Tom Bean High School - Tom Cat Yearbook (Tom Bean, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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Tom Bean High School - Tom Cat Yearbook (Tom Bean, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1959 volume:

My J fgsw ipyfg sit? , RSS Pi if Sigifkf x ,X IS xv u 559 lg maui S xx,- 'K, X be x 5 . xr 55 :jg-Nb N Q sb UR wqfiwf WS M' fix N WK? A 1- ,-, ., ff- L: - '.-- 4 - , ., K -. . . . - , - E- ' 'SQ' ?"'av .f.:1i.'.'f f7'i'?.-' 'T 1 .f1'S12.' , ' - V.-1, P -1 .. 1 , ' . 1 . ' ' - A ' ' -f -: , - Y' " "iLa.e-.ur-Q '- - L fvieiiff. l f. Y -A mf '-aH 1 Q . . 1 1 X. 1 i he '74 2715 Only a photograph of a building, you say? How mistaken you arel To an outsider, yes, this is just another building - but to the studentsof Tom Bean High School it means much, much more. The friends made here, the achievements won, the disappointments suffered fbut wisdom gainedj, and knowledge acquired here have made TBHS a very special building. It would be hard to forget the cold, crowded halls . . . the stuffed lockers . . . thehours wasted during study hall . . . the assemblies . . . the long lunch- room line . . . the excitement of a close game . . . the detention slips . . . the echoing sound of the paddle . . . the bumpy busrides . . . cramming for tests . . . the discussions in class. . . the mad scramble for the door . . . And so, here is your book, the 1959 TOMCAT, which we give to you so that you will never forget this past year in good old TBHS. Our hearts overflowing with love, gratitude, and admira- tion, we, the annual staff of 1959, have chosen to honor, in a very special way, those devoted parents upon whom we have de- pended so completely for guidance and understanding through- out the blossoming years of our lives. With a spirit of sincere humility intermingled with the joyful pride of achievement, as your sons and daughters our annual staff is indeed privileged to dedicate this 1959 TOMCAT to you, Mom and Dad. y Ifeel that a great amount of praise must be given our student body in general for being willing students and good school citizens. This indicates notonly good training atschool - but even more important - good training at home. Your parents are to be commended for rearing you in such manner. Those few of you who do not have this quality of character are, I am sure, a source of sorrow to your parents as well as your teachers. The student who does not want to do right by his fellow man and who does " just enough to get by' will frequently find himself in trouble in adult life and will often find himself in the predicament of 'just getting by. Especially must I commend the members of the graduating class for being outstanding citizens and diligent students. Your parents can be justly proud of you. Certain it is that your school is proud to claim you as a graduate. This is the highest compliment a school and its faculty can give to a graduating class. I am confident that you will justify our faith in you throughout your future lives. Sincerely, Tim F. Kelly Editor - - - Assistant Editor - - Business Manager - Activities Editor - Assistant Activities Sports Editor - - - Advertising Editors Photographer - - Sponsor - - Editor SM!! IMA GENE ISBELL - DAN RODGEIS - RUBY BLEVINS - EDITH GRIFFIN ' ' JUDY KEMP FLORA ENGLAND CAROLYN HICKS BRENDA BALL -PATSY BLYTHE - TIM F. KELLY WF: xii: , r- 1, ' 4 b ,, in 5" Q W' wt U +V admlnlsiraho V3 MR. RUFUS SCOTT High School Principal Mathematics MR. T. F. KELLY Superintendent Science MR. DAVID CHUMBLEY Grade School Principal 6th Grade MR. GRADY TEAGUE Agriculture MRS. ISABEL GORDON Business MRS. A. S. LUBY English MRS. H. H. HANNING Home Economics MRS. MARY RODGEIS 7th Grade MRS. FAYE LANGFORD 5th Grade WM. XMWMQ 777114. MRS. R. S. SCOTT 2nd Grade MRS. CARL ODLE Ist Grade MRS. VERA NOLAN 4th Grade MRS. C. S. TEAGUE 3rd Grade MRS. JOHN BIGGERSTAFF School Nurse MRS. R. H. DARWIN Choral Director e iors PATSY ELOISE BLYTHE FHA Club ---- 1, 2, 3, Office Staff ------ Librarian - - - - - - - Choral Club - - - 1,2, 3 FLORA LEE ENGLAND FHA Club ---- 1, 2, 3 Class Officer ----- 1, Annual Staff ----- 3, Class Queen - - - - BRENDA CARLENE BALL FHA Club ---- 1,2,3,4 Class Officer ----- 2, 4 Annual Staff - - - - 3,4 School Favorite - - - 3,4 Choral Club ----- 1-4 RUBY FRANCIS BLEVINS FHA Club ---- 1, 2, 3,4 Class Queen - - - - - 3 Co-Captain - - - - 3 Librarian ------- 3,4 Junior-Senior Play - - - 3 I 55' . ,gl ' KM., FHA Officer - - - - 4 Annual Staff - - - - 3,4 Class Queen ------ 4 Junior-Senior Play - - - 3 FHA Officer - - - - 1-4 Basketball - - - - 1,2 Librarian ---- - - 4 School Favorite ---- 4 FHA Officer - - Basketball - - Librarian - - - - - FFA Sweetheart - Junior-Senior Play Class Officer - - Basketball - - Annual Staff - - - Choral Club - - - EDITH JEAN GRIFFIN FHA Club ---- 1,2, 3 4 Class Officer Librarian - - ----1,34 - - - -1,2,3 School Favorite - - - 2,4 Junior-Senior Play- - - 3 CAROLYN JANE HICKS FHA Club ---- 1, 2, 3,4 Class Officer Librarian - - -----3,4 ' ' 1,2,3,4 Basketball ------ - 2 FHA Officer Annual Staff Office Staff Choral Club FHA Officer Annual Staff Office Staff Choral Club Junior-Senior Play - - - 3 IMA GENE ISBI1L FHA Club ---- 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer ---- 1, 2, 3 Basketball ----- 2, 3, 4 Class Officer - - -1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff ----- 3, 4 Officer Staff -----3,4 Choral Club - - - - 1,2 Junior-Senior Play - - - 3 xl. . 'iw' w: 1, v . .- wg 1 1 1 Y L 1 K: SME , W my 'Y' ina 1,5 IF? ' 4 , 7 . 2 A, an is f 5' 41 we iors JERRY BYRES MICHAEL HA MILTON LARRY HAWKINS ROGER HOLCOMB P. A. JONES III JUDY KEMP FLOYD LOW RUTH MADDOX LYNDEL MCDANIEL WAYMOND NEAL RONNIE PENNELL CLARIS PRICE DAN RODGHIS LARRY SOUTHER JOHNNY STEPHENS TOMMY E VINCENT JANET WATKINS ROBERT WELCH GLEN WHISENANT DONALD WORTHAM SO T65 Jeff Blythe Carol Cook Billy DeBerry Fern Fletcher Harold Hamilton Elizabeth Isbell Sue Key Betty Lankford Elaine Langford Linda Langford Ronnie Langford Julia Moore Tommy Moore Carolyn Odle Marie Rodgers Brenda Smith David Smith Linda Smith Carolyn Starnes l frieshmen ,!,f':f'? XWWQW9' M 'wx Brenda Pennell Ernestine Price Clyde Reynolds Gerald Southers Kathy Spence Florene Tramel Janice VanDeventer Stanley Welch Eugene Young Jan Armstrong Jerry Brown Louis Cameron John Chumbley Linda Chumbley Linda Franklin James Griffin Sandra Hamilton Sharon Jones Steven Judd Judy Key Jerry Moore ,r if j l ,Me yd ly 1 Q!! Betty Moss Carl Neal Martha Neal Carol Price Carolyn Smith Pat Stephens Bill Gant Carolyn Arrington qwa Sigh C. A. Cain Sharon Cameron Ronnie Cole Beverly Cook Helen Cook Arlene Cummings Alan Harris Johnny Head Linda Hopper Jimmy Hicks Patricia Langford Jerry Langford QmdeSwev Woodrow Brown Ioyce Dhane Alice England I. P. Fletcher Helen Fletcher Steve Franklin Donald Hamilton Ronald Hamilton Laura Humphries I. D. Lane Janice Langford Steve Langford Charles Lankford William Moore Barbara Nelson Joyce Rodgers Betty Shreffler Linda Skipworth Jerry Smith Tommy Stephens Kathye Vencent Joe Williams Linda Wright Mike Ball Barbara Blevins Johnny Gentry Billy Guthrie Roberta Hagar Danny Kemp Judy Langford Kenny Langford David Lankford Mary Mitchell Barbara Price Sandra Souther Jean Elaine Spence Albert Welsh Don Young Six gud, 7m Richard Arrington Garol Auten Linda Brown Terry Cain Rodney Cameron Gordon Cook Martinette England Rebepca Fagan Richard Griffin Grady Head Louise Jones Larry Jones Roy Lane Mike Langford Kenneth Langford Robert Layman Jimmy Moore Billy Neal Jerry Parker Theresa Patterson Betty Watkins Lynda Gayle Wortham Linda Young Joe Wetzel A VX lu l W fri! N W ' I Maw George Dhane Carol England Wayne Fletcher Ronald Head I an Johnson Brenda Jones Kerry Iones Nicky Jones Kenneth Kemp Philip Langford Geneva Layman Thomas Moore Larry Pennell Tommy Rigsbay David Rodgers Robbie White Margaret Wright Frankie Young Lester Ulch Robert Ulch Qaeda '746we Marvin Blevins Raymond Bruton Rex Cameron Larry Cole Carol Hagar Tim Kelly Johnny Key Jimmy Moore Ivy Gene Reynolds Patricia Reynolds Dorothy Rigbay Kathy Skipworth Jimmy Skipworth Terry Smith David Spence Billy Watkins Annette Welsh Terry Wilson Martha Wortham Daphna Wright Reba Young Amelia Decker Timothy Arrington 71410 Joanna Biggerstaff Jimmy Caraway Hallie Cole Irene Dhane Richard Dhane James Fletcher Nelda Franklin Penny Hamilton Philip Harris Vala Hopper Nanci Jones Larry Lane Barbara Moore Anita Neal Sharon Souther Sherry Teague Doyle Walker Lynn Wetzel Ronnie Williams Nathan Arrington One Kathy Armstrong Linda Auten Carl Blevins Matthew Coker Alan Cummings Jimmie Dhane Michael Fletcher Beverly Hagar Darrell Haloomb Micheal Neal Roger Dale Neal James Langford Ricky Parker Dick Reynolds Alan Souther Billy Bob Starnes Mary Beth Walker Charles Welch Ralph Williams Susan Gam Maragaret Arrington Verlin Anderson ites ..-rL""' BRENDA SMITH P. A. JONES III WAMOND NEAL EDITH GRIFFIN JANET WATKINS DAN RODGERS 61245 ROGER HOLCOMB 70 FLORA LEE ENGLAND JOHN CHUMBLEY JUDY KEMP fl g W' I athktics 'XMIM . A Li. - ' . P L T... ' I' Q 11 Meigs - ri 1 WK 5 .- , E, 4 4 N iff , 5 My S if Am 1:1 S ,T ff ,mm . sl , im' age ' 2 CAPTAINS - Dan Rodgers COACH - R. S. Scott Jerry Byers yum new gaze' zwwwe vm fum Zag! Zukeafall 7mm Af '7- zi. Y 5. , L ,Q ,,, rgcml -sangu- -asv' OFFIC ERS President ------- - Vice President - - Secretary - - - - - - - Treasurer - - - Reporter - - Sentinel - - - Song Leader - - Advisor ---- 7-7 . - - DAN RODGERS - - - LARRY HAWKINS DONALD WORTHAM ' ' " - .URRY BYER' - - - - 'FLOYD LOW - - LARRY SOUTHER - - JOHN CHUMBLEY - - GRADY TEAGUE F.H. President - - - - - Vice President - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Reporter ---- Parliamentarian Historian - - - - Song Leader - - Sponsor ---- 7.71.1-f. A. OFFICERS - RUTH MADDOX - - ELIZABETH ISBELL - CAROLYN ODLE -JANET WATKINS FLORA ENGLAND PATSY BLYTHE LINDA LANGFORD BRENDA BALL - - MRS. HOMER HANNING ddualdlal ffouuaal Sfdff Again . . . and Again. W, my ' if acf hes , Mm: H HIGH SCHOOL KING AND QUEEN David Smith and Linda Kay Langford HIGH SCHOOL QUEEN 1957-58 Janet Watkins GRADE SCHOOL KING AND QUEEN Doyle walker and Valla Hopper mmf 'Will S .u w x 1 "' 'frizh S- - Q 4 S 5 if Al If vu.. yi 1' A V V ,V-,Y. T gnffkmt ra x, 6 ' fag? , .M,., ..W,,,,x. M 1 1 ,fi ,ir kg? , Q 1 W EI ,Q Wad J Ns gk E 3 fs A, ff' Q 'wg 9 fax my Sv ,,... , Rx A 5 s xx ,JE , M - 5' , -'E A ...: - W4 I A +V ,M bm 'ft 'hh .N . X ,W 4-71 +1-ku-. ' ..V-- f- 3 ..A,. .f ., A113-if Snail? rpg a fi Q' ff FH w I in - Af ertisers FIRST NATICNAL BANK X xA C.21'...'T.,' I H E g y Qfu-y LILLY SALES COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL FOODS 915 Main Phone 13 Commerce, Texas ODLE GROCERY Conoco Gas and Oil Groceries - Meats Frozen Foods Ice "Your Business Appreciated" Phone 43 Tom Bean, Texas Whats- what I call OLIVE Y! H, L, MURPHY Agent 0 TW2 -4523 Sherman, Texas Phone us for prompt delivery of SINCLAIR TRACTOR FUELS - LUBRICANTS - GREASES GASOLINES - MOTOR OILS - KEROSENES Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Whitewright , T exas MACK'S CASH Howe, Texas The BIGGEST LITTLE Store in North Texas L' lo '.,,31'25.,.L :II i ji VV- ' O D FOII LI I. IA' A IQUUD mass mnuuvllrfuunf Compliments of SKIPWORTH'S BUILDER'S SUPPLY Tom Bean, Texas X f 0 XX . df 4 Congratulations, 4 , 6 ., Q Graduates! ' Q my th: busin fld :El ld ku lg in S rn be h h lp y P g " """:'1': I g Y , h Ip y b d l b ' ffm commumrr E E E? PUBLIC SERVICE Yon? Electric Servant V RICK'S SHCE CENTER BUTANE SERVICE CCMPANY Patronage Appreciated Service to A11 R, A, HANNING WHITEWRIGHT GIN "We Make Good Cotton Better" Whitewright, Texas FARLEY AND HILL GROCERY ' Phone 5 -2415 Whitewright, Texas EARNHEART FUNERAL HOME Whitewright, Texas STARNES GROCERY STORE Groceries - Meats - Fruits - Vegetables Notions - Feeds Conoco Gas and Oil "It Pleases Us to Please You" Ida, Texas HIGHWAY GROCERY AND MARKET "We Buy the Best Merchandise the Market Affords Phone FO4-2580 Highway 69 Whitewright, Texas Compliments and Best Wishes of FOREMOST DAIRIES Sherman T exas EDWARDS CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Service New and Used Cars and Trucks 2.4 Hour Wrecker Service Phone FO-2227 Whitewright, Texas WHITEWRIGHT LUMBER COMPANY WILSON KAISER, Manager Building Materials of A11 Kinds Phone FO4-22.95 Whitewright , Texas REEVES CLEANERS We Do Good Cleaning Howe, Texas GORDON'S NO, Z REYNOLDS Highway 75 North ELECTRIC SHOP R. J. AND KATHRYN PARKHILL General Electric Appliances and Television Phone TOZ-6720 Phone HU2-5358 Sherman, Texas Van Alstyne, Texas PRESLEY'S Auro PARTS l Two of the Largest Parts and Accessory Stores in Texas All Merchandise Sold Below Wholesale Price--- Sherman Texas Denison, Texas 1423 W. Houston 905 S. Crockett Phone TW3-3313 Phone H05-6080 Compliments of LUCAS FOOD STORE Quality Foods at Lowest Prices 211 So. Walnut St. Sherman, Texas "Greetings From Dixie" Soaps, Waxes, Disinfectants and Maintenance Equipment Since 1921 DIXIE DISINFECTING COMPANY 2201 N. Lamar St. Dallas, Texas DIXON SERVICE STATION and WRECKING YARD Magnolia Products and Auto Parts Whitewright, Texas C ompliments of THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY MQQT LQ J m1l,, Ill Wm I ffl-ll? Your Old Reliable Independently Owned Gin Operated on a Friendly Basis DONIGAN'S GIN Whitewright, Texas , -' I I I l V y Mg I vm ' I um ' . QIIIILI-u If v a Inigvn- Li - -W1 . 'A' Y-.QL l-FFN E Q 'rg E9 W LILLY'S A Denison, Texas DAWSON BUTANE GAS COMPANY Gas and Appliances Phone F04-2969 Tractor Carburetor C, P, DAWSON Whitewright, Texas C. J. MEADOR TRUCK AND TRACTOR COMPANY I Whitewright, Texas CHILDRESS- WALKER PHARMACY R, P. CHILDRESS DICK WALKER Whitewright, Texas TEAGUE GARAGE 47 i ' G00Df'VEAn Phone 36 qi ,Q nuts -f3.6i3+ Sinclair Gas and Oil Goodyear Tires General Auto and Tractor Repairs Tom Bean, Texas 2105 MOTOROLA SALES at SERVICE Television - Home and Car Radios - Hi-Fidelity Phonos. You Can Depend on Motorola for the Latest E. Lamar Developments in Electronics HOP'S RADIO 8: TV - Sherman Phone T W2 -6044 J. D. CHILDS Res. Phone TW2-5060 J, B, CHILDS Res. Phone TW2-9686 CHILD'S FURNITURE CO. New and Used We Buy, Sell, or Trade Tele. TW2-4539 216 W. Houston Tele. TW2-5946 211 W. Lamar 116 S. Crockett Sherman, Texas C ompliments of LOCKE THE TINNER Sheet Metal Work Phone TW3-22.43 Sherman, Texas TROY JACO AND SON Store for Men and Boys We Feature Curlee Clothes and John B. Stetson Hats TW3-3233 Sherman, Texas JERNIGAN GRAIN COMPANY Feed - Seed - Fe?'EiIizer Custom Mixing and Grinding Ph. 8-9422 Bells, Texas O. K. FEED MILL Seed Processing - Custom Grinding JAMES H, GOSNELL, Owner Ph, FO4-2489 Whitewright, T exas Congratulations , Seniors From 7-UP BOT TLING COMPANY Denison, Texas WHITEWRIGHT MOTOR COMPANY Sales and Services Your Friendly Whitewright Dealer Box 12.6 Whitew right, T exas DUNCAN BROTHERS Bells , Texas Compliments of THE STEAK HOUSE Bells, Texas RED RIVER VALLEY FLOOR COMPANY 209 East Texas Street Denison, Texas A11 Kinds of Floor Covering and Floor Finishes Phone HO5-3093 CARL'S TASTY SAUSAGE Whitewright, Texas Compliments of BLYTHE DEAN, USED CARS OFFICE SUPPLIES 8: 311 W. Houston EQUIPMENT Phone TW2-5227 Sherman, Texas We Never Forget a Customer C, Yi, E TW2-9191 Sherman, Texas i Q ? --:-2? Compliments of You Will Be Satisfied If It's From HARDWICKE-ETTER MARK'S READY-TO-WEAR Sherman, Texas 103 S. Travis Sherman, Texas INC , I "Th B tf L " Plumbing-Electrical e es or ess I Furniture and Appliances Ph. HO. 5- 1775 303-305 W. Woodward Street MR. AND MRS. R. L. SMITH Denison, Texas Bene, Texas SOUTHERN ICE COMPANY SOUTHERN PACKING COMPANY Denison, Texas You Can Always Depend on ALLEN BUTANE GAS CO. Ph. TW2-5944 106 S. Elm St. Sherman, Texas Congratulations to the Annual Staff, Faculty, and Student Body of A Tom Bean High School Upon Publication of- Your Annual From ROBERT D055 Whitewright, Texas M1 -1 1 w M DR, A, L, STANPHILL Chiropractor 8 17 N. Travis Ph. TW3- 1537 Sherman, Texas HESTAND PHARMAC Y Prescription Service West Side Square Ph. TWZ-4155 Sherman, Texas M 8. 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BRABANT 'S SERVICE STATION Mobil Oil and Gas CLEANERS Mobil Tires and Batteries Certified Fur Storage Woodard at Rusk 626 West Main Street Phone Ho 5-2444 Denison, Texas Denison, Texas Compliments of Compliments of THE FLOWER SHOP SARATOGA CAFE MRS. ROY TALLEY MRS, LILLIE GARDNER Denison, Texas Whitewright, Texas GUYNES OPTICAL CO. Despensing Opticians 400 Commercial Bl Box 17 dg. Sherman, Texas Phone TW2 -2833 WHlTE'S Home of Greater Values Your Money Back If You Can Buy It Elsewhere for Less SID MAPLES SPORTING GOODS 125 West Main Street Denison, Texas 212 W. Houston Sherman, Texas C ompliments of RISK SHOE STORE 102 S. Crockett Ph. TWZ-2238 Sherman, Texas Compliments of S. H. KRESS Sherman, Texas KEITH'S DRUG STORE Prescription Druggist Ph. TWZ-5181 101 S. Travis Sherman, Texas BREMCO PRESS PRINTERS 220 E. Houston Sherman, Texas Compliments of LEVINE'S Sherman, Texas Congratulations Seniors of Torn Bean High School BIGGERSTAFF GROCERY Phone 45 Tom Bean, Texas RINGLER'S WOMEN'S WEAR "The Latest in Fashion" 304 W. Main Denison, Texas BILL HUEBSCH PLUMBING 700 E. Houston Ph, TW2-8336 Sherman, Texas SHERMAN IMPLEMENT CO, Sherman, Texas MYLES VARIE TY Complete Variety Lines Featuring Sewing Notions - Gifts and Denison's Most Complete Selection of Toys 214 W. Main C ompliments of TRAVIS LU NC HROOM' Sherman, Texas Com limen s :nd t CARAWAY BROTHERS Best Wishes of HUMBLE SERVICE STATION LAUNDRY Denison, Texas Whitewright, Texas Y TAY'v.?.'w.!Z9 P.!r!?.'!.l.'Z'9. ESMF' 1 , r J. w f 235-9: ri-f .-:'g df' 'Ziff ,. L' l - LP' I V -'E jf 341125.-f In xg-,g::,i3 1 .Tim .Q 921 ,M 5: ' V, , ' Q+S!1i'52! , -V fmt. , "Fw-E 1 ,wg-g 4.5!-X ,, we ': I ,A HFF. Q, LL 1 , A ,f'Q.1 4 3'Y,f"?x:e 'ffil ' . 5'gl'5,gi.if' vayai X Y r .-' 3. . .-. X wwf 1 1 .Ht . .ivgk - fi-ff:-,+,,. .59 .GV-xxtm . S X 2 la , 'fhkfi frm 1-,lf ,"f'Jlfi'I ' 4 "1 Fiqh. TQ! , -,s. 151, '3w2Q .mpfa . ,-frgsdj wa- n M .sf- , .5 151..w ,E 1 avi.. '- 31 H fa , A "-Q','55I1gk4 " '- 256: 18212 1 n::fiv'f , 1 .,,.n. wrj'!:Th'1'Q4. I ,v . . 1, , "' 2:-15, -' 115MH- ' aa., ,H fim .'..5,,i,3 .- fgwl ' . :Ari lqwk :H 3+ Je . V1.1 5 ' , . A xug ' vffil .x ,Tug ' ' ,Aff 1,-if ""' ' ""' 'W"'8E:"" wmv " 3-ff' -vnr-u-.- aug,-, --gurmwwq, '- - '- .4 , ,-,, . -2 .I Q V , ' ' -f i ' - ' w -, .. , , ' ..g,.-' x-A 1' 11 l s . - .ua-e-1. .gr1f.-," ,...v:: -:wma 'mv-. - . .. . -- w 2 . f ' o 'S' V W f, """"f- ----f - - --- -121211 2----Af-""v1z-::.--:.1 -.:.,. .-

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