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, YW!" M59 EX LIBQIS 5 WJ 'jg Q5 5 'N ' ' A 1 N 'W' Xxx if '69 xxxop-gf J Xi nv 1 - X f ax . ' tg? HYQ- 6 f wif'-r Q u . Q - Y' I lg gk .4 fs W Q 2 W I" MIIB. 'x f 5' A "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. and to the Republic for which it stands g one Nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all." The TONAWANDAN 19 4 3 A 'is f 'iii ' Published by The Senior Class of TONAWANDA HIGH SCHOOL Tonawanda, N. Y. T. I-I. S. .5fEjmp,.- .4-, 5. ,- Our Alma Mater Like Niagara's speeding Waters Sweeping to the sea May thy many sons and daugh- ters Glory bring to Thee. Whether in the mimic conflict Of athletic field Or in later life's stern battles May they never yield. From our hearts the chorus cometh Soundeth far and nigh Hail to thee our Alma. Mater Tonawanda High. Q f" Q ig1gJi"f"'. i ' , i 54- A 1 i FOREWORD America, glorious, peace-loving America, is now engaged in total warfare. In true American spirit her every son and daughter has answered the call to arms and is determinedly struggling in the march to certain victory. Our corridors echo with thc trzunp of hundreds of young American feet, feet that are even now preparing for patriotic service in classroom, gymnasium, and auditorium. Ever-present in our thoughts and shadowing our every effort are those symbolic blue stars which serve as at constant reminder of our boys engaged in the real "march to victoryf, A lone prophetic gold star, standing amidst the blue stars, defies any of us to shirk our task and drop from the inarching columns. lVI:1y this bc our theme! CD-IZl""1-IZCDF5 Q B! 5 W ..1 9 c 1, 0 'NG T0 VXA W -M Q- X QQXS fi 543 X0 S 44 Administration ' The road to any victory is rocky and 3.1'II1i6S marching along this obstacle-Hlled course need capable guidance and discipline. Such is equally the case in our educational "march to victory". Superintendent of Schools Mr. James I-I. Green, Colgate Univers- ity, B. S., University of Rochester, M. A. Board of Education Seated: Mrs. Rosetta. Rose, Seward H. Millener, Fred W. Brumm, Jr. Standing: Frank E. Edin, Dr. Dun S. Bellinger, Joseph P. Burns. Our Principal Mr. Roswell F. Clukey, University of Buffalo, B. S. A f r LDIK 44 MRS. . C SON MRS. M. GREFE Grove City College Northwestern Univ. BJS. B.A., M.A. English 1v,111 English Iv, II MISS H. HEFFERNAN D'Youville College Niagara Univ. B.A., M.A. English II, I, Lat. III D U - 'S - 'JET 17 It v, W 'ip MISS M. TRIPODI 'LQ D'Youville College ,fl B.A. 55 Q' ' English II, I -'., f 'nl 1' Vi' , 5' ll MISS J. WEBER MISS F. Univ. of BuH'alo HEFFERNAN B.A.' D'Youville College English III Niagara Univ. B.A.. M.A. English II, I IVIRS. NI. SIVIITH MISS C. IVIAJOR MISS I. L. BAGDY Univ. 'of Col. West. Md. College Univ. of BuB'alo English IV, III Head-Foreign Lung. French II, I Spanish II, I Latin II, I Latin I Civics Mrs. Grefe Miss Weber Miss F. Heffernan Miss I-I. Heffernan Miss Tripndi '- Miss Bagdy Mrs. Smith Miss Major CULTY I bd. MISS R. SEAMAN MISS V. RUMBOLD Wells College A.'B. I Head-Soc. Siudies American History Economics MISS A. FRIES . . 3 Q2 r 3. I 1 lil 9 ' , . , . rw N 1 N . ufl N - H . ,. -fi .L-. qui. e - "l'w'Y 1 L - ' 11 6. ' i I I ' A ' U, -1 .V 1 r ,V , . A, . ."lf' ,ll -. - '::,.,-, ff 1 U.: e ' 'YZ y" ' -.4 L ' ' i -' " . ,- - ' nj- ' MRS: M. WILDER MR. S. TUCK Univ. of Buiialo A.B. ' . American History World Hrsgory General Science ' ' ' '-'3f-.-lflfli fi ' 'V L ""1'lT' . w , ' QSQV-. , :' V - . .J 'ff "" 1: ' if- iff 4 5 -F -Q gfiv, vs " ' V I ' - i..1 .. , .:.:-iff 'fn I . -f -' WI V.. . r W ii . isi- ' ' i 43- ' i MRS. C. FILSINGER MISS E. SCHRADER Syracuse Univ. Elmira College A.B. A.B. G World History General Science American History Genesee State Librarian Univ. of Buffalo B.A. World History Civics Miss Fries Miss Schrader Buffalo S. T. C. Socinl Studies Miss Wickes Mr: Todd Mrs. wsiaer Miss Seaman ' 45' MISS M. WICKES Park College 1 Columbia mv. B.A., M.A. Ch ' emistry I General Science 1 use S -e M..- . , 2 w L 1 I" i sf 1+ , FA. ii. . 1, Q. . MR. H. TODD Cornell Uniy. B.A.. M.A. in Ed Physics Biology . Aeronautics MISS W. BELLINGER Wells College A.B. Head Math. Dep't. Plane, Solid Geom. Int. A1 . Plane, gpher. Trig. MRS. H. ROCKETT Butlalo State ' Alg. Gen. Math. 10 FAC LTY MISS L. BRADLEY Syracuse Univ. B.S., M.S.- Homemzskmg 7 , V. r MR. E. SPRINGER Clemson College B.S. Printing - .. A, , 5:-wx "U 'H i' "li:l'siU?i T' ' ' ir, 'f:'. t' "ill . H1 ., J fl . ,W 'v 1 vi " f fn., H-,Q MR. N. D. RIAN St. Olaf College MR. W. S. BOSE Syracuse Univ. B.S. in Ed. Physical Education MR. C. L. TAYLOR Alfred Univ. B.S. Mechanical Drawing Auto Shop l w 3 j MR. W. WRIGHT Bulfaln S. T. C. Wood Shop MISS B. McPHILMY C. lg.. TUSSING Courtland prmgfie Physical Education Swimming Football Conch Y r MISS D. RILEY lliigfalo S. T. C. Home Economics Mr. Wright ,Mr. Springer Mr. Taylor Eastman Music B.A.. M.A. Conductor of Music Mr, Tussing f Mr. Rose A . Miss Riley Miss McPhilmy Miss Bradley V 'sv .'f' ',-nl, If4""' 'yi' , I Af. ha' N sir v '-A. fr, ,. ..l L E . , b 'Qi' A 5 .. ,'Qf F: H X Tim Fld BTV' s ., We, u-,adri-'ling I-I R C' N G TUX' XO XRS Cf ,QI fi Y Q Q Classes To function smoothly an army must be welded into an organ- ized, co-operative Whole. Thus, through the medium of our classes, we in America's schools have become determined regi- ments of home front troops. United for a common cause, we stand prepared to "march to victory". SC WY THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1943 N 4 JUNE ZI N43 1943 dgwzmul 4J4'4'4!k film: 4,54-44.-6 . 5 ,. I f -'I ,, I 15:34-.1 Y JU E I f:.:.E.E:E:!-E 1-I-5f5'f5 ,,,,,,,,,,g, ! ,,...,........ ........ . . -- -- .- ,f . .. . -- uqwlg U., : , ,-, . .. - in ' ' 'A , ,, -.,'-4e19u.w.11-, --,.. .. " 'I '.'v 'l .In W I I ,F-AWI-QESQQY Juni!! Y I - i K A -. ' Wu : Y , Q ' " A H .MJLQo!,mL-,..,A..,,---W-- ,, , .,, 0' -2C5a U""Y- M "" --L' ' K' ' ' ' ' I-.2.'!v!9A'1w 1 - -.--,-...1 7 V, V U-iupuu 1... af SUMMING UP THE SEN IORS We are now prepared to leave behind a school truly of gold-gold in friendships, in knowledge, in good times, and in a fine spirit-and we march now into a world at war. A grave responsibility lies Within each of is. Some may enter the service, some the colleges, and some the factoriesg but We must all take a part in pre- serving the liberties of our democracy. This heritage is worth much more than any amount of gold, and now we must do our part in sending one word forth before all others to maintain that heritage. That Word- VICTORY. OUR ADVISERS Mrs. Anne N easmith Mr. Robert Lloyd Mrs. Helen O. Rockett .W SHIRLEY STOBERL, Vice Pres- ident-The Seniors' attractive Vice President and National Honor So- ciety member--Sliirl has poise and genial personality, combined with quick wit, which have made her an adept student as well as a heart- warming friend. v- . Us it ROBERT HAMBLET, President4 Senior Class President, "TonaWand- an" Editor, N. H. S. Treasurer, and basketball team captain, are but a few of the honors which have combin- ed to make Bob's high school record e. TO N "'1,i5 N DA JAMES SOLDWISCH, Treasurer- A fine gentleman, an all-around ath- lete, a superb sports writer, our popu- lar and dependable Senior Class Treasurer. Jim's appearance and his every action seem to lead toward new friendships and increased prom- inence. Q spectacular. WILLOENE HENDRY, Secretary- "Willie", as Secretary of the Seniors, Vice President of the Honor Society, and an officer or member of countless other organizations has proved her- self well worthy of the title of a lady ' E W '. "':g:'.I f and an all-round champion. ,f it wi , , l - . l it L MARY JANE ABRAHAM Here s a sports-minded girl -one who is really skilled. Her ability, cooperation, and good sportsmanship are high virtues, that combined, point to "perfection." -4 , . ,. .L NANCY ALLAN Nancy's interests have been centered on being a music- ian and then, too, on just being a welcome person. "Quietness and confidence shall be your strength." time. BELINDA BALL When you hear a. hearty laugh you'll know Belinda is around. A good sport and a talented band member, she has attributed a lot to the good fun at T. H. S. PATRICIA BALL Pat's cooperative and de- pendable with a refreshing sense of humor. This bonnie lassie has had charge of the treasuries of the Latin, French, and Science Clubs for the past year. RICHARD ALLAN Activity in school organiza- tions, athletic interest in football and bowling, plus part time work have left Dick with very little spare HELEN BALTES Always ready with a merry laugh and a friendly word to boost your morale- Helen can credit her popu- larity to her diligent par- ticipation in the girls' sports curriculum. l HAROLD ALLEN "Lefty," a sports-minded fellow, who includes track, football, and swimming among his interests, has been noted for his general good-nature and his happy- go-lucky air. ALLEN ANDERSON Outside rather than intra- school activities have satis- fied this senior's quest for fun. His membership in musical organizations has acquainted him with school life. DAVID ANDRES An eight hour factory shift added to a day at school leaves Dave with little time for social life. This doesn't mean he can't enjoy the latter, however. '1.-- 1 ,4 ,ff'! ,p2 . ,.31x., , i , , fest-LIL- , f. 5 .'-. ,' ,I H 313. .,'- y ,. l M I '-, 4 1:13 .J-. x X l I - ' Mil 1 -. . .k .1 1.3 vw 14 K .. 5 A MARIANNA BEALS Quiet, but friendly, tiny Mariannafs beauty will long be remembered by all who have known her. She has a spontaneous smile and is the type that only reveals her true personality to close friends. P , v -- .- f f. --N ROBERT BEDELL This pint-sized senior has established himself as a "diver - deluxe" in his four years as an aquatic star. A line fellow with a nonsens- ical outlook on life. GERALDINE BIEHLER Here's a girl that has made startling headway during the short time she has been attending T. H. S. Gerry's attractive personality has already won her a notable place among friends. her many w V 1 ALYCE BRAUN Those who know Alyee find a much lighter and more lively spirit under this outward dignity. Further- more, she cuts a very at- tractive, as well as clever, .Q . ' , ..- l X I L EVA BRKOVICH Eva is quiet, but sincere and friendly. Although her words are few, we cannot use the same adjective to describe her friends because she has many. She will be R UTII BRUSH If you sec, strolling through the halls of T. l-l. S. an at- tractive girl with an at- tractive smile, you know at a glance who it is by her beautiful hair. Ruth is another who makes friends and keeps them. I - 5-Ei? EW E L f GLORIA JANET BROWNING .BROKENSLHRE Keen on all sports,"Brokes" is well known in T. H. S. athletic circles. Her beauty. and l1er love for activity mark out for her a path to A graceful figure and sweet personality have made "Jann exceedingly popular. In fact, she's already spok- en for, but that has not in- terfered with her ever- ligurc as one ol our baton one to achieve success in' success. presentfriendliness. twirlers. her own quiet way. BERNICE BURNGASSER This tall, good-nntured girl '-J with the pleasing person- . , ality is an enthusiastic , athlete, the best of good , ' 7- "' sports, and a. winner on lr any team. llernice's popu- , ' - -,f F lnrity and skill have won 'fi ., -1' 7 her the distinction of be- R- W J ing Treasurer of the Girls' XM., I '57, ,ft Letter Club. -' -1 .R i ,-HM? pf- I '. Q . l Vi . L.- it ' W Q V , SHIRLEY BURT LILLIAN BUSH ' Shirl will long be remem- Li1's sparkling enthusiasm ' bered for her grace and and sweet sophistication ' , skill in baton twirling, her are only a couple of her ' .1sg.,., shy but sweet personality, notable and envious quali- . - V . ' and her friendly coopera- ties. "It's nice to be natur- " tion given with a demure al when you're naturally srnile. nice." 'Z' ' t , I 1., , l lv., JAIN L CHEVERETTE To know her is to like her. Jane's anxious to please and willing to help, making her welcome anywhere. Sin- cerity and a fun-loving character are hidden be- neath a quiet outward appearance. DOROTHY CHRISTY Dark-eyed and devilish, this young woman always has a snappy comeback, which perhaps accounts for her success in her job as a soda fountain clerk. ROY CLARE A talented organist and in- telligent conversationalist, Roy should have no trouble finding out-and-out success. Hc's content to stay in the background but will reach his highest goal. PEARL CONSIER Quiet, sweet tempered, Pearl may be disinterested in sportsg but if you have any problems concerning the running of your house- hold, rush straight to this girl and she'll set you right. 1 ., ' ,file-l. 4 ,.' E N - - X ' S' U ta. . -1 I A i U X L .lj , -:gj ' ' .5 1 ,T 3 'x - 'irir E ' . , is 17 V' , 4 . ,,. l' . . '. E ' dll..- RUTH COOK By looking at her picture you can almost hear her laugh Cookie" certainly has a sense of humor, plus ability in sports, a willing spirit and aptitude in her secretarial course the same ROY CREASEY Personality originality patience-all requlred ln an Ideal photographer and Roys just that To the Tonawand-In he is ln dlspensable and to h1s as soclates his friendship rs MARJ ORIE qhmlng hair and a spark hng smlle plus a pleasant wit and cooperative spirit have made Marge both an outstanding student and an exceedmgly popular girl with everyone MARJORIE DIEDRICH We know Marge as another Natlonal Honor Society member who IS efficient ln thc offices she holds m her many activities Her coop eratrve splrlt makes her known as an outstanding senior Remarkable schol 'xstlc records prove that she has found early success 'Fav' VIRGINIA DOYLE Shining eyes with a dash oi pleasant shyness ende-mrs Ginny to the hearts of her comrades. She is known particularly for her ener getlc participation and ab ility in numerous sports WILLIAM DRAPO Content to leave the girls alone Bill has made him self duly popular with fel lows He proved invaluable to our track team through his abxhty as a mile runner JEAN ANN DUQUETTE MlSChI8VOUS, spiced w1tl1 a JOVIZLI spmt, ever Wllllllg to lend a hand She bowls, she sings, she plays bad mlnton, and when she's not busy at the "Y", she works Alfva HELEN DZUGLO Quiet, but well accepted by everyone because she is so attentive, Helen IS good natured and possesses the sound quality of bemg able to take orders and to carry them out well ROBERT DIDDRICH Cydles must have been born with L basketball m one hand and a book m the other slnce he has blossom ed into one of our foremost court stars as well as a fine student GEORGF DISC HINGER A cooperative low voiced senior whose standlng m the class has been high due to spirited commltt work and participation in class actlvltxes George is a gentleman and a fine sport MAXINE EATON Able to abrldge any de f'lSl01'l, and ready to make frlends with anyone, "Max" has that power wl11ch makes people want to be with her and laugh with her PHYLLIS ECKSTEIN "Bunny's" friendly man ner and love of fun make her a most popular "Miss ' IIer Interests, other than "Beetle," follow the sec retarlal trend, in which field she is quite adept .vim I VERNON EDIN His peace of mind and' quiet way are destined to place and keep him on the road to success. His part- time job has given him a good start toward his goal. SHIRLEY EISENHAUER Beneath this quiet person- ality and unassuming smile there is hidden Shirley's most notable asset, a sens- ible character. She can al- ways be depended upon for HOWARD ENSMINGER Several outside jobs, coupl- ed with the responsibilities bestowed upon a member of the "Tonawandan Business Staff" have joined to make him a reliable senior. MARGUERITE FOSS Marguerite masks her un- usually witty sense of hu- mor by a shy, friendly smile, but get to know her and you'll have fun. VIVIAN FOSTER Small and dark with a mis- chievous twinkle in her eyes, popular in both sports and social activities because she has u likeable disposi- tion, "Viv" is welcome ev- erywhere. friendly companionship. BETTY FREER Here we have a cheerful Miss, who is quietly efli- cieut. Betty is reserved, but has a personality all her own. She takes life smoothly which should prove that her future will be "Smooth Sailing." IRVING GRAWE Football and part time work at Van Ranlte have taken most of this fellow's time. His quietness and sincerity are especially acl- mired by his classmates. CAROL GRISWOLD Quickly und quietly effi- cient, this miniature Miss lives at top speed, with- out a wasted moment. She will get the best out of life through her good hu- mor and gift for gay repar- tee. i .L E, CHESTER FULLER MARGARET GAU "Brush", our record break- ing swimming captain, has gained the admiration of his many friends through his amiability and his un- disguised modesty. He holds the league record for the 220, and has earned his "T" in football. Margaret has gained the highest of recognition throughout the school as a true scholar. Her enviable position has been Won by natural ability and con- scientious study. GENEVA GROBE I-Iere's a girl that really goes in for sports. Her keen athletic ability and good sportsmanship have gained her membership in the Girls' Letter Club. "Noth- ing succeeds like success." EVELYN HEIM A quiet collected girl with a very industrious charac- ter, Evelyn's already busy working part time. In school, her main interests have' followed the sports line. LUCY HELL Another of our tall seniors who has a bright, friendly smile and is a friend to one and all. Although quiet, Lucy has distinguished herself as an adept student. MARY,-HEIMILLER A quiet, unassuming girl, who is a good listener and untiring friend, such as Mary, is bound to reach her ultimate goal. JAMES I-IELLER Another of those small classmeneJim's talent as a French-horn player has given him a fine state rat- ing, and a fine rating with his class. As for sports, his is swimming. BETTY HENDERSON A tiny lass with a. care-free nature, Betty has to be known to be appreciated. She displays good sports- manship in all her activi- ties. Never tiring of a good joke, she always enjoys a hearty laugh. WALLACE HELWIG A good-looking, personable fellow such as -"Wally', is a splendid addition to any Senior Class, and we know that he will be equally as valuable to Uncle Sam's Navy in June. ALLAN I-IERSHELL "Alu has become practi- cally indispensable to the Senior Class and the Year- book Staff with his ingen- ious sense ol' humorand his clever photography. He's hoping to become a pilot in Uncle Sam's Navy. ROBERT HIETZEL "Hetz" has put forth much effort as a member of many senior committees to help make his high school career successful. Basketball fur- nished him with a major let- ter. - i JACK HOTTER "Fuzz" is an outstanding favorite of both boys and girls, and will long be re- membered for his ever pres- ent smile. Tennis, basket- ball, and dancing are his favorites and he 'does him- self proud in each. AUDREY HOWARD A definite beauty has led to her position as "Victory" Queen, a definite intelli- gence to Secretary of the National Honor Society. These qualities have com- bined to make "And" a charming person. dt DONA LD HOWLAND "Silence is more eloquent than words," but Don has not let his quiet manner block the way to friend- ship-ready for fun, ready for a good laugh and always personable. , M . ,flu REGINA JACKSON Jean's job as usherette keeps her busy, but she finds time for basketball and volleyball. Though un- able to attend Junior Class- ical League meetings she is still actively interested in this worthy organization. F 43' ,. +4-vi A k 4 . in , J , h ,.:v.p.,' f " -43 riff A 1 QQQNW fefglfiigg' ' ' 1Sif.'.c.?l,.m. . H . l.. GRACE JANIG3 Prim, neat, and cheerful are adjectives which pro- nounce Grace as a chosen friend. Her name means "patience" which she has combined with a flawless character, thus making her a worthy member of the National Honor Society. gr, ' Q Ur ,wif'5-5.YgiY11""' 5. - . . i' 'U v N . 'P ,t . M 3215. , in :Jun x LSA -'WL 5 u , Crt v ' "' V lllixfi. .w..i+ il-fiv,,':,-.-1-,-'..4',i 'dy gg QU. H. 4v:"'e,'uf,re',- ,J 1 .ill L Entre' .gg --31.2.-'.'iI2.. I ,gf g T. in r 'Y 4g'n"tf,' N Gp A L PM n?-..r-MC . N i""lZL. isisium nk".-XL L4 . JEAN JERGE - Jean has put the experience he gained in the rifle club to good advantage in his outdoor hunting and trap- ping cscapades. A fine fel- low with lots of practical ideas. JACK JOYCE Although Jack seems to drag himself around the corridors he has taken num- erous honors in the 880 run. When Mr. Joyce man- ages to get into class, "Mis- chief, thou art afootn. CLAIRE KAISER Now here is something really sweet, ever depend- able, and dear to the hearts of all her associates. "Muscles', is noted for her artistic work on the "Komment" and the "Ton- awandann. An N. H. S. A 'i ni ,i f! i is I WALLACE KARYUS "Wally" has a way of mak- ing himself at home in the science lab. Always ap- preciative of a good joke he has won. a Warm spot in the hearts of his associates. WILLIAM KOEPSEL Another of the group of '43 graduates, who has entered the service. Bill is also a Navy man who fills out that uniform in true Tonawanda style. RAYMOND KOLB Neat in dress and appear- ance, this agile swimmer is usually quiet and thought- ful. Besides his swimming records, Ray has a line scholastic standing espe- cially in mathematics. ALLEN KUNTZ A fun-loving disposition and high scholastic average, especially in history, arc Bud's chief assets. They warrant his membership in the National Honor So- ciety which truly labels him a gentleman and a scholar. DORIS KUNTZ Tull, blond, vivacious-the three salient characteris- tics present in this person. Outside work and active Girl Reserve participation kept "Dar" plenty busy after the school's routine. 4- ' -0.1117 . A. .- -,,g',E." .ka ia.. -A ,N 4, f. " ,A , - -5. rLi'.f?ti.U.L1n, , , , . member too. W2 ii! M L,-97:1-,475-g.' t iwqs-.. - x SHIRLEY KRUSE Shirl's genial personality and fascinating sense of humor have combined to make her a heart-tingling friend. Her dexterity in secreterial work is definite- ly tops. JANET KRAUSS "Jan "has a host of friends in her path, because she spreads jovial laughter in her wake. She's another one of those students who has finished in three and one half years. DONALD LAMP Here's at fellow who will bear the Marine Corps colors successfully. "Huntz" has proved very capable of handling himself, anytime, anyplace. . V-. Y,-, . , ...dsx- r,- . 'f' . , J. ff C .1 ed- 1 . Q O, ' ' ' -1 Hi 3231 . - mf. 'V i --iff:-.,' 3-5"L"" - ,- .... .,,. . - gy.. . I gI3l'.,7'fj.1' W,Hl ':,Zi- '- T q1'g'y,igi'i'1- 'L 'f'f.5,' :.f' ' - Li 'jgL'q,'3 J. 53413,-jl":7Z1ijsJF - ' , .Y 'fa ' .1 , I 4 ELMER LANDEL This carefree Islander has discovered that study alone does not lead to happy high school days. Thus, he has taken a nonchalant outlook which has warrant- ed many good times. li. , if it ,, , '- I OLGA LASKY Good sports run in this family and Olga has done well in living up to that reputation. She has proved herself to be an enthusias- tic good sport and sincere friend-a winner on any team. ROGER LEADERSTORF This half-pint has created hours of enjoyment for his friends through his hearty laughter and spontaneous personality. "Good things come in small packages". ,Q . i I I f ' la., Q I gf? UIQ! f '-.uf BETTY LEWI N A Winsome smile and bright eyes showing a trace of bashfulness bring Betty into our senior spotlight. She's in the sport-light, too, with her high athletic rec- ord. CLARENCE LIGHT This blonde graduate is now wearing the blue of Uncle Sanfs Navy. His humorous disposition and all-round friendliness will not easily be forgotten. CHARLES LIVINGSTON Broadminded in his classes, Chuck has a scholar's mind hidden beneath his unas- suming manner. He goes along none too quietly, do- ing his full share and more of every thing he under- takes. DONALD LORICH Work has somewhat limit- ed this fcllow's school in- terests. However, Don, and his inseparable friend, his Model A, are both well- known and liked by many students. SHIRLEY LOWSON Sophistication, her ability to sing, plus a dash of soft Irish beauty, will combine to make "Shirl" the suc- cessful model she wishes to be. "A just fortune awaits the deserving." BETTY LUND Betty's jovial spirit and ever-present vitality have made her exceedingly pop- ular in the world of good sports as well as in the classroom. ROBERT LYONS Although Bob works after school, he has made him- self known through his swimming and track abili- ties. Science also ranks high on his activity list. HARRY McKERNAN This fellow's pleasing dis- position and generous smile have created for him a host of friends. His athletic ability has been ably dem- onstrated in his effective participation in football and track. FRANCES MCNALLY Shining hair and blue eyes that breed nothing but radiant laughter give you a picture of Frau, well- liked by all for her sweet personality and good sports- manship. SHERIDAN MANASEN The National Honor Soc- iety member who led the successful Red Cross Drives. -A cooperative fellow, with a willingness to help out and a sunny disposition which have joined in mak- ing him a worthwhile addi- tion to the '43 class. ll r' P .v I ' VIVI AN MAY A blond prettiness mixed with great musical talent on the accordion announce the fact that "Viv,' is in our presence. We will play the part of a satisfied aud- ience as long as she furn- ARTHUR MERRILL It's actual work and initia- tive that determine our value, and Art has proved to be a quiet and thought- ful worker. "A good sport in any sport." CARLTON MEYER "Ozzie" has decided to follow a tricky profession, namely "Magic" His pro- fessional travels and splen- did assembly programs have convinced us that we shall some day see his name in EDITH MILLER You have but to meet Edith to know that a full .stream of humor lies beneath her quietness and reserve. Her merry blue' eyes and sin- cere smile are the marks of a true friend. ishes the entertainment. MADGE MILLER Here's an attractive girl thn.t's always ready for a good time with her many friends. But that's not all, Madge is well on her way to becoming an accurate, capable secretary. MARJORIE MILLS Take a sparkling smile, a delightful sense of humor, add the qualities of a real friend and you'll find that Marge has a most individ- ual attractiveness. lights. l i , " '. f-- ,1 ROBERT MINN EY Because of work and other outside interests, Bob's school activity has been limited. However, he has learned life's greatest les- son, "How to make friends." Y QW ' ' - '5""?'5iL':-'ivli. MARGARET MOLNAR "Marg" had distinguished herself throughout the school by her superb sales- manship in the Senior Magazine Sale, and further- more, as a cooperative friend and good sport. WALTER NOVOTN Y Those who haven't ac- quainted themselves with "Spin" on the football field or in the pool have surely done so in other ways. Just a hnppy-go- lucky sportsman. SHIRLEY NUGENT "Shirl" is zu. jovial, fun-lov- ing person who rates tops with fellas and gals. Her contagious giggle and sense of humor make her a wel- come member to any crowd. PEARL OLKA Every now and then Pearl takes time out from her duties at the soda fountain to win more honors in the pool. This excellent swim- mer is Il thoroughly sports- minded girl. sl ROBERT PARMENTIER 'l'here's a certain sincerity in "Swope's" actions that leaves a valid impression. Fellows and girls know him and like him through associations with him on the football squad, his easy-going stride, and care- free "Hi!" WILLIAM PATRICK Quiet and industrious with definite ideas of his own, Bill has gained a coveted place in the minds of those who know him. ALEX PAUL When it comes to activities, Alex is content to stay in the background, but give him a football or place him in any sport and you'll find he's a fine athlete. ROBERT PLASTER "A good time always" is Bob's motto. He finds that bowling and golfing are two good ways to uphold this motto. I . l i , , 3 l , . li 'G HARRIETTE RECH C h e e r f ul , cooperative, friendly are but a few,of the words that best charac- terize Harriette. Always willing and resourceful, this young lady has found her- self on many a committee. ARTHUR RITCHIE Sometimes shy, yet very friendly, with a lot of tal- ent and a lot of friends. That best describes this enthusiastic bowler and cle- ver musician. Art's enviable reputation has come through RENA ROBERT In this petite, dark-haired lassie, we ' fine a natural aptitude for languages, com bined with an invigorating personality and boundless ener which has made her gym . active in many fields his "tickling the ivories". and popular with everyone. GRACE ROBILLARD ELIZABETH ROBINS Grace has been content to sit in the background in quiet repose, but her shy, reassuring smile has won her many friends. "In quietness you shall find confidence and strength." Small and quiet ways can- not conceal her likeable dis- position. Rain or shine, "Libbe" is always there when you want her. I In "f'gi'af1f'3 qljr V .... V ja F K ' we-.f mas. Y . '-5:54 .2 ' 'e- '4 -:g1Qf3r1,.,,, " nip. . hz. "zit,:,.4 f " x.. .. 35if12A.1fQ- - RICHARD RECH As N. H. S. president and business manager of both the "Tonawandan" and Senior Magazine sale, Dick has displayed his executive ability, touching it off by a keen sense of humor and his obvious enjoyment of agoodjoke. BARBARA RICHARDSON The glass of fashion, mold of fun, with a beauty all her own-Barb's dramatic ability is portrayed very vividly by every move. She is extremely popular with both students and teachers. ROBERT ROOT We had a "root" at the bottom of a lot of fun at T. I-I. S. for the last four years. This blond, easy go- ing cheerlieader is just packed with intelligence and originality. JOHN ROGERS A keen mind and sense' of responsibility have already sent "Jack" to the Univer- sity of Buffalo. He's a good dancer, swimmer, and bad- minton player. We hope his future will be as bright as his days at Tonawanda I-Iigh. l 1 l VERNA ROY Whenever Verna is around, you can expect a good time. Her versatility and love of sports have opened the door to friendship. "A gentle smile-the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit." RAYMOND SCHAEFER At present, Ray is in reserve service at Rensselaer Uni- versity. At T. H. S. he was in the National Honor So- ciety, on the business statl' of this annual, and had outstanding capability in math. and science. LOIS SHAIN For a popular girl with a good scholastic standing and a long list of extra- curricular activities, look no farther than our smil- ing friend, Lois Shain. Q .I I 4, -. ':""'- .,-also , 2. , "11- , 155.2551 .,xd,, ' fi '43-"ics " " as N Q :sh 4 nl .4 -... n ,I , 2 "uw-vu. 50' ' .151 3165, . 2 u J' , "" N , .-5-r isfiiis NORMA SARKOVICS "All out for the Navy," says Norma. Those winning basketball teams and all the other sports teams you helped to make will surely remember your enthusiasm and ability in that field. N ORMA SCHMEICI-IEL If to succeed is success, Norma is well on the way to reaching her goal in life. Thus far her ever-present sense of humor, jovial personality, and scholastic ability have woneher many friends and a responsible position as secretary to Mr. Clukey. ri CARMELIA SINTCROP1 Carmie's keen mind and sweet personality have made her an eager and most welcome participant in many activities. In her next venture, college, we wish her the utmost of success. ,-1" , 5, GORDON SATTELBERG A warm, friendly nature and a gift for music' have been the chief factors in this fellow's success. Two of G0rdy's accomplish- ments are the highest rat- ing on the violin and a reputation as one of the finest dancers in the class. DORIS SCHAEFER She's a typical high school seniorg popular and pretty, with the most elegant taste in clothes. Even though she's little, she moves a- round mighty fast on the basketball court. LOIS SCHUETZ A bright smile and a joy- ous "Hi-Ya!" ,announce Lo's arrival upon the scene. Her vim, vigor, and vital- ity keep her constantly on the gog and with her good sportsmanship and keen' sense of humor, shels a welcome member to any gathering. CLARENCE SCHUTT More interested in the war effort than social act- ivity, Clarence spent much of his time working at Bell. To top it off, l1e enlisted in the Army in January. STEPHEN SlNICROPI This lad has established himself as a hard Worker in and out of school. His enthusiastic membership in such organizations as the rifle and science clubs has gained him much popu- larity. gleam BETTY SMITH When it comes to athletics, there's no one to compare with "Smitty," Participat- ing in nearly every sport and possessing a sparkling personality, she has been duly elected president of the Girl's Letter Club. y, Q, l , QQ: O Ti l? "H, ,," 'Af a good bowler, and a tal- BEVERLY SMITH JEAN SMITH SAM SOLOMON WILLIAM A wilhng, enthusiastic, "Cute" is the word that - "Sammy" spends much of SOMMERFELDT sports like spirit, a sincere definitely personifies Jean. smile and an earnest and This petite Grand Island industrious character will Miss is well known by all surely bring Beverly sue- for her vivacious spirit, cess in her chosen field, friendly smile and cheer- his day with his trumpet, at school clubs, activities such as the Senior 1 lay, and finally, part time work. The rest of the time is his. Nothing really great can be achieved without en- ' thusiasm and of that, Bill has a plenteons supply. He's plenty speedy afoot, nursing leading ability. 'W l ' " . i ', l ' i:.4E' ' rl w "1 :M . .g.,i,..-Q.,-ga ' 3 ii ff ,., L i Q. F 'R ented clarinet player. J UN E SPOHR June is one of those people who have very little to say but somehow know the answers to all the ques- tions the teachers may ask. "No sky is heavy if the heart is light." nl CONSTANCE STAN Diminutive in size, this peppy cheerleader makes up her lack of stature in en- ergy. Besides cheerleading, Connie has busied herself in the gym, in the pool and at National Honor Society meetings. REGINA STARNES Regina is a little person that holds a wealth of friendliness. Her quietness and confidence are going to be her chief aids for the future. THOMAS STARNES Tom has proven a pleasant addition to the senior home- room. This quiet, conserv- ative member hopes to aid the war effort as an air- pla11e mechanic. NORMA START WVith Irish eyes "a-smilingn and ever-ready with a spontaneous laugh, Norma has endeared herself to the hearts of all who know her. ROBERT STENZEL "Butch's" extra-curricular activities have been some- what limited because of work. However, he has es- tablished himself as a fine student who should do well in his next adventure, Uncle Sam's Navy. .- f, .es -f NN I - .jiri I fJ"3',i I fbi' A 1: ? "af I iff! Qi .'??lizt. ', LOUISE STUEWE LAURA TEETER Louise is at home when she can place her fingers on asclf and be content to type. She's a sincere, blue-eyed, blonde who is capable of doing big things. In the short time Laura has been attending our Alma Mater, we have found her pleasing and cheerful personality Wel- come. hfay she be the college graduate she de- sires. GEORGE TRAUTMAN George appears quiet and modest but to his fellow scouters and other close issocxates he is a coopera- tive happy-go-lucky, and 'xbox e all a. well-liked fellow. LANNETTE WHEELER Although Len" has only been in our school for her senior year she has gained the friendship of many. Underneath her quiet out- ward appearance, we find an amiable disposition and cheerv countenance. 3 1-'14 '15 ' x VIRGINIA THOMSEN Meet the Bowling Clubis high scoring winner. Vir- ginia's ever-present vitality, skill, and accuracy have combined to rate her "tops" in basketball, volley ball, and various other athletics. ROBERT THORPE Bobis scholastic ability is best revealed by his work in the science lab. His part- time job has given him an insight on life's problems. DORIS VOISINET Another diminutive Senior , who has accomplished big things in the field of extra- curricular activities. A rad- iant friendliness and re- freshing spirit have made Doris popular. i V I-.13 '. fi' "sf 1 LESLIE WHITEHEAD f WILLIAM WILSON Already one step ahead- Bill's Les finished school in Jan- rifle and bowling clubs has uary and her business proved him a fine sports- education is already pay- man and companion, where- ing its dividends. We'll al- as hi ways remember her for her confirmed his industrious- shining hair, neat appear- ness. ance and spontaneous smile. GLORIA TIEBOR on the band stand. ROBERT WEBER Bob's enthusiasm for foot- ball has made him a prom- inent "T" club member. Part-time work has limited his membership in other organizations. activeness in the s outside work has Combine Gloria's merry laughter and lively wit with her musical talent and you'll know why she has always been an added pleasure in class-room, club room, and GERALD TOOKE ing character. . A ' VE, .. 'A L MARYELLEN WEINI-IEIMIER Neat in appearance and effi- cient. Pretty? Definitely. Golden hair and a. person- ality that shows the mark- ings of a true lady. We pre- dict a bright future for Mary Ellen. DONALD WOODS "Tank's" quiet, resource- ful, classroom attitude does not deceive his many friends who know him as a fun-lover and a hard work- er. Football and outside work filled in his spare time. l Bowling and part time work have collaborated to make Gerry's life a happy one. Quick Witted and friendly, he has an outstand JOSEPH WARTHLING Joe's bowling ability inter- woven with his ,popularity have enabled him to go far in senior class annals. He works as a clerk during his spare time. JOHN YIANILOS John has been Very jactive in our band and-,gn the business staff of this publi- cation. He is welcomed in every organization for his business-like ediciency. , ,A ROBERT HALL "Joe's" careless stride, tilt- ed ski-cap, and performance on the basketball court are trade-marks that will al- ways keep him in our mem- ories. ADDITIONAL SENIORS JOHN KEICHER PETER RECH "Thus far our' fortune keeps an upward course And We are grac'd with Wreathes of victory." Shakespeare x OUR "VICTOR Y" QUEE f 'mcyfi A ff ff Q f N' l ' 9 I A v 'g4'.,1 . ' 'I XXDL V-,. A Ju , sg,3',,:V'1.. 0 'A-4 K' 1 0. X v' l"f,yz, U xx' f. ,. -. -x 1 N , x JA-if all u . Miss Audrey I K. 1 ! ,,s-,' fIowa.1'd THE GIRLS MARY JANE ABRAHAM-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Softball 1, 2, S, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 8, 4, Varsity 2, 4: Girls' Letter Club 2, S, 4: DancingLClub 4: Senior Play NANCY JEAN AL AN-Choir 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 8 BELINDA BQLL-Basketball 1, 2, 8: Volleyball 1, 2, 8: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Swimming 1, 2, S, 4, Captain 9.: Badminton 1, 2, 8, 4: Girls' Letter Club 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Bowling Club 2,1 8, 4: Jr. Classical League 8, 4: Girl Reserves 2, Vice President PATRICIA BALL- Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4, Captain 4: Badminton 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, S: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimmin 1, 2, 4: -Senior Play: French Club 8, 4,fI'reasurer 4: Bowling Cluln 4: Jr. Classical League 4, Treasurer: Glrl Reserves 2, 8, 4, Secretary 8: Science Club 4, Treasurer: Girls' Letter Club 2, S, 4: Booster Club 2, S: Photography Club 1. HELEN BALTES-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, S: Volleyball 1, 2, 4, Captain 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2: Archery Club 4: Dramatic Club 2: Booster Club 3, 4: Girls Letter Club 3 MARIANNA BEALS GERALDINE BIEHLER-Transferred from East High School in 1942 ALYCE BRAUN-Basketball 1, 3, 4: Archery Club 4: Baseball 2, 4: V Booster Club 4: Band 1, 2: Baton Twirler 8, 4 EVA BRKOVICII-Volleyball 1, 2: Photography Club 1, 2: Booster Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3: Senior Play GLORIA BROKENSHIRE-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain Q: Bad- mmtpn 4: Baseball 1, 2, Captain 2: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain S: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, resident 4: Bowling Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Senior Play: Science Club 2: Choir 4: irls' Letter Club 2: Photography Club 2 JANET B OWNING-Girl Reserves 8, 4: Choir 4: Booster Club 3 RUTH BRUSH-Basketball 1, 2, Captain 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Senior Banner Committee: Girl Reserves 8: Choir 1, 2, 4: Bowling ll 4 BERNICE BURNGASSER-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 1, 2, 3: Valley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Badminton 2, S, 4: Baseball 1, 42, 3: Varsity Basketball 2, 8, 4: Shulile Board 1, 2: Ping Pong 1: Tennis 3: Girl Reserves 2, S: Boosters Club 2, 8: Bowling Club 2, S: Girls' Letter Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Journalistic Club 1, 2 SHIRLEY BURT-Basketball 1, 9.: Volleyball 1, 2: Baton Twirler 3, 4 LILLIAN BUSH-Basketball 3: Volleyball 3: Girl Reserves 8 . JANE CHEVERETTE-Booster Club 1: Jr. Classical League 3: Girl Reserves 2, 8 DORCQTSIQYQCHRISTY-Volleyball 1, 2, 8: Senior Play: Booster U n PEARL CONSIER-Librarian Assistant 8, 4: Candy Salesman 3, 4 RUTH COOK--Volleyball 1, 2, S, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Candy Salesman MARJORIE DICKINSON MARJORIE DIEDRICH-National Honor Society 4: Volleyball 1: Basketball 1, 2, 8: Yearbook 8, 4, Assistant Editor 4: Junior Classi- cal League 2, 3, 4, President 4: French Club 3, 4, President 4: Booster Club 8, 4, Treasurer, 4: Photography Club 1, 2: Girl Re- serves 2, 8, 4, :Dancinifllub 1 VIRGINIA DOYLE-Bas etball I, 2, 8, Captain 1, 3: Volleyball. 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain l, Manager 2: Baseball, Manager 4: Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4: Bowling Club 4: Letter Club 2, 3, 4. JEAN AN N DUQUETTE-Basketball 2, 4: Senior Play: Bowling Club 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: Booster Club 2, 8 . b ' HELEN DZUGLO-Baseball 1: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Kmttmg Club 2 MAXINE EATON--Bhotography Club l, 2, S, Secretary 2: Booster Club 1, 3, 4: Bowling C nb 4: Girl Reserves 4 PHYLLIS ECKSTEIN-Softball 2: Badminton 4: Senior Play: Girl Reserves 2, 8, 4, President 4: Bowling Club 4 SHIRLEY EISENHAUER-Girl Reserves FOSS-Basketball 1, 2, 3: Volleyball l, 52, B, 4: Soft- 9- v 5OSTER-Basketball 1, 2, 8: Baseball 2, 8: Girl Reserves 1 - 1 4 BETTY FREER-Volleyball 2, 3, Manager 4: Senior Play: Booster Club 4: Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 1 MARGARET GAU-Yearbook Stall: Jr Classical League 4 CAROL GRISWOLD-Girl Reserves 1, Secretary GENEVA GROBE-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Bad- minton 8: Softball 1: Girls' Letter Club 8, 4, Vice President 4: Bowling Club 2 EVELYN EIM-Knitting Club 1, Q MARY HEIMILLER-Choir S LUCY HELL BETTY HENDERSON-Volleyball 8: Swimming 3: Basketball 42 Girl Reserves 3, 4 WILLOENE HENDRY-National Honor Society S, 4 Vice President 4: Badminton 2, S, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity S, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Ping Bong 8: Baseball 3, 4: Senior Class Secretary: Magazine Sale Committee: Yearbook Stall: Boosters Club 4: President: Girl Reserves 8, 4, Secretary 4: Girls' Letter Club 4, Secretary: French Club S: Science Club S: Music Club 3: Band 2, 3, Vice President 3: Orchestra. 2, 8: Girl Reserve Conference Representative: State Music Comwgetition 2, 8 AUDREY H0 ARD-National Honor Society 8, 4, Secretary ' 4: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball S: Senior Play: Yearbook Stall: Bowling Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, Secretary S l REGINA JACKSON-Basketball 1, 2, S: Volleyball 3: Jr. Classical League 2, S, 4 GRACE JANKE-National Honor Society 4: Softball 1: Basketball 1, 2: Yearbook StaH: Pro and Con 1: Spanish 1: Komment 3: Sci- ence Club S. 4: Booster Club 2, 4: Jr, Classical League 2, S, 4 CLAIRE KAISER-National Honor Society 4: Ma azine Sale Com- mlttee: Senior Play: Yearbook Stall' S, 4: Pro and Con 1: Jonrnallstlc Club 2: Komment Staff 2, 3: Booster Club 4: Science Club 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, S, 4 JANET KBAUSS-SwimmingB1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Softball 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, S, 4: owling Club 1, 2, 8: Cheerleading 1, 2, 8 SHIRLEY KRUSE-Basketball 3, 4, Manager 3: Badminton 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Champ in Shuflleboard Doubles 3: Senior Magazine Sale: Senior Play: Bowling Club 8: Dancing Club 1: Booster Club 1, 2: Girl Reserves 2, 8, 4: Representative 2 DORIS KUNTZ-Basketball, captain: Girl Reserves 1, 2, S, 4, Treasur- er 2, regwresentatwe 3 OLGS EAZ ISY-Softball 1: Library Assistant 1: Chorus 1, 2: Booster U 1 BETTY LEWIN-Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3: Volleyball 2, 3: Badminton 8, 4: French Club 3, 4: Photography Club 2: Library Assistant 4: Letter Club 4:.Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 SHIRLEY LOWSON-Swimming 1: Basketball 1, 2: Senior Play: Dramatic Club 2,.4: Chorus: Girl Reserves 2, S BETTUY LUND-Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3: Basketball Q, 3: Girl Reserves 2, S, 4 ' FRANCES McNALLY-Knitting Club: Basketball, Captain 2, 3 VIVIAN MAY-Baseball 1: Basketball 1, 2: Swimming Team 2: Cheer- leadilnlg 1, 2: Girl Reserves 2, 8 EDITH ILLER-Girl Reserves 2, 3 MADGE MILLER-Volleyball B: Basketball 3: Defense Stamp Conl- mittee 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 8, 4: Komment 3 MAIUORIE MILLS-Badminton 8, 4: Senior Play: Magazine Sale Committee: Yearbook Stall: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Dancing Club 1: gaamatic Club 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Komment 3, Assistant :tor MARGARET MOLNAR-Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4: Softball 1, 2, 8, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 8, 4: Tennis 2, 8: Senior Play: Dancing Club 1: Ridiniglub 1: Jr. Classical League 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' tter Club 4 SHIRLEY NUGENT-Girl Reserves PEARL OLKA-Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2: Baseball 2 HARRIETTE RECH-Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4: Softball 1, 2: Vollevhall l,.Q, 3: Badminton 8, 4: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Magazine Sale Com- gltttee: setter Club 8, 4: Girl Reserves Q, 8, 4: Booster Club 2: orus BARBARA RICHARDSON-Transfer from Bennett Sept. '41: Year- book Stall: Senior Play: Bowling Club 8: Girl Reserves 3 RENA ROBERT-Basketball 1, 5, 4: Volleyball 4: Jr. Classical League 4: Spanish Club 4 GRACE ROBILLARD-Basketball 1: Jr. Classical League 3, 4: Girl Reset-ves.2, S, 4 ELIZABETH ROBINS--Volleyball 1, 2, S: Baseball 1: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 3, 4: Archery Club 4 . VERNA ROY-Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 8, 4, Captain S: Softball 1, 2, S: Bowling S: Girl Reserves 4: Girls' Letter Club.4 NORMA SARKOVICS-Swimming S, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 8: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Banner Committee: Girls' Letter Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2 DORIS SCHAEFER-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, 3: Girl Reserves 4: Booster Club 2, 8 I NORMA SCHMEICHEL-Basketball 4: Badminton 3, 4: Senior Play: Yearbook Staff: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 8, 4, Vice President 4: Inter- Cliglflouncg 41: Dranaatic Club 4: Booster Club 1, 4: Archery Club 4: 1 rarv sslstant LOIS SCHUETZ-Basketball 1, S: Swimmin 8: Photography Club Q: Booster Club 1: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Inter-lllub Council 4 LOIS SHAIN-Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4, Varsity Basketball 4: Volleyball Volleyball 1, 9, 3, 4, Captain 2: Softball l, 2, 3: Stand Committee 4: Bowling 8, 4: Girls' Letter Club 4: Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4: Library Assistant 4: Science Club 4: Table Tennis 3: Girl Reserves 4, Vice President CARMELIA SINICROPI-fBaglcetbnll I, 2, .S, 4: Volleyball 2, S, 4, Captain 2: Softball liBlJ.dlIllllli10ll 3,.4: Senior Iflay: Classical League 3, 4,'Secrctary 4: Science Club 4: Library Assistant 4: Girls 'Letter Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Girl Reserves 2, 8, 4, Representative 8, 4: Knittilnf Club 2: Photography Club 2 BETTY S ITH-Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4, Varsity A 2, S, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 8, 4: Badminton 8, 4: Table Tennis 3: Senior Play: Girl Reserves 3, 4-:llsetter Club 8, Vice President, 4 President: Booster Club 2, 8, 4, Vice President 4: Bowling Club 3 BEVERLY SMITH-Basketball 2, 4: Volleyball 2 ' JEAN,SMIT1-I-Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 2: Basketball Varsity S, 4: Swimming l, 2, 8, 4: Badminton 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 3: Table Tennis 3: Senior Play: Stamp and Bond Committee: Girl Reserves 3, 4: gxinlench glub 2, S: Girls' Letter Club 4: Cheerleading 4: Band 1, 2, S: orus , S, 4 JUNE SPOHR-Basketball 1, 2: Junior Classical League 3, 4 CONSTANCE STAN-National Honor Society 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 45 Swimming 1, 2, 8, 4 Captain 1, 2, S: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 8, 4: Tennis 3: Senior Play: Senior Personal Cards: Cheer- lcadin 1, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Classical League ,3, 4: girl Reserves Vice President 3, 4: Gxrlsf Intter Club Q, 4 REGLIIINQ STARNES-Transfer from Central High School, Flint, ic 1 an SHIRLEY? F. STOBERL-National Honor Society 4: Basketballtl, 2, 8, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 8, 4, Captain 3: Baseball 1, 2, S: Varsity Basketball S, 4: Badminton 2, 8, 4: Magazine Sale Committees: Editorial Stai Yearbook 4: Vice Presl ent Senior Class: Senior Play: Spanish Club 4, Secretary: Chorus 4, Secretary: Girls' Letter Club, 4: Public Speakin Winner 8: Secretary Junior Class: Tracing 4: First Aid 4: Airplanexbpotting 4 LOUISE STUEWE-Basketball 2: Yearbook Staff 4 LAURA TEETER-Laura was transferred to our school from N. T. during her Senior year VIRGINIA THOMSEN-Basketball 1, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, S, 4: Volley- ball 4, Captain: Dancing,Club 4: Bowling Club 3, 4 GLORIA TIE OR-Basket all 1, 2, S, 4, Captain 1,-Manager 2: Volleyball 1, 5, 4: Baseball 1: Tennis 3, 4: Badminton 4: French Club 8, 4: Music Club 4: Dancing Club 1: Girl Reserves Q, S, 4 Secretary S: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4: Orchestra 2, S, 4: Booster Club 8, 4: Journalistic Club 3: Knitting Club 3 D DORIS VOISINET-Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 8,.4, Captain 2: Softball l, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1: Badminton. 4: Swimming Team 1, Q, 8, 4: Senior Play: Bowling Club 3, 4: Girls' Letter Club S, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 4, . I MARY ELLEN WEINHEIMER-Badminton S, 4: Senior Play: Ring Committee: Girl Reserves 2, S, 4: Junior Classical League 8, 4: Journalistic Club 3: Spanish Club, Vice President 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Dancing Club 1 LANNETTE WHEELER-Girl Reserves 4. ' Lannctte was transferred to Tonawanda High from Hudson Falls at the be inning of her Senior year. . LESLIE WHITEH AD-Knitting Club: Curl Reserves: Booster Club: Volleyball: Basketball, Softbal : Badminton THE BOYS RICHARD ALLAN-Football 45 Hockey 35 Band 1, 2, 8, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 85 Bowlin Club 4 HAROLD ALLEN-Football 2, 8, 45 Track 1, 2, 8, 45 Swimming 85 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 T Club 2, 8, 45 Rifle Club 2 ALLEN ANDERSON DAVID ANDRES-Bowling Club 1, 2, 8 ROBERT BEDELL-Football 8, 45 Swimmingd 1, 2, 8, 4, Captain 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 ife Saving 2, 35 Maga- zine Sale Committee5 Yearbook5 Senior Play5 T Club 1, 2, 8, 4, President 45 Dramatic Club 15 Cheerleader 15 Boxin Club 15 Bud- minton Club 25 Student Council 1, 2, 5 Booster Cslub 1, 2, Vice President 15 Secretary Junior Class ROY CLARE-Senior Banner Committee5 Choir 4 ROY CREASEY-Yearbook Stall, Chief Photographer 2, S, 45 Bad- minton Club 1, 25 Bowling Club 1, 25 Photography Club 2, 85 Victory Corps 4 , ROBERT DIEDRICH--Basketball 2, 3, 45 Senior Play, Assistant Stage Manager5 Business Stat! Yearbook5 Riding Club 25 Victory Corps 45 Band 1, 25 T Club 4 GEORGE DISCHINGER-Senior Name Card Committee5 Choir 1 WILLIAM DRAPO-Basketball Manager 25 Intramural Basketball 15 Track 25 Victory Corps 4 VERNON EDIN--Photography Club 2 HOWARD ENSMINGER-Intramural Basketball 1, 25 Yearbook Staii5 Band 1, 2, 85 Victory Corps 4 CHESTER FULLER-Football 3, 45 Swimming 1, 2, S, 4, Captain 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 T Club 2, 3, 4 IRVING GRAWE-Football S ROBERT HALL-Basketball 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 35 Bad- minton Club 1, 25 Band 1, 25 Riding Club 25 Bowling Club 1, 2, 35 Victory Corps 4 ROBERT HANIBLET-National Honor Society 8, 4, Treasurer 45 Basketball 2, S, 4, Captain 45 Tennis 1, 2, 8, 4, Captain 2, 35 Golf Club 1, 25 Badminton Club 1, 2, 3,5 Senior Class President5 Senior Play5 Yearbook Stail' 3, 4, Editor 45 Dramatic Club 45 T Club 45 Band, Drum Major 1, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 35 Orchestra 25 Student Council 25 Bowling Club 15 Public Speaking Winner 3 JAMES HELLER-Swimming 25 Senior Banner Committee5 Band 1, 2, S, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 8, 45 Victory Corps 4 WALLACE HELWIG-Swimming 35 Chess Club 2, 85 Victory Corps 4 ALLAN HERSCHELIQ-Magazine Sale Committee5 Yearbook Pho- tographer 2, 3, 45 Science 'lub 8, 45 Photography Club 2, 85 Band 15 Archery Club 8, 45 Pro and Con Club 15 Bowling Club 25 Victory Corps 45 Science Congress 8 ROBERT HETZEL-Tennis 1, 2, 85 Basketball 2, 8, 45 Business Stal! Yearbook5 Senior Play5 Student Council 25 Bowling Club 15 Dra- matic Club 1, 25 Banc 1, 2 JACK HOTTER-Tennis 2, 85 Basketball 45 Senior Play5 -Spanish Club 45 Science Club 8 DONALD HOWLAND JEAN JERGE-Football 45 Rifle Club 1, 2 JACK JOYCE-Track 1, 2,.8, 4, Co-Captain 8, 45 Badminton Club 2 S5 Bond Committee Charrman5 Senior Play5 T Club 45 Rifle Club 1, 2, 85 Science Club 2, 85 Freshman Class President5 Sophomore Class President WALLACE KARYUS4cience Club 1, 2, S JOHN KEICHER-Swimming 1, 2 WILLIAM KOEPSEL-Swimming 25 Track5 Ride Club5 Chess Club RAYMOND KOLB-Swimming Tearn 1, 2, 8, 45 T Club 5, 45 Archery Club 8, 45 Booster Club 2. ALLEN KUNTZ- National Honor Society 45 Tennis S, 4, Manager 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Senior Play5 Business Stal! Yearbook5 Science Club 4 President 45 Dramatic Club 45 Junior Classical League 45 Band l, 2, 85 Bowling Club DONALD LAMP-Football 2, 5, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2 ELMER LANDEL ROGER LEADERSTORF CLARENCE LICHT-Track5 Chess Club5 Rme uno CHARLES LIVINGSTON-Business Stat! Yearbook5 Science Club 1, 2 DONALD LORICH ROBERT LYONS-Track 25 Swimming 15 Science Club 1, 2, 8 HARRY McKERNAN - Football 35 Track S, 45 Victory Corps 45 Senior Pls.y5 Bowling Club 4 SHERIDAN IVIANASEN-National Honor Society 45 Football 45 Yearbookg Senior Play: Chairman of Penny Campaign and Red Cross Drive5 Junior Classical League 2, 8, 45 Vice resident 45 Band 1, 2, 5 ARTHUR MERRILL CARLTON MEYERS-Badminton Club I, 2, 35 Baud 1, 2, 8, 4, President l, 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 8, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Music Club 55 Dramatic Club 45 State Music Competition 2, 85 Assembly Program in Magic 1, 2, 4 ROBERT MINNEY-Band 1, 2, 8, 45 Orchestra 2 WALTER NOVOTNY-Swimming 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Riding Club 2 ROBERT PARMENTIER-Football 8, 4 WILLIAM PATRICK ALEX PAUL-Football 2, 8, 45 Basketball 25 Intramural 8 ROBERT PLASTER-Golf Club 1, 25 Ritie Club 25 Bowling Club 1, 2 PETER RECH-Football 2, 3, 45 Swimming 1, 2, 3 RICHARD RECH-National Honor Society 8, 4, President 45- Badmin- ton Club l, 2, 85 Magazine Sale, Business Manager5 Yearbook, Business Mana er5 Cheerleading 2, 8, 45 Golf Club 15 Bowling Club 1, 2, 8, 4, Presigent 45 Dramatic Club 2, 4, President 45 Junior Class President: Chess Club 15 Student Council 2, 3, Victory Corps 4 ARTHUR RITCHIE-Track 35 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 25 Bowling Club S, 4 JOHN ROGERS-Badminton 1, 2, 85 Business Staff Yearbook ROBERT ROOT-Badminton 1, 2, 8, 45 Intra-Mural Basketball 2, 8, 45 Track 1, 2, 5, 45 Stage Manager Senior Play5 Senior Prom Com- mi'ttee5 Yearbook 'Stalf 5 Science Club 35 Photography Club 25 Cheerleader 2, 8, 45 Chess Club 25 Victory Corps 4 GORDON SATTELBERG-Senior Play5 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 8, 4, President5 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 Photography Club 25 Music Club 85 Journalistic Club 25 State Music Competition 2, 8, 4 RAYMOND SCHAEFER-National Honor Society 45 Business Stud' Yearbook5 War Bond Cornmittee5 Badminton Club: Rifle Club CLARENCE SCHUTT STEPHEN SINICROPI-Rifle Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Junior glafical League 2, 8, 45 French Club 4, Vice President5 Bowling u 4 JAMES SOLDWISCH-Football 8, 45 Swimming 1, 2, S5 Senior Class Treasurer5 Yearbook5 Magazine Sale Committeeg Student Council 3, Vice President5 T Club 45 Sports Editor, Komment 35 Victory Corps 45 Senior Play5 Senior Prom Committee, Chairman SAM SOLOMON-Senior Play5 Band 1, 2, 8, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 Music Contest 1, 2, 8, 45 Bowling Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4 WILLIAM SOMMERFELDT-Track 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 45 Orchestra 2, 45 Music Contest 1, 2, 8, 45 Bowling Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4 THOMAS STARNES ROBERT STENZEL ROBERT THORPE-Badminton 25 Senior Play5 Victory Corps GERALD TOOKE-Bowling Club 25 Victory Corps 4 GEORGE TRAUTMAN-Swimming S, 45 Science Club 8, 4 JOSEPH WARTHLING-Band 1, 25 Bowling Club 1, 2 ROBERT WEBER-Swimming 25 Football 8, 45 Senior Ring Com- rnittee5 T Club 4 WILLIAM WILSON-Bowling Club 3, 45 Rifle Club 1, 2, S, President 3 DONALD WOODS-Football 2, 8, 45 Swimming I, 2 JOHN YIANILOS-Magazine Sale Committee5 Yearbook Business Statfg Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice President 85 President 45 Bowhng Club 8, 45 Badminton Club 1, 2 F,-95.1 HJ' M 'JL D .- Ip: rf: , P' . .r"v"g1,iTxAifil3 1, ...f .in IA ' 1 -Y, ' 5 md Lf" xx QQ' .-. More yearbook st ,Q TP -iL Jammln the ofiice --fr ll Jlm, ,W Semors ln SCIVICC Roy, the queen 'f1,x-4157!-i'Q'm .L FHM K I A r x "Curly" explains L. 2 A in if X O 1 ,Q-2. 4.4.1-7 - x F- - 1. 1., - .flf I v 1' QVJJ "1il1l'+w r .-w ' ' .. :.:., f , ,, W" Q 'i,,i-429115324-i?1f'7':'?'q ii,j.7.....45. - ,. .4-iailfiivil . Master Mmd Manasen A . Ff3f'is'f'5?3Yg?75f1iE'5 ,775 .sin :Els V sl, -,u,4 4, . ,.v I ,. . , , , , ,-.31 uf, , Y r. ,. Y - H 3 . 5 ,.v:.- ix-if - Q Y.. fi ' -32,519 X4 Bill Watson with the sta --1 Q 'nl liz- x Q Q . clrief plloamgrapherhi- 1 I I'P"'l Yr? . "'-!fs1eann.r,..,g14nL.- f ""-v2r.AA,...-,L.,:L,f- 'AA QW! 1' Our Prom Committee 2- ,s I my M T :Sf " , zitozf M - we-Hriwf - N ,. ' 1: Eel ,Q-,A , ,,, 1 'N i Ygi. Q55 oi Z 1 V a5zQ,14...,wgHgg, - 1, ' 6 ii' M52 r fa ,QE , A -'TEE--. A... Z'-' Meyer" produces rabbit 4-1, Q' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' V, T-' , , fi" - - x A .117 .Q mqgug :V , 1 - ,ggail - . , W Y ,V fzswgg gr z-g..z 41--v.: Qu,-.-5,q:.'-xr5ia:.,'gz,-1-3'-H-11:-.,1f,',,f "1-,mfs ' f ' K ' , -'f-as-1 - 1 -uf:--. '- ' ' V- fig Neighbors First row: Audrey Howard, Gloria Brokenslxire, Patricia Ball. Sccoml row: Richard llech. .lean Ann Duqueite, .Norma Sturt, Betty Freer. Thin! row: .luck Joyce, Doris Volsinct, Phyllis Eckstein, Ruth Brush, Eva Brkovich, Bernice Burngnsser, Harry Mc-Kerman. Fourth row: .lack Hatter, Lois Schuetz, Shirley Kruse, Luis SlIll.lIl, Mnrguret Nloluur, Shirley Lowson, Stephen Sinicropi. Stage Crew On ladder: Robert Root. Onjloar: Robert Hall, Robert Dicdrich. Miss Marion Tripodi, Director 0 an Q45 r I c f if Class Officers Slmul-ing: Marjorie Burns, Richard McBride. Sealed: George Eberle, Marilyn Soldwisch. :lil I as. he 6 Ackerman, Leona Allen, Lois Anderson, Dorothy Bacon, Robert Baqdy, Gerald Bm ey, Herbert Bolling, Theresa Balog, Olga Baroudi, Isabelle Brawley, Douglas Bucur, Sam Burford, Jeanne Burns, Marjorie Bush, Ruth Carroll, Claire Chalmers, Isobel Crissey, Foster Crittenden, Ruth Dankers, Marianne Devlin, Jean Dick, Jean Diedrich, Henry Diedrich, Richard Donato, Josephine D , Ha Dgblixc, Liilellle Eberle, George Edin, Jean Flodin, Conrad Foels, James Feels, Leonard Fordyce, Wayne Gallagher, Lois Gatke, Jack Gillie, James Gorss. Charles Graf, Ann Grawe, Melva Gray, Kenneth Grexl, Eunice Grieser, J unet Grobe,Carlton Grebe, Geraldine Gronwall, Peter Gutzka, Allene Hahn, Annu Hall, Robert Harder, Grace Hardy, Laverne H. Hardy, LaVerne J. Harmon, Marion I-Iedrlch, Pearl Heylman, Charles Hicks, Doris Hill, Muriligr Hofert, Wi 'am Holesko, Viola Holler, Jack Hosmer, Albert Howard, Donald Hudson, Blanche 1 Hultmnn, Ardyth Hutchison, Marilyn Hy, Eugene X Ibhitson, Catherine gamesiiiielen er , J oyiz, hflliiiiilyn Keller, Edward ' Keller, Gloria Keller, Katherine l Keyes, Charles I Y x F: . 115 -. f--g .,4esls1e,,irQm.3sb,a?gMli.4 Q, Class of 1944 Has Illustrious Year Tonawanda High School has done lt again Yes a re port on the amazlng forth coming Senior Class of 1944 has Just reached us and lt looks like T H S has arlo ther blue rlbbon class For energy enthusiasm beauty bralns athletic skill and school splrlt these care 'free Jumors couldnt have been excelled Back in September, they. proved to one and all how much good sense they had when they chose handsome George Eberle as president peppy Marilyn Soldwlsch as vice presldent capable Mar-Jorie Burns as secretary and well known Dick Mc Bride as treasurer With those executives how could they fail? Next they donated some of their brawmest members to the cause of Kmg Foot ball The presldent himself ably abetted by such stars as Sam Bucur Duck Las ,,. x Hfxf. . ' ,.. ' ' "i!! .Q!JCedf2fc!'UWd'.,Q5ejr. Cityr ky, and Len Foels, carried the Junior Class colors to the gridiron Enthuslastlcally the cheers were led by Vice President Soldwrsch Ruth Koepsel and Geraldine Grohe Three more Juniors battling for their Alma. Mater Basketball saw many more Jumor Sparkplugs ready for actron Our better than ever team s hne up mcluded pomt Schlnaman Sam Bucur and Harold Kuntz Reports say that the ladies marred W the most untimely errors of the new manager x ED' ..-,. . - th vb gl Y aroun If 18 fl 'mn ' ' - f tijj . . J gl . ' f - - - H I2 to' . . h , ' , y , l AS' 13' . . - 1 - 'He rs . . , - ' ' , . - .' haw , T ' - - ' - . r -598501 lyii - , - - - .1 I mr Q' - - - , ' ' - ' ' - - , - - , ' , maker Bill' Ricketts, Art ' .', . . ' , Y 1 mf- H y - - , V they . , A P . , ' . ui' V, . . sa yr - - ': I i Wi J . 5 , K I - l. -I I ,Q .- .r f Ag : l V J J I ' .4 A , Q 5 . -J Killian, Nan Kingston, Lois Knalpp, Robert Koc , Genevieve Kocsis, Joseph Koepsel, Ruth K lb D lx o , orot-y Koster, Bernice Kovntch, James Krauss, Phyllis Kuhns, Lois Kuntz, Harold Lambert, Reginald Lasky, Matilda Lautz, John Leaderstorf, Roger Leverenz, Carl Ixwin, Jean Little, Russell Luesok, Charles Martin, Desta McBride, Richard McConkey, Janet Metzger, James Miller, Joyce Misner, Dan Morey, Robert Newman, Fred Oberkircher, Jack O'Counor, Richard O'Hagan, Kathleen Pemherthy, Jean Ceresie, Dorothy Phillips, Dorothy Potts, Sally Power, Irving Price, Louise Rae, Sherwood Raliel, Verna Rebmann, Betty Regener, Mildred Remmele, Clayton R Gi la emus, se Rickets, William Robins, Shirley Rockenbrock, Audrey Rockwell, Shirley Ross, Marion Schimminlger. James Schoenfel t, Walter Schoonover, Lawrence Sequin, Richard Smith, Edith i Soldwiseh, Marilyn Stahl, Walter Stawitzky, Frances Stenzil, Betty Steves, Valerie Stoberl, Dean Stone, Betty Jane- Stryker, Betty Jane Stuewe, Norms Tetter, Mary Ann Tiebor, Vivian Townsend, Duane Voisinet, Ernest Walter, Grace Weidner, Andrew Welch, Margaret Wolf, Beltiiiy . Yensan, arxan Ziehm, Alma JI' J n ous-.ions are con- of the Junior Class refused to "twidclle their thumbs" either. They eagerly turned out for girls' basketball, volleyball badminton life- saving and Glrl Reserves One of the most prominent Girl Reserve groups the Ta. Wa S1 Club which ar ranged a clever assembly in February was composed en tlrely of talented belles from the Class of 44 Under the leadership of Marjorie Burns the class took charge of sell1ng pop rnoinen , l o 1Z6l'lZ6 tof e -. a rear guard to cover their Withdrawal. games. This project added a few very welcomed coins to the class treasury. In April these clever lads and lassies turned' many a young man s fancy to thoughts of love when they presented the traditional Spring Dance Twas very successful and a credit to its clever sponsors Quiz Kids were not lack mg ln this noble assemblage as everyone saw when the National Honor Society claimed a few lucky SA s for The Yearbook staff rec-i ognized possible material, and quickly drew to Debbie 0'Hagan, Doug Brawley, and J im Metzger. A few of the class members left school to Jom the armed forces With them they car med the well wishes of their classmates All ln all homerooms 206 204 and 203 certainly held a gay crowd who we can be sure will do everything in their power to make the Class of 44 immortal in school was the best Jn the league for opemng days th1S season and all of this ln sp1te of the fact that the eluh came 1' , 5 lf it gan the turnout here c ra pitc effe can Le 3 I . , . . Y V . , , i i cl ' . .' ' ' ' . . 2 u 1 H' m . Q ' I' y - se . . . bri 7 " . ' -' ' ' - ' . ' of' . Q , U , . ' . . ,of .h I . ' 1 , . . and candy, at basketball its reserved body. annals. gf , ' ' , . , ""' . . ' . - W 'tis ' f 'ui it' "n f ' ' Yen, ' J 1? ,cf-. x ' V A ,' .4111-7' 1 " ,-A. , -'I I VAN., 45. ' Lf ,. ' ,A I i 0 I ,1,, I . ,ii - Fiji 'f Q9 ,nz , .' 57941 L' 'Q I p 345322 V 'L - , ' 3 .f I ' Q' 'iximb ,A .A 'L' j 5: ii-'-1 'f I' .l' H :ii K6 77 Well on the way THE SOPHOMORES ll ease face tffillff' nigga e'133d y 'and hurch la of ss the thers nuel rriet week r he Rev e Com rchel enmg ith a led by oder Lacey h will Syra e Ven Rev s vene bus en ers FC T811 I berg let ot I 1 it - .1 - aailyf 5 te A - AI ,,, . I L r or not itlw 'r T.. .azfpresent constituted, . rong- e . , .. ogne .a contender we are not prepared to say at this ' 2 ritingn ,, and other sports found the girls Clubs and Sports willing and ready. Each and every Numerous participant did her bit to bring Sophomores James Keleher Named President A successful frosh year gave the class of 4-5 1, determined will to be a remembe1ed sophomore class and that they were This vigor ous class was proudly headed by that popular lad James Keleher It is said, VVhere there s a w1ll there s a way therefore the sophomores found a place of hon or ln all fields The male members of the class started the ball rolling 1n the fall by wlnnmg recogmtion on the football field Mike Nlland led the class in letter earnmg copp1ng major letters ln football and bas ketball Oh yes Basketball' Jack McNally President Keleher Burngasser really went to town In that field too And then Soph Buck Scott Won a letter in h1s first year on the cagers squad wlnle Pete Kama did l11mself as proud ln the pool We mustn t forget the very capable girls of that class of 45 Swimming, badmlnton basketball MR JAMES KELEHER praises to the team The sopho Joined one or more, or took the responsiblllty of formmg one There s scarcely a club withou some ambitious sophomore en thusiast Having enjoyed a year of fun and success the future Jumor class is prornlsing to be a credlt to Tona Wanda Hlgh Untal Pat McNair can shake off has pottery attltude and-X JJ n confode m himself sz ss play him at 3 A . I tho ' l YP,' s ture,' Fin "A C' "What getherl Gras' Mother War t Meet T .Keds son Peter 1 Kenm in wart ms Lula W Mas Alta ro YP6 e Schroe in the Mother ories 0 About u Tam Mother 11 80 Ol-IRI Gas 1 7 Wes 11 7 Son 4:1 Mothe Christ eco 1 8 Thi! Ull Flftll FAH mum 10 G es f .4 . E tis . 1- 1331 , . . a 4 1 , f 7:45.- -, P . , .' ' 9 . ., . I ,swim ', - ' ld. th.: s - Rive U ' ., . . U , - Q . - go - p 1 H. "The " 3 3 A 1 5. 1 , v . ' ' 'K ' x ,, . . . . tg, th . . . , nn t s Q 4 1 3 . .. ' - . - . The - in , ' , 15.5 ' - , , . 1-1: f 8. 9 I , . . - ' f LSL l I "Pork" Westra, and "Vince" mores, not already in some club, Hn' 8.. . ' . . . p . C 'I , .. 'A t 4, . . . . . . l .A TS- l ce as , , - - , - h t . - ' W , . . .s ' ' - . I a ' g L - M I ,, . . . . ' Y - to . vto: : . l I . . 'A er':' , . . -5 -ml" . p , -. . . ' . Qtr If . . . . l . , -6. , . Jurfgr. 4' Z ,.- me 3 , Y 4 . - . ' ' .Q'.. '." 5 f l-Q. , ' ,I ,Q A " 'ak ' " . -..... ' 1 - ' f H: + - . , " ' ' Abraham, Betty Aleksich, Mary Aleksich, Rose Ames, Leah Ashkin, Marvin Babcock, Eleanor Bacon, William Bailey, Audrey Balling, John Banas, Dolores Barnard, David Baroudi, Louis Batt, Ruth Behrens, Marklyn Belling, Florence Belling, Leona Bentz, Barbara Benzino, Lora Berndt, Mary Bidell, Frederick Bingaman, Pauline Bliss, lhflarion Boulden, Jack Bowman, Don Bowman, Florence Bradley, Bcity Braun, Marilyn Brettle, Helen Bridge, Betty Brock, Alberto. ' Brockway, William Brush, A ice Burgin, Duape Burngnsser, r mcenl Busch, Elan .: Camp, Dolores Cam as, Nicholas Challjgren, Aldene Chase, Douglas . Cummings, Morris Curtis, Walter Dankers, Hannelore Davis, Betty Davis, Russell De Simone, Virginia Dickinson, J nnice Diedrich, Mildred Doehler, Ann D'0razio, Virginia Eheling, Elsie E gleston, Russell Elliot, Joanne Fortman, Mary Foss, Harold French, Carol Frey, Clara Fuller, Fern Garrison, Elmer Gebhardt, Harold George, Virginia G' , L I align, 152. Green, Wingeld Greenman, Gloria Guzzetta, Joan Hammond, Edith Harmon, Doris Harris, Betty Hartley, Elizabeth Hay, olleen Hay, Marilyn . Heimiller, Lucille Helf,.Mary' Louise A Helwrg, Lois Henderson, Ruth Hewitt, Audrey Hig ins, Francis I-Ioellperl, Marianne Howard, Thomas Huii, Florence Hy, Sophie Jacobs, Nicholas Jacobs, Virginia James, Mario? Jedele, Alice Jerge, MPN' it Jobn1L...r, ,forge Jung, ...irraine Kaiser, Donald Kaiser dowurd Kannclr, Walfer Iania, Vernon Kartyas, Esther . Keeley, Marguerite Keleher, James Keller, Charlotte Keller, Gene Kibler, Beverly Killian, Philip Kingston, Robert Kitchen, Kenneth Knapp, Robert Korte, Robert Kowski, June Kramer, Sherwood Krupp, Norman Lange, Gerald. LaRuscl1, William Lautz John Levi, Janice Liekweg, Rodger I -Lindarnan, Frederick Lindaman, Robert Lockman, Philip Loman James Long, Charles Long, Shirley Lorenz, Robert Lovell, F rnnces Lucore, Vivian Luke, Ralph Lynch, Ahce Mnhl, Jack ' Mnrohn, Marlon Mny, Madalyn Mayer, Robert McCarthy, Alan Mclntosh, Jenn McNally, Jack Metz, Jean Miller, Jonnnc Miller, Michael Miller, Robert Misner, Jack Moran, Leonore Moriarty, Timothy Muck, Betty Neuman, Ruth Neuman, Donald Newell, Dorothy N iland. James. Novotny, Marne Nowurk Lois Obermiller, Lawrence Oldenbulrlf, Betty O'Ncil, arion , 0'Shu.ughnessy, Alan Pagels, Sandra f1'?"'L"1'iis1 r Pigliffd, nilivin Packard, wmnm Plnnt, Paul Pocller, Neil Pollock, Milton Popovich, Julio. Putter, Thomas Potts, Barclay Power, Joyce Primeau, Daniel ltucltke, Myra Ranges, Peter llech, Forne- Rcgnet, Doris Reinbolt, Raymond Richau, Vernu. Rickert, Jenn Riese, Glenn Rosokoti, Dexter Rosokoli, Joel Russell, Ralgh Sarkovics, P yllis Schad, Dorothy Schlau, Andrew Schreiber, lfohn Schrier, Lois Schultz, Ph llis Schwinwar, dune Scott, infield Seaver, Donald Seaver, Ernest Senn, Bert Shepherd, Pearl Shiesley, Arlene Sidell, Gerald Sinicropi, Joseph Smith, Audrey Smith, Harold Smith, Robert Smith, Shirley Snodgrass, Norman Sonnen, Paul Spoth, Chester Spoth, Lester Stevens, Marion Stryker, Kennard Sweet, Robert Tack, Beverley Taylor, John v Thompson, Gloria Thorpe, Jean Tiedman, Lois Tripp, Doris Urban, George Varley, Harvely Wgfner, Char es ,W ter, Elmer Walter, Norman Walters, Helen Waltman, Dorothy Warner, Jean Washington, Robert Waterstrat, Richard Weber, Richard Wein, Robert Whyte, Margaret Winters, Margaret Wolf, Charles Woods, Raymond Wulf, Richard Yianilos, Nick Yockey, Carol Zettel, Barbara Zettel, Nancy 1 , P , I 95: . .: "C ' , I Y If ' lik ASOS? . V,': . ' . J' , v 'gn 3-'Liga fl ff ff I ' i-5 U , -WN. V 'fm 7915: V1 4,4 'ff' -rg: g sz , . -.f!i'!s1"2 "NV + ' Q25 ' ' .Z -, Y-iff 11' :R'.k'Y1"' gwyrfif -' g ,igcsff '55 4y5,Tai'5aq1--3a+- ,f21r.q5fQ15L1:,y'+-3 . , f An. : Ax wr -. 1' r 5, . . 1 11:51 , r f av. , 1, 1, w r if R' , X 7 132. ' F . . - xxllfa 'V : FEE' 1 M! lj -1. , ..' ,wi , 2 xl: li" X A f'f5V'i1.1ig?-321 I fl - -f .f 51 5 Q Ev ' 1 , X ' , . .L 1 "r:.S5f"A' l,icS3::Qipg 4. Z'?ffSTf.r.f2-1 I , f ff12ffy"'s may 'iii' 1 'E .Y ' ? I U m:'3i1'L',Il .17 .. srl P V- , V . V J? 4, . -13,-1,593-1-9 ' 1 "i:7lEIf:i X --- -5,49 misfi- , ., ,, M H., , mlm- H'!'rr,,N.-m- -9 is a U15 N 'FfG'r:'::1:,'.Q'fff1" HfvifSbbTI4ff'l?'?Se4sr43LSf',!v,f ,.,... 4, .,-3.1-.. ,.,, 4 "Off on the right foot" THE FRESHMEN .- ati ,om- :val Jon gree- ation rchill .d by uffalo -- res- oth ate D ef .-'dec' coun- jeopar- before ncluded lear. - ok 'the -will ioni chillf Enoon :iginal s pro- details V: led ' d its LO Sta- vant to when ime at- - such 'o the '- a 'ine pgs I to , he .d to had . W , the 1' the I-: bout ed fin Ni ine ' hepi A 1 ffl- znacle sto w ly- NN . 4 ,..-1e D1,s ,N , , , ,onight . .ie "L ' missions Wer i A... ex H, ... - sh of ...ati Africa." Aw ..- be cele- United States Foreign Broadcast ' "f01'.-,brated in Rome Sunday. Intelligence Service. THAT l F RESHMAN YEAR I awoke on September 8, 1942, to find myself on the threshold of a new four years of life-four years which I would have to con- quer by myself. I arrayed myself ' in my Sunday best to make a good impression on my mighty upper classmen. Believe me, I was ter- rified as I entered the sacred port- als of Tonawanda High School for the iirst time-a Wide-eyed freshman. My first impulse was to retreat but too late-I had al- ,- ready been spotted a.nd was quick- ii ly ushered to my new homeroom. Wliile recovering from my first bewilderment, an election took place and Robert Lockman be- came our able president. After that the days sailed by more smoothly and I began to enjoy my new life. ' I was soon surprised to see some ! of my 'fellow classmates 'trying out for the football team. Glenn N ewell, David Lozo, and Glenn Neuman played as scrubs but most of my class ended up as loyal boosters 1 on the sidelines. i I was also proud of the line showing made by Dave Lozo and Norman Burngasser on the "B" basketball team. I then decided to join some clubs and found my class already well represented in most of them. I got better acquainted with my upper classmen and found them ready and willing to help me. And now the sun is setting on my glorious Freshman year and I MR. ROBERT LOCKMAN am looking forward with hope and happy expectations toward my future years as an upper classman. I have watched the boys leaving school to help in the war plants, and have seen the Seniors deferred until June, when they could join the armed forces. Although I am too young for armed service or factory work, I still hope that in my own small Way I will in the future be able to aid in the March to Victory. criiriiiials as a country club. ""'1n,theai'ing that Bioff was in .- N-as-. It mo" 15- rr is UNQERSTOOD that Biofti " 'E-are Uusedllg before, 5 'W . . R ,Xb 'cs Fro. Hamm men-ai count? ' Nin.: Demo the T of tl, of tj the of licl- of t. Elev, the 2. Tovr into -' candic town' ting' Four the cord Jose and J wanna. So fa ters, all seek re- Chair the Dei- is- gett' other E-igh earl' two Justi Fall t tiremel Hickeg. Cros Co 'Q wil ass Pe' cr : J u 1 Y ,. 'Cr - th tfhe A erm the . .are -his Abraham, Martha gfkerman,-Mary len, Wimfred Alliger, Frank Anderson Andrew Bailey, Eleanor Baker, Raymond Barbas, Richard Beaver, Gordon Becker, Lavant Bellinger, Kenneth Benton, Thomas Beringer, Francis Beringer, Philip Berndt, Eilene Bernhardt, Albert Biehler, Mary Jean Boehnke, Eugene Boenke, Eve yn Bradley, Robert Brand, Stuart Braun, Richard Bridge, Betty Britt, Lorraine Brown, Gwen- Buckout, Jean Bundy, Frederick Burngasser, Norbert Burt, Jean ' Bilenok, Anita C almers,-Doris Childs, Gordon Clark, Gloria' Consier, Robert Cook, Jean Corkum, Dolores Crawley, Louise. D Cummings, Virginia Devlin, Mary Lou Diedrich, Sue Dietrich, Calvin Doak, Helen. Donoto, Marion Doyle, Arthur Drake, Marjorie Dunmn-e, Velma Elliot, Joanne Emery, Daniel Ensminger Leroy Enzinna, lilrances Erwel, Mary Jane Erwel, Olive Fitzsimmons, Zane Fix, George Francis, onna Frazer, Robert Fritzke, Bernhardt Garlock, Jeanette George, William Gipp, J anet Goerss, Ronald Golde, Leona Goodman, Roger Graham, Robert Greenman, Lyle Grobe, Marvin Gross, Julia Hadden, Donald Hahn, Dolores. Halliwill, Maxine Haney, Richard Hartman, Donald Hedrich, Charles Heim, Albert Heim, Lloyd Heli, Roy Helwi , Elizabeth Hilferding, Rosemary Hillman, Marion Hills, Gordon Holler, Amelda Holler, Eugene Holmstead, Mary A Holtz, Robert Horan, Norman Howland, Helen Hudson, Henry Hulf, Dorie Hurst, Louis Hy, June I, Jacobi, Henrietta Jacobs, Nettie Jeffers, Sarah Johns, Jeannine Joyce, Clement Kallin, Doris - Kartyas, Gloria Klinger, Joan Klinger, Richard Knab, Eugene Knoche, Richard DD Kokonivich, Catherine Koster, Eugene Kramer, Lucille Kuhrt, Doris Lett, Gene Leverenz, Rodney Lewis, Richard Licht, Rowland Liedtke, Vernon Lindelow, Jean Lockman, Robert Lozo, David Lucas, Joseph Lyons, Marlon MacDonald, Margaret Marohn, Gloria Martin, Laura Martin, Lois Mast, Mary Lou May, Bessie McBride, Keith McDaniel, Harold McLellan, Robert Miller, Helen Miller, Merle Mohnk, Eugene Monaghor, Rosaline Monkelbann, Agues Muck, Calvin Muck, Dolores Murphy, Richard ' Nepokroelf, Vlctorin Neumann, Glen Newell, Glenn Noble, Edward Norus, Rita Nottiniham, James Nowuc , Jack Olsen, Richard Parmentier, Edward Paul, J ulm Peresie, Esther Peters, Daryl Plnce, Margaret Plant, Norma Jean Poeller, Kenneth Potts, James Power, Alun Reels, Fred Reid, Elizabeth Reid Mnry Rhodes, Sherwood llichau, Chester Richel, Fred Ilouch, Wa ne Robillard, george Robins, Edwin Rockenbroch, Shirley Rose, Alice Ross, Edward - Roy, Donald Rumbles, Barbara Rumbold, Ellen Rumen, William Runyan, Duane Sanderson, Raymond Schlueter, Phyllis Scott, Shirley Simson, Robert Sisson, John Smith, Katherine Solomon, Sue Stahl, Roy Stanton, Gordon Stanton. Jack ' Streer, Joseph Streeter, Lois Strehlow, ltlnrilyn Stumpf, Joanne Summerville, Dorothy Swisher, Gerald Teeter, Ruth Ann Thomas, Dorothy Thomsen, Genevieve Tiebor, Roland Tomm, Robert Tonaus, Donald Toth, Mary Townsend, Joy Trautmnn, Betty Trnyford, Gloria. Trayford, Shirley Treat, James Ulrich, Jack Vanl-Iise, Marion Volker, Joyce Walker, Thomas Walter, George Wongler, Richard Webb, Betty Weslxra, Shirley White, Barbara- Whiteheld, Juliana Will, Charles wviuims, ann Woods, LeRoy Yeager, Mary Lou I Yianilos, Nicholas Young, Frank Zastrow, Marion Zellner, Frank Zimmerman, Richard Zitzka., Donald lr ld ' t,,, -.4-1 nf -Y Q.-wiv, .1 , 1 ml -wg.. - - - - m.. rm: :LLP -2? . -. ,t . .'fwsu',.,3- A . J --, v ww. -1- m- -.-...X X I' -Q..-if In .9 - Lui' ' f-- ' -,rim W K . 19, W' ,H-.un y t,'.QQ1,g4, , X I :, -V u F J 5 X I 4 I 9' elm' 51 , W cf WYE. , I 1 TU' aff' 1-I JT' 5. A .i br? - , , . I V511 ' ' -' if' 1 J, Q rua. fi: .I+ ,HSI Y J: 2- " Fi.: E' , -9 Q Q' v -U!! Fifi?" nb- U P' ' 25392 1" V 55-x'.L ,c-"V-:tg-2 ' F:f'FUF7 : I 011 t 1 ' 63. .f gfifai? 3'-45202. ,. g':QiL...El'. ' rg b 44 4 it L-v 1 -T14-I ..,.1ny1f14,- ,1ffis:7:1:g:aw . r. . - -'.-ww: ,-fg:,- ..k .- N, C' fNG T 0 xl xci W YW C5 Y Activities America Wants her youth to develop into individlials with Well-rounded, unprejudiced char- acters. She has found that such individuals make the best citiz- ens and the best soldiers. Her schools are today answering that call and striving, through group activities, to turn out a society that will be welcomed on the "march to victory". ' THE "ToNAWANDAN" STAFFS Adviser-Mrs. Grefe Amid the horrors of this world conflict, the staff considers it a great privilege to present the 1943 "Tonawandan." We have designed it in such a manner that We might display the vast opportunities America places before us, despite trying times. Likewise, we have endeavored to show you how our school has joined in the "march to victory." We sincerely hope that these attempts have been successful, and also the attempt to establish a memorable record of our high school days. Editorial Staff Seatcd: R. Hamblet CEditoi-7, Mrs. Grefe fAdViS6f7, M. Diedrich CAssis1:aut Editorj, M. Gnu. Standing: J. Solldwisch fBoys' Sportsl, R. Root fActlvxt1esJ, D. Brawley Glunior Assistantj, A. Howard fSeniorsj, WV. Hendry lGirls' Sportsj, S. Stoberl CActivitiesJ, D. 0' Ingan Manasen lFacultyJ. . ga .xl Business Staff Left in righl: J. Yinnilos, H. Ensmingcr, R. Schnefen. R. Rcch KBusineas Munn- gerb, C. Livingston J. Metzger. Not in Kcturs: A. Kuntz, Rogers, R. Hetzcl, . Dicdrich, Il. Hull. Uunior Assistaut.D Not in picture: S. tl. w vrffr. , , M. .rf Barbara Richardson A Claire Kaiser g GTS' ll: ,M ss. 4- Jw il.. W-- " QDQGGJQQQJCDCDCD Marjorie Mills, Norma Schmeichel Louise Stuewe, Grace Janke 48 Roy Creasey Allan Herschell Photography, Art and Typing Staffs Constituting the backbone of the yearbook are the art, typing, and photography staffs. All the photog- raphy was done by the student pho- tographers and the art work was per- fected entirely by the student artists, pictured here. U14 fx I 31 Sunlad: Miss Major, A. Howard KS:-rcretnryj, R. Roch lPresidentJ, W. Hendrg KV ice Presideutj, R. Hamblet CTreasurex-JL Standmgr A. Kuntz, G. Jnnke, 'C. Kaiser, C. Stun, M. Diedricli, S. Stoberl, J. Sena, . Mana.-sen. . NATIONA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY HONOR SOCIETY Q 'N V Q Z . Sponsors." Nfiss Major, lW.r. Tuck S Stimulating and instigating citizenship and scholarship in the Tona- V L61 Wanda High School is the main purpose of the National Honor Society. -,' The Society recognizes scholarship, leadership, service, and character, and . strives to help all students to attain those attributes of high standing This year the following successful enterprises were sponsored: the annual Junior Red Cross Drive, the preparation of twenty-five Christmas boxes for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the penny cam- paign designed to bring back the "penny" into circulation and save vitally needed copper for the War Effort, and the sale of Readers' Digests. An information bootl1 for visitors was also maintained by the members with great success. V WMV, l First-1010: R. Bedell fPresidentl, A. Brody, E. Hy, C. Fuller, H. Allen, R. McBride fTreasurerD, Mr. Todd Second row' J Joyce F Lasky Nice Presidentl J. Niland R. Kolb R. Hnmblet CSecretnryJ G. Eberle D Lamp. Third row: J.'Soldwisch, R. Weber, D. Tbwnsend, Diedrich. Fourth 7010! C. Levereiiz, L. Feels: D: Woods. U "T" Club Sponsor: Mr. Todd Consisting of the male members of the student body who have earned a major letter, the "T" Club extended its services from the corridors to the gym- nasium, as monitors at noon and as ushers at the basketball games. The annual Easter Dance provided the funds for me- dals for all Senior members. '7'- First 1-cnc: M. Abraham, W.'Hendry CSecretaryJ, B. Smith, CPi-esidentb, B. Burngusser lTi-easurerl, G Grobe ' J S ' h S nd H Rech C Sinicro i V Ro R Koepsel T Bnllm D Nice Presidentl, L. Sham, . mit . poo rznq: . , . p , . Ny, . , . 2 'L Voisinet, S. Stoberl. Third row: B. Lewin, E. Smith, M. Soldwisch, M. Burns, . Sm-kovics. V. Doyle ourth row: Mi Molnar, P. Bull, L. Kuhns, C. Stan, Miss McPhilmy. .ff- , I' I . u i Girls' Letter Club Sponsor: Miss McPhilmy - The 1942-43 Girls' Letter Club, composed of those girls having earned at least a 6" T, has really stepped along. Having completed two afghans for the Junior Red Cross, the girls are Well started on their third needy contribution. As their other aim, the club members com- pleted the Red Cross Stand- ard Course in First Aid, given by lVIiss McPl1ilmy. 50 Scaled: P. Ball, S. Munn.-acn, Miss I-I. I-Iclfernnn. M. Diedricll, C. Sinicropi. First raw: M. Weinheimer, B. Hop- kins,- L. Helwig, J. Tlior , D. Oiiitiflllll, J. Burford, M. Molnnr. Sccmul row: S. Sinicropi, H. James, J. Grieser, M. Gnu, G. Robillard, Nlifliclf, B. 1- udson, 0. Ilnlog, R. McBride. Third raw: R. Koepsel, V. Stevens, C. Stan, J. Dick, B. Abmhnm, M. Burns, J. Guzzettu, It. Roberts, L. Shain. Junior Classical League Sponsors: Miss Major, Miss H. Heffernan. To promote and sustain interest in the classics has been the principal aim of the J. C. L. In keeping with custom, new members were inducted in the fall after a truly Roman initiation. Parties were held in cele- brating Christmas and St. Valentine,s Day. Once again this year, the Red Cross received a generous dona- tion from the league, drawn from the proceeds of the traditional Christmas Dance. o ' "2 A '-2. Qef"10 Y' 7' XX Scaled: V. Steves QSeereturyJ, J. Bm-ford, R. Koepsel, D. O'Hagan, M. Grawe KV ice Presidentl, M. Snldwisch M. Burns, M. Hutchison. Standing: J. Guzzetta, Miss Weber, B. Hudson, G. Walter, F. Rech, G. Brokeushire S. Lawson, L. Price. B. Davis, L. Tiedman, L. Allen. J. Johns. Miss F. Heffernan. Dramatic Club Sponsors: Miss Weber, Miss F. Heffernan. Furthering the talent of public speaking of the stu- dent body was the main endeavor of this club. In the fall of 19419, tryouts for the Dramatic Club were held, and several. newmem- bers were added. Com- memorating Pearl Harbor Day, the club gave a rous- ing danceg and late in April followed it up with a smash hit in the form of a three act play. 51 .J .H"' Kid Lvl' "Le Cercle Francais' ' Sponsor: Madeinoiselle Bagdy "Le Cercle Francais" was formed for the purpose of increasing the student knowledge of the French language and its customs. Games, songs, and con- versation in French were all part of the monthly meetings. Presented as its contribution to the Christ- mas program was a play in French, and well-received at Junior High School was a program presented by the Club. 52 Aff. Y -0, Fin! raw: B. Hudson, T. Balling, M. Burns, R. Roberts, J. Burford, V. Steves, L. Price, A. Hult- man, M. Weiuheimer. Second row: D. 0'Hagnn, J. Semi, J. Hatter, J. Oberkirchcr, M. Soldwlsch, S. Stoberl, A. Gutzka. First row: P. Schultz. A. Jedele, M. Green, R. Koe sel. Second row: L. Tiedman, L. Benzino, C. Yocliiey, B. Zettel. Third row: Miss Bagdy, M. Diedrich. Fourth row: M. Diedrich, CPresidentJ, G. Tiebor, R. Lambert, D.. Sclmd, C. Siuicropi CSecretm'y7, N. Zettel. E. Volsinet. " 'Los Conquistadoresn Sponsor: -Senora Maria Smith. To develop and increase student knowledge of the Spanish language, customs, and culture, is the purpose of this club. J Meeting every month on the third Wed1'1esday, the members speak only Span- ish. Using as their motto ' '1Adelal1T,G-Siepel Adelan- lo!" which means "For- ward, ever forward!" tl1e members are, enthusiasti- cally striding toward their goal. vi , ff ? A 7 S X Lf 'N ' - rf i V ff! llx Science Club Sponsor: Mr. Todd With the purpose of fur- thering high school science through experimentation, the Science Club was or- ganized early in the fall and completed a very suc- cessful year. Included in the year's activities were the building ol' an exact working replica ol' a wind tunnel by the Aeronautics division and the presenta- tion and staining of perma- nent microscope slidcs by the regular division. 1 lv Q1 9 "XtFih'i First row: R. Morey. C. Kaiser, W. Sommerfeldt, J. Guzzetta, J. Burford, C. Gorss, B. Abraham, Mr. Todd. Second row: C. Sinicropi, R. Neamnn, S. Stoberl, A. Kuntz, fPresidentD, R. Seguin, J. Grieser CSecretnryJ, T. Balhng, L. Alen, B. Scliwinger. Seated: Mr. Rian CSponsorJ. First row: G. Harder, L. Helwig, G. Tiebor, L. Price, E. Hammond. Second mug: P. Hcdrich, H. Walters, F. Fuller, V. D'Orozio, M. Grawe, R. Lambert, L. Allen. Third row: C. Remmcle, E. Voisinet, L. Schoonnver. .- Etude Sponsori Mr. Rian This assemblage of lovers of the finer arts was organ- ized in order to enrich their musical culture through a study of the Works of the masters. Meeting frequent- ly, the members heard re- ports, recordings, and per- formances by their col- leagues. Attending several Buffalo Philharmonic Or- chestra Concerts and spon- soring a successful dance rounded out the Etude's year. 53 Standing: L. Shain, C. Sinicropi. First row: J. Stumpf, S. Trayford, R. Diedrich, P. Gronwnll, F. Crissey, D. Sboberl, N. Krupp, G. Johnston. Second row: A. Erwell, L. Shain, P. Eckstein, D. Voisinet, Slilicfopl, H. McKernu.n, W. Wilson. Third nrw: F. Rech, G. Koch, G. Brokenshire, P. Ball, R. Morey, H. Gehhardt, N. Yianilos, E. Walker. Fourth row: M. L. Helf, B. Trautman, D. Hicks, W. Sommerfeldt, M. Lasky, L. Allen, A. Howard, R. Brush, R. Seguin, R. Rech. Faflh row: E. Smith, M. Burns, V. Holesko, A. Kuntz, G. Sattelberg, Il. A en, J. Yiauilos, A. Ritchie, J. Mahl, J. Foels. 'N I I l Sealed? C. Griswold, B. Bentz, P. Consier. M. Gan. Library Assistants Sponsor: Miss Seaman Volunteering their ser- vices, the library assistants have used their behind-the- scene activity to keep our library in efficient working order. Through their undy- ing efforts, many students have been brought into literary contacts much to their enjoyment. Bowling Club Sponsor: Miss Weber Boasting to be the largest club in the school, the Bowl- ing Club had a very "strik- ing" year. "Gutter-ballsu and "spares" played havoc with the newcomers, but the professionals moved right along. Constantly high for the boys and girls were Norman Krupp and Vir- ginia Thomsen respectively. Booster Club Sponsor: Miss Bagdy The Booster Club war formed as a compact cheer- ing section whose duty it was to boost the morale of our teams in their inter- scholastic battles. A suc- cessful "Double Victory" dance was staged, and the salvage decoration material was turned into the Sal- vage Drive. A generous donation of S815 was made to the U. S. 0. fund. "A" Squad Cheerleaders M. Soldwisch, R. Root, G. Grobe C. Stnn R. Koegsel R. Rec First row: R. Root, C. Stan, R. Rech CAbsent LI Soldwlsch R Koepsell. Second row: M. Ross, M Miller S Robins J Guzzelzta J. Stumpf. Third row: O. Lasky, G . Tlelmr D O Hagan C Yockey M. Grawe, J. Bmjford, Miss Bagdy Bettv Tmutman S Trayford Frth DH1ksMWh SN tJTh E au row: . c , . em elmer u eu orpe Smith, S. Rockwell, M. L. Heli. Fifth row W Pndry Wresxdentl J. Smith. G. Grohe, M. Mills, H. James, D. Sclxad J Grles 'B" Squad, Cheerleaders Left to right: IVI. Reid, J. Guzzetta P Snrkovxcs H Smlllmch :,,f'- 'dill " 'f s.t.fT-ge-5 Dirac' -hlglggrjf. - -5, , ,Mflff l,:f-:-ram. J, A S'-rf. . A in ,ga 051 WP Q.- ,I A.-Aan. x Q r ' " A In 2 .L , A ,'1,, , ll . Tn 1 :E.fl,r-72:4 ll I A A me 3fVv X X L41 -- 'J-H Szf, A , I' -1 .1 ffl- Y lL , 1' A ' -'x' ' nw, . Eg - 5 " W , I' i ,i-J Y f '- V -ill . 'A Q ,--1 .f f , ' TV F ITT' .- ff. ff - , r I ' X I A 4 -F 6' r , ff ' n -' , ' 'r : Q. ,- " T ' Q1 ' ' X ' "lf ' " f - Q W A ' - .' N' . V ' V 1, Q ff' 1 -.N V I - I "N, ' 3 ' x K I - kim-A, 5, 4 V -.AN -'I ffm' . ve 4 , ' ,-A.. l' .. 1 L I 1,5 .I L' .- k' , .mln , - Y mi' , VIH' , I , Q 2' if 4, I 3 -f 1 W' N '. - 4'-' .--2. A Y. , 9' ' 3 , 'Y ,W A ?'. 4: N fx 9 fi' I 1- -- . .,,- .JV .f K. -- , M ' ' f - . ' 1 1-' 'Q ' -- " E - ' 5' f' A -f .1 . ,.f" We 4- f . , .hc . 73 . X V' ' 3' .tv , 'i ft ' ' if fw f X ff ' ' X' Q - l Q , ,K N51 . 3. t v 4.5 , . ,- 4 A -,gn , . -, .. q E "'-s . nrt l ,TN W: L na? w Egg k PN . 1' . giifwm , ' 'I ' - . ' in gf?-rl' EL. 35' - Q 1-L . ul -J Z! V U Z ,vm- '-"'J, .. .- . !. I , , ?" V, 12 p-12? 3' ' V A l ' 1 K- ' s ........ .. Lp-- YJ '--1-S..Q' Fl: ef.. 7 ,TLN A , V, .xr If '51 ' ,g V. 1,-x ' 1,1 N1 LJ V 1 Vu . ,-.,,f+3g. - , N,:f.,z-f,,, f'9f Q, ' +xl '?:n-5 ':- W , ' 43 ,W-,V " "Yi-ri, . .T 'fri '.F ,'S A' , VE- ' . 'D' , "fe-. . i' f"-rsliif A.- f ' I rf: MXL- . A. , DL un.: .tx A., 5.13 -. A ' gfzimb--..1'. .2 , W -ig .' -1 '.1"'M-sjy' ,, --uqefa-f-11 , 1 - , f -,zf,mP 1? , fr-: ' . Hi-,, 1f ,H . .f , 'gy' ........, 'Q First row: L. Baroudi, L. V. Hardy, P. Hedrich, F. Reeh, R. Lambert, C. Remmele,,C. Hedrich, F. Bundy, C. Keyes, G. Tiebor, L. Sclnoonover. Second row: W. Kanack, H. F. Crissey, D. Phillips. Standing: H. Vnrley, E. Voisufiet, Walters, B. Rebmnu, M. Behrens, A. Gutzkn,'V. Cummings, Mr. Rian. L. Helwigi Our Chorus Director: Mr. Rian This select group of thirty-six worked strenu- ously and faithfully during the X-periods to develop finally into our splendid 1943 Mixed Chorus. High- lighting the services of this organization were several assembly programs and ap- propriate numbers at bac- calaureate and graduation. In addition, they sponsored the initial dance of the year, the proceeds of which will purchase maroon and white robes for future cho- ruses of T. H. S. Our Orchestra Sponsor: Mr. Rian Blending together the Sharps and flats of musical scores, the orchestra has provided us with excellent entertainment throughout the year. Playing for the annual Winter concert, the Spring concerts, and the senior play, this group has brought forth the capability of the talented musicians which our school possesses. Fira! row: B. Abraham, M. E. McCoy, J . Johns, R. Neaman, H. Walters, J. Smith, J. Warner, N. Plant, P. Hedrich, d' L HI ' N All S nd w G H der J Schwiu er L Allen A Gutzka V D'0rozio S Lowson I.Barou1,.ew1g,.,. i,. ,. ,. ,.' G. Brokenshire, R. Brush, B. Hopkins. Third row: R. Clare, L. Sc oonover, G. Suttelberg, C. Remmele, F. Crissey, R. Rcinbolt, W. Sommerfeldt. " N ,xi l 1:19 4 Y 0 'NG TO N' XC: QS Q0 4 Sports Sound bodies, as We-ll as sound minds, play an important part in the success or failure of any military unit. American schools have keyed up their physical education programs to meet Army and Navy requirements so that more 1-A bodies may be ready for the "march to Vic- toryn. Victory Corps Sponsor: Mr. Rose Undcr the uble clirecliou of Cztptaiu H. VVOH' of the U. S. Army the newest school, orgzmizzttion, the Victory Corps, wus able to acquaint many stuclcn't.s ol' pre-induction age with the the simpler drills and commands now used in the regular army through week- ly sessions at the Armory. This project is sure to be ol' the most practical value possible for the many mem- bers who have seen fit to benefit themselves in this way. Action on the obstacle course First raw: Parmentier, Childs Pollack Plant Tznlor Young Second row Miller Tooke Lon-ich Sommerfeldt, Bncon, Bucur LaRusch L Hurst Gorss Kocsxs Urban Third row Tonuus Mc Nullv, Ashknj,Homn.Faurlhmw Plckard Hatter Root Hoefert qeaver Lucsnk Noble Qtryker Wall, Vim H1se,Remmele Iocls hflh row Dledrxch Dischmger Mahl Rltchell 1 , L .1 60' 1ffmf'J SWS U15 A wmv zombie fd f Jun' 1 'mf , so ' 'F f x wi L. -',:ef1 1" ' l IYQIY V "., 1 . , Awchw Aw, 4 N Q . i 1 'dll' ' 'M . 1 "lg ...f 1. . X H .a 'li W V ,L ' V fl N l ' L' 2- Duck mf A , ' . af 1 . VH. L 5 QW v if.r.e'7' wr, 1 f eg' 1. . . :gr L Wig 1 'f"I' A Jail OUR FOOTBALL TEAML Frugzft rzrw: A. Smith, T. Gan-ity, S. Utnehmer, W. Slattey, G. Smith, G. Eberle, S. Bucur. Back ' raw: A. Paul, J. Graff, F. Lasky, J. Wolf. Mr. Chris Tussing, Coach Schedule Ton. Opp 0. Kenmore 7 19 Lackawanna 0 13 North Tonawanda 0 38 Lackawanna 6 19 Kenmore 0 30 Lockport 6 7 North Tonawanda 0 Q 19 126 l will About the Team A .. "' I f I The combination of a. Wealth of ma- terial, including eleven letter men, and 3 the adept coaching of Chris Tussing and his assistants, enabled Tonawanda to complete successfully its revised 4 wartime schedule. The Red and White, i.--- with six wins and one loss, and Ken- more, with a .similar record, shared V N lagara Frontier League title honorsl V Twin victories over her traditional North Side rivals, and the 19-0 con- quest of Kenmore highlighted the season. ' 2 ,YA At the annual football banquet, 'G' A Frank Lasky and Sam Bucur were X elected co-captains for the 1943 season. ' ,X- ' lr JIICBI-ide, M ana The Squad Q M A Smith Ulnelimer Wm Slutterv G Smith Fberle Gran Gnrritv Lasky Wolf, Paul Bucur McBride, Manager 1inllom:Wu.Juttcry, ctzger, . . 1 , . - ., -- . 1 , . .5 . . , . I ' .' I C Ehde Mn ers, Wcm Winters, Hy, Churder Beclcll, Brody, Foels, Nxlund, Gross,,Keleher, Stanton, Woods. Third: Olson, Munn er. bcvunf : mu. ' , y . 1 . Builev, Ncweil, I-Ioeferl, Howard, Mannseu, Hurdy,Yiu.nil0s, H. Allen, Kruplf, Baker, Fuller, Townsend, R. Allen, Bliss. Fourth. Washington, McNally Burgin, Lozo, G. Allen, Schricbcr, Jerge, Marohn, Bridge,Gurlupo, Luke, So dwiscli, Neuman. Top:Phipps, Novotny, Schimmiuger, Seguin,Heylman Weber, O'Connur. Lcvcrunz. "SWT" L' A -, ,., . .- i :-?,1.,,,-, Y-. ..-H 14- if W fi 361- OUR BASKETBALL TEAM Front raw: Mr. Powers fCoachJ, R. Diedrich, W. Ricketts, R. Hnmblet CCA: hxinl, W. Scott, J. Nilnnd, A. Hosmer QSenior xnnnagerl. Back row: R. 0'Conner Clunior manugerj, J.TCeleher, R. Hull, S. Bucur, J. Hotter, A. Schinaman, H. Kuntz, J. Wolf. A.. .f Cl "' i 1, UQPWA Bob Hamb 6 About the Team Mr. Paul. Powers, in his initial year as head coach at T. H. S., was able to de- velop a team which Won six games and lost three to cop second place in the final league standings. Starting with only a handful of veterans and a promising group of underclassmen, Coach Powers de- veloped a well-balanced team which lost three games by a total of only sixteen points. Due to transportation, problems the number of schools entered in the league was reduced to tive. The schedule con- sisted of nine games including one with Nichols Prep of BuHalo. This outfit surprised the locals by forcing them into an overtime period which resulted in -a one point victory for the Red and White. Other highlights of the season were the four and' three point losses to a veteran North Tonawanda Quintet, the close series with Lackawanna, and the ,Hnal game against underrated Lockport. Because of the experience gained by a number of juniors during the past year, local basketball enthusiasts are confi- dently awaiting another season. miicui. sq, 'v 4 . T5 20 Schedule Ton. ' Opp. 26 Lackawanna 35 43 Lockport 21 37 Kenmore 20 30 North Tonawanda 341 344 Lackawanna 30 38 Nichols 36 32 Lockport 31 44 Kenmore 32 27 North Tonawanda 30 M 1'. Paul Powers C , Oach . The Reserves I. ,, Fnmt Raw: C. Wolf, J. Metzger, J. McNally, N. Bm-ngasser, D. Lozo, R. Hetzel. Bach Row: W. Schoenfeldt, N. Yianilos, J. Rosok Gutkc, R. Westm. ' - 0 ' OUR SWIMMING TEAM' 7, Front row: F. Lasky, A. McCarthy, C. Fuller QCaptainl,V. Kauia., R. Bedell. Back row: E. Hy, R. McBride, R. Kolb, C. Allen, D. Brawley iManagex-J, G. Eberle, K. McBride. Chet Fuller. Captain Mr. Chris Tussing, Coach Schedule Ton. Opp. 41 Amherst 25 45 Kenmore 21 43 North Tonawanda 21 36 Amherst 21 45 Kenmore 21 40 North Tonawanda. 26 Y About the Team l J team tapped off a remarkable athletic season at T. H. S. Coach Chris Tussing, '91 Acclaiming the championship for a second straight year, the swimming with five veterans as a nucleus, successfully molded an outstanding aquatic squad. Captain "Chet" Fuller, 220 yard free-styler, and Bob Bedell, diver, had a glorious season.-Fuller established a league record of 2' 29 3110" while Bedell completed the schedule without losing. This duo also competed in the Eastern United States High School Championships where "Chet', took fourth place and "Beetle", fifth. Twelve athletes were awarded major letters for their success in the meets. Al McCartl1y was named to the captaincy of the 1944 team. llgraglflow: T. Potter, R. Phipps, J. Taylor, P. Ruugos. Swonrl raw: R. Mayer, H. Jerge, D. Emery, J. Lautz. Back row: F. Crissey !ManagerJ . everette. Archery Club Sponsor: Mr. Rose Augmented interest in this comparatively new or- ganization resulted in an increase of almost IOOZ over last year's member- ship. This interest also led to the purchase of new equipment, including bows, arrows, and a larger target, which the members enjoyed at their weekly meeting. 66 -.f-f"7'- is . . L. Hardy, C. Heylmun, D. Bmwley, R. Lambert, T. Howard. lntra-Mural Basketball Director: Mr. Rose After a long, action-Hlled tournament, hard - fought as only intra-mural games can be, Hardyis team emerged as champs, scoring a surprise victory over the veteran Burkholder team. In two post-season tilts, the champs also broke even with the "B" squad of the Varsity. .. ,Vw :C.M k,G.Ch'ld,P.Pl t,J.T l ,M.Pll k.S rl w:W.B ,N.Krupp,C.R'h , flilogliexgog C. Rexilirizlele, M. hidkovichiull. Gebhiimlili R. Kdlbiuli. Herschelilffg. Tomm. xc au lf' 1 3 L '."A,,.f'- i 7, ,,,-,hgh x i . Til? V ':..-F' V 1.1. I A 'X1fff'F"- 4 ' ' Af-+dw,.,-x,f,j xi-E1,J,,,:.' "V ' -. - ff"i:1ifQ-+V - V 'c 1' ' ' ' w-1-:M-:-M' .vgfif ..,.. Ne fd Yea - .l,..v,..1l.'-,. . . - -, ' - r ., WA. .I . . Sitting on edge of71ool:1lfI. Soldwisch, G. Koch, H. Rech, J. Power, F. Rech, E. Helwig, N. Snrkovics Kneclmg: A. Hultman, M. Burns, J. Buckout, C. French, J. Kraus, I. Chalmers, V. Doyle. Sitting 07? board: C. Stan, R. Koepsel, J. Smith, D. Voisinet, M. Halliwell, A. Bailey, L. Streeler, M. Lions, E. G1-eil, A. Graf, P. Schlueter, P. Olka, Miss Volleyball Instructor: Miss McPhilmy After a rip-roaring round- robin season of closely con- tested games, the volleyball championship Went to Vir- ginia Tho1nsen's heralded team. The happy gals, pic- tured at the right vied for high honors at the Kenmore Play as their reward. 68 D. Martin, M. Abraham, V. Doyle, M. Aleksich, R. Cook, M. Bliss, M. Foss, M. Fortman, R. Brush. SW1mm1ng Instructor: Miss McPhilmy These cheery rnermaids, after a hectic season of aquatorilal triumph, par- ticipated eagerly in the Kenmore Play Day Tour- ney, at which they brought home high honors for T.H.S. 1 l l ,fx.,..zy .fx.. i V W I A vw Varsity Basketball Instructor: Miss McPhil1ny Each year the best eighteen basketball players in school are chosen and divided into first and second teams. These ' top-notch players ably represent T. H. S. in hectic games with various neighboring schools, never failing to bring home high honors. V First Team: B. Burngasser, Capt. B. Smith, J. Smith Kneeling: M. Soldwisch, R. Koepsel, S. Stoberl- 1 ' lf Standing: W. Hendry, J. Devlin, J. Sennf ' I , ' , Second Team: Capt. C. Stan. Kneeling: M. Place, P. Ball, L. Sham. Standing: G. Grohe, M. Ross, E. ,y57'55- V Greil, J. Brush. . .f - . J,,4,f,.5,.-f ' .N ' .mg Q X, In Seated: J. Serin. Kneeling: P. Ball, G. Brokeniahire. Standing: S. Stoberl. G. Grobe, L. Dubec. S. Kruse. C. CBITOL M' Ross- Intramural Basketball Instructor: Miss McPhilmy Having most honorably endured the closely - con - tested round-robin session, June Senn and her team have been duly awarded the Girls' Intramural Bas- ketball Championship title. 69 Silt-ingf M. Welch, G. Brokenshire, P. Eckstexn, L. .Dubec, M. Burns, D. 0'Hagen, J. Dick, T. Ballmg, E. Greil J. Guzzetta, Smith. Standing: R, Koggsel, C. Smxcronpi, M.,Weinheimer, S. ugent, B. Smith, W. Hendry, B. Burngasser, H. Smllunch, S. Kruse, H. Roch, F. Rcch, E. Smith, J. Warner, S. gtogexil, B. Tiebor, J. -Levi, E. Bradly, . a . H ieadminmn "A" B Badminton has taken its place among the more popular sports. To prove it, M. J ' the turn out this year totals up to around eighty participants. The first nine X teams on the "A" laddermost honorably represented our Alma Mater in Q tournaments with N. T. H. S. and Kenmore H. S. AX I I Badminton "B" '70 Sitting: M. Abraham, B. White, J. Klinger, H. Howland, B. Rumbles, D. Martin, L. Allen, C. Yockey, K. Ibbotson. Kneeling: M. Reid, E. Reid, M. Radtke, D. Stahl, M. Fortman, M. Place, S. Pagels, A. Bailey, E. Helwig, S. Westra, F. Enzinns., S. Rockwell, M. Helf, J. Thorpe. Standing: S. Robins, D. Hicks, A. Hultman, F. Lovell, D. Schad, H. James, J. Grieser, V. Holeslgo, M. O'Nei1, V. NepokroeE, Miss McPhLlmy. mith, Willoene Hendry. dyth Hultmxm, Marjorie Bums, Betty PING PON G AND BADMIN TON QUEENS I nstructor-Miss McPhilmy . . f Y I These gals are some of the softball enthusiasts who rlghtly deserve to be proud after having given the Kenmore and Amherst teams a, fast run for their money. W I ' n Softball A L. Shaiu, E. Grail, M. Soldwisch, W. Hendry, S. Stoberl, J. Senn, B. Smith, N. Sarkovics, C. Stan, R. Kuepsel. Z tif :--. rf- n '- ' n li-E Fi En f nfl 1 " X W ii. L U. ,E 1 QF Elf' S 1 ji I E' x ' ik 11 . ,. 4- ,, P . ul v A 904, BEST C: "VG T0 WX Q' fi QS' Q QQ g ,, SY X59 l Qs fi 5 I5 '41 Advertisements One of the most important jobs on the home front is being accomplished at the present time by American business lnen. Whether millionaire, capitalist, or small retailer, each is putting his capable shoulder to the wheel to aid in the final victory of our armed forces. To those business men who, in spite of added burdens, have so generously contributed to aid this publication in its final "March to Victory," we ex- press our unlimited and heart- felt appreciation. Ti1ere's Fascinating, Vital War Work Right Here At Home -For Every T.H.S. Graciuatei if-U--1, 4 1 YOUR FRIENDS IN UNIFORM on the battle lines need your help right here on the production lines! At Remington Rand we build stabilizers for Army transport planes-rudders for Army fighters-float braces for Navy patrol bombers- chart plotting boards for the Navy . . . things our boys at battle stations must have-and fast! It's your privilege to help-it's fun to help. We've got a spot waiting for you-a pleasant place to work . . . pay from the first day, even while you're learning . . . work that's interesting for every girl and boy who is a Senior at T.H.S, Let us tell you all about it. Come over to our Main Street plant any time during the day, and talk with us. But hurry-for your country's sake, for the sake of all the T onawanda boys in uniform-hurry! APPL Y TODA Y- MAIN STREET-TONAWANDA SERVING THE TONAWANDAS SINCE 1904 YIANILOS SODA BAR Lily Creamiest Ice Cream - Home Made Candies 64 YOUNG ST. Phgng 1929 CLYDE C. DIEDRICH RESTAURANT The Best Food at Reasonable Prices 22 DELAWARE CLYDE'S CAMPS COMPLETELY FURNISHED REASONABLE WEEKLY RATES A Beautiful Lake in a Beautiful Country BOATING SWIMMING HIKING PISICO LAKE, ADIRONDACK MTS., NEW YORK PROGRESSIVE DIES DEVELOPMENT AND TEMPORARY DIES FIXTURES JIGS MACHINING FAERICATING alfwwen ngineering 0. SIXTY-FOUR MAIN STREET ' NORTH TONAWANDA N Y Compliments of ATHLETIC COUNCIL RECH'S BAKERY Fred A. Rech, Prop. Compliments of Complete Line of Assorted Rolls Pastry, Pies and Wedding Cakes, We Cafe! fo Pliifies, Banqllefsf and 190 Oliver Street N. Tonawanda Weddings 28 Young St. Phone 78 WE DELIVER RACHOW'S Hill Street Market Compliments of Meats . . . Groceries . . . Vegetables H- C- Phone 579 Meats of Quality 93 Hill Street Tonawanda, N. Y. 31-33 Young Sf- Tonawanda, N- Y- Www ln BOXES As Well As ln Tanlcs YES, BOXES AND TANKS ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THEIR CONSTRUCTION. YOUR PRODUCT DESERVES THE BEST PROTECTION. PROTECTION THAT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE FOR VITAL WAR PRODUCTS OF THE DAY. TRUST YOUR SHIPMENTS TO OUR TOUGH, STURDY BOXES AND YOU WILL BE SURE THAT THEY'LL GET THROUGH. THE R. T. JONES LUMBER CO., INC. BOX AND MILL DIVISION NORTH TONAWANDA, NEW YORK Manufacturers-Nailed and Wirebound Boxes, Shavings and Sawdust DISTINGUISHED Q The Home of FUNERAL HOME S QUALITY FURNITURE MAIN and YOUNG STS. - TONAWANDA FUNERAL HOME - PHONE 81 FURNITURE - PHONE 136 Columbus McKinnon Chain Corporation ., ' and Chisholm-Moore Hoist Corporation Established 1919 DEALER'S LUMBER CORP. Humphrey 8: Vanclervoort 59 Thompson st. North Tonawanda, N. Y. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Walter W. Hamann Phones: Ton. 175 President Buffalo Delaware 6652 Phone 34 L. P. Humphrey A. H. Heller P- E- Humpmy F'W'B"1m""J" - TWIN cm' CLEANERS s. ovens . BETTER CLEANING Office--145 Robinson St. In the Tonawandas Plant-79 Fillmore Ave. Compliments of A Compliments of SPAULDING FIBRE CO. Con-,plfmenfsof INCORPORATED KINNEY SHOE STORE Compliments Kahn 's New York Store Inc. 1 COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS TONAWANDA, N. Y. WOLF MOTOR SALES PACKARD and STUDEBAKER CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS We Repair All Makes of Cars TON. 619 Large Assortment of Good Used Cars 81 YOUNG ST. CUTT'S HOTEL , THE WULF BOTTLING WORKS A 285 MAIN ST. NORTH TONAWANDA A PHONE 455 Phone 16 Prescription Chemists KlEFER'S PHARMACY FINE DRUGS AND CHEMICALS 53 Main St. Tonawanda, N. Y. Quality Beverages Sinc 2 1900 MEYERS LUMBER MILLWORK - BUILDING MATERIALS TONAWANDA, N. Y. rl EATAAT THE JEWELRY OPPE D I N E T T E Y And Enjoy the Best in Food P WAHL MILK Geo. V. Campas, Prop. 0 ' B I Ch 'Id Y ' . is est or I ten and ou 107 Main Street North Tonawanda 'Q' Seal-On Hooded for Your Protection W Phone 1453 THE CRAMER HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale and Retail Dealers NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. FACTORY AND MILL SUPPLIES PRECISION AND HARD' TOOLS Hardware Paint for All Uses OUR INDUSTRIOUS TREASURER Compliments of N. M. WALLACE Diamonds, Watches and Clocks 12 MAIN STREET JONES THE FLORIST Telegraph Florist Phone 1195 CORNER SCHENCK and PAYNE D CONTINUE YOUR ATHLETICS AT THE ELDREDGE BICYCLE CLUB 'E FOOTBALL - BASKETBALL - BASEBALL - GYMNASTICS TONAWANDA UNDERWRITERS, INC. RALPH H. WHITE Insurance with Service G , B Phone 734 4 Main St. eorslan ay Lumber Co., Inc. FRED W. FICK ' River Road North Tonawanda Faultless Fitting Footwear 30 Webster St. NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. Compliments of BUFFALO STEEL COMPANY LONG'S ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC Authorized Dealer for General Electric and Philco Products Phone 1426 52 Main St. ' Tonawanda, N. Y J. Gurewitsch Shoe Store Nunn-Bush Shoes for Men Wilbur-Coon Shoes for Women 70 WEBSTER STREET North Tonawanda THE YARDS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE H. B. VOELCKER 50 FILLMORE AVENUE H. B. KOENIG, Inc. THE oLD RELIABLE HARDWARE STORE HARDWARE 8a PAINT DEPT. 10-12 YOUNG ST. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT 17 MAIN ST- VISIT OUR RECORD BAR JOS. W. SNIDER, Inc. Dodge - Chrysler -- Plymouth 2 DELAWARE STREET Tonawanda New York WEBER'S SERVICE STATION Gasolines, Oils 6'-' Motor Service 420 Fletcher St. Tonawanda, N. Y. ' CLEANING and TAILORING HUGO REMUS, Prop. Phone 603 We Call for and Deliver HU G O ' S I Alterations OHice and Plant Best work assured on Repairing 55 YOUNG STREET Ladies' and Men's Relining Tonawanda, N. Y. Garments SAY IT WITH BODONI PRESS I Mr. Van Voorhers W A R N E R S FLOWERS ' 30 Years of Business at the Same Location 185 Delaware Street Phone 1128 Telephone Wash. 0177 - ous - 0179 RYAN 8a WILLIAMS, Inc. STATIONERS 1 Office Furniture - Filing Supplies S 82-84 Pearl Street Buffalo, N. Y. ANN M. GELOSE VIRGINIA M- HARDY BERN'S CHILDREN SHOP Wearing Apparel for Children "TOTS T0 TEENS" 22 MAIN ' TONAWANDA YIIZTT HARRY DANIELS fix JEWELER 20 Main Street W7 Look for the Big Clock When the Quality ofyour MILK Supply is Questionable, Give TWIN CITY DAIRY'S Premium Milk a trial and you will be I HISTORY IIA," SCIENCE "B," TODD "SEE" More Than Pleased TWIN CITY DAIRY , . JANKE'S sHoE STORE Awarded Diploma of Merit "D I ' F' F t " New York State Fair ea et m ine oo Wear 19354933 Phone 169 40 Young Street BADMINTON W I L D E R FOOTBALL HARDWARE CO., Inc. Agents for I ' A. C. SPAULDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Firearms Phone 140 Fishing Tackle PHOTO FINISHING PORTRAIT AMATEUR SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPHY DOROTHY EYRE'S STUDIO MATTHIES ARTHUR T. OTT Pharmacist HOMOGENIZED 24 Young street Tonawanda, N. Y. MILK KEEP 'EM FLYING Phone 1840 Tonawanda, N. Y. SPRINGER 8m HOLLER Arthur C. Springer Insurance Real Estate Bonds 25 So. Niagara St. Phone 380 THE STORE FOR MEN and WOMEN WHO SHOP for MEN Go to SCHNELIQS For Your CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS GEORGE E. SCHNELL aa SONS NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. Compliments of ESCO LUMBER CO., Inc. J. G. Eshelman, Pres. North Tonawanda, N. Y. LINTON CONCRETE PRODUCTS Concrete Blocks Waylite Blocks, Cinder Blocks, Lintels, etc. Phones: 1417 or 451 or De. 6830 582 Young St. Tonawanda DUREZ PLASTICS 81 CHEMICALS. INC NORTH TONAWANDA, NEW YORK IDUREZI I WHEN YOU FEEL HUNGRY OR THIRSTY THINK OF , Z E F F E R Y ' 'S AND TRY ONE OF OUR TASTY SANDWICHES OR DELICIOUS SODAS 5 S. NIAGARA STREET TONAWANDA, N. Y. Compliments of N HAMSON E. ROBERT 'T Compliments of JOSTEN'S NO FINDEE, I BETCHA Makers of Class Rings Compliments of I RUDOLPH WURLITZER Congratulations from Compliments of RIVER R AD . . O '-UMBER CO' "'C WHITE STEAM LAUNDRY NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. Office Phone 1583 NORTH TONAWANDA Time Store with the Checker-board Front Compliments of FLOUR, FEED, SEEDS, and POUT-TRY SUPPLIES The Best in Entertainment Ph 77 48-50 Young St t Glnmplimenis nf 'fguffalu 'Quit Olnmpang TONAWANDA, NEW YORK ZUCKMAIER BROTHERS 11-13 NIAGARA STREET 14-18 MAIN STREET 1 STAHL'S TRUCKING COMPANY HELF S MARKET Ship Via Stah1's Trucking-Tonawandas FINE FOODS Four Sweeney Street FOR OVER 50 YEARS NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. QQQ Adam St, phone 433 Compliments 01' Compliments of BUFFALO PUMPS HARVEY'S DRUG STORE NORTH TONAWANDA NORTH TONAWANDA WERKLEY'S HOME MADE CANDIES GREETING CARDS GIFT WRAPPINGS TRY OUR DELICIOUS SODAS 155 GOUNDRY STREET Compliments of Roy Creasey-Allan Herschell Yearbook Photographers Compliments of YOUR ' Endicott-Johnson Shoe Store 13 Main Street Tonawanda THE PI-IOTOGRAPHER'S GAL H Compliments of RICHARDSON'S BOAT COMPANY NORTH TONAWANDA, NEW YORK Bernard T. Witzlce Drugs Sick Room Supplies VESICBBCEJALGI Phone98 BUILDING SUPPLIES CAMOUFLAGE QUEERS IN THE LAB. 84 W ini!

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