C Mrller G Miller P Murphy G Murray M Murray R Murray B Myers S Myrtle R Nelson C' Newman L Noras B Oddo D Ortel S Ott I Over Peck H Person N Peters I Phrllrps D Plant N Popp P Qurnlan D Rech I Rechln W Regenscherd R Rerd B Reynolds G RCXIHZCI I Rlchre M RlCk M Rrexmger C Robrnson F Roth D Rothenberg R Russel A Schelther I Schmidt K Schmrdt D Schmttker I Schmttker C Schrerber S Schofreld D Scott D Scott sf" nv. '45-fix 'V-s. xx N, ES or Wap E F 33 ,iw we Aki Y- it 1 '45 , ms. 46 -fu vin" 7' . f- - Q- K g I 1 ' . . . ' ' . . ' , Q K x I X" , ' hx ' ' ' I mf j 'Y Qs- ' R J ,f ' R , R 'X 5 L , X r X L , 'rv l , lsr' K f ' r Q - 3' so . .. .. - Aff Ag SQ no N -R F ,- . fy 3-' es is , . . ' Y 1 ,N . , ,. . ffwf' , ' R -W the l . I. - kg 'i -K C - sd ' 's ' il ' .M L1 ' ' ' - W ! f' " 'fffm g ' 1 1 ,ff K L lx fx X 5' yi , 1'-.4.f,i , . , If f K in .sz s - H I - Y p - 1 , i f I R V R V :T : .. - . - . Ji L Q , A ' 3 ' M , - ... X ' P pg ,'-1 J A V ' . . . , . , . ,M , ,V 'wr I' f 'W P-I 'H ' . . . l. . . 4 ' 1 M, iv 31 45-if . f ll- I AVG X 4 7 . ' , W , ' ggi! K5 JT, S, 'R f I 4 .. 2 1:3 ,x -X we A . ' ' T A R ' ' 52 P f n , 1 1 . , 0 , ?' ' '. . N 'L N " . . ' " , I r-'23 p V N' ' holt, D. Pagano, R. Patrick, G. fs 'F f xr '37 V , s - N fbgv gf ,'.. ,z ' ., " , ,, A . my -gf 47 . 44 ' 5 2 . Q Y - '33 ' , S L C P . iz r rs f if 4 L " -ff 2 Q ' f. A . is 'T' lf' '+L 'K 74' ' , , , , ' , , 5 ' 'Z-A ,. f jr , W V 1 tu , , 7 1 K . ' ' ' 5 , if tif . . . . . . x 3 4' Y, xi XJAX, ' . . ' . ' ,gf A V V ,. i ft'-, ifiy , 2 ag " A ' "'f,l-L , L Quia. 'N f ew ,, vw , . , J ,JW l 1 Zio v y I, . , . . . - ' 4- 3 , ,V L. ,'f . .xii 9 l L P X :"l't' :':.:4 fr 'YS 'Q 1: F ix 'cf' 3 I N wi? 54 CAMERA Bechtel Benton Catlm De Glopper Godleske Grlswald FX ty J ffl . SHY House Mangrum Marafmo Phxlllps Pouthler Trouse 'rv H4 341 f f .5 .1-te . If of fl x 1, fn 4 W , J, X M 34 1 f KE Seifert N Sereno B Shaver ShP1gren N Shresley I Shme Short Sltzman D Smlth D Smrth Smlth K Smuh T Smlth W Snyder G Sommers, W Springer C Staley J Stalrca M Swan W Tanner D Taylor W Taylor I Tucker M Walke M Walsh ganess B B Whlte R Wllke K Thursam G Tomm T Urban E Walker r J Walters M Wambs Welton 1 Westphal R Wlllrams P Wrlson D Zettel R Zlpp N Zuchowskr V ' N. ' , . , . r 1 la. ' .-. -A' D.. S, Q, .2-4 1' f V ,.V' ' ., L 41 M' - I-4,5 . ,X ff .-,-, A ' 'V. vl., WE -V I 5 'L 1,-,ir 3- I I 1 , V . , , n . c .V yljx as 7 ' 4 A Ugg . . . . . . . 1. 1 VVVV I D7 .4 -. 41' f. ' 4 .X mu .E "' ' . ' U ' ' My ,YQ Q 'vw -. A VALKL 'S I n .., , EE? lv, , . , . , . , , wr z ,, ff! WH Q ,. My . - . 3' A I l K -' 'fi x 3 X I 15 xx Q 'KH l K 'wa S ,S K V! 3.5 I , at A I . V -:LU ' ' ' ' ' pi Q 4. , i""'h V iii ' . . . . . . in . .Italy ls I , l 4,5 vy--X time ,gif . . 5 In ir! J ., I X ,, .. 1 I 5 Y if wg I It 1 . I Z A is 5 3' Ty 1. .V ' ' ' ' V -. 3,41 Qi sa T-f ll S X rf 'G cl ' . . ' , . ' , . . ' -f -twill? to .Qs ' .I ws' 1 M .I J Aux. .::::., ,T ., X J. K. J. G. D. ' D. ' D. I. ' ' L. M. ' R. ' A. L fx A-X' K X ','. PNC? 1Q"'q1 D? , Xlf fr all his F Q rf fl' N . Cp, . l K xx., It V V4 ,ff SENIDR CLASS 'H pn A s 'F N x v J Q Q -R 3 ,N ' 1 N A in .4 . ,J 'a CQ 'lf sf Fr16I1dS Thls IS the hfe' E' ClASS OF 55 w......,n, A SEATED FROM L TO R Treasurer Phyllrs Waterstrat Setrctary Betty Lucsok STANDING FROM L TO R Vrce Presrdent Blame Lrlac Presrdent Ke1thVanthoff w1ll treasure fond memorres of frlends and events that happened to us along the way We w1ll remember always our teachers es peclally our advrsors who helped us through our fouryears of successful leammg We are greatly rndebted to them although sometxmes we dld not show lt Th1s year s class was led by Kerth Vanthoff as presrdent Blame Lllac as V1Ce presldent Betty Lusock as secretary andPhyll1s Waterstrat as treasurer We had an all hlgh magazme sale headed by Peter Demmln a successful play and Sen1or Prom Thls would not have been possxble for the Sen1or Class W1thOUI the cooperat1on of the student body The offlcers thank these people The Sen1or Class was well represented 1n the outslde act1v1t1es The Sen1or cheerleaders were Gretchen Gurder Sue Wolf L1nda Nlland Sharon Turtle Leatrlce l-lennlngham Karen Root Sharon W1ll and Susre Gosch In sports we were represented by 11m Horton Bob Buzby 11m Plerson Bruee Blmston Ed Bowers Tony D Orazlo D1Ck Zlpp Charles Dolpp Blll Lester Fred Hodge Ed Cox Dlck Hall Kelth Vanthoff Rod Schnutt Frrtz Kuhn Bob Powers Paul Hol way and many other senror boys jrm Horton and Bla1n Lxlac were elected presrdent and VICC presldent of the Student Councll We as seniors, shall never forget these rnost wonderful and memorable years at T H S FROM L TOR 'virs Rockett Mrs Traver Mrs Neasmnh Mr Lloyd Q, 5 4 0 D 4 . g . ' r f K ', 1' 6 A I' 5 I i t B 1' 6 i l G A L 1 5 L . it S 'T I ' kv Q Ku ...Q 'X Q fr T HE Senior Class, as we leave our Alma Mater, for making our last year a most fruitful one. I n ' . 1 1 U Y 1 I I . l , . D I I ! ' l B ! I ' I ! ! I 1 ' x I a 1 9 1 Q s v ' . , . .R l ' I X . .: A . . . . . ' , . . 37 LEONARD ABER Friendly- -intelligent- - quiet- -a dependable worker- - loves math--a member of our band- -plans to be an electri- cal engineer. CHARLES ALBRIGHT "joe" - -laughing brown eyes, wavy hair- -loves his out- of-door sports- -likes to dance--has that delightful subtle humor: joe plans to join the U. S. Navy. DAVID BAI-IN A tall boy and a good all around fellow to know enjoys photography and is active in church activities Dave plans to go to Syracuse University RONALD BAUM Tall neat shy likes football basketball and swim ming In the future Ron hopes to go to college RODNEY ALT A tall blond blue eyed senior from Grand Island he IS a shy lad with a winning person ality You ll find him either working with cars hunting fish mg or partie rpating in some out door sport He plans to go to Mor risville College after graduation JOHN BACON Qulet until you know him then you can t help liking hlm he s a letter man in football and swimming loves to work on cars His secret ambition is to be a stock car driver but jack ha sn t any definite plans What ever they turn out to be we hope he ll succeed 'Q' N Q J, ,, . - 1 1 ' ! . , . . . v U n ' , .. cf ' , . . . . ' ' X , - - - - I X . . . . 3 - . ,. . .I .b I ' ' , I gi ' . ' 1 1 if c I 1 I ' ' ' ' ' ' 2 1 Q 1 ' ' ' - I e...Ef ':' . 5513- .531 I. Y I 5. .. , 1 fi Wk f""'X ROBERT BECKER Bob is one of our National Guard Boys always has a friendly hi for everyone I-hs future plans are to lay hardwood floors SALLY BE LLINGER Flaming red hair very pleasant likable girl loves to roller skate a member of the Booster Club Sally intends to enter a junior College to become a dental hygienist if Wiltg, Ur' if 3' 39 LAUREL BAUER Lollie a pretty girl full of fun her cheerful dis position makes her liked by all where there s mischief there s Lollie She plans to attend Buffalo State DELORES BECKER Another gal that hails from the country quiet but sincere and sweet a true friend in need and deed Her future is in definite butwe wish her loads of luck ,r ffl. LOIS BENTHIN One of our good looking quiet countrylasses always well dressed and wearing a friendly smile Sewing and cooking are her favorite hob bies Sheplanstoworkinan office after graduation HELEN BERINGER Attractive in appearance always neatly dressed wonderful friend' - -interested in all sports' pastimes: read- ing dancing and listening to the radio' a member of the GAA and the editorial staff of our yearbook. Helen plans to become a Phys. Ed. teacher BRUCE BLINSTON One of our cute, blonde seniorsg excels in football and baseball and is always ready for a little fun. After graduation he in- tends to go to college and be- come an engineer. QHis Secret ambition is to go to Hollywood .Q HAZEL BLOWEY A small pretty gal with a win- ning smiley fun to be with--a member of the National Honor Society Y W C A an en thusiastic roller skater and a capable library helper jerry plans to go to Buffalo State Teachers College H JANE BRIDGE A very active member of the BoosterClub theBowl1ngClub and the Newspaper Staff loves bowling knitting danc 1ng and enjoys a good movie We are positive that she will make some lucky man an ex cellent bookkeeper BRATCHER BRIGHT The G I with the southern drawl very industrious and capable an ardent hunter also interested 1n photography he plans to attend Universi of W Buffalo to study mechanical en gineering EDWARD BOWERS Tall good looklng Wlfh a pleasing personality popular with both sexes a whiz at football swimming and baseball Ed plans to at tend Syracuse University to study medicine CELIA BRENON Small neat attractive vonte activities swimming tennis pmg pong She plans flfst to get a Job and later to travel VV' 5 PATRICIA BURNGASSER Smcere cooperative and always ready with that lovely quick smile likes volleyball and bowling enloys listening to rad1o Pat plans on doing office work after graduation ROBERT BUZBY Farmer one of our tall handsome athletes who hails from Grand Island Tops in football also a member ofthe swimming team l-Ie plans to go to college was 'C -MQ... iff T' Navi 'S' 41 BEVERLY BRITTON Bev is one of Tonawanda High s best dressed girls always giggling ever full of fun her mterestslie in attend ing State Teachers College WALTER BUCHHOLZ Wally a boy with a real gift for mischief Loves auto shop and generally tinkering with cars favorite pastime Jazz Wally hopes to become a criminal lawyer ffiiuv JOHN CHALMERS An ardent Jazz fan who loves to collect Jazz records often seen whizzing around comers in his blue Ford jack plans to attend U B for pharmacy DIANE CHASE A quiet girl very sincere an active member in all girls sports- -especially baseball basketball and volleyball. Al- though Di hasn t any definite plans, we are sure that she will succeed FRANK CHEQUER Favorrte hobbles? Wme women and song loves boat mg one of our talented semors Frank plans on attendlng Al brxght Art School to study com merclal art RAE COLE Anattractlve sophlstlcated and clever student 3CtlVe 1n the NHS jumor Red Cross the Booster Club and Co edxtor of the Tonawanda notes capable member of Edltorxal Staff of Tonawandan Rae w1ll stud Labor and Industrlal Relatlons at Cornell Umversxty BETHEA CRISPIN Pretty black halr dark eyes and allurlng freckles often seen down 1n room 16 dlscussmg her favorlte sub ject marrlage Beth loves the guys across the budge DAVID CRISSEY Aqulet 1ndustr1ous lad who strrves for perfectron books sclence and classl cal musxc are hrs favorlte hobbres HIS plans for the future are to enter Umver srty of Buffalo to become a doctor '5s..4 'ff "sf EDWARD COX A tall good lookrngsemor has many lnterests mamly glrls easy to talk wlth l1k6S baseball Ed IS takmg a busr ness course plans to attend State Teachers College Hrs greatest ambrtron 1S to become a professxonal baseball player ADELE CRAWFORD A vrvaclous sparklmg eyed senlor one of our class s most val ued members has her flnger rn every ple a member of the NHS member ofT H S band for four years one of our capable yearbook staff members and co edltor of T H S notes Adele IS planmng to at tend U B School of Nursxng T' ' ' il 42 if . . . 'Av S , . . , ,IJ D . D . . -I 'Ft Q l . t - A -- . . . y S - - . ., . , . . - ' . ' ij A 'nm 9 D ' D ' CAROL DAMMANN Tall and slender kind and considerate of others a sweet personality a wonderful p1an ist' She plans to attend Fredonia College for a musical education Her ambition is to be a profes slonal piano player We wish Carol success with her career ROBERT DARROCH Quiet that is around strangers always joking and carefree wrth h1s frlends atall husky guy likes all sports es pecially football Bob IS taking a business course and plans to work after school If fur J QQ WWW' "HQ" Viv N MARILYN CRITTENDEN Loves sports and is right at home on the basketball courtg a member of the Booster Club, G.A.A. and secretary of the Athletic Council ofT.H.S. She has taken a business course and plans to brighten up some office when she is out of school . LYNNE CULLEN A cute girl from Grand ls- land who likes reading, sewing, swimming and canoeingp a member of the Booster Club and the Sportsmanship Council . Lynn is planning to attend Albright Art School after graduation . R? 43 gr' PETER DEMMIN Intelligent mdustrlous and sincere afine lad that sPete belongs to the Honor Society his hobby is photography chair man of the yearbook photogra phy and senior magazine sale Peter plans to go to U B to study medicine ROSE MARIE DENK Sparkling brown eyes full of pep nice to have around enjoys roller skating In the future Rose Marie who IS an excellent student plans to at tend State Teachers College JOAN DIE TZER Full of fun and always sm1l1ng llkes to sw1m and play badmmton IS an act1ve mem ber of the Booster Club joan plans to attend Muskmgum Col lege after graduatlon to become a Youth Dlrector CHARLES DOLPP Dev1l1sh blue eyes plenty ofvrm and v1gor enjoys sports outstandmg 1n football Charlle s plans are 1ndef1n1te AE H ww 'Hamill' il af" 'Kr' YZ? ANTHONY D ORAZIO A happy go lucky fellow on the football fleld a real de mon member ofthe T Club often seen w1th apretty dark halted mlss He plans to go to college and hopes to become a football coach CAROL DRAPER Good natured always has a smrle a fun lovmg mdus tr1ous gal loves to skate and 1S a member of the GAA Booster 'Q Club and yearbook staff Carol plans to attend comp tometer school 4' 44 bmw' ww ga 'SFR' 411:00 mmm 2202025 mg 5 Qgggmw 5-,w x2o.5 OQEHQQHO cn 95,9-Hfkfptigaga-E msrmmqmm v-1 ma rn-c"D'4EfD amiga, QMS ESQNSEMQQSZ og" :OQQEHQ f-rUQ4"4:Og3:!o f'D"'m HH.-,4-QOUQ :gFD,Q"UfDv-O ng- ',T'oF,'Kc:2vg Sggfgmmmm mr- UF' '-'mC' ro .. rn CODUQ :Jar- HBSHZRQSS "' mg Qmafl MARIE DONATO Stops laughmg only to talk happy and gay loves to Jrtterbug an act1ve member of the Booster Club enjoys all sports Her future l1es rn sell 1ng luggage and leathergoods 1 i?Y' FRANCES EHLERS Great talker a tall frlendly gal who always wears a smlle acuve tn sports belongs GAA Fran plans to go to Buf MARILYN EKISS Halls from Grand Island comblnatton of mtelhgence Wlt and self expresston a flnger 1n every pre Pres1dent of NHS a must on anyone s 11st She w1ll gtve the boys keen compet1t1on 1n the fleld of engmeertng SHARON DUFFY A pretty senlor gal who al ways has a smtle for everyone actlve tn sw1mm1ng Booster Club and IS the art drrectorof the newspaper She plans to go to college to study art KENNETH DUNN A tall qulet fellow en joys read1ng good books member ofthe yearbook staff and Student Forum He plans to contlnue h1s Stl1d1ES tn college f-wx 'E' 45 DACE EPERMANIS A versatlle gal w1th a com blnatlon ofbeauty and braxns the capable treasurer of the NHS a member of the Glrls Sw1mm1ng Team also pres1 dent of the Student Forum during her Junior year Dace plans to attendcollege next year SHIRLEY FANGER Short and sweet dressed so neat frxendly sm1le forall an actlve member of the Booster Club and the Dramat1c Club lrkes to play volleyball basketball and baseball Next year Sh1rl hopes to enter the buslness world . ' V, --.-a- A Z t X - ' ' , to? falo State Teachers' College. ,V . f l -- A .3 - 19' -12 . MARGARET FARRELL A valuable senior and a wonderful friend plans to go to college to study home economics loves all sports especially volleyball and bas ketball You ll find Peggy friendly co operatlve and smcere BERNICE FEES A swell little miss loves drawing swlrnmlng and roller skating plans to get married after graduation Ber nice s fme manners and quiet ways have made her felt rather than heard at T H S 1 NINA FE RRIS An A l senior who has per sonality plus favonte pas trmes are dancing and music she has a lot of fun in Booster Club plans to attend college to become a teacher Her se cret amb1t1on1s to become a dancer MYRNA FITZ SIMMONS Makes her presence felt rather than heard contagious smile - - sincere cooperative and dependable--loyal sup- porter of the Dramatic and Boost- er Clubs--active in all sports Her plan for the future is to be a reliable secretary Wai 'had' 'Y" ,sf PATRICIA FELLENZ A pretty lass from Grand Island has a likable person ality and IS popular Wlth both sexes IS known to all for her comical remarks Pat plans to attend nurslng school BRUCE FENN One of our serious boys The general chairman of the Student Forum and chairman of CARE for NHS atalented artist his hobby is corre spondence chess Bruce plans to attend the University ofBuf falo for a B F A degree --uf -gr gl uv! -1.1 EDWARD GANSTER Talkative good lookingboy loves to fool around that Ed Gansterl belongs to C Y C hishobbies tinker ing arotmd with cars and mo torcycles swimming and playing basketball Edplans to enlist in the Navy after graduation BETTY GARRETT Her conversation holds lis teners spell bound to know her is tolove her a member of the Booster Club and the Dramanc Club loves to paint 1n her spare time Betty plans to be come a secretary 4 95 ,fm "4! JANET FLEISCHAUER Blessed with the gift of being artistic stops talkingonlylong enough to laugh beautiful long brovmhair anotherwomandriv er active in most sports jan s future IS undecided college or marriage bemg uppermost in her mmd BARBARA F RYE Sweet and gentle a sin cere smile a better friend could never be found loves bowling her future plans are marriage We wish her a world of success F' as if l wwf" hr' 47 wr' SUE GILMORE Collects Jazz records in terested in swimming baseball and dancing After graduation she plans to go to Bryant and Stratton Business School SUSAN GOSCH A dash of auburn hair and a pleasing smile make Suzie - - a cute trick in a small package - -one of our peppy cheerleaders and a NHS member Sue is sure to go far MAUREEN GREENWOOD Our sophisticated miss and one of T.H.S.'s beauties--- enjoys being with her man- -for sure! Member of the Buffalo Models' Guild. She'l1 succeed in whatever she does and--we hear it may be marriage . GRETCHEN GUIDER One of T.H.S.'s snappiest varsity cheerleaders- -center of attraction in any crowd- -our choice to challenge Miss Chad- wick. Gretch plans to attend Brockport and become aphysi- cal ed. teacher. Che 9 RICHARD HALL Never a dull moment when this tall good looking senior IS around a loyal worker on the Yearbook Staff active in sports especially basketball He is neat likes the girls and is loads of fun GEORGE HALM Q seen seldom heard enjoys all klnds of sports especially baseball and basketball also likes to go fishing George hopes to attend college next year LOIS GURNEY Quiet blue eyedlittle miss with a delightful sense of hu mor enjoys readingandmusic is an enthusiastic member of the Shawnee Drum Corp Lois plans to become a secretary after graduation CAROL HAHN Is a snappy dresser a sm cere friend with a sweet person ality a very capable president of the Booster Club will alwaysbe remembered as the lovely Queen of the Junior Hop a member of the Girls Sw1mm1ngTea.m en joys singing After graduation Carol hopes to attend Buffalo State Teachers College I' iid 48 . , - . . - ' - . , . . U - I , l . , 1 ' ' I Q ' . ,Q in ,Si , 4 h A . L uiet and reserved--often A . i . . . . 0 l5'-r I 23" was Bi-ml JOAN HANNA A qu1et pretty Grand Is lander enjoys art muslc and sw1mm1ng has a wonderful grft for wearlng the rrght clothes Some day joan w1ll make some lucky man an efflC16I1I prlvate secretary MARY LOU HARRIGER Qu1et and reserved but 1n terestmg to know enjoys sw1m m1ngandmus1c belongs to the Y Mary Lou IS st1ll unde clded as to what her future w1ll hold ,av-N GUS G ,w""'ls 4900 ff 'Q' 49 MARY LOU HALM Qulet and sweet l1kes to read enjoys sewmg loves home l1fe Mary Lou IS gorng to takeaP G course next year and then plans to go on to study regxstered nursmg RUTH HAMBLET Tall and dark eyed has the fan enjoys all sports all m terests l1e m La Salle really a wonderful glrl to know Ruthle plans to be a beaut1c1an 'W' ANN HARRIS A lovely qu1et glrl Wlllha shy Smlle Excellent student plays p1ano jazz llkes to dance and read a member of Booster Club Ann plans to attend Buffalo State Teachers College . GWEN HARVEY Cute, peppy, gay, and full of fun. Art1st1c 1n every sense of the word enjoys danclng, drawrng, wrltmg, and musrc Gwen plans to attend Albnght Art School. 5 . vp I. - A - Q 'O gift of gab- -avid roller skatlng ' 'Q Q Y ' RICHARD HEIMBURG An all round senlor Loves jazz and football A wh1z at the plano Plans to go to Syra cuse for mechanlcal englneer 1ng D1ck s mtellrgence and f1ne w1t w11l help h1m aclueve success 1n whatever he under takes LOIS HENDERSON Tmy g1r1 w1th a sweet shy sm1le a clever student and so eff1c1ent successful adver f1S1I'lg manager for our Tona wandan She ll be a huge suc cess 1n her busmess career RALPH HIBBARD One of our top notch sen1or boys enjoys all sports loves to t1nkerw1th cars and plans to be an auto mechamc after grad uat1on Ralph has won a host of fnends at T I-l S NANCY HOAK A pretty lass Wlllh a lovely smrle a true fr1end to all who know her Nance l1kes base ball roller skatmg and loves to watch football She plans to become a secretary GZ-. "lk WANDA HENDERSON Pretty peppy, and full of personahty when mlschlef IS loose Wanda IS around act1ve m sports especlally basketball enjoys workmg 1n the offlce at Twm Ton s always seen w1th her favorlte Tom Wanda w1ll certamly make a good secretary for some lucky man LEATRICE I-IENNINGHAM A pretty brunette wlth lrvely brown eyes and a sparklmg per smlle one of our peppyA squad cheerleaders and a lover of sports llkes to smg and IS a member of the chorus Lee IS one of our future prrvate secretarles 'Wir 50 it I? "haf ' ' ' , x . . ' , K - f I 1 3 . , , . - - V sonality- -known for her vivacibus -L , ' ', 5. , Ap AM 5 1 ' I. n 4 XI HELEN HOLLER Known by all for her friendly sm1le and w1llingness to help areal whiz m the line of sports has a talent for making friends and keep1ng them Helen plans to attend college to be come a medical technician CAROLYN HOLROD One of our friendly capable seniors very neat and attrac tive active in sports espe cially swimming and baseball likes to sing and is a mem ber of Chorus usually seen with acertain guy She plans to attend Buffalo State Teachers College to become a teacher -ln. ks n--- ,JP "i Sl FRED HODGE A dark-haired, dark-eyed senior with personality and athletic ability combined. A lover of wine, women, and jazz--smooth on the dance floor--Fred is one of T.H.S.'s future? He will succeed! MARTHA HOGUE A pretty miss with deter- mination and willingness to work a top notch senior a valuable member of the year book staff one reason why gentlemen prefer blondes Martha plans to enter Alfred Tech um the fall 9155 PAUL HOLWAY Laughs laughs and more laughs Witty impersonations and a mischievous smile for all Paul s got what it takes loves parties and football A future engineer Watch th1s guy he s weak' JAMES HORTON Mixes seriousness with laughter the k1nd of guy who makes great men greater capability dependability and responsibility--T H S s famed quarterback - -president of T Club andStudent Coun- cil--his future plans lie in engineering HELENE HOUDINA A cheerful peppy sen1or loyal member of the Student Forum and the Dramatlc Club often seen playrng volleyball or basketball Her plans for the future l1e ID Off1C6 work and then marrlage WILLIAM HOUSE SCIIOUS only when necessary a smlle for every grrl a love for all sports envted for h1s curly blond ha1r enthustastlc hunter and flsherman The Marmes w1ll clalm htm after graduatron fi' I-aa' 'Z' MARGARET INNES Long brown haxr self ex pressrve possessor of a ready sm11e and a qutet dtgntty Peggy IS already workmg her way to bemg a top secretary SHIRLEY JUDD Sweetness rn m1n1ature capable member of the Year book Staff and the Dramatic Club . After graduation Shirley plans to attend Buffalo State Teachers' College ., ,fir 4485 vii MARY HUBMAN Calm serene and depend able has smtltng dark eyes a true fuend and a very smcere person capable rn everythmg she undertakes a very mce person to know Mary plans to attend college at Alfred Tech PATRICIA HY Has lots of pep and IS tnto everythmg ltkes Jazz bas ketball and talklng has an trreslstable fnendlmess and a wonderful sense of humor long to be remembered Pat w1ll make an efflcrent secretary 52 CAROL KINGSTON An energetic attractive senior from Grand lsland en Joys Singing and also being a member of the Booster Club Carol plans to get married to the guy with the blue Nash BEVERLY KNIGHT Attractive dark hair heart of gold loves to read favors all sports and is a member of the Booster Club In the future she plans to work in an orphanage 6- Q4 lui-1. 'asf 53 JOANNE KAMENS Good -looking and full of pep --an excellent student and a popular girl at T.H.S. Joanne plans to become a secretary, and then, ofcourse, get married! DOROTHY KEEM Quiet, but full of fun--al- ways willing to lend a hand-- participated in many sports . Dorothy is planning to be a secretary in the future. 'tn MARY LOU KOWALIK A dark eyed beauty spare time is taken up by bowling faithful supporter of the Booster Club advancededucation'7 beautician school Calling all girls' Watch for the opening of Kowalik sBeauty Shoppe in the near future MELVIN KREBS A lot of fun to be with skilled hands that perform miracle of art an active mem ber of the Buffalo Skating Club Mel plans to attend the Al bright School of Art in Buffalo after graduation 5' tw , . . , ,tl ' 5 p I ll to . ,yt L is - Q X --, . I - Q 'xx twn, JK A ' , , X as A FRED KUHN A crew cut and a mlschlevous grln where FIIIZ IS there IS laughter everybody s frlend remembered for the no hltter he prtched agalnst LaSalle m base ball excells ln basketball hob by 1SllSfeIl1Ilg to Jazz muslc HIS future ambltlon IS to attend a fam ous college to play baseball per haps Oneonta Buffalo State or U B THOMAS KUCZKOWSKI A blg lad wlth a pleasant sm lle anda lrkable personallty sure to be U1 any mlschrefa brewmg favorlte pastlme huntmg Tom plans to Jom the Navy or further hrs educatlon wxth two years at a technlcal 1nst1tute 'gc ...paws- mann ix ROBERT LARGE Known to frlends as a swell guy enjoys h1s extra currxcular act1v1t1es 1n classes a sleepy eyed guy at basket ball tlme a capable letterman Bob s plans for the future are as yet mdefrmte JANET LARSEN Pretty blonde ha1r nlce smlle for all rnterested 1n sports espec1ally swlmmmg - -member of JCL Booster Club and YearbookStaff Next year she will go to State Teachers to become an ele- mentary teacher 'NP JAMES KUCZYNSKI A tall reserved llkable boy act1v1t1es secretary of Scrence Club 52 53 mem ber of Lrbrary Staff hrs hobby IS workmg on cars James ambxtron IS to become aland scape archxtect CAROL KURKOWSKI A glrl w1th frlends galore Booster Club and GAA are Carol s mam extra currlcular lnterests frequently watches the wrestlmg matches In the future Carol plans to become a prlvate secretary Lots of luck! A""' Nr' fi'-'f' f I 54 'ff- BLAINE LILAC Ourblg handsome versa t1le Blame acontagrous laugh and good humor that make hmm very popular as for sports our football team centers around h1m loves and excels 1n muslc a capable vrce presrdent of the senlor class Blame s fu ture w1ll be a cornbrnatlon engmeerrng and musrc MELINDA LINK Another Grand Island grrl a frrend to all and always ready to g1V8 a helprng hand loves swrmmmg roller skatmg and all grrls sports Mellnda plans to become a physlother aprst ,abd 'J.".7' 41' 'fbi -Q 55 BILL LESTER Dev1l1sh smrle brams and personalxty plus gets our vote for the man most l1kely to suc ceed member of the T Club and NHS frlls hrs spare time workmg rn the freld of radro electronrcs B111 hopes to go to RPI and study electrical en gmeerrng CAROLYN LICHT Carolyn a frrend to all nlce smxle Irkes to meet peo ple and partxclpates 1n sports a member of Dramatrcs Club Booster Club and Yearbook Staff Next year she w1ll go to UB to become a nurse WESLEY LINK Better known to us as Bud an easy gomg happy go lucky guy well lrked by all loves the great outdoors as for hrs mam mterest cars After vraduatron Bud hopes to become a professronal racer PATRICIA LOUGHREY Loads of fun out for a good tlme IS a member of the GAA and the Booster Club Pat is taking an academic course--plans to go to anurs- ing school after graduation-- Pat is bound to succeed. PAT LOVEGROVE A dark ha1red slrm semor and a very neat dresser played ln the Tl-IS band for four years favorrte pastlme IS playmg the plano After graduatlon Pat plans to attend Brockport State Teachers College ALICIA LOZO Dark ha1red hazel eyed one of our more ambltlous sen lor glrls belongs to the Dra matxc Club Booster Club and Chorus our very capable ed1 tor of the Tonawanda Tattler lrkes to dance and enjoys watchmg a basketball game A11c1a IS undeclded about what she w1ll do after graduat1on '-eu-f"'5 PATRICIA MARLATT Better known as Pam al ways there when you need her has a cute smlle often seen fldlflg around 1na beaut1ful con vertlble wlth a certaln guy Pam plans to be a Home Ec teacher PAUL MARSHALL A qulet but frlendly boy wxth flashmg eyes really en joys huntmg and fishing Paul plans to attend Ranger School after graduatron 'Clif 'Ei' BETTY LUCSOK Betty a raven beauty w1th lovely naturally curly halr our competent class secretary for two years fa vorlte past1mes mclude laugh 1ng and playxng practlcal Jokes Betty plans to go to Doyle s Beautxclan School after graduatlon RICHARD MALCHOW Tall and JOVIBI full of the dev1l loves all sports especlally football and track at home tlnkermg wrth the carburetor of acar the Army after graduaung vw G' 56 ll 5 I engine. Dick plans to-join . , . jg 795 for 'f NANCY MCCRON Nan IS a talkatrve lltrle mlss wrth blonde ha1r and a frrendly smlle for all belongs to the GAA and Booster Club loves sw1mm1ng and bowlm IS also on the newspaper staff After graduauon Nan plans to go to busmess school NANCY McDAN1EL Known to many as Rebel has a pleasmg personalrty IS fun to be wrth but watch that temper of hers also lrkes to cook and 1S a whlz at baseball Plans to work rn an offrce Ati 'fbi MARY LOU MARTIN Known for her sparklmg per sonallty and cheerful H makes school lxvely w1th her carefree laughter has terrrfrc smgrng ablllty Mary Lou w1ll some day be a Success ful secretary MURIEL MAYER Frlendly to all a great gal to know loves to collect all types of prctures has agreat mterest rn people She hopes to be a soc1alwelfare worker QV: '51 'ji' 57 THOMAS McDERMOTT Fun lovmgpersonalrty un der a quret exterror manager of the swnmmmg team and lover of hlllbllly muslc fond of drawlng Tom plans to be a barber rn the future DAVID MCWHIRTER Lover of fun and a good Joke GCIIVC rn Y and church enjoys playmg 1n the T H S band we certamly w1ll mrss hrs good muslc Dave plans to become a lxbrarran m the future NANCY MENSCH One of our country gals cute well dressed fr1endly usually found at the roller r1nk plays the pxano and lxkes danc mg badmmton her favonte sport She w1ll make an ef f1c1ent secretary for some lucky man SHIRLEY MERRIFIELD Cute dark and fr1endly quxet at flrst but loads of fun once you get to know her has a craze for roller skaung Sh1r ley plans to become a secretary 53" 9? 35 'M' in-. ii.. WT. 1 Wai ROBERTA MILLER A cute senxorwxthlongal lurmg dark ha1r and flashmg eyes oodles ofpep and talent gxve hera speclal charm also a whxz at all kmds of dancmg BObb1e plans to become a Home Ec teacher SHIRLEY MILLER Petlte and neat known for her s1ncere manner and fr1endly hello Her long black ha1r IS the envy of many loves to cook and sew Engaged to a lu ky guy' BETTY MESLER Glowing red harr a slncere personallty and flattermg freck les that s our Betty enjoys bowlmg and sw1mm1ng She plans on housekeepmg for her career ARNOLD MILLER Fa1r and cute lover of m1sch1ef favonte pastrmes skm dxvxng and water sports 1n general I-hs hobby IS art and he s very good at It too H1s plans for the future 1ndef1n1te 58 27? Q ,ixsqg V50 ibm has MARY ELLEN MURPHY Apretty blonde blue eyed sen1or g1rl her gay noncha lant way has won her a host of frxends enjoys sw1mm1ngvery much and IS act1ve ID the Stu dent Forum and the Dramatlc Club She plans to become a SOC1al Sel'V1Ce worker JUDY MYE A pretty blue eyed semor g1rl who IS always ready for fun sw1mm1ng IS one of her favor1te past1mes ourwonder ful drum majorette for two years Herplan for the future IS what else but marrlage? 3- CARL MOLLNOW One of our handsome senlor boys who s really tops one of our hard workmg boys at Lob law s H15 plans for the future are to attend the UIUVCISIIY of Buffalo VERA JO MOTE One of our 11vely senlor g1rl s enjoys a good swun or an ex c1t1ng game of basketball Her plans for the future are def1n1te college and then marr1age ,pwov.t,qN:l 'Lf 59 'YI' JUDY NAILOR Beaut1ful to look at lovely to know one of our best dressed and most soph1st1cated senlors has bra1ns loves sw1mm1ng and IS act1ve 1n Chorus and the Booster Club Her future plans are college MARILYN NEDELL A gal Wllh an attract1ve per sonal1ty always ready w1th a Wltfy response a member of the GAA and the VFW dr1ll team a lover of sports Ma1rs hopes to be an a1r l1ne stewardess JEANETTE NE ITZEL A petlte mtelllgent and m dustrlous glrl who possesses a wonderful personallty collects souvenlrs as a hobby part1c1 pates actlvely m swlmmmg and Slllglllg her secret ambltlon has always been to become a famous slnger In the future she wlll be a prlvate secretary ROBERT NICKEL A person wlth real talent a drummer always ready for good laugh has a great collec t1on of stamps and also ralses rabb1ts Bob plans to enter the f1eld of mechanlcal engmeerln NANCY O CONNOR A colleen w1th begullmg eyes and the longest eyelashes you ever saw an enthus1ast1c member of the GAA and a lover of fun you ll often f1nd her trymg ha1r styles on the gals atT H S Nance plans tobe come a beaut1c1an JUDITH OTT Attracuve blonde wlth m1sch1ef 1n her eyes mem ber of the Booster club GAA and the yearbook staff Judy s future plans are to attend comptometer school JO ANN NIELSEN J very qulet that 1S unt1l you know her then a Joys muslc and sports actlvely partlclpates m her favorlte club GAA She plans to attend busr ness school LINDA NILAND Short and sweet a cute 11tt1e m1ss and a wh1z of a cheerleader loves sports and excels 1n them all L1n plans to become an a1rl1ne steward ess Wewlshherlotsofluck ea ef -, ' gg . . . . . X ' g git fx- ." on- - . ' I ' really lively miss -igreatly en- 60 ROBERT PHILLIPS Qu1et and calm that s our Bob possesses a great sense of humor enjoys swlmmxng roller skatmg and boatmg Bob plans to attend Erre County Technlcal lnsntute to become a radlo engmeer JAMES PIERSON Has a dev1l dancrng 1n hrs b1g brown eyes personal1ty and wrt have made h1m a very popular senlor hkes to play hockey and IS an ace m the water jrm plans to enter the busmess f1eld CAROL MAE PAYNE Gorgeous natural curly halr and pretty brown eyes has great abllltyforleadershlp member of the Student Councrl JCL and Booster Club accompamst for the glrls chorus After gradua t1on Carol Mae plans to go on to nursmg school and she hopes al so to contmue wlth her muslc JANET PFANNER Pretty blonde haxr and a peachy complexlon has a most frlendly and mtelllgent way about her that makes you 11ke her tremely mdustrlous a member of the Booster Club loves to kmt for that certam guy Marrlage to a specral Army fellow IS janet s future ambltron 'il' ROBERT POWER Blond blue eyed and hand some a real lady k1llerw1th a fun lovlng personallty there s never a dull moment when Bob s around he s at home on the football f1eld and loves to swlm hrs pr1ze possess1on IS h1s car He plans to study engrneenng PAYE RAWLS Has an lntellxgent lookmg face easy to talk to and get along wxth excels rn muslc espec1ally 1n playlng the plano --loves to roller skate--In t e future Faye plans to be a teacher HEINZ REMUS A wonderful sense of humor endeared to all who know hlm h1s secret ambltron come a rxch furner a four year member of our terr1f1c band Hernz wxll be remembered by all JOYCE RHODES Frlled to the brrm w1th per sonalxty plus popular wlth all who know her loves to dance and ree skate Joyce plans to future "T-32' 'Sv' Tay QQ KAREN ROOT A g1rlw1th dark auburn halr and a very sweet drsposluon as evrdenced by her shy smrle enjoys cheerleadmg a lot studles mdustnously her fa vorlte pastrme a certarn B1bb Karen plans to be a pr1vate secretary MARIANNE ROTHER A eharmmg mlss who IS envled for her flamxng red harr loves to read, swrm, dance, etc. Marranne plans to become a bookkeeper or an accountant. Her secret amb1t1on IS to go back to Germany for a v1s1t. Qnot alone'7'7'?j M-fi 19' "Qu 537 KAYE RIMER A qulet frrendly lad An mdustrlous worker well on hrs way to success one of h1s many hobbxes IS photography Kaye plans to study mecham cal engmeermg at U B EDWARD RINGLER Tall dark and handsome llkes football glrls and cars out for a good trme and lots of fun to be wrth one of our Red Warrxors and alsoa member of the T Club Ed plans to Jom the Arr Forge after graduatlon 62 -- ' ' ' --to be- I V fr . , , A vt r W ' n x. - - gf, - - : attend a nursing school in the . n I J '51 ! l K , Aggie' ' if .ry , 1' M ' , ' 1 . , . I V M Y Y ' ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' , 000 If QE MARY ENID SAUBERAN Short and sweet IS Mary Emd her loves? horsebaek r1d1ng swlmmlng wrttrng and Canad1an boys As for wr1t1ng she won second pnze rn a local essay contest A potentlal school marm of hand1capped chlldren lh1S blonde lass w1ll go far RONALD SAVAGE Bnght eyes rosy cheeks full of fun and mrschref loves to talk that s Ron Savage seldom ser1ous never a dull moment when he s around extra curncular act1v1t1es malnly grrls He plans to be a brlcklayer m the future 'VY' 436 'V 63 DOROTHY ROUSCH Qulet and reserved but so nlce to knowl loves to play basketball and 11 sten to popular records Dot plans to become an a1rl1ne hostess 1n the future IRENE SACHUK Small cute Wlfh plenty to offer loves good readrng and art Malnmterests sw1mm1ng and Uavellng Charl1e plans to go mto the advertlsmg world after graduatron aw--uf Ol 'ii' Q6 GARY SCHIMSCHACK Tall dark and good look mg a lover of wrne women and baseball often seen 1n hrs yellow eonvertlble has a happy go lucky dlsposltlon seldom seen slavmg over books Gary IS cons1der1ngjo1n1ng the Arr Force after graduauon JAMES SCHINAMAN Always ready wlth a grm has a flne quret way about hrm partlclpated 1n swrm ming and football jim s fu- ture plans include worlf and a certain girl DONALD SCHMEICHEL Quick wit and a grin from ear to ear--class c1own-- A member of the "T" Club- -one of our star tennis players. Looking ahead in the future, Don is thinking about college . RODNEY SCHMIDT Well -liked senior- -full of wit and humor - -one of our out - standing basketball players, and a member of the Dramatic Club . In the future Otto plans to attend college to study engineering KATHERYN SHAVER A beautiful tall lass with blonde hair and blue eyes al ways takes time to say hello popular with students and teachers alike capable Editor of the Tona wandan of 1955 Kay has loads of artistic talent which she intends to develop further at R I T JOHN SINCLAIR Short and cute, has loads of friends collects jazz rec ords plays the trumpet irember of the Tl-IS band for three years In the future john hopes to be a mechanic 'Fir 64 tl' 1 ,sw t THEODORE SCHROEDER Good natured quiet and sincere has a pleasant per sonality an intelligent stu dent also our capable presi dent of the junior Class Ted plans to attend college after graduation NANCY SCHUMACHER Generous and fr1endly and an enthusiastic worker very active in her four years at THS in the band Dramatic Club and on the newspaper staff After graduation she plans to attend Brockport Teachers College for ele mentary teaching 3 'Q 'Y 5 '? -3' fvX JOYCE SPICHER Full of m1sch1ef always has a smlle on her face lrkes to bowl play basketball and volleyball Joyce plans to attend Busrness School after graduatron LAVERNE STAHL A qulet lad with a nlce personalrty hrs trme wrllbe claxmed by the Arr Force photography IS hls mam ln terest Whatever he under takes we wrsh h1m much success if ws-rf' -f! r by 6. M , 1 a a 55 , ,f .Y .L if .WMM mf' ,315 Q? mln' JOAN SISSON M1sch1evous gay always on the go that s Joanre I four years at THS her face has never worna frown Srze rs no measurement of success as far as Joan IS concerned She plans to attend college after graduatron JAMES SOLE A snappy dresser neat and tall has a pleasant way about hxm loves to talk and has someth1ng to talk about lrkes bowlmg basketball and swlm mmg J1m s plans are to go to college to become a chem lcal engmeer 'Qin 'Q' hx 'X S5 65 ,RIC eww. X ,. it WILBERT STENZEL FIISI for B111 the rnevrtable Armed Forces preferably Navy cars Brll loves them one of our frrst class auto mechan rcs Rrfle Club rs one of hrs many actrvrtres Brll s future may be rn the freld of electrl cal engrneermg ROBERT STRASSHEIVI Ally a good lookmg boy wxth nrce curly harr, and dark eyes, favorrtepastrmes hunt ing, working on cars, and oh yes---girlsl ln the future, Ally wants to become a mechanic or join the Air Force. ROBERT TAYLOR A n1ce looklng semor wlth a shy sm1le llked by all mterested 1n sports especlally hockey Next year Bob may be one of our sa1lor boys 1n blue Good luck Bob' JANICE THEEL A blue eyed beauty of our senlor class loves roller skatmg and a certaln guy named Tony A swell and sm cere person jan 1S a valua ble add1t1on to our class BARBARA TRlPl Barb IS better known as Trlp the g1rl wrth the 1 brown mlsehlevous eyes wherever there IS trouble you ll f1nd Trlp She plans to go to Bryant and Stratton to further her educatlon 1n busmess DIANE TYX A fun lovmg damsel full of laughs llkes to sw1m and play baseball ln the future she plans to get a job and a husband as well 51 6 NF? DIANE THOMAS Tall quiet and reserved one of our country gals en joys swlmmlng and roller skatmg able accordlonxst After graduatlon D1 plans flfldlflg a Job rrght away Best of luck' SHARON TURTLE Blg blue eyes and a cute l1t tle pug nose a smeere frlend to all loves to laugh and have a good tlme a vxvaclous A squad cheerleader for two years a great swrmmer and basket ball player Sharon IS headed for success ln the buslness world qs, l 40h 66 IW! Hin 'S 'N gifs wp.-0 ll KEITH VANTHOFF The popular senlor class presrdent Wlth dark curly ha1r and blue eyes hasa sm1le for everyone IS on the varslty football and track teams l1kes art Kelth plans to go to col lege where he hopes to spec1al 1ze ln art PATRICIA WALLACE A frrend to all has an at tractrve personallty and excel lent taste rn clothes favorrte pasume makmg people laugh Next year Pat IS gomg to Alfred to become a psychlatrrst 'wi YN" 12. 4-sb 1-C""9' 67 MELVIN ULLRICH A husky lad with blond hair and dlmples always talkmg never a dull moment when he s around an able asslstant of the magazrne sale andamem ber of the Student COUHC11 Mel s future plans are to go ln to busmess for hrmself SHIRLEY UPLINGER The sparkle 1n her blue eyes can qulckly 1dent1fy Shrrl as a glrl who S loads of fun to be wlth a real cutle loves sports and IS an act1ve member of GAA and the Booster Club In the future she plans to attend college 9' NORMAN WALTERS One of our serlous semor men at THS seems rather quret to those who don t know h1m has a very excltlng hob by boat racmg also llkes to deS1gIl boat models After graduauon Norm hopes to work at Remrngton Rand PHYLLIS WATERSTRAT Tall slender and attrac txve has what It takes to suc ceed--a very frlendly gal-- treasurer of our class for two years' talk about sports and Phyllis is there- -Next year she hopes to attend college. .IACQUELINE WATKINS Ablue eyed blonde witha w1nn1ng personahty jackie loves to roller skate and sparkles on the dance floor as well She plans to become a stenographer for some lucky man JERRY WERTH A good looklng senior with the Toni curl a four year member of the band music 1S one of hlS blg IIIISICSIS jerry hopes to attend the University of Buffalo after graduation 'if' Kg -nr" SHARON WILL Dark eyes that sparkle and a radiant smile a member of the warrror tribe for two years favorite activities include cheering and riding in Paul s boat We re sure she ll rate high in anythtng she does CAROL WINTERQ Quiet and fun loving a true frlend withapleasingper sonality. Enjoys dancingand making new friends. A great pizza lover--enjoys watching football. Carol plans to go to Buffalo State after graduation. 68 SHIRLEY WEST A t1ny blue eyedblonde likes popular music enjoys dancing a very friendly per son After graduation Shirley is going to New York City to work Lucky G1rl' RUTH WESCOTT A srncere friend with per sonality plus has a bashful smile that wins numerous friends isaveryenthusiastic member of the Girls Swim ming Team the Girls Cho rus and the French Club After graduation Ruth hopes to work for a while and then make her next big step marriage 'uv 'if 5' SUE WOLF A very pretty lass who IS popular w1th all a dashmg cheerleader secretary of the Natronal Honor Soc1ety Sue s future plans are to be an ele mentary teacher GENE WYLUBSKI Fnendly carefree full of m1sch1ef a lanky blondwho loves to tease the g1rls 1n terested 1n mechamcs and sw1mm1ng We have learned from a secret source that Gene wants to become a wrestler XG '13' M RICHARD ZIPP A tall dark and handsome sen1or who has fr1ends galore Full of l1fe a wh1z on a bas ketball or tenms court Dlck plans to further h1S study of buslness after graduat1on 69 PETER WOLF A good lookmg boy who IS mterested 1n baseball boatmg sw1mm1ng huntmg and f1sh mg loves to work after school Pete plans to attend college to become an electrlcal engmeer ROBERT WOLF A cheerful sen1or Wlth a begutlmg gun better known as Randy always seen dl'1V1l1g or repa1r1ng h1s car loves to tease the g1rls al ways ready for a good laugh Randy w1ll someday open h1s own TV shop ,J N A' Y QW? -and f' XM W BARBARA COLEMAN Barb a new g1rl from La fayette who has a pleastng personal1ty IS actlve 1n sw1mm1ng baseball and roller skaung Barb plans study ch1ld psychology at Buffalo State SARAH CRISPIN One of the few redheads at THS and can usually be found at the skatmg flllk or a square dance She IS tak1ng a home makmg course and plans to work after graduatlon CAMERA SHY GLENN FISHER One of our handsome senror boys wrth artrstrc talent lover of wrne women and song Glenn IS at home at any party He enjoys swrmmrng and Hack Hrs plans for the future are uncertarn HENRY HARDER A guy that S known by all that s ourHank capable cap tam of th1s year s football team often seenrnhrs 54 Olds wrth a member of the opposlte sex In the future we may be dmrng and dancrng rn one of Hank s rught clubs ,-,Wim PATRICIA MCDONALD A short cute trrck who lrkes to dance Pat collects rec ords belongs to the Catholrc Youth Councrl She IS plan nrng to attend comptometer school rn Buffalo and also to work Our best wrshes go wrth her HANS SANIO Shy wrth a twmkle rn hrs eye excels rn tennrs also loves basketball capable of makrng a brg success rn lrfe Hans rntends to study engrneenng at the Unrversrty of Buffalo RAE COLE O U Q T HEME FOOTPRINTS 70 ADE LE CRAWFORD 1 ' ' ' --a u rv - 1 1 n " 1 - ' n v -- - . . . . 1 v - u . . -1- - - vu . ,, . . . . r . . , . ,-. .. '41 'Y X., -Q X lx A 09 ClASS 50 G J C? K Shaver OUR GUIDING LIGHT As we started out on youthiul way T H S seemed strange and new But we learned so much rn our short Stay That we are now sorry It s through Our teachers were krnd and smcere Insprrlng us to work as one They made our four years pleasant here And contrrbuted much to our fun We marveled at the prom 1n all 1ts glory The Semor Play and football games too We ll cherrsh tellrng the story Of these thmgs whrch we so loved to do DM QQ Kxgk May our beloved Alma Mater Be a radrant gurdmg lrght Sh1n1ng forth throughout our future Never ceaslng to be br1ght SENIOR SONG J U QTune The Sweetheart of X Srgma Chr Q 'ffxxx We ve come to the end of our hrgh school days Wrth frrends that we hold dear . . I The years sped by lxke a fadrng flower We re leavlng our hearts here The prom and the play and the football games We ll cherrsh when we re gone We Senrors know that wherever we go We ll remember our T H S We entered to learn and we leave to serve Thrs motto we ll uphold We grve our thanks to the teachers who Have helped us to reach our goal We hope they ll ne er forget us The Class of 55 For we Senlors know that wherever we go We ll remember our T H S CLASS POIEM 'Ti J ll SEATED L TOR. P Wallace S Wolf STANDING L TO R B Luscok M L Marun get N 4 4 Q o W :,,, - ga , -A ' ' ' I ' . 1 Www " ' 1 9 - SF T' "fy, ., ' T lf? PERSO AlITY P MOST ENTICING G Fxsher I Kamens inrq MOST VERSATILE M L Marun B L11ac MOST HUMOROUS M Donato R Malchow 'YEK MOST FRIENDLY L Hennmgham E Cox OUR HEELS MOST ARTISTIC K Shaver B Fenn 72 1- . 2,1 5 .- ,. T K T Q VV' , 'tg I fQ I xf' 'T X' 1' 17' . ' X ,I x I M. Q: 4 I , Q D , ? i I .1 I D SOLES SZ.. BEST DRESSED I Sole J Theel MOST ATTRACTIVE C Dolpp I Narlor 45. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED M Ekrss W Lester 73 MOST TYPICAL T Schroeder K Root MOST ATHLETIC E Bowers L Nrland WARRIOR DETECTIVE AGENCY FILE NO: M- 6938 BIGTOWN, U. S. A. I was sitting in my office, finishing the report on my latest caper, when the intercom buzzed. I tumed from the typewriter and flipped the switch. "A gentleman wishes to see you, sir, " the voice on the other end said. "Send him in," l answered. The door opened and the person who walked in was none other than Dick Zipp, an old pal from my youth. In fact, I hadn't seen him since my high school days. After we had exchanged greetings and so forth, he stated his business. "Ace, " he said, nervously lighting a cigarette, 'You must've heard of Malcolm Richards, known to opera lovers all over the world as 'The Voice, ' Well, I'm his agent. But, here's what concerns you--he's lost! He's disappeared! And I want you to find him." Dick then proceeded to give me all the facts. We decided to go to "The Voice's" house and see if we could find any clues. We took the elevator, which is run by Bob Phillips, down to the street. My "heap" was down at "AIt's Garage" being overhauled by Bob Strassheim, Rod's chief mechanic. Some of Rod's other mechan- ical geniuses are Ralph Hibbard, Tom Kuczkowski, Paul Marshall, Bob Nickel, and Norm Walters. Since my car was not available, we decided to take a taxi to Malcolrn's mansion. We walked down to the corner taxi stand, owned and operated by Randy Wolf. Some of his drivers are old pals of mine. These are Bud Link, Carl Mollnow, LaVeme Stahl, Melvin Ulrich, and Janet Fleischauer. We entered and the girl on duty, Pat Marlatt, assigned Cab 15 to us. On the way to the back where the cabs were parked we peeked into the main office and saw Randy s huge secretarial staff at work This staff keeps track of the one thousand plus cars that Randy has spread out all over the city There is a secretary for every ten cars At the head of this staff Randy has placed Sharon Turtle who can now type 300 words per mmute Other secretaries on this staff are Ann Harris Pat Hy Margaret Inna Muriel Mayer Lois Benthrn Barbara Trrpr Diane Tyx and Sarah Crispin Ishut the door and we continued on our way to the back where we found Cab 15 operated by Charlie Dolpp waiting for us We got into the back seat and told him where to go On our way to the mansion Charlie told us that he had just heard Bob Darroch the sportscaster announce over the radio that Mary Lou Martin had just added the conquest of the English Channel to her lrst of swimmmg feats But she modestly gave all the credit to her trainer Pat Fellenz She rsn t the only classmate of ours who has made good rn sports I said I then reminded them that Helen Holler is the National Women s Golf champion Jo Anne Nielson Janet Pfanner and Mane Donato have become golf pro s also Mary Hubman Alicia Lozo and Joyce Rhodes are making names for themselves rn the tennis world As for the boys Ed Cox rs now a starting pitcher for the Red Sox Dick Hall plays basketball for Minneapolis Heinz Remus rs the national chess champion and honest Ed Bowers a doctor rn the off season was mainly responsible for the Cleveland Browns first champ ionshrp since 1955 By tlus time we had reached the home of Mr Richards the smger We got out said good bye to Charlie and walked inside I immediately noticed the neatness and orderlmess of the house and remarked about it What an efficient housekeeper The voice must have Why yes answered Zipp Betty Lucsok is very good at that sort of thing although I don t know why she does rt She s been offered several movie contracts but she prefers cleaning houses This rs only one of the ten houses that Betty cleans Dick then left me to buy some cigarettes ar the corner store run by Judy Ott I started lookmg for clues After wandering about the house, I found Mr Richards room No clues at all were to be found rn his room except an open window with traces of violin rosrn on ILS srll I went outside and found the grounds keeper, George Halm He showed me where the window was located on the outside I thanked George and looked up at the window Nothmg I looked down at the ground and then Isaw rr A footprmt It wasn t an Q as THE CASE OF THE LOST VOICE ordinary footprint. The toes were missing. There was just the foot and the big toe. lhollered for Zipp, and he came running around the side of the house. "Is this Malcolm's footprint?" I asked. He replied that it was. I ran into the house and dialed the police station. The desk sergeant, Bratcher Bright, answered, and I told him to connect me with the chief. The seconds ticked by and then Paul Holway answered. "Yea, Ace, whadaya want now?" "Not much, " I replied, "Just send one of your boys down to Mal- colm Richards' mansion. I want him to make a cast of a footprint." I hung up, found Zipp, and we both waited for the cop. About 15 minutes later, he arrived. It was Ed Ganster. He immediately set to work. When he was finished, he gave me the cast. Iasked him if he could give me a lift downtown. He said okay. I said so long to Zipp and told him not to worry, that I would have Malcolm back in no time at all. I got into Ed's car and we started downtown. Ed asked if I had heard that Leonard Aber was now selling vacuum cleaners, and David Crissey was head librarian for the new John Bacon library. He also told me that Rae Cole is a syndicated colurrmist for the Kay Shaver newspaper chain. When we reached town, I told Ed to let me off at the Missing Persons' Footprints Bureau because I wanted to check the cast with them. He did, so I walked inside. One of the girls at the long desk, Wanda Henderson took the cast and checked it with her files While she did so I looked around and noticed that I knew some of the people who worked there They were Hazel Blowey cluef inspector and her assistant sleuths Jane Bridge Diane Chase Joan Dretzer and Shirley Judd Some of the pencil pushers were Diane Thomas, Faye Rawls Shirley Merrifield Bob Becker and Bob Taylor I walked over to Bob and he explained to me how tlus bureau functioned Who master minds tlus outfit Bob? I asked him Jim Sole he answered He took over for Bill Lester, who or ganized it Bill is now working for the govemment helping to de velop the new X Bomb Wanda called me over and told me that they had a file on Mal colm s footprmt She told me tl1at one was seen outside the El Swanko a glorified hash house nrn by Jrm Schrnaman and his wife the former Nancy 0 Connor I thanked her and went outside It was raining but the water felt good on my skin It helped me think Why would Malcolm Richards who has fame money and a housekeeper like Betty Lucsok want to run away? I asked myself The answer was there rn my bram But rt was all mixed up It didn t make sense Not yet anyway I needed more facts I hailed one of Randy s cabs and told Frank Chequer the driver to take me to the El Swanko On the way over we got to talking about some of our classmates and what had happened to them H told me that Dace Epermanis rs a famous lawyer now Margaret Farrell Joanne Kamens and Marilyn Nedell are all professional models who have graduated from Judy Narlor s modeling school Karen Rootrs head secretary under assistant secretary to the president When we reached the El Swanko I sard adros to Frank and went into the place Wanda wasn t kidding when she called thrs place a glorified hash house Man was rt glorified' ' It was so glor ifred it wasn t even a hash home anymore lt was an exclusive place The check girl Dorothy Roush took my hat and coat and hostess Irene Sachuk led me to a table The floor show headed by Big Blaine Lilac and his Gruesome Seven was Just beguming The Gruesome Seven included Hank Harder at the drums Gerald Werth on the trumpet Dave Mcwhirter on the bag pipes John Sinclair on the bass Carol Dammami at the piano Adele Crawford on the clarinet and Tom McDermott on the second sax The show also consisted of Carolyn Holrod tl're main vocalist who operates a Chinese laundry on the side Roberta Miller and Gwen Harvey as tap dancers and Happy Helene Houdrna as comed ran In the Chorus lrne were Rose Marie Denk Sue Ann Gilmore Par Lovegrove, and Betty Garrett Q L .img as 'fs 3: I looked around and nouced Wally Buchholz and his wlte the former Shtrley West srtung a couple of tables away I walked over and Jorned them Walter had taken over hrs dad s bakery busmess and developed rt tnto a nauonal concem Hls chref baker rs Ron Savage and some of the other people who work for htm are Pat Bumgasser Carol Draper Myma FrtzS1mmons Pat Loughrey and Nancy McCron Wally and Shrrley asked me rf I remembered Martha Hogue and told me that she ts now an Interpreter at the U N They told me that Mary Lou Kowaltk has her own beauty shop and some of the guls that are worktng for her are Franca Ehlers Nancy Mensch Dorothy Keem Maureen Greenwood and Celra Brenon They also told me that Drck Hetmburg rs presrdent of a factory that manufactures hooks of all makes and slzes I asked them rf they came to the El Swanko often me they drd because they knew a lot of the people that worked there Davrd Bahn was chef and Nancy Schumacher was cluef baker Carolyn Lrcht Beverly Knrght Joan Srsson, and Joyce Sptcher also worked tn the krtchen Some of the wartresses were Shrrley Fanger Bermce Fees Lots Gurney Barbara Frye, and Nancy Hoak l went back to my table and asked to see Pete Wolf the head warter When he came I asked htm rf he had seen Malcolm Rlchards rn here recently Yes he replred About a week ago he had drnner here and he mentroned sometlung about gorng West I asked Pete lf Malcolm had left a footpnnt and rf so where Yes he answered Right m the mlddle of a lemon ple H drdn t lrke tt We strll have rt rf you d ltke to see tt I told Pete I would and he got tt for me It was Malcolm s a nght No toes I thanked Pete and left the El Swanko So Malcolm had gone West Iwondered where ur the West he could have gone I needed some background on Malcolm so I could frgure out thrs problem I phoned Ztpp and asked htm where Malcolm had gone to hrgh school They told mate of ours remember? Thts surprrsed me I drdn t know any one by the name of Mal colm Rlchards I went down to the rarlroad stauon and asked the ucket taker Pat McDonald to get me a seat on the next train to Tonawanda Whrle watung for the tratn I nouced Amold Mrller pushrng the baggage cart around When the tram came Igot on tt The con ductor Bob Large took my ticket went on his round and then came back to me We talked about our former classmates He told me that Joe Albnght is now a rear admrral rn the Navy and that Harold Domres ts Unrted States Ambassador to France H also sard that Janet Larson, Betty Mesler Mary Lou Halm Ieanette Neitzel and Marranne Rother have all become nurses Mary Enrd Sauberan rs now Dean of Vassar Women s College When the tram arrtved at Tonawanda I rmmedrately headed for the new hrgh school down on Rrvervtew Hetghts The voters ftnally allowed rt to be butlt here l thought to myself I walked tnto the offrce and asked Lots Henderson the offrce secretary to let me see Malcolm s records Wlule I was looking through them Fr1tz Kuhn the prtncrpal walked tn We shook hands and he told me that Mr Lloyd and Mrs Neasmrth were strll teachrng here He also sand that Glenn Ftsher was strll a student here and because he had top prror tty over all the students, Glenn would lead me on a tour around the school I found what I wanted rn the records and then Glenn started the tour As we walked around Glenn told me that some of my class mates were teachers here now Ntna Ferns was reaching Chemistry Leatrlce I-Iennrngham was the guls Physlcal Educatron teacher Melvtn Krebs was the Art teacher Pat Wallace was the shorthand teacher Sue Wolf taught Mechanrcal Drawrng Mary Ellen Murphy taught Dnver Educauon Phyllrs Waterstrat taught Home Economtcs Carol Hahn was head of the Engltsh Department Hans Samo was head of the Math Department and Judy Mye was head of Htstory Some of the other teachers were Lolly Bauer Lynn Cullen Carol Kurkowxlu Carol Wrnters Helen Berrnger and Joan Hanna Glenn told me that Kaye Rrmer was head jamtor Under hrm KV 75 were James Kuczvnskr and Ronald Baum We went down to see the Gutdance Dtrector Beverly Brrtton, and met the representatrve from Vassar College Fred Hodge They told me that Irm Horton was head football coach atT H S now and Irm Pterson was swtmmtng coach Carol Payne was school nurse and Sally Bellmger was school ltbrartan I thanked Glenn for the tour and went up to see Fntz He had llmshed for the day so we toured the crty We saw B111 House sroadsrde stand We passed the new bndge, the state was bulldmg over the canal Manlyn Eluss was head engrn eer Some of the laborers were Pete Demmln Ken Drum and Bruce enn We went to Clyde s Restaurant now managed by John Chalmers Some of hrs wartresses are Shirley Mrller Barbara Coleman Nancy McDanrel and Bethea Crrsptn John s chief cashier 13 Meltnda Lmk The TV set there was on The program was the Life and Loves of Rodney Schmrdt Fntz and I sat there and talked about our old classmates He told me that Ketth Vanthoff rs now a barber He also sard that Tony D Orazto mamed Iantce Theel and became a wrestler He also owns a ptzzerta Sue Gosch models children s wear for Shrrley Upllnger s style shop Pat Selover rs a renowned concert pranrst We frnally left Clyde s and Frltz drove me back to the statlon When I arrived rn Brgtown I set out nght away for the arrplane agency In Malcolm s records I found that he had a ltklng for the Grand Canyon so that s where I was gorng The g1rl at the desk Mary Lou Harriger sald a plane was just leavrng for the Grand Canyon I got a trcket and boarded the plane The prlot was Bruce Blmston and the co prlot was Bob Powers When I found thls out I rmmedrately boarded a dtfferent plane I wanted to live for awhile yet I was happy to learn that the stewardess on this plane was Lrnda Ntland On our nip to the Grand Canyon we talked about our class mates was prestdent of a concem that manufactured frre works Gary Schrmschack was a floor walker and had marned Sharon Duffy Gretchen Gutder wntes a Hollywood gossrp column Bob Buzby 15 overlord of a 3000 acre farm Ruth Hamblet rs tourrng the country wrth a roller skaung show and Don Schmerchel now has his own TV show and rs being hailed as a new George Gobel She told me that Sharon Wtll Ruth Westcott Vera Io Mote Jackre Watkrns Carol Ktngston and Manlyn Crittenden have also become arrltne stewardesses When we arrrved at the Grand Canyon I immedrately hired a guide Ed Rrngler Ed led me to the Grand Canyon At first I wasn t sure whether I was on the right trall Then Isaw the footpnnt wrth no toes Farther on I round a harr from a vlolrn bow Now I knew l was on the nght track A lrttle farther on I found an Acme Gargle bottle We were neanng the Canyon There was an explrcrt tratl now A chrmk of vrolm rosm a tngonometry revtew book the D smng from a vrolm and then the Canyon I looked down I had suspected tt all along Strung on the bottom of the Canyon was Drck Malchow accompanyrng hrmself on the vtolin When I frnally reached Drck I asked hlrn why he had run away He told me that the acoustics ln the Grand Canyon were amaztng One could hear oneself srng and he wanted to see rf he was as good as everyone said he was Well ll was one of the most dlffrcult and amazing cases I had nm up against But l Theodore Ace Schroeder master detectrve champton ol the poor defender of the innocent and tracer of lost persons, had solved ll I always get my man AFTER THOUGHT After gorng over the case and reallzmg that tt Involved so many of our old classmates myvery capable staff con ststtng ol Leatrrce Hennrngham, Paul Holway Ron Savage and I would llke to express to thrs class of 1955 a class which w1ll become well known m the hrstory of T H S a class to wluch we are proud to belong our most smcere wishes for success m whatever they may do tn later lrfe v t l . - ' F I ' .. ... i .. - - . '- ' A - ' ' - ' ' , ' ' . ' ' ll ' ' . - ' . "Tonawanda, New .York, " Dick informed me. "He wasa class- She Iflld me Qllile 3 few thing! I didn'! kn0w.' Wilbert Sterlzil . . . ' . D . , . . e I . l . , , 1 f i WX L TOR I Smclarr T Schroeder S Gosch P Holway Cheaper the Do en R Helmburg L TO R J Sole L Hennmgham R Cole B Lilac F Kuhn , -4-6' v Zsispxg L. TO R.: C. Dolpp, A. Crawford, G. Guider, R. Malchow, F.Kuhn, S.Uplinger, B.Lilac, J.Bacon. FRONT R Hrggms ROW2 H Holler P Warersuat L Bauer ROW 3 B Lucsok N Ferns HE Senior Class chose for its play this year the three-act comedy "Cheaper by the Dozen." Directed by Miss Buck, the play was presented on March 25. The performance was a wonderful success. ACTIVITIES rd... ', .,...., .I-M...,,..,..A .....,-..... ....... , M , ,,,.... .I ........ I 1 11, . ls-or Q Q NATIO Al H0 DR SOCIETY ROW 1 L TO R, Miss Ceciha Major advisor Sue Wolf secretary Sue Gosch treasurer Marilyn Ekiss president Dace Epermams vice president Mr Stuart Tuck advisor ROW 2 L TO R, Harold Domres Adele Crawford Rae Cole Peter Demmm William Lester VY? XD!! CARE ,m,"'v-my-v"""N. if 'JI O 955 Em rn LY HALL DUTY P Demmm HOSE juniors and Senlors with an aver age of 862, and above are eligible for admlsslon to N H S They are judged on character leadership scholarship and service Each year 1n a solemn ceremony a few outstandlng and deserving students receive the great honor of membership carrymg out the purpose and upholding the dtgnlty of the organizatlon The N H S carries out many servlces during the school year They are respon sible for collectmg money to send CARE packages abroad Members take tums at hall duty and are on hand at all times to help out 1n any way Each year they spon sor one assembly Making out the honor roll IS also done by N H S To improve scholarship exhibit lead ersh1p encourage and render service and to develop character are the goals of N H S members This code IS a constant 11'1Cent1V6 to the many students of T H S who desire to become members of National Honor SOCICLY NAT: n wax so fry Q , ax CO! F: i A ts 78 HONOR ROLL A Crawford R Cole ,fn SOCIAL H Blowey S 5 A 5 j i' S A jg ' - YW in g, .' f' A 1- 'Q V 2 ' U 9? ':- " ll n gt ' V . V y T3 , A x Q N f 'Y lin . . : ' " ' . ' z . : . : ' ' . ' : '. ' - ' : - . ' - . . : . . 1- ,": 1 1 f 1 K ,f , To these is given the responsibility of L , 'Q ' Y , , , V 4 . 1 l:,,, - - A A , . . , . , - , , . . . ny - ig . g , ,, ' G p x B ,, E N ,, ' Q f if STUDE CDU Cll O FIRST ROW J Overholt S Breltenbach B Lxlac I Horton SECOND ROW B Shaver I Shme P Mxano B Knapp S Duffy G Payne M Ullrlch THIRD ROW Mr Smxth D Baldwm T Camann D Rothenburg S Wolf R Sluesley I Slater K Vanthotf HE Student Councll IS an organlzatlon cons1st1ng of elected representatives from the four classes of THS Dunng th1s year proved to be of much value to our school our fourth rn exrstence we have grven out programs at all home basketball games and we have produced the annual talent assembly Many other worthwhrle act1v1t1es have been planned to make th1s year s Student Councll one that w1ll al ways be remembered COMMITTEE MEETING S Wolf K Vanthoff aefgb QI J ff MARCH OF DIMES tn ,E f CAMPAIGN SPEECH J Horton BASKETBALL PROGRAMS S Brertenbach K Vanthoff 1 B Knapp F 79 ,K 5 1 Tse-',f wk t - an xt' A l . . f Dy a Q" t , I - as A . D . , ' fr 5 'fl he I K 'Y I A , Q . e - Q1 I V 'V d KJ, ' t I X. f ' h 1 C s ' ,Y K .5 'xl 2 T . . . 1 ' , We have promoted the March of Dimesl f f:'Q'.j.i-t I r 5Q', 1 ' , Y . 4.2 g f .. ul, X 7X xj t 5 l yn Q N N . lf Q 1' . , 6 it eg: mf 3.65- 4 x I IW fa' . , . -.., 'AQ F B . T0 AWAN DA IEDITORIAl 90 Q ROW 1 L TO R P waterstrax S Uplmger K Shaver ednor G Gurder 1 Pfanner ROW 2 L TOR F Ehlers C Llcht I Larsen C Kurkowslu M Hogue D Epermanrs M Ekrss R Cole A Crawford """6'j',,,..-a- L TO R L Cullen B Fenn M Krebs K Vanthoff .av Q fT'Nj QL! QD Q hmm is SPDRTS THESE ARE TIIE GIFTS I ASK These are the Q1 fts I ask Strength for the darly task Courage to face the road O Good cheer to help me bear the traveller s load And for the hours of rest that come between An znward joy IH all thrngs heard and seen 'W Q? U 5 WUQ T w SEATED L TOR L I-lenmngham G Gurder STANDING D Hall R Darroch J Horton 80 if 5 ' 1 f l A X V t U cv f 531: XM 1 N, I Q L VA v h Q 8 I twin.: ,rw K: ,S l n , 1 , A 1 5 'T 's" SINV Of thee, Spirit serene: A - S ' A "'i ' f up , AJ S ' 5 ' ff ag -. ""' 3 Q. -, .- fu. ,1 ,?-ggit,,, 5 I nl Qs fx m ' I I -, e ' 3 A N - y ' V 1 , A' -in ' 7 . . J J h F . , . , . . STAFFS ,l BUSI ESS SEATED L TO R I Nextzel I Sachuk L Henderson C Kurkowski ROW 1 L TO R C Brenon D Tyx M Donato B Lucsok M L Kowalrk I Naxlor M Llnk D Epermanls D Roush S Judd F Ehlers N Shumacher C Draper S Gzlmore C Lrcht J Larsen M Hogue M Hu man ROW 2 L TOR P Hy B Knrght P Marlatt M Nedell B Cnspm R Hall Mr TIIZ ler advrsor ag' iff IV hgh all QQVA These are the s1ns I fazn Would have thee take away Mallee and cold d1sda1n Hot anger sullen hate Scorn of the lowly envv of the creat And dzscontent that cast a shadow gray On all the brrghtness of a common day HENRY VAN DYK' ROW 1 K Rrmer A Crawford D Cnssey D Dunn ROW 2 L Abe: P Demmm P I-lxllman 9 TYP I5 E-... ROW 1 L TO R P Wallace K Root M Crmenden B Lucsok ROW 2 L TO R I Narlor C Kurkowslu A Hams G Gmder F Ehlers R Hamblet P Marlatr J Hanna PHOTOGRAPHY , gg!! s D ,gl ww' fries 81 T' ' EQ X . NR ' Q 1 x to , ,., 's -Q. --"iL,,1,a xxm 1 'QF gl A .., , - r , 'x', , 'z ' . Af- um gn1- UI: -.. T .4.e 1 ,C j., ' . AM -p-"fT1-4LgA in .rjgi F?? Ei K ' . - ' ' . fi ' ,i P' P 1 XX .Y L X R17 vi . AQ VL. M XMN V Q - . V . ff A 'g , gut., jgiirux x q. " 9 , ' Ji : .. .I , ' , , - . . - : Z yrglgx - - l BF HE Glrls Chorus Wh1Ch IS under the d1rect1on of Mrs Fenw1ck has ap proxlmately 65 members So far th1s year the chorus paruclpated IH the Chrlstmas Assembly Al so on December 23 the chorus went carolmg to varrous places around Tonawanda under th d1rect1on of Mrs Fen W1Ck In the sprmg the cho rus put on a mmsurel show 1n wh1ch outsxde talent partlclpated X! X AX X GIRLS CHORUS 0 fm n rf P li GW,-5 qv 'Q FIRST ROW L TO R, J Nledermeyer M Cellentano G Payne P Srnrder M L Marun E Goehry M Ackerman L Mrlhman M Ekrss N Ferns D Chase C Dunnmg SECOND ROW M Cntrenden D Epermams C Klngsron G Howald P Kramer G Russell J Awaldr J Con ley D Shelgren I Mye B Knapp B Lucsok THIRD ROW D Meyers S Bellrnger S Love grove J Rose P Fellenz C Holrod S Gosch M Halm D L1blOCk J Schnrttker P Mrano S Uplmger G Payne Mrs Fenw1ck dxrector FOURTH ROW M Nedel M Bechtel M Crawford M Hogue C Coshway R Murphy P Srrehlow F Ehlers M Farrell S Wolf R Hambler P Waterstrat L Hennmgham C Dammann GIRLS E SEMBLIE HE Glrls Ensemble COHSISIS of 12 g1rls so pranos Carolyn Holrod Pat Fellenz Dace Eper man1s and Martha l-logue second Sopranos Mary Lou Martm Sue Gosch Marlene l-Ialm and Jac quelyn Bloss altos Sue Wolf Leatrlce Hennmg ham N1na Ferns and Darla Shelgren They are under the d1rect1on of Mrs P FeHW1Ck The G1IlS Ensemble partrclpated ln the Chrrst mas Assembly They also took part III the sprmg fest1val of mus1c L TOR L Henmngham, S Wolf, D Shelgren, N Ferns, M Halm, B Bentley, S Gosch, M L Martm, C Holrod, P Fellenz, D Epermams, M Hogue 82 9 . ' li '. V' , - v r 'far on D, iQ' 'W S' W . . R fi P' A f ' A . ' , W' . 7 g V , . . at A KX! LL . ,. ,. ,. . 06 0 o , i- N: H71 D U T A' A L BAD Q At' H 338' Q5 + , 42 Hai' 'F'--5'p ,,.,., 2' gig - mqltll 5 iff iii. 'X3"'SrU"51 ROW 1 L TOR I Opera I Nellsen R Hutter J Hrbbard I Mye F Toellner ROW 2 L TO N Aber D Brock P Bntton S Crawford L Stahl C Patnck B Dolpp B Rxck W Ehlers Cooper L Scott I Slmmonds P Snyder L Aber D Bahn D Pagano B Br1tton R Huyett Hedges I Maerten N Wergel G Werth ROW 3 L TOR Mr Shetler Dlrector V Green A Ollenblttle R Mrller B Baker C Schrelber S Harrer K Charsley R Crouch K Dunrung A Crawford R Wexss R Getty I Eberwexn D McWh1rter C Schreiber R Nlckel B Bentley Swartz B Hay P Lovegrove K Nagel N Schumacher ONA WANDA l-hgh School can mdeed be proud of the Red Warnor Band under the very able d1rect1on of Mr Mllton Shetler Thrs orgamzatlon composed of nearly 50 students cer tamly pepped up football half mme Wldl snappy Indran dances formatlons entermg around the theme of a clock and atrrbute to Sousa The March Kmg We feel fortunate to have been grven new um forms whlch added greatly to the appearance of the whole marclung l.lIl1t The maroon trousers and gray jackets are accented by gold buttons and t1e An wh1te spats so popular for fashlonable band dress Band act1v1t1es do not stop at the close of each football season In fact that IS only the begrnmngl We part1c1pate ur the Mu src Festlval wh1ch was held 1n East Aurora th1s year and have a concert of our own Many act1v1t1es keep the band members busy but we really enjoy every mmute of rt and at the same 5 tlme we are rece1v1ng valuable tralnrng for later l1fe NS TWIRLERS -4 HIS year the twlrlrng squad of the Tonawanda Red Warrlor Band con sxsted of 6 twlrlers and Dmm Majorette Judy W' Mye who very ably led the band and helped to make thrs season the most successful ever Thls past season we enjoyed present1ng new formatrons to the football fans and along Wllh the help of the student body cheered our team on to vxctory bw ....L Qr 1' 1 .ai fx., ..,.l' Wi? 1 TOR B Baker C Schrexber S Harrer I Mye A Ollenblttle V Greene R Mrller 83 tiff- 'Q if . . PM 1 ll N B -1 . ' . ' v f Z ' ' ' yn . ' ' . vly .lm 2 1 SF -i.?'1.l E 5 li. gil -' ' A Q. l R , A . -. S3 5 x cy 1 y : B, C - N f ay... fx Fw as eng ag es-A , - . , S ig qiqr ,. , L . I P A 1 f n' ,i 1 , .. , rx 1 ' - . A V f-. - or .. ' . .. hr .- ' 'Q SA. r ? AK , ,i.!,. 1 . 1, . ,mls V -1 -lf K H- - --4, MF wi y' p if V f . .- -Lv 'Q A f X' I 5 added attraction is the R.: .I ', .iz D. u . 4. .' Q' . . -D I . U ... ' S. , . , . 4 , . , . , . . . , . ' , . . D. , . . . ' . . . . . .: . . ' . . I . gf'-Zi.. nw Y R tr fps y . m - A .. ' xy ' K .. K 0 ii T A .1 1 .X . ' ' f ' - . , i D ' Y 1' A1 D ,A ' . . 1 ' ' ' I ,A . . . ' A ? , 1 V' ' ' ' , Q 1 x ,, fr l . v 5,40 1 . E L, 337. A VM 'gy' ' w A . . Q. ,l I A 4 x 4 - . ' W B " 5 S W 'Q ,- - S' ' L. .: . . . ' . . . - . . A , . , . ' . HE orchestra, under the d1rectxon of Mr Vedder, plays at many school functxons durmg the year besldes Jommg w1th the band for several Jornt evenmg concerts rn the spnng Although xt IS smaller than the band the servlces the orches tra provldes at the Chrlst mas Assembly and at Commencement and Bac calaureate make these oc cas1ons memorable ones X ORCHESTRA fx, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT D Czochara F Toellner D Rech A Crawford B Glor B Dolpp T0 AW SEATED: M.L. Kowalik M.E.Sauberan J.Sisson N.McCron M.Donato. STANDING: N.McDanie1, N.Shicsley, Mr. Deutch, advisor: J.Shine, A.Lozo, R.Russel1, B.Baker. L Hrls M Olsen IN1elsen H Colley B Rech N Aber STANDING Iwerth D Hedges R Crouch S Crawford L Scott L Aber P Schwartz M Crawford V Frank 'kypq .nn-nib L NCE agam we have a school newspaper to meet the needs of students mterested rn Joumahsm Mr Deutch, our advlsor meets wlth us weekly The Tonawanda Tattler IS really a school paper Any student regardless of year, can partlclpate rn puttlng out the lssues Snapshots, gOSS1p our rovlng reporter s column sports news, and worth whlle comments by teach ers and students hrgh hght the pages " 'L CllIB TAT -Blil- ffiliin lst ROW L TO R. Holway N Malchow C Dolpp G Mangrum E Cox F Hodge J Bacon F Kuhn T Schroeder G Kopsak K Vanthoff R Hermburg B Seitzman C Heckman 2nd ROW K Thursam R Buzby R Zrpp W House R Hall E Bowers R Large S Schofreld D Ortel W L1nton D Plant 3rd ROW Mr Small aclvrsor F Roth R Malchow I Horton I Overholt A D Orazro R Edmonds H Harder B Lrlac D Rothenburg B Blmston E Rmgler W Les ter L!f S HE "T"-Club is com- posed of all boys who have eamed a letter ' any sport. Besides doing a lot of constructlve work the boys 1n the T Club are proud to be 1ts mem bers A great deal of credlt must be attrrbuted to the T Club The boys served as momtors 1n the halls durrng lunch 1n the aud1tor1um cafeter1a and at basketball games Durmg the year the T Club obtamed a Juke box fCourtesy of Lewls MUSIC Co J for use at the dances whrch provlded some very enjoyable en tertamment Nz' f X K' " T in ' ' , . , . :P. , . , . 4. . . . , . . . , y - , . . K5 I7 A FN T as Rlfllf CLUB ff Yes K - l'a 0 . . , , ' 'I ' . I . . , . v- xy D' ' .I 7' r' , T I F' 1 l as HE R1fle Club whlch IS afftlxated wrth the jumor Nat1onalAssoc1at1on was orgamzed to teach safety and better marksmansh1p w1th a gun The club meets each Monday mght under the dxrectlon of Mr Spr1nger Other teams ln the league provlde com pet1t1on for the club A' ad L TOR lst ROW JSt Jean B Werss B Walker IMcNu1ty R Hutter JDz1na 2ndROW D Smyers T Border B Bruns K Moore L Mauer P Demrzun 3rd ROW E Sprrnger advrsor E Trayford T Robertson K Rlmer D Addams I Poole K Schmrdt 85 SPDRTSMA SHIP CDU Cll HE Sportsmanship Coun- cil consists of repre- sentatives from the school in the Niagara Frontier League. They meet twice ayear to discuss problems of the league, and to en- courage and find new ways to promote good sports- manship i.n and among the schools . The motto of the Sportsmanship Coun- cil, "GOOD Sportsmanship Counts more than the score, " can be seen in our gym and on the basketball program. It is the aim of our Sportsmanship Council to promote faimess in sports The annual a sembly program presented by this council is always tops if-"'l. L TOR SEATED M R Hewltt R Robinson L Cullen STANDING I Horton D Baldwin I Kearly ffs us 9 'a M BOOSTER ClllB ROW1 L TOR M L Kage P Smrder J Sisson N McCron E Goehry C Celentano J Shine C Hahn M M Hewitt Jwalters N Scluesley M Donato A Lozo S Uphnger N Ferris M Ackerman M Hahm G Payne J Dietzer V Mote C Kingston S Fanger ROW3 L TOR I Hanna C Holrod B McLeod L Bauer R Cole D Epermarus B Sentz P Miano C Payne M Farrell I Schnittker R Denk S Bellinger B Burgess MxssGetrnan advisor C Dammann M Link ROW4 L TOR B Muck N Miano J Strassburg C Kurkowski C Lrcht JLarsen L Henderson B Knapp P Waterstrat D Traver L Herunngham F Ehlers G Rimer M Nowark J Bloss I Kearly H Rick B Welton S Hooven C Burgess E Cramer I Nailor 86 G..- HE main purpose of the Booster Club is to pro mote better school Spirit The 171 members of the club sit together in one section at the games to assist the cheerleaders in the school cheers The club supports various other activities including the T NT Pep Rally and making posters for the pep assemblies Also the club sponsors the familiar candy assembly in which each boy is presented a box of candy for his participation on the team The able officers of the Booster Clubare pres president, Meg Carlton secretary Dorothea En zinna treasurer Jackie Shine . S - ly ' N fr D Q A 7 'P 0 Q me 'cv' QD U T ta Carleton: G. Bowers: L: Millirnab, P. Strehlow, B.Shaver, N. Sereno, Bjckerman, K. '1:ot:t. ROVll2,,L, TORS: idenl, Carol Hahng vice- Ill IOR RED CRDSS in, W .,.,,.,......q. Mrllrman secretary STANDING L TOR M1ssBell1nger advrsor C Dunrung JSarkov1tz N Aber R Crouch S Bellrnger F Hodge W Synder R Malchow I Thompson R Cole senror advrsor NIE ef-er , HE Lrbrary Club IS 4- pr1mar1ly a servrce or gamzatron Its members are constantly ardmg stu dents and facultymembers rn thelr varlous projects throughout th school year The club IS sponsored and lnstructed by the school l1brar1an Mrs M J jones The offlcers thrs year were Hazel Blowey presxdent Davld McWh1rter vlce presr dent Fa1th Madole sec retary Davld Crrssey treasurer HE second year for the junlor Red Cross Hlgh School Councrlwasa suc cessful one A record amount for the school was collected rn the annual fund ralsrng drrve spon sored by the Amencan jumor Red Cross Under the capable leadershlp of Marshall Boyler presl dent the councrl packed grft boxes and entered the lntematronal Art Exlublt Other offrcers are Pat Kramer VICS pres1dent Luan Mlllrman secre tary and Penny Strehlow treasurer M1ssBell1nger and Mr Abell are spon sors and Rae Cole IS the senlor class advlsor QX LIBRARY CllIB 2 4' SEATED L TO R J Illy D Mcwhrrrer vrce presrdem H Blowey presldent D Cnssey treasurer ROW 1, L.TO R. I Poole, P Baskey, B Zrehm, H Rick, L Mrllrman, H Holler, P Fellenz, ROW 2, L T0 R I Brown, S Weaver, D.W1sler, M Sefranek, B Myers, L Carr, J Rose, M. Frtzsrmmons 87 , ,. , v r V A ' 4 'N T 1 If .fu Q . Q 51 'NT' F N I ' Q . A . I ' 4 ' y K 3 1 . Q .., v 4 i 5' ' ' A ' ' ' " ' ,K ' V J. . . . at 1 . SEATED, L.TO R.: P.St.rehlow, treasurer, P,Kramer, vice-president, M.Boyler, president: L. I . - ' f 6 , f X if 'VN G N., O fx T P1 5 X , 1 , If W T ' ' . 1 . . . - ,,, e v v I z. . . Q , , ' Q ' R ' 5 V ' P, R5 J ' THE French Club has promoted for its mem- bers, abetter understand- ing of the French lan- guage and the French speaking people of the world. Most members of this year's club have French correspondents thus fulf1ll1ng our a1m for better understandlng of the language and the people In add1t1on we smg folk songs and play French games at th meetmgs Every meet mg 1S closed w1th a so cxal hour and refresh ments Thrs year we enjoyed a French muslcal pro gram rn the hope of gammg a better knowl edge of French music Th1s year s club as rn the past has proved to be a successful club both for enjoyment and 1f1CICaS1I'lg our knowledge llf CERCLIE FRA CAI5 FIRST ROW S Lutz R Cole H Domres C Coshway B Frye M E Sauberan D Dunn P H111 man SECOND ROW M1ss Bagdy W Ehlers D Cnssy P Fltzsrmmons B Burgess M Halm G Payne M Nowark IBloss R Denk F Rawls M Krebs ,O Ot und sur cr clus fs fgt Rv 0 S 414 HE Scrence Club 1S composed ofa group of boys mterested 1n some phase of sc1ence Each member has a project on whrch he IS workmg The a1m of these people 1S to enter the Westem New York Scrence Con gress and gaxn recogmtxon for h1s work When these members are senlors they may engage III West mghouse Scholarsh1p Competmon Axf ROW 1 L TO R B Fenn H Remus L Aber P Demmm ROW 2 L TOR H Domres D X Cnssey K Dunmng Illly ROW3 L TOR, K Rrmer D Bahn W Lester Rlufer Mr T M Hopkms advlsor 88 DRAMATICS CLUB Y P PG! rv nal. Q ROW 1 L TO R S Gosch L Hermrngham R Holway S Wolf ROW 2 L "'O R J Bloss I Rech C Draper M Sauberan B Lucsok M Donato C Godfrey P Mrano C Coshway C Hahn P Benson ROW 3 L TOR M Nowark D Epermanrs C Kurkowskr L Henderson, A 545 Lozo N Schresley M L Kage I Shme J Walters G Gurder L Mrngo, C Murray G Tomm ROW 4 L TO R A Crawford M F1tzS1mmons M Crrttenden M Lmk I Narlor S Judd I Larsen C Lrcht F Ehlers G Rrmer M Celentano R Huyett J Kearly D Shelgren L Hrls P Waterstrat L Bauer L Nlland N Ferns S Uplrnger ROW 5 L TO R N Walters K Malchow F Chequer IHorton F Kuhn R Hall F Hodge W Lester T Schroeder R Helm burg P Smrder M Gauvm R Robmson B Sentz B Knapp C Dolpp H Harder HE Student Forum flrst met on November 24 under the dlrecuon of Mr Amarante The Forum g1VeS students a chance to meet and debate ments of many current happen rngs They d1scuss such subjects as the Electron Retums Should 8 year olds be allowed to vote Is Peaceful Co ex1stence the Answer and Should Pres1dent Exsenhower run for a sec ond term The Student Forum has also had a broadcast on a WBEN panel group It has com pleted a survey of Tona wanda publrc oprnron on 1mportant questrons STUDIE T FORUM ARLY rn t.he season the Dramatrcs Club was formed The enrollment whrch consrsts of Sen1ors, juxuors and Sophomores IS well over 100 The leaders of the group are Paul I-lolway Pres1dent LCHUICC Henmngham Vrce Presrdent Sue Wolf Secretary Susan Gosch Treasurer Durmg the past year the club supervrsed many projects the most lmpor Play The members also had fun sponsormg sw1mm1ng party a dance Chnstmas carolmg and several other mterestrng pames The purpose of th club IS to grve people wrth the same rnterests a chance to develop the1r talents Everybody rn the club shouldprofltby gam mg self conf1dence and pO1Se It S beena year of terr1f1c fun f SEATED, L TO R Mr Amarante, advrsor, M Carleton, B Fenn, general charrman, D Crrssey, ,ax secretary, S Harrer, R Huyett STANDING, L TO R K Rrmer, R Lamm, D Pagano, D Dunn, GQ P Demmln, P Hrllman, D Mcwhrrter Q Y? 89 Lf, YZ ft ' tl T O E S 2 is ' ' fl if 2 C r fl Q1 fy C 5 - M I U ' , , Qi " F-7 1 , FA V ' , -V I D Q . l . p P r ....... -f. f ' , ug 1 - I . -,,, V w A, ,, . v . - I n " tant being the Christmas EN. 1 A ' . 0 f . . a u , , Life , . A . , . .2 '. , . ll, . 4 '. . . - I . . b, . . .. I .p . . .n , . E . A , . . e IQOQ , . - .. . ,I . , - , . . . , . T. ' , Lf t - l " 1- ' - l HE j C L IS s on sored by M1ss Major The purpose of fh1S club rs to promote an mterest rn the classrcs The I C L has had several meetmgs durmg the year A program per tammg to the Cl3SS1CS 1S presented at each meet mg After the program a soclal hour IS enjoyed Plans are berng made to make money whrch w1ll be donated to some worthy cause The off1cers are Charles Schrerber Presrdent Mary Ruth Hewrtt Vrce Presldent Rlta Robrnson Secretary Debby Traver Treasurer 'K 1 ' U 5,1 SEATED L TO R N Zefferys I McCormick T Hrggms R Robrnson C Schrerber M R Hew :tt D Traver P Smxder G Rxmer P Button L Hxls ROW 2 L TO R W Chase W Ernst R Jufer M Wambsganss R Huyett S Harrer P Mrano B Knapp S Brertenbach I Kearly I Reck M1ss Ma Jor advlsor T H S NOTES ATHHETIC ASSOC if-3 an T H S Notes a full account of school Jrm Horton and Manlyn Crrrtenden f news wntten by Adele Crawford and Rae Cole lS pubhshed weekly ln the TONAWANDA NEWS ARILYN CRITTEN DEN and Jrm Horton were this year s repre sentauves of the Tona wanda l-hgh School Ath leuc Assocratron Thrs assocratron 1S comprised of the school board ath let1c coaches andthe stu dent representatrves of Tonawanda Hrgh It es tablishes rules and regula uons for d1SC1pll1'l8 and conduct of players and helps solve any athletrc problems that mrght arrse AK 1 R 1' ,Br CH ROW 1 L TO R G Gu1der S Brertenbach S Wolf L Hennmgham S Turtle L Nrland HE jr Varsrty th1s year was really a great help to the Varsrry Along w1th S Wrll who was absent when the plcture was taken they really made a sharp lookmg squad They cheered the j V BasketballTeam on togreatsuccess They ve been a real add1t1on our school HIS year our peppy Vars1ty Cheerleaders started out w1th the ad d1t1on of two new Squadders L Hennmg ham andS Brertenbach Durmg the football sea son they along wrth the B squad s help led the school m cheers and songs every Frrday after noon A cheerleaders job IS not only cheermg but also helpmg at the van ous sport banquets and takrng part 1n the candy assemblres The grrls have also helped to pro mote better Sportsman shlp both 1n our own and 1n nerghborlng schools The cheerleaders would lrke to take th1s opportumty to thank Mrs C Fenwrck our sponsor mgly the past year w1th pep assernblres and serv mg at the banquets We owe Mrs Fenwlck our gratltude if B SQUAD ROW 1 L TO R R Robmson K Root S Gosch ROW 2 L TO R J Walter L Thomas I L ' ' "A Q' ,, who has helped us untirl 9,3 I ' - . 6 . , 4 Q ,. ,, ' ' to Wesrphal,.M.G:-ruvin.. . ' . . I ' . .1 I . ' l . Mrs Rockett ADVISOR MAGAZINE SME SEATED L TOR. G Gmder P Demmm M Ulnch M Ekrss STANDING L TO R I Horton S Bellmger P Wallace R Hall P Waterstrat B Lucsok D Crxssey A Crawford HIS year s magazlne sale was a b1gger success than any prevxous one The sales totaled approxlmately 56000 Asa hlghlrght of the sale as assembly was glven The prxzes were awarded to the deservrng winners In all a total of over S100 1n cash and a rad1o were presented A theater party was grven for Mr Carruba s homeroom and Mlss Buck s homeroom wh1ch were hlghest The Semor Class IS deeply mdebted to Mrs Rockett who gave untlrmgly of her ume and energy The entlre class Jolns Wlf.I'I the sales manager and the commxttee ln grving her a well eamed vote of thanks Lf' 65' P Demmm C HAIRMAN T Rutkowsk1 HIGH SALESMAN R Vanthoff SECOND PLACE WINNER A Howland RADIO WINNER 92 I v i' 1,. 'L 5 ' S ex I 'iii Vw"- . . : . ' . . '. . ' . . ' . . . .2 . , . ' . . , . , . , . , . ' . T ' ' ' 1 ' ' . . Jw . K wif . , . . K ag , . . . I M -fi' . f w' 4 fag gf, 3, . W, NV Us 1 'V Ou I fu 3 x-. k , 3 Xafn -" SPDRTS . 1 ' , s 1 - , VARSITY DOT 38' Six ROW 1 L TO R T D Orazro F Hodge I Overholt C Dolpp H Harder E Bowers R Edmonds R Malchow D Plant ROW 2 L TO R G Mangrum E Rmgler D Krueger B Blmston I Bacon N Malchow D Hermburg C Newman J Murray ROW 3 L TO R B Lrlac D Ortel D Wrlke K Vanthoff T Schroeder D Rothenberg T Smrth B Buzby ROW 4 L TO R F Roth J Bedell P Holway J Horton I Kearley G Kopcsak W House K Thursam B Lester ROW 5 L TO R G Sreffms R. HE 1954 Red WQIIIOIS who weren t expected to do much accordrng to the pre season prcks really upheld therr school trad1t1on by showm outstandlng perseverance and ab1l1ty Through fortltude and determ1nat1on the WRHIOIS were le to land 1n 4th lace ln the league standrngs T H S s overall record cons1sted of four wms and four losses hrs lncludes a tough loss to non leaguer Jamestown wh1ch game was played rn a blmdmlgl snowstorm Tonawanda Hrgh School s ground attack probably was one of the best m Red Warnor story They had one of the best balanced back flelds 1n the N1a ara Front1er League All of the Warrlor losses were of one touchdown or less w1th the exce tron of e Kenmore game The 1ghl1ght of the year was the annual T NT ame rn wh1ch every player played h1s heart out Th1s game could have been anybody s game but T pulled th1s one out by the sl1m margm of an extra pornt Th1s w1ll never be forgotten and w1ll always be remembered as one of the greatest 1n the senes wh1ch had been a Uadltron for the past 42 years The mr hty array of Red Warrrors was led by Captam Hank Harder all NFL tackle Ed Bowers all NFL ha tback and 3rd rn the league m the scormg race 318011111 Horton one of the fmest quarter backs 111 T H S hrstory and jack Overholt second team selectron for all NFL guard These are but a few of the many talented boys who represented T H S so valrantl T H S boasted a very strong offensrve un1t too spearheaded by ruce Blxnston Charl1e Dolpp B1ll Lester Fred Hod ohn Bacon Bob Power and Don Plant Great credlt should go to the offensrve backfreld men as wel H S w1th 1ts Bob Buzby Fred Roth and T1rn Smrth boasted as fxne a hard runnrng tr1o of backs as any team rn the league T H S boasted a very tough defensrve unrt also whrch was almost 1mposs1ble at umes to penetrate Outstandln bo s 1n the defenslve unlt were Tony D Oraz1o D1ck and ea Malchow Ron Edmonds Ed R1ngler Doug Rothenberg George Mangram and jack Bedell The krckoff duues were shared by sophomore George Kopsac who also played well on defense and reserve center Ken Thursum who frlled 1n capably for the xnjured Blame Lrlac at the begrnnrng of the season T H S senxor center Blame L1lac after shakmg off pre season rnjunes came through very capably and played hrs regularly consxstent f1ne game Twenty boys played t.he1r last ame for T H S They are john Bacon Bruce Blxnston d Bowers Bob Buzby Charl1e Dolpp Tony D Oraz1o Ron Edmonds Ca tam Hank Harder D1ck Heimburg Fred Hodge Paul Ho way jrm Horton B111 House B111 Lester Blame L1lac Drck Malchow Bob Power Ed Rxngler Ted Schroeder and Kerth Vanthoff Also much credrt lS due to the T H S very excellent HEAD COACH coachmg staff wluch cons1sted of head coach Mr Small our CAPTAIN C Small very capable lxne coach Mr Lawler freshman coach Mr H Harder Amarante and-I V coach Chuck Ramsay We bid farewell to the bo s who played their last games for T H S They all dxd a 1ne job and we w1sh them all luck and success 1n the years to come 94 J " H L be 2 ' J , , .ly Q Ay , , . '-" ' -. -- -B t-,s-s,.t - rv re -arg, M i . . ' P" Ln, kg' " va. 'i 'Q . I.- M. W sd Y . H ' 1.-l " 5.2 V y T W l 1 . .:.',...',. ,. ,. ,.',. . ..-.:., . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . . , . .: . , Czorhata, D.Zett1e, R,Shiesley, , . 5. . - - is y. . B ' , , . . . . 1 get 2 . l . . . . . . - . - D . , , , . . y . . . . . . . . . , , B it Y - ' , . , . , , . 7 I I . . . . , , - . . . : A I I I. 7 E I U 7 A , , , F . ! I . I ' 7. I 7 1 . 7 ! Y . 1 A , , . - , . . , . Bl-lll I.V. '- I ,..r- ' ls' QQ A.. ROW 1 L TOR G Steffens A Kantor I Carney C Strehlow R Czochara I McCorm1ck K Burgxn N Zefferys R Ross J Penvose I Mangrum ROW 2 L TOR I Clark D Baldwm I Hawley A Howland D Adams P Ballmg R Wrllrams T Pams H Carlson ROW 3 L TO R R Walker L Weatherbee J Farrel D Normanden H Keem I Thompson D Zettel R Jufer ROW 4 L TO R R Brannon R Rhodes Tonawanda Tonawanda Tonawanda Tonawanda LINE COACH H Lawler W J V COACH Ramsey VARSITY 1954 SCORES THEY Tonawanda Tonawanda Tonawanda Tonawanda FRESHMA FO0TBAll 6 Jamestown 9 fNonLeague by forfextj 1 Nlagara Falls 20 1 Kenmore 6 LaSalle YT' carolmd 1 H VO 4:54 5 ROW 1 L TO R R Hutter L Mohr L Tunsk A Amarante coach R Shresley F Thompson D Baker G Innes ROW2 L TOR J Wallace I Hxnkey D Fahmer T Tuck P Magans G Lrndaman J Sarkovlcs ROW 3 L TOR M MacDonald K Hartman P Helf D Hamer H Ackerman B Walsh P Haendnges W Mclure L Keller 95 THEY La cka wa nna Trott Lockport NT HS sf' -1- '52 FRESHMAN COACH A Amarante "' I EQUIPMENT F Murphy ' . " v I , 2 I .'N I4 9: A3 , vvs vvs - ' 21 7 3 ' 20 7 2 27 20 18 14 6 7 I :rf A , 4! ,g- .v, f., Q M- ,yy. d,nlN .Km . 7 sl 7, Eg Q29-. Q I 'glfw I if 4'-Vi 4 Q I X 6 MFE 1' 1 W 7 I 'Q - If A 1 -Calif' 4 - 1, A - ' ' 1 ' 1 ,f - f ' I 'HS VARSITY BASKET ROW 1 L TO R F Hodge R Hall ROW 2 L TO R D Plant R Ross W Llnton R Large R Zrpp ROW 3 L TO R F Kuhn K Thursam ROW4 L TOR F Roth COACH H Lawler TOUGH league was the ma1n obstacle for the great deterrnlned 55 Red Warrlors Lack of herght was the ma1n factor 1n most of the tough Red Warrlor losses Agam th1s year T H S had the handlcap of bemg the smallest team ln the league Desplte th1s factor the Warrlors came t.hrough w1th some thrlllmg well deserved v1ctor1es Thls agaln proved that under the careful tutelage of Coach Harry Lawler Tonawanda was able to hold thelr own 1n one of the toughest leagues ln New York State Offset by some heartbreaklng losses were the great wms over our arch rlval N T anda great upset over Lackawanna Throughout the season sp1r1t and frght were the factors that led the team to tts dectslve wms Wlth two of the outstandlng scorers 1n the league Don Plant and Fred Roth the team showed a terr1f1c scormg punch whlch made them 3rd rn the league offenslvely Much can be attrxbuted to a well rounded offensxve unlt led by Co capta1ns D1ck Hall and Fred Hodge ably supported D1ck Z1pp Fred Kuhn and Bob Large Our bench strengt.h an lmportant factor for any team was supplred by B1ll Lmton Ken Thursam Bob Ross p from J V s late rn the season also drd thelr part Bob Large D1ck Zxpp Fred Kuhn and Captalns Fred Hodge and D1ck Hall w1ll leave a great gap ln our athletlc armor when they are separated from the school by gradua t1on 1n june The 1955 team would llke to express therr appreclatlon to the cheerleaders the student body the faculty and Coach Lawler for the1r ever present help throughout the season 96 CO CAPTAIN D Hall WF CO CAPTAIN F Hodge l , . .: . . . . , . .1 . . . . .' , . . . ' . . . .: . , . . . . .: . . . , . . A r ' , , . rg ,. , h 6 . . . A , A 'ff 1 ' . . ,. r- , v at t,lr , K ! ' I C" 1 I l 1 - - . W, L. 19" . . . - D D A I I . Y Y ' 3 I I ' ' ' , , , ul , . . . 1 ' y 1 . n n I I K ,- t , , - ROW 1 L TO R R Sh1esley A Kantor J Bedell C Patnck M Wambsgnass G Steffens ROW 2 L TOR G Innes BOYS V0llEYBAll MANAGER H Keern plum COACH Ui R Sm1th MANAGER ROW 1 L TOR B Blmston I Horton R Schm1dt ROW 2 L TO J Czochara R R Hall R Large F Hodge T Schroeder 97 B A Iv l I 4 vo rv l -. , 4 K ' Q w , Q! L, R Q 4 I L K K R ...:.',. .. ,.',. ,. . ,..:G. Schmidt, D.Short, G.Krajna, J.Penvose, R, Mumford, W.Eh1ers, J.Wa1lace, C.A1bee, N.Zefferys, L.Turisk, P.l-Ielf, i Q , V . , . I . . 'T 1- .c 1 Lfk ' I -9 I 0 ' A 1 VARSITY SW Nl 98903 CAPTAINS L TO R R Powers E Bowers , Q RA asm., ' ROW 1 L TO R J Bacon w Snyder R Powers E Bowers I Thompson R Buzby ROW 2 L TOR I Pxerson D Rothen burg R W11ke R Ohman ONAWANDA Hlgh s verslon of the 1954 55 sw1mm1ng team was truly a great one Led by co captams Ed Bowers and Bob Powers th1S team again ended 1n the f1ISl d1v1s1on Ed sw1m mmg the 50 and 100 yard free style altemately except for one drsqualrflcauon went undefeated all year Along wlth Bowers B111 Snyder lmproved very fast and contmued throughout the year to defeat all competruon 1n the N F L He swam the 200 yard free style " 98 - O . 4 , . 'WY' N 2 0? W ,W , .' D .: .i , '. A ,.:. ' I , '. . . an y , . R , . . K' 3 AW.. li E , . B ffl n or B :'. I , - 0 I .V . , . D . , , ' , D ' 'Y ' , L l in i i fy , . . V' A 'V ,N .xl . . . ffynyrvrgxx .K J No nf N V ,qi Cx , I h 1 fi 3 ' C53 T, X L 3315, .ini 5 . f lf- - H :Peg , M G Mm FN ROW 1 L TOR F Bradly F Thompson K Charsley ROW 2 L TOR D Baldwln R Bmks W Tamer R Walker P Kramer H Person ROW 3 L TOR C Blxnston C Strehlow D Dusenbury P l-laendrges D Scott I Ebenrvem N Walters Led by Coach Ed Lelblllgel' many of T H S s mermen helped to g1Ve us a w1nn1ng season These mclude Bob Buzby Bob Power and jack Bacon swlmmmg the 50 free Bob Ohman 1n the breaststroke D1ckW1lke who w1th many close races should have gone undefeated ID the backstroke , andjlm Pearson I Tuck S Wulf also IH the backstroke On the d1v1ng board t.h1s year showmg graceful form were Steve Kowallk and Ken Burgln All 1nd1cat1ons polnt to the fact that we w1ll contmue to have E Lexbmger Coach T McDermott Manager agreat swlmrnmg team next year w1th Snyder Ohman Wllke Burgm Kowallk remammg to form the nucleus of the squad VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES IV SWIMMING SCORES N Tonawanda Lockport Nlagara Falls LaSalle Kenmore N Tonawanda Lockpon Nlagara Falls Kenmore LaSalle THEY N Tonawanda Lockport Nxagara Falls LaSalle Kenmore N Tonawanda Lockport Niagara Falls Kenmore LaSalle THEY 5 gh L '-.:r I I 4 vo ll" I "' , K F ' 5 I x Y s . 5 , X ! YS- "bn ' 'E Y' -A 1. 2 H 1 I K' 1 Q ' . ' . . A .4 ' 44 R 3 , I p ' b fr xi... 1 ' 9 Lf I l it I W. 1 I K ' -4 fmltr we we 2 I l , 19 47 , 12 54 ' 37 29 39 27 'Q ' 1 A 40 26 ' 33 29 , 1 Y 58 7 59 14 f of , 22 44 22 44 ' K fi ' I 23 43 , 10 55 1 ' 3 44 22 51 15 'ff 7' - 25 41 ' 29 37 .Y P x x x x A I ', ' ib ffw x x x x 1 I, ' K, 1'- 'Qf-E 4 ' A-H 'R B 99 VARSITY BASEBAH ROW 1 L TO R T Camann F Kuhn M Eberwem B Brenon G Bunker B Blrnston ROW 2 L TO R G Murphy I Kearly I Overholt B Srtzman W Overholt E Bowers F Hodge ROW 3 L TO R P Wolf W Taylor C Heck man I-I Kagelmacher E Cox D Hermback G Schlmschack R Zrpp -ngbanx 55 100 HE 1954 Red Warr1or nme drsplayed great team work heh1nd captarn B111 Brennon Gene Murphy and Dan Helmback helped to lead the spmted team Thexr outstandmg w1ll to wm typlcal of all T H S teams was a mamstay rn the1r team play Perhaps the b1ggest thnll came when lrttle Frrtz Kuhn properly stepped to the mound and for seven rnnmgs set each LaSalle player down WIYIIOUI a hrt Thrs great feat was accompamed by the shuung success achleved by the strong rlght ann of Ed Cox whowon3of4gameswonbyT H S Cox and Kuhn co captams w1ll lead the 1955 team along wlth these lettermen. FredHodge Ed Bowers Gary Sclumshack Bruce Blmston B111 Lmton B1ll Sltzman and Chub Heckman T . . . ."- Q. 1 , - H. Y ' I, , .:,4 1 1 I y Q D TENNIS fizml.. ROW 1 L TO R H Samo R Ryan A Francrs D Holler D Zrpp D Schmexchel D Heimburg ROW 2 L TO R Mr Smrth R Murry D Kreuger P Kreuger B Buzby C Hall H Ferguson I Westphal C Strehlow D Brown HE 1954 tennis team, coached by Mr Smlth captured the N F L champ1onsh1p Its only loss was to N T 1n the f1rst round Tonawanda s doubles team, Art Francrs and Don Holler gamed a frrst rn the AAA d1v1s1on of Sect1on VI R1cha.rd Ryan represented Tona wanda 1n the AAA srngles competruon Art Francrs, Don Holler and Rrch Ryan w1ll be very much mlssed, but Mr Smlth IS thor oughly confrdent that hrs team can agam thrs year tum rn a good performance Tonawanda s returrung lettermen are D1ck Zrpp Don Schmerchel, Hans Samo, and D1ck Hermburg 's 55153 0 '40,- We hope that the 55 season wrll O' O., l1ve up to the years before and brmgT H S another champion- QI f".:j1A! ship . 1. """9' Captam D Holler Coach R Smrth s Cl Q. ,J .4-f-+ 31? 101 ILML. ,::.-.f ff-v - fn '1'7.-:ff -Lal rn ,,,.,.-'Q-Ya rj-:QL . ff.,-fefff'---'L L f"xM'.:'1'.44:?f:: Vi TRACK KH-K ROW 1 L TO R M Boyle! L Godleske I Roche C SChl'Clbe1' K Burgin ROW 2 L TOR I Stahca L Scott N Malchow R Malchow I St Jean F Bradly D Zettel ROW 3 L TOR G Ienkms C Albee D Rech K Freer E Sereno H Harder M Wambsganss K Vanthoff T Schroeder C Kalger Mr Amarante coach ifn he COACH A Amarante NDER the1r new coach Anthony Amar ante the 1954 Track team showed that they had the a.b1l1ty to hold thelr own IH a really tough league Ed Sereno who was really the all round track star w1ll be an 1nsp1rat1on for the team of 1955 Letter men who are returnlng to bolster thxs year s team are Don Ortel Hank Harder and Drck Malchow 102 CAPTAIN E Sereno GIRlS' V0llEYBAll L TOR BCrispin B Meyers MF1tzS1mmons M Nedell D Chase P Murphy HIS year the Glrls Intramural Volleyball teams had a very excrtrng season In the jr Sr d1v1s1on there was a three way t1e among the teams led by D Eperman1s M Nedell and P Bumgasser D Evans team rexgned v1ctor1ous 1n the Freshman Sophomore D1v1s1on Congratulatlons go to them for berng undefeated BADMI TON A D TABLE TENNIS W olf S Turtle UE WOLF and Sharon Turtle are last year s badmmton champs Thls year they wrllbe faced w1th keen competltron as they try to mamtam therr champlon shrp Last year there was a t1e for the table tenms champronshrp between Sue Harrer and Leatnce Hennmgham They also are faced wlth much competluon We wlsh these gals luck' Mrss McPh1lmy 103 S Harrer L Hennrngham GIRlS VARSITY BASKETBAH ,..4'4L.r .nu- ROW 1 L TOR P Watersrrat L Henmngham M Crmenden L Nlland ROW 2 L TOR H Holler I Walters B Luscok S Uplrnger S Gllmore M F1tzS1mmons ROW3 L TOR H Bermger R Hamblet P Hy A Crawford P Murphy I Nerlsen HIS year the Varsrty Basketball Team was composed largely of Seruors wrth a few jumors 1n there for support They have week ly practrce and are 1n top condrtlon to compete w1th area schools Congratulatlons glrlsl You d1d very well 'ine .A' ROW 1 L TOR B Hahn D Grosskopf P Kublc M Sereno ROW 2 L T0 R I Osborne P Mlano D Traver P Murphy S Travrs ROW 3 L TO R I Walters P Murphy L Henningham A Crawford S Gamty 104 HIS year there was keen compeutlon on the basket ball court There were srx teams formed rn the Jumor Senlor d1v1s1on and erght rn the Frosh Soph d1v1s1on The referees for these games were R Hamblet P Hy G Gulder P Murphy J Nerlsen P Fellenz S Garnty J Goetz B Burgess S Grlmore L Flegl andB Myers 1 N ' ' Aw, ,axmv ' X I TR!-lNlllRAl CAPTAINS 5OFTBAll ROW 1 L TO R L Niland S Turtle G Gulder P Fellenz C Holrod S Uplrnger R Hamblet ROW 2 L TO R N McDan1e1 D Chase M Nedell J Nerlsen M Cnttenden P Waterstrat L Hennmgham S Wolf M Fxtzsrmmons NCE agam thrs year the grrls under the dlrectxon of Mrss Mc Phrlmy formed a Varsrty Softball team This team IS made up of Junlor and semor grrls who have drsplayed above average Sklll rn l'.h1S sport In the sprmg the group plays teams from varlous area schools AST year s Shuffleboard Champs were Sue Wolf Mary Ellen Murphy Marrlyn Cnttenden and Shxrley Up llnger These g1rls are hop mg to remarn vrctornous thrs year However therers much rnterest and they w1ll have to be on Lherr toesl SHllFFlEBOARD L TOR M Cnuenden M E Murphy S Uplinger 105 - i f X - U ', 3 L M xp .. ' ' 1 5 P is .i fx X , . .: . . . , . ' , . . . . . ' , . . . . .: 1 . I ' I 4 I 9 . 1 0 D O I l I ' I ' ' O ' ' , . X ' 5 u f ' A L X y f Y I Y - x ' ' X - y , f . .: . ' . - - . - - GIRlS SWIMMI G HE Grrls Swrm mmg Teams are made up of the best -4 r..,..4.. ,,l,4,,,l swlmmers 1n each a.......... class They have mtramural meets dur mg the year to get rnto condluon for the annual Swlmmrng meet w1th three area Ov schools Th1s year the senrors defrmte A A A ly showed superronty over the other classes The captarns for the drfferent teams are as follows Freshmen Wrenke Wmkler Sophomores IN WATER L TO R M Olsen N Mote M Lrnk I Murphy B Newman I Wxlke I Potts Wehrllng, Rl1SS6ll S Gamty P Waterstrat R Robrnson M Croll, B DeGlopper M Barberio ROW 1 L TO R B Hall L Wells, L Wells L Winkler S Nepokroff P Hy, I Mye G Russell B Meyers ROW 2 L TOR D Tyx I Popp N Sexfert L Nrland C Holrod D Epermams I Walters B Warn ing J Hasklll S Lovegrove N Zuchowslu C Coshway M Ackerman ROW 3 L TOR B SSIIIOIS Glor J Kearly S Srlvashy G Rrmer D Traver, P Mrano L Hennxngham M Sauberan, M Guide!-Y Eklss F1tzSrmmons S Wienke B Hahn M Halm P Kubic ROW4 L TOR J Maloney P Button Junrors Murphy De Glopper S Harrer C Schrerber M Norwark L Mrllxman P Benson, I Wasula S Brertenbach G Bowers B Rech HE Grrls Athletrc Assocratron IS composed of all glrls who have eamed a m1n1mum of 500 pomts rn extra curncular actrvrtres For 500 pomts they recerve a small T When a glrl recerves 2000 pomts or over, she recelves a whrte coat sweater and a medal The purpose of thrs orgamzatron 1S to promote better sportsmanshlp ln glrls sports GAA ROW 1 L TO R N McCron M Donato Walters G Gurder R Cole G Bowers B Ben son B Myers I Shrne ROW2 L TOR G Russell J Wrlk ITaylor C.Barnard D Enzmna L Flegl S Ott M Walsh M R Hewltt M L Kage ROW 3 L TOR P Water-strat L Hennrngham I Mye D Epermanrs P Hy S Judd R Robmson R Toellner G Rxmer M Nowark ROW4 TOR S Harrer P Murphy F Karas C Gold P Farrell M Crlttenden M F1tzS1m mons R Hamblet, H Bermger P Marlatt ROW 5 L TO R F Ehlers, C Lrcht H H01 ler C Hahn C Holrod, S Uplrnger P Lough rey C Draper I Ott, P Brrtton ROW 6 L TO R M Greenwood L ,mms Nrland M E Murphy P X Wallace, B Lucsok S Wolf B Crlspln M Nedell D Chase ROW7 L TOR. C Kurkowskl I Murphy I Kear ly L H115 N Andrews S Brertenbach P Mrano M Crawford L Wells L Wells S Kampe ROW 8 L TOR M Rother S Grlmore J Nrelsen I Muck D Herrmann C Murray L Mmgo D Taylor C Homer ROW 9 L TOR I Pfanner S Gosch S Turtle K Root UF Au. LL l06 ,r,a ., , A V 1 V ... Q,,.,....t . '---we---M - ----4 4 w - - . .I I . s , . . . A A .,J,, X .V f f . .- I A A . -' I U . O O 6 , . ..: . . . ,I. . 1:-XXX I .g . no n I Ig n , I Quallty Clothes For Hen and Boys 38 40 Webster Street N Tonawanda Phone LU 1500 Congratulations to the Senior Class May Your Future Be Successfll' RIVER ROAD LUMBER CO INC Henry Hllferdlng River Road and Schenk LU 2111 North Tonawanda CROWN AGENCY INC Organz zed 1890 No l Sweeney Building NORTH TONAWANDA N Y B Crown Holler Presudent PcuIF Peter Vlce President ARTHUR C SPRINGER Insurance Real Estate Bonds 5 OPP fewelrjf Shoppe Diamonds Sterllng Sl Iver Crystal Watches China 9 Niagara Street Tonawanda N Y HUMPHREY VANDERVOORT Phone JA 0034 E1ghty two years 1n lnsurance servzce 1n the fonawandas 1873 1955 Comphment s SPAULDIN G FIBRE COMPANY Incorporated ARTHUR T OTT Pharmac1st 24 Young Street Tonawanda N V Y O, I 7 ' ' Office Phone JA 5252 35 YOUNG ST. Phone JA. 0380 3 C 85 of , .Y 108 MAIN CERAMIC STUDIO c 1 S ppl JA 4820 I70 MAIN ST JOHN C BELTZ CO c 1 NEUMAN MOTORS INC IO25 Het IA e B ffolo N Y c 1 MATTI-IIES MILK WALLA CE fE WELR Y 56 M C 1 WULFS BOTTLING WORKS MAC S SERVICE M 8-Mo gon u JA 9763 C pl ADELAJDE .IHOP BR 4185 C t W pp DEMLERS N o I2l Ben Krueger CENTZKE MARKET MEAT POULTRY GROCERIES ho JA kso 3020 c 1 ROSE ICE COMPANY LEES FURNITURE CO t 50M Set do NY o e JA 4855 C pl SURPLUS CENTER I6 Young St D I JA kso 2810 C 1 Charter f Ham 29 Delc e A e GOLDE PACKING COMPANY MOBIL SERVICE omp iments of Instruction the Q u ies omp iments of omp iments of re v . u , . . omp iments of ain Sf. , Tonawando, N.Y. D om iments of am r Tonow ndc, N.Y. Greeting ards Gifts Compliment Gif ra ings of I Tonowundo, ew Y rk JA 6 omp iments of P ne: c n - om iments of Bet er Furniture For Less ain fr e Tonawan , . . Ph n : io c n omp iments I . of war v . Tonowondc, N.Y. 109 ME N 005 5' XJ .Bibi-W ww Qi, ongralfu afwrw f My raJuafe5 0 1955 ll if N--v SIGMA PI RHO SORORIT Y NU CHAPTER .f 'Ol 'Q- 110 4. Y f ,Ai Mylef W foyce PUBLIC ACCOUZVYAJVT REAL ESTATE BROKER NORTH TONAWANDA N Y IA 4012 IA 6600 AUDITS-BOOKKEEPING-TAX SERVICE RANBURN CO. INC. Paper Boxes TONAWANDA,N Y Compliments of CUTT'S HOTEL Cowp11ments of HAR VEYS DR UG STORE NORTH TONAWANDA N Y BETTYS Vhere lomen love to Shop BETTY S SMART SHOPPE ll Mann St Compl1ments of Flks LIJF NORTH TONAWANDA LODGE Benevolent and Protectuve Order of Elks JANKES SHOE STORE Dealer rn F1ne Footwear Phone LU 3970 40 Young Street Compl1ments of THE SUGAR BOWL NORTH TONAWANDA N Y EDNA S BEA U TY SHOP 66 Young St Tonawanda ha1r styl1nn Permawents lla1r cutt1n6 LU 597l 4 Speclaltv ROSE COAL Sz BUILDERS SUPPLY CO 217 Oliver Street North Tonawanda N Y Oompllments of BUFFALO PUMPS INC NORTH TONAWANDA PARSONS DR UG STORE Prescrlptzons 4re he Wackhone Of Our usrness JA 3830 40 42 Mann St Tonawanda Open EVGHIHQS Phone L' 4 Radlos Ranges OllHeaters Refrlgerators Mattresses Bed Sprlngs Baby Cribs Hugh Chalrs S J PAUL 74 Webster St North Tonawanda Compl1ments of ROBERT GAIR COZILIPANY INC Tonawando Boxboarcls Dlvrslon CHARLIE S SHOE REPAIR Zlppers Repa1red and replaced 23 Young Street Tonawonda ST URM S Il E CREAM ome made Ice Cream and Wyrlme Tlre Sc B1ru-try SCIVICC d ome made randy Young an Delaware Streets 143 MCIIH St Tonawanda Tonawanda N Y Phone JA 3086 1 ' . 3 I l K2 ff 'J I I I , . . , . N , .4 V - 860 ' J , ' L 5 35 Laurel Electric Sc Mattress CO. ' ' T ki , A . - - . - . . J - , - ' ' ,T I , A . . .J L 1 ' .1 ' - ., . 'I I s u 112 C O V G R A T U L A T I O Y S G R A D U A T E S As we have for the past years So will we an The future Serve You Best TWIN TON DEPARTMENT STORE ZETA ETA P51 CLUB MILLER DRUG INC NU CHAPTER Q Xb Conqritulatzons Ur rwduvtcs For Pre9ct1pt1onS Free Dellvery l88O 67 Mann St Tonawanaa GCOfgl'lIl Bax Lumber Co nc NORTH TONAWANDA N CER ITIFIED PINAJVCE C 0 INC I9 Mann Street over Koenig s Tonawanda New York Dual LUdlow 5440 Complunents of ELMER R WEBB EXCAVATING Phone Grand Island BR 3095 113 Of , . ' LU 1 ' . I xvfxes 'P 6 ,V S670 In 7 I Of, E , " ' Q E Rxooe 'PDS T -X50 c , .Y. QW 06 A X 06 Z E T W f A A 45 1 , ., . 6 J' Q Nl -S50 y . . , OXO Pe, X I QOK 1 I r T I T . ' G . . , l l , Ka li " KAHN 5 New York sfore hew 0 M0-F6 Tonawondo Incorporated 49 MAIN ST TONAWANDA Compllments f IOI Oliver Sf North Tonowonda N Y N Spec1al rates for partie? Products of Convcs JA 9883 North Tonowondo N Y HOCK S FLOWLR JHOP Complvnents No Toncwando N Y W WOOLWORTH CO Phone JA 5426 IDLE I-IOUR INN TOWN TAVERN E R R cI G dll d ost wer oo mn Son Johnny Swlsfon8- Bronk Sedlocek P1cn1c fac1l1t1es Flne Foo ls Compllmentq BRudge 4377 LINDY S RI STAURANT 'l'I'IE CRAMER HARDWARE CO. INC 26 WEBSTER STREET NORTH TONAWANDA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES N 114 aw! of I 7 1 , , , o ' ' ' ., I C. , . . of I84-196 Zimmerman Sf. F. - . , . . ' of I 0 Tix- , .,..A - ' 'P A P TAU DELTA GAMMA Joyce Rhodes Lynn Cullen Judy Mye Ruth Hcmblet Dace Epermanls Marilyn Crittenden Shirley Fanger CONGRATULATES GRADUATES Helen Berunger Judy Ott Myrna Fltzslmmons Wanda Henderson Lols Benthm Carol Kingston Alncna Lozo Congratulat 1ons Class of I955 BEGOLE CHEVROLET CORP 27 Mann St N Tonawanda BEGOLE USED CAR MART I2 Delaware St Tonawanda When you bry yo rr f1rst Car be sure and bly Chevrolet Britton 5 Radio 84 Televasron Servnce All Makes Dealer RCA, Admurol and Motorola Phone LU 3922 I8I Wnllan 1 Street Tonawanda New York JUSTICE MOTORS INC GOODWILL USED CARS CADILLAC AND PONTIAC 75 Mann St North Tonawanda N Y LU 2170 WILL BERT SPORTS SI-IOP Your Fun 19 Ou' UQIFICSS 75 South Nuagara JACI-cson 3526 A HEARING AID IS A MARK OF INTELLIGENCE It Shows Consxderauon For Others 9? IULV ST JA ???? g Fuses ur- d F I Certljled Hearms A -11.d4ud1olog1st . . ' 1 0 . - . . , . . . . . .r G I T l c , - . . , . . 1 I - I ' ' ' 1 ' ' - I ,. . . . 1, . Learn lho Fans about , A , , . . ', benor hesrin . no Q Hearing Ai uns. Vlri e today. - - - - I K 1 115 Compllments f N W KILLIAN S STATION Grove and Delaware Str eets CQ TONAWANDA N Y EROQUOIS KEG BIRCH Mode ln Eughth Quo Kooler Kegs BEER rter Half a 297 Mom St LU 0704 nd Tonowondo N Y ESCO LUMBER NC 197 Mom Street 3740 North Tonowancla ALVIN I-I STALEY Barber Shop 210 Mom Street Tonowondo New York SCHREIBER Sc LAMP Phone LU 0182 Hoy Flour Feed Clover Seeds Gram Tlmothy and 50 Young St Toncwondc N ALLAN HERSCHELL CQMPAN Manufacturers of AMUSEMENT RIDES NORTH TONAWANDA N Y YNC Complz ments of G C MURPHY CO 56 58 Webster St N Ton awonda N OTT CLEANERS Tbnawanda s Fznest Dry Cleaners Phone JA 1371 18 Brood Street Tonowoncla PAPKE MOLL DAIRY 258 YOUNG STREET Phone LU 1453 Oualzty Footwear FRED W FICK 6: SON so WEBSTER STREET UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY WALTER W. WITTE, Monoger 2nd Floor Sweeney Building Telephone LUdlow 0841 IONES THE FLORIST 296 Payne Avenue North Tonowandu, N.Y. Phone LU 1 195 Flowers for all Occasrons Compl1ments of WALKER BROS 81 MONROE 50 Webster St N. Tonawonda, N Y. 116 11x ' O .4 fa.-.-Sgr. " Q - . P I U ,V -Q . . I I I1 If ' JA ' , . . I l I . I 0 , 48- . , .Y. , I . I - . . , .Y. , . . 3' - 49 ,N.Y. TRAVER COFFEE SHOPPE BEDELL S RES T A URAN T S lwxw JTUUHITY Nauonal Manufacturlng Corporauon ECO COVPL Use ecufy for all Surfaces Asphalt Shingles J , by Both Locations . Y Badmmton Football WILDER HARDWARE CO INC LU 1920 G E Appllances spoffmg Goods Comp! lments o f HABER FURS 43 Mann St Tonawanda N Y O CONNORS juven1le Furn1ture Toys ooks Telephone JA 0242 26 North Niagara St Tonawanda JA 5040 WILBUR 6: OCONNOR SEWING MACHINES TELEVISION HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Servzce IOO Mann Street Tonawanda New York MANUELS ICE CREAM Wholesale and Reta1l Corner of GOUNDRY at MAIN NORTH TONAWANDA N Y Phone .IA 527I Compl1ments of MORRISONS Tonawanda s Fashuon Center RAY AHRENS Telev1s1on Applzances Phone LUdIow 4321 73 So Niagara St Tonawanda N MEYERS LUMBER Mann 81 Island Sts N Tonawanda N Y Compl1ments of your ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOE STORE I3 Mom St Tonawanda N Y ROLLANDS WA TCH SHOP 3 Mann at the clrcle Tonawanda Fzne Dlamonds and Watches EARNS T MARKET 4I3 Fletcher St LU 4792 HOLLER HARDWARE INC Bu: Iders and Household Hardware Phone JA 2880 77 BI South Nnagara Street Tonawanda N Y Phone LU I985 H 69' H SLHJERETTE Cho1ce Ileats and Grocerzes 263 Mann Street Tonawanda N Complxments of .IAYS LOG CABIN Compl1ments of WOLVERINE WINTER SEAL CORP 44 Delaware Ave Tonawanda N Y LU 5229 118 ., . 24- ' . I ' I D ' , , ll I ' ll RELIABLE PRODUCTS DEPENDABLE SERVICE I-T,,e,e's 3 m,,te,ia, ,,iff,,,e,,Ce . ! ' I ' I - , , . . I I ' , .Y. ' ' I , . Q I Compliments of pFcT CARL E SENTZ X Insurance Agency General Insurance 55 Young Sf Tonawondo N Y 43 Nnogoro St Toncwondc N Phone LUdlow 4038 MESMER 56 SONS DAIRY Servzng Grand Island and Tonawanda Love Road BR 3295 BUFFALO BOLT COMPANY Dnvnsnon of Buffalo Eclnpse Corporohon NORTH TONAWANDA N Y 119 'Y-Y A5 MA N S TONA VVANDA UNDERKVRITERJQ INC . I . I ' , , .Y. DELTA CI-II ZETA CLUB Congratulahons Graduates Adele Crawford Carol Kurkowskl Betty Garrett Janet Larsen Beverly Kmght Carolyn Lncht Best washes to the Class of 1955 THE EXOLON CO I 'W fcrklc Appl IA fvgg L IOGWEBSTER ST N TONA L U ll-Ol 5 PIVOT PUNCH Sl DIE CORP Designers and Producers of Specnal TOOLS DIES JIGS FIXTURES Manufacturers of PIVOT PUNCHES 373 Old Niagara Falls Blvd JAckson I2OO North Tonawanda N Y 120 N . ' - S L' b pffoff- cf T HE CLIFFORD HOLLER H B KOENTG INC AGENCY The Old Re11able Hardware Store CLIFFORD F HOLLER HENRY P MULCAHY General Insurance Rcdlo Televlswn 172 Mom St Tonowondo N Y 10 12 Young Sfreel' 17 Moln Street Phone JA 1581 Phone JA 0141 COLUMBUS MCKINNON CHAIN CORP A PART OF THE TDNAWANDAS FOR OVER 40 YFARS 121 . 0 , C Electrical Appliances . . I . u - . BUFFALO STEEL CORP Compliments o f BOWEN'S DELICATESSEN 260 MAIN ST PHONE JA 6189 TONAWAN DA NEWS TONAWANDA N Y DAILY szzvca 1880 DIAL LU 1000 83 WEBSTER ST N TONAWANDA Compl1ments of THE DELBERT PRESS Printers and Stationers Store 14 Adam Street LU 2823 FANGER S TAVERN Sho" SELHBLE' Toncwando N Y FINE FOOD AND LIOUOR Off1ce and School Supplxes Letterpress and Offset Przntxng C 1 ff f BANQUET Room amp 'men S 200 MAIN ST ZEFFERYS LUNCHEONETT E TONAWANDA N Y PHONE JA 9871 Homemade Candles ce Cream Good Hamburgers 5 South Nnagoro Street TONAWANDA NEW YORK 1 , . . 7 - , . . Stationery ' o , . . ' I I 122 185 DELAWARE STREET F -A TONAWANDA N Y Phone LU 5800 Flowers by Ware GRAND ISLAND LUMBER 51 BUILDERS SUPPLY Youre Home suouun coME FIRST PHONE BRIDGE 3241 BRIDGE 4331 CONNECTING BOULEVARD GRAND ISLAND N Y ARTX TAILOR SHOP Custom Ta11or1ng Cleanzng and Press1ng Alteratxons and Repa1r1ng for Ilen and Women 364 Delaware Tonawanda N Y 6838 4 Great Stores DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOODS INC Tonawanda Buffalo Thruway Plaza Niagara Falls 2 F ll S 44 Mann Sf 699 Main Sf 2233 Harlem Rd 2 I a s I LU 3166 WA 8080 BA 8820 N F 803 RICHARDSON BOAT COMPANY DUREZ PLASTICS 8m CHEMICALS, INC. North Tonawanda, N Y 123 z ROOFING - LUMBER - BIIILDERS HARDWARE - ITILED I I A D l E L, I. . U JA . ' ' ' I 1.8 ' GENERAL CONYRA C T ORJ NATIONAL GRINDING WHEEL COMPANY HOLLER BROTHERS 14? fi X CONGRATULATIONS -Qu 1"9' GAMMA RH O I' F: me GRAD UA T ES 'gifs Clean1ng and Tazlorlng Hugo Remus Prop Phones JA 2928 2929 Alterutlons Repcnrlng Rellnlng Best Work Assured on Lcdnes Men s Garments We Coll For and Deliver Offace and Plant 57 59 YOUNG STREET TONAWANDA TWIN CITY ITYLE SHOP C"mP'me"fS of The Tonawandas Largest Lad1es Read, to Wea, Stem DICKINSONS FISH MARKET Phone JA 4240 I8 Webster St North Tonowoncla 44 Young Street Toncwanda N Complzments of Compl1ments of PIRSON Auro PARTS INC HOME YHOE GRILL Emnl and Sally Keller z vou NG ST fcwosns snamurm 125 I a ,Q i4 -qbxx -s J , , 'fx , S Tt- S S' 'N' ss . ' :,, ,F Q 1.4 '- .2 J!!! Q v '-. , '95 '., time-2, A gt -are . A 'T - V '-.jb,Ll X 7 I - ' . I . . I . . - . . , ' : - , N.Y. - , .Y. , . WERKLE YS Home Wade Cand1e9 Creetlng Cards G1ft Wrapplngs G1fts and Toys 155 Goundry Street LU 3232 Comphments f BRANDONS DEPARTMENT STORE 55 Mann Street Tonawanda N LU 1480 BLOCK RADIO 81 TELEVISION Phone JAckson 0151 The store that serv1ce bullt 254 Sweeney at Vandervoort Street AL S SUPER SERVICE T1res Battenes etc MIHOF Repalrs Plck up Del1very Servzce Corner Delaware Broad and Young s .IA 5400 YIANILOS SODA BAR 64 Young St HOMEMADE CANDIES AND ICE CREAM SANDWICHES SODAS CANTON OPEN AIR MARKET Delaware at Canton Tonawanda N Y Tonawanda s only Open A1r Market We Deluver Complete One Stop Food Market GURE WIT SCH SHOE STORE Nunn Bush Shoes for Ilen W1lbur Coon Shoes for Women 70 Webster St N Tonawanda N The Compl1ments DONA T 0 LUGGAGE 89 am Comphments of yo Jr MILLIAN BUICK CO INC 363 Delaware Tonawanda JA 4333 BERN S CHILDRLNS SHOP Wearing AppareI for Children Tot? to Teens 22 MAIN ST TONAWAN DA W T GRANT 63 Mann St TONAWAN DA Known for Values Open Thurs Frl Nlghts 3 ' O ' , .Y I , St . K y , I I of Tel. - JA 9835 - K LU 1 I 11 Ad St . . , .Y. ., . I 126 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1.955 TONAWANDAS DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION 80 Thompson Street North Tonawanda New York WOLF MOTOR SALES CORP Sales Studebaker Servlce USED CARS DAY NITE TOWING omp l Lments KRUEGER COAL JA 6220 JA 3205 81 Young St TONAWANDA N Y INTERAATIUVAL TRUCKS H G Slamrf Mufzc Shop 36 Young Street TONAWANDA NEW YORK omplzments FOODMASTERS 134 Love Road Grand Island Plaza Tlx Hozlfa of 45 Adam Street TONAWANDA NEW YORK omp l Lments W111 N Harmon I9 Loretta Street PLUMBING AND HEATING 127 I . C ' 0 f JA 6732 JA 9722 C ' 0 f C 0 f , . , . , I FRIE DSI-HP FOREVER Sharon Turtle Pat Fellenz Nancy O Connor Sue Wolf Mary Ellen Murphy Betty Lucsok Pat Wallace Karen Root Mary Lou Martm Pat Murphy Colleen Murry Maxine Gauvin Betty Benson Faith Karas Eileen Walker Lorraine Mingo Gail Dzielak Myrna Walsh Nancy Popp Norine Zuchowski Jl1dY POPP Cathy Coshway Barbara Cook Phyllis Benson Dodie Drapo 128 ETER AL SISTERHGOD A D WURLHEER A MAJOR INDUSTRY OF THE TONAWANDAS producer of AND ENTERTAINMENT ' S CHURCH PHONOGRAPHS BRINGING MUSIC T0 MIlll0NS Iliff! S E E W 4' 441- 104 TUNE! 'A' STAFFED BY PEOPLE YOU KNOW f A GOOD PLACE TO WORK The RUDOLPH WURLITZER COMPANY NIAGARA FALLS uvo Noam ToNAwANoA N EEEcTnoNlc ORGANS f FOR cnuncn HOME HOME 129 : fi 2 Z 6 1 0 5 . Z G A W' " ' A-WI. pf.. umnum 'X . Q A N j L .KQV gg: gfjhyuan it If 'T A - f l Milne IT E Omni' X Tie . .,..1 s A mu ff :L"eM"' N r 1' 5" T A U :ity ' 1 4qaV A fx A YE A "Ji ALL MILK IS ALIKE UNTIL YOU TASTE DAIRY PRODUCTS The p rest and most wholesome mllk For Service HU 4200 WILL LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER MILLWORK PAINTS HARDWARE North EIIICOH Creek Rd Toncwcndc New York 130 u in the entire market. ' I lux , vu x-'ix 1 X XQL x -'lg' b va Phyllis i Leatnce X. ii 'ha '91 Gretchen 8116 I l Wanda Carol Mae SIGMA PI RHO IOT KDNGRATULATES THE GRADUA TES lv U6 Llnda -1-0 Kina, 1' Sk Helen Maureen '61- Carol 'Www Lolly A Marilyn 131 ONLY Remington 35,221 Qawtfwfm, WITH AMAZING MIRACLE TAB In college career or home able wxth every feature for youll do better wxth the faster better easrer typmg' Qulet mer themodern port See rt at your dealer s today' FAVORED BY GRADUATES Saw I4 DAY R mlngton SSEEL .fiaamd Graduatron means a new way of hfe lf also means 8. new chore darly shavxng If you re faced wxth thrs bugaboo why not start rrght PRODUCTS OF off the fastest most com fortable most convement way wrth a Remrngton Electrrc Shaver? Later rn hfe youll be glad you dxd mai R B REED 85 SONS Duspenslng Optlclans Open daily 900 5 00 P M Wednesday 9 00 to I2 00 EVENINGS Tuesday and Thursday 900to800PM 7I Grove Street Tonawanda, N Y Phone JAckson 2474 Eyes Exam :ned John Duskas, Optometrist Helmuth Katz Optlcnan Comp! rmen ts o f HARDER S GRILL KOWALIK S DELICATESSEN 182 Wllllam Street Tonowanda N Y The Store Where You Ate Pleased To Call Agarn LU 5673 COOK S PHARMACY Prescriptions 59 Mann Street TOHGWOMIO N Y 20 Mann Street Look For The 81g Clock ' 9 ' : - : . . . after small . dawn payment 3 .' ' ' 1X,'iI 'i...m1!. f : Q! I .. 5 I 3 at our ' oxplnn I . Hanfy Damlelr feweler Compl zmen t s o f Your VARDEN S T UDI 0 For The F1nest In New Location I6I6 Tenth Street Niagara Falls N Y Next to Mann Street M 8- T Bank L J Angelo Prop Year Book Pottra1 ts Gro.1ps Canrhd Wedd1ngs Chuld Photography Consult Us Phone 2 6688 BASHOR S DE T I Televlslon Radao Electrical Appliances Meats Grocerles 6 Longs Ave At East Nzagara f'7 Compliments of TONAWANDA ADULT ACTIVITIES PROGRAM Invites you to continue your tralnlng after you leave T H S In 1954 55 school year thirty groups were organized Iastlng from one to thlrty weeks Persons may request Instruction by fallng registration un the offlce Quota for class organization I2 persons TONAWANDA ADULT SCHOCL Robert H Lloyd Dlrec tor FRANCIS OPTICAL SERVICE 4I Young Street 13.5 7 P. DEPT.2 ' ' ' . . I Rehberg J Delzcaterren Ice Cream Candues School Supplues Cold Cuts Grocerues 190 Delaware Dual JA 9742 Martznr Smart Fasluons for Ilulady 61 Maun Street Tonawanda N Y Next Door to Grant s JAckson 0500 NEDDY S DELICATESSEN Grocerues Cold Cuts Beer 59 Delaware Street Dual JA 1730 Open Evenmgs JA 1597 EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY Our Low Prlces Make Good Frxends 77 Webster Street North Tonawanda, N Y JA 9830 341 Wheeler St SU LLY S RESTAURANT Fush Fry Pugs In blanket Home Cooked Food K D SUPPLY CORPORATION Hardware Electrucal and lndustrual Supplues 653 Erne Avenue North Tonawanda N Y Charles Kassay Phone Manager JAckson 6758 KOKANOVICI-I S MARKET Grocerues Meats Beer 265 Fullmore Ave Dual LU 3300 Tonawanda N Y PORS BATTERY SALES 69 Cleveland Ave Tonawanda N Y Lufe Long Battery 10 Year Guarantee Cadmuum Plate 150 160 Amp Hours NICK S RESTAURANT 229 Fullmore Ave Tonawanda Fune Home Cooked Foods Beer Wunes Luquors LAMPE MOTOR CO 74 Maun Street Compl 1men ts o f Non" I"""""""" TONAWANDAS POST 264 authoruzed Ford Dealer for the Tonawandas NORTON AUTO 81 HOME SUPPLY THE AMERICAN LEGION 82 Webster Street North Tonawanda N Y ED MOE PRECISION SAW FILING Open 7 A M to 9 P M Guaranteed Servuce 129 Young Street Tonawanda N Y , . ' 2 ' - . . . Phone: LU 0009 ' . , N. Y. 7 134 iii A '-as v idkdffff P FOR FELLOWSHIP HIGH ADVENTURE AND A PROUD MISSION WEAR THE WINGS OF THE U S AIR FORCE N days gone by young men rn shmmg armor ruled the age Today a new kmd of man rules the age Amerlca s K11lghfS of the Sky the Arr Force P11otsl They rule from on hrgh UI flashmg SIIVBI wmged Au Force Jets agallant band that all Amer1ca looks up to! Llke the Knrghts of old they are few m number but they represent theu' Natlon s greatest strength If you are smgle 19 and a hlgh school grad uate you can Jom the select flylng team and serve wlth the fmest You w11l be glven the best jet traming m the world and graduate as an Alr Force Lleutenant eaflllllg 55 000 a year Your sllver wmgs wlll mark you as one of the chosen few who ride the skles 1n Arr Force jets Asan Arr Force Prlot your kmgdom IS space a jet IS your charger and your mission IS the defense of AlTl6l'lCa You are a key defender of the Amencan farth with aguaranteed future both 111 mrlltary and commercral avlatlon Jom Amenca s Knrghts of the Sky new men of a new age Be an Avlatlon Cadetl UNITED STATES AIR FORCE XX . J S ii" ' E KV T 1 xx A I A X 4, X A Q . l 51 ' ' Q4 ' - , ff ' '- ' X34 I ' I lk MFA-V ' ,ff I Q -5 aw V ' . ,9 - Q f I . 135 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Robert Harmon George Nussbaum Joseph Ambrusko Heffren Cohens Anthony W. Brick Edward Messing James E Owens Henry Smfth Ill Kenneth J Harmon 136 Thus book prmted by Velvatonc a special process of lxthographxc other pnnhng Hrm ls nuthonzcd to use the Velvatone method printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No SCHOQL Via f"7C1f-5 QXSSCPTUQ ft? Xnrfzs f LD K QE ff Kuna I' Sake, ' . Q , E . H 'J J xmmflg IL? - FXCLL4 ig Hw""" isis-P'-mu?-W r -lv a....f-551+-+' 43"-x MQ HOW A fx ' X xj W X ixl I K 'f GN 1 " 7 A 22' Y W Jai if 1? K , ' Y XXVI K. ,Ju ' X-Fx' A X 1 fl vq , J 1 v iq I H iff g N6 5 Y! T 7 up D "f . Mi I "55- OJ C "'?2'!f 1.

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