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Tonawanda High School - Tonawandan Yearbook (Tonawanda, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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vb rf' K fl 1? , 1 1 J' v "' , ' , 1 . I I iw A , Y I l' 4' 2 1 J iff, ik! KM X1 Q L V1 1' wk i SEYWIOY' Thom -5 i 3' 1 ' 7 . I ,f ,fs L Q 1 3 A A A, 2' 5 f I N ff 1. ,sf Z .H .' -1 . ,,.' I It I kff , vw , V y d , . VW 1 , . , n- 1 ,XJ 1 1 QI ,V P 1 'H T I i A f' .4 '- V 1. A ' ., .Wig 'If Q , fb . ' " A A5 A if ' ,ff fi ffy K O Y' 1 I we 1' yi' , 9 O ' - I Q L. 1,9 ,4 ' M, ' AT' 1' Q ,ff ., r Ad, ,f V. ' . '5 mfg ' .T - J "" V Q-, if ' T ' N , ,,v- -. V V' w '-.X 'A ik 5, .4 V . 1 V f rx, A . P mu I fi Q, lf if - vi? ----,N .-J 8 ' --- - 2 ' ' b 'xx 2 kj Q . s ' 'H , Q v QX x VA W X1 , 'I' 'W' A 1 5 5 " Q ,f H E is Q mf ff L is 'Q Q, . ,1 I N V V V g 5 - 1 A Q f . - 'Q . : g . , , m Y f I . H? a J, 1 . I I A - S' 3.. , ' +V, i 'mf ' 7 L ' - rs: .A . 1 V- Q V . ri ' L A ff, J Q 7 4, rg? Ki 'ffm 11:5 5+-v ,gn-W wf+ X! VW az ng, Sale, N f XZ: i QL 55 XJ X f2"7A' 1 ff H M JJ f X VV ' V I' 1 ' fx "I - I N 1. X N 'n N ' 4' A 5 A I f G, 2 5 rf, 9. ' J .2 9 X .-D X 1 N XXLRU xx IZ, 8 . ago, I X ' li' W x ' gxgbfnxxf fwfr 'WW' . , fwfx . fc L. v by , Aff ni! , ,.Al xfp1'Q+ f rv rvfvw 'zfffv A' of-7 faffrvf? BY Q 2'- f .0 I A HE B- -sg, so 1"L How many of us have taken time out to look mto the future? We of the Semor Class, have trued to umagme how a rocket age would be We have, therefore, used the Universe as the theme for our yearbook Perhaps In some places, the flgments of our lmagmatlons seem hardly credible We do hope you can relax and travel into the Universe wnth us, seeing the new age as we do We hope by means of thus record of our trap to make It more permanent than a shooting star 2 C' We the class of 1953 are happy to dedicate our yearbook to the man whom we con sider to be tops That man is Mr Robert Smith guidance director of Tonawanda High School No person in high school is closer to the students than he is He helps them to plan their futures choose their courses, and select their vocations. There are many times when he has to reassure them that education is well worth the time spent in obtaining il. Let us keep in mind our motto, "Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve." We all agree that Mr. Smith has helped us to fulfill that motto. God bless him and keep him, so others may benefit, as we have, by his kindness and knowledge. 3 ADMINISTRATION ,ar Bernhard! G Gademsky Pres of the Board Cllnbfd F Holler DUVld D Reid Board Member Board Member 'QQ- A fed W Mownl Glenwood J Demmm Board Membe, Board Member James H Green Sup! of Schools Nelson H Staley Albert F Hubman Board Attorney Business Manaaer Enya lv Clara Flgura Clerk of the Bos A 'fx A A ,,,,A,Y I xg AZ fk vb ' I I I M I I I I IMI If lf . ' 'I f ' h I I K I L I I b ' I Y ,fi , I 'nf 'L I 5 7 Shun SILVER ANNIVERSARY CONGRATULATIQNS! Mr Abell Cornell Umversny Sclence Mr Amurunle Ccmslus College B S M Ed Social Sfudles Miss Bugdy Mlddlebury College Umversaty of Buffalo B A French ond' Socnal Sfudles Mr Deulch Umverslfy of Buffalo B A Ed M English Mrs Dougherly D Youvulle B A Unnversuiy of Buffalo Canusnus College English Mrs Fenwlck Umverslty of Geor ua B A UI'lIVeI'SIf Q' , . - of Buffalo, Ed.M. Social Studues Mnss Heffernan D Youv Ile B A Niagara M A Englnsh Mass Hopkins NYS College Albany B S Syracuse Umversuly M S Busmess fd Mr Lawler Ithaca College B S M S Cornell Umversnfy Baskefball and Football 'l Mr lenbmger lndlana Unuversnfy B S Ed Unuversuty of Michigan Umversnty of BuFfalo M Ed Swimming and Football 'W' Mr Lloyd Umverslty of Mlchlgan A B Unlversnly of Buffalo Busxness Mlss Malor eslern Maryland College Latnn Mr Maze Buflalo Slafe , G M I Auto Shop Drnver Educatuon ls Muss McPhnImy Cortland , , Physical Educatxon Mrs Neasmnh Plaflsburg TYPIHQ -3' y., 4-m 'N QI Mr Reid 4' Syracuse Unlverslty A B University of Buffalo Ed M Englush Mrs Rocker! -s Buffalo Stale Teachers Umverslly of Buffalo Camslus Algebra Mr Rose Syracuse B S Umversnry of Buffalo N-qi, Physacal Educahon 'ww S e q ' of-W 2 V l A A X' f ' K ffl 1 U If I ' x . XX ,. . lv XA K , 1 J . . . .. . G I l I ql I . . I I I F: A , 'll --.4 l ' Mill . .9 ' fir K ' ' , -a l l 'X W 5.5. : A K 'A ' . '. .I . - Y 9 Mass Rumbold Wells College Unnversuty of Buffalo Socual Studies AFM Mrs Sentz Buffalo Art Umversnty of Buffalo B S Berkshlre Summer School of Art r QW? Q? Shetler Eastman School of Muslc Muslc Mr Small Cannslus College B B A Ithaca College B S Umversuty of Buffalo Ed M Health Football and Baseball Mr Smlth Syracuse Umversuty B A M S Umversuty of Rochester Umversuty of Buffalo Guidance Counselor ? Mrs Smith -W Umversnty of Colorado English Mr Springer Clemson College, B S Buffalo State Oswego Summer School Prmt Shop, Mechanical Drawing Mr Tutzler Prmceton Umverslty UHIVBYSIYY of Buffalo B S Camslus Business Mr Tuck Umverslty of Buffalo Socual Studves Mr Vedder Eastman School of Music B M Umversnty of Rochester Music I. ,X ' . N ,A.a. ' ' - ' s.A. f . f At x' ' . A x, Q4 5 ' . I-ff" , .' Mr. . fl B.M. ' ' - ,. . X . . ' ' . Il ' A A Q H l I 5 I' 'Q . . A, . . I I . I . . , . . A.B. fs? ' ' ' - N? "'ff:a52.f"l ' 1" K x V f B . iff ' ' . ' . . l0 Muss Wnckos is' 'C' Park College B A M' ':"9:' Columbla Umversnfy M A Smte ecc ers Science Woodshop .gun LADIES FACULTY ROOM Rae Davies Office Secreiary MEN S FACULTY ROOM c' xx Nur Aa- IKXC9 W N ESQ 6' 4,0 WFP! 17653. L44 jyfl N54 S6 w . th Stfzgrjaauiqtl on. R r-'V 'fs iff' fd ij 1359 L'-n"" uv" its 7 Xpfunfgu WNW -1 fsilww- M 4 .gr Q ' .QQ 43 1' ' 'P CLASS e President Vlce President Patricia Murphy Marshall Boyer We the class of 56, want to express our smcere gratitude and thanks to the upper class men who have helped to make our freshman year a success We are proud to say that over twenty of the freshmen are on the honor roll Our class has been well represented in sports with Don Plant and Fred Roth playing varsity basketball Jack Overholt and Tum Smith were a credit to the football team, and Duck Wllke and Doug Rothenberg dad well on the swimming team We hope that our next three years will prove as successful as our first Class Advisers Row l: Mr. Deutch, Miss Buck, Mrs. Sentz. Row 2: Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rockett, Miss Heffernan. 15 -AU! Nw U9 .PQ rx of -s ,Q 'T 4 I' A 'T ' r G' -s- ao- an SL-2 3' I .86 Arm a.n"?J us N 15. . Q... 16 y- r' Adams H Anderson R Arenz J Audrey J Babcork C Barnard A Barney W Bearfleld J Bechlel J Becker J Bedell B Benson P Berg P Bernhard G Bowers M Boyler F Bradley J Brooks C Brown D Brown K Bugenhagen '46 J Burlack T Camann R Carter L Chambers W Chellkowsky J Clark H Colley vc' B Cook D DeGlopper L Duetnch D Drapo R Dusch S Ensmmger D Enzmna D Evans L Flegl G Fllslnger V Frank B rYe rdner S C QW ffm fifff c codfmy .CfG6afr,fy,4,,gAf1 c Gold C Gord?jGreene,K Gruswold Wu lu. Gross C Gulld C S Harr Havens R Heckman G Herman R. Herrington M. Hewifl J. Hibbard L. LN' meyev C. Horner K. House E. Hughes. R. Huve-H, E. Jenkin R. J-'liano M. L. Koge H. Kageinacher, F. Karas M. Karryas. sim... " I J , ' 'F -7 6 Q gf '- . 3, L. ' h A N sr .X ' ' '. 5, X y . . X n my X. J l wi- q ll . . 'S l-J A, h, A A ac :. , ,WW In K X , w , ,- ..?47-' N Us -N 4 :gr A' f -xx J - , K. A .' .I ' I 1 - 1 - 1 . MR X 1- 2- lr -' ""4."" 9. A. . ' 3. " V - . 'J . .. , 1 fl f ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' I Q , , . . -.f se. ...N .9 - - .3 J Q 5 J 1 if 'J . ,fl Iwi . . .,. , . ,. V , x . I , . ,, . 1. Bs if ' ' 2 J iv . ' si V ,rj 2 M 1' 'W A y ,, r ' R B 3 ,:'g?,a xg- . ,. . I W ' . I I . . Amr V L55 .' F- , - f ' "' V' I-Q' Bl 5' ' .. - 5 'H A. ,.., -J V' A - I . ' , . ' ' , . , . - I -4 1 fir 4 I., - -bl' F I l I ' ' I A' . J 1. ' 9' 3 Q, X L f" ' f 1 lj f ' I L 4 1 Q J l' J' 'J I ' . E' H f I B -J ki l ff l ,JV Q A . 2. L, M N -f ' 21,3 . . , - . 1 Y f:r.":,3'- ., l , . I 0 ' I - ' , My wk vl I V, . .. ' 1' r b Q v x . - A s 4 - V! . , ' AA-1 r 5 X 1 1, , I - l , I I f R. , . ' , . Hall, . er, P g l R . gl "' J' A , . 1 . . xiii V I 4. Q V .,, . -. -n, " - 5. 1. as - sv N ,, I 1 . X , f I 'f I , , Ho SB J Q 6 4. J' 9 'V V ,lg G " -5 La 'Y x ' I ' Kearly D Kung R Klanber B Knox Kraemer R Krueger C Lacey R Lamm D Llbrock D Lutz J Madole J Maerten N Malchow J Maloney G Mangrum R Mann J Martun S Matnkosh C Mensch G Muller R Morrlson J Mumford P Murphy G Murray M Mur ray R Murray B Myers C Newman S Nowark A Oddo B Oddo B OHanlon D Ortel S Ott R Patruck H Person N Peters D Plant D Poeller N Popp P Qumlcn D Rech W Regenschesd G Rexncker B Reynolds J Ruchle M Rack F Roth D Rothenberg H Russell R Russell D Sauberan A Schen theur J Schmidt K Schmudt J Schnuttker S Schofield C Schrenber M Scranton N Sereno B Shaver D Shelgren N Shuesley J Shane W Sutzmcn D Smith D Smith K Smnth T Smnh W Snyder 5 'F-4 'Lf 0. 17 if ,, .AG :rd ., f A -uf T' 3 v-7 ll 'K x. 6- Si -x ' 5-J ws.. L G: ' 4- .' 0 V V v - L' J 1, tjwll ., fa 03 ev' 8 6 we ga .I . R - 1 qi 1 V 9' gf' P .5 g 'cy V ,' l if 'XA I , ,.- ,. .',- D 1 I ijt: EX 33, . 1 - 1' ' - A 1. C Q 3 , ' . ,X- Za 1 . 5, l n u f X - ,- ,- ,. - if ,fu ,S , , 6 -lm .SC 1' .: 5. Q ' ' . 15 :' - . I Q y .' ' l v I 1'-2 4' 6: G'-'fx Q 4' 55 1 l " .1 v Nl . ,. ' ,. . A '55 .- ' X ll. , . W Lv- , 6. ' sb J Q J -cr' ,xl A 1 . ' ' JA! " "f V 2 fl " ' N 1 it 1 :.- s- va.. J A ,,, .gs X, ' ' sf, -I . I 4 . , . I - 1 ' I 1 . -.1 , , QA - .. K V . Q -11 GL . , . ' , . , . X J G, I Q I . I . l . 'H A- lx I 5 :' . Q . Q e Q - i - " rt ' I J lfv y J v -Q gif. .Kp ,f , ',. ', . . --- I "- 'X 'f - I , . qv . ,H is . , ,B Q f "' .. , x Y S , 1 fX W. Springer J Stal' ff"'l 5, D Taylor . Thursa m G. Tomm X , . ica, D. Taylor, W gq , nl. S . Thompson, K , N i 3 - a Q t- .,,, '. V . 'S' 3, v ' ,V E. Walker M , . Walsh, J. W If ganss, B s 1, v X alters M W . Wellon R S. U 5- ' r X . I A v 1 5' a , . ambs- , . Williams. h- if E w I Q Jw R. Wiflkopp, R. Wolfley D ' ' R. Zipp , . Zetfel, S. Ziehm, CAMERA SHY C. Barr, L. Carr, J. Frazier, R. G J. Overholt, XX xx N arrily, B. Gelfy, D. Gross, E. Hamann J La Joie J Madole D Myers J Myrtle J. Prohaska, R. Reid, G. Shiesley K. Snyder A Urban R Wilke 2 Q Q SQ? Y 00 9 4 Z 0 Q 4 0 f 9'1" fn T 'Q-, 18 , I . , - I . I ' I ' I I I . X, r X X D N 6 Z ,be Q X 4' 5 , '."I IZ 04.45, 3-,. ., ag: .,k Y Q 'eo -Q , .. -'-, . 211.-I . .ff-" fKl'f5f'1: J' if-fs, A 131.1145 . z7F':' :fr President Vice-president CLASS OF l James Horton 'lame' Sole We the class of 55 have had a year to remember and we would luke to thank the upperclassmen who have helped to make It successful Our class started out by electing Jnm Horton, as presudent and Jam Sole to assust hum as vuce president Quite a few of our boys showed theur abnllty In sports such boys as Hank Harder Bob Buzby, an varsuty football, and Fred Hodge Don Schmelchel, Fred Kuhn, Jam Horton, Ed Bowers, Doug Wllkuns, and many others showed thelr abnllty thus year At the beginning of this year we made quite a few new friends from Grand Island lt s always fun meetnng new faces Cheerleaders Sue Wolf Linda Nlland and Sharon Turtle gave our teams the much needed support throughout the year Also we proved ourselves pretty good ln our studnes A faur amount of the honor roll consusted of sophomores Bruce Fenn was nght up near the top as usual All nn all at was a very busy, excztmg, and Interesting year for us sophomores Keep your eye on the class of 55 ADVISERS rs "C"" 'Q 5.1 N Row 1 Mass Malor Mr Hughes Mrs Dougherty Row 2 Mr Abell Mrs Fenwuck Mr Amaronte 19 Q., ""'l'!"7 G. A A ni rx xifvv JL will ll bl OJ" NYM J 'f Zum QUIK E U ,, 5 an '95 -z. bv Y' in-4 hr s-.. LVL ,,J' Q- 'o- Ga vw r FW ,W L Aber C Albright R All J Anderson D Bahn R Balorek L Bauer R Baum D Becker S Bellunger L Benthun H Bermger B Blunston M Boardman C Brenon J Brldge B Bretton L Brown W Buckholz P Burngasser J Chalmers D Chase F Chequer R Cole M Coshn E Cox A Crawford B Crnspm D Crlssey M Crnftenden L Cullen C Dam mann D Dannel R Darroch D M Daunce J Dnetzer P Demmm R Denk A Dolpp C Dolpp H Domres M Donato T Edwards F Ehlers M Ekuss D Epermams S Fanger M Farrell P Fellenz B Fenn N Ferris M Fllzslmmons J Flelsch auer B Frye S A Gilmore L Godleske S Gosch M Greenwood R Gnswold R Griswold G Gulder E Gurba L Gurney C Hahn R Hall M L Holm R Hamblel J Hanna H Harder A Horns .,, 5 5 V A Q.. ,f , H L: x . : ' 'Lx' - , 'I - 1 - 1 - I - , . ee H l X , . ' , . . ig, Ng Q A 1 l Q ,K Y 'F A " L- x, Q :J 1 Z- . J B' 1 . , iw? J A I Qt H 1 .u f-gi 'S 1-. 59. 1, Sv- 6. -. Al f pei- I ax, -, Aj in jfs, V Vl ,k Q 4 if M .W . ,.l- ,. . , if ,,'.n , E J 5. 5' 5 - . I N 5 ' X fl 1- ' we :M T - 'R 'J' 1 - lf 0. N , V' ,L-V A K Y i . ' . , L 1 W 5 u ' sy "" , C L gre 1 ' ' I ll A fl' H li 'f F V Nfl, - I1 - ' 1 - l 1 ' I ' ' .alla Je? .ffdx as I L' . or W J Q c 5- .1 54 Q gs- I X -, A J, 1 3- L, W. A J.. 4 , . , . . K7 V ND. I' V K -.4 A. 5, f , ll 'Q A - ' J f C-1 2 X F ef , fu . , . , . . .. V 'fi Y 3: if 1 s , A N Q .fx "C" I ft? ' I .C by . , . ', ' , , ' . L, ., ,. .- . 1 J . . , . , . . , . . ., A f ' W W V- SL 3 9 3 T.. -5 Q ew Q " b C B A . Q ,- fe , va. as as ' ,q 4 Sf, ' ' Ja . , . , . . , . , . X ll ll' s. Hp N 1 'c , f pf' ' ' 3 20 L 'ul " " 1' , Ar ,M ., Q B rl R Heumburg L Henderson W Henderson L Henmngham R Hubbard N Hook F Hodge M Hogue H Holler W Holfzrnan P Holway J Horton H Houdma W House M Hubman P Hy M Innes A Johannsson S Judd D Keem F Kestn C Klngsfon B Knight T Krzemlnskl T Kuczkowskn J Kuczynskl F Kuhn C Kur kowsku J La Jose R La Londe R Large J Larsen Lnlac M Lmk W Lnnk P Loughrey Lovegrove A Lozo E Lucsok R Malchow P Morlaif M L Marhn M Mayer N McCron P McDonald N Mc Vaugh D McWhlrfer N Mensch S Merr:fYeld Mesler A Mrller J Muller R Muller S Muller P Mmney C Mollnow V J More M E Murphy J Mye R Nachreuner J Nanlor M Nedell R Nnckel J Nnelson L Nuland N OConnor J Oh .1 it 2: AAA 2 1 an fa TI is A Q Q NWI Q-f G- 3 114 Q 'O- 36 -sv 3 rv Nl sf, -Q 1" 1' IV! x xg. ? V 1- A A . ' 4 ' V ' sv ' -Q I , - . , - , f A vu 1-f , as . X A' A ff A V c: Z- . -N 6 , ,Sw 5 w . 'J J 1' - I - 1 - - X ,JM 1 "sh n. To 3- Q F- . Tv , 4 X Q- L J - x Vx - I - 1 - '- 1 A-.R J , Q 9 A - L " E 5 h. 1 . . 4 . I . . ., ' N s, -wg, R L Nj, J: Pqm' ' K 3 ei 3 . Q: Q x " 1 5' . x 4 M. Leach,lW. Lester, cf Lichf. I I , A - I x A X . X C N 0- A B. ' . ' . ' , P. I J , x , 1 , , , , 4 gf , . , . . , S., ,-! X f M. X V' LL., I il O1 h J 'f L H Q ,,, K 2: in --J u J L J' L J ' - . . , . . ', . ' ' J' x.. U I ' I ' I 1 ' A V, f L 7 , -L , 1 - , J- . V , f -3 , -, - . ' , . , . ' ,B. A. -., 7 Wm J J ,,-e . - J 1 - U I - I - 1"-PM LQ. L. X , I Y., J L, , . v - M L 1 A 1 ' ' I ' I ' ' - -R V A A 4 s if , J ' 'J U 0 . . . L 7' , J 2 ". r " ' EK ' P. ,f 21 '34 4. T5 i 'Ui Y L 4 C ,LQ .ss ,av L E' 2 S.. A. Y' fs CAMERA SHY J Bacon H Blowey E Bowers R Buzby D Cathn C S Draper S L Duffy B Fees B Garret? E Goat G Halm M L Harranger C Holrod J Hummel J Kamans M Krebs K Lefier G Lonsh J Madole I Perkovnch K Rlmer E Rmgler H Sanro J Vclrshay J Wergel A"w- C' 22 .A M Pawlosku C Payne J Pfanner R Phullups J Plerson R Power E Quennevllle F Rawls H Remus J Rhodes J Roche Roneker K Root M Roiher D Roush D Runyan I Sachuk R Savage Scherrer G Schlmschack J Schlnaman D Schmeochel R Schmxdf F Schmriker Schroeder N Schumacher P Selover K Shaver J Slnclanr J Slsson M J Snyder J Soe J Spucher L Stahl W Stenzel R Strasshenm Taylo J Theel Thomas V Thomaljd WN S earfeggrifti Ullrlch S Uplm er Van Hoff K Vanfhoff P Wallace F Waiersiraf G Werfh S Wesf R West cot? D Wnlkuns W Winch C Wmters P Wolf R Wolf S Wolf S Wolfley N Young R Zapp C H . no J p 'F S' i 4. Q A , 5, K1 6' 5 U x V , , f J + ' . .. V . - were 1 " " ' I , ips ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 -Q we .., x g, gi I gf , , . ,. , . ,J. V.. it - rg K 8 I Q 1.. gh -1 af. 5- 1 ' l J - S i Wy , L 5 4,-1 C ' J P K ' I X' r . I .i U , . , . , .. . ,E. of fs A ' 1 , 5 . Q . 'Gr - -H" M . 'J W I- ' '. V1 ' hw: J Ai , ' HN xi vb is S " or r o k ' 13. G- X G- ' ,N 3 -4 1 X, .1 - -" tu L - I. I 1 I 'S r ' 'P :Jo 5' L 9 J 'J' 1 J . L3 X? . .L ,PPL , ',- .l' v . bi .Tes .TrJ. " I -f 1 - 4 3 X V.' .f' 'JW o"l'V "' e .' Q ' w fr Mfr! ' :I L ' -W 1 vid ' ,A ft " 1' 1 A 4, , . , . . 1 . 'Fx L S D., M as K gd. B? s..'. -Ti 'A x ' 'S 1 , , ,X . - f -15 5' J " K- " I ' ' A ax J Lf' .Iv ffl, A Lf " " 9 LLL A BOYS ADVISERS Mr Lalik L Mr Tuck T' ' 'N T-7 OFFICERS Sec Sue Botsford Treas Carol Kaegebeun Vuce pres Eugene Murphy Pres Art Francus GIRLS ADVISERS Muss Bellmger Muss Bagdy The class of 54 located un homerooms 206 205 and 222 started the year by electung Art Francus as presudent Eugene Murphy as vuce resudent C I K b urer, and Sue Botsford as secretary p , aro aege eun as treas On the athletuc tleld our JunuorClass has beenwell represented by Bull Brenon Don Cram er Art Francus Ken Freer Dan Heumbach Don Holler Jum Keller Duck Kohler Jam Muslun Ray Muslun Gene Murphy Larry Schad Bud Wulson Duck Van Huse Ed Sereno and Ed Klunger all of whom have won Varsuty letters Members of the Junuor Class are represented un every organuzatuon such as the French Club Junuor Classucal League and others A few of our outstandung students even obtauned membershup un the Natuonal Honor Socuety and many Junuor names have appeared on the Honor Roll The Junuor gurls arent to be outdone euther Many partucupated un after school sports Sue Botsford represented our class on the cheerleadung squad and Joan Harrer won a trophy for beung the hughest gurl salesman un the annual Senuor Magazune Sale The Chrustmas Wrappungs Sale and the Junuor Hop were both great successes The Junuor Class wushes to express uts suncere gratutude to Mr Tuck Muss Bagdy Muss Bellunger and Mr Laluk our advusers who have been such a great help to us thus past year Now we the class of 54 are lookung ahead to our last year at T H S and we hope we can equal the success achueved by thus years Senuor Class 23 W 'l 1 - . 1 1 1 1 I . . I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 - 1 . . u . .. . 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 - u . 1 1 ---1 . . , . -is K' if 3 if 'WT' E9 2? G3 n S- Q' Q NCL -49551 qv 24 '-as fro sf 0- N Abboll H Ackerman J Ackerman A Adow J Alford D Anderson N Anderson W Andrews R Becker E Bellmg B Bernd? S Buglow S Botsford, M Brad G Brenon W Brenon E Brownmg M Brunner E Bunker J Burlcck J Carnes B Challgren P Clesnelsku D Cramer Crlspun D Dahl M Dlnsmore B Dueger Flfzslmmons S Fleming C Foels S Forh A Francvs J Frelse B Fronczck Gademsky M Gaspuch G Gafh L Granskofsku D Grear V Greene Groffenberg N Guenther P Hadden Hahn J Hamann J Harrer C Hartley B Heckman R Heulemann D Helmbach D Hlgglns B Hofmann D Holler M Holler D Hons berger J Honsnnger D Innes G Jacobs J Johnson C Kaegebem C Kanser R Kaiser J F Keller D Kuener P Klanber 1 J ,A 1 It K tb J Q .I J ' bi: I X f gg, LL- . t".i 'Fl I Ll g .x l mov J 1.4.5 l- -J ' ,, 'gl f S k I 6 Q 5 2 - ,Q I V . X S , l 4'F' fd' fray, J ,' If In .." ' .x e ' 1 , A A cg 5- D " . , . , . ' , .A DI 1 k A l 4 , . , . , . . -' ' K V., 1- Q Q - J " " . 'P ' . . - lj. - ' ,K xl V, x 3 5' , . l ' P . . . ' ,LEE 5- f '. . g ' ' 1 . ' '. 0' S' 1 ry sa 3 I A " . 6 5 ? ' " 5' 9 Q . 7 fi R1 .3 4' " ' . , ' X. 2-:ff A .1 V, A M. Eberwein, A. Evans, G. Fisher, R. Fill, R. E--, . 4 ' ' ' , ' I . l su Q 'N A . " NN ,' wo' 1 .A f A I I E . V - - f, J . ', - ',. '.- ,B- ' ' as ' 'Q' L , . ', . . , Q , ' ' . , "" A r f' ' s' - N .Z . ,,. , ' . ', . , . ,P. 6 5 1- s 5 ls' 3 . 4 AFV J , , . . . ,A. I J All B ef' , ' 5' 2 l Q. J J g 1 A ' . ' V ' . kf' L9 'K' X vrlk . Q . 'h u 3- -l 3 Q J J G . A tl 5 E 2 1, 'if N4 f . . . . . . . - ' .' .JZ l . R , , ' , . , . . cg 2,-. ,, 3 'Q' 'S 'W' . L , 'Do -X ' . . . if e ' .1 ,, I , , . fl- I - 1 S1 A ' - -- . , . ' . - - E Klmger M Kowsky D Kuczkowsku E Lane C Lasky L Lawrence R Leber L Lehner S Lyons L MacDonald J Madrid F Maloney 8 Mangrum J Marquette R L Marshall P Mankosh D Maurer T Mc Dermot! A Merch? M Mensenburg Menken an we A Merrill R Meyers K Muller N Muller T ,W Muller W Muller G Mmney R Mnslm W Moag E Murphy G Murray R Murray P OBrnen J Osborne Ports P Qulnlan F Rlxucker M Rexlcher R Robmson W Rosue E Roth R Ryan P Samo L Schad S Schad P Schmidt A SchoHeId M Schwmger E Sereno E Snlvashy R Smnth A Stacy B Siengle J Sforfz C Strehlow J Sfruebmg W Sugner L Thnebolt W Tmgue R Toth C Townsend N Tram E Tucker R VanHuse C Vancenf J Wagner 1' ,fer -Q' 5 di! H lb 25 1 74 AN -wi I ..- i 59" N 'Q-Q qu hs G. ' 14 is hi 13 Qs : ' 'Q Q3 5 S 'L x' ' , . , . , . . 0 1 I.. pf, 5 ,R - as .5 ' 7 Si 5 Q Q' e .F 1 ' A I . . . ' A A ff! L L ' , . , . . X! , 1' M I .. 'x - 'x 3 . S1- 1 - . . R . t 1, , ,Ji , yy y y ' 1 .L . , ? 3 '- . :sf Q J mug V Q, A .. ' ' as , ' 4, . 1 - ' , - ' . X xxx kia? ' 6 S fl ' 4 '. 2-' Q Q X 6 . Nl . - - 3 -A ve 'R , -1?-j - f .Q I 'X f . , W lk, Y :ix L w 4' Q' X 15 - ' . Q A 'X L u xx ' E' W. Overholf, M. Pawloski, E. Penvose, E. J Ll I ' V 'E . M 'MW -K -' fc. L 'rf . l' Q - M f .5 X A x -3 as ' - f ' 1 ' 1' , , I i fu! . ,A , . , . , . , - , 1,0 W Ny A 7 I I f-. . -m ' fi Q 3 KN I , .- A . fr 1-Q' T I gb 'f . , - ' I - ' . V Jn' -A: fr.. 4, S ,A 15. G- Q ey . - .Q L- 1' ' V fl..u " ' s A X n , - L V K " L rl if ' fu N q ' Ps N ' u ,I . I D ' me Y' . 1- - N .Ly 4 CAMERA SHY 639 " ,Avi R Brandon K Freer J Fuller E Ganster er R Horan J Keller L Ko er Kohler C Korff N Kormsh D Kortum Mlslun L Myrtle R Newman S Seevers Stumpf J Thursam E Watt C Webb Wlenke A Wuetan E Wylubskl 0. JUNIOR CLASS SONG to tune of Our Lady of Fatuma .ag F Walker A Wasula R Wat tam B Westcott B Wald G Wulke J Wnlluams R Wzlluams Wulsan S Wohlfehrt L Wolf C Wulf Wylubsku K Zersz F Zuch 'Y iii!! by Sue Buglow, Sue Botsford, Carol Kaegebem These three years at T H S Have qunckly sped away As freshmen we needed help To gunde us on our way As sophomores we were better known, Our teachers so smcere, Our Jumor year has come and gone, And our Sensor year as near Our thnrd year has been the best, We've had a lot of fun The games and Hop and all the rest, We're sorry that nt's done Whule we're m our Sensor year, We'll make nt a success The good old tnmes we'll ne'er forget When we've left our T H S 26 wt a . -' lv- f is 'Ht L' M t - ' ' ' " Q- ,T ' g E , f. g ',,.. H ,l.' ., .V or S ,Q Q ,E ,M J Q 'T' .A vs. Q-,5 , Q .W RYA v..,.J , 32. AA ' 'S T 1- I-I Hall, ." ,'l hl,,lR: I ,. , . , . ,R. J f o l ' f N. f gf, . L Ll ' ,T Q . . . 'Y 1 ,49,2.M, A40 'ccadxg ff 4C,M,C,l4.,f 2f,aA4,'0pZ.LJfmA ,1,,,afe46e4x,Qf XQ,A4oif 5 dcjafco-Jw, f 4.9 Q Ltr,-ned? 7Q4 ,MMMCK 27 f?4wf4!4,9X Pfesiden' l Vice-president Secretory Treasurer sever Schnver Don Mofikosh .lone Goller George Jacobs zpgafo , , ., 14, - . . f "' Aa, D , , . ,YLA f ,L5,v, ' 1-4, 1,44 1 AY.-1 . A . X v K V I b I f' ,J-,Y ,Lf 4.4-.f,, ,4,-.95 C64 , f Y Y f fbi!-4 A Y . ' lil. - A ' . U 4-""""j 1 ' " , .44--xy ,L L41-1-v"-"1 - .-. J7 f f ' fl .- 1 . . Y , ' f 1, ' 4 ' ' . ,cf ' . . , - , I . - 4 . I K ,J , r X SS -Vx ' 'Q lf Av ' .Q . Q' JACQUELINE ADAMS JACKIE Jackae as wansome, attractave, and has a lovely personalaty Whenever you see her she as wearang a smale Jackae as antellagent sweet, and very well lnked Her favorate sport as baseball ln the lane of subaects, she prefers draver traanang She as a capable student and a loyal fraend .lackae plans to be a nurse and perhaps get marraed Her secret ambataon as to be a swammer lake Esther Wallaams FLORENCE ALEXANDER F O Thas small dark eyed senaor seems quaet and shy untal you know her She has a bash ful smale and a wannang personalaty If she carraes out her many plans she wall go far Flo has deraved most enaoyment from her Englash chemastry and preparataon for marraage classes She lakes to watch all sports events but she prefers soccer and shuffleboard Her favorate pastame as a cer taan boy named Lorne and she doesnt have tame for any hobbaes After graduataon Flo wall find a lob and save some money to travel wath her pal Sharl Later she may get marraed Her secret am bataon as to be a surgical nurse MARGARET ALLBEE MARG Margaret better known as Marg, as busanesslake and exact She lakes to have a good tame and loves to go places She as Q loyal fraend Her fovorate subaects are secretaraol proc tace and math Badmanton and swammang are the sports she lakes best In fact, she was on the garls swammang team After graduataon, Marg hopes to becom a secretary an some bag offace if JOHN ANAUO John as one of our more quaetand reserved senaors, and as endowed wath great mechona cal abalaty Has favorate sport as swammang He also enloys all kands of outdoor sports Of all has sublects, Mo prefers draver traanang and auto mechanacs ln the future, Mo plans to enlast an the Naval Aar Force and enaoy hamself by work Ing on aarplanes Has secret ambataon as to become an expert mechantc VERONICA BACON BONNIE A cheerful garl wath a fraendly smale as an accurate descraptaon of our Bonnae She as a fun lovang senaor who enaoys almost every thang When Bonnae s around, there as always somethang cookang She doesnt belaeve that salence as golden Homemakang French, and chemastry are all anterestang subgects to Bonnae She loves to roller skate knat and sew ln the field of sports, Bonnae lakes basketball, volley ball, badmanton, and softball Thas year Bonnae made us proud by wan nang a full tuataon scholarshap to the Doyle Beauty School as a result of takang a compet She s goang to be a beautacaan Besades that, Bonnae would lake very much to marry a certaan somebody Her secret ambataon as to become a professaonal skater SANDRA BARBOUR SANDY Sandy as a cute, neat lattle mass Her aar of sophastacataon, combaned wath the latest fashaon an haar stylang and dress, has made Sandy a very fashaonable senaor Home Ec as Sandy s favorate subaect whale tennas and basketball are her favorate sports Her hobby rs sewang an whach art she does very well Sandy as now attendang Burrough Busaness School and plans to be a calculator operator after graduataon Her secret ambataon as to bean charge of the passes an the army Guess Why? .. .. X, . it . . ' , vb l A . - . A Qt X1 bl tl ll itive examination. Bonnie's career is all set. ,. L ., . i .. . . yy' . ' Ii HMO!! S . . - . . 1 s . RICHARD BARNARD RICK Rick IS popular with both sexes because of his friendly, carefree manner and his cheerful Rick s favorite pastime is workrng on auto mobiles and driving around in has own multi colored car He is a member of the TH S swimming team Ricks favorite sublects are bookkeeping and salesmanshlp After graduation, Rick plans to enlist in the U S Navy His secret ambition is to become a successful lawyer HARRY BARRETT BARRETTI Harry is constantly full of mischief and devlltry Although he doesnt care much for the three R s hell get by on his mechanical knowledge Harry participates un intramural volley ball and intermediate basketball His favorite sport is baseball He engoys work, especially if it has anything to do with automobile engines Harry s favorite sublects are typing and autoshop Harry would like very much to become an expert automotive technician and plans to train for tms work at Morrisville State College GEORGE BASHOR "YOGl" George may seem quiet but don't let his innocent countenance fool you. He is an ex- cellent baseball player and has plenty of personality. George participates in a great many sports, including intramural basketball, Buf- falo Muny League hockey, baseball, and basketball, and the Tonawando intermediate basketball and baseball leagues Hs f vorlte pastime IS photography Although George participates in all these activities he still finds time to hold down a lab on the si e After graduation George plans to attend Alfred University His secret ambutuon is to be a professtonal baseball player an ambl tion he can surely achieve because of his great ability on the baseball diamond g. LEWIS BAUM LEW Lew is a shy lad who is often seen but seldom heard He is a hard worker and does his best in everything he attempts In the llne of sublects, Lew prefers history and salesmanship His favorite sport is tennis ln his spare time he likes to build small wooden model planes Lew is right at home at the plana and plays so wonderfully that he has given a number of piano recntals Lew plans to attend Bryant and Stratton Business School after graduation His secret ambitnon is to get into show business BARBARA ANNE BEDELL BARB Shes pretty peppy, and full of person ality Barb has lots of fun and many friends Shes very active and has what it takes to achieve her ambltlons This senior participates in many activities and has the kind of pep necessary to succeed in them Her favorite classes are dramatlcs history and gym Barb won three letters and a sweater for girls sports and a sweater for three years cheerleading one year on the JV team and two years on the Varsity team She enloyed practically all gi ls sports basketball, softball volley ball badminton and swimming In the future Barb is going to attend Cort land State Teachers College to become an elementary grade teacher Her secret ambi hon is to become a tap dancer and dance in a movie with Gene Kelley ROGER BENTHIN ROG Rog has a friendly smile and an all around pleasant personality His favorite sport is swimming and h favorite pastime as roller skating He is an enthusiastic musician and is a member of the the T H S Dance Band Rog is an electrician s apprentice by trade and after graduation he will work as a full fledged electrician Hrs secret ambition is to be a well known stock car driver Us at . i a- I . . . ' 1. xg! , 'd . x 1 ' ' ' 4 ' , . , K I l nhiin ' '. ' 1 I . U . . .Y , . I. . A l ,, ,, I . . l . . . is . I l U' l . l h I T.H.S. Band, the Shawnee Drum Corps, and I ' I . Vg? . '34 1 N- I-'fifn ' 29 if CONSTANCE BLO CONNIE Connie a girl with a sparkling personality is always willing to do her share She has a friendly disposition that has gained her many friends She is a real asset to our senior class Conmes favorite sublect is bookkeeping and her favorite sport is tennis ln her spare moments Connie likes to dance She became a member ofthe National Honor Society as a rumor She is treasurer of the Junior Classical League Connie plans to work ID some business office Her secret ambition is to be a famous NANCY BOWERS BUBBLES Nancy, who is sometimes called Bubbles is known for her pleasant smile and ready wut Shes full of fun and always enloys a good time Nans favorite sublects are law book keeping, and typing Her favorite sports are basketball and swimming She has partncu pated In all gurls sports and is now trying to earn her sweater Nancy hopes to be a private secretary Her secret ambition is to be a dancer BEVERLY BRADDELL BABS Everybody loves Babs She is a smiling happy cheerful girl with lots of pep The secret behind her pleasing personality may be that she is Interested in everything Babs favorite sublect is math Her favor :te pastimes are going to Ton Teen dancing and attending all sports activities Best of all sports she likes basketball and baseball but she participates In all Intramural sports Her ambition for the future is to become a good nurse She plans to study at the Buffalo General Hospital NORMAN BROSIUS SAM Norm better known as Sam, ns President of the National Honor Society full of energy and vitality and industrious in all he under takes His favorite sport is swimming and hrs favorite pastime is photography Most of his time is taken up wlth the study of nature Although Sam has been very busy In and out of school he has found time to win the 49 50 Klbler speaking contest and also has won a S100 scholarship from the Science Congress He became a member of the elected president of this society in his senior year Sam plans to further his education by at tending the Umverslty of Buffalo MARLENE BRENON MARLIE Shes an all round American gal, and a loyal friend who is always full of fun and eager for a good time Shes blonde has very pretty eyes and a cute smile Sports are all enloyed by Marlene She likes to play baseball and basketball and she loves to attend all T H S activities Sales manshup and home economics are the sub lects Marlene likes best As a hobby she collects clippings of sports events Marlene likes to read movie magazines and she loves to dance After graduation she wants to be a secre tary and later she plans to get married Her secret ambition is to find the mon of her dreams GORDON BURGIN GORDO Gordo has a personality that draws people to hum He does everything on a quiet smiling dependable way To know hum is to like hum His favorite pastimes are sports and at tending Ton Teen Math and science are his favorite sublects Gordon was a member of the varsity squad in football and track He was one of the school s better half mllers and was a welcome addition to the football squad In the TH S Band Gordon played the sax Gordo plans to attend either the New York lnstrtute of Technology to study metal lurgy or the University of Buffalo , l , lr rl ' - , , . . , . . . . 1 I . I . l . I - I , , ., .. .. CK .. I . I . . . . , I . , . , , . . . ' - - v - , singer. National Honor Society as a iunior, and was Mfg , .t .. ll ll - 1 . . . I , . l . . 1 . ' l ' ' I ' X ' . . r I . . ' , I . . . . , 'f2r?"P . , l I . . I I . , . I I . MARY JANE CASEY Mary Jane IS a wtlllng worker with a pleasant fun lovlng dlsposltnon Possesstng a sweet personulnty and a quuck wut, she always lookmg for fun always havmg fun By thas employee of Grants customers are glven servlce wuth a smlle Mary Jane ts a frtend to everyone Mary Jane s favorlte sublects are Englush and lnkes to watch all kmds of sports actlvntues Her love for readang and books has led her to decade her future work In the future, Mary Jane as gomg to at tend Geneseo College to become a llbrartan Her secret ambntlon ts to be a teacher FLORENCE BARBARA CHASE BARB A pleasant, pretty gurl wnth a lovely smtle Barb has bug blue eyes long dark lashes and a cute pug nose She loves to dance sew and sketch Her accomplishments are many She s an A I cheerleader and plays basketball baseball and volley ball she has three letters for G A A Basketball, football and swtmmnng are all favorvte sports af Barb s Hnstory dramatucs and sewtng are her most lnterestmg sublects She has been collectmg newspaper clnppmgs for many years Barb has decided to attend Cortland Teachers College to become a teacher of the elementary grades Her secret ambttton ts to become a famous ballet dancer NANCY CLENCH NAN Nan pretty and blond wtll be an asset to any offlce Her wtllnngness to help and cheerful manner have won her many fruends Nothung us too seruous to Nans way of thinking and she always seems to have a good tame Her favorlte sublect IS secretarial practlce and her favarute sports swnmmmg and table tenms The lady loves to dance and durmg her spare moments tt as one of her favorute postlmes She also lukes to read and kmt Nan would luke to be a stenographer tn the future but says she wlll probably get marrned and rouse a dozen ktds Her secret ambutlon IS to be a model but she unslsts that at IS only a ptpedream mm JEROLD CONSTABLE JERRY He s a dark hatred dark eyed good looktng semor of better than average suze Jerry has has serious moments but he IS lots of fun too and has a good supply of dry humor He IS Intelligent and possesses ablllty In both studnes and athletucs He knows what he as talkmg about and does well whatever he undertakes You can always depend upon htm for a frtend Jerry s favorute pastume ns sports He pre fers tenms to all other sports, but he plays mtramural basketball and volley ball and has played Buffalo Muny League basketball I tenms Jerry has won many awards, lncludmg tumor smgles champnonshrps of the Tona wandas Jerry Constable and Bob Popp were undefeated tn double competttlon IN the KENNETH COLLINS KEN Thus boy ts proof that good thmgs come un small packages Despnte the fact that Kenny IS short he us a demon on the grndtron and a hard player un all sports Kenny partlclpates In football baseball, track mtramural basketball and mtermedaate baseball Hts favorute sport and the one an whtch he excels ns football Hts favorute pas tume IS danclng He as as hard worktng an the class room as he ts In sports Hts plans for the future Include Ioumng the U S Alr Force Hts secret ambltton us to excel In sports, In whlch he has a great start N FL league EARL COTTRELL Under that qunet exteruor Earl has more than a spark of mlschlef He us well luked for his pleasant manner and polnte bashful frlendly ways Sports musnc, and adventure appeal to Earl He plays a mean trumpet and IS the capable manager of the THS Band He goes out for track but football IS hus best loved sport Ton Teen, Youth Fellowshnp Actuvmes and music are Earls favornte pas ttmes ln the future he asplres to the U S Airforce Hts secret ambntlon as to be a daredevnl be hur-d the wheel of a stock car . Y ' V I ll' J ll tl . "' V' 1 1 I , -. - , f .. . ' . , , ' X ll'J:'l'l1'S . l - 2 i ' .rf 4 , 1 ' E- , ' .1 V ,-,z 'f I' I . . . . I . I . . . . is I ' Y' - . . t ' . . . j I and .home economrcs.I She lnkes pxngipong - I I- I I - ' , , , '51 . n .. .t - . - - , I I I ' I 1 1 1 I ' ' - 1 . . ' I I . . I . 1 1 . . ' - , . ,X . . . I ' ' , ' L . . . s- v . I . I . I ' ' , I . . ' . l l ll tl ci K H . . 'b . . . ' , I , I . . ' ,' . .I . . . 'J' . . I . b . A I lj JOAN CROUCH A cute track and a whaz of a cheerleader She s small lavely blue eyed oncl full of fun Jo always does her work and never masses her play Besades, she s engaged to the U S Navy Medacal Corps an the person of Buddy Lang, a former pupal of TH S Her specaal anterest as an sports, all of them Wratang letters and dancang are favorate pastames raght now, her favorate subaects are home economacs and dramatacs Her plan for the future as to marry Buddy PATRICIA DANSBERGER PA Patracaa, better known as Pat, as a tall slender, quaet garl and definately nace to know She has a fraendly smale for all Pats favorate sports are baseball and boat racmg Her favorate subaects are Latan bookkeepang and Englash Her future plans are to get marraed an about three years and make her home on Grand Island She has a great anterest an boat racang and plans to make thas a combanotaon hobby and career Her secret ambataon as to race boats MYRNA DAVIDHAZY MYRNA Thus attroctave blonde has a plefasang smale and a cheerful dasposataon She loves excate ment and as fond of leasure When Myrna has the anclanataon, she can do good work Art as her favorate subaect She won a letter an sports and enaoyed basketball and swammang especaally Lake almost all other T H S students she as a football fan Dancang goang to partaes and havang a gay tame are all enaoyable pastames of Myrna s She as plannang to get marrred Her secret ambataon as to lave a lafe of leasure wathout o care an the world Eli"- DANA DENEF Dana as a sports manded and very antella gent student He partacapates an antramural volleyball and basketball He plays Buffalo Muny League hockey and as very octave an the Tonawando Recreataonal League Has favor ate sport as hockey He enaoys swammang and has a great anterest an photography Dana has an exceptaonal scholaStIC YCCOYGI He IS also an the yearbook sports staff Has future plans are to attend a college for enganeerang Dana, as you ve probably guessed from has anterest an hockey has the secret ambataon of becomang a pro hockey player ROGER DOHN ROG Rog, who as tall blond capable and hand some, as responsable for many a flutterang heart an T H S Roger does well an anythang that he under takes ln the begannang of the year he was elected Presadent of the Student Councal and Treasurer of the Notaonal Honor Socaety He as a good student and an all round ath lete He was on the Tonawanda swammang team and baseball team for three years, and a member of the football team for one year After graduataon, he plans to go to college to study enganeerang Roger s secret ambataon as to be a sanger WALTER JOHN DONALDSON WALLY Quiet smalanq easy goang Wally wall keep you entertaaned wath has pleasang personalaty and fine humor Wally as especsally anterested an math and hastory Has favorite pastame, he says as loaflng Has hobby as workang on cars In has sophomore year he played JV football Basketball and swammang are also favorate sports of Wallys He won a trophy for bowlang Wally wnll enlast an the U S Navy and try to get anto the field of electrowrcs When Uncle Sam releases ham, he plans to go to college to pursue has course an electronacs Has secret ambataon as to go to Bonnevalle to race has car Au , . ..JO,. , , I I ' . . 1 . . I .I - .. Ta. Q , , . . a . A ' , ' ' I ' . . . , . . . swf, . 'TR -.... 'V . . . . V , I . U-. JOHN J DOUGHERTY JOHN A tall dark, fine lookang lad with a pleas ant smale and a twankle an has eyes He s de pendable, easy goang seraous and true He was always rather shy wath the garls, but John lakes all sports He played basketball an caty leagues and played football at T H S for two years Goang to partaes Ton Teen Club, and workang are what Johnnae lakes to do John as studaous and antellagent Of all has studaes, he prefers math mechanacal drawang, and physncs After graduataon John wall attend B STI to study enganeerang Later he wall enter UB to contanue has course an enganeerang Johns secret ambataon as to own a 1947 Ford convertable wath a full race engane wath dual exhausts JANET SUE DREIER AN Janet who as known to many of us as Soupy has a peaches and cream com plexaon Her twanklang eyes and her dark haar match her sparklang personalaty Jan as Her favorate subaects are algebra book keepang and busaness math She lakes to knit and enaoys lastenang to popular musac Her favorate sports are basketball and swammang, and she was on the varsaty bas ketball and swammang teams Jan plans to go to Calafornaa an two years Her secret amba taon as to be a dancer or an ace skater DAVID EHDE "DAVE" A big, quiet, reserved senior. Dave has nice eyes and a shy smile. He's easy-going but true as steel Although Dave as talented an art and paantang his first love as sports especnally outdoor sports Huntang and ployang hockey and basketball are Dave s favorate pastames He plays hockey an the Buffalo Muny league Dave also plays basketball and baseball an the Kawanas league on Grand lsland where he laves ln the near future Dave wall loan the U S Navy Has secret ambataon as to have a mank farm of has own J JURIS EPERMANIS GEORGE George as tall faar curly headed, and broad shouldered He was born an latvaa and has attended THS for almost three years Has pleasang personalaty makes ham popular wath everyone He blushes readaly and as rather bashful wath the garls George lakes the U S because of ts freedom and opportunaty School here as so much fun In Latvia George explaans school offered no sports or socaol actavataes George loves to play as well as to work Math as has favorate sublect He lakes all sports but pre fers vol ey ball and table tennas Photography and collecting stamps are two of has hobbaes Next year George wall go to the Una versaty of Buffalo to study enganeerang He wants to become a mechanacal enganeer ln the meantame, he antends to aoan the R O T C HOWARD FAHMER BIG HOW A tall lanky good natured senaor He as very popular because he as so fraendly Bag How as you all know lakes sports Football and basketball are the two sports football for four years and basketball for one year Dad you know that he won a tm football? Among has studaes, he prefers bus aness law and Englash Howae s plans for the future are anterestang He s goang to loan the U S Aar Force and get married or vace versa He really says that has secret ambataon as to get married JOHN EKISS Buster as sancere, seraous, and studnous, he as a phalosopher at heart but he also lakes fun especaally an sports All work and no play wall not make John a dull boy This senaor as an excellent student but he as also keenly anterested an othlettcs He as proficient an tennas, golf and hockey Also, he has represented TH S on the tennas court and a North Tonawanda andustry on the hockey rank Faathful applacataon to has favorite subaect math helped ham to prepare for one of has ambataons that as the pursuit of an electracal enganeerang course at R Pl BUSTER . . I . . I . t . . . , i ll II . U II ' I ' I ' I - . , h - . . ' . I ' Y . . . . A . I I ' ' ' . . ' , - . . . . . . . , I l - , ' . . . . - . . ' . . . , I ' '- I ' l ' I ft'-J? f ,Q . . .. . N . L - ' "J " .a at I I . . ll aa I I - ' , . . . A . . l ll 1 ll 1 . . . . , , 1 - loads of fungand auvery sancere fraend. he likes best. HHOW.. played high school I . . . . a . . . h I ' . ' . . I 1 I 1 s - 1 I , K fl? . 2 , 1: f A , a , a . I I ' f ' ' ' ' .' .-- l L 14, Donna seems rather quuet, but she really xr' x ANNE FARRELL ANNIE Annues a tall, sweet, blonde, blue eyed gal No, shes not as quuet as she seems Anne lukes many thungs and can do lust about everythung Anne us very undustruous She has a lol: at Murphys after school hours Dancung and playung the puano are two of her favorute pastumes She us an accomplushed puanust and has spent hours un perfectung thus skull Her favorute subuects are home economucs and Englush She partucupates un all gurls sports After graduatuon, Ann plans to attend the State Teachers College un Buffalo She wants to be a home economucs teacher Heu secret ambutuon us to be a dancer LARRY FELLENZ LARRY Larry us undependent, untellugent and alert He knows what he wants and untends to get ut Thus us one boy who enuoys a good argu ment He s a good student Larrys favorute sport us saulung He lukes trug and auto shop Larry won a varsuty swummung and track letter In the future he plans to go to General Motors Instutute DERYL FISHER WHITEY Whutey us quuet and reserved He us studuous and ambutuous Hus seruous nature should help hum un the busuness world Bookkeepung and hustory are Deryl s best Sfudles He EDIOYS all popular Amerucqn sports, especually baseball and basketball After graduatuon he would luke to work as a salesman first Later he hopes to own a small store of hus own Deryl s secret ambutuon has always been to be a fireman' DONNA FISHER usnt quuet at all Shy upon flrst glance, Donna us really a swell gurl underneath She has her eyes on the Aur Force Donnas favorute sport us football Her favorute subuect us home economucs She par tucupates un basketball, volleyball,swummung, and baseball As for her future Donna plans to work after graduatuon and then get marrued Her secret ambutuon strange as ut may seem, us to pass Englush 4 34 DONALD FITZGERALD TZ Futz us the luvung pucture of many a gurls prunce charmung Hus Hashung smule and fruendly hello are well known to hus fellow senuors Dons favorute pastumes are sports and gurls Besudes, he us Interested un dromatucs and played a character part un the Chrustmas play Hus achuevements un sports are many Futz played baseball and basketball, and earned hus varsuty letter un football Outsude of school he played untermeduate basketball After graduatuon Don plans to loun the U S Navy Hus secret ambutuon us to become an offucer BEVERLY FLEMING V Beverly, better known as Bev us full of vum and vutaluty Her fruendly dusposutuon has gauned her many fruends She has red haur, sparklung blue eyes, and a pleasung per sonaluty Her favorute sports are basketball and baseball and her favorute sublects are salesmanshup and Englush She loves to at tend partues Bev plans to go to Rochester Instutute of Technology and study retaulung Her secret ambutuon us to become a buyer for a large New York store fl! .I Y ' sewn M I F .. H .IH .u . gig' if and Muny League Hockey. HBE .. 'I X 'I ' - I . . . ' I I N ' - x V . uv ,II N . . . . I . g CATHERINE FRITZKE CATHY Cathy a new addition to our senior class ns friendly ambntuous slncere and always wlllmg to lend a helping hand With such a happy dnsposltlon Cathy is sure to be suc cessful Her favorite sports are basketball and swimming and her favorite subtect us business law Cathy loves to take long walks and thoroughly enloys working around the house As for her future Cathy plans to have a nice home for her children Her secret ambl tion IS to travel THERESA GANSTER Tess a very attractive sensor is warm and sincere She IS always willing to lend a helping hand Her friendliness has gained her many friends Her favorite sports are basketball and baseball and her favorite subpect ns book keeping She became a member of the National Honor Society as a tumor Tess IS one of our B squad cheerleaders As for the future Tess hopes to get a good rob as sec retary In a business concern Her secret am button IS to travel to California ELEANOR GARRISON "ELLlE" Eleanor, better known as Ellie, is warm and sincere. She is always laughing and has a sweet personality. Her friendly attitude has gained her many friends. Elliels favorite sports are basketball and swimming Her favorlte sublects are business math and bookkeeping She has earned 6 and 7 Ts a sweater and a me a She made the gurls varsity basketball baseball and swimming teams Ellie plans to go to California in two years Her secret ambition is to become a famous Ice skater 1 46:24 JAMES GARRITY Happy go lucky Schoop likes nothing bet ter than a good practical lake What s more he has the sense of humor to appreciate a loke SCHOOP You might call this senior versatile since he as interested nn studies sports mechanics and fun of all sorts Jim played for three years on the varsity football team and dived for one year on the tumor varsity swimming team Besides sports Schoop lakes to date girls tinker with cars and guns and of course he loves to eat Ton Teen Club takes up plenty of his time As for future plans Schoop hopes to have the same kind of good time always to travel all over the world to make new friends and keep the friends he already has v- . - T .X ..,. Y-" , x lt Ik . .-x,- ' lx K- , H rr- i', ls .'. . j' Q K ri, Sli JK MYRNA GILCART MYRN Myrn a popular semor ts very warm and srncere She has loads of pep and a ready wut Myrn has personality plus and always has a frnendly word for everyone Her favorite sports are basketball and football Her favorlte sublect as math A for her pastime Myrn likes to make scrap books and take pictures ln the future she plans to became a secretary Myrns secret ambutnon us to travel JANET GOLLER JAN Janet better k own as J n a Al senior Jan our class secretary has person ality plus She us very attractuve and loves clothes Janet ns very active in sports particularly basketball and softball Her favorite sublect us secretarial practice She as secretary of the Senior Class and a two year member of the cheerleading squad Among her other achievements Jan became a member of Jan us sure to become a top notch secre tary Her secret ambition ts to own a con vertuble and travel to Cuba lnot un the con vertuble I f' A ' ' 4 , , ' , t Cl I. , , . .. ,t .. ,. I . I I . I ' ' I . ' I , . . ' 4 ' ' ' . s . . , , , A X . , , h , I I ' .i .t , n a , is n - ' I I T I I . , . l . I . l I T .I , - ' ' the National Honor Society in her junior yeor. I - I D ' I A . - ' I ,. .1 e ics' ' ' ff, U , ,MA ,, .3 ft if J A , I I I J I . I . . f , , . , VIRGINIA GRABBITT GINGER Vnrgrnna, better known as Gunger as wntty and attractive She has personalrty plus and a frnendly word for everyone She rs known for her pepsodent smnle Gmgers favorlte sports are basketball, baseball, and football Her favorxte sublect us home economxcs As for her future, Gmger plans to work and then get marrued Her secret ambrtuon ts to travel GRACE GUIDER GRAYCE Grayce IS a real asset to our semor class Her wut and humor, along with her frnendln ness, have ganned her many frlends She wnll go for up the ladder of success Her favorute sport as baseball and her favorute sublect IS English Grayce loves to read She won second prnze IH the Knbler Speaking Contest As for her future Grayce plans to go to college In Tennessee Her secret ambntton ns to see her name In lughts that IS she would luke to become a success on the stage CLIFFORD HAENDIGES CLIFF You bet he s mce and he s mterestung too Cluff has wavy hour and o twlnkle nn has eye Hes a fairly good student and a valuable fruend Lately he seems nnterested In the op poslte sex Cliff ran for TH S track team ts a fine swnmmer and a pole vaulter expected to hut the top thus year Cluff played football and swam for THS Thus lad took fourth place In sectuon 6, trnple A track pole vault He has many hobbnes Acrobatucs IS one of has favorite pastumes He enloys photography and has sux stamp albums Ton Teen and the T Club also keep hum busy Cluff hopes to attend lllmons State RODNEY HALL Thxs tall dark handsome guy halls from the Grand lsland Rodney possesses a keen sense of humor and a contaglous laugh which makes hum an enloyable companlon Those broad shoulders of hns definately cause the females to drool Prmt shop wood shop and history are Rons favorite sublects He played football for TH S and has won a letter In football and In band Hts other favonte sports are plng pong swimming and basketball Has future plan ns to rom Uncle Sams forces Ron s secret ambntuon ns to be a success nn the prmtung Held RON 36 Nt' J JAMES HANKINSON HANK Hes quuet easy going, and thoroughly enloys hlmself In his slow lelsurely way Hanks carefree manner has won for hum many true fruends Hrs most unterestlng sublects are algebra and geometry He likes govng to Ton Teen and attendmg all school functlons Belng an all round athlete Hank lettered In both football and swnmmmg and also played basketball for TH S Because he ns fond of the outdoors, Hank enloys huntmg Another favornte pastlme of hrs IS attendmg 'azz con certs at Klelnhan s Music Hall After graduatuon Hank mtends to loan the Navy Later, he hopes to have a truckung buslness of has own Hrs secret ambltlon IS to play pro football DONALD HARDLEBEN TYRONE Tyrone lnves up to hrs nuckname He as one of the handsomer sensors Hts usually sober expresslon dusguuses hrs lnvely, fun lovmg nature Tys favorite actlvstles are actlng sungung and gurls ln fact he was In the cast of the Chrlstmas play He played on the varsnty basketball team and was T H S track team In the future Don hopes to attend College Hts secret ambntnon ss to become enther a wnter or a comednan a member of A r , 1 fl ,V if ' If 'J 'A L at Y ' W' . .. .. ,nfl 1 . y , , . 'V . . . I . . ll tt U ll . . - Q - . I ' I It It - I l 0 I . ' f' , g iwfrsf , . 1 . gf il . . . . . . - F , j, g X Q , l v D . N , ' ' A, . . . . 9 1 f ' . v Q - ' l . . . 'xx I f I l , ' ' 1 ' I . . . . . l is g " LN, 'H -,rf . I D , . I . . I . ' Nm PETER HAYES BRUNO Bruno us as muschuevous as they make them but the teachers cant help Iaughung at hum regardless of how devulush he gets Pete has a uolly dusposutuon and a contaguous laugh, whuch makes hum one of our fruend ltest and most lukeable senuors Hustory wuth Mr T k us h favorute subuect Bruno has partucupated un football swummung, and track Some of the achueve ments whuch Pete has won are three letters un football, three un track, and one un swummung He played on the all league football team un hus 2nd 3rd, and 4th year He was presudent of our freshman class and treasurer of our uunuor class BARBARA HEIM BARB Barbara, better known as Barb, us an at tractuve senuor She us full of wut and humor Rught now her mund us wuth the U S Navy Her favorute sports are basketball swum mung, and baseball and her favorute sub rect us bookkeepung Barb s favorute pastume us wrutung to Louue Her future us to get marrued and maybe do some travelung As for her secret ambutuon Barb wants to go to Hawauu BRUCE HEIMBACH BRUCE Bruce us cu tall lanky fellow wuth curly brown haur devulush eyes and o flashy smule Baseball and swummung are hus favorute sports Englush and bookkeepung are Bruce s favorute subuects He has partucrpated un swurnmung and hockey Buyung a car us hs future plan Bruces secret ambutuon to take over hus father s busuness PAT HILLS PA Pat us tuny cute and has lo s of ambutuon She has a sense of humor she s dependable she lukes work and does a good rob too She proves that good thungs come un small packages Thus Iuttle senuar takes prude un her work and enuoys responsubulutues Pat has oodles of fruends and oodles of clothes Both bosketball and baseball are wonderful sports un Pat s estumatuon Also she us manager of the gurls basketball team Her favarute sublect us secretarual practuce and she us a very capable typust on the Tona wandan Staff Pat loves to talk and she also loves a good laugh lts fun to be wuth thus tuny muss She spends most of her tume out of school at the Ruvuera Theatre where she works BARBARA HOFMANN BABS Quuet and smulung, thus dark haured brown eyed lass has lust a few freckles to make her mare attractuve Shes extremely unterested un extra currucular actuvutues Bobs lukes busmess subuects and Englush as well as any of her studues She played basketball baseball and volleyball t TH S Basketball and baseball top the lust of sports as far as Babs us concerned Favor ute pastumes of Babs are workung at the Ruvuera and goung to Ton Teen Babs also lukes drawung and dancung both of whuch she consuders her hobbues The bug moment of her lufe us tall dark handsome Jum Tryung to catch up un Mr Lloyd s Bookkeepung Class us Bobs greatest worry lQLER AY Qature to match hus good looks a pleasung personaluty that wull make m ny fruends Hus favorute actuvutues are goung wuth o gurl and sports Not only was he a member of the varsuty football and basket ball teams' He receuved a specual honor an football un beung voted to the Nuagara Fron tuer League Football Dream Team For the Dramatuc Clubs Chrustmas play Jay was a very capable stage manager Jay plans to go to College after graduo tuan Hus secret ambtuon us to go to Notre Dame - ' A ,fu r g . . I . , F - v u. . . IS uu rt H " Au H . I 1 ' " ' . L . . ' " ' . uc" ' is ' ' ' u I 0 . H H . . . ' I ' ' , ......u... . ..J ., a ' . , - ' , lf' ' ur Tn 1 u I - , . . , . , , . , EMILY HOUSE Em us from Scanton Pa She us goung to be a nurse Her uolly smule wull cheer up any patuent She spends her spare tume un watchung televusuon or sewung Her favorute sports are bowlung and uce skatung She holds a part tume uob un a hosputal Emuly plans to become a nurse She also plans to be marrued some day Her secret ambutuon us to travel to Europe and to set up a hosputal SHIRLEY HOUSE BIRDIE Just luke her nuckname, shes sweet and very pleasant to have around Burdue has lots of fruends and lots of pep She s neat as a pun and lust as nuce as she looks When you talk about sports you must unclude Burdue She has earned all three Tsfor gurls sports plusa sweater Her favor ute sports are basketball and softball She has partucupated un basketball softball volley ball pung pong and badmunton Perhaps thats why Shurley us chaurman of gurls sports for the Yearbook Staff By the way she was on the champuon gurls basket ball team her uunuor year Her future plans are to work un an offuce and after four years to get marrued and rouse a famuly Her secret ambutuan us to make a trup around the world un ten years 'EQ' PAT HOWARD SPARKY Sparky certaunly Iuves upto her nuckname She us so full of vum and vugor that you never know when she us goung of? luke a lufe suzed flrecracker Her muschuef us always unvadung the home economucs room She us always smulung always talkung definufely gogd company and a lover of people good tumes and uust plaun fun Druver educatuon and home economucs are the subuects Pat enloys She lakes to swum play baseball and badmunton Her favorute pastume us beung wuth the boy she us engaged to thats Don' After graduatuon Pat and Don wll get marrued Pats maun ambutuon un lufe land uts no secretl us to be a good wufe and mother KATHRYN HURST KATIE Kathryn better known as Katue us one of our peppuest cheerleaders She has a sweet personaluty and us loads of fun to be wuth There us never a dull moment when Katue us around Her favorute sport us swummunq ln the uune of subuects she prefers druver s traunung Katue became a cheerleader un her uunuor year Her future plan us to net marrued and have some chuldren Her secret ambutuon us to be a ballet dancer DIANE HOWLAND Du us a short dark eyed cutue who came to us from the North Sade durung her uunuor year She has gauned popularuty wuth her Cheerful guggles and fun lovung ways Duane us Interested un sports and studues too She prefers baseball and basketball to all other sports In gurls sports actuvutues Duane was an actuve player un both basket ball and baseball Her chemustry and art classes are the ones she enuoys most Du plans to attend Buffalo State Teachers College to specualuze un the teachung of speech Her secret ambutuon us to be Durector of Educatuon of New York State She would luke to change our whole system of educatuon 38 JUNE ILLY SUSIE Tall dark and wullowy thats June llly Shes a very socuable gal loves to talk dance smule and us 'ots of fun She blushes easuly too .lunes favorute subuects are hustory and salesmanshup She lukes hockey and basket ball Tall men are the ones she prefers and she us now maunly unterested un the Aur Force Roller slfarung and dancung are f vorute pastumes of hers She won a trophy for square dancung un Nuagara Falls Her hobby us col'ectunq chuna cups and saucers Junes future plan us to get marrued and rause a baseball team Her secret ambutuon us to become a model li I. u. 4 I l I f I , . , u r -A V I l . . . , . . au K , - i . . . .. . . ., f-'X tuEMru 'l " , , ' ' 1 I -, . I , U . I . , .. . I x , ' I . 1' ' ' S ' ' ,- 1 ' 1 ' SA 1 ' of I. u. - . . , , ' ' ' .lu uv 4 . v . I I ' i U u . I 1 I ' Il 4 ' uu ' ' l , . . u - u ' r - ' ' I I I - I I ' I ' ' . - . ' ' a- I , . , HDI.. I . . . . . - As I ' NANCY JACKSON Nancy us one of the small dark haured cutues of the Senuor Class Her favorute sports are basketball and pung pong She lukes typung and hustory best of all her subuects She does a lot of readung ID her spare tume She receuved a scholarshup of S100 to attend The New York State Musuc Camp She was a member of the Student Forum, J CL and the Dramatuc Club Nancy plans to attend New York State Agrucultural and Technucal lnstutute at Alfred, to mauor In the secretarual course Her secret ambutuon us to become a pruvate secretary GEORGE JACOBS JAKE boy has personaluty plus and wull surely succeed wuth hus amucable ways Even though he seems seruous, he us always ready for a good laugh Jake s favorute subuects are Latun and trug Hus favorute sports Include basketball and track Thus year he wull be a three struper In track He was elected treasurer of the senuor class, presudent of the Student Forum, and Athletuc Assocuatuon representatuve He plans to attend Muchugan State College In September where he wull mayor In psychol ogy Hus secret ambutuon us what many of us would luke, to luve happuly on the money I hope to make Georges favorute hobby us Sallue Smuth CAROL KANTOR A talkatuve gurl wuth long blonde haur Carol always enuoys a good laugh She lukes to do certaun kunds of work especually the kund one does In home economucs class Carol us a suncere loyal fruend She IS understand Ing and us wullung to help solve your problems Carol has a wude varuety of Interests She loves musuc and sports and usually keeps herself busy workung after school hours Carol enuoys watchung sports partucularly basketball swummung, and football Durung her school years she has partucupated In baseball swummung and basketball Her favorute subuect us homemakung and she always has a partucularly good tume In that cas nw-04 SHIRLEY KARTYAS SHIRL A lovely, untellugent Industruous gurl who possesses cu wonderful sense of humor She s a loyal fruend an excellent student, and a good leader Shurley enuoys partucupatung In church ac tuvutues of all kunds and works luke a Trouan at any duffucult undertakung socual or other wuse For a hugh school senuor her talks for the benefit of youth groups are cmazung In her Iunuor year, she was elected to membershup In the Natuonal Honor Socuety She has done fine work un plays dusployung real dramatuc talent ln school Shurl prefers math and Eng lush and she has done splendud work as a typust on the yearbook stat? Shurley wull attend Heudelberg College un Ohuo where she wull enroll as a foreugn mussuonary student 'Timm Z ANN KEEM KEEMO A senuor wuth brown haur, blue green eyes, and a pleasung personaluty Ann has a val uable sense of humor Best of her classes she finds bookkeepung and druver educatuon She loves to whule away leusure tume knuttung and embrouderung Also she lukes partues and sports Bowlung us a favorute pastume of hers, and she us presudent of the Bowlung Club The sports she lukes best are baseball basketball and swummung She won three letters In gurls sports and has played varsuty softball all four years ln the future Ann expects to get a 'ob In an offuce save her money, and then realuze her secret ambutuan, whuch IS to travel to Calufornua BARBARA KNAPP BARB Thus pretty, dark eyed, vuvacuous senuor has lots of vutaluty, loves fun, us a wullung worker and a loyal fruend There us always excutement when Barb us around Barb us an ardent fan of football, basket ball, and swummung A lover of sports, she enuoys swummung, playung basketball and baseball and almost all gurls sports The most Interestung subuects to Barb are druver educatuon and home ec She wull attend Buffalo State Technucal lnstutute to become a dental hyguenust Barb s secret ambutuon us to vusut Parus Z? I I I , . I , . f I I I Y I I . I ' L S I I . . . . ,..I I I 'fue fu fu I I LK I ' av L I K J . . I. .I - I . . ., ' . ' . , , . I ll Il . .lake is one of our best-liked seniors. This ' ll ll I I . v I . I U I I I ' II I - - ' ' ' l D ' . , . . . . . . ' 1 'ff I I ,'l , 1 ul rr I , , I fl L I I I I I - - A 7' ! I I . . i . . I .. I I I I - I FREDERICK KOLB D Red IS a newcomer to TH S He seems quuet, but he may not be Hes undustruous, fruendly, and quute fond of a certaun gurl Red doesnt waste too much tume He really doesnt have much spare tIme, sunce he works after school and on Saturdays In Enducott and Johnsons Shoe Store on the Plaza Math and hustory are hIs most Interest Ing sublects and he lIkes all sports, especually football and baseball Fred transferred to T H S from Canusuus Hugh where he played Intramural basketball Playung cards IS a pastume that Fred greatly enloys After he graduates, he plans to go to Bryant Stratton Busuness College He hopes to be a publuc accountant Hus secret ambutuon IS to marry a certaun sophomore JANET KRUSE Jan IS a short, dark haured wonder of the Senuor class She IS a combunatuon of brauns beauty and charm She has a pleasant smule for all Her outstandung sport us basketball She enloys watchung football and why shouldnt she when theres that bug dark, and hand some Joy Holler around? Jans favorute sub Iects are shorthand and typung Jan was our capable secretary of the Junuor Class She was our queen of the Junuor Hop She was elected to the Natuonal Honor SocIety IH her thurd year She belongs to the G A A Dramatuc Club Student Councul, and Catholuc Youth Councul BETTY KUBIC BETZ She IS tall slender, and attractuve wuth lIqUId brown eyes and an adorable per sonaluty She s wutty, happy go lucky, and q realfruend Dancung and workung at the DeGraff Me morual Hosputal are Betz s greatest pleasures She lukes all sports, but she lukes to play basketball and baseball Druver traunung and busuness sublects, especually typung, are the sublects she Iukes best After graduahon, Betty hopes to go unto nurses traunung at St Mary s Her secret am butuon IS to marry a certaun wonderful guy In the U S Navy JAMES LAVELL FRITZ Frutz IS Irresustuble He loves fun, gurls, and sports and IS one of our most popular senuors Hus favorute sports are football and swum mung Hus favorute sublect IS dramatucs As for pastumes, Frutz has many-chess, cards dates, and sports Thus year he very capably played the young hero In the Chrustmas play presented by our Dramatic Club Frutz plans to go to college Rught now he hopes to attend Buffalo State Teachers College Hus secret ambutuon I5 to take a trup to the moon wuth a shup full of pretty gurls Oh yes, he also wants to be a mIllIonaure LAWRENCE LaPORT MORTE Morte IS a congenual lad who loves laughs musnc, and makung money Thus boy plays the bass clarInet In the T H S Band He IS Instructor of the schools Rufle Club and IS very actuve In Boy Scout actvv I'IeS and Cuvuc Band functuons Hus favorute subgects are musnc and busuness courses Thus year he won a pruze for dancung whuch IS not commonly known Morte s hobbues are rather unusual He collects guns and cannons Some day we preduct somethung unusual for thIs senuor Larry never wastes energy and he weughs values Huntung, flshlng, and camp Ing are Morte's favorute pastumes ln the future, Larry wull Ioun the U 5 forces Hus secret ambutuon IS to take a trup around the world PAT LITTRELL AT Some people call thus charmung dark eyed vuvacuous mIss Smuley and wuth good reason She has a beautuful smule and a lovely vouce, plus a personaluty to match Pat IS Interested In many thungs Her favorute sports are basketball and swummung She loves to dance and to rude horseback In her sophomore year she won the Kubler Speakmg Contest Pat teaches gym and coaches track at St Francus durung her spare tume After graduatuon Pat plans to become a nurse Her secret ambutuon IS to run a horse ranch I . . . . . . . , ' up 'E x ' ' - x , ' . . . . - - - - . .. .. 'YK , A 4 ' ,uw f, W 'Z' ,. 4 A ff l I . fu? Jussi 'IRE 'I uu un - u - - . ' . H H I - I . . . . . . - I . . ,' , ' . ' V . . o . U I .. . ' ..P .. . I . . . . I ' ' - , . . . .u . .. . . . I , uu uu - - - l - , . , , . . . , . . . . - I I tl ll . . x, - - .l . 1 ' ' Il ll . , . . ., , . .. .I . . I g . . . l . RICHARD LITZ DICK Ruchard, better known as Duck, us not as quuet as he appears Hus wuttuness and humor make hum luked by all Only hus close fruends know that he loves adventure and has quute an umagunatuon Hus favorute subuects are dramatucs and scuence, and hus favorute sports are swummung and acrobatucs As a pastume, Duck lukes to buuld model shups and aurplanes and do acrobatucs Hus future plan us to uoun the U S Navy and take up radar Duck s secret ambutuon us to be an Amerucan spy un Russua or some other communust country NIRA LOZO NERO She s a sweet gurl wuth a wonderful kundly nature Her wut and fruendluness make her o lay to have around, especually when there us some excutement brewung Shes muschuevous all rught' You can tell ut by her eyes Nura lukes many sports She swums, plays basketball baseball, and table tennus Homemakung and everythung connected wuth ut are easy for thus senuor gurl She loves to knut, to read, and to go to Ton Teen Studues are not especually to her taste, but she prefers hustory to any other subuect After graduatuon Nura wull go to work After that she us most Interested un gettung marrued and havung her own home Later she would luke to take a cruuse to Europe JOSEPH LUCSOK OE Joe s magnetuc personaluty and quuet manner make hum an asset to our senuor c ass Track and basketball are hus chuef unter ests He has played untramural and unter meduate basketball Joe enuoys bookkeepung and wheelung around un the druver educatuon car Hus favorute pastume us workung at Koenugs Hardware Store, but not for long because hus future plans are to uoun the U S Aur Force un July Joe s secret ambutuon us to become a gen eral un the Aur Force and have a chauffeur AUDREY LUKE AUD Audrey better known as Aud us very quuet that us, untul you know her She fun to be wuth and always ready for a good laugh Aud us the composer of our senuor poem We re very proud of her Her favorute sports are hockey and foot ball her favorute subuects are Englush and bookkeepung ln the future, Audrey plans euther to be a secretary or to be a wruter for a newspaper Knowung Audrey's abuluty to wrute, we certaunly hope that she wull go unto the field of luterature DON A good natured, dependable lukeable boy He us ambutuous studuous, and untellugent You can be sure he wull accomplush what he Don enuoys hus studues, but he also has a good tume Solud geometry and typung are hus most unterestung subuects ln the field of sports, he prefers hockey and tennus ln fact, he was the wunner of double A doubles champuonshup un tennus for sectuon sux Be sudes playung hockey and untramural basket ball, Don represented T H S playung tennus for three years After graduatuon Don wull go to college to study mechanucal enguneerung Hus secret ambutuon us to play rught wung for the Montreal Canaduans MARTHA MANGRUM MARTY Marty, a tal' sluck chuck us one of our senuor beautues Just lookung at her us a pleasure Every classroom echoes wuth Martys chatter Her fruvoluty makes her fun to be wuth Martys favorute sports are basketball baseball, and football In fact, she lukes all sports She partucupated un all gurls sports, especually basketball, baseball, and pung pong Although she really doesnt have any favorute subuects, she does enuoy busuness subuects and has done an excellent 'ob as a yearbook staff typust Martha us unterested un modelung Rught now she attends the lnternatuonal School of Modelung un Buffalo Marty plans to be a professuonal model un the future l V HJ u. I . l . . J , , g J . . E K, - - . . . I, . v ' U 1 , undertakes. . I . if . . . . '. I ' ' u 4 I 1 1 ' - ' ' . is ' DAN MATIKOSH DAN Dan tall dark and handsome us popular wuth all He us well luked by everyone and has made a host of fruends An asset to any baseball team Dan par tucupated un thus sport hrs freshman year and played onthe varsuty team un hus uunuor year Dan played two years for the Tonawanda Warruors un the Buffalo Muny League and last year led hus team un runs huts and doubles Hus battnng average was 392 He was named on the Nuagara Frontuer Leagues Honorable Mentuon lust for Tonawanda Hugh last year Thus lucky boy was also elected to the Buffalo Muny Leagues All Star Team by vote of the league managers of hus d vusuon un T lege to study electronucs and raduo MICHAEL McDERMOTT MIKE This shy quuet lad wuth a twunkle un hus eyes and a truendly grun has plenty of fun un hum He s full of lokes he s untellugent and a swell fruend Thats Muke Intermeduate algebra and physucs are the sublects Muke lukes best He s an untellu gent student and can do a ttne uob uf he wants to do ut As for athletucs swurn'nung and football are the sports he excels un H swam for T H S for four years and ran for our track team hus second and thurd years Muke wants to goto college but he has no definute plans Hus secret ambutuon us to cap Duck Narad un the hundred yard backstroke will A WQQWQ cy ARY ANN McNAMARA MAX Max us a swell gurl wuth a kund word for everyone She may be a but quuet but shes known for her fruendly hello Although Mary Ann usn t too fond of school work she does luke home economics She lukes to knut Wherever Max us there you wull see her knuttung bag She us also a whuz on the sewung machune As for sports she lukes to swum and play basketball Baseball us also a favorute sport wuth her After graduatuon Max wull work Her secret ambutuon us to become a model JOHN MEMMINGER A bug fellow wuth a kund heart he s suncere about hus work and a good fruend to have John s favorite subject us Englush even uf ut us hard for hum He lukes baseball and par tucupates un untramural and cuty league sports Cars are John s mam unterest He does a very good uob on hus work outsude of school Musuc us another favorute pastume of hus He played un the T H S band Durung hus thurd year John played varsuty football for T H S After graduatuon John plans to go to Canusuus College or to the Unuversuty of Buf fa o BEVERLY MILIUS Beverly better known as Mullue IS full of muschuef She us a good worker and has lots of pep Her brown eyes always have that muschuevous sparkle un them Her favorute sport us horseback rudung Bevs favorute pastume us Iearnung to take care of a home As for her future Bev plans to get marrued Her secret ambutuon us to travel wuth her husband MARY JANE MINNEY JANIE Janue us a dark haured dark eyed gurl who us a whuz at bookkeepung She us constantly un search of fun and her bafflung personaluty has won her many fruends Her favorute sport us baseball and her favorute pastume takung snapshots A member of the Dramatic Club Janue helped to make the Chrustmas play a great success Her plans for the future unclude the makung of a happy famuly E X 'f We. f 1 . N , ff .U u I i L lf . , ,J . . l I I I . ' . 1 ' I 1 . - I L . . . 4- , . I . . .u .u I I I I I ' ' I ' I . I . -. . I I ' ' n D . . ' 1 . ' I I I ' - . E- " ' 951. In the future, Dan would like to go to col- .. .u . I . . . . . . . , . ,. . - , I , . , . u. .. . . - . I - . ' . e A ' . - . I ' I l . 1 . I . I ' , . . . . I . . . I . I . 1 WILLIAM MISHKO WILLY Wully has hus quuet moments but when he s wuth a gang of boys Wully us anythung but quuet He s full of muschuef and dare devultry He s luke a fish un the water ln hus second thurd and fourth years Wully won a letter un swummung He was elected captaun of the swummung team hus uunuor year Tennus and basketball are also sports un whuch Bull ex ce s Some people thunk Wully doesnt luke work but he us un the Student Forum on the Yearbook Staff and a veteran member of our T Club Hus favorute subuects are busu ness law hustory ond busuness math After graduatuon Bull plans to go to col lege and hopes to become an offucer un the U S Aurforce Hus secret ambutuon us to be a professuonal basketball player BEVERLY MORLEY BOO BOO A swell kud who us full of fun Bev us often heard but not seen Her twunklung eyes and hearty laugh add to makung her everyone s fruend She enloys basketball but would prefer wrutung to a certaun boy at Georgua Tech Besudes beung on the Yearbook Staff she was manager of the gurls basketball team In her lunuor year Bev was on the champuon gurls basketball and volley ball teams ln the future she plans to work a year and then attend college Her secret ambutuon lseruouslyl us to go to Bermuda 1 GERALDINE MRKALL GERRY Gerrys a tall quuet muss who hauls from Grand Island She us lots of fun and has many unterests In sports she us fond of basketball and baseball Druvers educatuon us Gerrys favorute sublect Her favorute pastumes are Drum Corps skatung and bowlung Gerry s future plan us to work for a whule and then get marrued Her secret ambutuon us to be a successful sunger She has already been the wunner on a T V show Keep up the good work we re all behund you' ' l SHIRLEY NACHREINER NOCKY It us a pleasure to know thus lovely gurl wuth the very pleasung vouce and fruendly smule She has lots of ambutuon and succeeds un her aum to please Nocky us also a very untellugent student Shurley prefers busuness sublects Her fa vorute pastume us dancung At T H S she won first pruze un the Kubler Speokung Contest At East Hugh she won a medal for debotung Tennus and baseball are her favorute sports In the future she hopes to get a posu tuon un a bank Her secret ambutuon us to be a housewufe JOAN NAGEL JOANIE Thus gurl has a very sweet dusposutuon She cant resust a laugh Musuc us her greatest JAMES MULVEY M Jum a rather new addutuon to our school us known for hus wuttuness He us rather quuet untul you get to know hum but full of muschuef Jum us smulung and easy goung he refuses to tell much about humself Hus favorute sport us tennus and hus favorute sublects are hustory and physucs After g a tuon Jum plans to go o college perh ps Buffalo State Technucal lnstutut e ome a constructuon engune love When she usnt talkung youll hear her sungung .loanue Nagel us a very talented senuor She has a beautuful sungung vouce and plays the organ beautufully As a puanust Joan us also equally talented ln her heart the organ now has first place She attended Alfred Unuversuty one summer to study a concen trated course un organ and chour Her musuc us an unspuratuon and a loy to her fruends Home economucs us the sublect un whuch Joan delughts You can see that she does not have too much tume for sports but she loves pung Pong She wull contunue wuth her musuc after grod uatuon Undoubtedly Joanne wull accomplush her ambutuon to be a musuc teacher I I. I . --- Q I .-.. . S I". l ' I ' X I . I -. . Q' . ., . I- I dx A eu X P. HJ' ., ' .. l-'. I l -' . D Q ,rd ', ' lt ,X - il - - .taxi f IANJ' Ill?" Q .0 ri EH Vu 43 J ,- .N uffh ' I ' -Ill 3 ut 1216? RICHARD NARAD DICK Duck IS one of the boys from across the rlver Duck ns fun lovung full of muschuef and he always has a fnendly Hu for everyone Has favonte sports are football and swlmmlng ond his favorite pastime recently has been loatlng Duck has partuclpated In football track and swummnng Although he does not work has broun as hard In school work as he does hrs arms and legs In backstrokung for the T H S fish he wlll surely succeed Buffalo After completmg a two year course he plans to fly wuth the Army Amr Corps PATRICIA OLLENBITTLE ANGEL Pretty dark eyed and vlvaclous wnth oodles of pep thats Angel Besudes, she has brams nmtnatnve and leadershup Pat lukes play studres and musnc Her favonte pastumes are horseback rldmg dancnng roller skatmg and daydreaming Pat as most Interested nn math and scuence She s our Drum Malorette won the chenulle T for one year the gold trophy for two years and receuved two medals at New York State festnvals for Al ratmgs Besides bemg a member of the Natnonal Honor Soclety and many other school clubs lncludmg the Dra matic Club this versatile gurl as the very capable Edltor IN Chuef of the Tonawandan thus yeor After graduatuon Pat wull attend U B to study Pharmacy Q x CAROL OTT GIGGLES Because of her contagious laughter, she IS known as Grggles Shes a Cheerful kmd and sympothetnc frnend Her good nature makes her frlends love her Carol enloys llfe She llkes to work and play Home economncs ns easy for her as she can do almost anythmg around the house Workung outslde of school has gnven her fine experlence Her cheerfulness and wnllmgness to please have helped her nn the dllferent lobs she has held School Ytamlos and the Ton Teen are all fun to Carol Also you wall flnd her spendnng much of her tome at the work she loves In the De Graff Memonal Hospltal You see her secret ambmon us to become a nurse GEORGE OTT George IS a quuet polite boy who enloys anythmg mechamcal Auto mechamcs IS hus favonte sublect He prefers worklng at some thmg constructlve to domg almost anythmg else Although he dldnt partncnpate un sports he lnkes swnmmmg baseball and basketball He spends a great deal of his time on hus hobby whuch I5 bunldung model aurplanes George also has a good tame attendmg movues and spendung some tame at the Ton Teen Has plan for the future IS to get a good 'ob and mcrease hls knowledge of mechanics HARRY BRECKENRIDGE OVERHOLT DALE Breck I5 our good lookung blond ex foot ball captaun A cheery dnsposltnon makes hum Ilked by everyone A true athlete thus boy excels ln all sports especually In football A favonte pastlme of Dale s ns playmg nn a hnllbllly band wlth some of the Gastown boys Brecks plans for the future mclude be commg an effnclent leader of Company K to whlch he has belonged for one and a half years He ns an mdustrlous boy whlch he proves by workmg after school from 3 30 untal mudmght Company K hrs 'ob and sports take much of hus hme but he stnll manages to vusut Ton Teen wnth hrs fnends occaslonally Hus secret ambutuon IS to start a champlon ship football team for the Tonawanda Muny League ROBERT J PAPP BOB A friendly dlsposttlon and a lnkmg for a good tnme have made Bob a hut wnth both sexes Hts wullmgness and cooperahon have made hum a nlce guy well worth watchung Once a frlend always a fruend sults hum to a T Success as hus for the takmg Bob wall be remembered for hus abulnty on the basketball court He played on the varslty for two years and had the dustmctlon of bemg selected as captain of thus years team and also for bemg one of the league s top hugh scorers In l952 he was undefeated an tenms doubles for T H S Most of has unter ests he In the sports fleld Bob IS at ease on the dance floor as well as on the court .. 1. .1 - 1. 1 . 1 .1 I I I . A I . I , N I . . I ' X 1 1 . av' - 1 , i 17 , f' I ' ,. 14 . ask f' fl zz .c . '- , sf - 1 ll U ll VI 1 1 1 1 1 L . ' . I - - . - I I . 0 . . . . . 1. ... , 1 1 v 1 1 I I . I I , ' 1 . . . . . . 1 1 V , ' A L I 1 - 1 H 'I - . . . . . . . , I. l , I Dick plans to attend the Unlverslty of ' , I . l I . . . ' ' . . , ' 1 1. 1. - . I - I . . . K K 1 ' 1 . .1 1. . , I I I ' .I ll ll I I ' . 1 1 1 . 1 . I . - . . I . . 1 1 - .1 11 1 - - I - . . . . 1 . . . - . 1 1 -0' . , . . . ' . , x ' , , . f 1 1 1 . 1 l , , . . . . U ' ' 44 iirgif . JANET PATRICK "JAN" A combination of independence and in- telligence has made Jan successful in any- thing she undertakes. She's dependable, kind, and sweet. You can tell this by her winning smile. Typing and Home Ec. 5 are the subiects she prefers. She was active in girls sports and won two letters. Basketball, volley ball, and softball are all her favorites. Knitting and writing letters take up Jan's spare time. After graduation, Jan plans to go to an comptometer school. Later she intends to get married and have a family. Her secret am- bition is to have at least four children. JOANNE PERRY "JO" Jo possesses that rare quality of being quiet and friendly at the same time-that is being friendly in her quiet pleasing way. She is efficient, industrious, and has a con- genial personality. ln her high school career, Jo chose the secretarial course, since she thoroughly enioys all kinds of office work. Right now she holds a nice position in a local automobile agency. Sewing and writing letters are Jo's extracurricular activities. Because Jo is already engaged, we don't have to guess about her plans for the future. She is going to marry a certain soldier. Her future plans and secret ambition are identical. SHIRLEY PETERS "PEEPERS" "Peepers" intelligence, careful grooming, and pleasing personality have made her a very pleasant person to know. She enioys watching and participating in sports, her favorites being basketball and baseball. Interested in her church, Shirley belongs to the Chancel Choir and Youth Fellowship of Salem Church. She frequents Ton-Teen and is a member of the G.A.A. ln the future, Shirl plans to obtain a secretarial iob and her secret ambition is to become an eHicient secretary. WILLIAM PETILLON "BILL" This Grand Island senior gets a kick out of life. You'll find him in his best form when you give him a good spicy argument. American history and business law are his favorite subiects. Although he hasn't partici- pated in T.H.S. sports to any extent, Willie likes football, baseball, and swimming. After graduation, Bill intends to go to the University of Buffalo to study business ad- ministration. Secretly, he is eager to become a big paliticia I 7045 ee . V4-J 461,04 l I . I-IQ MARY POWERS "CONNIE" Connie's sunny disposition and good nature are definitely two of her outstanding charac- teristics. Shorthand is her favorite subiect. Connie's favorite pastimes are eating, going to the movies, and dancing. She is a member of Ton-Teen. Connie participates in sports and is especially fond of volley ball and basket- ball. Besides her school activities, she works at a local department store. After graduation, Connie plans to be a secretary. She also hopes to take a trip to California in the future. Her secret ambi- tion is to work on a television show in New York. GRETCHEN PUCKELWALD "GRETCH" Gretch is ambitious, a hard worker, and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. Her cheerful giggle and pretty auburn hair help brighten up the senior homeroom. Latin and history are Gretch's favorite subiects. As far as sports are concerned, she prefers tennis, baseball, basketball, and volley ball. She also enioys playing the piano. After graduation, Gretch plans to attend either Buffalo State Teachers' College or Cortland State Teachers' College. Her secret ambition is to become a good grade school teacher. gf' N' . fr. JOANNE RANK Jo I5 one of our pettte sensors wlth loads of personallty She can always be seen talk mg or glgglmg over somethtng Jo makes Grand lsland more attractlve and a lot more mterestmg to lnve on Hlstory and bookkeepmg are her favorute sublects Jos favorlte pastlmes are dancing and eatmg Pizza Jos plan for the future IS to go to a Comptometer School and eventu ally get marrled to some lucky man Joanne s secret ambltuon IS to go to Hawau to Ivve JOHN RATHBUN BLACKJACK He s a shy lad with a muschlevous gnn and devlltry comung straight out of those blg dark eyes John doesnt luke to study but he loves to relax and engoys nothnng better than playmg the clown John s favorlte pastlme IS all gurls In school has favornte sublects are Englush and home economacs He lnkes basketball and baseball best of all sports but hls actlvltues at school were llmlted because of hls outslde work at Durex and Llberty Shoe Store However he has played basketball on Tonawanda league teams John s hobby is collectlng 'azz records ln the future he plans to 'om the US forces probably the army Johns secret om button IS to have drapes of every color under the sun ff- JANET ROBlNS AN Good thmgs come nn small packages and thats our Jan Full of fun and pep she ls popular wrth both sexes Math and shorthand are her mterestmg sublects She vs often seen rootmg for our basketball and football team However swimmers lal attract her too Janne ns our very capable secretary of the Natsonal Honor Soclety and she was on the :hampton gurls basketball team Through her four years, she has participated In basketball, softball, and volley ball She hopes to attend Alfred College nn the future Janne s secret ambltuon IS to go to Europe and meet a young unmarned mul Inonalre JEAN RUNGE PEANUTS Peanuts ns a conscaentlous worker and a loyal frnend She possesses a wonderful sense of humor Her favonte sublects are math and typmg ln the Ime of sports she prefers softball and swnmmmg Jean was once chosen as the outstandnng scout of the year, and has won two bucycle rodeos Playmg the accordion, readmg, and cookmg are her favorite pas tnmes Besldes thus, Jean ns the very capable wmdow tnmmer nn one of our downtown stores In the future Jean hopes to secure a good 'ob as wmdow decorator ln a large depart ment store Her secret ambntnon ns to marry an evangelust and gnve beneflt programs for chuldren 4 JOHN RUNGE RUNNING DEER John, commonly called Runnmg Deer by has classmates IS the type of boy upon whom you can depend Hls unselflsh desire to help others has won for hum many true frlends Besudes gomg to school John works almost full time at a factory lob However, h doesnt let that mterfere with has school llfe He llkes all hls subpects and really puts a lot of work unto them When nt comes to sports John ns equally enthusnastnc He enloys foot ball baseball and swlmmung One of has favorlte hobbles IS slnglng Besudes going to school and worklng, John devotes a good deal of tlme to various church actlvltues In the future John hopes to become an accountant and some day would like to own his own business either cabinet maklng or auto shop Hls secret arnbntnon IS to become a welfare worker among the negroes MELVIN RUPP BUTCH One of our tall boys from across the raver A good looking lad who possesses devlllsh eyes and fasclnatmg ways Mel as definately easy going and ns loads of fun When you see a gray Dodge look for Mel Butch s favorite sublect IS math Football and basketball rate highly wnth hum Boat racmg IS Mel s favorite pastime He has won many awards un thus sport In the future Mel plans to become an engmeer Hrs secret ambntuon as to become a great polutucnan ig I - I x- . Lf . . '. I - ' ' L ' fr , f " 1 K' - v ' 4' - ' ' I f f? - A A llll ..Jo.. s ' 1 n 1 s I If . e ,J X 5 , ' ' . 5 Q ,- I . N ,iff . I ' QPR! J . . ANN SCHINAMAN ANNIE Anme as a smcere loyal person full of fun and always around when mnscluef ns brewmg Her flashmg smule and welcommg H are famnlnar to everyone She spends most of her tnme wrntmg to a certam soldler Hmm, l wonder who? Could nt be Don? Her favornte sublects are typrng and shorthand She ns often seen on the basketball badmmton, and volleyball scene Anme was secretary of the Student Councll and IS vlce presndent of the Natlonal Honor Soclety ln the future, Ann wants to work m an offlce tnon as to become a prlvate secretary JOHN SCHRADER JACK Jack IS a whnz on the duamond and the basketball court aluke Hls cautuon, excellent work, and qulck wat make hum well Ilked by his fellow classmates Best of all has school sublects, Jack llkes trlgonometry and socual studues Baseball and basketball are hns favorute sports In baseball, he won two letters and he played on the All League Baseball second team he also earned has letter nn basketball After graduatnon Jack plans to go to college to study physlotherapy To play pro baseball ns another of hls aspnratnons Has secret ambltnon IS twofold to become famous and to own a Cadillac BEVERLY SCHRIVER LEFTY Tall blonde full of llfe that s Lefty She s hughly excitable a wullnng and enthusuastlc worker, and a wonderful fruend Lefty hopes to succeed luke her brother Ramblln Lou In the field of western entertain ment, slnglng western songs and playmg the guutar Secondartly she would luke to be a model Beverly excels an sports especually In baseball and basketball Her other favor lte pastimes are smglng dancing and eatnng Beverly ns president of the Sensor Class and was vuce president of her lumor class She ns octave m all school functuons Her care free manner and spontaneous laughter have won for her a host of loyal frlends GERALD SEYMOUR SHORTY Shorty IS seldom sernous and always on the loose un the class room He us one of the Gas town gang, and you can be sure there wull never be a dull moment wnth hum around Shorty s favonte sports are basketball and swlmmung Hts favorite pastime IS sleepmg Hts favorxte penods are none other than good old study hall Shorty has partucupated ln baseball and basketball He has also been a member of the Boys Club basketball team After completmg hugh school, Shorty would like to attend an agricultural college Hts secret ambltlon IS to become Mr America lf he keeps throwmg those bar bells around, has secret ambntnon will certamly be reached CAROL SHAIN This sensor gurl IS good natured and In terestmg to talk to She always wears a smtle and never lacks tnme for a frlendly chat Carol I5 one of our talented sensors She plays the flute In the school band and orches tra She IS also a member of the Cnvtc Or chestra In North Tonawanda and Kenmore Carols hobbnes are collectmg stones and records Her favorlte sport IS horseback nd In She plans to go to Fredoma State Teachers College to study muslc Wlth her smcerlty and lndustry Carol IS bound to reach her goal as a successful muslc teacher PATRICIA SHAVER A Pat, sometimes called Bunny Wabblt, s a sweet, snncere and understandang gurl She lakes a good tlme and ns also an energetic, tlreless, and serious worker Unusual talent In art has made Pat Shaver the chlef of the Art Staff for our yearbook Drawing ts one of her greatest loves She IS also the composer of our class song Beeng versatlle, she enlcys swnmmang dancing, and even worlung Pat works at Ylanllos Soda Bar, one of our favonte haunts Next year Pat wlll attend Albrught Art School In Buffalo Her secret ambltnon IS to be a perfect housewlfe 1 1 I 1 l - I I . . . ' . I . I I A ' , . . . 1 U .yy . . ' . . I . . ' 1 . . - ' I I - - Q - . ' . ' g. . . . s . . I . and eventually marry Don. Her secret ambi- ' .. .. . - . ..P T.. ' . ' l ' ll - H i , . I . . I . , A - I . . . DOROTHY SHAW DOTTIE She s a short lass with sparkling eyes and a friendly smile You can tell she has pep when you see her dance and also when you see her capably twirl that baton In the T H S band She also loves basketball Her favorite subqects are business sublects, especially bookkeeping Dottie plans to become a bookkeeper in some nice office By the ring shes wearing she must be planning to settle down with some lucky guy To become a famous dancer IS her secret ambition NORMAN SMITH SMITTY Bug, smiling Smitty is known to everyone In school Polite, smcere and manly, yes he is all of these With a pleasing personality good looks, artistic talent, ability in sports and enough ability to make the grade In his studies, Norm Smith should succeed Art and American history are Norms favorite sublects He IS one of those fortunate people who are talented an art Football hockey, and swimming are his favorite sports ln football he won a T for two years He also played Intramural basketball base ball and volleyball After graduation he hopes to go to the University of Vermont To become a South Sea Island trader or navigator I5 Norms secret ambition 1 SALLY SMITH "SAL" Sweet, sincere, a little shy-that's our gal, Sal. Her cheerful personality and willing co- operation have made her one of our best- loved seniors. Sal is a good student and is not afraid of work. She's reliable and capable. These qualities have made her secretary of the Student Council and secretary of the Student Forum. Basketball is her favorite sport and one of her many pastimes is baton twirling, in which she excels as T.l'l.S. head baton twirler. SaI's secret ambition is to twirl her fire-baton. Next year, Sal plans to attend Allegheny State College where she will maior in psychol- ogy. so DONNIE This tall humorous lad is full of mischief always friendly, ever ready for fun and adventure He says he IS trying to reform but we hope he doesnt become too serious We like him the way he is Don participated In TH S football, swim ming hockey and track He won a varsity letter in football Although he likes all sports hockey and football are the ones he likes best His best sublects are dramatlcs and social studies In the future he plans to serve in the U S Navy His secret ambition IS to go steady with a certain gurl from Grand lsland l RONALD SNYDER RON Ron, one of our treasured twins, really keeps the ball rolling He always engoys a good time and his comedy and witty imlta tions almost equal those of his pal, Jerry Lewis He can be comical or serious depend ing upon the occasion Ron is a very likeable fellow and IS popular with all who know Im Ron works after school, likes a good time and is fond of athletics Vocational sublects are the studies Ron prefers and music IS one of his favorite pastimes Football and hockey are the most fun for Ron Woodshop is his favorite sublect and hockey and football are his favorite sports He has participated in track and played football for three years at T H S He won a letter In football Ron s future plans are to be a truck driver or loin Uncle Sam s Navy He refuses to tell his secret ambition NANCY SOLDWISCH NAN This blonde blue eyed lass has a vibrant personality and likeable ways She is full of fun and always ready for a good time Nans favorite sport as swimming and her favorite pastime is a certain guy named Mike She also enloys bowling and dancing She hopes to become a secretary Her secret ambition is to pass the Driver Education course and get her driver s license . . - F n s l. he l - .' . " ' . .3 N 01320 . . 1 2 .sp . . ' . ' ' :f,"'4Q4Y H ,, I . , l . . . I. -. l . ,4v.. x MELVIN SOMMER M Anyone can tell you that hes very nuce Mel has a pleasung personaluty, a wunnung smule, and a way wuth the ladues, especually a partucular lady Mel swums for T H S He lukes all sports, especually swummung, football, soccer, and basketball The subuects whuch unterest hum most are scuence, health, and busuness law He plans to spend four years un the U S Aurforce and later own hus own busuness Hus secret ambutuon us to be a racung boat druver and also to have a date wuth Marulyn Monroe FRANK SOMMERS Handsome-thats true' Hes clear cut all round Amerucan type and a fine athlete We all luke hum a lot even though he us un tellugent-especually about some thungs Frank wull succeed uf he realuzes what a lot he has to offer Frank usnt so keen on studues, but he us a real athlete Hustory us hus best subuect He played varsuty basketball 1951 52 He was captaun of the basketball team and All League captaun un 1952 He was JV foot ball starter at End un first and second year baseball He played un the Buffalo Muny League wuth the Tonawanda Warruors Hus future plans are to work for Uncle Som and also to get marrued Franks secret ambutuon us to be a basketball coach my-s 'fr PATRICIA STAFFEN A Blonde, blue eyed Pat us quuet but she has a revealung twunkle un her eye She us cu suncere fruend and a good student She us at home on the tennus court and un the ruver as most of our Grand Island students are She also enuoys readung and playung the puano Her favorute subuects are Latun and hustory Pat untends to attend Cortland Teachers College next year She would luke to be an Art teacher PATRICIA STALEY A Neat and petute, Pat has wonderful taste un clothes She always has a pleasant H for everyone Her favorute sports are tennus and swum mung Home economucs and Latun are her best subuects Besudes doung a great deal of readmg Pat us a very competent puanust Her talent at the puano has won her an A1 ratung ata Musuc Festuval, and she also won a state scholarshup to a Musuc Camp Her plan for the future us to attend Alfred Agrucultural and Technucal Instutute to study Secretarual Scuence Pats secret ambutuon us to become o famous tennus player l wonder uf there s any specual reason? 49 JANET STENGEL JANIE Quuet but suncere, Janet us well luked by all She us untellugent, congenual, and definutely has a mund of her own She us fascunated by baseball and table tennus Dramatucs, scuence, and band are her favorute sublects As a member of our band, she was often seen totung a trombone case around Janets favorute pastume us workung at Nu Way She us actuve un the young people s group at church and has taken part un the table tennus tournament Next year Janet plans to attend Central Buble lnstutute, Sprungfleld Mussouru, to be come a meducal mussuonary Her secret am butuon us to achueve the hughest goal un what ever fleld she chooses GERALD STEVENSON BUTCH Butch us a popular guy wuth both sexes, especually wuth the weaker one Jerry us an school actuvutues Thus boy has really got the know how on the dance floor Auto shop us Jerry s favorute subuect Football swummung, and basketball are hus favorute sports Butch was elected presldent of our sophomore class and was our football captaun of 52 Jerry plans to go unto servuce after graduatung and us consuderung ut as a career it V HP Tll ' . .. EL.. .. .. . . . . . . ll Il . . u 4 . 4 L , . . I . . ut 1. . ' . , , , ' ' I I . . I . . . ' .1 -, 1 , . I I M I ' ' . . . 1 I uu ut , .u .. . . h 1 I ' 1 . - 1 1 I I 1 ' all around good guy and is in many of our . . ll - Il ' 1 1 . . . - ' ' l' ' I I . . . l . .. .. . ' . , . . . I 1 s 5 .up T.. - D .. in I ' J ., - . eff:-:"Z' f . - , . . . ' .sjw an Q '-'--,Q i ' I -5343i-lit ffl' 3 . JERRY THOMAS A resudent of Grand Island, Jerry has commuted to T H S for four years He became known to us as a freshman through hus flne cheerleadung Jerry us full of pep and energy and has laughung brown eyes and dark haur Everybody lukes J T Jerrys favorute sport us track, hus favorute pastume us havung fun Best of all school subuects, he lukes Dramatucs and Englush Hus aum for the near future us the Navy Meducal Corps After the Navy guess what' Jerry us goung to attend Summons Embalmung School un Syracuse, yes sur' To become an undertaker' Jerry says, Its a good busuness, always DAVID THOMSON DAVE boy wuth a delughtful sense of humor Dave s favorute sublects are Auto Shop and Mechanucal Drawung Talk to Dave about cars or anythung to do wuth cars, and Dave wull be deluruously happy Hot rods and racers, speed records, beautuful convertubles all of these are hus first love Swummung us hus fa vorute sport and he s very good at ut too' Of course, he swums for T H S As for gurls, he us cleflnutely unterested In the future Dave plans to be a mechanuc Hus secret ambutuon, as you probably guessed, us to be a hot rod druver JOYCE TRAYFORD D A short lass wuth flamung red haur, Joyce has a cheery greetung for everyone Al though she us somewhat on the quuet sude carrot top wull never be forgotten Badmunton us the sport Joyce loves, and she enloys makung ceramucs Unluke most of the senuors, her favorute pastume us workung Joyce plans to remaun un her posutuon as head cashuer at the local Canton Market un the future untul the rught guy comes along Her secret ambutuon us to own her own supermar ket someday THOMAS TURTLE TOM Thus boy lukes to talk and to have a good tume That congenual smule and palm oluve complexuon makes hum a popular lad wuth both sexes Not too fond of school work, Tom manages to get by Busuness subuects are the ones he s most unterested un Bookkeepung and busuness law are hus favorutes thus year He lukes swummung and basketball and us an excellent swummer humself He has partucupated un swummung events for T H S Tom s plans for the future are not too deflnute, but some day he wants to own hus own trauler tractor Also Tom says he plans not to get marrued Want to bet, Tom? JOE URBAN JOE A boy wuth deflnute udeas, a good mund, a pleasant smule, and fruendly manner Hes unterested un hus school work and ac tuve un sports He has earned a letter un foot ball, and three letters un track Hus favorute subject us math He has proved to be a very capable worker on the Yearbook Staff Besudes partucupatung un sports, Joe spends happy hours at the Ton Teen He plans to go to college to study meducune EDWARD TROSIN A shy lad who us gust becomung unterested un gurls Sometumes he covers up hus shyness wuth a lot of nouse Ed us fun when you know um Ed s favorute sports are football, swummung and track He won a varsuty letter un both football and track He also was on the T H S swummung team and was one of the top hugh lumpers un the league, clearung 5 6 Ed s future plan us to go to college and become a forest ranger Hus secret ambutuon us to be popular wuth the gurls 50 N , K HRE .. .. h ,. . ' ' 5, A mischievous brown-eyed, good-looking . . . - . . . Y 'J ' , MED!! I fu . . . . "A" I . . I . l . .1 h' . , 1 THOMAS WALKER TOM Tom as very qulet untll you get to know ham He loves fun and as a good worker Hts frnendly ways and quset manner are sure to make hum successful Toms favorute subgect as art and has fa vorlte sports are football and track Hts favortte pastnmes are golng to the movues drawmg and going out on dates Tom won a T In varsuty football Hts future plans are to goto college perhaps Albrught Art School and study commerctal art Hts secret ombutnon IS to be a general In the army BETTY WATERSTRAT Betty seems quuet untnl after you know her Then you dlscover she IS mrschlevous lots of fun and a smcere lovable fruend Betty as Interested In sports and partlcl pates nn almost all sports for gurls basket ball baseball swnmmnng and tennts Betty earned three letters o sweater and a medal rn gurls sports Her favorute sublect us secre tarual practuce In the future she hopes to be an effncuent secretary Her secret ambntlon us to travel extensuvely Favorute pastnme2 Why smgmg of course' LYNN WATERSTRAT MERCURY Lynn, better known as Mercury us rather quuet untrl you really know htm Shy upon first glance Lynn IS really a swell guy un derneath To know Lynn as to luke hmm Lynns favorlte sports are track football and basketball Hrs favorrte sublects are chemustry band and orchestra Lynn won thlrd place un the 51 and 52 speakmg con test Hrs future seems to be connected wrth the food processung field As for has secret ambltuon Lynn would luke to drrve In a road race FAY WEBB Her wnnnmg smlle and quuet ways wrll ol ways be remembered To some she may be consldered very qunet but to her closest fruends she lS a package of dynamnte Above all Fay engoys tennus badmsnton and swlmmmg Secretarlal practuce IS her most anterestmg class and her favorute pas tumes are pauntmg drawlng and kmttmg Fay s future plans are to work and travel There IS a possnbullty that she may attend art school Wrth her flne talent she surely would do well In almost any artrstnc work Secretly she would luke to travel through the West, and flnally settle down on the coast Then she would devote her tlme to dress desugmng FAYZIE l BARBARA WILLIAMS, TOOTS Barb s the blonde, blue eyqd gurl wtth the bug car Sheshalfangelandhalf devil Her frrendly 1 proves h r to be a swell fruend to everyone She IS a perfectnonrst nn every than she does and us always wrlltng to ta e any lab wrth sertous thought Barb as a football and hockey fan and enloys playmg tennus Her favorite ,Subgects are bookkeepmg and secretarral practice ln her spare trme, Barb can be found roller skatmg or wrutlng letters Barbara plans to work ds a secretary or bookkeeper ln the future Her secret ambr tron IS to declde between a certam para trooper and a U B man JUDITH WOLF JUDY Judith better known as Judy IS an at tractnve sensor She IS loads of fun and al ways wllllng to lend a helplng hand Her fruendly dlsposmon has gained her many fruends Shes an excellent cooperatnve student Judys favorrte sublects are Engllsh and hlstory Her favorlte sports are basketball and pnng pong She became a member of the Natnonol Honor Socuety when she was a lunlor and won second prize an the speakmg contest as a rumor Judy rs edrtor of our school column an the Evenung News She plans to go to Buffalo State Teachers Col lege to become a teacher In the elementary grades Her secret ambntuon s to be a famous psychlatrrst 11 11 1 , . 1 1 , 1 1 , ,. 'fi .- ts . yi.. 3- 1 ,. 1. 1 ' -A ' J 5, ,Rr .XL U " Al ul . U I ' - - , v. 1 ' ' - 1 1 11 X1 .1 . lT'- . t . . - 1 . . . . ' 1 - , . . . . M , 1 1 1 - . .1 1, . . . , l , - 1 1 - 11 11 M' TA ' 1 1 ' . , . - 1 - 1 . , . 1 . . 1 1 - . 1 1 1 - . . . . 1 1 . 1. . 11 . - , . . . , I - - 1 . . , . .. .1 - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 CAMERA SHY CARL BERG BOOGER Carl is one of the Tonawanda eleven He is an energetic and sincere student Carl certainly proves that he is one of the THS athletes If he Isnt playing football or running in track, hes swimming. Although STEPHANIE WOODS "STEPH" Laughing, bubbling, and full of mischief -that's our Steph. There's never a quiet moment when Steph is around. She always looks as if she has iust stepped out of a magazine ad. Steph is very pretty, full of life, and gay as the first day of spring. She pos- sesses an unusual quality-originality Steph is clever at drawing and is a good student Her favorite sport is swimming at which she is exceptionally good She was elected to the National Honor Society in her lunior year ln the future Steph plans to attend Cornell University to study architecture KARL WURZER Karl IS a tall dark keen looking lad Hes intelligent and talented and about as non chalant as a high school senior could be His manner is easy going and he does splendid work in his studies lce skating and hockey are the sports in which Karl excels His 'favorite sublect is solid geometry He has several hobbies Playing the piano and the violin are two more of Karl s accomplishments Photography is one of his hobbies Karls unusual talent in art has won him a scholarship at the Albright Art School After he completes his work there he wants to go to New York and get a 'ob as a commercial illustrator His secret ambition as to design the cover for the Saturday Evening Post Carls favorite sport is football, he excels in all sports. His favorite pastime is swim- ming. He is also a very active member of the Tonawanda Boys' Club. In spite of his excel- lent sports record, he still finds time to be a very sincere student. After graduation Carl plans to enlist in Uncle Sam's Navy. Oddly enough, Carl's secret ambition is to own a ship of his own and sail around the world ART FANCHER FEARLESS Arts a good student with a keen mind and lots of ability in various tields He s fond of mischief and possesses a wealth of humor This boy has possibilities in almost any field of work he chooses Art likes to pretend he s a diamond in the rough, but those polished surfaces escape despite his caution Perhaps Fearless should have lived in the time of Daniel Boone but we dont think so Art does forestry work for his dad Hes fond of sleeping eating and motor boating The school sports he likes best are football and baseball Math is the sublect he prefers Art enlays driving a tractor or a truck In the future he plans to go to Cornell University to become a veterinarian His secret ambition is to become an F B l agent ANN SCHOFIELD FLUB Flub has been a cheerleader for three years She is one of our class beauties, and possesses a striking smile which has won her many friends Annie s pastimes are playing cards danc mg and singing Basketball is her favorite sport and math her favorite sublect She is now working in an office and plans to con tinue office work after graduation Being a singer has always been Flubs secret ambition WILLIAM TAYLOR WILLY Theres always humor in the our when Willys around Hes always looking at the brighter side of life and doesnt have a worry in the world You dont have to look far to find him because hes the giant of T H S at 6 5 ' Always feeling at ease on the basketball court or baseball diamond Wllly IS one of the T H S outstanding athletes He received a letter in baseball for three years and let tered in basketball his senior year tries hard in his sublects but his secret ambl tion is to become a big league baseball player JAMES WOODWARD "WOODY" Woody is one of our good-looking senior boys. His sophisticated manner and neat dressing add to his slick appearance. .lim's a real smooth dancer. Woady's favorite subject is woodshop. Hunting lanimals?l is his favorite sport At present Jim works for G C Murphys and after graduation hopes to become a man ager for one of their big stores Woodys secret ambition is to become a millionaire Good Luck to You' ' I ED ZUCHOWSKI Quiet? Thats what you think' This senior loves outdoor life speed and adventure Hes full of fun fond of fads and first to help a friend in need Besides he s intelligent and generous Outboard motor boating swimming golfing and football are all favorite sports of Eds He participates In many sports on Grand lsland where he lives Read ing hotrod magazines gives Ed new ideas about fixing his car Building hot rods is one of his choice pastimes Art and history are the studies he prefers He can draw and point and he takes no back seat in athletics ln the summer Ed is one of the Beaver lsland Park workers There is nothing this senior likes better than a friendly argument Just loafing is something else Ed loves ln the future Ed will become an interior decorator if fortune permits . . . . ' . , ' - , . . ' ' ' u n ' - . . . . . . , . . . . , , - . . . . l . . . D HEDH ll ll I' l . I . - I I g ' ' ' , I I I I I , I I I ' ' - ' l I ' . ' 1 . ' ' I I I , I I I I . ' . I . . Q . ' - I ' ' - I I I . I D ' ' ' , , , I . . . . I I 1 - l I . - . . I I I I ' ' ' ' I . ll II I O I I I I I I ' . , . . . . ' ' I . . . . . . . ' ' . . s I ' - D I I - 1 - ' Q , . g . . . I I I ll 1 ll' .. .. . . . 1 I 1 ' , I . . . . , I I VM I . l u , , I V . . ., . , ln order to graduate from T.H.S., Willy - ' ' ' l I ' Q fi . . . ,IH ,,::,i:,' 111511. KL - 'F ficlgfilfizi-. 'L HW' fi"l'ZTE1'2"l:Ni- ' ' .Q -1-1-g:-5. th P . I "'J'."I I' It 'VW' X 21' 1439 Q Q ,ca 7-' rpf Simian PLAY RST 5 519269: 032 Q22 0 HEAVEN 4,1015 L ph d .lm C '32, 'AQ if .1 REQ 'Y 543' 7?-15 '?x'GHypy I X75 W h .ne a Q ff ,.,. Y 83 mi. J F'-P " in .41 9,6 as " ' L ff-'f I .....- .--- We 1 Q' J f A mi? iss 6 3 48 53 ' :JG - x ..-- -527? f ' fl 9 7 if-iErL'5 D - J Ta f by f 'Uni X " ful - 5 2, x 'iff S 5' .2 kv' ' C5 c 11 5 ' -Put on I-,our glasses, r .Azz ., Q. ' 1 '- Stk? , JFK xdb. IHS tlnv-ee M' 7I'X .mwsionql gg g ' gi? ',' . I i gut x ,gf . 1' V J . . Au, 8 4 355 - Q "9 'l :LA 1,7 It : A ev K ' . u' b- ' ' Q' 'v' J. all as ' 4 'u A K 4 - f MAB!! 1 A uma n X fi' ' Q2 Bur Sass WA " 3: - , , ' Heove an waff- ' 1 " H M' angel a .JL -,.,, , " Q I I 3 - -f xx ar -- , fb 1 Q , - . . . ' 5 . sn Y X I A 5 ' 1 L W: I ' 0 ' I 3 , X W 4 ' ' I ' 5' K ' ff i fx 4 . QC X I ' 4 , , 3 '73 4 I K , 4 j j! ' E' V. 5 I O 5 H v-rq!K':'f1: I ,Sq ' 5 X -Ll TPICYYLTAH U. I x R X A f ', , . - I 1 - u Q m - A w if ' .nv , , , . ,ur ' I' . f W w .6 fn 7 , ' Aa Q .n A 'mt shave' TH E TD NAWA INTERPLANETAR IN UNIQUE CELEBRATI Grand Island Bridge rocL:ed,peo- Iieptune wheeled his with ple terrified, shock felt at local high school... such! vigor thathe stirred up the 4-', 1' HERE'S THE STORY: +f953g so violently that it almrost 00 'o Jupiter was and jealous. blinded the other io. Z 6 - I I was paying too much attention to U g CA, . 'Ineedexcitementf' thought ..,..,...4-.,m1a.:::zmrr15ff'f'ff' Iwpfiter. He decided to have a gala et the niversal f. in the X . He X issued an invitation tc allthe other . 0 ' it QD to mate for the party. 0 .0 ' "lou will Q," Jupiter said, "and the one who grabs the longest G will have to supply our., D ." Caught the lOn?TGSt . Jupiter roc Ked with ale G . jieptune was next. had to supply n This is fum," he chuckled as he am- Q " the on U . Leptune with his rubbed his . had to designate the 'spot o rom Ifeptune made 8 jab at ' one U I 1. which the DG, would be chosen. PTODS of the caught earth SO SATURN Nepmwet GUESTS Z pl---A STEP DON SANDY JOHN BASS PET5 IVIOST ORIGINAL MOST NUNCHBLRNT BEST DRESSEDHQST INTELLIGENT PIOST TALKATIVE BEST ATHLETE l N GAZETTE TURBANCE RESULTS N F R Tl-LS SENIO narply tl t e crlo out ll aln PLAHEQQEEIS Where do you thlnk the rronff landed It almost uprooted the Grand lslmd ln wrestlng lt free, Neptune Jammed he nron nto the roof of a lone low "The prone ws vi brating," lepture sald "lt's our own Sl nal too " l cnev that would haopen,"Q: o plalned "lhat s The have chosen the ceag s thelr N652 there 'Whey must be vor'1ng' on us r ht now Juplter srllojred, "That g1V6S me a brllllant he Sald "W1th a llttle space maple we can inrfuse our splrlts lnto nine of these who w1ll represent us at the ball It wlll be fun to ssule humanform, MERCURY HEAR YE Jap ter extends cordnal mvxtatlon to erpjhteen chosen semors of TH3 to adzncljgil I ld on Rbruary 14, rom 1 Pm un a lh Umvavsal alace on the Starlt Deck Cards Guests n dress to .Suu ace and occasxon Space SMP By Jufnter wxu BJTIVC 9317!-,February H' to bv-emsport UESL5 Ilpnter requests that nme of Usa guests be Chosen to represent planrts The remamm nu e chosen wnn Leuue I nets, dates R5 V no matter xhat shape '.e're ln " Nercury piped up and asked "Where will our dates come from? "Th-at's just the, X ," .Junw te reol1ed "we'll let the boys and girls :Ln the senlor class choose the , or rather we'll make belleve they're chooslng We'11 really be doing the chuooslnv ourselves, you MARS URANUS PAT DON SEV RUG SHIRL JERRY 55 MOST AR'rlsTrc Host MnsCmcvouS Mosv c0oPERAT1vEm6TANuMENTATlVE MOST SINCERE FRENDLIEST 1 s' - - -1:, S21 'ei '1 ff ' . A ' " 'S ' A Y O I I I ' ' 9 , 0 , ' I 0 he f 0 . 3 . P I .A . . , Uwe . .sf . ws tri . . t- .- i ' . B 1 A 1 U n N ' ' at O . O - - , , . I J. . , w ' I A ' 'rv . . O ' A H" 1 , ' ' ' ' 4 4 " h a s vzc . . I . . . . CTU. l ' '. a ' -: -I ' . Q J . x' ' , v , Ir' . .l Q .LL A ..-- , 1 , ig .ll L .n Xml! . is - 1 u E : .. A-L r -' 'f 1 lx -- ,' E 1,11 ' ' ' ,. 1, : , 0 L . 7 X A " L, 9 9 9 I V1 . .L . 0 QU . 3 ca . LJ -. I . O ' a V1 O + E xx ' . Q THE GAZETTE know Thenby the sarre 'pace rraglc the in therrselves can choose their date and let the Eg, think they're doing :Lt " The other plar ets were overjoyed at such woncerl. xl adven ture "Is lt a 'P" Saturr as ed Ue Krew th t Juplter could slay hlrr because "The guests w1ll to flt he occa lon ard We place," Japlter haughtlly srapped, "and the ost at tr ctlve U will be crowned flrst url ht are lady of the ,493 O O After deciding or toe date, imrco tely He could SCBTCGLY walt The space ship yvupmg shot into the unknown The E1 E3 sat D U Blum! bre thlessly or the aige o their seats, hanglng or to thelr s ce if Stcphal le Woods al ost f lnted because she tool off her s ce to tlrntcr ar x VENUS llke a heavenly nightmare' lhey landed, they danced devine ly, the ,haf layed their , he played a Juplter x laughed so hard that the shuffled wts partners, the got the space blues, and and were served inf , he cxcltlng event of tbe evening was the cholce of the leadirg lady and mwlght of the Octag- o 1 0 O Just as the 'eo h d zrade thelr 0 o O choice, the sun got 'mad' because he 1 uk hadn't been lnvited and cast his on the Unlversal Old Jupiter py exhau ted klds back dowr to where they llved happlly ever after By the way, Juplt er says 1 O K to let you in on the secret. The leading lady and Lnlffht of the 4 6 4 QP 1 o :wife-V95- Martha Man Tum Rodney Hall gARTH JUPVTER 56 efme .JAY Jomwe DON MARTHA RON PRETTlES'r Mosv VERSATILE MOST LUVABLE MOST TYPICAL Most SCPHISTICATED STPONGEST r 0 3 -9 - . ' A o-' 0 4 . rn - A S o ' 'O U . ' J - +2 a - W If t . WL , H 1' ff xx ' a .. pl - N ' e 7' Q ll - L ' a. . ' t to 9 . . I O , off g . mos - - , . ,, , . V .L J' ' " s' A A tn ' ' , Q , , ' A Lf ., 4 3 A, ' my , T e e . Q L H . , ' ' 4.1 " S U - 1 - .. February 14, Jupiter Sent the is apologized and rocketed eighteen hap- .L:, 118. Q 1 . , S A ' A ' Z I . . ,V 0 Z Q U T . ' , ' 't's U a - is c a ' . f' pa Q . ' 'U 0 1- . - . a' - ' Src: U , 1 gee Q: pu " 'Q' . lt -:asall P TD e y , 7, he Il. 1 " yr ,V .V . .A I SENIOR CLASS POEM WE LL REMEMBER Audrey Luke The sun wnll rase some future morn And shme on home or college dorm On battlefields nn dnstant lands Or dltches dug by toulmg hands Each of us wnll go has way ln has chosen field each day Now and then classmates we ll meet ln stores at work or on the street No doubt, well talk of days gone by e days we spent at Tonawanda u e electron posters on the wall e notes we sent sn study hall e Junuor Hop the kung and queen e dancing lessons at Ton Teen All these thungs we wont forget And least of all the friends we met Some wnll have fortune others fame, But In memory they ll be the same The umverse wall forever turn, The stars wnll shme the sun wull burn No matter what the future brungs, Well remember all these things 1 SENIOR CLASS SONG Potrucna Shaver lTune Why Dont You Believe Me? l Our four years are over much to our regret We ve loved every moment ne er wlll forget Our teachers we thank you for all we have learned Your efforts amazmg caused nnspnratnons to burn Here we have found a pathway leadlng to hopeful success Here we have made scores of frnendshups all reasons for happuness So to you all present we re saymg Farewell May God bless and keep you these four years were swell 57 by ' ' , 43 J ' 5 Th H'gh, Th ' , Th ' 5 Th ' , ' , Th ' - 5 . . i A X . A X 5 s ' - by CQGQKD GP G v C. 6: Q Q Pl CQ CAUL DRWN J l 1 lk nf' off W ff- O Fmwwr X mer 1 K On Earth at this time i975 we find much interest displayed by the Earth people when they discover that a rocketship is attempting for the second time a trip to outer space At the Earth Space Port a huge crowd watches the take off of the rocketship Futura Among them is the famous movie star Ann Schofield The Ambassador to Russia Norman Brosius also seems very excited about the trip Other spectators watching the take off are John Anauo Richard Barnard Florence Alexander Pat Howard Carol Kantor Gordon Burgln Mary Jane Casey Fay Webb Barbara Williams and James Mulvey The darmg men courageous enough to pilot the rocket are Don Hardleben pilot and Joe Lucsok co pilot The charming stewardesses for the lntra Space Airlines are Janet Dreier Betty Kubic Gretchen Puckelwald Barbara Chase and Diane Howland The chef is Many renowned passengers are aboard this history makmg voyage into the unknown Among them are the famed architect Stephanie Woods the famous author Audrey Luke the great concert pianist Janet Robins the track star Kenneth Collins the brilliant scientist Patricia Ollenbittle and the well known nurse Beverly Braddell Other passengers are Marlene Anderson Joanne Perry Janet Patrick Joanne Rank and Donna Fisher As the rocketship slowly descends toward our destination tension rises in the people aboard What will these people from Towandite be like? ln a moment well know The door opens and to our surprise we discover that we are not the first Earth people to reach this planet We are met by Beverly Schriver and Dan Matikosh rulers of the city Others on hand to welcome us are Margaret Allbee Nancy Bowers Edward Trosin Myrna Davidhazy Karl Wurzer Edward Zuchowski Emily House June llly Melvin Rupp Pat Staften Jean Runge Joyce Trayford Carol Shaun Carol Ott Geraldine Mrkall Mary Powers Nira Lozo Mary Ann McNamara Beverly Milius Betty Waterstrat and Mary Jane Minney To escort us around the city we have John Memmmger as chauffeur of the Hydrogen Jetmobale While touring the city we stop at the Ultra Restaurant and meet the very suave owner Mike McDermott ln the evening we attend the Super sonic Cinema to see a show and much to our sur prise the head cashier is Patricia Hills. Stepping into the show we are made welcome by the manager Thomas Turtle. Attired in sparkling uniforms are the usherettes and ushers: Barbara Hofmann Beverly Morley Barbara Knapp Howard Fahmer Richard Litz and James Woodward. Next we arrive at the football stadium. Today s the day of the big game Towandite against Plandite. At the front of the stadium is a list of the stars of that game: Gerald Stevenson Dale Overholt Don and Ron Snyder Joe Urban David Thompson Carl Berg James Garrity Rodney Hall and John Dougherty. We are greeted by the coach Pete Hayes who places us on the 50 yard line. From this vantage point we viewed with pleasure the thrilling game that ended in a 500 to l5O victory for Towandite. 58 v . .4 O, 1.4 cr N C X 1 C 9 J , Q if J .... X OF' X i sl T J 1 PROPHECY ff by N lr no other than Larry LaPort. gr X Now we come to the Planet school Upon enterung we are met by the pruncupal John Runge He takes us through the school to meet the other teachers We meet the head of the socual studues department Lynn Waterstrat math department Art Fancher the scuence department Martha Mangrum the art department Pat Shaver the business department Jerold Constable the Englush department Lewus Baum and the coaches James Hankunson basketball Bruce Heumbach swummung John Ek ss tennus The physucal education teacher for the gurls us Pat Luttrell and for the boys John Schrader Whule we are on the planet we are unvuted to a great celebration the marriage cere mony of Sallue Smuth and George Jacobs Janet Goller us her maud of honor The brudes mauds who are dressed un pastel colors are Grace Guuder Marlene Brenon Ann Keem and Pat Staley George Bashor us the best man and the ushers are Thomas Walker Fred Kolb Dana Denef and George Ott Youll never guess who the flower gurl and rung bearer are The flower gurl us luttle Debby Holler daughter of Mr and Mrs Jay Holler Mrs Holler us the former Janet Kruse whom we all remember from the good old days at T H S The luttle rung bearer us Paul Smuth son of Mr and Mrs Norm Smuth Mrs Smuth was the former Burd House Shurley Kartyas offucuates at the ceremony Puctures of the wedding are taken by George Epermanus Joan Nagel noted opera sunger and fruend of the brude sings Because and Tell Me Why After a wonderful vusut on the Planet of Towandute at last ut was time to return home Furst we were feted at a grand banquet guven un the Hotel Futzgerald run by Donald Futz gerald Our food was prepared by the ullustruous chef Wully Taylor Speakers buddung us farewell were Roger Dohn Don Luther and John Rathbun After the banquet we attended a dance guven by the socual butterflues Barb Bedell orchestra who are Harry Barrett Roger Benthun Walt Donaldson Dave Ehde Deryl Fusher Bull Mushko and Duck Narad The lovely vocalusts wuth the orchestra were Judy Wolf and Sandra Barbour The famed quartet The Four Atoms Jerry Thomas CIutT Haen duges Joan Crouch and Anne Farrell also performed James Lavell and Vurgunua Grabbutt entertauned wuth theur comedy act Jackue Adams the balleruna Veronuca Bacon the tap dancer Connue Block the acrobat Bobbue Papp the uuggler and veteran Globe Trotter and Katue Hurst the tught rope walker provuded plenty of thrulls We were honored to have wuth us the Four Gals Pat Dansberger Cathy Frutzke Eleanor Garruson and Myrna Gulcart who sang Barbara Heum s composutuon Tell Me Why Your Ears Don t Match The latest space fashuons were brulluantly dusplayed by the models Nancy Clench Tessue Ganster Shurley Nachreuner Shurley Peters Ann Schunaman Dorothy Shaw and Nancy Soldwusch We were presented wuth puctures of our enture trup taken by the famous photographers Gerald Seymour Larry Fellenz Bull Petullon and Melvun Sommers Our last guude on the trup was Frank Sommers As we boarded our rocket shup for home Reverend Janet Stengel unvoked a prayer for our safety Our last glumpse of Towandute filled us wuth many happy memorues Itt un the 5tFuR5 IN? All f '-2-5. ' I ' ' 2 2 2 2 ' 2 2 2 2 ' 2 2 ' 2 ' 2 2 ' 2 2 . I . . I E ' . Q . . . . . , , Q I 1 ' T I . V I I I 2 . u , I I g 2 . . . , . . . . , . . . . .. I . . . I . .2 22 .. 22 , . I I ' I . . . I Nancy Jackson, and Beverly Fleming. The music was provided by Earl Cottrell and his I I . I I I . I . . I . . . . ' I r I l ' . I I . . . . . . . . t . , . I . ' 2 ' 2 2 ' 2 ' 2 . I . , . . . - .2 22 . - I I I I . . , . . .. 2 2. I I ' . . . . I . I . . I I I I I I I , . . ' . Q . . . I . . ,, . ,, . . l l c I Q Q v 'W 1 J, I fx 1" 'L 59 ..- 1- All I M , , 60 UN I!ERSEI953 f' , --4- -an in-1.-n -sp.-I D if 5 i 1. 5 s Q Y f Y Hall Duty NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY -DNGST N ln 5 Row I Mass Mayor advuser R Dohn treasurer A Schmaman vuce presndent N Brosnus presndent J Robxns secretary Mr Tuck advnser Row 2 S Woods P Ollenblttre J Goller .l Kruse C Block T Ganster S Kartyas .l Wolf The Natnonal Honor Society helps to create an enthusuasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service to promote worthy leaclershlp, and to encourage the development of cnaracter an pupils of Tonawanda Hugh School The members are elected by a council consisting ofthe principal and four or more teach ers whom he may select Those lunlors and sensors who have a scholastic average of 861, or above are candidates for the N H S Only a small percentage of those who qualnfy recelve the great honor of being elected to the society The GCTIVITISS ofthe society Include sellmg of school pencils, acting as monitors In the cor rudors managing the Junior Red Cross Drive, and the collectmg of Care contrlbutlons Pre parmg ofthe school honor roll and supervusmg the use ofthe master key are two more ac tlvntles The socnety recogmzes all that us fine and good nn Amerucan Youth and on thus pruncnple It ns founded Membership nn It IS the greatest honor that can be awarded to a student of Tonawanda Hugh School lO nofCARE YXNROH 5 S416 X f I C Block 62 5 Wood, ' 2 ...L O 1 5 ln I ... O Cl ff f x BASKETBALL PROGRAMS CRU STUDENT COUNCIL Row T P Murphy V Frank N Shlesley P Qulnlon T Camann J Ackerman M Murphy J Kearly R Murray H Remus Row 2 R Cole D Epermams J Garrlty J Kruse G Bashor G Stevenson R Dohn Mass Belllnger S Smuth P Ollenbnttle K Freer W Brennon Row 3 D Holler P Holway A Francis S Blglow N Kormsh J Horton G Fnscher .I Hammond C Payne P Waterstrat K Muller D Helmbach J Kuczmskl Members ot the Student Councll are elected by thelr fellow students on the basis of a passlng average for the precedmg year and a good conduct record The freshman and sophomore classes elect one representatnve and an alternate for each homeroom The lumor and sensor classes elect one representative for every twenty pupils and four alter nates The representatuves and presudent of each class automatncally become members of the Student Council President R Dohn Vnce presndent G Stevenson Secretary S Smnth Treasurer G Bashor Advlsers Mass Bellunger, Mr Smuth G Bashor L Schad C Haenduges R Cole J Kuczunskl 3 SADE FOR FREEDOM TONAWANDAN Row 'I J Eklss B Braddell P Ollenblttle edltor G Jacobs J Patrick Row 2 P Staley S Smith Muss Heffernan advnser B Bedell J Thomas B Chase J Goller Row 3 Mr Reud adviser Mlss Bagdy adviser J Adams D Luther A Farrell R Dohn B Schnver 4 V W S Peters C Block A Keem Zi - KXWIIW A V IIA -E3 Q +f,.'I.':- PM 'W' v""1 ,gt 15 N lu-EY It -fowl' ' in - E-E Us 41' o Row I Mrs Sentz advlser P Shaver P Stoffen Row 2 F Webb T Walker S 64 Woods ' .f v fl! 1 .g, , I ' fy ' fu! 1 J M J K. , fl 3 " . I " L . 1 ji A , I 3 L nl C ,, ylvh ,I 'Wifi Al .J fl L. L 'J ' 'l fl" . 14' L . 'Y Lv- . fx " fi .fr ' n . JJ JJ., ' o 4' X J 1.x -' K Y' 7 Vw ,W Lf" ,,LLA,fE P P' K fl, . I " , 5 B . S- 7 -LQ-' 011' 'aff 7 I 'TIS I I -P ri-1 4- 1. , Q l . A , .-'kizbff' Mu., ' N ,392 1 ,LJ J Jac' lin," Us LA' . at 1. ,, ' '- U fe A A I fun.. ' E ,W ' ' Q- M , ,,- , l . A7 . Nh 3 . f i - ' J V A f V .... 4 Q t all . 1illii Q STAFFS Row I G Puckelwald M Allbee Row 2 P Staley A Luke C Kantor B Knapp P Shaver M Brenon Row 3 S Peters C Powers Mr Lloyd adviser W Petlllon J Urban G Burgln I i J Sports f .1 f 'B fm! .P ff df' .3 ,WA 2-E3 Photography J Crouch J Constable Ivy W Rowl J Urban S House Row 2 G Burgm J 126 if ' gg ill' -P-5 Rowl T Muller G Bashor Row 2 G Ep ermams C Haenduges 65 ' fi nie-ay. b f I C, x h V . . , it . s J J .6 i, . A V -'I fl ' A y ff f ' 6,72 ' , -- L4 M J J 6 S ',r?'?53:x All ' JZ 'l tl i J VV 6 ey i , J in WZ, C, Q A' gl 54, lf 'LW , v' cl kxfz i ,,,'fr Q My , 2 4g lll Q 1 s I 'I J - g +C f 2 illll esi r JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The Junior Classical League, a national organ- ization founded in the fall of 1936, is composed of many local classical clubs throughout the United States and its territories. lts fundamental purpose is to encourage in the young people of our country an interest in and an appreci- ation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give these young people some under- standing of what our cul- lllrel owes to classical cn- ford, B. Britton, J. Struebing, N. Kornish, K. Miller, G. tiqulty. D. Higgins, P. Klaiber, S. Seevers, R. Ryan, C. Kaiser, A This year, "Le Cercle Francais," our French Club, the purpose of which is to further the understanding of the French, their cultures and customs, has been more active than in recent years. Besides entertainment and refreshments, of which there was an abundance, we helped each other to become better acquainted with the country, itself. Did you ever iourney through this beautiful land of France, with its historic Paris, simple fishing villages, and its great variety of delicacies? Perhaps, we didn't travel via jet plane, but we increased our knowledge and enioyed ourselves almost as much on our imaginary trip through the various provinces. Singing lovely French folk songs and playing numerous games, were another part of our program. We wrote letters to our French pen-pals and had the satisfaction of receiving a reply in their language, and we finally ordered our club pins, which we had been patiently awaiting for some time. B'-Q ,pas I .., Row 'l: S. Gosch, N. Train. Row 2: Miss Bagdy, R. Westcott, K. Thursam, J. Thursam, D. Rothenburg. Row 3 J. Johnson, D. Kramer, E. Lane, R. Robinson. Raw 4: B. Westcott, P. Schmidt, M. Schwingef, M' HOQUGI P- L0Ve9"0Ve F. Rawls, J. Wagner, B. Finn. Row 5: B. Stengle. Row I: M. Murphy, R. Van Hise. Row 2: D. Epermanis, J. Harrer. Row 3: P. Laughrey, B. Misler, V. Thomas, J. Thursam, M. Sauberan, D. Innes, P. Staffen, J. Larson, J. Nielson Row 4: Miss Maior, P. Selover, R. Cole, S. Uplinger, A. Merrill. Row 5: H. Domer, A. Craw- Puckelwald, C. Payne, C. Litch, J. Pfanner, P. Schmidt. Row 6: R. Malchow, P. Halway, S. Wulf, P. Waterstratt, M. Schwinger, . Hahn. President: Dick Van Hise Vice-president: Joan Harrer Secretary: Mary Ellen Murphy Treasurer: Dace Epermanis Adviser: Miss C. Maior LE CERCLE FRANQAIS '66 Mr. Hopkins W. Stenzel H. Domres R. Arenz D Bahn Crawford Matvkosh Phillips Aber Nickel il if OFFICERS Bottom: J. Kuczinski, P. Demminp Top: H. Remus, B. Fenn. 4 Row I from right to left J Thomas treasurer D Epermams secretary J Robins vice president N Brosius president Row 2 H Harder N Smith J Crouch J Garrrty M Mangrum D Fitzgerald B Wilson J LaVell M Murphy J Holler J Schrader P Holloway Row3 J Goller S House J Kruse J Wolf B Bedell M Minney B Stengle S Wolf D Holler A Francis B Lucsok M L Martin Row 4 B Britton S Bnglow S Dulfy P Hy C Draper P Ollenbittle R Cole N Ferris S Uplinger P Schmidt A Merrill M Schwinger A Crawford Row 5 Fenn G Jacobs S Smith E Sereno J Harrer P Staffen P Staley A Farrell J Adams N Abbott C Hahn Woods Row 6 M Costin M Rother A Lozo M Donato J Carnes J Frense C Wulf D Maurer P Wallace Chase Row 7 Miss Heffernan Miss Buck Mrs Chase advisers This years Dramatic Club has been a very successful organization lt consists of 92 members and is under the sponsorship of Miss Buck, Miss Heffernan, and Mrs Chase One of its chief accomplishments this year was the annual Christmas play The Dramatic Club also sponsored carolmg, swimming, and skating parties. The carolung and swimming parties were followed by refreshments and dancing which made them very enioyable. The next big event will be the Fredonia Drama Festival, where the club will enter the contest with a play. The Drama Festival will be followed by an April Fools party and all the activities will be climaxed by the June picnic. 67 DRAMATICS VAIO Sh 'mr T LUB 've Row 'I G Jacobs G Stevenson W Muskho H Harder Row 2 N Smnth J LaVell J Thomas J Schrader Wnlson J Keller J Hankmson Row3 E Trosun J Urban G Wulke R Narad D Matlkosh C Haendlges Row4 The T Club us a male orgamzatlon composed of the athletes of T H S who have earned a malor letter Wlth servlce as theur motto they promote good sportsmanship and provlde servlces to the school Theur mam duties are mamtaamng order at swam meets, basketball games, and durmg lunch hour All students look forward to the Club s annual auction, a student partncnpatnon program Presldent Gerald Stevenson Vnce presndent Jay Holler Secretary and treasurer John Schrader Adviser Mr Tuck RIFLE CLUB The Rnfle Club has been orgamzed to teach mem bers to be better shots, gaun conftdence ln theur abnllty share compamonshup with others, and to practnce safety with guns This year the club, composed mostly of freshmen and sophomores, Including two gurl mem bers, entered league competutuon for the first tame and set thelr gun sights at bringing back honor to our school Tonawanda s guns, supervnsed by Mr Sprmger, bore up under competutlon very well, playmg eight teams nn all The opportumtues ofthe club are llmltless, and so are nts future goals Row I C Schreuber J Burlack K Rumer L Aber Row 2 F Bradley H Person A Crawford F Rexncker P Demmm Row 3 L LaPort C Mollnow R Rled W Wnnch R Zupp N Malcow B Sprmger A Scheltherr Mr Sprmger 68 ll ll C 'W I 12 yy 5 4 -4 I 1 My J , Y lr, . f , lx :. ,. ,.',. . :.',. ,. ,. ,R. R. Dorm, ri. van Hise, D. FnzgQm1d,K. Frlser, Mr. tuck, P. IHayes. Rolw-5: J. Mlsnfl, T. Walken' ' ' ll fl ' ' ' I GAA Nlfdlkn Laika Row I from nght to left J Flelshauer N OConner M Fltzslmmons M Rather M Crltter, D Epermanns B Bedell J Kruse N McCron B Braddell B Waterstrat Row2 A Keem L Nnland P Waterstrat L Hennmgham C Hahn J Crouch V Grabbntt C Block S House J Robins B Chase Row 3 P Matlkosh F Rexncker E Snlvashy J Runge D Flsher Schnver J Patruck J Adams Row 5 R LaLonde N Kornlsh D Hlgguns M Murphy, S Wolf P Wallace D Dahl R Hamblet Row 6 J Mye W Uplmger S Turtle The GAA, an organlzahon of gurls who have earned four or sux mch letters through taklng part m varuous sports, has encouraged good sportsmanshup throughout the year A few of the many actnvntnes which the gurls planned wnth great success thus year are the sock dance and the candy assemblnes for the boys In varsuty sports President B Braddell Vlce president B Bedell Secretary J Kruse Treasurer J Goller Adviser Mnss McPhnImy Mass McPhulmy and G A A Offlcers. J Goller B Braddell J Kruse Mlss McPhnlmy B Bedell The members of Glrls Athletlc Assocuatvon would luke to gnve therr sincere thanks to Mass McPhuImy for the tnme she has given up so that we may have the enloyment of after school sports both untramural and mtermural 69 Q I I WY . - , I , 4 ' . ,JJ .. , ' : . ' , . ' , . ' ' , . , . ' . ', . , . , . , . , . . : . , . I , . , . , . , . , . I , . , . , . ' , . . 2 . , . ' , . , . , . ' , E. Garrison, T. Ganster, J. Wolf. Row 4: P. Klaiber, A. Merrill, C. Wulf, B. Westcott, B. ' , . ' , . . : . , . ' , . ' ' , . . , . , . , . . : . , . , . . ll ll ' ' I Q I . I - . ' . I , , I , , ' , . D' ' ' f . 1 . . . C ' I . ' 1 l I ' l ' A t . I CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Fenwick had given up much time and ettort on behalf of our cheerleaders by serving as adviser for them. She's always been on the iob with helpful advice and criticism. Her supervision and planning have made our pep assemblies a success. appreciated. C Barb Mrs. Chase, our very capable home eco- nomics teacher, has served in another capac- ity by assisting in the activities of our cheer- leading squads. Her helping hand has been V Joan Crouch Barbara Chase Kathryn Hurst Janet Goller Bots Susan Botsford Shar Sharon Turtle Whether on a frosty, rugged gridiron or in the heat of a basketball game, a lusty yell of Go Tona wanda, Go' will indicate the presence of the peppy Tonawanda Cheerleaders Chosen at the beginning of the year after a closely contested competition both the A and B squads became enthusiastic leaders of the loyal supporters of the team During the whole year, these vivacious lassies spurred our teams on to their best efforts by an excellent 'ob of leading the cheers Cheerleading however, is not their only duty They also have the honor of serving the players at the football and basketball banquets and of handing out their rewards of candy at the candy assemblies These are the girls that help promote good sportsmanship at Tonawanda High K 1 t 1 ' Susie n Sue W0'f Linda Nnqnd 70 VBX Barbie Barbara Bedell Gretch Gretchen Gulder Tessie I Theresa Ganster nh -' -- I - , . . ' YL' I A .3 .Q ' ' if i7"f" jf . X 'ff-' i N , Va X ,. ,A 1 ,Ani X .w, A V X . V U I , ,A-N xx A .C ., ' .: ' 'Ns ' X . ' ' I X fx. , J - . . , x P - V! fir, - I BAND Row l L Aber L LaPort S Uplmger J Neulson H Colley H Remus P Ollenbuttle B Brutton R Wattam J Mye C Shaun J Maertun E Cottrell Row 2 V Greene S Garruty C Godfrey D Shaw R Patruck L Stahl J Hubbard P Matukosh A Crawford R Heumburg R Hall R Benthun J Kearly C Barr C Dolpp J Sunclaur G Werth E Bellung S Smuth S Harrer Row 3 D McWhurter L Waterstrat J Stengel V Greene R Wolf C Schreuber P Lovegrove C Godfrey R Nuckel Mr Shetler The TH S Red Warruor band was rught on top agam thus year' We belueve the maun credut for thus fact should go to the durector, Mr Multon Shetler, and the manager, Earl Cottrell The band presented unterestung programs durung the half tumes thus year Theur numbers varued from Wheel of Fortune to Cowboys and a Square Dance They came up wuth a very cute dance step to Walkun My Baby Back Home Everyone was untrugued by theur closung program at the T NT game, when they played, en masse, wuth the N T H S band We can stull pucture our hugh stepping twnrlers struttung down the field They used such added features as drull work, lughted batons, and flag twurlung Awards were made as follows puns or letters to the twurlers, and a chenulle letter and gold trophy to the Drum Mauorette On the whole, we can take prude un our school band' TWIRLERS Row 1: S. Smith, head twirler, D. Shaw, Row 2: C. Godfrey, S. Garrity, P. Ollenbittle, drum maiorette, S. Harrer, V. Greene. Row 3: E. Belling, J. Mye. 7l Q ORCHESTRA ATHLETI B. Getty, V. Frank, P. Havens, D. McWhirter, H. Sanio, D. Rech, J. Kearly, A. Crawford, L. LaPort, L. Waterstrat, H. Colley, L. Aber, J. Nielsen, R. Wattam, P. Matikosh, J. Werth, R. Nickel, V. Greene. The Tonawanda High School orchestra, while lacking somewhat the glamour and color of the band, nevertheless performs a valuable service in the functioning of school activities. lt provides music for the Christmas assembly, the senior play, baccalaureate and com- mencement exercises, and participates in the annual music festival. Many of the members C ASSOCIATION wi-1 The Tonawanda High School Athletic Association has supervision of athletics in the Tonawanda High School and exercises iurisdiction over all matters con- nected with athletics, both interscholastic and intra- mural. This association establishes rules and regulations governing eligibility, discipline and conduct of players, athletic finances and management, with approval of the Board of Education. Each year the Senior Class elects one boy and one girl as student representatives G. Jacobs, C. Block The purpose of the Sportsmanship Council is to promote good sportsmanship throughout the Niagara Frontier League. Student representatives are chosen from each school in the league. These representatives meet twice a year to discuss things that can be done to promote good sportsmanship throughout the league. 72 SPORTSMANSHIP COU jitfi .'ljf.l 'Q ls',.': Q. V , V, tl of ,. Row I: J. Thomas, B. Schriver, Row 2: A Francis, J. Horton. NCIL , l MAGAZINE SALE MAGAZINE SALE COMMITTEE Row I: N. Brosius, Mrs. Rockett, adviser, G. Jacobs, Row G. Bashor, S. Smith, D. Matikosh. pr in T 2: J. Dougherty, C. Block, The Magazine Sale is one of the greatest proiects of the Senior Class. It is sponsored by the Crowell-Collier and Curtis publishing companies, who offer almost all the popular mag- azines. Every student who participates in this proiect receives valuable training in salesman- ship and helps to bring good literature into the community. The Senior Class, being the sponsors of this proiect, derive the most financial aid from it, but they give each class a share of their profit, depending upon how much that class sells. This is the greatest source of revenue the Senior Class has to meet its expenses. Norman Brosius was Sales Manager this year. He and his committee, assisted by Mrs. Rockett, were successful in making this year's sale the greatest the school has ever known. The top salesman in the school was Joan Harrer, while George Bashor was the highest salesman in the Senior Class and second Chairman N. Brosius highest in the entire school. Mr. Amarante's homeroom, led by Dace Epermanis, and Miss Bagdy's home- room, led by Nancy Kor- nish, won the theater par- ties for having the highest homeroom sales. At the end of the campaign, we had an assembly, and each salesman had his name put into a box for every sale that he made. From this lot we had a drawing of 33 names,giving prizes to each pupil whose name was drawn. The subscriptions were assembled and the orders were sent to the companies through the ef- forts of Janet Robins. Oth- ers on this staff, not in- cluded in the picture, are Janet Goller, Beverly Schri- ver, Betty Waterstrat, Ger- ald Stevenson, and l.ynn Waterstrat. Top Winners G. Bashor, C. Brenon, J. Harrer STUDENT FORUM Chairman G Jacobs Secretary S Smith Advisers Mr Lalik Mr Amarante Rowl N Jackson P Staften M Schwmger D Higgins P Klalber Row 2 E Murphy G Puckelwald A Wasula J Rank S Smith secretary J Wagner P Staley D Eper manls R Cole Mr Lallk adviser Row3 D Snyder B Braddell W Petillon G Jacobs president R Dohn D Denet J Hamman M Sommers M Rupp Row 4 D Luther J Eklss W Mlskho J Dougherty M Costnn H951 ff 41 4 ,ff K Y I .QL-QKF The Student Forum was organized last year for the purpose of giving those students who were interested in current events a chance to express their opinions in public debate To be eligible for membership in the Forum the student must be en rolled in or have successfully completed American History courses How ever, this year the membership has been open to those sophomores who IUlIllll'llll 'l"' were interested m the Forum s program Some of the topics discussed this year were Why go to collegez, The h?, The Bowlmg Club is under the guidance and supervision of Mr Deutch The officers elected were President, Ann Keem, Vice president, Grace Bowers, Secretary, Shirley Nachremer, Treasurer, Jackie Adams The club was sanctioned with the American Jumor Bowlmg League in October, and in December participated in the Christmas Tournaments Among those who gamed recognition are Gerry Shiesley in Boys Singles, Ann Keem and Bob Travis In Mixed Doubles, and Jane Bridge and Joyce Splcher in Girls Doubles ln March the club is planning to enter the Spring Tournaments We hope the club, through nts faithful bowlers, will be a credit to the school Korean Situation, the Current Crime Wave, and Jazz Music BCWLING CLUB WU, 1 I lv if X - . 'A -Q... - Row 1: G. Bowers, A. Keem, J. Adams, Row 2: J. Spicher, D. Innes, B. Stengle, Brown, R. Travis, Row 3: J. Silvashy, J. Bridge, A. Farrell, D. Fitzgerald, D. Brown, L. Godleske, Row 4: S. Nachreiner, R. Rus- sell, G. Stevenson, P. Minney. 74 "-L 'ICB .4--f ,il-. ,li-f -,,,- .ff- 5 -4 2. ,...iT- ,i--.. -L13 r',,.w wb,-W' VARSITY Foomu ?:l,.'Pf"f2N"33i3f '5'0J'4'l,o,3,s Row 1: A. Hahn, G. Burgin, C, Berg, K. Collins, G. Murphy, E. Sereno, D. Fitzgerald, W. Brenon. Row 2: C. Small, coach, R. Robinson, P. Hayes, J. Holler, J. Lovell, T. Walker, G. Stevenson, captain, A. Francis, N. Smith, J. Keller, J. Garrity, J. Overholt. Row 3: H. Lawler, coach, E. Trosin, H. Fahmer, L. Schad, D. Cramer, R. Buzby, R. Dohn, R. Newman, B. Gademsky, J. Urban, R. Lalik, coach. Row 4: R. Snyder, J. Dougherty, K. Freer, J. Hankinson, R. Stumpf, H. Harder, R. Horan, T. Smith, E. Leibinger. This year's team was one of the best in T.H.S. football history. Those who don't think so need only to remember that this team set a new league record for ground gained rushing in the Dunkirk game The team posted a record of two wins, five losses, and one tie This record may not seem to class this team as a top team, but all the games were hard fought, and very close With good breaks the scores might have been different' Much credit is to be accorded the fine coaching of head coach, Mr Small, and assistant coach, Mr Lawler The team is always well equipped thanks to equipment manager, Mr Hughes The team this year was led both onthe field and off by Captain Gerald Stevenson Spe cial credit is also due to Jay Holler, who was chosen as the right end for the N F L dream team and Pete lBrunol Hayes, who was chosen for the second time as center for this team Jerry Stevenson and Jim Keller received honorable mention e letter winners of this years squad were James Holler, Pete Hayes, Dan Heimbach, Roger Stumpf Ray Horan, Carl Berg Tom Smith James Lavell Howard Fahmer, Ed Walker, Art Francis, Gerald Stevenson, Norm Sereno, Don Fitzgerald Hank Harder, Larry Schad Jim Keller, Bill Brenon, Don Snyder, Jim Hankinson, Jim Garrlty Gene Murphy Ken Ed Trosin, and Ron Snyder for TH S were Jay Holler, Pete Hayes, Rag Stumpf Ray Horan, Carl Berg Tom Walker, Gerry Stevenson, Norm Smith Jim Lavell, Howard Fahmer, Don Fitzgerald Cliff Haendlges, Don and Ron Snyder, Jim Hanklnson, Jim Garrlty Rog Dohn, Gordon Burgin, Joe Urban Collins Ken Freer, Don Cramer, Joe Urban, The boys who played their last games Ken Collins, John Dougherty, Ed Trosin, and TEAMS LaSalle Lackawanna Trott Dunkirk Lockport Nia gara Falls Kenmore North Tonawanda THEY Coach Lawler Coach Small 76 I l . . ' . ' , . . l . . 1 I I I W I . . .... I I T ' , ' . I I . I . N . I . . . . l . . . . . s 1 WE 'l 3 7 , 7 l 3 O 6 fl . 1 ' 6 6 '... V . 1 -. 4 . 7 0 i , ' . A Xa, ' 6 25 " 7 'l 3 -, I, O I2 , , V JUNIOR VARSITY Row I: D. Schmeichel, J. Horton, P. Holway, D. Newman, G. Bunker. Row 2: R. Waffam, J. Chalmers. Row 3: J. Sole, B. Lesler. Row 4: B. Blinslon, R. Hall, F. Hodge, R. Powers. Row 5: C. Dolpp, K. Van Hoff, M. Ulrich, B. Darroch, B. Lilac, T. Miller, R. Mal- chow, D. Wilkins, D. Heimburg, J. Bacon, R. Zipp. DC,- 22 The J.V.'s were directed by the fine coaching of X ' Mr. Leibinger. The scores of their games were: ' TEAMS THEY Lockport Lackawanna Niagara Falls K 'wma T H 5 Freshmen Coach Leibinger FRESHMAN TEAM Row I N Malchow A Schiefheir K Thur sam L Diedrich T Smith P Cramer Row2 W Chelikowsky J Kearly G Murray J Overholt Row 3 W Sitzman G Mangrum C Hall R Smith J Bedell D Rothenburg R Gross Row 4 R Kreger D Zeltle C Newman R Patrick Row 5 C Roth W Taylor D Plant D Wlllre Equipmenl Mgr The Wee Warriors were ably coached by Mr Lalik The scores of their games were TEAMS THEY Niagara Falls Kenmore T H S J V s Coach Lalik 77 Mr Hughes WE 1, g . 6 6 I . 6 as f. - 7 20 1 I fm' . . . 7 I4 I A . .1 5 . , . , . 3. h . A A TT we 11 y - I9 6 ' 11 34 6 ... . .' I4 7 6' . L k 1 0 2 -, 'C Po' . I J... r 55. 7 .51 ' "" " Rowl R Zupp R Large F Kuhn D Holler D Schmelchel R Murray Row 2 Coach Smlth J Bedell F Hodge J Horton B Gademsky R Hall R Schmxdt R Gross H Samo T Camann After loslng several games, the JV s ended up with a bang Gulded by hugh scorers Fred Hodge Frutz Kuhn, Jnm Horton, Berme Gademsky Don Holler, Bob Large, and Duck Gross, the boys performed their best to try to brighten Mr Smith s tlrst year of basketball coachmg VARSITY SCORES TEAMS Lackawanna Niagara Falls Lockport North Tonawanda Trott LaSalle Kenmore Won ost THEY 489 J V SCORES TEAM Lackawanna Nnagara Falls Lockport North Tonawanda Trott LaSalle Kenmore Won ost THEY icuii 'I VARSITY SCORES N Tonawanda Nuagara Falls La Salle Lackawanna Kenmore Lockport Row 1 A Francus J Bacon R Griswold R Wulke W Sprunger M Eberweun P Quun lon Row 2 J Bechtel M McDermott R Buzby R Wuenke D Rothenberg P Kraemer J Garruty K Berg Standung E Trosun H Harder Wuth a nucleus of eight lettermen leadung the team Tonawanda s varsity swummers completed an eleven meet season undefeated Thus team compuled a record seasons scorung total and average The lowest pount score for T H S un any one meet was the 44 22 subduung of our cross canal ruvals, North Tonawanda Thus was the first time un ten years that a TH S team went undefeated Some of the outstandmg mermen who collected paunts were as follows un freestyle Captaun Gerry Wulke, who mussed the last few meets due to a back unuury Jum Keller, a Ed Bowers and Ed Trosun In backstroke, actung captaun Duck Narad Muke McDermott, and Bull Muskho last years captaun ln breaststroke, Gene Bunker a real comer who should really fly next year Jum Hankunson Ed Sereno, another fish, who wull return next year, should sparkle The duvers were Bud Wulson and Cluff Haenduges, Tonawanda s two relay teams composed of Duck Narad Jum Hankunson, and Frutz Lavell un the medley and un free style relay Jum Keller, Ed Bowers, Pete Hayes, and Jum Muslun were unbeatable through out the season Much prause should be guven Coach Ed Leubenger for hus fine leadership whuch paud off un hus best year sunce he has been at the helm The JV team, although overshadowed by theur brother finmen completed a very fine season They won nine meets and suffered theur only two defeats un very close contests at the hands of tradutuonal ruval, N T The outlook for next year us very bright Wuth a few key lettermen returnung and many good J V Men to bolster these, hopes run hugh that T H S wull be equally as successful next year JUNIOR VARSITY THEY Coach N Tonawanda Nuagara Falls Q Q La Salle Lackawanna Kenmore Lockport a, ,u Leubunger 81 SCORES THEY TWU -A I . 17 eh '. l 'v'? . . . I u . . : ' 5 record-breaker with another year to go, Jim Mislin, Fritz Lavell, Rag Dohn, Pete Hayes, i . n . . I . F . . . . I . . t A I H YI . ' ' . ll ll I I I . I . . . . I . - I 1 ' . . . Q X - .. ,u I WE WE , 44 22 . so as 48 18 30 36 ' 50 21 ' 37 29 47 17 , 37 29 56 I0 ' ' 48 'l5 56 I0 gl eo 6 60 6 60 I 45 21 X ' Al 25 49 I7 'u 3l 26 49 17 h 53 us 52 14 K' 5l 15 .I ' V N f 4 4-.s . BASEEALL ' 'fpll 6 JZ6,!J5 T4 Mlwff 11 I 'J J I w.fv"3 r A0 C I if X .1 Row'I G Bunker D Denef J Camann N Blonr W Brenon L Muzdakns E Murphy Row 2 M Eberwem D Matukosh D Overholt K Brown W Overholt A Tomm P Routh D Braeges Row 3 J Memmmger D Helmbach R Dohn W Taylor J Schrader A Henmngham The Tonawanda Hugh School Baseball Team finushed the 1952 season un fifth place nn the league standmgs wnth a record of five wnns and mne losses However, the team was nn the competmon to have the opportunlty to represent the N F L m the Sectlon VI Class AA play offs going unto the last day of the season when they were beaten nn a thrullnng game 7 to 6 by La Salle Although seven lettermen uncludmg Captain Ken Brown, Paul Rauth, Duck Braeges, Jum Camann, Alble Tomm, Noel Blaur, and Al Hennmgham have played theur last games for T H S , lettermen John Schrader, Dan Matnkosh Dan Helmbach, Wall Taylor, and Roger Dohn wall be back thus year SCORES TEAM THEY Lackawanna N Falls Lockport Tonawanda T E Trott Kenmore La Salle fr- hsmd O Q 82 . . . , WE 2 6 2 5 . O 4 2 9 8 2 1 4 , 0 3 4 3 4 l I l 4 3 2 5 6 6 7 4 I 7 4 ' 6 7 f ,,,, W L T 5 9 1 V. gy, 1 . j , f , E . xx . , , Coat C pr ,,, Ken ffm MJ f""'L I-" ffg VWAA l 1-is k"v"9 y s Irvmg Hnls Ni Hxg Q? 35 A H! slir ,f slid .If 71 11 W ,,4,f,gAfZ'f,.,L AM J f7""'7 Row I D Luther D Holler J Ekuss I Hnlls R Papp J Constable R Kraft Row 2 C Dolpp J Mulvey R Fntzsnmmons J Horton F Keller R Ryan P Santo T Burford D Schmeuchel H Santo R Henmburg M Smith ks Upon concluslon of the l952 tenms season the Tonawanda Hugh Tennls team, coached by M Smnth placed second In the Nnagara Frontuer League With five lettermen leadmg the way, the team lost only one match, that was to league champlon, Ken more Tonawanda Hugh was also well represented un the Sectuon Vl playoffs at Niagara Falls ln class AA competmon, John Eknss and Don Luther won the doubles champuonshup, whsle Bob Kraft was defeated adm.. nm, nn the slngles event Although the Niagara Frontuer League was repre sented by Tonawandas undefeated doubles team of Bob Papp and Jerry Constable In the class AAA doubles action, they were defeated an the finals by two Kenmore players Next year, wnth lettermen John Eklss, Jerry Con stable Bob Papp Don Luther, Don Holler, and a group of good prospects returnmg, Tonawanda has a Coach Smnth good chance for a tennus champuonshlp TEAM THEY Lockport Trott North Tonawanda Lackawanna LaSalle 5 O Kenmore l 4 Nnagara Falls 4 l 4 83 IB. Z1-4' Y N. V X .fg 1 ,' , - 1 A T v J ,r"' f ' T U A ff: -11 -'- 14 fmt' . V ll,-F Z- 7 an u J . . , 1 W g 1 7 A Y ? 5 V 4 , l I I X, -,.,-l,."-I. .. I , 1 ' -A ' , - ', . ' , r. ri-Q i - f I ,gil xii, , ll .. , .S an , . I . . . U ? f . - iff' ' - . . fl 'N . . f" Y 43 L- . ' . l - I I 'r " ' is we I., I 4 l 0- il., 5 O f- 4 1 5 0 """' - rn -4.1. Muller K Colllns R Savage C Foels R Leber Row 2 K Freer J Keller E Sereno R Sm th C B ucsok W Brock T Walker Row 3 H Harder P Hayes Coach Lallk C Haendlges D r b ahn Captain D Bensman T Schroeder G Burgm L Waterstrat R Newman J Holler G Jaco o 4 T McDermott D Snyder J Urban G Stevenson C Brntton R Lasky E Trosm M McDermott D TRACK X gf I WC flvtfmnfs Fufty boys reported for track practice on April 7th The team had less than two weeks un which to prepare for nts first meet which ut lost to Trott 5l to 44 ln our first quadrangular meet we finished thlrd, In the second quadrangular, second, an the third quadrangular, third, and In two dual meets we lost to Kenmore and Niagara Falls The team finnshed 6th nn the Niagara Frontuer League meet at Lockport It rauned all day and a meet that should have been called off was run on a sloppy and puddle spotted track The team had another dual meet In which they were beaten by Lockport We finished 8th In the Section Sax AAA meet competutnon Although TH S IS lusted as an AA school we were competing almost entirely agannst AAA schools Letter wunners for this season were Captain Duck Bensman, Carl Berg, Warren Brock Jerome Essenhauer, Ken Freer, Cliff Haendnges, Pete Hayes, George Jacobs, Ed Trosm Sereno, and Joe Urban Although the season wasnt too successful It was profitable In experuence for a farrly green squad most of whom will be back for thus year s track season The team will be aided by the return of these seasoned veterans two year letter men Ken Freer, George Jacobs, Cliff Haenduges, and Joe Urban, first year letter men Carl Berg Pete Hayes, Ed Trosm and Ed Sereno The team looks forward to a good track season thus year Coach Lallk N F L STANDINGS Nragara Falls Kenmore North Tonawanda Lockport Trott Tonawanda Lu Salle 9 Lackawanna SECTION VI AAA Niagara Falls Kenmore North Tonawanda Lockport Amherst Olean Jamestown Tonawanda Lackawanna 84 QSM ffm - Q, - me M A -I A. A up-Q M 461.- ,N ' L 1' ' 1' 'j'7"',' . f ' . I f iff:-lf?-fs ' f, --.-LW" A -'sw 1 .K ':1.a-- ,.,, '- ' T 4 1-A - - N -4',':'S5:'+ev-A ,.1.':.,4,,-. - 11 7, W' HEX' - 'A' . n.f.f,' J V' 7 L -, f- L ' - - Ro 'l:C.K V. ' , . ' , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . 1 . , . , . . : . , . , ' , . ' , . e 1 1 . - 1 - 1 - J 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' ! X : . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . , . QQ 7' Cr Q G.Lorish,J.Eisenhower,P.Rauth,R.Braeges. ' . .71 n 1 n 1 tl , . , I L11 X n 1 s n u v l . . . E V, v I j I . . . . I , . . . . I Ed 1 . . . . A I u I I 1 . D ' : 1 I 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: B. Bedell, J. Kruse, J. Robins, J. Galler. Raw 2: S. Peters, D. Shaw, E. Gar- rison, J. Dreier, J. Adams, B. Schriver, S. House. Row 3: C. Townsend, B. Waterstrat, A. Keem, B. Braddell, D. Dahl, S. Smith. These are the champs' The Varsity Basketball team was made up of the outstanding players of the Jumor Sensor league Weekly practices were held m which the gurls were able to get into top form for interscholastic competition with Kenmore and North Tonawanda Intramural Champions Kneeling Janet Patrick Rowl F Rexlcker J Alford A Keem B Shrlver E Garrison S Smith This years Intramural Champs hut the hoop for top place, with a convincing record The team, headed by Capt Janet Patrick dld their best to receive the gold basketballs they deserved Basketball Captams Walters Row 2 N OConnor R Hamblett M E Murphy Row 3 B Bedell J Robins C Townsend J Patrick The basketball captains certamly deserve a bug hand Their team leadership and good sportsmanship com bnned to uphold the gurls sports 85 f , ' J nl ' 2 ' . : . ' , Row 1: R. Hewitt, S. Garrity, B. Benson, J. - 1 - 1 - ' , - ' , . : . ' , . , ' ' . . . I - I - I . , . . . , E . . . . . . . . . . . BADMINTON CHAMPS R' J Crouch S Botsford M Meusenberg Durung the month of March and Aprul the gurls fauthfully practuced to acquure skull un puttung the burd where they wanted ut Barbara Bedell Ann Schofield and Joan Crouch have that skull and really play a fine game of badmunton Theur demonstratuons of technuque have been unspuratuonal to those uust learnung the game Mary Ellen Murphy and Helen Holler took freshmen honors VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Peters B Waterstrat J Pair ck B Shriver A Farrell Thus year the volley ball season opened wuth a bang' Approxumately 125 of our sportsmunded gals enthusu astucally partucupated A really excutung and strenuous serues of contests was clumaxed by a smashung vuctory un the final game by the team captauned by Jean Runge un the Junuor Senuor group 86 . . . ,. . . . ., ' I I J. Runge, P. StaIeY. J- Advmsu J- Geller' S' Or SOFTBALL Row I S Peters B Bedell J Kruse J Crouch J Goller Row 2 A Keem P Ollenblttle J Robms B Braddell B Schnver Row 3 Managerl Patrnck Ruta Lalonde E Garrlson C Townsend S House M Mangrum ManagerA Farrell The gurls soft ball teams were organized nn the sprung From these Red Warrlors had few practice sessions The bug games were at Ken more thus year After nlne mnmgs of swmgmg bats and Flyung balls, Shirley Houses team won T9 T4 and Theresa Gansters lost I4 T5 un hard played games We appreciate the tame spent by Janet Patrick and Ann Farrell, our capable soft ball managers 87 ? fl v Ve J, ' . . AJ 5. l 3 - ' T , Q . a , V' .. . U 0 Q - . 4 ' N - . . Q - - ' . 2 j .......... 3 N 5 C . ' Q . '1- , Q. . n Q '- .... . 0 T I -3 . . 0 N 5 1 - M , . 0 - a. O .. T, ,,, T, ' 3 ' n 0 . . . 3 ' 1 D ' , 1 3 ' ' A UI 1 :Ah . . S - 3 s A 3' . - ul n 0 3' . -. . I T 3 E . . . I 0 5 '74 ,F Q f.ffi2':e M My WA, ,,, SWIMMING nw Outer Cnrcle from center to left S Woods S Seevers L Hennmgham P Waterstrat S Wulf D Dahl J Madrud J Mye C Holrod N Ferns L Flegel S Garrlty S Harrer M Hewltt E Sllvashy B Westcott B Stengle M Link J Hanna L Cullen R Westcott P Hy Inner Clrcle from center to left G Guuder S Turtle K Root M E Murphy B Myers S Gosch J Carnes E Lane L Nnland J Harrer Row I D Tyx C Gold P Klauber N McCron F Rexucker R Hamblet C Townsend J Crouch R Lalonde Row 2 B Benson F Karas P Murphy N Bowers B Braddell J Nallor Thus year the mermauds of T H S , under the dnrectnon of Mass McPhulmy enloyed a successful season Following the lnterclcss Swummmg Meet, which was won by the sophomores, the team attended a quadrangular meet at Amherst Hugh School, In whnch we swam agclnst Kenmore, North Tonawanda, and Amherst, emergmg In second place A stunt meet was held later In the year and was thoroughly enyoyed by both the swummers and spectators BACK PRESSURE ARM LIFT METHOD OF ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION Front left positron Back lelt grasp arms Front rlght pressure Back right lnft arms 88 'I . 3. A, f I w jf' 0 I 1 ! ff T ,PJ K Y ,rf hfgllv I, I fxyil ' :. ,. ,. ' ,. ,. 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,. ,. ,.. ' :.',. ,, ,.. ,. , ,. ,. ,. ,. . :.,. ,.',. ,.',. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , f Q 1: 1d'l. I I "1 'v' 14 'w p.?','a 'I I 1... IF . Il , o 91? -"fi 1 a'O.r' Id' y'.p lU'uO'l 1 '-2:1 Op.r',,l- 'f-A -X x if iS" Cleanmq rmd Tmlormq Hugo Remus Prop H U G Q S Phones JA 2928 2929 Alteratxons Rcpaxrmg Rclmmg Best XVork Xssured on Ladies Men s C arments NVC C111 For and Delner Offuce and Phu 1 50 YOUNC STREET TON XIVAIND X N Y WOLF MOTOR SALES CORP C,,,np,,,mm,s of nu Suu Lb lku Suxxfe SPAULDING FIBRE ISIIJCX S IDU NITLTCJXXIIXC COMPANY Incorporiled ION XXVXNIJX N Y 2134, 1 lyme Mgmt Tues Battrrzes dr NO! L11 Ion us lndl N Y Umm 151190175 PHOXF LU H95 Pzfk up D611 673 5871166 floufrs or all Orraszons JA 5,400 Corner Del H8316 Broad and Young Sts TWIN TON DEPT STORE -an-e SCMUEEMC MATTIIIIES MILK ICE CREAM IJIRITIODCIS SlSI'IlIIgSlIVCI' Crystal IVMCIICS China Phone LU 1840 Tonawanda, N Y fl Nnagara Strecn Tonauanda, N Y 90 I . , . .. . , .. . K . . h A Al M . y , 9 ,K . .b 1 ii 5,2 .f .Y 1 1 I 1 , . . Y M I . S1I'f.' Ix 2 C lf Rf .' '-l' ' ' ' ' I L ' 'cf 1 -1 ' W I 11120 452011 81 Young St. 3 ' ' I . 1 Iv . , . Y. 3 L.1jl'l' A '3 '4,'- ' M 1 'z 2, . . I 1' 'I ' ' I . If " ' r A A' w Y ' 1 7 7 , W... I . ,4 i' y 7, S - . Q 9 SLATER S MUSIC SHOP IL erytlzmgm 1114516 1one X of '16 Young St ALLAN HERSCHELL COMPANY INC Xlazzuffutznus o XXII SLXILXI RIDIS XOR111'ION XXX XXDX N OTT CLEANERS Tonawandas Fznest Dry Cleaners Phone JA 1371 Broad Street Tonawanda N Y CANTON OPEN AIR MARKET Delaware at Canton TONAWANDA N Y Phone JA 9835 Tonawandas only Open Au' Market Bowl For Your Health 16 Nlodern -Xllevs FLASH BOWLING ALLEYS Open Boulzng Satu1da3s Sundays Eat at the Best Restaurant Ill the Tum CIIICS Georgej Campas Pwp CARL LUHMAN APPLIANCE Televzszon and Home Applzances Sales and Seruce M SOU I II NIACAR X Phone LU 4321 Tonawanda OL R WLRX XBLL Q. LI'I'ICILNT BL SINESS XI XX XC LR NI XRC XRI I XLLBEE MILLER DRUG INC l or Piescnptzons I'1ee Deluus 1880 O1 XI un St Tonaxnnda EROQUOIS KEG BIRCH BEER Nfade ln Elghth Quarter Half and Kooler Kegs 297 MAIN ST TONAWANDA N Y LU 0704 Complzments of Beal!! .r Restaurant 83 South Nlagara St 119 Olu er St 089 Kenmore Awe COFFEE SHOP 9 Mam Street TONAWANDA NEW YORK Full Course and Plate Dmners Sodas Sundaes Snacks 3 . . . , l H I' " A . .,. In 1, ":s2 i ' v Q , y ' . f .. 1,r.Y , . , . . , . 18 ' , . . r' ' -"-H v I La . V. .. - M v 9 A "Dinette" . , ' . Y y. 7 ' Q, 36- A 9 ' 'I ,ft vw v4ww D O- v, ,V x A IAA' I K A 1 X A 1- v. , . " LU ". 2' ., '. ' 1 ' ' , , . , . . 91 Une QW W MW TIIE IIEMINGTON 60 S21 50 Other Romlngtons from S23 50 All AC DC Graduatxon means new frnends new experxences a new way of hfe For many graduates xt also means a new chore daxly shavmg If you re faced wlth thls bugaboo of manhood why not start rlght off the fastest most comfortable most convenient way wlth a Remington Electrtc Shaver? You wont have to wrestle wtth old fashioned preparatlons You ll never know the n cks and cuts that made your Dad miserable And you ll only need a mmute for your mornlng shave Make the Remmgton way your way' 'Remington E C T R I C S II A V E Rzmmcrou RAND mc ELECTRIC suAvEn DIVISION tsmoczronr conuscrlcur THE COMPLETE' OFFICE TYPEWRITER IN PERSONAL SIZE T Remington WITH AMAZING MmAcLE TAB sets and clears tabulator stops from keyboard level Never before has a portable typewrxter offered the smooth touch the superb response the spar khng typmg performance found ln the new Remmgton Qulet rxter A masterpxece of modern typewrxter desxgn Qulet rlter glves you such practlcal typmg features as exclu slve Mlracle Tab the ongmal patented Sxmphfted Rlbbon Changer remforced Super strength Frame plus 33 added convenxence features for thnllmg new portable typmg performance Test type Quzet rrter at your local typewrxter dealer Jeweler or department Store It s the complete portable just the rlght s1ze for fastest best typmg perform ance Deluxe luggage type carrylng case IS mcluded Compliments of ZEFFERYS LUNCHEONETTE Homemade Candzes Ice Cream C ood Hamburgers 5 South Nxagara Street TONAWANDA NEW YORK CASH LOANS 3550 to 35500 CERTIFIED FINANCE Mam St Tonavt anda CRLTCHEN PUCKLLXVALD C11 1111131011 .yas ROSE COAL 81 BUILDERS SUPPLY CO 2l7 Ollver Street NORTH TONAWANDA N Y C'0mpIzrnents JOHNNY S GRILL Q ' 1 I ' ' .I , I 19 ' . ' . . 1 . W 0 E 1. R s I ' I 1 Sollcltor . o 0 I he . If 17. I ' '- . . il. . . . . - ' - 3 I THE FIRST NAME IN TYPEWRITERS Tonawanda Underwrlters Inc f,,,, ,I,,,H,,,S ffnffa' Infufanff FRANCIS OPTICAL SERVICE 43 Wlagara St Tonawanda N Y ll I VNU Complzments KAHNS NEXV YORK STORE INC Complete OlllfHf'7S fm :Wen and B035 TOINAXVXNDA NLNV YORK Cmnplzments of THE BODONI PRESS INC IO I I III I IIIOIILIS IIIIIILIS DICKINSONS FISH MARKET ll 77 yum ul Ihr samz Iam If ART S TAILOR SHOP Custom Tazlmzn Cleanznff and Presszng Alteratzons and Repamng for Men and Women 364 Delau are ToIIawIaIIda N Y JA 6838 JANKES SHOE STORE WEBERS SERVICE STATION l I XI S Dealer In Fme Footwear GISIJIIIIC OI s mc OIOI CIXI C Phone -X 3610 Phone LU 39'0 40 Young Street 7 Tlctchex Stunt 'I III III IIILII X Com 111114 Izls 0 DUREZ PLASTICS 8: CHEMICALS INC North Tonawinda N Y 93 9 - I1 1 ' ' . of I 1 ' . , I I ' ' 'oIIII3Q l , . I f I I , . , l IIII gui QI-S551 ' 11- Y f,T'?'II If , 2 'fm 44 Young Street TOIIHWHHCIH, N- Y- ISS 'I-IIOIIIIJSOII SI., N. 'I'oIIzIII'1IIIdzI, N. I Y ' gf S ' ' , II. . 9 Y A1L0"' -Cl'2 L,.'.X , . 7 K , I 0 QUALITY D1amonds Watches Sllverware LANE IEWELERS 27 Young Street TONAWANDA N Y Opposzte The Star Theatre Fomplzments of HARVEY S DRUG STORE NORTH TONAYVANDA IN Y S1 XFF ei III 1 ,,., CONXIL BLOLIX B est Wzsh es rom 22 Young St Tonawanda N Y RANBURN CO INC Paper Boxes TONAWANDA N Y ARTHUR H WATERSTRAT General Insurance Phone LU 3339 MILTON ST Tonawanda N Com Izments of your MILLIAN BUICK CO INC 363 Delaware Tonawanda jk 4333 L DONATO LUGGAGE Luggage of All Kmds ll Adam St Tonawanda N Y Best wxshes to the Class of 1953 THE EXOLON CO Complzments of HELWIG S TIRE SERVICE Road Servlce Battery Service Lubrlcatlon Gas O11 Phone JA 1399 57 Broad Street Tonawanda N 6-N 3 1 , . . ,IS - M I .- f Phone: jAckson 6582 DIPSON'S STAR THEATER ' ' ' 26 . , . Y. P A ' ' . " ' . R LU 1891 + . , . Y. 94 HUMPHREY 8: VANDERVOORT Phone JA 0031 1111111 'N CREEKSIDE RESTALRANT Ilmm C 001111 un L 1 n s NEPOKROEFF S DELICATESSEN 260 Xldlll Stleet Phone JA -1531 A xxxu Ixcxsov xxoun R C IRL QS" ARTHUR T OTT Pharmaczst 24 Young Street Tonawanda N Y Whenever you want the Utmost m BEAUTY PROTECTION ECONOMY Use or Specxfy The DeI.uxe Pamt for all Surfaces J' CUIIITY Asphalt Shmgles Roll Roofing and Coatlngs Made m Tonawanda N Y by Nauonal Manufacturmg Corporauon I-faugfffff y'f'fu1s in 1'21,szu'f121rr' .va 7"'I'l 1' in flu' 'l'nm1:' In l l."j9f 129351 ' I ' f ch H' ' r- :s:: Yu sl. L' 'HO-l j lo lllilllilll, N. Y. ,, , , . , . A l A A 5 1 A 1 x .V . 1 "ADH L , . . XV' fl l I I , . . 95 W. T. GRANT CO. Q., P' - NORMAN BROSIVS 1 nw Tfmuzvr1m1'r1'.s' Alml .llnzlmrz Sinn' .XID MAN Known for Values wi' -L s - Y Complzments of BUFFALO BOLT COMPANY D1v1s1on of Buffalo ECIIPSC Corporatxon NORTH TONAWANDA N Y Complzmuzts U ROBERT GAIR COMPANY INC I on m 111411 BOXIJO mls Dlx mon Wy the Tlre 8: Battery SCFVILC irc Slllll x xxx xxnx Cmfzplznlents of F175 Club NORTH TONAWANDA LODGE Bcnexolent md lmtccum Order of Ilks EDNA S BEAUTY SHOP X mm Il I 117 Slylm IIIIIIIIIIIIIU I ll? fzzltuz A SILIZIIIID , . . Y Young ami Dr-law: -. s , . 'O z': 2 15' 'lOf ' ' NY. , ' L c ' Y fill ' 3 Sl. 860 'I'm1zm':1 clzl ' ' 2 " 1142 "ff ,,, 'f' 'J , . . A Ll 0911 , . ,I If - . g , 1 96 PEOPLES CLOTHING CO. Compliments of 74yZ Hlebster Street North Tonawanda, N. Y. HARVEY'S DRUG STORE High Grade Clothing for the fafnily. NORTH TONAXV.-XNDA, N. Y. CROWN AGENCY, INC. Orgzinizecl 1890 No, l Sweeney Building NORTH TONAIVANDA, N. Y. IS. Crown Holler, President Pznnl lf. Peter, Vice President Qfgcc phone 155050 flllllllify Clothes lfor ,Ven and Boys '4 IU XX ebstex Street N Flon us indti I hone LL 1900 VAN RAALTE CO INC J GUREWITSCH SHOE STORE Nunn Bush Shoes for Men Because you love mcg things Wzlbur Coon Shoes for Women 84 Sweeney St N Tonawanda N Y 70 Webster St N Tonawanda N Y COLUMBUS MCKINNON CHAIN CORP AND CHISHOLM MOORE HOIST CORP TON AWAN DA N Y IRENE O HAIR MANUEL S ICE CREAM THE NEW YORKER SHOP Whole ale and Retail JJ Xlun St LOCRIJOII IN X NORTH TONAYVANDA N Y 1 Xltnn St Ionnx inda N one in Phone LL 581 Phone JA 5271 97 ILT ' ' z'z ' 1 v ' 1, a . 7 Ifencly-lI'f'r1r-Hosiery-jewelry Corner of GOUNDRY at MAIN 7I'.A" 1'z ,,..Y. , i S Ph '1-.180 'f '2 4 Great Stores DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. Tonawanda Buffalo Thruway Plaza Niagara Falls 44 Main St. 699 Main St. 2233 Harlem Rd. 221 Falls St. LU 3166 IVA 8080 BA 8820 N.F. 8803 Bob and Lotte's , MAIN ST. DINER WERKLEY S "Meeting and eating place of HOW? Made Cflndfw Tmmwgnda,g" Greefirzg Cnrzls Gift IVrappz'ngs 82 Main Street Gifls and Toys TONAXVANDA1 N- Y- 155 Coundry Street LU 3232 Phone: JA 9653 Comphments PIVOT PUNCH 81 DIE CORP C OIHlJl1lllClllS of WILBURS SEWING MACHINE SHOP COOK S PHARMACY IICSKIIIJIIOHS N 1011111 amla 'X Y 100 NI1111 btreet Othus uho stood Hllll me clurmg 1111 WILDER HARDWARE CO Inc l0lll xe115 111 H1gh School L lf! 1 X X Rl NC L G E Apphances Sportmg Goods 98 of I- P ' h, Y , 59 . Illlll Y' 2 1 , .'. . XI1' C,1'atit11clc to the 'I'e11c'l1ers and the Badminton Foorball , 1 Q' . I . - I v - ' ' 1' .21 ,IOll.' 1. if '53 I A - ' ELDREDGE BICYCLE CLUB OF THE TONAVUANDAS The most unique athletic organization on the Niagara Frontier. In addition to Gym Classes the members participate in Football - Basketball - Baseball - Softball Hockey - Golf - Handball - Ping Pong - Bike Racing - Chess - Checkers - Bowling Billiards - XVeight Lifting - Skating - Tennis - Badminton. We are doing our part to help keep America strong. For Boys I8 Years And Older o1n The Eldredge Club Today N EW LOUNGE BAR Catering to ill lvffddlllg and Xnmxers trx P uties Georgum Bay Lumber Co Inc 535 Xlain Street NORI I-I TON -UVAINDX J x isis TWIN CITY STYLE SHOP The Tonawandas Largest Ladzes Ready to Wear Store Phone JA 4240 Webster St North Tonawanda je DITH xx OLF SELLER ARTHUR C SPRINGER Insurance Real Estate Bonds YOUNG ST Phone JA 0380 UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Gnd I-looi Sueeuex Building Ielephone Ll dlou 0811 SIMMONS 8: HILL C enem! Auto Repazrzng Day and Night Touzng Se: zce NI un St 'Ionainnda 'N Dax Cills JX 990 N1ghtC1lls jk 3037 -J ' 3 ., . : I8 . is - "AD" X ' ' 35 . f4 , XYAITIKIQR IV. llllrlvlili, lxliillligffl' i I A " H wr' . V - -I 100. 1' '. S 1 ,f-Y- ',.H ,I Q bi 52 -,1- 99 HOLLER BROTHERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 200 Roosevelt Avenue LU 0295 Tonawanda, New York Cmnplmlwlts Open Evenings Phone LU 5636 Laurel Electric 8: Mattress Co. Of Radios - Ranges - Mattresess - Baby Cribs Oil Heaters - Refrigerators - Bed Springs CUTTS HOTEL High Chairs s J PAUL 71 XVebster St North Tonawvmda COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL GRINDING WHEEL COMPANY NORTH TONAWANDA N Y 2129 num STREET FRED W PICK 81 SON North Tonaxnncla Phone IA 1315 30 XVEBSTER STREET IOO MCLEAN CHEVROLET CORP. Quam F00""ea' F nz 11111111180 HAMP S QIIICC 181 Ton ux1m11 N ROLLAND S WATCH SHOP the cnc 1 1 III! Ilmmmlrls 111111 1111Irl1cs nz I 11 neun MEX ERS LUMBER X Isl mc PHONE JA D763 M1465 SERVICI .S'7A7'l0N Where Your Dollar Has More Sense WALTER MACDONALD TONAWANDA N y Complzments of BUFFALO PUMPS INC NORTH TONAXVANDA ALVIN H STALEY 1 XR1 ER SIIOI' 1 X11111 S11 rm ux111c11 Xen Xolk YIANILOS SODA BAR Servmg the Tonawandas Smce 1904 HOINIE INIADE ICE CREAIWI and CANDIES 64 Young Street Phone JA 9730 PARSONS DRUG STORE Prefffzptzonx Are tb: Backbone 0 Our Buxzneu JA 3830 10 42 'XIAIN ST TONAWANDA BERNS CHILDREN SHOP Wearmg Apparel for Chlldren Tots to Teens 22 NIAIN ST TONAWANDA XIJXI XX C.. XI1x Q 'x THE CRAMER HARDWARE CO INC Industrxal Supplles Hand and Power Tools for every trade Phone JA 1054 20 26 YVebster Street NORTH TONAXVAINDA N Y ,fl p A ' A f ' E I1N1g1i11qz1L ' lej Y '10 1llXK'1l 14111 WQ5 1. -' -7 2 u ., Y. ,, . I. , ., ' . ,.. "'l'l1"".s' fl mu 610111 !1fI3"I' : l I 7 Xlanin H' 1 1SLs1 H U N. '1'o11:m'4n1c1z1, N. Y. HHN 0 IOIGAN STREETS 7 7 . ' , 7. J 1 , . 2111 1' Q 'CCL ' '1' Q". "" , Y f , A . . 0 . O1l1DO.' 13 "CLIN H A W - 101 GRAND ISLAND LUMBER 8: BUILDERS SUPPLY PHONE: BRIDGE 32-ll ROOFING - LUMBER - Residence: BRIDGE 3378 BUILDERS HARDIVARE - TILE CONNECTING BOUL1iVARD,GR.XNDISLAND, N.Y. Glso. H. ALT, JR. GENERAL INSURANCE Lowest Fire Rates Phone BR 3350 COIIIPIIAIIZCIIIS of TOMMY BENTON Grand Islund NV1tcr Seruce MESMER 81 SONS DAIRY III C rand Island and Immuzm a Sulex Road BR 3295 Comjnlzmuzls of RODNEY HALL G I XdSo11c1tor GRAND ISLAN DI' 5561 SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO I XRRX ITI I FN7 QCIXIIIQ Frmd Isl md I 1 3' mc xm nn 'md Tonwxx 'IINII Wm Delonvue Me Renmore The News Red K IN hue GODFREY SIIOIIIDIII Center A LUIIIIIIIIIII Vmzflx 11111110011 Sim: IIIIIC X Idlrh C odlxex ALT CHEVROLET XXIIIIT IIXXI x ROAD IIIIIIIIIXK 411 IIAAES O1 f4RS R J X XXISIDC S 102 . 1 ' I ' ' Barr' g 1' .' ' d . A .. fz ' ' , , Y 44 4 I I,Z KA: ,. .,,.. I1 ' 1 qi? -4-E L 'AS I V. 7 , V Q ,. Q 'gl 'CU '.'i,.-. 7 .' 'f Ii S3070 Q' V - Q ' L " ' .'IiX' S- Q LXR s 1 CS I R 011117 WILLIAM H ELGAR IXSL R XXL L C R XXII ISL XXII Rc JICACIIIIII 100 XI 1111 SLICCL 1 1111 1 0 GRANDX LE PHARMACY 1.101.016 Ro1d 1 11 Lom111eL115 1,11.11 IIILICCLIUL 115 XXLXIHLR ILLXB LIII LLLB SIIIIIII 511065 at STRAUSS SHOES F OODMASTERS l51Lo1c Ro 111 C 1 IIILI ISILIIILI 11111 D Il I1 111 Ll .1 O' P-' F' Z C .- I' ,.. fx .- ,- 3 r-1 ,.. N? ,.. F' 1-1 P1- ... F ,- V .- ..- CJ cr BR 1998 A Grand Place To LNG KRUSE IOL R C RXXD 1514 XXD ILLXILIXC AND HLXIINC, bLRVILL EARL J LONG 81 SONS L XX DSL XPINC, IOP BOIL IL IILL bL XC, IJRIVLIN Hb If .Malo Ebel MJ Jam GRAND ISLAND GRILL The Home of Good Food ROAD 1-06" M AIN ELGAR BUEHRIG 84 CO SL NOLO 1'RODLL,1b Lxpusm 11151111.11 OV BASELI R OAD 2 -PIT PRIVATE PARTIES ACCOM MODATED BRIDGE 7865 BASELINE 8: LOVE RD GRANDISLAND N Y C 1 1IlL1Ib1dIId N X IO3 gz 59, Lasam . Q2 ' V JC.. . ' : J 2 rx Z 5 5- V, - A , , , Z .. . , - ., 3, -A .. -I 1 :qc -- 1 4 V V t F .. 3 xA A H .Q , , 5 V. z 2 'A ' - ' - . ' m 7 1 .X , A' ' 4 A Q 1 1 1 I E r C' 1 . If 1 -1 ' E I' ' ,F . Q ' - Q -. . . I , I .4 A' .. P .1 . .' : ' N Q ' ' 1 ' 'L Bsdlgm 1 , lc ' 1-' S: 'HUGH '. . ic' ' v 7 I 4: 1 r .' . , if TCS: C N 2: K 2 1-4 ,. PPG: . ' . Q . 1 'K 1. E V W , '. N1 -. . - "f N. V I ' I.. fs ' " b fi F 1 OJ L 1 , . ' I N . '14 V . Y Y F' . L A r . 1. F- .1 '- ' ' 1 " 4 'K' . . ' ' . A 1- - .' 1 , V xo A xo ,: . 1-1 1 URLI-IZER A MAJOR INDUSTRY OF THE TONAWANDAS JX Producer of X I 1-miiiiw K ELECTRONIC oIzGAIIs 3 J Fon CHURCH Home AND ENTERTAINMENT I ig? I COIN OPERATED PHONOGRAPHS BRINGING 4 MUSIC TO MILLIONS 3 ,ggi M EI L i I04 TUNES 48 TUNES if STAFFED BY PEOPLE YOU KNOW 1 A GOOD PLACE TO WORK The RUDOLPH WURLITZER COMPANY NIAGARA FALLS BLVD NORTH TONAWANDA N Y IO4 2 ,X J .- T' , I ff -- -' -I 5. Z LRX w,:.:::::,,:jg R I 'i Q gf III If -1- - I Y ' 11 I1 2:5351 : - II i F' ". I Q , II ff E- ' I I I II I i , a ':7 I, II f- , , f wf r :ff -A 111- I If 5? S' 5 I Z I-1' V 5 Il fa' Tfjfixf ' ff " - 1 ' " -15131 5 V K ,, , ,, F A -EEESIKQI , 1. I 5 qi,ff'Z1, 15155 -- If I ikllff, I Q .I . ,A , I AL- I QQ Q-fry. .2213 I I .-f 'if I 'fr-'if I ' 5' 'W ' ' I ""- -E 7,77 M ,sag , , . . P0111 11111161119 0 BRANDONS DEPARTMENT STORE 11 XIIIIISII et LI 1180 Ionm1m11 X 1111111115 Photo I1111511111g .Su ILS DICK S SHOES DOROTHY EYRES STUDIO un Street X lm Telephone Tonm mdl N X CAMANN S MARKET X bl U14 10 Imerxa St I Xl IS I PAT HILLS racer zes Meals Vegetables 0 LU 3935 Mel Camann Prop I B F GOODRICH Co C"mp"me"'S0f F1155 and Home Aplblzances G C MURPHY C0 1? XX ebstel St North Tonemand 1 55 58 Webster St N Tonamanda N Y H B KOENIG INC The Old Reltable Hardware Store Vxslt Our Record Bar 10 12 Young Street TONAWANDA NEW' YORK 17 19 Nfam Street HARRY DANIELS SCHREIBER 8: LAMP jeweler Phone LU 0182 20 MAIN STREET Hay, Flour, Feed, Gram, T1mothy and Clover Seeds Look fo' the B'g Clock 18 50 YOUNG ST Tonauanda, N Y 105 P 1 ' . 1 Tf.:' fre '- " zu z..'.Y. C " - " ' - 'ppt' , 71 NIL' ' ' 'Ili ,lf St. - 2 .2 2 V' 1' S1-OI12lXX'LiIIC1ll, N. Y. JA-1488 .V ff - 1 A 4 ' ' 45 , . , , ,, , H 1' G " - , - 1 1 ,., t . . , . THE DELBERT PRESS PRINTERS AND STATIONERS Store I4 Minn Sueet LU 2892 Shop Qu kohlcx Stlect LL 1969 Tonawsanda N Y Ofllre and School Su Iles Statzonevg Lette1p1ess and Off5etP1zntzng Comphments of Sxgma PS1 Kappa P PL XSTOYV D L ROCK JR RKET lacket Annzffs Whzle You Walt T0n'W'1d1 N Y SPD! tween Lettering C ROCERII S AIFATS FR UIT5 IEP ETABLES ho Young St LU 5529 Tonawxanda Phone I4 2933 2 6 Y B lrbara Bedell Grace Gulder Murlene Brenon Shlrley House Bdrbarw Chase duet Kruse 106 SIGMA PI RHO SORORITY IOTA CH -XPTER CONCRATULATES THE GRADLATES STL RM S ICE CREAM PAPKE MOLL DAIRY 11111111 11111111 111: C 1111111 298 Y01 NG STREET ""' CHX 11111111 11111111 f111111x Phone LU 1433 111 I011111 111 Ph0111 LL 410811 Congratulatzons to Graduates of GAMMA NU SORORITY C 1 111111168 D1 LT X CH XPSI l R C 11111111 11111111 Bexe1l1 1 1 11 clell 1 I1 C 1111 1 1 111111111 Fl1'111111 1 111 11118 111e1 C 111101 1 C 111 X 111111 I ll lie1e1l1 51l1llXCl 511116 Slllllll I PSILON C H XPTER 11111 X41xC1l11dI1 Sue B111sl11111 111116111111 CL S 111111 1111111111 N 111CX C 111111l1e1 BCLIN Lucsok Le1 1111110111111 B111111 1 XIll1g1l 11 XI111 L1111 NI1r1111 1111e1gr11l1111eS XI 111 1111 Nl11se111111rg R11 A111161 A1111 1111111 Nlurphx Huge P 111105141 l 1 111111111 XX 111111 SLI ler 81111011 1111111 L111111 111111 Sue H011 BETTY S 11111876 VV11111611 L011: to Sho BETTX S SNI -KRT SHOPPL ll NI21111 St CLAIR F BRENON Plumbzng and Heatmg Telephone JA 6910 132 Dexter S1ree1 Corner Sumrmt TONAWANDA N Y BLOCK RADIO an TELEVISION Phone Xckson 01:11 11116 111111 that 561 zfe bull! 0.1 SXNCCIICN 11 X.11111e11o0r1 S11ee1 WILL BERT SPORTS SHOP Your Fun zs O111 Buszness ID South Nlagam JAcksor1 35911 107 J, Y l 'Y ' '- f ' I" I , T V . 'A ' f- f I 1 1 11:1111'151.," 1111111 , 1 , L1 1 5 I '1 " Q ' ' 11: 1 Yi1gi11iz1 Q11 11111 1:1 I' 1'l .lz ' 1 N :111g'1111 ,. . . ' 0. . . ' .' . . . ' , - U . . ', A . 1.11: Il 'fri 'N011 .3 . I' '1' 2 . . 1 .11 ' '11 ' , 4 1 . ' 1' .lil 'z ' 1 ' g I .lf is ' . ' 1 1 Q 1 ' ,El Q 2 ' 'z . .' g' z ' 1 'z . 1 Q" 11 ' 1 ' . ., , ' 1' 1 . 1 A . . . ! fl I , I A pi! A H. , - . . , 1 . ' , . . 11 ' , ' 11 -. .,, Q, 4, T- ,, I 1 -711 I ' A I' 2 "' " ' ZETA ETA PSI CLUB NU CHAPTER -x k, New V416 GX I b 13, we ox CG pr 0911 Nxql ' be GS' ' by ' .CSX . Qi lffe I 91 -QCXQ ,Z of . C0 ' ' 'Obl- Q QW Q50 6511 1,6 QS 1 Q X o dw X 1 CONIGRATULATIONS SENIORS R B REED 8: SONS Dzspensmg Optzczans Open dally 9 00 5 00 P NI XVednesday 9 00 to 12 O0 EVElN1NGS Tuesday and Thursday 9 00 to 8 00 P M 71 Grove Street Tonavxanda N Y Phone jflckson 2414 Compliments of JOS B MANARINA MOTORS 112 Delaware Ave Tonavuanda N Y Complzments of THE SUGAR BOWL NORTH TONAWANDA N LEYVIS BAUNI 6 Ad Man xx 1th a car 45-"WM L Allen NI H Nlack ALLEN MACK PHARMACY 90 Payne Awe No Tonaxvmda N Y PhonejX60o5 COFFEE POST 509 Grant St QNear Delevan Buffalo N Y Where we meet to eat and eat to meet Nlaude Edmger Propnetress I Sz' 'ff .. S ' sv we A I 'Gr S 'AGA 441214 4 Q' five XMLJ ,216 NQ0 K Cys I Xxdxcg . .. . . . ' " ' ' ' ' , . Y. LUdlow 5566 ' I sl 1 N 0 ,lt Y- . I yy J- 1 L o v 5 1 . D 108 .QEQRUL v' " x LAMPE MOTOR CO., INC. 'flu' Xru' Strmflzzrd of N16 4-inzerimrz Road Sales - Servicie ti-1-H Main St. North Tonawanda, X. Y. BASHOR'S Dept. 1 '1'4'!r:'iszo11 - Radio lfIcf'tr'iz'11I AppI1'onrf's Dept. 2 Meats - Groceries G Longs Ave. ,-Xt Kant Niagara Comphments of BUFFALO STEEL DIVISION H K PORTER COMPANY INC Com Izmtrzts Carl s Barber Shop 110 XI1m Street justxce Motors Inc XI 1111 St XOIIII 'Ion tu mda Cadzllnr Pontmr X 9110 Il Str 51 nth in lhrme Ton X 1839 LEE S FLRNITLRE CO JU NI un SIICCI tu mda X . . , . w p ' 2 . , . Qf . 1 U .Q ., . Y ' 4 2 'l ' , ' A K' - - m . A -" ESCO LUMBER INC, lirtfwr I-'zzmitzzre For Less 11,7 mi ttf ,IA F710 , , Y C ' ' 'IUIILIXYQ da ' A 1 - A 'long 'L ', . '. 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