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Q,-g. , . Hi., ,. L . F-' :PQ K' ' x .KN X .5-Q4 J. . ,,,4 v xA 'N--XI 1. Mx N X .. N- X - ,-.N ' X-, ,NX ....N. .AN ,. i?.J4',V.,, :if --2 . Q- K .A. qi4v,p::i-,. V X 5 Jfv.--X 'Q J., sf - 5-Vx... , ,.f:, AU, .-.a- xy-,,,... Na- 4, ' 7 :aw 4-.: -g ff.-Q' 'vg -. . ,-'-'rf'-Y .W ,v,,,,, ' k4ff"-"L:---,F ' -fi ' 'sk' X'5'-ff. ' -X. .ki f--. ,-4, . 5 .". Y N" ""' 'fer J.: .J - '- , .,.-.,k-xX, , A Lf" -s fff7."fV'.. f,,1-.f --,1-. Ju- ,- aj.. - J A , ,.,-x,A , .,,.,,,,K. ,, A A V ' V ali-N K 'Q in X Q' N wif, , .5,. 1 .1 5 V , Vx - A ,- ig. x,-Ng ,:- . ,. . , 4.3, -- - H , MN, -xiggx ig K :-"3 'rf'Vf- . pg.- . , f2f. ,-f., ,W , , V-1s.-.,f1f1'f :ff ,,-- f ' . ,Q -f:'-av .,: 13: , ' '--M - . ,, ,, AY-. -Q up f. ,Q ' f -- 1. .Q . -.. ,W Q,-M, .. N. , - w- rx' f KN- - 7-5, -5-ruff. -5,5 N, L. ,, .,A-, XM- v r F Jw- nl- ! ' .,,-. ':.- f.41-1 I' , ,:'-1- LI, V , ,,,..f.. - , a.-If f , -vf,..,,, V .., W-Y 4 f - x 1 - I-:.,..,.f: .., 't A-.5-V.':.wl f X-J 10.1 N x .' M- :--fgjfvgk3f.,vf',,,j- -LNLZK - . . f x -- -- -- V ,5La..1-i1,.-- A. W7 , , ir! ff ek." .v . A V ,-,, -- , ,.-,.-f fy' --.-... ,.,:- . Z.. , V P 41,0 - -J g, 1-" '., r A , .2-' MQ... ,f "Q Q., 1 z Q 41,-. ' . g ' . ,Q :"','1'X ' :-I -' L- "iff, ' -f- Q N Mi' . ff? I 'ir-A 1 ' . , .. 'S -at' f- , if , X . ,.-' -,,,'g,ff 'gif --f'-"' fl" 1 - 1,-5 V, ,QR - H ' I , ,, 1.1 Y '- '5,j1M 1, Y 1 g 7 .I-Qi:-:,",f A- 1 5: -- gs- xl 4- .,-. ..x .- 1, .J- r - 1 .- - V ,, . -...,,. ,--V ',., -,734 - ' F V W MCT . ' ' 1 ...J I has s 0 4 ur 5 42 N 1 H d 5 ' M , -5 xl, ' 3' uf Q ' i r 3- A 5 -'? ' I Ak' .Q fi:-3 ' -gt!! H .... xi' 'Q n -5 'i 1 ,, ',f,.Q 457.1 ZTZIZTTJ "f 1 ""'f. l ' 2jT?i"' -4 ,' Lhcgw. , .alas Q x ' f Eli? 5 'Ni' 'X F ai gif: 11159: Ig A 5 J- W , y , .U T , X .I i i I K L P H if uisffw' ' 5 - -,,, 'E --3 iT Q-0 - - .4 NW' Ei? Xiijlf, . 5 jwfgg 51. fx M! 1952 m ZS v N R-I. KN D 1 X Carnafion, owkin Z 9 S R F YEA O A TOLD Y J Sxkes Mxss Egner Hjertoos ',,..Q"'nm gr Pearson Banos Ehason S Magdhn Kelly Wasmund J Sikes Aust 111 THE ANNUAL STAFF AND ENACTED BY -'W i3 BOYS AND GIRLS OUR HIGH SCHO ff A ' f-5 ' x Y I THE OF hwwlkin W ,- K 1 -Q f wr' X Student 6010161 OFFICERS Wade Boze Presrdent Patucra Pearson Vrce presldem Cherre Ausun Secretary Garl Hjertoos Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senror Bryce Backman Junlor Shrrley Smrth Sophomore Vernet Ehason Norma Rae Robertson Freshman Wanda Slkes Larry Davrdson Busmess Manager Leona Hay Advxsor Mr Robert Foster THESE ARE ROBERT FOSTER, B A andM A at Superintendent Adviser of Associated Students EILEEN DEKKER, B S atW Home Economrcs Science Physical Education Girls Club Adviser FRANK ANDERSON B S a W Colorado A 8a M Agriculture F.F. A, Adviser LETA BERGES, B.A. at U. of W, , Montana State University, ar thage College. English Library Honor Socrety Adviser f' A - Q' Whitman, cwcs, U. ofw., w.s.c . . .S.C. , . . I .S.C. C - DIP5 -...-r Q OUR TEACHERS HARRY PETERSEN B E at Pacific Lutheran U ofW Mathematrcs Science Football coach Freshman Adviser RUBY EGNER B A atU ofW H1story Commercial Journalism Annual Advner Senior Adviser ROYSTON COTTAM B S at St Clan' Teachers College U ofW History Basketball Coach Sophomore Adviser ALVER RUTH, B. S. at U, of Minn. U. of W. Music A rt X 1 N6 "Q ,el C- Lnmchroom - - S. Magdlm, Mrs. Clark, Gould, Anderson. Office -- Hjertoos, Jones, Mrs. Williams, Sayah. Mrs. Williams Mr. Owens In the office O U R SERVICE UNITS Jr' muou JL- WADE BOZE B presldent 4 Class president Carnival chairman 3 Football Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 F parliam A Judging team Clety vrce presxdent 3 All school play 3 Chorus! 2 entary procedure team 4 Honor So W1ll the meetin g puh leese come to order IOANNE SIKES An tor 3 Guls club chorus I Tolt H1 Lrfe staff 3 Y ll 4 e leader 3 Student Councll 2 Secre tary Treasurer of class I nualeditor4 Assistant annual ed1 president 4 Guls A l1ttle grrl who rates FRITZ PALERMO Baseball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 F b oot all I 2 3 4 Class treasurer 3 F F A treasurer 2 4 MUSICIZFF School would be fun lfI drdn t have to go nw' WILLIAM PEARSON President of class I 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 F F A judging team 3 chairman of recreatio FFA H34 He s a regular fellow BRYCE BACKMAN Transferred from Mont ana Foot ball 4 Student Councrl 4 Oli! C01'1'1I'l'lllIel' IO MOUIZDB DARLENE JONES Paper staff 3 4 Guls club cabrnet 2 3 Libranan 2 Cl ass secretary 3 4 Chorus I 2 Her eyes are blue her hair brown Her spults are u p and never down ALLAN BONLIE Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3,4 Baseball 2 3 4 F F A secretary 4 F F A Judging team 2 3 4 Flutter flutter flutter flutter Guls hearts go Pltter patter putter When Allan comes around 10 S- DALE INGRAHAM F.F.A I2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 ys Quartet 2 Avs lmagood kidl TERRY MORFORD Transferred from Mt Si 2 F F A 1 2 3 4 Baseball manager 2 T e eternal questi on mark DENISE SAYAH Co editor Tolt Hi Life 4 Paper staff 3 Annual 3 Music I 2 Library 2 Girls club cabinet 2 3 A11 school I ll be in the journalism room WILLIAM CLARK Football 1 3 4 Basketball 2 Baseballz 3 4 Paper staff4 F F A 2 m just a little b0yl tw' ,,f f 11 RALPH SCHEIDEGGER Football co-ca ptain 4- Football - All 3 4 Lakeside League Senior Football Team 4' F F A president 4- F F A reporter 3' F F A judging team 3- 4 Student council I He is short of nothing but height HENRY BERGSMA Football 2 3 F F A secretary 3 Class vice president 3 Bo ys chorus That s the hum of my brain you hear LEONA HAY Paper staff 3 4 Girls club cabinet 3 Musrc I 2 Treasurer of class 4 Neat and Petrte CLIFFORD PATRICK Football 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Base ball SS2 orusI2FFA I2 Tall dark and 2 2. 2,3,4g Treasurer of cla g ch ,:...,.3,4. I 12 JERRY ENICK Basketball I 2 3 4- Baseball 1 2 3 4 Paperstaff4 F F A I2 34 A friend of all the fellows DALE SIMPSON F F A 2 3 4 Secretary of leadership committee of F F A Basketball 3 4 Student Council 2 Chorus 3 What do these women mean to mer FREDA DOWNING Paper staff 3 4 All school play Glee club 1 2 A gal with a sense of humor Evergreen Boys State 3 F F A re porter 4 Honor Cociety presrdent 4 Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Tenms 3 4 Carnival cha1rrnan4 F F A Judgin team 4 F F A 8 parltamentary pro cedure 2 3 4 Oh that school boy complexion! 4-v 1 I I I I I D - . . , , 3 . I ' 3i RICHARD SCHMIDT 13 9? 'Stl' L ASS OF Ma' Swann- Rr QW Q.-3 NIORS OF TH FUT IST ROW Murphy Lane Johnson Benton Schwrtters Stephenson Lang Beve rxdge Soderstrom 2ND ROW Brown M1l1er Rerchman Moore Cole Kuntz D Boer Langlols Rrchter Patterson Portwood Lord Buse Nelson Jones Hrllrs Zylstra Mrs Austln 9 We re gorng to school for I2 years more Krndergarteners go to school wrth the brg boys and grrls Last year they took over the old math room where Mr Berges held forth forsolong Here Mrs Ellen Aus t1n teaches them how towork and play wrth others en courages them to develop creatrveness, and grves them opportumtres to lrsten and respond to musrc. lt IS ln krndergarten also that they are gettrng ready to read Old Tolt hrgh was never made for frve year olds. Its steps are too steep, doors too hard to open, wxndows too hrgh, and faucets too clrffrcult for them to manrpulate, but the lrttle boys and grrls look happy rn 1ts halls. SE E URE EQ . , I I P 5 il. ' f i - . . . V .. ' V K mf. V ,-- ci ' in D Z K I .sbp - 'A , V' t -- l I l I ' I ' ' -' I 1 o ' 1 , ' ' ' I I D I I 9 1- -6-4 . . l - NE AT Friday s reading matter Senior lme up 'Y Taking arm Sensors working! 13 ST PRIZE DGING BEEF CATTLE FUTURE FARHE TEAM WESTER N WASHINGTON IR F A PUYALL UP Now In the new shop Pl' Sewing on a T Coffee time Coach Catch em A lournallst too 16 SC E T . H . S . 1 1 . 7 . M . v 9 K ' . A I ' 'J .Ju - ns :Gil Y v'i I .x ' ff o 5 Q , 0 'lv -,gigs -W-.--N'--V It I -'ng f. A T .I , . i f A X1 A X................... U '- , gs ' f 5 ,if T I I Q M. 2 i-y ' ' ' ' n u -4' L, Q T ...A ., If L, 5? 0 I ' U Iumors Sophomores Freshmen CLASSES Next year we w111 semors be QP' ,J 13 OFFICERS Burl Davles 11m Davrs Donna Davrdson Moween Magdhn Presldent Presldent Secretary Treasurer A if Flu 7 X11 'L lst ROW Aronrca Hjertoos Bartos Smrth Brovm 2nd ROW Helton B Davres Harvold Pearson Burns Evans Platt 3rd ROW Mr Anderson Lane Srmpson Penaluna Loutsrs Kelly Perngo Johnson 1 9 5 4 We 11 be Sophomores no more 2 I .Y OFFICERS 19 .5 --.0 D1ck Amos M Sharon Magdhn Jack Scherdegger Jane Popkema 3- S X '-7 lc... N I gpl Ill-b L IRI :ITB 'ff'-U 4 akhiii Vlce Presrdent Presldent Secretary Treasurer T- gl- Lwix lst ROW Amos Popkema Badten S Magdhn Robertson Austin Mann Foster 2nd ROW Norenberg Laud Bnght J Scherdegger Wasmund P Jacobs Roetcmsoender Mr Cottam 3rd ROW Elrason Palmer Hall Soma Adolfson Engle I . ,.o l At- ' 1 Q -ar V' Z? lil" , J I . , X . . . . . . . . . . ., fg . . . x , K 1' , ' ' ' ' - . r -3 0,- xx ,. - A 4' 'Z I 4,3 Qu I - ,.1 ff T .::-- "fri K fT'5T'A' 'TWH ' ' I ,s at 'E' f at "' 5 - 'D ,, 'r 4 -V :V ' . . I f 'I n 40 ' J, S 1 lv HE- .5 rL 1 1 I Q u Q fir '. Q 1 1- 5' .W 4l"':? gf DM " ' Af 'N' 'I -2" 31141 Y " v v 1 - o I 1 1 - " f 1 n - I a ' 9 I ' - " 1 0 1 v 9 - 9 Three more years we 11 have to stnve ,lf OFFICERS Nl ,f Dale Davrs Pres1dent wi' .x"il Mar Jone Gould Vlce President Patncxa Klabo Secretary .1 W1111am Davies Treasurer fig wailm sf? as at ll! 00 lst ROW Mxnshull, Lundqurst Nelson, Evans A Loutsrs, I Louts1s, Allpress, W Srkes, Sr Peter 2nd ROW Mr Petersen, Delong, Cole, Dejong, Klabo Ellrott, Gould Gnffrth Anderson Beals Davrs 3rd ROW M Jacobs, Dowmng W Davres, R Clark Portwood, Davrdson Hanson, Shrvely "':kq5N 7 Jfxw Www W Jr X gx ,Z W f NJN ff 621 -Q Aga, C Valley ITHS 111 041 Lower Sn C CCH S SS FOO I1 la C cd CUOVBI Y' El CS d bus 1 O Shop A8 In ode Am 4196-1 '17, he f O vlfij 'Bu Foster Palmer Allpr Soma Laud Morford CSS Brown Evans Lane OS Brrght am v1 n Hanson Srmp Anderson Davres Joh MI KNEELING - Portwoo g IST ROW -- dDa Il 2ND ROW Elrason CI' son Helton Norenber M Jacobs Lundquist The partrally completed Adolfson Boze CI R Sche1de En le Schmrdt I Davrs Hall PER RIGHT -- Slmpson nd OU rn the back 15 Sho IC icultu N N V-I .Ly . 'I ff' ' -. 5.4- ' ol.. ,l ""r ,A h '?!., 89' -DDO -PJ oo" -hw, 03' 732 -.232 ff -gloom --'W . '. 5.15 . O '63 .Qwe- .S . ,gg H .aim ' ' has -on ,a:n.3oo 'L 2 .,,.-Eg' 32,54 -QE 4 QE..." 1' 'I-4 I-4 .gtgdg . EOOCQDQ 5942.5 : '-4 . I-1 rzggg - 22 nn, ,, A . 1 VI " , . 0-1 , .,.... f ., -gg U . "i , ,gui --N.-Q , QE Sb . UB.. . -35 . Zi ,, :: I 3 .6'. E Q. .2 2 . .-5. Qin-I O U 5-.E may H QWMDQ IIIIIIZX-i o Y NEW FARM SHOP BUILDING TO LT HIGH SCHOOL ARCHITECT JOHN GRAHAM 5. CO GENERAL CONTRACTOR WG CLARK SEATTLE NICAL PLLE "UNSW TING HQ' L on I Mr Anderson B Davies R.Sche1degger Palermo Schmidt Platt Bonlxe LEARNING TO DO IN MODERN SURROUNDINGS The boys moved out of the old music room in t.he high school burldrng rnto therr new Ag shop on January 7 The old shop had burned down on the mormng of September 28 1950 The new one is an up to date structure made of concrete blocks costing S59 ooo to burld The boys are justly proud of their new shop FFA actrvttres as well as agriculture and shop classes wtll be held there The offrcers of the FFA are Ralph Scherdegger presi dent Burl Davies vice presrdent Allan Bonlre secretary Fritz Palermo treasurer Buster Platt sentmel and Dlck Schmrdt re porter Mr Frank Anderson IS adviser of the future farmers replacmg Mr Ottem who ts now servmg with the Marine Corps in Korea .xP-wo-Ms! as-:Q in 1ST ROW Smrth Jones Bartos A Loursis I Loutsis Beals W Sikes Anderson Hay 2ND ROW Nelson Badten J Sikes Pearson De Jong M Magdlm David son Mann Evans l-lJertoos 3RD ROW S Magdlin Robertson Harvold Popkema Klabo Elllott Gould Mrs Dekker Griffith Downing Sayah Cole Bums Austin G irls promise to be joyous courageous courteous L S C L U B s for all Tolt high school girls ather active, especially in the spring ed by Mrs. Dekker and the Girls' club cabinet hould promote friendship and goodwill. lub sponsors a tolo and a carnival booth ikes having members' mothers to tea ndertakes an athletic banquet for the boys acks all worthwhile school activities. 1 l J THE GIRLS Officers Joanne Sikes Sharon Magdlin Donna Davidson Moween Magdlin Mary Io Bartos Committee Chairmen Cherte Austin Gail Hjertoos Patricia Faulds Patricia Pearson Norma Rae Robertson Jane Popkema Barbara Mann Adviser Mrs Eileen Dekker ' GIRLS' CLUB . President Vice -president Secretary Treasurer File Clerk Food Program Decorations Clean up Grrls Room Memory Book French Girl B gi GIRLS CLUB INITIATION Freda Downing, Mary Jo Bartos, Denise Sayah, Leona Hay, and Joanne Sikes taking part in a star ceremony which is the formal initiation into the Girls' club. Each girl symbolized one of the five points of a star. X ,I Shirley Simmons, Roberta Burns, and Alice Harvold toasting all of us -- with punch. Marjorie Gould, Lee Nelson and Vianne Beals pantomining a ghost story as their part in the initiation. 1 W. ,,, BOYS AND GIRLS AND A BORROWED JALOPY Schmrdt In car S Magdhn Bartos Palmer Kelly I Sche1degger The laughmg group of boys and gtrls 1n the borrowed Jalopy 15 made up of those who are 1n the top slxth of the student body scho lastrcally They are a well rounded group tackling books and act1v1t1es wrth equal vlgor The student body president secretary and treasurer the foot ball captarn the Guls club presrdent v1ce presrdent and frle clerk the FFA president the edxtors of the Tolo and the Tolt H1 L1fe the Tolo busmess managers the Jumor class pres1dent and the sophomore class VICC presrdent and student body representatrves are found ln thelr ranks They are getung an educauon and de veloprng well adjusted personalltres at the same txme The president of the Honor Socrety 1S Drck Schmldt Other officers are Gall Hyertoos vrce presrdent and Mary Io Bartos, secretary treasurer Mrs Berges rs the advrser A R Scheldegger, Wasmund, B. Davies, Foster, Hjertoos, Boze, Eliason, Austin, I. Sikes, HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS RATE LIBRARY ANNS 'A world unalphabetical is chaos in their eyes. " SIMMONS BADTEN BURNS S MAGDLIN HARVOLD 4 if Q pi 77 95 TQ Q4 M55 " Ti' S YN 1:-L+ X X X X FN X L x 'Z 1' 32, 11 N 0 -I I fi 2 L 'R xx 5 X in Q A - If '1 ft ,f Q , .P 0 IW! N.: wk 4 - I 2 x I I vi i S iz- ,IN XXTX ?.X:x 1 V 1 ',,k'Y A . W Y 1 -2 X 953 gm QP X X - BV U .QXXQX 'V X ' X -." N ly X' xy BAND -- P. Jacobs W. Davies Foster Wasmund Nelson Hanson Roetclxoender Bri t Downing Mr Ruth Soma Davidson Laird Smith CHORUS Taylor Beals Nelson Robertson Anderson Smith I Loutsls De Jong Mann Harvold Gould Griffxth Elllott Klabo Popkema W Sikes Bums A Loutsis W xxxxxxlll NORMA LEE and WANDA .5 . MR RUTH SHIRLEY SMITH MUSIC TO OUR EARS' I 1 1 1 1 ' ' gh' I ' l 1 1 1 - lf " 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y . .E I I I I . 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 vu 4 I -'-. E U"r,,x 'xy l : I 'N 52 5 N! i: .' l 'Q .. . 1 IT s 'T 'Na 1 1 Co edrtors Mary jo Banos and Demse Sayah are checkmg over the dummy of the school newspaper the Tolt H1 Llfe wrth therr advrsor Mxss Egner The Tolt H1 Lrfe rs publrshed twrce a month by the class 1n Journallsm Thrs paper attempts to grve complete coverage of all school events and matters pe tamrng to the welfare of the students It also carnes many features prrnted for the amusement or edrfrcatron of rts readers Those whtch appeared tn every edrtron are Scene at THS Smp Shots Book Worm Quotes ofaCoach Semor lntervxews and News of Tolt I-hgh s Alumm 9 1 OUR JOURNALISTS is B111 Clark and Jerry Enick runnmg off the sports page on the mrmeograph x ,JI 05 Q 'h'i Trouble-shooter Joanne Sikes and reporter Darlene Jones are proofreading a stencil. WORK f W T 1' f Moween Magdlrn and Patricia Pearson typ ing news stories rn columns of 22 strokes 'x Donna Davidson doing art work on a stencil placed on a mimeoscope. Freda Downing Leona Hay and Beverly Evans assembling the paper and glancing at some of the stories printed thereon at the same time Some of the most interest ing of those printed in the Tolt H1 Life during the IQSI X952 school year had to do with the Agriculture Shop the levy for the new gym the football victory over Vashon the Tahoma basketball Jamboree the athletic banquet the ASB carnival the pep assemblies the FFA barn dance th dancing lessons held on Fridays the sock dances sponsored by the freshman class and the Girls club freshman rnrtiation , 49 3 "NOW, EVERYBODY SlNG." WANDA SIKES and NORMA RAE ROBBITSON ANNA LOUTSIS DIANE DE JONG IOSEPHINE LOUTSIS We re with you team We re with you team So fight fight fight n 1 , a g vw I ' 7 i ' 32 S DERS ON T FOOT ALL Fl Lo Laptaln RALPH SCHILIDEGGER benror halfback was named on the senror All Star Team rn the Lakeside League whrch was chosen by the coaches of the league werght 150 lbs consrstently played good hard football Co Captarn BUSTER PLATT Iunror good defensive lineman played right guard looks ltke a football player weighs 185 gets along well wrth other players on the team should be an outstanding player next year Coach HARRY PETERSEN "Football is a game that takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. we had a stronger defensive team and a better line than last year but I think the boys are capable of playing a better brand of football than they did. .. the boys who tumed out consistently after school and tried hard,deserve a lot of credit." 'W 'vu-wr '5- viral' DEMON GRIDDERS I'- 1.1 BRYCE BACKMAN Sr Position Right Tackle Weight 185 lbs fx f-0' DICK SCHMIDT Sr 1 Position Center Weight -- 160 lbs CLIFFORD PATRICK Sr POSIIIOU Fullback Welght I52 lbs BILL CLARK Sr Pos1t1on Left Tackle -f! Weight 185 lbs YC?- ALLAN BONLIE, Sr. Position -- Left End Weight -- 180 lbs. BILL PEARSON, Sr Position Right End Weight -- 145 lbs 34 DEMON GRIDDERS VERNET ELIASON, Soph Posltton Left Halfback Wetght 160 lbs rg WN rm WADE BOZE SR Position Left Guard Weight 170 lbs ""'L DICK Amos, Soph Posttion Quarterback Weight -- 130 lbs TONY LOUT SIS Ir Posttxon Fullback Wetght I 50 lbs BRENT HALL, Soph. Position -- Center Weight -- 145 lbs, BUSTER BROWN Ir Posmon Left Guard Weight -- I70 lbs g., -'el ZND ason Mana er Wasmund E Loutsrs Hackman Helton Schmrdr Amos IST ROW -- Ass1stant Coach Cottam Mana er Kelly Davxes gm Row - Coach Petersen Brown Pearson Aromca S Downrn Hall Roetchmoender Patrxck ROW -- Manager Johnson Thomas Boze Bonl e B Clark upstart underdog termmed -. ' f F .mx ' ' . g . . ' . . . '. li' , g . I 9 . 1 r l I .gr - I 9 1 1 - - l l . I if I ' ',,, I ,Q DEMON BASKETEERS CLIFF PATRICK 5 II fi ILL PEARSON 5 9 IERRY ENICK 5 7 ,Q BILL CLARK 6 z VERNLE ELIASON 5 II BUSTER PLAT1 AL BONLIE 6 2 JOHN ARoN1CA 5 6 5 L37-1 Ui 'Q 7- CDD- Coach Cottam Amos Captain Patrick Aromca Pearson Emck Wasmund FIRST ROW -- Assrstant Coach Petersen anag M Davis d Lal! latt P OU Has E C nli B0 Clark B Clark lmer R Pa Davidson OUIS S L W RO SECOND Boze S mpson Absent SOD DJo B Davres a 1 t le know-h a balanced d et to bed e arl T HE FIRST TEAM K' John Aronica B111 Pearson Cliff Patrick A1Bonlie Bill Clark Vernie Eliason Buster Platt Jerry Emck Coach Royston Cottam ln the center 'Tolt 'Tolt 'Tolt 'Tolt Tolt 'Tolt 39 'Tolt 60 'Tolt 36 Tolt SI Tolt 50 ....... 'Non -league games. SEASON RECORD Darrington Skykomlsh Monroe Easton Lakeslde Skykomlsh Darrington Monroe Issaquah . . . Foster 4 4 5 2 34 'Tolt Tolt Tolt 44 Tolt 54 Tolt Tolt 47 Tolt 47 Tolt 41 Tolt 41 lolt 64 Easton Bellevue Vashon Lakesrde Tahoma M Sl Tahoma Bothell Foster . Vashon 44 50 40 BUY FROM THEM --THEY BUY FROM US Smith Cleaners, Monroe Hlx Market, Duvall Alpine Dairy, Issaquah Duvall Motors, Duvall Monroe Monitor, Monroe Grange Store, Carnation Ray Egner's Sport Center, Bellevue Eliason Contract Logging Camation Dr. P C. Baisden Optometrist Monroe Tolt Hardware Carnatron Harms Cafe Fall City Cummings Brothers Monroe Athletic Supply Seattle Joew English Snoqualmie Jewelry Store North Bend Thompson s Sporting Goods Monroe Paar sl G A Super Market Carnation Valley Feed and Garden Store Snoqualmie Mxller s Dry Goods Carnation Shurflne Market Snoqualmie M3CD0llg3ll Mercantile Duvall Conover 5 Pharmacy Carnation Preston Mill Company Preston Campbell s Shoe Store Monroe Washington Proved Sire Service Carnatron Consolrdated Laundry and Dry Cleaners North Bend e s Shell Servrce Carnatio lngton State Bank Carnatron Carnatr n Morford s Super Market Carnatron on Lumber Supply Carnation 1 s Chevron Servrce Carnation Valley Canmng Company Carnatlon Most of the photographs rn thrs annual were taken by Mr Morrrson of the Morrison Studro rn Everett The picture of the Iugh school was taken by Mr R D Simmons of Carnatron 1 'al ' 1 1 T7 If ft Y: . r X l ' Lawrence Whitfield Realty and Insurance, Monroe .' ' -x I ' ' ' ' , . A 2 ALA. If In ui' fv""' I W ' W M V , .V,, M., A... . If V.,, 5 72 .,,,W,,qX f ." Q I A ' W f 9' ff! ' ' ' 1 ,KMYII47 .,.N ,W mf W ill , ' ' X IU'nmmfil'ml'.!jy,!ji'vL77 : 'Lf1:"'v ' lr, A7 fv', . w :x11mB5BsqNQii2QSz,1,s,!i qw ...Q--.,,.,.,..,.X., . .. .- .1...?. .,, Nr, S.,-, M.. , .,.-.., ..i,. AV. 4, I 14. . . T , I ,, . ,. ,., ,5,.i,!!-.A . I .dm ...f..v- Yi,-.E .,.:,V NL.-,.,B,.-v,.,,,l,

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Tolt High School - Tolo Yearbook (Carnation, WA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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