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70W-if L 3 , x Q x , ? fwk ' K 'K+ I I- fb' xg X J A30 xkj I xx' K 4' X xx . INN xx X .J-'X 1-XO .I 'AIN' xx, N X. X , ' J I X x L! -JY' 'U . x X' x . A x J D X1 . X V l I ,. ' -C X' 4 fl ,WD j fx' K 1' ,' -J l ' x- X 1 V 7 Q xx' My D -x , -xy T x ' Q 7 1 , 5 I Q O' ' ,7 N W :Q 9 'R 3 Q 1 , 5 , ly w A :J XXV lj PHX' I JV l ' 7. my :IR 1 If L7 4 xx, J it L 1 f 1 JW .1 J . , ,N 1 N y X N . I ' 1 Q A I ll -if J 'lx -XJ W Y xr - 4 2 V b- Q ,f x x i , , fx ,Q r . e- ' Y N f v - x 1 D J' R 1 'Y . K X I r ., MXN X1 F "J ' , ? 'jgrj Y if txxij ff 'W 'X 4 WX T73 1' "xg K '7 ' , K! wxx 'Nl 'J J N 3 x .Lf L X X . VF J K 1 ' , X J 1 W, ' x A 'f 1 V ' f ff H j 7 X, X X Y f'f'i' ' N 'F IN Y if I Q Jw ff I-,,.. --unununnulnn, I1 N Wpzuu. qq ,,:l1n.lul:Ls Li X ,-Z F f XX m n W1 lL ' ' ' "" " l.IW.1 g-T - Abi- lidfl' kg - x ' ff, I K . :W:Z -: ,-' 4 toma h5y ggmor . -,.., f??fOm3h, wiS C0l1SIl1 ' hamot '67 , ., ,.-ff, ..k..f W if ,,., ,H k,,,,- 4' . 50 F I 2 COI1t8l1tS academics special events OI'g3I'lIZ3tIOl1S students athletics '?ai??4 , 'Fw . ' 169' X givp. I A' x I XXX X x X Q. xx ' x . ' 4 'aiei XXX - .ilugr Q . Ili K . xx .. fy, 'dkail Ajit 4 This has been our first year in the Tomah Senior High School building. It has been pleasant, hectic, frustrat- ing, encouraging, discouraging, memorable, hot, cold, quiet, noisy, unfinished, finished, and certainly bright and educational, It is a period in our lives that none of us vvill ever forget as students, office personnel, custodians, cooks, bus drivers or fac- ulty Although our campus will soon be very attractive and a credit to the beauty of our city, the real value of a school is the educational processes that take place in the building It is novv our responsibility to expand our educational offerings and benefit from the physical facilities provided by the taxpayers of the Tornah School Dis- trict. l have confidence that the youth of Tomah and our faculty can accom- plish the task before us, academics Mr Kenneth Cur- ran, Supenntend- ent of Tomans public school sys- tem, assumes the task of co-ordlr1at- ing school board decrslons vvrth sfsyrsavkn. -Q., , ld . U school administration: h b of activity each schools development The School Board, conslstlng of members Mr, Russel Potter, Mr Arden Hoefs, col, lVlr Donald Jerdee, and Mr Kenneth Curran meets regularly. As a body, Dr Floyd Weatherford, Mr Earle Fisher, Mr Victor Brretenfteld, Mr. Robert Nr- they lnltlate and act on all polrcles pertaining to school affairs As Principal, Mr William Graharns main functioning of the new hugh school. concern lS the smooth 10 -Q X. Student Director Miss Mary McAdams bridges the gap between stu dents and administration Her job concerns attendance and the pre paratlon oftranscrlpts lor seniors post hugh school educatlon Mrs Glorua Schutler serves the admnnlstrallon vvnth her secretarlal work She also helps the teach- ers vvlth any papers they need mlmeographed To Mrs Janet Sul- llyarl falls the sec- retarnal and clerk- nng work ol the admlmstratlon Mr lryun Lotl handles the money problems of the school system As bookkee- per, he accounts for all the hnahces from school organlzatuons to pay checks 1 Mr Vlncent Crane, Buslness Manager for the Tomah school system, has the res- ponslblllty of maklng all the purchases for the schools He lS also IU charge of the buses and the hot lunch program 11 fi? wif QE K A wars A wh' ' qwt-J--51'l'?"'t?jifiY laanfsfv Sm?-F.':s lizaugf -:mf-4 A, tlftfalftr , I ?Q.?t-Q 'ew,.s,,fg,,Q ff l f f""'11'l"""' , e , , ,..A 5:-H--Z 1. WL,,mlQ259t,2.2,f?Ses'eiffNiistyflfs, 'wif .. 1. A Guldance counselor Mass Mary Eck deslgned the new guldance departments of- hce, she IS also head of that department As an actrve member of the community, she serves on the Amerrcan Fleld Serylce Commlttee, vyhrch ns vvorklng to get an exchange student for Tomah Hugh 12 IS their goal to aid students A new method of class rank was Introduced by guldance counselor Mr Jett Delton Under hls method, students who work harder by taklng more than the mlnrmum number of requlred courses, earn a hlgher class ranklng than those who schedule only the requlred Courses plus the rnlnrmum number of electlyes L ,vi Mrs Grace Fonstad served as head llbrarran for the hrst semester VVlth the help ol the Ltbrary Club, she superylsed and alded students as a consultant ln hndlng books The Llbrary Club IS made up of gurls who are vvllllng to sacrlhce a study hall to work ln the ltbrary lVlrs Fonstad was thelr advrsor ,4 Mrs Heren Waugh works vvnh her French sludenls as advrsor ro me French Crub She rs a graduate o1BaHState Unrversny, Mun- cre, Indrana, and rs now vvorkrng toward a degree students Ilves language broadens Mrs Murrel McCallum taughl Bl the rumor hugh, rn addrtron to her work at the senror hugh She proposed a Nanguage laboratory for the new schoor 13 Mrs Chrrstrna Waxkxns teaches readmg developmem courses She slrrves to mdrvrduarrze rnsrrucrron rn the basic obrectrves un readnng wnh the use of programmed materrafs She holds a masters degree and rs presemw worknng on a degree beyond masters key to communication english: Mrs Duane Graevvln, sopho- more Engllsh teacher, ls a grad- uate ol La Crosse State Umver- stty, Her posltlon as co-advnsor of student councll takes up much of her tnme Mr:Sohaetzke took over Mrs. Walkers jun- lor Engllsh classes, and also her posmon as therr class advisor In teaohlng, he places emphasis on oral actlvitles vvrth the Idea that a person vvlth a well developed abrllty to cornmunrcate orally will be prepared lor the future, 14 Mr Wllmer Pearson. senlor Engllsh teacher, uses a prlot program vvlth llterature and develops ID hrs students a crltlcal approach to vvrltlng As the only speech teacher, he IS ln charge ofthe lorensncs program He IS also dra- matlcs director Mrs Margaret Walker transferred from the Engllsh de- partment to the posltron of head Ilorarlan She last at- tended La Crosse State Unlverslty and recelved her BA, from Eau Clalre State Unlversltv Mrs Darlene Wrlson teaches Journaltsm I and II, rn addrtton to her sensor Enghsh classes As advtsor to the lournahsm students, she assumes many responsrbrhtres Thrs rncludes the overseerng of atl student publrcatrons and any fund-rarsrng affarrs they may plan Mr John Rrchmond rs head of the Englrsh department, as charrman, gurded hrs commrttee rn the prannrng of the Enghsh sectron of the new school He holds a Master o1Sctence, Language, and Lrtera- ture. and rs conternplatnng begmnrng work on a degree- My Rych. mond rnstructs sophomore Englrsh Mtss Kathleen Hutchens rs a recent graduate of Wusconsrn State Unrver- srty-La Crosse By DUI- trng more emphasrs on dlscussron among stu- dents and their Indi- vrdual vvrrtten expres- sron, she encourages her tumor English stu- dents to observe and analyze rdeas Mr Torn Grurnan teaches Unnted States HrStory, he rsheadotthfzhrs' tory department After hours he ts oticupred as head coach for the vvrestters Ho rs actrve an the corn- rntrnrty as a mem- t1eroIthuJayCeCS Mr Thorrras Pedersen ts a graduate ot La Crosse State Unlversnty, and us presentty vyorkrng on hrs masters degree As sensor socual problems tnstructor, he developed dnderstandrng ofthe stock rnurket tor hrs students by huvrng them rnvest nn a mock market 16 history, geography, social problems: a study of past and present Mr Darwrn Dade strrves to teach the obyrous Instead of lust the out- standnng teatures ot the world rn hrs georgraphy ctasses He rs base- ball coach for the senror hugh and rs also recreatron drrector forthe crty of Tornah World Htstorv mstructor Mr Paul Dedre attempts to shovv hovv past events tn htstorv trttluence the present ttmes A A Mr Gary Kunz ts a tumor Uhtt ed States l-ltstory teacher and also aovtses that class l-le holds a masters degree from La Crosse As a member of the socral stuores department helped tn the planntng ol the htstorv vvtrtg .....L.. - Beltevrrtg world hls- torv should be more than memortzatton of dates and people. Mrs Judtth Andre- ttch teaches an understandtrtg of other people and trtes to focus more attentton on Alrtcan, Eastern, and South- ern Amertcan peo- ples as she leels these are areas of tmportance onthe luture lm Sentor soctal problems Instructor Mr John Crubaugh belteves H1 al- Iovvrng the student to speak out and establtsh hrs posrtron on any toptc, however controverstal tt may be A great deal ol has ttme ts devoted to athlcttcs, he serves as asststartt football coach and head basketball coach progress excells through science Emphasxzmg the Naboratory approach to science, Mr HaroNd Srmth teaches buology He desugrwed lhe whole bxology UEDBFIVYWBDI for me new school Mr Gary Schuhz teaches CIWQVTIISIVV and phvsxcs mem head He ns a!so co-advwsor to the student cou .yu 3 5 Br 384813 ,. 'b 53 1' A ET QS 59,43 'Wir Y !f -2. Hia rn 5612.9 i .W and ncul 10- Ar W. serves as the scxehce depart- Br NNN 365 Kr RL? Mr Robcn Ouackenbush reaches bwomgy and chemxstry He receuved hus B S from La Crosse Slate Umverswly Mathemattcs teacher Mr Jeffrey Wes- ter ts a graduate of Wrsconsm State Umyersrty-Supertor Musa Jean Otto, mathematics mstructor, strnyes to connect the thmgs learned tn class vvtth practncat use IU everyday Me ,ff I L-iygdf ,WS z,,,, , W, W.. W ,awww L .wwe- wwe-M' ,.,.,,., .pw ...M- ..--e e ff", ,H+-W Mrs Vtda Stoker commutes darty from the tumor hrgh to teach one class of algebra 19 thought process Furs! year ryprng and bookkeeprng are taught by Mr Harvey Nrelson As a commmee mem- ber, he helped de, srgn rhebusmess deparlmem of lhe schooN Mrs HeNen Carson reaches short- hand and second year xypmg secretarial arts for a future vocation prepares students Mrs Everyn SchraufnageN reaches ofhce orachce and ryoung, traxrnng gms as future secrexanes In addmon ro her school dunes, she serves as secretary for her church srevyardshrp commuuee 20 Mrs. Leona Ambort subsurured for Mrs Carson lhe hrsi semester She holds a degree rn busmess educanon Followrng current business pracrrces ards Mrs Irehe Penske rn her teaching of bookkeepung and sec- retarial arts She re- ceived her M.S from the Unuyersny of VVrs, consm lvlr Vernon Glson serves as department head lor art He last attended Wlnona State College and ls presently yvorklng on has M A students creative talents instructors develop lVlr Rlchard Loy IS credited vvlth a Master of Nlusnc from the Unuverslty ol Wlsconsln He presents all new muslc to hls cholr each year and also assumes the responsnblllty ol pro- duclng a hugh school musical annually 21 The baslc deslgn ofthe band room may be credlt- ed to Mr Wllluam G Mellln, band dlrector lVlr lvlellln annually presents concerts for the public and tralns hls students ln rnarchlng band tech nldues Though kept out of the gymhasrum because ut was urthnrshed, Mrss Marge Luhd strove to make physncar educatron rmerestrng She covered umts nrt usometrrcs, games and sports IVTSUUCIIOFI Mr Earl Gatzke rs athleuc director for Tomah Hrgh Hrs math ponrtt of emphasis ts physical hmess An actrve member of the communrty, he as chanrmart ofthe recreatuorr department phy ed develops e whole student Mr Dave Spres rs head football coach of THS He akso teaches physical educatlon at other schools IU the sys- Kem Mrs Nora Porath drnyes from Black Rnver Falls daxry to reach home econom- rcs courses She has a Masrer of Scxence rn Clorhrng and Textures and as Mrs Anneue Owen reaches second and mhxrd year home econornucs Sne worked presenlry workrng on an M S rn Supervrsron and Educatron vvnn a commmee to seNec! equrprnenx for lhe foods and fabrzc Nabs home ec drivers ed convenience everyday living In order to make lraffsc problems more recognizable, Mr Ronald Sanders had has slu- dents make a traffwc safety study an Tornah and ine ourlymg areas Mr Sanders re- cerved has Masters of Educatron from rhe Unlversny of Hlrnors 23 Mr Theodore Hrllert tnrtngs rn an tncrease of yrsual ards an tndtvtdual rrtstructron tn hrs agrtculture classes U -gp benefit tomorrows worker vocational, agricultural courses Mr Laurel Drckrrtson teaches trtdustrtal educatton Ho ts a graduate of Stout lnstrtute Mr Thomas Coyyte feels has shop shows the students' tnter est, and the etforr they out forth He teaches thtrd year lndus- trtal arts and general shop Vocatrortal agrroulturo ts more than tarmtng ts the ballet of Mr James Ness ln addrtton to hrs teachtng, Mr Ness serves onthe Board ol Dt- rectors of Tornah Sayrngs and Loan Assoctatuon and on the Board ol Dtrectors ol the Monroe County Agncolture Soctely 24 Bus drlvers rransporl sruderrls each day FRONT ROW: Mr Kdnable Mr Spooner, Mr Dashrler. Mr Tlber, Mr Jerrklrls CENTER ROW: Mr Gooden- ough, Mrs Sxrozlnskv, Mrs Holmes Mr Zrmrrrerrrrarm BACK ROW: Mr Lrd- darle Mr Sr1lder,lVlr Schultz, Rev Relsell, Mr Sorrrremberg, Mr SlOdOld Mr Wrldes school employees indirectly aid education W .4- The hor lunch program ls orgamzed and supervlsed by FRONT ROW: Mrs Ultelg BACK ROW: Mrs Redrske, Mrs Sarrwev Mrs Boencrrer, Mrs Srolzmarr 25 N .. -on These cusiodsams help keep our new Lamb, Mrs Wllz BACK ROW: Mr school new FRONT ROW: Mrs Zurlgler, Mr Gray, Mr Mlstele 9 .1-1 ..,m...,. ,?321fwf,1w:f-v- K xffiti' fYfw'xEf1'Y ' -, N 1,. . 11. Q 24:1924- U Sim rl- ki-55533 if "V23,1l'.ffifi?595T?i1-A Q- :ll 1:--f f W J ,,.. ,. f wiiziggzz 4. .. ' M' 'l""w g K I fy W 'K A: 'i j krv. ., f ffii if-H .,,. ,. ,, g H X, ,. ' U 2 W "kk' 'f -'sag' - 1-1 .rx V - 14511 - fl: wif f 1:13:51 ,Lrx:2iz,ygg week'-ky5:,,f-y22'2Q'ghz:zHf -Ig ,N Tliifl. fx - 'I-w. ' 4:fn'ifJ :MW w.'.:'5f!f53?'1:,,gypTLi3, ,f,?ff5gi. .mx-577 mfmirg -. 5. Q , ' ' 12 My l- : 'N P ecial events prom 66 Into parlslan fantasy Ia belle parts FTE 1 gymnasium transformed R! ' Y? E 2 Q 1 E l ' The formal whrch slgnals the end of another school year. ,,"La Belle Paris". . .Prom 66. . .lt started wlth fre- guent class meetlngs, chalrmen, co-chalrmen, electron of the theme, comrnlttees. . .Brenda Olson headed the pro- tect. . .posters were put up all over the school proclalm- rng the event, . ,the entlre class struggled to create an atmosphere that would pay for all the hard work and res- ponslbrllty, ,. Cooperatron from the faculty and admlnrstratlon enabled students to devote extra trme to the pro1ect...lrttle by Int- tle the transformatlon of a gym lnto the fantasy of "La Belle Parts" took place. . .the Elffel Tower, the Arc de Trlumph, an assemblence of French cafes. . ,Club 44 resembled a plcturesque scene of the Le Jardln des Tull- erles . .. Queen HoseAnn Vonrladen and King Kevln Oleary were crowned by last years royalty, Roger Kruk and Nancy Blackwell. . .the sound of the Buddy Frank Orchestra from LaCrosse provlded muslc for the even- ing's activlties ..."La Belle Paris" Jane Wettstein was presented a charm bracelet for using her artrstlc tal- ent to help create the French deslgns. . .bendlng under the celllng of arms formrng the Grand March. , ,starlng at the audience watchlng from the balcony,..f1lllng rn the date booklets. . ,lndlvldual plctures for memolrs. . .Prom '66. . .the formal whrch slgnals the end of another school year. . , 3. 62? Court members of the 1966 Prom Include lfroml to rl Karyl Krueger, Norbert Affelt, Barbara Bell, Rlck Brockman, Queen Ro5eAnn VonHaden, Klng Kevrn O'Leary, Sue Steinmetz, Brian Every Juntor class has group prctures taken as a memolr of havrng attended the hrghlrght of the socral calendar, Junror Prom The girls assembled themselves ln Club 44 for thrs candld 28 Sovvle, Tonl Brdar. and Norman Wonzer Lynn Rassmussen acled as flower glrl and Davld Mel- l lrn as rrng bearer X A . . 1 N ' W 5 ' . P t 1 ,Qui -L A -V 4 ' .. ' 1' 5 ,,,. 51, . 1 4 2 .fi -V , Q' . W - !E, sir? -, JV I QM 1 It , . , , Q V . SW , fi -Q , F- ,V n-H ,.,v N nh ' ' . . , Q 1 2 ,gi ' T l rw ll lj, e 1 l 3 if ,h Y . Y' ' . ' W KRS: Hx, , '- ' 9 Q Bob Lamb and Jan Farnum emerge from the Grand March aher travelllng I' fa ' B41 ,B ' through the arc of arms created by couples anendrng "La Belle Pans " S he I In , X Boys may acl camera-shy at navlng zhelr plcrure taken, bu! lnese Jrlnror lxovs had no qualms abour posrng ln lronr ofrne camera 29 An anmra! event for aNI Tomah Homocorrnng parades rs me red hreman trucks addmg lherr suren tones ro the ceNebra1uon Each truck as Needed wrrh members of the 'A' and 'B' foothah squads, a lradmon orrgmaung rn the early years of THS homecoming of dancmg floats and football week-end blitz Angursh reflected upon hue face, coach Dave Sores brrefs Davrd Lenz rn the closrng mrnules of the game The Homecomrng game ended rn a 24-24 dead- lock 30 Oueen Janet and her court after coronatson at the pep assembly ll to rl Jan Lund, Roberta Randall, Vscks Sowle, Oueen Janet Msckelson, Sharon Brdar. and Cheryl Meser Flowergsrl and rsngbearer partscspatsng sn the ceremony are ll to r l Laurse Jones and Tommy Spses The court was agasn crowned dursng half-tsme ofthe Homecomsng football actsvstses Sensor gurls dssplayed thesr artistsc talents sn the parade by transformsrsg cardboard boxes snto "Sensor Vsctory Ssgns " They decorated the boxes wsth pep slogans, team members names, and congratulatory wsshes to Queen Janet, and clsmaxed thesr efforts by pasntsng thesr creatsons wsth unusual faces Maneuversng sn groups of two, they then shuffled down the street, expresssng thesr sensor spsrst 31 The biggest weekend sn fall. .. l-lomecomsng...those who cheered before agasn added to our cheers for Tomah. . .smagsnatson crepe paper and chscken wsre transformed our sdeas snto Tribal Trsbute, thus year's theme. . .a week of sensor Pep Club members pasntsng downtown store wsndows wsth pep slogans and 'Peanuts' characters. . .The eve before the game a pep rally was held sn the .lunsor Hsgh Audstorsum. . .people were crowds. . .SDITIIS were hsgh. ..cheerIeaders yelled snspsratson snto us. . .the football team was called onto the floor for a round of applause and prasse. . .the coro- natson of Oueen Janet Nsckelson by football captasn Dave lvlubarek. . .the snake dance wsndsng through the town afterwards and endsng sn a bsg pep sessson on the front lawn ofthe publsc Isbrary. .. The afternoon ofthe game school was dssmsssed for the parade. .. sophomores wsth thesr prsze-wsn- nsng float "Cant Get 'Nuff of Those Vsctorsesf . .sunsors wsth thesr creatson of a football player on top of a globe. . .the sensors wsth thesr barely-completed Oueen's float. . .always the fsretrucks full of ath- letes, the cheerleaders rsdsng atop new '66 cars. . .a new addstson to the parade. the "Sensor Vsctory Boxes". . . Frsday nsght brought the long trek to the fasrgrounds along the wsndsng black-topped road. . popcorn, candy, caramel apples. , .hall tsme wsth ma- neuvers and mussc on the football fseld by the Sensor Band. . . 24- 241. . .a tse game but, wsn or lose. we celebrated. . .the annual l-lomecomsng dance. . .The New World Congregatson kept the tem- po of the weekend. . .graduates as well as students attended the dance. . .unsty. .. the mlser a touch he Vvhtle Brran Sowlo awalts the arrtyal ol hrs dtnner guests Dobpte Bock uses her flare ttuous powers to convtnce htm that lvlartane as played by Nancy Kruk ts a surtaple Kathy Frey adlusts the newly rnstallod light- rng, vyhrch was Com' pleted the day ofthe Droductton of show business, T ingenuity, and hard work Brtan Sowle contemplates where to htde hrs money from hrs chtldren and servants Hrs largest task as lead rn the play, was the great amount ol rnemorrzalton Second semester brought the school play. . .hours of work. . .nlghts staytng up late wtthout sleep. . .study halls replaced wtth memortztng ltnes. gotng over weak scenes. . .they practtced and sang and rehearsed... then the hrst taste ol show busrness. . .the alternoon performance forthe Junror l-hgh. . .thts was only the be-gtnntng. . .prepartng lor the hnal show meant cos- tumes, sets. perlectlon. . . The ttme hnally came. . .The Mtser. . .March 2. .. complete wrth comtc tmttatrons, unregulted promtses of love, clever lanes, slapsttck humor. . .prlght cos- tumes lrom the Northwestern Costume l-louse, catchy songs set to music by Karyl Krueger. . .exhausted but sttll smrlrng "show people". . .the audtence laughed at the chase between the mald and the mlser. .. Cleantes long black rrnglets. . .they sympathtzed vvtth Cleante as hrs father announced hrs plans to wed Mar- tane. . .the final bows. . .all of a sudden ll was over ...The Mlser soon became only a happy memory... Dtrector-Wtlmer Pearson Asst DIFSCIOV-J3CKl6 Steele Stage Dtrector-Ann Kane Eltse-Sue Rattle Cleante-Colrn Clark Flash-Debpte Paul Strnon-Ted lvloskonas lvlartrne-LaVonne Nelson Ofltcer-Phll Kress Valere-Robert Hess l-larpegon-Brtan Sowle FroslneeDebpte Paul Jacques-Dana Burnstad MHVIBNSYNGUCY Kruk Anselme4Daytd Boehm 32 lVluslc Dlrector-Karyl Krueger 1 A w.. Promoters Mary Brasrc and Cheryl Welch sat patttzntly pehtnd .the flats ready tp ard cast membersol "The Mtser " They read through the play srx tunes durtng rehearsal and the actual play ttsell ef l Make-up worker Joyce Jacobson and cosutrne dtrector Sandy Rothschtld apply hntshlng touches to Lavonne Shock ts reflected on Coltn Clarks lace as Debbte Paul announces she has stolen the Mtsers money Nelson box Coltns long black runglets gave htrn many an opportuntty to prlmp durtng the play S X TX, l lflq "'x fi' I Barb Bell, costume co-ordinator, checks last mtnute alterattons on Ted Moskonas as he pre pares to go on stage Dtrector, Mr VVlImer Pearson, and student director, Jackte Steele, revtevv proper drarnatlc techniques vvtth Sue Rattle and Robert Hess durtng dress rehearsal ol Act l As student dtrector, Jackle rehearsed rndrvrdual scenes vvlth the cast, ran errands, and checked last rnrrtute detatls 33 I snoball 67 in tradition Scott Blackwell and Sue Snyder enjoy a quiet moment together while dancing to music by the Crescendos A ceiling full of blue and white balloons decorated with streamers Snoball '67 January 28th spon- sored by Student Council ... the first informal affair since its origin at Tl-lS ... girls wore after-live dresses ... boys sported dark suits . . . the Crescendos beated out fast mu- sic for dancing ,.. highlighting the evening was the coro- nation of King Norman Wonzer and his date Norma Bub- nich, by last year's royalty Terry Tralmer and Anna lVlae Kie- fer Sunday morning brought an early morning clean- l a break up... Sharing Snoball court honors are ll to r l John Champlain, Jackie Steele, John Bordas. Roberta Randall, Chuck Larson, Nani Alapai, King Norm Wonzer. Queen Norma Bubnich, Dennis lVlcGarty, Palsy Derkez, Steve Walker, and Terry Setlovv Providing music for Snoball '66 is the Cres- cendos, the first "teen" band to perlorm for the annual affair Crowning King Norm Wonzer and his Queen, Norma Bubnich, are last year's reigning royalty, Terry Tralmer and Anna Mae Kiefer 34 Typncal of the Senior-Faculty games are the lump-ball sltuatuons whrch occur regularly Here Sensor ,lrm Cram lll and Mr John Crubaugh match agllrty as releree 'Feets' Cramer borsts the ball IU the alr faculty remains supreme In annual contest Leadrng members ol the Sensor cheerleadnng squad I0 a lestlve cheer ts Deb- bue Bock, clad In a Hells Angel orlglnal A new member to the faculty, Terrence Schaetzke, came as Laylayette, to save the Faculty He was leadlhg scorer forthe team 35 Advlsnng the Sensors durlng a tlme-out ln the game are team- elecl caotatns, Terry Tralmer and Rach Henry lbacktovyards cameral They worked vvlth the boys alter school and on weekends rn preparatron for the game The annual Senior Fac- ulty game male faculty vs. the senior boys ... February l4 ... sensor gurls were cheerleaders and dressed accordlngly .. . a baby complete vvlth dlaper, a l-lell's Angel mama, an unlnhlblted beatnik faculty members brought laughter to the crowd vvlth thelr Impersona- tlons of famous celebrl- tres Magllla the Gorilla, Maynard G. Krebbs . . , the faculty once agaln demonstrat- ed thelr aglllty vylth a basketball ...defeat- lng the "lVllghty Sen- iors" ,.. Senlor Faculty game one ofthe tradltlons of sportsman- shlp. ., Director, Mr. Richard Loy, gives pointers to Jan Farnum and Gary Neus tadter . . .a perfect example of group effort . . . Showboat . . . April 7 and 8, 1967 ... the beginning .., everybody pitched in to build the sets ... strenuous practice, monotonous work . . . practice . . , never a complete dress rehearsal ... costume fittings . .. several of them ordered from the Theater House in Kentucky . . . 8 PM ,.. a sudden surge of panic .. , 'Old Man River' , ,. buttoning lead Janet Mickelson's wedding dress . .. depicting Negroes with make-up base ... 'Make Believe' ... Dave Thurovv playing opposite the lead ,. , Senior Pit Band accompanied the performers .,. final curtain calls signaled an end to the musical but it vvas vvorth it. ,. Director-Richard Loy SteveiKen Wilcox Pete-Jim Falkner Oueenie-Jennifer Birkeness Parthy-Debbie Fox Captain Andy-Chuck Dutcher Ellie-Jan Farnum Frank-Gary Neustadter Flubberfacee-Ted Moskonas Julie-Cheryl Meier Gaylord-Dave Thurow Sherriff Vallan-Tunney Strozewski MagnoliaiJanet Mickelson Joe-Don Pierce Landlady-Gloria Gruen 8t Rhonda Oftedahl Jim-Marv Groothuis Charlie-Flick Carlson Kim-Ann Rasmussen ln the last dress rehearsal, cast members come on stage for the hnale of 'Showboat Tunney Strozewski reveals to the people that Cheryl Meier is part Negro. L-C A sad partlng moment anses between heads Janet Mrckelson and Davnd Thurovv Dave Thurow exchanges partung words with hrs daughter but promnses to return 37 Debbre Fox reiuses to co-operate vvuth the efforts of Chuck Dutcher musical showboat crew stages QQ 71 april love blossoms into prom 67 Members of the 1967 Prom court are ll to rl Tom Hedrich, Carol King, Jim Falkner, Kathy Behrens. Jim Bursinger, Sylvia DeLong, King Steve Walker, Oueen Judi Bernhardt, Dennis Linder, Margaret Larnb, Tunney Strozewski, Suz- anne Leinen, Larry Hall, and Jenny Steinmetz Acting as crovvnbearers are Wendy Betthauser and Dennis Crubaugh QQ ' 4? 0 9 Familiar faces all around in their "best dress" ... beauty in every cor- ner ofthe Junior High School gymnasium . . . 'April Love' astheir theme Junior Prom 1967 April 29th Co-chairmen Lana Brookman and Jim Bursinger ... hard enduring vvork for all, right up until an hour before the guests arrived ... the finished product ... a masterpiece of blue and white streamers intertwined to create a ceiling of sky ,Uflovvers surrounding the gaily-painted wall murals of outdoor , - scenes .., a water fountain in one corner ... a section of a summer ,- house for the Buddy Frank Orchestra constructed in another . , , the lobby .., decorated vvith a vine covered trellis .,, a bridge with flovve ing vvater . .. the royal court looked over the dance from the stage . .. fl i rose bushes accented the vvrought-iron chairs , . , the Junior class se- Q lected Steven Walker and Judi Bernhardt as King and Queen. .. Climaxing the evening was the Coronation of King Steve Walker and Oueen Judi Bernhardt by Kevin Oleary and RoseAnn VonHaden, last years royalty 38 Emergmg from the Grand March tunnet made by guests are Kung Steve and Queen Jud: ,pf A rttual at every THS prom ts the tormatton of an arc for all to pass under durrng the Grand Couptes dance to musrc provided bythe March Buddy Frank Orchestra 39 1 - A J Q ., A4 ,Q , ff U N XE Qi Yiw 'i,X ',w .' NW 5 N F33 5 EN N fyijwigg 'ip ox , K W :J Q X XJ ' I M W Nw N2 Mb my W?K?W1i H3Qgi5 K i , . . K P J .4 4 g -f N x xx . RX 3 4 a?53+i WV3XE5Wi A M KM RH U TS B X 'M K 3 NX X X Q sg, U, , J 5 ' Q .- X5kW?4QQg5NWQQ MSQWUYQ' athletics l966 VARSITY TRACK, FRONT ROW: John Cramer, Scott Blackwell, Jim Coleman, Denny Linder, Scott Nicol, DeWell Clay, Jerry Crandall, Greg LaFond, John Laufenberg, Jim Shie, Dave Kuehl, Steve Woodard, Kent Champlin SECOND ROW: Jim Staege, Bill Kasten, Steve Lambert, Mike Kasten, John Harding, Albert Jilek, Jim Falkner. Brian Sowle, Walley Gnevvikow, Mark Janney, Gerry Seitz, Dave Mubarak, Norm Wonzer, John Landmann, THIRD ROW: Richard Kobernick, Chuck Landmann, LaMont Schroeder, Dave Lenz, John Jacobs, Robert Wells, Don Riddle, Tom Klitzke, Torn Hedrich, Ter- ry Tralmer, BACK ROW: Coach Gatzke, Coach Spies, Marlyn Marten, Scott Sell, Dave Cooper, Mark Dutton, Bill Welch, Tim Foley, Paul Shie, Jim Loehr, Jim Peterson, Mike Rezin, Ken Mclntyre, Hal Handy. ast spring sports '66: I on the hill AWK. 1966 VARSITY BASEBALL, FRONT ROW: Fred Laufenberg, Art Tralmer, Chuck Larsen, Colin Rose, Tunney Strozevvski, John Kipper SECOND ROW: Btll Parch, George Prell, Don Stickney, Bill Steinhoff, John Kozarek, Jim Bursinger, Greg Fiedler, Jim Q' Loff, Al Hess BACK ROW: Coach Wester, Rich Henry, Curt Behrens, Jim Giesen, Melvin Rutlin, Denny Senz, Buzz Johnson, Rich Lasiter, Coach Dade Spring 1966 ... a beginning and an end .. .last season of sports on the hill .,. all teams boasted winning records ,. . golfers also vvent to the State tournament as Sec- tional champions . .. baseballersjust missed conference Championship , . . track team undefeated at home the last season of the last year on the hill ... a fitting end to a proud tradition . . . 42 Letterman Terry Tralmer demonstrates has specrafty vvrth a heave ot the discus VARSITY GOLF TEAM, FRONT ROW: Ray Hableman, Trger Ducklow, Dave Dettle BACK ROW: Denny Schvvetger, Ed Lamb, Bob Larnb, Keyrn O'Leary, Roger Kruk, Coach John- son 'H f - .rig r Rrch Henry avvarts next prtch as Coach Dade acts as umplre dunng practrce B-SQUAD GOLF tl to rl Carl Squrres, Rodney Lewrs, Trm Larkrn, Coach Johnson. Rach Walley, Jrrn Dovvnlng, Mrke Stroztnsky autumn chills and grid fever indians march shouting footba Coach Spies plans strategy and inspires the team during half-time in the locker room, to the stadium ' Q! II!! Tomah , . . football . . . Friday night became football night ... the journey to the game . .. car caravans to Sparta .,. bands and cheerleaders . . . some- thing more than spirit, more than win- ning or losing ... "VVe're Number One!" "Tribal Tribute" - home- coming l966 style... a halfgame out offirst , , . after the last game, it hardly seemed worth it . ., butthe Indians remained "Number One!" in the hearts ofTomah fans . .. Conference champs in defense was still an honor ... individuals stood out as well as a team ... four team members on .South Central Conference all-league team... Rich Henry, Robe-rtWells. John Laufenburg, and Dennis Linder- recognized for an effort by someone other than teammates . .. Henry and Wells became all-state as well ... Most Valuable honors shared by Henry and Wells also . .. Captains Terry Tral- mer and John Kozarek . .. Rich Henryi high school All-American . ,. Coach Dave Spies called the start of practice in mid-August his fourth year of coaching at Tomah brought a 5- l-l conference record and a loss to D.C. Everest in an opening non-confer- ence game .. . not the best won-lost record, but still in the winning tradition VARSITY FOOTBALL, FRONT ROW Bob Kane, Dick Abbott, Jim Bursinger, John Cramer, Keith Koscal, Kent Champlain, Norm Wonzer, Bill Steinhoff. SECOND ROW Scott Sell, Lee Robarge, Dave Lenz, Tunney Strozewski, Dennis Linder, Scott Blackwell, Chuck Lenz, Don Stickney, Colin Rose, Dave Mubarak THIRD ROW Coach Dade, David Cooper, John Kipper, John Laufenburg, Gerry Seitz, Robert Wells, Jim Falkner, Gary Oss, Rich Henry, Chuck Larsen, Coach Crubaugh FOURTH ROW Tom Hedrich, Tom Klitzke, Howard Bloom, Terry Tralmer, Tim Foley, John Kozarek, Jim Giesen, Coach Spies, Coach Gatzke. 44 B-SQUAD FOOTBALL FRONT ROW Mnke Nlcosna, Hal Handy, Torn Jacob, Ron Belcher, John Knpper, John Cramer. Don Strckney, Bob Taylor SECOND ROW Davud Cooper, Lee Robarge, Bob Benne1t,John Drew, Jlm Borsnnger, Bob Kane, Colm Rose,AIber1 Felber, Ken Mclmyre THIRD ROW Coach Wester, Lenz Scorr Sell, Dave Drescher, Chuck Larsen, Jrm Dovvnrng, Jrrn Slaege, Slephen Frey, Johnny Johnson, Carl Knutson Coach Gruman FOURTH ROW Gerald Conner, Torn Klrtzke Mrke Kas1en,LaMont Schroeder, Mrke Rezrn, Trrn Foley, Jrrn Falkner, JackZrngler, Paul Shie- J2. T ,. ,LL if Jil., L 'rdlfrsan ' F Tomah Jun1orback,Tunney Strozewsku, cuts for yardage aganns1Porlage, jromah Tolmah Tomah "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y" f 1hat's the Sensor battle cry' 45 tomar! L A , 6 ll 13 Reedsburg 19 rlae L , ,fa ,.k , K I 20- ' T 5'9l3iae?T'fiTCe'1fe' 12, fspjaharlll L L, , Qalfifiiqua , ,.,,.,. . , , , ,:f1..a::,f,,'Qgt::'k K A V H V y W O Black River VARSITY BASKETBALL, FRONT ROW: Dave Boehm, Jtrn Loft Dave Mubarak, Kozarek, Dave Lenz, Hovvue Bloom, Kevtn O'Leary, Jam Guesen, Robert Wells, Chuck Larsen, John Cramer, Scott Nncol, Jtrn Coleman BACK ROW: John Terry Tralmer, Rach Henry, Coach Grubaugh, Q G .t . M, t. . WA L ,1 xt boosts basketball glory defensive strategy Basketball unyolyes not only long hours of practrce, but also studynng game plans Coach Crubaugh explarns new offensrye patterns to team dunng practlce Coach Crubaugh rnserts new strategy unto game plan dunng a ttrne out f'i3AlskereALL BOXLSCORES ft Tomah 49 Tomah 38 Tomah 45 Tomah.83 Tomah 73. Tomah 62 Tornah 47 Tomah757f TOrTIEih'73 Tomah 40 Tomah 64 Tomahy,54 Tomah Tomah 47 Tomah 57 Tomah 65 Tomah 59 Tomah 68 Eau Claire Regis ' LaCrosse Logan I Fteedsbtirg' I Stevens Point Baraboo' 1 ,g Viroqua . tMauSt0n, I Reedsburg W y I' Black River :rr wgpafijj KF K Portage ' 'I ' Richland cemeff 65' Viroqula 1 1 'I' I Black River 1 Spatnair 1 TOURNAMENT Reedsburg Viroqua "THIS IS IT" Jim Giesen tips in rebound against Baraboo to help Indians to 73-69 vic- IOry A new coach, a new season, and an old gym ,.. suicide drills and long hours of practice went into the pre- paration for every Friday night .. . no trophies were brought home, but the rewards were there "Tl-IIS IS IT" and the first basketball victory over Baraboo High School in 12 years . . . a second place finish in the South Central Conference . , . the sixth and seventh basketball wins in a row over arch-rival Sparta ... a 7-I record after the first ofthe year . and, above all, a team spir- it that produced the effort necessary for success , . , r I 41 El 5 Erfxi a 4 3 Varsity players Rich Henry and Scott Nicol speak at pep rally before Sparta game B-SQUAD BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Don Stickney, David Cooper, Gary Neustader, Jim Lenz, John Bordas SECOND ROW: Jim Loehr, Bob Kane, Jim Bursinger, Scott Blackwell, John Kippor, Dave Drescher BACK ROW Coach Spies. Doug Felton, Rich Walley, Gary Johnson, Craig Harris, Mike Rezin VARSITY WRESTLING FRONT ROW Ken MarQuardI,S1eve Walker, Allan Borkhalter, John Champlain, Torn Champlaln, Dennrs Lrnder, BACK HOW Coach Gruman, Chuck Lenz, Tunney Strozewskl, John Laulenburg, Tom Klulzke, Joe Hays, Kent Charnplarn 5213 20 Q ,ig fi Z M QQ.. N , a n .vw-1.wvx .Q . -f ,e V- I ...un vw w 25 'ja 5- rwufwf , ' L 3 'fvmwr J B-SQUAD WRESTLING FRONT ROW Bob Taylor, Jlrn Staege, Kurt Korlbern, Jrm Dovvnrng, Cohn Rose SECOND ROW Kenneth McGlnnls,AISmrIh,Alber1Felber. George Prell, Duck Abbott, Hal Handy, Larry Burner, Bob Benneu THIRD ROW Coach Dedle, Gerald Conner, Paul Shne, Howard Wachrer, Tom Hednch, Jrm Falkner, Coach Wester 48 Sensor wrestlers Chuck Lenz and John Laufenburg talk to student body clurung a pep rally Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah WRESTLING Marshfield Reedsburg Baraboo Viroqua 18 21 'I4 8 Winter ... vvrestllng ... a sport testlng the indivldual rather than the team . .. agaln the "junk" hit Tomah - a loss In the last meet ofthe season cost the grapplers the conference champlonshlp ... still the glory was there .,, champions ofthe LaCrosse State lnyltatlonal Meet - champs not only ol West Wlsconsln, but also of Mlnnesota and Iowa ... thlrd place ln the D C Everest Inyltatlonal - hlghest flnlsh ln the meet by a Tomah team ... Reglonal champs for the lourth year IU a rovv . , , Steve Walker, Dennls Llnder, Chuck Lenz, and John Laulenburg to State Meet . , , again wrestlers kept a vylnnlng tradltlon. .. Tomah Tornah Tomah Tomah lvlauston Black River Sparta Portage 3 IO 'IO 22 'F' flexed muscles wrestl mg strategies Condntuonlng IS the key as sophomore Tom Klutzke gets IU shape for cornnng match fi ,J 1 Coach Grurnan dlseusses plans vytth four Indlan wrestlers who partlclpated In the W IAA State Wrestlung Tournament Seated are Dennis Lrnder and Chuck Lenz, whlle standnng are Steve Walker and John Laulen Durg. 49 Coach Dade poses with leading hitters on squad John Kozarek, Bill Stein- hoff, Jim Loff, and Tunnev Strozewski ska Q VARSITY BASEBALL, FRONT ROW: Kurt Kortbein, Gary Capper, BASEBALL BOX SCORES - s Tornah 5 Viroqua Tomah Sparta Tomah 1 Black River Tomah Tomah A Tomah Tomah Tomah A Tomah ' 'Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah A LaCrosse Central Viroqua Sparta Nlauston Black River Brookwood Brookvvood TOURNAMENT 5 Necedah 4 Adams-Friendship 3 Mauston baseball claims district honors Steve Frey, Don Fnedl, Fred Graf, Jeff Drew SECOND ROW: Coach Wester, Steve Mormann, Tunney Strozevvskr, Jack Taylor, Jim Loff, Don Stickney, Ellis Prell, Ron Betch- er, Jim Bursinger, Coach Dade BACK ROW: Bill Parch, John Kip- per, Gerald Conner, Make Reese. Dave Drescher, Bill Steinhofl, John Kozarek, Art Tralmer, Rick Brock- man The South Central . . . a conference to be respected . . . baseball was no dit-ferent from the rest . . . a second place hnish in the conference but district champions none-the-less ,. clutch performances . . . stolen bases, the hit and run .,. the game isn't over until the final out . . . a heart-breaking loss in the Sparta game in extra-innings . ,. effort . .. it did not vvin the conference cham- pionship, but did produce satisfac- tion in a winning record. LX , , of 7-5 Coach Wester demonstrates the proper technique of sliding to Rick Brockman as team mates look on 50 VARSITY TRACK FRONT ROW: John l-lardlng, Make Kasten, Bob Kane, Scott Blackwell, Scott Nucol, Gary Oss, Dennts Linder, DeWelI Clay, Jlm Thomas, Steve Walker, Steve Benolt SECOND ROW: Gerry Settz, Tom Champlatn, Davld Cooper, John Landmann, Hal Handy, Mark Flabe, John Cramer, Dave Mubarak, Norm Wonzer, Gary Schymanskl,Jtn'1 Peterson BACK ROW: Coach Soles, Torn Jacob, Mtke Reztn, Jrrn Falkner, Tom Hedrtch, John Laufenberg, Robert Wells, Terry Tralmer, Dave Lenz, Paul Shte, l-lerbre Psrnat, LaMont Schroeder, Mark Matushka, Coach Gatzke roast 51 k 316 c Tomahf 74 1 Hard work and preparatton go unto f T eyery track meet Viroqua-it 4 154 LaCrosse!-Goan 825' S of y - .,'. - Tomah 112 112 "Sparta, Sawdusl cushlons John Cramer as he clears the hugh M - . V, ,s jump bar at 5'lO" K auston H 30 UZ! Tornah 93 Maustoin 1' , L25 V ' Sweat suns peeled . . long, muscular lrmbs warmed 'non-Conference T' '1' i 'll up flexed, stretched, loosened relaxed 4 "Runners to your marks!" ... Shoulders bent . ., legs corled ... stlence ,.. suddenly a crack a lunge K, .sr K forward ,..churn1ng crnders . . , Arms flew ,.. chests heaved, burnrng the crrsp, sprung atr ,, the ware .,. a thtn vrctory ,.. they defeated them all ,.. an undefeated conference record . . , records fell , , . oodles ached ,.. effort was recognlzed, ,. 51 VARSITY GOLF ll to rl Dennis Schvveiger, Rich Walley, Jim Giesen, Kevin O'Leary, Dave Dettle . Coach Cruhaugh ramen Fnmah t .Sm Yearbook co-editor Debbie Bock gets set to arrange golfers for Hamot picture f" Senior Ietterman Dave Dettle perfects swing lor coming match 52 f r Wmah 'iiGQiLFt?r?10?5rSC9 R53 r 153 155 ,153 their Q ,mf-.r 1 A69 Sparta Spaita Viroquafz 178' 1 533 170 1 75,1 , , rs, .,tg5,g, ,551 'GB I 3Ck' 3 Y Niroquail gggfgil -figpanaiffislzr -2 to ua Nix MFNTS i ' klPraffi e 'lhvitation a Ifthiiedf 4 fi' Portagelnvitationalgfougthgg, A A 'G9'lf'?f9UCe F9UFUatFDgen.SiSe5f?n?h. fairway COINPSUUOI1 grows 322011520ftilttrrfiriffialritefirfeitahifi it B-SQUAD GOLF, FRONT ROW: Greg Baker, Tom Yates, Mike Strozinsky BACK ROW: Coach Crubaugh, Ron Wagner, Jim Loehr, Doug Felton, Craig Harris Clear blue skies ... gentle breezes green fairways and softgreens . , . golf, a sport that one uses for more than just high school athletics ... defending Sectional champions . ,. a tradition to uphold... after whalloping the small white sphere hundreds of feet, victory depended on a six inch putt ... golf, contributing its part to the whole ... Tomah high athletic department. Iettermen unity in athletic accomplishment Q Q f 4 . LETTERMENS CLUB, FRONT ROW: Allan Burkhalter, Tunney Strozewski, Jim Loft, Dave Mubarak, Bill Kasten, Scott Sell, Chuck Lenz, Denny Linder, Chuck Larsen SECOND ROW: John Cramer, Bob Kane, Jim Bursinger, Dennis Schweiger, DeWell Clay. Rich Henry. Jim Knutson, George Prell, Coach Spies THIRD ROW: Dave Lenz, Brian Sowle, John Kozarek, Jim Falkner, Gary Oss, Norm Wonzer, Kent Champlin, Dave Boehm, Art Tralmer BACK ROW: Flobert Wells, Tom Klttzke, Lamont Schroeder, Bill Parch, Jim Giesen, Ross Daniels. Howard Bloom, Tom Hedrrch, Scott Blackwell Games half time The Lettermen s Club is selling refreshments in Club 44 afamiliarphrase underthe advice of Coach Spies the lettermen used their money to film athletic events for the aid of the players and coaches officers for the year were Rich Henry president Terry Tralmer vice president Howie Bloom secretary and Brian Sowle, treasurer . . . there was more to being a member than working ... the annual steak frey . ., initiation of new members . .. the pride of having earned the ,. Pep rallies, extension programs, school assemblies . ,. some one was needed to keep order , . , student ushers saw to seating and dismissing of students ,.. they also served at graduation depended upon, they were forced to accept responsibility . . . and did so traditionally. .. ushers honor in responsibility USHERS, FRONT ROW: Dennis Linder, Brian Sowle, Robert Wells, Terry Tralmer, Jim Giesen, Chuck Lenz, BACK ROW: Mr Dade, Dave Lenz, Tim Foley, Tom l-ledrrch, Jim Bursinger, Colin Rose, Dave Boehm 53 cheerleaders instill team spirit Games ,.. school spirit .., cheerleading became a responsibility as well as an honor ... striving to well represent the school . ,. long hours spent in reaching that single goal - unity ,,. "U-HAH-RAH TO-MAH HIGH" . .. ability to draw the thin line between an enthusiastic crowd and a rowdy one through LOLJDERH ... they "cheered them on to yictory, 'neath the dear old white and gold". ,. SCh0OI gpirit ... caravans of busses under their supervision .,. constant pleas to "Yell The Senior class is represented on the cheerleading squad by Jean Honish, Debbie Paul, and Brenda Olson The members of the l966-67 cheerleading squad are' KNEELING: Sandy Abbs, ll. to rl Brenda Olson, Jean Honish, Nan: Alapai, Debbie Paul, and Dianna Schendel Cheerleaders lead football team through streets in annual homecoming parade, Sophomore Nant Alapai leads fans in class l yell 54 Head maiorette Sue Steinmetz rehearses lor one of the many acts she performs during half-time at football games THS rnaiorettes are lfrontl Sue Steinmetz, head maiorette, and lstanding, l io r l Vicki Sovvle. Linda Walsh, and Debbie Sovvle 2 il sf" on the march Performing during half-time at a home football game is Sue Steinrnetz, head majorette ofthe Senior Band 55 ar Tvvirlers provided entertain- ment during half-time at football games tvvirling with fire batons .. . putting on individual performances ... leading the band during parades giving lessons to beginners ... tvvirlers ,. selected by band director Mr. Mellin, .. PEP CLUB FRONT ROW: Jeanne LaFond, Nancy Gillett, Marlene Schultz, Ei- leen Decorah, Justa Murdock, Lynn Fredricks, Sue Steinmetz, Gloria Mormann, Jan Farnam, Sue Rattle, Joyce Jacobson ROW TWO: Jean Langland, La- Vonne Nelson, Linda Larson, Kathy Frey, Gloria Gruen, Pam Stein, Vicki Vander- vort, Wanda Brookman, Brenda Olson, JoAnn Hoilien, Joey Handy, Debbie sports enthusiasts boost team morale Yell leaders a written constitution poster and pep signs at athletic games .., selling Home! coming buttons ... making programs for the games . .. providing the hoop for varsity basketball players to run through ... Pep Club had a fulfilling year . ,. over one-hundred strong ... elected to have boys as members provided cheerleaders with new uni- forms for '67 ... officers were Sally Wittler, presi- dent, Kathy Frey, secretary, and JoAnn Handy, treas- urer. . , Bock ROW THREE: John Champlain, Mary Brasic, Viv Fell, Mary Michela, Christy Johnson, Ann Kane, Cheryl Meier, Idah Kempter, Priscilla O'Connor, Margaret Poss, Leslie Staege, Barbara Bell ROW FOUR: Brian Sowle, Mark Strozinsky, Jill Tonkinson, Bob Sonnenburg, Sally Wrttler, Cheryl Welch, Jean Honish, Jane Jerdee, Barbara Griffith, Debbie Paul, Rick Brockman Pep club members give their best in a cheerleading yell during an assembly, J- .M f ' f Q 1 A f' , 447 -, . K' V' X- U fl- 'W rfifif f Lf 1 , v , f, , 1 I ,f f' ,xy K v l .,.4-3,.f-.L,qwJ 4 QQTQV' I "I U 1 2 L, 'Lie 2, YQ, SP? i'-Qi if? seg, 0,4 2 L , QQ, , , , ,f ' - y I , a new WL! I ls ,fc1,1,f.e, fl " 'f V'L,1J.' Pads! F7 Q flffuuf fl wig' ' I -, -. '-LTL! ,-u ,Cf.1' 'ff K' f' S' LA,-9 ',,1olVfef.tr4!1f1"' ,f -7' , , , 1' f -4' ' - f V he ff. ' x' f , , p K- w,.Qf,,fQ, gt, uf 'fe-f VCL 1.41 ue, - 'Q,C 41 4:1411 ,fee -f,1,QJ ,ja X5 pf- . G , I' - ' X ' , I a wf' . t , 77, .f ,,' ' , A I f f s, , If Hfsffgn 5 Z, , fc ,4,.2,L, J Q WV' fo 'QL-nfi ' 1, X- J 44.e-LL, if V" W' " f A - R . , , f' ' K - , T ' X t , , g ' , , ,A It ,f 7 v 1,4 : 7? g,4'z,f 1. ' ' Q ,U ,, f ffog, , , 1 L41 Jfouuu-J fl , , L. -LFJSJ I W" 5' ,, ' , , ,4 , , I' Cf ,. Qc.,,f'l,C.f 4 HfQf' L J '4 "J i , ' f T , ' f - I- 7 ,. r' r , s , 1 of wwf , rs . ' ' ' J' ft ' , 'Z 1 , fi P g Sw, fr, j -41 oJ"f,f Lf-4'.4-ff ul f l fyagf ,fl ffl! JUNIORS FRONT ROW: Terry Se- flovv, Sue Snyder, Mary Maxwell, Peggy Ftshbune, Sue Benott, Dtanna Schen- del, Judt Bernhardt, Mary Farmer SECOND ROW: Jackle Steele, Elleen Geler, Kathy Behrens, Wendy Ltyan- good, Sharle Chronlnger, Mary Jon .' Zahrte, Jenny Stelnrnetz, Margte Larnb THIRD ROW: Sherne Sornmerheld, Kathy Ball, Cathy Lean, Angle Olson, Sue Webber, Suzanne Lelnen, Carol Ktng, Sylvla De Long BACK ROW: va , ,ff-of ,sgelaezgq l5'ba.JQ-i42f7 ' I 7 w, ,LLL ,Qxt flfba., ,,Q4,lJ3C,' Debby Fox, Marry Callahan, Barbara I 'nuff 020 Mack, Sue Krler, Paula Kremmer, Lana ' 'T ZA ' TL Broolcman, Carol Woodluff I ,, -fl ,L of SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW: Nani Alapat, Ltnda Welnzlerl, Glorta Stoltz, Roberta Randall, Sandra Abbs, Patty Johnson, Nancy Dettmann, Caltsta Clark, Ltnda Brookman, Brenda Blackdeer, Martlyn Macauley SECOND ROW: Dtana Laufenberg, Debble Sovvle, Sandra l.aBansky, Margaret Flat- tle, Mary Ann VVICKIIHG, Jantce Ltncoln, Cathy Haopel, Duane Redrske, Jane Goff, Val Gnlftn THIRD ROW: Donna Fttschen, Barb Johnson, Katy Ko- zarek, Jenny Bnrkeness, Ina Mae Cramer, Jan Lund, Sally Johnson, Annette Wtnchel, Judy Ztmmerrnan, Donna Flsh BACK ROW: Colleen Decorah, Vtclcu Allen, Mary Jo Htll, Ltnda Walsh, Gayle Gerke, Kathy Clark, Debby Gatzlce, Marte Knutson, Sandle Pearson, Carolyn Brown 57 gf 'glpgfl Q I in sports GAA FRONT ROW: Terry Seflovv, Dianna Schendel, Marcia Bloom, Gloria Mormann, Jan Farnam, Jeanne LaFond ROW TWO: Kathy Frey, Joyce Jacobson, Kathy Behrens, Mary Brasic, Barb Kuehl, Sylvia DeLong, Virgrnia Barrett ROW THREE: Brenda Olson, Angie Olson, Kathy Ball, June Christiansen, Sue Webber, Leslie Staege, Jenny Sternmetz ROW FOUR: Debbie Paul, Jane Jerdee, Ruth Martinson, Sally Wittler, Cheryl Welch, Jean Honish, Marian Boettcher X r r GAA. FRONT ROW: Sue Barrett, Marilyn Macaulay, Brenda Blackdeer, Sandy Schendel, Judy Gray, Cathy Happel, Janice Lincoln, Roberta Randall, Nam Alapai ROW TWO: Linda Zimmerman, Diane Rediske, Sue McCurdy, Judy Zimmerman, Lucy Foss, Kris Sundin, Kaye Koscal, Carolyn Brovvn, Dorothy Hellmich ROW THREE: Jane Goff, Ina Mae Cramer, Donna Fitschen, Linda Walsh, Katy Kozarelc, Debbie Gatzke, Colleen Deco- rah, Diana Laufenberg, Donna Fish GAA ... Girls' Athletic Association ,.. a club joined by all conscience of physical htness ... activities varied ... track, softball, dancing, bowling ... Kathy Mellin Terry Seflovv improves her bowling skills , , mmugr, O,,eOf,heSDO,ISOrfe,ed by GAAVUGWI, was honored as having the highest bowling average . ,. Mary Brasic earned the 'UQ highest amount of points in four years . .. Joyce Jacobson placed third in state competition in bowling vvith a 189 .., forthe hrst time in Tl-IS history, five Tomah girls were sent to the Monona Grove State Track Meet to represent their school , . . elected as officers were Jeanne Lalfond, president: Brenda Olson, vice-president: Sally Wittler, secretary: and Kathy Frey, treasurer. . , 58 Backed up bythe Pep Band, the cheerleaders introduce a new routine to the student body lnability to use the gymnasium forces the cheerleaders to develop new formations ol traditional fight songs Seniors Debbie Paul and Brenda Olson proceed down the aisle to the rhythm of "Fight on for Tomahu Urging student response, the cheerleaders display enthusiasm and energy during a Fri- day afternoon mass meeting 59 6 spirit songs and cheers P P assemblies: Singing Ol the school song draws to a close the action ola mass meeting, with the hope that the enthusiasm will grow as game time approaches Friday afternoon ... home games ... a mass meet- ing ... enthusiastic cheerleaders ,.. excited fans .. . anticipating players . .. the familiar, yet ever appre- ciated class yell ... a brassy pep band set the tempo .,. enthusiasm was something contagious . . . cheer! leaders worked to produce an athletic mood in the somberness ot an auditorium .., "To the hill where stands our high school", ., organizations -1? we Band department the rndrvldual practices to accent the whole ... block A .,. early morning hall-time practlces on the dew-crys- taled atnletlc field ... a chance to really excel wrth the spacrous accomodations an the new school personal accomplishment felt at Solo and Ensemble tournament rn La Crosse . .. then State tournament at Eau Clarre . , , the satlsfactlon of group effort attained at Drstrlct tournament In La Crosse ... a SIQDIRCGDL por- tron of the whole. .. Spacrous facllrtues of the new band room allow a student to practlce ln solrtude. at "'-W-M...... lFLUTEl B Mellln, L Nelson, D Rnng, L, Larson, M Grootnrus, L Brookrnan, N. Dettman, D Sowle, K, Hancock, D. Gatzke, C Coates. lOBOEl C Deane KBASS CLARlNETl M Hull, L Maum, E Morgan lB!-XRITONE SAXOPI-lONEl D Prerce lBASSOONl S Wllcox, G Jackson lCLARlNETl D Bock, K Mellrn, K Kruger, K, Frey H Farmer, I Kempter, D Jonnson, J. Steele, K Sundln, B Bennett, M Frshoune, M Knutson, S Kner, L Foss, N Roblnson, C Clark, R Randall, I Cramer, J Pasch, M Lamb, S Barrett, G Gerke, M Rattle, C Kung, J Gott, K Nordstrom lFRENCl-l HORNl M MacCauIey, R Gamerdrnger, C Erbs, S Ler- nen, V Allen, R Ottedanl, J Chrlstlansen lBARATONESl N Grllette, B Mack, C Woodllff lPERCUSSlONl W Rasmussen, C Knutson, L Hennrng, J Elmer, K Clark, R Hess, B Chrlstlansen, V Sowle, C Meter lBASSl M Martun, T Zas touprl, L Wnldes lTENOR SAXJ J Lund, D Laufenberg, L, Staege lALTO SAXl C Lern, M Rabe, D Ornes, D Cook lCORONETl H Hansen, G Gehrke, B Hansen, B Grrlfln, D, Hlllert, W Brookman, S Blackwell, T Lamb, M Poss, N Afteltlt, K Lean, M Vernler, D Tnurow, J Langland, G Nelson KCONTRA BASSl D Larson lTROMBONElA Hess,G Kruk, D Drescher,J Landmann,G Neus tadter, S DeLong lDlRECTORl Mr Mellln lHEAD MAJORETTEl S Sternmetz 62 PEP BAND, FRONT ROW: Sue Sternmetz, Kathy Frey, Leslre Staege, Peggy Frshbune, Duane Rrng, Bonnre Ivlellln, Rhonda Oheoahl, Duane Cook, Jaekre Steele, Vrcky Sovvle SECOND ROW: Hrllary Farmer, Debbre Bock, Carol Vvoodlrrf, Barb Mack, Sylyla DeLong, Lucy Ross, Knsty Sundrn, Cathy Lern, Jean Langland, Kathy Mellrn THIRD ROW: Marvrn Groothlus, Karyl Kruger, Margar- et Poss Lana Brookman, Sue Krrer, Vrckr Allen, Suzanne Letnen, Jan Lund, Dra- na Laufenberg, La Vonne Nelson FOURTH ROW: Norbert Affeldt, Gary Nel son, Gary Neustadter, Robert Hess, Torn Zastouprl, Leu Wrldes, Marlrn Marun Gary Kruk, Blll Rasmussen, June Cnnstlansen BACK ROW: Daye Thuroyv Mrke Vernler, Don Prerce, Dave Ornes, John Landrnann, Boo Bennett, Al Hess John Elmer,Ton1 Lamb FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS, FRONT ROW: Mary Jo Hlll, Leslie Staege, Bonnie Mellrn, Duane Cook, Earl Mor' gan, Sylyra DeLong, Carol Deane BACK ROW: Lee Wrldes, Vrcky Sovvle, Carol Vvoodlrfl, Bull Rasrnussen, John Elmer, Gordon Jackson, Donna Larson, Don Prerce, Gary Nelson, June Chrrstransen, Deobre Bock instrumental expessions 63 MADRIGAL, FRONT ROW Drrector, Mr, Loy, Rosemary Griffln,Janet Mickelson Cher yl Meler, Jennlfer Blrkeness, Shirley Jarrell, Valerie Gril'lln, Sandy Abbs SECOND ROW Marvin Groothurs, Chuck Dutcher, Kenny Wllcox, Don Pierce, Tom Zastoupll Dave Thurow Gary Neusladier creative gifts of voice and music CHOIR FRONT ROW C Crawford, P Jacobs, R Gnflun, J, Farnum, J, Larson, S. Rattle, M. Bloom, G Gruen, C Meier, C Welch, L Robertson, B Cook, R Marunson, M. Zellmer, J. Wrobleskl, SECOND ROW R Ruchmond, V Luvangood, J Mnckelson, K Ball, J Brrkeness, S. Chronlnger, R. Prlssell, J Drew, S Jarrell D Larson, K Krueger,V,Vandervor1, M Huber, K. Behrens, M Maxwell, R. Oftedahl THIRD ROW T Strozewskl, C Dutcher, R, Carlson, K. Vvnlcox, D Pnerce, B Steinhoff, J Coleman, J, Falkner, L, Frederlcks, J Handy, T Seflovv, M Zharte, J, Stelnmetz, FOURTH ROW R. Rodefer, T. Moskonas, M Groothlus, P, Salzvvedel, T Boetcher, L Protz, D Thurow, G Neustader, T Zastoupll, J Landmann, D Cooper 64 2 U XS- GlFlLS TREBLE CLEF FRONT ROW P Bruder, S VV1lcox,G Stoltze, S Rattle, C Rey- nolds, V Grrffrn, C Erbs, S Abbs, B Mellrn, P Johnson, L Wernzerl, J Beck ROW TWO S Shrsler, VV Boyce, K Knrght, J Pearson, P McNamer, B Johnson, V Grrrfrn, A Wrnchel, M Baldvyrn, S Sneldon,J Beck, C Rattle ROW THREEG Fusher,C Balwrn. P Salzvvedel, L Zrrnrnerrnan, M VVllson, J Zummerman, B Larson, lvl Zellmer, J Lund, C Doers, J Abbott, C l-lappel ROW FOUR B Srngleton, J Brrkeness, Z Peterson, J Mchlamer, J Fabran, K Clark, V Roscoyrus, B VVelch,l Georgeson, L Hanson, l Cra- mer, L Gehrke Choir and Treble Clef. .. an abundance of projects . . ."The MGSSIBHVV presented rn the fall ,.. The Chnstmas concert vvrth the Sensor Band ... Pops Concert ... Shovvboat . ., slx so- Iorsts, four duets, one mixed quartet, two triple trlos, and the Madrxgal all went to State rn the Drstrrct Solo and Ensemble Contest . . . they competed at the Dustnct Contest rn LaCrosse ,.. entertarned for communrty organizations ,.. Cheryl Meter, Janet Mrckelson, Kenny Wrlcox, and Shrrley Jarrell recelved tro- phres for therr consistent outstandrng work rn the held of music .,. all of thus ns gurded under the drrectron of Mr, Rrchard Loy. Grrls' treble clel chorr supplres background for Gert Grlhllan and Alrce Sremens an the 1966 productron of "My Farr Lady " 65 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY' FRONT ROW Jan Farnum, Joey Handy, Linda Larson, Kathy Frey, Janet Mickelson, Susan Szabo, Eileen Decorah, Sandy Greeno, Jeanne LaFond SECOND ROW Debbie Bock, Jean Honish, Mary Brasic, Carol Harris, Jean Langland, Pam Stein, Christy Johnson, Gloria Gruen, Idah Kernpter, Debbie Paul THIRD ROW Jane Wettstein, Rodger Hawes Steve Rischelte, Dave Lenz, Brian Sovvle, Marcia Schleusener, Michael Venier Barbara Griffith, FORENSICS SEATED Lavonne Nelson, Jackie Steele, Joyce Jacobson, Debbie Gatzke, Christy Johnson, Donna Poss, Debbie Hill STANDING Robert Hess, Rodger Hawes, Nancy Kruk, Jim Gle- son, Michael Venier, Tony Cooper, Debbie Bock A club giving recognition to students who have achieved a high rank scholastically National Honor Society ...Jean Honish, Presi- dent: Dave Lenz, ViceaPresident1 Jeanne La Fond, Secretaryg Janet Mickelson, Treasurer , . . clubs honor Reading in front of classes .,. memorizing speeches , , . Foren- sics ... Christy Johnson and Mike n1erIts Vgenier won a chance at State Foren- sics in Madison . .. Debate... advisor Mr, Thomas Pederson they earned second place honors at the Tomah Confer- ence Meet ... unity provided them with opportunities to build speaking skills . , , individual -,...-fe - DEBATE STANDING Michael Venier SEATED, Il to rl Lucy Poss, Hilary Farm er, Kris Sundin, Sue Webber, Sheryl Gabovver, Mike Reese representation of students student council: STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED lat deskl Brian Sovvle, FRONT ROW, ter, Linda Walsh FOURTH ROW Jan Lund, Pete Bovvhall, Dennis Greeno, lacross, I to rl Vivienne Ferl, Jean Honish, Ted Moskonas, Sally Wluler SEC- Jackie Steele FIFTH ROW Hal Handy, Mark Strozinsky, Diane Rediske. Donna OND ROW: Jim Gieson, Rosemary Griffin, Tunney Strozevvski, Brenda Olson. Fish, James Loehr SIXTH ROW Jack Taylor, Jim Falkner Jeanne LaFond THIRD ROW David Drescher, Dennis Linder, Gary Neustad- Student Council president, Brian Sowle . . , "The purpose of our organization is to act as a go-between for the students and faculty" . . , under the supervision of Mr. Gary Schultz and Mrs. Dianne Graewin . .. the council sponsored the Homecom- ing dance and parade ... Winter Snoball ...the school spirit trophy . .. an ex- change program vvtth Sparta of Council representatives . . . layed the foundation for a Campus Book Store for next fall, Be- hind these achievements are the 1966-67 officers: Brian Sowle, President: Jim Gle- sen, Vice-President: Vivienne Ferl, Corre- sponding Secretaryg Jean l-lonish, Record- ing Secretaryg Tunney Strozewski, Treas- urer , , . The executive officers. headed by Brian Sowle, discuss new ideas that time does not permit the entire council to go over, 67 The Hamm section ednors STANDING Nancy Kruk, Brian Sowle, and Vivian Feri, photo co-ordinalor SEAT- ED, ir? Barb Bell, and business manager SEATED, Hi JoAnn Hoihen combine skills to produce a successful yearbook Tyro editors il. io r J Carol Har- ris, Vivian Fen, and Nancy Kruk discuss new Ideas for the '67 edition of ihe schooi Iner- ary magazine development of communicative ans in iournalism ii. -4ur'f...w Planning a yearbook demands patience, knowledge, hard work, and a sense of humor Debbie Paul SEATED, ill AND Debbie Bock SEATED, ir 3 spend much of their Leisure time preparing the year- book as pan oftherr dunes as CofEditors. 68 Page editors lr to I l Bill Kasten, Carol Harris, Dianne Cook, and Sue Stein- rnetz use their iournalism talents to create interesting lay-outs for the school Highlight newspaper Planning the next issue of the newspaper is editor, Linda Erbs, and Assistant editor, John Piotroski Nine issues were printed this year. JOURNALISM ONE. SEATED Colin Clark, John Elmer, Carol Woodlifl, Lana Brookman, Dianna Schendel SEC- OND ROW Marilyn Macauley, Ellen Greeno, Lois Behrens, Peggy Fishbune, Jenny Steinmetz, Judy Bernhardt, Ei- leen Geier, Mary Schnese, Sharon Brdar THIRD ROW Cathy Lein, Sue Crier, Paula Kremmer, Rick Brockrnan, Lee Robarge, Sue Webber, Sherrie Sommerheld, Dianne Johnson , , As part of the iournalism exchange program, ll l Sandy Thompson corresponds with high schools all over the United States Editorial cartoons for the High- lights are drawn by lcenterl Nancy Kruk Distributing the paper during noon hours is lr l Dennis Clay Co-editors .,. an inexperienced staff combining their efforts ,., Hamot '67 . ,. individual class pic- tures working with Harold Libke, the professional photograf pher . .. planning layouts, copy. division pages . . , days, hours of hard work . .. last minute deadlines , . . a relieved crew . .. Journalism One . . . supplying the supplementary newspaper, Spot- light . .. Block G . , . their first taste of real journalism . ., triumph at having sold every copy of their first issue . . , Covering the school news Tor mah Highlights newspaper a student effort by the Journalism Two class . .. assignments . .. picf tures ... distributed once a month during noon hour . .. languages link students FRENCH CLUB FRONT ROW Susie Thurrow, Cynthia Zelley, Brenda McDaniel, Kay Steidl, Jackie Pierce, Debbie Herntz, Kathy Sullivan, Calista Clark, Brenda Blackdeer, SECOND ROW Terry West- ptahl, Rhonda Behrens, Mary Scott, Debbie Spence, Cathy Happel, Dorothy Hellmich, Kay Hancock, Debbie Sowle, Sandy Pearson, Mary Ann Wichlibbe THIRD ROW Elizabeth Reese, Carol Griffith, Dick Jensen, Mary Licking, Denise Pedersen, Jennie O'Leary, Eugenia Schenecker, Colleen Decorah, MaiyJo Hill, Karen Anderson, Ray Harris L ..- with other countries French Club ,.. Spring Banquet Sue Szabo spoke of her travels in Europe .., John El- mer, President, Janet Mickelson. Vice-President: Laura Robertson, Secretary, Sue Snyder, Treasur- er, Mike Reese, Sergeant-av Arms . .. Mrs, Helen Waugh, the advisor . . . The Romans ... Latin Club plebes for the Spring Banquet . ,, Linda Walsh, Counsulg Katy Kozarek, Quaestorg Jennifer Birkeness, Scriba ... advisor Mrs, Muriel McCallum . .. A A LATIN CLUB FRONT ROW Sue Rattle, Christy Johnson, Wanda Brookman, Brenda Olson, Viv Ferl, Kathy Frey, Virginia Barrette, Sylia Robertson, Sandy Abbs SECOND ROW Stephen Frey, Jenny Birkeness, Diana Laufenburg, Debbie Bock, Idah Kernpter, Sally Johnson, Hilary Farmer, Janet Drew, Merrlyn McCoy, Dwight Helmke THIRD ROW Sandy Greeno, Joe Schnerder, Jim Bursinger, Kate Kozarek, Vicki Allen, Jean Honish, Linda Walsh, Dennis Linda, John Drew, Ellis Prell, John Kozarek FOURTH ROW Dave Boehm, Brian Sowle, Dennis Koranda, Mike Gilbert, Jim Giesen, Craig Harris, Howard Hanson, John Wilkinson, David Hillert, David Ornes 70 FRENCH CLUB FRONT ROW Mary Maxwell, Sue Snyder, Peggy Flshbune, Lots Behrens, Glorta Mormann, Jan Farnam, Rosle Grrfftn,Jud1Bern- hardt SECOND ROW Jeanne LaFond, Joyce Jacobson, Vlcky Vanderyort, Wilma Royce, Sheryl Gabower, Carol Wooc1llH, Vrckl Sowle, Susan Szabo Davrd Mnke THIRD ROW Janet Mlckelson, Laura Robertson, Cath: Leln, Dranne Johnson, Sue Webber, Donna Poss, Nancy Kruk, Tom Nugent Jean Langland, FOURTH ROW Dayld Hrllert, Flrcnard Walley, Mrke Reese, John Wrlconson, Mlke Grlbert, Jonn Elmer, Llnda Olson, Marcra Schleu sener Lt LATIN CLUB FRONT ROW Suzanne Robertson, James Murray, Mary Wiseman, Scott Cooper, Denlse Konlcek, Norma Bubnlch, Susan Morrnann, Claudla Clark SECOND ROW Paullne Fell, Julle Bruley, Mrke Whnte, Gary Herdrrch, Larry Szabo, Tlm Venter, Tom Grlbert, Marsha Manthe THIRD ROW Sue Ellen Sorensen, Alexrs Gunderson, Chrts Hanson, Kneth Kennedy, Dave Hagenslck, Lors Mrcnela. Susan Poss 71 members to vocations in pre-meds fha fta gain insight PRE-MEDS FRONT ROW Judi Bernhardt, LaVonne Nelson, Gloria Mormann, Peggy Fishbune, Eileen Decorah, Sandy Greeno, Debbie Hill, Patty Johnson SECOND ROW Bonnie Christiansen, Nancy Kruk, Linda Zimmerman, Shari Chroninger, Gloria Gruen, Vicki Vandervort, Julie Abbott, Wan- da Brookrnan THIRD ROW Priscilla O'- Conner, Patti Lancour, Paula Kremmer, Sal- ly Wittler, Kathy Clark, ldah Kempter Students observing classes in Junior High, elementary school, kindergarten . ,. Fu- ture Teachers of America . . . formed to giye insight into the career of teaching , ,, Lana Brookman, President: Ruth Schoe- ber, Vice-President: Dianne Johnson, Sec- retary: Lois Behrens, Treasurer: Christy Johnson, Parliamentarian . .. Football spectators enjoyed Caramel ap- ples sold bythe Pre-Meds Club . . . a club created to acquaint future medical students with their profession , , , they are led by Sally Wittler, President: Nancy Kruk. Secretary: Eileen Decorah, Treasurer , . , Officers for the 1966-67 Future Home- makers of America Club are Theresa Betthauser, President: Pat Johnson, Sec- retary, Darlene Gerke, Treasurer: Vicki Vandervort, :ri Ida Kempter, Parlia- mentarian nmunity projects , ,, singing cart ringing presents to the Sparta Chi er at Christmas ,., sponsoring FHA-FFA dance ,,, FHA promo iomemaker of tomor- row . , . FUTURE TEACHERS of AMEFHCA FRONT ROW Marilyn Macaulay, Linda Brookrnan, Callsta Clark Rhonda Oftedahl, Jeanne LaFond, Patti Gerke SECOND ROW Kay Hancock, Lois Behrens, Kris Sun- din, Christy Johnson, Sally Johnson, Janice Lincoln THIRD ROW Rita Garnerdlnger, Janet Drew Ruth Schoeber, Vicki Allen, Lana Brookman, Dianne Johnson ' 4 - F N - FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA. FRONT ROW Joanne Beck, Pam Weinzierl, Jean Beck, Colleen Tatzel, Theresa Betthauser, Marlene Schultz, Lois Maum, Darlene Gerke, Jane Gerke SECOND ROW Jane Goff, Pat: Jacob, Marcia Bloom, Jenny Steinmetz, Joann Kennedy, Wendy Eagleson, Debbie Sovvle, Kathy Puent THIRD ROW Robin Dunzler, Valerie Epding, Doris Von Ruden, Jan Roeske, Barb Draeger, Kris Sun- din, Vicki Vandervort, Betsy Singleton FOURTH ROW Idah Kempter, Edna Peterson, Virginia Roscovius, Judy Gaede, Mary Protz, Jane VVettstein, Jane Jerdee, Pat McNamer 72 FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA FRONT ROW Vrc Solberg, Dave Lrnenan, Mrke Lrnenan, Tom Wrlson Waynrz Grllrzttn, Ken Anderson, Jtrn Warner, Ktetn Randall, Roland Brarrdau SECOND ROW Tom Zastouptl Allan Scott, DeWell Clay Doug Lambert, Mtke Barley, Gary Waege, Larry Hall, Donnrs Anderson THIRD ROW Glen Wrlson, Randy Mee, Art Tral mer, Brll Stetnnoff, Dan Rattle, Al Ruland, Bob Notn Dale Ludektng, Steve Rrscnette FOURTH ROW Dennts Fowler, Gay Hoag, Gerry Sanz, Frank Scnenecker, Terry Lamb, Dwrght l-lelmke, Donald Nertzel, Gary Moseley FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA FRONT ROW Vtrgrl Ftnnlgan, Wayne Edgerton Marlrn Marten, Albert Jrlek, Larry Murphy, Bull O'Connor, Cnrts Roscovrus, Allan Burkhaltor SECOND ROW Gary Eckelborg, Pat Frnntgan, Mike Jastnskl, Larry Robertson Dennrs Baumgarten, Jerry Thompson, Torn Barley, Gary Wagner THIRD ROW Donald Outst, Richard Cook, Robert Maser Donnrs Ftntzlw, Jrrrr Marx, John Senenecker, Albert Felber, Rtcnard Corton FOURTH ROW Raymond Warvplor, Arden Ftnnrgan Peter Komtskey, Kenneth McGlnnls, Jerry Garber, La'ry Emerson, Ronald Qulst, Bob Chris' nano FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA FRONT ROW Gary Gegenfurtrrer, Doug Doenng, Allan LaBansky, Dave Moseley, Dan Graf, Don Snrder, Don Alderman, Dale Johnson SECOND ROW Clarro Sweet, Steve Meacham, Bob Drerer, Ron Wullrams, Vance Frtes, Mtke Bettnauser, James Felher THIRD ROW James Murphy, Dale Lamb, Stephen Hontsh, James Hayward, Howard Hanson, Robert Jrlek, Dean Sowle 73 Future Farmers of Ameri- ca .., Ottrces are held by Steve Rtschette, Presrdentj Art Tralmer, Vtce-Presb dent, Tom Zasouorl, Secre- tary, Dan Rattle, Treasurer, Gary Waege, Reporter, Bull Stetnnoff, Senttnel they attended a dance wtth the FHA club ... soon- sored a Sprtng Banquet for tnerr parents . .. DeWeIl Clay recelyed an award for belng the outstanding dairy farmer rn the area ... Art Tralmer for nts work wtth lryestook . . . Gary Waege for nts farm mecnantos work "A Farmer Out- standing ln ltrs Fteld" . .. 3 farming potenttal ff develops YOUNG REPUBLICANS FRONT ROW Nant Alapal Linda Weinzierl Christy Erbs Sue Snyder Carolyn Coates Glorl St lt P y-go Johnson, Linda Brookman SECOND ROW Rhonda Ottedahl, Latfonne Nelson, Jackie Steele., Wendie Livanoood, Sue lifltitluidyy p! Dean SUUSQV Chuck '-a'5e'l- JW MOQensen THIRD ROW Ina Mae Cramer, Carolyn Brown Barb Johnson Mar Jo Zharte Gayle Gerke, Katy Kozarek, Debby Gatzke, Diana Laufenfurg FOURTH ROW Mary Jo Hill Angie Olson Michael Venter Lam nt S Vh d- y-dems, interact: service community er, Gay Hoag, Hal Handy, Linda Walsh,Jim Schuster 1 V I ' O C me lNTERACT FRONT ROW Stephen Frey, Steve Walker, Jim Loft. Mike Nicosia, Bill Rasmussen, Don Stickney, Larry Hall, Tim Larkin, Dave Mubarek, Colin Clark, Mike Strozinsky SECOND ROW Jim Lenz, Joe Schneider, Steve Ris- chette, Gary Neustadter, Bob Kane, David Hillert, John Landmann, Jim Bursin- ger Scott Blackwell, Dennis Linder THIRD ROW Dick Jensen, Ellis Prell, Mark Q .1 YOUNG DEMOCRATS FRONT ROW Mary Maxwell, Jane Goff, Nancy Robinson, Diane Redeske, Cathy Hap- pel, Debbie Hill SECOND ROW Peggy Fishbune, Sandy Pearson, Donna Fish. Barb Kuehl, Annette Winchel, Diane Ring, advisor Mr Paul Dedie, THIRD ROW Mike Strozinsky, Cathy Lein, Hilary Farmer, Jerome Sobota, Vicki Allen, Marte Knutson, Kris Sundin Strozinsky, Doug Felton, Dave Kochinski, John Wilkinson, Norm Wonzer, Jim Falkner, Bob Bennett, Dave Boehm, Tunney Strozewski, John Drew FOURTH ROW Brian Sowle, Dave Lenz, Robert Wells, Jim Loehr, Craig Harris Jim Gue- sen, Dave Drescher, Scott Nicol, John Kozarek, advisor Dr. J, W Chitwood Y-Dems and Y-GOP political or- ganizations promoting ideas through- out the community . .. state conven- tions . ,. DEMS: Debbie l-lill, Presi- dent: Marie Knutson, Vice-Presidentl Annette Winchel, Secretaryl Diane Ring, Treasurer, Mike Strozlnsky, Sear- geant-at Arms ... Y-GOPi Linda Walsh, President, Jim Mogenson, Vice- Presidentg Jackie Steele, Secretaryi Katy Kozarek, Treasurer . . . li One of the non-school organizations sponsored by Mens' Rotary Club Interact ... Dave Lenz, Presidentl Brian Sowle, Vice-Presidentg Robert Wells. Secretary, Jim Faulkner, Treas- urer , .. they adopted a foster child from Greece . . , CAFETERIA WORKERS' FRONT ROW Larry Brookman, Kieth Randall, JoAnn Yates, Connie Kruscnke, Shirley Warnke, Carol Doers, Sandra Winkelman, Lor- raine Pearson, Albert Felber SECOND ROW Sharon Vallem, JoAnn McGinnis. Carol Noyes, Vicky Hansen, Carol Baldwin, Margaret Baldwin, Imogene McGinnis Georgrson, Donna Wood, Steve Morrnann, THIRD ROW Gary Frost, Steve Hubert, Tom Johnson, Jeff Butner, Raymond Wappler, Dan Rattle, Kenneth SNOBOY students devote tlme to LIBRARY WORKERS: FRONT ROW Carol King, Marice Sonnenburg, Wanda BVDOkrnar1, Dons Von Ruden, Sussette LeMere, Dianna Schendel, Justa Murdock, Patty Lancour SECOND ROW Karen Kobleska, Wendy Livangood, Kristy Sundin, Marcia Schlusner, Carol , Doers, Ruth Schober, JoAnn McGinnis, Sharon Vallem, SEFVIC8 OFFICE WORKERS: STANDING Vivienne Fell, Margaret Poss, Jane Jerdee, Barbara Griffith, Sue Rattle, Cheryl Meier, RoseAnn VonHaden, Brenda Olson, SEATED David Boehn, Dennis Schweiger, John Kozarek 75 Student Librarians . . . one hour a day . .. operating the paperback store , . , checking out books . . . at first under the guidance of Mrs. Grace Fonstad until her husband's transfer then Mrs. Margaret Walker filled her place . .. new carpeting . , . new books... ...l2:O2 ... Noon hour ... cafete- ria workers start working long before that . .. every week day from 11:55 to 12:25 ... Mrs. Ulteig supervises with four other cooks under her . . . One hour a day . . . They run errands . . . take roll . . , type up morning and afternoon absentee lists , . . Senior Office workers selected by Mr. Graham .. . never given enough recog- nition . . stu dents sophomores work toward future goals Sugar Bear rides atop the sophomore class float whrch placed hrst in the homecom- ing parade A new year . .. no longer "greenies," but still the youngest in the new three-year high school , . . two hundred and eigh- ty-five strong, they advanced to meet the new challenge. The tasks were many . .. aided by Mr. John Richmond, they elected class leaders . .. Hal Handy, president: Tom Cham- plain, vice-presidenti Nancy Robinson, secretary, Marie Knutson, treasurerj and Gary Neustader, sergeant-at-arms . . . Student Council representatives Dave Drescher, Gary Neustader, Janice Lund, and Linda Walsh, Social life played an important role ... "Tribal Tribute" f homecoming Roberta Randall and Janice Lund were attendants on court . . . winter . . . Snoball . . . represent- ing the class of '69 were John Bordas and Chuck Larsen. School spirit . . . the sophomores contributed their part . . . Sandy Abbs and Nani Alapai were varsity cheerleaders. It was along year, but in a larger sense, a short one . . . they look to the future ,.. to class rings, Prom, and graduation . .. two years . . . time passes quickly . . . Sophomore class leaders discuss plans for coming year. Officers are ll. to rl Nancy Robinson, Marie Knutson. STANDING Hal Handy, Gary Neustader, and Torn Champlain 78 9 , l 1 if al ,. . as , ka r 4 79 Lloyd Chase Bonnie Christiansen Kelly Clark Tom Champlain Richard Chase Julie Abbott Sandy Abbs Nan: Alapar Jack Alderman Vlckl Allen Gloria Antone Chrrs Anderson Karen Anderson Betty Antone Greg Baker Lawrence Baldwrn Jean Beck Laura Baldwrn Dennls Baumgarten Sue Barrett Jo Anne Beck Bradley Behrens Rrchard Bender Bob Bennett Ron Betcher Jennifer Brrkeness Brenda Blackdeer John Bordas Sonny Brandau Llnda Brookman Carolyn Brown Kevln Brown Josephene Callaway Jeff Butner Ray Cabasos Duane Calkrns Scott Capper Gary Capper Gerald Conner Davtd Cooper Peggy Davls Carl Dvorak Wayne Edgerton Gene Epcllng Nancy Dettmann Jtrn Dovvntng Chrtsty Erbs Janeda Fabtan l-ltlary Farmer Ltnda Felber Colleen Decorah Doug Felton Bull Fuerstenberg Arden Ftnntgan Pat Frnnrgan Jeff Drew Donna Ftsh Gall Fisher Donna Fttschen Shnrley Flint Chuck Fredencks Dtane Freemore Stephen Frey DOH Frledl Gary Frost Arthur Fulton Gerald Garber Caltsta Clark Kathryn Clark Ina Mae Cramer Audrey Coenen ' Us Connie Coenen Rlchard Cook 1' ,if .- ' Ronald Cook fi' A Sandra Dovvntng 'R r Q' David Drescher ., ,. 1 A N, .4 1 7 1 .ar '- :wfz f MS' df P , i C -1 t 93" xx' sg, 1 r 2 y M . 'f 'gn Q 6 1 .fmz gy., 9 ,f H. aff, B :fri ,f 14 I W3 1 all 5 Y l "' ,,, , fflq' , gx 9 if li: f h W gg Debbue Gatzke Lynn Gehrke Imogene Georgeson Kermnt Gasoer Gayle Gerke Lucy Gerke Pattr Gerke Wayne Gulletle Jane Goff Q, 1 ' is Joan GOH Janet Gottbeheat Fred Graf Judy Gray Ellen Greeno Valene Grnffun Kay Hancock Hal Handy Janet Hansen Vncky Hansen Howard Hanson Cathy Happel Pam Henderson Lowell Hennlng Albert Hess Mary Jo Hull Steve Hubert Duane Huddleston John Harding Conme Harp Ray Harrns Terry Helntz Bruce Hellmich Dorothy Hellmlch Tom Jacob Karen Jacobson Glenn Jaromln Ruchard Jensen Cheryl Johns Jean Kobleska Barbara Johnson Patrlcla Johnson Sally Johnson Richard Kobernuck Wayne Jorgenson Mrke Kasten Kleth Keene Sharon Kenchunger Kay Koscal Colleen Kennedy Kathy Knnght Carl Knutson Marne Knutson Tom Klltzke Kate Kozarek Alice Komisky Peter Komrsky Dennis Koranda Kurtis Kortbeun Roger Kralche Marshall Kuehl Sandy LaBansky Steve Lambert Gary Kruk Elrzebeth Lamb Chuck Larsen Norma Lamb Mary Leis John Landmann Barbara Larson Diana Laufenberg Janlce Lund Ga A 2 '-I 5 Janice Lnncoln Tom Lobe Jrm Loehr Kathy Lenz Jrm Lenz . 'Q IA? 5 P+ 1, , 1 -V' f ' N x ,.. H-f 'a Lorrame Pearson Ju rn Pererson Judy Peterson Bruce Peardot Sandra Pearson Marylyn Maculey Mark Johnson Marlm Martin Mark Malusnke Donald Maunno Joan McDanleIs Dave McCoy Merrlyn McCoy Sue McCurdy Nlles Meltesen Kennln McGlnnrs Ken Mclnlyre Patty McNar'ner Rna McPeak Bonnie Mellnn Bob Moser Vicky Meyer Dan Mrchell Jrm Mogensen Amen Morrow Earl Morgan Kerelyn Nordstrom Lrlran Nevylun Mrke Nrcosra Carol Nerlson Gary Neuslader Barbara Noon Chuck Mullenkamp Helen Oliendrck Dale Panke Gerry Parlovy Judy Pascn Jenny O'Leary James Puotrosku Zona Peterson Tom Plrnat Lucy Poss Ellus Prell Nancy Protz Jeff Putlkamer Roberta Randall Nlargarel Rattle Ronald Rech Mary Protz Duane Rang Syllya Robertson Richard Rlschetie lvlnke Rezun Mrke Rennhart Drane Redlske Diane Rockman Nancy Robinson Terry Rodeler Chris Roscovlus Vnrguna Roscovnus Vlckl Sage Arlene Schroder Pauline Salzwedel Sandy Schendel Eugenna Schenecker Joe Schnelder La mont Schroeder is Tw , Y' sf, 3 "'lm.x gQ5"'4t:: ,u,,"i" W J lllaw , V I g Jim Schuster Doug Schultz Paul Shne Vick: Shields Susan Shlsler Jerome Sobola Merece Sonnenberg Don Smnh Duane Snider B4 We y wi- ' Z 2 i .6 f wha Q, My .Q W "hw I 1 ,Fw y f , "f , , I l I I KE Mfg! as Sis I X 85 Allen Wzldes Sandy Wlnkleman Margaret Yates MlkeW1Ison Janet Wilkinson Tom Yales Annette Wnnchel Jenny Zahrte Lnnda Zlmmerman Judy Zlmmerman Dean Sousek Debbie Sowle Dinah Sparks Mnke Stowell Lnnda Smder Jlrn Staege Carl Squures GYOFIB Stoltz Ronnie Stoltzrnan Craig Storkel Mnke Slrozlnsky Jack Taylor Kns Sundnn Kent Tatroe JII'T1 Tatzel Bruce Tremellung Jerry Thompson Linda Wennzerl Dennls Trernellung Sue Twnmng Davnd Van Voorhess Gary Wagner Lunda Wabsh Jane Werner Jack Westrnan Carol Wettsrenn Sue Wnlcox Mary Ann Wlckllffe Bull Welch juniors join ranks of upperclassmen Junior class officers look at class rings, trying to pick out the top three The class then voted on the choices for the one, they liken best Sitting are Terri Setlow and Debbie Fox,vvh1le Jim Faulkner, Tunney Strozewski, and Dennis Linder look on. , , ' N, TheJunioryear , . . a new school . , . a nevvfuture . .. but with it, many unforgettable memories of the old school on the hill ,.. so much to do ... class rings ... prom ,., the first Junior class in the new high school . . . traditions to be set. Leaders Mr, Kunz, advisor Dennis Linder, F'resident5 Jim Falkner, Vice-Presidentg Terry SetTovv, Secretary: Debbie Fox, Treasurerg and Tunney Strozevvski, Sergeant-at-Arms. . . Projects .,. all their ambition and abilities were required ... Homecoming , .. "sitting on Top ofthe World," theirfloat theme ... "April Love," prom '67 .,, work and fun ... effort and accomplishment... Jim Giesen, to approval ol' the Juniors, "sits on IOD of the world " The Junior , . fl l d d h ornn flo Icom etition, Fall .., winter .,. spring ... soon after it had started, it had Uatpace sewn m Omec I Q a D ended . . , a yearto go . . , a year to remember. .. 86 Bob Burner Scou Blackwell Marcua Bloom Mike Bordas Bull Braslc Jackne Bell Dave Braund Sharon Brdar Diana Brohmer Lana Brookman Larry Brookman Allen Burkhalter Dana Burnstad Jnm Bursnnger Steve Butler Joan Butterluss Belly Chambers Kathy Bulterfuss Ron Calkrns Mary Callahan Greg Aller Bull Backus Steve Backus Kenny Anderson Tom Barley my Carol Baldwun 5. -V-, Kathy Ball in kamy Behrens A 'Q , Sandra Bernhard! f Sue Benoit ' I Jud: Bernhardt Loss Behrens , l , ll l l ll ll B ll l li and .Q f " m A , fig, I ll 5- 5- 5, a l l 4 4 Barb Draeger Ruth Dinger Wendy Eagleson Gary Eckelberg Valerle Eodung Janet Drew John Elmer Peggy Frshbune Mary Farmer Danny Fawcett Tum Foley Larry Emerson Donald Fletcher Vfrgil Funnlgan Jnm Falkner Albert Felber Donna Gegenfurtner Sheryl Gabower Judy Gaede Ruta Gamerdlnger Vern Chrlstlansen Shar: Chroninger Bob Chrlstiano Carolyn Coates Steve Clark Richard Corton John Cramer Tom Clark Sylvla DeLong Patsy Derkez Dorothy Delaney Chrls Crawford WW , is '29 3 f' l 4 an li, QJIP A ffm' . I Elleen Gerer Jnm Glesen Debbre Fox Judy Garber Gwyn Gubson Forrest Grlson Mrke Glibert Wally Gnewlkow Steve Greenwood Audrey Grlffrn Rosle Grrffrn Duck Hagenslck rf: ' .n si' , .. . 0.55 Marvrn Groothrus Larry Hall Alrce Hancock Jean Hansen Craig Harris Dons Holste Tom Hedrlch Davrd Hilrerl Debby HIM Dwight Helmke Joseph Huber Mary Jo Hubert Pat Jacob Jerome Jacobson Dennis Jaromrn Make Jasrnskr Albert Jllek Tom Johnson Gary Johnson Duane Johnson Kerry Keene Bob Kane Dan Kenyon Joe Johnson Carol Krng Sandra Knickelbeln Jrm Knutson John Kupper Barb Kuehl Sue Krier Dave Kochrnskr Paula Kremer Dave Kuenl Marge Lamb Mark Leusen Tom Lamb Brian Langwlll Judy Larson Calhy Lenn Susanne Lesnen .Q X ,V"' wi? if 4, , Q. 1? '- J Www 9.1. Rodney Lewis Davad Lincoln Lors Lincoln Barbara Mack Jonell Luebchow Mary Maxwell Wendy Livangood Dennls Linder Ruth Marunson James Marx Loss Maurn David Llnehan wr 2 1 1 90 V 53.2 .J L .fiffzfi ,Z , 'sn .iw 5356 an..- I lf ,. , W Q- Ay l ,Q i 'lay' 1 5 Zi. my F l 'Nay 3' ft 'W' A A s 2 w 4 Q' .r 5 3.4 JM Us X r' ' A x",',i .Z if A. 'L AH x Q ,, A 4 Q- . ,, f .9 91 Davld Ornes Gary Oss Dean Overby Bull Peterson Clarence Parlow Edna Peterson Bull Parch Bob Pnrnat Judy Peterson Rick Peth Pat Peyton Marvin Plngle Robert McDanue-ls JoAnn McGnnnus Lee McLaughlin Julie McNarner David Mlke Don Moseley Steve Mormann Gary Mnttelstaedt Gary Moseley Ted Moskonas Gary Nelson Larry Murphy Wnlluam Noon Janice Nolh Wllluarn O'Conner Carol Noyes Rhonda Oftedahl Angle Olsen Lnnda Olson Torn Nugent Colm Prose Mark Rabe Chns Rattle Bull Rasmussen Mlke Reese Richard Ruffle Alois Ruland Ruth Rlcnmond Lee Robarge Ray Rodefer Zan Roeske Wnlma Royce Mary Pat Schneze Dianna Schendel Paul Salzwedel Ruth Schober Terry Seflow John Schenecker Jeanette Smrth Sue Snyder Betsy Singleton Scott Sell Sherne Sommerheld Dale Sorenson Debbie Sowle Larry Robertson Kathy Protz Donald Oulst Ed Rezrn Tom Roscovlus Lauren Protz Kathy Puent George Prell ref ' A? X -. t A ,Q S 'TX ?5"'..' sm 1 Y , , eg, 3? A +2143 1' Q . if bn , ,K i zimgvjy Mr' A Y t, .ff 2 t M5745 t 'Z' Lf ,, ,-, i 'fs 1' '1 "ag: 'Sgfgt t ' -, Wh 8 I 111' 5 w3'f'L.U . 'ZW sw "" A , aff? E .Q if Q . v J wtf' Vrckl Sowle Jackle Steele Jenny Stennmetz Don Stnckney Tunney Strozewskl Sharon Vallem Rosemary Vlnney Arlene Von Fluden A ,l 7 4 w r" f L 1. .U J, H 1 Q' ,lf . 43 F. fr " Howard Wachter Wunnre Wabrowetz Doris Von Ruden Wanda Wagner Ray Wappler Jlrn Warner Steve Walker Esther Warnke Shurley Warnke Fllchard Walley Sue Webber Mnke Welch John Wrlklnson Faye Zvvnffel Jnm Westlal Bob Whnte Roland Wxlkrnson Allen Wnllnams Donna Wood Carol Woodlrfl Janrne Wrobleskr Jack Zrngler Duane Zrngler Donna Zlegler Mary Jo Zahrte seniors complete four years of education and memories Tomah High School ...a new school ... a new challenge ,.. a place to find friends ..: an education oneself a stepping stone to goals . . . they developed mentally and physical- ly . .. memories were rnadeto be remembered . . . They came as freshmen ... a feeling of strangeness, a tiny knot of fear as the familiar became the past , .. but for all, an unexplain- able touch of excitement, as they began the future , .. They learned from others and about others . . . they began to knowthemselves . . , required subjects, persistent teachers . , . they all contributed to an educa- tion . . . all left impressions . .. Football games and bus rides . . . "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Sen- ior battle cry!" another prom, but to class members, the greatest prom in the history of Tomah High ... they became unified as one class one school . .. They left as Seniors . . . prepared to face the unknown ,.. the fu- ture . . . abig word . . . alumni of Tomah High ... a place to be proud of . ,. -W' --. -Y 1 ,Ar 'T 6' ,ct 1 lv f '.t94fV1" A A Q4 ' Senior Homecoming Oueen Janet Mickelson and attendants ride on Sen- ior Homecoming fToat Oueen Janet was elected by entire student body 94 Senior class officers look at newly completed gymnasium Officers are ll, to r.l Terry Tralmer, Vice-President, John Kozarek, President, Norm Wonzer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pam Stein, Secretary, and Debbie Paul, Treasurer The Class of '67 voted Senior Barb Bell to represent Tomah in the Westby Ski Tournament She competed with girls from other area schools for Oueen Cornparlhg notes on theur week tn Ripon as Badger Boys' representatives are Mnke Venuer, Brlan Sovvte, and John Plotroskn. Retatung her experrences to one of the jun- Jean Homsh was chosen as Daughters of tor classes IS Debbue Paul, Badger Gnrls' the Amerncan Revolutton wtnner by the fac- State representatlve at Madrson ultv for her leadership, servvce, and patriot- rsm to a hugh degree, Marv Braslc laboveb IS the Valeductorlan of the sensor class vvsth a 97 89 average Salutatoruan as Sue Szabo lbelovvi wlth an average of 97 48 95 Connre Kruschke, wlnner of the Voice of Democracy contest, records her speech lor state cornpetltvon, rx r 1,4 Seniors Rich Henry and Robert Wells recall old memorres of T H S athletrcs Both recenved All-State honors, whale Henry also recerved All-Amencan Dave Lenz, wlnner of the Outstanding Junior Award, re- ceived the honor on the basrs of scholarshrp, character, and soortsrnanshrp Lrnda Dahle practrces her speech for the Soul and Conserva- tlon Contest, Lrnda placed hrst rn local contest and second In the distract cornpelrtlon Would you belneve, Betty Crocker? Thats the award that Jane Wettstern recerved for recenvrng the hrghest grade rn the an- nual homernaklng test, 96 r Howard Bloom Denms Anderson Deborah Bock Marv Betcher Keith Bercher Larry Burner Vlrglnla Barre!! Theresa Beuhauser Mrchael Barley Norbert Affeldt Rrchard Abbou Barbara Bell Margarel Baldwin Dame! Allen ino- L La WILLIAM BOEHIVI HAROLD BOWHALL JUNECHRISTIANSEN MARIAN BOETTCH ER TONI BRDAR TERRY BOETTCH ER MARY BRASIC PATRICIA BROOKMAN WANDA BROOKMAN RICHARD BROCKMAN JOHN CHANIPLIN AUDREY BRENDELAND KENT CHAMPLIN RICHARD CARLSON JEFF CRONICK JIM CRAM EILEEN DECORAH ANTHONY COOPER ROSS DANIELS LARRY OEMPS EY DANIEL DAVIS LINDA DAHLE COLIN CLARK DENNIS CLAY DSVVELL CLAY JAMES COLEMAN DIANE COOK BONNIE COOK DON DENSMORE DAVID DETTLE CAROL DO ERS GARLAND DUNLAP J S H 1 a.,' Q7 GARY DREVVS , .DAL ' 3: Z 4 Af A JAMES FOSBINDER ARLEN FINNIGAN - 'ADK',, A 1 LINDA mes ' 5 ' ,Q X L A , ,, A Y .' 5 . f 1 CHARLES DUTCHER VIVIENNE FEIL GREGORY FIEDLER JANICE FARNAM CH ERYL FAVVCETT JOHN FARMER LYNN FREDRICKS BARY GRIFFIN KATHY FREY VICTOR GOTTBEH EAT KENNETH GRANGER ARVID GEORGESON JEAN GORHAM DARLENE GERKE CHARLOTTE GNEWIKOW BRUCE GERKE SANDRA GREENO NANCY GILLETTE GAYLORD GRANGER DENNIS GREENO JOANNE HANDY TOM HARIVION RICHARD HENRY JOSEPH HAYS IVIINA HANSON CAROL HARRIS DAVID HANSEN MICHELLE HANSEN BARBARA GRIFFITH LETA HANSEN DIANE HANSON GLORIA GRUEN VICKY HARTLEY ROGER HAVVES :,g, NM 'Q Sm, I JOANN KENNEDY MARY KOMISKEY ROBERT HESS CHRISTY JOHNSON BONNIE JOHNS GAY HOAG JANE JERDEE RUSSELL KROHN SHIRLEY JARRELL JOANN HOILIEN KARYL KRUEGER JEAN HONISH JOYCE JACOBSON JOSEPH KEICHINGER JOHN KOZAREK GORDON JACKSON NANCY KRUK ANN KANE CONNIE KRUSCHKE DOUGLAS LAMBERT MARY KEGLER KAREN KOBLESKA 1 x X TERRY LAMB JOHN LAUFENBERG JEANNE LaFOND PATRICIA LANCOUR BONNIE LIBBY JOYCE KIMPTON 'ET -ff I05 WILLIAM LEIS DAVID LENZ KEITH KOSCAL CHARLES LENZ WILLIAM KASTEN PATRICIA JOHNSON PHILLIP KRESS IDAH KEMPTER SUSETTE LaMERE ROBERT LAMB JEAN LANGLAND DALE LUDEKING DONNA LARSON DALE LENZ LORNA MORROVV JANET MICKELSON JAMES LOFF MICHAEL LINEHAN JERRY MOSER TIMOTHY LARKIN MARY MICH ELA KATHLEEN MELLIN GLORIA MORMANN LINDA LARSON CHERYL MEIER RANDALL MEE MICHAEL MEYER STEVEN MEYER KEVIN O'LEARY PFIISCILLA O'CONNOFI FAYE NOTH BRENDA OLSON HARLEN NEWLUN ALLAN SCOTT LaVONNE NELSON JANE OLSEN DAVID MUBARAK JUSTA MUFIDOCK BRIAN NICOL PATTY NOYES DANIEL NANIGA JOHN NOON Biff N"I 107 TERRY SPARKS VICTOR SOLBERG JOHN STEELE ROBERT SONNENBERG SUSAN STEINMETZ PAMELASTEIN RAY SHISLER GERALD SEITZ LESLIE SI-IOVVEN LESLIE STAEGE WILLIAM STEINHOFF MARCIASIVIITH BRIAN SOVVLE GLORIA SMITH ROBERT PETERSON JOANN PEARSON CYNTHIA PARKER MARGARET POSS ELMER PASCH DONNA POSS DONALD PIERCE RUTH PRISSEL DEBORAH PAUL JOHN PIOTROSKI DAWN RATTLE DAVID PARR KEITH RANDALL DANIEL RATTLE , -v x, 109 MARY SCHENECKER STEVEN RISCHETTE SANDRA ROTHSCHILD MARCIASCHLEUSENER FRANK SCHENECKER LAURA ROBERTSON KATHLEEN REYNOLDS DOUGLAS REZIN MARK STROZTNSKY MARLENE SCHULTZ SUSAN SZABO MICHAEL STODA SUSANNE RATTLE DENNIS SCHWEIGER TERRY TRALMER RONALD TRIPP CHERYLE TONKINSON M1CHAE1. VERNIER ARTHUR TRALMER SANDRA THOMPSON , , DAVID THUROVV VICKI VAN DERVORT COLEEN TATZEL SHERRY TAYLOR ROSANNE VOHHADEN GARY WAEGE CONSTANCE TAYLOR RONALD VVAGNER SALLY WITTLER LaMONTE WILDER STEPHEN WITT NORMAN WONZER BETTY WELCH CAROL WESTPHAL KENNETH WILCOX LELAN D WILDES ROBERT WELLS CHERYL WELCH JANE WETTSTEIN MARY WILSON STEPHEN WHITSETT CHRISTOPHER WELLNITZ CAROL WILLIAMS THOMAS ZASTOUPIL JAMES THOMAS MICHAEL WHITTINGTON GLENN WILSON MARTHA ZELLMER LaMONT VVINKELMAN Senior Class President John Kozarek addresses his tellow graduates atcommencement exercises Class of '67 .., the first group of seniors to be graduated from Tomah Senior High School baccalaureate held in the new auditorium with Father Francis Mulligan of St. lVlary's Church speaking to the graduates ,.. the finale of their high school career ... seniors march forward to receive their diplomas in the huge gym .,. Supt. Curran presents scholastic honors .,. Miss lVlcAdams awards special scholarships . .. "the days are D651 and gone" ... the curtain falls as June lst passes into memory. .. The Class of 1967 enters the gymnasium as the Sen ior Band plays the processional march graduation begins new life A group of senior boys iokingly reminisce and calm pre-graduation litters 114 A graduate reserves her dtploma from school board member Mr Robert Nucol .,-"" 1 Members ofthe 1967 graduatrng class return thetr cans and gowns after the conctuston of the commencement exerctses 115 if K r , ., 4' .1 J R Nano: Kruk experiences maxed emotions as she Itstens to the Tomah hugh school song f the cltmax to the commencement pro- gram fzmstgf 10 Cook index Number lndioates year 10-Sophomore 1 1-Junror 12-Senior Faculty-boldface 12 Abbott. Duck 44.48.97 10 Abbott. Julne 65.72.79 10 Abbs. Sandra 12 Affeldt, Norbert 28.62.6397 10 Alapar, Nanl 34.54,57.58,74.79 10 Alderman, Jack 79 12 Allen. Daniel 97 10 Allen. Vrckr,72,74.79 Ambort. Leona 20 11Aller. Greg 87 10 Anderson, Chrrs 79 12 Anderson, Dennrs 73.97 10 Anderson. Karen 70.79 11 Anderson, Ken 73.87 10 Anderson. Loren 11 Anderson. Robert Andretich,Judith 17 10 Antone. Betty 79 10 Antone. Glorra 79 11 Backus, Bl1l87 11 Backus, Steve 87 12 Barley, Mrchael 73.97 11 Barley, Thomas 73,87 10 Baker. Greg 52.79 10 Baldwrn, Asa 11 Baldwrn, Carol 65.75.87 10 Baldwrn, Laura 79 10 Baldwrn. Lawrence 79 12 Baldwin, Margaret 65.75.97 11 Ball. Kathryn 57.58.6487 10 Barrett. Sue 58.62.79 12 Barrett.V1rg1nla 58.70.97 10 Baumgarten,Denn1s 73.79 10 Beck. Jeannette 65,7279 10 Beck,Joanne 65.72.79 10 Behrens, Bradley 79 11 Behrens, Kathy,71,87 11 Behrens. Lots 69,72.87 12 Bell. Barbara 28,33,56,68.94.97 11 Bel1,.lacquelyn 87 10 Bender. Rlchard 79 10 Bennett, Robert 45, 11 Benort, Susan 57.87 11 Bernhardt. Judith 38,38, 11 Bernhardt. Sandra 87 12 Betcher, Kerlh 97 12 Betcher, Mary 97 10 Betcher, Ronald 45.5079 12 Betthauser, Therese 72.97 10 Brrkeness. Jennrter 57,64,65.70.79 12 Burner, Larry 48.97 11 Blrner, Robert 87 10 Blackdeer, Brenda 57.58.7079 11 Blackwell. Scott,51,53,62.74.87 11 Bloom. Marcra 12 Bloom, Howard 44.46.5397 12 Bock, Deborah,63.66.68,70 97 12 Boehm. Wrlllam,75,98 12 Boettcher, Marran 58,98 12 Boettcher, Terry 64,98 11 Bordas, Mrke 87 10 Bordas,John 34.47.79 12 Bowhall, Harold 67,98 10 Brandau. Roland 73.79 12 Brasrc, Mary 11 Braslc. Wllllam 87 11 Braund, Davud 87 11 Brdar, Sharon 31.69.87 12 Brdar, Ton: 29.98 12 Brendeland. Audrey 98 12 Brookman, Rlchard 28,50,56,69,98 11 Brohmer. Dlana 87 11 Brookman, 11 Brookman, Larry 75,87 10 Brookman, Lrnda 57.62.72,74,79 12 Brookman, Patricra 98 12 Brookman, 10 Brown, Carolyn 5758.74.79 10 Brown. Kevrn 79 10 Bruder. Peggy 65 11 Burkhalter, Allan 48,53.73.87 11 Burnstad. Dana 87 11 Bursrnger, James 38.42,44.45.47,50.53,70 74.87 11 Butler, Steven 87 10 Burner. Jefl 75,79 11 Butterfuss. Joan 87 11 Butterfuss. Kathleen 87 10 Cabasos. Ray 79 10 Calklns, Duane 79 12 Calkrns, Ronald 87 11 Callahan, Mary 57,87 10 Callaway. Josephune 79 10 Capper, Gary 50,79 10 Capper. Scott 79 12 Carlson, Rrchard 64,98 Carson, Helen 20 11 Chambers. Betty 87 12 Champlrn, John 12 Champlln, Kent 42,44.48,53.98 10 Champlln. Tom 48.78.79 10 Chase. Lloyd 79 10 Chase, Rrchard 79 11 Chrrstrano. Bob 73,88 10 Chrrstransen, Bonnle 62.72.79 12 Chrlstransen, June 58.62.6398 11 Chrrstlansen, Vern 88 11 Chronrnger. Shar: 57.64.7288 10 Clark, Callsra 57,62.70.72,80 12 Clark, Cohn 3369.74.99 10 Clark Kathryn 5765.72.80 10 Clark, Kelly 62.79 11 Clark. Steve 88 11 Clark. Tom 88 12 Clay, Dennrs 69 12 Clay, Dewell 42.51,53.73.99 11 Coates. Carolyn 62,74.88 10 Coenen. Audrey 80 10 Coenen. Connre 80 10 Conner. Gerald 45,48.50.80 12 Coleman. James 4246.64.99 12 Cook .Dlanne 62.63.6999 12 Cook. 10 Cook. Bonnre 64,99 Rlchard 73,80 . Ronald 80 Lana 57,62,63,69.72.87 Wanda,75.98 12 Cooper. Anthony 66.99 10 Cooper, Davrd 42.44,,80 11 Corton, Rrchard 73,88 Cowie, Thomas 24 12 Crar'n.James 35,99 10 Cramer, lna Mae 11 Cramer, John 42.44.45,46,51.53.88 Crane, Vlncent 11 11 Crawford. Chrrstrne 64,88 12 Cronrck. Jeffrey 99 116 Crubaugh,John17.35.44,46.52 Curran, Kenneth 10 Dade, Darvvrn 16.42,43,44.50 12 Dahle, Lrnda 96 12 Danlels, Ross 53.99 12 Davis, Danrel 99 10 Davrs. Peggy 80 10 Decorah, Colleen 57.58.80 12 Decorah, Erleen 56.66,72.99 Dedie. Paul 17.44.74 11 Delaney. Dorothy 88 11 De Long, Sylvla 38.57,58,62.63,88 Delton, Feff 12 12 Dempsey, Larry 99 12 Densmore, Don 100 10 Derkez,Patr1cla 34,88 12 Dettle. Davrd 43.52.100 10 Deumann, Nancy 57.62.80 Dickinson, Laurel 24 11 Drnger. Ruth 88 12 Doers, Carol 65.75.100 10 Downrng. James 43.45.80 10 Downrng. Sandra 48.80 11 Draeger, Barbara 72.88 10 Drescher, David,74.8O 11 Drew.Janet 64.70.7288 10 Drew. John 12 Drews, Gary 100 12 Dunlap, Garland 100 12 Dutcher. Charles 3764.100 10 Dvorak, Carl 80 11 Eagleson, Wendy 72.88 Eck, Mary 12 11 Eckleberg, Gary 73.88 10 Edgerton, Wayne 73.80 11 Elmer,John 62, 11 Emerson, Larry 73.88 10 Epdlng, Gene 80 11 Epdrng, Valerie 72,88 10 Erbs. Chrrsty 6265.74.80 12 Erbs.L1nda 69,100 10 Erbs. Sandra 10 Fab1an.Janeda 65,70 11 Falkner, James 38,42.44,45.48.51. 86.88 10 Farmer. Hllary 62,63.66,7O.74.80 11 Farmer, Mary 57.58.88 12 Farmer.John 100 53.64.74 12 Farnam. Janice 29.36.56,64,66,71,100 12 Fawcett. Cheryl 100 11 Fawcett. Danny 88 12 Fell, Vrvrenne 56,67,68,70.75.100 11 Felber. Albert 45.48.73,75.88 10 Felber. Lrnda 80 10 Felton. Douglas 47.52.74,80 Fenske. Irene 20 12 Fledler. Greg 42,100 11 F1nch,Dennls 73 10 Flnnlgan, Arden 73.80 12 Fnnnlgan, Arlen 100 10 Ftnntgan. Patrick 73,80 11 Flnnlgar'1.VirglI73.88 10 Flsh, Donna 57,58,67.74,80 11 Fishbune. Margaret 57,62.63,69.71,72, 10 Flsher, Gall 65.80 10 Fttschen. Donna 57.58.6780 11 Fletcher, Donald 88 10 Flint. Shlrley 80 11 Foley, Tnmothy 42.44,45,53.88 Fonstad, Grace 12 12 Fowler. Dennis 73 12 Fosblnder, James 100 11 Fox, Deborah 3757.86.89 10 Frederlcks. Charles 80 12 Fredericks, Lynn 56.64.101 10 Freemore, Duane 80 12 Frey. Kathy 32,,66,70,101 10 Frey. Stephen 45,50,70.74.8O 10 Frledl. Donald 50.80 11 Frledl. Mlchelle 10 Frost. Gary 75,80 10 Fuerstenberg, Bull 80 10 Fulton, Arthur 80 11 Gabower. Sheryl 66,7188 11 Gaede.Judy 72,88 11 Gamerdtnger. Ruta 62,72,88 10 Garber, Gerald 73.80 11 Garber. Judy 89 10 Gasper. Kermtt 81 10 Gatzke. Deborah,81 Gatzke. Earl 2242.44.51 1 1 Gebczyk, Ted 11 Gegenfurtner. Donna 88 10 Gehrke. Lynn 81 11 Geter. Etleen 57.69.89 12 Georgeson. Arvtd 101 10 Georgeson. Imogene 65,75.81 12 Gerke, Bruce 101 12 Gerke, Darlene 72,101 10 Gerke, Gayle 57.62.7481 10 Gerke, Luctlle 65,81 10 Gerke, Pattl 62,72,81 11 Gibson. Gwyneth 89 74.88 11 Gneson,James 42,44,46.47.52,53.66,67.70 74.86.89 11 Gtlbert, Mlchael 70,7189 12 Gtllett, Nancy 56.62.101 10 Glllette. Wayne 73.81 11 Gtlson. Forrest 89 12 Gnewlkow, Charlotte 101 11 Gnewklow. Walter 42,89 10 Goff. Jane 57.58,62,72,74.81 10 Goff,Joan 81 12 Gorsharn, Jean 101 10 Gottbeheat. Janet 81 12 Gottbeheat, Vlctor 101 Graewin, Dianne 15 10 Graf, Fredertck 50,81 Graham, William 10 12 Granger, Gaylord 101 12 Granger. Kenneth 101 10 Gray,Judy 58.81 12 Greeno. Dennts 67,101 10 Greeno, Ellen 69.81 12 Greeno. Sandra 66,7O.72.l01 1 1 Greenwood, Steve 89 11 Gnffln. Audrey 89 12 Grlfftn. Barry 62,101 11 Grltfln, Rosemary 6467.71.89 10 Gnrftn. Valene 5764.65.81 10 Grlffln, Veva 65 12 Grlfftth. Barbara 56,66.75.102 11 Grlmshaw, Don 11 Groothlus. Marvin 6263.64.89 12 Gruen. Glorla 56,64.66,72.102 Gruman,Thomas16,45.48.49 11 Hagenslck. Rtchard 89 11 Hall, Larry 38.73.7489 11 Hancock. Al1ce 89 10 Hancock. Kay 62.70.7282 10 Handy. Hal 42,45,48.51,67,74.78.81 12 Handy, JoAnne 56.64.66,102 11 Hansen. Barbara 62 10 Hansen, Janet 81 12 Hansen. Davtd 102 12 Hansen, Leta 65.102 12 Hansen, Mtchelle 102 10 Hansen. Vtcky 75,81 12 Hansen, Duane 102 10 Hanson, Howard 62.70.81 11 Hanson. Jean 89 12 Hanson, Muna 102 10 Happel, Cathy 57.58.65,70.74,81 10 Hardrng. Allan 42,51,81 10 Harmon. Edith 12 Harmon.Tom 102 10 Harp. Connle 81 12 Harrts. Carol 66,68,69.102 11 Harns. Cratg 47,52.7O.74,89 10 Harris, Ray 70.81 12 Hartley, VICIOTIB 102 12 Hawes, 66.102 117 12 Hays. Joseph 48.102 11 Hednch. Thomas 38,42.44,48.51 ,53,89 10 Helntz. Jerome 81 10 Hellmtch. Bruce 81 10 Hellmlch, Dorothy 58,7081 11 Helmke, Dvvlght 70.73.89 10 Henderson. Pam 81 12 Henderson. Steve 10 Henning, Lowell 62.81 12 Henry, Rlchard 35.42,43,44,46,47.53,96.102 11 Heser. Patty 10 Hess, Albert 42,62,63,8l 12 Hess, Robert 33,62.63,66.103 11 Hull, Debby 66,72,74,89 10 Hlll, Mary Jo 57,62,70,74,81 11 Htllert. Davld Hiller1,Theodore 24 12 Hoag, Gay 73,74,103 12 HolIlen,Jo Ann 5668.103 'Z 11 Holste, Dons 89 12 Honlsh. Jean 54.56,58,66.67,70,95,l03 11 Huber.Joe 89 11 Hubbrt. Mary Jo 64,89 10 Hubert, Stephen 75,81 10 Huddleston, Dlanne 81 Hutchens. Kathleen 15 12Jackson, Gordon 62.63.104 1 1 Jacob. Patncla 64.72.89 10Jacob, Thomas 45.51.81 11 Jacobs. Raymond 1 1 Jacobson, Jerome 89 12 Jacobson, Joyce 33.56.58,66,71,103 10Jacobson. Karen 81 11Jaromlr1,Dennls 89 10 Jaromtn, Glenn 81 12 Jarrell, Shlrley 64.103 11Jastnskt, Mlchael 73.89 1OJensen. Rlchard 70.74.81 12 Jerdee, Annette 56.58.72,75.103 11Julek, Albert 42.73.89 10Jenklns. Carla 12 Johns. Bonnte 103 1OJohns. Cheryl 81 10 Johnson Mark 83 10Johnson Barbara 5765.74.82 12 Johnson Chnsty,103 11 Johnson. Duanne 62.69.71,72,89 1 1 Johnson. Gary 47.89 11 Johnson.Joseph 90 12 Johnson Patrtcla 82,105 10Johnson 10Johnson. 10Johnson, Pat 57,65,72,74 Sally 57,7O.72,82 Thomas 75,89 11Jorgenson. Wayne 82 12 Kane. Ann 56,104 11 Kane. Robert,53.74,90 10 Kasten. Michael 42.45.5182 12 Kasten, Bill 42,53.69.105 10 Keene, Keith 82 11 Keene, Kerry 90 12 Kegler, Mary 104 12 Kelchlnger, Joe 103 10 Kelchlnger, Sharon 82 12 Kempter. Idah 56.62.66,70.72.105 10 Kennedy. Colleen 82 12 Kennedy. Joann 72,103 11 Kenyon. Danlel 90 12 Klmpton, Joyce 104 11 Kung, Carol 38,57,62.75,90 11 Ktpper, John 42.44.45,47.50.90 10 Klltzke. Thomas,49.53,82 11 Knltzkelbeun, Sandra 90 - 10 Knight. Kathy 65.82 10 Knutson. Carl 45.62.82 10 Knutson, Mane 57,74,78,82 11 Knutson, James 53.62.90 10 Kobleska. Jean 82 10 Kobleska. Karen 75,104 11 Kochlnskr, Davrd 75.90 10 Kobern1ck.Rtchard 42,82 10 Kom1sky,Al1ce 82 12 Komlsky, Mary 103 10 Komisky, Peter 73,82 10 Koranda, Dennrs 70,82 10 Kortbe1n,Kurtrs 48,5082 10 Koscal. Kay 58.82 12 KOsCaI,Ke1th 44,105 12 Kozarek, John 42.44.46,5O.53.7O,74,75,94 104 10 Kozarek. Katy 57,58,70.74,82 10 Kratche, Roger 82 11 Kremmer. Paula 57,69.72,90 12 Kress, Phil 105 12 Krter. Sue 57.62,63,69.90 12 Krohn. Russell 103 12 Krueger. Karyl 28,62,63,64,103 10 Kruk, Gary 6263.82 12 Kruk. Nanci 66.68,69,71,72,104 12 Kruschke. Connie 75.96,104 11 Kuehl. Barb 58,7490 11 KuehI.Dav1d 42,90 10 Kuehl, Marshall 82 10 Kump, Kenneth Kunz, Gary 17 10 LaBansky. Sandy 57,82 12 LaFond. Jeanne 56.58.66,67,71.104 10 Lamb, Elizabeth 82 11 Lamb, Margaret 38,57.62,90 10 Lamb. Norma 82 10 Lamb. Rita 12 Lamb, Robert 29,43,105 12 Lamb, Terry 73,104 12 Lamb. Thomas 62.63,90 12 Larnbert. Douglas 73,104 10 Lambert, Steve 42.82 12 LaMere. Susette 75,105 12 Lancour.Patr1cra 72,75.104 10 Landmann. John 42,51.62,63,64,74,82 12 LangIand,Jean 56.62.63,66,71,72,103 11 Langvvrll, Robert 90 12 LarktnQ.T1m 43,74,106 10 Larsen, Chuck 34,42,44,45,46.53.74,82 10 Larsen. Barbara 64.6582 11 Larsen, Charlene 90 12 Larson, Donna 62.633.64.105 12 Larson, Lrnda 56,62,65,106 10 Lau1enberg,Dtana 56.58,62,70,74,82 12 LautenberQ,John 42,44,48,49.51,63,104 1 1 Lean, Cathy 57,62,,90 11 Lernen, Susanne 38,57,62,63,90 10 Lets, Mary 82 12 Leis,W1llrarn 105 11 Letsen. Marcus 90 12 Lenz 12 Lenz 10 Lenz. 10 Lenz ,Charles 44.48,49,53,105 12 Lenz, ,David 30.42,44.46,51,53.66,74,96,105 Dale 105 Jim 4547.74.82 ,Kathleen 82 11 Levvrs, Rodney 43,90 12 L1bbey.Bonnre 104 11 L1nColn.Dav1d 90 10 Morgan, Earl 62,6383 12 Morrman.GIor1a 56.58,71,72,106 11 Mormann, Steve 50,7591 10 Morrow, Albert 83 12 Morrow, Lorna 106 11 Moseley. Don 91 11 Moseley, Gary 73,91 12 Moser. Jerry 106 10 Moser, Robert 73.83 11 Moskonas, Ted 3364.67.91 12 Murbarak,Dav1d 42.44.46,51,53,74.107 10 Mulenkamp. Charles 83 12 Murdock. Justa 5675.107 11 Murphy, Larry 73.91 12 Na1nga,Dan1eI1O7 11 Neltzel. Donald 73 10 Lincoln, Janice 57.58,72,82 11 Ltncoln. Lots 90 11 Ltnder,Denn1s 38.42,44,48.49.51,53,67.7O 74,8690 11 Lrnehan, Dave 73,90 12 L1nehan.Mrke 73,106 11 Livangood, Wendy 57,64.74,75.90 10 Lobe, Tom 82 10 Loehr.J1m 42,47,52.67.74,82 Loff, Irvin 11 12 Lol'f,Jrrn 42,46,50,53,74,106 10 Loy. Michael Loy. Richard 21.36.64 12 Ludeklng. Dale 73.105 11 Luebchovv. Jonell 90 10 Lund,Jan 31.57,62.63,65.67.82 Lund. Marge 22 10 McCoy, David 83 McAdams, Mary 10 10 McCoy. Merllynn 70.83 10 McCurdy, Sue 58.74.83 10 McDaniel, Joan 83 11 McDaniel, Robert 91 11 McGary, Dennis 34 11 McGinnis, JoAnn 75.91 10 McGinnis, Kenneth 48.73,75,83 10 Mclntyre, Ken 4245.83 11 McLaughlin, Leo 91 11McNamer.JuI1a 65,91 10 McNamer,Patr1cta 6572.83 10 McPeak. Rlta 83 10 McCauley. Manlyn 57,58,62,69.72,83 11 Mack, Barbara 57,62,63,90 10 Marten. Marlin 42,62,63,73,83 11 Marttnson, Ruth 58,641.90 11 Marx. James 73.90 10 Matuschka, Mark 51,83 11 Maum. Lo1s 62,72.90 10 Mauttno, Donald 83 11 Maxwell, Mary 57.64,71,74.90 12 Mee. Randall 73,106 12 Meier. Cheryl 31.36,56,64,75.106 10 MelI1n,Bonn1e 62.63.6583 MeIlin,WiIliam 21 12 Mellrn, Kathleen 62.63.106 10 Meltesen. Niles 83 12 Meyer. Robert 12 Meyer. Michael 106 10 Meyer. Vicky 83 12 Meyers. Steven 106 12 Mrchela, Mary 56,106 12 Mickelson, Janet 31,37,64,66.71,94,106 11 Mtke.Dav1d 71.91 10 Mitchell, Danle183 1 1 Mrttelstaedt. Gary 91 10 Mogensen.J1m 74.83 118 10 Nelson. Carol 83 11 Nelson, Gary 62,63,91 12 Nelson. La Vonne 56,62,63.66,72,74.107 Ness, James 24 12 Neustadter, Gary 36,46,62.63,64.67,74.78 83 10 Newlun,Har1en 107 10 New1un. Lilian 83 12 Ntcol, Scott42,46,47,51,74.107 10 NICOSIE, Mike 4574.83 Nielson, Harvey 20 10 Noon. Barbara 83 12 Noon. 11 Noon. 10 Nords 12 Noth. 11 Noth. 12 Noth. 10 Noth. 11 Noth. John 107 William 91 trom, Kerelyn 62.83 Faye 107 Janice 91 Robert 73 Thomas William 11 Noyes. Carol 75,91 12 Noyes. Patricia 107 11 Nugent, Tom 71,91 12 0'Conner.Prtsc1IIa 56.72107 11 0'Conner. Wtlliam 73.91 1 1 Ofteda hl, Rhonda 62,63,64,72,74,91 10 O'Leary,Jenn1e 70,83 12 0'Lear 10 Ollend 12 Olsen, 12 Olson, 11 Olson. 11 Olson. y, Kevin 29.38.43,46.52,107 1Ck. Helen 83 Jane 107 Brenda 54,56,59.67.70,75.107 Angle 57.587491 Llnda 58,7191 Olson, Vernon 21 1 1 Ornes. 1 1 Oss. G David 626370.91 ary 44.51.5391 Otto,Jean 19 11 Overby. Dean 91 Owen. Annette 23 10 Pahnke, Dale 83 11 Parcn. Bill 4250.53.91 12 Parker, Cynthia 109 10 Parker. Mary 11 Parlow, Clarence 91 10 Parlow. Gerald 83 12 Parr. David 109 12 Pasch. Elmer 109 10 Pasch .Judy 62,83 12 Paul. Debbie 33.54.56,58,59.66.68,94.109 12 Pearson, 65.109 10 Pearson. Lorraine 75.83 10 Pearson. Sandra 57.70.7483 Pears on. Wilmer 14.33 Pederson. Thomas 16 11 Peterson, Jim 42.51.83 10 Peterson. Edna 72,91 10 Peters on. Judy 83 11 Peterson, Judith 91 12 Peterson. Robert 109 11 Peterson. William 91 10 Peterson. Zona 65.84 11 Peth. Richard 91 11 Peyton, Pat 91 12 Pierce, Don 62.631.64.109 11 Pingel. Marvin 91 12 Piotroski, John 69.95.109 10 Piotroski. Jim 84 10 Prrnat. William 84 11 Pirnat. Tom 91 Porat 12 Foss, 10 Poss. h, Neva 23 Donna 66.71.109 Lucy 58, 12 Poss. Margaret 56.62,63,75 10 Prell. Ellis 50.70.7484 11 Prell. George 4248.53.92 12 Prisse 1 1 Protz 1 1 ProtZ. 'IO Protz. 10 Protz. l, Ruth 64,109 Kathleen 92 Lauren 64,92 Marilyn 72.84 Nancy 84 11 Puent, Kathy 72.92 10 Puttkamer. Jeff 84 Quackenbush, Robert 18 11 Ourst. 11 Ouist. 11 Rabe. Donald 73,92 Ronald 92 Mark 51.62.92 12 Randall. Keith 73.75109 10 Randall. Roberta 11 Rasmussen. William 6263.74.92 11 Rattle, Chris 65,92 12 Rattle, Daniel 73.75.109 12 Rattle, Dawn 109 10 Rattle. Margaret 57.62.84 12 Rattle. Susanne 33.56,64,65.70,75.110 10 Rech. Ronald 84 10 Redlske, Diane 57.58.7484 11 Reese. Mike 50.66.7192 10 Reina rt. Mike 84 12 Reynolds. Kathleen 65.110 12 Rezirt. Douglas 110 11 Rezin. Edward 92 10 Reztn. Michael 42,45.47,51.84 Richmond,John 15 11 Rlchmond. Ruth 64,92 10 Ruffle. 10 Ring. Richard 92 Diane 6263.74.84 12 Rischette. Richard 84 12 Riche 12 Flrxie, tte. Stephen 66.713.74.110 Link 11 Robarge. Lee 44.45.6992 11 Robertson. Larry 73.92 12 Robertson. Laura 64.71.110 10 Robertson. Sylvia 70.84 10 Robinson. Nancy 6274.78.84 10 Rockman, Diane 84 11 Rodefer. Raymond 64.92 10 Rodefer. Terry 84 11 Roeske. Zan 72.92 10 Floscovius. Chris 73.84 11 Roscovrus. Thomas 92 10 Roscovius. Virginia 65.72.84 11 Rose. Colin 12 Rothschild, Sandra 33.110 11 Royce, Wilma 65.71.92 11 Ruland, Alois 73,92 10 Sage. Vicki 84 Sanders. Ronald 23 11 Salzvvedel. Paul 92 10 Salzvvedel, Pauline 64.65.84 Schaetzke, Terrence 14.35 Schaufnagel. Evelyn 20 11Schendel. Dianna 54,57,58.69.75,92 10 Schendel, Sandra 58.84 10 Schenecker. Eugenia 70,84 12 Schenecker, Francis 73.110 11 Schenecker.John 73.92 12 Schenecker, Mary 110 12 Schleusener. Marcia 10 Schneider, Joe 70.74.84 11 Schnese. Mary 69.92 11 Schober. Ruth 72.75.92 10 Schroeder. Arlene 84 10 Schroeder, La Mont11.,74.84 10 Schultz, Douglas 84 12 Schultz, Marlene 56.72.110 Schultz. Gary 18 10 Schuster. Jim 74.84 12 Schwelger. Dennis 43, 12 Scott. Alan 73.107 11 Se11ow, Terry 34,57 5864.86.92 12 Settz. Gerald 11 Sell. Scott 42, 10 Sheldon. S 65 10 Shie. Paul 10 Shields. Vicki 84 12 Shlsler, Ray 108 10 Shrsler, Susan 65,84 12 Shovven. Leslie 108 Shutter. Gloria 1 1 11 Singleton. Elizabeth 65.72.92 11 Smith. Donald 84 Smith. Harold 18 12 Smith. Gloria 108 11 Smith. Jeanette 92 119 12 Smith. Marcia 108 10 Snider. Diane 84 10 Snider. Linda 85 11 Syncler. Susan 10 Sobota, Jerome 74.84 12 Solberg, Victor 73,108 11 Sommerhelcl. Sherrie 57.69.92 12 Sonnenburg. Robert 56.75.108 10 Sonnenburg. Merece 84 11 Sorenson. Dale 92 11 Sousek, Dean 74.85 10 Sousek, Farrell 12 Sowle. Brian 2982. 95.108 10 Sowle. Debbie 57.70,85.90 11 Sowle. Deborah 55.62.72 11 Sovvle. Vickie 31, 10 Sparks. Dinah 85 12 Sparks, Terry 108 Spies, Dave 22.30,42.44.47,51.53 10 Squires. Carl 43,85 10 Staege. James 4245.48.85 12 Staege. Leslie 11 Steele. Jacquelyn,74 93 12 Steele. John 108 12 Stein. Pamela 56.636.94.108 12 Steinoff. William 42.44.50,64.73,108 12 Steinmetz. Jennifer 38.57,64,69.72.93 12 Steinmetz. Susan 11 Stickney, Don 12 Stoda.lV1tchael 110 Stoker, Vida 19 10 Stoltz. Gloria 10 Stolzrnan. Ronald 85 10 Storkel. Grarg 85 10 Stovvell,M1chael85 11 Strozevvski. Tunney,50,53 64.67.74,86.93 12 Strozinsky. Mark 56.67.74 10 Strozensky. Michael 43.52.7485 Sullivan. Janet 11 10 Sundin. Kristie 58,62,63, 12 Szabo. Susan 10 Tatroe, Kent 85 10 Tatzel. James 85 12 Tatzel. Colleen 111 12 Taylor. Connie 1 11 10 Taylor. Jack 48.50.85 12 Taylor. Sheryl 111 12 Thomas. James 51.113 10 Thompson. Jerry 73.85 12 Thompson. Sandra 69.111 12 Thurovv, David .5 g ,,,,. , , fm, .. A 2 w , , ' f"1Z1fQi32 f' , 'r ,. ."r-- 5 Wm! Q - we -5, r ' 1 21 2 , rw ., , 5 4.1--,. 1: ,,i,m,73 re- , -.a 5 . K4-fn ,,,, "T" '--,,. r"'f"-"' 5- ' ::- gr, ""' earns'-N333 ' ,,k. Q M W , . 1 .bm ,wx A , ' , K K K --3, Ky,V if . W 12 Tonklnson, Cheryle 56,111 12 Tralrner, Arthur 42,53,73,1 11 12 Tralmer, Terry 34,35,42,43,44,46,5O,51.53 94,111 10 Tremellnng, Bruce 85 10 Tremellrng, Dennis 85 10 Tremelllng, Allan 85 12 Tripp, Ronald 111 . 10 Turnrnnre, Linda 10 Tvvlnrng, Susan 75,85 11 Vallem, Sharon 93 ' 12 Vandervort,Vlckl 56,64,71,72,111 1O Van Voorhees, David 85 12 Vernler, Michael 62,63,66,74,94,111 11 Vlnney, Rosemary 93 12 Von l-laden, Rosemary 29,38,75,111 11 Von Ruden, Arlene 93 11 Von Ruden, Dons 72,75,93 11 Wabovvretz, Winne 93 11 Wachter, Howard 48,93 10 Wagner, Gary 73,85 12 Waege, Gary 73,111 12 Wagner, Ronald 52,111 11 Wagner, Wanda 93 Walker. Margaret 14 1 1 Walker, Steve 34,38,39,48,49,51,74,93 11 Walley, Richard 43,47,52,71,93 1OWalsh, Linda 55,57,58,67,70,74,85 11Wappler, Raymond 73,7593 11 Warner, James 73,93 11 Warnke, Esther 93 11 Warnke, Shirley 75,93 Watkins, Christina 13 Waugh. Helen 13 1 1 Webber, Susan 57,58,66,69,71,93 1OWelner, Jane 85 10WernzierI, Linda 57,65,74,85 12 Welch, Betty 65,112 12 Welch, Cheryl 32,56,58,64,1 12 11 Welch, Michael 93 10 Welch, William 42,85 12 Wellnltz,Chris112 12 Wells, Robert 42,44,46,51,53,74,96,1 12 Wester, Jeff 19,42,45,48,50 10 Westman, Jack 85 12 Westphal, Carole 112 11Westpfal, James 93 10 Westpfal, Larry 10 Wettsteln, Carol 85 12 Wettstern, Jane 66,72,96,112 11 White, Robert 93 12 Whntsett, Stephen 112 12 Wh1ttrngton,Muchael 113 10 Wlckliffe, Maw 57,85 12 Wrlcox, Kenneth 64,112 10 Wilcox, Sue 6265.85 12 Wilder, LaMont 112 10Wildes, Allan 85 12 Wlldes, Leland 62,633,112 10WrIknnson,Janet 11Wilkrnson, John 7O,71,74,93 120 11 Wilkinson, Roland 93 11Willuams, Allan 93 12 Williams, Carol 113 1OWullrams, David Wilson, Darlene 15 12 Wilson, Glen 73,113 12 Wilson, Mary 65,112 10 Wilson, Michael 85 10 Wilson, Tom 73 10 Wrnchel, Annette 57,65,74,85 12 Wlnkelman, La Mont 113 10 Wnnkleman, Sandra 75,85 12 Witt, Stephen 112 12 Wrttler, Sally 56,58,67,72,112 12 Wonzer, Norman 29,34,42,44,51,53,74,94 11 Wood, Donna 75,93 11WoodIrl'l, Carol 57,62,63,69,71,93 11 Wrobleuskv,Jamne 64,93 11 Yates,Jo Ann 75 10 Yates, Margaret 85 10 Yates, Tom 52,85 10Zahrte, Jennifer 85 11 Zahrte, Mary 57,64,74,93 12 Zastoupil, Thomas 62,63,64,73 12 Zellmer, Martha 64,655,113 11 Ziegler, Donna 93 10 Zimmerman, Judy 57,58,65,85 1OZlmmerman, Linda 58,65,72,85,93 10Zingler, Duane 11Zrngler, Jack 45,93 1 1 Zwrefel, Faye 93 Bank of Tomah HaroId's Studio Skogmos Ranney's Dairy Farmers and Merchants Bank Tomah Hardware Peter Johnson Shoe Store Wis. Power and Light Red Hanger Shop Tee Pee Supper Club Carlton C. C. Burris Variety Store Central Hardware Christensen's Fabirc Citizens Loan and Finance Clothes Post FriedI's Dairy Oueen Harris Jewelers Jensen's Hardware Hank Store Kennedy Auto Supply Langwell Jewelers Monroe Finance Corporation Schmitz Ready to Wear Shutters Super Market Ted's Food Market Tomah Greenhouse Tomah Journal and Moniter He Tomah Savings and Loan Vlasek's Bowling Lanes A8tW Root Beer Stand Ace Cab Company Andres Hardware Arnie's Sinclair Badger Cafe Band Box Cleaners Bassinette Tots Si Teens Berg Citgo Betthauser's Lumber 8t Fuel Burnstads Shop Mart Cap's Candy Company Coast to Coast Store Cram's Super Fair Firestone Store Gambles Jensen's Sport Shop Le-on's Recreation Metterreitei's Radio 84 T.V. NeitzeI's Floor Shop Parkview Barbershop Playgirl Coiffures Schappe Real Estate Scatt's Home Bakery Superior Barber Shop Superior Standard Service raid 5540.00 30,00 30.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 15.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10,00 10.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5,00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5,00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 Tomah Auto Service Tomah Automotive Supply Town 84 Country Shopper Tralmer's Sales and Service Tomah Dry Cleaners Professional Attorneys Clark and Kenyon Donovan and Breitenfield Thomas McCaul Engineer Lenschow Engineering Dentists Dr. D. R. Brown Dr. J. W. Chitwood Dr. E. D, Cunningham Dr. F. W. Weatherford Physicians and Surgeons Drs. C. S. Kozarek and R. G. Konicek Drs. J. S. Mubarak and G. A. Landmann Optometrists RW. Ahlstrom John Rand Paul E. Kewin Pharmacists Miller's Pharmacy Steele's Pharmacy Radio Stations WCOW Radio Station WTMB Radio Station 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 acknowledgments The 1967 Hamot staff would like to thankthe following fortheir co-operation and encouragement which they gave to the staff: Mrs. Darlene Wilson. journalism teacher and Hamot advisor: Mr. Harold Libke, l-laroId's Studio photographerp the American Yearbook Company: and Mr. Robert Graf, American Yearbook Company representative. img. ff .. L, , fy if W H fa... I f V. -. ,,,, . ., . ,, , My wif ? fZQf:,-:- 4 .. YZ " L- ,A nf - Lg,,y,.Jg.m: f- , f . . was v-1'-L wg-1 , , , , ' . H 1- A f- ' ' .. ' L. , TSHS - 1967 Day's end heralded by a setting sun- completion of a school year ! heralded by summer's'first beams- ' preceded by games - wins and losses tears. proms. cheers. . . and a growing, .. in pride of school and self. . . in understanding of others as well as one's self.. . in experiences which taught what books could not. A year passed. tinged with confusion . . . and enlightenment.. . a growing appreciation for learning- and a desire to test that knowledge. . . a broadening of mind. . . a defining of views. . . development of a personal standard to satisfy each individuals belief. . . a progression toward-maturity not yet reached, but now in sight. . . Turning, a new day is greeted- but always a smile remains for yesterday. . . . lx bl C K' iffpw -Y -. . J ,XZ Q, .2 Lf 1 ,QL .V .V fr rf-H L J ff ff V. . Q" ,f , 'X K ' ' ' .-L' V, flf K' 'fl 4 W 1 , -1- X W, .-- , K VUL X" 1 A, L 5 C if ' ' flfzf' J jg 1- f, L - f, N, , ,J , f V , .4 X , ' V ffffq' , , ' ' T -' , ,X ,A ff f ' 4 ' I L , f ,- f 1 4 f -V .W 1, L f, ,xI5.f X 1 LV, Ml 'M I V. V ,L -,X , ' ,. f' XZ A W fs, 1 A J IU 7 J, f' 1 L .1 IVV, I V J AQ L' JC .f,. : f A f lv f A 7g X Q! L Lf ' J! ,f 1. f V, rf 4 ,' CZ" 13" , 1 I VX., -X L, ,V 1 4, ,. ,f ' A ,W A! 5 'fy ff' M IC, A lf' 4, .L Xl, .1 X, X K! ffjzcfg L, X M , x T WWW 'W' 'W' 'Ml' WWI! mm um H1 m 11 f ""i' IIII L W 'J I a f f ' X - - - ..- .. Tb - - 'lii t'-il. Ai, T , 1. ' 1 ,f

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