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-x -if if 6 w a- : Ja N ,j.-JSQI. 3 -. ,vi UNL5. X f w . -m Q-'a A HA MQ T DEB O? PUBLXSYXE SENXCR CLASS 'YONXPXYX YYXGYX SCYXOOX, PXYYWXSCO XS we .19 Q 1 . . W 1 m f Ii, i Vial, , n DEDICATIO MR. ARNOLD FICK w To one whose faith and confidence in time boys ancl girls of Tomaii High has inspired him to give freely of his influenceg unselfislily of his time, and unsparingly of his enthusiasm these many years that we might enjoy the advantages of a modern school system: to our good friend and benefactor, Mr. Arnold Fick, member of the Board of Education, we the Class of 1952, respectfully dedicate this Hamot. N r-.Lua 3 , - ...f .rp MR. CRANE. MR. MCKEAN, IVHSS MCADAMS MINISTR TIG It has been a distinct pleasure to be under the guidance and super- vision of the faculty and administration of Tomali High School. They have been very co-operative in training us along educational and recre- ational lines. Many! of the teachers have taken on the added responsi- bility of clubs and organizations, thus furnishing us with extra-curricu- lar activities. Tomali High School has been outstanding in our vicinity for the school spirit we have towards specialized clubs as well as athle- tics, dramatics, forensics, music and debate. All of these activities require hours of work and preparation on the part of faculty members. Students may always look with admiration in their Hearts for the co-operation and friendliness the administration has shown us during our school years. OFFICE GIRLS VIRGINIA ZASTOUPIL MRS. SHIRLEY RUSSEL Board of Education 'Standing - Mr. Earl Marquadt, Mr. E. McKean Sitting - Dr. Howard Syverson, Mr. Lesler Gordon, Mr. Arnold Fick, Mr. Frank Drew Eacult . . ABERLY. ELLA B.A. University ol Wisconsin Home Economics Joined Tomah Staff in 1949 "Experience teaches slowly" DICKINSON, LAUREL B.A. Stout Institute Manual Arts. Boxing Coach Joined Tomah Stall in 1944 "Little said is soonest mended" DUNNE. ELIZABETH B. Mus. Lawrence College Joined Tomah Stall in 1951 "God giveth speech to all, song to Iewn GATZKE. EARL B.A, Ripon College Boys Phy. Ed. Track Coach Joined Tomah Stall in 1948 UTD he strong is to he happy" GREEN. ELIZABETH B.S. LaCrosse State Teachers College - English 111 "Who can direct, when all pretend to know" HANSEN. PHILLIP B.S. River Falls State Teachers College Veteran Training Joined Tomah Stall in 1949 "Farming is next to godlinessn HILLERT, THEODORE B.S. River Falls State Teachers College Veteran Training Freshmen Ag. Joined Tomah Stall in 1949 "Work is alone, nohlenb KRUEGER. DENA B.S. Whitewater State Teachers College Typewriting. General Math Joined Tomah Stall in 1941 "Great is truth" LEVERICH. ROBERT B.S. University ol Wisconsin Veteran Training Joined Tomah Stall in 1950 "Live and think" MEILLER. ROY B.S. LaCrosse State Teachers College Geometry. Biology "Confidence is a plant of slow growth" IVIEVVALDT, DAVID B. Mus. Lawrence College Conservatory ol Music Joined Tomah Stall in 1946 "Some credit in Izeing jolly" MEYER, JAMES B.A. LaCrosse St. Teachers Civics, English I, III "Care is an enemy to life" NEAS, BETTY B.S. Stout Institute Home Ee. I, 11 Joined Tomah Stall in 1951 "The sum ol earthly hlissn NEILSEN. HARVEY B.S. Whitewater State Teachers College Shorthand, Bookkeeping Joined Tomah Stall in 1956 "Virtue itself" NELSON. ARNOLD Ph. IVI. University ol Wisconsin B.A. South Dakota College Physics, Chemistry Joined Tomah Staff in 1929 "One thing is good forever. that one thing is success" NESS. JAMES B.S. River Falls State Teachers College Voc. Ag. Veteran Training Joined Tomah Stall in 1946 "VVhere there is a will. there is a way., OLSON, BERNICE B.E. LaCrosse State Teachers College Librarian Joined Tomah Staff in 1947 "The will for good" ROEMER. HOWARD B.S. Platteville State Teachers College General Science. Stuclyhall Joined Tomah Stall in 1948 "His own merit makes his way" SANDVIG, LOUISE B.S. St. Olaf College English IV. Latin I, ll Social Problems Joined Tomah Stall in 1948 "Some people are nice and wise" SCHALLER, MARJORIE B.A. LaCrosse St. Teachers College English I Joined Tomah Stall in 1951 hlvlildest manners, and gentlest heart" SCHETTLER. LOWELL B.S. Platteville State Teachers College General Science, Study Hall, Football. Basketball, Baseball Coach Joined Tomah Stall in 1947 'AThey go from strength to strength" SCHUELKE, THEDA B.A. North Central College World History Joined Tomah Stall in 1922 "Silence is the mother ol truth" STOKER. VIDA B.S. LaCrosse State Teachers College Algehra. Geography Joined Tomah Stall in 1949 "The very pink ol perfection" RAYMENT, CLIFFORD B.A. Eau Claire State Teachers College U. S. History. Debate Coach Joined Tomah Staff in 1944 "Thought once awakened does not again slumlneru REHWINKEL. JEANNE B.S. LaCrosse State Teachers College Girls Phy Ed. Joined Tomah Stall in 1948 "Tis good will makes intelligence' REISER, ELIZABETH B.S. University ol' Wisconsin English I Joined Tomah Staff in 1922 "All her luxury is in doing goodln ClHSSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS lames Churchill ........................ Sergeant-at-Arms Robert Hubert ..... ........... P resident Lauonne Wolford ..... ..... S ecretary-Treasurer Iohn Schultz ..... .... V ice-President REME BER HE On that memorahie day in September 1949, about 180 green and eager Freshmen en- tered those mighty doors upon the windhiown hill to revel in the knowledge that they were all free and equal. Yes, we the class of '52 once were those green Freshmen. Remember the razzing we got from the upperclassmen as we frantically rushed hy them to get to classes? During our first week as Freshmen many of our classmates had the misfortune of meeting up with some of these loving UQ upperclassmen, who deposited them on the water huh- hier. Like good sports we laughed and thought about next year when we would have the chance to initiate the next victims to enter the mighty doors of TI-IS for the first time. On December 9, 1949, we staged the annual Freshmen Day Program. Many proud parents witnessed the Yuleticle event. Another year has begun and again the mighty doors swing wide with a promise, yet a challenge, to meet with joy and pride. As sophomores we understood more fully just what Tomah school lifeis. School life is the glory of seeing THS etched against the slcy day after day, of sipping colces with the gang after classes, it's the thrill of malcing friends who will never be forgotten, hum-drum days of gruelling classes, report card days, basketball and football games, and canteen. The big event of the year was our Sophomore Day Program. Even though many of us were scared stiff, Sophomore Day was very successful and from the Various comments heard, it was enjoyed by all who attended. When we entered the mighty doors of THS as Juniors, we realized that this was to be a special year for us. The big question that seemed to hover over the Junior Class was "Who would be president and prom king?" After quite a bit of campaigning, we placed our stamp of approval on Jim Lenz, president. This was the year we chose our class rings. Then before we lmew it preparations were started for the big event of the year, Junior Proml After much consideration "April Showers" was chosen as the theme. Originality combined with the genius made our Junior Prom something that will be a cherished memory. Realizing that we the Senior Class of '52 have come a long way since that day three years ago when we entered THS as bewildered, but eager Freshmen, we were determined to malce our Senior year tops. The year began with many students wishing that physics wasn't required. It isn't that it's "hard" it's just -1 oh well, we can wish can't we? We be- gan to thinlc more and more of the future as we discussed everyday problems in Room 214. Our class play went off beautifully. Commencement Day came all to soon and then our high school days were gone -1 but not forgotten. We still have our memories of it and although there were some unhappy moments, there were many more pleasant and happy ones. When we loolc baclc and remember our good times and the funny things that seem silly to us now, we smile and say, "Remember When -1 ln D O N N A A L L E N "Modest maid and proper too." F.H.A. l,2,3,4: Student Typist 4: Cafeteria Worker l,2,3,4. MARY LOU ALLEN hslie is liked lnesi, who is liked ily all." G.A.A. 3.4: F.H,A, 1,23 Dramatic Club 4: Prom Committee 3. R U T H A N D R E S "A worker always does her level best." G.A.A. 3.4: F.H,A. l,2,3.4: F.B.L.A. 2.3: Stu- flent Typist 3. NORMAN ANDERSON "Norm" 'lwhen you pass him i1e'll say "Hi", And give you a smile as lie goes lay." F.B.L.A. 3: Slcetclx Club 3: Dramatic Club 2.3: Student Typist 3,4: Cll0iT 3,4: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Staff 3: Band l,2,3,4: Boys Quartet 3. ROBERT ATTLEN ..... . "Bob" "He stoops to nothing, but u door. F.F.A. l.2.3.4. PHYLLIS BATTEN .. "PhyI" Upeppy as ginger, nice as pie." G.A.A. 1,2.3.4: F.B.L.A. 3.4: Latin Club l: Dramatic Club 3,4: Prom Committee 3: Paper Staff 3. DORIS BAUIVIGARTEN "Bummy" "As merry as the day is long." G.A.A. 2,3.4: F.H,A. l: Dramatic Club 3.4: Student Typist 2,3,4g Clloir 3,4: Prom Committee 3g Hamot Staff 4: Paper Staff 3: Band l,2,3,4. DWIGHT BERNETT HNot too serious not too gay, imut a very good fellow in every way." F.F.A. l,2.3.4: Baseball l: Boxing 2.3. LORRAINE BERNHARDT, "Lorrie" "She is quiet and modest too, as a friend she is always true." Student Typist 4: Prom Committee 3. JOHN BETTHAUSER "Ship School -- WiLy?? rd never tlliniz of it." Prom Committee 3: Boxing l,3: Track 4. MILDRED BETTHAUSER "Beneath IVIiIcIreoI's dignity, There ties a heap of IoIIity." F.B.L.A. 4: Sketch CIu1J 4: Dramatic Club 4: New Lisbon 1.2. JAMES BLACKWOOD ...... "Jim" HIIII argue though the point is small, you can't Iet these teachers say it att." Latin Club 1.2.5,4: Sketch CIUIJ 1.2: Dramatic Club 4: Choir 1,2.5,4: Prom Committee 5: Band 1,2.5.4: Football 1: Track 2.5.4: Canteen Com- mittee 4: Dance Bancl 2.5: Boy's Glee CIUIJ 1. VICTOR BURNSTAD ....., "Vic" "Lively and happy. full of fun. Vic's a friend to everyone." Sketch Club 2: Clloir 2.5,4: Class Vice Pres. 1.2: Prom Committee 5: I'Iamot Staff 4: Football 1.2. 5.4: BasIcetI3aII 1,2.5,4: Track l.2.5,4: Lettermans CIuIJ 2.5.4: Aucl. Ushers 5.4: Boys Quartet 2. MARGUERITE CALLAHAN nlvlargien "Has more then she shows. Speatzs less than she knows." F.IPI.A. 1.4: Student Typist 5.4: Prom Committee 5. BARBARA CARSON .. .. "Banks" "I chatter, chatter as I go." G,A.A. 1,2,4: I..atin CIutJ 1.2: Dramatic CIuI1 4: Student Typist 4: Choir 4: Glee Club 5.4: Prom Committee 5: I'Iamot Staff 5: Paper Stall l.2.5,4: Band Extemp. ,Reading 2: Humorous Declamation 1.4: Serious Declamation 5: Canteen Committee 4. LAWRENCE CASE .... .. "Larry" "Study makes some people wise, seems to mahe me other wise... Football 1: Boxing 2. EVERETT CHAMBERS .... "Butch" "Now tahe me and Einstein." F.F.A. 1.2,5,4: Hamot Staff 4: Football Baseball 1.2,5,4: Boxing 1.2.5,4: Lettennans CIuI:J 2.5.4. JAMES CHURCHILL .,.... "Butch" "The world Iwetongs to the energetic - Who wants the world anyway?" F.F,A. Football 1.2.5,4: Baseball 1.2: Boxing 1.2,5,4: Lettermans CIuIJ 5.4: Athletic Managers 2.5.41 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4. DONNA MARIE CLAY "Donna is the epitome of charm and sincerity." F.H.A. 2.5.4: F.B.L.A, 2.5: Dramatic CIUIJ 4: Student Typist 2.5: Office Worker 4: Prom Com- mittee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Bancl 5.4: Extemp. Reading 2,5.4: 4 Min. Speech 1: Seconcl Band 1.2. RONALD CLAY ............ nRonnie" "The world was made to he enjoyed and I will mahe the best of it." F.F.A. Football 5: Boxing l.2.5,4: Track 2.5.4. PATRICIA CRAIVI ............ "Pat" HA folly girl chuch full of fun, She's a friend to everyone." F.B.L.A. 2.5: Dramatic CIUIJ 5.4: Student Typist 5: Librarian 4: Prom Committee 5: Paper Staff 5. STEPHANY CREIVIER ..... "Steph" "Ami so she passes through life, Leaving the seed of friendliness everywhere." Latin Club I.2: Dramatic CIUIJ 2.5: Choir 2.5. 4: Glee Cluh 2,5,4: Office Vvorlcer 4: Class Secretary 5: Class Treas. 5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Staff 4: Paper Stall 5: 4 IVIin. Speech 2: Canteen Committee 5: D.A.R. 4. 'Triple Trio 5. EDWARD CROWLEY ....... "Ed" "Tall of stature. short of speech. This newcomer has a voice that's deep." Mauston High School 1.2.5. MARLENE DAIVIEROW "Sandy" "A neat hloncl lass -- Our Sandy has plenty of class." G.A.A. 2.5,4: F.B.L,A. 2.5: Dramatic Club 4: Choir 4: Glee Club 5.4: Triple Trio 4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4. RICHARD DANA ......,..... "Dick" 'lWhat is the use of worrying when there is so many other things to aio?" Football 4: Traclc 5.4: Lettermans Club 4: Ap- pleton I'IigI1 School I.2. FREDERICK DASHNER .... "Ted" "Boys will he hoys, hut that is all right." F.B.I..A. 5.4: Choir l.2,5.4: Prom Committee 5: Paper Stall I.2.5: Football 1.2.54 Track 2.4. MARIE DEGENHARDT "A small and quiet lass whose cheerful manner you can't surpass." prom Committee 5: F.I'I.A. 4. DIANE DICKINSON "Tis the song you sing, and the smile you wear. That malees sunshine everywhere." G.A.A. 2.5.4: F.I'I.A. l.2.5.4: F.B.I...A. 1.2: Stu- dent Typist 5.4: Choir 5.4: Cvlee Cluh 2.5.42 Triple Trio 5.4: Hamot Stall' 4. NANCY DICKINSON "Shes a pleasure, a treasure, u joy without meas- UTP." G.A.A. 4: EI-I.A. I.2.3,4: F.B.L.A. 2: Student Typist 5: Choir 5.4: Glee Club 2,5,4: Hamot Stall 2.4: Paper Staff 5. DEAN DODSWORTH 'Silence is one of the great arts of conversation." Football l,2.5,4: Lettermans Cluin 4. JOAN DORNER "Round and round she goes wliere she stops nobody knows." Dramatic Club 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Band 5. 4: Ontario Higll Sctlool 1. D A L E D U N N I N G "A jolly good fellow is ire." F.F.A. 4: Football 5.4: Vvest Milwaukee SCl'l00l I: Bay View High Sctlool 2. DALE D YE ..... ............. ' Skip" "All though rm not so very tall. rd rather tae short than not at all." Stuclent Typist-4: Football 1.2: Boxing l.2.5,4: Track 5.4: Lettermans Club 4. ALTON EIRSCHELE ........ High "Al "Not as many whiskers as the cougli ctrop twins taut a personality that always wins." Ctioir 1: Prom Committee 5: Football Basketball 1: Baseball 1,2.5.4: Lettermans Club 5.4. JANICE ERICKSON "A girl with brains and amtrition, topped off with a grand disposition," G.A.A. 1.2.5,4: F.H.A, 1.2,5.4: Ttiespians 5.4: Dramatic Club 1.2.5,4: Student Typist 2: Choir 5.4: Glee Club 1.2.5,4: Prom Committee 5: Ham- ot Stall 5.4: Band 1.2,5,4: Serious Declamation 1: Canteen Committee 1: -Ctxeerleaders. B Squacl 1: A Squad 2.5,4: Snowball Queen 4: Dance Band 1.2.5. DORIS FAULKNER "Doris knows with equal lease, 'ww to vex and how to please." G.A.A. 1: F.H.A. 1.2: F.B.L.A. 2.5: Dramatic Club 2.5.4: Stuctent Typist 5: Librarian 2: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Statt 4: Extemp. Reacting 2: Humorous Declamation 1. ROBERT FIEBIG ......... "Bob" "Why should I hurry fit get there eventually." REUBON FOTH ............ "Rube' "A firm believer in the law of conservation of energy." Commercial Club Camera Club l: Foot- loall 1.2. JOSEPH GASPER .... .. 'Joe" "Worry and I have never met," F.F.A. 1.2,5.4: Track 2. MARY LOUISE GASPER "Mary Lou" 'Pretty as a picture -- by the way. nice jmme too!" G.A.A. 4: F.B.L.A. 4: Latin Cluta 1.2: Dramatic Clutu 2.5: Clioir 4: Glce Club 5.4: Hamot Statt 1: Paper Statt 5.4: Band 1,2.5.4. La VONNE GNEWIKOW 'twhen 1 have something to say, l say it. then Ilfn d0ne.H F.H.A. 1,2,14: F.B.l...A. 2.14: Dramatic Club 1 4: Student Typist. 2.14: Triple Trio 3: Clmoir 14: Glec Club 2.14: Prom Committee 3: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Staff 1 GLEN GOLDBECK "Hell do anything for anybody." DONNA LOU GRAY "Her heart is as light. as her eyes are bright." F.H.A. 1.2.14: F.B.l...A. 2: Dramatic Club 2.4: Student Typist 3: Prom Committee 5: Paper Stall 4: Band 12.14. VONDA RAE GUSTIN "Sincere and sensible." F.B.L.A. 2: Latin Club 1.2: Dramatic Club 4: Milwaukee. 1 WAYNE GUTHRIE A'Happy-go-luclzy. I am free, Nothing is there fllllf bothers me." F.F.A. 1,2.4: Football 5: Boxing 2.14: Basket- ball 1: Track 2.14. RAYMOND GUTHRIE ...... "Ray" "Our ideals are our better selves." F.F.A. 1,2.14: Boxing 1 EDWARD HABELMAN ..... "Ed" "Eddie anal his car are quite a pair. You're most apt to find them anywhere." Tapclancing 3: F.B.L.A. 14: Prom Committee 5: Football 1.2: Boxing 1.2: Traclc 2.14. ROBERT HEFNER .......... "Bob" "1 never let boolas interfere with my education." Football 1,2,14: Basketball 1.2: Track 1,2.14: Lettemians Club 2,14. JOHN HELMING "ln F.F.A. he Joes excel, practicing to be a farmer in the Jen." F.F,A. 1.2,14: Camera Club 1: Hamot Staff 4. PATRICIA HEMSEY ........ "Pat" "1-lrgue early. Argue late, Argue every day in debate." G.A.A. 2.14: Commercial Club 2.5: Latin Club 1.25: Debate 2.14: Dramatics Club 2.14: Stu- clent Typist 2.14: Paper Stall 14: Extemp. Read- ing -1: Humorous Declamation 2: Serious Decla- mation 14. SHIRLEY HONEL "Her sbyness is only skin deepf, F.H.A. i,2.5,4: F.B.L.A, 2,5,4: Student Typist 5,4: Prom Committee 5: Paper Staff 2, Extemp. Reading 2. ROBERT HUBERT ........... "Bob" "To be quite franlz and notbing less, He's an all around boy of T.H.S." F.F.A. l,2,5.4: Class Pres. 4: Hamot Stall 4: Basketball l.2.5.4: Football l,2,5,4: Baseball 2.5: Boxing l.2,5,4: Traclc 1.4: Lettermans Club 2.5.4. JEANNE HYLAND ......... "Jeanie "When 1 don't talk sense, I tallz nonsense." G.A.A. l.2.5,4: F.H.A. l.2,5,4: F.B.L.A. 2: Dra- matic Club 5: Glee Club 2.5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Stall 5: Cheerleaders. B Squad l,2: A Squad 5,4 DAREL JACKSON "Ye gods! but I am a man after my own beartf' Football l.2,5,4: Boxing l.2.5,4: Traclc l,2.5,4: Lettermans Club 2.5,4: Aud. Usbers 2.5.4. PETER JAFFE ................ "Pete" "My tbeme song V- Tbem bones, tbem bones them trombonesf' Latin Club 1.2: Camera Club l: Debate I: Cboir 2.5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Staff 2,5,4: Paper Staff 5: Band l,2,5,4: Original Oratory l, 2.4: Non-original Oratory 5: Canteen Committee l: German Band 5.4: Dance Band 1.2.5. JOAN JAKICH "Darla hair, shining eyes, merry bumor. sbe's a prize." Berlin Higb Scbool l: Franlclurt Higb 2.5. HERBERT JENSEN ........ "Herb" "One can't always be a hero, but be can always be Q Yn.l1n..'- F.F.A. 4: Betbel Academy l: Battle Creelc Aca- demy 5. MARLENE JORGENSON "All tlie world loves a quiet girl." F.B.l...A. 5: Slcetcb Club 1.2. VERLYN JOHNSON "Many great men were basliful youths." F.F.A. l,2,5,4: Student Typist 4: Traclc 5,4. ALICE KAMPIVIEIER "Kindness is ber pass word, lauglxter is ber talis- man Harlem Conservatory, Roclclord, lllinois l,2,5: G. A.A. 4: F.H.A. 4. ,,. ,c:, . . ww. 1 .. .. ... . 4. i EAL JAMES KELLER "8:50 - The bell has rung. an hour or two and lames will come." Clloir 4: Bancl l.2.5,4. PATRICIA KELLY .. "Pat" "Artistic is l1er middle name." F.l'l.A. 1.2: Latin Clula 2.5: Slcetcll Clulo l.2.5.4: Dramatic Clulm 4: Clioir 4: Glee Cluln 4: Class Secretary l: Class Treas. 1: Hamot Stall 5.4: Seconcl Bancl I: Banrl 2. DAVID KLINGE ............ "Dave" "Maile for climbing the tree of lenowlezlgef' Latin Cluln 2.5: Dramatic Club 2.5: Clioir 5.4: Paper Stall 5.4: Bancl l.2,5,4: Footlmall 1.2,5.4: Baseball 2.5.4: Baslietloall l.2.5.4: Tracli l: Let- termans Clulzz 5.4: Canteen Committee 5. MARILYNN KOCH .......... "Lynn" "She is editor of the scliool paper and has friend- ships that will never taperf, F.l'l.A. I: Dramatic Cluln 5.4: Stuflent Typist 5.4: Homecoming Queen 4: Clioir 2.5.4: Glee Clulv 5. 4: Triple Trio 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Paper Stall 5.4: Band l.2.5,4: Canteen Committee 5.4: Drum lVlajorette 4. DONALD KORTBEIN "A worleman is lmown lzest for his products." F.B.L.A, l.2,5,4: Debate 5: Student Typist 5: Non-original Oratory 5: Cafeteria Worker 1.2.5. LOIS KORTBEIN "Sweet as a song." C1.A.A. 2.5.4: Dramatic Club 2.5.4: Student Ty- pist 5.4: Prom Queen 5: Cltoir 5.4: Glee Club 2.5.4: Triple Trio 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Stall 5: Bancl 5.4: Humorous Dec- lamation 5: 4 Min. Speeclm 1.2. LOA KRAUSE "She spins a wel: of natural charm." F.l'l.A. l: Student Typist 5.4: Clioir 4: Glee Cluln 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Band l.2.5,4: Dance Band l,2,5. PAUL KRESS "Frequently with my Brain I gently think a thought." Latin Cluln I: Debate 2: Paper Stall 5: Bancl l, 2.5: Extemp. Reacling 2: Non-original Oratory l. EDWINA KRASE .......,... "Amy" "Let tlie world go as it may. 1 will talze it eitluer way." G.A.A. 2.5,4: F.B.L.A. 2: Slcetcli Club l: Stu- clent Typist 5: Cvlee Clulo 4: Lilararian 2.5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4. WILLIAM KRUEGER ....... "Bill" Ulf lzriglzt remarlzs were grains of sand. lieu lne a wlnole desert." Latin Clulm l.2.5: Camera Clulm l: Delnate 1.2.5. 4: Dramatic Cluln 1: Clloir l.2.5.4: Class Vice Pres. 5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Stall 5: Bancl I.2.5.4: Extemp. Reading 2.5.4: Original Oratory 1: Canteen Committee l. DONNA KROEGER "Red tiair, green eyes, quiclz step. Heres a girl with lots of pep." G.A.A. 5.4: Slcetctx Club 1: Dramatic Club 5.4: Stuclent Typist 5: Glee Club 5.4: Prom Commit- tee 5: Paper Stall 5.4. ELIZABETH LAUFENBERG "Lautie" "Stay as sweet and nice as you are. We are sure that you will go far." Librarian 4: Prom Committee 5. D O R I S L E I S "Thy modesty is a credit to thy merit." Latin Club 2: Prom Committee 5: Seneca Higtn School 1. CAROL LENSCHOW "To all slte'll lend a helping hand. as a friend, we think slie's grand." Latin Club 1.5: Slcetctt Cluln 1.2: Debate 2: Hamot Stall 2.4: Paper Stall 2. JAMES LENZ ................. "Jim" "Tire one and only Big tue-manl He must eat the spinach by the can." Prom King 5: Ctioir 1.2.5: Boys Glee Clutm 1: Class Pres. 5: Prom Committee 5: Football 1.2: Baslcetlmall 1: Baseball 1.2.5,4: Lettermans Club 2,5.4: Aucl. Usliers 5.4: Sergeant-at-Arms 2. H A R O L D L I E T Z "The finest are the quiet ones F.F.A. 1.2,5,4. MARGARET LOFTUS "You never lznow what you can do until you try." F.B.L.A. 5: Dramatic Clula 4: Student Typist 4: Prom Committee 5: Band 4: Savanna Higtl Sctiool 1.2. RICHARD LOWE "Lifes no longer if we hurry. life's no lnetter if we worry." Football 1.2: Traclc 1.2: Athletic Managers 5.4. BEVERLY LUDEKING ...... "Bev" "A disposition as bright as the summer sun." F.I'I.A. 1.5: Stuclent Typist 4: Glee Clulz 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Bancl L E W I S L U E C K "Full of good nature." F.F.A. 4: Cafeteria worlcer 2.5.4. CAROL MARTEN UA little quiet, A little slly. But ,IRT smile will never pass you ivy." F.B.l...A. 2.5: Dramatic Cluln 5: Stuclent Typist 5: Prom Committee 3: Bancl 3.4. JOYCE Mc FARLENE "A little lretter than tile one you tilougllt best." F.H.A. 1: F.B.L..A. 1: Student Typist 2.5.41 Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Stall 4: Bancl 2.3.4. DAVID MUEHLENKAMP "Always smiling never sad, Plenty of goocl and not much bad." F.F.A. Football 1.2: Baseball l,2.5,4: Boxing 1.5.42 Letterman Clulix 4. RITA NIEBUHR "Gay sense of iiumor, Twinkle in iler eye. For lmr tile sun is always shining brightly in the slay!" G.A,A. 2.5.4: F.B.l...A. l.2.5.4: Delaatc 5: Dra- matic Clulm Stuclent Typist 2.5.4: Ollicc Vvorlcer 4: Prom Committee 5: Paper Stall 2.5.4. L 1 O Y D O A K E S "Beware 1 migiut do something sensational yet." Choir I.2.5.4: Boys Quartet 2.5: Sgt.-at-arms 5: Football l,2.5.4: Basketball 1.2: Traci: l.2,5,4: Boxing Manager 5.4. RAY O'CONNOR "Life is what you maize it, The world is ltow you talze it." F.F.A. 4. BEVERLY ODEN ....... . "Bev" "An axis on tile wheel of laughter." F.H.A. 1: Commercial Cluln 2: Dramatic Clulx 4: Choir 2.14: Glee Club 2.5.4: Triple Trio 3.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Band 1, NAIDA OLSON "Site has an uncomplaining style. A way of win- ning with her fascinating smile." 1 Latin Club 5.4: Student Typist 5.4. DONNA PARKER "Some of time biggest izearts are in tile smallest people." WILMER PIERCE "From worry and care l'm free. Why aren't they all contented like me?" F.F.A. BETTY PROCHNOW "An individual with individiialiiy." G.A.A. 1: F.H.A. 4: Extemp. Reading 3: Four Min. Speecb l: Cafeteria Helper I,2,3.4. DELORES PROCHNOW "A peppy person with a cheerful personality." G.A.A. 4: F.H.A. l.2.3,4: Slcetcb Club 2.3: Stu- dent Typist 3: Librarian 4. BERNADINE PRECHEL "The more we lznow lier the better we like ber." Glee Club 2.3: Prom Committee 3. C O N N I E P U R D Y "Unfatliomed sweetness in her nature." F.H.A. 3: Student Typist 3.4. KORWIN QUIST "A little nonsense. now and then." F.F.A. I,2.3,4: Football 3: Boxing 2: Trarlc 1.2. 3.4. JOHN RATTLE .............. 'Hack' "A girll A girll My kingdom for a girl.' Football l,2.3.4: Boxing l.2,3,4: Track Lettermans Club 2.3.4. WARD RAWHOUSER "Many his friends, none his foe: He's a boy we're all proud to know." Student Typist 3: Football 1.2: Tmclc l,2.3,4: Lettermans Club 3.4. CAROLEE ROOF "She lives at peace with all mankind. ln friend sliips slie is true." F.H.A. l: New Lisbon 2. LOIS ROSCOVIUS 'llust a girl. lnloncl and sweet, with a face fl1l1l'S just as neat." Student Typist 3: Cboir 3: Glee Club 3: Prom Committee 3: F.H.A. 4. LORNA ROSCOVIUS "Her good nature is measured by the yard." Prom Committee 3 Glee Club 4. ARNOLD ROSENOW "In Iife I have a. Io! of fun, but when theres work I get it done." Stucient Typist 2.3.4: Banci 4: Noneoriginai Ora- tory 3.4: 4 Min. Spf-ecI1 I. GERALD RUDOLPH ...... "Gerry" "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Hamot Staff 4: FootI3aII I.2.3.4: Boxing 2.5.41 Traci: 2.3.4: I..ettermans CIuI1 2.3.4: Atiiietic Managers I. DOUGLAS SALZWEDEL UA prince of a feiiaf' F.B.L.A. 2: Sicetcil Ciub 2.3: Caciet Band I: Band 2.3.4. MARCELLA SCHALLER .. "Marne" "lust Inecause I'm Iittie, Tis no reason to fret, for 1'll siiow my way through this world yet." F.H.A. I.2: Dramatic CIuIn 4: Band 4. MARGARET SCHENDEL "She always has her share of fun. never stopping tiii the day is done." G.A.A. 2.3.41 F.H.A. 1.2: F.B.L.A. 2.3: Prom Committee 3. JANE SCHEURICH "As joyous as a ferris wi1eeI." F.B.L.A. 2: I..atin CIUIJ 1.2: Dramatic CIuIJ 4: Student Typist 2.3: CI'1oir 2.3.4: Giec CIUIZJ 2.3.4: Ott-ice Worker 4: Prom Committee 3: Hamot Smit 4. KATHLEEN SCHILHABEL UHere's to the smile that none can over cast." F.H.A. 1.3: F.B.L.A. 2. FAITH SCHIVIALZ "The Iigixt-haired smiiing iass has Jimpies tile envy of her ciassf' F.B.L.A. 3: Prom Committee 3: F.H.A. 4: Drama- tic CIuIJ 4: Giee CIUIJ 4: Wiiton High Scimoi 1.2. GORDON SCHMIDT "I may Ive president yet, a good man can't ine field down forever." F.B.L.A. 3: Boxing 2: Paper Stati 3: F.F.A. 4: Caieteria Vvoricer I.2.3,4. IVIARLYN SCHROEDER "It's nice to Ire natural -- when your naturally nice." F.B.L.A. I: Student Typist 3.4. MILES SCHROEDER "Happy-go-Iuclzy V- Tlmafs me all over." F.F.A. F.B.L.A. 4: Track 2.4. DANIEL SCHULTZ ....... "Danny" "Lively, good natured, not a care has Ile." Prom Committee 5: Football 1.2: BaseI3aII 1.2,5.4. ELIZABETH SCHULTZ .... "Betty" "We Iznow Iuer by fuer ioyous airs. Iler Iuriglit Imlaclz eyes. Iner Inriglit Ialaclz I1air.1' G.A.A. 5.4: F.H.A. 4: F.B.L.A. 5: Dramatic CIutJ 5.4: Student Typist 5.4: Librarian 5.4: Class Secretary 2: Class Treas. 2: Prom Committee 5: Paper Stall 5: Homecoming Attendant 5.4. .I O H N S C H U L T Z "Absolutely harmless." Class Vice Pres. 4: Prom Committee 5: FootIJaII Track 1.2.5: Lettermans CIuIm 5.4: Atil- Ietic Managers 4. CRAIG SCOTT "A mind of your own is worth four of your friends." Slcetcil CIuIJ 5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stalt 4: Paper Staff 5: Football BasIcetIaaII 1: Boxing 1.2: Track 1,2.5,4: Lettermans CIuIJ 5.4: Non-original Oratory 2. MARY LOU SELL "She may not Ire very tall. But good tllings come in parcels small." DeWERD SHATTUCK "Let the world go Iny, I'II not budge an inch." F.F.A. l.2.5.4: Football 1.2.5,4: Boxing 1.2: Track 1.2.5,4: Lettermans CIUIJ 4. EDWIN SHIE "A Imclielors life for me." FFA. I2.5.4: F.B.L.A. 4: Boxing 4. RICHARD SHUTTER ...... "Dick" "It is useless arguing with the inevitable." F.B.L.A. 1.2: Choir 2.5.4,: Class Pres. 1.2: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: FootIJaII l.2.5.4: Basketball I,2.5.4: Baseball Traci: I: Lettermans CIUIJ 4 IVIin. Speectl 1.2: Canteen Committee 1. ELDON SONNENBURG "Tile world Ienows nothing of perhaps Izer great- est men." F.B.L.A. 2.5.4: Student Typist 5: Banci 5.4: BaseIJaII 2.5.4. RICHARD SORENSON .... "Rich" "Many great men are dying everyday 1 f1on't feel so well myself." Dramatic Club 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Staff 4: Paper Staff 5: Track 5.4: And. Ushers 4: Canteen Committee 4. BARBARA SOWLE "Fair manners are more expressive than words." G.A.A. 2.5.4: F.H.A. 4: F.B.L.A. 2: Latin Club l.2: Dramatic Club 2.5: Librarian 1.5: Paper Staff l: Band l.2.5.4. GORDON STELTER "If 1 ever find love l'll analyze it in a test tube." F.F.A. I.2.5,4: F.B.L.A. 2.5: Student Typist 5. 4: Ctloir 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Staff 4: Paper Staff 5: Band l.2,5.4: Original Oratory 5: Non-original Oratory 2: 4 Min. Speerii 4. PATRICIA STICKLER ...... "Pat" "Winning is Tier way. pieasent is Tier smile." F.B.L.A. 4: Giee Club 5.4: Prom Committee 5. JEAN STODDARD "Sunny all the clay." G.A.A. 2.5.4: F.H.A. l.2.5.4: F.B.L.A. 2,5.4: Dramatic Club 4: Student Typist 5.4. KIETH STORKEL "SOME day be great." F.F.A. l.2.5.4: Cadet Banci 1.2.5. LEE STROZINSKY .... .. "Sud "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Prom Committee 5: Hamot Staff 4: Band ROBERT SUTTON .......... "Bob" "All worlz and no fun is not the life for me." F.F.A. l.2.5.4. JOHN THOM ........... .. 'lark' HLove is different with us men." Prom Committee 5: Boxing 2.5.4. BEVERLY TOMPKTNS ...... "Bev" "A friendly girl from tip lo toe." O.A.A. 2.5.4: F.H.A. I: Student Typist 2.5.4: Choir 5.4: Glee Club 5.4: Triple Trio 5.4: Prom Committee 5: Hamel Staff 4: Paper Staff 5. RAYMOND TREAT .......... "Ray" "Here is Romeo. But mlm and wllere is Iuliet?" Latin Club 2.5: Camera Clulm I: Delaate 5.4: Dramatic Clulm 2.5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 5: Paper Stall 4: Bancl l.2,5.4: Boxing I. 2.4: Trarlc 2.5.4: Extemp. Reacling l.2.5.4: Non- original Oratory 5: 4 lVIin. Spar-rli 2. JOIIN UDULUTCII .......... "Jnrk" "If goodness was only meosurerl l1y statue." F.F.A. I. WILLIAM VINEY .......,.... "Bill" "After four years of faitlzful servire l'm laid off." 5: Fnntlmll 5: Boxing 2: Trarli l.2,5.4. ALMYRA VON IIADEN HHer quiet elwrm you must confess, cer- tainly l1ring you llappinessf' Stuclent Typist 5.4: Lilzrarian 4: Prom Committee 5. JAMES VON HADEN ...... "Jim" UA little lun along witll worlz. Doesnlt mean tllat I'm a sl1irlQ." Footlzoall l.2: Boxing 2.5.4. .- U PETER WERSAL ............ Pete HA little nonsense now and tllen. ls relisllecl lzy tlie lJest of men." Boxing 5.4: lvlaclison East 2.5. DONNA WARNKE "She luzs a smile tllat fits lier face, and slie wears it everyday." G.A.A. 5.4: F.B,L.A. 2: Stuclent Typist 2.5.4: Lilvrarian 4: Prom Committee 5. ALICE WALWORTH "She lias a smile ancl a lzincl worzl for all." DELORES WESTFALL "She is so very lzind and sweet - always willing to :lo ller share." l7.l'I.A. l.2.5.4: F.B.L.A. 2.5.4: Dramatic Clulu 5.4: Stuclent Typist 2.5.41 Clioir 5.4: Glee Clulm 2.5.43 Triple Trio 5: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Stall 5. HELEN JOY WESTPFAHL "She loves gayiety and fun. lier cup of ioy is thrice over run." G.A.A. 5.4: l7.I'I.A. 5.4: F.B.L.A. 2.5: Glee Clulz 5: Prom Committee 5: Twirler l.2.5.4. PATRICIA WESTPFAHL .. "Pat" "Sbe's a girl will: a beart of golml Wlto is care free and liuppy but never bold." G.A.A. 5.4: F.l'l.A. 1.5.4: Prom Committee 5. R O Y W H IT N E Y "While :here is life, lets live ii." Tracli 2. VIRGINIA VVITT "Laugl1ing is contagious, so clon't get near me." F.l'l.A. 1.5: F.B.L,A. 2: Stuclent Typist 5.4: Clloir I: Glee Club 5.4: Prom Committee 5: llamot Stall 4: Bancl 2,5.4: Humorous Declama- tion 2: Dance Band 5. JIMIVIIE WITZ ................ "Jim" "l may be small but remember Napoleon." Baslcetball l: Baseball 1: Boxing 1.2.5,4: Letter- mans Club 2.5.4. ROBERT WITZ .............. "Bob" ulnelzrialeal witb exuberance of bis own verbosityf l'lamot Stall 4: Basketball l.2.5.4: Baseball l.2. 5.4: Lettermans Club 2.5.4. LHVONNE WOLFORD "Full of pep full of fun. S,l9,S a friend to everyone." l.2.5.4: l.2,5.4i 2.5,4l Dramatic Club 5.4: Student Typist 2.5: Cboir 4: Glee Club 5.4: Class Secretary and Treas 4: Prom Committee 5: Hamot Stall 4: Paper Staff 5: Cbeerlearlrfr B squad 2.5: A squad 4. LORRAINE ZIIVIIVIERIVIAN "A lively girl wiill a smiling face." Stuflent Typist 5.42. l'lamot Stall 4. EDWIN SMOKE .............. "Ed" "No sinner. nor no saint perliaps. but very well lbe best of cbapsf' U. S. Navy. of her class and is a good Cll0iCC for STEPHANY CREMER Stepllany Cremer has been selected lay the Senior Class and faculty mem- laers to represent Tomall High School as Good Citizen in the annual Good Citizen Pilgrimage sponsored by tlxe Daughters of the American Revolu- tion. The choice is based on depend- ability, service, leadership, and patrio- tism. Stepluany has been a Eood stu- dent during her four years at Tomalx High and has participated in the fol- lowing activities: Latin Club 1-2: Dra- matic Clulm 2,55 Choir 2.5.45 Glee Club 2.5.45 Triple Trio 5: Office Worker 4: Class Secretary-Treasurer 5: Prom Committee 5: D.A.R. 4: Hamot Staff 45 Paper Staff 5: 4 Min- ute Speecli 2: Canteen Committee 5. She is popular with tlie members tllis lxonor. Scholastic Record Janice Erickson Donna Clay . .. Donna Kroeger . . . David Klinge ..... Joyce McFarlane .. Carol Lenscimow . . . Lavonne Gnewilcow Barbara Carson .. . Gordon Stelter . . . Patsy Hemsey . . . . Raymond Treat .... Doris Leis . . . Richard Shutter . . John Helming .... Rita Nieloullr . . 97. 96.142 96.142 95.5 95.5 95.544 95.285 95.25 95.055 94.857 94.857 94.642 94.592 94.557 94.214 Lavonne Wolford .... Virginia Witt ........ Mary Steplxany Cremer Loa Krause .......... Everett Chambers . Beverly Ludelcing .... Lois Kortbein .. . Robert Vvitz ...... Delores Westfall .... Paul Kress ...... Craig Scott Naida Olson ...... Richard Sorenson Donald Kortbein .... 94. 95.557 95.142 92.928 92.892 92.5 91.785 91.5 91.464 91.454 91.428 90.964 90.964 90.928 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lon Roeske ........................... Sergeant-at-Arms Sharron Fischer . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Mawin Sage . . . .......... President Wayne Stoltz .... . . . Vice-president C ass ot19 5 The fail of 1951, founci 135 Juniors climbing the hiii to clear 01d Tomah High, for an- other year of hard work. Remember the ciass eiection, and the campaigning done by the certain memioers of our ciass? After quite a iittie wonctering anci suspense, the ciass officers were finaiiy eiecteci. The results were as follows: President, Marvin Sage: Vice President, Vvayne Stoizg Secretary-Treasurer, Sharron Fischer: and Sergeant-at-Arms, Lon Roesice. Remember when those first report carcis ofthe year came out? Some of us were mighty worried tor awhile. The Junior Class was we11 represented in the many schooi activities. 1V1any of our girls and boys were found to be doing outstanciing work. Of course we wiii ai- ways remember the Junior Prom, which we think was the most important event of the year. Now our Junior year is just a "Remember Vvhenn anci We aii 10014 forward to next year, when we return to Tomah High as seniors. I .,,, Row 5: Robert Bettimauser, Darwin Freemore, Herman Bauman, Robert Chase, Curt Cooksey, Howard DeFord, David Cline, Ciaire Aliien, Dean Goidizecie, Kieih Braund, Row 2: Robert DECIIGHI, Rachel Deere, Pauline 'Baiiey, Gienden- na Brennan, Sharron Fischer, Betty Chase, Elaine Guthrie, Wiida Biasize, Ruth Geriwe, Beverly Barry, Betty Brucier, Duane Giraud. Row I: Roween Dunlap, Iney Fotil, Donna Bernhardt, Dick Eirscheie, Biii Dorn, Donald Gatziee, Vai- don Evens, Lavonne Burkiiaiter, Mary Ann Bailey, Helen Mae Goetz, Ieannine Bernilardt. Row 3: Ioanne Iensen, Ronaici Kruk, Harold Honisiz, Robert Kemp, Robert Ierdee, Charles Habeiman, Donald Ierciee, Robert KifCl10ff. Row 2: Irene Holtz, Ruth Hancock, Dean Handy, lack Heurman, Casimir Kruiciiaiz, Charles Leenlan- ice Grimslzaw, Ruth Ann Hiiger. Row I: Iudy Ierclee, Carol Griggs, Aiiaire Hess, Ioyce Laurenz, Cecilia Hubert. Shir- ley Haase, Chariot! Ierciee, Vudy Kiinge, V .,,.t,.,,...u.tfn.l wgyfpgpnm::---4--- MORE CLASS OFFICERS S O P H O . President ..,..,.........,................... Gary Kociz Vice President .... ........ I oanne Pongratz Secretary-Treasurer . . . Marlene Burnstad Sergeant-at-Arms . . . .,.. Thomas Clay Class of 19 4 After a summer's vacation 178 usnappyu Sophomores scurried tot e 1 old friendships, maice new ones ancl aiso to iooic up a bit of wisdom. For our leaders we chose Gary Koch, President: Joan Pongratz, Vice-President: Marlene Burnstafi, Secretary- Treasurerg and Thomas Clay, Sergeant-at-Arms. We sponsored the annuai Sophomore Day program in November which was presented to our parents. Through this program we tried to show them the things we cio and the opportunities we have in our Sophomore year. Lunch was serveci to our parents in the lobby which was ciecorateci with a Thanksgiving theme. Many sophomores were active in the many activities of T.H.S. such as sports, music, debate, Junior Red Cross, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., F.F.A., Latin Club, and Sketch Club. Many enjoyable parties were sponsored by our class. We are grateful to the leadership of Niiss Reiser, our ciass advisor, anci our other teachers. We hope to iuifiii capabiy the Juniors will ieave and are iooicing foreward to another year on the hiii where h h'iitop to renew vacancy the stands our High School. ROW 4: rl-lwmas Clay, Myron Beilllauser, Robert Dahl, facie Cooiz, Dwayne Aalrion, Donalil Berniiarill. lim lfeifller, Xvalter i'eicller, lames Cnole. Row 3, Delores Elueri, Donald fwlemenis, lvlarlene Burnsiafl, Lea Beigel, Lyle IxliflPI'SUll, Ricllarcl Duane Ijiflfh, Xvalter Deiioe, Eugene Cliurvliill, Henry Fclber, William Bernliarrli. Raw 2: Delores Futli, Nancy Calkins, Rae Eleern, Delpilis Erbs, Marilyn Aitelyn, Norma lean Anderson, Pairicia Downs, Sliyla I:i5C,IP7', Marlene Benjamin, Lyle Anderson, William Baumgurien. Raw I: Stuart Crane, Hazel Brufler, Danna iiieinig, Mciry Bearclsley, Maxine Atlwell. Martha Beltz, Cimrlolle Boiieiie, Evelyn Dameraw, Beverly Bunde, Doroliiy Bailey, Doro- iizy Degenllarrli, Lillian FUCIIS, Beverly Carlson, Row 4: Donald Kelley, Dale Peirce, Iolm iafieisll, Gaylon lorgenson, Glen Lawrerice, ioyre Leilz, palm Holter, Dar- lpm' Mflrllnv Rifiwffl IPVIIPQ- GOTY Kufll. David Krueger, Ronald l.aiUrGnre, iae Kaine. Row '5: lilllldil Heilinun, Wes- lun Huflv lwdml Gfillifh Carol Griffin, Ioyce Iorgenson, Shirley lolmson, Virginia Gerwing, Marie Innes, Lorna Hoag, iovce ikoriizein Beseie Rowe Daviil Holum R x 2 C l l , N - A - . 1 , 0 v 3 ar een .enz, Elilora Harmel, Geraldine Gerwing, Siiirley laclesoil, I-Yflill Clfilfin, Lorna Hari, Bette Hall, lviavine Geriee, Geralilim- Henry, Ralaml Keuhl. Row l: Xviilter Ludeleing, Helen lnlinson, Violet lelfers, Agnes Henning, Donna Kelley, Carol Hancly, Darlene Lilnize, Geralrline Hurley, Amelia Holl- Q 3 .Q f WM K ,lf qw WA FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICE R S Frederick Pongrat: ............................ President William Clannalian ..... . . . Viceapresident Dee Braund .... ....... T reasurer lrene Sleogen .. ........... Secretary lolm Kenny .... .... S ergeant-at-Arms The fall of 1951 arrived and two hundred ten strong, we stormed the High School Hill to what was to be our haven for the next four years. Yes, we were green as all Freshies, getting into the wrong class rooms, not being ahle to open our loclcers, wallcing the wrong way in the halls, hut in a few weelcs we were accustomed to the routine of High School life. We Freshmen were'not to he out-done hy the upper classmen, as we toiled over our float. "'s Slcunlc 'Emu for the homecoming parade. We slcunlced them all hy winning first place. Remember those days of anticipation? At last December 15, Freshmen Day, arrived. This was the time for us to display our talents to our proud parents. What fun it was to show them our lovely school and have them become acquainted with our teachers. Do you recall the Freshmen Party February 8, and all the fun we had malcing it one of the loest par- ties ol the year? As the year came to a close we realized many of our goals had been achieved but there was still much to he done in our next three years so o ,l to T h ' ur C ass too would he a credit oma High. M i B , Donalcl Docllanl, Leland BGHLGIISPT, Row 'iz D00 Brauml, Irwin Cupaui, Claucle Davis, Bill Clanaimn, 0 vyn ic 9 Gary Brorlermln, Ralieri Conant, Iamvs Allvln, Phillip Dc-er. Row 2: Affvwell, Rnlrvrt Ailvn, BPfl'lll Bigelow, Ann Rviilmusvr, Alice Bvrnlmrlll, ivlarlvrw Bclunnuln, Rita Cram, KUlllll'Pll Clunlpner, ivanvy Corrie, Gvralcl Bvillmusvr, 10,171 filvrnnmrsim. Row I: Leon Anclrvs, Riclmril Degvnlmrrli, iVlargaru! fiunninglmm, Ruimy Day, ivlury Dvljorrl, ivluxim' Airiorumn, fiuroiv Bailey, Louise Crourlu, Barimra Damv, Diiunv Hvrnlmrcil, Arnoizl Callahan. Rim 'iz Donn ffrlwilwrg, lul1nHonisl1, Arnoicl Harnwi, lvrrmw Gasywr, Dunno Hoag, Nunrv Henry, Kivill Ferries, Larry Uruvn, lulm Downs, limmy Hviiman, Dvan Gray. Ron 2: Nelson Drinleuvine, Bal: Ijiflfll. Viclor Evans, Riclwrcl lfrunro, i.v4' Ann Griffin, Gvruiclinv Hulwl, Roiwrl Holler, Riiu Hari, Syllivsivr Hvilmun, Dvan clifflllil, Dnmf lfrlwllwrg, lr 1 I'illt'lll'll Bmw-rlv Huvwoml, IfllIl'f'Yl cilllllfilh Vvrnviu Rnyrv Hari. Rim' I: ivlaxirw Gruvwin, Carnal Griffin, Mcir ef 11 . I I - w , . W N , -, v r - ' ' J l 0 f mflz, l.aX'unnv l'ryv. Hvsvr, Belly l:iSf'llK'7', Mziry i'imrst0niwrg, fwraiflinv Liwrt, flmricrw fxrifiin, I ar an 1 Run 3: Norma lorgvnson, Bvlly lmgnrrf, Alirr' l.ursvn, Donulfl lullnsnn, Clmrlos lurgvnson, lwvrmlilll l'.ungr', lunivrv lvr- 1lvv, fwurolyn Iolnn, Im- Kirleuwmrl. Run' 2: Rvulwn Iolmson, Urun l.ouw, Cw,lllFli'l'll Km-rw, lvunvltv Kamrulll, Uurlvm lulnnson, lvlurgurvt Klvvelm. Gloria ljvfz, Uruvv fivlz, lolm Kvnny, lfclwurrl Iurlzirll. Row I: Lvorzurzl Kulw, Alla Huvllvl, lvlury Kruwlanfl, Durlvne lmlusllvslev, Drflorvs Kirlrivle, loyal Hulrerl, Carol Korllwin, Bvvvrly ljlllwy, Rirlmrcl lnrsun. Rum '51 ljrwl Ponqrulz, Clwshfr lvlorlrv, Rivlmrcl Svllrovcler, I0unc'H0 pingel, Umm lvorrlsfrorn, Rolmrf Pullnrrl, lflrnon Nlurlein, Iurly lx'1PllllPlZl', Acla Nlurle. 10,111 Nielson, Rudy pirnol. Row 2: Sfanlvy Meyer, Carol Parrish, Bvrllm Ostvr- mg, lfmily Urgun, lwurlvne lvlullory, Plmelw Olson, f'l1arles Mmmrgczn, Helen lwuvle, lvlarian lvlurv, Iunirv Nlillvr, Terry IJIIIJPIIIQIIS. Run I: Rumlull lvlurmy, Icy PtlTTlSll, Palsy Pullefrson, Bvliy lxlfllllllllll, Arclell lwilelwlson, Bfflly Pirnol, Mariclrl lyivrrv, Sluirlvy LJICYUIIYIOF, Arliss Pivrro, Slmrleanne OH, Dunno Mllrlen. in -4- ' E ..,x nr' ya. . Rim 'iz link Renlz, ,mlm Rive, Xvillis Silwr, Allan Si-hill, Doon Rvlllwrg, Ruger ljrolz, Norvl Quisl, Ronald Prvsroll, lun SUYPIISUII, Orlin Rumi. Rim 2: Ielllll Anno Roggv, Rulli Proclinow, linrlu Slulvr, Belwrly Rmlman, Auclrey Sclirov- cle-r, loan Prvll, Nancy Sl'lll'0PflE'f', Ann Ruse, Iucly Soclarslrom, lfvnlyn Sorwnlwrg, Polly Slmlluvlc, Carol Rawllausor, Run I: Hilary Srluillvr, Iwinne Srmwlwrry, lrmw Sleogen, Hnwurzl Sluillvr, lfrarzres Prell, Iounnv Snowlmrry, Rolwrl Rus- vmriuiis, Donulcl Sl'l'll'llIl!'l, lwlurlvne Slflllllll, Agnes Selz, Bvlly ljrvscoll. Rim 7: lxlflllflfl' Vtyvgnor, Evelyn Crawforcl, Darlefrw Von Huclvn, lean Sloller, Donalil Nelson, Norman Vvllilo, Lam- lwrl Von Rmlvn, Iolzn Xvilleinson, Berniecv Xvvslplulll, Nlarjoriv Xxfflllgll, l.0o Slmllon, Arlluir Slulorl Row 2: Gary Slorlevl, Donna Xvelrll, Louise Slmllon, Vvrla Tryggeslml, Valifv Tryggvslacl, Rilo Zimnwrman, Carrol Xvvslplulil, lvluriun Xvooclurcl, Incleip Xvvnlz, Mnrlirl Tllomsin, Plwil Twuy. Row I: Guivn Xvilliams, lxmie Slorlepl, Xvallvr Xvoocls, lvlurjoriv Vamlvrworl, Auclrvy Xvalworlli, Sylvia Slmw, llurlvrw Xvvsl, Sliirlvy Slurle, Dolplm Miirdnrle, Xvallvr Taylor, lcurws Xvislry, Roilnvy Ulleig. .J ...1nn:a:r I 5 1""'NH MISS DURST. MR. VVALDEN, MRS. HANSON Junior High This year our Junior High consists of 57 seventh graders and 42 eighth graders. They occupy three rooms and have the following teachers: Miss Durst, lvlathg Mrs. Hanson, Eng- lish: Mr. Walden, Social Science and Science: Miss Rehwinlcel and Mr. Gatzlce. Phy. Ed.: Miss Dunne and lVlrs. Nachtigal, vocal music: and Mr. Nlewaldt, hand. This year, officers were elected for separate homerooms. The seventh graders in Room 501 elected the follow- ing: President, Deanna Dettie: Vice-President, Tom Carlson: Secretary. Patty Gilner: Treasurer, Linda Berry: Sergeant-of-Arms, David Pederson. ln Room 502, the eighth grade elected the following officers: President, Robert Dvoralc: Vice-President. Douglas Otto: Secretary, .lane Gempler: Treasurer, Arnold Bloyer. Room 505 is used hy both seventh and eighth graders. Their officers are: President, Judy Bean: Vice-President, Charles Vversal: Secretary-Treasurer, Michael Clumpner: Sergeant-of-Arms, Duane Senogles. Our Junior High is engaged in many activities. One of the social functions is the Birthday Club. made up of seventh grade girls. Many of the young people are active in Beginners Band and Cadet Band, Junior Choir, reading Worlc, and tap dancing. The hoys enjoy grade school haslcethall. They also do their part for the Junior Red Cross. During the year. each home- room sponsors an all Junior High party that is held in the evening. - fn- Rau 3: fwila' Sunmlf, Vaughn Xvnlfnrcl, Arnold Blayvr, Sam I'-Hllllflflllfl, Duam' Svruxgfvs, Bill Olson, Dvral Cole, Roy lulrnsan, Rnnalml lrfrrlew, Iurnvs fwyrfrs, Ralwrl Svsolalc, Rolwrl Innes, Uvral l.uncI, Row 2: Robert Dvorak, fvlllflilfll' fvranv, Ianiwv Hunt, Slxaron Russvl, Nlary l"auUerwr, Iam' Uwnplvr, filxarlvs Vas, Iucfy Bmw, Mellissa S!illuJell,Suv I-fl Ivn Rain-rlsarx. Iffvanor Iwivnluv, Irma Ripsvnauvr. Vlzarlvs Tall. Rum I: Larry Xvrfsulnslzi, IellIJl1ffKPPlll', Sharon Xvuorls, Hvuvrfy Svolf, Connie' Svfunalz, Grafx' Rullvr, Iirn Plxiuips, lqfil' Srvrvrzsun, f'llllY'lf'S Xvvrsal. Gerald liarns, Lvslyc Hess, ff-an Uffivg, fvfurlwm Hari, Douglas fillu, Ralwrl Slurlzvl, Run 3:Ric'fzar1I Rc-rlnlau, Rirluxrzl Dawson, Iurnvs fwrouvllwrs, lwfrlfxrll l"rrx, Daflys Olson, Connie Kifcfv. Rae n Hvrg, llavul Pmlvrwrl, Xvilliam l:UIlllllIll, Tarn fwarlsun, Kvrnril Cuoalluus, Ron 2: larry XVPIIIZ, Toni Taylar la Uilrwr, Karan Kaffe, linda Barry, Uvanna Hvllirf, Shirley Kuvlzf, Hanna Hvurulslvy, Hx-Hy Olson, Sonya Ivrclvc' kann Slr'Hf'n, Pllvllis fxllillglllllll, Xvaynv Nlillvr. Row I: Puffy Lynn, fvurrrl Pvlvrsurx, Iucly Snippvn, fwarul Lunflf Pallv nv illff, ,illlllly '.UH'l'1'lll'I', IJUIIUIII HXIIUH, 'QlISF1'I, l1K'lllS4'y, S'liI'!l'f' ,4"HSl'Il, Sulllfflll N,fllll,l'fl'Ul'!, lvltlfy fxflfl A1illi'r, XIII xxylmllv, Slulfrlll Ax11HI4mlll. SICVENTII GRADI Q 'N 'Ol X 5 A q I U 0 1 Q Q a l 0 L U . I U I 7 Y V li 5 t E: H the higher turned to our thoughts CI' ITIIII Oll SU m D .- L- O E U E 4-v C E5 m CU 2 Q4 U -C -4-I Pu ru 3 E5 'U U -3 U 5 -H U 3 m ff l Q: LQ :Q 2 Lu I- Q. l-Ll U1 -Q Q Q if Q .E E ,Q U1 -Q I-4 O 3 ca wo DD P' af 5 U 5 -C U U1 rn .2 1- O u-4 3: 'U U L-. U cd JI'- PC l-Ll 5. 1-1 O IO-4 .2 I ffl vi E 3 .Q O 1-. 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Of course we did win tile game that night. Fun and merry making was had by all who attended tile evening meeting of the G.A.A. AH who attended the annual winter concert of the band truly enjoyed themselves. Yes, February W s surely packed with wonderful memories. H BO V O . J Vo co V 5 0 ,J X I . 0 D I N X U B 5 f, 5 S - ""-2DUC.'U"0JJ Ps' :,"1"C5O,,,:ru,g laeae-s.eEm..H-:aa 5 Q CQ!-P Uftigpiapg Q u-.E -HGJQOQ5 I 01 as 'UE "' I-Oo DDO' .. s-.Clg 5 ,. mm -5 p...,., "" 1-4 ... UC :U . :s fU'U5P"":-+-cc E.-P'-141.1 ol- -C'-5 OO 1-JE O'fUf'1 o-'-'Hui cc :s wg. o CU5""c Q M- "' O-59.1041 5,1 0 Egg.. :gags 55 A N533 -3 2-Om .4- "" .... L' 0-5 '-go 21? Q Emi: -355-324' '27,-' E o.:4unG-' -U 0-5,3750 U C5 ou - 3-,gcn.-,...E ...aa O,Q as 'U'-as U is-Im E 53 CU -O L... GJ Q-PCG ,,,, 0 '-50 26.4 :E J 5 -O E2TiggL 'UP' EO'-DEE -w-fhzmmaa :B o Ming Hawk'-' wf-1 OD-K G52 -A-'CU-GJ2 o Q, A -D.. ada.-'asv-: GL- v-1 O"" :U UL-1,:E"' '75 5 25.01-C 3-2..::ff2' 'U-Q"Q 'Ei ".:" o--E"-u-- U" L' EEOC whcwg E QQ ED E030 1:-"i3"2O.!2 '-' O 1- .01 as ""' Q2 Q mf- : Eo1E..:2nq,0 m agua! LCP.--,gm .Ba vi Weed SBE E'-'U E2 3120 ob 3055505 -ga.-Q ,2 .EEE-'-'un gggrcfogtg eww no Sig!-H.4:',M.:a5 52-5 2 PE Oi -C nursing if-4 Z-5 -H5-cm.-UO 0-- 'U -gofvv ..--o mi' ,Q aa- - H.. -. mio c -'I -cs cms 3041120 fs'-A" Q-v'5':f'5 3 4:-..: 0: - " ' U.Q 'U mc-4"G5TE as g.2Q:5'g ,gssmgs Q' 3.2: my "gr:-'-'O 22 as e:s2:1f:f-Bef Haw 2 fU'?WEO5gg'8:s3gL -2 '55 I- Cn'5Ul,,,--1-f 'E .Bo 0' Q o :ns .E .E-S... un-3 Q-9 cd gs E S532 352:35 -1 O .- 9. -U was Q-U-Q53-2 '15 cu H:-5 "U.,.cr:c.a ,DD 5 1--U .E-U 'E Qs-Us Eminem gg. 'U ggi,-U aa: CUUDCM TD- 3 an .pm SESS 03 ....--- gp -C755-5 mgw .CI-CI 1- P V, .QE ag-C-GJ D- 55 53 2 o'a REEQQQQ "U"'u" 'D 7 3: 2 2301 oaafij' ""f5 .-C.'Qf'O.D,,, Qqg"z:5 "E: 5 U' U11 so 3"'o'g4-U We " :va-o " Q.: 'E E-s.is1QE11.2Eii EE Siifg- cwiqdgdgg' . :--1- 5 .- UD Q- VHUEDESL-w"'5C"" . Q 55-Q O51 -4-s..OO M 3 0 UDEQGJC -U gn m..Cgfg4gE'ia.a"Ug- .... IP-E' -4-IQJOILAU no gm T: +2:O2DiQU-Q2"5-G.,-E 'U rcs .-."' -5 "" Mm .Q -3:2--5E'CfJ2mE'g'5Ej 4 "' aa "".C'.m 30 .2 'U CUFUQEUD-: ffm Ffa 2: g..5:L Q-g aw U. .Z -5 E..a:Q"5 :cuT'g:S3g5 4' GJ uncufi--5:05 ew-HOP Z o:":JCfJv'5 as cu: o'E.'2'E.2..':'E . I CIIOSCH OIIC had .E P L- is -E U1 vi m 2 U H 2 C 5 'Q GJ -C +- u-4 O .E M GJ 'E E E I UD E 7: o it o C 'U C as l dd V1 .: G0-4 .. ...- E. ff I :T or Q. ffl E o 'U on mu-1 so Son 12.5 555: -53 :aa .Eg 2' DDE E.. has U: ima Qi-1 :S EQ 'iifll 55 3 25 37. -gi? 'Es OE V1 ml:- P. 'HH 3.4: -:F "". QE cu 3m cu dd-i-I .::-- UD-A-1 4.-:rs EEZ as 3 E5 20-5 LL... ' rn GJ :ai-4 I-101 Qi 4-Pea 'U .53 Ord xi 42 GJ -Q. 25 B c Us: 732 CU.: Em: .ai .Sim Q' N15 C53 it A Gi-1 .-CI m -td C1 I3 .CI O GJ rn O .C -4-v CU .Q 0,-it U Ea ,,.Q s: EQ, m.: wt- E+.: Ou ,-is-4 CU .55 I-.P HH C52 GJGJ 4-cs 1 .-3 ICS -A 'Jo Qc Q-a-v F-M-1 O we ma: -13 dnl Qi' '53 'JE Em 'SE .:o Hi-4 ..-1: mc .cm id. 5-4- H25 as 'UQ E : ,Ui QD. .EI H. -5F mac? :fm c: C555 sa.: '53 U-4-1 E: GJ Q.: 2,3 -QS .ai GJ -GZ 'Hs .Et O :in 4-'mm .bm xg 'QIJ4-v -,L UQ. 3-E Blu 3-E E.. -3 O U7 ,UE IU 31: C CD -TU YE E : 3 E 5-0-4 W? if L1 "" GJ Ei -3 E GJ -U.: CU O -C:-4-f EE as-5 s- E Ei' -M CI 5- I-4 GJ GJ Z.: 'D 'Q s: EZ Ts: -USE C-cs is 'EU wa-4 I5 fm .E avi 33 ev 5 H-J: E cn EA Q. C6 dw GJ 2.4: -I-' 3 '- E Q8 15: '-Ts .Ln UO Vida Q.. 55 jf : ET. "Ui 1.: 'CTE 3:10 GJ 3.5 W-3 4-aGJ 33 'EH P1 SJ: J-I -QE -EU GJ 2-2 35 Qm PE Tu 51? gm G52 x-O gm .c Q: GJ E A v-U-4-v Ein io 25 .avi ca. W.: Z:-A-1 we 3,3 31? H-a GJ Q35 .-O is z ma 2.2 ll- 5-'rd 45. Zi c O QJUZ the state contest on May 10. Sp rts also have their piace in the month of May. Every spare moment free from th we oir ng Peac o thi month We dedicate to the Seniors of 1952. ith tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts We solemnly attended Baccalaureate. On Class Night We heard the class prophecy, the various awards given to those deserving students and presented the class gift to Mr. McKean Slowly we filed into our last meeting as a group. Proudly We ap- proached the stage and found our places behind the draw-n curtains. Qur hearts are fitted with many memories may the Hamot he, our memory hooic when we reminisce and URememher VVhen.n O vfvf 1 ll' A Sli I Mm MUSIC fs ra fON THE BAND The Tomah Concert Band this year consists of 76 members. This group has had a busy year under the leadership of lxlr. David H. Nlewaldt who has heen doing a splendid joh. This hand plays pep songs as well as entertaining us hetween the half-time shows at the football and baslcetlmall games. The hand also presented two formal concerts. Qne concert was pre- sented in Fehruary, and the following concert was presented as a comhination with the choir. These concerts were enjoyed immensely hy the surrounding communities. During April, separate solo and ensemhle competitions were held at La Crosse, and many of the hand members participated. During May, the hand as a whole tools part and competed with many other schools at La Crosse for scholastic places in sight-reading, concert and march- ing. Thus completing a very successful year in the instrumental department of Tomah High. CLARIN ETS Paul Kress Davicl Klinge Virginia Wm Nlary Lou Casper Lee Strozinslcy Joyce lVlcFarlane Harriet Vvliiie Donna Gray Charlotte Ornes Norman Amlcrson Lois Kortlnein Carol lvlarlin Donna Clay lxlarie Pingel AI'll"l ROS? Eclwin Stoll Belly Reeliie Marcella Sclialler Nanry Henry ALTO CLARINET ,ioyce Kortluein BASS CLARINET Gorcion Steller BZlTlDRfH CHYSOII MEMBERS ALTO SAXAPHON E ,loan Dorner Irene Hollze lolin Yvilliinson Yr-Vonne Selllow TENOR SAXAPHONE Loa Krause .larquie Nvenlz Beverly Barry BARITONE SAXAPHONE l.aVerna Slreeler OBOE Xxiillinm Krueger. Jr. .loan Zillmer IfLl'TE Doris BilllIllQ8fl0ll Douglas Salzwcciel Sllirley Haase Rae lfliern Donna Fielvig BASSQON Beverly Lufieliing Davirl Cline CORNET .laniec Erirlison .lames Keller .lolin Heuerman lVlaxine Gerlce Xxiilliam Clannallan lvlargarel Cunningham Nlarlene Benjamin Arnold Rose-naw lxlargarel Lolius Dale Nvagner TROMBONE Peler Jalle Nlarilyn Koeli Raynionci Treal fwurtis Conlrsey lilclon Sonnenluerg Herman Bauman Grelrlien lxloniclc Ronalci Sowle BARITONE BilfhiIfH Sowle Elaine Rielunoncl Jolin Kenny Delores Ebert FRENCH HORN Tilm l',0Cl0I'SOI'l lvlarlene Burnslacl Russel Grillin Naney Could BASS Harolci Honisli .lames Vvagner Norris Rawllouser James Fiecller Lyle Anclerson PERCUSSION .lanir-s Blaclcuoorl Gary Kocli Dmifl Krueger Calvin Traliner TIMPANI Rae lvlislelr' DIRECTOR Davicl H, lxlewalcit C A D E T B A N D DRUMS: Esiiier Sciiiirl, Gloria Russell, irma Ann Reisenauer, Douglas Otto. CLARINETS: Dorotiiy Rupp, lane Geinplvr, Carol iianiiy, it'ia.xine Craewin, Sancira Zeiinier, Darlene iviartin, iviary Kneeiand, Lonota Craewin, Sixiriey fonnson, Barimara Dame, Norma Ioan Anrivrson, Bertim Ostertag, DPIDIUS ifrins, Siiyia i"isCi1er, Carol Stoltz, Gerry Honei, Sirariene OH, CORNETS: Roller! Holter, iviicluwl Sunil, Be1'eriyReoirnan, Maury Kiinge, Connie Sflzmaltz, ioim Dahlia-, inixionl Zelinwr, Charlene Crane, ianire Hunt, Bc-veriy Smit, Rutii Rogge, Bessie Rose, Wayne iviiiler. FRENCH HORN: Ciiaries Vos, Ioim Honisii, Nieiissa Stillweli, incly Sorierstroin. SAXAi'HONi':: loanne pongraiz, lean Slelier, lean Ulteig. iviary ivliiier, Alice Bernirarclt, Dale pierce. Carol Kortiwin, Arnoiil Bioyer, Iuciy Bean, lunior Lawrence, Rainer! Diforale, Stuart Crane. iTi.liTiiS: Mary Neil-gel, Connie Hari, Sirarron Ott. DIRECTQR3 Mr- Mgllialdgll BEGINNERS AND CADET BANDS Two iiarci woricing units are time caciet and beginners iuancis. Tile stucients wilo have just starteci playing instruments timis year, are traineci in tiie beginners Vvilen tiley iiave ilaci tiwe requireci preparation, they pass into tire caciet ibanci. This organization prepares tilem tor promotion to tide Higii Sciaooi Banci. DRVMS: Connie Kiltie, Willianl Fell. BASSES1 Roivert Alien, Larry Xvesiosizi. CLARiNETS: Beriim Bigelow, Darlene iolmson, Karen Siepiwen, Patty SFIUHIICL, Darlene Xfvesl, CORNETS: Rudolph Pernot, Hiiiary Svimiier. Duane iviartin, Piiyiiis Aiiingimm, Rae ifiien Berg, ferry xvenz, David Pedersen. BARITONE1 Richard Baumgarien. TROMBONES: Ronaizi Wagner, Kermit Grooliiuis, Norman White. OHOIBS: Grace Roller, Lincia Barry. FLUTES: Patty Giiner, Beverly Hayward, Cizesler Moore. DiRECTOR: Mr. Meriwaidt. B E G I N N E R S B A N D T A P D A N C E R S Row 3: Beverly Reclman, Vulice Tryggestafl, Marlene Mallory, Plmelw Olsen, Barlzara Sowle, Rae Ellen Mistele, Richard McDonald, Donald Kelly, Constance Kilcle, Claudine Vandervort, Vernvtta Hvser, Mrlrirmrie Vvaugln, Ieanetle Kalneratll, Rail: Hancocle, Mrs. Naclxti- gul. Ron 2: Verla Tryggesturl, Ioyce Hubert, Ruth Ann Rogge, CurolBails1v, Betty Nauman, Marjorie Vanflervort, Ianice Grimslraw, Donna Parleer, Rutl1 procllnow, DPIIJIIU lvlurclocle, Helen lollnson, Carol Korilwin, Norma Iorgenson. Row I: lerry Vxfenlz, CIIUTIUS xversal, Sonia lerrlee, Garnet Griffin, Toni Taylor, Marlerle Hart, Dullys Olsen, Mll.X'lY1K1 flravuvin, Delores Purleer, Agnes Selz, Mary Ann Miller, Betty Prescott, Kermit cll'00llllll5, Rolmerl Allen. TAPDANCERS -1 The tapdancers consist ol 40 members tlmis year. They performed at many of tlle hall-time slxows at the basketball games, and numerous otller public appear- ances. Tlle members are ages from Junior High to Seniors in High School. GERNIAN BAND '-1 The German Band makes many public appearances, entertain- ing Witlm tlmeir jokes and jolly tunes. TVVIRLERS f-- From the summer classes of twirlers, tlrree lmave been selected to per- form witli tlle High Scllool Band. Tlley add mucll color to our marclling unit. 'er lang' ,HCL Heupmmn' Harold Hnnish' David Klinge' Mcrrilyrz Kocll, Helen Ioy XV:-stplnal, Carol Xvestplml, lvlary e Strowzinslzy. Ioan Roll- G E R M A N B A N D C H O I R Row 4: Gorrion Stelter, Tom Patterson, Curl Coolesey, Gary Koch, ,runes BlllL"lZlI'00fl, Victor Burnstari, fumes Keller, Wayne Stoltz, Nornmn Amlvrson, Danirl Cline, liunes Xvugner, xviiiiiun Krueger. lim XXIKIQYIPT, loim Korliwin. Row 5: Teri Daslmer, 10,111 Vviikinsorl, Riclxurtl Sluitf ii-r, lluvicl Krueger, l.u vonrw !zll'1'llilZI7lU, lam' Sl'llltf'Y'iF,l, Palm Holter, Mrlrilyrz Kocll, Shirley Siafslien, Patricia Kplly, loiftnn Sflllllil, lfstlu-r Sclzivicl, Vvivston Hurt, film-'nilu Oillevs. Row 2: lwiss Dunne, Imly li-rclee. Muclgi' Kocliinslzi, Burlmm Dante, Bettis' Hull, Burlmru fiurson, Carol Griggs, Diane Dicleinsun, Slvplmny Crenwr, Lon Krause. l.Ul'0Tlll0 Vviollorcl, Doris Buunlgarien, lvlarlvnv Dunwrow, Renee Prine, BvrwrlyUclvr1, Ianicv lfricleson. Ron I: Ioannv Pongmlz, Hazel Brazier, Delores XVvsllall, leon Vtfrfgrwr, Beverly Tomplzins, Rui' lfllvn, lvlistivlv, lvlury Ann Salley, Nluriiyn ivlclvlullen, Mrlry Lou Guspvr, Nancy Diclainsnn, Lois Korllwin, loan Rice, Curlevn imnz. CHOIR f-1 Cne of Tomall Higlfs outstanding extra-curricular activities are the vocal groups, under time direction of Nliss Dunne.Tl1e choir consists of 54 boys and girls. Timey have participatecl in a Cllristmas concert, Spring Concert, ancl obtained imigli llonors at tlle lxlusic Festival lmeltl in La Crosse. Renee Prine cloes a line job accompanying tile clmoir. GLEE CLUB --1 Tile Girlis Glee Club, consisting of 55 girls, is another outstancling vocal group. Tile Clee Club also toolc part in time Cllristmas and Spring Concerts, and made a fine sllowing at the La Crosse Nlusic Contest. Rae Ellen lvlistele must lie commenclecl for ller fine accompanying, THE TRIUS f- Time Girls Trios sing for many community as well as sclaool organiza- tions. Tlley were participants in tlle Cllristmas anci Spring Concerts. They, too, marie tlleir annual appearance at tire La Crosse Nlusic Festival Contest, ancl marie a line slxowing. fi iw , - Use your left hook, Bob! Yerrr out!! 6. Get your mitt outa my eye. 7. Letyer fly, Iolm. 8. Darel block-um, Dave You take over. Fm tired. Dick is toucllclown bound. Ooopsii Get your big I head outa my way! Another new record. Hey lack, bringing up the rear? Did you make it lim? Tl1ey,re off!! Neat tackle. score-um. 9. He floats through the air wittie greatest of ease. 10. lust keep talk-in' 1'Il fincl-ya. " . its f We 4 4, H '.'. A stlol Shutter! 18. Tough lurk Viv. 19. Give the ball to Bob. 20 Bloody Battle. 21. Dangerous Dan stores again. 16. Up, up and over. 17. Hot- Y Row 4: Mr. Gatzlae, Mr. Schettler, Louie Storlzel, Dean Gray, Ruebon lohnson, Iohn Neilsen, Elmor Martein, Ion Sorenson, lames Heilman, It-rry Goff, lar-le Conte, Ned Davis, Allen Schell. Roland Maum, lohn Rice, Norman Xvhite, Walter Devoe. Loren Pierce, John Kenny, Ioe Kirlewonrl. Mcirlyri Xvestphal, Freddy Pongratz, Iohn Schultz, Leonard Kulze, Leon Andres, Orwin Root. Row 3: Stanley Meyers, Iohn Downes, Larry Greuvin, Ioe Kutzie, Roger Protz, lohn Wilhinscnn, William Miller, Richard Ninneman, Iohn Iensen, Dale Trowbridge, Richard Ierzlee, Wftilter Fiedler, fumes Fiedler, Meredith Long, lames Schappe, Harold Peth, Donald lerdee, Maurice Schumens. Row 2: Loren Stoltz. Donald Russel, Norris-Rawhauser, Wayne Stoltz, left Warren, Robert Kirchofl, Alton Eirschele, Dick Eirschele, Iacte Maas. Donald Bet- thauser, Paul Lyden, Edwin Scott, Gary Koch, Robert! Hefner, Merlyn Vanclervort, Diclz Dana, Robert Rogge. Row 1: Everett Chambers. lucle Rattle, Darel Iaclzson, Craig Scott, Lloyd Oakes, lim Churchill, Dean Dodsworth, Herbert Linder, Gerald Rudolph, Lon Roeslle, Boll Hubert, Vic Burnstad, David Krueger, Dietz Shutter, David Klinge, DeYVard Shattuclz, Maririn Sage, FQOTBALL The football team which represented Tomah High in 1951 had its fair share ot fumbles and spectacular touchdown runs. Tomahls team started practice on the 15th of August as eighty boys had high hopes of playing on the varsity and B squad rep- resenting Tomah in games. Then came three long, hard weelcs of drills and scrimmages and Sophomore Dave Krueger in the Chip- pewa game. Two other boys, Dick Shutter and Bob Hubert were outstanding enough to receive acclaim from a Milwaukee news- paper. Shutter, high scorer for the season. received honorable mention on the All State team for his worlc at haltbaclc. Jim Churchill was voted team captain at the end of the in order to mold these boys into a smooth working football machine. After finding and correcting their mis- talces in the first games, the Tomah team went on to malce a good showing for itself throughout the rest of the season. especially the last five games. There were many outstanding perform- ances turned in on the field of play. Two of these were attributed to Vic Burnstad SCHSOII. S C O R E S Tomah 6 ................... Ripon Tomah 0 ....... Logan Tomah 13 .... Edgewood Tomah I9 ......... Nelcoosa Tomah 32 .. Chippewa Falls Tomah I2 ........ Mauston Tomah 27 . . Viroqua Tomah 20 . Sparta Row 2 Harold Pelh, Curt Cooksey, Paul Lyden, Mr. Schettler, Gary Koch, David Krueger, Donald Galzke. Row 1: Dick Shultrr ayne tot Bob Hubert, Vic Burnstad, Boil Witz, BA KETBALL The Tomah indians ciimaxed a 19ri11iant cage season by gaining recognition as the most We11 coached bali ciuh to appear at the state meet at Madison this spring. A final count showed the indians chaiked up a rec- ord of 22 victories against 4 defeats. 1n piling up an offensive average of 58.9 points per game, they ro11ed in 1532 markers compared to their opponents 1279. The lndians' high scoring offense set a record of 80 points against Vvesthy. Top scorer on the team was Vic Burnstad who set the nets afire with 479 points or an aver- age of 18.4 points per contest. Following Burnstad in scoring were Shutter with 275, Hubert with 248, Stoltz 164, Koch 158, Krueger 94, Cooicsey 56, and Vvitz 44. Burnstad attained the top honor of being chosen on the a11-state haskethali team, and Hubert, Shutter, Koch and Burnstad were named outstanding piayers during the first night of competition. So ends a great sea- son, a fine honor for the team, the City, and for Coach "Red" Schettier. Since on1v four are graduating, we are 1oo1:ing forward eag- er1y to another good season next year. Tonlah Tomah Tonlah Tonlah Tomah Tonlah Toniah Tolnah To utah Tomah Tolnah TOII1 B11 Tofnah Toltlah Tomah Tomah ..... .... Tnmah TOUIHIT TOHI all VIYOITIHII VTOITIBPI. I-r0l'Il8il TOIHH1l TOIIIHII TOmHil T0mB1'l Squad Scores .....67 53 .....52 66 .52 32 .51 49 .41 46 60 42 .68 45 .54 60 42 .....59 52 50 36 ..,..8O 57 .....53 45 .50 44 .70 59 .65 35 .55 39 38 .47 43 REGIONAL .61 54 .63 59 . 72 63 SECTIONAL . 60 53 . 72 57 STATE . 58 60 Vvisconsin Dells La Crosse Central N9k00S3 La Crosse Logan VVest1uy Edgewood Yves! 1V1i1wau1cee Eau Ciaire Regis Sparta Biacic River Fails Viroqua . ....... Mauston Vvisconsin De11s La Crosse Logan Vvesthy Biacic River Fails ...........Sparta ..........Viroqua Mauston LaCrosse Central Black River Fails . . . Lacrosse Logan . . . . . . . Dodgevilie Bangor . . . . . . Vvauwatosa . . . . . Stevens point A'I'-AYBOY. GARY, DIVK IS LlfI7I' IN ACTION. NCE I INDIANS TOP TOSA 7I'I1e 7I4OIlIi1II HIQI1 Sc'I1OOI I3asIceIIJaII team I5rOIie tI1e Iong sIamIing jinx OI nOl winning a game at tI1e slate lOurnamenI Ily QIQ-Iealing a very Iast Xvauwatosa team in lI1e quarter IinaIs OI II1e INIafIisOn meet. 'I'OmaIm's superior Ineigfilt provect a Imig Iaflor as Itley fame OII II1e IuOuncIinQ IJOarrIs wiII1 33 reIJOunLIs I0 'TOsa's' 42. I.eatIing in IIlis cIepartment were BOIJ Hubert witI1 I7. Gary KOUI1 I6, anc,I Vim' Burnstart IS. VI-Ile team ptay OI tI1e Inctians IJOII1 oIIensiveIy ancI cIeIensiveIy appeated Io many in II1e Iaig field Ilouse. Xvauwa- tosa If-LI OnIy twiee cturing tI1e entire Contest: Iirst f- 2-0 On a jump sI1Ot Imy Perry anct, I5-I4 just Imetore ttie enct OI tI1e Iirst quarter. TomaI1 seoreci to Ieact IO-I3 at tI1e encI OI tI1e period. The In- ctians IecI 25-21 at the I1aII, 46-'58 at tI1e Iinat Ilorn. VI-IOITIEIIIIS usuat gfOOcI stlooting was missing as tI1ey eapitat- izecI on onIy I8 OI tI1e 65 attempts Ior a .277 percentage. BurnstafI and KOc'I1 were If-acting scorers wilI1 I0 points apeire IOIIOwecI Ivy Shutter wiII1 0, Hu- Imert wiII1 7, Krueger wiII1 5, COOIcsey witI1 5. anct Stoitz witI1 2. TEANITIME STEVENS POINT BY A POINT Tomah High Schools fighting indians went down he-tore the powerful Claws of the Stevens Point Panthers in the semi-finals of the state meet hy a score of 60-58. A record hrealcing crowd of 15,036 paid admis- sions saw Tomah fight to stall-off the hlis- tering attavti of the pointers in the final eight minutes as the Panthers overcame a thirteen point ctetivit to tie up the game at the enct ot reguiation time. A determined Stevens Point team out scored Tomah in the overtime 6-4 to win the game and a plate in the State fhampionship finals. To- mahis cotfi shooting was a distinctive handi- cap as they again experienced one of the p 0 0 r e st shooting nights. They shot on- ly 278. T The scoring was again very well dis- trihutecl with Burns- tact netting I7, Koch 15. Hubert 15, Shut- ter 6, Coolcsey 4, and Krueger 3. The team play in this game coupled with the game the night he- fore gained Tomah the Hhest coached team" honor at tht- State tournament. A l.ITI'LE FURTHER TO CO l'l.L TAKE THAT ONE, Pow 'Sc Dean Gray, Gerry Golf, Mr. Galzlze, Iolm Nielson, Leon Andres. Row 2: Phil Tway, Allen Schull, William Canallan lwerezlill-1 Longo, Ronald Vunclervuri, Nlerlyn Yveslpfahl. Row I: Freddie Pongraiz, Waller Fiedler, lleland Belllmusvr, Iolm ensen I.or4-n Slollz, Harold Pelli, Bruce OH0. fs SQUAD SCQRES Tomalm Tomah Tomalm Tornuh Tmnah rI40IHZ1ll FIQOIIIEIII Tomnlm Tonmh Tomuln Tomah Tonnah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah . . .. Vvisconsin Dells La Crosse Central NClCOOSil lil Crosse l,0gilH Vvestlny Sparla Black River Falls Viroqua Nluuslon . . . . Vvisronsin Dells La Crosse Logan VVcstby Black River Falls Sparta . .. . . . Viroqua . . . . . . . lxlauston QUAD MANAGERS: Stuart Crane: Iolm Svlnultzg Maunrice Schuman BQX N As hoxing rolled around this year 70 hoys, including eight lettermen showed up with plenty of vim. vigor and vitality. The new looys received first attention as our hoxing coach, lxlr. Dickinson, hegan getting them ready for the Silver Glove fights. It is not possihle for these hoys to hecome polished hoxers in this short time hut if they learn the fundamentals they will develop into line hoxers. The Golden Gloves finals were staged on the I7 of Nlarch where all the hoys made excellent showings. Rollie Von Haden was selected as "Fightingest Fighteru of these tournaments. The hoys met stiff competition as they met Richland Center, Stoughton, Nlauston and Viroqua. There are 5 seniors on this yearys teamg Everett Chamloers, Bolo Hubert, James Churchill, Darel Jackson and Jack Rattle. These hoys have exhibited fine looxing and will he missed when they graduate. Row 4: Raymond Treat, Ioim Downs, Larry Gruen, Bill Dorn, Keith Ferries, Norman White, Donald Berniiarrll, Ronald Flay, Eu- gene ivloseley, Vaiden Evans, Riclmrcl Prescott, David Reed, Waltr'r Deljoe, Roland Martin, Norel Quist. Row 3: 100 Kulze. Donald Ierdee, Donald Russell, iwarvin Sage, lack Tom, Dale Dye, If-rry Rudolph, Martin Thompson, Leonard Kntwe, Keith Braund, Her- man lwauman, Lester McGinnis, lim Potter, loc Pearson, Henry Feltmer, Mr. Dickinson. Row 2: Leon Andres, Ioe Kirkwood, Martyn Vanclervort, Lon Roeslee, lames Churchill, Robert Hubert, Everett Chambers, Darel Jackson, lack Rattle, Dick Eirschele, David Holum, Roland Von Haden. Row l: Gene Tway, Victor Evans, Billy Attewell, Keith Tucker, facie Heurman, Loren Pierce, Walter Ludeliing, Dale Wagner, Iotm Sorenson, Sylvester Hellman, Phillip Deere. Rovx 4 Roland Von Haden, Dale Dye, Donald Gatzlze, Dale Trowbridge, Roy Mace, Richard Sorenson, Francis Rolzerts, Dwayne Adrian David Reed, Bascom Doalc, Edwin Scott, Marzvin Zellmer, Henry Fellmer. Row 5: Mr. Gatzke, Loren Stoltz, Donald Bern hardt Roland Sowle, lim Schappe, Richard lerdee, Tom Pederson. Raymond Treat, Donald Bettliauser, Ieffrey Wanen, Ronald Clay Korwm Quist, Eugene Churchill, Ioseph Kulne, Merlyn Westphal, Iolm Kortlaein, Stuart Crane. Row 2: William Viney, Wayne Guthrie, Edgar Allingliam, Halbert Beltz, Wayne Stoltz, Ward Rawhuuser, Eith Tucker, Ioltn Schultz, Deward Shattuck, Gene Peterson, Harold Meyer, Cornelius SCll.lPll'h8f, Dick Eirchele, Marvin Sage, Bruce Potter, Row l: Harvard Wagner, Herbert Lin er Morton Erickson, Lon Roeslee, Rolzert Hefner, Vic Burnstad, Art Sowle, Richard Mosely, Gerald Rudolph, Lloyd Oakes, Iaclz Ratte Darel lacl-zson, David Cline, Eldon Sleogen, Fred Sellzy, Norris Rawliauser. TRACK The Tomah track team got oll to a rather poor start, hut under the excellent coaching ol lVlr. Cxatzke they developed into a fine team and took first place in the Vvest Cen- tral Conference meet. Two records were broken at that meet. the lyroadjump hy Burnstad and the pole vault lay Jackson. They took tenth place in the Peacock Relays ancl fourth in the sec- tional meet. Three memlaers ol the team went to the state meet at Madison and of the three Jackson, Sowle and Burnstad, Burnstacl placed. Art Sowle was elected captain hy the team. Lettermen were: LETTERMEN Arthur Sowle ........ Pole vault, High jump, Discuss ssvictor Burnstacl jump, shot put 'l'Darel Jackson .. High jump, broad . ......... Pole vault 'merry Rudolph .................. Mile Rolnert Hefner ...... l'lLll'dlCS 'kilohn Rattle ....... Harvard Wagner .................. High hurdles, Low .. Pole vault, 440 880 ,kl.on Roeske ................ Relay, 440 'kCraig Scott .. hurdles Fred Selkey . .. Eldon Skogen ik Morton Erickson akl'lerlaert Linder . Richard Moseley akvvard Rawhause High hurdles, Low 440 .. Relay 100 David Cline ...... ............ 8 80 lVlile ....... Relay. 100, 220 . . Relay, broad jump 220 r ................ 880 3Returning Lettermen The Tomah High Schooi team of 1951 had a very successful season. The team won nine games and 10st three. 1n tournament piay it won the Mauston and Hittshoro tournament. Tomah advanced within one run of the state hasehaii tournament. iosing to LaFarge 4-3 in the sectional piayoifs. We piayed three games under the iights. This team constituted one ot the greatest all 'round 1Jase19a11 teams that Tomah has ever had. It boasted expiosive hitting with good pitching and fielding with depth in every position. Coach Schettter expects to have another good team in 1932 with six of the fourteen tettermen from 1951 returning. BA EBALL Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah Tomah T0mHt1 Tomah TOUlE1tl 14 ......... Blafk River Falls 7 . . ........ Viroqua 6 . . . . . . Vvesthy 15 . . . ........... Eiroy 4 . . . . . La Crosse Logan 12 . . . ....... 1V1auston 2 .................. Sparta T O U R N A M E N T 16 ........... Camp Dougias 12 . . . ...... 1V1auston 10 ... .. 1'1i11shoro 16 . . . . . . Onaiasica 5 . . . . . . LaFarge Rox 1 Sctmmens tMgr,i Kirchoff Krueger tp, Kemp tct Koch GBP Sctnettter, Huber! tp, Sonnentmerg Ktmqe OF Rands tMgr,j Row 2: Muehtenhump tp, Eirschele QOFJ Hess Schultz Stein t2B,, Row 3: Lenz GB, Cha tr rs W le fI.Ft Shutter Zettmer Pettl f2BJ Mlzttourney f5Bt Bursinger HB1 Arilv Row 5: Marvin Sage-Football, Lon Roesize-Boxing, Tracie, Footlxallg Lloyd Oaizes-Football: Craig Scott-Football, Tracie: Dean Dods- wortil-Footixall: Daniel Stein-Baseball: Ronald Von Hatton-Boxing: Row 4: Geralrl RIlKI4JllDll'F0fJlIIOll, Tracie: Rotrert Hefner-Football. Tracie: David lvluelenleamp Baseball: Victor Burnstailrlfootimll, Basin-llmll, Tracie: Gary Kocll Footlmll, Boslevtimallg Roller! Witz-Bose- lmll, Basimtlmllq Stuart Crane-lvlanagerq Ron 5: Dexvarcl Simttucle Fnollnxllq Everett Cwhlllilljf-'TS'l:00llJGH, Boxing, Baseimllg Iamcs Ciiurciiill-ijootlmallq David Krueger-lfoottzall, Baslevtlmll: David Klill!lf"l:llflilDClll, Basclmll: lvlerlyn Vamlervort-l:ootlmll, Boxingg Row 2:H6riJert Lirmler-l7ootimall, Tracie, Boxing: Riciiarcl Dana-l:ootlmall: Ioim SFllllllZl:Uf1llJUuQ iames Lenz-Baseball, Riclmrtl Sizutter- Footlnall, Busizellzall, Basvlzallq Morris Sclnamens-ivlanagerg Row I: Norris Ruuilmusvr ljootlmllg Richard Eirscilele-Footlmall: Rolwrt Hliizertfoottnull, Baslcetllull, Boxing: lolm Rattle ljootlmll, Tracie, Boxing: Darel Iacleson-ljootlmll, Tracie, Boxing: Alton Eirscl'tele-l:oot- lmtl Baselzallg Davicl Cline-Traclt, Football. Lettermans Clula Tile Letterman's Clulz is an active organization composed of looys who have earned their letters in various fields of athletics. This year as in time past, the club lmas assumed numerous responsibilities sucli as conducting tile sale of refreshments at laaslcetluall games, sponsoring annual atliletic banquets, sllowing movies of eacll Uiliversity ol Vvisconsin footlaall game tliis fall, and paying nearly five llunclrecl dollars in medical bills uncovered lJy insurance. lxflemlaers liave many privileges oiferecl to them: each squacl was talcen to see a major sport event witll expenses paicl, eacli eligible member was allowed to lvuy time official letterman's sweater acloptecl last year, and eacll graduating senior was given a beautiful T lapel pin. Future plans for tliis organization include a spring social activity. Row 4: Giendenna Brennan, Delores Prochnow, Patrieia Xfvestpfaiil, Barham Sowle, Ioan Vos, Ruth Ann Hilger, Betty Prochnow, Patricia Hemsey, Donna Kroeger, lean Hyianci, Diane Dicieinson. Row 3: Sharron ifischer, Marlge Kochinsiei, Betty Schultz, Alain' Hess, Nancy Dicieinson, Ianice Ericizson, Mary Lou Casper, Miiriene Damerow, Ruth Anclres, loanne Iensen, Row 2: Beverly iwaly, Shirley Linder, Margarclt Schenclel, Helen Ioy Xvestpfahl, Dorothy ivlisteie, Shirley Mccashey, Marie Pingle, Martyn Mc'Ml1llen, Xvancla Wolford, Charlotte Ierflee, ludy Klinge. Row I: Grace Linenirerg, Phyllis Batten, Eclwtnu Krase, Doris Baumgarten, Ioan Stoclflard, La Vonne Yvoliorcl, Lois Kortllein, Rita Nielwuilr, Barlmra, Carson, Beverly Tompkins, Donna Wurnhe. G. A. A. Row 4: Inez Fath, Betty Bruder, Irene Holtz, Mary Ann Lord, Ioan Rice, Lois lacieson, Cecelia Hubert, Buela Sticieler, Dorothy Rezin, Betty Case, Pauline Bailey. Row 5: lean Storieel, Roanne Pieter, Giencla Oaiaes, Ann Rose, Lea Beagle, Patricia Downes, Nancy Henry, Patra Holter, Betty Reeize, Shirley Johnson, Ioyce Iorgenson, Lillian Fuchs. Row 2: leanette Kamrath, Iucly Soder- strom, Barbara Dame, Ruth Rogge, Betty Fischer, Geraldine Hanoi, Shirley iVicColiough, loan Zillmer, lean iVicCoiiough, Darlene Liifiee, Esther Schielrl. Row I: Gretchen Wtonicic, Marlene Burnstarl, Delores Foth, Sharon Ott, Dorothy Rapp, Nlarlene Benjamin, loyce Korthein, Ruth provhnow, Margaret Cunningham, Ioanne Pongratz, Carieen Lenz. A S Q U A D Sllyla Fist-lm,-, Lqwonnv Vvolforcl, lolm Love, Ioan Hylanrl, lunice Erickson. C GGFICE1 CFS B S Q U A D ESIIIOY' Sffllilfl, Bllfliflfa DGm0, MHTIPHC BUTIISIHJ, Wdnlld Wolford, GIQHKIOHFIU BT07111011 F' as S i i Gordon Stelter, Beverly Ludeking, Ri I1 fl ' c ar Sorenson, Miss Neas, Stephany Cremer THROUGH HARD WORK AND CAREFUL PLA NNING, WE, THE HAMOT STAFF, PRESENT TO YOU THE 1952 HAMOT. THIS BOOK HOLDS THE MEM- ORIES AND REMINDER S OF SCHOOL DAYS SPENT HERE AT TOMAH HIGH. THERE WE S, VICTORIES AND DEF RE JOYS AND SORROW EATS. SOCIAL EVENTS AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, NEW FRIENDSHIPS WITH CLASSMATES DEVELOPED INTERESTS AND TEACHERS, AND . WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS BOOK IMMENSELY, AND IN YEARS T O COME HELP YOU UREMEMBE " R WHEN E. -.F '- Row 4: Norman Anderson, Craig Scott, Gordon Stelter, Ieff WGTTPII, Victor Burnsturi, Robert Hulzert, Peter Iuffe, Riclmril Sorenson, Ricilurri Sllllllllf, Iolln Helming. Row '5: Morris SCIIGHIPHS, Williann Krueger, Donna Clay, Marlene Dmnerow, Loo Krause, Boi: Vsfitz, La Vonne Gnewilzow, lane Sclluericli, Patro, Holter, Lee Strowzinsley, Iaclz Huerman. Row 2: Doris ljoullz- ner, Carol l.enscl1ow, Beverly Oilen, Ioyce Kortlwein, Edwina Kruse, Beverly l.llClPl'Ziflg, Stepliany Cromer, lean Hyland, 1.11 Vonne Xvolford, Virginia Witt, Ioyce Mr'i:orlane, Doris Baumgorten. Row I: Ianice Ericlzson, Nancy Dicleinson, Patricia Kelley, Slxarron Fiscller, Diane Dicleinson, Irene Holtz, Beverly Tompleins, I.orruine Zirnmerman, Lois Kortlmin, Margaret GT TAFF Cunninglmm, Delores XVestfall. Eclitor-in-ctlief .... .. Stepliany Cremer Business Manager ..... Richard Sorenson Assistant Editor .. Beverly Lucielcing iSr.l Sharron Fischer Ur., Asst. Business Manager .. Gordon Stelter iSrJ, JeffWarren iJr.J Photographers . . Pete Jaffe, .laclc Heurman, Maurice Sllamans Snapshots . Jean Hyland, Diane Diclcinson, Eclwina Krase Administration .... Lavonne Gnewilcow Advertising Victor Burnstaci, William Krueger, Lee Strozinslci, Craig Scott Boxing .............. Everett Chambers Baslcettrall ................. Bob Hubert Calendar ..... Lavonne Wolford, Nancy Diclcinson, Janice Erickson lllustrators Pat Kelly, Carol Lensctlow, Patra Holter Class Writers: fFr.l .... .. Margaret Cunninglmam iso., .. ....... Joyce Kortlbein Irene Holtz Url ... isnt . . . . . . Loa Krause F.F.A. .. .... .lolln Helming F.H.A. .. ....... Beverly Oclen G.A.A. . . . . . Marlene Damerow Football .. .. Richard Shutter Forensics . . . ....... Donna Clay Band ........ ...... N orman Anclerson Vocal Music ......... Doris Baumgarten Clulas ..... Jane Sclueuricll, Virginia Vvitt Baselvall .,................ Robert Vvilz Traci: ................. Gerald Rudolph Typists .. Delores Vvestlall, Lois Kortlaein, Beverly Tomplcins, Loraine Zimmer- man Dramatics .... . . . Doris Faullmer Miscellaneous . . . . Joyce McFarlene Aclvisor ...... ....... M iss Neas Q 4 Ron 2: Tiwnms Pederson, Rita INWPIIIIIIT, Donna Kroegi-r, Fir. ivlvyvr, iwury Lou Casper, Donna Gray, Paul Kress. Row I: Barizura Carson. Mad K ' ' r Y ' ge OC ms 1, Mllfllyll IXUCI1, Ruynmnci rrffnl, Damrl kimgo, Newspaper Staff Row I: Marierle Burnslad, Patricia Hemsey, Donna Kroeger, Raymond Treat, Paul Kress, Curl Cooiisey, David Cline, David Kiinge. Niuriiyn Koch, loyvc Mc Fariene. Row 2: Cecelia Huizerf, Donna Gray, Shirley Stafsiien, Harold H!JHiSll, lohn Huvrman, Indy Sndewlrorn Doruliiv Rewin Mririv Rin in R 'S - . , .. , g 1. uw : luanna Pongralz, Rita Neiiyuiw, Ioan Rica Dorothy Misleie, Rae Eieern, Shirley Mc finsiwv. Rulil Hiicwr. Barimm Carson, iV1urv 1.011 Gasnvr. iwacicw Koviiinwiei. Jeff Warren, Douglas Deiiie, Richard Ninneman, Mr. Rayment, David Cline, Howard Preii. Amelia Hoffman, Beverly Maly, Patricia Hemsey, Ioyce Kortinein, Lillian Fuchs. DEBATE A spirited group of boys anci girls made up the 1951-1952 Debate Team: debating on the issue of Hconscriptionf, Members of tile varsity were, affirmative: Beverly Maiy, David Cline, and Douglas Detiieg Negative: Ricky Ninneman. Jeff Warren, and Patsy Hemsey. The B team consisted of Liiiian Fucbs, Amelia Hoffman, Joyce Kortbein, and Howard Preii. January 12ti1 time team journeyeci to Eau Claire for the Tri State Invitational anci came bome with tile tropby. The same four peopie, Beverly Maiy, Douglas Detiie, Ricky Ninneman, and Jeff Warren, Wiii work to keep tile tropby next year. In time Freshmen-Sophomore debate Ricky Ninneman won top honors but tile tropby was lost. January 19ti1 tile team took a De-Luxe trip to So. St. Paul where they took part in the regular tournament ciebate: winning ali ciebates. Tile district contest was beici at La Crosse, February 2, with Tomab tie- ing for second. Tile sectional at Stevens Point on February 9, found Tomab tied for tilirci. The climax of tile season came on February 25, time time of tile state contest, where To- mab tied for fifth place. The Debate teams have done a wonderful job this year and have enough experience to make time 1952-1955 team an even greater success. Tile best of iucic to the entire teami Row 6: Peter Iaffe, Wayne Stoltz, Paul Kress. Row 5: David Kiinge, Howard Prell, Iaffery Warren, Richard Ninneman Row 4: Beverly Lucleizing, Arnold Rosenow, Richard Shutter. Row 5 A I H Hman, Sharron Fischer, Tom Pederson, Dou las Detlie. Row 2: Barbara Carson, lamce Erickson D cl Cl R I Sh , UU! IH? . ovs . aron Ott, Donna Clay, Bill Krueger. The Forensic group of 1952 brought home top honors in their forensic work again this year. Tomah High is very proud of their fine Forensic group, and we hope it will do as well in the future years as it has in the past. Winners in the various fields are: FOUR-MINUTE SPEAKERS Richard Shutter Janice Erickson Wayne Stoltz faiternatei EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKERS Jeffery Warren William Krueger Paul Kress faiternatei EXTEMPORANEOUS READERS Donna Clay Sharon Ott Beverly Ludeicing falternatej NON-ORIGINAL ORATION Richard Ninneman Douglas Detiie Arnold Rosenow faiternate, HUMOROUS DECLAMATION Thomas Peterson Barbara Carson David Kiinge falternate, ORIGINAL ORATION Amelia Hoffman Howard Prell David Cline faiternatei DRAMATIC DECLAMATION Peter Jaffe Sharon Fischer Patsy Patterson falternatei 9 ll .. ,W U P- L L A . - v V -LL-L A- -.1 Row 2:Lorna Hoag, Amelia Hoffman, Norman Anderson, Pat Sticizier, Mary Ann Seikey, Donald Kelly, Rae Ellen Mistele, Ioyce Mc Farlene, Phyllis Olson, Norma lean Ancierson, Ioyce Lietz. Row l: Barizara Sowle, Violet Iefiers, Mary Popenfus, Doris Baumgarten. Wayne Stoltz, Patsey Hemsey, Dale Pierce, Lillian Fuchs. Alice White. Row 7: Rita Nieinuiir, Gordon Stelter, Dale Pierce, Bette Hall, Marlene Burnstad, Ioanne Pongratz, Tom Clay. Row 6: Donald Kortlzein, J L H a E1 eiyn Damerow Audrey Schroeder Lea Beigei, loan Zillmer, Elaine Riciimonci, Donald Ierciee, Howard Preil, Richard ler ee, orna o g, 1 , , . , , Rae Ellen Misteie, Mariyn Attlyn. Row 5: Bernice Vvestpfaiil, Mary Lou Casper, lean Mc COIIOIIQII, Roiuert Welch, Gretchen Monick, Iacie Love, Eclward Habeiman, Darwin Freemore, Raymond Marten, Ioyce Lietz, Lavonne Gnewilzow, Norma Pingel, Ronald Lawrence, Dwayne Adrian, LaMont Zeilmer, Duane Rosenow. Row 4: Virginia Gerwing, Delores Kiflricie, Emily Organ, Darlene Ianisciiize, Mary Kneeland, ' ' , i M ' . G,k , Laverna Streeter, Delores Ebert, Valice Tryggestad, Veria Evonne Seflow, Charlotte Ornes, Evelyn Matslee, Ioan Schatz, axine er e Tryggestaci, Domtiiy Mistele, Darlene Von Haden, Shirley ivlccoilougil, Evelyn Sonnenlzerg. Row 5: Ieanette Pingel, Nancy Schroeder, Nor- ci qi: l I ieson 4meiia Hoffman Pat Roerier Delores Westfall, Inez ifotii, Geraldine Elzert, Marlene Benjamin, Maxine il D lores ma An erson, - ir ey ac , t , , , Alderman, Charlene Griffin, Marie Griffin, Marie Vinney, Darlene Lilliee, Nancy Calizins. Row 2: Esther Schiel , loyce Iorgenson, e ijotii, Sizaron Ott, Alice White, Mary Ann Sellzey, Marie Pingei, Siliriey Mccasizey, Ellnora Harp, Mary Bearoisiey, Patricia Sell, Eupiirasia Kruicimiz, Hazel Bruder. Row l: Ioan Preil, Lillian Fuchs, Sityla Fischer, Patricia Sticicler, Maxine Graewin, Carol Kortlwein, Carieen Lenz, Edwin Scott, Teri Dasixner, Calvin Tralmer. F. B. L. A. Row 5: Ruth Anne Gerlze, Lois Iaclzson, Verlyn Iolmson, Arnold Rosenow, Norman Anderson, Connie Purdy, latin Love, Betty Scliult lean Stoddard, Ioyce Lawrence. Row 4: Ruth Hancoclz, Almyra Von Haden. Mary Popenfus, Lorraine Bernlmrdt, Norma lean Pingl Claudine Vandvrvort, Carol Griggs, Shirley Stafsiien, Marilyn Koch, Noida Olsen, Donna Warnlae, Betty Bruiler. Row 3: lllasleey, lane Sowlo, Marie Pingiv, Mary Ann Seiley, Patricia Hernsey, Beverly Lucieleing, Lua Krause, Margaret Loftus, Renee Print Uorotlzy Mistele. Ron 2: Doris Baumgarten, Diane Diclzinson, Shirley Honel, Ioyce Mcljarlane, Veicla Rochester, Barlmra Carson Sharron ljisclwr, Beverly Tompleins, Lorraine Zimmerman, Rita Neilmuhr, Iuily lerdee. Row I: Elaine Pearilot, lnez Folli, Mary An Bailey, Ioan Rice, llclares Vylestlall, Martyn Scllroecler, Beverly Barry, Therese Xvolf, Virginia Witt, Lois Kortlmein, Shirley Mccasieej rudent T pists STUDFNT TYPISTS U d M , --1 n er rs. Kruegens supervision, studehts were assigned to teachers in the grade school and the high school Th ' l I . . elr jon was to help the teachers with t neir typing and dittoing. Through their service the teachers had more free time, and the stu- dents acquired more t ' ' ' ypmg experience. The student typists have done a wonderful joh, and are an essential part ol school life. F B L A The Futu B . . . . f- re usiness Leaders of America is a nation-wide clula. lt's pur- pose is to develop social, political, economic and lamily competency. Vvhen the local chapter of the F.B.L.A. held its first meeting in Septemloer, they elected their officers which are as follows: President, Joanne Pongratzg Vice-President, lvlarlene Burnstad: Secretary, Rita Neihuhrg Treasurer, Dale ljierceg Sergeant-at-Arms, Tom Clay. The F.B.L.A. banquet was held Decemher thircl. It X 4 1 ' ' ALL SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP l. Pat Hemsey 2. Doris Baumgarten 5. Dale Pierce 4. Mary Popenlus 5. Vvayne Stoltz 6. Phylis Qlson Joyce Lietz 7. .loyce McFarlane . Rae Ellen lVlistele 0. Norman Anderson 8 vas '1 great su ALL SCHOOL TRAVELINO TR I . Dale Pierce 2. Barlaara Sowle 5. Wayne Stoltz 4. Phylis Olson 5. lwlary Popenlus 6. .loyce Lietz KCCSS and CVCFYOHC had il goo OPHY cl time. CLASS C I. 2. 5. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. O. HAMPIONS Dale Pierce Vvayne Stoltz Joyce Lietz Phylis Olson Amelia Hoffman Violet Jeffers Lillian Fuchs Pat Sticlcler Donald Kelley D R A M A T I C S Row 4: Donna Gray, loan Dorner, Donna Kroeger, lone Sclmerivln, Tom Peclerson, Ricllarrl Sorenson, Curtis Coolzsey, lelf Xvarren, Iolm Love, I.aVonne c7ll9lUtl20lU, Marilyrl Koell, lrllllll Svlunaltz, Row '5: Margaret Loftus, Cecelia Hubert, Lalfonne Xvollorfl, Doris ljuullaner, Glerulenna Brennan, Patrifiu Hemsey, IOUIIIIP Iensen, Renee Prine, Marylyn MC- Mztllen, Betty Schultz, Imly Klinge, Rita Neilmllr. Row 2: Doris Balungorten, Mildred Beltlxauser, Phyllis Batten, Beverly Orlen, lvlarlene DIIIHPTKIIIV, Lois Iaeleson, Dorothy ivlistele, Beverly Barry, lean Slotlclarcl, Shirley Mc Caslzey, Mtlfip pingle, NVKIHJKI Vyyollorel. Row I: Inez iiollz, Ianive Erifleson, IOIIH Kortlzein, Beverly Maly, Shirley Haase, lrene Holtz, leanette Pingle, Patricia Kelley, Mfnry Lou Allen, Barlzara Carson, Delores Yvestfall, Therese Wolf, Mar- mlla Srhallpr, Ron 5: Lois Kortlmein, Shirley Honei, Iurly Soflerstrom, Duvifl Klinge, Davicl Krueger, Gary Koch, Loren Stoltz, Eclwin Scott, Palm Holler, Mtnrlafne Burnstacl, Donna Clay. Row 2: Verlu Tryggestacl, Valise Tryggestacl, Amelia Hof- fman, Iayre Korliwin, ijllian I:llfllS, Ieanette Pingel, lean Stelter, Elaine Riclunoncl, Evelyn Damerouv, Lorna Hoag, Rae Ellen lvlistele, poly Slmtluele. Row l: lolln Kortlbein, loanne Pongratz, Patriria Roeder, Delores Folll, SIIUTOII OH, IJOf'0illy Rapp, Alive Xvllile, Rae Ekern, Rosanne Plier, lo Ann Schultz, Barlmara Myers, Charlotte Ierdee, Patricia Cram. Stuart Crane. F. F. A. le R ix rt Roqge Deward Shattuclz Francis Roberts, Deal Row 5: David Mueienlzamp, Wilnwr Pierce, Rohert Kemp, Lon Roes e, o e , , i f . Rehberg, Carl Selleey, Raymond Guthrie, Richard Prescott, Row 4: Korwin Quist, Eugene Churchill, Bill Dorn, Gordon Schmid' Bill Dorn, Harold Lietz, Ioseph Casper, William Miller, Thomas Clay, Wayrze Guthrie, Lowell Bernett, Marvin Zellmer. Row E fiurlis Tiber, Keith Braund, Roland Maum, Miles Schroeder, Iarnes Churchill, Gene Mosley, Iames Fiedler, Corwin Tralmer, Herire iinder, Charles Lev. Row '21 Dale Dunning, Keith Storlzel, Louis Lueclz, Duvaine Giraud, Iohn Helming, Ronald Clay, Robert Sutto Robert Betthauser, Alfred Waltermath, Robert Decant Rueivon Foth. Row 1: Harold Meyer, Veriin Iohnson, Myron Betthausi Harold Honish, Robert Hubert, Everett Chambers, Roland Von Haden, Richard Wadephiil, Donald Betthaiiser, Robert Atteln. Row 4: Donald Ciairinont, Richard Schroeder, Ronald Lueclz, Gaylon Iorgenson, Leland Betthauser, Donald Dechant, Howard Prell, lohn Sonenson, Gerald Betthauser, Roger Showen. Row 3: Irwin Capaul, Lambert Van Ruden, Charles Iorgenson, Leo Stratton, Dean Nordstrom, Lester McGinnis, Ted Sorenson. Donald Bernhardt, Norel Quist, Ronald Prescott, Ierome Casper, Franle Kerslza. Row 2: Howard Warnhe, Loren Pierce, Rolzert Roscouious, Maiirice Wegner, Howard Shutter, Rolmert Allen, Iarnes Wagner, David Holme, Roland Kiehl, Ronald Vandervort, John Shutter, Joseph Kube, Donn Echelirerg, David Richmond. Row 1: Robert Finch, lorries Wis- by, Richard Degenhardt, Donald Rattle, Russell Griffin, Iames Miller, Lyle Anderson, Iohn Honish, Larry Iudevine, Leonard Kaine. Row 4: Marguerite Callallan Sllirley Hone DI F. H. A. , y, e ores Proclmow, Ruth Andres, Lavonne Gnewileow, Donna Schaffer, Donna Allen, 'laine Guthrie, foanne lensen, Barlrara Sowle, Donna Gray, Shirley Stafslien. Row 3: Belly Proelnow, Betty Schultz, Glendenna rennan, Diane Difleinsorz, lean Hyland, Carol Griggs, Lois Iaclfson, Faitll Selzmallz, Renee Prine, Allaire Hess, Harriet Xvllile, larie Pingle, Beverly Barry, Shirley lwccasleey. Row 2: lady Ierclee, Rulll Anne Hilger, foan Vos, Nancy Dirkinson, Lavonne Volforcl, Danna Clay, Cecelia Hubert, Marlyn Mvlwitllen, Rlllll Gerlee, Belly Bruder, Dorollzy lvlislele, lean Sloclclaril, Ianife ficlzson. Row l: Merrie Degenlrarall, Inez Fotlz, Mary Ann Bailey, Donna Bernliarcll, Carol Hancocle, Helen loy Wzfstpfrihl, Patricia festpfalzl, lnrly Klinge, Yvanda Xvolforrl, lean Wegner, Charlotte ferrlee, ltlurjory Wiird, Delores Westfall, Row 4: Dorotlzy Degenlzarclt, Anne Betllaauser, Shirley Iacleson, lvancy Coole, Belle Hall, Mrzrlene Burnstacl, Palra Holler, Lea Beigel. loan Zillrner, lean Slelter, Marirlrie Waugh, Shirley folznson, Shirley A'1l'C0lIlJllflll, l.aVern Slreeter. Row 3: Gerry Gerwing. Marlene Benjamin, Pluoelze Olson, Marlene Mallory, loAnn Schultz, Carolyn lolm, fvornm lorgenson, Polly Shattuck, Lorna Hart, Mary Lou lwonalwn, Clmrleen Keene, lanire lerrlee, Delores Elzerl, Barlzara lvleyers. Ron 2: Polriria Roefler, Clzarlolle Ornes, Mflfj' Roe, lJoroll1y Bailey, Sharron Olt, Darotliy Rapp, ljelores Falla, ArelelllVlicl1f-lson, Kailzleen Klumpner, Rae Elzern, Alice Bt'fHllQfdi Carol Xkleslpfalzl, Carol Rdll'll!lllSl'f. Elaine Guthrie, ,Janna Fielzig. Row I: Carleen l.en:, Ioanne Pongralz, LaVo'1"" F" ll Ivy. Donna Kelley, Rnllz Prorlmow, Darlene Lilzlee, loyce Korllrein, Esther Sclzielfl Ha' I B I Kruiclzale, Beverly Lilulmey, Belly Prescott. S K E T C H C L U B " H Ihr, Anwliu Hoffnmn, foyca Krmrlfwin, Rae Ellen Rim '51 Mclrlcfrlcf Benjamin, lunivr' Ivrclvv, lorry Gerwing, Ioxxnn Nos. Patra 0 L fwislele, Ruth Ann Hilger. Row 2: Nancy Schrovclvr, foyrv Livlz, fwilrfn-41 Bvltlmusvr, Vv'iHium Buumgurlen, John kenny, Dale' Pierce, Ronald VUH4lf'Fl'lJTt, Elaine Richmond, Joyce Iorgenson, Lavernu Streeter. Rmx I: Donna Fielzig, Slzyla Fisrlwr, Esther Svflielcl, '- Bvrnluzrdl, Pulriria Kvlly, Glenda Oakes, I cm! Sharon OH Dorolflv Rapp Irene Holtz, Ieannu Ioanrm ,on-9 :. C , , I , , RED CROSS COUNCY Ron 2: I.lHN1U7lf Zvunwr, Ifluinv Ril'l1lll0llJ, john Wilkinsrfn, Pu! Holler, Iuvlz I.o1'v. Row I: Fisclwr, David Cline, Allairv Hess, Loren Stoltz, Nancy Calkins. fufly SUCIGYSIFOIII, Tom Clay, Sha rw 4 Cecelia Hutzert, Betty Reelze, Donald Nelson, Wayne Stoltz, Nancy Henry, Gerry Honel, Calvin Tralmer. Row 5: Rae en Mtstele Dorothy Mistele, Patricia Downes, Petra Holter, Gretchen Moniclz, Indy Soderstrom, Martyn McMullen, Irene Holtz. nw 2 oyce Olson, Margaret Kleveno, Ieanette Kamratlt, Rosanne Pleier, Bertha Ostertag, Betty Fischer, Mary Ann Zastrow. Row Ann Rose Ruth Rogge, Slwrlene Ott, Arlyss Pierce, Margaret Cunningham, Barbara Dame, Delphis Ertns, Beverly Maly. LATIN CLUB Here is to our up-and-coming Latin Club. With the help of its sponsor, Miss Sandvig, it will easily achieve its goal, which is to foster interest in the language and history of an- cient Rome and to show what the Romans have contributed to modern civilization. Consid- erable credit must go to the officers who have given much of their time and effort to the cluh. They are as follows: President, Cecilia Hubert: Vice President, Nancy Henry: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Dorothy Mistele. All the members, thirty-two in numher, are very coopera- tive and have a very good time together. Parties are held on special holidays such as Hal- loween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day. At these parties appropriate songs are sung. Some of the members tell old Latin .myths. Then, there is usually a dramatiziation of something pertaining to the holiday, after which an exciting contest is held. Of course re- freshments must he served or it wouldnt he a party. The members are then ready to go home, remembering what a good time they had. The members are sure you will agree with them that whoever said Latin was a dead language, was dead wrong. ,M ,,.,,....-a-null Row 2: Betty PTOCIIIIHOII7, Shirley Mccollolzgh, Betty Schultz, Vnlcta Rochester, Delores Prncienow, Almyra Von Haclen. Row l: Putriviu Cram, Betty Laufentmrg, Miss Olson, Mary Srfliev, Lydia Griffin. Sli-plmny Cremer, lane SCllGUTiC,1, Rita Neibuhr, Donna Cfay. AUDITORIUM USHERS Richard Sorenson, Richard Ninneman, Victor Burnstad, Mr. Nelson, Wayne Sloitz, leffery Warren, Durei Iacieson, Iames Lenz. Row 2: Iuciy Sodeslrom, Anne Rose, Ruth Ann Hiiger, Barbara Carson, Siiiriey Ioimson. Rae Eiien Misteie, Marilyn Koch, Beverly Maiy. Row 1: Ioim Rice, Richard Sorenson, Ieff Warren, fumes Biociuuood, Gary Koch, Stuart Crane. - .1f"1 1-7 wa' x.f4x.-.4.....x-.- H--..-.-J Mrs. Hoyer, Mrs, Cliapman, Mrs. Benjamin, Mrs. Pederson, Mrs. Utieg. Row 3- Donna Allen, Darlene Martin, Roinert Dahl, Gordon SClll7liCll, Myron Bettlxausar, Louie Luivle, Tell Sorenson, Lalvlont Zellnwr, Ronald Luicle, Ronald KlL9l1i. Row 2: Richard Dahl, Delores Proclmow, Bessie Rose, Marilyn Attpiyn, Corwin 'imi- nwr, Patrifia Siiclelvr, Betty Prociznow, Dorothy Bailey, Iames Wugncfr, Roland Mrxiirru. Row I: Curtis Tiber, Helen Goetz, Ruwevn Dunlap, Mary Popenfus, Xvilcla Blaslwy, Ieanine Bernlmrclt, Mary Ann Bailey, Tlwrvso Yvolf, Beulah Stirlzler, Mary Ann Selley, lamps Miller. C-..-.1-H--1-fnri xxrrNDLflI?DQ K Q, 1 IQ ' lj i, ,Y-I. ,t i a 1 , i BUS DRIVERS Snider, VVi as ' ig V .1 W ws 1 Wneff G I J Clark, Howard While, Ralph Gail Root, Claude Larson, Allen Gerlze, ar an llwur Brown, Leu Drinlzwine, lwr, Ness. Mr. Drinlewine, Mr. Ianssen, Mr. Sonnenlzurg, Mr. Pingle, Mrs. Gilson, Mrs.Schea1ler. JANITORS AND JANITRESSES 3 11 gxfiiif K ' r 5 , ii T QUEEN CANDIDATES: Irene Sfeogen, Marlene Nlalfory, Murilynn Koch fQueeni, Belly Shultz, Rita Nivfmlxr. FLOVVER GIRL: Karon Burnstacl. CROWN BEARER: Gene Larson. S N O W B A L L ?"' Queen - Janice Erickson, King - Richard Dana ur Social Events of the Year 0n the night of April 27, 1051, the auditorium was appropriately decorated to lit the theme "April Showers" for our Junior Prom. A big, colorful rainhow was arched over the orchestra lecl by Vvally lves. Pinlc and hlue streamers formed the slcy with silver raindrops hanging clown. A cluster of sparlcling raindrops were in the center, with a wheelloarrow of violets and daffodils hencath. The royal couple reigning over the clance were King Jim Lenz ancl his chosen queen, Lois Korthein. The Senior Snowball. the hig event of the Christmas holiclays, was again sponsorecl by the Hamot Stall. The gym was attractively clecoratecl arounci the theme "Frosty the Snow- man." Janice Ericlcson was elected queen with the following girls on the court: Rita Nie- huhr, Beverly Barry, Xvancla Vvolforcl, Bette Hall, Rae Elie-rn, Irene Slcogen, and Janice Jerclee. Joan Rice sang the theme song, "Frosty the Snowmanu and also it Snowln Nlarilynn Koch was elected queen of the IOSI Homecoming event with Rita Neihuhr. Betty Schultz, lxlarlene lxlallory, and lrene Slcogen as her court. The parade was leol hy the hand, and consisted of many floats. That night, Tomah won over Chippewa Falls. A clance sponsorecl by the G.A.A. followed the game. Queen Lois Korttvein and King lim Lenz X. Nite E it 'fm M 'tw W, W , wa1m,,,,"'5f' X " J, wil, 1m",, Sophisticated Lady Studious UN Curt Miss Rettwinlzle at the punch bowl. Noida poses for a snap. lump, Bob! Nancy relaxes at UNicl2s". f .,,, it Girls were made to take care of boys. 3 ix Thatys life for you. "JW "i" MM W Flying FisI1?? Goin, our way? Preacher, Mert? twust be a Birthday. So Dear To Nly Heart .www 'IE ' I4. What More Can We Ask For. 15. Mr. Dickinson. 16. You can just about see me. 17. If we had our tives to live over. 18. Mama, Papa, and Iunior. 19. In sunny Tomalu. 20.tWuscle men?? 21. Apple for the teacher. 22. Titoughtless. 25. Flying Down to Rio. 24. We know a little bit about a lot of things. 25. The Best Things in Life Are Free. 26. rm making believe. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY P H Y S I C I A N S Dr. C. Kozarek, 101 SVZ Superior ........ DENTISTS Dr. W. E. Barrels, 1012 Superior ...... Dr, D. R. Brown, 1008V2 Superior ............ Dr. E. D. Cunningham, 1009V2 Superior ........ Dr. H. L. Syverson, 1008V2 Superior ......, Dr. F. W. Weatherford, 1021 Superior ...... Phone 480W Phone 113 Phone 80 Phone 14 Phone 80 Phone 183 A T T O R N E Y S L. Clark, 116V2 Superior ........................................... ...... P hone 429 Donavon, Gleiss, Goodman, Breitenfield 8: Gleiss ------ ....... P hone 177 O, E. Wildes, 1104V2 Superior ................................. ........ P hone 86 OPTOMETRISTS Dr. D. Waugh, 1009V2 Superior ........ CHIROPRACTORS D.C.-EJ. Taylor, 120 W. Monwan ......... Phone 10 Phone 55 Best Wishes To W K I4 I Class 0f"52 990 TOMAH-SPARTA STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: You may have noticed that despite the rising costs of publication and materials, your 1952 Hamot cost you the same as it has in the past. This difference between last year's and this year's cost in publication has been made up by our advertisers, the Tomah Businessmen. The relation- ship btween our High School and the businessmen of Tomah has al- ways been a cooperative one, each one pulling for the other. To do our share we should support our advertisers by making use of their products and businesses. Let us remember, it is the advertisers who make it pos- sible for us to sell this Hamot to you so reasonably. Thank you, THE HAMOT STAFF Grade "A" Dairy Products RANNEYKY DAIRY Wisconsin's Finest . . . Milk . . . Ice Cream l CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "SZ" jAFFE's TOMAH'S FINEST CLOTHING STORE K I L L TOWNE SHOP T H of Tomah E U M "Apparel of Distinction" P If It's Good Food You Want, RICHARD'S Will Have It Your I.G.A. STORE of Tomah Coke for breakfast? "For Every Banking Service" Farmers 81 Merchants Bank Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Washington, D. C. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "52" EDDIE'S STUDIO Brotherly love SHERMAN HOUSE Famous Chicken and Steak Dinners Tomah, Wisconsin Tomah Lumber and Fuel Co. Phone 11 Fixin up for steppin out Q0 xN...lM 96.0 Congratulations QM .0+' from It any Your Electric Servant WISCONSIN POWER Q FD ? AND LIGHT COMPANY Sporting Goods - Kelvinator - Electric Refrigerators - Ranges Deep Freeze - Premier Furnaces - Duo-Therm Oil Heaters Pittsburgh Paints - Bottle Gas Ranges and Service THE TOMAH HARDWARE O F F T C. C. 2 Burris Variety Store IQ g B School Supplies Of A11 Kinds Q L "Everything For The Horne" Nationally Known Brands Our Feature t i NEITZEL'S FURNITURE MART Phone 57 Tomah Don't strip the gears Congratulations Class of "52" Tomah Cash Mercantile Company Where You Buy With Confidence Congratulations Class of "52" O V E R B Y ' S Radios Appliances Big smile from Bev, Farmer's Cooperative Butter Association Dimple Darlene PHONE 90 Sales Service F O R D NORRIS - VERNIER MOTOR SALES 113-117 W. Milwaukee Tomah, Wis. Pepsodent Smiles GORDON'S MEN'S STORE 1111 Superior Avenue TOMAH, WISCONSIN 7 W P Wwe ' f For All Your Banking Needs F-E4 E ICP I 1. A - 1 . A A A i ESTABLISHED I894 Oh Pancho!! Tennis buddies Fancy P-j-'S Senior Home Ee. girls TOMAH AUTO SERVICE Ceffgwfulefiom Complete Automotive Service 804 Superior Avenue TORSELL STUDIO Phone 450 Photography Exclusively Authorized Dealers: Packard 11015 SuPefi0f Avenue Pontiac - International Trucks Tomah, Wisconsin LARS ON CHEVROLET COMPANY Pete's - The Better Ice Cream Grade 'A' Dairy Products MAPLE GROVE DAIRY Passenger Cars . . . Trucks Parts . . . Service Tomah, Wis. Phone 400 Phone 438 . . . Tomah, Wis. Sh!! You'll wake my baby z. K - Aim she swee We Sfoizbqaez Audrey Schroeder You handsome - man?? "Sandy" BAND BOX CLEANERS CURRY 24-Hour Service 1213 Superior Avenue Phone 291-M IN S U R A N C E A G E N C Y ALL STATE CAFE PETER JOHNSON SHOE "For Fine Food" C O M P A N Y 24-Hour Service Tomah, Wisconsin shoes - Hosiery PARKWAY CAFE BERT O. JOHNSON Donald West, Prop. Power Farm Machinery Tomah, Wisconsin Sales and Service Phone 170R TRALMER'S FOOD MART BOB NICOLS Oakdale, Wisconsin Nicol Realty 8: Insurance Agency You've Tried the Rest . . . Now Try the Best 107 Hollister Avenue - Telephone 567 Isn't love grand! in 1 The Prom King - Peek-n-boo in person N ortb Tomah Romeos S. G. SORENSON 8: SONS VANANT PRODUCTS Converters of Military Specification - Bags, Feeds - Flour - Seeds Case Liners, Polyethylene and Tomah and Warrens Other Transparent Films A R T I S 'I' I C C L E A N E R S Congratulations Class of "52" WARRENS LUMBER M0th Pl'O0f A N D S E E D Telephone Tomah, WiSCOHSlIl Warrens, Wisconsin I F' Congratulations Class of "52" STEELE'S REXALL DRUG STORE CARA NOME BEAUTY SALON SHUTTER'S STORE QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES-PHONE 195 CENTRAL HARDWARE HEATING 8: PLUMBING APPLIANCES Telephone 116 gi 4 if Wbat's in the bag, Faith? Nice P0-Ve "Phew"!!.' Baby, it's cold outside. Graduating Seniors We Salute You OAKDALE CO-OP ELECTRICAL ASSN. CHRISTENSEN FABRIC SHOP ERWIN THEATRE BUILDING - PHONE 389R "Bargains By the Yard" KENNEDY AUTO SUPPLY 906 Superior Avenue RETAIL - WHOLESALE -- GOODYEAR TIRES - THOMPSON PRODUCTS Bowl For Health S E V E N , U P F R A N K ' S B T T L I C O M P A N Y BOWLING ALLEYS O NG Tflmahs WiSC0HSiU Phone 309 Tomah, Wis. Congratulations M C M U L L E N S NICK'S HAMOT SHOP 903 Superior Avenue Local and Long Distance Moving Packing 8: Shipping - Fuel - General Heating Fox SPORTING Goons S'eP'H""iM"-We AND OFFICE SUPPLY Athletic Equipment ELITE CAFE Mr. and Mrs. Alferd Linder, Props. GASPER S SPORT SHOP 1217 Superior Avenue "A Complete Line of Sporting Goods" Cute chick!! john Deere and New Idea Farm Implements Bolens Garden Tractors and Equipment GEORGE VON HADEN THE BADGER CAFE Home Cooked Food James H. Brennan, Prop. - Tel. 224 MONROE COUNTY FINANCE CO. Offices at Tomah, Kendall, Mauston W. J, Pollard, Sec'y-Treasurer TOMAH GREENHOUSE and FLOWER SHOP "Say It With Flowers" TOMAH CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION Store Phone 7 - Station Phone 167-W Petroleum Products and Groceries CAP'S CANDY CO. Wholesale Tobacco and Candy Phone 129-W Tomah, Wisconsin THE TOMAH JOURNAL and MONITOR HERALD KEENE TRANSFER General Trucking Phone 377 BERG MOTOR SERVICE For Oldsmobile with Rocket Engine WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME Phone 296 - Tomah HEILMAN'S BAKERY Bread - Cakes and Pastries Phone 344 TWAY'S BARBER SHOP Tomah, Wisconsin Bathing Beauty Congratulations Class of "52" ANNEX CAFE S. 811. COOPER CO. TOMAH AUTOMOTIVE S U P P L Y 800 Superior Avenue Phone 312 Tomah, Wisconsin Nice calf BLUE BOWL CAFE Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wadephul, Owners "Food With A Reputation" AAA Approved - Tomah, Wisconsin HARRIS .IEWELERS Diamonds -- Watches - Silver ALDERMAN'S STANDARD SERVICE Tires - Batteries Congratulations Class of "52" "Your Home Comes First" - See Us BETTHAUSER LUMBER FEED 8: FUEL A + 2 ?? Z LITTLE CHEF TOMAH CO-OP ELEVATOR Feed - Seed - Fertilizer and Hardware TOMAH ROOFING CO. Roofing and Insulation F I R E S T O N E Schmitz Home and Auto Supplies SUPERIOR ARMY STORE Watches - jewelry WILLIAM qBi11p FIETING Men's Furnishings Which twin has the Toni? Heap hig squaw Don't look so bored Sleeping on the job CARNEY-RILEY Texaco Service - Lunch Room Your Appearance Begins With A Haircut C 8: S BARBER SHOP Congratulations To The Class of "1952" WOODLIFF'S MARKET D E E P R O C K SERVICE STATION Gib Friedl, Owner and Proprietor TOMAH DRY CLEANERS "Lustre Life" Lovely Dry Cleaning AL'S CITIES SERVICE Gas - Washing - Greasing - Tire Repair The Hamot beads hard at work LANGWELIXS IEWELRY Watches - Clocks - Jewelry A 8: P S T O R E Groceries and Meats Congratulations Class of "52" N I N N E M A N F U N E R A L H O M E TOMAH CABIN AND TRAILER CAMP Taft and Conway, Props. - Phone 597 MAX MALY'S STANDARD SERVICE WEINER BROS. AUTO 81 IMP. CO. Dodge and Plymouth Dodge "job Rated" Trucks VALLEY JUNCTION CASH STORE Juan Zimmerman, Prop. Groceries - Meats Gas - Oil KRESS BROS. MONUMENT COMPANY Hot Point Sales and Service - Harper Freeze and Wilson Coolers - Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators CHUCK,S Refrigeration Service 315 Superior Avenue Tomah, Wis. Congratulations Class of "52" CITY FOOD MART Maurice Spangenburg CENTRAL WISCONSIN GAS COMPANY Congratulations Class of "52" GLENDALE GROCERY Phone430R Y l Scenes before the big game SCHULTZ BROTHERS VARIETY STORE 5ctod51.00 KEYNOTE GIFT SHOP 802 Superior Avenue Gifts - Magazines - Greeting Cards PONGRATZ I.G.A. TWO STORES Warrens, Wisconsin STEES' BILLIARD PARLOR Soft Drinks - Ice Cream - Candy VAUDELL INSURANCE AGENCY Dependable Insurance GRAEWIN AUTO SALES VLASEK'S BOWLING LANES Fountain Service - Phone 395 A I R V I E W C A F E U. S. Highway 12-16 - 24-Hour Service Life is O.K. CI guess 1 The three musketeers THE CROSSETT MFG. COMPANY Tomah, Wisconsin SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Chet Burnstad, Prop. MILLER'S PHARMACY 1018 Superior Avenue - Phone 29 LUNDTS STANDARD SERVICE Congratulations To The Class of'52 COAST'TO'COAST STORES GARDNER BAKING CO' HenryC.Stermer,Owner WYSS PRODUCE Poultry - Eggs - Feed - Potatoes Phone 577 MILLER'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Wyeville, Wisconsin Phone 789-R21 J f i The Gang Uwe try, -I but, Oh my ,f.,, an Phil and Bummy sittin pretty gf' i W V a 9 A. Vi F.. ' ,fi A M f - fl H . fri x Morning Gloriesf! , QM X rg if A, , K 1 X ,,..--x 1 What's so distracting, Craig? HM HM A-HA Bubble Gum BOOQW lp . Lse v- . .W - A wr-mn aft th . He gives the glrls qu er e mght before .n your Easter Bonnet Elephant Walk if is HI forgive, Dear, but Never Forget Love is S zu Gel, Bu, Oh IJOLU Bitler U Workin Women Blues Sllngef. Cl aus To the hills, Men, To the hills fiigll P0wflere CIGHI Ga High School Song Let other High Schools boast of victories galore, of laurel never lost. Of triumphs by the score, let them tell you of their progress, Of their warriors strong and bold, whose colors ever lower to the WHITE and the GOLD. Our men are all victorious, Through all the states around, In lzasket-hall and foot-Ball They always win renown. Tho, weyre proud of all Wisconsin Whose fame's in story told, Yet our heart's with Tomah High School and the WHITE and the GOLD. To the hill where stancls the High School When the Jays are past anci gone, When as school mates we have parted, And our lessons all are clone, Well return ancl show our comrades We're loyal as of old, And cheer them on to victory ,Neath the dear old and GOLD l 5 .. , 1- . 4,4 - , fs . Iwi: . g , 4 , 4 , 4.- . -., a ' - ,4 3 , -1, 4. VL 1 P I--,-4- .. 4 r ai., 4 4- I A i'4 4 ., 4. 4 f-4 - 4:' ,gf , ,Wg V .,,, 4'- 44 3.11 '-., , if - -iQ 4' ,4,h,,,, .-4 U ,- I 44. - A, '..- ,,4. ' 4 .,, ,.!, 4111- ,N545 ' N'1'J.:' 1. -'41 : F-'. 84 ., Y :A 44- , -A 4. la !'- Y- 4fJ,, '4 5411? -1 41.-4 'Lx' Was 4 4 4 'C K , J - ,., -...IJ X W N IL-lf.: , ,A I3- ' JE if zz ,. V 4 4 4 L 43 ' - L 4 N A 5 J 4 4 R v v 4 L 4. 5 A 4 4 4 . 4 55 X ' 4 f f L 4 tp ii X 1' ' ' n I A F J 14 ' if 4 f ' I l 4 '53 ' 4 x 2 , 4. Y! F w 44 44 , , 4 I X -. 'v M JJ 14 5, I 1 I 4 O 4 4 4 I I r " xg 54 v r 4 ' ' 4 4 4 , 4 4 , 4 5 1 I 4 4 4 4 I 4 5 Y 4 4 , 4 ' I 4 f I 5 4 4 4 9 J l I KR 4 3 '4 K x 'y ' 4 , L 1 r L Y Q x ' V, ! 1 4 2' fQ"f'H'?1:4-fu -B s ' - 4 , , , K : 4- - fb It 1 I .4 , -A J.:-',.g.fganj-I 'ff - 5, .ff.,?f1',44,, J' J? -',"--4' ' M - , " ' !11 ,,5u g , 4.:F gjlfwfl 4 W YT., , J 5 . 4 4 , 1 4 ,A -4 ' S .L

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