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X 4 , 1 Q -Jiiglf iufeif' , :sf-,Z ,L ' , ,clffi 1.25 1 gif'-mb. . 'Qi Wfsr ,K . . , ' f.i,2"1iff "iff-in -fjzlil ' ' X - ,fvlfarjii , ,gm . - ,H 1 'iT2r3'f3I -'W' ,fi , Y, '- ifvx f -1--5 . J dill., k L. I ' W, '5 -. V ' -iii , ,v 'T-'filxf 2 1 Liv L 'QQEJQ S E X . 3 Lithographed by WM. KELLER CO Yearbook Publish Buffalo N. Y f if 41 'Arif' ' 4-"'4'f4"'tt lmqf ,gif ff' 'Sf f 17, if 4' 41" 1' Q 7 J l nf' T N Long' may it wave o'er the land of the FREE and the home of the brave! The Senior Class of TONAWANDA HIGH SCHOOL QSM S All photography with the exce tion of the P mall mdlvldual plctures fthe faculty and cl and those of the q s the work of the stu dents. HSSCS UCCIIS The T onazwandan 1942 Published by The Senior Class of TONAWANDA HIGH SCHOOL Tonawanda, N. Y. name FOREWORD Someone once said "Freedom is not a herita'e' it is a ossession that 1 1 P must be earned by each succeeding generation." This year we find ourselves involved in a serious situation. Freedom will have to be fought for-died forg and above all we realize that it must be worked for. Our country is a symbol of hope that brightens each tragic soul of this world. The atmosphere of our great nation must be kept free from the darkening skies of tyranny so that our flag may wave unfurled in the clear sky of peace. Ours is a great task, but not too great a price to ask for the privilege of being able to raise our voices in triumph and cry, "We are the Free." Such is our theme. n . W' Wm , X:,'e 1 :1 ai BON D 5 --1 STAMPS x uf . QQ ' .- in '53 Es - If-wt,-'rf S' 'Q' hh , . - D-'Q 1 N 2 2,,W,, A 'i ,, ff -f ff' . U M. M4 wr f 7 fm.,- ,mky -A ww iw' K1 'l NX Q- '-'Wmmawmw X- wmiwap K .Q L -Mfwewl W , 3, f as 35 in 4.5 M ,ix qv, 'K wx N ds L K- g, -, as Z . 'f ' 5 f Q ,L Vg K 'I if 'ii . Y ' fs' - ,,mQgf f-'IBNWFX L s , , 1 k fgwzigivgasin A is- lfiaii WN 5? A-M14 s. 5 " YA V. , ,W fh 135, Xa! Ui fm , We R35 bra N 1' 1. N x iw riff +1 Q Xl LQ 'fn' in W RQ 5 bl yi? Q .4 RQ! W.- 'SS 'six . 6 A Y .Si sv Qx' , t XR i 1 4 4 .Ti CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS N 4 4 v s 14 . H1 ef- 'Q E. . Ji? + '- F13 54" , .- Q 5 qw, ., 251. Qw A- W, .M ,f as f f J ,. X " fm if , fj ffM, M,.,,,f ps Never before in the history of the world has there been a land whose educational system has so generously extended its benejits to all those who have been willing to receive them. Education has paved a way for democ- racy-and it shall be the factor which will preserve our great heritage of freedom. fr ,H x 5, LY' 4 ... in 'fiffi 5 affiifif H Wa' Q2 .Q i K s W' i - 'Wm 'Y an rv-. uw . 8- 'E' , , 'in im 'ff 6 ai , --msefvx?' ? . - 0 1 5 fi? 52 , Q ff ' :QP ,W nv' 222' 1 ' ff' : jg ar H, . X ,. ,Aga Y K A if .....M.. 4 . i X , .X .... Q 1 ,-5, Q-swam X A h 5 AW ' gf E Y Ya N R ah QE... Mrs. Lillian M. Dickson, B. S., Deoartment Head English IV Nlrs. Mary H. Smith, B. A. English III Spanish I Miss lWarian Tripodi, B. A English I, H Miss Marjorie L. Sine, B. A.. M. A. Journalism English III, IV Miss M. Frances Heffernan B. A., M. A. English I,ll Nliss Hilda M. Heffernan B. A., M. A. Engiasii 1, ii Latin in Miss Jean Weber, B. A. English 1, Ii, III Miss Ruth Seaman Librarian F onus Miss Cecelia S. Major, B. A., Department Head Latin I, II, IV General Language, -Ir. High Miss Irma L. Bagdy, B. A. Civics French I, II Latin I Mr. Richard W. Grefe, B. S., Ed. M., Department Head Bus. Law Bus. Management Salesmanship Mr. Robert H. Lloyd, B. A. EC. Geography Int. to Bus. Bus. Management Mr. John IVI. May, B. S., M. S. Bookkeeping I, II Bus. Arithmetic Mrs. Anne L. Neasmith 'Typing Miss Bernice Hopkins, B. S., M. S. Bus. Arith. Int. to Business Tywnu Mrs. Madeline S. Horton, B. A. Shorthand I, II Sec. Practice Miss Viola M. Rumbold, B. A., Department Head American History Economics Mrs. May C. Wilder Civics Economic Citizenship Mr. E. Douglas Webster B. A., M. A. History A, B, C World History Mrs. Clara M. Filsinger World History American History Miss Winifred Bellinger, B. A., Department Head Geometry Int. Algebra Trig. Solid Geometry Mrs. Helen O. Rockett Gen. Math. Elementary Algebra Miss Eva E. Bacon Gen. Math. Geometry Miss Sarah E. Seager Rep I, II Design I, II hey point the fly Mr. Gustave H. Koch, B. A., M. A., Department Head Gen. Biology Physics Earth Science Mr. Seward E. Beacom, B. S. Chemistry Gen. Science Mr. Stuart Tuck, B. A. Civics Economic Citizenship Gen. Science Mr. Roger I". Abell, B. A. Gen. Science Mr. W'ill Wright, Department Head Woodworking Advanced Woodworking Mr. William D. Gamble Auto Mechanics Mr. Clifford L. Taylor, B. S. Mechanical Drawing Mr. Ernest F. Springer Printing Miss Gertrude M. Farrell B. S. Homemaking Miss Anna E. Wittig, B. Homemaking Miss Beatrice McPhilmy Physical Education Mr. Walter S. Rose, B. S. Physical Education Mr. Christian A. Tussing Football Coach Swimming Instructor hir. Norman D. Rian, B. A M. A. Music Supervisor Mix wi .f-, L-. . '3"' A 'K hw, . . Q. K , . ri? , x . 1 ff .Li ish ,, 'gf' f , ti W 4, ' mf L' iii? Aaqrrifm., f - if jf- ' fix "ff-iq, I , 1' 1.4 V , 51,5 LL gi' ,- ' ,fl A I M1.f"M .X 1, 2 c f 4' ' - I X A,,,T,,..,,L A Q 511 .Qgfwt , ..,uh.+, Y, L, .ii-'s?5FSQL'f-21.3 55 ' f ,, ' . ' ' '. 'UL 423 -W , " . 111 9 ,,, Q fix Lb v'i"f'f1 3 5, 4 . 1 1 'mmf-.,1H' 'rf ' Nw ., -E-,L ,g,.': ".v. A, My., .ff 3321- ' E in KEEE "' ' ww- 1 xlib? .5132 -P' I - .r f , Lily' ' lfxw ' -5' 'F ' , -14-if" , X" ',f:5'w, NTU. 4 X " 1 f2TwQi'i67., if -, R .V ,f fi ,, , x x1i2,?-e-jim , A , .U . sp' x x,1v,'.im fx. nw., ,-,,-1 Vg . i V +',4-2" '-ygfuy. ,. H 4,1 ,. fa -f - , ' 5? my g , , . '25, M :r -' . -3 , 1 5 ' -'W 'J 'TM 152 153 fr? Q- f -.tif f , ,igu -Q QV Y. M 3 34 H fri! .w - ya.. ,gm . ,wk , ws Q Student: of America are granted the privilege of select- ing their own course: of study--the opportunity to fol- low the vocation: of their choice: In many countries today, the lives of young people are moulded in ac- cordance with a dictator'.r greed. We are proud of our country-proud to be able to say, "We are the Free." CLASS OF '42 Donald Reid, Prnident As president of the class of '42, "Beany" has not only distinguished himself by be- ing socially A-1, but he has also received recognition in basketball, tennis, and bad- minton. A toast to Don. He's everybody's friend, and every- body is his friend. Michael J. Cutt, Vin- Prn. Tall, dark, handsome-a per- fect figure of man. Mike's social poise, subtle humor, and broad smile have gained him many admirers. Capable and popular - the class's choice for vice-president. John Cherkauer, Szcrztary This dark, good-looking sen- ior has successfully sported the red and white colors in the swimming pool and on the tennis court. He's the capable and popular senior class sec- retary. Mary W. Collins, Treafurn Vivacious and versatile, with a lively spirit that alone makes her outstanding. Maryls an all-around athlete, an excellent swimmer, and a good dancer. Her cheerlead- ing helped send us to victory last fall. William J. Ball A fun-lover and practical joker with an ever-present wit, "Boris" has no scarcity of friends. Through his nu- merous activities-he has made something of his high school days. .onli aa. Mary A. Berg Mary's gaietyhwit, and per- sonality stand out wherever' she is..Very energetic, she takes a keen interest in ath- letics, shining as an example of vim, vigor, and vitality. Rose V. Bodie ' Friendly and vivacious, Rose is liked by all who know her. She has distinguished herself in all athletics through her cooperative spirit, her ability, and her sportsmanship. Carolyn R. Brumm Eflicient, business-like- Car- olyn has gained recognition as the capable Editor of the "Komment". Participation in other activities and a high scholastic average gained her membership to the National Honor Society. LaVerne L. Abraham "Abie" will leave behind an admirable football record. A diminutive fellow, he has achieved great things. A likeable disposition has won him many friends and has made him welcome every- where. Catherine C. Ball Supposedly quiet, good na- tured "Kitty" is well-liked. A good sport-she is an en- thusiastic athlete. Engaged to an army man-she may some day be an oflicer's wife. Doris M . Beaver Although Doris seems re- served, she possesses the quality of being a sincere, fun loving friend. Her cheer- fulness.and pleasing manner have made her well liked by all who know her. John H. Beringer A sandy-haired, retiring fel- low whose chief interest has been in shop work. Although his slight build has not lent itself to participation in in- terscholastic sports-he has been active in intramural basketball. Joyce S. Boyle -Ioyce's tall blond beauty and graceful figure commend a second look from everyone. "Sweet sophistication" prob- ably characterize her best- but she is fun-loving and lively as the occasion de- mands. Marion G. Burns Equally efficient in the class- room, club room, and in athletics-"Gert" makes a success of anything she un- dertakes. Intelligent, capa- ble, cooperative, she became a member of the National Honor Society as a junior. Robert H. Anderson An all-around fellow-"Oc- cie" proved his leadership ability as business manager of the "Tonawandan". His athletic ability was evidenced in basketball. All combined to bring him membership to the National Honor Society. Virginia J. Ball Quietly efficient and consci- entious-Virginia is always willing to do her part. Ami- able and easy - going - her temperament is contrary to that of most red heads. A James G. Campas Jim is a heavy set, dark haired, friendly fellow who has shown a desire for parti- cipation in sports. An intra- mural basketball player and member of the football team. Louis A. Dahl Louie's ability and personality have already gained him the position of Assistant Manager of the Riviera Theatre. A RiHe Club member-his aim is also good with a gun. Harriet J. Catania Her sparkling wit, her win- ning smile, and her amiability have surrounded her with a host of friends. A very en- thusiastic badminton player. lncidentally, she already has a start in the business world. Marion G. DeGlopper Willing to help, eager to suc- ceed, anxious to please, who could ask for anything more? Beneath her poise and quiet charm, you'll find a real friend who is greatly inter- ested in sports. . . K X 4 Rm lsjl' X X J Dorothy M . DeGrechie A small, wiry, quick moving girl who likes dramatics. Al- though unable to participate in many extracurricular ac- tivities-Dorothy has de- voted some time to tap danc- ing and singing. Helen Doel A pleasant smile and a gig- gling disposition describe Hel- en perfectly. An amiable miss whose cheerfulness is her best asset. Doris M . Driscoll "D.D.", easily recognized by her jovial, fun loving nature, hopes to be a nurseg and if her motto is "To have friends, be one", welre sure she'll be successful. C. Maxine Eaton Her flaxen hair and blue eyes account for her nickname "Duchy". Full of fun-Max- ine gets her quota from life. Donald F. Diedrich Silently yet successfully has Don gone through T.H. S. A keen mind and cooperative spirit have found him a place in the National Honor So- ciety. With this good founda- tion his success is unques- tionable. Richard B. Dreyer A vigorous fellow with a warm, friendly personality, Dick is quite the l'guy". He has been active in various sports and has displayed ex- ceptional ability in bowling. Marion E. Dunker Marion's lighter side is her genial personality-delight- fully mischievous and wholly entertaining-and her posses- sion of an unfailing sense of humor, the treasures hidden underneath are her sincerity and reliability. Alethea L. Edin A retiring person often draws as much attention as a for- ward one. Having few school activities-Alethea has con- centrated on her outside interest--Music. A talented pianist-she also sings. 4153 yi me "Nm 0 ' X ,. X i Norma J. Gademsky 2 Intelligence, beauty, and per- asonality are seldom found in y. such ample quantities. Pos- . i sessing outstanding leader- -ship ability-Norma has fre- quently held club offices. The capable secretary of the National Honor Society. Dorothy A. Garlapo Dorothy goes her own way- quietly accomplishing her appointed tasks. Her secre- tarial ability has proved in- valuable to the A'Komment" and the "TonawandanH. Her athletic achievements have brought her added recogni- tions. A oward E. Geltz quiet, modest fellow who as not chosen to participate ,rc in any activities other than ' V' Ubadminton. Having finished J education-Howard will 4' llow in his father's foot- i - teps as a contractor. J Anita R. Gipp Anita possesses those intangi- ble qualities that lead to popularity. "Gipper's" jour- nalistic inclinations were ex- pressed in the Komment, Tonawandan, and T. H. S. Notes. Busy? That isn't the word for it. A little person who accomplishes big things. Esther M. Flodin An expert in all sports- Esther has gained recognition as an ideal girl athlete. Ef- ficient-a valuable typogra- pher for the "Komment". Geraldine M. Foster Red - haired, pug - nosed, freckled-Gerry is all you expect her to be. An ace athletic, brimming over with fun and laughter-you always know when Gerry is present. Betty V. Garlapo Neat in appearance, experi- enced in secretarial work- she has chosen the field of business for a career. As to another future-Louie Stad- ler already has a corner in Betty's life. Thomas E. Garrity Rough and ready on the foot- ball fieldg graceful and soft- voiced on the dance Hoor. Displaying a talent for dra- matics-Tom was awarded a prominent role in the Senior Play. Charles H. Giese Talented in dramatics and music-Charles has devoted most his of time to them. Meanwhilemaintainingahigh scholastic average-the Na- tional Honor Society claimed him as a member. Betty L. Glynn Always willing to do her part and more - - . Betty is a welcome member to any or- ganization. A lively sense- of-humor and an amiable spirit add to her popularity. Dorothy J. Forth A petite figure, spontaneous smile, and lovely hair are her superior assets. Always A step ahead--Dot is already working and engaged to Bob Ernst. Donald G. Fuller Da Da Dit is a suitable begin- ning for Don's write-up. Thirty words a minute is our authority that Don may be chief telegrapher in one of our new battleships. William J. Groffenberger Although Bill didn't partici- pate actively in school activi- ties he did his part as bugler of troop 77. After enjoying the summer season Bill hopes to continue as bugler in the navy. Lois J . Hay , A girl whose true personality is revealed only to her friends. Casual and fun-loving with a pleasant sense of humor- Lo is most at home on the dance floor. Shirley J. Hicks ' Cheerful chatter and bub- bling laughter fill the room when Shirley is around. Her blond, curly hair and blue eyes give her an individual attractiveness. Many friends -both boys and girls. Corrine M. Holtz Ambitious-she is always husy doing something. ln- telligent-her writing ability was put to use for the "Komrnent". Independent, Corrine is already working part time. James E. Godfrey Here's another National Hon- or Society member. We have found in jim a combination of keen intelligence and re- fined character. His quiet Ways cannot conceal his like- able disposition. Elsie M. Gough Elsie has expressed herself best through her participa- tion in the band, orchestra, and chorus. Reserved, sin- cere, quiet-she is well suited to her choice of vocation, writing. C. Edward Harmon Here's the fellow whose vivid imagination supplies those thrilling stories which appear in the "Komment". He also possesses a friendly disposi- tion which should bring him success in his later life. G. Willard Heylmun A fellow whom you have to know to appreciate. Although he seems to be retiring, once you know him, you can't help but like his good spirits and jolly friendliness. Albert H. Holesko A jovial, happy - go -lucky manner has made this fellow a favorite of all his associates. A bowling average that is well-nigh 200 speaks for itself. Janice M . Hultman Take several flashing smiles, two friendly green eyes, a deli htful sense of humor andga bit of old Sweden! mix them together, and you have Janice Hultman. C171 xf' ff., SZ 1' ' ' l Eve Gollgi dl.. Ev lyn's vivaciousnfss and clear-ringing laughter have made her well-known in the field of sports. We'll all re- member her as a member of th "Stardusters"-all girl or- Jestfa. James T. Greenzweig An industrious worker, jim has offered his cooperation, and many good ideas to his class. Scholastic work has received most of his atten- tion. A really "swell" fellow. George Keleher Coming in contact with George always seems a pleas- ure. Heis friendly and very easy to like. Football has been his warm outside inter- est. Light-hearted-he always seems busy and happy. Rose K. Kraft Rose has a sweet and friend- ly personality which has al- ready resulted in a job for her. Too busy working-she hasn't had time for much else besides her scholastic work. Shirley A. Kreger Small, dark, feminine -- a pretty lass from Grand Island. Anxious to do her bit for the class of '42-she has spent her noon hours selling candy. Jeanne LaFle'ur Dark hair, dark eyes--typical characteristics of the French. Concentrating on a few ac- tivities-Jean has been able to offef her full cooperation, conscientiousness, and ami- ability to them. Adrian G. Human A commuter from the coun- try-Adrian has selected a college education in agricul- ture for his next goal. A solid build and conscientious at- titude should prove- to be of valuable assistance. Lois M. Jordon She looks reserved and quiet -but-on the contrary-She is lively and full-of-fun. Be- sides maintaining a com- mendable scholastic record, she has found time for ath- letics, and club activities. A faithful "Komment" con- tributor. Richard F. Kinzly A keen mind and sporting attitude are very typical of Dick. He has been found worthy of National Honor Society membership, and is well deserving of his host of friends. LaGrand S. Kramer In his short stay at T. H. S., LaGrand has made many friends. His membership in the Bowling Club and parti- cipation on the magazine sale committee have ac- quainted him with many students. Charles Kuhns If there is value in being carefree this fellow should be a millionaire. Numerous clubs and sports have found a place for him during his four years in T. H. S. Joan D. Luick Blonde hair and brown eyes, a dimpled smile, and that certain something add up to make joan pretty and popu- lar. She has easily swung into the social whirl at T. H. S. in two years. David J anke If you've seen that tall, blond boy around, whose chief in- terest is guns-that's Dave. He also likes swimming and basketball. Undoubtedly he is the kind of fellow to call your friend. Margaret Kassay Independent, efficient - she goes .about her business with- out waiting for others. Tal- ented in music, Margaret is the pianist for the Stardust- ers, an all-girl orchestra. 11 Allen McLeod What Al lacks in quantity, he makes up in quality. He may rightfully be called Tonawanda's number l booster. Commendable bowl- ing places him on the "Big Ten" weekly. Margaret K. Meritt Tall, slender, blond-haired "Maggie" has revealed a definite talent for dramatics and art. Proof of this is her work on the "Tonawandan" and the "Komment" and her leading role in the Senior Play. Robert Mileham He may be slow in the cor- ridors-but Bob certainly gets around a hockey rink. A winning smile helps him make friends. When Bob does a thing-he does it well. Fannie Z. Miller Auburn - haired, good -hu - mored, capable, willing. Fan- nie's writing ability has gain- ed her and T. H. S. many honors. Her contributions to the "Komment" and the "Tonawandan" have been instrumental in their success. Ruth F. Lyons A delightful personality, a keen sense of good sports- manship, a steadfast de- pendability, an ever present wit-add them all together and you have that popular senior, Ruth Lyons. Ruth B. Mayer A pretty girl with a pleasing personality. Her activities have centered around ath- letics-swimming, basketball, baseball, volleyball. She has gained recognition through her ability in them all. James E. Mende Don't let his quiet, shy smile fool you, for he has a twinkle in his eye that says FUN. Jim's a fine sportsman and a good shot with a rifle. Myrtle Meritt Unlike her twin sister in ap- pearance and in personality- Myrtle is small, dark, and reserved. However, she too has become interested in art and is successfully following in Margaret's footsteps. Ai-dys J. Miner An attractive girl with merry blue eyes and wavy blond hair. Tall and well built-she is an ace athlete. A winning smile and pleasant voice are My Naomi J. Minor Tall, atheltic - a graceful dancer. She has participated in every sport. Changeable- clouds may turn to sunshine in a minute. Garrulous, but sometimes reserved - her friendly smile is always wel- come. C Addison W. Martin "Our tall, good-natured bas- ketball manager," Addison has found additional enjoy- ment in chorus and band work. To succeed, but to have a good time in doing so, seems his primary aim. Richard McCarthy Itch has his funl Although generally very lively this small Ufryh revels in his class snoozes. Getting to facts, Dick is a personable fellow, well liked by all his associates. 'Ji Donald E. Naukam In one and a half years "Red', has obtained for himself an enviable record in basketball and tennis. Well informed in current events-Don can al- ways provide a forceful argu- ment. Janet A. Ott Not even a pair of crutches kept Jan from her numerous activities. With a high schol- astic rating, janet is the capable and efficient Editor of the "Tonawandan". Any- thing she undertakes, she does well. Eileen A. Parmentier Petite, red haired "Sally" is usually in the limelight with- out ever seeming forward. Her friendly, candid viva- ciousness helps her to make friends easily. Athletics have been foremost in her ac- tivities. Ruth L. Rebmann If there's a certain glow in her eye, you know that mis- chief's afoot. Ruthieis friend- liness, cheerful manner, and musical ability, plus a pleas- ing appearance, have gained her a place in T. H. S. Shirley L. M011 One of our most popular girls, "Shirl" has her finger in almost every pie. Her versatility and amiability al- ways keep her in the fore- ground. Hats off to the bad- minton champ of '42. Jane E. Mowitz Eyes once voted the most beautiful in school. Frank and independent with a fascinat- ing sense of humor. Active in sports and socially poised "Mo" and "Soup,' are a tra- diton to T. H. S. Olga Nepokroeif A success in whatever she undertakesfOlga accepts it modestly. An enviable record in athletics has brought her popularity in the locker rooms, a pleasing personality has macle her friends in the corridors. Lois M. Owens All through high school Lois has gone quietly but cheer- fully on her way. Her neat appearance and efficient man- ner as a student librarian has left a pleasant impression with us all. William H. Parmentier Quiet, cooperative, amiable- "Twit', has found due suc- cess in his high school days. His ability in football and basketball has gained him recognitions as an athlete. An ideal sport. Jean F. Rech We will remember Jean for her wit, her individuality, her sloping stride, her red- rimmed glasses, her loose- limbed cheerleading, and her performance in the Senior Play. Eugene Monnier A mischievous fellow, Eu- gene's sunny personality is revealed by his broad smile. His cheerful participation in class affairs has made hima a favorite at T. H. S. Ruth Muck Easy-going, Ruth takes life as it comes. Never without a joke-she reveals her person- ality through her sense-of- humor. William F. Richau A shy but friendly fellow- Bill's warm brown eyes are well suited to his personality. His slow smile, low voice, modesty, and unassuming attitude are pleasing assets. Agnes J. Rodeke Gracious, poised-her dignity is becoming. Never hesitating to use her ability in the club room, in the class room, or for the benefit of the school-she is worthy of her National Honor Society. Allan Rose Although his nickname, 'KRed", indicates a fiery temper, his disposition is contrary to the rule. His chief interest is in the Rifle Club, in which he has parti- cipated actively. Dorothy H. Rovoldt A shy but friendly smile is part of her pleasant greeting. "Dora" reveals her real per- sonality in her lively and attractive green eyes. A girl who is nice to know. Suzanne Rech A merry smile, twinkling eyes, and a vivacious perso- nality all combine to make Suzanne the sweet person whom everyone knows. Cute is the word for fun-loving Suzy. Dolores M. Rees Bubbling over with laughter and jokes-we can't help like her jovial and amiable disposition. Dolores takes life with a smile-the had mixed with the good. Betty J. Robillard Betty's main interest has been in music organizations. Her willingness to help others and her good naturedness have been appreciated by all. Betty's merry laughter is characteristic of the Irish. Robert Rogemosher The main objective of this fellow has been scholastic achievements. In this he has duly succeeded. Capable work on committees and the yearbook has been his service to the class. Barbara K. Rose Her individuality is her most valuable asset. A combination of intelligence, wit, and self- expression have enabled "KateU to write poetry. Her success in the Senior Play strengthened her popularity even more. Betty R. Roy Talented in art-she has used her ability to good ad- vantage on the "Komment', staff. Her ability will un- doubtedly prove as valuable an asset in the future. William F. Redemske "Willy's" extraordinary sense of humor and ability to enjoy himself and amuse others have left him and his class- mates happy memories. A fellow who gets a kick out of life. Albert F. Rhodes With Irish eyes a'smilin', Albert has won his way through high school. Mis- chievous and full of fun, yet conscientiously serious at times, a typical Irishman except for his modesty. as .3-'44 C223 Betty A. Schwinger Although not well known by many of the class, Betty has gone through her four years at T. H. S. with a fine spirit of independence and sin- cerity. Wilma D. Shain Dark'-witty-full of vim and vigor, Wilma's high scholastic standing, outstand- ing athletic ability, and good sense of humor have made her a sincere friend and a popular senior. Charles Smith When not working-Charlie uses his ambition to advan- tage playing his saxaphone or singing. Perhaps it is Char- lie's smile that wins him friends-and keeps them. Nida H. Smith Nida hasn't allowed her resi- dence on Grand Island to interfere with her activities. An excellent scholastic record plus participation in athletics and club activities have been rewarded by membership to the National Honor Society. Roger Rumbold Although not especially ac- tive in extracurricular ac- tivities-Rog is bound to be a success if his aim in life is as good as his aim with a rifle. Harold T. Schoultz l-lere's a likable fellow whose chief interest has been in the rifle club. In fact, his sure aim with a rifle has brought him recognition in national com- petition. June L. Senn She's man - tailored -- her stride, her humor, her clothes, her actions. A superb athlete and locker-room favorite, an intelligent student, a popular National Honor Society member. Avalon J. Smith She seldom talks, but her smile is a friendly one. An- other quiet and retiring girl whom one has to know to appreciate. Level-headed- she takes things as they come. Laura M. Smith A tall smiling senior with a pert turned-up nose, Laura's sweet personality has made her well-liked by everyone. Ambitious, diligent,-she is bound to succeed. Thomas Smith Happy-go-lucky "Smitty" is always in mischief of some sort. Popular-'he reigned as football manager. He has also shown other assets, in- cluding his ability to make friends. f"A co ina'on of beauty, intelli nce and versatility . - l undoubtedly be a suc s. She has already gained ecognition through all thre of these assets. An ideal private secretary. lf l ' Janet c Marion J. Schultz Her quiet, sweet, and gentle manner, mixed with a spirit of self independence and ex- pression, will bring her suc- cess as a 'Kschool marm". We remember her for these char- acteristics and her large, shy, blue eyes. Teresa A. Tollar Friendly and cooperative- "Teres" is an ideal sport. These characteristics, com- bined with amiability and gaiety, provide a charming personality. Helen R. Vokes Helen's blond beauty and dramatic talents have earned her a top role in the Senior Play. Not only is she at- tractive but possesses the qualities necessary to be a National Honor Society member. Ada L. Walters Following in the footsteps of her precocious brothers, her talent in music can't be stressed too much-not only instrumentally, but also vo- cally. She is bound to achieve success. Robert D. Warner If a curly haired boy with merry brown eyes gives you a quick, smile and a pleasant "Hiya"-that's Bob Warner. With lots of personality, Bob is sure to be a success. Moses Solomon Revealing a talent for music -he organized a band in his junior year. Since then "Mickey" Solomon and his orchestra have become a tradition to T. H. S. dances. Music, meistro, please. Ehde Beth Stamler Her scholastic ability has gained her recognition and membership to the National Honor Society. Diligent and efficient, Ehde Beth has used her ability to advantage by doing typography work for the Komment. Howard E. Voisinet He has actively and amiably participated in extra cur- ricular activities. This, along with his scholastic ability, has made him eligible for membership to the National Honor Society. Arnold Wackerman His mischievousness and sense of humor have often proved to be a disadvantage to "Wack" but he never seems to mind. A great en- thusiasm for outdoor sports, he stars in hockey. Joseph Wapperer Usually very care-freeejoe exhibits a pleasant shyness in the classroom. A good bowler. his kind are always received cordially. XT til M Ojnjsylf . Robert W. Warren As president of the National Honor Society this fellow has displayed scholastic ability and qualities of leadership Numerous athletics and a wealth of personality have made Bob well liked by all on ....""' - e Myra I. Stahl Small and merry eyed-Myra is neither forward nor shy. She has gone busily about her task of getting a business education in preparation for an office job after graduation. Christy A. Tack A true bachelor in the sense oflthe word that girls don't bother himemuch. Witty, he has more blarney than most lrishmen. Not exactly a scholar, but excelling in other ways. Q 1 Nancy R. Wolf Graciousness and serenity are all combined with joviality and humor. Radiant and re- freshing-she has a beauty all her own. Her dramatic ability was used to advantage in the Senior Play. Franklin A. Wenske . A quiet, sincere individual, always welcome -- Frank, through a flne scholastic record and a friendly nature, has been popular in circles about the school. A member of National Honor Society. Lois M. Wilke A slender girl with sparkling dark eyes and a warm smile. Loie's intelligence and friend- liness have made her a popu- lar member of the many clubs in which she participates. Edward Zettle Tall, and dark, with a pleas- ing personality that has gained him many friends at T. H. S. A Rifle Club en- th usiast. AWAY AT COLLEGE Richard J . Reed Dick is well-known for his musical ability, scholastic record, and friendly smile. Enrolled at Purdue Universi- ty, this member of the Na- tional Honor Society will succeed in anything he un- dertakes. Gladys F. Westphal Her perseverance is an ad- mirable quality. Always eager to do her part-she has wil- lingly offered her service in the library and in clerical work for Miss McPhilmy. James J. Wolf Quiet and sincere-when Jim speaks, he says something worth listening to. An ideal sportsman-he has proved his athletic ability and sports- manship in both basketball and football. e are ready to give our all In a short time our graduation class will go forth into a world of uncertainty and tragedy. We feel that it is a great honor to defend our liberty as our fore- fathers once did, and as we are willing to do, efven with the supreme sacrifice of gifving our lifves so that the United States may efver glow with the torch of de- mocracy. To those who will take an active part in the preservation of our Union-God grant that they may do their duty to leeep our land blazing with our great- est heritage-Freedom. enior Plzzy"Y0u're Young mb T ive" X up-ur C65 THE CAST Standing: Nancy VVolf Robert VVarren Janet Orr Evelyn Gollhardt Joyce Boyle Joan Luick Donald Naukam Terry Tompkins College Boy Gale Storme Sophie Sandra Cummings Pat Butler Vlfaterhouse, Sr. Sfatfd: Mary Collins Jean Rech Thomas Garrity Janet Schoenfeld Robert VVarner Janice Hultman Beatrice Ne-uman Libby Frohman Ffmil Desoto lrene Pratt Yan lvyck Yvaterhouse Avis Laurel Standing: Franklin VVenske lWiss Tripodi George Keleher William Ball College Boy The Directress of the Play Stuhby Holcomb College Boy S fatfd .' Adrian Human Norma Gadcmsky Barbara Rose Margaret Nleritt Helen Vokes Donald Reid Lowell Cooper Helen Hunter Mrs. Trigg Agatha Dunning Dorothy Randolph Chester Pearson REHEARSALS Ana' Our Adwsors O In honor ofour boys who are this foery hoar so 'valiantly protecting American ideals we present . . . Queen of the Marines Joyce Boyle Queen ofthe Navy Norma Gademsky Queen ofthe Army Joan Luicle , f 1 8" ' 4 u 'XA cfm 0? QJWCXCY Q6 'BC QOSQ QQXAOQQ X55 X2-0 x All f' X SOQQ:-5 QR' XXX X N SNK bw Ke: cow 'HX xixx WAX N 1 Vx 6 , 5' ici' ,,31.gvj:.fa .A 1 .3955-',.ii' "V X 'fd . 'Ya ig ls T e .1 Mt, 3, ,As -5 75'tf.!,.i V. v- -, -,.r,,.,,. L.-.'...x,1.. 5 ..- 'f1f"sf"' 1. 5 1. Qxf lf. 57 SE 1011 CTIVITIES 5 ' 5-ff.. , , 1,5 'res .1 9 ... , '1.fft?15?. fQd1Q55"f"- . ,ffl - g,f .. 7 xfsls fiil-'3sf '.i" , 4""h"'!ff349.. .. ,l -ll. 2-4- ' sul-rn, Dorothy Fr fl' ' -7Q:f ' l'1'Q?. fill! Anderldgfl i ., K . tball 2-45-Track 3-4, National Honor Footer, Geraldine-Baseb 5 Vgri' 5-3: .s'u. ..'L ll . . . . 5 Soelssy -,L lweeg klldCllY4Q Latin Club 35 Badmlnmn Club35 1.4: vmny Basket? 5 115,551 3-4, 5, .11 ,H 51 , gg 55,5 Yearbook 4. Fuller Donald fi-sf.'ql,qj,,k3 5.51 Li Gly n- 1-,,..'.' l, ' b - 5 B ' - 5 ' sf ' if' li f . if if.: 'rl 'HF lf Bi ll? 8xg!-iftnglzlbjlt-3.oosters Club 2 3 Basketball Gademgky' Npgm . lh vgonqgjboclety Seaany 4: Iac. l' . 4 - Junlor,Cl . e Pres Bent 4' .Re 2-45 5 sv. . Balldw H 'Psdlblll 25 Basketball 2-35 Volleyball 2-45 Pho- Tr rf? S 21 fy 3 l' .iden.4: he A ' ' bb 3-4- ' 'll' SOITI Club-2--35 Boosters' Club 2-45 Dramatic Club 2-45 ' 1- 'li' -is ' 'i X - l - 'L R , W, 5 .L 4, Dr , t1cClu g5,FrenbClub g LOQI4, N553 Girl sseryes,3g-sg Bowling Club 3. , Buk ggl 1-45 A lull. A35 Vol nog gimme- , H' Blu. President Boosters' Club 25 Intramural 5 1 G3 7'5" d 2-43 PYO - .1 . fl Cl i . 5 Bo U8 Clu Clllb li s ootball I5 Track 35 Bowling Club 3. ggi, ' 4 5 , dent COUllQll' ii . 5 I -1 Bqvd-' ' ' 1' 7 b ll 1-45 v ll b ll 1-45 B b ll 15 3 G . Betty-Bi ll 2 " 1 -25 ,ask tb . :Vale 1. ll 1' . 'igeelrb 45 Girlz litier Club 3 Treasurer I lfese rl-45,53-QGirls' .Cllr y2-34: I f' , I +5 naming Team 1. 2. 4. Girls' Lemma' 2 3 47-if ' l-'Y-Club 34 K0 Wh' S' 5??4'f1V 15 :S-'14 ' iff' ' SISHWRZY5 Bowling Club 3-45 Girls' Rifi '351',1kIg?1rn 3fQ" G kg 5' Dorothy 75 lleyba l9l5 B ' tetball 'r Glrll'tLetter ' 5.YGirl Reserves 1-45 BOOSI ILIL '. -'- , Ile Ab-5334: Law -1 45 Y v okfuwll' 49 Cdgtest 3. fx 2 ,-5 31,51 Q Zlrffffsfgiifbill l'41 ---- il 1' ,Z '5"Thomas i': etball' -'foo'b3bX3'4iI iesfmulialBasket- -953132 5 1. oils?-Bowlln Club l- ll, . 1 1- I ur 21 - 1l 3-4. T Club , owlm 5 lub 4.w ,. 4 -1- 1, 5 R5 rg Q g ,, ,,s.,, ,,.. v mil 5 s.a -5, 5 ,5,,,'5f,,pil' 5' 2 , ' -K". uh' '48 flhtramural i 4. ,Tift 51 35331995 G -f l-, . Edward 1535, 'lf 41,4135-f .T 'tl kv .il jilgbsselgall 35 Baske 5 Vars ask - , 3132 Gef ll-loward-B I L nt 5354.3 Qs, 551- ' if 5321155553 2. C.. 5 G1 515131-55-B- l l. . 1353-5241 Dwi- . V111 1,5 . ' IA' 4 fiilgi' - 9 'ci 'l'.- 3i1v2a"F1l li W mg U ' auolna uno' M-'51 5-4 Q11-" i . -gal. - , " " . ' T 'f NYY 5 51 " ' ..:lff,g.. " - Q! vg-Bowling Club 'wily 1, su 11,-LA .or 511,13 s yi 5'Sf5f' ,' 13.31-fva., . If-1 b 1, B t , Cl b 2-4. S . C1 b 4- Q 'V fri' irLy72Efg?g?ub43.?l:g:tt L FOO -. 'fr 2 A F5231 . 1: arl ' eaglle 3:45 tlggtidllal Illonor ,Sobife:ye3-4? Prd . 5 ' 5 " ' 1 .' - ' if' ' .' is lf' -5-1 f r 7 13 .5f'f"i' 'E '-ws:-sQ Club 15 Basketball 1-45 Badminton 45 Tonawandan in qmmelnkisus 3-4, Gul Re C i -4' "BCI t 2' "CL ff'i'Eief" 4' Komment'Staff 3-4' Girl Reserves I-4' T H S Notes 4' 5' gllidgnosmglbt ibrblg' I ' Bwlids Club 4: Dramatic' Club 4. ' ' I ' ' V1.1 iubllol S6get3'4, ' j i g Glynn, Bettg-Junior League 3-45 Girl Reserves l-25 Basketball 4. El "ff-1.-as'5.r.f'af--101.11511-2 . 1-21. ill 5 ....?':'3"C5...L:': 1 - 5 of 3 IXIODI onor -.45 Q - 5 a M", - 5 o ey- . 9 . 3' W ' ' b0ll.'?r4Qfg vmlfmin 3-45 Reserves 3 ' C Pfesldem .13 Gollhlrdt, Evelyn-Volleyball 2-45 Basketball I-45 Baseball I-45 I I Bindm' 'Q:'Gplf Club 1 Cl ' 1-2: C0mm9fCl2l Girls' Letter Club 45 Girl Reserves 1-45 President 3-45 Bowling ' CNRQW, 5 Tl! I-UNH 514' .MN Club 3-45 Badminton 3-45 Varsity Basketball 3-45 Band 4. ' 523955, 4 -4 N' Go , Elsie-Band and Orchestra l-45 junior Classical League 'Nw- ' i " 'Q 4 Photogra hy Club 12- Volleyball 1-25 Basketball 25 1 .a1..7+'1fr.-sr-ergo, - lPfI!C'g,Mlg0d-+National Honor Society 3-45gunior Classical . League-' B451Bowling Club 2-45 Boosters' lub 3-45 Girls' IZ, Letterrglub 3-45 Secretary 45 Student Council 35 Library '51 AAUQIQIIQS .2-4: Girl Reserves 2-45 President 35 Volleyball 3-45 1 ' flllketbill I-42 Captain 45 Softball 2-45 Badminton 45 Ping f t-'Pony 2-4 French lub 45 Vice President 45 Science Club 2,45 ,- xlkb HBS! '45 Student Referee 45 Swimming Team 3-45 ' elfsgbbf 'Co ittee 4 V 't B k tb ll 4 -mm 5 arsly ase a . Cltalglhlillih--Baisd 15 football 2,35 Intramural Basketball 4. casqulai 5 1 rs-Basketball l-45 Volleyball 1-45 Girls' Letter Club ' I of Classic!! League 45 Badminton Club 3-45 1. G I' P otograpby Club 25 Softball I5 Boosters' cuss-ka f .0rub1-!- s l' Cl 1, 1-25 Baui ' igogvvdilirfminug Team 2-4r?lIl7lill: Club,1':' 4. claus-aer.Johii5-' 2 f 'lmclssr , Club 2-4. C lun . . . way... lg at .,. . 7 . 3 4: Ch I dt ZA, " 1-.:...""1,.... '11 .W 1' .5 72 ..:f1.:5a1.... Tru-ufesgi . 5 5 5 'd lfkgjldder 45 Swim min ind Y i? 'A L -1 5 't2'l"B.lsketball 4 .L tismg Stall! 'B Curt. Wit' f f V' 4 Intra- murs -- g .5 f-, LW -f'--1 i f gi 5. ' 5 sf ass- Lf Sayinrwy H. 5- 1 .. l 2: - -4 arbook 14a Biw u , 4--4 we ska: 4- - E' fs . I vrdleybdr an di" 4 " L., i ' A H ' f V, fi! Adver- ' ' QQ rl ff - 0' .1 ' 1 i!'3"Y'2t,42,g- l 'V A W4 S 5 J , .. lf .. .5-1. ,f1"..T5f'2 S imi" 5 Dihlf ,, -Fe , 'K 7 1 3, rf ramural Base-7 ., . . , . .. if W V5 M554 -K ballozmmng Club. I ., 51 -A 5...-fs DGI 111- ' Cl 'ai e L'Z'Z..1. 4 e..lS"lw fm? 35" . T.-l.'2.I"?l1 tldbfyra DsGrechle. 1- .H 5 I g auge I 4' 1. 2-3, 15.,.sa12la"-c1us.' 3-55,51 nlsaflcn Donald' - W , Club l-35'S't'lfdent c 3' 1 3. C'- l.- 5 . .. . gf . 5 . 1113 5.1 - tm- 1 ball I-45 Baaketbgwl . - 1 . 1 . 5 L gm 1: V 1 Q il , A l . . Bowling Club l- 5A'T lnton C '3-45 Yearbo Akgifl' 4- . in National Honor Society 4. Doel, Helen-Basketball l. ,, Dreyer. Richard-Footba T ,ik 1 . ,4- Clufbfgi-4: Bi Ziull 2-4. Drsscoll, Doris-Bask Volleyballfl-45 i 5 5, iton 2-45 Softball I-45 S ' Teim 45 Boosters' -45 Girl Reserves l, 3,'4"Girla Leger Club 3-45 Arche Cl3lbKl.3Q Science Qub 45 Rifle Club I.l Dunker. Jlirloa1LBasket57-all 1-45 2- 5 Girls'.fLetter Clubs -45 Boo ' - ' e lub ' Bannir Vo all 1-4, Badmlnton ub2 4 Girl ', - ttee4 National onor . SQUMC C , A i 5 ocieW'45 Softbal - assieal League 3-4 Duzy, PeterfSwim'ming I , hotography..Club 35.A1fel'lery'C5luI! 35 at Council 35 Athletic, Association '35fT,wClb3 3-4 Eat ne-Photogra hy Club 1-35 Secretar.y'25'Boosters ,. 5 ub l. 3, 45 Bowling Club 45 Girl Reserves 4 nails, Alarm--Kumaug Club 1. Fladln 'Sher-Basketball 1-45 Volleyball I-45-Girls' Letter Club 5 Girl Reserves l-35 Komment Stall' 45 Baseball 1-45 Law ' Club 45 Varsity Baseball 3-4. ap." , 1 v , .1 ' ' 'K ,flew ' K1 xk if usd. . 1 ., , L P'.'--15.555, .. -5 5' V .kk ,V .. -'Z -5 In-r,,s.' ff 15,5 it ,U 55.1 .4 . ' , 1 fc M1 ' " nf- .. 5. . .5 ,A 5 2- , 4 ...le 5 . ' -J " 1 .T 3 . L l .I -, ' 'A - fs,-l ivy' 1 u ' 13-'l'j'l?.'fu.42,.. 99" -Q ii' .ls r ., 1 I XG! 5 .5 ' 3 A f'.'.ls.5F1 f f"iis..?i'L, "X l"b2'ef. ..- A Chbrus l-45 bflusie Club- 3-4. Greenz g, James Gro rger. William Haifa. Thelma Harmon, Edward-Bowling Club 4. Hay. Lois-Homemaking Club 15 Tonawandan Stafi' 45 Journalis- tic Club 2-35 Law Club 3-45 Dramatic Club 45 Boosters' Club 35 Girl Reserves 2-45 Secretary 3-45 05ce Assistant 45 Library Assistant 4. Heylmun, Willard-Boxing Club 15 Student Council 3-45 Intra- 1 mural Basketball 2-4. iHlCk!, Shirley--Science Club l-25 fournalistic Club 3-45 Kom- 'K ment Stall 3-45 Bowling Club -45 Girls' Letter Club 3-45 '51 Girl Reserves 2-45 Swimming l-45 Basketball I-45 Volleyball 1-2 Holssko, Albert-Bowling Club 1-45 Golf Club 1-25 Science Club 2. Holtz, Corrine-Volleyball 1-35 Basketball 1-35 Girl Reserves I-45 Knittini Club 1-25 Golf Club 1-25 journalistic Club 2-45 Bowling Clu 35 junior Classical League 35 Boosters' Club 3. Hultman, Janice-Boosters' Club 2, 45 Bowling Club 2-45 Chorus 2-45 Girl Reserves 2-45 Vice President 35 junior Classical League 2-45 Dramatic Club 45 Basketball I-45 Volleyball 2-45 Ping Pong 3-45 Badminton 45 Swimming 45 Senior Play 4. Htllhln, Adil!!!-Band 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Dramatic Club 2, 45 Chorus 2. Jtnke, David-Rifle Club 2-45 Swimming 35 Intramural Basket- 1 ball 2-35 Hockey Club 2. 2 f1,5ggff5"Jordau. Lois-Girl Reserves 1-45 Badminton 25 Basketball 1-4. Volleyball 35 Komment Stall' 45 Science Club I. KI? Margaret Basketball 1 45 Softball I-45 Bowling Club 45 eleher Geor e-Boxing Club 15 Archery Club 35 Intramural irl Reserves 3-45 Komment 4 5 . 5. J' Basketball 3-45 Football 3-45 Senior Play 4. Kelley, Norman--Basketball l-45 journalistic Club 25 Student Council 3. Kinzly, Richard-Science Club 35 Syracuse Commercial Contest 25 Intramural Basketball 45 National Honor Society 4. Kraft, Rose-Girl Reserves 2-3. Kramer, LeGrand-Bowling Club 4. s 2-35 Bowling Club 2-45 junior Classical e Club 15 Dramatic Club 45 Baseball 3-45 Mvjtpfglketa 11 it olleyball 2-45 Softball 3-4. If I N owllng Club 2-45 Football 3-45 Golf Club I-25 DCO! Wi Kr Boosters' Club I-25 Girl Reserves I-45 Knitting sl Y F lab 4 v clng Club 25 Science Club 25 Bowling Club 3-4. 3 51" cal League 3-4. saauis-,A me Club 3. I IA it lrl Reserves 35 Bowling Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 3-4 Chorus 3-4. ' TW' . if C311 Q fr ll. 'X ' l sr. 1-'W SW. M-If Club 2-45 ves 1-45 all 2 4- Manager 1-45 Chorus 2-45 Band 45 Varsity Basketball 45 Swimming Team 2-45 Girls' Letter Club 4. I, 45 Band 15 Bowling Club 1-35 2-35 junior Classical League 2. Club 2-35 Track 3. Club 3-45 Bowling Club 3-45 Business r Committee 4 Club 2 4. 2, 45 Music Chorus 3 4' 3 4 Dramatic an Referee Society 2-4, Volleyball 15 Badminton 2-45 President 25 Vice reasurer Bowling 1-45 Bowling Club Shuflle Bpard 4 Club 45 Bibkelfblll 533332235 Rahman Reed League Rennin ,J -w. 5' , R il fBoosters' 'M K .,iHQQ!'0-r-,Football 2-45 T 'T' - ditof 3 Yearbook 45 Rifle '-45 A mg 4. mgunf wmnm S 5 Robillnrd, Betty-Basketball 1-45 Music Club 3-45 Science 3-45 Volleyball 3-45 Softball 25 Dramatic Club 2, 45 Band Badminton 3-4. - W ' 3 5 - , .. 3 ' 1 A I Club 3-45 Science Rodeke, Agnes-Volle ball Club 2-35 Latin Clu - Rogemoser Robert zine Committee 4 Rose, Allan-Rifle Marion C 3 H1 League 2-45 French Club 2-45 Club 3-45 Basketball 1-45 Swimming 3-4. Slebet, Henry--Football l-45 Captain 45 Basketball l-35 Vice President Student Council 35 President junior Class5Treasurer T Club 35 President T Club 4. Smith, Avalon--Basketball 2, 45 Art Club 25 Girl Reserves l-45 ff .,5.,h Chorus 3, Slkllihinharles-Band 1-45 Orchestra 2-45 Chorus 3-4. 3 Smith, Laura--Basketball 2-35 Baseball 2-35 Girl Reserves 3. Smit lda-Swimming Team 1-45 Life Sa-ving 35 Badminton 45 . iior Classical League 3-45 Treasurer 45 French Club 3-45 fs: . ecretary 35 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 7?Chorus 35 Dramatic Club 4. Smith. Thomla-Football Manager 1-45 Swimming Team l-4, journalistic Club 1: T Club 4. Solomon, Moser--Intramural Basketball 3-42 Band l-45 Orchestra 1-25 Chorus 3-4. Myra--Volleyball l-45 Knitting Club 1-25 Girl Reserves I-2. Ehde Beth-National Honor Societ 45 Girls' Letter 3-45 Knitting Club l5 Dramatic Club 3y-45 Dancing Club Baseball 2-3' Basketball 2-35 Volleyball 2. 1-3 at Simcol High5 Hockey 4 at Tonawan- Glee Club 3. Basketball 2-35 Football 2-35 Rifle l-4' Bowling 45 Dramatic Club 45 Tollar, Gir League 2-45 Rifle Splub 2-45 National Honor ociety 45 1-45 Bowling 45 Shuf- l-45 Boosters' Club l-45 Secretary 45 Arnold-Band 1-35 Orchestra 15 Bowling 25 Presi- Club 25 Hockey Team 2-3. Ada-Band 1-45 Orchestra l-35 Chorus 2-45 Junior Clas- b ll2 Volle ball 15 League 2-45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Basket a 5 y Club 3-45 National Honor Society 4. , Joseph-Bowling Club 45 Intramural Basketball 4. Warner. Robert-Swimming l5 junior Classical League 3.-45 Intramural Basketball l-25 Business Stall' Yearbook 45 Bowling Club 45 Senior Play 4. Warren, Robert-Football 1-45 Hockey l-45 Captain 45 Intra- mural Basketball l-45 T Club 2-45 National Honor Society .3-45 President 45 Boxing Club 15 Rifle Club 15 Sports' Editor Yearbook 4 Club 15 Hockey 2-45 Tennis 3-45 Model Club 2. V Club 15 Photography Club 15 3' Library Assistant 15 Photography Club 25 rs 3-45 Boosters' Club of Komment 4. 2-45 Basketball 2-45 T Club 3-45 Athletic Basketball l-45 Dramatic Club 45 Club 2-45 Girl Reserves Z-45 Junior Club 4. fle Club l-45 Archery Club 35 Science Club 2-3. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Shirley Stgberl, Treasurerg Richard Rech, Presidentg Marjorie Diedrich, Vice Presidentg Robert Bedell, Secre- tary CLASS OF '43 JUNIOR CLASS ADVISERS Miss Marjorie Sine, Mr. Robert Lloyd, Mr. Richard Grefe, Mr. Ernest Springer, Mrs. Anne Neasmith C333 Mary Ja-ne Abraham Nancy Allan Richard Allan Harold Allen Allen Anderson David Andres Belinda Ball Patricia Ball Helen Baltes Marianne Beals Robert Bedell Billy Bingaman Algce Braun go n Brenon va Brlrovich Gloria Brolrenshire Janet Browning Ruth Brush Donald Bulmahn Shirley Burt Lillian Bush William Carroll ,lane Cheverette Dorothy Christy Roy Clare Ruth Coolr Roy Creasey Marjorie Dickinson Marjorie Diedrich Robert Diedrich George Dischinger Betty Doel Virginia Doyle William Drapo jean Ann Duquette Albertine Durwald Helen Dzuglo Phyllis Eckstein Vernon Edin Shirley Eisenhauer Howard Ensminger Ruth Everett Leonard Fuels Marguerite Foss Vivian Foster Betty Freer Chester Fuller Erma Galambos Margaret Gau Irving Grawe Carolyn Green Carol Griswald Geneva Grobe H. Peter Gronwall Robert Hall Robert Hamblet Robert Harris Donald Hartley Evelyn Heim Mary Heimiller games Heller etty Henderson Willoene Hendry Allan Herschell ... seeing ta .fnnies and a quantity of . e avings Stamps held by the garage ' iofficials for sale to employes. ' that A ..?...-1.. f E clerks ' office, JUNIOR CLASS P th , 2 Q e OF 1942 TAKES has arm s. mo, Ub1.l08.l'l, i 8 Wm? SPOTLIGHT ming se 0 1' - the S H Great Things +Hi5 C he vi age most im- Expected for 1943 lnewe fficers in 0 i gr wg-gtg Jam . "They """ . 3age.b,,,,,.d Tonawanda, N. Y., June, 1942, TP.- Slnc F-le to the At the close of another school year, J-A news reaches us of the activities of ag aren would be specltacular Junior 'Class Fliom sep-Q Sapp, e Without tem .er to june t is e ass was ept usy, th . earning a name for itself and its Alma, e . d With' N ' :sn of the Mm" ff lilies' , To start the year o in an oirdeilyll rd' Thi? fashion, their tirst task was to elect Sh0Il5 hlthgglgi ollicersg and we are sure that they made M8313 C 5531 1 a wise choice. The next problem that the competi- confronted them was the task of earn- miss' ing the necessary money, but they were' Abill by not long in overcoming it. Their firstg Buf- attem t to do so was a theatre party' Y, P fgr a which, through their combined efforts, ty. He was put over with a bang. Next came O Har, an outstanding Christmas dance, a- W III4 I 4 uhh- brilliant triumph forthe class. May ef- Jamestown School Board l 1- Re-elects All Officers MESTOWN, May 14. e loc 1 Q hool Robert Hetzel Leonard Hills Olive Hoehn Herber Hofert Jack Holler Jack Hotter Audrey Howard Donald Howland Regina Jackson Grace janke Harry jerge ,Jean jerge iaclr Joyce-I orraine Kallin Wallace Karyus Lois Killian William Koepsel Raymond Kolb- Katherine Kraft Shirley Kruse Doris Kuntz Donald Lamp Elmer Landel ADDITIONAI Walter Baker, Robert Barry, Robert Boehnlre, Daviell Burkliolder Dor Fitzgerald, Walter Heller, Wallace Helwig, Claire Kaiser, john Keicher Robe: Il .na e ln BCk'8 , two 'ngths Iixer. 'win- ldina ouble Zach- ' third re ln- nitable ' th in llion. f enile ' A ring - He Qhns-X 'hick :Ilf- , tl, ight flo- re- ica,VQ 'i .I A 1: , . 'by two lengths over ght's Wishbone and 53.40 as the favorite. William Z. , s ' 'let J!'.'s Wait A Bit was third. V Junior Class A if Cllantinuedj A ' found them sponsoring the traditional May Dance, a sure sign of spring. ' Why all these activities to earn money? 'Well, the answer to this is that in the spring the Juniors all track oil' to the park to have a well-earned picnic. In the field of sports, Juniors were also active. With the coming of the football season, many junior boys eagerly awaited the first ame. Of S -course most of them ended up by warm- ing the bench, but some made a name for themselves and all are expected to do great things next year. Basketball too brought forth many volunteers from this class. They were represented on both the B and A teams, and they certainly did theirfpart in winning a place in the playoffs. Their talent was not limited to the field of sports, however, since many uniors took part in the publication of oth the Komment and Yearbook. In fact, we are proud to say that the back- bone of the photography work was done by members of this class. With such a beginning, this junior class can be expected to take a promi- ,nent place in the class spotlight of 1943. I , i 1 i , . 4,1-ion TODAY, In, Dlscobolo, Doetor's Nurse. .- 1: who Reign. , Betty Lewin Clarence Licht Donald Lorich Shirle Lowson Paul Ludwig Helen Martin Edith Miller Grace Lindaman risk -'I Mig Scratf.. mh1tnB. EIG H- Employer Petee Gen Satin Roll Scratch Arrow Tr Peter To FIRST Wellesley I-ll Wlnni Sunshine . Go Home Flyahead N Burston Prlnoe .SECOND- fxFour R Felthorn , Hello Za ' Monks xBlack xDeltor Quero xKlng o La C Long' Balla Sug Mis Ca Re Epi Charles Livingston Joyce Maclntyre William McIntosh Harry Mcliernan Frances McNally fr' 'f 1,4 , .r Carlton Meyersliyig Madge Miller Marjorie Mills Robert Minney amen Morr' Shirley Nugent Lois Oakley Pearl Olka Margaret Molnar is lValter Novotny IUNIORS ,yona,James Martin, William Patrick, Bertha Phillip, Robert Start, Robert ummers, Clarence Van Hise, Christian Wein, Shirley Welch, Ruth Young. Phyllis Orth Robert Parmentier Alex Paul Robert Planter Irving Power Harry Prohn Betty Raifel Harriette Rech Peter Rech Richard Rech Barbara Richardson Arthur Richie Rena Robert Lee Robert Grace Robillard Elizabeth Robins john Ro ers Robert Root Robert Rother Verna Roy Betty Russell Wilma Salton Norma Sarkovics Gordon Sattelberg Raymond Schaefer Eugene Schasel Norma Schmeichel Lois Schuetz Clarence Schutt Lois Shain Mary Sha tos Carmelia Sinicropi Beverly Smith jean Smith games Soldwisch am Solomon William Sommerfeldt Virginia Sparks june Spohr Vernon Stanton Norma Start Robert Stenzel Shirley Stoberl Louise Stuewe Virginia Thomsen Robert Thorpe Gloria Tiebor Gerald Tooke Margaret Toth George Trautman Doris Voisinet Barbara Waf- Herbert Wa. x wseph Warthlrng illiam Watkins Doris Webb Robert Weber Andrew Weidner Mary Ellen Weinheimer Leslie Whitehead William Wilson Donald Woods John Yisnilos William Zettel in x A iggi 5 f v, Q Sig? M XY Q65 'S'-wx 'Six 5 s CLASS OF '44 After a hectic freshman year, the class of '44 got off to a good start by electing class officers. Sam Bucuryclass president Sam Bucur was wisely chosen president. Having cleared up their necessary business, the Sophomores set out to have some fun. Football especially won their enthusiasm and some of the boys such as Sam Bucur, Jay Graff, Frank Lasky, and Archie Smith really brought honor to their class. Not only were the Sophomores prominent on the field, but also in front of the stands Sophomore cheerleaders--Gerry Grobe, Connie Stan, Claire Carroll, Ruth Koepsel, Donna Theel, and Marilyn Soldwisch-spurred the team on to victory. As winter set in, all minds turned toward basketball, and the Sophomores were not lacking there either. One boy from this class, Bill Rickets, worked his way up to the A team. Other outstanding Sophomore players were Jay Graff and Art Shinaman. The class was also well represent'ed on the swimming team by Dick McBride, Earl Leverenz, Frank Lasky, and George Matyevich. The boys were not the only ones interested in sports, however. The Sophomore girls made a grand turnout in basketball, volleyball, and badminton, and some of them show promise of being future champions. Almost every club in the school seemed to interest these busy Sophomores. The dramatic club especially attracted a large number, and they were very proud of their parts in the Christmas pageant. The girls eagerly awaited the formation of Girl Reserves, for so many of them turned out that several groups had to be formed. After such a busy year, the Sophomore class is looking forward to doing even better during their remaining years at their Alma Mater. Betty Ackerman Lois Allan Doro thy Anderson Carroll Aveilhe George Bacon Robert Bacon William Bacon Gerald Bagdy Herbert Bailey William Bailey Joseph Balling Theresa Balling Olga Balog Richard Barone Isabelle Baroudi Dorothy Batt Leonard Belling Eugene Berg Alan Beutner Robert Boehnke Douglas Brawley Albert Brody Sam Bucur Jeanne Burford Marjorie Burns Ruth Bush Leo Campus Claire Carroll Donald Chalmers Isobel Chalmers Pearl Consier Foster Crissey Ruth Crittenden Marianne Dankers Jean Devlin William Devlin kan Dick enry Diedrich Josephine Donato Harry Dorn Lucille Dubuc Clarence Durwald George Eberle Jean Edin Henry Ehde Shirley Fahmer Ellis Finley Emmett Finley Frances Finochetti Ann Fitzsimmon Conrad Flodin James Foels Lois Gallegher Evelyn Garlock Betty Garrison Jack Gatke William Gebera il8lflCaGilliC 1 Kyerfnetliazray Richard Gregson Elaine Gollhardt Charles Gorss William Gough Anna Graf by Graff elva Grawe Eunice Greil Raymond Greil Audrey Gretzler Janet Grieser Carlton Grohe Geraldine Grobe Michael 'Hahn Anna Halm Jean Hanel Grace Harder LaVerne Hardy Laverne Hardy Marion Harmon Pearl Ann Hedrich Otto Heim Lucy Hell Charles Heylmun Doris Hicks Marilyn Hill William Hofert Viola Holesko Frederick Holtz Albert Hosmer Donald Howard Blanche Hudson Ardyth Hultman Marilyn Hutchison Eugene Hy Kathryn Ibottson Helen James Geor e Johnston Marilynlgoyce Donald aiser Howard Kaiser Robert Kaiser Ernest Kassay Edward Keller Gloria Keller Katherine Keller Charles Keyes Nan Killian Lois Kingston Ella Kish Genevieve Koch Joseph Kocsis Ruth Koepsel Bernice Koster Charles Kolb Dorothy Kolb James Kovatch Sherwood Kramer Janet Krauss Norman Krupp Anita Kuglin Lois Kuhns Allen Kuntz Harold Kuntz Westley Lange Frank Lasky Matilda Lasky Olga Lasky Cf! William Lasky ., Roger Leaderstorf ' f Carl Leverenz ' 1 ' Jean Lewin 1 bernice Licht Frederick Lindaman Robert Lindaman Russell Little Y' Warren Lorenz , Charles Lucsok Mary Ludwig Ralph Luke Betty Lund ,lack Mahl Sheridan Manasen Harvey Martin George Matyevich Vivian May Richard McBride lanet McConltey Eleanor McDowell Jean Metz Simes Metzger onald Miller izyce Miller argaret Miller Robert Morey Fred Neaman Doroth Newell Richard'O'Conner Kathleen O'Hagan William Ott jean Parmentier Pauline Pasel William Pastor Ruth Patterson Noladean Peck gan Pemberthy orothy Phillips Sally Potts Louise Price Sherwood 'Rae Verna Raffel Betty Rebmarrn Mildred Regener Gisela Remus Ruth Richau William Ricketts Shirley Robins Audrey Rockenbrock gane Rockenbrock hirley Rockwell sk Robert Rosenau 3 Marion Ross j Y Suzanne Rother Robert Roy Arthur Rumbles Norma Sauberan Doris Schaefer james Schimminger Lois Schmidt Walter Schoenfeldt Lawrence Schoonover Lois Schrier Florence Schultz Ernest Seaver Norma Senn Richard Sequin Josegah Shaytos Mil red Shocknesse Alice Siegmund Eileen Simons Eleanor Sitzman Stephen Sinicropi ll Archie Smith Edith Smith Helen Smith Marianne Smith Richard Smith Marilyn Soldwisch Walfe Stahl Constance Stan Frances Stawitzlry Betty Stenzel Valerie Steves Dean Stnberl Betty jane Stone Betty Stryker Norma Stuewe Lloyd Summers Lawrence Taylor Mary Ann Tetter Donna Thiel Norman Thom Vivian Tiebor Donald Tnnaus Erma Varga Robert A. Vogt Robert F. Vogt Grace Walter Harold Walters Everett Walton Laverne Webb Marian Webb Robert Webster Margaret Welch Doris Wilke Robert Willet Betty Wolf Bert Wnmer Marion Yensan Ethel Zeitz Alma Ziehm LaVern Zimmerman ADDITIONAL SOPHOMORES Leona Ackerman, Lillian Bush, Marshall Churdar, Richard Eggleston, Robert Gross, Allene Gutzka, Beverly Harris, Betty Hopkins, Esther Horan, Robert hater, Robert Kinley, Catherine Kloren, Phyllis Krauss, janet Lake, Cecelia cNamara, Robert Meyer, Dan Misner, Walter Nelson, Martha Oldenburg, William Pohlman, Grover Rech, Arthur Schenamen, George Smith, Harry Sommers, Mae Stanton, Duane Townsend, Sherwood Utnehmer. Dean Volker, Robert Wangler. Komment Klipper Kommem assembly line Reach for a , , Double or Nothm stamp mstead of a swe t 6 The beaten path Yearbook in the making Q . gig, ' e gf ' -A " .S - . .44 . ' kai-. -JN k tg K k - W sf.. 2 8 E - 1 i403 CLASS OF '45 As a new school year began, the portals of T. H. S. opened to admit another class of excited, wide- Marvin Pickardy Class President eyed Freshmen. As soon as they became accustomed to their surroundings and began to settle down, they elected Marvin Pickard as class president. Then they looked around for something to do. Football season was just beginning and this sport seemed to fascinate them. However, practically all ended in the cheering section and proved to be loyal boosters. Two boys-Marvin Pickard and Robert Lorenz-made a fine showing as Freshman cheerleaders. With the closing of football season, basketball drew their attention and several boys-Mike Niland, Vincent Burngasser, Jack McNally, and James Keleher-made the B team. Freshman boys also entered swimming and other sports. The girls, too, got off to a line start. They joined many clubs around the school and also formed several Girl Reserve groups. Many of them took part in the Christmas pageant and other pupil participation assemblies. Six Freshman basketball teams were organized and Helen Smilinich's team was the champion from this group. Volleyball and badminton also interested them. At the close of their first year in our Alma Mater, the Freshmen were proud of their achieve- ments and were looking forward to their later years as upperclassmen. 422 Betty Abraham Richard Abraham Mary Aleksich Rose Aleksich Gordon Allen Marvin Ashkin Eleanor Babcock Audrey Bailey John Balling Delores Banas David Barnard Louis Baroudi Nioma Barrett Ruth Batt Marilyn Behrens Leona Belling Lois Benzino Mary Berndt Frederick Bidell Pauline Bingaman Franklin Bliss Marion Bliss Jack Boulden Donald Bowman Elizabeth Bradley Marilyn Braun Helen Brettle Betty Bridge Jack Bridge Anna Brimm William Brockway David Brown Alice Brush Daniel Bucciarelle William Bulmahn Duane Burgin Vincent Burngasser Delores Camp Nickolas Campas Aldene Challgren Douglas Chase Hannelore Dankers Betty Davis Earl DeGlopper Virginia DeSimone Mildred Diedrich Richard Diedrich Virginia D'Orozio Arthur Doyle Anna Drenocky Conrad Dumbrosky Elsie Ebeling Russell Eggleston Donald Finn Mary Fortman Harold Foss Carol French Clara Frey Fern Fuller Raymond Garlapo Elmer Garrison Herman Garrow Harold Gebhardt James Gorom Mary Green Winfield Green Mildred Gross Joan Guzzeta Barbara Hahn Edith Hammond Betty Harris Elizabeth Hartley Colleen Hay Marilyn Hay Jewel Heckman Lucille Heimiller Mary Louise Helf Lois Helwig Ruth Henderson Francis Higgins Marianne Hoelperl Thomas Howard Sophie Hy Mary Jacobs Nickolas Jacobs Virginia Jacobs Christie James Marian James Alice Jedele Margaret Jerge Neil Jordan Lorraine Jung Walter Kanack Vernon Kania Esther Kartyas Marguerite Keeley James Keleher Charlotte Keller Eugene Keller Beverly Kibler Philip Killian Kenneth Kitchen Fred Klinger , Albert Knab Robert Knapp Richard Knoche Robert Korte June Kowsky Donna Kropf Ronna Kropf Marguerite Lacey Lois LaFleur William LaRusch John Lautz Rodgef Liekweg Philip Lockman James Loman Charles Long Shirley Long Robert Lorenz Frances Lovell Frank LuCas Joseph LuCas Vivian Lucore Alice Lynch Helen MacDonald Arthur Maclntyre Marion Marohn Thomas Marone Agnes Martin Gregory Martin joseph Masich Stella Matyevich Madalyn May Robert Mayer Alan McCarthy Jean McIntosh Jack McNally Joanne Miller Merle Miller Michael Miller jack Misner Fred Moa Leonore Bzoran Timothy Moriarity Betty Muck Ruth Neaman Vera Nepokroeff Donald Newman Marie Novotny Lois Nowaclr Glenn Nugent Lawrence Obermiller Betty Oldenberg Dolores Olmstead Marilyn Olmstead William Olsen Alan O'Shaughnessy Leo Owens Sandra Pagels Gabriel Papp john Pastor Louis Paul Daryl Peters Ralph Phipps Marvin Pickard William Pickard Paul Plant Neil Poeller Milton Pollack Thomas Potter Barclay Potts gmyce Power aniel Primeau Myra Radtke Peter Rangos Ferne Rech Glen Rees Doris Re net Raymondg Reinbolt Arthur Relppentine Verna Ric au wnet Richert ayne Roach I Q 4 Dexter Rosokoil' Lael Rosokoil' alph Russell Phyllis Sarkovics Dorothy Schad Laverne Scheley Andrew Schlau Shirley Schmidt Anita Schrieber john Schrieber Phyllis Schultz June Schwinger Winfield Scott Donald Seaver john See Bert Senn Jack Senn Pearl Shepherd Arlene Shiesley Robert Shiesley Gerald Sidell joseph Sinicro i Helen Smilinich Audrey Smith Robert Smith Teresa Smith Norman Snodgrass Paul'Sonnen Chester Spoth Lester Spoth Doris Stahl Marion Stevens james Stevenson Kennard Stryker Robert Sweet john Taylor Doris Theel Robert Thomsen Gloria Thompson jean Thorpe Emerson Tiebor Lois Tiedman Marion Tonaus Doris Tripp George Urban Kenneth Van Hise William VanSon Harvey Varley Charles Wagner Earl Walker Elmer Walter Norman Walter Helen Walters Dorothy Waltman Iean Warner Robert Washington Richard Waterstrat Robert Wein Jack Weiss Richard Westra Robert Whipple Margaret Whyte Margaret Winters Charles Wolf Raymond Woods Richard Wulf Nickolas Yianilos Carol Yockey Francis Zeisz Barbara Zettel Nancy Zettel Donald Zitzka K4 187' X V? 9 ,Radar .MQ Q., N! fi? 355 ON5 k'kLL . Q VV VL 3 sk .. ff 1' gj S? Y if 4 ...Q Q '. f fx 48' 'E' 55' iff-ff 1 . 19 , 3 g' 435 Vw M 5 I Y' J t fs Aaswx- ,gg 'ig-. 413 3 153, . m... wx., J gg - f,5 f,v pt f 31' 5 is fy . i . 6 tw' faii Y 6271.-f Xfi- -ip ww ,, f , 3.2" nf' , . . 4 A .F Q K 'W F W ,- . , , .av ' i ry lx, f 1 x K . Q 3 Q4 W f 1V .4-""""" 1 ,Q-4' E455 jf 'WF AFV' 1? 5 ww iw., ' - 'ff -+ 2 K it V. ggi . I Y, 339, v . zf F, W fgggegg. if 1 .5 L:r?,,,W.Fm, aw 'ff-W1 in fi J. . he-haw-w, can .cf . ." x Af '?1?5'i'fff 1' .ZLL-'J , N 'jf1X'i,'4' ' W. Tfffj' f 1, 'Ai fwf".'e2'i 1' Q :' f 1. . I '--"Q-wwf:-A93-f'-4 . T ' -V - M ff F. if 'i , A ' ' 'l'Y:"5'i'f'ffQ"f'i,'S2f'fQf" Fiifff fhilf"fg :L "S, ,- 54F,x:i"1f 'f','Q', ' ' '-1dff.,q'Z2ii,'i1f-fi .f1lg,,::2f?i 1'?Mf' ,ifgf , "1 'Q f sn 7 030, ,Lg 1- A r af rl, V '-new , ff X , " auf 4 '1::f+fw.' -:ff H I f 'f1::1,.w , - Y- '4 ,W F71?J"'P :-N. l , , -4,rf:f,,.4f fr ' ' 3 , :Q-524-fs, - , Hz :gif W ' r xffnlugjw ,5?x4iYY"2-:2'Q5f.gj"1'. f":'51'i 2. A all Q ...,' ,, .Mg Q 'hgrmi -2' 455511, m4g,,,1,f1 ws w. -, kg f , , 4 ,im fwig:,L:gffi'4u:'1an N 5, ,'-a,!'2'fN1?!w? 2- 4, ' 213 f' L fi, m.Q?lbffv:i',f' ' A ,A ,,,k1y... , ,wf,9m4:"? - f , jmlv, N :A - -f-19'-7 bf.. . .3,.:. n,,.gj'f.,- , . 12 1' J ,:gf,3'frbe,x1 -'egg , Y 1, V 1'-i'4l1'3:1,ff,'5g',L'i.',1, A 45.1-V" .QIQLTLT ' ' M f z5w , 54fww- f :.1.,g-115-N 1 5 ., , A , A Lfflt A' '-2 v14T'kAlf'e.4 ,N . wifi! V MQ: J 'll f w wif f K W 4... A, ' ,1,1! wa L1 A Our extra curricular activities form a symbol of the Ameri- can way of life--a symbol of the freedom of speech-the right to assemble-the lib- erties of a mighty nation. Every club portrays the spirit of Americanism-the spirit which enables the activity to be "of the students, by the students, and forthe students." We enjoy f freedom of the THE TONAWANDA THE TO AWANDA We, the yearbook stall, proudly present this issue of the '42 Tonawandan to you, the faculty and students of Tonawanda High School. In this issue we have endeavored to stress the importance of our Freedom-the heritage of our land- and what it means to every student at this time when it is being challenged. It has been our privilege to make a permanent record of the relationship of our activities, both in the classroom and out, to the spirit which moved the founding of this nation. Editor-in-chief janet Ott Editorial Adviser, Miss Marjorie Sine Business Adviser, Mr, Richard Grefe Business Manager Robert Anderson BUSINESS S'l'Al"F Frou! Row: Mr. Richard Grefe, Adviserg Robert Anderson, Business Ma- nager: Mar Collinsg Robert Haniblet. Rear: Richard Rech, Michael Cult, Allen Mclretid, Robert Warner, Gran- ville McDaniel. Not in pirture.'Nnrnia liademsky. EDITORIAL STAFF Standing: Robert Ham- blet, junior A8BlSl3IllQ Anita liiPP- Activi- ties Assistantg Albert Rhodes, S sorts liditorg Marjiirie llirdricli, ju- nior Assistantg Fannie Miller, Assistant Edi- torg Marion Burns, Ac- tivities Editor. Seated: Miss Marjorie Sine, Advisz-rg janet Ott, Editor-in-Chief. Not in picture: Robert Rogemoser, Assistant Editor: Robert Warren, Sports Editor. C459 f ,N .maya Photography "1-2-3. Here it goesll' When you hear that, you know our student photographers are on the job. With the ex- ception of the class pictures, all of the photography, the result of months of planning and long hours spent in the darkroom, has been their contribution to the "Toma- wandanf' f46l THE TONAWANDN Art Staff Claire Kaiser Margaret Mentt Betty Roy-Art Editor Photography I .4 fv s.,f Q Allan Hcrschell U Roy Creasy-Chief Photographer joel Rosokoll' N ... Typls Lois Hay Dorothy Garl The Staff Editor, Carolyn Brummg Advisers, Miss Mar- jorie Sine and Mrs. Madelilte Horton. Stated: Miss Sine, Mrs. Horton. Standing: S. Rcch, Assistant Editorg S. Moll, Sports Editor, B. Roy, Ar! Editorg B. Garlapo, Chief Typist, E. Floding, Chief Mimcographer: j. Soldwisch, Sport Editor: C. Brumm, Editor- in-chiefg dl. Dolan, Sports Reportcrg j. Boyle, Business Managerg E. Stamler, Mimengrapherg M. Mills, junior Assistant Editor. The Contributors Fin! Row: R. Bedell, J. Mowitz, A. Gipp, B. Rose, M. Burns. Szrond Row: M. Burns, A. Walters, I.. Allan, D. 0'Hagan, I.. Wilke, C. Kaiser, I.. jordan, M. Miller, G. Tieber. Third Raw: G. janke, F. Miller, S. Stoherl, M. Wcinheimcr. C473 The Komment The 1941-42 Komment made history by introducing a photographic cover, a snap shot page, silk screen ill lustrations, and a rotogravure section. The Christmas issue won first prize in the annual contest sponsored by the Erie County Tuberculosis Association and Columbia Press, and placed in national competition. The Patriotic issue won commendations from Governor Lehman and President Roosevelt. H President, Robert Warren, Vice President, Robert Ander song Secretary, Norma Gademskyg Treasurer, Anita Gipp Advisers, Miss Cecelia Major and Mr. Stuart Tuck The Student Council The Student Council is made up of twelve members-the pres- ident and two elected repre- sentatives from each class. Any issue of a controversial nature may be brought before the group. Constructive projects sponsored by the organization were the sale of defense stamps, the Jun- ior Red Cross drive, and a dance the admission to which was a legible book for the soldiers at camp. 7 443D S:nt:d:Mr. Tuck, A. Gipp, R. Anderson, R Warren N Gademsky, Miss Major. Fin: Row: A. Howard J Schoen- feld, Burns, W. Hendry, E. Stamler, J. Senh -R Rech H. Voisinet, N. Smith, A. Rodeke, C. Brumm, Dunker: A. Walters. Serond Row: F. Miller, R. Lyons, D. Diedrich, S. Moll, R. Kinzly, R. Hamblet, C. Giese, F. Wenske, J. Of the students, The National Honor Society Embarking on its fourth year, the Honor Society has carried on as the ultimate goal of every student. The sponsoring of the Junior Red Cross chapter, the selling of Reader's Digests, and the Information Bureau were some of the Society's very worth- while projects. The annual for- mal banquet, financed by "post- regents" dances, completed a very successful year. by the siudenri President, Donald Reid, Vice President, James Soldwischg Secretary, Audrey Howard, Advisers, N Lillian Dickson and Mr. Robert Lloyd. Sealzd: Mrs. Dickson, J. Soldwisch, D. Reid, A. Howard, Mr. Lloyd. Firrl Row: C. Carroll, D. Sta N. Smith, M. Pickard. Second Row: J. Rosokoff, R. Rech, S. Bucur, W. Heylmun, R. McBride. The "T" Club With "service" as its motto, the "T" Club has promoted good sportsmanship through sponsor- ing the gentlemen's agreement, ushering at basketball games, and acting as hall monitors. The proceeds of the annual liastcr dance were used to purchase "TH Club medals for those athletes graduating in June. President, llenry Sieberg Vice President, Robert Bedellg Secretary, john Cherkauer, Adviser, Mr. Gustave Koch. Furl Rnw:F. Lasky, C. Matyevich, R. Dreyer, ll. Sieber, R. Warren, R. Bedell, S. Yianilos. Szrand Raw: Mr. Koch, 'l'. Smith, A. Smith, Wolf, hi. Cutl, Wl. Parmentier, E. Lautz. Third Row: C. Weill, 'he Girls' etter Club ll Allen, C. Fuller, j. Cherkauer, '1'. Garrity, S. Bucur. fo r the students .f 'es' l .v Q f ll lf 'Q - 'N LI' f ' . B jf k 1 ., ' 0 ' I 1. . 'CQ A xxx, President, Shirley Mollg Vice President, Betty Smith, Secretary, Marion Burns, Treasurer, Eleanor McDowell, General Chairman, jean Rech, Adviser, Miss Beatrice McPhilmy. Sfaleds C. Ball, E. Flodin, M. Burns, li. McDowell, S. Moll, B. Smith, j. Rech, Miss Mcl hilrny, H. Burngasser. Firrl Row: M. Collins, A. Miller, R. Mayer, P. Ball, C. Stan, D. Voisinet, B. Ball. B. Rose. M, Berg, E. Galambos, M. Abraham, V. Doyle, D. Driscoll, L. Whitehead. Srrund Row: li. Parrncnlier, E. Gollhardt, R. Bodie, Wh Shain, H. Rech, R. Lyons, G, Grobe, H. Baltes. J As an honorary athletic asso- ttion for all girls who have rned a 6 inch letter through rticipation in sports, the Girls' tter Club aims to promote 'ls' sports in our school and r community. The proceeds a VVar Relief benefit dance and itted afghans were given to e Red Cross and the Junior :d Cross, respectively C495 N.. ...Y-21 a F President, Norma Gademsky, Vice President, Wilma Shaing Recording Secretary, Ruth Lyons, Corresponding Secretary, Donald Reid: Treasurer, Nida Smith, Advisers, Miss Cecelia Major and Miss Hilda Heffernan. Szatrd: D. Reid, R. Lyons, N. Gademsky, W. Shain, N. Smith. Fir!! Row: D. Phillips, M. Diedrich, M. Weinheimer, C. Sinicropi, P. Ball. K. O'Hagan, A. Gipp, M. Burns, 'j. Hultman, N. Wolf, R. Warner, Serond Raw: J. Ott, G. janke, L. Shain, S. Manasen, C. Heylmun. S. Sinicropi, B, Hudson, O. Balog, H. James, M. Dunker, M. Burns, Third Row: L. Price, Spohr, R. Jackson, L. Wlilke, F. Miller, C. Goerss, M. Tetter, M. Molnar, S. Kreger, L. Hardy, D. Brawley. President, Shirley Mollp Vice President, Marion Burnsg Secretary, Fannie Miller, General Chairman, Willoene Hendry, Adviser, Miss lrma Bagdy. . Sza1rd:VV. Hendry, S. Moll, L. Dubuc, N. Smith, B. Zettel, N. Zettel, Miss Bagdy, R. Lyons, W. Shain, B. Lewin. Standing: M. Burns, F. Miller, M. Diedrich, G. Tieber, B. Hopkins, G. Keller, P. Ball. C503 'gr' Junior Classical League The Latin Club, one of the most active in the school, opened the semester with their tradi- tional initiation. From their an- nual charity dance forty dollars was turned over to the local Red Cross. At Christmas time and on Valentine's Day, parties were given. In the spring a general language program was presented at Junior High. Le Cercle Francais - Organized to stimulate inter- est in the languages and customs of the French, Le Cercle Fran- cais has accomplished its pur- pose. A traditional part of the meetings are the French songs, games, and the stammering con- versation. Outstanding on this year's program was the humor- ous play presented at Junior High. President, janet Ott, Vice President, Richard Reed, Secretary, Shirley Moll, Advisers, Mr. Gustave Koch, Mr, Stuart Tuck, Mr. Seaward Beacotn. First Row: Mr. Koch, R. Lyons, J. Joyce, R. Morey, A. GiPP. T. Bal- ling, C. Gocrss, R. Sequin, W. Ott, M. Ludwig, R. Koepsel, I. Ott. Second Row: Mr. Tuck, J. Hotter, W. Bailey, C. Hcylmun, L. Hardy, j. Grieser, G. jankc ,F, Miller. President, Richard 0'Connerg Secretary, William Wilaong Adviser, Mr. Ernest Springer. Knrzlingzll. Hurgin, H. Gcbhafdt, R. Sequin, R. Morey. Standing: W. Wilson.1. Mende, D. janke, S. Sinicropi, R. O'Conner, H. Voisinet, l.. Gipp, H. jerge, Mr. Springer, G. Nugent. -4 vb, Tests and test tubes The Science Club This year the Science Club, member of the American Insti- tute of Science and Engineering Clubs of America, has met twice a month. livery second meeting has been devoted to a Work- shop period. The alternate meet- ings have been programs Y--such as movies, student demonstra- tions, and a quiz program. The Rifle Club The Rifle Club is an organiza- tion designed to teach boys the proper method of handling a gun safely. VVeekly meetings have been held in the rifle range on the third floor, where four tar- gets are set up. Competition has run high Within the club. C513 The Music Club President, Charles Gieseg Vice President Lucile Stoltzg Secretary, Lois Allan: Treasurer Foster Crisseyg Adviser, Mr. Norman Rian Fin! Row:L. Allan, A. Walters, L. Helwig Gough, M. Grawe, C, Hammond, F. Fuller . Kibler. Srrond Row: L. Price, VV. Hendry . Gutzka, j. Grieser, P. Hedrich, F. Miller . Hopkins. Third Row: L. Allan, F. Crissey, . Giese, G. Sattleburg, C. Remmele, L. Stoltz. owaswpu The Library Assistants Adviser, Miss Ruth Seaman. Sfalril: M. Lutlwig, M. Burns, XY. Shzxin, L Huy, li. llarder. ,I. Boyle. Slinzdiugi Nl. llutcliinsiin, lNl. Uravue, G. Urube, K. Kraft, li. Levsiu, E. Gollhardt, V. Lucore, Nliss Seaman The Music Club For the second consecutive year the Music Club has had the honor of being invited to a rehearsal of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Franco Autori. Members of this cul- tural organization also attended "pop" concerts given by this same orchestra. A musical quiz program was presented in assembly in the spring by this up-and-coming club. The Library Assistants The library assistants have aimed to help the librarian keep the library running smoothly by doing some of the work behind the scenes. Although there was no formal organization, this group r I ' me once a monti to discuss library problems. The services of all the library assistants were entirely voluntary. 62? i Chess Club Adviser, Mr. Stuart Tuck. W. Olsen, Il. Dorn, McIntosh, Mr. l'. Grnnwall, I". Crissey, R. Stenzcl. Tuck Burk row: I.. Schoonover, C. Remmele, W Green. I.. Hardy, I.. GIPP. K. Gray, A D. Chalmers, D Beutner, R. Rogemoser, Iirawley, Il. Voisinet. Dramatic Club President. Mary Collins, Secretary, Melva Graweg Treasurer, Richard O'Conner. Advisers, Miss Ifranccs Hellernan and Miss jean Weber. Fifi! Row: V. Ball, V. Steves, ,I. Ciuzzela, I.. ling, B. Ruse, I. Schoenleld, A. Gipp. Szrond Row: M. Burns, M. Snldwisch, K. O'Hagan, L. Price, M. lirawe, I.. Hay, I. Hultman, T. Tollar, L. Wilke. Third Row: P. Schultz, I.. Allan, I". Rech, B. Davis, j. Burford, M. Hutchison. Fourth Row: B. Rnbillard, I. Rech, Nl. Collins, C. Rcmmele, C. Gif.-sc, D. Iirawley, A. Human, W. Ott, N. Gademsky, I. Grieser. Chess Club At the beginning ofthe season the members of the Chess Club purchased chess sets for the use of the club. The membership was divided into two groups, beginners and advanced group. The advanced group undertook to teach the newcomers how to play the game. In the spring a ladder ' ' ' d D las Browley topping tournament was held the list. with Donald Chalmers, Howard Voistnet, an oug Dramatic Club A most successful Book VVeek Pageant was presented to the student body in November by the Dramatic Club in which over thirty members participated. For the second semester, the club gave a three-act play. Practically every member of the club has participated in the eight playlets, ' ' ' ' ' ' b th lub members at the monthly social meetings. short skits, holiday and radio plays given y e c i535 Dubuc j Luick I. Boyle, H. lludson, I. Bal- Palomar L G I R L Q5 Aurora Above: Pongo Left: Kiblerettes A xkj -'J X Below: Ta VVa ave: a Gamma Chi Right: Mi-Y 1. . I 4 Q Q' Below: Ton-Y 'I'-N'l R i553 V' Mujorzttzr Shirley Burt, Carolyn Green, Alyce Braun Drum Major: Robert Hamblet. Director: Mr. Norman Rian. Who has not beat his foot in rhythm to the peppy music of the brilliant clad band of T. H. S.? Inspiring performances, snappy music, and excellent formations have all done their share in urging our football team on to victory. A high-stepping drum major, drum majorettes dressed in striking uniforms, plus musicians in red and White, all add up to produce one ofthe most attractive bands in this area. By receiving many honors at the Western New York Music Festival held in Ham- burg in April, they have once again brought glory to their Alma Mater. B l"la1Clarinn:: C. Giese, VV. Hendry, S. Manasen, B. Kibler, H. Bailey, C. Gorss, M. Braun, j. Yianilos, A. Kuntz, R. Bacon, A. Knab, B. Robillard, H. Brettle, gr.. Thorpe. Flat Clarinrl: L. Schoonover. Blau Clarinet: F. iCrissey. Flutrrf: F. xnochetu, IL C ough, A Walters Obuz G Tiebor Banoon. L. Remmele lrum pn: and Cornztf: N. Rachow, S. Solomon, R. Minney, J. Rogers, R. Allan, J. Foels, H. Kuntz, H. Diedrich, G. Bacon, E. Gollhardt. Frrnrh Horny: J. Heller, D. Voi- sinet, B. Ball, L. Benzino, L. Tiediman, D. Phillips. Trornbonzf: C. Meyer, R Hamblet, W. Ricketts, A. Human. Barimnrr: A. Ritchie, -I. Mahl. Hariri: I. Hardy, D. Townsend, F. Bliss. E Flat Alto Saxoghoncfs M. Solomon, C. Smith Bflal Tenor Saxophone: C. Keyes. Eflat Baritone azophonz: H. Dorn. Prrcufxion H. Varley, R. Sequin, R. Reed, j. Loman. Majormn: C. Green, A. Braun, S. Burt Major: R. Hamblet. Fir!! Violinr: G. Sattlehuryz, G. Bagdy, F. Miller, L. Baroudi, H. Walters. Second Ifinlinr: L. Hardy, M. Miller, J. Stevenson W. Kanack. Violnr: B. Rc-bmann, E. Gollhardt, A. Gutzka, Behrens. Violinrrllo: N. Allan., F. Rech. String Barr: P. Hedrich Flair: E. Gough. 0boe:G. Tiehor. Clafinetr: W. Hendry, C. Giese. Trumpetr: S. Solomon, R. Allen. Horn: J. Heller. Tronibonnf. Meyer. Tuba: D. Townsend. Saxaphonf: C. Smith, C. Keyes. Prrfuuion: R. Reed, H. Varley. Pianixtr: L. Stoltz, I.. Helwig. The Grchestra The auditorium has been filled with music as the orchestra has diligently rehearsed all year for concerts, festivals, and all sorts of programs. T. H. S. can be proud that its orchestra received a fine rating in the VVestern New York Nlusic Festival held at Hamburg in April. The Chorus F1111 Rau: N. Allan, Barondi, R. Batt, bl I.uick, P. lledrich, G. Harder, M. Diedrich, l.. Benzino, B. Abraham. Szrond Raw: E. Gough M. Graive, M. Meriir, l. Chalmers, j. Warner, l.. Helwig, llultman, Smith, A. W'alters, ll. Walters, P. Bingaman, L. Belling. Third Roni: I.. Price, QI. Grieser, M. Meritl, A. Gutzlca, B. Hopkins, C. james, D. Schad P. Rech, j. Schwinger, B. Kibler, L. Allan, l.. Ticdman. Fourth Ruff: VV. Bailey, I.. Hardy G. Bagdy, l'. Crissey, S. Rae, R. Bacon, W. Bacon, L. Sclmonover, G. Bacon. Fifth Row: C. Reinmcle, G. Sattleburg, A. Martin, C. Giese, R. Hamblet, C. Meyers, M. Solomon C. Smith, D. Brawley, H. Dietrich, v Having increased in talent and prominence this year, our mixed chorus has become quite a popular group. Accompanied by soloist Grace Harder, the girls' trio, the boys' quartet and the mixed octet, our vocalists have claimed honors in the Spring Festival at Hamburg. After rendering the Christmas and Spring concerts, they ended splendidly with a few selections at Graduation. The Booster Club President, Shirley Moll, Secretary, Mary Collinsg Adviser, Miss Irma Badgy. Fin! Raw: R. Root, J. Rech, M. Collins, C. Stan, R. Rech. Szcond Row: R. Koepsel, E. Robins, A. Gipp, V. Steves. Third Row: H. Catania, M. Burns, M. Dunker, D. Schaeffer, H. Vokes, L. Vllhitehead. Fourth Row: G. Tiebor, D. Hicks, J. Dick, M. Regcner,.J. Schoenfeld, N. Wolf, A. Howard. Fifth Row: M. Joyce, M. Mills, M. Weinheimer, N. Sauberan, M. Soldwisch, N. Gademsky, L. Schrier, N. Peck. Sixth Row: S. Moll, D. Dris- coll, B. Garlapo, Miss Bagdy, M. Molnar, E. Parmentier, M. Mills, L. Kuhns, A. Hult- man, E. Smith, S. Nugent, L. Oakley, M. Diedrich, P. Ball, O. Lasky, J. Krauss. The Varsity Cheerleaders Robert Root Jean Rech Claire Carrol Mary Collins Constance Stan Richard Recli The Varsity B Cheerleaders Standing: Marvin Pichard, Marilyn Soldwisch, Geraldine Grohe, janet Krauss, Robert Lorenz. Knuling: Phyllis Sarkovics, Ruth Koepsel. The Booster Club, aided by our peppy cheerleaders, was organized to develop school spirit, accomplishing its purpose in the following projects this year: the sponsoring of the annual 'T-NT dance before the Tonawanda-North Tonawanda football game, and the reserving of a section of the bleachers to be filled by boosters at the home games. i537 SWS A , W K. ' , df " aw-' V JW '12 ' 141' K 'Al' H is 2 Q my f ww. A. it , Q, ' . , r 1 K - 4 h 'Y 'ET A a XX X' V Q 'XT U Q- " - f ,iam f. Q M, . Lax, K nk -New J. Q k .au , . ... 3, .Sw Q f 4 wi S we K I J. 551 A 'JE 1 hi! ,H , A v V 'A' 4 N "N ,S 3 ' I . X .fighting .7 fi Sf Y., f ,P X 'QQ-' fat, A - xg' 4 .1 ' 5 , , I .9 - f . ' f M gk' z A . 4+ V. Mr I ,L Rf, SLA 'ply 1 Q 5. 5 - I . o X . 31: X4 4 s X V xx , , 4, f X X v , Bw ' - .av 55. " i .I Virgyxmfg x .5 K: ik f g Q n X- 6.3.5 .gg 3, j - K A wi ,fy-5-af-i Wx. N-Rig .. 1 iw . we g Six 'f?':,3.55ifL f K gffxisifkzvli pf f - N " Qi . QS .V .xv Rf V +ff'v iw. BM t K "4 7 " , : 'iff' K . , ,Q ' r . ix , - . ,. - 3 if .5 fig? yr, js.,Q1v,.g,f MW? -I ,Vkk :., .I -,M K A A Y x 1 I- A-,ss,15,., .W arf -- ,g , ,, - Q4 5 A ' . .. ' , ' - yi. . Q ff X.. X... . - - - r... 'Xi mw ii g ' -,,. X' ggw ' 3 3, . ",,ww""" .... K, Q. Q.f.,K - WW' V QQ.-JSws..... ' y -9-Q-.,.. N, xg ,. www A ' f X w . Wm..-fu' Y mwgi. f W Lk K ., it AWN, 'kwefmw Q i' . www ,. .M-KW, wk 0... W M Q. ,, , :Q Q .WS ., ,my W Y 1 'rx :gif rp flag' ' ,.a-'9 ,. In America student: have the opportunity of jighting their battle: on the athletic jield, while in many other land: they are trained with .strict military dixcipline. Our "mimic conflict: of athletic field" are jilled with the oi- tality, of youth. How grateful we should be to enjoy the sport: of a land of the free. Firrl Row: W. Slattery, T. Garrity, L. Abraham, D. Dreyer, W.1.asky, F. Laslcy, Captain H. Sieber, R. Foels, 1".Brot1y,S. Yianilos, R. Summers, F. Rech,CnaehC.'1'ussing.Serond Row: Assistant xl. May, W. Slattery, R. Gross, W. Parmentier, j. tiratli, R. Warren, l.. lfoels, A. Rhodes, H. llofert, M. Cult, G. Smith, 1. Wolf, C. Robins, Assistant P. Powers. Thzrrl Raw: C. Wein, A. Smith, R. Shiesley, C. Fuller, 11. -Ierge, V. Stanton, D. Lamp, G. Keleher, G. Eberle, VV. Devlin, j. McNally. Fourth Row: A. Paul, C. Kuhn, A. Rurnbles, M. Churder, W. Watkins, R. Parmentier, P. Rech, J. Bredge, j. Niland, R. Westra, R. Wein, li. Kassay. Fifth Raw:W. Bulmahn, ll. Allen, R. Bedell, D. Townsend, 1-'. Bliss, N. Krupp, R. Meyer, V. Bnrngasser. THE FOOTBALL TE M Under the watchful eye of Coach Christ Tussing, Tonawanda developed one of the best-balanced teams during the 1941 season that the fans in this locality have seen in a good many years. Suffer- ing one defeat Tonawanda ran up a total of 142 points to 33 for their opponents. The game between their traditional rival, N. T., was played on a storm-swept fieldg and although Tonawanda de- cidedly out-played their opponents, the game ended in a scoreless tie. The team was built around five veterans from last year who added additional glory to the school this year by being chosen for the All Conference teams of the Niagara Frontier League. l'honias Smith, Manager Chris Tnssing, Coach Season Record Ton. 0 . 38. .. . .LaSalle ...... ...?p0 12... ..Lackawanna... .. 0 13... ..Trott ..... . ...O 0... ..Kenmore.. ...33 44... . .Lockport ..... .. .. 0 26... ..Niagara Falls..... .. 0 0. . . . .North Tonawanda. . .. 0 C599 --.ann--mf... . I-v-um.-. g. ,af is-f i PQ K X Q 'N . P ini 'SF- Q f N sz' -I rn Slattery enter Em,-yy , f I pn Q . F lr U Halfback 6 , if N. asm V x Fred Rech Tackle A Q2 229 J' 97 00 'F 62 I Q. Spero Yiamlos Guard fi Q C200 QAVQ '94 97 0: Raymond Foels U.. J 'ff 909. Q3 in Q61D wg, Qi. S 5 . ,Mg , .M N. if N S QF K X315 Q, S i L 5 W, gf 2 'V iw Q ww 3 ,,,,,,,. 5 Q' -xg was 1 1 S n i f W Q A. i 2 4 "Nun: 'iii 4 Once again Coach Douglas E. Webster's big red basket- ball team regained its former berth in the Niagara Frontier League's playoffs. Every team in the League felt the sting of Tonawandals powerful offense as it compiled a record' of eleven wins and five losses. Only the defending champions from Trott and the new champions across the creek were able to match our basketeers and both paid dearly for their triumphs. The loss of two very capable players, -lay Graff and Spero Yianilos, early in the season hurt the team's chances considerably. An unfortunate accident to Captain Mike Rhodes during the last week of the season robbed the team of one of its most capable players for the last regular game with N. T. and seriously injured his play during the championship series. Ray Foels was the team's leading scorer with 148 points, closely followed by Bob Hamblet, Norm Kelly, Don Naukani, and Cap't Mike Rhodes. These five played well as a unit all season and excelled in splendid co-operation and team work. THE "B" TEAM Fruril Row: C. Vllolf, Muuugerg iXlcNallyg Kelelierg A. Hosmer, lN1auager.Sn1md Raw: VV. Sclmenieltltg Nilandg R, Tll'l1.L'l, C J V. Burngasser. Burk Rua-: D. U'Conner, Managerg l. Metzgarg W. Rickelsg H. Kunlzg A. Rumbles. B le Row: J. Cherkauerg R. McBrideg P. Duzyg C. Leverenzg E. Hyg E. Lautzg A. Brody, Manager.I'f011t Row: I. yg A. McCarthy: C. Fullerg G. Matyevich, Captaing V. Stantong R. Bedell. Bob Bedell Dives Coach Chris Tussing THE SWIMMING TEAM Season Record Ton. O 36 ' 37 39 40 39 .... ..... N orth Tonawanda. . . .. . . 45 32 37 Tonawanda 24, Niagara Falls 23, Amherst North Tonawanda 21, Kenmore 15. PP .....N1agaraFalls...... ......30 .,...NorthTonawanda... ....29 .....Amherst.......... .....N1agaraFal1s....... .....Kenrnore.......... . .......... Kenmore ................... ....,......Amherst................... 23 27 26 27 21 34 29 SWIMMING '41-'42 The team's splendid record of 7 wins and I loss was climaxed by its successful invasion of the Niagara Falls Pool for the sectional meet, which it won by amassing 24 points. Highlights of the season were the breaking of records by Fuller and Duzy and the diving by Bedell and Lasky, who placed first and third, respectively, at the sectionals. THE "B" TEAM Bark Row: W, Gough, D. Brawley. Srcond Row: j. Howland, G. Allen, W. Novotny, G. Eberle, 1. Laulz, D. Primeau. Fran! Row: j. Weiss, -I. Suldwisch W. Nelson, H. Allen, F. Crissey, V. Kania. 65 Front Row: D. Brawleyg S. Bucurg A. McCarthyg J. Metzgerg A. Rumbles.Ba:k Row: S. Beacom,C,oach: . Cherkaucrg R. Hambletg F. VVenskeg D. Naukamg R. Hetzel: D. Reid. Coach Seward Beacom TENNIS Tonawanda's tennis team finished the 1941 fall season with an en- viable record, Winning four out of six matches. A fine team, which took third place in the Niagara Frontier League, was developed. In the singles both Don Naukam and Jerry Dolan went undefeated and helped trim their rivals from across the creek by a 4 to 1 score. Fall Record Ton. Opp. S... ,... Trotr ............ ....0 2 ........... Niagara Falls ...... . . 3 4. . ........ North Tonawanda .... . . 1 1 Default. . .Lockport .......... . , 0 2 ........... Kenmore ......... .. 3 5 ........... LaSalle .... -- 0 Captain Robert Hamblet HOCKEY Bark Row: D. Lampg R. Warren, Co-Captaing D. Heller, Co-Captziing L. Foels. Front Row: R. ,Srartg F. Wenskeg l.. Winters: A. Wacker- mang A. Smillig R. Rosenuu. HOCKEY . Hockey in Tonawanda was set back this year because of weather con- ditions not conducive to practice. Only one game was played, and this was at Nichols against the Jr. Varsity, with Tonawanda on the short end of a 5 to 3 count. Considering the handicaps under which Tonawanda trained, the team, with Dick Heller and Bob Warren outstanding, made a fair showing against their opponents. TRACK Track, one of the up-and-coming sports in T. H. S., had a good season in 1941, considering the fact that this is only the second year for this spring ' d f 1942 since many experienced runners sport. A good team is expecte or will again be participating. 5 John lylay, Coach, for Hockey and Track TRACK Front Row: R. Shiesleyg D. Greilg R. Lyons, Captaing I". l.askyg j. ,loyceg R. Anderson, H. Voisinetg R. Bedell. Bark Row: A. Brodie, Managerg R. Alleng B. Kocpselg A. Paul: C. Wcing A. Rhodes, H. Alleng D. Niillerg G. Matyevicli. Manager. 4679 . BOYS' BADMI TO gark Row: H. Grieser, R. Hamblet, R. Schaefer, Root, C. Meyers. J. Rogers, S. Rae, N. Snodgrass. From Row: D. Primeau, R. Ander- son, R. Rech, C. Long A. O'Shaughness D. . Y, Chase, H. Walters. 9 BOY BADMI TO Badminton, one sport that can be played the year round, is very popular with the fellows. With many good players competition is very keen in the annual spring tournament. As a result of the 1941 tournament, Sam Bucur was hailed the champion with Don Reid, the runner up. One of the largest and most active clubs in school, the Bowling Club boasts of a membership of 75. In the course of the season Holesko's team captured the league title with 24 wins against 2 losses. Albert Holesko was the high fellow with an average of 195. Miss Wittig's average of 140 made her high for the girls. ifon.fcEfJ.' Miss Wittig, Mr. Abell. Ujiuri: President Albert Holesko, Vice Presid ent Harold Grieser, Secretary-Treasurer Jane Firrt Row: M. Eaton H Vokes R Muck A H , . . . , . oward, L. Whitehead, K. Keller, M. Grose, C. Keller, D. Voisinet, S. Kreger, S. Hicks, T. Tollar, M. Burns, A. Hultman, J. Dick, Hicks, A. Gipp. Strand Row: N. Wolf, B. Richardson, L. Oakley,J. Schoen- feld, N. Peck, L. Schrier, J. Krauss, L. Shain, B. Ball, J. Mowitz, B. Stryker, J. Burford, M. Kassay, M. Collins, P. Krauss,CJ. Hultman, Miss Wittig. Third Row: B. Burngasser, R. Bodic, M. Berg, R. Lyons, B. Smith, M. Burns, J. Grieser, V. Holeska, . Grohe, N. Minor, F. Rech, G. Koch, S. Kruse. Fourth Row: G. Tooke, L. Gi p, R. Greil, R. Warner, J. Wolf, G. Johnson, R. Rcch, N. Krupp, W. Sommerfeldt, W. Wilson, A. Weidner, Mr. Abell. Fifth lgow: C. Kuhns, A. Holcsko, D. Naulcam, A. McLeod, R. Hall, D. Burkholder, J. Schrieber, G. Sattleberg, J. Yianilas, A. Ritchie, P. Gron ll N. ' ' ' wa , Yianilos, H. Grieser, M. Cutt. 3 1 E E 5 , .. a,.1..f . .. Q: -1 g5',a,iji,f ig? X 5' V45-ziNAfJ ?T5 -9 M '21 Vai ' A X, . V,.. F 4 I i if3gw 'ix '," M 'fhhw 'wiizw' l ' QXNX1 LN . 3 it ff' 1 ,f..sf1sf? ff W I f- 3 ji 1 k-' T i S M M! GIRLS' SPORTS These are the champsl After a hectic season of stiff competition, ending in a tie for first place, Norma Sarkovic's team defeated Mary Collin's for the title of the Junior-Senior League.The teams, captained by Helen Smilinich and Genevieve Koch, were the champs in the Freshman and Sophomore leagues, respectively. The Varsity basketball team was made up of the outstanding players of the Junior-Senior league and a few very promising sophomores. Weekly practices were held in which the girls were able to get into top form for interscholastic competition. The Sophomore league and the Freshman league also had their individual all-star teams. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Standing: H. Dzuglog F. McNallyg J. Senng W. Hendry, E. McDowellg B. Lewin. Knulin : Ihhpllwliitcheadg N. Sarkovics, Captaing 1 er. C70J BASKETBALL First Team fleftl Bark Rows B. Burngasser J. Senn, E. Flodin, A. Miller. Serond Row hardt. Front Row: R. Bodie, B. Smith. Second Team KRightJ, Bark Row: S. Stoberl W. Hendry, M. Soldwisch. Szcond Row: N Sarkovics, M. Berg, j. Smith. Front Row: j Foster, R. Koepsel. a Qif.u . .Vi- M. Burns, M, Collins, E. McDowell, E. Goll' GIRLS' SWIMMING Diving Board: J. Rechg M. C4-llinsg VI. Smithg C. Stan: B. Burngasserg N. Sarkuvicsg B. Hendersong A. Craig D. Vuisinetg Miss Mc- Philmy, Adviser. Srfond Row: P. Olkag M. Burnsg L. Kuhnsg M. Ludwigg A. Millcrg D. Camp. Third Row: C, Frenchq M. DeGlop- erg R. Mayerg O, Nepukrulfg V. Doyle' Rd. Soldwisclig A. Hultman. Bark Row: N Sauberang M. Millerg F. Stawitzkyg R. Krscpsel H. Drenocky.1n Walrr: ll. Andersong j. Miller- L. Benzinog R. Batt: S. Hy. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIO Bark Row: C. Sinicropig G. Tielmrg B. Hender- song M. Miller: C. Ball: Wh llendryg R jacksung L, Whitehead. Front Roux' M. Collinsg S. Molly O. Nepokmeflg S. Stoberl, Captain. Divided into Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior teams, these girls have done their best to uphold the laurels of their respective classes. The Juniors have raced away with top honors in interclass meets, but the Seniors have paced the others in diving competition, with their star diver, Mary Collins, taking the honors. Here are those volleyball champs of '41 that you've heard so much about. Captained by Shirley Stoberl, they swept through the round-robin ladder Without a single defeat. Congratulations- you well deserve to represent your Alma Mater in the annual playday at Kenmore in the spring. 4713 BADMI TO Back Row: Miss McPhilmy, Sponsor: B. Ball M. Berg, B. Smith, B. Rose, J. Senng W Hendry, M. Burns, E. McDowell, R. Bodie W. Shain. Snond Row: G. Grobeg S. Moll N. Wolf: L. Oakleyg H. Vokesg J. Schoenfeld M. Dunkerg J. Smithg R. Koepselg M. Ludwig B. Burngasser. From Row: L. Gallagher, M Collins, D. Driscoll, L. Whitehead, J. Rech B. Robillard, E. Gollhardtg A. Miller, R. Lyons BADMI TO Fir!! Row: J. Levi, A. Rogers, H. Smilinich B. Lewin, T. Balling, E. Greil, D. Kropf K. O'Hagan, J. Guzzetta. Second Raw: A Drcnocky, M. Weinheimer, M. Mills, J. Dick J. Hultman, A. Gipp, L. Dubuc, M. Welch Third Row: H. Rech, F. Rach, S. Kruse, G Grebe, S. Stoberl, N. Schmeichel, E. Smith M. Burns, -I. Warner, F. Sinicropi, P. Ball l Ever increasing in popularity, badminton seems to be the up-and-coming sport. Consequently, Tuesday and Friday were exciting days, with players competing for top positions on both ladders. Elimination tournaments proved Shirley Moll to be our new singles champ and S. Moll-M'. Collins the leading doubles team. In both tournaments with N. T. H. S., Tonavvanda was the victor with a Wide margin. OFTBALL Standing: M. Oldenburg, M. Soldwisch, O. Nepokroefl, A. Miller, J. Senn, M. DeGlopper, L. Oakley, B. Smith, E. Gollhardt, N. Sarko- vics. Sratrd: G. Grobe, S. Rather, E. Greil, E. Flodin, Foster. Pictured here are some of the baseball enthusiasts patiently waiting for the season to open. Intramural teams will be formed and a round-robin tournament will be played off for the cham- pionship. These girls were re- sponsible for the defeat of Ken- more and Amherst at the An- nual Softball Playday last year. y eww on 1 'S' N gg fafiii wswiwfm SVI ki Nw 2 , ,M fvgiais X? i. ma v V s V , N .- iv, - w. 4 . . V Tw 1 X53 I av' "A mi -S, J -iw K -, kg , , A . ww L J-1 -N , I Q, X ' k 5:1 ,.,, viii X 1 Q W fl? , ,a,jMx:?T,+,' I 'vf2,ks"'!Q ' K x Q-.sgf .- wi" M' ,. L4 ,wa W-vs A - ' 'Lg' i .L S K v 5 ' 4 i t-fjfia. f 9 . , ':'z1'.Q' asm.-,Wk gg i " K -sid ' .- Z5':'?. 2 qs. 5' W5 Q Q Hy- . 3397. 1 1-771 - ,- V f:, 4,1 '1f" "5 'iw' - Q- ' " 3- . ' X' . T kia -' lA"ig'f Yf f is ,Q aff mf 1 ' f ' ' V, . W +, ' . -fm: ig! L32-ugg J .Q f . x ,X k .W Qfli., , Wffiifgi 3 if Y f' v L ,..m.. 4 . When jirst our government was setf' up our Sanceftors foremw w that this neun n be .a- land dj freeighandythus to inswre fhi.r4-precionx,- gkt' the ofRight3' wasiestablished, a:S2fured everyone that fihiw would be F reedom of- the Pres:-a Freedom -which hae been the exprexsion of the American nation. f . Complimen ta Ka1m's New York Store Inc. D COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS TONAWANDA, N. Y. 8: Com"'i'ne"m' SPRINGER HOLLER 1 WESLAR s SHOE stone Am, C, S,,,.,,g,, Tonawanda's Insurance Newest Shoe Store Real Estate Bonds 54 Main Street Tonawanda, N. Y. 25 so' Nlagara St' Phan' 380 H. B. KOENIG INC. THE OLD RELIABLE HARDWARE STORE A Hardware and Paint Dept. Electrical Dept. 10-12 Young Street 17 Main Street 0 VISIT OUR RECORD BAR RAY. KOENIG: RECORD SPECIALIST Compliments ol' H. C. HILLMAN FINE Foons Meats of Quality FOR OVER 60 YEARS 31-33 Young St. Tonawanda, N. Y. 290 Adaxn St, phone 433 Phone: Tonawanda 328 Phone: Buffalo-De. 2371 RAY F. MORNINGSTAR COAL AND COKE Yard Quality F' Service Town of Brighton Road Tonawanda, N. Y. E. E. STONE 81 SONS QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES Beer and Vegetables 91 Fuller Ave. WE DELIVE R ' Phone 1718-J THE STORE FOR MEN AND WOMEN WHO SHOP Ior MEN Go to For Your CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS GEORGE E. SCHNELL 8 SON'S North Tonawanda, N. Y. When the Quality of your MILK Supply is Questionable, Give TWIN CITY DAIRY'S Premium Milk a trial and you will be More Than Pleased TWIN CITY DAIRY Awarded Diploma of Merit New York State Fair 1935-1938 Chevrolet Oldsmobile McLean Chevrolet Corporation 27-29 Main Street North Tonawanda Phone 438 Compliments of VAN RAIALTE CO., INC. HELWIGS TIRE SERVICE Gas, Oil, and Lubrication .Cat Washing and Simonizing Phone 1399 Congra tula tions from RIVER ROAD LUMBER CO., Inc NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. Office Phone 1583 Hump-Iirey 8: Vandervoort INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Phone 34 L. P. Humphrey A. H. Heller P. E. Humphrey F. W. Brumm, Jr 69 YEARS OF INSURANCE In the Tonawandas ROSE COAL 8- BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 217 OLIVER STREET NORTH TONAWAN DA COMPLIMEN TS OF THE WULF BOTTLING WORKS CLEANING 8 TAILORING HUGO REM US, Prop. Phone 603 We Call for and Deliver HUGO'S Alterations Oflice 8 Plant Best work assured on Repairing 55 YOUNG STREET Ladies' and Men's Relining Tonawanda, N. Y. Garments Compliments ot' TWIN CITY STYLE SHOP BUCKLEY-HENDERSON CO. 2 Delaware Street HRYSLER-PLYMOUTH LADIES' WEARING APPAREL C Used Cars 18 Webster Street North Tonawanda phone 2238 The Store with the Checker-board Front SCHREIBER and LAMP FLOUR, FEED, SEEDS, and POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 77 48-50 Young Street CHOWN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Offers a Remington Portable Typewriter and a six weeks course in Typevyriting beginning July 14, for 867.25 775 Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. RECH'S BAKERY Fred A. Rech, Prop. Complete Line of Assorted Rolls, Pastry, Pies and Wedding Cakes BEST WISHES A D R I A N ' S ARTISTIC HAIRDRESSERS We Cater to Parties, Banquets, and I Weddings 28 Young St. Phone 78 Fletcher, at Grove Street WE DELIVER Phone 86 Telephone Wash. 0177 or 0178 T RYAN A WILLIAMS Inc. PHARMACIST Stationers-Ofiice Furniture 82-84 Pearl Street Buffalo, N. Y. 24 Ymml Street Tvmw-nd-. N- Y- Phone lb Prescription Chemists KIEFER'S PHARMACY FINE DRUGS AND CHEMICALS 53 Main St. Tonawanda, N. Y. E. C. LOESCHAUSER QUALITY MEATS onocnnms and vEoE'rABLr:s 28 Bouck Street Tonawanda CUTT'S HOTEL U55 C63 Distinguished , The Home of Funeral Home H M P Quality Furniture MAIN B YOUNG STS.-TONAWANDA FUNERAL HOME-PHONE 81 FURNITURE-PHONE 136 weYER's senvlcz Bernard T. Witzlce uweyera for meg, Drugs Sick Room Supplies Sweeney Cor Marion 15 S01-ith Niaiafa sf' Phone 200 Road Service Phone 98 BLUE SUNOCO GAS THE YARDS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE . B. VOELCKER FUEL AND BUILDING MATERIALS 50 FILLMORE AVENUE Qlnmplimenis nf Buffalo Quit Qlnmpang LINTON CONCRETE PRODUCTS Compliments of Concrete Blocks Waylite Blocks, Cinder Blocks, Lintels, etc. G- R- Phones: 1417 or 451 or De. 6830 582 Young St. Tonawanda Business Administration Advanced Secretarial for Boys for Girls The North Parlc Business School 1417 Hertel Avenue BUFFALO, NEW YORK Telephone Delaware 7171 Ask for our Catalog 30 Webster St. TONAWANDA, NEW YORK ZUCKMAIER BROTHERS 11-13 NIAGARA STREET 14- 18 MAIN STREET J. Gurewitsch Shoe Store Nunn-Bush Shoes for Men Wilbur-Coon Shoes for Women 70 WEBSTER STREET North T awanda McClellan Music House Band and Orchestra Instruments 732 Main Street ' Buffalo, N. Y Complimen ts of SPAULDING FIBRE CO. INCORPORATED Compliments of BUFFALO STEEL COMPANY CLYDE DIEDRICH REI-'RESHMENTS 22 Delaware Street FRED W. FICK Faultless Fitting Footwear NORTH TONAWANDA, N. Y. Columbus McKinnon Chain Corporation Chisholm-Moore Hoist Corporation WHEN YOU FEEL HUNGRY OR TI-IIRSTY THINK OF ZEFFERY'S AND TRY ONE OF OUR TASTY SANDWICI-IES OR DELICIOUS SODAS 5. S. NIAGARA STREET TONAWANDA, N. Y. JANKEIS SHOE STORE TWIN CITY CLEANERS as DYERS BETTER CLEANING "Dealer in Fine Footwear" Omce-145 Robinson St. Phone 169 40 Young Street Plant-79 Fillmore Ave' Tonawanda Underwriters, Inc. H A R R Y D A N I E L S JEWELER "Insurance With Service" 20 Main Street 4 MAIN STREET TONAWANDA Look fm- the Big Crock WOLF MOTOR SALES PACKARD and STUDEBAKER CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS We Repair All Makes of Cars TON. 619 Large Assortment of Good Used Cars 81 YOUNG ST. DUREZ PLASTICS Sf CHEMICALS. INC. n NORTH TONAWANDA. NEW YORK DUREZ BERN'S CHILDREN SHOP C""""i""""' 0' Wearing Apparel for Children N- M- "TOTS TO TEENS" DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND CLOCKS 22 MAIN TONAWANDA 12 Main Street SAY IT WITH Compliments of YOUR W A R N E R' S FLOWERS Endicott-Johnson Shoe Store 185 Delaware Street Phone 1128 13 Main Street Tonawanda BADMINTON FOOTBALL WILDER'S INC. 44-47 Webster Street G. E. APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS WERKLEY'S GREETING CARDS GIFT WRAPPINGS TRY OUR DELICIOUS SODAS 155 GOUN DRY STREET Secretarial Accounting DINNERS SODAS CANDIES THE KELLY BUSINESS INSTITUTE YIANILOS SODA BAR 1312 Main St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Free Placement 64 YOUNG STREET PHONE: 1929 Phone 538 Private Party 'Room Complimen ts. Geltz Tea Sliop 0, Gifts : : Novelties : : Cards Parties and Wedding Dinners 46 Broad Street Tonawanda, N. Y PARSONS DRUG COMPANY JONES THE FLORIST TELEGRAPH FLORIST Phone 1195 CORNER SCHENCK AND PAYNE THE DOG HOUSE Corner of Sheridan Drive and Niagara Falls Boulevard HOT DOGS ICE CREAM REGISTER NOWHFor the Summer or Fall Term Stainbroolc Secretarial ScI1ooI Niagara Power Building Compliments of DEMLER 81 HENLE Greeting Cards for All Occasions 4 Webster Street North Tonawanda PHOTO FINISHING PORTRAIT AMATEUR SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPHY DOROTHY EYERS STUDIO 46 MAIN STREET PHONE-592R TONAWANDA Compliments of ROY ARENZ MOTOR SALES for CHARTERED BUSES WOOLEY BUS LINES, INC. 452 Hinman Ave. Buffalo, New York "Bowl to Keep Healthy" FLASH ALLEYS Delaware at Broad Phone 1919 Tonawanda, N. Y. Compliments of a FRIEND If You Haven't Tried RESSINGS' HAMBURGS You've Missed A Treat 172 Main Street Tonawanda l0NG'S EIECTRIC APPIIANCES INC. Authorized Dealer for General Electric, Philco, Norge, Westinghouse and Estate Products 52 Main Street Phone 1426 Tonawanda EAT AT THE DINETTE And Enjoy the Best in Food Geo. V. Campas, Prop. JOSTEN'S MAKERS OF CLASS RINGS and Commencement Announcements since 1933 107 Main Street North Tonawanda Class Ring SfY1e1eadefS ,., WAHL MILK '-5 Best for Children and You M A 'I' T H I E S 'P A Seal-On Hooded for Your Protection Ph 1453 one A HOMOGENIZED MILK KURKOWSKI COAL CO. KEEP 'EM FLYING COAL AND COKE BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 303-325 Young street Phone 247 Phone 1340 Tonawanda' N- Y- JOS. W. SNIDER, INC. NEW CAR DODGE-PLYMOUTH USED CARS Sales-Service TON. PHONE-1454 333 Payne Ave. 334 Niagara BUFFALO PHONE-DE. 8031 North No. Tonawanda Tonawanda

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